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Industrial World Jun 16, 1900

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Array "•■I
VOL   1.   NO.-aU.
Devoted to Ihu Interests of Organized Labor,       Endorsed by the Trades and Labor Counoil.       Ofnuiitl Organ o( District Union, No. U, W. K. M.
♦ +**********•*>+ *
! ,1 i"
ii Hunter Bros.  £
Make this place your shopping centre.   Ynu 11 find
nearly everything in all classes of merchandise
*X   Tin' st-.c   is carefully selected and only seasonable
goods offered for sale.
< >    ************************************************
Ladies' Oxford Ties formerly $2.50 to $3.00. reduced to
W. FiIcNtiil.
Next Door to the Postoffice.
i Pacific Saloon :
«       Cor. Spokane SI. ft Columbia Aw.        J
: " :
• A long, cool and refreshing glacgs
• of •
• •
! Beer, 5c. i
8 1
Aluut Dispensing an:l Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians preaoilptiomi is an important
feature ol our df ug department und we take jusl il'nible pride iu
the eminence uml popularity it has attained.    The pS~Man
who writes a presoripli.in I.iih curtain apeeillc results iu niin.l.
To ii Mir.- the beat resultsand so aid the physician in Lis.•(-
Ibrta, we employ none but the i»*.-t uu.l export diapt'iiaeia,
whilg the drugs ..ml chemicals used are tho ben,
R R, Morrow,
I irnjj—int.
You Can't
When you buy a pair of
our Men's Shoes at
Tie Miner's ii.
Miner's Union Day Committee--
Secretary Devine Resigns.
There wna a good attendance at
Wednesday night's meeting of the
Mioei'a uuion, and a large mass of
business wus gone through witb.
Seoretary Jas. Devine, handed in
his resignation, to take effect July
1. X oininaiion.s to fill vacancy
will oo made Junta 23 and 30, and
the election will be held July 1.
Chris. Koley was elected to
represent Rosslaud union at the
next convention of the Sixth district union to be held at Moyte,
with President Al. Houston as
The proposed Union day celebration ou July IB wna discussed at
►mine length, and tho following
L-ommil.ee waa appointed to learn
what arrangements can be ni.nl.*
and to report at the next meeting:
IW.  Ross, A.   J.    LyonB,   A.  0.
j Thompson, W. 8trange, Andrew
Ray, W. A. Penuycoop. Norman
Parle*.), Johu norrobin, Chris Koley,
Peter Simnncttio, Murdoch Henderson,     1-M ward   Si event.,      Isaac
I Tracy, Harry Woodie, Roht.
\Voodie, Thomas Stride H.
K. Abel, Itritt.ni Duke ami Ku-
'icii liiiliiuu'. The celebration will
probably take tho form of a picnic
or a abort excursion. It waa also
proposed to havo un excursion und
picnic at Robaoo, and invite tho
unions at Phoenix. Gladstone aud
N--1. mi to unite with lhe Rosa-land
l><ys iii having n general good time.
It was decided to hold a special
...< i*'in*; of tho I'nion tonight, Saturday, for Ihe purpose of initiating
candidates and receiving a report
ii•> un Hit- celebration committee.
The Reliable Foot-Fitter.
ii   Union-Made
The Strand
The Most   l-.lcgniil   nml  I.tixiiirioml
Pitted liar iu Oaiiotln.
A Full Line ol Ihe Choicest
Liqueurs and Cigars
KD. WATSON, Proprietor.
1 -it - in,. m Tningcs.
The firm of Simpson .x. . .1. melius been dissolved, Mr. II. R.
Jones retiring. Mr Simpsons iu
;i.l.lilion to continuing thu grocery
business, has taken over (ho business of Dudgeon & Cowan, feed und
produce dealers, and has removed
to Iho store formerly occupied by
lhe latter fl'i'ii). We can assuro the
old customers of both the firms
of the samn careful attention from
Mr. .Simpson they formerly ro-
ci'ivcd, and new customers that
they will he treated right.
f %/%%*%/%% i
Enipey   Bros.
Arc showing a very fine range of
In  silk front*, with linen body, Cashmeres, linen and all silk goods
A I-., u very nice rungo of
■* And l ili.     lli.* very   best    Kngli.li   manufacture.      Wo have just
opened up a very nice line of
;Made by the Hamilton Brawn Shoo Co. K.vory pnir guaranteed or
money refunded. In mans1 and boys' clothing we carry the.
tin.ft g Is ut the liest prices.
Meat Market
Washington Street      •    Rossland.,
(tpposilo_Rniik of R. C.
|j Cheap for Cash
IEMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers:!
M'ernnr OolnmMl Avenue and N,n.|.Bno Slrset.
********..iwuiMmii 4,***,***********+***********+*
«i .
Globe Restaurant
,2 ColumblB Atr
Kverything   New,  Clean   and ',',
Neat. ;:
•Meals 25c and up !!
W. J. Shilvock, Prop.
Ht ****^+ty+*444****it***9t)*>
Tho Wilms Sisters at tho International next week.
The ICugles initiated a couple of
candidutcs Thursday evening.
Rig bargains .'.in be secured at
the Rosalund Auction House.
The printers will have a picnic
all to their lonesomes at Murphy
creek tomorrow. They expect to
be hack in lime to go lo work
Monday morning.
The mnny Meads of "Dicky"
lltitchins, at one time foreman at
the I*e Roi, and now superintendent of the Mother Lo.le, at Greeu-
l wood, will regret to hoar of a painful accident which befell him Snt-
iinliiy. While riding into town lie
was thrown from his horse nud
broke his right leg Ho was removed to tho hospital where his
limb was set.
Mr Nicholas Tregenr, for a long
time underground foreman nnd suh-
scquently tho superintendent of
the I/t) Roi mine nud favorably
known in mining circles iu Montana aud elsewhere, has been appointed superintendent of the Winnipeg, uml will take charge on Saturday next. Mr. Tregear is a man
of energy and skill, and should
soou make a showing with such u
mine as the Winnipeg.
Call   for   Proviiici.il   Federation—
Other Mtioincoo.
A fair number of delegates were
present at the last meeting of tho
Trades aud Labor Council Tuesday evening. Rut little was done
besides considering aud finally
adopting the revised constitution.
The proposal to increase the per
capita tax and reduce the representation was voted dowu.
It was moved by Delegate
Thompsou, seconded by Delegate
McLaren, that a special committee
be appointed to make arrangements for, outline work and
communicate with every union in
the proviuce in regard to culling a
convention to lie held at some central point, tbe proviuce, tor tho
purpose of organizing a provincial
federation of labor.
President Karusworth appointed
A. 0. Thompson, John MoLnren
aud Jas. Devine.
The Couucil wore notified of thu
recent change in the Printer-) Bcale
nud Ihat they now have an eight
hour day.
Local uud General Notes.
M:*a. Wm. K. Gladstone is dead.
Summer groceries at U. NT. Simpson's.
Hon. Smith Curtis left Tuesday
for I hu coast.
The 'Pirates" at the International next week.
The Kagles had a fine turnout at
their auu.tul church puritde lust
Sunday evening.
M. J. O'Hearn is overstocked
nml is selling men's suits at wonderfully low prices.
liutte Miners Uuion has admitted I-lull new members sun-.- Hie
beginning of the  year.
Joseph Bloving is improving
slightly. A I .lined nurse has been
engaged to euro for him.
Smoke W. IL nml Crown Grant
cigars. Blue Label and luado iu
Rosslaud. *
Past Grands It ivin.-i ami
French are now in Victoria, attending the session of the grand lodge
of Oddfellows.
S. II. Donnelly, was defeated for
re-elect ion to the presidency of the
International Typographical Union.
Jus. Lynch won out with n .WW
Si..oke W. R. ami Grown Grant
cigars. Line Label and made iu
Rossland. *
The first issuo of it socialistic
daily in America will appear in
New York, Juue 'JO. It is The
People, tl.e organ of tho S. L. P.
in the Uuited .States.
I. O. 0. K conferred tho third
degree on two candidates Mondny
night, and elected ono applicant.
The initiatory degree wi'l lie pat
on at the next mooting. Kour
brothers urn roponod sick.
'lhe executive council of the I.
T. U. havo called oil'the Pittsburgh
strike, which involved the six lend-
ing newspapers of the oity. Thii
strike was caused by tho blander*
ing incapacity of President Donnelly, nnd was conducted iu it milliner which made it ImpoflBjble t<>
Kverything new an.l original uml
everything up to date, is the way
the eastern papers s|N'iik of The
Great Syndicate I.ngliidi-American
.Shun.- L-.rgi* menagerie*, trinities
of trained horses and ponies, funny
clowus to make you laugh und  tin:
best of talonl will he al R ■> lund
Bit Hours ii Huh lira
Without Redaction io Pay -Thore
Waa No Trouble,
Butte, Mont.. .Inn.* 13 (Miner**1
Union day, li'lH), will I.e (In- m . l
memorable in thu history of the
cau.p. During the exercise* in ibo
opera house preceding the pro©. -
siou letters were read from Senator
W. A. Clark and V. Aug. —eil.BO,
the latter tho head of tho Monl i. i
Ore Purchasing Com pan*. * anting
tbu miners in their employ their
request for sn eight hour worl
day. Iu his letter Eeuafc . I
"I realise the ba-ardo—i character
of labor in the mines Increases with
depth of the working i.y reason of
difficulty of ventilation and other
reasons, 1 am sat—Bad that tho
demand far shortening the time for
a day's work to eight hours In nil
underground mines is nol an uu*
reasouuble one, uu.l I l..i*.c givcu
instruction* to the nipt nl m i
of all my mines to ad ipl I i
hour system,   beginning   lh. -.
instai it."
The lleinzt* letl t says:
••It is undoubtedly n t.. i thai no
occupation is more ban ir lous than
that of the underground mh        I
involves   more  risks   limb   • I    r
labor, iiii.l the accident*. I > whii i -
miner is subjected a •• ui isl   din*
Bstrous.   The profits of those en*
gnge.l in mining   bave gr>.iil\   increased     iu    tin,   but   fell      ...
through   tl.e  list* in   tin*   prio
copper, bu' tho underground miner
has hud no si.are in   tl ,
ity.    (»n und alter  I. .1 ij    lite
niversury   of  the   Butte    vi... is'
Union-the mi.ui    lu     ■      ■ loy
of all mines iii which 1 I.a*. • -.: u.u-
trolling   voice    .-hull    r*i*ooive   iho
present scale of wages for a >'■
labor of eight bout .
It..ih anuounc re.
ceive.l with cheers, ly
eel. .rating the nveul
Pajll   Hi*  I I-'   I-  .-.
Aii agent representing It i.
—QveU, printers, Toronto came into camp this week, an I . oinmn.s .1
soliciting order.-, without ii.-!
ilig his KB* I- I.l      use
or Harp. A member of the . .•;• i ..-
live committee >.r the I'm., rs
union learned ol it .md p'aced tlm
matter iu bauds of the polios, (in
being summoned Into conrl
finally decided to pay tin -'n li-
ceuce fee required, with lhe (
in the oase.
Printers' Klghl Hour l>.iy.
Ras-lund   Typugrapbii tl   '
some time ago decided  thai   nine
hours was too Ion*, to WOI le i.:
day   und Booordingii .-'i   i   .ng.-il
the scale to provide .. iborter day,
[t also did away wilh piecework
Tl.e  matter  was  plac <l  in   the
blind* of the exccutl
srhlob wcui quietly   t,.   v
Nici.,cil the a--.nl . i
er   in    ltu-i*luii.l,   to   the   ]>■-••
change, ami also an ngi.. mi nl   I, -
tweeii them ami tl." union   I il
year.     At n special ino ting   i I
uni.iu belli last Sun. lit. ll   wtu   decided to  pui   the  n
effect ill   once,   a nl    I1 ■•   II     '    day
Ihe sli.irler WOI k   .In    * i ,   '. -
united wiihout trouble ol auy kiud,
Jss, Dunimnl. Pi toeir.
friiiiiir Ms.I.n bsirrtlgl id ... d las.
Dunsmuir,  the  Vriiic.inv.r   Island    ..I
lair.ni,  hns   baft]  nailed   ll    '
irnnernuicut.   Ii is nol I bough I
will laenblc I > 101 "• >
will last throe h m
uml It lass llrot
qnsrlsrs thst  ibsrs v.. i  b*   ....
•ItotlOB ''.I*. aii'.i.Tiii. Til lilffllAL WORLD
Wl I i-i a   IT.IITUN.
Published 'nt tile MU)Ir*' ITiini. Hall. H.aaaslaual,
i.l tilt- interest tafui,-.Hnlild  l.ilior in ll.itii.ll
Cola, initio.
ptlltlrer]  BI   'he   St^Slsl.ll. I.   C |    ;.nslpflicr   f
tiiiiistiiis.iii.i Ulreillfa Ihs luulls, Nov. 1903,
.is .so.' 1 iTiiss iniittrr.
'.. Oi 'I'iiiimi'miv, 1.,11'pr and Maniaer
ii■!'■ r al .Miners' 1'niou Hull.
I'.i'.'ililt- liiv:iii.il.lt in .id.-aiic..
Ii.it- tt-.tr ft oo
sit itonthi  i is
thn    M..nan-               ...     ;
  Tin:   iNlitfKTRfAf.   W'oRf.fi.
paper iniin; and Dr. J. if    Wood-  under control of American officials.
Worth." ; mutinied the other day because the
It is these same '-prominent men" f0(Ki  furnished   was unfit to eat.
who ure consinntly clamoring for u  Unit, il States regular  troops  were
Jink 1(1, moo,
Will Get a Move On.
largely incieiisi'durniv in ibe states, ,.,,||,Mi j„ to suppress the uprising.
and compel (he prisoners to edit
the food. Embalmed beef would
bu angel food iu comparison with
thu grill) now furnished.
and want itstationed iu the inilus-'
tiinl centers, to subdue ''internal
*el.lressall ronniiuniratiobi tcil.c ii..l..stiinl
tVsrld, rail iffice r. x *,*-. Rossland, B.C.
Greenwood trades unionists nre
very properly jiiuenscil agitinst tho
Greenwood paper, which Indulged
in .senseless und unjust attacks
oil one who I.us rrr.ved Jiimselfa
hero in thu labor light, and thu
following letter, from tho Moratory
of the Trades und Labor Council
Of tlmt city, is in it*df a sharp rebuke t» the oaiuinniators nud liars,
who Blundered and vilified him
.luring tin: closing days id the campaign:
Mr. I litis. Koley,
Kossland. R. C.
My Dear Sir:
At a regular meeting
of Ihe Trades and Labor Council
of (be city of Greeuword. held iu
I" ii ten hall on (be I ih day of June
1900, a resolution  wus presented
Tlio Ir.Ti tii.i; li  .rlil is lor sale In RosVllnl in
tin- hii-it**. Cinui Slmt,  Simpsons Ntwl SIiibiI
ll   s.  Willie. - *.sii....ory sloro;   l*...t offit-r  "ml   passed   Unanimous!),   lender-
Nm S'a.i.l;   Union   Bro»., .siatiouny  |toi**||ng It VI ll' of thanks, t II   behalf ol
Hair's CiK.tr stoio and I.y novslsiv..
Tallinn* in Kootenay was true to
itself lust Saturday when the three
men it BUppoitod were returned lo
lhe legislative iis.-einbly. Unlit,
(irccn, in the Slocan, John Iliieston,
in Nelson, and Hon.  Smith Curtis,
in tin* Boss'and Riding.   Labor is
just beginning to reuli/.o its   power.
Piemeir Laurie gave notice iu
ilm Commons, Monday, of the
goverumeut's intention to bring in a
bill for the restriction of Chinese
lilld Japanese immigration. II is
understood thai tho bill will, in
addition to nibing tho poll tux, pro*
vide for an educational test of Chinese only on the sumo lines its the
Nutiil act.
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Tin* local Trades Council look ll
step iu (hu right direction nt its
last meeting, when it decided to
mil a convention of representatives
of nil labor organisations in the
province, for the purpose nf forming it provincial fideia'iou of labor.
Bt, fie"r.t.'B Q0ni.ll, on Esrl and
Kontenny streets. Services at 8:!I0 at. in
llu.in. nnd 7:110p.m. Sun.biy School
at 8180 p.m.
The Methodist O'inreb, Washington
street, lie..rue II. Mnr.leii, Prist..r.   Ser
vii-es rn 11 a m.and 7)90 p.m.   Ssi.i.Btl
School Bi.d llil'l,- Class at Bl80 p.m.   Ku
in.nli League of CL,, Mondity al H p.n.
Siib-cribe for the World.
thu labor organisations' of this
district,'!, yen for your cxlieine
kii.alueSo in visiting our cily nnd
j giving great tusislance to uur labor
Every town in Rimaland riding,
in which'labor last all organised,
returned n majority against ex*
Gov. Miickiiittisb. Can you rend
tbe handwriting on the Wall, labor
All  checks may 1 e ii.nde  luyahi.* Ui
the   Msi.ii:. r.
Tliopi, -vl.o desire a ehintre in their
advertisi'i I,,,,'.! bav* iheopy for oer ■1"lt y°u •"• «-*« l"1""'1, '  "'
the sn nm nt lids ollice not  later than ; dear lo the  hem ta  of your  fellow
"Fawnoy,   the  deab   govennw
defeateed by  u mob of hoodlums'
You will  please,   BOBepI  thanksl*-™ miiekalu,!''
for yenr valuable aaslBtanoe dnringl ~—~bb
yuur visil hero, and tiuly re—lem
Iwu- ■ great victory.
Ilie evening I. i.'re publieathiu dny.
men iu this locality.
Relieve me to lie on behalf of lhe
Trades ami Labor Council,
Fraternally yours,
K. C. Fisher
See'y V. ci L. C.
Dated ni Greenwood, B. ('.. June
Now that the light is over and
victory is t ms, lei us begin another
campaign of ns much Importance
tO USUI th-one decided .,tt|„. pnll.s ■*•**■ MOO.
Inst Saturday.   In tbo coming cam* -""**s     = —l
j.iiign agatu'st   noii-iinioniriii, every Tho legisla!nre,  us now   const!-
member of the miners union must tated, granting that Ollffurd nml
be a  worker, every member  must I Irvnig have bii-u it-tiii'iicd in Oaa*
I'onsi.l.-r  himsell a   committee of alar, stands 18 inr the eight hour
nne,    lo  secure   iiddi'iona to  the law and  ".'(I against  il.  and   it  Is
union.   At present there are many very probable that a combination
non-union   miners   iu  camp,   but will be nada uf ull party  factions
with tho united efforts of nil mem opposed to it, and nu effort made
bars of the union, these mim can be to secure Its ropc.i!.   This coodl-
brougbt lutQthe fold, and  in lime, tion Ims been brought   ul-otit by
n very shut  time,  every mine in lalsir  men   themselves.    In Van-
According to .-In-Ill.m.
Tin* Bnninn who drrisel io  fssbion—d.
She's s i-r.-siiire   a   good   man   ihutlld
never go near,
Al .■ mill.i* lo s.n-ldol. !
Il.r tui.'i.i.V ..I. it-iii* and rbould SI., tt-
f..ri* he f| nrn.d,
Tbe fathli n plaln'l nicked and oogl
be i ..  . !
Tot." Ihu   wall, or s!se  privately  torn
down and I..iri.nl,
A. ...r'...,: to Mb Mm.!
A stncklrg', iiihereiiily awful, snd, oh !
Tlie ward "gurlri" is ou«  Ihat a man
rl... ..,! tl.lt   a.u.a .
A.'.T.rdin. In 8i.iI hu. I
Ws .hxtild   torn   Ircm  Ihe   table   aid
I In -I. (or the chair,
It. t-.e.s.. it i.j. leg) th.ii  are shstu.-lt'sly
A.-1-..r Ir i; to SI.. Idon !
noti :k.
A-, t-xlraordlnarv ernir.l meeting or Iha
>.'. ii i-oi'.i.i. iitvt .-.nli I)tv.l.ipi..e..t . it Mii.ii.K
Cota.p...y. I.lliiitiil l.lsbllily. toll lie held ut Ilie
h*s I i-Ill.T i ( lh-- etini.iflny. ;ft'- H.'.-t Colinnbls
Avenue K...si ii.,I, B C . on Montlnv. I he 1611)
day of July. in. lom. at Ihs l.nnr ot* * d'clot-l.,
|. in    .0 t-'illslt|el Ilie tl.*|s sal ol lhe t* It..:   or B
pottinn o( .in- Besets,rijrliis, puw.is. iniviie-.p
and rm.i.'hise ..r tl.e t..aaii,ianv nml  lo author.at-
lhe lr.,..s*t-r oTlhe same, or lo ct.nvitlrrand
tins-   coTltiiai's It.r  Ihe   ■. i   .    i  , .i.e. ... ... ■. i;
is'.i-.iliun ol the coiiniany Bn t tor sau-h  rimhra
or .ilh- r cenerttl busiuei. as inuy cu.ue bUbr*
II.   i... ■ I'T.-
1).'.. d L iii a* l:lh June,  i   -■   .1 R s.lit'id. B. C.
A. I-il.lii.I. DAI.Mia-
| The Pullman Cafe
Wlsllltllloll  S.r.iT
ll in * ,s. Walloti, I',- i'i'.'".-.
All the delicacies of the season
Hot and Cold Lurches
The place to get the hi M mini s>
iu the City.
...   Meals 2;* rents and up   ;j
Rosslaud, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revolt*toko, Greenwood,
Grand K rks anil Yunooiivei',
RBTAIi,  MAKKBTa--1'0*8'*1"*' *•'•*■• •*"••■". -"■"•.' §
Kuslo,  Siindoii. Now Denver,   Kiiverton,  I'li'seiidi*   city   (Ir.in.l 8
Forks,(ireenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Camp MoKinnuy, Revel- I'
Btoki), Ferguson and Vancouver, !
Fish, (iiime nnd Poultry in Season, Siiusngcs of n'.l Kinds.
William Donald Manager Ro.sland Branch.
G. W. McBride    :
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Sfove and
Ranges,  Etc.. Etc
^■-XaO;-:':..-/:'..:.:^^ *..*.• •    .
| Bargains at O'Hearn's
i't*y*-i**>**iir4 *!■*+»*+*+*■*■*"
|      NEWS I
»       DEALERS.
I am OVerstoked with spring and summer goons .m.i nm going     MJ
(o make prices talk during the month of .1 iu *. a* below    ;!_*
Men's line worsted soils in blue  or  blacks, tcgiilui   120 suits    iM
for 118.3ft.
Men's fine Scotch tweed  suits,  great   value,   regular 118 sulis
for * 15.110.
Men's tweed sui's, regular |1S vain.' for |8 TA.
y     Hoy's suits ami isld pant- at just half lhe regular price.
pomp can be  made   union.    Roaa-ieouver   City   whrro   it   was  well H'* wl'ked to Ull  why  policemen are
hud Miners Union No. *S8, hns u known tlmt it would betmpoBsiule
line stall df  otli.eis,   oflieers  who for them to elect their own  rcpri-
nrc willing lo make i very  sacrifice  BMtatlveS.  by   |itlttiilg  ctllilitUlua   Whst a wielcbed o!J  »uiij lhe creatm   |
ftir the good of the  order,  officers' in the  field, iiistcnd  of throwing        bai made.
who give every spuro  hour to  the (heir support to candidates pledged
tvoil;, Iml lhe lies!   offioBM  cannot to Hi.'law. they  mi'iititl the dedal
keep an  organization   up   to  the'of along limit champion. Mucplicr-
ma.k. ... keep it  growing  without son,and hiaruniii.'gmate Mdiuien,
the hearty nwipenUon  of every |„ud made certain  tbo  return  of
member iu the ranks.   Iho  West-1 Garden and Tallow,  who nro un*
cm I'tiiinlion ..I iniiicrs, is iignin.lcon.pr.uui-ing   O'lponcuL-t   of   the
oigai i/alion. with all tl.e 1» ll f.-nt-  eight hour l.iw.
im- of a fraternal beneficial society, .
and in addition gives it- mmboral    , ixA W0)>k th(. prill,.,r*,* uni,,.. „f
""' protection grnuted th by any   Bosaland, won a bloodleai vlotoiyJ
We should tarn fmm  window! where
clothes are .lisp i.yeil:
. According to "hrldon !
Sin t» W. R. and Crown t Irani
cigar*. Blue Label and mnde iu
Rosslaud. *
Bunks, Stationery, Toys,
Kiincy GimmIs, i nli.-e
& School supplies.
BOOK STORK      —      —
—      SO Columbia Avenn*.
m .i..--.♦.♦.♦•.: *t litiivi'til,
-»a   j    w n-ni\n, ^
*>    Tin* Busy Store nt the Busy Coruor. Tel. 118     £
.:;••:•:• ••••:*>Ct*X<*to^^ -.xS
Ini;;'-   labor organlsaUon.    Place ^i,,,,, ,vjl|„m, llMV lrimi,|0 or fric. j
theadvonteg forganitalon.and Hon, tlieypul luto fbroe an eight-!
particularly the advantages of m ,„„„ (lav wU,,„llt nnv r„,Ut.tl„u inj
lici.-liipin the W. K.   M.,  to your .*,,.   „,.,,,.   „f  |>ri(W,      l'iw.„„rk
Bon-union fellow worker,, in the •„ alH0 prohibited   In the rainra,)!.
(I.urcst pnssibl-n.a.iner. and  they „,„,    „   a.,mlrnt.t      for   „„„   y0llr
Will IM blind indeed if tbey   fail   lo ,,„„       ,„,,.„      ^^      wil|,
fee Ihut it is to their advantage to „,,„., ... t|lecilv.   0„,p|. (rH(ll,H ,.H„
join the ranks of organised labor. |H. (.(„,i,„||od just as easily as can
' lln* printing Irnile. if  the jouruey-
I'uder olrcumslances which  to mm engaged In them will only or-
Canadian eyes makes if appear t<> ganlaeaa oloasly us have tlm print-'
have been deliberate murder, four e.s.    It   muat   be   remembered
Strikers were  killed  i.i St.  Louis, though. Hint they  must llrst com-,
laal  Sunday,   and   the    American ■ pletoly control   their  iiieinlersbip I
pliile | iip.-i-.. arc li'ibling the ussiis-. beforo    they need   try   to OODtfal
sins up to public g.i/.* a- bert.iHiif their trade coudltlc
the first order,     A small body of ,*, —-—-
unarmed strikers   were marching!   The World bss Iwcu quietly in
null tl) along tl,,*.- tied when with-1 yeslignting the  label   quost on  inj
onl warning lli.-y were llred  uj-on 'Kosaliind. nnd liff. learned tlmt but
I.y a company ..1..,..ccimries uiini-'tt f.,,,,,11  pflrcenliige   of,the union,
in ring j:..   i.ui f.ii dead m toe I mm ofthB city, dernaad tbs inbel!
lir.-l lir.*. Iii speaking of Ibis „,, g,,,,,)*, ,|„.v panhaar*. This is
Bflalr a prominent st. Louis paper particularly so In regard to cigar.-,
"•y* t liousii mis of filthy, scab  mnde ci-
••Ti.c posse coinitat'is company bbib belag sold In the city ayrery
ii.ai did the shooting Is omnpm-d (Illv> .,Il0 w«j>rl*l has niso (band
of some  of the mosl pr..... nt that members of ths miners union
cili/ens ill   the   oity   nnd   Isdiaved   ,„.,. m„s,   -,,,,,,.,,„,',,   ,|le  0IT,.,„1..-,
will,   distinction.    Among  them l|D thla rMpent,  Thn miners should
were:      W     P.    Kennell.   ex-presi*   ,,lk(. „ |„ot-   „, „„.„„,, ,V|,„   ,„„, |rJ.
dent of ibe Uerohante' axohangn t()M,„ tht_BB|vi_ as other union
J. K.  Lee,  t prominent lawyer: nu.lt *.,.,, tti.>m.
cxaJ.iilge Chester H. Oram; Hon. _______
C.ini. Xiigb*. i prominent lawyer
and former candidate on lln* republican t: ■•'.
aaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAA'f-a-aa _**_
Paulson Bros.
Ctish drocers   K-ep
The Latest in
_^ II ATS!   1
C F. Eagles
Opposite the Bank of Toronto. 1...   bind. R. C
That is gur-tl to eat.
Jams and preservos a Bp. cialtv.
Rossland, B. C, June 20,1000!
Tl.* Ur**t
Syndicate   Shows
(.'o.i.iug nn ita own Palare Iti.iln.u.l Trains
llii|*e monsler ii.pnsB.ri.nl rare wild   an.....I..    HrVen IsriP Ifnilt'-s ..I etl*
The five hundred convicts  incur    nrs.s.1 Imisrssml imnh's.    Tl.e I..si  srenic  perl.armer* ol Europe and Ampri.a.
, . R,m! K.m.n rh.r'o' fi.it).  1I...I. n| Innnvelnwn., Evsrylhln* new and orls-nial.
Bet lor mavoi; e\-.)iul;c J,   oerated In the penileiiliary   nl San ...  : 1^	
(Iveic'l:    Hugh   Cttr|un_,  u   u.'WB. .I linn, I'orto iiii... uml which ia now,
Two perform'Lccf!     Afu-ruuon and Evening.
Morrison and Brycnton
I Liv.* just received a Consignmeut of
Fisn, G.tPned Goods,  Hams and Bacon,
Ft lits and Vegetables
Fresh Eggs '• ?as and Coffees a Specialty
Solo Agent I      jsslai.d for "EMPRBBB TKAfl."
'Phone IOIS-4«.
ISO Columbia Ave.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.        String Bcana
Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, ..elery, Tomatoes. Green Peas
0,   . Fox &
ion East Coin—Ma Ave. 11 Im of
After IbousandB uf ycu.-s o( hietnriu
Intellectual and ui.iral development,
governmental and Induitrlal organlsa*
tion and material Improvement, we had
no substantial BdvHin'Hinent in the condition of the ureal in hi, nf nn...kind
After nineteen centuries under tlie light
nl the Qolden l.'iili*, nlier live centurill
o( plmetary ex|.Biisi.in adding three-
quartan of the globe to Die habitable
leginiiB nl i'ivili/..-d ii.nn, alter two centuries of the iit'eiiieid Igitatian of the
lights of DSB and   il..-  matt   wonderful
| exists in the industrial. In ita ootid I-
I lion we see t'.e most notable llluatration
! ol Ilie truth of our primal Ian— upon
j.iBlii't) in material things else at last depend, lis violation is the fundamental
wrong; und no social, political or moral
ideals can ever he built upon siieh a
wrong. Evil here is corruption of the
fountain, and its ivatert) can never !>•
puritied by any application of rights,
privileges,duties or ideals furlberdown
a I ream.
Oil.* attempts to engrail political de*
mommy upon an iiidiiaiial >lc..p..li*...,
10 1'ViTTne political rights I...fore p irst'oo-
ing industrial right!, to in iiigiirnti.  u
Tin: ivnusTBui. world, ji xk id moo.
Clute on Labor Troubles.
extension o( human dominion over the : '"8l Political government before a juat
powen ol nature nud ihe implication ol ludiiatrial governmdnt, to make political
them to tbe production   ol wealth, io:t*°"-*r   feipniisil.le In  lb* people aud
that one man may feed a Iho.pan I; a:-
ler all this, want and misery and iheir
c.intequent physical nml moral degiadi*
Hon bave not dtareawd in lutsnilVr
among the missis i f the people, actual
libertv lire mads Uul lit—la progress,
and lhe reigu ol capital, wiih r yei, and
yet more pitiless, -nil   guua ou.   Irrit
ant*   if.   po_,
J grasp It,
Iiii" iudlislri.il pOWSI t
sib .'.aiul ih»- inn' lie
i. have pollilosl freedom (low irom industrial dependence, has iiei'n bnl tu
p .-on tool will wiih evil, to en ■• u
Iru h flOlB error, to hope incorrupt.ou
(mu. eoriii| lion, l'opulsr polities is
I. it llll. politics, hi,iii-ni. nl nt in'iiistr.nl
sponsible potior pliiltxpli.itBlhHmaBBesi'-'O'idi.lo'.i. aud In the terms t.l that
in Iho only field ever worth lis while— | statement it is Rnschy where It is not
Ihe Induitrlal—mariball Ihem in K-*|sl.*SSdydsBBO,lim,8IHl corrupting non-
lending boats, snd part-ids its spoil,
human and olher, among its lav..riles.
'I'll■ barons ni enu.in■ :... and trade and
intluslry sti'il lord il over ihu people,
exacting irriice, levying tribute, and
dispensing judgment ol bspplnetl ami
misery, Me ami death si pleasure.
Their retinues ol relsinna and con-
scripts, rival in their innllltud*, wiuld
ahsnie Ihe feudal loidj ul old, u..y, Ihe
: did where there is not already foul
j sul'j.igBlion. Popular government dues
uot exist, Kiiffrage il our mockery ami
shame.. The people are practically ss
nm, it lis to effect their will iu government il. any vital matter as are thu sub-
j.tts ..I tin Our ..r the Sultan. Capital ownenhip rulil—rules as it always
bss done, as it always will tlo; rubs in
the hands of the (ew. by force  or by
 •—■**«   «*• *....,    >*../,     10.1*—*    •■••»*>• «a *ai     lull     1CW,     Uy    1.
kings and despoil ol the most slavish j '"-d ss ii neccsssrily must. With us
times. As it has ever heen, labor ii I a* yet it rule! by (nud, by indirection,
etilllhe drudge ol own,nhlp, ami the corruption iml downright deflancu ol
coinmoD people eiill hut u.,. ,,»wu, 0[ itatutt*! an.l cnilitutinne. K.om Inul-
irreapoDsil.il* power. \ iugs u. offlo*, ,11 i, a  wild orgie ..I de-
Ihree tbonssnd men control over half Celt, trl.-keiy, dehau.dtery and corrup-
Ibe wealth ..I ilm country—wealili ll at | Hun. Parlies pluloinif, tuffnge—ar*
Ihe kingd.imsol the past rolle.1 togHher'I.B hanblee ol thu people and keep
would not equal. Think o! it, you nien;t.'B- •mused. CourU, councils, legit,
who -bor, and ponder well whin liilatures, mngresse* and exerulives, .a*.
meini. A hamllul of your It-llow tenslbly (nun the people, are but the
creature* with lightl no greater thin outi-ard show; ihe real power (hit
lluneol.'i ,,- ,,,.,, , ,,„ ,„„„_ conlro||iU|( governs ii the ownership cf orginind
ueceia to one hull th* p*Opl*'i meaus uf cipiul. For lhe ownerabipnl organised
earning a livln. I it standing guard uv*r j capiUI controls ihe production anil dis-
on* half pj ih.. pro lining means of ihe ' Irlbiiil-in ol msleriil things idu cootroi
mtinn. and .hi. in,, duiuiuaie hall, ihs •>• theie means control ol lile, dlstrihu-
grealmoniipolii lindiisirlei, the truili,!,l»D ul sffluence. compe.enea aud
the public ciirp.ir.tli.a ,s, .hat practically ' poverty.
Im ve rhe power loliixsl aill  th* other      Rul* it mast, necessarily and  iiuvit-
halfol our -.roiluciug capital and tb* ably, by directioo or   Indirection,   by
lBh.ril..*r..ii,u,t.|,.,.d; im) ihU other loroe or Iratid, II tha lew are the own*
ball, the sn! nrvitnt   lull,  under Iha •«*»•   And  when   baud tails, lore*   ii
direct ownership and eoutrol of another SVS* f'Ay al i.a baud, and lorve is lo ba
small  body  ul    men,  a  Irw   hundred  i-lhsemtag   witlial.    It   ueedi   must
IhouiiDdorto!   Think whMil onsns, <• u>r.   Indirecliou   lails at last.   I'uv-
yelovan e( liberty, who are striving,™i.» (trows.   The army ol ihe delrau.led
for greaer    polities!  power   for   lb*'. mulilplie*.   Th*  "oioaitsr   witb   tb*
msnMl   Think..1 It, ye philanthropists  oi*»y baads'mual  be cui.liulled, and
whoar*itrivin*t ,rll.eii|.li(i „l i.uinan    "Wuershlp is  marshalling    'auihi.rii)"
It)!   Ponder il  well, ye morili-t*. who   t>  ffforeo   the  needed   control.   Th*
would parity *nd ennuble aud  broaden  '.ins bi. tusny ami certidn.   Cnsiiiu-
thellneiof lb* raullliiule.   The luun*   l«"is Bl.d Mamies and court ..err..- ar*
lain of pbyiicil  life owned   and ,on-  StSBBOw being Healthily and rapidly
trolled   hy the lew I   Mlllloa* Willi nu . •"'aped lo that end.   Authority already
"right" W a foot nlth. earth  el.epl *»'*••<"«»  I'B milter.    Th* gre.1   la .,,r
a (aw may grant il lo thrm !   Million!  e*nl»ri todiy a„ praetlcally under mi.-
without ev.ii aa  opportuuily In labor ••'•   survei.laqoe.   Nu preiail   le   leli
eiceplai lh*(*w maypermit'   Milium! unu.ed to increi** the army aod M.vy
dependent lor food, raiment and shell*! , l« Imild and ..pun arniur n and or.ll-]
upoo lh* an ilk Ul "tighi*" u| _ b«a,llul   "••"« P-*..*, to «nl.ig.. barrack* ami'
ol Iheir fellows; Biter thai, wh,| meau.; W uiike  Ihlogi rale   general!**.    Tn* j
log  or vilos  bave   there   loalliiisol* ( mraoiol lt*o*|wrt*tioo and roinaiuni-
ngi.ti ollb* eoD*:itiui.in (ne "ilghtto «-■-"* *r* un er esp-ciil charg.    D>- .
life, liberty aod  Ihs paisall of happi- ,*.>..„ -.neorahlp Is a living fat i     l-iee
ns**?"   Alter lb*., wim meaning nr daaaof BpBiali -slwesv-fttrtallad.   Tie
vain* bat pwBiui   lr*a*|j,a, M-Klia*  tr—pre*, oo  I .. •    »    ..   todottrlall
llonal aolhoiit),  ro'ii.-al piivilrge,»r  Cficioii na* bn-.. J,.,„»d m li.ud, .L.l
moral opporluoi.y7   ktlm ilm, w„al   ■•pru (r-t* bp.  .. _._. i„  ,_. ,*,,,, _,
meaniug or value  h.ve BoUe Meals,   b "'•   l*e polltlosl BUM ev.i rno. .„
R. 0. {.Imp,Q0., has heen interviewed hy (he Toronto Glebe on the laboi
situation here. Alter describing tbe
t roublci. and their settlement, the interview cm i i ii ii, a:
"As a result of my visit as well ag extensive reading." .aid Mi. Olute in re
ply to a farther question, "I have great
(aith in conciliation as a method u( settling lab.ir disputes. I think it ie the
only reasonable and lau.ineas way, In
n mailer where tbe business of the
world miiy be said to involve the quel'
lion of capital and labor it is extraordinary that juat at tne point where differences Brlae, and alwtUH must siiee, ihat
* *
there should have been no greater i (Tori
made to  treat   lueli .1 ft. rences upon a
Dullness l-isis, snd   hy   permitting Ihe
| n.n.i.gers ..( capital and  lhe  reiogmie.'
lead labor to meet ind try to ad.
just IIiusb. diffeier.i er.. i Oulleve it lo Is,
•ut rely prsrln-abl.', and I do not regaid
it ai i a sn. cop tion ou tbe part of labor
at all unreiK.insblH that Ihey ihould be
permitted to present their grievance*
through men cap, bit...( doing so. Cau*
Hal rum I.ini-. ami is coin l.iu ing in greater
volume (rom day to day. Capital aud
labor must unite in production. Ii it
unreasonable Ihut while capi.nl places
ils interests in the hinds of its ablest
men or is supposed lo tlo eo that labor
should hu allowed lotto the same? '
"What chances do vou ll.iuk au individual winker has got to get liny im-
provement of hin condition if he prevents
his cbbu individually?" was asked.
"Not one chance in a thousand," Mr.
, Clute replied.   "The only hope of labor
is in orgai.ix.lion, moderation, putting
their ahlest and most moderate mon to
tbe Iront aod recognising tbe principle!
| ol i-..ii.-iliaiii.ii oI the righta ol others ••
| well a* iheir own.    Any legislation tbal
may be introduced upon this very important matter riqiilre* tbe most —.ralul
consideration and study, but  I   think it
• I'.ue within the bounds of probibilliy
Ibat a measure cuuld be introduced
where couciliwlioo wia tbe recognised
biais ol •■'jusiingull disputes that would
tend greatly to the settlement ot labor
disputes and lo a very large degree reduce the number ol strike*."
Beans, perlb      5 to 7
ll room b , each  86 to 60
Butter, per lb  30 to 35
Bacon, best, pur lb  16 to 17
Bulk Oil, per gal  60
Biscuits, lancy, per Ib  25 to 45
Cheese, per lb  20
Chocolate, per lb  40
Oocob, per tin 35 to 40
Corn meal, per 101b sack  40
Coffee, per lb  20 to TaO
Cruckers, sodas, per Ib  10, I-"...
Com, per can         1—.'a
Canned fruits, per can  25 lo 36 .
Canned peas, per can   li!'..., 35
Canned beans, per can         ll"..
Oodflah, per brick  2p
Dried fruits, per lb 10 to 20
Eggs, per doi 25 lo 40
Flour per sack 1.25. 1.50
Granulated sugar, 14 Ih lor         1.00
Hams, per lh  17
Honey, com h, per cake  26
Imperial oil, 5 gal. can        2.00
Lard, Sin pail  65
Lauudry snip, per bir  5 and 0
Liverpool lilt, per 501b lick... 90
Macaroni, per Ib  15 to 20
Motasiee per gal  75 to $1
NntB, per lb  26
(tolled oats, per 101b sack  45
Pickles, mixed, per quart  20
Rice, per lb  8
Salt bacon, per lb        12*.
Sago and tapioca, 1 bin, 3 Ihs. for 26
Stock lilt, per 601b sack  75
Syrups, per hull gal. tin  60 to 65
Tomatoes, per can  45
Ten, per lb  36 to 05
Tuhar.ro, per lb 90tol,25
Vinegar, per gal  60 to 65
Wlieiit manna, pkgs, 20; bulk perlb.
Transfer Company,
oyTiher    Kxpreea Com
*..* *i...* a f •   - •-
.,/ ....o.„ rl'al|ireBB   li.uil-
pany in Rnaularul that M ||l deliver yuur
Trunks lor 25 u nil e „,, Three days'
a   r etet - n—•      '
•ft* .>'■
Ct (Jen g v H
'I'i I. phi.ne 37.
Wliiiltsnlr ami retail delicti In l-.iinis. Oils,
Varai.hei, Brushes, Will Fu.iah and eulnlrrs'
Supplies. Contracts iiiki-n fm paper ha.ii.iDg
.onl dl ...i;itini< office and itore liiinuls .-*■
th.mil.ns -i]...l.. -S i'n. uml. i.i .it. under Doui ilion Kxpies. Co'l. otBcc.
N. fc V. 'PhonB it..
liissl.tldl I. MltlK   OBOANIZATIONB.
•O . I, . S-.1MI.   Ml I   tlM.s.
TK HU "s   t Ml i. .Mi, ni  IT.rstTIMial..t ait
aecuntl aual fourth Tuewlay lo e.ch ntonlh at
;.*> p.m. In Mia, i.' I'Bion Hall. C IV. Wllioa
Bee| id  itiii c. i-1•
CAKI-KNTKBl \A   jnl.NhBB    I M"N   Sim*
.    .tut   lnd.it  of r.ch  week at 7:*o p rn. lu
Mums' luion 11.11.   p R MclMBald, 1'na:
!     A J \i. I...i,...l. s*c.
MIM as- HUM—I No. j«. WfBlrra Federillon
of tliat I*    ll.rl- every W'rtlue*.l.y eteuiui .1
I    laa, o'clock In Miacr. t'-imn u.u.    Jams*
(Jre.ue. -arc, A L.llonatua, I'm.
I '. I "'.KK|.|ll   Al. t'NI.lN   N.l*-,|, -Mrcl.   ot.
the Ism Suna.r ol*eic • month bi lhe Mlucn'
I .■:...i Hill  j I'Ui. kili.il. SsSMaty) Mr Poole.
I ....I. ..I
Jiil'BM.VMIN)TAII...HS   I'lUllV.   He   >»-
Meat ike id .oil thud ii.ra.lsy of each
month .IBpm In lir.lit . Hall I'. > tie. Ill
W*. McLroJ. I'li-Mint.  J.   Kloinin.   krctr-
curias •* w-AtTKaa cnion. Me** wt r-
Mtrt.riTt, Saititttiy ceulug at.Vijo o'rltxk
In Mine.* fulou U.U. I*i» Sol ,l. Inul
JoSner, arc; Ocorfe Cuuo.nghBta. Pita
PAMNrKB'a I'NI'.N. .No. i". I'l.olen ami
DctrmaUit. o I Am.ilra, nseta In Bf.iiy .
h.ll *.. - *-u»i _,..] f.iu'lh Weil.irwl.y ols.ch
month. W. B. Murphy. |iml enl. ro W.
Silas, setrrtsiy.
Apples, per lb	
Beell, per In	
Cauliiluwer ,
Celery, p*r bunch...
Cabbage, per lb'.	
(iripes, per basket..
Lemons, per dot	
Onions, per lb	
Peart, per Ib	
. 5 and 0
2* to 3
3 lot
Canadian and Kentucky
r.ourbon WliisKies.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry  Mcintosh.
Canadian Pacific
And,SOO Jdjio.
& :•          ■ .   i:
N-w Pall Dill' Service.
Optional It ml. Mat and West from Ilia
Kootenay Country.
Firit-clai! Sleepers on all Trains.
Iiv.1 of Un,  iniioilrl. 1.    0,'t'ilict and
I ipo  *iu in I..dually niaaoi despoilsin
and in. a, ,u B.'Ver.i.ueul.
Iiniwrlilisin busaco**ded dt iiiocrat y.
pur* aspirations, or nghl s.i.n.ii ...•?
Huod b*tw**o Ibe mill ..tie .n I .I.ui
ir.'aoiof life, d*ny them Ibe tight in
jus ice   in   mslerni   ll.irgs,   an*  what
mes.nngor vipie hire ill the*. olh*r^^^^^^^^^^__^_^_^^^^^™
rights aod privile>lges iboOl  which sn J    Cohan women sr* Disking dock Irou-
.much seollmrntis eipemled  io poetry ' **r» lor Am*rlc*o soldiers at 7 t-enis a
land *l<*|»enee snd song?   L»k at our   p*ir.
Inalional conditioa Icslay aod tarn what "   '
Imeanlng Ihsr have. Individual fr—- Morray A Kami, employment *g*nl*
Itom cbalmtl io iiidusiml eeiviu.il*. |n s*q Krandico.CiL. sr* lending clr*
ooiiliatlot-l Belbor.tr th* u-l «l' colii-i eaii loth* mayor* ol clii**, asd
.rlvale capital; polltioal pr.vil*<e ihe oiheis, miiog t»il (here is a scarctly
ncia-liBry sod shame , I ii,.- pe-ple, aid 0| |Btror ihmughoat C*llf..rni*, which
norsl dwarfed and destroyed by ma- *, 00t Uo9, -fii* 8'ai* I* Bllsd with
•rid   n*r*—cities.    Iu   the  in.lutlrisl j hum,oils of uoamployad.
twe an system _^_H_H—^—■_■fssw—■■
hlcli, differing priclitaliy ia no wits'
iom tbat of all .inn s urn, hit* devlnp
I.. N, . York State lb* rVmer.' Ua*
,... .* making siesdv headway and ia
a. lively cR-nperatini with the uniuniit*
In Ih* town* and cities. A Kariners'
t'nh.n label ha* lieen adopted sad Ihe
organisstion will auiliale with tl.e
American Federation ol Lilsor.
1 conditions relKivily  mu liaiter, but
ir** thin rv.*r heforw lo   Ibe   l.i.i,,|y
lib* world.   For under (hater moral
allghten—rnt,  il  still   teveiie* every
.rioclpie olj i.tire,equity sml morality.
'ow, a* lormnly, it   * unpmfltabl* to ____
rork.   To Ulsir is still lh* one llitnt      _ , „    . _
     - -■ --   .-     m.. The budding    trade*  r.,ui.il  ol Sin
neo riDDol s If .rd  lo do.   Tlie i.aiiiiil , ._._,. _■
i—j .. ..oi    , i  . Franrlsco sppropristeil |I0O lor luiuri..
snd is still  il*in.|..n.-.l  lor msn  made   , _    r   .... ,
Li.i_     »,—.        _i_« . lor lb* Coetir d'Alene miners Imprison-
-His*.    Men moiled  lu   th* non-pro-
,_ . _. ,      ,'.,     ei   si  Sin   QneiKlli  snd   appnioled  •
lorlire orriipail.-ns.   The trade nl the , ..
,  ,                  . com mi tee tn visit them, which  they
piri.ite is the one  most  honor, d and ,,.,—,-.                           ,'
 ....,                  ,      .   . .1 d on  Msy "W.   The  commute*   *lso
profluMe. the trade ot the producer. ,   ,    ,       , .,           ., _.,          ,,    ,
,,                                                                    , drilled rem aliens liking the president
lb*   most   despised   and   unrewarded. „i„«   _.«-._.   r>. .--j     	
91111 labor buiida the palace a .1 lives
io the hovel. still weave* the silk and
saarilhe rags, still produce* tb. loud
il Ininry and it (nrbi.ldca lo par.ale.
(llll it plows and cows *nd reap* aod
mil lb*grain disappear* (mm it* grsip.
Tb* primal IflJasUSS Mill prevail*.
'Ml it tb* world may not pressed. In
V*ry Held of eorin! rndearor pr.agre*s
I hot a* a Ires.mill until this lundi-
isslal wrong is righted. Th* right* nl
tbor ir* fouudit.on rights upon which
lone nciil order , lists.   Kvl, ti.ereis
vi! everywhere,   I cnuOitl, there is
inflict throughout tbe realm ol orgsr-
a*d mankind.
lo lb* politic,
iroival of evil I
to pardon Sergeant Crawford, now
serving s'lilrlT"ii years' sentence Id
Alc*(r*i for allowing prieooen W**rap*
Irom lb*   bull  pan.
Mora thin "fi Onl men are said lo h*
lodiy welkin* (nellreed nl New V.rk
seeking employmenl. AUrarle.1 bv re*
pirl. nl .1,* work to be done on the
rapid iransb (t.nnel, Ist-nrers Irom the
lour qiisrler. n( Ihs t'olte sre hastening
l here in shoals. Every ship (mm
Europe, every train (mm the west, es.l
»nd .on'h *r*in». II. |i»i|*M n( wen'H-N.
workmen Men fight each od.er l.ar
J-.|a* and hundred, pea, atn •*,„«•    -)a. ,H
I ing        , iisi o| thme  who advel
Use iii in* iMUBraiii. Woai.i.:
Gen Aguew A Co., Oracera.
W. F. McNeill, ISboa Store.
Hunter Broi., general merchindii*.
Empey Bro*., groceriei ami g*ot* fur-
T. K. Morrow, druggist.
O. O. I—londe, iboe llore.
0.0. Gltxou  A   Co.,   genu' clothing
•nd notion*.
U. W. M Bride, hardwire.
Linton Bro*., book* and slalmnery.
Crescent llry ', . • I*, Inroithiogi, dry
'goods and clothing.
Morrison A Bryenlnn, grnrene*.
M. J. O'lleirn, clulhiir and Mailer.
I'i.iIboii Bros., groccrie*.
Taylor A Mcllaarrl*, tailor*.
Pacific lea Co.. IMS I Bit . ..flees.
li. W. Simpson, news, stationary aod
U. K. Bath*.
Metropolitan Hotel and Bar.
McAuliff, ullor.;
B. '.I .fin. Iiirnilure.
M. (lonlgle A Co, groceri**.
ILflinsn If.'ii>*> and Bar.
I ..sign Clgsr More.
Dyeing and  Cleaning Worki,   Wiib-
inglon street.
Dsnisli A Chimben, pilnle, nils, etc
Holileid A Wright.
Rnesland Hotel.
Electric Eaundry.
CO. I). Meat Market.
The l..i.r.Mii"..Bl
I.an..iv A Newman, grocers
Russell If..1.1
Simp~.ii A .tone*, grocer*
Th* "Strand"
Eagle-' Millinery store
H   ....nd  Ita.,,. I* ,
in ll 1 lis  IN
Gkocekiks and Provisions.
Fruits, Granite. Crockery
ani> Glass Ware.
ttW Free Dcllrsr, lo sll parts of Ihe city.
•pBonn 191.
Onner Third Ave. and Washington Bl,
Agnew & Co.
Ensign   Cigar  Store(
CAPT. SHAW Proprietor.
(,'ornor Columbia are., Waahington -1
Tourist Cars
Pasi Kevelfltoke Daily (or S(. I'.tui^
Th.iiH.l.iyu for Mot.t.eal ut.d II ,«lon,
Tuesday! and Saturdays for Toroutn,
For rsles'and full InformB—00 ml I.e. 1
li.e ua-ajn. I.jcal Agent, or
City Ticket Agui', Bosslaad.
Acting Agent, Ro.slan.1.
W. F. AxnaiiBoN, T. P. A., Neliou.
E. J. Covin, A. G. P. A„ Vaoaoatrsr
,1 Columbia Ave., neat door to I ■»'ono>'l.
Fine Porcelnin Tabs.
I.'i'li... ..KL .«. HKBRINlt.
MM EleclFic Laonflry
None but whitn help emphij'etl
Notify us.    We call and deliver
Columbis Avenue, near I'.-tofliie.
Northern Pacific
YE(.L'>ri!'.iNi': "i;;   . I :
The Dining Cir Kioto via Yellownons
Park.    Safe.I and Heal.
snlid vi:-iTni i.k nuisa
I .|.i.|*i * ! wilh
Pru.ham PauirsOaBSj
1.1.1 .tr Dense Cab*,
llot.KB.S Pat Co,, hi-.
Tolaier Shuci-imi Cabs
News, Stationery, Tobaccos.
Lendiog Library.   I.it.-i Navali.
1 Mb. e Siii.plie.. Etc.
That our Tm« •odCoffefH it-rlhrCIIOICU^T
•nM In H suslanl Ti-Ur, whrn ima a««j co
frcB oif pushnl *o hanl. H i* al.*nitilrl) pre
.iM'ii'ilin"' -n «rllrlc of onuanal merit
Vikj will fuel 11 hrrtf (ilttowarr fivrfl iwijr
to oiili-tiiri*
Pacifc Tea Co.
Thr..egh tirkcl* lo all poinia in :*.«
United Bute* *nd Ctnida.
Sl**m*hip tickets to (II parK ol lh*
Tirknli loChln* anl Ja|**n vU Tacomr
and Northern I'acille Sir«iifhlp Co.
Trains depart (mm bis kine:
I H >  1, Westl<oiid>I, at C:'a.*i p. ni., daily,
Nn. 2, Kis.lasuml, al 7:—I.a. iu., dally,
I    For ml..no,lion,   time  card*,  mapi
and llrke.s apply to Ibe aeentf ol ih*
S.F.AN. E. jr. RfrT.
Agt. R. M. Ry., Ruswlar.il, H. 0.
General Agent, -p.kan*, ~*sb.
Am't (ien. Paasangei Agent.
Dyeing aod Cleaning Works.
Opposite Martin Drotber..
I ei* clra* or Ayr aovthlnglln l.ttk*.' and
—aal.rmria-a «**ar. (live nif a call an.l be ton
Thrl.telt Impii-arsl an*. I ".• • i • n.l |....a..*.
en.lile me to su.r.n.ee Ihe ptntupt tlrllviry o(
all • i.le,■ Work will l* mini l.,r and ,1, lita.a-l
I..Bar a.I.I.e..
N*)sod A Port Sheptird Itiilway
Industrial !Red Mountain Ry*
World 1^
(i*l their PrewrlptioDi
1 died by lh*
Rossland Drug Co.
A mil l.ine ol Brari-.I.in« In Our Lllf.
lll.e I'I S tall.
V (■- -I v*--:. I.R. .. CO.     R. 1.   sis.-;..  Mr
Columbia Avenue,  mil  th* Bon Too.
Kossland Hotel.
FId* Whl.kie* and   Imported  Cigar*
Jerry Sprlliunii. Proprietor.
sll.it'l.f. st i*..-ci:iiti. FOR IT.
.•oeVe.r   *
Six Monlbi
Addre.*; lit ( 'itnmtinitati.iu.
Tin:   iM.rsTRtAi,   WOBLD
Th*Only Direct Run t>  Nelsia
Ksslu, Konlens)  1 ske and
Hlorsn Point*.
Every d«y in Ibe  voir ba ween Spo
kane, Kosslsod *nd N. .son.
invr "itiiv nil
H:l6a.m. • • RpokMS?* • 8:Up.B
2:|np.m. • • N irihinrt' • IL'.lipm
Arrive.!.I0p .n. It .*•', ui I I.v. . I :.'*. i.r,i
Niching* ol can  l«!lween   .-p.kin
an.l li'.'.lB.id.
Takotf on late ill overllhi world.
Clo*e   moo**, lions   it    "-'. Isnn    Billt
steamers Inr   Kill.,   aod   all   KOOtsna*
Isle p inn.
I'asssngefi for K.*..'* 1 .  I   11 .ni.lary
rsnipand   llinnlary  ereek   .
Msrrus mil Itifilmrg with itage dally,
i' w it,
. r, ti-enl Till.  leTDTTflTTUAI
'■;■'.,.■■ ...l.1 !■". h—aa...
cents an hour, ll wus refuseil and the
mike followed, Their pipient pay i.
lu eenls an lu.iu."
ei>e i*re tin same miners who were
uied  hy lhe management   I lint if
they oruiin zrii a  iiuinii they   would   lie
lis hargid, for under  no eireiiinstitiuis
I a union man he allowed in mirk
,J, ♦♦♦♦T + A*tll*a>tl'lttll4t'l''» lln the iniiies.     Now   they  are sinking
I'lie Iioai sent  me lo Interview ever-1 without  urganii ttlnn  or linanoial sup-
Lady (hit, tveelt, BeVerBl coast poliliciapi I P°rt.   The strike Will fail and iheir con
Included.     I   couldn't  annihilate lime i diliou will not he in.proved.
_.. LU—     I B-
j The InteryieweriCE
f   die ha
X   wuul I
Tbe Libra.y Building.
and space. I didn'l get the Interviews.
I Bid a lew li.-eiH instead. Then I sal
down and interviewed myself, as lulh.ws |
.lo.* Martini—"I did have a pl|iiforin
up |ill lunt Saturday, but | guess lhe ey
clone tlx.'.l il. However, I am as full ol
Ugh! ns ever,"
.lis. Devine:—"Say, didn't we put
those yiill.l-v-legged fellows on the inn,
though"    1 think  thoy    un|Bt   still   be
running, ai 1 have not seen any of tbsm
rinee Saturday,"
Prank W.ilkeri—
'I ll.'l |   I  insl |
I'm wiser now;
l'or tiartll waa elected ;
The ehapplei all,
I'.tiIi grea) Hl"' i tin,II.
BoolI   '■ roul had not cipected."
Heelnr Mel!ie:—"A*, a writer of cirrus postoia I mn par  excellence.    Even
n.y luii-I  t Kurt would   Dike a nigger
Idior Miner:—(inr nrdi'is from  Ihe
(', P. It.   for  lhe present uro (■   .nlu.il
Unit Curtis is elected, Iml to wrilo daily
editorials ou Maitin'a anni illation."
l.ong Stockinged It .ye in   Chorus:—
This should prove B good lesson to
those n ineis in litis district who refuse
te ally themtirlvcB with the YVeetedi
Federal inn of Miners. Without oloss
.l'giinio itimi, w iihon. go....I hard work on
Ihu part nl the unions, wages in nur
mines n.u-t go down tnthat point when
il is onlv possible lo ax.-I, nothing
.no o need be expected, Miners'wuges
aro now il .wn to 11   per   .Ib)*  iu   Nny.
' Imindl... d and N .va Boutil; 10 I'd cell B
ID Sudbury, tl to iu Tnui.der  Hay ilia-
: ttict and tl •'**• » the Lake id Ilm Woods
I'oiiniiy. Ths minora in tbeie dialricls
aie unorganllBil • Wiihout organ'/, dion
wages I.lie mult go down, and in u very
lew yours (lie mines in II. C. will be
tilled with men wotkiug for tl.S'pai
day.    Tiuue. git ergaulsalion   iB the
ou v privdiuive., (iel inlo line.
The Printers Proteit.
Mayor I h.ndeve eerlainly deserves the
support ol It-<i > I.ml ei.i.-.-iih in the
stand he bin. lakeii .owards the proposed
lire I ti'l and library building. He has
discovered a very evident attempt lo
BBcrillei, the library building for the fire
ball, .lull he ichiBcu to sanctum ihi.
move. In this he ie right. The 125,01(1
moiioy by-law wna voted by the rate
payers for the purine of leeuring ■
suitable library, nut i couple of rooms
in sn ineoiiVeident corner of the tire hall.
This is a mutter ihu Trades Council
-i.i,iild take up at unco,
Nut Ice.
Special nn. Hi g (|  bin In ii  Miners I
Cnl. ii will   be  In Id Saliirtlav  evening,
7 ISO p. in., Iur lhe purpose if   initialing
■in one who ma;' desire tu bt-t-.itiie ninth-
hers ol Ibe union, flu as lo enable  them
to pirliei|n.e iu ibo labor deiiionalaiionj
.Inly Hi, 10...., knot, it is  Miners   t'nl.in j
Day.   Tin question nl wl ere lo celebrate
Union D.j,..nd bow, will be ful'y die-'
Jamis Di:vixi,       Scc'y.
The i -Mowing resolution was unanimously ii leiiieil by Uosslaiid Ty|aogiuph-
un i anion, .\.. 'iU-i. at ii special mtciiug
hell on I'lm.sil: i evening, lune 14:
\Vhereis. Eur io.ne time pail the lend-i|'in(., m  com,,lB,e  „ld ,re ,,,vin|l
sp'eitdid sale.   See tin prices oo Isdios
TheOantral Ii.y(i«n..a and Clothing
Store, is ..fie....a .1. ni e id men's
ready-made tl. thing at cost. Ki in t o
cheapest lo lhe lest, every mil must I.e
closed ou..
(u   ladies'   wiapp rs,   shirt    waists,
tsilur made suits and while wear, our
Mens' Clothing
Having ri'iicivi'il n Hi     I     i' Hi" .- '.-■ ut> ni'.* now lnoiited
on, vre are offering iill i.ui stool; of muiiu1 oluthiugata retluo*
tion to eflfiBOt n I'leiiiMiiie. .: our time is limited we mind (jivu
the publio Uu* lien.dii. J8o if you wish to auvomouny on your
purchases, oull oarlj nl j
Rossland Trading Co.- Store
Jaa. Olierrington, M*!r,
Oor. Spokane St. nnd Second Ave.
YOU CAN RaYEJMONl V  BV  I '   .1   -i TUB
Raymond Sewing Machines
"Hell   ..i   il."   M.ukel."
Sewing mitcbint) Flip, '        'ell kin lo,    Maohluai 1» rout
y vu( u ni' ... .nth.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
V-uii , ....'.
18 Oolumhla Avenue, ■•■*->..   :.    , r.
S'r.lo Agent*,
I Canned Goods
"lib, that  onr next nmittuuee would   ing out ul tne cily lor prinled natiuuery
hurry up, (or did we no)  part with all' etc., haa been prevalent among »""."• i u,„ierVe„B, ,hev are special and  worth
cash in bucking Mackintosh bir of professional and hyalites* __^^__^__^B_H
KoBSlmd. slid
Pearlies, Bears, plum1, llrawb   rteB, grape*, blnsheirlss, apples,   .
iu f ul eveiylhiii'  lhal tbe I U   can,   ItloWHl prlOM,   •
Thm. beamish:— ''Curtis' election ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hub the sounding ol the dealh-knell ol i .V.ierun, Tlie printing office! and
M.ickintOBhlam. N'jw lit u> be fire: piintera ol Roailand tliei.by -t.fler au
chief and then I shall be hippy." u jury  lo   business, which is eullnly
Hon. George   Washington  lleebe:— | uncalled (or; therefor lie it
My political career wab somewhat mete-1     Re-solved, Tint tbia union   reqnelti
oric, by gosh!   However, Ihe potatoes  a"  busineii and  professional   men to
need "hillin"andit willsnonbe "bayin"  abilaiu (rom inch  uraelicea, believntg
lime, so (arewell ladilics." tbttt there sre a sulliclenl uumber ol
Hon. J. Oi Brown :-If my ambitions "''''-'•'• and printers in ihe cily n. supply
bad not run away wiih my good sense I all demands, and the prirea are not
would still lie post masier of New Weal-i *ueh aa lo warrant such acton on tut)
punster. However I shall bave to' part ol those uuviug woik iu our liue
make the best o( thing! now und shall   •" do.
look Iur a billet in tbe cuitomi  tle|.irl-      Resolved. Tint llieco-opsrilioD ol nil
a,Hnt." ; uuioui of ihe city is reipvciluily asked
Ralph  Smith *.-Poor   Yates thought  to the end t. in all work ol that nature
|i.* could kill two uirds with   one stone,   may be done in lhe cily.
but it cost bim |I00 to find out that  be      Tbli aclii.n wai taken I.y the printers
did nol cot much ice in Ninaimo." ln view ol the l*cl that duiing the past
Lome l!eecher:-'Didl bet anything week m*nv ol ihe meroUanU h-ve plac-
on tbs election?   Well   1 should s*y I   etl tn tiers (nr printing with a Toronto
firm, wliiel, could hnve been furnished
by —ta' priming houses. A it-cord is
betas k.p. of ihe firms Brndingoasl for
nrluting, aid it contains Ibe names nl
some li'ttil who object etrnngly lo coiu-
i-.-.ui- » by Ess:i in depa.tment itnre*.
1( is i..--1' 1- lhal lhe   mailer will be
II.-. * ii in it* WainiiT.
Industrial World
Is the medium
: Jains !
• Jams, marmalades snd pretctv.ia.Uie f r.esi braadnndal priios J
* Ihut are right. •
. by which the
did I'.i! it breaks my heart to think
1 shall never sre Ihat money any more."
M.r. oi lieinleve:—".lust to think bow
I toured Hie riding tor Mlckiulmh ami
the people hearkened not unlo my eloquence! Ever lines the iweirlng in iii
Unite I' Meitons it, lunnv how the
union men do not take kindly in anything will, which I am connected."
C. II.  Mackintosh:—"I   (flared    to
sacrifice mv time and ei.eigy  for th*
people, but Ihey evidently did uot think
■ ilber am..Hilled to very much, els* why I
did Ihey io ruthlessly turn me doao."
Marry Dn.iels:—"I had been *o busy
eanvr.Bsiug for Curtis that I hardly look'
time lu eal.   Boui* "I lb* laoyr tell me I
talked oi e mau to death last week, but
yuu knot) I cau hardly believe L."
Editor  Rec.nl:—"I gueii   we  shall
have lo harp away again ai Iho eight
hour Iba,   now that the flections are
over.    11 woiiU  hardly   have  been the
proper caper to Lev.- reprinted some ol   y
those    nn.eight In iir  editorials during ' .".
rle. lion   time  that   appears.,   io   the
licet.rd lime months ago."
Smith Curtis I—"Messrs. Mackintosh.
Cotton an.l W.l. ui, have no doubt received * decided sb nk lo Iheir political
ambit in r is lttdtrv. Hut "lighting
Joe" and I will make things lively fur
whichever party is iu power."
I'. It. Itogle, "Secretary : '- I am very
busy just now wri.ing out a proclamation to lhe Curlisitoi to miud tbeir
. wn oii'ini •-.. The reeult of the election
tii.-s me a headache."
Dr. Cbango-Hia-I' ditics:—"(11 conn*
we ix'ccli'd Mackintosh would be
■ll. led : Why, v,c had offlgie* made, lire
winks Is.ntl.l, Ihe lung-stocking band
engaged, alow cases nu ice si.d were anticipating a hoi lime in the old town,
but all In no purpose."
\ R, Mackenxie.- "Mi)irlly lor Cur-
ti*::.'.!    Wouldn't ihnt jtryou'"
I liter World "1 ciuiiot lei I a lie: I
did it."
I'.iti* Foley: "I'm pleased tint
Mackintosh bis di lolled, because he
lul..led iiii.br the iltlni'un that Rosa-
laud ti ,ii.t not git ..long   without him.'
Tlie Horn Bdltori   'mysfh.—
"I'd like to be in parliament.
l.i got all kinds 11 cash,
I'd vole lor He se with money
And i-t i|i writing this ..Id trash."
[We've put  up  with   loll  ol things
In.in tlie II use Editor, limply I ecstuc
"he's nn aiiiiii.siii' cuss,'' but lhe next
tune he drop, into poetry he's going lo
gei Brad.   Ed.]
... t belore t'.e oilier union* ol the city.' V. N. Tel. (IH.
And son. !• ..re 'ml.    bill   I he grn
cenes purch.-od ot II. YV*
Soup-on are ol Ihe very best
ipi.i i \. At this store you can
find tie best grades ul C II e.
Tea. Flour, Meal, Died Fruit,
Smoked Meals, I'.lined Meat.,
Kn*di Vegoiallcs, Cigirs, Tobacco, elc.
Having purchased the business ol
Messrs. Dudgeon A Cowan, I
am eanying in addition to ny
compli le  sink  I I    groceries  a
lull line all  Hay,  I'red,  I'i ...luce,
N. B.—The new Stand—First   building   and   the
east of C. P. R.  iiolil, 1! ,d av.
H.W.Simpson, working
reaches the
woi kingman,
________________________-___________-_-_-_»___-_-_-_-_-_i     can Know his
c*:*;':«'::-:.x.:*:.>x->:':.:'*>:<-:o>>Jor«i: x«:'rx<.:.:-;.:>:*>:<«or* &
'? friends by
: Biscuits!
McCnimilk's lllscniti.   Evtrylhim
jMcGoiiigle & Co.,
v   ii ike '■     Sodss oi d   •
Spokane St.:
aV*-*'*)>V'^*o*-***>S>*lolaa,      K\'1*('!*o!  :%*o*S-t>js.
Duck Tennis "ttits, tl lo |"i
Crash coat and ve*:, t'.'.'sj
Serge 00*1 and ve't, tl
Alpaca OuSt anal v. st, }! 50 t   *•> |
Percile slilrls, loll aud 1.18
7fic to 11.60
Tennis thii.i, 75.: lo f.' .0
i. Columbia Ave,
The Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd. 1
Gent's Furnishing Department
Summer Clo :iii g aui
Idem ill wool i rgeiul i  larwesr, ikt mil,
■ i ir li rwear, in.lt,   -
■ .1 . a   ir, p r -ni*. 1.' vi
lerwear, per suit,
Tw.oil panls, .1! wool. 12.60 to (iv'-d       Paiiey *i'k»Ce ohderwear, ♦: .'al.
.-. pi dn .ti. 1 i a   |
w and Itsti.ii h it*, 50* In II SS
2   hnghsu n.uiiel  IBlrta, %IM to W 60  Butt and itifn.lt h..t*. tl to ♦■'> >0
' The
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd, |
Rn-slaud, I). ('.
V _ N 'Phon    171
International Music Hall.    I
• A. .''a./inn. Manager.       11   Kl .. ...    ■•       l> , I   n Wansor. Stage Mgr. 2
The High Class Oparsllc Oomsd*
The Pirates
Tt" High Cms. ComedUB
11     Cultured ViiciliBl •
Everything has to go, no ma'tcr
nt what pries. Come early while
we have a good assortmont of
Store for Rent!   Fixtures for Sale!
Ten Cents su Hour for Miners.
A   news tliipitch   Irom   St.  Jobm !
Slid., received .bine 12, fays-.   .
"A se-ious strike bss lukuu plsce St'
the llellville mines, a few miles from
.-'I fobnf,Wbsri 2'"0 men ire en-ploy-
"I i v Ihe Dominion Iron and Sl*«l
i'.inpaiiy aud the ; Nov* Scot I* Steel
OompBliy. The miner" .—plntcd lav
."i'li.I.-., mid* a demand lor 151
Rossland Auction
_fcfcfcte__.No. 42 East Coli'(nb;a Avenue.
- Sj-Jr&- <■■*■
Advertising Rates Furnished,
on Application.
The High Clasl .- ni.ing ll'io
The Wilma Sisters.
Per. .lowed!
QOD SAVE .UK  .ill ' ■
G. W. McBride
"Ta , *
_* Hardware,  Miners;' Supplies,   Stove**-, if
Ranges, Etc,, F.tc J|


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