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Industrial World Dec 22, 1900

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▼oh 2, No.-a*.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6. W. F. M.
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*^~s-*——Our Specialties.
w. f. mcneill
next to the Postofflee.
inference on Industrial Conciliation und
Arbitration*—Both Sides Represented.
E     2«SJ-*a-a-«-' «   I..-1   a.-l   •   - W*^>-*!**-*S>**8>-*»«-*5'>»
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to the corner of Queen
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Rossland Drug
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f sleasr-l lu ha.t you tall in.l etim.ne.
aai...   itMrtii      "*'*  -*'m 1° *-'"'"*  lb. "•"**  Cslomrr.  Trade .nd
•BUR MOTTO.-- k_p lh, old ihw»."
124 East, Columbia Avenue
li.nif.lH   I nun LubrlCiRlir-t I  I.n Flm d< .;,
v. m.i... I... i im  .1.   Cul*. Kl t'ni..in..1 ,,
Inti nit«U iitmn I'titoa Latwl Cigar*   I.«r- i
ratiRC. HI Corona, African* Dudca.Gal-rlei <■
The Queen Cigar Store I
crow H morris, r*  i-.
Columbia Avenue
;.«.:.; ..;..; .... .-;.j ;.;.; 4
A conference on "industrial (--mediation
ami arbitration" wai held ilu*. week in
Chicago between representatives of capital
anil tlie leaders of tlio nn.'"! labor organizations. The conference opined Tuesday
anil luul ft* its ofajec the stirring up of
public .sentiment to the necessity ot some
other method of settling industral disputes other tlian by the strike and lockout
and  to decide on the best  metliods to be
punned, The meeting, composed of hall
a thousand capitalists and labor men, was
Called   to  order    by     Ki.uil.lni    MnVeigh,
chairman of the committee on arrangements, with a fine speech, and was follow
ed by Carroll I). Wright, United State*
commissioner ot labor, who said in part:
"Personally 1 hae always been iu luvor
ot' boards of arbitration ol any kiud. Any
board that will aid in l-i ui.-.nv about OOn-
dilatory efforts*, ami falling in them, rational and discreet arbitration, has appeal*
ed  to ine us a method to be desired, not
as a solution ot the great labor trouble.
but as a help nf vast importance, and 1
still feel that tne existence of a board of
conciliation and arbitration e-i.ili ished by
States, tu which resort eau be hud voluu
tardy, has a balancing effect moiully in
the community. Nevertheless 1 do not
hesitate to declare that the real revolt! I"
be reached by arbitration and conciliation
can be se* urcd far more effectively, ami
in a far more acceptable manner, through
the trade board, as it exists today in ne,illy all the industries of Kn^lund, th.ui by
any other means,
"Sueh experience! as those in ihe great
trades  in   England  ami ou the continent
must have a mr greater effect than any
abstract treatment ot the doctrine of conduit ion und arbitration. The doctrine is
y I all right, but whal we wish to know in
r I tins oountry il just how the doctrine
w'lien practically applied, ami the
abroad teach us that there
*'"■'■■ i was   tune in Industrial warfare ■■■
$   England  when both  sides were better or-
••■  ►*. n ..'I. .md never di.! they work together
XJwith llich harmony. These expericun - .11 ■
£ I positive results, and positive results need
Xl but little comment.'1
x| Dr. Hermann Justin, commissioner of
5*'the Illinois Coopers aasocistton. not onlv
& outlined a plan of cOtU iliation and arid*
w] tration, but urj-red that the capitalists must
t»tj.Miii/t> to deal with the labur problem
ids a prei|iiisite of the snocess ol any plan
I  of conciliation or arbitration.
.lohn .Mitchell, president of the United
Mine Workers Ol America, wis rv* e.ved
with vigorous applause. He «aid that in
the  recent contest   iu   the aiillnaeile  coal
field*, ol  Pennsylvania tbe mineworkera'
organisation bad endeavored to arbitrate
Ui differences before striking, Recess f-1
luncheon was taken at V2\'.V).
The afternoon session was   opened   by
K   Dana  Duraml, Seen l.n>   ol th*' United
States iiiduMn.il commission, Mr. Duiaml
waa followed by D. E. Kenns,
.lohn H. Tobm of Boston, general prwri*
dent of tin* I'.—t  ami Shoemaker.* Union,
following Mr. Kenna, spoke of the method
,;,  cxiii'i i.'iuo
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year
To all our Friends.
Christmas Box,
There is no more acceptable Present for a Lady
than a real good Watch.
It is always acceptable.
We have Gold Filled from $12 to $20
We have Solid Gold from $20 to $75
If the Lady has a Watch,
then we would suggest a
long Lorgnette Chain, so
popular just now.
J. w.
m:xt door to the most 0PP1CB
of cuiifcrenre   uiiilt*,.  which   the hoot  anil
shoe worken and then- employers have
ttot along together with a minimum
■mount oi troubli,
lt. 11. Jeffrey of Columbua, Ohio, thought
the ili'ialoriiiiie oondltiona of employe and
employer were due to the hot thai both
tvere actuated l»y extreme MMlahneaa,
M. W. Connelly ol the Memphis Com-
marclal'Appeal also spoke.
At Tiiesilay night's maion Henry lioyt,
president of tha .Natum.il Founders' Association, psoks at sonic length. Onl part
uf his ipaedh is worth piaeet vlng He s.ml:
As long us thc wage earner helicvcH
ur is (aught to assume that society is in
league to rob him us tin Individual uf some
of the purchaaing power of his senile, ,*o
long must society reckon with him m hi.
collective oapaelty. The employer who
electa to ignore this fact is us much of a
menace to tha induitrlal peace u tint
agitator who pluys uisiii the prejuiliies
and iiilliiiucs the pas.ions of the men he
lalsely Mrvea, Then is only one certain
lulc uf ui-tioii. lt aai lung ago cilh-il ihc
golden rule.''
Samuel  Qompers,   praaldent    ni   the
American   1-\-i1.-|-iiiii.ii  of  Labor,  followed,
an.l iu a iiiugiiitit-cul ipeieh showed that
lubor had always been willing lu meet
llic employer more Qua hall way, and de*
(ended its right tu protect itself in what
is .oiui'time* the only way, with tin-
Mr. I lumpers ueeiied that, un the cun*
trury, where there luul been one offer
fiotii thc side nf capita! there have been
iiiiiitlreil* ou tlie side ul orginii.ctl l.ili n.
Tlie employed, i.e *.....I, I.ii.I beeoma a*
customed tu beat (heir proffers nl concil-
ialiun   met   with   the  answer  tlmt   there
is "nuthing  to arbitrate.''
llc added, however, he was not unmind
lul of the fact that 11.etc ua- a gloaiug
ilispusitiun un the put of the iinploier-
towaril a more conciliatory policy. Thla
Sir. (iimipcr* believed, was .Ine to the
giouiiig strength oi orguniietl lsh.ii t ui
dilation between two partiaa having di*
ielse interests, he said, is only pursued
when   they   huve  cipiul   power  or  nearly
i-.pi.ii power.
Admitting thai *t ke. oufhl to ba
avoided iii tin* interest oi both aapltal
aiul Isbor, Mr. lioni]u.-rs il.-:....*.l ll.it
there wen some evils inure dreadful than
strikes.  He added:  "We atrika; i pie
ni China dnn't strike. I wonder whether
ih....- who woulil lly to preient tin* -ml.
er. from striking or th"-.- who WOaW
punish the workers for striking «mi I.l 1.kilo change tha condition I...111 thai which
obtains in our country to that obtaining
in China. If tin- a' ice ol atrikaa "a-
tha ineusiirc »f iiiili/itIon, then China
ought in stand iii tin* head ..f tin- whole
world."     (Laughter and anplauai I
lu conclusion be said: "Wa* -n.ill m-i-t
on tin* rfghl t» .|inl work iih. ...!.*. ii
be.   tin-   i.k.o.u.*  lo  us.  an.l   we  sh ,11  ..I
nut. Imlit on out right to -nike foi an)
reason or lor t... reason *.i sll."
Mr. Gomtian was  Bereel) attacked i"t
tin. ipeech al the next day's -<•—*en I.y
Hugh II. I.u-k. ex membei  *.i   th<* New
Zealand parliament.    Ilie venerable New
SSealander during   Iha   forenoon   lurnad
sside from hia pn pared iddreii to expnai
displcasun al ■ declantion made by Mr.
Uompen iu In* addns, laal night.   Tha
lubor leader nn  Iha ............ mentioned
■seerted   thai    he   wanted t" nc labor
organiaationa retain tha privitcga ..' ilrik
ing when Ihej |.i.*..-..i ... merelj iss....-*
they pleased,
"That i« not l,lull!." cried Mi. I.u*!..
"ii i sHcense," Al this momanl M.. n*....
p.*.. entered,
Thi ipeaker continued "Mr. Gompen
wiini* conciliation and Im mya you .....
never have anj conciliatlnn unlaai >■.. ..i*
ready t.. cut one enother*a thmati IVdl,
it   thai  •*. iht- uni..itunatt* condition ot
llu* people " I .\tiiern.i I am solii lol
them. Wc ale i. I •■■ inxloui t" cul one
.uii.tli.i s ihi'iai* when I ..iti,.- it*.in I
wish Mr. Qotnnen had taken tin* in.ui.l.
to tiiiti out whal ..in* comuulaor*. atluti.i
tion   lint   is l.rl     he 1.1,1  vou ibottl   *.t
Hut. iis he bus not. I .nu obliged to ih. it
for liun."
During lln* iitl.t no..n Mi*, (lumpers nit-
anted hia iisertlon, .»i the nighl previoni
"Wc .1.. n't." lu* declared, "clutch each
nther's throat** nnneces,arily, but I
woulil i nt I.s i- bave tl..* rgl.t t.. dutch at ■
man's throat  than  t,. hsve my nrins aln
pntatedt   Th mpulaot*] arbitration law
is etpiii.ii.iit to the amputation referred
to. I wan) labor t*. have ihc ■trtngth
of a giant, but io iw ih«i itnngth
I'l'llolllllg   tin*.   In*,,   *|s I,,.,  v,,,,   ,.m,|
wi.lnil iii and tl..*.. Mt busk lecurwl the
Hour. II.* explained at length ihi* workings
of the compulsory irhitrai  law ol \'(*u
Zealand gananHy,   looking at tin* liboi
"YOU   WOUld   .nl   nn    tint*. ,,|1   la  ,,„„.
' ">; "Id -I' Qompen, ipeikingfrom
I"h sei.   -I, ,,,„ w,.„. „„ ,, w iin|M
"'" a ",'11'' rout *,ii,,.." „.,,  ,,„.
New-  Zealaiuler,   "but   we   might  emlargu
your head."
A lively exohangi of queationa ami uu*
swers whieh bewdilerisl Ihi* ...ulieiiti* til
lowed. Mr. I.usk explained that during
the  progress of .,   labor dispute  beiwei-it
employer mul his unloniaad emplograe
neither oould, under penalty, ehangi tha
condltioni whieh caused the appeal to the
aibitiiition  curt,    'l'he   heiiring,    during
winch niiiher situ, hail the right to independent action, pnaiallj lasted about s
"I'd rather Im- ut sivonis" |siina in Ain-
ariea ami tadepeadenl than i ■ Murrentler
my right tu strike fur ona minute," shout
nl Mr. Qompeia, Anil with that he left
the hall.
A-nle from tin- skirmishes between
the-.- two men, ami they took up consider*
uhic time, then* net. niiiiniiitis apeeehoe,
till   ftivontlth-    to    v luui.try   iirbiitutain.
Kven Mr. I.usk ii.s i..n.i that America
wus nut ren.ly for tompulioiy urhilnitiou.
Other a.i.ii.--.** tlui-in gthe att.*!ii....it
were niiitle by lh.- following: Kilwurti A.
(i.inl.  lllemla-r of the  cxwulive  l...n*l nf
tlu- Olaaa Bottlers' Association; Frederick
I". It.gley of tlie MarMc Maiiufuctuivr*-'
As-.Kii.tion. ..ml Frank ltucliiuan, presi-
.l.ut of the Bridge .mil Mnietuml Iron
Worker.. Ilcnjamin Whis'lisl, pn*-i.l.*ni
of the I'liiu-i-aiiy of Califjrnie, «]H.ke for
a short tmi'. Ile dwilirad that the uni
ni-iiy wa- tin- titbuiial to which lilxir
,f.Hi. tilin* should OOBH fnr cilm, scienti-
lic .lis.-UM.iun.
At the evening session the committee
mi   resolutions subiiiilteil  ita re|sirl.
The reaolnllnna "neogaiaa Ok- fa**t that
1s.1npt1ls1.ry arlnt rat ion asnh* from all
other objections urgctl ..gainst it—il not
ul this time a qnaatkn "I prai*l»*al in*
.lu-liial rtform ami that sueh aystiim ss
un- now in vogue .lo not -eem to fully
ui.-.-t th. 1..|iiin-inents nf the different in-
tercati." t
The n-snlulions lurtli.-r ..*■ • *.......ml tlmt
tin- pi.-uii..*.- niH.Tr <>f ll.e eoateaaea i|e
|S'.nt a commit lis* lo stir for on.* year.
tu Ih hi-.-eil ..( "i»  lepi-—ntul.vca of
the employer and *-.. of (he employ-*
.1.1-. for tin* purpose of formuliting *-....■•
pin. of ml on I. ..king .» the caUhliih*
meiil   ..I .. genital sisteui nf ounciliitnin
that w.ll praamle iniiu-tn.il i«iee.
"We believe," ■*.!- the report,   "(hit
ilu- conference w.ll have in i-art at lent
railed ... it* nn**..".. ..nl.*-s .t strcnuou.li
......I* tint   lis'  pro|>rr timr to arbitrate
1- no| nlt.-i .. I - k.-ul lis. Ita-cn .11augur.it-
e.l.   lull   befon  il   ha-   laatii.n.     We     fully
mallsa   that   all   tin.-  ol   .ub.trainill   w.ll
Is. 1111.ii.ultng until ue an* animatrsl by «
spt.it    ol     1., tn...   ..n.l   j...I ne  anl  ire
lulling io "i-ii uar'eyta lo -u.h rights aa
belong to ,*.' tv , .in. n
Tl... ii*i«.n ua. adopted wlthonl debate
ami chiiirinan MacVeegh ..p|s..ni.sl is
member "t  tt>.   committee for one yenr
lie    -.int.*   k iilltiiiaii   iih 1* ttilt'tl   the
11's.illllloU   . ..in.' .11..
Will **.,.,..,,, l^bor.
(».. \v,,|..,.,|.t, evening, S'ovember 'anl.,
a!    M>.In un-   Hal   a   I... i,.|,,. I   n.i*  ta|i.l.<ri-<l
I.. Wallet Scott,  M I*   1..,  Weetern As-
* i.iIhii.i     lu   tl Hl.e     o|     .,     Ii-liglhy
-   ■•   li   111 tip!  I., tb,   I  sat, "Oar lineal.'*
Mi    -..t.   ......I.   ..-■   nl    iba following
"- ithing  it..-  is'.n .I...... f...   labor
Intersil. ......  i--«*  1 nil] i««i, when the
1 .1*   .ill.tin, .1   |...ii,t.   1 reins  li
lt mpt ii.ol .hi is.n made l.i 1 iriianeal
t.t .anirili condition.   .,.   sffactlng   tin*
latsuing . Ia..t .  in    I .1 .....I.t     In the la-t
t.llll     .1     .1 lit ..la* .      "I      lit!      lal ll.-ll.    .l|     strp*
hid been taken." it... o| ilu* main n*......
I..I    hi.   oul.   alltal...     ...tl.     tl.e     I.ts-i.il
|.,i'>   ua.  that   it   na*  ti,mi  that   parly
....I.! .n.l with iiu .mi 1.1 thai party only
that th,  lais.t  interest* conld expael t*.
g,*i  bend I measures   sdoplad.     (Ap*
pi....*.. I*..*....ail. I., rejoiced in tbe alee
1 1 Mr i-..it.i ..1 w..ui |sg, Canada',
ln-i    lata.1    ii*j.|.*. iitalii,*    liol      lilat     til
general be thought it win lo have ipeaiel
1I.1-. 11 pit *,,it.ill..11; l.i,I whefl hi* lea.in I
Ihat It WU III* on II lait li. no to dill.!.,,
he na. gl.itl lo km." lhal Mr liltle
li..Ill,I   le*   thin*     Ml     I'llllie   lias     IsMt.T
scquainted with tin* labor queationa thm
himsell.  ami   11-  ii|..*i,,l   uith   Mr    l*ul*
ta*,*'*  ,|,|i|...  .11,,I   a--*-taint   to  "k<S-|» nglll"
in the .libit nl Ihi    ilin-ions    when
labor questions cam. up .uul labor inter*
1 si* wen ..t Make. (Applanaa 1
Mati'ti it.1  Mayor,
lu response to .. largelj    signeil   mil
i.*[*i.-.iit.itui.   requisition    Mayor    I.lonl
\  Manley ha. .1 b.l !•• oSei bun-
a   1 inilul.ilt*   i.t   i. .In lion   ll     tlti*    ap*
I Mini:   mint" 1;  .1   I '■ . t.-.n      Thl    i;...i■
.....   1*  gii IK   opt.*-..I   that     a     lh.!.l
term mil enable him 1. add Uu* flnlihlng
touches p. .1 piogiemlve munidpal policy
Itlllllglll.llnl    ill...I.K    I.l.    Iil-t      11.III.:. .1*11.1
SATURDAY   r*ocetnb<.r 22, 190,.
The Industrial World
Benii-we.'kJy   Edition.
rnbliahad at ths Miner's Union Hall,
Kosamd, in ths interest of orgsnised
labor  ia  Uritiiah  Columbia.
unionist! sIh.iiIiI have u preference over
workmen not belonging to a trade union.
In tlu- cist* of an associated workman
ihc arbitration court could give tha preference if it ohoH, Report of Frank Dillingham. United Btatea Consul at Audi*
Do    Nut
Offer    Their    Support   lu   the
Chicago,   Dec.   SO,- The  committee  representing  the  engineers,   lirciueii,  eon.lui*-
l.:rs and treinntan ol the Smitn Fe railway system declared tonight I hat they
would  not ailviae ii .strike   in sympathy
Willi   the     telegraphers.    Thc    committee,
.-insisting  of  .1.   F.   Iteilily    nml    Irving
Wellniiin.    repreeentitlg    lie*      engineers;
m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— I Thomas ltiiikt*,  icpt-cscntiiig the lit'euien;
.l.iii.l .is llluitntive   ni    the   benefit! of   ,,    ,   ..   . .,
Hugh Suit, represciittng   the trainman,
colonial   giivciniinii,    Mr, Taylor forgot       , ...   ,,   ,, ,.       , ., ,   ,
^^^" "       nml   Vi .   II.   Iluttuii  ul   the conductors is-
lit ii speech al South Whitley, Iml.. It.
S. Taylor, a Republican, made a "bad
break" fo thai party. He referred to tlie
most excellent government   of  New Zc.i- I
The Industrial World
lollowaig   news   depo
Jfetand st the   Rowland,  It.  0.,  poit-
Othoa   for    Ir.uismiiuiuii   Umillgll    the
Wmmila, Movcmber, 18UU, ss seoond-class
***** *-"•■■ ! colonial   government.   Mr
io tell in.* in.nil* that the government ol
New SEaeland i* largely Sooialiatlc. li i-
from that government .mil thm ot Bwita
til,in.l thai wa liun the affects ol tba
Soctahsiii* principle! when carried into
government.    Mr. Tuilur -anl:
"Perhaps the rooal uonaplcuoui example
of iiiloHi/aitoi. .uceesifully ami humanely
conducted .* to lie found in New /cut uul.
A hundred yean ago iin.se ialanda wen
a terror (*> salloa.  Tlu-u- eannlbai savages
ucrc iiiore lo be feared than storm or
-lupin .i-k. 'Ibe hr-t miaaion upou the
jslaiuls n.i- eatabiiabed in isil. The] wen
i.ih. i,ill. declared nibjecl to Ureal Uritain
as ii colony in 18*10, ihe native tribes at
the tune .submittcil I.. Ilritiah authority
in iii-.it>• iilthoiigh there haw been lie*
qenl relK-lln.ns since.
"'ih.* etna ul il.c .-lamI* i- 101,000
-.plait* mile-, being about three inm- lhe
area ol Ind an i. I 'h * contain una a
whine pti|.iii.ititiii oi IM.nm. lln* native
Ma in. number about 900,000, 'll.c people
ate   1.t.—* .1   mill    iteli   .uljunit     Ol     the
high.**! modern civilisation, Induding
110.....1. * .i.tl.ag.*. Tlie) ban 3,207 miles
ot i.ti.ii.it. 0,000 miles .ai telegraph Una,
ami 8,000 telephone tlationi,     the) have
II... put.ti. Iiii.it ii*.. nml.lining oni in*1.
ia.i volumes,    i ini have 00 dsilj papers,
til  in   kllc*  .ui.l  _-.l tiiolilhllc*.     I lin   hue
su sUvuiicc.1  sisicn. i public si In ot- iiii
it huh tin* government ipendi over IS 100,
(Ml per annum.   They export ovei M9,000
uu uf i tii. i - pet annum   md tnqiorl
t, ,.,i««i,i«ii,  making a it.tal  foreign  truth-
ot 100,000,000 pe. annum, nr all.1 per
capita, ul...I. .* nion* than tout *. at ■ si
nun ii   pei capita   aa  are  d nalvna.
Among llic cx|airta in IMIS n-rc wool.
.*.>:i.i.«i.i.<i.    gold. te............   ui.l lican
lueu-, mmmoo
"The nut in*. Imi-.- heen jn*l!y an.l
kindly treated. Their land iitl-s have
beeu respected ami iiu*! ii.tic been put in
tin- way oi   education and devebpatetai
lliey   hale   ScllO  I.   ....   ll Hit It     fa  -..ncm
^^^^_ '" penda 1100,000 I-. annum.    Thm
locatiu... and  the induilnal i-sh,.,.,- ... ;. _.... .^.^ .^ ^ ^
W. II. WALTON (formerly of
the SutUlle Rock mul Pullman
Cafes) has reopened the International Lunch Counter, where
vou can g-et tb.'
Best Meals in the City.
Short Ordori.
Hot or C.tltl Lunelle,
Ki-gul.-ir Meal..
Every Dillncy
tlir M.ulirt
A.  C.  Thompson,   K.litur   and  Manager.
Office   al  Miner'a   Union  Uall.
Payable Invariably in Advance.
Oaa  year        fi i«
His  months          1 38
(_e« month.         78
Addreu ill coinuiuuieiliuui to tbe In
dastrial    World,    Postoffice    Box    888,
B. C.
for sale at the
tiimpaon's   News   .nsnd.
II.   S.   Wallace'a  Stationery   Slore.
Linton Hi*..
P. 0.  News Stand.
Bur's Cigar   Store.
Canada  Book  A   Dreg Store.
ileitis   Bros.
King k Co.
Secretaries of sll unions sre suthonx-
ed to receive subscriptions for the
UJIWa •' irvpa-s'
U'llol.mNi; ONIONS.
Ueasons Whj Onl) Trariea I'mmiM- Arc
Heeogniaed m New Zealand.
Kor some time past tbe empJojrers1 «»■
in the south ol New Zealand have united
uud tried to ga-t the Auclattd Kmployere1
aaaociation to jniii Ihem in an effort to IX"
•*■ rt to the court ol appeals .md iinally to
tbs pnvy council to teat the valldlt) *'i
ihe "tyrannoua/* aa tbey call U, prefer
•nee "i trada unionists to non-unkwbts
)■■ i lit* labor market.   An Importanl di
I -KU ...■- given at \\ elhnutitii on M •:
tOch laat )•> l"e mull nt .ip|K'nU nyaidiitii
the  award    ol     the  .irliilt.itnui    OOUrt   iu
j.iii..r disputes liiid.-i tin* industrial era
ciliation and arbitration act. It haa bean
the custom for the arbitration   mun to
p .1. «■    ,l    . llll-'
>ir oarn '■■ i '•'
iiu* kgislaturs   .uid .ue entitled it •*•■•
(or thru  subaUntiall] ihe auno terns
rt« the arhitaua   Mote than 'hi-, tbsg am
■ I-.  iiu  rigfal   and roto'onlj la a little
Hn proportii n to tbeb numbers ihau  iIk*
while-. • N
"All tin- has been accomplished m n
countr) ■-inn cannibal* occupied tbe land
I.-«- than s liuiidntl \r.ii-s .it.*"
ttince lln* i- true, and those -it'* tlir
H'Milt-i nl ii.il tfiiVfiiiiueiit undrr NniaI
Ism, wh} MM li* it In if Mi. r.itlur dtil
nol hii in- has re is th.ii  .11 tin- BMgnifi-
lued tli1*' following statement:
ttat memben of the committee representing ihe engineers, Bremen and trainmen on (h<* Atchison, Topeka & Bants Ba
railway, wre \rmh to say that, at tha request ot tbe telegraphers, wa have en<
deaviirrd to bring alioui a ■atiafactoi*/
aettlemnnl "i the differences between il"'
railroad company and the telegraphers.
Alter a careful and thorough Inveatigation
of the causes which led to the nmtrov-
srsy and after listening to tin* statements
of the telegraphers and also statements
from .Mr. Itarr, third vm president of the
road,   we wiali to   state tu   the public
nn well aa t»i the different organisations
that we represent, that while wa regret
thai we arc unable to bring ebout .1 settle
men) between the telegraphen and the
railroad company, we also wish t... advise
ihe members ol the organisation! repres
anted by us thai the labon of the commit
tee are completed and tin* attitude »>t our
members will be neutral during the axial
ence *t the present controversy. Our
mating urlth   Mr. Hair   waa a pleasanl
one.   he    expressing  ,1   desire  to  maintain
iriendly relations with lalmr organisation
u long -1*- the) were conducted on busl-
neai principles.*'
The Ladies' Store.
announce a (treat   Dl-scouat on I ml let
aiul Chlldrcn'H Underwear and Hosiery,
Dree* Goodi and   Urcea   I rlmitilnK*..
Stamped Oood*. klhb.nn and Lacci.
(live mi a call and you will  find Frlcea
Way Dim*.n.
Mrs. M  Heard
piiners, Look Here!
You need uot loose a shift
to get'your check cashed
during bauking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman House
Some beautiful watcliea at i -..nine al
Bchi iuid'..
x TraoslerCo.!
GKORl'aK Fl'NK, Man i_. . ♦
I,.,*     -i.l.
Voted   targt
I,.1    Benefit,
Then was .1 uikhI attendanoa at tin*
la-t meeting of the Miners' Onion, l.ut it
u... late uiun ih,- meeting opened m th.it
nothing luit routine liu.tiie-s u.is transact*
eil. and that as rapidly us i* *— ,1.1.*
The sick ,-otiiinitlec rv|s.rtctl the follow-
mn memben an the -..-k llat: ... I'. Pear-
.on, mumpa; tinerino Albo, rheiiin.it ami
Mtio* Ati.iiti,,. .(.ihi.nli truuble,   All wan
. ulllu well.
Baferal daima for -.. v. i.eueiu were -il
'I'll.-..- w.i* a lame iiiiinlier deem lor
initiation, ami when the eandidatea had
been nhligatad .uni neelred Instrnctiona,
the union adjouned.
Unit punch  it the Hul..
.. . _  . „     i1'"-" l"l,,l|>  hnprovement was aoaaanlisb
llu-   ati.tnl  coin|s-lliii|i'„,       . '...|...si.
•■I    >>   lh...    tlM-    ,«,.,    |..„     ,,,„.    „„,     .fay.
*-IU|.Iolers   |o   gwr   t. ...li-   Ullloll.sis 1-11*1. I* I „M j_._^	
""■'■: no......... hi ownenhp.   Look  too
tl...     loI *. lll|.].*l lllllll    It.   ..   .1...llilll'   lllilll*    *    ,   ,,„   ,   ,               ,                             .     ' "-""■   I'"'.
.,!.      Il.sc,,.lv   tb.    le,-,. s..    >'nilln":''^'""'?'1       " "   •V-'""    N"
«.„ ht.o et .l.,,.,h„r ppliedl  ,„.,   I '"I'"'* ""■■'.-I   ... ,
.'i-i.i .ici.i..|.inei,i.  ii ,* naranelled In ih,-
-i|.r. me .....it i.u  .. III..II.1.IIHU. to uieient , I,,.,,,,     ,   ,. ,,     ...     ' '" ""
th. sr.itr.tion ,..,. fnm glring^Tr-C Z °    *    lh,"t ^k « *■
pm capita -i foreign trada.   No
" » "" «nploymenl to mend.,. ... ibai^* l(lt fM||(i ^^ |(     U|
trades union ... thc dU|mte then undei j -,,„.„,„„, >W|||w|    u (| {
raviau     Ih.i..   Dennlaton hid that  the I fI)|,|M(m,.h(   ,„   |hb
coudt had a perfect right to give -mh m  .,„,, „ „min„m.,„
narard t it thought HI ami dismissed tin
nn.i.nn. lln- d»-'i-i.in was appealed
sgainst, with tin* result that the full
fort ha- unanimously derided in favor
••I the Judgment. X-he following srieel >>m*
from thr opinions expreased b) the savetal
judges are Instructive aa Illustrating official Opinion n the Interpretation nt ihr
laa :
lu the eoune 'i bis Judgment th. rhfel
JttStiOS  {Hit l!"l"it   MoUt) -tiled that  li'Mi
unionists wars altogether outiade the a.t.
They had lieen excluded. A non-ni
vd workmsn hid nu status under ths
statute, The >i itute muat be obeyed,
bowevei i- ntrar) it mlghi Im* to whal
waa denied natural [usticc The stalun >.t
Indiviuusli nintht be changed ami thn
rigtits ui person MTactod, and then
no appeal i" an) other cant m New
Zealand. Then the disputes musl he u
reference i" "Induatrial malt*ra, "hi h
wm* dul) defined ■« the vtstucs.  The ■.
to i Mm  thai   ,rj|,
■■n *"i- .* man rich "
|OVI in
this under
"•»ih|  Ih*  the
cranio    und. r
Mi     I.n!..,  |„    Mk.H
»**     "«e   • an   imt
i ••iiniii Nation.
With rompvtftlva greed •». self^videnl
and OOnsplenoOS a- it i- ui a niiuinir imiii|<
trades unions an tha Immadiate nacasaitj
inr I'.niii.ittiMi: any injustioea which may
arise liriMi-a-ii capital ami labor, Trudr*
unions snehlas the tollcfu t" tmhl their
•iwu until private ownei-hlp i* supplanted
In public OWnerahip, When the lalti'i i«
.iti.iuiph-lii d   Iradr*. uni..nivil   wdl  l-•  -nn
11, d, <| b) popialimn,
\UniU  ..I   iIhi >tnl»r.
IdOndon, !>»*'     I*     Uith ntrivli. ■   t-. the
American rontrarts for bridges ahum trnw
hm- -i    tin-   I wand i  rafkuad,    Mi   Hairy
ifobnuton, il»* i.aniin-a-K.ini for I landa,
in a despatch lo the foreign office, de
■ i.m- - tin railroad officii* ware compaUed
in wild orders t.. America ■« nu t*.   the
liiiitmn ni "induatrial matters" seamed lo[Mrillsh inm. being unable t.i sunptj thru
ins honor i" Include every kind ol )«•--.>
hie dispute ihat could eriee betwt	
employer and his arorkman, The ait in
affect abolished "contract" -nol mtorcd
"status.' ihc onl) waj -i-i could l-e
rendered Inoperatlva waa i.y workm n n •■
'x i.it m: or nut Joining nuv nn .'.is. lor,
•i*. dad been nld, i hr statu! ui.l not
•lull   uith   iinaaaonlatad   workmen.   N".>
doubt tiw -t itor, in abolishing "contrai t
and   restortn-tf "stattta,*1 mishl  he a  inn
»ai to a statt "t things that existi
I.ue 'in- industrial  era,    ss   Maine antl
"iiui pn i-i- had pointed out.  Their pou
i-r ui tin Icgialsture wa- mffideni i" t\
i' i ■■  iu tin- i-t lor -t its     Tin- '»nl\  t|m -
t "ii   the   sppnl   COUrl    had   tO   delrtiniiie
wn* whether the «■ rds «.t thr a.t  wen
clear enough ta nhow that th" court -■■ -t
bit ration had the power claimed  t i   ll
In mib-flaum* u power w •- liven to Ihe
.milt   tn  deal   ..llll   tii''  StatUS nl  WOttUM n
Ilr was "t opinion thai having this p-mrt
the fjun hid r*'*-'" to d*wl*M ,,,',i ,,''',''
wants m re eonnbie inm*. The onhn
emnprin wh onisj bridgn imi h**i»ui"
tlM*- .md othti railing --till.   Tin- and
ut Imi   li.HiMi'-   oi   the   i.rluat    BMIpail)
td'i- 'on Ham Johnston, m pfaring odsn
mi final Uritain an the outcome <*t the
dinstrun enghiaenr .■**nk<** «hub ha«
done ««i inm 11 in tnpple this
i aianufactura.
QiSsa   nf
'  i   run. h     T|„.  ||,,h.
\a-h Urokan,
Wednemla) nfghi PVireman VVebstei <•.
the i bntra iStsi was the riatlm "• .1 -■ -
vtrt soddenl in which 'im* rarTcred 1
bryken ha U*- was Inapacting thr amrh
in one of tiir stopf-v when a ndden fall
'.: rock pinned him to tin* ground, nrl
when   he   wa-   irha-.d   i!   t..i-   l"i|ii.|   that
)n*< right leg was fractured.
Improvements at   Miners'  Hall.
-Carpenters commenced work yaataiilay
t.t prepen ihe wallft uf Minera' Union
Hail for the reception of the hot at
pipes lo mu Horn tin*   baaamanl to the
llp|M*l   hall.     A  tew da\-  will mt the  |>i]n*i
mi pi and the openings dosed.   In tbe
meantime ihr furnace arill In- inatalled
and the connections made, ao that h) thr
New Veer the hall wll be equipped with
nil  lip t.i date hretillg -i-li'iii.
Tbe Only Transfer or Kxpreee
Company in Roesland tint will
Deliver your Trunks for 2."> ots.
.•Hell     Three dsys storaae free.
Okpicr: 2
Queen Cigar Store,    i
Tm.RriioNK jg. *_
Wall ♦
rdem T
ling,   f
Whntr-H v nnd ReUil
Paint*, on-. Vaml.-tht-B.  lu.i-hr-a
Finish and Palntrra' Suppllr*.   Orderp
taken for Paperhanglng and Decorai
Oflicr and
nsiK-k. jsc<
Ksprrna Co.
I gterei I»anlr'*ft Cllan-tle^ll, j
Columtila Avr uml' r Dominion t
.o.'» Office.   Telephone No. is..   T
\V . -li.t, .I.n St.
Jshn   Hsyse,   rroprieter.
am   1111  D.Llcac.ss op Tin Ssasof.
eh..-1.11.1. Tree   ...    Agnew'i   (li n
loeded wilh Xmai presents for Iheii
pat.oi... who an cordially Invited t-> call
•■..I,   \| i..t    ..n.i ^.i    your   presents
>.,hi t 1 1 ui- has Rometlilng for Ihem loo
Agaew h ('.*.. tbe leading North Ku*l
(  ■    I'..... I.       ll.C   Il.lla.
Hot and Cold Lunches
Tlie I'lice lo u.t Ihe ll    l Meal in SleCity
l*i  in|.i Seivice.
I Mealr tb Gents snd Up.
sa^-t *aaaaa»aaa>>a>a>a»»»ai
I ormrrlv I... I l .1 h.n.a.
t.l'1 I   Mill.   AVE.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
f*lRS. Ll nORB. I'*ui-alilore...
e VfV*%*V%% ■«-*V%*V%^%^%^V%%^^^**V%^%/%^%%*V%1
S.1H9IHM ? QV31S10H
HnoA Ana
Thos. Embletoini,
The West I.e Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the miner
- - Wants to Esit - -
i  I'l.niii 'iiu Hub.
Fancy and Staple Groeeries and Provisions at Lowest |
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.       I
**9t**9**9**t****9*********tt*****t**tt**^**+t+** *
***44444***********4*44*4**********+* *+*************,
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKKTS-Roialand, Trail, Nelaon, Ymir, Kailo, Rsndon, |
New Denver, Silverton, Gsacsde Oity, Qraad Korki, lire.-nwood,
Phoenix, Midwsy, Csmp McKioney, Revelitoke,
Ferguaon mul Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Roaaland Branch.
*+++++++1***************** 4++++++++<
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There Is no mystery about the
circulation of ,
I ndustr ial World
Average Weekly Circulation for October
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C., that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing advertisers thc  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thr World's advertising columns are liber-
llyp atroni/ed by all of Rossland's successful
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I Ho   -...m.     |» •■ u ,-.
Improved W. & W., $47.!
Do not fall tn Agent-* for
-..   u«. before W. If w .
yon bay. Ifaimnnd.
New Home  *n.\
Suppllca for Sal*.       I^-bi. -i..
Taylor & AlcQuarric]
•ii iy
8 Directf rom New York. W
■W    . .
The Largest, Nobbiest and
Finest Selection of
ii Up-to-Date Shirts and Ties i
m     r >*.
4, Kver Showa In RosNland. fa
1"-     --.------A.*-—   —  »|
Fancy Toilet Artlclei. .Ilrrom. Pn«ifer
Itoie-i, irianlcure  .Vt*.   Atnmlfrra.
and many olher com hi nations af
iisrltilnraa and  he-mil*
Kugcr A .(lalltt. Crown, Pina-d.
Vloltt. Taylor and Sctly In bulk
or fancy bottle* and boxes.
#ajr**lhi-u« aplendtd place
at which to dn your holiday
.chopping.   Come In.
Columbia  Aie.
f SATURDAY   December 22, 1900
Away From Rubeon.
lhe Nelaon LAborara1 Protective Union
Imn unt lettere to eastern Trades Coun*
Olle Mlttng tht'iii In warn stunt' workers
-nml laborefS to itay away from here, iw
they have a Winnipeg oontraattor endeav«
oring to get work (lune ul Winnipeg aiul
eastern prieeH.  The communication reads";
"Our  want's    are -$.'1.25 a <lay of nine
houn lor rock dHUen uml $:\ per day of
nine houn tor muckan ioc general laborers
on rink work, also $2.fi0 per day ol nine
houn wr pMi and ehovelmen, lie (the
contractor) i*- at preaenl paying 11,7-0 par
day  ami    that   ll a  wa^e  tliat  does not
Hict't tin- requirements •*■! the laboren in
thm vicinity owing to conditions, every
tiling being io liiitli in prion oompaisd
•with a place Kke Winnipeg or |il.u***s fur-
ttfer seat,   Apart  irom thii tin- country
ih  practically over inn  with  Idle men, *u
vim see In- object  in  Importing men i«
tmpuj i   n\ cheap labor,   Wr have *rood
o-oii to believe thai ho will ny to w«i
..ii  horn Htonawall district,   where in*
.1- * g.mg .ii praaent, ao wt are told."
In compliance with   ton   request  the
cauncUi have   taken itepi   tn place the
facts before men wlm may be Induced to
accept offers -i work at that point,
Shut  Down for the Ilolidpys.
The mines under the control sit' the \\.
A. C will be dosed down Monday for the
holidays, ami will remain irle until Thun*
Now is your chance. Kverything in
wutclusf clocks and jewelry at a sacrifice.
liiist Lecture,
Prof, Alexander   delivered his lecture
entitled     "LoVtj     OOUrUlltp   inaria«e   and
divorce," Friday night for the lust time.
The most fragrant and coolest
plug smoking tobacco used in
Canada to-day is
Cull .uul consult tree ul oblige. Ot. J.
(i. Clircs, M.ei.iiiii* optiolan. lie tits
glanaa hy lataal aolantlflo niethuils. A
complete   hue   ut'    ipeetarlei   un»l   eye
It hisses.
Klct tii.n
.I Officer, hy tha It'
ionic lioilic*.
■stand Mu
'l'he annual.election of officera ol Corin*
! tl  Lodge, No, •.•:. A. K. 4 A. It., which
Itook piece on thi ml t., it the Mu
-..ii.. Temple, in tin. eity, resulted us lol*
lou*:     VV,   Mo  -I.  Mllluiil  rllllc;   s.   \V.,
!n.aii.ii.i K. K.ii*:   .1   \v'., John Dunlopi
| treasurer, .lohn  Kirkup; tyler, .1.   Bole.
Then will I... installed jointly uith   the
newly elected offlcen. ol  Fidelity  Lodgei
N*o. ii.'. ..I   Trail, mi the Festival oi   si
John's tin!, the _th »i December, by ihe
ii in*, grnwn !.. .1 Iniii* .m.1   prosperous l(  .
M..! it* Miners' Union.
Movie Miners' l nion i* ,i very healthy
infant, ju t one venr ohl. It «.i- organiaed
wi-tl. ii membership oi 35 ... December ol
las) year, .iml t'toni tint small Iwginning
| It is big value for the money and gives
» as pleasant a smoke as a man can want.
Union Printing |
Special facilities lor producing the
beit Printing for Trades Union* and
Secret Societies. Engravings procured.
Seals and RnbtMr Stamps.
I W.   H.  JOINES |
If*     16 B. Clumbla Av., Kouluid. B.C.     Ip
.'SSfitrttrwSr*-t*t--er*»*mr*~4Vr*?**tr*' S,
♦ — I
^•t**..*^  ■    ■  *■**■*» ■!■.*■  si-**^ts-*.^ss..**t^w.'**^w*^»^._»^^.^^J
..i.ani/.iiittn .it *_>:«i memben,   and haa ..
good treasury.   Tha   memben   ....•   ..II
ii...I,... ... th.* eauae ol orgsniard labor,
and ihc prospect,   an* go .1  i.-i   m.**, .
Minen' I  No 71 becoming t the
itsninr unions a.| ih,* Kootenays The
memberahlp noa include, imcticall) ....i
working miner ... the camp,
Sou*   ,.   your chance,   Kverything   in
watches, clock, .m.i Jewell] al a neriflce.
•bslioli.1.1 -
Moy.c Miner.' Deans.
M  lie   Minn.    It    S,.   ;|   ,..,,,.    ,u
lii-t    iiiini.il   lull   but   t\ca|..i-.l..i   night,
Wi.lll,    llaaictl   ,,   dcilill-d    *||,,,,.      Mtuliv
JmII had been deeonled fnr il ision,
« ti. ii..* National ...hu-. th,  a rieaa
ii.*.*. I..mini*; ,t„i evergree. terwoven,
lavdaciag a trarj pkaaiag effect,   n. .*
'i.l. ... lh. hall «.,. knag the ih.iitu „f
Hie une u ni.elv .1.. ..ialc.1, ulnl,- „„ ||„.
«|.|».*ile ...le  «.„  a  .„,„|,. ,,t   |.„ L*.  .hot
.1* aad candle sticks.
\t I. o'clock »heu lhe llilll IB, ol   n.-|.
.•-.... ...nl -.-.ami iii.ii, I, ., .■„.,,„,, ,,„.„, „,,,
H....I.  i.i  l'ie-u.1,,11  ii   ||   Diaunock the
I.,,i was hikti mil, ., crowd numberiag
more iiia,, juu.
ibe watch, which «.t- rotsd t.. the
ne-i |o|.ui.i. yoaaglsd) pre  aai «o..
111    X|t«.   llll ay   A.111*.It-,1*.-
M    Kugc.il  l'*.).i.|l.
- prodaced   .1   the «i   Bamw*
K...I    Kt-.ltH   t     t. . 1 |„.
payroll lor November »«. ■*.., ttj*t% ae
ranting tat ih.* tqris lander. wbQe lie* o.v
|*l.-In. Hot,  iu. cm. tiy 2,(|,| 1..,,.,
deputj     grand    mester.    'I'll
brethren   ol    I'lilehl!    Lodge   w.ll   lie     111
gUSStS     aa|        |   till III      I....I.V    OH     III*     lll|
Tin* .mn..al clt-t 1..11 ..1 offlcen ot Rosslsnd chspter, No, I.*.'. II. I.'. A., I..-I.l iliis
u.....ih. resulted ... Follows: Principal /*
K. Ucoige A. M.iihell; Principal II.. .1
Mill-veil (Imi; Principsl .1., .1. Ilcniiir;
treasurer, vv. Dunn; s k. Keith la h > |
■- N . N. .ulli t. Tttiiii-eiitl. I-. .- . Dnnald
H. Ken.
K\ t'tiiii|..mion K. K. t hipi...in. fraud
superiatendenl ol tin- district, nrriv.-d
n ni Kaslo yaaterday t«> Inspect Koaeland
cl.ipler.    ind .Hu.lc  Iii, official vi.lt  lust
lh,< annual election nl Ito-lind Com*
.....n.le.y X. :ts, Kiuiihts r.-ini.ljr. 1. *ul(c,l
a- loUws: K c, Qenrge A ilitcbelli
(oil-.. Ia*.* t asuiils.; ii.,1.1, M.A lin-cn;
(ressun-r. .1. S. (lute: Kglatiar, Wm.
Ilirp; siil. nuir-hil, K-'h lackey.
*tr&S4>***444t4*9*99*9*<i<+&$+ «*S*-->>frS>-»-*fr3Kfr»S^'^^
dent, Vinjinim (Sly Nevada; JWses
alabatr, sesrsas^-trsssunr, Batts, lbs-
Room 13, Owslsy blosk. Bieeelive
tsas ,1-. (I. JJox 307, hmouimrtmm.
Board: Join I*. WHIissss, Una* Talk-,
Idaho; Jamm B. Varey, Bulte, 14am
tens; VV. N. Burns, Ouray, Ouhv-rada;
Urns. U. Mover, LmsI Istr,
itakots; Ukria lol.j, Kwh.il,
DlbTHlCT UNION NO. «, W. F. 11—
.lames      Wilkei,      preiidenl,    Nelios;
.liinei   Devine,   vec-preidest,   Roeilwsi;
Aifrid Pirr, lecrotirytrfciurer, Yair.
RtaiHANlUi' UNION NO. M, W. T.
II Meets every _-*ridsy iveiiing in
Kent.v'« 11-ill. II. (J. Cualmitr, taimiileM.
W. VV. Doty, M.TCtary.
I .   . Union-Made
[**** ■S>«s^^•a«>^»*««S-^!^<5s$^t»Js5sS^*
! Just Arrived ..
Unit ( 1.1.*t io.ki.nl in 1 .«*..   The Hul.
dura iod Cifin.    4
When you isk for a cigsr why don't
you inai.t on s good one ? Nine osset
oat of ten i.u will he offered 1 cheap,
scsb ni.i.le ci|ir unless ynu nunc the
kind wsnted. They sll cost you tho
ssms money, good or hsd. Now why nol
got a good one. Aak for the best Oowa
Otail ».• W B. You will 'h-n be an*
cro-if'ng s home ind-i.t-v, l,,o rinnl
et   this the neit time yon irk foi    "a
\ Grand Union \
- - Hotel - -
irUTntRflRtaD IIKOS.. llro..
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
P. «. BOX B03
Speclsl nitenllon Given to Mall e*lrder*
Stunden Printing 6o.     { TO V Q
PRINTERS, RULERS, BINDERS, BLHNK |        1      V   J      J        _Tj
134 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B.
This Finest ot Wines, Lioiiori sn.l
Domestic an.l Imported Cigsri.
Finely Furnished Rooma.    ,,
Spokane Fails & wo.
Nelson &. Ft Sheppard Ry.
Ben ptuiili Railway.
j Tba only ill nil route kstweea aa
poinU es.t, vw. snd south to KosskiM,
.Nelson sod ill istirmedists po'Sts- ma-
necting st Bpoksns with Us *tr*e*
Northern, Nortbsra PimIc sad O. k_
* N   Co.
j    ConoeeU st Nelson with  itrsmen Isr
; Ksslo snd sll Kootsnsy like  points.
Connecta  st  llyer's  filli  with  amte
\ daily   for   Republic,    sad    connects  s(
I Uossburg  with    itsge   dsiiy for Unad
Forks snd Greenwood.
linnet i.e Oct. U, 1W».
Leave. l~» frala,          irrii-e.
|.' ."*... m Bpokaal.          7:10 f**a.
11:40 i.m. Rns-land.            li a. p m
9:30 s. m. Melsoa.             1:00 p.m.
* Vt.-ht   Irsis.
i.   10:4.5 p. is. ^.kane.            7:M s. sa.
1   11:0". p. in. i;..* :.., ,i             7:90 s. m.
*\       Inw. class sleits-rs un ight .run.
♦ •eueril I',-...,. ,   .  . nt
J UP. HKOWN, Afcnt.
X\ Rowliwl. B.C.
.i i —_*__^.^.^
I! Canadian Pacific
I ,i.t .It*. Mleepera   sn All   Train.  FVom
Bsvaunon and kootknay liw
•niUKlSl  CAIU4
^...f.a-;......; . ;■; . -. -, ......;-,-}♦»»,'
X   in«    Dunmere   Jon«l«-n    daily   Inm.   A.
<$   I 'aui. Msturdsyi for Moolresl snd lloaass.
$ I Monday, and    Tlsmlays   toe     loeoals.
(tasime     «...     \, nw     k*T..'«i..i..   dim   Wy
Linton Bros.
»%%%%»%%%%%%%^%%%%%% WWWWWWWWW*aVWWt
S.lnr 1h.iiI.iiiI ».,i,u,.. M a -..mlii,* j|
Sholirld -.
Al.-i.e Tbabermen l..iu. j.
Nut's I.. Mine S-aierintendente
When yon in In need cf s romp, tent
engineer,   Ida.ksmiih.    piprman   or   ma'
sh.nl.i,   Uie  Medinnio.'   Ininn   -sill   l-e
ii.uk llsgetty. . t„„lH-nnan it lie si.  t4raM<S to  furnUi you cmieient  men.
1 ■■• '■'• tell ....   .. .... l.i-i  llmr-l-iy Mid   Addrea, W. W. D tv, Seetelsry.
-ni l... It* quit, badly.   II. i, n..» ,u tu.- 	
j    Arrivnl-rsr <-f 1901 wall psper. Daniels I
—~"—*  ' * Ch.mlers, neit to Kmi-ey'i.
vi. don'l sin. j .1 iur. worth ..t -t.sk
lulu  the ii.-i ui Jaanaiy.   K. K. sho
fl .*!■      I, u.l. ,
. in i   Mnn i-    I mon   ll.lt.
(In. i. the *o.«...   of    tin    in,  uh, ti
'•-!   Ii.itillnl  aisiilH. slid lalmr otgam-
iAlr ...  u.u-  a   l«|  lull.    Yn...     .Mine..'
I In..... i. tnal  ..i nil Mi.n.l its et.t, r or-
Uiniralion.  .and   will  give s  dime  ... \t
ntnlnes.ll.veve.iins.   \\ imlsdils' ot.
11» 'II furnish ........
Kmpev's l»r clmhing.
|    II O shirts lor Mc   st
Kmp.jr'1 f.r el*thing.
itolatead   snd |
f-*» *■%.■•-■%%■%.   .%•%.<*.%.-S.-%*-e*»
Khs i.«... Protested.
|      .he .|.,I...|| ol   Medals,  l^ille rill.l  Pl.,,1.
,| **i.-.    ii •■-    i*.i   ll.e   li*........*H boaaa
Kir..in v,ii..na. h.,a been |a6leated hi tl.e
. I        ' lis.
I Paulson
I Bros.
\\. .Inul m mi a i|..l|..r. H.ulli ... itocfc
illtil    1*..    hi*.!   ..I   .||MIMI>.      r.     B    S*h<*
twh\, Jcwrkr.
,Nn..inn.. m»h  VVoriran Onfnl_*n).
Hm litilr uiy ni Vi imi nm pomrnn
rim  hetofTi   «n»l it*- ptvdod mnmi m
-BOMpttiUoil uith Iiii- nthrr flMtoHM on*
tht OOOl .vl.««li -cni|.)..-,..| etlWp rhinene
ItboTa    To    ili*-liiiKin«li   },**  |>MHhi<t   (mm
Ihr    ChiMM    lll.nl''    ihOM    Km*      rmpt   \r*
W* * lanntrrA 1i*-t Wttk nil" i li'.Mt.hnf
tM I1**"! nnt] Mm. Woril-ff*1 l nkm ni
\m-iTK.i. thr ofpui-bntioa indndlai ■
ini|>ln\,- ot the l,nt ?>. nw\ it- |>p>i|iift«i
Will  -*m*t thr nrti.ni   a|,in(|».    )t    i*  now
bit i*»r i In* *>ii"r dtslcni "f 11
r.-himlt'*! 10 tiol only -Irdl in union lUBip
imi uni' n rtamp *=h<i -   ti i-ii- in
itnii«h   i "luniiti.i.   Then I* "" '
v h> Hu- -li"iil'l imt W dOMf a*. Ihr
in -nut i' tin- i- rhfffl 1li.it lln>r pluJllel i-«
nn  gnml    ia  Ihr  |. -t     Uid   HO  Im-  -mi|i|  flt
i»rif*t-«« t m|iii  with th*.' product pro
«liii nl   ni   BMll mi   i *i 1"! il ~.
Cleaned Currants i
Seeded Raisins {
Valencia Raisins j;
Assorted Peels
Everything for the
\ Christmas Pudding.
I  llllllltS
l>..|*. i . Inr rlothisg.
Paulson Bros.
Wholesale and
Retail Orocers.
A large stock of thc following articles, which are
especially suitable for Xmas and New Year
presents, on hand:
Men's Fnncy Shoes |and Slippers,
Fancy Suspenders aud Handkerchiefs,
Silk Lined Gloves and Fancy Hosiery,
White Drcsn and Colored Shirts,
Fancy Neckties and Collars,
Fancy Underwear aud Sweaters,
Hats and Overcoats,
Ready-Made Clothing,
Trunks and Valises.
L nton Bros.
No. ".il Onliimhis Avenue.
A   I't'lMIH
lov ynnr tlsstcrn Hip m to ew " >i yosr
I ticket i.->.ts vis
Traim Depart—
8:00 For Nelson. Ksslo, t«n.le. (Irasd
| na Sun.   I * ri ■   (ire.nw.xi.1, Midway, .►.
1- '•'   For  Nrlmn, Ssmlnn ind Mosm
Da.lv      i-ai* t«.    Kr-elitoke.   Main   lase
Neit Hniite for sll l*i»lern poinla.
lor hm, i.iltlr.. rail, ami all mlorms-
tion, eaii nn nt addnsi ... u.»i tnssl
sgsnl. or
A.   d.   McKensie,  City  Agent.
A. C.   II.Aulnar    l>- :*.   Asrwl.
!•■••...   i •:
W . T. An.lerw.n, K. J. C-jrle.
X. P. A., v   (.   I-   A .
Melsoa.  M.il. Vinenuver.  lit
t I —m.mm.m.mmm—.m.mmm.m.mmM.mm — Amlmlmia
- ewe,f,,.,,,e?,,f.ff... ar*
Porcelain Baths
| Brldgford & Herring,
.*, Columbia Ave , nr.. In t.at.....lr*.
None Better.    Solid Veatibuiad
Trains,    P.I-cr   Dining   and
Observation Cars  Meala
a La  Carte
Dirisl r.iniir. lim il SI Paul,
rhinge ol depot, with ill kr-uos tie
Uiirigo, loronto, Montreil, New turn
snd ill points west sod south.
tloee ...ui.t--.un cut ud west l-»ia
(lain.   It    .-*;• k«i„*    wth    Ira.n.   of     IS.
bpoksu  tail. 4 Northern Ksilway.
Leaves tipokaaa dsly for Mast at.M
Las—i Spoksas -daily l.r WssS 7 _
Wart  bouad   tiaias miks  dirsel  •—s-
Sr.lW   l.irnl.hr.l   r....m.   in ,.,nnr.ll,.n   If        i    nection    lor     VMIons,     VucnuvST,    Pelt*
"in. hoi.,, 'UdiJ| gu pnachn sad all pmaai sa
I* M I I 1.--..N A Co.,   1-r.ap...  « ..hin,Inn si    the Sound.
During tbs ssason ol nsvtgsnmt M,ws
bound trains aonnart it Duluth wiM.
the inais ti- nt itesmaaipi North Wert
and    Northlaad,    si     the    Narthsaa
"* - -■" —      -^rtrz.Bro'r,°^„™s
The Collins.
I nrnl.tia. thr ll-.i  lirand. ol
I Winks, Liquors asd Cigars
Labor Union Directory,
Oftowi snd Meetings.
Special Values in Men's Suits
As we arc going out of this branch of our Inisiness
for the present.    We offer you good goods al
popular prices.
Our -t..r, will be open every week night during the
holidays. He nunrantcc -*nti**rm.timi nr refund your
money at
Meals every  second  snd   fourth   nr*
j    dsy   in   sack    month  st  7:30 p.m.  in      jf„r   (urth<T   infonnstio.,,   msps.   Nil*
M  TO.?^ ",'_-'•,-   '_.MU"?' <-• ***• spply 9* sny sgent ol ibs   ***
Union   Hall.    C.   Mokslm,    Hsc.;     A. k„,   Kalb  k   Northern   Ks.lwsy,   kssls
|    rsms,   Irss. k fgoca,  .uiilwsy,  hontensy  Kaulvsy k
CARPKNTKI1S * .10INKRR'   UNION- NsvigsUnn  (tom|*aoy.  or  to
Meets  every   Friday of esch  week   st
Miners'   Uaion     Hsll.
Prank     llnlshaw,
7:30   p.m.    in
A.   Perns,    I'n
HINFH.Y    I'Mll.N     No.    ».     Westers
Pederslion     el    Miners—Meets    every
Wednesdsy evening st 7:30 o'clock  ia
Miner"'   t'niis   Hall.   Frank   Woo.W I",
.Sicie'S'y:   Wn.  d'llrieu.   l'r . I    t
Meets   on   tbe   but   Monday    ol    each
n.-.iiA  at  tha  Miners'   t'ninn   llnll    ,1
P. llsrkdoll, See.; W. Poale, Pres.
No.   .'o"   Mart,   the   hrst    ind    third:
'in-*.-!.,  ot  eieh mnntii it 9 p.m. la
lle.ttr'.   Hsll.    P.  O.   Box 114.     W
McLeod,   Prei.;   J.   Klomsn,  8ec.
Kxecutive Roard:    E. O.  Kriier,    Rna-
Iii..I:  W. Dividwn, San.lnn; If, Kane,
(Ireenwrmil; If. II. I hm. k Movie.
PAIN'IKRS'   UNION,   No.   40,   I'.miep. ObeervsOoa (lira,
t.  I.  WHITNEY,
tteoml    Vamratet   aiul    I iikrt
Agent, St   Pirt,   u.—
H.   A.   JACKSON.
Comarreial   Agenl, llv«kaae,   Hart.
Tne Fasl Line.
Bafirt  and   Hert.
Holid   \wt,u*.*i    Irains.     Uertne
laihted.     Kqsippsd   wUI.
*a*t4**y*mrt*W 4b*A*rW***r*A***nX9A**m *%%%%%% -%,%^V%^%*-.-.
snd Deeorstora of Anuria—-Meet.
He.it'v'i Hall On leeosd ind (...-•>,
lua-*l.r Wednesdsy of each month.
W. b. Janrrhy, pree.; Ueo. W. fOunn,
NT.WHROY8* UNION No. »-Mecto la
Miners' Union 11.11 on the first ind
third flstnrdnrs nt esch month, st I
s.m. Mike tlaydotti, Pres.; Jsy llsr
ton. Sec.
—Meets second Sun.lav in eieh month.
J.  n.   Fletcher,  eeeretiry.
—IMwsrd Boyee, prsiident, Butte, Mnn*
Uni;   Jnkn   F.  McDnanell,    vicapreai*
Pullmaa   Pilaee Can,
rJaj.nl   Dining   tin.
Modern   Dsy   Ooanlfta,
I'nnrirt   RlrvfSag   Cars.
Ihrosgh  trtken  u  all  pobrts rt   Hm
t'nited  Htitee aad Unada.
•Kirrpe   Pimdsy.        TtW  em   Wrtfna
NORTB   COAffT   taJMlTfm.
M. W.  BIYf,
An >. M.  Ry, Rosalind,  Vol.
4.  W   1111,1.
rienrrsl  Aganl, 't.rt.   Wrtft.
Aat. Oaa.  t>—   •»»-«.
SATURDAY   December 22, 1900
\ World of Labor;
Only Oyster Cocktail in town—The Hub.
A newepaper futures it out tlmt the increase -ci wagea in the hard coal region
ol ePnnaylvenia amounta to iH,20(i,t)i*u «
year, while tin* incrciise iu the prioa ul
coal, due to the advance of 50 cents a tun,
further enriche. the barona to the extent
ui *27,000,OUO. So the coal litiroii- .in*
nearly U8,0UO,OO0 m pocket ut the end of
the game,
An interesting l.ut abown by thi (<■■
portl ut l^ilmr CoiiiHii-sioner Wright, te*
iv..!ly issued, vn liie -ulijict of labor*
saving muni.in...v is the enormous reduction ill the cost ol  various km.I* i.i iiiiiiiu*
tact iiriii*** articles. The labor coat nl muk*
mu lim pans oi men's cheap boota winch
nas formerly $*<>8 is nnw 93b, a reiluctioii
of a riitiu ui 1J lol. The lal.or cost ot'
Hm pounds of sewing cotton, which was
formerly SXtl.Ha, is now said to be only
11.89, or u ratio ui tu tu 1.
The Chicago Federation ol 1-aW . con*
4iucting u campaign in lavor of municipal
ownenhip oi tin* street railway ui that
laiiwrence  (Mn--.)   carpenters were out
on r strike recently and now bave adopted
s 00-Operativa system und are bidding
against lluu* ..id cmployeri >.ii the con-
l'he Centra] I -abor Union ol Macon,
(i.i., ..a* sturtetl a movement to supply
tht* funiilies oi tin* union wsge -*i' Dell *i
that city uml their fnenda with cheap
union-mined .....I. which «.ii i„* buught
in carload i.-t**-
Alnl.uiiia miners bave had then* wagei
cut 2 1*2 per cent, ami the chances .ue
tlmt ,. big strike will ."in..
Two thousand vest maker* tu New York
City have won tneir strike Iur higher
wegaa -slid u leU'iiour tliy.
lhe rctuil clerks ni $ao Frami-m have
* cured -_.*m memben in i Ih- -m*. i un
Their membership is now utarly l.otw.
Two ilii.ii-.iinl worker, have lus-u laid
oil at the t-rumps sliij, yartl. The in in re*
;u-cs  to eiiioitt*  (be   national  r.*:.it hour
law, ami the trouble .* in the aatua •-: ..
Bmploycu ol the Psnnsylvaali railruad,
after January 1, IWU. will Is- given tha
j.rivdrgv ol pfiruig on halt pay al I'ne
site ol "0 years and over, in sound health,
but if crippled in tl.e Mrvico in cmpl..>iv
may retire nt OS veins. Hen-alter im lii.iu
will he employed whu is uver 33 yoii.
ut  age.
'l'he nrgsnlaad miners ol Knglau.l number nearly hall u million, and at preeaal
an agitiitinn is un to levy nu aaaeeamenl
..I ..ne shilling per ineinls-r lu ..... I.l,- thein
to send Tti inenilK-.s nf the lalwr i»rty
into parlininent, .m.l to provide for then
while th. re, as the memben uf <.u|i.iui< nt
ic.tin. no |iay. IT..* praaldenl >i the min
ers s|s.ke ui faun* oi the plan al the last
At the annual rnnvenlion nt lhe Inter*
national   Wood   Carvers'   mofllltllMI     s
l"i.ti..ii to .Hingress aai )'t,|*u,*l suit*
*.*. -I.hi.- lhe allotment uf 3.00(1.0(1) aire- -I
hi...I by the k-.vcn.iiieHi to artisan, win.
hnve been forced fn.m employ incut
through the iiitro.luctutn of lals.r--.mim
inventions. 'Pie piopoeeil nici-uie ... litem*
plates  the   pans-liu*.   uf      the    land     llllo
small   hnlilin*..   sml   Inerel.y   e nraaiiiia
the ilciTlopnient id nin*ictillure.
The   IU..I   anil   Shoe  Woik.I*.'   National
Union I...- secured tl..* ..-- <>t Ita anion
stamp in tin. tu.. manufacturing .--t.ii--
llshments, ,. gain ol nine -  Augu-i I.
an.i twenty B-re -*....* May I. Nut a sin-
gle -trikc oc. tuned ill any uf rhc-M- getab
h.l.in.nis In the peal two months, a result which can he fairly a-,.lilstl In the
trie...lly relntions between cinpioyer. nn.l
men by tbe nee ol the *i.in.p, a-nl t'ue
irbltntion <.f any dispntea thai may ar.se
shicli the u.e of the stump implies.
The San   1'ian.t*... .'ft- icnikers' -tnk.-
s.ipplic.i ,. i.«-*.iiai ii--.-aa.il in ih.. woanaeaa
..i   workingmen'i organiaations when  -1
-. iil.tl  ill aim- alt'l  pur|    IVo a-* t 'a
lioni of ihoe woriten onl then tried to
control iu.ut.-t* by engiging In qnarral,
between Ihcinaalvca, ami while tl... waa
..t it* aaigbl *t lana maBttfactm-iBg Bra
ill."Ilk-Ill    ll    11   |f mil   lillle   laa   COl    U-Uta*-     '11..*
l.i*.iii'lii the tti.ik,*i- nil*. ..ilr ..lira.../..t......
.....I  tluv   ii iged  a   Iml lli- so  warm  thit
tin*  .'•.i.ii.li-liinciil   .mitt   .iirienlt-...I.
*     The Chicago building tndei tisl.i la
"I  II  o... ..ml  It   .*  |troli.il>h*  ihat   the men*
siili* w.ll Is* materially itwnglhened in a
few il.ti*. a*  the  "tltilil.tl 1..I1*..'' ale talk
mu nt w.ilkmv out   ('ia*'iit* between ea-
toll   men  null   seal.- nre ot   fl.s|uenl   .M.u.
ten... it.*.,*, appear t>> is- .1- detenaiaed
... ever t.. diarnpl tl,.* It. T. C. 'flu- wo.h|
workers'   strike   i*   nlso   in  ptegraH  nnd
being Utterly fought.
i...*i week ilu* in. mU't* ol iba Mactrleal
\\'..rk»'r-' union ot Warn. T»*v.*. stunk
fnr n ladoolion 111 hour, ami an increnate
In pal .'Ilie strike '. rim Ic tin* e,, hantie
it.rls anil the linemen in the employ of the j
.-M.iithvvc-teru Tehyrjipi. company, ns nreUI
ns   lbo*r   of  Ihe   Independent   Telepiione i
a..11.pany. Tl... Beatrice] Supply company
...i.ttiieii ti.,. demands ol Iha moo and
they returned to work.
The strike of the elH|i]oyci, of thr Can
». linn -American sir.;. I railroad at Kingston, *l.un.111 a. 1* *.*rt,.ii*. The scrvi. r is
nliuo-t   al   .1   standstill.   A   few cars   ire
running under police protection, ..n.l n
■trong police force has been railed out
to iiuard the wanks from maaltt
I,  Hitler   Slailri.ler.     *iit*l.nv     ..I      Haa
Taii.at.'o Worker*' Union. Hamilton, inya
(imt nil the employe, ..( the 1_sket<
lobaooo factory are union nam, and tlmt
Ins union is m a very proeperona condl
Hot punch at the Hub.
At Agnew A Ooi'a you will timl a clinks*
lot uf tinny and plain biscuit., nuts, cun
dies, jams and jellies.
Uul punch at tlu- Hub.
Notice is hereby given   t'nnt  in virtue
of the Act of thu Dominion  Parliament,
03 und 84 Victoria, unaptar 103 aaa Ohi|>-
ter 104, Ua* Hani.* of The inrchiiiU.' Uml.
ol II..1U..* will lie dunged to
from and ifter tlie BMOQd ilny ot January,
1901. K. L. PKAMK,
Ueneral  Manuiu-r.
llulihii, l-t November  ltWO.
Of the Iiiilepeiiilent later Pally of British Columbia.
1. Free eornpulsory education.
2. I a>*al irorking day of eight houn..
II.   (j'ajverniiK-nt inspection of all uulua-
4. Abolition of contrict * -■*-... on ill
public work,.
a.    Put.Ho ownership of ..II fianchuKS.
6. Prohibition of Astnlic immigration,
•nd the i-cgiilatiiiii .4 all iuunigratiou by
an rd.k'..i.oiial test as to immigrant's lit
ik, mil id.* al.ilili'iii oi all s|s*cial in
diieements an.l privilcgea to foreign immigrants to settle in the Dominion.
7. Abolition of cluld labor under 12.
g. Abolition of the 0250 de|s»it n-
inn*.*i by ill ciiidtiUtiH fur the Duuiinion
.„.,,.. cniwfy|*fnif
t. Compulsory iKstration of ill labor
U). Prohibition of prison Ubor in competition with free lilsw.
II. All oiiwUon diys to bi nude pub-
lie bulidays.
American Federation of Libor Plittorm.
1. Compuliory educition.
2. Direct legiilition, through the initiative ind referendum.
3. A legil work diy of not mon thin
eight hours.
4. Sanitiry inspection of workshop,
mine nnd home.
8. l.isbiiity of employen lor injury
to heiltb, body or lite.
0. Tbe ibolition of tha contract lyitem
in all public worki.
7. Tbe ibolition of the sweating aye-
| 8. The municipal ownership of street
can, wsterworks, gii and electric pilots
for the public distribution of light, belt
snd i*.«.*r
9. The nstionillution of the telt-gni h.
telephone, ra.lroidi ind mine.
10. The ibolition of the monopoly eye-
tem ol lin.t holding and mbititution
th.-r.-ior a title of occupancy and un only.
11. Krpesl of eonipirscy ind penil
liwi llleetlng seamen ind other workmen incorporaled in thc federal snd state
lews of the United Stetea.
13. Tbs abolition ol the monopoly
privileges of iuumg money ind lubstitut-
ing thervfor a ayitem of duect iwuance
to and by the people.
Papers   Ihit  Should   He   Head.
We would be plened to hive everybody tea.l the loduitml World, but i
you feel diipowd to uo eo, ws wint yoi
to raid wm. other good iocut.it paper.
Usn is s liit you cin choose Irom with
tbs certainly *w getting -*melhing good:
Appeal to Reason, liirard, Kansss.
Fmdom,   fiquihly,   Wish.
Social Democratic Herald, 1*0 Wash-
ingtoo street, Chicago, j-i.
Coming Notion, ituiun, Were Co., Oa.
(la.. Struggle, San .-ranciico, Oil, 117
Turk itreet.
Social   Ooapel,  South  Jameiporl,  NY.
The Farmcri  Review, .lonhim, Teaaa.
Co-operelor, Burlry,   nun.
Living Iisues, Sill uke City, Utah,
02 12 T... h.t.li itreet.
Cntic. ll.rh Hill. Mo.
The People'! re.-. Al'iiny. Oragnn.
Ihe Haverhill Sor.il Democrat. 23
VV, h.n.t-n street,  Hit-null, Mim.
The Toiler, Tern llsule, Ind.
Ihe Social Forum, i.oom 341 I mt)
Building, ('Imago, HI.
Light or Truth, 30iMI North Front
.tret. Columbus,, Ohio.
The Altruist, 2711 r.anklin sveoui, St.
Louis, Mo.
Nitlonal New Era,  -i.r   -rfirla, Okie.
Tbs Psopls's Piper, Mnto Bsrbsrs,
l'he Eigl* nighl, Qroanip. Ky.
Nebraska Socialise. 1315-17 Cbingo
street, Omsha, Neb.
Only Oyster Cuektuil in luuii   Tin- Hull.
HiitKAi  or pitiiviNciAi, mnn.
In toiler thlt the Cn-wnnienl miv he
is p<»se,**.<»n of .lehn.te iHloimaiiitn wit',,
which lo supply th.we sei-king inrestmeuts
in tl... prvv.mc, I am in.lructrd lo invit*
inrtuulais liuin those who have it...|s*i tins
for Hie, an.l aim ...ay feel .l.-| o*a**l tn
loraaM suc'n |t..rti. ul.r- i„ thi. olbcc lor
tbe purpose in question.
la view ot the piupuad early reoig.n*
./•tinn of Ibe Agent Uennl'a Office in
Isindn.i, Kngland. the de...ability of hiring on Uie i list nt Mrmi ind other properties for sale, *aith lull and accurate •),*
tills, u obvious. I'ro.-antie. lllbmitt, *l
miy incldde firm, ind t..... lands. ... I.i-
triil or commerciil cnnreriis, tittitier limits,
water powers, or miner enterprises itl.ird*
ing np|st.iiiiiit!.*a for legitimse invest men!
It is not ;tvt!|Miaed to recnnim'nd piop-
srties to intending investoii but to iltafd
Ihs fullest iceen In the clissified hita
■nd ill avmlihl information cnnnerie.1
therewith, nn.l to pi,re entpiirer, in torn*
niiiiii. -t!inn wilh I'ne owners,
lln? Inllrst particulars ire requited, nnt
only of the pntts-rtie. themselves, but of
the In. nlil.es in whim Ihey are sitiuUeii
• nil the cond.lions alleluia them. For
this plirpitse |ttltltrd sotietlulr. will, Upon
applimtion. Is- forwirded lo t'no.e df«r
on, of making isles.
R. K. OOSNKI,!,.
Secretary,   Bureau uf  Provincial  Inlonnn
Will Be Given By
Annual!   **^oss*an<* Miners' Union No. 38
W. F. of M
On Monday, December 31, 1900.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Secoud near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
..Electric Laundry..
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.        4*
T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor, i
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Pricks  Moderate.
Kg Cliff filing Parlor
ItlSSeS  WOODS a  SMYTH, Proprletomiei
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
OataaaMs Aveaee, w..i.   Ne.r tic city Hit
W. G. Merrywether, Prop.ig
: Rossland Hotel
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
|Msk.« ■>, .dallyal
CalamMl  S'a.ua
• Jerry Speliman, Proprietor
# Cor. Spokane and Columbia Ave.
The Miners' Magazine,
Music Hall.
A.   kl l.i k   I INN,
Attn,*emcitl n.n.ier
riu.lc.1 Director
         FOR WEEK OF MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1900.
First Production ol th. Three   Act   Mu.lcal   S.tlr.,   written lor Holiday Week bv
Pearl and Ca.aldy entitled
Or Amen Johnson. lnlroducln( Ihe lullo-a tnf new company In Ihe cast:
Venita, Myrtle Vane, Lelilh Hyatt, Pearl Ward, Cad. Franks,
Thatcher & Chenoweth, Geo. Williamson, Miller
Bacon, Pearl & Cassidy and others.
       The Hot Sl.itlnK Company ever In British Clumbla.
New Years   /.inn's Chicago Burlesque Co
G.W. ricBride j
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,       j
Ranges, Etc., Etc.      I
;■ ,;'
Price $1.00 per Year.
Published by the W. r. M., Deaver, Col.
5ubs<rlptlona Received at Ihe ollke ot Ihe Industrial World, or at
Tbe iHlue ..( tbe Secretary ol Rosalrad niaera' Uaioa.
cuiusai. SVS„
O. M. FOX <£ CO.   * *
A nwx-mmoto AB*Q*r*mt*T OP r**ncr AOODI Itw
s.ni.ii.i.- for iVim.ncni.il nml UeeJtal Chriatmaa Preaenta ..i Moal  ReaeonaUa
Pllcaa aod «l.u I. >ou art* lonlially Invilnl lo Impact.    Don'l Fi.il lo
Baa Oar Selection It.-iore Making Your Purchases.
Our I'rn-vs An- K.i-lii
0. M. FOX & CO.  c'""k"
(iROCl RS.
near nm m wtt
105-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND, B. C.
V. & N. Telephone No. 00
Dress and Blouse
2; .m-h .laranrai- Silks .Wc a vird
.•.'inih Ksii.t III*...... Silks 9Bo a yird
.*.*in.li l-i-au dp tHwnp S.lki "Se a yard
'.M.u. I, (i.loml Taflila S.Iks II.00 s yard
21 .n.h Kannr llrnitalinp Silki 11*2*5 » yard
'.'I inti Ksn.v llnsli-. Silks 92M a yard
.'I null Moiir and Stripe Silks *2"b a yard
W. B.
Your   Photographers        mm
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
We carry a large line of
at Eastern List Prices.
Gent's Furntshinjj* Department.
New Clothing
All-Wool Serge end Wonted suits in
.Saw lllue, lilat-k snd Mixed, 110.00 to
Ijj.00. All-Wool Tweed suit., nobby
patterns, 115.00 to 120.00. (iood Knockabout Tweed raits, 15.00 to 110.80. All-
Wool l-ii.t.. |2.50 to 11.50. Working
1'aaU, 11 UO to |3.00.
New Overcoats
la WUposrd iVgeda, Meltons and
llrivcr.,  110.50,  |12 60,   111 00, $10.00.
Men'i Kibbed Cotton, fee iuit 11.00. S\VLV*lttM'S
Men'i llil.laril Wool, per nnt 11.00.
Men'i llrarv Wool, per suit 1150.
Man's Tsa and Striped, per suit 12.50.
WOO. Man's Wool Fleeced, per rait,
Shoes, Shoes.
We art selling mn'i shoes below east.
Men'i Split laealbsr Shoes, |1 to t*iT-,
Men'e (Ir.unisl Uaatker Shoes, «I .SO. |1.M
$1.75. Men's Drain.*.I Nailed bfaoss,
12.00, 12.60. Msn's Oil Utained Nailed
Shoei, 1300. Mas Walking SWas,
Irom 11.00 uy. _.j
Hats, Hats.
Mens I'rl.ir 1  llata, |1.50 to H80. Men's
Cuari,, list", n.08 to $3.50.   Men's Sbtl
i    IUN,  |2.00  to U .10.      ..l.Uon'i   Mils,
$500.     All itylss. g   , _i
Men's Nsvy Klue, 75c. te 18.00. Men's
Ksncy Mned, 11.00 te I2.B0. Men •
S.1I Colore, Faaar Oollaia sad Wri**
' 2.M to 1300. . I
I-vl si .su • .nd Bo., nllttl. Ro«*j;ovcrall« ind
Jumper, il call.
•- -LH V1DH
Thl Wghiilia, nrw Mialfhl front  Corsn  ii  the  idnl ol   the  correctly
-**-**** w*mu        .a'la a« I.l ,u... a.-     a   •
In Agnew'l Grocery, loaded with Christmas
Presents for their patrons, who are cordially
invited to call early Monday and get your
presents. Bring along your habies. Santa
Clans has something for them too.
The   Lending   Norll-   End   Ot-occr-a,


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