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Industrial World Oct 27, 1900

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Vol. 2, No. *6.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kiuds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
See Our New
Fall Stock of,
I Ad tea' and
The Rett Oradea at
Popular Price*____.
W.F. McNeill
«-*-$-«-'«-*--**v*e-?-..--- •■• •*•■•*•  •
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
Get thrir J'r*rw 1 tptioru Hilled
by the
III Rosslaind Drug
: Com pany :
A Full Line of Hverythlng In Our Une.
Give Us s Call.
K.*- * 1   I vi.   list 1. CO.. R   i:  SIKHS... Mgr.
Columbls Ave., ...at to Don Tod.
>    it******,********- ■»■»■»>■»■»■»■»■»' '
**>*>*•*- *******9******909******99*±r*\***r9**A99************>••*-****■*.
"My advice to workingmen is this : If you want power in this country ; if you want to
make yourself felt; if you do not want your children to wait long years before they live
the bread on the table they ought to have, the opportunities iu life they ought 'o have ; if
you do not want to wait yourselves, write on your banner so that every political trimmer
canjread it, 'We never forget.' \{ you launch the arrow of sarcasm at labor, we never
forget; if there is a division in Congress, aud you throw your vote in the wrong scale we
never forget. You may go down on your knees and say, 'I am sorry I did the act,' and we
will say, 'It will avail you in heaven, but on this side of the grave, nkvf.r.'."—Phillips.    _^
Should Call at Committee  lloouis.
.Ul elector.* interested in the candidacy
of Chris Foley arc requested to call al llu*
committee ruouiB of thc Independent
I.u...1 1'urty. There is much practical
work to be done yet and it ia necessary
lhal every mini slioulil do hia part.
, ,   _-*$-*"*!«-*->K:*i-e--H-.'-.- r ; j-•••-;-;-! •
The Strand j|
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
-r*nrr~*»i a iiimmii g exortrtnrro nnnw I»I»-r
II time for
It is now the time ol year when the
weather is uncertain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
against colds and wear suitable footwear. We have just thc article you
want.   Prices are always right.
A Fine Une ol the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
ino Parlor
niSSES  WOODS a  s.tlllll, Proprlttora.ses
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
Columbia. Avenue, West.    Nesr Ibe City 11*11
Thc Candidate a Tour.
This week Ihc IniTepcndcnt I—bor Parly
candidate,  Chris Foley,  Miner,  haa  beeu
...... p. llgning    in    East   Kootenay.     .Next
week it il probable that he will go north
and carry the fight into the enemy's
Date   Uf    I.I-. l:.-ll
It tums out that the information on
which the World baaed ita prediction that
the election would not be held in Yale-
Cariboo until November 21st, waa correct.
During the returning officers visit to
Kossland hr informed us that the date
would be fixed as near the 21st as po.
•Secretary Mt-laaac of Whitewater,
writes in a must encouraging strain.
There is little opposition to the l.alt. r
Party in thit camp. The candidate -
Baathu] there was u great sticrc, th»-
largi-st ever hei dthere and it unanimous-
ly endorsed the candidacy of the l*abor
.I.fi-ph Brandon writea that, in Silver-
ton Foley will have a large majority ..t
all the votes in that camp.
Another letter trom Silverton says
"Foley is the man ol the hour." Criticism
of him. his sp,,<l. here and hia party is
conspicuous by its absence.
AU Over.
There are several good worker* in Vernon Who are making every effort to poll
a good vote for thr I-abor candidate.
Windermere in Kast Kootenay is being
looked after, while it U believed that
l'cterboro will give a good account of itself.
(iolden, with its railroad ami saw mill
men will do its duty, whUe report! from
Field go to show thit thc railway vote
there will lie solid lor Foley.
Kitchen Requistes,
Wc do not mean Furniture or Tinware but good
pure Groceries such as wc supply daily to
housekeepers in the city making them good
natured and happy. Our prices are within
the reach of every working man.
12-4 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
a*ii*-fi**iarrr i*mm*ii  ♦•*•♦♦*■»•>>>«>>■»•■>••*.*.*»»
The Diffence
... Between.
the old time stage and the modern railway train
is no greater than that which exists between
the Ready-to-wear Clothing of 15 years ago
and the Stylish Uy-to-Date Garments that are
being shown for the season of 1900-1001. Don't
overlook our stock when you purchase for you
might miss a good thing.
SUITS $7 to $22,50
ULTSERS TOP hnd COATS   -    $8,50 to $25
flosslaim Bonanza Gam piininij and:
milling Co.. Limitea
( Ns. Pirsonsl Liability )
CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each.i
Treasury Rhskrvk, 600,000 Shares.
All Promoters' Stock 1400,000 Shares] is Pooled
President, S. W. MALL.SupetlnUnl.nl Iron Mssk rune
Vice-President, JOHN PIT* WILLIAn, Porsmsn Wsr Hag I. snd C.ntre Slsr nines
Treaaaeer, a vv. martlbv. n.rch.ai • swrei.ry. m. w. c. jackson ,
tnrect.rs':   S. J. Br.Ho. miner: E. J. B.ll<iur, rnsatrr mechsnlc Wsr Bsgl< snd
Cntr. »Ur rtln«s . J. 3. Clute. Hamster sod Sollclt.r.
,M.n.glng lllreclor. 3. W. MALL.
The Bonanza Mine.
three  and   a   half  mile,  from
on th. main  uul from Ross*
The company owns the llunanxa No. 3
a liill*si*»*d mineral claim, im St.  Ihoina.
The claim is traversed by several ledges
of free milling gold ore. On the central
or discovery ledge a tunnel has heen
driven 8fty leet, in ore all the way, which
has an average value ol |15 per ton.   'lh.
Of the 600,000 shares in tlie treaatiry, thc
directors have l«en autbonted to aell 100, |
40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c.
At the first shareholders' meeting held on October
18, those present subscribed for 22,000 shares at
3 cents, leaving out of the first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
For .harts or minimal. ... spply lo sny director, to any broker or lo lh. Secretary.
In,e, which w at a depth ol thirty-live leet
shows nearly two let ol %.'i ore.
A force of miner. wUI be put to work
in thia tunnel on Monday wilh thc in
tention of continuing it riaht through tin
claim (UK) feet), a. by this means lh.
ledge will be explored and tonnage de
veloped most rapidly. Kvery two leet ol
itrifting will add at Icait one foot ol
1000 aharcs as follows:
P.O. Bo. .'.«
H. W. C. Jackson!
Rooms 5 snd 0
O. Black.
The Retail Clerks" Association is pledged to -iipi mi F'olcy. The Miners' Union
is all (ight and thr Carpenters' I nion i-
solid. No other candidate haa a ghost ot
a show to carry tireenwood.
In Victoria.
The two present members, Colonel
Prior and 0. Faille, are tho, nominee, ol
mc Conservatives. Victoria has never returned a Liberal since ll wa. created a
...nsiiicuncy, but it is very prubabl. thit
this election will prove an exception. It.
L. In.ut, one time provincial organiser
for lhe l.ib.r.1 party, a uiinitwr ol a
trades union and ifiili strung labor sym-
psllllcs,    has    la. n    pUtsl    in    liuliullatl.-tl
by the Liberals, llu will receive aupport
from Ibe labor union, and thc prospect,
.re good for bis election, probably delisting i np.ml Prior.
"Prospects improving here every day,'
writea Frank Craig.
Slocan City.
Thc secretary of the labor committee
at Slocan City, J. A. Foley, write, th.l
the Labor candidate will poll a birge ma)
ority over both the old candidate* in that
city and district. Foley's meeting there
was a great success.
Secretary Parr, Ymir, stale, that Foley
sentiment is growing in that ramp and
there i. little doubt at this writing tint
the Labor man will receive a msjnnit -t
the voti* cist in kmir.
New Wcatm.uatar.
Fiom Nelson.
Waller Kcc. scviclary ol tbe Srlim
Foley comniitlcc, writes lhal everything
u all right iu lhal city and Utat In pn-
peels lor Foley larrying lb. city with a
good majority arc considerably bvltcr.
fcverybody is working hard.
W. L. Ilaglcr. solidary ..I Ihe HendOB
Miners' Union, wntee thai the niaera m
that camp ale becoming U>>'le lad un.ic
cuuiuscd and lhal many OBladl UN
ranaa of labor aie becunung Intelanted
and that they will vole for tbe labor candidate.
The KinilM-rh-y BM respondent reports
that "Foley will poll six vol«a here and
in tlm district lo one lor cither ol the
other candidate.."
"Foley will (Kill a large vote here. The
whole lloundary ia for bim," wnle. the
I'huenix   eccrcury.
A llul Tunc m Moyic.
Candidal. Foley spuk. to one ol th.
largeat audiences ever gathered in Muyie
Tue-d.y night. Th. large cruvd wm
wildly enthusiastic. ladwrw., miu-r.
and business m.u, one and all ate .n bn«
for thc Labor candidate.   Moyie is lol.d.
Will Ma.< lam. the Hocuhst candidate
in New Westminster dwtncl will raonve
I big vote Berne Lab-mis and a lew
Conservative. ,1.. l.r.* Ihat hia vote will
h. .. big an ruber ol lh. oUier two calf
li.l.ii.**, i.l.'A.in.ii Ih-ttdiiet. i,*i,.,'ii.i
tue, and  Anl, >   Motrwon, Liberal.
.-iv  tear, .go there wm a serioua split
>i  the CuuscTvative party  .li   Vancouver
ami  many Time, voted for Be*, ticorge
Maxwell, the lint candidate,   lie wm relumed by a small  majority.    This    year
the t unservalives    are  united  and   h.vo
chnscn ex Mayor Harden aa their standard
bearer.    He is at   prcee.it  a  nii-tntier ol
the  pi..tut. nl legislature, ami his record
.lining the last session shows thai ha I.
not at all friendly tu latsir, vutiug against
• Iiii..*. ctety un-asute lavored by Ih. or-
tfatiiralitttt* ul his home city.   l-sUn  meu
.*-ii*;.|eiii|   thcmsolva too weak  1.. elc. I
a  ......)..Uii   of Iheir own, and the idea
ui lemming Harden wm not lo be loler-
.1.-1 Iur a nmnicut. Cnnsequi nil) a liuum
a... die.ted with thc Liberals, and Mr.
Max* ell   -aw.  nil......iwted.    ilia election
ia a i inch, lie is not, aim lly speaking, a
Ubor man, but his i-rcord un labor legisla*
'.nm is -.trial il.*ns- belter Umi. Ihat
ul hu. itppumnt.
A title inr Ualliber .* * t..te tot
A vote fur  Ma. N. .11 is
|.-lisle   ttlt ng
a vote lo |wi-a
In thia ounstitucticy llu-rc appears t" b.
a serious spbl where thfic -sliould be h.r
mony. Ralph bmith is » candidale l..r
the commons and i« r~.cv.ng the support
of the labor people and one factum nl lhe
Liberals. The IsJauoe ol the Liberal*.
l...a.l.*.l by W. W. II* Mclnius, once .
good labor man, are .upporting the can*
diilaiy ll N't* Slnan. who mule a iurtun.   0f nrgmiisrd labur and il
Why Wnrkingmen Minuld V ..te fur Koley
The following ia fr.-m the laib-.r eohinin
in thc Nelson Tribune:
Wnrkingmen a attention i. called to the
I.. ..« ingtenrcaaoi « why they nhuuld vole
Iur Foley:
1. Ileiautae he is a workingman hinwell
and li lh..roughly acquainted with tha
...   '- of bia lellow worker.
.' Ilecause be ie not pledged to cither
of thc old partie. and will Ih- entirely
Irie to let for the I- uel.l til In. i.-ii-
3. Recuse there are already in parliament loo many lawy.i. Iur lhe cuoalry'e
4. ll. cauee the w olhrr of the country
rea|uim hsaefic.aa Irgislalion lor lh.
nis. ses and not lov tne assses.
6. Ilecause he will slrniunu-Uy nppoM all
9. llrcans. h. dul aot *>'.*k the office,
but th. office -FUght him.
7. Iteniisr w^(e earner", tb. l.arkliono
of (Ti. coanVy, ought to be mure fully
represented in parliament.
H. Ilecause he » thoroughlr capable ol
defending and promoliag the cause ol organized Isbor.
».  Uwaiise many ol the privilege,    you
now  enjoy are Ihc remit* of the actum
neep-wary to
the  Klmiitike    and  is now trying    lo   hlve , properly tpiablird icpn-rtativc In
break int.. pari...mini    Howl v. r. it ."imt   support  and  extend  Ihnn
Itcltcted   that    any   pmsihlc   ...inbiiiitmn      |g    |tw,u^  you   have the  msjontf ol
nan be mnde whet. I.y i-nulli mil I *   T(rt„, al))|   if  united are  bound   t" en. •
fealcd. d-d.	
Auction   Wallaces, this afternoon and'     Amlmn.   WriU.es.  lln* altern  aial
it.-t.ing. J
SATURDAY   October 27,  190(
The Industrial World
y   Beinl-weckly   Edition.
Published at the Miner'i Union HaJI,
Ho-aalaml, in the interest of organized
labor   in   ilrituh   Columbia.
Bltend at the Roasland, li. O., poit-
ollioe   lor   Iniiisiitiita.ni   ihhrough   the
l maila, Nuvembcr, lHlW, aa racixmd-elass
reading matter.
IA.   0.  Thompson,   Hditor  and  Manager.
Office  at  Miner's   Union   Hall.
l'uyiil.ii* Invariably in Advance.
One year      H 00
bn   month!          1 2*
(three  month!          73
Addreu all communication! to the In-
da.ln.il World, Poatollice llox 55S,
lio_.li.iiil,   11.  C.
The Industrial World      for sale at thc
followng   news   depo   .
Simpson'!  Newi   .naml.
II.  S.  Wallace'! Stationery  Store.
(     lainton  Bros.
P.   0.   Newi   Stand.
llarr'i  Cigar   Store.
Canada  Hook  k   Drug Store.
Mciiae   Urns.
King 4 Co.
tiecrctari-s of all uniona are authorised to receive lutneriptioai (or Uie
Lhave a big lend in Bait Kootenifl Slocan,
I Nelson  and   Rosslaud   division!.    It    re-
i mains to lie seen If nne of the other can*
* iiiilutes can poll a luffloiently l**ge vote
.tu \ulc inul Noithciist Kootenay to over*
Iconic  that   lead.   -\t   present  this    sec.ns
very  tlniil.ti.il,   uml   inilioiitioiis   point   to
the triumphant election ol the independent candidate
A vote lor QallUwr i»
a vole for Mac-
A vote for MucNeill is
petit.He   wrong.
a vote to per.
II. W. 0, Jackson, of the Rnssl.ind
Liberal push, on his return irom a try,,
to Nelson thi* week, declared that th*
iciiuipnigii ml going exactly aa thu Liberals wished it. It .o, the I.u eral* uiu.-t
wanl l0 sec Foley elected, for lhal ia llic
way   the c..utp.tigu is going jusl nnw.
lu voting im Kiiiet iiu* worken ut this
district tull uul I.e rating tor a "Fiicnd
ol Labor," which bulb old party eniiili
dales claim to be. Foley i* not a "Inend"
limply, lie u one ut the workcra. lie
uas a  uuuni cant in hi* (tucket.
I'nion men should purchase irom our
advertisers. They appreciate the World
and are your friends.
The uiiei. -I* ul thc isruicr., if.,   uuu
en,    the   ...... haute   .ud   Uie capil«iu4>
lm.   .li  been  .....**..le.c.i  by  Mr.  Foley,
tue Independent candidate, and he ia dc<
tcruiit.-d lo d.al justly by all section* ul
the oonunanity.  II.» p*-t tccuid i- a *....
guaratilcc lhal the mlcicsl- ul the whole
people  will  bi   atlci.tl.sl    lu l>>   clcliug
Inm   lo  the  Dumiuiou    (.stn.it..lit.     llc
auii.l*  lur  .Sinai    tigbla lu all,    a|*t-iial
liittucgcs lu nunc, and au sclu.. inlclli
gcni   advueacy of  tne  great  naluial  re*
aourvca ol thu country-
it  clist.il be will be entirely indcpsn
-dciil ul the iwu great panics iu  Ouuiiti
.uu |-u.iti.a and jel been un .u.h l.i.n-iit
Icruia mill cavil lhal he -a ill be able  lu
approach  ihu   Ica.lcis and lay the  .... i*
ol  thu ......litum.)    lacim.   thrm  in
Uiaiii.cr Ibal will Ik- iwvived by I lac in as
coming tn.ui oaa who u nul au u|.|iunrut
or aappettei "l e.thei parly, bul wi...
wid gt.c a cntdial support lo lue-aMUV.
btuught lurw.id by .ny party in tlie in
tcirst*. Ol  Ihc  |>coplc.
I't.i.sidei  Inlcy «n hu menu.
Ills  li.-id  .- tlawlcaa.
it." |*erwual chancier   u   abut,
lie is *.u I.until, Iciuu mil. liulh poll
tical paii«c.
A* a public *|icak. i aad doUlM Iw Iim
liM aqaala.
II. rafneed lo • Mahler in cfler ol a
guteinu.ci.t     |sisiti.m   al    a    big    aalaty
I.. «..ik ui thc innf-t- "i Hm- people.
Ills n--lil.li.i- is light ill the iiidu-lnal
fcr.il -.1 ll.e i«.ii*|.i-i<... i He knoa-a ita
Heels and on and wi'l make luni-cll lelt
in parllaaiaBl
ll ilc lid he will i. piiwrul not ..uiy hi*
uwti i.iit.titu.it.t. Lul lhe whuie ••! lhe
orgaui'd lal-.i -d I an*.I. •>« «.ll, and
Ilia inHilcll.e will theielute lu- *.
loan any ..th.-r ie|*n*srnt.l.»e that coald
be rlnl.l
I ■ J. Dcanc is Inivclliug all over the
province at the expense of tlie Douiiuiuii,
ost.iiHil.ly securing data to present to the
cominiHsKiii which will sit ahtirlly. The
World hu. kept clute cu.es nu Mr. Dt-auc-
in his travel-. Su far il has nut learned
uf his taking much interest in the Chinese ijiicstiuti, but luu- learned nf Ins talking politioa a great deal uud canvassing
for te Lilitrul candidate* from Nelion to
\iii i   und at aim..st every placi between.
I|e Me nsiiiNii
Having ohanged band! is now opened
up under now management and in the luture will be run in tirst class style.
The tables will be furnished with the
best that money can buy, (everything iu
Having bad a long cxiH-rience with some
of thc best dining services in the Dominion, we feel confident of being able
to serve the public of Kossland second to
none.    A call solicited.
KINCHLER & CO., Props.
Columbia Avenue, next tu Emtley Bros.
The Ladies' Store.
1 announce a Great  Dlacount nn I .ad In*'
and Children's Underwear and Huclery,
DrcM (luodi ami  Dreia Trimming*.
Stamped (loud a, Plhhunn and Luces.
til*, i" mea call and >uu ulli find Prices
Way Down.
Mrs. M   Heard
piiners, Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman ]loiise
I'.KOKI'.K I'l'NK, Manager.
Wli.tle.iilcaiid Krtuil *
I'alnts. oil.., Varnishes.  Brushes, vv nil ♦ . .
t'lnlsh ami Painters' Supplies.   Orders T I ♦*
ink.at fur I'spcrtianglng an.l llrcurallng. ♦
Uflice nnd Sinn*:   Dnnie's ,t Cllili-li*e'B'     *•*
Block, j-. Columbli Ave under Oomlolon  +
It.ptiS. Clt   atUli.e.     Tllepllt.llC   SU.   IM.     ♦
****************, ■
The Only Transfer or Kxprees
Company in Kossland that will
Deliver your TrunkB for 88 cts.
each     Three days stnraue fren.
A Bhnt-Down of the Manufacturer*—1,000
Men  Involved.
A vole for liallihcr is
a vole lor Mac*
A vote for Mac.Neill is
prtuate wrong.
a vote to per-
Quebec, Oct. 25.—There il trouble on
again between the Quebec shoe maniilac-
turen and thc men. ll grow out ot the
refusal of a union man to work for weekly wages instead of piece work, ile wns
diacliarged and a non-union man engage.I.
A. a result ail the men in the lactory
went out. The m.i nut".i.-inter*' coimiiillct*
I.mr*. up*.:i decided to abut dowu until a
better undemanding ii obtained. About
tinitt factorial and a, thousand meu ai I
Mum.. Called Out.
Then  Will  lie No Wreck.
The Greenwood Miner inapeaking ol
the local lii.l.-pen.lrtit Labor Party organ
iiation, ha. thi. to My of the Greenwood
men: Tb. Independent Labor Party are
fortunate in thrir .election of olhcen.
With J. J. t'.ultield at the helm, thr In
d.-|s*ml. nt Labor luip will avoid tho-sc
rocka that have already wnckrd many
guod ves-cls of that clan.
.I.turnalt--.!.    Amenities.
The Nelson Tnbune now ileel.m it-
self lo be |-obtn-ally indc|n-ndetil. It ul
fen it. column, lo lints. Tones and
Ssi.h.t. able. llu. is a case, apparently, in which the Inliune. having tailed
in an etlort to be Ihr whole tiling, has deeded to he everything lluasland Miner.
\. Utttrcti Ihr ltd.une an.l the Itn-a*
Und Miner, thi. look, like a rase ol hone
and hone, snd lhe Inliune'. neat shake
Kossland Record.
Hcmrnibrr Ihe Label.       .
I limn men n«c il In them—I.e. to a«
»i*l   and  protect   nne another.     Ihu    is
•h.nsn in Ihe sl.-i-l.-i. of the 1 ....... lalx-l
to be ldsce.1 upon ine pmdiiit nl their
hand*. The lals-l t* the Sadie and certi*
In ate ol linnet mil, fair waic* and skill
ed wnrkn.cn. It i. nr.er f-.und nn ibodd]
good*. How ncrra.-wry it i*. Iherr(,.re.
lhal Ibe plva.brr* nf ulii.tni-m purine
what they pt..,b tkin'l l>e eoii.em with
any old Ihinc. Insi.t tt|tnn hating I nmn
label good, eveiywhen and u|»>n all or-
Montreal, Oct. 2b—The local mihoa
haa been called out to go to Yaileyhel.l
to aupprasi trouble among workingmen
on the new building! ot thc Montreal I lib*
ton company, who wont on itriko a few
diyi igo for an advance in wage*.
Au i-ti..11.
Wallace's,   tlii* afternoon anil
ftttharriptions lo the Rosaland Cooper
itive A-soeiatinn mav 1-e made to the
eM-Tetary-treaaurrr °f the new atnre.
corner nf Spokane street and First avenue. The aecetary will 1-e at hia office
In the new atnre all day and in thg
The program of the liiteiiiiii.ni.il l.ilmr
rnngnva at the Paris exposition contain!
the dates nt 30 meetings at whirl, p...!>•
lema of atrial rcniu.mics will In- di*. BM
cl. Another article descrils-s ll.e great
>inke nf the Austrian coal miner-, while
statistics an* given cnutciuiiiit labor d.<*
pules in Kngland in recent teat..
o.tick: *
Queen Cigar Store,    i
Tblbciionk 3*i. -4
4****************1******** 4***44***++****** *********
P. Burns & Co.;
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- *
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. *
RETAIL MARKETS-Roisland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kailo, Sandon, 3
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Olty, Grand Forki, tire-own...!, H
i.                       Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinnoy, Revelitoke, *
T                                         Ferguion and Vancouver. s
I  Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds J
i j
*                    WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch. <
*************** *+4++++++++*4 **** *++++++++++4 ■»♦■♦-♦-»■»■<>■♦
Is busy all day and ev- I
ery day making prompt I
delivery of '.
Good...   |
to wise people. Do you
bny here? If you have
uot been doing so here
are a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Germia, Breakfast Vood,
Self Rising Buchwhcat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
Election News
Don't you think ynu slniuld have a new suit for polling day. We are
clearing out our ready-made clothing at the following rtdudiooa: $17
suit! for if 1-, %12 suits luf fi; other lines al 9330  net suit.
Fine Underwear.
We have a lot of odd garment! which we place on our eonnten at the
following   slaughter   prices,   |s-r garment, to clear:    25c, 50c, 05c, 75o and 11.
nvci--.li.ftH   ?*.>.   reduced   to   $I-.'K>;   $1.50 reduced  to $1; $1,  reduced  to SOo.
Other lines 4 for $1, and 3 fur $1. See
Fine and Heavy Shoes.
$5.50 .li...* reduced lo $4.25, $0 shoe, reduced lo 93. Our special M
Ooodyoar reduced to **■'.>». Kangeroo $.1.50 to rlcr: only a few oau* left.
The licat  minen' shoe, on the market $3.50 to clear;
Splended Lines of men's
Heavy Digging Shoes.
Reduced to $1 per pair to clear quickly. Oood. sold im oaab.
We return your money if goods an not aa  we  npre— nt   them.
4#       A Good Heating Stove For Sale |      a£
*&"      Cheap, Today. **********      *^*
Y* **M-f ♦!♦■*>«>*)*♦♦♦ >*******************4
ii... Fresh Green Vegetables... f
Men's Underweai
A »..lc  Inr l.allib. I   *• a vile l-t   Ml
hcili. , aa.
,   a > i*  • . Mm v..i .*
pettiatc wiung.
t    I .!.     !..    |«l
l/a A|,   AMI   0BKBUI.
A vn|» fnr liallihcr i* a vote lor Mai-
A  inte f.tt  Ma< Nr.ll i« a vole lo per-
pduale wr.ng.
:., \i.. Ned
istuale wiong.
i. a »ete in per-
(0t li.lbher i* a  vote |..t   ||ai
In part wool and cotton.   Shirts"and drawers
The Regular Price Si5, S16 and $7 Ready-to-wear
Cl.itliiiij* all priced at Sio.
SRS&tfiSS Holstead & Wright.
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce-
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
ii 0. M. FOX & COMPANY,
< ■  100 Kilt Columbia Ave.
Telephone 45. ♦
■Ht .**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦
■ ■' S
........... .........
• .♦♦♦♦♦♦
A vole for Mai.Nr.ll ..
pru.tr .pug
a  ...te 1.. |h*i
We are looking lor thc man
who is looking for an mit'it
of Fall Furnishing Goods.
New Shirts, New Underwear, New Night Shirts,
New House Coats, besides
New Neckwear. We have
a fine display and you mi>*ht
to sec it soon. Big Bargains
for Pay Day.
M. J. OH_L\RN,
U "Ulli U AND PUKMStlliM
Mi*« I atnry Wilkin*, who ha* laeen
•pending her .utnmer holiday! wilh her
.1.1, r. Mr. NUrwian Ir.-**!. M I'u.i
•Ireet, returned In her home, l-c.alv ,J|o.
loin., a few >U.« a..*.    While lute    she
minrtai   inlrt*
Wbea the Labor Part*) pla.«
% ca111in.1i.' in ainalaalloa Hm- labeiai*
derlsiid   thai   It   aa*  nullni.tl  but   A to .
err...' 10 elrst Mae.Veill, end
that a role I •. Foley would be a ...te l-r  ^ „„„,(„,„,,, .h, murh" ,^trp|  |)rr
Mw.Ne.ll. N..«* the lab'es ar.- turned, ai.d   J.|,.,m,
ib*  l.ilsul end..lal.*    is   a.    ho|<ele««li I ___
tmlen I.y the labor .and.date Ih.t many       Mn   ,,fnn„,r n,  xhf M,nf>t,    , mnn
Uber.l, 11 .w d-claie that a rote dor U.I !-,,,,,„,,,,_-.„  ,  ttip lo ObUndo lu look
tiher is a vole for Mac.Neill, aad aa Ihey '
cannot   tolerate  the  idea of lhe elerti *n
ol the l.*onseivstive.  Ihey are flocking In
the Inlcy rtanl.il in sl.o.l-   Al thi* in '    The ,__,„, „f lhf> flnwliafl In I ,»r.
di.sl...n "I the turning l.de O-owl.-.! ve   ,Wm    -..,.1*, *tat«    that    Ihe new .|..te
lea.lers ate I—king ilum   Th.y ie ugnue   n,|| 1^ n|,n  „m|  [r„,r  fnf. |,„.,nr.. „n
Ihe f.it that  all thst is needed to make I thr- hr*l nf neil month.    .-Mock is l«-,ng
rolej-*  elect on  dotil.lv  sure  is  the    de-lqAotf&ed   for  iw-.t   hherallv.  and  there
Vpertan el thi Lii*rai',, no ,,„„,„ he _T. ,„„ ihp rn.
eandtdat.    |.,is-i.l. ,hoil| Ml Ihe.r dulv   ,,M  ,^,Tf t__  „„,,,,,„■
plainly  at  Ihll  in... anl  Ihat le defeat
JHacNeill ITolei  must lie elertcl
, after   his  valuable
that country.
The opportunity is now presented to the
public of buying the best and cheapest residence
lots ever placed on the market in Rossland. : : :
The Nelion .n.- Fort Sheppard Railway has just
completed its FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railua. Addition to the City of Rouland., and
it comprises the brightest, sunniest part, as well
as thc besl soil for lawn and garden purposes
within the present city limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing to secure a good home and a nice place
to build should sec these lots and get our terms
aiul prices before buying elsewhere.
The  Drer.ng   ll.rt.Mcr   rtimpanr    hai
polled a notice Ihat a cut nf from In la
Urp.,11.   (TOM ill ..        til** ■■■ b ID per tent in  «.|e. will take  place IB
encouraging lo the «.ipp..tler. of Mr.   mine nf it. department*   IMg will dint '
Molty. It il
Corner Third Ave.
and Washington St..
n.ir M. I Mouitiln pit...
now c-ncel.<l that he   will over 4,000 men, and 1 itnke ii imminent.
. -*s» -.•**»•*-.•*-. «■-*. --a -N>***l»i9«-W->«-«S«9«?tk***>«?a»« cscs
p. e*. mix acl*
irni'iirM". iw
Special nitcnlloa Glv.a lo Mall Order.
Stunden Printing -So.
BOOK  MINI I   lUTl l-l 1/-*.
in eolumbla Avenue
Roaaland, B. •*.'-
Thos, Embleton,!
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps X
vcM Ihing the Hlner
- Wants to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.
:*******t*****«*+*+****9*i***t**4**********ttt**4**' JATUEDAY     October 27, 1900
fc Rig Attendance—Growth of tho W. V,
M.—The Sick List.
As a result of the ai'v .Using given it
ind the notices p.- i.-.l -ading uttcutiou to
the fact that there wu* . Msiness ot importance to come in foi consideration,
Wedncadii ugb.fl meeting ivus a record
i irakcr, n, .s uttendane.. goes. .Not
a sent wua   > ...mi.   when   tin president
W. Ot Preiton, treasurer of tiie MinerB1
Union, who bus been very ill with fever
for flcvcral weeks is siiillcicntly recovered
as to be nlile lo work again going on
shift Sunday.
.lames Wilks, the well known secretary
of Nelson Miners' Union, und president
of tho District Association, IV. F, M.,
was in town Wednesday, conferring wit ti
rapped for order, and the whole meeting   the  local  executive  ol    lhe   Independent
proved u most interesting aud iuilruetive   Ijilior Tarty.    He returned to Uclson on
one. ,
Tho nick eomuiittco reported thu lol*
lowing brother! sick: Lurry AlcKelvt-y,
Frank Albo, Alfred Keuuaid, 11. Croft,
John Kcguicr, all wilh fever, save une,
Whn is sullcriug with uu injured foot.
i   .V coiiiiiiuiiic.itnm was rcccitcd Irom the
manufacturer! of the "Hoss ot the ltoud'
ovci.tlls. lulling attention lo the lact that
the product ul their luctory hears llic
label  of    the tiuiincnt   Wurkera'   Union,
ami that their pii'tuiy u union through*
out. t iiioti men were raquiated to t*
number  Una aud ask lor   "lloss ol thu
Bold." ,. _J
The semi •annual report ni the Western
l-islei.itmn ul Miner, wus read aud older-
«d hied. The report wus Oiled with g.....l
ileus fnr memben   ot   ihe looel uniona,
.hutting the liti.iii.iai coiiditinu .it U.u
led, ...nun, its receipts and expenditures.
Nut tl.e leait int.i.-iing was the |*ara
gr.ipu uf the report rcluliug tu the plug
re— mnde in organisation during the p.i-i
hall tear,    ll read-.:
'.-nice the List report then* h.i-* I"'u
a great deal uf activity ahuwii in organ./.*
Ing. uud wc uri* glad lo latum you that
10 new uniona liavc been added lu the
fcdrratiuti mice the Usl rc|iort."
Tho re|Hirt shows a tn»*t aatialsiiniy
laeraan ta ibl membership of all the
older uniona.
the next morning's train.
The I itl. - nre making great nrepara-
tinns for their pigaquiiadl bull to be
given in Miners' I'nion luill on liiillntcccn
night. There is no doubt the affair w.U
prove a great success. Ticket.* can lie secured al Spring's jewelry stun-, and Mm
lutt's drug  store.
A  v..tu fnr Qalllhcr is a lOta fur .MucNeill.
A  rota  fnr  Mm Ne
iu-tu.it.- wrong.
ill is a  rota In per*
Tl..- Typographical Union will mist tu
iiiiirimt  attei tu-nn
Don't forget lhe "Hu*s nf tbe Roi*." i-
a union overall.   It la aold ity tbe Uroa-
i cut   Dry Hoods cum|iany.
"Hilly"  S|.ellman and   Miss  Alice   Nor-
they Hen- married   at   tforthporl 'lues*
day. Their many friends an* nff.-ring
congratulations while "Hilly" is buying
the cigars.
so good a friend of the paper us one who
•subscribes for it nnd then anys it is ull
WTon-i. ,
It appears tlmt the last issue of thr.
World wuh of greut interest in tireenwood. The Trades Council of that place
ordered  125 extra copies of the issue.
Baptist Church.
Rev. W. T. Stackhouse will preach at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at
2:30. Young People's meeting Monday
evening at 89 o'clock. Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Miss
Jessie Quigley will  sing Sunady evening.
Wallace's,  this  afternoon   tn.l
Kitchen   Requisites.
Wc ilo nnl mean lurniture   or tinware,
but  good  pure grnceriea    each as we are
supplying   daily   tit   linuscliccpers   in     (lie
city,    milking    thcni      giiod-iuituicl    .uul
Our prices lire within the reach of every
working uiun.
Monism.  &  ltryentntt,
1'*! Kust Columbia avenue.
It is nnt too early to remind the dec
tors that a municipal election is not lar
away, llnuseliulders whn have nul icg.s
tcnsl ihonld rctm-iuhcr that tliev can
register only in N'evemlier. and that
.A new di-ign of billion ha. been made commencing next Thursday the legist rain.n ..lh.t- will be open and applications
cau be made.
A vote for I.all.h.r ia a vole lor Mac-
and can now be iurnislied by the -.etc
tut of thc federation.
The secretary of llio board of Iru.tn-s
wa. instructed tn let a contract lor the
installation of a furnace in tbe hall, and
to have the woik coium.-iu-.-d at ou.c.
Thc furnace and litting. will cost an even ,,_•.„,,., wro„g
live   hundred  dollar*. ___
Alter voting a goodly amount oi mm.cy __
lor sick bcnehti, th. muline business oi Phoenix c.tnp broke the ore shipping
Ihe inciting ww finished, .nd several ol mwJ ,„ „„.*„,, (■-,•„„,■„, olll, dm). |Ml
th. member, turned thctnsclvc. loo»e .n     *,„,. „*,,.,, l(K0 ,„,., of Qn -,,,, |ur t-c
A vote for MacNrill is a vole to per
made  tattling good    speechea on *cvcrol
questions ol inlerv.l to union men.
A vutc (ur l.all.ln i  u a vote for Mac-
Rirbaid  Hooper of the Miners'  I'limn.
Icit   fur Ins   ui.I home   in   lapahemtaf,
Mi. I. .   I haiaday, where he will  s|sii*i a
___. nitinth Ot ttttt reentering trom the died.
A vole lor Ma.Ncill ia a vote to per-'ol a hard siege of the liter,    lite World
peluate wrong. "dl >>■•.>   him  regularly twice a  week.
l\ bo 1*ails to I.ct the Magatinc T |lu>*   a   package    ol    Ss.it,   headache
—— ititadrr* and take   them   into the nunc
I*., sul. til tl linen uf the Miner.' I nmn Wlth    fmi     They  will    cure    head,.!,..
a.*!,.* tu have all subs.nbers wbo   hav. rMtfi vy powder imoke.    Price 25c at
tailed   lo  receive   lh.   Miners'   Maga-im ■    ,.   \|„lt,.„ .
n-guUily  notify him  al once,   and m>. -
that he wdl « thai .1 u m«ol.    lie j             _                    rf    ^^    ^^
la in mnpi of   a letter Irom tbe pub ^^ _..    _„   ^ ^ ^   ^
^V ?___■_•_? ***** ****-   *ilb you.   Tbey will euro headache .wns*
ed by powder smoke,   Price 25c al T. II.
Vou cannot get a olgnr in any bar in
the city iur less than 12 1-2 centa. Then
why not ask for a cigar thot ia worth
the muiicy; a Crown Umnt or W. U.
Crown    Grant     Cigari.     lllue
1-OK SAl.K-The building and fixtures
mi !>i>okano street known us Dan Iacalicy's
old place, inquire at .). C. Spellman'a.
Notice to Mine Superintendent I.
Vi hen you arc in need of a competent
engineer, i*l... kainith, pijieman or machinist, Ui. .Mccluinio.' Union will lie
ideased to furnish you competent men
A.i.ii. s. W. W. Doty, Secretary.
We Know
Of no other way to indorse our clothing than to put our name and trade mark
ei it. lfi jn-t ie if we mid "We war
rant thii garment to be all wool, eewrd
with silk, mide of better material!, and
In better ityle than you can get anywhere
else at thc mine ndice." Taylor k Mc-
I auiiifi I.t Turf t-lacttange.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
nits La riORB, Proprletor-sa.
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Prices  Moderate.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Makes ■ specialty of
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props.
The Collins.
I.mil alias the Ilr*. ;itt,mils ot
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Neatly  int iii.tit-ti I....III* In connection heated
with hot sir
1-M 11 k-si.N &  Co.,   Props.,  Washington  SI'
Linton Bros.
Labor U ion Directory.
Offioen and Meetings.
Alccts every second and fourth luea-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Miner.'
Union Hall. O. tjchalm, Bee.; A.
tenia,  Prea.
JMccts every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Minen* Union Hall.
A. Ferris, I'res.; Frank llrailshaw,
MINER6' UNION No. 38, Western
Federation of Miner*—Meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miners' Union Hall. Frank Wou.lH.de,
Secretary;   Wm.  O'ftrien,  Preaident.
Mecta on the last Sunday ot each
month at the Minera' Union llall. J
P.   llarkdoll. Sec; W. Foele, Pi—.
No. ».' Mil-is the tint and third
Tuesday ot each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty'i Hall. P. O. Box JU. W.'
Mcl.ei.il,   I'res.;   J.   KIonian.  Sec.
W. L. I'.—Meits every S.itiirdnt' evening at 8:30 o'tlcnk in Miner"** Union
llall. 1*. 0, Box 11. I. E. Gurry,
Sec.; J. 11. Shirred. Prea.
l-.'xecutive Board: E. 0. Fraaer, Roaaland; W. Davidson, Sandon; M. Kane,
tireenwood;   If.  II.  Dimock. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, Painter,
and Decoratoro of America—Meet, in
Heatty'i llnll on second and fourth
'Tuesday Wednesday of each month.
\V. b. Murphy, proa.; Geo. W. Si nun.
NEWSBOYS'  UNION   No.  3-Meeta  in
Miners    Union   Ball  on  the   tinrt  and j
third  Saturday*  of each month,  at 9 <
a.m.   Mike Guydottl, Prea.; Jay Bar- |
ton, Seo.
—Meets second Sunday in each month.
J. H. Fleidier, leerotary.
TOe Fast Line.
Safeet and Beat.
Solid   Vestibuled   Trains.    kleetrie
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Ohser.atjon  Can,
Pullman  Palace  Can,
rJegant  Dining Can,
Modern   Day   Voaebm,
Touriet   Bleeping   Can.
through   ticket, to all  poiata  ia   Iha
United Stat,., and Canada.
•Exce-pe  Sunday.       Try]  our  ~aa*trie
E.  W.  RUKK,
Agt. R. M. lly., Rouland, ITO.
j. w. mm
Oeneral Agent, Spokane,  WaA.
Gen.  Paa*.  Agent,
Portland,  Oregon?"*-'-
A.  D.
None Better.    Solid  Vestibuled
Traina,    Palace   Dining   and
Observation Cars.  Meals
a La  Carte.
Ladlei maekinto.hei it th-- New Stnn
from WiW up to 112. This ia mackintosh
weather, and you need one.
deal of trouble in Ihc Denier |h»Iu|iii*
ia gelling Ih. nuguiuc Mnl out. It wa.
found thai in -..me c*k* Ihe i»|"-r w»
thrown int.. the waste Uskcl in bundk.
by thc pualoBke |mi|>le instead ol start*
ing Ihem on then p.umc> to almoat evet)
put of Ihe earth whetc gold u mined.
\|..rr. « a.
A nice line of ladlei nuv-kinto-ho
M-50, .t the New Store.
a e
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
; Jerry Spellm.it-. Proprietor j
e *
a Cot. Spokane and Olumttii. Ave.          e
a e
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Ofl5ce &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
..Electric Laundry.. \
Direct connection at Ht. Paul, witleat
change of depot, with all traina nr
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Mew l.rk
and all pointa wait and aouth.
Clow conntction eaat aad wait boaM
traini   at   Spokane   wth   train,   of    lh.
WKKTKR.N FEDERATION OF MINF.RS, Spokane Fall. * North.™ Railway.
—Edward Boyce, pmident, Butte, Mon-1    i...,.,,  Spok__**,  daly   for   East   11*11
tana;   John   F.  McDonnell,    vice-prcei- a.m.
dent,  Virginia    (Sty    Nerada;    Jeraei)    l_ama  8pokaa.   daily  far   Weet 7-JI
Malier. •wretarvtreaiurer, Butte, Mon-1n—^
Una  ,P.  O.    Hox    807,    head-uarten,,    W-t   bouod   a-^ Bak#  dlMo|  e-_
1J,    Owiley    block.    Executive  n«Uon   lor   Victoria,   Vanoouver,   P.rt-
l..t..l,   San  FranciKo  aad  all  point*  .*
Hoard: John C. William!,   Cr»**   Valley.
Idaho; Jamei  11.  Furvy,    Butte, Mon-
i.ma; W. N. Burn!,   Ouray,   Colorado;
('has.   H.   Mayer,    Lead    Olty,    Booth
Dakota; Cbria Foley, Rouland, Britiih
.l.itne.      Wilkn,      president,     N.-'.»>n;
.lames   Devine,   vee-prndent,  Rowland;
Alfred   Parr,  eecretary*tr«*»unr,  Ymir.
M>-J!!A.-il(*g'   I'NION  NO.  M.  W.  F.
Al.—Meets  every    rriday    evening    in
lleatty's lln.ll. I), t'. (Viakley, piemtl.tii.
\\. \N. Doty, aecretary.
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundriei.
T- C-"*Jfer-^U -
I Union Printing?
I    For UNION PEOPLE    |
Oood Work.
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. GRAHAM. Proprietor.
Catpenlrt.' I nu n I'unhaM Ileal Estate.
M.-ml.y   the   I "at |«-nlero' I'nion   paid
ever the punl.'-sc pn.e ul   llu- let lying]
•n the wot  ride ut  lhe M.t.h  l.uilding '
en Nsond .tenoe.   ll.e |-arivl ul leal na I
Ut-     -I  the larv-rlitrrs ju.l II*!U1.  II  Is ,
Ibe uilrntiuo   ol    ta. union in lhe near
(uiun- I., rre.1 a Hne lhrr.sloi)  I.U'.i..***
blotk on ll.e M,  with .
room* on th* upper tloor
hall and lodge
Young Men's Institute.
The Young Men. Institute now ha.
oomtt.rlal.lc dub i.«.ni« over the "think,"
Columbia avenue. I Ins M .ety is a sncial,
educalional .n.l benrli.i.l uiganiralinii,
and U* m.*rolwr*hi n»w numlwi. OS. ll*
«lli. tsJ title is ll.a—l.n.l Ittumil No. tit,
Y. M. I. The Institute will give a dance
in Minn. I nmn bill un Ih. evening ui
h<..en.hrr litb.
t—in .nd  Cigar*.   *>
When yon a«k for . ci«r .why don't
yuu in.i.t nn . iphsI nne * Nine rtatM-f
out nf len vnq w.ll I* nfleretl a cheap,
eoab made eiiar nnles« ymi name Ibl
hind wanted. They all cost ynu th*
aame money, fund nr bad. Now why nol
get a »<wid nne. A* fnr the best Cmxil)
Glint r, Vi II. Vn.i wdl then '.. en
ceo if'ng i home indn: v. I01 ft nk
of    this the ne»t  lim* yuu I'k  f-t    "a
The Gem. Pacific
and New Windsor
Hotels, Grecuwood,
employ none hut
Union help around
their premises, while
the Armstrong and
Imperial Hotels DO
NOT employ Union _^
The Carpenters' Union.
I.**t night Ihe tirpentrr*" Union h.I.l
a m*>«l intcrn-ding and larxely attended
meeting. Ilu.iness ul the grealesl impnit
anec lo the enft in llossl.nd ws. ili«
enssed, *n lh* Wnrld is informed. The
olhVera report evetylhini going smoothly
wilh the knight* nf ll.e plane, and that
the enthusiasm in favor of the l-abnt
candidate Inr Ihe commons is temarlmble.
snd th.t th. members In a man will vote
tor tbeir fellow workman.
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rom* placer mining for a month or two
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company  is all right.    Inquire nl   II.  \\
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I for Glibber 1* a vote for .Mac*
A paper cannot live on praise alone. A
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then botrowa hii neighbor'! copy is not
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;; *************************
Porcelain Batlic
;; Brldgford & Herring, ;;
,,l*nl,.m1is At*    n.att • l.s|..!t.|a . ,
'< ************************   1 THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY    October 27
The World ia not r-wponsible for .tate-
aarnta or ... mi*'" . made or opinion! expressed by contributors tu Una column.
I fourth, ot the voter! are working men.
I itl inv what would you think if t'hria
t-'oley was to be a candidate in tJiis district, supposing t luii instead ot this
i in.. i*. 111 iiu. tieinn working men tlioy
were lawyer*, and of hi. wanting to go
lo parliament to represent them. Wall,
there is juat thii in it, either Foley would
lie a fool or most uf those lawyers would
be idiot..
Now look at the other aide; is tlniv nut
aa little sense iu a lawyer wanting to
represent wnrkingmen, as worldngmen
wanting to represent lawyers. In that
case cither the lawyer is a fool or moat ot
the workingmen are idiot*.
Some may aay a lawyer's business is to
make laws. Ia it v A law-yer's business
ts to n It for suckers and to Mil thim
when he gets hold of them; most of theui
can do that, llut maku laws; las vers
have made most of the laws all over the
civili/ftl ttorid and yuu can get almost as
many ditteient opiniona on any law as
(here are lawyers. Vou know tluit as well
as I  do.
I »u|.|h>sc that cornea of it being the—
hit-Niiicr*. to make the laws.
F. CRAlli.
Hdit-or World:    The    phlloaophOT    and
guide of the newly funned UbrralUuiiw
vative  Club delivered an addrcvu to  lus
...l;ii,aj   friemh. at  the lloanl  << Trade
naiua  on  Saturday  night   List,  in  which
In*    prattles    ni •: r 11 t    of   th*   pure-SOllled
isitnotism ol  hu. heaven horn party and
wind* up witli un appeal for pio Iur in.*
Candidate, thuilyi    "The members shuuld
as   Mu.Nc.l!  men,  uglUte Uu* relation of
tU.-  mining iudusiry In the Dominion of
laniula and work  Inr the creuliou of   a
.11 ui-t.-1   uf   iniucs.   it ho   .......1.1   lie   Mr.
A. H. MucNeill, thc luture nu-iul.cr li.r
tins i*i.im*. Is mil Uiat ii.at and good-
.v.tl.kc, to not forget the "|iap.' I'hcn
said ..nidi* tiuudevr, "0*1 of till* ohi-ae
Ihitiga In be culisidcrisl in lhe develop*
nent ul the country aud Us i-caomvcs the
education ol the elcctunite along I ilicral-
Conservative lines."    I    quite    .igrec  mill
the ipaaken that a study ol   ihe reign
ol      till-     snivelled       UbeMl • Conservative
party,  Mpletatfy in i-idatnui  In the manner   in   which  Uiey  luive dealt   with  the
.land   and   rcaourow    of    Camilla,   would
pment  a moit   totmaiting    tbame  iur
islucntion, but where will the "young
iiuui" voter mt thc facts I "thi studying
the campaign literature id IkjUi Uie old
yaij-tics will not Ihe ynung iiuui marvel—
aa he reads Uie long category ol mines
Uiat  each   ol    Ihem is ulmrgrd   with Iiy
iheir oppooaata how thu liailaia   have
oscuped   the  |s*iuletiliary*
Four years ago U.c l-eople founa the
Conm-rv.it ivc puny nstling with the uiti.i-
nation ol tnmlih and jsiwcr. il had
bonelcd of having created nuuiniKibes,
whioli, while melgvtng tho nation, thc
liarty openly lurgnincd with I*>r Mppcrt
Today it puts forwunl no program ol relorm and inciilently has to* ...iitieluuis
Muit  .ue  nol   Imm ol   n-eltlshniw,   nrrog
miss.' ami corruption.
I'lie Liberal i-urty has not |a*oved alio-
g.-tber thc ideal |mrty Uiat thc clecton
f.nully ho|wd for* Thi. is in a great measure due to the obstruction of Uieir op-
pummU iu the house and in the H-nal-e.
wiicre proiHwcd reform, asked for Ity
the maamw were muldated and rejedeO.
Certain it is Uiat lhe Libenl |»rty ia
today   nearer  the heart   ol   Uie  ma_- of
th.    p.*..*)...*    I km    Its   ...Iteis.ft
Hut the ynung man stuilent uf prrscut
conditions is becoming convinced that
today both parties arc being tried on .lhe
it.ii.int iv- uf uatiunal needs and |hnuiIiiI-
itic-a and are lound wanting. Then-lure
it la tbat a new party ha. cuiue lor the
NEW TIME--the prweut. With bill*
hmlding of trumiwls, without. ota«*i*»-
tion by many of the mighty and wise .nd
noble, silently, irrcRiaUbly, bngliUy a*
thr ....■rir.ii*.*. .1 has come.
Tbe existence uf this part waa partially j Xidacy for tlie I-munion 11 *..-• uf Cun*
.ipmwcd in thc word, of la.rd SaMbury I __„_ *t h d_ ^ yM _,„, , ,_..,, ||U,,|ic
in  1804: .. ,
"I am eerla.n Ihat a pa")' * »hia ; expm.ion to my view, on the ienr.il
•sountry—uniiamcd as yet—thai is .I.-...I planks id tne plat: ..in of Uie Indepoti
norted with any existing |s.hlual urgani- j (enl iMoot )>,__,.■
mtion; a party that is inclined tn any
a plague mi I-nth your huum! a plague
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
Of rbe Independent l^ilwir l\oty of Brit
mi) t'uluniDm.
IMInwinj* ik tho jilatlorm m1»| t-*. 1 by
the NrUon iDiivention of the hidipeiulint
l..il'ui putty uf ltntiah i'uluiuhm <m which
Cruniid.ite t'iui*.  Fol'"*   -.in.iiriy  ntumU:
I. Free cotupuUury etlui-uliuu.
I    W*   I iv-tl  W-Qnani da)  ot fifth t hotini.
I    3.   Ou\eriimeut lUMoection ui all in-itur
4. Abolition of c«Urai i -v>U'in un &U
piitilu- warflti.
.     5.    I'uM:.    u« nr:-.luii  of   ill   I r.tii. In*-«•■*
6. 1'rohihition oi A-i.nn- i nititi -_; r.i t.- -11
amt the rt-tfiiliition of ull iiniinunitnin hy
.Hi edut-iitioiul lt\*n *** tu luimigntnt ii tit -
nesa. und the ftboliUOQ of ull sji-ei tai *n
durempiitH and privlU'tfen to lorc>t{n iinmi
Brant* to Nettle in llu. Dominion.
I    7.   Aholitmn of fluid1 Uhor under 12.
I 8. Abolition of the $2-0 de]N>mt n*
qmrcd ot ull cnmlittitt-Mi lor the Dominion
0. CompulKory urbitrufum of till UIkm
IU. I'i ohihn ion of pruuu luUr in i-.mi
petitum with trev labor.
II. All Fleet ion duyn to he mnde pub
•ic holidaY*-
j    '2.   Abolition of Dominion KeiiatP.
ro the Hecton of Yale-Cariboo:
In rcquesUng your supihwi  to my can
on all your iuirt.es a pi..gin- on all your
politics! a plague on all yuur um-niling
d.s.*ii*s-i*.ii-  that yield  so little fruit."
Ami  thai  can  la*  more  lully pi.tureii
in the words ol Andrew Held:
"lU body is being grown; il cannot lie ,
mule:   it   will hcc.mc  the most  ,,.llip*^ j fraction ot* the Imie and cftirt henl.*.re
beosiv.-.     |.ictui-«*iuc.     historical,   ideal. | ne.-e.aary for Uiat pun-*-*. Ww aa w.-l
dhieal,   |s.litii*al   party   which  liaa    ,-v.t  aa capital ihould benefit by these.-hang.-l
| 1. Compulsory education his Is-cune s
recogniicl m-vivsity iu most countt.es
•ml as such ha. my hearty en.lois.-iii.-iit
I   '.'.  I aval work <ln. S houre.
Modern inteiiliui has <i enormously in
creasisl UlC ppslllrtin* |»iwer ul mill
that   his  want*  ran  In* aupplicd  w t'l  a
rtepped foot on Cods nrlh. I'niversal,
as wtII ss nati.mal. ita commanding and
lsn,tiaiii« pariin. an social. It is lhe
party of the inspired people."
I do not insist thst one of lhe now
e-.iHt.ntt parties who have been mi long
playing fast and loose wilh the |K*..ple,
may not Iw "reborn to nwt Ihe pm.*
•ent demands; but if tbat should be thc
eaae it would In- su complete . tnnslor*
maUnii that it. former devote*, wsiulo not
recugnir/i- It, anil il orrtainly wo.ild not
rnr.^tnirx* them. For one of 111.* ti'st indi*
rations tbut we need a "New Party is.
that the old (sirtirs have become dswd-
esied in their moral nature and linger only
a* . unit., t.-t- nl the gniiuui.
.Ml. I
RevclstoRc,  II. C., Oct
Editor World: Things sre quiet here; I
the Independents sre the only ones working at all. I'm cause is looking up. Thc
opinion here is thsl lialbher ahould withdraw in thc interest nf the l-.iuri.-i- government, as t lu,-.* wot king men who were
I.literals conclude that aa long aa I -tuner
doe* whal is right the Labor men will
•upport him; but it he holds hi. candidate in the lield he reduces the chance .it
his getting any eoppotl at all. by i.n.lin*
to insure the election of a I'onservstive.
hecaiuM- they justly claim inal there is
more working men who are lal..ml* than
Ihere are Conservative, and while Mr
Foley will ilrsw from both, he will dnw
most from the 1-iherala.
The Conservatives here claim tbat with
three men in the Held their light is wvm.
Well. I cannot but admit that it incrrase.
their chances, but that our i Jn Foley i»
more than a negative factor, and therein
lies the error of theii   calculation*.
If the laaurier government w\nt a man
who will sujiport them when they do
nght as against a man whotse party is in
..pposition ns a party policy, and a man
lo whose internd it will be to ■" t- *•* and
decry the Ijiurier government M all time,
let them withdraw Mr. Galliher.
The I.ihor candidate i. in Ihe ("eld to
****, and he ia in ths field tn win; aad
he bales hi* hnpea ol victory on the intelligence of his fellow workers, and .sn the
knowlndgc that most, working men are
aware that they can be tirttrr represent.
ed by a wurking man than Ihey can hy
anybody else, a lawyer in [tartieulsr, and
he knows thnt nul of Ihe bitter cjperi*
ciu**e of thc pist thai working men have
mm* to regard pre etadion promise, to
be like pie cruet (intended to he broken).
You can't fool all the |wople all the tiaie,
even  in Yale-Cariboo.
Up to the preaent nn one haa the hardihood to oppnas Mr. Putt* in Winnitieg.
How is that for a I_bor member. The
•ntf may almost be said of Mr. Smith
in Nanaimo, for Mr Sloan enmes as near
being as good a definition nf nothing, in
this punned inn, as a footless slocking
without a leg. An.l when the nent rhw
lion rolls around it will he hsrd to ud a
man in Yale-Cariboo tally n.nugh In
fancy he wnulil stand a ghost of a sh.,w
against Chris Foley.
On Ihe other hand wc hava here in
Yale Cariboo a working men'* oonirti-
tuency.    It is safe to claim    that three-
i conditions. The H-hour law is a atep in
j that direction and I .hall heartily ciif.i- •
j any  legislation  looking  to  that  end.
3. Government iti*|iectinn of indu-tnea
Under modem e*t»'r..*nic conditions the
management of industrial concerna figure
on t, -mils, not the methods by which
they are lo be ohl .i- -d. An overounplicd
Isbor market ,*ii..I.i.*, Ihem lo hnpon* on
eiiipl..).*. any condition. they nny
deem necessary. PmtoU aa a rule
means diamiasal fran sort ice and pi**.l..i il.*
want to their little ..ncs. In throwing the
strong arm of the law about these children of nn-f..tt.tiic yon are ilngily f.JU.w
ing the teaching, of the meek ami 1-rotv
Jews, who .aid sillier the little ones tn
come unto me, for of such is the kingdom
of heaven.
t.  Ala,ht,..n  of enntrad  system.
Tlie almacs Uiat have grown up under
the contnrt system a. outlined in the
first issue of the Dnminioti IaW Carelte
should convince even the hide-bound
|..rii. ni of tlie neceosily of tbe enactment of such a law.
5. Public ownership of fnnehise..
Our experience in tbe control of the
postal department, public schools, public
highways, municipal lighting plant- and
waterworks is sofliriciii ground for the
extension of the same system to railroad.,
telegraph, teleplnnie. an.l eximsa Imsi*
new. Thc experience of |icnple in New
Xealand, Australia, Germany and elsewhere has demonstrated that these fune-
tiona can be performed Ity the env.-rn*
ment with a very great advantage t" the
people and I moid heartily endorse legisla).nu looking to thst end.
5. 1'rohibition of Adstic emigraUnn and
e.lil. a 11".,.il   tml.
The presence here in large numliers of
this mm assimilating rive rolls Canadian
lalsir ot its birthright. Every Mongol
Isnding pumi our shores loosens ret her
than increases our populstion. Th. white
l.ils/rer which hi replace* would as a rule
marry and sdtle am.*ntt us. iniTcasitu
thi population Iiy at Inaal three. This
means to the merchant less muutlis tn
feed, and less backs to clothe,. to the
doctor less domnn-l for his service*, tn
the ti m-port ite.ii companion less tr.lli .
tn (hr dentist less teeth to fill, tn the
mechanic less Iniilding* to erect, to the
real estate dealer Ics demand for prop*
erty including less f.ine for the wine, tu
Ihe fanner less sale for produce, to the
nrwapapcr man less pa-pera to be sold,
to the preacher smaller congregations,
ami lo the bootblack fewer shoes tnalune.
Their |*v*ence works injury to all
ll-nnche. of the ecnmimic lyitcm. I oppose iheir coming hire on the same
gnninds I w .til,| npnose the tnkitst of
more jsuisengers into an open boat al-
rea.lv loaded le the nnking line in mid*
Paoifle. Kvery nhinnmnn occupying a
position in domestic aorvic** interferes
».lh the ti.itur.il laws v. applying to the
industrial Imdy, rnlting our women nf
employment naturally belcmging to them
to the extent thnt fin- every Dliinaman j
so emplnyetl some one's -sister nrl
daughter is driven to prostitution, ovolv
Ing a race pmblmn dnatine.1 to lireed
mu  of    blood and   that will  aonic day
mantle tin- Canadian check with a blush
for his country's aliauie.
7. Abolition of elnliL labor.
An OOOaomlo system that drives the
cluld from the cradle t>> Uu; factury to
OOmpeM with its own father is certainly
the Ic-giUmiUe cluld id an industrial sys-
ttuu liatiiig ,i.s.I a. ita basic primuplee.
lactfislatiuu along line. opjiuKed lu this
will receive my hearty mi|>|H)i-t.
H. AboliUon of the *~U de|HM«t.
Under couditioiua when.- ail are amenable to the law and assume the roqain-
sibility of defending tlio oountry's Hag
and inslitiitioiw idl ahould be entitled
alike to aspiie to thc highest pusiUt.u in
the gifl of their cuuiitryiueii without be*
iug taxed fur the privilege of eo duiiut.
1 would repeal that law.
0. Cumpulsnry arbitration.
Cuinpulaairy tirl.itrati,.n **_ npitlictl in
New Ziviland Iwnus up on the horiion of
proureas not iis a dretun, but tu a |irocti-
cal nieUiod of reconciling the conflicting
interest, of lals.r and capital, and is
destined, I think, in the near future (if
applied, to prevent those iwriodical industrial wan and lend a security to all
branches of b.uqneia such ua is impoasible
undiT existing conditions and aa such
receives my hearty  approval.
10. All election day. to be made pul>-
lic holidays.
I would alan favor tlie passage of a law
making Uie oxomsc of the franchise
i-ompulaury fur Uu- following rvtuons:
Knt—Money can and docs purchase thc
votes of the drunkard, thc aewer hog and
criminal, the vote of the intelligent
but indifTrcnt cil iron would counterbalance this evil, and I believe it in as
much the duty of every ciUien to poll I
bis vnte us it is tu pav hia taxes. In making tin* a eutnpulaoi-y duty you are aim-
ply compelling him to do that by tin-
Imllot which he is already compelled to
do by the bullet-defend Uie insUtuUona
of his country.
12. Alsdition nt the Senate.
I look up... the upper house aa a it**
leas and extremely annoying poliUcal
luxury, as a stumbling block to progtv*-
siv. legislation, as a home for poliUcal
imlss-ilcs, who sooni to have resolved
thtinsclves into a political inquinition,
who p..nine u|sm every pmgreiwivo means
BVe Uiat posse* the lower house, lirond it
a. hen*sy and procee.1 to pronounce the
sentence of polilical dininntii-n upon all
i.c-rtlingly. and if any little effort I can
make can assist in exterminating Hint
arialocracy in pnliUea I can asmn-e you
il will Iw notched with the greatest of
Trusting that my ideas on the wv.-r.il
subjects will meet your views, nnd that
t   will receive your *upi<ort,  I remain,
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Secoud near Washington.
V. & Nf.'Phone 68.
1/ you are linking for a location for a
home you cannot do Letter than eonault
K. I liarloe. land agent for tho N. k V. 8.
railway. Ile oin suit you in every parti
ruler. Lot. in the new addition, suit
aide for any |Hirpo*e can be purehaiwd
iust now on very reasonable term*. The
lot* he is now wiling arc on the sunny
aide of Trail creek.
Washington SI.
H.iy-c,  Proprietor.
. >    all rs. in a ic. u * or in. Kiason.
Hot and Cold Lunches
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
Published by the W. F. M., Denver, Col.
Subscrlptlona Received at the office of the Industrial World, or at
The Office of the .-secretary ol Rosslrnd ninera' Union.
G* W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves-
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
i* »■-.»?-»■»-» <»»»♦♦♦»»♦>>>♦♦>>» ***»M**.»»»»*.ao**o »♦♦»>»♦«»
The li... * Io gel the Best Ursl in lhe City
I'rompl Setvicc.
Mealr 2ft Cents and Up.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
-:■*?-!-s-s-y a-*"*"**-* ■! -a-*^-!-* H-m-.** s
**«*««***«9 ******
t..i.i.i..-.i... :..„..........
.The International!
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In theCity of RoMlaad. WHY > Became we hare better faciliUo for hatxtHag U. and ■
kcII it fatter tban any other bar in town Beer. • fte* being tapped, rataina iu mrr ita «a>l *
ilavnr for a limited time only. Keep thia in mind whn you Im* for a place to rtfreak
youraelf. Cheqnra of all known mine*, railtuada. aonlrirtori and buatncwa mea art
t anhed  at Iheir 1 mi  Facr. V«i.ik in our oftoc. at any hour dariag thr day at oifht.
105-107 Columbia Ave.
New Fall
Our cu...p..ie at<wk ia now disp'ayc-1,
and they are very cheap, lashi n ilily
made, cumfurtable, look woll, and ht
If yon cannot find  what you want in .
ready to wcr Jacket., we'd like to .how
you    san.ie  attractive    new    piece boo.I
from which   you   can    have   a   garment
Family Llqiuor Store
& Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the ] j
| Lowest Prices. Nething but the best kept in stock. ; J
********>***<>*  * -■*—•** aeieeaemieee»»«aa>*>ai
 -*H^-i-i -i*t+<3+** a—aaa—aaaaaaffaaaii >»*»•> ■
Asrnew & Co,
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Third and Washington. Telephone 19. j!
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World!
^———____________________________ •
———a.-.————————_—_______—_.__—_—————————        •
Average Weekly Circulation for August,        •
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
np by allowing advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thk World's advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. ■ Ask for Rates.	


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