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Industrial World Feb 17, 1900

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TOL 1. NO. 82.
Devoted to the Interests of Orgauixed Labor,       Endorsed by the Trades aud Labor Couuoil.       Official Organ of Distrlot Union, No. 6, W. F. M.
The Big Store,
g^od  suitsj
From 10 dollars
The Value is ever visable to the crowds that visit our Store.
In ait   Clothing handled  by  us each  garment is   thoroughly
inspected before pot in Stock.
We buy only from the makers who guarantee the workman-hip
which Is the Beit* Recommendation we cau offer.
The Big Store Hunter Brothers
Spring Suits.
Wo have just referred  a consignment of Men's,  Boys' antl
Youths' Early SpiingjSuits. which wo are selling
From $4.50 to $17.00.
These suits nre mnrki-.l "Right."   Not wits 120 00, now 113.95.
Always (hn rutin* price, and that tho I-owest Possible.
Ws have also reserved some of our Spring Shirts, a few  of*
which ar. shown in our window. ^^^^
We solicit your iu-pecliou.   No trouble to show goods.
..-■■. .   it--, • -
EMPEY BROS.! The Furnishers!
Corner Columbia Avenue and Spokane S.rret.
W. F. McNeill,
Next I'os.eflioe.
No fsnrv pries, hnt Ihe belt vain, lor
your money.   We handle only lirit-cb
Ewert Brothers,
Jewelers and.
New aud Complete Stock of
Next to tho K ....tcii'iy Hotel.
-'   -    ' ■ ,i
Whenever yon lee a man who*, evn ar*
!•• if It. snd step r-lssiir, ind who wilki ilong |ai
llioi.sh h. owned h*l( th. town, yoncan.lrc.de
. tbat be isn't weak in his Kidneys.
.     'Is.-   von   thai   Languid   Feeling or a Weak
B.rkT    If SO, di.l.'l hesilair.
Dr.   Esiljay's
Ki Incy  Pills
Hivs cured otben ind will care you.
T R Morrow
The Strand
The Most Elegant ami Luxurious
Fitted Bar iu Oanada.
A Fi.il Line of tbe Gholceit
Liqueurs and Cigars
ED. WATSON, Proprietor.
The beet table board lo bo had in
i Bosaland is to be got at the Russell
hotel.    Everything is first class in
every respect.    Prompt and attentive service.
Best wearing, Best fining and best looking
In Men's, Women's and Children's |
C O. Lalonde
Headquarters for Bathers, Bartenders, and WaiU-rs'Coatsand Aprons
The One Price Store.
C. C. Gibson & Co. general merchants
Oil clothing, Suspeuders,Underwear, Fine clothing, Shoes, Gloves.
Amer-ian Watches, Clocks, Silverware, School Supplies, Stationery.
We esrnestly appeal to all labor
unions, particularly the labor unions of the W. F. M.. to do all in
(heir power to keep meu away from
the Coeur d'Alenes. .Tho man who
goes into that diatricl under existing conditions is labor's worst
•oemy, and should bo branded as a
scab by all union men.
EnwASn Bovck, Pres. W.F.M.
Jab. MAiiKB,Sec.-Troas,W.F.M.
To charge the War Eagle up with
gambling losses on the stock exchange is about ns foolish as to
hold the eight-hour law responsible
for tho exhaustion of its ore reserves. Yet there are people foolish
enough to do both.—Nelson Tribune.
Proceediugs have been instituted
as promised against C. Wentworth
Sarel, editor of the Kamloopn
standard, and George 8. Wj||ja.ns,
its reputed Victoria correspondent,
in the matter of lampooning the
lieutenant-governor. Williams is
cited for defamatory libel, to appear
in the police court, st Nelson, on
Friday. Sand's blue bill is said to
be more drastic, being elaborated
in the fashion of high treason.
The Record si ill Finds Much to Hay
>gainst the Eight Hour Law.
The Ret'o d bad another relapse
Thursday, rambling a-ptiu on tho
ground it has hitherto trod, in the
•sum insane, unressonab'e manner,
crying out against the eight hour
law and complaining of the need of
from thirty to forty men leaving
town every day, seeking work elsewhere, nud at "less pay," as though
the entire population of Rosslaud
was leaving town, whereas, the
truth of the matter is, there are
still quite a number ol men left in
the camp; in fact, fully sa many as
would find employment under the
eld ten-hour system. The present
layoff of men would have occurred
iu Kossland whether the hours of
work had been ten, or even twelve,
anil the Record knows Ibis. If.
therefore, there had been two shifts
instead of throe, the percentage of
men turned down would have been
proportionately larger. For example: Under the eight-hour system three men find work where
two f.irmerly were employed. Now,
admitting that one-lhird of the
whole force employed are laid off,
which is placing it large, as many
are still at work here as would
have woik  under tlio old   system
if tbe inil.ru Well, ITIllllillo, full
luiiiil.'l. If therefore ibe mines,
which would be idle new any way,
had been i mining under the ten-
hour system, nno half m'tliui force
would be out now, nnd tlu.ro might
be a r.asonable reason togruiublo
about hard times. Working this
out with tho whole district, instead
of Kooslaud as a basis, what would
be Ce differe. ce iu the number
of men employed and the pio-
porlionately decrca.-ed income iu
tbe Proviuci?
Of course the Record hits no intention of making falsa assertion*,
nor does il purposely insist on being
bull-headed. Its only i s way, and
it really can't help it. But after
light on the subject is given it,
there is hardly excuse for it to continue to grope iu the dark and insist on false statements. How much
wiser litis paper's writer must bo
than the men who drew up the
miners' petition to the government,
for these miners didn't kuow they
were threatening a strike, which,
of course, is an admission of extreme Ignorance.
We fully discussed the contract
system and its evils some time ago
It is a well-known fact that iu those
districts where the contract system
has prevailed for .muhb time, barely
starvation wages are now to be
earned. The contractor is compelled to make a reduction in his
price each time a new contract is
drawn up, otherwise either someone else, poor.-i than himinlf, will
underbid him, or the employer will
demand cheaper work This has
been tried and iuvariably resulted
disastrously to (ho woik man.
'I hero may be an exception to this
rule in the seemingly profitable contract that exists between the owners
snd managers of the Record, but
wait till it is renewed. Experience
is a hard school, but a certain cla-s
will learn in no othei; therefore,
live and learn.
When the machinery is installed
and things aro set going iu full
swing, as we have every reason to
believe they will lie, that i-uintes-
o.'iii'o of wisdom, the evening paper,
may bo made to hnlievn flint tho
genllciiien inost deeply interested
iu the mining properties iu Kossland know alumni n.i uiueli about
tbe matter as it docs.
We shall most certainly be de-
lighted when the Record' so far
recovers from its severe Ot of the
croaks an to talk com mou sense,
confine itself to the truth, and to
recognize the fact that its fawn sup
Non-Interest Caused   the   Falling
Off of Some Featnree.
Rosslsnd's third annual carnival
opened on Tuesday under most
auspicious conditions as far as
weather could control them. Cloudless skies, with the mercury somewhere about sero, mode it a
delight to be out aud kept ice snd
snow iu perfect condition for the
From 9 o'clock, a. ui., Tuesday,
till 6 o'clock, p. ui., Wednesday,
curling bouispiel, under the auspices of the Kootenay Curling association, held sway st the rink. The
real opening of the carnival, however, wan tbe masquerade skate at
tbe rink, Wednesday evening, at
which there were something like 200
eu masque. Many of the costumes
are worthy of mention, but space
forbids all except a list uf the prize
'I'l.e judges were Mayor Qoodeve,
Hon. T. Muyne Daly aud Mr. John
M. Smith, aud their verdict was as
follows: Bust ladies' costume,
"Mother Goose," Mrs. R. K. Palmer;
scc.iiiil. ".loan of Aro," Miss nay
Harris. Best gentlemen's oustuiue.
'Cavalier,'' w- <"". Lillie of Nelson;
second, "Dandy Coon," George A.
I.eigbton. Best girl's costume,
"Daughter of Pharotth," Mi-s Emily
Hatch; second, "Little K- I Kidiug
Hood," Margaret L. Jackson. Best
boy'* costume, 'Bugler," Alfred
Urad.-n: second, "Jester," Harold
Lock hart. Beat eomio diameter,
"Jehu Bull," Anion Hansen;
second, "Hayseed," John W. I'r.Ht.
A I't.-r ihe prizes were declared at
9:30, the public were allowed to go
on the ice, which was in perfect
condition, and from that time till
10:30, bb large A crowd aa ever enjoyed the sport at one time
in Kossland. glided along to the
exoelleut music furnished by
the city council baud which waa
in attendance.
At 10 o'clock Thursdsy morning
the- sports began aga.u with the
coasting coutestson Spokane street.
The baud was in attendance, but
owing to the extreme cold was un-
al.l-* to play except a few minutes
at a time. The judges, C- n. L.huul*,
J. \\. Spriug aud J. E. Taylor,
awarded the pr-zus as follows: Boys
under 12 First prize, Arthur Kent,
time 28 2-6 seconds; second prize,
Harold Lockburt, tiiuo'.'lO seconds.
Boys under I'd—First prize, Jean
Hoof, time 23 second-,; see.mil prize,
live, lime 29 srt'niiil-.
Girls under 12 years of age—First
prize, A. Tri'i.ibley. time 19 seconds;
second prize, Fanny Graham, time
212 0 seconds. Girls under 10_
Fi'st prize, Columbia p'.'ml.ley,
time 19 3-fi seconds; second prize,
Joy Furrier, time 21 1-6 seconds.
Che course was made shorter for
the girls' coast, therefore the difference iu time.
Large coasters or bobs—First
prize, Roof, Harris and Mcl'ollough,
time 24 1-6 seconds; second prize,
I lodge, Pea aud Cross, time 25
Tbe carnival parade, which was
to have taken place at I o'clock,
p. in., was declared off because of
the nou-iutnrent taken iu it by the
citizens, bo the remainder of the
day wna taken up by bouspiel and
i bo 'key at tho rink.
Itos.iln.ld was unable to win the
New York Life Grand Cbullenge
('up, but tn.-k the Mackintosh Cup
by eleven points, tlio score standing
00 to 49.
Much interest was taken in the
various events of Friday, which
consisted of snowshoe races, ski
races, hockey, fancy skating, cutter
racing and flog races,  during the
- st *•■.—  ■■ "is    ■"■■->.   uu,,ti|   iiie
port comes very largely from these day, with skating races and lus-key
same despised workingmen. at Ilie rink in the evening.
The  Government Sitostion—Hoo.
Joseph Martin Still Active.
Saxalal UThe Wor •
Crowded galleries throughost the
continuance of the sittings hsvs bo-
come the rule st the parliamentary
chamber, for it is now agreed that
the most unsuspicious appearing
routine may st any moment produce a government defeat. The
peculiar turn taken by events, Moo-
day, when, but for Helmckeo, the
government would have been
forced to carry so important a
measure of policy a* the Coal Mines
Regulation bill on the speaker's
vote, continue, the main topic of
consideration io the lobbies, where
it is agreed that ths measoro is not
yet to be classed as carried. Io
voting for "the second reading,
Helmcksn is understood to bare
secured the promise of McKechni*
that the bill should not bo set for
Hon. J. Martin, Tuesday, moved
bis resolution on Ihe importance of
redistribution. He denied that it
implied went of confidence, and
said hia only object was to press ths
sol.ject. He offered tosupoort aery
measure acceptable to tho msjoriS/
of tbe house. Kellie, without comment, moved the adjourntusst of
the debate, and Martin depouncskl
this action ss cowardly, pointing
out that his motion would be practical ly shelved by going to the foot
of the ..r.ler paper. He continued:
"A redistribution bill is not daogar-
ous to the country, but is dangerous
lo members of a government who
whoar* drawingsalarioBptssSisolly -
without the support of either the
country or the house."
Kellie disclaimed having been
prompted by the government, and
on Henderson's promise that sa
opportunity for ali.cura.ion would be
given, Martin consented to adjoura.
Ou Wednesday, which was private
members' dav, Martin's redistribution bill wss fully discussed, snd
waa the theme of many speeches.
The government practically admitted its inability to defeat Mr.
Martin's latest censure motion because of Premier Semlin introduclog
an amendment to the effect thai
redistribution is admitted and Ihst
a bill be presented shortly.
A new "went of confidence" bill
wss presented by Mr. Higgins for
Frii'ay, baeed on the withdrawal of
the government, from the return of
a letter announcing the intention
to bring iu legislation, this seeien,
in respect to the eight-hour bill.
The government insisted on night
session, notwithstanding the opposition by the gallery but upon reassembling they found the galleries
empty and voted to adjourn.
Thursday was the day of a warm
time lo th* legislature because of
the personality talk between Messrs.
Martin and Cotton. The house was
crow.!.-,!, nud Martin took up nearly
Ibe eutire afternoon in hia speech
against Mr. Cotton, dually making
a motion to enquire into tbe gen*
demon's career. Following Mr.
Martin. Mr. Cotton explained bis
Colorado career, the first time |hs
has ever entered into an explanation of the matter in this Province.    .
Contrary to expectation Martin's
motion was not made a party
question, and tbe minister of finance
bail the satisfaction of seeing tbe
resolution defeated hy a vote of
21 to 7. The defeat seemed to
meet tbe spprovsl of the majority of
the spectators as well as those who
have taken any interest in the
matter, and th. general verdict is
that tho house of representatives is
hardly tbe place to enter into personalities, though it seems to ever
be the chief occupation of tho honorable gentleman who instituted
thi. enquiry. THE   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,
17,    1900,
WllllKLV    I  ion....
PubUahed at No. ll, Wasl.i.tglon street, Kuislni.il,
ill Hie illleual ill tu e .1., i/e.l   l.it„.i    iu   Utlliall
D. L. Fl.YKT
E lit,.r aud Mauager.
Offieeat Miners' Uuion ll.tll.
'     Payable In.Hrialily in Alliance.
lloi year %i oo
Sis Moithl  1 25
Thi-se Moulhi	
of their effusion.   Tbey  continue
"iiithuir appeal to the legislature
the liiiners sought tho assistance of
tho merohants apt! biiBiuess men,
and, stinngely enough, with but
only two or llireo exceptions, the
laiter signed the petition and there
by practically assisted iu bringing
on tlio conditions which would
necessarily result from a strike."
"Uf course it was simply u matter
of dollars and cents, ss well as coercion under threat of boycott, thai
induced them to be a party to such
''ilie two or three who bad the
7*i courage lo stand out ngiiiust such
- coercion imvo been threatened with
That wise old saw that "competition is tho life ol trade," ia getting
somewhat demoralized by the hard
knocks aud sound reasoning
brought against it in these days of
industrial combinations, and its
udvocalos are not left in tho host
condition Imaginable. The Puoblo
Courier recently published a statement of an old railroad contractor,
showing how tho contractors in
railroad building are compelled to
rob labor in order to mitko themselves whole.    It says: "There was
Why is it wheu a little ulniul appears ou the horizon some lob;s try
to frighten everybody else with tho
idoa it is a forerunner of a hurricane
or cyclone?
Why shotthj a guard be placed
over a property iu Rosslaud whore
there is not only uo thoughts of
violence,but not a recoguiziiil reason
for itV
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Kossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwosd,
Graud Forks and Vancouver.
World, rustofftce Bui s*,S, Ko*»laaail, B. C
The Industrial World ia fur sit!, iu Kits'.,.ml in
the awOtga Cigar Store; sitiiDson's News stsn.l.
II. B. Wsll.ce'a .t.lionery store; I'o-t Office
Mews Bland; Union Bros., Stationery bliee
Ban's Clfar Store aud by newabttys.
AddrettillComraunli-aliona tnllie Indilslritl    boycott, bill   tllC   Midden   cllllllgU ill
affairs will affect them very little."
The object of this assorti'-n is
obvious. It is to make outsiders
und the legislature believe that (be
lit.siuesB men were ctierced into
signing a petition, but everybody
in Kossland knows that tin, petition
sent to Victoria by the business
meu was drawn up, eircii'iitcd and
I'm warded by one of tbeir number,
without u suggestion Irom union
men, though it naturally met will.
Tlios. who desires chinge in tbiir, Iheir approval.   Neither was a sug-
ndvertlsement should bsve the ropy lor \ gajgHSn „r boycott, according to our
lb* lime at tins t'llii'.. not later than
All checks may he made payable >o
tb* Manager or Ibe Secretary , I Ibe
Minera' Union.
tbe evening belore publication day.
.best knowledge and belief, ever
j made against those lew individuals
' who refused to sign tbe petition. Il
J is it In... country, uml a man is jus-
. tilled in doing what  he believes to
Truth.is uot always pieman', hut' be right or for Ins own good
falsehoods,   when   ihey   have just
We most siiicerelv wish tbitt the
enough foundation to make I"»P-h",v OOutalned in their closing | Mo ^ mMo ^ m ^ a . ;^8 ()f
'thoughtless men believe them (me.(Sentences might j rove line, and
are galling in theextiemeai.il well i lhat not 01lly this camp, but the
nigh unbearable. Such Is tbefabri- «*Uutry at largo, might be rid of
cation thr- Record is pleased to'a" dangerous agitut-rs. The w. iter
present to the pubii- every few i °f this infamous nit de brutnlsiis
days. In a miserable editorial pub-"dnngermis agitators" those mon
lisi.c.l last Saturday night they »K >«» OOmmOS justice and last—
begin by .questioning the nntln'u-! n"»i»ity, »»k Hint the undergroiiud
tioily of the statement as to the laborer shall have a liltlo time to
cause of the closing dowu ,,f. the iphH'0<'dWree sunshine and not
War Eagle snd Centre star iniiie:,; PUIW H'e ,M'"t I"1" (,f I''" H* '» »
insinuating that tbey only' presented (l'vi«g burial. These men are nol
the machinery excuse for the lack , "'n n*ul ngitators. n,.r are they thiol something bettnr, or. rather than I *"wc' S>{ ""' greatest harm. The
tell the truth. Its a righteous j l*»l agitation ciniuntea IYom such
judgment, we aro lold, when no wuirit-s as this publication, which
measure others by our own stand- j strives in every menu nnd contenip-
ord. Then they bring; up the fact tible way to stir up strife where
of the Silver King mine closing ."'ere '• Mn(>- °>' Inoroasei biltor
Why is that the public officials,
placed in olliei, by llin votes of the
it time when everybody in tho outfit' people, and living largely from the
mode inonoy. The contractor could J money ear.ied by tlio day laborer, '
then charge n fair price for his risk is lhe most desperate opponent of
uml he could afford to report nn J the labor cause'.
I.on.-si mcat-iireiueiit and pay tlio
men well. Today conditions aro
different. The strife for ontr.t. ts
is so lioiTT* that pries have dropped
below the profit, mirk, and e in-
ti'.iet.n's in a majority of instances
aro obliged, to resort to peculiar
methods iu ord r to pill through
financially. Tho bid-: aro taken at
such low. prtoe that in s mi * lust HUMS two reports nre nude out,
one for the railway company which
pays tho contractor, aud the other
for thu i-.iiin-.i--i>ii- in his settlmn.int
with tho laborers or sub-c infractors.
Of c .ns., thn r «;a irt-i aro n it alike.
Puo la .S-, d '.iiing with igiorait for-
eigners, unacquainted with thu
E tglish l.iu.'u 1g • and not turn iur
wnli tlio iiiiuiioli of ui a-iuiinx
musses of inek or  a-arili.  is easily
RETAIL MARKrCTS—"o"»l»"f" TralU Nelson, Yrolr,
Kail", Sandon. Now Denvur, SltsertSa, .'..senile City, llmnd
Forks, (ireenwood,   Pbooiix. Midway, Camp MeKinney,   Kovel-
itokai Ferguson und v laooufir.
Fish, "liiiiie nud Poultry in Season, Sausages of all Kinds.
und urge tbe mine manager's ex- J ^'••''B «••«« »•"> irrilulion is but
cuse that it is becauv of Ihe eight- jnlight.
hour law, wheu it is a well-known We nro B,moel IncUnfjd to adopt
fsct to men personnlly acipiaiulefl. u,° opinion of one of Ross'aud's
with the true situation tbat the j,n08t prominent business men, who.
simple troth in the tnnlter is that Iin expressing bis opinion, said the
there is nothing then* to work on.' Brtic!? in que.tiou was tooeontenip
and even if there Is a body of ore, j ,iblu to bo noticed, and would be
th'.* clara of workmen employed '■-'»"*• by nearly sll people of
wore so ignorant and inexperienced <*»UI|»880SS, Hut for fear i( might
that they have not been ablo t...f,"«1 credence with some whom we
find it. So the miue. has n*lly ""J rnHt-h, wo quealion ita truth
closed because it baa uo ressouiible |u,,d denounce it sa a mensee to s
excuse for living nny longer like j I^n<,"r,d »'"• harm, nions settlement
eome people.
After it  few   pi-tit.el. -  on  the
rosily   comuientUble good  of  nn
eight-hour law,  it asserts lh.it Ibe
conditions are not lipe in this die-
tricl for an eight-hour law.   If they
are not, when will they   he'.' %Aml
where is there a country ready for j
such  a system?   Then  they con- ■
iiiiu,-: "The manner iu which the
law was placed  upon   the  statute t
books,   without  the knowledge ..f
those  mia.t deeply interested, wss j
without any consideration of fairness  whatever-     It   was, not  d„-
■ ■Simile! by the miners, who, a- we
all know, were apparently well satisfied with their lot."
'"General content prevailed everywhere until political boosters
and a few labor agitators uoset it
all, and did it in such a way that
not only were the mine owners
denied nn opportunity to present
their side of the case, but half tho
miners themselves hnd  noknowl-.
of tho t oiibb'o it is do ing J mn. b to
The bitter auli-union aiticlea np
peering iu Ibe Record al slated
int' i MiN are rather paradoxical, to
hay the least. w hen you note that
it is sll | riot, d under the protection
of the union lab I.
Though every effort hna been
made to cheek Ibe spread of small-
|."i iu the city il haa gained a
i little. There are four can* s re-
p.., li .1 so fur, and I hero have been
soil... exposures. As m whole tbe
people sir i..-ponding very well to
t n requirement of being vaccinated,
audit is hoped Ibe spread of lhe
dread disenso will soon bo checked
i   ■ i i
A violont windstorm, similar to
tdgeofsuph aluw.uutil It bad been I the OSS) which visited us last Satin-
placed upon the sluttiU1 Imoks." day night, seems to have made an
.Do tbey think Uie miners are! unfriendly call on Vancouver and
so ignorant that thoy don't know the const cities on the Moudsy
whether or not ll.ey a-k.d the. previous. Il ia said to havo done;
passage of Ihe law. and whether something Ilk* 110,000 damages in
(hey were contented with tlnir lot?; Vancouver, blowing down business,
lhe letter presented by Mr. Hume.' signs and chimneys, breaking win-
i-f Nelson, to the legislature Inst (lows and putting buildings out of
week, and whjch was published in plum. Kossland seems not to have
several Kootenay papers, give the recaived nnv particular damage from
lie. to the._ statement tbat tho haw tin* wind visitation,
was adopted without the know ledge ■,    ——■^g^
flf miners and mine owners. fg"        W|ll,cr,llll01| „, „„, WnRU,
Their neit slslement is not no „„„„., ]f Wi amJ tb„ paper is of
much a surprise, for it MS looked rj* to JQO « »W CSSSS, l-SOSTI il
for, but it is as fals- SS the lmlai.ee    (
lllly or six'y oonts oa ths d dhtr of
the uctu tl union nl of work done. If
the Irulli were known its to thu unfair. ie-8 often praeiio 'd upon ignorant laborers iu such work aa ,,,„,,
r.i Iroad gr.t li.1 jf, there iv tub! bn a i v-ison a* well as tn* itookh-d len who
protest  I,  ... o to ond   of   tins e mn.    .-in'.irk ihc.r in .ii-y  in   thai   .ul.'rer.tr.
try to the other.    I see no way of ■' ll,e oumpany has e**sed ... -r..n .,,-
Why do some mining m-u wbo
know no more ab mi Ibo matter
than you and in •, try to mitko everybody Ihey cm, think, uml insist
ou it, that tbuy^kiiow. it all, and
tl.it, notwithstaud.ug the real I
motives published on the highest
authBrltjf for the benefit of nil, the
Kossland properties are closed ou
account of the labor law. uli! dial's
Nil.? i T.I'm as.
Th» action ..I in . ai i» 1-, • aa.iit of ths
II nl names in deciding to e..s.. opera-j
lions will not surprise any wbo hare |
I.itl.iaTeu the career >.t tn. company Iur
lh. past twi y,.ats. Alth lUgia not am
espectel, ths auli in ore iter a c in ll'loi
win,", ii ce 1 icily uipleisi.it ti lo-..
The mere Int that lhe .n an i.-...u oil ha,
lo.nt.l ii necmiry to luipui I o.Mialiin,
curies upon its lane at adui.Bion nl
(allure. Tall may bj Ibe I til' of Ihe
.nine, or il m ay lis ih ■ I ml uf lb. iii.n
Bvf.-ineiir.    Il ia this ph-s. ol  llaei|ies-
Wti.i.i.iM Iain.u.u Mansger Kosslard Pranch
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
Slriclly First-'lass I'nion I igar.
.     *.
Hail nliciured by Wm.  I.ietjen,   (ancouver.  U   C.
• ■ iinb.iiiiiig  the evil on account of
the low rat •<  the  contractors  are
te. ..us,- -lie Silver King aroup ol claim,
will no loimrr pay worling rxpeiiBea aaad
a  re»« .ti.'.l.. r.lurn u -m Ilia m mey ib
ohligi d to name in onlei  to obuiu ' rostsd, then tba' .1.0,1,,.,,  li . „ .,.,,■
a contraul.    Tl. *y must m.ko   up blow to Nelson and lh. «n-lre diitricl
the doil :ie,lov si 11 iw i.*.*. a. I it is   "• bow.ver,  the r malowa h-ai  lieen
I'Ceailon-'d by iii.i,imp.te.ai man ajaiUBiit
I     is Ilia bow U) rtll.rr l-.r p,-<pl« ol N.b
the bib.it .ts who are I'm illy obligwl
to bear tho b ir.l.ii."
The national omiference oilled to
s 01 or lhe dm-nt oi  Ko.rnar.   Tt.e
..ispension   ol  operations   In   *scli  an
v.i.i will rail I ar an .sami a 1 i... ol tb.
property an I lb. raauuptian ol opera-,
in.,.. UlaoVr • -,|.i   1    ... ma;.'...-..,.
Tl.rr* ii one other miliar in emn-e- i
discttsalhe question of trusts and ,.,„„,,,.,,,,,,. mtl „, |.iwr at the Silver |
cninbinniions, their cause ami effect, ■ King mlo. which I. worthy ol alien ion.'
iilsened  in  Central hall,  Chicago, I It  bai   been  n,..i. 1.1. d   by   pi at tics|'
the I2lh, Willi a fair altoudance of I ■'"•" '"» •"»• a,on,h«  P«»t   ibatlh.
deb-gales reireeenling various parts eort.°'  ™ia,n* ,al V'* **',7<,r Kin« "" I
,    , ' .   ,   .   ,        ,   r .great*- <hsn 11 iIimiI.I In-, 1.r liar reason
ol. Uie count.y.   A brief sesM-n wss| ,,,„, ,h. „,„„.„, mmlA„yrli M mia.r,
held in the morning fur the r»*c«p-. m,B who wero  not miner..   This was j
lion of delegates  aud the arrange- brought out plaloly In ih. Invesilsalion
m.mi   of  tlio   programme for the'0' C*mmlaaloo*r Cloi*.   Tb* evldenc.
succeeding   seaaious.     This    pre- °'joh0 ^,h"V/afon °Vh T" ['*"
,      ,    ,    , ,, ssllors anJ ■>! b.'.a Wrrs.llsl. h.rr-l. bill
gram include,! papers or addresses ,1?tr,,nr,i „!„.„ ..ratcarce. «.d oui
by Bolton Hall of Nee. York, Helen'0| lour partner* wbo hid worked with'
M.   Gntigar   of   1-syfayette,   Ind , h m, two had o***' turn laaadnebv,
General J. B. Weaveroflowo,Con- •<"••"   Th» '"•"« ,ur ""• ••" ""' ""■
grewsman  John  J. Lenir. of Ohio I "'."'''"'T' "'.,b*  ,U" f''"4 &
.,, ...     '   83. O par day and *nl poor 11 Ita.rs, «hil,
i ongreKsin*., wJli.t.n Su Mrof New  ol|(#r „,„ „,,„„,„ „„ w w „,i „.„
York, (iui oral A. J. Wurner 1 f Ohio, ,^,,1 miners.   It is not dlSlvull lor som*
pss.pl. 10 ct-ncis. that a man who on-
.1. ralt.-l mini   al  might   I-.   Worth   l-'l-.i
and a numlier of other well known
persons. A number of commercial,
industrial nnd labor organisations
are alio officially represented hy
.1. legale" Int eafterninin the conference effw-ietl a perm nent orga-
111/1.inn and those present listened
in tl..- hist papers aud addretweson
the programme.
per day, «l.al • a man who nndrrstooil
...el.ins a'.out raiaiug might uot be
woilb 13.00 per day.
Subscribe    for   the   Im.i -rniii
Wouui nud support Ihe   crniee of
.1 gam/ d labor.
The system of collecting fines
from gamblars, prostitutes and other
outlaws by cities has received a
black eye in Victor, Col., recently.
aud il..- preenrioua condition In
which a cily dealing in this method
of 1.1. -I,mail may lie left by its
officials shown up. For some reason
the polioe magistrate of Victor had
not lui n.'.l into thn city trnasury all
noones collected in this manner,
and an attempt was msdn by the
city council tn oust him from office
aud compel him to givo over the
money, la reply the city officials
were informed of how much they
are at tho mercy of unscrupulous'
Sy Mary MeMahb Johnson
"At las. I" said lh* proud Inventor,
"My ..-si-t-i baa won us w*y,
Tb* lector y hat* r*civ*d ll,
Aad will ir.t ill worth ...liv.
Tbat plan bad lb* gr**t < • • l'« bUnlng,
My weary wai.Ug .1 don*,
And ih* work ol a thousand toiler*
Wall be laved l*y th* brain ol one."
cried,   a    sweet-ticed
"My 1 .re I on* li happy al la.t .  .
Ill* 1..ner .I.I.H and •......•
Ll* I. i.i.l a«,y lo ths pist.
W. mind nol lb* y.srs of itruggl*,
Nor I..t at th* long delay;
Tb* glorious new. hn reached ns,
' I'hev ar* patting u iu today.' "
Scarcely a mil* Irom ihi. triumph
li lb* home ol • lictory band.
Where 'our hills latharlswi childrm
Ar* bud 11. 1    , sad-laced band.
"No mors work (or dear mother,
A iho,,.an I are turned away,
lln. em-l in., Inns Will do it—
They are putliag il in tori*)."
1.Hi.-ers. and fiirthormorn that thojopowti!   Yon play with  lb* problems
Ol wrong.
Like children in mimic strife,
Pny, what do you i„ein ia your mellow
By "lh* lnlsnes.wh.sl. of life ."
Arise! And yonr drcsming lorttking,
Torn rhyme* into trumpet paali,
police magistrate bad u. much right
to the money thus collected as did
the oity treasury.
Th* i-isiio makers' ilrike it Chicago
hn been  renamed   with  Increased  •»■
srfy,   th*   pea»*   negotiation'   having   Far th* world's great hsait ii breaking
lailr.l. Under lb*** "btlanc* whe.li."
Morrison and Brycnton
Have just reoeived .1 Consign.nent of
Fish, Canned Good":,  Hams and Baconr
Fruits and Vegetables
Frtsh hgJ?Si Teas ami Coffees a Specialty
Bole Agent la Bosslsud f.r "I'.MIMtF.SS TEAS."
'Phone I00-4S. 138 C.duuib 11 Ave.
Special Bargains
M.J. O'Heam is giving Special Bargains
* »        .        a *      *
•n all Lines during ihe month of February
The  Clothier
Having decided lo Sell out my entire Slo,-k of
Millinery. Ladies' Furnishings, Elc.
and Willi the object of Selling nut a« annus. |iossiblo, I will
Sell st unheard , f prices to g-t rid of Ilia entire slo.-k.
50 Per Cent. DISCOUNT
,.r. in other   words, everything goo* at  II W.F   1'Kh'K
C. F. Eagles
Opposite the Hank nf Toronto.
Ros-laiul. B. C.
The Industrial
Eugene V. D. bs is lecturing in. tbe
i south.
In Austria 120,000 coal, miners are on
slrikedoraii eigbt. hour day.       - -
The   team a I ere  and  hack drivers   of
, Nelson are organising a union.
Seattle labor uuions are moving lor
tbe building of a labor trmiile and are
receiving considerable  eucuurageioe.it.
Members of thu ban Franoisoo Cloak-
inakera' union huv« been locked mil by
three HruiB on accuuul of their refusal lu
withdraw (ruin the uniou.
The carpenters employs! on the ex
position buildings al   I'.aiis have struck
lor a raise of   wages   from   18 sous to
1 franc per hour.    A tout o.n.i.i wen are
A number ol  plants ol lhe A nerlc.an
Steel & Wire company, in IVinisvlv.iiiU,
bave.he.u closed as ia result ol the sirikr
inillw jrkers' nn.o.i al 1'1,-ve-
M Dr., mine laborers and mill men
are hereby notified tbat tbe labor trou
blea in Wtist Kootenay are not yet settled, all reports to tbe contrary notwithstanding.
Stay away from tbe Sandon, Silverton,
Whitewater, Nelson and Ymir districts
until official announcement la issued
tbrougli tbe press of a final settlement
bv the District (Sourd ol tbe Western
Federation ol Miners.
By order in ibe
of the  District Board   ol   tbe Minera'
Unions ol lbs W. F. M.
ol  lit*? rod
nnd, ii,
In Witinip-/ the bricklayers' union
Bs** voted f ion to Ihe camiialsn bind
of a union carpenter c.n.li,Ute for thr
legislature. Thai's what we call practical politic*.
|   Tbe  International Typographical un-
lion lsa.l-.onn Buit aitalnei a .tally pape.-
Jand two  jib otli.-.-.a iu Pueblo under Ibe
BWle  lih.'l   l.w   lor  illegal  use o!  the.
.prmter'i oniou label.
» «	
' The most Important ranestion before
the eleventh  snnnsl cnuvenli.ui ot Ih.
il'.i.tc.l Mine \\ ...keis ol America wai
lhe adoption ail a wage ical-, and an en-
jdeivor  il being  made, lo Idrmnlale one
llhat the mi-ie operators will accept.
- -Wiecoal mines ll   Serin'..in.   P..,   are
being closed dawn.    Five hundred men
has. a'rrvl v been (brown out ol employ-
m ml,    an I    there  is   lerioui   Iroubl.
aiira.1.    The  mining  companiei   hive1
p rsittently re'mc.l   to recognise in my ;
w,y th* aAine workers'   union aud hav. |
is.*  locked  the.men  out   lo avoid  a'
sir k*.
J.t'ga) W.ilber ..I W.nnip*g ..v.. bti
ik-iTsi.iu ou th> '. ti i.a.r. in the eleclioa.
cuulrov.riy ul lhal city. Hu i.ab.i lhal
lb. SSI lull..is. iu .ike I ."I -'.le |h. .Il«e .
•"oafct  lie counted for ibo randldsles.
Ill tin. iiii.nl- i .", ■■• v.-re f .r   I'uleo and '
SIS bir Martin.   Alur ab Ml tiny oilier '
.ll«,i lle-i In 1 .!*-..-.. l.i I .rod, (' l   i.e.
tb*labor candi Uie. Was Ire! ire I elarciwl '
by algbl an j .rlijr.    A 1  told there were
about 4,850 Osllni* rait in in. couimI.
PUBLIC Niil'll'i:.
To All Whom Mini' .noern:
You srs hereby reiptir* I la uk* notice, .
and yon are hereby warned. Ihu Ibe'
rulei prescribe.! by lection 81 of the
regulations ol the Provincial Baar.lol,
Health re amah,. .i are in l.rce within '
Ibe bin its ol tbe city ol K .island, tbe
iitu* bsing a haaltb dlilricl. Ai defined >
tn inch rearuhathini, a general vaccina-,
lion ol th* Inhabilanla o( lh* said cily ,
ol K.i'iiiud ia h.relar ordered.
El.Biooss, M.D.,
Medical II- tlthOftl .-..
Wasbiugton etree-, K asslanJ, B. U,
Dr. Reddick will h» it bn nfllee be-1
tw**n tb* hour* ol  I and 3 p.m. and
"." anl 1 |.   in. d i ■'•> . I -r   lhe   v..in   lion
of all poor p. rt.in .il I he exptjUI. "I Ib*
local board.
Hated thii third day ol Febiaur, 1000.,
That Holstead A Wright's naw itore,
corner Fint avenue ind Wiiblnglon
Btreeis, has received on. hundred dosen
ol lhe l.aii'si productions in men's neck-
weir, slsoa big line of stamped linen lo
lancy work. A new line of plaid ablrts.
Tbeir clothing Hock il all new and well
iins.il led. A complete line ol staple ind
fancy dry goods, clothing and (urnilh-
ings.   They have excellent values.
J. K Clarke, the popular Washington
street S.iddlrr, bigs leave lo call yourat-
leniimi to Ibe tact that he has the fineal
line uf harness and saddle! in the country.    Give him a call.
The C. U. D. Grocery Co. has put in
a new, In sh iteck ol gootla at the old
Bland on W.ahiiig.on atreet, wbe.e tbey
will cany a complete line of firH-clasr
grocerlia and proviiioni. They ask all
told customers, as well as any new ones
lhal may be looking for good gotaJ., to
i-.ll and examine their atock aud get
A. S   ti.s.l.lVK,
Cl.aii.ii.ii Loral lliard.
A. A. M*cB*vxiB,
Jon. IIkis.
.Cuss   ll. II I'tn ,-.*..
Jons S   Ci.lTB.
■ With lbs* government ownership ol
Ihe railroads.  on-nra»riliv*  operation ol
jcoel mine*,  hiilfi and  factories will b*
'possible. Tslav tb* privately owned
rsilrosils hkv. th. pow.r tulreti. out
Vill such ell .ru by refusal lo transport
the product;—C.aarter.
Following is a list of ihos. who advertise in the l-.lT-ot.iil    Wont I,;
W. F. McNeill, Shoe Store.
Hunter Bros., general merchandise.
K upey Broi., grocriel and gent* Iur
T. Il   Morrow, druggist.'
CO l.iloude, ihoe itore.
C C. till.mii i Ot., ganli' .l.iihin.'
and iiiiii...i».
(i. W. M II hie, hirlwire.
leulotl BrOSa, I, . .k« and sl.liunrry.
Orgs 'rial Dry Quads, luriilibingi, .In
gontls au-l clothing.
Morrison A llrventon, grocvrle*.
M.J. O'llearn. clolbier and Matter.
Paulson II m., grocerirl.
Wm l.i.'j'n, cigar manutaclurer.
Vainsitiver, II. 0,
Taylor A tl«Q urrl-, ullor*.
P tcillc Tea Co., ten and coflm.
M. W. - nip on, lira., slatiunery and
Pruini.i. II .trl'and Bar.
0. K.Itaiba.
Metropoliian ll.alel and lUr.
H itllald A '.Y rsin ',, coilrset.itt and
MdAuHR, Ullor.
8. (ilaian, lurniture.
Ruflner A M.Oonigle, grorerie*.
II ff,oaii|H lusa'and Bar.
K isign Cigir Store.
be l: .i Slablei and Tramler,
Dyeing and Cle.uing Worki, Waih
ing'nn street.
I' in.els A Ohambers, patnlt,   oill, *tC.
W. It. It- .:■>-. undertaker.
Uolsl.s.1 A Wright.
Dr. A. Milloy, denllit.
K.rrl I'.roa.. jewelers.
The Club Bather ihop,
Th. Inter.nn      al
I.inib.f A N'.wman, grociri
linen II Hotel
Simpson A Jxnnt, grocers
The ' S nnd"
Dominion Hotel
F.tgles' Millinery store
The b.'-l table bonnl to be had In
ltnsalnnd is lo he got at the Russell
hotel. Everything is first clam in
every respect. Prompt and attentive service.
The Knslo board of trade, in their
petition t« the" Provincial government for a repeal of the eight-honr ,
■law," snggesred ssubstltute tneasurej
to the effort thai night bonis shall i
lie  considered  a  standard   day's!
work in  all mining operations underground, but which  will impose,
no penalties, when by mutual oou-'
sent between   ompb-yers and  em
Iplo^ed, overtime is worked.
Subscribers to tho  Wosld who
prefer to do  go  may   leave   their
n.nn..- nt Minors' Colon hall, where
they will receive their papers with
out dclsy Saturday afternoon.
Miners' Union
Dining Room
Dominion Hotel.
Only Union Help Employed.
'    W. F. McNeill, Ihe shoe desler, il re-   Regular Board, per week
oslvlng duly consignments ol new eprine   Meals ...
goods, ll. has the >nos< complete assortment ol children' ichnnl and Hn. iboel
to b* found on h» Pacific coail. lira-Is
gladly shown.
•5 25
First-class Bar in connection.
M.I.KOD  A   M. CASK IU,, Props.
Everybody Is lond of money, and all
could posiesa it if (bey knew bow to
economise. Everyone eitimatca what
his outlay will be throughout the year
(or clothing, iboei, blanket!, etc. A
working man, lor instance, expenda on
tbeie articles from (160 lo lliuo. Surely
tbey could get the lame stuff, and of a
better quality, at hall tbe money by
purchasing ol us, and tbui live Irom
|76 to $100 yearly. The majority do it,
but there are otben that do not, and
therefore it Hands to reason that tbey are
Inoliah and will not listen to common
sense. Practical and smart men know,
however, the value ol money and what
good uau tbey can put it to, and they
realise it only when they purchase ai
tbe Uoailand Auotlon Home, 42 En.
Columbia avenue, next door east ol
C. P. R. Telegraph Office, B. Banned,
Get their Preac.lptloni
Filled by lb*
Rossland Drug Co.
A Hull 1.1 ..e si r-vrrylldPf la Our Use.
Give U» B CD.
Columbia Avenue, oexl  Ihe Bon Ton,
Linton   Bros.j
Book Store,   30 Columbia Avenue.
Le Roi Stables.
Heavy Transferring.
First-Cleaa Saddle aad pack Horses.
Telii'bons No. J»,
I*. .1. Box 118,
Rossland Hotel.!
Fine WhUkitft and   Imported  Clgan
* ^——
Jerry Spell man. Proprietor.
Cor. Hpokent Bireet sod Col am bit Ave
Kstsbltshrd in n.--«'oiisl  I. C- In ita$
Wm. R. BE.4ITY
Telephone N<»    9
 QFHV I»»V AS..   Nir.MT
Rossland Eleetric Lao*
Nono bat whito help employed.
Notify us.    We call and deliver
Columbia Avenue, near PostofDoe.
Coffee [House.
Opposite the International  Hotel.
Lunches of every deseriptinn.
Courteous treatment and tho best
the market affords. Open day and
night.   Give ns a trial.
The  Headquarters,
Car. WitSlBfUra SI. i*at Slrst Ave,
W. B. HUSBAND Proplstor
•UrOrf«i»»r.i. of H.s.l.«d- Uectins; Diji.    0^11^(1113.11   PilCifiC
Specials This Week,
Fresh Tomatoes
Oreen Onions
Kippered Herring
ai Columbii Ave., aext door to La'onde's,
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
BTinr.1-,1KI>> H8RRINC.
Sk'trliil, !lleilifir», IS pir lull..-
Sim-cIms irrvice sad food cooklnga apreially.
ntsiaf room Bltachrd lo Ottawa Hotel.
Waihiaitoa meet      The MISS BOVOS, Props
second aud fourth Tuesday In each month at
7i.iop.m in Miners' Union hall. C. W, Wilson,
Bee ; Johu Mil.men, Fret*
KNIt.HTS OP I- VBOK Kossland Assembly Nd,
iiir, mt ■ tt thr li it and thi d t-rldays of each
month t 7ii» p m. in Minera' Uuion hall, Jai.
Wllltea, Sec.; Win. O'Brien, Prea.
every Friday of each week at 7:30 p. in in
Minera' Uuton hall. P. K. McDonald, Pre* ;
A J. Mchiumltl, Bee.
MINKKS' UNION NO )l. Western Pederation
of Minera— Meets every Wednesday cvtvng at
7:30 o'cloc- i*i Miners' Union hall Jaa. De-
vine, Bee , A. I, Houston, Prett
the last Sunday ui' each month ut Miners'
Union hall. I. P. Barkdoll, Sec , R. M. Hilaud,
Mtet the Brat and third Tuesday «.l each
mouth at 8 p. m In Riatty'a hall. h. O. Box
314 J, B. Roblson, prcsiuent; Wm. Coiui,
secret ary
—Meets every Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock
in Ml era' I'uluu hall. P O Boa 41. Paul
Juflfner, Sec.   Geo. Cunningham, Pres.
That our Teaa and Coffees aretheCIIOICKST
sold in kosaslaiul. Today, when teas and cott-
fees are pushed so hard, it It absolutely nee-
ihssiy to have an article of unusual merit.
You will liml It here. Glassware given away
to customers.
Pacifc Tea Co.
St. Charles Hotel.
Sl.oo s Day Houie.
None but Union Help Employed.
W. Columbia Ave., |utt atoaaaad the Slut!.
Whotrssleand retsll dealers in Painta. Oils,
Tarnishes. Brushes, Wsll Finish and Palntcra'
Supplies. Contracts laken for paper hanging
aud decorating. Office and tore Daniels \
Chainbei;s Mock, >h Cu.umbia are. under Domiu-
on Kxpiesa Co'a. oftce.
N. \ V.   Phone 1B1.
Canadian and Kentucky
T-ourbon WhisKies.
Railroad snd Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harrv Mcintosh
Hstimate* given on all kinds of B'ick Ktone
and   wood   wotk.    Cutut.es  nn-1  nil   kin"      1! ■ ,
dwellings a speda'ty.   Kl.up it. :..-•' 1     .       ■,.-■*«       f »*■       Cl •    , r..
6r»l ave. and Washington street   fhrfV-*. '     t • s,l^"       V-l^tU        sJlUlC
News, Statioierf, Wm.
Lending Library.   Latest Novels.
tlffie* Snnpliei, Etc.
The City Bakery
Washington Sirssl.
It il.«-|...t to ii..l »"inl  IblDji'lo  *a'
1 it reasoDabl* price*.
Try our gooils. aad msks lifsV., r,i
Iur jour w.l*.
CA1T. SHAW Proprietor.
Corner Columbia are., Washington st
The American  Tailor snd Oenta'
Funnelling House.
Jir 1 uik ll irsir. laliifuliil (urulni
N*. 1. first Arsaui.
Cor Pint Ave and Ipokaae Bt.
Barfalsll. sreond h.nd food.~Olrt as ■  rail.
It will »ly you.
The Alhambra.
Beer, 5c. 'all and all 5:.
'iilireoser Rank ol Toronto, Rostlaod
J. C. Heimes,
The Popular Grocer,
Corner Becond A,enie sad 1  ,-k.Ib atiasl.
Waihiogton Street.
. .ptfT.il. Hank ol Montreal Chamber*.
JACK BLUNTIHH, Propriilor.
Dyeing and Cleaning Horns.
(i|>r>'.i.is Martin Brottitrt.
I nn rle.i or dre inrthlnf Is tidlet* ind
irnttsrsrs't wssr. Oln mt s c.ll sad be coa
The It.rt. .mt.roeeoe.trlilnt.rsnrlr.rot-es.ss
enable aae to s..srfl-tse .he promol dellrerrof
si. srdera    Work will be railed lor and delivered
tssnr allt*... M m
Nelson A Furl Sbippird Kiilway
Red Mountain  Ry,
TbiOaly Dlrict It ..its  to  Nilion,
Kail,..  Ko.ii.niT Ltk* and
Slocaa I1,..mt.
Kv.rr Har in  U>* T*ar  between Hpo
kane, Rosslaod and Niiioo.
«:i'.i.'.  -   • Spokass •   •  " !■'■ I'-n.
2:1ft ,......•    •  Nonhpart  -    18:80 p.m
Arrir*3:10 p.m. II .mL.i.I Lt. ll :l. ..-■,
No chingi ol can b*lw**n Rpokin*
am' Rossland.
" ir* e.»   i "•!» all o**r th. world.
tii* ""'tii.r.   it    Nelson    with
llMfll Kr.il..    .ml    .11    K.ao.emy
. . ■ ."I K.llit rite,, HonnHiry
.'sm, ind l!ii"-.d«ry cre.k r-nns.'' at
Marcui anu II.M,..;| wilta  .life daily.
E. W. Kill-, Assart,
Rossland, B.C.
Bbatlb A Dbwab, Aienla.
Trail, B.O.
H. A. J*o«aw»i,0. P.T. A.,
Bpikanr, Wjib.
And aSOO Line.
imperial limited.
New Fast Daily Service.
Firit-claia Sleeperi en all Traini.
Tourist Cars
Pail Revelstoke Dsily lor St. I'aoi.
Thairsilays (or Montreal and il.Mloii.
Tuesdays and SaturdBya lor Toronte.
For rale* and lull inlormstlon addrvia
tbe nearest Local Agent, or
City Ticket Agint, Roailand.
Anting Agent, Kossland.
W. F. Anbbbson. T. F. A., Nelsen.
E   J. to vi.s,  A. G. P. A., Vancouver.
Northern Pacific
Tbe Dlnirg Car Ronte via Y.llowilan*
Park.   Safest and Belt.
Equipped with
Fltl.LMAN I'm i, .: ClBB,
Moobk*i Pat Coacwm,
Tocbibt St III IS,. I' ..as
Throaifh tii'kel* lo all points in the
I'iiiii.1 Statei and Crnada.
8lesmtlaip tickets lo all parti el tb*
Tieketi inChini ind Jipan via Taiema
and Northern Pacific bteamihip Oo.
Train, tie car l (rum Spokane:
No. I, Weailacnud, at 9:55 p. m., rlaily.
No. 2, Fast i,on ml, al 7:20 a.m., dally*
For information, lime cards, mit-i
and ilukr.s apply to lh. seenis ol lbs
8. F. AN. E. W. RUFF,
Agl. R. M. Ry„ Kost-isiid. B. 0.
General Alien., r>|aokaiae, Waab.
A.D I'll Mil.I'lN,
Aii't Uen. Passenger Agent. ,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦T-etT-T-r'ft.A'f
On* Y*»r  •
Six Month!
Ad.laen All ( ommilniraliona
BOS8LAND, B.C.   '
♦•♦-♦-♦•♦'♦♦♦♦♦'f'l ' ' THE   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,   FEBRUARY    17.    11)00.
Adopt Resolution!  Favoring tbe Trades
Union Movement.
The Soeialiit labor party convention,
held in Rochester, N. V., the fint ol the
month, elected Job Harrimau ol California, president, and Max Heyei of
Ohio, editor ol tbe Cleveland Cltiien,
vice-president. Tbe convention adopted
resolution* favoring tbe trade* union
movement. They ilio resolved that
they reaffirm the resolution ot th.
Socialist Labor party, adopted in 1893
and re adopted in 1896, recommending
to all members of the party to join Ihe
organintion ol their respective crafts.
For the good ot their organisation they
lurtber resolved to advise tbe speedy
onion of {the Socialist Libjr party and
Socialist Democratic party into one
strong, harmonious and united Si delist
«^A permament committee on Socialist
unity was appointdd, with authority
"lo dslemt* ■ representative or representatives to the nest convention ol the
Soeialiit Democratic party, in order to
convey the resolutions to that party, and
to invite it to appoint a similar committee, and that any treaty of union
evolved by the joint committee on union,
including tb* question of party name,
plalfnrm and constitution, be submitted
If) a g. ural vol* ol both parlies."
The following are th. miners reported on the sick list Friday evening,
February 18: John McPherson, Charles
W. J.ilnisiiii, .lol.ii Hanson, John Quirm,
Albert G. Kruger, Johu Duncan, John
Gosa, C. J. Young.
J. 0. Hanson.
H.S Etibia.
Jolni Saltan.
Sick Committee.
St. George's Onurch, on Earl and
o.iotenay streets. Services at 8:30 a.m
II a.m. aud 7:80 p.m. Sunday School
ai 2:30 p.m.
Tbe Methodist Church, Washington
street, George H. Morden, Pastor. Ser.
vicesat 11 a in. and 7:31) p.m. Sabbath
School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. Ep
Worth Leaguaaol C.E., Monday al 8 p.m.
Now that It ia universally acknowledged
that  my   patent appliances   positively
Cures Rupture
and are guaranteed to give
I invite the very wont
Children  and Adnlli,   uo
bid you may be atllicleJ.
of Infants
mattsr how
3 " S  " "■■-- '■-" *■ "***'
A Mechanical Device Wblch Displaces
Glass Blowing.
A Bt. Haien's mechanical device lias
been introduce into lb* glass factory
tbat displaces all tb* bloaren, layi the
Poeblo Couriir, ind wbat^bitberio hai
' bsssn don* by tbS human month will b*
done h*ri*(i*r by (^mechanical process.
Ai a result, tb* workers will be given
ampl* time lo 'blow' about tb* beauties
ol a social system that mak*a a mechanical blsssinf into a human curse.
This is but on* ol a myriad 'ciwi
where machines ar* replacing men, and
wber* sts.1 fingers ar* taking tb* place
ol hnman'hands. There ia nji a department ol Industry in which this teudeocy
Is set s**a>nd frit.
Ohly a fool would claim Ibat human
Invention in itself li wrong or injurious.
Th* real aoarae of Ibe trouble, a* any
IBM parsoa can see, lie*; in tbe misapplication ol th***.B*w*pow*ra and pro-
csim. Iost**,l ot being uied lo lighten
labor and benefit all, tbey are used to
loereaa* profit* and lienrt! t a lew.
Pretty soon, in tb* evolution of
machinery, all toil will be reduced to Ibe
prvasing ol .a button. Then, melhinke,
capital and labor will nave a merry
gam. of "Who's not lb. butlouT" Dou'l
you think you had beller learn bow lo
play it bow.'
Tb* Wag* Scale For .Nineteen Hundred
Has Itt-sn S.liilactoril) S.tiled.
r Contrary to j" pip* sloriea" sent out
by th* Aswelaled Press and special cor-
reipon.linti Iron Indiinipolil, lb*
mln.ri' wig* scale lor 1900 hit b*.n
sallied. Thes* ar* lh* chief points
gsin*d by th* inlnerf :
Adrian ol 14 cenii a ton on machine
minlog and 10 reati (or pick work in
ladiaaa and Illinois.
Advaoc* of 9 cents a ton on machine
mining snd 11 cuts lor pick work in
Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Tbta ii lb* chief .'point giloed hy tbe
operator* I
Little change In tbe double itindard
basil ol Baym.nl—that is, either according to run ol mine or for screened
Tb* miners will meet In Indiinipolil
again nnt year, but tbe joint icale
conference will be held at Columbus, O.
It will pay yuu to call at Eaglet (or
milliuery and ladies' lutuitl.iugi ol all
II yon wint the belt lunch to be bad
for your mouey iu lb* cily go lu the
Riissrl Hotel. Home cookiag and firit-
cl.il lervice.
J. E. Clarke, the popular Washington
Street Saddler, bene leave lo call jour at
tention to lb* lact that b. ha* the liurst
line ol harness aud aaddlia in the cuun
try.    Give Inm a call.
W. F. McNeill, the ibo* dealer,'I* r •
cetvina- daily consignments ul uew nprln
go ids. H. lias the moil cuauplrt. its..it
moil ol children'   ichool ind fin. shoes
tu la. lound on   '.» Pacific coin.    U axis
gladly ihowia.
Th* C. 0. D Grocery Co. hit put in
a new, freih iltrck of goodi it tbe old
•land on Washington street, where they
will carry a compl.t* line of finl-cUii
groceries snd provisions. They ask all
old custom,n, as well as any newonn
'hit miy be looking for gooal goods, to
call and eintnne their itixk a-ad gel
That Holslrsd A Wright's new store,
corner First av.nai. and Waabii.giou
slreels, has receive,l on. hundred doi-n
of the lilrit production! in men'i nock-
wear, alio a big hue ol atanaped linen to.-
fincy work. A new line ul plaid shirlr.
Thalr clothing nock il all new and well
anorted. A complete line ol staple mil
lancy dry goodi, clolhlnt and lurolah-
mgs.   They have *xoellent vilnei.
AISSSSM union m*n ! trying to prove
tb* declaration of onr friend i?). th*
Record, tbat uninnitii car* ai litll* al
heart lor fellow workingmen ai it is po*-
(Ibl* lor on* man 'o car* lor another?
Tb* complaint cornel to ol tblt many
onion, men ar* "jumping" tbeir l-.iu-
mate bills snd r-lmly turning down
th* friends of orgsnlsed Isbor who hive
accommodated tlmm with credit. Every
man ought lo know tbat when be commits an act ol tbat kind he ii aot only
Infuring hi. own good nam* and char
act*r, but bn casts a reflection on hli
nnion a* well and dori orfaoiied labor
an irreparable iajnry. Thers ihoul.l b*
*om* bond between member! ol like
organliatiooi and friendly order* that
would make th.m (eel Ibe imilln.ii of
an Mt ol thii kind and keep them true
to tbenisslvs* and lb* organisation!
th*y bav*pled**d themielvei to lupport.
Beam, per Ib ......      6 to 7
Hrooms, rarlt  88 lo f«
Hnller, per lb  SO lo 35
Bacon, best, per lb  !6lol7
Bulk Oil, per gal...  50
r'scuits, fancy, per lb  25 to 45
Cheese, |>er Ih  20
Chocolate, per lb  40
Oucoa.per tin 86 to 40
Com meal, per 1Mb sack  40
CtBee, per lb    80 lo 50
Crackers, sodas, per Ib   10,1-",
Corn, per can  I'-".-
Canned fruits, per can  86 lo 36
t 'an nr.I peas, per can  12X, 85
Cinned beam, per can        11',
Ooddib, per buck  26
Dried fruits, per Ib 10 ti 80
Eggs, per do*  26 to 40
Floor per sack 1.26. 1.50
6 and 8
15 to 20
75 to |1
Granulated lugar, 14 lb (or	
Haini, per Ib      .
Honey, comb, per cake	
Imperial oil, 6 gal. can	
I.ar,l,."alia pail	
Laundry soap, per bar	
Liverpool aslt, per 601b lack...
Macaroni, per Ib	
Molssses per gal	
Nuts, per Ib	
Rolled oats, ner lull, sa.-k ....
Pickles, mixed, per quart	
Rice, per Ib	
Salt bacon, per lb	
Sago and tapioca, 11,10. 3 lbs. lor
Stock sslt, per 601b sack	
Syrups, per ball gal. tin	
Tomatoes, per can	
50 to 66
Th* February number ol tb* Miners'
Magailn* hit appeared and il evea au
Improvement on th* January number.
It contains filly pages ol bright, newsy
matter, in excellent punt and on good
paper. It is a credit to ill editor and
oMipiler in irery way.
Those who deiir* * change in tbeir
advertiaement should have Ihe copy Iur
lb* sam* at this office not later than
|h* evening bsfor* publication day-
Teai, per lb  35 lo 66
Tobacco, per lb  90 to 1,25
Vinegar, per gal      50 to 65
Wheat manna, pkgi, 20; hulk per lb. 7
Applet, per Ib  5 and 6
Beets, per Iu  2
Ciullfiower  16
Celery, per bnnch  10
i' -I.huge, per lb    2.', to :i
Gripes, per basket  65
Lemons, per doi  80,35
Onions, psr lb  8 to 4
Pears, per lb  10
Potatoes, per 100 lbs 1.26 (o 1.63
Radishes, 2 bunches (or  6
Squash, per Ib  3
Sweet potatoes, per lb  6
Tomatoes, per bog  1.00
I will psy your (are both ways if you
can (ore* ibe Hernia down in any position with my
New Retainer on.
Wl.at Our Leading Physicians Say:
Ottawa, December 20, 1889.
I hive much plramre in leilifying to
J. L. A tn-i rung's ntiilny iu the mechanical treatment of Henna a-r Ruptu>e.
H. has very lui-uaitfully treated paiieni-
ol mine rsnuinii in age Irom a lew
monlln  lu 60  years   ol  age.      Moal ol
Hi*** patients war* sfitited .iinve.j
lira, unmanageable Hernia, win. .'
lalladln he rrlirved by all lb. Irtiaaur
tried. The principle ol this patent a*,-
pliance i.e.ns to be pirlecl. Tbe tup-
port ii tlir. cit-.l agaiuit Ihe leal ol th,
ruptui* only, and can he manipuUird to
retain accurately. 1 nnhi-witailnfly rec
ointmnd'Mr. A insiruag to in. c.nisi.I
eraliou . 1 the pro rsaiou and the i n  I..-
Henbv P. Wbkiiit, M.D.,
108 E'glu S.reat.
tl'lTss, D.'.-emlaer IS   1889
J. L. Armstrong, Ksj., Ot.iwr :
Hear Sll :  III iny practice I in cr.ssr li
meet with many casriaal llerui. or Km
lure.   During lb* pail niuelr.B  tear. I
have had occasion lu ureliaits. rut naaa.i
f.atlerns, with IL* u.u I rreu.l* ubta.iin.
rum Isrli .nd . | ring tr.issre, v.x, v.r j
nn-at.il.,1 -lory. U .III 1 rii*.lumen.Ill
yuur pairnl applia. -.. s.lj isls-J '..,
ya.nrsrll, all have been little inner thai
tist-lts-.     1 VolilM.nlv    ,t   --in.Hi-,..I   Bill
one a lll'iTrtl .oh 11, (i.i t iii apply lo yoa
al oner, and I have no doabl lhal ever)
lutein... hi pl.t .-■■ tan, as h* l—come
.war* ol your ability li , nr,- ruplo.e,
will gl. illy recommend yuu lo has p.
mails. A. A. HajrOBSSOS, M I).
■114 .tlit 11 Oll*.t.
Dec. n.b i 15. 1889.
I have iiin-lt pleasure in r commend-
ing to the attention of the pruleeeiuu s
Herniasnpportrr, theinveniioD ol J. L.
Armairong ol this city. After repr*<eu
trials ol lb* iiit lumriii, 1 am rsn-liiii
that it ll th. n.t.st i Oii'irui truss io Ibl
I>.null.mn. As i. gar.Is mods ul applies-
tiun and results, it elands alone in this
i-ouiiirv, emboilyiiig Ihe principl* ol
rixrtl support, oot lo s.y pressure in Ibe
treatment ol hernia, recognising alii
does thai lh* requisite pressure is
»ff oilcl by Ibe wall r-f .he sMnm.h.
Yuur* tinly,     C. R CHUKCII, M D.
1 m   **"^^^^——^—l^*—U^^m*^immmmfmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi  >■—1 SW>fW ■«■ I   I II
Lansing & Newmau?
Sucoeuor to A. 0. FRY.
Having purchased the A 0. Fry Stock of Giocerlee, Etc., w* w'lh to aa-
ponnce lo our many (rlends, as well as those ol Mr. Fry's, that we ar* very
argely increasing- onr ttock, and from tbli llm* forth will carry a much
wider variety of goods than the old firm, (u (aot you will be able to obtain
all staple am) lancy groceries from ut. The pub'ie will quickly discover that
our prioea are what ihey ihou'd be, and satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.
V. & N.^Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue*.
McGonigle & Co. !
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruitc, Cigars and Tobaccos, staple
and Fancy _Griceries, Etc:.
Orders Solicited
And Dellvsrsd
I have tb* privilege ol referring y n
lo several of the most relish!.- ladies
cured by my applianc*!, including the
wile- ol * prominent minister ol the
Gotpel, wit. ol a- prominent lawyer,
wivei ol two merchant! and others, in
eludings LADY 68 YEARS OLD, and
motbei of one ol our most prominent
merchinli. These lidie* hive not worn
■ny support from one to lour years, and
most ol lliein three years.
Testimonials (which fill loo mud.
t pace l to lh* efficiency ol my appliance*,
(hove ill olheri, Irom th* (.Mowing re-
.pra-lal.le re* di'iais ol Victoria, B, ('.,
vlx :
L. Goodacrr, K q., Queen's. Market,
purveyor lo H. M.'s Nsvy, corner Government snd Johnson Streets; R. Horn-
fray, Esq., 0. aw.. 3 Qusbec Street; J. C.
Elliott, Secretary Biardol Fire Under-
writers; H. Mana.ll, Esq., merchant,
68 Government street; J. Gtscombe,
miner, Fort Street.
I nil hit fe AID
J. L Armstrong, H.S.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
and the
can Know his
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
Raymond Sewing Machines '
Best  on   lbs   Mi'k.t   snd   all   Ltiiest  Improvements.       Euy  Ranaiag
Drop 1 lei.      Cannot be Beat in Price nnd Quality.
PRICE #40.00
Taylor & McQuarrie,
18 Oo'nmbla Avenue, Kossland, B. 0. S d. Aaeals.
G. W. McBride
Hardware Miners' Supplies Stove? and
Ranges,  Etc., Etc.
-  ' - w—.^w—.       ^-   _ -
Mens Furnishino
Crescent Dry Goods
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
International Music Hail.
Ami darlag week (.Sunday ricepted).     Matin... Halorday at S JO.
F.nt production of Ziun A Caliidy'l Kaiclcal  Musical   lltirliaqii. sod
Up-to fiats Travesty, lo Two Acts, Entitled,
The Upper Crust of Society
New and Brilliant Scenic Effects. Costumes. Billets, Etc.
Simpson and Janes
1     GROCERS.
A Complete Block of Groceries Always on Hand.   Also a Foil Lino
of Kiini'v Evaporated Fruits just received from Csliforola.
V* ft N. Telephone (18.     Second Ave., Opposite C. P. E. Depot.


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