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Industrial World Mar 10, 1900

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VOL 1, NO. 25.
Devoted to (hi) Interests of Organized Labor,       Endorsed by the Trades and Labor Council.       Oflioial Organ of District Uniou, No. (i, W. P. M.
The Customers on our Books are a Proof that
the clothing we ofTer
you for Spring is not
Ready-made Clothing
as is generally understood, but
Ready Tailored
Guaranteed Goods.
All anyone can get out of this life is contentment, as a proof that you will be contented with
one of our Spring suits, you will find Shorey's
Guarantee Card in the pocket which says
"Satisfaction or your Money Back."
Does this appeal to you ?
Clothing and Men's Furnishing room.
The Big Store,
^♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4« c♦♦♦*♦♦♦«♦
1   Spring
We lii.vi- ju*-t received ,i consignment <>f Men's,  Boas' und
Youths' Early Bpi Ingj9uite. which we are selling
From $4.-50 to -$17.00.
>        Then suits aro marked "Bight."   N<>t was ISO00, now 118.96. !I
* 11 way* the ssaie price, and il.ui Ihe Lowosl Po siblo. ] [
We have nisi, reserved some of our Spring Bhlrta, a few of
-which me shown in our window.
Wo solicit your iu-pri'tiiiii.    No troublu to show goods.
EMPEY BROS.. The Fjimishersi
i.t.s s- nitMsiiiNc ii::rAur,i!:\i'
lornerOulnmbtfl Avenue tn.l BpoksooStreet,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦►»«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦. ♦♦♦^♦^♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦o
W.F. McNeill,
Ni x' I'tstofllce.
Xu lanrv prices, l-ul lite l-est vnltie lor
your .money.   We litndle only Hril-cl.tt-s
>♦.■. .Is
Ewert Brothers,
New nud Complete Stock of
fink .ikwf.i.fky
CHINA a.m.
Next to the Kootc.iny Hotel.
Wlieiever you  see ■  BOO   whose eves ire
li'ii'l.l Btel slop ellS'il',  Blaal   »llll  «alk>  Bliantf   SB
Ibuillb he nnitssl h-,11 the Uisrp, you enn decide
ll..,' lie Isn't   teak il. In- Knli BJ --.
'live  ami  ih.i   Languid  la-ellim- or I Wnk
Hick?    II in. .li.i.'i 1,,-iiBic.
Dr.  Esiljay's
Kitney  I'ills
llnve iiir-.il others tn.l will cure joi.
T R Morrow
Bret wearing, lb-"I lilting an ■ best luuki....
^—Footwear I
In Mi'n'ri. Wom.'i.'.-i and Children's
C. O. Lalonde
The Strand
The M< -I   Fli-giint  nml  Luznriou.
Fitted Har iu Onnado.
A Ki.ll Line ol tbe I'l.olreit
Liqueurs and Cigar?
KD. WATSON. Propristor.
Tboso Who Have, tin) Welfare of tin,
I'riiviiu-i, siiniild Be Returned,
On ni-i-iiiinl nl Ibo numerous di-
v slous nnd splits in party HnOO,
il.,* result of tho onpomiug sleotiun
o ins very difficult to d.,t.'.'.niiii) at
present, uor is the outlook bettered
by one party's OVOWed inti'iitiun tt)
work mi party linns and tin, other's
determination in bn non-partisan,
llu* stand »f (be liberal hiotlou
iiii.Hl tippenl to all wl.o un, interested in 'in* welfire of il.« Provinoe,
ns it seems perfeotly upparont tbat,
iu its present stage of development
Mud growth, I'Uiiisuiiioiii I'uiiuot
bo for its beit good. What the
province of British Colombia wants
now, and what every voter should
look to when In* goes to the poll, in
tho seleotlon ol men who an, well-
bi.liiuiT'il, wbouiiilerstaud ilit- needs
of the provinoe, and wl.o buvo its
weir.n'c Ko much ni heart that un-
hesitntingly tli.-y will so legislate
is 11 meet its requirements most
odvautxgeouely. Buoh men itU|
sun ly bo found iu every riding
who, though ihey iniiv li'Ui. to one
party or tlio other in principle,
will not allow purtisniiisin In ciiim
into their administration in  the
least. Even though it in.iv not In-
possible to liml exaotly (In, kind of
..it'., required, it will certainly be
possible to get man possessing many
.if tin- desired principles and n -
it  oonuol  be said yet wluit nill
be tl..* result uf the split iu theoou-
t'.vi.livi- party caused I.y tin- deo
roroHon uf .Mr. I orter-Osilton thai
, ui ly linos -bull not I se Oonsiderod
uy bin. or bis si.pjrorlcr*., nud the]
no la st, I'inpl.iilit* decision id Ibo
>• ins rvobves in Kootenay to w..rk
.ti | iirly lines. ll..tb will carry n
In-go i. ii.iim.i4 of oousrrvaUveo
tOlli them, nml tl.e only hop.'
now    is   Iluil    the    fni'tiou    now
landing out for puts...ism may
Ih- brought lusru (bu folly of such
action Lei..re tbe nominations, and
I...I tbe welfare and prosperity of
t ie province may beoome tl.e chief
ui... of both parties, ruiber thou
i..' p.-1-.i.iuii ambition so pi null
now iu evidence, nml that voters
•nil le controlled by tits --....,■
principle* in ibo ooleotlou of meu.
Aliens Employed on the Streets of
Our citj—Citiseni Idle.
Our attention lias boon called to
tbe street work boing done in East
Columbia avenue, tognther with ths
Workmen who have been employed
to do ii, and upon enquiry wo have
t't'iiin! a stuto of conditions to exist
that could hardly be looked for or
expected in a patriotic British Columbian, city like Rooshind ib supposed to bo nt tlio present time.
Early loot spring when work begun on tin, street improvements, an
elderly Swede was employed bv the
city to tiiko charge of a portion of
it, and there is no denying tl..* fact
dial he did his work with perfect
satisfaction. But while this man
hud charge of a branch of the work
tho chairman uf tin, board nf work.,
took every precaution th.it. in engaging liiburers, Hritisl. subjects and
citizens of i: i- -l.i n.1 should have tho
preference, personally examining
every applicant, despite tlio fact
that  be  was  rv  business .u.tn ami
iii- time could pr.iiitiihh im taken
up all,-..ilne, to bin o.vu personal
iifTuirs. Ho wo*, however, a oon<
ooientiotu man,dooming it liis duty
to Le in ire than it li rure-heul in an
ollicc lo whloh l.o had beeu elerled.
This spring, wheu it wits decided
to iu-...■•••• I with tho grading of
Columbia avenue, the new cl airman Of 111 • b ur.l of Works vioit.nl
11... i ei,red oflli'T, u,ki .g .i1 mill the
man employed last year, mid was
told ol Ilie Swede wl.o bull dono
so good work. At the nnmo lime,
however, the retire I eh.iirm tu gave
| bis opinion tli.it (here null b*
i uiii'l   suiiing   Ilrilinh  -nli| . ts  a.
; 40...I, if imt better inuu. tban the
,.ltI f.ireui'tii. ur any alien, nod ad-
visa-d lh* .*••• tiring, if possible, of
sou.u of tboso iu preference The
iu.purer s.imui irily disposed of cit-
sonssud British subjeoto, politely
consigning them ull to it warmer
Mr. FrSSOr'l Opinion —Klection of
Officers for Kusuiug Year.
Despite thn iniilu.nH.it weather a
goodly number of members nt tend.ii
tho Hoard of Trndn meeting on
Wednesday evening. After some
few communications wore disposed
of, Mr. J. 8. C. Fraz-.r, tbe retiring
president of tho board, made a
lengthy report of tho work accom-
plishod iu the past ye.tr, closing
with n reiereno*. to the present con-
dition of affairs in Roenlatid, in
whi, b he says. "Referring now for
a moment to local affairs, I think
it is well to point nut that, although
three of our largest mines, the Le
Bo!, War F. iglo and Centre Star,
nro temporarily closed down, there
are still thirty two properties in tho
camp furnishing employment to a
large number of miners.
"In conclusion I would like to
oxprosa my opinion that when the
present clouds ou our prosperity
passes away, as it soon will, our
mines will employ inoro men than
over, the output of oro will bo
vastly gieater, and tbe community
will bo on a better ami more solid
fbondatioo than heretofore."
The following board of nllieers
wero elected for the ensuing year:
c o. Lalonde, president;   J. .11.
Johnson, vice-president: II. W. C.
IJaokaon, secretory. ('.mood—
I Mes*r». Prssar, Olivor, R. Hunter,
Fox, My||,in,(li>odovn. J. M. -smith,
Kirk. McBride, J. Hunter, Morkill
and Dun...
Tl.,* best t ibleboard ta Iw bed in
Kossland is lo begot nl the RnSSOll
hotel,   Bverytblng is llrst olsss In
every respect.    I'rompt and alien
live servi"'.*.
Hcadipinrlcrsjfor HnrlH*rs, Bat tenders, and \Vuilcr>'Contsa»<l Aprons
The One Price Store.
0. 0. Gibson & Co. gMTOgrmgllgg
, Oil Clothing. Suspe.iderH.riidenvenr, Fine Clothing. Shoe., Cloves,
American VVnlchrs,  Hocks. Silv, 1 win.-. .-school Supplies. jSlnlionory
The Rwnnl seaus to have tired
it- gnus on ibe Miners'
.inn... .iiki tb" etgbuhonr law. glv>
Ing I'"'... n liltle .est. while it VOUtS
Ils Splosn and blows Its foul In-ill,
nt Hon Joseph Martin. Tin* read
els of thai sheet have burned, however, (hat il is safe to lake nil its
assettiouo will, n grain of -all. and
nan trSCS all its shot, bank l.i ll.eii
sourer. There is about as much
similarity   between   tin*  character
and ability <>f ti.ut publication nml
tbe BOW premier as there is between
1. grey-buck   nnd   o  royal   lie.,gal
The  brother of J.   Murphy,   lira
minor who bcosms anbslsnosdsotns
tins ago will, the idea llu,I I.e was
lieing kept out of SOtnS money,
arrived iu the city lhe fir«! of the
week and started with the 11. .1..
Wednesday .....rni.tg,   for Mont.......
« here In- w ill lie put under tl	
Of s physieiau and an attempt
made lo cllect a cure.
iiii(i:ati:ni i> it.nisiimkm
For   lliiuii i.ili.ig   Ibo   Hepi.-M-ni.i-
live o! (be ii; 11.
VliTi.RiA. Murcl. 7.—A grcnl da-al
.f cxeiti'iiienl   is iM'ing iie.it.-il  in
Hill   nt    Ottawa   to   I/mk    After
Health of Workmen.
The government nt Ottawa hove
introduced o bill, evidently suggest, il by the revolutions of the
■'row's Nent Pass invcligiliou, re.
I..11.14   to   the  safety   of   life  and
•lime, and declniing that I.e win led j health  of men employed on public
works   and   railway   coiiHlruclion.
a man whocoold do the work wild
.ul regard to nalionalily. Accordingly be a 114 14.-.1 (be oil •*•*«• le as
foreman, who. in turn, nngaged his
meu,..ml being ... -m patriotic thou
his employer, hia own countrymen
have  I*..*"   engaged,  so on   tits
whole Ion- • I   er.'  is not  a   native-
born ciiisui of H.it.sh Columbia.
I I.e bill provides for a superin-
tcudent of bealtb. n ui'-lnal adviser. Well .- |ui,i|.n,l with Hie.li.il
supplies and -uii.il.ie hospital a. -
OOmmodatiOOS. It further designates tin, duties of nil tho health
•Hi.st*. and though tlill ssnuwbal
incomplete, seems to cover most of
it happen- lb.it iu the by-laws of the point. ex|Hi»ed by tho iuvtntiga-
It'is-litud 1-ih.- following paragraph -lion nt ('row's N.1-1 I'a--.
in ..-4..nl to contracting IW public _____
"F.vcry conlrni'l shall nlso con-
lain a elau-M* binding lliecinl.Ti.'tor
ertuin einles here over the deter- t<> employ no one but ltriti-.li sub-
lumstlon <>f II..11. Joseph Martin in
ii'siin-.ei on  > i 1  uml unrepealed
t'li.ee.i'e council act and bring it
14.1111-1 tlsosrs. I'm.Icy and II, Im, ■
ken.  who look   part   111 Ihe d.'iinm-
-iratioii during ih" prorogation
•poooh of hi. honor tin* lieutenant*
governor, fhs n.l provides for Ibe
1 anccll.tliitii 01 all rights of fiio-cu's
istiii.tI hI... iissi-I   hi l.iinging . 1.11-
i.nipi ur humiliation on a repn
s.-iititlive of her i..aje«lv.
I'Altl.V CI.n-.IMi.
jec.s. wbo are r.'sidenls of tbe cily
of Rosslaud. on any work, (or M Inch
siieb oonlraote um ... idc.'"
It cannot lie ,'l.iu.el thai tho
cb.iirmiiu ofll.e IhibmI of work, is
broukil.g llu* leller of lhe rily's by-
law. bul he is c.-.l nnly nol -ii-i.tiii-
Miners' i'nion Fleet Officers for ths
F.iiBiiing Year.
Wednesday w.ts election day of
officcm for lhe .'.....ing year in thn
Miners' union, nearly all Ibe old
b mrd In iug rcUincil. as shown iu
the following list:   l'n'sids>ut, A. L.
II..11.1011.     vice president,   Arthur
Two Nelson  RiisineHi H'.usi'S Will
Close al li .10 ..'('I.K'k.
ing (be spirit  of lhe  low.  as   by IV,,„|ray;   linaiielal  stHratSry, .las.
rlr of hi-..ni—im i. praeiicaiiy |,„VI1„.   r, rilisf ssorstory, tt'm.
under conlracl l.i Ibe  cily.  and  in Will.m:   ina-ur-r. VslSK lYttsMu:
lhe l.illill.iieiit of bis duties should conductor,   .'lias.   Miller;    ward.-n.
sludy   the   totarSStS   »f   hi.   Sttp-ICssS D.tvi-:   IniStSSs, JSS.   Dovine,
porters,  and. as   fur  as   p.,«.il.lc. \, |,. Housl-n.   II   R, Al-ll. Ohrie
omply with all I'slablished priuci- Fuley nnd Ivl King.
pies and laws.
Il is »..le lo SSt il'-'t <>< ths pro-
sent time there nre  nt lea.l   two
bun.Insl men idle in tl ily. 10.inv
IfSUOS,   Mnreb   7. -Two of  Ibe of t|1(.(ll  Wl,|,  f„M„.j,*a |„ support.
latgest boainsBS bonsai io ibis otiy
have decided I > iiiiing.li.It,' rally
..'i.-iitg by liK'king their distis at
r. :i.l i.'i'l.M-k. sharp, every evening
except BstUrday,     Tiny have don,'
this with..ill   interfere, Irum till
OUtslde, considering il » BJShM
eu-l.iui to kep open late and not a
business necessity.
I he voting lists having to be r<--
vis.il lu-foro an SfOOtiflO, il is esli-
...alcd tl.e election will BOl take
place before the lu-l ,.f May or tlio
lirsl of .lime, pn.liablv lhe lall.'r.
any of whom are ns capable, if nol
laciler ipialilie I to oversee the im-
provcini'iils  of    till*  rily's   "Ireets.
Till. t'lll.'H;.) STRIKK.
Many Firm. Close Iliwi. Owing to
I'newnl C ...dil,on.
Clin 10 > Mar.li 0 'BaOdlng
I linn lhe men employed; and men, material firms which supply tho
too, Who are H.il.sb SnbJSOtS .ind Chcago market, voted today lo close
residents of Hoards...!. I'l.ese on* their plants until cuid.tio... in tho
tho men lo whom Ibe city should building industry of the city shell
finiii-.il any work il has to give, have, .-hanged for tbe better. Hy
and ibey aro as oasily |.«ik,s| up lo tlm otoslof, 10,000 men employed
H nre ths other inen. j in  Ihe stoi.c quarries, brick -yanls,
Many people make a gn-at ilealand Ibo pUnla where lim«. ceinent,
..I n-iise abo.il pnt.10lis.11 Sstd sup- rutableslons. coping nnd other ma-
port of Hrili«b laws and lights, but   tcrials  nre  handle I,  are lowed to
rutin, ird >*n I ".'Hi !'•:". THi:   fNDUSTHIAL   WOKI.I..    MAItCll    10,    loot*.
THE IND0STR1AL ffORLD ^r--*-'"* ■*-'
IVt l.KI.V   I MIII..S,
I'niiiisiini at IBs Minn.- Union I.all. Koaitindi
in tltr ititt-i.-.! ,.t ..ti;iiiii,i ,1  labor iaa  linti.ii
lailair.t  st  the   Rosalind, n. C .   Tnaliilii.-.-   tor
IrSB.mlsHlOD throtagh the malls, Nov. lyoo,
a. ssi'utitl a'lnis matter.
p. L. Klvnt   •   •   K lltor and Manager,
Office it Miners' I'nion Hall.
l'ayuble Invmialily in Atinince.
Otis year $1 co
Sla M..mil.   , j±
Three Moaalli.      7*.
Aililre-s nit Cominunicntijiis to Hat- iii.iietii.il
World. I'lisliafflce Box _», Hu.*.slali.l. B. C,
The liailiaslaiiil World i. for sal. In KoMland in
Ihe SSSOB Clgsr Store; Slna|asoai'I New. Sli.uil;
11. 8. Wsll.ce'a stationery atorr; I'nsl Office
.Nn.* Stand; Union Bros., Stalloaiery tiloae
Sirr'i Cigar Store laid by ntwaboys.
All checks may he mstle payalale tn
ihe Manigir or the Secretary n the
Mint* re' Union.
Those who desire t rhtnire in thrir
Bilveriisriiicul llioulil htve Ilie ropy for
tbe lame it tlaii t nice not litter than
the evening before publication day.
SATURDAY,    M Altai   10,    HOO
Despite all denials and assertions
to the contrary by tho officers of
(be B. A. C. nud War Kagle com-
panic-, eastern publications still
insist that if the s'ght-honr law is
not tbe direct cans" . f (be closing
of the properties in Boseland, (bore
is a concerlcd nclioii of all lhe
companies o|xrntiig in British
( olumbin to bring nbout Ibe repeal
of Ihe Inw nr.d relieve mine owners
of any didnlion from their cm-
ploy-res I( seems rediculniis for
both people and press to so persistently insist on discrediting (be
fair statement ..f these companies
that Iheir reasons for slopping
shipments nml dividends wen) entirely Inrrign to any law. Well
known ns it in tl.rough, ut the
Province that these companies bad
introduced Ibo cight-huur day for
underground work some time prii r
lo the pnsauige of Ibo law, it sw ms
strange how many will Insist on
this lacing the can-.- of nil lhe
The d< dared object of lhe mine
owners' association of the •'loenn,
of which Irmly these companies nre
not members, was to secure thn repeal nl ibeolinnxKUslnw nnd iriish
tbe unions; ami it is still In Ike
rang., of possibilities that the law
may !>o reposlod or iimend, .1.
though not probabilities, constdrr-
i. linully sure to win out, ami
we prophecy that justice will
at length unfurl her ling of victory over (he triumph ol organized
It M-i'Hi.-i that Williams, the
traitor, is not tho only nelson in
Rossland with a phenomenally developed Imagination, for now Bome*
0110 is 11 iiiInT for ibo I'l'diciiliui-
Btory that thu War Kagle hoist
house is fortilied with some sixty
repenting   rifles   mill   two   iiinxini
guns, ready for emergency. Bettei
watch out, or nunc otortny morning there will be sn Imaginary fort
Ifled arsenal on the lili.it on ffesl
Columbia avenue, nnd u buttle
royal between twosuoh foroosooi'
not fall to prove dlsaatiaus in the
cily. A glorious thing it will be
forthe community If work starts up
very   soon,  giving  .sunn*   people  ,,
little more physical ami less mental
litllttir iinlitsiii.il Worltt.
The  lockout i,t   thn   piano  and     B,r| At the present lime Rossland is j
organ factories of Chicago, whlah oadergolng o tut ol her ability to stand j
has kept 3,600 men out of employ, the trial ol a period ol iinxti ty biu! irri ]
ment for  thirteen Weeks, has beeu  lii'iiui, anil iiiiislly under such lireuin-l
raised.   The former employes will
In, taken hack wiihout discri.iiinu-
WOrk has been resumed.
stances a community rifles to the oi.cn
si.in liv the unity ol tin, different element, which are uotnnriBetl therein wilh
(ion. The manufacturers suy that » determination to haitie against ami j
they will talk  over the question nl! »hake i ft tin, niKhlunre which threatens
wages and hours with tho men after "» enshroud them.  Generally, In tuuh
ens,.., .he ...on. enlightened Bud intellectual  cIiibb takes the lea.l in lostllll  .
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rosslau'l, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood,
Grand F. rks and Yiiiicouvor.
cnurate anil  hnpe in the minils ul   .he
Huston   is   reporting phenomenal  citi/.nns.    Uutwhaiilo   we  nud   lo  onr
progress iu tho allied trades, No 77 [city?   Bank m.,n,|ie,B »h->, bb a mle,
of   ihu   bar'euders   having   l.iiuo 0(,l"ller tbsmiolvsi s'>u,l tdvlstri In
,   i      ,    ,|„    . a    o        ,      .   aai.itleas   ner.aiicui   In   lhe i-i-iiii-.il wcl-
ii .embers.   I hey gave a hall a shmt  ,        ,    .    ,    ■ -        ,
'. " lare ..I   .he lii.s.ueSB  section  ul  a  in,in
lime ago st which thoy bad lo.uoi. ,„.,„„..., *,,„,, ,a ,,„.., ,„ m,„t „,,.„,
people present, sixty pieces in thu mitten  toe, lr.nl  iheuiselvsi tu ibe
ilie-lt'i  aid   oil) iniipleaj   iu   the 'picayune ami c u'ciupiilile twhetno ol
grand inarnh.    So much  for the! ,iull'1"*u:s" •*• n.sroKsnts ul onr city
llilll* Ij'llloil
locordiug t < u
notion of con-
J RETAIL   MARKETS—-Rosilonti, Troll   Nelson, Tmlr
♦ Kii.l". Samlon   New Denver.   Silvorton,  fiaoade  City   Oranil
♦ Porks,iirccnwiioi, Ph its, Midway, Comp MoKlnnsy, Revol-
♦ stoke, K* I'giisun anil V ncouver
J Fish, tiiime and Poultry in Season, Sausages of a'.l K n Is.
t William Monald Manager tt.» slaid P ran oh
The articles of Mr, Martin's policy.
already placed before the public
must ul least 0001 mend lhe new
premier to the goodwill of united
labor nml cause  then,  to  take  im
little Interest In his formation of n
Cabinet, which, (bus for, bus seem- il
Iii meet with i-iiisi.lcmi-h- opposition.    The  CUrt   refusals of  ninny
representatives of labor o'lnstltu-
Oleics to accept portfolios, make it]
quite i vidt nt that these gentlemen
are leaning heavily toward capital,
notwithstanding tin* fuel that llielr
support (nines principally from
labor. With bis characteristic persistency however, Mr. Mai tin still
insists that be i.. able .*> establish s
government that will support th.
proposed platform, ami is vigor, t.sli
walking lo that end.
The strike of employes in the
Cramp shipyard ai Philadelphia,
i'n., is -till i... uml ibo strikers
i cmaiu linn, despite lhe rumors uf|
a selllcineiit.
Tbe Kootenay Mail, in n dissei-
lutio.i on tbe appoint incut of Premier M.trti'n, nomposes his oobbn i
a. follows. This (Martin's) cabinet,
so Iur, is composed ol himself,
Yates, who wus defeated by b-bert*
in Nn.ih Victoria two yearo ogn,
and Cur'is, unknown. As to
Messrs. Martin end Votes, I In-
statements, a.- far as tlcy jo, are
correcl, but tho .Mail bus been
somewhat mlsiufoimed in regard tu
Mr. Smith Curtis being unknown.
I'hrre is hardly a lielter km.wit
young man ill K.a.leutty than Mr.
I ml is. or one wl.o has luken ru- it.-t
interest iu the growth uml advancement nf the Province. His waitings,
on the I objects of labor und law
have been extensive and widely
lead.nnd for some lime be has lu- n
looked upon as one of the coming
iii'-n of British C .Intnl.ia.
int'i BiKninx i document noilfylog ttte
psrsuiH vvliia Ii0.ro supported Iheir liiisi-
lien since the foundation nl the city
i Hull, iu the event nf cerluiu U.I.1(1 hap-
. IBS, ii'iun but union meu willIpelting, Ihey Bill not any !■ n,--r il-ttl
print the next Unheal States census, I «it. .he... lie ihey hove been dulog, The
CougressuilUI Hopkins of Illinois "lercbaiitt isy: "We l.uve been als.l ol
i    i       i     . e, ,    ...       .V"ii.   irinle,   nn. I ml mil   thai  we  have
d* clar. tl.  " 1 here i.s not a'nil  oll.ee  ,       ,        , ,   , ,
luiniil you hnn.'Bi anal alcseivin*' of nnr
In America wiitohogu do tlio work.'1 eonBdeuce, but, if oeruln tbinai hap
And nunc will havo u "sbaku" ut ii ! pen, the so polled brilliant minds who
  I dictate to  us say lhal we nillbt treat yaan
The striking blacksmiths nt the.at dishonest and unworthy ol en,l.i."
Brooks l.ocoin,alive winks, ut Dun-   •'■■'■' '" ",0 W".T ",,r hail, ib iu the busi-
kirk, N.Y., buvs n I..,.,ed to work,. ",,,a, 1W0,U "  " "Uut\ l'k* ,0 i"",irr
, , . I'o.iliileuce  in  tlie   poaaple.   This is liar
hot Ing bceng'-outed an ...crease .1',„„,,.,,   „,   „,,.„„, „„,, mwin,(um
ten cents per day, ,|,*,B io ittml by each other until tie
! lhre.it> ling ilttutls »riae.    SikI,  lOltOU
tn (lit   be   looked   'nr  lroiu salami!)
In nleis ami tlnir ilk, lull tu think lh"1
•lie I.ink mauigert ul r cily would eulai
Inrnt iheir riigntlf 00 10 tnoak an.im.1
lhe sir,els Bulling lilt' lllelilia,I 1 anal
I'.lsi kitai'l, I wus gulag 11SSy) nulhios-
ttteiii int.) tigulnu such  a d .chue.it   Is
Cleveland clerks are still strug-llnenntolvablBon tldeoIR s ln.il.
gllug for Suii'l.iv closing, i'i" e """""' loopodmons iboold i*
1 ho..... id out of the place.   The nr.l.nat,
LIEUa^OVEBNOB-S POSITIOX.  """ smtu I., p.i ce whe  c.,.,p.,e'
I Willi lb, Ul.   The u.en nants s ►> i signed
lite tl'iiTiiin nl .in-  .i-l. • ii.ill   1 at Ihey j
There    hns   been    OOlisMerublol inved into, snd moslot Ihom, alu.ot. I
queolioulug as to the teiutbility of j lonnedlatelv o..er ibsy bad lonioribs, j
the position of tho lleutenaut-gov-   '"ir "'""■• ■*••" <" svolvs lolientes
, ,      , ,-        ,    sle reliy  Ihey mii-li!   «ei ar-aitl   thei-
el nor when   he   bus  nia.le   hiiiise     ,    ,: ,        .     as, • .,     ,.     ,
i-i.-Ii   net.   Tlm   b ... \-   the  kintl  ol
distasteful lo the  people.   ]„ nu-l ,,„•), ibe menbtnit ere wade ul.  The,
swer (o thOM <picr.es we WI lll.l say   have mat the sBhd  10 Itlrk In llielr 60S
thai thn tenure of the i IBce io eu- I'omers, n.i.l they are  nut binombi,
.ii'.'lvat the  pltosure of the guv- "•■•h lo ,b,u b' »hsduooawoi foj
, ,      , si.-i.,.l.    Oue  r   nil.   I.n.cvrr, is  nun
crnor-geiiirnl, am    the   .cuU-iiiiu..     ., ,   .
" «Bii»'act..ty,   anl  lhal   I-,   lhe two nr
gllVOUOr lllial hold his ..the- toe .|„,ri„.r,-liBi,iswl.o,rin-r.lt.isiai..,rr
lull live years of bis term unl ss (el ting ilie enitom ol s>l Ibe best «o k
llismlsssd by Ihu guverunl-gell-' "t'SUien and nther citiatmi, int.I they
ml   for   M.n.c   sufficient   reason. ,w"'xv "■   Lot Ihoas who gn.v. Ileil t.
ti.e u  y-dealt rs an In t ie ... i:
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
Slri-'tly First-' hiss Union I Igar.
l'..n ns.i CoLBMOU*.
'I I o opening of n rosdln    i om
by the Blocau L'lty Minera' union is
ing its backing snd support, but itl^tabllshlng   ipn sd      worthy ofl
is   too   late   to   hopn   to    ctush |co|,vin|?   \)y   ,|K,   vari„u,    u„|
nrgai.i/c.l Inbor or lo deny work
ingnnn tbe privilege of uniotiiziiiir
and r..-opeiatiiig. as has been
j.r.iM il in the past thirty years of
throughout the Province. Om „l
Ibe crying needs of ill,' mi'icr is a
plum iu which he may | OSS bis
evenings   with  an  opportunity  of
some sulli.Ti'iii reason,
who must make llu, dismissal in
Many seem to consider Hint Lieu- \ •,■,„. ,„..,. ,,..,,,. ,)(M|,| ,„ b(,,, ,, j„
tcnaut-tiovernor klflnnis has gone |{„^|llll(| ig ,„ |H, gIlt lU .|M. \{u^,.\\
beyond bis power, and that be has *„.,,.) i.;v,.rvthing is Brat class in
ovor-e.sl.mated the power Vc.-te I iu „„_ ,.,.s|H.t,t lVoui|>l and alleu-
the bidder of bis positmii, but when  jjv,, g^rvi^,,
the matter came up before tho I on-1	
..ruble body at Ottawa, Ibey seemed Holslead & Wright, corner Fi.st
to consider his act as only imlis-'Kveil(lt. „m| Wasbington slreel, („
crete.hutiiiiiiewilhiu bin provimv.  nmko    r()„ln>    Hrt.   offering   iluir
children's   ooote,     ladies'    elder-
FIQUT Shi MS lMMINKNT.     ,j„wn  robes, su|| «nists an.'clolh-
Ing, ut greatly rotiilced pi Ices.   Tlio
The movement nf Ihe clerks' |„|R„C„ 0r our winter goods must
Protective unio..,,.l Butte, Mont..,.,, to make room for our enormous
i»r b -i\ o'clock .losing, which „,„;„- *,t,a.k, which is arriving
scorned to be meeting with unuul- ^ny. New .im-s t.f men's shirts
rt, has met a most|(oripr|ngttret0 hand, and ore well
deeided rebufl from tores btislnssiUrorth jour Inspection.
.. -is, which absolutely rufiujc to
SteB0> growth, ilwpitc the op|usi- j improving  bis  mind,  and   by  uo
Jion    e.ieouiilercd.      If   empl.-yers \ „„.„„„ ,.„„ it )l(. M ,..xMiy .,,„) ;..,ln.
can organise unions for gain.   so.' .-.,.,,...•,,, wtm|n8(j u by a free and
too. cbii employees, and  the privi
lege cannot In, rensonalily  denied
them.    I'niiin- arc legitimate <>r-
g.iiii/aii..ns.  estahlislied   in   every
, .,       .. .,.     ,      ,, ',   a spil.'lul ilisii.s,linn ufl-r all. and
.pun lei ..t the civ.l./e.l world,  nml;    .'
well supplied reading-room.
I'.ilhni  "inter has smut'whnt of
when he learned of the reception of
including    nearly    every     kuuwi.
brunch of labor.    Though so diver-1
silled in [operutions nud extensive
people to ibe advertising agenl
-if Spring, who hi- I u with Ils f .r
it few days' visit, tl.e ..Id man came
out, frowning aiul angry, nnd ha-
grumbled and shook bis long
white whiskers in our faces ever
in scope, yet ull are unified iu interest,and to harshly touch one part
affects more or less the entire hotly.
It must i.e. I- begin soon to dawn
i.poi, tbe public miniI that, tie-pile
the old belief that unions were but
n passing fnd, they arc really hem
to stay and nre the emancipation
of tbe laborer.
The shorter working-day in the
offspring of orgnuized labor nnd ils
n.lvnnced thinkers, ami. as already
successfully established in othei
lands, has been adopted by our government in its steady progress to a
perfect system, und al tl.e icipn-si.
if you will, nf ils parent, recommended, as it is, by laws of n-nsou
snd In.ma.lily, we believe it lo In*
pi nii.iii.'iilly established.   Opinions
may differ as to the j.utnoss of tho      Advertise    in    tho     fSDWIHIAl
jaw, snd contention for and again-l   Wo—LO. It reaches the labor people.
How does il happen Ilia' even
day the papers come out will, tin
report, under stnrtliug headlines, of
n rich strike in one mine or another and then invariably tlu.se
pro|M'rties ore entirely lost sight ol
and Iheir names pans into InOOOUOUS
close.    These  stores n>e lhe lleti-
.1 -ey, the Beehive aud the Anaconda. Every other store in -the
can p closed at six o'clock on thu
llrst ol the month, und Ibo clerks
indulged in a grand Street parade.
Hut these three remained open nud
declared their Intention to continue
Hi do so, while  tl.e   pen) le  declare
ihey shall not.   The probabilities
are that  the clerks backed by tin-
entire community,   will  declare »\ —
strike,  tl.e clerks  from   the thno
houses will walk  oiii. non-union
clerks nil. be employed, a boycott
will bu declared, und the light will
I."  I..lily ou.
Have j" ii anything to sell?   Il
so, the best way snd the cheapest!
to sell it, is io advertise through the
columns of the Wohi.p.
Sulisc. ibers to  the   Woiti.n  who
prefer to do so may   leave   their
mimes nt Miners' Union ball, where,
they will reccne their papers  without ,1.-1.1 \ Saturday afternooH.
All interested in tho outcome of
thn coming alootiOO should see (o it
that (heir names nre on the voting
lists wiihout delay.
Wo earnestly appeal to all labor
unions, particularly the labor unions of tl.e W. F. M . to do all in
Iheir power to keep men away from
tho Cneur d'Aleni-s. The man who
goes into that district under existing con.lilions is labor's worst
enemy, and should bo branded as a
scab I.y ull union men.
EnwASD BoTCS, Pres. W.F.M.
J as. M a il KB ,Sec.-Treas, W. F. M.
Is your suliM-ription to the WoBUD
run oiitY If so, and tho paper is of
iisii to you or your cause, renew it
at once.
Specials This Week.
Fresh Finnon Baddies
Crosse ft Black well's Pure Malt
Vinegar, Pickled Walnuts, Onions,
Chow Chow, Mixed Pickles.
Morton's Assorted Pickles.
Lnng's Montreal Biscuit*- a large
a-aot No en I.
Morrison and Brycnton
Have just received a Consignment uf
Fisn, Ganned  Good*,   Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh hggs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
f-olo Agent in Busslaud for "EMPRESS TKAJs."
I'lioue 106-45. 128 Columbia Ave.
Special Bargains
M J. O'llearn i> giving Special Bargains
in all Lines during  ;;ie month of February
The   Clothier
I laving decided to Sell out my untiro Stock of
Millinery, Ladies' Furnishings, Etc.
and with the object of Selling out as soon as possible, I will
Sell nt unheard . f prices to gel rid of the entire stock.
50 Per Cent. DISCOUNT
or, in  oilier   WOlds, everything goes at  HALF   PKICE.
C. F. Eagles
Opposite ths Bank of Toronto. Ross land, B. C.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.       Spring Beans
Brussels Sprouts, Leliuce, Celery, Toma-oes, Grcea Peas.
0. M, Fox & Company,
106 Knst Columbia Ave.
Telephone 66. THE   IKDCSTRIAl.   WORLD,   MARCH   10,   1900.
j he said cheerfully, "and, I say,  I wish
: you'll kiss me j ist once, Serietn, even il
I aui shiftless."
Z l.i..,- was dead.   The house was quiet
Yn„,.„     .      „,,,,, i and in perfect order.  Never bad it been
OU'BB a dreadful shillings man, ,  ,   ,,.,    „, .., „„ .„ *, ..
„   .    _,     ,, ,, 'bo, even   at  [eittVI  MOOIloni men as
/..In,. Tlrr...   if la.ill <iau mta hn..   I _, ,    , . ,_    , ,      ,       ,
1 Iniliksi'lVHig,     Iur     /, nine    hail   always
been pit'eeiit.
The (inicr.il was over and the relative I
,.-„.,-. . ,      il.-ii.tit .1.   s 'tissa w.ts bI.uic.    8l.e tried
Mrs. Tirrell spoke Willi great  asperity |,     , ,   , .  „     r.        ,,   a        ■
■ r      ' I to drink miue ti'.i.   ll WOUld cheer her
-ut.'Ul. a dreaillul shiltless man,
Zadoe Tirrell, II y.u aro my tins-
liinal, aad you're getting mnro shitless
every day ol your lile, V inme day 1 i
don't know what '11 happen."
bi ihe halted in tlie dour way and her
narvum eyei icauned the disordered
/.lln', in bis shirt slet-v.it:, rat comfortably reading, surrounded try tut,
psges ul a Sunday paper dropped in
ci.Biiee about him. His shots were • .tt
' >..« had l.tn-i, kicked int u tie Unites!
corner, the other lay ou it) side un.l.-r a
table.     A   piiclirr  nl   »»...'ii I   water I
atood on ttb I ililn at liis ulhi-y,   Inn tbe
glssi (ruin which ha ha I  urunk   wa, lo
au uniteady poiiltuu un  the irii'. of a I
bair-clutlt chair, while ou an. I iur si.....I
» plsts ..I cookies.
"I j tsl wi,l, y ... could see yourself I"
■he -veal uu, ci ui in iuti Uib i.iiii .villi
an energ.-t c iu Ifemsol nni t-.m-.-l til in
to draw his leal a i lustily a. »u« re,-
rilr, I the linn ii "r, plli-il a slieet nf
papar under Hn. piicln-r, an I n .-.in lu
pick uu the papers, " Yo.t'ie a right to
laelaolal,   Z.lttc   Inrt-ll.    .-In. . ii i,s.-. I lln.
piper, previse y, arnugsJ Ibeoi sooonl*
ing to unlet,  aud phl:ud im n. ill ,1 lit I Its
pile on Ibe i.ililc.
He «st -h.-.l her moveiiiBnts com
place... ly. "1 i-xpeul I lr,-l y nt c an j* i.l
erahly. d.iu'l I, Serial.?" In, queried.
up and Sicily Inn neivcs. Site was
trying to ho resigned—everyone had told
li.-i she must In—uu siniiflinw alio did
miss /.ill H! .Ireadlully.
"1 liein-v. I ii.'lievn I'd ovan like to
see i Him' ol Ins clutter," she said uiourn
lolly, as Iter eyes took in the primness
nf the room in Its perfect order. "Il
looks di cud ml cild aid iuueial like this
av-ty .     .lilU'.t  ll     o it a .ail '   aval de id,  allld
'tavoiilal always sluy j ist so an I never
look lirrd-in again. 1 cin't Blind il,
soy way."
sin- juiiipad Irum her chair, and seising the neat pile uf pipers on the table,
with a wild toss ol her arms sent then,
broadcast through lhe room. They (ell
wilh a rustle that aeut a thrill ol glad-
nt'BS through Henna's sire heart.
" 1'iiHt crackle does lo'ind kind o( oom-
I'nrtiiig and natural," ahe mused. "But
things 'ain't all riglit yel." She twisted
t'.e c'.i.ir.. around in all sorts ol positions, pat the head-real on the big arm
chair askew, and pushed Ihe lidieaofl
I'i' Stll.1.
Suddenly she paused. There was a
Bound, a I,in-step, s line one ol lhe
nsig'ibora   wus   coming,     lint   how    ii
Site was crying oil his shoulder. " V.tll
don't never hit il 11 call yourself shiltless
again." sin, Bslbbed. "I don't care how
y..tl >Ij tilings. I d in't care oue mite
1 gii'S. there's lhlU.fl w ni.*'.. bring
ahitUeSS, a cl—ami it's juu, Zadnc."
"I'm   tlrra llul    Burry, hu'. bo.ubIiow   1 snundeil   uu,.  Kulou'sstOPl    It was UO*
cin't set.iti lu heip it .    I (Oppose I'm  a iiiistski'Bl.le.
prefy p .or stick o( a bu.uaud,  and I It was/. I'lur.   She awuku   (rom   hei
wish I was heller." dream wilh a suit.
The aim ast childlike smile ou his (ace
p i,n.I utilise ted     "V "t are a dre.ull.ll j    "I cti'-.s you'.f ri^ht about my being
t ul." she cuaie- cl.   "If I   wa'u't to ablflleea,"   he sail.    "1 had ought  to
(m I of j, i ii I'd bitblnkloat I'd made o h ts Hi tl thn: fence bston
very poor baigai . when I married you,: I rc.l.y ought.   The c aw, got out again,
2  in J   but  Du.ebo*—."    Hire  she! and one >•( 'em I cuu't Uu.t anywlieio.  1
•topped. Iii'1   lung enough  to iiihiuI   things SO
"I'll warrant y.u '.ii..''  u l.-d Unit   'iwouldu'i l.nppeu agaiu,'..' I harnessed
nu.lh pasture leuce y.'l," al.ee.uclii led    Op nnd   thought   perhaps you'd like In
'Ni,  1  'ain't.    I'm critug  to  pretty   drive dawu with me and lee it WO 000 .
bbiu."   Tbli trout beliimi ma piper.       ,.ind her.   li'. gaii.g tn be a dreadful
" '_■ tt.ac.y will hi it ray I iu • (f an'1 pretty evening, S-rissa. Why, S.-rissa!'
he put il. p i.iu I, and you'll Itave lu pay
lor getting 'em out. Il cob! you lures
.1 .liars la it Wrfjk, Old three dollais
would n.nd tint lee," und du a lot
ia .re l.ung, line need n.-iug .1 uie ahull
I ill house t.tal diil.'i never goi tloue.
aui don't iiev.r loem likely to, 'less I
ni'.in,  and   1 'alu'i com, lo lhal let.''
Iliitirrel the theei uiieas.ly. "I'm
g Uttg to t ul loitiuiiiirr.M' tu iriuii/
I re.lly aw, ail ymi won'* luol lo
but rr any u are ii'i rot It, I w ill ro i
ill lu't   tike thing, so na .1, Srn.-   i "
'• '.V intre'i that linkslralu need..I
h wing out iur two ii.-. k-. an I )0adidu't
K*it ruiiinl lu il. I had tu Inn, A nl I •
llutlcr ti come and dill, and lo lend I •
the front door lu eh, aad put up ihu
Hanging ihell Iur my preserve, and
carry nit that truck I give you last,
bouse cleaning lime u nl y..u sal I yuu'o
uul to next day. yVuen I Hunk ol it I
gel cjuiideiulile riletl. It's put ■ (I -ml
pal off, in I drop lmugs here uu I itiuve
Ibiagi there, aud uu ati.riii ui uruei n u
li .lhlng.     Musi    w.ii.i -..    a     l.i   gel   IX
"Vou dun't never, do yo.i? You're a
pretiy p.uieut woman, considering all
luiugi, Herisru." He it. i al hei re-
lloeltirly. "I guess perhaps l'.l go 'lung
00V and doolie or two things I '.III',
Hi.isl.ed yet. 1 might ai well, 1
Me arms ilnw I v,  dropped  Ihe  piper,
and itirted Irom  the  room.    Hi
■truck lit.- bare lloor ol the kit -net.
"Vou 'iiin'i seeu my limns, have you,
Senas.', V ju 'ain't gathered them up
in sen., ol yuur ilicklng up. have you,
.'vtiss. .' Tury il ua'i st- iii tu lie .lay-
"When did you liav • 'em lail7"
"I tl an't know. W'l.eu I came in, I
suppose. I dun'l re.ueuiber, but 1 sup-
pole I had 'em. 1 haven't being going
at... king-font, bave I?" He looked at
bar perplex d, Thill he glanced .1 his
(set.  "Tboie .tucking, dou'l  look  '.
To All Whom I: Mav Concern:
You are hereby required to take notice,
and you are hereby warned, that the
rules prescribed by section 53 nl thr
regulations ol the Provincial Board ul
Health re smallpox are in (orce within
the limits ol the city of Kossland, the
same being a health district. As defined
in such regulations, a general vaccination of the inhabitants ul Ihe laid cily
ol Ronland is hereby ordered.
K. Kimiii'K, M. I'.,
Medical Health Oflleer.
Washington at met, Rnaeland, B. 0.
Dr. lteddick will ba nt. his a like between the hours ol I and .1 p.m. aim
7 aud 8 p. m. daily, for the vonslu .Hot
of ull poor persons al the expense u( lilt
local bbard.
Hated this third day ol Kebttnry, l'li.i.
A S. QoooSVOj
Chsiriiiun I, aval Ikturd,
A . A   M iiKooZHi.
John Dm*..
John S. i'i.era.
ll Columbia Ave., nrit door to I.a'onde's.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
H.illll'.lTIKll & lll'KKIM'..
L. bor Orgssizot'oos uf Resilsnd—Meetisg Diji.
Ut PerMesl, 21 Neala fer 16, ft sir XsihYg
• Finst class service nml good cooking a specially.
Dining room ..u... I<< <l lo Ottnw* Hotel.
Wii-lmiiiioii wtirtt       Thr MIS5 ROYDS. Propi
!■' nut .t.■' glvi n on all kinds of Brick Stone
Mini   wood   work.    Cottages   itn'   all   kinds of
■ I   .V   >    al . IU; ■,   a    - l>.   '   1.1 ' t V. StlO))   111    I . V I    Of    I      II   IH   I       III
lirxtavr. ami Wathiugtou atrrct, Kossland, B.C
lie. Iheir l're6Ciiptiuoi
1' I led by tbe
Rossland Drug Co.!
A Full 1.1 tu-ut Kvrrythittg ill Our I.lnr.
i.'.-- .■ t's a Call.
r.iiuiiii.'.i Avenue, next  tbe  Bon T. n
r.M.I. AND 8EE  I oil  Yul'KsiCI.I'.
H.ilite.i.l i'i. W.igi.', eaar. Knil svr. and
Ml.   Iiliigloli   at'iil,   ,,l It   t I,..'* II.g I.Hilts
rpiing j,L'kt-is hui in-w arsppiis—a
Splendid and w I assorted hue ..I ,n.:b.
I'lie.r .iii.-' ii ekaea', in saliu |tifl
shields, l.ioeiiy Bill anl I'uiul Kspiii
IV.i.tl.-i.iB ale qoiOl tellers. Kur luei.'e
cioli.ii.g, lli.ir reduced price ia haviug
a i!. .ii ng ill cl uu Ihe stuck.
It will pay you lo call al K.iglei (ui
ii.ilhur.y aud ladies' (uruiBlilbg. ul all
If you want the best lunch to I e had
lor your money iu the iltygo to tbe
I;.:--, i 11 • tel. Home cooking and lirsi-
. i t-s si-iri.e.
Kollowing ii a list nf those who id ver
i,,.   ii-. in tl.e lxnt'sini,i. Woki.h:
W. F. McNeill, Shoe Mto-e.
Hunter Uroi., genenl merchindise.
K npey Broi., grucories and genls fur-
T. it. Morrow, druggist.
0. 0. [aliunde, sin. • store.
C.U. liibson A  Co.,  gents' clothing
and notions,
li. W. M  Id ids, li.ndM.irr.
l.oro.. Bros., hooks aud stationery.
fie- i nt Dry i.T..Is,  furnishings, dry
jl   goods and clothing.
ni'.sv.s dealers
Linton   Bros..
Book Store,   .It! Columbia Avenue.
Le Roi Stables.
Heavy Transferring.
First-Class Saddle and pack Horses.
Tslsphons No. SO,
I'. 0, Bob IBt
|      UlllllUUUl J j
Lending Library.    Latest Novell.
Office Supplies, Etc.
The City Bakery
Washington Street.
I. the spot tn Ibid .-• ...1   things lo  ea'
"nl reasonable prices.
Try oorgoeds, and make lile en-rest
(ur your wi(e.
The Amerieun  Tuilnr  and  GentN1
FurnUhiug lloueo.
Sii i nadf If unlfr. Saliifadiei Giimlrfd
No. 8. First Avemit.
TH.viii.S AND LAUGH COl'NCJI.—Metis every
Mvoiul aud I.until TiieS'lny In each mouth at
7:30 p.m lu MiuetV I'nissn hall. C. W. Wilson,
bee ; John McLaren, 1'rea
KNICIII'S OH 1. iBOK-Kostlaud Assembly No.
i6n, roe* lathe fi<at ..ml tin il L-rJdays of each
month t ; i" p m. in Miners Uuion hall. Jas,
WUkei.Sec.; Win. o'Hrieu, Prea.
every Friday of eaeh week at ;* w u. m in
Miners' Union halt. V. K McUotisM, prea ;
A   I  McDonald, bee.
mini-US' UNION NO 38. Western Federation
of Minera—Meets evtry Wed'tesday evtv ng at
;,," o'clocs t« Mluera' Uulou hall ji... Ur-
vine, bee , A* I.  Iloutiton, Prea
the last Suml.iv of e«ch mouth ut Mluera1
Uuiun hall, j r Ba kdoll, bee ; R. M Hlland.
Mtel the first aud third Tuesday of each
mouth 11 8 p, tu lu Riattv'a hall. »■. u iiux
314* J, b. Kooison, presideut; Wm Coss,
—Meets every Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock
in Mil era' Voinu hall. P o Box 41. Paul
JotTner, bee.   Geo. Cuuuiugham, Prea.
Thnt our Teaa and Coffcf* are the CHOICKbT
ftnld in Rosatand. Today, when teas nnd cof-
freaare puhhrd so hard. It i« atiaolutely nee-
tfuaiy to hive an article of unusual merit.
Yon will find It here. Glaaaware riven away
to customeni.
Pacifc Tea Co.
St. Charles Hotel.
Sl.oo 1 Day Houte.
None but Union Help Employed.
\v. Columbi. Ave., |u.t atountl the Bluff.
Wholeaaleand retail dealer* in Palnta, Otis,
Varnishes in-.-i - ■ Wall It.i-.li aud Pnfuters
s tj.'.r-* Coutracta Am for i.-'r" hanitint
and decorntlutc. Office -mil tore Unuiels &
Chambers 'slock. 39 Cn.umbia a:e. under Domiu-
on l.xpieas co'a. office.
N. t\ V. 'Phone 182.
Canadian and Kentucky
T.ourbon  Whinnies.
Railroad ind Miners' Check! Cashed
Co*  First Ave., and Spokane St.
Bargain* in second hand good*.   Give u* a; call.
It will pay you.
Harry  Mcintosh.
Enign    Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Corner Columbia ave., Washington it.
Kossland Hotel. wo*mbs*sb •**»»,
I Opposite Hank o( Montreal CliBtubers,
t- in,-  Whiskies ami   Imported  Cigars
Jerry Spcllnian, Proprietor.
Cor. Spokene Street and Columbia Ave,
JACK HLUNTISH, Proprietor.
I'd been out ■■' doors aithoul my shoes.
1 mind have ba I 'em lomewhere,
"Where do you genernlly put 'em?"
" 'Mod iny plice. Just where I happen lo be, I nuess. I 'ain't very systematic, 1 know, but I've got kind ol Into
the habit ol It?"
"You were lu hsre, wa'u't yon?''
"Well, you a'iu't looked here, bave
"Why nol I didn't think. Somehow
it didb'l seem to me I'd 'a' l.-li them iu
the siituiK ru'itii. I dou'l generally, do
I, Serliia?   I don't mean to, I'm Bute."
Tbe perplexed look on his face hroml-
ei.ed into B smile m he espied one shoe
and fjroped (or it under the chair.
He gated about helplessly for ita unite. | ington Hired
Morrison A Uryentnn, groceriei.
M. J. O'Hearn, olotbier and Halter.
I'aulBtin I'-fis , grncerisl.
Wm. Lietj-n, i i.'.ta manufacturer,
Vancouver, 11. 0,
Tiivl.tr A McQtiarrie, lnilors.
I-aciHa- Tt i Oo,, leu .iiltl effues.
M. W. Siiupson, neni, Itallonsry snd
0. K   llatlis.
Mstropnlitsn II-.'el ind Har.
McAuliff, tailor.
S. i.l'.-..., furniture.
Kiiliner A Mclionigle, groceriei.
Huffman Hoitee and Bar.
Ensign Cigar Store.
Dyeing and   Cleaning Works,   Wish-
"Ihe other li't here.'   ^^^^^^^
"Have you looked everywhere?"
" Whst'i thut in tho corner?"
"It appears to be my other ahoe. I
should reslly my that it was. Did 1 put
It there?"
"I Biippom ymi did. Twasthere when
I came In."
He opened the door slowly and
turned, one hand on the door knob.
BerliiB wai putting the last ol tbe wood
en the lire.
"I'll All tbat wood-box right uff now,"
Daniels A Chambers, paints, oils, etc.
11 "l.-.teiid A Wright.
Dr. A. Millny, dentist.
Ewert Urns., Jewelers.
Tbe Internalioasl
l.-Hisn.L' A Nowman, grocers
Rnisell Hotel
Simpson A Jones, grocers
The "Strand"
Kiltie.' Millinery store
K.isslsnd Drug Co,
0. M. Fox ti Co., grocen
0'.'iT.ni in Transfer Co.
K.IBlat.slar.1 iu Kussl.nd. B. C. il, >Byt,
Tclrphune Nu. 39.
ill Electric La
None bat wbito help employed.
Notify us.    We cull  nud deliver
Columbia Avenue, near Postofflos,
Coffee House.
Opponito tlm International   Until.
Ltinclios of every decription.
Courteous treatment and the bent
tlio murk "I affords. Open day and
night.    Give us a trial.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
Oppcsitf Martin Brother*.
I can clean or dyr anything In ladle*' and
,:-ni''iii-:i - im-11 (live me a call and he cun
The latest improved mill itii'n.iM.I p.. r..»s
enahle me to Ruaranice the prompt delivery of
all order*. Work will he called for and dellvcied
In nny address.
Miners' Union
Dining Room
Dominion Hotel
Only Union Help Employed.
Regular lto.tr.I. per week        $5.25
Meals • .25
First-class Bar in connection.
Dr. A. M1LL0Y,
Office ovar Rank ol Toronto, Rosslind
Canadian Pacific
And BOO Line.
New Fast Daily Service,
First-class Sleepers en all Traina.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelitoke Daily (or St. Paul,,
Thursdays (or Montreal and Hutou,
Tueediyi and Saturday! (or Toronto.
For rate* and full information addreae
the nearest Local Agent, or
City Ticket Agtot, Rowland.
Anting Agent, Kossland.
W. F. AsnxRBON.T. P. A., Nelion.
!■'.. J. Coviat, k. Q. P. A., Vancouver.
Northern Pacific
The Dining Car Route via Yellowitons
Pirk.   Kaleit and Beit.
Equipped witb
I'u i.man I'n ia i. Cabs,
Eibuant Dmn C.IKB,
M'u.ms Day Coacbbs,
Tnt'B.BT Slbxi-inu Cabs
Thrnngh tieketi In all |uiuts in tbe
fniieil Stitei and Canada.
Stssmiblp tickets to all parta ol (be
Ti.keta lo China and Japan via Ticoma
aud Northern Pacitlo Steamihip Oo.
."rains ilrparl Irom S|» kanr :
No. 1, Wen luuimi, at 9:56 p. m., daily.
No. 2, Eisihotind, it  <:'J0 a. in., daily.
For information, lime ends, mipt
■ml tickets apply to the agents ol the
8. F. AN- E. W. BUFF,
Agl. R. M. Ry., Koaalaod, B. C.
General Agent, Spokane, Wash.
Aii'i Geo. Pissenger Agent.
.ii-iiiii Wi nl Mm
Nelson A Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain   Ry.
Tt.en.-i'.y Direct Route to  Nelioo.
Kssln, Kooteniy Like and
Blocaa Poioli.
Evsrv day ...   the   vrsr   between Spo
sane, Kossland and N'vlson.
♦♦>-»■»»♦»♦ ♦♦ «♦♦»♦*»»♦♦♦♦♦♦»
| $-**+»*4-ii4-t+i*t-till********
8:15 i.m.
2:15 p.m. -   *   .«*■*■,, -    i*..aia|..ui
Arrive:', lllp.m. It.issland I.v. II :25a.tn
I1AIIV 'lllll.B       .
Spokane •   •   6:16 p.m.!
Norihport _•   12:'M p.m.' One Year   •
Six Monthi
The  Headquarters,
Cor. aVnhln(~B St. sad first arc
No chinge ol cars betveen Spokane
and K.assliaa.l.
Ticket! on uie all over lb* world.
('lost! connection! st Nelson with
sti-ainris lor Kiilo and ill Kootenay
lake point!.
I'assi ngets lor Kettle rivrr, llonndiry
camp and lloiindary crerk connect at
Manns and lloiiburg with itage dally,
E. W. H. Ir, Agent,
Rossland, B. C.
Sbaiib A Dbwab, Agenti,
Trail, B.C.
If  A.tAt-anv, 0  P.T. A_.
*>|. tksiis. » i.
ii *
A.l.lresaJ.Ml Commun.ralloni
♦ ♦♦♦♦>-»-»♦■♦-»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦->»♦♦♦♦-» i 11 !•;
INDUSTRIAL    win,I.l>,    MAK  ll    IU,    I'.iiju.
Union Men S-liut Out  Hut  Stand Firm
To Their flights.
The closing ol the llrent West Sid-
dleiy Co.'a works, established at Winnipeg, has developed into u much mure
serious ail.nr tbitn was at lirst antici-
pated.    On   tbe 2(lli  o(   February   the
company closed tbeir factory Indefinitely,
withoiii assigning any particular reason
except to give the men tu umleretaiid il
win. .ti .ti'.'..ind nf lhe d n 11 ne. b of the
market and Ilie imiiieiiBe Itook on hanu.
Nor did tbey give the men but twelve
h.ths' notice, though Ihey have always
required one week's iiulice from Iheu
As is nearly always the .- i-u tin, laid
off men got an idea ih.it the dullness ul
trade ami surplus atoek waa in t lhe line
cause uljlt.' sli.ml ..i ti. and begun lu
investigate the muter tbiuiigh Ihe
trades and la!, .r cuiiiicil, which .1.1. •
gated a I'nuiiiiilt.e to Wait on Mr,
lltltcbins, the malinger uf '.be properly*
whii, wiihout besiut.oii, made the
whole miiltur clear.
Some three necks ago, .lining Mr.
Ilulohina'absence, tin, men, feeling Ibal
il would be lo their lotoroot, and within
their reasonable riglilH.loruied a branch
of Ibe IiiiuinitiiutiBl Leather Winkers,
and secured tbeir charter from Kansas
Aa soon as Mr. lliuhins returned inul
heard ul tho act of his empluyeea, be
determined lo close his limits, which be
proceeded t > do without delay, bill
withheld the real cause till naw. He
stated that he was: perfectly M'.lifled
with the men, but the rules of the iiiiinn
which they had jniucil would conflict
with the regulations under which In-
bad determined in run his lai I iry. He
knew Unit mil..us weie organised rim.'
in i ti'Me nun Tii- ' ■■:«■ en employer suu
employees, and wa» bat lhe preliminary
step uf the men in his employ lo
iniitiguiutit trouble.
As far aa hie position is concerned he
is perfectly unconcerned, as lit, does mil
care iiiti.-lt whether hu cut.I nues his
inaiiulac.uriug brunch or not, but, if hv
wishes, hai command of all lhe Iii'.or be
requires. He further iiibiais il.u. be hat
an undeniable right to employ aud discharge any Ui»n he sees Hi.
ll   Ibe   men   s.uul.1   ,1 n mnce   (lei
union, he said he would give Ibetu em
has   already   received   and  recorded  a
ceildicale of Work."
TbiB dtiea uway with or.e of Ibe hardships of tin, prospector, uu it will como
luto force after two week.' publication
in the (Juliette.
l: iM-liiii.l   Trade*)   and   Labor   Otiunoil
Telegraph .Mr. Unmock, M. P,
Ii is Intended lhal the government at
OllfIWi shall nut be allnweal to forget
that British OulUtnblani <ire feeling the
need nf some leglllstiuU against alien
i iii portal i n of  labor  under euntill't, tl
II ihowu bv the lulloaing lelegnuu to
Mr. linstock inul iii.' trades tml labor
Hon. W. II. llistoik, O'.lawn—A ear
load if Slavonian laborers, imported
in.nt Minnesota,  landed   ai   Rotslsnd
liiBt week . We nquesl you tulvi.-e gi v
Viiimeiit ib lfilereet ul hiimaiiily Bid
'Canadian Oitlsenihlp, Take steps ll.il'
j will stup lhe wholesale Impel L.tatti by
Ihe paid iij.tt.is ol the mine owner.'
association. These in ui are paupers,
iiuil.leln speak the I'ln.lid, lung.lag",
and would nut make ihtstrabta Ctiia-luin i
Biilij cm, having already evidenced a
disposition to lawlessness. Ni Inh ir
iroiibles here, ll .r ami. ipHli.it of such.
All difTerencca settled in Slucni. 'fU
certainly uu outrage to Ibis commonll)
to     have    Ibis     Uiidtsiiable     elemenl
III Mi Jal-'l   iu    our    cily.      II III .I.e. Is   ul
mil.its idle l.eie.
Tkaius ami Labor Cocbcil,
Cuntiniieil from Kirat I'nge.
when it oiiiii'H to a show-down, de-
lilit-nii.-ly forsake their standard
nud relinquish tbeir principles,
getting uni of tin* full execution of
their duties with us little wi rryand
fatigue nn possible, Il is u matter,
we believe, that should reoelvo the
iTirel'iil oonsiderstiou of tho citizens
of Rosslaud, and especially heeded
by tin, i-li,.irii.ti.i of llu> board of
Nnw that it is ubivoraally acknowledged
that   my   patent appliances   positively
Cures Rupture
and are guaranteed to give
linliB Siiilicliiiii.
The   billowing   ate   lite   n.iners    re-
ported on  tbe sick  list   Kiiday t veiling,
Murch Ol    John   MiPbertoii, (J srles
N, .1..Inn-on. ilithii 11 ii.n.ti. A. li. Audef
boh, W. ll.tu...., l'. J   Voting.
J. C. HaiiBiui.
II. S   Lit
.1 tin. .- tbtil.
v.k 0 mmltiee.
OKI li. II .-
Si. (ienrge'a  Church,   un   Eirl   .it
K .1.1.1 nv meeis. Seniles at baft) a.m   i__i.._x_i_i   ii/^„ij
..a.m. and 7::i0,...n.   Sunday rxbuol   Industrial   Woi Id
ploymeut, put nig on   the uiarue.i u.eu   ai 2:30 p.m.
Blonce, and IbeliilBliceina tburllliue,,     -j,,   .Mrlliclist  Cl.nreh,   Washinglnti
street, lieorae II. Mi.r.len, I'asl.r.    Bor,   IstheiTiediUm
vices at  11 a m. and 7 I'M p.m.   Bobboih
School und BibleOla'lal :'::liip.m.   Bp.
w..r.hl.>.g,.ei.lC.i:.,Mo,.d,y.^p.,n.   by whjch ^
hut as long as tin y staid by their ur
ganixation ho will I live Doth tog wi.ai
ever lu do Bill, tin..., mil Let a.mid be
make knuan hii propositions lo Ibe
men as n gar.ltd tulrl lOT Work, WSgrl,
etcetera, al pTOtt-t ut least.
Hie   llirli I brown i III   of   wuik.letl.il
they will b nnd iinn by iheir anion, and
in this are luicked by the various in..,
orgauixitiuns thiuughuit tl.e Province.
First Act uf Miiii-ier ol Mines I'sseivc,
Higbrsl I'raltu.
til: KM.KM:.-.
Beam, per Ih      6 In I
Brooms, earl,         SSlofll
llulter, |*r Ib     :io .... .
Bsoon, best, per ib     lotni: reaches the
Hulk Oil, per gal  GO
lllsruiis, lanry, per Ib  25 In f.
Cheese, i-er Ib  10  ,.,__„ :.-__,_ _*
oi,ocui.te,perib ,, workingman,
Oscoa. |-sr tin 85 to 10
By his first  net,  Son. Smith Cutis,  inrnuical, |«r 101b sack  -Ill
it.iii.sltr ..I minis, bas shown  lhal be  Coffee, per Ib     20 In 50
not only doei iinl  iiii, ml  to allow pin-: Crackers, sodas, per Ib         10, I.".-
trasiiiiitinn in i.iiiln.i iiim.   but lhal it. j Corn, |.*r ran  II
addition lo prumplurrl in ibe exctultiu.   I'liiiieal Itnits, |ht ran  "'«
nl Im.Ii.lier he has ruii.e applet lali.tit i'i   <  inm .1 p. is, |aei can l-"..:i">
the itr—liol n millingtuiiiiiiiiniiy. Only I Canned lieai.1, per ran        IS
lail  Friday week  a  iiteuioilal  wai fur-   iMBsh, per buck    ,...., 26
waided to him ly the lb a.land Uuaid m ; Dili '. Inn's, per Ib     UK   IM
Trade, telling lurth  I ie Injustice and   Egg., per dux  .'-"> n.-m
hsr.bbip  inib.itd  no  ibe holders ol | Floor per sock I->. I v.
mluenl i Inline ind pr»»pectori bunus, . Grsnolated sugar, II Ib (or..
ol the ruling! of the ix-iiiiu.iler tigai. it   Ham*, per lb   	
I'luana.Billing   their property.   These I Honey, eomb, prrcake	
rulings ii err 11,at no eertiltcale ol im-   Imperial oil, 6 gal. can	
priivi-na ut    should   be   Issued   lo   any   l-r.l, 61 li psll ...
miiiria   i-liliii on  which lesi than flvr! Uumlry map, per bar
rendu at.* ol woik I ii I l>c ti recorded ;   Liverpool loll, per oOlbiack
6 and A
and the
can Know his
friends by
subscribing for
Macaroni, per II,      18 to SO
•   ;,,"J! The Industrial
and Ibal no excels nf work dune  turn
to 1 *,'-■" could now be recoiled n such
• isr.sin. it  work.   Iii  M iiliiy'a extra I Noli, pttf Ib	
(laselle tbe   lulluwing <.,.ln dn-council, Kulle.1 oali, ner ll lib la. k
waa published, showing thai Mr. Cu.n-   Pieklea, mixed, per quart ...
had alius ed  nmhiiig .., inlvrlere ai.h I lt.ee, per Ib   	
the prompt rxt i mini, ol bis duties I Salt liaison, prr II, 	
"Whereas, There is d. nil  a.  lo lh.   Sago and lapi.-c*. Hill, :l Ibl. Iur
liilenl t.l aecllon 6, Mineral Act Amend-   sunk Mil. per MIIibbcS	
mint A.I, USB, ml ol lection SO. is  *V"t*. per hall gal. lln      50 to fi.',
Binrnded...!  Ibe Mineral Act, regat.ling1 Tomatoes, per can  11
the rn. mini asirsMiiritl woik si. I  lb.    Teas, per Ib 35	
Imiiiiiii. ..I   inmef, !i,g,lbsraui III..'   I'-'I'SC. n. per 11. '..1 ... I..':.
toll.* value nf |W0, and  Ihe time ...   v-n1<»'' P-»BbI JOloSB
liniFSBheiiMi, b ......nli may Ire mad.   Wheal mani.a, |.kgs, 20; bulk  per lb. 7
las|..i*   a   rrrliliiii'a*   ol    luiprnv..... .Ts Kill It.*-   IM) VI 'ilTABI FS
|..r  g   iMiii'ill   r'n in   mnv    l*e   tssu.l:   Apples, per ll> •'-ind >.
"On  Ihe ,e.otniiniidiilion nl the u in    llt-rl*. per In ,
i.tirii mine., theLleoiosBtOutsipbi, QtollBowor
lay the id Tire  nl  hn exeeulive mtii.-i'.   I". lery, per  btiinlt
IU.I under the pruvialoni ol  ItMlloa lil   Cahhuge, pel It.
ol  Ihe Mineral Act, bas been plci.nl lu   .{rapes, |-er bosSOl
older  tIn-  Slid  seel ions 6 ami 00   IO tn   l,.n
interpreted »o as lo |M*rmil a  Iree inner i Onions, per Ib.
who Im applied by sllidnvtl (or it cerli    ...,,.   .       |j,
dial* of iinproveiiif-i.ls,  lo receive   and   ■ ■,,,„„,.     ,,■ „ |t„
reco.d a rerl.ll, ale nr crrlilicsles nl wufk   t<«.Ii-lit-s-. I '..in, hes lot
lor all or any assessment w.uk dour h> | *»,,„th|,  j^., -,,
him or bio prsdsesssof la Uilo olooo the I g^^t potaioi    i
tnurdiiig nl the mineral claim in excess    .-„_,.
nl the value lor srhlob  he  bog slresdy     —
i.biBiiii'.l rertili.flles nl   amk ; provided,
"That at Ih* lima il applying for sod.
additional OSttifloSlS, such ilsim is still
in im-ad .tsndit.g sill lis- iml lapsid or
plhrrwise become invalid . sud pn>v:.lnl,
"Tlutt in this tnrlir.iliir ca^> abor*
raferred to,   lh* BllbUvIt   rtqnirrtl shsll
« World.
-   i
Lansing & Newman,
Successor to A. C. FRY.
Having puri'hiised the A 0. Fry Slunk of Groceries, Etc., we w'bIi to BiT-
noiinee to our many friemla, sb well us thoau of Mr, Fry's, lhal wo are very
ergtdy iiieieitsiua niir stock, and from this lime fnrlh will curry a much
wider variety ol goods than the old Arm. Indict you will be able to obtain
all .In|ile und fancy groceries from us. Thu imbue will quickly diRcover that
mir piict'B ore what they iilmu d be, ami latilfaotloo ia absolutely guaranteed.
V. & N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
I Invite ths very worst esses nl Infiuits,
Ci.ii.lren end A lulls, no mutter boa
bail you may be nllliclel,
I will pay yuur (ire both ways if you
can [ores the Hernia down ill any puei-
lion wilh my
New Retainer on.
Wliut Our Leading Physicians Say;
Ottawa, December -■•, 1« -!>.
I   hive in.11-1. pleaBure in testifying to
.1. I.. A'uisirui.g'a K.iilny iu the ii.rclutn-
itTil ircaittiifut nl Hernia mt lltipiine.
He has very siieees,Hilly treated ..uitinls
a.I mine ranging in ago I, tt >, lew
uu.ml.a   in tin  veins   "1  Rge,      M  11  of
these patients were atlli i.d win very
'...j.* uumausgeable lie.i.ia, wluun
failed to lie rv I lived hy all the i.uiies
tried. The principle -.1 thil patent B|<-
plutiii*,, leems to be nerleett i'ne .up.
purl Ib directed agalnit the Best ,,I the
rupture only, an.I en he tnaulpul und to
retain as nraiely. I unheslta Ing y reo-
omit,,.ml Mr. Atmsit.u g to theuunitd'
. raiiun 11 the proleskluu sod Ibo publiu.
lltsnv P. Wiiiiun, M.D.,
102 F.igiu Street,
Ottawa, Di-eember IS, 1S8I1.
J I.. Araislr ma. ('I -i . Ottawa:
D,,«i Si : tn my praollo* I nseeo*or I)
lltr.-l » ill. u.ni.y tu*. 8 nl Uni.lu ur Ku"-
l nr -.    |, i,ma it,, past lit.ft.-.-ii   lea,si
1.1v.- bad occasion iii use i nn - * ,,i man)
p t'-rn , ai". ii e mil I reiullsnlatalnetl
la nil k II  aid     |'i.    'nia-ia.   Ti/,. Vt-r\
,1a.alls' ii Inn.       U    III   I    ll-c  Ii'i'il
y-nir   pil ir    bi .  'a" ••-   .• j    tml    ..,
y..ur>, It, «.I l.sv. I. en little In le     ban
.... I---      I i.ilu, t.titl,   r.t'.uii ...... '   sny
one till c ..I «.lb Hernial t.ia, ,.ly IOJ   II
ttl ...... , s. .1 I I.I.e i... du,'., lhal  ever)
im. .a.-...   physician, us  b*  hecoir*.
«* ....   I yuuri b lily  n niv nip. .•.
adl al tin .1  ,...i in ..lap.
li ulia A. A. HbXubbbux, M |).
4.4 Allien S.teet.
' McGonigle & iCo.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruits, Cigars and Tol acco?, s'ap'e
nnd Fancy_Grcceries. Etc:
Orders Solicited
/rd Cclivered
Raymond Sewing Machines
Ball   on   tin-   \Iirk».   and   b'I   L.tesl   [mpmvemenlp,       F.i-y   Itii-iniog
Drop Ilea i.       ('etui..I be Itittt iu Pi ice nn I Quality.
PRICK $40.00
.Taylor & McQuarrie,
IS Uu'iitn'.ii Avenii.., |(«Fslund. II  l).
■IS..1* Agents.
Du-emlar IS, IK-Sfl.
I have iiiieh plea tin-  in irruminend*
Ing ... ibe attention „l Ibe iiiuleoslo • s
llernlainpnorter, theInTeoilon ■ I J. I..
Armstrong ut lldiel y.   Attn ie,.-..i-d
lnals ol the llisliuiiieitl, I an. s«'l-tl.d
it.Bi It is lhe iiiosi ribei. nl ,rua. i„ ibe
|. ..nit..,,. A> rigard. iinalr t.l s|i;.bell.ut Binl re.nli', ii Hands alnne In this
i'..unity,  embodying   Ilia prinidpta   ol
I x d sT|.|sirl. mil Iiii   y |.......... in tbe
I tin, int i i nl beiiiis, n ci .nu ii ii if Bill
■ bars   Ibal     .be    M) .Utile   pa. s.nle    is
|.f|..l.|.-.l    I.)   Ibe Ball     id     lhe        b,l    liell.
Voorstiuly,    C KOUUROn, M.D.
I have th* privilege of rsf-rring ytv>
In several uf the m*asl r. I. hie ladies
.u.e.l by my appliances, in In.litis lhe
• lie nf a |''.'inntent minister til the
(impel, wife ol a prominent lawyer,
wives ul im. u,-rch.niis iuid tiHiers, in
rliilinga I.AHV 0.4 TBARfl OLD. anl
lit.I bet nf on.' of ...ir iiiu.t pminineiil
nierelimis. These ladie" hive nol worn
■i.y suppoil Iron une ... (uiir years, and
11,   si .1.   then.   Hirer-  ••■<>..
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies St .ves and
1< irircs,  Titc..  Etc.
Tit :i :<:> I   • BI t: RBDUCTtOiTa IX
Mens Furnishing
Crescent Dry Goods Si.
restlmnolsls   (srhlob  fill  ton  touch
spsei) lo Ihe elllcieneyol my spplloOOM,
ihove all  01 belt, fI  tl.e l-.lluwioii rr-
sprelable relideiill ul Yicloria,    B. C,.
L, (i.'u.lnire, K'.|.. IJueen's Market
purveyor ... II. M.'s Navy, miner Uov-
einineiil and .Inhnsnii BtftOtl) It. lln,.,-
Irsv, K.-i , C. B., :t tj.irbe,: Strool; J. 0.
I.limit,  Seerelaty  II ...d ul  lire Underwriters;    H.   Man-ell,   l...| n built,
08 ....v.th..fin  Si reel;    J. (•iscuinhc,
miiier, Uorl Street.
Transfer Company.
,,,.  .........  m*      J   Subi
OfiORUE i'i NK. Mgr,
Tin. Only Trsnslrr nr  BgOfCOl OoflS'
Stale Ibe total amnnnt   nl  work .1-..,.-in   P»..T in K.ssl.„.| t|„l aill ,|. liver roof
rrunks b.r .'.a ceils earh.   Ihree d.)s
siotng* lie*.
each Msr sin.'* lh* .late nl tec ir.l nl Ibe
minoral claim mid tb* value there..I fol
slrh nf such yesrs, also Ihe value ..f ,b*
sork 31 well ni l.c rsSfl  fjr nhicb he
leltpllOU0 37.
bscription $a.oo per Year,
Advtrtising Rates Furnished
on Application.
I will iie ai tlie Allan House
MARCH 15,16 & 17
International Music Hall.
KinlPrudiirliniiol /.INN ttTJASSlDY'S lleiu.ilul Irish Drsm-i. Kntillni.
"The Lilly of Killarnoy,"
The Lillle Favorite,
A. "TllK LILLY."     And all lhe luvurllss in IheCisl.
8onl HMrrine Irlih Airs, and lh* Lalei. New York  Haiiool Bun Mil..
An. ther K,<,...--! b.r .he (!..... Lull.b.e. "DONT  YOV OBY, MA  IIABY.'
New Se.nie K.n*elS, Ktr. OofflO Kn 'ly Inr a Hotal Meat.
J. L. Armstrong, H.S.
Simpson and Janes
A Complete stork of Orooerlsj slwsjg on Sand.   Also a Full Line
of i''iinc.v EvSpOtOted Praltl just reOSlved from California.
V I N. TslSsIsOBS US.     Sii'imd Ave.. Opposits C. P. R. Dnpot,


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