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Industrial World Oct 10, 1900

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■ . A  j-i
Vol. 2, No. 12.
ROSSLAND, B.C., OCTOP       io, 1900.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
I Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
■Iaa*»»Maa»aaaiMnnaaat>aa>>MaMM>aaaaaaaaaeai* <»*!■■•
The New
See Our New
Fall Stock of.
Ijidle*' and
Children'* 1
1 t-r Peat tlradea at
i'..rni«r Price*_
W.F. McNeill
M  V I   ll.l.'k TO I'll-. I.M.I ..I*.
► •/•j****!  *■!
■»♦♦♦♦♦♦»■»♦»♦■»>■►■. 999****9*%r*ar*t/*Ai*»r*A9999**** ****** *9*r*rm*y■»■»■»■»a——a
'1')..'  (•.III.li.laic.
Trusses ?;
The  I.tug,..1 '
t I
The Strand I
ii * I
1 ♦     The Most Elegant and    |
2 Luxuriously - Fitted
t     Bar in Canada. : :
X "    ml
Z A Fioe Une of the * ;w
T  ni;
I Choicest Liquors & Cigars {:'
. . . .
I • •
School   Shoes.
The lung jollv vacation is nearly st an snd, and tbe lioyi and girle will need
-Innil slines. ilr mg i bfiii ben*. We can fit the buiy leet with lootwesr that ii
isde to itand the atrain. It ii not high priced ihoei, nothing flimijr. The eal
ret ol ils durability is really no iscret at all, Ihe il.oee are made ol|leatber, rea-
•atlier, snd put together lor keeps.
j_* O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
I Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish-
Preserves aud Marmalades- Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries aud Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, RossIand,'B. C
! j^M>—44MMb^^fc<fc40^am^<Ml>4M ##♦####MMtMMMMaOM
Christopher  Koley   wm »Wn
Onto "i |S4.s. |i\(. v-tnr* later hi* parent* removed Us Patiet (int., where hi
uuiket oh bll father"-** farm until U
year* ui -in-', win 11 hi itarted out in
lilt* for hiin«e!i. k(,'»*K to the **outheru
pn 1 of the Cnited State*, wlicie Intra.elhd  extenaivoly,   until   I*'-*-.    when
he left the aoutb and OH nt west. Kr.u h-
111X tlie mountain country, lip rnmuieuc-
ed prospecting, mu! Iuih minrd -mid pro*
peeled with v.»ryir-j- moQMI from the
City ni Mexico to tht- Knurr rivrr. In
1886 lie -rttlnl in Vancouver, where he
engaged "• «--nt ratting, .mil Micereded
hy cln*e attOQtkn tO bwlnt-H In ««vuin*
iiLiiin-.' <nm>!(lrml>]e money, wliirh he in*
vested ><) ViiiH-ouvrr l'.tl ■■-!.iti' Ths
panic of *Wl an,I the ►lump in real cut a to
whirh eocbrapaniod it hit Mr. Foley
hard, and he wag compelled to *-ncrifioe
mm h valunlili* property, nnd to
■ *»ee l;   new   tirM-.       Two  year*  Inter    he
1 .Hl'f    (0     I!' "-IjIIiI,    eilld    riitllllll'IH'll    AH   «
>..m kiiiK mini r tn the ( oiumnndrr mini1.
Since then he h.i- followed tiie o*tvu|Mi-
tion of a miner nml hai worked in ner-
•t.iI minef in the ramp, at proem being
Jwnployed   in   the  Centre NUr mine.
He hnd heen -■  resident   of   KoM'and
(hut  * few nii»h:ii*-    when lie Vewune    a
me-mher Of  Ko-lnnd   Miner**'  l/iiion   N'o.
Ilia  fellow  member* nt  OMO   rerug-
niaed   hi*   great   eiecutive    nihility.   Mid
hru-t   Inm   to   the   fprtnt.    Alwnyt   refua-
nn to  lin'.I   ni.tiiv   1.iii-1-,  proffered  him,
, he   ha*  alnm»t   ever  wince   hia  ndmiotum
•into   the   union,  IWn  n   memlHT ol   the
eireutiw hoard, a  nuM  roapoiulbU pool*
li"ii.  and  0B0  0 lm h  often «nlU  f««r  the
0 , mo»t- hard I nit it n.i I lm win,.*, KMOa which
Ot  lh,*  Independent  Ubor Party of Brit*
lah ObhunbUi
Following in Ihe platform adopted by
thr N'elwin convention o-f the (mlt'p.'ii
dent I .ilc'i- I'arly of British Coluinbi-i,
00   whirh   (-andiilute (litis   Ktilty  wnuirely
1.   t'rt'*' t'onijiiilHiiy etluration.
'J.   liciral   working  day  of  eight hmtm.
...   -Government msjii-fi nm of .ill  indu»-
4. AtNiittmii ml contract -\H.«'in 0*0 all
ptiblk-   Hi-ikh,
5. I'liiJ]--   MH-iii'iMlni-   of   all   fnumluHe*.
ti.    IV1I11 lu tii >n   of   A.-u.ctH"   111umgr.it iou
aud Uie regulnuon of all uiuiugmLiou by
(111   rttih-.ilum.il   lr-rt   AN   Ul   ItlUlliglllllt'H   tlt-
111-*, uml Uie nhohtion o-f nil *%*>* _d iu-
ilttcementi*- .uul inivilegeit to fori'ign imnu
er.iut*.   to M-ttle m  tlie   TXmiinion.
7. Aix>ht_on   of fluid   Ulior under   12.
8. Albolition iu' the -f--' tlejn*it required ui all .-iiviiil.it.* for the Dominion
9. t'ompulaorj nntriLratwa of all labor
H' rrohiUUon of priaon kbor in competition   with  free \sUm-.
11. All i-ii. tn'ii daya to be made public tiolidayp.
12. M'uht.i'ii   of  Dominion   nennte.
A   IVrtinent   Query.
If there in real pro-pcrity. why hhmild
the l.ibeluU e\|N'iid no nni.li Hltrg| in
altem|rtiUK   Ui   pinvr  it   tn  the  !H*-op|e *
Kaiiey   gt»*il**,   hull'   pru•**,   at    WoUftOt'
JliaOi   Devine.
The aecreUrj <f the f__if.pti_gn t.ommit-
lee   had   tin*-  to rniy:
There mm bo no ipietttinn of «luuhr
■bOUt   the   result   oJ   the   eleotum.
Foley will j«hll n larger vole whers tho
dintrict i*» more heavily jK>)>uIated tlian
either of the other cnndHlateri before
the  public
The two old {Mirti*'H qm the nivumctnt
that the fnriners will \tite against tin*
Labor t-andidate, bnt it ia nln-urd to
think wi. Koley 1mmng renred on n farm
knows the wants of the fanner much
Intter  th.in   a  lawyer. •
Our ('.in "han i.n 11.. > * are being nyw-
tenmtirally BtOOid out of their ntmingn
by r.iilnwd promoter**, trannportation
<ompanie*i, ete. F_nignUion im alno another factor which bl doing inr.ih-ti.ihhi
damage to onr fanner*. Tlio inducement*
given \*y the government and rnilron-l
i-nniMinie*- to emigrants to nettle in Can-
atln arc becoming n menare to our people generally. The railroad cqmiKUiie*
me granted the land in the fonn
of "tdiMJdie* by the government then
ile*]hitrh thei ragentw all over Eurofpe.
gather up all tlie human being*) who can
put up n forfeit of *i* .'■<). Then a mortgage || taken on the live* of encb and
every emigrant in the hIim-IK* of ho much
_ a month. The rnilroail -t-om-Miny ami tho
Utriiiiihhip i-omiuiiy t*eing oue nud tlio
same ntie tan readily under»taml tho
n Ivfint.-igi'si the niill*ofi<l .tn.l rtOMMUp
t oiiii'.iiiie- ihiive fntu thin *>yitem of
immignitJoii. The < anadian fanner
nitiMt have » g'MHl home, god literature in
tht* ohupe of newMiKiperx, l■*•■ ■ •-.- Ami
uiu**ic,   and   BQch   othOf   thing-   iih   go   t.i
ha*  in  a   remarkable degrei>, j
i.   Inflnem •     ■ Ith    tit--*   RoMdand i
union, u well -•*■ » th Iho wholeFoder
h.i-  been  rtm1
« 'nml
• 1
0  rtntloM <f the  WMtern
Is busv all day aud ev- J
y day ni
delivery of    	
Groceries I
d, a.___B . .provii ti  ill.* executive l**n.| ..f lii.il
ay niakiiiij prompt Si._.,   _. ,      , .
- *»     _ or r     *,great   nts.iiiir.it n.n.   and   111   I la.it   |.*»it*on
lie hai -I...HI1 inarle.1 ability. Thrrr or
!..... vc.iis .... Mr. Kid v ...iiimc'i.ed. the
•tad) "I -.si.il 0111-tinn*. ami thai -tll.lv
lia* plaicd 1. -... in t)ie Iront ninl* nf lhe
social Slid |s.| Inj! It-dinners nf ll.e llo*
Inici!.. ...1 .1 •■. he '. 'i.-c-l Uie
n..iiiiii.il<.ii. "il. I..'.v -....I "I did not
want tl> .... .iin.iti.ti.. In.t inrler Ilie
tii 1 uni.tan.e*. alien lb-*" i*niveiili.«i ,.«k*
eil me In l-e llic *1.iiitl,iid Itca.er. I
aitultl indeed have turn .' lr..i|..r had I
ref.i-.Hl In a...-|>t.liir it I cnn-i.lcred
tlir- caii-e  instead  of  my-elf."
tn i-i-prc'itt  tl.i.tz
to wise people Do you
2 bny here? If you have
5 uot been doing so here .
X arc a few thiugs that will J
X tempt you to our doors, J
X or to your telephone, and J
• will help you in prepar- J
ing breakfast: J
Gerniia, Breakfast bood, 2
Self Rising Rucliwhcat 2
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
Our Business
Clothe People.
Oil Clothing,
Dress Shoes,
Miners' Shoes
Dress Suits,
Night Robes,
U mrellas.
{"IS M wl mfl
i J 1
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works
OppOtflfl Mnrtln Itii*.
I cm deen Of tine luvthiiiK ill iRitira ami
ar. ilimin » tnt I,Ire mr n 1 all s*nA hr
tnitt tin »il The lalrat inip'ivr-tl niFrhiti-
• rv nnd prtx ra*en innbv mr tdgnnmnlee
ItiepfOtnM «Vh\er>«»fBll«rt1rr- Wmkwlll
brcnllrd lor nnd -Ml erdtu any itlllll
t**fe"*vi*M ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ #♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•<♦
O.I lh.il l-ies.itplii.il. I'illcl
I.y lhe
Ros,5^and Drug
: Com pany :
A Full Lint 11 livtt-fll.liig in .nn I.lnc.
lilve U. a Call
Kn-.l.A-ii. list 11 I*n. K R HtanKi.,Msr.
it.liituliia Ave., ttrit la lion Ton.
jt \X...: . .t ..... .
tot -ie best hand made miner'! boots,
to to igaew * Co.   Prises nght.
The   Mn.   prom   the  4uO-Ko.il  Ua**A,
I'llli.   Kitley,    t.i      yen   in-   rxlrntl    tlie
iil.itl  h.ni.1 ni v--l  faUowablp,   Kr..tn tin-
fmii handled  foaUeeal   ol    tha  lenirn
Star  I......*  tie  uclmine >*..n  It. tl.e  aiena
nf |st|iln*      Wli...   l.ai   drop the  steel   t"
tale the BtmBPi  si- kiitni   tli.it   ,..ii...nic
not   as s  tell seclii i*.   Imt   in   ansm-r   to
dnli*  -.11.    We  •>*-  no -n|.l.ilr>   in the
line,   iilllch   .all   f.il   .mil....small      Wc
kn*.«   llinl     i.u   bale   Icnicil   ll.e   mcit
umliiiHt   tnitli.   ulli!.-   trorUng   -li.ml.ler
In   .li.mlil...    ...   n.ilnr.*'.   in*.._>.i• ■ \...ill*.
sill.    Iha   mrit     |.n. tin iiik    tl,..*   fn.in
11I1..1. tl.e nation', iraodear -t.i-ina..
II.   .tt!...iiii-   u.u.  ,111.1   ut*  1 1...tn*,    i.m
- >|. ..tl   lln*   I-.in.id   t.111   ane
In  tain   llic   I*.unit-  id   I...ill   ui.l   lin*
il..in toward tin* ti-- 1  "*  nalvanal  )"*
the    li an *...i aid ... ...... ilep toward
it end 11c -sill u-i -.!..I..*.I 11.1I1
III.      .....HipI1.I1111...I       I'.i.l-llc.-ik.
Date Fixed For'the   Dominion   General
Elections -- The   Premier's
Ottawa, Onl., IM. S. (Sp-aclal.) Aa uidciiu.iiiin.il wm p,twod
Uid ipprovod todny dM*r»l\nnK Parliament and n ptvdHUtfcm will l>e i»-
med to thnt effe.1 tuiitotTow. The writ* for n kciici.iI ehitiun will nlno
In' nuilcil' toinoitou Nonin.tu^n- will take place ,.n (I.t. Ml, and rutin*
.1 wiek later mi N'<v. 7. ihc eam|Kiigu will thiif* he .uie nf the ihoitOtt
in lhe hiMtory'nf Uie country. \
Sir Will rid I-iutier left tonight for UoBtfOOli fletoinpnnnd Iiy Hon.
Wm. Mufodt. The 1'ieinier ttill bold a M-nen ,( mmi tiii(y, dif* datee of
which Inm* idre.uly bOtQ K'vcn, in QttObOfl duriliff the w<ik. nnd will -tut
in Ontario uc\t week, e-munciu inn nn the Kith iu Tornnto. 'Iha »tlier
DMttfofl lie will hold m Ontario have not yet heen tflUlgO*^ hut it turn
bOM fixed that In will -I'e.ik- ,it l'.uk Mill -in Sittintiy tJie 'Mh. The
Wflta   .nc   111.11k'  reletmihle  on   I > e. 5.
*>♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4^
The   Issinle.iu   m   Unt,
All  IndloNloni point  lo Koi. v rot eh
uiy   1   m.i I'M 11 y  <>t   the  \0I1-  1,1-t   in  the
Ijiidcfiii    nnd   Tti'ut    I.-.ik"'   Q unti..     The
K-irfie,  pobtltbod  iit   Pa^puoQi  doduoj
thnt  the  tHntrtol   «ill   do  it"  «h.nc  tow-
juil- elecUim the labor enndldttfi   Good,
The Blooto.
"The MOfiO i- m line." "Y'U will
hnrtlly kmnv theie Wtl .tny other eHiuli
dttC hut Pole? uhf-n yon Nod the return**   from   the   Mm an."   ami   »>iiuilar  e\
pnotdong _to hoofd frotn evfryoni Pnm
the Hloeon ronntry.
'Kolry  will  1.mv    Roteletokc    by   •>
hmdeonie   mijority,"    ttlifraphl  Krank
Cllig   from   thnt   city.   "II il.-.i)   tnen
will il*e   «<.liil   for   him.*'
Win.   M.ieAil.im-.   editor   "l     the    I'ny
*.iie.ik. Rondont w.i- in ton ii tie -ii*., m\
ile wioli conferring with the leedeen nl
th, Lii.01 Part) He aui to the World!
Thorn i- nol the iltshtoel rloti I
I'ole-i'ii tdoctton. Tho Wooon will ..i-t
thret eotoo for him to one divided be
twetfl  ihe other two nndtdotofi11    The
Tiiv-tte.ik   will  tuppoti   il ominee ol
the  party.
Sloean  (itv
At   Ihe   Provin.i,i!   eleetlofl   !.i*t   -Tune,
Bloean i lly eoel liw vote-. A lettor to
the World otetei that  100 of theoa will
he m*\. fur Foley. The labor men there
nie aetive and the Ktlion 'onventioii
had hnnlly adjourmil before they were
hard nt work. Onnniitlce rooOM have
hern fjitned nii'l tie eOOlpi nenr thnt
etly ,iie Iieiiiy OOVered  I v  men front S|.»
mo I itv.   The campaign In the loenlite
l»   in  t'linrne   of  a   MUnOnko   ofthei.tmli-
ilate, John .\. Foley, an old nnd oxptr
ttncfd  worker m the labor  movement
moke life worth living, for i- <i rule tba
. i.i-- oi emlgranU ktol) ionium to oor
ihorei do n"i detdre enj of iImm thingOi
I im|oiiI.|ii|!v    he    can    -nli*.!-.    on    mu. li
Inferior  Inod  end   h'«  of    it   than  oar
< .uiuImii i.uniir 'lh- leadi to onr
im ii poople being paohed t-» tho will,
boing un.ii.ie to «*rtu|m*ta* ignlnel tliooo
Lumi!-. tt ho .lie Ua Inferior meittnlly
and ph>**i..ilf\ Id .it i.i»t *-\\- out (or a
I, h doHan to lOtne mortgngo «r boidring
InalituUon, whn h. i ernaiw, hao \* on
bleeding him for ream- end Jobu the
grani ormy e-f [ndkmUielo ond becomw ■
unit   in  the  already overcrowded   Wi-.r
Onr candidate le tor the farmer! ju
well ae tho mechanic, lu idnvrti he i- thn
e.imluliite "f the mamee nnd vtando for
tho intere-t of the people, He Ie certain
to draw a loige bunineae &nd famtr
vote; the miner*' COtO li •* fOfOgOOO
concluelon. Ihi rJeelion 1*1 boy ond thn
prmdventon »■/ •*  iloubt.
"Foley will more thnn break even hero
nml   in   ihc   ridingi"  wuk  n   iteipnt-h    Tt
ceivi-d by  tlie  World  yesterday.
Don't foim i lo be pri ■''■'' il tho
gland i.t11tii.1*'on mecilng lo bo
held    in    Mim *-'    ■  n < n    hall     I n
day  night.  K** rjM oo  In  -- mnathy
with the Indt pi iiilent party movement ihould attend tin-, the open
iuK imm tint; ei  the campaign. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
W—XNESDAT       October  10,   10O0
The Industrial World.
\ Semi'weekly   Cilit'on.
Published at the Miner'a Union Hall,
""ossland, in the interest of organized
labor  in   Uribiih   Columbia.
KtaUred st the Kumlaml, 11. U., poit-
ollioc for tniii.iimi-nii.il lUhrough the
mails, November, I Sim, aa aeoond-clasi
reading matter.
'A.   C.   Thompson,  Editor  and  Manager.
Office   st  Miner'i   Union   Hall.
Payable Invariably  in Advance.
One year      $2 00
biz  month!          1 25
Ulinu  month!            75
Addiesa all communication! to the Industrial World, i'ostollice Box 558,
Rossland,  B.  C.
The Industrial World      lor sale at lhe
followwig   news   depo   .
Simpson's   News    -.and.
11.  S.   Wallscc'i   Stationery   Store.
Linton Bree.
P. 0.  Ncwi Stand.
llarr'a   Cigar   Store.
Canada  Hook  k   I'rng  Store.
Alulae  Bros.
King k Co.
Secretaries of alt unions sre authorized to receive subscription! for tbe
WEDNESDAY, OCT. io, liwo.
For the first time lhe World
must appeal ta its friends fnr financial a**ist-.nc*. The campaign ll
on. We wish t.i .'...upletely cover
tl.e c.in*tit.n*nt y witli tin- World.
Tn t|.> tl.i* money will ba iciuiicl.
Kvery ilnllar tniiliilKit.-d mil Is-
need during llii" .snijiiian in further tl.e mtcn-.i. of llu- lalior
cause as we ace it. Your dollar
for sill.-ii|.|i.in will lielp. Send it
• In eiery hand it   is . .inc.lctl tli.it the
■fight   is   -lad ween     K.tlcy   and   MacNeill,
fSallilicr  being   l..i|>cle»*ly   liesten   al   the
out-ct   .1   the   camjiaigi..     I... ,tl    I.ilt.T.1
leader, admit thi*.   Tlie best kunirn Lib-
eral  paper i» the cnn-tilucncy. lhe !tn»--
lllxl   Miner,  admits  it   in  Tuc-.il.iv   ........
ing""   i—uc.    From   al!  over   ll.e  district.
the  same t ry gin*,  up  Irnin   ll.e   I..1.....1
•riinp.,   "Wf   lie  Beaten."  Cbuervative
•organ* ami ClMiaervallve I....l.i- ,re be*
(inning in rapren doabta >.f tbeir .......
Winning ,lu*i at llus pint tinn are "i-h
in remind oat l.ii.r.l friend, ol ih.ii
ofl repealed protestation! ,,* ni, ml.|,ip
toward  labor, ind  .-l  llielr  hostility ...
''"■   ' rvallvea    Tiny   hare   ilsray^l
expected laboi i.> bellere tlieir prntota-
I....... and  weie hurl  >f  in, doubl    ..f >
I'.. ■  I     N'.ny  iheir
I'.'-r.   and   iheir   nr*** n-<—     that
ii.... candidal, i» weal ud Ihat the,
aannol  win with bim, and the question
Is a.hed   if Ihry  .tiiieti-ly  loTsd   lalsn ind
liiicil the Cbamiatiees,  If ...     i..| tl.i.
Will   I..'   linked   ll|« 11   a*   a   let.   ll.ty   .an
not ni.u do ethanrlae lhan thnw iheir
►trenail, m the l.tlsn  Party's oandldate.
I'm "U prove vtiur.clf 11 in-. I ne.,,I l.ili-
eral '
Mi     tnhn   !l"ii«l'iii.   Ml" i*.     Kelson,
}..*   leant.si   hi.   Ics-on       Ile   nnw    a,Iniii.
lleil    .   tteit -p.ii a t   I.n I..   .11  ttillcen.e  uith
the uniler. the ml  H qipoaa! iheir
deiii.tinl- Inr iiit|c|H*nilciit t ,,f .-hi polltt-
ral parties. l|..usl..ii is a \.,.li itiiiulier.
already, anil he nil! mil know what
slriii I li'itt if he cut .nines liefnie the
elct tin.tie an,iiii | tail..l. in in vt i in
gin ii
The lalmr |icnplc nf K-"t,-ii.iv IW - .liable ,,f la-ing jn*l as good (si'iii, i.ms as
•other people. They piovnl llii-ir nihility
I" irr.i*Ti the situation and l.ihe ii.lvan
tase  of  eireiiin*4fliiee.    'Ihey  day   i.  nnt
far distant when the, will know <*ii<.inil.
to l.nlil Ihe top hand in all klndl "f t»>il
tir.-il    nMliiteiiiTC..    ll    -implv   i..|imi.       i.
Iellig.nl  action.
Nothing   .an    withstand     the   nave   >*l
BMittment   igalnet   pai-tyim  now sweep
ing  mrr  tin.  district    N..  ....in   u I x
i        in lead in ihe lui....• m ..   ittempl
lo hold il  back.
Beery man who waa In Una tabor Da*
shiail.l   i.ltend    tlie   ratification    meeting^
Kn.lij*   night.     IWl     I Pom   a   "«rirf.
r*+ ******** 9******* **** *+*
5 World of Labor;
■»♦•■» *»•*■*■**++++ ***999*9***
The cisika und waiter! of Helena un
iilsnit  lo organise a union.
A retail clerks' union has hen ,u*giin
izeil' at Fali-haven, Wash., with about 75
The llreenivnoil Miners' Union will
give a iball in lhe Ma-nnie building nn
Friday   evening,   12lh   insl.   Prof.   KuiilT*
maun will furnish the music, ind E. K.-r-
foot  the  refreshments,
John T>. Iincki-f.'lli'i* recently made,
the Siiellnian aciniiinry, a ni-vtro college
at Atlanta, Qa., a present of tlHO.**!.
of $1)10.0011. Ts.ok out for a niise in I lie
price of oil.
The cotton mills al Maiii-li.'stor, Kiur.,
have been closed down for nn Indefinite
period, thn.wing i.000,001 worken ""\
.f employment.
Edition*! lute*! Invention, ulinn*t perfected, is designed tn generate sjeetrie-
III* wit limit the u*c nf engine, nnd dynamos.
A large rublier hi tory to conduit lhe
rubber tn.-i has been opened ut Mill-
town, X. J.
In liennnnv nne nmn nut nf 21"! goea
tn college: in Scotland "i>- in HI- In ll-
United Stnle. nne in 2.000; in England
nne   iu   n.OOO.
Tom T.. Johnson, the —illi-innire sin-
nie tax orator of Ohin. w-lio recenlly arrived in New Ym-k fmm Knelnnd. will
take the stump for Bryan nt the latter',
The   sixteenth    minimi     ennventinn   nf
the indium. Federation of labor w-ill he
held at fafiganaport. Ind., nn the 2.1th of
thia  month.
The rcn-,1. of tl.e membership of lulair
unions in Cnlnm.lo ha. ju.l been completed by T-^lsir Commissi in- r John T.
Smith, and slinw tlie tola! slrenvth of
Ihe union., which number 200. lo lie
The army appropriation in the United
Stale, f.r the fiscal year endng .Tune
Willi. 1001, nu-zrciMtc **af.507..'U*, or nearly .l..i,l V thnt nf the wOt-hPl -Teatesl
militAry   isiivcrs—Oern-nny  antl   Ru.sin.
The 200 unnrgitnired real miner, wlin
slruck last week fnr nn advance in wage,
al (Vary. \Va«h.. have succeeded in .e-
curing tlieir demand.. Mr. Kulitr, or-
iranlrer for the W. T,. I'., anil William
lllnckmaii. -date r.iilmad mill and far*
imv iitHpts'tnr went nt once lo the scene
nf tie trouble nnd "rgnnired them into
n union, r-i.i-.iii*..I a committee to call
on tlie I'v-inniiera of the cunttanv and
In Iwo day. nseltle-neiii was a-eache-l.
ihe miner, .(-.-.ir'nt* near'.- .-II 'I.e.- a k
el tur The cn....! i. now prrfactl, organize-!.
BriliJ. deleeales In the A F. of I*.
..invention this year will Is- Peter Cur
ran nf the gaawnrker* ami .lohn Weir of
lhe miner..
The Man-Hard "-I -nmp.inv have rolv
Med . *, lite independent weMa nt Cs*i
f»m;.. .nd now ap.tcar t<> have a ceatv
plele   monopoly.
.Tnh llnii.iii.n. vice-pro idrntial iamb
date nf the Nodal llcinneratii- |«rtv
will lake a brief latatmn. after * a-esson
nf al.ii._t rnntinunti. «,ietikina from the
fir-i ..f the .ear. by i.-it.ng the wa.r'd's
la!«r .-.ogres,  in   Pari-. Septenilier Slnl.
The .niiei-visora of the cily and county
Of Sn.l Pianci-aco, Cal.. hue |t.—e*l sn
ordinance i.-'n inn lhe hour* of lalmr
from 10 In 1.1 *n lie 'a*.n.l' t— of lhal
plsee. Thi* n-ill Itcn.-lit '.'.i»>' Women and
Rome  "f  tl.e  mie.|. of   ihe WsCirf.
*. h *1el     in   New   Yn.l   | iv   1100   l
la, fir their rooms the .eir roaad.
IXatrirl V.-emltlv Id. Rnlgbta ot 1 ..i-a.r
In New Y.-rk. have started >" i«ltatlan
f»r th. deportation -f Cl.ii.-~e .«  An.
Kin. Leopold nf Belgium •• Iwiomin!
dhaiMtad *>ilh I"" mr* ..n<| Ibnalen* lo
.e-.'iiii    II.- pletanea i* ibsi Iha Social
i.t.   .ue     ilemaniling     liniver-wl     tsnltr.gr
ami  ih.i!   Ihev. aided  l-y the blwal  ele
menta, are oppoalng I... in.peii.li.lic and
miliian  _ h.......    ITowerer, then i- no
chance  (or  anv  unemidnyed   Ubnrar  I*.
ael   Is*.,',   iid..     Ile  want'  hi.  Iie|.hew   In
-ll   . e. .1    hill.
Tl.e Iran  kfolden' l'ni.e "f *-.*. Fran
• ■- Cal. have adnpted a re»iliilinn I
.•leil'imi   il.    mender*     to     siipisirt    Ilie |
• lin'icr hour nim.-ininl nt Ihe ahoe
. lerk*
ai m .i..*u|.h. M-.. ao onHaaaat iw.
bean  i*.ss.*.i  lafwa^m    ii»-   wagea   ol
l.wnuters   li..m   H.71   lo $3 and   that  ol
l.la.re.s  (mm  #1 .'*  lo II.T6.
Rent and Ihe mat "f living have in
. i..ii.! ni 1'ugk.u.l sime the Tran-ivaal
u.u began, nnd tin* pmeiM-i-ia f'-r work-
n.k'iii.n in* «!i->i!iii! w..rv and worse.
Tlw Mattel ■«>- tlmt witli Ihe return of
70,0*0 nr HO.nnb men to private life in
Kngland nl an early day. the places kept
n|K.n (nr MM whilst they were sway
will nnt onl, lie filled, but "lhe sella
tinn  d.r * I. ..iter hm..* nnd  higher wage.
..-ill l«- checked."
Thc.h.re  It.st.cvclt. iwndidalc fnr vi.e
l-r.-snlent     in   tl.e     I'niled   Stste*.     Iwa
.Intel   thai   hi*   way   of     tienting   thnsc ,
wilh whom he ilia.iniei* |ia»litieallv WOald !
bl t.t 'al.niil „ few ,d them up -n/nlc-l  n i
'mil and   shoot   nl   them      llc  is  n  Itmngl
hallerer ... Imperialism nm! mi!ii-iri*in.
nml «l.-.rr. |q it-rtaltlish nn immense
■landing arm,.    If   MrRlnll, trot* rr
ele.te.1. ni*d dietl. whal w.tnh! lie Ihe
l' 'If*   '•(   lln*   t'.,iti-l   Slate*'
Choice oreamery butter received regularly irom the Red River Valley
Creamery, Manitoba, by Agnew k Co.
Oood label printing at Stunden Printing company.
Smoke   Crown    Urant     Cigars.
Erie, Pa.
I   National New Era,  -pr' Kliei.i, Ohio.
1    The  People's  Paper,    Hanta   Barbara.
I    The Eagle night, Qrc-m-p, Ky.
i    Nebraska    Socialise,    1515-H     Chicago
itreet, Omaha, Neb.
Something to Talk  About.
Those 12100 auita for »13.B0 and $17.39
mm* for $10.75 at llolstead - Wright'l.
Morris * Crow sell high-olaai label
cigara. Tbeir Cuban cigars sll bear thii
Spanish union label.   Try one.
High or low cut shoes, but only high
quality at McNeills'!.
We sell good clothing cheap, but will
not »i'll chcip clothing. Hol.teid 4
American  Federation of taabor Platform.
1, Compulsory education.
2. Uircct legislation, through the initiative and referendum.
II. A legal work day of not more than
eight hours.
4. Sanitary inspection of workshop,
mine and home*
8. Liability of employers lor Injury
to In an ii. body or lite.
.   The abolition of thc contract system
in all public worki.
7. Tho abolition of the sweating iyi-
8. The municipal ownership of itreet
ens. waterworks, gas and electric, plants
for the public distribution of light, best
ind power.
D. The nation iii* tion 0f the telrgriph,
telephone, railroads ind mine,.
III. The abolition of the monopoly ,yi-
tem of land holding snd lubititntion
therefor a title of occupancy and uie only.
11. Repeal of coiupiricy and penal
lawi itfecting seamen snd other workmen incorporated in the federal and itate
law, of the United States.
12. The abolition of the monopoly
privilege! of iuuing money ind lubititut-
ing thrref.tr i system of direct iuusnee
to md by the people.
Pspers That Should   Be   Read.
We would bl pleased to have everybody read thc Industrial World, bai .
you feel »11—j .>-.*• I lo uo io, we wsnt yoj
to read aome other good socislist psper.
Her. is a liat you can choose Irom with
Ibe certainty of getting something good:
Appeal lo Reason, Uirsrd, Kansss.
Freedom,   Equality,   Vt ash.
Social Dcmocrstio tlcrsld, 120 Wub*
ington itreet, Chicago, j*i.
Coming Nation, Huasin, Wsie Oo., Ga.
CIsm Struggle, Ssn vraneisco, 1'nl . 117
Turk street.
Social  Gospel, South Jsmeiport, NY.
Ths   I .inm i.  Review,  , .on ha in, Texas.
Co-operator, Hurley,   mm.
Living Iasura, Sail i_i*e City, Utah,
*J 12 Richards street.
Critic, Rich Hill, Ms.
The People', res.. Ail.inv. On*., n
The Haverhill Socul |)eniners|, 25
Washington itreet, llav.-rhill, Mam.
The Toiler, Terr* lliute, Ind.
The  Soeisl   Forum,     ......u*.   311   t nily
Building, Chicago, III.
Light of Truth, JO*-**.; North Front
•treet, Columbus., Ohio.
The AltruUt, 2711 rrsnklin sveaue. St.
Louis, Mo.
..Electric Laundry.,:
You do not have to patronize
Chinese l.nuiulrles.
Oood Work,
. Reasonable Prices.
T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
********** +++++++++++++*++
... ..,-.?^.-t*5..N..\;..-,;. ;^H|-^oj.1;*,%j*-_u->z*.f>*!i
\V.t-.tllM.-t,.|| M,
II..V* \   W.i''.* n     I',,,,,, trtm *.
Ai.t. tiii: n. i na. ii-. or th« tiKAsort.
Hot and Cold Lunches
The Place to (el the Bnt Meal la the Clt.
Troatpt Beivira.
Mealr 25 Oenti mil I'p.
... j.: ;.,.;.;.. **+***y*\*******
Linton Bros. I
Books, Stationery, Toys, ; \
Fancy Goods, OflScc &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 36 Colombia Avenue.
X************************* 4**44+4+4+++************4+
P. Burns & Co. I
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- X
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. X
RETAIL MARKETS-Ronland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon, t
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Oily, Grand Forki, Gre uwood, 1
Phoenix, Midway, Camp Mi-Kii.iu.v, Revelitoke, t
Fiirgnmm and Vancouver. ♦
_  Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds T
X                   WM. DONALD, Mgr. Roaaland Branch. ♦
♦ 4*********4IMI-t-tfHiffH HUIIHHHWHnWlW
Election News
Don'l ynu think ynu should have a new suit fnr |s>lling day. We are
clearing out nur ready made clothing at the following it.Uictiuns: $17
suits for *12: $12 anils lof $8; other lines ut   $!I.J0  per suit.
Fine Underwear.
We liavc a lot of odd garments which we pku-c on oar counters at the
following   slaughter   pricea,   per  garment, to clear:    2.1c, IjSe, IU.*, 73o and $1.
Overaliirta   $2,   ..-It...,I    to   $1..W;   $I..Y1 reduced  to $1; $1,  reduced   to 30c.
Other Unci 4 for $1, and 3 for tl. See
Fine and Heavy Shoes.
$.V30 ahoea reduced to $1.23, 99 ihoes reduced to *3. (Iur sixvial N
Oeodyaar reduced to $2.75. Kangeroo, t.30 to clear; only a lew pair* left.
The  beat   minera'  .hoes  on  the  market $.1.50 to clear; only a few pan*, left
Sptrnded Lines of men's
Heavy Digging Shoes.
I.cilut .si to $1 per pair to clear quickly. Goods raid for cash.
We leturn  your money  if goodi sre not ...   we   r-eprcscul   them.
4*}      A Good Heating Stove For Sale aJ
e*^r     Cheap, Today. ********** \   *&?
The Central.
Just See Our Prices.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦» HHmHm'»»t»M»MMM»Mf»»T
' * _■
i... Fresh Green Vegetables... j
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
Some of ine Unci  have   been  entirely   cooood oat, bat we ban eaou-h left to
•wli.ly the most lastidious tsaie.
Men'i Tweed, Serge and  Vroctisn Cloth  $U.7S salt lot   $ MO
M.na      .  .       bu""' WJK •*"• '-**    »,ono
•JlOfl euit for   $usn «ie*» cult tor   flOJO
i"*_| •**"• for    tl0.7S Hoy.' Tweed  aad  Serge Baits.
!'•_ i»ila for   110 So ||_, w|t j0r   »2ja
1550 auit  for    |p...i ,r.73 suit for   HM
f 23i .u.i   lor    $||00 Mno „,„ ror   iu-
III H5  suit  lor      $7.21 $-as rn.it lor   $l.»1
$looo suit for   $S.7S |in nit for   $325
$1)30  suit   lor        S.»
Our overcnsl, go at the same reduced prices, u every piece ot clothing must
hi- closed out.
i! O. M. FOX & COMPANY, |
. 106 Kstl Columbia Ave.
Telephone HA.
***4 + *******4****4*** 444+4++++++++++**************++
Best m Cheapest Lots
The opportunit)' i i now pmsntcd to thc
public of buying tha bni and chetpesl residence
lots ever placed i-n the market In Rossland. i : :
The Nelson .*<c Foil  Slicpparil  Railway lia> just
completed iis FOURTH ADDITION i«. the
Railway Addition to the City of Kossland, and
it comprises the brightest, sunniest part, .1- well
as the Ih-si soil for lawn and garden purposes
within llic present city limits.  : : : :  Everyone
wishing in secure a good home and a nice place
tO build should Bee these lols and ijel our terms
and prices before buying elsewhere.
For Boys...
Vour Roy should he well
clothed when you can **ti such
lllg Value* aa we are giving in
Roya clothing.
v*a .1 1,1, i« ill him .ul wilh nn.
nl   lhaaa    nl*r    .will.      Tie,    ar*    m.fJ.
-.Ull"!.. ,„■... .Iiajhi..llii,.,l.
and are Mi.kahl. anl al, H.h *n.l wen
Ih.i   cu. a.i in a.. , i
Look ot Them.   -
Clothier.  M. J.   O'HEARN, Furnisher
i* o. nex aon tblhphciubs a
special Attention lilven lo Mall Orders
Stunden Printing Co.
1.11 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. e.
 -••   - -—   '■!' **^4^-t++i-i--i+i-f^^t^^--i-t+'>+**  ...
r.vrivlbili**.    half   l*it*c.   st    Willi**'!
Smoke W.  B.  Cigan.    lllue libel.
Corner Third Avt.
and Wasbtniiton SI..
Ntii 1.1 Mouetili Deist
sa«9 ►'^^••^-»«8«9i(«9«»«*»»«9eJ»»»«*'^^S^
Tho-s. Embleton
Thc West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the niiiner
- - Wants to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest , ft
Prices.     Goods delivered to any part of thc City. ' .VKDNESTIAY       October  10,  ,1900
The Campaign
(Continued from tirst Page.)
Kiisl Kootenay.
There nre no report! from East Kortt-
ji nay, hurt from all ivluvt was claimed Iiy
he delegates attending the Nelson contention from tli-iit district, there ia no
loulit of Foley nulling a Hug majority,
here. m
Foley Speaks.
"There ia no doubt that f stand an
excellent chance of winning out. In fait
1 feel assured that we shall win. Every-
thing tsiiiita that way." That wua all
,Mr. Foley eared to my, and it was
i null to slimy his confidence in that
. Fellow workers would do their whole
I'luly un  November 7th.
pivign .purposes, 'llu* miiii-iV uni..nn in
iill the smnll towns, and thc railway
Unioni on tin* nuiin tint* will handle tin*
bulk of tlie work. Happily the -tunly
men of central 11, ('. will not he loft to
choose between two legal gentlemen on
election (day.—Voice.
A   Dig   Jolt,
The Slnc.in il'ty ls.y* api>rtciiili* the
|-nc>->l of ii real live iai|H-r in the cuu*-
|...inn. and ou Mmi.li.y they jolted Ul
mt of our chair by t-cmliug in IH new
laubicrlptloni in a hunch, und pruuii-c
|ua a* iniiuy  nunc. I>n  it again.
Through.-ut the Province.
tic; rge  Maxwell    and    Mayor   Harden
lare  lhe contestant' in  Hill-rued.   Maxwell
the joint candidate nf Lhe Mbenl ami
Labor i ..it:,-., ami hii election i* lamr-
ed. It had been siippisiod tluit F. Gir-
ter-Ci.ttnii iv.iuKt coneat the constitiieney
tl.e   interests   of    the   I'ouscrvatives.
■ lint the lesson be received hint .lime was
autliticnt     and   he   refused   to   risk   an-
I other  defeat.
An attempt was made to defeat lUlph
|, Smith by a few dai-gruntled faiberata who
placctl a man ivuned Sloan in nomina-
I tion, but he stands no allow and will is*,
, withdrawn, and it i* very probandc that
', Smith  will  be  elecled  by  nivl.inu.tion.
U  il  eonce.le.1 tiiat  Ihe  two  1'i.iiscrva-
Itivc ivindulate.  will be   pnctically  without  .ii.|Hisition.
Labor1! Only Couiaii
In nominating n camliibile fur the Dominion hiiui-c. the iii,l.*|.i*n,:.*ni labor
party took the imly coursi- open to them.
Thc great llaulk of tho |.eoplo have no
confidence i nthe old jwrlics. They see
no difference botween the rind Ii*iix!im*h
except the old cry of tin* ins and the
outs. They find in their platform no
promise to undo in the future the
Wrong! that have been done in the Isist.
They find in lhe speeches nf ll.c piiifw-
ilonal polltloiani uo aaniraori that the
ivork  of exploiting  the country fur    thc
benefit uf tin* few i* in i»- bnught loan
end. In Impacting their claim, the people find nn valid title to power with the
party  politician! inapt   that ihc isu-iy
uunt- the isiwcr. Tin- people ri-uu-mls-r
the broken pledges nf the |u*t witli
Foreboding! fur the future,  ami they sec
un   rational    remedy bul   in take   ilu*
power in thrir nun hands by eh*i*ting
one  of   themselves.—Pny-.tie.ik.
a.m. Mike (iuydottl, free.; Jay Barton, Seo.
—Meets second Sunday in each month.
J. H.  Flcidier, iccretary,
—Edward Iloyee, president, Butte, Montana; John K. McDonnell, vice-president, Virginia City Nevada; James
Mulicr. accretary-treitiiirer, Butte, Mon-
tana ,1'. O. Box 307, headquarters,
Room 12, Owsley block. Executive
Hoard: John 0, Williams, (irass Valley,
Cal.; W. D. Haywood, Silver City,
Idaho; James H. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Burni, Ouray, Colorado;
Chaa. M. Moyer, Lead City, South
Dakota; Chria Foley, Ronland, Britiih
.lames Wilkes. preaident, Nelaon;
James Devine, rce-prcsdent, Rosdand;
Alfred   Purr,  leciotarytr-Wsurer,  Ymir,
There Is no noed (or you
In lose a Shift to
Today, Ml ner' ■ C**xka cashed day or
night without dls-cuunt, at *
Be Mim Boose,
Washington Street.
New  Wcatmin-ter.
f.tr the district
Thc Liberal convention
Iof   New   Westminster   met
day f..r ll.e puyoaa of choosing a candi-
the forthisiiuing election to the
ci.-mni.ai*.     'lhe     pnn*eeiling*
brief,    the   couventiim   lieiim
favur nf Mr.  Aulay Mor
[date  In.*
Iiou-c   .•!
were   veil
I unoiiiuit.iu.ly in        ^^^^^^^
risou.   Ml'.,  whn  ncntited   tlie   mnuina
Iiu  Obaaanrattvaa .it Weitmlniter yea
tenlay noininate.l
to oppma Anl.ty
the   furthcoming   Dominion   ei.eiii.ii
The joint eunvenlion of
8.si.ih-l l.ilsir Patry ami the Canadian
I Nni.ili-t la-ague look |Juce We-bn-wl..!
alternoon in Ibe new Soeiali.t hall,
WeAt.ii.ii.tcr avenue. The must Import*
am bnMaaaa was the f.mwl uniiing of
the two S.m iali«t soticltca and tile en*
tarring of Will Mart Sain as candidate
In tin- Delta district for the Hnniiniim
exliovernor   Dewdaej
Morrison,   l-'-crld.   •>!
the  t'1-.its-.t
Help   the   (a.l-e.
If you don't lielong to a union and ynu
can't get a vote, you can sn-t-ascrilte to
the li.lM.r |..i |.t*i - The laalsir i-ip.-i-
an* here to tight ynnr battles nm| Put
your side nf ihe case. They are here to
teach thc workers h.iiv tlieir lot in life
is to Ik- mnde better and to lead the
way. They are here to fight for the
unioni and In help lhe I.mi* Party lo
get I..1*.i reform*, and to avail ihem-
selves generally of eveiy o|!|sirtunity of
furthering the Iails.r cause. You won't
gel any sym|aitby I'mm tlie other |»per.
in ynnr -struggle, to better y.ni Ini. You
ought to know lay ihi. time. t*U have
only the I.tls.r pspcra to deiiend upon,
and if you don't -stick t» them and make
thiin -dmnp enough to .land up for you,
you won't improve your present pnsi*
lion at nil. Therefore, if yuu want to
help along the letter limcit, -ub.. nl..* to
your local l-almr papers, get others to dn
the .amr. put your isinie "n Ihe roll,
and pi.ml. it straight for laibor every
Wining tabs,  hill   price, at  Wallace's,
1 Union Printing
j Industrial
Special facilities for producing the
best Printing fnr Trades Unions and
Secret Societies. Hngravlngs procured.
Seals and Rubber Stamps.
W.   H.  JONES
in B. Columbls Av., KoMland, B.O.
A Carful Fitter
make!     a     atyliab     garment.
The cutting ind tilting are
quite •• importint si lue material.
ilet your clothea midc ber-**
and all three itemi will be
til right.
Our prices are not too high
for you, but thcy'i juit high
enough to insure you be best
worltmaaahip  snd  material.
Taylor li McQuarrle,
'. 0. Hox 3. IS COLUMBIA AVE.
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
Cor. Spokane and Columt.l. Ave.
Crown    Grant    Cigan,     Blue
Crescent Dry Ooods Co., Ltd.
Gent's Furntshing Department.
New Clothing
Shoes, Shoes.
Every Member of
Organized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
Oue year, - •
Six Months,
-  $2.00
Addreu All Communication!
Rossland,   -   -
i ♦ *
ci:i>nr.K FUNK, Manager.
Tbe Only Tramler or Exprese
Company in Rosiland that will
Deliver your Trunks lor 25 cts.
eich    Three dayi itorage tree.
He Fas) Line.
'"0 ALL pointo.
'i'llE   DINING   CAR   ROUTE   VU
_        Bafeet and Bait.
Solid   Vestibuled   Trains.    Kleetrie
Lighted.    Equipped  with
Observation Cars,
1'ullman   Palace   Can,
—egsat Dining Can, "
Modern   Day   Loaabee,
Tourist   Bleeping   Cars.
Throagh tiekete to all  poiata la   tba
United Statee snd Canada.
•Exec-pa  Sunday.       Trtf  our  Beetrie
K.  W. RUM-',
Agt. K. M.   Itv.,  Kossland,   B.C.
J.   W.   H1LI,
Uenersl Agent,  Spoksne,  Walk.
Asst. Geo. Pass. Agent,
Portland, Oregon"***
Pay  ll..y   l'...t^..ii-
A real luirgain sale i* ol present being
ondiii-teil   nt    the    w-cllkiiown     elothine
land  fi.ini-hing  -toe of .1.  II. Robinson.
|('..liiinltia   avenue.     In   men'a  underlie....
lln:*. cape, shirts and shoe*, a lol of <s],|
Igamitnl. and *i/c- have ai-i-tiiniil iln'j
during the summer nnd as Mr. Robin
aon Hi-he. i*. get iid .d the-c to make
-sm.i.i |..i* hi- iall st.s*k he is giiing real
uarp.i.ns.     He    Inm  also    decided   lo   «-.
nut ..( ready made olotMng owing t.. his
atore Wing I... -m ill and bin. markeil
lli. intirc .tnck. issiaisling * **"~ *****
tsecd*. wv.r.te.1*, aciye*.
down In price, whi.It riia-l.lc a man $0
Iniy n ic.U nice suit for $51.10 At Mr.
ltol.insi.n'a atrne will also be fnund at
nil times the mind uptitilal
Iwc.ir and   finny   fuiui-hing-.
irf    llu
hat",  nek
I'lMiimitli-e  Meeting.
lau.t     nialii   Ibeie    waa   a   meeting   of
' Foley's   local   citu.ni'ltcc,   which   hsd   ....
1 der   itin-iiliTaluin   a.   plan   uf   ...in|i-i'gu
At   the  lime of going  lo  pres. it  could
not   be   learned   ivh.it   had   been   ihs idft!
Colnmittec   RoOBN   H|iened.
•lame. Devine. s.*.*ri-lBry of tbe ltple
pendenl lail.tr Pally e.eeulive. has opened nn ..thee and commillee room, in
Rrownhe's Howling Alley, where he can
lie found al anv lime. Ilia office will lie
the pnrt\'*  lii-mlipuuters during the cam
Toys,   half   price,   al   Wallace's.
Roasland   Tabids.
Rns.lnn.t hn. led off the me.rcmcnt fnr
nn Indeticnileiit T-almr cnndi'lnle in
YalcCarils.n. At n mn*. meeting iil.cn
the nueslion Wgl put In n vote there
-rn* not nnn In .ny inv. All the minimi
camp tnw*n. nre in line, and Ihc purl**
eanilldale. now* nominal-it are n.d feel
inn hnppv. T!ie machinery nf the lnlmr
unions will lie  useil  fur Ihc  Inflnr  ram*
Labor U ion Directory,
Offiocn snd Meetings.
M.cts every second and fourth itwa-
dsy ia esch month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:38 p.m. in Minna'
Union Ball. C. Scbaisi. Dec.; A.
Ferns,   Pre..
Mecta every Friday ot esch week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' I nion Hall
A. Fern., Pre..; Frank Hit »ln>i.
MINER.' UNION No. 3$. Wesleru
Feileretion ol Miners—Meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock bi
Minera' Union Ball. Wm. Wulaa.
See.;  w. O'Brica, Sec
Vccia on the but Sunday ol rack
month at tha Winers' Union Mali, d
P.  Ilarkdoll. 8ec.; W. Toole, Prea
No. 2S1—Meeta the tint and third
'l u md ay oi each month at g p.m. tn
Beatty'a Hall. P. 0. Box 314. W.
Mr I.e-1,   Pm.;   J.   Ill-man.   Bee.
tmiKs .1  WAITERS' 1'N'ION". No- ♦"•
W. 1.. f \lc.l' ev. ri Sitni.l.n .v
ealnf at SHO o'. 1 »k in Miner-' l'ni»n
Hall. P. O. Ilox 11. I. K. Curry.
Sir.: I. II. Shriad. Pres.
Kxeeutlve Ibiard: E. C. Frairr, Rosalind; W. Davidson, Sandon; M. Kme,
lireeniv.-nd;   If   II. Pimnck. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, Punter,
and lleconton ot America—Meet! in
lleaity's Hall on a-eond snd fourth
Tuesdsy Wr.lnradar of esch month.
W, b. Murphy, pn,,; Ceo. W. Sunn,
N"K\\*SnOY8' UNION No. S-Meeta fat
Minsrr Union Rsll on ths Ural and
third   Saturday,   of each  month,  at $
All-Wool   Serge  and   Wonted   suits    in '''   ""' selling men's shoes below coat.
Nary Blue, lllack and Mixed, $10.00 to Men's Split Leather Shoes, $1 to $1.23,
$_.00.     All-Wool   Tweed   suits,   not.l.v <   Men's  Grained Leather Shoes, $1.50, $1.43
paltci-ni, $13.00 to $30.00. Good Knock- *'*75.     Men'i  lira.n.-.l    Nailed    Mm.-.
about  Iwccd lulls, $3.00 to $10.50.   An- ,    WOO, $2.30.    Men'a Oil <framed Nailed
Wool   Pants,  $130 to  $8.30.    Working Shoes,   $3.00.     Fine    Walking    Shoes,
Pants, $1.00 to $2.00. from $1.00 up.
Queen Cigar Store.
TKLxriioNK 39.
Hats, Hats.
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Traina,    Palace   Dining  and
Observitioi Cars. Meals
a La  Carta.
Direst connection at St. Paul, WStSmt
change oi depot, with all traina tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New korfc
and all point, weet and south.
Close connection esst and west boaaa
trsins at Spokane wth traina ol tha
Spoksne Falls k Northern Railway.
Leaves Spokane daly for Eaat M:LS
aUavee Spokaaa daily far Weal 7:3$
Weat bound traina make direct connection for Victoria, Vancouver, Pact-
land, San Franciaoo and all poiata .n
the Sound.
During the Mason of navigation K-sl
bound trains connect at Ihiluth with
tbe msgniticent stcsmsmps North-West
and North-land, of tha Northnw
Steamship company line operated ia oaa-
D-ction witb the Great Northern tb_-
For further information, maps, folder., etc., apply to any agent of tb. Spokane Kail, k Northern Hallway, hsas*
k Hot-as ..a.lway, Kootenay Railway k
Navigation   I Innpany,   or  to
F.  I. WHrrNEY,
General   Passenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St.  Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Hal.
New Overcoats     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Jn    Wtupcord     !we>.l..    Meltons    and   Men'i Fedora Data. $1.50 to $1.00. Men's
Heaven, $10.30, $r*!.M,  $14.00, $18.00. Guano Hat., $2.00 to $3.50.  Men'i Suti
llsti, $2.00 to $3.30.     Stetson's  "lata,
I   $3.00.     All itylei.
Underwear. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Men'i   Ribbed   Cotton,   per   nut  $1.00. Qv-L'PJl tf»r<*.
Men,   Ribbed    Wool,    per  suit $1.00. »-'~I-«»l-='»
Men.   Heavy   Wool,    per   suit   $1 .VI. Men's Navy  Blue,  75c.  to $2.00.   Men's
Men'i 'I'm snd Stripe,!, per euit $.'5u. Fsncy   Mixed,   $1X0   to   $2.30.    Men's
$300.    Men's Wool Fleeced, per rait. Self Colors, Fancy Cdlan aad Wrists,
$2.00. $2.30 to $3 00.
I..I Straws and How ol Ihe Road Overall, and
Jumper, sl cost.
V. N. l»hone No. 307-
Limited .
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
Whenever You j
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phonc 68.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the ouly paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thk World's advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	
! Grand Union
Nl* i I'KKKII I.U BROS.. Bros.
Imperial Limited"
Thn Finest ol Wines, Liquors and
I' nii.-in* and Imported Cigari.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Vol! want . t.ab'   " —-  antl yon wanl   •
Ihcbcal'   ...£«. ..re. Iiy oai '!*
Union Cigars
X Ifannriti.   fm«n I.al-rU'ttini-**,'   I *a Hlor <tc    ';
,. \ ■ ti'--l,i,  l..i Vim   «lr  Culm.   Kl  Colonial      \
i* IliHort-wlCii'Min rnion \.nW\ Cigar*  l,nt-    »
.;. rniiRr. tit Curnna, Aim aim Ihirica,Gattrlel   '*•
| The Queen Cigar Store ]
■ 1*B..W 1.  MORRIS. Pnips.                .:
* t ..i.n.ilia    1. . ii,ir                               ! j
•  *  *  ••-•■•  •  •  •  •-.-  I  !   .
Service f.r the year I960 will be commenced JUNE 10th. 'ibe "Imperial
Limited" takes you scross tbe Coa-
tinent in four days withou cliinae
It is a solid veatitniled train, lunir
niiisly equipped with every possible
c-wcntial for the comfort snd convenience of I'aiaengers. Ask your
friendi who bave travelled on it, or
A. O. P. A. T. P. A..
Vancouver, B. C. .Nclwn, H. C.
Spokane Falls k lonneni.
Nelson d. Ft. Sheppard Ry.
Ren mountain Railway.
'lhe only all rail route between all
points ii-t, west and south to KosslasJ,
Nelson snd ill intermediste pouts- coa-
necting at Spokane with ths Crest
Northern, Northern 1'a-itc aad *. R
-  N   Co.
Connects at Nelaon with steamers for
Ksslo snd sll  Kootcnsy  lake points.
Connects at Myer's l'*.iis with itsis
daily for Krpubhc, and connects aa
Hi.asl.iini wilh stiie daily tor lirand
l-nrki ind Orrenwood.
Kllectivc  July B,   1800.
laeavo Day Train. Arrive.
10:30 a.m. Spokane 7 "fl p.m.
II V. p.m. Ko-aland        6:0u (• m
11:40 p.m. Nel...n 8.00 p.m.
Niaht 'I ram.
n l.r.   p.m. Spokane 7:08 a~_t.
10:00 p m. Komland 0:.1O a ra
Oeneral   I'a-arnurr Aacnt.
E.   W.   RUFF,  Ar-nl,
ltonland, B. C.
. . . Union-Made •
Houses and Lots
..GROUND..    I
Pi k. IIAIK   MllNKY   mav   iik    I'aii. ty
iii  Mi.ntiii.v Instai.lmksts.       %
. . . Apply to . . . •
[John Y. Cole j
".'I Columbia Avenue.
w*******t »♦■»<< »♦♦♦♦♦<-»<-»»•'
Porcelain Baths
Bridgford A Merrin^,
ii ColttRlbIt Air , m ni t.i I.al.in'lr'e.
*********** ^^^^^^^
Wll'llf-'.,'     Hill  KflRll
I'amt-t. OIUi Varnl^hea.   Hrunhfi, Wall
I Mi.-ti  and  ('.imt. t -'   SuppllfR.   Ofdrr*
taken Ht CaprrhanttlnK and I),t.irminr
OfTtc-f nml  Sloir      DtQlltuM  thirl..-*.
Mii.tk ill Columbia Avr umiiT Donlalon
KsprenOb I uffn-r.   Telcphoat s«> rt .
WBIWE8DAY     October  10,
Against Child  Lubor. slate's evidence,   latnfe'a Attorney lienei'ii
_ I expeotl  tlmt all tliii*e men  will  he eon-
, .      , I victed  of iHinspirjicy to .ieirntiil till l.e!V
St.  Louis,   Mb.,  Oct.   fl.-The National   Vork   Life   Insuriince   company,  ami   tJu-
Tobacco    Workers'   Union    of Amcrioa   two bciu-volent nrilcin,  the ('iiniiituin Or*
have derided to Uke up ths flg_t against '■'V"   ■f°JMt~! ••*,•■■  the  luiiifht* and
,        .„ , ,     Linlii-s ol Seounty, but it is very doubt-
child labor,   It*   plan will ba to lake ful ,w]wX]u.r RI1J. (.*mlv„ 1)f lmm*w. (.all
away thi union lab*} from nil factories even fui-niaiiv be made on evidence available,
which give employment to any one under the age nf id years. Tobacco fac-
i..i-im all over the country will be given
until May 1st next lo recognize the
order. J
Ai least one other man collected witu
the Mooney & I ...I..ml Igenoy is now under surveilanoe tor suspicious uctions ut
the time of Miss Dcfculmi-h's death It is
not improbable that several other conspirator! may be com-etcd wit.h the crime.
The  C.   P.   R.   Half*Yearly   Statement.
The gross earnings I'nr l.he six months TrDubl
to June 30th, were *14,lu7.797.KSI. The
working expim*.** ivi re iJS.SSII.siil.lie. The
net earnings were, there-tore. ^3,211,.
iittixi. The statement i- considered highly siilisfiii'toiy. Fitviill*,. the lutlfyiftt* cuv*
crt-d by it  is always the lean lull for Ull
company. The prelaw flfurea ihowl
earning! i.t the rat" of ..Is.iit 7 per c'nt
for the year, and, if the following six
tiioiitlia maintain a fairly rmonalbll rati
of Increase, the earnings should at least
show 8 to 8 1*2 per cent, making,it one
ol the banner years in the hi-tory of the
Accepted  the (\it.
Ikutville, Penn., Oct. ".—The employe!
of the Danville Rolling Mills decided to
•accept the 2." ).er ii-nt cut in their wvigtw
igaiait which tbey itruck list week.
"ihe fires were atari.*,] t.nlay and work
will   he  rammed   tomorrow.
Miners'   Wng.-a  Blind,
•f.eorgc McAulay, manager of the f'ari
■taxi mine nt (lump McKinney, in Yale
district, has riti-ed tl.e wages of the men
employed at bis mine fr an $2..iO nud IS
to 13 and 93.30 a day. All i-nrment and
shovelers underground nnll all aurfucc-
men are now |mid 93 at day, and all li.im
ii.. i-ii,. ii  13.50.
cs ill thc Far Knsl  Not Oyer   n-t.
London, Oct. 9. 'Hu- Shanghai enrre*
ipondent of the hnea, wiring Oct, 7. says:
"It is reported that French trisips ITchi
Ltikchiati, on the Lillian railway. I'he
Kussiiins audi Germane hold tin- Peitang
tort., ami liaye al-n taken Tnngslinn and
Ihe Kaiping iniiies, thus t-oriu-iiug the
coal supply in Ntu-lli t'liina. It was ex*
pected ihat IVnmt Von VValdinn would
maintain  an  cvi-u  balance  between  the
Poller*,   whereas  the actil.il  result  of  the
aperationa plaee all tin- itrategioal peal'
lions.    A  strong fcling  prevail! Ihut  the
situation is daily Is..*..ming mon gloom*-*,
Old   Parly   Papers   Ifuat   He  Subsidised.
The Nelson Tribune inform! lhe politicians juat where it -tamls and makes
n miue.il because II vet neither of the
two lawyer caililiiliites has "put up." It
says: lt. is strange, but it i*. true. Newspapers, like lawyers, require a retaining
fee tin-lore lieginning work. Both candidates nre lawyers, Imt they evidently do
nut do unto often as they would have
others  do  imtn  lliein.
^-ft*ft**************ift*****ft*ft*ift-l»$*rS *■***$***.* Aft* AS* AAftftftftftftftftftA **■*******,?
Grand Ratification Meeting
To approve the candidature for the Dominion House of
Miners' Union Hall, Friday Evg., Oct. 11,1900
Supscriptiinis to the Roe-land Cooperative Association may be made to the
►oiTetary-treasurer at) the new stwu,
corner of Spokane street anil First avenue. Store will be open each evening on
und  after Saturday, Oatober  lift.
We Know
Of no other way to indorse our cloth*
in. thin to put our name and trndc mark
01 it. It's ju.t aa if we mid1 "We war-
runt this garment to be all wool, sewed
with lilk, made of better materials, ami
in better ityle than you can get anywhere
.lie at thc wme pdice." Taylor k Mc-
New   ideaa   in   aitspen.lcry   at   ltobiu-
The  Oo-operativa  store.
Secretary Varan of the H.w*lnnd Vt>
o|ter.ntive .Vs-tsiation, informed l.ir-J
Wtu-ld Monday night Mat tl.e association w.mld have their store open with
a fresh stock on October l-t. An office
in the store building on the corner of
Spokane street and Fir.t avenue ivill lie
opened Saturday.
the   Pi'tihiliitiiinista   Howl '
(•irimHliy, England, last month decided
to iiiuiii. i|*ili,*e the li.pior ti-i.flic. lly
vote of 14 to 1 Ilie i-ouiici! decidi-d lo
grant no licenses in tuture except to lhe
town corporation it-elf. It was pointed
out thnt they should restrict the nundii'r
of liccn*en as much as poaiibll. uml ab*
sentec brewers could not control tniblic
lion*.— Is-ttcr tliim a town isiun.il on tin-
*-;*..', lb fore tin..a, i.l arguments should
be placed the parity of the product
sold, the limitation nf Ihe hours of sa'.e
aad the decreasing of the number of puli-
lic hou«cs.
Very IU.
Walter C Preston, treasurer, and one
of the lie-t I. now ii and nin*l i--i-ul.ii
members of the -Miiici-' I nion lies very-
ill at hia home on K.i-t  F.ftb avenue.
Blank  book-,   half price,  at   Wallace's.
Phoenix   Park   Murderer  Anccd.
I.i'.*.|....].    Ik*!.  9.-.lumen    Fit/barns.
the  Ph...nn   Park  murderer, known as
"Skin the t'.s.t." was rearrested here
i.at evening for failing to report I..11.sell
under the terms ut In- prison release license. It is probable 1i1.1t. be will only
Is* tciiipuinnly ili-lniiicd.
MA lit IIKHS MllltllKI).
All   Alike.
British railway director* me like American civil mine owners. They have no
souls. The iliicx.-t.ii-* of tlie Great Fast-
cm Railway still   refuel   to   rain   the
wages of the unpin***! of that company,
though tl.e work ha. enormously increased and the co.t of living i« very much
higher. While the men are thn. goffering, the annual alary of each director
ha. recently been rii.-d from I'.'i.irn 1..
C7.M0. A nlee little fortune i* *37.o«o a
year. Bodaibo, will give tlie wurhtti
a batter -lime tor their .. ivi.c, and
Kngland 11 ill have Socialism before Canada get. it. T.iu-e why ? Canadian.
Follow   Kngland,   right   or   wrong.
What   We  Need.
An  Organized  Kfforl  Made  lo  Itieak Ihc
Chicago, III., iiii 9. iil.v.ii.i.c.l followed ... the tra.l ol ('.ainii-ci Depew ni.d
In, three null- wort of Republican
marching .lul.- 1.1-1 night. Ju-t as the
1..-1 .*..ii|*..ui it. li...* turned the corner
,.f Sciigcntik stmt .....I 11.....go avenue
it   *ai.s   , I....*■"I   by  ....  o.-g'.u./c.l   iisng nt
ni.-ii. The iinicr. mil* repuloed b| ilu*
iiinn hers, but in.I uml four • ■! I.u* ol thc
Republican marchers had    I n  inim-.-.i.
—.nn- unite nerlo-Mly.    lin* most lenoual)
■ tijiilt-t!  wi-rc:   Mlfhiicl   Hull, found on the
street nneonaciora after the itruggle, mth
neaa loot...., eya out, three teeth knocket!
nu. .iiu.k cn iicitl wiih iirick: tleorgv
Hughe, picket up uni i>n*i mil-, having
been struck o.^Tcu.l with .1  paving lin.k,
slight eoneuwdeii «.t skull.    M.mi  othen
ol th<* ....... I..*.* wen nunc or le, hurt,
sn.l unifui-ms i-iiiu.*.!.    The  u wl... pre
.iinl.ili'.l   Un*  11 1   1 -..ii cl.
Marqula "i  Bute dead.
London. I'd. 0.--John Patrick Cinliloii
Si.1...1. Marquii oi Hull*, tin-.1 Un- morning at Duiiliics HoUII, l.i* -cut in Aire
-hue, irom paralysis.
Ami   llc
Implicate! 'Iwu Othen In the
Ohlcago,   Ml. Oct, <>.    Frank  M. Smiley.
Ihc  delectlvi  ..1   Hit*   M y   A   Itilun.l
agency, ...... of the men nirarted* >*eslenlay
n connection with Ihi Insurance Imudi
which ended with ihc death oi Muu
Delenbadj Ann M, haa made 1 lull mil
t.*u 1 iiufi***i.in ..( iii* pari in th.- crime,
'file cmifeseion, if true. Implicate! Willi
hin Hr. August I ngi r .nu! Frank Way-
land Hi-own. .i-*i-*.ini manager ot the
Mooney A Boland igencyt the other (w.i
sicn under uire-l. When the ..i-i* g>>c*
on Irinl Smiley, it i* mnounoed. n ill turn
The following i. from the lanrdeau
IC.iv'.. Femuaaon's bright |siper: A lib >r
party convention i* being held in Nelson today, when a third candidate will
he placed lu the -politics! contest in
Yale-Cai-ilsao-Kootcnny electoral district.
The Kaglc will await Ihe announcement
with interest. laboring men Ihc const I-
tuency over must drop iheir fond hnpe
nf relief nl Ihe hand, of Ihe old "parly"
and the" in-uhine" iml time deliver a
vide iu their own inlerosta. If the bilsir
union* nnd many sympathirers vote a.
lliey thmk and should an ca«y vielory
is in .ight. With the miners, railway-
men, telegraph o|ierators, machinists,
liaiiitc. -. plumber*, -printer*, tenn-ter*.
. ignr in.1I11*.. waiters, cierk. and t.tliei
union, united where is (here vnte* to
elect thc oh! niii.-l.i.-c |.o]itioi.in*. There
will I.e HO change in lhe sylem of gov*
einnii-iit if eilher one of tl.e old pari *
uie elected. Wh.lt we need 1- nunc men
like  A.  W.   Puttee ami   I! il|.b  Smith  iu
command,   men  wa cun .rdy  upon   to
..'.ic lhe real intclcsl* of the il'liiib* |>'--»
pll, Ibe L.rdeiiu and Trout Like die
tri.t   will,  the  Kagle le-l. rertain, do  n-
duiy for tin. Labor candidate .m.i »ili
tlm* in* mi ilm winning dda.
I Five Minute Speeches from Jas. Devine, A. Ferris, P. R. McDonald, John McLaren,
D. McDougall and others, followed by an address by the Candidate.
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidate.
103*107 Columbia Ave., Ron and, B. C.
New Goods at
Every Day
Low Prices.
New Store.
45-inch Serges in Black,
Navy Brown, Cardinal
and Green, per yard 50c.
46 inch Serges in Black
and Navy, extra hard
finish, we are selling
at, per yard. 75c.
46-inch Serges in Black
and Navy, closely woven, hard finish and fast
dye, the price per yd, $1.
48-inch Serges, Black and
Navy, extra heavy
weight, per yard,   $1.25.
The New Store,
,♦♦****** 1iiiiii.ii»♦♦♦♦♦♦.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
■I■*■»*••>*>*****♦*.OMaMM •»*»»*
Thfi International
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest 03 ass of iBeer-
In Ihr Cily ol Rrsalalnl.   WHY'   Bcra.st we have better farlllllca for handling it. aad
wit II farter Iklo a.y oilier har In Iowa    hti. - Her being lapped, retain. Ita merit! and
l.aol Ita. . I.mtlf.l lllrt'...Iv     Kai-|. Iht. ill mmtl sites   vo.. look I...  a place lo  relir.lt
yniMlf.   CbefiM. of all k.ow.   mine., i.iii.t.,1.   ttttilia, i,.t. and l.n-.iit** men an
• ■!'*!   .1 n.r.i 1.1.  Pa. .   V.in, la mr i fl. .   at any hoor dating thc day or nlgbl.
Famruiiy Liquor Store
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
Lowest Prices.    Nething but the  best kept in stock.
IIIIIIHIIIIHMIMIMI'H »a»»t>a»a»»»*»<>»«»***«>*»j
To    all   Imcnl   I'nion.   nf    the    Wctern |
iaib.11* tinon, Unttlnci
Thii ia to notity you that the re.igna-
tlon  ot    JJrothcr M.  J. Oei«er u lecre- (
lary-trei«urer     of    the    Wertern   Labor'
Ui.l.n   haa  been    accepted   by  the preai !
dent and tha executive -board.
llrdhor   C'nrciice  Smilli    of    Wallace, |
Idaho,   ha.  been  ap|*ointcd   '"   the  poai*
inm nnd bai entered upon the dutiei of
thl   ..Mi.-.    All   c iniiiuni. utimi.   and   or-
dcra  for  *upplii*»  will    hereafter   be  ad*
dreraed   to   Clarence    Smith,    Ik>r   lflftl.
Butte,     Montana,    ami    all   rcmit-tancea!
-I. ui.l  be made payable U> hi! order,
bralernally   subniitti-d,
DAMin,   Mc.IKIX.M-n,
Preaident. I
Bill!.*, M..nt., Sept*  14.  ltKIO.
All  Unit  is  luteid. ill neckwenr at Hob*
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ud."
Wholesale Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
atjkti******************»M» •■»-M-MMf >■>■>■>*>*MMM*M*M j*-
Afirmew & Co{
Groceries -
Sec the price, Kmpey Broi. ire «ell-n(t
1 *.. 11 ■   clothing for.
Smoke Crown Grant and W. B. cigira.
lllue label and  borne made.
£ Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
t      and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Thir.. and Washington.
Telephone 19.
jG. W. HcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
fiil.li* ii.-.l by the W. P. M., Denver, Col.
sn!.*. ripi inn. Received at Ihe office of Ihe Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary ol Roaalrnd nimra' Union.


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