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Industrial World Aug 15, 1900

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Array 4
^4yjJ^    ^"^7
Vol. i, No. ^9.
ROSSLAND, B. C, AUGUST 15, 1900.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. If,
[94)*)k*)*)*)*)ttttt4 r%-9*>$****>****4*+>*>*l******>4*iH<$>Q<
Hunter Bros.
Make this place your Shopping Centre.  You will find   I |
nearly everything in all classes of merchandise.
.. dry goods ..
Carpets, Hen's Clothing:
and Furnishings, Hen's
and Women's Shoes,..
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and . .
j We carry the largest stock
I of Children's and Infants'
j Shoes in Rossland in Vici
j Kid, Black and Colored,
[ Oil Grain School Shoes,
i  the best made. ::::::
! w. f. mgneill,
1    Next Door to Postoffi'c
*^.i*-*»l*.*,**e>*,**l*,0:<*>***--t . i     .
The Stock is Carefully Selected, and only Seasonable   i l|
Goods offered for Sale,
p*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦ t»»*St»*H**-*ra'*i> ■ I
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
• ,,-!♦
: Choicest Liquors _ Cigars
lh.   |.iu((i,i
•*>l I*.
jiiuiiii.s DENIKD.
SU|neme I'..nit of Uie I'liite.l States Will
Not Urint [ti'lie.ii-.iifa.
I_-t avet-k the sii|irenip tTiiiit ni ll..-
li'iiildl State, denied Ihe motion for a re-
In«ring nf tlm eii-i- of I'i.iiI r..i-.'..i'Bii, who
ws, unjustly conviitrd ..I complicity in
till \\ .miner riot*, nu.i is now serving .1
17-ycur Bt-ntein'e in SuS '.iii.tiihi piisnii.
'1'l.e next move will prot.nl.ly be (lie Bending uf  1111..ense petition to lile president for executive i-leineitt-y.
lhe Intciin.tiiuial I'ouvention.
The In enniel *.'**inri ni the Inlet—I*
lions! 'I'ypognpliieAl I'tiioii is bow l..*ing
held 11. .Milwiinkee, with 210 .lel.-g.ites
present. '! het-e 1.1-e nutr IIIs IovbI union,
of printci'fl, steieotyiiers, uiiiilei'B, news-
im*r wiitei. and clei'timyp-i. holding
charter, from llu* I. T. t'. T >- inenilM'r
.hip hit. iii.-ie..*...! 1.1*-!) daring the past
To—111 Withdraw.,
Hon. t'liarles 'I'minr. vie-, .{.reiidentisl
nnuiinei- ,.f the Populists, |,,i* avithdratvn.
and ha, die.'nftd iu firor uf . uiiit.d sup-
I.,.it nl the iB'iuoti.itii' ...ululate. A.Iiui
K. tttsveaao—
'Ihsy  Want   Him  i-onie  More.
ilie Revetttolle  l..l"i...  As-.)..*n on lis.
|.n**. .I i-,-*,,liit 1.111-1 ra..prt.*tina lln,in Bo.-
to.k.  M.  f , to reconsider Ins ,1- n-i riini.i
lion  I., le..,..  lln-  1..1.1111..ns and  to iimtiii
stand  for   >i ..le 1 .nil...,..
.Morn* — Crow -.11 high class 1.11..1
cicans. I heir Cuban dgsra all bear the
ir*|.smih union label.   Try one.
a •
T. B. Hlorrow. 11 ro have ano I
:    TO HOLD!
KrMBtaod Union No. .IH. Vi. K. JI.
.MciiiIht* nl   l{..*a',nn| I'lii...!  No. its. W.
K.  M..  .*\*   itt|Ui'*IitI   in  -i-ii.I   iln-ir  ilue
B   .....I-   int..   lile   -Tiet.ny   ..I   miee   so   that
•their  Recount,   may   lie  la.il.iiii-i-,1   on   the
t, 'ledger.   J-.'.lire   I.ring  ll.eui   tn   ll.e  secre
a e   Ini* ..it., i- ni- a,ml t Iniii i.. linn ilimuji.
•   We have a ia.iil.iy good Irailc on Con"".   • 1 tho |.n»tnlli. e. W.  WILLAN,
^   We have il.  a.id we hold ll.    Once *   • | Secrotsry
a   Coffer B.iar. here—alway. one.
II tb long j'.' 1 v vs.'.! .ni is nesrlv *t bo sn.l. and th* liny* and si. Is will need
tml .lines.   Bring tbein here.   We cin 111 the busy leet with  lootwear that ti
de to stand the strain.   It I* not bi|li priced shoes, nothing dims.       1'l.e sei   -
tnl it. durability I. really no eecrel at all, tba elioee are made ot|leatber, rea-1 §  maiin «hai price >-on may >_
tl.er, snd pm logs ll.er fur keeps. { .
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is absolutely the Beat
sold in Rossland
."liners Checks
J'Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
It las' I lire tae-l today, nml Ihr urit beat
  ;-• • 1 •
0. LaJonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer. •
0 lomorrow.   Ir* the t»e*i all the urn-   - j*
• anil the people  who imy il all the linn •
■ know ti.   This sycent  coffee Is the beat • |
0 we t»ll—ll'a Ihe '"ft   anyone  arils-no ^ i
• i
• 1:
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 cts
Ma—1 ~™% 1 1 .•   We itiurht get tool etc.. J5 ceul. tor tl.l-   9
              j         —   .—       Jr-s       Le ai. r/»*r*t r/M*t       !    a   C_r»e, Iml wei!oirm..li.    »> uuiilrlni   _
OrriSOn 0L OryentOn j;k -—:l;:;.ii::::
° IS    Si a Wt profit. Ka»y to figure nHl   isn't tt'    5
*!     PAULSON     -
Faucy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish, X •
Preserves and  Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow aud t  • D t\0S.
Catsup, Fruits aud Produce, as well as a Full Stock of 11 •
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C.
«_*_-a********* * * * *»**.*.*» ************************   +
i !•
riniiiRc Committee at Work-To He Held
in llu' City.
Sunday night's meeting of (lit* g< hriiil
roiniinttPe ot tht- 'I'milcH aiid Ltbtff Conn
tl, in ulitmt' liund-i \\n« i.loceil I lie umttiT
ii tlif pfOptf leldifiition ol' LftbQJ. Day.
wan a very pecnliur one, nnd one at
w Inch tlii'tv Wll h yif.it real of tlebflte,
Kveiy phftii ol tlie riituatioa wn« ltlt1"*f
ed, and the romniittee dictdtd that It
would do nothing along the line** in whirh
it had received inntructiona, but would tv-
ler the whole mutter buck 'o the .• mi rn-. 1
lor liiither action at fuevdny uight'a
inciliiiK. It ii.ao de. .hii tn iv i.iiiiniMi.i
to the coumil that there he hut one driy'*
celebration and that it be held on the
MreetK ot the city instead of at the ball
ground**. There are auch good reaitoua
lor this fihaogi nf phina that there it no
doubt thai the roimcn will arrept the
recoinntendation ol the committee, and
work along the linea auggeated to the
'•otineil ||,ts uIre uiy cominnnretl. and y «
terday a ooinmtlte eoniiintlng nf Char'es
iSchaln, nt the barbers. |«, |{. McDonald
of tne cnrienlcra ond Chief fiuthrie ol
the lite li'p.irtment utarted nut aolicittug
Mtih-icnptioiis tor what ia hnped will lie
Uie bigiM'st di'itionotration of (he ..ml
ever held in the h«'otenav-. At la-t re
port the committee waa meeting with a
lair men mi i e ol Ntictesn, and there ia 1 tt'e
d-.iil.t that i-uhVient money will be wub
suibcd. hiiiM-lctnenled by the .liberal do-
nnt ion* ot the labor union-t. tn in«ure a
very Mieeesiful a Hair.
Itlokr   H--   Leg.
Al. Mlair. a miner in the enr Inv of lhe
(.olden Drawn mine at Phnentx, met with
au accident Monday thnt will lay him (10
tor a inniith or more. He WM mming
down nut nl .■ Nto|H>, and au|<piiaing he hid
reached the Imttom. utepi-ed oil the lad-
der. Althniitil. the itftaiice "a- b-i| three
or lour feet, he broke bin right leg in the
tall. Mr. M.n-r WU at once taken tn the
ho-pitnl nt fiieeiiwiMMl. wht-ic he ih reeriv*
ID|  ,-Miy  pdhsthle care.
I i.t. klavi-ri   nn   Strike.
I lmi»l.i\ I,i.i ili** tr.ifklayers on the
M.i * t • nt i  eitetudon -»i 'hi* t*. I*. It., to lh**
number nl 17.V dcmled that thev w>iuld
work no longu t<'i 91*78 per d-t> anil ja*
*| ,i .l.iy for bftOfdi RUd the\ Struck, when
their   deni-ml   i.tt   *2 BO   |»i   dtt   wa«   r*-
jilred.      llu it) mv   tl m.lmrg-'d   tht.   turn
.uul i- M'ov luiikittg [OC otlt'is to take thcii
place «.
Union-Made J
. . . . . .
§ Housesand Lots
;• ;i
I --*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Washington Street
i»#>»l»»»»f ••>••<
I I Cleaning and Dyeing Works* i
I    j Oppo«ile Mat'.ni Bro*. 1
I     •   I rati ilmn or due anything tn ladies and   X
•   (-rir.lt im n- wear,  i. ivr me a call and I-    2
nnvlnerd    The 1atr«t Imp'ved machin
w    luinintTii      i nr lau -1  im|i  ■ vm| ni-rnin      *%
F <> »-ry attd pr*oce«»ea enab'e me toguaranire #
r « i the prom ia <l»hter>nf allonur- Works* ill 2
r      *'    In t .ill-.il lot .iiu! ■Iclncrtil to .*nv nililir-s     2
'' ♦ Ill : .Ji-
\    WHITE BEAR    :
i   ..GROUND..    I
2  Pi SOS—SS  Mosky   HIT   ni    Haii.   j*
«>        BV Mdxtiii.v [stTlLlJUSTS.        f>'
?.', ... Apply to . . .
I John Y. Cole;
■'.'.', I'liliiinl.ii.  Avenue.
• *++***t*******4**4****-t+4W*-ttt>f+**r++*+'W<1+***'.
j The Eagles' Pice I
Emp©y Bros.
Are Hbowinx a Very Fin* Kanie ol
-. I , j ., |- -.    In  Silk  Fronts  with   Linen   Bodies.
f_?llllliri&   Cashmeres, Linens and All-Silk Goods.
Also * Very line Hin... ol
Suspenders £ ^ 1:1^ j
Wa have Juat openul np I verr nice line of
C 'U -i-vp- e Made by the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
Every pair guaranteed, or money refunded  J
Iu Men's and Boys' Clolhiug, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
Ompey Bro.**-.. I ho I 'iirn..vhor>.
K.irni.hini*'licorl. Ilrpirttneut. i'.d. '' .lin.i. i \ve. and spr.l«»ne SI     .^	
MS<SMSt«<*«*H^*t-»»-»^«*>* S«*S*l^«H*»i   lWM*tMlt44.*M444*,l^^ lH>tUrtH»t»ff»»»l
Stiiiclay, \9th AugList.
I special Train,  Round Trip, $3.00 |
Ho iur i.""ii Ltkt,
IliCle I- bVOT) pln-ptti il,..l the l-nilev
» -   .11 -lull  (o  J i   l..tke   will  bf  l.n_.   |    ii
tended, and it i- very certain that thon-e
going will have a good i<iuc. The (arc fur
the round tup in only -M. lull tare toi
children under 1'.'. Ju-kels may be pro
cured at Iha depot, lhe tiaiu will leave
lhe Hod .Mniiutatii dtpol at 7.30 *i. in.
•harp next Sunday.
-Hiineitnug   to    Talk   About.
IbOOB r.'l.UU UUU tur *i:i>i and  *H7 JA
■■ii- for f JU.75 at  Holmead *t Wngh.'s.
lhe ItociolM •-.iiiip.ugii  in Cbkag m
Im an iiumen*e .ill.ni. Iul"iii.atitii t oa in
h.iinj th.u >lnli ll.itiiuiuu delivered au
open-air addre-K to lO.UAl |K.ople oue vtvtx
lag la-t iveik In New \oik large op.*n
.in moetiufa ,m< aiiMi being hehl, tapoctoll)
on  the  Kan Side.
llu-  new   I tilled   Untitling Trade*. Cmu
cil   in   New   \nrk,   .N.   V..    .» [fl    M
un.iiti-, mill about OH.UOO membem, and
is  the  iUograt   trades Council in Aineii-a
The miQUflCturetV of the atate ot K.in
s.i-    I l.i \ c   ,i| pealed    in   the   mi,*i • tuc   mill
jot that state for rebel against the cu
|forcmOttt ol Hie eight-hour law*
lhe   ,-..iiii»--i-  ..t   Vol ifta"  have or-
gain/ed a seimrate union from that reft nt!) orgatuiod nl ooolu .md woitoti
I hc> will* hoWHWj wnik tn luiininiiy
with  the latter.
J'lie Si-okane uniona will trlebralv
l.ilmi   day  at   l.onn   Lake.
VnnGonvtr buatatoi   men  bow  i nut)
silbsi I tht'll  ul if K..O.-.I  tn  a-ol-L   lhe    Ii.m1i-.
tniimii ni cclobiitting labor day at Brock'
ton Point.
Ihe labor lead*r* ut Untie, M oit . Ul
pn piling t<> ni,iI.e the celebration nt
I.iiImii Day ,, uuteuoi thy nne, mil • a-fini*.
any prevmu- attempt, lt ia exnected (lint
An.it ntnlii uud Ih-n Lodge will join in
the   Hutt!• ulchratmn.
Samuel lioinpers. president ol the Amei
it -tu edel'ratiun of I .alt- i will d>l \et th-
Labor  Day addreaa at  t'leveland. Ohio.
The nlternatntiial t umii nf Me.mi Ku
gniMi- have sn und an eight hour day
in IW breweries in the city ot  DootOD.
Je-twiatera of 1'ortland, Ore., I. ■ rtrong.
atruck l.i-t week lor increase in wagra nf
jo  rents  jx't   dav,  Irom   *J to  •*-' •■<
A reduction m the hourtt of labof trnm
twelve tu eight per day lor engiiietrn em
ploved in the K.jh-is I ity. Mo , bit wei
ie**  haa  been  •uie-istiillv  accomplished.
About ^XJ men employed at the Monte
head Plate .Mill, .^hrirpshnrg, I'a.. have
atruck againat a 20 pel cent rrducttou ot
Ihe l.nngslmiemeu * strike j- alttl on in
Portland .Ore., hut no dilTirulty ll cx|*e|.
ienced in getting outatde men to load ven-
The print***! nf »*t T_nuia, MO.. ha%'e
filed an order with a Now York cluthmg
hmi tor LOtKl union IhWI OMUi tu b-*
worn for the Hrat timt in the parade on
Labor Day.
After n four nontha COOtfRl tlie Hho«
m'kern' UoloD nf San Kianci-co. Cil..
li' e won out figiiin-t ihe ii. .M. Kit/. Co,
in that city. Thn former employe*) will
by  remataled nt  union  wagea.
And now toma '•' ihe «"!• amplojrod In
the largo botoli oan gal raady to walh the
plank, A machine thai .vn-lie*. and dllCI
8,0(K)   di«hea nn   hour  haa  be-'n  invented,
aud it ia guaranteed plaic*, cup-, HMicern
and   other  dt-hes   rntue   on|   of  the   wash
without a •eratohi
Men**" auita at very low prices at Hoi-
stead &  Wright'a.
Ihe Unnby smelter at tirand Korka
waa  -.t-tited ycstenlay.
Kaaaland Stara defeated the Trail bail
team Sunday to the tune uf 13 to 1.
There were gg name* added to the
World'a aubacnption li«t yeattidny. Tbijf
were ull paid up. too.
The lishermen tiara put ni^inizera at
work, and branches have lieen organized
at  almost  every point  un the coaat.
Today ii pay day, and why not -i>. ud a
■mall port 0| your wages jn making a payment on a lot in the Knob Hilt addition?
IL L. Hitchcock, a well known member
of the Ptintern' I'nion ami caae holder on
the Itecord, is taking a short vacation in
A. 1. ' ■■■lli-. of (he printers here, but
nove holding caaaa on the Tribuiyj, N'elaon,
•pent a few days with the boyi in Ibia city
thi*>  week.
There will be a lug clasa ol - .imhilaie-
tor initiation at tonight's meeting ,.| the
Miners' t'nion. The union is making big
gam- in membership, and there are Initiations every meeting.
it is reported thai ,.Ha \\ ir Itaglg end
Centre Star will shmily ccmmvmv ship-
l-ing ore at the rate nl iver i '»"' ton*
per day. This will make a large inereaao
in the number oT men employed tu tha
ramp, and with three *ueh -ini-p. r- aa the
Le Hoi Ho-sland will be (he banner camp
of the weat. I
Tin- ECntarpriaa mine near Silverton will
(ay fhvrdemls .»! :»7 per rent on it* -tock.
I hm i- t he mine Koderiek Kobertaon
manages, and it could not afford to pay
the oh| rate for Ihe eight-hour dav. and
waa etoaeil down all loot summer. But
•Of lonv be has been proved ,i li.tr. With
the nunc clo*ed hall the year, paying tho.
Slocan arale the balance of the time, it
eaii pay tin* large dividend Of eotirae
the miners arr nol "next" to theae turn.*.
and are exfircleil to believe every w^ird
the   manager   MU  them,
lhe COOka and wailera r^P-^'t* gnnr] pro-
gresa in unioni/lng ffereral holela the naat
week. As the matter now stand* it will
lie onlv ji few wtvks before ther** will be
several mote re*t.iurant« and holela on tha
flair li»t. The propneturs ,md manager-
have   met   ihe  union's  representative*  fn
n»n*l iriemllv spirit, with lew exeep-
tiona. and there t« nn doubt nf the out-
ome. In nne or Iwo inatftnera Ihe union
hn* culled on the (rides Council for a»-
si-tanen. and it is probable that the place*
will be placed on the unfair |-*t if the re-
uiir-i nt thr count il for p'neint union
help in them m not rompli*-d wilh.
We  Apolofto.
Heniamin Hulter Si.ieer. one of the
principals in the prin fight at the Dominion la-d week, rriiiiests (he World to
annlngtav lor rrfi-rrmg to him as one of
the "pugs." He haalen to cotnplr, a*
Mr. Smeer has informed us that he ia not
a professional pugilist, and that hi** potl-
lion In aoi ictv  will not allow bim to be*
ome nfie. He* is .li -i i ii.h ,| from pnneea,
and can trace h;* ancestry back for IB
ye.irs Her*, in K<Ms|nnd he la a nirmbef
of a large and important syndicate, with
large bwfeta. deals under way. and that
the rejort  ol  hi*  taking part  In a  mere
mill" will inptre him n< i*unally. and
may defeat sonic of the plan* of lhe ayh-
d IcO t«. Alter so I Mr cXiilan t uii bv Mr.
>pner there is nothing left for the World
to do but  to apologise.
Sandon M n t-   i a \\ III HmM.
p.in- ni b Ing preta-rl for -» J-Dnara*
t'nion lull at Batuton. wbleh   >*   tn be
built either on un, ol the -kiting rink
. nu .i lol Iti-lun ih.- Heeo hotel.
Ion Mti ut plana are betog piw*ar#4, ami
it lu* not v. t boon decided which of iho
tun will be BreffitOft. bflt tba Iciilding
will   Ih>   tWO   ItOliffO   \'!'h   oOn >«,     sitting
room, hbiHiy. etc.. .m ibe gfonnd floor
and a hall will' tag Mng capaeit| {at four
Of live hundred i OOple mi the WOOCX.
floor,   lhe building will eoa|  [0 tht   neigh-
borhood ni  ISJDOO     The i I*    vt ll    bo
raised in the shape nt mmII loons, fnun
s;, iu \V2$\. among meinbei- ol  the union,
iher 12,000 haa already lueu lubooribod*
Bpokana  Trades and Labor C »un>iL
At last week's meetmg of the S nikane
I'ndes .md Laboi totineil tba (ollowmg
staff of officers were fleeted to wive fur
thr neat fotri
Pte-idenl.C. I*   Nisb of the  l>|«.graph-
leal l Dion; vice pteaident, K H   Potei ol
the HiiiMing LahotvtV Cn on ..Mretaiv
Horace O. Ib"wu oi Um Tvpngmphn-nl
i mon;  tmsorer,  H.  A     K-a*-   m
Itricklayers;    sergeant    al    -iiina.
I hmiipsoti of the Hrn klayer*;
lomuuttee, ( C KuWell oi (he Typographical I'nion, I II IfeBu of tie Pnnteis
I nUm and .\ Suiait nf th« Ca'I enters'
Cmon. All were footed bv n. limalion.
I he pic-nlcnt will antmunir the names
of those who have been np muted to BU
Ihe appointive ntliee* at  the liel t meeting.
'The supreme emirt nf ibe slate of Mas*
McbttOOtU has decolrd tbat the factory
law ol that stale which pmlnbils the em
iloyment of women nnd clnllrrn in mills
ud lactones tor more than .Vt hours in
ml week lo be unconstitutional Thia
•late, (he b-mner manufacturing si ite of
Ihe Cnion. fur m.inv years allowed ebil-
dren tn lie emploved in |tl mills anv number ol hours per week. n« well as women.
Snmr eight var« Rgo the labor unions
-nin nded. after a long r.nupngn, m forcing tin   legialstura to pass   i "Faetoriea
Act,*1 and ever ain<c it hns hm] to be df-
rended cither Ip the legislature or before
the courts. Tn Irving to uphold the law
the unions have spent mnnv thousands of
* dlsr*. but the "vestfd interesK" (,f the
nte  demnndrd   il«  reinnvnl.  nod   al   last
ir coiuls compiled a lh Lhe demand. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
tVI'.DM'JSDAV ..August 15, 100
The iDdustrial World.
I  Semi-weekly   Ldil'ou.
1'ubli.Lcd Bt the Miuer'a Union Hall,
Komluilil, iii the liitiricat ul uigaiiucil
Ubur   ia   inm U   Columbia.
Im.n.l at the li'.-- .".I, li. C, post-
ottice tor tiiiii.iiii.Miuu iUuuu.lt Ilie
mails, Isovciula-r, ltftlU, a, *>,-, .-.i.i . It -
reading matter.
A.   C.   Thompson,   Killtor   ami   Manager.
llllm-   at   Miuei a    I ni"ii    11.ill
Payable  luvatialily   iu   A.la.m. i.
Oae }csr       f' OH
bix   iii..:ii ii.            1-0
Thrcu mouths          lb
Ail.it.-.-.- all cumiouiiuatiOBI to tlie In
tilL--lll.il        World,       I'o.lutlUB       I'.n,      bl«,
HoBiland,   11.   C.
'lhe ln.iii-ii-.il World ib tor sale al the
toJlowi,.a   Bum   deitsjla |
*-iini i - News >'.i'i.i
11.   S.   Wallace's Stationery   Sjtore.
Linton tiros.
P. 0.  News m.m.i.
Hair's  Ctg.r   Slore.
Nelson. l-ggj
Csnsda  Hook k  Drug  Store.
Mcitae  Bros*. _
"Ureenwood. I
King It Co.
Secretaries of ill uuioni ire .tithon,
ed to receive subscriptions {or the
World. |, .J_|fc-
W_D.SK-DAV. Al'lU'ST IS, ltW.
turned trow his ICuroptan tup. ami will
gn nu Un leitnic platform ind   tell the
p.nili-   hull'   tin*  riBVIOUr   amtllil   .In   tilings,
mr -.. i.null 111- lecture, We Ii.iitIIv think
.l.'-u* ivniilil tin il tin. iv.iy lie diil nnt
.'h.iig,' in. heal era anything tor iha Ber-
ui"n on il.e Mount.
s.i i.n nniy tin mintbers ..i the Oppose
tl.tll   have   livid   U|>   tn   tl..'..'  null t'lecti.ni
pi-..itii-i.*. |.'wit ineinber ol thi govern-
ment hai t-.l illy Ignored ot forgotten all
their pledges. Never niiti.l, there will
be another election baton many iiiaaon.
h.iac pus.ed.
Iiii-iitcniti.t lli.vcrnor in Council may sec
Iii in ini|ua..-, ..ml the same to be signed
nn lit-hult' nl tin- I'l'ovitti'iitl government
by such iiieiiibera or member' uf the exe-
OUtlVI council of the Provinol of British
Columbia a* the l.ieutenant Governor in
Council iii.iy deilgnitc"
Good libel printing at Stunden  Printing company,
■>'• - -	
............ *-!*m>.:
The lierurtl says that taxes on industry and the exempt .uu ul' idleness and luxury an- the MUM ol thl preilAl disenn-
tent in Italy, .lu-! bo, and the .ante
Until' r* going In i.ti-e slteol right here in
I'lunula smut* ol these days.
1 lit . I.anleall _Bgle, BOI -ut.atieil that
"I .tn nl i -hin.1.1 iiii.. tl.e C. I'. It.," now
^ii-.mi*. "I loads should abolish the sen-
uie.'    I ii.Tiil, I .-liiim-ic, .ami hit- g tling
It   down  prat.
A Missouri editor, in reply In thi question, "Do hogs payT" lays: "A great m«ny
aln  not,    Tiny  will   luke    the    paper for
several  years  and   then  some    day    the  ~,
paper will  be   sent  back marked   'i.-lu,    t*
Id.'" T*llfJ
'here are a few hogs of this type in
Itotaltnd, and they do not psy. Within
the last week lour men have returned
tin* World marked "refused" afier reading it for nearly a year without paying
tor It, However, they will st ill get the
paler until it Is paid fur, uud tve may
cun.incnce s  "hog" directory.
Linton Bros.
Special  Notice.
Mr. Melnne,' lsl*or bill has l.-.-it dis-
r i ■ fin i manner thoroughly characteristic ot the lurneritc. Mi Si>i-.il..-i-
Ita* rn'eil it out ol order liecatiae of ionic
• Urged technical flaw., to which hi* at
tent.on ai.i* directa-d I.y lhal littler optioii-
ent ol Ulnar legislation in any .hate. Mr.
A. K. Mtrl'hill.p-. Victim.', "a ig IVm-
..*thene,." li aa.ll I..- sh-bh that Mr. Me
Innrs sppesled sgainst the Speaker's decision, and that his sppesl ws. negatived
by ,i rot* ..I iM In 8. Considering all llu*
protestations miili- by member- of lhe
legislature in their aiile-elcction ad-
dressr- •- to what they wodld do ta N
strut UoagoUaa l.l.nr. it is vastly amusing to tin.) IS «f IhiTii unwilling even to
rliBCUM a bill which at Ira,! offered s |ao*|^
iitrle  mean,  ol  giving    effect    to    their | tere»i   than «.x per centum
t .nli* in the  Legislature.
linn. Smith Curtis seem, to be almost
the  nnly  member ol  the    hOUM    who if*j
willing i,, redeem In- ante-elect ion pledges,!
and   .im nur  the  past   few   weeks  he  ha..
been  making a record «• it champion ofr
lln* peopll ...nl th*ll  right* in public .still-1
ties.    Here  are  -nine  excerpt *   from   the
order  paper  fur lilt   Monday,  aud  some'
inntinn*   tvhit-lt    the    government    vnieit
■gainst solidly, showing ju.t whit mn)  b-
expected Irom it.
li.t   Mi. Curti. on   Monday next!    Re-i
nl,i-il.  Hi.il   tin-    hnii-e    indorses    and
allinn-  wlt.it   is |...|.ul.ti-fy  known is the
iighl hour  latv,   i* In. li   provide, that  "not
person shall Ik- employed  underground in
ma   metalliterou*  mine  for    more    than j
i.gl.l hour, in every '.'I hours." snd is op-
posfd to any change in .aid laa,* whereby ;
contracting nut ot same may be permitted.'
or by which the penalties for infractions!
nl the law shall lie abrogated or -t ri i  ,
rd, but lit--r* the enlorcement of the luw .
a, it now stands in it. entirely and with-
"in sny change.
Mr. Curtis to move, in committee of Ihe, ar
whole, on and on The third reading nt
Kill (.No. Ill entitled. "An Art ta in.-or-
p..rate the Western Telephone snd Tele
graph Company," to add the following
cliu-i* there to:
"t.i i 'lhe I'l.itini nl government .It.ll
have ihe right. See yesrs from the p*.,ing
"I ihi. Acl. up.... giving one year', notice
of Us intention to to do, to purchase sll
the Company'! prortrty, rights and fr.in-
chines .it thr I nr mirkrl valnr of it. ror-
l».i.il proprrly. togellirr wilh such bonus
(if .in, i not exceeding ten. per cent of
-.nli in.irl.it talue. a, the government,
may agree lo psy.
(b.l    The purer)..*,  lease or right   to
it-i    uiy  lands I*-: ingitig  to the  Province
.lull, notwilh.landing anything contained
in, or required or j-'ninit-.l by. any other,
Act  to the contrary. Iw valid only upon r
a contract bring rulercd into by tl.e Ob—
pany with the I'rovuirial gorrrnment eon*.
t.lining such term, and n.nditions a* the
Lieutenant otJvcrnnr   in   Council  may   -■-■
I.l  to ini|ao-e. n.i.l Ihr -ante to he si.-n.-l
....   basalt  ol  lhe    I'rT'Vm. ...I    g,,i.-rn-in nl
In    .... I.   lllrniber or  lllelltlH-l.  ,il   III,-   r\c
t'llllVr   i-n.llictl   ot   the     I'.".  ... -'      .-     IT"
I.TUi.Tiiiiit llottrnor in Cum-.l nny   .
And to sdd the following, rrovi... to
BKtlon 4: "I'rovidiil. nlaai. that I he*'
mnt-tagt*s or Isintl, ..sued bv the Company shall nnt  beir • higher rats of la,
par annum.   I
\\ | are cleaning up our itoek of summer good, regardless of cost, it. wc must
have cun for uw goods that are bittv-
iuta dally, Special mention oill be muoe
of netv waists, piece goods, etc., in our
next id. tloUtead *t Wrighl ^^^
It ..ic I..--I   in.ml made miner's boot., J
go to Agnew _ Co.   Price, right.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
Y&i-iS -i 4*$*4-&&Qi
. . For Men and B
A Great Special Offering for one week only
—from the 15th to the 22nd, of the very hest clothiug
ou the marker.
Auy person can offer cheap clothing for little
money, hut when the products of the very best manufacturers are offered at tlie following figures it is undoubtedly
A Decided   Bargain
We are going to close out our
Entire Clothing Stock
And to do offir prices unheard of.
We want ever}' man and boy that can buy a suit
during the week to visit our store and see the goods we
are offering. Note a few of our prices andjcall and see
the rest.
pledge, Wc prcume that the liovrru- sml thr lace value of -in I. utorigage. an. .
men" did nut date lo hsvr this bill di. .bond, shall not in the aggregate excrrd
c„..cd. .nd M arrangrd in caucn. to h.ve , he l«.r cost pur- ol Il.r whole of the
it ruled ..ul of order on a technicality. I- ".pany • corporeal |.ro,*rrty when it.
Thi. course mav mm with thr approval undertaking i. eumplrled rc.dy for open-,
ol those ntnst concerned, the white wage-' Hon. *J
earner* who have lo comrete sg«tn*t Mr. I urtis to move, in ran lie of the
cheip Mongolian lalx.r. but it hsnl'y | whole on. ,n,l on the h.r-l resd.nf of
seem* to be ... asm. w.tl. the nron.-e. i Ihil (..S, 12. ent.tled "An Art to incor-
nu.de hv very m-ny of the member, sup- 'l"™!* the \ anrouvr, end "■•'>■"'"•'"•
iKartrng tha ..Cvcrninent whrn stumping ltnilway ( ompanv 11,11 IN .. ?» eniiile.l.
their ...poetic ,on.titii. n. ie. a few short TAn Act to intend the \ aric-i.-er. Nortl.
wi-ek, bad! In .l.....-ii.g Mr. Mclnne-'.rrn and lukon Itailway I ..ml any. Ihil
labor bill on previa,,,. o,er..,o.i. »e re '(No. HIi entitled ••An Act to nco'poritr
iriined (mm exprcing rutv de-id• d «i.... the Itoek liny md Salmon Itiver Itnilwaf
ton .1- 10 Us mrril*. We accepted it a* Company."To add thr following therrtor
one mmi. ellort to give effect to hi, ant-I "(*•> 1'he mortage, or bond* i-nd be
rleilinn i.inlge,. The bi'l m >v be imprse-  Ihi Compsni* .hall not Ih-.,, a higher r.*«
•ticsble    .....a    Ih-    lite     »i....g    kind    of of intcre.1  than live per r.ntum P*r sn-
inc.-iir.-   lo oW   th* end   -n--g.it  after. ! num.  and  the line mortgag.-. ant  bondl
Iml   W|   "link   il   w.-nld    'nve    laeen  far  shall not in the aggregate eg.eed the fair'
more .nt..|.i.t..rv lo th* fountrv had ivomc  eo.t  pnre nf thr whole of the C.mo.n, -
men.!...  nl th* Oovfrrnmenl  ihomi where   r-Tr|H.rrnl  pRip*rty whrn   it-  iiiuI.t
ll the lull iu< imrrai ticnl.lr. or imposil-  is completed lenlv lor ,,|«-n,t.on.
ble ol   -U.-..-I..I operation   il  made law.1    "tb.1    ll.e power, granletl tn laid Cna
We   have   ,1   «lr..ng   su*|.icion    thnt     the   pany .hall  be ...i.jert to «iu h  .n,.,liti„n.
-Uovernmeiit   reeogni-.d   in   tln«    hill    a   for  •.•curing    such    running    power,    or
measure   onlv   too   well   calculated   to  sc*  traffic  arrangements  ami   other right,  a.
cure  verv  etteclirc re.triclion, upon  th"  will   allonl   all   rrawnablr   f.cilitie.,   snd
emplovme.it  ol Chinese  and  .lapane.e  in  equal   uule.g,  rate.,   to all  laliWIfl ...
this  Province, and immrdialc'y .et shout  neeting  with the company *  lines a.  Ihr
way. and n....n- to I'l-'k any tUMBsdoB  Lirutenriniliovernor   in    Council    deter-
of 'it. provision* for fear that a consider-  nunr*. ..... *    ,   n
tbl*  number   of  their    fo lowing    might      "le.l     Ihe Provincial  government shall
1,-el  compelled   to  vote  for  it.  The Gov-   have the right ten v.ar. fm... lhe | ....mr
ernment,  a, at   prr.cnt  comliluted,  will nf th.« Act, ti|vnn giving one ye.r. notict
never do anvthing to re.lrict the employ- "f it« inlention «■ to do. to purch.^ sll
1n.n1   ol   Mongolian,    in    thi.    Province,   lhe ( .....|.....t - lampcr!,. rghl* y.d fnn-
though there will be no obj*c!ir.n to »ny «*•"-**<• »t the fur msrk-l rains ot its e «r-
' .mount  of talk  on  the  .tlbject.  Premier  pore.l properly, together with such bnnu.
Men's Tweed, Serge and
Venetian Cloth. Suits
Boys' Tweed and Serge
_______—       . _. =
•O.W suit for 93.25
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKKTS-Rosiland, Trail, Nelson, Ymir, Kaalo, Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Forka, Gremwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Revelstoke,
Ferguson and Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
... Fresh Green Vegetables...
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
In Men's Pants we have a large variety which
wc will sell at a corresponding reduction.
Holstead &_Wright.
O. M. FOX & company;
106 l-'.sst Columbia Av*.
*    UBi  l-.tst I
Telephone 65-
I am over*tockett with ftpritir and Summer (.oodv auil am loins to nuke
priCT« talk, during the mo-th of August, u below:
Men's Worsted Suits, !:?uf,_^rl.";,,ck,• $20 Suits for $13.25
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, 83^5p_- 1-8 Suits for $15.50
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1 ♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» »♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»!
■ ••
■ Cirocerie.-*
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
*  Third and Washington.
Telephone 191.
Dun-muis may lie in earnest, we incline
lo the opinion tiiat lie is. but the majority, tioth ot Ins 1 olli-agiie. in the . .tinn. t.
.na] the member, lupini-ting liim, prefer
» che.p Chinaman nr .Tap to a white mm
«»ery day in the »eek-Sentinel.
1! ih strung... ye*, very strange, hnw
that wave ol pruapenty in th, Cnile.l
Stales did work, all tht- way frn.n New
York lo San Francisco an.l back again.
CYen tnuching Cncle Sam's new possei-
sion, Porto llico.   'I'he whole country ha.
lit any) nnt ctcred.ng ten |er r*»nt of
such msrket value a* the s/iarrnmrnt msy
agree to pay.
"(d.l The pureha*r, lrase or right to
US* any land, Mnngttig to thr Province
.hall, notwithstanding anything mntained
in. or required or pfrmilleti hr, any other
Act to the contrary, he valid onlv upon
a contract l.'.tig entered into In- tl.e Cun-
pan. with tlm Provincial goYerninenl, containing .11.-li terms an.l condition, a- the
Lieiitenant-Iliivernnr in Council may see
fit to ImpOH. and the - .in.- to he i.gue.l
Best Goods .-«._.«
Best Workmanship.
Prices Right. %» +S
Summer Suits
A Full Line of the Best
Imported Goods . . . .
West Columbia Ave.
Next  Bank  Saloon.
»♦♦»♦♦»»♦>»♦« tSSSSSSS-HSSSSS**
R. D. McMillan
been  Hooded  beneath  a  tidal    w.ve    ot on   behalf  of  the  ProTtncial  government
by audi inemher or memlier. of Ilie eje-
cutive council of the Provime a, the
Lieutenant.lint-ernor in Council may designate."
Air. Curtis lo move, in comm.tt.*e of
tl.e whole on, ami nn the third reading of,
Hill (No. llll entitled. "An Act to incorporate the Cr.iw', Xe«t Pa«« Hertru-
Light and  Potter Company. Limited," to
good limes. Strange to -av. nolnnly knew
it except n few boundred Republics
apoutcr* and a hired pre,*, and in rnnsf*-
-q*ence there has licrn the very devil to
psy in th. Stales for the past year or
two. Strikes hs.e been increasing, wage,
bave been dropping, poverty has been
'loubling, crime hn. tieen increasing, star-
-.ttinn  has  laeen  driving    hard    bargains
"with the miinlio.a.1 unit womanhood of Ihe add the following clause. Ilreieto
11., 1 ilu nnd all Ihi. time prosperity hns "(a.) The iu.itg.ig-* in bind, i**ued
bren "evervwlrert evident." If the peo- by the Company shall nol hear a higher
pie of thst unhappy country had only rate ol interest than «ix ier centum per
Vnown it. how many thousands of people onnum, nnd the luce value of such tnort-
"■lin today arr unable to take , bath gsges and bond, shall nnt in Ihe aggre-
might have laved in it. waters. Why. gate cteeed the lair cOBt price of the
with an old kerosene csn they might whole of tht Company's corporeal prop-
have collected enough to li"t them a life- erty when it* undertaking i« completed
time.   At the same time we, on thi. side ready lor n*-eration.
of lim  line,    have    felt    n    few   ripple. "(The  purrhlse,   lease  or  right   to  use
nl thi. Mini wave, an.l ll—re are a whole nny lands belonging lo the Provinre shall,
lot of profe-.ional politician, and grafter, notwithstanding anything contained in. or
who  will   soon  be engoged  in  telling ti. required, or permilled by, any other Act
■what   1 good thing it wss. lo the contrary, he valid only upon 1 con-
  I rail being entered into by the Company
llev. Sheldon, who want, to do every- with  the Provincial government, contain-
thing just a, Je.tis would do it, ha, re- >ng  such  term,  and  conditions    ,«    the
*. +44444++++++4+++4++4++++4+44+4+4 + *+>i 4444+4+44+4+444
. . . The Latest in Ladies' , , ',
Sailor or Walking Hats
Opposite Bank of Toronto.
Rossland, B. C.
In our columns the advertisements of Rossland's most successful business firms.
Show Wisdom
The Wise.
THE WORLD is read every
week by the workingmen of
Rossland who each month earn
and spend $75,000. Get your
share of this money. : : : :
Place your advertising in THE
WORLD and you'll secure custom from the people who earn
A. C. THOMPSON, Manager.
^^^^^^^•bVM^MVMM^M^M1!. Wr;i)Nl*a>">AVr August 15, 1900
"Deceived Woikingn.en's Act." American Federation of Labor  Platform.
Following is the bill introduced in the
local legislature by HobsIuii.I a. labor member, Don. Smith' Curtis, "'.ere is very
little, probability thlt lhe bill will be
passed, but from .t study ot Ub provisions
it can be seen thlt it would prevent a
repetition ot the occuriince. of last winlei'
in the slocan, us well u» Hoasland.
Hill .No. 40, 1000.—An Act respecting
, deception in procuring workmen or eiu-
.   ployes. t**'iti
Hit Majesty, by and with the advice
and consent o> ~re I—ill—tivi Assembly
ol the Province of British Columbia, en-
r.iT* as follows:
1, This Act may bo filed as the "Deceived Work—en's Act, 1000.''
2. It Bliall be unlawful for any person,
society, nssi.ci.it.ou or organisation of nny
kind  doing business  in  this  Province by
1. Compulsory education.
2. Direct lesislatii.il, through the initiative nud referendum.
3. A legal work day of not more than
eighl hours.
4. Sanitary inspection ol workshop,
mine nnd hoine.
6. Liability ol employers lor injury
to health, body or life.
0. The abolition of thl contract system
in nil  public  works.
7. The abolition of the sweating system. -*     - H •>
8. The mullislpal ownership of Btreet
cars, waterworks, gas and elcclnc plants
for the public distribution of light, beat
ami power.
8. The nationalizalii.it of the telegraph,
telepliuiie. railroads and mines.
111. The abolition nf the monopoly ays-
liiinself or itself, or by his or its agents tern of land holding and substitution
or attorneys, to induce, inlluence, per- tlieielor a title of occupancy and use only,
sonde or lugtgt I workman to change II. Ilep.-al ol conspiracy und penal
Irom one place to another in this l'tov-: laws allecting seamen and other work-
iiuc. or lo lu ing a tvoi'kinatI ol any call- men Incorporated in the federal nnd -t.it,-
ing or cln-s into this Province to work law. of the United States,
iu any of the depui'lincnts of labor iu this 12. The abolition ot the monopoly
l'lniincc, through or by means of decep- |mvileges ol i—mug money and siibstltut-
tivr I'tpreaenlations, false advertising or mg therefor n system of direct i.suunce
lnl*r  pretence.  concerning   the  kind  sua   to and by the people.
character ot I hi  WWk to be done, or tltej 	
amount  and   , liniueter  of  the  coiii|b*ih-.- Lunatics.
tim tn be paid for such work, or the inn-; 	
ilsrj ui other conditlohl ot the employ- Hev. T. DeWitt Talmage in hi, new
ment. or as In the existence or nun-ex- book. "The Karlh (iirdled," calls social-
ibtenee of a strike or other trouble pcn.l- 1st, lunatics, ami is very harsh in his
ing between employer and employes, at eritieiam of all who are not satisKed with
the nine of, or immediately prior to, present conditions. l't will hr remember-
such engagement. Failure to state iu any ed thnt Mr. Iiilmiige i« pastor of a mil-
•dvcrtiBemi'itt. prODU— or contract for lioiiairrs' . im:. li in Washington, II. C„
the employment ol a workman I lull ihero ami that In* SBlary i, 9190.1)00 per year,
is a strike, lockout or other trouble st the He certainly must try snd mike his em-
place ol the proposed employment, when j plovers think he is earning hi. money
in fact -itch -nil..
Just Received a Large Consignment of
* *>*<S^^-i-&!\i<$^4&i4^-^s<H$>$$
Foley Bros.' Bankrupt Stock  bought in
by the
. i
. i
Industrial jj
lockout or oilier trouble thin actually BXtltl at luch place, shall
be deemed a, false advertisement and misrepresentation lor the purpose, of thi,
3. Any workman of this Province or
it ..in a locality outside this Province who
I..- or shall be iiiHuenccd, indured or persuaded to engage with any person or , ally
mentioned in section 2 of this Act,
through or l> ymenns of any of the things
therrin prohibited, .hall have a right of
•clton for Ihe recovery of all damage,
that audi workman has ■uitamed ill consequence of Ihs fslBt or deceptire reprr-
•rotation,. Islse sdrrrtiBing and false pre-
truce, uaed to induce bim lo ch.nge hi.
plice ol employment, again.! any person,
sorltty, a-- uiMii.... ni ..igini.jlion directly or indirectly riuung surh damages.
Crown    Ursnt    Cigars.     Blue
Mine   Workers   Want
Rule  Through
Hireltmi, Pa., IS.—Thr L'nitrd Mine
Worker* ni the BBlhr.iiilr region are
holding a conference ben- l.Mlay. which
».., called at the in.Uoc of President
111.I.hell ni the ortr.ni—Hon. Tin. con-
letruc- irprrsruta Ihr vour ot all Ihr
unuau mnier- itl H.e aiithtn tic region,
and mine  .'«>  delrgal.*.,  rrpn-wniiiig  40.-
ISMi   mine   iiiiikci*.  ....   pr It,     It   i.  to
be the mnat iinpniUiu mrrliug held in
this region since Ihr formation of thr
tug...nar. .... and .1 il i- lacing tttmNMd
an.l will i* iletideil lln- ipir.ti.ui .* !•■
whether tin- uni..ii is now ilMita einuigb
lo   nagi    l.illlr   w.lb   Il.r   nprl.ili.ra.     The
•aim ..' lhe Wilk.-luiriv ibiln.t. sbout
l.i.o>'<i_ i.-lu-iv at -: the naraa ol the olher
two  district*  will  Ik-  lirsral   I   I«*|..tr
the  loi.lerrnre  adinnrii*.    If    a    I n.-liril
bailie   With   the   operator*  ..  drvnled   up
.....     il    .1.11   inc.ii   a   I.-.I   nl     lour  tifll
qur.tn-ii*.   the   pine   of   |»,wdrr,   l-reogiti
tion  of thr  union,  tain  «erk.'  |uy, snd
a   fairer  sy.lem  of  florilBp     On    thr_-
<iur.l...i.*   thr   nrgaiiifation   will   split   or
lie *n dimly  wrldrd    by  victory that   it
will   Itci.iutr  Ihr  towrr  il   ha. grown   lo
br in tltr **ifl cal refloat.
Tl.rrr Is - •"'•■ lalk bIk.uI  thr inllodue*-
tion  of politic*,  in   the  ronienl......    hut
til.rti.rr or not thi. will mileriiliir will
not br known until Ihr convrnlion ad-
I .nm I itr i.!r, "l fs.m. of thr miner.
I* lhal H.e entire org.nif.iion of the
I aited Mine Worker, should agrer to
»u|.|ott . i.i-t.iu randnlile. .nd at that
it this wa. done, if thry were .lire of
thai, cin.lid.tr md mold !«• .tire of
Iheir «rg.,..<ratum. thrir taower i* luln-
r.rnt lo e'.-l s mngrr.-sman. * alitr len-
ator. a jiirlgr .nd minor nlHc.il, in thi.
Labor Union Directory.
Ofbcrri aud Meeting*.
Meet, every lei-ond end lourth iuea-
d.y in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
•■a.-h month it 7:30 p.m. in Miner.'
Union Hall. C. Ucbalm, Sec ; A.
Ferr—,  Pr«*.
CAI.Ph.M Ki: - - JOINERS' fMOX -
Meet* every 1-n.l.tv ot each week at
7:30 p.m. >n Miner,' Union Hall.
A. l.-ri.- Pres.; A. J. McDonald,
HIM-i:.. I'NION No. 38. Western
federation ol Miner*—Sleet* every
We.lnr.div rvrn.ng st 7:30 o'clock ia
Miners' Onion Hall. Wm. Wulan-
.*-..-.  W. O'Brien, Bee.
Merta on the last Sunday ot each
mon—t >t the Miner.' I'nion n..li J.
P. llarkdoll, Nre.; W. Poole, Pre..
No. 252—Meeu the tint end third
'Juetd.v nl each month at 8 p.m. in
Heatty's Hall. P. O. Box 311. W.
M.I.-. I.   Pre,.;  J.   hloir—n,  Bee.
W. L> I',—Meets every Saturday «»
ening at 8:30 o'clock in Minrr*' t mon
Hall. P. a _<■ 41 Paul .loffner,
See.;  George Cunningham,  Pre..
PAIMKItS' UNION. No. «. I'aiiiirr.
• nd Hrcoralors of Amrnc*—Mrrt, in
lir.iii, . 11.11 on sarond and iouiih
lue-liy We.lnrs.lav ol each month.
W. b. .Vurj-ln. pre*.; Ueo. W. Phinn,
NKWSROYS' I MON No. . Mt:, ia
Miner* Cnlen Ball on tht brat snd
third 8—ur.l.v. ot each month, at t
am. Mike Uuydotti, Pr**.; Jsy Barton, S*c.
—Meet, traeeond Sunday in each month.
J. n.  Fletcher, ttcretary.
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. '-ti
For Spot Cash,
s frscttos of
ori.issl cost.
The Stock consists of  Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and  Caps,  Miners' Oil
Slickers, Gloves, Blankets, Towels, &_.
Bargains for Everybody.
Eagle, Excursion.
On -rui'liy next Ihr Maternal nler ol
fcagli. Brill bold an excuraluu to l.-.n
Lake, ind the opportunity should bt
swatd by all wbo enjoy a day > outing
with pleasurable company and at a
charming resort, where sll tin- MS—Ml
lorn.* of iiimmrr sport can be indulged
ia. Loon Lake is one of thr awl -le
lighuul remrt. in Washington, whrre
th. *t>e.t of li.hing can be lound, and
wbete lulliing and bosliag ten be enjoy-
ed to the heart'* content. In Ihe hand
•ome pavilion in tbe park, dancing can
•l*o be indulged in, snd the cool brre/r
Irom the Isko prevents tbosr participat-
>og Irom growing wrary by r.a*oa of tb•
heat 'lhe round trip is placed at tb* rv-
n—rfcahlv low figure ol 13.11}, which i.
within Ibe mean, ol .11.
KOSSLAND, B.C. Limited
Every Member of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year, -
Six Months,
- J42.00
Address All Com—unicaitont
tub Fast Line.
Safest and B*at.
Solid   Veetibuled   Trains.     Mectric
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Observation Cars, '
Pullman   Palace Cars,
—legant Dining Cars,
Modem  Day   Co»ohe,,
Tourist   Sleeping  Car*.
Through  ticket* to all point* in   tb*
I'nited  States and Canada.
•EicepS  Sunday.       Tryl our   Hectt-i*
«. W. RUKK,
Agt. R. M. Hy., Rowland, BT0.
J.   Vi.   H1LL~
General Agent, Spokane,  Wa*.
As«t. Gen.  Pa*a. Agenl,
Portland.  Oregon"**-
a •
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
a a
a Cor. Spokane and Cal.inil.la Ave. a
a a
♦ »»<#»»♦>♦»»•»>»»»»>♦♦»>■■
!I_? International!
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
Albi Admitted to Bail.
Ycalerday W. R. Albi. wbo *hot Her
bert MrArthiir. wa. idmillrd lo bail, ir
the sum of 110,000. To* sureties were John
Albi, dinar, Wrlsh, Dominic S«.|.. .nd
Andrew llet r«bi.-k. Albi at once left lor
.Spokane, accompanied by N. K. N'ntiin.,
bi. .(tnrnry. Mr. N'urum sits th.t a
,< nniltiii.n ws. held on MrArtln.r in
r-'poksne. and Iha! Ihev agrre with Dr.
Hrddirk in his disgnosi. of Ihe raw. Ihe
bullel i> thonglii to br lodge.I in thr
muscle, of the bsck. on Ihr opposite side
from where it entered. M,*«**« treatment lias been adopted and McArllfnr 1,
now able lo w.lk a little. The X-ray.
.re to be used to locale the bulls*, but
Mr. Kiirum think* Hut the doctors wi!
decide that it will oot b* n*ct***~' to
extract it
,9 ♦**)**♦♦->■>••♦•»•»*•»♦ **>*>■» ».
fnlricCllror Ro*»Und WMV Becaute wc hive Ixtler f«cltUle» for handliug II. mud
-HI it fatter than any other tsar in town Beer, • ttcr being tapped, retaina ita merila and
Itaror for a limited time only. Keep tin* In mind when you look lor a place to refresh
yourself. Cheque* of all known mine*, railroada. contnetora and buMor-i men are
cached at thelt fun Pack V«t.. i* In our oH.cc, at any hour during the day or nl|ht.
Porcelain Baths
Bridgford & Herring,
11 columbi-t Ave , neat to Lalonde'a
M K oiliiuin
None Better.    Solid Vest.ou ed
Trains,    Palace  Dining  and
Observation Cars. Metis
a La Carte.
Direct connection at St. Paul, without
change ot depot, with all train* tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New iork
and all point* west and soulla.
Close connection ea.t and west bound
train* at Spokane wth train* of lb*
Spokane  Kails ft Northern  Railway.
Leaves .Spokane daly for —ut 10:15
Leave* Spokane daily lor Weat 7:SS
Weat bound train mate direct connection lor Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, Sin Francisco and all points on
the Sound.
During the sesson of nsrig.tion hi*i
bound trains connect st Duluth with
tbe magnificent BtramsBips North Wr.*
ind North land, ol tha Northern
Strain*hip company line operated in connection witb the Great Northern Kail-
For further information, maps, folders, etc., spply lo any agent ot tbe Spokane Falls ft Northern Hallway, 1,..-. •
ft Slocan milway, Kootenay Railway ft
Navigation   Company,  or  to
(.crural   P.ssenger   snd   Ticket
Agent, St.  Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane, \\ ,-n
.♦♦t-l-Hl ++++
 "Imperial Limited"
4++4++++44++*4\ * 	
j Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the £
{ Lowest Prices.   Nething but the best kept in stock. |
I Union Printing |
5pKlal  facilities. |«->  pr*-Ju.tnf the
betl   Printing  lae   Tradet   ■ ntw**  and
9««rtl SeKiftt* *     I nf ratlnf * pi.KurrJ
_kat* «riJ RuhWr S-tampa.
\A/.   H. JONES
l* R. ptttattt* A... RMllan*. B.C.
Vh sihinjton M
Hay A Walton. rrvpHctora.
\    Am  thi  Ih 1 k auna nr 1MB SP4«o?>.
Q. W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
I'.KOBOS SUM—1 Minigrr.
Th* Only Transfer or Ki press
C.impsnv in Roislind that will
Deliver your Trunks lor H rts.
es.li.   Tl.r -r days itorigc Iree.
Queen Cigar Store.
Tnt   hum   j.
Hot and Cold Lunches
Thr Blare lo set th, k* Mr.! I* lhe CU.
Plosap! BftrlC.
M*al( tb Otati mi Up.
 ....1..::. ; . : . ■ ■ ■ ...-
Pedrral   Revrnne  for July.
Dtla.-a Aug. 11 .--The .talrment of
the revenue of Canada for -Inly, the first
month of the fi«cal vrer, .how. a total
of M'Snfl.ZIO. an inrrrar* of f*T.Or. over
Ihe asme month of last tear, Tl.« e,
prndllurr wa. "rJ.BIM.vl. an inerra-e ol
$3St,M7. or * nrl brllrrrnl in the finances
of tlllMI
Hnv   Iroor our  sdverti.rr,. Ihev
Irienrilv  In  union  Islmr    and •slien    Toil
bur   from   them    you     n>lp thr    timon
- miNBRS-
v e. nr x ss. tblb*. aaaaa ni
Sp.cl.l -Itcnllon Gl**a I. -.,11 flrters
Stunden Printing 60.
ill -olumbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. «*.'.
Ofl I!,'*. Pre*i riplioss Pillrd
hr Ihe
Rossland Drug
: Company :
a Bail Islet el Ivt—tfctag i* o«r li*.
oi— Ul a cn.
Bovu.-if Ds-1. Co   1  Ir SIBO*.. Mgr.
Cotu»Brrll Avf.. *ril to In To*.
lasas-a <. •....    -.»...,.,, »e^*
|Th©j, Embleton,
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everyth 1 ng t he H i ner .
^ - - Wants to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest I
Prices.   Goods delivered to any part of the City.
. ******* 11 i+*t+*i+*+*t*+**i***++rt-i mmi««**«i'Hi*»*
i: Grand Union ji
-.1-    rVRPIl- I.U BBOl   Bio.
♦! Serrire lor the year 1990 will b* com-
T; menceil JUNE 10th. Ill* "Imperial
I       Limited"   take* you  tcro,*  lb* Con
♦ i     t.ncal   in   lour days   wiilmu   ,-r.v,.
I       It  la-a a*_— <**MMM-train, luiur
♦ lou.ly r-|uipprd witfc** -dtrery posnble
T essential for tb* comfort aad con-
+ venienc* of Passsngers. Ask your
+ lirend. who hiv. travelled on' it. or
X      addreas
♦ , E. J. COVLE. W. R ANDt.R.<!0N.
T       A. O. P. A. T. P   A
X Vancouver, B. C. Ntlion. B. C.
Spokane Falls & Honi.ro.
Nelson ct Ft. Sheppsrd Ry.
Ben lluniain Railway.
Th* Finnt of Win**, Liquor* and
Domeatic and Imports.I Cigan.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Tbe only all nil route between it
i point, east, weet .nd south to llo«—..-1.
.Selvm and .11 intermedial* potil. co*
] necliag at bpokan. with IB. tj.-ei*.
. iSorthern, Northern I'i it o and O 11
a N   Co.
lonnect, at Nelwn wilh ctetraeri lor
jt—tlo ind  ill  Kooteniy like potat*.
Connrcta   at   Myers   falls   with  stag*
dady   lor   llepubhc.   *ad    conasot*  at
' lloxliurg   wilb    ttiie    duly  lor I.n* 1
i Fori— sad Oreeawood.
Kffective July 22.  1100.
Vo.. want a I-arsst Cigar, a.rt you want
thr tarrat *    H that is *o lay -aua
Union Cigars
Day Train.
i ' •• a.m.
7:30 p.a.
11:35 p.m.
8 On p*m.
11:10  p.m.
Night Traia.
1 00 p.m.
0:15  pat.
Spoil* BS
7:1*5 sTn.
10:00 p.m.
Sr30 IB.
h. a -uunoM
Oenersl  l'i>_-ngrr Agrnt
.  Aral
KonUod. B. C.
'.. I*-."
; \>n
;. i-ni
X riB|
' Tl
Dotn—Ilr OB lo. l.ir»l!.TB,*.    li Wo. *a
na.l,   li Plot dr Cut...   Kl Cotonill.
i of - 'i  oi. I'nititi I. i'*li ■,. « I...-
it.a I ri   .    ■,.   .'■ . ... i ii .■■  . ■.. - '
The Queen Cigar Store
l»OW a MOBBI*  Sr->
Cotumb.s  Avar..ia
' .la.ii.il
.,ii,»M. _».♦.»»,
! A 5u re Thing I \
*       That oar Tri< n U -1    - * - I' • ♦
Cniict-st -so'-t in M'HB'an I    Th< ♦
wh-n teus ml foff ea are pi'«he*1 •*> 4*
harl It t»alv^iliilelv-ie*re*M-* i^hai*- 4-
Ifl a-ttctf of _M*Ml afrit    Viu Will *>
|T      flo-t it here.   QWtM f »i «»■». ^
X Pacific Tea Co.:
Hiners Checks
Cashed :it Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
l»a»nt«. <Mls. Varnlihfa Hruahe* *atl
I .-nth   ***4   Psisfrt    •\*Mt*9t+t9     Or4fv«
taken for Pap«niaNgt»t ••** DecvealtM
Ofl * -in<1 Hto'f lus-i'i \ 1 ■•»-»'«.•.
B* h k t * Col'imli'S) A*» "it-" liirmnii.
■ t      *«c j * tifli r     ;■■•>> ni j*«. il*.
WKUNKSDAY ..August 15, 1900
% ;    ' Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. 3
Fancy  and  Staple Dry  Goods
Every dollar's worth of the Jas. Gill & Co.' stock bought by US at 60 cents on the dollar will be sacrificed during this week to in ike room for our new
importations for Fall. Miners, liousel,e.'pt.rs, prospectors, hotel men ! Visit the busy htore and get your share of this remarkable low price stle of Dry Goods.' Note
buuic of our prices :
All Wool  Grey Blankets
"H.IIU   blanket*.   *...*   .VIxTI,   special   price $2.00
iM.."BI   blarik.-i*.   I—|   .'.SiTn.   apec.nl   price    u 12.75
«'»|   i t.i ii I., i-,   size,   .18x78.   special   price g3.UU
ViM   blanket-.   ../e   UHxHU.   -| ..I   pi'icr 13.150
17.00 Silver   lirey   blanket*,    lift    62x82, speeni1 prtet tM.OO
Hemmed Sheets, Ready fo- Use
*• I  -i.e. plain  I.leached, regular 90c. each 70c
til sire, |.I.iin bleached, regular $1,111. each 80c
IIM tilr, plain bieaehed, regulnr 11.23, each 00c
White Bed Spreads, the $1.30 kind.   Special price,
only $1 00.
« pier.-. Art Cretonne, regular 30c, per yard 25c
trash Towelling, regular  Wc,  per yard Jo
'I able  Linen,  regular I.V,   per  yard 2b*
I.il.li'   Napkins,   ii'irular   ll.'J'..   prr  dojri TV
BS-incli  Klaniirlettr, regular  IV, per yard |0c
l-.in.y   III.,*,   regular   IV,  |.*r yard 10c
. i.-.un  nnd   I'.nk.    rrgulsr   1.1.   |-rr  yard 10o
:*■' inch Print.. regular IV, per yard 12c
lire-. Pique, regular 20c, per yard 10c
I-.diet' Print II Ion so., esch $1.25
Ladief .Sateen llloiiie,. etch 11.23
l.nli.-*'  Piqur Skirt,, ra.-l. $1.23
Ladies'  Mrappera, earh $73e
I .ml it*' Cotton   \ r.tB, .'.nli 20e
I..ulic'  Illark Cotton  Hose,  per pair |}c
1.1.1;..' Cashmere  llo.s,  per pair *,tje
White Wool Blankets
ill pairs fL.Vl blankets UtliMtl, special price 12.50
JU pair, M..VI "l.lunkets, our  special  price  „ *2.75
lb pairs $3.00 blankets, our special price $3.00
I.*, pairs $0.1X1 blankets, our special price $3*0
.1' pairs -i'..',i  bl..i.Let*, our "p.-n.il  price $3.75
Pillow Cases, Ready for Use
10-inch   cast*,   tegular   .'HI.,   »|f. i.il.   ,-iieli 20c
'.'nidi   I'.i.es,   i-rgular   'IV,   .(areial,   each 23e
•J.I0 yards  Pillow    Cotton,    regular    —e, -laeeiul, per yard, 10c
100   yard*   Pillow   Cotton,    regular     Me, per yard 12 l-2c
3U down White Huck Towel,, regular 10c, null 3c
15 dosen White lluck Towel,, regular IV, each 10c
IU dozen   Hrown  Turkish Tnwrla, regular 2V. esch 15c
Ladies' Kid Gloves
In   Inn*.  HI...'!...   Purple,,  Red.,  Dome and Lacing, regular 11.50 and $1.73 kind,
our b|h-cii| petal prr pair » $1.00
Stripe and Check Skirtings
I pirce« lllue aud lirown Check., regular IV, |er yard , 10c
il  p..era Check* and Stripe*., rrgulsr  IV. |..  yard I'.'e
8 pirrr. Check, and Stripes, regular lHe, p. i  yard 15c
I pine III...- lactn.n. regular-Ik, p-r yard JOc
I  pier* 1'oiton.t.lr.   rrgulsr Mr.  prr yard JOc
I   | tec  Drab Corduroy, rrgular 00c,  prr an.1 45c
1   p.in   Kci-ii   Klaniirl, regular 10c, per yard 25c
_^ The abive prices only partialy convey to yon a few of the many benefits gaiued by dealing at this store.    Why it pavs us to sell vou goods at these prices be-
^    caus-c we bought the bulk of it at ooc on the dollar and can sell at less than cost price and yet make money.     Our stock is fresh   and  new.     Values better than the usual
We ask yon to come and see for yourselves and sa\e money in every purchase.    Remember the place.
Rossland, B.C.
105-7 Columbia Ave. 3
IN      THE      DDIIVIMil ll       HI1IICC  '"■   rxun •■"■■   •■^"", ""' •'"""' ""* •""••'''
111       ItlC      rKUYI1..IAI,      nUUJC    ly   p,-,n..ple   Will   work   Bile.*r..tully   p.*.
_____ tr long a. lhe .No.  1  .* nl*o being "prr
Sled.   As o<va..iiti will i-«l|  .it   ttiitt.  tof
MAIIK  lhe Jo>ic It. .hip alone a helper will havr
to be  | ul   in  sllrr s  titnr to inrrt   llu
ibey I).. Not I ini.T-i.ni.l the Mrnning
ul the Oalh and C—not Sp-k Kn*
luh—Nerd  »l *  Liquoi   LtrriiM   I-><f
Xictoiia.   II.   C,   Aug.   13.-iS|at*ei*L|—
A   urn     pl..-e     ..I   ihe   -I.a.-ton     -Hike
ii. iililc  was  sri   tnrtli   iu   lhe   1. ui-'ntin
I...-   alleinoon   by   Hayward.   Ihr   senior
ii.rtnlN r lor l.-pnun,ill, tiz:    llt.it ot  ihr
11. I 111 J. I    i In.II     lit    .l.ip.ilti--e.     litis     IS    .
itces^tiy . olimiuury to obtiiiniiig n ll
irllBe to ealcll -..In.on, nnd the lillle >t-l
low in.n hate gone tlllmlgll lln- sia.-.t.
mill in batches without know in*: ... a b—UJ
b-h or lhe nature ov content* ot lhe
CB1* "1 ullritu.itee. A teco.nii.eu "ail... .
I.) the Domini.... author.u>-* a..a- paaaad
tc Ihe etlret thnt all -Miring la I.. ...in-
llritish citizens must apprnr in person in
i.|.en court and there i-oinplv with the i
|..rmi litre* ol the taw. Ut Ihrre thou- ,
Baud ot the** ottizen.. probably over
two thud* have not hern -i\ nioiith,
in  Can.d*.
The need of * liquor lu-rnar law Itlu* '
,.i>l one having hern d.-aiiowadl
mil illiutralrd hy tbe .-a*.- ol a -hilt I.
onr of I remit-r llun'.n.i.r's rnal pill. Ol
IS men, 10 could not go lo work thi.
morning, and the din-mlnl Oh—BM hn!
'•a lae lallrd in to take Iheir places, I In
dsy's output fell Irom 1.200 to 800 tons,
all owing  to beer.
-milli 'urn*' amendment to the rail
way charter, againit overloading with de
Irnturrs, and providing a ilausr lor p ■«
silile tultirr purrhaae by '.he govrrmnrnl,
sir being voted down.
Choice creamrry butler received regularly .loin the Red River \ alley
l rramrry,  Msnitobl, by  Agnrw A Co.
Work on the Nickel Plate.
Work upon the Nickel Pltte I. being
p.shed r-].c. mllv a. regard, thr completion of the ore bim and tcrt'ng floor. A
•hortage of carpenter, is da-laying th*
work somrwliat. New chairs sre bring
lilted st the level of the sorting r! *.>-
snd all ore will be taken out »n the com*
t lei ion of the upper story at II .it point,
tramwtv'. convey lhe ore n, rrquirr.! to
th* north and south bins and a third
run will he U'eri for .l.impini*' thr wa.tr
into the Bi.ii-li Mow the railrnsd track.
This l.ifer lu* Ttecn 1.ii]i.-t.,1 and evrrv
tlt.ng; i. ii.m i.nlv for .hipmri.l with
ll.e e>rr|*tion ol lhe carpciitiy yei to be
A  liEXKRAl.   MM \l.
Slrcl Company  ltedu.es Wages.
I'lulidvlpliia, Pa., Aug. 1.1.-The d>dm
turn ol thr --..I.' ol wages at Ihr plaut uf
Ihr Diamond Slate Strel company went
im,, rtt.T-1 today. Ilerraftrr thr pad-
■lln. arr lo receive $3 a lon instead of
M and Die hn—eBhorr*. ra.uglier, and
lini-liri* havr lirrn redund 10 prr cent.
Many of the men refused to go to work
under Ihe new teslr. and a .trikr may result beloie Ihe matter ,. .rit'rd.
Prr.iilrnt    Krugrr   Not   Olnil ihut ing   I"
the  Hi van   lund.
New York. Aug. 13 Tom li'im a *"•
.patch Im... Pretoria and printed undrr
.lair o| Alltflt-t Kith, in aabu-h it unit.ilrri tlt.it I'lr.l.lrnt Kmgrr .. n.litnli
tiling between l.'JOO.OOu an.l B-l.tlB).!... i.
.in tltetion land ..i Vi. J, Bryan,   anl
nlsn that IVrl.aler Dun- lit* re. ciieri
Il2*.,0fl<l Irom ll.e -tnie .oiircr as a contribution lor tlie Di-miHT-ntt. i.tiopnieu
lund. Ch.«. I). Pirrre, mn.ul grnrrnl and
1i,..i.iiirr ol the It...-, u-lii-t liifi.t. anil
Psiil \\ r.«.rl., -|arrial ioniini*-ioner el
the South Aniciin republic in tin- city
g..a.- ;.  den.nl  ..I  both stateinrtits.
right for  Kiglii   Hour*.
San lu..'-.. Cal.. Aug. 1.1. The mill-
n.i-n a union. tM.krd hv thr building
Had.*. ...iinnl |,N|ar I. in in e..mr*t tlie
right f«r an righl-hour day. A .tr.Lr
hi. lan-n onlrrr,! and ihr h.-.i.tIi ..( the
ni.iicornt will soon be known. Thfr
uni.ui mrn ssk for the wmr pay for
eight hour* *• i> new given for nine
la..ura aaniL. lhe mill men *ny Ihet cn.-
not giant the dnnand and inert •Uteri
tempi trtion.
Piagu*   Follow,  War.
hino-liin. .lamarta. Aug. 1.1.—There
•TBI hai- Hghling la-t wrrk south of
I'.irllii'cniia. tolumt.is, ariordng lo mail
a.lv.er. Irnm I oloit. ll.e rebcla lost
heavily an.l retrralnl. I.elirr* Irom
CelOA •*, lli,- i.Ik-I. wrrr rallying snd
that an iit.uk BJ tl.rm was frarrd there
SI sn rsrly datr. Ihr wr.trr. .lrM-r.l*e
the .ullrrins ..i thr pen|.le ss vrry greal.
Ilnr styi that a >li*ordrr rewmblins bubonic plague had drvrlo|ae.l at Panama.
So n.ina wrrr killed in Ihr I i-i Isaltle ll
l-i.iiBM that saanir of thr l.o.li.-. had to
lar  hurned.
C. P. B. Dividend. ',
Montreal. Aug. 1.1.—At a meeting ol
the lao.id of alirretor. ol the !'. P. II.
held today, a dividend ol ■' per cent oo.
pieletener stock, and 2 1 2 per ten! on
eommon .lock lor Ihr half yrnr rn.lr.l
June 30lh lait. wai declared, payable on
the M of October.
Will   Ship   Thi.    Week-Kverything     I.
NOW   in    lie.,.line--
Kverything i. no win rrariinea* nn the
l-e Hoi No. 2 tor immedi.te ship...on.
and Ihe Writ lot of car. will lie .ent o.u
this wrrk to thr Norihitort .—rltrr. Thl
main shipment, will he Irom tlie V. I
but the .lo.ip will nUii .r-ml .ome ore
''he Pooi-nan Mops .« In readine-s. an.1
altogether there ., evety jii.titienltnn l..r
believing Hint belore many week* Mil,
mine w.ll be shipping 2,000 ton. weekla.
'. h* immediate avork in hand ll the tin' I
• ning up ... the cable! IttMhed lo the
..re cars running down Ihe L't.-itTtv lia.*
ray. 'I here being new, hi ft .tretch-r'
in some, iligl'l deKier anal hair lar"n fnl
.n up. The ore hunker, nre Ii.tiib Blled,
'lhe sr.iv.lv Irnivaa.av. 'l.'-pile Itl llntne.*.
rr, tn..V - I to bl ;> .ii.'-e-* II I.n- n. the
No. I, the upper mine ll rom-emeil Ship
OieiilB   can  be   nnrir   !r"in   lure   Wlthonl
llarbeiton   1'rorlB.mr.l   thr   Nnv   Sral  of
■ ■ .i.i-. .i.il    ll-.a. i.n.lent.
Lon i,,n.  Aug   II     I he  liner, hare Irll
M .. .....I...I..I !■.   aeenrri.ng   lo   the    I..■.i ai -.,
Alarquri rnrrr«|aondrnt of Ihe Daily Mail
and   UHSplsd   M Btervalonalrr   in   forre.
A con...lrral.le portion .*! OonStt—d
anl-llenersl laoui. Ilotb... cimp ...ul
.lore, nt Dalmsntbua waa dsslmyrd bt
Hie on Sunilny. Aeeonling lo another
special dc«pat. h. Ilsrbcrton hai heen pro-
elnimetl Ihr in it sral ol lhe Transvaal
(larmrnt  Woikrri  al   Delrnit.
Ue r il.   .Mich..  Au;    1.1 —The nitioml
...iivriitmn   ol   I n.trri   QarSMBt   Worker* |
I mon   mrt   here   lodsy.   Rr|*resenl*tivet'
of the union from ill pari, of ihr country wrre present when the Sr,t meeting
wit railed to order.   The iwtnt*hop an
wage    queitions    will  be gone    inlo
Aim a,   his   previoui   offer   lar.ng   Paxil
on   iiii|e.ii-i-t   ...iniTunt......    At   tl...   L».)
Bobrrti' .nny lepncri. an.l Ihe w»r
oll.ee wa. r. liiiT.milv ol.lignl l» nban.lun
a n-heitir wi.ri.-ln u wa- ho| .-il to mollify ninny distinguished peace soldier*
■nd their relation*.
The  New   York i'orre.|B<ndeut  of   tbe
Time,  say.:     Ihr .rnr.l ol    the  Ham
biirg-Amrriran  l)eut>clilan<l  with a new,
though  disputed,  rerordi acre.,  the  Al
lantic  more,  the Commerxi.1  Advertiser
to remark mat it i. 1 iiriiii.it    not    .
llriii-b rrrord which i. now br.lrn, .nd
to *sk:     "Hi. ihr Hyde gone mil of il.r j
I.name   of   making   tb*   f*.lr,t   .1.1.11
•hip* ?    Ha. il  abandonr.l  Ihr illoil  to
ba_I . boat that can rro«, Ihr .Ml. •■*
in  live  d.n. or Ini,   or hav. th. Qer-
inan* surpi--et!  the famon. Sroti-h .hip-
in telit**   Kngli*h    .hipaiTrnri-*    are    .aid
to i-oniidcr th.t thr I.u........ ha- re.rltm
Ihe economic Inmi  ni sper.1.    I hen, bow
happen, it th.t the North Herman J 1.»- • a
Kai'cr Wilbrlm drr ..ro.*r.  w-lnch  h,-i
the  reennl  iu»t brokrn  bv  the  Dr..1*1 h  j
l.nd,   has  been   leaving    New   York    In 1
thi. siasnn »f kern romprl it ion wilh hill I
ral.in.   while  olher    slower    ships  hsd
berth*    to    «twre 1    Amerirnn.    preler
l'ng!.*h    .hip.  In  lirrman,    but  do noli
prefer .low shipi to fa*t.
stH-aneil th. well-deMrrrd rsprim.nd.
At  a bull fight  last  month at  Prrpir
nan  fivr Spanish lorrador. wrrr wounded, two of thrtn dtngrmtitly.    Ihr tilth'
bull   ,ra.  Hni.hed  only after he bad  re
crn-nl   15   thrtisl..    Thr   pulilie  .lekrnrri
it  thr  -.clll.  and flung rhairs,    hen.I...
sn.l boltlr. inlo Ihr srma.   At Krulay'. 1
hull    buhl   a  Spini>.i    lorrador    named |
I'o.-o  was    piercrd tn  the I high by ths
bull', horn lo s denth of 15 crnlimflres
snd, gingrrne hiving art  in, he is in 1
drST-rr»tc 'late.
The Brackman-Kerr Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
V. <XM.  PH0ME 18f
P.O. B0   3
HO. 18
Crown    Grant    Cigar*.    lllue
Several education.) sward, tn ths
l.'nited Slatr. havr laeen made at Ihe
Paris Kxpo.ilton. In three in.tame. di«-
tinguialioil merit wa* reeorznirrd in ths
eav of individual.: I'n.f. H A. Ilnaalnnd
ol John* Ho|ikin« t'nivrr.itv. Prof.
\ n h>.la* Murray llutler ol Columbia
I n.versity. nnd Melnl Dcaii-v ..t the
I'iiiit.|.iIv nf the St.itr of New Y-uk.
l.rnn.l prtzr. wrrr nwsrdrrl tn tin* t*nl*
vanity of the -ainlr of Nrw York, th*
Congressional Library nt WsBhlmrton.
HarVBrd I'nir.r.itv. Cnireriilv of Pennsylvania. Johns Hopkins t'nivrr.itv, and
the American  I.briry Association.
Loid Iti.bcll, d.rlinatf.n to allow
troops to be withdrawn Irom S.iill,
Alii,a for service fa HuSa ib said t.
have come about tbl. way: i nr Sir re-
lary nt 8t»te for tlar, laord l*»nsdnwne,
eablrri I..... I llonrns asking bim it li*
rotild ,|iare a iitTT.ion, and lloberl. rr-
plier: -'Yec" 1/ord Lan.down* then
arircted a number of larfftiie other-
who have bren rooling their heels ia
thr drawing-room, st home, for hnlrt.
w'ith thr loirr. In ll.e meanwhile Hrrh*
rrl. r.i'.leri. *uecr-Hng tli,,_ . arral of hi*
tried remmanilrr. .hould areom|.sny the
division he ws. preparing, sibling that
it sn army corps ws. needed he would
like to go him.elf. I he.e rerommen.lB-
linn, put I/,r.l I,*n«downe in an awk-
wsrd In. Belore he an*wsred Loid
lloba'it.- siiggr.t.on* Ihe laltrr heard
from private sour. r. that nonr of In,
sra.ouril lieutenant* were tn go, bill
Hill "warrior* who had Inttenr.l on ths
flMhpOta -ri the . it v" Were ro.nil.g out
In tnkr nil iniiniiranil. in Ihr .-vperiili-.n.
Bherrupon the little man promptly wired London tint it wn. iinpos.il.lr to
lend  any troops   tt  ill out   ol   South
Second near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
Knob 11 ill
To Iho City of Kossland.
Finest Residence
portion of the City
Adjoins the original townsite., corneringon
Thompson Ave. and Monita St.,
about five blocks from
Post Office.
Or\   °' ••■ese elegant Lots are being offered   Q /"\
Ov/   at greatly reduced prices. Terms to suit   KJ\J
purchasers, instalments or otherwise..
28 East Columbia Ave., Rossland


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