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Industrial World Apr 21, 1900

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__.     -a- —_*_-__-
iiS_-aiSB.il    sal In
VOL 1. NO. 31.
Dovoted to tho Interests of Organised Labor.       Endorsed by the Ti-ikIch and Labor Council,       ffflicial
i.! Patriot Union, No. (1, \V. F. M.
I r-jaj^ijuuijaruijuiJ-innAnAnii'^^
The Customers on our Books are a Proof that ]
tlie clothing we offer
you for Spring is not
Ready-made Clothing
as is generally understood, but
Ready Tailored
Guarantee- Goods.
All anyone can get out of this life is contentment, as a proof that you will be contented with
one of our Spring suits, you will find Shorey's
Guarantee Card in the pocket which says
"Satisfaction or your Money Back."
Does this appeal to you ?
Tbe City Canneil.      Mi lo Be Else!   fiwerid ii Mini
A Big Petition -No Shorter Houra
For CUy Laborers.
Reveht ike, Apiil 21.—Special  to the
Wm Id At rungemots a.e being niadn
to bring about a liisiim of ail element.
opposed to the conservative candidate,
I'b.i«. T .y lor. I' is believeI it will succeed,   Tonight   Premier    Martin     snd
I Clothing and Mens Furnishing room.
The Big Store,
|We have just ut rned up pari <>f our
Onpriaing the beat i|il.ililiiM iii
1 isY Thread, Wool Cash mere,
Natural wool, Australian wool and
S Iv Mix:: red.
I Iur spring Muck of
I- most Complete, and prlosa BIGHT,
•    W.F. McNeill,
N X' P. ft fllce.
No lincy prins, but Ihe best value lor
your iin.iiev. We handle only li.si class
Ewert Brothers,
EMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers
.inter Columbia Avcuue .nd Spokai.eS.ree*.
>♦♦♦♦♦»♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦i)
New and Complete Stock of
Neat to the Kootenay Hotel.
Whenever you see a man whose eyes are
bright and Hep elisiic. and who walk* along a*
though he owned half the loan, you tan decide
Ibal he isn't weak in his Ki.lueyi.
• live  ynu  Ibal   Languid   Ke ding or a Weak
BatchT     If.sn, dou'l best!.Hi'.
Dr.   I.siljays
Ki liiey   J Mils
Have caired others anil Will OBI
T. R. Morrow
rrin-a DRUaoiBT.
The Strand
The Moat Elegant .m.i Luxurious!
Fitted liar iu Oanada.
A  Full l.il I Ibe I  honest
Liqueurs and Cigars
F.D. WATSON. Proprietor.
The city c ui.cil   refused   to incog..i/.c the sn'mil  evil in   Rossluml,
when, TUBBili. • uight, it rel'ii-ed to Hon.^ipiiK-Curtii will addreia the la-
net on the bbl petition presented to i^.p" or*|riuiMib>»s in Tapping! Ope.a
that ho-iy, asking for the remsival ,.,,,..,. •*.*,*, ■•>,*.„.. «„0ciation was In-
of the houses of .ll-fainti Irom Lm- villKi lo _, prerwnt _„j Accepted. Tu.
coin street The council deoided lilh.ri(1, ,, .fe _ra ovcr*,.h*,|u,inf,|y ,or
that it wits powerless in the mutter m ^.
aud referred tho whole question to
the police commissioners, who will
now attoii.pt to Hud a solution of
thu ilillli'tilt problem.
Local Labor Notes.
Printers report work   very
The bylaw fixing the mayor's sal- iu Ibe city with several men
ary at $1000 per annum and those: D-(p||| bIi0IiM tlot fo,wet tho
of the aldermei. at I'lOO was passed ' ,*„„ of t|,H -„*,*,_ ,,.,,, Llll)or
a third time, and tho city auditor's1
salary waa   iui-reaaod   to   sjh per
Tho l.yl.t Vraising 12(1.000 for
the purpose of building it lire hall
and library passed ils liual reading
aud will be voted on by the rate
payers on May 1.
Alderman Dean moved thnt, beginning on May 1, the hours of all
city laborors and employees be reduced from ten to nine. It did
not receive a Becouil. Jt has be, u
explained since thut the reason it
received uo support was (hat if the
hours were reduced a ourrcsiionda
ing reduction in wages would have
to bo made, and that this was nol
desired by the meu.
Local Niton.
|lie.t wearing, Bestlilling nml best looking
In Men's,',Women's and Children's
C. O. Lalonde
Lansing & Newman,
Succeiaor to A. C. FRY.
laving purchased the AC. Fry Slock of Groceries, Bt0„ we w'sh to enounce to our many (rlemls, as well as thoie ol Mr. Fry's, that we are verv
rgely increasing onr nock, and from thii time (orth will carry a much
•Id.r v.rlety of goodi than the old drm. tn (act you will be able to obtain
III Itaple and lancy groceries Irom us. The public will quickly discover that
Sir prices are what they shou',1 be, and satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.
7. _c N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
C. O. D.
Meat Market
Washington Street      -   Rosslnnd.
Oppositc^Riink of B. C.
Cheap for Cash.
St. George's Church, on Earl and
Kootenay streets. Services at 8:30 b.iii
11a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday .School
at 2:30 p.m.
The Methodist Church, Waihingtnn
street, (leorue II. Morden, Pastor. Her.
vices at  11 a m. and 7:30 p.m.   Sabbath
i?cl I inul Bible Class at 2:30 p.m.  En*
worth League of C.K., Monday at 8 p.m.
J. M. Mariin will spend several
days in (he Boundary  next  week.
Uo lo the ('. O. D. meat market.
Wnshingtou struct, for your meats.
Hear Mi.—.- Ilaydoii and He wilt
in duel!, at the International next
No workingmnn should Ih- absent from the meeting in Minors'
Ini,ui bull tonight.
The in.iii.i,'.'Hi.uit of (he Ir.ter-
nnlional proius-'s patrons some-
thing unusually  good   next  woek.
Dr. Bowes Ihib been expelled
from lhe lociil libera) association
for interesting himself iu Mi.
.Mackintosh's candid ley
Murty Sullivan, the miner who
died so suddenly from Imurl failure
Wednesday, was buried yesterday
from the Catholic church.
Miss Eva Booth will be in Ross-
hind Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening she will lecture iu
Miners' I'nion hull  ou  slum work.
Recording Secretary Williui. of
the Miners' Union, lost a ll'.'o pay
ehe,|UO at the Br> haney concert
Too-day evening. Fortunately, il
wus found tbe next day and returned to him.
Next Thursdny evening (he
Rosslniid  Liberal   association   will
elect delagatSB to attend tbe convention to Iii, buhl the following
week tn place in nomination a candidate for tho provincial legislature.
Premier Martin and Hon. Smith-
Curtis will lie in RoHsland the latter part ofDBXt week. They expect to addreaa the electors at that
time and again a few days later on
rhe boat table board to be had in
Km.' liinil is to be got nt Ihe Russell
hotel, Everything is flrsl.class in
every respect. Prompt aud attentive scrtioe.
Assembly Tuesday evening.
The scale couimiltce of Rosslaud
Typographical Uuion will meet
tomorrow to revise tho suulo of
prices for tbe coining year.
li.i-i..ml Cooks and Waiters'
Union No
fairly satisfactory, all things considered. Several of their la-sl
workers iu tho cause of orgaiii/.etl
labor lell the cily recently, but the
work has not boon allowed to lag,
nnd in spilu of tho uiiforeed idle-
ii,•— of .-.line of ils itieiiilii-rs the
union bus not sull'ered mom than
other organisations I'uriiig tl.e recent (lo'iressiou.
Tho local stonecutters have
formed an orgnniz itioo which includes every member ol   the  craft
in l;..-. i.in.i. ..ml will probably ap-
to the International Stonecutters
Union for a eharter. Tho niguu-
izitiun wus lira! formed lo eufort-t*
an eight hour work day while the
employers wanted lhe men to work
nine In nr--. in d were williug ti pay
extra lor the extra hour. The meu
said no, and tho eight hour day
goes. This ia organisation, but to
reap its fullest lienefita the stone-
should secure a charter and get iu
line with thu other organizations
fur the pin|i .-.■ of advancing tiio
Interests of tho workers and for
lhe aid ami support which affiliation with other unions give.
It is evident tlmt (here is a groat
need of  orginiztilinn   by   the city
employees, espeelslly when Rosslnnd is blessed wilh a council
whieh v t"d its nn minus salaries
aggregating I'.'mhi ami later in (he
•..nne session refused   lo   eonsider a
proposition loikiog towards shortening the hours of ely liilmriirs.
Kossland is almost the only .'ity iu
the piiiviiiee where rily employees
are forced to work ten hours jrer
duy. The Trades and Labor Council might very properly t.iko this
matter up.
ro Enforce the Provisions nf-Wiir
Wage Resolution,
There is every indication that
(he Dominion govern—I mt is iu
eiiriit-sl and il-li'.'.niuail tu strictly
enluroe tlie provisions of the lair
wage resolution, introduced by
Hon. Mr. Mtihiek ami passed recently by 'lie c nn u ins. U. J.
O'Doiiogliti.', who fm* the past IH
yean has been secretary of thn executive cuiiitnilli'c of the Toroul i
I'rades uml Labor Council; has
been appointed by the government
to sen that the tcrmi of tin) rea t-
In lion are lived up to.
At the last meeting of the uouu-
cil n resolution w.ts moved by
Ruben (thick ling, secjuded by D.
Carey, stating that  tho council
learned with t-ati*f.iclioii of tho
evident sincerity of the government to carry out the provisions of
the resolution by the  appointment
'nl n special ofli-.'er   for   their   eu-
40   report   everything r    .  ,
forceiueiil; thai the appointment of
Mr. O'Doiiogh.ie meets with thn
approval of organized labor in
Canada; Unit the council has unbounded confidence in bim, und instructing the secretary to forward
to Mr. O'Douoghuo creil-i.tial.i rec*
omu.ftidiitg bim to tho friendship
ami foiifitlimct* of ull OTganiSJ I labor btnl.es, ami Ihat a copy of tlm
resolution bo firw.ir.le.l (u Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and li IU. Wm,
Mr duckling remarked that thn
appointment marked uu important
epoch iu tlie history of organized
labor io i •unlit.    Mr,   Carey  said
ii.ai Mr. O'Donoghueoould always
bt, depended upou to do wh it Was
just nud right in (he int.-rests of
lalnir. The government hud crowned its efforts iu placing Mr. O'Don-
ohuo al tho head uf work thai
would bo essentially beneficial (o
the labor interests of Canada.
Delegate 1: -.al. — said it Was iv
source of sa11-I.n l on that the government  hud   taken   such aotl	
and hud appointed a man to carry
it out who had the confidence nf
the Dominion, 'lhe resolution was
unanimously carried by u staudiug
In thanking the council   for its
resolution, Mr. O'Douougfa remark*
ctl thai the aotion uf the govern*
ment was the mOSl radical, from a
labor Standpoint, that any government bud ever liikcn. It was lln*
recognition of the principle of it
living wage. Il was now the duly
of the labor element to see that
When public works wero being
carried on unions should be established, but limy miisl be established belbrs the oonlracts are signed.
Where there Wen* uuiniis, what thu
unions demanded would lie tin,
current rate of wages with him.
lull he could not make wages
higher I 1iib.ii those ciirrrut before
Ilm contracts were sigae I,
The board of police commissioners will nut be able to deal
wilh lhe lui-iness referred lo it by
the cily council until Mnyor GrOod*
BVB returns from the Boundary.
It is expected that they will meet
the latter part of next week.
A short time ago Mr. Mackintosh
did uot think investments in mill
ing property were safo on BOOOUOt
ol tho eight hour law:     Now he is
their return  from  the "_hra_dary.l,-d U) -» iu "'" "■* to 8'"' WMKf
to invest here.   Does he,  then, un
it is reported that tho company
cancelled one contract, and .lis-
charged the contractors at lhe Lo-
Roi the first of the Week, because
t'10 coiitrnctors could not make
wages at tho prices offered by tho
Messrs. GrOodaVS,   Bowes,    Dick
dolpate tbe early repeal of the law?
Ho'stoad & Wright, corner First
avenue and Washiiiglon street, to
make room, aro offering their
ehihlroiis' coats, ladles' eiderdown
robe, shirt waists and clothing at
greatly reduced pries, The bal-
a.id Sharp Brn in tho Boundary ancn of our witi'er goods must go
doiintry in the interest ot C. H. to make room for our enormous
Mniki>.tosh's candidacy. It re- spring stock, which is arriving
mains to bo soon if it is possiblo daily. Now linos of men's shirts
for them tn hypnotize tlm voter*1 for spring an to li.tnl, im.l ir..
tjf that part of (ho riding, iwoll worth your inspection.
Wait Awhile.
While il is trim thai the labor
troublo hero bus been settled,
work ngmen and {mlnon in oilier
districts should remember that as
yet comparatively few men havo
been put to work iu the mines,
every trade is crowded and iiiniiv
idle men in thu city, anl that Ihey
should not flock iu here. They
should keep away for a time, ns it
may lie somo weeks before employ-
incut is found for (hose  now  hero.
The Yellow Bootfi-ge,
The question of restricting Jap.
aneso immigration will soon overshadow in importance that of shut
ting out the Chinese. Reports
from Victoria show that sinc> J.tn-
iiiti'y 1 • .'.-. 4.0iXI Jiipa have   lamb
ed In Brilisb Columbia, THE    IXDeftWRTAL    WORLD,    Al'HIL 31,    llKitj.
WIB1LY       *>.,:,,
rul,Hi!ird III Hal Ui. e.r' Colon Hall, toaala- <
In the lBlrrt.1 ofit^iiuizitt lubur tu U.iti
Csl.ta bis.
Bali ad at ihi Resilsad, It C ,   .losinff.r;-
IrlnsBii'lii.T tli-eu. li  tltc itiiil.,  Nu,    191
...a    1., sin', raiitir,
A. C. TiiuMi'Snv, E.hlqr ind  Manag
()(Bci at Miners' I'liiou Hall.
rsriblf InT.ii.i n In At'.in.
Out rur	
Ill   M011II1.
This. Uoi.ll..
Ai!i]rfii ill < onituntili'iitlon, 10 llu- In,his ,
Worlil. I'oiUifut-e Ilm y*. rlas.lsii.l. ;i c,
The h.tlu.Htiil Woilil 1* fur s.,1. n, Koiwc.iiti
lh. l(D,i|B Cig.r Slutr. Simpsons Nm, sn,
H B. Wallact'i it ,'■:,',at. .lurr; I'utt orl
IB.wa Slaatt; l.i.uon Bros.. BtiUouif*/ sn
Barr'iCliar Slorr a..,l hr urwatanjra.
All checki  nut be made  payable   1
lbs Manager.
Thnie who desire 1 change in tin
advertisement sb.mid have the copy I
ths nun at tin- 1.die* no! Ijler llu*
ths iveuing bsfora publioatluu day.
BATl'KDAY,    APRIL   21,    1 00
It is very  probable   that in n v
eml oonstituenoles tha labor orgai
Isatlons will run t-lruighl labor cat
ilidates at the approaching elec
tions, in some Instanoss wilh ever
prospect of sii.t. ss, and il migll
be well .o Inquire ul this, time ju-
What siiites- or failure may incut
ami lo well neigh every chsune bi
fore filtering  upon   a   struggle   ol
far greater impoi laiui*   to   ti -
__, pulsations Involved than anj
strike, lookout or bove-ali. Whil
it is trim Hut only tlirougli
legislation will workingraen ultimately win their victories.
uml      thai      lhe      ballot      fff      „
legitimate and powerful weapon in
'heir bands, yei  in   their   own interest it inii-i ba us,-,! wiih great
tely curtain.    Every work ingunin '' Is ho in favor of  oash  bonuses   or mere handful   of  men   havo  been
i the province is vitally interested land grant.-.?      Why did  be not  put to work.
. seeing the eight    limn*   low. 'be ' not touch upon the subject of alien-1 ■ .'    .
ruck act, the coal mini's regulation jiilion of pub io lauds?    The gi'nnl-
i,cl and   kiutlivil   laws   retained ill  lug of large iruut. nf  l.ui'l lo spec-
icir entirety snd strloily eufuruud, j diatom and ohait. r moi gi*;'.s in aid
of   eiitei'priHcs  of   very     doubtful
villi..' t,i the province?    'I In* work'
ii.e-iiicii i*|.*iin'i,)l)i-i' tlnil   Mr. Muck
anil  hia friends     supported    tin
X +444-4-4444444i4*444444+444T44+444-444+i*i*4T*t4*~>44*><
nil   tlie   iiiiionjsls   ul'   out, riding
avo   no  ni;lii   whatever  to on*
tuger   tin,   iiitei'ii-is   of those ol
tUer pans of thu provinoe by i o
iptillg the chaiices id   iiluiost cei- paity wliich, when   il   was in pow-
iiii ilel'i'Hl ami   ihu   ivturii   tu lln* or, gave    u\v;,y   tn   a   fnvoruil   few
.use uf au enemy  to the   cause, hundreds of thousands ul aorestf
i-lter by far   win re    ilmrc    is uuy of ilm    best    Umber    anil    milium]
mid . f   the result   for labor In luuda of the province, binds w-bi. I.
..uvnli-al*    it    sii'eniii'i on -i can- sliouiil have lieu i preserved   t) tliu
date of O'.iu of   tht*   two   piti'ies pi'oj^fe.     1 In-f*.'t.pl-i also   waul   to
ns may In,   r-liad   upon    to sup kuoiv why he tiitl   int  ii, clan, hi,,
.art labor lUCUeU.ei   than   playlllg position in   regard   to  govern meni
.io tin* linn.Is of its enemies by ownership und control, und  if his
lining  a candidate of  its own. statement to the effool  tlmt he did
he election oi .-.." sueiny   means I not   want   i..  see   ibis cainpuigii
WO voles against   I1 aii.t* in the i fought   on   parly    lines     was   nol
;i-liiture. aud there  is  too nittoh uiado for the purpose of allowing
: stake to allow of any  risk, aud bim lo evade    the    government
..I the chain* *s of success   should ownership plank iii Ihe NJn  West-
-   well weighed     befor.,   tli'viilodj niiuislt*r   phiifoiin,    and fLossililv
'lion is taken.    In any   ei-o   nu*; a f-w other planks wliii.lA.n, ilis-
nisis   sh ulil   it uilier   tlin_ it tasteful lo hint ui.d his (i % ..Is.
kes good bard woik to elect u
iiididiitt? uml no matter « hetlu r
is deci.li .1 to   | ut up ii candidate
"1 do i.ut believe in hasty legislation in respect to ca| ilnl nml
labor,"—Hon. ('.   II.  Mackintosh.
This was as near as he cainc tn
making a declaration iu regard to
labor legislation, and ns l.c nml his
to endiir.si- on.- of another party
.<•<• a course of action is decided
lUOU    llll    dillci'eiict-    should      la
iiopped. personal feeling anil petty
ttalousies Ibrgottou, and all should I Mends have always ooi.tended that
iork iu p.-rfeni hannouy to secure the eight hour law andoth.r mens*
ue t'lecii'n i.fa friend itiul thu di- tires to protect  the worker  wore
•at tifaf.n* "hasty" and   ill-considered.   Woik*
■a^—-—sis iugiiit.n can coiiie lo no  other con-
"I   have   always   found    them uluslou than that   Mr.  Muckiiitosh
[ivorklngmeii] reasonable ..ml r*a- •-<- •" party arc opposed to legis*
•oning, open  U. the tosol ings  of l-tlnn of this oliaraoter uml   that
■ uoii     sense."—Hon.     C.    II. tllOV do uot fiivor its   rctenli. n   on
tfaoktntoah. °*> tho statute-
Truer words were never uttered,
If vou feel like kinking iihout
the way tin, Industrial World is
being ciimliii tml,couii- in a ml make
It to the mauilgoiuo.it. ll you have ♦
ii grit valid, wm want lo know it. i T
Don't bn afraid to kl k—to the ♦
iniiniigeiiifiit. If ymi have uu t
interesting n.-ws itein, or \ nootl r*s .,.
Idea to bring before llu,■ unionist--1 ■♦ '
of Ibe district dou'l i.' ''I. i' ".'111.1,-' j J
yourself and tbon kick beoausu
they do not appear lu the Wi'irldj
•he eilitur is uot a lniml r mdoi .
riie World is your paper, and its
suooess or failure largely lies with
yuu, nnd It i- by your help alone
lhal il can In* in.nl.. successful.
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rosslaud, Nelson, Ti-itfi.-Kanilon. Revelstoki, Qresawoed,
■ **s (jritnd I'.ik. ami Vancouver,
Just at tlii:
reeled effort
Trades sud I
- tint.* a little well ,li'
nu tllO pint ol Ilie
.ill"I'   ( oiiiiuil   u ill tin
I.'KTAK, MARKETS- Hosslan., Trill, Nilios, Y«tr
liiui.i. Sandon New Denver, Hl'tvarten, Cssoadi City, Uraad
l-'orkiiOreenvroot, Phoei lx, Midway, Camp MoKlansy, Kirel-
■toke, 1-'. i-uuson sml V-iii'Oii.er.
Pish, Game and Poultry In Season, Sausngos of s'.l Kiuds.
VV11,i.i am Ronald Manager Ku-slaiid Brtnek.
+4***444*******4*** H¥**44*.4r4M44+4-M44>i*iMW**k
in. re good  to    lhe    cans..   t.|' labor
than ii frantic hustle a little later.
Evi ry day numbers of men of every trade are coming into Ru.sslanil
anil il will he much easier to gel
them into the urguuiz:. lions ut this
time thin) later. A good, live
committee should be put to work
at once, and the luipprtanoo of
looking after these newcomers
should be impressed upon lhe officers , f each affiliated organization.
Raymond Sewing Machines
"ll.»t   on   Ihe   M.okil."
Ntwin* ma .bins supplies ol ul! k' ih l.iriaWt
bv .ii"„ or tu tilth.
M.icbhioi In rdiit
Taylor & McQuarrie,
V-rutin   /.,/ .V, '   -.. /7. .-j.   131.
18 Co'nnibiii Avenue, RotsUnd, 11 0.
S lie  AkuIIIS.
Mi*. Msckintosb is in favor nf
the i-isblishmonl of a bureau of
labor nnd -t ti-ti>*a. Even in this
he is many years In bind tho labor
unions, winch have long deinan led
the <•: iililislinieiit uf .-neb a department, "is ideas of the work til
such bureau nresomi what different
Irom those of the woikiiigmuu; Im
apparently il. aha tbe duties of ihe
ollicial at the head of this depa I-
m,-nt should he principally to "use
his influence, in questions ioi|ulring
meiliiitiim." Such a depari inei.l
estal.lislietl ami eniilr ltd i.y his
purl' if returned lo power would,
ii Is believed, he n orely an s 'ju . t
of ih.* mine  owners'  association.
md ihe class represented  by Mr
luckintosli is learning to  its  sor-1
-mv ihat   workingmeii  uro   iudeed
ipeu to ilm i.-...'l.itig- of   c -iniii in
cii-i*.   A men  is kuowu   by   the
niiipaiiy he kteps, and coiniuon
-eiise leaohes them tlmt they need
not expect to "gather grapA from
.horns nor iigs from tliistlos."
Much of  lhe   lime  i.l   the   ret 1
Conservative m t-s meetleg was
taken up by the speakers ... pre
•emit g the olaims of West Kootenay to Increased representation In
ilm provincial purlin ut, in..I Mr.
Mackintosh ... his speroh made
this one of his gtrongesl points,
lln* workiugu.cn   of  this   i-.m-lit
ueuoy    uro    "lefesoniug"  among
themselves and Baking each   oilier
Win  Mr. .Ma<kiul..sh ami   his SUD-
. .'iniii'.n sens*', inul    ll    bi     till!'lit '
I list week the readers ol the
'Vnni.ii wen* presented with the
ptililical platform .-f the Hon. dos.
Martin, which is of partiuulsr In-
teres! to the voters of the entire
prtivincc. c.-picially the Liberal
parly and winking.nen generally.
This week wo | ubllsh tin, hardly
less Interesting platform of Hon. V.
Carter-Cotton, und his address to
the electors.
Tl..* Printers' label does nol appear nu I'm literature sent onl
I.y the campaign ootninittaes al the
coast, ami Ihi- fact Is CBUainS some
imminent among   unionists     Tho'
label committee of ihe Vancouver I
Typo   union   ahnuld  get  in some
:: I wm k jusl n.>w.
To iis nternnl shuuie Gov. Si. no
uenbuiv is still a meinbiT  uf Boise
Cily Typographical union.
march isth,
Just tteeslvsd, ih» l..rge.l anl lt*.( S !.-i-te,| Sio,-k uf        t_3
♦^    For Spring T'ali Ks.r
Buts aiJ Sin]] aM Mi
i~l   ujjiu   tt.iu   u.u j j   ii.ii    ii tu    Show In Ihla 0(t|
M, u's Kme Wi riletl S.nti iu bun au I la'nk, greal Vainest $20; *-.!
$ I3.?5
8 75
12 53
Man's Tweed Suits, worlh |I2. it und |!5; to clear at
Men'. Kme S-..Iab l'w-1 gull*, bi*. vilu« B'-l'S; Sils pr cs      .
FI. v, S.ii.s sn ' (I Id Pi..i, at j.i.t half regular price!.
REMKMBKRI For th. nisi ISdajri every hue in stock to toll ai aud
tii,,l, t wholu.al. pncel.
* M. J. O'lIEARN
11 sill pay y, n in esll si  K
...I   in. rt   und   lailiea'   luri.lihil.f. olall
♦«*M<.♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦< >♦«♦«.♦«♦•>.♦ MMMIIMMIMMIMIMII
tho   labor   cans,*.      Tho   People-
Provincial pany. under the lead-
ship of Hon.   Mr.   fjutton,   ran I .-
depended u*    io defend  everj
line of labor legislation placed xi\ -
on the II. ('. statutes, und a-
liecessily occurs add (oil. Hon. Jo
pin ly
Report- from the  .Slncati show a
a startling state of  affairs  there.
nothing less   iu   fact   lb.in   uu   al-
1 rcu.pt  to  disfrauchiso  more   than
...m Voters, il is suppo ed a( Ibe in*
gtigation <>f the mine owners, who Windsors are q.i ck «-il«rs.  For men's
are determined to eeoure the return sIoiMbb, (i.eir rednesd pries Is having
discretion,   of the  three i*ai tiol portera art now clamoring»o loudly   .
now try ing to shape   ll„.   po'iUcal   lor equitable   rid.-lriliu..    when  fcw|
destiny of lhe pr.,yjncc and up Iwo years ago Iht-y Wile support*
peuling to the elccturato for sup- "% a government which refused
port,   two  aro   veiy   friendly    |,,j this district juslice in  this   regard.
and have (seen until rt utly supporting the party  which   brought
about the tlefeat of ll.c late govern-
in.ait on u measure Intended t>>
giv.- ihe district two more repro*
s- ut .iii vi*. nud Boundary u mom*
bei nf ils own. nml great was Iheir
m'pb Martin,  radical   uml 11 ratic rcjoloing at Its defeat   Tlm work
though he may be, wilh   lhe   parti I i"guit-li  rein' inl-.-r those Ihiiigsiiml
t I J i i ia i s "I'I" *,,—   *'
he lends will . ever Is* louiiil in op-1 «'" decide for themselves whether    f ..
position    to   Iho    ilili'iesls    of lhe   Mr. Ma. kiulosh anil liis sup l-il'lei>
workeis or arrayed on the aide ol ••* einoBre in this matter,
corporate wrong,    of theConserv*
aiive party nol so muefa g. od oan
Ih, said, as there is .... doubl thai
all of ils leaders, tin s| ,.f |_ ran
dithiles und  iniinv of ita prouiiiieiil
mppqjrtari araeBtremely boetlls to
nil Inlstr   Ifgi-lnlion,   and   j| thfly
should Im* r.Hu hi ,1 \vi|h M sulllcnnl
majority  to do  so there is liule
doubl lb.,I ihey would  proceed   nl
0IK'1''" «'M t of existence ever*
measure oaioahitad to protoot n,.<
worker in  his  right-.      T,,,,-. the
New   Weslinin-tiT      platform   of
tioii i.iiriv ...,i „ ii       i.i       'i'i speculators, charter   <»..i>grrs
llilll plir.t     ell.lnlse-  the alfflll   ll,illl '
law and the princlpl     „,„,.,-„.   ""«! Inwn hit,* explnilers,   and Ihey
ment owi.e.ship.   Iml   so far onl of ""' f""** ,,WHri! ",i,, ,,iH ,!l"'n' **
...nm il   ii.       i       port is drawn from those who bave
more tiniu twenty OBfldidateB  l.ui  !    ,.
in  the   past,  supported   the  party .-"* ","-lu "'•
which bus. in season nml out of
seiisoi). opposed ,-vt-i v measure calculated to benelit the masses anil
curtail lhe powers of the labor
Yes, tl o worklugmou of dls ri I,-
ii.gnr.* open io   the   taaaliliga   ofj   y ,on WiBt tee bs.t leneb to be bsd   }
lor y.'i"   .ii" .t ' > lit*
ra tlmt   ihey   need   expeel   uo|RosbsI Mitsl,   lluaie...»,.
elsM ., .t..e.
CALL AMD BBS FOB Y(il';;-i.'
II 1st, a I A IVriabi.c.r. Kirs. nve. .ml
Wiil.ingtoii street, nre ihnwlni l.dlra'
spring   Jtckeis   and   n*w  wrappers—a
► pi, i.did   and w. li .,**...!..! line of rneh   < >
Their Indira'   u i-kwei', in salin   pull   !
■bleldi, Lalbsny Bilk sad Point Bipiit
nf ll member   pledged   to   vnte   for
Iht* repeal nf the eight   hour   law.
ll appears that when   the   mime
pi 1 i,ant is  objected to lhe
applicant must  aptu-al ill the it.ill I
of revision uml show why his mime
•I am   in   favor  of wise     laws shoul.l he placed ....   tho list; if ol.-
passed in   Ihe   inl.-rtsl   of all   ,|„. j-cli-ns are   uiado   to   u   num.* ul-
people.-llon. C. 1|.   Mackinl.wb.  "■••«■>' "".ll"'   '"■«  ••"'   v""'r   ""M
tine is know,, by n ipany appeer and prow ihrn  it  should
ho   keeps,   and   (he    woikiueinen   (>"t hi- leinovetl. Titking advanl.ige
have noted tlie Ou. Ibal Mr. Muck- "f •*■- fn l""»"' l"" li,'H'" s '""
Inteeh's aasooiatM and   principal devtead thooontomptlblBBoheme to
-uppo.i.rs are lo i mi ppooed to "''J''*'1 x" lo ""' '""»"**«,r hundreds
l.il (.r.-ls   ami   labor   1,.,-i,,   ol v« tors who   are   km wn to Is-in
lulion. and Ihey luivu deeded ill svmpall.y will, th-labor mov. uicnl
their   own   niiiuls    that    lo    Mr. ' and v\ho miglil .ml   Is*  able lo a, -
Ma.ki.ilnsh "all lhe people" menus I"'"' M{"" xU" raising lit.  Tl.e
 .wn.-rs. slock  brokers,   wild-  "'stilt will bo thai   mnny   of then.
will have U   vote    on    .lime   Ulli.
This move has raised a i-toim of
'protest throughout the Slot an. and
pio-cciilioiis   lor    conspiracy   are
IMie is .(milling hilly and s.piarely
upon it. the others having found
some BXOUe for evading its pro
visions- In some eases the running of   a   labor   candidate   will
make Impossible ihe election of a
man  favorable   to   labor   Interest!
nnd insure ilm return of a member
(llialtcrnlily i.ppnse.1 In Ho in. 'J his
rosy result in losing nt one stroke
nil tlmt hns Ih'oh gained by years
of work and agitation. Herein
the (lunger lies, nml it would be
criminal to put a labor candidate in
the field whose .led ion ll md absol'
"I do not object to railway bo
lt is now up to the mine malingers, and thoy must now open
lhe mines to set ut rest tho sus-
..icinn which is rupidly gaining
ground that nn attempt whs made
tn deceive   tho   public  nml   stink-
D.-SS0S Within certain restrictions." holders when it  Was   claimed   thnl
linn. c. ll. Mackintosh. tbe shutdown waa forced on them
Woikiiigmru  nro nsVing    what by the operation of the eight hour
are   cm-ii'i-it-d   safe     reslrictions, law nnd the cxiiclioi.s uf  the   inin-
and where a bonus is  given it Mr. ers'  union.     Nearly   three  week"
MBoklntOBh   is in llaVOr of gnvern- have passed lloOB Ihe union ngrccd
ment retaining an Interest  iu and I to tbe tpanagers1 terms, yei with
control of the r..,i.l bo  bonused the exception of one mine, but il
a clear itg • IT "el on (he a(»rk.
Vi, loins. II C. 21-t March, ltWO-fn
the m.iler ol an application Inr a Implicate ol a ('-alliiaie ol Tills to lees
tb f. ,ne t I) .ml Iblriy-.Wii (32)
Blockl«.ntv (S0J Uul,.- .\|.iui..i, lu
Uassl.ta.l (Map (lltli. Nitice la hereby
|tvea lhal il is my iii.en.inn at the aspiration of one monlh, from the I'.rsl
piiblicailon hereof, lo Issue a duplicate
ol the OartlOBBlS of Title to Ihe above
lands Issued lo i'ii.'o Van N.ss an.l J.
K. W.lker, »n lhe III day ol Mty, ISO",
and iiiiinlaeieil :i'al2'.
B, Y. WOUTIIlN, K'gi'lrar Oso'l.
TheLatest in
_—*H A T S !
C. F. Hagles
Z    Opposite the Hank of 1'orsuto. Roaslsnd. B. C.    .,
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.,♦♦.♦», ., ,* *»»*a.♦«»»»♦<
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Have just rn-eived a Consignment of
Fisn, Canned  Goods,  Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh F-gijs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Sol. Agent in.Rossland for "E1CPBEB8 TFAH."
■Phone l06-46\ I'JC Columbia Ave.
Hooks. Htationery. Toys,
Fancy HikmIb. Offloi
.•v School supplies.
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Telephone M
I w
Provincial Ei
Mr. S unliii having resigned Ihi'hlil
orahip of the Provincial purty which he
had held Biuce 1891, I huve accepted the
position at the unanimous rupiestuf the
members nf the legist nuru who sup
ported the late government.
I nm opposed  to  tho  introduction  of
Federal party lines Into (he conduct ..i
Provincial affairs. 1 believe that the interests oi the province can be served
bust by ihe hearty cooperation of   men
Of blth parlies,
to 1897 Mr. Bern lln n (he baler o-
the prosloolal party ssl I .rib tl.e inai>
features of Its p "llcy. They omnprlied
an evti'.ti' la rsdisirl'iutiiui uf eh-ciui. J
r> |>r>-cul.ttiun J greater t-cuiioinv ami
ni ue . Ill i.-.i. v in lhe civil Seivlcej i.
littoral txpouditure on public tvuike leu
moreiT.itiui supervision ol ih. uuilayi
the disc..nritgeineiit uf   O.iei.ltl   im int
gr iiiu; ; better sdsiluistratlou of public
11 ils in Ibe it.'.test.', of .id,ml eet. lets
and iuduiiri.il enterprise) ; Hit, repeal >.i
thu mirtgag > tax slid Ibe abiiliijiiii .1
(ll • l. x .ii   u.|..ers   waking   lar   wages
a isdi.t.tl cli.Hia,.. iii <iu* manner tn which
ai 1 lor the rui BtHiCII.il of ittiiio.iile is
groi(, I,
Tin rec r 1 ..f lhe party fur the IS
p,mthidnr.ng which ll ival it power
b .. ws ih.it il idhvrrvd l.ltbfnlly lu tin
p licv Oiltliuetl hy Mr. Biuibn ami It.
t. be pledges given ..I thu election in
ft ul, I -Iiui lhe mortgage tax aril the
lax on woikimt miners.      It    if(.*.aed
ec. 1,,-ui', -. in he cost ul civil service nil
HI nle il tu iro illbieul. I. stopped ihr
e.l'ol large liaoliol land >0 "pecul.il
ors. It carried on public works iu >.
ni .ie business like manner. While i-
v. .. prevented by lhe decision ol (he
Ju licial couiuiill.e .( the privy council
a i .in* vet. ni th* Dtiaitn'o.i govern.
men! (mm currying out all Its ui-.t-ur. -
lor the restriction of Uiient.d ctiinpciit
ion with while labor, ils urgent iep-
resentalioiiB have socnr, tl a pramlte
(mm tl.e I) iii.il.lull g.ve.iim nl tlu.i il
will pass legislation at   tl is  reii-ion   Ol
parliament to rest,in  (Mental  Immigration, li rinp|s'.i ibe system of grant I
lug iiiiiueii't* tracts of   laud  I . rallwa)
sr.y tvmpsi.ies  wiihoul   any  Itngihl.-.
rrltiru ll.eref >r or coiur.-l  oyer freigh'|
rt-s     tt introduced a lull to give more |
,.; li'lt'.le disllib lll.ll  uf   eh. Inral   rep
leee.i.s'lnii than now . X'-ts aid   w.ml.l
have -tc.'c ■ leal   Iur   wuieh   the  p-op',. '
have straggled  for years  but fortbi |
nli,.n ol a-nne   alio   placed   (heir owl, t
amblttotut before .In, publlti good nod
tl.e grailfltullon of persons! spite b.-fui.
thS Itl'li'ltnei.l 11 iheir pledgSS It rt«
Stored order in it)j provincial llu.ne■••
anl pn.vld d for III,* dischirge uf d.*
ll-i'i ac.hi.uli'ed Mure it csme Into
office by S Inn it-if.'...ted a* a higher
price snd Sitb less . t, cn c man in a.y
|... vinti- issue.
From   Ihu lorSSOlng it will  lie (sei.
thai ihe provincial party when in "p itrei
,-arri.d nut the plt.iges iitatle by it to
lhe i lecii.it..
While ph-dging the party to do ill'
best loom- nut tbSSS parts if the p..l
icy enunciated io ISU", ahicb have nol
Vet been accomplished, there are now
oilier question! which demand alien-
It ui. On their p. ui.pi iml sjlisficloj)
.nliitinii depui its. lo a great ex ent, lb.
prngri'-s -I ibe province and the pres-
peril)'ol ill cla-.es of ii.p.-.iple.
Anii.i g (lies,* milters, one ol (be moal
imp,ul ml is Ihe opening up nf nil pari,
of British (' luiubia hy railway*. In
(he pssl I Hire tracts o' land and considerable suwis uf iiumev bsVS b.-en grant •
ed In sid ibe lonsiriit'ii m nl railways
but the results hit ie in.I Uen SOBS—SB*
nt.ale wilh Ibe atsislauco which was
Tha immediate <■ instruction of I0OU ,
mild uf i e, railway! would slill leave
many pari, ol (be province without
wiihout in way facilili... Many pro-
pOSSlS have bvBS nude wilh a view ol
attending ths length ol railway, in ihe
province. Am 'ng Ibese the cu-iru tin,,
snd u|sr.,iiui. ul rails tys by lh.* province has hern pr.uniiiently a.lvo. aid.
I am myself in I'vnr nf government
i.midship nf 'a'li-ays and olbar works
nl a si.ml n cl.nr« ler when Ihe con
as lo make it le.*. Lie Hut I think thai
those who urge thai the province Immediately enter upon KOSh s policy overlook the hnt thai eondiliona here are
very different from those which prevail j
iu Australia and   ■  w / ■ I ,..,|, ronntrh s
reier led In in .tlpp ir I   of    tl.e   ari*'l|».el,l
for ilaleownenhip.      They  hive  Hie
control of the revenue from rnstonii and
inland   revenue    receipt!.    We    have
neither ol those  sources   but  can only
only fall hack on direct taxation.   Our
c-edit and ability lo borrow are, therefore very limited and our present possible resources quite insilequite lo meet
Ihe cost of constructing 300 or 400 milrs
amounling to from ten tn fifteen million
dollars.   Kv,*n i nub! such a mm be bor*
rowed it would Ibs only on terms so onerous as to involve trebling  the  lalenf
taxation on the taxpayers of the whole
province whilr  the expenditure  would
benefit only those of one   district.      It
bas alio hern suggested  lhal Ibe crown
Inula would form ■ security  for raising
loans,   iiui, as a fact, the ssles of lands
to settlers do not realize enough   to pay
for tbe expense incurred In opening up
nun* districts   hy   mads  auri     bridges,
These new settlers csnnot bear aoy increase in Ibe burdens „f taxat.ii.li. To
attempt In imp'*, it higher rule nf lux
il nn, .iTiuld result in retarding the pro-
sleds uf the province ull.I II.ua ncuiiiil
mt) lhe object hud in view iu opeuing   t
It is,however, the duty of thoBSWho
... k Iur I'liTiiliu siippuiT iii be prepared
ni iicvise Hottiii plmi Im the .i.i-- ni, *il i -11 -
men nl wit.il is cleat ly in the public
iiiit-tt-Hi—the exieiisiuii iii railways in
lhe province. I accept ihat retponilbil*
Ity, I would mnke a radical i-biilitre in
• air railway policy with a view lo acoel-
ttiiug the present rate of construction
nud the ultimate adoption ol state
ownership. .
UndSr the present system of grunting |
churters by the legislature  we   impose
Ul-edltll   t.h-lai. I,-.'.   and  ,1.1m   in  the
Any nl the   iuveslment   of    money   in
raiiwaysi   Wuihonhl lake as our in.de)
in lUoh in.liters not oil mil thick'y
.allied nonntriel hut those uimilar In
Ibis prOVloOSi It 'be -.i.-'itii t'.i'cs ..I
llu Union we find Ihat it is ns easy, lu
Incorporate .. railway us il is heru lo in
...ipural*,S OOmpSuy tor any nominal**
...e.ci.il purpose, I would, therefor.,
follow iheir example and iniii.ile n policy of "1'ieu Trade in Railways." Tnat
p..lie;* has largely exiended railway milage tu the   smith oi   us;   it   will du lhe
tll.o-.l.ANII  I.ABOK ORGANIZA/l lllNki
,,1'tui i:-i  AMI, MBBTINOB.
TRADBS ANO LABOR roilNCH.-Mseti tv.ry
second anil liitirtIt Tuesday in ,.,, It tumuli at
7.-30 p.m. iii Miue,.' rjulon Hall, 0. W. Wilson
Sec; Kil  luiraswortli, Pre!.
every Ihitlly o! ei.t-B week it 7;.yo p in. tu
Mixes'  l-.......   IIUI.   r R MclKai.il),  l're.;
a j McDonald, sic.
MlNliKS   I'NION No    38,  Western Fnlenll.B
' of.Mlli-ts-  Meets every VVealaesday evellidg at
7.30 o'clock  in   Miners' 1 'Hon Hall.    JaaiBs
Ilevlue, **t*c; A I. KouttOBi Prea.
TYI-OI'.RRI'III. AI.   UNION No ]•<,-_«•_ ou
the lust Siu.ilay ol eac, u.oatl. ut the Minei*'
l'ii:„,i llilll J I' U.irktloll, -aeercliiry; Mr l'oolr,
Meet the tint aud third Tuesday vt each
multilist Spas In Bealtyl Hall P 11 Ilm 311
W. M,i.,,.„!. President; J. Klurum, iters*
Meels every Sltlllt,lay evBtlllig Bt .It .in u l-ict'k
in Mines' Union Hall. 1'I) II.is 4. I'aul
i..i!i.< ., ■-,,   '.i,-,ii, Cuaaifighaaii I'.ia
i        —___—■ n'lti   i it I.
Fbuits, Gbanite, Cboo-BRy
an.!) Glass Ware.
KoMowing ii i list of (hose who silver
Use in ibe Kuril in it   Wolll.li:
-ame here,   beta general   rail., ay   act.
ne | n-s. .1 ut' mn ..-.ut*.* a iy company on I
complying  with certain   regulations (o
nave power (o build a rail nay.     PrOflS*
, iiib wniili! hi made for the iiftnisitiuii ol
he lie a l^lhe provisos .1 certain per-.
lode ou equitable terms and  stale own-1
ship would time  he   secured   when lhe!
province could undertake it.     The reg-
illation uf freight   rales  would  also bet
Secured.   There is nothing  revuluii >n-
■j*** ah,ait tbli.   It .dimly . \.-is  in In*
'in.    In-lead ol   hampering  ui,.iml .Vc
sli.mid give ii  an open  livid  and   I am
- Mill lent tInt. in a v.ry short lime we
-hall then Hud many new railways lie- |
■ ng built. I am assured lhal   wit , "!•' ce
i'rad" in Ktilwn)."a lineup the I'i , • r I
valley woul 1 h* begun at once,     ll [be
province saw   lit   l.i  aid   auy   road   i(
.onl.I receive securities in exchange for.
inch assistance and Ibis would   practic-
ii It I e .0 iiitich paid Inwards the owner
,hip by (he prnvin-e.    Such   a   p ilicy I
im tuiiviiued nould revive enlerprise:
;  nitic citpilal  and   provide   much   em-1
1 ploy metal tor onr  people,   wttbondj Im-
1 p .sing un lhe taxpayers anv  .ddiuunal
j nn.,1,us.
Among other measures which I would
;.,. p..-e mini,I he lh. carrying out of
public work under lbs system of .lb
i liei.i pii|iei vision imreduced I.y lhe la.e
g'Ve niue.it so as to op* n up the province aud i.iiivi.lt- good i--.nl- tor the Millers.
I .moid propose   lo   rrintro'luce   lhe
lollt.wti-g   bills   iu;i.sin..-.I    al lhe list
session, v /. :
To repeal (ho alien  . xcluslon   ict of
To amend   Ihe  liquor   liceme  act..'
I'.. pr..\-..le (or the compnliory scaliug
.if  I.B-S.
Tu    ri'diitrihiit.  the   electoral   rep*
reaenlaliou t>( Ihe pruvii eo.
To amend lhe act   fur   lhe  .sUhlish-
ii I.' of n bureau ol labor and councils
>>( eorcilialion aa^| a.hilrali.in.
I" re i nail (I.e labor  regulation act.
Aim in lotrodass  Irgiiliiio.i   lor Ibe
I lullowing mop .sen
To provide   (or   lh.   piym.nl  ol (ilr
wage* on any   work   lo  which   government i. bodies or ...her ml   Ib given, or
I under .ny  contract   wi b   Ibe government.
To g:ve r. Il.f lo  Iha  selller.   on lh.
I'la|.|imi|i anl N mi.in .   Kiilway Cun-
pint's land gin.I, il   lh. obligation in
I do io ii lu.in,I In reil on  lhe   1'rovillce
, onl not ou Ihe IX.minion.
To   ui ike  sn   arrang-iiii-nt   with   the
i ue . limp mt (or lhe ..p. un. g up n| in;
lai.di under government supei vision so
as lo secure more rapid s< Itlrment.
Ti off >nl facilities for Ih. .,-qulilllmi
and ciillivalion   of  imill   agricultural
Til develops   Ihe   ciporl    trade t.i ll,e
■ 11in..i. * of  linn   mil   other   produce
an . Iur co-operation wilh Ihe Dominion
in Uie fintering of   ihs dsiry  in.luitry.
To give . heller tenuis lo le.se.1 ofl
nlscer claims so ■• to indue, the invest- .
ment of capital in hydraulic enterprises.
It ii .. in desirable tha. ...me arrangement should he made with   lhe Dnmin- I
, iiii"  ,. it ■ i   i •    permit   • I    mineral
deposits en Indian reiervei being work- j
ed by white m|neri.
In regird lo the eight hour law, it ap-
pears In me Ibal the queition i* simply
one nf wages. I have reason lo believe
thai an adjustment ol ths dispute will
-mm lie i. a. In-1 I.y the parties interest-
-p and in lhal case Ihey will probably |
mike some recnmmendilioni aa lo certain modification! in tbe   preeent   law.
If an innic.1,1.. -el I lenient Is BOt reached
it 'bun!.I lu, the duty ol lhe government
to make a report to Ihe legislature at
the earliest possible time, giving all
tbe lacle in the ess. with its recom* {
men,latum ss to whst morse should
be taken lo restore lurinuny between
the mine owner! mil miners.
F. CAKTlillCOTrON.    |
Geo Agnew A On., (Irorers.
W, K. McNeill, .Shoe Hio-e.
Hunter Hroi., general merchandise.
Kmpey Urn-., groceriei and  gents (ur
T. It. Morrow, drugglit,
C. O Lalonde, shoe store.
C. 0. (ilhsou   A   Uo.,   genu' clothing
aud notions.
G. W. M Bride, hardware.
Linton Itim., booki and stationery.
Orescent Dry Goods, lurnisbingi, dry
goodB and clothing.
Morrison A Bryenton, groceris..
M. J. i .'Ileun. clothier and Halter.
i'auliun Bros., groceries.
Wm. l.ieij.n, cigar manulacturer,
Vancouver, B. C.
Taylor A McQuarrie, tailors.
Pacific Tea Co., teal and coffeei.
M. W. kiii.psoii, n.wf, it.lion.ry and
U. K. Baths.
Metropolitan Hotel and Bir.
McAuliff, Ullor.
8. i ll...-.in, furim nre.
McGonigle A Co, groceries.
11 ii mutt ll.iii*. and Bar.
Euiign Cigir .siure.
Dyeing ind  Cle.uing Worki,   Willi
ing',ui itreet.
Danieli A Ohambera, paints, oili, etc
1 lolsiBB.I A Wright.
Ewert Bros., Jewelers.
Tho Intsrnalloasl
Liming _ Newman, grociri
I. . ■ -c" II" f!
BlmpSOS A J ....•►. grocsri
K.glei' Millinery itors
It —Ini'I Drug Co.
O. M. l-'n A 01., grocsri
Columbia Tran*ler O I.
I Tar Delivlry to all paHsoMhe city.
THONH ,9,.
Corner Third Ave. snd Washington St.
Agnew & Co.
Transfer Company.
The Only Transfer or Kiprs-si Ooro*
pany In nViSSlsnii 'bat will deliver yuur
I' link, lor '.','i cBi.ii each. Three days'
stoiage free.
Office-Ql'L-EN CKJAB 8T0BX.
'i'rl.nbt.i e 37.
Wli--ili-il-.ini! rct>*il dmlrra iu rnitllH. Olln,
Virni-hea, Hin-.hr v Will Puiiah aiul ritliilt-m
•siiiphrB. i"..mi.., i - lukrn (ur puprr I -mt _
■ uil   -I,..,: .ilm','       oilier    ind     (Off   I'BnliU  ft ;
• ii Hxuicu Cu'«. ",_,■•■
ti ft V* rii.ni. ilj.
ii ColBtattia Are., aeil doir ti La'oude'a.
Fino Porcelain Tubs.
U I 11".I .1.1. B HKKKIN...
, uJioiierf.i
Lending Library.   Latsil Nsvsli.
Office Buopliei, Elo.
The American  Tailor snd  '■-;:-
I' in ni.-hiii" Houbs.
Still atic Ii ir.ir. Siii.fiM:»i In- 'ti- - J
Ne. I. i it-t Annul.
Canadian and Kentucky
Pourhon  WhisK;es.
Railroad snd Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
iCanadian Pacific
And 400 Lin..
,   —       i   .'
Nuw Pall Dllly S.t rice.
Optional K .ull J'.i't snd Weil from lb. I
Kooteuay Country.
Kint-cliii Hleepin .o all Traill.
Tourist Cars
Tais Krvslitoke Diily for Br. Pl.i,
Tliiirsdiys for Montreal and It.ilea,
I'liesd ..i * in.I s i.iii.layi for Toroaio.
For ratei and full information addrm
tin Buanit Local Ageut, or
City Tickil Agtat,
W. fl. GAGE,
Acting Afeal, Hnsilind.
W. F. AsnisiON, T. P. A , Kalian.
S. J. Coils, A. G, P. A , Vanssur.r.
Hears, perlb      6 to 7
Uroomi, each  Si to to
Bolter, per Ib  30lo36
Bicon, bell, per Ib  I', mi:
Bulk Oil, per gal  60
' Bisruils, fancy, per lb  25 lo 15
1'beese, pel   lh  30
Cbocolale, per lh  40
C'HMVi.prr tin 35 to 40
C.r,.meal, per 101b lack    40
Cffee, per lh     20lofi0
Crackers, sodas, per Ib     10, I.",
Oorn.perran         IS'i
Canneil Irtiiis, |asr can  2ft lo 116
Cann-tl peas, per can    12,4.36
Cinnetl heiiii, per can         IL",
C-nlflsh, per hll.'k  26
Mad (ruin, psr Ib 10 to SO
1 .'g*. per dos 26 lo 40
Floor per ssck 1.26. I 60
Granulated rugar, II Ib Iur ...        I 00
Hams, per Ih     , 17
Honey, romh, per cake  2ft
Imperial oil, A gal. can        IMS)
Lard, 61 h pail  SA
Laundry snap, per bar    5and S
Liverpool nil, per 601b lack... 90
Macaroni, per il.      IA to 20
Mola.se. per gal    76 lo ll
Nun, par Ib  2A
(tolled oats, tier lull, lack  4A
Pickle., mixed, per quart  20
Klce, per II.     8
Salt laaeon, per Ih        12>t
Ssgn and tapioca. 11*10, 3 lbs. (or 2A
Slock lilt, prr 601black  76
Syrup., per bill gal. tin  60 to 86
Tomatoes, per can  46
Teaa, per Ib  38 lo 86
Tobacco, per Ib  90 to 1,25
Vinegar, per gil  60 lo 85
Wheat m.nns, pkga, 20; hulk  perlb.
Cl Still H,   iiOxliui'
larialaa la second fcaal |WM>.   c •• *. .    .
II wUI ,». ...
Ensign   Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Prtapriilor.
Corner Columbia are., Wiihlngtnn it
Dyeing and Cleaning Works. •
Oypc-.ltt y.ni- ftwbrrt
1 call -Van or «'»• anvthlnc'ln l_di**-' nn*.
Iftll'cmriit tar.ir     Oltt   -M   ■   tall  llJ kf (Ol
The la      I   i-i' ' m .      •••    • MM
rns-l'  lllf ta-gi.'.    IM   irj<    p'
all onlr ■    •+ Oft will a« ca.1 » rd
Otlcaovar Btak oirorjaU,    Riuliad
tin iheir Prsscriptioni
FltUd bv lbs
Res land Drug Co.
A mil Mum B.rrr.klng la nar Mar
Clet l*si call
bossi.aho tiarn co.    a a stsoisu. Mir
Columbia Avenue,   next   Ibe Bon  Too.
toi Electric Lanstlry
Nobs bat  whits h.lp eini.loved
Notify us.    Ws call and deliver
t'-lumbia Aveuue, near PoBtofflce.
Kossland Hotel.
rial Wkiikiri lad   ImportiS  Clgari
J.rry Spellm... 1'r.pri.t.r.
Cor. Sp'ik.n. .nm ind Colamliia An,
Thai our T^« andCotrs-e «»elhf CHi'lt K-.T
••■I'I tn R<i-.*.1*.ml     T'-lav. nlirn ti-as nml   CO
Ma ii* I* Iwdaokatal h Uabaataldy aec
s.sjt, t »s . m atiitlr afaattaaw atrril
Vim Will Im ii iirrc. Olaanrafa it-n m-
lo matiinrri.
PacifcTea Co.
Northern Pacific
YELLOW). fOMi PARI   LI.fi .
Th. 1 '.u,i c Cir B .un vi. Yallowit.s.
Park.   Silsit and Belt.
Y.jutpaid witb
Pnu-tAS I'l.ii-.Cn-,
i   t,.*: I • •  *e Coiaa,
ltODBBB Day C..,t ass,
To.aiir flinm. Cibi
Through tirkeli I. all psisli ia tk.
Dolled Stilei and Csu.oi.
Steam.hip ticket! to all parli sf tba
r ..is toChln. sad Jipin via Taroas
an.l Northern Pacific Slaamihip Cs.
Tiainadepirt from Sp,,kaos:
No. I, Wesihnund, si tt:66 p. as., dsily.
No, I. Kin hound, st 7:20 a. m., Ssily.
For informslion., time rsrdi. mini
and in k-n ipply lo the asenii ol Ibe
8. F. A S. '   K. W. ItCFF.
Agl. KM. Ity., K..s.land, B.C.
Gsoeral Agent,   i   tai.a. Was'l.
' -i    (i.n. Pssisngsr Agsa(.
Big Six Gels There.
Over 100 tiriiiB. comprising the largest
department stores in New York, h.vs
quit advertising in Ihe Hull at the re-
.jHell of Ti po I'nion Noli.
Apples, perlb	
Heels, per Ib	
Celery, per hunch	
Cabbage, per lb	
Orspes, per hssket....
I.eui.iiis. per doi	
iminus, per Ih	
Pears, per Ib	
Potatoes, per 100 Ibs....
Ks.li.hes, IbUBSbM for
Squish, per Ib     ..
Sweet potatoes, per Ib.
— 6 and -■
.... 2Xto3
.... 80,35
....     3lo 4
1.25 1.1 1.60
Specials This Week.
World   -
ETER.T  UF'-'Sg.!. •/
OrtsYMr   ■
Six M.inlbi
|1 2.-i
Toa.toss, psr hoi is*
i u-ii riiiiion ii ui.ii.i
i'i.--' ft Illaekwall's Pure Malt
Vinegar. I'i.kled Wulniii.. Onions.
OhOW Chow, Mixed I'icklea.
Morton's Assorled rickles.
I ..ng - Montreal BlBOttKs- slsrge
31 k 14 TIR8T AVF.rTDI.
Addrsii All Comsinniritioai
Spotos Fall. aD« RrUhI
Nilion k Pin Bhsppird Railway
Red Mountain   Ry.
Tea Oaly Dlrset I.... is  Vslisa
F...     ,1    i.««, ; in ib.
Blocsa i   111
Iverv day ia  tha year  baiw.sa Iff
• '*•    Uo,i .,,.I ..j *falios.
8:16 i.na. - - BpotlBS • • 6 1! p.a
2:15 p.in. - - N.rihpirl • 12:30 p, a
Arris.3 lOp. -a. It inland _*• 11:21...
.locb.ng. of un b*twi.a Bpokia
and ltoiiland.
Tu kill oa ail. all .sir tin warll.
I',-,,i ...,-.■, a at i. ... with
•leimiri for Kulo and all Koetaaiy
I.l. poi.ti.
tuu*     t.ntvt'iiiit       ii-iit.i i.      Paiisngen for Katlla river, Bonadsry
TH-     I.fDLllIKIAIi     WORLD  r,mp„„|   n ,„n,ury creek connect at
' Marcni and Bmburg wilh sug. Sally.
K088LAND, B.r.;
K. W. Brrr, Ag.sl,
I 'MlanS. B   T.
Bs_Uatt I'iwii, Agsnll, Trail, B.C.
1  At TsBBBSS   e '  . <    I       >i' Sub. *
tin-; RiT)i_afr!rAL  -.Vj.ii.ij, AL\.mL 21, 1000.
nlliliiiie.l '.,-, Ciriln to elect their best
men to represent them at tbi. third annual gathering.
The hiitory ol the W. L. V , spanning
Tb* Working World.
A public meeting  will Jb.t  held in the
r only a few years,   is   one   to
Mlnen'  Union  Hall  tonight, at eight , B,erob»whlp iiibv point wilh iRtiffactiun
o'clock, to dfscusB lbs political queitloni I and prttla.    A. it  euilinues   lo expand
of t'-edsy, ant the advlit.b lily ol hide-1 in nihilities,     en.b aeiug     murly   all
p-'mleut action.   A'l wnrklntmsn, union I brancheBol industry iu our  Vast  inter
ii.oiiutaiii (ItlUlllry, the necessity fur am
or nonu.Hon,
to attend.
Urn ear-lest ly   requesled
By order ol
com Mim:.:.
pie legislation tn perpetuate the plans
Upon which its loiindatioii reals, becomes more and inure apparent.
Iu order In earn- out this   purpose *f'
iccliiT iy, the. nrrl   step   ibould   be   tu*
tvards a lull leprcaviilatinu.     Wo there.
I lore u ge . ur lurid unions lo  hearty  ef-    for t'aiul In per witk,  (or which   men
Ttiesday night's meeting of llu* forlsta ihlidlr.oihia, io order thst the  were formerly paid Irom IK  to-tlBpei
Trades and Labor Con-Oil IB likely   woik el it.a  third   annual   convention   week. This it Pennsylvania, the elrong-
to prove iiii extremely interesting: "■*■* oiset ibs foilest spprobaiion ol ub bold ul labor.
Trades nml Labor Conniil.
The typefounders of the United Slates
I eecuretl a ten prr cent, raise in wages
1 mi week, and a reduction in hours, and
lhal without any difficulty witb the em-
pluyeis. This ia lhe result of . 1 i.e and
• trong uigar.izil'inn. Thu typefounders
ass nu.ler lh. J nhdicllon ol lhe Typo
graphical U.iion.
A nihil i xiranrdincry fli.d astnriishirg
develi*] nii'iit in respect to won nil's Wnrli
wiifuu.nl In the fact thai more thai
600 gills and Women are ruiplcyt-d in
the ftiiiuhtrii a nl  I'uubiirg doing   wort,
out). Al thul lime the council will
decide whiit line of tit'tion it will
follow  in   tho  present   provincial
oampalgn.  The question of rcn-
nliilion nnd eouirol of tbe soi-iul
evil will be brought up, Entirely
new aud orij-iuul inoaaures  for Uie
snliition of this pnil,lein will lie nil-
Vanccd, it ratlicul departure from
all   previous   methods   nf  treating
the unfortunate. It will, however,
involve the reoognitlon of the evil,
and in a measure legalise  it,   but
will plane it where it cun   be  con
'arge iiii'inbeishil'. Il 11 is |..)Bsiblt* fur
rV.-.y il.iiun ... send a delegalu to Denver, .bin every union ihuuld In represented uml lhe outlay will be well re-
pti I.
And-Keel Ion I'.iiunses.
The Mackintosh ipellhimler*.i_iw at
B>0rk in the II..nn.bn v uiiiat hatve mel
i hard propositi, u when at this early
stage of lhe game ihey resort to tactics
which are very peculiar, lo s.,y lhe'
The Nanninm, II. C, city council hue ■
..i.It-led llu,   onion   label   | laced   on   si
cily pi inline.
Toronto  cnrpenlrrs    will   work  bill
eight hours alter M  y 1.
The ordinance nl lhe cily  of   Seatllel
which made It   unlaw lu    Iur   any   cun
contractor  or   sub-contractor   on  any I
uublic viork in ihe city to permit any
day lab rer   lo   work   mm a   than eight
hours in ono day has been  dt-i ltied uu-
cm - turn..i,,tl   I.y   Die   •iipieiiie   iouii  !
AciTir.'ing lo Ihe New Yi.tk bureau , I
Al (iran.l Forks Dr. Il.wee was com- Labor .-tunnies thrrs Bra now MMS8
pel led to sunuuncs that thui-.candidate trades uulonlits in lhal slala, ul whom
il now iu the east lor Ibe purpose uf ..- | s 000 are women
trolled, and   put  the  un fort u nates , t.,)rit)|< ,.„,,•.„• ,„ |„vnl •„ ,,,*. B ..indary, j
forever beyond the power of ton!-|iu an attempt to ralsa a  lltilaenihnsta
leas landhnils to Inn'., bhuiil-inonev  ism lor  (heir  man.    Even   then  tin-   Caborln C Lradu Municipal   Puliiici
from   them.      If  the  Idea   ShouldUlsOtOISdld nut enlhuse  worth  ac,,.,
..,     .,                         ,        p  .,      Slid the-pi ulen   aro   woiuleriug   W.h.l
meet   with  the    approval    ol   t r &1 It* ne«.
council it cun then bo hud beTore __• people el -riad, Folks have not
the civic imllioriiies und aotive hug. t en tbat Mr. Macklnloah nud hi.
measures taken   towards   putting Wends tasvs frequently stated that rap.
ilallals conl.I nol  Ik*  induced   to invest |
muney in Itiilish  Oolumbi. so long as
the system Into practice.
No Credit Coinini* to lli.n.
Interested parties nre attempting
to make capilul for Mr. Mackintosh
by giving   him   nud   his   chief of
push, Hun. t. Ua—ia Daly, oredlt
for the w ttlomenl of the recent In -
bor dispute here. Many people
an, wondering how cither uf these
gentlemen lin.fl anything to tin will,
securing tlio aottleinent. If thev
I-.ul uny influence iu the mutter it
does not now iipp.-.ir. It could not
hnve been exerted over Ibo mine
owners, for they conceded nothing,
and they certainly havo no influence with the uiiners, for the
very nnceesa of ihe negntiaiions
looking ton settlement were jeopardised by their connection with
them. The wnrkingmen lmve
come tu regnid anything these gentlemen uro Interested in with tenie-
thing very like stuploion.
Ct liridu tratlea uil'o. iati   litre been! The
tint... [**•"*•*•'
Very active lu   niiiiii.jyal   pubt cs,   Willi I
tne i. -ii t Uml they   now   hive   a fi.ui
bi,| 1   on    popular   favor.      Tin* recent
municipal election! ill   that   stale   law
the lulliitying rasulls :
No un. except u.ciHhr.ri 04 Bt»t*,\l ineir'
the pr.viiice hud a g .vvrnuiciit  at   lb.   n„,,i„ were tlaetad tu ultive In Wv. ct.j
iio.il n. •Iiiih w**,e such   in en  II tllOS.   ul Ailiuan. ......
• ho have bSSB in  SOBUOl  lor  lbs past,    The ci(y t cket mppurtel   hy tl.e la
year or two, «       [SB   ihem   wen . (,.,            On.uy   was diupleli l>
Igotb mltUurt iaeslstaum ..u,..-..(• Vu t ilous.
(be l.ilaor ticket in VI, tu wo.. ..Ver
.In- l'.-ui acr.ttio with the ex epiioii u|
W. W. Fer.u.op,  who  was   bva.eu  lot
■  lies magistrate.
Tne cily ticket elected at Qlllslt bin!
uu ii live u.iii.n men tun oi the
six candidates, and Uie mayor uleci, I*'
B Colin, s, la treasurer uf l.u Mi l.u.n,'
1.1 >p nud l'.i--w..i.1.
li..-lninl laodge of (i.l.If. Hows
conferred two degree. Monday
night and reci*ived one application
(or membership, l'repnrrtinns nre
I,en |* in.i.le for their dance nud
supper to Iw held in lhe IndgerOom
on the evening of the 'Jtltb, the mini v.Msiiry nf the order. The lodge
will parade to church the next
The local Pythian lodge is busily
engnged in milking preparations
for Ihe meeting of the grand lodge
here, which takes,  plane on May .",.
May  Try Government Ownership.
Tho Northern Pacific Knilwny
Company ban (tlTcred lo the province of Manitoba all ita lines, interest*!, etc . in Hint prnvincc. and
(hero in every   indication   thul the
hour law. N.ithet oan list bell.v.
i'-.ti Mr.'M ackintosli cau be Bread) I
terrili-il in securing iii.niy lo Invest in
mining propel iy BOS when but a -hint
mn.- .go he declared tbnt such investments were nol sad*, ami that capital
would be ib 1 yen limn the province il
certain laws were not repealed. 'I'm \
have taken Dr. B .wee' etalem-nl lor
just what it is Worth. Sjiue ol lh, in
give il u very baub name.
It il rc'.xirifil that Aguiiiil.lt li nuw
iu Manilla. I'soheiB iu mighty had
coin pany il he at.ys iiaywhere beat
(> la'i headquarter*.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
work in gin an,
and the
Il will pay yon to call at   Kagle.  fui
millinery  ami  ladiee'  tarnishing! ul ail   WORK ING MAN
1. \.iir Num. on tbe LiitT
To the Elitor the IsiiisrntAi. Woai.n.
Drir   Sir;—Having betii  reipon.h'e
lor ihe registration of live l.nndred   • m
workingmrn, and lo pr. vide against any
iiiishai. that might. .in-e auyou«'s name
lu be bit. IT ths voten' list ; I wish yuu
would    kiudly    advise.    1 (.rough    ihe      If you want the heel lunch to l-e had
WiiMtii. ull who hnve registered lo m-  •"•  -""■'   m0"*.f  •" •*■ my go lo .be   Can   KtlOW   HIS
i-ly Ibemselvei, ihrongh   insp.cti.iu ...   ■*•—-»'  "'■•••   Homo ■.ovkiug aud lini
iiqulrr from Mr. Kirknp, thai (hey are   'Uss sriyice.
ic.u.lly ngi-lerrd.   Mistakes may hap-
pen   i .Keen   the  c> Lector   ol  volar,
ellice and myself, an.l  lo  protect everv
Person concerned, ll you will kir.dly a.i
vu. .1 above.
Fur 1 Mlilcal 11 >non.
Washington street, lire shewing ladies'
spring j.ckets an 1 new wrappers a
splendid and w. II niorled liueul iu.-Ii
Their ladles' ll-ckwear, in -aim 1 ull
-biel,!', Liberty S.Ik an I l'..iut K-pnl
Windsors nre qu ck lelleri. For meu'i
clothing, Iheir reduced pries il having
a clear.ng • fleet on the Hock.
Sam Rub.rli, editor o(   the Tribine-
Iteview, would n cept  Ihe  nomination
oi tha   republican   li.kat   this   fall tor j
lieutenant-governor.    Such a choice hy
ibe l:< publican pi.ty ibould meet with I
much   mpport  amnngil   tbe   laboring'
people ol lhe iiata.   .-.nn ia an ex prei-
idem of the Ilitll. Miners' union.   Four
1...... ago he wai president ol the Weil-;    VicroRiA, B. C. Hat March. 1900 —In
ern Fedcra(ion of Minera. Fur the the mailer of an application lor a Pupil-
past lew years h» I ns been employed in Ga(e 0| a Certificate ol Till, lo l^rts
newsp»per work, hut In. sympadiiei n„r.y-..ne I'D and Ihlrly-two {32).
are none Ih. h*:-s wi(h lb. class nf pro- j Block twainv (10), RaiLay A billion to
pla with whom he was once affiliated. Il.isslsn.l (Map.(1161. N dice is hereby
Sim is capable and conl I fill lh. offics iirrn Ih.l .1 is my In.enlion a. the ex
with much credit.—Butte Reveille.
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
given thst .1 is my iu'enlinn a. the ex- T           t      .                 I
p.rslion of one month,  Irom  the  lir-l I t**t <**   I I Q' , Y) 1 O
publication hereof, lo Issue a  duplicate I   j  j I      I  I \      I     I /]
ol the OerdOcatw ot Title lu the ah..,. |!1UU(J1.1    IU
government    will    lake   over   the, demand an eight hour day  lorllvedays;
They Know Wh.it They Wanl.
lands is*,,. 1! 10 Charles Van NVes and J.
livery carpenter on Steten bland, N.   ■.•, Walker, on the 31 dav ol M.y, 18.17, |
Y., «. ni on strike I'm—l.i.     The men . „,,,| BBBlbsrsd .X'.I2*
ines. The premier bb well as every member nf (he nil.in.-t is hem!-
1 ly iu favor of lhe idea, und il
1, believed there will Im, little Op*
I motion  to  it   in   llu-   1,-gishiture.
Will Have Nono of It.
fliaa. Wilson, (f. Ct, leader of
the ennscrvntive party iu llritish
' oiumbin. baa declared himself in
fivor of tho repeal of lhe tight-
I. .ur law.
H. Y   WORTfON, Kegislrar lien'.
I'llllali' NOTICE.
Western Lsbor Union Convention.
in lh. week and a lour hour day nn 1st*
iisilay, and Ihil 110 mcmliernf the uni.in
hi   lie   employed   under   a. y    cir.u.n-
s'uiucs bStWSSB 12 and 6  un   Hallirday.
lie minimum rale ol wage* demanded
is 40 cenls per Imur a lib <li.nl le ply Iur
Sundays slid holidays..     T u-y lltoask
lorthe   in.liiulion   ul    tho   apprenlice       You are hereby required lo lake nolice,
•ystem. ""' •'""  ""' '""''>   warned,  that th.
Tn All Whom II Mav Concern:
Raymond Sewing Machines
"it-st. on  ihfl  Maikat."
Sitwlng'nmthlni auppliwa ..( all kinds for salo.    M t)'l lues to rent
by week or month.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
V rnnn   nd Nolan Phone 131.
18 Colombia Avenue, Rowland. B 0.
(? il., Igentii
G. W. McBride
Hardware   Miners' Supplies Stive and
Ranges, Etc.. Etc.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruits, Cigarb and Tobaccos, staple
ami Fancy On defies. Etc:
Orders Solicited
'Phono 108.
And Delivered
Grand Easter Discount Sale Now   On
U-m'i S b'y np (•nlate-'nlta
SMI.)  1. l|Si.)
Met.'. X d.hy Up lit dale OlSMBBt'l
III. IN. I. .111X1
.Me..'.- X hhy up-lo date I'*..*.
|2 001., tn no
Mela's N ililir np lo title 8*.,.»b
1 . I.U.k and *..n.»'J.'H)lt. O00
Xrw White and C.l.i.e I S  i 11,
.- -ll and M fl II '...in-, Nic. lo ♦'.' 'a)
Mei.'a Bp'illg »e.**h. I    deraesr
I-. all aradss, pel ...... |l on muf-n
M.   sll.t   Li.iil Ml I. s.   K'iSli.. H".
M  ..'. H.i* — -hell-oil'.. »■'• 00
M. u's Ma. kiiitosher—ltain-pro.il
tS.OH.i »12.00
Men's Alps, a sn I Silk Dmhrslhu
li.lVl" |"..iH)
Crescent Dry Goods SS
V A N 'Phone 107
Columbia Ave.
The Spoil.-, a!    ', ork.
That despicable piece ol hums', iy
known as Ibe SpottSt is .broad again in
these parts. His sphere of nnerBtion I*
".. il... C. I*. It., and already two dismissals have been reported. This modern reptile plsys on the large-heart, d-
i.e.. ..I a Iriislrd employe, begging lor
Th.lbird  animil  convention ol  the j .ssiilanre  and   inccor.   then biles the
hand    that   helps.—Vancouver   Independent.
nilea pr.».-ri...-.l  hy aecllon 6!l ol   thelc   i _.' it*. „„ _.._ V_a*-
, ,        , .,    ,,.   ,     , „        , Subscription $2.00 per Year
1  gulst   n« ol   the   I'rr.viiicial   B .ar.l ol r r
M' it.rn Labor t'nlon will open in Pen-
v -, Cl..., May 14,and Irom report! re-
e ved Irom all over lhe weit it will he
i.r.ely attended. We reproduce Ihe
' I iwing Irom the call (or the conven*
ii 1  :
\'"iig with the usual volnme ol husi-
-wblch come, within Ihe scope of . |*.rs In work during the night. The
I b r convention, m.lters ol the gravest Inkers ol (hat ritv have derided thai
i..   artanos   will   b.   presented   at this j the natural condition li to work dnrlng
S ing, demanding wise and calm coo-  ihe,lay and to *leep at night, and Ibis
lid-..alios,    llsne.  w.  ..Imonlih   our ro|6 m\\\ \n |o||oweil in ibo (u(ure.
No Night Work.
After Mav   1   thu   (liken   I'nion  of
Denver, Colo., will nn( allow  its  mem
I'-..nn rs smsllpoz are in dree wilhi.i
lhe limbs of '.he city of Ktssland, the
same Ibsiiiim health district. As defined
in such reirnlaiiiu.«. s general vaccina-
lion ol in. -lull tl>,in.is ol the ssid city
ol Koiiland is hereby ordered.
R. Kinnica, M.D.,
Medical Health Officer.
Washington itreet, Rossland, B. O.
Dr. Reddlck will be at hn office between the hours ol 1 and 3 p.m. and
7 and 8 p. m. daily, for the vaccin .linn
ol all poor persons at the rspense ot Ihe
loci I Imard.
Dated this third day of K. binary, I'V^
A. H. OoonavB,
Chairman Wai Board.
A. A. Mil-bbnvib.
Jobs Dbas.
ClIAB. It. H 1 VU> lo-..
Jous a. cun.
Advcrtisinjir Rates Furnislied
on Application.
International Music Hall.
A   M   Z un. Manager.       R   Kl a. ki..«n, I'mp.     Duton Wins.*. H age Mgr.
The It."i ol sll I'in. • r.
In New and d-i.inal Ibt/'line S >ngs snd Dances.
Wanaor and Duttoni New Musical Comedy
Yen us Up-To-Date!
Introducing New H *ngs and Hcenic Kfle. t<    D.tinly Krances Hewitt ai Venus
11. ar Misses A'wiUand Havicn in Duetts.
ooo i_v_ raa qukex.
sSimpsori and Jones
1      GROCERS.
A romplete Modi of Oroeeriea nlwitys on Hand.    Also a Full Line
of Fancy F.vnporated Fruits juat reooived from (Bliforuia.
V- & N. Telephone (IM.      Second Ave.. Opp. site C. P. R. Depot.


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