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Industrial World Aug 22, 1900

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a>Lt..v~t   y^4nrQ->+*i.4
fol i, No.JL
ROSSLAND, B. C, AUGUST 22, 1900.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Hunter Bros.
Mate this place your Shopping Centre.   You will find
marly everything in all classes of merchandise.
LAUGH   DAY   ( KU'.IIK \il().V
■f    (
.nn.iiltees  Not   I olnpleteil-
l'l'ogl'iilil   ...   I'm.
a  e
Carpets, Hen's Clothing
and Furnishings, Hen's
and Women's Shoes,..
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and . .
The Stock is Carefully Selected, and only Seasonable
Goods offered for Sale.
i.tr«4+*+******>*+4-*i»"r*+'4+** ***49*4''**+44^ 	
Tan Shoes
Is in"*- itl lull IwlBfi    Thin week wt are ■
offering -unit Huts ur
ami Oxlo.il Tim at ACTUAL COST.    [
Wt* have not space to ijintc price* here «
Ask to ace original priori*, anil you
will tie convinced that ynu ,
are grllion
w.f. McNeill,
;   Next Door to Postoffice
■-' Union 	
Ury Uoodi i lo.
1 The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
Trusses ? j
Yes, a lull |j
T. fi. morrow. 1 i
The   UruKl.l.
^<s.;.i_.?.,.,-.s-J-,..^Nl-W-!.H ^.-J-K.-S.-l-^r-l-J----. —,-.-»-*-.-,-«-.— !,**
A Kin* Uni ol lb*
Sundi) nighl Ihi gsneril wn—lilt**
having iu 1 ii.iiki'tlie icit't.iTtti ui...  Labor
Day .11 ttnadand me! uud Uifl'eeil on
lllu.l ul   the  item-, nl  the jrrok-.alll.
ll \i.. decided p. uke tuc Itoso
in..'* iin-  principal  Fntun oi   the uuy,
Itlitl I.n- tin* pliipii-e lln- niiniiiitlcc off*!*
PUTMI .1., 1...,:,in- -|i«i It is eipecled
lli.il ii-nius Hum Sandon, Nt" on, lircru-
Wood und 11....nl Pnrhl uud liosalalirl will
Nm pete for the purse-. Thrrr will ba .
bub aud huh race, wet tut, ladder
climbing ran- and other cunt sir, for tbo
priirs. It i* i-v.|aeclej that liii-aliinil's
running ii-.ttn will give a nnd iiccount)
o)  tlieitiselac*   in  these events.
The drilling contest will be lor a punas
of ll!!*! uud the silver trophy otfered by
Mayor (ioudeve. Tina money *, not .o
very large tor a contest of thu character,
but it i, b.dieted it will lae -iiliicient to
bring lhe bs*t drillers .11 the province to
(In thi- OOCUton the biitc'ur. of th*
eity will have an event nil to themselves.
It will be a beet dressing contraI tor a
|00d sired purse.
There are .1 couple of pn.ra offrrel
for ll.c br»t lln,it* uppc.iiitiu in tin- |*ni-
ude, one tor thr best union Host snd
one lor thl h.-t Moat furnished In the
'merchant*. I liv l,rsl decorntrd busineu
jhoiiBf, tiMi. will mat be foiga.*ien.
I.'".bI  prifi- 11 rr ,t|.„ ..Hen-1  lor a  full
li-t  of Calrtri.i.ian  sports, and  right  hrrj
our brither .Scot, should make a few rrr-
' ords,
,      Thr tug of war will lie brtivrrn arvrral
• | teams,   and therr i. a big ,.ur>e olfrred
'1 thr winning  Irani.
..    In making up Ihr program the commit
| ler did md forgrt the Inn., nud thr liltlr
i.lima, will l.n.l niinv opportunitlr. to
show what  they can do. Abuit onr linn-
•|drr<l dollar, will |„. devoted to thin i.ui-
;  pose.
1- Some rrgrrt ,. r\pm.r,l that the com-
nntlee latlr.l t,, hang up a imr*. for a
II iiainr inr Sunday. bltwtaa NVUm
ml   II.>-land,     ir   crrtainly   would' hav.'
1 0)
I lc-cenl
• 1. IV. Spring	
Cooper 4 fetch	
Mr*, I'Vcl Wedlike...
Hartley - Cherruigton
W.   I''.   Sicule	
w. i). Wilton	
'I'. Pattinon	
C.   II.   Lalonde	
Linton  Ilr...     no)
(I.   W.   Mcl'.li.le     10.0(1
Kiveit  Urn.      5.10
.1. s. t\  Kniwr    1.1.00
W. T. (liver  SCO
John   A.   Smith  5.IKI
Henry K .Mitten  ,1,(0
Alexander Dick  .1.0.1
Kinpey Hr...  1.1.O0
A.   S.   (ioodeve,  B.lver   trophy  ,10.011
M. O'llenm  10.CO
Allied   Truth*.   Win   < ir.-iil    V'ctorj    i-ct
Ilement    itcmi.   AituiikciI.
5.00 I
4, an
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
Wr hair a mlshly ga—d Iradr oa Coflrr.
We have Ilr and we hold II. O-rr a
Coffer Bin n hstt-alway. o*e.
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is ab-
5olutely the Be-1
sold in Rossland
The loog iollv vacation is nearlv at an and, and the boy* and girls will need
school shoes. Bring them here. Ws can fit tbe busy (eat with loolwe.r th.t i.
,,,.,!.* to sund ths strain. It is not high prlcad iboM. nothing llimsy. TheiSM
cr*t ol Its dur*blliiy i« raally no **cr*l *t all, tba *boa* ar* mad* ol|leatber, raa-
leather, and put logeih ir for keep..
C. O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
'.»-, ;
|| Morrison & Bryenton
*ancy Groceries. Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish, | | J
, .--reserves and  Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and ; ; J
I Catsup, Fruits aud Produce, as well as a Full Stock of |
1 Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free. ;
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C
It 1**1 1 the hfal today, and ihr u.it t-r-t
l.eu *' -■— ll * IB* '■"> *ll inr I!".'
...I lhe |aa..p'.r who tray II all Ike Urn.
know 11 TBI. ctini roSr* Is th* i- *i
we . 0-41*1 the hes, anym, MD** 00
m.ttri !*h.t pit*. yo!i may psy.
iProvetl a drawing a card.    Ilmrvrr.   thL
linanuger. of    the ball tram may console
jthruisrlvr.   ami,   ,|,r   ,linnghl.   llu    the,
. wrrr ,,..i thr only one.,   'Hie nrw- driving
||*rk   wall  br  nprnrd    witk   n   gan-l   pro
tgram ol r.i-r. thr day hrforr liir rrlrbra
tion and the maiin.emrnt had a |.ro|».*i-
HOB   kmk—f  to     ...int    iiTinn   with     the
oinmitir,..  Iml   i|lr,  miH'tnig  would   huve
none 1.1  it.    In  lln* re.|ic-! m.iny pri.tr.s
to think  thr committee iti.nle .  misUkr,
bl   then  it   1*  ini|.~*iblr In idrasr every-
Mayor (ioodeve will be inriled to deliver an addrraa. ol wrlromr, and the
other «|T.kn. will W ||„n *.mj||, Curlis, Chrt. Foley ami -taint-. IV,|-.. mhrr
•PJlher*. may Ih* invited, hut it 1. proh
able Ihat tbe above comprise, the list.
Ibe romniittee found it wu unable to
mmplrtr thr pi.vr.im in rvrry drl.il
and brld a i*rrial meeting tail
night lor that purpo—. \ fan
prograiu will probably apprar in tbr nril
lime of thr Wot Id.
The h.,.n.r committee lope to hav-
j«ome fl.!.., to drvole to pn-e. that dav
and are .till n.r.I at work, .he . on,.:
rd snd raffasd hat of *u|... r,.iiona up to
0, M. I* ox & Co	
Stunden Printing Co..
Iljiii'el. *,- Chiiuiliers..
Inylor 4  M.l'iinrrie...
I Iiui..,.*  (iilmoiir	
IV.   I-'.   McNeill	
Sharp 4  Cn      5 00
II.  S.   Wallace      5.00
I'hoi, lt.onnlee      5.00
•I.   C.   Heine.      2,/lfl
II. W. Simpson      5.00
Hnhort   Hair      2.50
MeArlhnr 4  llnrper...      8.00
Cha«.  K.  hJigles      2.50
•I. S. ltoa,      501
I.   II.   K	
•I. C.  Maekey	
M.  II.   McDonald	
I in--'.rn. I   Drug CY>	
W. II. Jackson	
Morrison ft  Hrrrnton	
W. L. Orde	
HoMland  Auction  House	
Krsnk  Shoemaker	
Mellor   llro,	
W. Hone	
Keddin  ft   Jackson	
W.   II.   Jones	
—  Levy	
Cooks ft   Waiter-'  I'nion.   ...
fleo.   Owens	
Ueo.  II.  llreen	
Martin   llro,...   	
John  Albi	
I'.tul.on Uro.	
K.nn  ft   O'Neill	
Mtinitnelr ft Co	
I    W   Stack	
The   I" 11 enilitn	
The   k.aotrnny	
Jrrrv Siarllm.n	
lintel  Allen ,
Hank Saloon	
Windsor>  Hotel    	
Ilrand   I'nion Hotel	
The Hilton	
Wet  Kootmay — ft P. Co.
Collin.  Hotel	
'I'll.- strikr ordered by tin- ma.I.n.ist.
en.pi..veil nn the ('. |>, It. vest of IVrt
Arthur, which has Insiril juat lam i.oerka,
is now  in 11 fuir way  tor   u   *-ctilenient,
B.00jt_* company rornnilanns .nmnmtunial.
1 ' -Illy,   Thi. change in the pluns of the muu
agiminl  i....k   pin.-.* with—  1  taw nny.
nil it- the bl.tcksiintli, iM.iler.nTkers. car
icpuirers- elc, joined the adrike, nnd re-
lused to rrtiini ta. wort until Ihe trouble
with lln- machinists was srlr. t-d. lbs
otner gmil railway ordrr. also inlereat-
ed theinselvrs in the ciw and it is prob-
al.le that tin- oiaitipiiiiy avoul.l '.nve had a
bill tight on it. hunt), if it had not
agroed to settle. Even the laninese car
cIcineiB at \ inoouvn refusel to work
long ub the mailimi-ts hud u gnev
nner Kveryonc i« si ill out peiiung a settlement, which will be reacned thi*
week, the company nnd the gnevnncr-
|committee  now  bdttg in srawion in  Win-
iiipeit. It lin. -iiiei* developed that other
shop tnen hud irricvr.nccs, and this op-
tHi.-tili.ity will lie taken IO aee*a.'r a *rttlr
ment   and   an   iron.Ind   nurcc'i.ent     with
the company,
The Mechanics'  Llni-in.
Tlie mechanic, irport even'hing girine
2.00.Invnrahly with their union and that
5.00.there has been n sternly incrM-e in mem-
2II0 bership. There we.r two initiitions 1.1-I
2.50 Friday ni-ht. and there will be MlSt—
500.more this week.
1.00,    The  union  rxprrtt
to move its heid-
qaartan to Miners' I'ltirm hall as rxvon
aa it enn lae acciitnndatetl with dales for
holding meetings.
Thr member, of thi. union claim that
they will make 1 very tine appearanc-,
in thr |aarade on Ijtbor X**. Daniel,
snd  Chamber* are now rngaurd paintint
lirst   timr
launner    to    be «-rd  tor the
11  this iM-cttsion.
The llulcher-' ('mil ■*!
We have a Coffee
we Mil for 25 cts
We m.«ht *rt y> 01 rrrn tj rtnls lor Ihi.
I ..liar trait wr t—«*l On ft Wr would. 1
•ell sn no.ck ll wr did . ami fitly pound.
•I . smalt p.olt I* hfUr 11 H«. I wo pounds
.t . '-a, ptnlt   S.-yln fl...rr o-.l   I..III-
Miner."  I'nion   	
( -III!.-   S;.,-   .n,|    l,\_r   (.j,.!-.
II.   A.  C  .
1 It)       l(.r-j.,nd	
I'. Haras 4 io	
.Miner.' I nion	
C.rprnler*   I i.i.t.  	
"nUtara*  I n.on	
Mntl ft Co	
Ilartv   \|rlnl,i*h ,   ..
Hitl-i.-   I n.on	
Intrrn.tinn.l Co	
In. IS'
,. 100.00
.. 3n.no
..   •* (j
..    7.1.0U
..   50.00
,.   sn.m
.   'illW
.   2S00
• ••
BROS.        .,
j Smoke ,
"liners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
Thr  ba—' drr*»ii.at oontrst to take place
bar* >>n Labor Di] lor * |aur«i* of   lioo
will lac the lir-l eoiil.-l of th* kind evee
hrkl in tin* proviin-r. Thr iiecvrs »-i'.l
In- klllr.1 iu a C—Md pen. -" Unit tltrrr*
wall    bl  .."Ihing  10  otlrn.l  thr  «.ght or
Imagination »f   any onr. bat ihry will
Ih- du*.-,*.! in public, and it  should prove
an IntareaUng ...nr.   Then*   -ill iae sev-
i-nil rnirii-a fro—  parti.-- «iil*i'*r nl  Rom-
land.   Spoknur.     the   coast   ■ id   .Nelson,
iii00landing   (heir     -w.it.     to     -utprle.     If
1", 00 I the   World   1 collect, alight,   tl..   worid'l
llll) rrr-nrd   -or  .kinnltig.  dre»in* no*,  ouarl-
•fiayjlrnng a   bn-f  i«  brld' I.y  a l ivac1  WUI
jnon he  bavinl ncrtin.pli.hrd  the 'fit in fl IB
10.00 minute.
Total »l3n**...Vl
Following .re the rommittrr. in eh.it*-.-
Fmaner- Schalm, Willan, McLaren. Me
Donald and Murphy
I'rngram—Tee.. H>rril*n, McLaren.
Firn.worth. Frs*rr. Coflin. Rooth. Me
laeod, I'h.Hip., II...".!—>n. Murphy. Vu
ll.er ll.ilt|K-nnv. Make (iaiyd.itti, Lon*-.
■ lilrnn.  It..wl..ni. an.l Itarkdoll.
Hall—Srhalm. Thoma., Slnnn. Ilurnry,
llorrilnn. HartoB, Inrhr.. Collin. M-Lirrn.
Alarrr. Krrils, Krnt, Halfpenny, 1,0....
and  In !,. -
I'rr-s. and Adv.rii*.nr* 'll.nui|son. (iur
nn- and  Hitchcock.
'Ihr roUoW—fl 1* a l'*l of Ihr .tlhticttp-
!....<• Meand up to  Fnday noon:
UK AL  AND (;KN'F.''Af..
Aimed   .1!   the   Kight-i!«ar   law.
S.,tor wrrk. aiio thr govrrn-nent rrcom-
mi-ndi-,1 thai 1 ISIinmlsSsfin Ih- up|K»nted
In in.|iii.e into Ihr oprrstion ..f thr mining laws in thr KiHitrnay.. Krirnda ol
Ihr eiKhl-ho.ll' law 1 a-engltlfr.1 in this Sn
ittrmiat lo rro|>rn the eliih.nniir guea-
tion, end it wn. lotiglit «o t'g..mu.|y in
tbr hull-,- that the govrrnment wa. rom-
pell.-d to nbandon tbr M-hrnrr. It now
rnmr,  ti|. again    'Il.r initir o.'nrra'  .*«.
ilntton 111. pet It nm. .1 lhe li..n*a- inr the.
sppointmciit of a . ..uttiii--. "i for thr>
wmr pui-pow. and il will l.svr to be
t ..tirlit iiKain hy lh'1 fririid. d i.tl.nr who
are in the house, hut ba.krd a. it is by
the demand* nf thr tninr <>>■ nrr*. it ia
Ulttly  that  thr .e-olution  will  be pawed.
fione In Montam.
' ' ' '•'••Tl,,
..... . . . ...
... I
Empey Bros.
I      Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works, j
Opp-xlle M.llaat Bio*.
Are   .muu a Vary Fine K*nge nl
In  Silk  Fronts with   Linen   Bodies.
Cashmeres, Linens aud All-Silk Goods.
Alio ■ Very Kin* 1-oge ol
And  Sashes, of the  Very
Best English Manufacture.
Wa bav* joit op*n*d up a vary nice '.in* ol
^ihtfYP-'S Madc by the HaIH**ton"Brown ,^"loe t-°*
T*_)01l/lVrS> *gvery pajr guaranteed, or money refunded
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Gc-ods at the Best Prices.
Empey Bros., The Furni.sher5.
%  Furnishing Goodi Department.
_'   - ■-—■— aft|ai*HliHf tttt
0 ffffff-wTTVT-—----*'v*
Oor.Oolomhia Am-, and Spokinf St
IH'nV ,-i it'InrantttiinR in ts*!'* •-<!
(filrmrn • ssraf *U*rr me i . iV »«■( %%
rnni'iftied The late-M tin|i'» vf*t mar hin
• M aad ptwe->«*» rniih em' MMUlMif
lhe fitnmpt'I'livrtvof allnrdr i» Wmhw.ll
lieril'edfot »wl .leli%rt«il lo uni tvMii""
. . . Union-Made
 • . i l-H.f.*^r|*>e
Oet theit lttV9rii|riloft« I'flle-rl
Rossland Drug;
: Compan.v  :
A Putt Li.e of RveryihiB* In Out l.iar
..i,r li a Call
Bo,.| 1.I1 lis. 1. Co   It  K ..so..; M.i.
Coluntrl. Are . neat In Bo. To*.
#•####••#••••#<• «sss»s»s»
14 i, a	
.  .  .   .   i.i   .   -
Houses and Lots
For .M be*t handmade minrr". boot.,
go to Arrasw ft O*.   Price, hah*.
I'liimsr  Mnsrv  bit   na   Pun *
SI Mlmhiv Ivsiulwihis.       X
. . . Apply to . . ,
John Y. Cole
.. <\.lnm.'i*   Avsrns,
A nrw union nf Ki-linn-n with
mpinlMi-lii|. ut X*. VTM urt'iiiii/i'il
CaiifM-   I'ana.  li. *   .  I,i-t   w.,k
liir HlllllPMIU* union- Uuv*' gircu no-
drr  nt   thrir  lUti'titmn   hcnM.'ti   to  t.ik-!
HII    .llilll'    |..|rt    III   till*   politic*-   "I    '-I*"    |'l«lVr*
iliCi- in liir Inline Im tiinu-.M-r** ul ihu
i'rK'iiM/.iti>.ii have tXporiOBOfJ 111 'tm
pant   fon    mnhtlia   .ill   tlir   r\i|s)   o|   ,\   *>\d\.'
iovini i,«»''Miinrnt. .iiiif hovfl ilvod nndM
martial lov l.-im rnuiiirh u> l--.n n thai
Ihr-*,'  Wanl   rrn nmrr nl   ■!-
ii«    \ tooowtf    Ii.hIi-   -st»«i    Labor
('■•uiihI I..1., r>"jiin.| -in .ill-irnry lu av
inninl.iii' rmli'lii. to pfOffl Ihftl thr Srt*
tutaliMtinn \» I hoi hw v'l'.'i.l .!■-•,
ly   by   lln-   iriiinriw.     wIhi    in.r   li.iit   iha
Japl    MlllfllMtl    Mi    ilinvr-    11    lh.it    f 1 -tl -
•rmm ptnriti mi-lit  Im- gnntod tfctn
A letter from 0   L   Hit'h •• is. o. Um
ptintrni   ItOtOf   ■l.il»-   llut   In-  il   BOl     "»
'I'.m'11111   ami  thai   lu-  i*   i>■ ifs 11* j  .1  iitimitK
ia In* ri    will    -hurilv   —tminrnr-*
njirnilM'ii'i   with   ri   i|rr<l(ti-   on   nnt   nf   tha
tioi.i *tit,iitis tnptjrtag Into tii*' Honnd
I   S    KuiLrc   ..t   ilu*   in—*-liin-    iminn
Ihti-. it-it Bttnrdoi foe I-koo, wtov bi
will  K"  into  Itii-inifc-   (or   Ininsrlt.
laji-st Kridt) nlffai ihr Min'ri' I nion
ot PboooU Kin- ibtir Biol innnU hall.
*n<\ it piovod -i 0Ml -11.ii--, botb
mm billy aixi iiiiain lolly
riirn- i« tnnihlr OB in N-Uon hrlwrrfi
thr IjiIm>m>i>* I'nion ami th** innniHiml
Ity, ll ia bopOd that liir "tiit uie mav bi
•i*Uli-i| at onir. OtbtrWtH *U Blty work
will hr itOpptJ Ihii eOHMO •«( i>i«t tin-
wmng lim*', a« Mayoi uiiitoa «a now in
\ irtnria. OtUndl-f thr «r«*«i> nnf the
Thr manajtrr- of thr Ko»lanrl hall
tram ar*? now arraoginit («r a arTir- of
tf-imra  witli  Ihr  Kai.|r«t uf BptfflHi
Proporoihrni iro la-inu «»■•'■*■ w» «>r»t«n*
irr a Can_iilwin HotH-litI lo«|pM* In QtmB
WihmI.   B.  (X
*; n. Manwrii. M r. will dtlim th*-
! aihir Dty ortUon .it  Nona no ctlcbn
tinn nn thr 3r»l o( BntmbfT.
Hdnwd Boyot, pnoMtnl ol th« WTt
rrn Krdrratmn .,f Minna. Will -pi ak tt
Knc-k  (Ywk. Colo.  OK   l*aW   » •>'■
U   A
lini for
told  1
lloil^r-. tor .1 Ion. 'inif lorol
.1 tin- l!n imI. left \\ tnl.iv IW
UelenO,   Mont.inn.   w I'tr  hr  Will
podUon 00 thr D.ntv itii.iiil.    s
noo BUDpolgn nopoi recent*,! i-tatiiuh'r(i
b)   thr   Repnblieon oifuih-.tt*-ii of    tin.
Matr.     Mr.   IfodfM   will   hr  MltiOOodod   on
Ibo Keeord bg Mt Hmoe, 1 ired-lcaoern
H -uini bowtpopei 1.1.in, irbo «■ txpeotofl
heir in .1 fee deyi
Morna & Crow null high claaa lahrl
rif.ra 1 hnr Cubon ciftn all bear Ul
Bpan-afa union label.    Try on«.
A fine  lYopbj
■i   \\. spunj:, thr jeweler, hai uffemi
.1 Mporfa -Jeer troupe! .1- .1 nrm tof ttn
umiirr  ol   lh*-   hull  .nul   tilth   11^0   LO  tak*«
jiiur hnr ,.ii l*Hl*"r h.!.1. and t enn now
be men In lhe nrlndon •<! bb itore Thii
hamUomr  trophy     In    addition  tn tu*>
l.itffr  oaab   |'ii/r   pot   np  b)       rnmr*
t.» will make li » rare well »oiih wm*
Trailr  I oitgroei   Otttl •
\t  thr hi-t teaeion ■•* the  'red*  ind
I.il...1 Oongl'eH ol ' .ih.mI.i M'- -r.rrtaiv
nai in-tnti 1*tl |o provide lot tnr takim;
..t ,, rote oi .ill ifflliated t'<»i - tn aadtt
toko Independeni pollttoal pltoa Tnr*
etnrj iwporti th.it the rr.«lt in.
i.t.ii  \riv neari)   onanl If  i.ivnrahlr.
lli"   '!»'• i-ion   m.ir.*--   tlir  ,i|i|<rv .11 hillf{   >*r-
•inn of thr Oragreee. •«• be ■ *—-1* 1 m Ottawa, Boptembrr I8tb, .1 een imi»irtant
one.    Thorn offaninaUoni   Intenotng to
wad -iririfair** -ii-mii<i eser*» _ f.iir m
-»ii'tmg men who wiD HaithfnJl) iepeee<
mt thr prevailing antinenl ii thnr or-
iriiniMihim.   Thr tuimnii ot the Oongrnoi
ilrlihrratHy on to thr path 0? imlrpen*
deal pnlitiral .on..11 will be a.timlril br
-nu- danger. It m not hkrlv tnat aurli
an opportunity will bi .illowM 'o flip he
without MM Mtppen of thr fht imrtiri
rmlravohng to turn thingl Ihait war.
With a grnrr.tl r|.-. tin nut h.iml no op-
(Mirttinity ol thi* kfnd ll to hr mtaanl,
bai tlirrr i« nn rra«mi to fr-ir hy lha*>
the eongraei will ba ebhi to thata off anv
attrnt[it ot thw kiml. Whrn the 1 raclra
:tnH Isiilfor ('ongn*»-» of (una' 1 i.iunrhea
out -^n a lint1 ni ini|r|H*m)rnt ihticnl action   wr  bare I   right   to aak   that   it  *lra*r
np .1  dia-iini'ttvr   progranrive    pintfnmi.
and above all ihat. It "hall not tir a letch,
and  r.irry mncrm  fur thr ael ti'l .idvan*
tagr of either tlir Comantlee rr liberal
WEDNTBDAY  Au-fmt 22, It
The Industrial World.
i \   Bciiit-wc.iJy    —Uition,
1'ublmhcU ut the Minir'l Union Hall,
lio.v'i.tnii, iii tlie interest ot organiiad
labor   in   llntiah   Columbia.
i i.i. r.-.r   at   tlio   ltonslanil,   11.   C,   post-
othce  for  trnininh—inn  Uiiougii  tha
,    maila, .Sovcnibcr,  lSUU, as in'coiitl-cluss
>    reading mutter.
A.   Q,   XhOBipioa,   Kill lor   .nul   .Manager.
Oilitc ut  Minsr'a   I muu  Hail.
BUB80BIPT1ON   li.vi'rS.
l'.ti.il.i.   in..hi,ii.;.   tu Advuticc.
Hue year       $J 00
bu  mouths          I 2b
'Jince mouths          7j
Address ull coiniiiiiin. jlunm Io the In
duBlrta! World, Pottotttc* Hoi 553,
lioaalaud,   I;    C.
'Die ludiisliTiil World ll for sale u! ll.e
following   ticvvB   deiK.i.r
.Simpson's   News   Maud.
II.   S.   Wallace'.   "Stationery   Store.
Linton llios.
1'.  0.  New* Stand.
llarra  I.gar   Store.
Nelson. '
Canada   Hook  &   Drug  Store.
Mi i.n.*     IV  a.
King k Co.
becrctarici of all unions arc authorized to receive subscriptions for the
.■i_ii*ui --i•'■»!____
Amntii; employer**, it  i* ,t onuiion nun*
Viaint that ihr better element ol the
manbeta take little Interaal in anion >■•
fafra, ami ihni blame thooe whom they
call profo-oii mil agitators i< i the w
Milt.iut r\ti Admitting thai in loroe lo
oalltiai anioni aw al tinn'- d. minatad
by   the   rmhral   ami   inr\| n m»< nl   mem
bora, while the • ■ rtntivee hold aloof,
ihr imitator *4iotihl  not   be  nUiiied.  lor   i
cardinal tenia in Uie   radical*! timl    -
that mrmht'i" ahiHihl .ittrml t'wrv
i.H.iiiiK- ami take nn active inleroal iti
thr union'-. ...Tutr**. The i«\m,itum ot tin
agitator   i-   the   victim's   Insistence    upon
all an«l Miuiiiy attending every meeting,
i'ii!  union-   are  not  controlled hy   tho
unrrihvtmn  and   Injudicious   to the  ai*
tanl thaee eritioe believe allege. Ami   t
granted *150 for the labor Day oelebra-
i."N.   l.omion hn- yot to be heard Prom.
Despite the awful curse of low of noM
nl I over the World, men nre beginning to
nak mom ol other*: "la he my brother?"
'*!■ mIio my sister)."
liran fried tu eattdlt grease i1 i.:»*i or
tin' food eaten (>>■ some ot the CAtiuHi.\tta
in South Africa, nccoi*ding to a letter
written by h private to In father n Toronto. Picnic rations are not always the
moat  conducive  tt> health.
The   London   radical  labor    mci    will
The Winni|seir lal.or party dlatributed "
largo amount of literature during the re-
cent fair, -*peolal iaauea of The Votoe
and iti/en ami Country a'-'l tho "Pfl.rab'l
of the Water Tank" pamphlet ol Wie Can*
odian fetoeialiat League were tlm ohief
The war against the iweatlng eyatero
in the cloattmaWng Industry, which here*
tn'" re hai bean oarr ed on by Individual
oloakmaker*'   uniona   in   the    nduatria)
eentres nf the COUntl?- will be made i'i
tornatinnal. A ooneerted movement ha*
been deeided on Ity the oloakmakera' un-
loni of the ITnltml Btdtee and CkntvU,
in, i imiatgn will in* directed by tlm 1.1T1
t'l-i- ni the rntematlonal I'nion of Cloak-1
in ilu 1*1
Cunailmn friendl of Tterltert N. t'ii-.nn
nul wife will be g'otl to bear of their
-mocessful Worti in tlio United States
Comrade Caaaon is editor of The Forum
in th. NVu Voric World, while Mri. Qu*
son ii ,\ writer on the New York Journal
itaff. They are ul-- rontributoca to the
■"•oniili-at It-^vienv, iMthli**hri| immiVv it
Kearney. Nab., which will be lent fV»r.
mr vim along -villi Citben ami Country
for Onl)   Tfl tent*.
Several iectk>ni provide to rpenaltiai
for the oontraventon of the Act, which
ia not to oorae into fotoe until l-he t-i oi
January next.
(jood label printing at Stunden  .'anting company.
Thr   Hone   Editor*!   Wait
Moinly evening the World man drop*
ped in to ace the ex-horee editor at bia
new plut-e nt bualneee. He wan found
MtiniK I -"""ill a big pile ol red and
arhltas and daftly toying with tna devil* j
hymn book, Declining hii nvitation to
iiiun in a itaek the World man book ■
aeat neer t he ttger*a la■ r, .nd waAched
the in-in nt i .ini-. expecting to hoar noma*
thing |00dj lor deapite hia otvupatiun,
then-   .ur   many   gund     traits   uttuut   lhe
ex-ii.i', and the Wurld eonlauaaa tu a
.-.nt\iiii!,_: fandntai for the t-ilow.
It aooii tame. Snueoiie nude I remark
concerning the approaching vi«it of the
Karl ul .Mintu, and the de.ih-r romim-tn-
•■■; talking in -lightly diamintnl een-
tenoaa- pum-tuated here and there with
word* nut iciiii'i uii a Stimlay achuul
i .ii-l. uml OOoaalonaUy drowned nut completely hy tin- strained -drain, irom tir-
"on he-Ira."
"Now that lhe electric light jMilea have
been painted and a new aidrwalk
threatened1 Cor Columbia avenue in
honor of the viu it — king high -the mayor
might farther improve the ••lenie heau-
tic- ui the eity hy getting hie inn tint ache
dyed     or     i-aml pn| ering    tho    telephone
triraa, Alao ba bete i half e hat m the
matter with painting Scotch thieUm nn
the ildce oi tbe watering cart, ae the earl
- mid t*» dote nn   everything   Ucotcli,
• veil on Ulen  l.i.et. A itack, *-ir.    Sure
• • * * Since Aid. Dean i- aai.l
to u> a candidate tor thr mayoralty inr
1001.  it   i-   mil   ynu    only   na'nml  Inr  u-
tn pivMitur that the vice-regal party will
be ihown over the newly onined ettnete
where thr tnayoi i^iatrewt' un** a number  of    Hue   lnt«   foi   wile,   within     "four
hour* walk to ihe poetoffioe.   liury   my
lu  order  thai    the    gov*: nor general
A paper hai been -tarted In Seattle.
Wash., in the interest of sonuliam. It
is tailed the BocialUt. Ita k«jeot ll to
ii-si-t In organizing the itae wr the Soial
Democratic Party. The firat tieue,
whloh came on Auguet 13th, -bntaittithe
camei of   the Bocialiel  eandidhtM   and
the platform of the party. t is a verv
neat and well arrange i' pap r. and we
trust     it   may  do  murh    good    Inr   tbe
The electrophone •- b Lonion innovation. Now the arlatrocrati may sit at
home and  hear the Opera M prHCnted ID
leading tlnatn-s. Bellamy wie " dream*
er,  wan he !
Wirele-s telegraphy hae   been greatly
improved in Europe. A Sptnndi inventor hai made it pOfldble to adopt the
aystrin   ii-   -tgnala     for     BWlftly   moving
trnlna,  uml  it  in pronounced  luoeeeeful,
Now   the marble nittetv   .ire catching
it. A reeent invention enable! the work
man to strike 8*000 blown per minute, a-*
Igatnat   .10 hy  the  hand   proc«M0,
A machine to renovute and itralghteU
out) old  tin NIU i* being  su ccswfully np-
enited In St. Louis.
A geni 11-1 in ( hicago has drought ntir
n little invention tn do away with
wrightw and1 DOttc for hitching horses,
The boreee are hohhled by mean* of
dropping   two  rings    on   the  front   legt.
The    unholataiw national   union   has
joined the A. K. of L. Warehmiiker-
have fnrmetl a national organization nnd
also applied for a charter.
The National Caah l.<vi-!.'i entnpanv
of IXiyton. 0., i* having laSor trouble.
On Augimt .In! all (lie woodworker**! in
the   Company1!    employ     struck.   "Wni-K
was . .in'iiiu.'.i in other departments bn-
tii August nth. when tbe p'anl waa rW
ed down, aud it is repnrt«H]i that ilie fac-
lory will de closed indcOuitcIv unless the
strike is nettled he tore next Monday.
J'he atrikcr* are memltcra of the Amalgam.it nl Wood-Worker*'s Aaatviatinn.
and have quit work because tne company
refuses to deal with their ngularly appointed   shon  committee.
Organ ier Warner of the miners, has
heen BOnteneed to six month* in pnann
in   Maryland   for  unlawful    i--.nnhl.i_-r
The reoeotly organised I iternstionnl
Elrotherfaood of (»il and Oa* Well Workers will hold its tir*t annual convention
st Kindlay, <).. beginning October Rth.
The organisation now has a total of 40
organirutii.ii-   in  good   stund-.-if..
St.   Louis,   Mo„  ha*   the   iirgeRt   im-
■rare "tore in the world.
In Switferland a telephone can he fitted   In  private bottOBO foff |0 s  rear.
The ten in-crN who sotnuk about two
weeks ago at Portland, Ore., for an in-
oreaae In wages from $J to ja.otl |>er day,
have   settled  by compromising on HSfl
per du\.
Koiir thouaund rah driver* have gone
out on atrike in Tan*. Thev demand .i
lower rate for renting vehicles.
Washington Bt,
Haysfii Wuluni, In-ptietora.
,;,     All Tin: DauCaCIBS Of nu Si.ason.
Hot and Cold lunches
' %   The Place to net the Btst Men! in lhe City
I'lotnpt Scivlce.
Meals 2b Oenti and Up.
.< ...j-;.:-; ;.;..*.;.a..MXs..s..t.aM*s.ss*>s*a,i
J Union Printing |
fa Sprclal  facilities for  producing (he
{best   Printing   far   Tratlei  Union*   and
Secret Societies.   Hnaravlng* procure-.
fa   Seals ami Uuhber Stamp*. W
1 _V.   H.  JOINES I
1 %      at Ir. Columbia Av.. KoKland. B.C.      <*|a
..... . 1-M.i
Linton Bros.
P. Burns & Co,
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office iS:
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
■ >»•*»»»»>♦*)♦♦♦♦♦•••»••♦♦>)
♦ . For Men and Boys . ♦
A Decided Banjain.   \V« «n aatng to alass out our   entire   Qbthlsi !Mock,
""" lo '1"  Bet I'i   un leu 1  ,,1
...    ...un   every   man   I  ln.y  tl..t~n lain* n a lurinr*T liir* -**k to visit
nr -t..n. „„,| .,,, ,|„, B,„,,. „  ,„, ..(fenng.    Note a lew ol our pr.cei ind call
sec ^~~~' ■—^———■—^B
the so file.   'ic-i-a-ciaMi- clement   Is in- ,, .  ..     -       -     .  .,- ,    .
i... .. .,«  1.1. """• nnt tlniik Uml ei-eryon* ...   I..—,.m
hcicnt in ntti*ii,l,iiii    u Ilicir uni.-n .ll.tic- ,     .                          .
■■■■■ 1:   1'K.kc..   aili.,1   1*     he   tit.ilie.
niil. tl.e iniivur rising   tn   tin-  1-1."i
an.l  iro'-'niiiniiR ni... ...-.-  the   Philistine.
sml wlm uif llii.-t- tvlio hav* t" ,v<.rk
lor ..  living."    At    l.i- point   b* licoanie
*..i..-uI1.1i c\,iti-.i nt tin- opportunity lie
hs.l lei Iur r.-iiTi: at the lasnplr ith-a
• lul 11.>t .1.. the .r>tii«i-c 111111 o iv BvsryuB*
..nil eierilliin*. und tlir* earn r. c.i.l..*'.' <i
in....'*, ship* tavi.-e laefnre he ilisi-oveiv.l
hi- ini-iiilie. '"I'liere faoe. my nnrlcr-
It.>u*e,"  he  ejHciilnttTl.  "I'll  hnve  to 'l.n<*
mt .1 pint.- .11 iiei.iis tonight." Ile opened
■ n.-iv paelt nl cat-tl* for n Kicker win. in-
t.niiil.-.l   III...    the   ..ne   in   ll-e   itniilit     nnt
ho right, nil continued, "In order to
iiiaei  the ground nol    touched ujann by
       ll.e  It...a.ii   it.   Ihe  pre**,   I  the  hnr ii-
-.. Innu bb the .inn.. • permit* |tor, herebj ..nlinn Hint on 'iiitd«y the
iltreeiiiiiiii i'i or "srooked lust' .- "i thalbin— must »nu awactl)*; thai those
i'       ... .-.II ....1  tha police, ......... mealiadies  Brnose    fortune  hi.  not  favored
ahonld hav* nothing ... do »th it     Am    rith   jmnd   loo k«in.-«i   stay al
militia .- ..II right iiinle. the i.ropei regu-1bonis nnd mind the baby; toil the Karl
latrnn-    11  1- noble In Hghl   n o*f*nei 11111.1 .i.i, 1,1 .in- the union i'i card, of
of "nc'« country,  bl - di«pie*bl* to   the Chin* "k- nl   the    lintel   Allan.
tske ui. arms igainst law-sli'ding .iii- .nd lhal Hnall* tin- av.-i.il..-. -nu-i be nn
sen. Hi..liner .lol..i.n.. -iv- .. soldi*! n- c .ml l.elinvinr. ntliBitviac (the
nan*.   ... .. ii.-.rla  u poanble .a.iiiiilirui  natherl ll will I..- postponed. 'Hod save
to  the life aaf fhriat.    Ya-s. ll'*'   ata* on.   the  t'ueen.'"
of lliri.t's  niiiiiictini...    io    ' -hunt    (••     Tin, World  man could   ita id  no more
kill."   Yon   may   notice   that     .snlim.nl   .,,1,1  as  lie  |...-e,l    inlo the i,|wn sir h»
tti.M* -x—iplalning amployen am largely
to hlnme for it     It    is Ihev   and Ujeir
rcpreacntatltc*     wlltt      tlt*liltliil|.)y      ill-till
♦ he iili*a in tlie miinl- of the>r nnployNS
lhal if they attend in tbeir 'im l)ii«inssB
.in.l alio*' the iiiiiaui t.i h-ak ...it for it"«*l-"
it will lie tor Hie employe ■ * pciaaiu.il
-A-sltare. That In lie ktin.aii ■<- .1 "union
11,-etnut. ntilii.it. -        Igvnsl      one'.
.hstiic-    nl     urnrring   .-inpli.anient     and
nnHBotion ... .im..! i.-.iie* i* i.niilv un-
<lrr*i.nii.    And >i't  the men  mainly rr-
Bjann-il.tc to.- th* -i.it    if! in. object
In the Union! Let.in..- th. 'r..|>e. t title,
eli-ment'' tin ii..t t.,|,. I,,,,,,, inter*—| in
itl alTaiis
Men's Twccil
Strg*   ml  Vcn-
I'tinii  C
..lh   Suit,.
t r-'I.Oii sun tor..
$11M suit for...
-in .".i -ut p.r
Iloy.' Tweed ..ml Serge Suit*.
il.a.V) suit for..
| SI8.3.1 .nit for..
i-ll H ...nt for...
110.00 suit for.
Ir.   Men'.   I'nnl.    wc    have n  Urge variety  which    wl    will  sell Bt I COIT*-
■ponding   ioiiiiciii.il ...'___ ^--Jt—^	
L,r-\B0R .j* DAY
running   all   thrOOfh   the   Scrni'ii   on   the
-Mount     Wr don'l   think. -Inrlependent
Whltelae Itntl *»f the New Vorh
Tnhnnr. in i upeerli al ihe >larqiMtte
fluli. in Chicago, saft), amid the applanae
of his plntooatic hr.urr. 'it i« time
in teach ihr \inriii.in ;.i'..'|.- the absurd
it v of thi' statement in thr t twin mi inn
of TmlrprnlfiKr ih.it over imenU d«*
nvi- then pi-t nowew from 11 • i*oneen1
of the goearnad " i1o*t -'• 'Ini >• most
in   "funny when   iron fed lhal emj ' •
Bu   KraiKit'ii ^t.n
\rw let every anion a*an pnl hi-*
•bi'iiiMrr in the a \u'r\ end malte iht»
1 jiii.it May celebration ■ wi • -- Don'l
irate everything to the eomtniUee<     It
in a<* mm h four WOtM as thcn> Trv
nn<l Ho all vfti cm in help them* and
not put m your time Boding '.mlt,
!t«vi- .1 candidate m tlir coming n imln
Ion    Hei iii-ti-      f-'\ !'•• nidi -t    ilohnslon
and   Trrai'iprr   Rtfrielffh.   "f   t'.-   trades
rounHli  sre  *t|ioke    w likely eandt-
dalep, while Joe Sfark*' na-no ii a'ao
y.Vr   Iram   from   itohn   Firld.   -Irr-prrsi*
drltt    nf   the    Tt i-ii-    !"i'l    f-nhoT   rH>inirc«t«
nf Canerle thsl the Wmr party will r»'it
np [ndoreodenl eandiilat-ea In ITimiitnn
al ih** urnrnil etertinn*. John would
makr a ir-Twi Hvely candidate tilntself -
Ifanutlnn IterslH
We rinti.it in\r tit.ii eupremely unl<*aa
wr lore man supreme]) —Rev Charles M
Mir I don.
Hntfli consnli thai sold before, tho Wat
at 114 ire won quoted M 07 Thr effeoti
nf utihiiii -m are beglnnins u* be irrn.
The Winnipeg Count il hae unanimously
• ■mil-Ii' an indialinrl Mtttenoe about Aid.
Daan*i whiskers. Ii may br thai the
hone editor wanted them shorn in honor
of Minlo'n rlsjl If «n he ir not aware
that thr .I'tiitl alderman 'l"<-- not intenl
t<> ncriflce hi-s wind tea-M-r*! until he *.iti
al thr hrad nf the table when the rit»*
JOnm if  i-1 in aeision.
Art    tu    Herniate    Imim *i..f t >n
'Ihr   fntlowina   are   thr   i-ali •-l   ■vertion*'
ol Mil! Nn 4ii, Introdnoed by Mr. i'atlow
at Knilny'i aittina of thr Efottee( brms
an   Act   to   Krtfulatr    linmi-.*i ilmn     into
i-nti-ii t olnmbta. Hits Act uoes not ap*
ply toi
li) .\ny prnfm |ioa**e"i»ed of a rert:li-
oate tO the effect that he i* a hC and
pio|«*i   | erion   t<»  be  received  .is nn im-
ml^nni to r-iti-ii Oolnnbiai snd mitned
by ths Provincial Secretary or ihe Agent
Ueneral of Initial. Columbia, or any nfH
cer  Sppohltod   by   the     Hritlah   UolSmbU
govarnmenl for the pnrpoeai of thta Act,
whether in or out of RHtiati f't.lumbia:
lli) Any pernun expreaaly exempted
from the operation of tlm A*:t by writing under tbe hand of the 1-rovtacial
(0) Her Msjeety'e Innd ami --pa mrrea*
fdl The frflicer* and etew nf sny ship-
of-war of any (rovemmentt
'ri  Any  pei-nn duly arcrrd '"el  to Uftt
inh Coltimhia by or tinder thl authority
of thr lm|»erial or Dominion nf any uthec
The ImrnJgratlon into British * oimnbis
of any peraon "hu, when asked to do so
bv an officer appointed under this Act,
-hall  fell  himself  to write Out and aign
in the chatiotan of soma i-ingnaftc- of
Kuropc an applieatlon to th* \ roeinebH
Beeretafy of the proeinos of I'utnh Ool*
uinbiit. rlaiminn BO Iw exem.it Irom ths
operation ol the Art, ete. shall be unlaw-
Sept. 3, 1900.
Under the auspices of Kossland
Trades and Labor Council, j*
.$1800 in  Prizes.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greei-  •«-
wood, Grand Forks and Vaucouver. J
RETAIL   MAUKKl's    KubbIhikI, Trail,   Nelson,   Ymir,  Klllo,   Sitm'.ii, ♦
New I'envor, Kilverton, Cascade Oily, Urand Forks, (ir* uwood, ♦
l'lioeiiix, Midway, Gamp McKiiiin-v, Kevelstoke, J
+ Kurguson and Vancouver. ♦
X +
X Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all klids  J
< WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rosslsnd Branch. +
++++*+4++4+4+4++4++ 4+4+444+44++'******************* +
'! +
l... Fresh Green Vegetables... f
For further information apyly
A. FERRIS,        C. SCHALM,
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
I 0. M. FOX & COMPANY, |
I 106 Km Columbia Ave. Telephone 65.
1 aui ...n*-t-i kr<l with Spring •-<! Summer • ..nnl - ami mi *iM».- to make
pu.- - talk, «Ju ring thr month of AugUftt. an below;
I Men's Worsted Suits, !ru,B«'^.r.."r*cl;"' *2o Suits for $13.25 |
t Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, Sirsi".'", |l8 Suits for $15.50 |
*. Men's Tweed Suits, Our Regular $15.00 value for $8.75
+ Boys's Suits and Odd Pants at just Half Regular Price
* Th* Husr store St the Bus- Corner. Telephone No. 113.  I
*■       l±iAtAA..A...nAAA±AAAA£, a   ^
. , , The Latest in Ladies' . . .
Sailor or Walking Hats
.  AT
Opjiosite Bank of Toronto.
- ♦♦4*l-f4*>*l-'M^'f *>♦♦♦♦♦*>■♦ ♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦ *>*>-ll
Rossland, B. C. X
- Qrocerle**;
': Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, •
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
J Third and Washington.
Telephone 191.
I Have Just Received a Foil Line of
Worsteds, Sergss, Tweeds, etc.
R. D. McMillan
West Columbia Ave.
Next  Bank   Saloon.
'♦S««l»IISSSS»»SS>SS«S»»fa^S-*»M-*.-*'* •
T~) f»1  T~\ In aid of  a sister  niembe, who
DCnC-lt U3a_lCC is very ill in the hospital.
Miners' Union Hall, August 24.
J M-*.  Cooks and Waiters' Union WEDNESDAY       Aurytit 22, 1000
'i'lie i.u.pint oi tlie hour is vail,
'I lie  world  utiiiIh justice;   il ilciuuuils
Culled hearts, iiuitcil bant—,.
U'ltc i.a.i ui charity i» past,
lien havo outgrown Uu* wortUleii oreed
Which  builc  lIioin Ucciii  il (Juil'i, good
That  lul.or Hwcul uml starve to till
I Aiul "Jut the piim ol' iillc n'T'ed.
They  bare outgrown tlio poor content
Tlmt Iiici'iIb   oppression.     i*uiged   by
Hind links to mint! in one -float chain
protest and of argument,
ind, by tho linii.l of progreu hurled,
This mighty clinin of liumaii thought
In sileitco and iu anguish UTotight,
|l*iii. oini'.i ..c*   tlio   pul—Qg   world.
llAn.l  ho who will not form t link,
Of now condition* soon ta nr
Krc   long mu*t   itand  aghast   .ui.l  see
)ld system- toppling down  the brink.
tThev cannot   and  they  shall  not   last
Tlio lu-.,;.dor iiii|>ulsc of tin- day
Will gain and grow and s\t -op away
ritt'  rank   Injustice of tho  pi*t.
TUI'l  LABOR  PLATFORM. .Speaker's I. vow nnd dinners; and ho asks |
 !— | -tvl.etl.or ict—l relaxation of ancient rules
At till last session of the Dominion■ in sueli a mallei* is not called for in theao
'I'.',nlcs nnd Labor congress lield In Win- democratio times.
nipeg, tl.e following platform wus adopt- llocent careful Investigation* In Britiih
oil. Uo woulil especially ci Bend it to Uuiana point to thi gold deposit! in Seville consideration of the worker* of Brit- oral of tlie river valleyi being vary much
ish Columbia ul  the present tune: more eztiniivi llutn wan formerly belie v-
1. I'Voe compulsory eduoatlon, id.   ii leemi thai in Itriiisli Qufani,   at
2. Legal   wnikiiig   day   of  Sight   hour, elsewhere in the Went Indie*, tbl people
Crown     (jii'int     Cigars,     lllue
Labor U ion Directory.
uili.r.'i■;. and Meetings.
Meet* every second aud fourth iues-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Aimers'
Union Hall. 0, Schalm, Seo.; A,
r'eriia,   Prea.
__1 labor lor ll. Ili-h lew, M^^
More leisure for thl biu-dened class. - : 2
The** tiling* -hull -lire come to purr. . tivt
old  conditions change to new. j    3,
more extensive   ^^^^^^^
id.    II  si-ems tl.ut in ItritisI
110111', elsewhere in tho Went India^^^^^^^^
iniii six dais n week. "re turning their attention to minor pro-
3,   UovciTiiiioiit  inspection of all Indus, ducts  and   induitrin    uthar  llinn  sugar;
tries. I'ieo  i.  being    largely  grown,    cocoa  and
1.   The  abolition   of   the contract   ays-  kola are    incrilllng  in  Importing*,    ai)d
tem  on ull  public works. tobacco linn ba'on lUCOmfuUy grown as au
."a.    A   minimum   living   wage,   based  on experiment.     Facilities   have   been   given
local conditions. tor ths ICQU—ltlon of small plolH of crowa CARPENTERS  A JOINERS'  UNION—
U.   Public   ownership   of  all   finnchllM,  lauds ub  bomnteidl at  Binall  cost,    and |    Meets   every  Friday  of each  week  at
such an railway!, ti'lcgrai ha, watonvoik-,  I hero is ground for hope thatt a thriving r    7:30   p.m.     in   Miner*'   Union     11*11.
lighting, etc. peasant proprietary may arise in the col-j    A.   laerria,    1'rei.j     A.   J.   McDonald,
7. Tax   reform,   by  lessening    taxution on.v.    The   latlrr  eontaitiB   over    110,000      gee.
on indusii'v nml   Increasing   it on land iquiri miles, of which thi merest fringsj 	
value*. nlon_  the coast   and   on  the river banks  MINr.l—    UNION     No.    38,     Western
8. Abolition Of the Dominion linate. ll cultlvatld, Woods of great beauty »n.| "•'cdt'mtion ot Miner*—Meets every
0, KlClusion of Chine**. variety ibound, and thin are suitable far! Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
10.   The   union   label   on   iiiiiniiluctiired all kind* of work in which wood is used:      Miners'    Union    Hall.     Win.     Willan,
j,,,,,,]*, gum, of known enniniercinl value, in.'lud-1    Sec;   W.  O'Brien,  Bee.
ing nil.l.oi*, arc thiare. an.l gold li.-* in aland U*a TVI'OI.RAPHICAL   UNION   No.   335-
Meet*   on   the   lost   Sun.lay    ot    cucti
             mun—. at tho Miners'   Union  Hall, J
-   luvial  depo-it, and  in  the rock,
Americin Federation of Labor Platform, come to ilu- niil of the colony during thsl
dltiltsalon of its stapl*. product!
Compuls.ai-y  education. I    'lh,, |hike of Devonshire dates Ihe new
Duel  legislation, through Uu* iiiilia-   Impsrlll      failing,      perhaps      accurately,
nud rolerenduni. ou.augli. from thl _Hb—ond iluliilce, when
A  legal work day of ui.l more llinn   many   Englishmen*    renliired   for  Hie  firs! |
tliTii.-e ihroiigh toll anl strain ind
| The w..r»l  hut  speeds the I.ml he*!:
(Work for all nion for all men rest,
.ml time to taste the j.ivs f*f life.
Ella  Wiiccl-r Wilcox.
, U'OU.
..III*-*.*    professor*
-ailing   together  a
^^^^^      llertgucH in nth-
•oiintne*.     Tho meeting  i.a* held    in
['nn*. and il wus agreed to Sgltatl Im   t
Ihorter   workday   tor   laborei-s   in    every
lountt-y, t.ar abolition ol nighl  work, and
lar rigid factory inspection    ',,'har make
i   congrf*-.  remarkable   is   iital,    audi*
m several Sociabats, all the ptoiOMOl •
onge.1   to   tile   Malli'lu-stor     school     of
n-intei lerenii:   with   qillBlluni    toiighl
•r    hy   labor and  capital,    llut    they
live  Im.ill.   awakened  to the  lact
ml«-i ti   machinery  hu-  work -d  u t
that   capitalism   is  the   beneficiary.
time that the Colonies wore, in fact, vast
ol     workshop,  and   stable   dominions,   orgaui/i.l   for   all
national   purposes,   l.o.t.     of     pmci   and I
war.    We have realized    thi.    .(ill
1>.   Ilurk.ioll, Sec;  W. Toole, .'res.
No. 283—Meet* the lirst and third
Tuesday m each month at R p.m. in
Ileal I.v'a Hall. P. O. Box 311. W.
Mrl.e.id,   l'res.;   J.  Kloman,  Sec.
st nn 1
ntal   ...
ol iluil-
eight   hours, 	
i.  Sanitary  Impaction
■ mini  uud  luallio.
I    0.    I.nihility   iii   imployin   b.r     injury war.    lie nave i-cili/cil    tills    atill  more qqqki.  £   WAITERS  UNION    N'o   40
'",•'"''I'!''' 'l"1y, "r "mi .     „.r, , ..-.lem '^'"^ _ *• TT' *"' b» " "',"!'",    W.   L.   U.-Mct.  ever^   *.at.ird.y   .v.'
„.    Iho abol.i,,,,, of the contract ayitem  of o ,-    le-sons which we are nol: likely      en| ck Jfr^ ,'„,„„
in   ill   public  works. to  forget.    ( anada.   Australia,    and   New      .. .."    „    ..    ,.                 nil «
I    7.   The   abolition   of   the   -riveting  sys- /-.aland are nation, in a verv real MUM,     _""* * „         * ,i          V         ,,    ''0*,ner'
tent. «ll quite a. capable of .landing .lone 111    ****•   G*or«,!  «-"»--■•**■■-.  »'~*
I    N.   The  municipal   ownership of    street the   United  State,  five    (fenerations  ago, I PAINTERS'   UNION    No.   40    1'ainler*.
'cars,  waterworks, gas an.l electric plants but all  preferring to stand hy tl. within!   'anj   Oecoratoni   of  America—Meet,   m
j tor the public distribution of light,  heat the Imperial bond.    Tin, Duke of Devon-1    uMt|y-,   ||a||    0n   aocond   snd   fourth
and power. ihire referred to Mr.  Sneddon", proposal,    •luc.dlly   Wednesday  of    each   month.
1    I),    lhe nationalisation of the telcgrarh, of    an   Imperisl   Ue*ierve,    and   U.   Iaord j    <,v   *,   4iur.,hv   prol .  |jf0i ly    s]„nn
teli'pli'.iie,  i-nilroads and  mines. Hra*.cv'. imlieation nf the deaire of Aits-'    «1                   *'         ''         '      '            '
111.   The alio!.Hon of the monopoly bvi- tralia  in  thi. re.pect. to which —e drew I
tem of    land    holding    and    Biibstitution attention a few day. ago.   The home gov-  NEWSBOYS'   UNION  No.  3—Meet*  in
tbeiolor a title ol occupancy and u*c only, ernment.    as   I/ord   I.ans.lowne    said    to
11. Ilepotil ot coitapiracv aud pon»l l^.rd Bra.<ey. and a. the Duke said aga n
law. ntleetiiig seamen and other work- las! night, would be ilow lo make pro-
iii.it Incitiporaliil in the federal and Blate poiali to the (Vilonie. which might in
laws of the United Stale.. any way savor of dictation, snd which *
12. Hit* abolition of the monopoly few ill-conditioned | ersonB would certain-
limiegcs ol  issuing money and siib-tilut- Iv rei.ro.cnt a. dietation.     *      *    *   |m.
rug  1 hereto.> I  system of
to and by the people.
that   MHTitl    interference   must   tuk-
a.   a   mutter  of    sell-preK-rvatBin.
ifetwor  \ andetvelt  and  otliiT BobUHW
tllegiitrs   Im.tight   ..ut   these   point, very
lull, and the i-o*itll   ol   the ...nterence
ini  gauid a- lar a. ihev  go.
fty   l'*.riugties,. conli'itet    r.iiorer* for
waii, boxed up in a i-u.l.tt.it cbi-, tier.*
en along -.do a ship in Sin  Fi-aniieo,
Augii-i  2nd, win, li  alitir'lv  thci-eaft-
.1.panel,     lh* guild*   avail I,I   not  al-
IXtyOBi lo converse w.tl. tne lahorer.
approach them.
hr, ni|.|'ViniTil   itationi  in  Cliii.ig-i
Ibe wiek ending July 14t!i ii*|-«ii fl,-
pir..ui. applying for w-orlt, snd that
th..ti*.in.I were supplied w tn employ-
it. leaving thri. thousand more men
It .1 de.ire for one of those jobs thai
looking  fat ll.e    men lo mliir    and
the railway worker, in D.*nmaik ore
piantling it li'ii-buur day and an in-
■c .1 aa.ige*. If llu* i* nit cnm-eileil
Initial .trikc will lae ordered.
F. of L. otlicutl- Ii.im- "lilted to In
Jtuiute the Incur d'AleitB nuirngrs,
lh a viw toward "pla.in'i the hlsme
Sen- it bdongs." 11.-iter late than
|ln-   t igurmakciV    luterttii' anal   J.air
IBunt*    to the   P. .ion    'iinnn    a* *
I lei. It is 18 ve.it-. obi nr.i ha. .
iil..T-ln|i of I.!s*S. E'en- aigar fac-
in llostoit i* Union and ihe 'riinmiiin
i- *8 per l.i on.
August 31*1 lh.* I*>ca1 unions of
[il.an.a will meet in convention in
ntii.-l .mi  to form I  State  Kr,lrr*tlii>i
IJ-bOT.     lt   1.   t-tini.il. .1   *b.tt   about   a
Iri'd  ilt-lcgale. will be in   »ttendance,
ur   thousand   men I—plo ed  at    th"
riiieyef    sugar   retiiicrv   at   Willi.m--
t.l i-.. hi Ufa New  York   > ''y.  N.  Y.,
lit...  t., strike ii  th.-   .it.-iui.t   to re
wage* i. carried ...it.
Icre  .,  a   prol.Bl.ihly  ili.it   llu* 21.00ft
lifted   puddler. in  lhe  I'niled Stale*
go mi -trikc ..nlcs stbeir demand for
ini. ...   ..I  w.ivrr. of from trVi to S3..VI
be granted.
*u|.'rvisor* ot the ..ty and county
n  Francisco. Cul., have decided    lo
all   the  city  and    county   printing
'        ur ti labor.
Occidental   Foundry   -mnpany   of
J Francimro.     (\i.,    have   voliml.irily
|l   lhe  wage,    ol    Iheir inouldei*. 25
IN** York, N. Y„ SCO ihirlmakers.
huh I"1 arc women, all employed ly
went on a .trikc last Friday
J,t .i redMclion of wage..
Iiii..-. • of French Baker.' Union No.
Francisco. Cul, bave started s
h line bakery in that cilv and ar;
luntet. Mich, a town of tO/Dft <nh..tii
ba.   built,   npi pi-nl    ind   i.:   nir-
Ii munuT|>ai lIlealt,-.    ll.o mayor cola
n*..r   <-f   all    the    Hay*    nro-ltucil.
'a .... i.ili.m in prselioe.
liig-btiioiii.T. -  strike   ,  -nd ou In
city    [.I Hit in*      HI      .I.il - -ii        'l.TID.,
1......   the union  label.
Building Tildes  ot   S.n  FranciMO
ilcut.iii'li'il i.n lighl hu.ii .hy un and
[O.T-.I.er lit.
jg-b iie.iien .haitered 70 new iiinmi,
meinbership ol  4."a.i««' during  lhe
I year.
|,l in mn in Birmingham. Ala., dis-
nuiiilioiing In.i,", are out uu slnke
tn advance in wages,
icklayer. nnd stonemasons of SUten
id hate won thrir slrik.- ...'I get an
■aie Irom 45 to 50 ccntB pi hour.
'ie llranite Cutter's Sail >'ial Union
rt thai the eight-hour 'lar ha. been
•ede.l by every cmplov • ■ t-ramti
from Maine to Califj.-:i«, ind a.I
I' 'in. rn *   for   the  support   *l   Btcikcrs
been declared off.
.the animal catinol move I.u warrf or
ie Bttike of    Hie  telephone girl.    It
[tie,    Wash,    has   neon   sr Ith-ri,    the
coming oi,  \Titoriiui*.     I hy secured
rhorcr   work dny and  an   inerca.c    in
carpenters,     wood   w-ocaer*.   paint-
and   m.iehtntsts  imnloyad   on   he  re-
jatnictiiui   work    being    'I..lie    on   th-
|ner  Crand   Hotel   It   Senit.o.   Wash..
quit tvork.   The trnul.!.' is over H.e
'lloyment  of non union  |mper hangers.
union men declare tha lliey will not
|um to work until the non-union men
In.-' issuance peria!)im, shorn of what may be called
it* music-hall trappings, is only patriot-
i*tn wnt large; and i*a.n..ii-ni ia a sentiment as strong and rr.il-,' a. it i* ineradicable from the hliman heart. The patriotism winch at thi* moment prompts
men in every portion of tho yueen'a dominion, to think snd  Bpeak    of   an  Im-
j perial defence is baaed nn the asm* tendency lo »-*iTfiilBrMn of interest, arid aims
: which has    i.ial led to the federation   of
In the pari-li of Runwell. Essex. England, an apparatus ha. Ihhti ttt.lv intent
eil I.y the rector tor ringing the church
Ih-IU hy electricity. The origin of the invent nan   is  rather curious.    The    rector,
budng a dillkulty in obtaining ball-ring-j the Australian tonl.net.t
ers. rang the belli, for three months himsell. lu order tu NIB the labor involved
hi perlornung lln* task he invented the
"Automatic Ringer" and eieciid the ap
r .tr.it i* in the church tow. r.   By connect-
Bench! Dance.
\c\(   Friday evening the Cook. A Witters' Baton will give a dance    in    Miners'
Miner*' Union Ball on the tint .nd
third Saturday, of each month, at t
a.m. Mike Uuydotti, Pre*.; Jsy Barton, Sec.
AND assistants UNION. No. lis
—Meets second Sunday in esch month
J.  II.  Fletcher, secretary.
—Edward Boyce, president. Butle, Mon
Inns; John F. McDonnell, vice-president, Virginia City Nevada; James
Mniiei. sei-ri-tary-treasurer, Butte, Montana ,P. II. Box 307, headquarter*,
Rtaom 12. Ow.try block. Executive
Board: John C. William*, C.ra*- Valley,
C.I.; W. D. Ilsywood, Silver City,
Idaho; James II. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Burn!, Onrav, Colorado;
Cliaa. II. Mover. Lead City. South
Dakota: Chris Folly, Rnsdand, British
to lite relief of a sister member who haa I
b**n .11 In the hospital for a long time.
Ticket,  will   be only  1|, and  Ihe    work-'
.lame. Will—B, president. Nfteon;
.lame. Devine. vcepresdrnt. Ro*>land;
Alfred Parr, secretary Irca-urer, Ymir.
Executive lloar.1: E. C. Fraier. Re***
Iiinl: W. DSTri—OO, Sandon; M. Kanl,
lireimwiaoil;  II. II.  Dimock. Moyie.
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
tn fi- ' itv ..I RfMiland. wiiv ' BecauM we have hrllfr factlitle*. lor hanrlllnf It. and
nrll it i- -ir i than any other har la town Beer, nn being Upiied, m-tin*, it* mint* and
flavor fiir a Ittntte*! time only. Keep thin In mind whra .on 'nok Iur a placr to ret>t«h
ymif-rlt i ht.'iif- of all known mim-v inilriMiU conttniom and huoineim mrn ate
v i-.'i-l at iti*it hi'toi Facr. V. in  In our office, m any hour during the day tr night.
Family Liquor Store
:; Choicest Wiucs aud Liquors for Family Use, at the
•> Lowest Prices. Nethiii^ but the best kept iu stock.
.ng the machine with The electr c current j Union   hall,  the   pr... cod.  to  be devoted ' DISTRICT  I'NION  NO.  6   W.  F. M —
already   in   u*vc  lor   lighting   the    church  '
and rectory the laelli are now  rung Willi
l-.Tl.-ct  order and  preci-ion.    'I'll.*  inve.t-
t.uti   is   in   all   r.«peot»  an  absulutc  au.-   ingma-n ot   Kn-Vand «hnu'il respotid IiIht-
11-*      ll   la csptrially   to  be  noted   tliatnllv  to thi. ap|arnl  in aid of a suffering
the apparatus cm b* WOrltfd by oil power Bitter.
instead  ol    elea-tricity.     This  make,   lln*   "*^.—^____—,—
invention ul general  In lost  w fi regard
to   l*rll-r.ngiiig.    'lln-     "Aiii'iiiari     Ring
er." for whu-li I  .pVietii  hn. been obiain
ed.    can   lie «ii|apl.ed    to    chtirclie.    »nd
bin dings wlieiii'ior retpiir d.
lhe nvanlleth birthday ol the Em
lacnar of Austin, which fall* on August
istii, i* tu be kepi a. a ■rarely family f«*
Ural at Isehl, where his Ma'csty i« at
pmsnt staying, Among those who will
go there lor the occaBion are tho Print**
anil I'miec-a* Leopold of Banvar.n (with
their two sono. the Arehducltcs. Mine
V ... u- of Au.tKs, with hrr liti-hatul
and children, anil the Archduke Elir,
iM'tb Marie ot Austria, the danghrcr.
ot the late Crown Prime.
Mr. Win.toii Stiencer Churchill has
laeen engaged lay Major Pond to deliver
a series ol lecture* iu the United Ptate*
during the coming winter. Major Pond
lit. tbe whimsical idea ol asking the
Allien.ait   Winston   Churchill    to     IfltTO
due*   hi-   English    natni-il n   In. flrsl
ipncarane* befora sn A.... r....... audianci
which will, ii is believed, bs ... Vw
A   BIO*!    il.le.i-li..ii.     mid   to   In-hilioil
alint...| hiatorieal, i.gur. poawd iwij in
Dublin    on   July    1 Itl,.    Mr*.  Edward
....tie aa.t* ..tie ,,t tlie iini*| gifle.l of a
ter,   ROB lllpll.ll.*.l   baud   ..I   itln-ilcur sing
• i* which made Dublin n...*..* f—noui in
ll.e toilic- ami ttltu**. She Wl* thl
niece >.l the cclel.rateil laidy Morgan,
the reputed original of "Becky Sharp.''
Her vote* wa. almost BUQOI, tor »he
ciliiiitterl it int.. a fenor, whn h. although small in .piantitv. wa. singularly
•ynipathctic in quality. Hrr rox-aliia-
In.n ot Italian music, more especially
that nf UitMim. WSI exceptionally hi...I.
e.t. a, her jaort.irmanoc nf "Eaco ridente"
rr. in the llarffren* wa. enough to .how.
For year, alio wa. eon.picunu* in Dublin
circle, for her brilliant wit and keen *r
tislac temperament. She died at a verv
.nla.in. ed age, well on the wnv to lacing
a centenarian, if. indeed, .he had not already   attune.I   that   di-tinction.
Lord Cuoron haa had trouble ' with
the love uf foreign travel recntly ■!.
Vflnpfd hv our Indian Princai. lately he
riideavored lo rrrsni.l, th* G..kw.r ol
ll.tr..dn to be content with a triennial
instead of an Bimn.il trip to Kurope,
representing to hi. highneBB thai h.
could not p.....I>lv do hi. duly to hi.
pSOplS if he .bsenled himself abroad lor
«ix in..nth- nut of even* twelve. The
GBskwsr, who i. now in London, replied th i* he made proper arrangementa
for hi. affairs to he adminialered during
hi. ahsenca'. an.l il hi. egeelteney
thought Olhtnt—I be would I., welcome
to nominate a substitute. Abandon his
pleasure lour he would not. His High-
assB hsving thus asserted his indrpen
deuce, he distributed n hikh of r.llaee.
among Ihe poor of hi* Stale, imve a large
lum to the famine fund, and lelt tor
Every Member of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Pcper...
Oue year, -
Six Months,
Address All Communication!
Tlie Fast Line.
Safest and Best.
Solid    \ .■otilmliTl    Trains.      E.'eCtrio
Lighted.     Equipped   witb
ObseiTntion  Cars,
Pullman   Palace  Cars,
I'.iegniit  Dining Cars,
Modern   Day   U'oaohe.,
Toururt   Bleeping   Csr*.
Through  ticket*  to  all  point*  ia   tb*
United  State* and  Canada.
"Except!   Sunday.        Ti*y*  our   Electric
K. W. RUIF',
Agt, R. If, Rv., Rorsilnnd, BTC.
J.   W.   I1JI.L. "
Ceneral   Agent,  Spokane,   Wash.
Gen.  Pass.   Agent,
Portland, Otvgon"*"*-
A.   D.
•daily for  Wet* 7:30
s Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
• Jerry Spcllman. Proprietor •
Cor. Spokane and Columbia Ave.
An old Radtaai nanbv "f the [fl_ptrlaj
lloune nf IVirham'-nt nuggents that a firt
not known to the general public may
throw «omo light 00 th* pnrliatnenlarv
arailglc OVtr the y«een*-« recent -Jinnlen
.'arty. Mn st.ite*; that, tliotigh U-OOlUldl
ot invitation*! were iiwueil. none reached,
am lin lielieve-s, the Irmli Nntinnaljit. the
Hadtoali nr tlii» Uilmr mcmbcr-i of parliament, and 'hit thrv arc n-vrr invited on
mirli 0OcaaJoni| or to Htnte OORMftfl and
halls.   '|"|1P rtaton i« that ihHr numw are
not on what ii known a.** the Oonn Hat*
bfCAttaa they eitbtr cannot or will not
qiiFility thciiMi-ivr- fnr nttcniliiift at tflt-B-
hy .itiinii-r thcnaalrai in Ci nrl dre*w and
weartna a a word, lor the nam- rea-on.
ho  addn.    they  are excltnled    from    the
!Q. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners,
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
Porcelain Batlis
None Better.    Solid Vestibule-
Trains,    Palsce   Dining  and
Observation Cars   Mesls
■  La   Carte.
Direct connection *t Ht. P.ul, wrtfiout
change of depot, witb .11 train* tor
Chicago. Toronto, Montreal, New ¥ork
and all points west and south.
i i.i-,- connection east and weat bound
train, at Spokane wth train* of th*
.*-;•■■!. i- ■■   l.i!* k Northern Railway.
latum iSpokana daly for East 10:13
Leare*  Spokane
Wet bound train* make direct connection for Victoria, Vanoourer, Portland, San Francisco and all point* on
t—) Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect st Duluth with
the magnificent .team.nip* North-lVest
snd North land, of the Northern
Nionmihip compsny line operated in connection with the lirr.-it Northern Railway.
' For further information, map., folders, cle., apply lo any agent ot the Spokane Falls _ Northern Railway. Koslo
k Slocan ..ailway, Kootenay Railway k
Navigation   Com|aany,   or to
lieneral   Panenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
fit.  A.  JACKSON'.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Wa—i.
I Brldgford ft Herring,
ta Co'umbin A**e . nnttu Lalondr'i
♦sss— ********
x .Columbia.
tiKOBIaK SINK. M.narr
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
*-,'*"a"   _
Imperial Limited"
Tha Only Ir.in-i.-i or Kipres.
Company in Rnaslsod thnt will
Deliver your Trunks (or 2*> rts.
each     Three d«yi itorage free.
Service for the year 19N will be commenced JUNE 10th. The "Imperial
Limited" take* you *cro** tbe Continent in lour days wtthou cirange.
It i* a solid Testibuled train, luxuriously equipped witb every pouible
eMential for the comfort and convenience of 1'a.vnger.. Ask your
Irirnds itho hsve travelled on' ii_. or
E. J. COYUr*,
A. O. P. A.
Vancouver, U. C.
T. P    \ .
Nelwn. II. C.
Queen Cigar Store.
ii i > nam jo.
! Grand Union I
■■ l  . r l n l :. I.l. BBOS . Bro.
Th* Finest nl Win**, I.liiunr* and
DooiMtic and Imporlril Cigars.
V. 4D. BOX HS7
Finely rurnlshed Rooms
ti:i 1.1* ii r.ms %*{**************************
Spadal Ktuntlon Given lo mall Of_*rs
Stunden Printing 60.
1.14 (*.'..In nth i.i   nvi-iuir
Rossland, B, 13.
i-Tfaos. Bmbleton.
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the Hlner
- - Wants to Eat
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
Prion.   Goods delivered to any part of the City.
want a l.nb*t Cijnir, ami ymi want
thr brat '    l( ihu i- ... try out
Union C-ljra.r.1
Domestic t'olnn Cat-* 1 Clrat• I I.a flot mM 1
Vrnrda. ta V\nt  d»- CuM    HI  Cnlmiial. '1
Im. tift'-ii'titaa t'mmi i...'*--H n_r* f_ar. j
range, KlCotnm. Africami Ihidra.rialrlrl ']
The Queen Cigar Store ii
CHOW a.   MUR.IB   SfOp!
Cnliitntn,   Avst nr 4]
' ■: ti
Falls & Nonnern.
Nelson rS. Fl. Sheppard Ry.
Trie only til nil route between .'I
points t-.at, wet and louth to Roulkrl,
1 .Nelion and sll intermediate pout, connecting al Spokane with ID!) Ureal
Northern, Northern Pa it c ami v. 11
li N   Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer* for
Kaalo and all Kootenay l.ke point*.
UOBSSStS st M.. ii Falls with stag*
daily for lleputrJic, and conneot* *t
li ...!..!,- will) ai.1j.-11 daily lor i.i.uni
Forks and Oreenwood.
Effective July 22.   1000.
Iaeave Day Trim. Arrive.
lorw a.m. Bpohaa*        "so p.m.
11:11 p.m. Ronalantl ..   .. p.m.
11:40  p.m. Nelson 1:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9 I.",   p m. Spokane 7:0.1 o"m.
10 00 pm. llo**l*nd >.   -. am.
It.   A.   .I.At'KSON,
(leneral   l'a*vnger Agent.
E.   IV.  RUFF,  Agent.
I Rowland.  D.  C.
*^+*********r********** HI.
;!A 5 ii re Thing! |
, i That our TflM a*-<l CofllTM arr the +
. T Cnoicaai »kl In Raaatoad Tori»> +
,! T     wheateat *mt (uff •■• »irf pusheit im     ***■
,    T       haul tt i« ihtotaftcly aCCOMt* to havr        ♦
.   T     -rn inlclt of nnaaaal merit Voawtfl      ♦
,   T       find it here.   OlaanpafV Riven iwiv,       4.
\x Pacific Tea Co. X
-.-.-.—.— — — — — — — — a *
rfPff flffTffT  «
."liners Checks
Cashed at Full Pace Value at
The Hoffman House
Whfi1.su:-  .iti't Ketatl
PaiaU- Oils. Vtrnlshrs,   Hi*usbr», Wall
llnlih   an.l  I'l'Min.    Supplleii.   Order*)
taken fur l^aperhanulnK and DM orating.
otTi. e BtiH More    Daaia**A Chia-btn
aioek   i*> ColaBttrft A*-e *iml»r liomtiHoti
RapTVttCa  « Olfue.    Trtrfihune So. til. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY  Augu.t 22,  1900
ROUMANIA   AND   lU'I.liAlll.Y   ARE
Hotli Natloni An Aiming -lhe somli of
.Europe Will Soon lit- in a idols. Tbe
Ambassadors  Will  He Recalled.
London,  Aug.  2.1.—Referring   to  the
tension between  Ktiuiuniiia nud   Uulgiria,
iBuBed  by the ill'liillnd oi   ll.e  la.iilin.inr.tii
government   for tl.e arras!    ol  t—rafow,
prc-ideul   .1   tbl   iiTiilnliini.ua'  iTiiuiinttec
ol Soiiit. tl.e uulgarian oa pit—I, together
A  Terrible
Cole   of  Moral   Depravity   A
Severe Sentence.
Adtili   Hermann was brougtil
day   morning   charged   with  indecent, exposure  ni   hi*   person   ba'fore  flianie   little
(will give the room wanted for the healing
jiiiT.'tugiTuentl,  Btowuge  and   fuel,
i    There booiiih to lae but one draavbn-k In
< the   pluiiK   Hint   have   arrived,   mid   tlmt
the ulisi-iio* of it strong room or vault.
It  i* probable Hint the authorities intend
ito supply il* place with a wife.
The a|«uilii'.itioiis  say   that   there    can
ii.rili.T- l.c any subletting ..i iin- contract
nor even   piece  work omployed    on    llu-
,-i.n*i nut inn.    Ii    provide!   a  minimum
icale ..i ii.igc.   adhered to, whioh i* re-
.|iiiretl of ilie contractor,   Tho oontraotor
n   tu  Include   ill  lli"  climate   lln- 00*1   of
removing the building* now upon Uu. lite.
Unit  these buildings are  for Ui* own  d_.|\v— proved to be in the last degree ntiu
posal,    lite  Interior Is i" be Hnlihed  in clousy obncene, and In- was seitenced on
thorough manner, the details of which tha Hut oliargs to a line of ?">'> md ill
art sei forth will, dives pains and pen- monthi rlgoroiii Impriionrasnt, tin- unci*
.ilm-   in evsnl   of uof. fiillillnie.il    in the Urate  Idling  Ilie   liiiuiiin  bnito    Hint    lie
olumnloui page* of the ipeoiflcation.        jgri-iitu regretted thai he cul.I go no fur
li i- Improbable thlt very much can belther, ,i*  In- had already   tmpoied upou
wub the suppression "i that organiutiou,  d  this season, bul Hut.' mil !"■ >i ill him the mil limit of llu* ln>v. Mr. limit
.I,,. \'...,„,i som_nnrad.nl ,,t ihs it. ,* event! n -i.ui mad*, ..ml Hie work can bee taid he wa* lorry that ho waa nnibli
"" x""'"' """-i"""1"" "i Ihi Ha.li b. oompltrted next summir, H "ill form Ito order him re **ver* lashing in the ha-*
I'.xpre,* -in*: "lln. Bulgarian reply to ,,„,.„.,,,.di,,giv handsonie addl'.lcn to Co gain, On lhe Beoond charge Hrrm-iB
the note ol Roumanii haa bun received "t lumbia avenue. itandi committed wr trial, an.l will ...ine
liu.hni.-i    ||   i*  couched   iii   iggressivo Iwter* th* awUn* of Ortober Wlh. when
REI EPITt.N TO THE ll..\ KKSU.I.      jj] '** Jj** '' b* *>»** » "
liu'g.nan troopB me being continually I   'i'bc oonducl of th* prisoner wni so re*
moved t.. tl,c irt.ntiei-.  Ths Macedonian  M''"""- '"' ""' ' '""'"* '" "'" r"y Hl,:1 |x..ltinuiy itrocioui thai the ohlldr»n wen
Last   Evening   Coinmlttwi   Appointed
Independent   Labor   Platform.
reiniutii.nary    oommlttoi   hn*   t*roll*et*d
l.ooo voiuiiiecr. uihIit tin- command ot i
Hulcarian   regular  0—cent   and   will   rani '
lioumani.in territory.
''The llouinnnian corps are mobilising. '
"King Chnrle*. speaking to Ins olliccr*
on Sunday, said! "Qentlemea, In- ready'
for war. It can liap|n-n at any moment.
Vou will prove yourselves worthy sue-
caiamr. ol the heroes of 1877.'
Addressing Hae minister of foreign affairs, h,,. -anlr "Thu* do the ungrateful
Hulgariani repnv alt the blood we shed
lor them in 187".''
l"he K..urn.in.in minister nt Sofia will
Im*    .nn,. ilr.ue y   recalled.
A  well   attended    meeting  ol   thl  .'.I
lisn* was held    in the city nail lilt even
ing to  make   preliminary  _n_ng*m*nUi
tor  the  reception  of   thl   lioveriior-lJcii-
-Mayor lioodeve was nt tl.e chair, and
in opining thi meeting explained thai it
had been called tor the puipo-e ol making arrangements lor the reception "I
Loid and i-ady Minto on their propose I
visit on ilu* Sth or 8th ot oaptamber.
Judge Nelson moved that th* inetlioil
of procccdurc be as follow.:
The .7:10 P m. train to hi* met at  thl
depot  by  the  Roc!
1 rudes and   laibor
Following is tiita Lalior Platform
idoptBil by Hie Vancouver Trades nnd
Labor Council:
1.    I'l.at up..n a   petition   being   pre-
i luuted ti. tbe* givernini'iit nuking (or lhe
girls on Mav Ifllh lust, nnd wub also clinrg- ,    ,    . ,    .        i
cl will, having committed nn indecent aa-jr'-liHul of tbe existing law, or the en-
oiiult upon n little girl under live ..••airs ol 8 niient ul it new law, Hit) government
age nt a subsequent date. Pii OilI WM j bliall be compelled io litku a plebiscite
heard by PoUce .Miiiriati-nti- Boultbie, at'ln. Hm|        _, „ „got _, y,, „,--..,«, ve».
had  to clear llio cuiii-t   duniig  He' giving ...       _i i
..f  thi  evidence. Adolf Hermann-conduct | «>8 msy   decide.   Tbe   petition   to   bu
H.giini   by « number equal to li) pair
cent uf ilie vote cast at ihi- previous
*.', Thst eight hours .ball constitute
n dny's lalior.
8, That the cnnlritill Bj'Btein on all
public null." be itliolisbeil and n inini-
iiiinii wage luiseil un local BOndlllODI  bs
4, Tbat nu itioria puhllc land be
alienated by deed or Crown grant to
irur|..iratiotifl or individuals, bat that it
i.e b-itsi-.l in ptirpetuiiy only lo a (air
reii'nl   value.
Thai all taxeB on ititiustry anil the
|i"'.In. in ni industry bit gradually abolished, and the revenue ul   tlie   itiiini-
Just Received a Large Consignment of
,.,— *ra>.r*tfiff ff * f M*t^M^*h*l*»ttaa^t^tt*)|.itlSlSS)S)<
• n
nfi-ru,l to ac'iuaiiit  their parent*, and 11 M
poHlbll thai   the brute Would have eBCB|>-
i.l   punislnnenl   hid    he    not    ivaitti1
trOaatad ..f hi* ob*ointtl*i to   *oni»*
quaint——N v-bi.li  led   to  the    aerie, ol I cipnl anil provincial governments be de-
brutalities practised by this rullian t-    . iv.-il I.y a un "ii  land  values.
1.1,-ugln to Us*—ft. ,   ,    I    0.   Free compulsory education; Iree I
Robert    l.tii*burg   was   summoned   f"r i    . . . .   ,
gambling and was lined **20. educational  material., and   Iree main-
Allan   loTii-Mlale,    summoned    for    the  tiinance when necessary,
same offence, tailed to apn*—', and n war*      7,   Oovernment inspection ol all in-1
rant lias been issued for bi* itri'eBt.
John Mack was Hied $..) for Indecent j
ex|o>sure of ths person.
i ita ii I
Foley Bros." Bankrupt Stock  bought in
by the
lluy   Vour   Lit   for   a   Horn!
8. Public ownership ol all franchises,
sti.'b us railway., telegraphs, telephones
it.I nil nl ber in.Ill-lire*.  Hint   parlalia-  0
lit     Ul'     llll' l      HI       I".'     | ,,,,, .   ..... ,*.,!       ,.., .,  * I       , ,
Mountain  Range.■>. lib. thi -nnj tddi ol Trail Creek, whir*  ■"J"^J_,!L~,<?_ri
I'nion  und   ll.e    city j you have from a month to ail    t-fka ll
ll.   The union label on  all   msnulae-
Hill to Incorporate the Kettle lover and
i.r.iiiil   l-'tu i..   Railway   I •
lirand Porks. R. C, Aug. 10 -iSpccial.)
A   private  despatch   from   Vienna,   R.
band, salute nnd escort the visitor-, i I
hotel (torchlight procession.I i,ciicial IS*
ccption later ut Miners' I'nion ball, when
inul when- an address will lac presented.
Next day visit the mines; luncheon at
one of the mine*,; banquet in toe evening,
..;<■.. to ull.  cp.irtine next morning at
a. ui.
Tbe following committee, were appoint-
of   snow  uud   winter.    The
C, states thnt the railway  uur..- of,   .,
the provincial legislature tod.v paused | ,,
the bill forthein.K.r,*orationo,-theKet-;,.,ttr',t'0'- ., OnvtMm. ~ J1""r
tie River and lirand Fork, Eailw.y com- ^•oodev'-, J**** ,"" . , _ -,'""'
l-ny. which H-eks to build a nne lour anl £_. Atel. D.ck V. . 3. Natoon, Edwin
a half miles long from lirand  rork. t,*' Uura',t' * '"• ,toU' *"' ! **""• '",v'
Canon, B. C, a point on the inter—ttion
\..i*.„.  .,,,.1   lured giKids snnplied  the government,
|~VIMIII      llilll    ' a llll
I'"''  «-*'r«t  H«i.w.y     -    im- only   tiMtad proper,, quilific1
lot,   uw   brail  on    the  suuuy side ot   tion ,pr a„ pul,|i, ofnce,  ,nJ n0  mooey
luiin.   und    mac   made   many    sales    to   (,        ,t ,0 £ r    ,.ins| wh,n   ,,,e ,..,,,1,.
miners  in   the   last   three  month.,     lhe   d„„.,  nomin.,ion  in en.lorsed  t.v  100
.*  good  and   but  little  or no grading is   ,lec,or,   in   ciUe,  .„,,   .--,   elect0V,   |n :
neces-ary  lo make a line lawn or garden.   r,lr_| districts
i'..in.- and let ii- show yon what we have,      ,.,   Liability ol emplover* lor injury i
belore  buying   elsewhere.    We  nre    now , „, belllh, body or Ills.
P.'.   Thnt * cliusi- be   inserted in ull <
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. lh
.MackintuBh, the presidents ot the various
l.il'iir- union., Captain I'. McL. Forin. E.
Kirby, Rernard Mclkinald. .Inlin M.
Smith, W. T. Oliver. Hon. I. M»yn.
I'alv. Alex. Sharp and A. .1. McMillan.
Aii.itI---     Onualltea.   Miisaii     Ra*
*l boundary. The pi-..)..... d line will connect with a railway from Republic. The
route will be through the Sanpoil an I
Kettle River valleys.   The niea-ure, it ta
mtimaied. will not meet with anv oppo- I . ,""u'™" ..V'"'",""l'" "'',""' „""'
..tion in il. tins! *Uges in the l.-_is|ut,m-. *>£• _**• W' J- N,"-'" "»•■ '"' ' nw
The applicants include Hon. .I. R. Strat- '
ton. provincial sccn-tsry of Ontario-. T.
P I'oHee, genernl mniiager ct the Titba
ihisrantee Ca... luronto: anl I. W. Hoi-
hnd of lirand Fork*, f-urve.-mg parties
will begin work a* soon as l..e bill lie-
■ ■ t'.. a Jaw.
platting   ..   Ila-.i   atlilltltan,   iu   ll Inch   Uu.v
uix' man>   choiiT' l"i-    Cull for term*.
.\el~iu \ fort Khlppart Lund Ufflc
Sen   Red  .Mountain  Depot,
E. lliarles, Ag.-nt.
lloboe. National Conve*;iion in lowi.
llretl.    Iowa,    Aug.  20.—The  National
1.-* . ..;. ti ol   II......•- or Tour st,' I'nion
! begun her,' toalay. "Onion" Cotton of
. Danville, III., is pmidrlil, snd I baricI
•flciij. F. Noe of Sycmoif, i* bed pij. r. 'I'lnat
eve, liovernor Maekinio-h. Ilnrrv "-"-" ''•'u' ••"""• "' "I"'!.! box oar-,
Daniels, Dan Thomns. Cln.ide Cr.-gan. It. : wl"cl1 W1" ,H' ,lK,r <l'~iic** dur ni tii.tr
Dolbv Morkill. Tbo*. Coi-snn. .1. II. .loin- !•"">'• *lu' S***""! «S_ held ln*t in Din
son,°.lolin McKane. A. II.   ilaekeu/ic.  V    •'■"•■ '    ■ ""l —a a gn-nt sue.-,-.,    llrett
Eberts   Introdure.  Another
to the Code.
1 •■ •■•■•a.   II.   c.,   Aug.   20.
r.  I'ownwnd. .Mr. Syim.ads, Mi. l-.ildtng.
Frank Oliver.
__ Decoration   Committee.—   \ir.   Honey-
man. Mr. Harp,  Dan Thouia'.  Alilcnna.l
It wn. moved  nnd tarried that  all nr-
Aiuendinent „,„.„„„,!,  |« |.,t  lo n,,, oauqnet   *inu
•Mr.   Dean   moved   that   Hie    BSerStary
-ISivectiil.l— be  instructed   to  coinmnnicnl.*   with   th.
Ihe e.timateB are  finally  |aB»cd.  A  bill secreury „f the whool board inviting the
runenrimg the mining act wa. introduced .school lioord to i>a]1)c.patr will, tne chil-
IS  a.  a   penalty on dr,n    in  the  reception    in  the
—._    —  .«*,  .**.,    ....     iniiiin*«-
mtritng Witboail  tn, miner', certificate which they may deem beat.   ( allied.
r,-l,Pr.,V      * "Jv*T"!"n"* oUt a{ de- i    A"  committee, are  requests
l.nquent  ao-OWS—l of clsims.
on In.I.u   night at the city hall
Strike in  Wale*.
  THE  £.«;!_*• OLTIXO.
(«rdilt.  Wale..    Aug.  2o.-Owing to a 	
•ink* cf some two thousand Taffval rail   Sunday's  Excursion  to  I.oon   Lske-The
ria.l nen. traffie on ihe railroad ha. heen
.•npred and there ha. heen some violeac*
•I i'i volunteer worker*.
is   It.. I   tbl-    yaaf    because  it ha.
large inenil'ci-liip in its total i.r.a..i/i
lion, among it. honored awmberr* blini
BanBtor Thomai A. Way. rjblonal T. -\.
Poller uud Ciilt.nrt W. E. Ilr.dionl. 'I In-
initiation Pe is ten cent, i.u- a bulltui,
but an appii. alio.. lor iiiv.ubi rahlp uni i
l-e 'Willing to "iBtithaii'll.* a ,lc_-l*i*-,-"   in'!
mu*!   prefer to rub* on u brain   lie...
.a.her than hi a OB—C* ...i. I'liousaud*
have joined Hie union, ami .t i* ihe mo t
,1,-nni. r-.iii, so—*ty ctir kno.in. One of
tho bylaw. :'. rl.ni. gmng a lmi'.her mot.
than io ent* al .. _m* M .ems f r f.H.I
nu.l I.', cent, lor drink. The aamaciat oa
wa. started in a -run of inn, but hi.
git,ten iinuH'tiM'ty und u. now niinibr-r-d
among the Icgitiitnt-- -.-*..*. .Ii.ti*.
Order oi   the   Day.
lli. t ... .i.i,■ Smeller,
rumor i* again renewed and |ier-
sistently sdhcrcd to that the C. P. R. lias
•lee.ded u|san .lu.itli , ,,i„meniTiig construction of the longawaited smelter at
• sscarle. It u the opinion of well-—-
lormed people Hut the railway company
hi! *ll along had in mind tbe idvi.ibilitv,
lor aconomtc re.-,ni, of watching the result* of Ihe liranby Kmelter o-r-sration. _>" I*"'. Utnl
before committing it«ctl dclimtcly to *ny'
Plan  of constriction.
In tbe meantime it ha. held on to lhe
< a-K.de .mcltcr ntc option with tigiiiti
c*nt j- r: ni rn.
" '      IHE r-DERAL lil.'il.DiNO.
Thr   Plana   Han-  Arrived
September io.
Stindsy was a glorious day for the excursion of the Kigle- lo Loon laake and
u ier>' large number of the "iciely sml
its friends sv*iUd themselvei nt the op-
IHirtunily. Three r*rs, in which were
eiammed 140 people pulled oul on Sunday morning at 7:30 o'clock. Another
train ol cars wu. awaiting the It..—land
contingent at Northport and more were
gathered in all along the line; a contingent also came up from Spokane, so thlt
the Eaglra reached their
destination the excursion numbered over
400 people.
Then- iter.- nuin!s.ra of gaily dressed
Indies and children, 1he joyous shouts
.•! the litltcr making the whole affair
•coin in irulli an ideal holiday. 1 here
nee awing., paiilum. for lounging and
lor .Lim tils'. balhlioii-e». haul s and niiin-
litulr*  Clou l""1"" all—T device,  for h.vlug I  good
ilr     The order ol  Uie  day ou arrival
aa.i.  iir,t  and   foremost   lhe  inner  man
dinner.    That*,  was u  m-mendou. rush
A  mmplrte  *.t   „f plan*, (minding drill  work  an.l  *,.-.ili,.,l,..n.  hue arrive,!  ""  ' """* ,'""' "'"' *,,;,*»i
...  II.-.I.....I. and a.,- now ,,„ view .1 the __■ *,'":   »•*'">   "''*  '"k"" '  1{™>\]*u,<'
iTfilni ri'lay until rvrry <.nr> bail piirink
-l««'"li''iti"n, h.ive .iruv.il
--i.tiiil. nml an* now on vn*.v at the
poatoflfet,  fur tin* iM-w   ftdeial  battdini
!*     ■""     ..•"       ■■-■■•■■ii      . "i i   .1 iiik - , .-     ,      .. nan    in
which .. In lie crcc.nl  on  the nonliea.t  '" "f." •f'""1 ""'"' ","1 W* llk" '&£**'  ttSOta
•wnicr ol Columbia avenue and Uncln
Mreet The .tun lure Will cit iu the
i.e.Bbbiiihi.iil ol W.ODO,
nig the tu-aulie. of nature armind them.
.luuiig   hall,
is I a li  on
ll   aa.ll   U- .,   ii„„. itory    building,    of  l"l"?'
si-ntmg  some   1.10  per- inrt)V
pier right out on the
"hn I.   the   uppermosl   aa.ll   I.     a, it bin   the
">«»->"! rool  Delta* than i- .. busnumt,
* pan  ..i  anion  wfll  ipnrm  ..!-...■  tiu-
lelel    ,,f    the    .i,|,Hi,|^    „„    I '•■]..... 1,111   »VC-
ime   l'|, d. i|„- lenl „f ||l(, fir.x ||,M„  ,|IP  ing am. begun in
b|«ttI..alum*   nil   har   rock li..,*l   cauned   i11"".-  I"    11, h. '
After tiinner tlie ixeunioniiti split up
ml ill   parti**,  -..me  boating on  the
Ink.- ..o.i -..tne contenting tlien-.tulve. with
lounging .ti-iutiil. Attar a  bill.'  Illne dllic
he well .i|.p..iii'.-l  pant, lie-!...      who    ill*
New  i. !,.->  Labor Congnw.
New llruniwick, N. J_ Aug. 21.—Th.
annual ooerglaa. of the N'ew .lerBey Fed-
eral ion .*: Trades and I..I- r Union* op-
eneO here today. The work lo be done
ib uf much imparlance to labor union..
The mod of the annual rongres* i. explained by the ..IficerB *a follows: "The
growing .ler..an.I* of labor, org—tiled ot
unorganised; lhe need of more strongly
asserting our rights in legislitive hs'ls
ami the court.; the flagrant al.ua-,. of aa-
tlionty in the tuurpation of civil government by militarta—, in time, of peace;
the imli"**riii)liiattng granting, by pr--
jtt.li.vd judge*, ol unjust, unwarranted,
an.l. hi many case., unconstitiUinnal in
j.in.-Ih.n., ngain.t labor organitationi;
the nu rciMiig combinations of capital
and great lnilu.trir*. an.l the gradual
transforming rsf human brings into msre
■-li.itiii-* ill tend to ctup!ui*i/c the neoBN-
sity ot the workers meetuig in closer
.iilili.iinui lo . ilinli deliberate on .ueli
actions and stent, as will b,st. adtance
tl.e .iiieie-t- and ii|hold the right, and
privileges of labor."
lhe Indian Famine.
laOiidon. Aug. 'Ji.-   I'lie Viceroy ol India
Iclegraph.  Ihat   tlie  h.nvv  gi'iu t-.d    la n
I fall ha. .--ntiiiucd over ihr u.o.t nlli.t *!
Tin* c-raps pramli* a>.il   In the
PlOVlUlHS anil Ih-iara. Soiling |*
l-ewhcre. nnd th.- HM>l_dlJ for
fn*e kitchen. will shnrtlv .li-.i|.p-nt
Pru*!*.. however, hit .lill v.ay It.glt every
wlirr,'. ciintei-.i is pievaleut lluoughoal
llydernlaa.l  .md   in   Don—ay,      There at*
.ri..iHo.i««i ;,..,|,i,. raorrring r int.
charter.* grained by Ibe government,
nuking it necesssry th*t a minimum
wai a o' 12.5i> a day lie paid.
13.   The   loUl alaolition    ol  Chinese
an.l .iBpBiicseliiiiiiigriln.n.
World Agoiicies.
! In- lll.lil-tli.il        l I'll  JF Ii r  .si
nt tht' lulliiMi11•_: news tli-pots:
ICiisi-fii Cimr Store.
Siinpr-imV New.-   Sliinil.
II. S. !illHrt''n*5tiitioni*r*r   t-in*
I.int.i  In "-
P.O. News Bttuiil.
Itiu-rV Ctuitr Slon>.
Cn ti ii lu la."). .\  Drug Co.
Ciinmlii liimk iS;  Drug Co.
UoBm Hros.
(J ri-mi wood
King & Co.
Secrftaries    uf all   unnm-  nre
iiuiliiiri/.-.l    to take  BulN-t'riptioiiH
for the World.
For Spot Cash, for
a fraction of the
original cost.
The Stock consists of Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Miners' Oil
Slickers, Gloves, Blankets, Towels, &c.
Bargains for Everybody.
H. W.Simpson
ROHHLAND, B.C. I .i.i.lioil
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd]
Wholesale  Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
Weat Columbia Avenui
H W.Siropson
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
grai.it.* wilh cut granite Iur the wfodo*
sills and ar, hltlavas from Hi. level ..!
H.e hr.i  Roor I., the lev»| ..i lbs   ..a.i
pres.ed    blicb    .-   ...   Is-   ii.isl.     will,   cut
 .1    a.line    eVelllTlt     U.I.-U        'llll*    Wl*
...Tin...ad uitiii ..bout ini .. cioeir, when
Dan   Tl.oinn*   brougl.t   along   Hie  sports.
There   was  a   font   nice,   a  ln.at   race,  a
<—gary Mn.l«t..ne fur relief, The r.M.f is -aaiinnting ct.nle-t and a divuig ...anpeli
a .tea-ply -latitiii*' in,iii**ii*l. t.i.„I with lion. 'Ilie prise- awarded woe valuable,
•lit... nul, t1 ||„, r,,|, fii.-tiicl ,,f |-,,|| „„d There ncrc given two pair •' solid gold
gravel. The upjs-r ptrt .I..|k!b nuv.ir I. to .tiff links, a hnnr pipe nnt! b |aenrl set
a natch laa.in. who h «i|| carry ofl all gold "art pin. Two <ff these were rap-
water or melted now by ■ |up. running lui-eil bv Kossland excursionisla, an.l Iwo
thnaiagh tl.e Interior „f tha building. It i, weiil twampei-. at the lake After thn
antiolpatad lhal flu* Benanw Will prevent i-oncl.mion of ll.e sport, duncing was i*e-
ihe lodgetnenl ..| -nt.aa npon thl ndl. Of inmed until «:30, when the eicurrrionist.
Hie i-.„,t. ami llt.it nulling -inn on the went to supper, after which thev .trolled
top ..t the cof Itself will It cmiie 1 off around the park for half nn hour until
w.thout  the formatlOB of large ina«»e. of ll.e train left, bearing n tired but happy
danaeroai i.iri.... _—j i,,.,,.,. „, ,hcir illm,jn, ground, in
lhe   Itttianea   to   tb*   |,.«loflioe   part   Of ttoMlind   and   el»ewl.ere.
Ihe   building    will    Ib*    gained    through TI,.   w,„Inittee of  the   Kagle. wish lo
int. of «!c|a« n.tng from Clumliia nve publicly  acknowledge   tbe   marked   coin*-
tiring acNaa to « large team (fl by t,.*y   which  it  received  at the  hand.  -I
forming the "Hn,* pr-i-t.    from ,*„, prornetor of Ihe pleasure resort. Mr.
I.inonln -itreet a side door give*. BCCOM on ).vall   tior-jn.
40 feet
ccbb on
tbe level to the custom nam—ntn.ii n."tn,
which Ioitii* an ,....ie\ i. tl,,. p.,,. n| (lie
main structure. Prnm tin. door enlran e
.. obtained lo ll.e l!'»r above, whors "i'i
lae |,tented Hip iiilrntd reaemii. ami cn.
lorn. de|sarlrnent*. Above tin. there i. nn
attic Hnnr which nontalni si\ mm), of
lair .ire which can l>c .ilibr«| in various
a-avs. _
Tliere are the proper  fitting, for lain]
ones, et celera. on thr varioti. li-ior.. anil      Smoke
a  rwpririou.  bru-a-nrt-n!   is  provided whkb   libel.
Something   to  Talk   About.
I hose r-'I.IK) suits lor HMO and $17.3*
suits for 110.75 at Holstcad A Wright's.
Choice creamery butter received regularly .rom the Hed Kiver \ alley
crcamciy, Manitoba, by Agnew _ Co.
CYown     Grant    LHgars,     Blue
McArthur & Harper.
Your money goes a long way when buying at
V. dM.  PH0/1E 181
P. 0. BO   3
MO. 18
Ladies' Wrappers for 75c. each j Comforters, full size, 90c. each
" Blouses for $1.00 each i White Wool Blankets $2.50
" Pique Shirts $1.00 each i^rey W°o1 Bknkett S2.00
" Kid Gloves *i.oo pair i To*-clllllK' a H00** *»»vy crash
11     ku •      v.   , 5 cts* Per yard-
White  Underwear   at Bedipreids, f_rg« rite, 90 cts.
Half Price. each.
Dress Goods ^wholewrnRe ».id
Serges, Meltons, Fancy
Mixtures and Plaids. While they last ouly 20
cents o yard.
W. Mil Dry OM*.
at I .-»» I'lliis
•very .i.t
What  Wl Alxr-
llsc Wt Have.
105-107, Columbia Avenue, ROSSLAND, B. C.
Knob I lill
To the City of Kossland
Finest Residence
portion of the City
Adjoins the original townsite, corneringoj
Thompson Ave. and Monita St.,
about five blocks from
Post Office.
QA   oi these elcRant Lots are being offered   Q.
OU   at ereatlv reduced prices. Terms to suit   O'
greatly reduced prices. Terms to suit
purchasers, instalments or otherwise	
28 East Columbia Ave., Rosslani


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