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Industrial World Oct 31, 1900

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Array '^>l(*v^ ^J^l^J
Vol. 2, No.-*^
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week iu the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Counc il, aid of District Union No. 6. W. F.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
»♦♦.»•••••»♦■»♦♦♦♦■»♦*>♦♦♦♦»■»»♦.»-»♦»■»♦■»♦-»♦♦♦-»■» ******************^*4y***
It has many advantages over all other Heaters,
to see thc Cold .Mr Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
ii Heaters, Stoves and Ranges, ii
Hunter Bros.
. ,******-:
t^*.*.*.**4~%j*j*.*.*.i-i-i-a^4- g e *-■•■•*"•--•*-'**"*' •
See Our New
Fall Stock of.
I a.li,-*' and
Chlltl ten'.c
9+   *.».-».. *99****99*****************AJ94^9i^rm*r*j.*r9**^**9999**9*9*^*****.*^*,^»*.99X
"My advice to workingmen is this : If you want power in this country ; if you want to
makefyourself felt; if you do not want your children to wait long years Ullll Uy have
thejbread on the table they ought to have, ihe opportunities iu life they ought to have ; if
you do not want to wait yourselves, write on your banner so that every political trimmer
canjread it, 'We never forget.' If you lauuth the arrow of sarcasm at labor, we never
forget; if there is a division in Congress, and you throw your vote'in the wrong scale, we
never foi get. You may go down on yuur knees and say, 'I am sorry I did the act,' and we
will say, 'It will avail you in heaven, but on this side of the grave, nkvkr.'„"— Phillips
The Heat Uradea at
Popular frica**x |
W.F. McNeill
MM   HOOK TO l-ii*-I HI I 1*1
....... ...
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
...-.^Mneaaaaaaaaaaaaaa »♦♦♦**>♦♦*♦»♦»*.»>*"»■»■»-»■»■»»
Get Hi« ■ * Pir-. 1 ij.ii.iii- Filletl
by the
RoSaslancl Drug
A Full Use of Kverything In Our Line.
Civ. Its a Call.
Rosslam. Dam Co.. K It srsoNn.Mgr.
Columbia Ave., next tn lion Toe.
<■•-•—*  ••**-
HEAVIER WEIGHT l '■choicest Liquors *Cigars
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine I.ine ol the
It is now thc time oi year when thc
weather is uncertain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded "
against colds and wear suitable foot- ■
wear. Wc have just the article you ;
want.   Prices are always right
♦aaeeaaeaeeaeaaiaiiiiiaaa aeaeeeeeaai
Kitchen Requistes.
Wc do not mean Furniture or Tinware but good
Sure Groceries such as we supply daily to
ousekeepers in thc city making them good
natured and happy. Our prices are within
the reach of every workiug man.
124 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
i.i. ......nn .....eea »♦>»<*>>*»*■*■*•■*•■»*■>■**■»
*4 ■
tdb ciirr DiB&m Panor
HISSES   MOODS  a   SMYTH, Proprl.ln.c..--.
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
ColuttiMs Atenuf. West.    Nr.. Ihe Cily
Chinese Outnumber Whites p tin-  tailor
nig   ludustry ni  \'uncnuver.
A special  committee appointed   by the
Vancouver Tailors' I'nion to enquire into
tbe extent nnd condition! ot chcio (don
gnli.ui <>r rather Oriental   lalmr. a. it af*
fecta the t.t.I..ring   trade in  Vancouver,
reports us follows:   The extend**! [nroadl
which Oriental labor   bn* inndc into the
tailoring trade of Vnncnuver nre nstniiiul-
ing.   The committee, of coin**.., kiicitMhut
—hearng in  tiii.nl that   Voiicnuier ia hut
a eomtsirnlively small city—an   immense
trade bai  ll -.      irked up by tin* Mm.
a.-..li.m nnd "the |ittle brown mull," both
in .u*t..in mid in niantitai-tured cloth.ng.
Indeed every mcmlier  ol   the    trade bus
known  this much for several year*, llut
no one «.i* prepartd   for   the itartling
revelation*   which   tne   investigation     of
*  the    committee    have    brought   to  light.
, * Without  nniking   any    preliminary    eom-
j'mrnts we   give a* brietly ns pna-sihle tlie
.following as the result of the enipiry:   It
>  is found thnt there are 14 tailoring estali*
I li-im.. i.t- run by Oriental*. Hist is to ssy.
J  by .Inpnncac and flunese.   These   places
Mare situated on Hastings street east. Car-
| rail -ir.ct nn.l Dnpont street,    lu one es-
tablisltnienl. '20 .iounieynien tccre reflated!
.the other*, tl.e numbers varie.1 front 4 or
I lo IT or lh.    the   nverage    number   nl
."hsnib" to end. shop Wing put down st
about 9.    ll was found th.it tbey have nn
ac.  time to leave work, but slave tar in*
Ito the night.    They defy the law of the
'land as regards   Sunday    work.    Sunday
.with them b the same as any other day.
Al the eoinnittee had no power to sum*
I mon witnesses and eiamine them, tt was,
of ...utsc. impossible to obtain sny inl.tr
mation .v to wages.   This is a mailer ol
inference: hence no statement is attempted.    One  nf    the  most    curious    point!
brougt   out  by  the investigation   is that
one   ..I    lhe Jipanail   tirms   makes   up
Istlies' garments almost  ejclusiv. It.
In analysing tl.e report it will be found
r ^Hot Qo s
( Nm Personsl Liability 1
CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each,;
Treasury Reskkvk, 600,000 Shares.
All Promoters' Stock 1400,000 Share* | is Pooled
President,».  W. HAI.L, Sup.llnlend.nl Iron Mask rtln.
t,, r,„id,ni   JOHN HITIWMXIAfl, F.rsssui Wsr psgle snd Cnlfv Slsr nines
TtMli.lt. tt   W. HAKTI.BV, ncKh.nl i ImHirjr, II. ft. C JACK-VIM |
Dlml.rs'.:   8. J. Br.Ho, miner; E. J. Ilsllnur. ms.ttr md...... »sr li.fl. .nd
C-tntrs ms. nt»«. ; J. S. Clute. Ilsiristtr snd Solicitor.
'Msnsglng llltctlot. .*.. W, HAUL
The Bonanza Mine.
The aimpsny owns the llniiaiiM No. .1 anil an ate age v.ilue of 11.*. p.r t .. I •
a lull sired n.innal claim, on Ht I honuu* I •>', which is at i depin ot tliirtv-live I.-.-I
BOnntaln. three and a half mile, from slum, iicntlv tttu leet nl 922 ore.
..lad-lone ou the mam trail Iron, lines
m iii r'   his    ben
t,, wi rk   iti   th*    tunnel    with    tt»    in
t. ntii-n ..I continuing it right itunugh tin
The -l.o.i. is traversed by scvcr.il ledge*   ,.*,*,„„  (1.M) fed), a.  by Ihis innans tin
central   ledge   will   be   explored   and   tonnage   de
veloped neat mpidlv.   Kv.ry two leet ..i
dr.fl.iig will add at least nm l.-.i ,.i
Hapth Ibl Idie ha. wdnel t> tig't
Iti*: sun   wnrk was tea.une I.
of  free milling gold ore.   tin 11,
or   discovetv   ledge   a   tunnel   lias   been
driven hlty leet, iu ore all the way, which
has   an   mr: g     widih   ot    tic*   fed
Treasury  Shares.
01 the 000,000 shares iu the treasury, the   (On shares aa follows:
direi attl have been authorized to «ell 100, ;
40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c.
At the first shareholders' meeting held on October J
I,S, those present subscribed   for   22,000 shares at 1
- cents, leaving out of thr* first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
T.n Tti.us.nd Shares h.s since heen snld .ti only s.niin stisres st .1 cents sre Irll
I... ahsre.s or Inlormsllon spply lo sny dlrrctm. lo sny titnker or I., 'hi J-ecretsry.
tbat the number nf Orientals engaged in
the trade is far in excess ot the number
nl white people, imbuing girls; then* lacing about so wfcitea (mail .m.i female) engaged in the city. und. ICOOnUng le the
above figure*. It) Orientals. The di-parity
between the tare .in***..... us to tin* amount
of tr.uk tame! ...it will become .* ip
l.arent when it is borne in mini that the
latter have un limit of hnurs in tbl work
day ind thnt they work wren days t.. ihc
week instead ol s.v.    Ihc statement mil
laei-efure not   he deputed  that  twice   th.
■mount of tailoring ..I nil . :..-.•.. ,. done
I.y Japaaaer ind Oelaetiala In tin. . m .is
compared with that dona by nur own pee.
pie. Another point which ihonld imt In
l.wt -ight of ia I hit l n large amount ,,t this
trade is tatcn away from our girl", who
an- thus left wilhonl a means ..i *ul.*i»t
nee. This has partknlar reference la
the milking of workmen*! overall! sn.l
simihir garment* | he material i* boagbl
np ill large webs nml eo given nut |.
render this point dear: the ir.in is bought
by the clothiers Ol aVno.uvcr. it.nn inr
r.i-tcrn tth.de.nl.- 1,.,...,... In wahi snd **»
l.nn.le.l to the Cblneee wbo tarn eel the
overalls by ihc hundreds, 'tin. .1.. • nol
affect the T*»il..rs' Union, ti- lln***.- g..r
niet.i* ate tiin.tr bv girle in large laetor
ie*. being mi made ihev are made cheap,
hut Ihe 1 Imminent cvidtilly make* them
cheaper. One of these t.ictntte. i. at
WitinitM-g: m the girl, ol Winnipeg arr
■ nt .nit in ihc Chinamen! ol Voacoaver
with the attending t-nnaitplcnce-, wind,
sny inuthcr nisi* etsilv gut**... II,,w n.a».t
Chinamen nnd -tapaneee  are enisaeil in
Ihu. branch nf ibe trade it is .bill, .ill t.t
till.I >.nt. as the good, are taken tn l.arfc
and upstair ti>nm* m I'lunntown. and we
lose "rack of them "Ibe public can rawly
see that such n -ystrin faparl Imm lhe lu
jurv .ln.ie to our h.'i work itciplc Itv the
loss nf Iheir Iratlel i* eminently conducive  t.. the   apraad   of   ail   cnntsgi.ui*
diseases su.1. ns diphtheria, typhoid, hu
bnnic plague. lr*,iT*n«v sn.l mmllpeg Not
can the mn-i stringent mattery laaa pro
tect ll.e public trom Ihem daaajwi arMle>
the ststcin i' allowed t.> c.i*t. In ran
elusion, these • ...ciitcd  in Ibe
hope tint these and to-related Is. t-. BM)
be th..roughly invartigated bj  lhe it-**, it
..tuin.i-sioii which is t" sit ill the t ity
shortly and boBCatl* *H larth la their report lo ilu- boon ..I Ottawa.   'H. is-hait
of the Tailor*' I i i ol Vaacoaiar,
A ("nnMrvi.t.tc l'iiin|inign Ije.
All liver
Uhna. roiey. in- mdei.airai la'or
aimldatr bn kaleUaiflue is im'ting 1*.
a great ttrl.l. and w II wi*. *\ anc u*er
huieius.n in I llanneav., r*«l>'«'«
I'arty csiidil.le. in IMoalO -rr »un »«
gis.und Isst ll.c-t IN Isilb ai.le men on
tl.e plaumm
Kal|li Smith"* tl'il'n on 1 a r ta •!
Island is BOW ciclcd. aid hi* -..|i».ri
era an* wiTking Issr I.
The OWMawaUll tam-1 a on t p -nlv
hir i lew nl tin- t.iiiilul. lhe Ingli laiaMl
nf  inm op It
lhe rnt.br-' I ...i. "f Wiiiidt«K vi.iml
g*SI to the c.iiil mg" fund "( Mr   r.illae.
Aa a rule eatn*pii.'n lie. are not worth
n.nl.n/, bul l.ere ih on.* winch appeared
in the Nelson I'ril.iinc, under the ca|ition,
"•.tnticn I.y U>i.si*tvatitee," which is
ttoitli re,.io.|u, in*.- ao thnt our fiienda
in.iv see b.r thorn-eh ea to what longtha
nur i...nn. oppoaaafii will go:
The lab. r pirty ap|.rals thia morning
liriicularly to thc ......Inm* and trader!
ol   Nelson nn   Hi-  g al  grounds    thai
>>i h ,ut i e la'.oriig e erne at tliey would
require to rlo.e then doors. One might
go a step ..it11. t and say t ait wit mut
. apitti tliey, the lalsirrrs, would lie in tin
poor house and a. , n All the t*. t e!
itho.,. |i> torn- fintin r.toiuti.iii-n>•
prineiiHra are "mot, loyal than the kins "
In Una instance n i, we 1 known thai
uu* labor pirty in Ha-eland btre atarted
a co-op.rsltv* sloe and eonenplale eg-
leinling their oi*erationa to this ami other
tonus, uar r at tn Inquiie h *. much
it will pmlii th- m*-r.Innis .f N.I-. I I
v.ne tor l.l.r.s. K«.la-v .f the lab r n< e'e
ment i* going 11 do ill a'oppint on a cn
oisaatte b «*r And -cm ai ewrp. "nol
mu ir ltrynn-l a doubt alien Ubor ie t
too much p wer it iwm-q ilte aa de*-
l*ti* as lan.ial, .nd for that r-a.-n th.
eleelnis t.t Vsl. 4 arils o. sod particularly
tin* ne-rhv.i*. w.ll not b* led away by
-iicii s.itm.nr«. bait a! tl. a|>, ed abore
releired to,
N.uii.r t'e li-o |sinv n.r any Isbor
union in l(..ssan I i. ,n anv way inlereste I
it the to-op. a*. <• gun. In a '. tho it**
jeel has never Ik-tu ii.iisulcnsl by them,
and it will l» news to the .1..n.l,..1.1st-..
a minorilv ..( «h»m arr incinls i*. ..I th*-
vanous  iinmn..  that   the  «sirtv   intends
le rvten.l .1. eaetaliaaa I" Nelson and
olhrr point*.
In Ka.t Yale.
lhe lederu) l.ibor Union at V-Tnno
hi* bee me rnjr mu.l. mleiesel in the
candidacy nl (lin* loin, anl thr meat*
bers ate d lag c oil 'ink thr urlnut Ih.
Ikamgin Vale, V.ti,.n. Arm*lr.ng
and Kndetl y wi I all ..st a g-.«l vote tor
ihe ind.p ntent   lab r pain   .-» idiUte.
I hr -      Mm.    Me.- 1  g
Nolwiih landing I *. n.. I.s... nt w.-allW
a tare auiicn* "I I Intra g lis-red ..
in- I ni n Hal uu -a uni | c. ung lean
t. Itatea t.. tare Vott) and .i..im Wiik.
.ti*...ui*. nn i - j. I . nl a tu t on i .
gen.r.l anl oi ll. .'eadi g "I the lata
l-s-n.leiit 1.1 or I*. tt <ii is.isusi Th. hall
wis n I nn.h-l. wa- lae.rty lg< twl and
the bg bia -tote that Id*..d and n.rt-sl
in Ilk- mil II. id lln- n.-m w a alitaM as
.Heine aa a b i.b..* ... a e r.l. but tKe
.tnaO e.trl l.t...|. and bslcel will
.tie* tim t«> all Uie «p akir* had lo e-jr.
A lark ..I stare due. im t |*»nt..t ua to giv-
a Upon ot Ibe "I" 1.... but t is *tla t->
•av thsl nn sp-ai. i *.< •■>»- irttar te-
i.>e,| 'ban «•» Ubrtt I1J-!. a d Wm im-
|.*e si n rtr.t.,1 si i*.r me . *ag »i I fi d
l.i . tt i  •  '   i. *l t     I'...Iteak
In l-aet K.otenay.
Ifniry al   Pel Bll
limn-*, Ihe la*l ti»« d«>* Mr   holey h.s
a.tdi.  * . *   ..  • r t.l. - k   Fort
hlVI     l\ ti b tie.   and   M'fie    It
li'.n   iPieUI   that   *>.*\  K-'ti-t     I*  .1
m-.'l ss solid fr ts ititlrien tt y.n IWile
u la the Moan. tin. dmi B might U
well lie ahai,do.i.a| In lhe Iii • ami Tmy
«|e ib.ndets.
Mr. Koley sp.ke io Uie cosh-miner* of
hemie Momlat  n gh'    II" m.**1itig wi- a
large one, and much interest was amused. |
There is now  no .loulit  thai  tin*    mm,,       M -1.* t...» ...t...*l..l ... Ibl MBlTdaay
will do M well as ottier pa t«   al    Ksi.t   »i -i'i" l-l'> 919 tr -ted I- .all al the
IWetav. and that it wi I arl 1-rge'y in 'omim.liee   .."".«     **•     <M    Ind. |*n.lent
l.ib.r I'att). lh... .* in . ;. |,i i. llrsl
w.tik to l*e done >.t ami .'. >* tic"*»«a.v
II. it   tt.lt   tf.n   .Imtlltl do  Ins  |*»tt
Slntiilil fall al lommittee  li.smi*
r.db g up
a lag.- majority  fot  V<d*-.
talMf Mat   I* in lb.s«lan*l.
I'. (1. Bo. Ill
H. W. C. Jackson
Pi-sun. s .nd o
I'. O. Block.
I *, . ..,.i . .1,   Rt i.nn.
It i. po** t.lr 11. t Mr   K..I.V will I*
Keaakad te latter pan ..I t'e >s..k anl   Mi   l>.i. y relumed le   Rowland
his way Imm K*«t K.".ten it to the BeflB    night   11.- suptorlera will I.  Id s big   »lly
dary or the north  ***Mt!T    If he .1 n  Ibl ..mtitittee msmis
come hi* nippcrter. here aie ptc|amd ta   ..*•   ...I I i Mb .-   MM—<
hold a b.| tally in hi* honor. *m llall Knday night.
T'htir-sl.y  even
WEDNES1JAV October 31, 1900
The Industrial World
BemWoi'lJy   Uditton.
Published at the .Miner's Union 1 I.UI,
Koaaland, in the interest of organized
labor   in   Uritiih   Columbia.
Entered at tbe Koaaland, 13. C\, post-
ollice for tranauiianon through the
mails, November, lsiitl, as aeoond-cloas
reading matter.
A.   C.   Thompson,   ll.lilnr   and   Manager.
Office   at  Miner'a   Union   Hull.
Payable lnvariubly  in Advance.
Oae  year       $'.' (X)
Six  montha          1 25
U'bree  months          79
Address all communications to the In
du.siri.il World, I'.. .t..ih,c Box 658,
Rowland,  11.  C.
The Industrial World      for sale at tl.e
fnilt.it 'li,*     lull,    depo
Komi and
Simpson's  News   .tuml.
11.   S.   \\ ail.i.c's  Stationery   Store.
lint,ni llroa.
P. 0.  Ncwa Stand.
Hurra   Cigar  Store.
Canada  Hook  k  Drug  Store.
Mcilal   Urns.
King k Co.
Secretaries of all union, are authorized to receive subscriptions for tbe
cis as our.o'vca, work ng men like our*
selves, fine s nee llll'l ill lining He cm
lllO tlo.   It  is  tip to  us.
limt i* it tn be ellci.litiy l'ul tin* ca-c
tO ourselves right lhan, We luil'c oil"
land .mn ug cl.iss. rcp.es utid I.y tin- 0.
I'. II, ami a few othen of lesser cjilibic,
whoso man Friday is A. II. .MucNeill; ue
have the half-hearted reform party, the
liberal party, w-hlch has given us i top, or
maybe two, during their lew of is>«*cr,
and whi h ia lutlluly ooiocil I.y W. A.
(Idlilici. Now, vv* at do y ui ov| c.*t t'r ui
either; what do you aspect from Sr
lUmrls luiper, the fly on tho tt-lue!
Unit imagine*! he built llu* 0. P, It*
(waen'l n ilm other way on?) und wbo is
lost iii Ins d y drciiiia of tlo pisl; what
do ynu ex|ieel fr nu Si* W Ilr d Uuiricr,
whn ia so Immeiiei iu Ins vi ions of federation   tliLit   lu-   has   i tit   .i.i.e   tn   lhe
iiii'i limt in* will have no poop't to tod*}
nie union In- kicks out tie Oi omul. Hot.
can you u uuiou men, bow oaa y»*u ».«
liilelll.e.il nit-., how tan y.-il as wok
ngn.eu 0 u* an i u*it vote .or either.
It their wai ti,, alternative thete would be
no aSOUW. But the c tl au alio.n.i it*.*,
just us w 'Jan.* inr* nlio reprea ntu rai
.,t both lh- "Id Nm /ul ini p.rtos so
have lie lie third  I*"'. t ill tint silu.lt nil.
\\c hm imi tba third party; neiibbr .li.t
.Sen /.ed.ind . t tlio line. WV lie gni.g
tn have it; tliey have £ 'l it* Arc WO going
lu wint tor eternity? I'm' what' We have
no Dick Seddon, but tie ha.o Olir.!.
I*..Ic..   I ba h ur uml lli* un ..
And Ihc luu men aia onmpiiabu. lb)
versing Ihc times and the places ttu- New
/min id un o.i boll r iu. in ha.e been
heard *ani|.: "Ub. it's ull icry well, but
tvn.it* Ui* gnd ui <o..taring our Di.k
with Cun*. Inlcy.' line Koley h-s ciiano.
and wc it.ll sec lion ve y much lhan i*
in the "d man than (chips any nf ua
tiit.iL.-iit Ami than in* all Idndi ol things
mou- in u it. limn tlnr.* are ii -uiv iou-
ple nl lawyer* raeh .a < alii end M.ir-
.Now Blial IN you going t.. do alsiul il?
Aie ymi gt in gta. rota foe Qalliho and
then wait tall bis elm f I ill- an-tb.-r flu
on the Uium-ac |>.I lis or takes ii oil
altOgUber .... t'o pica that if lob r were
in earnest it w mid h .vc seal ila leprc
eentatevo to tell i*m ... An- you going
lu vote tor Maa.Vt-ill aud a paity "lu h.
aoeintttig tu I e Hon. T -in l> I , has to
All over the world at the end ot this]., ,„ „  „, „,,*, ,., ._„, lny0 i|||t maax.
eaataty ia io be ana tha -|..e_i,* of the",., ,,„. ui„,r ,„ul ,.„.„ .,„,, ,,,- |„,.„,...
UB.on man ttghllag l.r ba Ut».t,w. But! iL...v.,|, _„,*., a,,.,,,,, c,kil. h. llr ,_„
nowhem among the Kngliah apeaking |*oo-|,on ,,,„ ,..vi».-.>i.. ,r IN ..... going *•
lie. ar this, lib ru a .. little r-KOgni/ , .,_,„• U)1 lor ,OUMH!, „,ld ,„,. ,,,, ,„„,
ci... tiict are u|s.„ t da omtinenL Why? «* u„„ demand thu the labor pktfoni
Uu  nut   wc   tight   lu-d  enough,  or  i*    t  „,,.,„    ,..,,„.    t urt     eoailoraio.    ban
that wc un.on man are patUag oaa aaataat w„ ..,, „ ,_, ,..,,.,»,., ,., ,. u lr<..   y,,,
lhe other:  Alk  yo.rsdf why  the  uni-m , «...  „„.       ,,„.., ,„.,„,,    ,, ..,„,,*».   M
Is mote low.rlul tn Au tr.ila   Nei   Bee '..irv „„ our „wn*
land ur the 11. itiah Ism** lhan it ia her,-.
II   is an .in tunes  io,. i.sl   that   in o ua u
is mucit more imwerrbl In Oraal Bniain
one wliieli ahould bring ihc blush nf ahunie
l.i tlm cheek ni every  man  iii Unit city
, who hn* ever, by hi* vote, endoried either I
of the old political partlee, under whoii
regime   this   lui.s  been   brougllt   nl>.ml -   N.i
doubl the labor unioni in thnt city fought
agaiti*t I hi** evil in a trade iiuinii tt't.y only.
Ihey now ne that for ihi* evil uniona ire
only palliative. For prevention and cure political net inn aitiiic ttiii produce good re*
i suits. Roaaland unionist! have seen this
'conflict ooniing, and, roallaing that they
could not cope with tin* "little brown
men" in tha Industrial Held, made the
qurslion ii practical oue in the    political
lhe attempt of the Nelson Const-rvalue* to prejudice llic buHnail men of
Unit cily against the candidate nf the
lalmr party lit iiitttii.itin; tint it intend-
ct tn gu >iii>. bu.in.s* in oppoitinn to
them in Nelson is imt on par with many
ul the coiit* nipiililt* t.uk- often n—nt .1
t.. i.y tbat party,
Pliner., Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
Tile Hoffman House
• Columbia.
r.KOKl'.H PUNK, Manager.
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- X
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. +
RETAIL MARKKTS-Roieland, Trail, Nelaon, Ymir, Kaelo,  Sandon, +
Now Denver, Silverton, Oascada City, (-irand ForkB, lire nwuod, a.
l'hoeiiix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Revelstoke, T
IVrgiiHiiii and Vaucouver. +
Fish.'Ganie and Poultry iu Season, Sausages of all kinds X
The riu. nix I'lnrecr sugg sis that tlie
iditori nl the Nelson Tiiltiini'. lireentftttitl
Miner and Iii.tii-lnil World are too good
inc...I*, nud mv too much iuteieslcd in
the . .in-1* i** labor aud lefurm to quarrel,
und suggests thul they kiss aud iu.il,c u|>
The Only Tranifef or Bzpreei
Cmupaiiv in Kusslaod tbat will
Deliver ynnr Trunks lor 2b cts.
eicli     Three dnj-s storage treo.
* WM. DONALD. Mgr. Rossland Branch. J
*■ ... ^
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ -H-*H-f -f-f-l-f*)-»*>+*444***** ++++++++++++++44444*****4*
MucNeill  I.a- evidently  worn the party
collar ae long, ami has brought bimaeli ...
like it so wel|| Unit he would make ever}
elector a political sine. *iihjoct to tin*
1*111,1* I. -U
l.iuiicr hu* rigged a holdout    nu    the
eltstot* oi  i auadii bv deterring the elc.
tutu iu lite .oti-tituiii. ie* until alter the
general   result  will ate  been  .iniiuiinis'd.
If  the other I'l.iistiiiicinit-s nre no mnrc
certain   than   Yale Card K....iciiat.    -*u
Wilfrid is drawing to a bobtail. The independent candidate III this ctili-lltllfin y
is gaining airctigtli even day ami Liberal*
.mil t'ltu-s'itaiiti** dike   teoognln   thai
they .re uj> ngau-l the »... I thing, t tin-
K.-iey h.is the Kootenay won already, .nut
if the tunc is extended raffielently tn per
nut bim to reach Ihe electors ot Yule ami
Cariboo lialhlier and .MacNc.ll might 1st
ter cash in now und tjiut the g.iaic. — l'ay-
f    Queen Cigar -5tore,    t
. TKI.I ! HUM     ■. +
+ +
44+44+4++++++++++++++++ + *+
' A laittle Boriptura.
"The meek .hall inherit the mi'Ti
Not bv a jugful. They ha?«» inherited
poverty, hunger nnd dirt up to the prea
ent and ... long as they are meek this will
toiitiiuie to be their portion. Rockefeller
ui.l Morgan own a big portion •" the
itnrth. but it wasn't acquired through
miehnna,"   Tem Haute Toiler
.-u.t yourarU
i ,.i>.-ii.i.i,. I .iu.bd.it.-    MaiNeiil    has
■rn ii..* part) hedge -> l.mg. ha»aii..it.*.,
»rh.-iv to .1,, i,i. thinking i... in... ao
long.   la. k«    Independent)!    •*■>   ...... i..
thai be h.- .... mm foi ant man who i*
nnt like InniM-li He mat In- proud ol
but good'eondect -t..|*e. wind, be has
. ......I  lit   llli|.l.< it   ol-ashcllis- |.t lm* com
maii.I ui  In. superior*, aad  idenag
hituM.lt only imii »i a midline, but mint
ti.cn* ....* si... fmnaMar it a badge ..t die-
honor,   and   unikc   Mi.   MaiNcll.   iin-t
Over 1.000 lolsi.in workers itrnrk bud
week at lamt'.i. Kla., on sec...t.t ol >»nc
of the bo—es eiiiplttitltg thlee mtuunioil
limply I*.- an-, it h s ion I ng-i est il •
Italic I Ihs is partly th* I il li but not
allog.Ml.t i, sine i: thit wee thc wh 1
answer then fl.m... ita* I.ml wh.nt the
luu ui ll . been oti.e. esl.i bs el th.-.
any Other, should hav.- He suon-cat un
Ions of .11. He lhe O.miese union, uc.
but the tad rem. in. Iha-. I e C in .man
has let p bl e I pi it it g* ami I w. r
right- His wages air small and b. M
iu i t   ,. pm lhal i  nil I
Again, ths caiiiio: ie ilu- true ai-mr tiai ever) man lu.* a tight lo think uul
lor it does n t cJb'a u tii - p ».*i -f the a-1 tot Iiiiiim-Ii. iii.|.*|«*i..l.*..tlt ol bnlb old
Union in An- r.l.i ..id Net /. , u .1 political pail..-, aad ll i- tlu-c ineii who
Tt..-. c u.tr.s all y.n n er I *n A..:- will sh,,« that Ihey are bettei liun lhan
Irs, an.l ..cc i.liig to tn- h>g • let uu M M . \. .11 ■.. i-sdling d.ii. bt canting a
I In*   i* not th   bailol igalnal both Liberal ind i •■■
oasc. a. is wall ku.an There the wo km.- live candliUlm  Thew remark	
man i... t.i no. -,t ,;, t ,,* gover.imeni  '"'■■• bj   Ui   UacNetll. -i*->si. ..i   i
of lm. count-*-)  Hum he haa here   Whj     ' "'• ootitui which be claimed tb.	
Ihen   II   OBI)   o c  4ii->'er.  aui   u.u   ,.  nnu ihonld hate political Indepea
tins:    Ile   ....   bll  u   ll   . e| r s, n a  vc   "'•"   "'"" -1'""1'1   l"    '""'  l"">   "'
and -•« .!■•-   iu billot w.^ly. Ihe piwmiei   """l I""1 """'' '""'• ''"' '"' '"''••l"'"'
ot New Xeaiaad to lay, t a it n  Rohi i •", ""l1,1 ""' ,"' •«*•*■ "i-"  *>'   ■'"
Nu.i n. waa tt„* link n.i.Ioii. lhe tt.uk 'sv,n "  •**• "••"■> '" ,'""'' '"* '•ooMera
ing i *r oi  . I .t  t.i.-  ■«..   II. la mil  lo ''"■ >'""   :*,*,,•  ","'1' '"' """''' ''"'
-Uica'   u> hi* old m.ir.   it .s .. t dth    '" """'■ *"'•■'■•• '" '*■ '" lln"  coaaeetlon,
cult  lo lea  tthv  N.w /cal nl  h *. Hale   '""'  ""  ' """ '"  'M*-I**l '" "' '" ,l>"
Is busy all day aud every day making prompt
delivery of
to wise people Do you
buy here? If you have
uot been doing so here
are a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Germia, Breakfast hood,
Self Rising Buchwhcat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
Election News
Don't ynu think ynu should have a new suit fnr polling day. We are
clearing out our ready mnde clothing at the following nductiona: $17
suits fnr $13; $12 suits fof $8; other lines at  93.30  per  suit.
Fine Underwear.
Wv have a lot of odd gnrmrntfl which wo phue on our count ore at the
following daughter prion*, psr ftrnmti to dear: 25c, .W, (V5o, 75o and 91.
Oremhirm 9-. reduced to 91-50; $1.50 reduced to $1; $1, reduced to 50c.
Other liiiCM 4   for $1,  und  3 for $1, Stt
Fine and Heavy Shoes.
93.50 shoe, reduced to $12.., $0 shoe, reduced to $.1. Our special $4
trttodyivir reduced to $2.0(1. Knngeroo $.'t..10 to clear: only a few pairs left.
The best   miners'  shoes on  the  market $3.90 to clear;
5plended I iins of men's
Heavy Digging Shoes.
Reduced lo $1 per pair lo clear quickly. Goods wid for oaab.
We return your money if goodi ire not as  wc  represent   them.
COI.l MHIA AViiNlil::
++*+++++4+44++++++* ***4****4*4* '********************
•a- *♦
1... Fresh Green Vegetables... |
.   h-O'........
»♦♦ **444**4******9***********\ -f
Men's Underwear
Iu part wool and cotton.    Shirts'and drawers
90c A SUIT I
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
| 0. M. FOX & COMPANY, f
The Regular Price 515, 510 and $7 Rcady-to-wcar  • |
%     !
Clothing all priced at $10. *u~
f entral Dry G'eds Store,
tat Ave. and Washington
Holstead & Wright, j
*************** 4   •
J*""***'"*** •*-*»* »*••« •**-*»*■  •.••»»-'.«.«.-.•«.•.».•.«»«»«_-.
such stmlc. in   so,,     e ..lau n    w th a
lu*.1  uttri'*t« ..I !... conidlluency    tt'ii'.
mrktataaui,  e.i|» e of ruMgnbl .-  tl, " "•>  I""'"* -1'*'"''1 ,l-"'1" "'"  '<  "'*
Medi „t nis tel..,. wii.- uu.-. ,,. t 1 ""• ■"• "" '"■' '••■"-'- ■*' "'"
IHlllet    n|    Ills   tUIII.J.    a|    lie      lit* III      n '-'"l   hloi   if   t-ll    Will;    Vnil      BOW      Limit
m.   in  one ■ 1  the  pr utics    ...I *.  *'.«g for.
the hi..| i.e ni  tn talk «.l ilu* ic.lentil
Best ^ Cheapest Lots
ol   lhe   world   .uul  It Mint on  lirntlp.
land  u    t.ail.1 it   .*■> d .ii  gne     I rt  ,r
tin J«..u..iy Isi n.-it New /!..i,mi takn n"",> v-.t-*.. n.erew
i   •       H ad ... sp «. w 'I c at
tn*  liberal an i  Ubnaarvitn  ...... ...<
.  *1e;    ill   Ih.i'   tine    i  ti   -t I cu  It   'I--
llacll »tiling lo ciilei ml.i a n.mn.ttii pen
ny pia-tag.'  wilh aaj   nil'ui ol  tha* w de
World win. li e r * ti e im- la »nli it bl
aurji . st ueiitc llu*. in wis only i working
uiun Miner Dak Hr-t mu fot .
mt ul many WU Uie jn. i w. ich llout.d
luiii. gt.i np I., tie* t.*|.i.-•**.t.t,ii.t.-s nf Ibe
j.im owning Clin Irownlng utt tii- mt
tier Iron thrir mil.*, of ebeo|. rang) nnny
Was tin* sln-lii ...si I.y a Il.II ii* site I in
Itiiiti p.trty tt i o tliad not the cun. g ,,
tier . wn ir tend d anl acidc. c op a
ii..... who ..1 beat thoaghl retnrm ■■
ed in throning a tm.e .,| whal "lain th.* ; .1. II t anient, a. a sop is given In
I .1.1.1 10 Quiet it In tbtei tun.*, th"
ci.tltitty  1* If ii Bl ll'itinslni..
in.. -   rare the prophet, ol evil when -'• i
tinn. iuih uu* lab .i part)  ai iuit ■• t* <l In iv *r,  Hn   the)  i..a i. d
tn i.t.* .i ail ha* Sea /■!••
I.t.'l in u.  ir -i c ...i- ih .ii today,
niil  onf  tilth* i n  U   ■ lhe    li the  clnthini    Hide in
wlui.* people like iiurel ;   .h    th ' nty   A feailul stale of nil m - •
aiming a cituii .'»-- thai lh* lUde,-ii
. c t it in nr • e as a wd •.•■'. I i.ghi.r
• I lii'etn jatel .. a ■ In I v.. unri.d
I...ml.* in it* , I,,* tics ,.n.| talked wl. a
I'm...-..ic N i a.T.*ni. Ointmi.te-I ly
a nun Mimac Biake-up w.a tJoaveMWaal,
wtiusi pin Sinai,, tnt denoted u I'mg bmt
dangci ,.i* than drtertnlnallon, wtioai i.m
gaagl wu. tolen.ni ind wh se arguin
pl red d ep luit and . Ic r >h ugh'.
tn.iiii dtOpped t et |trcjil I op. and f und
n.ucti m o ui mm. w Hi lei! tor. lly
rn king in p .sonal i.pp*;.| or *.i|*js.i.,
I.ut slanuin* male ..I n t e pru c plea .f
•I.. plaUorm Lul d* w*. ad bv uiing
t* •intnun sen*e iii*li-a,| ,,i |h-is n.d i.tlitn.,
|.|. t pan. it I iin*eii h .„d aid th *.. Id. «
ibovi nther p" Ileal -j. r ..it - >th> sic
I low e-n.-s ■ ■' ' I r * - *iabi|s
'nuts >.n tlw ele I it* of the S
\\. reprint Ihii Iseui  t report made by a
ipeeial   tonunlltee   lo   thl     \
trade! ......nil oft li.*   *i ■ i *.   .* I ' hi-.
The Opportunity is now presented lo the
public of buying the best and cheapest residence
lots ever placed on the market in Rossland. : : :
The Nelson iV Fori  Sheppard  Railway has just
completed its FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railway Addition to the City of Rossland, and
it comprises ilu* brightest, sunniest part, as well
as the lu*s| soil for lawn and garden purposes
within the present city limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing tO secure a good home and a nice place
to build should sec these Ints and <,ret our terms
and prices before buying elsewhere.
100 Ksst Columbia Ave. Telephone 66
We arc looking lor the man I
who is looking for an outfit I
ni Fall Furnishing Goods. I
New Shirts, New Under-1
wear, New Night Shirts, |
New House Coats, besides m
New Neckwear. We have |
a fine display and you ought I
to sec it soon. Big Bargains |
for Pay Dav. •
m. j. ohearnJ
Cl.OrtllKK  AM) I-'I'KMSItl.K     f
Corner Third Ave.
and Washington St..
ficar ti. .1 Mountiln Deem.
i»V»-i*»-»i»-^->»-^-^*»*«^'^»»-o»«»*969*sa«-*-*-^-^-^ I
V. I*-. BOX «02 tj:i i:i-iu*m:s   in
Special ,iiiciiii..ii liitcn tn Mall Order.
Stunden Printing Co.
1,14 Cut ii nili i.i Avenue
Roaaland, B. U.
.■■■■■■■■..■■■■.■I...S.S.S.S.SIS.SISIS.      11111 t'niitttemi•
§Thos, Bmbleton,!
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the ll:l;ner
- = Wants to Eat
% Fancy and Stajile Groceries and  Provisions at Lowest   *\
'X      Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.
t*************************t9************************ JNE8DAY.
.October 31, 10W
UK Al.  ANL)  UBM'ltAL.
llc sure and attend thl nii'it'li- ni the
nion tonigl*.
tireenwood Minora' Onion at w baa i
luiimiici'siiip ot mm.
The date for tho p.lling in  ValeCiiri-
fboo is not yot tixed.
The t'rintcre'   Union doited one eundi-
Idate to membership lam Sunday.
Stale of Trade,
Tlie general tenor of tin report! of cor-
respniiiieiils iu the current ia-ue of tlie
lull, r (I ilttl   ind cites a healthy  sttito
of tho luiior market t roughont Canada,
nnd thl outlook promising. From local
enquirim liiiule it is learned that tlio 'ros
pi'cls for the  bulldog    trades    are    very
bright, canned n a large   degree  in an-
.ticipatinn ot a mining bnnm near a.t linnd.
lu  the   l-l.i-i   the  print ng  and   tailoiing
Vou  cannot get n clgnr in any bar in   TH E    HUB
>.ho city for less than 12 1-2 ccnti. Then    R I M I M O    DOnii"
Why not  ask for u cigar that is worth I
tha money; a. Grown Grant or \V. 11.      |
Portuirly Turl hxehang..
CHI I 'Mill l AVE.
Crown    Urant     Cigars,     nine
Mmard McDonald, manager of the 11.   MS mt put month have been *t_ip-
cries, returned Saturday from   tWwUy gm-l.
•"•"*■>■' >j,-Jk rubber woik.rs ol
'A, 0. pro|     ^^^^^^^
i a trip to Kngland.
A vote for  MucNeill is a vote to per-
[-petuuto wrong.
o I thul the wnrk of oxen*
Iviiting f.r the fuimci- m Miners' I'nion
I liall will bl ciunnio aid in a day or two
Uanllll '   «1**nt.inr«   art,   „,,,„,,,„.   th
lint' .... n then* s or
[miui.ii.'i* Ine work i
[llus, h. ^^^^^K
....•.•^^^^^—^       A. UaoDon
aid, win ^
pul.uinn oi
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
*IKS 1 a ruiRii, |.,„|.ii,*i„..***.
label.               ■	
fOlt SAldO-The building and Bxturei [ \ A / J *-* _1 — — r    LI — JL ^ I
ui Sj-okano sti-eet known us Dan Leahey'l    VV II lUOUl       I    IU LC I
..i.l place. Inquire ut J. C. Spe.linan a.
Notice to Mine Siupcrintciiiletiti.
nnd Ubambari aie Uniahlng
in a   very   1 rti.-tic
being d no by Mr.
the funeral ot the lute II,
bed from Ibl etl'i'i- nf an urn*
both leet, took place Sunday
:\t New
Weetmtnater   tbe   bu Idlng
When you are in need of a coiupitent
loronto   have | tngineer,   bliickamilh,     pipciuau   or   ma*
chinist,   the   M.vii.uu.i.'    Union   will   lie
1 -I.*..--.*.I   to   furnish   you   competent   men.
Aildrcai W. W, Doty, Secretary.
tnides are quiet.
The carriage anil  wonilwoi'kets
'llioinns,  tint.,  aie to orginll!
ul au iiirly date.
of St.
We Know
'the longshoremen of 'lonntt
slackened ..II wnrk. otiing In tie
111  IVn.i-yliiinia.
1 illuming.
11,.   ia .«1 - aso-.Iv
Industrial   Woild   "I
ua leading aotnorlty on
Koaaland is now         -
i„t„„ matten In thi Kootenay and * Hi
The soicaty of the leh ol bard has
I,,.,,, inatructad to advertl.i for teadera
,01. the arcetion ol 1 tans   around   ihe
school ground!-
I her*   are   lit    ptcsellt   31
organliatloni In  London,
utoniborohip ol aboul '-,' 0
Of no other way to  indoiHe our cloth*
ing than to put our name and trade mark
01 it.     It's just aa if we said "We warrant this garment to be all wooi, sewed
I with silk, made of better materials, und
lin better Btyle than you can get anywhere
different  llbM  e|Bi-  at the same pdice."     Taylor A Mc-
First Class Accommodation
Prices   Moderate.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Makes a -tptclalty of
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props.
lin* c.n.it.ms nf the la'sir market on
Vanoouyer Inland a' the praienl time era
lar,   tin re   bung    a  go ul    demudi    for
labor inul [ew men out nf ciiiptiiyincnt.
A vole for
Qalllher is u vote tor Mac
rota tor Qaliii
into   lor   Mac
changed handa is now opened
One ot the b it . n .1*1 i s if   Qttelpb,|
nm, is tnetr.it   I    u Work*. Last year |    liming
an a i.u i ii  t,a. built i.. t is csi.iiltah   up under new management nud in the iu*
ment.   lh - summer the nnu lad to build   bin will be run in lirst class style.
again. Ibe ycmploy nom but union labor. |   -Jhe lubu,8 .,.*.*• ll0 fm.„ished wub the
in buy, (everything in
The Collins.
I ni in-li,** the li**t Iiii .ui.l*  of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Neatly  furnished mom.. In connection  hesteil
with hut air
PATTBRSON .**  Co.,   Penps.. Wsshlngton SIP
A vote [nr MiuNcill is a vote tn per-
pcliiute wroug. ^L
Tnni f. tiray left yestcr.l.n tor Bumpier,
Ore., where hi will I. ok alter the inter
est- of evtii.v. r or Miieki itosli dining
the absence ot tin* latter in Km ope.
The city poliio mo non* cnt.tged In the
qii.u-t.-rly >lon-up. About '.'i oi tie local
iporis paid lines, ts lulc a greater inrn.1.ci
bit the trail f. r Other cum s. with I blul
paper in their made *..!.. ■
Wm. M. Treat ami A. l. 11 re—a, two
****** "I ilie local Mine'*'  t'nio       ** *
have  tu-cn up at  llu* \tlt.t    to:-   sevral
Cigar making, of which Loudon is the —•■ ■*•* mn*t
oentn for Ontario, .a vit ybn*k at tlie meon.)
prcaeut Una*. The CigannakcV union, the'    Hiiving had a long experience with some
of   the bet  dining    services in  the   Dominion,  we  feci  confident  of being   able
  to serve the public of Kossland second to
lhe llell Organ and I—no oompany of Lone,    a call solicited,
liu.-iph. Ontar.o, tba lur..-si  „f n* kind I
in the Urittah Kinpire. are now. and have, KJNCHLER   &    CO..   Props.
c.liinil. a Atenu.*. net tn Emdry Hnts.
largest in tic city, with a iiu*nils*r>diip of
tit i.t I."., has nearly nil its members ut
tor some l.n.c, la-en lunnitig t.i its lull calm, ut.   lu  t.u-1,  tins  nng at   be sad of all j
the factoriea in t «t diitrvt.
Linton Bros. I
ii..- Amalgamated Society of Kngineera
n.i- unit  a la. gc.  uuutbcisiiip and is better oil   liti-ui i*Hi   tinn b f rt- the  great
I.sin.u in I'ligl n.l two yaaia ago. It It...
  •! uioiiti ei.l.i,. ul  J..OU. and ip nt in the
J^Vt_r__r m";,.;; -•■ .:ni..„.•.... i ■_.«o..««««». «*;;.»«. „, be,,.*
   \,lt.t    tor   sevral   nil.
months, returned lo camp Suiurudy. They
will -|Hjid the wmt.r in 11 edano*.
The Ladies' Store.
ih.* - .1 .Lm a given bj Phoenix Mm
era I nlun No. », W. t. ..I M . on Ibuis
nay ct nng at the lull ol ihc tun n wa.
« most en o uni,* an tr, 'lhe a ten an..
was large, several hating -urn* u.i fun
Ureeawood t.. tr.p u.e liglt i..ni.st.c. Ai
usual the mcintiers ot lhe union did ct-.t
thing  to  g vc then   gull* a g .ml  tu. e
ll.e building trades it lli'ifax are quieting down, aud tbe proapeeti «■>> that they
.v ll rem.in. su uu lug the "it.ter. .Sli ji-
wtigiits ami i.iulkers say Uie p.i*t season
ha* been He beat iu yean, it would !*•
gristt t in ilu- benefit m t o-«c two bran-
din It t ry ain.lg.nial.d
lining  lu the bu Iding of   tic    water*
.toil*, dam uu.l lay nx of a large nimii er
I cement alde-walka the peel anannar haa
I annnnnce . Ureal   lllscnunt nn I-.dies'
snd Children's I'nderwesr and 11" -*..*.. .
I.tra* iia...l* sml   Ureas Trimmings.
Siampcd Hood*, cu*'*. .t* and l .... -
itl*. me a csll snd ynu will find Prices ' viv
Wsy Down. | 4.
Mrs. M  Heard
aad were mm * *>- <""> ''-"•l\", „,,, ., , , ,„„. .,, „„. ,., ,*,. .,, i.„,
XI """- '"' :"'  """" "   ;,   „    ,1.,,. ou . ..... ,.  I... be n un ibl.- ,..
„. John ttm.li, iii-.-gr   Wkn.    r  -i  ^ -^ „ ^
HucMct. k M. * I-b,*,. Vaateh a...i ^ y  ^ ^  ^ „ ^ ^ ^
Whnlr.slc and Rrtsil
Psinl.. nils. Vsrnlshrs. Hrushes. Wall
I lni.li  and  I'slnl. ,*'  -iippli. -     Older,
taken lor Paperhanglng and llccoratlng.
flff.i-e a-ttl -ilni*. Ilanle*. a I'hs- he's'
H'ucl . I- c't.l.ilitl.'s Ave under ti.-tnilinni
lixjurs. Co 's Office.   Tilephoue No. i* .
.1.  >.   Ilalklcy.
A vole (or M.i.Ncll i*
petuate wrong.
the building trades „f iiucl-er city hat
"I'  I" I"    heen kepi emple- d >..•>!'- l-haa u-ual this,
siiiiuiiet, bnenlayera, m.i«tni an-t cin-^n
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    — lets It-iii  iu .oi-t.nt .em nl.   1'iop-o-
l'ul. llieui Out ut Uuaini-»». poaed ettension to the Omtean Kionlense
— * mn luip in keep up tl.e employment dur
Prominent lalmi u....   dalm that   tin lag tbe eomiai wuu.r meatha, Tie pn
.ight hour day luu. uioile a radical i lunge |n*,,| nn... x will en- tun 'ii*t .-nnt., and
tu the dene br sit.nig drink among lbe|w,|| ,pv,. tie Chile iu M.-OOBtodltkn for
n.euil'i n nl trade uu.ii'. say. the I hieago j |.... g„e.ta
American.    In ptore tbeir claims   ibey
p.in.1 tn ll.e disa-lcr tbat overtake, all I g.ia.tt nun ng i« d.v. I >t inn on f e
,| pes saloons in "laabor Kuw.    fs*.  I west  ...sat   ...   tone uver  I laml. bul   a-
eral yeara ag» lhan «.i.- «.>* Mii.ma «.iii ; vr, xt Ml („r c,i,.uah sdvan.-.-.! t.. mploy
in MM  l.u.ulietl    leet    ol    Ihc    building I many men. Accirditui ta. nil rep-trl* I on.
sit    hwdquartcrs.      Al    I he j reliable naieaa it will n* I lc h-ni bell I
: Rossland Hotel:
Books, Stationerj', Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
 •  . • ?»s8s»^>****«**
_ 4
..Electric Laundry., 1
Labor U ion Directory.
Offioen and Meetings.
Meete every  aecond  and  fourth   luea-
day   in   aiich    month   at   7:30  p.m.   in
each  month at 7:30 p.m.   in   Minen'
Union   Hall.    0.   SC.slm,    Sec.;    A.
Ji'erria,  free,
Meeti  every  friday  of  each week  at
7:30   p.m.    in   Minen*   Union    Hall.
A.   Ferris,    I'res.I     Frank    Hrailnhuw,
MINKR6'   UNION     No.    38,     Western
Federation    of    Minere—Meeti    every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miiicru'   Uninn   Hull.   Frank  Woodaide,
.-ii-cre'aiyi  Wm.  O'Brien,  Prriidcnt.
llceta  on  the  tut  Sunday   ot    each
month at the Minen'  Union Hall.  J
P. llarkdoll, Sec; W. Poole, Pree.
No.   2*52—Meet*   the   tint    and    third
Tuesday  ol  each  month at 8 p.m.  in
Beatty'a Hall.    P.  O.   Box Sit.    W.'
Melo-nd,   Prea.;   ,1.   Kloman,  Sec.
W.   I..   V.—Meets   evert*   S.tur.lav   evening at S:.10 o'.lnk  in Miner-' Union
llnll.      P.   O    Hox   11.      I.   K.   flurry.
See.; J. II. Rhriad. Pres.
Kxecutive Hoard:    E. 0.  Krasrr,    Rosi-
lnnd;  W.  Ilatnlsnn, Raadon) M. Kane,
(Ireentvood;   IT.  II.  Ditnock. Movie.
PAINTERS'   UNION,   No.   40,   Paintei-
and   Decorators  of   Atnerisa—Meets   nt
Hently"!   llr.ll    on   second   and   fourth
'fuesday   Weilneaday   of    each   month.
W. 6. Murphy, prea.; Uco. VI, Shinn.
NEWSBOYS'   UNION   No.   It-Meet,  in
Miners'   Union   Rail  on  thi  tirat and
third   Baturdava  of each  month,  st  II
a.m.    Mike Uuydotti, Pna.; Jay Barton, Seo.
—Meets second Sunday in each month
J. H.  Flel.-her. aecntary.
—Edward Iloyee, pnaidenl, Butte, Mon
tana; John F. McDonnell, viee-pnei-
dent, Virginia City Nevada; James
Malicr, secretary-treasurer, Butte, Mon.
tana .P. O. It..i 307, headquarter.,
Room 12, C ley block. Executive
Board: John t". . illiami, Grass Valley,
Idaho; James 11. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Burna, Ouny, Colondn;
Uhaa. H. Moyer, Lead City, Booth
Dakota; Chria Foley, Rouland, Britiih
DISTRICT UNION NO. «, W. F. M.James Wilkes. president, Nelson;
James Devine, vceprndent, Rnesland;
Alfred Parr, H'cretnrytreasurcr, Ymir.
.M.- Meets if'-iy IVi.lay evening ii
Beatty'i Hill. li. O. Ooi—ey, ptesident
\\. W. Doty, secretnry.
Tne Fast Line.
,'"0 ALL  P0INT8.
Safest and Best.
Solid   Vestibuled   Trains.     Elcetrio
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Observation  Can,
Pullman   Palace   Can,
Kleguiit  Dining Can,
Modern   Day   IVviche.,
Tourist   Bleeping   Can.
Through  ticketa  to all  poiata ia   the
United State, and Canada.
•Excel*   Sunday.        Tryi   our   Electric
K. W.  RUbF,
Agt. R. M. .ly., Roaaland, BO.
J.   W.   llll.I.
General Agent, Spokane,  Waib.
Aist. Gen.  I'm.  Agent,
Portland,  Oregon?*
I Hem
None Better     Solid Vestibuled
Traina,    Palace   Dinmg   and
Observation Cars. Meala
a  La  Carte.    ,
Direct connection it St. faul, wittoet
change of depot, with .11 traina lor
Chicago, loronto, Montnal, New xork
and all p..u.u  west aod eouth.
Close connection eaat and weat bouna
traina at Spokane wth train* of tb*
Spokane Kalli ft  Northern  Railway.
l.<Mt.s Spokane daly for E**t 11:11
Uavn Spokane daily tor Weet 7:30
Weat bound traina make direct connection lor Victoria, Vancouver, Part-
land, San Francisco and all point! .a
the Sound.
During the season of navigation tJoat
bound trains connect at Duluth with
thc magnificent ateamaoipa North-West
and North-land, of tha Nortaow
Steamship company line operated in earn-
ncction with thl Great Northern Red-
For further information, map*, foil*
F. | en, etc., apply to any agent of thi Dpe>
Itane Palls ft Northern Hallway, Kaalo
ft Bloeaa nailway, hootenay Railway ft
Navigation   Company,   or  to
*  *
* s
*> I
*> *
♦ ■*
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
You do not have to patronize  * I *>
Chinese l_undries. * \9
I Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
Cor. sp.il*. tn.- suit Ct.lumt.is Ave. •
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. GRAHAM. Proprietor.
1 *********** *++*4++4++++++*:
Union Printing
Spt-ctdl  lauiiu.■-   Inr  producing thr
belt    I'ti'iim.*    Iur     Iv  ..I.-    I  iii..n-    .in.I
Secret Sod-rile*    I ii^iai in*^*. procured.
Seal.*, .m.i Uutiber Mimpi.
\A/.   H.   JONES
30 li. Columbia Av.. Ro
P« ■*»«♦.-■*«•«■ J-**-
****** «-«-*tfc
|.r. *t u lune there ia ot
an   at crage    !...<««.   men   meet     al
plan every weak, ll i* arid la •-*
thing to find bait a deaaa In lay
saloons iii thst neigbUirboiul.   '■•*•
Mid to lie an argument in lavor ut
abort t!..|td.iv, a. tin* wnrkmcii do tint
need stimulant, t.i keep them up liter a
haul   lit * work.
A ml.* f..r liall.her is a vote f.-r  M.u
one. While on   ,tlPn, Wll| ot active development wmk ...
"a*   Mhertu anl  sumunding d«tti is   T ere
ntt   Is no demand  for tarm liborcr-  in   ih .
"  rmn tv.  as i5iinam.ii and .1 pan.a* ar*
ne taet is |n„»,,|v ~i,jr.,(;vv| by tt, „. i.s|iitiu,
A voti (ur Mat Neill .* .. rob  -
|su.it.   wrong.
Miner   hailed   «   Mo) e.
at n
lhe eml trad* on V Monrer l-ln.l i-
ven  l-rtsk al p-e-cnt and all tl.e c-dlifiics
in- working to tin   f ll tapai tv,   bai
Ihele  .nr   e-io'itth   in n   in   '   »'   ■!-'li I   10
keep up tv.t ii. .|e n.i I f..r lcln. The
iuml»*r t.a.le 1« al-o ve y I n-k. t'.ee.-
'.-iig n pootl ilmnand fnr lu-i-b r in ihe
ti.-nuit Then Ins lcen a lot of budding
itoitig on lile y. and cnrp>'"<,'r* ha'fa lieen
• it'l   nn  t.t  tip  pi nt
ml will probably eon-Unao 'o lie so
until the wet *eason commented There is
n<d tp*«**i do ng in iita*»iii« and brHk'ay
e-s tia.l a out* de o' those empl' V0.I by
the milling r nil aiiu-s.
Your   Photographers        ji
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
We carry a large line of
• <.«♦♦*»♦♦♦*>♦*♦•»♦•>•»••..••>->•»•»•>♦♦«
Grand Union |
MiirptRi'iri.ti i.gti-  itios.
M. tic. O.-l. 2K.   On  Friday  nighl
e'lli-ck Tlmmas Mann, a mnei. woa
it.mllt   kulcd who pt tung in a pin- in
a boulder m l.otil ol a raise etarta in a
It..|s*.  the chute lur-itd from the weight
at  or.,  ami  the t ui>* r* an.l on* tiii*p.|
htm, ll.* wai taken «ut within V) minutes.
A gn-h .v.r  the III  eye and  a br .ken  BMMd   by  p-twdrr smnhe.    Price *.V at
nose wr.* tin* only vi-.l.la* mures   M.u   •    q   \j    ,,,,*,
wmkug near hesr.l Uio era.li snd .-.|. '	
<cd.   lh.* als.V.*  1. cl-  wc:e ellc I d  st lie'
Hut* a paekage   ..f   Beott'i hcedaehi
IHiwder*  and  lake    them   inlo  the mine
wiih    y.ni.    Tliey  will   cure   headachei
licneral   1'i.aenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St.  Paul,  Mm.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  tVaa*.
Canadian Pacific
tusi eta-* Met pei*.   nu   All   trains  Irom
Also llll HIS I   I.M:.- paaa
tug    lliinmorc  Junction    daily   trom  oi.
Paul, Saturdays i„r llu.t.eal ami Uoaloa,
Mm..!..>•   all.t      'l|...|s.|ats     I..I       lOTOOU
KoBH     .ar.    j.-isa.     Itevcleti.ke   one   Oar
cm Iur.
Tii* Finest nl Wines, l.'*.|.iors and
11 -un--.il.- nnd I in purled Cigari.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Vou tvanl s Lab'
lln ht.t
---  snd ymt waul
usee, in
at Eastern List Prices.
_________________________ _,_ _. , ___■      Kitchen   IbspiUltc.
eorooei s mquc t y   ter . . t"   jur>  m
ing U. •'• Wmer t.onmu... J    lien h.*i*
an   M    tied, A. S eoli>n-.u.. T. I." *." '      We do • ■■  mean turniiure   or lin
I*. ,1.   \|.*\l.il..».    .Muni,  le.te- . wile in  ),„,  ,,MW| ( „„, m^cries    men a* we ate
NpofeaaO.   He  «"» «  memlei   ot   lh-   Mm     .,„,,,,,„,    ,.,|,    ,.,   hBBMlieepm   „,     the
<t-  "Mat    •   -i   >-  * 'I ''   win b-imr   rf|_    miUu<i   tkm    „,_,„,„,,„,   „,|
te.1 tic .* torn, n ntt
A  t"le  mr I...II.In I   .-   '   t-ie lor Msc-
\ rota fm   >l*i* Null .*
|aniatc tti.ng.
rob  to i>er*
nit.   iu.il.iiig
i iur pm. • ue mi inn iiu* reach of tn it
working man.
\|..i.i-itii A   lit teuton.
IM I" i.t I nliimliia svenue.
Wnter   Scbetlule   L.r   Sectiuntncn.
'Ilie winter si hcdule lm labotrt. 00 the
C. P. It tt.i.i uu.. effect il.ir.i.g lhe paid
week. The scale i* II .cuts an limn, nine
bmii*" a  "lay six days a  week.
CVtan an.l  t'igar*.     >
When ynu n*k fnr a cigar why don'l
ynu in«i-t nn a good nne' Nine ms-.
out of lm yea »dl I** offered a <V.i..
.cab nni'l'- ei^.r uiiie*. t..u mine ihi
kind Wanted, Tint* ill t..*l v"u tho
same money, good np had. V.w why nnt
get a gc.nl one.    A-'; fnr the best Crowd
Otint -. v   ii    > a   will •
...i.l'ng a hnmc indi-rv. It '! nl.
of this the next time . u irk f >l "a
Union mm ihonld porehiei imm our
ailveiti'er*.    'lliey  ap| ici i.il.*  the  World
and ate ycir friends.
A ennservotive e*tiu.ate |daic« the
losses of the late hurricane in Tev.i. in
vsni.ll*  .iMtinlis  nf  the  stale cvllls.ic  ol
Qaivaiton   il *i ."i.noo.
Uuy   a   pa-lage     nf     S.-.tls      I.e..1.   he
fwiwdeis nml    take   them ml*, ll.e   nunc
with ymi.    They will ture licid-ulic ..ui*
eil in powder smote.   Pm i 'i'n at  I   t:
li  Ollllher is a vole Inr Mir
Gent's FurntshitiK Department.
New Clothing Shoes, Shoes.
Union Cigars
Domntfa t"ni<.ii LabclCtem ■ !.* Woi to
WnrHft, I.n Ilm iti* Cutia. i;l (.hImhImI
Im int-'Oi'i» . I'limn l..ili*rHiK»t. I.-H
rt»ii)(r. \A OoftMW, Altn mi.i Ihnli • <.»!• ii i
The Queen Cigar Store
Inr y....r K.-l.i.. trip is lu lee "..t your
ttekat i.-...is via
ilain. Depart
8;WJ lor Nelaon, ha*l... I   «,».|e. I.tiod
i.x Sun.   H.trke, Unrawood, Uldwa]   >i
1B:UU   pur   NcIimiii. Sai.tlon  and  .*-..*a*a.
n.i.ii.    |s.int.,   ttcvaattoke, Main i..n.
an.l I'i* I.   i ■ i-i. ui I *  , i tow a
Net ll.uitc lor «U r.-iei.tn poiata
For time-tables, . u *. ami ..u int..-mi
tint.,   call .ui -I ..-i.il..- aeamt   loeal
agent, or
\    |I.   Jlli hei.rn:  I uy   Agent,
A   t\ MoArtbur, Depot   \.   I
It..-    i . i*>•
t\. K. Anderson,                I    a  i oyle,
T. P. A..                            *   i*   I    '
.Nelson, li' I  ver, m!
J Spokane Falls & Honnarn.
Nelson d. Ft. Sheppard Ry.
All-Wool Herge and Wonted nut. m
Navy lllue, Ilia, k and Mned, glll.HO In
9MM. All Wool Tweed suit*, nnl.l.y
pattca-L I la "t to 120.00. Good Knock-
IbeutVweed siilU, 15.00 to |10.50. An*
Wool Pint., (2.60 to 10.50. Working
1'ants, 11.00 to (2.00.
New Overcoats
la Whipcord Tweed!, Meltone and
Heaters,  $10.90,   $12.5(1,  $14.00,  $16.00.
Wc are selling men's shoes below cost.
Men's Split Leather Shoe., $1 to $1.25,
Men'* Uraincd lyeathrr Shoea, $1.60, $1.66
$1.76. Men'a Urnined Nailed Mi...*-,
$2.00, $2.50. Men'a Oil drained Nailed
Shoei, $300. Fine Walking Shoe*,
from $1.00 up.
Hats, Hats.
Men's Pcdora Hat*, $1.50 to $4.00. Men's
(Juan,, Hats, $2.(10 to $3.50. Men'i Still
Hats, $2.00 to $3.50. SteUon's Hats,
$5.00.      All style*.
A  v.iie  ;..i   Ma. .N. ill  ll a v de lo perpetuate  wtong.
Men',   ltihhed   Cotton,   per   iuit   $1.00. ->\vt"lti'r<
Men's   lt.hl.cd    Wool,    per   suit   $1.00, ***"      w"lfc"
Men's    Heavy   Wool,    per   suit   $1.50. Men's  Navy   lllue,  75c.  to  $200.    Men'i
Men'a Tan and  Striped, per auit $2 50, I'anry   Mixed,    $1.00   to   $2.50.    Men'.
$300.     Men's   Wool  Plccced,  per  suit, Ball lolors, Fancy Collin and WriiU,
$2.00. $2.50   to $3.00.
I rtl SI i.t. I anil ilu.s nt the Unstl lit rrslls sml
.lutnpet* at ntst. .    .
RO SLANI), B. C   '»
'l'he only all nil route between all
point, ea.t, weal and south to II.■■_».-I,
Nelson and ill intermediate pouts* to*
necting .1 Spokane with ihi Ureal
Northern, Northern Pa* it I and .' K
k  V   Co.
Connect! at Nelson with sterner, lev
Kaalo  and  alt   Kootenay  lake  point*.
I .nm-1.   at   Mtrrs   I ills   with   stag*
daily   Inr   llrpuhl.c,    and    conned.   .«
1 Hnisliuig   with    stag*    daily  tor  lined
Fork, ind Orernwood.
Kffrcl.v. July 22,   1800.
Dsy   Ira.n.
10:30 a.m.
7:39 pm.
11:36 p.m.
•'   i. p,m.
11:40 p.m.
Night Ira.n.
1:00 p m.
0:46  pm.
7:06 i~m.
10:00 p ui
1      — 'SU   1
It 30 im.
O.nrn.1   l*a»en«er Agent
a   W   RI*fF
Konland, 11. a
make*     a      stylish     garment.
The    cutting    snd    lilting   sre
quite   ss   important   u   lue    nil- ,
Uot your clothe, made her*
and nil three items will be
til right.
Our prices ire nnt tee high
for ynu. but they's just high
enough lo insure ynu he best
workmanship   and   material.
Taylor & McQunrric,
. O.  Ilol 3. 18 OOI-LMIHA AVli
<>♦♦«•♦♦♦♦♦. ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦.-»
I'orcelr.in l*..vtli-
l:.riil'.;ford & Herring,
i**************** TH INDUSTRIAL WORLD
scale in the west has already resulted
the starting of some Important mills.
Ita column* o.   IU) Word are always
«|ien  tn cs.iitrib.il inns  from   uastili.T.  uf j
During the year 1890 Ibe production ul
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Itee] ill the I nilcd Statu ainuiiiitcil    to
•ui* party now su port u;   sat.   uh li. ifi,,a*j,uoo tuna.
foley a candidacy. _____
The election lor memben oi the ipesial
I ct let ul tint lm bus resulted in the Social*
I ists gettlug nine t.ut ul nineteen scats.
'The I.il.ni* Candidate.
iti.   political  hocks of the od   jwiitics
ue resort ng to the sain.* oil trick* lh.it I    T|le threatened strike of miners in thl
iuis been the mon distinguished  features gold mines nf Victor, Colo., has beecn uvea th«r career, Thou who are looking for*  cited  by   the- managers  agreeing to com*
wanl to Un- day w.ien the isilitinu! purse
will Ik- divide 1 iiniong t em ire iin.-ul.it-1     .   ... ,,
■ t   A visum- leccntiy returned from Brull
ing all kinds ul stun-**, with the ar Ol says lluit the tvhulc oountry is perpetual,
wnocnty vinbh- in nv.y fe t.re o. their ly Intoxicated by coffee, lt is brought to
physiognomy,  like a p ,p eti cr i g i ut  !'"' 1',','-'dc the moment one awakes I
,_..,, i J"**l   lu'lurc   he  drops  tu  sleep,    ut   meals
Jruni  the ti ildcriu-*.-,  while    wanton    is    „, ,   , , .   ' .      ■ >        ,""""
uml between meals, uu going mu uud cum
•measured by  the length „f his hai*: Ob, ing in.    Men,  » ., ,| chlldreu dunk
wi knnw ihe labor omdidate ml uith   it with tha mmi liberality, and u i* led
io i. .im * in arms, l'he affect is appannt
n iicmliling hands, twitching eyelid!, yei
WEDNESDAY October 31,  1009
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
oi_w; you will be throwing itwav y.iiir
vote it)' voting * r uii m-li'i tr iddlM out
dklaUj whom in tin- govartuneal will haw
Do sympathy With. X e 4 Itl jm ty h-cir.
rcaiiz..* ttutt  t ey tu*.* buftci, a U a e u**
ing tii*' ugummt ol with it uwai modr
tn i.mi nyiu[Hth>. I his liietlitnl u u-i f.iUn1
as then pntWUdOQi at tlOOMty li.ivi* lieou
111 tlit pit . J.o.ey if.mi.fih [4 gr wintf
mure ev.ry  Uuy.   Jh* emulate  wj   gt
tu* rapport
low, $1 iy gkla ami u ebronio excitability
wni-i' iii.m that produced Iiy w*hiaky<
Of tlie  imU'pi'iiilt'm   I .a hoi-  I'.uty uf Hiit*
Ull   I   .•Ml.iiNi.1
I-m)).•wiiii*   iu   tin*   ji.tiihuin   idoptod   b)
the Nckon eonvontioa ol tht ladop-tndtnl
       Labor patty n| Hi it uh (oluuilihi mi which
1 .in ii-ii-M ic tu mi in the. L'ttniiiiluu- Cbrti b'\tU*. nuandy itandi:
conititueocy who believe in go.d, ol.au I   J'   }_" ••»i»l'"l-r.v «.i...-..i......
' I    2-   I.egul  ivm-king day ul eight  luiurs
poitic. uuu the ppomuigat.on »! such iuw.|   3   Uovirtunenl iaapoetl
anion 01 o.ir oountry
much prote te u as thi
is cu,u.u I  t. as|
If cites.   111. gnat
ul all 111*1.1*
patent on all ■
a* will elcva'.c th*' nias-e. of ul' JK) p •■ j li'ivi.
to the appreciation thai tha moat humble I   *• Abolition of eoatrael
public not It*.. ^B^^^^^^^^
P11l.be otviicralun of all fratirliis,'*.
  .   -   Prohibition tu  A.i.uii   unnugrat	
,w.bo tna.iii i a e.rti. Hud Ui • vote11 ot ;,„il the le^datiou ot all imnugrition by
our  li 111 ni .n  ucd  tl.e:.  lutelliotual  lit- *•* KhWjttoMl ii..t la t„ immigrant's tit*
our  1-t.iuiu -^^ <m,  th(> .t|t<l|<t|<1|1 „( H|| „,„.,,a, ,,,
and privilege, to lore.gn imm!
■uie ui the Dominion.
deptndtme n fiee m n sho.ll the letulijduOMBCuta
uud ..ii tin-} contain w.>uld today be open |ranti to
to 1 tiii.iili.i 1 triUien. What hi. boo i the
ri-sult ot party llavary, or sticking lo the
1.1.ih ol our rather*r Tut- lutv-iuuking
this. 1.1 tl..* ..id partial when In power
y.u their masters the most valuable Iran*
cluscs and all the land- o. the weal. Tlie
lanU robber st.iula guard over i u.* common heritage, the nld piitus by Igs
ia! ing lor tu 'tt ac t es have sun ly played
tlie  role ol p lulc ua  tru y as  was ever
practised on ii.c Hpanii 1 iu in.  Woman
.uul men an* crowded Into llio huge oi-ii
ire.   ol   poulutlou,   .   mp.-luig  a.  li r e.y
aunusi us b.'iist
a   week.  I oiu
1'. uni.1.1.1 111 the .11.1.1 it ly ul lUHtaiices ie
caves  but ll  per day.
Wat hot. e. her ol tlie oid pa tie- done
to prevent tin-* Ihere atv in ltii-.-l.ind
many goal meaning |ieopl. tn... w 11 t.-ll
you lion lo.i-h to.ir ae I r su|»i«irt lithe labor candidate. He will tell you t)...t
only lor agitators you it..n.l l>* happy.
lti.se gtsiipiucituitu; p.* .pie may lutve Iur
i >t. i'ii. *"i.-' i*   a   lonely   lap dug
Abolition uf cluld lalior under VI.
s. Abolition ..i in.* wai dipoatl n
quired ol ail candidate, lor the Dominion
ii. i ttiiij.ui--.il\ arbilraOou of all labor
III. IVnliiliititm of |irisun I.iImu in com
l-l.iinti Witb tree Isbor.
II. All elect mn days lo be made pub
'ic holiday.
'7.   Abolition uf Dominion senate.
»•■*'•>• ' ,.
^^^^^    I FOLEY
ist* With caa.1 other tir tfl  ! TO THE ELECTORS
iron   labur tail   ul   Briti--Itj * .....r ..-■   .    —   —
a haiulHuiue i'..** or tbe fanou. Irish tee
ricr. Mmm ask Iha-m whut is the ex
penal ol tectlmg and taking curt- uf this
"pel,'' and ll Ihey dint sit* it is nun
than Kl a week yo.i should ouiUinu t.i
vole lm ll.c old | nny, beau*.- yuu baton t
tsnuc tu tlie level ttb.'ie th.* .litt-ufri—s
uc*iit*   yuu aiiuuld  come.
JI thc old |*.iit oaudadatm p..a*., n,*. ■
vutui-s or ability Hun the lals.r candidate
tbe  machine sbuuld   tur.t   th-to   lo  v..wj
r» the Hector* of Vale I ...dss.:
In rcim-st.ug y.iur support to my cm
inlscy fur tl.e Ih.tuuiiiu. Utilise uf Oint*
moos, il is due to ynu tlmt 1 give public
expr<-s.»ii   to   my   veu*   oa   the   si-t'iril
t.lanks «f the platform of tlie [odepaa
hut  Labor PirU-:
1. t tsupulsory cin* all.oi hai Is-,.un.- a
nsitgiiiretl     iiccstsity   in   most    isiiiulii.-
miuily ami a* -ml. has my hearty indoraemenl
.'.  Legal  work "lay, 8 njues.
Miiil.-rn ititei.t.-I. ha* •>. .-ii'innou-ly in
rrrasnl the prodnetlva power of man
that  his  want*  can  bl  stipplusl  w t'i
fraction of the tune I effort hcrctnfnre
necesaary for thai p.ui->*>\ l.il.*r aa wcl
a* capital should benefit by th.se .tiaiigeil
cniiditioiis. l'he s d.sir law is a atep in
that dim nun and I shall heartily cnf.irrr
any  legislation   In.ling   In   that  end.
3, Government Inspection of indu-tric,
I'mler m.slcrn .-■ *n sin.* condition! thc
management of industrial concerns flgure
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,on  result*,    not   the  methods  hy  which
iur  penile imp ctun.  Mrnild  the    laborj,^ .ur tu |. ,d,uitlM|   An „vcrsupplie.l
inantJe the CuuaiUiiii check with a blush
lot* his country's shumc.
7. Abolition ut child lubor.
An OCOnomiQ system that drives tin*
child  fi-imi  the ci.ullc  to the laiU.ry  to
t peti with it*** own father ia ceruuniy
the lc*giliuitite child of uu ihdut-triul hi*
ten. Ii.itmg grcssl us its basic pi-iiici|ilcc.
io'gi*i.itiuu aluiig lines oppooed tu till-
will ris-cite mt hearty support.
M. Aboliliuii t.l' the fiSO dc|si*il.
Under Oonditiona When all an* amenable to the law nnd assume the rv*p*>n
atbility of dcft-iiding the country's Hug
an.l iustitiitiniiN ull should be entitled
alike to uspiic to the highest is.silion in
tbe gilt of their countrymen P'lthuut bt<-
iii*,* l.acd fur flit* privilege of ia doing.
.'  Would  repeal  that   law.
ti. Compulsory arbitration.
('a.inpulsttry    .nU.rr.ition as upiJicd    in
New Xt-.ii.uiti looms up on the horiaon of
I'l-ogriii not ns a dream, but aa a practical method id rrcunciliiig the contlictiu*.-
interests of labor and capital, ami Is
| destined, 1 think, in the near future (if
applied) to prevent tlmae i*riodic..l Industrial wars and lend a security tu all
1*1.111. hns of l.usiiics. such iw is impossible
under ex.-ting conditions and as Bitch
i,*..ins  my  hearty approval.
10. All election days to be made pul-
lie holidays.
I wuuld aim favor the passage of a law
making   Uie  evem-e    of    thc    franchise
...tnpiil-tity   lor   tin-   foil-awing    reasons:
lust  -Money  can and  .Iocs purchase the
vote, oi thi1 drunkard, the sower hug mid
criminal,    the    rote    of    the    intelligent
j but   indilTrrtit     citiaen     wuuld    enuiui-r
j belinee Ihi* evil, and  I believe il   ia as
I much   the duty of   every citiieii to ps.ll
his vote aa it is to pav his taxe*. In making tin* a mmpul-ary duty you ar,-   simply  eotn|vlling  Inm    to  do  that   by   the
ballot  whitli lie is alrraily coni|telled    to
do by the bullet -ib-fcnd tlie institutions
of his country.
It  Alsditi f the Senate.
1 look u|s.n the u|>per house as a useless ami exlremelv annoying political
liivny. aa a slutnlding block tn pi-vn*
site |egi*lslit.n. a. a home for political
uni .--de*, tthn -eean In have resolved
Ihemselves int.. a polilical inqtueitinn.
who t.tiin.c u|*.u every progrt—«.ve met**
u-e that passe, the lower Ihsi-s-. Itrainl it
s* heresy and proceed to pronounce thc
*a*nt.*nt* of political .1 .mnntinn upon all
lcsinlingly. sn.l if nny little eflf..rl I can
make ran as*i*t in exterminating thai
iristoornry in p-l.ti.-s I can assuns ynu
it will  b.   narclMd  with the greatest of
Trusting It.-il my ideas on tl.e srveral
•uhieeta w.ll meet your view., and that
1  will  receive your mpimrt. I remain,
CIIUI** rousr.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second uear Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
Published by Ihe W. F. .«., Denver, Col.
Subscription.. Received at the office of the Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd "lin. is' Union.
G. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
a*$M»«> ■»■»■$♦■»♦»♦♦■$ ■>»»»»»»*.♦
Waahlngloa HI. *.*
.lohn   ll.) i.   Proprietor. A
AUI. TllK Dl.Lli.aCIS. or THS SKASOX.      $
■*-?-•-!-;*• — ••-■•!-* ■*,---*-. ■•*-;-f^*; -■-.-»'.
.'•-•- f-«r--**t*-v'«-M*frt--t-rtt  - • • •-*• ■•-s-$+4**e.
Hot and Cold Lunches
Tile Mace lo ge. Ihr Rett Maul in Ihe City
I'lomp! ftclvlct.
Alealr 2Ti Cents and Up.
* *..  I...-.* J.i*S.; J^.i*»ai.. ^..»*i
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
•aeaxaaeeaaeaeaaaeeeaa ee>»$e»ee»e$g»e$$ »♦♦♦$$♦»■!
-i-i - •-- *■ —-• ;-:•;-•**■ --.V-. .*.
•■••!•: : :*: :i*;-)M*e-.■•I-* *Ki-*-»**
nmn Le el.cted (which at iroaeul seinna
.main tne tug i |rc ti of tie od par
lie. -ii.hi iu Inm tiu.l a ina.i ul ni .d.rn
lUca*, n t a po it c ii muiitiuy j ic■ thoie
Juund .mu ng tlie .--.ilieil p..hin inns ut
Ihc uid pailn. uiicjuv i pari) ia io
power nnd ilr-m. t,. luu .line iii.~l.in
ideas and ity<iiiliriiig tlie same int.. legis*
lation, uur cai.di .a c will ipve au li a
guternmcat hi* support. I'll* p.rty Ibul
i....* Ib;c owe-, rt Igr vbgs.u -Ub-Jnijipuj
I.a- ll.e power ul go c.'iimeiii vests'd ui
Its keeping whu uudcrttk.-. tu I, gisluU*
lor Uiv patty anl divide I* .* spoils au.uug
tbe "Holona' who glide Ilia* ■ .ip »f p dp
Ins. tin* labor ta .iliilutt* will I.e Hint
tai p.etent risurre...i- ..1 th.s kind much
bate bt-tmuie ... nu it u 1 in t e old par
lies, aissniliiig to cite bu-talur.- i».urd by
them, 'l'he lals.r c.iiitli.latc shall In- llieic
to protect •o.au.ulian labor, and will stand
as a sentinel uter I .ii.ad an aoil. ile will
use every hu..- i ctluri to pru.eci Can
adu.ii wuiii.iiihnol Ir im tl.e in- * • a\r.i*i
in ot the labor market, i ito ten..., ii is
so tsat Ur limn Uur candidate wi I liilro-
uu.'c siii.i tcgisiut ulli Bl "a I give the Coui
HM,un  man and  w in.ui  lis*  nglit  of eiu*
plotlli.llt    111    pilli-l" 11 a*    to    Am   tors    and
ether low spedes nl alien- .onuiig lu our
li..in ii ii He wl b- tvr r.«.dr lo
guanl the iiilcrc-t of lint sh , .Uu umbia
Ubirr   bom   u.u lung   ibe   $1   l.uiik.       Ile
would **i i.a.i tin* mantla >.f *.-• >■ nmanl
I ii,:. 11..*n oicr our i*:<r* ui onl. r Uiat
tbey m gl.t giaea ou; !.'..■* witJ. th. ir
preeence and not Is- su rihctsL un tin
altar ol bunuiii gn- d. us tls- ill po'Jti
t.-J parties have allowed tin in tn Is*. Hon
i -iv and aiul ty nnmt bl tbl f.tutus re
.,...!. xii.-t.tj- on tt hili tbe .* r.atll Uf lis
p'-'l'i.* <au be f.'.'l to ..lli*e I'lnal big
otry aud the "latli of our fatlu r-t" axe
things ul the ]**-'. ll.e lalsir man ia in
tl.e arena to slut, and will be elected
t,y the honest and uitcllig nt totora of
1 a it ( anboo.
Tbl inncluncry nf lite I lilted Slates is
estimated tn lie dmiig thl it.uk nl 1,000,-
WI<.,0WJ men.
The ynung women   .-f   Uaelot**ii   Pa,,
have  In.v...It.ii   all   ll.c  nun  Who telll.e  t.l
itrike an.l tic line to diuuc with them.
'ibe icttleinciit uf thc amalgamated wage
lalior market enables them lo im|>o«r on
cup!..)*.. any . ...id.li ui« ihey may
deem neces-wry. IVt.-t as a nth-
means dismissal fr>>m sertjee and pn.lsi'J..
want tn their little nnea. In throwing tin-
strong arm of the law about theae olid*
dn-n of tu.'f.i.tuuc you are simply folkiw*
ing the teaeliinm. nf the m- **k antl l-iw-|v
.lesus. who Hid slider the little ones to
collie unto me, for of <och is lhe kingdom
of heaven.
4. Als.liiu.il  of contract  system.
'Die abuses  that liavc groam up under
the  contract   syst   ss  outlined   in   the
first is*uc of tin* Is.nnnion laalmr Oarelle
should convince even lhe bid.* -bound
p.tiit.ui of t"-e necessity of the enactment nf such a law.
5. Public ownership of franchises.
Our experience in the control of   the
postal dci-artme.it. public aohnnls, piihlu-
highways, municipal lighting plants and j
waterworks is mifTicicnt ground for Uie
extension of the same system to railroad*,
telegraph, telephone, and einress bu.i ,
ness. The experience of people in New j
'/.al m.i. An.tr..ha. Iiermany and else-1
where lias demonstrated that these functions can Iw jierfonne.l Ity the govern* |
ment with a very gn* .1 oslvanlage In the
lieople and I most heartily endorse legii-1
lutioii  liMiking lo thit end.
fi. IV.hibittm of A-iilic emigntiun ami '
tsltit utiunst   t.-nt.
The pn-senee here in tvrge numls-rs of t
this   linn assimilating   rate   nd.s   Cunulittt
Inlsir  uf    ita   birthright      p.v*ery   M *..*■ 11
landing   pnon   nur  shores   lessens  rather j
than increases nur papulation. The while
lalsircr w Inch he replaei-s would a* a nile i
inaiit   sml   -.-!11.-   among   un.     iiu-rea-.ni'
tl.e   |M.pulati"ii   by  at  least   ttiree.    This;
means  In  the  merchant    less  mouths to
Mid,    and   less    l.i.l,.  t.i clothe,    to the'
doctor less  demand for  bis   servic-s,  to
If you an looking for a location for a
home you cannot do better lhan consult
K. ("hsrlea. land agent for the N". * P. 8.
railway. Ile can suit you in every parti
mlur Luis in Ihe new addition, suit-
aide for any p.in**ee can l-e purchased
just now on very rnunnablc term*. Thc
lots he ia nnw selling are on the sunny
•idc of Trail creek.
]__! Inter national I
Keeps the Choicest and I
■Coolest Glass of Beer-
In the Cily of RomUad.    WHY*   Becaimc we hnve l»ettrr fat-Hlfe* far hmidHug ll. and   T
nell it faktri ih.ut any olhrr bar in town     b-trr. ■ (k-r being tajjitV retain* tt* merits aad
flavor Iur a limited time only.   Keep Dn* in mind whea you li>ok for ■ plurc to rcfreah
yournelf.   Chcquto of  alt known   niineo. i.nin.a.l-   vontr-xior* and bunncM mm are
• .t-titt]   at iheir 1 i it   Faci   V. u I; in our < Hit, al any hour du
iluiiiav thr day or night.
.    . Union-Made j
105-107 Columbia Ave. ROSSLAND, B. C.
Our Popular Low Prices Move the Goods Quickly
X Ladies' Jackets at Special Prices.
4 only, Black Nap Jackets at $4'5of
3 ouly, Black and Navy Jackets at  5.00
6 only, Heavy Frieze Jackets at     5.50\
Children's Eiderdown Coats.
Two lines at Special Prices
6 Colored Eiderdown Coats for children Thibet
fur tiiiiiiniiiKS, regular fd fr  ,-2.90$
4 Pretty Little Coats in   Eiderdown, regular
price $5, to sell at     3.25
real estate dealer le*s demand for p
erly including les. force fur the aime. to
tin* farmer less sale for pnuluce. to Ihe
neti*Hjiii|H-r man less papers to be auld,
lo the preacher smaller enngrcgations.
and to the lK>dl.la.*k fewer shoes to shine.
Tlieir p'.-n ■ works Injury to ill
iTiinches of the gOOBOBlla system. I np-
|m*»e their '■ -ii 1 nc here on the same
grounds I would OppOH lite taking cf
more pa«wngcrs into sn open boa! al
readv loaded to lhe sinking line In mid-
Pacific. Every QUnanan occupying a
position in il.iiitt-.ti, servit*-s inlerfe.es
.villi the natural laws a* aii|»lying tn the
Industrial Isnly, ptbi.iag nur -s-omen nf
cnipl.viii.nt naltirally belonging in them
tO tl.e evlent that for every Chin imm
so empluynt some one's sister rn-
iliiuglitcr is driven to proetllBtloO, evtilr*
ing a race problem destined tn Im-cil
•cat of    Ll -••!  and  that  will  aomc diy
ih.* transportation compsnie. less infl'., ',', The W. B. Corset i.s the correct  idea,  straight front and
lo the dentist    I.--, teeth  to  fill     tn the   J|   bias c„-.  an(J _d      th<; • f j j ■
mechanic  less  lnul.bngs  to erert.  to tl.e  ,, " r w   --j •*■» *j  -»•*-»   ja»..
Family Liquor Store
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
Lowest Prices.    Nething but the  best kept in  stock.
!'e*jh.ytai.,-.:ai   .^t-**-*<l-*-t-^l-^t****^ *********
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
1 >>*t M**.<"»ao> ****♦♦♦♦♦ «-»»«4-» »»»»■>♦ #»»»«■*»»»»»<*»♦'
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 19.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thk World's advertising columns are liber-
llyj.   atronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	


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