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Industrial World Jan 20, 1900

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Array o»"^^^
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i   rx    <
VOL 1. NO. 18.
Devoted to the Intercuts of Organized Labor.        Kudorseil by tho Trades and Labor Council.       Official Orgivu of District Union, No. Ii, W. F. M.
The Big Stone
QpQfH suits
From 10 dollars
Up/to 20 dollars,
The Value'i* ever visable to (be crowijls that visit our Store.
Iu all   C|o.Mog   handled   bv   us eacjh  garment  is   thoroughly
inspected before put in Slock. I
W* buy only from (he makers vho guarantor the workuianrhip,
which ia the Beet Recoiiiuieudatiou we -cau offer.
The Big Store Hunter Biothers
♦ AAa%**V**>*BkA**^**V**fcAafcA*%**. A
|     Our   Superb   Line   of   BOYV   YOUTHS'   AND   MEN'S
Are «,f tlie B> -t Man ifsvoturn.
Are liujraniee.l WATKRl'kooK. and have stood the tost.
We have jttti recwived S consignment of a FIVK PLY MINING
SB ISA KS, which we invito (ho Miners to inspect: also a complete
and magnificent Lino of
Overshoes. Rubbers and Rubber Boots!
EMPEY HROsTlKFurnishcrs I
[Corner Oolumhla Aveau* and Hpokao.Htreet.
W.F. McNeill,
Next Poatolfice.
No fancy- price*, but Ihe beat value for
your money. We hoodie only.Aral claa*
goods .
Ewert Brothers,
New nnd Complete Slock of
Next to (he Kootenay llolel.
Carponter & Co. are now giving
Uiisshtnd Proiniiiently Represented-
iu the Petition—Reasons for
Asking for Repeal.
Special to Imltulria! World.
Vit-roRiA, B, C, Jim. 17.—A po
lit ino,  which came us rioiucwhai of
Kight Hour Law Musi ntnnd If Alt
the Minus ('lose Down.
Whereas,    unsettled    conditions
exist between labor and capital in
the metalliferous mining districts in
the Province of British Columbia,
otisingrlrom many quarters, chief
a surprise to the majority of the jnmoi.gv.hich is toe right-hm,, lawj
house, was pn-en ted this afternoon
by Hon. J. m. Martin, urgiug u repeal of Ihe eight-hour law. Tin, petition was ."-i-iK-il by twenty-three
important mining companies operating in West Koetenav, in yvliieh
Russiand compniiies ure proiniiiont-
ly placed, and gives the following
reasons why its petition should be
"TltOcompanies represented arc
either incorporated under the laws
of British Columbia or under the
laws of Great Britain, and in the|
latter case aro registered and in,-
ihori.'od to do business iu British
"That the capital of Ihe companies represented aggregates many
millions; that large sums ul' money
have lice, Invested by tli-ui iii the
piiich.i-r.il mineral claims iii Kootenay. and blither large sums iu
development and the purchase and
erection of machinery.
J'That many mines owned by
companies doing hu-iness in the
Slocsii have not been working lor
iiiiiiilhs past owing to the unm tiled
and unsatisfactory condition of the
labor market Occasioned by the
passing and enforcement of sec 4,
chapter -111. statutes of British Columbia, amending Hie seailoJi *>f the
ni tdllifcrous mines net. w herein il
i provided tu.it "No person shall
US  employed   underground in  any
Victoria Trades and Labor council
'lakes Action —Mr. Wilkes iu
Town- Other [terns.
sped-ii to todnttrial yvorltl.
Victoria, Jan. HI.—Friday nftei-
iioon ih- galleries of the legislative
Imll were crowded to hear what
Ralph   Smith,    labor   member   for
^^^^^^^^p-.---------^-----------— Si iitlt  Nnniiiino,  would  sav in de-
their iiiuse persistently before lheir.      .f(,     ,        ,. .. ,,
v * reuse or the charge brought against
public,  and their emissaries have!,.    ,       ,      .,   ,,    , ,
1 ' him by   J. scph Mnrliii, iu a speeeli
Written   and    Ma.cd    .bough   theL     ,.,'.   |,„u,,,  lv,„ (h,vV  previous.
public press that tho mines did not | MftrUn  ,.,,-„„„,   t|ia, -,,,„
iii-  mil c owners' association and
lbeirsever.il organs have ml vocal ed
want the eight hour law. Being
fully conscious of how disastrous i-
the people of the Kootenays any
missiep or wrong m< ve by either
contending parties w mid be at ibi-
C-nibii.nl oe Fourth Page.
The American Federation of Labor
Fails to Arb Irate.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ member
for Soiiib Nati.iiiii.i. while ptisiugna
the representative sf labor, carried
in bispoeketa pssBOVi, ihe c.l'.K.
a t'lirpf ration that Heated ibs employees  a   thousand   limes   worse
than the miners of iVelliuglon.were
.rented by Mr. Jauies Duusmuir.
After seorcl ing the member for
Vanoonver for going back on hi.
principles thai six lUUUtks   ago ho
ol aropioned,  Mr.   Smith  declared
that while lie received il pans over
ibe I'. P. U. two years ago, lu had
traveled on il but in >\\ the occasion
When is the trouble between the
International Typographical union
ami the International Association of 	
Machinists to end'.' Tbe Amoriosnlbeingwhen he visited Moulrealto
Federation of Labor sceins lo beUiieud the hot session Of the Do-
powerless to force a settlement of minion Trades Cougross, of which
Uie difficulties and both of the con- body lie had Ihe   honor «f being
a beautiful giuuiiie carbon pictureUebjJIiiVrorjS mine for  more than
away with each dozeu of cabinet
photon or larger sizes. 'I he carbon
is worth $2 50 Ui f 15 00 each.
eight   hours  in every twenty-four.
"Petiiioin rs weie not aware dial
the legislation   was being  sough.
Wo have also   reduced the pr ce, „,„, ,,„, firil, j,,tj„mti„„ tli.-y had of
on all  of our work   from   £1 00 to
$5.00 ou tho ib /en.
Our agent will call on   you and
SUCh legislation being passed wain the new -papers. The p. lithiums
submit iluil   legists! mi of stub, im-
We are Headquarter* for
Drugs, Toilet Articles,
T R Morrow T»,™,r
give you the opportunity of pur. portoaco,   ..tally   afflicting   large
| chasing a coupon, which will se»ure , ve!4t(M,  j„ ,.e,.hi„.   shoui.l   not   have
you the right of geitiug oue d, zeu beeatnaoacdwithout an opportunity
of our beet cabinet lii.00  photos j Mng a|»0,,|,.,i ,„ those interested
and one 12 50 carbou all for 14 '-'•'< I „f ,.Xpre.sing their opinion   upon
This is straight business, and we  (ho suliie, t.
| will  guarantee  satisfaction  or  no
pay to our customers.
Studio   situ.iled half block East
of Postoflice.
|  Bast wsering, Beat fitting end beat looking
fa Men's, Women'* aud children'*
C. O. Lalonde
LOST—A gentlemau's Silver
Watch, Thursday evening. Finder
plea-e leave with Pos(iuns(er und
receive reward.    - - -
The Election of City Officers
Is -ver.   v.iw enroe* the great qieition: Where can we find gennlne bargains
in viKllf ll.y.niM., Cl nl IllMi, Mlul'.s and other Mjoda?   The answer
Irom Ihe people is: Try Roooland'a Favorite Leading place,
The One Price Store.
The people say il ia the beat store In Ihe Kootenays to trade, and ol
course, what the people ssjr mast be true. Thanking oil, especially old
friends, yours (or farther bargalno,
C. C. Gibson & Co.
Why should you throw
away your money. You know
you cannot buy elsewhere at
near the price you cm purchase from us, and if yon pay
$15 in any oilier .store for a
8"it ot clothes that we sell at
1), do you not throw away
$ln; the Bum you are overcharged .
Soe catalogue of Gents'
Furnishings; shoes; hats;
blankets; etc.; auil our prices
will astonish you.
14K. Columbia   Ave., neil diwr east u
0. P. K offll'e.
u. msrwrr. Mg-.
"That the petitioners are satisfied
that this change in the law was
uol asked for by the miners, nml
its enactment etas ss great a surprise to the miners a- lo the nine
owners; that ml facts having been
adduced to show that the miners
working iu the mines throughout
lite Kootenays complained nguiust
or suffered under the system in
vogue prior to  the passing   of lie
ti slants are too stubb iru to give up.
Bolli these Organisation* are aftlli-
at -il vritli the American Federation
of Labor,ostensibly for the furtherance of the interests , f the common
brotherhood, at ,1 Uith are proa i-
neat iu the officiary of the Federation.
be failure of the Federation to
settle the dispute, once for all, ly|
i resident,    when he returned to
N.inuiino lie present d an account
lor1 lis opctiso. to the minds'
union nml was asked for en explanation as lo Die siniliii.-.-suf tl.e
bill,   lie explained  to the union
thai    he   had   Usui    the   11 SS given
hint by the C. P. K- as a mi tuber of
the   provincial  legialaluro.    Tho
union 0 moiderod he had done in lb
lies one Of Ibe greatest iMiikli.s-.s  fog   fr^g   .,,,,1   ,|,t.j,|,.,l   |„ accept
of the orgauisation.   Ii  would be ,|„. eourlco)   of the railway ooin-
f.,r bettor, us has already leva hUg- ,„inv. Ml, H(njth ,;., „ ,,,,,',, rtit|l
gested, to cine out b.ii.liy. hi tiie ,|„. onmpuriyvu drawn "y vr. Mar-
co.i-eipieiicc- be what   ibey m»y,JA|,, between the C. P-K. aud Mr.
and bung   ihe   tioube to Home lei-   .,„,„,.„ DumfOIUlr.     lie   iluill.cd for
miim,i,"b ™ r than go on inten  UieC. P. B the It, r duo tilt Tar
ininably frying to please both fiio- recognixieg the rights of labor to
lions, as it has been doing. ,„.,..  .„„, ,,,!„,, ,| ,,,„ ,,,.,, fl„,,,
Thousands of strong union men u,,. p„ ,.;,. ,„ ,|„, ViU,u[,. ,,,,. ,,,„.
are anxiously looking Into il r- ployeesof thlsgreat laJlwaj «-•,,■
g.inie law.- of ibe Federation lo see „,. n,i,(,IH „,• |„i„„. ,,,.1,^,.. and thai
if such  charges ca.iii.,1 be in id- as   ,|1(.,(. llnil,11, ,„,,, ,,„. ,,,:„,„,„.. |m,|
willat least make the organixaitou wri(ten agrcemuuls,   lie asked uu
eiKctivu. •   ,,,,,,. ipomtiiehouorablogentleman
• si'Als A ' saN'IjON. Irom Comoa than  the same right
■ lor . ,'. to organise.
On  Sunday nlghl  twonty-o'gl.t TUlsj riglil Mr. Duusmulr Iras re-
I inns aud mm de, from Uiunajota, ,.,,,,| ,„ ,,0,,-.,,;,.,..   While admit-
srrfved in Sand  ssys tho Lodge, tu,g  ,|lllt   lhl. ,-_ r_ n   nwJ 11(ll
by special K.&S. train, ell Iluil'*, always   ir.aied   ,'-  employes lis,
KA ,( ! and •.-., \y Dughe, st- ju,y. ,.. ,|„.. »houId have done, ho
compa.iied   the   BCOWd.     ibey   a..   ,.,„„, 1((,,.,|      Ml..      Ijunin,u|r     |lu,i
rived at the Payne abonl midnight lli;1,,,| u|, omployoes ten Umes
uiiila delegation from the Miners' „ 1; ,. 11,. „,. ,„}„,-1,„- omoxwos
union attempted to Interview them. ,„ bis seal during n.-.i-i-iing pro-
but a- Min.ger Hand had them ,,..„. n,„| ,„ I..V,.,,,,,,, . ,|| 1 |„.,., .,
locked in   the ore louse 1.,. ;ub bu voice In proloot.   I i. • r- iiiaind ■
sot,   and seeing the ab-encc 1 f nny'niN I1""-'1'1''-   Few ol Ibe lo,. igneis ,,,   h .Itijus.i
petition or evld noc before iho leg- could speak English, and they had |\,„K  |,,.. .,, 1   , , .,.,:,
islalurelh.il such a sweeping change   •'" hhmket.- or  very   little clother, ,.oul ,.,
W.18 asked for by the mines, the ''  >* expaoted thai 1 e of thu
commissioners ask that tills law.tajwama class will go to work  al the     AtaspeotaJ ting ol the Trades
■minded or repealed, Buto,  Idaho  mid   Lasl   Ufaaaoe. and Labor oopucil  il   sras uniui-
"Tluit the passing of this legisla-; l,!-l'"1'1"'- have b,,i, tout  by the m„,,\) resolved, tlutl" wo Oontluuu
tion   has bud  a  very unsettling nolon exeoutlve 1. ibibniit jour- ,„ place cur confidence u,.sb,dex.
effect ou the maaket) investon are pals and Individuals, wholi, so far, press our sympuihj for, and give
timid, and capiul that is seeking | bave-«ot lieau publbumd or replied Qureupporl t,, i:„. Provincial gov*
to, from  which  II  is implied 1 hat ,.,IM,;,.„I;    and tl,,.:  we view Ihe
the Wires ore down .or tl nsor ,.„w\,lvl   ,t   tnr,   opposition   with
overworked by the c. p. R. ayersion,  BUll   ihe acll s  of   Mr.
Joseph  Mn tin with disfavor aud
iiive-iiin nl iu the Kootenays is being Withheld, awaiting (be action
of the legislature iu the premises.
"That nothing could have li-eu
more promising llinii the outlook
for  large  Investments  of   lai-,lish
and Eastern Canadian capital in the
Knot-nays at the beginning of 1899,
and thai the pa-sing of tint legisU- 1   ,    _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
given  111   Rnsslaiid   even  b. a pro
tlou   in   question    lias   created   so   .
,,..., ,      r    ,      leas 101111I Iroup.     Ibe opening per-
much 1I1-11 n-t 111   the minds if lb- I „ , .'
, .....   .1 •  biiinancc yva.r greeted bv a ci >i.lcl
investing public thai large nuns o    , ,,       , '
money   tbat   WtTO ready for loVSSt-  hW»*       "'"istlay   We gs    per-
mei.t    in    mining    operations    in   Ionian     y\as    for   the    Uonslou
British t'oltiinbiii huvo  been   yvilh-   House 1'iiinl,  and   I'tuliy was de-
h«ld. j voted to ibe Sisters' hospital, both
•That up to the passing of the „, „,,„,,, v.(:„ 1 ,
'Ihe production   by   Rossland's
minstrel's ou Thursday and Friday
evenings   yyus  1111  Unqualified 111c-
oe.-s iu every way no,I WSI I'lllly Up
I to   uny  similar performance over
Mr.   Willi-,   w.i •   in    1 . '. I   last
wui k.    »Vo uudersl lud his mi..ion
w,i •   Ill lobby ill tb ■ lutetC its of tin)
eigitt hour law. Wo il 1 nol be lot 1
there 1 - 0 mse 1 1 1'. or lhal ibis law
yy ill tbe n pealed. I he government
has n p- itc I .■ pin 'l itself ou
record to si.iy b> 1 1 , aud It is
safu to Mn thai 0111 dialf, If nol
l'i; 1 c ij'i n :■ 1 .     , i.ip.i  tint,
C  I,III,lie I oil I     1. 1,, Is
I lli.l-.
5   INDUSTRIAL  WORLD, JAM AK.   lib  1900.
WBKBt.Y   BD1T10S.
rakttaaad at No. n, Wa>ltlii(ton aire*., Koaaland
la theiateraat ofargauiied latior In Brlli.lt
D. L. FlAST  •    •    Editor and Manager.
Office at Miners' Union Hall.
rayakle Intailalily la Ad /.nee.
IILI    ,MI |l  CO
•Ii Moalk.   It]
Thr.e Moullis      7<
Addreaa .11 Conimunlc.tloii, lo the Industrial
World, roiUKce Boa ii«, Romlaud, B. C,
The ln.Iii.n i.l World i. for ial< Iu Roaalanil iu
the KaMgnCi*mr Store, smii-..,n . New. Stand,
H. *. Wallace's atatlouery .tore; l'o.t Office
News Stand. I.lalou Bra... Stalioucry Slur*
Barr'a Ci«ar store aud be nm.boy..
ell   up  to the fuct  that any
fit is  to  accrue  (o him under
the system.
Many  of them   would nover bo
| able to see any ail vantage ill paying
8,r>.00 for a workman yvheti they
could get a man for $>i.0O, notwithstanding (lie writer's assertion dial
the 8,r>00 niitn would have the preference. Any system that would do
away with strikes and rumors of
strikes, and one that would estab- j
lisb greater harmony and concord!
between employer and employee,
would be most heartily yyclcoined
by all concerned.
When you go out shopping just
mention (o the merchant Unit you
saw his advertisement in the Industrial \Vouu>. It is a good but
easy way to help your lalatr paper.
Thoo. who desire t change in their
advertisement should have the copy for
the isiiit) at this uffice not later than
the evening before publication day.
All ohscks may be made payable to
the Manager or the Secretary -I the
Miner.' Union.
For an example of the ad\ outage
A writer in the Weateru Mining a city has financially by owning
World has contributed an article j its own light plant, Lancing, Mich..
Betting forth bis idea of an ideal! makes a good showing. Two years
labor organization which is an all j ago the city purchased the private
right ideal, and if the miner nnd the j light plant, and since  then bus re-
A n exchange, in no item on Socialism, makes a foyv remarks that
ought to make the people think if
it does nothing more. It says that
Socialism would do away with war,
as no person would bo no foolish as
to wage war against his own inter, st
or bis own household. Christian
peoplo believe iu the brotherhood
of man, yet they send forth their
OWfl sons to murder the rest of their
family. "Am I my brother's keeper?"
The Old Is Dissolved and (he New
Kilters on Us Duties. >
mine   owner   W, lllll be educated Up
to it, it might Ih, made to work
successfully in practical every day
The writer takes the miner*'
union and '.lie mine owners as an
example, ou both sides of which he
claims to have bad some experience.
Every man working in ti mine is
not to be a member of (be union at
once, but is first to Ire taken on probation, say for three months. At
tho end of that time, if the man has
shown himself to be a miner he is
to be classified according to his
ability aud paid iu proportion, i. e.,
us we understand the writer's idea,
if the man is an expert miner he
will be given a certificate allowing
him tho highest scale of wages, say
15.00 per day and placed in Class A.
If he is a little less'skitlcd he will
be put in Class B, at $4 00 per day.
and so on down the line.
The coiniiiii.ee to pas- upon the
value of the member's labor should
themselves he intelligent, first class
miners. They shoultl take into
consideration the price of the metal
diicnl the cost of lighting over
40 per cent. The city is making
an annual profit of S',000, and is
saving for the people, in commercial
lighting, 810X00 per year. This is
a strong argument for a city to own
its own light ns well as water plant,
and one our city should seriously
More Than  Three Hundred Delegates Were Present.
The annual convention of the
United Mine Workers of America
yvits culled to order by President
John Mitchell in Indianapolis, Ind..
Monday, (he loth insl. Those present represented 85,000 miners,
principally of tho states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana anil Illinois.
The opening session yvas occupied
with the work of permanent organization and theiippoiutiiie.it of the
usual committees, after which the
convention went Into executive session. The national executive committee hail completed its program
of recommendations concerning Ibe
Wage scale and other important
matters alb cling (bo interests ol
tho minors. According to report
the convi.ot ion will decide to demand a general advance all along
the line when they meet tho operators iu joint conference The advance will be governed largely by
the conditions in tlio various mining regions, and it is believed thai
the increase asked for yvill average
15  ccitis per  ton.   801110  friction
is anticipated over tho price ques-l fc|t aV'tho >.lati.-„
tion of machine mining as compared! „.„, l>xisU.(. between till. At the
with pick mining, which is now
I! bone of serious contention between miners mid operators, especially in the Illinois Hold. Tho
miners feel ib.it they are iu a position to force 11 settlement at the
forthcoming cuuforonco. While
some are in favor of a very radical
change, the setitimunt  of the main
laxly of the delegates appears to
favor a conservative course of
At ll o'clock jionday* morning
the  old city   council mot and foir-
inally passed over the icius of govJ-J
eminent to  their successors.    All
the members of the old council were
present,and also all the new board,
except Mr. McRue, who yvas out of
Alderman  Lnlondo   presented  a
report on the fire protection of the
city, which contained corrections of I
the report made by Ihe inspector to
the board of lire underwriters iu
his recent  repoit of the conditions
in Raaslaud.     Aldeiman Kdgiou
reported  on the tools in ihe bauds
of the superintendent of streets with I
a list of tho sntne.
After short speeches of farewell I
by the members of the old board,'
iu which tboy referred to the
pleasant relations that bad existed
during the year and (he success
wills which the work of the oily
had been conducted, Mayor Good*
eve niiiile a brief address, thanking
all for the compliments paid him
and cxpics-in-   lb,,  satisfaction he
The Palace Grand.
In'tConnection yvitir tlio Dominion Hotel.
ASTLEY BROS, Proprietor*. PAUL BEYGRAU, Manager.
Wlfb RISING,  I'iiecbir ot Amubcmimltt.
.Will Rising Comedy Company,
In a Pocket Edition ol Anber'a Komanlic Opera,
ARTI-mM— Will Rising. Dtitlon Wausor. Plot, Mares, Jack Jowetl, Will
A.lby, I dbirji kriulile, Frames Hewitt. Carrie Ms id. maid. Bab. Lewi*,
Lottie ti Ik in.
Fred Tilda' Orcnsjitra.        Mysterious Lewie.   || The Famous Seymour..!
Only Union I   .in-," S.nd l'uii,ii;Ci \iii>  .erred (I  the Bar or in the Hall.
conclusion of ibe mayor's remarks
the old council adjourned ami the
new council was syvorn in by Police
Magistrate Doullbee. The following
standing ooinmittoes wereappolnted
by Muyor (ioodnve:
Finance--Chile, Hamilton and
Mackenzie. Boaid ol Works — Demi,
McRue and Cluto. Fire, Water and
Light—MoRoo, Talbot and Hamilton Health anil Rebel—ypicken/.e.
Talbot mid Dean.
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
An undeniable truth has been
published iii Printer's Ink. which
says that the only advertising mediums which guniatitce a safe return to the advertiser are thcduilie*
or bade papers.   The daily paper
is all right and reachre the class of
people who have plenty of leisure,
it has much to be said in its favor;
but if you want to reach the labor
people, it is not in it with (be
weekly. When a lalxir man sits
down i" read after supper ho is too
tired to read a daily pii|>cr through,
and as il comes every day lie never
gets to the advertisements, uule-s
they are especially prominent, but
with his labor paper it is different.
It Is Used in Almost Every Variety
of Merchandise.
Tho demand for old rubber seems
to he on Ihe increase and too great
Up to-Date
. ♦
Nelson. Tr
Sanilon. Revphtnke, Crei nwootl.
..r. nnd Vancouver.
ITT.       ):<is.-i:t' ...   Trrel    Nil.',,,    y inir.
Kad«. Kandon  New Iri'iiwr   Hllvertoo, Ptsnsla t'lly, Oraad
Ko*k*.Greenwood.  I'l ix, Midway, Camp Meg iunry, Revel-
stokn. Ferguson snd V nooiiver.
Fish. (Luiiu and Poajlry in Season. Sausage* of al Kiuda.
Wii.t.uM I'nN'yi.i) Manager R« sla.il Pavcli    •*•
the Hands   of  un
Win kn 1111.
The main audience room   of tho
♦ ♦♦♦^♦^♦-..♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦^♦♦•♦♦■^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦s* .-. ,♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦■♦•
t' on me increase ,.><u ,on gir.i     The main audi,-nee room  or the  —„,
tofa« supplied.   No!airiiageiscon-f/jiiillt.l.i'  ,llliim |,a|[  j„  undergoing   J |]£
sideretl saleable unless il is blip-died  ,|„ r„1|(,|,   r,.„„Vaiiiig ami  decorat-1
with rubW tito*. Every Uibyj
carriage turned out now has to have'
rubber tires. The babiis of our
babyhood jolted along oil   1 let I  01
woollen inns and   thought   1101 hillg
of it,  but the baby of tlio present
day refuses to court spinal uiciiin-
in-. The walls ami panels of the
ceiling ate In la- uppropriately
frescoed, a handsome drop curtain
yvill bo bung on the stage, mid some
new seen, ry, especially painted, w ill
he put in. The woik is under 11, -
super, isiou of Mr. .las. Bush, who
gitis in'tlio same fashion, OJIll the L.^tes nil his own designs and «bo:     \/\ § M     \ '   f—"I   /^\ £\  4f* -f^
modienl    profesniou   supports   L)»|tH an urlis-t «.f no mrHii rank.    Mr      /y U -fl \^f       1   M.^&d sV    A jL
babysbip to a man. Then ibero is; y,,^, had in charge the deoonting
the demand for bicycle tire*, which I of ..i |u. sinrnd,'' which is eiitlicicnt
is simply enormous, and the Euro-i tovtiiiioniiil of his ability. He says
peat, demand forbicyclo tire rubber  ..,«., .\iiuers' union hall will be one
Coming ns it does but once a week,
mined, transposition, cost of sup-1 the workingimin has time to read it
plies, etc., nnd lit the wagn rate of all through, and being uu advancer
encb member every three months of bis own cause he has au interest
Ue claims that there is no reason ' in it, and in most instances will
yvhy some first class single hand read all of it— advertisement! in-
hammermen should not receive at eluded—just to see who bis friends
least IT.00 u day, while there are'are, and when he finds tkeir names
some men, members in good standing, who are not worth 8--00 a day.
That is no doubt true, and his next
argument is excellent if it could be
made to work.    He say H
"Under the present system u first-
class miner who knows how to put
in his shots to the beet advantage,
knows bow to catch up running or
swelling ground, how to tiinhcr,e(c ,
ia certainly worth more to tho mine
owner than a new beginner, hut tho
veryj worst  feature  of tlio  whole
among the advertisers iie yvill give
them the preference of bis trade.
Advertise in the I.Mil'.vrniAL
Woki.1i. ,
A   Chance   for   Working   (iirls—
I'n h-iiii-, Ends Favorably.
Recently a strike of waitresses
took place in a Cleveland restaurant   and   the   girls   adopted  the
system for the miner is the lack of nM'tho,,K   WMBamfOlly  inaugurated
incentive There is nothing to encourage (be thorough miner to do
hi* best, and there is no reason why
the new beginner should try to advance iu bis new profession. There
is no more reason in having a uniform wage for miners thaii there is
in having a uiufoim value on
It is a fact thnt under the proposed system a man would have a
strong incentive to better himself,
as there would be a chance for advancement all along the line, mid
the 83.00 man this quarter stands il
show to be the 84.00 or *•).<«» man
in the next.
Tho whole plan would be an excellent thing for the miner if he
could be made to see the benefit,
for (here is some coin petit ion which
is nearly alwa}sgoo,L but il will ■ Mj||(,rH ,. . .,
be necessary  to educate the owner jndlaflapolia, January Lr», UH)0.
by men strikers, picketing tlio establishment and circulating printed
matter setting forth (heir grievance.
After   three   days   the restaurant
keeper got out an injunction, snying
I his business would be ruined unless
I tho women  were prohibited   from
carrying on. the warfare.    This did
not help matters, and finally  the
girls won  all  demnnds.    When il
camn to lioing re instated  three of
the girls out Of Seven that went out
leit the business nnd  get   married,
having met their new husbands (or
the first   time on picket line.    The!
restaurant   man   declares   if    the;
troablo lasted three days longer he'
would  have  neither business  nor !
waiters,   as  the   first yvoiihl   have
been annihilated mid the laitcr all
nun : i-d oil*.
is ever on the increase. One firm
in New York pays 8100,000 a year
for patent rubber stoppers. The
proportion of rubber used  iu  foo'.-
wenr most shortly wane Into complete insignificance il these other
denial,,ls(lor the article continue to
Of tlio handsomest halls in British
Coltiaibia when it is completed.
Four Chicago yvholcsnle cigar
dealers weic iudictcd by lb. grand
jury for using counterfeit union
Our Grand Clearnnce Snle started on the 8th
and will continue till the 1st Feb.   We will
sell all goods regardless'of prices.
Men's Tweed Suits from   $3.75 up
Men's Overcoats from      6.75 up
Men's Irish l-'rci/.c Overcoats from      6.25 up
Mens Underwear per suit, from      l.OO up
All Goods to be Slaughtered till 1st Feb.
Call early, and secure firs! choice.
Columbia Av. and Lincoln St.
DURING the past year our
business has Increased
rapidly, which fact in itself speaks favorably of
the treatment our many
patrons have rcccivcU from ua Our.
aim is to make this year vcrX much
belter. You will find us in the front
yvith a full line of Staple and Fancy
(iroccries, Teas, Coffees, Biscuits
and Confectionery, Jams and Jellies,
Canned   Fish,   Meats,   Vegetables,
Etc Vour orders receive our
prompt attention.
124 East Columbia Ave.
!£"grP. S.—All Rubber Goods to be sold at cost.
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
Strictly rirsl-riaaa Unloo Cigar.
M.nufacturBd by Wb>. bi*IJ*B,   f«M«tir   a   C.
G. W. McBride.
Hardware. Miner Supplies Stoves and
Ranges,  Etc.. Etc
\ THE    INDUSTRIAL    W OKi.Jj.   .1.-. Ii ilAuYV    20,   WOO
Gleanings From Here, Tliere and
In New York city 40,000 working
woman are so poorly paid that they
must accept charity or starve.
The strike anil boycott of the printers
in  Kansas Oily continues, ami the ■
.■Iiinery of the courts ia now heme, employed to keep the puoplo gnuteing,
St. Louis railway companies have
agreed I hit 12,000,000 in new construction to be erected the coming year shall
bo ,1 aie by union labor uxuhnivel'.
The enlire force of Ibe Tribune Printing company of .hffersunOity, Mo., have
gone on a airilti. because, tho concern
refiisod to pay time anil a-luilf (or
The wag. question on tb. Wheeling
and I.lite Cue railway has been sol lie,I
by a genera! advance of 10 por cent, being granted and ii change will he made
on tiie trip le ths inilo.it; i Bysteiu.
Three hundred girls employed by
Swofford Brothers of Kansas City, Mo .
who, two weeks ago, went on a strike
because wage* were to be cut, on Mou-
day went to work at teatursd wngue.
Th. bard and soft nut miners of Pennsylvania are talking atrik. again. They
want more wages anJ Ilia tmeses dealers
their demands wool I have the,-ffset of
forcing an industrial depression, which
might be general.
The Union Commercial prasifri-dere,
at St. Louis, are on * strike to enforce *
demand (or an increaao from $0.60 to
112.00 per week in their wage scale and
a nine-hour day. Thirty printing eitab-
Ii-hhi -lit" are involve!.
The fight egainit the New York Sun
continues with greitar vim than ever.
It is fond lenity Imlicv-I that pownrhii
vapilalistic backing is being given tbr
|.ii"i la order Iu break tb. typographic!
union's power.
There ii lomo (air in New York lhal
the rich contractor* are accumulating a
big land lo b. usexl in smashing the
building trades unions. Th* latter an-
quit, itrong in th. metropolis, and il .
light ataita it will baa battle royal.
The railway Ulagrsphere ol lb. Big
Four ar. dissatisfied. They claim ibey
wer. I.ft out in Ih. rid when wages
were railed on that line, and tint tb*
effect will b* Ibe disruption ot (be federation tbat exiaiwl among lb. various
One ol th. int«reeling (natures ol th.
parad. nl the striking tailor* beld in
New Yirk rseeatly was a badge made
OOtof 100,000 piirn ticket*, which rep-
ressotul properly worth SWO.OOO, which
was pledged lor lei* (ban one-tilth ot Ihe
aura to buy bread by Ihe employes of
the metropolis' sweat .n ....
John P. R •,■«.. one ol Ih. I'niled Min*
Wirk.tr'. ..-ii n,. who waa imprisoned
To contempt ol court ia Kanias, has
been releued and has gone to bis hnme
In I hi. II*declare* that ha will return
to Kansas aud carry on Ih. light lor hia
organisation despite all Ihe courla and
jalla in the universe. Reese Is **ld to
be a man ol phi. k and daterminalloo.
A |50,000 comhlo. In** been incorporated in New Jersey for ih. purpose of
buying retail stores in cittaa ol 20,000Inhabitants or more. Tho company ei-
pecla to control from 500 to 20,000 retail
store.. The ilor. trust will probably
manufacture some of lis goods and purchase trainlo.nl l,,t«, Hot. cutting deep
into proSts, with th. result tbat small
competitor! wilt he swept out ol eiist-
ence and into th* labor army. On Ih*
one hind the Illinois supreme court bss
r*p|w.l Ihe trust* siitb • hostile decision,
and on the other hand the anti-department store lew, enacted by the last legislature to prevent the little merchants
Irom belog crushed, was declared lobs
It ii not for his lolls that I lament lor
the poor, ssvs Carlyle; we must all
toll or ileal (howsover w. name our
Healing), which ii no worie; no faithful
workman (In.Is his task * pastime. Hut
what I do mourn over l« that the lamp
of hii »'inl should go out; that no ray ol
heavenly or even earthly knowledge
should visit him; bat only in the haggard darkneii, Ilka two apectres, fear
and indignation, bear him company.
That 1 lolsteud A IVright's new itore,
corner Fint avenue and Washington
streets, haa received one hundred dozen
of the latest productions in men's neckwear, also* big line of stamped linen for
fancy work. A new line of plaid shirt..
Their clothing slock is all new and well
aaeorted. A complete line of staple and
fancy dry goods, clothing and furnishings.   They have excellent values.
J. K. Clarke, the popular Washington
street Soldier, begs leava to call your attention to the fact that he has Ihe lineal
lino of harness and saddles in the cuun-
try.    l.iTi, liiin a call.
Miners, mine labnrera and mill men
are hereby notified that the labor lion
hies in West Kootenay are net yet settle.I, all reports to the contrary notwithstanding.
Stay away Irom the Sandon.Silverton,
Whitewater, Nelson and Ymir districts
until official announcement ia issued
through the press of a final aettlemenl
hv the District Hoard of the Western
Keder.tion of Miners.
By order of the
Bisotmvs Coxhittii
ol (be  District Board   of   the Miners'
I'i.i.ms of Ihe W. F. M.
bur Orgssizat oss il Keialsad—Meensg Dsji.
m . ..ml and fourth Tueaduy in each month at
7:30 p. m in Minera' Union hall. C W. WiJtQtt,
Sec ; John McLaren, I'res.
K Moll is .„•■ I.MliiK Rosslaml Assembly Na.
1617, meets the ntat and thiol Fridays of each
month i.t 7:30 p m. in Miners' I'm,.11 hall, Jas.
Wilkes, Sec; Wru. O'Brien, Pre..
every Friday of each week at 7:30 p. nt. in
Miners' C111..11 hall. P. R. McDonald, Pres.;
A J. McDonald, Sec.
MINKRS' UNION NO jl. Western Federation
of Miners—Meets every yVed'testlay eveving at
7:30 o'cloc. in Mluers' Unlou hall Jas. Detune, Sec, A. L. Houston, Fre.s.
the las,   Sunday   of eich  month   at  .Miner-'
I  nt.ili hall.     .. I'   ll.t   ,.!..!!   Sec : K, M   111,met
Mret Ihe litsl and lltird TueMlay ol' each
mondial R p. in in lit ally's liall. 1'. o. Ilox
314. J. S. Rotiisott, president;
Win.   Coss.
—Meets every Saturday evening it, 8:3a o'cioc.
In Ml Irs' Voint, hall. I' 0 llox 41. Paul
Joffner, Sec.   Geo. Cutnilny,tt:ini, Pres.
Thai our Te.s and Con"-.-s ..elite CnOIOHST
..ild in BOBSletHV Totl.y, wtaea teas and lot-
fres ate pu.letl .0 h.rd. 1, i* abs .luttiy ...
e..aty to hs.e an attic!* of un-;sual ai.ru.
Y'ju will fiit.i tl here
to customets.
...1    ...i. to., away
Everybody is lond nf money, and al
could p.-si sh it il they knew bow to
economise. Everyone estimate, what
bisoulUy will be throughout the year
for clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. A
working man, tor instance, expend! on
then arllcleifrom $lo0 to $200. Surely
they could get the lame stuff, and of a
inter quality, at ball the money by
purchasing ol us, and thus save Irom
»:, lo (f 100 yearly. The majority do it,
but there are others that do not, and
therefore it elands to reason thai Ibey are
i-'oiish and will not listen to common
sense. Practical and smart men know,
however, the value of money and wbal
g.iod use dry can put it to, and they
realist it only when they purchase at
Ihe Kossland Auction House, 42 Rial
«' .Iambi* avenue, next door east of
C. P. R. Telegraph Office. II. B.nnetl,
Following is a Hat of those who adver
(iseiathe Imu'.ihml Wobi.ii:
I?. F. McNeill, Shoe 810-..
Hunter Bros., general merchandise.
K.npey Bros., groceriea and genu fur-
T. K. Morrow, drDggtas.
C. O. 1.,! -icie. shoe atore.
CO. Gibson A Co., gents' clothing
and notion*.
15. \V. M. Bride, hardware.
Linton Bros., booka and stationary.
II. II melt, clothing, etc.
Cirscenl Dry Qoodi,  furnishings, dry
goodi and clothing.
Morrison A Bryeolon, groceries.
M..I. O'llnarn, clothier and Matter.
I'aui.on  lb .... groceries.
yi'm. Lieijen, cigar manufacturer,
Vancouver, B. C.
Taylor A McQuarrie, tailors.
Th. 11ea,|,jusr lers. sab on.
The - ...ibe Having! and Loan Co.
Clarka and Salesmen*' Union.
Pacific Tea Co., teal and cnfleei.
M. W. Simpson, newi, stationery and
Job Phllllna,contractor.
Dominion lloteljand Bar.
O. K. Balhi.
Metropolitan lintel and Bar.
Rowland Dinigg Koon.
Hatfield A. French, contractors an,I
Th* City Bakery.
B. Olsxan, furniture.
W. B. «ni Crown Oraot cigars.
Kohinoor Balhi.
Oregon Restaurant.
Pat ill.- Bar, wines and liquors.
Ituffuer A MiUonigle, groceries.
Hoffman Huuss tod Bar.
Knsign Cigsr Store.
1 •• Koi HUbles and Transfer.
Dyeing and  Cleaning Work!,   Wish
ington street.
J. C. Homes, grocer.
Daniels A Chambera, paints, 0II1, etc.
ke> itena. Cigar Store.
W. ll. Beatty. andertaker.
Holitesvl A Wright.
Dr. A. Mllloy, denliBl.
Kwert Bros,, jswelers.
J. W. (Spring, jeweler.
Th* Club Barber shop.
Dominion Hotel,
fi-ii 1 ii" Li'lirt Ul1 f.rri.
special araoraraedsli'ia (Or ailaata by the maalk
First cIsMJmesds and servioe.
Raima 8500 per woek.
Pacific Tea Co.
St. Charles Hotel.
Sl.oo s Day House.
None but I'nion Help Employed.
W. Columbia Ave., just around the Slug.
The Question
We *re always questioned, how wtrin aflo'd
to sell at half price, and to man*; instances for
lens than any o.hrr store in the city1 The answer we give I* Hecau** we itotrt'buy ia small
quantities i.a the small aide street store* do, who
pay hliihrt pi ice* ou their smalt nurcnaslng.and
must *,i 1 what they ran, unlet* they would have
no cash ami tio goods left Neither do we have
such Urge caucuses, as the latge a ores, we hive
i.im-kMi up tn high price* We buy mostl*
baukmpl. fire aud selling out slocks al leas than
•rOrents on the|, hare !e*» etpenac*. sell asoie
tool* than many other stores in our line put to-
grcthcr, and therefore ran and do sell so r urh
rhe*per. Can you buy elsewhere such a good
woolen autl of clothes as wi sell at I3, or our oe»l
o*caU* or jumpers we aell al *o cents. Underwear, hhlris bhoea. Blankets, htc . tor even dou
blc the amimul we charger ill couta* noil Oel
our catalogue Our prices will surprise y»u, and
m it will when you sec and price our goods.
TUB Rossland Auction ins
B. BANNBTT, Mgr.  i. K. Coluakia Ave.
Paulson Btob.' List of
Dried Fruits, Extra Choice California Pears, Finest Selected California Prunes, the very Fiuest of
California Silver Prunes, Pitted
Plums, Choice California Blackberries, linest Ontario Dry Apples,
Seeded Kuisins, Sultana Kaisiim.
Next week we will have shipment, of
Ontario Dried Raspberries and Blackberries.
Call and get our Prices.
32 & .14 FIRST AVENUE.
33 Columbia Ave., aeat dosr to I.stonde's.
Fine Porcelaiu Tubs.
Metropolitan Hotel,
Canninghara & McDowell.
First avenue, near Srosane St.
1st rvlaB.11 lull fir 16, USper lull.
First-cl*s* service aad food cooking a specially.
joining room attached to Ottawa llultl.
Washington street.     The MltW ROYDa. Props
KMimate* given on all kinds of trick Stone
ami wood work Cottage* and all kinds cf
dwelling* a suet-laity. Mhup in net of corner ol
trai i«r   and Washington street, Ko**1*tid   B C
The  Headquarters,! »M«Libr.ry. u,..t *.,.,.
oflice Hunpliea, Eie.
OOt. Wa.hler.ien SI. aad In-, Ave.
W. 11. ill'Mi AND Proplalor
The Globe Savings
Moaer 1° loan oa real estate.   btralghl laaa. ot
repayable la moathlv ttua.lu.eal.
W. I., osng Ageal. 4» ColuaiMs aeeaue.
The City Bakery
WoohioglOB Slrwat.
I a tba ipnl lo fled good   things to  as'
at reasonable prices.
Try our g.--.is. ssd mika .,!, Miiaat
for your w.J
Tboss *ho appreetai. lbs sb„rt  boor.
le.i by lbs e erks mil kladle   b*»io» I
ibslr paironai* on iho^ ei.wins   a,   :   T|,p   American   Tuilnr   and   I lout.'
o'el.«k p. n,., a.ampla tlr-s lor n.kini    * ■"■ ,"     ,      '""  ,    ■    '   ,JO"w'
Stirt-baK. Is sl^e^ tir then iture. ..iur (• nriii-litug llouao.
a. et .' I'.r >.f »».h ,.ee. .Iter ?   uVlielt
enlna ..I earb weak slier 7 o'eloek.
a-i.l ..ti ih. i ,'h .I e.-b mon,b and dayr
pr*r**dlaga.l legal bolldars.
Isi'iBiltli srerr.
'.     .     i mn:.;
Washington Htreet.
Opposite flank ol Montreal Chamben.
Til BIST .1111 81 III! (TT I! iOttUID.
JACK BI.UNTIHH, Proprielor.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
oppotlt* Martin Rrother*.
t cat cleat or dve anything In ladJea' aad
gentlemen* wgar. Give me a call and be con
Thr latest improved mackloaiyand prorvv*es
enable me lo guarantee the prvmpt delivery nf
all vrdere Work will be called for and delivered
taany addrr*.*.
MRS. P.   CURRtK. Proprietrt**.
JOHN    pniMsfPS.
Contractor and Carpenter,
Btaldeaee:   Twodoorabmtbai'gaptl.t Churck
sn.r. .nl nflcr flta.iv jobbing •! all bind,
pforapllr altenJed lo.    K.lim.is. Tuinisbrd.
Ibop: in,.-!.- Bolldiag-   S. O. Saw ST*
Ve. I. rust le.Bus
Cor ri/al Ass   aad apobaae Si
Oaigala. la seenul kas! goods   iM.e a* s sail
II IS p*vr ...
ft Oil Reliable Aiciionw
For warm   QlftttS,   Mit(*.  Underwear,      Gout'*     Furniabings,
Hoots, Hhom. Notions.
Itrsu ksr«anriklB|Laeil »» .III ssu It ror
Jou.   Uo to
lociiiTOt luntii ircnoi nr
Monk Waablnf to. 01.. C  T. S. Sis**.
Oregon Restaurant,Canadian Pacific
All kinds of game and poultry In seaaon.
None but union belp employed,
(pakaas Oteeet, bet. Calurabia aad Plrat Areaaoa
Mntlc* 1. hrratrr glesti the, ,he iinde/aisne.!
ill sppte lo the l!ree«e  oriramlMroBer. for Ihe
City of Mea.1.ttd. 'hlrty days froa, lb* dale at
Far the largest aid coolest mug ef
And union Qgars call at tb*
K. F. Plan k Co., PiopriBleri.
Whoteoale and retail dealer* In ralnt*. Oils.
Vat iiiMK-v Rrushrs, Wall Fiaish and Patntara'
s n.plic'v Coatracta taken for paper haaa^skg
and decorating, Otnce aad .tot* PastaTa m
Chamber* >lm L. it C^aanbia are. msV n i i is
oa Kapreaa Co*, i.fce*.
The beet rr medy known far recent aad chroaie
coiirIis,   bronchitis,   hoaraeneMi, low of   voir*
in liability • fthe throat and all (allaanad eoadl
it,'ti. of the lung* and air paatagr*.
First Ave., Rouland, B. C.
Canadian and Kentucky
Tourbon WhisKiee.
Raiirosd ind KHiiert' Checks Cnhed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Ensign   Cigar  Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Corner Columbia »?*., Washington st
The Alhambra.
Beer. 5c 'all sn. 'ill 5*.
Dr. A. M1LL0Y,
OfDeaoT.r Rank of Tomato, Rmiland
J. C. Heimcs,
The Popular Grocer,
Corner Bsceid A..noe aid I.l.t.l. *l,s«l
Nolle* U bst*by gi.sa lbs, al ibt asti atillag
nltlie It.wuv t-oojoti .looer. ai Brsvl.. I B C,
the uu Woraol "111 ap^tr lot a Ina.'ri *' aa
-",. : ^erar «n tfc. [,-.:.■•-. lanes ».-.- •
lumbtaaalooo. Ul I. Bioek I). Ova, K ) Laai
aadJohaA franks i.>0*a ■ Owea
l-aied tkla i,Ik tlat .( on.Mr  ia*.
t' ■« a  rusii
t. j. LAbl.
Saddle EocK Restanrant.
Sir.' oia«. MreiM    astul.r dlnnar Iroaa ll.N
a  m   ,o ; srj |.  n,   lindar.blaksndlaB.rlM.
lis* 1*1 fiin Ida lealsrsi.
N.lson A Fort M.eppard Railway
Red Mountain  Ry
Tl.eii.ly Direct Ronle lo Nelmn,
Kim, Kooteniy l.ak* and
Hlncaa Poind.
Asd SOU Line.
New Past Daily Ssryi**.
First-class Blceperi ea all Tnlai.
Tourist Cars
Pan RiTilitoka Daily for St. Pa*l,
Thurs.isys for Montreal and Bo*t.B,
Tuesday! and Saturdays (or Toronto.
For rate* and fall information addrsai
the aearest Local Agent, or
Cur Ticket Agent, Rosslsnd.
Aeilng Agent, Roailaad.
W. F. Aki.is.os T. P. A , N*l*e«.
K   J. Con.*.   A. G. P. A., V*ne****r.
Northern Pacific
Th* Dining C*r Route via YellawiUa
Park.   Safest and Beat.
Equipped with
I't . ims I'ni'i Oaia,
Eleoant 1'immi Cabc,
Uooern Psr Coscbi*,
To, in.T hi sin.* Cam
Throngh ticket! to all  pelali  la   tb*
United State* and Canada.
Steamship tickets to sail pens .1 lb*
Tiekela loChln* and Japan sis T*o*ma
•ml Northern Paciflc BUamsblp Oa.
Train*depart In in Spokane:
No. 1, \V*albound. at 9:U p. m., dally.
No. 2, Eaalhound, at 7:20 a. m.. dally.
For information, tin* cards, aaap*
and ticket* (pply lo lb. M*nta el Ik*
8.V.AS, E. W.RUFF,
Agl. R. M. Ry., Boss's,.i. R. 0.
Oen.ral Arenl, r-poka**, Waa*.
Am'i Ilea. Passenger Ageal.
SHOULD srsscami for it.
"neYiir  •
Every tliy in lbs yuar between S po
isae. Kossland and Nsisoa. Si* Mealka
i.sas* bsilt .s.    s
S  !'. sru.   •   •   Spokane •   •   A IS p.en
2:15 p.m.-   • Norlbperl •   12:Supm
Amre <  liip.m. Kosslanil I.e. 11 .:'. a o,
11 tl
Addroot All Comaaaiealieai
thi* notice, tor a hotel license ,«i Ibe eraeni^.
known .a Hi. .lira. Wsdrrn  Hotel  riluasad oet
lot. il sntl n. klock ,6 Ctt* of RoaBlsnd
DwtadlkU «*k*ar .;( Vf '«,*•   i«*>
osoaoi ii   owsh.
Kohinoor   Baths.
ers* oar as* wnmi
MtHlioalexl, 8*s Sail, aad Steam baths.
Private family bath moms aad sho.
dreswng parlor In cona*r.tioB. M.I. and
Ismsls stlenSaats.
Ceraer Slrat Aeeeat and  Wsikl.gls* Mteel
No change of can bet«ra.a Spokane
•mi Ko.slind.
Tu ken on isle all over the world.
''■■•• connM-lion* *t Nelsno with
.te.tt.eri lor Kulo ind ill KooLo.y
like point*.
I'aa*enger* (or K*ltle riser, Ronndary
ramp and  llrnmlary treek ronnen  at
Mao.i. an,l   It -ail.org with   •  .,.   daily.
•.W.Rcr».Ag.nl, *"!"L	
R.^sland, B. C.      * » **
Hsit, s A Diwsa, Ageal*, I
Trail, ft. 0.
H. A   Jsrtaos  O   P T   V,
s,,' *i.., yy.ab. ■J
L-. ■•
A Vigorons Besolntioi.
Continued From First Pige.
moment, we deem it our duty to Hate
our position to the citiseni ol Britiih
Columbia and their representatives, who
bold anl guide ihe deatiniea of this
Province. Much depends on the (ore-
light end wisdom of these men guldirg
tbe ship of Mute, as we hope they will
continue to do, to a safe port.
Wheraae, we, tho members of Diatrict
Union, No. 6, Western Federation ol
Miners, comprising eleven unions, with
• membershipof three thousand miners,
do hereby protest against any political
trickery that would tend to disrupt the
present government, and we appeal to
all organised labor to remember that
the prosperity of our people depends on
the maintaining of the Metalliferous
Mines A It, *s amended at the last sitting
ol tin, legialeture. II miners are to be
considered in the same category as so
much machinery or some k ind of animal
that livss on black bread and bog lat,
needs no books, can live in a rude log
hut, or sleep in a mining company's
hunk house all bis lile without being
dissatisfied, then there is no cause for
quarrel over bow many hours he shall
or aball not work. Conceding him to be
a human being, a modern man able lo
read, think and appreciate tbe good
things ol lile aa oihen do, then we contend eight hours ire sufficient lor miners
to work underground. Tbe dangerous
and unhealthy nature ol our calliag are
good and sufficient ressona lor shorter
hours than other braucbei ol labor,
skilled or unskilled. Oft time*, by a
■light nin.li.ip or tbe ignorance of an
employee, tbe individual wbo makes
inch mistakes is net only killed, but
causes the deaths ol his comrades wbo
may be near bim. Working iu arliticinl
air, breathing poisonous gases every
■ onisnt when underground, men olten
lose tbeir Uvea before ibey can retrace
tbeir ateps to a place of security. We
are tempted in ibis resolution to question tbe competency ol tbe mine inspector (or tbe Kootenays, and wonder
why a government ihould retain a man
in tbeir employ wbo bn lost tbe respect
and confidence of Ibe men of whose lives
be is tbe guardian. The wage question,
on wbicb ia baaed the present trouble
between the miners and mine owners in
tbe Slocan dialriul, ii not ah, v.- the
standard paid ti.si claas nnn*rs in olbei
pin--., null ai Cnpj.lo Creek, Colo.,
where miaeri .have been working eight
boun since 1S'4. It Would be super
tluune to add that in all Ih. Britiih
Coloniti.au,i Oreat Britain minera work
bat eight hoars. There is no place outside the Kootenayi in this weitern mining country, with tbe exottplion ol
Alaska, where more ol the necessaries
of hie cannot be purchased witb * dollar
than in the mining districts ol British
Columbia. In tbe Hla'a ol Montane,
where wage* will average from 75 renti
to $1.00 per day per man higher than in
portions ol British Columbia, clothing,
loud, and in fait everything that would
salisly one'* deiirei can ihere be 0b
mined at lean •_■* per cent, cheaper than
In any portion ol Ibe Kootenay*. There
lore, w. r. mend aages at. not high,
but, on an average, are below tbe
standard paid in other I cahliei. People
in IIrm.ii Columbia are not able to
maintain tbeir pbyiical strength, not to
speak ol their mental or mural requirements, oo the lame wsgei piid for labor
in Europe or the Enlern provincel
Labor ihonld not suffer for tbe miiiak".
ol men wbo bay* mo* money 11 an
judgment. Unecrupuloui ipeculatori
plan and scheme in every way imsgin-
able lo float mining pruperlie* lor mil
lions » hen they *r* not worth *o many
thousands. Tbe speculators gel wealthy
on one or two inch deals, and everything
ii charged up to the cost ol mining,even
rhsmpBgne  suppers.   The next move il
0 reduce wigei. We bother believe
tbe It.iiii.ony given helore Ihe government commimooir, Mr. It. C. Clule,
bai proven beyond a shadow ol doubt
His', minera will perlorin aa much woik
under thl eight hour work day ■• wai
previously accomplished under Ihe ten
hour system ; tberslore be it
Resolved, tbat we, lb* mlneri comprising District No H, Wnlern Federation ol Miner*, believing in the juilice
01 our r. me. do be eby protest igainst
revision of Ihe 8 hour-lsw ind insist on
tbe maloteaance ol Ihe same, even 11
every metalliferous mine in Brilisb Columbia should close down. Any tampering with tb. eight-hour law at this
late day will reault in a atruggle which
will last nutil eviry dollar the Western
Federation of Miners has is expended,
It i* only by such laws thai we will
attain tbe higher and nobler walks ol
At present seversl political buccaneers
are at tbe seat ol government wit Inn tbe
•acred chamber! of the legislative balls.
Tbeir vary presence is a menace ti our
repreaeoUlivel. Their object! ire lo
hamper aad intimidate tbe government
in expressing tbe will ol the manes ol
tbil Province; and be it farther
Reaolved, that we will look with suspicion on ill political freebooter! who
■re ever reedy to srray themselves witb
tbe opposition—a party whi I,, during
Uieir reign al a government, has never
placed one single act on Iho slatntes
that would heller the condition of the
tussiea of lintish Columbia. As an
organisation we are irrevocably opposed
10 parly politics.    When party lines aro
drawn unscrupulous individuals entrench themselves behind the bulwarks
of party politics and prejudice man
againet hia (allow man. Partiajina have
done more in tbe past to destroy the
spirit nl human progrest (ban all tbe
other evil reformers and reform orgkui-
sationa have had to combat with
Continued From First Page.
would   voto nny on a motion   to
repeal it.
The man John Wilson, referred
to last week an soliciting aid lor the
striking minors of Arkansas, stte-
I't'i'ilfil in lux ilwinkiiig several of
our unions. Tho money ho roomed
he used up on a drunk. It in rntid
the Western Miue Workers' uuiou
should mil in the credential* carried by this individual. The money
sent direct to the secretary of this
union by no menus off-seta the tle-
oi'iiiifil plane to which Wilsou is
dragging their cause.
But  Fortunately No Lives Were I/ost—
Home Slightly Itruised.
A bad accident, In which, lor'nnalely
oo live* were Iobi, occurred on the Crow's
Neat road, one mile east ol Creiton, on
Sunday Ihe Mil. lost.
The train, which comprised a locomotive,  tender,  baggage car, colonist car,
| first-clasa coach and Pullman, was running at an ordinary raleol speed, rounding a curve, when (be crash came. The
locomotive kept Ihe rai'i, wbil- all Ih*
cars were burled mine distance frem the
track. Tin re were flfleen passengers
aboard, all t>( whom escaped eerious injury, though two or three received
slight brnises. Tbe baggage man waa
the only one at all seriously hurt, he
being crushed some through the bipa
and shoulder*.
A messenger waa lent on to Creiton
torepoit tbe accident, and in • short
lime an engine and van arrived from
.Sirdar    and   took   the   passengers  on.
| Much   wonder is expressed  that  tber*
! were no more serioai result*.
Continued Irom First Page.
he  benefit ball, given  by  the
I employees of the l>e Koi mine, for
! M, --is. ILiwI.-y .\ Km,-, in Miner*'
j Union ball, Friday evening, was a
on »t success.   It is I'.-iiiii.tt.-'l that
i over '.'.Vi couples entered tho first
dance,   nnd   many   others   would
'have joined  is tho  pa* Ilium hail
then- been room.   Nol withstanding
the  crowd, however, all seemed lo
enjoy    tbe   occasion  to   tho  full.
tin.' thousand two hundred tickets
were sold at |1.<H) each, nnd this
.mn hi nt waa  i mi en-,-il by subset ip-
\ tu-ii till I - 11'» i ha. been ruieod for
j tlio  two inon to aid then in -nu
iug expert treatment for tbvit injuries.
law, mine owneis aud olbera interested
in mining in the Kuotenays had reason
to congratulate themselves upon the
pleaiant and profitable relationship be
tween tbe employees and the employers,
and that milking should occur to disturb
the harmony and peace existing. Bin
speaking iu the light ul experience tllll
durlug the months thai this law has
been tn operation, the petitioners slele
aa * lacl that it will be impuaeible lui
all mine ownen to continue to p»y the
rale ol wages lor eight hours ol laboi
lhal khey have been paying (or ten
hums; the exp>-ii:.f of carrying on tin
work iu the mines that are kl pruien,
using operated is su great that Ibe asuie
have become burdensome and unremii-
ueralive. The necessary alternative will
be a reduction ol wages, aud upon such
reduction, speaking In lln. light ul . \
perieuue, the petitioners aie aliaid uiu-
sequence* will ensue that will generally
retard the prugress ul mining iu Ihe
"The pe.itioi.ere emphasize the fact
that large sums ul Brilisb aud Eislen.
capital waa iu vested iu mines aud mineral
claims throughout tbe K'sitemys brfuie
the pasting ot the law iu qnesliou, and
submit that ll Is unfair to tltuse wuu invested their m,,in v thai ibey should hi
discriminated against, as ibey have ben,
by tbe eight hour law.
"Tbe petuiouera submit lhal the I.»
complained of is unconstitutional, in.i
is imposing au unwarrantab.e restriction
up..,, tbe right ol contract; Ibe pnvileg.
ul cuntracliog is boll, a liberty aud e
right winch lias beeu enjoyed by Hriii.-I
subjects Irom lime num. mortal,and Ilia
any legislation such as that complaiutu
ul, which pi. t, nis ihe making ul Dub
tracts, 1. Ill tllit lit lehce will, the bee
.loin of contracting iiel«ecu workuu,
Bed employees; and furlbrr,
That tbe paasiug uf tbe lawinqu ■•
'ion ia an unfair discrimiualiui, agaii n
the industry ul intiailinr. u> mining,
ami deprives pSfSOSI employed in inei.l-
hf.ruus mining ul priviuges allowed i
and ei-joyed by ulber p.-n ..ns uuder ll t
cm ih:ious in uther miner."
Tbe signer, ol ibe document ire : * kl
■ F. igle Consuhdated Muting and D.-ve o,
ment company, Centre BlSI II niugeiin.
pany, B..union and liohlen Crown con
PSS*, th. Kriile K V r Muting and 1)
velopmenl company, Mute Crisp. Co,.,
solid.led Mining company, Kri
America corporation, C -lunihi.t I
nay Mining c,m|ia„y, I... Ib-i
compani, K.sl be II u Mining lol'i'lau
American Eagle Q .1.1 M lung . >* '■ ;■-■ ,,
Vbginia Mining company, 'll" '4
Mines, It K l..e Cold Mines, IJ.iii.ilet,
l >.. duo lillld Mril.g t , in I ti, v [ Sal,..,
Ii -a tiol I ami t' ii.iT Mim-. Km
Mountain View Mines. Limbed, Rule
u.u'.b'U Cooioliditeil .Mining aud Development company, King Mining com-,
pany, Iron Colt Mines, Lsvinia-Htui.
Consolidated Mines, While Bros.' Mim-,
Gertrude and C-.x-y Mines and lb,
t' uiidiiii Gold Fields lyndicale.
Basal, per lb      5 to 7
Brooms, each  3ft lo 50
Mutter, per lb  Ill) to 35
Bacon, best, per lb  IU to 17
Bulk Oil, per gal  f.0
Biscuits, lancy, per lb  25 to 4ft
Cheeae, per lb  20
Chocolate, per 11,  40
Cocoa, per  tin 35 to 40
Corn meal, per 101b sack  40
Coffee, per lb     20 to oil
Crackers, sodas, per lb   10, I J.1..
Corn, per can  I'."...
Canned Irons, per can  2ft Io lift
... UK, M
... 10 t. 20
... 25 to 40
...1.25, CM)
2 1X1
.... 5 and 8
15 In 20
75 tori
Lansing & Newman,
Successor to A. C. PRY,
Having purchased the A. C. Fry Stork of lii'occri..", K'c. wo w;sh to announce tu our iiiiiny friends, SS well as those of Mr. Fry's, that we are very
argely increasing our stork, and from Ibis time forth will e.irry ll much
wider variety of good a than lln, old firm. In del you will hn able tonhlain
all staple ttiiil fancy groceries Iron, ns. The public will quickly discover Hint
our price! are what tin y h1i.hi d hn, .nil isttsfaotlon Is absolutely guaranteed,
V. & N. Telephone 7.       No. 3d Columbia Avenue.
Canned pass, per can  	
i '.inin ,i beans, per can	
Codfish, per biick	
Dried fruits, per lb	
Kggs, per dm	
Flour per sack	
• irainil.iled lOggr, 14 lb (or....
llama, per lb    	
Iluliey, comb, iiercake	
Imperial oil, 5 gal. can	
Lard, 511, pail	
Laundry soap, per bar	
Liverpool salt, per 501b sack   .
M.tciirniii, per lb	
yiolasses per gal	
Nuts, |ier lb  25
Rolled uata, ner llllh sack  45
Pickles, utixisl, per quart  20
Rice, per lb  8
s«l, bacon, per lb         1-",
Bago and tapioca, 11,10,8 lbs lor 2.
Stock sail, per 50 I,sack  7".
Syillps, prr hall g.ll.lill   50 In 08
r.iinatoee, per can  4ft
l> ,s, per 11,  So In Oft
I'ohactji, per lb  M to 1,2(1
Vim gar, per gel... :rr  50 It, lift
Wheat manna, pigs, 20; balk  |ier lb. 7
Apples, per 11.  5 ami ll
Reels, per lo  2
Cauliflower      |B
Celery, per  bunch  In
Cabbage, per Ih 2'w to S
i.r.pes, |«.r  basket  Oft
Lemousi per dot     SO, :i
< >.,.., s , per   lb         3 IU i
Pears, |M-r Ih  It,
I'oia'.ee, i-r 100 lb.  I 25 to 1 olt
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruits, Cigars ami Tobacco", slap1*
ami Fancy Gr< "sriss. Etc:
Orders Solicit'd And Orliverea
It.uli-hee, 2 luiui'be* for.
tpiBsll.  pel   lb	
-*e, I pitaitie-. |tt-r lit ..
Tiliiilisp, per Ii, x   .
I'liini.i-, p-r Ih    	
Mooting* for organizitinn have
been held recently in Philadelphia
by journeyman butcbers aud cigar
It is all right to bo sure you SI*
all right, but it is all wrong to lie
confident that every body but your-
aelf is all wrong.
The Tiffin, Ohio, plaut of the
I nit.il States i lb,.-, company bus
announced a tl per ceut. increase
in the pay for blowers and gulli-
1'iei e. to take effect Junuury 1.
The   decision   of   the    railroad
workers of Kngland to demand the
j eight-hour day bids fair to bring ou
a greater strike than either that of
(lie dockers, miners or engineers,
|each of widen  shook Dritinh enpi-
I lalism to its very center.   Home lie-
uieve    tbat   tbe   government   will
'quietly "tip" the companies to have
no (rouble and avoid official interference.    All Rgree that a strike in
that branch will give a greater ini-
I petus to the already formidable de-
1 mand  for  government  control  of
That lloliteidtk Wright's new itore,
'Corner  Firit avenue   and   Washington
'streets, has received one hundred doten
, ol th. latest production! in meu'i neck
] wear, al... a big litieol slam p.-.I limn lo
I lancy work.   A new line ul plaid shirti.
Their clothing stock ii all new and  well
assorted.    A complete line ol Staple and
lancy dry goods, cluthing and furnish-
ings.   They have excellent values.
Bubsuribsrs to tlio  Would who
prefer lo do su may   leave   the-ii
names at Miner.-' Ft Ion lull, when
they will receive their papers with
out delay Saturday i Itoruoous.
L9 Roi S .ab'.js.
The lollowlng are th. miner* re
ported on the sick lilt Friday evening,
Jan. iu !,.- Allen Cameron, Lawrence
liotiohiie, Wm. Riley, Forreit Fraser,
Wm. 11 Williams, Ii.nsld Marti*,
Frauk Stevens.
K. K.Whitaker,
Juseph Morrow,
Wm. Penneyoook,
.-ll k  I 'oinmil lee.
St. .forge's Obnrrh, on Esrl aad
Kootenay itreeli. Service! al ft:30 a m
11a.m. and 7:30p.m. Suuday Scboul
at 2:30 p.m.
The Melhodlet Chnrch, Washington
street, George II. Morden, Pastor. Her
vice* at 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m. Sshhath
School and Bible Class al 2:30 p.m. En-
worth League ol C.E., Moodsy at 8 p ,u
(ins Tear •
Six aloatai
Ad.lisiB All C .i»mnnii'Stiors
Heavy Transferring,
Flrst-Class Saddle asd pack Horses.
Telephone So. S*. P. 0, Sex tsj.
Linton   Bros.
Rook Store, 111 Columbia Avenue
The Strand
The Most   Elegant  and  Luxurious
Kilted Bar in O.inuiln.
A Full Lias Of tbs Choicest
Liqueur? and Cigars
ei>. Watson, Proprietor.
Kossland Hotel.
rine Whiskies  ind   Imported  Oigara.
Jein 5pii)nm, Proprietor,
ner CoSrckarie si., ■nd Columbia Ave.
I'.tat.ifit-1 in StaHand, u. c. in tss
Telephone No. ...
Raymond Sewing Machines.
Best   ou. lln    Mi k.l   sod   all   Lllesl   finprovemsatt*.        Easy   Running.
Drop Head.     Cennnl Iw Best in Price an   Qtxlity.
PRICE  $40.00
Taylor & McQiiarric,
18 Gn'umMa Av.no*, K lllsnd, II  0. Bile ',
Mens Furnishing
Crescent Dry -Goods §5
International Music Hall.
BIO lii'Kl E8QDE,
New York to Paris,
Wiih Parlslenns Henri.
Large and Pretty Chorus.        Bright Maslo.      Rich 0 miss, BtO.
The Industrial


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