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Industrial World Dec 5, 1900

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 .      *, ..        v- *tv#*
J? cP-tsiCl i
Vol. 2. No.-*6.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week iu thc Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F.
-•-•-*•,*-*<•-•-•■-«"— • *--«*-•-*-.-•*. IMM-I ■>♦»->*>_
See OiirtCOLD AIR .
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.   Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
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for men, women and
children, from
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W.F. McNeill
NEXT DOOK to postopficb.
••♦•»••••♦ •*****************************+*****n**************************ai
>******** *>*********kr9^kma\r*mr*A******** ************** ** .
■> ■>♦♦»♦♦♦■>♦■>-tiff t»l»»»*>
. +4**m****4»****~&***90*99*****99*t9*****999*********-**i .
»»»^»4»t«t*tt»t»l»$tt»ll»$»*»tt»$tttttttttttttttt»$>  '
• • •
• • • • TOILET CASES. • • • •
The Druggist.
'11 to the corner of Queen
I '> street and Columbia Ave.
! I W. K. P. cS: L. Co's. old
'11 stand.
: Rossland Drug;
: Com parry ;
'*■» ■»■»>■»■» ■»*-»
Liberal Matting at Trail.
Monday niitlit saw- thi tlictbn of Trail
gather in Iniii- tin- issues of the campaign
alaeiliaad from a Liberal Ktiind|>oint. Dr.
Sinclair uu.l Auley Morrison, JI. P., were
(In*   Ubtral   speakers,    while    Alexander
Ilii-k spoke in bablU of the Independent
Luls.r  candidal.,   Al   this  meeting    Dr.
Sinrltiir   placed   himself  iu  opjuosition  to
all  (In-  laadtll ol his party by declaring i
against  government construction and cm-1
trol   of   railways,   while  Auley   Morrimn I
failed   lo  make  a  very  good  impression.
Mr.   Dick   n.is  ginm   half an   hour,  and
tank advantage ,.i thi   opportunity   to
make a  magnificent  *p< <*. I. in    favor   of I
Mr.   Foley's   candidacy,   He iMjnted   out | _
ll.e  in, .tnst.t.'ii.y of the poiition  of butll ' tll.-ai.**-    Th
..I.l     party     candldataa,      uud     drew'
attention      to     the     fact       that      in
their   platform   addresses   Mr. McKane
.1111 .Mr   (ialliher hud both avuwcit aocial*
t*tii- Ii.iiiiii-.-s far in ativ.iiit-i. t.i anything
tu which Mr. Koley hail pledged liiinscll.
ll lliti. nr those win. uie representing
(hem .... the platlonn. were In In- taken at
their ivonl, (lure waa iiolh.ng which they
I'liult] !...( suulluw in Ilie way ol loeltlittifl
doctrines, nothing at winch tliey would
!i<—!(,.(.. 111 their efforts Inr the aineliora-
(iAl.lalllKn STIU, DfiNIES ll'*
The Anti-Bight  Hour Petition—HI.  Bl.
poi tors 111 KumriH.|fc. Repeat the I nt rutli.
Mr. (iiilliher evidently thinks l'-e voters
in the northern |sirt of the riding lan he
deceived I.y the panilttnt denial ot tho
i-haiTje of Oppoling the eight-Hour law.
Kveu after it was proved here lint ho
signed the petition in question Mr. (Ialliher issued tin* following statement, whieh
is bring largely cireuhited tIiroui.-lii.iit Ihu
northern portion of tho tiding, and' it cer-
(i.inly proves him to Ih- thoroughly unprincipled nnd willing to no to nny length lo
Bt-ruie a vote or two.
"MoKani'l yam about the 8-hour law
ii. he knows, untrue. The laets arc
Dundee Gold Mining company
(of which I am vice-presiileui 1 'a a ineiu-
ls*r of the Mini- Owners' l'rol • .e .1 *so-
eiation and signed the petition rel.-rrcd (o,
as followai
"ihindee Gold Mming Company, l.td ,
\V. A. (ialliher,
"This as you will understand, is the act
of   the company and not my act Individually.*'
As a matter of tact, clearly proven, tha
petition  in question  waa signed. "W.  A.
lion ni llu- 11.irking classes, except to give   C.illihcr. barrister." an ilthe name of tlio
them   repn-sentation   in   parliament     At   |)u,„|,,c Mining i*oni|inn.v did   not appear
this lliey ill drew th* line, which wn a   ,,„ it.
il.-ar Indication ol tin* worth of iiii'ii  * ii
eerily.   (Ironical laughter.) Mr. Koley, Mr.
Dick aaid, «... -ui.tn  ind honi-at in the
iintt.   which   be   cxpicmol,   and   in   the
I-Luiii-. •   whirl,  he  nuiiic  in  lhe  people,
an.l tlMTclitre he ptclcnvt! to support liun
^rinnnrjrrrtTnit-rrtt tttttrtryaTrr»vtrirr«T»TTr«*i a a a a a i
"     TIME FOR
It is now the time of year when the
weather is uncertain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded jj
against colds and wear suitable foot- 3
wear. We have just the article you *
want.    Prices are always right. 2
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Hut Lint ol tba
Choicest Liauors & Cigars
it MM tt)- inn
Union Cjgars
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Fancy Biscuits and Jellies
Quality Tells and flringa In. reeling Trade
That'.*. How Our Trade l» Alwaya (Ironing IJliger.   ,
Wc have IH.I received a Islgr -hlpnlrnt dlle.1 ll.oia Ibe (*(e.v n( thr Tnionln
niacin anil Coiilecllouery Co. Pine Blsculu Jam! ...tl jellies which wi would be
plcs-r.l to have you call anil ..amine.
_,,„   „nT1.n,     *'We Aim (o Utnt* lhe "..« Cu.lom.r.  1 iwl. an!
OUR MOTIO:-- *.,,,, ,*„ ,,M ,,„,,
124 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
1-Kitti-f.tir t'«inn T.at-*rU'i*giir« I l-» F1"f «V
Vi 11-l.t. t.a Hlor Ar Cu''*. Kl Colon In I
tnt^oftfilCiihaa I 'mow Lali-HOo'** I.At
r unite 1.1 Corona, AlftmtiA Ihitlr-a, Galrlci
The Queen Cigar Store
caow a M.iKam. c. *,*•
Columbia Arefcue.
11 a.i a vi-iy i.'iiiaiKul.li- I...-I. he aaid,
(hat while proles.mg tl.i. ai-lcnt friend*
alnp and ■'.*>-p and prulound sympathy lor
labur, that both tin. old |sirlies had re*
lused sli»"Iiiiil) lu allow (he working clans*
v« to pul a , ...nli,.ale III (he l.rl.l uiiop*
1-i-v.l by (I.cm. Lull uf ihem hud declared
in linn ih.it il ci-rlii.n n.i.uitioiiH were
complied nilb and if the l.ils.i p.*o
I I.* WOttld ctilin- to (belli will) bated l.i.alli
and -ahi.pcintg huiiibteness uu.l promise
(tu-iii llu. Iff lhal they might take into
t -ti-!i..-l*.llon Hit* r Wishes, bul tliey in.tilt-
lln-ir i--iitl.lit.ii. .it h tli'i no p-i.ti i.m
my llata "I ""'ii COOId with any lecliug
ol dignity .. n.plr -situ litem, lie could
understand lln. pii-ilii.n being taken by
old political i.'ic.aiiH like Dr. Sinclair, whu
tu I  I.....I.* man)  ncnbeai iur mi party,
aiul had iml lit-t'il g.vcu Ihat mi...deration
whnh in* .ics.-n.si, ui... -rt-.ui'li dn* apaakai
l...|..|   be   uiiglil    in    ittciic.   but   the
>....i.g.-i in.-., ot tl..- party, tba man wlm
had  I-.-it ..lm ait tl .......I otber pniitii.il
♦ . in Irai.iiii-i.(-.  ibould  I..* Ian Isaun.l by
Z the ill...ii.I.nn >.f ..hi imluit.il affiliation!.
Z, lu ll... ...tin... (mu Mr. lb. k p.ud a wai in
f  conipl.n.i-i.l   to   III*.   Simian   which   waa
.-.!«.   inilliilly   .ii*|*:..mini   by   III! umb.-nce.
<    A noublr frntun- ol this cimisiign, Mr.
»•«._, I Dck Mid. aaa that, drsp.ic tin- tiy which
11 had Iss-n lalaail, Is.th by tin- Conservative,
.nl   4*. aii'l  laitaerals. again'l ..r. Koley ot desu*
T ling to act-vi- . Lis. .nler.s-1*. nol OOt nl (h.-
XI prominent  iiiiii.uk ""'ii  "1  (he   Knun.lary
[ind  ll.es.lAnd. nor any ol .oc „t>*<i  -.uni*
i .in.-- ..j*.t.itmg here bad ttpnmad uuv
, li.a-til.il   i.. Mr   Knl,*! . iiititlitliiluii* ur in
I Iho slightest  |stssi|tlo ticgrre bad aigiutied
liny Wtah  Ihat In- 'Imulil not  i iMted.
' II.- • iiiptia*i..*.| llu. ptisiimu it-ry sirougiy
and assured iiuui imi.t in* own ptltontl
j Knt.*altslgr he i-nuhl sur thui ninny ol Ins
InemU nlm un- cng'.g.Hl  m  imiiioc .n  a
lalgc nay WOOld give Ih.ir Bipporl  In Mi.
Kaaia.     ii.n-ai applanat.) In domng Mr.
Hi.'*,   made »  strong ippeal  lor sup|s,rt
(nr   Ml      tatty   nil   He   g.'......l   "I    -ll|H-l nil*
ability, ni wMar axp*rlinci ..f the country,
ol large, km.i\ledge ..f (he p.*..pie. and a
■Wn trunk and houesl att.tllic toward all
►.aaaaa.aaaaaaa«aaaaa*aaaaa>a awaaa
Read The World
..and . .
Buy Your Winter
Suit or Overcoat
We extend to you and
your friends an invitation
to attend our Christmas
Opening on SATURDAY,
DEC. 8th, from I p.m. to
10 p.m.
Don't feel under any
obligation to buy, as our
main thought will be to
show goods and give information.
J. w.
MAT HOOP TII thi: post omen
A   Protest.
Kdltor World:
We must record our sincere protest
against the know-nothing propogandism
of the ItoHslund Braning Keeor.l, when
it refers to Mr. Christopher Foley in
Saturday evenings inui us an Ainericau-
Irish-Ciiimdian. We uro pained rather
than surjinseil at the narrow-minded
-i-rilie that is responsible lor this indiscretion. It is an attempt tn cast a stigma
on il deserving nu... beetUM, though Mr.
Koley is a native-born Canadian he ii of
Irish descent, ami lik. many a Canadian
before him ami after him has lived in the
United Slates, mul while there pro-red
himself to he u good  eitinen.
We woulil like to ask .lohn V. Ellis,
the reeenllyuiaile Dominion senator,
whom .Sir Charles Tupper, (hough alway*
oppoald by Mr. Kilt... recently declared it
"a man of high chunu-ter," what he
thinks „f sml, ii narrow prnpuKundism.
Mr. Kllis is one of the most imle|iendent
political wrlten ... the Dominion, and be
li.i* fait, but not iiinccil under, the limit
of political as well ..* racial an.l religion!
bigotry, and we leel quite certain tluit ho
ap|.iti nilcs the iiiiniulcrvcntion which
Sir Wilfrid Laurie'* g.neminent bai pur-
sued iu Ihe VuleCaiilsn. election so far
I a-   Henri.   I'.ilci   and  (ialliher are con-
Wi* ..inn.it   reply  in  the   |;,,..i,l  in tu
j qttoqut. If wt conld do so wt mig'ii mj
that  thl  proprietor of the  Ri-wird   him-
| self is an American, an.l as such he must
• I.il that the way in which his editor um-a
the triple compound is intended al in insult.
The fact is (lint (he leader of tin- once
great Oonaervative party when here die
other evening while addraaelnf a Ko.!-
laud audience, initiated the racial cry,
ami thus gave ancouiaatment lb thl liter-
..ii   -l.ini.-iihanger ni ihi- piirty.
Onr memory carries us back to the days
when a vigoiooa Nova s**..ii..n itatatman.
I than known us D. Tuppir, inlluenceit to
j I...  itandard  mum   wall moaning peopln
, l> a he declared for "mil aad ivli-
I giniis liberty:" equal rights to all entitled
McKau.'s la.np.iigu . ..iiiii.itt.-**- |.av.l ' m llii-e right-." li lln- puiagraph slioiil'l
been Hooding (he miiils this w.s-k with I catch Iha eye of Dr. Tupper. BOW Sir
poatal caul- addwwed bo thi Individual I Cbarlea Tuuper, il will reraui hia memory
elect..... appealing for support for the land remind him "f ut lout two of tho
Conaervatlve  candidate.  The cards alao I political dramatli   penmoaa   lhal    wwa
l« ai   a   pi-'lly  picture nf the  maple leal. | the  mi   the   .(age.  .1 pi.    Ibuce,    (ho
but, rtrnnge to ny, it don u." hnr tl"'   Ubenl, alw for equal rights, and .Imlgo
ui  label, ami (here is something monI Johneton, .. Conaervatin, and a nun of
tl>.in .i iniplc  ibrotd thn tl.-y we.*.* | iiiit'l.'mi-heil character,
printed by -.al. labor, tor there is noth-l    Wbm we heard from I>r. Tapper tht
Ing .... them (■• Indicate (.. ll.e contrary,   j other inning .. «...* whoop on (in* i i    i
_______________ . .ry I when we *.*.* the allaajnl Ko?a
Liberal Rally L.i-t N'ighi. I Scotlan, John M. K , (who, by the way,
i bus adopted tl lapla laal for tha Miy
Thei*,- was a good-alaed audience assem ( Bower) we could nol help oomlng lo tho
bled i" th,* Pacific theatre la-t nighl toiconclnalon thai tin* depoaitlon ol tha
li-iiii t.. iddnaaea by Auley   Morrli    ■.•i-u  medical mgan  horn tha lenler-
The i-.ll*. will close at 3 o'clock. Do not
wait until you come nil shift to vnte. Qo
lo the poll, early.    In this way you will
n..i only be aim  ol   b g ui.l.- t.> caal
your ..wn rote, but you will alao greatly
anl tbe work   ol   ilu> local   committee.
Don'l wall to be ami for.   Co early. In '
the forenoon, if poaeible.
Nn Label on  lt.
M.  P..  from i  Liberal  standpoint, .....I
from Alexander link ..ml Jamn   Divine
from   thai   of   the  lalior  people.      While
even i hum  poaalbla w.*.- dona (o oi-nise
mthmdaam In thi (im- ol tl Ity. the
meeting waa decidedly a  labor meeting.
■nd failed ..i it- obpact.
Al  the Velvet.
John McClaren viaited Iho Velvel mini
!.**ltiil.t!   iii  the ilitt-t.—I - ni  Mr.    I'nlii.
 I  inn lid the work of the campaign
... far *.- the elect..is oi thai camp in
i..melin*.i. li i* expected that i majority
aai ih o employed *... Sophie mountain
mil ...*! their ballota for Mr, I'..Icy.
A letter from IVoul  laike Citv si,tie*
lhal in thai town ami the lair.h ... .I'll;. I then* will be .ib"iit 239 rotw oaal
ni than it  li animated  EToley will get
limn   UO  I..   17."..
y hi
i ai..|n|.ii.. Polej ii ill bold a ".*•
li.ul tonight, tl,.- la-t t ti..   cam
paign. II.* I.*.- i".t ippnred ... tha mall
it* iiii .tt. ,,i,.i it i. probable thai hia
vi-it. tin* .In before polling, will raaull
in winning much support to hi- > nn.li-l n \
Of thr independent i...-** Party nf lint
i-h  Cnllltlll.:.!.
following   is   the   platform   adnf.tr.I   by
•he Ktlaon convntlon of th** Indtpendent
lail...t Pally of Ilr.li^li (V.lumbia i.l. ul.n h
(-anditlntc Cl.ti- l*'..ley stpuirely stumIs:
1. Fit-' i-iuipiilsnry ..lu. *.l ...ti
2. Li-gal win-king ilav of eight hours.
:i.  (ts.ven.mi'i.t Inaptotlon ol all iml..-*
4.   Als.litmn of imitrii't   system on all
public wttrks.
b,    Pulihr OWntrtUp of all full" hiseH.
I. Pl-ti)nht(i<i,i   of   Astat...   ijntn.gr..timi
ind the lagulation nf nil immigration hy
■n tdnoationa] test a* i., Imadgnnt't ht*
ae«, and ib.. abolition M ad sis-ial in*
Hufrmt-iits ami privileges In ft.reign ilium- i pri.tuinciit   purl
grants tn settle i» the Dominion, | meeting, which
7.    Als.liln.il nl ehihl l.tla.r iiii.ler 12.        tonight,
a.   Abolition ol the gavi .bnsisit   re. J              	
quireii by ail .'.Hiiliilnii-s fi-r the Dominion                  I.il...i
j house.
i pules. omwfyi finf i    There mil l.c
I    I.   ('..iiipiilsniy  arlsd-alinn  itf nil  latsir
in.   Prohibition i.i piis..n labor In oon
potiti.>ti with lice lals.r.
II. All  election days   In  la-  mail.'  pub
hi'   htilalays.
12.   Abolition ol Dominion rrfiatr.
hip  ha.I   heel.   Iclnlelttl   ne.*e-**..n   by  III*!
p..hi it.ii dotage In which l>r. Tupper lm!
lUtCUmbed, and which ha- rapidly overtaken   the   lin/olit!   nl   In-   K .s- lain I   sup-
port en.
Dr. Tupper* ittempta iii his de.linn,**;
veal*   tu  raise  tl.e   t.i.ial  .it   |.   m   strung
eontraal to In* c.nlt hlatonr, ibnugh we
never regarded him aa a man ..i broad cm.
ceptfoni hii i.ti.t lua* ha. alwaya in-
iliieii.e.l In* Judgment, II, wax i ttaitof
... Nnva Scotia. II.* wa* deapfead b> l'i»-
id i in.nli.in-, .nt,I the lai. -i l.tiin A.
Macdonald lent Mm ta. Kngland ... limit
Ctiinmi—loner tn la* rnl of him.
Wherever tinn* i- ., noUtioal lion (here
i-   -llic  In   Is    a   lea    pofitl  al   In kal«.       It
!» .i matter ..t deep regrel thai tin- ll..-
ord bai been compelled ,in the ibaanee nf
*ci.*ii.l(. aigum.-iii, t.. reaorl t>. mnn I
inauhing Imdnualiona, t  shooing ihs
povert) "i lu    ... •
Wa venture t.. mi lhal tit- iltempl t.>
in-lllt   Mr    Fnlci   mil   ... ui,.   t|,,i   geutl,..
man in.un ...i.- fm wi at) It, adthout
I.*... of rocciaaful cuntredlotion. throogba
*.ut tin* mmpaign Mi Kolej haa been
i ul mi. 1.1,in ii,. i,,. , ,„,|„, ,„j |,„ ,.,„.
t .-. according tn ririlixed ind ...lighten-
e.l  methoda, making ..-• penmnal **i    a
-ulling  albi*   ami   it,.    i.,k>-    decided
objection t.. tl... Ii.s.   Ihodi   ..t   any
I writer, whoee polilical intecedenti might
' ihoW  an  a. ...bill.   I. n.l. ...   ,,,
editorial hireling raUiri lhan tbe impartial i Li...ii. I.. ..) political iniii*
Poll |    al    II......I   T'.*rk-
Albe.t.. Mull. 1.1,....I Parka, wai pa. k.-l
j !.. the doom Saturday night tn hear th.
Ills.r candidate, Oppoaition -peakera f.nl-
..I i" ibou up. having ibandonad tha
light t.i tin* lahbr men, Pole) *poko f-.r
*." bour ind a half, ami w.i* Iraqotntly
interrupted with applaun. The few .1.1
party roteri hit in tht) town now ad'
mil that then* mndidetn wW itatiTt
very few vnte- then*.
Smith's  Work
Ralph Smith, \l  P., who iptnl nvenl
lav*   ...   the   north   pall     "I    th"    ruling
■peaking  in  behalf   ..I   ll...  Labor canili-
la'.*, left for 'he in.t*i laal night,     ll..
I mil reach Vanoourer it. tin... t.. take *i
a   au   itnmeiia.*  Maxwell
-..  I .   h. Id  111 tint uiy
Rail] Tonight,
Hi ..I the lal. i forcei
iii Hn* Minen' I nion llall tonight, md it
i* Important thai nm wt-rkei In tht
part*   I... pment.  All thi work nf tho
campaign will Is* completed ..i tin- i i-
Ing and final inetrtitcioni mil is* given
in tha worken. Hie meeling mil i.-* op ..*
..I ptomptly ..I I ... I., k.
WEDNESDAY   December- 5, 1900
The Industrial World
Bemi<weekly   Edition.
•Publiahed at the Miner'! Union Hall,
itoaalaiid, in the intereit of organized
labor   in   Uritiih   Columbia.
■Watered at the Koaaland, 11. U., post-
otlioo for trausim.-Miou through the
mail., INovcmbcr, lSi'JU, u aeoond-clau
reading matter.
A.  0.  Thompson,  Editor   and  Manager.
Office   at   Miner'!   Union   llall.
Payable invariably in Advance.
One year       fl W
respect. They huve by selecting a candidate like VV. A. (illllilier brought discredit iiii their own pretention! to Liberal
and Reform prinoipln and their own chief
anil the rcspi'ilabli* men of their party
has repeatedly declined to interfere on
behalf of the apology for n Liberal e idl-
dule rcpresentcil by \V. A. (lullilic*.   I'm*
peiM'i'vity in piirmiflig error wcTiiu.*
Bn  montha   ■ ■
(Three menthi
1 'ii.
Addreu all communication! to the In
daatri&l World, Postotiiae llox 668,
Koaaland,   it.   C.
Tha Industrial World      for sale it tin*
fallowing   news   depo   .
Simpson '■   Newi   .mini.
11.   S.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Store.
Linton  llros.
P.  0.   News Stand.
llarr'a  Cigar   Store.
Canada   Hook  k   Drug  Store.
Mcitaa   l'rni.
King 4 Co.
tiecrcturiei of all uniona are authorized to receive luhacriptiom for tbe
dom seen anything equal  to thui   put in
evidence by Mr. (!ul|:        ■ id his llossliii.il
supporters,   while    ft       i..' le isut-ss  uml
demoralization    the   ooutrolllng  intareat
which Has put a bit in a political inii.-ltuig
like Mr* John MoKana suggests tha.i the
loweat depth >!P 'polilical imbecility haa
been reached by the aaneiatlon which is
responsible I'm* his dramatic apperanoe on
till  stage  nl'  pnlitiel  uctinll.
Tiiinuriiw tin* gii-.it battle nl ballota will
I.e fought. The result, ol this battle depend! entirely on the worker*, who advocate tin- cause of iKiliticil independence,
and if Ihey do their duty tomorrow their
effort! will be crowned with victory. It
the candidate uf the Independent Labor
Part) is defeated, ii will In- by the votea
it the workingmen. If be is elected, which
lie dn OOl i.nlll.t, the rrrilll I'm* the vie
tniv   will belong entirely to them.    II' Mr.
T'nley goaa down in defeat it will   prove
that the contention Hint the wnrkiuguieli
itcsil-f pnlitieal as well a* industrial master! is true and will convince tlie party in
power (hut it need   pay nn attention   tn
(heir demand*,    (lull    they call  salelv   lie
ignored,.-.i.s 1 the worken In* relied upon t..
submit      Ate the workers ..I   V..|.*l .nil	
going In prove Ihi- true ! Wa .!.• nm
think ao, |)<> your .lull', ami you will ba
your noil  masters politically,    and  place
nm* ni yonr fellow workmen in a poell	
I., nld *nti iu ynnr lighi lor nuln-li al free
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 5, iwju.
When Chriatopher Knley was promoted
by tl..- I..1-.i people ol thia oonitilueno)
i* tbeir candidate the cry went up with
narrow propageadlato that Mr. r\»ir> ua-
.in .nun. ln-i. a p..pul-i. a demagogue ..ml
ii   dug.......   ......i,     until   tu   Ik*  enn n-t.-.t
with lhe lesp.-u-iliililie*. ..I a ivprr-ci.t.t-
t.ve in ihe Dominion ll.......<>t Lommooa.
'The prejudice which lias ctvilted bl ihi.-e
that hud  not inie-ugatcl  tho lact began
in onppaer us soon a- Mi. T,,it->  took
the platlonn. Men »l tolerant view, began lo gel nearer and nearer lo Mr. Kola)
becaun they nw that be bad   acomn	
sense bead nu bis shoulders. Ihat be ba I
been m.i. gne.l ami limt uul.ur method.
bad been employed to prejudice ll.e l.u-i
Ursa cl.i-s nl ami nil/ens agaiu-l bull,
lhe Inner pal-time oi (lie Iwo i.val poll-
tnal ii.it.uii- in th- iield Mould admit
in tiling ii! Mr. Kol.-y'- lavor, • .n proceed.
•si ug.,i..*i hm. a- a common aaep) ■ li .»
perfectly nue that a law repented man *-'
is.tb p..1.Inul puI I*- tbat declined to
share in llu. prejudice again-l IIm* I..I...I
candiilatc sii-pcmti tl judgim ui   uu:  would
leal   (.ike   a   -I nul   aga list   the  I etilie  Mar
luiiier baton iba) luul guen lum a lau
tnal. li... honorable neutrality baa since
iu muni caan raeolted in an attacnm.nl
tn Mi. I-..I.V* t.ni'c. Man> lueu Lulls tun tn iiiif-iig.lc n.r iheiiiM-iie-    lim
ban taken into conaldantlea thai n..-!
i* a lulling , niumumly, aud lhal llu.
...mmuii.t) ol imlustii.tl effort stittutil imt
be made ll.c I...til. ground Inr ."li* nil
d.-civditod ptiltlitiativ 'They have nnltsl,
list, ln.it it would I.e iu ll.n nili it-i- ..l
the ( Ini-<int   world  Ibal    Ihe di-ad  paat
si. ...I.l    Is.*   pelimttcl   In   billy   it*   dc.nl
itu.i politieal boxaarth ihould m.i In per
I...H.-.1 I., gorgi tbtnaelvai ami tattet. «...
it..- mmeean ol the mea pobolaall) data,
Tbt t... I  that   It..s.laml  i. a  imniug ami
U.'l  a  l-sllltll.il  tc.ltlt-  ha.  It..ii   lccigm/1'd,
snl lhal  Its, mm li    politieal milling  haa
<ii been carried .... ... th.s community and  that   il   li.t*  it.j.I.cal    na,   ii..
• i     ih,. until...'- adopted t.i .-.lia.u
manage.*  l.e.e   I*..-  ....... an/.-I >.ui   ......
m..mil  to -.im* eiteat, ao that  we timl
tannic .'ii -it iti*-,* amamaln.*. Iitsti-sd ol
!--'. ;  mt.i.-t- being reapectad b)  tl	
that pi-eteml In lic (Hal.bans i4 sua It ti
!*        --   ....    ...ie-l*u i.t.,1.   reveal,   the   ta. 1
tbut verted Inti t* it. bave lss*n real!) -
guar.Id In  ihe wnikuig man. wnib* the al
it gci . apn.il -i ..i.t premolar aaa is-n,
protecting nothing bnt ".lul. etiquette'
nml dec,lent  iii.innei*.    It bus really de
...iv.-l "i  ii..   ii .ik.ng ami induitrlal
i U«sos id  ...ir . il./en*  to -.-cure    |M>pu.,,r
legisiai mi ..ml g.-,..i government. It haa
■mo. indeed, btcome necessary to prnt.-1
Is-lll   labor   .md   aiapltal   imm   the   ,.,,i,i|,
lion *.n.i nii-iii.uii.*.*inint   ni   th,* part)
lev-   ul,,,,   when   cl.tthi-l     mill   a   lillle,
brief authority, hue provtd nattani t..
Iheir   llllst     fof  a   publ'i*     aalliie   la  Otl)    a
public tm*. and .t -h.nii.i ha* -.i ragai-ded
Ia-i it not Ih. ftirgnttin thai. Sir Wilfrid J
Lnunrr is md  indebted lo llnssland |«.|i
(man*. i«. tbey (int or Tory, fur In-
victory a i November 7th, Ud ia oertainly
not uml. r abllgttlon. to tht Ouoatitative
Ass...'.at.i.n ol Ronland bir in. alntlon,
and what I.a. the liberal Assasialiol. hen*
iloi.i* in sujip.iit ..f the r |sirly 7    If tlu-v
halt  ■'.      ..milling   l|   all   we   tell   Ihem
j.    ...li   'I.  I  thev hale .l"lie mu. Ii t.. In ng
di-.i. .lit on their <.*in chief th.. man 11
whom (hey pielcml to ctilertain su nm. li
It [a the duty "i ini! Pole) supporter
wbo can pn-silily .I.. ... P. .n.l in tin- work
tin* l... .1 committee tomorrow. Pha volun*
teei*. ihould work u* hard ol lhe commit
Icemen. There is much in tin to-warda g.*i
(nig ihc v.itcis in ih.* polls. 'The tv..iking
men ii ill vote tight, but in some inetancn
he inu-t   he peranaded t.. l-m-re in- work
lung enough In gn tn tile (sills atltl tast  hi*
ballot.   'This is tbe pint of (he wnrk (Iml
sbuuld nnt he left entirely in ih. nuntt*
teeinen.    When inti  coma .l.nvii In vote,
bring your ielli.it miner with yuu.
Some nl the Lbct.il* hate all k-iuls uf
love for the unions ju-i now (In.. ... Ur.
(,..11.he's leading euppo{tera *. i* .mr*
heard remarking the ntlu-r day lhal "The
Lalmr  OniOni *ne a  llietlat t- t.t the ciillntrV
- uml shmild In* nppreaaed by tht govern
incut."   'The ne\t nighl Ihi- .nine man li.
lined in Qilliher'a addraaa ... Ihe Pacific
theatre, and applauded the ipeakn * -'•'
Are the worker- ol lln—laud gmng I"
prove true the claim nt iheir opponeota
ll.it tbey will nut help Ili.-msit... that
they niu*t depend on others tu do the.r
thinking fnr Ili.-ii. that (hi) .Hi- .l.ivc*.
I inti  do tint   u.-l.   In I.e  It,*.*  - Thm >- --"Iv
jone way to -Imw (li.t thia claim i- untroa,
ami  that   I. bv ca.I ng >    ml,- lor (Ik*
workers' candidate.
The Workers Il.irr the vote .and •lu.ill.l
vote rigid tomorrow. Theiv is on ne.i..i.-pitabie creature living than lhe siab.
and llu* wnr-l kind of i scab is tbe man
who throws hl« fellow, down on i-dling
dal. Ik' men lOaMMTUW and iitt.ti ..
"Help    Ml!    the    Hod. -
The working.at. nl... votai lor a party
thai gl.e* I*. ....; ... .lu.n* Ihr land lhal
i. hi., mis, lum mulct lua uiv nn*c and
..ll.ni* an alien nn (•• OOUt in and shut
llilll   nut   fltim   ...... ll   ele.l   llihl   ,,(   ilnlll-
ii. i..lining him t<> a.tml starvation
ami want and often hi- -ister nr diutih
lei in pi...|iluti..ii. i. mid. mad with the
■nin-t fiendish ma.lne-.. (irr.it (.ml! the
|h,...I,ll.lv ul a.ml her len year, nl this
I- -imply appalling Vnli- (nr ("hr.- K.dey
and help -lav (he l.-ude. ol Chinese and
hnlc brown nun' lhs( are fust over
whelmning Ihe working lion •' llnliah
Cobiitibia    Eagle.
Agnew 4 Ot.
Ha- rereivrd a lirye lol of men's wo
■mi', and children'! rubbers and ...er
.hoc* which Ihev slv selling at nisi, with
a small pmlii sd.lr.l.
Notice t>i Mni Superintend! -te
Vi hen you are in nrrd of i  .p. |.nt
engineer, his. kau.it h, p.|«sinn or ma
• hni-i. tlie Mi.-ii .mo.' I'til.n will be
pleased lo furnish i u . m: eitnt men
\hliei, W   W. D.ty, Secretary.
•condition!). The Miour law is a irtflp in
that ilireotion, and I ahull heartily enforce any legislation looking to tliat end.
3. Government ims|»eotion of industries!.
Under modern economic cniulitiona the
management *>f Induririal concerns flgun
on ivhuHm, not (he mtthoda by iv-iuch,
they uro l<» I.e obUiine.1. An over eup-
lilicd labor market emUileu thorn to im-
|Kwc on employes uuy oonditioun they may
deem lu-cetisiiry. Protest as a rule means
dlBtnlaaal from service uml probabli want
to their little oiu-h. In tin-owing the strong
arm of the law- about those ehiltb-eii of
misfortune you arc simply following the
teachings of the meek ond lowly Jcmis,
wlu. said: "Suffer tho little ones to come
unto Mo, for of su.*h is the kiiigiluin of
4. Abolition of oontntl syiitoni.
Tlie abiisiw taht have grown up under
the I'ont.iMcI syslom as outliuod iu the
lirst issue of the Doinir.ion Iaibor (la-
/i-lte shnuld eonvini- even the hide Iniiiml
partir-an of the ncc civil) of the iusii«ity
of the enactliienl of BUCb A law.
it.   Public ownership of franchises.
I'm axperieore iu (lu- oonbrol »f tlie
poatal ili.pariiiieiit, tmbli-' aahoolit put'lie
higho-iu-s, iuunii-i|tul ligbliug p'ants and
watailltui-lu is sultieient i.im.ii.l fur the
exleiiKiiui uf the sanu- svst.-m to railr.ta.ls,
(.'livraph. telephone an.l e.pi-esa '.*.;'. *■
I he expel lellec ill |ssiple in Nmv Zealand,
Australia, Germany ami   tleewhen   hw
ilcnmiisti iletl that than fiincliuiw can lie
performed bv the gomnuntnl with a vtre
great advantage in tbe pi-.ple, A...1 1
most heartily andonn legislaiinu looking
tn  that  end.
5. Prohibition   of    .Vaialic    emigration
and adtuwtlonnl test.
'The preeenee here in lirge namban ot
this non-assiinilnt.ing rei*s? rnb< Canadian
labor of iu. l.irthiight. h.very Mongol
lauding upon onr slu*-.*-* lessens rather
than Ininttn nur ivmiihtinn. 'The white
l.iis.rer whia.-h be ropla.*-*-** w.uil.l as i rule
iiwn-ry and -eltle ammig us. increasing the
population by at icai-t thraa. 'll.is m an*
tu the mt r. bant less tiiitlltliK to ftisl, ond
less Iweks to clotlie: Ui (In- dts-lnr len
demand for lus service: t.i lhe t~in*i»«iA'
tiun companln h-*s truir..*. (.. the dentin
lis. t.eth to fill: to the niivhonie less
buildings lo erect; l-< the leal ret.it.* .Icier less deninud fnr proiietly. including I«m
funs, for the same; to tl.e farm, r kn
s*ile for pi-tuhsv;  lo the in w*a|sipa*r man
l..*s papan (*» bt mid, to the   jiresel..-
small eongngatinns, ami lai tlu* Isintbltia-k
finer *h.s.s p, nhine. Their pittMMt wiwks
injury to sll branches of (he economic
syslem, I Oppoaa (luir .xmink" b.we on the
same gnmrnls I w.uil.l o).|iiise the taking
of more i*.***cngei-s inlo an o|w*n Isnt al*
rra.lv |.*i.bd tn the ainluna tne in mid-
Pa.ili.- Fserv Chiiiaman oe.*iipying a position in domeatip scrv.cn interferes with
the natural lawn as allying to Cm industrial Imdy, rnliliing our wnmen nl employment nalurellv he'nnging tn th.m t-i
:!*.. .-Mont tbat for every Chinaman *>
employe<l »onie<Mie« «i»|it or daughter i<
driven to pr.-*(.iuti..n. evolving a race
| prnhtem dc«>iiol I., brtee.1 seas of l.l.ssl,
and thai will s.inie day inantle the Canadian i-h-ck with a bluah for his cotin-
trv's shame.
7.   Alsdition of rliibl l.ls.r
An e-coimmie sv.lem |lu>l dnvrs lhe
child  Irom  Ilie cradle In the faitorv lo
enuiiele   with   lis  noil   (alVr   is  ,-e|SA nlv
lhe loginuiate clnld «f an  ndiu.lrt.il *.
(em having greed for lis line principle
l<o«i.l<l"»i   al.uu: lines    oppoaad (.. (I'<-
will rereive my hcarlv atippnit.
Alsiluion of the tlfti dc|s«.i
I naler  ennditmn. wliere all  are tm'N*
able t>. (he law and Assume the n**;-.nsi.
b.llv «.f defending Ibo nuntrC- dig and
...si.lul......   all   should   t>e  enntle.1  alike
lo a«|tire lo tin" higbnsl   |««.it.on in the
gifl   of  their eounlnmen   without be.na
la\e«l lor .he pnnl*T|e n( an   doing.     I
would n-prel Iluil law. J
t.   ContpMlmry  arbitral i.a*. a
IVitnpulsnrv   arbiirst.no   aa  applied   in   *
Sew /calami looms op nn the hnninn of   J
• not as a dream, but *» a tcie>   a
Ural mrtiind nf remnnlina th. ennflwt na   a
interest, nf capital and l*l*»>r. ind ia de- ' J
-t.ni-l.  I  think, in lh* near    future (if
applsrdl tn twevent thnmr pnnil.cal indua*
Inil w.re and lend • aerurity In all hnn-
dhfl. nf l«isine«« s-n-h  ss  ia    Imtm-wbl*
nndar existing enndiimn*. and a* such re-
-T".ns mc besiir sptirnval.
in.   All eVrlum days to be made public
I would aim f.rnr lhe pawaxr nf a law
making Ihc c*reri-..o •>' ihc fianchtse eon-
t.nlsnn-  for the fnllnwing reasnns-   Pinl
A|nnr» can and d""*» purplm»c the voles
nf the diunkud. ihc ***** hew ind criminal.    I he vote nf thc intelligent but Imltf-1 X
ferenl nilaen would e~aril**r-tml*nre Ibia j a
evil, and I -sriiere il i* ai mm* th. duly   •
of every ciii.cn tn poll his vnte aa tt to   •
(o tstr hi* laics. tn making tl.ii a eon-   •
|Kil«nry duly ynu are simply compelling
him lo dn br Ihe hallnt thai which be <i
already cwnpdlc.1 In dn by Ihe bnll*t—de-
tend the instiiulc.ns nf his nxunlry.
II Abolition nf fa arnala.
I kw.k npnn Ih* upper house as a n**.
le**** and enremHy anmiytng poliliral lux
ury, ** a tstiimMlng hlmii lo pnlit ..I i-g
islsimn. a* * hnm* Inr pnlitirel iiahrrll**!.
whn sccai In have pcwilvd ibcmarlves inlo
a pnlitieal inqu.sitmn, whn pounce upnn
..Electric Laundry..
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
X Reaaonable Prices.
| T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
WlH ll Wll Ud KH.nl
Mat* OIIJi. V«rnl.*hc».  Hrutbct, Wall
I ini-li  and Painters' Supplies.   Orders
taken tur Papcrhantilng and Decorating.
Oflioe in,I Store Daniel* tk Ctiamt^rrH'
RliH'k, ."'t'l'himi.i.i Ave Mini'i Dmainion
lUpieAiCo.'s i'Mi- -■     Telephone .So. 1B1.
A_A____A_ _A__k___k_rfc _. * _. _. _^ _. _*. f% am.
The Ladies' Slore.
announce a tlreat   Ul.icount on Ladles'
and Children's I'nder-Aear and ttualery,
Drvss ilii>i.it and  Dress Trimming*!.
Stamped Ootids, Ulhbnn* and t •«.. ■>
Olve me a call and >ou will find Prlce.i
ni) Down.
Mrs. M   Heard
rs, Li
**********44**444******444************** 1********444
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- t
wood, Grand Forks aud Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKETS—Roseland, Trail, Nelson, Ymir, Kaalo,  Sandon, f
New Denver, Silverton, Oaicado City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, X
1'hoenix, Midway, Cunip McKinney, RevnlBtoke,
Ferguaon and Vancouver.
X]   Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds ^
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
Canned Vegetables
And   Ks.ttern and   California 	
Canned Fruits	
f Also shipments of New   Water White Houney, Figs,
X Dates, Walnuts, Almonds, (Etc.
Fiuest line of Fresh Frniits and Vegetables JJi*h"«/,*i.
t* oil. lilt.1.
O. M. FOX St CO..      rVSta. I
You need uot loose a shift
to get'your cheek cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hotm at
The Horrman House
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.Columbia, j
Transfer Co, ]
('.HOICK FINK. Mansuri »
Tht Ooly Tranaler or Kxpreee
c...ni sn v in I;* ■•-lm.I that will
IMlver your Truokalor "'- cis.
esch    Three daya itorate Ire*.
Queen Cigar Store.
TauiviioMa **,
Holding Out   |
Inducements* .at;
IndnomtDti tJiat ni'-rcr iiiAti-ri.il-
i/r. Ynu won't find our dboe in
flutrtnciitn like tli.it. The shoofl
luiltl nnt U'tttr than our (-liim*, if
our OMlOBN-V aw to be baliov-cd.
.rnhJu«^n.':ur    Ames-Holdcn
5sn= Shoes.  -► *^
■...tiiml.i.   St..nur  .nJl.lut.n
I lie Clothier. IUn. . snd I ... n.*ltrr
**+*++******** *****4++++44++++++++++++++++++++++ ++**.
Is busy all day aud ev
ery day making j prompt I
delivery of X
Groceries |
to wise people Do you X
buy here? If you have *
uot been doiog so here I
are a few things that will !
tempt you to our doors, X
or to your telephone, and *
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Gcrtnia. Breakfast l'nod,
. r..*. ,.^-._^,., w-. ,.*-....■, -y-™^ Self   Rising   Huchwbcat
;rr err.::,;: dT.^'^r^ : "<»»< ^^edded wt.oie
md ••■ pnn n.r iSc ■snianac ..f |..l.( .-*l j •   WllClt HlSVHits.
d..nn.|...n upnn all sccnrdlnitlv. anl t my ' a
l.lllc cii.oi I ran make can o«Kl in • *. •
IrrminaUn! llwil ». .i.-tsct in pnl.lire I | {
ran s»«iic .,,ti t «,tl Is. ,..ttisrd nil I
the (rctest of pleasure
II '13 sli.its i„r H.V   at
Wi milt's.
lni"(.n| thit mjr sloss on the seccrel. •§
■nihicct*. will mn*. r.sir new., snd lhal I •
I sill rccive y.ur suinmrl. I remiin. _      ] J
(Tlfltr-i I11|.I*T
r ..............— 
-i-dar**. sv... i • «t«t«8iiini i a tit. t^ittarara
To (Iw- Klc(on> of YslclViliooi
In rmpiesiina vour aimi***-! (o my can*
dida.y for tbe Dominion Bonw nf I'm
mons. it is due to vmi that I g.vc |«il.lic
mppcssmn to mv virws osi ll.e several
1'linl.s of tl.e plstf.trm .if thc In.lepon
dent 1/ils.r I'srtv:
1. (V.mpu!sorr r-lir-Alion has lieeome a
recnjniire.1 neceis«ity in most eonntr-cs.
and as su. h lias mv l-a-Artr cisl'-rsemcnl
2. IavsI work dav. c-rtit hour-
Kadtnti tarstUta hit c.iornmis*T to-
.rea.ed Ilie prndwlire |s.-«.r >.f mm thai
his -snantA can Is- sir; pl>ed -s-.th a fraction I
nf tho lime anil ell.-rt   !ie-»-! ,f,,ie  n-ccs-
sat/ fnr tint pnrjsisc.    iMlsir aa well li
capital ahould t*riulit b jll.nse    ibanged
fy*l»***l****A*WW***%%%%%%%»  .%■*.-.-*%%•-.%%■%.*%%%'%.*----»
Men's Colored Cambric
SHIRTS. I Tlh©s. Bmbleton,
Mtarchcd nnd Soft ii..-..his.
t. uff- Atlnclicd and Octoilied.
All MISS    HcKtilar $I..*-I0 and $l.7ft
Choice  for 95c.
■ i-t Ave. and
A-% %%%%%% »%.%•%.-.-.*».% v. -* %%x %%%%%%%%%%%*% -a.-J
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for October,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowiug advertisers thc  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thr World's advertising columns are libcr-
llyf.   atnmi/i'd by all of Rosslaud's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies aud
sec for youself. Ask for Rates.	
I ■*
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the miner
- - Wants to Eat - -
|  PatlCy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest f
•       Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.       X
aattt iittittf ttttttttti ♦> itttita ttiitntitintf-**
WlallNT-SDAY   December 5, 1900
.Missouri   Pacific  Telegraphers Favor
Atchison, Kim., Dec. 2.—Missouri Ta-
cilic railroad telegraph operators, at a
im cling here toduy, unanimously mlir-
sed the .proposition to federate witb (lie
conductors, engineer*., tirenicu and other
In. in men's organizations.
ill was stated Iluil the federation wan
likely to Ibe consummated ou that rotil
Within u shod time. Telegrapher.-*    Iron]
Bt laouis, Kansas   city,   Laav.nworth,
Oniiiliu and other puints on the Missuuri
Pacific attended tin- matting.
Another Kiilul Accident.
John lfickey, a miner employed in the
Nickel Plate, fell fn.m the cage ivlule as-
ceniTTiig tin* abaft Tuesday night and was
instantly killed, living cut to pieces between the side uf the shaft and .lie cage.
Dr. Kenilfag ws called and gave il us his
opinion that the deoeaJed luul been attacked with vertigo, with the latin result
detailed above.   At (lii» writing  ' .s not
known when the liini-ral will tiii-e place.
Will Make His Borne in Koailitnil.
Thousand!  of  New    York
on  Strike.
New York, Dec. 1 .—■A second strike has
taken place in une uf the large cigar factorial Involved in a series nf strikes
wliu-li began nine muutlis ago with u
gtrlke ot 2s*t) clgarmakara lu tha factorial nt Kichs, Werthaim i Bchlttar, Since
Ihi- scries of strikes began the strikers
have received nearly *3Ull,(J0(l toward the
atrike lund. Tin* atrike is In the factory
ol tin* Wil-uii company, one of the firmi
•tv'.icl. cninpiuiuiseil with tin' strikers.
Five hundred employea hnve quit work
.laiiii-t .. reduction ».t 91 per l,ouo.
4   Ohio  Train  ll.itul,
siun al Newark.
ill    Sc**
Newark, ()., Dee.   2.—Delegab
.'i.iv  ilivi.iiui o| tin* Baltimore
railroad, representing the organization*
Ol llu' engineers, t-.iiiiluctnrs. liremeii.
trainmen and telegrapher!*, held a meet-
While   lcilre.itinn   was   uul   a.. ..iiipli-i.c.l.
It  will ininc. according tn   a   delegate
within twu montha.
(ir.uid Chlel I'. M. Arthur ol il.c angl-
in-ers dcclaretl dial he is per.nn.illy op
posed (.. such a siep. Chill Obnductor
(Irani I'm^ti*.ui picsnlctl ami Qovernur
Naab, (ir.uid Chief Arthur, Qrtod Chid
i-atgciit nt the fireman. Viae Qinad Cbiel
i.aui-i.iiu ui the conouttora and Qrand
i li;ci Dodga ni tl..* trainmen addreaaed
the several hundred delegate! preaant.
Win. C. Smith nf tbe Carpenlers' I'niiin,
retimed to Kossland Monday alter an absence ot a year, which be spent it h's opl
honie in Prince Edward Island. Mr Smith
intends to mnke Kossland bis l.o'iin in lhe
Office Closed.
Today ami tomorrow tlu- Wurld ..flic-
will be closed ..wing tn the absence of the
manager from tin- city.
McDonald lines tn Alaska.
ii will i.e iiiit'ic-iing tn in.my Rouland
minera in know (bat Joatph UcDonaldi
manager of ilu- Frisco mine, at (i.-in.
Idaho, haa (-feigned bis poattion, and mil
>n a ihorl time go tu D.iugl.i* [aland,
Alaska, in take charge uf Ihe great
Tread well  mine there.
Twentieth Annual Convention tn Meet  .i
Waahlngton, Dec. 1.—President Samuel
Oompera ol tin* Amiri in Kiderttion ..f
Labor I.n   tonight Un  Loulaville tn at*
tend the 90th annual convention n| llic
lctlcr.itmu. which, lie s.ll*. mil be lie
largc-t   ami   li|..-t   repie-. I.tattle   ineetlllg
■ t.i held In tint body     Accompanying
huu iictc Messrs. Peter 1 in..... .uul .Itthii
Win. internal delegalcs In.in ihc Uul
i-li Ti.nla*.  Union emigre*-,
l.nui*! ilie Bxpetta a Crowd.
Loulaville,   Ky.,   Dee.  J   Tne Jiuh  annual i ..nicii in., nf the American Htdira
imn ni Labor, which epnvenai .*.i *>i.. i ■•
ii.*\! u.sk. will bung together -untc ■•.
tii.* leading labor men ol tin* world, li
i. thought thai Mi. Compere "dl bo ct*
ejected preeidtnl
a effort mil I..* tn.i.lc t.t amalgamati
all ilu* metal worken mlo oat large
A ding (>a (be l.ighi nt ihc Industrial
Trade.  I'nion.
Many Applicatiuiis.
Th,* Mcretart ..* the local Minera1 I'n
imi  report! ilm   !u*  has a large number
"i application! i.. mamberahlp, an.l thai
prospects are good mr a large Increaaa
in niciitlieralnp iluring the nil! flW
The most fragrant and coolest
plug smoking tobacco used in
Canada to-day is	
It is big value for the money and gives
as pleasant a smoke as a man can want.
\t w<FI7WWwWTww*PTOW*»Wwaa|
•CHi™|tK_> %
Union Printing!
Special facilities (or producing thc
bait Printing for Trade* Uniona and
Secret Societies. Engraving** procured.
Seal*, and Rubber Stamps.
$ _V.   H. JONES §
d>      if. B. Columbia Av., Roi.lsnd. B.C.      Mi
-"■S ***e*e*e*e*-f- ** *■ t- <*«■ ** fc*4
■-W*S -»-^*W«»»-»~ ■WWer*»*mr*rer*rA> §,
Tl.e Carpciiler*' Union,
Ti... Carpentere' Union reporta thit it
i« siinpli getting in line Inr what is fnr
lhe trade it »horter wnrk day tunvement,
now taking pla.e thrum*!.....! America.
In (his iitv (lie dtile let for ui.,ugiii.iiing
lln    light-hour   ill!*   is   Mircll   1*1.   while
it i- i roupla of month! later in many
\nieti. in ritie*.. Tin- iiuinls-rs of Ihe
union dn m.t anticipate anv trouble in
necurlng .. *liurtiT d.iy wilhonl . |.**t«,*-.
I.... in pit ... tin. camp, as all of ihe
.....n.i. t.u*. ..liter t.. Is- satisfied mill
(lie   plnposllinn.
Flaky '»  Ntlaon.
\ I.-i.it.h (mm Nel-nii slstes tlul Mr.
Koley  .I.l.*.--..!   an  overflow m..tmu in
tl.it   nti   la-t  night     11ns in.cl ng ilm*.
lhe i .impugn in Nelson ruling.
Curare and Ci(Pire.   ••■»
When you isk for I cigar why ilon't
ynu iniiit on a good one ? Nine eaare
out of ten von will I* offered a cheap,
scab made eigar unless ynu nime the
kind wanted. They all coat you tho
same money, go.si or bad. Now why nol
get a good one. Ask for the best Onwd
Out o, V: 11. You will then '.- en-
cr.nj'ng a home in*l-i..T, |o*j Th'.nl
of   this the neit lime yon ifk foi   "a
i'lu ag..  IV.    I     The Industrial Trade.
I ii mn,  organiz.sl   last   spring at  the in-
Migatlon nl tin* inniiiiiiii. i . help them  Didn't  Isk.- tl,,. hint	
... their tight ag.iiii.t tin* Iluil,ling Trades jTlir.-at.-ned tu I*.. whippet'
A ll.-p.utci. -icon.
Heen ttktd io drink  11,3a
Drenk   Il.ttt
It,.p..-ted tn retract      IM
Did retract        lit
Invited l» i*uius md receptions by
in..* i.slung lot  puds    3.BJ
Took lhe hint        33
.... SaStn
!* -nn.*.!.   luisscd   out   of     enslencc     Insl j
nighl    President   ,-siiiuues   cXplsmrd   iht
-itiiatmii  In (In* member., as he M il.
at a incetuig last   night, and they  v. tel
| I.,   adjown   aim   die.   I're-nleut   Sjmmes
"Alter   tune   ninnths'   ntPtritntt    with
lll.ii-.igt.  'btiilding   ciiiitiactnt.     wc    have
llearaed that the poritltn taken bv the
...tmu. iffiliatetl mill the Uml.ling Trade,
i mill, il was ju.t. Tn maintain the Industrial lYadta union would he a i.imrr tn
..g,ii../..|   labat  ...ul  In individual  pro*
■ tit!
The ulli. i.il- ..f the regular union, re-
[ i.inl tlu- dismemberment of the union as
victory over il..- ountnutora, but lhe
Jttnli.ictitrs   altucli   little   imp..Man. ■    10
■ he incurrence.
A Cbrrectolo.
Tl.e World wn- in error when it .1 it, I
n  .ii   la.t   i..in-  that  (here  In.I   tic-n  ..
Mnke  at   tile   Ivalihi.c  iiune.  i.e.   M.»>*i>*
he strike occurred at thi Bt. Eugene
islc.l.l.  -uuI  was till* result  nl tin- board
Ig   ImUac   ..lltl.U tn.    In   fUrnlsh   «.lll-l.ll Ini!
ifiuiiuulatitin  Inr the men cinplnyed in
ine mine.
Carried Lift loannnit.
A   letter   nnu.   tl i. tin*    of    the
'tunc ( it pt tttt't.' Union t>. Chief Ingram
Mad- ili.u  the late Norman  McDonald
Mg a  uiemlaer  nl   Mint   a-ivani/nltim, and
lt.lt   .t   lillu't.ll  Ih-hH l   i.  pud.   ||   was al-.t
taiisl ib.t   \|. Donald I • • "■
ur.in n  In-  lite,  mtb a  «-l.i   nun..I
.. benefit i ui
Ili-en whipped ________________i
l\ lupls-tl the . Ili.r lell.tw  s
Han sway        Wt
llc-.t  isitt-d "what'l the news!''      1   -.
Told   ... 71
Didn't knuw *.".iia-
Ued abort II    »>;.*
lb I'll  t*.  . I.UI. I.	
cii. ng...I politico ..                33
K\|ssl I., change .till         All
Uare to charity       HU
iIn.* (im* tcrrer d«g    IM *"
I ...I. ..» hnnd . . ..  f! 00
NUTI1 r.
» hereby g.v.-n t'n.t in vulue
of Ihc Art «l tlu- Dni.wu.ui Parliament,
03 ind 01 -/Moril, Ctiiptcr KM a.... Chap
ter HM, (Is* name nf The "ion hauls' Hank
..I Hal.1st mill be changed lo
Iroin and after the second day ot January,
tool. i: t, HCAMK,
Urncral Manure.
Ilahf.it. I.l November  1800.
i Linton Bros. I
| Thi Lal  Oatttta
'll iciaiic* nt  Hiatal lotal labor
oig.uua.limn- are ititcic-titig Ihemaelvei
tn Mcuring -ui.-. 11) ii-m* i..i the Labour
l.arclto, ...id tl.e, art iiiceting with grali-
fylllg   -luces*,   .uul   al    lhe   prc.enl    l*Kc
i*- mil be imi u short lime More K.**.-
land will Jinn* a larger l.»t than any
jlber id ,,ii Ihc Oaiette'a b.».k* Ft.uiI,
IVnisl-nle, .... I. I ui ..( il,,* Mine,*' Cnuui.
will he pleated (•» . apt .uul re.e.pt f*>i
(tibsrriptions.  thu.  saving the Individual
rabeeriber tha trnuhla ..f .ending the
ic ..ci in the publlihlng niiice.
Tbl  New  I'in*.
Many iiii-inbers of I be Minei*' Unlot
re now wearing Ibe new W T M ten
^ou shoultl have one. If you are n mem-
*T of Ilie union you thotlld -.lini! ll bv
rearing   the   emblem   >>f  thl   unlet*.   Tbe
ini may be obttlntd ot thi mcretir) il
ny tinn*
\isitnr Tiotn  Hiille.
■I. Morriaon, .-i the Bnginmrs' l'ni..n.
nttt, wai a Roaaland vi.itor Ihia week.
i..i.pinj over for a ftw dayi mi in* way
Rooks, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.!
Nn. .10 Columbia Avenue.
till! IIII I
** <.
Porcelain Baths
Brldgford A Herring,
ii I'liliitiihU, Ave , i„ tt |a talnn.it- «
tin.rd: John!'. Wriliws, Grass T*w,
Idaho; Jamea 11 ITurey, Butte, Mm*
tana; W. N. Hums, Ouray, Colorado;
Uhaa. II. Moyrr, Lead Uity, HeeMi
Dakota; (_ris Koley, Roaaland, BriUlti
.lames Wilkes, prcsidi-nt, Nclsua;
Jamea Devine, voe-preadeat, Roaslaad;
Alfred Parr, lecretary-treamirer, Vaur.
id.—Meets eveiy KHilay evening ia
iliatty'i liall. 1), C. Coakiey, preaideal,
IV. W. Doty, lecretury.
£<.* .sv .xj* a>$*j>^sk»<ss». !xJs$x8><5^>ij»jyj>$s5sji i
Grand Union
- - Hotel - -
NUrritRl'IKMl imu-i., Ilros.
Spokane Falls k Wlp.
Nelson <t Ft. Sheppard Ry.
leu mountain Bafiway.
He only all nil WaWM between all
pointa east, weat and asutb to Koaalaat,
Nelaon and ill intermediate pouts* eaa-
nectiog at Spokane witb tba Ureal
Northern, Northern Ta- if c and .1 It,
* N   Co.
Connecta at Nelaon with ateamera far
Kaalo and all Kootenay lake poiata.
Connecta at Alyer'i falls with stage
daily for Kepublie, and connect! al
Hoisburg with stage daily for Uraat
Forka and Greenwood.
Eltectivc (lot. 21,  1W10.
ls-ave. Day Train. Arrive.
10:31 a. m. sisikane. 7:10 p. m.
11  in ..  ,.i Hoasliuid. 6:00 p. as.
0:30 u. m. Nilson. 8:00 p.m.
N'ijht 'imin.
10:4.1p.m. Bpokane. 7:0.1 a.m.
11:00 p.m. Kossland. 7:30 a. at.
t'lrat-elaes sleeis-rs on ninl.t tmin.
Qeneitl Pa reenter Agent.
H. I'. HHtlWN, Ag.-iit,
Kossland, B.C.
Just Arrived..
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
 !   •■.'-«-.•*
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
fiihli-iu-d by Ihe W. I*. At., Denver, Col.
.Subscriptions Received at thr office of Ihe Industrial World, or at
Tlie Office of Ihe .Secretary ol Roaalrnd Hlnrra' Union.
Special attention Glvea to Mall Order.
Stunden Printing Co.
134 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. e.
Tlw World i« Ihorouiht? cnntlnctd lh*t CMRI5 lul r>  vM-ftl Ihc nrxl M. I*.
I tt \ t\.t-\.*Tlt>.*n an.l   U   «b|IMnf |o   del monet *» ftnrlh »n II.    I Ifirtlt an<t Cnnarr *•-
n*f t -Jo nol ■jrc* »iih ihr World and hrrv U an opf-mrl-anlly tar thrm to back thrir
|«dtMt«l.   Ihr Warld will accrpl a«hacrlfXM>n» for one year. pax»bl>
When Foley Is Elected.
If t «l', .. ssl aia, la.l  ihe r*l **'  will Is- .ant lo ihose Kceplinf Ibl. oiler amt ytat
tt**.    I ... In Iha m.lft bls.lt !-.!..»   .n.l nail (I I. Ihc W.nl.l
I'la.*a ,,n.l ms the INDI'tTKI.L M'OHLO. loi on. ytat. tor which I scree lo rev
I.. D.U.I.on lh. .in. al ckiis Eater'setecllaa Is Ihe Hayst ol Cwamoas.
v... .i.n,i   ii  c.: N.V. ... icos.
-.  .-. J.-1  , * ,  j
11 iiiin-in* and Imported Cigars.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
^Canadian Pacific
first class rjleepere  on All Trains Krom
Also 'ItlUKlST  CAKS pii_-
''.ug I inn!....n* Junction daily from M.
I'.ml. ISalunlays lor Montreal aud IbsitoB,
.Mmln it- and Tburedayi for I oronia.
bonie care pn* Mevviatole vni aaf
The No. 9
I'urcbasers say:
It turn- iluitlk-ciy into a pastime.
Tbrce  time, tbe value nf any other.
Itotary  motion  and   ball  bearings.
Si-ivs  one-third   faster tlwn  any other
*oii*iiiit machine.
Taylor & IMi.Qiuirrio,
P. O. Hoi ,1.
The CoilSos,
lor your f'astern Inp is to ice Mttt your
ticket reads via
Iraim De|«rt—
8.00 Fur Nelson, Kaslo, f-wudr. (irsnd
i.x..-*un.    Korks, (.rnnwood, Midway, ete.
18:00   Knr Nelson, Sandon and Mocoa
Daily.     t-oints,    Kevetetolic.   Msin   Line
Ni-vt Hnutc for all l/uilcrn inunt-s.
Kor time-i.iblt***, rat"s, and nil information, rail on or iddrcss nearest local
auent, or
A.   II.   MeKcniue,  City   Agent,
A. (.'.  MrArtliur,  Depot  Agent,
n..-: ut.i. IIU.
W. K. Anderson, K. .1. Coyle,
T. P. A.. t. O. I'. A.
Nelion,   H-". Vancouver,  H.C
None Better.    Solid Vestibular
Trains,    Palace  Dining  and
Observation Cars   Meal*
a  La  Carte.
Direct eonnectioa at Ht. Paal, witlaaa
change oi depot, witb all ti-.ins tat
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York
and all |H>inta weat and aoutb.
Close connection east and west bouad
l-urnl.hfs Ihc licit i'....*..i. nt
WlNKS, LiyrORS AND ClCARSi traim   at   Spokane   wth   traina   of
  .... . K|H>kane Falla * Northern  Kailw.y
Ncsllr  fm in.ltr.l  .......i*  nt ...inn .ll.ui  liistrtl ^*^^^m
nul. hot sir.
(or    East' It:B
far   Weat 7:»
la.ut.  Spokane  daly
a.m. ^^^^^^
laeirea  Spokane   daily
Weet hound traina make direct eea-
nection tor Virions, Vancouver, ttaW)
land, S.t. FHnciaoo and ill poiata aa
the Sound.
During the aeaaon of navigateon t-\«t
bound traina connect it Duluth with
the inarnil.c-iit iteinisaips North-Weat
and Nortblaad, *t tha Nmlfcmm
Steamabip company tin. operated ia aaa-
nection witb Ibe Oraat Northern laat*
F,.r   further   infnrn.st.on,   mapa,   Md-
rrt, etc., apply to my agent of Ibe   Up*.
kane   F'slla   A   North-m   Hallway.   Ksaln
A Horaa  nailway, Kooter.ay Koilway ft
I'i.- ;     l i- .in.     Bradabaw,  Navigation  Oompiny, or  to
i-iliii'siv a Co., Props., Washington St
Labor Uninn Directory,
Ofloen and Meeting!.
Meete every second and fourth luee-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:3t p.m. in Minere"
Union Uall. O. ttokelm. Sec.; A.
Ferria,   -free.
Meeta every Friday of eieb week at
7:30   p.m.    In   Minere'   Union     llall.
: Rossland Hotel: [ THE PULLMAN ,CAFE I
i X
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
• Jerry SrcHtnat-, Proprielor
On Apokan-r anil Cnhimhin A wr.
Wa« ht nut on si
John   lUfAC,   Vrpmc*,.
All   THR   Uul H Ai Its OP  THI  Si 4 sQK.
Tlie Cliff nn Parlor
-11S.I-*  WOODS a   **M1 til   Pn-p.lclor.ssrs
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
Csl.mM. Avenue. West.    Near lhe in,   Ua.
MllCS.  .|*a,l«l|,   nl
Columhla Avmuc
Cunningham & McDowell, Propsj
Hot and Cold Lunches
The I'lsrr (o nd thc hrat Me.l In Ilie Cily   X
Insii,.! Aetvk-e.
Mealr 25 Onta and Up. i
^.♦-•l-M^ *|.«^vt^K>4^-t.«-t* K*. 4J*4-*m*m%
Windsor Hotel
Pint Class Accommodation
Pricks   MODBRATB.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
I'ormcrlv 1..rt huhsn-re.
COl.tllUHU n I
Beit Meals in Town 35 Cents
nps. i« none. Pn.pHei.reu.
A.  Foms,
Bee.     M
MINKH.',    UNION     No.    M,     Wretern
F'edcrstinn     of     Minera—Meet!    every
Wedneaday evening at 7:30 o'clock  in
Miners'   I'ni.n   Hall.   Frank   WoodatdlJ
Mccre'a-y:   Wm.  O'Hrien.   l'r mdent
Meeta on the last Sunday ot eaeb
month at the Minera' I'nion llnll. .1
P.  Harkdoll, See.; W. Poole, Prea.
No. '.'W Meet, the firat and third
'Iu.-s.Lt ol eacb month it 8 p.m. in
Hetty'. Rail. P. O. Hox lit. W.'
Me lae.,. i. Pert.; j. Klotnin, Sec.
Kicrutive Hoard: R. O. Froirr, Rore-
l»nd; W. Dividson, Kan.lon; M. Ksne, I
(Ircenwood;  11.  II.  Dimin-k. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 10. 1'iintere
and Decorators of America—Meets in
llcnt'r's Hsll On secoad and fourth '
inisslsy Wedneediy of each month.
W. b. Mnrpbr, prea.; <•«>. W. Rhmn,
NKWRROY8' UNION No. »-Meete la
Miner. Onion Hill on the Hrat ind
third Hstnr.l.ivs nf each month, at B
a.m. Mike Uuydotti, I'res.; Jay Bar-
Ion, Seo.
—Meets second Sunday in each month.
J.  H.  Ftet.-her, necretiry.
-  Bdwtrd ltoi-e, president, Bulte, Mon-
laiia;   John   F.   McDonnell,    victvprrei-
dent,   Virginia    (Sty    Nevada:    Jsmeij
Maher, secretary tresmrcr, Butte, Mon-  A
Room    12.    Owsley    block.    Eiccutivei
tana  ,P.  O.    Hox    387,    keadquarten, |
(lenrrsl    Passenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St.   Pant. Minn.
H.   A.   JACKSON,
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Wtdk
Be Fast Line.
Safeat  aod   liasl.
Solid   Vcntilndcd   Trs.w.     Eleotrio
Lighted.    Kquippad   witb
lilsBT.a1.inn   (lire,
Pullman   Palace  Care,
KJegant  Dining i.n,
Modern   Day  OoeelMe,
Touriat   Sleeping   Care.
'Ihroagh  tiekrta te all poiata  ia   the
United  state,  and  (Vnada.
"Except   Sunday.        Try   our   Seetrit
k. w. rvyy:
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rowland, EO.
j. w. im,i,.
(iriu ml   Agent, Spokane,  Wiflt
Aist. Gen.  Pami.  Agsat,
WEDNESDAY   Decembers, 1900
The Campaign
(Continued from Firs* PftgeJ
«_■ tmm .1 	
it there luul lut-n any doubt U Ui William A. Ciulhher'H ktoh-s InoonBitsnoy iu
Ibe matter <>f hu potkion with rogard to
the 8-hourn' law* tliey were ii.rtainly (lis-
(K«lV'd when he gave hm explanation to ji
KoriHlunil .tuilieiue in lhe l.iberal eiun-
ptifQ  eonnnittee  roomi on  la.'t Tlmmiluy
night, Briefly tho charge"against \V. A.
Uuliiher may be put thus: ik* ijgned a
ranoaitranea againal tbe H-hours' law
along wiih ;i number of other Nelaon citi-
aona. and-when charged with having done
eo, he promptly denied the charge, but
upon farther Invertigation he admitted he
luul elgned the remonstrance alludbd to,
imi luul done -.. on behalf of a mining
company of wtuch he was vice-preeident.
Mr. Qalliher, at  tir-t,   teemed to think
that a man may ||gn aometbing officially
whirh ha cannot do privatelv in other
wonls, that W . A. CJalliher. viee-iuvKiilent.
n* one Mr. ..alliher, ami that VV. A. (ialliher, ImiTister. «•<<•., although one uml the
wm pereon, is eomebody t\nt and oon-
i.ei|uentty a  p-SNOB tan  hnve U many ilif-
lerent opinions on u public quwtion as
the plurality of officea he hold* This
opinion nuiy hu conveniently held by Mr.
Njiocial   l'leader.   hut   it   is  eminofi-Ny
eonmstent with Mr. Public Candidate.
W'slliin A. (ialliher aa an elector or in
any other eapaeity has a perfect right  to
i.i«ii a doaen pttitlona for or affiinat tbe h-
hours' law .i. i .-1 .l.ii..-- to his .-election. No
i.'.L-.Hi.ii.ii- man oan question that "right,
but  \V. A. UalUher or any one else muat
be eonaiatent. He cannot stand on both
titom oi a fence at one and the mimic
tune, antl it he has decided to east his
Mipinut agauut the 8-boura' law as he did
deeide, then he has no right  tO OOme be-
jore the workingman   the minen eepecial-
iy, and solicit their mpport. Ue muat no
uuiongst tbooe ui whoae lervice be haa
beeu working, i ho workingman i- under
nu obliKatii'h- tn aupport their enenuoa
-tnd   their   up]Miuent--— tho.-e   that   npptw
ii.'|i*i rafbrma in the interest oJ the working oaaeaa    Mr. (ialliher has been guilty
ol deception .iml sotnctliin+r tbat il I
kvnumm ot' fattehoodi ami when he Hays
he -afterward- dralted a petition iu favor
ot the 8-hours' law ana its principles lie
tiit.unly broke tuith with thOBO wiflS
whom he WU previously MO-Cfcttd. If in
the heat of poUtictl debate on the platform he has been i-.iMtst a political Judas
he mii-i in his calmer moiiH'iits admit
that lu* has certainly given great piovoot-
tion for suili an offensive epithet. We i\o
not any that W. A. (ialliher is a gaj 'I*'
i-river, but we do with MUM tvjir-rt confess
that he has mnde a very nood attempt in
ih.il direction and be la a very shott-.,itfht-
ed pubtua taiidulate. Hf has U-en stimip
.hr the constituency soliciting the support
of the* workinnuien in tlie face ol lus record on a very vital question affecting the
widfare of all classes «n fhe country-—the
workingman i-.|s*iallv. lb has told an Intelligent audit im- in a mining town iu the
nouthern interior that wheu he signed a
•iti'iK  renwtrnpe againat the B-houra'
law he did hi M vnv piesideiit of n mining
eompany. Mr. (ialliher might have lultliv-c**.-
eil hlmM'h" tti the wonderful geology ol our j
(Ofltrtet or to the Hiowa of our mount.no-.
or to tha marines. A vi-n-pn-sdem ol ,i
iinniiu; company la something like n fifth
wheel, lie in nenei.il is not the executive
itllicer tor e-Hiiui-i: document*. Mr. li-illibrr
it a   little   "raw."     and  even  allowing  for
the hoaraeneai   of   bis throat we cannol
p.udoii him for the looseness of In- tongue. He must have ntfgjlldgad the intelli-
genoe Ol hi audience when he attmpted to
nnlNirt to ln« hearers the |>ecuiiar function of n (toM mining eompaity*! vue i-iv
Jtlcnt without informing them as fo the
whi*rebouts of the preeJdentj and the ni.in
He cannot blame a politfct] nv.il for
untMith nc tin- nutter aud bringing the
cJiarge home, even alter a prompt denial
on hin own part and an unsucees>ful attempt to explain it away.
The verdict of the -pi-ii.il committee ap
pointed to tnveattgate   the   oblige pro-
noil nee his pi lit, the vehlkt of the grvat
majority of In- aud.emi* the Other night
npf*med to confirm the opinion oi the com-
■dttee ami the verdict of tbe doctorate
on December (Kb will undoubtedly be to
the same elfe* t.
flow what in tlie bOMOt elector to think
of a man tluit i*- black om- day and mot1
tied the next. What is the opinion of
those people that were i-oii-irtetitly OppOl
e.l to ibe ih•bourai law iu the fiM inttnee,
and anioiur-t whoee aignaturea a that ol
this harlequin candidate who hei *<< many
opinion-* mi a public   queatlon as be haa
.olor-s. win. BJV-ea an opinion lint a- Intiwlf
but m •omebody ehe.   Surely tbev cannol
support  a  man  who  ban one   opinion lof
one stui- an I another opinion for the op-
poette,     Mr.   Teetsel  and  bi-  a**-." Mti-
.,intuit teel prOUd-Al * iti/eii ti.libber who
workeil   for  the eiyht hour law ami  then
worked   againal   it.    Between   the   two
stool*. Wi A. (ialliher baa cvidetitlv
fallen to the floor, ami that i- the l--i
platlonn tor him ami all men that think
mi little of their arOI-d and  that  place no
value on conawtent)
Si much hu VV. A Oalliher.
I now come to another point. There is
•omethlng wrong about the two polltioal
aimpatgn oommittMi tnal have bora working for 'I"' I OMOTVative ind Liberal can
didati-N le-pt-etively.
Tne Oonaervativoi ol Yale-Cariboo nominated A. II. .Mae.Neili ,i- their itandard-
bearer, bul -\. H, MacNeUI fnuked .it the
tiriA -meii nt powder. The return ol Bir
Wdfnd Laurier and hi** govefnmenl noma
to have affected MacNeifl in theaame way
that the ei«ht hour law baa affected W. A.
(ialliher. Itoth are ol the law echool
Whloh ba- t.iueh them to bellevo that the
game of polittea can be played without experience, but they aeoni tO have, overlook*
oil the tut  that   it takes a man to tuake
i lawyer, and that the lawyer is alwaya
mjbserveiit to the man.
Mr. MacN'cill. it is true,   carried the
•*•*■.tti'i.ml of the OOMervatiVa party—lhe
time-honored emrigD of our nation, bul
when tho enemy came in sight witb Km
mr* Hying and -bout'- of victory ivtuhns
the air down went the British emngD and
up went tbe white flag or perfaapa the
bnen eanibno in place nf the* party stan
It \n quite true that Mr. MacNeill had
a right to resign as itand&fd-beariT, but
he nhould have done before nr not done
so at all. We cannol queatlon Ins right.
lie was under no obligation to us. but it
is strange thai itandoro bearer* ol the two
political partie* w.in to hav« been :i mia
take, am] Wl ibink that nn explanation
oi this will be found in the mismanagement of (Tie political bOBKOe.
We have nothing tO do with Mr. mt*
Kane's candidature, lie is a buttle field
candidate; 'M succeed* a white flag, aud
we cannot regard him in any other light
than that of u forlorn hope liaMily put in
the field by a committee which bus bungled mora than one election iu this oon-
Htituency—but that is tbeir own buaweoa.
Now let us turn to the only candidate
in the field thnt commends himselt to the
electorate at Urge. Drought out by tho
industrial population of flue constituency
Christopher Koley, although not Booking
the office, has steadily pres-ed forward.
He has driven one candidate out of the
field and has unhorsed lire other opponent, wbo has fallen to the ground and.
like Don QuixottOj be i-s lying there
a wail ing some fuiithful Panza to come
from Ottawa and raiao him to his wonted
position,     but   he    will     wait     in   vain.
Christopher F-dey,  hanweapped  at  first
by prejudice-, has by the force of personal
character and his great natural ability,
bis clean record his a^urances that be IB
a reapector of vested interests while being
the atandard-bearer of lawful industrial
effort, lias by hi-* earnestness, consistency
and devotion to the principles of equitable
legislation broken down the barriers wb.icb
were hurriedly put up through misconception and falMB alarm. Today with his
strong cohorts of WOrldngmOn he is being
supported by men nf independent views,
men of   every order ami class—men who
are strong enough to see that the common
interests of this 'great eon-lituency will
be perfectly sale in bis hanoV Hi** presence on the platform has given the electorate an opportunity of Judging 'inm on his
merits, He has made no serious mistakna.
He has been just, eonaiatent and honor-
] nble in the conduct of Ins campaign, fie
in i has won the respect of the rival eommit-
tees. He is the nne candidate that comet
into the field by the popular voice, and
the fair minded bualneas men and men of
all classes if tliey vote for him wil have
no reason to regret their choice, lie is
tlie man or tlie hour and will be the victorious candidate,
Mr. Dooley'i heiusrs
What China needp
I   wi-bt   1  wain machinery.
A   vote on  th
iu the box.
a  German  and   believed
Will Be Given By
Rossland Miners' Union No* 38
 W. F. of M	
On Monday, December 31, 1900.
Arrived- etr el RBI wall paper, Danitla
■t Chatdbare, next to Kuiiicy's.
Ill'1! HAD
A uoinan'ri since ul liiiiuni* is in Iter litis*
It.III.I *   llitlllc.
An Kuni-Iiiiuin appean remold btaaaaa
Ue can't talk.
.No inn. wiw Iver -1. I""
spiel l'r lus brol her iiilu iv
1  cure not   who makes lh'  lau •
ii.itii.ii 11 1 can nd out un iiijuiiciiou
la order Ihut the (luverninent may be
in pofl-sessioii ol tlctiuite inluniuition wil'u
which to mpply lliiisi1 s.-claiiK invi>tiuiiits
iu thii |irovince, I am inslrueteil to invito
|..u*!i. uIim.- from those who have propartiaa
tor sale, anil who may feel tlisposei) to
Forwtld such particularii to thin ollice for
thii purpose in i|ucstion.
In view ol (he propotd tally reoivan-
1 -; 111t.11 of the Agent (lenriU's Ollice iu
Isinilon. KukIhiiiI, the desirability of hav-
ii.K on file a li.t ot i.uuit. and other prop-
,*iti.*s for sale, with full and uecumto tle-
taits, 1. obvioutt. l'miie-ltics iiiltmittcd
may inclilde fanni ami farm lands, units.
. cuclui-uu I -.^1 or connnereiiil ronee-rtii, tiintier luiuU,
water powers, or ol'ner eiiUTiirisM iillonl*
nu; opi-ortunitici for Icgittnuie inveetniont.
lt n nut i*oposcl to latonunand prop*
■.■tics to intending investor! but to all...I
tlie fullest a..... to thc cl.is-.in .1 h.-i*
•forth two|Btlj „n availnlil :m..1 in.iti..11 cm.tu*.•'..*•!
therewith, uml to place enquirers in rone
iiuiiin.iti.il with (lie owner*.
Thc fullest i-nrii, iil.tr* are required, not
only of the |iro|s*ilies ttuuuselve.. hut uf
the It...tinn* in mn.ii they are atunt.-ii
anil thc condition! ifTeetinit them. Tor
tlit. purpose |unit.*.I sclle.llll. * will, upon
a|.|.ll. nti.'ii    Ik-   t..|ttaltlt*.l   to   I'll*,..*   dcsir-
ii- lo nave ray ] „„ of mtKiam s„ip,.
11. E. COSNF.l.l.,
^.*.*i-i.i».   Ilur.iu of Proviuoial  lulonna-
•)>' I    tioa.
lli-plomacy is a ctintiiiiu.il name IV duck
on lh' rock   with Fruui-e Hi' uucK
Koine day III l'h'lip|ien- II I.e known
as lh" Ktutlilaltl J.les iv tl.   I'.l—yhc.
Most vijgitumiu*. iver 1 -as- lonkctl
enough like thn rood t» ne elaaaad a- can-
Th' inodhcrn itkc iv Koveiiiment i» "snub
th' i*coplc, buy 111' paOfde, jaw th' |s*ople. *
I'd   like   to  tell   me   friml   Tcl.lv   that
they'll a slrcnu-c lite .inu a ftivnu*.'!«•*.-
j Uli*.
A good many people rrentl th' ol sun .
"Larceny is th' lincereet lurm li HiKdnV.'
Th' iwramount issue t r nur side is lh'
nan th' other mile doesn't like to luivc
A(I   lh"   wiimilil   loves  n   lover—exci|K
- limes lh' wan that's all th' wunuld
to him.
I'enple that talk I..n.l nn' nllinil ye wilh
their insolence nre u-iilly show men thr>'*
in" to ge* over thoir shyness. 'Tu. lb'
quiet, le.-atveil, i.ini spuken man that's
iii.i-ln.1 on himsell.
Whenever You
in the
Juat call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phonc 68.
Music Hall.
Amustment flanager
riualcal Director
The Wonder of Moth Hemispheres
siiadowist ami Pantomlmlst,
The Sweet Singer,
Lillian Landers.
Singer and
California Cl
Cad. Franks.
The Pleaalnff Dramatic Trii
of W. W. BittnerCo.)
Jul. Ortance, J. F. McCarthy
.nd Llltl. M.rxutrll..
O'Brien, Jennings & O'Brien
Pearl & Cassidy
All appearing in the 3-aot Sensa-
aatlonal Comedy Drama eatttlad
"AUNTS WILL." Splendid Cast,
Thrilling Situationa, -Sn*.
Kmpry'a for clothing.
K...i|s y'« fur clolliing.
Q. W. flcBride
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
".MiiHt Surely   lie CVazy. '
'llio Cranbrook Herald Btys: "A ynu nil
mairied nmn of Uranbroo , c< t&mentinf
mi lldH'hiiid'g eentenoa at N Ison ol thm-
yean for biitatny, declared d Ibf c ub the
Other night that it wan wioti-r Bid j--*i
tinn on thc que-ttiuti -flirp. .*ed ,. inend
present who a-ke»l what lie lli.»i.l.' ^houl
be done in Mich eases.   '-Send Inm i othe
Insane asylum, nf course. Any ivan wim
would marry* tw oWOOten Ittlli uncly le
ClSSjr,   The li-ird loDSTB one  ■*■ fiwnuh. '
Kui|>ey'i« bir olothing.
Knipry's lor clotuing.
105-107 Columbia Avenue. ROSSLAND, B.C.
V. a >. Telephone >u. 90
Our Special
This Week
is t off
LADIES' JACKES....S3 13 per imt. off
LADIES' l\.PKS 33 1*3 per cent, tfl
MITS   33 13 |*r irenl. off
LADUS1 SKIHTS.... 3J 1J |*r crnt. off
We do ju«t what »e advertiie—every
mdylo>wear (srn.cot in st.sk «dl be
placed on uie thia week at 1-3 tbe regular
WOO Coat* will wll for   IJ«0
tt.00 C'oatl will s.*n for     2.U
tt.W tuat. will wll lor     4.00
W.OO SuiU will kII lor     0.00
»12.00 Sun. "ill m-II l..r   8.00
tlS.W SuiU will Mil for   10.00
i .nu* early Monday    ind    s-iun-   lhe
Every purrhiw s«»r» you ........ i
Your   Photographers        —
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
Wc carry c large line of
M    at Eastern List Prices.
L%*»^%^^*»^-V^^^^^*..'V%'V%^%^%V%.'%%^V%'% -%a"5
Make no olher mark on ballot.
• 5-•>•>.*•
By putiini; X opposite his name as shown below.
I Of the City of Roialand,
Of the City of Nelion,
11 I' I .*•!.*' -a!-I   I-A
3     Of the City of Rouland,
Mine Owner.
Crescent Dry Goods (o ..Ltd
Gent's FurntshinK Department.
New Clothing Shoes, Shoes.
All-Woel tterte aod Wo-Med euit! In
Navy Blue. Hlack and Mixed, 110.00 io
IJU.00. AIMVool "1'w.ed raiU, nobhy
paltean., 113.00 to W0.00. Good KaocK-
ibeut I weed iuIU, ft.00 to 110 JO. All-
Wool r.ni.. r.'.'«i lo It'-. Wornmt
I'iBIa, |1 ■» to |3.t».
New Overcoats
la   Walpeard    i.e '•.    Meltone   and
I'a.trr.. iiojo, it: >'. 111.00, tiaoo.
Men'i Kibbed Cotton, per rait 11.00.
Men'i tfabbed Wool, |<er rut 11.00.
Men'i Heavy Wool, per rait 11M.
Men'i Tin ind HUiped, per i nt 13*90.
POO. Mea'a Wool Fleeced, per rait,
We are ealliof aaan'a ihoea below eoal|
Mc'. .-split Lealhar Khoea, f 1 to »l.i
Man', Utained Laatbrr Hhoea, fl JO, 11.'
11.78. Men'i drained Mailed M.oe|
13.00, <2J0. Maa'a Oil Drained Nul.I
Kboee, 13.00. flai Walkinf Shoe]
Irom 11.00 up. ^9}
Hats, Hats.
.Men. Kedora HaU, fl W to UM Men]
Uuano Hits, mo to t3.S0.   Men'i St.j
,    Data, |2.00 to »3.S0.     UteUon'i _ati|
18.00.     All .tylae. a _
Men'a Navy Blue, :.*-. to 12.00. Mia'1
lm*! Mixed, 11.00 to 12.80. Mm',
Helf color., Faaey Uollari and Wriatil
|2JO  I.. $3 00. ^_^
I.t.   **t.«.. .n.l IL... a.l|tlia  Uaaa.l 111. tall* sn.l
iustp.i* .1 eaat.
la packed from tnp to
bottom with choice
oiaSaSW*S'**i**Sm «•**«*««««*««*»» ,.--,»- mmmmmmWm**,***, 4
^^^^^^^^  Family
Groceries, Provisions, 6_c.|
Our sales List month were lhe hirpcsl since Opening.
You will save inomv by placing your account with
us.     Goodi delivered tO any part o\ the city.   : :  :  :
Geo. Agnew 6t Co.
V. ft N. *Pt!0«e 111
Cor. Ttlril *»c. »«d
K.shlngtoa •'


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