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Industrial World Sep 26, 1900

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Vol. 2, No. 8.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
; '^4^^*^^ty^S-i**********i***+*****9*P*^++*-*^-4^-^-i~-i....-.^.}
Tan Shoes
Men'i $3.50 ihoes for .... $2.25 and $2.90
Men'i   4.00 ihoei for   2.75
Men'i    4.50 «li..c. for    3.U0
Men'i    6.00 ihoei for   3.50
Men'i   5.54 iboM for   3.75
Men'i      6.00 ihoei for   4.00
Wcmcn'i $2.00 Oxford!, now    1.50
Women'!   2.50 Oxford*, now   1.75
Women'!   3.00 Oxford.., now $2 to 2.25
Women'!   4.00 litccd ihoei, now  .. 2.75
Women'e   4.00 laced ihoei, now .. 3.25
Women'!   5.00 laced ihoei, now ... 3.50
Iteniember   these   price!   ire  for  ca-h
0Bl»' .        I   ._...
W.F. McNeill
Next Door to Postoffice
•Will   .Meet
Nelson   One   Week
Thl call Iur u cnnvention of the labor
organization* of   Yale-Cariboo con»titu-
ency was issued  by the erccutive ol  lhe
Dntrlct  AlModitlon uf   Miners' Unioni
Saturday.     It   rendu a.   follow.:
To   the   Officers   and   .Members    of    the
tabor liiionn und  Reform Association!
.if   lale-l.'arilK...,   Itrceting:
An a result of the corres|Kindlcnce between the secretary of the District Aa-
mu latittiii. ol th Mine.*' nnd Mechinim
tiiioni oi .he W, If. M., and other labor
und   return)     i'ii-.iiii.',iiii,ii*   in   different
didilea as Ihe two old panic., have put
up. I*.-i at it quiet and give uh all the
lune yuu can to organize. Cull the convention; we can win if we try. There
are hundreds here wailing for a chunce
to  vote  for  a  lionalide labor   man.
U |    can    carry    Revrl.toke    wilh    a
Whoop.    |  hopi yuu  will lly the gad  Willi
a will.    The    i.m   in hull  the battle.
.nun   for   the   MUM,
iter l»t kr,   11.  I'.,  Sept.  24,   1900.
" 'Scirecnnv'   Issues.'
litre is a letter trom a worker iu the
(Ijitdvau,  tl.e  ■aticialisi editor of  .lie l*ar-
111'*.ui   I ..i-i..  located  ut   Kerinimin:
».w    *.tJU.inp)»u.vi   ntHtul'.vaill     In   sjJtld       u        ,- , ,i,   '"•*""**■•
1 *.-•'   i •>.  '..     *.u      Dear UomiadM:     What  urc  vou iiintig
alh.nt a  labur candidate for this riding'i nu'","rr °* " l>ditu-iU clu*. without know-
The Strand
Trsuess ?
Yes, a foil;!
T. I MM!, I
Th. i.rutiii.i. < j
. >
' ^-.... ............... ................ ....„ ,.-.....:  r* I |
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Une ol the
Choicest Liquors J. Cigars
. O
. School   Shoes.
The long jollv vacation is nearlv it an end, and the boya and girls will nerd
Mhool ihoei. Bring them here. We cin St the buiy leet witb loot wear tbst is
nia.le to rt* ti.l the strain. It ll not high price.) ihoei, imilnng flimsy. The eel
oret nl Hi durability i* really no lecrel st sll, the shoes sre made ol|leather, res-
leatlier, and put tug. "l.-r for keeps.
C. O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Is busy all day and every day making prompt
delivery of
•** i".in  Cily in Line.
Scciet.ii*}* Woodaidc has received Ibe
Ml..mug letter (mm the aecreiary of
iMocun City Minim' union, duted the
18th   mat.:
"Al uni meeting la-l evening, I wu
iitruitil to_ 1'itiirm > u thnt the union
i..iniii. in ymir actum, n'-inilfjicudent
p..in .al action, ami h»|iei. that yuu will
"Hi. p.uul with thr olher unions in Ihc
.ti,.ge*t that yuur urgtiniia-i-on take j Slocan and request their co uprrati n. in
matter under constdcrstjoo; dimja whla we aie »ure yi.u will luccecd.
uie .s.nvniti'il Ihut it is practically .Oie
uie ciHiiiiiccii that it m practically ilie
iiiiiiiiiiiiuii* .it-itt of nrgnnited InlHir
through..ul   this elect..ul  Utstricl   that   .,
convention ihnuld be iteid ai an tail*
day It Hn* IU..-1 convenient and central
point lor Hn* cohttdiration and adoption
uf sonie .f.l.nt e nuti uniform plan uf actum to be puisiit-il by the labor Inn-es m
ipproaehing nonunion  eleltions.
Therefore,  alter  careful ooiildention,'
we  bar! taken  the rMpbniibtlltJ ol  is-
<u>ng by tin- method the cull fur a ion-
vcntlob tot "mil purpOM, tu Ih- held nt
Si-:-..... II. t'., Wednesday, Octulicr 3rd,
at '.ill., a.m.. sharp.
1 Ih ie atoms lo be n taisllv developing
s.ut.iiieut iu favor of placing in independent labor ...n.li.lu e ... Ilie held at
the appruichui.* cuntest; this being thc
niii*t impnrtnnl -ubjeel *u In- hnnight
it|i lieittte thr convention, wc rrs|Kft
il »*\lt.iu*tiveli imm its rnrion* aspect-,
and in all it. hearing* and tendencies,
in order llut vour delegate, ma he ..lie
t . rjprr«s intelligence mil salelv ynur
view. ii|inn It.
ihe 1*1. ut reprearntstton at   lie ..invention   will  lie a*  1..II.-M*
I ri.!.--   and    I-iii.*.   i ...... eil,   nr   other
• -■lilltl   I.."lu-.      Illti    .ieleg.it...:    .illiltaletl
or  loril unions.  .... ...I ind refonn clubs,
une ilelegne each lor ever>* 100 in. tn
Is-is. .tthlini.il local union., aorlal and
ntu.iu IMOdaUott! with le*. thin 100
members, one delt-gatr each. Krpresen
t.ttivc men nl in.tvpei.drnt politieal
views ind aivucites of social reform of
recogn.reil standing not hearing credential, troiii anv assoriitiun or .-lull l» be
a.'linl e,|   at   lhe   will   uf   the  convention.
In  Ihr  event   al  v-.tir ..rganiMlinn  he
ing ......bit* tu hnve a delegate at the t.tn
!. nl......     u     con initiation     tun sining
ii nr vieiis u* ot, the .uhjecla hcr-rin
-I.I..I Would  Ih- ar rptal.le.
Wa  luve the honor  tu Iw l.aternally
yean   n  Ihe hum- ..f flslmr.
J AH    W II.KS.   Pro-idrnt.
AI.HtKIl   PARR,   Serrtaiv.
lii.trnt Assoeiition, No 0. Iv. V. \l.
-Wc tin   Win   II   We Try'"
l.M-M-.PhNl'hNI    LrAfiOtt   CAMPAIGN
Uiganlaed Saturday Night—The Plalfunn
—Olllcel-B   Eli-cll-d.
A large and cnthiisiii.tic crowd of labur  men   antl  ulhers gatl.eretl  at MluenT
-Union  bun lust Saturday mght tor tht
I'.ii| .i-,* u| u g.lliuiug au iiiil.T.iiileiii lu.-
uar cuip.igii cllfb, tin, meeting waa a
iin»*t «ucei*-:ul une, unit it-siilteil iu the
•Jigaiiia.iivi.nl  ul  .i  lurge  club.
A. Krria, iiresiiteni „l the trodei and
lubur cunncil, rolled the meeting to or-
u.T and stated Hie object of the meeting.   As   no   one   wuuto.1   to   become   a
some actum was Uikcii an.l
ll.. ic never waa a more opportune tune
tu secure tin* election uf a man who
will do •unieth.ng besntcs lalkiug
"scarecrow" names to d«t:li. Kindly
lei  ua  hear  Irom  you.
.ours sincerely.
I'.  11.  PKlTl'l'IKli*.
X to wise people     Do you
I bny here?   If you have
Hollowing t« ,t sample of thc letten
n.. whrmg rece.ve<l from .verv \iart ut
ial<--Cirtt>no. On* and all .tat* that
labor - . l.ini-i*iii.* !»r indr|wndrnl pnli*
tieal action:
Hear  Sir     Wilh   regard  to  Ihe inlrn*
tion  of thc  libnr uniona ol  the ronsli*
j turner t.i call a convention to nominate
• Ia cindtdalp t>- <oot«*«* VilclBnboo ills*
J trirt in the coming llnminiiin elections.
-a I I   mu   -.11   th.t   ihere are now no labor
• I organ.ra'iun.  here SSSS|d  Hie railway nr*
lei*      lell   Ihe  unions  nf    Hi ...land    to
Kusaiand *   Delegation.
There will lie a large il.ii-gal.uii leave
Kossland next Weilnesdar murunig iur
Saturn to attend the convention on
ihc l....i* of irprvacntaliuii agrtisl upon
there -luntlit lie s imellnng uar _i dele-
gilc.   from   Bu—laud.
I nl'i     he  call   Koislaud   organii.itu.ni
.te  eiititlett   to   the   following  dtlcgatea
M.i i.u.in .'    i in*.ii          I
Printen'   Union     1
Ik.rt.ei*'    I mon     1
tailors'    I muu      1
Uioka an.l   Waiter.'  tiimn I
CSrpen rr-'    I nmn      2
Vliiuis    I nmn     0
I i.cli* and   l-.ila.ii   Count il I
( ...npaigii     ( tub             1
I'.l.lUl*      I  Hi..I,             |
Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves and  Marmalades,  Pickles,  Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits aud Prodnce, as well as a Full Stock of ;;
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C
III.!!*)!! ^»r»s»<t^^»K.*x«s«««->.8x«»«sa't ♦-»♦>♦♦♦>♦<♦ M*>M g >>>♦<♦
rill the convention, name tl.r place, and
we will nr-gan.rc here a |..lili.al rluh for
the pur|Haar of sending delegates and
ni«mg lund* t> coaduel -he rampeign.
A ld*.r lan.liilaie ihnuld win in thi.
•Ij.in ■*. rs*. \    BSpM'al!)   naamst  the can*
X uot been  doing so here
• are a few things that will
X tempt you  to our doors,
* or to your telephone, aod
will help you in preparing breakfast: ;
Self   Rising   Buchwheat I j **mf,**aSmat9mnm
I* lour,   Shredded Whole I i« i—i swm.
Wheat Biscuits.
i Bet Your ciibgk Gasnea
As Oood as the Best.   :
:  1*1 Ull   U
UU11U :
;     jSio.oo
>'2-SO    |
15.00  ;
!      1600
17,00  !
18.00  j
Our Prices.
Arc theyJ*ight?
I Examine Them
And See
1     ■ ■ ■ ■. —
j For Yoursjf.
Clothiers.   E7^PSY.  c^h'ei!:
Affents Hamilton Brown Shoes.
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
opi'.i-ttr Martin llro*.
I can clrnn or <l tiffin thing In Imlli-a nml
Kpmltnit 11 >* wMt filve tnr a mil nnd \*r
1 (nn mini Thr luteal impe v nl machla-
**ry nnd ftrnrc*«<n rnub'-r m> innttnnini'"f
thi j.mm t.l .l«li- ctv..I nil -ii.ti t- Woik will
br called (ur and -Irh-iinl lo nny a<hh' M
1 ...la*.    Minrr** Crvchi c««h«dda> or
nlfhl wiihout .ii*.   ..rn  ai
Tie Mm House.
lotal        JI
It   l*  nut   Hkell   lll.ll   the  lull  .It-legalI..n
will  allen.l.     1.   -.int*  ui   the  11111   mil
uiid-.iilii-.lv   *cud   pru>iM.
l-cleg»*cs tlevied.
Monday night their u.t> li. 1.1 1 s r
t-ial ni.-etii.g ul the Uooka and Wailen'
I 111..11 iur Ih  |..ii-)hm- uf elect.ng • dele
gale   to   Un*   l.tl-.r   l-.|lii-|lll-.|l.    I I.e   lilt III
hcr-ahip ol Wua un..... ll u.iainni. 11-h ...
latur of plaring a ratidulate iu norat
nation,    r. Hatty, ihr t-a-ctcLry uf U11
unit.n aa. chosen and us. ui-tlucted to
vole  for  pull ing  up a  iand.d*'c.
.-*,ltert<n   Union   Hill.
Hie  tan   .Nr—   Ll.sk. which  for
time  p-.-t   bs-  l-e.-..  standing vacant, an
10 r-r.*orr on Silver-ton's busini-ss .trrei,
ana i.unln-r.1 last «*e*rk I.y the Minera'
.......11.   and   will   Ih-   ...nvritnl    by   lhe
111. nil. r. int.i a union ball. A gang nf
-.irpinlri* arr already at work around
Ihr bulling, tearing nul the |*art.t.nns
up.ta.1.   when-   a   large   a-aerolily   rxm
11 II is* tntett up. tin thr gmund Honr
Ihe tWB .lot!* mil l-e made int.. neat
t..i*tni«. .lands and are to bv leased aa
- .... la |ait*i*.i.,i Iho interior of tl.e
hall will br mated to a Irish cull of*
^ntit  anil  ulliem.se  improved.
III! nr'.e on lhe part »l thr un.nn
1* an . ininentij -wi.-ildr one. lly be-
1 »ining~ ll.e oilier*. ..( a l.u*inr*- lil.sk
they I'lrntilv thhruiaelvra more t_.u...ig<
ly Willi thc wrllarr nl lhe town ind
give  I hem-elves sl*o a better st .n.lin-l
Ihr union hall will lit irmly for .1 ■ .1
nation within a urrk .or two.
Wa.hlngtna Mr-rrt.
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦I
Oel thei. I-rrscrlptlons Fllle.1
by Ihe
Rossland Drug
: Company .
A Full Llneo! Hverythlng In Onr I,loe.
Mm I'aaCall.
Ro»«i.Anit list 1, Co. R I iraoxtt, Mgr.
Columbia Ave., neat tt. Bon Ton.
t-t.:-l.a.a r I  .-I*       t*a-a-.-. ..... -.
A Cariul fitter.
For -ue beet hand-msde miner"! bolts,
go to Agnew k Ob.   Prior, right.
make!     a     stylish     gatment.
The cutting aud titling .ie
quite ll iiii|***it.uii ai tne material.
IM vour eluthe. made -her*
and all thru- item* will be
til right.
Our pn*" are nut loo high
lor ynu. but theys just high
enough to in*ure yuu be best
w<Trkmiiii»l»t'   and   material.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
May   Pill   in   a   I-11111 a..
the    t.l.ler.   arr   iull*ldrring   Ihe   que.
Hon uf plaung ini|tr»i.-l healing *.|*|*..
atua in Ihr lluni* I nion Hail It >•
probable that the hut nr .y-tun will br
W.ll   Mot  Sunday.
lhe I I in *rr- uiiioii wit lliuhl l!a nvl*
Ur nits 1.ng neit ,**u.t.lay SflllHIIIIUi
Hu-iti... ut im|strlanie -sill COM 'i
and it i* di-siiitt that the lull in. ml.. 1
ah.p be  pr.-s.-tii
lhe   .Nimslit ys'    I num.
Ih.re_«iii In- i regular meeting "I the
.New«ls.y.    nm.m   in   Miners    I nmn   hall
nr»t  da tarda*,   mtMJng     At  this time
tbe eleilion ..I ..Itn.is mil Uke pilec
111.1 ..lb. r l.ii'iness ol importanr. inn
i«rti*.i. A lull attennance il deired. Thr
muling   w.ll   tir   called   t*>   nrder   at   9
.. ■■!.. k *liirv*
lllll>  AMI Ml.l.l. "-AI-K KIXI.I).
Wnrkrra   and   Maiiutirtiirera      Sign    the
I'n.innali. Sept. 2.1 It 1 >.'• I * tin-
HH.rniiig !».tn •ub'* nl (he wage confer
KM i-lieen the Amslgamatnl l\ urkers
an.l the *le«i mainila. tun r>. gave mil
1h.it    Ihey    bSVS   nailed   an   argrr-iTnrnt
lhe icale was s.gneil and all the mill*
wi I .tart net week No .letaila are
gir.n nnt. the cni.t-rcnce if likclv p.
remain in ««*rtnn very late arrangim de*
till*.   YMrh   side   mide   oonceartons.
in* whit it* plutlomi might be, it wu
proposed that tlie platform ot the l)o-
•niuiiiii I rittlrs oongTMS be adoptt*d. Thia
lead lu 11 lung .ltsciisMiun, after tvln.ii
'Oc putitiirut was untqiti-il, antl a plank
eondemnng Oriental iiiuuigrutiun iildeil.
tin- tiling agreed to, d. Urowiey wa*
ciecteU  prrament ot  the club, and  frank
.!.--!*! c sscgatar}
In tak.ug charge nf the tiieeting, Mr.
• nmicy maiie u -1..11 _, addnu in
slaui h-        iM.int.il to Au.*
t-ilia, where he atatetl thc majority of
Ibeac laws were already in opentkm and
l.ad   I-..-H   for  many  years.   The govern-
un ui there would not sell lund iu mining districts but threw it o|s*n fur free
selection, frown gnint* Wen- iniknovvii
ll.--ie us in any nth.-r part of the llriltati
*■ i.*i,ii-     lhe owner  hail   the  mine  juat
10 long as he worked it and no longer.
tVimniunteatiuiis  were  read  irom   \1111r
ai.d Imm Iti'velstiike iu sympathy with
i... inuvemi-ir. Itevehtloke waa ritrtsu*
I. .It enthusiastic. The letter from Ymir
ma signed Iiy .lames Wtlka, and .slie,I
1   convention   tu   nominate   a   candidate
11 Nelson. Inr October 3rd. Kach union
.ia* tu Im- represented hy a delegate fot
.*.. I.  lot) members or I'—-
Cltrii Kolry was the tirst lo addreu the
in. rtmg ui the s|n>nkeri proposed. He
uid that lie WW not sun- that he mi* in
*yin|sithy wilh Hii* objects of thc meet-
in-.* t'alin cmsidenrf ion had made him
hr.itatr. Ihere waa the ipieation of li-
nanee. there waa Uie danger of bring
beaten. Iheir waa tlie fact that if th ■
Inl-nr men could not . bs t fiber own man
they would awurrdly deli-ut thrir frienda
the l.ilK>nil.. The I—urier gnvernment
hnd helped in ..ne ... lim mtitlers. Inrre
«i. lhe rhine-e ...mini—...ii jusl a|>point-
id Inr wln.h bin mn. li • .di' MUld MS
b,* ela.m.sl. as ii was ainanclilly actuatcJ
h;- fear. Ile thnught tl.* inuvenient premature,   but   slill   whatever  way  the  tn.t-
j..my d lad Hn* amokm said he would
Ik-  with   them.
Thomas lln.wnlee lolh.-a.ng on, made
an inpaaionad spsschi ... which he acoltl-
.1 Mr Knb-v fur thMwiag ">hl wnlrr nn
the ubje. I be had in view His plank waa
the plank ul Ihe guvrrnincne uwnerahip
of railways: he thnught that the BUM'
Important, and w.atl.l «u|.|K.rt my |iarty
tbat aupiKirled lhal rrlonn. Hv though',
that a man nuiht U. lie put forward, antl
,. he -a j* not Ii- wu.ikt i«iy gun lor th-
l.tivdrgv nl voting for himself at the ne«t
ltii|K-rt llulmer aid Ihat he waa tired
n( lhe old partiM who had dune imilnng.
anyway Mr I'harles Tapper at Amherst
lately,' had gone over tin- dear obi atory,
but the man of Uie age should not pitch
h*a ramp ui the graveyard »l dead isauca.
lln ban* were going u|sm - heir old rep-
uialmn and nothing else. Nr Wilfrid
l_.ur.rr "as all right. Iml be had permitted tbe Hed Ktiaani to throw ita fold,
around illegally naturallie.1 .la|*. and the
•uld.ers ot the ('.rrrn llood read'  behind
ill ll llu- taplUh't 10 ii-ene I r.l laboi Ui there Iw a lalmr candidate by
all means.
Ih,..n.i. Ilcjnnsli ihiiared b.m-wlf tin-
lOMnradly na lhe sain- bin-, is-nmnilly
•Hacking bulb Miswrs. lialliher and Mac-
Ne.ll, c-|ici.ally -aitl. lefcrence to the
latter'a action in the pi's .-cling" igninst
tin |s.li.e ul Hub .itv the .pirslnm of
b.........  »..- as nothing     I'hr uniona wv-re
. .....itleialily.   ten   iiiiu-s   alrongrr   than
ih- political daba "f H'- o\4 |*rUe«, Con-
Hivatne   or   Itiioim.
t..   Hoiohin  sunt  llut   Sir  Wilfrid  hat-
had  bis tluniie       .M.I....is.  ami Maxwell
1. -.1 talked to him for live yearn on the
.ii.iiiigtatioti nlMtlun, but I.e had ignored
Hum. Ia« there lie a ll.inl candidate
I.y all mean*.
Ailhur K-rris aaid lhal there waa nothing I.. h'.|s. |ur Imm Ilie l.ilterala l_lmr
liail au|.|strl!il Smith Iiirtia aist MsrUn
al tin- last elciitn but Hie party had
tblown d»mi Is.lh id tit-".- men Klgbty-
tbi.T par 1. nt "I lh. niter*' li»t in 1 hia
district aai labor, ind wr ihe -ah.de
n-lllig lh c| cr.riitng- WBI 70.
P. Uel—ria "»nl that S.r Willnd bad
g.ssl ailn*. l- inmi lh" prOllBrt and bad
nlllMsl  1" listen,     Kiel J!   he "Old nuth-
Ing t ih.   lip* whn »>-r.- BsMMHaM
liter three md- IMMtaN nn ihe
I'. |[ AlcDnnald sa.d lhal lil»>r had
laded .*( .I. Objects lh...ugh "Ink.*., and
n.wi Work llii'High Hi- ba'lul bni He
lul BO) Hunk Kule>-« objWiOO U to I
nance   would   give   nun h   trouble.
Chi is Kuley sa.d un l*n.g again caurd
on that he only gul what h!Cej|Ml*tisl.
Ilaughlen bu' »» (he boys wanlnl their
candidate,  why  he  was  wilh  them.
Mt r thia iliscnwiun 1 rcsuiHtiun waa
pa- .t <l« 1 lar ng Inr independent political acttui .... the part ol th- v'ub, the
enilor-enirnt ot the lal«.r |latl»irm, and
in- a*. 11.at.on •»•* unhied  Cat  Indeiwn-
■b nt   lJll-1   fl.lt'.
the MSllIng was ailVmrned for Saturday mil l»r the eleelmn uf delegatea lo
the   .S.lst.n   lonventinn
With   tin-  Odd   Kelbm*.
Is>a|    W..I1.1-slat   night   1-iimnr.tnn   Kn*
MMpmenl   eonfsrrsd   Ihs  Ooldsn   Role
ilrgrr-e "li *w*n lanibdalrs ami IBS I'.-.i it
Purple .... on- Month.) nighl the *iib
ordinate lodge ronfcrreil the second de-
glee  un   two candnhto THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
vwiUNtiSUAKi  .......  Sept. !«th,  1900
The Industrial World.
I   Semi-weekly   lidition.
He openly declares himself all ciu-iny to
union sin, and there is but um- ciurw
b.r hmve liearte.l. level-heailcd union
men to puisue with liim mid Hint is to
lake him by the gollgl* nml drop him
mining Hie scabs he loyll lo well.—
Horanton inauitruu News.
Choice creamery butter received regularly .rom the Hed Kiver Valley
Creamery, Manitoba, by Agnew & Uo.
Good label printing at Stunden   I'nnt*
I ing company.
•J*ublishcd ut   lhe   .Uiuer'a   Union   Hull,;   CONDITIONS   Of    Till',   AYI'llltA-
Koaaluud, iu the interest of organized C1TK COAL MINERS,
labor   in   Uritiih   Columbia. I —
During  Uie  past  ten  days the eyes of
the labor world uml the public in gen*
-Itotercd   at  thc   lioaslaud,  11.   C,   post-   oni, lluve bl!(!n tllrnea towurd tUe anth.
office   for   trnnsmimiim   through   thc   ,aoito   coal     district    ot     Pennsylvania,
maile, November, 1898, ai aeooud-clasa   w|leru    everAa   hive    been   inn-sing   thin
reading matter.
A.  C.   Thompson,  Editor   and  Manager.
Office   al   M.ner'i   Union   Hall.
Payable Invariably  iu Advance.
Oae year        W 00
tin  mouthi          1 24
11.n o  month!           "5
Addrcaa all communication! to ttie In-
•duitrial World, PostoUico Box 658,
Uoasland,   B.  C.
The luduslrial World      tor sale at the
foJlowHig   news   dc|>o
Simiisou'i   Newi  ->iand.
H.   S.   Wallace'!  Slationcry   Slore.
Linton Broi.
P. 0.   Ncwi Stand.
Barr'i  Cigar   Store.
Canada  Book <x  Drag Store.
Mcilae   Urui.
King k Co.
Decretarici of all unioni are luthoru-
«d to receive lub-acriptioni for the
may yet leud lo g strike of 100,000 minora. Press ,1.'-[Mi, ii. , have laid great
stle-n upon the liutllbcr ot lueu tbat
Would be Involved in the strike sltotild
n   be authorized  by  the executive board
of the United Mint* Worken; the con-
a qui nt loss of wages to the men; Uie
lo-n t i the operators and the railroads,
und 111- iii-iviitiun aha! the itrikara' families wuuld be compelled to endure during the progress of the fight. In many
*lt>*-t Hue- tlie pres* has studiously cull*
Mated Ilie real stale ul alfair* existing
in the iinthnicilc ili-tii.-t. ami sought to
piejti.l.ee public opiniun. Through tlie
'Itspaiclic*   ut   its   special   correspondent,
Julian    Hawthorne,     the   Philadelphia
North American bits given its readers
the troth, inul it lias liecn the privilege
o.' the writer to read the reports of this
l.nrl.a. co rn anondent.
After describing tin- home of one of
tlie minera, it mere hut of two rooms,
one above the other, in which eight peril n* lited in heitit rending poverty, Mr.
Hawthorne pays attention to nnonhor
-et ..f typical miners' linme* in these
The house! had been knocked tom-Ih*
er in such careless fashinn Hint they resembled human li.il.i-.itiini. less than
sheds tor Hie acenmmndation of cows,
it ni.* pigs and nther animals. It was
not until I had entered into t-hoin thnt
1 could believe they were place*, where
n*e-i and women lived. Some of them
I'ood separate* other, were mended into each other, is one expressed it. The
ro-ns were eniptv of nil bul la-.ls nnd
.noting itove*. They were of one story
only; a few of thrm had been built bv
Hie occupants, but the landlnrd charge,
lent for the mjust the same and declined to make repair*. The crevicea between the hoards were -oft-t-n wide
enough to put one'.. linger till,.ugh
tlcni. The reo'a were entire!.- pcfrioug
t onin. and when it rained Ihe i* n.ini*
were showered out of their bed* and obliged to cower together in thc least
uniliePcr-d corner*, bul their garments
hanging exposed on peg! were nnt to he
• aved from the wetting There waa one
•hed 16 feet long and nine wide, which
wa* used e« a dormitory. On a Mielf
i'X fc*et in width, running tbe length  of
—~**■—.*■■—.---—■**™-**™*-*~***—*■*■>■•■     the   building,   were   four  mn**.-t   of   b-d-
ll„    attitude   ot    the   Nelson   Tribune.   *■•   to   accommodate   eight   oeeupnnti.
Jo luii.   paper toward  thc  move    Inr three feet  nf apa.-c extending along
ment ,.( the Labor MU—HM lor alt in* ,h <,f"°* "' ho •<«•" •"■n-'d for the ber-
.Itpcn.lenl .andi.ktle. ha. been the nth* •"•"•I «•«• "•" "■■ furniture of any
,,*, t „i some ,l,-si,..i„n throughout lhe «J»d I here were rtvo w.ndow. nn each
Jutricl. Very lew pnfSM :« under* «ds -f the room, and were closed hy
stand .1.    Mr Houston i« a I .mscnalivc   hnsnl   shutter*   running  in   grnevs.    The
miiwn ""lW-i-Ma
WhDNESDAV, SEPT 26. 19(10.
and   ll.e  Tribune  is  suiqiorling  the  tan
man vvlio .bowed me Ibis bnv-l infoi
-Jsdacv   ul    Mi     UlC.Vcill.    it   i-   usually   m*   ■■■■»   jl   ••'•"'  '' "anted  hv human  he-
«needed tha'- the nomination of a third   "><"   (J   •ummer  onlv;   in  winter  it   was
• nmli.tile      will      aid       Ml
MacNciil.   '""d   for   cows.    The    houses    of    thii
.1,.,,     Why,  than,   ll   .-   ..kcd.  does   "",,■'nh1"',,;0',,   rrnM   "'   ■''""   *!_°   {0T
-lie   li.laune io bitl-rlv  oppOM tl.e move   "w bnll. bv me tc-iipint-. lo g97.1 or
 .     .it.- H«ri.i'...:„f.i ..*.„i„„  ,t    hi.   hei'   teen   bnill   for  the  imonni     of    a
airnt.    The World' would explain  .1   tht
Mi.   II.....tun i. une ot   the il.r-ivd
vs.   politician*  in  Ihc province,    llc can
•w.   farther ahead  than   HUM!   men,  aud   »  ""■<   i-cnrd-ng aa Ihev were able to
ten   built   for  tbe  imottnt     nf
r's rent.   Tlie men who lived in then,
earned   fi-nni  111)  to S|3  a  month   lo  I"
he   ll   aliiit-t   llu-   onl   cue   who   apple
ciateB   what   the   mtui liictit    lin-an*      11
c *•   t»i*rk at  Hie mi* r.   There were «nmt'
n'd   men  among  Ihem.   and   Iheir  flit-ire
It   conv.n-.iil    that   tl   mil   mean     more   ~««   <!»'»*   hopele...      Iheir    race*   were
than the dclcai ol tbe liberal c.nd.datc   '■'"ptv   b-.ed   with   suffering  and   unhap-
Tl-o ehili'r.-ii   w**re anaemic, and
Ilr  sec. that   it   mean*  the .Ideal   ul   ll.c
I omcrv.i'ivc a»
ia.- labor man.
- a. well and lhe election oi """T of them were afflicted with attin
.P. ■ ,.e. or oU.er rnmnlaints. Thc
rau*e i< limp'v Ihey dnn't gel ennitgh
lo itv  and  therefore can  nnt rr*i*f* th.'
Ibo   appointment    ...    tbs   oommlMion .,,,,,.   ^„f  dura.,.    Neither can   Ihev   g-t
to   investigate   the   qiiesti.t tiuii.n „„,. edinitinn.   Thev are put lo work in
iiumigtat    bi    lhe   l-nnur   j..i. innuiit ||„, ,„,nr n(   jj y0nrs nld.
will,    wc   bclicit.   com    BO  "...*  that Ims-nne    a   lifetime    in   a   place    like
US   guiei nim nl     .iii.ciilv   .h-ii.e     to (.„.      ih-v   hive  not   the me.in«  In  go
■•->■   «'• ■   llnn.li   (  -Ininlnni* *,„„,.     -|*hev    .an     ban-lv    e.i-d   where
'» •''•    ">" '      I       ""-  •■"•"'• •"'•■ Ihev are.    ihe nnlv  parallel   I   kn-.w of
.... I   in   lh,-  p...une..   b.r  tl.e    .. tin* Mate   .1 Hung, i* tube found in the
atricUoti   .u   I luniH    iniiingia      '*..r ,i,,nation  cam|nt  ul   India.
>Uar»          '       ■     ..." Used  !■   move nj, ,,(K.r |,a nol   s|a.e t.i rcpruduci
iu tin.- mallei.  At  the la»» genet      - •■     „„,.. „f n,,. win bscriptive articles,
"""•   ••'    '•" "*   .i, ..pi   h.inin |„„   ib,   loregoing   i.   rcit.iuilv   -ullicicnt
I., mu   . i.tiip.   el   - .!-  promiaed  Uul t0 ,|luW tll0 condition of the antbreile
i>,   would,    it   gnen a majortl)   in   he ndnera,    whn cam (mm ifl."i tn I2u inr
"'» ■>•■ be •*•"> -i  '"  n.i   wishes ol mouth, ..r shout .vi santa per .lav
' ii-itei*    in    iiuii.h    tub. .a Editorial!*.,   Hn*  North  djnencan bai
Uiiin.a .... in* i-i**!"'-   iivend  Libetal u,.. t„ ,,.   of ,|K, ,jlun|,on, m,dcr the
niemiu.. .i.i.   relumed l. ythe .i..!..* •», ,,,,„,„ „, "n,,, nurm of the Minei":
lin-.   I.....*   r.p-r.ic.1,1    i.*.|.iesicl   Mr. •*,..  jn|,n„   (Uwthornc'e   deanripUona
->"> In ii..* North American   of   tbo endi-
lions   under    w huh   the   anlliiai n.i   coil
Ti.it..-.--*   live   must   shock  every   man   and
Ot      iyiii|*.*itliv
rt. i  narion hai pa Mid, bul not until
mother cis tinn  wai m s gli* ditl he c.n-
htaual with  Un* queslmii.  vital to   woman   who   i"   caimble
lhe  mien-sis ui   the  pi... in. c     Iheii. in Wl||,   auditing    (rllnw nrrattirei.     Thew
•ttad id  the lata,  head  Ui  pronused  it miner",   who.   With   their   tiimlies,   exut
waa in. r.*a*cl  tu flW.    I his he Ihongh o0   mictuscopio   incomes    and    dwell   in
#vii.|   sai.sly   the   .la.       NOW    it     i» shells nane lit   for cattle, aro practical-
luuml  Uul   Un.   pallu   .... ..-a-.*    .-    u-i |   tinnier lile sentence* with hard  lalior.
s.ilh.icut   to hold  the vutris  in line     A They are ptisoticrs of poverty, who have
ronim.'.iHii   is   appointed   lo   investigate *.*, mnute.l   no  crime,
lu quMlJon, a qUMtloi  Wbdh necils nn UnalllBM   I"  businca»,    of  course,    but
in.-stigatiun.     Ibe    iuiniiiiB*i.iri     might „tj||   onc   ^ho  is sensitive  would   rather
*l«nd     years     ......l.giting   an.l    wuuld g   rw0nch   at  the  dMt  of  these  hapleaa
ksrn     r.t.th.ug      that     .*    lm'     alieady hemg.,     who    endure    t-verything   iint-l
kaowa.    Thl < hlneM ll Bllng  m  ind i|,ey are piuhed  by misery to sink- for
ihe iieopie ot tit., province *...   ihem ,,-■,.„. „„,,.,. pennlM la reward ol killing
hSM   "Hi       lh''      •   ill   x,n-  .-.niin.".... ,0,|,     \,la>  wh.n  |h(,y do ante Xney arc
trill  Im* able I..  Ion.    ind  (In*  reasons ,|,ot down, for it is society's duty t.i it
•or keeping iiu... oul have I..... dinged .,|,  t,. prsssrvs putdia ordar,
lata   M.mir-    san   (ol     Ibe    |hisI    bv.* Were   businc***-   nut   so   IriMpienUy   di-
I,.,   rspurl   nl       lu    ■ •nuni-.iiin.   bul    In
ue   tim-   tt    l«   nnd.     -h-    .list......   mil
In-  ...»  and   tor  another  live  year-    he
n,it n..t  b.ve ... trouble hlnsstl  sbnul  n,    \\T   Uawttwrm    photograpii.  men
u     lhe  Sppointmenl   ol   lbs  lOMMlnlon   jenial   to  lowly   brethren   of   everyth.ng
i.miy political Irick, tun wlllnnl
-ateh Many ...it. In Un* piovlnca lis
•lector, can -■•   that  Ho* government  .■
witiili having in life, .urli ilegnulnt ion
l.i.i.t.i.i bring* to a level of living thit
rUnk-   tlK-n.   with   animals,   which   work
Smoke   Crown    (Irani
Cigars,     blue
Something  to  Talk  About.
Those I'.'l.OO suits for 113.50 and $17.25
suits for 110.75 at llol-itr.nl k Wright's.
Morris k Crow sell high class label
cigan. Their Cuban dgari all bear tho
Spanish union label.   Try one.
High or low rut shoes, but only high
quality ut  McNeills'..
We sell good clothing cheap, hut will
not sell cheap cloihing. Holstead &
American federation of Labor  Platform.
1. C-ompulsory education.
2. Direct legislation, through the initiative and referendum.
3. A legal work day of not more than
eight  hours.
4. Sanitary inspection of workshop,
mine nnd home.
5. Liability of employers lor injury
to health, body or life.
0. Thc abolition of the contract system
in  all  public works.
7. The aboltlion of the sweating iyi-
8. The municipal ownership of itreet
cars, waterworks, gas and electric plants
for the public distribution of light, heat
nnd power.
9. The nationalization of thc telegraph,
telephone, railroads and  mines.
10. Thc abolition of thc monopoly system of land holding and substitution
therefor a title of occupancy and uie only.
11. Hepeiil of conspiracy and penal
laws afl'ecling seamen and other workmen incorporated in the federal and itate
laws of the Uniled States.
12. Thc abolition of the monopoly
privileges of issuing money and attbstitut-
ing therefor a system of direct issuance
to and by the people.
Eric, Pa.
National New Era,  3pr:;:gficld, Ohle.
The People's Paper, Santa Barbara,
Tho  Eagle night, Qreenvp, Ky.
Nebraska Socialise, 1515-17 Chicago
•treet, Omahl, Neb.
|..Electric Laundry.!
• ■
■ - You do not have to patronize - ■
* * ..
Chinese Laundries.
dood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
I T. W. GRAHAM, Proprielor. J
■ ♦♦♦»♦♦ ♦♦>*>■♦**. ■»♦♦♦*>■■♦■♦♦ *****
Washington Bt.
ll ,.*. .'. Walton, l-ropti.tors.
Al.i. Tin: m i i, ., ii .. oi   Til. 8I.ASON.
Papers  That  Should   Be   Kcud.
We would be pleased to have everybody read the Industrial World, but i
you feci disposed to uo so, we want yoi
to read some other good socialut paper,
lien is a list you can chnose irom with
tbe certainty of getting something good:
Appeal  to Rcaaon, Uirard, Kansas.
I' I velum,    I -i.pi.illt y.    W ash.
Sociil Democratic Herald, 126 Washington itreet, Chicago, li.
Coming Nation, Huikiii, Ware Co., Ga.
(lass Struggle, San cranciico, Cal., 117
Turk strict.
Social  Gospel,   South  Jamesport,  N.Y.
The Farmers  Review,  lionham, Texas.
Co-operator,  Burley,   u asn.
Living Issues, Salt ukc City, Utah,
02  1-2 Richards street.
Critic. Rich Hill, Mo.
The Pcople'a ress, Albtny. Oregon.
The Haverhill Social Democrat, 25
Washington street,  llav.-rhill,  Masi.
The Tuiler, Terrc Haute, Ind.
Tbe Social Forum, uoom 311 I nilj*
Building, Chicago, 111.
Light of Truth, 305 30, North Front
street, Columbus,, Ohio.
Thc Altruist, 2711 riauklin avenue. St.
Louia, Mo.
Hot and Cold Lunches
The Place lo gel the Best Meal in the City
l*i..i.il.t Betvice.
Meali L'.'t Cents antl Up,
-I «*IK«K»^fc<iV^^»^ls|Kl*<h«*«***
Linton Bros.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
I Linton Bros.
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
]'.. . . . , . . ,*;
The Central.
Just See Our Prices.
113.75 iuit lor    m a   I Ul
*1.«.50 suit  for     110.00
(10.50  suit  for       110.50
Boyi'  Tweed  and  Serge  Suiti.
Some nf tne Unci   have   been   entirely   cuoscd out, but we have enough left to
*iliafy thc most lastidioua taatc.
Men's Tweed, Serge nnd  Vcuctiun Cloth
«2I.OO  iuit   for       tlbbb
SI7.25 iuit  for      (10.7.1
tlf.bll suits Iur     SH0.5H
Hb.bO iuit  for       llO.im
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$11..85   suit   lor       $ 7-n
$10.0(1  iuit  for      $5.75
$1150   suit   l..r         11.20
Our overcoats go at the mine reduced
I.* cloned out.
$1.25 suit for
$0.75 suit for
-.".im iuit for
$3.25 suit lor
$5 50 iuit  for
$2 50
11 M
prices,   aa  every  piece  ol  clothing  must
II.   mil    . rn.  ..••tinn* no"   from    vt.rte-l     Irom    Christian     morals      men i
would lie ailiimcil In look their neigh- |
bon in lhe lac* while their pot kela j
bed dividends dirivrd fiom such p.-iniiv
fnnre in earm-i   in  it*    Intention    I"   i„r „i. and eat and beget  their kind and
rneel   lhe  wi«ln-*  "I    Ihi  l«"ple  "I   l*H   have no hope.
province   in   tin-   maiter  ll   the   i
lime than it bai been  il IB]  thM luth*
..st.  /
r.lil inm \l.  ' l.ll'PINl^.
'•|»h* i. .1   lib".*   g"   into  polltlrsr   i"k"
,.i  e*.. nng-.   v...  mi   Lv  snv    means,
(III   a  laboring  man   wants   i'   a  tiromi*-
In.m   Mm   wily   polilirilM   and   a   clian.e   era  offered   lo aiibniil  the  entire  mater
lo   ho. I   Is-eati**  it   i*   n.v-r  fulfilled    If   In   lhe   arb.lralinn   of   disinlen-ieil   par
I I.a Iheie wrctch-a. rnslnveil by Iheir
material needs, should strike is not so
rrmsrkab'c as Ihat Ihey ihould so long
have refrained trom striking. Their
state is no- only nn indictment nf the
humanity of the mine-owners, but a
shame lo the rich commonwealth ot
Ihc olH.en uf Ihe I'niU-d Mine Work*
l.,...r   *!..t'.''l   in.    "' HUM   il   mWil
k-t what ii wanted, ">•! than working.
m.n would be *.. lurprlsed tl.ev wouldn't
kn-w what ta do SI Joseph, Mo., I-a
!► r I nmn.
tn a .lin  tit- ..tl.r bai not  been accepted
Bt    hi- writing.
Kverv union m.n i* a l..iv-i Ile pithsr
lain inn* n (OOdl or h- lniy« no., uni-n.
itnntir s.ihnis.le aili.le* If he di«-«
lh- lalici, he earn-" h'« m..n. v !.. Ihe
support   ul   icabs  md  other   unlaii   m*"    nt. u w cut  luck
The li g Iron anil steel worksfi' slrike
nt  Wilmmglnii.   Del.. I.a* been  Inst,   I h-
w.ige- ot pnddlen wan luducad from $i
tO *.1 a ton I qua.ter nf Ibe grub wa.
1 I  • ii   From   Hie   "full   dinner   pill"   and
llu* icikei* wen* informed ihat if Ihev
• 'll not go ink to their jobs the mill
would  lie iv-.a |..| a. n  scab plant.  The
Lots of Lots
Lots and Acreage
Property for Salet
Those   wishing to  buy  desirable
lots in any of the Railway Additions,
or acreage  near the  City, Garden
lands, Fruit Farms, Chicken ranches
etc., are requested to call at our City
We have some very fine residence
lots, which, during the next  sixty
days, wc will offer at prices and terms
none can object to.
Come and let us show you what
we have.
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
(or. Third Ave. -ind wishin^ton St. opposite Jted Nt. Depot
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks nnd Vancouver.
RETAIL MAKKKTS  -Knsslaml, Trill, Nelion, Ymir, Kailo, Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Ore nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Oamp McKinu.iy, Revelitoke,
+ Ferguson and Vancouver.
I Fish.'Gaine and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds T
t WM. DONALD, Mgr. Roaaland Branch. X
II Sale, ll Sun;, B Sale.
t*JiN ORDER to clear some remaining lines of
_|| Summer Goods we have began an Autum Sale
/-*^ tfhich includes Men's Fine Clothing, Underwear, Hats, Shirts Ties, Shoes, etc. The prices in
some cases have been marked dowu below actual cost
and in all cases far below the regular values. Thc
goods offered are new, were well bought aud of thc
latest patterns.
We will cheerfully refund your money if you
find our goods not as represented.
Men's shirts reduced to 25c; Underwear 50c
per pair.
******************* 4+4+44++++*+'** ********44****4**4
\\... Fresh Green Vegetables... |
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
ii 0. M. FOX & COMPANY, .
. ■  106 Kut Columbia Ave. Telephone Oft
: 'i++*+4++4++*++**4+4+4+44++*++4*+4+4+++++++++++++++++
For Boys...
Your Hoy .should h. well
clothed when you can net such
Big Values as we are giving In
„!i\ - cluthlng.
We'd like In III him out <»ilb ant
nl  Hi* *•   nice   suits.     Thev   ars   ms.la
with heavy MMM lo slant! hard knock...
and itr .n.i. shir and *ti h.h and wcr*
|ust   t'U.t.litt 1I...1
Look at Them.
V. V. BOX SO- tii 1: i'IIP nhs **
Special Attention Glv.n lo Mall Orders
• Stunden Printing 60.
134 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. 6.
m ii»Mlim»MMMMtMMMM
1 ThoSa Emlbletoini, ii
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the miner
- - Wants to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries aud Provisions at Lowest j |
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of thc City.
> ♦■■«■»■» ♦■*■>■*■>♦ ••! #»*>*<* t II IMM MMM MMMMM <»■*■♦♦
Read The World WliUNKSDAY.     bcpt.  Mltll,  1900
Hike Early  was Put Out In the
Third   k'l.uiul-A  Hard
Andy King, champion featherweight ot
lirit.sh Columbia, whipped Mike Early,
champion featherweight ot New Vurk,
m thc third round ut the International
theatre Alonady night Kuriy if anything,
il a cleverer boxer Uiun King, and is a
aplcndid dodger tying, however, proved
tbe best lighter, harder hitter aud the
alrouger of the two. In the'tirst muni
honor! were about even but King wus
evidently taking the measure of Ins i
uiun. A short time after tbe second
round was sturted King Blruck Karly I
■Willi tbl right over the heart, break,ng
out u[ liis rib. und Irom Uml lime
ou till the end ul tin- light be hud things
bis own way. and be wits ubie to Int
hiirly where and when be pleused. At
Ibe end o! tin* sciniiit it wua lhe gong
thul saved Kaily, lor he could nul huve
gut up before lu* would bave been counted out lli. Mcondb in.in.ii-..i to pull
liun together bur tin- (bird round, but*
in w.i*. groggy, und King kepi punching
bun uu tbt- juu und nc,k and knocking
Iniii down till lie could no longer cotu-i
to time. l.i.'. however, wus us* guiue ll
con hi be und took his medicine like a
man. -i
ll was 10 o'clock when King entered
the nng uct-oiiiiKitiicit by Ins traineri,
I'd i ut: uud Jack Allan, King wus in
.be {i.iik ul .-until!nm and looked itrong,
determined and cunlidiiit. King weighed
V—-ipounds. A iiH.iu.'iil litter Kurly came
il rough ilu- ropes accompanied by 6inil!i
iiii.I Vt iii.iiii hh seoontbi. l.'nrly *
■wiigbt was lit! pounds, but he looke.t
aligbi und Hud when computed to King.
Karl) - shoulders uu- narrower tbait
King s nnd In* biceps and lorcarm ilight-
cr, und il was evident to the km.tun.;
ones at ibe ringaidl that Batty wan over-
Jack McArtlinr was retcrce, Nelson
llurritt ..Hi. i.il time keeper, while Percy
w ilktn.on held the watch for Karly ind
l liarlea   II. pi*  Iur  King.
hirst Round. I In* men lul.lied lor in
opening .Karly b-d and .lodged King -■
oountcr and they chin bed Karly let!
und landed anil King swung In- nub*. t«r
iiu head, which Karly ttodged and came
up under King's let'-, arm. King ..... ur*
cl   u  strong  arm   Imld  nn   Karly h   neck.
ami the nicer.* made then break iway.
Karly Ini und luttdt-tt un Kings mouth.
K111-; iii>-*is| iIn-.*.- bard uithi and left
swings, und July's i-leveiness in dottu-
tug made the crowd cheer vocilerouily.
King iandeti in- icti. King reached tli->
ni-ck wub an apparent «.ti. hii left uml
missed a right band -riving. 1 here wer.*
Hum in Ibis rotiu-l Whin King aecme.l
|.u/rlt.| Ity tin* iievcnii-s uf the New
\olkti*       and        be       seemed     tu bo
a*. MB. Knli landed un the kidney
wilh Iii* It-It and King minuend savagely, llu-)* were clinched when the
gong MUimicl.    1 tic crotvil tbiiuglit Esrly
hau iiuiie well .md iiu-1  applauded and
cecum aged   bun   by  ones  ul  "Vou'n  111
right   Kaily,''     fin  in   ami   win       King*
nu*..il.    Has   f.iciMntg   but   iKiuors    hcic
«l.< in t nu ui tin* itiund.
*■ i   Hound.   King    inul    evidently
gol    the   New   Vttil.tl  *    ini.i-llle.   .....I   il *
a*,,nli.I in lit ru.h turn and then tirtr
a writs ut hot mixups and iliiielic*. Km :
landed I light ban.! punch over the right
age.    l-uli    WB!   varj    clever   in   lhe   in*
tigiitiug aad -u.leaded lor ubuui bait a
lulliute ill holding tits own itguiusl III.
alruiigt i aiilagon.al I inalli tally lcfi in
o|vuiiig .ind King -iii lu a .Hung right
b.i in I i until i,ter the lit-niv which broke
in* ut Karly'. ribs. I tu* New Yorker
weul to Ibe floor, and us tsiuu as be
I....* liv was knocked d.iwtt again altbougu
be luugbl uilii lhe de-peiali* energy u*
a man working agit.n-l B strong tide.
King was list stiuiig I..i bun and fit* Ml
km.snl down 'ix iiiues lor thc hist
ilm. I.nu-s he got on In* teal willtu.
iiuee or iniu .cm mid*, but taking the
ai'iuc ul bll is-..tuts he itiiunted on 11.*
t<iu. three dines unlil tlie rctcrev bad
is.uni..I light. King Uud rignt an I
ieil b.uitt smug* and jalis ami u|i|s*rcut.
to put Inm out, and kept landing, litis lly   .. link blow Mat K.uly d"wu, but
boon   tbe iMeiaa had oouatad tan m*
gttlg   BBa suUtnled and  In*  IVB! ..ulietl   Ul
i.i oorner by his aaoonda. Iiu*y mas
and   ." patch  htm  up In  tin- minute oi
lime allowed «o lhal hi waa able to go uu
wm. li.e enutan  ... Iha tiurd raund.
t...itl   Bound,   ib.*) ii'i'iie.i ....<i Mug
le*   go   Ins  lelt   and   Karly    went  dowu.
v\ i • i. the rciei..* had cotuaad MVan hi
aius. Karly itruck oul mattiully Willi
bl. right and bit, but be »im au groggy
(hat hr is.uld du .... harm. King knocked Karly down thrcu tunc- and when he
•teas* be waa nuni.iiicly at, bis mere)'.
King swung a lixhl baud mu.i-Ii lo lh>.
Uu* and Kaily went lo giusn ami was
ccuiiit-l oul b> the rcic.ee llc wai cat*
it..I lu hu corner by his second*.
Thin- wai a pn-limin.uy three round
bout between I 1 i ml and Thomas
Dan*. Davis waa sadly overmatched,
aud was so near oul at the end of Ihe
'i.u.I round that his seconds had lu aaaial
Inm lo Ilia comer. Cull was Uie larger
ol the two and unintentionally struck
Daws a lillle harder than be lining!*, be
lliII Vt Illinois issued a challenge ou
Itib.iil ui fl Cull to William l-cll, uttering tu defeat the latter in six luiiud*
tin   fib .1 tide.
Ill l-.ll at tin* MUM lui wai.I and an*
nillli.nl   Ibal   be   would   lint   wu   to   llio
trouble ui n.lining iur anything Ism than
glVU a »ide Ihc winner tu lake the gate
n.. ipi*. lie wai lulling provided a
*coule«t MUM I"' airingetl. lo meet Mr.
tull   ...  tin.*.*  weeks  al fi   tin-  UtlelM  ut
ni'iiiy. The bride wus arrayed In I very
pretty and becoming ooitume, udorned
ly .briilul veil und wt'ciilli of orange
bin-Mini-, uml wus presented by Mr.
Ctiiiiiuighuiii. Mr. I humus Duvis acted
us gio nnsiiiuti, while the bride was sup-
ported by her niter, Win Urinle Oran,
and Xiliss JoJtiibiin. After the cei-cmuny
llio wedding party enjoyed uu cxcellpnt
wedding brcaktusl, ul wlticli tbe kind
hostess, All's. Cmiumglittm, pvMldld with
lln- ulmusl gciuulity unit grucc. Mr and
Mrs. lltiyca will make Iheir home in
lioHsluiiU. Iter. Ueorga li. Mcrdeu offi*
ciated. |jj,
laord  and   Lady Minto Send Tbeir Per-
sotiitl Aekuowledgements lo Uie Muyor.
Alayor Cioodevc tius received a personal
litter lrnin tltc private secretary of the
guvei-niu- generul tliatiking him personally lor tlte kindness tlu-y hud received
at his bauds during tlit-ir lulc vUit to
tills cily, The letter was acromputtied
tiy u couple ot framed photograph! which
were respectively inscribed with the i
logreplii, ".Mmln, 1000,". and *".Mary
Mmln.  WH).    The lc*t vl Ike "letter is
17th Sept., 1IHK)
Dear -Mr. Uoodeve: - I lm desired by
tlie (ioveinoi Ileiii-nil to eviid you Iheir
excelleniics photographl under sepurate
cuver as n small recollection of u very
pli'i.siiui visit nu.l your kindness and
Io himsell .m.i L.uiy Minto at
1 urn, ynurs very trulv, |Sd.)
Sir    llibbert
l'irst   (Jun   in
Fires   the
ituccs cn Sunday.
A race lias been arrunged fnr Suniluy
nt-xl al lhe Sunnyaide track between
Karuo-t Kennedy's General Sleptoc and
Mr. It. 1.. Dinkartl's Miss Miller. The
dislniiie is Iwu ami it l.i.lt lutinngs, uud
the race i« Inr I'-lsi a slru-. i-w-o or threi
t.iiici races ure being arranged, nud they
will be uniiouuccU lute iu the week.
Vancouver, li, ('., Sept. 24.—(Special.)
—Sir llilibert opened the campaign for
tbo Conservatives in Vancouver tonight,
linliliiig mi audience which packed the
city hall br three hours with seurcely
un interruption. He referred at Icnglli
to the many broken pledges of the Liberal pui-ty, particularly to I.nurter's notorious pledge mude in u telegram to J. 0.
.MeKugun in 1MKI, tbat "the Chinese
question was not a question in the east,
and tbat the views of the Liberals of
•British Columbia would prevail with bim."
In spite ct this pledge, that a Philadelphia liiwyer could nut net around, there
must be writtten under the promise, tlie
smile as uniier all lilt* other ante-election
prnini-cH of Kauricr, Pulse! False! Pulse!
Utllit tit meaning it in a disparaging way.
Sir Henry .Inly, guide cxtiitordinary to
I.i llting Chung when in Canada, who
pad received the Chinest- order of tbe
Double Dragon, wus now lieutenant-gnv-
eiiitir ut Itrilish Colitinlbiii, nnd l.amicr
wus tic muu whom Maxwell said wus a
siutesiiion whu wns the grc.itcst living
friend  ot  labor.
'I tie ipeikir said that Ihe free trade
li*.|.y of .the government prevented tin-ill
irom doing anything else than allowing
tfu* people to buy in the cliciipest market
■"i'i -ell in the dearest, and the peril'-us
Mongolian was ehenp ennllgll in nil eon-
•ciencc. Sir llibbert bitterly arraigned
(lie government fnr ils broken promises
us to tariff tor revenue only and its
pledge to reduce the taxeg and expenses
of tlie country, criticized its railway policy and said it was the easiest thing
in Ibe world lor any man to expoic thc
1 eiliditv and bilse pretences of the I*attr-
ier  iidiniinstrntion.
The Public Schools.
Inspector W, burns ii lu the city paying nn ■ -Hi*, ml vi-st to the public acl.ooli.
He is uu u regular rouud throughout the
province, uud is taking in lioaslaud as a
pari ot   bia itinerary.
Wc Know
Of no other way to indorse our .Mot It*
inj than to put our name nml trade mark
ot it. It's just is it we *nut "Wi* warrant Un- garment to be all wool, sewed
wub silk, made of In-ttcr material*, anil
in better style than you can get anywhere
else ot the same pdice." Taylor k Mc-
To  New  Pivmisea.
Within a week or two Diniel* A
I b.mleis will move tn tin* pnrmiaM fur*
merlv Occupied by the P.icitic Ten t
ilu* linn will also put iu a large, itoek
• ti wall Ii.i|ier*. uml will .It papar hanging i. well ,i* painting and linn*!' deco
'Iiu*   (iiilu-ttiii    II..uur
tine im better reallM 'he awful cf*
ti.i* ..I the o.iiiii ui (hdvaaton, nnd
ibe icitfui lo-i uf life lecompanlng ii mi
le.ii-iung  tin-  l.irge  proportion  nl   lulled
:    lllitliy   of   the    ll.ilein.il    aalcictic*   Slid
luis.r   uuiuiui.    Uelvaetou   Typographical
l nion   ba.l  ii  membenhlp   ol    33.   ol
wliuu.   \2   lost   thltr   lives   in   lm-   storm,
nr   mole   than   unci Inn!   uf  tin*   litem!" i
Arbi.ratiirs   Award.
At Winnipeg «n Tues.l.ty Mr. Robert
Strang, the deciding athitralor labeled
tl ictlle the ipicai.iu ..I tb ( .....uli.tti
l*acilic Railway mnchuu-t-' n ig.'s, 'n
cunncct.nn with the risen! -Inke gave
Ilia  dei i*iiui  us follow-:
iiu- nun from l-'.-ri Willi.nu in Lagan
tn n ceive au iiicici-m* In pe) "I - ccnta
p. r I..nir.
The men from la.igg.in to K.iinli*i|i«,
belli points i-xi'lns.v.-ly, an.l Waal K.-tt
ei ay, tn reeaivi l ionl im ie.i-e
i'bc inch Iruin K.unloopa to \".un..u
ver. ..i  ri'i'ciie 2 cent* advam-e.
Hie   i.iits   fnr    young   men   who   nave
ii*i completed tiu-ir apprentiemhlp in
the company * simp*, nnd ill net* men
cng.iged. will be on the basis ot tho
..In .lulc hitherto prevailing, but the
tcmr "I probation will hereafter be tix
n...uih*. instead of n year, for new tnen,
ind one year, instead of two. Iur young
men  who  have  just  completed  their ap-
11. Ill us ship.
(iovernment   Ownership.
In Auslr.-iiln on gnvemment nwned
ri>ili*onds you can ride n distance of 1.0(10
miles tor WflO, first rlasi, while working-
men can ride six miles for 2 cents. 12
nii'es for 4 rents. 30 miles for 111 cents,
and workingmen recove Irom 2.T. to HO
per cent more wages lor eight hours ot
labor tlinn Uiy are naid in thi" country
f.sl 10 knurs. In Vclnria. where these
rules prevail the net income from tne
reads is snfHcient lo pay all liw federal
Inxe*. which is another ennvincine nroof
nf the possibility of government without
In lliiumrv. where Ihe rnods are alste-
owned. you ran ridir *lx miles for 1 cent,
anil since the roads -were !...iigSii by the
enwrnment the men's wage, have doubled.
Itelffiiim tells the same story—lares and
In gbt rates nil down oncliill, and
wage* doubled. *t et the roads pny *\
vinrlv revenue lo Ihe government of g4.-
ilM.im'l. In the lintel Slntes. tinder
"stcate ownership, il t* Ihe other way.
We have paid the raitrnnd!. billions in
lend nnd money, and nre nnw paying
Ib.-tii millions venrly for rarrving tne
mnil. and yet freight nnd passenger rates
nr-   an extortionate.
In tiennnnt* vou esn ride four miles
fo. 1 cent nn tlie government owned
line*. Vet waic« are over 12.1 per cent
I'ii'lu-r Ibin thev were when the corporations mined Hiem. and during the iasi
ten venr* Hie net profits hnve inn-rased
II tier rent. list venr the mad" naid
il.r Herman government n net profit of
Labor Union Directory.
Officer! and Meeting!.
Ii;-.'ls every second and fourth i net.
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month it 7:30 p.m. in Minera'
Union Hull. C. Schalm, Sec.; A.
Kerrii,   Prei.
Meete every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Uuion Hall.
A. l*eiiis, Prei.; A. J. McDonald,
MINKlu-*,' UNION No. 38, W'eiUrn
Federation of Minera—Meeti every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock Id
Minera' Union Hull. Wm. Willan,
Sec.;  W. O'Brien, Bee.
M....|.s on tbe last Sunday ot each
month at the Miueri' Union Hall. J
P. llarkdoll, Sec; W. Poole, Free.
No. 282—Meeti the lirsi and third
Tuesday ol each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty'i Hall. P. O. Box Sll. VV.'
McLeod,  Prea.;  J.  Kloman,  Sec.
W. L. U.—Meet! every Saturday er
cning at 8:30 o'clock in Miners' Union
Hull. P. O. Box 11. Paul Joffner,
Sec; George Cunningham, Prei.
Kxecutive Honnl: E. C. Fraier, Rowland; W. Davidson, Sandon; M. Kane,
Greenwood)   IT.   It.  Dimnck. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, Pointer*
and Decorator! of America—.Meets in
lleutiy'i Hall on second ind fourth
'l ti.--ti.iy Wednewiay of each month.
W. S. Murphy, pr«.; Geo. W. Sbitin,
NEWSBOYS' UNION No. 3-Meeta tn
Mincn. Union Rill on tbe tint and
third Saturday! of each month, at 0
a.m. Mike Guydotti, Prea.; Jay Bai-
ton, Sec.
—Meeta second Sunday in each month.
J. H. Plet.-her. Wretarv.
—Edward Boyce, nreiident, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vice-preal-
ilent. Virginii City Nevada; Jaraei
Maher. lecretarvtreainrer, Butte, Mon-
tana ,P. O. Box 307. headquarter!,
Room 12. Owilev block. EiiecuUve
Hoard* .lohn c. Williami. (!ra*s Valley,
Cnl.: W. D. Haywood, Bilver City.
Idaho; .lamei 11. Furey, Butte. Montana; W. N. Burni, Onrav, Colorado;
('lis*. H. Moyer. Lead City, South
Dakota; Chris Folly, Roialand, Britiih
•lamci Wilkei. prea-dent. Nelion:
.linn" Devine. vi-e-prenlrnt, Rna*land;
Alfred  Parr, iccretiry-triniurer, Ymir.
Every IY ember ol
Organized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
Tie Fast Line.
Satcat and Best.
Solid   Viwtibule.1   Trains.    Kleotaie
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Obaerva-Uon  Can,
Pullman   Palace  Can,
Klegant Dining Can,        "^ .
Modern  Day   Vn&ehee,
Tourist   Sleeping   Care.
I hrough   lickeU   tO  all   pointa  la    th.
United  Statee and  Canada.
•Except)   Sunday.        Ti-yt  our   Electric
K.  W.  RUFF,
Agt. R. M. Hv.,  Rowland, B.C.
J.   W.   HILL.
General Agent, Spokane, Walk.
As-t. Gen. Pan. Agent,
Portland,  Oregon.""
o One year, $2.00
j! Six Months, - - - -$1.25
Addreu All Communication!
IndUStrifll        t None Beuer-    Solid Vestibuled
J J     Trains,    Palace   Dining  and
AA/atIH >> ObaervationCars. Meals
WI Ul IU, l\ _ L, Carta. ^^^
  Direct connection at bt, Paul, wttlout
Rossland    -    -    -    B C. (i|•*•■•'  °'  ""P0*. "'t*1 »u   *■—1  tor
' JI Utucago,   loronto,  Montreal,   New   Xom
.          ] 1  and all pointa weat and aouth.
X-*Ml-v*l*Mt>*^*/Jl>*^'*VJl>*^1' I    Clo-ee connecUon ent and not bouna
~ —' Spokane  > alls k Northern Railway.
__^^  .____________-.!    aaaVtm  Spokane  daly   for   Halt  11:IS
************************** | a.m.
Lmvm  Spokane   daily  for  Went 7:30
..l:..H.-.K Hl'NK. Miaagvr.
Tba Only Transfer or KxpreM
Company In Rouland that will
Deliver your Trunki lor 2.") cli.
eeclt    Three daya storage Ire*.
Union Printing
*-i--*.i .1 facllitlc* Inr protludng Ihf
h*r«t I'rmtlnf Iur traJr« I nlnm and
■M-.rrl   •»..•. tr ilr*      I  tiKHMn*{y |>i»tur. J,
Scalt and Hubbrr Sump*.
Queen Cigar Store.
Tmim.iM   yi
MeArthur k Ilarprr'a. thc New
Store, is thc place for thc miner to purchase  his blinkets for thc winter.
If     M I.* Columbia A... H«i"land. B.C.      ■*
I Grand Union \
a.m.     .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Weat bound traina make dinot con-
nrctiun for Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and all point, on
the Sound.
During tbe eeaion ot navigation Eaat
bound traini connect at Duluth witb
the magnificent steam.nips North Wc-
and Northland, of the Northerw
Hlcann-hip company line opented in coo-
♦ neciion  witb  the Gnat  Northern Kail-
I way.
+ 1    For   further  Information,   mape,  fold-
X  Ma, etc., apply to any agent ot the   Spo-
♦ | kani   F.t Hi k Northern   Hallway,  Kaalo
♦ k  Sloeaa .uailway, Kootenay Railway k
*>, >'..! :,*ation   (kintpany,   or   to
t        F.  I. WHITaVEY,
♦ l.encral   I'aaacnger   and   Ticket
Agent, St.  Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane, W ud.
Male and   Female  ('ue.-rnes.ci.
(i'i i Birl chick and -1 e "miles; call
i woman a lien and 'be howls, fall a
votiiiir woman a witch and sin- is pleased:
call nn old woman a witch and she la
Indignant. Cl! n vnunv eiri a ktltcn
and she rather likes it: call a woman a
eat   .ml she little, ton   Women are queer.
If yuu call i man u irav dna it -mil
il.iti,*-r liim* enll hini .i pint, i hniind or
a cur. and he will try lo liter llu- imp •■'
vour f.iee, Ile ilnem't mind beiiur railed
i bull ur a bear, and nl lie uill nbtert
11 lieinn mrnlitinei! a. | eat! nr A cub
Men nre queer.
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
Pacific Ky.
M* I rKBFII I.U HB..S    11. .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
agreement were signet
_,.*....._.     _^     He  »«s  iu  nn
.edition to meet Cuff until alter he had
bien trained and put iu such condition
tbat he cuuld do credit lo himself and
hi*   liienda.
Mr. -i.i.bl. on behalf of George Wash*
ing'.on Brown, offered to put up a for-
ei'. ol llu, and statist Hint there was $40
mere to be odded to fn ss part ol thc
alnkc" [or a glove conle-i with MeKiti*
ley, the colored champion o! Trail, 'll.c
■lcfi wu" in'I taken up, but it ia said to
in   probabll Ihat  it will  be.
A  Wedding,
Ihe home nl .Mr. and Mr*. P. dunning.
bam on l-.ail atrcet wns tlie scene of a
verv piettt ceremony Mouilii! innruinu.
w'lii iu the |iii-Hcnre -,| u pleasant complin oonniting »t the Intimate friendi
>.i tbe cuntr.iiiuiu partlei Mr. John T.
Il.iy. s, piopnetur ol thl I'ullmnn cafe.
thll nit, sml .Miss Jennie J. J. Cran
wen- united in  thc  bonds of bnly mntri*
See thc prices Empey Broi. ire -ell-ni
im u * clothing for.
lilt. -JAM AQA1H,
Deep l_ai.l   I'P't to Defriud the Govern-
ment  in   Vancouver.
Vincouver, B. C, Sept. 24.-(S|ieciil.)
h I*., lllackmnrc, a local racing cyeliet
collided this alternoon al thc corner of
It.chard and I'or.lutu streets with an unknown wumiin, age.l about l.'i She was
Mined tu the li.ai-i.it.il. and Blackumre
was aire-tell tor inr. u* riding. Ile was
• iiei on iclei-eil on bail. At 7 o'clock
tonight the Woman died without ever
ictl.iiiung consciousness. She il ilill un
known, and all etlnrb. to identity her
line an lar been unavailing. She bid
Men fldlng a wheel, and had Just di.
in..nine.I when young Blackmnre itruck
her. She d.ed Irom ccmcuuton oi thc
A deep laid plot to defraud thc Dominion government developed thla alternoon
in thc police court examination ol 11'
i.ipin.-e charged with falsely swearing
that they were properly entitled to be-
...in.. Units!) subjects, having been residents of llritish Cnlumtna for four years
It wm proven that Japmeie contrictor
hi.I obtained the nnturalir.atinn papers
anil litrwnrdeil thein to Japanese in their
employ and tie' Intier .11-1 not even know
Whit tbey were, line Japanese never
even landed Bn Vancouver, llc TCI transhipped direct tn Skeena river up llio
.oust, and having received Ins papers two
months later nnd not knowing what they
meant, the charges were withdrawn and
warrnnls will be inuied at once for thl
irrest of tbe otlcnding Japanese contractor
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing advertisers the privilege of
examining circulation books and records.
The World's advertising columns arc liberally patroni/.ed by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
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Tha K-ris-t ol Wine*, laionon and
I > mi.-'t.i* and Imported Cigari.
Finsly Furnished Rooms.
***************** 9 III11fl
Vou -mnl a fjib*"    ; - -  ai-til f»w»l»I   *
t*i* brat *   **\*U* ftv.ltyv  '
{("Imperial Limited"
Servi. e for the year 1M0 will be commenced JUNE 10th. T'he "Imperial
Limited" take, you arrnu the Continent in lour daya wiibou ctmn.*.*
It a i solid vc.lil'ulrd train, luxur
ittusly equipped with every possible
e-aarntial lor the comfort and convenience of I'asarngers. A-M your
Irtrnili who bave travelled on' it, or
A. O. P. A.
Vancouver, II. ('.
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Union Cigars'
tlomrslK I'tl-mi UltlUgi
VriM-la. tarn Mm  ttr  OtlM
InpoMnOihav rmmi i^b_ __
!*»»•■ I'I Cot on*. Aft*, ana lhidra.O«k>H   7
] mm Fails 4 mum.
Nelson da Ft. Shepoard Ry.
"~~; i Red mountain Railway.
»11 »irat<  Ull     £
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
'lhe  only  all rail   route    between   all
 _. _. i   pointa ea.t, wait and south lo KoaalkSJ,
The Queen Cigar Store  %  ,Sel«.n and ill intermediate po ola   con
netting at Spokane witb tbl Ureal
Northern, Northern Pa it c and vi it
k N   Co.
Connect! at Nelion wilh eteamere foe
Kaalo and all Kootenay lake pointa.
I onnrcte at Myer'a rail! with itaga
dady lor ttepubitc, and ooonceta at
Hoaahurg witb ilage daily lor lined
Fork! aud Greenwood.
Effective July 22,   U00.
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10:30 a.m.
Si okanr
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11:10 p.m.
Ntaht Train.
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se*  pm.
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10:00  pm.
Una land
* .tn a.m.
Oeneral   Paaaenger Agent.
E.  W. RUFF,
,  Agent.
lioialand, B. C.
. . . Union-Made J
*y*9*4***49*44**949****9*4r i
I Houses and Lots;
Porcelain Baths
I'm. nisi:   M..M.1   mm    ni    Pan. ,»,
i.y M..-«tiliv Imhilmisis,        *
. . . Apply to . . .
[ John Y.Cole
a .Tl Columbia  Avenue.
| Brldgford & Merring, |
M | lt   *\- *     ti. -el I-. t *1nm1p'*
** AAaaAaaaaAaaaAAaAaaaaaaaa
Who''**"    ■»■'» HMall ^^^
l-smts. (Mi*. \arnnh*s Hrnahra, V*all
l.n-h and (*alnlrr« **uppll*a. Orders
tat ■ n ff.r fapcrhanfflnf and Orcarating
( * wntl mnfr Iianlr* tn Chair'*"*
t>    . V \- p   iindi r Potnini' ii
|ti'"l'n   s -fiffii-f      Ti Uphiitif   > THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WICDNKHUAY       Sept.   .tub,   IHO
Probable  Reconstruction   of   the
Cabinet After the elections.
JHew lork, Sept. IM—A despatch to
tbe Tribune Irom l. n.loii .ays: Lord
Sal sbury's luitiiilesto is remarkalble lor
tbe iii.uiili'.stiti .11 ot style and argument.'
Uve lorce. It i-onlia-la strongly with
Air. Chamberlain'! Birmingham speech,
• hull is opt'U lo cntici-in lor (nulls ut
luali*. .Mr. C'bu ni .11*. 11 evidently uhucd,
however, at dialling the lire ol tue iiudi-
ta.a ami tatting tbeiii talking uboul
.*-i.u:h Atnca, and m this way h* ped to
atvt'll tbe Luminal maJoiitiCBt lhe air ia
besvy iu lite j.o.iit. ul i-lubs \\*itli rumors
ol cabinet cling.*,. .Mr. lio-chen's re-
:uii.t*iit from the admiralty is now re-
gauled us a turegoni conclusion, since
i: i heulth i- i.i-ukfii and he is weary
ul olbcial reap -nitbUltibl and canuoi be
induced tu rHUlia at bis pusl. l.-n J Saba-
t.uiy, who QOUildefa Old age a pool excuse lor relucineut, is reported to be
great y annoyed by .Mr. li. adieus deter-
ii.i;..iii-oi to aoauduu utlk-c, -out will be
i.o.,ti to im.i a successor lor lhe admir-
i.ty.    i..ia   ..... i...iI.. -  unuru ul the
■u.  uUice wilt Bleu  bs sU.il, bul he will!
nut   leave  Uie  cabinet.
I...nl ftuli.l.uiy. lelaliuns with Kurd
i. .n-.ii urn* ar* nu -i lutuuate, and be la
uul couviucc-u lual any cuauge iu tin
na. uince u ivi.uiic.i. It in iitluriueu
i. * ., wbu gniw wual is guiug uu bull.ud ihu acci.c*, asacil thai Lord Saits-
i ... , «lu-ii lutuau lu ...i.mi Dial lhe
uig.c ut tue *..tumult legume a ucw
head iur the Ml unite since tin* military
iiu.gaituauuu .* uviameu aa lhe Ural
." is ol tlie u.-xl parliament, lhe nulla-
ter ot Lord USnasSVni lu the lureigit
oil.I-.* will tie ui.ut*. Ibis it io. Uaa
uien preUliu.i t.y leading nicmuers ol
me .1 pl"in.i.. service, who have ii-a-on
ed Irom tne intimacy ul the two stales
farn mat I. ... --....-tuny will Be likely
iu cnooae I. i.i i.iii-du .in* as his -io
iraso. lit t e imeigu ..in... Hi- Irani-
ier would Iran. Mr. iijii..i.i I.odi-r of the
toiuuious, when uii ud Tone, are uol
ready to take ordcra from Air. t ham
ici.jiii. the iiouil u ul llu* uar ulhcc
I. generally vuu.eilid Ui Air. Chamberlain
oa the giound tost hi is lhe unly nnun-
iii with sun..,vi,t join ul .haraclrr and
...uii..i.iiai.i. au.aty tor carrying out
tar-ieachiug rr.nu. in in. military »yi-
tem. tbe irloruu-i**, however, arc uver-
lea.ous wheu uuy aasume Uiat tue
ruM-igenr) rei|uinii the services ut Mr.
I liaiubcilsiii at im* my other and Kurd
..b.ii- ii . inn. .lulu ii-.ni.i aud Lord
nil.Inner aa adjutant general. In.
nm -b army must >. ,n a bad way if tin*
. uuiiut.aiiuu ul au much laleut u in
One ul the Itrahr.l  lutuols iu   the air
p una   lo  auuiiur   ueld   ul   activity   for
Air. ihainiKiiun   this ii tbe report tbat
Su- Hi ha. I   ll>, k. Ueacb as  wcU aa Mr.
t,.-.hen la Weary ol urtii-e and bent upon
utuiug Horn the lai.uui.    li  thi. rumor
be   wed   |..und.*.|   .Mr.   Cliaiubctiaiu   may
Orcoine  chaunuur "1  ll.e ex. beijuer and
Irate mr Anna .Milnrr lo Watt oul the
•itiitnieut ei jmuUi .lima.  1 hia aululiun
wuuld   dtligin   military   men,  who   know
(Bat  Mr.  caanibcrlain  .annul    ba    con-
itollcl trom Aiarr-sOot, and    poeably    it
would  tend  to  pp....uie a lacuaeilialion I
ul the wnole race m Suttln Alma, where
Ibe Hutch aro Inttrrly prejudiced agam-i
intw.  ll Mr.  Chamberlain doea net lake!
l*e war o<ii-e Heorge Wyndhant may auc*,
md   l-oru   isanaduwnr.   lie   baa   earned
ptumoliun  by  nu  dit-ating  skill, and  is
in*  nil   proinstitg  among  the younger'
tn. n  qs the Conservative aide.    The r. •
lilv.nrnl   ul   t. m,   thr   Ihlkc   uf   Devon-'
•hire, and lat.nl James is atrnnaly hinted
at  Irom  many  auui—i  ui  inlormation.    j
la.nl Salisbury, un:.., all signs lad.
MM ba lonrrd Ut reconstruct hu cabinet
•Iter  the  * e> tenia,    lit.    superannuated
• n.l a-nx-s have n»l learned Ihe secivt
.1 perennial'yuulh, nur baa i.i* hiuuell
limnd it In lis chemical laboratory at
liaibeids. Ite i. Uncnhcd *jy th.se who
liave recently eren him as mule com-,
inuniralive than ever, n b rra-.td and
weary ot pobln* lite, and as hard lo part
IMS h.« collragur-i or do anything but
tiro-d   in   alienee  about  prrpleiitie*   and
• hine*ar compliiatiinis. There is, however,
uo lark ut either power ur skill in his
e|-pe«l  tu thi c.nitlluencie..
Miss Thornleigh says that lhe burial service at sea is a most impressive one, but
it is very snd. The ship was stopped
while Hit* body ol the inlant was com
mitteil to the deep, slipped Iron) under
the pull, which, as is usual at >cu, was
'be Red Ensign.
A  Former  Rossland   Timbemnn  Is  Now
an  Army  Ol&Cir.
A letter has been received from Lieut
K. C. .Montgomery by Mr. Hugh For-
lyibe of this city. Lieut. Montgomery
was the first mini to leave Ros-!nnd for
the war in South Atricu. He was a tim-
berniiiu in Hit* War Kugle and threw up
his job and paid bis own way to South
AI rim in order that he might fight
IgUnil the Hoers. He had seen service
again*-, them belore tbat and bis feeling
Igaliial them was sn atrnitg that he determined to have a peep at tlii-m again over
tlie light! ot a gun. He left here in the
latter part of October and went to South
Africa, where he enlisted and has seen
several mouths of netive service. He Is
nutv ,i lieutenant ot tlie Irish siptadron of
Huberts' Horse. In Ibe letter, which Is
dated \ redetort, Orange River Colony,
--outli Alncn, .May Srd, WOO, he lays:
"lhe war i* about over. The Itoers wanted light and they gut nil that they de-dr-
ed. 'I ho poor fools never dreamed of
'In- power of tlie Kntpire. lt has cost us
dearly, but the moral effect on the world
will lie very great. I nm extremely lorry
lor those who lost friends in the war.
the war will wnke up our war office.
Ihere will lie a remodelling of our Royal
Morse Artillery. The men could not have
done better work, but the 12-poundCrs
are out ot dnte, but the Li-pounder li-1.1
guns are nil right. No person e:m spenk
.oo highly ol the Highlanders and tbe
lri*h regiments. 'Ibey made some glorious charges and were ns steady as rocks
when under tire. They had been era*
toned in wira In olher lands and did not
mind how hot the pure wns. Jusl think
• il it. when the Cordons made their
splendid .-barge at Johannesburg they had
been living on two hisruit' each per day
for several daya, nnd at '.hat particular
time had been all day without water.
Ol course, you have heard of the Sannns
Post convoy disaster. I was in that and
my saddle was hit and also my horse. 1
craped unhurt. That happened on
March Slit ind I cinnot My that Marrh
went ou: very mild on that occasion.
Oar regiment was the first m*.tinted inlant ry' to marrh past Lord Roberta at
ITctoria on June 9th. The Urge force
that hi! been gathered here under Lord
Rnlterts has done very good work in
subduing tha Boers, and I think any
Kurnpran nntion will think twice -before
tbry will lock horns with ua. Be sure,;
llughey, and Jet me know how things are
m Roaaland in your next. Thii country
will take some time to settle down.
11. .ni; Co.1 fnr all his mercies. 1 have
been In everything worth the riik and
yet havr a whole skin. I aecured my promotion on June HUb. With best vnshee,"
etc. ***"
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
Killed by a Train.
ai Iran <;n Sunday evening Mr. John
.".1,1...iii n.i. iii-i.intiy killed. He waa
walking along Ihe tt.uk in Dublin gulefe
when he wiu. iiriuk by nn engine and
Ml.t.l. Al. I .am was a teamster and had
barn a ic-idcnl ol li.nl tor about live
year* He had no relatives at Tn.il. The
tun. ral of the deceased took place yesterday.
v\ .*! -     I ...H,   War.
li Mcma difficult to believe Uiat uur
railway system is accompanied b more
deaths aud greater suffering than war
ii--,:. yet this cunclusiuu ll w.rninted
by the annual report ul thc Intel .late
i oiiiiiu iti t umiuisaion, says tne Liter-
ary Digest, lhe repurl de-clam: "lhe
oul number uf casuaitioa to |>crsuiui uu
accuunt m uilw.ii aindruts iu tne
I it.tr.l Mati- during the year ending
June 30th. IWO, wa. .'.1.74.1 the aggregate number of |>ereona killed as a remit ol railway accidents .luring the year
Was 7,123, and tbe number injure.! was
•H.U">i. Of railway employes. '•.'"HI were
killed .uul 'M.1K3 were injured during
lit. year covered I.y this report. WkIi
).-|sit   lu   the   three   general   classes   ol
employe.    Hit-*,*    t-a-uullU'a    were     .lit Itlctl
a.   j.tiiuiv-:     Trainmen,     1,153    killed,
-".*".'   injitr.il;   olhrr   employes,   782   lulled.  1.1,'AiK injured.    'Ilie Army and Navy
.lin i,al |sunts out thai on this t a.is   in
risk  uf  limb  among   train   men  on     the
!.*.I......I-  in   Ilie  I nitcd  States is  nearly
tt in tunes as great as among in* -uluicrs
"i Ihc Philippine
Tbe Carpenters'   Lnion.
The Carpenters' Union reporti most
griiinyiiig pin-greet. All its members are
working, aud In* outlook is good fur
continued work. Kriihiy night the union
initiated six candidates. In the matter
of securing new members this union bus
bteu most lucceulul. 	
.Miners   Object   to   being    Searched    on
Leaving Their Work.
\ ictor, Colo., Sept. 24.—Ai a result ol
au ouiioMous order, designed by tne
management te sfop the then ol valuable ore, Stratum's Independence mine
wa8 closed' down. The sui>onnlcndent
says tin* order will not be revoked under
cu ni instances.
Six other large companies have issued
u similar onlr lhe older provides thu.5
all workmen must change tbeir clothes,
both going on and off shut and puss
nu kid before watchmen from one diet,!*
ing  room  to  another.
lhe superintendent of tttMton'i independence -ays the camp has lost Ifl.ooo
to ¥15'kiu par month through tin- peculations ot workmen.
Over   Iwo   Thousand   in  Line,   Some  of
1 beni   Kight   Years  Old.
Seranton.  Pa., Sept.  25.-A   parade of
ilnte-pickers,   runners,   drivers,   doorten-
data   and   helpers   from    the     mines    of
Seranton and vicinity wub the feature of
lodiy.   The  pintde wai planned by Oi-!
ganiier Ditcher to ehow how many chil-,'
dren,  who   ought  to  be in  echool, were
(creed into the mine l'>'  reason  of their
lathers   being paid  iuch  -poor wagei. lt
wns a sght that would move the hardest
bear!.   I*iilly a third of the llwyi in line
iippfurmi t«  be itxiut !' or 10 yean old,
aad   inquiry   among   them   elkited   the ]
startling   hot   Ihat   not   a   few   8-year-old
children  were numbered ill   Hie pnradei-a.
The trustees of Die Miners' I'nion ire
n quested to meet Sunday, September
23. nt 3 o'clock p. m. Itusiness of importance to be transacted.
Smoke Crown Grant and W. B. cigan.
lime  label and borne made.
Perfect printing punctually performed
please* particular people. This is where
W.   II. Jones shinea.
iy,*.**a.^^.,i.o,*..t.......t[(|.tt| , ff||tttl|M|HmH|
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
(rat Dry Girt (o„ Iti
Gent's Furntshinjr Department.
^ We have a choice range of
^ Warm, Serviceable Goods
* derman Flannels at 20c a Yard
Hats, Hats.
New Clothing:
All-Wool Serge and Wor-ted luiti in
.Navy lllue, lllack and Mi. I. glu.ld to
l-vi"*. All w.sd 'Tweed Mute, nobhv
patterns, glS.OO to gSO.W. (jood Kn.sH
.i.'iu I uii.l suili, J.vi.i to llu:.. ,<\ii*
Wool Panti, r-'W to 99.39. Working
l'nnts, 11.00 to g2.00.
New Overcoats
In Wh. i.o rd Iivjb.l.. Meltona ind
Heavers,  glO.90,  gl.'.M,  114.00, 110 00.
Men's   I!.I.Is.I   Cotton,   per   suit   11.m    Qtt.pntpr*:
Men's   Ribbed    Wool,   ]*er iuit  II00,   *        •-'"'•*-"
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Men-   I.ui  .uul   Slri|s*l. |*r  sun   >.' "a
-'.■■     Men •   Wool  HllC id,  per iuit
Shoes, Shoes.
Wr are »■ llngi men's ahoca below coat.
Men's Split Leather Shoes $1 to 11 »,
,   Men'i  linuned local her Shoea. gl.M, |l.(54
I1.7S.     Men'i  Urainrd    Naileil    Mioe.
M.00, g2A0.    Men'i Oil (.rained Nailed
Show,   won.     Hue    Walking   Since,
Irom gl.00 up.
Men'i Kednra Hat.. 11 .V In 11.00. Mea'e
lluino Hats, BOO to g3S0. Men'i 8tiU
11*1". 13.00 to (Cl 5tl Metsnn s IliU.
IS.OO.      All .tries.
Men'i Navy lllue. TV. to 13.00. Men'i
Kirov Mixed, $1.00 tu PM, Men.
Self Colors, lancy Collar, and Wrlita,
».'.»  to 1300.
I a, i Straws and li. -• ol lh. Roal i>> r.sii* and
Jumpsrs al coal.
' V. N. Phone No. -07.
. . Limited .
A Rowland Ud*. 1-etter Prom llnulder
Uty.   W est   Auatralu.
M.aa Ida Ib^art recrive.1 a letter yei*
l.nlay Irom Mm ll...n.l..gh. who, -n
• «m|wny wilh her hroth.r. Mr. and Mrn.
Ihstwirk and other., lelt It...aland la.t
April for Moulder City. Wet Australia,
in..» Ihry hat| relation. \l.« I hum
It.h wnles a bright, il.alty l.tt.-r nt hrr
tuiaar nul by the Auslial.an mail Imm
\ al.fuuier. M,r de^lils. I„ r ii.it >o
Hituolulu, win, 1, .he Uwoghl wa. an
i.'eal sistt, it,.,.nm, I, a. "lie was aide In
buy a bunch nl bananas Iur live crnts,
Ian thought tbr |tlate Ipoill I.l ilie prt •
enee «l men of many color., Ja|«m-se.
I h.ncw- ami s.uli hke. Iron. Honolulu
un to Australia Mia. Ihutnlrigh aaid she
wa. the only unmarried young lady on
Natld. ind ahe had a go.nl time s.lh ih<*
•t..p It her ttimmand
The 11W1I staqipetl at lln.banr befur.*
il« arrivil in Sydney. Ihe lar lamed bar*
bm of whtrh "he «.. highly ur'igliteil
with. After Maying there a lew days
lhe party traoahippe-l lo a coast IhwI.
th- Aramac, and went round to Iree
Mi ntle via Mdhourne ami Adelaide.
ITrwre Ihey went up eeaintry to Boulder
I tit. which i. a place ol about Mtjoffl in
habitant", a mining ramp like Russian.I.
MM Thonileiih said «he spent e.gh
weeks upon the voyage and wai gild to
get lahore again ,lii*t now is the ap
pr-*.. h of •uiner in (hr An(i|*sle«. anl
Mi«s Ida Hogart's corrr«|K.ntlent ii ta-
giilltully reminisrenl of the delight" .-
Ilr Roaaland "kat.ng rink. a. she waa in
1 ipa-rt akiter and delighted in going on
the ire M milch as t-oaaitilr.
I hs Rnsaland lnend« ..( Mr" He -Iwick
w.ii be lorry lo learn thai her h«bv d-r.l
01 the  way out ind wis buried it tta.
.Sew V. rk *heet metal wurkera are I
n.>w receiving ffl.TA |ter day, Uie rate go* j
ing   into   ellect   Septeinber   1st.
After a  strike la-ting ttearl a year the '
I'   " -I*   I 1111.1. I.a. ti-.n in it* hglil   with
th.    linn    ol     K    llerg &   Co.,    Orange,
N   .1.
Ihe   Carpentera'    I'nion     ol    Chicago, j
w.ll   ...ittlv   ...t-.ne   Ihe   Saturday   hall
In t It hay   rule,  sml   any   mt'iuber   w 01 king
mrr   Inur     I1..111*   nil   S.ilunlay    will   be
It   1.   climated    that   SdO  vrninen   att.l :
girl,  are   employed   ...   llu*   foundries   at I
Pittabuig,  i'i. doing w..ik for M t.. |t
• i.   f..r ni.ub formerly nun  were
I      1   li"in   111   to  110   |K-r   ii.sk.
the   Ira-le   inumii"!"   >.(     I'..rtn   Hi...,
h.n    sent    an   appeal     lo     Ihe     I inted ,
Stales  l.,r  aid   to  defend   some ol   then I
ttlltiw worker"   who   have   been   tl.iuwn
into   pri«on   lor  activity   in   sirikea.
Ilie .Vm vest makeis. chiefly wnnun.
who lately wen! out on a strike in New
V..rk Cily, have won their contest for a
union icalc of wages and a 10-hour day. j
The    leallier   worker,    of    Louiiville, |
Ki .   working    on    government   harnci!
ind  siddle  work,  hive obtained n acalc
of   wages  from    the    llartiwn  A   Oatt*
light   nnmpany.   the   largest   manulaclur*
Ml "t  that   line of  goodi in  the south, j
wln.h   i.   entirely   aatisfaolory    to     the!
II,-. W.s-hrorkers- itrike, which was
began in Chicago la-* week, a fleet«
nl-mit 7... men of a total membership of
U00 Srsrelary l/rc aays tha! Ihere is
nv.rc thin 1HI.IKH in the treaaur>' 'bat** I
available fnr strike henefH*. nnd, if ,
netr«».iry. nn aa«e*smenl will be levied
immeiditely   to   mi.tain   Ibe   strike.
The right material for a Wrapper. Dressing Sack,
or Children's Wear. They are very soft, yet firmly
woven and reversible. The colors are strictly fast,
the price is 20c a yard.
Printed Flannelettes at 121 _c a Yd
30 patterns to choose from, spots, stripes, checks,
and fancies, wearable, material, every yard of it, and
cheap at i2]Ac a yard.
We save you money on every purchase
The New Store
.?     105-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND, B. C.
H- International II
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In lhe r Ity of Roaaland    WHY'   Becau.e we hare better fadlltln for handling ll. aad
sell .1 fast., than any other liar la lown    Birr,   (let bring tapped, r-rtala. II. m. his aad   < .
flaeor for a llmllr.1 lime only.   Been thi» in n.la-1 whea you look for a plate to ..!. r.h
yourself.   Chr.|tir- of all known   mines, rsllruads. conli.ctols snd bastnrss man ar*
11-1...1  st ilu 11 iiu Baca v.t i i  Id out uBice. at any hunt dutiag the day n alght.
Fairmiiily Liquor Store
C hoicest Wines and  Liquors for Family Use, at the |
Lowest Prices.   Nething but the  best kept iu stock. ;!
, 1
gg<lt>»«g««»*>*l-«-»^^Mi-»-, 1*>•»>»»• lll»>>»<ggg-ltttl**1* -
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd. | q^ -yy^ He Bride
\Afl./tl.ei!*a    n-nnUre   In if '
Hardware, Miners'
Wholesale Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
Asreew & C©,9
Supplies. Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
The Miners' Magazine,
| Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Smoke  W. B.  Cigan.    lllue libel.
| Third and Washington. Telephone 191.
Price $1.00 per Ycag.
Published by the W. F. M., Denver, Col.
5ut>Bcrrptlona Received at the office of the Induitrlal World, or at
The Office of the Secretary ol Koulrnd nincn' Union.


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