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Industrial World Jul 8, 1900

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I   I
VOL 1. NO. 14.
-   I*
Devoted to the Interests of Organised Labor,        Endorsed by tho Trades and Labor Council.        Official Organ of District Union, No. (1, Wi Pi M.
********* **»•■'■ ***********************^
Hunter Bros.
Make this place vour shopping centre.   You 11 And
nearly everything in all classes oi* merchatidise.
DRY GOODS       CARPETS.     ■
tg Bargains-
Ladies' Oxford Ties formerly $2.50 to $-'1.00. reduced to
W. F. McNeill*.
Next Door to the Po_tO_.ee
The stuc   is carefully selected  and only seasonal-It*
goods ofltTi'd for sale.
* ************************* **************************
Pacific Saloon
Cot. S|okit,e St. a. CnluiBbll Ave.
iiti nn, i
• MlllllitllMtllMII",
Wni.   Willan Elected  Secret nry.-
About Dispensing an 1 Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians proemIptloni in   nn iinpuriitnt
feature nl nur il: iij: ilcpTiluiei.t uml ue take jii-liliahli* (.ride iu
the t'uiiiieut'i* uml popularity il Ini- utlnineil. '1 lie physician
who miles it prescription has osrtain specific resultB in mind.
'I'.. ii Miri* tin* Iii-.-i it-iiIi-nml an niil ihe jili\ -it-iitii in bis efforts «.- employ none hut the best and expert dlspenseis,
whllg il..* drugs and cheniit—ds used are the beat,
T. R, Morrow,
lllllCllltlltlll.llllTII    ...■■•.llltlllOIFIIIIIIIIIl
» %%'l%%«%%*t %%%**-<*»%l **k^^V**y*v*Ss%a*>*Ba%*_«*,*».«V%
You Can't
Tho m..Ht Interesting bt -.io for
discussion llio last week or two lias
been tha electloa of a BBoratary to
succeed   Jus.     Devine,    1*1—iguod,
tlit«r« were throe candidates, Wm.
Willan,4-< L. I illusion nnd James
Cowan. The jkiIIm were opened at
!1 o'clock Saturday morning nml
did not cloise vittil 8 in the BVenlng.
All day long n Stead** stream of
miners ponred Into the hull, eager
to cast :.  vote   for  their  fnvorite
candidate.   Friends  of tlm three
cunilidutes were hard ut work all
day uud coiiseiiiieirtly a good vote
wiih polled, it. tne availing the
hull was well filled with miners
anxious to hear the result, aud
promply ut 8 o'clock the Bleating
wua called to order by secretary
Jaa. Devine, tellers were itppoinletl
und the Mooting of the ballots
cniniiiciiccd. The firHt .10 ballots
• A lonj*. cool and refreshing gliies* j counted showed Mr. Willan iu the
! of a I lend for secretary anil Jits.  Devine
leading fur delegate to  tba district
*-v-r*»      • I convent ion.   This lead wu« main*
* •     a I laineil to (be end of the count, ami
Win. Willan was declared elcited
financial secretary, having » inn-
j'liiiy of votes over both of the
olher  cundiil.ites.    The  announce*
Intent was greeted with applause
reported to
...io  iuimeil-
* .1: Holy   itilinilii.-ti-l-fil   thu   OHlll   Of
* ofl..v.
t]   81mii( iiildressi-s wore made  by
the neu j.v iu>lulled ti!','u*.*r. ut.il by
Uie retiring secretary Mr. Devine.
<\   lo-sioiis   of  regret   Well'
...tut i.l' Mr.   De*
ii..'.  lul  il   tin-   SB—IB   time  the
luniou Wasron_rat*atiited no ohoos*
* n.g so worthy 11*1*1 capable a suc*
f   OBBBOr,
rs' Uiiioii Day,
I Beer, 5c. I
oLIquora Cigm.J
2        Martin Salmon, Prop.        J
• sssi isiisssstssssst!
♦ ♦♦♦•i-i ♦♦•'-**•-♦♦•♦•♦♦.>*> *******
t  in.i Mr. Willan wan i
J , ilu* acting prcsi.l nt.   wl
♦ Many
•♦ lieiiril ni ib,* retii
LiUbt- . a a b i
When you buy a pair of
our Men's Shoes at
<C ^   50 ([Liqueurs and Cigars
The Reliable Foot-Fitter.
The Strand C
Tlie M si  l.i-j-..i.i  .u.l  !  u
I nt..I liar in < i..n.....i.
A I.,! Line uf Ihe Clmicr-lt
The   Wm id   onngratalateB   Mr.
Willuu  ou   bis election,  nml   can
romlss bim tl.e bcaiiv snppoii of
members of the uiiioii iu all bis
eflbrta to b—uefll the union workers
of lhe camp
a .itdl alti'iidcd ami enthusiastic incci ing of the Miner'* union
Wednesday evening, Messrs. Ru.
pen lilllll" .ill TVm.
O'Brien wei
A l*'ine Program of Sport Promised
—Street Parade and Speaking,
Everything points to a very sue-
ceesfhlcelebration of Miner's Union
day on the lOlh,, ami tin* miners
should huve tlie In arty co-opera-
ti :i of the business men as well na
of (be labor  optimizations.    Quite
u departure was made this year
from  previous   celebrations.    The
celebration will be Itnaneed by the
miners themselves, uo blistness
mini being usked to contribute
anything, eiiher prizes or money.
Grand   slrpet   parade   hy  all    Labor
Unions ol the city. I'arad* le.l
by Star Curnet I..m.I On airival of
juita.lc on Ihe en.i.nn-, speeches will hu
made by prumineiit speakers.
1. Race,   100  y ls.,iir-t   priia $7.60.
s.-ioinl. JI' .Ml.
2. Kice, 100 yds, for members nf W.
K.nf M., tirst priie, (7.60, secoml. |S*S0
3. I.'    .   ■',    I.".'   V   !-.      n|.e..,   |U    .    -.   a.   .   HI
I, .-nan.In.h jump, prilt* ! 'in
■*..    I.i.lieB   race, .ill yds.,  lii.-l prise,
v.iiue i.i u i, s. cud value,  (:'■'....
H. Three-legged ru-e (orbovs under
I.l years of see, priis, 15.00
7. 7.i yds, race (or I...v.* under 12
> •..' - ol B.r, rin-t prist., )'-''. second
$1 00
second price, Sii
tt. Two inn..in-.I yds. nice lor uninn
men only, —-st prix", flO.00 setMi.tl, l.i.OO
10. Fifty yds. rant, fur ci.!* .....ler 12
years nl aije, Iml pr it*, 1- BO, second
II. .'-••venly-Ov* yd., sick nco, Bnl
pru.*, f.'iCO, Biacninl, |2 50
tt.    Hnmiiii.    bop,   step snd jump,
prise, * '..oo
tt.   r..a  nl    War—Minen   vs.  ilu-
I.l... . , a. "'        iM.'glKS
null I.    I'. .I.t ine 11 un each side.    Pril-,
120 oj; ihr*e teams nr mora io eompste
11. Pulling tba shot, prisi, lioui
l")—Drill...(• foulest lor laiya under IB veari ol ace. Seven minute*
drdlina chan.e alternately, lirsi pr., •,
II-'' 00, second, 1" SO
District tain.
(^presentation— Importa
lin tines.*;   TrtUi.-.i.-fc.l
The scuii-iiiniial i .invention m/
tbe Sixth Diatriot Ansocimlim
opened in Nelson Wednesday*, with
ten of the thirteen   unions   in tlm
Assoc*—Hon   represented   by  ths
following delegatus:
Bossland. Mo, 38,— Jus. Devine.
•New Deuvcr, No. !i7—V. M.
Bllvorton, No. !i..-j. M. Ben*.
Slooap City, Ku. ('.'.'-W. J.
Moyic, No.  71—H. Diiuuiock.
Kn.-slanil. No. !»4—('. I).   Fraser.
Greenwood,  No. 22—M,  K ......
San.ion. No. HI—Wm, Davidson,
Nelson, No. 00—James Wtlkee.
Vinir. No. 88—Alfred l'urr.
Whitewater,     No.     7l)-ll.     P,
At (inn* of writing Friday noon,
the couveution   is still   iu   .o-s-	
but it is nxpouted to omnplete Ita
labori mid inIioitrii Friday night.
Much business of great importance
to the unions ullilialed wailruns-
iicle.l. but no repor; ol it can bn
i given at this liun*.   Thu <jllt--i.it re-
Drdlln-- contest   for  hoys under      ^_f ^ ___wnUo_   wi„     ,.„,,.
years  nf  «a«    n.*t prii*  lio.ou ' . .  ■
ml nrii*. I.-..IK1 ably appear iu  the   nelt   issue of
ll.e World.
Grip uud Psbsword.
Tl.e Installation ol tha ntnoere of
RosalBnil Lodge K. of P., im.k
n]at— hut night. The Installation
wus witnesaad by :. large ...uuIh-.-
.ii.d Invited gui'si-.
Tlm inst.illntion waa followed by it
social and dunce. l£,-fi,--liin*-i,tn
were served mid a plca-aut Imnr
spent by tl.e Knights nud titer
Mends, Following are Uieofflenrs
Instslled: Paul Wih-..x.t" (': W. II.
liiakeiishirc. V.C: W. _.Fleming,
pii-laii    I'in Siuioiiclti-o.   M   ut    \
w. i; lieu it,- M oi I    \ J Me
bars of the organisation heretofore Donald, M. of I'; Proetor Joiner,
K. I{.\ Si B, B.8bas  M. ,.f W
Carpenterfl AflUUte,
We.lncs.liiy   evening   the   Uli-IU-
Are showing a very line range of
lln  silk fronts wilh linen body, ('nshmeres. linen aud all silk goods;
J J       Also a very nice range of
And sashes, the very   lies!    Bnglish   iniiiiiifiicture.      eVahaveJUSl
Opened up B very nice linn of
[Madi* by the Hamilton Hrown Shoo Co.     F.vcry pair guaranteed or;
money refunded,   tn mens1 and boyo' clothing ww curry the;
finest goods at the bcsl prii*i*s.
IEMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers!
EOorBSf Clumhla Avenue an.l Spokane Hlreet.
EI». WATSON. Proprietor.
C. O.''Dl
Meal Market
Wnsliingtoii Street |{.. -l.n..|.
Opposili* Hank of It. ('.
Cheap for Cash
plBoadln i i.iMiuii. _,.,.,... ,.„,
for pri-iilei.t, tn lilt Hn- vaoanoy
.-.iiisi-iI by tin- n siguaiiou of President Al. Houston.
Tbe  election  takes   phioc  today
win ii thn polls will I..-  open between 1 p. m. and K:.-lll p. in.
Thirteen   candidates   wcro   ini-
tiali'd into the union.
known as I'hocuix   Iiiinii.   Nn.  2.
• arp»_iters and Joiners, aililiat.-.l
will, ibe '. mi, il Brotherhood Oar.
ten  and  Joiners ol America.
th.. ;iilc of l.iacal Union No
Tl . ■    ol. i led    Here:
An l_qnlra won his spurs Pridaj
Bight, in tht) I.kmI Pythian lodge,
An.ii.;: mi nts   in.*   I ei'.g ■
pjetad by a oomtultte    Ir    II -
bimI Lodge I. 0.0   I   !"r Iheir in*
-ia 11.. I mn  will Im- Ibllowed by
soitiiI ami .1 un -
It nill psy ynu to rail al  K*|lr* fur
...ill.ni-iy   and   Indies'   furnilliii.il nl .tl
\.     Dunbar: vice-
,,    ,,      ., ,    slal .iti-t.i Mm. ti   nighl.   The  in
I-i.-* lent, I>    ll.     ■'iriin: tviiird'l
| •■ „  seoretarc,   I n...   It.  Onrner;
iruiiinei.il saeretary, W.   L. Allen:,
trciisuriT, II. K, Cramer. TlwOddfeJIows degess team oon*
The national .irgani/.itinii lias! ferred the degree "J iVieodsbip nu
over I'l.dia. iiii'u.Ih.s enrolled in! an initiate Monday nighl. I mho
li's local i.ui.ms in i.K'i cities,   it tin* diicciiun of Past UrandOtagnoj
is n licitclicial i.igaiii/.ition. ami of Aiinci.nila. .Join., the gn.,1
has Bxpendod ..ver one ami a >.u ir-, drama "... pui on in a manner to
tar million dollars for benevolent do credit to himself and tlie I
ami cb.irital.li' purp..-. -
Tllf .taTI.'in of s par.lilr.it „l Rin*l.o.d
Miiiris ITiiolt N.i s-ill Ik- hrlil In lln* Miiist.
uni.ni hall, nn s...inlay. Inly 7, ttso .'-.III will
lar tJ|»U t,om I p MI. Ita |_* ,a. tn
W WII...1N. aBctttiiry.
»        -,l,1***» + -i»i**4***»****ij,
IGlobe Restaurant! \
1...   Diamond.
Tin-  Nil-..n   IggregatlOfl Of ball
tOBBBTB,   Vi'lio broke   i*v.*n   lith tin*
U..--1.....1 ..-..ni at Nelson July '.'
..ml ii. will face tin, home team al
the ball park tomorrow. The gSfflS
it ill Ih* called ul .'I p. in. slurp ami
.judging fr.ini lhe rivalry botSfOBU
lln- two I. 1111* il will be a h"l .•.•...•
..I i.aii.   It is expected  that tl..'
crowd will Im* the bhjgSBl lhal lb"
grounds has acccii.moilitt.sl (bis
There is some talk   of tbe fitun-
fords returning to play a series  oi
with   Kossland's   Atvorites
Dewoeratio convenlioc
Wm J   Dryan haa been nomla.
utiil   for    the , prca-.d.-u. y.   anu   .1
platr...... declaring iur Ires .**iniigM
of silvii at   lu   to   I,   Ihs i.ii.i|i..i.-
wcre Hindu iigaiu-l   cpansioii. in,
pi'ii.ili-ni trusts ...'I monopolies.
11  C'lhiMilai, BV*.
Evsrythlng (few, Clean uu.l
Meals 25c and up
J. CuoDiflghiD, Prop.
Union Printing:
-pa.i.l  laillill.s  Inr   prntluclBK lhe
hcit  I'r.nl.n*  Inr   iradfs  lin,...  and
S,CI,|   Socl.1l..4      I   ...... in,, 1.1.., 11,a,I.
s. ,1. and Wiii-t.., -.I,.,.,..
if   (-.'lines
* some time daring the coming week.
Shapely girts lo bloomers  bright.
* Mill knock   tl.e   ball   clean   out    ..I
W -i*;lit, when   they   play   the   local
S nine on fhehonicgroiinils Saturdav
w 1
4.   .lull   11.
The   lii.lnsl.ial    W.rhl.   ('ilii-n
W.   H.  JONES
1'. li. Clumhla 1, „ .-.inland   II C.
X ami   Country    Ud   the  .Spokane
at I'li'i'inaiis   Labor  Journal, only
***************************** , oeeeeseesseeseeeeeeeeteeee    f(s.H.fiir4^,fi*HBH4i<'  |W.7Aperyoorlf paid iq edvaooo
Local ami General Motsa
Nelson Mil..'.'- anion •*".. Bret
pries at the oarnlval for the i--t
sppsaranos of any labor union ...
the  parade,   Tba   painters  t
-.. ond money.
Unite Miner's   union   rootaina
0.0 D. Markst.
The C   .1.  ll.   Mnke), WaShlBfll n
slrr.l, is  Ihr  las.t   pla. e  ...   inly   ,--ir
m.at.. Bvsrytbluf seM lot mah, ihtare-
for* ii f.ji.l st i..« 1
lhe Ini. riiulioii.il mil . h.-.- Iur
I . oiiplc of months afl<*r l.ungbl'.
]'..rf..!lll.!l..('    Ii..., 1   ■■ ,--;|,|#
f I
l-aTHI Ki.
I 1
wan*-s...fl   ..nrmu..
N. P,  Thompson, scorettiry (rf cnme tw the god nnd soldi   'Mv
tin* Boothern Industrial convention lord, my Ufa is very solitary since
at Hunt.ville, Ala., before the oon* I returned   this   creature.   I  re*
giivsioiiaJ    Industrial   coinmissiou. meiiiber   she    danced   before   inc.
testified. utcoi'ilingtoThi'dispatches slngldg.    I recall  bow she glauoud
under date -ol Juno J«.: at me out of (lie corner of her eye.
faiihor ornaniiHlionN tne today the that she ployed with me, clung lo
Sieatest meiiiice tn tbiai-uVHrnui.mt Hint j me.'    And Twasbtii   returned   the
PubKsl.cil a*, tin- Ulnart1 ' nhu. Kail, i..ss| in,i
in Or inV-tli ..•.*'!..;:..u:.-..'d Ul—r in Briaisa)
KuiiiBil It t-a kosBland. B.C.   SOltt——| I*, Uslltl,   TUnir iiill'vencea   for ilieriiplioii I w,ml]|i, J*j hia   Rgalu
iiiiin.iiii-ii.'ii iiueuet  lata—Us, No,   ;,      nnd tliBoria.'iii...:   inu of society iB fur morn
a.' -ftnud tjiis. nuns' iliunriiro.i..   to   lie     ;.'-. jn-t uu i n.n   in   its
St. Oeorue's Onureh, nn Karl and
Kooteoay streets. Bervleei ai 8:*io i.m.
I! a.m.  and   7:.lil ji.in.    Suuilay Hcltuul
at 2.30 p.m.
Tlie .Mt-tbuiliiu Church, WaihlnBton
Btreal, (ienrtre 11. Morditn, Pallor, Ser-
viceail 11a m.an.l 7|80 p.m.   .Sahha.li
A. 0.  Tmuaa-BiiN, Editor and  Manat-tai'
Uoice al Miners' I'nion Hall.
Three   days I Solum! and Hibli* Class at SlSU p.m.   Kp
only passadand Pwaahtrl saw  the] *«rth league ot 0.-., Itonday stBp.tn
purUyumipn-fer'VhiiiiwouHlid^ »   •■■■■■  "«"■•■•     'My
I le Hriity nu our ho Tiers .if ihe armleiof ' lord,1 said he, 'I du uot unilerstiiiid
tbe entire world-aemhlnedi On ovary I exactly how but I mu sure that
hand and  (or  (lie sli-thest provocation | ,*,,, woman causes me mora annoy.
eav_JVJnviui.il.lv in Adirnwrr
Hut y.nr......
Kl, .tl.inlhi	
t'hr.r M-jnlii.
1. oo
allrlassi'Bi.ilorini.uz id labor IWU I ready
In iii. nunr ile a si i.a,.. nilli.il itIBtteUll*
aui evils, aad thai in addition tu ihi.,
ItrongW   tins   nf coin.ecu.>..  bio In-in.
nrgsd sK over tin ooantry sin ong labor
i.u'.ons, mih a view of ...tt.' able tu in
kOROrltl a ai'iii pal belie Biriku Ihat will
en.l.iace  »T.  cl.issi s nl    Inlio,    simply   tl.
i.-dress l.o- i-i i. v.t.ices ur right the
tvrunda o( tins class, however remotely
located or liossrver Ulljlllt tu.iy ha tlie
.leiiiBinls i.l that class.
.sort *8,
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rosslaud, Nelson, Trail, Baudot), Revel, tokt
Grand Forks ami Vancouver,
< il'Cl ll'.VOtld,
Address itl Coiiiitn.Tiicntu.iis to tlie tnduilrhil
f-i'mltl. rnsloflicc Boi 55*., Iltos.an.l. B. C.
i It jii.ltiauiit! v/nrltl i, fur stil. in Koi.taml in
ihr SSStSB CiRir Stoic. SIllUBMlll'l Niws Slant!
II. B.   Wall... .  * alitiotirry  slorr
News Stand;    I.ml..ii   Uro...   Stltiotlcry   Sttirc
Birr', C(_ir Store ind by nrw.liuvl.
ance (bun pleUBUI'O,     I beg   of you
I'clcivc me of her.'
"Hut Twnslitrl orients   'Goyour
way and do yuur h.-.-: '   Ami the
man   ortedi     I   (Mini!   llVfl   wilh j
he.'!'   •Neither can y u   live   with*
out her,' replied Twnalitri.
"And the mini was sorrowful
murmuring! 'Wo is me, I can
i.cither live will) or  with ut   ber."
lie iHainlauii'ii that Org,nll,*\l|nn|
ii'ao'l.m;; sitcli theories should In* held a*
Ireasuunhlr) in their charnclfr and (lisir
lend, i* hoi si. tin.i. liailulB tu their
M:.  Thompson  deo'ared  that  many
I'.l'iir   i, it leas   are    upeii   ami   av-uaed
aouhtlii.s; that their urcaii/. liuns are
i  it oftice   ivf-skei.il.n the lies nf cii'Z iiBiiip ainnnn
lIi.iobiii.iIh  of  our people  in   llint   Ihev
lutve no Other staislard nl cnuiiui.ui.y Ill,L'"' ^'"Kreg..t.o..s. Ihey ..re
Obligation-, il.ui what these onamii-h'11*'1' enougb to di'tiouce socialism.
lions incut-ate;  lhal they  am erratic. I bill slow, Verv slow, tu  lake nolice
IwMesaresd dlireaard fur tbi ri.l.ts ot of theoppuststou practised by  ilu-
Afruid  of Their Job.
Tlienlogiiuif nre so irrapped up
in  speculations   about the other
World of which tllOV know ahso-
luli'ly not Ing, that ibey lute sight
..( their plain everyday duty to
tbeir    coiiKresations.    'lb
An   e.lraaiTttinarv   unit ml   mrellnf*    of ll,
I'.it'Sl C...BH1.''tt. itltli Let rliiiiln.nl I   il Mji.inr
i ii'iijisi t . I.ei.l*t.l I.i..l.i'.t". will   I.e ll.l.l s. li..
h.Ttit elln-r ■< th- c»>.ills-tut    ati!.-  l'-.i*! tTillil.ll.ia I
IVt-tltlC   IM*-Iie.d    ll    C,   ie>   Mnnilliv. t Its llilll'
ilu-ol J.iiV. ,. ll,  tow, iii Hie hour t.r s t.-cliK-k. I
p   in     ... r ..-.*. ,        i..   iii   |      ..;  ,11,    ivli.,1   i,i s j
piiituui ul lh*   a,st-l- rights  |...av. is.   privllBi'.. |
sn.l I.... el.'-, or Hi. .......pi...v   and  tu i.iillnan.. I
III.   It.,.-sit.   uf lilt-   s.im,.   .,    >,,   conslilvf aiul ]
I.n** -itTltill....- In-   III      rct.lt "'       all   .„ u-|a   |
i-.i'iiio-ieftseit.iui.i'v ut' (tu stti'ii luithsr
,.i . ■!■  - i.. -■- ..il  I nsiiii-l  ...   t . ;t   wlltl   '• li.lr
... ■.   .  .ii   ;.ni     1,4  •      I  ::   --la".I   II C.
A   >   t.   al  l.tlu.Bs.
«ii-.it-irv .
«*;-,*,-(*.'-.-*'«'■*•»'' - ' ' ■-*<•-'•" •*-*•'"**$*
I The Pullman Cafe!
P Wu-l.i..Bt'... Slr.el.
" 1. .vu .*» Waliun. I'.upri.-lorl, ,,
All theilclicacies nf ll.e season X
:.  Hot iinil Celil Lunobes
ItKTAIl.   MARKKT.--•■•<'"'•>"•.  I'.nil   Nelion,  Vmlr
Kasln,  Minion. New Denver.   Siivei'tu.),  risen!.*   City, Grand
Forks, (ireeiiwnoi,  phoshlx, Midway, Camp McEluney, Revel.
.title, PergOMB Blt.t \'   iienuver.
Fish, Qnme and Poultry In Season, 8nusages of nil Kinds.
William ! oxalp Manager Ro.islard Bratich
5-:•.:'•-•'•o.y •>•>:.:...;•■■. :• •:•:.»:•:':•:•:•:.:•:-:•:-:.>:<.>:. ,:.•*•.»;.■.-.:*>:;,
j Do You
• ; f-'*>VJi*?S
oihers; that Ihey are di-er.-a-hia respect
(nr law an.l iiii.hnrity imonB the  waaik-
^_______ __—_    '"K   ela.se*;   that   lliey   »re  ilu'reasln*.'
a..isc.uiisiu   I.elHeen employer an.l em-
All check, maybsusds payable toj,,,^,.. lllMt lhl.y _ro  ,,Mlro..i,ll(   ,,„.
the  Msnseer. . rj([|ll „. j,,,l|vi,|„w| ,s,„irai!l Ib-IWi-bii i-i.i
Tims who desirs I chance in thrir plovers ind —oployai and lurciit*. npnu
SilverlifHiienl ilmtihl have the copy lor employers men it arbitrary wanes, inul
<he BBme ut (Ida iftiCH not hiler than I hrinninn piiltlio repmeeh tiiK.n tin*
the evening In (ere imhlicaliun day. . i.licial iriluinals, ol onr ui.nulry !..- put.
i ioli aiul ii.flueuliul.   They l.i.inllc
litis part of il with kill gloves.
;■• The place to g.-t the lust meal l
iii tbo City.
t  M«al« 25 rett'e and up   |
r S
te fna»vi- t.i-ivisi .^,'•s■#-^^^'*^^»H»^l j-i**
■>• •••^.*^Jo!^^^^l^i^^4*^.*^^x•-)^*^^
: i
I How "Sou I.ook? ::
Did Vou Know This?
January and October of tha same
y.ur always begin nilb same day.
So do April ami July, also Septem-
i lie abuse el these t.l. mil , iml uftpi, l Imr    ami     I lisenil.. c.     Fi'briiarv,
dellane* i f iheir j.i.lemei.l an.l. eitrees | Mareli nml   November   ai->.   begin
111 us   s.-ekiii.- lo  b eak  down Ilm only , ttj(|( (ll., hum„ j
inleeuiiril*  ul •   frrs  penpl*,     II- rl ul  '	
■ He.*. ' I "I tllO   il'*-,ll  ' ill Ol ul nail 'Vei* j
If you (lo, ler ve vour order For
An l.'p To Date Suit, at
. ...a,.^..) '*>i*.f->-i -*^M^,all'r**VM '
Colombia Avenue, nml In* will lit yon
'teeeeeeSl-eet-r f. ,.-.-*«>   ♦*>$ois,^-j •V*i-s'-es-,'-:
 , .-«** ;-. a »
| Bargains at O'Hcarn's
Deal   iiu»l*<'   a mistake    andlinaUllnMof ImmIbsm bs ths iirsisn-pj    The greate-t   reform papers In11
Write   it    "dear    <lov."    Ilia    full' I ■• correct lh* , vita in cinlraeti furce.1 j t.'imuda, Tl.e ('.li-cn   in il t'oiinliy.   j
iiniiieai.il liileis Hon. Sir Ifen.i "'".'" iu*llv"u'*1 *uipl.)«r«   i.y   labor|and    the   World,   will   he   sent
Gustavo Jolvde —othluetre, K. ('.
II.* ihouehi  put.I
M.,G.   C.   D.   <Ma,   la.  Ia.   D.,     P. C.     K|,„(l
Wbai would happen if all who
the   World,    will    lie   sent .,
In sev Bildrnw for one year tkut two "
sfsniims.it iii tin*,   .    .          .         ,  .         . *             ,.   . ,-
.    ,    il" Iln.r.if I mil  i.l   si viince.     II   h. I
w.inl.l   j isnf*   Uni   sli.Biiimi] o      ,                 '               ,.                        ,   • ,
■ along the cini-c  ol  m.it.iI.-iu   ilm ;;
IiiImip  by   siipporliiig    t, a  paper!
work   -In ui hi    sudileiilv
work?   Il   might  i(iur
union men at work. '•••••.me  il was held
I but a man hs.l i. lunch tilth! I. defend
hii .ut .ip..) in ii sa he had In prut.cl Ids
to   ratine   ),!,..     I),, „|_ „(„,. |„ r .,,|j. ,„ -,!,. K,„. j
which ...l\iu .i.i- lln m.
ecus,'   In
lliMiks, St ititmerv, Toys,
I'.IIICV   (iiMlds, tlllil'0
,•>. Sclu.nl supplies.
I am (iverstoke.l with spring and summer goons a. tl mn going
lo make prices talk during lhe inoutll   of J....... as below
Men's fine worried suits in blue
for tl3.25.
or  blacks, icgubir  ISO suns
Ihii.K  sTOKK      —
— !«i  < ' .0ml....
Mfii's lini' Scotch tweed suits, great value, regular f 18 sntis
for llO.ftO,
.Men's tweed stii's. regular 81.". vain.' for 111 75.
Boy's suits ami ...Id punts t.l juat half the regular price.
A veinta.
Sul.-ciiiie lot-tlm World.
firi-i'.iwiHi.l bus  decided   .ml   In  £
UlBt labor   >S   US ilnportanl  us   till*; limit,that Ihr Soii'li ua« holding uul bs I Idke the   lOWU   of   Alucomlu   into   ♦
class    (Iml   uie......   its  iirtKluct.  Indueements in tin msnalaotBrrrs ofllhe municipality by a vote nf 114 tu
Presidents,   jmlu.*.-.   hueds of de   -eattlre that, II tbey e....e tUath tbsy 48-a rather small vote f..r*.i Im-
* ,,.,      would b.* (re« from Utwr sirikea. | poi'lmit .1 ones |,
piiiiineiiis. etc oouasaionally take       . '___	
.   , ,, In Ibis   li.ht    la'-nr   unions   ar,..'     ' ,
viicutitms    uu.l  are    mil    grea'.y
missed.    Suppose csiks. engineers.   """J  ' J» ■   b.rge  class   Hi,    «fiWJW'6fl«iSMWei_6f^
firemen, etc., should take vacations.   ""' ■,onw "r *•, ,,",v"-,     ' ''■*  ') 	
, , .,        , ... sanic class ul-o  ,|, .I.a *■«-—.   tint I   the   •'
would they be uinu-ed? ,     , , ,      , ,   •
I •.vnrkinguieu bIioiiIiI lui neprlved of. ,v
- itl.iir ti.l.-s nnil   prohibited   fii.u.|X
The  vote of tho   lalior   unions  holding I. ml; Uml .he stales nh.uildjX
eleoted    McKinlsi.      'J lie   enliven-   |K* lilled ou ll ie blind hy   luiiil    J*J
tion Imll 10 stxomoda'a the m_l owning lords aud peasant tenantry'   •',
ivpublicuii nalional convention was  „,, _JM other,   lhe duv is iug.   B
built by  ooatraot with noa*>nnlon however, when these people will a
labor, and ull tlm labor organi-a-1 know bi*iti*r. a
lions of Pliiladilpbiit  have  voted j ___________ *^
not to parade with the allied n-, v „im!u Ii.(,,.|iil,, ,,,.. ,mitill
publican  clubs dining Ibe iiinvelt- ...
. .        .. is   i      a Woman,
lion week.     It would   Is'   Iur more
sensible tn parade with them tin...!
to vote with them.  Kiit children I
in Intellect do not know what
linlioi is for.
The Rusy Store nt Ihe I'.tt-y Comor.
i   i
■ ;;
_i :«'.««.X-'*:.>:*X-XC'> :•:•:•:
Tel. 11.1    •!
*************** ********** *************************
•At   the
Is-giiinii.g   of    lime   .^
Twaslri—the Viileuu of llu* Hindu
mythology -created    the   world.
.Rut when he •*I-.!..-.I  lo create a
woman he found   tlmt  lie had  em-
It    makes   smm*   people   shiver  ployed   nil  hia   lualcrials   iu   th-
when tb»y note how Ihr H.e United creation ofmau.   There did nol m-
Slates bus moved   in (be  lu-t   feu   ,„.„„    „„„    H,,|„|   otema.lt    Tl	
years, Think what we r-hould Twaahtri, perpli-xed, Ml Into s
have said even two years ago. of profound  meditation,   Hn renasd
tin* project liiM-ml Amirican IrOOpS hini-clf'to do na follow-:    II.* l.M.k
to China,   But now  the pm-ideal Um roundnsss of tbe moon, tlio un*
ciiliuit aammsathe power to go to dulatlonsof Uu serpent, ti .•
war over there without oonanltlng twlnwneul of climbing plants, the
congress, Ofotmraa he ihs-s not tnimbliog of Uio e^-aas, the slender*
call il war. any more than be call- neBBoftlioro*e vine ..ml the veJ.
eil Ibe riiillippim* lioul.l.* war. I.ui   v,l of lhe tluwer.   the   llgt.lneSS   of
iicMiibeh'Ks   it is-nra m.iny sui' the leaf and tlie gjlani rthefawu,
piiiuiis resemblanoos to war. Ihegayetyof the  sun's  rays and
- ilu* tears nf ilis* mist, tlie Incon*
|'..r ..lie llu* i*i.)|.l..\i..g class wa- slanci of the tt iuil ami   the   timid-
compelled to take a dose of Its own Ity of the hare, tho vanity of the
medicine, IU|(1 from the outcry j peacock and ll.e soilness of ll.e
raised it   did   not   •"■<•>»   to  agree .low., on tl.e throat ol tl.e swallow.
with them, 'icn days ago ihejthehardueasof tbe diamond, the
limbics association, of Bpokane, sweel flavor of honey and the
out building laborara wagM to  o<» tiruelly of thn llgcr, Ibe warmth of IK
Cents |M-r bni.r.    A strike reHillied. fire mill ll.e chill of snow, tl.e chat- £
The men   wanted .".T J   cents.   Tbe ler ol the jay nml the cooing uf the y'
con'iuctors wanl. .1 to  leave  il   lo tin (hi  dove.    He   united  all   tin* y
it. I ui ra. ion.       The    laborm  saiil and   formed  u   woman.    Then   he *J;
••We have nothing to arbitrate.11 i.....le u present of her  to  man, y
'll mployen were astounded, hul Right days later tin man oame to 9
were oompelled  to agree to  the Twnalitri ami said:
terms,   The time is eomlng, don'l    "My lord, tho oreatare ynu gave
you hear Itl1   Drganlte. imu   poisons  my   existence.  She
«■_—----   ii 'battelswithout  rest, slie  takes all
The  Industrial    World,  Cltis-n'•-'>• •'""•• aheUneoti for  nothing. (
aud  Country and bpokane  Free- ami ia always  ill.    And  Twaahtri
mane Lalior Journal, ouly |8.75 reedfed the woman ..guin.
1-er venr. if i'di'l iu advttUCO. "Dut eigh! days  later  tho  man
_nSeT__-T^: •—i-h^^--"**
,i   f "T"
11   The Latest in
T S !
mm mm\ I
^h-V*rS_rJ l»'*.*_l_>'' '-'.•'       ':'      ♦        i»|.|."s|.
Ji \L lt_-._*.(im>--X, aa..     ■il'.,*i  .':   "W'T:   ■•        _■   tJ-'Xll*
-o-K'**-. i1 -i_*-_J-_.
tin- Bank of t'oronlo.
I...—I no1. B. 0
44+ + 4 + 44444++++****** + ******************* ********
'♦ •
WOVlri-VERCME^VOUBUY*- "WC^E-U- ./rl,   -    \
- 5~LLC«-i-AT>lil> —;    T»TQj&_5_*^*--^.::~        ■ a
Going Out cl Business!
l.vcrytliiiip lias to go, no ina'ter
at wlint pries Come early while
we have a g"od assort met t of
eir.- 9.
Store for Rent!   Fixtures for Sale!
Morrison and Bryenton
Have just received a Conal^ nl of
FiSn, OjPiied  Goods,   Hams and Bacon,
F"t iits and Vegetables
Fresh fc.ggs 'I -as and Coffees a Specialty
Solo Agent i     jssland for ''EMPRliSS TK.V8."
'Phone 1011-45.
120 Columbia Ave.
No. 42 East Colmt-bia Avenue.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.        String Means
Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, i.elery, Tomatoes, Grceo Peas
0. . Fox &
10(1 Kail Columbia Ave.
.i .
Telephone 60. 1
1.V JCfHVIN   MA* it ft A J*
C am tlie Wlng-d Victory.   M> BUr
BQrni on the Future with nuwml bf nm:
\ trcutl upon tht. t.i iiiHiui'iit ill*
The oh! sour pa «« and the Net* HrniiT brenla*-
The Sunk' ul Ttoolt, the Sun.: of Common Man:
The roml la broOur-fcood the Ne*» Time taken,
The rallying civ in, "CkrUt the Ar*U»trt, '
Dp ttiroUJCb the williiiB chortl. an*J .tumbl-nx
Tile music of a ii"w tr-ir.nnlty
Bretkl un the effij-i.s that fill the throe*;
The) h'-Hi, hut don't kuow il ia tfce 8e*_.
\> I'lrOtN, uitkru in the uorlri'M ecli-pae--
Hurlbl k the ream, take down Ike bit-tie hotn
That Shfllry btld tgtlnll liialmriiiiifc lip*
And Itnd on slaves the Ui-litiiliiK ol my •**•»■ ■
W.ikr to the )i;tssinu of my I. IdrVVord,
Ki*i t.i the wonder of my ■ >\ m* pain,
T ill lln. .:_ h the bit tk ofMttl is fairly lieanl
The cry uf tolling BilUuftl at Die chaiu.
to oryli| In tht roteM ut my lyre.
"() mou Is of ICattk, v.- toust be tturn -k-""
Born from -he i» tgwy ut self dialre—
Ki Nm n to kniK--reborn 11 Sucial Meu."
J.eave the  dead altaia where the b!lu4 souls
Tbe road I lake into (he age* dim
J- ttrtWtt With Ufhi   '■■"■'I ll.auty'a vivkl wheel.
aik! wntaptn with th- let. ofetninWnti
All kingdom., line and ciumhli* lo one end—
The dual ul llahyluti, the aiunea uf Tyie:
■Only my kiuudoin u.,tli g tu tteaveiitl
Ji worth tlie bun's t-.il, lite pOO**a liie.
All Mngdom tail u< til uiy kliutlum come;
Fit! at il mh It* till tltry Hl.iud tip u my peak.
Tu.igucs -in inner and the lytic lips nt, ,1  tub.
Until (he ji..! . of uiy ju. i.ui apeak.
Something 'lln   Partial Kocialisui
Has Don-
Henry   I).   Lloyd's   liil.'sl   li.u.k, "A
Country Without s.r.kcs," show* wi.*.
lllS    slips    I 'tt.inl    SOITBlisUl  Uul    New
The barbers of Winnipeg are reorganising!
Tin. Lc.tglle l.itscl.'ll |'l.yea* Inive or-
tuni'.'.l B uuion.
All hic'ion men on the Olncinni.i
diviaion of dm I'i.>'» pe, ik .< Ohio rail, old
tire out on a strike for higher Wages.
Ttie twenty-two strikers who were
tirrestt'd f .r riotiiiit during a strike itt
I'loiou Dam, Weitchest-r, N. Y., bate
been acquit.ed by thu jury.
The beHdinttSBOrsri "I Spokane hive
won Iheir strike against the Riiil.ling
i: -.I'liBi-u--.    Wuges will ri'.iiain as before
lln*   coiilr.i.'lois   nl. ni|.li-d   to   im.kt. B
Tii-* scriBlcHt slrlkB o( the cntury is
■ .radically over. The !*ricklsy>TS nnd
miiBiuii l.i.v.. will.drawn from tlie ('Iii-
Ciiun II lilding T.id.'S Ci.in.il, bu I li ivr
n-rini.cd work     Tills hreaks (lie strike.
A new political party ll Heine, organized in Ontario. Il will combine Bnciil-
ists, (miles unionists, patrons, in fsrt
every element opposed to tha two present political panics.
In London, England nearly 7.HH1 dock
laborers went out ou * strike I ud v because   Ihe   na-i iT-ii.c ..I   regarding   .ivi'i
tine and meil lime bid been violated bv
the •. i. i. i.. \ * 11*.
J«Sepll     HlllSk,       I'liliBL*..       mer.iiil.il
tiilnr, Iii* been lined I llll sn.l costs for
em t in" a union label ou * sail "I ctotln-s
with iulrul to deceive the purib iier.
Tbo longshoremen  emplnvrd nn the
Tne steel meu claim that tlie price of
mils is ti hi Inn—lience tlie flliut down.
The railroad couipanies claim tbey are
loo hi**!., und nre buying norai .-"-hence
tlie shut down. Tbe people are cxiiec'ed
to believe all tliie—-»oraii c I then do. An
older wbb issued I.y tbe iienerul miMit.g..i
nf ll.e Ameiicnii Steel unmpany in New
Vnrk, and S-SOO M*n*(nlt work—so did
|,OQQ men in OlSVelsnd, Suppose the
employe's union bad i*. nol tbe order to
anil work—would..rt there have l..*en i
general huwl i.uiong liuiii.ees men and
pollliolSBI al.ont Ibe labor Biiiiaior..'.'
Siraugu bow differently ilu.in. «pi.rar
»!..■.. tl.e I ulu ..( sell interest is lu.ut-.l
on—Bales County Critic.
'/. aland hu* taken butv ..... n-i I'-i.cd ! Pacific Cnget Htesmship cuui|asuy'« dock
Mr. Lloyd show. what compulsory arbl-j in San Knueisri), dmim d.-l loi.y cents
t.aiiun ha, done uml rxuf..ini itl Ini- l>cr hour lor rrgnliur woik and tlfiy ceiits
pirlccliniiB hrcuuseuf the partial lack of tor overtlro*, lait (-'ilurdsy vice thirty
SOC—thiol. Id- inys: ' Ailiii'Blion doe. | cen.i nod (nny crnls is hrre.ulure, and
mu rem. ve lb* button) .-til ul all lu .lie ■ lot it without dillic.il.y.
labor world, ami economic iuujimlity ol j ———
I..IBICIB inul in.ii wl.ivli in ...a . in. Farmers ul Nebraska are liecnminii ln-
c iiir.ici iinpoanl.'e beeiUie one ol .lie1 lerrslid in ilie nrttsict ilion ol sul-onli
pBilicsiBii.it Iree, I.ui il certainly sdds   ml* Indites nl the  lnieriiBiiousI sarin-
Kollowin. is a list..( il...*.* who idver-
tise ui Un- Isnrmnni. Woui.n:
lic.a Aitnew it Co., Orucen.
W. F. McNeill, Shoe Stor*.
II.inter Hms., K*Mrsl merch.in.liie.
E.npey Urns., xroceries and gents Iur-
T. K. Morrow, ilrunilst.
V.  O  I. ii..ii.I-. shoe Bture.
C. I'  lulls.ui   _   Co.,   _euts' ilollmi"
.l.id  le.11.ins.
... w, m iiri.i*., hard-rare.
l.iiiinn Uros., b.mksa ..1 Btationery.
m-riccB-. ami. MrCTis.ii.
frcoi.il i..tlii.(.rtlt Ti.t-a.trty la aac_ niot.ll. at
tjoum In Mlsrrs' ('nil.li .lull, c Vi. Wll-ou
lee; l(.l. Pnr.iswor.l.. r*iVB.
CAReKBIirHRS !* JOINhRS ttXIe)N-yeft,
,-very Srwliy ol esrti week at j:,. p.m. in
Minn,' Uuion Hull. P R V .-1a.m,. 1-1. »NI|
A I '.'.. |i..ns! I .see.
MJS'KRS' I'NION No. jS. Westrrn I'etleTilllon
ot Miners_ Meets Bt'rry WeUnesilly eveulug id
7.10 o'ctoek la Miner.' C'lioll llll). 'nufB,
I'tvit-i , -ol, ,\ 1. liun,ton, tare,,
TVPOOSaPHI—It, ONIOM No 3tt-Meet, on
the lust Sunday (Be***l inuntlt Bt the Miner*'
I'liiou Hall J l- Uml.lull. Secretary. Mr I'tatali-,
Me-t   Ihe   flfMt   ind   third   Tuesdly  of eich
.......II. s. *i|i n. In  Ileslly ■ Ulli   I'ull'i   ,i ,
W    MO—US,  llesldelll;  J.    Kltf-lo,    becre-
Mtrl, every Sllnnlay eveuluu  Bl.b.jo o'clock
in Miners' Union Hill.    I'O Doi |(,    Paul
Jollner. Sec; c,eoi|e Cui.ntu.hara, rn.
I'AIINTKR'S   UNION,   No.   ,1),   1'aluters   an.l
Decorators o 1   America,   meets   In Bsatty'.
tn.l. .... --..' in I sn-1 fui.it It  Wednesday oteucl.
•-...mil    w. S. Murphy, pre.l cut, t.eo. w.
Shi un, secretiiy.
Columbia     [Canadian Pacific
™>! Transfer Company.
■lh at * *
Tbe Osly Transfer or Ktr*r*si i!.m-i
psiiy In Kossluiiil (hit will dsllSSf vnilr |
Trunks tor fosjenli eauh.   Thnt* day,
storage frs*.
OBlce-Vil'lCKN CIKATt sriMtlC.
V«-l. |.l...ll..   '..".
And,900 Line.
Wholesale ant! ret.il ilrslers in  Isint.   Oil..
Varnishes. Hrtishts, Willi  Finish  uml  I'alnlris'
' Supplies.    Contracts i.l.n (of  |anper  hsiiKinjE
No ,o   WI   ('—   la*   ittcolilliiiK.     OBlce  ,nd     ton-   1.mills.**
i li.unl.. i-■'..   i.   .* ' .  oin'.i.i i .■   utMlrr.liuu.lion Kipirits lo s oBtte.
K. A V. -Co.- ib.
New Pail IJ.iily Service.
OpileBil It .tits Bail md Walt from the
Knoteriv (' .iintry.
(leans, par lb      6 to 7
Crescent Ury (foods, furnishings, dry 1 Brooms, each  .'i.'itofsi
; llutter, per Ib	
\ Itncoii, best, per Ib	
Hulk Oil, per gal	
Hisi-uiti, lancy, per Ib.
Cheese, per Ib	
Cliucolule, per Ib.
good, and cl oi lung.
Morrison A Hryenlon, groceries.
M.J. ' i'i 1.- .in, clothier aud Hatter.
i'lolson UrOS..   groceries.
Taylor ill Mc(ju*rrie, tailors.
I'... uie IV* Co., teas and culfeei.
M. W. Simpson, news, stationery ami
0. K. i'..iii.B.
McUoulgl* o* Co, groceriei.
Hoffman lluu.* aud Har.
Kusigli I'mai Sinn-.
Oyaiug .and   Cleiniug Works,   Wisii-
ingion street.
I'.iiii.-is A I'liBiiilu-iB, |..iii(«, oils, etc \ Ilrled (roils, per Ib 10 to Ai
:io io J.S
16 to 17
25 to 46
CtBN-.per tin 36 to 40
Corumeil, per 101b sack  10
(>. ffre, per Ib    20 to 00
Crackers, sodas, per Ib  10, l-','<
Corn, per can        I'-.'ii
Oanaad fruits, per asn  2b to 361
i 'mm. .1 peas, per can   I-".-,---"*
Canned beans, per can        12*,'
i'...!iish, per brick  '-'•'>
Canadiaii and Kentucky
I-ourbon  Whis-ies.
Railroad and Miueri' Checks Cashed.
Klnt-eliii Slreinri on ill Trains
1 MM
Ilarrv Mcintosh.
Tourist Cars
Piiss  Revelsloke  Itiily  (or  St.   I'.iu'.
Tlinrsditye   (or   Montreal   ami   II..bi.ui,
rarF.iajiB ami Bilurdayi fur Toronto,
For r.ite* anr! frsll inform tliott a.l.lres*
the keiresl l.neil I.tot, i-
City Ticket Agent, I', wiin I.
A.-.ling Agent, l: .s-l,....l
W. F. AspKRiwiy, T. I'. A , Nelson.
!•'   J. Ccvis-,  A. Of. I'. A., Vancouver
u bunibiniiug litlli lu lhe inelliudB ol
Ihe llroggle, ..nd all civil ' .Hon is bfieil
u slsge."
Hut it Is l.ec.ui-i- of the at ct.il -m ihu
New '/. a'uuil has adi.pted lhi.t us system
el a. I.llrutn li bll I.eel. bu eucce.sful, be-
Cl use, lis   WllllslU   !'    lieele, II.' anil.ul
ol lhe cnmi'iilfuiy ailiiiralion I,» , ea>s
in lln- iiiir.atluciiuii i.a Lloyd's buok,
''NewZealand ll pt*rha|aa ll.e u.uai simple
• ml  i
ll.'-ie.d - Wright.
Kossland Hotel.
Electric Kaun.lry.
0. 0. 1). Mai Mirket.
The International
Simpson iV Jones, groceri
1:1.-I.*-' Millinery sUir*
Ki island Drug Co.
The Winnipeg iHily-cloiineby-liwhasj    0. M. Km AC)., grocers
••l'a union. I. alges have Insert lurme.1
.u Madison, Vale and Several olher
point! in III* si.tt Tl.e lirsi annual
convention will be held al lliiigbampton,
N. V., \ .v, mil.'r IS.
''.tii   discussed   lavorably   by  the cily
council, snd will l-ecunte liw.    The by*
l.w cnlnnes the closing uf all storm lave
ntplele lutle deumvracy   in tb, j ihosrol loiiacnuliiiii, driicgilli an.l re l    Qloh* BMnsnrsal
Ir.-sl.iiieii. .- li.-.ei . «: ..,1. in   , s.l.   Iligl.t:      I'.. Hi.   -tl.►....
Colnuil.il Transfer Co.
Itosslsi.tl Auction House.
Pullman Cafe.
What cnipiilsory arbitration backed   ,».e Si.tirdiy niglits, and alahU before
I y ilu- BociBliB.ie spirit Ins done is ttiu* ' ,,,,|,|,,-   holiday* ami  at oilier   periods
e'lii.u.til  up   lu "A    UuUUIiy   Wiiiioui   a(.r,Tiin I
I. siiikes an i lotkiuts lure bmii
3. Wages and term* hsve beeu IU d
in ihat inniuiIbi Hirer, c*u make tlaeii
cuuuaels ahead miLuiit nur»( oi.iurii-
.1. W„ikiiigu.eii, too, know ing thai
lluu im nine i.iiuiul lie cm duwu nur
Jutkid uul, cm uiany, luiy land, Inuld
lu lues.
Ilea. :'   Tail ring Parlors.
McMill.tr, P.......
(|   IV. Simpson, grocer.
Eggs, per dos 25 to 40
Floor per ssck 1.25, 1 -'si
. iiB.iul.ile.l sugar, I I ll.   lor  100
Hams, per lb  a 17
Honey, comb, percike  25
Imperial oil, .'> gal. can  2 00
Urd.Slupall  85
i.iiundry map, per liar  .1 su.l il
Liverpool silt, per -nill- sack... 90
Micaroni, per Ib  IS tO-0
Ensign   Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Corner Columbia are., Washington Bt
7J lu $1
Molasses per gal.
N.ils, p.r Ib	
Untied nils, Ml lUlb sack 	
I'.rkles, miled, per ip.art	
I.icr, per   lb	
Suit I.B.-uii, per III	
S.guaml tsp....... IhlOiJ Ibs.(or
S.sk ssli, per 'a'1 I. -.u k	
SyropS, |at>r halt gal. tin.   50 to OS I
I.'iii.iim s, |.-r can  4.)
reas, |ier Ib  35
rubiccn, per Ib     90 to
Vinegar, per gal  50 lo Si
Wheat oi.uit... pkgs, 20; bulk  per Ib.
' Apples, per Ih  5 snd (1
. Heels, ner lu  2
ToOrgsnl.l l.tltor (h-ou.liiut lli*  l.nid— Tl.e Wesleru   Federatlun ol Miners,! Oaulitlower  IS
iu Cuuveutiou Assrutblr*.!, Send tirastlagl I Ce'.ery, per bunch
,l Columbia lane., ttelt door to t.i'otitte s.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
-    n iiii.-.i.o ii .*. in skis.;
Declaration of Principles
l.loplH by (he Eighth Annuil Cinvention of the   We'lern 1V !er.iii..u of Minerp,
ai D.*u»rr, Colo , May IU. 1!1H*.
.'..s Boaleiil Electric Laiiify
None but   whitii help employ. .1  Dulled Sun-
Kolify us.    We call  und deliver
I.   I'i".:.-   arise continue.ly,   newt       , . _,.. ,, , ,   ,    , Cabbage, per Ib	
le. IB  lil-d,   bU. ,ndu.,ry  gue. i*L ,    ""I"^ "a\tl,'n*^""' - ■**,-"> "-» Mf  *****«hstbSBS* u ^  ^fkrt
ttitbuut Interruption. I *& **?"*'" W™!**?!".?*. „ **.""'''"l^!.0"1!' ,"rou'''' .r".',IMlI '"«'"»•. i'"•*«--
• '..Inn.In..  Avenue,  near l'ostofficc.
No faotory l'*s been . lined by the |
is more  prosperous
a l.aligr. iii present governmental iiiBiiiniioiis, we resuecil.illy submit  the lolluw
I unions, |.r Ib	
ing as a statement > (lhe now vi.al principles which we bsliefeiUanld receive the
ihuuglitful consideraliun ul ill who toil, and govern  pdiiiiul   iflill.tioiii uf the       *"'prr
.uembers ul the Wesleru t'tsleialiui uf Miners.
1st.   Wu beliefs Ibal ilia « ...■ system should In- sbiilished and th*  protluctiun
ol labor I... distributed under Ibeuo-oiwrmive plan,
.).   Tho enunlry
11.in ever.
7.   The   ....... :-   of   tha   arbitration
c. • ■ l III .. i in... i . i d ul l.viug winch utliei
curls accept in detlduig .asi-a .fit-cling j    21.    We ir* opposed to the eipiusiun of our n.tl mil  b.undarirs for  lb* u.--
■surkingiiieii. i mil on of terulory popelstl d by other than the Caucasian nee.
S.   Aataids uin.le Ity compulsorv arbl- !     ■■     m i •   t. • •■ ■ i , ,.
, i 3.1.    M e nre opposed tu im|ierial.fln. and deiiiBiid t'i.U lUvil gnvernment nnder
ti.tt!un are t f(uu renewed liv a vuiuulan ' , .        .  i      ■   .      .
.'', I.* provisiouiuf our federal eon,lllutlou be eileuded to  Puerlu  lt.ro ami  olher
BC.ei.iicni allien llu-y enure. ■ ,.■,,,_
,,    .„ j v-|...o. i miliar i>jb self lulls ul the 1'ulie.I Bi*le».
v.   1 Hides in.rnus «ru giteu new rights
and si e culled  upou  to admit ill com-       ■■*•   W* are oppu*s,l lo arbitrary inlerlerence by  iB.lnral a-Jtlioriliei  in  lictl
potent Korku xmrii, ) iff nr*. and we BSpsslslly object to govern ment by it.jmicl io:i is a new an I highly
JO,   Compulsion   in   the bickgroiiiid   *.*ngeruus lorm uf opprrssiui. by which federal judges,... conlr.upi ul «ll   nu.  ...
UBkiB ctii.iTliitliuii eusier. (be b(*(« and rigl.ti nl in cil'eus, becnuie al unci. Irg.klalurus, judges aud exe-
11 Tiliun.-rs
Tlut our Tc.is .ind CoffWa grt Ih* CHOICEST .
•*ti|«l in Kiiilui.l      TiHlay, whrll Irm aiirl CO
frtt air (tu-hnl aO hartl.H   U fltMOlVttly   BtC
lMat) fill**.*.* ■■!   Aiiitlr d( iiitu-ii.it   tnrni ;
V'Ul will rlii'i il ben,    tilm-itr-rc fivrn awjjr
to •sti'itoiiir.iB
Pacifc Tea Co.
|      UlUlll/UUlJ,
Lending Library.    Latest Nevell.
OlTici* Sup*,lica, Etc.
Dyeing anil Cleaning Works.
Opposite m.miii Hrothr.s
I ran rlrnn or ilit- anvtliiug lit Isilia* amt
g nlliiur.) i ttear. Hive me a call SBflbsco*
11. Compulsory   publicity   gives the
public, their. I u.buraiur.all the fault j    5th.   Wa view with alarm I he evident design  lo incieise the rtsoling irmy.
ul every dispatch. A-l.le Irnni Ihe ennrinous eipeuse a  I >rge  .miliary ealablishmenl  imposes  iipnn
12. S'lsrii.l classesf, as well a, wage-'.In, protlucersuf tlie union (wh.iire the actnil latpiyer-i), we know lro,n Ine
Iannis, sn* cluimiit! Ihu btueUts ofl tor ii nl fact, and uur owu egperiei.ee that il is ll.e chosen weapou ot Ivrallt*. s
a.hilralion. i deadly lo* to individual right, of ll.e co....nun peopIeBBd incompatible Willi   free
l.'l. I'.-iuciliIc setllemeiil iltlt their' inalitullou,; llierelore, we npresl the hope lhal (he lueu.berf ol organn-il labor
ii. u bus hern ii.ii.li. |aussilile f.*r the j every ulierc will refrain from voluntary enlistment in any drpartine.il ol thu led-
ii.ejorilies ol tin. taiployuis who wimleil, ersl or mil lary service.
, ,. . ' ■•"    •->/ ie,.,!._. I     -|lt|,|f,|   in,,.,,,,,,|  „, .„ , ,,,r   t -snd pan. a-s.
to   in I'll i.,ie.   but   were  jireveliled   by,     ....      ,,,   ,  „ . .,     , . ... .   ' ruatdeuir it car. ..re ll.e p.u.i.|.t dellveno.
iniiii.lilies ul ibeir bus clsl believe s representative Inrm nl gnvern.m-.il a (ail.ire in.I   regs-.1 dl*Isllsrd«r..   Woik »ill i.ei.ilr.l i-.r aud d.die.e.1
11.  Ubor and cpus! sieVaeing organ-1 J"" lf'!i-,,,llioai " **• ■__• «" 0S0SSBI7 tS enforce legislative reforms ....I th*re-1"""" ■•"'"•"
1/.-.I inn. IradeH unions md «.»ociul.ou,,,'""'.    ,"""*,iV'"""J re,Br,""il"u  iH  u"'kl"'*' *•''  l»""'  "-«-»-•. ••-«•
,   , _ „ und municipal,
ii.sleu.l of moM and monopolists.
lo.   Trade honestly is  promoted by I    "lb.   We rifard public ownership and operation uf the mcins o(  production
tbe exposals snd prevention ol fnud ou snddlstrlbuilou si tin loiisil uiiiiii.. of tin UJ utrtil pr .uiam .. i reipsetfully
tl.e puUlic. I urge all working people t-give the sul.j-ot tie tliiii.luliil ujuiiderat ion  ill im*
Kl.    Iliiiiiiiriertiui Isw-nbiding business j purlance deserves,
men sitk the proieciiun of the law to,    8th.   Thsl a grndmled tax he levied on income, in 1 i
in ve themselves (nun deslructioii by the
competition nf inhumane uml law-break-
ing in.ils.
17. The wrak ind strong are equal
had both BUiung the capitalists and the
18. The vic( iry is given as luarlv *s
possible to tbe right instead ol lo the
sii".ii*, as in war.
IH. The concentration of weilth anil
power is checked.
2n. The distribution of wealth ii de
terraIned along Una of kssob, justice
i.n.I ine ,-iciii si need, instead ul alung
lines of the greatest greed.
21. ILmiocracy is strengthened by
these iT|.uili,utmim.
22. It fumiabos tho people their only
clusp, speedy nnd unt-acboiciil juitice.
Babserlbfl for the World.
as a money metal and  ill  free
ty tix be levied un laud values alone.
9th .    We demand the rehabilitation of silver
itmiugi- at the ruii.i ol f 1 to 1.
10th. We denounce (lie nitionsl banking system an nn institution established
and maintained in Ihe interest ol capital ilone, slid iiiimlnJ to t ... best iittereils
ol the producers, and demand the system besl.ulished uud a po»lal system be substituted luHteid; and wu further demund (halulltn ineya—gold, silver and piper—
lie Issued by the government of the United Stile, direct t . the people.
nth. We Hind unutterably opposed to the iujiiiigriuiou of cheip lilnr and
demand that tho prohihitinnr of tha Chinese exclusion act be extended to the
Lpmi... and all other Mongolian rices.
12th. We believe tint the lime hse arrived when all labor unionists should
discuss economicsl and political subject , *illi the view of supporting tlie caudi-
d»te for office liest calculated tn inaugurate lhe reforms for which we stand.
13th. We recommend that when a memb.ar nf organised labor is nviilable for
public office ho should bo advanced and supported In preference to all other candidate!.
Hth.   Wo reeommend tb* full and free diicusiiou of all economic and political I
>i'iff (ions bv ill mi!im* ol tbe Federitloit.
Oet Iheir
Filled bv
...heritmes, ind proper-jgQgS}anfjl  D]*Ug    CO.
(let their Prescription!
Filled bv tbe
A Full Line ol Ktrrylhlng In Our Line.
01,-e 1,1 Cill.
ROSSLAND OaOO CO.     B. li. STBONrt. Mgr
(lol.unIds Avenue, next  tbe  lluu Tun,
every -ember;op
Northern Pacific
rite l'liiing Cu I! .uie via Yellowitonl
Park.   Ki(e*t mil llest.
solid vi;..rinu.i: tbaixs
l-.| urp>"!  wilt.
1'fi.i.M.iv Palaik Caick,
imiAMlaiMSu Caiibv,
—minis Day OojosKBi
TeuiiiT Sixiriv.. I'a.r
Thruigb lickela lo *:!  point-  in   '.:,*
;    Steamship tickets In all  pans nf the
1 world.
Tickets lo Chins slid .lipsn vi* Ta, oiris
sn.l Northern P*—lie Buumihlp Co.
Tralni depart from Biv.kinet
.V.i. I, We*lis.nnd,,iil  ..:'.". p, in., iliu'iv,
Nu. 2, K.sil.oun I, nl   "tSU a. n... .Iit.lt.
For jnfor—atlon, lime card*, nam
in.I tickets apply lo thr i.g.-.i* >.| the
8. F. AN'. K. w. ur IF.
Agt. ll. M. By., I: .-.uud, ll.c.
.1. w. in i.i
(ienrral Agent, tip.kaue, Wash.
A. Ii.CHAIlLfiiN,
Ass't QeBi I'asrenger Agent.
.WIboii a Fori Bbippard Railway
Red Mountain   Rv.
Tue (lily Direct It mtsl lo'.Nel.ie
Kaslo, Kuuteniy like ami
Mocbii I'oinlB.
Kverv dsy In   thn  car  bstwrtSB RflS
kaue, Kotilauil ami SelMBt
8:15 nun.
2.15 p.m.
' tuiiv
(-..ok tun
N .rthpirt'
One Year   •
Six Months
11 tl.'
tl.ive I    Id ,..m    I! ISsl.tlld   1 V
•iii ii r
SilS p.iii
121.1. i.ui
II :.'*n. ,
Rossland Hotel.
Flue Whiskies ami   Imported  Cigars
Jerry Speiltnan, Proprietor,
J ('or. Spoken* Btreet and Ooluu.bia
Addieis All Common!*, stioni
THI'i    INni'rtTRtAIi    WORLD
Niniian<e of cirs lielWBen BpokSB
and !<""sl«iid
Ticket! on iak> all uvsrilhc world.
Cl.ne tmnuectinni at N-I.nn with
iteamurs for Kaalo slid uil Kioi.-nst
Ilka points.
Passengers |nr Ksttls river, lloiindiry
camp snd tiuiiirlary creek OOBBSOI *l
Mircui nnd II issburg with  stage dsilr,
ii. W. l!i»r. A»snt. 1 111.     l>ll    I  .*i "IA 1.
'tills is Hie t-ilitiil .
•I don't  look  like
llilll  lint   it   I-   I
elliill.ill it. .1...
♦ 4--M vr 4 ft * ♦♦♦■,♦♦• 4-4-4-4-4-4"fl',4'
I flic Interviewer!
-I* HV   Till*  II" I -li   l-.IUTOR. +
■*■ *>
4 +
||. * + + *+ + + ++*> •> + **> 4-4* 4-4-4> 4- + + + -*.
The edi'or nf the V\r■.r 1.1 is nil' nl Inwn
this week and th"   Interviewer thought
he won!.I lake alvura'ti  of  thenppir-
lenity ind so ba prepared the foil.laying:
K lilors usually are peculiar ounsi—
lliey nre generally ov.*: ll )»'i.)g vvitli  all
kii.lB ol  bu lively*, and   Louie  Uluu'u
elixir. S.inietimes Hi.
latter is acoepted n, a
reason  for   a Hidden
change of pollttui In
the pewieaper bnsl*
ness, but nnt always.
.ton , tbilhai mil very
little to do with the
editor o' tl.e Indus*
trial    Wold,     it'...
ne-llttir eats onion,,
playi poker, nor on-
vera*!) in the "cbap*
pi>." lansoBge,    His
other Rood ip—lilies
limy I.e   Biiiu.i.uil   up
bv   laying   be  piyi
no bills, is now "un-
gaged'' Iu lliree grass
widows and he wields
the ihesrs uml put*
I rush with a muter
hand.    If ynu sen ii  person  eliding up
C ililiiibiii iv *iiiii> nu in |«r sk He, al any
time nl the day or night—well, thai'i ihe
editor ut this iiutrop i itu. weekly en-
deivorlng to run to esrth . liv. local, li
w i* during oni! nf tries *. spism, that the
horn editor caught hlmoo (be ily in an
en letvor 11 gel a . Interview.
In initios to the 0 litnr it ntii'lt no'. 1. •
nut ut the w.iy tn liv thst it ll mil
B*00Wn wnet'ier Ih holdl t'..' vl*~l ll *r •-
iii oredlte 1 io bim .r no', "(till the ho*ae
editor never sllowi trlfleiol thsl kind to
Interfere with Limine.a, so here goes Il.r
lliw.lt) ynu like bring .in editor?
"Whyitstbseailest tbiug I've struck
line* I .| iii farming, I bsvs ths satle-
factlon of knowing 1 never pl**,e anybody. H I tall (lu* Irulli in Ihe piper
people will -iv Ihat. 1 urn too plain
spoken and do nol know enough lu lie
aboattti it I In* al.)..1 things ihev will
say I am afraid In (ell the truth, III
wear good c lot bet tbry will s.iy I am n
lu- dude: if I hiveB pitch nn my punts
iimy will ny I -p.-.11 sll ii iy money f"i
!i. /.e. II I have money in my DOOkel
they ml: Bay f do not pay  my debts; If
I have no mosey, then I am a gambler.
If I an.-nl elnir.-li regular y, I .in. I
i."|ittile: il ' never ailvtul church, I
aui an agnoiiie,   If I git r—irriad the;
w...il.I sny I ■> one I tor ni oiey : if I remained single (lien nu girl ivodid have
Voir -]nties are it in nl. it iniiltifar-
•• Well,* igbtl*: I edit,sel type, be my
own devil, resd print, run its e -n times
after some bills la-fore I gel them col
lee!..!. WSall i.deis, run lbs  press ami
get blister, ou my inn i-, * lend aver)
public 1.1, ft.on Ir.'.ncue l-e-1 . ch.i I -n
ing.. yell *i the p Inter to ' hunt np"
lhal bone editor stuff ■ writs twmtnool*
esUoni to myself, ipo-d h dsy looking
up nine "impurtant" news, ami then
tlti.l there is nothing in it. read -.''.'• ex-
ehsngtssad do *...• piper banging io
cms..i t.-nce. .Ill-- my creditor!, aud
throw  IWO or  three people  nut  uf ll.e
.i. i every >l*y »!.. dto . In in .ell me
I...* ... r.i.i the paper.    l>. yoo know
I hive long * n e bit ou.pl.s lied the le.t
ol i.riiiK al n ue pl.tcra at one and Ihr
Slim* lime. T ..ti wlirii I nm nnt otherwise engaged I dine and sleep a lillle.''
Where do y.ni dim '
"Well, I tl uu know as thai is any nl
vmir business, bill if ynu a.e looking Ini
m hi ynu will llud ine invritigatm ■ lhe
iree I.luch a! ihe Strand whenever hum
go   o-.-.o iuLi s ine."
I supp.i... ihe public ipptaciite youi
 i, ye., I nm pilled nn the back l.v
every Tom, Diek ami Hairy wbowsnl
free |.u:;' 01 bsVS polltlosl anil.i.ions
Ihey Wan!. ipli ii.'.l. .lusl let inn I snd
some of t'nsj l.llufV, S bill for bad a
dollar and .hen I n'l get tb* old sl.uy
ol 'I'll see yon ininui-ow.'
DoM ti.e .'. P. I: ever buy my ol your
j oli' Oil brsi... '
"1 guus n n ' The C. P. It. Would hi, a
more appreciative i il'lumer tiukiiclally,
no doubt, but .' is treasures in heaven
lli.ii I sin looking Inr. is there is liltl*
ass in ...oku.g for v..ii- reward on ihi,
earth II yon ! whoop-em up' loranyboiiy
Iml cirii.ine Hoard capiluliils."
Whut i* vour opinion ul provincial
p diiics■'
"Well, really, I don't think thn province will regaiu in wind until I am aa.ki-,1
to form a cabinet- lact ol lhe utnl-.er ll,
I don't un lerstan i how the cooniry hss
got along an far wiihout me, although
I huve not yet passed the obryialll
state, p.liln illy. In ens* 1 do gel cl n I
nn lo hum H cabinet, I shall ll.tvr lobli
Mi I .t.-ii uud I'.un lleainish M right and
i-ii bowen, respectively, u.en Hunry
Jackson (tbl shiner   ami   I).   11. II ill
ild complete tbs bsMbsIi   Withi.icb
nn array of Ciceronian eiperts on our
side Wl.lt member of Ihu oppodtiin
would get s rhanee tu -.|ieak "  Verily we
eoni.i i *ai k forsvsr,"
Do yuu huld any mioiog stuck?
|'„0 Ibere ire tun insm psopll In (his
country ulieuily whoae hopns nn llii*
earth depend on tbe next stick of dynamite,"
Why dmi'i you gel married?
" Chat i|i)iisii...i is u little in., leading
mid might Inml tn in iku me thu ciuili.il
Q'liri in a lutir-pulling match."
Whit! do yuu think ol Ury a 11 ami
Ihe «. Ivhi- iiues.urn .'
"1 don'., ctre n cent fir Bryan, but
II regards the ailivr question, tl.e Ireer
lite circulation of ihe slippery emu
moility around ibo fnduitrlil
Wq Id office tho bitter, .1 ust atate Mr(
ll ne elit .r, llut we huve every i.i.-il*
Ity lor handling and storing li i>. large
q iiuiti it'B, and ihat the rush can be-in
any time now."
Con BL-DQii-leuce.
Tl.. o.iit.tt ni The World doe, not hold hint,
ol tin   paper responsible loi nit)   opluloii it I
pi cased by tun. oi.Him s to this co tiutit.
We are offering tin* balance "I
I'll.or    Induitrlal     Worldl     S une .      .
peopl.'* luck oi knowleilg* li imming, our   s,"l,k   ol   BU or  e."""1*   "'
U WM evidence I hy tho cmi-uniiicit im. I ..tenth reduced prlCSB, especially
iu W.-iln-a lay's Miner, argued "A. 0 our lines of wrappers, shirt wuisls
Ths statement was made thst 'aiul skills.    Every piece of cotton
in un for our fill I purchases ivlilcli
on  ll.e
World Agencies,
'I'll.* Iiiilnstiiiil Wni'lil  is for  oil).-
ui il.- r.illoviiiig news depots:
I'nsioii Cigar store.
SIlUpBOn'H News   Sinn.1.
II. S Wallace's Shitiuncry Store
laiiitiin liios.
P.O. News i-lanil.
Burr's Cigar store.
Canada Ii mk _ Dm***, Co.
Canada Booh & Drug Co.
McRue BlOB.
King i'i. Co.
Sccrelui'ies    uf
niitliorlsed    to ti
lor llio World.
llilll.lis    nre
Mi.l-suiii.uci'Clearance Sub*.
War Kit-le nnd
the charge thst tbey (the- .. i  . . ,„        ;l  ,   ,,_      _(
Centre Mar) were being tilled wilh It.tl   '
inn*.       .  .   wai busd openIgaorsnoe
ni ibe la.ilB," '. it ii in quite evident the j •■•'«' very large inul uitt now
■hoe ii on the wrong toot.   If Mr, Oil
had only taken Ibe troub'l to do a little
Invjitlgitlng before nulling into prim
he avoill I hive (i.ui I t'.it neii-ly nil lhe
1'initios" man now smployedat the \V if
E igle and Oenlre Rturare Itsllsnswhe
h.tve inn recently arrived (.. the o nintry
mi I thai yuur nim*. m .st end with un
"i" nr ui "i" in order to get a j >h
ih *.t*. szoepl wherein expert miner is
needed.   1'ue -iiuie thing now nhtaioi .it
tlie I. • I! ii, go I have been Infor llird by
I. ti.ie ■ who work there.
The t|U'„tion nitnrally arlsi".*   Why
are I'lilniiH ,dv*> i the preleren-.','    Mr.
HolHtcad- Wright
Central Ury  Goods Store, Cor,
Pirst Avenue and NVaahtujrton si
Dlreol   Leglalatton,
Law ranking Industrial World
Dlreol Laflglslation
by the volcrs,
Tlie Initiative—The proposal >>i
in law I.y a peroeutnge of tho voters
The Ki'i'i'iiiuluiu —The vote at
Un* polls mi a law proposed through
Is the medium
by which the
Klrliytiy. U h beasasa the nalou men ,„   ,-,„-„_,, or ,r petU|ouod  ,,„.
don lot of  lohtu.g.    Winn it  lie!    The .   ',
real realm  may   be   found   In   the lact   "V ■   l»rCeUtagO »d   Hie   vulcrs. ...
'hat tbe.e Iiilians have no volet nor ire !»">'   I**V»    passed   I'V   .1   legislative
thsy likely to hi ve; they aro more c-m- .bu.lv.
tent to bi working t'isn thay «r* to can*      Prooortional Ileprcs-iilntion-A
ecru  Ih.mielvel   ai 10 whal wages thei , . , ,-    .    .   -..,:. ,      ,    .•
* I'lUII      Ol IIOllllll.llll.o    Ull.I      ll.T'llII-
are  getting:   tlm.  Ibey  h.tva   mu  .In-   J J* , ,.
gmnniior, |.,„-g,„«. torlhrirnvupr.,- .I''l-I'-I',l"1-'   *""•    '-««Utlve8   which   reacllBS   the
Motion and, therefore,   will  lie  willing | Voice ll.c exact choice o|' llu- v.d.is
toils in  Ilie  band, ..I   tin- •welle.l-hea I I ill   proportion   lo   tbi'ir  liiiiin-ricul
The Imperative   iTandate—The
n-ic-e-*   lo   nuke  Riiilau I a ulirap
labor cimp.
Lu a lot nl nlietp  petlif.gger. 11 >w
into British Cdnmbii from theeait an I   rl*M '«> vote out of .dl..*.*  tb. gill
whit a inwi weiii gi up io >.e.iv..ii ir-uii  the Initiative uud Referendum any
_r.ii.l.!   Thi"Uwyeriunion" would   oilitinl  who liiils it. burforui  his
, not loa thing tn them, I duty.
Mr. •; ,1   would leign hav. m laelievt'l      "	
I'. It II   WIS .1 liv "II   .1 '.   1.1 .1    ..I    tbS 000. Selllituel.l      list Intl.
si l-.-i ut i.ui   uf   M.-..M    lllik-: ni    and —-__—.
(I ..lerh.ttc Tir the ii. *rob mis of Rn*. I    xi,p Br,,,||  gt<   i,., „   ,„,.|   rallraj
land tint a depirtrotat si ,re wa n >t jn,,kB |( „.|,|,.,|.    ,\., „,.,,,„.„, ,iH.
■eUbllsbed here,   IVnst huh!   I'.- •   ,, , :.,,i i .-.»,.■., n.e .„„,,.,„»• ,,n,i the
Igentlemeu will  u.v.si Iheir momy in nrik*—, which *l|i*a**lhe*lrik*r*tnrr
|„iiyi!.i.!gwheelhev lliink ll..-.. ch.-ii..-.   ,,„„ lo liork Oil lllgbl y uupi   v.sl  c -u-
areg.nl l.r .1 .it .'in-H.-ir . ...li.l. ll,-, l,*„|nM.   -p„H ......p,,,,  be* Bgnssd  In
HlVor bonght tlie War lli.-le nr r-..n-   ,-.„*■„„. n,e mnnn. sml  iw viva a cum*
star bsasute th*y likaJ RmUsdor ti.*-   mtitee Irom it st sny iime.
p. >;.!- in it.
8 u :r Mr. Oral) In. l.'.liu.sl Ihe roll o'
a champion «i Iialiani we may expao. tn
b*Uvored with burnlug wordi -.1  wi*    i^.,  ,,     rt —
do.n from hi, p-n iu (lie ne*r lul.irr, in    •!» llll I 111 I T
which   rise   I   nny    Inv.   soiii.i.hlug
I-ii.her lo say BiVirlf. I^nivrlc
Ami-C.ii.ic I.ahoii.       V-"
Roatlsnd, July li, I'.'""
and the
can Know his
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
Print.ri' Ink, ih,- - *n.l*rd snth rttj
nil ndverii.iug sal.:    "A I.Inr  |it
it Itr laetier Hdvi'rtt.ing iiiaslinm   ttian   b
leonlar dally, relatively to t .* nnmbei
of fubscrib-rs     A   Inbir paper,  for  i> •
emu e, will, 2   00 -ii' Mribsrs, w.ll tiring
better rrtnrasto the men hints silver |
tiling therein than   would  a  daily  ol
Tha World ii that  kind ol a paper
only nun* ....
Tlie Industrial   World, Citlgeo
and  Coin.fry  uml Bpoksoe   I-*,-*-**-
inans Labor Journal, «uly S" '■>
per year, ii puid iu advanos.
Tlio easy lo kiml. .lusl
right for ipiii-k intul- 00
w iirni tlnys. Unexpected
guests may in* banqueted <m
hIwrt notios fn m uiy line of
canned meats, presurvos und
siiminer delaoades.
5. w. si-^on. Mdstriai
Graoer, Flour aod I'isil Her—iaat
Setnu-I Ave.       V. N.Tel, i^..
Bail <. mils
♦   Il« -t Workxnacahip
X   Prices Hipht
AkitUs r.ar
Tl e R-iynionil
Now Hume
Wheeler A* Wilson
Sowing Machines
; Sewing   Machine   Sup
I pip-., ui all kinds
Mu-liiiii'.' to RUnt
Taylor & McOuarriej
J **-w u
Merchant Tailors,
Curry  ho largest and  best nssoitcil slock
Of Woolens, Serges, Tweeds  null l'lliitinj-s.
P ()  liox .1
V*. and N . Tel, Its 1.       IS Columbia Ave.
I Rossland. B. C. \
K -•  -    r i. *  *   '   r  r  * i   r n  r   + ,, ,   j   7   ft *   /   /   AA*AA**A|B** /) -n..„-a___/ _>_ _i m js. g, j
All kinds ni teas
Imported Direct!
\    un, Oul ing, Cat Ion, China and Japan.
•McGonigle & Co.,    -    Spokane St.:
! Summer Suits!
A full line of lhe bctt im-
Subscription Si.oo per Year.
North Side Columbia Ave.,
Next to the Hank sil.u.n.
♦ ♦♦♦♦HHHMvl
ported gf-oils to leloel from {
♦ Advcrtiaing l\;itcs Furnished
R. D. McMillan t _   ,.
on .Application.
I Agnew & Comoany I
l.ealir, in
/ S
3   ('voice Staplg and faitry groceries provision.,  Kruils sn I V*|Stsblsi,   B
Irni.ite, rrnckery sud glas.wire.
1   ir. fbird Ave and Washington M'.els. Tnlenbon. |fi|     •>
•    • ■   ..-.-. ifi , >i /ii. • -.  yt..-.. t*\ afy a*%a*% tk\ **,, «|i t*\ tt» i&
.   .....   .   . ,  ......... rsl*»4l*
jTlic Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd,
Gent's Furnishing Department.
Summer Clothing and
I' rule r\\ oar
Mem al wool serge sill:*, ,12 .VI to $20
" "        lueetl suite, $10 In $IS
Dot k Tennis suits, $4 lo $5
Clash 00*1 aud vest, $2,110
Noge coat ami vest, $4
Al,i*ea Conl and vest, $1 .rafl to $2 SO
Iw.e.l panls, nil w.ml. $2.50 In $ii"rt)
I'ercde *hir|*. soft and stiff Imsouib,
To. 10 12 ."si
Tvnnli ihlrir, 7V* m i-J.BO
i.i.v.i-,1 thnnel  bIiii.b, |!..'sii . -1   .
Bilbrlggsn  underwear, per ii.it, $
$1 ... 11 60.
Cotton ril.lhtl underwear, suit,
m lino underwear, per suit. $2..vi
Natural *700l, underwear, per anil,
$2 to .«4 SO.
Pansy itlkette underwear, $2 fiO,
II ill  boss, plain and fancy,  20c
to He.
S ran end linen hat", 50a to $1 US
. li and .nil Mt hiiis. (I tu $•• W 2
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd. i
i' C'oliiniliia Ave,
VAN'Phone 170
■te»st»ee»»<e»eeei«**i*»»»s*»t»sss>»<'>e*«s»»»i*M'i»»'i--i» ♦
E„,i ,«.c.I
International -Music Hall.     :
K. Kim kiiisn. I'rop. *
VVKRK l ti.MMr.M'ISi. MIIHOAY,   JU1.U 2.
J A   M   „inn, Manager.
A Merry Burli sque
miE b.c. are at roxv isundi
5        — „      I
: A Big Show!
A Funny Show!*
Fourth  of  July Show
QOD BAVH Tin: (jii;i;\.
•--••.• .:.i.:..;..-..:.     p '   • ijHjUtH*- |   |   |   v tt *, xtf
G. W. McBride
Hardware   Miners' Supplies,   Stoves,  w
Ranges,  Etc.. Etc
Paulson Bros.
Cusli Qrooers, Keep
Jj  That ia gm-d to eat.   Jams and preserves a upprialty,


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