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Industrial World Mar 24, 1900

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VOL 1. NO. 27.
Devoted to the Interests of Organised Labor,      Eudorged by the Trades and Labor Council,      Official Organ of District Union, No. ti, W. F, M.
The Customers on our Books are a Proof that
the clothing we offer
you for Spring is not
Ready-made Clothing
as is generally understood, but
Ready Tailored
Guaranteed Goods.
All anyone can get out of this life is contentment, as a proof that you will he contented with
one of our Spring suits, you will find Shorey's
Guarantee Card in the pocket which says
"Satisfaction or your*Money Back."
Does this appeal to you ?
Clothing and Men'jjVi
l lg room.
Big Store,
in  -ii.'; UltorHKKS
,x   I
Nn fimrv prle. s, I n. the best v .Im lo
your money.   We handle only Bnt-clai
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦i*cct>evee«e<:^»«>4*ee*eee«>**o*e*>*>»e*«> '
Spring Suits.
♦ We hove in-i itcclv .1 .1 '..i.-i;.Hi t nf M nV.  Boyn'Jsnd J |
♦ Youths' Ktrly S,> i..g Suits. whic|fwc ore selling
From $4.50 to $17.00.
These suits ar.  marked    Right."   N .< wa* 120 00, now 118.00
;:i'\vn.i -..... -.,.,   prlee, and t ...t the Lowest Puiedble.
Ws have also reserved some of ourl Spring siiiit«, n few
vhii'h are shown in our window.
We Bulii-ii \ .uir in paction.    No trouble to show goods.
EMPEY BROS*. The Furnishers!
.rn.r r alumbla Arena* snd s ■ k ineSireel.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦<»*"!«♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦<•♦♦  *♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦*♦♦♦*♦♦»♦♦♦♦<♦♦♦♦ ,
Ewert Brothers,
New nml Complete Stock of
CHINA  am,
Ncxt to (ho Kootenay Hotel.
..lit col Bltautlnn Bids Fair to He
Unsettled   Unt I Election
Vict iriii, M.i.c. L'l— A   long   ses-
i».. wus bold lu-t evening by the
t'ou-creative us.-ooiatio t It) tii—
uuas the political situation In the
province winch i. reoogu zed to be
i in n iuosI deplorable state. It could
not Iiii d cidi'ti whether to run the
election ou part, linns or mil, uml
will receive oin-itleiiui n again at
n meeting ta be called by the chair
sometime previous to vpril 9.
In reply to tho business men's
iuid b inker's uiciiioi'iiils asking
Bomu speedy settlement of the business inaitivity prevailing throughout the province, tlm Lieutenant*
Governor hog replied In effect 'hat
au election will be brought on an
soou ns possible.
A reasonable limo, however, be
c insiders should be given cits t n.
to prepare for a nl give decisive ex-
preeeiou to their views. Further-1
more as the memorial attributes nil
tho troubles uiigiuully to tho night-
hour law, lie could not give his pergonal consideration to it, but referred tho attention of the memo ia -
tots to the statement of the Prenilei
iluil mi Investlngatioo should Ih*
made nml tin- |,e >;.!,« u-kcl to give
tzpression to their views on tlm
law ut the |. lis.
Threatens to Tic Up Every Shop iii Speaker Henderson  expresses his
two Countriot< Opinion.—Labor Killings.
WasHINOTOV, March '2,'i—Speaker
The  cuiifcreiic.,  of the Interna
tional Association of Machinists Henderson took occasion during a
and the administrative council of recent call by President (joinpurs
National Metal Trades Association and other officials of the Federation
ii'-ultcd in a disagreement und Presi of lai.lior to m.iko known bis pur-
dent James O'Counell declared nt Homil views concerning an eight-
the cl.se of lhe inccling that steps hour workday. The labor leaders
would be Ink.ut to.order a general called to discuss tho outlook for
strike iu all parts ol tlm United legi.l.ition ou tho eight-hour bill,
States and i iimidii. The refusal of the bill against convict nuiile goods,
the Machinists association to int.'nnd that limiting the issue of In*
mediately cull off tho OhioogO, 'junctions by federal courts. Al-
Coliiuibus mid PatorsOQ Itrlkes Isjtbougll several mt>mbers of the
tin-direct cause if Ilm failure lo j delegation preferred to place the
arbitral,., but it was felt sun. that j injunction bill foreuiost, it was tbe
the unions lu question would Hit'i'do final view of Mr. (lumpers aud his
from the n-seeiation if such a move associates Ibal tlio eight-hour mcas-
wa.s inaugurated, therefore dm de-lure should be the li:hi to receive
do-  lire sluuilil bt, tho
All  negotiations  were do- attention from congress.
eland  null  by   the luuuiifuctur- is
al the decision  of Ilm  niacliini-ts.
This led   Speaker  Henderson  to
express his persons! views on thn
Stoutly Declined but Finally Gave
in to lb,* PI, a.ling.
IV ii*
nanover v-a,i *.-.. a re io *. 'i .** ^\-f* .r.
brlgbl • . I «'ep »i,.'t'.  ...■I «rltn <ralk. «l..,.g'as
ihiMlth I »»r I h,'f  ..,- ...tu,   you can drcide
lhal he Isn't sreak in his Kilmo*.
•tir..  cm  thai   I,,a.-ni,|  Fn-llnu or a Weak
II .ck'.'    If,.., duii'l lii'.i  nr.
Dr.  Bsiljays
Kilncy  1*1*118
RsVO cured others snrl will cure )ou.
T. R. Morrow
Tilt    .i;i       ST.
Beat tVSSrlog, Bill ill ing and best looking
lu Men's. Women's nnd C'liiliIre's
C. O. Lalonde
The nomination of Eugene  V.
Hobs as prcide..iiui candidate of
lhe Social Dcim.e .tl.e pail, vt i I be
It.tiled wib delight by his in my
friends throughout  this province,
ami ll.c World al l.rge.      Mr   Debs'
untiring efforts tu better ilm run*
I ilitlon (if (he labor cl.i-a has cmlcr
' | ■"! £** . 1   >*d him to the poor throughout Ilm
lie   t^Llcl QCl   tto''1'''!lu<'-he joy at his aocepting
this nomination is widespread- Mr.
Dibs e. I- phieed iu nomination by
un eloqueut plea from Rev. Fred-
click O, McCartney, but declined
saying there ut-.. oertolo ooudliions
tVhlch nude it neos eery.    So lotig
and OsrneSt, however, were the en-
Irealics Irom his friends lhal finally
Im guv.' in and brought gladness lu
all by bis ai ceptaiicv.
|and President OTonnell said that eight-hour question. He said (bill
strikes would  begin nt one* begin-' ho bad  always  believed   that tho
Ing at Cleveland, O, which look j product of it man working eight
place the'J'Jn.l in-t.      Vflerall (bu  hours a day was much  better (ban
large cities I ovo been Und up strikes j tlmt of s man compelled to work
will bo called iu all  the  railway I longer hours.
shops iu the country. No limo was   set  fur   Liking  up
This bids fair to be the Urgent 'ho eight-hour legislation, us the
ami farihesi reaching strike on callers .nude no request in Unit line,
record as it   invo'ves  fully ICO.OtMl I'i niiiuuiv ...  I.omit Iiii.imi.
workmen and reaches all   ports of
the United States amlCauado.
The executive council of tbe American Federation of I-itbur has rc-
l'liero is still hope iu  tome   •••(.-, v,.kcd tlie charter of tlm Aine.iciu
(ions that stbltrwtiou will be arrived ..l by Miine means before the
lite sli ike grows general, but so far
inih Mil.-- remains obdurate.
M ii'liioist's Strike.
Clcvelui t|. Murch '_»_ --It.'presen-
l.ilivcs of 2000   machinists   m   the
cily of I'.evt'liili.l, ufler iiii ull-niglil
a. in
Agent's ASsocialion. after a thorough investigation; it being held
Iluil (Im organ i/. il ion dues uot
pusses- tin* required number of bum
I'.dc uni his to ret.iiu a charter as o
national trade uniou.
Tho application for the charter
of the Heel IloClcrs' liilcrmitional
Union    was    rejected,    ami     ihe
me. ling decele.! at L* a. in logo on bolllers now organised were di-
a ,-tr.ke Ibis morning. Between I reeled to liecotuu a part of the
1*500 ami 20 .' men will go out. j Brewery Workers' National Union,
Tln-y a u demanding a  nine-hour | except those Who am directly uflili*
Tho M'st Elegnni uml Luxurious
Filled U.u in Oaiiadii.
A Kuil Line ul the I'hnlreit
!Liqueur?and Cigars
ED. WATSON, Proprietor.
■*-«■••*■■•• •■• "• • >•••■;
The Dsmoorstla Platform as Endorsed by W. J. Hryan.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office
.\ Bell "I -upplies.
BOOK stork     -     -
—       .Kl ('.ilutn'iia Aveiiu*
llca.lipinil.tVb.r Ruber. . l!arlcmlers.aiiil WsitttlH'oatsnnd Aprons
The One Price Store.
C. O.  GlbSOtl &  CO. "I^.ILXL MKttrirVN--rs
,Oil<"lotliii)g.S.is|K<iiilers.Uu<l.'rwerir, Fine Hidhiiig. Shoe,. (ilovcs.
American "niches,  ("locks. Silverware. School Supplies, Stationery.
At the stale Democratic con veil-
lion bell in l.iuc In   N'.di.. tlm ltf.lt
lust.! Win. .1. II yin wa* e tin. in
ti.allv naiiieil us then candidate f m
president.   He has onnouooe 1 his
jj-.pla'fuiiii which, tho.igb not wrillcn
• by him .va- endorsed snd ooospted
j hy him plank by plunk as it was
J built.      ll   reiillir.ns  tho  OhioogO
pliilform of IS il. declares for ' III
t-i 1," opposes a liirge .-..imling
army, d aouaoss ths notion of the
Kcpiililiciii parly on tho Porto
K i.'ii t-irill' hill, declares againsl
iiupcriulis.il, and   favors  tlm choice
• jnf United Stales senators by popu-
•v | lar vote.
work day with Urn pay  berilofore
gn.-ii for teu hour-.
An InvestlgsUon is la-iug l.cltl in
ChioogO by the congressional con..
miltee in nguril to lubor Imublos
there, und sumo most sensational
tesiimouy ..gainst orgutti/.cl labor
ba- I,, en pi iiIim-i-iI.      OliO   witness,
Mr. iii...i.i. said oooording to bis
ezperieooe orgouisud labor placed a
premium  on  effloiouoy, aud  ibe
ate.l with thn Aiimrifan *"'eilcr.ition
Of Iaithor. and which have agreements with their employers.
Iti'ilisb Columbia Workmen About
tu Enter n Protend.
Winnipeg, March, '.'I   -A provis-
lonsl labor ooaforsnos has decided
tai unite st oug   representations to
leaders worked Mildly fur iheir owu I the iiomiuiou government us (o the
uggriindi/cni. nl. Mr. Levi tliivcr. wholesale infringninciil of (he alieti
of M .ran. Mayer iSt Mayer, c .in- labor Inw. an I ospccially iu British
plained of Inequality   of properly .Columbia,  where   it   is claimed a
protection Irom ic^i-l-iuro or our is
ami saitl lhal instead of the rich receiving piotocliou over the poor
thai dm stall,   ol   conditions   Were
great effort is boin^ ma.lt, to drive
out trades Unions bv bringing in
aliens from tho western slate.-.
Unions oil through tlm Dominion
reversed and the poor got it nl1.' are to unite in an effort to secure M
h neli nun .• test..tony lrompl.it..- strong legislation in .'lunula as that
oruoy has boon taken all iu a -inn- in force iu tho Unit "d States,
lar sli un.
Have ymi a vol,*, workman'.'    If
vol have Ihiuk U'f.irt, you   luM   it.
ami then c.i-i u for belter laws,
A Profitable  ' nv.
Tin- following remarks, a- ox*
pressed  by ■>  itilvorton miner iu
conncelion   with   answers to a cir-
lion: Smith I iirli* is yet   in the 'oulnr distributed   by   Labor c..m-
city.  making ...lelul   iiiveslig.iiion
, .^ tyf-e-l MiiMas,^-..,!.,.
in tuns in
(ID It'!' ,v. FANCY
and Glass Wakk
i-Trr I)rll,a~tuill parti of thr tltj-.
rmiNIi 1ft,
Corner Third Ave. and Washington St.
Agnew & Co.
The coiivenlon passed resolutions
on the several ports of the new platform and in regard lo the trust system:    He. olved to wag.- un UOOBSS*
ing warfare Sgslosl all the Itu .I,
tin-  iii'in.-v   trust, tlm  Industrial
trust)   und   the  international land
grabbing trust,
'im Populists have slsoprs-ttosl*
ly nd..pled Ibe same pliillur.n as Ilm
Democrats, differing  only in foiin,
with Mr. Brysn as their osodldsts
ns well.
A decision has been hand.si dotvn
bjl the United -fates supreme curt
that trusts osonol trsds in'i'.M. ■■
ol   tlie   I roil III en   here   ami   Is  still
impel..I of bringing about harmony
Unknown to Itiisshiiidersnn agent
of stockholders of the  nor bioglo
bus visited this cily, ...id ul'ler looking over lhe Ullue lellllllcd lo
I on)..to. when, lie has report.ul
in.-si favorably ou the outlook fur
tin: future of ilm property,
llolslca.l ft Wright, cori.or Fiist
avenue and Washington slreel. to
in.il.e room, are offering their
children's    coats,      ladies'     older-
down robes, suit mists anil cioih-
iug, nt greatly reduce.I prices. The
balance of our winter goods must
go to make room for our enormous
spring slock, whi.-h is arriving
daily. New linen of men's shirts
for spring are to I.an.I. ami aro well
tvurlh i ...ir llisp. cli	
mi—ionurs in i.'giird to s.H'inl laws,
oeed-. etc.. voices lhe sentiments of
many,   Hn says:  "If we, ss work*
iiigi.KMi. would give more nttcnlion
to -tti.lv ami less to whisky, it
would prolit us i,inch: if we would
give a little time nml ii lillle money
toward building up our labor organizations it would profit us more,
and if we would abolish private
ownership in html through tlm single tax immediately nnd private
ownership  in  all  proline.ion    mid
distribution st ths earliest possible
moment, it would be about all
Sunday, April lot, the Woman's
Christian Tcmpi'iuurc Union, will
hold a public mass meeting iu  tlio
Miners' Union hall. Mi-s Muroatt,
pniviiiciiil W, 0. T I', -wtumr of
Australia, will spmik. Otherdsfslll
fo he am.o.i   e.'il   la,   t. •.';'■.
s*-l~>»V*r***i <
MAR    -
~IMA.VtMK_-.a_ a--*.*. -
Pul.lisliril at UlB Mire...' I'llinn Rail, 1<"
lu His lutrrct ofuriutiiiril lulaor in llnteli
Cutll nihil.
Kiiliri.1 al the  KoMliiul.ll  C.   -.ostrfliiT-   lit
Iritismiasiiti, that'll'h  His until., Nov, nym,
as serum! ellll Itltutrr.
P. 1.   It vxt
r. iltor in d Msnsgsr,
tehee at  Main.' Ilium Hull.
1-ivnblr luviutslilv in Ail.utter
O r yistr     t*>«a
ill   aaOl.tht        I at
Thrrr Mo.ilh.           71
Address nil roroitaaniit-nll.aus lo tin- Iti.liisttiiil
World. I'lasloSicr IM |<A Ko.sland   H. C.
The Iiiilusttinl World I, lor ante in Ko,s'aiul In
the Hn»l|n Cigar Slorr. Slati-.i-nii-s Nrtt, sttutil
H. B. WallBM'l stitionrry slorr; Post OfRt-r
News Bund. I.inton Bro,.. Stillonrry ti.m
Sirr's CI|ir Slorr in.I by nrt, -lsi> a.
All ehecki may l-e made payabta tithe Miniger nr Ihu SnerstSTJ ul ll r
Miners' t'nioo.
Thuie who dciir* a "clunge in Iheli
Bilveili.euient ilmul-l have lbs copy lu.
the isitie al this ofllos nut later .... n
the evening befure publication day.
SAtTlU>AY,    MAIU'II   21,    1" li
The Oonservatlva party seoms to
bs possessed of the chumelerisliiB
of the cliaiHclcin. iu Unit il it mill)
changes its color toonrreopoiid with
the locality iu wbioh il c\i.«ls. or so
il would set m fnin ils loiiimlie
tury stun.I in Ibis disii icl as n. in-
pared with it- position ou the coast.
At Westminster tho right-hour law
W.is uphold in it- rutin Iv. an 1 '•• -
caim, one of the elm I | luuks.of the
party at   Iheir convention,   hut at
tlm convent ion held in Nelson Insl
,   ,,    ,        ,; ...        ... , •  ,    il   this   ion pant   are   posse* wl  aa
week tbat pititicuiur qftestiou which |
give th. ■ .  law   avhiul
Inul so iweiitlj bi
opposed l.v ilti'in. even If tbe obi. I
plank of their platform Is its so..
poi'1: therefore it reoeiveil pracli
colly no oonsideratlon whatever,
only licinc mi ntlunod, su lar ns the
report of the meeting shows, by
inn delegate
In tho words of tlie illu trious
Pu trick Henry's famous speech:
"wo have uo means ol judging tin
future but by tho past," aud from
all precedents nud lu (tonslderutiou
Of tllC clil'S  of I f whioh   tile
Const motive j u"ty is principally
Com] ii-cil. whal i:\\\ labor i.n-nii -
ll 1*1 V hope   I'mill   lh' in'.'     Is   it   (In
paiiy to which organized labor nai
unreservedly and cnufldeiitly giv.
i t si support, and be sure of a jut-i
eim-i.leriitii.n of its interests.1 Mei
who hove siinun tn little ou cer
in the welfare of thn prut inc... n
bave gome members of ibis par:,
in llu- past three months, coul.
hardly make laws fur the ' <■ i • *. d
uf lhe proviuor*, nor should we if
readily put niii-.s. Ut s in tlio powei
of nu It III Iheir BI bet en,
'I he cfiiipaii-nn nf tho H. A. C.
London ro| orl to stock Hold, i - and
ihe recently alleged reasou win
they nre obliged :., carry on nl
fuiure work in <ler a contract -\s-
'. M. | mpounds nu i rlthn etios
problem thai we aro iiunhlo t >solv<
I.y nny rules y.t (liseov. :• \
dividend   i up until g  tu  ihu   tl
little blllii oi .. ..Hi.! l.'U It   ■   ;lt-l lie, ,
paid,   still   le   ing  n   '	
ibovi ISO,
establish ih-- ...    •   ,  lit,]
more Hum •?:;;.". (>■ n     li -
it would Ink. sldi ruble ...
the ovoi iuioasii -i snnii  ,
a. (I ns one mtii   wi*  I curl   to re-
inail..   litis   particular   company
".seem   to    w.ll I   the   wlnde   earth
fenced in, and ton hours n .1 ;   I
look over their  is   • ■   • i
oonsldoration of their .risn wvlfor
.1 might be a- well tu g v" iln-in n.
further osuso In j ul tin inse in u
ilm back, I... hu) I ardor knot I.
would sin el y prove injurious. ,\i s.
people would bv quite w.ll -..li-ii.-
w i b ibis t. in -.pi..! i. i. of n millioi
dollars a-a net prolit ou an ii.xi
in.'lit. llll I'Veti   il   the sbaichi.lilei
contented spirits the uiHi sgcmoui
are  UOt.
is of Ibe most vital interest al  this
time lo labor in  tills   district, was
iTilindv  lost   sight   "I. nr   igmii.tl.
Why ibis spporenl iuoumisteucyf     SoInrdsy's Evening Record give.
It it that the coast Consorvativct, the public a concise nud  "hue at
nud the Kootenay mombers t f the
lilllVHIT'SO d Helen I iii views, hi
is il ll.nl they arc men of Ibe Millie
caliber and slump.' We prefer, with
What light we have been able In
gain un the subject,  lo  believe  ll.c
On the coiisi labor sympathy pr>«
dominates, and limn policy lh.
Conservative    parly    treats    labui
questions with tlie uimo.-i. slder-
iilion. ami makes lhe law governing
Ilm hours .if labor one of ils ol|J. I
c .nsidcratinns, bi.i practically tbey
find no opposition lo the i sue it.
tlmt portion of the provioe.
Here tlm conditions arocxnctlj
tlm reverse, 'll.c mine owners anil
managers have f, c seme time been
pitted ngai.ist labor, ami trying
strength with it. They have shown
themselves capable of going lo ant
limit in gain their ends, aud have
shown  uo scruples OS to whal they
shall attribute the cause of tbeh
coiilc-l. The eight-hour law was
the contested point in lit.- it-it nil)
settled slocan trouble hut we an
plolie lo accept the  ii) lul ut Ms  .
prcs-cd by Mi-. Byn » N. wi, t.. . f
ihe slocan star, who says the c
ten.ion was not a labor bill a political Qglit,   Bitterly oppi.se.I to th.
government,asthej Herefrom lhe
first, tbey vented their malice on
the law passed hy that goven nt,
making  it  lie  scapegoat   for all
all their vituperations I venom.
As soon, however, as the government was dissolved n icttlemei I
was spec.lily   effected, despite tho
(act .Iiui ihe Isw remnl I lutacL
'I hese men ore almost wilhunl e.v-
i-fpiinn members of the parly in
question; in fact, judging from
iiic delegates . to lbs N- is.m . i
ing, il would seen Hi I the
party    In    Kootenay   ws
count of tlm facta" ns regards tin
protection of our largo mines; golnj
on |o sjiy lhal "HO glX-d nilizei
should f.-.l • ffensfl al ii wali'luniiii
guarding Ihe mines- but if nu;
innn shows (.flense he lays himsel
open to the suspicion of being h bin
I ni the Miners' Union i
let down ver) i n y In ii- Iii ale ::.
II  i- 01 !;,    nCCUSed   of   being   uvi 1
sensitive nor are uny of ii ■ meii.
l» i's wi rue than ibis. "Consistent'*
thou ml indeed a jewi I," If....
nne showing offense is to be regard
.1 us n bad citiX1 II, why are it tl.
mt minis of lhe .Miner-' Unim
liable to tho mime suspicion'.' Th.
opinion of tl.e llccord will not influence II single in. ml.ee of 11.
union cue w.i\ <u another.eitherb;
i- c'lul notion or support, hu
wo wi ill.I mosl heartily enjoy set-
uie; tho publication sfiok t.. on.
hypothesis Ihroughoul its nrgm
mon to.
i '•! >-l\   e\ ,'f. S.--.-11   m i lies   f. ■
nis   iiliimiiie  victory   are   I i   do     .,, .,.'.,
1 hero iti-i• now  building in thn
menus I'i w, nor few are Ilie .lilli-
OUltieS Im bus .vctc 'ine, and it need
create no groat surprise if In ibis
engagement h« proves himself equal
io ihe occasion,
United States aud Canada over 60,
labor temples,
Six hundred aud llfty-slx trusts
Were organized 111 lhe U. ileil siati*H
ill the las: ut . years.
Although so far Un* report hns 	
i-'-T'ivcd    iiii     eoiilii'ii ntion    IVilUl       Tlie .lames   I, Clark Li-alhcr Cn.
iiuthority, it is quite ooiifldnntly be- of si. Louis bus luougursted 'he
lievctl Uml lb*. WiCtts has acoptcdu nrufil-aharlng   system   with     em*
portfolio   in   iIn* Murtin   oiibinot ployes,
1 Im I'n iiiiei' i- reported ns having
t*Httn,|.HOnHt,,H,il< HlHlit,,,, r *'r44-r,> 4-4-4 » 4-
I P. Burns & Co. f
corrohoruted thu story thul Mr,
Gordon, uf KiuiiloopH, will buuoine
a member of the euhinel under our
lin uonditii.iis, Thus, it Vi.tiili!
seem, thul tho lion, Joseph wai
gaining slowl) but surely soni.
.;i'  itit'l in his cabin, l-'tiii liing.
The government nt Oltnvt i ari
carefully   looking   into   the hih.u
ipli sl'nllS tl III   have   Ul'l  ell   ii.   till
:u..vInoti during thn Insl year nn.
arc ■ niplliug .ill thu nutlienti
mat tec nnd statistics which ar.
available. All poss hit. uid sin.tie
ih'given them lu luiuging ah mi ;.
'..Iter -l.ile of llflililS   tlltlll ill pie--
uul exist, :i- Iiii   If. it douo by Hi
. f lab ir at tin* capital .lui
ing the pu t iveek.
'I'in* Tiffin lu.null of the ghisa
trust has discharged a number ol
ojt.is because "ib.y aro sitters oi
.iiiitui 111.■ 11.
A numb i of typogruphioitl uuious
li.lVe    clnl   ISC.I   .    illlllltll    ils   Ilie
oiivuntion city for 10 ".', tho soini-
centeuuiul ) onr "i the fouudiug ul
til.' union iu thill oil) .
About 100 bops, em pi .yeilby long M, so it ;'i the Union Iroi
A urks iu San Fratici e '. u ■ it. .1
eaters, urn nut un u si :ke. They,
nav been receiving tbe |attry sun
il 50 .'.-nis a day. I'hoy oek fm
A  lii-i   trusi   with   810.000,000
' l . I   I. I     COIll   III   till   hul   lUCtlll in
i I )a ii bun. c in .. i-  h ii |j
..1.   M..:e fur h.i.s nre made ii.
. 'un ii-v   tliitti in iiiiv similar sir'..
Wholesale Markets.
Ison, Trail. Saiiilmi, Revel.toko
Grand Porks and Vancouver,
£       ltoiiluiiil. Nelson, Trail, Sandnn, Revebtoko, Greenwood, 3     f
4 Grand Forks nnd Vancouver, t
t I
t RRTAll.   MAl.'KKT-'     HosnUrt,   Trtdl   Nelsss,  Ymir +
j Kail". Saml.an  New |).nver,   Silverton, Csiosds City, Grand _
Fiarks. (ireenvTisi,!.   I'linc, is, Midway, Cnmp Mckiait.'),   Level. ■♦-
■e itultt.. F rguion nml V-aoducer I
t f
♦ J2•,''f•,l• Qsmeanil Poultry In Season, Sauingss of all Kinds. T
V'n.i iam   una i.i) Manager Rn sin • il Praneli
*■ i
*>'f4--t'->'*>-»-:4T-|--f-l>'|-»ft + l-( + *>a>T»   ♦*)'>*>T*)T+*>t*>'>T*>-r«> ,•>♦+♦♦>*♦-♦
Mainland anil British Lion Cigars
The V.n cei:\cr World   Im
ai -strongly in favor of the II. u
Martin, giving ita uiudintcd    h.v "" wirth. and 5,000 haiitls in
•upl nl nn Liberal t irl   linen am    "•"-' >"' in '* •'' Industry.
.   other   l.iboiu      tn   ussi i
• . ■ llrst no wi-
,   r I ■ ,. .e ||m   I*ii in it r  it-  sn;
,.  t in tl *• '• (ulet'tl ... but w-
;...■..' i .a li.I. :.,,   Cat  Mi. M.i: tin i
ihle to '.nl Up :, air. i g light >l.t-j lie
III) ami aii opposition,
sti'i.iit First-  loss Union ' ij-nr.
Dr. luces' njduioii ro tl. i . Igh
hour law a- . gpn .- . .1 al the i u
- rvalive oonvuntioii si Ni lion, hn
tun him .. great r speul Im n will I
ngmeu I*, -..y the li'i.at. IVithm
lesitstiou hu gave il as I,.
I Iniou ll at lb" law, ns ii sWlttl
r logislati in-ill th" i    . i •    ■. i...
'. it :'..i t ni.. ii . .a law in L,
Mil. l\.
At nn time has thn n- nr set''
mci i "i the South If lean war bee
o appiice.'i a- din ing fie ; i ■ ■ •
reek. 'I hern i- er. . i 1. ... • <••»
"Vprcssi-il, i„ circles that shuuhi
::n.iw. that mn ilnr month wil
•iin..-s Die decnnitioti  .•( |-enci
ami lhe i. call ol u..el., f il.c lit), p
Tho Loud ui ' t ir Is nutli irity fm
lie -i tte iienl ib it married men ii
hi  ploy of .* ir I In ma.-   Lipt u
in** It a mere mil    n    j    . i m in
-, e.eve as I <\\ a- 83.50 llilll 14.00 I
vc.'k, inn!  women   iu   tin. | at kiin.
.. mis ■■■ • ii tl !0 I   tl. ....
Sp kntiC is hem '   arraign
.   r   :   .. ' i   irnt.l
in her | ei'il'l' .tg .'e-l   i'. !i    Dm.
Ill, .- .i- '.   ng    . :  ■ : ii. si lie
.l.i"s r ;       ■   .. ■ i the tt c t'-i
in: In) in -,-t ,\,:- in y. nml v b , wn
I of Sll i-fs    I r   j-i-li. •
.'a sei    • ■ '■ ..   ;'.,|,; ic.i-
)    .   '    .   :    \ .
'lln' resolutions pussed i   Ihei	
v ntion   of tho Lh i.
i .. - 'I'll. ■    in   Ni   ...n     . :
"i;t;. week, showed tiles      ll   I
i        ih
i slmim .  r p' . o   tin
.ni in ur   law    w-.. .I
hough   .. a me     .und   lo  helievi
Ibal some are li til Ippol'
of ilm measure The noun • ..I
several, nay mm. of the de'egata*
io that convenliou aro syn< i.imous
nilh Itistubiliti. boing in ' . who,
unless limy cau air Iheir opinions,
ih'ongh n ii edium wbl Ii con mil
their nam . nre careful to appear
in. si intcrcstti g'; frl • dly to a I
ui isigel)   itii .t. .- •!
Alii., iigi. i iiuservittive and Li I -
oral i n,.. rs a k • eontluiu   t" he-
i' poll , ven go to I lie ■ *      i    i
,   : uiil -t g th. Ir ni ii ■   .ni-   llu1 lion.
i      i
r,i'rss men cease t-. bo warring
t •! s   ml b. con e a "brotherhood,'
int. ti uing truthfuh ess. jusiic.* au.
couomy, and  Icing animated by
limine s and (tons d. ::*. ion in Ihcl
lenliugs with i-mdi other, whatevei
;.lim uf association thoy nny adopt
• an re nl: only in fal uro and tiis-
ippoiutineut. -i'i-.. ci iiur.
It  in Ips a man t • | lit a bll mm"
in.re I.li 1 li in bis clilHel.   when   (In
uOBtor doesn't furgH In pni.v for tin
•ueiny. or lhe peoplengaitisl ohom
ti- ..wn ooiiiiirynien hit* w.".i.j.
, H-. when he remeinbcrs I. b conn-
i\ 's soldiers.
Ii i- a sad siaic of affairs when .
•nan i- IlllSblut iiili'lcnllv liclicv'.
my mail   hum st  all.)   Hue   iu   hi
protestations nf inieresl   until  h.
,;    p| oven his pi silii.ii.
A S'.v ml Girln1 Union wit1   BP0
■ ..I i, in.    it '   I H organ led
I 111    '   .killg   T    IH'W
,        Bell II ill dcin i   -I   ii
uni'.c lul.'", air) room, %        .
i-.liing loii.l. the rig1'-, i.i c iter ihe
; ■ - room nl on) time, ovnri
.it,it- Sunday off nml no afternoon
i'... every week) no work alter 7
o'clock in the ovouin ■. and If .■> -
iiii i, .1 to work uI'i.t 7 .'cl... r. nver
lime Is in I -• charged, slaying in
lute I await tin- family's return
from any enl. rlainin. nl is lo be
a iia-i.i-i■ i    ork
Suits". Ibi is to the  Wmii n who
,,    . t■ i. so  ... y   leu <-   t     r
, ,mi ' '. where
- ith-
M. .1 O*llior.i, tl.e cl. ii.it.- bc-
ii   .1  "lill.il s |ti ii.g s;t!n of   elllllllllf.
-ii  the   It' h  iii--1.   'I b- role  will
"■ mil.pi* I'.li. cn day -  ami   include
-..III.*   lull-  liilgi in-.
Tho best i iblol oortl lo be lit <1 it
il I is iu I..- ji,i| el ii-- Rut el
total. Ei nr) thing Is flr t elms* i
■vcy re-peel. Prompt .I...I alien
;.\e sei vice.
CRAND SPRlNli SALE   "     M".;.\; m,
I ■ ■  I.'- ■  Ivetl, th   I B'kt-: ami H .-. S I • ■• .1
t       ' cn
: Cioi-lr-i, Eocts dLte ni w.;:-.::™*:.
Mill'- I' . .   \Y   l-l.   !    -i|T« Hi  I. T . .,„ I  |,  ,   1;, ....        vt     i     '.' .;  s   I .
■ ■'   ■•  3 l;--J
M    ' -i " "i •- i- -, w. i'i, *■ ■_> j-1 , i',;.. • .,i-i,ah,        ,        .        37j
'I -. '- I  .i,  .- ...  -I l .. -     -      , bl« i     .-at $l«; 8,'t) prim       . 12 3")
' uy. Si.l ''      '.'.•'•■■
' ' 'H' IHKK! Pur iba >■ x   I5daya every line In **•. k in sit I a' and*
t'   , I .   I -.
M. J. O'llEARN
tiik ••; oiiiikr
II. vii g decifle ; t . • .il out nn Dnllrv Si ..■:. ..f
Have y- ti auythii g to sol!?    1
...  lhe  11'si way i ml   tin-  cbenpc-i
: . s.:l it. is i Ivertise through the
".iluinu- ■ I" Hi" Wi nt n.
II'iIs t, -I-1 .v* Wright, corner Fiid
avenue ami Wanhingbm stroet, I
make   re.nn.   nre   nffiving   Iheit
children's   <"at-,     Ind en'    older
down robes, suil wuisls nn,'clothing, iii g'cal y reduced pii.es.  Tin
ala* .*.• of our winter gmnln niiisl
o i ■ make room for our en iron iu
piing stock,   whioh   is   arrivini
daily.    New lines "I  meirfs shirts
for spring arc to band, ami arc well
worth j "in Inspection.
If vmi have not already done bo
v.... should inul..- ns littl.- delay !i-
posolhlo ul)".It  having   lour   naine
placed "ii tin' Vt ling li-t.
lilillioeiT. Ladies* Furnishings, Eic
•s _■
+      ami with tho i.bi.ii of 8ell|ng - ul as sum as p osible, 1 will     i      '
♦ Sell at unheard   f prices to get rid of the entire stook, X
50 Per Cent. DI3C0UJS!!        :   :
* or.  iu   o ln-r   WOltls,  ever', thing goes  :tl   HALF .PRIOj?.
I      C. Fs Hagles
i    Oppuate the Bank of Toronto. Rom-land. B. f.
♦ ♦♦♦■r*T + *>*4->*'f + ->4*>*>-l*H>l ..4TTf>vl4Tt>t«H*>tT4rTl*•*■*■ t
i ,
1 he Strand
1 'be M< si  Elegant aud Luxurious
r, ii tl Bur in Oanadn.
nl the Obolcest'
Liqueur and Cigars
Morrison and Bryenton
lime juht received a Consignmonl of
Fisn, (i uncd Good*;,  Hams and Bacon,
Fruits .-ind Vegetables
Frtsh Hggs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Sole Agent ii) Kossland for  '.'EMPRESS TI'.AS."
'Phone 106-45. 120 Columbia Ave.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.       String Roans
Br ssels Sprouts, -tlucr, elery, tones. Green Peas.
0. M. Fox k Company,
bin Ave
T< lephoni Bs.
.«,' » isaaaaaaai TltE IXM'STRIAI. WORLD, Msroli34, 18007
« $-•*•••• : I■ •■ r •■••-•> iV**^**ss^t5v8*V*>
I To the Rescue
.•• <•>
of S'Annie. i
Vfta-tKr-i M't'M •• S***»**<r<t***Ss(>«|
The twins Merc laklos their llinohecn
oat under (he apple tree, because there
wsi oompsny, and B'Annls remsrked
thst they might, if ibey staid In, st«re,
or gel jam nn the table, cloth.
"Which  was ii prevarication j" eai.l
Josh', i-dignanlly. "She knows we an.
much to olil tn misbehave ul iti'.le."
"Something has gut l.i be .bile," said
Tt)1, ui.inching wrathful!)' SI a bniiii.
"I don't see why ihe didn't marry, like
K'l.l i anil h'K ;.*n."
•'Slie will never inirrt," snd .1 - if
prophetically Shook her bright In ml;
M'.B. Mini H o„  aid sn."
"Why not? She's i ver ku Milch pr. t
tier than Mii-s N ni s .mr, my way,"
hriBtliiig 'or en-.lit -.1 I ib family, "..ml
when she Isn'i geitug In nnr «iij .ha i"
just In j *lly f >r nuythltlg,"
"She ui.iko- up ,1 cru ir I-, even wh >0
sin, hit ■ in uur "iii ; Inn sl.u can't
many," with a  limit  ul deep inyBery,
"beosose she ii.es uu y onu psrsuu, .uni
he is uff inl.-.l "
• "Let lii.it bu lY -ii Ll," ii '.;ily. "Win
Is lu '.'"
"Uolonel Si yinn."
Trtl whistled us ihrllly n bs could
wi,'. a full III Tl. I.
"Why hs liiigti. the Sptulard*. II 'n
b-' nJUl!"
•".Veil, hu'.. mad st B'Annls."
"\Iibb Niu.l -t nil) t..l I you I   a   .' '
"Sue ill.Ii.'i ii-li me Inn  I   iieiiil.    Il
wn.this ssyi  0 l 'in 1 8 yton  wai in
I  VJ   llll S'A uie, and    11' eve ii ig  b-
l.ire a lull, he sjnt bur si in   ll avers and
liioi Bikini) her tu weir iii--.ii tli.i
iii-ti.t—.is b prutnise, yuu know.
iVd n ill i, uml ihu osrrstui psoied
fur B drink "f n.i.k.
"II it the il iwen tli.l.i't sail hrr dress,
Bit I Mr. s mv. .r li.tnie 'in* I >•. b -n I s.iui
(hit   did."     J ni'    psoisl    ugnil    I ■>
In. nli anl refreshments.
"I'.i.ni'ii iniiTici M .llv-nbif tbe
ollmat.    "I( nas ailly ul her."
"IV.alt't i V" Y *tl sn, the , Knotted to
eip'a'ntulhi Cdonelai ibe bill.   I-.-
■II a I . ( 'b.l', he   j is.   took   " IB  lu  k   H
liti (..uu s il lunv.iy a id .... I hum, ■ 11
inul   it .  Bt ,v. r wereu'i  very   1 sins
I I n.li onyaay, and next morning wi,ei,
KM itile ants little note lelliuas     I
t     Irrsen ul ll .wi is   .. I. a itiit  ■
...ale run I 'S iru.se."
"S ie iniilit live In mi belli 11"
gt-itrl I ',s', "ihsu lu it li aiiij-i ll ..iris
th y »,n."
•'.-'A ini.- Is •• — ' i pr ,i li.ii ."
"A il lii-iie- —''Bee, I ..I. Ul ..*.":•.! I-
den v ,,*.,., in'e.nn; llielrsrev inn
"Ve*.    And   Cul.inr!   Svn.ii    wre'r
tuik 'bit Mr. S iv ■. '• lisle *»a« so ....
pcrlor, shi w...il! iiiiiliaiilii bepleSl
In v.. ..i her ilaini surrendered iu l.ii
lit'... ."
I'nl eblstled . gnu. ' 011 Bie-ea'si."
be slid.
" Yvi. St, a*ri r since, when lliey nn-'.,
t ivy j-i-i . et .-'ill. 'ike ioub Images, u il
b iw.   I've stc . in. in."
1 Bt/vs I "— tll.T'iivc y.
Thru i huh it MUM while lhe vi.n ll
ra,.i lit v nisi el.
"iViu  Biworswsrsthey?'' Fed >ui
«I• ■ • ■ I y isled,aod |. plot seemed iu
J nl.. ii inner in I i« eye.,
' Ctal iiit-l   Sell....'-  wee  vi !••'.. and
Mr.  S-avtVs  f .-."• m-- i.it.j   anl''—
lieio ihe syinpillieli.'.lly  tillered   her
I.e.!—"I've ........ I iln.l.s'A one i.rvr
leti Si'n gr. iv liny lurgeT*nie*ll its In
our itBlik'ti.    '*"■.•' rays lhe) Vu silly."
led iniulit.1. "fhrlir.l ll.ing lo .le,"
be ftti.I ip-I'iuk pp with rn. hit snd en*
t'tti,i.in. "b Io ii, h.- I-i-;,ids wilt
Cltiiiel »' v on "
I " Ves." .'riel .1 ad •," I nt it the flrsl
•• *II,' lndee.11" srowlsd Ted,  I Iting
Ins li .ie "D.vi.i think WI ii-,- k">.'ig
t i let Mi»s Xiliit S.ouu call ."'Aitntc an
ol.l ni.ti.i: '
Thst vsrv nit. iii "Hi the C ilnnel hsp-
pened to drop his I BldkerohiSl in
licptii's book ttore, and I... wss qnltS
startled s( the f antic rush ol Iwo children to pick it ap.
"This is s warm >l«y for such active
piliteness," he said, laughing, "I sn.
eitremely obliged lo y.ni."
" V.ail are ipiiln WelwmS," answered
.1 -sic. with her Very best Imw a.i.l smile.
"(>(lle,".o'.l Teil, sill s.ibilr.1. II ■
hid been pncll.ing (or s.uiib lime I.y
tin, siil nl pictorials, ami he onsi.lere.l
(list form of (-ret line Inr the Colonel a
rather neat idea. The C.ilonel laughed
again, gav„ him a qalttlaal look, and
return.*.! lhe Mints in mllier Improved
shipe;   whereupon  T.*.l   Ihsi.k.'.l   linn,
II i-lie I. .in I pas*eil 001 sllOf .basic, Ibe
two of them In..py in irnnn ,1, aad sl-
For lhe next lew days Ihey hung about
his gates a nl followed in the wake nf his
walks, until he look lo sinking a keen
glsncnat (hem n..w ami Hen. Finally
one morning when tbey wire  wistfully
eyeing iiiin innii nt opposlts ooroer, bs
sbrnptly crns.eil over.
"Yon seem to lake an Interest in me,"
he said.
"Vi'r ilo," admitted Ted, lookout 'n-b
srnsrvoai over it,    "W.—.     " ., ,i
bis t uig.i • ,'t I red ileh-r Ibe Oil
"Yi il Imvu siitih beautiful II UVpri ill
your pllice," eai.l Julie, burring Into the
briiiob. "We thought perhapi—" nud
lhe too hssltated.
"Flowers?    Why, osrtalnly," with s
'conli.il fliiiilu upon their down, list ftciB
"(In lo my gardener (nr ill yon wbiiI "
"We WTHit," said Teit.getting pa e will,
I'xcileinei—"we pnituu'ii-ly \va. (—(nr
gel uie-llnis I"
I    "Forget -me- iiotn!"     ii'iluJ     J tie
lllfllt   lb. .BIV.
"IV, 11," said the Cnlniul, an need a int
pusaled '.ver iheir i s-in unnt, "tell liim
|     J'lieri* wia I piuse nf great cuiiBluri a
linn on the piiri ul the twins.
"Wo thought," ot length stammered
! Tvil, "III 'I y. II wouldn't l.itvi, any."
"Yes," eudorsed .1 . ir, wllb big re-
proaohf.il ey.", "wa ill I."
"Why not?" ipiesiiuiiul thuast lilsh-
...I Oduosl,
••(- .iu., people" (..t'eiinily) ' ihui'i.
S'Annie," (in Bluill iltiel) "ilon'i"
"A  Dili '.' '
"Oar si*lcr Annie," ililut OOntlnUB.1
agiiii'n—'Miss A ..uie Sophhl Du.gl.i.."
"II!. I" rather Slowly, "Why ilo.t'l she
have forgel-ii.e-nols?"
They looked at him in excited silence.
"i-lte says Ihey'it) Billy," Cried Ted,
Dually, bunting it anl like n b unli,
"She Lvbb violels," nildeil Ji)»ic, like
..i. ithsr.
! Sudden twinkles, came to C ilnnel Bey.
] Ion's eyes.
"(■..ini, wilh me," he sold, "and I'll
sit in \ g .nl. Her lor y.ni."
"I'bcv I. II. ..ve 1 in ti,'each holding Ills
• the. '.i liaml in a  light grip, i a-I. will •
eye-', trying too s u another ita'p tbead
in •-' limit'-   ITor.
Ths 0 .loi.cl a ii partial to viola.i; h. n
j »oru l.u.i I.elB nl  Ilicin;   nil iltfi- were
iiniiy ull.t-i buauiii s, in i. in. I   tt.e nlii
gir liner smiled curJij y over the delight-
lii. admiration nl ids young guests,
"A...I     I...get  III.' lint-'.' '     a  kid       t'l.
Colonel,    ' T nt i- win- ihey witnl "
-'Oh, yah, blenty," wis ibe answer,
I and tl.e face! uf the iwlni grew long.
i i-'Aniiiu's    (Tiir was one-lid There
could ii • ■   g i   I... n   rlultl I.    Tin y
i,  r e i lh   u-rde. ei's h .uaiy with p li i
b.l   . r. b I ■ '       • .
"Sow," mid ihe boil •    .   ...•
a.'.V..., "llll        i -,.ii . i-
a.i I in ., ..I S'ui ,* lliuwrd a ■• ■ i .i hi|i
in in- ii  it* if in., "perhaps   sin   will
like s< In-, 'u wen .' the . -inert.   1'aere't
a   cui..vit   at   the   bull   tonight,   . n'
hi       '
I'...' I'tia- dumbly nndded si bl n.
• Will, .ill yuu I  k- ler mm   "'
. a i    the c .ii... .t " ,t linn
. ...... e.       I'll.-   r  ■
I,,     li  . il".    fell   llll ..I     .. In    \ V,  ill..I
' ||    ft -,'ii-d    ;.. .,., i Ij      lu     r-. I   ;..     hi.
' il'.'l   ..
'  I'i- -I . Kill,"   Sli 1  .1 eft,
(I'll,ill   I. .. li I I   lie ll gtllli '
• ui m.a-i.n. rn I I wu- . l-.ar lhal
tin- C. I ii 1 «l... I. .... Im .-..I .v.iii.g a
ll . t.-r ' ... lib. ! I r •>:. ll t.,iie bj
s \ .i >• n I ked -i biBVe, .rue inno
nil inn ; ini in-.-ltli; nil. }•■•» sti l.lrii-
|., in.d. r ait,-li a  burden id .-..  :l
ivi I    ... ,i   | .ol y   -mde ..I   c ..li I un
hi iregeui nt cm p.-i iii liim.
"I'li.i k y ni." ne ..it i, T- if sin, nu I
sp ..en, nn.I i t. v. I i   .t resent,
TnebearersdiItveretl tbeiu wi.l, the
• 1 ..„• Iiy ..'.. rlS| .....I n a lu Iibs.v . XI
lo , .• apple in*,*.
"I (i. ..i.ih ih '.I ask « lot of quel
lions," led sn!, Iran lug a I ung breali
. I teller.
".she c. ..hi..'."—suburly—".! c'. -••
ing to ' -.
"C.j■:"- ; i ilisgail  "Who" sbsg ing
lo try lui'.'"
' - || It, | ..,»• .|,r 1.-. .I uke."
"I'-Iitw "'.. .nn I,-1 iv.i,' I '|| alike
he ii..... re'
"Y ..r.u Ibitik ng nl mint-"—serein ly.
"■-'A. .Ir'., II is- ncVrr KflB rutl"
"Wi II. il s!e. we.rs   th i«e  ll   WSI
'Tl>e C.lincl Wtll—"
M,»* Kins Stum     - triumphantly—
"will h's.'Hle.l."
vYi.en Miss Annls B p i.i Djniliss,
(IresBed lor Ibe Con .ri, caine d nvn lln*
stairs that l.igl I, Inn bright eysi peeped
from Hie It  II 11.inc.
"Tlie)'to iu her tlre.s," whispered
"Ami in her I. .ir," a Ided -lost?, then
sil.l leiilv pQI Dp her lip.
"Slie Ist.-,   oontlnasd  Ted, mltly,
"L.k.. mt aigel,"   flnllbld  -Insic, Uul
ondtobbed.    I'd wbirlods|thesoood
In Blare nt InlUOt, then so lerly » tlked
lo B wind .w.
".'.''' cbing.-il tny iiiiinl," tillered
JoSlS, bulling bor ISShsa iu tears. "I
don'i want I , give licr I., auyb sly."
"I ih.l.'l much u.vsidi," • .1 Teal,
rather I >w ; " .01 •!. • '* .,., ,, | • ,, ,,
noa"—.ibi.it Ihey sen I,mt, I mn ,0 |n.
All iuemberf!>l the In    lliSB ■■>
e.s' Internollonsl  Union of (Vionlprg
are hi k..I   it         mpl."'iiciil iii lhe
i-.iiiiilisliiiieni known se lit   Orel
B .i.i ery   oompsny, . i   wbli h k   V
llntthiiig. i* manager. B-llereSlonl II--
cause liny nrgn j. <l a union ami re
i. ..I in t.l.,in-1 ii it at the command ol
lbs manager, who pah i.-ly OSSSrtS IhSl
he never will employ a niii.n man.
L„ath»r w..ikers are theretore warned
agsi.ist »ny deeeptloo Whlcfa n.sy I..
pTSellserl in indnelOg th.in Iii nun.' lu
Wn i Ipeg i i  niis ,. r I..    ,lv rtls. ,-. II •
which are ..., appe ..n,- la Baiteru
'      .inn and American pspurs.
Wo earnestly appeal to all labor
anions, particularly tho labor unions of the. W, V. M.. to do ull in
their power to keep men away from
ilm (Joeiir d'AlenoSi The man who
goes into that district under exist-
iiifjr coiiilitions is labor's worst
enemy, and should bs branded as a
seal) by all union ini-ii.
Edward BuYcb, Pros. W.F.M.
Jas. M a ii i:it,Scc.-Ti'cas, W. !•'. ,M.
Ilnlstiiiil tt Wright, cor. First rve. rn I
Washington street, ate aljo-rli.g U-lii-s'
spring jm'.keiH nnd osw wrappers— .
iplendld indwell sssorted llneuf eueh,
Their  ladies'   nckwear,   in   shin   1 llfl
shields,   Lilierty Silk nil   Pulnl   1! |"i
Windsors are quick eril.-re.   Fin  '.
el..thing,   their  reiluco-l price   ia l.inii.a.
,t clear.ng ,ffs-ct on lhe slink.
publio sroncE.
OFFICE and School
Linton   Bros.
Book More,   :i(i Columbia Avenue.
■ bor Or-ttiiiifoBi of H'sibis— Hfelinj hn.
si,uml .ml fo.ittit ITu-fcisy ia each month at
7:,iip in In Mnirrs' (Itii.n lull. C. W, Wllaoil,
Brc ; Join MClairsV, I'lrs
KN'ltillTs OK I. .11. ill U1.S-.I11111I Assrmlalv N»
I.e. m—la.Br In.I aad thl-d Krliliys ofraiih
most it t 711. ,1 in. ill Mlairrs L'aaion hall. Jus.
WIUfliBsc ; Win. ii'a'rirtt, Tar,
rvrry I'ti-liy of raclt wa-rk al 71,0 la ni In
Miners' Onion hull, e. K. M. lii.iii.'i! Prrs :
A   J. Mvllniinlil  Stc.
MiMtss' I'nion no j«  Writsra SsdsriUon
uf Miurrs—Meets rvt-ry WsilBesdly Bvtv ng .(
7300'cloc i-. Miners' I'ntiait liall Jas. Dc-
vine, Sec , A I, llotlstim, l'tt-s
TYI'O '.RAI'HICAI. I'NION Nl) l-5-Mrrls on
llae Inst Saitnlny of e*t-lt tiioiilh nt Miner,'
Union hall. |. V. B.l kiliall, See ; 1: M Hilaail.
JOURNKYMHN TAILORS union. »-'o. j«-
Mit-l Hie tirst unit third Tuesday if each
Illlllltll  nl   S   p.   tn    ill   lli.ittt  s It.itl     in   it,,.
JU J. S. Kuliisoii. pr—Idiot; Win. COM,
COOKS 0 W UTI'KS' CNIOV, No .|0. W I. 0
— Mt-r.srveiy Sslur.lnv rveninK si Hi,o o'clock
In Mi .-is' Clnn li.-ill. |> o Box .(i. Taill
JofTnct', Sec.   t'.eo. Clinnii.gln.nl, Pres.
I'o All Whom I! *l iv;0.inoeri :
Yoo are hereby req iur I tu take notice,
ttu.l you are hen by Warned, that iln-
ruh-3 pn-Bcrihel by auction 5-t of the
n gi.l.ttiiu.B of thu l'rovii cial Board III
Health t" Bin.illp >x are in force Within
lhe limits ol '.he city of I; -:l.ii..l. il...
s one being « health district. Al ilrllnr.l
111 such icgtilit'ioiis, « general v.ccina
lion of lhe i ib.ibil iiiIb nf the eai.l uuy
..1 i in.1 is hereby ordered.
R, lial.lil.'K, M. 1>.,
Medical Health Officer.
Washington street, ItuuUntl, U. 0.
Dr, Roddick will be at bis elliee between llu, hours ul 1 and 3 pan. and
1 and 8 p. in. dally, tot the vaociu.tlon
..I all no .r .aeiB.iua al the el,w..oe u( tin
ut'al Im nd.
Dated this third day ol Pabinsry, I'.Jii
A s Qooosvs,
Chain...... Usual Board.
A     A     M It KCN/.IK.
illlllN DOAI.
lilts    li    11 Will .OX
Jong ts. Ci.itk.
33 Coltimbit Ave, nfxt door to IiR'omle'.s.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
Tliiil mir Ten* ninlCnffesa ft'ctlifCITOICKST
sniil in Rossiiiml    Today, when tati »i*d eof-
fees urcpii'.hril so liard, it   i- tilis-iititcly  uec-
raMiytoh-ivc nn article ofuiuisti.il merit
Yntt will fitjd it here.   Olust-iwareijivrii away
(■- i llnl'lliri -
Pacifc Tea Co.
Canadian Pacific
AbiI SOO Lino.
Niw Fast Daily Ssrvice.
Flrit-olslS Nleepirs un all Trains.
Tourist Cars
I'.tBS UevelslnkrvfDaily (or St. Paul,
DA Ml i ICC r--l i A it nrno T-wradiyi (or Mintreal and Iliston,
UAiNI LLb Ot LH AAflDCKS   Tnssdsjrssnd M.tur.lays for Toronto.
ll will piy ynu lu call  at   Kagles loi
millinery   out   ladies'   liltlilsnon.-iil.il
'.I   v>n want tlie bast lunch  In be had
for y..,-  money In lbs city no (" Ihe
|{. I   II .lei.    il.in.e .... k;i.g si. I lirrl
.-   -' service.
Hnt, Stater?, Mn.
Lending Library.   Latest Novell,
office Buoplles, Etc.
The American IVIlor and Qontis
Furnishing Uoase.
oli'l made D titkr. h\\Jarlisn (Itjnjlifi
No. S. Flrsl Avstuie.
I Whia't-sale iinil artsil tlcttlt-rs In Pnittts Oils.
Vai'i.li.-s. liin.li,.Wnll 1. mala nml l'nlnt.-r.
s rp as Cniitiiails liken I." paper hnaitiiiic
.nu   deCO-BUDB.     Ol-acr   .nd     torr   I'tniirls  ri
. CSimbcn SlocKi ?lCti.ntnbiaa-c. under llotniu-
! on Bxprm Co'., office.
N.S V.  Phono ,Bj.
Canadian ami Kentucky
T-ourlion  Wli.SK.es.
For rates an.i full infnrm-itiou adtlfBil
the iii'.ite-i l..ifnl Agent, or
City Ticket Agent, Koiilind.
A- ling Agent, Kmslind.
W. F. AsnSSSOS, T. P. A,, Neliou.
B. J. I'ovi.b.  A. li. P. A., Vaueouier.
Transfer  Company.
The Only l'r,,,.ler ..r Btpresa Oom
nan) In li.--it.id thai will ilellver yuni
1'iiii.k. hu i'.'t Ot'UlS each. Ihrri* da)i'
110 ug*   iur.
Office-0.1'I.KX l IGAB s ..i.l
Kl. phone 87.
mm it lire
Co* Mill dw   tndfpoknnttl
tiirjfoila* ic *ct*onil html Koodt,   (".Ive
It wtlt pa> > ■"
w a>iiin, : i.N si j-r r
Du'iiiii ard Clcaoinjr Works.
Railroad and Mi-ers' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Ensign   Cigar  Storet
cait. siiaw Proprietor.
Corner Colombia are., Vt'a.liington si
[Northern Pacific
Die Dining Car It iot« via Yellowitone
rail,    .-afcsl and llrst.
Bqoippsd «riih
I'ciLuiN 1'it.iti Cabs,
KiiitvMT Dimmi Cass,
Mm.bum Dav Coachbo,
Tocbibt Busranj Caaa
KjII. Willi! i.l hsl nl these Bliol.lvri
IM   ... .lie   I M.I s [ Kl VI.   Wt.Hl.li:        oi
\V. F. M. N'-.ll, sIiob Store.
Il'inter lima., general aierchandiae.
li rip'-y Ilm*., groceries aud gei.ta (ur
T. It. Morrow, drngglst.
C  O   l.il in Is, .Int.. .lore.
U. 0, Oibson A  C.i, gruti' rli'ili'itg
i ami |iu,,|..na.
... W. M  Bride, hsr.la.sre.
I.iiiion Urns., honks and stationery.
Orescent Dry Goods, furnishing., dry
goods and clothing.
,Moiri*nii A llryrnlon, grocfrirl.
M. .1. O'llesro, olothler sad Hatter.
Paulson lima., iroosrlss,
Wm.   l.i   joi,   cigar    manulaclnrer,
Vsooonver, n. c.
T.nlir A \ti'Q larrie, (ailurs.
Pool Be Tea Co., leas ami entires.
II, W. BlmpSOS, nana, slaiimery and
O. K. tlalha.
m "■;•.! it (i t.-i uni Bar,
HcAailff, tailor.
H oi sau, la roll ore.
MiGouigir A Co, gr.aceriei.
If.iff ji.ll, f li.,*., an.I liar.
I 11 Mure.
Dyeing SOd   Cleaning Works,   Ws-h-
ingtnn itreet.
Diniels A Cbsmhers, psinl..  nils,	
IIiiVcb. 1 A Wt.gltt.
Dr. A. Milloy, dentist,
lisirri Brns., j-BTI'lBrl
Tl.e Interostlossl
Lsnsli.a A Newmsn, gr...fr.
It i.srll ll„el
BlmpSOO A i ...hi, gmeera
The "8. rand"
Bagte.' M I'ln.rv store
KomIi   ' |i    • c .
" U  i
' '11*1.-1 ('..
Opp-.lleHsrlln Sr I
I cn rlrsa. nr rlvr saatthlni In ladlrv and
b iiltiinitsrii     t.in  nu  a .sli ..Iblctin .
Thr lilr'l ,anprorrtl rns-lirr vmilp* •
rialilrnt. I. iiiar,",' lln- , ip.  .l.it.r.yol
•     . trill la*ia.lrd*..tann  I. ,t. al
...in. a.l t
<;•' Iheir I'rrsriipli'.na
I i I..I hv .ho
Rossland Drug Co.  ,,,„„
_Tl.r..-»i, f.ki-i. in all poinli in tba
I'liiinl Slain and Ciiibub.
S.s.insbip ticket! to all parli'ol the
Ti.krla tn China an.l Jspan via Tacoma
and Nirthern I'acill.' Steamship Oo.
Trsinsilepart from Sm-kane:
N'.. I. W'.-.tl. ond, at P:.Vl p. m.. dally.
No, 2, Kssirhiiin.l, al 7:20 a. in., ilidv.
For informslhin.*. lime  cardi, mam
Ofllceovar Bnk itrinnl-,    K.«Un,l  .„,, „ri.„ ,,, :   ,„ (|ir „,.„,, '„, „„
S. K. _ \ K. W. Kl'KF.
Agt. It.M. Itv, U.m-I.nil. B. 0.
Eisciric Lffiiry .,:i;:,;';;,;::;^"'"'""
A I nil l.'nrnt Brrrvihlni In our I.lnr
»ui* but wl. io help omplojed
Nolify IU.    We cull uml deliver
< d*.
A'l'l Urn, Passenger Agent.
ItOfMUKDOSOOCO     R I sTaov.. »u.    « „|„n,|liM   A-.-,.,,,,,..  ,,. ,r Poatoflice.
. el'iiubii Avenue,   mil   lhe   II...   1   u.
Nelson A Fori Bbeppard Itailway
Rossland Hotel,   w * *+*+++*i+*i* Red Mountain  Ry.
Fins  Whiskies and    lni|M>rtrd   Cigars
Jerry Spellmsn, Proprielor,
I'm . -p .kens Hireet an.l CnliimblB Ave.
Specials This Week.
Fresh Pinnon tttddlsi
CrosBs ,■* Itln.-k vt**II's>  Pure  Mull
Vim-gar, Plokled Walnuts, Onions,
OhoW ChOW, Mixed Pioklea.
Morton's \.s„,tad Pleklas,
Lung's Montreal His. nil      « liirgf
ass... Inielit
89 .* .14 I IR8T   iVi.M    .
The Only Direct I: .ul. lo Notion.
Kulo, Konleuiy Like ins)
Shiran IVnnls.
Kv.rv .lay in  lbs  year  UtwriuSpo
kano, KuMland and Silion.
().■<.AWI I)  LABOR   si'is^. - . sl^'ane* . «T;V
IiISp.m. •   * Honbpert •   ii:3u pm.
Slnni.D SCB80BIBR Ion IT.      A"l»«*'i lOpm-Hisaliud Lv. ilt«a.i
OnsTssr -
1 » Months
■Vo <"'"*"** of Sin beliteeo Hpokine
• I -•  and Rosslsnd.
Ticket! on sale all over ll.a'irorl.l.
OlOSS   connr.-li..ni    si    Nrlsoo    with
Hesmrr. for   Kaslo   and   all   Kootenay
A.l.he.s All Cmmumralloni i '"■* p,'in,,•
PSSSmtsri Inr K.'tlc tivr, II e,n lary
llll        I MH -1'ltlAL      W'Dltl ll   rsmpael   II .Hilary  rre-k  .'...111-'.   al
M.tnii in,1 I! Kilting BUI,  aii.e tliily,
I w Rn-, item,
It.Bl| llilll,  tl.  C.
Kii.lb A Diwaa, Aim.s.
Trill. 11
II.   .   "/-fi. v 1,  ;• T   ■>.,
"a    nil,    IV .1'.! THE   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,   MAR'11   24,
A'     i1-. i Hi (the. IV irk
it ■■'  I ..I, i ittilii  ml   I uioll  ..f  ).    in. .'
im Kul mn 1 i employment in Ihu
-nt it' ai ini, i.. -it i known I lhe Uii Weal
I id.) uiiinpau)    'I   ■■•' "ii E    !■'.
Hit bugs ia manager.     I. res n He
mum tlit y urgau'aed a uu   sod >-•
fii-.ii in iiliiniii. n it ui tin. command ol
'b anager, who public!; asserts Ihftl
ne never will  emplu)   ..  onion  m il .
lii'iilher  Wnrkell   nre  t leiri.ue   War..Ull
.gainst any deoeptlnn which may be
practised in Inducing them to coma lu
Winnipeg In onawei io advertlsemt n:>
which  nre now appearing in  Baitern
I'liiniliiiii mill Aiiicili'.in |.iipcis.
A Plea to tin- Btiooessful Workmau
lo Look tiller his Fellow h.
An article on a new phase uric leasi
a selilniii'iiientii.in'i!  pi n"\ "' ill    ll
i]iiesiiuii sppeared In s recent Utile ul
the New Yoik  Journal   snd   wiib   lint"
reproduced by Oltissn and c nintry, \\ i
in .ike ii- ■ ■■■.' ■. ■■ mr repeating a pin ol
ii again,however,as it is too g >od a
thought lo drop llghilj mid may puna tu
some who have lull no opportunity tu
read il before. The ariii.1 I il ad.Ire- . I
to the livc-.l'U.u-.i-ilay man, calling hh
attention to those below him iu salary,
social position, etc, u d Intended to hi
(crust linn iu Hint dies who BIB d..lining tlu'ir mi., in hia itomfort,   li says i
"Many nf your thoughts snd words,
Mr. l'lvu-tbillar man are devutaud to plu
crals. Ymi inn nol free from ei.vv. Y .u
consider, wiih pcil.it juiltce, ibal you
do uot-even wiih your tiv ■ .!■ II in—get
yuur sbiiru of ibia world's good IblllgS.
' Hut for a cluing** today, w.ll you ltn.1
down instead ol up'.' Y u work hitril ai
live iluiiiiru a day to (alien in Com fori tin-
happy millionaire employer. All light:
admitted, U.u did yuu ever think win
works hard to fatten you?
"Did it ever Oct ur lo yoo that you arc
a plutocrat'.'    D i you ever wonder wl.a.
you will answer when the lime
Iur (hose whom vou underpay to dem.o.l ; ^. ,,,:>1 ^   ,,  ,,
eight Inline uml fair v. in...    of you /
"You keep a Beiv.nt girl lo help yon, I
Dr. Roddick will be at. his , ffice be
twrtn tin* bouts ol 1 sml 3 p.m. ami
7 and 8 p. m. daily, for the vsoetoailon
of all in ir persons al lhe t locate uf tin
rriil.Ii: NOTICE.
I'd All Whiiiii It 11.iv Concern:
You are hereby required lo Hike DOlloe
ami ymi are hereby warned, ibal Ibi
rules prescribed by sc. tion M el lb.
regulations uf .be Provincial B-iardill
Health re smallpusare i-i firce whbln
ilu* limits ul   ibe cily  nl   It si-It.el,  lhe |
-nn >• being a he tills district. As defloed
in such regulations, a general vaccina
lion of the Inhabitants nf Iheaaldcli)
ol RoiaUnd is herein- onlrred.
It. K- in... k, M   D.,
wife. D *s she woik tight hours a .1t<'.'
No; bIic works nhotit fourteen and bear)
a good deal of griiml ling because sin
does nol do belter.     Dues she gi I noioi
wages? Ko| shs gsts sbooi thirty oenlt
a ilav. Dobs she get doable pay on holl*
days? Can she put on ii y tobil I He i
she cbnoees m wonder Ml r twonr llirei
days a week '.'
"And the servant girl ii not the only
one. You parahaN w.i oat question
the prodaol i..' .ii.-ii who an- rt-.ll.
alaves. *i" ■ i have forced yoor employi.
to treat yuu dsoetttly snd yoo tleeerv.
credit. Il.it yuu are nu fnndsmt uUm
auperior to the other men around yon
What urn yuu guing lo do win ll the) li
maul treatment i.e g ud as y.n.rs? Wi a
lire )ou going to reply wlirn they lists
you with ihe other p utoorals?
"Too enjoy tlie work of only ten oi
twenty aoderpaid meu;thai Is so. Bui
you ire in it.a. uuie 11 isajrilb lite pinto*
crat who enj ,s n.r profll uu llae woik
ol 10,0. *Jo 10.000 men.
filer ili-ieg.tnl ul utl.era—where ll
dot a not affect y ,ur wigei—la y.ur role,
an.l you knoa it.
"Il ii the nature of men .- .hint
eurne.t J ■ I only ona Ihlug at u time. 1
ooo porsoit really ingnwsi hit aiui,
tioa, ho has I.til - linic In think  "I auy-   al
thing else,   lu  the bard, bird lira
lor o living, lie w.irk.inn bss Utile inn.      Ihs Mslh  ll«i Chnrch, Washington
for any ihuughti bsvs Ida own salary, street, Osorge II   v
bilowu stomach, his uwn «e I r... SSI  Maui. I Slhhatl
"All over l'ie win Id, by batel iiui ling   --cIubiI ami Bit.ir p.m.   Bu
aud   aite voting, yuu  have es'iihl.rlii.l   Wrth LSBgOS of <     ., 'I" ..r alHutn.
the la t t! in tlie I .pilars ol mechanic* 	
uiual no longer   Ih-  mated  like rattle ' tVARKCI S.
What are you going to do (ur tho OtltolS ___
who are It II value'.' V m have demand
0,1 In tl.e name nil.. ly j.i*,tei'tlul nlhei,
help you.     la  lhe Same Dime, wli.l d. j |l,-ani, |ier lb      5 to 7
you propose lodu Iur ll.uso Hill opp-.r*    ||,ooii.s,earl. So lot),'
el?   Wnl you use >uur lug Voting pnwu    BuUer.ptrlb .    .MIoHri   -pi^g   IndUStl'ial
looal he ml.
Dsttd.this third dsy of Pabiuirr, 1900
A. S  (if..1.1 11..
Ohairiiiaii 1. ml llnar.l.
A   A   111. kknzhj
Jons I', in.
Cms   It   IIvmii.tox
.lulls S, l  I.ITK.
Tbe following am (lie miners repined on the sick li»' Friday evening,
March IK: John MiPberson, Carle-
N. .Inlitisi.i., .I..1111 11 ...sn., A. li   And,r
sun, W. Boons,O.J. Young.
J .'. Hanson.
II   B  Klr.s.
John .-.thn).
Slik l' .t.ln:ltee.
S(. (ienrge'B  Otnii.-h,  on   Karl   anil
Kootensy sireeis, Rervltstst 81 Os.n
il a.m. and 7:30p.m.   Sondoy bchool
i'i p.m.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
and the
can Know his
friends by
subscribing for
I >r tbe millions wbo are slid at die b I
Bacon, beet, per n>     into 17
Bulk Oil, per gal     ■'«'
" Will you comhino (or ihu b-mffil   I   Blsrolll, fsney, perlb  25 m In
the vail army •• yoo have cnmb.11 .1 in. , Ciirr.r, per lh  10   World.
your o*u Iwii.ii'.'  Or wm yuu srolt—oi   Obotolste, par lb.... *).'
aid ihe employers- to bo loreed Into 0*ssoa,pai tin   IMHoW
diceury? Will yuu Iree your..w 11 mil. t     C„r„,„eil. |a-r 1011, tack   *I0   ___
i", (fee, p*. lb   Silt.....
Oral k. is, s. .Us, |.cr II.      10, I'."i
OoroiPsrcso...            '-' .
t'.iitird (iui(s, per can  '-'■*' IO :Ui
Caiinr.l pca«, |H-r can    .   .        . l-"«..15.
tiou ul ond. rj 1 ■', ..v. rw..ikr*l slaves, r
wail Iur (lieu 1.1 organise nml beat you
inlo ueteiiey. ns your representatives dm
with youroppreison lung ago.
,'Tako   a   luuk  iluwuwuil OHSS in s
win..'. Mi ly those below  yuu.   (lone.    Can.ie.. tMSIS, person
o,er yo-ir own bllie collection ol 'wage ; Go,ia,|,, per Ini. k
alive.' Id yuur  kit lieu  and  wherever   Dr|,,| Irnis, perlb
your money is spent. There il a prol.h m
lor you when ymi shall laiive ll..i-lir.i
hurrahing lor your own e.gltt boars.
Patsllty ai tie Boisrpriss,
Tin m. s Kennedy, a miner, rscrn'ly ol
H .ssll.,.1. I his deal I. by au espl sion
ol the Enlrrpri-c mine .an T.n Mil,.
Creek I.si ..Sunday. He wai pirkiug
• low 11 ll.c mk shot by the nigl I -b.l
when tl.e e>plosion o.-•■.irre.l. Tlio lull
force of lhe rock caught Mm in (hn led
I..111.1. Itomseb antl I. g-. Mr. Kennedy
was alive win 1, reached, an.) tiled 10
speak, bill tlird More be u.ul.l In lain 11
to Ihe in.mil. ul Ihe tin.ind. It la
thought tbSI the explosion was from
some Inr..1, powder, is (be mgl.l shilt
my oil the •hols Und I.y then. BBOl > II.
in 1. ju
Eggs, per dm IS to It'
Floor lacr si. k 1 -''. 1 50
alriiHil.it-d sugai, U Ib Iur  1 i'i'
Hsms.psi lb            i"
Hooey, comb, prreake  851
Imperial oil. 5 gal. can       IjOO
Lard, 61b psll       Sll
I jinndi) snap, per bar   5 ami 11
78 Subscription $2.00 per Vear.
Now thai It is universally acknowledged
thai   my   piiluiit appliances   pobltively
Cures Rupture
.Hid arc giiiiiaiilct'il lo give
I inviie Ibe very worst COIN of  Infants,
Children  end Adults,  ui, matter imt
had tun nitty be nlllicte.,
I will pay yuur fare b..|b ways  if you
i'.iii (nice llit. Hernia iluwu in any poll'
i in with my
\c\v Retainer on.
What Our Leadlug Phjsioians Bay:
Ottawa, December •."), 1889,
f   have   In It'll pleasure ill tcrlll.llig to
J. L, A* m-iroiig's aoil.iy m tl.e .. echon* I
.■ j'i.',,'iit.-iii ni   Hernia or   lliptine.
IL' Pub very sui-.-e-si.il.v ircti.-.l i-tneiitr !
..I   mi.:.-  ranalng   in   age   fmu.   it   Ira
months In nn .......   .c age.     Ma. of
in. -e I '.*.' i." Is ti ere villi. Ir-l va I.:. v -\
large .H.n.ii.'i.ii.'olile II."hia, nhiei.
.nl d In In* rrli vial by .11 III* li.-.-
libit,   Tin principle nf this polenta,**!
p.t.'llt'.'    r   einS    III    UU   |,t*II.-Cl.       1*1,1* llipa
,..n tsiliini.d ogolnsl U.s seal ". lh.
.tip..He >>oly, and c... tn* :u inipttlatted tu
irlmn iii'Tini'i'v I unheailailugly ir,-
uni.., id Mr. A ins |.n g t.l lln .-"..-.t-
- rat Ion . I Hn-iuih r-luii ..ml   In- , ti   lie.
Ilivitv I-   \\iu.iii, M.D..
1U".' B -flu B reel.
O'iiib. De.eml.er IS. 1SSO
I   L. A.n.-'r >ng, 11  i . Ollaw  :
Iii-.,, Kb : In mi p-acic I in ees'sr.l
.eel B i'i. .mn,) t.i.i St.f Hell l.i 'I li ..
lire. D .ii. g tlie p."I nuic'riT, tens I
ioVi had * it- --' '•." neonose. - ..f it.an,
.. tier it , win. the nail I resit i* ....Ininr..
ir-n. .ar|, niul -irniai ,r„ .... v r... v.-.,
.i.isalislanttiry, U il I n-,.-mmeu-le.l
, ,,i ii it. nt bi i....,i. -ti •. ] ... d In-
.ii-il. oil bav. In i n hiile i vr <l..i
i..!.*-.    I -i ih,. ',- lit   t. ,■ .until cl  nn,
... r . II    c.i-.t »|   I.   .';, ll It I.. ||,| -.
it i'i I'.', iiii     I have    o dn ■'•:,*..I   •■\.-i,
.    Ill    ill,-I  Inn,   as    he    '
 I  Mm.-    Ii li'y   1 ja  .'.Hr   in,.', ae,
sill a-t ill.,     r ui ' -i   . ■ n    .    in- im-
I   l.lr.        '    A.   I.  II    •*. f.-..v.  M   D.
4.4 A....... .St.rei.
D  'rirlar 111, loSll.
I bav, much p'e.i uie  in i.c.unuri..!-
.|.g In tl.e nil. |.Il.in   .1   the P.l'fel-lol   a
llrut. suppnrlrr, ibe .nvrn'tut, - f .1. L.
Aitnatroug ul Ihlscliy.   AUer rep*aii*,l
trials   <>l   lhe  lull I 111  I mil i-n ill  il
11,01 i< Is Ihr niii-l . Ili.l. t.l Ini-- in . In-
D.niii.i.iii. A* ii a*... s ni'slr .,1 opl-hea-
Hi... hi..I re-.iii-. H   stiHids   alone hi this
country, em belying   ihe principle   ul
HSeil B..i-|M.rl, no. .or y pmeure in .he
tti-inmciil nl I.e.in., l-rcoglltling a. H
dneS that ihr M|.i-i'e prinnlo is
sfl ii.l.d   h) Ihr Wh.I    •■!    I hi       li '   '"■ li
Y uraliuly,    c. KOUURCB, - D.
CALL AM,    I :    TOR  YOl'RSKLF,
Lavrrp....! a.i.l. pa r  501b lick... !N.
Macaroni, per Ih IS to SO
Molsssrs per gsl         75 to (I
Nuti, |ier II.   H
RollsdoaU, DM Hill, lack .... tt
Plcltlss, mlisd, per quart.         W
Rlos, per 't.   8
Salt bacon, per lb        l:"« (
-ago ami Ispiora, HilO, 11 lbs. lor
Btook ssll, prr ROtbssol 	
syrups, |aer hall gal. tin      50 to 115 j
I.uiiiti.es, per .an  I'>
Teaa, |i-cr lb     85 to 88 i
Tohicn, per II.  IS) lo 1,85
vinegar, p«r gai  50 to 88 Advertising Rates Furnished
Wheal luauna, pkgs, 21); hulk  par lb,
I have .he privilege ol referring y . ■
... "• v ...| ,.f   tl.e   uc.st   rrli b!»   In.li.-.
...... I   I.y my appli.nces,   hi.Inline the
wife of a prominent minister uf the
QoSpel, wife of a promlnrnl lawyer,
wivn of two MerohaWa and .ithera, in
eluding a I. II) Y US YlC\!t - OtJD, ami
i.uill.r. ol one of ...ir ...nt pMiiiiurlil
nn". h.ills. Ttiese ladies bave mil wn'l.
any siipporl fn.iu one lo four yeais, ami
most uf them three years.
Lansing & Newman,
Hu.iu.rsor to A. (J, l'"l!Y.
Having piiicluised the A 0. Pry Sloilk of Qroosrlss, Leo., wo w'ah to an-
niiuiii'e lo nut' iiiiiny frleudi, as well us thusa, of   llr. I'';'., that w„  nre   verv
orgely Increasing onr itock, and from tbli tion. fonh sill utrry a mniiD
wider variety of gonda thou the old ttrm, luftui you will i.e abb, toobtain
nil itaple ami lanov groceries hum as PIih onblla will .| dukly dlsnnvsr thst
our prices are what liny bIihu'iI lie, and satisfaction Is absolutely guaranteed.
V. & N. Telephone 7.        No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
M'ners' si:|i|)li<.«, Fruits, Cigars and Tobaccos, staple
nml Fancy Qrofteriw, Ktc:
Orders Solicited
Thonc 168,
And Delivered
Raymond Sewing Machines
UjsI  ou   Ibe   .Mi,k**t   »n'l   all   Liteit   ImprovetnentS,        K.sy   K'nimug
D. ,p II.al.     Oann.il he Beet in Priossn.l Quality,
PRICE $40.00
Taylor & MoQuarrie,
18 On'mnMa Aeemie, Kneslan.l, IS 0, Rnk* la-e'i'..
G. W. McBridc
Hardware. Miners' Supplies Siovc and
K ii ges, Etc.,
&zim <r~~? (^"^ <r^7 T^T \W?
\o\/\<>\/ \y;/   \A/_ fillip_Vo___
tuim.:,!).)'. . ;u ; it ai.'i'rioN-s ix
Men's |Furni,shi-ng
Crescent Dry Goods S;
:_sm a^ _i__ m m
II "letiiid A Wright.cor. Kirs: live, and
Washington street, ore sbowina Isdlea'
apring jickets and nsw wrappers—a
aplemli-l sml w, II aasorted llseof esoh.
Their  Isdlss'   mekwear,  in  satin   pub    »PplSS,psrlb  58008
shields, Liberty Bilk ond Pulni Rsprli   BestSiPsrlo 	
Wiiel.ttis are .| icK seller..    Km linn's   (''"ibllower              h"'
clothing,  (heir NdOOSd price ll bsvlog  °»l»*7l PW  hOBoll  10
a clearing en -cl on lhe slock.                      ('Bl.ba.gc, p.r Ih      2',...:!
i drapes, per  basket 115
on Application
It will pay you tn rail al Kaglts Im
millinerr ami ladies' furnishings olall
If yon war. .he he.l Inn. I.  ll
fur yoor money in Ibl slly go lo ihe  Pqassn, per Ib
lltissei  HulsL    II. me king and,Ural*
Plait seiv.ie.
Lemons, per .lo-        3D, 85
Oni.iiis, |nr lh 3 to I
I'esrs, |M*r  I" 10
Potatoes, psi 100 1.86 to 1.50
R, 11*1     Iboncbes for     .   .. J
TestimnniBls (whleh till too mud.
■pi-.) lo lhe ellicieiuy ol my appliances,
shove all olhers, from Ibe l-.lluwlog I**
S|tr.lal.|e residenla ol Victoria, 11. C,
Li (ioodacre, E*q., QOSSO'S Mirket,
purveyor lo II. M.'b N.vy, comer (inv-
itii i.ei.t and .1 .liltsiill S reels:   U, II...U-
frsv, Esq , O. B., :i il tebeo Btrset: J. 0.
BlllOt 11 S-erelsiy II .aid ol lire I'u.ler-
Biil.rs; II. ll.tusell, l*a*i|., n.erchaiil,
(IS doveriimeiit Si reel | J. (IiscoiuIbb,
miner, Foil Street.
I will 1)6 tl tin Allan HoiSu
MARCH 19 & 20
International Music Hall.
WKKK Or  11 tit 'II 2..T.I.
First Prodoellonof-I.S'N t%0AS<<IDY'S Moslcsl llurle.u.ie in iwo acts
(Fuumieil on Curelli's Nov. II
"The Sorrows of Satan*'
Inlr.Hhicing Oil the Favorites aui
Thu Kas'ern l'rotean Artints
A Hkiuiit, Preezy Bill of Novelties
J. L. Armstrong, H.S,
►Simpson and l^nes
A Complete Slock of Orocorios nlwnjH on ILind.    AI«o a Full Lino
of FniK'j. -Vapoiated (Traits jum received from t'.ililoruie.
V- & N. Telephone us.    SeooTid Ave., OppoMtn 0, P. R. Depot.


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