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Industrial World Aug 29, 1900

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 JU.£<^y(oXr*X  X^iijLa*^
Vol. i, No
ROSSLAND, B. C, AUGUST 29, 1900.
Price, Fiw Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Hunter Bros.
Make this place your Shopping Centre.   You will find
nearly everything in all classes of merchandise.
Carpets, Hen's Clothing
and Furnishings, Hen's
and Women's 5hoes, . .
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and . .
The Stock is Carefully Selected, and only Seasonable
Goods offered for Sale.
j sssssssssssssssssssssssss ♦■»»ssss»ssss««st«»»s»s$t» >
*■*••-• 1— --.-•■•
Trsuess ?
Yes, a full
T. 1. morrow.
u.a  Orugflst.
.- ■•■• •-!-;-•■
Tan Shoes
Is now in full swing.   This week wc nre
ufl'criug MOM linen of
» $>
•>     ami Oxlord Tie* nt ACTUAL COST.     ;>
1 We have not Apace to quote price.* here. +>
Ask toite original price* add you [
k will be convtuccil that you ,,
f nre getting •>
r *'
w.f, mcneill
\   Next Door to Postoffice   I
k-i-i-8* ■>»#♦»♦♦■>♦»»♦*»♦♦♦♦♦»■■
I The Strand
\ The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fin* Line ol the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
War have a mlihty good trade on Coffer,
We havr il; and we hold It Once l
Coffee Bin rr heir—al*..)-. one.
The long joll* v*c«lion ii nearlv at an end, and the boye end girli will need
•cboolihon. Bring them hsre. We can fit the busy leet witb footwear ihat is
made to stand th* strain, it i* not high priced shoes, nothing BUBS*. The set
rret nl its durability i* really no secret al all, tbe shoes are made oUlealher, rea-
leather, *nd pot i..g. ■ I. -r lor keeps.
C. O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Mocha and Java
Coffee that Is absolutely the Best
sold in Rossland
Union. I'i.pure Iur • l-.il.or liny—The
I'lflKi.iinm.' nnd Parade.
The Hinting Ol lh* con.inillcc liv.ii
I I the Trade. Council having in charge ti.e
•; rrlrnration of l.ilanr Day «... well ..1
V llindcl Monday night, nnd all thr detail!
„.   Ol llu* dt'iiiimHtnitmn to be held in llu,.*
-V iiin.l n.it Monday were worked ...t ind
|V definitely decided upon.
.;, j 'Ilie pelade will be held in the city nnd
1. will Hl.irt Hum Miucrt.' 1'nion hill nt II
'£ 'n. in. ihaipi The Ipeking avill Inkc plitcc
.?, at the oorner »f \Vn-limirton strrrt and
•» 11'nluinhia uveuuc luiim-iliately ll.i-ru-
I   after.
J he  conimittee  nn   mu-ic   i.'.nit*  that
it   ha. itmuigt'tl  for two  lull   bund, and
the pi|>eri..
J'reiiflent A. Krrrla will preside al the
exerci-e*  to i.ecur iitiincdi.itcly  .liter  the
.Manlial ,,! the liny 1'oflin request, riiat
every unmii uud M.ciety iuteuiling tl)
lake part itl thi* 1 nrude will nt CUM
select an .title nnd nntiiy him ot the selection,   a.  it     ||    imiK.11.nl.    thiil    he
.llOUl.i    kOOie    lli-   UH.iNtUllt*.
The t-iunuiitti'f hu. .electe.1 rx-l'i-ert-
ili-nt   riirn-nvuith  it.  nltiinil judge of all
i...<-   nnti im* empowered bun to *.*i»*,-t
..-*i.tnnl jiidi*.!*- vvheiicver lli..iij*lir lli-ce.-
ury. \\ . .1. Vi-iiner hu. been ap|Hiintt-il
ntticiil)   tunc k.-e|.-r.   Itt-uthci-H   I i < ■ i   und
O'Brien have been chosen by Mr. i.....*.*
wa-rtll   .1.   .l-la.i-t.tllt    iU'Iki-
I'. K. Mi Ik.mil.I nl the I iiiiariatt*--'
I ri "li 111!* bet'll ||ip .lilted ntlicutl -'...let
Inr all ia.e*.
All unit.11. und Mien-lie. takinii |utti ia
the pnrade aadl lenillldB •»'■ Mtui-i*.' I ilion h..II early in Ihe mnrmng. The |t»-
iiidt- mil -rui-t Irom Ihe hull ..I !) sharv,
III the tnllnwing nr.lrr:
Urand  Mnndml. V. A. Codln.
M.u   Hin.rl   It.iint
City l uuncil.
Kire   Department.
Kratrmnl  *-■*..n.-*
Baitnin Men'.  Klnat*.
Ilui.-hcr.'  Moat*.
N'rwubays    1 nmn.
Painter.'   I'nion.
Mechanics'   I'nion.
1 ipuiri.ipiui.ii Union.
I'leesmiu'i i mnn,
I'-tib. .*'  Union.
Ta.lur-'   Lrninn.
i'..,k* ..ni IVaitera' l nmn.
1 na- I ..tinril   Kind
l ainenten.'  I num.
Miner.'    I in*-n.
Parade ri.nii  Miner,'  I'ninn Hall along
Ininmbi*  avenue  In   ilultc Mrret.  ll.ittr
-tl-i-i'l to I*'ir-t ..venue. K.l*-t IVeOM !•- S!
I'tiil stmt, Si Paul atnai to Second *ve
line, S,ii,n.l .venur tn *.\ .,~liiniit..ii ■in.,
\Va*hingt..ti SnS  to l.r-l  uveniie. K.r-l
l.rniir in S|«ikain- -drei-t. S|«ikinc Mrret
tn   t •.dun.In..   ..venue,   t uhimbin    avenue
tn   VY.i-hin-.-i..ii   .la-eel.
Arnvnitf ll   the corner nf  \Vaihingtnn
X 'street  nnd   ('..lumlui   nveiinc  an   .ubb,..
a ..I welooBM w.ll I.- delivend by XL.\..i
S   (i.-alrvr.   lullnwrd   bv  ^■eeih*-.  ln*n   Mr.
a,   I Ini..   Foley.   Mr.   .lame.    Wilkr.    .ml
* , linn.   S.nith   I'tiMi*.
*|    ll*i s. m.—lirand lug nl  war fifUm
I party rttnrnid lata mat evening, pr-om-
1 ng   llii-ni.cltc.   uud   i-ncii    other    that
they   lauiild  huve  two  picnic, eiich  ...ut
llu*   Netv-b.iy-'   I nion.
1 :.V5.—liirl.'     rati-,    75    yard-,      n„m |
w aiSiington  stnai  nnt    oo   t_oiuminu |
iveaue, hr.i pru* .it, neood pns. --'
-: 1J    lt..ck   dull.i>k  .uuict,   ,u   , ,.nu*, I „icr alter tin..
j   i-ii-,*! iveaue und stnikanB Meet, i>.-i
line "M'.'J .nab und tiopby   valued
tkai, neosd r•»•-*■ *oo.
kl lu.—Hick .mil Dg  i.u.t.-t     I.*-    boyi      At   laat   Saturday',    meeting    ot ' tJte-
uiit.i iu, *uuic plan, lual pita lis. **>l^imboyi' unioa *  vote  wa* taken   t.i
mil  | rue llu. ,-ce ii Hi*' uni.ur should mil ufT llu* light
;..'-a.— Dulling conlct  lor boy.    undci i't   haa  be*,  inukiun  .. .....*t   tne  ltec-onl
'ol lln. city. The vnie ii-iillcil iiii.m-
...ou-iy iu tutor ol iH.utinuiug the tight
until the mt-mlicr* r.m nrl n w|u.u*i*
deal (rom lhe pn|icr. Ilhi. di.poac. once
fund lot ull uf the cltui'tte. made by ilu-
laiol ratci Irom Wasbiiigluu --trii-t went on |'-iuunagiinent that tin- ltew.lioy. were
. ..i.irni..i avenue, Itril prue ,io, tectum domiSStsd by one or two nl their num-
pita 115. -'H'r a"<-   intim'dnteil  an.l  Icrroriired.  an.l
.. i"     i iu "ii men'. Handicap,  100 a.u.l.-
in.rn  Mu.lungton  -licet  wi-* on i-'oluui
tna avenue, lint pita tSM, second    |>ri«r,
1:15.—Seventy-five yard     footrace    for
li! .M.u., Mtiuc pl.uc, in-l  pita IIU, »cc-
nml  prut- |5.
ii.l)..—ll.rf  dreaiing  conlea-l,  lir*t   prist
•I...   Nu -....I..i  mousy.
il.tW—.nc   huudiel   .!,ii'.Ih   trc   fur
newihoys only, from Washington Hreet
we*t on Columbia avenue, limt priic lit),
-..ii,, pnzc |15.
1:311. I-1, cm. ll-' Wet t.-l. Ii'.n. SI* Paul
itreel wc-t ou Culuuilu.. nve-tue, tii—*
priic clOO neosd prur |50. linn tut'
i.rdi to hydrant, Iny run (nl ol boB*,
break colliding, ntta.'h nonte an.t tlirou
■rater, nil conin-ction. two lull turn*
Not n.ore than 13 men on leant. Piitol
.hut .i.ui.
5:!».—Two h indreJ atnf twentyyardi
r.-ice, lr..ni Lincoln street wot an Colum*
l.ia airiiue, tint prue **'».. wcond prur
J:«.-Bicycle race. Irom ,l»»hington
.trret weal on t'olumbi. avenue lor boy.
mi.1.1   111, for a  prt/c nf 115.
0:03.—Coupling ...ut,-*! nt hydrnn
avenue. Two men, three lengths ,.: I...*c
tl'ii.  prevented  Irom m'II.uu  the   If.-,.i.l
II..-  Miners'  i'nion  ll.ni.
The Sandon Mineri' t;nion !...- pur-
rli.i.cd n in,-an lot on the -..nth side ot
M.iiii *lreet, junt Ih*Iow Luui. Iltip-
l»-iien'« .hia; More, on which .ncy intend
I..  Inul.r  the union  h.ill
lhe plan! wlii'h ban been adopted
call |or a btiil.linii lilxsn. Hie gro.m,t.
Uopf aa.ll hnve two .tore, and a hall
tax-Mi with ii I.", pun atage. In thi. ii.iit
IlK-rc will be a witting rnpncily of 250.
Ihi* .iHi.nd tlnor will be occupied entirely
I.a   tin*  union  hall,  otti.-c,, etc.
Con.lruction of tlie hall will commence
nn \|.'iitl.it. lhe wnrk will lie dnne hy
dav Ini..... The building will toil 10,0(11.
I mon labor only will be employed
"Tboot   to   Kill."
I    I  I.-,.i   World:    Aprnpn.  ..f    the    l.-lt
rimeii**  -itiki     A   l-«.mt.ml    sample    ol
llu*   twn liir-live   dude,   win)   act   in   Un)
rorner  of   I-iiicoln   .ircct   and   t!-liw.iH. I,       „    „, |n „, MjJj f||| |h| 1lj-
►   with ., clii-Mt on him l.ke .. .tomach pum|.
t*i»t.   .m.i   a   b.p   thnt   beap.tkr    tniicli
l.ona an.l throw water, noule tn lie car* I
nrl  fmin .tnrt.    Ktr.l  priie $15, -aeennd
priic $10.
A.ldin nal priie. will br given fnr the
union m.-ikiiiit the hc-t ,a|a|a*aranc,* in the
a ulna.ill.ui, -uul that  "Ki jon. Uie i ••!..
uel   hut   ghn .tier.   In   tin*.!   to   kill,
and I.e will, gninu tn thool tn kill.'' .limt
.imaniiic   .i   Inb-ti-r    ul    tin*    di-aH-riptii.ii,
parade    whether  with  .h*  witlio.il  tl.wl,   „|uw<. ^||,t,-t»- ..piu-nrancc at nnrc sliun|i-
Prin unknnwn. ,,i (,.,„ .,, ., ,!,.»-. «,-,* ,,r ,(,, , hn-kc- bonni.
Plir-e*   will be inlcl t.i the Ih-I   .-,.r    ,„„„   !.„„„,,,   rl, _   rXv _     ,,n,|     „||     „,,.„
ited  bu.in.*-.  boon*, na  jmlir. being ,,rilttllV „„„,„„, ,!,„,  j,,., „„,,„,„,. ,i,„,
Mhvi.-n m -u.t sompetitora.  Beet teen   i|mi,liri,ci. ttatdmtn nl   I unity   doing
aird liu-inr.* Imn-M- *Xi. next m--i deenr   ,,m   i,,,„, ,,, uyfaodyl    I- ll  ....t d..nn,-r-
ated l.u.inc-. boon SIS. loo*   la   iin-l   inything   hk.    ilu.   wiih   B
lli, ta- mil la* a «|,arp c .upctilinn f.u gun ..n I ten nMBthl >" haU nrtgidgjn!
Ihr purw. vnteil fur llu- best Boats in Uul "I -ii.'h men lh* l.'»«l llnr-ti ofli*
lhe lur.nlr. Alrendv iboat II l.i.-.'ne..'.er comrnanding will Him* lo lill up lhe
Dm* and labor union, have signified their i*..k- ol ilu* Ttphting I'.fih." wh«
.nleiilmn tn cuter lhe t-nnlct and a|t- |plainly -hnind than nal Inr auic anil
l»*,.r in the lutrndi- with n lln«t. Fnr the  g'uiv nn lhe .lain- ol  1-tUratoa O.
i .
11 i.n' I Ihe br-t today, and Ihr ncil hot
tuiiioitiiaa. It'' the l-e*t .11 thr limr
ami the people who laljr it .11 the tlmr
know ll. Thl. i- .nil differ t. lhe lar.1
we 1-11—ll'l the W**l .n>one -ell* no
mallet wh.t price you may pay.
'•*)>ssss»ssees*s»ssts»»»ss»ss»sssssssiss«sssssssssss*» ! *
11 Morrison & Bryenton
I; Taney Groceries. Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
j! Preserve! and  Marmalades,  Pickles, Chow Chow and
! I Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
!; Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C.
■),.,^^44*|o>**»*».l»MMI .♦issass*"
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 cts
We ...iiiht gel jo oi even 15 cent. lor thl.
Coffrr. tn.l we don't do ll. We wouldii I
•ill m much It Wl di.l. sn.l My poaadl
al n .malt praftH.hdlerlhsn twop<n.n<l<
st ■ 1,1. pt.iiii lesgrlaSganoal i.nt.r
ile   Untrnt   llulrl,   .rtnn.l   svrnur.
s  pure nf $50:   nn second monr,
1 p   in.   Il.il. and bub race, In.m Si
Paul atieel wc-t on C....1111I11.1 ..acini,. for
• llnli-li Columbia • liampiotiahip K11-1
Jil-riie,   itumpct,  value $75, and    $12..  in
• u.h; -H-cond prti-r. Vi. liun 3111 y.ni-
S   CMrt.  ut   i*>|Ual   weight,   lint     Ml     til«H
• 1.1 men on t--nni, the tir* utt *iTi«
0  iini-ii hue winner.
• 1:45 p. in. Ptii.|in-lors race. Imm
J " 1-I1111. i..n .IrtTl up tn Kiel avenue.
a,   ".iit.-tr.iil. tu .nn   a '.'.'. |..im.| pack. Im
a !$_}.
•1    1:80   ..iniii iriaiiiil   ia.c   i,.r   b..\.
■   ni-i.i    1'.'.   11 1.1   V, ,-liingtnii   .Ireel   w.-t
• Inn C.l.imlu.i .ninuc hr* prnte $.1,
J   -.-...... 1 ptiie *2.
• '
."liners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hi iim.Tii House
■ Smoke .
>444^»^»^»»a^$*$gg*$f*ssss sittssissssseaseieiiessis^
Empey Bros.
Are Showing a Very Fine Ksnge ol
•   C.hi*»'f*C    I"  Silk  fronts with   Linen   Bodies.
::. ■-- ' •ilir LI::>   Cashmeres, Linens and All-Silk Goofts,
Alio a Very Fine Range ol
' ^iKi-nAtii^lp-i-^ And Sasl*es- of the Very
t v^ UC pe, l lUCa.l _?   Begt gj-giisb Manufacture.
We have jaet opened up a very nice '.ine of
(Cl-.p--_c  Made by the Hamilton-Brown .Shoe Co.
•v-  I I IK   1 gve_y pair gUarantced, or money refunded
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
Empey Bros.. The Furnishers,   i
', I   Furnishing Goods Pepsrtmeut. Cor. Columbia Ave. and Spokane St.   j
j ,***9*9***tt**ttW+*+i't+*+ **4***9****4*9***«'+i-ei'*++*
I      Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
Opptttt M"'11'* nio».
I tan ctt iitt or iluranvihltiK In tmlirN' and
gtntlfffl-ra*! wrst Olft ttie 11 < nil ami '»
CMTtHCtd The lalrM Imp-" vH BMChlfl
erv nml |»rnce-ars rnah'e mi lOBtHinintl *
ihttmmipldHlvvryofallenlcTi Woikwtn
beialletl lor nml ilrll*rt*H lo any aildte**,
»m**-( tl.vit pl.nt.l m thr imniflr hv
l»ti-in.-- In iu m> tltrrr ia R pur«r of tl*
Mv-tinu Im*m m, Tin- iniii- porm «ill
Rixrn tn Hu* he** iIimI- in ihr (wirndc
im ni*In-.I Iiy union*.
There Dttjr \\r -iinplinirnljiiv tmnMsi
ffivm f. r m-v old tiling. m» i* Mboovta
■rtijr*bu-)| lo iimki- ihr barf display t**-
il»|p. fnr tin v iM-tfht ba irir-fn a imrw*
ami nol kii->n- whal il i- I *r. Ths-v
ihinn-a arr IrM to Ihr ilUrrtinn nf the
rnmm-illff which will h*\r an nvrr>i«|)|
of the whoV aflair.
Ihr Uaabuy-i aipad  l-» malt-- .1 pramt
li-play mi tint ilav. The i»llirr lahor
iinmn* hn\r ilnii.itiit nmnrv In |iuri-firt«r
a  iMiimr for thi* tilth- frllnu-s. nml  the
t>c->t iriMa i" Im- ImiiixI in tin* * itv an
now n gat-mi In it* maooJ-oterai Ii will
RMJ.    « lini    r nltipli t» .1,       m.iiii*. t,inn      tiki"
\ an .uivrr.  H. *'.   Aogi  •li. 1M0.
Ai tiir coovantioB ol tht* InUrnaUonal
I \ |MS|Lf tt|»lii« m     { mon     <it     Mim .iiiktv,
\\ 11 ,   .1    if-nlutiun   l>>    Mi     daiM-tOW   ut
1 1. v. 1 ui.I.   t».   ha*  | a--Mil.  •li-itiiniirtC  the
J       I.l.    la*   Ih-   illftlllt tlV    .1   tl.U-i   »I|[IIIU-
■UOO. ajmI  that lo nlwaiTa UWU  ilit-i-li-Mt-4
at wm*tv Hi.tk-i-iH ii 1- aaaantiai tii.it Um|
Hit 4- .1 unit upon ilM" pnlllliul tlfUl
whi'i-n- i-apltal ilrnvri it. pOOTH 1" *•)'■
pn-Kn. nud that H i- the tint) ol miv
iiiriiitirr ].■ HTar alhlutfii uith all political   ; .til r.   nf   thr   ckplnitiiifT  • 1.1-**.   Whirl
an* tOrttiantl] nni".i« iniiH upon tlif III'
ritira ol tht' Woikiiv ptOfUa. Ihr i*i*-
M|(r   OI   thii   It-inliillnii    i-   l'M'knl   BpOO   .v-
,i \ I. mi >, i-i titf Paba followan* 'lhe
ir niiiti.in «a« nbaaojuanU)  raeooafdaradi
nd   it   II..it  pri.-» ahmihl amrTy  hr  acUoo   natnidtd  ami   tba  n-iutiyti   l.tt.i
,ili   op
I'm ill   '
tin m\
li. AM
• HM-ia
on  tin- UUw*
Ihrn- . n-t- in It.i > .tn tniaimniH in-
ptiliilinti < 11 Ini tin- ' it<iiiiii tlm vit.it to. '
Ity \iU"t ni thi* law, it hr itnvritiuirnt
tlniik-  tn.it   ihr  pir-a-i i  a  m.ui or a
t."in-ill ni a town nr MiMtii- i- appoaad ta
it-   iiKiiiH',   it   i an   proiiuiitur   mm   "dun*
aatvo* tu i niiii. <>iiin. and nn- powar
tn comptl iu into live iti anotbai diatlrict.
I n<if i ih'- Ian Iiiiii'Ih -i- ol BDcialiata
anil (rada unloniata araia bucan from
ti,. i i niiiii. * and put ui nnJualUq '-
tnii*- naoall] on i-iiM't- "if tba ■oaUwra
...i-t \ rfforomi agiutloti iui- baaa
-i.in.il rinca tin- klng'a dtnUi la abollah
thr law.
Km.tik thr |sa*t vt**l he laooi prr*m
nihl itaiiv nanapapm ha • bean buaj H
■ mUnR mm rcaalng nowberi ol araga ■**-
•iixtinn-. rtoalng ol inul-. atfilha, tailing
i.t|.i-. and oUmi atWanca« al indnatrial
■tagnation   -Mi tin -tun- ol -in api-raanh*
in,;   ..  t-4m   ol    h-inl   tinn -   .ui.l   |..iiin    air
nmkina Uiawaahrm nantfaat, .uni. ol
• tin- |mhiii i.ui-. ••! i In' ■ ni it liw..
i .-1 . - ti iii naa avuj rabtai \\*%xt lo w
plain th< cnoaaa ol tin- -nti ol affata
Krarj  Ibeon bm  Iha i-wii' nnt   iirivatn
• ) « i ,i-i -In j *   nf    In-   ooti    0     l li|i mn     will
1      11. I.l
I in- anion •«—• i muni- In tbf ntnfa "t
Mi.-miM   . v Indlni will lih-**
Iiii  l -.in  ..'tiipiM"-. anil ivmnia
Ihr   IVinlrr*'   Ptoott
I lis*   ptintri*    piiiu.   tt.i-   piillr-l   ofl   Bl
oordlni to Mbadala, aartn ii md Bo,
Ma nratcbtng than ail tbe nine.
11»* iininhrr- >•( tba anion  Irft  thr ally
"ii thr 7 a. in. tram tl K., anil irtnnii'l
at   T   th.it   Bundftl   tnitnt.   lint   that   don'l
irii iba atoty. On, no; and ara ii«n- nnt
till (hr Whole trulh rithrr. itiit it till
barl iml >iilh\,ui i-'lll-l havr Imm ti pir-
rid   it   WOttld   ha\r   Ihmh   iniinntt.th/ai|   in
■ong, and had -"inr Koaaland iieopla ind
l-a*'  iMripti-r riinti.h  tn  hiiihl  an open
booaa thai waa minething more Hum ••
iiamt-,  aamrthlin  lhal   would    mri    n
muni   tin-   ••)   a   hi.iv   **la> h-    -\ri\    Iniii'
in   looked -ti or entared it, tin- tun lov
ii« ..i  Uoaaiand nmtiit haea bat
i- rtnnlt)  ol -< • Ini   w  l*rintai *'
uith  appf  pnatr  lUglng
llut  Imnuaa Mllbetl  « w    nol
nml  baeauaa Iha Roorfand open
i.inimt  accomodate an ap-to-daie
rompan)    and   baeanaa   tha   manaajn   it
imH ahh  i" Mcvre  i food ihon i"i Iha
towtti Iha expectant  nohlit   anil wA  -.-<
" \  1*1 mi* r-'  i'n nh ' until   m \t   jraar.
when  im n I. .siy  mil I**  invited  to in
I be   IToHd  nwn  l«i.l m  -•'
attending  the  funotlon,   bof   whrn   foorlworb    '   T"*   '   |n     '    i-tvanro
i   rnmancbaa  camped  in the  naNwuy In  '" *ng« "t. Nvptamliei I   ihu «ii. affaci
ti"iit ..i in. mom aartj tandaj morning, itvwal  tbonaaod  nun
ami  declacad  their Intention   4  ataying L   Al  "'■   rtioaal ol  I hi   letter Carriera'
nirtii   then  until  mmaom   .■■'   i   hnatlt   "n' "    l/mamlla,  Uh trarl    Inr inr-
... . ..i !. ; . . . * »i . .....	
. . . Union-Made  -
Get Iheir lirv rlptiona rilled
Rossland Drug
; Company :
A lull Lineof Hviryltil..* In Our l.lnr.
(Ml* I- ■ Call.
ROMtaABn DlVOCO..B  I: Sl.n.n.lMgr.
Colunthll Sflai nul I.a Bolt Ton.
I*-:      ■
For  ...i" b«t l.sn.I mide miner'* boot!,
go to Agnew A Co.   Pricei rirfht.
Houses and Lots;
..GROUND..    1
Tn. n,n  Mossy i.y ub  Pud •*
liv MoSTBLT ISSTllatSSSTSi        I
. . . Apply to . . .
John Y.Cole
('o)nmhia Avennc.
!   •   •   •    .  i  i  i  i   .   i   .   j  ;
nn iiim-arii, in- decided that ha (mold
■nn, mni ttv tn «.'i tvpti altamnai^hL li
1* needlaai in ny thai tba Oommanchai
.. itv before they *■*"' Iha 1i_iii-
••I Kooatand Again.
I   t'hirt   Ingram  waa  loo  biuy   i<   Mart
jtimr in  Ihr  nmrnitia mid  rrfit*rd  tfl p",
1 Innkina   Wjap   all   tin*   tniir.       lli'Mi'   la   r\ i
Identl)   -mim- profound   myatary    In the
rl*'    11. - ■   *■■-  i -  -i i« i» .ipiti i.i roIvc
Ihr  apOfting  nliloi   of   thr   Minrr  had
-iBrrni   1 I  !»■   pir-in*   to  write  Ihr aflni(
'np, i.nt una m atadylig thn Uaftialu
| of OOoathern   niln  *n a«  Ul   -»r  ahlr  In
Tifrrrp ihr fiirfii between (I   Waah< .in<l
j an   unknown   nt   thr     IntMH Itiona]   Iha
■WtI   niffht     With  ntrh  an  nflair  tn  I<m»I,
forwAid bo '■' Bonfaa ba oonMtt'l hr r%-
'I'rrfrd   I"   l»r   prr<*-nt.   at   tin*     priiilcm'
0 r*r
Dal th   e flnpa. wew .»n   Ihn      I;
|mr*r   nl't  i     tlUVfled     NlOt.   -nnl     lh-
typealfcheta deported themaelvea in fear
i".I  I Una   ■      he   would   t- M   the
wlinlp   Mtv
\np im; at   Murphy • reek thr   party
I,   .md   with    Rahingi    itUatit
-pnilt, MM ami *t"rv. eating -ind drinK
n(  rn«r witrr.  Ihr    itay    WM    ptMra
i  tryone wan -anrrv whan ihr whlatta f*T
thr retain wai beard, ind i Uf8d( happy
nlabiog ba i.l lettor carrtrra -it tn.it nt\-
uith BUiie baa been given to < him uelng
hr anion Ww i
ih Btrlkini m Uouta, M •. itral rail*
art) man ira abonl lo form i eorpontion
f.a tin* pnip ■»■ '■( bulldtngi owruna and
operatina a attnel nilwaj iti lhal < • ty
'Ihr K^OOO -inkinjs cabmen in Hart*,
trance, i>\ a vote token ia«t Inuraduy
decided tn conlnue their alrfhei
Thr Hauta Fa rallwai -*yalem, II >•> i-r-
ported, will throw nil ita telegraphai-
onl .-I employmenl by Introdm Ing tele
i ii nee,
Ai Janicetowu, \ > mora than BOO
imti. woman nnd children have been on
a atrika for 13 wi-h- a1 the textile mill*
»"■   i  -iniii advance ol  wagea,
arr about h«
la i-i nn•■
New  Vorlt (Sty   cigai    manufacturer*
ha\r »r nri-il ihr rnniil'\ foi .. n innt.it
r gat maker*, hut hav. bt n unable '" "■■
lam  nm.
i.ot1.1   cAfTien mij   Nffiliate with  ihr
Americnn Pederation nl I
ti i   dlrec'on   ol  tht    Rtandani  Oil
I M-t h hv tin lar. <] i Im t liei rfll Idend
Of  M  Ptl   »lian.    payable    00  -*tplrm1»rr
n\    rip -rt-    altOW    ttMl    'lii'ir
ii itt :, million ti ide onioninta THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY 'A'uiu.t   2",   WOO
The Industrial World.
Sollliwi.-il.ly    l.di'.'Oll.
\\ IIA'I    I AN' \1)\   MAS
I'l'T     IT.
Cublishcd ut il.ir Miner'. Union Hull,
jiiin-i.iini, iii tlie intercut of organiiid
labor   in   Umiak   Columbia.
Entered at the laoanland, 11, 0,, post-
ollice   for   truiismiiwou   through   the
mails, .November, i*w, a. noond-aliu
reading  mutter.
A.   Oi   'ilioiii|.-"ii.   1'Mili.r   and   Manager.
Offios in .Miner's  Union itaii.
I'ayublu  Invititulily   iu  Atlriuce.
One year       0 00
Six   iiiiuitli.          123
•lluu-  uiiHillii           73
Addrin. sll communication, to tlie In
duatri.il    World,   Poitofflee    Hoi   558,
tto.sl.nd,   11.  0,
The Industrial World      tor sale at thl
fojlutt-iiig   BIW1   ilciio
Himp.un'ri   New.   j,and.
11.   ti.   w..ii.i.i .   M..ii..iii*ry   Store.
1 jnton Uro*.
1'.  0.   New. Bland.
llarr'*  Cigar   Store.
Canada   Hook  k   Drug  Store.
MciUe   I'-.",
King k Co*
becrctaric, m all unions are authorised to receive sub-tcriptions for the
Tlie Winnipeg Fri'i* I'i--, .i i . P, It. organ, nnd the Winnipeg Tribune;
..i.i.'.l i.a n. Li. Hi. liiii'loim, nave bad u long and Interesting argument nhowi
the nun.nnt of money which Uie railway! "i Canada bave ipeured from tne Do-
iiiinion, provincial und iiniiiicip.il giiv«i*i,uienti. Th. Tribune luit week publish-
i*d the billowing inii.i' m.i the mgnutiire ..i tbe auditor general, which should be
n luthcierei guarantee oi it. i.'ii ih rr. la It shows Unit tin people ol Canada
huve put up in bard caali over two bundrde million dolliri, to lay nothing
of wine forty-four million acres >'i land in Manitoba nnd tbe Northwest and a
hundred million or -o in coal hind values in tha Crow*. .Nest. As au a_set against
tin* inormoni outlay the Dominion hn* the Intercolonial, worth n little over
lilty   million.  Tin-  province!  and   iimnnil nlilies have  ub olutely nothing to .how
for their money excopi thi tact thul ttierailwayi  exist    This   table    u
keeping  f<»r  future reference:
Dniniiiiiiii government  aid  tn  runway- to 30th Juno, 'DO
Coat  of  InttTi-nlinnnl   Railway  l|.roper). 188,780,843
Prince K.lw-.ud Isiiiini Killwiy     8,780,107
Atlantic 4  Xnrtliwctevn     l.ftOO.tlDO
Morris it Crow sell high-class label
cigars. Their Cuban cigara oil bear tlio
Spanish union label.    Try one.
Something  lo  Talk   About,
Sobddiei to reilwiyi since 1888	
Bublidie*  lo  \\ i-sU-rn  I'liunlii*. rniiwiiys	
Total I.,iii.i.o. by Dominion governmem     8,188,710
Subildii* to otlur railways si*Hi.7i*i.t*G
Dominion iiuvernment  lonn, in li. V., H. und othc railwoy.       18,061,881
Total Dominion government ai.i kiiii,7(>s.,'.'.i'<
Prnvinrial   Government Aid    to    Railways.
l-sina ? I.IMS.0.-M
llonuiee 28.840,340
Snti.rra|.tinn.        rtOO.ilfK)
r,  »S3,289,2(I0
Municipal Aid lo Rallwtye,
I..'. 8 3.477.311
llnnu... 12,083,901
Sttlncripllnn*    2.704..V)n
',  8 18,368,018
Those S'.'l.OO suit, lor 813..TO anil 817.23
suits fur $10.7.) at llulstend it Wright's.
hoico creamery butter received regularly irom the ltcd Kiver Valley
Creamery, Manitoba, by Agnew & Co.
-V i-.||in**li.||  St.
H.iys & WaltODi I'roptietora.
Ai.t. thi. in i u m ii *■ ui   i nt SiEAJMHi
Hot and Cold Lunches
The Nice lo cut the Bet Mini in the City   X
Prompt 8,'tvk'e.
Meile 2") Cents anil Up.
i ,.:;..;.;; ;.:.--,}-* : . ; . :	
Tola' s.l. Dominion, Pi-ovlnclll and Municipu! 8812,263,700
rro-tiiutioit bu. inereased in per cent.tlveiad referendum.
•,9-»*»-i •»•»»»■> •»*»-»-»-»-ji-»->->-*.'»->-»*J
P. Bums & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon,  Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MARKETS-Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Ymir, Knslo,  Kandon,   -
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Forks, tire nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Revelstoke,
Ferguson and Vancouver.
Fish, Game aud Poultry iu Season, Sausages of all kinds : •
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rosslsnd Brsneh.
♦♦♦*l-*>-M^-f>*>*i-i*>*>**>*f-i-»*e-aV4*l-M--i-i-*f 4++4+++++++++++4+4
+444444+4+44+4+4+44 444+44444+44'++++*++*
ii... Fresh Green Vegetables...
8.   A legal work day of not more than *
per tapttu ituriug the past lu yean, ii
i* intimated thai there are ut pieosnt
over   OUO.IIUU   in   tin-   I iiiltil   Btatee.
Thri'i   thouauid  babie. ..... weittloned
by ilu-ii mother, iu Neb* XorK Cily sa-
liun* ihopi increase al ii fearful r.iii-,
llit-r,  being in 11-81 IHI,IS3 Mparatl plaoM jin all  public works,
.nul l:t.,'.'7l peraon* unployed. Nearly all |   7.   The abolition  of the  sweating iyi
oi  tl.e-e nloon. art' tin* iiviumng .hop* item.
eight  hours.
4.   Sriliilnry    Inspection
nut..- uud home*
8.   1,lability   ol   employers   lor
to health, body or Ids.
0.   The abolition of the contract system
of    workshop,
Union Printing
i9.i\l*m ***&'.*&}*
- -.'
for   political   corruption,   wlm-li   ini-rease.
With each election.
In 1861 we ."ii-iiiii.'.I 1,000,0(10 keg* ol
i. <*r ii nsm. wiih .> population only two
and one-hall tunc- greater, we oowumed
37.HO\ox*i lur.cl*. Ill Issi u.- cnii-umed
.'■tll,..7ll,lli undo... nl liquor, and inn.-.-.
S.'Vt'u year* lut.'r tve hai incix-uscd Ihe
oonsumpltou t. 1. isr-itimib gallon..
Death. Irom .,I...holism have increaaaad
13 per cant iu the part 2b year*.—Ex-
The elevator woiluii n s.m ii.n.;*.-,,.
I al., sre about to organi/i* and i«nn u un-
i -u inr mutual ptoteetion and advance-
During th-- l.r*t jutrt ot the present
uii.utl. iitiirini. I>ii.iiii-— ut .tlila-auki-r,
\\ i-coiu.il!,  tva. ut u st.nid-.till  owing  to
Willi lhe next i«.ue of the Workl will
„,,.„  ih, Miond solum*.  New, ih.. ,.;'•«•'•--'■'. *■*■> « « »t"»>* "' owing
.-.-alii ..I, ii,„,„*,„., it»- itnke o  i....... ii. win. df.niiu.i.ii
" '   "r "V^T, ",,      * in ■■lv'""' •" »U ' »0 par month.
" '*   '"   ",!r''"'   '""   «"   «    ii'lnlZ       'I"-'   ■»«-•   -*'l"   "'    ""'   A«i.i'i<ama'!->l
,"'.r"   AMOattaTol l^.n. S,e.*i»„d   In, Wml,-
«». .igmsl lately al  Piltaonrg, !'«..
i.a  the s..utiii*i*n t a* Combine lor .ill it-
n.ill -in the south.   Tan meeni work f.ir
..i..":  1,300 men,
M . -... ,   I.■ . i  ii i     Mind -    will
procure iu.ui.i copies ..i Job llarriman"*
S. The iiiiinr i-ii ownership of itreet
cars, waterworks, gun and electric plants
for the public distribution of light, heat
and power.
0.   The nationalization of the tcli*gr.i|h,;
telephone, railroads and mine!.
III.   The abolition of the monopoly sy!-
tem of    land    holding   and    aubstitution'
therefor a title of occupancy and use only.!
11. Hi*|m.,iI   of   con.piraiy     and     penal I
law, nttci'ling seamen  and    other    workmen Incorporated in the federal and !tate
law* nf tlie  Cnited State
12. 'lhe abolition of the monopoly
privilege* ol i««uing money and substituting therefor a qrrtem of direct i*»u*nce
ti) snd hy the people.
Sprclil f.illiii.-* Inr producing the
best   Printing   lor  Trittel   I nl.ni*   ind
Secret Societies.   Hngr.vingi procured.
...   Seals .nd Rubber Stamp..
| \A/.   H.  JOINES
If,      -*>. B. Columbia Av.. Roa.tinl, hi.
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
: • • • • •■?-»"?*
Linton Bros.
t r*  bl lh. i'
general    dfetiitiul
,i tin* paper tbeie are aboal 100 wha
bave nol  paid their mtaerlptioni . lad
lute religiously rid it l»*IT "*** *'"**c
tt i immeoeid pnblieatbts,   Bom* ol Ihem,
siuquctnig that -.infilling like IMI "-n.l.l
I npprn bate proved tl..*.....*lve* small-
smiled enough to return the iut»'r mark
,-d "rrlti.ed," utter reading it  lor eh-ven
month.    Hut   there   \r.- lly  a   few   "I
Iho...   rheip  guy-      Hie   I'll*.!.'*   Willi   nn
Septemhlr   IM,   receive   n   lull     b<r    »..-
year,   nbarrlptlon.     It  they   ire gentle
men   tbey  Will  -av 1i.e  lu'l  and  eve i.
no liscl  talk. If they do ti»l Wl «ill ea.l
Ihem ..li our -ii>- I.-I  ind .end o...  h n*
rd.l»r lo  inleraie-a- .liern.     In  lhal  <—»
,ve wnl not iim- a blue |ienril nn hi. e.,pv
On  acrnn.l tllOBgllti  II    we    .ire    rathe!
hsr.l   up   after   the   printer."   picnic,   w,*   .,,'. t ,l -ttii**
would   n-l   nhiei-t   i!   Iher  came  In   snd
Will  Conduct  Them   to  Tientsin.
Koine,   Aue.   27.--A   tle.|mlch   received
here  from  T.iku,  under date  nf Sunday,
Am,-. 88th, .onlirni* previ.ni. report* that
,i  convoy  iv.i*  l.-ing formed  at   I'ekin  to JE
conduct, under s strong esijrt, the nllies' Z   nonlac    Sfitinnerv   Tovs
iiouiidid. the women and the children to f   "OO1--3!   OiailOner}^,   lOJS,
* * T
■ * 1*1 Esit Coltiml.it Ave. Telephone OS.  Z
444**************** HMIII4e->»'»,><»-»->-»,'-->'<)'->->'-»'->',>,»»->'
*M-»*»"»4-»-f*»»»»4» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦!♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦
j Fall Opening
Tl .... n..i, -li.ia.ini; a l-.rnn.l A-*.l.mi*nl ot liir Vntr.! lull uitnl Wor.lnt.
1 wml. anil Heigr. We havr .Irr.ity a tar.r ...orim. m ul New l-altr.„. to
ihooM-from and more gooil, arr ilaily lieutg o|iriie,t i.l.i.r, i„ Klri.mr and
Dr.tKti .ml Bli-hncCann..! W Mi,|...*nl.   Thr tno.t In.llilii.ii. ,.i„ iv Mii.tinl
Ordered Clothing Is our Specialty and we Guarantee a Fit
or No Sste.
W. J. 0'Hearn, j
—  ♦
Cliini**i-   Advancing   on   Pekin.
London.   Aug.  27 - Oenersl   Yamngn hi.
'..........iii.|,.|-   nf   the   .1-1' snev   troop,   in
War iu   Idaho"  for   ''''"'• Wormed   the .Inp.-tnese  war ofliee
l'i,-.l.-!i!    iu.,,,-   ttaturdajr,  says  n dequteh   from  Tnklo,
• n\-  ll...r.....I.'- work  i- ''the only Wr
..nl   I  g.   .1   | i. ..*!.I.il..Ill   nl    the   -ItHall 1 .11
vot poblished."
Ml Un- ptaalni null- In S.in Prandaco,   k'n r,"'n Chan Tung, probably Intending
Ihat th* Ohln  had not aliandnnrd hope
..i   retaking   Pekin,  nnd   thnt  P.noo  men
with  18 gnu-  Wen advancing tow.ir I Pe-
.*   pl.irrll.*
Oakland,  mrkelry,   llayward*, s.m .1
n I Suit i Cilia, < il* .Inn il'iwn l.i.-l
\i.-ii in bacens* the h.iixi emplayas had
i'i.-...ii*ly I.n.le .. demand for in .*i.'i.t
hum day, t.. lake effeel on Aul.u-t  in.
I! ll.  .ub*. ,ir* ti. m.   ind il  long and  pro
Io cut lhe nllie*.' lominiinic.itinn*.
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. IW Columbia Avenue.
 « -
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4.+tf<.+^4444.+f44_ff4.+4tt^A^f+t4^tffft+4
looked for.
.    In   io st,pi< n »•   <>l   tin-   -Inke of   tlm
fata up wltbaut waiting for a dun.                   , „ an ,  ,,,,.,„.,, „,  u.ivr,*. Fiance,
Kieneh tntns Allsnlii* liner* will  im
. . For Men and Boys . .
A ti. • i.|.-.| llargaln.   Wc ire going to clo-c  out  our   entire    Clii'A'ng Stock,
and lo do io offer pricei unt-irt of.      -
We want  every man md  boy thst can buy * luit during tbe wiek to virit
Note * few of our prix* end call
tn   n-gtr-l  i.a lhe ili_ii..i*-n  nw gohu   I ...I   ma I,   Inight     nnd     i an-eiigi-r.    nt   °"r l,|orr "nd see the good, we arc offering.
•nn anrn! the mlHtli and labor anion*, H  Cheihowv until the -itik.- .- settled, The  ■"■'• ,oc "*c r"'-
■ i -   -I,,-   ii.
i  .ii,.   ii.    ......* i. s'eemer Lorraine, irtilah mlled i..«t   Yn
enmlng  ranldlv  when  i*embeiahlp  in  ildey,  «a«  *>i|> -l .-.I   with  engineer*   ami
i i-   •■ • bai In i ..".ini i.o,,, in,, French crulaeri to i-n-
t-e .her*'I-  i.   a   '.,'-i   u ■ ...    \l .n-  ..! ,,i.,. I, ,  i.o,.,   ,„.,,  n,, x„„r.
ihe   .  •                                          rdew      i .„■  itriklng   Alabama    i -onl    miner.
now    ioiiii.il  their nii-inlia-r.  imm  Wn hire leiiuu d  I- wo.k and accepted   .
mu  the  national  cuar.l  ..r  Ihe   rolnn- ,„t ol iwo and ..... hall ..nu per   i....|
i   ■      in ih- matter the l*b i people *-i t ,,| , t;,.   . ., ,,i n„. ,„,Vii„iii„
I int. no   Ir* i,l   fie   lis,-. r.   ,.T  |.„,   a
"■ "li ii  futindrv  >r.>n  i- ill  ia*-r lon.
Th*  \V.,rl,l  lelli  the i.i.'l.  iboul   it*  With ...r>i reduction -*i :.. cent   per torn
• irnil-i' i.   mlirr   papet*   don'l    Thera   '. i!e t.. r- ..i .r n ..r.- the coal ■
-. .hu. seven paper. In s  further rut »t Iwo nn-l
the   provlne*   «.•!.  ,.   Lir^.*-     .ir.ul.it ....    ■'•    i'i  cents      Ion  foi  ..*.l   dog   out,
than  ilu* World. |Tills « .11 ..!!.■. r  marly IS.iiMl men.
I ii*-....'   \     Dil,.   h.i-   .l.*Hini'.|   the  inv.-
I .1 •>>.    '■•      p. ..       ...    I In. !■;..    on       l,.l...r
|).v  I . iii  lh,*  .nm*  ph..I,,.in  uiti.   Itia.in
n I   Roosevelt,   Dsbs  will «prni*  in l.in-
l n. III., I.,I. if Da]
Ir  i* -tii.,| (hat  a machine i« being
p'a i-d   iii   r,i*iiiii   w.ir-ie,|   milt,    which
•Men** Tweed. Serge snd   \'en-
iti.in Cluli Salts,
881.00 sun lor gl350
sit 88 -ui for ih..7o
..ut for 1111.50
*l."..JO suit lor -fli.lKl
|I8*!U ..in for llinn
■il IB -ii ■ i •]■ » 7.2.1
110.00 suit  for f .1.7.-1
81180 suit for 8 0.20
813.75 suit for... 8 85"
S1S.50 mlt for 8l0.no
810*1 luit for 8I0.M
Boys' Tweed snd Serge Suits.
1-1.25 suit for WO
$11.75 suit for t*JD
tb.W suit for -SS-I
J.I25 suit for 81 M
%»M suit for 8323
The Latest in Ladies' .
Sailor or'Walking1 Hats
AT  .
!  CF.EAGLEb, j
Opposite Bank of Toronto. Rossland, B. C. ♦
Da, ing   ...   .1.lli. uti -ii. ..untere.1   in
ihe m .hi....a' department ..i Un World.
Ithm  nwiie   i-ii'l   hardly  up  t.i  Ihe mark
II wn- i.  ,1   will all le  I I nasi
.   ...
In   .Men'.   P.int,
spoading   reduction
I.n.    nr,-   *-ieral   loiin.l   prinler.   in
the i*i-a 'lh,. i* ut.I I ,,- t.MI. ulirn
I'   y   '" f   ir  ,*\ih* ...I.   I.ui    ,t   lh*   MM
I   in*    i. 1,11    lh.     World    aa a.    .lalrU   ,<-*er
.laa   MH  ."..   "f them ion1.1  Ih* I.nu..I wt...
r->iil l le Induced to ... to
4 II' ii > ..mila i-
I .   \\ \ I  , , .
|..ll I r  n    '   I   - -   - . itSB!
i)..i   \i  i' ii .   .i ii]   i-    lam
On* --a ,- inenh. r^
lh. -a I ,,rn ... ■
Wm  a       .   .."la-    ■>'       I' .' u'l-'...      a-d
moved  Ini    '-       * - II.*
--.I  diffl. nil ...  .. n."*'
I.im in the - .a- '.. -I. ...'.I - - .-nl n. ft
la.!    a. ■*...I    -l. in**!. .1    ...-   nn
atton* Ths gnod -.* ,A..nc \.**t so
ihi. idnpted -".. ..' i'"!'u'i»"i Mn- io*
ghnei hflunl ihe habitation! of ihoM wh.
called him int.. public life,
II ia   figure.!   Ihil   the   i...,u.     1!... 1 .
leller      r   *-'i">!i'l   (bl   l..-il-    I..a.-   ...i.-
iitth »»: the money nf the conntrt on de-
\mrit.     or   tVOJOmifti.    lhe   Intel
.lock of the bluiii ..f nanka i* 122.1	
.iirpln*   -Minn:.'!      I -     8813
goieiiiinenl deposit! 131,040,1 "
1. the World Drawing ilettert
Snaaar.       coo.lv    CO,a,|    peopl,.       1lilt,l      lln-
world  - cro'iin better,   a few mi- ibow
i .in i ■
In   1-V.i. one pir...n   -.ot ol evert- 8.843
Wai m  pri.on    i-i  !-'^ rmr ..nl  nl  ■
tSB, ind m  i« '. one nul  nf   ra.
nm!   thi     erimi nl     homli ide.
Iheft   and   Connterfeitini  ainio«t   enlirelv.
In i****ni then were 7.740 homlcine.| In
18M,  ->■*»:  in   Isl!   IU.1".      •    !-•>   ntioiil
W.000   11"in 1801 i ■ i- - .  718
.......Ir*   nnd   180  mnHer*   in   -in   I'i ni
c!^.n   it i. estlmited that tben nr. over
■2.">,ooo raldda In ihr* sation innuilly,   I
d'-'.'nr.d   n>.oiit   n-.i- ll.llf     of     ll...
WS    have B  large vnicty which    we    will kH et t com-
I Aonew & Co..
Paper.    Ih.it   Mionll   Hu   lie id.
Wr   would be ph...cl I., hue rverj
bodj  ie"l iiu* lii'iii-inii World,   bai   .
y.u  le. I diipl I i.i <i , ur want yo I
in ieir ...nu* otbov g'*> 1 * ....ii.i paper.
Ill'lc   I*   .1   ll-t    vou   t ill   ill -   1. U'l   llll'I
th. i.'.t.iiiit ol getting ...i...'thing goodi
Appeal  I.. II........ i.ii....I.  hi..-..•.
I .---i.....  Kquabty,  n .-h
Hoeial   li. in... i it.,   it, raid,   l.i,  IVaab
baton -ii'.i. < I.. ..", > i
Coming Nation, lluaain, IVaii Co., 0*
< I.,.- Struggle, Ban ......u...., t it., 117
Turk street
-*-■■•.. I   l...-p.l.   Si.urh   .l.iiin--pi.it
lin  l-'.umi'i.  Review, .,uuh	
I o "iiT.ttoi,   Hurl.-v.   it IBS.
Living I—ii.--. Hall uiku tit,,
o: l.' lli. Inul. itreet,
tin.. Rich Kill. Mo.
Thi People'! tees, Ad,my, Ouv n
The   Haverhill   Boefal    Democrat,    -.'
IVaabiniton -ireet, Haverhill, *»lu*..
Ihr T"il'i. 'leire Haute, Ind.
The   S... ml   l-oru.n.    311
Duilding, I hii ago,  III.
Light of Truth. 808401 h'orth
■Ire.:. I oliimhu... Ohio.
Thl  Ailini.l, 1711   liaiiklm  .a. line.  M.
I...in*. Me.
Public   Owner-hip.    171!)   Pi-.n li   street
I I    I'I.
Hatlonal   New  Kra,  Sprrnafiei.t, rihtn.
The  People*!  Piper,    .*-.mia   Rerbara,
The Ei**ii. night, Oreenup, Ky.
Nebl ill**,     1818-17     I liirngn
in,In.   N.I.
N  1
I ml*
imcrl   .n   I ..l.'i.iiii.n  of  I^ilmr  Platform.
1     Compulsory  education.
2.   Ihict l.gi.lition, thro-igh the initia-
Nelson and Fort Sheppard
Acerage and
Lots.. ♦
Tho.e wishing to Iniy desirable lots in all parts
of tee Railway Additions, and .Peerage, Garden
Laeds, Small Fruit Farms, close to the city call on
iSWaStJftj*^ E'"'      Land Agent, N, & F. S. R'y.
Groceries -
f Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
aud Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
1 Third and Washington.
Telephone 191. T
I Have Just Received a Fall Lioe of
Worsteds, Sergas, Tweeds, elc.
R. D McMillan
West Columbia Ave.
Next  Bauk   Saloon.
Q. W. HcBride,:
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,       |
Ranges, Etc., Etc.     I
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦41-l-»8SSSSS88SS»»»»t»<M*l-188S8>88ISS88»»»S8»S»l WEDNESDAY August  29,   HMO
For Sale
Carries Creek Consolidated
i *.i.i.iJbt*JMJi.t.i.i.i.h.i.*fr*.t. fr-Soj.4v.yJ>
brigades of cuvalry, moved northwest
ot Relfut, driving lliu enemy to lafkcnly
ou Ihu llcH'u-t-I'yilculnirg road. As soon
as    French    ivui'lied    la-kenly,    I'ole-l'ii-
tww advanced  from  Helfusi in support.
'lh.- eiicmy, in couajiilt'i'ttlili' strength, opposed Huller'-. aud I'tile-Cuteia'a advance.
Ile brought three long Tom* und many
oilier gun. and pelpan* (quick liring
guns) into action. The fire until dark
was hot and persistent. Huller hopes his
1'ui.u.tliics will not exceed -Hi. I'ole-Carew;
has nut yit reported. The llocrs are
taking a determined stand. They have
a large uiiinbei* of guns, the country is
ditlicult and well suiti-d fur their tactics and is less favorable to cavalry than
any Wu huve hitherto marched over."
I in-.1.1 u Cereali,
St. Petersburg. Aug. 27.—An official
contradiction has been issued of tlie rumor of the impending prohibition of the
export of Itussian cereals.
Mr.   1.  II.   M.i.-k. n-ir  ut   11.uric,   is  a
I'Ui'st nl   the Allan.
Mr.  Mi-nno  I uzickur, agent lor 1'r.iscr
&  Chalmers  baa been in the city tor  the
Janet   lew  dnys on u  l.usim-**  \j*u.
Mr. \V. K. Short ot Montn-nl, representing Fairbanks k Co. ut llucugo, is
in the ,ity, unit is stopping nt the Allan.
Mr,  K   K. l'eiscr IMVBS lor San Fran-
ciaco   today.     He  goes   by   way   i.
ewlul    l'nlil
each  regaled   tl
lhe   good   old
maehlnee" did  not
von had to exen .->•
The printi-i* ciciirslied to Murphy
creek lait Sunday, but il was n-a fault
oi ihcirs that tin* weather waa on its
good behavior, as I mnethnea say. Home
of tlie boys worked nil night on tin
-Miner in order to -ce that th. Weather
man of Hint sheet did not switch the
clouds on tliem und in his "linollieiiil nil-
dendu' make a monkery ol tiu.- picnic he
hud spoiled.
*l here w.i* one coiituui.il r».und of ex-
rilriiiiiit In.in stutt to linish, and w-hen
it wu announced ihni Tommy Abbott,
lhe Im ilmnii fixun rill over, h.id ni-lunll.i
inilueed lhe llolliiinii House tn |uirt
with a tlnicn botllc. ol beer, President
Poole had n couple of BU, but six of the
ntore*oiil battles, or the contests, rather,
induced him lo conic to, na he had been
to pi-inter.' picnic, bflnii*. md did not
csrc to mim Ihi* one. So he rallied.
Then Kditor Thompson came ninnine np
with* mndwtch In hi* Bind and .. I've-
liadno-bre ikfut look nn hi. face, ru-wing
the gang lhal would not let mm ileen,
while Hen Lester found Hist he hid
broken nil trolling and pacing rcoird*
.. he pticcd Iii* hand on the vestibule
of the Is.l ear a* th. train moved out.
The excitement on lm.nl wa. simply
Murpliv creek wn. leached
the other wilh slorie. nf
days when the •'mfero.il
cut nny rigurr. an.l
great deal ot dipt.,
ma. y to avoid work. Hut the cnod iiM
day* nn iron., lorever. an.l ll.e train ws*
mshiiii.- toward* ltnh*»>.
Murphy nick i* .. quiet «l>ot nenr l.'if
I.t.* nt the ml |ni t'.alllinbi.l. who*.
only itthnliiunts nie nio.'tuitiae, an.'
cr.s*hippcr..   who    become    acquainted
will, one wii'ioii! tin* t,i-ri!t.,l t- .»-	
lion,    ll    w .,*   ...I.!..     ,-a i.l   a,!       .1. .*
Mr.   i.i.i**lnip,M*i  land In.I n husj   -*■'
judging inni lh) number nt he. axogeny
wl...   Instated   .-ii   lighting   on   our   collar
..id beginning lnve.tig.tiom, ,.r sltempt
ing i.. crawl up our -i-.. kings.
i* i.nny Abbot! iind been there before
when I..  ....sin US in.nt iu m.i hours
.-nl li-  Beted ai in.i.t.*.* 1.1 i n-.nil-- ui.l
led tin* w.iy.  while   Moi.    111 ..iim-ll. tin
I-.... .*i . I......ir..I  jerk-pot*, wa* .1	
PP.   ll   w.i.  only   the   work   of  .1   uiouieiii
 ink.* .. gallant charge rn. an old "con-
-iiii. 11..n"  I'ltmp, M'hu-ti    w.i.   captured
without   nppo*ition, although,  even  after
lhe   ....ii.si.l   tva*  completed,   .t   waa   in  \    Smoke
habited by ti»»c little iadmtrioai fettowi  label.
when  e-atciin.nation   1.   somenhat   nf  n |
..1.11. 1     I'.ril   well   let   that   pan
iinaio.li started ntiiing h.hpnio-
ih.t   .. everyboly  except  Abbott,  wh..
•t   w.int   t„  li.l,  ili.u  ,|,,y. knowing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ihat   lu* had ,night ilu-,,, all 011 the ..- Officer* and Mcctm
. <*t...  .1   tn-   l.uit   \*.i     then a ihargi jTD.nt,
•>.!-   in.l    tl..*  in,,   with  Ine  inteu* I •• RAJJKS    AND    LAHOK
1   ....ting  n   t.mblc  slaughter  ol
.ni. nut it wa. appelant
Hu-  drtur.-n. ..t    tl.e    linny    deep
knew that there wa* a   printer   ..n the
ini  ..t  the  I-I.*.  it.*  win     iu  they not
.\-k iny rn tin* i...y*   ik.w lhe)
OUl    I   they   wDI   tell   u-u   ghoul
ll  about dining 0.1 nothing hut  h-h.
• >l   nbout   all   tin-   b.i-    one!    getting
il  two t'.t  from the   water   nml
.dropping back," bul  tin. Intt>-r nua   be
At   the   I..-1   - — i.ui   of   the   Dominion
trniii*. aad Labor congma held in Winnipeg, Hie following platform was adopted. We would I'sj.ei-i.iiiy commend it to
tin* 1 on*.deration ..f ll.e worker! of llritish Columbia  at   tht- pri'senl   time:
1. Ire.'  compulsory  cduciUion.
2. I.g.il   working   day   uf  eight   hour*
md -'>> do- a week,
3. Covetiimi-nt iii*;ii-ili.>ii of all iridu*-
4. The abolition of llu- couti.i 1 -a*
lent  oil llll  p.H'lii-  «.uk*.
8, A minimum living wage, based on
local conditions,
0. Public ownerihlp of ill finchine,
«uch ss railways, tslegrs|hi, waterworks,
lighting, etc.
7. lax reform, by Icnenlag taxation
uu Industry ami inortiiing It uu land
5. Abolition ol  I In- I).mini.ail -null-.
9. 1-ixi lu-i..ii ,.1  iluil,,,*.
in. The union label ou manufactured
good*. «
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There Is no mystery abo
circulation of
Industrial World I
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
Every Member of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
Oue year, - - ■
Six Months, -
- S2.00
Ad.lr.-ss All Cuniniuni. .linns
Rossland,   •   •
THe Fast Line.
Safest and  H*»t.
Solid   Vostibuicd   Trains.     Electric
Lighted.    Equipped   witb
Observation Can,
Pullman   Palace  Cars,
I'.lt'gniit   Dining  Can,        ~- .
Modern   Day   liaachei,
I Tourist   Sleeping   Car*.
through  ticket* to  nil  point* in   th*
Cnited  States snd Csuada.
{ "Except)  Sunday.       Try]  our   Kleitnc
E.  W. KU**',
Agt. R. M. Rv., Rossland, If.C.
J.   W.   HILL,
tlcnernl Agent, Spokane,  Wa.b.
A.   D.   CHARLTON',
I    Ai.t.  Gen.  l'u.-w. Agent,
1'ortland, OrcgmiT*
It is the ouly paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thk World's advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants. • Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Kates.	
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
J Jerry Spellman, Proprietor j
Cor. Spokane nul Col.in.1n. Av*.
None Better.    Solid Vestlbu'ed
Trains,    Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cars. Meals
a La  Carte.
Direst connection it Bt. Paul, without
change of depot, witb all train* tor
■ Chicago, loronto, Montreal, hew )"i .
1 and ..II point* weat and south.
I Clow connection eaat and wet bound
I train* at Spokane wth train* of th*
. ! Spokane I all* 4k Northern Railway,
•f i Leaves Spokane daly for Eaat 10:13
Leivee 3pokini duly for W**t 7.M
Wtit bound train* make direct connection lor Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Franciaco and all point* on
the Sound.
During the (eison ol navigation fcait
bound traim connect tt Duluth with
tlie in ign:li.--*nt .team.nip. Niai.liIVo'
■nd Not Hi l.iifl. of the Northern
Slcsmahip company line operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, map*, told-
era, etc., apply lo any agent ol tb* S|w
kane   1.11* k  Northern   Hallway,   Ka.i,.
• a .^^^^^^^^^^
• •••••••••a***************  A  Mesa  ••ailway, h.aotcnay Railway 4
• I
 ■ •
Crown    Grant    Cigara,     lllue
Labor U im Directory.
Mrcta every second and lout lli me.
.1 .y in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in .Miner,'
I i..-ri Hull. C. Schalm, Sec.; A.
1'crri*, Pre*.
.Meet!   every   Friday  of each   week   at
7:30   p.m.     in   Miner.' Union     Hall.
A.   lerris,    Prci.;     A. J.   McDonald,
MI.NKHs   UNION    No. 38,    Wcilcrn
iss»ss»s»sssss»»as»ssss»wss»«s8S8sssssss> mmsmss;;
I!.e International;!
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In the City of Ko«nUnd     WHY I    Brmuae Wt hmc bftttl It. iltiir- l>r   haiiillinjt It. mwl
aril ll fa-let than any olhtf bur In town    Brrr. i fler Mng Uppcd. trUm-it« nntiii nrnl
fl i. it ! it n lloUlfd tlnu uni*.    Ki rp thi« In mitiil whrn >uu %-ok lot ■ |il-*t r l.» t<frr-h
yOtilUll    Cliri|iif> of  nil kSOWfl   mint-.   nHfDWb   COalftCtOn ami h-HlBIM tn« n  *tr   X
puhtd nt tin n Fut-t Kaci. V*n i  in uur uflicr. at mv\ hour tlurinn thr iU*. ct nfRht.
FainmHy Liquior Stor<
plained   by  muihi   thai   the  ->Bhl    ;-t   *|    Federation     ot     Miner.—.Meets    eaeiy
W'e.liu-siluy evening at 7:30 o'clock in
.Miners' Union Hall. Wm. Willan,
Sec.; W. O'Brien, Boo.
M.-.-I* on the la.t Sunday ot each
month at the Miners' Union Hall. J.
P.  Harkdoll, Sec.; W. Toole, Pres.
I!.—land p. inl.i   « ... too mu. h  P.r them.
During   the   li.hing    "i.'ial.on.    th.-t- 1
,a.|,   a   dcilrd   "hip   pockel     in.n.'..."•..!     |
among-t the t...>*. who bad nol Rnistten •
' to bring along  iiuiu.-iou- poe-tet .-.lilion. I
ol  '•Kisliernicu-'  Ihlighl.    n liquid pubb  \
ation   issued   by   ,Io»iph    Seagram,    ol
W.lei I.in fame
llut billing wu merely * circumstance
in Hw day's lc-»Uvilie», lor lucre were i
Lacktspping .oMinn.. tarn .piiiniuu
ground and lofty lying, ami lying pan
• ml unadulterated, jam eating cHitesl*.
I i*t..l pra. Ir.e, .honitiir Zoning, lect
-..ishing . ihibitinii-, uoiidriiul song aji.l
tm|K-/e acting by llinmpwm, t.l...*..
I .noli ing. il.. In l.i. I lhe ailiiii- CTOWI
wm on the .puvivc all <k«y long ,t. t<> wh.il I
•was going to happen next, .ui.l il Blwayg
I ap end.
lhe **nlv thing lacking t>. complete Hn
|*y"a   .pnti,   w*.   the    high diving     |.*r   !
i-i I,,in,, i,, i;,i  Aii.iy. which «iia- given
l.i   hi...  ii lib «,» ...lull »,!.t  lain to.irs ago '
at    the   •une   p!...-e.    Iloaaeter,   ne   dlstlni -
.ii.-h id  Inn.*, ll   tin-  ten!    |.,r  tvlule thai
Imy. mm,, ii.nimg lor the train to tiki*
ih.in   ltoiMli.nilw.ir.1.   In*   o|H-ucd   a   )... k-
I* mil  ti-lirng ...'I- that hnd b.-t'tl
cached elan to th Midway trnek.
...iiilc ., wind wa. I.loav.ng nil day, and
the  tihi'krr. of the genial  Horkdntl fur- I
t.i.hcfl a  iiiu.ii.l  a.-t-ouipiiniincnt    to the '
impoitaril "event*.''
IU.|i   l.yon  neU-.l   a,  ili-itn-ronc for the
untutored.   Kd.   Graee ollieinlcl   .,.*   rliiel
ol  lhe li.irl;-capper*,  "Old .Man"    Clarke
dilated on the trial, nnd tribulation, ot !
in  editor in   Trail, while Fletcher .pent I
the dsy  in  «lnng]ing  ms feet    ami    li-lt- ;
hook over the ril.li-..
I hit. began   and    ended    the printer.'
The  horse editor traveled  incog.
( Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family I'sc, at the Z
I; Lowest Prices.    Ncthiug but the  best  kept in  stock
t t+$»l***9******t1**i-%tt-<~)*.***99999*9****4*994*9*9**
Navigation Otttfitfi
Porcelain Baths
or lo 	
I. WIin'NEY,
General   Paascnger   and   Ticket
Agent, St.  Psul, Minn.
H.   A.   JACKSON,
Commercial Agent, Spokane, \\a»n.
Brldgford & Herring,
ii Columbia Avr . nrtt tn Lulomlr'*
\ .Columbia.|
l.Kllli'aK Ft'NK   Mi.igTl.
The Only Transler or Express
Company in Koislao.l ibalwill
Deliver your Trunk. I.n
.••■I.    Three d*y. itorter Iree.
Queen Cigar Store,
"UM   j#.
Kngig.nienl   With  thr.  Il.ier*   Which
Lasted i i Dirk.
No. 252—Meets the lint snd third
i.i.a-liv ot each month at 8 p.m. in
Heat.-.'. Hall. P. 0. Hox 311. W.
Melaeod,   Pres.;   J.   Etonian,  Sec.
W. L. U.—Meals every Saturday ev-
eni.ig at 8:30 o'clock in Miners' I MOD
llnll. P. O. Hox 41. Paul .lollncr,
See.;  Oeoige Cunningham,  Pres.
i iiiivi. It...ii.I I'. I!. Frai'T, lluu,
land: W. Devideon, Dandon) M. Kane,
Greenwood| II   ll. Pbsoek, Movie.
I'AIN'IKHS'   UNION,   No.   4n,   r.u.lcr.
nnd   Decorator,  of   America    Meet,   m
llcntly'a   Hall    on   second   and   I.mill.
•iiuiuji   ,«  -oar) ; aa-'I 'Xqdjn»v '«! \\\
NKWSnOYS'   UNION  No. 3-MeeU  in
ton, Sec.
a.m. Mike Guydottl, l'rci.| Jiy Har*
I u.- ■!.,>• Wcdncday ol esch month.
tl.ir.i Saturdays of each month, at 0
.Miner*    Union   Hall on ths  hrat *nd
—Meet! iccond Sunday in each month.
J.  II.  Fletcher, wcrctary.
—Ed.-nrd Iloyee, prertidenl. Rutte, Mon
lana; John F. McDonnell, vice president. Virginia City Nrv.vln: Jntne*
Maher. secretary Irensurer, Iliille, Mon-
Inn.i ,P. II. Hox 307, hcidquarters,
Room   1-'.   Owiley   block,   ueeattv*
Hoard: John ''. \\ illiami, Gra« Vnll.y.
Ull.I   W.   D.   H.iyiv.md,    Silver    City.
Idaho: dam.* it. Furry, ii.rti... Montana; W, Hi Rural,   'i.ir.tv.   Colorado!
ClKi«.   II.   M'.yer.    Lead    filv.    Soulh
Dakota:   lln h  Foley,  l!o.a|rtnil, Ilritisll j
I -..liliul.ia.
P. O. BOX «**'.' T i I i:i-iir M-* i j
Special nu.......... tiiii-n lo Mall Ord*r*
Stunden Printing 60.
PKUVTP.RS,  Hill h'S, BINDKRS,  111. INK
i.i'i Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. 6.
! Grand Union
•I i II SI II I.I. Bin.   li- .-
The Finest ol Wine., UasaiS an.l
l> niie.li.' an.l tinporlril Cigar*.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Imperial Limited"
r-.tai e  far the year 1M0 will be commenced   JUNE   10th.    'ihe  "Imperial
Limited"  t.kei  you   i. ro*.   tlw I....
T        tiacnl   in   lour   day.   withou   .In...*.
X       9   i* *  -ulid  vcilibulcd   train,  liitur
X      leu.iy   eqaippad   wub   every   powible
♦ cMential  for  th.  comfort   end  con-
X      venience  ol    I'.iwnger*.    Ask    your
♦ friend,  nbo I.m  Iraicllrd on it. or
X       addms
♦ i:. j. invi.K.       w. p. AND1 R80N,
*;       A. O. P. A. T. P. A.
X  Vancouver, 11. C. Nclwn, II. C.
j Spokane Falls & Hormem.
Nelson A Fl. Sheppard Ry.
Bed iumain Railway.
The only ell rail route between a>l
(.aiul. ot, wet and xiulh to HouU.-.i.
N*l*on .nd sll inlermcdi.1* pool, too
i.e. ling at Spokane with th* Ijec.l
Northern, Northern P* it c and -J K
k N   i ..
I.. tt Nelson with slc»mers lor
hi*;.,  and .11  Kootenay lake point*.
tonnei> it Myrr'a r.ll. with ilu*
d.dy lor liepubbr, *nd connect, at
Hn.d.urg with .tag. duly lor Grind
1'orkl ind Greenwood.
Meitive July 51.   1900.
iTSi-os. Embleton
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
London,   Aug    27 — The   following   .lc*
-1 .at* i ■ mi- «,nt t...lav in- I-ml Robertai
"Helfa.l    Sunday.   Aug. xtl.—Engaged  the
rii. mv lln* greater p .rt  of the d.tv over
a ptrlmetre ol n.-.iiy m mile.   Lyttle-ID18THI0T UNION NO, 6, W. F. M.—
ton'i division and two brigades of cav- .lame. Will;.-.. preeldrnt, N'el.on:
alrv. all under HnlliT. Operated .ni.th*| .lame, Devine v.e-pre, lent, Risdand;
wet  of  Daltnanulha.   Fiench,   with   Iwo     Alfred   Parr,  i-crotnry-lrc««urcr,   Vmir.
fiverv thing the HI tier
- - Wants to Eat - -
Vou want « Ia,b*l Cl..-. I..I yn.. want
lh, ball   lllh.r ,.
Day  1 rain.
p. -ti . m.
7 1. p m
11 V' pm.
r. ir p ...
II 40 p.m.
Night  1 run.
8:00 pm.
f. I",  pm.
7 1.1  a~m.
10:00 p in
0:1.1 am.
II    A    .IMh.Mis.
General   1'iMM-ng-rr  Agent.
E. w. ROW, Ami.
Rowland,  II   0,
A 5tire Thing *T
[ Fancy nud Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
;;        Prices.    Goods delivered to any part of the City.
■ton L-tel Clfftn   t.nWotAr
.      \.-ir,1*.     ..*   KlOf    •'■    Qnha,     I        •
,     I-M'"t'ft-t •!'*■ fnion l.atwli ifnf*   t.nt-
;,   IMgi  Utiiims.AIn sn   l>i-lr«. Onlrlei
; The Queen Cigar Store
X CIOW ^  MORIM hi ■•«
• coiiimiiin AftnM
.  T.eg, if-ii <". iTia «re lhe
ClIOKr-T   - «''l   lU   H-.a. aii.l       TfUla*
•*  jui-hfl i'i
hanl ;' ■ - -.In h-IVT
i«tiil ... i,i    v<M -ill
fiml il b' rr ■  i m»m .
I 'aclflc lea Co.
X *********************** i
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
Published by Ihe W. I-. M,, Denver, Col.
-ub-ii rlpilon. Received at lhe office of Ihe Indu.ifrlal World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Konlrad rilnrrs' Union.
.liners Checks
Caslictl at Fttll have Value at
The Hoffman house
Whnt'-anl.   nml Hflatl
I'.mta <i||. \«rn|ahrs. Mr.i.hf. Will
I inish sn.l l'«lnUf* SuipUr. Ofttttt
tt9.tr* fnr I'aprrhinirlns «nJ Ikinralinf.
K'lM'h \       ■ '      !   '■-MllTll'ttl
I Note No itis
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦% 4 THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY August  29.   1900
They Arc Shot Down When Ihey Attempt
tu   li.... i   Arret.
Palve, Texas, Aug. S8.—In the little
village of Mul.iii*. state of Clnlia.liau,
Mexico, recently a band ol uuiskeil rob*
lacri i-iiii-ii-d the it-siileiice 61 Lniulro
CirriieO, and liter having tied liiiii and
other men, robbed them of 1.1,'JUO and
other property. A few day. later one of
The robber, wu* arrested und jailed. A
brother went to ne<- him and n.ued whsi
be .0111,1 do for liim. He too had been
accused aud when the police went to ar-
icsl hiin he uiuili* a determined roliltenca
.md wai allot to death, ITeeterdiv thi
.Mexican ranger-, who had been called
iro.i tho Interior of Mexico to hunt
down lhe meinlu-rs ol the gnng, arrested
Pag llatsu and .11 the etlort to overpower
.....1 Mi,ihu wa* knocked dowp.and four
idle shotl pierce.1 Ins body, In the nu uu
mg 1...loaniig tin. killing of Bliss the ranger, look Imm tbl jml ll Del Norte Juste
.Mvi'i.iili., mimn. 1 ,.i ilu. accuaed, .uul
to death.
Sh..l to
St. I.mm, Mo., Aug. 28. I.wi. .1
Bother, 'JI year, old, wa. -hot uud killed
la-t night by a uegru uiinii-.l Klt-tchcr.
Fletcher shot 11..tiler without provoca*
liun and eseap**o. Cnn-id.ruble lecling
i. manifested against the iiegroc. in the
neighltorhood B here the shouting
t'lilholic   Knight,   ol    America   Convene.
,!.i*|ier, Ind., Aug. '2H. -The national en-
t-umpiiii-nt   of  the   uml.u in   runk.   ot   the
lath..li.- Knighti "i Amci'iii opened hen
today. Beery branch ..f tin- order i. rep
i.'*.-..t.'.l.  At a meeting held thii morning
..-..Inn.ni* were pimd -.-.king lhe full
.1. a. ."I .nent ol tl..' uu.l..1111 1 auk tin.nigh
• ml the count, a. Hi.m.i pri/e drills, relict!*  anil  ilia--*  parade, i* the urder uf
the program,
Lord   Hubert.   Heiorts   tht-   Advance   of
the F.n<tli.h Troopi.
London, Aug. 2ft.-*-Lord ltobcrti' reports, under date of Belfast, Aug. 27, as
follows: "Our move-menta are slow on
uccouni of the extent and nature uf the
country. Today we made I satisfactory
tiilvaiict* and ate! with tfet-nleil succctis.
The work fell entirely to Huller's troop.
lad  resulted  in the Capture of Bergen-
1I.1I, a very itrong position two mile!
mull.west of Ditliuiiniicha. 1 met Huller
at Helgeodal ihortly alter it W*l reached
iiy our troops. I nm glad to lind thu
occupation  cost  less  than   was feared
The Natal Act.
Victoria.   II.   ('.,   Aug.   27.—(Special.) —
Strongly worded roiolutloni were passed
iu the h-gislaluTe this afternoon urging
the Dominion government lo pass a similar   law  to the Natal    net to keep    out
Chlnne ami   Japanese   immigrant!,   to
raise nullifies of jungea to sinus equal to
those paid in Ontario and other province, anil to establish 11 Canadian mint.
An all night session tonight is expected
to tviiiti up ull business of this session.
Kettle    Rivgr   Railway.
Victoria,   11.   0.,    Aug  JT.—(Special.) -
-■._    ..„  .-..  rhe government's attempt to end the scs-
uccount of the spproacb being across uni "ion tonight will probably result in kill-
opt 11 glacis for tWO or three thousand Ing the I Irani! Forks and Kettle lliver
yunls  und   the  determined   stand   uf  ths  bill by leaving il nu thu order paper.
enemy.   Tin. tiini-killcns and Second llillc1  ——	
brigade  formed  (he atlacking  parly. The Steveslon  Strike,
latter sullen d  most.    I   hope  the casual- —-—
lo  not  exceed BO or IK).   One nffit-rr,    Victoria.   II.   I\,   Aug.   JT.—(Special.) -
killed   and   two   wounded.   A   goodi The ciiiinillce mi lhe Frascr river strike
iiLiii-t   liners were killed ind t pompom reported to the legislature ton'ght justi-
(qulck   bring gun)   was captured.   French fyiim  the  magistrate,  in  calling out    the
advanced   nn   the   lift   lo  Bwirt'l  kopji-i militia   and    placing   tin-  blame    of    lhe
on   Uie   laeydenhurg   road   and   prepared tr.nil.lt',   mil,   on   the   fishermen,   but    on
Ui*   way   for   Ihe   movement   of   I'olcl'.i- I'nitt-il   StateH  luls.r agitators.
report, thai he occupied NyWtroom with* —-—
repori* Hint  he occupied  Nyl-lrum with-]     ANOTHER STRIKE BHPORTRD.
out oppu.ition."
lll.'inpt    Iu   Dtrthtolie   thi
and Place  Ills llrutber
I'lcai-nt   Miaii
nt His Sent.
New York, Aug. 28. -"I hear Iruui a
thuiuughly well-iufui'iiied .ourec that *
oriuu. iti-iiiiciioti ha. broken out in
Persia, which will in all pr..liabilities
itiii-H- tin* Shah',, visit Io Kurope to lie
tin tailed," .ays a cablegram tu the Times
Hi.in il. Pari, correspondent
Wide Kxpunie of Pay Gravel Discovered
Near  Nome.
\*)mc, Aug. 17, via Seattle, Wash.,
Aug. 27. slate mining development, have
born o1 a very satisfactory nature. No
-.«ub'. now remains of the genuineness
• ■f the Kougroek strike. Harria and
O.iai'r creek.) in Ihat country are rich
a'-d the banner allows from tt cent! to
•I.si to the pan. Oregon Cn-i-k ami Its
tributary. Hungry Creek, in tlie Granite
dlstiict.  have developed unexpected  rich-
they have found the ancient channel.
A heady several pumping plants have been
sn up on the creek, nnd it in believed
tl.it 1 lie next season Halting! Crock will
be the scene of the most extensive oper-
atloni   in   the   country.
The steamer Albion left yesterday for
nn islond in the lower waters of the Arctic Orcaii to rescue the castaways, ono
of whom is Count Du Pn.'t), of I'.ris. Thl
men hail attempted to reach Siberia by
a small schooner, but the high winds
pi evented and the little craft was driven
fu: oil her course und into the Arctic.
FRUITS. I domest,c and fore,on
object of the revolt is tu dethrone n"*s and very wide expanse nf pay gravel
the peasant Sbah, wbon   fondniai   for doming   nearer   Home attention   is ju.t
western  uh*a*  malm  bfan  unpopular  t» s* .•.•ntcrcd on  Hastings Creek,  eight
IViai.ui.  ui   the  old  -l.ool  ond  lu  place nul"   cost   of   here.      There  prospectors
hi. to..ib.a  uu the throne."
Woman'!   Relief  Corp.    Kutei tains
t.i ill  Parade ol  U.  A.  R.  Kiicuinpiucnl.
1 hi. ..go, 111., Aug. 28.-The largest pir
.-..I. that Chicago ha. cur kuoitn, and
piobiibly the Ju.l grand review uf the
,t*lc.an. uf Ibe Civil War, wa. that ut
tht Grand Army ut the Republic .!■ mou-
•n.ir ..11 hei dixit. I...l.ia. Full) .'. '.."I.
in.11  in line, ain't  lhe pelade took  nearly
six hour, to pas. a giaiu 1 1.   Colonel,    —.-7 ~/*_,i_»  _»'_,_   i-     \    it-
Jeoepfa H. Wood aa* chili marshal For.|OeBUBsi»dei-ta 1 hief  of  tne  "• ..*• .""'.
luat.on W» math, on lln- like limit, ami
the • *.lnmu passed through the Court of
Honor on Michigan .venue, then un
through the m.   to Twelfth itreet, where
11 disbanded.   Tbe eolnma wai tunned by
slate command.'...'-. Wi-oui-in leading
•in, and III....,,* closing, the hue. I'ic-i
iletii MelCtnley, null oiliii noted gunl*,
lea 1,nc,I the ; .trade from a .land met
,-»! in ilu- Quart ol Honor, mar 1 .1* ludl
tur.uin llulrl. Kiiniinou* efOS*dl ail
nceecd the ,v. ..1.
Fighting Wilh  Botha.
Loadoa,  Any.  -*    \   - ■ .al tl
t...ui Pretoria, .1 ii,-<l Aug. 27. *..*•
1.     .I1I11I     thai     lighting     mill     Bollu.
...un.......Im*.   a.i*   t,-*iiinc.l   tin*   inoiuing.
Thr lk*ni I  wen broken and thl ,iiui,,   1. falling back.   •"*...•  II..i.-l. ...-nal
tie. are reported  to  I*   mii-ib lahu.'
Death. From tin   Ileal.
New York, Aug. 2S. ll.e iiliwwlj
naiui weather .,...tiiiui*.1 today, an.I lh
.c.llicr bureau WBI mpoasibl* for tl.e
.1.11. ...cin Ihat Ihe hr.t wai .it*,*.I..I to
la.t Iwo day* I....in-.. Klcven dealhs
ii..«. lhe hc.l were n*|*.it d rally today,
having occurred dut.i.g the la-t 24 m.u...
Il<< .r.l  lireakrn.
M.Hitre*), ug. 28. Commenting no ihr
.....li id the MM game yrstrrday, the
I,./.lie   thl.   montiug   *.y*:    "the   New
Mi-.tutin.tcr lieni^e te.m ar ereconl
l.reakrr->. Al le..t the- 111.de . manrd
yr.terlay for quick .hunting ml ...-urate
t.irg.1 praiiin- that ought lo make *
r.-mpom blu«h h.rd em.ugh to get oul ..I
the hu*inr*>. Nobody exactly know,
•what arlital time tlir ireunl for me three
iinsr 11..ie I.,-,., se |00 . *a,*ri-,| wa.. In..
.• i,..l*«ly ran len.euilHT or authent.
rale anything laali-r than yrele .lay'. Inr
•hi- li.n.h 11 he li*. threr gamri bring
l-n-Hi, in rr....,11. be -...nit ...nfer a
ll." on lhe huTn-wlovni* public hv
making  hi. ggporissss   known.
Dcth  C.mr  Olli.kly.
lltatbam. Ot.t . Aug. 28 Joseph C.
Hin ier, the leading pbotograpttei ..f ihu
piece,   ical.nl.i    .plained  ..|   In ing  un
wall,   and   wilh   il.r-  w,.i,l-.     ill.    I   1,. I
«t..t.   i.il ,,,,! dead ... hi- ..wn borne,
Ilr   hai,   hi.ill   .It*.
Dc.tntr.lr.   I
I. * Angel.. I , . log .'• .en ..pial •
.'...le.   ,1   t.ur 1   i-taervo  in   ihe * .i-  .,*
r.l    .   .I--V.il ....    laa.-    1 1,  1.I1    ,,,,,    .aiepj
1-  iic .ml .nil He Haima in    .-rr.......
I. nln't.
I Imago,   III.,   Aug.  28.-The    Womai
Helici 1 mp* belli it moiistt'r reeeptton al
the   Auditorium   Hutcl   tin.   evening   lu
llu*  tlistitigui-liid   iK'1-.oiutgf.  of  the cily |
and   lo   the   veterans   attending   the  en-:
eampmi-iit.   Among   the   notable,   pic-out
were   Governor   Tanner,    General    Shaw,
General   Gordon,   Commaiidcr-111 Chief   ot
the  Cnited I uuli-dcratc  Veteran*,  May.
Il..!i .-.ri and ..ilm-.
^^^^^^ f  here.      There  ^^^^^^
have   uncovered   a   gravel   lied   15   feet
In.   "-i*kne*«   and   Unknown   Vaadth   ex-
Vet* landing from the group up int.. the hills.
■ Whe.ever prospector,  have gone   it   has j
1 been found In carry gold in paying quan-
„•»  lilic,       Prospector!   believe   that   in   it'
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Secoud near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
Foley Bros.' Bankrupt Stock  bought in
by the
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. Ltd.
Pythian.   Hold   Supreme
laodgc   • oiivcn-
An An," hot .11 ini.we.
Iltl.it.i,   Aug    21      talent.!...   tin
,.1   ..   I.N.I   Ji.l,...   ei ...-.ii   here,  *.>«
Ihil there I* "I..* sun. I...I ... llltn.a.i I.n*
l.i* 1, tln-wly wnl. I..--! * II he get a in any
.-I     Ik.    t.nlriiin*    he.!'.       *...|    lhe    .1.1.-1
. ..... ...Hi a .nub.    In* u*.ibl gel it 10 the
I." k
IVtK.it.   Mich,   Aug.   '.-o    Tin-   -iipreme
l...'u.   1.>u\ci.im.. ni  Knight* 01   I'aiiii.t.
ri 1 .iiiipini'iit aaa* bi-1,1 Inttai. Nuprenie
Cll.tmell..r    Tliniiii-   li     Sample   pic*..led.
fl..- routine bueineei ..l the eaeampmeat
11.1-    tlaii.at led.     and      all      ai ii.-i.-ni. lit.
completed bi the grand parade ind priai
dull   to   be   Iuid    I huiatlay.
Ntgnu-* Di.tu*. Advaaoemeai   ol   Ram
lii.l. ni.tpnli*.   Iml .   \n**    M     I li.   Alio
American Ctaoaeil ol the United state.
opened  ban hi  annual   Melon   today.
Plan,  wilt   b|  ill-!l*eil   tn  take   *tl. li   atlmlt
1. may Ik- di-tincd l.-i f..r lhe protection
•ml advancement  nf the  Afro-Amerieaa
|ns.pie.    It   ,.   ex p..!.-.I   .1   In.1   ill*.u*»ion
will 1.- bad on ih i-j,** 1 ..! Southern
lynching* Btehop Alexander W.ler. i.
Victthug. Tin* .lelegale*. on their ar-
rival aatte 11 > I,,tut,*tl to lhe city by M..\nr
Taggart. Uovernor Moittit will .d.li.-*
the .........1 ihi. .iti. rn....n. and thi. evening then- will lie hehl a l.tn.piet at wh.i-h
iiol.-il oral.ii-. Tn.m New York. New .ler-
-a>. I.t.ni.iaua, Kentucky and other -talc,
will lie hrird.
McArthur <x Harper
Lddies'eSc Children's Flannelette Wear
For Spot Cash, for
S fraction of the
original cost.
The Stock  consists of  Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats  and  Caps,  Miners' Oil
Slickers, Gloves,  Blankets, Towels, &c.
Bargains for Everybody.
The season's goods
j ust opened. We
have some nice
things to show you. j
For the ladies and 1
children at the usual *
low prices.
I.l.,,Heel    /
►^•!a»"HJ**^ -»^**li^i**if* * •••'••"'•''•"•••-••'••'••••"••'-•^k"-'
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Oeslara In
Impmicu.cl- for Mint., ipiliin - l)i«< u-->l
111.. tnl.t e W... Aug. "JR.—Tin- a'-teiillt
innu.l iiii-.-t.ug nf the American Sx-it-ly
of   Municil-al   impioveinciit.  ..p.m.I   here
t.*tl.n      The    .e**ln.l.    will    .-XlC.llI      Ver     1 1
I*.-...a.I ,,| I..ur .In*, ami many noled .i.il
...g..H-.ia. from tin- -.-.ti.... .dthe couniryi
mil It- pia—nl.   Alsiul Bll i-ilie. arc rep-
laesatsd today.  The di-iu—ton will   run
oil   lh*   line-   ot   at,It- lunik*.   -i-Wt'lagt*    llld
i.iil.l)   KIIUM   DAWSiiN.
He Always Se.ll Dry Goods at Low Prices
The New Store
ios-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND, B. C.
Tel. V. and N. 17.
Wast Columbi* Avenue
iV. «rt. THOME 181
P.O. BO  3
rtO. 18
Bhootiag Alliay on the Way Down l'mie
Ite-llll   ol   .leal.i.i.a
"II tn-a,   Aug.   ■    J| ,|,
"!'!       Hill     .._.||,
ate tvliat Stliai-.u* I.. t'l,..\ uy, ]e<l
I ... in iiiur.l*t Iii- nne and llu- ..I.l man
I i.ni.m»nt*giii- ..I .il.ii.iel«l|... i.,.t Kri-
• lat. In a ISpoftSr tic *uthl hi* nt tint. Ml
.. v..long la. lo.ing men aot to dnn*..
In- en'oii. or h*ten In go..ip. I oneluifang
«ith the remalk "All that llif «..--ip,
-.nl -iboiil my ivifr ..it i..|i| in me and
thai  made me mail."
Di-jden Safe in  lli. Seal.
'Iiiionln, Aug '2x Veteiday ua. lhe
I. «i ..ay the J..•• all...v..I Iur hlins p.,iii..i
.-)« in the I'lctmn iH-titioii again*! the
return of Hon lol.n HiiHiii in South
iini.ii-to A* no iM.rtir.il.it-> had bSSB 1*
icivrd tip In fi i.'.l.aek, Ihe mar wa. drop-
|»'d l-T lack nf evident.' tn pro«-cutc.
Air. Iliyden IWUaSUUIIItljleiualui n. hi*
M-..I iinili.liirlieil
A Ihiihll I), id.
Ilellevillc. Onl . Aug. H IV'er Mnr.
I.e... aueil "D, lor 5u yenr. a county bailiff,
1-  dead.
Port Tomuend, Wa-h . Aug. M— The
-itMnu-r   Tl ma   bai  arrtted   wilh  $tMi,-
I.l) in gold du*t and ll*. p»-»"iig.a- i.-.u.
\      .      M..-I oi  tin* uolil tai loivii lhe
Viiktui   Irom   Dnat-an   to    M.     Mi.-t.ael..
While   oil   lhe   way   doaill   *   .li.xiting  oe
i-ii.i.-.t oa l*.a.<I tin'   I..."..., on Aug. 1
at In. h tame m-ar elitbug tl.e I.t.- t.l  Aug..-
\|. H......I.I     ,,l    I lull-..II      Mi D.m.il.1     "lul.
iiiinxnaii-.i. threatened t..   cul   William
I- ■ a ,t.ii. ni \i« ^,,ik. "Iiii -hot him iu
the .houl'br.
Among  the  pBMHIfen reluniing on  the
I ....in,   lit*   lit .int.   11 llll.   wh i  le ere.Ill*"I
with   biting   a   .mail     w. !....••        11* hi
aa.-ni  north  in charge ol  Dr.  Jiekion'i
l.tpl.tml. .*   in   lake   .l.i.ti.*   ..!   ll.e   .....
deer ..-nt hi the goremmenl lo i-ili.ve
the reported di«...*-*. I miner* along tin-
^ nl ..ii   I....   it ai-  .-urn.
lhe .ti'.iittct   DiiiH't in.  arrived fmm
Rhagway bringing IHO |a***ng!fs ind one
1....   nl   gold   II.....   D.u-wm.
: .il.ui   I.  Introducing Allernt *  in  th-
ini.iw*   Aug. .'I   ibpeeial.)   the gm*-
........ui i* maaini i ooople *.i ragulaiimi.
nllcitin. Ihe Yul.nn mining .y"lein, re
laming lor the governni!--il nllcinata' w*.
tann. or bl.M'k. iilnng creek,, i hi. i* be
ing a.in..il"ii"l. li aa... the plan Died
it|Htn h) lhe iiiiiii-l.i oi the Intttiot when
Ihe innnlry hi«l nttiarted the nolle, or
the mit'ide ivoibl a* the expedient to guar
antee a.'c.iuale return lor Ih elatge pub-
li. .oitta.a Involved in the o|aen.ng upan*f
n.aiiagew.nt i.f the di.tr.et. Another
•lep Sitittii i. Inkinu in the nitere.t u!
the individual miner in the 1 i.kiin. pr..-
aiile, tl.at on a rrek. which ire Worth
n.in.ng by Ihe placer »y*!em. preler.ti. -
.hall I.e given to ihe plarer miner, over
ba ilr.-ruin     conee.'ion.
She .lilted  Him.
Virlnria.   It. I'..  Aug.    Zl.-
doi*VS   ol   Komala,   I'onn..   who  went  to
Dawson I., get   married,   i*   raturalng
•nigh*, .he baring .!•-, itl,-.| thai .he mold
mu i.it up with the condition, prevailing
in the Klondike Sh. wa, tn have lx-
m.m. tin- ".if.- of the manager of a Inn
m.iiing company.
Sept. 3, 1900.
Under the auspices of Rossland
Trades and Labor Council, j*
$1800 in  Prizes.
For further information apyly
Knob I lill
To tho City of Kossland.
Finest Residence
portion of the City
Adjoins the original townsite, corneringon
Thompson Ave. and Monita St.,
about five blocks from
Post Office.
0/"\   of these cleKant Lots arc being offered   0/^\
OU   at ([really reduced prices. Terms lo suit   0\-/
purchasers, instalments or otherwise.
28 East Columbia Ave., Rossland


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