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The Hosmer Times Dec 1, 1910

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The Times
ONE DOLLAR a \! car
•"   "% P
M   '
D*3 I
" w •
E[l p ■•'■
The Times
Volume IIT
<►♦*> *}'&**/■ 4* + ** 4*** cC><SaaeJ-«>«l><V<**^^>a5* •**><»>.■}> C<>e>-.fc.a*>a-> *>.*>
Lowery's Upper Stope
F —JL-„        ,          ,. „ ,..„--,      -,..-!        Ontbeevoof Mr. Moeran^!   LOWery'S  Upj
I ^ m^WPW;'     iilP     - ^IfP* It^ i :^»V'»'»V«Jri>'t''/h0^ldf The jail at Trail
I a ^!<i?-Si    F-V.-rj,          £&•-■- !       x^e^eh.   I seed,    ins  tiicnilaS gathered   to-      ..         ,.,.
I I ^P?fc   tS-g'A        Mr-M ■..-.;          -V.->  V        ,         . ,,      ,,     ,-    ,,   .  ,         safe condition.
■ ? \f$   £K; %'$■       5*-*--,. .'■ Bj" ^p| *■> gether at the  Pacific  Hotel  em
I 1 ™   l'i  ? 11*11" 1  r"fic   in^iii cir-'i       «/   ;..       ': ■ P: Pk^Jfcw $ Thursdnv ni-.;iit losncnd a social   ,   '.,   . ',,  ,
I. ♦ ^^KLKW &i&2 &M migi \W%;tM     IV....'..        ,:.ri.w'  'siK-/  «                           .             '       ■                 "ink 111 (ole man.
■ I a »-~"—' ■->   v^*jts>r     m evening.     An elegant time was      .,    , .,
Iv) I ♦ 1   j        i a.i   '                                    East Kootenay v
I. ♦ J, nail - ami I lien some-.
A Successful Concert.
is 111  an   un-
O'.V     IS     l.e,114
ft °
r 0
* 1  eggJ%S33g3B-cgcK^
J[ Our stock of Skates have arrived.     C;
J|        carl)' while thc stock is complete
;: Snow and Sidewalk Skates
;:    Acme Club Skates
Boys Hockey Ciub
Bokers Favorite Hockey
Bokers Ladies Cresent f
Double End Brocketed
♦ Bokers Featherlight
;: Starr
East Kootenay will -.0011 have
another newspaper.
on Friday in aid  of  the   Meth- «
enlist church was an unqualified *
success and  < j 11111- a   revelation £
ui the people eet  I [osmcr.     The %
opera   iiuii-— *.•   was  lille'd  to   ii- \\
utmost capacity I iv iin ai-iei'i-iia-
* *■
-re.          y . ,-oiDi.in'r lie*.*,-. ea ler. 1    .                 ,.                    ,                            , j.
ntzZZl  V 1     W lien cvervbodv had arrived;      , .,    .     ,    .        ,  ., tive .-uulii-ni-i;   who   en |oycil   to I
1 1 ..       ,     '    e   ' 1     • A townsite is  being  laid out .,     ..  ,,,,              ,. , I
,   ,,  v .and tue atmosphere was bejnn- .,„    .,              ,. ., ■ tne rull thesplenditlprogramme J
.,11  A '          ,.         '. 30 miles east of Aldermere. •,   , I
—au I ninK •" assume a  dingy  tint. ,.   ,,. .             .,,„  ,        , ,. provided. J
7 '  ,   '    ,   .                        °,    ,, At Blairmore 100 barrels oi       ...    , .       , „      , ... I
4 |the    cliHiruian    presented    Mr. ,        ,   ,   ., lln.- lump, scar) ami ling drill*. I
2 ,. . , ,, cement are produced daily. „ ., , , £
? Moeran /with a small im-im-nto , ,, ., ' were very well gone through by J
. .....         •    ,,            • In   southern     Alberta the             ,        ,. ,             ,    . ,       , I
in Ladie's antl Children's Costumes, this
seasons' goods, which we offer at prices that
cannot be duplicated from any outside point.
SPECIAL. — Children's Cardigans going
al  $1.00
Moeran *.*. il li a small  meinent.
of lii> scejehin 1 in Hosnier, in t in
were very well gone through by £ The Quality Store    GEO. H. MARLATT Opera House Block J
111     SI llll 11C1'tl        r\.JiJ6rlfl        til© I . .• , i'i i ¥ if
wlieatlii-l.ls never looked bettor. |    "'"" 'r' "    '"'' " '"'    ^"       ' ^'mi**********************************************
shape of a handsome  pipe and      ,, , • , ,      •    ,     though the platform was scarce- 	
,    ■■   ■ 11      1 ,■   ,      Kossland is troubled by josh-  .    . ,. ..
I scl  1)1   SH-I-Vl- lllllas.    ll.e I'-i'lll-d   ....^ „;„.„•,.,;,,   ,*.,|...,  ,- _   [ O'   1;"o1'    cnollgll    le)    allow    lull Jl<f™nTinWmimmmlltf ^"i''1;l'',V,*^"Vft*TJ-
iin a tew well chosen words and
ilie-n 1 he program starti d.
II wa*
its rin_ein ' 111 raise in-.-  alaini-,.
$    ies   anel    showed   couclufivelj
-$   !.i....   11  1    1 1.   .',   aNes1
This year, l-iT.SiH) acres iu Ai-
berta are planted in fall wheat,
In the  lowns nt  the Crow's
ass    11    languages   are
Starr Mic-Eac
Dunnes Tube 5
that   Llosmer lias a   bunch   nl
X   Italenl in the musical (and other) ISP0K0U*
I line that is second to none. "IX   lt,llm,1H   trom   sl",l*;l1^
Refreshments wero served to- were gently deported at Koss-
wards midnight,  thai   is   solid
refreslnnents,   tor   the   liquid.*
had beeu coining pretty  steadj
ic-      . i   .     i * i  *   . c' l nousi
before that, which is tin* reason
,i   . , iii -i lu  one day  iu   rernie   nine
lhal your scribe has hazy  ideas
ol   whal   happened  after   that
11 was noted,  however,
I hal son a- of those present were
vc-i'V timid ceinl were    afraid to
Foi- ,111V eel' (he* I'l llll e\\ in;;:
Hot House Lettuce Malaga Grapes
Crisp Celery California Grapes
Bananas New Figs
Jap Oranges Apples
Nuts anil
Comb Honey
f   I   -
A   , 111iii*.
In  Dawson,   Bishop  Stringer
has    built    an   addition   to  his
loafers   were arrested   by  the
A   cone rete   building   seven
stories hi-^li will soon  be erect-
Mic-Mac Hockey Sticks, Puckf» :^ :i:^P:PP'P
aO |   I light did appear.
1'nis year,  ${$7,000   worth   of
sugar   beets    wen-    raised    in
I Canada.
I Mes :;,) feet   lony;  are  boinu;
Among those who  contribui
c^Snecifii'B'CSi'S'f :'f'■"■'■ MJUJ'-T:f ■ - .'■■■■   ^-e-.i**l*er.cC--r~.*Ce(.;i^*J     J . .
•"■'    •"  ■~i£zJ££Zzz£!iz!zZL $ i'd I" lhe- siie-e-iss oi the program
/* .. ,,•■   ,        r   i   ii      used iu   tne   railway   wliarl   ;it
? wore  Messrs.   \\ inter,   Labelle,
V ir ij    -, i    ii. i ,i      i.     J. oi-t Mann.
r^™.    ~..      A >> ari'i-ii. cSniil h. \\ arr.  Idoiuhn.
AH     I i- i   i-i .  i      r. i      <• '"    •/ictoria   then-  aro over
f    1^%     t Im''nionil, rii'ti'hi.-r.l lakes. Cox,
" Hardware
O if
*,■**-&■**■*■<&<*><> *<*aa8.>J>-<Cc>aCa^ ej,.<.+++-4f-<>0<^rl)s ♦<ie>«aa<>«*<.->
Dominic and   Barnard; and  (1.
N. Ross of Fernie,
Joe Elliol accompanied eveiw-
thiug in sigh! in hi*, usual masterly manner,  and  contributed
7,o0t) names upon the municipal
voters list.
In all Canada, this year, the
potato crop is only worth $35,-
Durintc the whiter the mines
I ii   \ ei non   thi*   fall    l)()Linl \
******************************* t.******i,************k
{,(. some solos that were much  .-iii-
nn                                         fm                    0                   1 • .   I adjacent to Stewart will ei
* Xfl^rtl^CJ    5«    »    &%ft^'§'mFk€3P * 1"','',,'I'''U"1- ,    . .      250 men
* #k.i.lB.rf71 ^S      i  ^     \3i     V. F? PPi »'   n   S* P iS"**     * IIu'   success   ol    the    evenin;
+    m%m»sSiSt8im<t\>&>l-.j'       * >J       ^4tlJ* ''<!*-'Ceici-.i ...,.*: .e.^i...,     .."c .       '
* fl&we®1  >(. was doubtless due to tho effort.,,
* ■—-■"*■ aaa-ea-ie—..e^aaaaaaaaa—| aaaaaaaaaae „.„..-.,..„a^ .     J. , c lUUIH'V     llUS     UlJCI)     plclltUllI     lOl'
♦ , jf ■ ol the genial  chairman,   \V.  li.       .
j Have you selected that Xmas gift yet?} \Vrigi.t, whoiseverontheaie.-t 0'-,!f      0,>1 ?'-,,
* . .          -    .,   ,             ,                                     -         -"        . jf ,      :     , e    e *,        i ,, I bere are-si; cluiiiren  attend-
t   It  ti,tl- noli  m  -m.    cpo    mu-    -eccnrf i-nonf    , ,1  * to give the Iv.ppy smile and the .
••> ii not e.ui in <inu sec   oui   dssoiLmeni   oi *     ,  , ,     , , , mgschooi n
* glacl   haml   lo   Ihose   who   pass
Givo mc* a trial oiilci.   Satisfaction g^iaraiUeBd.
The finest of Chocolates iu beatiful boxes for  Xmas
gifts in sizes from half pound to five pound,    Prices are
iv  uie- to si.nn
.scope for the number taking
part. The Inilicin club eirill whs
perhaps the most popular drill
of t ho evening, being vei y
gracefully done throughout.
i nr song, "- Shucked e-m tin ough
tne Window' by tho hoys ua~
sun^ with perhaps more en-
I i iiu-ia -in than oxpressii in, bul
mi- added uot a Iii t lo to tlio
amusement il caused, i Jes -it-
Leadbeater is a young singer ol
exceptional attainments, hor
two Mine's, '-Tittle Tattle" and
"Someone is Wait ing for Von'
being sum;' in  a   finished  sl ylo.
:pPPp:pPPP j City - cTkfeat - o-Market
wl«°   l,rovetl  him-olf to bo a GABARA KRQS., Props
most talented young  comedian
in his songs "Poor John" and "1  I Choice line of Steaks, Chops, Roasts, Sausage, Butter,
got  .Mme.'' tor both of which Uncoil. Eggs, Lard, Etc., Fresh and Salt Fish.
ne  was  recalled.     Little   lilsie
Kolesoii   witn   her  sweet    voice
and self possessed manner  won
over her audience al once-in her
tasteful  rendering of   "Honoj   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
.-. ... - '.'■:....'... : r-'-i,i.:-',.:!!-.~'ir.'^*^»«H
li.cl.circc Uloek
NCII-C.   I'.   H. ele-pcel
,\()T   l.\   THE   TRUST
iioy    ior which  sho   was   enthusiastically encored,     One o
the most enjoyable and  aunts
iy  goods.
Is.     Manicure sets,   brush t   ids
| Holicl;
I and comb, sets, perfumes, dolls, stat
* Li ..__lc««,_.
********************V** ****** > **** -l-**t * + ****** + *****
*♦♦♦♦♦♦ a4e>aa><HO^a^aJe>a8aajK> cc{ce■sja^.a^.^a e)**e>+ a$.^> J,..f, «.,f...5,.J.,j. ,
Decision Given.
The Following decision has
been given lu the Krzuz case:
"Kzruz   versus Crow's   Nest
Coal Company Limited.   .Judge
i Slemonts decided   thai   the  re-
1 Ial ion*, of  working  men, killed
'.    ,, . . ', ,        , ,    land 10 Laisburu, Ireland
in I ms province  although  such
relatives are foreigners and  r<
1   tin-   uew   ininuij;
camp at Stew '.ri.
1 1
Many  of      ifl  hotel   men    in
'        y
l'i ail   ami   i.'<*,V:*iaiiil   were    not
born in America.
1 lu- Kootenay Central has
mado its grade survey l,i miles
1101 in ot rort Steele.
Mrs, Charles Dundee and
family have moved Irom  Ko»s-
U costs ti c--.i!~ a   pound and
thusiastically encored.     One of |-I  Real     Estate     BargamS |
ing numbers was the "Alabama f. *
Coon" song by Laddie Krish - For some snaps in real estate call and ♦
who is probably the smallest '■ ' nw' Sonic good houses and rooms *
••coon" i„ this part of ti„- * lor rent. Agenl for life and accident
country, and who sang his song » insurance in thoroughl) reliable coin-
in an   irresistably  taking way. ♦ panics.
auleu     was  suul
Violet   Anderson    who    has    a
•*\\ eel Iii 1 li- voice and   rendered   *
ler.song in a very dainty man-,   ;   ■■■''*"■■'"■"'--■*'- ,I0SME11, li. C. *
n(1|. <}*<,4y.t.*<i>Wi.****<H><i.***** ********************* *
The Drii'ls' choruses were .--1111" 1
■1 *'i  ( )l ;-'lr]'. I'.l.IKK
withoul exception in good style *
and very tunefully.     "Our Dol- J
lies  by  seven   littlo  ones    was If
very  sweet,  "•lim-le   Bells'   by +
e. ****** ************ n**** **** ************************
siding iu a fnreigu country, can
more   to   treight   goods   irom
iia/.eeion to  1 elKWUe
recoverfull compensation undei
Sj.l 1T^ { * ' * 11 .1 •*, Kecentiy u to war old  11101111-
r;i n   (>   rinr     h ;i   w>v   ( rinrPiriP^ * '""• ll;IV(' !l"' miun right* as
•ttp1*-   eOelJU    1   a";   V    Ui U^v.UCO v . &    , tain uoat was snot in  tlie lulls
;.... 1 1 I, , * V persousresiuing in this province,
a i.,——  —-^-. ,.- m.i    „„i»Mv,»a»—..—a_»aJ..n.».~— —,—.^-      k HOO.V   AOl'tll     \   I I 1 ICO II \ C f.
j Judge Y\   ilson,  also  subiinlled
v ,   . ,. ,, ..    , uuruiu Octouer the farmers
New Goods   Fresh Stock
A Trial Order Solicited
T Gabara Block Eosmer, B. C. J
*A<>«**<>«e}l> aS.^.^a$.*.^.-S.O'*J,^^s-i-..<;»a3.^.ai><5*. <>e$.^^ <;. flccj.
> *
two questions as to the methods
I'or recovery upon an award,
but under '. ho Act he has no
jurisdiction to refer such matters because they do met affect
arbitration proceedings, or
,-iwai ds, hence .Indue- Clemen) s
refused    to   answer tho same.
fcjxcnauge snipped  50 earloaus
oi  truit 11Olll mlou'im.
One eel im- i.-.-i'iui-' merchants
and   greatest    advertisers
' laleiil'liiore  is a I. hiuaiiian.
Thomas McaUaliun, i >ih■ uf the
old timers  of Kevelstoke, died
-  *
If yeeu |el,lri- Clll ei|-ele-l   llll   Icuillie-l- Willi  II*. Vein hcc\e-   II    li^'lil   te
lull    chorus   was   sung    in   u
sprightly manner.   "Pony Boy"
by five of t he  older  t;irls  was
dashingly rendered with tho re-
i quired   vigor,   while  "When    I
was a Baby" by three girls  was
very  amusing,   the    "grannies"
deserving greal credit for keeping  ecu   their  glas
sueh.n realistic sneeze.
The Fairy Play wa • of course
the    feature   < -I"   the   evening.
. Lillian iiilcliie made a splendid
i|iieen cei the  fairies  ami   acted
her   part   most    gracefully    all
through,      i.taiLs    I'hompsoii,
1'i-arl  Swanton,   Doreen   Koai
in that cit v tnis month.
,.,, ' ,        Aiorris as tairies tripped in mul 1
lhe    water    rates   in   tymee ou(. vel, y t|ututily and conducted I   Bt. Hon. Lord Strathcona  and   Mounl   Royal,  G. C. M. G.
:}. binK-nsions, Timbci'-s, l-'iceei inu. t'e-ilinu. Siding,  Pinishiug,  MouUliug
* uml Lath.   .
.y Oui-  Planning  Mil!** arc equipped   \\iilc  aiodui-n    vvood-woi-king
j* niaehinoi-y and l-c-saws.    All  inquiries are promptly answered,  and
J your inspeel ion of our stock is solicited, J
J _„.™_™ ™       a^_ msssss.^ — " *
I The  Elk Lumber  Company, Ltd. 3
through I j 0 j,   Bosifohu, Agenl Hosmer, B. C. I
«*»»**(»♦»»*♦*,♦( v******* *******v***** **************
i^vnizzzm St. ■.y.:-s.?z:r.T£i&!mM*m
1    t   Capital All Paid Up $11,100,01)0 Rest $12,000,000
iiey, t'lorence Miller and   lr,-,„-l nl]^) ,,;,,,,(-,.; MONTREAL
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Any kind of mixed drinks thai you  call   I'or  will  I
s.-rved in First class style
Best   Rooms   and    Meals   in   the    Town
loudents  of   the  same  are    in
ike  positions  as  residents   of   '-"I"'1'1 ■•■'■ *1' l'1'*'" raised,    Rain  themselves iu a true   fairy   like
re   |.   n,ivi«   K    water is still the same old price,  inaiiuer.       Grace     Miller     a-
'        i'or the government, J.   Fred  Cyjnthin in her innocent though
mistaken desire for wealth, and
I Ins provini
('., ri'i resented   the  ('oal   Com
Lite-hie has charge of the street
pany, S,  S.   laylor,   Iv.  ('.  am
C,   W. Craig,  represented   the i'tiprovemonts at Stewart.
Sybil McMeekin as   Violel   who
t hough) beauty so  much   nun
I lien. President.
R, I!. Angus, Esq., President.
Sir   Edward  (leu,ton. Bart., Vice   President  and General
Ilk.'.M  il K-   IN   Bl.'l'l l-ll   < 'ill.I 'Mill A
eel, lle.-lii.i-. Ki-lownn,  M   1-   II.
.-.iiner*.   t mon.
lie.,   u I-., ii., i,    ,;.,l-    ;..     I.'.,,-,,:,,    i     •     n i   '      i     . ■     • .     H '      -.-. c-u. i \.n, -. : .. . I ,y, nruriin-nmi, HiMincr. Kulownn. M 1-  u.
i in- sicatmg   link   in   reinie desirable,    played    then*   parts pj , >      , ..     w, ,. i*, ucton. t'i-i i: << i*. n. ii..- icm-
s been leased for  two  years,  very     successfully    and    will, £   " ' ' :    v V  '""   ,
The rent for that timo is $2,500.  mllrl'  dramatic  force.
I>i!l\'   Purcell   wa-
Spencer as Vera a :ted I ho  pari
Front St.
Hosmer, B. C.
Miners Burned by Explosion.
George Gill and Joseph Chris-       '"■   •"   . ,     ,
ti.-,n wen- victims oi   a   prema-  hurfc "■>' fulll»K down a cllute ln perfection, wliile   Harold   Mus-
ture explosion al   the   Rawhide  tL° Centre Star mine  al   Ross- grove and John McMeekin took
the  pan   of two  bold  looking ^
>w txas Bank Depart.mkxt
De-ii   ii*c eif -i cuiel iipwaril rtiji-lvcd.    latere     allow. I ul oin-i-nl rate's .eeecl leciel
heel; M ill IV.    The   elepeisllol-   I*,   -ulijuel   lei   lll.elelaj   eeli.ili e, ]■ iii  I In   ee i! Inlr.eucl ofthc
.   .    .,.!,'• i Hi-  .li ;■    .  .
C. B. WINTER, Manager
Hosmer Branch
r^V's^-v* VV -^-V-VVV^VVVV "^
mine near Phoenix last Monday.  i;l"
Christian will rocovor but Gill's
i sssaaac JiAxasBCZEK-Ti,
lili\' McAdains,  formerly of '
verv   il ti'ul. Sandon, is  | ublishing a   paper
iVL-n    ie.   •:•
They wen- sei ting off a bias)   ill
:- -1* •:* -I* * * * •'.
A -c-i:i.in
• * •'. * v •** at. •:• ••* ■:• *:• * * •:• * * * * *:• * * •:* •;* *:• *;• * * *** *
The only Commercial Hotel
Sample Rooms Main St., Hosmer
osnier Livery & Transfer Co.!
Recitations    wen
,°i     '   ',,    Gladys Thompson, John I :.-.-;• \. *
;l     '"'   ''!,u~  M. Leadbeator, Rosie .Mc-Douga'll ;•;
^  tho mine and the fuse  when lit   Capital, |,   ,\jil|.*t-. Jenny  Strachan,  <>, •:•'
Tlie- lirst bricks made in  Mer    Rankin,  1*.   Brown,   Lizzie   Mc- $
mite,   win
"*-.  ran very rapidly  to  t ho dyna-
ch   was   diM-harired ritt were burned out lasl  week, llougall,  Wiiiiiifred Sniitli,   i.. ;i;
.          ,    ,               7 mi               -,       ,-  , i         i     ,    • Ayre, Edward Musgro*. -. Doug-  •;•
>|promaturely with tho mi it   ' :ajmcitj   ol   the   plant    I"*],,; Miller, Pearl Courtney. .Sybil |
" '   a   few   feel   away,     Beth   men 8,000 bricks daily. McMeekin, Florence Miller and  |
were badly burned and  bruised Tl"'  new   Sanitarium    hotel Alberta  Quinn,    Special   men- *
by flying rocks and  lie-  in  the erected at   Frank   by   tho Can- tion  must   be  made   of    Irene *
hospital in  a   precarious    con- adian Coal Co. has 05 bedrooms M<>rris, a tinytot of three wlm %
,. .'                    ' ,  ... irave a recitation, "Manias Girl    •:•
,il"""-             and 22 bath rooms. in the sweetest manner possible, |
'   " During tho iirst two week-ol   .,,,,1 ,|;,|  nni   aoom   in   llu* l < • -1 t   *
Child Found $6,000 in Bills.          ,;M , ^ , wl „_.,„„. Z^^ ,,;.' ?heialR™ \J. |    FRONT STREE'J                                          —^,  ,
1'oronto    .\o'e.    28,    A   Wesl ,,,,,,,,.,„! ,.,,,,.! ,,,,.>;,,,,   in   \',,i!h ience who applauded her so up- *****************************************************
n ia ; iou -1 y.
Livery, Carla^c and Feed Stable
Ri£S at all Hours at Reasonable Prices
Dealers in Coal
menced construction   in   North ience who applauded her so u
'c-.^-^V^r^.-^^ man   was  amazed   on   Vancouver
returning from work to lind his      T|lis  yonl.  ,,,,   mi„illK  prop- .Mrs.  Brownrigg   played   bril- '"' *-v*'?"L^'
child iila\ in---wii h a irie-'.-i'e-e ol'      ,- n    i ,      i    ,'.    i limit accompaniments to all th
e .nice   1,1.1 \ iee ,   » ic n  .1   |l,ll .N.ljee    ill     , ,|-| ,, ,,,,,.■, ,.   | | •,/|,.| ,, |,   11;| V(-    heell .J... ...
ueen s j
f. Transient rales $1 per day, special rates by the week
| Opposite C. P. R. depot. Hosmer, B. C.
I Big Free loving Pictu   Show
* New t'eulin-i* illmsL'Ucli we-c-k undi-r I In- upi-i-iition of Joe Kuklo
* ,,...,.,,	
-|'lie->  lliiir   I I et/.ie-e e 111   11,1,1-    eje-e-ii
,, e i,,. , .,!,                     .              ,        ,    ,                               . -soul's and drills   whii-h   wenl   ii
bil s to the vnlue of *o,W0.   lhe  bonded for sums varying  from ,,„;,.  w      ,„ ll|;lk(, lhi
hill-were  Iradc-rs   Hank   notes'-$15,000 to $60,000, smoothly,
unsigned.  Communication with]    About six miles from   Frank, Mrs. Musgrove, Mrs. Sail   .'end
the police- revealed the fact that   $7,000 has been expended in the Mr.,. Eby, who to ik nctivo  part
the  bills  wen-  pari   of a  con- prospecting   of   several     iron in.getting  up such  a  splendid
si-iinu-nt of bank   notes  stolen  claims in that vicinity. entertainment,   and    the    per
while en, onto from   Ottawa   to      The.Scotl  Act  will   be   voted serveranco  which    must    hav,-
....                  .                  upon m Prince   Rupert   em   |)e- boen necessary to gel   suelt   re-
",;'"";"'     '"'," ""'-v """'"- e-,n,h,-r 22.     N after how  it mlts from so many children  of
ly occupied the house. logons Hupo will still bo wot. difTorenl ages, are to be con-
child found the bills uiieler tin* Ralph Smith wants a large gratuhiled on the hrillinnl suc-
tiiling in fronl of the grill ', modern dry dock built at Esqui- '"-"" Hnancinlly and otherwise,
-••»•- mall and will pyl the prop- Mr. Brownrigg, who acted as
Firemen's grand ball tomor- osition before the House in chairman, did justice to his po-
iow night.                                   iOttawa.                                      ,sitiou.
a*y mer
verage of Quality
Manufactured Irom Canadian Malt, Bohemiau
lln;,-. and the famous Crystal Spring Water
Elk Valley Brewing Co., Limited
The Finest Flavoured Tea    Sporting News
" SALADA" is hill-grown tea— grown on plantations high up en the hills in thc Island of Ceylon.
The leaf is small and tender with a rich, full flavour.
it   for possible defects that needed  re-
pairing.    Out at Stanley Park, they sat
ull   thei   trees   close-   ut   bund   anei   elieln't
toko lim trouble to flop a wine- us we
- j went by.    1 thougnt they looked even a
gjtrifle bored and gapey at being awakened ley our talk,
thimselves! sett*      Now, yon know that V-Mot tho manner
liiig on tho wheat fields and barley stub   ' ' ;l"' "."'■'' normally.   I have shot ro
1,1." rasting on the- ponds and lakes, erows since 1 came to Manitoba than 1
Spring cent the birds! already on their ■"■•J ■■'"'".*' ''-''"^ <'|>''r "hot in all the
wav trom tho South and anxiouB to gel ■**'"»'•* ■*■»•■ w" hunt0? ''«<'* I""-* * ' "'
to the places whero their summer homes,  k""w "">'. ""'•'" *vl ■""•'■ •'' gun "" ttls
TT7H0 saiel Spring:'    Spring and th
VV      honking  of   the   geese!     Spring
——is always  oi   unvarying good quali /.    Will yon. be content   with   common   tea   when   you   can   get "SALADA"?
 Black, Mixed and Natural Gr    i, -   ; 50c, 60c and 7  s por lb. 	
, -v Vy "t'l'i y •■■■'.'.•• )'(«?->Pvk
P H ? = . "'< • i. *!\j M Vi'-' '.{Pi >W. V'i?**
aie.r-*J>lc   "ee ■-  'r*-ile.^;-'-''i"i'' ■■■--'-■ 'i-"-'-e».M«aa'.^  tL. ... I .^ .iiAcAiieAjfaj-
!!!c The Best Grain Gleaner tiie Work! has ever knewn Z
I i
The   "Juir.bo"   Elevator  pays  for  itself  in   a   week's   time.     The   Bceir.au   Pickler
CirfS  Smi't  ill  Wheat.     Wr te today for Now Catalogue.
The Beeman Mfg. Co., Ltd. ""■■■■^■'i-'W
;—Why are  you so -ccni, darling?
She ■ -I was just thinking, dearest, that this is tin- last evening
i. l.e- together till tolnorrow.
ne i:
VV eii    11   C-CI-SY
i-l ucsts, ami wee blrdlings cen.* to teee.
Spring and tlie- crocusosl dotting the
prairie with their million lileieeins; push
i'g pretty petals through the snow.
even, in their Incite to get into the sun*
..-,: -to le,- .-'. iiccit eel Spring. Spring
end the birds!    Spring aud the lie.wees:
■c iug und spoils:
.Fine linef Moro ilicin tlcut: the linesl
you or anybody—over heard of. Spring
lias beeu tho gala day eel' hopo and joy
c.ieil youth unci beauty ever since then
-.-.ci.-: ci Spring, and either of these children of Spring to go with it. Spring has
rejoiced liie* hearts of poets, ploughmen
■ anel pagans t'or muny, muny years. A
|ioe*t can throw a lit eet frenzy over al-
 st  anything  from   Nature  tee  noodle
oup. Lots of poets—so redid by them-
selves—havo i-aveu about the buow;
ravod bo mui h cued so many that meu
who ei n 't have ice clear ceil' their own
e-idewa cs often refer to sne w ccs beautiful, ic course, that doesn't weigh in
vory h.-.ivy with thoso of us who have
sense anel a long stretch uf frontage, but
when ploughmen praise und paeans
adore, it is up to all of ns to dust ilie
knees cct' our trousers.
Don'I make any mistakes aboul liii-c
Spring dope; it's tho real thing and
I hen a heap. Why tln.se old te.-guars
who live-,I uwny up Ninth—me, uot (Jook
or Peary; these wero real sports -
thought su much of Spring that they be*
gun tee celebrate ii away back in December   So   as   tee   lee   eplile  sure   eel'   having  11
long time lee hilnriate.   Bight whero the
iiin turned, they could smell tho Spring
and   sec-   the  slllcsll ine   through   tleeir six-
months' night, unci it mude-  'em feel so
good thai they got gay aud careless, just
Ins   OVOrybody   eloes    even    tie    this   clay.
What  was  ii   that  the gentleman wine
iwroto—Mr,    Thomson,    I    think--said
al i.   Spring  being  the   Benson   when
"young man's fancy  lightly  turns tee
I thoughts of leeve-",'    Doesn't that show
liiow careless they wero  in those days?
1   sliiilllil  say  see, ami   when   we  get  1 he
chance—as wo ei-e aboul  ihis time once
a year—why not gush und liulitiie a !iit
about Springt    Lots of men  havo had
their names  in tho  paper  by  doing it,
and in special i-ases, eve-ll their pictures.
il.-Hing  down   de   hard   facts—something  must  In-  done  1 ■ <  siilVe-n   up  this
Spring mud—wc are stepping  right ecu
i the  heels  eel'   our  summer  sports.      Of
courso,   we   elon't,   often   Loosed   up   so
I early ill  tho season as this,  but  it's a
lovely change, all the -came-, even if eeur
winter sports   were  cut   ct  1'il   short   by
Spring sunshine that got  through to us
ahead of schedule.    Just   by the way,
what a bully joke it is ou I lie chaps who
[bought    badges   for   the   charity   spiel
A TAN   was made to mourn.' " "May which   didn't    spiel    itiis    venr.      This
iXaL      lee   so,   hul    vol!    will   obse-rve-   tllUt'wi'Ut!
window sill and shot two crows at on
nnt he wus an Englishman, ami neither
lie nor the crows even suspected that
ihi- crows were in the slightest danger
until the loud report rent thei still atmospheresee Laura Jean Libby for
original—and tliere were- iwu dead
crows ecu the ice where they huel been
walking about presumably out of gunshot ol anything that might be considered dangerous, even by stretch of wild
Shoot crows?    Dear friends, if 1  had
The Horseman
{■nt discussion among horso-
1_ nun at ii prominent boteJ in Chicago during tin* late sale, :i secretary
of ;t prominent mile track made tbo
statement that the rules with regard
id time wen* not interpreted as rigidly
on many minor tracks as they wero un
the hiy mile rings and that was one of
the potent reasons which kept many per-
i'o.hums from the hitf circuits. As the
record is the foundation of our entire
system of racing it is of the most vital
importance that the timer's stand should
be above suspicion.
I'lit* great difficulty with this particui
thirty cents an  liour for the days and har crime,  fur that'is  the  right  word,
'i ti only CHiner with a 100 pi r
con ri cord ; ud the only machine
i'n' vi ill give *i uomplole sepuru
tioi of oata from wheat at one
■wp    " ■
roon Bin-fa
I'li/C cnrridB more scroon surface.    H is
a \&i -T^^   "• leutifl 'ally   ' strut t.-.l    throUK"-
rfflmsl       *"i*"1-*.   runs   easier,   und   has   greater
f/rL . apaoity    than    any    other    groin
cleaner ever invented. Vou con
tn tl •■ fanning pay bettor if you
i -.- . Sew Model "Junibo" (Irani
Suy a "Jumbo"
C ipacity:   100   bushels   per   hour.
Sold   on  tiial  fuljjoct  to   your  approval.
rder t<> write, vers-
cs f have put in—at, odd times, of
courso—trying to get even one measly
shot at the black villains, I'd havo you
all over to the Grange for dinner—and
then I'd buy Portage frontage with tl,
s that it is nearly always perpetrated
with tho knowledge and at least the
tacit consent of some official of the association. Thr rules aro explicit on
the subject and penalties aro severe and
I used tn get up in the middle  whenever a case  is brought before the
of tho night and steal down through thi
wot grass and bushes to land behind a
stone wall before the crows came to
pull up some corn I had planted. There
was plenty of cover—a whole forest of
l rees and bush- -lint, those sly cusses
knew 1 was there quite as well as I did,
and I never got a shot to say nothing of
boards and proven punishment is prompt
and severe, but it does not stop the evil.
Secretaries are anxious to got entries.
They have hard work at limes to get
their classes filled and have so many
oilier affairs to attend to that the timer's stand is left to take care of itself.
Tin'  clover manipulator  who  does not
much  luck   as a  crow.    Ily  careful wunj  „  rcC0rd  verv often has allies in
work on my part, I caught one crow In  the same race and if so a genoral sealing
a   steel   trap   onco,   but   1    have   always
thought   it was a very young bird, nr a
very sick  ono.
And now they nre going to shoot 'em
in Stanley I'ark. Vancouver. Shade of
down of the. time of the heats may oc-
cur.    The Btartur nud  the judges may
havo  their own   ideas  on  the subject.
They may or muy hot  have kept time
on   the  heats,  but   have  accepted   the
Maybe some of the crows that timer's   tabs   as   sen!   out,   they   havo
iro    killed- -there'll    be    a    regular Deon   tiuiv  announced,  entered'in   tho
daughter, with the tamenesB of  'em— judge's book and duly signed  Por und
amount of detective work among assoc
iations suspected of not living up to the
rules, but if instead of a secret report
after the meeting is over, the agent
would frankly declare himself wheu he
saw tbe infraction of a rule it would be
far better. The balance of the meeting
would show a clean sheet. There is one
cheering fact that the time evil is growing less every year, that there is an increasing desire on the part of officials
to live tip to the rules and that with the
appointment of paid presiding judges,
which wiil surely come, the evil will
finally disappear.
*    ■*    *
Not ; frequently colts are turned out
after being weaned to rustic for them
selves, and this usually occurs in the
life of nn curly born colt about the
period of the year when thc grass has
suffered almost extinction from the sum
mer heat. The injustice of this pruc
tice ean readily be seen. It's nut the
spirit of fair play in the first place and
secondly, it's brutal, and many a stei
ling performer, speedy, as timo records
are considered and attained, would hnve
added further glory to that of ils sire
nnd dam if given the ehauce of an early
However,   many   of   the   defects   in   u
new 1
Enterprise, Ont., October ist, 1908.
"I suffered tortures for seven long
years from a Water Tumor. I was
forced to take morphia constantly to
relieve the awful pains, and I wanted to
die to get relief. The doctors gave me
up and my friends hourly expected my
death. Then I was induced to take
"Fruit-a-tives" and this wonderful fruit
medicine has completely cured me.
When I appeared on the street again
my friends exclaimed 'The dead has
come lo life.' The cure was a positive
miracle."     MRS. JAMES PRNWICK.
50c a box—6 for #2.50—or trial box,
25c. At dealers or from l-'ruit-a-tivea
Limited, Ottawa.
ce-w bora foal are 1 tlie- result of poor  '"B. nnd cue- usually  found  m  ilic ut
coding ciml  improper  cure,  lull  een   tlio [ tulll ami al  lln- liuvol, anil usually .1 inn
ly   fecund   in  ilic ic-rn-
proper e-aie-. but on tliol'uui 11 uu ai tne liuvol, anei usually dlaa*
ellll'l-    licetlei    e-aie    lee-    1 I'ae-e'el    lee    a    mill*    pCUf   Willi   e/rOWlng   HgO.      Ill   HOime   e-aiM
li'we'el .nhe-i-iiaiie-i',    Tlie taint e.f curbs,|uiedleii] assiseta Iuch moro barm tlia»
e]iaviii.*e. ,-c ml eeihe'is eel' tllis kind predoin-Igooil, particularly in scrotal hernias, aid
nates in Bninu families, and  Un- |ie-e-n   in Hie navel rupture a daily application
iiti-ity  nl'   limey   deposits   in   Die   Ineiie'11   tluetu I'  iodine will  die  much  im
tructurcs  in  certain   families produces wards linBteulng a e-leesing of the parts;
will lee descendants in u direct line' from j V11.** nefarloUB transaction  is completed. h'ii' taint of splints, side bones and sueli  ebul in ihis uge the sewing up cef a nav»l
ileai   sat  mi  the  All -Father's' ] .• we |oavo oue. of the calculation tho lilcc, in others the troublesome scours, hernia   is  a   light   nccompliBbinont   for
shoulder and whispered the news of tho number of  Independent   horson   who wind colic, bnranj enlargements, ami «
world in his ears—brought in by other majc(, ,t practice eef liming heals, thoroIi'ortli can either bo traced to injudicious
crows, no doubt.    It's an awful thing ,u.e several parties who must be partios care or purental  weakness and almost   *'''' ™.n '"' secured,    In unBiinitar
to think of, and when tho story is told t0 tho fraud,   Tho timors, if not solicit*  invariably  to   impure  ancestry,    With I foumlinuB,   low,   marshy   ground,
among  tho  other  crows  of  tho  world L,^ WOuld do their duty, but out of pure
there'll   be  a  groat  wagging  of  black g00,i  nature elee as thoy are asked;  the
heads and general refusal tee believe so majority ol 'In* drivers know within a
monstrous a tale as that eel' crows who  fraction  tho actual time of each heat;
knew s.. little* ale,,iit the i eleiiius in-  the  sicil-r genorullv  lias a  watch  and
clinatinns of man as to trust thomselves|ilas   .,   Vl.rv   eleur 'idea   when   In-   an-
wil hin range of his guns. Inouuces tlie lime- whether il  is accurate
or not. There is absolutely me excuse
^ PEAKING about this lovely trick of for the presiding judge not keoping a
IO     spitting in the other fellow's eye  c-lceso check on the reports from Ilic iin
presiding judge is lhe
•Verso CO
mo pie-cs humorist.
■ ie|e-:i Id- a joke.'
ie s easier.
Von   hav,
replie-,1 |
i,, hnve
Irs.  /..
while you're trying to get a tlireew
bind cen him: We have u gentleman in
our midst—best style -if Texarkanu Gazabo personals—who is ae.-e'used of having
indiilgeel himself in this limit of the
amenities eef the polite game of wrestling. This e-xpeeneni of mat manners,
.Mr. Charles Ceeiiklc of the effete East,
is admitted—even hy those.1 who are- not
burning witb hive- for him—to be the
real dessert in wrestling. In his last
match with our own and only Gustaf*
son, Mr. Coukle put on his specialty,
the porcupino hold. This consists of
leellillg cello's self intee a liard, round
knot and permitting the oilier fellow
to work ovor lhe puzzle eef untying it.
as long as his patience and strength
hold out. When the acute mind that is
located in the centre of the knot peril
1 \AUGHTKR    lii'l   you   leave   to   lish   f..
±J   much, mamma, before you caught    |
ketar  limit ir
water  in  Ho-  bath,  tail
T dd, mv la.lv. ll I in
fairlv blue,
"then eh,
lent   l-'ielll
she  threatened  to
,nd   Inn*,   did   vie
ag it?"
'use I   In   button   In
ed baby
ii   Icn:
It a a III a-    lei
keep    hei
JcUl,      I   ,.-
In'I  *.
bully for charity, but it sure
*re    are     no    public    weeping I did put a crimp in curling, hockey and
oilier winter sports that we have in our
midst   pretty   well   into   what   wo   list
A,    There   one-    Mrs.   Gieon. as Spring months, ordinarily.
e   sav   she   is   -ceii-h   ce   epiie-; !    Hut wi In'i worn-, especially those
■wi-, ' of ns win, cue* some bettor at summer ceives that lhe other man on tne ,|e
Quiet! Von should le.-ar her goods in sports thun wc an* at the win- on the point of sending for a cleaner,
ii when her husband is lent ter brand. For me, I can get along a lot'or of giving the human hall that has
li.-i  waist  in the hack better withoul   hockev  an.l  the-  rest  of; worn him ..in, a good, hard kick in the
thc  rink   revelry   thun   I   can   without ribs, tha knot is suddenly dissolved and
walks anil rides on the prairie, the plov-  becomes a flying mass of whalebone.   It
gol   a   new !>„ ,vil-,se|,., ,i„, ,„-:ii,-i,. chicken's whir-  is e-lainie-,1 f.er the porcupHno hold that
i  that  ought  r.      wi .,,,, ,.nl| ,,,- ,i„, orow—bold H   is   impossible  to  pin   Hit  man   who
beggars in black—the twisting Iiight of practices it Hat lo Hi,- floorTbecuuse he
the snipe. Ami over all. I lie beautiful presents no Hat siii-l'ae-c e-Nc,ept so much
blue summer sky and under foot the-; of a circle—a regular polygon with au
prairie, boundless breadth nf benefll and infinite number of sides—as exactly eo-
heaufv! incidos   wilh   the   Mat  surface  which   it
.    .    . i rests  upon.    This, as demonstrated  by
1,    .      , .,   . ,,  ,  u Mr. I'eciekle, is not sufllcicul for the pur*
is on   a     cist   - he- reason   lial (.letch ,,,•,,     , .e- i
I I I        *  la nil,.-      taaaaa POSCS    CC       11       CgCll       til      lit     Wleslllllg,    llllel
leccct    llackenschiniilt.      lhere   has '
I ii a lot id' disputing aboul that;
sonic- said  i!   was because Goteh spat  in
.Hack's   face,   gouged    Ices   e-ye-s.   spun
him around on liis head and eliel all man
leer of things thai  are nol   found in the
rule liooks eef chivalry, eer even in Ayer's
hi:  managku—
idea   for a   ini-lo
i,.  make- cc  hit.
'I'lee-   Writer     Wheel   is  il (
The   Manager    The-   ide-a   is   t..   intn
duce   a   cvclone-   into   Hie-   first   act   I Ice.
Will    kill   'cell    the   Cle-leels.
I    vou    get    an    .'intoiiio-
11'I     know
,- or not."
noli    the'sc
when ynu ae-epiii
wlietlier 1
•A poor cu
nee-   chance,
-d ce  wife-.'"
AI;i)S'l'ii.N physician tells a story of
a mun who moved mice a dilapidated old cottage, and was found
ky lhe doe-i.er busily whitewashing ii
■.side and out. "I'm glad to sue yi'rti
Baking this old place so nice and m-.-it."
.aid the physician, "it's been an eye* |
tare* in  ih,- neighborhood   for year-*.
" "I'aim. nothing lo nn- cilic.nl o.\ e
teres," was tin- re-ply. "The lasl couple
what live-,I here hail I wins three times,
and 1 hear whitewash is a good disin
fart mil. Ve s,-e. wo've gol ten children
I \ I;. ItOliEBT WOOD, of Johns Ilop-
telling ye
euving I rnnspcirlntion
r 'troubles?"
g> tee I'hiludolphia," said 	
d traveler, who was funih-   Almanac.     Others   maintain   tha    Hack
his  pocketbook    "Well "  "'IIS ""'  "'  coaditiou eer he would have*
isworeil   Hi-   Nnv   Vork   tickot-sellir,  twirled Gotch around one of his fingers
a lew times ami Ihen weeiild have filliped
him cell  for cc scpiciie fall on his back.
Maybe  neither  eef  those  contentions
  , is  rich';   ii   may  have beon  that Goteh
h ""'" "  I'lilinmn smoker were   W|j„  jus* i,,.,..,,^,, |„. was the* better man
vas the greatest 0)   .hl,  two—hud   more  strength,  more
inventor.     One   said   btephenson,  s!;ii|, „„„,, scu.l.    Mind vou, I don't say
-*'1' .e-nt.-.l  the I motive, and  mad.-   i( ,    wou|(ln>t'   |1U1.|    Hacken-,. . .    ,.     ,,    , .   ..
!'»"  "„ve ssible.    Anothor declared  st,hmidt..s  feeMngs  hv such  „  ..,,,„,  in.  though      niust do Mr. lonkle an   his
it  wus ih- man  who inventod il in-  „:„„.,,-„,„    hnl   If  -envheedv   should   ask accuser the justice to say that  I have
pass,   which   enabled   men   t„   uavinato  Mnu'!.o !!,.'.....    ....'...'.,.!.!,,,, ,n,! not  found  anybody who  would say  he
lh-  seas.     Anuther cent.-nele,I
"Hiei-for the WriK».  - „,-,.. %  ,-nd „r the string. ■ ,       ,, ,, ,c
& taco when these gentlemen  met on tl.
lint   horo's  what  Gotch  himself says  m.lt ,,,,, „.]„,,. ovonlng.    In othei words
In,nt il. and ii ihe Iowa farmer elnln 11 —Sooteli words—they do not put it. past
tHose whee saw lln- i 'eenkle-Gustafscui
bout agree Ileal Mi. Conkle put ill a very
pleasant two hours, chiefly within the
snug roi real of Hie- porcupine hold, so
called from iis resemblance tee the nice,
round, spiny hall into which the festive
porcupine lolls hinisell' when approached
by man or In-.-ist wlinin he suspects of
designs upon his peace of mind and integrity eef skill.
As to the expectorating episode, I can
lind me evidence except the assertion of
my friend of the Free Press. 1 have
asked several men who were either at
-.he bout or who had chese1 acquaintances
that were* at the ringside, ami none of
these had even heard of the incident, al
of lliem turned
remained silenl
n   di-  con  think
nnv ..a e> -""""*,   - * .   ,  ,    ,.     not   tound  anybody  who   wet  Iel  sav  he
"-i*'a.-e'e v ., w1ihI      ijuess, vou mav poinl lo the , ,   '       ,     ■        ■ ,   ■   , ,   ,-  ,,-,i   .
for   I-i   - ■        ""■'"      bu      * . •    I I con i    met  he argtie-c    into  a  belief     hat
'"     '." words above without fear of contrndic-  ...   ,,„_,.,„  j|,1fa-nu   :„   \i,.   „,.„.„„.,,
'is   I- iii- ,,       ,, .    ^.i_„._*  ,\l.   eoiikle   neei   sell,   ill   ..ii.   c-e,unseen s
j"~- lion Ir-iin mv end ot the siring. . , '   ,.    , ,
ittle. man
kins University was complimented
hy   a   young   lady   a;   cc   dinner   in : u
Saltimorc wc the artificial mirages thai
had succeeded  in  making in his lab
- Veil," lo- x
o- man win
I      i,,,,,,..-,,! amiie   have it  in his mind lo jolly a bit when Mr .Conkle  lo  spit' in  his  opponent '>
-  i... i t.,.i ..... ei.io i:„,, ,.i- ciMir- ,.-,,  , ',. .,    .'-... ......
nvunteil   interest   was  lu! handed ..nt  this line ol  stuff; we, 1 ■,.,,.,, jf i( happcnc.l In occur tee him that
think   there's   much   in   what   you   say.  ilM, ,,,,,;,,,.,,t   was auspicious for such
•    ,. Brer Hotel:
ke lead succeeded in making m his Inn      \   ■
• rai-.ry. "It  is lev attention t.. Ilic least   J\
eietccils."  slid   I'r.   W I   wilh  ci  smile,
moment   was auspiciou:
variation of the strenuous rules if his
, ...  ,.      "I won the' championship hy eoinbin* favorite game-.   In fact, a man wlio said
I      Il.l   '        11    l.ll III ttllt I'l Mil. JU.Vir. ... . . a ■ TI'1'1 Il.l .a,, ,, il ., .1 I
nlc   schools  was   instructing  a lnB "''" :""' physical power.    II 1  had  that .Mr. Conkle is a quiet, gentlemanly
ss   ill   the departments of the ""''  '""'  ll',so'u''0 control of  mind over chap, also said that he weeuid ask if he
,t  ono  sen- Is  in   exp „| „?,,,.', -,,t recently ciml cam!. musele   Hackenschmidt   would   stilly be really did spit  in Sumse-n's face.
this kind.    One must look after details  MiiuHv    ,,,    du-    customs    donnrtinonl " vincihle   Russian   Lion.    Ho s  a      For mc, I don't know.    If he did it,
liko—er—the landlord's wife. 'T mv,'  << Wli't-ii :i in liner reaches I'hiladel- '''"''^   '"""'   tel,ow<  bllt   baB   ""   ■"'"',••, it. is a pil v somebody—preferably Sam-
said tho landlord's wife to her little bov,  ,,1,1,1-'   s-ii,|   tin-   teacher    • • i   man   -ill Evory  """'  '"''''   "iak''   a   "love son—hadu '1  the stuff in him to kick n
'who is talkie,-,- ,,ie Hi.- doorstep tu v. nc ',.,,,^,.,| „., in uniform no-'e-is the pnsson- lil<>l'ally toll  ab.cut it lhe day before.  g00-a-sized  hole  in Conkle ami  poke in
rather?'    -It's    a    divinity    student,'  „,.,,  nnd  takes  all   they   leave  and   in- '   ,'""1'1  |V''1  llls1h-""1  creeping up my  ., few scraps of decency while the holo
To.nmv aiiswcre.l. -wh.. is l.e.diiicg id-a :,,„,.u ;,     S'ow can any ono in the class :"'"'-  ;""'   '   "'""'''   lcnow  ''X,"'U.V  whn' was open.    Wrestling isn't in tho class
furnished   room.'   'Hurry,   then,'   -cc!   le\\     w| |,„|   mn'n  is called?" t0 (Jo' nnd a? mil.klng a counter.movo, I with juggling ancient eggs, at best, and
lh- mother, 'end walk up cud clown the       \   ,,..,.|v   | |   ;„   ,)„.   |lls,   row   n,.w finally got Ins mind so confused ho did w]len n„. rules happen to be the Police
kail  whistling n  hvi.ee.' " ,,„     "Well   Tommy?" not know what ho was doing.    While he Gazette   formulae—nothing  barred   but
verage veterinarian, and perhaps i«
proper  procedure,  where-  a capable
y iur
propei- care ninny of the foaling ills audIkindred .•.eu.liticeies are productive places
misfortunes that   usually arc attendant ],"1' 'he  inoculntiou of worms, tin- poet.
upon an improperly cared feci- mare caul"1  ""'H' '•    'l'h'"- ar any ways ia
In- avoided to a certainty. Highly (od which a colt can become infested, suck
mares living a hie of idioimss are hard '*s grass from Hn- lowlands and hay
lo get   wilh  foul, ami   unlike  their sis I likewise,   Irom   the   mare's   iid.le-rs   and
many eether ways luce, such as improper
food, unclean watering places and foel
paddocks.    'I'he  eggs of  worms  piesseee
tors which arc given moderate work ami
judicious treatment, are subject   to  tho
distressing sickness of milk  fever, etc.
Marcs are often kept at moderate work remarkable vitality and will thrive ue
,■:■ s.a.e l'h,- presiding judge is Hie aim.est to the foaling hour, with excel ll,,r very cold surroundings and whee
highest authority of a meeting and upon  lent   results  in  many  e-as.'s. and  where  taken iuto the stomach pass off develop
lis vigilance tho faithful application of this   i lltion   e-xisls,   statistics   prove0'1   -11"1   »'''.'   redistributed   in   growing
lln-    rules   largely   ile-pe-nds.      When   a! thai   the   new   born   foal   derived   much' ii1i,mI
judge   knowingly   permits   suppression
When   a   ceell   bears   the   o»r
bonefit therefrom.   On the other hand it i marks of worms il should met he gives
: time and signs the judge's book with  is frequently shown that the foal of a  rash  medicines  lee oxpoll  them, and  ie
lhe  record  of  tho  races anil  the  time ed' affairs we- quote an authority,  whee I mnsl  "'ses a  mild .lose, of soothing oit
as sent over lev  liie timers, he has in-  has  this  to  say,   viz.:   -'The  tirst   milk j will  remove il vil. to which a smaH
tentionully not ouly violntud the rules, normally healthy mare rises to a siege Portion of turpentine has been addeaj.
ho Iin*-. also perpetrated a deliberate lit. of colt sickness and misfortune. W0 In developed cases ine.r.- strenuous for
He may try to ease his conscience by havo known marcs, whicli after tbo foal ""luges should he- employod, but miefc
placing thc entire responsibility on the i"g ti""' "'"I immediately after, t,e be nstringenl measures as the use of opioei
timers   who iu their turn well probably   '' concise, have abandoned their oil' h11)" Hi-' like Bhould not he employed, fer
v  that  thev wen* requested   lo do so  spring, and to appreciate this condition | with temporary relief lhe case- is aggrt
■   secreted  ley the mare after parturition,  vnted   ufter   effects   of   the   drug   have
called  the colostrum, contains peculiar pussed  off.
principle's, different  from the following!
secretions, thai are adapted to move the
ley some official or owner. The great
lillicully in the. case is Ilic.' the average
iniin thinks that he has done no wrong,
and Ihat In- has injured nobody. As a
mutter   of   fact    he   has   perpetrated   a
gross  injustice very   non-heat   win
nor. It is often said, "'Why do mel the
horsemen competing protest'" How can
they! Drivers are met permitted to carry
watches  in   races;   they  therefore  have
met   got   the
secretions, tnat are adapted to movo thi* -rrrrmcci    ,,       i , u  .
meconium,   therefore,   it   is   highly   in, I WIG,a8TH°w *lo you  know  he. a
 'ln.it  that  the new  born  foal should    T>      foreigner!   He has no accent.
have this lirst milk so as to expel the
meconium, thus obviating obstinate and
fatal attacks of constipation and assist
ing Hie bowels to assume their natural
Waggs— No, hut, he knows ee
many ways i-i which this country rovlil
bc improved.
horseman mny tell them the time thoy
made, but drivers arc very reluctant to
go before the judge's unless the- case is
flagrant and almosl self evident and
will often Buffer in silence rather than
make a complaint, which in all probability will be turned down. Exper
ience has shown that it is almost useless
to look to the drivers t" aid in Hie sup
prcssion of the evil.
The starters being licensed by tho
parent associations, are instructed to use
all   iluc   vigilance   in   seeing   that    Hi
Sonic   friendly  function."     Accepting   this  authority,
one can readily appreciate the import
ance involved in compelling the unnal
Ural im.ther to perform its lirst. maternal
'buy t" the- foal, and unfortunately,
where siie-h condit hens are present,
means should be devised to secure' for
lhe baby, by gentle means, too. the lirst
milk of the mother, for with force em
ployed sympathetic excitement finds its
way to the mare's ml.ler and has a dam
aging effect upon its contents. After
foaling, thc colt is confronted by now
nnd   many   ailments.     If   breathing   is
Russell   Automobiles
141 Princess St., Winnipeg
strictly   enforced  and it   is | !lot Prompt respiratory moasuros shoi	
lie entorced, such as breathing into the
nostrils, gentle massaging eef the body,
nnd teaspoonful portions of whiskey and I
wnter might he given witii geeod results.
The colt should be- dried gently but
thoroughly,'if the mother fails to por
form this function, and kept warm in
flannels, Usually the drying process isj
performed, and bettor too, bv the mere
wrapping of flannels.
plainly iheir duty to elo so. Hut unfortunately the starter is paid by the in
dividual member anel is usually hired
for the meeting. There is plenty of
competition ami the' starter while- at
tending to his important duty, tee the
best of his ability, wants to get the
goodwill of the horsemen and retain the
friendship of the officials with an eye
to future engagements, We have known
a courageous starter refuse to announce
the time of a heat sent over tee him
and return it for amendment, which was
deeiie; but how many men will take* lhe
risk? The. logical 'man to BOO that all
rules are complied with is (he presiding juelge, and he should bc duly licensed anil paid, lie* is iu a far better position than the starter to cheeck on time
from the moment the word is given till
the winner puts liis nose under lhe wire.
With an efficient judge and starter working in harmony any attempt at evasion
eef the rules would be quickly suppressed. It is understood that both associa- j
tions   during  the   Benson   do   a   certain
Veeung steeck are more or less subject
e   ruptures,  some   more   or   less  alarm
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per week.
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Itecele fceeejel c-e.mcs (10111 tile- use. eel SPOHN'S DISTEMPER CUM
ill casus eef Bwaiccp fever. It is io bt* glvoo us a preveietitc rrtw
tilllc tee time. ll. n.-ts ecu tho lelelceil iinej *;lllllils ; e'li'llliscs tile, ejyslflej..
For lereecel marcs tlicri- is nothing l.e ciiinil "SPOHN'S." Art
yuur druggist eel- harness dealer tel get it leer yeeee. All acrhnlcitaU
cine,; lieniscb carry il.
Spohn Medical Co. Chemists and Bacteriologists,GOSHEH, lnd..U.S.«
■ ri,-
tt-as working himself Ice death, I was us- the strangle hold and axes—nobody need i
through tho South some time ago    A   l-lli >I-T>
train   stopped   for  a   lay-over   in   a   il     of Oxf
small   town, and  he  wenl
Steere'    tee    IllClke'    Cl     pUT'-ll
keeper   could    nol
ing my brains.    I  was resting now, now g0 prepared for profound politeness be-1
on one side, again on the other.   Finally,, ,„.,,,,„ ti,e men  who are contesting,    lf,c
alter tw., hours  I  arose, picked him up  ti,P..  ,i0   tlicy   won't  get  it,  but   there1'
t'eel'l    III'      I.   livers t\     |„,,|C1..   ,1,.,.,,it,,  l.ta  -e-'.o nvl.eeiieatnd   emeieeils e . e  ■' 1 ,       .,
.     V      leoelin    ell Spite   IIIS   -.ell   I'\ 11,1 USl I 11   pOllllllS,     |s    Bl1Cll    Cl    llllllg   CIS   dei-CHCV    I'VOU    111    till'
t  cc liaiinuet one niglit   ,,,,,]   .,.,,„,„   ,,;,,,   ,,„   (.;„   I,n.,,l      -ri,.,t   took c •      ,e *e i       se       ™
,      ,   ' .      fc      ei'iet iiiiew  mm 'en  ins nciei.     inui toon  roughest  game in the world.    If a man
.   ,  iPPPPi.;"...;"!!•:  e've-iy i.ii "f light  f llackenschinidl. .,.,,„ -t  i„,  ,i,,(.('„t, I,,, shouldn't play at j
quit    to   e
TTTUKN   Consul   Boah   ..f  the   Wood.   :l1"- _
V*      in, n .if the World was traveling
I'lM iFKSSi Hi   from   lh
alley drank    sc
tore The professor did not know ihis wine's .,,,,1    1,,.      ..       ,        ,         1 ,,,,., .<■    ),,.,,..,                          ■ ,      ,         ,           , ■■   ■,   ,
1                                    1  ■      11  • '""'   "'    ' ""   '"   S,IW    niiiiM'ii   Doing any game; it ha does play and isn't do*
make      a*   correc extruonl nary   slrciiglli,   am    111   a     in ,,,,-.,,,.,, •-                                                              *.    -.   -                 .1        'a*          .          i
,,                      1,1,1       ne        1 tlirown, cent,   it   is  up    ee    he   referee  tn  make,
•Inn,,-,. I.,r Ice* hi      can, ,'d    inn; so  .\ r. 11 n<-<-   he-    oc.k   too    n  c  .     When   he ,,,,■.-,,                 ,       1      ,- ,-                      ,   . •               r- .1                     .
*      -       ,    ,      '   .             ,'     .                              ,,           ,i,iii-i         .1 <>eh, isn     it, tin    mere v chm-king a lum s,, or put  lmu out ot the gnme.    A;
Boak  wa k'-e   out  in search "   -,,1 ne ruse 1,,   eave  lhe- table his   egs, tee      s ,       ,,,,..,.          '   ,           1 .-       e               a- .. ■                -ee  .      1   .1     »*-,
,              ,     ,,     '     ',                    .  -,                                                       1 Wn   nni' ree   cun   tnrtv poiiinl man down , tew  lessons ol   this sorl   will   teach  the
"hn could,    I'-.-si.le* 1 r outs do was dis,.,. •   lott, red  and    he  room    eemod    -\l „        d „ d , t() b(,,,ilve.
,„ old negro sitting on a box whittling   tn -wee  slightly       II,,- horrified  irofes. , , ](|   h,^  ^ ,      As f    M).   ch   ,     ,,,„,,,     m,xt M|,n.
,   so   ..0,  to   he   ilo   I. safety    tie sa       8 , refreshed and day's match witl, Oustafson will tell a I
l„w„ „,   1.    mos    listari   corner,    Bu   t(       h      h ]a   h        hom\loi „,- ,,„, Btorv „,- ,„IW ,„, wre8tles_
11 h.s jou g lostess, loading am id     d-)     *            .,    , t]    in. fairly or unfairly, witl,  skill  or with
■'"'■'••■' "!   "1" aa   ,„,,„,, ,„, „"„,,,„„,   „,,,,   Baid he'd had meanness.   He has made half of a good
reputation;   il   is  up  to   him   to   finish
VOL.  1
Xo. 23
•hnnge  a   twenty dollar   bill.'"
At   firsl   ih.-  negro  looked  up  in  3111 	
prise;  then, seeing  tl,,- <ai-nesi   look   in uh
Uc  Book's  face,  he  hastily  rose,  took Id,-
• If   his   sl'iin-lc   hat,   bowed,   nnd   said
" 'Deed   nn'   Ah   cuin't.   boss;   but   Ah Igazed  al   tl
'predates  eh-  honol   vou   ha-  I'linfu'heel articulated
• a no',  jis ' *le- seem.-! ' * voice:  " Wl
ini his approbation.
1W 1 n
me   11,   I, ,,',■!■" , ,
iirol'i-   . ■■  --,t   me   verv  erect      He-  plenty and then some,
It's cc very pretty proposition, though, 11 he .job nnd make good or tn undo what
this  mind  and  matter  affair,  but  I'd! he has gnined so far.
like lo see* how it   would work out for 	
such   .1   man   as   h'uelvard   Kipling—the'       , , . ., ,,
sublimated quintessence of mind—to try I W'IAI  '•" -*'"" suppose, Algernon,1
Inssilv. Then he
illv, in a honrso, thick
hiinnie littlo child."
te, take- a fall out of Kaoul de Rouen— I " ""' >'">"'--' """I-' asked is the
10,   mind   at   all,  as  nearly  as  one can r''-'s""  t,lu'l oeoan  1S "f.1*?'    ,   .
make out from accounts of his mat work.: "r »"• «lir'- .' (,1"" ,; know- *J™wlod
I fancy a inaich like that would put a A1gy> "unless it is because there are sn
irimp in  little Prankio's psychological \™<™y '.'cdlish in it. ■
*    '    ' j TjIBKNEZER—Thom   skeeters   makes
WHAT do v„u think „f crow hunt*  -^   >'„■ think of them city visitors we
ing in the centre of a city?  You        ,. ■'•'•. .the   week   before  last.
His Wife—How's that, Ebl
don t believe it.' Come again;
it is all true, ami the place is Vancouver,
I think myself that it is doubtful if
there's another place mi the face of
civilization where ereews ur.' so much at
homo ns they are in Vancouver. I have
seen them walk out of the way eef teams
nut there', like pigeons or sparrows in
Xew York or Boston.    The last time 1
Ebenezer—They come pretty near
bein' the worst singers anel the biggest
eaters I ever see.
A SMALL   boy   in   Yonkers   recently
became the preeud possessor of a
donkey—not so handsome or so
young as it might have been. However,
it answered the purpose of its acquis!*
wen in Vancouver, 1 looked out. of the tion, which wns to afford back rides,
hole] window —the Vancouver — and One day the urchin was enjoying a ride
saw a big, black crow settle on the roof when the minister of the parisli met him.
'of a building close by. lie walked! " Hullo, sonny!" greeted the minister,
around, peeked over the edge, examined ."Quite a rare beast you have tliere."
the moling and carefully Inspected thei "Yes," replied the bay; "but I sup-
chimneys—for all the world as though pose there an* a great many of 'em
be owned the place and was examining I in the theological gardens."
It was in the hereafter.
The mnn encountered a singular group of animals.
There were two or three beavers, an otter, and some seals,
mink ami marten.
All were shivering, though the climate, to suy the least
• f it, was mild,
"What's the matter with youf" said the man, in perplexity,   "You seem chilled.''
"We were skinned for your wife's furs," they explained
"Shake! " cried the man, sympathetically.   "So was II"
When you run up against a skin game, if you're wise,
you smoke a Buck-Eye und say nothing. To the Buck-Eye
smoker there is always the soothing consolation that whatever happens his cigar will not go back on him.
Always the same, year in, year out, tho Buck-Eye is faithful to its ideal—to retain its position as the best ten cent
eigar seeld today.
P.S.—If that statement seems strong: to you, buy a
Buck-Eye and Smoke it. You'll find neither statement nor
Buck-Eye too strong:.
4 eMMBBNei
Hands Tied tp Prevent Scratching
Five   Doctors  Failed   to   Believe,   But;
Zam-i.uk Worked a  Curo
Mis. Chits, Le\srp. ui' Preseott, .North (j
< liannej, Ont., talla iiuw Zatn-Hnk cured 11
her baby. Slip raja. "My baby's head!!
mul   face   was   one   complete   muss   of j .
sores.    The itching and irritatiou were     .   _   ..    _   .        ,.. . ,,.,., ,,
fearful, and tlie little one's uligbl   was I   A   '   hJf ***  wedding engagement  as     4       L*   DICB(
,rttl1\ il    officiating clergyman, the nervous] -TV    when Car
the old mail packet route, whose pur
tagee me packed hard by the moccasin
Bd feet of a Hundred yearn.
IU- traverses a .Land at a Standstill.
Prom Winnipeg Karl Grey t ravelled
by rail to thc scores of Luke Winnipeg.
Here  tbe  small   mounted  j
The Horseman
feared |
by   Un
so serious that at one tin
her ears would be eaten
"We had to keep her hand* tied for
young minister asked:
tomary to cuss the bride?"
IS ii  kit-  I was   called,   was   exhil.itihg   with i Iie "Ml,"J" ,VI ™M"*"U V*™"* "u"*' Ilater il( fcue tVt'"k nc wou i:i  l-"!,:;»-    He
■ Ih.erow  at  London.    A  manager  with ; endlessly down  the Hayes River, shoot , wafi accompanied bv the usual runner at
: whom  Carter had made and broken an | In« J*}"*;* ..P0***1?,* saj.llD«,wbe? &? | tbe  side.     It   was  ai,   exceedingly   well
days to prevent her'rubbing aud scratch-1  TAMES    ALBEBRY,   the   dramatist '
ing  the   sores.       Doctor   alter  doctor It)     was   descending  the   Btepa  of  his; -The bailiffs came up to the stage door |
treated  her in  vain, until  we had had; club,   when   a   stranger   addressed j and   »flked   for   Carter.       "Show   the
fire doctors.     '.'key ull agreed it was ai bim thus:    "I  beg -nur pardon, but if
IIa! -non the next heat in 2,04, and tiicnj pion st^Wion before tbe wa*on i- over.
Worry   Widow   won   The  third  in  2.06%]      As  t/hian egaVe The meeting tt- open
and the race ended,   Tbe horse tbal won I ing note of triumph h<- literally eloM-4
tht fastest  heat  gol   third money.    The   it in a bla*e of glory by trotting a miJ«
mare wlio won tbe slowed g*'t  second,  to sulky ia 1.58%, aeeocrding to regain
In  tbe  tbrt-e-year-old  mveepstakei-  that I tion   rules.    Be  tbm   became  the  real
Here  tbe  small   mounted  police  patrol] a^HB  champion  gelding   Uhlan   made I rl,'w'1    ;ilul    vwift   fiUy,   Bwilj    Ellen I ehampion  oi   the   trotting  torf,  aa  do
boat   carried   bim   northward*   still   to"   J_     Tll(. opening dav ot the Cleveland  wn*cu   u""  tlu"  Hoi-M-mai.  Futurity  at | otber trotter without the .tut -,i q  .Mnd
Norway Mouse, the famous uld trading j meeting    torevei     memorable    bv   Detroit,   wou   easily   in   rtraighl   heats,   shield   iu  front   has ever trotted   faster
'putting in the second  in -.lo'_..    Th'sltttan  2.01.    Lou  UUlon, also owned  by
dang lit ei of Todd looms up as one of the   Mr,  Billings, hus a  wind  suield  record
big winners uf tin- year. of i.-""1'-.    Major  Delniar  lias a  record
Not  the least of the achievement}. ■ ■! [of the class of 1.59%, but  .'Man stande
post   of   the   Hudson's   Hay   Company,  trotting to wagon driven by his owner
Situated at the extreme end of the lake,   t'.   K.  -..   billings  iu   champion   record
LUDICROUS    incident    occurred iV** Ui* J«tibe <>f eirilization, the start  , tiwe 0, &01| aud (ill| it 80 ,K.V).rl    that
er, the lion king, u km   JD« R* °J    or,th(' barren   aDd*    ™ence   it caused really  no great surprise, when
, ,.:i...c.   .   ...:..   Ille   will tulle to aanofi meet   padelle etowll. ; ju[e ^■>********"
frightful e-nse nt' eczema, but. n<>i.<- of I there a gentleraan"in thiiTclub with on
them eliel any  permanent  good. I eye of the  icame of X f"    Albery
Ac* ii lusl resource we- wero advised   answered the question  at once by cute, try Zam a.nk.    The  lirst. box did 60   other:    -'Stoic a  moment.     What's the
J 'much  good   thcit  we  felt   sure-   we-  were I ua,,,,. 0f b,s other eye.'"
I \   '* :'t   lust working  in  the  right direction. .   ./,
I I r We persevere,] with the treatment un-L-a N ,,,,,, ,ir,t ni llt „,* ., nt, i(,(.r.
nil 'I' we "". T. }b,rtpn hmr\ "ml ttt U a pretty voung actress advineed
Lifl !. .''•■.■•• ,that  '".'.'" ' :"" &la'- '" ,s::-v| to the front of the stage Banal
/.cun link    Inul    effected    a    complete
Mrs.   Holmes,   of   SO   Guise   Street,
Hamilton, is quite as eloquent  in  lu-r
praise,      sin* says:—" i^ani-Buk cured I
my inev nf leeeils uii.l eruptions when he |
eee   llllel   thai    he
hud   been  unable
! ii)jc_r    in    uu    exquisite    new    costume.
"That must  huve cost three thousand
t fruiics! " suid, audiblv, a lady win, sat
j with   her   husband   in   the   front   row.
''No,   no—only  twenty-five   hundred/'
be saiel, mechanically.    Then  he found
lee mix with other children.   Zuin-ltuk is
,-c   wonderful  preparation, cutel  mothers!
DUgkout the Icueel should always keep     A
her eyes li.\eel  on  aim, and  wab* silent
l-'AMul'S   North   I'ceneliiici   clergy
handy. **     man,   while   preaching   from   tin*
i'or e-V/.e i, eruptions, rashes, totter, text,    "He   glvoth    his   believe-
ringworm,  and  similar  skin  -lis sleep," stopped in the middle of his dis-
i ,-e-s. /.nm-link is witliciiii  equal.      It course and gnzed upieu his slnmbnriiif!
ccise, lilies cuts, burns, scalds, piles, ab ' coagrogatioa,   cuiel   Bald:     "Brethren,
se-e-sse-s. (.hi-nnii-  sores,  blieeeel  piiisiniiiig, ti is liurel tee reallzo the* unbounded love
et.-.    All   druggiats  and  stores  cit   SO which the Lord appears to have for ;<
cents a leeix. or post free for price from largo proportion of mv auditory."
/.um link   ro„ Toronto.      liofuse imita *    • "•
tieecis. ^"pilK enthusiastic  cinglcr  was telling
  X    se.me*   t'r'u-nels  aboul   u   proposed
~ lishing trip te, u lake* in Oolurudo
NO SUCH THING AS MUSICAL EAE which he had  in contemplation.    "Are
a-_ _ _ . there anv trout out 1 hi*ro*?"' asked "in
j!fi*eclares   Doctor   Feis,   ramous   Ear (,;rrM    e,Tho„san(c,8 ,„■  ,em ,. ,.   ,i(,,
Expert-Seat   oi    Musical   Un- ,,„. ug|.ti    ,.wiu ,,„,v  hitp er,snyj"
derstanding the Brain asUa  M„,„i„,,-   friend.'    "Will  tl'n-y.'
irulilHNi.  .ee ci iceiik  l-v tin* icciii Why,   they're   ciles.,lnti.|v   vi,*ieMi-.     A
A( OOKDiNU  i» a hunk  l-y tlio lain-
ous  ear export,   Doctor   l-'eis,  tbeI
inusieal   eai   is  :i   myth,     'lhe  sea
of tiiiisieal understanding is iho bruin,
and the e:ir is shape.i in ticcovdltuco
with the brain's requirements.
The doctor cites :i Dumber of fuels
showing that the ear,-* oi musicians arc
often worked so hard as i<» become use
loss, deafness occurring ul an early
peri oil. simply because I lie nerves of
Iho end apparutus gave out. There seems
io bo one outward sign uf musical un
an lias to hide behind u tree to bait o
I | hook.''
KPKAT   llu*   words   the   defendant
used,"   commanded   counsel   for
the  woman  plaintiff in  a ease 01
slander being tried in tbe  First  (Jvhn
inul Court  of Newark recently.
"I'd   rather   not,"   bashfully   replied
the   defendant.      'They   were   hnrdly
words to tell to a jfontleman.'' ^
"Whisper   them  to the  judge,  then,"
,.       ,.   „,i,   .   ,i,;,.i.    .....  in|1(.    maffnannnoiisiy  Hugmjnted  counsel—aad
derstanding, though, j.^thifk ^jj^ ,|w%„„rt was obHgad to rap for ardor.
bowed   de
held in the bat
magnanimously sugi
the court was
eided thickening ol  the lefl lobe. a  Tn prayer meeting held in tne duck
Beethoven's troubles began when his! ly    woods    of    Rhode    Island    testi
Mozart,   Meet
:.i nt hi
d\ en.
■.nt m
rats refuse.I to telognij
notes to his brain. .*»s im
upper  notes  grew   iuto  complete
ness within three years,
t he   upper j monies    were    rortjuested,
litv to hoar   very old woman tottered to her feet,
loaf*|     "I   want   ter  tell   ihis  blessed  com
Winn he found j puny,"   her   voice  quivered,
>m»n—_ __   'thai    1
thai he eould no more hear tho sopranos' huve ihoumati/. in my back, and rheu-
und the high notes ot' tite violins, Booth matiz in my shoulders, and rheumat1"
oven   grew   depressed,   because   mclan-1 lu my 1
ids, portaging, sailing when the j *jiie  hl,i,._
engagement, isaued a writ against  hiin.:"'""   ,s  fair'  winding In and  out  be- rated  mile and stamps  Mr.  Bilifuga as
■      'tween  mossy, treeless banks, until, far t|,e fjiampjon reiusnian of the eoatinent
in   the   distance,   there   ghmnier   the The tirst quarter h-;.s in inn,  seconds
gentlemen up," said Ducrow; and when   waters of Huoaon s Bay. the  aecond  in  29%,  the  third  in  :.in..
they reached the stage there sat Cartel ;     At   fork   Factory, another  Hudson s and the Inst  in 30%.    lie- thus event te.
composedly in the great cage, with a:,! Bay  post, supplies will  be  replenished the half in 59% seconds.    In the latter
enormous  lion   on   each   side   of   him.   and a start made up th.* west coast of part oi  tbe journey he leccel to contend
"There's  Mr. Carter, waitiiie; for you,  Hudson's  Hay  towards  Port  Churchill, with   n   breeze,  en-   in    nil    probability
gentlemen," sniil  Ducrow; '•'gei in and ! the coming metropolis of the north. And would have done the mile in 2.00.   He is
take  him.'   Carter,  my   boy.  open   the' from    Port    Churchill    a   Government a    genuine   uatural    Ainericun    trotter
door.''   Carter   proceeded   to  obey,   at  steamer wiil carry the Covernor-Oenera) wearing  only  u   light   pair  of  quarter
the  same  time  eliciting  by  a   private   out  through the straits into the North boots forward,
signal a tremendous roar from his e-om-1 Atlantic, down  the  Labrador coast, to       |-|,|.ni   is   sjx   yeaTt   ,,, ,    b     [jiu„(,n ■
panions.   The bailiffs staggered back in   the  Gulf'of  St.   Lowrence  ami   home. 2,oti-y4, dam  Blonde, by Sir Walter  .ir  !
terror, rolled  over each  other as they   Native guides and eaooe-men, puckers, o.18V4.    As u  three-rear-old  he showed
rushed down stairs, und noarlv  Painted   »nd hunters will Reemployed from one in  » y,.   .,.  .,   four-year-old  he  tool   al
before thev reached the street. trading post to another, and the party ,.,,,.,„.,, ,„  a Ql       „„•■ h|st Vl..n. |u, ■     .\
will  Iravel  in  precisely the same man- in   L,(i:il|.   tb      b   m   hU ' ,-.,„„„„  ,..„.,,
nor   as   did   Alexander   cMackeuzie,   or wit|,   [iumburg   Belle   he   wns   at    her
Thompson, eel   ltoSS, "li  their  voyages ejt eahonlder   uie..,.   sl,,.   Hn.ulia.l   i.,   ,1  ,
GTATaJT     e^pTfjAfeaj ,     '      . , , ,        i I    ,-,-. sine.uni     l.llilc    -in-    Hlil^||,-il    ||]    | ,,,-       |>    1
lAINi.   b.tlJNAOii e-xple.ratleen   nearly  u   hundred  anil  fifty h,ea)   •„  2.0H4.
AiVljiM;   crops e-rown  in   Norfolk   is   years aeo, when the country of Baskat        .... .
an experimental plot of one of the  chewan to the west, an.l the mining re ,      l».,s *vf ""' ""' ""'.*' -urpns,. ot the
must  curious   vegetables  soeu   in Lions of New Ontario te. tbe east, this "pening uu}, as cc tne -.1,   trot   Nancy
Europe. vast  und almost   inaccessible area  has ?°.f> w'° ba» nppcared to be invincible
propoi    held si nly aloof from the white man, "' l'"'  'l-""i- ■■'•'« .}f>'>'u'<\ h''PP^ '"■.
!.     iv    and is tracfted only by the redskin and ^:"« "  ' *•">>•  «'ith Uro  Belli.  the
animals he pursues.    It M"'u.!"1   ',l;l'"'        ''"'   "'""   "''"   '"«•
tlie Cleveland week  was the victory of
The Harvester in the 2.0(1 trot, whicli he
ut ns the tii-t trott?r iu u race under
natural conditions and with only :i f■ tt-*
won in 2.04y and 2.03*4. being the fast  I maker  at   tlio  side  to  trot   below  two
est two heats in a race over trotted bv a : minutes.     -Nor   does   this   appeal-  to   be
stallion, and  incidentally  equaling  tbe '' the limit of this Wonderful horse, Tor tun
race record made b\  fres-a-eiis at   liri^h ; trainer. iTiarle- Tanner, if thirty pounds
ton  Reach in  1902, in the lirst  heat of [over  weight,   and    there   was  quite  a
In- race with The Abbot.   This is also  breeze   blowing.     1:   i( iring  the  Reason
a new mark for a five-year-old trotting 1 there should b*- such :■ hnppi  eorabina-
stallion.    Had  there  been  anything  to] tion of circumstances at a perfect track
drive hi in out  he  would  probably have   no wind and Uhlan in perfect condition,
defeated all stallion  records, as he had   a still lower record i- a  possibility.
such ii big lead of Sonoma Girl that he      The Cleveland  meeting  was a  great
was  really  uot   extended  in  the  home   popular and sporting success, the atten
stretch,  lit will certainly bo tho .-ham I dance beating all pre*>      > records.
It is ii spinach of enormoi
tions thai grows stems four
feet in '   ight,    The lirst discoverer of | |l><' I'urbearing
ACCOUNTANTS I    eiecc com  .- .ce .T!,;.,.-i   Vfcounting  ind Chae •   . .!   .
were-   |.l-e-|.;il,-,l   ley   thre-c  - le.erle-i. .1   c. ......ie,l.- 1 -   cc -I    e   li.ec...
•I'ece- Mc.-.-.-c  ACCOUNTANCY RCIIOOI, i ;:„i ,
elm- le->s,,i,^ cere, cceclli, nice .  i,,,|,» ,1 ,c, .   ,,,.■  ... ,     ,,-,,;;.-.
inily cue- suitable t'.-c- .cue province in Tli.   Oomiiiiiiu.
Wily  s 111 al y  COUl-BOS  \ll,,,l,   ee. r,-  eicly   writt.'t]   foi   ..e .-  ;. ,, v. u. ,   '
V.'e* had more siifccssful sticclonts at lhe  C.  A. Examinations ic   1910  then  tho
total passes for Manitoba. Alberta ard Saskatcbevan In any  *ne previous year.
\Yrile l.n prospi-rtie-s cccl full partieulc rs.
P.O. Drawer 2929     D. A.  Pender, C.A..  President Winnipeg, Mar..
t'ei-t in  '    -.lit.    'lhe lirst  iliscovorer of   ine '■'" ueuriiitj .cei m or ,.,,,.u<==.    .. .,..,,      •   ,    .     ,
ihe plant  wiih a  l-Vench profeuor, who   i«  »   biirreu   a  deserl   within   mi -;      '•; ""'    " •"   '  ■ '  -V;  •      t.;.   ,
brought, -. ed for use us n vege oasis.    Hut   it   is a  good  pel!   country, ■   '  ,.'''.    !   '"     '     ;      '       "      "
table  an.l   luter   tested   the   plant   For »nd the little part  it has played In the     '     •'   ' 'Pl'PP *','""„ J"', "'"	
paper   making.    Ou.   of   Icic,  lirst   ,,-„P world's l.istor*v  is no.  without  interest.     .;.";,   " -<"      >''' «»'       '»     	
some sample mils of , er have recent Much  uf  this  history,  indeed,  never   ''•"''■ ■""' **°»« K « " Mow.-, time,
Iv In  made, and the miner nroves to   lias I n and ucver will be written. One -    -    -
paper lc
I Ihe paper |
tiuest e|iiulity.
Iv   I
be of tl
It is claimed for this spin;
will   yi\ee   ci   greater   weigh.
l.a-.-ii and neve! will In* written, I lnr
..eard   of   I lee*  time-  wheu   the   old
-li Hint  il
Hudson's   Bay   Compauy   men  and  thi
ii,i,'. N""h WeB'   t'ompany   rough!    for
rown feci ' l"''-,|i"i'.v iii the fui trade,   tiefore that
'   gain one might recall the building ami
f old Fort Prince of Wi
l-'cei some uiieliscovered renson I'lee-
Abbe was ne,i the fuverite ut Detroit
for ihe- Chamber cei Commerce jcn-i-. hu!
iliey iiiccelc me mistake iu the l-ldward
Stake feer lice 2.1*1 pacers, cuiel ._.
brother   of   The   Abbot   brought   them
than nnv other nnininl crop grown  fm   I"".'"".'  '■• ."" •  .   ,.,, ,   tuey  iiiuae no mistake in the  l.elwnr
this purpose, and thut theconsi ,-v   "«»'" ","-1' '   "r   I ,   l       V*,'h*     Stuk''   r"rtl,°   "U    !"""'*•   ,""1    '
of the stems is more favorable for paper  ^"'.^T "J ' -^  )'',,,      T|. ^,,"   hr"1""'   "(   'n'"   Abbol   brought   thu
making  than   auv  of  the   straws  ..„. , "'f   " "al,,u  "',!'" ,,        !.'  * •   'Z*i   ,>n'""*U   '"'   ^ Mtl   ^"   '"'   *™K
some of the „ ufacturers have oxperi ' >.* '"' ''T ""   'j' tZlZul alone ex    llt':"-' rnMn* ''"""  llis """"l "' -'
mented   with.    This  giant   spinach   is  >u'>';-   >""}"'<"' . .'  "   ,™ "»"„/   i^iwilil<' '" is """' "'«<  "'" Bnlriiw »,-
growing verv luxuriantly in the Norfolk   ''"I""1-   A,"' ,".,';       ,Z„ous   turned '' rl'""' " '" :,Uv'''-1T uHI '" "' '""''■■'■
experimental  plot,  and it  seems likely U^artr, hardy nnd mirngeous, tu.iied   the horses behind huve always ex 1,
that i, will du v r pen seed. "PP- "'""„' ■lt<„1'"     ,"'-,, „ ' i    table  "" ""'i'' sPcod' :""' """'t-'1' » flnlih mi
Sackett Plaster Board
The Empire Brands of  Wall Plaster
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
The l-'rn
uutchiug n  white cloth from the table
around   which   lie   nuel   his   councillors
,,            ,   ,,-     .- ,   ,         , ■ ,    •    ,     •      , were  sitting,  nnd   waving  it   from   the
lli.wer, half-artichoke, which  is  having   .,,,,„, ,{p., si      , ,„ ,ge ,,,.,„,,, All    s-	
s' '. "'«','" "' »  V,"1"'' !' :'"'  :""''' " : Miirill   ile   In   I'erouse   that   lie   and   his   S,"M" "
wns introduced to England by Mr. Mar j Iiull.  ganimn   surrendered.   The'ruins
rench pro    „,* porj  pr-incE ,,|  vValeB nre still to be
-lc professor is thee K,*iuie who
■•helianti,"   that   half-sun
ste*is, nf King's Lynn.   Tl
fessorarst turned'his attention to these I sot,„  1|g lue udmirnl and  the-  e*n*w-  .,1
Anii-iii-nii plants m the coarse of ce cam    his  u,,.,.,.  frigatos left  them, the stunt
I'n,-F"   1M   'MN'"    "'   v,-;;,*tcii-innisi,i.    of   8ton(, wu|is blow,, llimrt with the black
which   l.e-   c-   cm   iirilent   votary.     But  .,ow(ier brought into that far-uway coun
helianti, or '-the sun  plant,     is turn    trv bv tho ,.,„„,,..,„,• which reared then,.
ing out to be more useful for its mass  t)l'(,  .,M.lt.nt   cnunoii  half-buried   ice  the
of green fodder than for its tubers, aud   ,„<1SS  „,   ,|„,  barren  land.
the giant  spinach  is now  being grown       ,, ,, ... ..,       ,,-
chiefly in hope's that it mav pi-ov? use ' .  ,'"""   Henrne's time  until   within  a
ful for paper  ling, ' '""   >' ¥  'f0  ,ll,s e-ivntry  .euiaiaed
unknown ami unregarded,     rhe traders
It will be -ei'iie' time before it can be   nll,| nu. tmj,j,erB Wenl  nuel came, pad
mc I rheiiiiiiiti.'. iii my arms, I known what weight  per acre the pliint   ,iivn{* m ev.itie supplies each summer auc
I appear close il does no. always f.ellov
that the'winner is nil in. (Jeers is a
grand master e>f the- Hue cut nf having
rve *-|ee'e..| .ci t he finish, nicel ne,
driver lins yet been able tee take hi*
measure. Another remarkable perform
niie-i- \\;'^ ilecct of ihe rejuvenated four
ie'-.n ye-ci r eelcl lc-eiiie-i-. Count ry ,!.-i\-. who
won the 2.(18 trot, defeating a fas. Held
in straight In-.-cts in l'.hs and S.dtl'/i.
Country -lay is certainly a. |)henotiieiton.
Thai I'n.lie- Archdale has her limit
was denionstraleil in the L'.ln trot. The
c.-ee-e- ^\;|s em the ilii-e-e-  Ice-nls plan, and
she landed the tirst  I seeond in 2.00'f.
nuel 2.07.   lu the third heat sh,* was bad
ly beaten ley Billy Burke, nnd hnd to be
. ' e-eeict'-ni witii fourth |ieisitieic:.    The heat
Hurtnn* never heard his several works the   beautiful   Bible   verso,   'Ovn.   and   sidorable       u  any   even,   tie   expert- h„ l«0fl rumors were wafted down lro,, ug. tie
,1-  the   Asdiir  accords.    "I   can   only boar it.' '• '"enl   is on est   botanically.  ct   not . ,,,„,„. ,, ,„  „  murder, ^^^^   bav   stallion,   Caiuer   in   2,US>/,,   l'.iisl.
mugine how they sound," he wrote. At , . , , eoiniiieicially. , m,,„ whisky among tne But louux men    ^ -^ ^ -
he s e time he wns tortured I a.l, mill, old Mm. y physician being awa   ; A   mounted   police   put o    i,,  estigat, I   ^ n^u ^ be d l.
y ragtime melodies that forever buased 1     on  a   much   needed   vacation,   his he matter, and discovered many things.   „,„,,,; In the 2.0S pace the bav stal
U Ills ears, l^etice ,wn« entrusted to his son,; TQ  D0 WITH  AB:DTJL-S  400, ! .—Us tracking, and event-no      I n I ng, ^   1 .^ ,
|--,:„)Z.  wine  worked   very  I iboriously a   recenl   medical graduate.    When  11, -, |, ,„. ,„„„ ere-rs two I- iddle.   ... .„ ., „7,    «||(| .,   ,„       f,      (.   \ I
ivcr  his compositions  gol   the earache old  man   returned,    he  youngster  tod ,     ",   . . .,„,,,,   ,">"''1 lllllt  Hl* 'T'"'"'' ;'' '":, t tn i\ ''«« »"" » ^ llral '" >"<■' f«*t '""'' of
..,. .„, i,„ i,„u„„ ...ni.nnsin,,.    As ho him. nmiine.  other things,  that  lie  had   TTTHKN   the   deposed   Sultan   Abdul | Hnj barren t.e look upon, contained tun-.,„.,,   „,„, ,,„„.„„  ,„„, „  (lin „ ,|
^^iu-p^P:-r.f mMfffl
tj   rise*.   ^* 1
U Ilis eai-s, pn
l-'icinz. who worked very laboriously a recenl medical graduate
r his compositions got the earache old man returned, the youngster told
will-never he begun composing, As Ice him, utnoilg other thineas, thnt lie hil1
wouldn't nne up wnrk, he* finally bo- cured Miss Ferguson, an aged nnd
enme deaf, and like Beethoven, had tee t wealthy patient, of her chronic indiges*
e-eind'ie-t conversation on paper. \ tieeu.
Thc author denies that  vertical peesi        "My boy." -niel the old doctor, " 1'in
lie-ell   ie|    tile'   t V III ]>.'! 1111111    >1JI -   Uliytllillg   to ! jitllllcl   Of   VOUJ   I'llt    MisS   l'Vlg l|Se,ll 's   ill-ii   ]   ,
dee with the musical ear so-called, that   gestion  is  what   put  you  through  eol i)
is tin- ability to distinguish tones,   Tic,   lege."
investigations  of   some  physiciaiiH  are *    -    *
,-iie-.l which sny Hint the lyinpiimini nft/^XCE iii ci while amateur urtists
iiHisieiniis is liner and mure transparent \\J venture 'en very delicate ground,
i  is met | A  lady of ,\™ Vork city who is
. .. * n  rule,   clever   with   the   brush   not   long   :iU"i
t   fn.in  the   painted a  tnpentry of Tannltauser and
Ice-en!. Venus.   "Well, my dear." she. said to a
Mozart's    was    a    musl    remarkable   female   friend,  "iiow  dee   vou   like   it.'
musical  memory,     lie   wrote  down   Al- j Do you think I have got Veuus Venusy
legri's Misere alter heuring  it   for the   enough*?"    "Well, I don't  know whal
Phis   is  ii   lime,   work,   unci   ynu  think,  of course,"  was the reply;
If lee Had  relied on  his:'-lmt   If  she   were  any   inure   Venusy"
mustered it.}     with   severity    "you   couldn't   shew
WHEN   (he   deposed   Suit
llnniiel went  into forced retire-1 ber in phici
in.-nl    nt   Sab.uie
and   a   re.iiiiu-
with   twelve e |lMmi,
servaats onlv |
and,   alei've
• elitte'v'n ••
than the ordinary person's
true, tnough, that musicians
have  ears  standing   ft
first  time.
mef.s-l    eiillee llll.
ear, he could I
Composers, wil
■vei   he
lit    in
cd   brain !
while |
leveiopiiieeiii    -en,   :    „. ,    ,	
composing.    Wagnei   was never sure of  eTHiK   late  .lohn   llcnnugi-   -les*,,..   the
lis  leieie.     When   lie at t em p. e-,|  to .In a     J.      well   known  author,  leclel  au  level
phruse, he iisunllv 1:011111101
le.ee low or too high.
sum. amounting to a positive
'phobia, for the British .leames, lie
hns been known to stand ill St. .lames
Street, ou a drawing -room day, at the-
edge of the curb, anel with the end of
a stick, which he dipped into the
*    I1UGB touring ear stood in front of   puddle, daub tin* ianiiaculate stocking:
iit hough hard, „      ,     .,,.....
t- iae I tim ' "'"" !1     '       ''    '"        '!l     ll""' °'
of ,-„nl  und  petro j-'"^,"'"'  '':"1V"  lm'1  """"  ''"'  " "
I,  outcroppiugs  of'   ' —  '   i-
blv  with the glinl i     Tl"' famous Tavern "Steak" for 2.1U
■ trotters,' liorses  to  be  driven   by  cunci
his   silelll     te-u.'S,  wees  see  rielc   that   il   leccel   lee   be cut
1 has left ' '"   tiro   and    each    sce-tiiecc    wns   vvortli
l,h-  impressions.    Myl-)3,000.     l-'niuk   ilones,    tl wner   of
ai Niiewnv House to Oudie Archdale uml who elreiw in two
where canoeing was both of her winning -fclii.iiim races, scored a
',',',- eew'tiges elu'e" 1 .e' h'.ud"cii'i'iT daiigerou.-■-, for rapids swing double triumph ns lie won both sections
over the boulders round each peeint. ol the* "steak. There were twelve
waterfalls are both beautiful and peril -Inn.-is in the lirst section, nnd though
ous iiortages long and arduous. There Mr. Jones, who drove Hemy II.. lost
are' l.liK-U*-- tl;e-s cu..! mosquitoes, head : the third heat in slow nine, he won tin*
winds mi thc lakes    ...1 this and much   other three in the good time of 2.111,.
,.,„„. , | „ ,,. ,.v,„i„s „f | more and  I  wns at Cross  Lake, where*: 2.1 tn, nud 2.10V..    In the se,- I divi
I here had been an , xudus ot , mo e a nu trading post.   It is   slon eight started, but .Inn d ; asy
""' '   »»Pl'Oscdly    breaking    up   the! f^ohitf spot, but it"  soft-tude is „„, ume iu straight heats in 2.08.-1,  '
hat is coming. ] and L'.us1, .with the Knglish hor
me forward  for puv  is as! northwarn.    Almost before yeeu get on. I     T|„- Forest purse for -.'.in', trotters wu
'0f Cross Lake int'e the river you strike   n rather unsatisfactory race.    It was e.
a rapid, and before yon leave recovered   the three heats plan, with nun' I'nst nm
vour   breath   you   strike   another,   and   i„ |ine,    i-;,.s.  ||. Kny put  in a crackin
then   another,   until   five   in   quick   sue*   first  heat ia 2.02Vi.    This took  e|niie
cession have bi  run-    All this in the   lot of speed oul of the party, aud  Unite
short space of ten miles, until Luke Sipi
.   i        .,,      i wesk,   the   haunt!"!   lake,   comes   into.	
ng   something,   parliament   has   taken .,.   |a  (h(j  ||loat   difllcult
wives  anil   a   retinue   oi   scrviiuts  un.y i ,.,,,,
n very sum 11 pail "I  liis establishment | Jf gold."
t with Iiiiu.   The governluent vague        I  have travelled  tln-oug
ecognized the residue as a  liability j ,im| myBterions cuuntrv. ui
tor which provision must I lade. That   wi,|,  ,;le  ineffiii-eu
obligation  has  now   been startingly  re    jouruev tmek me I
called  by  n   claim  just   sent   t,e  parlla  , the   Nelsun.   where   i-anoeiug   was
iiieiii for $1): 	
74(1 persons,
This demand lins aroused the [cgisla
1 i-is  tn  the  necessity   for  uctiou.     Nt
pnrlieiilur inquiry had ever bee'ii  inaiti
us  te,  ih
extent   eef the
harem, and' the household left w
Ruined  1
omprisc  about   200  persons,   thing in comparison to what 	
„. of  them expensive.    The  mimbor       And so the canoes drive ever to the   ly, a .espectable se
who  ha
astonishing in the amount of money
lhey e-al! fee,-, h appears that these 74(1
comprise some 400 young women, the
res. being men slaves and servants. Tin
list seems to lee authentic.
Confronted with the necessity of do '
I.   I „ ■ ,1. ..I.I., I  to aanec,   .  view.      Sl|eiwesl>    IS   ine    ic.'cm    ueueaee.. When   geellig   a wn v   from   hull
t|,c ,nnttcr up.    U Ins eii '< ''   ■ '     e •   -, ^ |n , ||(, w|ulU, „£ (llL, uorth.L        b    ^ of habitat, In- ,
I,,,, t„, ^oinen from tleo he    ad pen .      .   fM „,. ,„mll -,slil„dN Bueh exactly   wh**„  m„fhBts a h|
'""  "'""' ■ eh, I,',,;,   tiMiki-  the  others,  aad  even  the-   Indians   ,      ,      f ,„.   ,   „
scaeine ol preeciience te' ^^^^^^^^^^"
wise in
meiiig  iiis  belongings
Kellogg s Dysentery
/V     c  Charles street   shop  yesterday, of the passing flunkios, who, as he well I »'""  '■;«•■«■   ";■- '''■'..,'",,„•..,,,,. like  the  others,  aad even  tlie  inoinnt   bottle of Dr ..I. I). Kollogg's Dysenterv
empty  ex.-.ep.   lor a  small  bla.-i. |ul(.„.  dare  not   move   fr    theii   sta  , •"''■"nl']l« '" " ",-",; *    * >' V,    ,e ,,„ d h.nve   been   known   ...   lose   their   way Ljordial.    Change .ef foo.l and  water in
rttocn.l   while  'spaniel,  which  pe-.-e-.l  wist tions, aecoinpnnyiiig the ac.  with cnu.-h \ .'"  «"'«'■■' ''"'• " '       ",    'J,        winding in nnd  out  in their efforts to   Sll|m. BtrBnge ,,1;,,.,. „|„,,, there are no
fmfnllv over lie edge, says the i.altiinme opprobrious language. | ''"'   '".'•vp: ,s.'" '  ''" ' PP ,.„;.',.! keep the chani.«-l.   They say the wate. \iol!ton   lunv   bring   on   un   attack   ...
3Hs.,i.     Directlv to it from out the shop " ... »»""  '"•«■»•" ' ",k  ""    "'„,,!!",   ,„   is  bewitched  aud  that  the   laadmarks   dysentery.       lie  then  has a  standard
vf™. young woman.    She was a  very .     mAm,  man  in   Kaoota   (a Cauca-   B.[PZoooan   ■ la n ^,,,,-,,. mysterienisly. Lake S.pi-wesk e.np   „.„„„,,.   „,    ,   „,,,,   ulli,h   ,„   ,.„,„.
'**' cmnineulat,.   looking  young   wieinan,   in A      si,,,  village I came ba.-k from t he   ">" »•'"'•l0 ""' ties    into    a     swift    and    well-define     witb tbe disorder, nnd forearm -mi
,1  ,-lad in whit- from dainty hat to a    " "r one Sielit  bringing a pitchei       The debates developed a  greal   m.ii- Urjam,   which   eventually   brings   you  successfully  fighl   tin- ailment  uud sub
high-heeled shoes,   l.oukers.en wondered .,       ,      ,hJ ^iP „ lighted linteru.   ety of views.    Many members expresse     into s |it  U!kl,, wbet0 (here is another  due it
whore lice- chauffoill- was;  but  they did s ,,     ,, e   , e*li  o hiin. s.h.lc    •• You're   the  opi a   that   these  seven  hundred   „,„,,„„-s  Bny   post,  n   mounted, police	
Jot   wonder  long,   I'or  thc   immaculate f?Z°u\ »fl   he'samo to vou whether   and   odd   people   should    forthwi.   be   detaehment, a  nm.. Scotch missiouarv.
Is the Only Oil You Need for
Gasolene and Kerosene Engines
It provides perfect lubrication under high
temperatures without
appreciable carbon deposits on rings or cylinders, and is equally
or the external bearings.
Capitol Cylinder Oil
delivers more power, and nuke* the engine
run better and lunger with lc.-s wcjr cun: tear,
because its friction-reducing properties arc
exactly fitted tei the requirementi ur -team
traction engino and -.-con plants.
Mica,  Axle  Grease
nuke-, the wheel as nearly frictionlcss as p.--
sible aiul reduces the \\c.ir on axle and box.
ll ends axle trouble-, saves energv in ihe
horse, and when used on axle; ol trait ion
engines economizes fuel and power.
Granite Harvester Oil
insures  better  worl:  Irom  the  new mm bine
and lengthens the li'e e.t the old. VS here-
ever bearings  arc  loose  or  ;--   - worn   it
tiekv   lip  the   pi iv   . •..:   ,n ■-  1:1 ■■   .e etc.
Chaiifeci e : \-. eather do not  iff ct it.
Steam Traction
|  and
^  Steam Plants
Traction Engines,
Wagons, Etc.
tor   the   in.macnlatc   f^.rv ~ff the" -ainc to you  whether
not   wotnli'1
voung wdiiiau stop pod to iln» front ot!
the ear, opeued the vuriouH apigota,
era nli.'.I t !n' \ uriou.s t* ran It s, touched
ihi> keys and did the other necessary
things, hopped lightly into the ear and
played on the peaals there, aud finally
.li I. -. o guyly u way, with I he spaniel
making frantic efforts to reach her with
its pint; tongue, and a utoh looking on
■ • Uli.it'.in- we coining to?" gasped
.hi nlderly lady who wns ;i spectutor;
lmt inusinnch us t.l.i- is n I'avorito ox
I'liiiii.'tt.ion nt' n|ij laities in. ni.i' paitl auy
.ittiMitinii    to    h r ■ I _
The  Smile Reminiscent-    ■ I   soo  you
re stniling fit my joked," suid the wait-
comI'lbutor, hopefuliy.
it's dny or night. Of whal use to ym
is ;i lantern? "I tlon'1 carry tho
lantern in order to see tho road," re
plied the blind man, "but to keop some
fool like you from running against mo
aud  breaking  my  pitcher.
AN old lawyer in Paris bad instruct
cd a very young client of his tu
weep e.very time he struck tho
doxk with his hand, I'n fortunately the
barrister forgot himself and struck tho
desk a I the wrong moment; the id ion t
fell to M.bbh.M aud oryiug. "What is
til.- matter with youf' asked the judge.
" Well, In- told me lo cry as often a-
he struck the desk."' Here wns :t nice
predicament, hut tho astute lawyer vvns
■,'.jual to tin' occasion, nnd nddressiny
the  jury   he  said:    "Well,  gentlemen,
I   Plows, Harrows
j The   Imperieal   Oil   Company,    Lairnitcd
md   ejel.l   |.e,,|,l,.   slioiild   forthwith   hnj drtUchment, ii  little Scotch misaionary,
tueneel   nut   l„   e,,r„   the,,-   nvvii,   living ; ,.„„,,,,, ,„■ f,,„. t),„|„,.s.   Split Lake
1 he answer wn** tha   se reaoectiiin em ■    .,   ,   ■        -,          -. .        t ...  „i. ,i,   c
i                     , i   '    • i in  .net. 18 quite ci City, unci  luurl.s the
le level-,   even ,     nee     irive he   eeirs   unv ,    ,..             ,             ,.           ,,,■      ■           , ,,
',.- i- halt wav  house  from   WinnipciJ  tee the
xnu,e '" ,l"- hay.    It  hns taken eight, perhaps nine.;
It   un- siiKgcstoil  by -"ine that  they   tnivclling days, nud vou  have paddled
eeujilit tee I... inari-ieil e.tV.   Dtlcei-s iliiin(.]ii   anj portuaed aiipruxinmtely 200  milei,.
;'';" p" ~"".'\- Up ! ,'"' U""M ,""1"1 From Split l.akc down tin- Nelson to
take to provide husbands. t,     ,.„.,s1'om, S(„,s „„, must  beautiful
,. """ ini'>nbcr_.iinile« «tron« s, -I, ,„ .,    , „„.  ,„„,,,     ,.   is s„  w^ufny
favor nl  shipping the   100 back Jo  Al ,   ,   „  is „„,  boftlltlfllli    ,,   is 9tu,)eu.
bnnn and Arabia   where Abdul (amid   ,,„„„     „-,,„„  „ .Pealls t|„.  ,-,,,.,  }lm,
gol  Heen,. his |..-,.|e....i.-,- I,u ing always the Ne]gon is ,,,.,„.„ tnm ,„,,,,;,., My ,,,,
whole* of lice North West. From  Kdiiion ,
l,e-e-e,   for  tlie
This -.-Ice
mighl have .
of  it   thai   v
unties   uf   these   Icllllls
sounded   pluiisibli-,
railed had nol the i
sent   i.ui   instant!"
replied   tin
■-Uinl    let   nn- ask
n Is
Sores Flee Before It,—There cue
muny whu have been afflicted witl
sores and have ilrivint them uway eeiil
|lr, Tin.inn-' K.-l.-e-ti!.- Iiii, whiiii ucli
l,ke magic. All -iciiihelv tcmhlei
should lose nu lime in upplying thii
splendid retttedv
like   t   tie tee* had.
o»we'l     is    il)    lice    ee
low price.
ill    IlieW    \elll    e-;ill     I'eCOllcill'
tin* iile-n nl' i*: iiiu- ill conjunction with
sneli candor aud simplicity.' I awai.
vour verdict with lice- in;e-i |..*11'.-.-1 eon
MAIM    was  ;c   liiixciici   I'ountrv   luss.
cm,I   her   father  was  cm   upright
■ leaeon   iei  ce  Com tie-ni   village;
Mary's plan of joining the boys unci
ilirls in cc autting party wns friistrated
by tin- unexpected arrival of a number
of tin- -'brethren" "n theii wny In con
ference, and Mary had tu stm- at I i
is il safe, plec.sant, iielisf-itio
liniment for reducing Vuricosej
Veins to a normal condition,
healing them even after they
have broken, stopping the pair
the reverend visitors 1
-elves, who -cu about the stove and i
the Way. One of the Kernel niinistei
nietiee-d ihe wrathful impatience, cun
desiring tee rebuke Uu* sinful tnaaifei
rations, sni,l, sternly; "Mary, whut e|
you   think   will   be your  occupation   i
quiokly, overcoming "the sore- ile|]«ic      "Pi-ettv  eeeeie-li  Hie ^-.*e,e. ies  i:
nets, restoring tho circulation .   '.Ip    •    """ "   '"'   s"""   us   "
inarecueonableiUngtlinrtime. ,s ""  eartli.      die replied;  "conking  tin
Also a successfnl   remedy   tn ministers."
treating Yur.cnilt.es, painful
awell.ucs. toothachu,  ueu- 	
raalg.a,rhenni8itlsau,rh«eiaaK- I * 11 I-.   Incly   nl   lhe   bouse   wns   a   liiilnl
*-     s,l|ne   woman   of  a   mature  order
SSSrtrrSl   atlo or gouty ileposlu, bean-
Ions,   corns,   bruises, lc
Imek, still' naeek.  A good
el' beauty, and when she had eoin-
edy~t«f have to Oie'booBa la    tileted   leer   loilet   she   gazed   fondly  at
casethecbildreagetabadaat,   herself   in   the  glass,  and   remarked   I
bruise, strain, aore throat, ar
some nalnfal eioable wbera a
eiood linimoat waald be aseM.
\b80HBIN E, a*..P«~e*r—
eLJ3*e*V14»,Il a,, aaa*..,a™-w—■     v,,iu|,
ctle, eillcklT wltaMtaeMeeleic eaeerii.
QmXcZVimt*!t£2& fi.fi   lls  '"
 .MettaCU* traatele. .
Mill lejUMi     >Me>» »!...»} on, »H  -.—..	
illlejejejeanililiac I II   ll   l>   c III   I 'I
ft. rviUM. P. I. F„ 211 Tsaipls tt, Mrinffltld, Mm.   > '
WII, IeH_ PIMMJ, Ca.rfaaa Ifa.la. • le
aleaa f» .Mil t; aiaTIS  SOLI a tMMIHl„ "laal^,,
tin itnotiL Dans a iiviuua co„ «e..i^, a oaj.
I >tTaOta\L DECS  a  IlUIIICla. CO., "laalfaf
•I laal l»ll|gi MeeM. UJ, HUL, feaMnaeh
Her new niciiil; ' rou'd give n good
deal tee lee ns ^eeiiel looking as I am,
wouldn't you, nowt"    '-Yes'm; almosl
h    lis   you    weeulil    e,i\e   tee   l,e   ;i-
gas I nni."   It is not believed that
this epigrammatic young wieinan will In1
hoscn  again   at   the  expiration   of   leer
present term,
..en   in  Hu-  north  down  to  th-  int,
'"'"   tii I   boundary,   including  thu   water
I'".' -heels of Hie'l.'e.l and Winnipeg Hlvert
'"" cuiel Lukes Winnipeg und Manitoba, il
is not iicn.l tn intngim- tlicet it is no in
aignillcnut slreiini. Waterfnll aftei
waterfall hinders ilic trnvelli r in his
s-. but while the Indinns are porl
.iging it i- no w-i-te- eef time i,> linger
und admire their true iintunil  beauty.
No wonilmuu's cc-ce- ha rred the Innd
si-ape. l-'.vervthing ii as Mature mude i'
The whole elistniiee uf two hundred cun1
tweuty miles from Split i.ake tn the
.-een**i i~ one- magnificent, changing pan
eiiantie view, typical uf Cuuudn's will.
unexplored iiorthland; anel ns nne passes
further to the north ill- smaller I., come
the trees, until they finally disappear
altogether, anel the canoe -lips along
between high, rocky bnnks, stretching
away rrnm which n .- the barren lauds,
tne home c.r the musk ox nuel the curi
bou. Purl Churchill s,., my „ mctropolii
when it i* reached, nlthongh the n hit.
iiipulatiou does not miniber a hundred.
I have 11ied to ^i\e yon a picttire oi
tliis   grent   region,     ll   is   awaiting   its
Earl Greys Great Journey to Hudson's   f"!"!'''- *'" "",'"  "ball realize  its poBsi
leilities.     Perhaps   after   Karl   Orey i
, journey ;: may .-ea*-.. to !»- a laml at ce
!-'" "  M:l,h Standstill.
VOL   1
SO.   l'i
\olce-el vigorous protest from the auiluui
ties nf tlinse two e-eetint ri,-s. with stern
not iee t liiit the women would nne he per
milled ii. return. When Hm women lefl
their native places thei did -■> lee the
greul Iliianeial gain uf their families,
cine! evem thev *v,.i;, unwilling t-i have
i hem hack.
The1 e-nse is micie serintis than it  may
nut r eetVliniiil.    These inmates of tc-.e
Vildin Kiosk estranged themselves from
all citln-i .-..nicit-1 ee 1,,-n lhey bei-ame the
property  of the- Sultan,    lie could pr
lleiiiaa at the back ot the h
eleaseel  l«. answer the- gentleman'* ijnory,    I  eceti.-,*
te-e-t   1lii-:n  wllile in  |eeee\er. Iml   \vln-n 1
fell they were lefl  not nnly defencelei
but their re nl burs il e frum n'utsid
Al..lul   llnmid   .-"iil.l   ele,   iiolhing   lice
t dinner for her father's clerical I for tl  if he would   and nu .Undo 1
sts.    Her already r'uffloil temper was| feels that he ha* troubles enough of li
• wn   w'ehnui   assuming  adelitioiial  .ecu
m i heir net-omit.
t Jou
EAI.'I,  ('ll(K\'. the  Governor General
eel' (,'aand
da has set out ou a journey ——
few   white   men   hnve  ever  takeu,       Away   With   Depression   and   Melon*
and whie-li mny well prove to !"■ ecu,, of choly,—These two evils ure the nccoin
fhe mosl momentous -journeys of modern paniment  of a  disordered  -I ach unci
times.    As cc  "\eeyngeui" of  the  old torpid liver and mean wretchedness to
adventurous days he travels to the* far, all   whom   they   visit.    The   surest   and
north, to the shores of Hudson's Bay, by snecdiest  wav  to combat  them  is with
  l'n nun lee's  Vegetable I'ills,  whieh  will
"™—"~""""—~~~~~~~~~~~~"*~~~~~~~ restore   the   healthful   action   of   the
Y .up UraisBlai  Will THI  lo. stomach   aad   bring  relief.    They   have
Murine fCye Remedy Kellevca Bora Eyea, proved their usefulness in thousands of
Slrengtnens Weak Eyea.  DoMn't SmarU ,-,lsl,» and will continue to give relie-t to
Soothes Eye Pain, and Se Is for Wc. Try ,, ...
Murine   in   Your   Eyes   and   In   Baby*t '•*«  Buffering  who  nre   wise  enough   to
Eyea for Scaly Eyelids and Qranulatlon. , use  them. eg
Sill  WILKHID:   i i,
tin-  InnlV.     I   shell   la-  j
lhal   my   ticcci   ii,  the  btick  of the-   hall   is smoking  a  cigai      thnl
c.e.w.  c- an  e-   ,.I. iii e- uf prosperity,    Sucli  has been  lhe  inarvelous   gre   -   .-:
this great ceinl glurious west, since my governi cut cniiii to power, thai auy
men   nine. cl   ucll.  smoke  .'i-jcii-.  instead   nf  the  home grown   pijte   tobacco, the
fiagruii I which lingers in my boy] 1- mi' ■
Tlie gentlemiin nt the back of .he hall is eve e thai   -    linai   I     c
ten- I  perceive that the cigai  In   is smoking   -'■< HI C.'K l.'YK.    ll  i   u ■  thu c
• ■ *: icciiielic-iry dispcustitions of I'rovidence thai neu, iny fi»|low ' mad n- iu ihi-
_i..-ai  und glorious country, are enabled  ;-• eu.jn-*   the  prii'ilege nf obtaining the
lil'e K EYK nt Hce- ordinary price.    And if I  n led proof ul  the discernmeiil ol
ii ■   able  i'n I at the buck of the hall, if I  needed cm illustration ul  his ubilit*.
to pick oul the -elie-nt points of nicy sub-joe! under discussion, il I were to asl
I'm  Ihe reason wh*,   he hus become so prosperous,       independent, so     u  eight eel,
-<• e-ie-ar ni vi-inm    I should [Kiln, to in- eh ol c Hie- 1 :l'- K I '.Y I'     S ■  li . een ness
e-i perception, such admirable judgment, warranl me en il«. lexjeressinu nt" tin*
! .-lief tha. -" long ns my government shall he in powor, -,, long ce- I shall lee-
spuicel io direel Hie destiny of this glorious young nation, *.. long as th,- -i nr.lv
pioneers of tin--., vast western provinces display such splendid <picc!:tie-- nf judg
ecenl ns n-e ev iici-...i ley my friend in tlm back of the* hall. I I.ink forward m the
time   when   tin-   teeming   peipnlceto f   these illimitable  prairies   shall  lee- cis
prosperous, as happy, a- independent ami as fortunate as my favored  friend  ice
tl,,   back cei' ihe hce il- - wlcem. under Hn- guidanco nf l'i.hi.I e  I Hu- siiinulci-
linn  ot'  my  government,  every  mau,  we,man, an.l  child  throughout   these  vast
ri*t;ie,iis will be in u position, it' tiny so wish, in i-l -.e- iin- RUCK KVK for their
at'ter dinner cigar.
P.S.--Not only Sir Wilfrid, but every visitor to the West cannot
but notice the remarkable popularity of the BUCK-EYE,
the best ten-cent cigar on sale to-day. THE HOSMER  TIMES
1VVANT :i  guide who  does his work
and earns his wages.'
Tin1 stout, red-faced man J.
Thornleigh Weldon of New Sfork—loll
<-d in a comfortable armchair on tho
porch of the little inn at the foot of
rhe lake.
•'Ves, sir.' said the tall. Lean tvooda-
. .:i, bronze of face, keen-eyed, who
stood respectfully, hat in band, before
■A man who doesn't shirk, who is
honest and reliable," continued Mr.
Weldon, flicking tin? ash off h>s cigar
with a puffy finger on which a diamond
sparkled. "There are too many guides,
mderstand, who don't .give full value.
\ ..ti look i" me n little better tban the
"Ves, sir," replied tlie other, and, in
ipite of himaeit, cast au anxious glance
it a group of the rest who were appli
eant8 for the job of guiding the Now
i orker in the -Maine woods.
"What do you think of my costumeV
- il Pint able foi the woods, and ojl
The shabbilj dressed woodsman, in
jelted trousers, flannel shirt, and worn
moccasins, made a grave inspection of
t.he outfit the kid-lined canvas jacket1
with many pockets, a silk vost, tweed
inickerbockers, ribbed stockings in
lavender and green, s visor cap, ami
high pigskin  uboes.
••It will do nil right for this time of
year, sir.'' be said. "In the fall you'd
irant something quieter.
■ ■ Well, let 's get down to business,
What's yuur nam", and how long have
.on been guidingf '
"Tom  Ames, sir     1   have been guid
,,' for eightoon years.
"Got any recommendations, Amosf'1
"No, sir not with me," he replied.
flushing, "But I'm known all tho way
town   tho   line.     The   hotel keeper   and
sverybody hen- knows me.    I'm regis
"Von ought to .-airy references, my
nan. In the city I wouldn't hire you
f you couldn't till out a blank, show-
ng where you'd been employed for thc
;ist ton years; and every reference and
statement would have to be verified."
•■We're not so suspicious of men up
iere, sir," said Ames quietly, the flush
riecpeuing in his cheeks.
1' Why not , Human nature is the
samo in thc woods as it is in town, I
ion 'i   trust any  man.
"Vou can leave your valuables in the
ioteI," said the guide with a simplicity
that  seemed  too complete for sarcasm.
'They   won 't   be   of    any    use    in   the
Mr. Weldon grunted.   ''I suppose you
an cook, A mos.'''
■' Ves, sir.
"Well, you've gol to be a good cook
to suit mo. No unnecessary hardships
for me. 1 don't want, any bacon and
beans, or stuff Hke that."
"Vou ran have fried trout nnd hot
hiscuits, sir. beside the stuff w> 1~'"1
' * How about   venisor
-noose  steak ?''
Thc guide looked at the fat-jowled
/nan.    "It's the close season for game,
"Now, look here, my man,'' said Mr.
Weldon, in his rasping voice, "I didn't
ome four hundred miles to find that
iut. I came to get a rest, and Rome
-■-.port, too. I have a new-style knockdown rifle in that rase, and I'm going to
try it on some deer and moose that
you 'II show me, '
"It is against thc law. There is a
big fine,  sir.''
"Yon guides never break the law,
ehf" sneered the New Yorker. "Not
when nobody is looking? You just fix
it sod can use that rifle. I'm willing to
tip the game-warden, if he's around,
-vith a yellow spot -say, fifty—but I
.von't pay any graft, Vou sec th
lei, and fix it lip with him, S
-done it before.'
The woodsman's eyes flashed, and bis
muscular  fingers  crushed  tbe   felt   hat
he held  behind  bis back,     lint   he saw
the.  group  of   waiting  applicants.     His
ve-   fell, and he said  nothing.
"About your wages, Ames, ' sai.l Mr.
Weldon complacently, taking it for
granted that, the law-breaking point was
settled. " Lt seems to me that the three-
foliar rate is rather steep, in view of
-ill this competition. Will you work
for less?"
"I'll work as cheap as anv man, sir.
: '11—I'll—whatever you "
"Oh, well, I won '\ beat you down.
\ few dollars more or less don't inter
Bsl me. 1 only spoke of it as a matter
of principle, I want to pay thc market
•alne of things, including labor, and
ihat value is determined by competition.
But. if you do your work well, we'll
.onsider the difference a present; and
T may add to i'. too, when we get
' ■ Thank you. sir.''
"All right. You're engaged. Yes,
we'll take that canoe trip to the head
if t he lake, and look into tho t roul
proposition. You can pack np my
things. And, look here, Ames, just take
off these shoes for me, and ' find mo
something lighter in that bag."
.1. Thornleigh Weldon held out his
•ight foot. The tall woodsman gazed
if it n moment.
"Hurry  up,"   grunted  the  employer.
An ea dropped on his knees and began
o unlace tho pigs], in shoe.
One nf the group nf disappointed applicants, who were turning awav, remarked:
"Darned if that  ain't the  first   time
seen Tom  Aon"- acting like a vallit.
Bul  he i Is the  job.    It 's 1 n a poor
■".-t for all of lis, bul darned if he don't
need the job worse than wo do, boys.
He has a wife -del. in the hospital down
•i ver.
When the cedar canoe hnd been pack
id high at  both ends  with many nupar
• Whai   do  vou  call  a  handful.'
»ol  enough  f" bother us, sir.'
channel   oi   the   inlet    re
h - or a  little
1 war-
market -thousands of men look to tne'
t'or a living. I have a family—I have!
ton many interests— Ames, don't let '
me pas-, out! Vou'II have th** ten thou -
sand the minute we land. 1 have big in- i
teresfs. I have a family—I am need-!
ed His terror shaken tones went)
off in babbling incoherence.
The guide had been thinking of bis
own family of liis wife, ill in the hos
pita! down river. To siv.' his fear j
crazed passenger with himself, once the.
canoe eapsi/.ed, as it sceiacd likely lo do
There were no more lilv pads and eye j under Weldon's antic*,, would be next to;
reached depths. The widening waters!impossible. His wife needed him. He
of the lake were streaked and rippled'knew be could save himself alone. He
by soft gusts that seemed to tfoal dowu i could swim through the wild water to
from the green battlements above. The shore, ile bad the strength to battle
gentle music of the ripples against  thej with the waves.    But to save this whim!
sides  ..1   the  <-at   mingled   with   the | per ing creature
faint sibilan >f the forest leave-.. "Lie down! Put youi head under that!
"Ames I thwart!" suddenly commanded Ames.   '■
"Ves, sir." "What   for?    there's  water  in   the!
The  ash   on  .1.  Thornleigh   Weldoii's   bottom,** moaned the passenger.    "I'll
cigar had accumulated, but  he did  not   be trapped if we yo over."
iel  go ->i tlie canoe sides to remove it.   |     "Get down on vour back, or I '11 brain
;-Am.'s, i don't mind telling you tnat you  with this paddle!" thundered the:
this is my lirst trip in a canoe in a good   woodsman.
many years. I am a verv busy man/ "Would von kill me.'" whimpered
with large interests, ami f have only Weldon as he cowered back and tried to
taken short vacations, generally to, obey the command.
places like  Palm  Heach, Carlsbad, and]    "I'd kill myself if I had your spirit,
recompense for the saving of his life, j
"I'll recommend yon tu my friends i
when they come up here. And if you j
ever run .-short of change, wire me. J>on 't j
write—wire.   There's my card."
"I   can't   thank   you   enough.   >it.":
stammered the guide.
"Of course  1   know  that a  man  like,
you   doesn *t   talk, *'   said   M r.   Weldon, I
If there should
ggest.  tan
assured lhe guide
as if iii afterthought.
be/anything   to  sugg
By Arthur B. Reeve
ui-   g„
I never l;tlk
"Vou can Bay I was called away on
business. "
Mr. Weldon rubbed the point of his
chin, which was u trifle discolored,
"Man to man. A'r.es," he said, finally, "I ant glad to have met yon. Vou
may carry my things to the station.
Hut we 'II shake ha mis now and say
London in
Paul's wao
wa.s order
Very little
'  walls.
Good by. sir.'' - ai
he pressed' Hip other
with unfeigned fervor
_reat lire in
16tf6, when (dd St.
completely gutted, Sir
' Wren, the famous architect
ed by the king to restore it.
remained  except toe outside
As it happened) Sir Christopher had
already   worked   out   a   plan   Io   rebuild
j the nave and tran.septs, after the classical   style,   with   a   lofty   dome   at   the
j crossing.     The   lirst   simplified   matters
; by giving him greater latitude.
Su he was enabled to design the pres
! ent verv graceful dome and the drum on
I the guide, and] '
; soft, fat hand j '
almost affect ion. ;
of barm on
larlo.    -Now,  [ just closed up a   retorted   the guide,   and,  dropping  his
big deal on the Street, and I thoimht I'd paddle  for an" instant,   he   seized   thei
wood, and got a genuine res.. : ,m(toM( „, ,.;„. (,U11(1,    .. _w fc „„,  !
»«j£5ff;i • *thifli «Slde'Jfa Htatu0   You   <»"«   ;i1"""   f^ut   interests.     You
h^rv/nS^lT'f'1}? ba«for^rmsJsaid yon  was an all around  man.    Vou
h.n.y   and  corded, swelling  in  muscular, don't want to die.    With that spirit and
=pr J; »> ■ ---uppi:^ J	
which it rests,
ious proportion.
Sow,  Sir  Christopuer   rather  prided
, himself  on   being  a   practical   engineer
■ as   well   as   an   artistic   designer.      lie
A   GKEAT   TEMPERANCE   SERMON   worked out, for instance, the construe-
NO more impressive warning against tion "'' tue external dome and the sup-
the evils of intemperance has' P** °» Uu> sl<me lautern at the top by
ever been preached, in all likeli ' au »»n«' **<>«« *)f brickwork quite lade-
hood, than the following bv Charles \pendentiy ut either the external or in
Lamb, the essayist, who drew un tne! ltnn:tI oometi. In fact, the whole thing
experience of his own latter days i'or 1S a wondoif"I example oi his marvelous
material: constructive ingenuity.   The support oi
"Could the youth to whom the flavor  the domo its(,|f wati :l vast P'oblem, but
of   his   first   wine   is  delicious  as   the I he workod that out, too.    It wa
: all   probability   purposely   perpetrated!
! by some playful architects in the Middle I
Ages   who  cunningly   made   the   blocks j
of stone on  the  inside, or acute angle.;
I much lighter than those on thc outside,
I or obtuse angle, thus accurately preserv
'ing the  balance and  bringing  the  true
centre of gravity  iu the right  place to
make    thin    odd    bit    of   architectural
humor last for centuries in apareat de
fiance of the law of gravitation.
In (treat Britain, also, lhe crooked
spire of Chesterfield is another case in
point of architectural humor.
■Sometimes, however, the architect
when caught red-handed at#his joke is
compelled to make it good before it is
too late, and then the little j(l'
him.    Such was the
ting to straighten the vizor cap which
i pull' of wind had caused to slip over
his eye. "-J am known as the most all
around business man in New Vork. That
Ah a peroration, while steering with one
hand, he tossed a blanket and 0 cushion
over Weldon 's head.
.Maybe yon  can   keep  -till   UOW.     it
ncent, even  in the
'' Bul it will ne-
the horrilie.l engi;
Haws in tin
It  will
.o say   I a,, a manufacturer- an am- you don't. I'll do ^nothing different."
■I,! .'I.;', "'•  a   R0,n0/'11      Ames turned his attention to the com
-I itolwt,     sometimes     a     speculator, bat with Nature.
(Jtiito an all-around man. The lake was in a mood of treachery
thou.  V,    ii„<;      , ^"""-  ;I'M' HIUu!   "0i   Bueh  ;,~   '"'   hftd   never   known
quatfrosS Sh0   s '   luton1   °"   '-"■
'me  intZll   ' ^ur whDlraing   the   freighted   cat'..     Short.,
\l   u     ,v'       v   I    I        y «i'oppy seas alternated with long rollers
fenvl ,      '     vi'lfcJ     ',        "'   Pr°; that   sped  through  the darkness    n  flank
■   :»..       W   I   had   that   crowd attack.   The canoe pitched, whirls 1, pir.
afraid oi  n,  shadow,    hear ts a great ouetted,  and  sometimes slid  careening
thing, Ames. Make the other fellow
afraid and you win. Cash is your ammunition,  bul   fear
The canoe swerved in an extra gust
of wind. A few wavelets slapped the
codar-canvus shell with a hollow, drum
like sound.
" I don't like this. Ames," said Mi.
Weldon, the visible part of bi.H red,
puffy face showing signs of fear.
"It's all right, sir." reassured (he
impassive-faced guide, his keen, bluish
oyo^, scanning lake and sky, while his
paddle moved in steady rhythm.
"Don't   these   things ever capsize.'"
" Not if they're handled righl. " Ilis
thoughts were with Annie -A nnie in
the hospital down river, where lie had
taken her last week, suffering with a
maladv wliich no herbs of mountain or
valley  COUld alleviate.
"I can't swim, Ames," announced
the passenger, aud he clutched the gun
wales of the canoe with such force that
the color went, out of his fat-imbedded
'' Vou  won 't   have  to,  sir.
"Is thai Canada over thereV"
'" Ves, sir. On the right. This is the
I   thought   of   going   there
It was impossible to make headway
toward the goal, I oca led beneath a
mountain gash that faintly appeared on
the eastern sky line. Ames, high on his
wicker seat, his body automatically balancing to an ounce of deviation in grav
ity, watched koenly for the npproacb of I
tlie crafty rollers! Ily a few deft
strokes of the paddle he turned tue nose j
of the canoe to meet them and ris.-' over
them. Ilis paddle was a duellist 's --word,
now carelessly, lightly held, now flashing io right or left in decisive thrust,
It guarded, it parried, it slushjd. The
canoe leaped and whirled ns much from
the impulse of lhe paddle as from th" as
snidls of the enraged sea.-.
"My Heaven, we are going under!
[ am drowning!
This came in a gurgling shriek from
the passenger, who had been squirming
and writhing on his back on the bottom
of (be canoe—a cargo which caused
many  a  dangerous  lurch.
The canoe had shipped considerable
water, which rolled back and forth and
occasionally swirled over the guide's
ankles  and  the  passenger'-  head.
Ames stooped forward, used the pad
opening scenes of lite, or tin
upon  some  newly  discovered
look   into  my desolation, and   be  mad.
to understand what  a dreary thing it I
is   when    a    man    Feels    himself   going1
down   a   precipice   with   open   eyes   and,
passive    will -to   see    hi-*    desirnction,
and have  no power to stop it, an.l yet [
to feel it all the way emanating from
himself;   fo  perceive all  goodness emp
tied out  of him, and   vet   nol   be able)
to   forget   a   time   when   it   wan   other !
wise;   to   bear  about   the   piloous  spec- |
I; ele of his own self ruin; could he see |
mv   fevered   eve.   feverish   with   last],
night's  drinking   and   feverishly  look*   wdieated whore^ th
ing for this  night's  repetition'of  the  would have to be put.
follv; could  he feel  the  bodv of death!    .A long dispute followed.    But th
out'of which  1 cry hourly witli feebler j g neers  were  obdurate as  well  as
I in the end th
la red
er  stand.'
leers,   keen   t o
work of the architect
land  for ages," replied Sir
Christopher,   and   proceeded   to   demon
strata by all the known laws of median
ies   aud   strength   of   materials   how   he
had carefully arrived at   his conclusion.
Still (hey would not listen.    "We are
practical     engineers,'       thoy     asserted.
"Vou can't  tell us anything aboul our
own   business.     Vour dome is splendid,
imi  it' it is to stand you wilt havo to
place pillars here and  here," and they
blitional supports
•utery to be deli
nsporl me j
i draught'
ould slake
diange   his
which they
several  times.    I   wouldn't  mind being] ^]0 w[ta oub'hand to combat tho rollers,
there right now." ,■,.,. wj,ic|, j,;s eves strained through the
1 hey were reaching the centre of the gloom, and with the other hand he rapid
lake, a Jong, serpentine jewel of blue
with opalescent Hashes caught from the
red sinking sun. Black, elephantine
shapes of boulders rose ont of water
near the shores, which were lined with
tiie fantastic silver-gray arms of dead,
half-submerged trees. Boh ind the boulders and the "dry ki" stood serried
ranks of whife-limbe.l birches .with
green tresses, whispering a multiplied,
enchanted answer to the ripples on the
lake.    Oul   of the green tresses a  fluty
pod up the bilge in Weldon's
vizor cap and tossed it overboard. When
most of the water hail been bailed out,
he groped among Weldon *s possessions
behind and under him, and threw overboard a valise and other things, but retained a jointed fishing rod. lie then
opened the heavy cast1 and took out the
heavy  butt end   of the  rod.-
'' What are you doing to me ?"
screamed Weldon, attempting to rise under  (lie  thwart, as  he felt tlie  guide's
voice sounded  a  phrase of triple  notes, j ,;...„, wnr|mig al his right  font
"1 'in g'dng to rope you down, so you
won'i s'jniggle like this bilge," replied
the  guide.     "I'll   hog-tie you   for your
Gaily, wi! h the abandon of first love ami j
innocence, ot ber voices on  both shores
took up the phrase in solo, quartet, and
chorus, until it went floating and shimmering into the distance up the lake.
"I can'l stand fortius, Ames." Another wavelet had struck the bow of the
canoe and splashed Mr. Weldon's hand.
"Can't we go ashore—to Canada—and
walk the rest of the way?"
"We could hardly eet through that
dry ki," '.'[died the guide, glancing at
the darkening skv. "and if we did, it
would take all night to walk through the
"I can't stand for this—I'm not used
f o it.'' mumbled the other.
"We're  more  than   half  way to  Ihe
camp,"  said   Ames.    "When   we  round i
that point yonder you can sec it."
"''an 't  vou
"There's    1 ^^
The passenger, falling silent, kept his
rigid clutch on the gunwales while his
outstretched feci vibrated against the
guide 's  moccasins.
own good—which ain't much."
Weldon entreated, begged, whimpered.
"Don't tie me down! I won't move!
!' swear to Heaven I won't move. I'll
give you ten thousand dollars, 1 'II give
you anything you ask. For Heaven's
sake, give me a chance for iny life.
Don't let me drown. Por Heaven*s sake,
save me! "
Ames made no verbal answer, hut as
the passenger's head loomed up between
the thwarts he leaned forward'and
drove his right list to tlie point of Wei-
don's jaw. The financier's bodv resumed its recumbent position with astonishing if not instantaneous celerity, and
lid not move in the slightest degree for
!0P closer to shore?'-      i ,, eonsiflorablfl time thereafter.    It was,
many   boulders   near| technically,  a  clean   knock-out.      Thc
dangerous passenger was transformed into a safe and useful ballast.
"They don't seem to make men in the
city any more." soliloquized the woodsman a.s he parried and slashed the wave;
Around the point, marked by a light- with his paddle. "But I don't, know as
ning blasted pine, a cross breeze was] they ever did. Maybe it ain't ncces
stirring up a choppy sea. The canoe sary, ...oney is what counts there. It's
reeled and leaped at, the lirst onset, and all being soft and cunning. They lie
Its frail sides trembled under the blows; and cheat for a living Vou poor, miser-
ot the waves.   Spray flew ovor tho craft,  able critter, with vour big interests—
"Ames, '    groaned    the    passenger., if |  liad a sou born to me like vou are,
' put  me ashore.
The man with the paddle said nothing.
"I order you to put me ashore!"
I'd shoot him through the head.'
After  au  all night   battle   with   the
Thc guide was maneuvering against I storm, under the light of a veiled moon
the broadside rollers that,came from thei —truces, skirmishes, fierce onslaughts,
squally east. | moments of utter peril from submerged
"Ames" -the tone was of coaxing rocks and drifting dry-Id, Ames brought
terror -■•I'll -ive you a thousand dol- thta canoe at dawn to the foot of the
lar- to get me on land." i lake,    lie helped out his employer, who
Without losing a stroke or looking at Imd 8Poke" Ilttl« nmi »>ovod less since
his nmplover.  now huddled on tho end  »covoring consciousness   and  halt  car
Of  bis  spine  with  his , k  against  the   "if '"^ " " T? "!,   I'V'mm        ■ •   .
thwart and his knees bent. Ames made WJ*WIW tLo,"c]xt da7 ^ J^Tho^eigb
vVn   r,,,,jv. j Weldon, a  little  pale but   refreshed  by
'     ' ' ' „ ,       ,        ,, I much sloop and food, garbed in a busi*
"You shirt up.   Pul your legs down.    ; QOas auit) wit|l a poarj ,>in in his scarf
1,1,1 financier obeyed. ,tII,l ., goju )<)i;iin acrosa U[B waistcoat,
"Stop shaking your legs,*' added th.
guide, and this command, for a time
Was   followed,
The   squall    developed    in    till Id   ttf
sal on a chair on the inn porch and summoned the guide boforo him.
"Ames,    I    am   going   lo   take   the
Iwehe thirty si\.       It 's   a   through   ex-
,-,, »,,£„  ,       ..,        tcrglow of sunset,    A leaden light rested I press, but   I 've wired the general  man
things, 'he guide hold it, sqiml    on the whttecapned wntors.    Amid tbo agor to havo hor stop for mo,   I am go
ting on the bank, and directed his employer where to :-it. Mr. Weldon step
ped heavily in the creaking shell, lie
floundered about r.nd fell into a silling
DOSl ure on the bottom, his short. f n t
eg extended, a cushion under him and
another at hi back against a thwart.
The guide pushed "fl". leaped in with
graceful ease, sal on the wicker seat
ibovo and. facing lhe other man, took
ip liis paddle and drove tbe canoe forward with noiseless, perfoct strokes.
loop shadows ot the shore, ihe silvor-|lng back to clvillznti
grey  arms  of  troo-wrceks  loomed  spec-j     "Ves,   sir,"  said   the   guide   respect-
trafly    they  Boomed   crawling tentacles \ fully, hat in hand.
of the black bod ied elephantine mon | "Will you have a cigar. .\mes? Don 'I
•-ior- tint wallowed ill the spumy soa. smoke? I don't know whether I like
A wailing, laughing Bhrlok roverberat- you or not, Ames. But I think I'll give
e.I in the distance and was bandied back j yuu :i job if you come down to New
and forth across the hike. If was a half | Vork."
human  ululation,  pitiful, sinister, soul- j     "Thank you, sir," replied tho guid
lvercd it were enough
to make him dash the sparkling beverage to the earth in all the pride of its
mantling temptation,
"Oh!   if  a   wish  could   tr
back   to   those   days   wheu
from the next clear
any    heats    which
youthful exercise had  power to stir
in   the   blood,   how   gladly   would   I
turn to thee, pure element, the drink of
children  and  of childlike  hermits?     In
my dreams I can fancy the cool refreshment  purling over my  burning tongue.
I'itit   my    walking   stomach   rejects    it.
That   which   refreshes   innocence,  only
makes   me  sick   and   faint.
'' But is 1 here no middle way be
twixt total abstinence and the excess
which kills yon? For your sake, reader,
and that you may never attain to experience, witlr pain I must utter the
dreadful truth, thai there is none, none
that I can lind. In my stage of habit
(I speak not. of habits less continued;
for some of them J believe to be prudential), in the stage to which I have
reached, to stop short of that measure
which is sufficient to draw on torpor and
sleep—the benumbing apoplectic sleep
of the drunkard—is to have taken none
at all. The pain of self-denial is all
one. Ami what that is I had rather
the reader should believe on my credit,
than know on his ..wn trial, lie will
come to know it whenever he shall arrive at the state iu which, parodoxical
as it may appear, reason shall only visit
him through intoxication; for it is a
fearful truth that the intellectual faculties, by repeated acts of in tern per
ance, may be driven from their orderly
sphere of action, their clear daylight
ministries, until thev shall be brought
at last to depend for the faint muni- j for several year
festation (tf their departing energies
upon the returning periods of the fatal
madness to which they owe their de-1 °os decorati
vastation, The drinking man is never
less himself than during his sober in
tcrvals,    TOvil is so fnr good.
"Behold me then, iu the robust period of life, reduced to imbecility and
decay. Hear me count my gain, and
the profits which I bave derived from
the midnight  cup,
"Twelve years ago I was possessed
of a healthy frame of mind and body;
I was never strong, but I think my
constitution, for a weak one, was as
happily exempt from a tendency to
any malady as it was possible to be.
I scarcely knew what it was to ail anything. .Vow, except when T am losing
myself in a sea of drink, I am never
free from those uneasy sensations in
head and st-emneh, whicli are much
worse to bear than any definite pains
and aches.
"At that time I was seldom in bed
after six in tho morning, .summer and
winter. I awoke refreshed, and seldom
without some merry thoughts iu my
head, or snme piece of song to welcome
the new-born day. Now, the first .feel-'
ing which besets me, after stretching
out the hours of recumbrance to their
last possible extent, is a forecast of the
wearisome dny to come, with a secret
wish that 1 could have lain on still or
never awakened.
"Life itself, my waking life, has
much nf the confusion, the trouble, and
obscure perplexity of an  ill dream.
"Business, which though never particularly adapted to mv nature, vet as
something of necessity to be gone
through, and therefore best undertaken
with cheerfulness, t u-sed to enter upon
with some degree of alacrity, now wear
ies, afFrites. perplexes me. f fancy all
•-orfs of discouragements, and am ready
to -give up an occupation which gives
ine bread, from ,n harassing conceit of
incapacity. The slightest commissi on
given me by my friend, or any small
fluty which 1 have to perform for myself, as giving orders to a tradesman.
etc., haunts me as a labor impossible to
be got through. So much the springs of
action  are broken.
"The same cowardice attends me
in nil my Intorconsfl with mankind. I
dure not   promise I hat. a  fri'
add   Ihe
had t'>
sa ry.
Al last lhe plans were satisfactory to
all concerned, and the actual building
began. Sir Christopher took a personal
interest in it, for he was proud of his
work and did nol want anything about
it spoiled.
A  few years ago -ome minor repairs
case with ihe
_. ...» u«.c; Trull I lie
tcets of the Boston Public Library,
placed on it some characters which
ed the name of th" '■'"'■
of the firm.
'Mlt     VtlY-pvAil    If      .
n  stone, and   the
same down.
l'nder  ordinary
nnmortulize thi
to  be
"g the
offending characters
1 "•''. »" practical
rtte.a hfl 's allow-,
d   lu
e iu
is quite so difh
of the architect,
sign his work in
 ai.   but   on   a   bank
in Chambers Street, iu New  Vork 'ily.
there HtiU stands forth the name of an
other architect who succeeded in getting
the thing through  in pretty big letters.
thus  securing a   permanent   advertise
farther along lhe same street tbey
are now erecting the uew city offices, Io
be the largest building id* its kind devoted to municipal all'airs in the world.
At the laying of the comer stone last
winter considerable comment was occasioned bv the name on il apparently
Many ,-. ..rjt- speculated on who tlie
afcMix so hon.u*.... might |
»r hiB cause, would be safe in my keep.] |,0lj
became necessary on the inside doin..
Huge scaffolds were creeled in the
cathedral. The workmen .-limbed up
there and-behold, between the capitals
of those extra columns and the dome itself a full six inches or more of air intervened . .More than two centuries had
elapsed before thi' world discovered the
joke that Sir Christopher had played on
the doubting engineers.
Thousands of people had looked at hi.*-
great work and at his tomb in ihe choir,
on which are [he words, "Si nionunien
turn reijiiiris, circumspice" "If you
seek a monument to me, look about
you," But no one had ever thought that
if they wanted a good joke on a lot of
forgotten worthies they would have to
look sharp above them, where for two
centuries the dome had rested on its own
supports, as Sir Christopher had design
ed it to do, and that he had ijuietly
seen to it that I lie extra columns stood
there useless.
A more recent case of architectural
humor came to light a few weeks ago in
California iu connection with the handsome stone station of the Southern Pacific Railroad at Jturlingante. Cabs and
mail wagons, drays and coaches, landaus
and motor cars of (he fashionable Hills-
boro section had gathered at train time
it the artistic station,
and often while waiting for the express
people had wondered what, the mysteri-
the station facade
overhead meant. They looked like a
series of quaint arabosquos cut in the
granite and terra cotta. However, no
one gave them thought enough to carry
the curiosity further.
But one day last spring an Arab happened to be passing through the station,
and liis eye traveled over the building.
It rested 'transfixed on the facade, lie
gasped, muttered to himself, and turned
eastward iu prayer. Bystanders asked
him whftt was the matter. But for answer he merely pointed up at the arabesques, anjl continued with his prayers.
An interpreter was called into service.
Jle, too, glanced at the inscriptions and
then  looked shocked.
" By the beard of the Prophet," he
exclaimed. '' those Arabic decorations
up thero are the most astounding lot of
cuss words in Arabic I ever beheld.
Everything that a picturesquo Arab
could invent in the way of big |)'s and
dashes have been interwoven into that
decorative effect. No wonder my friend
here became agitated at seeing such a
thing in America. I never noticed them
before, but the Southern Pacific, its
tracks, its cars, and the officials are
there denounced aud double denounced
in the most, horrible cursing I have ever
Why had it been done ami who did it?
The wonder grew until the question
reached the architect, George Howard,
j wdio also designed Die Bnrlingame clubhouse.
At first there was a disposition to
chaff him for having made a mistake in
using the dreadful oaths and imprecations for merely decorative text. Howard only laughed, showing every sign of
being hugely pleased at. the discovery,
"Some one tins rend those inscriptions
at lasl," he said. ".No, tliere wasn't,
auy mistake about it. I did it on purpose and with malice aforethought.
w hen 1 was building that station aud
doing a lot nf other things lo help the
railroad. 1 thougnt I was entitled to a
pass instead of bavin"1 to pay my fare
on the road's business, lmt tlie officials
curtly turned down my application, So
I hunted for the deepest imprecations in
the Arabic toncjio. and fixed thom in the
rations of that station where every-
chilling, Thi*^ madness, diabolically
counterpointod by the mocking spirits
of the hills, died away in the tumult of
It was  planned  to  go  half  a  dozen j wind nud wave.
"^lili !* up the lake, spend the night in a
log camp, and set oul early in lhe morning across country for a trout stream of
As the canoe slid over the glassy
waters of the inlet, like a beautiful
Woman gliding over tiie polished floor of
i ballroom, the fish were leaping near
the lily-pads, and a thrush's voice
Bounded magically from the leafy shore,
A rope of [.earls dripped from thc clean
blade of the paddle and dissolved in
the silvery swirl behind. The sun cast
lengthening shadows over the western
"This is O.K., guide," remarked lhe
passenger, puffing a cigar, his chubby
hands on the Bid68 of the canoe. "How
is it. outsidef"
"She's rippling np a little, sir. "We
may have a handful of wind.''
Wnal was that?" hoarsely demand
ed the huddled passenger.
'I'he guide did  not answer.
"Tell  me!"  shrieked  the  other, hys
terically.     "Didn't    you
' ' Yes. I heard it.
"What was if?"
That; was a loon.'
It's difficult to got trustworthy men
these days, and I think you're one of
them—thou go your methods are a little
rough and yon take awful—-er—responsibilities. Ames, how did I net in that
storm—that is, fur a man not used to
that sort, of thing?"
 --, --,     .     The  guide  thought   of  Annie   in   the
hear    that   hospital, and  of the things she needed
land  that   money  would buy for her.
"You acted fairly well, sir," he said.
j while his lean, fanned cheeks deepened
in color
"(iii!'' groaned the financier with re-!     Mr. AVeblon's face likewise reddened.
lief, "Ames—say, Ames! Ames! What
are our chances of getting out of this
"They're even just now," replied the
guide as fhe canoe shipped half a pailful of water.
"Ames, 1 '11 give you ten t linn snnd
dollars to get me out alive.    All hard
Well,   here's  a  yellow-spot  to   pay
you for your time and trouble."
The guide took the hundred dollar bill
with unconcealed gratitude and exulta
i tion.    How much it meant  for  .\nnie!
! He would go down the river tomorrow
md   see  her.
"Ami remember, that's not all." said
if 1 were put to the expense of
ni.'inlv resolution in defending it. So
much of the springs of moral action are
deadened within me.
"My favorite occupations in times
past, now cease to entertain. I can do
nothing readily.
"Application for ever so Fhort a time
kills me. This poor abstract of my eondi I ion was penned at long intervals,
wilh scarcely any connection of thoughl,
which is now difficult to inc.
' the noble passages which formerly
interested me in history or poetic fiction, now only draw a fow weak tears
allied to dotage. My broken and dispirited nature seems to sink before anything great  and  admirable.
"T perpetually catch myself in tears,
for any cause «>r none. It is inexpressible how much this infirmity adds to
a sense of shame, and a general feeling
of deterioration.
cash.    I can t afford to pass out this| the financier with growing complacence
way.    There are too many interests do-' slightly  marred  bv the thought  of the
pendent on me.    I hnve to support the | absurdly large sum he had promised in
WI1KX some celebrated pictures of
Adam and TCve were seen on exhibition. Mr. McNab was taken
to see them. "I think no great things
nf the painter." said the gardener;
"why, mnn! Tempting Adam wi' a
pippin of a variety that wasna known
| until about twenty years agol "
uld see them.    There, silently to
I get even with tho niggardly railroad for
all  the years lo come,  I   have fixed my
curse in the terra cotta and graven my
| vengeance upon the rocks."
That incident reminds one of lhe
I Chinaman in the little Colorado town
! wdio ran a laundry and was much perse
euted by some of his customers, who had
scant lovo for the yellow man. On his
window wero tin.' usual Chinese characters, only instead of being his name and
business, as it was learned finally from
a passing scholar of Chinese, the "Meli-
riui" man was roundly told in the celestial language to go to a warmer place.
That, however, was not. a permanent
joke, for .lohn hastily moved to another
town across the Stato line, and the
offending hieroglyphics were scraped off.
Usually it is impossible to rectify
the practical jokes or the vengeance of
the architect, and fortunately ho does
not often do it. A good instance of
permanency is the Leaning Tower of
Pisa. Tnat is really a huge piece of
People have been fooled into believing that an accident made it lean by
causing its foundations to settle. But
as a matter of fact, says an American
engineer who recently made a careful
investigation, the leaning tower was in
people   speculated
o honored might be until one
of the wise newspaper men around the
corner on Park Bow discovered that it
was just, "J909." In the same region
i.s thc notorious Half of Records, The
witticism here was papier mache decorations where carvings were supposed to
Then, of course, thc playfulness of
fhe architects of (he Slate Capitol of
Pennsylvania, at Hnrrisburg, in designing bronze doors and lots of other things
that were not what they seemed on the
vouchers has been widely aired lately
'     '* urts.    Such sordid
">f of plain,
in the
hy the n
nowadays, and
good form.
'''lie   classical
whose jok
unvarnished graft
'onger considered
-Tnuse jokc went wrong is that of the
first great Greek sculptor. Phidias. According tu Plutarch, Phidias had a lot of
jealous enemies, intent on getting the
better of him. Pirst they accused the
master  sculptor  of   apbroorini iti»   "'-■
gold   devoted   to
Parthenos in the
ippropriat ing th
ns statue of Athene
.._. Parthenon, where his
sculptures were the marvel of* the world.
The gold was removed, weighed, and
found intact.
Then one of the
and perhaps more ac'
brought   a   charge  of sacrilege  against
him.    It seem that in his enthusiasm to
perpetuate his name and the
critics, sharper eved
than the rest,
name of
of Bor,
ad and benefactor, Pericles, he had
ed two faces on the shield of the
goddess and those faces were stronglv
like Phidias and Pericles. Now, it had
always ocen held that no one should be
perpetuated iu marble till after he was
dead. Indeed, the tradition survives
today to a certain extent, though we
frequently violate it. But to the ancient
Greeks it was a sort uf article of religion. Accordingly. Phidias was tried,
condemneu on the accusation, thrown
into prison, and died there, possibly,
it  is hinted, of poison.
Michael Angelo was somewhat of a
wag at times. On the tomb of Lorenzo
de Medici in the sacristy of San Lorenzo
in Florence, for example
ures. The one above is that
de Medici himself, and reclining beneath him are figures representing
"Pawn' and "Twilight." Dawn and
Twilight proved to be a couple of court
favorites with interesting stories whom
.Michael Angelo una perpetuated by this
It was quite like the great Florentine
to do a thing like that, too. Once, when
he was wearied by critics who continually harped on how inferior his work was
to anything that was classical, he
smashed off the arms of a cherub which
he himself had carved and buried it.
Some time later he caused if to be dug
up, ami it was welcomed as a veritable
antique and highly praised by the critics. Then he told them how he had fooled them.
The (dd medieval architects more
than once injected iuto their work some
touches of lightness. For instance, the
gargoyles, fantastic figures of animals
- grotesque caricatures of pagan gods
Satan himself were an evolution
the   eaves   of   an-
tonshire. Kngland.    It was designed by
the   Roman   Catholic  Sir Thomas  Trgh
ham   for   the   purpotte   of   showing   the
three in one of the Trinity.
There are iill sorts of threes in ssm
building. Its three sides are ench
thirty-three and one third feet long. Its
height ih thirty three and one-third feet.
It lias three stories, with three win
down on each side, shaped like trefoils.
Its three gables meet at tlie top in a
three sided chimney with three Huts.
Three Latin inscriptions of thirty-three
letters each grace each wall. All thtt
rooms are three sided. In fact, overy
thing i.s iu ihrees. Vet. after it was all
built, it was discovered that the build
er had played a joke on Sir Thomas.
Over the door he placed the figure*
5555. - No one Ldows why he did it uh
less it was to bi-mik the spell of the
threes; T,~u,7i is uot even divisible hv
Among  freak   pieces  of   architecture
there  is  the   Bseurlal  palace,  built,  hy
Philip II. of Spain.    It was found that
he had hail it designed iu the shape /»'■
a   gridiron—a   delicate   compliment   i-fli
St.  Lawrence, upon whose dav in   1587'
he had defeated the French at St. Ql)*W-
tin.    There  were  not  wanting  some  to
critize tbe idea, but tbe royal architect
was equal to the occasion.    The critics
were  landed   n  uncomfortable tells  Im
the  cellar.
CharJecote House, ifl Kngland, i.*i a
beautiful example of Tudor architttc
ture, but if you Mudy the ground plan
you will find that it tn in the form •■*'
uu K, iu honor of Queen  Klizabcth.    A
tower on  the castle grounds at   Med
ford, Kngl-ni . has always been conai-l
I'ri'i] handsome and unique, and only
recently it was found that its ground
plan is lhe ace of (dubs,, aud that BOOM
forgotten architect had porpel u&tsi
a legend of * royal card game won my
that card.
Another Knglisb sen I pt or wag sn-*
ceeded tn smuggling into a cathedral i»
the north of Knjlund a tablet beariig
this legend:
BBN13. A. Til. Til. ISST. ON'KIM;.
B. SKLLI-.h'O. F. IMP. IN. OT, ONifl
DO. Til. IIIS. CON. SOB. T. J. A. N.
It was at last deciphered, by b
after all others had failed. He read
straight ahead: "Beneath this -.'•■*»
reposetli Claud Coster, tripe .seller, mf
[tlipington, as doth his consort Jane."
Vet during the excitement it was cur
rently necepted as an inscription rotating to  the   Koman   Emperor  Claudius,
But the most telling story of bitinff
sarcasm concealed in imperishable stoie
is that of the French architect who
believed the learned men of Paris had
not accepted him at his true valuation.
So he caused to be carved on a building
in the cit v of the motto:
Academicians were appealed to in
vain, aud thc Societe der Inscription
failed to decipher it. The learned were
agog when finally the architect, having had his fill of revenge, said it was
simply another way of writing: "O'e-Bl
ici le chemin des anes." Which, boiig
translated into Knglish. is: "This is
the road of asses.''
MAX'.S neee^sitv has ever been the
cause of hi* progress and ingenious invention; and no necessity
is ever of greater importance to man.
or ever has been, than that of keeping
up appearances. All the appliances
with wliich we are familiar in dentistry, and all the device,; of the wig
ind the beauty-doctor, are the
eet. result of this ruling passion of
human nature—a passion certainly to
be commended, when one stops to think,
for is it not the lore of perfection that-
is at fhe root of it? And is not the
love of perfection oue of the great saving graces of mankind! Man would like
*.-. --   perfection all around him, and he
of   water-spouts   0n
eicnt cathedrals.
In America some of the cleverest
conceits of the architect have been
shown in gargoyles, especially in college architecture, such as at' the new
City College in New Vork. The gargoyle is st. well known as a touch of
architectural humor that recently when
au architect wanted to poke fun at his
brother architects aiol chide them for
their sins he wrote a book and published if under the name of " S. Gar
goyle. "
-Now and again architects will put
hidden meanings into the decorations of
their buildings, using cryptograms of
various intricacy iu order to introduce
enigmatical ideas inlo their work.
Pickens immortalized one such '' hidden meaning"' in "Pickwick Papers."
If you remember, the curious carvings
ou a stoue completely mystified the
e.vperts of the Pickwick Club and the
great linguists they consulted. It read
something like this:
S. M.
After everyone had been forced to
give np. one old mau said he knew who
did it, when it was done and what it
all meant. It was "Hill Stumps, his
Once while tearing down an old building wreckers came to a stone bearing
what seemed to be an (dd inscription
placed there by some forgotten stonecutter. For several days antiquarians
puzzled over the following:
Seogeh srev ereb wcisume vahl lah
sehs se otreh nos llebd nas regni freh
nos gnires rohyar ganoed iryd ale nifae
esots sorcy rub nabot es rohk co caed
But it proved not to be so ancient
after all. Tt was simply "Ride a cock
horse to Banbury Cross/' inverted aud
divided  into "words.''
Then, again, a man comes along with
the set purpose of erecting an architectural freak. Such is the famous triangular  house  at  Bushton, Northamp-
naturally wishes, even more strongly,
to have it in himself or to appear to
have it if, bv some misthance, he laeks
As early as oflO B.C. artificial e*yes
were made by the priests of Rome and
Egypt, who practised as physicians and
surgeons. Their methods of eye-ma king
are thus described:
Du a strip of flesh-tinted linen, two
and a quarter by one and a quarter
inches, the Hat side of a piece of earthenware, modeled life-size and painted to
represent tlie human eye and eyelids,
was cemented, This linen, coated on
the other side with some adhesive sab-
stance, was placed over the eyehole
and pressed down. Tn brief, the artificial eye was worn outside the socket,
and, though a elurnnj substitute, was
probably appreciated by the Romans
and Egyptians. In the ruins of Pompeii, destroyed in 79 A.D,, an eye of Mii,
description   was  discovered.
Not until the sixteenth century
we hear of eyes at ail like those of fco
day—that is, worn inside the socket.
A French surgeon, one Ainbroise Pare,
invented three artificial eyes. One -consisted of an oval plate covered with so'fr.
leather, on which an eye was painted.
It was attached to the head by a strong
steel band. Tt eould have been neither
sightly nor comfortable. The second
device, and the first known in history
to be worn inside the socket, consisted
of a hollow globe of gold deftly enameled. The third eye devised by this ingenious gentleman was a shell pattern
eye, much like that in use today, except that it was of gold and enamel.
Pare's inventions were followed by
eyes of painted porcelains and covered
pearl whit p.
Glass eyes were invented about the
year 1579, and were crude productions
of inferior workmanship, the iris and
pupil being hand-painted in a far from
lifelike manner. Shakespeare mentions
glass eyes in "King Lear," wdiere the
king advises the blinded traitor Gloucester to "get thee glass eyes and seem
to see.'' --
Tlirniie.il  oil  thre ye*:ir he toils envny
Anel saves :i Hide- day by clay.
Through Bolf-denial;
Tils Angers nre- bedaubed with ink,
Anil oflon In- lins cause* to think
Tlint life's n trial.
Tfe snelly turns freini pleasures wliich
Arc only for the idle rich
And fnr the lucky j
TTc might sometimes bewail his lot
To her who shares it, were he not
Almighty plucky.
TTis hours nre long, he finds it hard
To -win his fellow-mau fs regard,
Without some splurging;
He's idle only when he sleeps;
Necessity ignobly keeps
Forever urging.
TTis trousers sap around  the knees,
Tlis whiskers flutter in the breeze,
He loolts so seedy,
He always wears a last year's hat,
His general makeup is that
Shown by the neejdy.
He might sometimes liare peace of mind
And sweet contentment gladly find,
Freed from his Tabors,
Tf ho eould got his wife to try
To quit (endeavoring to Tic
With thtir risk neighbors.
A boy died recently from blood-
Misoi :'ig iu a wound which had only
Men inflicted a few days. It is terrible
t» read of cases like this w ten timely
aae of Zam-Buk -s a known preventive
•f blood-poisoning
microscopic   germs,   which   are
able     to     cause     blood
death,   cannot
,   isoning    and
be   seen   by   the   human
eye.   but  they   are   instantly   killed   by
9VV.      Oil I.      i i.i-_v      .'    '        ui DI il ll I I >       l\ invu      uj
Eam-BuU. Xain Buk is prepared from
purely herbal extracts, tn other words,
it is a natural healing force. Iiy applying Zam-Buk to a sore or other poisoned
place, you, therefore, pit nature's healing power against nature's destructive
power. What better line of action could
he token? And just aa surely as nature's
beneficent power is greater thau its destructive power, in most eases Zam-Buk
wins. Try it on that old wound, that
■ler. that bad leg, or that eczemous
patch. Only lifty cunts a box, all drug-
rias and stores, but don't have auy im-
rry\\K time bas come, the hour has arrived, when the quee-
-L tion of the spring and summer wardrobe must be faced.
In truth, tho sioiug is here, but fortunately the weather
of the early spring is such that lightweight winter clothes
are by far the best suited to the temperature, but the new
models are "in" and every mail brings announcements of the
d a day of the very latest fashions so that women are indeed
busy rushing hither and yon to see what is ordered by Dame
Fashion to be worn for the next few months.
There are always many new materials displayed at this
season, more than at any other time, and tliere are also countless different styles for each and everv sort of gown and cos-
A    SUBURBAN chemist had been ad-
l4-    vcrtising his patent incest powder
far  and   wide.     One   day   a  man
rutin-.! into liis shop and said excitedly:
"Give mo another half pound of your
powder, quick, please.''
"iih!" remarked tlie chemist as he
proceeded to fill the order, "I'm glad
•yu like the powder. Good, isn't Ul"
"Yes,"' replied the customer. 'J
bn\e one cockroach very ill; if I give
him auothcr bull  pound he'll die."
DralS mMir/jL
fnst.'r.ntrr.ts, D-ams, Band Music, Etc.
I,., ... i prloesi vor quoted.    Kinocntnio^ue,
over GO-1   llUBtratlon**, loaded freo.   WrltOUl
fnr   ■ ■ "i ,. •- in r "i,  c«r Musical Instruments*
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Kills Bone Spavin
Ricli Valley, Alta, May 20th. KJ09
'•I liav-t- used your Spavin Curt for &
long if me and would not be without it.
Have killed a Iiune Spavin by its use."
That  ielis  (he  whole   story.    An4
hundreds of thousands have had the
same experience ia the past 40 years.
For Spavin, Ringbone, Curb,
Splint, Swellings and
all Lameness,
Kendalls Spavin Cure cures the
trouble—makes the horse sound ami
wi 11—and saves money for tlie owuer
bea-uufc- it remove* the ctuie of the
Keep a bottJe always at hand- flox-tj
for$;'>. Good for man and beast. Ask
your dtaler lor free cvpy ef our book
*'A Treatise On The Horse" or write us.
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j| UUMtMldirWI—IiOMmsi
, —aud wn will mukI j<iu, pust-
\*k\* paid, iDit trust sow
\ wiiii >>7.if tmr -« on il i.iui-y
. tewellory uveltlsa tn wil or
u» U life, iwch. They u.l
J eMlly, M ftexh ni***ti.*nn«r li
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JJ-, i»* ring     XV iit eli     nnd
S « li tin   hnd if   roil Mnd
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► i[lv« ni extra penwents a pair af handiomi* piM hid f
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> j.
-OK —
will receWi personal attention.   We kWUv
win- wU.t we uau get before Belling,
Continental Grain Co., u..
tho braiding docs not interfere with the lines, which are very
simple and display every good point of the figure to the best
■advantage. In this model the waist line i.« absolutely normal
in its placing, and in truth it seems as though every detail
had been planned to keep thc outline as simple as possible.
*    ■    *
After advocating, or at all events admiring, simplicity
of style, it must be carefully considered that there ia always
clanger of an exaggerated simplicity, and in the newest fashions tliis very point must be noticed. The absolutely tight fitting ccat frock, n one-pieca gown buttoned up the back, is
tod trying a fashion i'or any but the exceptionally beautiful
figure, and even the modified imitations with the plaited skirt,
or rather the plaited flounce, as finish to tho sheath fitting
gown, is not sufficient to entirely remedy the too conspicuous
outline of the figure. And yet the fashion has much that is
good ubout it, and so tho clever woman recognizes, for she
lias the model copied with a modification of the too close (it-
ting, too scant skirt and with bands of trimming on the waist
that break the too severe appearance most marvellously.
There are many new fabrics, but all the old favorites are
not thrust aside, and while the softer, more clinging materials
| are best suited to the draped, close lifting gown, the stiller
| silks aad heavier weight goods are more in demand than they
have been for some years.    Serge is one of the materials that
I have experienced a curious- change of finish these last few
I months. The liner weaves and softer finish are now much
smarter than the wide wale and coarse, hard appearance that, i
after all, was far better for winter wear thun for spring aud |
summer, and the serge of this spring can be made up in the
j close fitting one-piece gown most satisfactorily.
White tnbable frocks are among the fascinating new
things being put out by some of the Parisian houses as ad-
[vance modes for the summer,   one of these is a tenuis frock
of white linen.   The skirt is perfectly plain in front and part
I way around the sides.   The back and part of the sideB is laid :
in side pleats.   There is a very deep hem on the skirt, almost
to the knees, ami above lins is a flat fold of linen.    The skirt!
is  imt   \eiy  short   for such   a   purpose,  as   it  just  clears  lhe
'I lie bodice  its a blouse which fastens in the back.    It is
I scant in front, the material being draw i to the side? in two
pleats and fastened with pearl buttons.   This bl..use tit*; over
la tight fitting under bodice, to which elbow sleeves are ul
I filched.    The effect is that  of a jumper.    Then   arc under-1
j sleeves of embroidered uol and the collar is also of the em-!
broldored net.     lt is a shallow sailor collar, fastened with a
| black satin bow with tassels on the ends.
A most charming go Wil nf ivory linen, very flue and sheer,!
'is a mass of embroidery.    liOxcepI for the elaborate embroid
ory, the gown is a very simple one, the general lines being
strikingly severe.   The skirt is perfectly plain, fitting smooth-!
| ly over Ihe hips. It is nf gunnel length, with just enough
fulness to be graceful in the lower part. The bodice, a simple-
and very scant blouse, has fiat guimpe which extends over the !
sleeves in round points. The sleeves are perfectly flat ia the,
upper part and quite close fitting; they reach a little below
the elbow. The neck is cut out a little in a rotind shape and'
finished with a narrow frill.    With this gown is woi'U a crush-,
The   death   frust   lies   where   late   the
roses threw
A  thousand petals ou  the e<>t't .luue
And    o'er    the    lawn    dark    spectral
shadows pass
Of naked boughs where clover blossoms
The   thrushes'   nest   iis   empty j   swift
winds strew
The straws to right and left;—from
that mass
Of box and arbor-vitae sounds,—alas!
Xo   happy   note,—gone   is   the   rustling
That peopled there. 0 what iu death to
Thou ceaseless Nature?—ocean calls.
I go
To lie beneath  with  many   helpless
Vet ripples laugh, new  waves rise mer
Death   may  not  dim  thy  mom's  recurrent glow.
For  well   thou   knowest   it   usans
Lifa again.
--Maurice Francis  Egan,  ia Ssribmer'i
; ed girdle of cerise sill-;.
An interesting model for a spring gowu is of light weight
; cloth   trimmed   with   braiding  and   borders  of   fringe.     The
arrangement of the overdress is oue that would probably be
j becoming to a large number of women  because of the fact
■ that the bodice and  the   overskirt   in   one  piece  insures  a'>
| length of line which is not otherwise readily obtainable with1
i the overskirt.
Crepe de chine, voile de soie and, later, the summer fabrics.
| especially  foulard and mousseline de soie,  will  be  made up I
after this model.   When the material is on the order of chiffon
or mousseline de soie the place of the braiding will be takeu
I by allover laee used either over or under tulle or chiffon.    A
very charming frock of this sort has already beeu  made up,
after this model in a peculiar and interesting shade of red
.voile dfi side.    White lace is used in place of the braiding on |
the skirt, the bodice ami the sleeves, and is made to tone in;
! with  the gown  most  beautifully  by  being  veiled  with  thin!
chiffon in the red of the gown.
Rather remarkable is the design for a spring coat.    While
the coat was developed in cloth and trimmed with satin, the!
| design is also being used for coats of linen, silk, pongee and!
I crepe do chine.    The model is not only a smart one but it is!
, becoming to a great many figures, and' will lie found to cause]
I less self-distrust to women whose figures are no longer sylph-
! like than do  most of the new  models with  their continued
appeals to slenderncss and long lines.
The suit was made of green  cloth  with  black  trimmings
and buttons of green, black  and  silver.     With  the suit was
Wc Clean und Dye Clothes
r«r patrons extending trom Toronto
lu U.v   Vukuri.    Why  not (or you?
Modern Laundry and Dye Works Co.
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■■■-   For 8tove and  Furnace Uta
No Dirt,      No Clink*"      No Soot
■''"".'  '   -, MINES  AT
White Serge Gown
tuine. It in in consetjuunue extremely hard to decide, especially siti there are still tu be found tho must; wonderful bargains
iu thr left over winter stuck, many of which aro quitu up to
date, very smart and perfectly suitablo i'or the present moment and will be so for months. It is almost trito to repeat
tho statement that the very latest winter fashions ure the
same as arc taken fox models fnv spring and summer styles,
while also some one fashion that has been proved popular for
lb.** winter i.u copied in dilfercnt material for tin* spring and
summer seasons.
There is undoubtedly strongly marked tho note of eccentricity and individuality—by no means the same tiling, be it
understood—but also this spring thore arc many mnn' what
may be termed reasonable models, wiulo tlio majority of stylus
show much more simplicity of design and more caroful consideration of what is suitable. For instance, thero are strictly
tailor made costumes whicli depena absolutely upon tho lines,
the cut and lit, rather than upon ornamentation or trimming
of any kind. The more elaborate street gowns ean, on the
contrary, be sn elaborate as to make them quite possible for
reception wear. As yet no marked originality of design lias
made its appearance and there is nothing absolutely unlike
what has been put forward tentatively for the general public
to decide upon.
Will full skirts be popular? This is a serious question, for
whicli as yet no unanimous vote has been cast. Pleated and
gathered skirts, accordion plaited and gathered all round, are
exhibited as models for crepe de chine, silk and all wash
| (Materials, but they have not as yet been madly sought for.
.\ very slight girlish nguro is required to look well in a full
skirt, and the long slim lines that are emphasized and sometimes given outright by the more severe styles are far more
Overskirt., have arrived, and if there is not a double skirt
theu the effect must be given by the cut aud trimmings. The
pointed tunic or double skirt effect is the must generally bo-
Coming, but tliere are several effective models with draped
overskirts or with extra material draped to look like a double
skirt. There is more than a hint of the old fashioned window
drapery in some nf the new gowns, but il is a fashion that
requites the greatest skill and the best of work to be ut all
satisfactory, and at its best it is uot a fashion to lie entered
into rashly by the woman wlio cannol afford an endless number uf gowns.
One nf the newest skirts has a distinctly odd appearance,
for it is cut in two pieces, the upper part quite close fitting,
the lower quite Q full tlnunce, gathered or plaited as the case
may be, and the two joined under a band of some trimming;
it is al the moment a fashion for the gowns of crepe do chine,
soft silk nv silk voile, but will be undoubtedly chosen as a
popular model for the wash materials. II. is the revival of a
style of many years past, but with modifications and new
touches that make it seem quite new and original. The waist
is extremely simple in design, with a slight blouse effect and
has either curved 'surplice folds showing a V-shaped yoke or
is finished with an embroidered frill and turned back cuffs
to match.
Simplicity and beauty of line are most, distinctively shown
in many of the simpler models iu voile de soie, eachemire de
soie and the must charming of the soft linished silks and
satins. One most favorite model has not one particle of trim-
miug. Tho material is ruse pink satin with double skirt, and
the upper skirt is draped, while the waist is in soft draped
surplice folds, bias bands of the same material. It is simplicity itself, this model, but made in black, white or colors
is most graceful and becoming, it is nut su easy tu make as
might be thought at first glance, but, keeping always in mind
that the lines must he unbroken and with a perfect fitting lining the tnsk is a possible one.
Por those who love trimmed gowns thin season will afford
an unexampled opportunity to indulge their taste for ornamentation. All kinds of trimmings are displayed and in endless
variety, while tliere are many of the newest fashions for
afternoon and evening gowns that depend largely upon their
trimming. Soutache braiding, of which there was so much
last season, appears again, but of course with some change
and variety. Soutache braiding on satin and crepe de chine
gowns is smarter this season than on the lighter transparent
fabrics, and a very popular model is the satin or crepe do
chino gown with the effect nf a braided tunic. The material
in itself iu an delightfully soft and drapes so beautifully that
'• Keats, thy Grecian um hui b«en -ap
And from its ashes is a woman made;
To   dance   them   back   again   us   when
thev   burned
li.   voung  antiquity,  uud   pipes   wc'i-
Who  was that early  woman,  tbal  bad
Their fires away, thou wert too late tn
Thyself   too   early   tor   this   later
And yet  thy lips nf poeSJ could blow.
Both   lives,  until   their ankles   nift  and
Between  the  .lead   world  and   the
unborn earlb.
Here   is   thy   living   witness   from   the
With  the  gairaent  and   the   measure
and  the  grace
Of  a   (.reek   maid,   with   the  daifiieB  on
her head
And the daring of a new world iu her.
Dancing, she w.ilks in perfect sacrifice!
Dancing,  -he lifts her beauty  in her
And bears it to the altar as a sign j
Of joy in all the waters ard the land*: i
And   while   she   praises   with   her   pure!
The   breath    she    dances   with.   0
Kears. is thine!
Life   rises   rippling  through  ber  like a
Or like a strei.m it flows with sudden
Leaves in a wind  taught   her that  flut
of   finger-tips.     She   moves,   a   rosy
■ aught in a rain of love; a prophetess
Of dust struck  on  the  instant dumb
with pain
Of the inviolable vision, wild
With an abandoned longing to regain
That edgo and entrance of the wilder
Where she might stay untroubled asl
a child.
impassioned battle with  ihe  foe uf life
Seizes  and   bends   her  body   for   the
Until   she  finds   him   stronger   for   the!
Atol   in   defeat   defies   him   with   he
L'pward   .ihe   bares   her   throat    tu   tin
keen  thrust
Of   triumph:—"'0   ye   gods   of   timi
who give
Aid    take,    ve    makers   of   beaut v, t
though T din
Tu   this  mv   bodv.- beaufv   still   shall
Be enu ai  of me ami my immortal dust!
O urn!  Take had;  mv ashes! Tt is I
Witter Bynner, in the Forum,
WHO  is  the swarthy  man  watching
the gyroscopic cari" asked the
•' That's   a   Nicnraguan,''   whispered j
, his   assistant.
" Indeed!    Does he contemplate using
our car down iu lhe tropical jungles?"!
"Oli. nn. He is nnly astonished at see ;
! ing anything that has more revolutions]
than   his home country.
AI.DKIi.MAN SMITH "S baby was be-1
ing christened, and everybody pres-
ent was complimenting the happy
j parents.
11 [ believe," said tho proud mother,
"that he is going to be a great politic-
! inn some dav.''
"Why?" usked lhe rudd\ faced fall.
■ er.
•• Well, because he crawls out nf ev i
erything so easily," said the wife, smiling up into her husband's face.
$200 IN CASH
And Numbers of Valuable PrrmioBsl
Canymi ..*■* *■.■■-■ the iSon «!■ cf .'.-..'•: Irt1*ri int-, tl.i> p)OPM tit ik wall known fruita. If »o. you e»r. I
■har« in the diitributionof the aboTe prize. Iti» aamaj tx*W- lint X-y natleBca »ndi.*rrie-T»r>-f:t«-fou<4*.
lirul^lly vemk* (-nl 4 <r Got" Unm. Tut'r.t* jfriun wlio can i.-.-ike out tli*. |-*r-.*«>tmiriitn ( w« will c:-/e tU ium <:
One nundrrtin-'^rx Tu thu pencm makllU| Dot th-*- HMbd Urxest fcur-tUr Uii tun, of Fifty lk-.*n. To Um
epuma mfcing the U.ird Unun mnlKr U» Un of Thirty Iwllarm. To the ejMnan maLhi-z U.e routth targe*
number tie iuiu of Twenty LtLllam. Shoulfi twu perf.,ui Had »i.sw«n, r-(ua.:y i-irr-. t. Un-Iwnttwu pritM Wffl 1-
<li*nled let ween them. l-MOl nedvtaf 171 Wl. Should thire jwiid In i-iiii*j!!y ri-mcta-.swrri. ll.e fir,t tf n-e •,!.!►■ '
will b»ve to )■<■ '.:»■ :■■... le^.-li r-r'eirii.g ftO Mj. thovn-l four pen-ms^i.il oqu.-iilj tone, tauiwt-rn. tue wh-.le ■ .-
-uf MULOOwm betqtnlljdMdad (mcS re. en-ins IS0.0D), »nd »i>*jh in Uk« propntii■■■ m, pror] led teheyeoapelf trttt
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your money when you answer this advertisement. If you can ttDAvafot Um name*, vnle uitodtiy ]
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Do You Realise
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houoea in Qiuada.
Think this over— tt means something to you.
Wc cie* l.n oui Catalogue and Mniliue Ual of Bargainx.
The Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Factory Branch—1728 Bcarth Street. Beagina, Sask.
Corrugated Iron
Painted or Galvanized
8 USr Roofing and Siding
If  vour dealer dues nut  handle it, write to
Sackett Plaster Board
The Empire Brands of Wall Plaster
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
The Best Flour Argument
Is having success on your baking day, and yon wS find
Pink Silk Dinner Gown
worn ;t blouse uf green erepe <lc chine with yoke uud uoflur
of iviii laee ami finished with ;i full tit.1 und jabot ot ecru
batiste. The liai designed to accompany this costume wus of
black straw trimmed with a band of black velvet, ti Ltu-ge
green uml black buckle ami u peculini ostrich plume m < ham
pagne color.
ONE of tho oddest   schools   lu   tbe   world is thut  iu St.
Petersburg wherein youug men ure trained for tho po-1
lief force.   The course or instruction provided there ill
supplemental to the examination which is given by the mun-
lei pal authorities,    in a museum at tin: lied to this Bchool the!
pupils  familiarize  i hemselves  with  many   phases  of crime
nut covered by tho municipal curriculum, bspecially do tin-
pupils -study tho use of the tools of various kinds used by
professional thieves; and thore is a special class devoted solely to the crime of forgery, with particular reference ta the
falsifying of signatures and  vises on  passports, a most  important consideration in tbe performance of u Russian polict
man's duties.
At Monte Carlo is maintained a school of croupiers. Here,
during the summer months, in the clubroom of the Tir aux
Pigeons and the sallo d*Escrime in the Casino building, aspirants to the niiicf; of croupier learn how to operate gaming- \
tables.    Ench pupil must from time to time, while others are;
impersonating players antl  making their respective stakes,
conduct the game and learn at an instant how to calculate
and pay out  the winning stakes. Generally there aro about!
sixty   or  seventy   pupils  in   this  Bchool,  and   a   uix   months'
course  is deemed sullit.iont to make them  finished croupiers.
There is in Brussels a school for the teaching of a gruesome occupation—that of grave-digger.    It was founded by
the directors of the Evere Cemetery; and all candidates for
appointment as sextons throughout Belgium must pass an ex- .
am in at ion at this school before thev can secure employment,
The principal school for turning out competent animal
trainers exists in Hamburg, Germany, the centre of tht* wild
animal industry. Here, witli Gorman thoroughness, tbe pupil
is taught 1 he training of wild animals fnr exhibition par
pose, as wcdl as natural history, so that he may kion b***rU
from  the scientific ai  well  an  ilu-  practical tid-a. j
Formulae Have Been Well Tried Out
Though the NA-DRU-CO line of Medicinal and Toilet Preparations have been on eale
for a few mouths only, don't think for minute that in buying NA-DRU-CO goods you are
experimenting with uew or untried preparations.
Their Origin
The twenty-one wholesale drug fcnn.s now utciteil
in the "Natiouaia" had all of them lengthy careers,
some for fifty to one hundred years, prior to ihe union.
Each firm had acquirecnl or developed a number of
valuable formuhe for medicinal and toilet preparations,
all of which became tbe property of the; "National".
Since the union our expert chemists have carefully
gone over thewe formulie and selected the best feer the
NA-DRU-CO line. Every formula ha. been carefully
studied by these experts, improved if possible, and
then thoroughly tested aRsin, in actual use, before
we consider it good enough to bear the NA-DRU-CO
Trade Mark.
a\n Example
A good eexample of what wc mean is NA-DRU-CO
Nervozone for Brain Fag or nervous break-down.
The formula was pronounced the most scientific combination of nerve medicines, but this was enough for
us ; we had it tried out with a dozen different kind of
Brain workers — School Teachers, Lawyers, Bookkeepers—as well as Society leaders and home workers,
and everywhere the result was so jood that we adupteel
tt as one of the best of the NA-DRU-CO line.
Tlce.-re are therefore no experiments amor-fee
NA-DRU-CO preparations, We have invc ted alto-
Rethcr i»K> much tune, work nuel money in the
NA-DRU-CO line to take any chances ofdiscresditingit
with preparations that mcj;iit not prove satisfactory.
We make absolutely certain tlc.it cae h preparation is
satisfactory before we endorse it wilh the NA-DRU-CO
Trade Mark.
Atk your physician or your druggist lelenut the
firm behind NA-DRU-CO preparations and about the
NA-DRU-CO line. They can tell you, for we will
furnish them, on request, a full lilt of the ingredient,
in any NA-DRU-CO article.
"Money Back"
If by any chance ynu should not be entireW
satisfied with any NA-DRU-CO ait-'-le you try, return
the unused portion to the -druggist from whom vou
bought it and he will refund your money—willingly,
too, becuuse we return to bim every cent be gives
bmck to you.
If your drtiggi'it should not have the particular
NA-DRU-CO article you ask for in stock he can get
it for you within two days from our nearest wholesale
Some NA-DRU-CO Preparations You'll Find Most Satisfactory.
Camphor Ic*
Gr.-a.ieleii Toil«t Crmm
Talcum Povrdar
Tooth Pait*
Tooth Powder
Babr'i, Tablets
Carbolic  Salve
Caicara Laieti-rat  (Tablet*)
Cod Liver Oil Compound,
TesteleM 12 Sum)
Dyipeptia Tablet!
Heedache W.feea
Herb Tablet*
Pile Ointmeal
Rheumatism Care
Sut*r of Milk
Steinleit Iodine Ointment
Tooth nth© Gum
White Ijuinient
• mlt our moducti ■can THIS
National Drug and Chemical
Company of Canada, Limited
WleoU.aU  Rrta.ule.ea  eale
anevaert LOOK fop, TMitl
New Picture Company.
TV.     T-T   ctripr Timp *      Don't   forget   the   hremens A Use For-Pinafore. New Picture Company. pj AH}      T^'C?  i™*""
l ne .tiosmer nm-a      d balI tomo..row night.        u     Brook toll8 tbe folhm,   A represeHtative of the ,-,,„. ^1^ Qy^J\^) i\. o I .-,
,-.   ..   .,-.   . ,   .    ,    ,*    ...  _  :    :...!..   :..    .        ■     -n: :.*. ...i   .1       ...     ...       „     ^"^ S    V
One Vecer        One  Ie--li.ei- in Ac!
Single e. ci|.ie-s         five '
nd A. L. Fortier ling about an episode in   1       , j mer Time* visited the Queen's | MOVING PICTUREAND! I   SllDPfiffifi     MBRiKS      Oil £0 0 ii I ISCl
■   were out bunting last Saturday j Arizona. 30 yeai-H ago: hotel on Tuesday and Mr. Gour-1 VAUDEVILLE     Company  -*■ " MiVWUB      Ullv-tjUU"WU
'   .-mel returned witJi ,-i  lim-  buck,      -•Scion after 1 arrivetLjn camp lay toeek great pleasure in snow-
which was shot by Mr. Winter, there was a shooting affray  in ing his new  hail and  pointing
Rev M  F Eb\   bas returned -''"'   Oliinese   quarter.       Iwo out the many  new and  up  to /.1   ,
from Spokane after a successful Chinese merchants were  badly date features of the building.      C^
THURSDAY. DECEMBEK!. 1010     [)perHti()n      ,,,.   ui)|   ,,,,,.,..1,   (n shot   lip.     There   was   no  phy- Tin-    new    ,-uici   e-ommodioiis
 —— the Methodist church next Sun-1sician in the camp.    In Arizona hall is Hearing  completion and
' people seldom die, except  from ' on Saturday night, December .'J,
cul or alcohol.      .There was, the doors will be opened to  the
Time Tables.
day evening.
<;. W. A. Wilson, of Vnncou-
Vo. 3ia w ■■
I.vice.c. le,    \i .   ,\.   tl IIMHi.   Ill       e -cell e'ci- .                                                                                                      ■                                           : ....       ,.     .   ,,                         r ar       •         Ta*   .
•....•ive Hosmer -,     i    .     p r>,.sss,h„ however, a druggist,   who   of citizens of Hosmer and the pub- The Best Program of Moving Piclur
Anm           , ver, superintendent  ol   Presby- *"           „                 .                                          f       •         and IUustrated Songs ever
  im.i .         .   •                        *ii.. course  was i-nbed  "JUoc.        In lie in general.    In  about   three                  i        •    ,<
.   ., tcrian missions accompanied by ,             .                                                 ,      ,      ,         .    ,          .          „                 shown in Hosiner.
\ i. 314 Eacsl                 . is„,ic ., ,      , »j-,    ,   ir   ,,.        jt Arizona   in   those  days every weeks the theatrical portion  ot |
So. 312 Local Easl '   *               '   '   ' ." druggist, or chiropodist, or von- tho edifice will  In-   completed
\\, iii i enl \v.-i                    -"••'-■' ed Hosmor on Sunday.                i ,       .. ,                      .,   ,                     .,    ,        .             '
^"",n'■"'"., : ,    ,         , dor ot eye glasses was called a and  until  that   tunc-  tin-   pool
No. 7 \\ est I- Iyer    n--- l-\,l;       |i;m       iiiiu*. ice      and ,.      •*         .                   ,    ,,.    ,    ,     .'                 ....             ,
..   „,,   ,,*;,.„                           [no ,-      -I                           ,     ei, Doc,    and uvery   ball    baked room wil be used as a   moving
No. 8 East iIyer   '• un iirnishei       rooms     a)      llu-                                     ,                                                                             s
Strong Mexican Films
Our Supreme brand of Flour has
no equal Un' bread making. \\ e consider ourselves very fortune in securing thc
sole agency for Hosmer for this exceptionally high grade flour.
Give it a trial and you will use no
lawyer  was a "Judge.
s' picture   hal
A   continuous
Change took effect Sunday Oct. 30    -Sc-.elia hotel.
 ;V,;,,.,,,. ,. ,,   ,.    ,,   ., e        ,,  man knew as much  in  regard show  will  bee given  each   .-ind
G. N. TIMETABLE 11. M.   Boddy, general  agent , , ° . .,,,.,, , • \v*u,-i, r,„* n*,.e, c . ,.„. i--,,-iv
°   .      Itst   ill.,    bemi.-oi       I ee ce I V      .-mil       lis ,..-,..■.•    .eI.,-1,1    ,1 .,,-    ll,,.     ..-,.,.I.- I   ".UUI   ' < '1     1 l.lillll'lll.-e.       (eillie   l..lll\
N.e. 231 leaves .Mn-li.-l
Arrivesat  Hosmer..
Nee.   252   le-.t*.e-    Rl xfol'd.
Arrives al   linsmei
iu"_1'1- ■••■  for  British  Columbiu   for   tb.
,'',.' "'■  Manufacturer's  Life   [nsurance
I.l.e  p.   Ill
I.Y.: j'. in
to tine  human   body   and   its every  nighl  during tho   week
functions as a uow knows about  from 7 o'clock until 10:30.    Tin
Follow lln- Crowd.
Just received a car load of AshcrofSj
potatoes  and   vegetables,   the   best  that
ean be had.
('o.. \-i-.it i el our city  Saturday
and spent Sunday in town.
\V. I-.'. V.'am-u left last   night
for ('algary  *.*here  he  wid   remain, and J. Maddison,  of fernie, lias taken liis place tempor-
The Tiiiics 'phono Sn. i- 10,       lu.*-j, u;,;, ,),,, p [j,,,*-,,, (-,,.
Joe Weiner was a Pernio vis- \ smoker was tendered   Bell
.'ten- Tuesday, Swanton lasl night al the opera
G. M. l!e-dle-\   is  ecu   lln-  sick house.    A large number of  bis
lisi this week. Irionds were |en--e-ni ami u very
Mr. Man in. ed' [-'rank, was   in enjoyable evening was spent,
town on Sunday. Mike Xennot was operated on
I.. Lipsitz, of Calgary,  spent last week nl   tho   Hosmer  Im.-
Tuesdin in town. I'ital  leer appendicitus.     II.-  is
lie-   was  cil
led  to films will be changed four times t5c        ADMISSION        35c
attend on the Chinamen, where- each   week  and   special    lilm>
upon he proceeded solemnly  to will bo exhibited  every  Satur-
paste large peices of sticking day.
I u i
it-idr entrance  will
ister    over    tneir     gaping be made so tbat any person can , Boots   and   shoM    NeatJ
itniels.     Naturally they soon outer or leave ,l„- picture  ball a.,d    Satisfactorily
ve up their respective gliosts. without   gopig   through     the p-»-a"irpd E,
I I.e-cl\e- VVOI-k lit   l-'ic-l I'll,-i's sleerc*.
"Those Chinamen were quite hotel or Dar,
well io do, and their compatriots Mr, Gourlay further informed
determined to give them u  pro- us that this show will in  every
per send  oil',  'a la Amerieaiue.' particular be equal  to any 35c
I'horo was in town one of those moving picture   show   in    the I
young college graduates   who Pass or he will   refund  tli.- ad-j| On Sale to any Part ol the World J |
bad wandered a long way down mission price.     Ue  also >tati
iin-  l.'uni   Bond  to  li'iiiu.     At that there will be nothing sai
present   liis   chief   occupation or done which will  wound  llu
the sror.c of satisfaction
Main Street HOSMER, B. C.
i************* ***********l    *
* * ** V •:- e$e * * * * * * * ************* ,
i   \i-it.u- at progressing    very     favorably,  was hanging around bar rooms feelings of tbe most delicate  oi
Frniik last Sunday Tl"' "l"'r;" '""   wa* P0*'fol™ed| waiting to be invited to take .*,! --.-liiu*.! l.-nly- m- .-liild in tli.* 1,-unl.
., ,          ,. .'      ,                , by Dr. C. P, Biggin
,N. ( . I itus, i-l Seattle, stopped •
off here on Monday.
James \V.   Miller,  of  Fernie,
was in town lusl night.
There was quite an  exciting
i inn-  on   Main street, near I he
drink.    He was engaged by the   Lhe admission tee is ouly   ten
Chinese, for a remuneration of,"'''"'*-
$10, to read a burial service over     Another feature which will be
P. Burns Co., Tuesday afternoon  the plastered remains.   Quite a usec*  '"  oonnectiou  with    this
f tin- (loggia-*)  had
whon some o
ii  lively scrimmage and    wild
scenes   of  revelry  took   place.
II. V.. ileiii. of Toronto,  visited i his city on M.unlay.
Chas.   Wat-kins,  of   Calgary, The battle was witnessed   I'roin
dropped in on Tuesday. Ififtli avenue.
F. J. Henry, of Montreal,  did      Go to old, reliable Pete   for a
business hero on I 'rida y.
P. BURNS CD, CO., Limited
Meat Merchants
■ , I    if    *** ^'/*i
i        J |   Fresh and Cured Meals. Fresh Fish. Game and Poultry,   fjl
hose *':.., ,        ... ..  '      Tli
crowd gathered  in  the   gravel mammoth picture show  is tl
yard and many  of thom  were $050.00   electrical   phonograph
unable to  keep  their eounten-1which  wns  l'|,,''',l,b'   installed. 5 AgentC. P.H
ances straight when this young
fellow, without   so  much as a'*1"'  1>;lss ■'llul  h;ls ^-ettdy at-
suspiciou ol'.-i  smile,   proceeded tracted   many   patrons   to   this
^ [f you wi»h to arrange for J %
J your friends coining out to J f
* this country, call and  the •+ •:*
J mattor   can   be   nrrunj.
* without  trouble for those j r ,                                                                  : i
* t ravellin-e- J * " '' supply only  the best,    lour trade solicited.    Markets    £ f
* Full  information   given J * 'i all the principal Towns and Cities iu Hritish Columbia.   i(|
* upon application  as  to .-ill j * t,
* steamsliip line:
J W   T   \VJ/ITCAM -Tl
,   |   MAIH STREET HOSMER, B. C.    jj
J x
.    ....;..;. * * * * *,'. * * * * * * * *.;, * *.;,.;. ,*> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *.;
,[Tliis is the finest phonogrtiph in  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^.^^^^^^
Bosmei' -4*   p:
I). .V. OKyinc-. of  Winnipeg,  ''""^ Barbor Shop,
spent Friday in Hosnier. W. B. Powell and  A.  J.  Cat-
Mr.    and   Mrs.   R,  Thornton  ter, president and secretary, re-
drove to Fernie Tuesday. spectively, of distaict 18,  I.   M.
W, eel' A., visited llosmer on
Monday for the purpose of signing tli" now con tract agreement
which we understand goes into
force December I.
food   sliav.-.  hair-cut   or hath,  to read an act of "Pinafore" at well known hotel,
E. 0. Windsor, of Nelson,  did
business in i own Tuesday.
L. W. Lawson leaves  tonight
fur a \i--it to Medicine I Ial.
the side of I he open grave.       It
was all the same to the Chinamen,   who   wero   perfectly  sal-;
B. C.
Alex I. Fisher, It. A.
Fred \\ liter * was c ra ns.-i
business in Fernie Tue: d iv.
I).  SI
The Women's  Auxiliary  will
hold their fortnightly  meeting
unit/.,  ol   l-.-lnuiiitoii.  nt the home of Mrs. Winter on
New Branch Line. Solicitor
The Nelson .News of Nov. 30 and Notary Public
|contains tbe following: "TheC. !l<)-s-^*''^ - ^__
P. It. has decided upon the eon- ,. „ ,   ,.,
1 j l.. r.   I ,.\ ee !-.
A Friend in Need. structiou    of   another    shorl
Alex Thornton, un inmate of branch liue into the  Kooteuny. iAWE &  FISHER
the Feriii.- hospital has realized ; ■* "ill run from below Elkoand Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
a friend in need.   Thomas Har-j Galloway    southerly    towards FERNIE                           B.C.
ris having cuticle to be grafted ; Waldo and Bayne's Lake.
on Alex's leg, this  being innd-     Though short the line  is  im- THE    pjQSMER     DAIRY
equate, Thomas Stewart, whose   portnnt and is likely   to   i>.'   ro- " c M HEDI.EY, ?rop.
Hosmer Mines, Ltd.
Hosmer Steam Coal
visited this burg on Friday. Tuesday,    D< mber  Oth,  at   3 leg wns amputated  some  time munerative, passing as  it does      Fivsll An]k .,„,, (.,,...„„ (!,.|jv.
Murdoek aMcKinuon,  of camp  o'clock.     A   full  attendance  of since, also volunteered to  furn-j through valuable timber »n»tsJei-*ed to tUl parts of tlio town.
and Coke
3, was in Hillcresl on Sunday.      members is requested   lo  make
W, F. Egg, of  Montreal,   was arrangement.--, for a sale of work
a Tuesday visitor to this burg,     to be held in mid-December.
Miss Margaret Miller was vis-      According   to   the  tempi of
king friends in Fernie .Monday,  their election,  three   membersI
T. A. Cornett was  .-,   busi .(of the Fernio school hoard   will | ton of J tosmei
ish the amount necessary.  Alex ""d an extensive  tract  of  ri.-h j
posseses genuine evidences   of agricultural land. ,
comradeship in misfortune and I    This is   \lw   second   brancbj
retire llt   lhe   end   of   I he   year.
nementos of friendship.    He is  line to be constructed by the C.
i. brother of Richard L.  Thorn-1 p- E-iu ll"'  Kootenays  within
a short time, the other being
the line to Wellington."
Tan Years for Poisoning.
Bad Storm in tlie East.
• I. W, Robertson and A, ('.   Lip
hart remain oil the hoard.      W. !     Macleod, Nov. 28.- In the Su-
S. Stanley and   Robert   Dudley  P«"n° courl here Saturday,   II.      Digby,  N. S.,  Nov.   28,-Tlie    „
irnett was a business
\i*-iticr tie New Michel on .'-Ion-
Mrs. Robt, Anderson ret urned
Wednesday fi oin a visil .-.! Ilill-
Nurse I Hack, of Fernie, is assisting at the hospital tllis
1   aUOUCll
L. H. Moshor, of Calgary, wns c    ,   ,
I < ','t l 111 .*   \e , e.-e   e . n      ... e e at      ... iv*.... c IJJJJJJI-CJJJJl -e e I I 11 ■. I        • I • c
it business visitor here  on  Sat-       i i, • .- • -i   supply,     rhe case has been  on Mercedes, loaded with piling tor
and Princess Karnias  in  au   d-|   .'' ■ .    .     ,    .
urdav ,    . .* i ,1     •       since Wednesday.    Adams  was I-oston.    J hough sbe had three
■ lusion act wlm-h was ent Imsias-'
l-ci. ADKLBERO I. /.Ic-KI.M.W, Man.   S'(
Clotliinij, Gent's Furnisliin^s. Boots    , Ij
and Shoes, Jewelry and Watches    , h
■ Dross Swell
Vou Might
HOSMER, 11. C,
Lewis Stockett,
Genera] .Mana---er
gniiied their "willingness I Adams, of Nan ton district,   was longest    and    worst   northeast! j uOSllieP -  i r lit - blOTQ
to'serve for a second term, sentenced to serve ton years in gale that   can   be  remembered
,„,,., ,        i-i,    the Edmonton  penitentiary on by  the oldest  inhabitant   pre-1
Clarks picturesaudvaudeville       , ,.,,.. '■ -i   .i        e_. .      i i   J
... |        ,. a charge oi attempting to poison vailed here Saturday aud  Sun-
met with   a   gooil   audieni-e  on1
.  . ,     ,,,, .    .,,    a family ol a   ranchor  h\-   put- day.     Die only vessel anchored
.-iv night.     I hi* vaudeville i   . ,    .       .     ,, ,-,-,.•, ., .
.,     ., ,,  ,-  ,   Ming  strychnine m   the   water oil  Digbv   w.-ia    the   s.-hooiicr
re wa.s the ureal   lielvotu! - ,. ., ,      .     ,   ,     . ,    ...      ..
V. Milo, Pi-np.
Fruits, Candies,  Cigars, Tobaccos,
Etc., Ice Cream and Soil Drinks
Nexl   door   to   Tony   Lonibai-di's
olel slane'l.
D. O. Wilson,
; The
C, W, II. Coles,  of  Montreal,
tieally  received.      Some   good
transact ed
111    town  pi,.i un.„  were shown.      ('lark
defended by Mr. Eaton,  of  the anchors  out,  she    was   driven
(inn of Nolan & Eaton,  of Cal- ashore   and    badly    damaged.
.ill  bring n   number of   new "
The   government   scow   Lady
Lou broke  i'roin   her  moorings
A son was  horn  to  Mr.  and  features here on Sunday night. I Football, ,
,,,,,,,,..... ■ cat   government   pier and   was
Mrs. 1.-i. ; . it urday u| n years ago today we     The following are the   results ,vtlshed ashore.
of t he old country games:
Piiist Division
Liverpool 3   Mancliester United 2
•^"v- -'''■ opened a store in kaslo and  be-
W, 0.    Hejeni,   of   Calgary, gan making a   fortune.     Those
transacted business in town  on   were Hush times and early every
•i* ,     I • i i i   '   • i     i Notts l-'eii'i-.-ct I    Kvei-ton I
luesday, iiioriung money i-oulel be picked ,. .,   ,   ,,
Hill",' II     .Neclts ( eeiinl v II
Mr. and  Mrs,   A.  J.   Moll,   of  up on the streets.     We found a Woolwich Arsenal 1   Newcastle i
Fernio were week   end   visitors 'tour bit'piece one morning and Blackburn Rovers fl  Sheffield]
in Hosiner. traced   tho   lead   for   100  yards' Aston Villa6   Middlesborough 0
before it   pinched   out.     Those! Sheffield United 5    Preston  North-  Good work ,-u  low prices and sat
Do you enjoy   a   pool   game?
Drop in ou Jack Haddad.        51
Up-to-date.    You
are till welcome at
Pete's Barber Shop
Front St., Hosmer
= Eik Valley Development Co.
owners of HosMER TOWNSITE
T. A. CORNETT   !■
I appllig - HI I ne   edit cei- -   will
wero    I lii-
Da vi
nd II
racl inn giuti-untoed
HOSMER,   -  -  - li. ( .
(low is sometimes an  exegotienl '                      '"■'           '  ",   ■•'." Mancliester Uity 2   Oldham Athletic
intrepid     v iJrcniner    would   bel   Ins  wild ,,
Mr. Dickon occupied the   pul- """'   PVel"-V   {°W   mimitc,s'    llud .Sunderland 1   Tottenham Hotspur0
.' . '    ,'    ,.'   ,     ,.                .   . Jim Wardner would not  smoke; Bradford Citv 8   Bristol City I
pit in the Melhoih.-( rhiirch I.-1-1     ,       .               , , .    , .                  .
',      ,              . the ci-j-iirs sold in Jus own saloon Skco.nij Division
^•"■-Kv evening. [„ itsdav. Kaslo was one of the      «Hlc-y 0   Bm-iiley I
Miss Marx arrived   lasl   «*«ok ,.,„,.,, ,,|||||JS   „,-  ,,„,  W,,.,K  ml(| Hliukpnol flI   Binnlngham 1
from the east and   .wil   remain •         ,        •                 •   (- Chelsea*.   HullU.yn                       n.vmiv Siiai-ha, Wm. Oouuk, Props.
,     .,-,.,i         •   , il- icinn  -Heine   isa poem 111 HV I Clapton Orient 0    West Di-oniwlch 0
lioioioitlionmto, |(>nel.Si    (,,,.,,IU [Ledge. ix-rhyC ily  J      Cl sborough
1*1, H, Webb, of Coleman,   hi -                           - • • - - Trinity 0
a411 Kinds of Pictures Framed on |
Short Notice
Altcnl for tlio
Keauction in
e Price @f Lots
in   Blocks  25,   39,  26, 27 and
40.     Write us for  information
Call at  lhe Dilim 1 Hall. Main
Street, Hosmer, B. C.        |! Townsite Agents Fernie, B. C.
accepted n responsible position        Thoy Watch Whiie You Sleep. r.iossopfl  Huddersneld 2
with the Pollock   Wine  Co.,  ol      The third annual   ball   under     L,i u''' K"SKt'2   "'•''""'"■'' "
j,*,,,,,,*. .              .          „   .     ,,              ,,. Lincoln Oily 1    Bolton \\ anderern 8
I emit. the auspices ol the llosmer l'i re Slcll.k|1111., ,-,„„„ v „   u.cil.s uity I
I'eir.ii- tortablc shave or ii Uriyade   \-,iil   be   held    in    the- Wolverhampton Wanderers 5   l-'ul-
neat, artistic hair-trini .iit tho opera house on Friday evening, ham 1
shop of Jack Haddad,           aUfi December 2nd, 1010,     Tho  hrsl Soctiiebs Division.
t!     II     'I-        I          e-I-           ■ c ,1    leeli- ic-   lc-l>   lec-e-ci     e -ee ee-i -.. -, I     I'm- l.'-.Vl'elll      Nil.   lire unlet e ell   I
S. II.  ruck, of Ferine, sauutei- ot inusli  lia.-n..  i   i.nK«igeil   toi i,,;,,,,,-,„,, :i   Miiiwall Athletic I
ed in from   Olson   on   Saturday the occasion.     I. his is  a   volun- Crystal Palace 2   Queen's Park Han-
•iinl t oitk i In-  i-. e-iiin-e-  ii-iin   te leer fire department and   mum- -;',',    . , ,,         ,   ...           ,. .
nun iiiui-. un    i\iiuii_   ii.nn   i.i                        i                          ^ Bristol Hovers 1    Westham United]
Fornie hers devote their own   time  to Swindon l   bnl on I
,,,,,,,           ,      <*■ this    worthy     cause     witboul ^..'t-'r City (1   Poi-tsnionthS
.1.   P,   Houlnhnn,   the   Siutfer                      .'                  .... Brighton and IlnvoAlbion.--   Noi-tli-
, .                             . reniiliieration   and   wit ii    lln-ir anipton 0
sewing maclnno  ropresentativi                             , t      ^ \V,itford ri   Ooventi-v City 2
Plymoul.il ArgyleO   Sont'hend Inii*
Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipc.s
L-^jSl^A^-U^-AV'J* ^•U*^-^i>^l%^<l<W4!^Wi''M l&s4m<4i\WttXfi\V^H#4sml
^irk********** ***** ****»»*'***** * *»^^^hlh>r»****ifc^**»*»
% I
:     a i I
•*>! I
Alaii! Street HOSMER, li. C.   •'-.:    A. Met.Fletcher, Ag,-nt^P      t
of Nelson, was a Hosmer \ isitoi
\ esl erda v.
•»♦<»*>o-»*c><j>aje,<r»<f<t-aiM.5..a->*-j,/ej <j><xc.*c>*e>-♦♦ ♦♦ .->->-$>--c-*<'*<'■<**•->     *
s\\ I Im''.-. wlit-iv ynu (.tin Hiivo iiioiicy buying your ^
j Clothing*, Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Valises |
own    means    have    pun-liasei
i homselves     uniforms.         Wo ed 1
think-that it is up to the citizens     K,"ltl"1 ,""-   Nonvieh City I
•lohn Becketl wenl Lo   Fernie  t)f Hosmer irri.-sin-ctive  of  pol- ,    ...  H,:*,'rr,8M ^.\w.K.
... , 1   •       •  I        ,     II       • .    . Sl-   Mill - O -i     /lc cells II
on  Luesday and incidentally in-  mes or religion to turn   mil   on      min-i-mniisH   Kilman I, I
spooled the- road   which   he   re-   f >,.,-,. |,, I,, .;* t!
ports good.
Spenso    Lyon    an
niglit from Fernie an
eepted the position of *'lho man ,,|.iV(,, ,. ,.t ,!nrl, „,- ,,„. ih,
belli j id   ■'. 1 the I '.I'-ilif 1 loi cl.        . ive! - ■'■' I .•'■>. la ui oh hvr. tmiitcd t'luli, ++4tp++++ >•••*• c- *4%> &<&<&**> <*•©►<? $ <*<& v-^^-aJ > ■&••&■ -c^-v^ $•<••>•■$''
Thej  are  Going  Fast!*
Those desirable 1 Ionic sites in  West   Fernie.
Why don't you get in on a good thiny ?
Buy a lot and be a landed proprietor.    Prices
range from $50 to ,$125.
Prices will rise in the near future.      It i.s for
you to decide who will !,ret the profit.
$10 secures one now.     Make the other   payments to suit yourself.    For particulars see
I -n
*   11
j 1
*    ll
*■       u
i   &
♦    l
*   > i
*>/.*:s:******** *****$**.■{.**><.*** WJ.*************!}.********
!"' !li":1 *'"''''•   n\n'ntimL(nni,'',Mi,-c,is2   Mori,,,, i    ♦ hoU-iik-mi m,-THE KOUSE OF HOBBERLI?7, LirJizd I
t hi'ir Mippiirl to this noblfi bund      Clyde H   41 n's P.-n-k 11 <?
,     I        of men.    All the money realized      Uaitli Ito.-ci--,.)   Aln-nli-i-n I «>.„,„„._..„.„._. . ,».„„.„„ „^^m~.—.—,...■.   -
11 from this ball  will  go' towards     C"asB.iw Han^i-H 7   Mutlini-wHI 1        *
1       IIIS   III-   , ,- Allele ;.   1',cc-cc- .;    I- .1 ' k I l-k 1 & A I H.     ,1   ,( J    (.efv.      rSliSSIlJ
tin   ptirchiisi!   ill   necessary   np-     -rlli],| , ... lr|. ,    p ,-c i. k'I'lcl 1'. - ;i      a AijuUlJU   -j-Uo    i..JV^vJwJxvy
Q   Nl'Xl   1)1,1,1- Ul I'e.-ie.l'lil-e- l-IOSMBH, b. r
v TcD '^^ -» *-;-;.-.|;j,  j MADE TO ORDER ON SHORT    /
I I -**>**J*****«*    NOTICE   AT   THE                      \
0   .1 	


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