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The Hosmer Times Oct 20, 1910

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The Times
The Times
Volume III.
Number 10
♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<-><►♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
▼ This Season's Values are Better Than Ever;
Lowery's Upper Stope
Airtight Heaters
for W"r>eid
From $2.50
Oak Heaters
For Wood mill Coal
No. 11 $ 7.1)5
No. 13  10.75
No. 15   12.50
No, 17   10.75
The Auto
For Conl
Two Cookiug Holes
on Top
Big Value $5.75
The Blazer
Heavy Cast Iron
See the Beaver Heater
Burns Hosmer coal bettor than other
$11.25        $12.50        $14.50
GUARANTEED to hold tiro with Hosnier coal for 12
hours without attention OR MONEY RACK.
Hardware Furniture ♦
'* Well, This is The Book J
Large 8vo. Over 600 pages with 50 full page illustra- *
tions from photographs by Kerniit Koosevelt and other j
members of the expedition, and eight photogravures from J
* drawings by Phillip lt. Goodwin. Only having a small J
£ supply of these books coming in, we ask if you care for J
J ono to leave your order now. *
| A. ft. CAMPBELL £
* *■       *
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦*»♦
Staple and Fancy Groceries
New Goods   Fresh Stock
A Trial Order Solicited
Gabara Block . ' Hosmer, B. C. t
r ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<►♦ •»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦■»
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Any kin
d of mixed drinks that' you call for
served in First class stylo
will be
Rooms   and   Meals  in   the   Town
Front St.
Hosmer, B. C.
The only Commercial Hotel
Sample Rooms
Main St., Hosmer
B. C. Has 951 schools.
The curfew boll now rings in
Thoro is a case of scarlet fever
in Enderby.
Now Westminster has two
new policemen.
M. Tebo has opened a pool
room in Alberni.
More sidewalks are being
built in Creston.
A tea room has been opened
in Chilliwack.
There are live barber shops
in High River.
There are 212 working mines
in this province.
The police barracks in Blairmore have boon completed.
The R. C. University will be
located near Vancouver,
Around Koremeos tho fruit
crop is the heaviest in years.
There are 100,000 acres in R.
C. planted with fruit trees.
The old timers at Stewart are
raising $800 for a hospital.
The new court house at Grand
Forks will cost $20,000.
Next year 1,300,000 trees will
bearing fruit in the Okanagan.
J. lt. Blank, of Glasgow, has
bought tho Aldermere townsite.
A school with 10 pupils has
been started in South Fort
A nursery is to be established
at Cedarville, up the Skeena
In fifty years B. C. has raised
minerals valued at $325,000,-
Iron and steel works may be
established upon Vancouver
In Alberni a third story has
been added to tho Arlington
A graving dock that will cost
$3,000,000 is to be built atEsqui-
The brick yard at Enderby
has shipped 3-1 carloads of brick
this year.
Large numbers of cattle are
being shipped from Oroville to
The brick yard at Blairmore
is expending $50,000 for improvements.
Machinery is being shipped to
the G. T. P. coal properties near
A. colony of negroes have settled at Lobstic, lake, 80 miles
west of Edmonton.
The city plumber in Trail is
paid 75 cents an hour actual
working time.
The steamboats will take
2,500 tons of freight up the
Skeena river this,year.
Tho suspension bridge near
Hazleton will be opened for
traffic next week.
Near Hossland 30 inches of
.$00 ore has been struck in the
Big Bird mine.
Placer gold has boen found at
White creek, a tributary of the
Naas river.
It is reported that the Bank
of Montreal will open a branch
in Revelstoke.
George B. Ellison is manager
of the new Travellers hotel in
the city of Vancouver.
In the Cariboo the Venture
Mining Co. has struck rich
gravel on Peters creek.
A material tram is run out of
Rupe every morning to the 05
post on the G. T. P.
Dan Fraser died in the Kamloops hospital. He formerly
ran a hotel iu Lillooet.
High River deplores the fact
that the Salvation Army has
ceased to hold meetings in that
This year, from his orchard
at Grand Forks, J. D. Honsber-
ger shipped six carloads of
It is proposed to erect a new
Royal Jubilee hospital in Victoria. The present building is
too small.
F. Butler, of Cochrane. Alber-
Brisk Compaign Waged in Fernie.
A despatch from Fernie says:
"The political campaign is being
waged with vigor by both Conservatives and Socialists. The
Liberal association has taken
no action in anticipation of the
bye-election on Oct. 22. The
Ross committee rooms are
located m the Turner block
whicli is for the time being the
busiest place in the city. The
Conservative organization is
complete and effective. The
general impression is that Mr.
Ross will have a majority of
about 400 over his .Socialist opponent, .). W. Bennett. The
campaign will be largely a matter of careful personal canvass
with a few rousing public meetings during the last few days.
The candidates left for opposite
I Sweaters-Sweater Coats
£ Nothing more Comfortable cr Serviceable for the Chilly Fall Weather.
* We are Showing a Full Range in  Ladies,'  Cbildrens'   and
Mens' Sweaters, all  Marked at Reasonable Prices from
75c to $3.50
* HOSIERY—Womens' Black Cashmere Special, Three
| Pairs for $1.00 or 35c per Pair. Mens' Cashmere
? 30c, 35c and 50c.    Vour Inspection is Invited.
st Opera House Block The Quality Store
ta, has leased Tapping's  Opera] ends of the riding   yesterday
House in Revelstoke for a term
of years.
The new sawmill at Sealoy, a
new town up the Skeena river,
will cut 10,000 feet of lumber
Miss Helen McEwen,of Grand
Forks, has been appointed teacher for the new school at Lower
Rock Creek.
The work of building one of
thc largest sawmills in British
Columbia will soon be begun at
Port Alberni.
At Claresholm, Alberta, one
firm recently bought 2000 head
of cattle in one day and paid
$70,000 for them.
In the Okanagau magpies and
woodpeckers are very numerous and have done much damage to the apple crop.
A Toronto company has bonded a group of quart/, claims in
the Klondike, agreeing to expend $40,000 in development.
Three retail and four wholesale liquor licenses have been
granted in Rupe. Four or five
more will be issued later in the
J. C. Sealy and Walter Bonis
received $32,000 for their section
of land near Hazleton. It was
bought for townsite purposes.
After spending several
months iu England, C. E. Race
formerly editor of the Ross-
lahd Miner, has returned to
Ensenada, Mexico, where he has
obtained large land concessions.
Colin Fraser, the fur trader,
recently brought into Edmonton $31,000 worth of skins. He
sold 60,000 rat skins for $16,000
and eight silver fox skins for
$500 each.
Need Money for Fire Victims.
Beaudette, Minn., Oct. 14.--
One hundred thousand dollars
will be required to carry the
fire sufferers at Baudette.
Spooner and the homesteaders
in the back country through
the winter according to Attorney General Simpson, who will
remain here a few days as the
representative of the governor,
a complete list of sufferers and
and refugees has not heen
made but it is certain that permanent list must be extended
to fully 3,000 persons, .said Mr.
Simpson today.
•g. ♦> % *** ♦ * *& <• •5* *s** •t" •*> *•> *m* <• »;* ••> *!* *•> •> *> *■> ■•> •• •*> *.•> *3* •$■ »;* »> ►*« -i* <> •$■ »> »> *> «s» •?■ ►>•*$'»;«$ »> "fr ♦*« <* •> & »> *•$■ **
I   Queen's Hotel   j
BECAUSE he has proven himself to be a man of *
ability and industry in advancing tlie interests o( his J
constituents. *
BECAUSE in returning Mr. Ross to Victoria as 1
Chief Commissioner of Lands I affirm my belief that J
Fernie riding ts entitled to cabinet status. J
* BECAUSE he has consistently advocated the in- J
terests of liis constituents of all shades of politics i
durine* his legislative career. *
o o ;4-
BECAUSE his efforts on behalf of Fernie riding J
have secured the expenditure oi more than a quarter of J
a million dollars in this riding during the past two *
vears. 1
cites $1 per day,' special rates
Opposite C. P. If. depot, llosmer, B. C
X Transient rates $1 per day, special rates by the week 1
t BECAUSE a vote for his opponent in the present* *
* contest would mean ineffective representation   at  Vic- J
J toria for the remainder of  the   present   parliamentary J
t term. J
* J
|         BECAUSE Premier McBridc considers   Mr. Ross J
* not onlv
t visor in th
I Big Free Moving Picture Show!
* ...*•"
* Nvw t'ocif life liln.cs each week under tho operation uf-Joe Knkle. T
fe T
****************************************************   j ****************************************************
i private member of ability, but a fittinj.
e Chief Council of the Province.
Mr. Boss has resigned the sol-
icitorship of the Crow's Xest
Pass Coal company in order to
devote his entire time to the
interests of his constituents and
to the duties of his high office."
Sir Thomas Has Little to Say.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy and
a large party of leading Canadian Pacific railway officials
arrived in Vancouver last Monday. Sir Thomas Shaughnessy
will remain on the coast a week
looking over the company's property. He said the company
was not considering plans for
placing larger vessels on the
transpacific route, but the method of dealing wirh the question
had not yet been decided.
"When will the company
build a line around Kootenay
lake to establish a through-link
line between the prairies and
tlio Boundary district via the
Crow's Xest Pass road ? Do
you iutend to ultimately build
through the Similkameen and
southern Okanagan to give an
alternative liue to tho coast ?"
he was asked.
"For the present I think
traffic could be more advantageously handled by the Fraser
river route. We shall watch
the experiment of the Kettle
Valley in extending west from
Midway in the Boundary to
Merritt in the Nicola valley,
where we have a branch line.
We try to be conservative and
besides have other large plans
to carry out elsewhere," was the
"Surveyors representing the
Canadian Pacific railway aro
said to have been engaged in
making a preliminary survey
this season for the lino from
Revelstoke to Yellowhead Pass'*'"
"That's news. These engineers did not wear our brand,"
Sir Thomas stated that he had
nothing further to add about
the extension of tho Kootenay
Central beyond the announcement made in the recent annual
report. Construction work is
now is pi ogress from the southern end.
Vice  -   President       William
Whyte stated that the  railway
would extend wharves at   Vancouver  to meet  growing  business.    Tho question   of  a  new
depot in that city was engaging;
the  attention   of  the   manage-,
| ment and action would probably be taken next year.    To prepare for  the  expected   flow  of
wheat tllis way next season thei
company would (build   H   small
elevator for doubling the capacity for handling grain horo.
('. \l. llosmer, president of
tlio Ogilvie Milling company,
said his concern was keeping a
close eye on the coast and expected to seo cosiderablc wheat
come this way, especially after
the Panama canal was opened.
The awakening in China
would load to a demand for
breadstuffs there and to meet,
this domand it was probable the
company would erect a flour
mill of considerable size on the
coast. The party will not visit
the, Kootenays on this trip, and
will return home by the main
Whon the lire whistle is blowing is no time to think about
insuring your hoi iso and furniture.    Don't   put    oil   another
* day.    Vou'should also consider
* ' what company y< m insure in: R
* I W. Rogers represents  the  besi
A full and complete assortment is
always to he found at   this  store.
Ice Cream
City - cTVleat - cTWarket
Choice line of Steaks, Chops, Roasts, Sausage, Butter,
Bacon, Egg?, Lard, Etc., Fresh and Salt Fish.
Gabara Block
Neai-O. P. R. depot
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
!Real Estate Bargains!:
For some snaps in real estate call and
see me. Some good houses and rooms
for rent. A^ent for life and accident
insurance in thoroughly reliable companies.
♦ Post Office Block HOSMER, R. 0. '<
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •
j Are You Going to Build?
*    .I
4 It should In* some satisfaction to you Mi*. Consumer, to know that
J ivl.cn you order lumber nf us you will not only get stock of quality,
*• well manufactured, thoroughly dried ainl properly graded—but you'll
•4. also get it promptly ami at prices which speak feci' themselves, •
Our facilities for tlie manufacturing of lumber in all grades and
dimensions are unsurpassed.
% ■
$ The Elk Lumber Company, Ltd.
* 0. II. Bomford, Agent
Hosnier, B. C.
* i
(established 1817)
Capita] All Paid Up $14,400,000 Rest $12,000,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and  Mount  Royal, G. C. M. G.
lion. President.
R. 15. Angus, Esq., President.
Sir Edward Clouston, Bart., Vice President and General
Branches in British Columbia
Armstrong, Chilliwack, Clovcrtlalo, Knilorby, Groonwoocl, Hoflmer, Kolowna, Morritt.
Ne'l-cici. WW Iii'icvcr. Nii'eelcv. N'cu   Wc.miii-ict'. Pontluton, I'rinri' Rupert, tlosftlaned
Sin -1I11 till. Viiiiiciiim'I'. Vc'l'lieui, Vii'lieiici.
Savings Bank Department
DoposlU of Sl inul upward rocolvctl. Intercut eillnwe-il cct curront ratoa "ml paid
l.celi' veceilv. Tlio-dopoHttor i- Rutijoct tec no clelciy whalcvei' in the withdrawal of tho
whole or uny pari of tho deposit.
C. B. WINTER, Manager
Hosiner Branch
V. ll. Ingham
J    .Jos. ASSKI.IN
! Hosmer Livery & Transfer Co.
Livery, Cartage and Feed Stable
* Rigs at all Hours at Reasonable Prices
Dealers in Coal
Elk Valley Beer
Beverage of Quality
Manufactured I'roin Canadian Malt, Bohemian
Hops nnd (lie I'limou**. Crystal Spring Water
Elk Valley Brewing Co., Limited
THE  SEASCH FOR HORSEFLESH -in h a <]ism*ssii.K feature in our British ,
it™. *un /-«r»,->« v„i,.,    ii<r«     t • « towns, "ri the tact ih;it no loafers and'
How the  German Vvorkiu^  Mnn Lives , , . , .,       ,     .
° beggars ar*- to«ue seen  m tbe streets,
(From tin-  Daily  Mail) aud on  tbe  biglf standard  of eomfort
THK  British  working man  may  uow prevalent.   The general opinion of (lev- ■
learu   from  the  testimony  of  bis mans, repeated again and again, is thai
fellows how  tbe German  working ;i huge part of German prosperity is du<-,
man    lives.     Today   tbere   appears   a to *i tariff, and tbat Kngland i.- be*.
A WESTERN newspaper publisbe.fi the! U ECBETARY (writing advertise-
followin'g announcement: "Ow-|IO ment): "Wanted, an intelligent
iny to Hit* overcrowded condition voung  rnan, unmarried—
of onr columns, a number of birth a and : ' »!d trri-mrii: ■ • Leave out the
deaths are unavoidably poRtponed tlii-- ried.' Vou said 'intelligent,
weeli." you?"
volume "J reports by working men
gates—typical, pispyissionate, Independ*
With the Horses
MRS.   VOI NolilMI'K    "Mrs.  Smitli   T^TII Kl„  aged   -is.   had    gone   dowi
cays tliere is lots       rreun  ice   lj   ine-   \ illnj^t*  Btrect   with   her  nev
It   ei'lllcl   !'e*   Jclceij
milk-bottles every   morning.       Why   c*
there never any "ic yours?''
Tin* Milk.nc.u~ ' ■ I '..e too honest, laily.
ilice. 's wlcy. I tills ihi bottles so full
1 heel there ceii,'. c;e-\ ee c e, room left
tc cream.
i   VOUNG man was leaving the home
ac~\- of liis liiiiie'c-i'. when the t'ollowiug
dialogue occurred between him
and lice* young lady's father:
"Good night, in\- ic.iy. and remember
that cu giving my daughter to yieci I
nm parting with my dearest treasure."
■'Thanks, .'.'eeiu the leutto... of in*,
heart. But, -ay, the cars cere running
ecu lieeiir ci|iiir. cc lln- time of the night,
e cue I borrow your machine .<> -nt home
in .'''
"I -In.nl.I nay not, young man. I
wouldn't trust that .niton...bile with
the best  man f11i« e. "
A Ye ll   \l,    g| lltlelliall    of    tl. Ic'li-'l
pei-ucc-j.ic,   had   promise,;   di-   girl
ce  |iiitr of long white gloves t'e'. cc
e 'In i-.nici-   gift,     r'ntoriiig  cc   large  eh'
..■ 111cei• 11•   store',   he'   :ec   lusl   found   .he
. oiintei  >> I ere I l.ese z I- were disphtv
eel, und, approaching   rut hor  lie situtiug
Iv,   i' .ul,e-el:    "Ah    *.*.-•..i    •■    |.uir   i'l
v «."
" How long .1" you wii.il them/ in
.;icir.**{   (Ice   litc-iti..-- lei-.-    .I'll .
"Ah doesn i want fo' i" rent 'em;
nil wants .*,' tn buy 'em,'' ro|.liod tic
<.i h. r  iu.ligniiiitly.
|lllVi:.\     I'oUght     Cl     cllie'l     .Villi
inc.    " cc     nation    eef    lilcrchuilts' '    whit        ^__ __™	
Germany  is "c  nation  of producers.*' "
ul   observers—wbo  wore    tee Cer    The splendid towns, the flourishing agri-1   A SA WILKES, the pacing champion, McGregor.     She   is   a   grandly   gaited
...any  by  .l.e Tariff Lteforiu  League in  culture, tiie* entire absence uf iinculti-TxX   that is  being entered extensively   trotter of great speed and will duubtless
; order lee study week i.eg class conditions.; rated land cue' noted.    Ami finally this ■ in   (lie   season's    big   stu kes   to j train into racing form iu the heeds uf
niiinar    '''''■" Yolume, published by the league, is  picture is painted cf thc countrj by Mr.   which he is eligible, by Walter Cox, be,*-   the* Buffalo trainer,
elieln't   ■'   veritable   encyclopaedia   of   detailed Martin: ignn  his  ..u-ing  career   in   I00U  ;.t   lhe
information, and will put ci summery j "Kverywhere care and neatness; I age uf three when he started in i.vee
end tee many misrepresentations. Take [ clean, white houses, with red root's anel j slow classes, being second in one and .....
first lhe must widely diffused of these green shutters, sei in green meadows placed in the other. In III'.'.' bis cam-
misconceptions    thai   concerning  horse- ■ end brown ploughed fields; great, order* i paign bore evidence of (cschool!ug-1
Besh as i'.	
■ t pine logs for fuel near every lhe was wait placed in six of his eight
■he* wc.*. in ..'■>(• distress Sliu'stooel still "™e asked ted horsemeut ii. some' of homestead; faint blue smoke from fires starts without a single winning heat bc
..e.l  after  a  .'lee-ce  scrutiny  eet'  several   ''"' ''•"''"■'  ~:1.*s -*''•  Allen, "and  the|of charcoal eer wood rising lazily from  ing placed to his credit.   If that was th
lie*.. \* !l" passed she :..'.'
*' Kay, are vice, cm Im,
"Wlcy, yes. I think
astonished reply.
'   Well theu. if ...ic 'i
on.-     sin
wc-    tlce
sure vou 're
[waiters were insulted." every roof; well-fed teams of borse
"We   take   Mr.   Lloyd   George's   re   oxen leisurely ploughing in every field;
marks in reference ... our eating black  ruddy-faced    peasants    pausing    from
bread aud offal to be grossly instilling,   work lee watch tbe train gn by end leis-
in  ...lelitiieu  lee  being untrue.    We*  livelurely   lighting   c   cigar        .    .    every
; ns well ;.s, if met better then, vuu elo in ' inch  of  land cultivated."
*»e-ee   ciii'ii,   ll    .ecu   ie   sure   vi,i|   ]',-   a'l.    .      . ,.   , ,   ' i        ,
 sl    man."   said   the    little    „.ni,|. i   '"* br's' I""" '" ' '""* ;""!"'', sl',"."1'
•please hold  mv dolly  while  I   tie mv^ :"•'•'     ' '".'■''* ""'"''    ", '"    T    u
l,[iel,     said e German employer tee Mr.
STKOLOG- is jusl uow lookiuj
object the system worked cc perfection
Hei  ihe following season in eignt starts
he  recorded  seven   wins  and   one  scowl  money an.l e   record eef -2.141.,.
ilis campaign  lhe past year consist-
| eel of ten starts in  eight   uf which   be
{ won, in nne he  finished second aud iu
i the American  Pacing Derby et   Huston
i he   liiiishi'd   eighth   hi   tlie   fieid   uf  ,'J7,
starting  frnm   the  2.09   murk.    Begin.
A I e,\i, wiMel'l.    nrnsv     ..„,,,   .i„,      "Tho  *••"■■   1ot "orseBeah, which  we    A s   IK. .nia   is jus   uow looking up     •      .„ Atl) ,   M        j ,   r   hc, iu
l.s ■■■-,,,i,.   *',.     u')-, r     I""-*"' "  "^ry  town  with  an  uutir- U*   "'  the  world.    The death ol   the L,0« ,-„      L...n,.,,„.;,',, „*,, fast,.st ,„,.„.
.eutlv befofe on    .      ,   i,Z   f' »»8 energj*. led ... my being threatened |       ,.   "te   King   Edward, ... May  was  A   w J   ,   (;-|{J   f ,    |i; h .
tlle   suoerior  (W. I       Inf.       «•"•*■ '--M'"l-i""  from a cafe at   Dussel    predicted by the astrologers last year. Ltrai h1  ,„,„,   n L,.,41.,   oJ-oV   2;14ijj
,„.: su,!, i -ch, - ' ■ , ' : 'l"''''' '"' •*""I'I> "»kiuS if ""'> '""' ■"">■' A'"' what ' ■ s"" '""";■ m""rk:M':: '"j i .....1 again at the same track August 11
. -I,-! i I.'., ' i '. I '"", with the same reception iu sever.I accession of George V. wes predicted , , ,,.",„,„, h| ,,]sl L,J7, ._, ft,.,. A
was bard to keep track of what be wes   w|l,,„ ,,„ wa8 „„,   ,„,,     „s „,,, ttnd hlJ       '      '        "   -•'     " ,,,,.",,.'.„-  ,x
ilulj trespassing e.cc .he- time ,,.' Hu-
'•e.eii'i." said the lawyer, win, u sM-
picioll   nt   -eieciMii   etc   Iii-   \u,ii'e'.
"There is some ilillcience," thc judge
epiietlv   nbserve.l,   "between   trespass
illg    ee'l     tieile.      1     |»|1C I'.IUcll i |lg     I . ■ |'
nit.. "
Tyiri/I' i- ihre,wn by n .- nl Inves       "l-Toiselles
lt   ligator, Professor Stieda, eel  Keen    iu  tiiOBl  towi
older brother wcis alive aud  well. Tin
(Editor eef the Occult  Review, who i-
wen'  iiidigiututly
'tiucnis wen' uiiirc particular  ''xl
i five heat contest at Hill's Grove, li.
!., August 19, resulted in first money
again, Ase talcing the lest three in
2.18Vi. 2.121/j, J.Hi11. after forcing cent
The  I'liuume'i'   in  -.ln'i   iu  the  second
trying   to  pr „i.  aud   the   judge  had   ""■'•*  ''•"'''*'■" -'.7 •*■>; ,;»*'
jusl   vented ..  verv  suggestive ,-awn. '.We very near!) got  ...... trouble b
..r    ;.,, ,. r„ ,,,,' ,  .1   .   1        '. aMKiUD ;i wiuiiM' it  iiif rueai  was liorsd
 ' "'" ""    Uesb.    We  wore  ii.digimutly  iuformed sreal   believer   ...   astrology,  act...ally
thai the Gerniaus were more particular exults over this double score mude b,.
In  unci   they  mil     thun  lhe  English, the stu.lenls of the stars. 1 ml]e     Ul>  noxj   s,,u.|   W|ls  in  |ll(. bi
mul the.  u.e public hotel ..1 cafe in the      "'" '.sir gets. Old Moore, _iidlclel, |m(.ing   |,andieap   el   Koadvlllo,   whoro
 ...nv .line put horseflesh before their •"*-■ >1"' Astroloeical Magasiinc ell pre- : i,.,,,,!,,..,,,,„.,!  wjt],  H  -..ue,  position,  lie
patrons," says Mr,  Kerfoot. 'Ii'"''1 tb« King s death, although they   An]abe(| Bigl,tj,   woll up.   Turning beck
"Tic llerinaiis mi 11 xisl or live couched their prophecy in guarded Ian ; ,„ ,,„. mi,l(„., ,     iMf u0 w ,,  We,n*,*s
on  horsetlesli than the  British worklug K"«K".  '""   liking to iilunn  the publie. U..   s   „    0    iu   ni|.,,,,   stvnl>glit   miles.
class exisl  ....  winkles," suvs  Mr,   Kil Hn'    there   was   little   mistake   as   .*■' j *j.i:|.„, u.Il'i... -J.Hi. .im.I at   Mineulcc, N.
whet they meant.   Buys Haphnel, win    y   s;,|p|   ^',n )h|, s,||||(, (aBhio„ with
sh is sold, bul  i. is .liili.-iilt i l«B  '" ,l"' t"11" ' "'   l!l"!':   ' .    three scorching miles, 2.12l*-l,.2.09'/. nnd
to Mu.I 11 shop whore ii |    "Unfavorable   imluenees   are ^iigain  ., |0    At Bfattleboro, Vermont, October
I, he engaged in buttle with three turf
stars       Oallagher,   2.031/j,  Jenny   W.,
Di;.   UOVK.N   fought   11   .lu.-l   wilh   e i   "           ",  ' 
Belgian   w    1   wes   on  the   Bi*   j"'.*""'   s,lhst' "'  . "
viera."   said  .1   surg   the  nth."    h""   ""'  tber-    Bl"'1
day.    " Vuu 've   heard   uf   Doyen .'     Hi
latesl   is u  serum  that, iitcreusiiig
'Well, we
1.1!' old cc:
gave hi...
epend,    therefore,   on    Ihe    speed
iiewtli.    We reel iii Tho I eet (Lou-
I . 1 1 .      I 11 >   I r-11 ,- 1 11 "       I C II , , , .
V of our white blood corp-    \}la/ " ' ':, .
• I'l-iilessiir Siie.le iidmits that cc pig
iiiented   hair   muy  become  gray  in  ils
supperat the t'ercle du la Mediterrunee   I*!*0*-'1'"1. I'1'}'1   ;'''.' '"l'" » ' ,'"'
in   Nice  ufter   his  duel.     Ilo  won   U,J P g'""»t "1 the hair rool ceases, so that
duel, you know.   Aud in his after-dinner^  ""'''■'    """<■'* i""'1  »* » P'K' \,f
speech  he told  us  how  he  laid  said  to.1"1"'  ""'•>'  ,ll,,s  ," 0,'1"ss-     ' •"■
the Belgian ;.s he run him through:
■• ■ Vou   lucky   dog!   I M   charge   unv   .  ,
b.loni    "noU'iial  process,  but   Professor Sin
illows that   psychical  agencies such
eeng grief, anxiety,  cciiel   iusuiiity,  in
siuiilnr changes, which cue, how
herg, Germany, 011 thi' popular 'can I btuiued," says Mr. 'Martin.      I shown  tu  I peruting In  the  Kings
belief  thai   the  lieii   niev   be  e.liiti |       Again, have w e'l   beard  Ihat  food   horoscope.     The   conji lion   nf   Mers
suddenlj   by   shock,     liis   stpdies  lead   in Geriuanv is fabulously dearf    Whal   »n« Saturn falls  1 critical point, ...
him to believe thai  bnir normally witii    is the answer of these lirhi-h working    square  to   the   pi f   Mens and   tne
ens,' liit   through  cluing    disapjioai' .' ' I progressed Sun, which is strongly ineli
f its cob.iii...■ iimit.-r. bin through      "We i-isited i'he cue.I.e.  (ul  Nurein   ciitfvc of  ill-heultb  but,   I    hope,   nol
■ •    kind    of   berg) und fee
linage must ' quite ci*- die
.1 that ull f Istull's were I fatal.'
>|> es ice   ihe   United   Kill"  I      Hut 1
whitening uf  the
eel ve iii'iug  \ ee 1 -
issuciated   iv
■el.e,|   es  Cl   I,'.,
other men *i0, 1 Irene-, fnr ecu
mel   iiie.i-.ie.il   like   .his.     And   yet,
jove, yeeu don '1   lue.I*  uvei pi
'banc." snys .Messrs. Coiinsell unci .1...
German prices:
Cigars, Id. each; in linglaud, nbe
b'eells,   white,   live   cc   peiinv.
I ' (white), 2 Hi,  11 oz'., IM.
Eggs, ten for .".'...I.
Stvlish  boots, 7s. eld.
Beet'.   M,   per   111.   ' I.s oz.)
Mutton, till, per 111.  ( Is oz.)
V'i'cil.  Dd.   per  lb.   1 I Vuz.)
Bicycles,   Knglish   prices.
Wcc,-lies, ccbecui Is. dearer. — :
re remni'kable forecast, says
1    me  Occult  Review,  is that   of  "Seph-
eiiel." wliich appeared i I'he Ureen
,i Beeu!; nf I'roph'ecios" feci 19U.I. e culen-
.leu- published ley lhe proprietors of
/.am Bub. the  well known   heeling uinl-
ment.   This al nee gives a hioroglyph
a ceilliu. on which is pieced a crown,
surrounded   by   seven   wreaths   (repre
senting the seven Royal Courts affect-
ed)   ciml   llu-   Biilisb  end   Danish   Hags
' ut   hull' must.      After   alluding   I"   the
stev of Saturn ill Aries end its con,'..no
,.    tin.', with  Mnrs, the writer observes:--
"The  veer   1910  is fraught  with  ex-
■optional   interest,  if  bul   of  c.   inelan
iniliico siuiilnr chiuiges, which are, how       "P I   is   cheap      I'.ec    instance    :.   ceptionnJ   int.'.'est,  .1   .....   ...   ..   uiciuu-
ever,   imiI   ne siiriiy   permanent,    The  plate of pork with bread und I r cost   choly kind, for till those whose liuart is
■ sen uc some commotion   average  life  nf  the  hairs  is 11   matter   nice .".el.    . ur 7.1.  I   hnel  beef, potatoes   '" the welfare of eeur country uud our
if wax this question.    According to the ubser
trying vat inn-   uf   Hi.   Pinciis,   of   llei'in,   lhe
larmed long hairs of the head last  from two lu
Ily   hard   to four vears, the shorl  - from four ."
being  she,it nine 'mouths.    Dr.  Mull   lies calculated
il  the reason that   the  life of il velashes  is  :'	
ng  .1
es   lun.el
WCIS    cells'
accidentally ignited
matches in his pocket, u
to put them out, while I
neighbors struggled e.p
help hiin. The miuislei
sighted, could not  make
of   the   disturbance,   and   thinking   foi thi'-e to four months.  'Various theories
cover   diplomatically   the   incident,   he have  1 11  put   forward  lee explain  the
innocently suid:  "Brethren, tliere i- 11 supposed occiirren.e f sudden  whiten-
little noise going 011.    Until  il   is over ing  of  the  hair.     Viiuquelin  suggested   pellet   u-e  sing   'Sometimes   a   Light   Sur ihut e substance mighl   I screte.l by   for 9.1, .
prises,'" the   -kin   powerful   enough   lu   destroy   rieli-t.i
the pigment ui the huir.    Another sag        \ ,
IHE trained  >>^t 1 i.-li  disconcerted  its gestion. prup.ised by biiudieis. was to the   quality
exhibitor al  cc   music  hull  by  con- eli'eel thai ci sudden urcnmulntioii of air   striiig'enc
liniicilly    endeavoring    to    break  urre.l   within   the   hairs.       Metehni    lew-."
away  from   all   restrnint   nnd  .ee  climb kolf  hns  supposed  thai   certniu   phag.i        "The ..nil
over .he  footlights  iuto the orchestra, cytes   or  chromophages  enter  tlie   heir   actually   live
'1 ne   widely  cc.lv,*.ti^e-el   nil   came  lee  a mil i-.-ltbdriiu  its pigment.    All of tnese   eecieiv  .if  f,
sudden en.I. cm.I  Uc prill'..-**..!  emerged suggestions ProfessorStie.lt. subjects i-e   workers.      Tl,
In I, beer, and a ic rt us second course.   K*"e*    ■■   "» with  regret  ll.nl   signs o.
.    .    In .he interests uf truth, Ibe Brit    National beroHvenient  ere  noted,    I en
isher wbu libels the Gcriniin worker by  ,V»"  discern the direction  111  which we
1   he   live-  ,„,   iiorsellesh   ,1,'.    shell now meel  will, this greet less
"   <:cvs   Mr    Hen       '''llc'   Immediate   cause   ot   King   bil*
"' ward's   death,   astrolngicully   speaking.
•'.Spciiking    generally,    I    think    the   was Uc rap!   parallel of the  Me.e.n 	
prices  of   fuucl.-.uii's  aii   in   some   res-   Mars, 11  violenl   affliction  of  the lunar
pects  lower  than  ours,      .    .      Bacon   orb, the weakest and consequently most
thul   I  heve seen in  England cl   11 U,d.  susceptible  point   in  the   Kings  figure
I suw  in 1,,'iicsic aud Nur. ne   l'"r  hirtli.    This affliction   ed  the editor of Ztidkiel's  Almanac to warn  his
doctors egeinst belling him go abroad ill
the spriilg.    As il  wes I aught 11 den
genius  chill   ice   going  mil   to   Biarritz,
though  heil   his  return  been   postponed
for iiiiother three
is thin  German  workers,! '<*ss ■"' among us today.
...   better  and  11   greater      ' K 1"'t'"1'* !l'l'v'' '''"
I es coinpiired  with  11111" '"' tho  Kl"*- s  ,l!'""-". '
sages   anil   potted   l':ll"'r 'I11"''''1  "ie
,' in l.eipsic ...nl Xuretiiberj
II..."   SIIVS   Mr.   I'llivell    (Su
- Ihe  tot
- belle,
f the tb
cheap, but iu
.Cause uf the
11 adulteration
2.11 Mj. I .Terry B„ 2.04Vi. Asa Will
took the lirst heat iu 3.10,4, when Gallagher camo on nud won in l'.IH'j.
'J.Ii.'i ci... 1 -J.l.l1,, the Roan Wilkes stallion being second in cech mile. His
concluding starts et Brockton, MIiss.,
October ... end Palmer, Muss., October 9,
followed the rule being straight heal
affairs with Ase Wilkes at the top of
'the summaries, At Brockton his time
wes ■j.i I, 2,10 end 2.12%; et Palmer,
2,15, 2.15,  2.12%.
Sliuiilil Ase WiJkes prove e slur ....
lhe "big ring'* es seems extremely likely, be should bee useful for his earning capacity when retired. Though
small in size lie is of good conformation cul splendid blood, being by I
Thee oa]y association that bed the
courage to put a class ter free-for-all
trotters on its list, of early closing
events was the Connecticut Fair Association, and. es e result, it has been pro
vi.led with a race thut. will be about the
biggest kind of en advertising card for
the Grand Circuit meeting to be held
at Hartford in connection with the fair.
While this event is still open to horses
to  lie   ua d  ....  July 30th,  or  August
23rd, upnn payment 'uf proportionately
larger entrance tec, according le. the
date of entry, the following horses were
entered on May 31st, taking advantage
of the smaller fee charged at that, time:
Sonoma Girl, 2.051,, by l.ynwood W.;
Margin, 2.05%, by Time Oaward; Pad-
erewslii, 2.05%, by Constenar..; Sterling
McKinney,  2.00%,   by  McKi v;   The
Harvester, 2.00%, by Walnut. Hull;
Baron May, 2.07%, l.v Baron Wilkes,
and Allen Winter, L'.ui.i.., by E.J, Win-
ter. Probably other entries will be
made before the last closing deli' ur
rives, but ni any rate the race otigbl to
be a greal drawing card and furnish the
si'iisefiiinnl trotting contest of the venr
if   nu   re then   four  nf  those  alien.l.v
entered train into line fur... expected of
The Smallest  in the World
THE Bulletin of ihe International
Bureau eif the American Republics
fee May contains 11 curious little
cuticle by Mr. R. S. Millwenl upon the
unique work which occupies I l.e time
of an I in linn girl, by tho name Isabel
Beleunsarnn, tiling in <'ue'i'iiuvnce,
Mexico. Cuernavaca is a picturesque
looking village, within sight of Popocn
tcpetl und of another greet snow'topped
Mexican peel.. Various Indian arts,
such as pottery, still llnurlsb, ur ul nny
rate exist, in the neighborhood', en.I 110
cleverer    liielieu    girl    lies    oven    1 II
knuwn tl.au the maker of these minute
The firsl. thing she does is tu milk.' II
tiny frame.work e.f wire, cm.I cover il
with 1. great deal of line. sill;. Then the
clutl.es are cut, fitted end embroidered,
anel finally the heir is dressed, aud the
features, hands unci feet formed. Then
the ,1
neadadirs     and      Neuralgic
Promptly   Cured    by
Where there are frequent attacks of
Neuralgia end Headaches, there is
always Constipation, Weakness of the
Kidneys und Blood Poisoning.
Non-action of the bowels compels
tbe blood to absorb foul matter which
should  have passed from the bodv*.
Weak Kidneys fail to Alter from the
blood the necessary amount of waste.
The blood thus becomes poisoned
and it is .his poisoned blood which
hurls the nerves and causes Neuralgia  and   Headaches.
"Frult-a-tlves," made from fruit
juices, certs ecu the bowels and kidneys
ind Is the greatest blood purifying
medicine in the world.
"Fruit-a-tives" is sold by all dealers
cct   Mie   cc   leeex.   .'■   lee.'   $2.60,   cer   Iriill   .-'i;:e.
"Tee. nr may be obtained imo.i Frult-tt'
lives, Limited, Ottawa.
others ci* matadors, [Inwer-girU,  India...
women   or   religious  dignitaries.   There
is neeiv eecily i  pei-iii,      the   lll.llccu  girl,
Isabel    Beluuiisaran    wl au    make
these elolls, and the natives eleel'ai'e thul
she will never have e sbeccssor.
A READER raises again line question
of what. Con Sullivan, whose won
derful power eef subduing vicious,
horses  by  "whispering"   lo  the...   was
described   In   uu   earlier   issue  eef   thiai
paper,  said  l.e  tbe  animals  which   res jjj
ponded lee his treatment. I! is the belief
eef tllis render thai  11. ret died witb
the  Wbisporcr.
lie says thul two -ncis uf .'un Sulli
veu came iu ihis country end engaged
in business iu Boston, where they are
living today in comfortable circuu.
stances, Bul if there wes ground foi
lhe stetemcnl licit Ihe secret of " whis
| poring" wns trail sin itted in the Sulli-
van family from father to eldest son,
these scions eef the Sullivan family do
not. .know it, unci there is no evid'eune
that anybody living today possesses tbe
power    which   Con   Sullivan    exercised
is ready to be sold  in cc  little ] with such wonelerfiil results.
2.13%, by Ashland  Wilkes, -J. 17 ■,; sec
und clem, by Onward, -.-.".' i
f   Artful    Maid,   local   tea-shop.     It   seems senreely pos
er   Led
from   behind  the curtain and npologiz I n   very   ilestructive   criticism,   uud   he meats are mnde nf materials which
I'd   f'c   the actions of  Ici^  pel   in nbuu!   concludes by alllrmiiig thei cell the sun even more reliable than those of whicl
these words: "i.ydies and (leutlemen  -   posed cases'nf sudden Munching nf liie 0ur own suusages, black  puddings, etc.
Hi   "I'm   very  sum   to  disappoint   you   hair  ure  either  instances  uf  deceptinil are  mude.  becuuse ell   hugs  must pus'i
""-   >'"'■""•"«■     '■■"   ■"' "npelled   to   ,.,,,,,'  incorrect  observution.    II"  give, Govcrnnieiil   inspectors  in  Hen ..v. su  T)ie meaning of this appears 1  thai
'•'" '  "engagement   until  the  man-   ...eeecl  instances in point; nulling then, that   no  diseased   meats  are  consumed,. Kngland   ...ev  ex. I   misfortune   when
ugement hengages u'ueiv orchestra lead-1 the   historical   example   of   .\lcccY   An like   we   ure   subjected   to,'.'   silvs   Mr.   Ladv   Hev   f March  25th,   synchronize.
llllV   SUSplc'leel
■   I I Kill.'   news
iriuus  cell  ccbige  e*
applicable I" the present yeur:
••Wl    our   Kuril   fells   in
, On England will come ll greet .
The mie cct present beni|
'as .M 'air 'en the top of is
my bird takes it for u hegg."
whose'    he
TITARK  TWAIN  liked  to tell, cc- ui
ixL   illustration   of   persistence   ani
I! turn
lie elsie mentions tin- cuse of ci medical   ing  I
practitioner   with   dnrk   heir   in   Berliti       "Th
.  -    :   . Shecpshend   »'ho went int.. a hospital to unilergn ui)   dearer
Hev  race,     lie -cid  thei   cl   the!., f   "I"'1'". •      •*'■   l"!l'"1-'   kc   was   much   UOckti.
iin'imporleut   race e  voung man  shoul    ''"inni'wriil.*.   by ninny | wing to I     Acl
e.l   so   suvngelv   "lid-   off!    Huts   off   }'•■  'n,-i   ihnt   his hull' vyas snow-white    togrnp
within hearing   'he truth, however, wns Ihnl he was nol   from
ud   siceuel   bare    "hie to dye liis bnir us Iie had previously L.aps f
eloue duiiy, uu explauution which he up    Is. (Id,
peers In  have  withheld   from  his  sym    Trade  produ
puthi/e.s. " , i„ Kngland.'
Twu young trotters of royal hreedlug
cul exceeding promise heve just been
in...e,I over lu the veteran trainer,
Peter V, .luhuseeii. at Kalamazoo, Mich.,
tu educate nnd prepare for their futurity engagements. One is the throe-year-
old filly Mabel Director, by the Director
ilener.il, Wnnty, by Berou W„ second
dun. Trixie (dun. of Dixie.ictto, 2.17'/i,
etc,), by Kuuis Napoleon. The other is
the two veer old edit Fire Opal, by
Btiroiiniore, 'J.H'i. dam Rhinestone, by
Biugen, 2.nii',:i, second .leu. Alberta
(dam nf Icon, 2.111). by Albert W.. 2.20.
These' youngsters ere owned bv K. .'.
Webb,'president uf llu* Michigan Trot
(ling Horse Breeders' Association, who
,-eral veers lies heel I rotters eef the
mosl advanced breeding,, sending his
brood ...ares to the leading sires in ell
pelts uf lhe country. Among the ...ares
Mr, Webb will send awav this venr ere
Molisc, ley Mabel, 2.10*4, "mt will be
mated wilh lien. Wetts (3), 2,00-'*.i;
I Wenty. by Ben... W., thet will be mated
hap "Jwitb Kentucky Todd (.1), 2.08%, nnd
He veldt, by Dure Devil, 2.00. Hint wil!
be muted will, .ley McOrogor, 2.07VI.
Among Hie entries tu the M. end  M.
r   .-   -cc.
grey  Hie  night  before  I.e.'.'-,.'        Another   feeble   I'or   Britisl sunip-l     ><A    resident    eef    Walthainstow    |l
I1"' fuel I g that she had 1 "tion  is the.   ihe  price uf clothing uud  quote the St. James's Gazette], named
ii'i'd   for   sonic   time   previously,   hoots iu Germany is impossibly high ow-   Ralph,  wus  born  uu  thu  sun
witli ti..nil  P.idnv, es it line's this year.   Detroit's  classic   trotting  event,   those
uf Robert A., by Bernndotte, e comparatively   unknown   trotter,   end    Myrtle
there!      the.   even
distance   obeyed   ic
headed.     A    uu.incut    Icier   th
mun hastened toward ecu elderl
man,   shouting   as   In-   ran:   "Vou   can
put   uu  your  lieii-  again   now!   ll 's cell
right!"       Some   oue   asked   him   Icier
un   why   he   he.I   .nude   ull   Hie   people
lake their hats e,iv   •■ Why," he replied,
" I     bet    lil'tv    with    Cl    dc Ll   Icec.lecl    cell
uinl   I   heel  ice liiul  him. didn't   I .'■'
ily article I could discovc
eriunny then iu Engleiui we
sovs Mr. llutMin.
ineiliill is reproduced by pho
howing iiieii 's suits for SCll,
i.i. I u lis-, iii Ksseu; 111011 '
1 jet., workmen 's I rousers fo
I shirts I'm' I I'Jrjd.    .'on  Pre.
ielecce'C   uf   such   price
.ley es
King K.elwer.l, wes murried un the seme
dey, .-iii.) lies died et the seine hour."
A similar incident is iiurrnted in cun
ncctinn wilh George 111. 'I'he account
appeared many veers ngo in lhe 1,ceils
Merc. i
lee    -
1 ll
r  el
• W
■II.    »
-   .1
' w
e    bed.
„l    pr,
Xol  -
'   Tic
ick,  ^
.   .I.e.
e   Icy
steirs '
answer   cuine    with    pail
from .he snd fuceil niothei
' ' Why.   wii     whllt 's   up
he .''' e A ci ii nxiuii- puuse c.
" ll   grieves  me  tu  suy,   II
uui'    son-   your    -em    he-    been    heard
swearing .nc tic street.    I   I I  hiin."
"Swearing !   Scutt!    I '11 h him to
swear."     Aid   he   started   iipstnirs   in
the -iiii,,.    Hull' .v...  eip he stumbled  I
e'ciic'  down   with   hi-  chin  uu   lhe   tup
When the  sphere cleared e little.
\\ illie'-    nc... uer    we-    -c\ ing    sweel I.
Ice.cu in,   hallway, "Thai   ..ill .1... dour.
You   huve   giv,ui   him   ,'iu,ugh   fur   	
get named   lleiuniiii'gs wes bum oil the
smite 'ley and hour es Ihis king end in
lhe' sume perish cef St. Martins le-fields.
When  George  III. came lu the throne,
Mr. Elennniiigs becemc head eif his busi-
I he miserable, stnrving German is iml | „,.**, through the death e.f his father. He
ly ci- we'll fed us the Englishman, bill   married nn the seme .lev. bed the scenic
HERE   uc-   c   wise   "Id   toad   that  the delegates tell us that be is ulso bel    number .ef children, end the deaths of
lived    ..er    more    thun    Hurty-six f ter  dressed.     The   lamentable   boots  of   the King and factor synchronized. More
thc  English  lower class and their chil    reinuj'kiib'Ie   still,   Mr.   Ileminings   wes
ei.cu nre unknown in Germany. attacked witb :. species of intermittent
"AH   Iced   "ic   good   s I   I is  end; inseuily.   which   clime  end   loft  him   el
-decking-    I'he   greul    .i"iiy   of   the  the same times as those nt which King
1 pie  ivi   mel   both  lu  row"  I coll'.!  I George III. wns attacked anil recovered.
Attention  is drawn  elsewhere in the
■ In
years in  il   hole ben.'cell'
>p ui   ci   l-'ii'icch  farmhouse.
1 licw   eel.l    i!    WUS   ll'lll'll    Hl'Sl    IU.I il'O.I   Un
■ oue.coul.l say, but it hn.l pre.bubl.y lived
me  home I u long ii  befe.re I'a.niliurity with ihcl
c   veeeni   sijriii ,,|- mu, emboldened ii i" res! tr	
epcilly   lu
.   very smuitly drnsseel hulecd
•I 'step "''''   »*hicli per    says  Mr.   Martin. i Press tn tbe fuel  thai  e great, colliery
mns   iver ns Hy   pussing. •• Thruiu:li.ni    (lerinai'.v   you   cannol   disaster   immediately   followed   on   the
Tl'1'   step   bey    the   hiitrnf hii.n s   find anything bearing u  res bianco tu hate Prince Consort's; death, correspond-
...ntiug ground,     where      with      little  the  deplorable condition  of  your  Easting, strangely i igh. with the While
trouble il  iniglil rupture lhe cul- which   |.;„,|   workers,"  <ai.l  e   Germiin   to   Mr.   Imvei Ilie.'v oxplosjon, which bnp|	
persisted  in crossing nud  recross.ug it,  ciiitterull,    lie adds himself: "We were  cd   within  a   week   of   King   Edwerd's
The t..;..I. hunting fur Ins supper, cnu.e| driven tlirnugh    .    .    .    the very poor   death,  cul   in   which   13.1   people  heve
est   quarters  eef   Berlin.     Here,  indeed,   lost their lives.    In inliiiiiun tu this, in
wes   en   ub j. e-i lesseen;   imposing,   well-  connection   witb   this   particular   mine.
its  «■.u  I appointed   dwelling-,   with   apparently   it is remni'kable tn nut.' Hint  the  lirst
I ii I" be   contentful inhabitants, me shoeless chil    coal wus brought up from the mi n
melted ns i sport. itren   romping   ou   Hie   pavements,   no  the  day  on   which   King   Edward   wns
Por  one thing,  i.   showed   wuiiderful   dnwn-at-the-l 1    e.lulls    standing    at  born, lind  thul   the mine took  lire  foi
skill   iu  judging  ilistnuces;   the  lungiii    street-corners    waiting,   Mieawljcr-like,   the lirst  time in   1 st;:!. the  veer of his
eve-  never ilurted  oul   until   the  insect I for (so thing lo turn up.'" tnarriitge.
en ine within a certuin  rung.*.    'I'he ee       "The German clues nut know poverty  •
wns  cm    ;,- w,. know it: in in   town will you sei
Orunett, a daughter uf Granett, es lit
tie known", both in W. *l. Andrews'
stable have ct!reded comparatively In
lie attention, but thnt the Buffalo trainer mny heve e factor in the big Detroit
race iu ...ie uf this puir is shown fro...
It "'records that  nu  i. nun    the ftn-t tli.it u few days ago he worked
Robert A. in 'J.lOKe, with the last end
ut nearly a twee-minute clip, and Myrtle
Granett'cue in 2.19%, the last eighth
eef her mile being in lc.'-, seconds. Andrews lias also worked the three-year-old
till'.-. Eve. Tnng.i.iy. by Peter lhe Grent,
2.OT11, e ...ih' in 2.10i.|, witli the last
quarter in -'12 seconds, and right now
she looks to be one of the season's crack
trotters nf her age. An ndclitifin to Mr.
Andrews' stables just sent on tn him
from Kentucky by the Maddens, is ..
live-vearold mare by Knight, 2.22"1,
dam Pher:. McGregor (dam eel' Elloree,
2.IIS..',; Hoover, 2.13'",, etc.), by Robert
ie. be regnrdeel as .e 1' tic sigh.s nfI
the neighborhood, en.I certainly the -kil
enl   nun i'  in  which  il
dnrfiillv formed tongue ei
sible that such liny garments ns those
of these dulls cun be embroidered, but
they are, with a needle almost ton small
to he held, the eye eel' which is almost
invisible, Xo .magnifying gloss is used;
yet the1 wnrk can be Inspected through
one, uml every detail appears perfect.
The elolls ere sulci very cheaply—nl
fifty Mexie-en cents—although twu
hours nre required to make one. They
are in ell ki.uls ul* local end nativo cos
tun.es, und sometimes curry diminutive
pieces of tiidiun pottery, made exactly
iu the1 right stylo and proportions. Some
of   tbem   are   dressed   as   dancing girls.
"The Whisperer," it is said, was of
fered large sums of money in return
for bis marvelous secret. The corres
pondent adds that Dr. Preston, a County
Cork veterinary, end his father, vainly
use.I every possible niece us to get tht*
enviable bil of knowledge, but ibe
burse breekei died e poor mun aud, so-
far as anybody knows, took his secret
tu Ibe grave with him.
ned, IVeKk, Wcar-r, Westarr strrmm.
Believed _By  Murine  Bye  Remed-f,
Murine   For   four   Eye   Trouble*.
Will   Like   Murine.    It   Soothes.    Mo   Ail
Vour Druggists.     Write For Bye Book*.
Free.    Murine Eye Remedy Co..  Toronto.
Sackett Plaster Board
The Empire Brands of Wall Plaster
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
For Ladies Too
Won't rub off on frilly thereije, or stain tho skirt*. Waterproof.
Oontains no Turpentine, Acids or other injurious ingredients.
Preserves the leather. ALL DIALERS, 10c.
THE r. P. DALLEY CO., LIMITED, Hemllteia, Ont., and Buffalo, N.Y.
,-e.     ul'    III,
\   ubl
mutter  lor surprise.
were     u 1 llv     ill     mull.
lullglle wcc- illllleel uu. cegci
the. arrow  never  faileel  le
11     .el	
1,-1   lh,
ed dirty cliildrn
lell'i'll     ce!'    .hi'    II.'|'|
In   cell
■ Ail,;...
.hu rail
fll   I I..'iv
'the   ri.pi.lit-,   will,   which   Hie
,-   -beet   I'orili   excited   1 'I.   tt ler.
 pernlii.ii   is c 1111.les     The
ague 1- doubled ...  I'l.l.l.id up. v. I  iu
,• 1 ih; therefore ce twofold action is
.pileI    cm   in ini':   "I   Hie   tt-eu|	
eel llicii the. darting of c  forth,
'I'hi'  wilh.liccwi.ee ,,1  lie longue, »iih
'i   nc   n h,l,he,   of .he Oeriniiii  workman "•*■*■*
"bee.    :,,•,, 1,,'liec   slind  cue.I  elulliecl  lliun  liens.-     A    WRITER   ...   'I'r:.v,e|   iin.I    Kxplnici
of   .he    l-jieli-linice"    ecu,ing    !■•'    per  -tx     Hon,  Mi.   W.   V..  Qa/.e,   l''.R,(I.S„
lie. IC. ■ I   eeecl   dolVII
cis    ci   grent   ileal   whee
roads W'le building 1 hie.
uf   T.'XIIS.      Il''   tt'US   Hut  I.   -Weel
inc.11.   in.I   vvle.it   he  ll ",lil   uf   Arlicinxi-
lll'    Id-   CU.   -ell   ...   I.'ICCII k.     11 Icy   he
c\c-  parlicularly  ..busing  lhe Stute,  its
luoseptitoes, bugs, ...ul  iiiyriuel pests.    II
ivhh ce Hub* 1 ....ce  id  lhe iiiitives,   tl uptured cu-.'.! un .he lip. en- nu. ii,,. belief i- shattered by these travel usually   'In   -so   dry   ll.nl iu   suinniet
ind   f tIii-iii  rete.rted:   "l)on"l    ,:.■*.   re ki.blc,     Not.ivltliMun.llii(j   Hie   liner i... lu-is. I'l'PHli   br I   l'i.in.  Ihe  luce!'  be. ies ul
i-u in '1  -.ceic I ii.  Wo live' iiii wn   ru pi.l mot inn, .he ii. -- cu ihe ti.ngne "There cue- cc tew tru.les in  Knglciiul ll1"*1  iinmediiltely like' toust, exeopt fen
in,, ci I   : be-   etruggles ■•!   lie  prey, the   where  pi .nek   i- paid  ...nre, but  Hie ll"' I'olor.     111  Hu'  su cr Ibe  Ileal   i-
eiciiin  e'.-.s nevei   Iropped. Oerninns gel stenelv, cnutlnuous employ-1 terrific, ufteii  llu deg, cul oecasi
'I'lc 1 1  "c- -.. lame .he  it might I mont,   nidi s "011   piecework,  whii.
I.es    cm    llll el est lug   lleeollllt    ul
"Sliiiiis cc  eee know il.eiu iii l'!ii"litii<: > lll'","lii  Khii.'tuum, which, wilh Oindlir
du   nu.   exisl   in   .1. T.ncinv."   mtys   Mr. l"ilM ""  'l"' opposite bunk  of Hie  Nile
I i,.,.,.,,. hns cu..  cc  piip.iblH.in ul' cibiuit   IIT.ii.lii.
II tliere i** one nrl.li'le ..I'  tcilh wilh The wlnfer eliiniite of Khiii-tonni lie con
ihe Hritish le'ccliccl who he- never -  *"''•'*  perfect, Huuigh  hui  ci   midday.
normally  il   i- tlm I  Her .1  wcg.'s lire   nnd Ihuugli there mny be cm eeccnsiunnl
 ri islv   lower  I In. 11   British,     Bveu .Itisl Htm     '' '      '■''	
h vii 1
II  right." '
le.,   cen
ill   il
ship  1
here ell  rig
lie-    1,11    llllV
ll     tu    -
"    III..
mel  1
."1.   •
■ Hun'i   slap
'   He.'
lid! 1 \ '
unswered. '
'Ves ..
be.   lu.
.   1   II
Ils dee. iu the shade
bul  I he dryness
:,.   Ihi-   |.l
get   *."■  yuu   eccn't   set   there  where  yuu
ure Ihe  minutes  will, your  I I- fold  j
.■'I in yuur hip, "    It  n-iis cc bet. und Hie'' Witt
colonel   mined   aruuiul   heliind   Hie   uc  ' ihe   I
live*   c-   1 hut    Wo.'H.V     lerliiulc    Ih       iiig.
de-il.    'ther,'  were ..   few  bugs ..I   '     |*Vw ll.iug !
kind cm,1 unother, bin Hu I I pic.,    ci    1,,  be   plnci
e"l his lelinuce ci|  something thai was  evening when tin
,'c-icr I'ulcnlated tee milk  impression,   would   lortk   cm..11
Standing   v. here   hi-   adversary    Id   confidence   in   ils   gleaming
uI   ,.l,sen,,  him.   I„.  tnok   11   -'cell   -un   when   in 1-  were  placed   e,
'..lied iloni'.estientc.l.    It would   hotter  pnid,  .-cc 1   .1..! I  on
'uciic 'icicle  in .ui.' he 11.1, ed take ils j wnrk.    f'oitsoqi llv ihe Oeriniii
cl   ' t. .111   cl I her,   provided  .1   leaf   | le-enrn more everv month, 11
1- pi I "c the hnnd  which held  it.   can   depend   nn   regular   wee
gular I at Hie atuiosphere prevents this being
evurk    Insupjiortable, while the nights tire gen  j
a|1|lv 1 eriilly  cool   ic  I'uiiipcii isun.    Tlie writer
tie-    llt. IK
llie'lllil   Clll   litlii'l'l'
ng up the
ll    in.l.'-.i
v   ! iee,,Im  :,
. fear   ihe
..Is;   h
'. bv
,   1
led   l>>   ple'OM'   ii
I uu e lcel~e in lhe I i„ir|,. ..,,,,| i|„
lamp wes liehi,.,1. H I nerity fur all
,1   with   lhe   greiitesl I kinsnn.
Protection   huve   ■**•'''' '" Augusl suy: "I cun forgive lhe
esing orders, und'dnn't   Sl"l: n.vtliing  after   live   o'clock   ini
g of foreign surplus f-bu evening," I'luropean residents have.
: i'01-tiilnty uf regular "' course. Introduced fctetball nuel other
I'-cll is genern! prns- ' slM"'ls. and it is curiuus to see un Arab
is-es," suvs Mr. Per with his bare feet kick the bull as well
and cc- fer us a good European player
I]     "Although   (he   Herman   may   work, 'rouhl do with ;.  well-looted font, (lnr
the fable   say, two hours mure per full week than   'Ion's  fortifications are  useful   now  ,1
eater  his Knglish neighbor, .....I mny on .. full  B0*'  hllnl'
Khc.rf.mm,   howe.e*.,   is
gles-  from   hi-  1 ket   cm.I   focused  ils   it snapped  lliem  up witl
lei'.i.ci   upeeii   Hie   back   ed'   th,.   native's   i'ciieielily Hm ii  ic  il- day  liiintiiigs. Iwoelt be n trifle below, lie certainly iiasl"0' '''''.'' suitable ior gulf, then
neck.    It  we- nol  very long until the      In ihi- we* tho t'teiid lived for thirty    the best of the argument by having con*   ton much soft sand.
red  heir uc  lhe Ic  began tn .-1111  up  six years, He.' pel  of Hi.' neighborhood. | tinuous   employment   end' security   of
nuke, and  after  about   1 eve.  mill    It   might   have  lived  many years mor
lic.l cul 11 .cine lull spiteful raven peel'
eel .111! I' il- eves.
nil's and e hell' lhe yellow skin begun
tu squirm, The active gritted Ills
teetli ecu.I stood it for throe minutes and
:. hell'. Then he -|...k.'. " ('olonel, " TlyT Klip 'A I, M AN: ".Id,-.,11 he- done
seid. "Ah elein ' wenl lu -ccni in hedge JJML the meanest ll.iug ever I heard
ou thi- bet. bni Ah'11 compromise right ut.    IP* enme  to  my  house  the
now fur two dollars an' e half if yeeu'll; other night, nto 11 big dinner, gut  Indi
let   me   brush   thei    bnld-tuilcd    hornet  gestion, nnd then wenl  to unother doc
lhe back of ...v neck.
I fur tu be
tenure, us against nu Englishman's par-j
Hnl employment .-iml the dread nnd fear
uf  unemployed  workers ready to step j CORK
into his position nt 11 lower rate nf "I P a cork is too large for a bottle roll
wages," says Mr. Harris. j J.      it on the floor with the foot and
The reports dwell on tbe tine physique' plenty  of pressure.    It is a quick
of the German worker—"n healthy- and efl'eeiive way to reduce its size, A
looking lot. hc.pp.v und contented," on slower end, it is snid. equally us good
the general absence uf unemployed, un wny is In soak the cork in hot water for
the absence of empty shops, which ure p. short time.
VOL. 1
No. 37
To Follow the Fashion
Smoke Buck-Eyes
Here's 11 toust lo fec-hiem
And her furbelows!
.'hanging lulls and turbans
l hnnging shoes end  hose.
I'hniiging slrnightTi'iint vursets
I'or lhe other kind,
Ticking curve- from oil' the front
Pull iug thom behind.
Throwing Psyche knots off,
. 'lilting out fur ruts
Moulding roly-polys
Into merely sluts.
Moving wnist lines upwnrd,
Shifting wnist lines down!
11 v you
r dictum
is the
hnpirc g
Now v
ill  ere
I'mli.-ihlv ni'vi   week
Vuu '11 proscribe n gtirmout
Wi.ir.ii is purely Greek.
Cushion, vim 're ;i wouder,
Changing wjill; and pose
And a vory juggler
Whon it conies to clothes,
Horo is to yon, Fashion,
In a halting rhyme?
For in smoking it's the fashion
To use  m'OK-KYKS all the timo.
Fashion never changes when it comes to the Buck-
Eye.    Buck-Eyes are always in fashion.
Is the besti rem>s<iy
known for" sunburn,
heat, rashes, eczema,
sore feet,, stings and
blisters.   A skin food!
All DnsmlsU sseist Sts.rs.-lOc.
TOST now it is tho lining of the gown and its girdle that
••;<•»*■■ ?•#.
tre being emphasized to the .shadowing of the rest of the
toilet. The liking ut' the host dressmakers for veiled
effects is responsible for the crazo*, for today nothing must
be garish or flaunting; hut. while rich color is .suggested, it
must be softened by a misty him of ime kind or another. So
even the trimmings go under the gauze and laee as a rule
to thoir improvement.
And the girdle is a pronounced feature of tlie best, gowns,
it sometimes bei-omes so wide beiow the waist and su large
a part of the bodice above the waist lino, that its original
character is well-night lost.
Last year's silk gown of almost any sort may be combined
with gauze or lace of some kind to make a toilet that is suited to some occasion. The foulard veiled with chiffon make
up simple little afternoon or visiting gowns.
The blue ami green combinations of metallic effect arc
popular. A deep rich blue satin gown veiled with black chiffon is trimmed under tho gauze with embroideries done in
peacock shades. The result is too hard for any but a youthful complexion; Ion mi the stately young women who wear it,
it is stunning. A new green, dark and deep, goes by the
pretty name of " scarabee," aud is not unlike the tone of
the antique gem. Veilings of this color are much used ovei
gray, rose, certain snades of mauve or ovor white.
Some of the  new foulards are printed with old cashmen
CANADA     CYCLE    & _MOTOR    CO ! patterns, and those arc being Binployed  iu all sorts of smart
j combinations   and   trimming*.     Tliere   is   au   eccentric   look
about any costume made  with  very much of these cashmere
patterned silks, but  thev are counted among the smartest of
RHEUMATISM,   NEURALGIA      "   "   tniii.'s :i«st  "■-*"'•' Such effflctq are not   for the women
uid miy iweiiii..a..Mill!inn promptly  with even a  BUtftrestiott of embonpoint,   but   fur   the   most
relieved .iy ,      , .. ,. '
-    -—   -      slender ot  figures.
Dr.Martel's Female Pills
PreacribHl and rci-otnniend>fd for women's Ri)
ment«, a. BuienLillcaliv prepared remedy of prover
worth. The retmli from their nxe in quick »nd
permanent-    Kor hftl-*- at al) druc Htoren.
144 PriucosB St., Winnipeg
The vci-        -".weight  shantungs, though ideally cool and
pretty when fresh, culled forth objections from nianv women
Tv..KrS^ they  had  m.t  enough body to keep their shaplinesfi
|iikrimI*i..iiiInk. aih.1 ivmnvfHw>rt   and    freshness,   but   tlie   mnuufu.-iurers   promptly   bestirrey'
bunobM mien a« goitre, wetu, oyrtB,   . , .   .. .      , .    ,. .      ' '   ,•' ,. .
weeping Hlmw, Tu-ulu outa, fbnt,\ rneitlselveB to meet  tins objection, and as a  result tliere is a
Vario&i^ffl^IfmuStfntfn!   *"n,r*s',,K'.V large nssortiiH-nt of so-called pongee weaves rang-
inll'U nl inn—ejtopi liiin.-ii.■*.■..
A omtomer writwi "My wlfetiu
U-e   1.   lie. III. I. ll   Willi   ll   l-IJfilll'a'll    Jl Jill*
tor U or 1:1 yuan no rent day or
niirhi.  we tried moat every known
ly  for  Un*   trouble—luuliiiii
gavo tvmiKirary reljef.onohaL
hm 11.- of  AltSOItlMNK,  Jit.
Im- Iwi'ii uwil hy rubtiliiK on witb tlm
Im in I-..nl*., -ehi-siiystlli-rr Ik lln tnol'O
im in and nan not cnlfi'i-i'il from imiti
aliii-u tin- Hitond or tbiitl appllwitton.
The vi'itiK were urge and prom.
Incut—.it. iliis time nluiont IiivIrH'Io
with very little nwclIi»K. TMh Ir alniont a mlnu'le, but it Ih
au msar Uie truth n* I can expren it, Wc- tfladly it'uom-
uiinul lt to any one wbo may nultor in like imiiim-T."
Baft* and nloamnt to utw—<|iilckly abnorbi*d into hIcIii,
li-avniff It dry mid clean. ReiOtti like tin- alw>vo make
faith iiniuTi-fityiry. Auk your nuli-cbbon** about it. Price
•l.UtM  oz., ga.tW.ia ok. buttle at dnufKlKts or delivered.  -
Book IF free.  lUnufMhired only by
W. F. YOUNG. P. D. F., 210 Temple St., Springfield, Mass.
I-YHAFiB, IW., Mnntrml, CinaiUan A-zfnli.
* ... riirnUheil by  MARTI S   IIIILK * WYftf.1. HI.,  \\ I,,,,!,,,, ,
THK KATIOXA1. DR11I k C1IMICAL CO., tflnnliH* * («|.
faryt hikI HM.SUMtSON HltOS. CO., Ltd.. Wnrum.'r
NKXT   to   house building,    food    and
dress,  ("niHsportution  is the most
important industry in civilization.;
<-hiua   lias   no   mads,  and   is   only   now
adopting railways.    Modern China  may;
be said to dale trom the Boxer uprising
of ten years ago.    At that time railway !
development  was just  beginning,    Tho
Boxers  tore   up   the  tracks  and   struck;
a tremendous blow against railroad con
Struct ion.       However,    today   one   may
travel   from   Hankow   to    Pekin,    half
across the Empire, in a Pullman car, in
one-fifth  the  nine  it  took   to  make  the!
trip ten years ago.
China ' has    no    roads    for    wheeled !
Vehicles, except   tho cart tracks iu the
north,   which   arc   HO    better    than    the j
worsl  of American roads.    Yet  it  may ;
be said that China has a greater system j
of   roud a   than   ever   was  developed   oil
this continent,    These  roads,  however,
are only twelve inches wide.    They eon
eiat uf thousands aud t'housauds of miles
of  square  pu\ ing-atouea  laid   in  single
"trackR; In the middle of which is worn
u single rut.   Along the side of the narrow   strip   of   paving   moan dors   a   fool
trail.    Tho rut servos for wheelbarrows,
ami  tiie trail  for donkeys,  palanquins,
and   men.     The   fact   that  China   never
lias  developed   tho  tour wheeled   wagon
for transport if not a proof of want of
in vent h en ess  or  inability  to  ma unfile
ture   it.     Thero  are  other  reasons.     The
two wl led    raits   of    the    north    are
clumsy  nn'nir.s,  but   the   wheel   of   the
win < llmrrow   proves   that   the   Chinos
Serge Motor Coat
in.r from the lightest, softest  and finest  of shantungs lo tin
cart build good wheels,   The main objec- j "baroness," which is the latest, roughest and heaviest thing
tion to wagons i- the impossibility of
maintaining draught animals fur want
of grazing. Throughout the length and
breadth of China, except on the remote
Mongolian 'steppes, one never sees a
grass Held, and only along the ditches
and along the grave-sown hills is there
sparse grazing for sheep, donkeys, and
buffaloes. All available tillable'land is
required for the feeding of a douse two-
legged population. This stato of affairs
might not have existed iu the begin
ning; still, the principle of economy
whicli underlies all (Jhili&te inventions
would have told against the horse 01
mule drawn wagon—hence the wheel
Tho Chinese wheelbarrow, which huf*
Ven al work, it is presumed, dlinug
thousands of years, represents the high
est development attainable by a one-
wheel vehicle, with the single exception
of ball-bearings ami grease-cups. The
use of axle urease must certainly be
known to the Chinese, but, strange to
say. it is ignored. The screech of tin
wheel, like the pagoda bells, is heard
far over the Celestial landscape. On
this wheelbarrow, with its high, razor
rimmed wheel case, like a boat cabin
split by the cei.i re board, loads of 200
pounds are carried for hundreds of miles
at a speed of three miles an hour. In
Iho central tlat lauds this is the general
form of passenger transport for thr
poor. Ihi1 hire ni a barrow being aboul
ton cents a dav. When a family moves
to  a   new   district   the   women   ami   oh!
folk  aie  wheeled e  or two  to  a   bar
row, while the men walk, carrying theii I       Among the season's pretties!  blouses ure those  made ot
d it Mingo    slung    from    two    Is   of   n | chiffon cloth, chiffon, or any of the semi transparent materials
shoulder pole.     Itut   I'idJlig on  a  wheel    Those are some of the season's charming fancies, and go fm
barrow must  be an exeruoiating exper . toward reconciling us to the departure of the lingerie blouse
The general toi I' lhe costume i- carried out ns regard)
iu handsome pongee stud's
Kajah tnssar (or lussah), motora. serge de .Japan aud n
score of other materials are grouped in the pongee class
though some of t nose fabrics are not at ail silk and have
littlo iu common with the original pongees.
The coat, skirt aud separate bodice is doubl loss the most
practical of tailored street costumes, admitting as it does tin
possibility of substituting cool lingerie blouses for tho bloust
en suite whenever the occasion tor such a lapse from formal
ity. A blouse-or bodice to match tlio costume should be pro
vided with every tailored suit, for only iu this way can de
Unite smartness bo achieved ami the costume made to serv-i
its widest range of possibilities; but such a bodice will uol
stand all the wear and tear to whieh a practical tailorec
suit is likely to bo subjected, ami so it is a comfort to havt
the bodice quite separate and readily exchanged for the prac
tical blouse that may be laundered and easily kept fresh.
Vet for tho most modish typo cd' pongee street costume
sucli sordid considerations are rejected aud tho two material*-
used are combined more subtly than in skirt of one a in.
bodice of lhe otner.
Self-color braid trims some of tht1 natural tone pongees
effectively, the smartest effects being obtained with the wide
silk braids rather than with tho soutache, so dominant last
season, though soutache and rattail still have thoir uses,
Pierrot collars to suplement tho low nock aud protect tin
throat on occasion are in grout demand. The ostrich ruffs an
iu favor and any number of liille alio neckpieces of Ihe most
fanciful description.
Lovely scarfs aro fashioned from the Persian bordered
chiffons and marquisettes coincided with marabout;. In usinjs
the printed materials only a nonler id' the marabout is neces
sary for -nod effect, while when a solid color forms the foun
dat'iou a third strip must bo added through the centre of tin
scarf. Otherwise the littlo wrap may look skimpy und luck
character,    Another pretty idea in scarfs is to place two dif
ferent colors over each other and the [go all around   witl
the marabout.
ieio-e for uny one bul a nerveless am
cotton wool padded-Chinese woman, Thi
paving blocks have spread or dipped
nud between each that is to say, at
. Werv rev. 'ut ion plunk goes the iroi
Lpjwheel   iu hole,   white   tliere    are     no
shock absorbing springs or rubber tlrep
to take up ihe jar. No while man could
wheel freight in this manner for a .mile.
The secret seems to be iu the shoulder
strap, which is attached to the handle*
of the barrow arid passes over the back
Of the neck of the pusher. It would al
most seem as 1 hough cent uries of use
have developed in tho race a special muscular resistance nt that particular part
of tho makeup of a Chinaman.
.Ice .nuclei
•nil's, ele, is
I'   (lie
incl.e.-inl tin tho skin, .lie .Icniiiit miitcrlul lining em flu* Rami
le     ,\  hil nl'  .trusting ce,ler i- sometimes introduced  l.\
milking tlio lining n . 1 itl*« I .•olnr, ".' using cc ilottft.l nr Hgni
eel   si||,   ill   |i|j| I'   |elllin.
Till.   ftfSl   evcii-1   is   tlicielc  "1   -Clink lol'Ull   i-llill'eell   eiM'l   cl.
.il.l-gol.l   lining   with  I'lnl.i'i.i.lori'il   I'l'vom,  tui'ii-.ivpr  i-nllnr
sliieiiliiiT   |iie'ci's,  cm.I   buttons,     Tl..'  e'lnbi'.iiili'rcil   pieces   cue
intllle    <>>'    - kc .'Celeei'C'il    ('Intl.,    Willi    Cl    ICC.Ili'l     ll.'CI \ \     golll     ClC'l
over the .'loth, the embroider,!' t.■■ i.,j_; ■!  over both nel eene
cloth.   'I'l..' net sh.n.lel hnve cc rather open mosli r.■ I R'oetive
c.cc.l .Ice work is .lone with heavy il..--. in either olil-golil 01
thu same color cc*- the I'.inn.liition. The chill'on is lend in plents
decent cm inch wi.li;, lucked .iiuleraeath cc miorl wn.v elecwn ie
Ice.Id  them  in  place,    Al   the  wnist line ce   flup, aboul   three
rleep, is linished nl the edges and falls ovei' th.' girdle
lie is ,et' smoke colored chiffon.
embroidery mer the nel  the buttons, rovers, .•"!
rlono in simple long  I shorl stitch, .1.
Tlie   lull
Tlie  .
Ice 1. etc.,
boiiic kept rather l.eeese.    'lhe dots cue
The next is of iiunive c-eiliereil chiffon, over u mauve sill,
lining witli white dots, The diets show faintly through. Tin
Chiffon is in line tucking, the sleeves, bodice, and collar, witl
a  knil'i'-plented ruffle, ....   inch und cc  hell' wide, eel  the odiri
"f tl mliroidereil doth collar, ..ml buck .'.luce of cull's, ex
tending nearly to tl Ibow.    Tl broidered  collar am!
cuffs cue uf nia..v.* cloth witli the' design Clll'l'led uui in the
round silk braiding,    li comes iu ciliuut the thickness ul' sun
tu.'he and e.ives ci litti,. heavier ap| 'auce.   The braid is laid
civer the design, as the work U leein.j done, cm.I Instead ut
sewing it down, cc* cine would with soutncho, it is tu be couch
ed i... witii rather heavy embroidery silk. The braid is effect
ive it' eel n Blightly lightol- or darker Bliade thun the found.,
tion, the embroidery silk being the same shade. A new of tin
couched-oii braid geees around all edges where the material lnif
been turned in und basted lirst.
'l'h.' third wnist i.s made of finely tucked chiffon, the tuckf
cf the sleeves running lengthwise, 'l'h,. chiffon is uf gray-
blue, with u soft trroon silk  lining.
Fine net, tucked, the same shade it blue, tonus the collar,
yoke, and tight-fitting cuffs. The embroidered bands are
made either of material matching the skirt, or of u very
heavy soft-mesh line., in a slightly lighter shade. The twu
narrow front ends, about three quarters of an inch wide, yoke
.end shoulder pieces, about cu. inch \vi<le, are in one piece, the j
yoke extending around the back nnd fastening with the
The work oseel in decorating this blouse is really met en.
broidery, but a series of rows of outlining and French knots. t
with white pearl buttons, fastened on at intervals as shown,
by bringing the twisteel Hoss, which is used for the outlining
Up through the holes and down through the material over tlie ;
edge of the button.   Two colors of tloss are used, blue, slightly
darker than the shaele of blue of the foundation, end green
the color of the lining,    'fin* outlining 's h'l,e on the outside,
green the inner row, and the French knots made of the twu'
colors together.    A loop eef green and u loop of blue are used |
in each hole of the buttons.
lu every case where the elesign is embroidered on Ihe,
cloth, as iu these waists, it is wise to baste a foundation of i
white muslin, not teeee heavy, on the uuder side to keep the'
material smooth while working. In cases where bands or |
pieces are embroidered, the muslin is cut out. the same size .
as the piece.
Ho- 4
THROTTGH tdie generosity of Mrs. Abraham Lansing, of
Albany, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
has eome into tne possession of a collection of historical
Staffordshire blue-printed ware, consisting uf thirty seven J
examples of plates and platters decorated in the majority of
cases witl. designs of more than ordinary interest at. this
time,'when so much of old Xew "fork is vanishing. Here are i
records of such events ns the opening of the Krie Canal, thei
completion   of the   Haiti ree uml  Ohio  railroad, the  Texan I
Campaign, and various pro slavery ami anti-slavery questions
that were to lead to the Civil Weir,    At the beginning eef the
last quarter of the eighteenth century block-printing was ill
vented  bv Thomas Turner,   of   Caughley,   nud   almosl    iu.
mediately taken up by .Idslah Hpode and Stoke,   Both potters
nt lirst  made use eef the willow putti'in unci the- amorphous
tl..r:.l and  pagoda design  quite commonly   found   upon   lhe
pseudo-Cant.... blue end white ware e.l' e hina, which from the1
days uli Willi..... .....I Mary lo those of George III. were es
te.'.sivelv used both in England and the colonies, At first
the ware was printed in pale blue, tin* rich dnrk blue with
wliich  we are see  familial' appearing  lirst  Iowa.els the eliel  of1
the first quarter of the uineli'ei.t I ntury.    A- R., T. Ileum's
Hnlsoy points oul, iu his " Early New vork on Hark Blue
Staffordshire Pottery," I8DI), tlie various decorative borders
of fruit, flowers, marine subjects, etc.. so charming and dis
tlnctlvo in this printed ware, were lirst ndded ubout Is.il'.;
through the suggestion of .1. ('live. II Tunsliill engraver.
A....eng the pieces included in Mrs, I.e...sing's .•eelleetiiin cere
...any sinewing the distinctive designs I'or borders adopted by
such well known potters us lhe Woods, Stevenson, Ridgwuy,
Stubbs and Clews.    The lloeeds came ul' .1  line' "I'  thor
niigl.lv  li.miliur witli  the cermuuic nit.    l-'rom  lhe dnys of
Ralph W 1 (171t'.-7^), earliest and best of the Staffordshire
figure modelers, down lo the i-losing of the' Burslem  factory ,
in   lH-lli,  the  name stood   for able  work   in   .....re  tha e
direction. According to Hnlsoy, the chief characteristics in
the decorative borders employed by the Weueels cue as ful
1. Hollyhocks, iris, and grapes uu the l.n (Irange nnd other
French  views.    2, Sea-shells surrounding u  circular opening. .
II. Shells  und   marine  flowers and  an   irregular  opening  nr !
ranged to give tho effect of a view fro... a grotto.    1. Various '
flowers, among which  double poppies are  most  conspicuous,
".. Small tlowcr designs:    roses, thistles anel shamrock, found
on  hollow ware,    erioces such as "The  Handing of the  Pilgrims"  nnd  "The  Boston  State  House"  hnve   their   own
special borders.
As to the Uidgways, .lohn and Robert, whose pottery is
now so famous alike for the brilliancy of its gla/.o and its]
decorative subjects, they took  over their father's factories
after  his death  in  1814.     Betw   thnl   time and  the year!
1830, when their partnership wus dissolved, the factories of ■
Shelton  and   Kunley  were constantly turning out  quantities
of this type of tableware.    Hc.d the'"Beauties of America"!
series been thei." sole legacy, it would have mnde then, fain-J
...is. so interesting are the designs there depicted.
'I'he Clews brothers, eef Oobridgo, were similarly instru j
mental in preserving te. us many a picture nf our early inonii J
incuts, yet it is to Ralph Stevenson, of C'obrid
Does not contain Alum
YOU cannot bake pure food with an alum baking
powder. Alum is a dangerous acid that causes
certain injury to health. It causes indigestion and
disorders of the heart: and wrecks the nervous system.-
Food scientists everywhere
condemn alum as an unwholesome chemical, unfit for
use in any food preparation.
MAGIC makes pure, delicious, light bread, biscuits
and pastry, insuring healthful
home baked
a medium
priced baking
powder  and
the only well-known one
made in Canada that does
NOT contain alum.
M , . _    , Full Pound Cans, 25c,
Made in Canada
E. W. Gillett Co. Ltd. Toronto, Ont.
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ri\ElaU   \*\J\JW.   DVJVJlS.    „, p„,ul ajvd Ual this .Ju.Ua Bill, book aril) b. ejaiUaa less, of ctaua*..
I No. 3.S3
About Atlantic Liners and Record-
MUCH the most, interesting article
which has appeared for some time
pnst i.i the Atlantic Monthly
is tlie opening one iu tlie May number,
entitled "The Man on the Bridge," by
Lieutenant .'. T. Ilelc.ney. It has some-
times been asserted that the dock e,t'
a modern liner is tho safest place in the
world,   but   freem   this   article  it   would
 sl   of lhe  '.c'v.-s „i'-,,,rlier Amoriccu  l.uiMings cud parks.   "I •" »"»t such is very tur from being
Tn hi... we aro i, l.toel for many views of old  Xew fork,  t'lc t:'*"''    hve-ytlung is let! to the ol
Albany.   Baltimore,   Boston,   ITarvard   College,   Chariest I l"*1'''.!'"   -yntcli.and  he,  pour man
Rochester,   Philadelphia,   I let ford,   Troy   and   Washington. .
Prom  1S02,  when  Stevens,,,, and  Hale started  tho factory. | seari-ely keep his eyes open, and ".- cm
until   1840, when  the  firm suspended  opei'atious, Stevensoi
deluged the market with his wares.
, tired that he
s open, and "
charge than a lull..
WATERING in tho evening, besi.les aiding in tl,,. spread
of   fungus   diseases,   also   causes   "damping    off."
than a freighter officer (what we call ale... edd revolutionary, ces the cook."
cargo-boat officer),    lie has, ia short, a,      I'he wo c conspirators nre naturally
dog's life. lie is constantly haunted the ...cist interesting. The writer says":
with the fear of silly passengers eon,ing ! "The silent, timid, modest llora lived
uu dock; anei of course lhey know Bo|sololy ley lnr faith iu tho Terrier. She
much better than In* does when tlie
weather   is   lit   for  them   lo  do  si,  uml
when it is not. .lnce. redcles tin*
he heel ordered nil steerage puss
eetf tic fore dock below. Pre tlv
loved tin- revolution, grieved at its failures, and, while recognizing the uecos-
sitv  of   killing  Plehve,   feared  ihis
sassiucctime     she   could   not   reconcile
herself t„  |,| Isheel     it   was easier fur
''>'•. - her io eli,. thim to kill, cul yet her per-
•■Two   mutton-headed   Swedes,   more,  petutil   prayei   wus  ihat   Bhe  might   hn
daring or  ignorant   tban   lhe  res.,  veil    allowed to throw   of the luembs. Her
lured .in duck  nisi cc- the vessel dipped  days   were   spent   in   silence,   in   mute
and  took  a   heavy  -en  e,\er  .he  bows,   concentration    em    .he    inner   torment
hull peessesM',! her.    s|„. rarely laugh-
 re lit In Ine left in
t ic ''    'I'he' writer says:
" I havo I  lefl in charge 'ef a liner
currying a crew eif live hundred, iweuiy
two hundred steerage passengers, three
d | hundred  s uui  class unci  about  three
hundred  lies., in nil ubout thirty-three
Watering  sh...il.l   never   be   practised   during  heavy,I hundred souls.   These, in addition to the
cloudy weather.   Shade, heat, and light should be considered. ! \ :i I ■ a*ilil<> ship and freight, hnve I i un
Plants growing in the bright sunlight always need more water j der my charge ut  a  tiuie when  1  have
than  those in thee slin.le,  I'or evaporation   .nd transpiration   beon from thirty to forty hours on mv
feet, and without! sleep or rest. The safe
ty cef cell has depended upon my vigil
cii.ee   ut   cc   time   when   soul,   mind,   unci
body have lung I u worn out.   Tee keep
awake at such times is torture; une' mils!
wccllc, walk. walk, and get through scenic
how; and cell tteis iii witters crowded
with shipping ami when' vessels are sub
jecte.l le. ihe whines of tides! Al  th
or lime iu their lives, perhaps, cue pas
sengers in siiol. jeopardy. .1 n-*i when un
' officer should be nt his best uinl |,;,vo
ull Iiis wits about hi ui. he is :,*. heavy as
lend  unci  worse thun  useless."
Moreover lhe sou ll  cue nil,,wed  In
join   up  cu   7  ii.ni    sailing dny.   Per
ihnps they cere muddled with drink, while
ihe ..tli.-.*i- cere probably  muddled  with
fatigue.      "Until   senile   line   vessel   will,
her   precious   cargo,"   says   Liontouunt
lielnuev. •• is sent to the bottom through
■•eellisieen. those things. 1 believe, will nut I
be rectified."
Passengers often  ask, "Who is thatj
leecy on lhe bridge?" and "Where i- lhe
'•upturn.'"   The captai c uu Atlantic
lined seems mil very often on the bridge,
lent ih.' "boys" eni it. though they may
look boyish, are mon in experience und
qual. Hen tions,     Anel   wl    .In*   captain
is on the bridge, il muy In- thut he is
I Id. cer hus I u ou .'lul,  <„i. long to
lie    eel.l.'    either    to    s le'i'llly    or    ileal
distinctly, In justice to .he ci.ptuiti unci <
passe u gers alike, the writer usks. should I
not th" command in case cef pinergencv
leo handed uver to .1 liief officer?
'flee dangers of fog ecu- so well known
Hint  there is nee u I to insist ou thom
here.    Thev arc Intel eiiieugli in any
Ami   that   sea   simply   picked   up   t bees,
men  aud  Hung them  ctlutiit   evcrywher.
before I hnd ti  to -top th.' ship.   ..in
received a serious spinal injury  iu addi
tion i<> u fractured thigh, and the
had both arms cul n  leg broken
.'d, end even  '.vhen she .lid lo
inclined stern cmd sad.    Por Ice  .lc re
volution   was   personified   by   Terror—
ntaincd in thi
tliis I, us officer ■'!' ihe watch, was hold
solely to blame, and 1 Buffered accord
high   in the wuy ot' promotion.
Chances arc often tuken merely in "t
der tu Innd passengers u few minute*
earlier. See far, these e-liuiie-es seem ti
have   been   lucky;   hut   11:
ether | tin-  whole   world   w
Por I Pighting  Organiznl
always bo so.   Moreovc
continually "cooked"
vessel's  official  length
much.    She often take
reduces it, perhaps con
reckoning li.*r knots per
ial distance, ned the shot!
In ken.
The   writer   lias   cil-o
remarks t alee us to the pav of
wl,,, have to bear the rosponBibilil
" \eii-e.\ci   heel   s| 1    her   heerd   life   III
prison end exile. Her pale, wrinkled
ohl face was lit up by clear, kind, maternal eyes. All tl,,. members of the or*
'gciiiiz.'cii.cn were, so to sc, , her children.
She he.,.,I thom nil alike with a steady,
might   not ' gentle, warm love,   She did nol use cu*
"faked.'' The
f course  is  so
eel   c-iilnf'eett   nr
.    Ihe
et'    II
They 'lo nol appear tc
exactly  princely  snl.n
do  see   n y    i;   tcilce   l.e   Ihis   dog's   life
of extreme responsibility? Becuuse they
cen- wanderers, "untamed men," who
cannot    brook    »   quiet    life- -n.-1.    is
louring words
'ni-i.iin.go. she ciiei noi conjecture as to
• u.'.'ess  or  fuii ;   i,nt   evervono  win,
sheert cuts, cmd! wus near to he,   felt  the inexhaustible
lerably;  but   in   glow '■!   .lees guccc, under love. She did
hour, the eillie-    her  revolutionary   work  quietly, in.per-
way-.; ceptibly,  l.n.   -In'- did   it   like nu artist,
notwithslnn.1   hor .dd   :,e,.  ;,,,,|   uer j]].
thing I health.     Doni    Hrillinnl   .,.„!   Sc.zonou"
were equally neur and dear he her."
They we're direful io learn everything
,       selling cigarettes -he,,,1.1  watch  Plehve.   JAMES   •'
.'..-,   I   wn-  t.e  combine  ell  the  information \0     uwnersh
.licit   wus
I cnnhl in
I   t.
Ice.I    '.'
cclt'ci li
nen, llv."
Inter he n
..■ic   horse
of   llee    lo*
Wlltch  ce-  iu11.-li  :l*
.1.1.let   lh,'   |'l I
hnl   passengers  often   add   to  them,   Ini ;l""'ll"r  -1"'"1'1   '
fog,.;!   wet.l1.er, snys  .he  writer hawking tobacco .„ c   ■
•• i'or Menu accountable rea
cell    in   l.eni   ou   ploying   shiiffiobourd
right   un.ler  Hie   bridge.    Their   -I ts.
laughter, cmd .he noise ed' lhe boards, cell
u.l.l ... the discomforts of the man un
tho bridge. Ilis attention is diverted
from  the business in  I.uud;  picking up
,' client hei   vessel - fnghoi ii i- made c I.
more diffieull l.v these irrolevnu! noises.
I  hop., that  Un- prod cu cc much i led '
...il  lives,  a   ship   val I  at  they could ubout  Plehve's movements"
'"Wi '"I  n  half  sterling,      "Will, his tmv slung over his shoul-
•digue-, miiils, cmd species, iters  which th"c wares were frequently changed cigarettes, apple -. note*
papor. pencils ICnlinolT wandered .h.ng
cell lhe Btreets through which U.
thonghl .he I'l,.lie,, we- likely to drive.
It   wes  rare thet  n  .ley  passed  without
11 t'.'g   l'i*   earriugo In   telling   ns
■'.I '   H   he   not   onlv   gave  lhe   most   e.
curate ...-count  of fhe color und points
of  Hie  horse-,  the  I ,   of the roee-hlna.l
en.I tlie beeelyguer.l, but detnils or the
vehicle  itself."
The       writer       .1.-, ill,,.-.       111..       actual
throwing of the bomb bv Saz If. Snz-
eenoir he found, ,es lc -opposed, dead, He
.neej'i I thet  I'l,'Ice he,| escaped, Only
line,ugh ihe newspapers diet lhey learn
that the longlived plot ha,I succooded
cen.I ihe. Plehve wns no more, Sazonoff
es   lln'    K.litor   informs   us,   was   des
p.'iccti'ly    injured,   but    r rered,   cmd
eve- -ent to Siborin, bul escaped uu the'
road, Sir/.oiiofl '- own account id' his en-
cape i- ... be given Inter to the leaders
of tie.- St.-i.iid. Tl,,- article ei.,.- a -,,-rv
te.ii,■hine account of tl bsblute devotion "f tl onspiriitors t.. their fearful purpose.
By One of His Assassins
1 rpm: enterprise of the Strand is un
X     doubted     in     securing     one     of
Plehve's   assassins   to   write   the
story    of    how    lhe   es-es-inet con    dim*?
uleenit.     How   fer   il   mny   Ileus   ill   the
attentions of the Russian Secrel   I'..lice.
i-    ce    eeiii'stieeli     wllie-ll     we    pi'CSUIIIC    the
K.litor hus answered to hi- uwn sntis
The nssnasiii tell- how Plehve, who
wns .■erel'iilly guarded bj t .ce police,
used -e» be watched:—
■ ■ I.   wee-   decided   thai •eunrciele
should buy a cab cm.I ii  horse, ecu.I  I..'
.-..lue ci cubtuan in SI. Petersburg, while
nit    cc   license   for
llll.I.,   discussing   publics
p   el    ;.    dinner   in   New
Vork, said:
"1     leer    thei    eeitii    public    lew nel -1,1 p
we  we.ill,I   I,,'   worse   .orved. Teck.-  the
inn. Brilliant, who  ''use   "f   Pn         Prune, vou   know,
,   entited.    t,,   |||i>    makes    h"i    e.eei,    inatelips And   -uch
ucmiltee.   She.   we- I "
-i: -  .ef   terribly
lc  occiii red   when   he
.di'    ..ue   when   .he
one    knots,   |>e-->'<l
et  eef en  iceberg;  the
cc  twenty bn-.i-. she
clear   unother   lurge*
always greater under such cit'
dig,   when   lhe   sun   shines  elire.ll
thee foliage nf many eef ou
luring exec-she heal v';!;
■ele iu ing moisture.
Temperature, both uf ui
Vri  overheated,  humid  titmoi
growth, very stisceptlblo to ■!
water used has been found to ha\
It   has  t   found  that  the bos.   results
water of about the same temperature es lhe
he1 plant is growing is used.
direction ..ell i
lie     gives     IW"     .
ue itiiu  escapes .\ h
we-   em   Wlltch   hil
-hip.    'oeiii;j    lee. ill
within  twenty I
oilier when, g.ih
ju-t   inuungod   c
liner,   noun   twenty three  knots.   What
a collision!  In no circumstances, usserls
Lieutenant  l.e'lnney. i- full spued ahead
e.lei-s the  ice I reck   just i liable,   Vol   dp
parentl*.  ihi- constantly   'urs.
A winter pussage is generally dread
ed by the passenger, beciluse the gale*
make hiin so sen sick: but winter i*
balled  wilh delight   by  Hie  mul   Ihe
bridge*,  whee ll'iillbles   untiling  ubout   see
sick passengers, but only about iceberg-,
of which now he does not hew l.e steel
clear. However, In' does have terrible
weather to face Iho worsl sen-woathoi
in ell the world, the writer thinks,
weerse* even thun thul round ihe 11..in:
while the intense ceeld, greater .hem eene
shore cold, is Intensified by the wind nud
i the  s| |   of  e   fccsl   cue., ing  vessel.   Brit
ie.ice's.   Mi.I,lay weter   ish officers cannot !"■ couvin I thnl c.
the foliage, will  burn   proper lookout can be kept in uny sorl
1:0111.nun  house plains.    Shading   of shelter.    Moreover,  walking  up end
ongt'ien lhe plants nuel assist in I down to keep warm may be qUll  eel
lln* question  in  winter.
in,I  eeccter, should  I onsidereel. j      ,\   liner  1.Iliccr   Ice-   ci   fer   wji-e  .ime
I .It a* 11 - causes straggly, spiuelly 1
s"e-e.   The temperature of the T#>„ Drasntat  will T»ll Tn
rked edlei't on plant-,   ifurln* *T» Remedy Relieves 8ore Ey**,
e   pi 1-..11   runaticnlly    cloi "led    ...    tin' "'■   l'*ro..eh.uu
revolution.    This wcc- their new plan: '' lodgings     \
" Xccli-coll.    Kcilie.'IV.   ecc.l    Kg.I'   I.lee,1   . Ual, I. -       till'   ll
 aitl-il     l.e.lcl.'l'.eir.     Will,     licl     killed     till"
eee- mice   i.rrested et
.I .d -cciueeled foreign
.01   foreign   matches
the   prohibit        •  11    ..1   .,   ,...|..   per
(lovornor of I'fa, Bogelanen itch, in IPtl.'l,       ''       kad   been   fecund   in   1,1-   trunk.
were   ...   watch   Plehve   ne   He  -tr.'.'.        'l'h.    i  dge  -ei.I  ie. ihe  .,	
KelceelV    end    eciuethee    newly iiceeplod ' • l-'oroigi     mal.-l.es   huxc   boon   dc-
comrade   us   fiibucco \ lor-.    I leblifl    "eveioil   m      nil            \'.,:,i   I,;,,,,
end Xaliscol!  ns cabmen.    I wns to hire   'ct  l"  -"•■   '■"   vemr«elf,  miscreant ?'
: xpoii-i.o   lice    cu    St.    Petersburg, ' Pleas..    v.u.i    honor.'    -tnmiiiered
wher,'   I   wcc- I.. Ice.'  villi  111 \-  supposed   H"'    •■       '        li   .    i       ■    fnr.  cu
wife    Diiiic   Brilliant     cm.I  mv   servants   mntclio    1.  I   oil.   tn  '.-;.1       govern*
Siizonoir, .,- H.e buller,  nii'.l   \ar... ..     ' •   '    " •      '    '   '
Cerise Cloth Mantle
obtained   wheu ' 8lr*nftheni   Weak   Eyea.   Doesn't   Uncart,
Boccthee Eye Fain, and Sella fur !<«    Try
leioni  in   which
Murine    tn    Tour    Eyes    nice.'    In    Bttby'e
j Bye*  for McaVly Eyelid* and OranulaUo*.
The Hosmer Times
One Year One Dollar in Advance
Single Copies Five ('cuts Kach
Published every Thursday nioruinirat Hce-mcr,
British I'olu.ubice.
Time Tables.
Arrive Hosnier
No. 313 West 0.4.")
No. 314 East IS* 33
No. 312 Local East  0.45
No. 311 Local West 20.23
No. 7 West Flyer 11. 81
No. 8 East Flyer    1.00
Change took effect Sunday Aug. 21
No. 251 leaves Jliehel        H-.lon. in,
Arrives nt Hosmer. •.    10:00 a. m.
No. 252 leaves Rexfoi.l. 4:15 p. in.
Arrives at Hosmer .      7;13p. in
Some Socialist windbag, who
is ashamed of liis own name,
breaks into musical discourse
in an "Open Letter to the New
Cabinet Minister" which does
not bear the Union label. Says
tlie writer, "Let's get down to
brass tacks when we play tin-
game of polities and eut out
the 'rhapsodical theories.'" His
candour is commendable and
unique. What he does not
know about dim flamming the
public in the political game
could be telegraphed without
using a niglit letter but what
bc knows about tbe hotelmen's
readiness to "dig up" is on a par| vmcia
with his knowledge of the
chemical elements of the contents of Aladdin's lamp. The
hotelmen adore W. J. Bowser,
the father of the Liquor Act
of 1910. They simply worship
the Hon. W. J.
The writer imagines there is
something concealed with regard to tbe locating of the red
light districts in the different
parts of the district. Ho says
nothing   but   hints  at  terrible]
wages. D.  McFarlane,    the    pioneer
Chapter .'il, L910. To Amend i prospector of the Pass, arrived
Coal Mines Regulation Act, in Hosmer last night from
providing for   mine   rescue  ap-  Jaffray.
paral us and rescue stations. Do you enjoy  a   pool  game?
What about the Woodmen's Drop in on Sam Snell 51
Lien for  Wages  Act,   fathered j     BiUy Warren   is    doing    the
by  our  own  member,   W.    R-  batehing stunt.    Winter is com-1
Ross?       Were   any    of those;.       on>  but   Ba]y  hag  Mf.     J
measures dictated by the  "cap- coura„a
italist  class?"      Are   they  not1
simply and solely for the benefit of the working men ?
The trouble with our Socialist
friends is that it is  not   legisla-
Tbe meeting called to arrange
for a skating rink for the coming winter was poorly attended.
It  is  to  be  hoped  the  matter
Stanley Ketchel Murdered.
Springfield    Mo.,    Oct.     17—
Stanley Ketchel.  middleweight
champion  of  the    world,    was
Murdoch McGregor came in
from Corbin and drove" to Fer-
I nie accompanied by his sister
! on Sunday.
Brown's Vaudeville Co. will
appear at the Hosmer .opera
'house on Saturday evening,
j October 'I'l.
A. .Sutherland, government
if    boilers,    was  in
tion  that   they  want   but   thc
power to legislate.     They even
make it a matter of complaint
when   other   parties   adopt    a
plank  of   their   platform.    As
though a reform were not a re-1 inspector
form  unless   put   through   by j town  .Saturday    looking    over
will not be allowed to drop | shot and fatally injured at tho j
without a further effort being ranch of R. P. Dickerson, near!
made. Conway,  Mo.,  early    Saturday'
The third annual ball,  under morning.    Kotchell was shot by
tlie  auspices   of   Maple   Leaf a farm nand named Walter A.
Lodge No. 53,1. O, 0. F., will be Hur!?'   *ho   escaped   to   the
,   ,,       a, .,      ,. .  ,     '     ,    .   I woods   titter   committing   the
held on Iriday October 28th  in orime) but was captured *.st(.,,
the Hosmer opera   house.       A I day.
Before   dying  Kotchell    told
.Superintendent   Bailey  of   the
ranch that Hurtz had remarked
lunch will be served and
music will be furnished by tho
Hosmer Orchestra. Admission
$1.50, ladies free.
Colin Campbell, chief  inspee
to him earlier in the evening
that he would not run Dicker-
son's   harrow  for  $20  a  week.
tor of provincial licenses was in*1-'1"1? U3'*"S m;m denied  that  he
town on Saturday.     Mr. Camp
their party.
it has been said that Mr.
Ross' advocacy of several measures in the interests of work-
ingmen of this district was
dicated from vote catching
motives. "He does this to get
in right with the Lumberjacks;
iie does that to capture the
miners' vole." Of course he
dues, and has been doing it for
a decade. Certainly he tries to
represent his constituents and
to earn their support. Ile has
earned it, and he deserves to
get it. And lie will get it
On what ground, other than
personal prejudice, can a voter
of this riding conscientously refuse to confirm the appointment of W. R. Ross to the pro-
cabinet. He has done
all for his constituents that a
representative could possibly
do and more than a great many
could. Certainly he will be
able to advocate the claims of
this riding to greater advantage
in the future, if he is returned
to Victoria, than a member ofa
party which at present consists
of two members iu the local
house. Vote for Ross and your
own best interests.
things. If this is to be a campaign of innuendo due notification should, in all fairness,
be given to tho Conservative
party so that all could get oil'
to an even break,
We are unable to see what
kick tbo miners of Coal Creek
can bave with regard to club
license. Formerly the club paid
It is always a good plan to
let "well enough" alone. Why
should the voters of Hosmer
crucify their own interests to
serve the designs of the Socialist capitalists?
a license and  had
the  beer
The Times 'phone No. is 10.
they wanted,    Now they pay I    0 olmnle Bossio was in Fernie
no license but their thirst does j
ii       i       i     yesterday.
not go  unquenched, unless  by!-7 ■'
"resolution." ^r" (-01'san- °f Fernie,   wns   a
He   gets   off   on  the  wrong\ Sunday visitor,
foot again when he states that!    Miss Annie Elick visited llill-
Billy Ross is attorney for the | crest on Wednesday
Crow's  Nest Pass Coal (Jo.    As!    Rev.   Eby   was   a   visitor
a matter of fact he is not solicit-  Elko on Wednesday.
or for the company. Jonn Beckett, of Corbin, was
Again, he kicks about the "ro- j a Hosmer visitor this week.
peaters"   on   the   voters'    list.!    w   R   Ross (lmvo   fa  fmm
Tho voters' list is purged  »mi-|0pow*g NeSt on Fl.iday night.
annually.      Last   spring   they
raised  a  howl  because repeat- ,
: his post pay day
Cox,  of  Mie!
ers, dead men  and  disqualified
names were striken  off  in this!     '•''
riding.    How many "repeaters"     Good progress is being
have    the    Socialists   stricken with the  new Edition  to
from   the   voters*   list of   this Queen's hotel
riding? .J. White, of  Fernie,   took   in
He asks if these things would ■ scenery between here and Fcr-
not make "a man who sweats! nie last Sunday,
for his existence think. They; Mrs. Higgins, Miss Walker
should make the man who and Miss C. Pitblado drove to
sweats wonder why he is dig- Fernie Saturday.
ging up his hard earned cash! ']*„-,, more compressed air
to support a bunch of Socialist locomotives have arrived for
Capitalists who have capitaliz-| t]le Hosmer mines,
ed   the   credulity   of
men  in   order lo   make   a
existence for socialist organizer!
and propagandists,
f    liank-
of   I.   .).
.).  A. Carruthers,
head   was   lhe  guest
Brown on Salurday.
A daughter was bom to Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Kearney on
Sunday, ((ctober Kit h.
Clark's Moving Picture ami
Vaudeville Co, at lie- opera
house Monday .'veiling.
Andy Sullivan, of .Nelson,
provincial boiler inspector, was
in Hosmer on Sat urday. J
A. L.  Fortier and   (ie
•■The Conservative party.feeling themselves strongly entrenched in power, have given
no evidence that the working
class should be given the slightest consideration." District
Ledger, October 15th, 1010 in
Mr. Bennett's announcement of
his candidature.
We would like to ask Mr.I Queen killed a goat this i
Bennett lor whose benefit the ing weighing over 100 lbs.
following measures were passed : For a comfortable shavi
during the past two years:
Chapter 33, 1000. An Act to
Amend the Coal Mines Regulation act, providing for automatic safety clutches on mine
shaft cages that carry men.
Chapter 10, 1010: Electrical
Energy Inspection Act, enacted
according to the premable,  for Chamberlain's    Stomach
the protection of the  lives an.l   Liver Tablets, and   the  li
the coal company's plant.
Don't forget the free moving
picture show at the Queens
Hotel, Saturday evening from
8:30 to 11 p. m.
Deputy Minister of Mines,
Mr. Tolniie and F. H. Shepherd,
Chief Inspector of Mines for B.
(.'., were in town on Tuesday.
Clark's Moving Picture and
Vaudeville Co. will be in Hosmer on Monday evening with
tin entire change of program.
Last week saw the completion
of the $25,000 washer installed
by the llosmer Mines, Ltd., for
the purpose of washing all
slack coal.
A grand Bohemian concert
will be given in the opera house
October 21st 1010, in aid of the
Catholic church. See hand bills
for artists.
(i. F. Stevenson, manager of
tho W. R. Ross campaign committee accompanied by Mr.
Ross drove up from Fernie on
Monday niglit.
The third annual ball under
the auspices of Maple Leaf
Lodge, No. 53, I. 0. O. F., will
be held in the opera bouse on
Friday evening Oct. 28th.
The fortnightly meeting of
the women's Auxiliary will be
held at the residence of Mrs. .1.
D. Thompson on Tuesday, Oct-
tober 25th at 3 p. rn.
Service will be held as usual
ln tho Methodist church next
Sunday evening at 7:30. Thc
pastor, Rev. M. F. Eby will
preach.    Everybody welcome.
The pay roll of the Hosmer
Mines, Ltd., last Saturday was
the largest amount paid out, in
one month since the mines commenced three years ago, being
$50,000.    .
Mrs. W. E. Warren left this
morning for Calgary, where
she will remain with her
mother, Mrs. T. (it'll, during the
winter. She was, accompanied
by Master Tom.
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid
will hold their regular monthly
tea at the home of Mrs. (jr. H.
Marlatt on Thursday, October
27th, from 3.30 to (5 p. in. Admission 10c. Everybody welcome.
Mr. dribble, the spouter for
the Socialist party, was handed
an explosive bullet last Saturday night. While we may not
agree with Mr. (dribble's solutions of political questions, we
deprciate the rotten egg tactics.
Colonel Wadmore was here
on Wednesday. The col.mel
is inspecting the rifle ranges
throughout the country. He
expressed himself as highly sat-
islicd with the llosmer range
and equipment. He left for
Fernie this morning.
I. .1. Ihown. Ihe champion
hunter of the Pass, killed a
deer last Sunday in the vicinity
of Olson. It wits a noble buck
and weighe.I 110 pounds. This
is the lirst toll of the forest
brought int.. town this season
Diana, the hunter's goddess
smile on I. .1.
The present tonnage per  day
if the   llosmer   Mines,   Ltd..   is
iver SOO ton. which they expect
lorn-1 to increase ill   the  near  future
to a 1.500 ton output, and to ac-
,,!• ;i   complish    this,    a    new   seam,
neat, artistic hair-trim \i-it the  known as B level, has  recently
shop of Sam Snell. 51 if       I,,.,,,,   opened,  200  feet    higher
Mr. ami Mis. H. Reading, Miss  than the present   main   tunnel.
Sybil Reading and Mrs,   Barber  which is  producing a  superior
drove in from   Fornie   on   Sun-  quality of coal.
'lay. Hoarseness in a child  subject
The pleasant purgative effect   to croup is a sure indication  of
experienced    by    all    who  use  the approach of the disease.    If
an.l Chamberlain's ('..ugh   Remedy
llbv  is given at once, or even  after
bell is making an inspection of
all the licensed premises in
British Columbia. He reports
all tbe hotels in llosmer in excellent condition and had very
few changes to suggest.
Brown's Vaudeville Co., consisting of eight people, will appear at the Hosmer opera
house on Saturday evening,
October 22. There will be three
hours of entertainment. A
dance will be given after tho
show and a three piece orchestra will be attendance. Watch
for hand bills Saturday morning.
The children of the Church of
England Sunday school held
their annual picnic last Saturday afternoon. Though late in
tho season the weather was fine
and warm, and the ladies in
charge enjoyed the outing as
much as the children. They
take this opportunity to thank
Mr. Cox for his gift of pears for
tho children's tea.
Your cough annoys you.
Keep on hacking and the delicate membranes of your throat
if you want to be annoyed.
But if you want relief, want to
be cured, take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Sold by all
A very pleasant social gathering took place at the Methodist church on Monday evening
under the auspices of the Ladies Aid. After a couple of
hours spent in lively games
tasty edibles were served in a
dainty style by tho ladies. A
short impromptu program added much to the enjoyableness
of thc occasion and with the
singing of the National Anthem
what all present felt to be a
most happy evening was
brought to a. close.
J. S. T. Alexander motored to
Hosmer on Saturday along with
F. V. Atkinson, chief forrester
of the Dominion Conservative
Commission tind W.C. (Jladwyn,
chief provincial fire warden.
These gentlemen have been
looking over tho damage done
in this part of East Kootenay
by forest fires and enquiring
into the best methods of conserving tho timber wealth of
our country.
It is in time of sudden mishap or accident that Chamberlain's Liniment can be relied upon to take the place of the family doctor, who cannot always
bo found at the moment. Then
it is that Chamberlain's Liniment is not found wanting. In
cases of sprains, cuts, wounds
and bruises Chamberlain's Liniment takes out the soreness
and drives away the pain. Sold
by all druggists.
OCT, 24th
'I'he- licst Program of Moving Pieturi
..ii.I Illustrated Songs evov
slieewil ill   Hosnier.
Strong Mexican Flims
By Master Thomas Crawford
„      STARTS AT 8:30
Watch fc' Handbills,    ('nine Early
follow the Crowd.
15c       ADMISSION       35c
had quarrelled with  his  assail-
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
has become famous for its cures
of coughs, colds, croup and influenza. Try it when in need.
It contains no harmful substance and always gives prompt
relief.    Sold by all druggists.
(Section 12)
NOTICE is hereby given Unit on the
lirst .lay of December next, nppic.i-
lion will l.e made to the Superintendent e.f Provincial Police for renewal
..1 the hotel license le. sell liquor by
retail in the hotel known as the1 Koyal
Hotel, situate at Hosmer, Province of
British Columbia.
.1. F. Jahvis
Signature of Applicant.
Dated October 18th, llllt).
at values which are the best.    A few of the many lines
we have recently placed in stock:
II. B. K.   Mackinaw  Coats,    H.  B. K.
Mackinaw Pants,  H.  B.   K.   Heavy   all
Wool   Flannel   Shirts,   Sweater   Coats,
Sweaters and Knitted Vests.
Main Street HOSMER, B. C.
(Section 42)
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
first .lay of December next, application will be mail.' to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal
of flue hotel license to sell liquor by I
retail in the hotel known as the Hosmer Hotel, situate at Hosmer, Province of Hritish Columbia.
Mabie Sorkie
Signature of Applicant.
Dated October 18th, 1010.
and Notary Public
HOSMEK - - *      B. C.
P. BURNS C& CO., Limited
Meat Merchants
0. I'". Lawk
Ai.ex I. Fisher, B.A.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Good work at low  prices and satisfaction guaranteed
C. M. HEDLEY, Prop.
Fresh Milk and Cream delivered to all parts ot' the town.
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Boots
and Shoes, Jewelry and Watches
Dress Swell
You Might as wl'1
Bath Rooms
Up-to-date.    You
are all welcome at
Pete's Barber Shop
Front St., Hosmer
* *
* *
X Fresh and Cured  Meats,  Fresh  Fish, Game and Poultry.   1
X We supply only the best.   Your trade solicited.   Markets   J
X in all the principal Towns and Cities in British Columbia,   j
* *
The Hosmer Mines,   td.
Hosmer Steam Coal
and Coke
Lewis Stockett,
General Manager
D. G. Wilson,
Gent's Furnishings
General Merchandise
Smoked and Cured Meats
Opera House Block
HOSMER      -      -      B. C.
Hosmer - Fruit - Store
James Mii.o, l'i..p.
Fruits,  Candies,  Cigars, Tobaccos,
Etc., Ice Cream and Soft Drinks
door  lo  T.my   Lombaull's
(11.1 st.lll.l.
All Kinds of Pictures Framed on
Short Notice
Call at the Diamond Hall. Main
Street, Hosnier, B. C.
£ Elk Valley Development Co.
owners of HosMER TOWNSITE
A number of
very desirable
Lots for Sale
Townsite Agents Fernie, B. C.
I They   are   Going   Fast!*
Here's whore yeeu cun save money buying your Y
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Valises j
I '..11  1  ..I,„.l- ,,f tanimil'iM T
Those desirable Home sites in West   Fernie.
Why don't you gel in on a good thing?
Buy a lot and he a landed proprietor.     Prices
range from $50 to $125.
Prices will rise in the near future.       It  is for
you lo decide who will get the profit.
810 secures one now.      Make the other   payments to suit yourself.    For particulars see
■*. **-
********************* *******************************
Sole iigi-nt for
Call mul s.'.' ..ur stuck e.f sample*
limbs of working men.
Chapter 31, 1910. Mechanics
Lien Act, protecting vorkmen
in  the collection   of   overdue
.-on.lit i.m of I It..' lind,*,
which they cren
feel joyful.    Sold   b}
nnd mind  tho eroupy cough litis appeared,
ttack.  Con-1
I druggists
makes  one   it, will prevent tin
ill   dl'lllcC-   lain--   no   poison.     Sold   liy
♦♦♦♦♦♦•» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ i


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