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The Hosmer Times Nov 17, 1910

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The Times
The Times
Volume III.
►♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦ <
No. 11 $ 7.95
No. 13 10.75
•No. 15 12.50
No. 17 16.75
Coal Hods
Fire Shovels
Stove Hoards
Flue Stoppers
Rings and
►♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•» ♦♦•»♦♦♦♦
IXmas Presents1
It is now neai-iug the time when ynu will be needing the above
^mentioned.      We are now showing some* lines that have just, arrived,
| and when our shipments all arrive we will have tho largest and best
assortment of Christmas presents ever shown j.-, Hosnier.      And tin-
prices are right (rock bottom).       We invite you to call and look them   ,.
over before buying your wants. J
We have a large store and every space will lie filled up as we have  J
bought heavy. *
$ !
►♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦•>♦*♦■»♦<*.<»
Staple and Fancy Groceries ♦
Gabara Block Hosmer, B. C. J
»*♦♦♦■*♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
New Goods  Fresh Stock
A Trial Order Solicited
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Any kind of mixed drinks that you call for will bo
served in First class style
Best   Rooms   and   Meals   in   the   Town
Front St.
Hosmer, B. C.
The only Commercial Hotel
Sample Rooms Main St., Hosmer
I****************** eeH*************** ******************
1   Queen's Hotel   |
Transient rates $1 per day, special rates by the week *
Opposite C. P. R. (Jepot, Hosmer, 13. 0. *
mssmssmmsmsm. .5,
Big Free Moving Picture Show I
New featm-ee lilms eae.-h week inule-v the opei-atiou of Joe Kuklo J
**************************************** ************
Ole Olson
Thu opera liouse w.-is filled to
tlje overflowing on Tuesday
evening when Ben Holmes, the
prince of Swedish dialect comedians, presented his comedy
success "Ole Olson."
Ole, who bane in dis kontry
ten mont and saxe wake, is
truly a queer character, at
limes pathetic, then his wit and
humor which was thoroughly
enjoyed by everyone as was evidenced by roars of laughter
from all parts of the house.
H. Partly as warm hearted
but erratic G. Quintlan Shingle,
proved a good critic on "Foolish
Questions." Basil B. Buck, as
Paul Jordan, can better till the
vidian's shoes than those of his
dead brother. 0. Dean, as Jefferson Bassett, Agnes' lirst husband, surely played his part
well and would never be mistaken for a kind hearted husband and father. Miss Lottie
Hyde, as Mrs. Lena Schmidt,
brought down the house on
several occasions in her merry
scramble for husband No. 2.
Miss A. Fluvioi as Mrs. Agnes
Jordan, played a strong part
inasmuch as she proved that a
mother's love is stronger than
the   vidian's   money. Miss
Luella Arnold, as Genie Dimple,
is a plucky little maid with
ready tongue and loyal nature,
her Irish dialect being not
quite so Irish. Little Kathleen
Coughlin, as Baby Phyllis, behaved admirably for a kidnapped child.
The members of the company
played in unison with each
other, thus giving good support.
Everyone enjoyed a good evening and we will always be glad
to welcome "Ole" back again.
Died While Hunting
Vancouver, Nov. 13.—The
strange and sudden death of
one of its members, Dr. H. S.
Ford, of this city, followed a
Vancouver hunting party which
has been spending the past ten
days in Jervis Inlet, a famous
hunting ground 100 miles north
of Vancouver. In an attempt
to recover a mountain goat
which the Vancouver physician
had shot he became detached
from his companions and their
Indian guide last Tuesday
morning. It was not until late
Thursday afternoon that the
party, aided by a number of
loggers from a lumber camp,
found his lifeless body. He'had
evidently lost his way in an
effort to take a shorter route
back to their camp and died
from exposure. The Indian
guide with another of the party
had accompanied him down to
the foot of the cliff to secure
the goat's hide. Carrying the
doctor's gun, they rejoined the
party expecting him to follow.
When he failed to return the
party instituted immediate
search and for two days guns
were discharged and lires lighted to this end. His body was
brought to the city tonight.
Dr. Ford was well known in
Vancouver, a son of C. W. Ford
and was about 112 years of age.
He leaves a widow and one
Speaker and Boy Scouts
An English exchange of Oct.
11 has (he following:
The Speaker and the Boy
Scouts.- The speaker at the
house of commons iu an address
to the Boy Scouts at: Penrith
last iiight, eulogized the movement as being one of great service to youths in training their
powers of observation and
their logical faculties. Such a
movement could not but help
in the making of good citizens.
He was not a Boy Scout himself
(laughter) and never would be
unless they formed a society  of
I old boy scouts. He had closely
studied it and had formed the
opinion that it was a  most, de-
1 sirable movement and one to be
i warmly supported.
Daily Trains for Creston.
It is reported that the superintendent of this division  of
! the   Great    Northern    railway
! has made! the statement that in
the   immediate   future     daily
| trains will ruil into Creston
over the Great  Northern   line.
I—Creston Review.
Lowery's Upper Stope
A jam factory is to be established in Victoria.
An Anglican church is being
built in Creston.
At Savona, by the carload,
potatoes are $22 a ton.
Telkwa will have a weekly
mail service this winter.
Bears are plentiful about 25
miles from Kelowna.
More hotels or rooming houses are needed in Vernon.
Ontario eggs and potatoes
are being sold in Rossland.
An oil refining works i*s to be
established at Ladysmitti.
Apples are being shipped
from Vernon by the trfUp  load.
There is an opening tor a sawmill at Tete Juane Cache.
This winter Fort George wdl
have a weekly mail service.
The Northern Crown bank
has opened a branch at Peach-
The assessments of Prince
Rupert already amounts to $14,-
There are 800 names upon
the municipal voter's list in
The clay used by the Granby
smelter is shipped in from Boss-
Within an area of four miles
at Kelowna there are 4,000
people living.
A general hospital that will
cost over $20,000 is to be built
at Merritt.
This fall more than 80 car
loads of potatoes have been
shipped from Ashcroft.
The shipment of cattle from
Alberta this year is 20,000 more
than last year.
Buildings cannot be erected
legally in Vancouver more than
1-1 stories high.
F. Kirwin while fishing at
New Westminster caught a
gold ring on his hook.
A big cyanide plant is being
planned for the First Thought
mine at Orient.
Apples by tho carload are
being shipped from Keremeos
to Calgary and Edmonton.
It took two young Irishmen
with a pack train 20 days to
reach Hazleton from Fort
Pete Gabriel, an Indian, was
fined $10 at Mission City for
having a bottle of gin on his
In Vancouver the partitions
in restaurant dining rooms
must not bc more thau four
feet in height.
Charles Jesse Martin died a
few days ago at Beavermouth.
He had mined in that section
tor 15 years.
By diving .'50 feet a gold watch
was recently recovered from
the botttom of the inner harbor at Victoria.
Stray chickens are impounded
by the police in Trail. A coon
after dark could do the work
This summer at Okanagan
Centre a rancher raised 500
pounds of potatoes from 6
pounds of seed potatoes.
A hotel that will accommodate 125 guests has been
opened in Fort George. The
dining room will scat .SO people.
Owing to the recent gold
quartz discoveries near Atlin
there will be a stampede to
that district in the spring.
All Chinese to Cut Off Queues.
today when an imperial edict
was announced commanding
all representatives of China in
foreign countries to sever their
queues. This means that every
Chinese ambassador, minister
and consul, or consular agent!
must obey the order, which
states that it is effective immediately.
This edict is believed to be
only the forerunner of another
commanding all Chinese to
follow suit, entailing such a
wholesale haircut as tho world
has never before witnessed.
The origin of the queue is not'
definitely known, but is supposed that it was forced on the;
Southerners, or Chinese, by the
Northerners, or Manehus, as a;
mark of conquest. The Chinese
had hitherto worn their bair
twisted at the top of their head,
so the Manehus called them
"hair twisters," while the Chinese called their conquerors
"queue wearers." Finally the
wearing of the queue swept all
over the Empire, and became
one of tlie characteristics of the
nation. Every  man  in  the
country, except a few who have
been educated abroad—from
Emperor to beggar—wears a
queue. The passing of the
queue will throw the street
barber out of work, as heads
will not require such constant
Men's Fine Scotch Knitted Underwear, Robin He.
Stanflold's Fine* Canadian $3.50 cmd si.iki per suit
Stanfield's Bibbed, red label, $3.00 per suit
Men's Fine Fibbed Hose, 35c eer line.* pair for 81.00.
Ladies' anil Children's Fine* Woo] and F ce Line
reasonable prices.
We also make a specialty of Ladies' and  Childre
Orders taken fi
id, ■•■''■ 50 pel
I  .t'll.l.lV.-e
i's   it   ien
Furs c
.i Fur Lined Coat>
-iill   *
and  *
Opera House Block
*     Opera House Block Hosmer, B. C. *
»************************+******** *H.******1(.**XS! If.****
To Arrive Saturday
Fresh Crisp Celery Hot House Letiuce
California Grapes Sweet Spuds
Citrons (the lastthisseasun) Oranp.es, Bananas
Apples Lemons
Our Chocolates and Confectionery
are Always Fresh
i.e Cream
City - cTlleat - cTVlarket
Choice line o( Sti
Bacon, Egg's,
aks, Chops, Roasts, Sausage, Butter,
Lard, Etc., Fresh and Salt  Fish.
Near C. I'
1.. depc
NOT    l.\   Til
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ******* ♦•»♦♦♦♦**♦«**♦*•>.!,*♦.*><•><>•»♦
Everything Points to an Early Election j ♦
London, Nov. 13.—The general anticipation now is that the
election will bo held in December. The Chronicle says it
is certain to be fought and won
by December 20. The latest
rumor on the street is that parliament will be dissolved on
November 29.
A cabinet meeting on Monday or Tuesday will decide
what step tho government
will take to bring the political
crisis to a focus. The plan
most likely to be agreed upon is
the immediate dissolution of
parliament. While the government might send a bill embodying its veto proposals to the
house of lords for consideration, the lords would certainly
reject it, but probably would
consume much time in the consideration and discussing the
general question of the reform
of the upper house along the
lines suggested by Lord Rose-
berry last session. Immediate
dissolution will save time and
perhaps make possible the holding of elections before the holidays.
Premier Asquith returned
yesterday forenoon from Sand-
ringham, where he was in cou-
serence  with   the   king. No
further steps in arranging the
government's program are
likely before the cabinet meets.
The "Blind Pigs"
One feature of the Prohibitionists' proposals which receives very scant attention in
the calculations and the contentious of its advocates is the
increased taxation rate which
must be paid in order to equalize the loss of license revenue
for "blind pigs'' and "speak
casies," flourishing under tho
Prohibition plan, make no return to the country in-the mun-
Real Estate Bargains*
For some snaps in real estate call and
see me. Some good houses and rooms
for rent. Agenl for life and accident
insurance in thoroughly reliable companies.
Post Office Block ihi*
15, '
********************** Q<r**$**********1>  ***** i>
************************ A****i:k************,
have ce i*ighl te
eemsisting i>f li'>
* •*
If you place an order for lumber *.* ii h uk ven
pert well manufactured ciml evenly mead ".I goods
Dimensions, Timbers, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding,
and Lath.
Our Planning Mills cue* equipped with in
machinery and re-saws. All inquiries are proi
your inspection eet our stock is solicited.
answered,  and
The Elk Lumber  Company, Ltd.
C. II. BOMFORD, Agent llosmer, I'.. C,
WsmsmWB*\\s\mMttsiwni^'-vis ^'^rSsgcBHBaBHBDBDaBaii.'e^-^rt..:
Capital All Paid Up §14,-100,000
Rl. lion. Lord Strathc
Sir  Edwai'd
R. !'.. Ai
I'll ill-*teill.
nia   and    Mounl
on. I 're sident.
Ilftis, Esq., I'n
il.  G. C. M. (■
Bart., Vice
md (..
Bkitisii Columbia
III, lie.* c. K
Armstrong, i lillllwaok, Ulovoi-ilnle, Kmlcrby, (irre
N'olRon, Xow Heavier, Nicola, Xow   W'otmlnsiiji-, I'oic
Siiiiiiiei-rlcniil, Vancouver, Vol-  Victoria.
Savings Hani-: I>i:i-ai-t.mi-:nt
Deposits of SI ciml  upwind  i Ivral.     In'   re       -   owe I al   . in'
half-yearly,   The depositor i* nuUJccI lo node-la) uimtvvcrln Hi
whole or any pcn-l of Iho deposit.
nl   rate
■ eeilleelr;
C. B. WINTER, Manager
Hosmer Branch
II.   I M   :1AM
It is reported in Chesaw that
E. P. Gallilac has sold a quarter Iicipalities. I" this connection *
interest in his Princeton coal fche "Portland Oregonian" says *
'property lor $12,000. editorially:    "Portland's house- *
' -The Commercial Cluh in Oro- keeping expenses will be aboul *
ville meets once a week to dis. I half a million more next year*
cuss ways and means or push-1 than they were last year. ^ Tax-1 i
ing that town to thu front.
Large coal measures have
boon found 35 miles from Hazel-
ton. The coal is similar in
quality to that found in the
Mike    Hamilton    walked    to
I Fort George from  Prince  Iiup-
; in .'10 days.      He was treed by a
bear one day   but  drove   bruin
away by playing  on   his  fiddle
the Dead March iu Saul.
When in Suminorland, Sir
Thomas Sbaugnessy presented
J, M, Robiuson with $600, as an
evidence that the C. I'. U. appreciated the good work Mr.
Robinson had performed for
i the district.
payers must meet the  bill.     If +
prohibition is voted, the   city #
will lose something like $530,000 *
per annum paid by  saloons   for _
licenses.    That means still moro
taxes.        A   few   theorists   will
argue    that    fewer   policeman
will be needed.    As a matter of
fact there will   be   more  "blind
pigs"    than    there     are     now
saloons, more drunkeiifss, more
lawlessness   and   consequently
employment  for   more    police.
This i.s the   invariable   experience of every  city   in   the   few
prohibition states."
Hosmer Livery & Transfer Co. j
Livery, Cartage and Feed Stable
Rigs at all Kours at Reasonable Prices |
Dealers in Coal *
11( )SM I
[,'. II. i
who does
is    the
not tret
the worst  of
Beverage of Quality
Manufnet ured fri
Hup- ,-n id llu- I',-
in (lanadian Mali. BolKunian
Crystal S
Elk Valley Brewing Co., Limited
rmsmusistmimmst's.. ttstmtsjgmtmsstijm Wi I'l K  HOSMER TIMES
No bottles liquids mops or hard work. "2 In 1" shines
instantly and fives a hard, brilliant, lasting, waterproof polish.
Contains no Turpentine, Acids or other injurious ingredients,
THI   F,  r. D*LLl>  OO.. UNITED, Hamilton. Ont., *nd Buffalo, M.Y.
dc Vega.    He thoughl Dotbhig u    ,.
iug a play ia a <-i.uj.lt* of days, a ligb
farce  in   un   hour  or  two,  aud   i
course of liis life he furnished tin  .   .g
other great advance made ice recent
years, which will soon be Improved
much further. With the invention u-.
electric fans and suction air-pumps se
j of S[i:iici wilh upward of two thou e enclosed that they are air-tight, tbe
jecci^c.cil elm.on-, llcellcuci calculate. deepest tunnel can be kept fresh and
[that this extraordinary man wcc- tin practically free* from dangerouB fire i
author of at least 21,300,000 lines. damp and poisonous gases.    These air
pinups and  veil ilciteets e-cm be ope
ight and clay, etcel it is possible ie» kee{
aiiil siLt.Clsi.ii "MAEY AK.-e  '        a mine as fresh as the upper air.
NUMEROUS efforts have heen made
cei popularize the utilization ot
electric power lu the liou.se; a...
i. hough small, serviceable, and reliable
motors have been devised for the uu.-
cei the knife-cleauer, the iniucei,
coiiee-mill, and what not, the main
drawback lias been that each ui:ichi„ej
required ils own motor, which became dollar oi which was accumulated by the
a fixed attachment, lt is aparent that ! manufacture and marketing e.f smoke,
under such circumstances the cost ol Nor was he alone in this peculiar in
fitting electric motors to the various dustry. lhere are today eighteen 01
domestic machines in an average bouse- twenty different smoke factories in
bold would be Bomewhat prohibitive. I operation, contributing in a marked.dr
. his  rieadvnutnge,  however,   has  1
e.ily John 1*. Cowan)
A MAN win. died the other day left
a fortune estimated largely in excess  eef  the   inillieen   mark,  every
a IHE V were looking at a famous eol-
 liein and had stopped in front of
a "Portrait nf a Lady."   "Why,
that's a  Rembrandt!" delightedly ex-
cluime I   \li-.   I
•I 'in
sure- decent ileal," sai.l Mrs. Caswell,
bringing her lorgnette te* bear upon it.
"It look - tee me* more liko a Merry
DISTINGUISHED foreigner visit-
nig Kpsum Downs in Tnackeray's
company not iced many men
ilre-ssi'-l as sailors wlm were uot, tu ua-
tive an.l experienced eyes, tbo r.-nl ai
tide. "Ah," saio tin- visitor, "these
are, 1 suppose, what you eal) your Brit
isti tars.1 "Oh, no," replied Thackeray.    "Only Epsom salts."
AN Irishman visit.-el a tuberculosa
exhibit, where lungs in both
healthy and diseusetl conditions
were displayed preserved in glass jars.
After carefully Btudying one marked
"Cured tuberculosis lung," he turned
to the phyisiclan and said: "Perhaps
it's because Oi'in Irish, but if ye cured
th' patient how th' devil could ye have
his lung in a bottle?"
THE elevator conductor of n tall office building, noticing that, the
colored janitor had ridden up with
him several times that morning, remarked: "Sam, this is the fifth time 1
have taken you up, but you have not
eome down with me." "Well, you see,"
Sam replied, "An been washin * windows on de Meventh floor, and every
low and agin All misses ni.'ih hold ami
falls out.''
AN Irish politician had just returned
from a trip abroad. A friend met.
him and inquired: "Did you have
a fine time, Mike?" "Of course I did,"
"Did you visit the theatres in Paris?"
"Hurt*, I saw all the plays." "And did
you go to the cafes?" "Sure, 1 was in
all of 'cm." "Well, tell me, Mike, and
did ye see any ' pornmes de terre'?"
"No. I had the wife wilh me ail the
AVE vou anv children?" demanded
HAVE vou anv c
the' landlord.
replied   the   would-be
' 'six—all in tbe ceine-
tenant solemn!
"Better there than here," snid the
landlord consolingly; and proceeded to
execute the desired lease.
In due time the children returned
from the cemetery, whither they had
been sent to pluy.
mHOMAS A. EDISON was discussing
X with a reporter a criticism of Ins
wonderful storage battery. "The
criticism is very laudatory," he said,
"but it is tho opposite of scientific. It
really makes me think of n dialogue 1
once heard in :i museum. Two young
mon stood gazing at a mummy. 'What
makes him look so brown and driedup
like, all the way through, Bill?" the
first young mau asked, Bill replied with
lh i-i scientific in format ion: ' In them
days, George, they took the blokes they
killed in battle nnd kippered 'nn for ex
port to thc cannibal trade.1
IT was married men's nigh, at tho re
J.    vi\,iI meeting,
"Let all you husbands who have
trouble on vour mind stand up!" shouted the emotional preacher at tbe height
of his spasm.
[nstantly t.very man iu the church
rose to his feet except one,
''.\h!" exclaimed the preacher, peer
injj out at the lone sitter, who occupied
a chair near the door a purt from the
others, "yon are one in a million.
"It ain't that," piped back tins nm*
helplessly. ;is the rest of the congrogn
tion turned to gaze suspiciously al bim,
' ■ I  ean 'i  get  up    1 'm  purulyzcd,
his uncle. rStill deep in the game, Mr.
Stevenson rose in his stek bed ami
shouted excitedly at the recalcitrant sea
has   heen
i _geniously   and   sue
by the production of the electric "Mary
.vnu," whicli is the invention of a well
known   consulting   electrical   engineer
.Mr. K. Borlase Matthews, A.M.lust.C.K,
This    machine    comprises    an    electric
motor which  can  be attached  and  detached from  anv  apliance  in  the house j and   bonds   and   to
within   ;i   fow  seconds,  and,   weighiug  Nevertheless,   it   lu
only seventeen  pounds complete, while  greal enough to render a
it i's no more bulky than a typewriter,|.possible,
arried from room to room
greo  to the advancement of a* civilization and the well-being of society.
An addition to rule 7- is an exceed
ingly strong one and puts a heavy responsibility upon every t rainer and
driver. It is evidently meant as an
extra guard against ringing or driving
suspended and expelled horses. The
terms are very explicit:
"A driver or rider shall not drive or
ride a horse in a race without personal
knowledge as to the eligibility id' the
horse to compete in said contest. A
driver or rider violating this rule shall
he subject to the penalty, if any, that
follows the horse, except where the
driver or rider is substituted or appoint
ed by the judges,
Wc have our doubts as to whether it
The visible, tangible, and marketable   jfl ,-,,},. to put fche  wih)|(,  responsibility
Soot is a   on x\u, driver, but   in the absence of a i ot the fifth heat.    In such eases the pre
it       L*.,..,.,a* a ... a* . . . .... '
substance of Btnou
product of perfect combustion. It Seem81 compulsory   registration   law   desperate
like  an  unsubstantial  foundation   upon   diseases require desperate remedies, and
winch to found a fortune, to establish   tl|is ;H (.(.rt:ij„|v one which will have its
in important industry, or to issue stocks   vj)\t^
loclaro   dividends,
a   market   value
equally true. We sincerely hope that
eoDgresfl will at least pass the rule .md
see how it works for two yenrs. By tlint
time both trainers and the secretaries
Of small associations will have gol over
the scare and will realize that the new
rule is better for all parties.
Ah to the duration of races, rule 1(14
as amended reads as follows, and so far
as two in three races ure concerned, it
is a highly important one. It says:
"I nless otherwise expressly stated in
the published conditions, in all races
of mile heats, best two in three, tin-
race must not be continued after the
end of the third neat; and in all races ot
mile heats, best three in five, the race
must   not   be   continued   after   the   end
"I'lll* 11    comes    till*    I'umnUK    Clllli -hopple
iiiiuins shall ho awarded in accord,
with tin1 positions in the summary cct the
close   eel   tile*   last   lll'ilt;   OXCOpt   ill    the
event eii' a tie* leer first money or whore
two heerxe's have won an equal number cf
these thiii
lu~s I lir.*t*iliTs will all unite to support, will tinuo for tho heat winners br homes tied
le-el e*xe- Il.v cit till' r,*cctlc ,1 runt  SOO    It   IS   11 or,*   leel.h.v   ■ uel,,   »   ..•.,■•■> , ,.oss„,.o. . ,      fly(i ri(|   (|f   ,,„,   (,v||   .„„,
iin, "Swim, d— you; swim!"      ean be easily carried froln room to room (U- ,,„„TO, Boo) is Dot Se,l,l under that double  the  value  of  every  unhoppled
.    .    .                            as required.    Hie motor is small, strong- homely and uninviting name.   The name I ,,.„.„,. „„ ti„, ,,.„.t,    Sn fnr ns tha breed,
ly built to withstand rough wear, aud flr8t ,:,,„„„,  w„ lampblack.    Thet  did j! ',.'., „.,.'',,    ,,^ Wni I not onlv
>RAI   bad been guilty of whnt was U doslg I ns to prevent  breakdown. v,*,-v well whol soot manufacture wns '    „'' , '  "■'"''' '   , 3 ,'",,.-.
consid. in indiscretion, so tho The motor   is   llttod   win,   a counter Bn Infant Industry! but when soot-mak* l'' " "., , ,    ,.,;,,,,',       ,       ' :  ,,,
mistress of the houso called her to woightod  projecting nun  wliich  curies ol.„ ,,r(.w ric|, 0ud arrogant, thoy wnnt,.,l "J. ''   "!?„ ,rr,.,.    ...'., .....,„ ,.,.,,,. ., r,,
i, the cornet."   "If such ce thing „ |-,m nulicv    On the inner side of tin* I m„„\,t.M„„ .till , *,. ..!„>, W «> .* s"'"s- ..,"P"'-PP    "."'.. ": .' •'."..
mistress eel tl
"ste-Je   the'   CUrpOl
lied her-to I weighted   projecting nun  whicli  caries 1 ol.s grow rich nud'errogant. thoy wanted ..,.,       x    ,,,.,..,, .,..,.,,,. ...i„, ,,,.,,1,. .. ,,
ueh a thingL largo pulley*   0" the inner side of thoLniStlitag still moro dlgniflad and im ,!P*' J'[gZltfot 1onnles was ev"r
occurs again, Norah,'   said lhe mistress, s|l;lt-t ,,f t|,is |:lit,-i is mounted a sinceII l ,„,si,i,.e.    The  name finallv chosen, and . ,e, . . .. ,„,, i «„„„    i.  i,,'. iB n st-il
••I shall havo te. get another s,rvnnt! "! ,|n„„. u,„| „ belt ..asses over the large  universally used, is earbon black. ^      & f^,   |fB m;„,,. Bquu„y bad,
1   '■" '    ■    '•    "       *   cc     :    ,.c!   ......c,..,t  >      Tbero are ag many different Wnd« of for no fantttie lion cvor yst bwn bold en-
.    ..moke nnd sool  ns thore are differentLuitli lee assert that you could transmit
IS   Cl    Id I'll"                     ' ' '"   aa .....  C    v, :   i. :1    is   Cit    ,  .  .     .               .                                                              ,         . . ''
And Nnrcih said: " 1 wish yer would
there's easily e*iiiiii.*h weerk for twe
int* of  a  notorious  financier the
s ii large,   igni rinw.  wn in      in    kil,ja aml combinations of fuel.    Most artificially manufactured speed.   As fo
ached to the pnrtlculur tnneii.ne to .,.*  „■• tlie81, are quit0 as useless as the good iho geldings thoy aro simply worthies
iperatcd.     1-or   instnne-.-.  say  u   Kuiio    houllowlfo ,.„„M,|,.rs tl i nil.   They re-UboJj  their tcie-ing days nre' ovor.  Por
leunei is to uc eiectricaii.*. nrivon. i ue progD1)t H*aste—n loss of energy. One tunatelv the* prejudice against untune
;,th,.;",lc;v:"-':Vi;*"«e,t rathcVi ^i'i ^TiT! Z'wheel .ilL'd iliTthe shaft ""uM'' BX*-0l?tion is ""' s,".lk'' "f grof" pacers'has passed away. Twenty yoars
back ic, a talk I,,* had Inst session witl. "" ' ",'„„ "'" .,.'■■,, knife ele nor : lmU'"'-v w'""1 whlch '•"",!l1", cIeosote' Ugo tho gentleman amateur did not core
one of his auditors, ' Money f he- sai.l. ""', ,' ' ',' '■ ' ,,„» tion in such u ?ml fm' thtt! r?a8on.i9„ v!l'*"!ble ,(or ""'to drive a pacer. Now they are popular
•Bah! Thoro arc thousands of ways of  '" ''' ' , "'    ' 'P P,      ,   .'     ,,,  , „   ■ >"K "'™<*    « l» <" n,tin.tes„„nl quauti- „s roadsters and hold their owu on all
makiiiK   •.i..ne.v '   'Ves   but   ..i.lv' on.* I wa-v "'*   ' "' ' "'■","'''   """," .''",.'   "    tie*,   of   croosoto   absorbod   from   the the si Iwavs of the cont nent, but tho
iTest^^^^  '  «««■   !-■'-'>•  tll!"   ™*\k?dUrap?ed   section   is   severely   Ignored.
way's thn'iV '-I thought you wouldn't i ?ut" , ",' ' *   , ?' ,.„„'.„„      IP  ham owos its mildly pungent taste  Mil*  Tboy ,„,, sim,.ly artiflcial gambling ma-
know it,' was the  reply.
et iii motion the rotary action eif the
I pulle yis transmitted t<> the wheel
liie.is of curds of green hickory are ln.ni*
hine-s nnd when tbey have ^enie' to thoir
limit, they can finish a miserable exist
one-e* In a delivery wagon or a peddler'b
e-tirt.   The rule is short, gradual, but far
,,,,11,. vis transmitted to the wheel on i, e (|y 1,(jrk.1).„,i;).1.s in tll,
the knife .cleaner by friction-drive    H ; l.mlnt,.-..■s,mi|ic:housl.s-* wbcrover the
ACIOAR shop man for many vearsja coflee-mill or mincer is to in* used tne  nickoI.'  tr00 grows .u,(1 tl„, bog flourish-
employed  in  New   Vork  not  so rim-wheel  is similarly sot    n  position, i  fc   Iu this ease smoke is'not waste, but 1 reaching and if tho delbgiitos are truo t
far from Mark Twain 's homo in j The attachment  nuel  detachment taKC. R pregorving agcllti actiUg ,ls :, dcodor*! thoir own interests it will pass,
fifth  Avenue,  wns talking of the Im i only  ce   f.-w   seconds,   and    Dy  electric \-un> :l gormlcide, and diSnfectant. "ltopplos shall not be* used in races
morlst. "He- used te, bo a remarkable power whnt is generally regai-dee.as cue, ilUp„rt„nt exception to tho or porformancos against time on two-
smoker," ho snid. "but   1  don't think   or, nous,   protracted    task    18  a. i,  ve,  ;     ^^  ^   ^    ^^   ^   ^^   u  yonr.ol(iH ,„   1910] ,„. 11im...Ve.-u-olds or
he hael any taste to enjoy the best to- I "'.th  .-cis.* an.l   no pi i\si..ii   e t   u . , *^ ^ ^ (he ^^ o[ ,mtul.nl Thll)   umior in  ,,,n. „„  four-year-olds or un-
bncco.    Again  and again   I   have scon   ■"» seco ids       I c „   ,.      .      w ii... ■ that  dor in  1912; un ftve-vonr-olds or under
him  buy  some of tho mos    vi n,„o„s    witb,     sh oit I       h of tl a I ,  ^,. h    k „ carbon-as pure as in 1918; or on six-yoar-olds or under in
cigtirs thnt  were over built,    Wo did , «»; V ,..' "\,,,     i., '',   i   , ,    r, 1.   it"  the diamond  from which it differs only   1914, after which date hopples are bar-
stop him onco though, with somo goods j m  id *«   ■'      '    ■'     ■ "■'';„        i„ the fact that the diamond Is crystal-  rod."
with which wo had boon stack,   fhese  bolder an I ms   t tlc plug, muW   .R       ^ ^ ^^ [n ^        ^ Q\    |iuh, 77_Amond ,.u,,, B0 as to road:
cigars had attractive labels and a .Slian- imo  ''",,,'•;,,,,' ,,,,;',, .,,..,   ..  particles of carbon aro minutely divid-      "No horso shall  wenr hopples in u
ish  iinnie, but  they  were unspeakable; dm;.' .in    m . i        " -    ' ;    '• , !„,     ,, is .•,,,„, tnis th.,t earbon bl(l(.k   ,,„.,. u„|,.ss h(, starts in the samo in tho
when they began lu burn,   One day Mr.; ord.nu .K    " ,   ,'.1iJ,*.ii aM .',' " ,'"..,!..    the uuiversnl printer's ink, is obtained   first heat, and having so started, he shall
Clemens bought a pocketful and  wont  o   ««  » n ., i ns      I       o flft    . ,„lim,t-;„, „,. ,„■ p,,,„. 1 -untinue to wear then, to tho finish of
off.    rne next tune he came ,,. I asked, it    .in  iee   .i.i.iiei .1  i i in    ee     ' "t, .' i si„n,,„      .,,   ,,',   is  the race; and any person found guilty
hiin.whnt   ho   thought, of  the   cigar-- ; gn, •-  ...;»..   a,,,   silvc -, .a ,      I ,        ,      J  "^'^     " ,,^3   •-''''',;-,,,- ,,„n„vi„, ,„■ nl.eoing a horse's hop-
naming tho  brand.  ' Voun
said, 'tlie-v smoked lilc
discarded  habits.' ''
ecossary is to mix carbon bluck with:"'  removing or u.ieriug
linseod oil, and tho compound remains| P'™ durinR a  race  for the jiurpoMof
h,.| work tliere is provided u short llexibl
;'",.|,'.';;','v'-',,,.,,,"'shart, co,.,,led I.i th.* shall of the motor I linseod oil, and tho compound remains I I'"- '"'""J*. ".  '""   "*' ,"'*   ■"-'"Tn ,","
"' and fittnl with a polishing-bob on the  fluid  in mass, but  quickly dries when  f™*"-, "1"*" .■><*. Buspended or expollod.
- ,    ,, ;. i I       i clean ng il Ts „„h s.   transferred to pap,-,-.   The' printer's ink I Any *>°™  h-ib.tually woaring hopples
'    • to    uss th - I ub over the surface' in use today differ* slightly in compost: »h«" not bo permitted to start  n a race
MK. JEFKBRSON  had  not  been al    ?„%,■ cleaned, and  the  high  speed  ..I   Hon from that used by Paust and but-  without  them, except  by permission oi
togotlier  an  exemplary  husband ; w|,jeb ,i,, hob revolves ci inplishos the j onburg.   Even thc methods uf mnnufac* i ""' ,lll<|S('s-
ind lather, l„,t he possessed cer ,   ,..,„;„„  „„0ralion   in  n    few  seconds. | ture nre but elaborations eef the methods ]     If the* average trainer will only get
,   I'tcauiug  oiieration   i      ,   	
lain  engaging eptceliiie-s  which  secured Utotarv washing tubs, wringers, sewing   used   bv  the*  invontors  eel'  the*  art   of  over Ins scare he will see* that  he lias
hin, many friends nnd  made his death | m„„bi'|1ns vuemiln cliiaiiei-s, etc., can nil   printing. | live years to get rid of the straps. There.
the  cause  of  sincere  mourumg  to  his! lu. ^r-]vm  |„  ,„,„ |„   this .-la-.-1.1-
wielow.      "Mis' Jeff's.in,   she's   broke   vant   l)n,|  Ml   the nii'nii ,  of eX|
up over Elrnecer s being took oil from | ,rke l.,Nt  uf  ,.|,,L.tric energy   is  half
From   lhe   gaswell   tr.   tin*   printing
nre  few  owners or  trainers  who  hnve
s „ long journey, aud not a littlo two-yenr-old pacers and the purses arc
tae-hes to the transformation > '<«•' :""' sl"!l11-     rho two-yoar-olda all
,.,, .,.,■,  .... ...■/.,-. c   .,-...B  * .... .......   •!•)„. ,.„s,   uf  ,.i,.ctne* energy   is  nan   n ■ interest attaches le. the transformation . " "   •"".'  -»»•••     ■ •■*-    -  -■ ■
de puciiniony,'   snid  nt t  the neigh c(,„t ,,er hour actual working time; und Lf the invisible au.l impalpable gas that  "f-"* with an equal chance, and though
bors. "She suit nly is,     said another. wbol, it  is nnished with, the motor In  comes   from- the   ground   into   black, I tJiroe-yotir-oldH are allowed to use thom
"Monruin   round de houso nil dc time, k(,d  in  .,   boJi   .,,„,   slmvc„i   away,  orlinv soot or carbon black.   .Scattered  tbls year, thoy caniieit do so next, so
Moitruin' round de houso all de time,: .,.,,,ked   ..    c    l...\   c
she goes.    Why. day  befo, yist'day  I   |.|0useholelers    iilreudj
towed    awny
 iny     elee-tl-
wc. thai- holpin   her, an' she only stop  n,rhi   KlU |iMI|  this little apparatus .
ryin'^once, nn'dnt was to spnuk little|gl,ell) va|,ll,| .,,„( i, „.j|| i„, found tee I
'  ' '    "     '  t'e,I    .Ittlltieen   cef   I Ice   pro!
.ScatteredI tl''8  ye-nr,  they  cannot   dec  sei  next, se
is•Jii-iiiliii- I thnt  they  would be foolish to try and
Ebon for takin' m'lasses 'i„t'„ ele ju,
rie^ht intn his motif, when her hack wns
turned. When she'd Bpaukud him good
an' sei liini down, she* sny lee me, 'He
makes me i'ink ob liis pn se, much I
e-yctnt bear it,' anel bus' ric-lit oul cryin'
grimy sunt or carbon blncle
hero nnd there* through the «.. - c  ■ , T,        ,   ,
regions  of  I'ennlylvnnin,  Ihi., aud 'lovolo,. them in the,    way.    The.whole
' ■ question resolvos itself into whether the
t.til cue horse has wen two heats in
'best two in three" race, eer three bentB
n a best "three in tive race,"
This is an important alteration. The
No. in George St., Sorel, Que.
"For seven years I suffered from
womb disease and dreadful torturing
pains, and I bad constant Dyspepsia and.
•Chronic Constipation—the latter so bad
that sometimes 1 went ten 'days without,
•rtion of Uie bowels. Six diltcrcnt doctors treated me and for a year I was in
bed, constantly facing death. Then
my husband coaxed me to try "Fruit-
a-tives" anel tllis medicine, and nothing
else, cured me and saved my life."
(Signed) Mine. JOSEPH I.IRETTE.
50c.  boi—6 for $2.50—or trial box
j  25c.—at dealers or from   1-ruit-a-tives
Limited, Ottawa,
rule is peculiar,    lt lirst states that inI ^	
a two in three raco that it  must   finish
with  the third heut, and then late*r ecu I sll„w ,,,.„   ,-,.||  .,,   nouloKne .luring the
says that a horso must  win two boats.   paBt  winter,    It hns heen  knuwn since
1904 thut newly fallen Bnow is radio
nctive, luit the subject has not before
heen see fully examined.
The Investigators announce lhal snow
quickly gathered after its deacent to the
earth is highly radioactive. Rndioac
tivity disappears almost entirely after
the lapse' tif twe, hours, however, .Snow
which has fallen cen the suil appears tie-
retain its radioactivity a little long. J
than that wliich has come l» rest up'
the' roofs eet' buildings.
It does net slate that the thirel heat is
limited to the* twee winners of the pre
\inus heatB, nnd if in a third heat a
new winner turns up, what then! It alsn
throws nut the uld five heat system, us
if two horse's have twe, helits each tii
thoir credit, they must go another heat.
There are other stnnli alterations lu
tbe rubes of u very minor character, but
taken in the aggregate, they represent
a  substantial  advance.       The leading
minds uf the association nro at the I I
of the column, but they are w.'ll aware
of the fact that it is impossible to advance very far bcyeuid  the opinion of
the interests involved. Thu secretaries A STRONOMEK - "Wouldn't you
would like to do all thev could tee ele- **• 'i*0 ,(l take a look through this
vate the sport, but ninety per cent, of telescope at the comet 1 discover
them are face to face with the problem I '"d the other day!"
of how to make* their meetings pan out      Second  Astronomer*   ".No, thanks, 1
even.    They are hungry for entries, for   °"ly  look  at  my  own comets."
they know full well that a large proportion of the purses must come from them.
While we ull  hnve our ideals, they are
seldom obtained quickly and the only
consolation wo hnve is thut with each
year we see an upwnrd tendency in tho
growth anil management of the* sport.
-HI HE KB  has recently  been published
X.     iii   Paris a   resume  of the  results
obtained by French scientists from
their study of the radioactivity of the
WHEN you are grown up," queried
the visitor, "will you be a doc
teer, like your father? ''
"Oh, clear mo, no!"   Why, 1 couldn't
even   kill   a   rabbit,"   replied   tho  boy
with great frankness.
Ta»« aramtaf  Win 1*11 Tarn
Marl** Mr* rUusmslT IUUvtm mtrm Mrmm,
fltrangthrae WemiTmym*. DMM't taut.
efMtbw Bye Pmln, ma4\ BtO* tur Me. Ttr
Murln* In Tour mymm ul la Itm.
lye* (*r Scaly ayellda mssA Oraaaiattam.
Sackett Plaster Board
The Empire Brands of Wall Plaster
mani:fa..tukkij only by
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
wunnpBO, Main.
iiccomplishing distasteful work In
high!', sctisfaetory uetinuci' in the1 t-c
iiiu.n of I idle-.
t* 1 West Virginia ere nearly two-score
I dirty carbon black factories! These fur-
'   nisli the soot thnt is tin* essential part
of practically al! the black printer's ink i
1,    not    inerolv    i„    America
trainers and racing secretaries will realize that there will be just us many pacers or more probably in live years from
but I "ow  as tliere lire at   present, und that
. Ily (leorge E. Walsh)
seel,     mil     merelv     In     America,     l.llt | "' "   ','    ,    ',       ,    '  "       , ,,
hrougliout the civilized world,    lu adJ ".'*•>'«■' tbe straps may be absent and the
...■tion i„ iis use in the manufacture lift™ !*,", ,ni,.v   "ot  h" n"ite «s last,
printer's  ink.  11   lurge amount   of  ,,„„;'here will he ns muny purses ollereel end
If there is n train-
X   Ihe  ell'orl   le
possible Ihe cl
lours eef e
IN' ..iie. year Drydon prodileeed four of
his grentost works, "Absalom and
Achitophel," "The Me.Ini," "The ii
I' li|rio l.c.i.-i," ciml " Mm- le'leckniie."
I . wce^ onlv si\ ininilhs ill vvritiug
•• I'he Hind and Panther," three yearr
in traiisltitiiig the whole eef "Vergil,"
and twelve mornings in composing liis
'' Parallel   he.tween   Poetry   mul   Paint
Npi-riiueiits with cc number of dc
v i,-es illteinle'il lo -cc ve tlie' Ii\e.- of mill
ers. Has and coal dust explosions in
1ni1.es ee.xuet n heavy toll of li\es nearly
every year. England nuel llelgium hnve
hurl few ctisualties from ihis source, eeev
in,,   ie   extreme   prcru.itions,   allhougl,
isun.ed us un adulterant of rubber |.in»t'-s good, racm.
 e uiaiuifnctiire of rubber hoots and ' "r *,'" s" '1,'v'"1'1 ,'"  ".   U'••',    c . "'
-.  fm- as    ;,,„!  „  considerable  ipiantitv   is  ''"" only get s 1 by the aid ot  the
il-iuining,  lise,i  i,v  f inkers uf slioe-blncking, "traps, he is unworthy ot the business,
ml    stove !1"'l 'f ""' great sport ol light harness
|h. rncing is tn he* controlled by 11 smnll tail
''.,.,      '      . ,.        ,. ,       nttached  lo  11  strap, the breedors  will
lhe uin.-liii.ery uaed III making e-arbeen   , ,„       .,,,.„ thomsclves uccordingly.
1 '1( ls "flthOT ,,"s,1-v n"r eomplicnted,      ,,.,„„  ^     ,„s ,„. ,„„,  M„„,.(, „f
,,,„•  are  tho  processes  involved  nt  "JM n,,,,,! „,„.„', ,,,■ mn.le such is shown hv
the  fuel .li\isiie,i of the Geological   black    paints,     varnishes,
iirvev has I it for some iii Ii.ct-   nolisl.es.
nivsterious.   Snu-e
cool, en- cnt-bon black,!
ii, the
uuieniii-el   i-ule
which  insists that
cif   lire dn
nutorioitc*   for   the
up.    As u  result  of
is a product of perfect conibit tion, ,...•;., lm,.sc, s,.1,.ts ,„ h„pp|,,s h(, shall wear
whole secret of carbon bluck iminufnc- , ||(|,m (|, th(J Hni3l .„„, th bhllll „„, ,„.
ture is to burn tho gas with as little uir ronlnV(!1| ,„. .,,„.,,.,,. „,„- s|,:,ll „ horse
us wi I enable it to burn at nil. I Ice,,* i „.,,-„.,, „M|.,1|v „.,,.„.„ ,,„,,„ ,,„ .,„„„.,,,, ,,,
in* ill must us many  ways or ma nur ur
are. aimosi us many ways oi  inauuia,- . s|,|.,| witlu,ul {U„m ,,x,.,,,„ hv perniissicei,
luring .-arbor, black as thero lire inuuu-1,, U||, -1|ri Th,H ,.„,,, „,„„„ is s„m,,.
iont   for   their    ldninnution   win
: slight   manipulutioi,   of   till!  straps
inn."   The original draft of "Alcxund Uelgian
.-i's  Eeast"  wus struck  cell  al  il  single pre- e
sitting. nxpcriin
|)r   lohnson's "Husseins" was writ n'""1"'1    "''   " pei-inissiDle   explosives facturors, but tllis is tlio philosophy of
t,„ i'l, c, single week to defruv the ex used, and  t hers, nnd there ,- uso u them  .,„.    -rhoi.0  is ,, series „f shee|
peiiHes  of  hi,-   mother's   funei-iil,     I),. "■»»'    P<"'Kp      wll"'i'   ":".*   ""'   '"' iron structures called-'circles."   These.       , ,, ,f   ,
Johnson   frequently  indulged.  ! ever, ••»«"!».:   by the ininei-*-. „r in wners ;1,„ „     „,. ,,    ,■„„ |ligll      , „■  nU,„u hg ^ •*$> \ '^       ,„„
 i-tensive  rewrittlng. n",lc" !'•'.'" '"  *' w "   I"""">' twenty tee   in> diameter.    In the centre  t|](, ,|,.iv„r-s' ability, but  is determined I
Sir Walter Scott 's rapidity is        Ont- .„   the devices used in  hurnpoi.ii „l   each   kiln   is an   upright   pipe*,  from , ,    |h|, |,lirnoBBj    \Vj,v nol givo the purse j
thee   marvels   of   literature.     I!.-   .note n s which will probubly be used here| the  top  ot   winch   radiate   .scune   two-   to the maker of the straps* This is an
literally cc- fast as the pe II move, in the future  is i ppnrat.us .yon.  bv score nf smaller pipes, like the spokes, ,,xt,.,,„„,   vil,w   ,,,-   th,,   ,..;„,,,   hut   it   is
ainl   when   he1  dictated,  his  amanuensis j the members of cc  re-cue purty innnedi nf ti  c.'.eel.    Each of these* small  pipesl
could se-arcelv keep pace with hiin. The ntely  after an  accident.    This enables is perforated ecu the upper surface with  —_^———
original manuscripts of the " Wavei-lev them  I" enter  lh ine  charged   with n multitude of tiny holes,   The uprjght
Novels"  iiiav  *~1 iII   be  seen.    Thev   lire yns uml .eicclilust   vapors.    Statistics of central pipe, which answers to tho axle
fi'ouuoutlv  feer many  (.cil;-.-  iititlni'orittoil mine disiislers in this country show that i of the wheel, is kept in constant   rev
roil  < llll.llltl'-.  mul  -nild  en..*
Wel   |.*>'»rnen, nsr TA 111)1 .KM "a   X«.  I.
I'Olt    1)11 V    KCZKMA    eeeeel     K.'x'nen
a.l   (ler   lle-c.el.  icar  'I'\ 11(11 KM 1   \...  '£,
IOII   S10VRHK   C4SKS,   tlrstt-t-
llllv    l*r.,ii.»itn.-...|     lii.-nrill.la-.    Ilea.-
i \ um.km t \o. :..
*Ut, POT
50c Per Pot at All D,
II    your
■eeel  ncII    I'M
ilerr.-l     ..oil
He..I.   p
UrUKIclal       ll.M'ac
KM KM \. ... .Irr
Carbon Oil Works, Limited
—tsmm.smmm*smm . \\ i.i II  p.-**
.    I
A STORY uliceiii Robert Uwis Steven
so,,  iieet  generally  known  is told
by    Mrs.    Stevenson's    grandson,
Austin Strong,    When Mr. Strong \e-;,s u
little  chnp  Mr. Stevnnson   liked  lo  -il
propped up in lee.I to watch him at play
by a single I.lot.
William   Heck ford's   "V'nthok"
completed ley the- unbroken uxerlia
terrible  denthn  I'l-on
follow   III]   cNpleisie
iis Steven-1 three whole dnys and two whoh' nights,
the   author   supporting   1,in,self   during
his unnatural \'i^il l>.\ pious drafts of
wine;   ceinl   wheel   ccelels  to   I lie   wnliiler   is
that   tiie  work  was  written   in   l-'rench.
Steele,    unci     h'iclllillg    eve.ele    Inclliy    eel
wticle-    the    pies-    e\;i-    wait
the  next   room.    And  often  it   Imp i their es
ponied thnt the biggei of the two would ing-
make  suggestions  ho the  innke-believe       Johnson,   lilc..  (libl    wc   cl   Hrsl
games, and  insist  thnl   thev  I timed with  labor,  bul   afterword   found  Hint,
nn, too.    ii Iny Austin lind arranged   "illi  l" "-•■ "  stntel.   uud highly  lln
some e-iinir- i.e a'row, plnying tint the\   Ished style ci  ns acl,,rally us nrdin
«..|i-    lei|.*,   cm,I   he,   stu'iidini*   on   Hi"   nry expression comes I linni-y people,
front,   w.e-   'In*   captain.     l-'or   u   hen.. Porly-eighl  octiivo pngus ■•!   the "Life
tin,,, he pn.idle   wnii oil the dec It of lei- : "I Sece uge," cc slilgillui'l.v polished work,
vessel, e cent ipil.it-  I   IVntltllor      WCf lipli'teel    cit    Cl     sitting,    cllcl    I I.C
.••I all kinds of storms until he felt  the  "I.Ives of the I'oets" cost hit nore
II....1   positively   hnnv let   l.e-   f  Irouble than  n  slipshod  article .-ee-i- u
Mr. Stevenson looked em  in  perfect  m I pt-nfessiiimil  juiiriiiilKt,
lone-...    hcl     iplete       ibsnrption,    no       Hen  • Hon   tell-  us   he   wr   "The   tor  ce
doubt   pluving   the   whole   thing   niuel-   >u- ist" in six weeks; l''enelon, thul   |elosioii
the harder of the two.    Kiimlly Austin   "Telemni|iie"   ,-c-   produ I   in   H -
t;.it  t I of liis  vessel, climbed olT his ninnths.
chair   and   began   walking   neross   the      Tl i portentous example of lit cr
l-.eeelll   lo   some   .,!.!,.,•!   which   ll'lel   celtrn.-t City   fee 111.llll '.    .en   record   is  beyom]   'pees
...I his interest.   This eve- :.... i h fnr tion to be rmind in the person of l.opi
iilfociition lotion,   turning   the   spokes   with    it.
inc.    If iin } Through   it   pusses   the   gas,   escaping
mediately  after  such  un   uccident   res- through  tho  holes   iu   the  spokes  in  a
ctiei-s could enter the luilie to help ll lultitudo  of  liny   jets.     Hull'  an   inch
miners,  fully  Ht'ty pel nt. of the in ,,r so above the1 spokes is a sheet-iron
talities could  !»<• averted.    The uppers roiling, cooled by water flowing ovor tho
tus   which   is   useel   in   Kiiropeci,,   cod top.   As the spokes with their multitude
neine-   i-   cuptible    eii'    sustuiiiiug   life of ensjels revolve, the flamos from the
where lhere is lire-iliimp or the poison ieis ere kept  iu constant contact  with
oils \:c|.eei- that  leellecve explosions.   'I'lee  il iml sheet Iron coiling, causing the
elevice   • -ist-   uf   it    cativus   jacket I,lack soot to a..cumulate with astonish-1
eipiippeel   with  cylinders of cnmpi-essed ing rapidity.    At intervals botween the,
uxygen, connected  witl.  II perutor's spokes  are  thin   iron   blades that   just
II,lentil   b.    Cl    lle*,ilele   Inlileerli I   lllellll t.Oltl'll    I lie   e-eiling,   Scmpiltg   fll'lll    it    I lie
lie tube.   The use of the oxygen Is regit nccuiiiitliitions   of   sect.     The   particles
lutnd b.s ce pn—ur.- gunge,   The exliuln full  into u  trough  fastened  below  the
Iieet,    eet     l| pt'l'lltOl'    is    ptlSSt'll    llll'tlllgll -ejeepcr.   wil ll   CC   sleeeji   itlclillO   toWtll'll   till'
-en,ill   lumps   eel    potassium   hydroxide, central   pipe.     The   constant   vibration
The i-iiibiin dioxide is thus absorbed un.l of the semper nnd the troughs paused
the I'emiiininu product, witli added oxy by their motion results iu the nccumuhi
gen, i- nvnilnblo. lion  nf carbon  sliding  iu  toward  the
With this appuratus ti  mnn cotilel e-n .-e-ntre.    When  neur the upright central
tor ce  nee...  iniinciliutclv  after  t! \ I'ip'', Hie carbon falls down upon  boll
begin respite wink. The lire conveyors, by  which  il   is carried tee u
lump nud  poisonous vupors .Ice uol   in,    smnll central building, where it is  p.
 lintel,   sull'neiife, ciml   if  the  ml -s 'i''1' directly  intee the woodon casks or
could be'brought lo the siii-fnee ut once l'"l"'r bags iu whie-h it is to be shipped.
ihcy  would  be saved,    Besides having Three or four men can attend to more
these  devices   ready  at   the  mouths of than  a  score  of --circles,''  consuming
the mines for the use of miners, the Uel- i several millions of cubic feet of gtis eiur-
gitin    iiiithorities    riHptirc    that    mine- ing each   period  eef  twenty-four  hours,
owners < cu t-y cc -niiicient supply of them ; Kully nne t lmu sand cubic feet of natural
in deep itudei-gruiiuil work,    A rescuing gns are required to make a single pound
party    hi   thus  | trate   .li'.*i«   tun- of carbon black.    I.nst year more thai,
nel*. cue! alllx cen ccppciruins in the head ten million poundstvoro manufactured in|
e.l ii sn linen-ini) minor so thnl  he would] the gus belts eef I'eiinsylvnnin, Ohio nne)
■el  te
West  Virglnin,    It  is therefore
Mine i ■ iil.e-ieen*. i.:i\,. heen reducetl iii   thnt  for this single purpose the unnnall
number nnd seriousness in  i.clgium h\   cnnsum|itioit e,f natural ^*as exceeds the
the compulsory use eet' stiindui-d miners'  onortnous total of ten thousand million
j tumps which arc tested by p-ovornment cubic  feet.    Before the  utilization of
experts.    Many of tlie so-called safety | natural gas for the manufacture of car-
lumps used by miners huve been found   bon-bluck Ihis product sold ut  from $,"> J
iunilcipiati..     I'mler severe  tests  iu  the   to $7 n pound,    Today the prie-o, loaded!
government  experimental  stations they   on cars ut the carbon bluck factories, is|
havo  leaked  sufficiently  te>  ignite  fire    about 7 cents a pound.    It  is therefore
'amp   ce ei, I   coal   dust.     Another   point   apparent Hint the lowering in the price!
eef soul lias been one of the' factors that
have helped tee make possible lhe e-heapj
books,  newspapers,  unci   magazines  of
tin* present dny.
which the experimental tests have developed is that inure explosions ure clue
tee conl dust than t<> ll.i'elump. 'I'he
careless use- of explosives by the miners
themselves is a common cause of explosions uml cave in accidents. The men
in their hurry or carolossnoss use toe,
B*«, Wrak, WmwT, Wijterr ■*•••
leovy   charges   anel   cause   under-prop. j Relieved By Murine Br» Remeoy.     Try
ling of the supports eer modi  an on    Murine  For  Your  s\W» T!sV>Mmm.     ^t»*
,i„S .!.., ,„„:..„ Will TJke Murlnfclt eoothey.    »c At
iloslon through tic
The ventilation
cf  the   mini'.*
Will TJke Murine.    -.     ---
Ton.   DrumHti.     Writ. F 01■ Byf,B«kJ
Fre«    Murine Eye Remedy Co., Toronto.
VOL. 1
No. 32
Some years ago, the late Professor Rowland, of Johns Hopkins University,
testifying in a case involving the Cataract Power Company, in answer to a
ejuestion on cross examination as to who, in his opinion, was the greatest
Ainericun scientist, replied. "I um."
After leaving the court room one of the lawyers ventured to criticise
the  answer  for  its  effect  upon  the  jury, whereupon Rowland exclaimed:
"Well, what else could I say?    Wasn't I under oathf"
There are two kinds of swelled head. One of them i>- ..itlated with hot
air, pure and simple.    The other has the goods, and bulges out with them.
Modesty prevents us from placing ourselves in our correct claBS, but
tliere are thousands to whom we can refer you for a true estimate of the
BUCK-EYE.    They arc testing them daily.'
Were we placed on oath, t.ud asked which wns the best ten cent cigar in
the market today, we could do no otherwise than follow the Professor's illustrious example and reply	
t it
We guarantee tho
perfect qualify and
absolute purity of
the manufacture of
KING GEOKflK was telling a group  what is the good of it all?    ask those   (hat there are new methods of e-rtmrding   Eva Tanguav's first real test will come
of friends of Boino of his erpen-1 questioning voices.   What.was the good  against   t..rj ..-.lo.   and   even   submarine I at  Beadville, and what  sho does tbere
cuees since the* Hritish ,-rown anel' uf   steel   ureaatplatcs   with   arabesqueI attack
sceptre came into his keeping. [embellishments   when   gunpowder   was,     \y„ ,,:,„!K,t  sav;  ,v,. „„|v  „gi(  notice I sized up.
I  was cd nn informal tea tho other kindled at the end <■: a tub.-.'    What is   ,-,ir    .*,„    landsmen's  view,  for  clear
will Bhow ho-.t   well her trainer has In
Mild* Errra Fine
Meerris   Qnatzam,   ;u,   eleven-year-old
Windsor  boy,  fell  off  his   bicycle  nis4
j scratched liis wrist,    lie thought  notk
ing of the injury, but  hi ! puison set
i ii. ccii.-l Ice is dead.
very  sick,  while  little  Willie  wns  theItorpedoes, and submarines? i Bd~bv""liabitT"«otT"if Oreadnoughts"arc   |"N !'"' *veor K~': Mlatlua min, King of  infrequent    ought to u ....   ,„.",'.'l,:"r,'a"
.vhen   he.   I.tt!,*  daughter,   a   child   of|     lhe voices arc many:    Mr. Wells has | maintained for ten veurs more, and that   X      ■,""'•'•  erected  a   monument   near  jz(. the danger that nm.  lie even ii   t ,.
M !1 11 llll Ml V I   'I  I I.. I lhl K' ..» ej,. .    ,1       | , , "
midly, looking ns if she had something I BepiUgton spcuks in •• Uiaefc-Aood "; Ah. ; j,-~;~" 1',,;,',',';,. ™FrioVo"f"tho.n '..,.. ,
to say    bhe was a beautiful ehild  ana  Aiuolu   i\ hue asks his .ca'arclitug ques-       ,   , .,    .-„,   ,,,„   .„,.,„,,.   „   thir;,
I when her mother formally presented her tions,   and     .dr.     Arnold   Whi.e   was J,, ,-  ,,„,   „,,„-.,,.,,    -Around   each
| she'  .-on. lesicd   prettily  and   sue!   in   a, amo.ng the first advocates of the IJreud- ,..,„   „ „,„,.   ,,;,„   „   rnultitudo   „f  ,,,..
loud, clear  voice: nought   type.    Other  voices are  beard,
--1 think your Majesty is a very won-   the more significant   because  nameless.
derful man.' "in case eel war.'' says eene'. "the first
afternoon," said the  King, "and  bid- tne  good  .ei  super-Dreadnoughts  when  sighted  iirophcts, though  landsmen  ar
ding my distinguished hostess good-bye, the narrow seas are quick  with miuos,  t00 „,-,,.„ rjgh. Khl.„ oxperta :,„. pi;,,,,
very  sick,  while little  Willie  was  the torpedoes, and submarines*                      I,,,, bv h.Mt    Bllti if Dreadnoughts c.r
when   her   little  daughter,   a  child   of lhe voices arc many:    Mr. Wells has  maintained for ten veurs more, and that
seven or eight years, came torward to- raised   he-   warning   prbphecy;   Colonel   in(,rfidibl(, u,,r Bhou"id ,.,,,,„, ,„ ,,.,.,   lVt,
•• 'Why il
I asked.'
•■ • lie-e-aiis
- mamlna toht me ie
i *.;iy thnt, my ilea
mid    the    little    g
stroyers   ceicel   rapid   automobiles,   firing
cct   ever1.-   ll.ecit.   t.-slice:.,   almost    every
wave,  while  'ever  tier  head  hover  see,
-'.    thing we shoul.   uo would  be to w.th- Lra| aero,,lanes, peering down  into the
draw the Dreadnoughts iron, danger.    .,,,,.    '   ,„.,..,„■ ,..,.   Submarine*     As
rl,   --in   the   .North   ben,      says   another,  wl.0n,   upon   Afric's   gulden   sand,   lh,
"nothing     could     venture     out     but |,,        , c'rn me has|(S m       ^[^^   nave reached fcurope, and thc greatestl     The way to avoid scri
N the year 1857 Mi
Burma,   erected   :
Mandiilay    called   the    Kutho-duw. I s„,all,.sf   ficsh  wound.
' ■  he built seven  hundred  temples. Tttke  a   „„   ,,,.   iiiustratio.,.   When   .,
in each of which there is a slab ol white  knifl. „ ruBtl „,,.„.. „,,, : „. .;,,.f
marble.    Upon these seven hundred slain. W1)„d   ,,  |.,rt"„„|  .,,;,,. ,„£     ,.,. „  .hof;
is engrated   he whole of the Buddhist ,,-,„,,!„- the hand, thc latte.   .*  inoca-
'", ■; a. vast literature in.tself, equal to |ntod    with    u,.rli„.   ,„•    Khi,h  the  air
•■bout six copies of ..ur Holy Scriptures. „|,„„t   UH ia fun,    Hiredl*.   U,.-e
■ g ernis
his marble Bible is engraved ,,, the   .,,,.   introduced   through   t       breach  in
al.language thought to be that spoken' the skin, a battle rovul , .- .- between
by Buddha himself in 500 B.C.    l-Tioto-  them,   and   certain "org*,    --.,-   in   ....
graphs ol   some   of    these   inscriptions! blood.
destroyers ami submarine
lint  a  .le
iiiye.- is tee a  Dreadnought  about asK
,y   attendant   tcirds,   who  stand   beside
m ur hover above his head.    Thev, at
linguists of the Lontiuent have examin    to cleanse the  wound  and  ai.pl,   Zc,
WV"t'}il t:lTit"Toianv ;"•;'" v* ^p'r'P" p. > »»»£ ^i ;.;■ 'dan.,r.-,■;,. „-,'^ ?pi'.°™»t\ *»■ * w,,ato-«>« pp^pPuP:\;jp ;.,■■.::ppi
±"1    fact,  tt  accepts   a   great   many to the Marquis ol   roledo in hs armor. L;,,,,^'    ri os nnd% P) grateful for their teaching of thc greal  Buddha by cam*    ,|„.   i,,,,!.,.,,   skin   ,-  ab     bed    no  tt,
I   in   omfv   ,   !.,   n     e     *,d   *    ''   i A* Sim/?'*T *"""?''! " '    "i" "PP'   »"" '"*'*•   <"*ae*    his   monstrous   buck   !»g't to be graven on « rock, 1, ur-   tinaoo,   instantly    tro     :     the     -,'-,•
ed  in  muny  other  places,  and  hays a „„ |.i;i,   back tee nakedness aud a cloth,       .   ,■;,,. ,       ,,.,   .,,„,., ,„■ .,, ,„..,, ,. ished a vain ambition.                                .•,.,,   .,,,.,.,,   ,;   ,,          ;     -   ■-■   ^' '•'!
good deal about them at the same time. will torpcd„os en. down our giant ships'     ; ,    ''^     '        one wild bttst   ha ' "»"> ' li'":'"' uf l!"™:' " "'"-•' ««■ ««      A*,  sooa  .,a    on^ ied  .0   ,  s " "
iM'rlf   SinUon°eUoft0the ^.^*»l\\*- ""^ ""^P"  "P" ^T" '-'P »     ro n'Tnv sible   dis^r tl   wi h   im-'   ?»«*» ^ ""^  »"»««   '•*• , -..." /am .l,.k \t\'. ,l'    '    "ai,    .Tsnmrt*
a writer in one of the magaz nesl.       I biscuit tin?    Letet us hear what Colonel       ... ,   ,   ,, ,          ,,:„,,.„ tho inmta tha surface of the   white   tuarb e,   Hie   ,.,.,     n   *,.„i     -,      '
wish   you'd   ..-ll   Mi    bo-nnd-So,'     „- Keeping.,,,.. ,,iu,-„lf „ ,l,litfe„, indent of    '."'     ' '^   ^  J   ;,'','      .liar'v       Photographs   showing   a   partial   efface      „■;,„   '""'    *h>   "           ' Wltk
nil  ^PPnPonZ 'I'S '*   oV??; "" W"rfUre' haSt° *ny' I     "-"' "«i       I  ■■ »"e'» g,    'enu   .r,    i"^ ^ some of the Bur, hnracters      T|I,    U   thu , ,  ,    ,,„-;„,.„
1,C''   ' g  man If B^ ley's      '''   « J."   "'   "'^   'J**   ^hDt"   "^ ^' '" ' h «"•»*»""«.. eog, !. H,e wound, is   c   ,,,,.:,   Zl^y.
whose Bwimming apparel was somewhat Nortn N'" ,';,,ls W'U!,U tj>e category of     „„d  nil  poison  and  cause  nl   festering
decollete c,s to arms :,■ 1 shoulders, "J "orrow  watl'rr wll"'h  <*JPp}i   ':'»'-1-;  *■'!•     Having ,lo„e this   /.an, Buk
decollete ns tee urtns cc" e slice,,, oers, ,   , .,       ... c- ,   ■' .  ,-     .
. . . .      .,   ,, , ..     ,i   . i c liv progress ot evulutieni which is taking , c-
evish   vou d   te 1   Mr.  ho-and-bo  Hint I I   ■   '     *■ ,-
.,.,-,...,. •, .     ,, , i  ,.  , i place   under   eeur  eves,   become   uracil-
think his bathing suit is deplorable.  . .it
Go ahead!    Tell  him   I   said  so.
ally closed on the outbreak of wur, un.l '
It 's     really     quite
disreputable,/'; >
essilely   throughout   the   even,   :.,   11..
oiug  ileets  end crilic
With the Horses l1
The voung man who was witb her obey- operations.* seagoing fleets ami crius-  ; o»U ome of. .business transaction      Zc,„, lick  must  not  be confused   ,   ,
ed and delivered the message.    "You ""t    '  tl""li  ,l,:"  the fmi   -'"I"  ""' '  !"_""'    '"'•'"
.  .1 ti      ..        , j.     ,,-.'■.   „,,     11M which we auvotu so mil.'h iuoae,' u\erj'l ___,„
may tell Mrs  feo-aud-bo  with m.    »»•      a,_tll0    „ ,,„..,. „   .„ ,       >     J,   tTHVO « lerful perfoi nances by coll
,,1 men.-      returned     "'.'"'•.. "''" i„c,v for a Tee,  mbre years be ,. ssarv   X     ;"'""'- »"' "'"I 'lov.ee in Ken
1 "'  her divorce suit is ditto. _ . • tucky this season.    One was Hint
LITTLE BLBANOB, wh« was very] / \ N board a,, ocean liner were a lady-
fond of chickens, stood orying\\J und gentleman, accompanied by
eon- n dead roostor. Thinning their young hopeful aged six, and
that Bomothinj* good ought tee bo BaiJ, as is usually tbe case, the parents were
she remarked between her seeies: "lie suffering from seasickness, while Willie
was always su ghul when one of the ,vus the wellest thing on board. One
hens laid an egg,'' day tin' purentB were lying in their
"    *    * stent • chairs huping that thoy would
D"*'1-1.1',, "'','    ro.oont:    eonetave   of die, aod little Willie-was playing about , useless 'roV'most   op,out'i.,ns'',,f' eel.ic..   "f  ll"-  three year-old  colt, J.   Malcolm
Knights   lemplur  in Chicago the  the deck. {TtOUCK    .IUDOK    Mc Io iN'AI.H.  of the North beu and the Chaunel will bc \Farhes, by Hiugcn, 2.011'!,, when he won
bospitablic,  ami willingly   helptul      \V.!lie  di.l  something of   which   biBlef   Toronto    looked   down   from   hie the theatre   ' a n"''. trotting his two winning beat,
residents of the  Illinois city   wore a   „,0thui-dio not approve, so she Buid to , ,|, ti10 „t|,or morning upon n      Or  again- i'"   -■"'■"■   i""1   --1""'-    Thin   «.n   ,,
button   ii.s,-ii.„..1:     ••Ask   Me-,   I   l.ive   ,„,,.  husband, ".lohn.  plt-c.se  speak to  wen.dros!,t,d ,,,.,„ ,v(,0 wub charged with      -.'h,,   great   ami   costly   battleships  "'"S*1,*1 I''"* » grand inhcritni  as hi,
I ufortuiintely,  it is  reported,   w.1Ue..,    ■  husband, with tne littlo   lnto:£ia,.ti( ,,„! whose case was mark-L„d cruisers must  (in  time of war)  be   'l-'il'.1' s''"tos, t aughter uf Ornnd
'   ' ■"     ed "special." stowed   awe.   safclv   in   , Ilstant,l^aUne) that also produced   fa.	
"What's   vour   luceci'.'"   usked     the   safe,   aud   secluded   anchorage    Scapu  'f0*,"r "I,rl  '"'    trotters,  Puter  the
jutlge. l-'low und Portsmouth to-day, llerehuveii  f""*-'1}*,* -•'J' "•    •••  Malcolm  Porbes  wn,
.,    , '   " Well, judge, it's funny, but do you  and   Lough  Swill*,   tomorrow, perhaps.   I,r°l1 ^V the late D. I), blreetcr of Kala-
*     M-.AI.-SK, HI -.1    spprtsmau  strol    ,[I]0W ,-w. ,■„„,.„ •„ ul,..aether." ro-  The North Hen  in time of war will be I ""'"",'•   vl'"1'- 'md w nl to the sale
/A.    led into a little hotelou tne shores | )jlicd t|l0 m(Ul wiUl (, smUfl | :|   ^^   of   KlU...yi    hl „,,,   ,„   botll   ting lasl  winter, wheu the rest  of the
"Maybe u   fine nf if,,  will  help you  sides,  open  to  neither,  commanded   bv   ,.t!'e,r!<?r ,stl"1 w"ls 'I'sposeel of nfter thi
,  remember,"  said  Judge   McDonald,   none." Michigan breeder's death.   A  Kentucky
, lo leu- bought ll
tock   sentences ,, .7.  ,
the question most commonly  provoked   strength loft iu bis wasted form, looked    . • Vh,,'<".(.j., 1'
by    t**i    signal    of    kindness    was:   ,lt his son and heir aud feebly muttereil
HQ. !     uged   seven,   while   feeding
the cat  nt dinner table,  was  reproved   by   leer   tut her,   who  toid
her that  the cat must   wait   until late;'.
Whereupon   the   suiull   g:il   wept   and
" I think it i ■ u sl, une. .inst because
she is a poor dumb animal, to treat
her like a hired girl."
I   DON "!'  know  whut  lee  11 eik" ef iny
nephew,   George,"    remarked    tho
elderly professor.     "He  has   such
queer, contradictory  testes  iu  music."
' • VesI"
• i'es; 1 cume upon him a little while
• Uow elv elo. Willi
nf Loch
implniniug, said:
See,Heen.I, un.l,
ONE  roil  THE WIFE j,h(JU   proceeds   to   heal   the   wound
I sore,   and   new   healthy   tissue     -   1.  lit
,      '"'    "V" '  ~ " "'   ":   :'   m!1,»!'   in   u   quick,   painless   and   uerft-ct
who   relused   tn   tell   his   wife   the   manner.
'",'.P   .. . unique'    pre-pa  .tion,    , si„g
.\  ,     hesneered,*-    worit tell you. septic,   soothing .     ,  „   - ,,
''   '   '•"'■ >,"" ''  '"I"-"   't.     "■ vo.  that   cc,-   not   to  I tog-'ther  ii
can never keep u secret. „„_,   oth„   fltl.,,r ]!miI      ,.  |s m)f  un
,.,  '''■'"■       ■'"' ,"','   w":"'"1   quietly, a   unique  healing  balm,  hm   .:   is   nisi
'»'■!'  '  '"-■><"<"  "'•'.-"'"'•  '.bout  the c,  skill 1 1.    I'.,,   ,11        „ dittLei   ,.,
K?h,''"ri -;: "   "»H you  gave  cue in.iuri tits,   bru   ,        ,„n       ,.,     ■  ■
l,|Khtce.i , s ago being paste?" chafing,   ulcers,   ringworm,   etc..   it    W
  '. ilic..ul   equal.     It   is ,also     sed   wide
ly   lor   |iiles,   lor   v, liieli    •   .  . .   he   ri
Red,  -\\>nla.  Va.-nra.   \\,tU-ry   V.T... gtirded   lis  Cl   specific.      Ml   ,!:■,...,.[.    ,,„(
Rellovcd  Hy Mm-   Bye  Remedy.     Trj stores  sell   t,l   -ill  ,,   •     ,,   i„,V~   ,   ,    .,
Murine-   Fur   Vour   Ky,*   Troubles.       You,, , ,V       ,, '   "'   I"""
Will   Like   Murine.     It   Soothes,     SOc   Al ' " "   '"i:"   -*am I'.cck    Co.,    i nto,   foi
Your Druggists.     Write For Eye Hooks 1      Ilnrmftil   imitntion u|d   *„
rree.   Murine Eye Remedy Co., Toronia ,-ilwnvs  refused.
,   ti
seal, shot utit ih,-,.,.;:;;,, - ,:;„,;, .,,„,, ;,„Hed
What   an   appaililij
eelt    fee,    Cl    tneest    fell-
j linn-,, and  missed each time." ,.N„W' ,„,,        vm,-v„   fill0(1   „    „ ;      " l\ Ipp.^ Pp.J "P^ ?„Z   ,t:' :p'UU' I"1"" :""'  no-  I'"—"  '
At  dinner ....  hour inter be set  next ,         •>   ,** ,,,„•,,. „v„„ know>1. ^ tl,c list    wo  vt-irs      If  onehiuu   V'"   '"""'   PlaMo   vou"«  stnllionH   in
a at       ...I. 1. .. .1      ..       1 a .1   1 a . I ' 1 . 1 . a      e. 1-, , 11 11 J 1     ll - e^   t . ,i*'l llll l.l**.l 111*' \ I    elln, II Ml,I 11111.1;    I       I      il*| . . .,
il  ,°risl wll° ''"'  lndugQ '""",""1"'; "Well, l.e i, good Samaritan uow and   ,„ ,„„,.,, ,.„,.,.,;„ „■„, .,„„,,,„,, it i;j that    V,:    ''   /U'P'P"P  wl,° P"v" Pp
ighted sportsmn
i'i        ii.,-,1--'- ,,si*,.,i th,* uei r ' VRy {h]> strangers (ine. | lhe Dreadnoughts havi
li'.ei nn accnlent .     ..-■>■.,     c       -1I've always beeu stung whon I have
I'll  built, um!
sensational  colt  to  his  re d   is  Dick
.    Curtis, who s
 H   built,   ti.  net   in   the   .North
V -.„|,-'  eeneve-leel  lie other   "At    .""-•'.""l   1-0 do  tilings tor folks 1   el.,1   Hot    g ,,;,,„,,.   | „,,;,.,„,„,.hls   ,„    cOnSCrip     '      '
Accident!     gronfed the othei.     Al    k]H)    •• ,.,.,,],.,] (he prisoner. :.,,,„   ..... ari. told     • • We dare not sleen 1 ~,
tcnilitcd    cetei.   yec,   mean!      I   was      11 Yn,i>™ Btiiutr now''said the iudee.   •      '     L I     • , . ,     '   ' in-uct  su success!'.,  v
a,       ,1.       „   l,„tl.   „.,„e   „e,   .enne-  ttan    whon Sll.llg   llnu.       s.l eel ,|ie    ' •    ,„   „„,.   |„.,s   t|       „,.   |,„ve   | ,vu    \taelli   te
\|mvn,g a bath about un lioui ugo, wnen | ,, |  fln|,(] (,,(, strangnr ^ and „„„. , )i,.o f
sume   lunatic   with  n  gnu  fired  tit   me!
three   timcB   from   the   .shun.,  ami   shot
i.-iteei. or seventeen
mpuigned the famous sml
liou   Pamlico,  -.10. through the Urund
that   he   was at
thai   time  oue  of  the  noted  figures of
you $5 also—$10  ill nil."
'By     flooi
xcl.-iin.ed   the   pri
uie      shrieked the terriued ilcscenniiuts  „,!.„ ,,.„ ,.  , ,   , " ..
.   ,,   , i   i*   • ■ i i.  .   i ,.ii,.  mile-truck racing, but  whose name wi
„   Drake  and   ProbiBhor.     Hut   hardlv ! ,„. .,,„., i,,,.,,,, „,.*,* ,„  ,,	
be ahc-olnlelv unfamiliar tee Hie
ago nnu he was whistling in a dreamy   ,,n.i. of mv car off.    I don't know why \,,,'.-» k      "   ',,.,,! lnv „.„„•!'';!"' •'":>' FpU,le(l '';'"'" '" „Pb.°Mgeneration of  horsemen.
rap.   sort  of  wav  the  -Adding march   Lh  „„,„ ,Us  tire  Clow,.,.   -HI t  ~»^(J; ^j* '**%%^JZ  ot secun J**^^ T]ll.   „„„.,.    ,,,,.    .„,„„, .,..
ftr''PTtrp:P".r.PP^!lTi:rn'^ *    . '"«   -V   ^    «•»   -.'th   *10   to   «»«   e^tllJ Zld il. e^Se  ...'..-a.   onlv  i^fon-.l.ois.l.c. ol'.he !w„y,,,r „!,!,.„„
„.,,,. H_ „„..,. ,.   mysolf, even if lam in tho company of  gt0WBd ,lwuy i„ some safe, distant aud  Silent Brigade thnt trotted to a record
, I,     • e'.'l I   siinns   and   »   """'' '"' leRS 'lisl''!"ll;l1'1'', stranger     , ,1,,.|l|1,,„1  .,„', ,.    ,     -|-|„.  ,,.lth   for  in■■ "'   --1,-*!   "'  "   winning  race, crowning
,„„,':.■ ,'. , !     Al"!- stepping up to the clerk s dealt,      ^      ,   ,,,,*. ,   ,.„.  i,,,,,,*,,,-,.. but open,  himself the fastest  two-year-old of the
mo he lookeel confused and changed  ,. ;
at once  tee 'Has  Anybody   11
Kelly?' "
TT71IEN the physician arrived at tho
VV      designated' house he  found that
his  patient   wns  a   decrepit  negro, who sat up iu led and inquired.;
"Mow much dee yo' .-ha'go, doclah?"
"Two dollars a visit, whicli includes
my   time,  experience,  ml vice,  and    t tome dicine. "
"A po' eel' coon like lice dee.e't neee!
nil clem extras; just gill me ten cents'
wo'th o' yo' med'ciiee. cue ' dut s enough
fo' mo."
ere  See,,; *r   \|,V   KM1.L,
IA    banquet   lee   I
bishops   isnwon.au ol very "'»-|tho   ma„ ,VS3ed  down   n   c$in   bill  und I The \nrth"sca"rs"baro"as ades7ri "com"  >":"'-    This cit teck a record of 3.2l).f,
gious aud  charitable  syinpatb.es,    bhe       „   d | l™™™ * ;       ' : ,',   w - the ffood of   '"«• «'«« '- « yearling, at which tim,
is one of the three women in the world ; • •"     ■' '■■> l""-'.-    " "■» «nl  ■'" -""'.l   '   ,     .,,,...,,.,,„, ..  ,,.,„,,  ,,".,, „,■ .,.,„„.	
, ,      ,|,,   ,,,,!„,.   „,-   |i„,   tinlv   .all   that   shouting,   cell   that   spending, i'"    truuetun  .,  gni.ii   iieai o,   uttent	
^ul^-iv'u' tot[ to      in-itrb'l    FEOM TUB SLINO TO THE DKEAB-   which  so 7^?l^a^^^^|^'irt'^ 'iZo^lt^ III
work ill .the Komau Catholic diocese, td NOUGHT House ol   l.o.dsY    «e   must   huvi   '-"" , c    ., thnt   is   rnnidlv
scription,   utter   nil;   eve   must   go   ciccct   gtetnu em   ni    Alcyone   ecu.    is   r.ipiui^
I   bite   unci j,,et  drilled:   we  must  sien  the  uoople's   coming  to  tlie-   front   in   the   ranks   of
Scent hv.-.-irk.    where    she    is    know
JANE—"I've something uu me mind,
'Am-, that 1 hardly knows how to
tell yer."
'Arry—" Aht wiv it. "
Jane—-"I'm afraid yer  won't   m
me if 1  tells yer.
"Arry---" Aid wiv it.''
,lune- ■" I'm u somnambulist, 'Arry.'
'Arry (after prolonged pause)—
"Never mind. Jane,'it'll be all right
If there ain't no chapel for it. w
be ma
"  •',/     ..,.'" '  IT   was   line   to   Indict   antl   bite   nnd met  drilled;  we  musl  sign  the  people's   ooming   ,o   tn,-   trout   in   tlie   ranks   eel
iiueen ,,i in.- i ooi. ,,,..,ri,,,,,,,, j L    clapperclaw  each  other,  rolling   in  potition to bc turned into soldiers.   We I If™0** J1"™.. «urf   his dam  is t.'urrietta,
■   7   I'     I nili   is   ,■, I,.,-   r,   I   ,',"'        slim- or leaping from forest  bough   ?„„„„,  sleep another minute, for thore  -•'■"•   ">'   Dlrcetmnn,  sou  uf   Directum,
Tl   •    ,i, ",,,,-,     int,     -he.    to bough, until low cunning di verod   is nothing on the sea  between us nud  --11"'..    ""'I    <••"■■    »l";-k    Bird,   bj
r     g      ,   ,.  ;„t h,',*       s,   ,e ,   v-ithn.   skull-  may    tracked  at   a  dis-  Oormanv now, and all thu Dreadnoughts I ***?*,"  ("'"  -"   a( Ooldsmith   Mnid
she gave       «     of b o.».    S"       •' ;,   ,     .,. ,,v  :,„.l(s" lu„.|e,, ,|„„„gh the t.ii-.i„,ight a's well be scrap I, or converted K.W)i P«" '•">' •"'>" B td, by .lay Bir.l.
later  siie   met   the  mun   ngttlu   wearing
his oh. ragged pair.
•■ \v hat  have y
I gave vou.'" she usked him
Oh," replied tlie rascal unblushing■: wootl a
are new and entirely different from ordinary preparaUons, They accomplish
their purpose without disturbing the rest ol the system, and are therefore tho
ideal laxative for the nursing mother, as they do not affect the child.
Compounded, like all NA-DRU-CO preparations,  by exoert cherr.Hs     !f
unsatisfactory we'll gladly return your money.
25a a box.    If your druggist has not vet stocked them, send 2.Sc and we
will mail then.. ..
Notions) Drus and Chrmicsl Company of Canada. Limited.      .      .      .      Montrc...
Write feu  riil] particulars to
Dominion School of Accountancy and Finance
. A .       1,
eViNXii'i-:.;. max
oper.C.A.    ,1. U. Young,C.A.
It was not  had to light   with .-tones at-1 into health resorts fi
u ,,„„, witl, ,,,, pairltachetl  to strings   und  with clubs and   ni„ht  M,u.    Al.,-  lc
,-ongs, till ce terrible invention e.l  bent   mHn tvishes!
ml twisted gut drove (i feathered |     '|-1,..,-,
rips to tl
,j,]    I'he colt's mile in ". 1U::,  is thc fastest.|
l,u.   ever trotted 1.\ ;, two-year-old i'i August
and indicates ihut he is ,-c possible candi
lite fnr the two venr old chliinpinnsh
••IH..'' replied lh.' ruscul unlclcishing ;«',.e .,,., .......ej-,,.   ....>..*      ■ mere is noone so liuiici-OHstiB I pic  ,        .    . ||h
H-.--1 left then, oil.   These I am wear*  stick from  behind a  bus    throngh lh    wh„  liv„   |n   f„;„.,  „„d   w(1  ,,,„„„   ,,„, tl      '"O'd   to    « u, h pfaced   „l
any   j*,'    „,,.   worth   ten   shillings   a   day   to   cow-hide   .ever      s   heart.    T    «-"-   • j-,,.ih*   at   th w   li, f   | Ic    ihis -,.   '   "> /"""' u      '''r' |
f,, " greet   occasion   when   the   Mi'M""*,  of Lew attempt to bring us all under the     .,,no"n   horsemen    who   are    familiar
US.   I-:.  STEWART,  the   seero
,f the National Woman Suffrage | °" '
A.-socicitieen, said in a  recenl ceo
foleelee  went   to  his  renowned   worke>r.s I ("|^j'j'j arVrm'stiet. " Hui""in si> 1'cii- uh it is with the training methods of tho nuffaIo|
t:nv   in steel and ordered new suits of """or  simply u matter of naval tactics depend tralniT. W. .1.  Andrews, are looking t
wii  design,    "All  ihe-  parts,    j .     ';,,„,,,   :t,-r.,r,;,,,.,,,.   the   „,-ii„   point •"'''   that   rlnvei   tuke   n   hnnd   in   tl
ho snid, "must be made of solid phites,|mng< b(, p0tlBjo;er(,,i .,'n,| ,inswi,rod.    We- division of the big futurity cvonts for
in Chicago:
ids.   The polished I,-,  ,|(
t   menu  that   the  nrhnirtilty   huve
thrpo-3'car-old trottcr.s tn In- ritcod \aU
rried at the registry."      " "Tlcse men^on th e hand accuse I breartplntL.   must   projecl   so  thut   the I     t  „„„„,,  ,t. ,|f  ;.„   „,•„.„ „„,   i,,  the season  with the Ally  Evn  Tc,
A   M("r!'   ».  S'«tch   lawyers   were, uJng tha home   and ,™ the^o ber   Me     "^ bo«     ^ .„ p.   ,   b     the   , se o    mnun.   m nes   ,t   1,           {                     ^          ^ ^^       o
A    met   e-onviviully   nt   an   Ayrshire   «     . b I,    w .1...  ' **      ' ,   lun   , ,„lt.u   ml,st   be   tt.-mored,   and   „„, . ,,„,„,, , nf the submarine,   '"   -'"''    »«   y.-ur.     I.nst   spring   sl
inn one cold evening in December,  .witn un un tjui.L.w.i .,, ,. so tint st my horse.    Narrow slits may be  ,,,., 7„t,„,ll„   ,.„,'■ ,hl, „irshin   and  it  is i **'aa ""' !  "v'"'' '"  Mr-  Andrews, ac
:;r;;;,;'n,v,""i:i"" ll,n  U1'"" i"",n":n'"''-0,ice, on a steamship, the capt    '"»   »'   """   l""1"""   '»<   KXISd
'   •'Xow, I," sail of the barristers,! railed «  lot against  Hie voting ».......» . "»"»J*   •» JP^JP  ,-,,„„  „f the
"alwtiys   say   'neether,'   while     .lohn. 1 ""i'l   her   nogloct   ol   household   duties.('^^   ,. ||.(.1||..1,|   vull   lm„t   eontrive  c
here, suvs -nvetl
Wheel   dee  }-0
, 9.,y 1 And    it,   w:.s    Hiis    sume  captain,  ••, ■
I —*urse, who Inughed when a pretty girl''""li  sl" , :,
-pikes   must    pro.icct    Irom   the   main
.""..'• I ■,. ,■ '    ., ill sluKl'S      mi!'!       lel-llieVl       ,1-lllU       Hie-      llieie
The hof tipple had made Sandy do/.e, h«"     '/  ■•"■'   ""   »'»  I";"1"'" 1'",";''k:, c,;,,,. „.- ,„-,. , rm„r also, and the si,!,*
m '   the  sudden stiui,   he  roused {*»■ « >'"" ""r Bf   imm-su-k. * - h        ,,„„„„,
and replied, "If   Oh, I say whusky."      '   'Homesekf    Hn, mi!     he   roared .H'»   f,k°l- ( „Ul,  ,„. „,,,  „, „,„,„„,,. in
.    .    . ;'"''•'' ""'    ' '" ""v''r """"' ' lg""      Isidious attacks fr. low.    Add what
AX amusing story  n told iit  one of   ITtKTCIl  the body," ordered the f
Winnipeg's clubs,    It  seems that .  L1     in,... of a Toxas coroner's jury.
X  amusing  story   is told  nt   on- of j r/KTCII  ih,. body," order,.,! the fore-1 ""''"»i'-'"""'"  f i»Jnid B°'u ''"lb^^
»* yuu    lelease1,    tent    lu,.    too    UI'.U U,    CO!     I
ill Ip.
while lhe frequenters of the
obvious   Hint   when    llreadnoughts   put
out into ll   narrow sea, the lit" i board  tr:"'h ■'"  ■N"1"1 Snu'la' ve known cell
will  correspecieel t.e the praver "tn lie.'   ' >"'  "'l""'K ,l,-',t   -1""   »"""  ">  "'"'   ''"'"'
each dav as  'twere the last."    W,   ice,    """" "» them has been able to get c. real
iigine  liie  admir.-iltv  might   roplv  that   '""', '■' true s| .1  limit.    Just   .-,-
tiie North Sec, i- not  reallv narrow, 1 '""Hy sic was caught n inch- in L'.lo flat,
ll verv large area thai cannot become at"   l"Kl'--Y    ntonous   |iertormance,   but
lake:'that ill cus ' the incredible follvj "'"' "K" wiib apparently well wit  her
f  war  with  Heimnnv,  th onld  al   '"."."•    A  '*"''  ,ln*v-H :l1'"'' working that
Sackett Plaster Board
The Empire Brands of  Wall Plaster
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
cm older member thereof, a clever
The liodv wns laid before lliem
iwani   eight   suits   cenei   cun   vnrv    im:
first be nee better positions for  ■ bnl    "lii" ,l"' WII.V n:,s' "" """ "'h f M '"•
He  fleets then Scnpn   Plow  I   Dover,   Andrews,   bought   by   his   two   friends
-ealing   up   1
iml ruining t
SCUliltg    up   lentil   entree, -   I"   H. , .
borne trade   '""•|"" '•  '"   N'"v''    ■ °'"**.  '
I guess that
nr..us, Robert Ooelel and .lohn  I,
ce.hi to.
 "" '   .">•■•"•>   ....,,. -, . , . | ,| „1N    w„s   ICCIIl   ne, ore   I IICIII.       . . , i..,.    , I,,,    \ l.,,,,,,', ^   , ,11',, c I, .       ,, '       , .   , mi,     c   .,  .,  .,,,„    , -s t  e-il   -lie    s e-eee
hup,  was  being  frightfully   bored  by The   jury  made ..  careful  examination  lll,nt' s'"'"-: '",.•,,'■•                      "I"1'" tae notl'lns" '" whwh p •,0MIM*!"    „    l„,f ZS  to r„,   ,,   am
is  vis-u-vis  ut   table  in  the  cafe oue  , pieitioned the attending surgeon;    - '""""l""' has e.,.le,, d   ou, a„ immense advantage ol  numbers and    u »•   fc "''  'n.nufcii    ,   r,'"  «!' »P
veiling, the latter individual  being us      "Whnr was he -hot'" s"- ?nc *Mtf   of eteet from lieu,   to  skin   ,.,„,,,,  ,„.,   „, .,v;ll,.v,  scouring I ,">0,,l''1,1"   '       V.,     I     i-,    ,
all as   ho former was bright. ..£„,'« thro   He henrf " 1 Xuot, tho Marauiii n   Toledo rode out to  the u,„,.r. „„„„;„,  ,,„--,-,,eic-, thc en       ; ."   >.\ ,     '  :"' . ',"";' •
lie .talk   vvns   fasl   lieefoming   uncn-       -Dead in the cen.-e , "    ,,. heart?"     \'MP P'^""   !'", ^ , M',PPPP) ' "<«>- «"«"" -1'1 m'"^ '"«« ""' :li'"; '""       "'    ~"'''
iliiitel.le'.  when  the  first named  member      " Itighf   in the couti'c."
eltuiiee.l  tee observe ci   lllll.l  lit   the  uther .      ' ' Who shut  him.'"
end  of  the  dining-room  yawning  in  11       "Julio Daniels.•''
manner that threatened t.e dislocutc his.,     A dozen witnesses declared thul -lake
' fired   the   shot,   and   Jake   himself  ml
11ti a Kettle is against B cat—until snmi--,„f    t,„,„.,|,„,s  i-   very   nncertai:.,       . .. _._
one     cipprceached   with   n   new-fnngM   grows more uncertain'ns we build  our
blow-pipe, nnd,  having kindlnd  n  mix    battleship cruisers with continually in        No   one    d   endure   the  agony   of
!,„■,. of saltpetre, charcoal at  one end, | creasing si. I, see that the new Dread-! ""s   with   liolloway's   Corn   Cure   at j
barged   through   it,   with   hori-ible   noughts will  nmand ce s| d on any ! haml  to
noise,   ce    small   cube   of   iron,    eehie-h,   .,,,, ^,t>.|, 11S ,,,, destroyer can equal, o**t
elliove   111.'.
"   "l.oolc"- exclaimed He,, firs,  member I mitted it.   The jury consulted softlv for  "."Vi0.'   n PT , PuP hrnasln late . t nn   fmlmip.ttS , I""*'"?0.' I"'."! '"I""1- "f
i„ ,,,,- -ution  "we uro ovorl r.!'"      U * ii  ' ' striking thnt polished hrnuslplate nt tin   POpt nt. deud onlm; thnt, if it comes to
' ' " \M"':..""'      ., ,  ,,      . .,       ..angle, never glnne-e.l  oil' ns  was  expect   ■ , |, ,   u,„..,,.   .|„,   ,„,,„1,„„, gilts   are   mure
 / „        .    „     WHI- «'■': l"'"",.ul   ",,'*l"r>"*     «!"l:(„l    but   went   righl   Hi.-uugh.     Wh...-e„-.,   im|mln,,   ;,„;li„st         „,,   ,„rpe.l<,es
1      l''\l-!*<-"--\  the  eminent  French   the cooler    'what s.vou   vordct? 'riaer]pMt   |1(,rse   wus   -    floiiiirlnn   ,,    anv''battleship   vet    stracled,
M. lawyer,  who  died   rocontly, was Waal,    edge,     ...awe red  tl e fore-    b   t  ,,,„  „,,,,,   ;„„,  ,.,.,„   „x,p,isiiely; ,,„,,  VV(H||||  probablv  k„P, ,lflon1   llft(.
It keeps leather soft and  pliable - mak,,
ee-.    Does  not contain any Turpentine,
ter injurious ingroca-ients.     Brilliant
lcaste.,,4    ono rub does tho trick.
ALL D£ALEn3, 10c. j
no     LIMITEn, Haemillon. Ont , and Buffalo, aa y.
well known »a nu aiu-r uinnvr
speaker, uml bad n wondevful fund of
good law court Rtorios. Parhups tlie best
t»f thom is tlio conversation which M.
lJ,,rluM.x doelaros tbal ho overheard in
tho lobby outside thc Divorce Court one
"Well, how did vou get  on?"
I    -eon l "'-"'"'     ""     "' "' ** ' '      e'1"1    wuuiu    pi
: !i .   wrouuhl   suits   of  une.ei-   (..ne.  slightly   ,|,,,.  In„st   terrible   blow;'  nnd,   flunllv,
eue.e.   ....a.-    ....,.,..„    ,-    ,,„•   ee.e.eoeecI    she,    ;,,,,„,,„,,      |,,,v,.   ,.v,.,.   „i|V,.   hllllg    in    HlC
in   these   parts- nue    dien       vou   ti'n-ite,,       ,**., ,   .,    , ■ ,
.(.in ' I Hoynl Museum at Miidrid.
unci,   "wo've  come  to   Hi
thut .lake  Daniols is Hu* dandiest shol
It   i.  always
Men   hi. v.
; leiore    In
nd   thought   em   devising
eT^Il K lut.. Ilishop Hcire,'' suit! n Sioux | „„,.,„,   ,,f   iHlline.   ench   othei   thin   nn
I'ull.s  physician,  "used   very  rea-1 a„V other suhieet except food, and their lf '- :l »'>'' I'1'"' ■'"'" !l11 anm
sonably   tc   iuipnto   sceptic..,,,,   lo  „dmlrnblt- iii(io t.v in trying to ..void to keep some vvel   known, tried
"Spleudidly.    !  got my divorce nud   iiiisuuderstnnding.                                        being killed is cntitinnnllv defetited by °" ,l"1 "lolde shelf.
re „f the child.   The judge was y       --\],. 0Me told  ,,„■ nl, ,  Chicago  f,.0s|, development of ingenuity in kill        ,l'">"  ll''i'  '"  hl'ir  '" ;l  « '  '":l"-v
lc you know,"                                        business   mnn   of   scepticnl   I'ond lies  jn„     Cowhide   urntoi-   castle  well   and nilments,    Muny nl  them cer.. trivial  if
••A friend ee:: yours.'"                           ' wine nee,I to him:                                        -heii'i't   nf  neik— one  nfter  imothef  thev treated,properly.    Most uf them can I
"Well- met   n    friend   exactly,     II.-:     •• -My dear Mr, Hare, I 'I" not refuse   |mvn  rotted  into nrchneology
VOL. 1
NO   42
used tee lee my wife's l/jr-t husband,
tn  belie
in the st..
if  the   cilk.     I
A Pill tbat Proves Its Value.—Those   in
| cun iiccepl Ihe nrk's enormous size, Its
■ o.te] shape-, and tho vnst  number eef uui
for  picnics r, rial  tourist, luirdlv ■ -1■ • i'■ :^■
succeeds change.    The defences nf tin
South Afrienn Wcer ure i.lrendv  V'li-loi
I    wil Icon!    t he   die!   eel'   II    e ele-rilicc rv
irgcon    if   eellly    the   owner    hns   gome
little   knowledge   of   horses   and    the
remedy is cct  liiind.    'I'heie* will be <-ut-
il   siici|ee-,  .m.i   lie-   ..im    iiicinceec          South   . \ I IICCI0    \\ n r   ul-   HlrPMIV    Nn-lol       •■■■••■•.*    *     '•■     • ■••■
,1-   that   it   coutnineel.     But   when,   I,-,,,,, ,,,„, hnttleshlps full obsolete before : ","'1 spi-nins nntl lameness, nil ocens onnl |
nl   weak  st uel.  will  Iin.I  strength  in   am  asked,  my  dear doctor,  to  bollevp | t'faov swim. Who snid " Dren.inoiigllts";  ''""'  '"''  '"   '':. ' i"'h  '"'  -i1'1"'  ,"'"  ''
because' that the. chil.ir f Israel carried this   Harrllv   huve   w untied    '   purses   velop; there will l,e swe gs.nl inn
enlthful   unwieldy thing  for  forty yeurs  in  tin-   ,:-,„,„ them, hnrdly  huve we  poured  In    '""'•v  ■•"•""'>''hs. etc,     Pln-se i-nine    ■-.
Vogetiilile    I'ills,    1.
thev^Dve   to   iniiintnin   the   hen.iniu. i unwieiuv  iniui*  ",r  "me   ee-.ee-  m  eeo- to,on  them   ■   rdlv  h  we  p	
netiAKf   ic-   stomach   and   the   liver,   wilderness    well,  there,   I'm   bo I   to ,.,'  ,.,v   |,lni1 t»x  super-tax, nnd eleath l">i-tt-ll,v ami surely, often  without  ,xny
irregularities In which ar st distress-   say  my faith breaks down.'" duties into the ruvenii. til' thev huve "I'l'o'""!    i-anse.     The   sensible   horse
.....      Dyiapopiicc,   c...   well   c.cju i.-.l j , „, u,|,.. I,-,,, 11 v lice ve w,. .1 ■ ci i Ithei-oiin    owner   reeognir/es   the   I.e.-!   Ihu tie
with   I .e   an-l   vnl-te   il I   el--  In-dn-to order 11 ighl for which wc   lll",":  |s  ll",,lf "' ,m' '   ''"l-''  "	
proper worth.   They hnve afforded relief          Yonr iimscti.t  will Tell  Von cliimorod, v. I   -.ill. small  voices here and prepares for the emergency.
wile n, i   prepui-ai.ous   nave   laiteii, I Murine Eye Remedy Relieves Sore Eyes, e „m| there arise   tyndcrine   nuestioning '"' "I'l""'"'-""' '   l^enuaii s fspnvin
■uui huve eir..|.!e.l .-cues iu ailments uf   Strengthens Weak  Eyes.  Doesn't Smart, ,,,,„,,,.,.,,. ,v|,.,i,,,. ■■ n:.,..,,",'., ,.,lci-" nre ''"""   i:1   '""'   H'lvertistng   columns   so
;""'  nlV'   . , ,      .eiinee Soothes Eye I'nln, cenei Sells rur 60c. Try elimletiny  whetliei       Ireiirnouglits     tire i   ,.      .   intended tn stiuiresl   lis it sl Id
long   stundlng   where   ...her   medic s   Murlne   iM   your   DJyes   and   in   Baby's of   much   more   service   now   Hunt   the "iten is int. nu« I   n   ugg.  ...e        iiiiuin
were  fe.un.i  unavailing. I Byes for Scaly Eyelids anel OranulnUon. Marouis of Toledo's tirtnor [suggest, n  righl       action.
'    ,•         ' I                  .   „       ,             , ci     I     .,     ,1 Ke'lldnll's   Slinv.n   (lire   is   nice   eel    lice
             > en r   iv   venr  t.e  iciee nieii   ice  tin' , ,,            ' ,                    ,.      ,,   ,
-     ■  ci     round horse remedies   hu   «"-
r lit
Winchester Repeating Shotguns are
not only safe to shoot, but sure to
shoot. They are easy to load or unload, easy to take down or put together,
and strong and reliable in every
way. That's why the U. S. Ordnance
Board endorsed them as being safe,
sure, strong and simple. Over 430,000
satisfied sportsmen are using them.
Stick to ( Winchester ind Yon Wont Get Stack
ITaMMiir Cm tsU Wtmdssasv sissmusmttlsm--tlst JM
■i«aW  ■la-Suffr^'-'-ffV-—••-"•■—1 a fi,,,
increase of battleships iu sixn and pric
pre liivneli gilts,   lii-.-n.In.
[eer Dreadnoughts
twenty veers the rl
frnm the I I.ono tn
the 20,0(10 ions of the Conipieror, thatI
A ever c pounded,    The fact  thnl  it  is
I so old 11  c-'-c I-.   is greiitlv iii it- favor.
,. ent i,a« risen " is "r""r '"•"'"'""'' It* offlni«».-y. All
fhe Triumph, to old-time  horse owners  know   Is lulls
'Spavin 1 tin' :u*'l  most   oj   thom  iis^c  it,    o
I Will   lee   - deted   lev,,   V s   fr -, p'''    »'"'"   j'"1   fh»"    'i''':".;.  !"  ™    |
At  lens,   four ships will then  he,..,, sul- '*  ''"' upwards of f.irty years
uassetl the Dreadnought herself bv8,000 'j0' I""'"11 '" '" '
teens, and ulrendv vessels tu which these- '
I'he practice nl placing pnpe. ring*   ,1 bunds upon cigars had its origin   11 I
tjirl. ilsys of cigar-smoking   uinl  cvi    .-.-.^ ,,-   ..   ,    ,,n  .    ,,.,   ..,  s.iiiuish uni]
1 ul-ciii women  smoker*
The firsl   bunds used   wen   nf pic In.i.h.  paper, vthn-i. tlie. ivoinciii sinukei
I'liiovcd  from  ihe rigui  and  plari'd n|   her flngnr,  foi   use   11  did ing  Ihf
- 0111 the- etigui   without  -e.cliiie ,,:   burning t!ee fingerie
Manufacturers  Intel    gh!   tee  improve  the  nppenrunre c.r   theii   c'tgare-   l.\
seibstituting   handsomely  colored  und   embussed   luiuils   foi   Hie   |elui,i   ringf   ol
Manilu    p,i),er,   cm.I   the    use   of   these    finch    lithographed    bunds,   foi   man;
eecee- routined  to thc highei priced  |j c*   hue   grudiially  extended,  until  t,t   the
; resent   1 cn.e.   it   is  ■ 111,1 -..: ,-:. I
-ion of users that 1-    ej§
.,.   for   which   it   is; H
hardly bigger than  King lhl :
wards seemed to them cere being ordered  .
for the  United States, and devised  for|!»«R:. s/.'r"
the   Rnglish   admirnlty.    step   by  step
the corresponding price is mounting U[i;
three-quarters nf 11 million, 1 illieen,
one unci n half, twee millions    even two
nnd cc half millions cue! three' nlillii
Bcomincmled,   namely,   spavins,    ring    Kg
,ones,  curbs,  splints,   wire  cuts,  swell    'M
ments thnl   tire tilways unci everywhere   ■'■■'.
common  to horses.
1 if course n rei ly nf such
use   has  n   Ulii\*.r^-ll   sole.     It
(suring  thought   that   it   enn  alwnyr
In fact, I', such cm extent   hus llu
manufacturers limi  its cciiM-.;. >■ from :, cgni
nelie-ciie- e of quality than e.eherwise.
eome circles  rcgnrded .
•here   g
The   I'.l't'K EYK does  neee   need  nnt   nrtificinl  "nhuiicecneiit   of  thi;       tun
The manufacturers of thc  I'.l'e K EYE decided fhat, ns their customers did not
-looae- the band, it  „:,- bad business lee tcelee- (■ I mount  Hint should eje tuwnrdf
improving tbe quulitt  of the ,-igni  tu put  im oamental heen.Is
reason wht  lhe HICK EYE make,  ■ ng! around nil ot!
""" » """ m,,.Mon" '■'"'   '.""""."" »  "had ut the drug store.    Renders ,.f H,,-,
'"'"   """•   '""""";   """   '"   •'-'"       ""'however,  would do well  not  to wait  to
  _ buy it until tliere is 11 1 fur it.    Being
i ci  standard remedy ciml cis  nothing else
As ce   vermituge then-  1-  nothing  no  seems nble to lake  its  pb   ,1   ought
potent  us  Mother  tl raves'   Worm   Ex ; ■" '"' l'"-'"lv' "" ,h'' -1"'1* :" ■'" ,r,""s-
terminator, und it  can be given tee tho      Ask    youi    druggist    for    Kendnll's
most delicate child  without  fear nf ice |"Trenti**.* on  the  Horse." c.r  write toj
P.S.—The BUCK-EYE needs no band to make it saleable. Smokers know it as the best Ten-Cent cigar
.jury to the constitution.
Hi.   B, .1.   Kendall,  Enosburg,  Vi. THK IIOSMBB TIMES
The Army of India
By trank (i. t'arpenter
C1 Al.e 1 TTA,  1910.—The troubles in.cbu
I     India continue.    All is ejuiet upon J government fctrni.-.    Horses for thee e
Dung stoch and rear them on the
tin   surface,   lent   every   now  and j airy  are*  ulse,  imported   from   Australia
then  a   botnh  is  thrown,  a  conspiracy  and stallions from  Arabia feer the i
unearth,*.!   that   shows  the   volcano   be
ncath. .Since I have been here the- an
irchistic organizations hnve made* at
tempts upon the lives of many officials,
trains lic.ve I n wrecked and the niei-t
barbarous plots uu earthed. Several
bombs have been thrown at the viceroy,
aid no high official is safe. In the main
the nc.lives ere quiet; lent thc unrest
deems increasing and any international
 nplication   in   which   Great   Britain
rakes port   may  precipitate trouble.
On mv way here- tee Calcutta 1 trcve-l
ed witli (len. Pole-drew, a well known
Hritish office! In speaking of the army,
In* said:
"Our Indian troops will be leeyul enough as long as England is in lhe ascendency end ber power in the fur east predominant. If We slieelild huve t ...libit*
witii unv eether nutinn. such us Russia,
tor instunee, and should meet defeat,
there would be danger thut the Indian
army would fl) to the- worship of the
rising sun. ...- it i- now we hold India
because  ii   is a continent  of many  ua-
lions rather tic,en "no.    Tin- ! pies nre
such Hint the} cannot eombiiio. The
mombers of He various castes hate one
another.    The  in   will   not   mix,  und
the religious sects, if left  alone, would
fight tee t (e-uth.      It   i-  ill  this  thill   eecll
safety lies.
Said another general whom I met here
at   Calcutta:
ee if th.- British rule were removed for
c week, India would be cencer.-hy. The
Mohammedans would swoop down on
Hn* Hindoos, nice! Hie Goorkhas would
toot and massacre the towns e.f Bengal.
The onlv salvation  for   India   is   in a
.-.trong pe.we-r cit the- head; an.l w un
ago our army l.v keeping Hu- castes and
.Vets   iu   -Ui-tl   elivisiolls   t llllt   they   e'CCllllot
combine. We learned thut during 11...
Sepoy rebellion ceinl -hull never forget
it." '
I am told that tin- a.jitu.e.rs ure cluing
ull thev can to stir up sc.lil.iou in the
.irmv. Anarchistic publications arc
smuggled into the. native barracks, and
attempts mude t.> cronte dissatisfaction
among the .-e.l.liers. So fur Ihis has
been in vain. The soldiers un* loyal and
stick to He- British. Nevertheless they
ire tninking end thinking hard. The
Japan Russian   war   wns   watched   and
disCUSSill    ill   tin-   I eii I Vi l. ■ It S.   tlllll    it    WUS   Cl
great surprise that the Japanese defeat
e.l the Russians. H was the defeat of
the white matt by the brown man, and
the question among the fighting cluss is
if the Japs were victorious why should
neet the Kce-t Indian be so in some great
war of Hn- future. On the other hand.
the rajahs appreciate the conditions
that would obtain should the army, as
uow constituted, be dissolved. One of
the northern chiefs, who controls! n
population larger than that of greal
Britain  recently suid:
"1 shoul.1 lik.' t.e see the Hritish
leav- India. If lhey did- I would take
hale    ,c    lee/eui   regiments,   and   within
thn   ■    ■  • I'ltS   till !•■   we.uld   icot   lee   Cl   twee
anne bit left een the plains uf the
Ganges. We would loot the Bengalese
nnd cHOture their women. I It'll you il
would be -port.'
.!, hn Bull's hold upon India i- the
wonder of colonial governments, He
I us hero     ci mbinat ion of the most tur
hulenl   anil   most   peaceful   | pies   on
earth. IH- hces some whose, religion
teaches then it is their duty and busi
noss' tee fight and pluuder their fellow-;
and millions who have feu.Is with each
other and who would light to the death
did they not fear the strong nm. of the
Nevertheless, he controls the country
witli u military force which averages
much les- IIntn one soldier lee ench thou
sand i pie.    Indicc lues altogether HOO,-
000,000, and the total army, including
both British nnd natives, is only 23(1,
000. This is scattered cell over tho pen
insula. There arc eight divisions in the
north, ce large pur. of whicli guard the
frontier, an I there are four divisions in
tho south cc- well cc- the troops in Burma
in.I n  garrison nl   Aden, Arabia.
The  army,  all  told,   would   be  .- II
even  if lice- • ntry  were homogeneous
and peaceful. It is nothing in compnri
son with the great forces which are
forming in Europe, und in the far east.
If Inclin hud cc- many soldiers ns Japan
hus on u   ponce footing its urmy would
number three millions,  I if on u war
footing il we.uld lie more thun twelve
millions. The Oeriuuns have one pel'
cent, of their whole population under
mils, tind in times of wur they could
put ii per ..ent. of it into tho field. Al
the same rutin Indiu could hnve- fifteen
millions under arms in the greut wars
of the future, and the only power thnl
might possibly snrpnss her in .lumbers
would be the Chinese, who ,-et the same
rate could muster, perhaps, five millions
The   ]n.linn  nr.nv  wus made over  b.v
provenie'nt of the native stock.
The officers her.- tell me that the
army i- the best paying asset in John
Hull's schedule of East Indian invest
inents. It is kept up without taxing tho
people at home, and it gives him a big
lighting force whicli lie can shift to ant
pert of the world upon order, Ue used
it against the Boers, aud also in China
at the time- of the Boxer rebellion. In
case eef Asiatic war of any description
il would be invaluable to bim, und upon
the \\heel,* it makes Indin worth far
more thun it costs, '('his is especially
so, .-es the Hindoos pay the totai .expenses of tlie* military supplies und of
tin' soldiers. The cost amounts tee something liko $100,000,000 a year, but this
is iill raised by the taxation eef Hind.,
hours  ct  clay.    There  are  three  classes iug  water feer ten minutes in order to
of labor, hard, modiu.u and light; they insure llu* killing of any germ life that
are  allotted  according  to  the-   physical might   be   ou   it.     Tlie  scrotum   of  the
capacity nf the men. .Much of Hie work animal   shoubl   be   washed  iu   a   watery
is   in   manufactures   of   various   kinds, solution of carbolic  acid or creolin  at
anei ns fur us possible in tbe making of the strength of about a teaspoonful of
things   fe.r  the  government.    A  greatltbe  disinfectant  to  a   pint  of  water,
ileal  of the clothing ami tents leer the* After   the  operation,   the   surroundings
army come from the jails, 'fhe criminals
joint nicest eef tin* government blanks,
and they also make furniture for the
public buildings, lu some jails traeics
are taugut. A great deal eef weaving is
done and some of tlie* finest carpets in
Hie worlei ure made in the jail at Agree.
The prisoners are force.I tee work, and
should lhey shirk they are- punished.
Among the punishments uie various
forms of confinement, working iu chains
and whipping. There ure ulso rewards
for industry unit gooel conduct, and the
orderlv criminal can thus cut down his
There nre- boys in most of the- jails;
but they are kept in separate wards ami
receive an education of tin- manual
.ruining order, "l'h.'re me- alsee reformatories for both girls and boys; and in
some provinces the juils have special departments for girl criminal
slioul-1 In* e-li'un. A nice pasture field
ic the i.e*st piece, but if necessary to
keep Hie animals in the barn, great care
shoul.I lee- taken to keep them in clean
quarters, otherwise germs of almost all
kinds muy get into tlie wounds cmd Bet
up Ulcere- or less serious trouble.
A barnyard is one eef the worst possible places in which tee perform any
operation, because of the conditions being so favorable fee- the production of
germ life. A careful veterinary surgeon
would not perform any operation more
especially a seriou.- one iu cc barnyard.
lie woulel take his patient nway to souie
clean pasture field away from the bam
anil its .surroundings, even though it
should be winter and thee snow on tlie
Many nf tlie eelde'r generntiou wil!
think   S-.   munv   precautious  quite   un-
in   Indin  thun  in nny oilier country  of
\-ice.   with   tne  exception,   perhaps,  of
tepee.    There  un*  courts  everywhere,
llu- cirin.v   is  not   extravagantly  kept   um1 ,.w.,.v „utiv0 h.,s ,,,,, r-„|,t t'„ br*ng
trom a western standpoint,     lhe native «,,,*._    The Hindoos are fond of the law.
soldiers receive monthly something like and   thev   spend   freely   in   defending
two or three, dollars  per  month,  which tJleir ri   j,,,   Somethiug'like two million
is good pa}  for th.- pa.-,  ot  the world. (,*v*.   ,..lv,„   .,,,.   i„sti,„t(„|   DUeh   veer.
Moreover, those who remain in the ser The officors of the urts number almost
' •''"' » '"""* l-'"-'h '"  """" ■'"'• "' nine thousand, nnd t -i-.il jusl ices ure
tired  on
deev,   cm.I.
therefore, cun  luxuriate for tin- rest  of
their lives.
In uddition  i'e the army, India hus il
large civil  police.    Every town  hns its
tssary,   lhey   never   observed   tliem
Indeed, law aad order now mean more | nnd hael good sue ss.   Hut wo must not
forget Hint yeurs ugo whon Hie country
wus younger, farm life was not nearly
us common us ut present, und Hie man
wlm today looks for uniform success
must observe them. Cun some of us
not ree'cill cases of some farmer having
a local reputation us a successful opera-
tor, whee ceeuld boast (perhaps truthfully) thccL he never lost a easo in his life,
fo be mortified to find flint ll litter of
l*itr-- on which he had operated ul! weut
There   ure-   mnnv   trials   by
native juries,  nnd  lhe  native  lawyers, I wrong, they bocamn stiff uml sore, il
wlc usually ure graduntcs eef the uni-  parts  turned  blue' und  swelling set   iu.
uro  both  able
or seeking work outside. Th.eso that
chose to be a help to the family first
followed the spinning wheels aud the
luteins to th.' factories. Many of then,
are the*ro yet. Gradually women have
learned thut Hie product'of brains commands a high.-r price than manual labor.
Also that wmiie-u who exerci.se their
brains more unci tuke batter care of
their bodies deen't age so rapidly and
live longer. So she left the factory,
those of her that had the ability, and
invaded the sacred precincts of'man's
special privileges in the line of business.
As she* hus advanced along those lines,
we must admit that she has not been
a failure. She has been conscientious
und careful i„ her weerk, and with the
invention of the typewriter and telephone the demand i'or her services has
increased. Very naturally, us tt consequence, she bus line! no time to learn
the domestic arts. It is cheaper t-e buy
clothes fuc.eery made than it is to make
them oneself after working in Hie office
nil dny, so she buys her clothes and, if
she lives ut borne, eats her mother's
cooking. Whon throw,, on her own resources, in many instunces, she re
sponds to that cull of hor uuturo which
finds satisfaction unit ley her own fire-
siele, turns to home-malting for herself
and becomes a bachelor giil. She buys
ti bungalow of her own, sets up her
household goods, including ,-c tireless
cooker unci u gas st'eve, worries the life
out eet' her friends feer recipes for im
possible, viands, buns Hie midnight eeil
—and leer bunds, experimenting with
them gives un occ.-isionnl Dutch supper
to a favored fow tun! sends them home
—glad io be alive! I
uiestic nature of e\oe.
Three of a Kind
A Morning .Anions the Thieves of Paris
T^III GFJ     Thief!    Stop   him?    Stop i woman  was.    But wii
him! " u>ki><(. lo.tkiiic rou-nd,
ere.  i.s sht.
The i'rnwii ^avi; chase, everyone
shouting at the tup of his voice without knowing what it was all about.
Filially the thief was caught, beiug
headed off 1*v a policeman stationed on
a corner.
For a time the culprit was indistinguishable, sn completely was he surrounded by the mob, which, like a hurricane or a rising sea, threatened his des-
.truction. Officers rescued him, however,
pushing back   his pursuers.
A breathless woman stepped nut uf
the ranks and began: " Moosieur Polico-
man, Ihat man .snatched my gold bag
frnm my hand! Oh, ynu thief! Take
that—and that!" she exclaimed, .-inking the offender over the bead with her
" I)on 't take your revenge in that
way, ma da me," suid the policeman.
".Come with me tn headquarters and
make your accusation.''
Thereupon tlie officer, the thief, nnd
the victim set nut for the station in ;in
adjoining street, followed by the interested throng.
Tlu- woman kept up her tirade: "Of
course   1   wilt  go  tn the  station.    They
ucii j« the do-   ouo;|tt t„ ,.:it,.|t nil these rascals and ship
l,r  "I ''i "r | them nlf to some desert island!    Nol one
should be left nn the streets nf Pari
de   and   offleieilt.   thoy   went   off  their   Peed  and   perhaps      When   street   assessments   sewer   as i     Thl, UliH- s;ii(J nothing.    Ile had th
I'lltnni III 111*11 I  ..." t   1, I   ,\. .1 'I'l.. ,«,,ea*n. a a.* a     ».. _ • *   ..4       1 .1        ..It..       4  .     .     "
a   rogular   system   of   appeal
1,,,-ul wntc in,en, nn, 1 everv ,-,ty is patrol   court    ,in|. • „ >,,.„,,..„./,. bftv  Bcn-zal,
Iod lev police will, clubs iii their hands. I, t||1, „„-.,.,, ,„.,„;,„.,., (.„.",,, ,ln. m
I be local village police aggregate Rome-; , * ,, eourta whi,.l, have the right
tb.ng III .001) men, un.l this would \lf *,    tl,    ,,„.       ivv     ,,„.,,   •„
one to each
be  hardly enough  te
village.    In audition then- „ .,.■■■... ., ,   , , , ,.„,   ,,„.      ,,.. ,   ...,„
in tho cities  and on the who rder is  ,..,,„ whjl,,,    ivp ,„„, .,,, iden „, ,,„, w„rk
tncrly   eve.II   kept.      I lie   thugs  und  other | nf   ., ..j,,,;,,.,,   eourtl,    ,,„,,   B*,ow   |,ow
castes who, in times pi
noss am!  reli]
n! steal
well   the   flriiish   are   hooping  law  and
irder  in  Hindustan.    The country, ci.-c
ing, huve been wiped out, but there are   vm| k is thieklv mpulatod. lit- in
still armed gangs who now and then go  jmbitant8   „„,„,„,,.   three   hundred   mil
about  coi itting   robbery  und   house- J ,.„,,„_   ,11|t   .,,„„„,,  ,,,,   thl,S(,   |ast   y(ml
I'  poll
'I'lee  system   ot   police   wor
lont,   The watchmen nro i cr the ryes I fn).   Sl.nll,m.,.s  „,•   imprisonment.   There
of the head men ot the villages, and mi | was m||v (im, lnurder ;„ ,.,,,-11 three linn-
there   were  only  two  in  each  thousand
convicted   ol'  crimes  sufficiently   grave
portent  critn
er,- report.
to   till-   eli-
elre-il   thousand,  and   only
trict, and in ninny eases the wtitchmeu   lmlf   |nillin]1   ,.ccoive(*   "„   S(,ntei
cue responsible for lees
me   in   eucli
I eleutli.     In one year in this population,
l-.ver.v place has its own police station j tlir(M, ..„„,„. .Is .        „„ ,,,,,, „,- th,. ,,„,.
and  arrangements  for  patrol  day  and  d   statl,9   there   were   less  than   Bftv
.l.l.'...,cl".':..l.:,r.K"!'...,..""a"a..!'.     .']!'. ::'.'.''! I tllOUKIinii   COIlvict iOHS   C,f   theft.   1111,1   OIll.V
vent'"en   liulnlreel   iiie'n   I rillispol tee!   tc
some   of  tliem   elieil.     lln*  operntor   is  sosaments, state, oounty unci e-it.v tuxes
iiuite at u  loss to nccount  for it.    lie  bond   issues or divers  un.l  sundry  im
thinks probably tlie moon wus not in
tin- right stnoe', or seeine other nntural
pbonomena were- tee blnme. If n person
were to tell him thnt his hands or knife
wero dirty, lie would probably bo offended, nud yet the chances cue twenty
In one that Icicl* of cleanliness in sonic
way was the sole cause of trouble.
It wieulel In' ci splendid object lesson
for some men if they could sec II patient
iu any of our hospitals prepared tor un
operation and note the great cure taken
tee nssuiv absolute cleanliness. While
of course it is possible feer tlie1 farmer or
veterinary surgeon to go to the extremes
they do iu human practise, yet. there is
greal room lor improvement on tlie
methods used by many persons iu animal
pracl i.-e-.
listP'P        P   ■     ,,.' -   i    , I       "  sevente.,.,!  hundred  men  trunsported  toj™,,,, ,   „,-       ,       ,in„s     , k„
, eh*;     1. ,  ettrs and   I-.1 it" .   offend    ,h" P0"?1 "?'"M"^, "    'P  And"r" e     > 1     P<*<-° «"itl, lhe demunil. and our In-
,,. crlJ;:'    vl::.:i I '»• -.   .X ^\^ ™*  ?,)UU„ W t,, supply the demands of
-"' wlcen'tlcv move their reputntions   '^\J^ti ^n,'"1™1  "  ""   ,m")   the market at all seasons of the year is
,.,, with then, to form pcirt of the black   tr __..i_ ■ :i   vprv Sl'n""s problom,    Nnturully we
ii.-t   of their  new  roside.
I'i.on  such   lists are  tlie  descende.it
ves the reason for this, which
PROGRESS IN COW TESTING.     | ;.,„„,, ,,„ „„„„„,„,, in s,,v„r!ll      '      ,,„
I,,,,,, seee-ie li-t< -ire tin* des, eudeiits        rasj^atssto ..xa ^v,,,   .»...*» could be answered in sovora  ways, but
Ml         >     '  11      11>1 .i     ,111        I lie     I ll'.-l I'lHM   III >  .    -f-.y      ■         ..,,,.,,..,        ..nu nu     w I ruin     i-iUV   ti'lil KKr ■."           ,.
nf the times -,,1,1 members of the other T          several years since  iov, testing ,  t , k ,hi, farmera .,,.,, n„t t-llMv .,|m,
ot    fill     tlllli,'     .111.1   lie llll.I I      nl    III,    ...11. 1 J^                 u    „..,s   (.,);,.„    „,,   |,v    , |„,    |)0m|,l .          ,                        .     .           J*         .       ,
castes, wlm formerly made crimen bus.-          .      ,..,...,T,.m,,,.,     t.-,„. ..  .-,,„■ years °. pioutaoinuess  01   aoeping  .11.1
eo.ss     There  ure  ii-inv  of these     The                ,                .     ,         ,'          •;,     . mis ng   poultry.     Basing   cent-   cnleula-
K, ,,',   mans   nre     rofession      thieves th'' w'"k "'"e"""' '" 'Pa,"'""" "''"•'" ■""■« "" tho most eonaorvative estimute
iV    .„.', . k.-                 n      I,  "iTI" "' '"' -"'""">l'l"-l""cs anything t|mt „ ,,        ible to obtal    „,, „
are..'   0 stet       nd       •„ Thev "f ;' ^TttVd^c'ow   'l^vcnen!t,lil* "'"" » ''' l'r0flt °» "^ h""" "V"r
b"PRlori,o I ses not through the ,1 „ tuiZtl^u^U 1'", &»"? ^ ' St '"' f ""^' '"' *'■""
?ho mud  w-llis w t.rVin'SeKnts   "at <<« « >•"«. '*»<■ ' ' **"» »»*•,  N" >'f   '    V* have no , ent statistics s vine,
■     t   ,' u,,e ""V"""   *",°<*rcsa  •",;,),""l   '•;  l;","11'"'"  how many. upiers of land wo havo in
- T have   nl ,   di poured, °»ft  "PPPl^lPPPPlP";:   C*nndu t ty, but in the yen,-  1. the
and  windows   but  by  digging through a |ll](] , dl.     out    N„
,!„.  mud   well-  with   instruinents  made   |n.|m.i;t      'ogrcss   „ „,„,   ,,,   ,„,   ,„.„,,,
1 "!;.,""■ I"11'!""';- onlv  one  here nnd  there stuck  to the
I,-, W   cefhuiZl '.low.   I." ' ule'eolieei h"Aa"** '""'* """"P '" "", "" ?" Vf'" I government puhlishe.1 statistics snowing
k-wil      .'.- *.     Tl  *,   wire:     ■,',-' r":"t J"  V^nnont   improvement      l.ur- J ^ L(., ;ss ,        „,.   ||vn(,K
and  of'hmL    assassins  w-hoflrst   »,'K lh"'"l;i'  ?™r ,".    Up "*"«', l> PP These   were   elivi I   iu.,!   two   clusses,
strangl uel then'robbed thoir victims.   cl»l»8e Ip 'j.';', .,P PP  1     e  It ved  t,,08c «ver HO acres nnd those under lifty
Thev   had   in,|.s   of   the   c ..rv    witl.      .""'.   V       farmers   who   have   sta.-a.id   g0      reg    The totnl number of farmers
niuruer stations .narked cc,,!!, The,,,, u.   «"«*,«  h:<P.P'U>P'PPPPPP"TP\ «>">   »vor  IHI  neres  wns  372,250,  and
murder stuti
which  pine
nub!  kill  with  lenst I
n  milk  production   per cow  as
iO acres and uniler wen* 17'-
eef  discovory.    Thev   killed   by
wholesale. Ice one nf the Iriccls .. certain thug confessed that he had been
..n:_'.ie^ee! in !)00 inurderH,
The roud poisoners "t* tce.Jccy tire suid
to In- tho descendants of or allied lo the
to show clearly the grent value anil .111    4„fl     Nmv v,,„ ,vin :ilUn]i that (nrmen
portance .
will  elieeenr-
ithers lo take up the work of
md over should keep
tesling and cow select!
men have doubled tl
per i-eiw since the work  began, und in I
,w instances tin- yields per cow|
cm   average   Hm   hens, and  those  under
Muny dairy    .-„ ,u,ll(,s sll„„|,i keop 5n h(„ls    N„w. ,,-
1   ' this wns the case, iustoad of having only
aboul 2c,.()00,00n head of poultry in Can-
,. , 1 not a few instances the yields per cowl    .     i,„|.,,     ,.,,   »-,.., 1,1   hnve  11'totnl   of
thugs,   p-ey work.,, small gangs, fol-tr()1)led    ti,,,,.,: ;nv J c,!s,, '(. Ill,!	
lowing  the  pilgrims and   travelers and!   ,ho ,,.,„, „.,„„, llv th ,w.tusting esse    •".M'-'-"1- >»uhn
appearance of a halfatarvod trnnip,i
nnd In- wus absolutely iudlfforent to ull
that was going on nbout him, lie had
seen the glitter of tlie gold bag need hnd
reached cent und gathered it in. Now ho
wus arrested, und tho shelter and ciust,
h,e crnvod  wen* about  tn be  his. That
The truth was the woman had slipped
out, taking advantage of the judge's
preoccupation. Ouly the man remained.
He now spoke*, addressing the jeweller:
"Vein and I have both been -done '
1 take it."
"He looks like an honest follow,"
replied the joweler .indirectly. '-|
might hire him for a detective.5.
He did nothing eef the kimt, however;
the man wus sentenced to Severn
He remarked cynicullv:
"Another timo I'll stenl from louest
people, if 1 ean lind any. That's u
hard tiling to do, it seems,'"
provements, needed or otherwise, de
inand 11 eeitiiin percentage on tlie v;ilm
of her property, and she has io forego
Easter hats and new gowns to meet the
payments, she la-gins to *-ii up and take
notice of the fact that, ns a property-
owner kIic is obliged to pay 11 pro rata
of the expenses of the governinenl with
no voice in the matter, while her fellow-
workman, with no property to lie taxed,
and no special interests al stake in the; ,-„..,]:ltl. ]jj-,, n pnrv pun- ■■ i :r
election, is given power to help die tut 1} Kor t|lp tpnt|, time sliu rehearsed the
its result. She learned at school, ami Ltory 0f the theft. "To bo robbed in
from the Fourth of July orations toh,,^ daylight! There's uo safety any-
which she listened in her callow youth,| wp(.re ji_. seems'"
that her forefathers staked their lives! The'peiit'emau looked al the gold bug
nd  libertv on the issue of "Taxntion   ho |,.m]  rmim\ under the thief's blou
They re:t«-hed the htation,
''The judge is eug -g.-it
in  attendant.
The woman continued to talk nnd ges
withoul   represent at ion,''   and   be.
loyal   A meriean  she  wonders  why that
rule doesn't apply in  her ease.    If she
voices her  wonderment  loud  enough  to
be heard, she is cullod a suffragette!
We   believn   thai   the   business   world
is man's  hemisphere;  that   the home is
owIiir   the pilgrims  and   truveleTs' und   '"f ™" YZ ..""'[ JPP.^P '-IS.S-l7.:i5.., yieleling a mini........ profit of
,,si.,K poison that  thev  1 ■ be able lol K"\\] P"., *    "'   '\* 'P"^ ''^," ^    | *l*t)0 per h.,,,1 per yen,; think what this
roh and make their escape    One of the   clntlon ■ organized,     0 M  menu to the country.
e.e.iie.    em,        tne heifers lenming. in, raised from        v*. nil know   the number of ,„-cutiier«
inns   eiemmiii. clruns is mix voinicu, and   ,     ■    ,     ,      „.,     -pi,«,    ,.,,,,,,  ,,,,.,     ;.. '     K""B* ""   nuinoe 1 01 oeeiipiii.
another is   the   native   Clinturu. wl.i.-l. I "',",r '""   '' '"P ,110Z. of   ette   ,ni 1 "f lam1 is "'"  '™St ",10 V,'"''1 """'" "'•""
produces  insensibility  an.l  death.    The """>' f 8t?",f" '  "dams     Ai Ith" Ih " was in  ,:""'    N";v M"W '"'■ ""' '!',
ct.,., n„.s  from  u   plant common  all      "■',,., .     in   nil coy    "ti, P. ''tmw <" ti"";'!"'"' P.'oport,on: ,1 would
over the country.    II  la one of the fan,- v"r> *"UI-.   '.   " '     "   '        ,-    ,*  ■ n ' Siv0 US a iottt] °' 22fl'90,5 t'"''m','S "'"'
„„s poisons nf ancient India, which kills "^   • ",: 1 J",     ,: , r>. ™™ !""1 '""I0. 'I'1'1 m>™ ,'ir"""'H
withoul   Ire   One of the  inost   noted " "XI"*'""0" '" tl,1R " """- "" "' M will,   farms  containing  oyer  SO  ceres.
>». is,,,,,. 1- ,,.- 1. .cent times used this driiir. ''..„>'.''">'    .....     ... .     ,   ,. ... Now allow an average of 50 lions per
[...IsiH.el -  .',   l.-eeilt   t lilies tl-l'il  1 Ills ell lie. j ■ .. ..       1    1   .      I     .sun    ,ee.„,.    ....   „,ti„Kc-   .-.   ■-..   ,,..,..-    ,., ,
11,.  eves  dieemnn,  who had  learned      ,^hat ""'"""""K ia "eeded tee increase  fariJ nf -0 ,,,,,.s ,uu, ,„„-,,,,. anfl „,,, ,mv0
the trade i     ,c„l     Al  his trial It m- Hk  f"*»»''"' *u J*1* •"«"" fJ'^'U total  of  11,495,250, and allowing an
fesseel   thul   lc   poisoned   liundreels   of I ™: „?T, ', "'Z'—11,,- of   ,00  hens t'or all  farms 0
5,   'nd' „.'."gal-e the details of 'sixty-1 >»«™' "f 3'»? ^ '"' £ ."" ,^  over 5 -es gives . total of 40,6H4,50O
■     per annum, the o**erage should be .it  o|. m t()ta|   of   B1jgB7ao   )„,„„.
..     • 1   1   ■     least  5,000 pounds,    Why a dairyman
'"' ' ''"'!    u|can be coutenl  tee go on doing business
,   with   u   ."..Hiin   pound    cow    is   hard   to
'       " " "       ::"'   ful     The,,' is  certainly  no  money
in   the   milk   producing   business   undee.-
mch   conditions.     If  tho  average  cow
nine murder!
Poisoning   lin>   cclvv
Indicc.   Tlm legends of the gods are fill.,
nf   the   custom,  and   love   charms  and   ""''   "   "'    [ "
dentil charms mny still he bought.    The
tunners   used   to   poison   entile-   for   the
1 1 heir Iii.les by placing arsenic ini
, . inst  pays her wav there is nothing lost
ling l-ronghs; anil with... recent I J
an ;ittempl wus made to 1
their fi
ecru:v nil;: 1 1)   - ii 11   lc iu
with   arsenic,  Thore   n
princes  and   prill.1
ceiseeil  un     .
nt   nny   rule
lliit  the dairyman is not
cl  dust   mixed
in business for the ton
i it.     Milking,
cows  is  not  n
for uinl  feeding
1   pastime.     It   is
1   '   ",'i''." I exucling   kind   nf   work   n   farmer   can
liiusone.    hv envenom...!   robes     kc  tliut I      , , -,-. -    ,e
I .' tuke* ill", uinl il tliere is no iiiemey in the
O      Nes-ll>. ,..-..'...     ,.      :.   ,-..i-i.   ,■ a....:'. Cl.
truditions  of     ,     -■ ,    Msti„„,     lt ia .,,,„„, Ih(. m09|
huve   been   '        ,.       ',-,,. , ,.
'      '     ■     '    :i   tcirmi
I'nti!  verv  recently
j business, he is foolisl. for staying with
!■ most j j.     |eu^ there is moocy in dairying, and
'  .1.
common  crimes  in  Indin  huso 1 1.  i"- big  money, too,  if  properly  eoiiductoc
fiinticid.e.    It  i- -nil practised iu some lf thc ijqOO pound cow cn.i bo mado t
localities,  being  most   prevalent  nl   tho „ivo   1.000 pounds, with  the snine caro
times of famines. Such infanta ure usu- ]lm] ,*,,,.,j_ ,|„, extru 1,000 pounds will ho
ally  girls.   Muny  of  the   Hindoos  look ,,*,,„,. g!lin.   Or t.  it in another wav,
upon  the birth  of cc  female child  -
l-'iguriiiii; tllis on the conservative bas
of cfl.tiO profit from eggs nlone, you have
over $01,000,000 from this one source.
It Is stupendous when you think of it.
Figuring ecu this basis, you ccni easily
see-how, even witll n very small increase
in tlie number of hens kept, what an
enormous profil will accrue to tlie
ceeu 11 try.
When you take into consideration
thut it is estimated there are only ubout
25,000,1100 head of poultry altogether in
Canada, which divided up between all
the farms only shows nn overage ot 35
lieccel per fuiin. von cun see what room
exists for improvement and development along these lines. If thoy would
keep larger flocks, their returns would
be so much larger that the profitableness
of  sunn*   would   be   evident,  und   once
The till, f look..! down at lies feet,
whi-'h protruded through the holes in his
siloes. The e-i'o'...I peered in n! the
door to see what was going een inside.
At lust the judge appeared at the decor
of hi- ofilce, ushering out an elegantly
liittircd   ladv   who   scorned   much   cast
woman s  hemisphere, uud   th.it    when 1 u0WI1
properly  united  they  form  the  perfect I     eiji,n  verv ROrry, inndame," he wns
sphere for whicli Nature designee! them.
We believe that the end for which God
created woman is best obtained  in the
environment   nf   the   home.    That   her
force for good is strongor, if her nut ure
is developed and refined by proper religious   trai.cing.   when   her   liccnils   und
brains are employed in guiding the growing minds of her ehildron, preparing her
sons I'or a citizenship that is denied her.
We dee not boliovo that any normal wu-
iiiun   ever  launcher!   out   into  the  deep,
swirling sen  of the  business  world, to
meet its problems and its temptations,
in order to earn an honest living for her
self, and in a greut many instances for
others  dependent  upon   her,   without  u
feeling of rebellion in her heart against
conditions that forced her from the sheltering fold, that deny to hev u woman's
(Ind given   rigid   tee  home  aud   children
and protecting love.
The new woman is not in the business
world   through  any  choi. f her own.
auy  more than tlie woman nf the old
school spun uinl  wove in  preference lo
performing the duties thnl arc see ah1.-
•'..e.. by her dnughters of today.   Conditions  have placed  her  there,  nnd   c-.ll
our theories tee the contrary aro power
less to eliminate her.    She  is 11  factor
tn  lie   reckoned   with,   not  scoffed  at.
She is to lee found in every line of busi
cess unci professional life.    She is nol
trying to crowd out her brother bnl to
keep step witll him,   She dices not  need
t,e become coarsened by thc bi loning
of her mental  vision, although nl   lirst
she may get a little giddy with the un
wonted' freedom of action and imagine
that, in order lu lie successful she must
bc "mannish."    But this is a mistake
that   her   own   uni uml    intuition    will
preempt her to rectify, if sho is properly
balanced.    Too irm:  it   is that   n   fow,
blinded by false lights, have lost  their
bearings  on  the great sen  of life und
gone down in the struggle with tomptn
Baying, "but this sort of thing happens
everv day. Thieves nro not in the
habit of bringing thoir plunder to police,
"It wns *co unfortunate!" sighed the
lady. "Tee think of losing a gold bag, a
watch, ;i   bracelet, nud   o   ring all  al
once. ''
She seemed to be appealing to thc
crowd to witness her misfortune, ns she-
cast her eyes about,
"My thief! " she exclaimed suddenly.
"There she is! I was sitting in u shop
trying on gloves, with my bag lying in
my lap. That women grabbed il und
disappeared. I hud just time to see her
und I recognize her. 1 lecogni-.-.e my
proporty, too."
This caused n general surprise. The
mnn reused his head und smiled faintly.
The accused woman, abashed for nn instant, fueed the nowconior.
"The bag is mine, Monsieur .hedge.
The hilly doesn't know what she's talking nbout. Tin-re might bo two bags
just alike.
"Yes. an.l more thun two, for that
mutter." replied the judge. --Itut we
shall soo."
lie' took  tho bug aad opened ii.
"Whut i- in this beg. mci.Iamc .''' lie
usked, addressing the accused.
•• A  watch," was the reply.
"Thut -wus not dillieull tie gnes--. I
just said then, wus," remnrked the so
cond woman,
"Whnt kind ed' 11 watch 1" insisted
thc judge.
•   A  plain gold one,
•■\.et at all," corrected the st nd;
"it is set with small diamonds."
The judge examined the wntch, The
second woman wns rigid.
"And tho bracelet?"
"Set   with   diamonds,"   replied   th
"Plain gold," -cuiel the- other.
-he wns right again,
A (HUI. who hus received a number
of   invitations   from   an   elderly
woman cannot better express her
appreciation of the courtesies extended
than   by  making nnd  sending to  her 11
duinty utility  bug.
I'ine but substantiel linen of delicate
hue may be. fiisliionc.l into u capacious
dressing lmu with inside compartments
for eein.bs. hairpins, soap, cream, mirror
aud shoe hook; outside pockets for the
tooth, hat, icuii uud .-lollies brushes, und
swinging cushions lor pins of various
types. The bug should bo bound nil
nrouud with .aunderable ribbon, matching the shiule 11. the linen, and have
wide ribbon drun strings ending with
substantial ring- so that the receptacle
may bo suspended from u cfl^'ic .-"!
hook. "
Cretonne, French linen, i-unl
goe en foulard are used for por!«>ce-|ea„;,j,s
One very pretty model consists of an
eight iinh wide strip of materiel shirred
on two stiffened circular pieces eef four
inches in diameter, to tho outer side of
which un* starchod needle und pin
books, while the interior is equipped
with pockets feer wools und embroidery.
A bag .■*' printed cotton or silk does uot
r< ire trimming either thun the ribbon
hangars, wliich un- attachod bononth
small bows, while thoso of plain linen,
canvas or ponge... mny  be embroidered
with  ir-e.  hrlghl   lined silks or witl.
A bridge bag cannot be line lenhornte.
If you know whut is the elderly friend's
favorite shade of grey, buy that tone in
satin or silk, ombroldur it in self tint,
so chat it will accord with unv of her
afternoon gowns, and have it mounted
on a silveri'd metal frame. On the outer
side of the bag should be a handkerchief
pocket and in the interior, compart
inents for u checkbook, n change purse
and a powder pull'. The sume equip
incut is used for beaded silk und net.
begs, end for those of sutin veiled with
ri'el la. r heavy mesh.
then, unpropnrod, perhaps, ley the home      <• And tlio rn■■ '
fcruininfl- necossarv to combat the enemy ' .     .    ,     ,vl,
..,.•'*   ...      ,,-... ae ,.,.•„,.,. "h.   I   don't   know,      anappod   the
first pceHy. abandoning tho game.
What else is In the beg:'" queried
Lord   Kitchener.     I   met   him   about   c,     I"    1  .    .    " ', » ;        >       as »   ,t> 4,000 pound cow returns a profit of ^ thi„  h,    h,tl„.ps.s
v-cir ago here al .'alette, wl, ,e was I0;"™ J ai        „w   '      \ m ,    'ms „n-  *' '\ PP' " ""       '""',"' '"'"' W" ''" '"'',' '■■"  >»  "  certuin  direction  [„* is pretty
,till in charge of the troops.    Ho speaks   """     , «£•.„        .„ ,   , ,     ,.,ii,f  . s       I ! ".'''Il' P\ I"'"'"' .,.".,|' ."" "";'!""«!  a(l safe  to  give  the   mutter  some  thought
highly of the soldiers as e fighting force  «™J" :      s       ".-„,"' ,  ,   ;'.   ,|"\   , !    "","'"'      '"' I"'-"1"'/'"" '" «•«» *"•; and attention,
, 11 1 1    ,       ,t ,111'elil      101 I \      III     1 \e 1 .      1 ineii-,i nu     well   1 .,.,,,    ..,.,,    iiicinense lieceelc  -    nre    Ill'lue
end  savs thev cere lovul  to tlie govern    . m.* '    ....  1:11:.,..   """   '"'    "'"" " ' • ...    !    . 7 	
id snys tiu-y cere' loyal  to tne gi
ment.    although    uttempts    hnve    1 11
made to corrupt thom.    I.<enl Kitchener
-.vhell    I Cl 111 1.    to      llldiu     Cl limit      eight
venr** neee found three armies, enc! n-
Hlle.l    t ee*   pnrt   of   the Illctcy.       lie
,-oiis.,li,Int. .1 these nnd mohili/.ed them.
!!.. uccce!.. iciiie divisiona, each of wliich
hnel  it    own  general and  -1:.tl.    These
were organizee!  for wur end enc] il.l
Ial •■ the Held intact, leaving enough
troops leeleiiiel ie. maintain order, lie cry
d.vi -ieeii   hud   il ■   ..ev.,   t, :,n-,...rl   ciml  sup
ply   :■ rrartge tits,   rind   rlee-   .It', tsionul
generals  iiml   greet   nuthority.     Al   tho
-cc   fin Iditinun!  olTicers  were  up
pointed in ; 1 military college ici-tituteil
to supplv others, l.oc.l Kitcltener re
nrganized  thc cavalry  und  infantry  ns
well  ns  tl ther  departments,  uinl   i.
evce. during Iii- administration that the
army proper waa divided from the- dc
pn rt......'  1.1  military supplies.
The lasl  depn it ment  Ice. - ....v.  its nwn
aecretary, nuel it is one of thc greal busi
•■. • -   instil utioi f the go\ nrnnicnt..    It
deals with urmy enntrncts, Ihe manufacture of clothing nnil ordinance, the
transportation of animnla ccm! food, end
various other tlciiiL's. It hns factories
I., milking boots und clothing for Hie
loldiers, fnetorieR for mnkiner harneas
and nl-o lurge establishments for the
manufacture ol f i * - i. i guns, shell-- end
armainenl   nf   various   kinds. It   hus
camel and cuttle, farms, and it supplies
mules ciiol horses and either animals for
transport. There ure several camel
. orps, cited there arc parts nf the country
where' the camel owners nre given lands
free on condition thnl theyhold n cer
tain number of camels available for
military service. This department lues
tl-ee te, do with elephants, -one of whicli
are used for dragging tlie great guns
through the jungles and over the reem!-.
!n coming long distances both elephants
end  guns nre transported  by railroad.
"fhe chief breeding farms for horses,
mules and donkeys are situated in cer-
missing.    This would  mean  the killing brokou every day and the limit lies not
cenfnl-re ^iwhied ' '"""'"''' " '"^ ''"' ''>'" ' ?'■ !,'"',"'':" ,''"'-],ulWi^ \ Q <>  n.ucl,  adverse  press  nmon!   is
'•""■'l;'" ";'"   " .    ,     ,.       ,,       ,   ,     e?w mny do in tho In 1 milk produc : j^    bejDg gh*en  the  new woman  of
Among tho Rajputs of northern Iud.a tion.                                                                        lute,  thut   a   word   in   her  behalf
the  surplus  lemue children   wore-once   „„,   ,,„  ;„„„.,,„„,   for  „,,,,,,   ,„
destroynel at  birth, end       in told  tha MINOR OPERATIONS ON LIVE         ,, that ecu, be said in her favor then
this sidl occurs now un.l  then   In ...id STOCK Bhc iim , „ credited  with us yot.    In
'■'' "I's thore 'a ■< tnid.t.on that By |„.  1,   ,;. I.*,*,.,!, .; -gotowi. ti„. first piece, we must  not  lo'so sight
IV  I'"'!1"" *   ' I«   it mill-;    majority    of   I'armors   perform   of thc fact that sho is tho result of cm
,, the family next  veer us JL     rlmnv ,,f t),,, mjuor ,,per:ilions In
rl    llllllV   lee
l.ccl.v l.ov. Such beliefs mude infuti-
1 icide ec.mnioii in many parts of Indin
until the !'.riti*h ailministrntion took
liold.     One   nuthority   relates   Hint   in
   oi'  the  tribes  of  'iiielli   not   1 -o
thun one in twenty of the baby girls
■aii.. allowed t" liv. und ninny ccc^le-
■■. .|  1 ribes t lire*..   Iheir surplus of chil
ellc'li     inlo    Well-    e.l     lied     tlu'lll    til    t TOOS, |
c.llele  the'..' eee-  wi'tv   |,ie-lc,*,|   nut   by   the
crows. In lice rpper .lunges valley the
liritish unci In pass s| ini lews for the
rlciC*'    SlippOSeil     I"    be-    C,, 1 d i c 11 ■■ |     |,e    child
mcirele-r.     The   police   ever.-   -.-t   on   tl	
ciml they ure heavily toed until then-
proportion of girls corresponded ." that
ot' tl,,- rest ,,f the cnitutrv. Even today
everywhere throughout Indicc girl.- em-
lc--- prized thnn boys, nnd Hie girl baby
is nut. ns well cured fnr ct- her baby
brother. Sho is not us well fed and met
;,.' well fronted in sickness. It may bo
thnl this hus caused in snine degree tlie
diflferenco in tlie numbers of the infants
Of   lice   t.WO   sexes.
All uch capital crimes, however, cer..
decreasing, nnd in tlie British stnte-
hnve almosl disappeared, The police
have u record of t-vory professioaal of
the criminnl elussi-s. unci in the rogues'
gnlleries their photographs und finger
print records. 'I'lee railway hns its own
police und there nre gourds about every
stcit.ion. There nre strong jails every
where, uml the crimitiuls now in prison
ure  aboul   100,000,
During my stay here I visited some
of the jnils. There arc muny of them
scattered throughout  British  Indiu, end
of their souls.   Hut these ere the excep
tions, not the rule.
Wc believe tlmi it were fur better
feer society, for Hie higher spiritual development of the human race, if women
were protected in fact us they have been
iu fancy, but see lung us thet desirablo
condition does not prevail, judging from
her conscientious work in the business
world, when tlie ballot is given her (un.l
whether we approve the giving or not
it will be grunted leer seeoner or biter
ns the logical outcome of present conditions) we predict thet the new women
will  not  be found wanting,
LEVEL cultivation saves moisture,"
snys Prof. W. ('. Palmer, of the
Agricultural College, North Dakota. "Whon the lend is ridged it is
put in e condition feer getting rid of
moist..re. us tliere is moro surfneo ox-
posed end tine furrows muke ll splendid
pluce for the ruin to tun oil'. Where
tliere is too much moisture' it is nn ed
vantage to throw tlie soil up around th.
plant und io leave the- furrows for tin
surplus  ruin  tu  run  cell' iu.
•-In    .North   Pukotn   nnd   lhe   North
ro  prone  to  deplore, belonged ! western   stutes   we   need   to   put   forth
ditions over which she had no control
Tho   eelei fashioned   women,  whose   pass
to the period of which sho wes just as
much   the  resell   ot'  em irnntnonl   es  is
the   new   won.! P   tnilciy.     Time   wus
when  me.t  wore "home-spun" end the
evnmeti   of   Hie   I sehold   labored   with
jtlueir   hands unci   feet   nice!   bruins   from
cident t" farm life thomsclves,
such us the castration uf calvos und
pig*, docking lambs, unci dohorning
cut tie. As no greet skill is iiecessctry
for such operations thore is no reason
why Hie .'.inner or his help should not
perform thorn, provided lhey Obsorvo
certuin   necessiiry   precautions.
All   ciniincils   intended   for   cast ration j t he   rising   of   the   sun   until   the   going
should   I pern.ed   e urly    in   life, i down  thoreof, Ihut   the'  I'nmily supplies
Witli   llu-   possible   oxemplieen   .ef   fouls, I ,niglit bo provided.    Kven Closer's wife
animals will stem.I t! [.oration better  was noted for her devotion tee domestic
dining Hie lirsl few weeks .ef life thun duties, although we nre left iii doubt
ut uny future period, un.l -ome will Jus in whether the immortal Roman's
muke  nee exception,  even  ,,i   foals,  but  togas were of Hie  homespun variety or' of   its   food.     He'ep   plowing  and   level
.here nre without nnv doubt  s,u uses   made >.i   sterner stuff. i cultivation is tlie best way to stive inois
where it  would be dangerous tn operate''     During  .1 Id fnshio I  girl's  real-   ture, to give the plant roots feeding sur
on very young funis, because 'ef scrotal dence en.Iit her father's roof sho dovot
her.iin (ruplurei. which condition usual led lie. time tee spinning, weaving, sew
ly disappears before Hie coll  is n year ling and   line embroidery.    If she lived
ling.    Calves thul   huve  I n   i.ogloctod   in   the  country,  her cduc.ition   wus  mil
Hil   three  o.   four  months  .if  age  will  complete until she could milk the cows,      "You'll have to pay mo $5 for this,'
always have Hint "staggy" lick about make  butter und  cheese,  nud   I.  nil
the head, wliich i- so objoctlonal  in .. kinds of hearty meals, tn between times
every effort tee save lhe moisture Tho
more level eve en ii leu ye lhe surface the
less .here will lie cef it expeese.l to II,e
uir, wind, und sunshine Ami then when
it does rniu it will heve tee souk in ns
there will lie nu channel feer it tee run oil'
in. Then egein tlie ridges end furrows
nn. bud iii that Hie soil i■, Hie ridges
dries out so that Hie plant roots elo not
have tis much surface soil to grow in ns
under cultivation. If is mi! of the surfed* soil thnt the plant gets netirly all
fnee, enc! I" keep the soil in line tilth.
Tllis epplies equally well to corn, potatoes, eether vegetables, nnd trees."
the  oflleer,  addressing  lhe  second   wi
"My linmlltcrchiel' with my naini'.-
' Mercedes,' eniliroidoreel in one corner,
und my purse, containing forty francs,"
wns the immediate reply.
" Ynu are correct," saiel tlie' judge.
"The bag belongs to you. Ploase leave
me youi address see that I can find ,vie'*>
when yeeur testimony is needed."
'I'he lady graciously complied with liis
request, then tripped airily nway.
Tlie judge now conducted Hie two
thieves into Ids private oflice. Their
examination wns about to begin when
n card was brought I" him.
"Show  the gentleman  in."  In* suid.
Tlie caller proved to be a correctly
attired gentleman, .. prosperous mor-
client evidently.
"I hnve but e moment lo give you,
monsieur," suid tin* judge; "I um vory
"A moment is till 1 want." explained
Hie visitor. "I am u jeweller. About
t.wo hours ugo n handsome, richly dress
eel lady camo into mv store to buy veri-
nus objects. 1 showed hor the best
things I had. She looked cit them, hut
did neet liny, saying she would return
Inter. She'then'went out, end shortly
afterwards I missed e gold beg, a watch
set with diamonds, a gold braeolet end a
ring with un emerald setting. All
these objecefs cere doubtless genu* for
ever, bul I thought it best to acquaint
you with the case.   Chance might favor
WHEN we speak of our A B C's ns
our "alphabet " we ere using n
word hoary with age, that, es far
back as we can trace it, came from tlie
eastern shore of the Mediterranean tlinu-
se.nls of years before tlie Hebrews went
up thoro end toeek possession of lhe laud
of I uiieau. Hack of the pimple who
occupied thut bind before the events of
the l-'xodus were written, we ure not
tilde to I race the word, leer we have not
sufficient knowledge of them en* of their
etymological history before we find them
in Canaan.
It lues been only within recent yenrs
that we have been able to know'Hint
the word "-alphabet" came to us from
Hie Phoenicians. Bofore Hint we sup
posed it camo to us from the Hebrews
through the Greek. As wo suy "A U
0" the (ei-eeks sny "alpha beta," Ilic*
first two letters eef their alphabet),
wliich, when it reached us, became "ul
phabet." This, we supposed, had ceem,.
to  the  Greeks   fro...   Hie   Hebrews,   who
culled their firsl twu letters "alpha"
end "both." but sinco then we have
found that both the (Ireeeks nnd the Hebrews geet Hie wind "alphabet" from
Hu* same source, which wus lhe l'lie.eejni
The peopl,. „f I'lueenieiu he,I .he snme
letters,   "alpha"  end   "both."   which
have  sulVer,..!   little   change   in   sound
down   to  ..ur   A   and   I',.   Alpha   meant
simply nn Ox, the sign 0f it being a eon
ventiontil ox's houd, with tl:,* lower part
of the face turned, ejlioiiiiy tu it„ rignl
and both mount u hnuse, which Was pictured by the rude outline of it primitive
dwelling, which  hud u superfluous  line
added Ice distinguish it from other char
•li'tci'S very like it. as we place e teil on
ci  1,1 tie distinguish  it   from  un O,    See
the lirst twee lelte*rs .if eeur A I! I "s ty,,,-,.
origifla'11*) nn ox and a  house.
Chance   hns   been   hen
iguin,"   said   the   .judge
tain selected elistricts in northern India   not u few contain several thousand pri
and the Til en.    The system is to pur    soners.    The' prisoners work ubout nine
bullock, uinl whicli reduces his value in
our best markets \erv materially.
Y.euiig pigs should I perntorl on be
fore' they ure wi'uneel, when  if properly
done they will receive no setbuck whet
ever, while if nllowod  in run  till  thoy
ure ;i month or so old, thoy often receive] wheel  wn-
n serious check in growtli. I olri  school
lhe trump, rubbing his hend, to the
golfer who Inn! struck him with a  full
" Bul  1 called lent ' I'ine!' " suid tlie
As lo Hie operation  itself, the  greet j ment.     I
she learned to sing well enough io ct
ci   lullaby   in   Inter   life',  anei  ns purl   of
hor preparation t'or thnt event sho pre [golfer in extenuation of his offence.
pared  her own  household  linen   for the       "Oh.   did   you?"   suid    the   tram)
time when her hand should lie sought In  "Well, I'll take four."
marriage.      I'riscillu    ut   tlie   spinning] 	
lyp ' Hie w in of the I HAD TO KNOW THE TIME
the   reesult   of  her env-ir
ty is absolute cleanliness. Tin
hunds of the operntor should be ns clean
us soup uml water cun make thorn-
there should be iiii bluck- rim of dirl under the linger nuils then Hie nails
should lee bathed in a week solution of
carbolic acid eer creolin. 'I'he' instrument
used should heve the bleu!,, held in boil
ols. the  resull  ol   her environ    TUTAGISTRATE; "I um leel to under-
-nt  with tlie advent of modern I Ud    stem!  von  stole  the  watch  of a
machinery she lust her usefulness in th
household. Pactorics took thc place of
the home-spun geeods. The modern
cronmeries usurped the occupation of
ihe dairy mnid, and if tho women no
longer found employment in tlie home,
there was open to them the1 choice between becoming a burden on their father
doctor who had jost written a
prescription for you at the free dispen
sury. Whal hnve you to say to this
"We!!, yeeur Worship, I found myself
in a desperate quandary. Ilis prescription said 'a spoonful every hour,' and
1 had  no timepiece."
and gone
Vou have
boon robbed three times, end if you hnd
come n fow moments sooner, ynu would
havo rocovorod vour property."
Ile then related the stury of Hie bag
und   its contents.
"Your thief wns rubbed by this woman and she in turn was robbed by
this man. The first thief hns gone with
your proporty, which I thought belonged to her. "
The accused mun laughed aloud nt the
droll..ess of the situation.
"Silence,"' said lhe judge sternly.
" Veen're not here to etntise yourself."
lie then rung und gave the address
left him tu u messenger.
"Mine, Mercedes Domino, Hue de
Rivoli. It is quite near here. Tuke
your wheel and hurry! "
In u few moments the boy was back.
'' There's no such person at the address you gave inc."
"1 expected as much," remarked the
judge. "You have only one chance
left, monsieur, Tt is that tho lady will
bc robbed again, that she will come
here to report, and thnt her thief will
bc brought in at thc same time, as this
Ii'  is snmewlifif startling to think  eef
going  deep  enotllgh   into  the enrt li
to feel  its subterraMRn  heat  from
the  Bros whicli, we are told, ure  never
tiuenched  within   it.    The earth  which
is turned up in digging e tr di or foun
iletinn is cool nnd fresh only becuuse it.
is near the surfuco. After descending
a comparatively short distnnce the iie
crease in temperature begins, uinl it
grows rapidly warinor us the depth
grows greut er.
Tlie deepest coal mine in England is
at Killingworlh. neur Newcastle, en.I
Hie menu annual tompornturo el four
hundred yards below the surface is
seventy seven degrees; nt Hire*.* hundred
yards it is seventy degrees: while ul,
tlio surfneo il is but forty-olglil eirrees.
This   is  an   increesee   in 'this   ;.-:^^,..|
I,'1" >f   • b.gree   for   n   litl'e'l
leeeirtci'ii yards,     lu  Hiis way  llu
of  tl rigin  of  h„t springs may "bo
estimated, for, taking sixteen vorels
Hu* distance accepted by scientists—in
tlm degree, it is n simple mutter to figure the eppi-uximute depth of the boil
ing point, whicli, however, is always
a variable point, owing to variations
nf pressure. With the usual two hundred and twelve eli-greees Fahrenheit es
a basis, it gives three thousand three
hundred end ninety-six yards as the
ili'pth nl which boiling springs probably-,
The hefil of the waters at Bath is
one hundred und sixteen degrees; tliere
fore they rise at a probable depth of
one thousand eight hundred and fifty-
six yards, or u little over a mile. Thu
famous thermal springs at. Hot Springs,
Arkansas, range in temperature from
seventy-six to one hundred anil fifty-
seven degrees Fahrenheit.
evinie   el,
.Jfc-re..-. ^
te^Boilar ^L\
ee 77.nl I, mr
THE  pedlar  rapped  timidly  at  tho
kitchen entrance.   Mrs. Kelly, an.
gry  at   being  interrupted   in  her
washing, flung open tho door and glow-
orod at him.
"J)id you wish to see me?" she demanded iu throutcning tones.
The pedlar backed off a few steps.
"Well, if 1 did." he assured her, with
nn  apologetic  grin,  "1  got  my  wish,
thank you.''
Apply Zam-Buk to all
wounds and sores and you
will be surprised how quickly
it stops the smarting; and
brings ease. It covers the
wound with a layer of protective balm, kills all poison
germs alreadr lo the wound, and
prevents others •ateinfa It* rich
healing herbal ounces then build
up trom Ihe bottom, fresh Ibnei
and In a wonderfully abort time
the wound b healed 1
Zmi fiuk't popularity tt beMod «n nitrite.
IacciU[icu.ncT.-rwMk corea.   Baiurt.ad
f*at Ibe real Heir*.   "Zaaa-Buk*- ,I >.rireud
OD te t»ry puck.I of tbe rtanlnec.   faetuM
lothtn, AOc ell drvxfteU end etorve or
—-Buk Co., Toronto. ,
*pHE quotation, "Of making many boohs there is no end,"
X tan in these days lie changed to "Of making hat:*, there
is no end,'' for not only every month and every week,
but every day are new styles in headgear exhibited to a
credulous public, which, after the severe training of the past
few years, meekly accepts every atrocity as quite possible.
eSueh numbers of millinery establishments a have started
since last season would seem In indicate that tlie millinery
business held marvellous possibilities, and certainly the average woman demands more than the average (hitherto considered to be the average) number of hats in her spring, summer,
autumn and winter outfits.
Fashion demands and commands many hats—the one expensive creation can no longer be made to do duty for all
oceasicn«; but it is conceded that a certain style of dress calls
Ther* ,*» nn enw so o.d nr
bid thai ■<* wil 1 ut ii -eitiwru»t©«
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I Spavin  and   Ringbone   Past* |
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home go eoniid. Money ref u rulml If it ever
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■pp!lcMU<ni cure. Work* itlft an well on
Sla-uhaineHnd l.mioRi.imn. Mffirconloring
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Fleming's Vest-Pocket
Veterinary Adviser
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with npefti'ial attention t-> tlio treatment of
blcmi-liflpi. l><:ritblj bniin't, lirltiii-il and
llhiMn.!«■«?. Meeavt. a r1u111 betti anlug bj
***>.■■ x fnr tbi* *«->'*k.
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Box of BO, direct, $.2.40
II hough! in tin- uhuiiI
wny, 50 i.lgsrn *>■ food iik
i tur I .a Direutn would cosl
vuu .¥0.00. AmuiiK lh<'
iiiillidiiH of cigar* sold, there
nre a gruai muny which do
uui tin nt* no io liie I'litiins
mnde for tliem. To prove
Mi.- merit ot our rigitrs, we
nroimie putting our l,n Dtr-
,.,-mi to the i»'M. awl you.
Mr. Smoker, are tn he Ike*
jut] gft.
We   guarantee   Hhsidutely
lo refund  your money  If yon
find n aingle '■» Directo dif
lYn-tii   ft-oiii   nur  guarantee.
«(MI(I   OR   $2.40   f"'-   M   •*<•*   ,,r
50 l.» Oireoto Olgsn, Rial
inK whether you wish mild,
medium <"■ utmng.
Clgnrfi    direr 4    by    mall
Offices —
M   King!   Hall,   Montreal
Black Taffeta and White Lace Hat
for it certain stylo of hat, and while some are simpler iu de-
bigll than otnerM, there are few, if any, that are so simple as
they appear.
Like the nimplo gowns, every line aud detail has been
most carefully thought out in the individual wearer and the
hat has been most carefully constructed before it can pass
the gauntlet of the master milliner's scrutiny. All of which
takes time and skilled labor, and, although the prices asked
and obtained are fabulously high, time uud skilled labor ure
expensive and must be reckoned with iu calculating the cost.
*    •    *
The constant change of style is terribly trying, not only
to the woman who has to calculate closely what she spends,
but to the woman who is intent upon always being well
groomed and who, having spent many hours in selecting hats,
suddenly discovers that a new importation has arrived in
which each and every model is entirely different from any
she hns in hor present collection. It requires considerable
self-control not to be swayed by the continual change, and to
continue to wear the originally chosen hats with that serenely
conscious, self-possessed manners that a thoroughly satisfactory  bat bestows upon the wearer thereof.
Are large or small hats the most fashionable? is u question continually asked and oue that is hard to answer.
Never was there a season when smaller or ratuur more
close fitting hats were worn, and yet never wus there a season
when such immense ones were fashionable, and also the medium sized hat is eagerly sought for.    At one time it was
emphatically stated that small hats in the daytime and large
hats in the evening solved the problem, but now, with the
Oriental style of wrapped turban shape chosen for the evening and the enormous, all-enveloping hat made of crin or
straw, trimmed with bows of tulle or ribbon and many flowers
and unmistakably intended for day wear, all ideas ure changed again, and it is indeed a difficult task to steer correctly
along the winding path that Dame Fashion elects her subjects
shall tread,
!       Toques and turbans are tremendously popular, but quite
rlistiuct in shape and style from what were called by those
names a year ago.   The general outlines are quite unlike. The
I bond sizo is always large so that the hat goes down far on
| tlie  head, and   as this sometimes  i.s  unbecoming, an  inside
j band, or halo, as it is culled, has to be put in to raise the
! hat from the head and show at least a glimpse of hair and
: features.
Fancy straw, wonderfully .-soft und pliable and in every
conceivable color, is used in these huts, and, treated as though
j it were tulle or silk, is folded and pleated and fairly wound
around the frame.    A still aigrette or bow of tulle, silk or
velvet  or a jewelled ornament is the trimming thought the
I smartest, but within tho last fortnight have been seen hats of
! this description   where stiff sprays of  roses  have been  the
j trimming.   The huts are soft in outline, but the trimming is
always stiff and hard, in sharp but most effective contrast.
i There are toques made with brim of flowers and crown of
. ma lines,  plain  or figured;  these are  round  in  shape, quite
j large, and the flowers are of the small blossoms; the crown
j is extremely full, with many loops and bows, generally black,
although  tliere  are many  with  the crown  of silk  bows to
; mntcli the gown, while the flower brim muy be a lighter or
darker shade of the same color.
With the street costume, the simple tailor gown, is worn
i this season a much plainer, more suitable style of hat than
' was seen last year. Medium si.'.oy and small shapes are the
I best, although there are few of the larger shapes that are in-
; eluded   in   the  latest exhibitions.
A hat, something between a toque and turban in shape,
i that is popular, tits quite close to the head, is apparently
| .small, although in reality it is of medium size; it has a brim
j of hemp braid or crin that turns down; the crown is of satin
I or silk, quite high and full, and at the left side is a large stiff
I bow of the silk or satin. Another of the same description
! hns a black velvet crown with white straw brim and a bow
1 of white straw that looks like a piece of lace. Then there is
i a modification of one of last year's most popular walking
I hats, with the brim rolled back toward the front and caught
- with a fancy bow or stiff feathers. This year the shape lias a
, higher crown and a stifl'er brim, but the lines are aim or t the
1 same, liough straw and with tiie satin finish is smartest for
this style of hat, and in all colors, as well as in black aud
white, it is iu constant demand, for it is generally becoming
und most practical,
l-it.ee is one of the most fashionable trimmings this season,;
: both white nnd black, and most beautiful pieces of lace have
: been takeu from the family treasure chest   and made up into
•the lnce hats that nre so effective and becoming, or twisted
'. al*oiiml the crown in most graceful style,
A flat hand of white lace on the brim inside or' a black
ill is extremely snmrt ami the sharp contrast of the
ugainst the black challenges attention at once. Then
wi en combined with roses, pink, yellow, rod and white, there
is no material that is sn satisfactory. A burnt or Tuscan
rough straw witll thc luce around the crown nnd n spray of,
pink ruses at the .side looks equally well with a light or dark '
gown and is invar'mbly becoming, while the white or black
entire lnce lmt with aigrette or roses bestows the finishing
touch to :i dainty uiui picturesque summer frock,
The double skirt has come into fashion once again, and
once again must the question of the underskirt or lining be
must carefully considered, or the gown will be a failure. Soft
silk or satin or silk finished linings are chosen preferably
and then a de-ep facing or flounce uf the material is put on,
over which falls tiie gown, aud if the lining is not perfectly
cut and fitted then the task of making the gown is most dif
ficult, of not impossible. With the transparent materials
often two and sometimes three are used in order to gain the
desired shade of color, but this again is so difficult a task that
the amateur dressmaker will secure much better results if she
uses a more expensive lining of silk or satin and a more
closely Woven fabric, not so close but that the color and sheen
of the satin will show through.
For the moment the exaggeratedly tight skirts are in
style, and even when the upper skirl.-, arc toll the linings ait
still extremely scant, so that the same effect is given, especially when the fulness i.s gathered witli the bias fold or band
around the ankles. This fashion requires to be most carefully dealt with, or the gown will look vulgar and ugly; in
fact, too much care cannot be given to copying the original
models, as the fashions of the moment are so exaggerated
as to be unbecoming to the majority of women. The lining
for the waist must be cut to fit tight around the waist, bin
must have sufiicient width across the bust and directly beneath the bust, for otherwise the lines of the figure will be
completely spoiled. The seam from shoulder to waist line is
now thought better in the lining than the two darts, and it
is easier with it to give the desired breadth.
Since the exaggeratedly large hats show small sign of dying out, the hat box, large and clumsy as it is, must certainly
be reckoned with if a girl cares to have every detail o. her
private sanctum perfect. Even if a pretty paper covered box
is thought sufficiently attractive for a closet, it certainly
will not do if the box is to be kept on one of the new hat
racks, which are now resorted to in small rooms where the
closet room is so small as not to admit of more than two or
three hat boxes on its shelves.
These new hat racks, or, rather, hat box racks, are really
excellent in a small room. Made triangular in shape, they
will fit into an unused corner and can be mnde with enough
shelves to hold as many hat boxes as desired. The plain
wooden frame can be either painted the color of the woodwork or of the room, or else rendered still more inconspicuous
by being covered with a bit of the same paper as that which
adorns the wall. The hat boxes are then covered with the
same cretonne with which the room is hung. A French print
framed with gold or silver metal laee placed in the centre of
one panel of the box is most attractive.
These bat boxes are already much in demand for prizes,
while for gifts or for sale at a fair they are still sufficiently
original to be eagerly sought. Wheu not planned for any
special room or rack there is, of course, greater freedom in
the choice of material and color.
For a rose colored boudoir, a Du Barry pink moire bordered about the box itself, as well as the lid, with a good sized
French print placed both on the top of the box as well us on
one-or all panels is really beautiful. A well made hat box
with wooden frame must be procured to cover, for an ordinary cardboard box is not sufliciently strong to be worth the
covering. All the more expensive hats are now generally
sent home in these boxes having wooden framework, and if
a girl is not so fortunate as to possesB such a box herself she
surely can beg, borrow or steal one from some friend or
The prints, of course, must be pasted to the material before the box itself is covered. The braid can be either pasted
or sewed on, thc latter method being a little more trouble
and intinitcly more satisfactory in the long run. To buy the
correct quantity of braid the box itself must first be measured, for every hat box today is a different size. The round
boxes, of eonrse. take much less material, and for the square
box each side should bc treated as a panel and adorned down
each edge. The braid emploved should be about an inch in
IT will be remembered that King tieorge V. when Prince of
Wales—two years ago on his voyage home from the Tercentenary in the Indomitable, went below in the stokehole and shoveled coal under a boiler till he sweat like a
navvy. King George will not. be likely to shove] coal on a
man-of-war. There will be a number of princely diversions
which public opinion will lead him to eliminate. But he can
never lose interest in the navy; and he. wiil probably know
even better than did his father the minutiae of the latest developments of man-of-warism.
For it is some years sinco King Kdwnrd was on ine sea.
He crossed the ocean in a dawdling old tub that must have
taken three weeks to make thc trip. And when King Edward
was last on the open sea the biggest man-of-war was a thing
that, not even an outpost colony would buy now as the nucleus
The new town of Stirling is growing by leaps un.l bounds. I.cist June it was open prairie;
to-day a thriving town, with local and long distance telephone. A newspaper, "Tin- New Stirling
Star,"' has just been established.
Registered Plan
Lots from $75 to $300 Each
Buy to-day and jjet the beneft of the tremendous movement.   Vour money invested in New
Stirling works twenty-four hours u day.   Send i'or maps, plans, blue prints and views.
Tlie following form may be used:
Enclosed you will find $ being cash payment nu lots in
the townsite of Stirling (Registered Plan 4;U7 Y), and 1 hereby agree to pay tin- balanee ..: :!. ■
rate of $10 a month on each lot. Kindly allot me those <-|nscsi in till 1 gol the plans, when I am
to have the privilege of changing to any unsold if I wish.
Kindly send plans, maps and views of Stirling hy return mail.
An almost nvet'paWRVlug, but it cannot be denied a most!
I picturesque hat. is nf black crin trimmed with bluck lace, pink -
! rosoH iiurl aigrettes or ostrich plumes, Larger than any nf
: last yenr's shapes, with higher crown thun has been consid-j
ered in style hi yenrs, this rciuarknblfl construction never-i
! tht'less challenges admiration and recalls the enormous pic j
ture huts of the GninsbnrnugJt era, when powdered hair, puffs 1
' nud ringlets were tho accepted headgear of tho day.
And this .shape makes its appearance just  when we are j
told  that   smaller hats are to be  worn, but the lace softens;
[the hard outlines and the general elf eet is becoming, and it
j is certainly unlike anything yet attempted.    Only a word of
I warning.    The   fashion   is  one  that   requires  everything  in
keeping—the most  expensive and picturesque gowns, a. perfect ligure. line carriage and great beauty-—otherwise the re-1
; suit will be disappointing.
The touches of color in the now hats are most attractive
1 and often make the hat. becoming when, because nf shape or
[ color, of tho straw, it would not be. A burnt straw with a
■ touch of pink or with brim faced with black is ar. once smart
anil attractive and extends these .same two qualities to thei
i wearer, when if left tn nnly its natural color the hat would j
, have been too trying, except to perfect coloring of hair and |
j complexion. All these are the details that have beeu patiently studied an<l worked out to muke the expensive hats of
I this summer.
rpHERE is a guide in Uvalde, Texas,
X who is sure that, although Mr.
Koosevelt may have found larger
game in Africa, he has fouud none mure
rearless that the javelin, or wild boar
of Texas, The guide, Jose Villegas, recently told a correspondent of the
Mt. Louis Globe-Democrat how a drove
of about twenty javelins once made him
and Mr. Koosevelt shin up mesquite
trees as fast as they could climb and
kept them there perched more thau four
hours, lt happened when Mr. Koosevelt
was Civil Service Commissioner. This
is the story:
When Mr. Koosevelt came down to
Uvalde and was brought down to the
ranch where I was working, he was unknown to the people of this section. 1
had never heard of him before, and
when 1 tirst cast my eyes upon him, I
sized him up for one of the Eastern
tenderfoots who did not know a chap
from a chaparral. In this mesquite-
covered country a guide is necessary
for any visitor, even if they come from
an adjoining county. I soon saw that
Koosevelt knew a heap about the ranch
lie could size up a cow as good as ]
could, and he slung some of the old time
cow-outfit talk at me that put me next
to the fact that he was no tenderfoot.
is an old .saying that one of them will
carry his weight in lead before he gives
up the ghost.
I dropt my gun as I climbed into the
tree, and a moment later a bunch of
the enraged animals were snarling
around the trunk uuder me, making it
impossible for me to recover the weapon, Koosevelt by this time had emptied the chambers of his rifle and was
rapidly backing toward a mesquite-tree.
The wild boars were cutting at him
with their tusks, and he was lighting
them off with the butt end of his rifle.
Finally he reached a position under
an overhanging limb, and reaching up,
he grabbed it, and quickly swung himself into the tree. As his legs left the
ground one of the boars tore the leather
of his boot into strips. There we were,
both of us treed, and no guns or other
weapons to kill the javelins that had
us  surrounded.
Mr. Koosevelt, like myself, had been
forced to drop his rifle when he sprang
into the tree, lie looked over at me
and grinned in a sheepish .sort of way.
The javelins tore at the trunks of the
trees witii their sharp tusks, and it look
ed for a time as if the small one that
Mr. Koosevelt occupied would be cut
down by the animals. The time passed
slowly, anil the beasts showed no signs
Where did you learn the ranch busi-1 of   moving   off.     .Mr.   Koosevelt   and   I
noss?"   1  asked. discussed the situation  from every pos-
"rp in the Northwest." he replied, sible standpoint, and finally reached the
That was as much as 1 could get  out   conclusion   that   we   would   have   to   ro
uf him as to his previous life.    Ile could   main in the trees until the javelins left
ride  like a   veteran.    Just   for  the  fun   the spot.
of  it, we  gave  him   a   broncho  at   the       It   was  more than  three  hours after
ranch that had occasional bad bucking-j our encounter with the   javelins befor
spells.    I'll be dad blamed if he didn't
sit in the saddle as careless as if he was
riding   in   n   buckboard,   while   the   old
broncho jumped up ami down ami side
ways iu an effort to throw him off. Kin-
ally Koosevelt took off his big sombrero
and slapped it over the broncho's la-ad
a few times, telling the horse to quit
his foolishness.
1' lloys. I am down here to shoot a
few javelins," he told us. *'I don't care
about killing a deer or anything else.
Just show me where 1 can get a whack
at the javelins and I  will be satisfied."
It   was  no  trouble  to  tind   plenty  of
lhey began to get tired of their vigil.
They began ti> leave in little bunches,
nnd*at the end m' th.- fourth hour only
one big boar was left. Ile was on .guard
under .Mr. Roosevelt. When I thought
the remainder nf the animals hnd had
time io get ml' ;i good distance in the
chaparral, I quietly slid down from my
perch, and hurriedly picking up my rifle
fired two shots into the body of the
boar, killing the animal. Mr. Koosevelt
climbed down, and we hurried through
the  brush  to  our horses.
After this experience .Mr. Koosevelt
was well satisfied tn do his ju veil llll noting   from   thc   back   nt'   his   horse
javelins uu the ranch.    They are ther
hi   thi"   day    in   great    numbers,   ami j during the remainder of his stay
mighty   fow   hunters are   brave enough	
to tackle a drove of them. 1 don't be- A CLERGYMAN ON REAL REFORM
lievc thero was ever anything that wore' OF THE THEATRE
skin or hair that :i javelin boar wns rpiTAT tho theatre as an institution is
afraid to attack. They don't know what ! J_ the strangest and most remarkable
it is to make a  retreat. combination ni good and bad that
They are the real lords of the ehnpar   society knows anything about i- the dc
nil.    They  run  in  droves of   10 to 50.  liberate conviction of the Kov, Charles
They are really the wild musk hog, but | M, Sheldon, author of "111  His Steps."!
ire different   from  the animals of that j Writing   in   the   Independent,   Dr.  Shel '
name that are found in Arizona and
New Mexico. I understand that the
javelins nf the type found in Southwest
Texas do tint  exist  anywhere else upon
Green Voile de Soie Gown Over Silver Satin
Ion says: "No other institution which;
is supposed to bo a pnrt of our civilize I
tion dares contain such .1 strange mod |
ley. The church is, for the most part,
this continent. They are about the size I nt lenst decently moral in its worship,
of .111 ordinalv hog. ; its services, its entertainments, and its
Well, to go back t" 1113 story about «ocial life generally, It twould not dare
Koosevelt. I led the w:i_\ down toward be anything else. The average school
the Nueces river bottom, where lots of i*, p0r the most part gi\ ing to the civil
live-oak and nthei tree- of larger jm| community good things in ;m ovei
growth formed nn ideal habitat for whelming majority. Uui Ihe theatre,
the   javelins.      \h.    Knosevnll    insisted   u jh,   ;tn   ,.Ve   to   box receipts    mainly,
111 lisnioiinting   nnd   com inning   his  jjJvm   tho   popple  n   purpose   play   one
way on font. night and shows up the next with things,
I told hin. how dungnrous it vvnuld .„ Indecent thnt thoy could nol be seen
hft; 1,nt he llnully Inul Ills wu* aboul it. ,(| spoken on the street m ropentod out
M)l,I we lefl '-ur horses tied ti> .1 mes laud In any company of meu nnd women,
.pute live and weo1 mi fnut through the outside the theatre, without :. storm of
forest envered  bottoms,     We  hud  gone   protest.'
sume distance, when  I  heard the grunt       Lnrgel> on  Lbis account   In. Sheldon
of  .1   javelin.    Koosevelt   heard   i'   too,  himself randy gnes to the theatre, be
mid we pn v<\ii\ cautiously toward the   cause he does not know what he is liable
spot whence the kuliiuI enme, in -» couple   ,,, riUl j,,t.,; but with the help of snmc
of  hundred  yards we came  10 :i  small   newspaper reporters be recently summed
clearing,  anil   in   tl litre   of   it   we  „p th,, eharactor of twunty-seven shows
could sc n flruve of about thirty j.i\<   U\lfi\ visited hi4- town:
lies, contentedly eating  mast   that   had      "Five nf the twenty seven were clean 1
fallen  from the live-oak  trees. .,„,!  good,  bad  -ome definite  lesson  t..
li  was .-is dangerous a lot of the uni    touch,    without    :i    syllabi      scene
mills as 1   hail ever seen  iii  one bunch,   throughout   that   could   offend  the  most
Most ni them had long tusl^ protruding] fastidious man 01 woman.    Seven nf th
institution on tbe chronic theatregoer.
Dr. Sheldon finds from his limited ex
perience that this influence is not very
permanent in its actual doing of right
eousness. On the other hand, be does»
lind "a more or less blase condition of
"The theatre seems to create an arti
ficial atmosphere. It is glamour aud
dream life. Voung men who are caught
by the fascination of the nightly attend
ance on the theatre become dissatisfied
with real life. The atmosphere of the
play affects them not as an incentive toward the cleaner and more ambitious
righteousness but rather acts as a sensu
tional tickling of certain emotional
parts of their nature, and there is no
question whatever concerning the rous
iug of certain passions in the inveterate
theatregoer which, as far as my obser
vation goes, tend towards dcmorali/.a
tion of character."
There is no doubt that Dr. Hheldon is
perfectly right when he Hays that, "the
trouble with most theatregoers is tbe
failure to discriminate. They go to
good and bad alike." if tne actor or
actress is first class, that is sufficient for
them, although "the play itself may be
rotten to the core ami the teaching ob
jectionable iu the extreme." Dr. She!
don complains that church members will
condemn the things thev see and hear.
yet not one of them will register a pro
test by leaving the bouse. This leads
Dr. Sheldon to comment severely on
what seems to him to be a remarkable
inconsistency where the theatre is con
corned.    It is this:
"Our civilized cities an' vulgarized
by staring billboards which depict wo
men indecently clad advertising tli-*atri
cal presentations. Very few persnnw
seem tu think anything is wrong about
this; but if the persons portrayed on
the billboards were suddenly to come
to life aud get down off the boards and
walk nlong tho street tlm law of any
town in America would instantly arrest
them fur indecent exposure. The same
thing is true of the things that are said
and done on the stage. Actors and act
resses will say and do things on the
stage of u theatre which could not be.
said and done on the street or on the
sidewalk  of any  town   without   subject
iug them to arrest There
seems tn be one rule fur the theatre and
another  for common, everyday  life.'1
Dr. Sheldon cites the following editor
ial comment on u play given in a univer
sity town where scores of college buys
and girls attended:
"This piny is the story of the almost
brutal portrayal of the utter ^elfiwhiies**
of u man who. tu gain his own desire,
would sacrifice even his own wife.
The   scene   in        has   much
thai is nol nice in it: there is much that
is ugly, much thut is revolting in the
piny; and it is not one for quite young
giris t,, see attended bv boys its es
corts. "
Id' .'isii*. what excuse the theatre can
offer for the presentation of such a play.
The gravest charge that the reverend
author brings against the theatre is tttai
it is run in the interest of "big
money.'' It is not, he thinks, too
sweeping an assertion to suy that
"those who are 111 control of it are for
the most part governed by tbe box re
ceipfs. |f they thought the dramati/.a
lion of the Bible would draw a crowd
they   would   be   willing   tn   put   it   on.'
of a fleet.    King George has been ut sea in some of thc best, i
When he stoked the Indomitable she made 25 knots an hour;
going  home.     I'ari   of that   record  speed  of course  was due •
to the fuel  that the Atlantic was rotating towards the bow. I
But  the  Indomitable and  the  Prince  were the talk  of  the
country  then--even  though since thut   lime the Indomitable
has been outclassed by such ships as the Colossus, the tirst of J
the eight  Dreadnoughts laid down in last year's estimates,]
Never lo be forgollen either i^ the manner in which  the:
Indomitable and the future King Ueorge glided out of Quebec '
befoit  'ne break of day; completely befooling the thousands
who fiit up early to see her steam out; far down the St, Law
rence out  of sight  of Cape  Diamond when the Tercentenary;
folk had breakfast.    If the King remains as artful a tactician '
ou the throne he will yet keep principalities, powers and dip  ;
lomats guessing,      He   is   said   to   be   something  of uu  auti   j
militarist,    lu fuel he was nut over pleased at the redundancy
of -so Idler J on ihe streets of Quebec during the Tercentenary, j
from iheir months, SoiiTly one half of
thom wen* e,i;mt bo.11-. I knew that it
would mean u lively scrap if we tired
into that drove, and I wns slipping up
to Koosevelt to tell Mill not to shnot,
when In- ups witli his rifle and lets go.
The bullet brought down one of tli.- big
boars, but Instead of frightening off his
.■0111 pan ions,   it   enraged   e\ cry   one   of
twenty seven wen of the doubtful older--thut is they were for the most
part good as to acting and such matters,
but contained at least suggestive i\\a
login* nr questionable ethical teaching.
Tlie remaining fifteen were what could
truthfully be called bad in the sense nf
suggest i\ en ess; ur t he theme ot' t he play
itself   revolved   about   some   phase   of
miiK   following    line-    afford    .in   in
.1       stance   nf   the   ingenious   uses   to
which   the   Knglish   language  maj
be   [oil:
Vou  -i^h  for :. cipher, hut   I  -igh for
oil. si-jh  f.o* tm cipher,  but   oh, ^iiin
101   me;
(lh. let not my »dgh tor 11 cipher (ro,
But give -lull foi  sigh, fo,  I sign for
. 0,1   -o'
Th.* -.un.' sentiment, with the added
.■harm of mystery, is more briefly ex
pi.'--.-.l iu thi   following manner:
I'   11  U   I',   but   I   "  u:
ll o  tio 0,  lmt   0 "  me;
' )  let   not   HIV " a u RO,
Htll     ^!\r    II    II     I     »l    U     Sfl!
then beyond description.   Instantly .he j lun..cm trciilty. .he* discussion nf which;
VVl.OlC   a 11' e a \ a -   *:i\V   II*-   llllel   Mctl'll'*!   t ICWCC lc I ; leV     tile'     llee'ClIri',    CIS     I'X Jirril'lH'e'     -cllieWS.
11- iii ci scud cel.i.i-ge, j dooa not help tee bettor conditions tent
'ii, PILLS
I  eeccv ..bout   In .''•■■.   from  Roosevelt.
I   nilidl- ce   leli'cel,   leer ce  I ii-i* Cllinill   2(1 foot
uwny,   yi-lliiiM   le.   Housoveli    .•>   i-lhnb
.In* lirst tree .licit  I mild ^-i .ee.  In
■d I nl' .le.inn ies I  told  liim, I..- --t I
thoro nnd firod slm. nfter shot into the
Irove eet' javelins u-* tl.ey eciine- towurd
rather incite*** the1 passions, just ns banc
nig ns.'.l in die when performed in pule
In-. It i- nnt ci deterrent t,. evil, Im.
rather ;t pandering tee vulgar things.
lenving in tin* mind u brown * I, • i... v i i
which gradually takes the- bloom e.tv tho
necessary innocence nf youth."
him.   'I'll,- animals cm- hard te, kill.    I. |    A* tc, tin- effect e.t the- theatre ce-
The Hosmer Times     '''' ■'"■'■'*'•■ '('11 yesterday  for Conservatives at Nelso,.
Kosslaud,     IS.   ('.,    where    bis      The   annua]    convention
brother     \v-.>    injured   while the  Conservativ.
mutry being admirably adapt-
-ris.--i l-ii'Tiie-**'i: juiejiiie-i- iiijiiii-u   wiino i.R* v.. ...sc i-va t tw   associate.      eii tor this industry.  Cattle audi MOVING PICTURE AND
Ono Year Ono Dollar in Advance | working in the mines there.        of British Columbia   will   ....     iiorses range all wiuter and are
Single Copied Five Cents Each
I'ubli.-ht-d every Thursday morning at Hosnier,
British C'oliinihiii.
No. SIJ West	
So, 814 East	
No. 312 Local K.c-i 	
No. 311 Loral West 20.55
No. 7 West Flyer  11.33
Nn. S East Flyer   1.00
Change tcenk effect Sunduy Oct. 30
No. 251 leaves Michel      0,00 a, ....
Arrives at Hosmer...     0.45 a.m.
No. 2o2 leaves Rexford..     1.15 p.m.
(ie-ce. 15. Stednmn, tin* well place today ,-ti Nelson. j,,.- iu splendid condition when the
known proprietor of the Koot- promises t-? be one of the n. spring arrives. Much of the
enay hotel, New Michel, spent a brilliant affrfirs in the matter oi country is of open character,
few hours in town yesterday. conventions ever ln-1.1 in British interspersed with small groves
There was an exciting time in Columbia, and will be attended of poplar. Game is very plen-
Slav town last Sundav after- 'Jy over three hundred delegates tiful in the timbered sections,
noon,    it is reported that there  ^Iom t^xe vtu'i°us sections of the moose,  caribou,    boar,    beaver
md Leathered game being met
rs. Coal
I doing all in their power to see and indications of precious
to tho comfort of the visitors, minerals are .-ils.) encountered
The Hon. Richard McBride is
the star visit.a-. W". R. Ross, K.
C., the new  minister of  lands.
Time Tables.
C. P. R. TIMETABLE was ,-,  pugilistic exhibition  of P""™.*. ana leathered game b
Arrive Hosmer  the manly art of that place, but      Ihe "'m'"*  of   -%"'1*<»*   «ee  within  largo  numbe
no one was ilisa
18.30 |
0.45      Charles Lockhart, the genia
manager of the  1!.  ('.  Amuse
I ment Co., of Michel, was shak
ing  hands with  his  numerous an     ,:,.   !!aili  -, :        ,    •,,,,,,,„       Th, Rev. Irl ll. Hicks alman-
tnends in Hosmer yesterday.      win address the delegates after Lc for 1911, that guardian Angel
Miss Lizzie  Rudeski,  of  Fer- the grand banquet   vhich takes in a hundred  thousand  homes
—Slocan Record.
Rev. Hicks' Almanac
tie, was in   town  yesterday  in  ploce at 8:30 p. m.   Win. Robson is now ready.      Not many are
the interests  of the*  subsrerip- will represent tbo Conservative now   willing to  bo  without it
Arrives at Hosmer...    7.13p. in., tion department of tho Spokes- association of llosmei
: = — j man IJeview, Spokane, Wash.
md the Rev. Irl li. Hicks mag
ftzitie, word und  works.       The
two are only ono dollar a  year.
Tho almanac is 35c prepaid.   No
homo  or office  should   tail   to
Elk River Power.
Now that  it   has been  f ll    Tli.- largest   power plant   in
thai the .Mix lady is   not   Belle  East Kootenay will   In:  eracted
Elmoreat all, perhaps if would t,n the  falls  of  the   Elk   river,.
Tho Times'phone No. is 10,       bo as well   to  hurry  nlong  the not far below tho town of Elko. 80n" io1' thom, to  Word   and
CH. Dunbar was   in   Fernie execution    before   some other  |,  ui|i  |„. ,,'„   ,,   ,„,..  with the Works publishing company, St.
ysterday. town  gets  aroused    with    the plan\   0f the   Wesl    Kootenay  Louls' Ma
W.Donald,  of Calgary,  Was samo ttl,u'm' Power and  Light  Company .-it
here yesterday.                                 Mrs. C, P. Higgins has kindly Bonpiugton falls, and will  sup-
Joe Brooks, of Corbin, was in   invited    (In-   members   ol   the Pb   power and    light    Por   ;.s
town on Monday. W. .n's    Auxiliary,     ol    tho'l many towns nnd mines in   Eust|
Owing   to  tho  high   cost    of
living, on and alter November
1, 1910, tlio price of horseshoe
,|English church, ton t at   ll..-   Kootenay as  the   Boiininglou   *ng wil)^e $3>00 ilnd  ej*,*^,, per
.lorse.      G. W. Habtfelder,
November 22 at 3 o'clock. I In-plant will I..-  in  operation
Edward   Rudeski,  ol'   Ferine,
was in town yesterday | hospital next Tuesday nftei-noon   plant does  in   West   Kootenay
Beattie Mills was on  business .-,.
.,., ,. ,,      ..       ..: within two or thr.-o vi-ars. il tin
I In-   now   Ian   on   I In-   No.
ike l uesclay.
;it Baynes Li
11. Shirley, ol' Spokane-, was
a visitor in town .Monday,
E. ('. Brinkley, of Vancouver,
paid us a visit last Friday.
scan, of 11 level ot t In- I [osmer
Mines. Ltd.. was started up
during tIn- past week. It is
driven hy an electric motor and
is ejive-n excellent results.
now planned  is car-    Stories at Less Than a Cent a Piece.
iie.I ont.    Moyie Leader.
To Secura Immigrants.
|     A brunch   cef    tho    Canadian
\     I--     ri,, .,ii,„,i     id'  idle I" Itiimitn'atiou guild wus  formed
"'     '•     ' uoiiip.-o...    ot    uui       „,.,ii,   I,.,, ,1       ., , ,        ,,,, ,     cose less Mian a cent a piece,  w.cnout
i    ■ i • i *  ■ i I in  ;i ['iiiiiliiilcileli- *   ,-i\c ci -       .,    ( ti,,,,-.,   ,lsc  u.,,,,1-        I   ,..   .,!,_        ,      . . '
bridge was in town Friday. ..,.   ,   ..,.....,,,     \'lTj ,-'uul"u last weoic.     i im   on-; ,.,.ekouing in .,u tin-rest of the contents
.1 is lo en
In the fifty two issues of a years'
veil..mc Tin* youth's Companion prints
fully two hundred and fifty stories.
The subscription price of the paper to
Canada is but $2.00, so that thestorles
e-eist less than a cent a piece,   without
The Best Program of Moving Pictures
aud Illustrated Songs ever
shown in Hosmer.
Strong Mexican Films
Watch  for Handbills.     Come  Early
Follow the Crowd.
15c      ADMISSION      35c
Boots and  Shoes   Neatly
and   Satisfactorily
Leave work at Fletcher's store.
i On Sale to any Part ol the World
: ——
t z .	
■ If yon wish to arrange for
your friends coming out to
this country, call and the
matter can be arranged
without trouble for those
•5 travelling.
* Full information   given
* upon application as to all
j steamship lines.
* ________________
II.     11 i,L,r.n'ins     was     v
friends in Fernie yesterdaj
.lohn Wylie   was  transacting
business in Fernie yesterday,
L. Lipsig, of Calgary,   was  in
town on business ou Tuesday.
; neat, artistic hair-trim visit the- \ j,.,.| of the associatio
ISItln8  shop of Sam Snell, 51tf      deavor to se.-ure as i
An aeronaut carried si -. bales
! of silk from   Dayion,  Ohio,  io
Columbus,    for    a     merchant
t here.       This is t lie*  small   be-
, ginning of th<- commercial  ser-
P. Adrain and F.   Lennox,  of v*t.e   that    will   be    ultimately
Fernie, were in   town   lasl   Fri- carried on in the air.
dny. The third annual  grand   ball
A. McDonald,  of   Vancouver,  under the auspices of  lhe-   Ilo
was a Hosmer visitor  on   Mou
rner Fire iiri:.
tl the opera   house  On   Friday
I reclaiming ... an t neres. oi ine eoiiLl'll.s   * *      "   *T,T*•*,**r*,
- — anecdotes, humorous sketches,  the  | Agent C. P. It. Hosmer
minigrants doctor's weekly article, papers on pop-  **************************
to   Canada    people    from    the uIai' toPios by famous men and women.	
British Isles and   to discourage     -\'"',.,.gh the tw,. hundred and fifty
,     stories cost so little, they ey.'e not cheap
immigration        Irom        certain   stories.    In variety of scene, diversity
countries and districts  of  Eur- nt •nj.ldent, skill and truth in charac-
.......      , ..     ,   ter depicting they cannot be excelled.
ope.    W    II. Rowley,   president     The Announcement for 1011,  beaut-
ol the Canadian Manufacturer's ; il'nlly illustrated, giving more detailed
,, . _, ; ,,:,,,,        ,, , , , • ... ,i   particulars of these stories and other
association,      was      appointed ^ew feafcm,es whHl greafcly enlal,ge
president.      I'he  executive in- the paper, will be sent to any any ad-
eludes C. A. MagrathM.  P.  for | P^Z^ issues. ^   '^
.Medicine    ll.it      and     Senator     Every new Canadian subscriber re
dav.   ,., "' '".'' "VV"'   "\'"P, Vo,,,' "'.'r  JKin-I.e.lic-i' of   Brandon.        The Myes free The Companion's Ait Oal-
*      ,.,.. evening December A lUll).     llu-,        . ....     ender for 1011. lithograghed in twelve
' -Mi-s.vA. E. 11,-u-t \v<ll   was   the  best of music has heen engaged | Gvam blowers association, is in | colors an. I gold, and if tlie subscription
gui'sl '/if Mis. Wm, Kay ou Tues-  for the occusion.     'l'i
(l.iy llK'lllUUl^   StlppGl*. ljo'in   s    ...   .   , t t     I HI 1  I "il 1 I        Will        ML:       I ) j IUI ilU       ' ' '   ,    ^   (11 ll 11  S   I '(H 11 M-'
Mrs.    Dounachie   arrived in England. I lest,,,,, Mass.
osmcr a   few  days  ago  from
'11    ('! 1'' ,'l." <'(1 !      - cuiurcn UJ.1U Keaiu, .lieu 11 uie Miiecoe. i-i'ilii.ii
i,-|<,.|.c 81.50 sympathy with  tho   movement,  is received at once, all the issues for
,     ,.      .. ai       " -ii   i i   •    i tin- remaining weeks oi  11)10.     The
baches tree.      A bureau   will   be  opened  m Youth's Companion, IW Berkeley St.,
Bonnie Scotland and is residing
Rush to Canada.
Mrs.  Telfer, of  Fernie,   wa
visiting friends in (own   yester-|
Roberl Courl
turned from a trip  to   western
a.-liu-is (d years ol   ago   and   ish
points. i '     ,i ...      i   i     in   Canada,   as   compi
, said   to   In-   the   oldest     lady '•,.,,.
Do you enjoy a   poo]  game?  who has  sailed  from  Scotland r0*"49 '    '   cori'boi
Drop in on Sam Snell. 51   to Canada. | lour months of 1' 09.   American
-,i  i it      ri . *        Ottawa, Nov. 13.—During the      The following arc thc  results
, : w.-th her  son   .lohn   Donuachu- , ,    ,       .      ,i   P,, ,7
ay,  br.,   l.,-.s  re- ,   ,,  ., ,, ,.       n farst lour months <>1  the  fiscal ot the old country games:
in ( . I. . I', town.       .Mrs.   I). mu- ■ . I __     __   °
year 1.55,5-10 immigrants arrived i Fni*T Division
niii'ii'i-d   with      Sheffield  Wednesday 0     Woolwich
..-...,, ",.        Arsenal 1
,  Ullli-l-'J   lor   tin-   corresponding
Mrs. M, McMeekin   was  trai
'■'"'"      Phillip Adrain, who  recently nop
! immigration jumped from   10,-
sacting business in   Fernie  yes- arrived here fr
t.-i'd.'.y. arrested ii
J. A. Tanner,  of   Vancouver, by  Constable
was doing business  hon-   Wed- warrant   issued    Irom    Fernie,
Blackburn Rovers 2      Manchester
Cit y 0
Aston Villa 2   Newcastle 2 (
982 to 100,852, or an increase   of I    Sheffield United 2   Tottenham Hot-
I colli    I'e-I'lile'.   was inn , e,     ■ .    .      spur 0
•  , 102  per   cent.        During   July   ',     ,   ,    , _  „ , . , „-,   ,
Hosmer   lasi    night     , ..-.,,,,*        • , •      ,      Sunderland 8   Bristol City 1
' alono 2o,218 immigrants arrived     Bradford City 3  Everton 1
.      .ue. ...sit     on     ,i .     ,. ,  I,, i,.)   .•.,.,; i   ..   ...    „  ..    .
the charge being theft,   lie- wa
in Canada, as against  16,113 for     Manchester United 0   Notts County
.July, 1909, an increase of 57 per|0
and Notary Public
HOSMER        - - B.C.
C. F. Lawe Alex I. Fisher. B. A
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Supreme Means Unequalled
Our Supreme brand of Flour has
no equal for bread making. We consider ourselves very fortune in securing the
sole agency for Hosmer for this exceptionally high grade flour.
Give us a trial and you will use no
Just received a car load of Ashcroft
potatoes and vegetables, the best that
can be had.
Main Street HOSMER, B. C.
P. BURNS CH CO., Limited
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats, Fresli Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only thc best. Your trade solicited. Markets
in all the principal Towns and Cities in British Columbia.
G. M. HEDLEY, Prop.
Fresh Milk and Cream dekv
ered to all parts of the town.
Clothing. Gent's Furnishings, Boots
and Shoes, Jewelry and Watches
Dicks Swoll You Might iih woll
Liverpool 3   Preston North end 0
Ralph    Smith    returned     on   taken to   fernie  last   night   by j ——->—■  Notts Forest 4   Oldham Athletic 1
Tuesday   from  I.i-  ranch   near Constable    Hartley,   where  he Woman Not Mrs. Crippen. Butyl   Middlesborongh 2
Golden will be tried today, Alix, Nov.  13.—The    bottom Second Division
,       " .,, , . ,    .,, .      .        ■    ,,      has fallen out of  tin-   Belle  El-     liill'"sk'*v4   Fulham 2
J. A. Harrington, of Calgary,      A. concert will be given m the BlackpoolS  Lincoln Oily 1
. , i in      .      more story,     tin- woman  wlio '
w.-.s transactiiiK  business  here opera     l.o.i-e-     nexl     luesclay .
, •        \- .       .,.,   *       * .     e*   wa- the victim i.i    i-pilcplic   Ills
1 .ii'-il.'U'. evening, JSoveniber a-5, in aid ot '      '
*' ,i     I*     i* i     i       i       *i*i      i     .   and extremely nervous,   proves
Tf  ,'l,  ,..,,.,,,., ,„l     .1,.,.     rhmnmlto    I   .<•   I'.lle'  I-   I   C   llll'e- 1. 111.'    I.C-t ., . '        , .
It is reported   tln.il   dynamite -     .          ... her identity to the entire satis-
■    .„.-,,.  I i,, i:  ., ,..;i |, :,, ..... ei     inn if   ci .- ill  will a] ipc.-ir   ,-.nel
is being ii-f.l to h-li will, in tlie ...   .' ' .          .. taction of everyone.
Elk river several artists will   be   brought                         » . , . .	
Mr.  and   Mi-s.   Fred    Waters  ^w .Ffr,lic.'..    ,"   is  oxl'fcted| Money in Hogs.
Chelsea 2   Birmingham 2
Clapton   Orient   2      Huddersfleld
Town II
Derby County I Bradford 2
Glossop 1   Bolton Wanderers 2
Leeds City 1   Gainsborough Trinity
were  visiting  friends  in  town
on Sunday.
M. McNeil, of Vancouver, was
transacting business in Hosmer
on Monday.
that   I liis  will   draw
house,    Plan of  reserved  seats
al Campbell's.
In the Police Court
a    lm'gB     Chas.     I'lricli.     of     Bently,
to  market  in
Leicester Fosse (J   Hull City 2
Stockport County I    Burnley 2
Wolverhampton       Wanderers      2
Lacomhe last week.  They were -\Vest Bromwich 1
purchased l.v \V. E. Puffer, audi Southern Division.
weighed 3,000 Ills.       Mr.   Ulrich     Crystal Palace 3   New- Brompton 2
I).   II.   Ma.-Lai.n
ef  Nelson,
Nijor  Grecok,   who   lives    '"  rooelvecl a   check   for $2*10 for
■.hack  No.   1'-.  Slav   town,   was
I In- bunch,     There is money in
Bristol Hovers 1   Mlllwall Athletic 0
Swindon 2   Queers Park Hangers 0
honoredus with his presence on |m..,estpj i,.st sund.iv for sellinif         ""i   •   '.'", i ' P" Exoter City °   Westham United f)
w  -i       . aiiesteu last, ounuilj roi   seiim,, |hl,     j,,,,,.    mtltl«ti*y.    Lacombc Bi-ighton and Hove Albion 8   Luton
Wednesday. liquor without a license.     Con- rjiouc,                                                :i
Joe   Fletcher  returned   Mon- stable McCuish made the arrest — -•»••—" Northampton!   Portsmouth 0
day from a few days sojourn al and found   three 2-gallon  jugs' Peace River District. Brenltordl   Coventry City o
Crow's Nest. containing  whiskey,   win.-'anel The  party  sent   oul   by   the Leyton 1   Southend United 1
, ,.;,. provincial government to report Wiitl'nnl 1   Southampton 1
Rev. Wilson has arrived   aud b"1- ,• .  - , ,  ,,.„ Ph-mouth Argyle 1   Norwich City 0
.,,     ,              ,             ,      ,.    i ilo u'nu 1.* ...I   iii   I ,i.icii.|.   in the Peace It vei* district have        •       ...
will take  up  the  work   ol   the "'  u'1'111"1   '"   H"-in.i   on                                                                       ScottishLeaooe.
Presbyterian church                       M lay  before Police    Magis- returned  to    Victoria,        lhey Hamilton Academloals 1     Hearts 2
t rale Alexander of pernio,     lie spent       approximately       two Hibernians 8   MortonS
C. Higgins, who has been vis- p|t,n^e(| .rUilt>' to the charge  of nionths iu exploring its various Dundeo2   Aberdeen 0
iting his son, Dr. C. P.   Higgins,                      n;,',,r i; ,,.„,„?„.,.. valleys, and   il    is    understood Airdt-ioonians0   OelttcO
lefl yesterday for Kelson.
Hosmer - Fruit - Store
V. Milo, Prop.
Fruits, Candies,  Cigars, Tobaccos,
Etc., Ice Cream and Soft Drinks
Next   door  to   Tony   Lombardi's
old stand.
Bath Rooms
Up-to-date.    You
are all welcome at
Pete's Barber Shop
Front St., Hosmer
pleaded guilty I" t he chargi
illc-l'.-illv sclliiiL'li.iuor, ainl was vallt, .,.,.,,    .,
,,    .                     -ni       ,       . I   vei.* I    Patrick 1 hislles 2
liincl s.,!li) -mel i-osts  amount iil' • hal I heir report will be,-in   ex- •                           ,
   Cl   .-.e.eee  .1 Il.l   e i e-i-,   ,iiii   nun eci_                                                                  .                                  . St.   M11 nl. d     t'.l.l'll S I'n.-R  I
Pon    le'KNi     I'liiiii-beel    an, I   in all to $308.    111! paid the lino haustive and   highly   tavorablo ,.:i;||i ,, ii.(i|.s „   Motntn.welll
unfurnished     rooms     at     the nnd the liquor was confiscnti'd. '""'•       Little is known   in   the Glasgow Rangers 8   Kilmarnock 0
Scotia liotel,                                                            ^.„.^ outside world,  -ave  in  a   most Third Lanark 8   Falkirk 1
The Hosmer Mines,   Ltd.  are                 Children's Concert general way.  of Ibis  immense ■ Wayod withe grounds'of the flrM
now  shipping al i   250   tons      The children's i-oncerl   to   be couutry, and in order to ho in a """"''	
each of coal and coke per day.      given   in   tde  opera   I -<•   on position to furnish   reliable   in- JOSEPH RYBNICEK
m          i ii      i   .        .-1 ■ .    e      KVi.lnv  Vnvp.nlw.- 93 iii    iiii   nl' I oniia I ie hi in   those  seeking  it, J
Mr. and Mrs. Lake, ot Cokato,   biiilnj.Aoi    . .... m  . il  ol          ,„,,.„.,.„..„...   M,n,   ollt   the CARPENTER and BUILDER
wero visiting  their   daughter, I the Methodist church, will be a i thu go\eiuincnt sent mil    the
,„,,..i,,.   ,],.,,    ,,,,    ,„,,,    should partv.    The members of the ex-1 < d work at low prices and satis-
no\eli.*)                        ■ ■               i   e faction guaranteed
Mrs.  Prank   Labelle,  lasl   Sun-
miss,      Aboul   twenty   llosmer  [.edition state  thai   almost   the
children,     between     five   and  entire  countr-,   examined   con-
,,,•  -i-ls of  lino  agricultural   lanjl,  —
All Kinds of Pictures Framed on
Short Notice
Agent for tho
Call at tho Diamond Hall, Main
Street, Hosiner, B. C.
'.P/qetciidl \
t'sSy/ /      ' \
M *-w ^tUrOtfea/ij,
IOS.MER,   -  -  -  B. C
Mrs. ('.   II.   Pitblado.  accom
panied by Master Jack  Jarvis,   ;,7 ' a^j]'   ' 7-.■'-it i^»i*   ' '" V,,^--C   and that vasl stretches of  opJn ♦^♦♦♦♦** ♦♦♦♦•»->*•»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
was visiting  friends  in   Fer  ^^ „((.>  wiu g'iv(!  „,;,. country only awail the hand of ♦                              YOUNG    MEN !                              t
.V'stei'day.                                         fcwo  hours  of  .'.oy.l  entertain-   m»»    to    bo  transformed   into |                   Here's whore you can save money buying your                    I
PPplPuPPiPn:::;:;:.' ,„ P;;it:pPP, PPPPPr PP'l \ Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Valises j
church   next   Sunday    evening.  SUL.t.esS) and   being  "s .thing | various  parts  of   the   district,    s)   ♦
Everybody invited.                       different." il   will  no  doubl   at-  hnl these have as yel paid scant > solengenl r„r THE HOUSE OF HOBBERLIH, Limited J
Last Thursday   eve     the tract a large audience. attention to the cultivation  of    »  Call .....I s ...r stock of samples	
old time New   England   .Irani.,.      Much crediI is due Mrs.  .I.  S.   tl, il ex.-epl in the raising of T —                                                      Rn^^TH
"Along    the    Kennebec"     was Musgrove     I'or     her    untiring | potatoes and oilier garden  pro- ^                     ALEjLs'L.SJ   (.06   D\JdOl\J
played   in   Hosnier to   a   well  efforts in rehearsing  the child    duels lor their own use or local ♦ Next Dbor to Postoffice                                             HOSMER, B. C.
packed houso                                ' i'«n For the various numbers,       sale.   Stock raising is the  chief' ^*♦**•*•♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *»•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
The Hosmer Mines, Ltd.
Hosmer Steam Coal
and Coke
Lewis Stockett,
General Manager
D. G. Wilson,
2 Elk Valley Development Go.
A number of
very desirable
Lots for Sale
Townsite Agents Fernie, B. C.
They  are  Going  Fast!I
Those desirable Home sites in West   Fernie. J
Why don't you get in on a good thing?
Buy a lot and be a landed proprietor.    Prices
range from $50 to .$125.
Prices will rise in the near future.      It is for
you to decide who will get the profit.
1 $10 secures one now.     Make the other  pay-
{ merits to suit yourself.    For particulars see


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