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The Hosmer Times Jun 16, 1910

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Array Vour special attention is called to our
ad on back page.
A. Mills & Son
Your special attention is called to our
.■id on back page,
A. Mills & Son
Volume II.
HOSMER, B. C. TfrtjRSDAY, JUNE 10, 1910
Closing Out Sale
Beginning Thursday, June 16
and Continuing until June 27
All our stock of Drugs, Patent Medicines, Hooks', Stationery.
Office Supplies, Fancy Goods, Druggists Sundries, Fishing
Tackle, Etc.
To Be All Sold At a Sacrifice
No Reserve, everything goes.   We are leaving Hosmer.
You get goods at wholesale price.    We get the money
and avoid the   trouble  and   expense  of packing and
moving goods.
All accounts owing us must be paid before 27th of June.
H. F. McLEAN, Manager.
Families Are Placed on Ready-
made farms at Small Cost
j Tan ■ Sunburn - Freckles
Wi* have on display this week a incist exquisite line nf
Very little attention keeps the skin in perfect condition.
Prevents Blackheads, Cleans the Penes, Removes Tun and
Sunburn. Everybody should use a massage cream, its
economical, Its healthy.
Hed-Rub  For the  Hair
11 Marlatt's Footwear Department
Why not try our "Miss Canada" Shoes? Without doubt one of the best, and most comfortable shoes
Women's Tan Oxfords 88.60 l» .$1.0(1
Women's Patent Oxfords $3.50 to *4.e")ll
Women's Patent rials, .Special $4.51)
Women's Tan Bills, Special $4.IK) tci !)!.->.IHI
Marlatt's for Fine Boots and Shoes.      Ladies are
specially invited to inspect our Footwear. ?
Quality Store G. H. MARLATT Opera House Block t
I       P. BURNS <®, CO, Limited
I      Meat Merchants
f Fresh and Cured Moats, Fresli Fish, Game and Poultry.
I We supply only the best. Your trade solicited. Markets
J   in all tlie principal Towns and Cities in British Columbia.
t***********.*.* ****** *********************** **********
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Any kind of mixed drinks that you  call   for will   be
served in First class style
Best   Rooms   and   Meals  in   the   Town
Front St.
Hosmer, B. C.
&•'»       The only Commercial Hotel
j ^  Sample Rooms Main St., Hosmer
I   Queen's Hotel   j
* ROBT. GOURLAY, Prop. $
* t
X Transient rates $1 per day, special rates by the week *
Opposite C. P. li. depot, llosmer. IJ. ('.
         ■ Ml I       II        II CMMMMMIMH    II    11 llll IIT-*r c» ml     |||| | IIIWCJ         ~C
Big Free Moving Picture Show I
Niew feature Hints euch week under thu operation nf iToe Kuklo
A special to the Buffalo Express from Strathmore, Alta.,
says: Here they are 100 families
from old England, who have
journeyed 50()0 miles by steamer
and sleeping car to their new
homes on the readyinade farms
of the Canadian Pacific railway
in the great irrigated districts
of Southern Alberta. Beholding
them, a Yankee recalls the coming of certain other sons and
daughters of old England in the
Mayflower in 1020, at the mercy
of winds and waves, unwelcom-
ed, to homes in a forbidding
wilderness. Eroin the drama of
Plymouth to that of Strathmore,
from the Mayflower to the Empress of Britian— the immigrations of men have seen no
contrast so striking since the
world began.
Here is material for a pastoral
epic, Pioneering Made Easy, the
Unique Thing in Immigration.
Recall the pallid pilgrims and
what they faced at Plymouth
Rock, and contrast with these
sturdy British yeoman, accompanied by their wives and
children, clad in their ready
made clothes, bringing to these
Canada-madefanustheir British
-made ideas about farming—a
hopeful, cheerful lot. No Indians,
no uncertainties, no hazards—
faith a plenty. These Britons
know they have a great deal to
learn but they* have been accustomed to making the most of a
littlo piece of land in the old
home, and they will not admit
the possibility of failure in the
new laud under such auspicious
The readymade farm innovation promises to work a revolution in immigration and
colonization movements. Because it reduces to a minimum
the possibility of failure, also
the danger of an inrush of undesirable settlers, also tho fear
of a long wait until a crop" can
come and relieve the wants of
the new man in the new land,
it will be copied.
These Britons are being supplied by the Canadian Pacific
railway with farms of from 80
to 100 acres fenced, with 50
acres iu crop, with a dwelling
and stables, with a well and all
the tools required for operating
the farm and with a perpetual
water right. The company
does all this —not for nothing-
been use it wants to get into
western Canada some of the
best of the yoemanry of Great
When the immigrant arrives
he looks over the farms, selects
tlie one he likes the best, goes
into the house, hangs up his hat,
and his wife her millinery, gets
a meal, and takes possession.
The is his. He takes it off the
company's hands and from the
proceeds of the first crop that
matures in a few months he
pays the first installment on
the purchase price. He need
not complete the payments
until ten years pass; he may
pay them all at once. The one
provision that is insisted on is
that the settler shall have $2000
This restriction is made so thut
only the best farmers will conn*.
The company does not want
any except the best, and it is
having difficulty in meeting the
demands even with that restriction.
Two years ago the readymade
farm idea occurred to the mind
of .Sir Thomas Shaughnessy.
Thc experiment is a fixed policy
now. The president decided to
locate the farms in the 3,000,000
acre irrigation block in the Bow
river valley, which a few years
ago was wild land almost entirely given over to uufeticed
cattle ranges. Instead of going
to the government and asking
it to undertake the work, or
waiting for private companies
to act, the great power of the
Canadian Pacific railway was
put behind the scheme. Today
about 1,000,000 acres of the
3,000,000   in   the   district  have
the water for irrigation.      Thi
is practically us great a tract a
all that has been  reclaimed   to
date by all of the United States
irrigation    projects   combined. I	
wiiencomeieted the Canadian! Building and Plant of Montreal
Pacific's project will have cost!    Herald is Consumed by Fire
approxima' ely $10,000,000, it will i 	
consist of   .bout 7,000 miles of     One of the   worst   catastroglials und ditches and it will phies in the history of Montreal!
add   30,001   splendid   irrigated occurred   last  Monday in the
farms of 1000 acres each to the . buildingof the Montreal Herald,
wealth of western Canada. ,st. .James .St., when thirty men.
The applicant for one of the | women and children lost their
readymad farms must be a lives, and the plant and premises
married n m and have a family; destroyed by fire. The huge
he must have had farming ex- water tank on the roof collapsed
perience; he must have sufficient \ nt half ,mst ten o'clock precisely
funds to transport himself and nut\ fe]| through four floors,
family to Alberta. I mrry-m^ deilth am| de8, ,.ll(.li()n
But  he isn't .turned out on m to path.   Several employees
raw land m a strange country went with It from the roof to
among new conditions and left j tbe bottom floor, Where it upset
to shift for himself.      Because machinery,   breaking   electric'
he isn't treated in this manner I wires, and started a blaze which I
Fresh Plums
Peaches   /
Ripe Tomatoes
* Plums, per Tin 10c
* Lemons, per doz. 30c
« French Mustard, per jar 10c
* Ice Cream, per dish 10c
is proving easy for the Canadian
Pacific to secure more applications of the right sort than it has
readyinade farms to offer.
The American public little
realizes the stir that has been
created throughbut the British
empire by the new immigration
idea. Great Britain is in a tremendous stato of excitement
over it, so much so in fact that
the London Daily Times sent
two moving picture operators
with the readymade farmers to
take them all along the route.
First Fatal Accident.
Thc first fatal accident at the
Hosmer mines occurred on Saturday last, when Mike Danus
and S. Kozlowski were killed.
It appears that the two men
with a timber packer named
E. Domma were working in a
chute in No. 0 when a sudden
fall ot coal buried all three.
J. S. Musgrove, the pit boss,
and L. Harris, a miner, were in
the place when the coal gave
way, and had a narrow escape.
They had just wtuuted tho men
to come out, and jumped down.
After several hours work
Domnia was taken out alive but
the two miners could not be
reached until six o'clock in tho
evening. They were both dead
when taken out, death being
caused hy suffocation as no
marks or bruises of any kind
were   found   on   the     bodies.
iu a few minutes swept through
from the first floor to the roof.
The falling tank broke gas
pipes, causing the explosion.
Persons dead are girls and
pressmen, the editorial and
building staffs in the front of
the building getting out safely.
The Montreal Herald has a
fine live story building, practically new, on Victoria Square.
Tho company's president is
James S. Brierly; Fred Abraham
is secretary-treasurer, and John
Taylor, business manager. The
paper is in its 99th year.
The latest despatch gives the
number of those killed'in Montreal Herald fire as 32.
Bellevue Easy Winner.
The league game between
Bellevue and Coal Creek was
played at Bellevue last Saturday
was something of a hummer.
Billy Hughes said the Coal
Creek boys were only going
after tho points and Bellevue,
in Billy's estimation was relegated to darkest Hades. However
when the gamo commenced,
Bellevue showed the Creek men
there was something doing.
And although there was a cyclone blow
of the Creek's goal.
Early in the game, Varley, of
Bellevue slipped on a rock and
was incapacitated, having to
leave the field, leaving only  10
* Our Goods are Always Fresh. Our Prices Can't be Beat $
t J. A. LUND, Manager Hosmer, B. C. J
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
i Real Estate Bargains:
♦ __     °       *
For some snaps in real estate call and
sec mc. Sonic good houses and rooms
for rent. Agent for life and accident
insurance in thoroughly reliable companies.
Post Office Block HOSMER, 1!. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦ ;
I        LUMBER
c Fir, (Spruce, Tamarac and Cedar, any qtiautity desired, but only ono
•k quality—tin' best. Wo '•■•in satisfy tlio most exacting. No matter
* how large oivhow unttU ilie* onder may lee. ii will aeceivo thc Bailie
i prompt attention, A. trial ordei mcuns a satisfied customer, (livens
i ii trial.    For sale ley
'S°™™i.7c.^.|iThe Elk Lumber Company, Ltd.}
all the play was in front IJ °- JL BoMF0ED> AKent Hosmer, B. C. I
I ********************************************** ******
Domma is in  the  hospital and j men to play Billy Hughes' team,
is just about recovered.      The j But the 10 men played up, and
funeral of the two men was
held on Monday, some 500 men
were in line and the Italian
Band of Fernie was in attendance. The services were conducted by the Rev, Father
Tavernier of Fernie.
Kozlowski's case is rather pathetic, he lost his wife 11 months
ago, and   leaves  a  little
years old in Austria.
The jury of the coroners inquest gave the verdict that
Mike Danus and .Steve Kozlowski met their death by suffocation due to a run of coal which
cut off all ventilation.
Accidently Shot at Michel.
Archy Clark, a young Scotchman about 20 years old, is lying
at the morgue in Michel as a result of a shooting accident last
Sunday. Clark, iu company
with a friend named Sharpe,
! went out to Michel prairie for
some practice with a 22-culibre
I rifle which was accidentally
discharged, hitting ('lark, the
bullet entering tho abdomen.
lie was at once taken to the
i hospital, where In1 died.
He made a written statement
j before he died,  saying  that  it
| was purely   an   accident   and
[completely   exonerated   Sharp
from all blame.
Man Killed at Coleman.
A fatal accident which occurred in the International Coal &
Coke Co. mines nl Coleman on
Tuesday morning, resulted in
the death of one man, .Joseph
Homenick, a Slav, anil a probable fatal injury of another, Wm.
Kelly. Augusl Variherie was
also hurt but nol seriously.
The men were engaged on pillars and bhe accident, was caused
by the falling nl' a body of coal I
which adhered to the  headwall |cau
Eminerson scored the lirst goal.
Then there was a fluke in the
luck, and just how Parnell managed to get the ball past our
friend big Jim Lindsay, its hard
to say.
From this on things went
badly for the Creek and Petri
scored the second goal for Bell-
son 31 evne after a penalty kick, Bil-
j ly Fegan played a good game
for the Creek, but Dugdale was
right with him all the time.
It was hard to see a more disappointed crowd than the Creek
boys when the game ended 2 I
in favor of Bellevue, There was
rumors on the turf thnt Billy
Hughes had a fit when he heard
the news, and the last reports
are thnt he is a candidate for
Westminster on account of this
set-back, But Fegan says it
was all bad luck.
The Bellevue team were:
(ioal. Lindsay; Hacks, Dugdalo,
Moyse; Half Backs, .Miller, Bust-
In, Criiokshanks; Forwards,
Varley, Petri, Emmorson, Duncan, Hawkins, Frazer of Coleman was referee.
After the match the boys were
entert nined by Helleviic'stenmnt
a grand smoker when songs
were sung and beer flowed
freely until .'{ o'clock in the
morning. But there are stories
of the hotel men chasing the
Creek boys with a gun before
-1 -SI 2.01 II 1.000
il. G. c. M. <;.
(established 1817)
All Paid Up $14,400,000 Ii.
Hon. Lord Strathcona and  .Mount
Hon. President.
Hon. Sir George Drummond, Iv. C. M. U.. Prosideut,
Edward  Clouston, Bart., Vice   President  and General
Branches in British Colombia
Armstrong, Cliilllwaok, Kndoiby, Qroonu I. Hosuier, Kclowiin, Solemn Sew Donror
N'lcola, New Wiwtniliwlci*, Id—Iceieel .Suiiiiiie rl.eii.l. Vancouver, Vernon, Vice..Ha.
Savings Hank Department
DcpoHtlH of SI ceiiil upward received.    Intercsl allowed nl current ntton eetid |iald
V I"!
1 poult.
C. B. WINTER, Manager
utover in tin* withdrawn] nf the
Hosmer Branch
All kinds of Draying done on short notice
The Celebrated Tabor Coal
Dry Wood for sale
B. C.
♦ ♦ ♦♦ # *•' & * *> ♦ *•• • *> * % *!* *m* # *> *> * * * *!* i
> *> ♦ -fr •> *:•»:
I Hosmep Livery & Transfer Co. j
IS. AssKl.lN
F. II. In
********* *
HAM    1
Livery, Cartage and Feed Stable
Rigs at all Hours at Reasonable Prices
Dealers in Coal
************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *»;
of the seam.
Fishing   tackle
Bear Hugged Child.
While feeding a captiv
Jan    eight-year-old    girl,
J Larson, of Phoenix   was
by the bear and badly hugged,
! before   Mrs.   Arthur  Webster,
who was nearby, could beat   it
oil' with a .flub.    The only   danger to the child  is  from  blood
loisoning.    The  bear  is  n   cub
lit a year ii'
;i in
at   Bennett
in the public
Rubber Stamp:
quale of the
it the Times
Elk Valley Beer
Beverage of Quality
Manufactured from Canadian Malt, Bohemian
Hops and the famous Crystal Spring Water
Elk Valley Brewing Co., Limited
Bead His Deliberate Opinion!
Ucv. P. P. LaugiU, "The Manse,"
Carp, Ont., writes: "Sume: considerable
tiii.e atfu 1 bc'^iin usinj* Zam-Buk
with a view tee testing it thoroughly.
1 am troubled witb eczema, which is
always worse in the* early part of win-
tor, and seems tee leave me about
spring. 1 tried Zam-Huk immediately
my hands starte.i to break out, aud am
pleased to say tbat it checked the
disease, which is more than 1 can say
ieer anything 1 have' ever lecture tried.
Wo   now   have*   Zam-Buk   in   the house
Planigan—" l'hot would yez do if yez i it's this way: 'I've been sleeping on a
live-el te, ue two hundred years ulelf
Lanigan—"Oi don't know  \ it.
ill.I.V—"My salary is knocked into
a cocked Hat this week."
lially—" veh.ve"'
,-ontinuoush:,'aud"i carry' a small sample!     Hilly-    •..v    wiles   cbantecler   will
box iee my pocket,   one evening 1 hap j will take it all.
pened   tu   look   in   where   an   old   man
hael met with an accident a week before, j \M [STRESS     (hiring    servant) —" 1
and   hail  best  a  linger  nail.     I   droHsod I jjfj.    hope you kuuw your place?"
the wound  with  Zam-Buk and left the. servant—"lib, yes, mun.!    The
sample box with lliem. I   have seen tho   last   three   jjirls   you   had   told   me   all
edd gentleman sine.., anil the injury is   about it."
cured. *    *    *
"On another occasion a farmer called ML/l IKI8TEB—"So you are f-eiinj*: tee
at 'The Manse,' and  1  noticed a raj; l jj/l    Bchool now, are you, Bobby?
on his finger.    Enquiring about the in- Bobby (aged six)—"Yes, sir."
.lury,   I  learned  that   he  had  somehow       Minister—"Spell kitten for me."
taken a piece of flesh off, and the wound      Hobby—"Oh,   I'm  further  advanced
hnd  started to  fester.    He'  was afraid   than that.    Try me on cat."
it   would   turn   to   blood-poisoning.     I
ck  man, but he's getting better  now
land won't stand for it much longer.'
HT.V is vour wife, John?"
John   (tlie   waiter)—"Well,   1
ilon 'I know, miss.    \\ lieu the sun
ibin't shine she's miserable, and  when
il clues she says it  fades thu carpet."
IfeeNv Angarola and .Mm t-'itzsiininous
j will be ecu liand with Top Vote, a stake
j winner, High RougO, a classy selling
I plater. Royal Captive, Summer Night,
j Harvey r'., and a bunch of others.
Harry Shannon ci*euld never let Toron-
j tee meeting u<e by and will bring Man-
1 beimer unci the rest of ills good stable
this way.
J hat extensive I !aiiailian American
stable belonging tu Irving II. Wheat-
croft, and known as the Ht. .lames
Stable*, may not be as strongly represented tins year as last season, but
Trainer Lew Marion will have Green
Seal and Woolwindor iu the Toronto
Cup, and may incidentally bring along
a number of lesser lights to keep the
good horses company. Oreen Seal won
the rich Florida Special at Jacksonville
in March. Jockey (Ian/., for whom Marion refused $10,01)0 for his contract, will
AP the many devices adopted by t
railroads' to prevent accidents, j ljl' "luUK to d» the stable riding,
bone has attracted so little gen- Jim Everman nas a wonderfully fast
oral attention and none has achieved sprinter in that good horse T. M. Green,
greater results than the systematic in- and, providing tne Kentuckian does not
spectieen of watches used 'bv engineers get hooked in that early campaign at
aii<l conductors. Every engineer and I Lexington and Louisville, he will make
conductor on the railroads of one com- the jump bere.
J prehensive system carries in his pocket
little card, which contains a history
of his watch. This card has to be verified and officially slumped every two
weeks.     If tbe  watch   varies  from  day
nave   him   about   a   third  of  a   box   of   ttjRKTTY .Miss Jones "As 1 play an   '" day by a few seconds it must go to
Zam-Buk  and  he applied ii.      A  fewH;     0ld lady in this piece, I shall have
days   later   I   saw   bun,  and   he   said to havo wrinkles painted round my
■That's Kreat salvo of yoursj my finger     „„_ cj„,c.kS| .„„■ mouth."
is now eloeng line' ' |   * jjr„Hn -••Ah, they will be lines cast
Thai is exactly the kind of testimony j in ploasttnt places."
eve iiuesi  appreciate.      Test Zam-Buk! ...
I ion 't go bv bcursav!    Von will find it : ,,,..,. 	
ives   Ihe   best   results   in   all   cases   of   A Msl I    K: " .an y„ , reael    he   east •    | „„,;,,„„„ w,,n, tni,t,,,bk, "?„ fallltv tim'„
> Fortune    teller:   _' • ortaiulyj    ietm    A„ „,,,,;,„.,.,.■„ „..,,,,, nllght hl.
the repairer's, and the local inspector
issues a " leaner watch" until his own
can be fixed. These watches are guaranteed to keep time to the fraction of
a second.
I'.efcere the timepieces of the engineers
nd   conductors   were   regulated,  many
eczema, ringworm, festering sores, piles,
cuts,  burns,  face  s.ir.'S,  eruptions,  and
all -kin injuries and discuses. All .lrug j
gists ami stores. ,"e".'. I..
Ifok Co., Toronto, I'm  price, bul  refuse
,-lieap    and     harmful    substitutes    anel
that's mv business.
Visitor:  "ThGII  I  wish you'd toll  U1Q
/ , ,j.| what it wuh my wife told mo to got tor
' hor.
WJIKN you arc grown up, < queried
th.* *. isitor, "will you be a doe-
tor, liko yuur father?''
"Oh, dear mm-', do!    Why, I couldn't
even   kill  u  rabbit,'1  replied  th.-  boy
with groat fruuknosfl.
ti\ o m six ininut«•
and wii h ordors
.Scares uf the horsemen who raced in
.Jacksonville and Tampa have signified
their intentions of making the Canadian
Circuit at any cost. '1 here is not a
chance in the world for there to be a
Beareity of horses when the season
There died the other day on an Illinois farm the trotting stallion Hegalia.
He bad attained the extreme u^e of 80
years, and in liis day represented the
acme of brooding in the harness borso]
line, although now tli** strains that com- i
posed liis pedigree an* seldom heard uf. j
Regalia was by .lay Gould, whose re
lu let another train  pass  him  at  a cer-1 ord of L'.L' 1 '... was tlie best, when made,
tain place lie would reason that  he had t for a  trotting stallion, and the dam uf
mple   linn-   to   reach   another   station,   liegalljl  was a daughter of another for-
ind take the risk of getting then?.    All   mer champion trotting stallion, the fain
sorts of watches were used in thoso
days, and some of the cheap ones would
bo so inaccurate that there would be a
difference of teu or fifteen minutes between tho conductor's and engineer's
i im- rail road made an effort to correct
Kthan Allen, king of tin- Morgans.
.lay Gould was as fashionably bred as
any hurse of his time, being by K\ s-
dyk's Hamhli-toiiinii and out of a mare
by Heeley 's American Star, and lie was
s<> fast and natural a trotter, once lie
slum dl   his speed, that   horse men  went
J71VK had given Adam an apple.    "I this diilicul.y years ago  by supply tne  wild  over  him.    day  Gould originally
J    suppose," she mused as she eon    all of its engineers and conductors with   was  known  as -Fudge  Brigham, and  in
trncted  tho figdeaf suit, "utter  standard  watches,  but   it  did  not  pay
this I'll always have to feed him to get  Some  of  the  men   exchanged,  Bold  or
■ lu new dress." Subsequent developments I pawned   their standard   timepieces  and
\ j continued hor fears. | purchased cheaper ones.    Then the sys-
VOL. 1
NO. 30
All Western Canada Loves a Buck-Eye
There was a young girl tn Waskada
Who made up her mind that it paid her
To sell a good smoke
That would please the men folk,
So she shipped some  BUCK-BYES to Waskada.
There was a bar tender in Wat wus
WhoBO cigars were sufficient to slaughter us;
So we boarded the train,
Vowing, "Never again,"
For they hadn't a 1UJCK-KYK in  Watrous.
Said a newspaper man of Lacombe,
"It's like getting money from homo.
Wheu you buy a eiyar,
Get a BUCK-EYE, it's far
And away the best smoke in Lacombe."
A  miser there was in Wadena,
.Than whom there was nobodv meaner.
When a stub—ii BUCK-EYE'd
Catch his eye, he would cry,
"That's a  real, Simon pure I'eaeheri'uu.
P.S.--And everywhere you go, the burden of their song is that
the BUCK-EYE is the best Ten Cent Cigar on the market.
coltliood——lin-ving ouly ordluo.ry specdll
—while beine; driven nn the road took I
fright eel' ii railroad train anil bolted I'
with   bis   driver—and   he   bolted   on   a   ,
lem eel' wal.h inspection wns developed,  trot.    From that  moment the enlt was I
rpiIKRU   is   Nobuchudnezznr   eating      No part inula r nake eel' watch is adopt-  a reul trotter, and the fomomost reins-   t'"1""1 ,"'' "" ""' ,:""' '" ' nnncla to be
rasa like' an ox!" sai.l cine .-..nil  | ed  by the ron I, but certain  rules must j men   in   the   land   wanted   to   buy   bim. I u> lnK> tiring, exhilarating, and exasper
■i.    •* Lei's hope tier th
ther.   "Maybe he
• Spavin Cure
i.ee lil.-.ti ; [.. fare <"•
lelvr.1.. Ke-e I ...irt
million,, of dollar.
best, "govern their selection.   Tbere are some
trying  thirty-seven dill'erenl  kinets -it' watches,
en with the Babylonian  beef  made in eight diH'erenl  establishments,
that have been .'e|.;.r.e\e-.t by the oflicial
•    •    • time experts, ami the railroad man can
VIM;   |.l ber   (to   son)    "You'll  select  any one el' these.    The watches
Uml i ain i bin able lo leave you are all adjusted tn temperatures rang-
inn. h money, Hill; ii's nil gut to I ing t're,in thirty In ninety live degrees
j,o to yer mother and sisters. But I've an.I t.e live dill'erenl positions. They
bequeathed you tbat the.ro job at Mug- must .•iis.. .<.nt;.i,1 at least seventeen
ley's we've bin at such u time. Doll*t jewels, Tin' (examination uf the watches
'urry over it, Bill, anu it'll always keep every fortnight enubles Hie inspectors
you enit ..f want, anyway." !" know accurately the history and per-* t
j formance eef the timepieces.
lee     t lli'S
He was sold a time ,er two at advancing I ;||1"K "' ,1.in'i bu   " *VM.VS ','!sP'rln8'   .,
prices, nnd finnllv been  tho property      M'«»   Binnio-Clarlt s   tribute    to    lie
f a svndicate of which .lim Pislt and | C'nnadinii emigration system is another I
ed after Ocnild, wl,.  ,.,,,-
trotters, owning .IIkcr, 2.221/,, back  in   "'   u"'  »n»pnion1   ol   British  babies  t
fl,„   ejne Cnnada "where ther.e is at  least  fresh i
But the  stiillicin  ha.l   inherited   from : »ir* wholesome f I,'und aa education
his dam's family whal wore enllod "the  ••■*•*■   K|V,M*  ,'i"'11  «"d 'ill  •' :.'l.m,!,.''' .to
star feet," and'while ho get along with   KrasP .','!''. "!!''!."'!"","."'"   "'
them   wi'll   ciiuioih   i.i   make  n   ehntnninn I 8&yH
f a syndicate of which Jim Pislt and C'nnadinii emigration system   s another
ay Uould woro members, ami was nam- !,.\,'..u!'' numerous passages worth quoting.
ue had a fondness for
Iker, 2.22M., back  in
nd whilo he
them well enough i.. make a champion I "•J'1** "'  '!''v,'r »■«'"• "l'i"'
; i,|,  the   weakness   was  transmitted 1 CJaiiaclu. of Inquiring Into and
1 many eel" his got in aggravated j '
UB naked so many questions that day      Ko   perfectly  dee  these   thousands  ol
that ho finally wore out his unit li ! watches keep time that often one eef the
ience. fast   express  trains  between,  say,  Chi-
" Robert," si riod, " if ynu ask me<'"<".<i anel  New- Vork  will arrive at   its
another question I shall put'you t" bed   destination nn tin- s mil,    Tin- engii
withntit  yuur supper." j 'S and conductors do mil e|uesticen tin
llobcrt' pr ptly  osked  another  and  accuracy of their timepieces.   They be
wnB packed oil'to bed. Hove  in  them  against   the- evidence of|
Later his mother repented,    After all,  all the- local clocks which they may pass
iisking question*  was  ll nly   wa,*,   he1"" the road.    .Ml ..ther watches may he
could acquire knnwludn; so she tiptoed   fast  or shew, but  their  timepieces  are
upstairs, I Il  beside his I..-el ami told   correct.     Since   the   a.leepti.en   ,,f   this
him she was sorry. } liming regulation there 1ms not been an
"Xow, dear," she said, "if vou want   accident on   the   roads   due-   I,,   faulty I treme speed
question before you go   watches, and this al  has save,l thou-       pmlr ,,,.„.,„,;  .,,.,. ,„  |,is credit,
t,, aloep ask   n   uow  ami   1   will  try  tu| sutirls  ..f  dollars  t.e  the   railroads  and j 0f t|„, snns Hjrnj  ,i,,.,
1  never losl an opportunity in
Hie conditions eef iininigiants  from  tho
f'oiniramVTvhYl,"s.n^^^ dilVerent points of their or
i.-.l well, Hie blood sort nf petered out, | ganizati.m.   and   the   lesiinniuy   ol   the
It was while .lav (Ic.ul.l still was pretty   PU0I'0   themselves;   and  from   lirst   to
we'll thought  of that   Belle nf  l-'avcnte.! Iilst,!" h,.'r ""'Options ami dealings with
■   lev   Kthan   Allen,  was mated  with  him   ^nghali  immigrants Canada has bound
and the resultant foal I nine known as:""' Mother Country to Inn with 'a hook
leVg.-ilia.    But although Regalia always I ofJtep1-       	
had something of a chance in the stud       ''"' narrative, is illustrated ley a scries
he   was   i,„t    regarded,   after   the   .lav   "f excellent sna|esl„,ts.
Gould fever bait subsided, as being particularly   well   bred,   ami   ihe   records
| many lives ui passengers.
show that despite.his long life he sired I yT  is  „„,   Bur.,ri»tnK  Hint   kings  ami
but hve trotters that  took  records ol , |_    nil(.,.s bUouM ,,,, sl||)orstitious, ^n<>
:-:'" '"' l"'"''1'. "'" I ,1"'m h'-ving ex „„,.,. s„ ,i,:in Hie nst ..f crodulotis
inortality,     Niuety-niiie  men  out   cef  a
""'" ' liundreel',   and   all' w n.   havo   within
themselves a secrel and hidden chambni e
i   For ie
.■lit.   t he'll
■ showing, but the iWMghters were of far   wll(,rt,   ,,„.;,.   Bupcrstitions   are   stored,!
belteei' calibre, as eleven  eel   them  pro-   thoir furtive beliefs iu omens an,I por
■ll 1 standard speed, their total being  tpnts imd M t|108c „,!„,,. ,v:,Vs iu which
I eight trotters and six pacers, Regalia ; flll. j,.,,„|v buried thread of'fate sen.lsj
was bred by Richard Ponistnn, .ef 1'hila ; jts weird mossagos and warnings to our
delphia, a unique character who for n ] s;„.ht .,nr| hearing. The lives of rulers!
time cut  a  wide swath  iii  Hie ler lmg ! .,,.,,   peculiarly   prone   to   such   beliefs.!
I world.     He   was  an   actor  of  the   old, They an* so wholly artilleial, thev are
h.e.el, a contemporary of F.irrest. and,|ao surrounded bv the tremendous forces
Veteran Scrip
Farm Loans
We will accept ii first mortgage on
improve-l farm Innd .'end sell you
Veteran Scrip in this way at regu
lnr cash price. Write today for
loan appiication,
l.'KcnNTI.V   divorced   gentleman
was  invited  t<i a   friend's  house
t<>   dinner.     As   soon   as   he   was j
seutoil  Hie husl 's little daughter naked     i  CCORDIXU lo lh.- slake nnnouii
abruptly:  ''Where's your wife 1" ; I\    merits of the Ontario Jockey Club, I liko most   uf his' "nil.I. not  much of n   gf p"opuhtr"sontfmoiit, "thoy are so con
'I'll.- inan in some confusion answered: j .inst   made   by   that   organization,   luisineees mnn.    lie hnel a lucky streak.; tinunlly haunted by the spectre eef sud-l
"I   don't   know.'' ; there ore no less thun six evunts which   however,  ami   drew  a   (76,000' prixo   in I den and violent  death   that   il   is small1
"1 'l   know.'''  replied  il nfant  shall be exclusively for Canadian own-  one of the old time lotteries, nud ll was  wonder that tho mvsterv of It ull should I
terrible.   "Why dim'I you know/"        ers. this money (hat enabled  him to follow  take Ho* form of superstition, which U'
Sin,,. Hie ciiihl  persisted  In- thought       Naturally tin' most important of these, the fad ut trying; to breed trotters.    In   „„ more than  the  marli  nf  human  de
half-dozen  stakes is the   King's  Plato,  the en.I  he ran  out  eef money, was by   termination to rend Hie uiii'endable and
fifty   guineas  presented   by   the   King,   that  timet I.I  for active work, and   to pierce the veil which is the most con-
with $-1,000 acleleil by the1 club, but the  became an inmate uf the Forrest limine   splcuous eef all objects on the horizon of
jthnr stakes loom up exceedingly strong,   for  Aged   ami   Indigent   Actors,  'lying  intelligence,   Then, ton, wo must reniom
'fin' Lcivei'i I Cup is over a mil.' ami   there a  few veins ago. ber Unit the ruler is usually an egotist.
e  sixteenth journey  lnr three year-.elds -_   — He can liardlv help believing that he is
ON THE CANADIAN PRAIRIE       I an object of'pecullnr Interest to Pn
■asiest way not would be tn make
a clean breast of Hie mailer. So he
said: " Well, we dnu'l live together, Wi
think, a- we .-an 't agree, we'd I..'ltd
ii.et. "
But Hie littl.' torn t  would mil stop.
si xclaimed:   "Cun'l   agree!     Then   and up, with ifil,000 added by tl lub.
VI      for ike Flour Aaf
at is faction
wkv .1
Ma  do
liglil   it   out, as   I':
11 K.N Willi.•'> fnther canie
supper there was :e \ aca
at   the table.
We'll,   where's  Hie   li,,y .'"
William  is  upstairs in  lied.
, i r    i-aine    wii h    pai nfiil    p
, He.- veil': t  ther.
\Y 11y ,   wh what 'a  up.'     Not   side
i An   anxieea>  jean
ml   This   event   lias   alw.iv
ing   to  see  this season
Th,'  William  II.'ll.liie  M ial  Han,I     ,;,..,
Ilns  event   lias always  called   Inrth  a   "*l|lss   BI NM i: c 'I.AHK  contrives  to  deuce—as Indeed ho must be it
'.eiielly  iii 'Id ami should  be, well worth   J±    impart u yieo.l ileal of useful in   a Providence—nnd that for bin
tin re   -in In
•• ll   grieves me  I., sny.  Robert,  Heal I vera four ami a half furlong rout
nr   s.eii,   your   son    has    been    hoard This is rallier a severe test  for young
wearing nn Hie street.    I   hoard him.' stcis :,t this season of the year, lent tin
SwearingJ    Scott!     I'll  I -h   him event  is certain t.e call  forth an excel
ii"    Ami he started  upstairs in lent   Held.    The  a.I.led   money   is (SOO.
Hie dark..    Half way up In- stumbled ami > which  makes the puis.' all exc'clleut  one.
The Producce News."    "Here isl''""1''  ''"''"   "'"'   llis  ' lu"  ""   ""'  '"p      Three-year-olds foaled in Cannda will   \M\
u streenee i-;i.se In furl her prove Heat eel.I ' "'''I'- be aske.l 1.1 go a mil,- ami a  furlong in
if there is:
part  u  Heeo.l  doal cef useful   m    a r\u\ nee    nn.i mai ior nun nt least!
formation, culled  from  her prac I there  -in be no event without i'-e pecu
.. .'xpetience .if life in the Dominion,   liar significance.     Ami si nrly every
•nairi ieap will be for three-year-olds am! up.   i„  ,|„. ,.nurs,. 0f her narrative of  how   ™h*>'  has  his pet  suporstltions and all
.ami will he ai a mile.   In all probability   tl,|n(rfl w.,.,nt in "A Summer .en tli,' Can-   ll"' science nf th.' day cun  not  uproot
| sonic of the starters in the King's Plate   iU|iHn Prairie."    It  is inst a little dilli    them.
Ih.'j will be finiong those entered in tins im    ,.„it t.. clnssifv the book,    If. howevet,       l'"1' example, Ihe King of Kngland has
ision I portent  race'.    Ii   will  l.e a  race with   || is to be regarded rather as a tale than  n "X0ll belief thnt misfortune will Imp .
¥1.(10(1 :i,|,I,.,| by the iissocintion. .,  menns of instruction, it  is distinctly   l"'n '" llim ir '"'" knives are ail..weel tn
The   Coronation   Stakes   will   he   fur  entertaining;   if   rallier   as   the   latter   'lp "" "'e* table before him at the same |
two veur eehls, foaled in Canada, uml will   tlum the former it is distinctly accept    time.   Nor will he allow nny guest tn In
WII K.N  Mayor Hay ■ gave his .le I
cisiou  thnt  cold  stonin,-  was  a '''.' ,WI
L'oeeel thing it pleased tin- trade,'
When ilm atmosphere cleared
■ '*    uml her    was   saying
from Ho' hallway: "Thnl  will .1
Vou have given him enough for
storage is ii  good thing, ami thai   e-n^s I
. an   lie  kept   in   Hi lolei'S nild  still   re     "'"•
main fertile ami hatch chickens. Th
following letter written t.e W. W. Klzen
line well known egg-dealer, is self-ox
" • I would like t.e relate in you ionic.     ti ■    ''
Hunn   which   usu   may   think   is  almost    J
impossible.    As you  know,  Me.   A*,*i.x..»l
bought   ol   .enu   last    April   twenty livi    '
Hie Hreedc
take. I.. I"' run iu  lull, ||i,-ksi  al   Winnipeg,    The  m.nc  poei
•etly   iu which there will llgure *l,  a.hid   ,,,,,„  .,,   ,|„, ,,|„iraetnrn of Hi.'  tw
lear.  money.   This should call foith a number vouuq men tl
' I"-    ,,f im'piiitiiiit entries doling the present tlH>v have  nol   been  a  success in  their
lacing sens,,,,.    Another slake for 1911 homesteading and farming ventures. As
will be I'm ■three year. el.I allies, ami will ,|„.   M.'i-s.'v Han is  agent   at   Port   (Ju '
mplnniiug   the,),,, known as the .Maple Leaf Stakes,   li ,\ppelle sa'vs, hundreds of voting  Kng.
oilier day to Cantuin Harbor, l'orl   >,,||  have * I,I  added  money and  Ihe lishmen   lik
I'aplaiu ..I  the Sim,, pilots, :.l t ' i||Mt,u  prescribed will, I
crowded    liti I   Hi,-   sleiim    ;,  „iV| ,|,     |:.,i],  ,,e-  the
able ami einineiitlv readable. served  with  in.ere thun one  knile at  ill
The voting Knglish ladv win. relates time. \s soon as a kuifo has been used
her experiences, n.ees cent to Cannda " ,s 'eplaced, but twee musl not be.
with her v.euni;eer sister llilnrla, anel "I1"11 Hie table together.
after .livers,' adventures on the over 'lh" German emperor 'ins a si.ll m,,:-,-,
land iniirnev. thev i.ein their brother strange superstition, lie wears :, ring,
in.l his partner "'The Hritish Work I «'•••*'•' i"1" descended to him through the
"    (otherwise    Lionel    de    Courcv ' '""' "f ""' "''henzeeHerns and which has |
il-.vjiys been   wnrii   liy   tlie  lietlfl   of  ttiel
iniiM',     Il   is Kilid  tiiit  I'lniiij;  tin1  1^1^11
S8 i» one HurpriHod tlmt   "j'  ■i"1"1  ol   Urunilonliiira  :<   tond   wiu
1 "itsi'ivi'l io hop ii,t<- tiif bfiiiMMii und
iii-i^'11'^i'   :i    Stull".      'I I.i'   OVOtlt    W"H   cull
M'llM'Ud tn l)t' i>t- (jrt'llt KijfuiHciititH» :mi
tht! Hlnnf \".is iiH'iiiitcil io u lin^ und h i-
l ii  unin  iii  iiit> wuy doHcrfht'd i>\rr
1'iitlv made a trip,   i„
I"   cried    Iturber.   „,
a nun
*   race.
ou   as  Hie club ilirecl
,'iile.l date for either
which     V.eu    tll.Ol    pill     lie     1 1    ""    WllUlll    1
cold storage for him.    I  have chickens, "Pour  in  a
nud   toward   Ihe   beginning  of   Aug,nl "That's   nolhing.     Vou    should    lone ;,t present.   Only 11
Hit I   thorn   wanted   to   set,   -,   I traveled in the days of the gold rush lo inator cun   r ler
iheeuglii   1   would  •• e.p.'ii ui.'iii   ..a   lliem,   California.    1  lemembei   trip uui nf nit he,   ,,r |],  in-,,
As it  was so Ial.- in  Hi.' Hciisnn,  I    .'I, *-c'w   Vorli   wc  carriecl   more  tin	
not.   w.iul    to   wn.-te   Ihe   freshlaid   eg-s thousand    pilSSeilgcrs,    ami     If   .VOU    pill          S*()twi,|1Hla||r||1||(   , .„,,;iil,,|   ,i,,IM,
"»  them, si  I   look  Hiiiiy ai i  colli lltlj   oil    hill   ship  today  there .1   be  ..„,„_„   ,,„   ,,„.  , '.,„.„||;,„   ci,,.^,,   „,„„
cold storage cggn,  which  were  ,, 1     ,o. ei Ihut would reach Washing on i  vm, r|i,vc,,, ,||(,,„„  h|„,.,|s „in  |„. .,,.„
inoal    three   months   ..hi.   net   di\ ■■■■.! muke trouble  Im  somebody.     I., slinn |„ lhjs
Ihcm nmong the thr In.'ken-.    I g-P| yon  how ernwdeil   it   was.   uud   whal mp|
sivteeii   \eeimL.  ,-In,-ken-.     What   .|..   ....   'crowded' really  means, thr lays nut
lliink of  Hint'    I   Imp,'  thai   Mr.   W -n from   N.-ie   Vork  a  chup   walked   up  t" |(1I0WI1  i,,,,,^,.,,,,.,, v,|„, |UIV<. nssiire.l  him I from Ihe laml in Cuil'nda    il 's the Inn.I
"'   will  hav  a-   i,   luck   this yai the old mail and said: Hint thev will  i hnnd when the bell    I the mnn: bul  I guess thnl  neither
tliein   take  uie  their  Innd.     .'''''       ,, ,
,.„„,   ,„■  ,!„,,„   ,;i|.„      ,   ,,„.;,   since     lie  has also another lucky  ring
■• land is me g I .„ ihe,,,  ,* h """,:". "<" ancesors took from a
Sier.'i.-i n ebii't  eluriiin th,. i rusades, but
rlginally bore a text from Ihe
I lent   vory
■ patents,
there being   unless thev ■•:..   '.nt  in the work.    N'in.
1  '"em ."'st   ,„„ ,,. ,,.„ ,,, ,|„. „|,|„ ■, ,i,, i, i,' thev  U1 ,    .
lentli "i the nniu    vvnll|,*, .,„,, ,,„. ,„,„|, in nin„ ,,,,s,.h ,„„   Koran, nnd this hns been removed ni
''   noinlnaiio  <  in  „f ten nln'l  willing,    I guess tin. land    :-'   '"'"" cr-0M   •"■B.mvetl   in   Its   plu
Aad  Hoc  o.krr lirrm  Skl>  IMoraara.
Tarolema Consiiti of Compounds
witb Combined Oili-of-Tar
r.llt   < llll IHIKN    aael   Mllri   laaaa   ar
iwi Hear...*, ewe.  imiiii c:m t  >.,. i
I'OH llll V KI '/.KM* ami Kne-nia af
lh.  Ilra.1.  uar Tt IIUI.KM «   No. 2.
KOR SKVKHB CASKS, (iraerrallr I'ra-
eeeiuneeeT Inenrabla, iter TA HOI.KM A
No. X. '
50c Per Pol it All Drngxists
II ynnr Dr.itfKlal dara net. sell
TAMO' 'IMA. ardrr dlrrrl, aad addrraa
l)»o<. P I
The Carbon Oil Works, Ltd., Winnipeg
Probably   its   mac
with  the eggs  :,s   lie   had   lasl   year, ami
I   certainly   will   'i v   1 he   same   1 rick   a i
again.—Mrs. Ceorge'.l. Wcir/.ell, I0.1-407      '
Prelini, huvseii   Aveiiue.   Newark,   Sew   sbeeplng nr
Jersev.' " I      "  'Well.
Caplain.  veen   reallv   musl   Mini
■e  I"  - p.'
Where  in   thunder  huve  vou  bi
low?' asked ll 1,1 m
nl   Hie   fellow,   ' Veen   s
gram   es  prln.-h.nlfv  useful  t„  men  „i"'"."!"''I"!'V, "s   "'"R.1"1*1   l'fnP'"'tle»   ' ■■'■
some agri.-iiltmal e'snerlenee w nu'i   ''«'" "' the same time,    I h
U i»1  ;t limn.*,- I,, Htlin   foi' t Im'Uihi'Iv •■«- in
Klltfllintl.     ') Dim   It'll   nn'  thnt   tln'iv   :nr
nuy   iiiiiiil.i'i   .if  nti'll   in  'In' Old  I'mmtn
 Iimilttitv this siuiiiji*; ami -nm    starving  wlih tholv I'liiMivn. who I'lin 1
\   it.(-i-iit  iirrlvul  f 1*0111  .luckson    ;:<■' mil Im*i*iiuhi< <-i  tl."- fmirlfl.    I don'1
\illf   ha-  Un-   WOl'd   from   a   Ht'OH'  •<!   Wl'll    Mli.>     Hint    rillM1>    I'ittl    pull   "IV   a    t'.irttlllr
that th.-v will I) i han.I wh.-n tin* bnll I iinrl  th- mm.:  Imt   I  ffiioSH that   nrith.-i HOW TO AVOID THE "FLU
ly I'xuuiplt'H of (In- aupi'rstlHoiiH tbut un*
tti bo  tound  throughout  all  tin* ro(v
I'nmiln'H nl'   I'.umpn, ami  tht-ii'  must   bv
soiii.'tiling in thtin, for it Ih t'prtitin Hint I
must   of   tllPHI!   WOrttlU'H  have   IJOl   main
taii'd  tln-M   I'lai'i'i h\   nn-rit.
lh)   not   stand   >■!'  sit   in   draughts. ]
iim;s nt  Hie  Woodbine. a   mun   nor   liis   l;i,N    e|   go   withonl
It. I), Williams, ihe Oklahoma owner plenty t,. .:.t in this country.    It's the
and trainer, will be there with an excep- land uml the man, lake things all the; Keep out   of nil  crowded  plac...
tionnlly strong string, the mosl import-   way through, bm tlie lirst two years out  Keep your feet  warm,    Clot  plenty cef
uni   uf   which   will   be   Hint   w lerful   here clecienel more mi  the man thun em I |-,.,.s|, ';lj,.  .im|  exercise.    I.n grippe  is
,  two year lllly Darling, winner .if seven the land." caught in.est easily in crowds, drawing
Straight  run'- ut .lacksonville.    Hesldes      In pnssuges like that, as well as Inci-  rooms, theatres, eoneert halls, big shops.
Durling he will bring the two year olds | dents   in   the   narrative   and   numerous \ Before   entering   them   spray   the   nose
Definite, Dell, Defler, D ncy und Del; excellent character sketches of settlers, (Btornally with mentholated oil nnd wa-
| l-'riar.    'flee aged  Incises Catroke, Col.  mni-v   i  sidelighl   ;- llirowu on l.l'e  in | tor, two pnrta to 1,000, and aftor coming
A'shmeade, .lime Swift   ami  ten  others,   the West. „ut ,]»„,. the nose with hot salt water.
I*'n is   .1.   Pons,   s ■etiiry-treiisurer       When nil i- said und done, il  is only j ,\t  the lirst  symptom take a. hot bath
keeping  with  the  tltncss of thingsUnti lie down and sleep for a whole day.
that    we   ultimately   find   Lai   ami   his  Spray  the   nose  nml  gargle  the  throat
-itnoiijr ail poultry oliolom plays Imtoc.    "SPOHN'S,"  given in
Bvuitml i I, inn's it ft ut] HUtpH ii from going further.   DISTEM
per iiinoiiu horaui, ihoopi <Iu,i:n. and oilier ilumeKtir nnlmnlt in
mildly lioiidled with "SPOHN'S."    ,\sk your i!rii*,"Kist or UarneM
tlenlcr to supply vou.    All wlioleinle .IniBicistH winy "SPOHN'S."
Spohn Medical Co.Chimistsand laclerH»o|l»ts, 00SH£N,ind.UJ
nt' the Moiifiiff Park Asosciiition, will
send ;i select few from his New Vork
ninl western strings, under Trainer Dick
Westmoreland. Ainouy the lot will be
.Tuck Parker, formerly owned bv Hon.
Adam Reck, of Loudon, Ben Double,
Roseboro, Pont, Klarney nnd n couple of
t wo -year olr]y, possibly Cliess nnd Louis
de Coguetii.
dim  Burtchcl! nnd Sum  Louis will be
, n\\  hnnd with Flying Footsteps, Cooney
1 K., th-1 good two-year-old  Fruitful and
a   number  ut'  lesser   lights.     They   will
bring with them one of tbe most promising   light   weight   riders   developed   nt
iii   Florida, .lockey
friend j*ivin« farming up as a. bad job. with*mentholated oil und water; take a
With the teller of the story, however, il * ,]0SP 0f calomel or castor oil; feed on
is finite dilVerent. It is just us natural; niilk, bread, vegetables, nnd cooked
to find her settling down to that occupa- j fruit. Take hot drinks that, will flush
tion in the end herself. For "from the j the kidneys and start perspiration. Tso-
first moment J found the prairie entirely hate the patient if possible. Spray his
attractive—its stillness, its serenity, to* room with antiseptics, such as eucalyp-
gether with its strong and,eager pulse tol or thymol, und, when lu* is cured,
of life. It was iii its own way as fas- have the room disinfected with formal
cinating as are those rare, but. absorb \ dehvtle. For the grip is a sort of blood
ing. people whom you must hate in some ; poisoning, with mnny complications, and
moods nnd adore in all the rest, but j is very contagious,
whom ynu are sorry to see yo out of the'
room.    It  could raise one's mood to the | ' ' ■
power of wings uud the seventh heaven.
Sackett Plaster Board
The Empire Brands of Wall Plaster
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
tin*   winti-r iiii-e-tii:
IViise-. pownr .ef wine..* mid tin- seventh lii'iiv.-n. i    u**, Weok, Waur, Wmtcrr *rmm.
.luck Stm-ffis nnd .lim Hcwitl will mi.Muni nnc elnwn to those* tircsonK* re-1 JUUeved By MUMMiBye Rumrndr. TW
mnkc tin- cli-cull with Pulkn. Pocomokc, ci.uis wbern one hns to move with fixed wui LikeMiirtnl. It* ^tSJit Me At
Kthon nnd ie ii'w others. Kthon 1ms do- determinntlon, :e tight gripped lip. nnd . yonr DrueiclaM. Wriu Kor Br* Book*.
veloped into n wonderful sprinter. I step   by   step—but   It   never  bored.     I. Free.   Murine «*yo Remedy Co., Toronto.
Brass Band
Thlt    **    (*>*
In.tram.nt., Drum., Bmnd Mumim, Ete
Leo went prlMi eTer anotod    Timm ••UJmro
mr M0 illmtratlona. mailed tra*.   Writ* »
ler anrthlm In Mm'c mt Muaicalluatmawae*.
WHALEY,   ROYCE  A CO.. Liunt*
Torunto, Ont.. end Wlnnlieea. feu.
Dr.Martel's Female Pills
PrMcrilitd ind ret-ooimended for women's ail
meoti, m\ witntificAlly prfpar«d rtmtdy of proven
worth.    The  result from  their um in quick and
permanent.    Kor ►al' at all ilriitr atorei.
The Fire Fighters—The Story of a City's Fire Department
rplMKS have changed, and with theml
_L the customs of Jin? fighting. En
the olden days—not su yer$ long I
ago—when n fire wns discovered the]
Under shouted "Fire! fire! fire!" us
loudly us his voice and nerves would Jet
him. Others took up the cry and everybody wiiliin bearing rushed to the Ore.
If there Was any sort of fire apparatus,
it was yanked from its housing and
hurried along with all the speed that
hands um! feet could muster. Perhaps
a neighbor's horse was requisitioned to
hitch to the hnnd engine or hose reel,
two men sitting in the back of. the
wagon tn hold onto the rope and the
others strung along between the wagon*
tail and the "tub," the gently derisive
name given to the old hand engines.
Arrived at tlie fire, the end of the sue-
*ion hose was laid into a well, pond or
ristern and e\ erybody worked—father
and all  -to  put   tho  fire out.    U there
fire i.. ui the water front, fire bonis
pump wuler from the river, lake, ur
ocean and drive it upon the fire with
force so deadly thai brick walla are caved in and any structure luif the strongest Crumples like cardboard before the
steam-driven stream. If there is time,
and occasion, the protective department, throws waterproof blankets over
goods and saves thousands of dollars
from loss, lu all his work, the modern
fire-fighter is swift, methodical, effective; time is the sublimated quitossence
of his contract, method its lust analysis.
Winnipeg Well Equipped
Winnipeg is a city well equipped for
handling flres through its lire depart
ment. Luke all of the city's public service departments, Ihe fire department is
not old in years, but there is hardly
any that is older, nevertheless, When
Winnipeg was   incorporated  as  a  city.
Chief Buchanan and Ilis Horse Dick—On the Jump For a Fire
was no fire apparatus, bucket brigades
were formed, nnd (he full pails were
passed alon^ one line of men and boys
and tlie empties back by another line,
it there were enough hands. If the fire
was nol too far advanced by the time
these old fahsioned means were put in
working order, sharp work and a good
supply nf water would put it out, ami
there never has been anything invented
that would make men work as hard as a
ire. Let a fire break out, and the laziest man in town would be neck and
■eck with the most diligent; he would
■run as fnr and as fast; he baled water
•r worked the pump; stood astride of
the ridgepole, or rescued stock or fur-
•iture with as reckless a disregard for
•ver exert ion as an yman; took his own
life in his hand, if need be, to save the
rife or property of another; did his level
hest  when tried  by fire.
Modern  Methods  Are  Different
Methods of modem lire fighting are
quite different, hi sparsely settled see
tions, llu1 old hand engine is even yet
honored b\ use, ami the bucket brigade
is not an unknown quantity. I'ut city
flres caunnt wail upon such slow ami
■comparatively feeble met hods; t oo
much is nt stake in 1 ift* and property.
Uro has lost none nf its power lo ex
■site the nerves, nor any of its qualities
for promoting activities of man—-it docs
Chese things along difforont lines. Unit's
A tin- starts in the (ity and cuts loose
•nerfries- nnd forces that are swift, sudden, sure; some of them nre subtle, as
well. If the fne breaks out in the daytime, it is likely to be discovered before it has got very far on its road to
destruction. It may lie thai the person
who finds the fire will send out (he old
•cry, but if he does it is to warn those
who are near at hand; if he wishes to
rail the fire department, he rings in uu
alarm from the nearest box—a simple
tninp and a speedv wav to call help for
fnttine; out the fire. 'With the light-
ling speed of electrical impulse, the
message dies to the fire stations and
warns the department; speeds along
•ther wires and tells other departments
«f public .service that a call is made up-
♦n them, nt once or contingent upon development; rings other bells and informs the whole city thnt there is a
fro in such a section, near such a box
#f fhe fire alarm system—the citizen
is warned or put at ease, ns the case
may be. At the first tap of the gong
in the fire stations, everything nnd
everybody i:-; on the jump. It is not enough to save minutes in modern fire-
fighting; seconds are nearer the mark
and fractions of a second ure computed quantities. Whilo the gong is striking the number of the box, everything
'iis made ready. Men rush to their posts,
inrses dash from stalls through doorways made clear by the working of an
electrical device. Harness being ready
to drop, falls inlo place, and a few swift
| Photo by Gibson]
November 8, LST.'t. the men who had the
nerve and good taste to set up a city oa
the prairie around the Hudson's Bay
post, had also the sense to appreciate
the need and value of a fire department.
The size of the "city"—about fifteen
hundred population—'lid not warrant a
paid tire department, but a lire fighting
force was organized on ,i volunteer basis
and there was no lack of amateur spirit
in the new organization. When a meeting was called for the formation of this
first real fire department of the city of
Winnipeg—September 24, 1S74 — the
meeting roster included the names of
the most prominent citizens, and a good
many of them. The City Council adopted a recommendation of the Fire, Water
and Light Committee and appropriated
twenty-five thousand dollars for the construction of tanks for fire purposes and
for apparatus. This generous sum was
supplemented, and its purpose furthered,
by an appropriation of forty thousand
dollars for a public water service.
Apparatus of Early Days
Ity September oi' the same year, the
Kire, Wafer ami Light Com mitt e had ordered a steam fire engine, four hand
hose reels, one hook and ladder truck
and two thousand feet of two and a half
inch hose. For n water supply, six
tanks were Lnilt at. different points
along Main Street beginning at Broadway and ending al n point opposite
Ryan "s  Block.
These tanks were filled with water
from the river, putnped in with the fire
engine ami pumped out by the same machine  when  fires took  place.
Then' was trouble in outfitting the
Winnipeg fire department in those early
days. Enthusiasm and men were plenty
— as lhey always have beon to fight
fire—but Pnto seized upon the new apparatus as its plaything and tossed it
about with more or less unhappy resultsj
Transportation into Winnipeg was not
the finished product that it is today, and
il took some months to get the fire
engine to the city, to adjust some
freight charge difficulties and to get
the engine turned over to the city for
use. This was bad, but worse things
happoned tn the hook and ladder trucks.
The first one ordered wenl through a
bridge in Minnesota, and arrived at (lie
ami thereon terminus instead of Winnipeg. A second order wns filled and
started, but was overtaken on the way
by the very thing it wns intended to
hold in check and burned.
These were only hints of what unkind Fate could do when she set herself
to the tusk of doing something. A new
fire hall hud been built on a lot pur-
chased bv tin1 city on Lombard street—
then called Lost Office Street—and this
building wus well stocked with fire apparatus; was, in fuel, the pride of tlie
volunteer department and the citizens,
On Christmas morning, IS7.">, while the
department was resting up from attendance   upon   a    lire    iu    a   log   structure
#■•-,<.  i      i:j    $1?
■■ ■!  !,; trill
•iV,-'-'  e
■ mm
The Sixty-Five Foot Aerial Ladder Tiuck In Action
| Photo   lev   (Ubseill
ih illicit wiui galloping noises
draw 1lice apparatus dovolopod by
rn fire department methods, at tup
-.,.._   to   thc   place   where   the   lire*   is.
Ponderous engines, fired up and getting
motions   fasten   it.     Tlie'   last   st reiki' uf
the gong lias  barely  fallen  whon   Iho
•trod   is  filled  with   galloping
that d
•peed  to  the  pi
J es, fired i,,. ...... B^....._,
steam on a,s they go, aerial ladder
trucks, water towers,, hose wagons,
chemical engines, the automobile or rig
of the chief of the department;
with gongs clanging, anel men lit.
preparing for their work at the fire
Floods of Water; Deadly Pressure
At the fire, floods of water are turned
upon the flames within the limits of a
breathing space.    If they are  needed,
1 tho   aerial   ladde r  trucks    send    their
i strong stairways a hundred feot or moro
J.'lnto the air.    Water towers nre rearod
to deluge the fire from above.    If the
known as Rod Elver Hull, tho now lire
hull caught (ire and burned flat, with the
engine, hook anel ladder truck and sonic
more of the city's apparatus. The philosophical historian who recorded this disastrous happening indulges himself in
some grntiilati.ry remarks because the
lieise reels and much of the* department'b
hose were not in the burned building,
the hose having been hung up to dry
alter the Christmas Eve fire, and the
reels left outside because of the lack
of space in thee department's scanty
But a new engine wns ordered the
same day: a new fire hall put up; the
imperishable parts of the fire engine
that went through the fire, were gather-
eel up and another engine—appropriately named the Phonlx—was built around
them; the hook and ladder truck was
similarly  treated,  ami  the  department
-lc   with   its
Fought Fire Fo| Fun
Those were the days when the fire
laddies a! Winnipeg fougiil flres for
fun.    Thero was Bume Bhow of paying
the men but il wns far more Bhow
than substance. The City Council set
aside the inenili'-uiit sum of two hundred
dollars each year fur the purpose, and
citizens whose property was attacked
by lire sometimes gave the department
a cash reward tor its services. Then
there were lines—some-thing a trifle dis
proportionate to the emoluments cef ,,f-
tic-e. it weeiilel seem. Out of the scanty
sum raised by civic grant and private
donation, members or the department
received n clcillnr for attending n fire,
nr half a dollar tier responding tee an
alarm—-rung fmra tli- Are hall or by
lim bell mi Grace Church, :it the corner
of -Main and Water Stroots. Those whee
[ailed, wore fined tin lull dollar i.i the
e-nse eet' n lire cer twenty.five cents if
thoy failod tie show up nt practise—
helel oiii-e n week during the summer.
"Ain,nt this timo," remarks our philosopher of Hie Winnipeg (lro department i rds, "there wus considerable
dissatisfaction in regard in remuneration   received.     In   tlie   ligM   of   the
figures cited, such ; ndltion does nol
seem wholly unnatural, but, ut ull
events, Un1 dissatisfaction wns thoro,
and resulted in a meeting over which
Captain McMillan- now Sir Dauisl McMillan nii'i Lieutenant-Governor of
Manitoba—pooslded, Captain MeMil-
bin hael been chief of Hie lire brigade
und he wus ro-uppuinted to the position
by the City Council unci held Ihe place
after this re-organization meotaing ami
up to August, JSSil, when he resigned
because of the pressure <et' other busi-
uess and luck of time to give to lire department all'airs.
The ,-liief event of interest to I lie
lire department in 1S81 seems to have
....mi Ihe purchase of a chemical engine
.unci a new hook and ladder truck, a
most timely addition to the apparatus
since the following year put Hie department to its trumps to attend to the fires
that followed thick and fast in the
fast-growing city. In February of that
year, there woro three fires, one of them
burning Hie Knuppen House, at the corner cef Donald Street and Portage Avenue, although the department worked
hard for five hours trying to get the
lire uniler control, In March, u (ire that
started in the Main Street store of A.
l.'urrons, got away because the tire tank
wns frozen, and before it burned out,
this (ire ate up a hundred thousand dollars' worth nf property, including the
Montreal Bank. In April, the Clomcnts
Block, on Main Street, went tee ashes
by the short route, and May Day morning wus marked bv a lire in (he Dundee
Block, on Main siieet. tli.it est eighty
thousand dollars.
Paid Department  Organized
Then two new engines weie bought,
and u paid liie department evus formed;
tin' wmning wus enough unci moro than
W. (I. McHobie, a lire -fighter of Icing
experience with tlie Montreal elopiirt-
ment, was the lirst chief of the paid lire
department of Winnlpog, and his salary
wus fixed at eighteen hundred elollars
a year, a salary which was exceedingly
good compared with the $3,000 which
i hief Buchanan draws in this day of
far greater responsibility due to having
a city of one hundred and fifty thousand population to care for ns against
fifteen thousand in 1*>,S'J, and a property
value of $134,490,614 in 1909, to only
$10,303,220 when the city's paid fire
department wns first organized,
Then there wore four engines;
now there uie nine; then the department hail three1 chemicals and three
heese reels drawn by horses; today there
are six chemicals and thirteen hose wagons, and it takes seventy horses to ibe
the work where seventeen were quite
enough in 1SS2, One hook and ladder
truck did duty then but tbere are seven
now besides two aerial trucks—sixty-
five and eighty-five feet long, ami where
the depart ment was at least fairly well
feet of hose, it takes forty-three thousand feet tee make up the needed amount
teeclny. Such a thing ns u water tower
wns met dreamed of then us a necessary
auxiliary tu lire department work; now
the city has one that pours water upon
a lire from an elevation of sixty-tive
feet at the rate of twelve thousand gallons per minute when the tower is served by a fire engine, anil more when uniler high pressure. Three lire halls—not
very lurge—sufficed to house tho apparatus nnd men then, but it takes nine
now and there is no wusted space; in
short, the [mill lire department of Winnipeg bus kept pace with the city's
growth and with the demands that modern methods of lighting fires make.
Splendid High  Pressure  System
Broadly speaking, old things have
passed away and all things huve become new with the Winnipeg lire depart-
men!. The fascination Hint lire hns bad
for mun over since the first bit
wns snatched from some natural
source and made lo warm dnrk unci chilly caves whore primitive man made his
home, is still in force and people rush
to a lire with all the curiosity unit /.enl
ihut called liis fellows around the first
during spirit whee grubbed a faggeet cef
Illume from that which spurted from
sonice volcanic crack in Hie earth's
crust. Hut svstem hus replaced atnatour
/.enl; method nnd hard work eloes whal
jwns formorly ontrtiBtod tee Hue prompting of enthusiasm ami doos it better.
The Winnipeg lire department is well
equipped to light lire's, liesieles its men
and apparatus, the department bus the
I invaluable aid of u splemliel high pressure system and a good water supply.
Tlie high pressure plant is located uu
11.In* rivor bunk unci chaws its supply
from Ibe waters of the Bed Rivor of Hie
North. It is equipped with engines of
tho gas driven type, ami develops throe
hundred pounds pressure on demand,
nnd within a few minutes from the time
nf an alarm, a steady pressure of one
hundred und fifty pounds—quite enough
for any but the most extraordinary fire
demands—being maintained at- the
high pressure station at all times. The
high pressure system is served through
eighty six hydrants, and covers all of
tne heavy business section of the city
with capacity of extension two hundred
feet outside of its limits by streets.
There is also a lavish water supply
through the ordinary mains. These cover
practically the whole area within thc
city limits anel nre equipped with fifteen
hundred hydrants feer fire use. Besides
this, the eld underground water tanks
—now obsolete hut retained for emergency purposes—ure available and have
been increased from the bare half dozen
of early days to sixty-four, with capacities varying from fifteen thousand gallons to thirty thousand each. With a
water supply of nearly fifteen million
gallons daily back of thom, these hydrants and tanks afford ample means of
fighting fire supplemented, as they arc,
two shades, as   lues wine." It is rather interesting to conte
••;-.. let  it  le". s.. let  i:  I.e." merrily ii..-  successive  c   .:;-  on  lie-  earth   il
said tin t'ounti-ss Antoinette. "But now ibe  atmosphere   should   i..-  quickly   re
adieu.    I  bear ;. carriage in tin art. moved.   Th     list      ing tli prob
I  wager il  is tlie modiste and my bull       ,'y happen is tha             '. ,-,.
dress, osi>, I ird and pi mi  « de, '--i
. .        .        .        . each c -'-.:.-:.- ;      nt a pri'ssiut- of I
The evening came.    Antoinette -t I ;   unds  tec  Ihe   ic|      e inch  on  the ....'
before her mirror in nil the magnificence side, wlii. h is lis  b> ;.    - -, ...i pre
..I'   the   dr.-ss   from   Mini'.   I.e.,mine   of sun* on lie- inside, and  wo li   .
by the methods nnd apparatus of the .le-  m Winnipeg where the lire itself  rings Paris.   She was beside herself with de- ward ...'i tne Hrs
partnieot.   Summed up in figures of vol   in .-'ii alarm  whenever it gathers beau-   light.    In its style, material, and shad ■ - !.
ne, Winnipeg has nearly half a million  wuy enough to produce :e curtain elegree  ing of colors the bull elress ivas u mas
lolbus invested in its liie department, I of  beat—uboul   one  hundred  au I   (iffy  ter-work   if  elegance,     li   was  of  the
nnd over a million in ibe high pressurt
plant, (u efficiency the department
ranks high, and derervedl>   so.
Faiv Pay; Strict Kuics
The fireman's pay is fair; the rules
nre strict. Firemen and stokers get seventy elollars a month the first year, seventy-five the second, eighty tin* third
ami eighty live the fourth year of sere/ice.    i-jigiueers get  ninety-live dollars
degrees at tho lowest.    At these places, palest   r..se tint,  not   Hie  rose  red  thai         r.-ratarnw  en, nt. tnr x>va
n  u  nre should  break out li.e-i,-  .vouiu recalls the color of the  hundred-leafed             "" *.->■.■.■—,.*..*-.
I"'  not   only an alarm  rung in  at  the rose, but thu ..hade that suggests either I   I'HHU'ATIO.V is a I pari    f the
cent ml sialic n. but u gong ;s sei off on tie-   winter-n   •■.   when   fully   blown,   or 1 •*    llrcnnai     :. - •.    - .,  ites
iho street   outside  the place where the I the tip ol the              nl petal" that lu.    il
lire   is.   thus   attracting   ihe   attention mosl :e yc-i     .   -:                I.                       that
ef nny passerby woo inn;.- chance to lee which !■  rm          I ■-..     erf  lh   wi I. he,    nit   ■'
there unci lee make doubly sure that lie' 'omplo:     ... Iter ••■ ■-. anel hei' e-hesti ut
service is effective, brown   li-iir,    '   •          ..-   v   -   sweel   ■
Porhups fifty business houses ii   Win otigli  to kiss.    Tho,e  remai icd in '■   the
nipeg arc  equipped   with  the  sprinkler piestini   nl  Hi    •;,,,,-
n month, one hundred, unci ono hundred Isystem e.i checking fires and ringing an fore I.e.- lay a clustei .,: -!,u\     ■ ., thai   n  u
uml   live;   captains,   ono   hundred   and alarm automatically". This system works the garilenl-r hal      .1 bnn   lit.  -'    ■
ten. one hundred and  twenty, and one by  the  melting  ot'  plugs  thut   toquin choose.    She :i,  .-..l-        i                ;■
hundred  mid  twenty-five  elollars:   liou-'J varying degrees of heat, from about one role the color .:   !i-.■   ;!  .
tenants     ninety     dollars,     ninety-five hundred   .uni   fifty   degrees   t..   three I this evening.
uml    one    hundred;    liie   alarm    oper- hundred   und   sixty-five  degrees.   These But -lit she think of tl,.- -..          tl
ators,   one   hundred  dollars,  uml    the metal plugs are adjusted to suit the nor selvesf   Did she love one           thai
superintendent of lire- alarms, one hun-luiul icmporutmc ui  tlie building where
elred mill  twenty-five  .ieelluis n  month, thiiy are, plugs that  ire in engine-looms
Kadi gets two three-piece suits, rubber and places of like high temperature, nor
boots, rubber cent, two  pairs of weeol   jolly, being adjusted to meltat a higher
milts, n sou'wester hut, uml u summer degree than plugs thai me pluce ; where
uniform cap a year, and a fur cup every the temperature  normally  i.  compare
three years.    Three hours a clay are ai- tively low.
lowed for meals—no more than one-third , .....   ,,, „ „      ,  ,
A City Well Guarded
In these wny.-, ,\'ii.nipeg is well guard-
nd the - -  -    - ,
:  ,   ' .. '..I
'-,     ill^e-    US
: . :.,..-
; I
■   Id
(if force to be ubsenl nl  the sume lillle-
miel one-third of each Sunday .<i  legal
holiday. Besides these short"porlods"of 10u fn"11 'i'''' losses! It muy I... that u
relief'from  duty,  each   member  hus an  A™ wi" sweep the- city in spite of the
evening    unci    an    altein.e .11'    ench : precautions that leu ve biu'li lalcen to pie
week unci Ins ten days u vour vent th's, but if such a thing sieeeul.l hup
of holidays, during which he may en It would be a inaryol of disnstei The
gee   where'   he    pleases    uml    ilo   us   h'c ' euty lire department is capable, ollicieiil
pleases, within the bounds .1 reasonable
propriety; eluring his other relief hours
lie must not.go beyond cull anil must
ii'sponel to ur. alarm if one is given.
lb- sleeps nn  his arms —so t
W" '    '
uml well equipped. Thc in-i really bud i
fire in the city took place in I "H. when
the ltiibnan ami  Ashetown  buildings on .
opposite    sides    of     liuiliutt V lie   uvelllle. |
burned,    This  lire  sturtcel  in  the  Bul-
lie sleeps  cen   Ins nnns -so  to  speali. ...                    '         , .     '           .
V , he goes t,. bed. ho arranges bis '"/'J1, l'1'"'1'' 8OV0n s,l""'s *■#. :""' '""I'
re  clothing  at  his  bedside.    Rubber Jjf th.° "arrow space across Uannalytte ti
eiots, will, trousers tucked in uml ready '"' Ashdown.block,   "lining both struc
to [mil up and strap over his shoulders,
are set so that the snuie swing Hint puts
his feet cent, .if bed lands them mer the
boots, where a couple of thrusts unci an
upward drug of the trousers muke him
ready to slide down the pole which constitutes the short route to the grouifd-
door und the (ireninn's post of duty. By
the time he gets there, the horses are
idy anil if the alarm strikes the number  that  calls  that section   of  the  de-
tiui'.i, mul giving the department the
time of its life t-i keep the flames from
going further.
in the mutter of loss of life, the de
purtinent bus been most fortunate for,
despite the desperate lights it hns had
witii its enemy—plus fulling walls and
ether incidental dungors—the history of
tlie department yet bus to record the
first fatal injury of a Winnipeg fireman,
The department lucks uu adequate
pension fund. There is such n fund, but
it grows slowly. The city makos nn nn
nuiil grunt to the fund—us high ns two
thousand dollars for ench of the
yenrs 1008 nnd 1909 — but this,
with n percentage of the salaries paid,
unci ull the lines that have I,e'en imposed
since liiol -uheu the fund wus started
—amounts to me more than seven thoeis-
niid live hundred dollars. Mow and|
again, the department gives un entertainment, but the' men me mo'lest and
huve a low appreciation of their abilities in this line, uud  the income  from
., ■.
"r-'t   SW
' ■ :
How tlie Winnipeg Fire Engineers Make Time to Fires
[Photo by nib;
em |
other)   She was extremely fond of both, I iug  Hie  motor  driving  the  gyroscopes
bul of which one particularlyf 'Ihut Bhe biokc clown, whal then.'"
scarcely knew.    Did she think that  tho       "They'd   run   for   i pie   "f   elnys
handsome officer wus a littlo fickle, and   with  the i neiituin  they've got," an
a   little   frivolous—that    he   was   some' sl.els   the   inMOiI.e.   "An.I   for   two   or
what skeptical, ns well, somewhat reck three hours that    ud keep ii upright  by
less, and somewhat  extravagant?    Hiel itself.'
she romenibor that a true heart-tone hud . , ,„  ,,„.  Hjl(irt   ,,,,,.k  ,„   (jillingham
sounded   in   the   voice   ol    hmst   von ,,,„,,.  .,,..   „,.   „rii,lic*ntH  to  show   whal
Irinzthal;   that  he   was   i„'i„'i„ i   to   t, ,„.,.„,, .,,, ,,, ,,„. wu,  ,,, ,,,mbingf
the poor; ami that   on  this very morn nuf  |„.„. .,,,.,,„ ,.„, jnve,lllol  ;, positive.
sh.. had seen a  tern- sparkle in Ins  s.|„. wj|| ,„,, up ti slop,' us Bleep us 	
No. Wh,, thinks
u bull .' - who thill
the   blissflilness  ot
is. he
thut   source   is   small,   vory   small,   u]
though anything of tho soil that is put  dress,  thai   shaded  bo Boftly.    lien   the
on by thofiro laddies is well put ionize.I i tea-rose, the heart of which softly glow
 as it should  be. "'' '",,) :i creamy shade, completed  her
Ai. automobile   service   wonbl   be   a
U'cuicl thing, too.    Thero might be times
,..,-. Till i,-   is    n-. u   1..   .I..ul.I   him;
cw toilet" 'il" ■■•'*' '  ,'""1"1  ,li:"  '"' *"""■ '" "x
' hibil  ceuibl . ir--1   null h sleeper inclines
I  was rea ly impossible to.wear t he  .„„  ,,„       ,,    ,    ,,   Bl,.(.tl.h,,d  sl,   ,-„,.,
reel  rose with  the  blossom  tin!   of the
when snow ami  ice  might  hung up un
alio, e I In- gruiiiiel ..i  leuiuiii nl rest uj	
!:  while Ihe rupee u;,-c Bwuug t" anel fro.
It won. I "be ull these tliii:e,s while carry
m.l: ti man; niul for my purl I   willing
e.-il-'t   in   llu-  most   enhancing  manner,     ;,, i;ii,. Breiinnn'H word
"i)h." murmured  Antoinette, :.- sh. :    -wi,,.,, Iliennnn made hi- earlv i I-
:  ■   !■ "   I   '  -    i      ■ '      '    ■* ll   Ulllpll    ,0s   he   found   Hint    while'   Hie   llltle   curs
.v. uM  I'cniniu  upright  and  run  along u
traighl   mi]  Ihev  lefl   the track  ul   the
utomobilo  sere ice   in   the   lire   depart-   leer Hi" cavalier! 'Ihe p
lent, but such occasions would  be ex-           .
tromoly  raro, unci  now tnal  the city's;     Many vears ufter, a woniien sal gric*.    tiV's't" .-"ii'r\e."  ' Thi*"gyroscopo"'goveriiud
pave.l  streets system   is so widespread  jng i„ ., ceild back t il of u great, house   their  ,li.-,.,-ii,.„   us   well   ns   then-   ,.,,„il
and so oxcollent, such a sorvlco would i,, a large city.   She wns sick, and si  -iibrium,    li   was tho firsl  check  in'the
be  highly valuable to cover all ol the ferlng, and uged   before  liri   time. Shu  evuluti I'  ihe  perfect   machine.
central parts of Winnipeg and cover it was  u   widow   nil igh   her   husband      •-., w,, ,„ ,.,. ,,.., ,.,,.,,„,,„., ,„.,■  ,,,
fast.   But us it is, Winnipeg has a high- lived somewhere in the world ontsi le, in '.-,     '    V '   '-  ,'   i        * ,   .       , '
Iv  efficient   lire  dopartmont;   no  doubt  ,iis„r,,,.,, and de-rudatien     iftei In  ' ..I V      i*   - '. , ■
„■.,„,   ;t .ii_r.oe   .uni e.e ,..i„,n.i .1.    .,,,.1   ui   col   Veu i s of mu k 11! e  .'\ ;..• li men I n I  machines
■""■"'   "■ Ispent her fortune, deceived and scorned  ttnd BcrUp|,jug them, of filing useless pa
'-   '"   ' "   : The doseited woman   ,,.llK J\inflhi   ,,„,  ^raiato,     But
'"  Uo- answer \\:is  found   in  the  -piunino
her,   he   left   lu'r
row sie'k and  p",.i.  turned  Hi
of  u   iirusor 1 k   bv   tin*   fecbic
porVPKSS  MARIE ANTOINETTE thai n stroet Inmn threw in the miter       ,*'' v BI,inni|  iat  doWU ,0 Ih,t  ,,
tiful. SliG possense.l the rare.., li(i;|(J [j]088on, that lay, dry as .lust.
beauty that no out- questions—not oven between tho leaves, ft wna black and
worn.-n. When such a beautiful woman Ury pro,„ Uff0( |1|lt jt ],.,,) (ltll.(1 (>t.(,M
passes aloiijr the .street .'ill tinn to look{boaiitiful
at her, just as in the morning whon thoir      jj Wua ||H. wreek ami
paths lead in an oppOHito direction, thoy white  rnee.-  Translated
turn  to  behold  that spot  in  tlie  east man.
where thc sun ruse clear and radiant.
Countess Marie Antoinette knew how,
beautiful she wan. How would it have
been possible fnr her not to know it?
Was she coquettish! Certainl), but not
iu that (iinpleasant way that is often ob-
strufiivo. She rejoiced hi lor pretty
1'aee; she rejoiced, as a consequence, in
all that tended to enhan
rum   ol   ii
from  (!,-■
WITIhM'T  Ho- atmosphere,  besides
tlie inconvenience of brcathingf,
;i   great   many   peculiar   thingi
would be observed thai would seem very
,, ,,     ,ii,       i .        . ■ extraordinary to us.   The sun would rise
■ill that tended t banco ts prcrtmess    t    ■  .. ,, ■      .  . ,
, . \ a      . .    straicrnt  up in  tho   normns in o a skv
—in adornment, ornnment, and hue to   ,     ui   « * ui   i i'
. . |ns bliiek us ebony, traverse a black sky
v i,     ,, w .   i  •    ,.    and sink down to roHt  at  nii'lit  into a
Naturally, loumo^s Marie Antoinette ti   ,    ,   ,       ...        .,     H,     .    .
,   ,      it i   ■ i     ■* mi     black shadows that would render inviB-
had  endless admirers and suitors.     Ihe ..
. .      »   ., .,       ,       ! sunset    ami   sunrise   woiib     nppcar,   uo
most   earnest   of   them    were   the   two!., » ..     , . M .
■    ti r    i .        /• n : lillicness  ol   the   I CnVenS  be  seen,  no  red | «rnrn    nt*naon#1    ,  11    l)i>.t    nlrln   nf   tl...    tin*
neighbors  ot   her   parents,  Cainill   von i „   ,    .,      , ■   •  ..      .   . were  pressed  on  tn.it  Bine ot   tne  cat
,    a. i    i-      i i. •     ii    i   i sun l'I.'o i.'illv evrowinc line iter, hut one : i,,, 1,1;,,,, it  ,i,lU„ ,.,.., in..4  ti,,, * i,,,..... *„
ueenngon   and   Ernst    vou    Prinztbal. ..,,  „.    .. -.-r, , ,   K .. „JJ    ., I nunnng 11 iinun against tne temieuc\ to
n tingle to the floor will
right itself; il will rise till j] nttinda
upright in the pi.int of equal friction.
Brennaa's reennrse, Iherefore, was to
treat his gyroscope as 11 ton. lie enclosed it ui ti case through which it- axles
projected, and at ench side of the car
lie built stnul brackets reaching forth
:i few Inches below each end of the
"The result is not dim.-nit tn deduce.
When tlie ear eamo to 0 curve the con
g, trifug.il action tended tn throw it outward; the side nf the ear that was on
the inside of the curve swung 11 j j and
the bracket touched the axle ol tha
*' 1'ititlmith in the manner of its
fnther the top, the gyroscope tried to
stand upright nn the bracket; all the
weight nf it and all its wonderful force
Taking tho Short Route to Duty
I I'hoto by Gibson]
( amiil was the most dashing oillcor that
taut  would
a fiery orb nud  r
main Inns all day.   Nn twilight nor day
break could cheer us. for there would b
could  be  imagined;   he  wns  not  only  :
famous   dancer  and   hnrfoman,   but   llu       ,, ,      . ... ,    .,
.  ,,    .      ,,       ,    ,      - ,,      .        .   -i   nothing to dilTuso tho   ight
talked  well, ami  played  the piano  bnl
liantly.   His eactle was magnificent, and      Unloss tho sun  slum
superbly arranged.      Ilis stables were *nlnK wo ',""1'1  ,l"'  s"
well  supplied,    lie  had.  indeed, debts, bouses would have to 1.
but debts arc for tho meat pnrt an ovi
donee of riches.    Ernst  von   Priuzthnl
was, on the contrary, quiet bnl  earnest. 1
Both sued for Marie Vntoinotto's
hand, and each in his own way was fill*
e«|   wil h   dist nisi   a lid   jealousy   toward
the other.    This ui rtalnty could not
continue longer.      O if thom  must
yield  liis  place, If murder or n death
blow  did   not   remove   him.     I'ut   which
The   parents   permitted   to   the
daughter her free choice.   And Countess
Antoinette?    R (ally  she  had  nol    1
slderod whom she would ehooco,
Tho dnv boforo tho garrison ball (be
fore a ball Antoinette wus mote radiant,
ever 1    Ihe    t wo    Sllltors    CfttlH1    hi    ' .1 sl !'•
Tlelvcrsou at the same moment, nnd al
mnHt attacked each other in Iho salon.
The rosuli was that tbey urgently und
(•nrnentl,i begged ('ountesH Ant dn"tle t .
render her final ileclalnn.
'Make  known  to  us  by  sinno  token
''I rise and eapsizo,    The thine; was done;
the spinning top had none to tho rescue
of its posterity,    ll only remained to fit,
ii  double gyroscope with the wheels re-
lirectly on  a  volving in opposite directions, nnd, save
it.    Thus  our 1 for engineering details, the monorail car
made of some I wa-' evolved.
partmont, it is a matter of soconds from
the time that the first stroke aroused the
sleeping men to the period of the mad,
Ut rule-regulated, dash along the .streets
to the tune of clanging gongs and the
rattle of wheels on hard pavements. The
fireman dresses as he goes, ami il is no
uncommon sight to see them in bitter
cold weather, putting on thoir coats and JJJ°^J
hats while they are being whirled along
the street al  the team's best pace.
The department's alarm system is e.<
ccllent. Although there are seldom '.lore
than one or two alarms at tho same time
over the lire alarm wires, ton mny be
sent in, if necessary, nnd telephone calls
—a favorite way of notifying the do
partmont of trouble—may be used tn
any extent possible within the service
How Alarms Come and Go
Scattered aboul  Winnipeg in a wa\ to
make the.11 most convonlonl  for use are j which  of us  is the  favored  one -which
wo hundred and twenty-seven 'ire alarm of ns von will make liapm  with your
boxes.     When   a   lire   lakes   place   near   haul." eric.I  ('amiil   von   U'etiligcn.
one of these, whoever wishes to ring in 1    nVcH( ,,., ,,, U((W Ml|l. r.(ll  , |(|;1V  ,,„.
au ulann, goes t,, the box. breaks a glass, 1]lh,   un(ier this condition  en 11  we give
hat bars access until it is smashed, Jfav-Lp ^^ lhl(,| w],icl, lho Rccm, ,,r t(M|.lv
ing broken the glass, it  remains but to  ,t;is  rpmiored almost   unavoidable.    Tie
press  down   on   a   hook   inside   the   box 000   Wnom   vou   reject    will    leave  I he
and the deed  is done.     The abirni  thus |Sl*onG ,if combat.    Will  vou do so?"
rung, goes to the central fire station and ., ,   ■   ,   ", ..        , ,,     ,
is reeled oil on .-. tape nfter tlu tnnei ,        '   1'.-v,;,ll ,!1"1 •- lmlri: ■ "" "l    ''"^
of telegraphic message, a punched hole V0? ,Prinztlml'1 '% Anto.netlo, can
for each number rung. Thus if the box no1 'onger endure tho torments ol this
is sixtv three, there will be six boles. ., | "'.cerlainty I love you Doyen under
space, and then three holes.    This m-     Btnnd  wlmf t,ml   m,M,ls'    l(  m,';{ll< ,!,:"'
.*$*. '■■■■**'.
''■*''■ ... •
-• 4
•"■Mr '***•«*•• *?,
One of Winnipeg's Thirteen Hose Wagons cen Route
I'll .tee    lee
.-)j/(H %-,    11 Mil     1.111   11     I II 1 ..-     uuigoc I   inn     iiii-r*i-   ■   . .        11 ... . .   . . .
rago is at once trnnsmlttod to the othor ,V    V" « ?        "*      "i " " ' ••     e'lnspawnt substanco or else be nrtilie   onn   test   the   safety of   tho   churol
fire stations, ami to other points, sueh as    " "" .'""".""" '"'"     ,'.'    .    :,'"''. '"illy lighted  in  the ilaytimc, snys the   _I_    utoepl ui.tr.v vicai climbed i
wilh  'i  sen ling  bidder   n  feat   re-
quii lily je. Mimtll niiiiiutil  -.1' nerve.    He
tho police station, tho water works, tho I    "Well, for my part," said the Count Iciovoland   Plain   Dealer.     N.. Huntliiiig
bigh prossuro plant.    At  each of these ess  Antoinette, laughing, "I  will givo .|K1 i,.s would nppenr in the Inndseupe,
places, there ure  men  who  ure closely ">>' decision this evening.    At this mo-  |„,|  overytliing would stand  mil  boldly waa pfou.l uf his achievement, and talk-
interested in the lire-fighting business;   '"ent   I  really  hnve  nol  Ihe time.    M>   .,„,! ,.|eurl\. every object  casting dense e..l  rnther mure about  il  than was, per-
1 1       -.'I'.11,   The iiic^.lisie hus prinii    bliiek shai'lews thut would runder invis haps, cmsistent with   i    le   I     lie  even,
il.le  iin.ee.i uterine,   them.     Nei  v..i.e al   n   meeting   of   his   parishioners,  'le-
the pceliee to take I'.'iro of the crowd and,
possibly, of injured persons; the water
works employees to Fee that their supply
of water is ready to meet the extra demand thnt will be made upon it, anil the
high pressure engine.ers to bring their
plant up to its highest clhViency if that
be needed. All or this is done nn the instant. "Time thou epcedost on but slowly" wns not written ns appertaining to
fire alarm work; here' liire goes fast, but
men and machines race with it to see
hctw much they e.-ui .-lip from its string
of secotiels as if flies past—in tho fire department they -In senile sharp work in
this line.
Besides the fire alarm boxes and the
isod me my ball dress at noon, und it is
noW   eleven   o'clock.      Il    .'.Hue's   'lirv-t
from Paris anel  1  have1 no idea of the
style, scarcely of the color.   Then, until  j
this evening—■—''
"Anel 1,'t us kneew lit  the first glanc
r music eiiul.l l.e hoard, for there would
be' in. medium !,. t-efrry  it;   n.e birds or
■.-I- could Iiii about in tl"- tree-- abnvc
for i here would be nothing to enable
to  utilize their wing motion,     Nee
telephone, there are about forty places of   teeth.
which of us has to hope, unci which of clouds  would   be  seen   in   tlie  intensely   j
tis   has   In   despair,"   said   Ernst   \*on lilneli sky and no thunderstorms <er high
I'rinzthul, in n  hoarse voice, while his winds  would   bc  possible     1V0  vegota-
breath came fust, "If 1 am the one to tion  eeiuld  exist   and  no  animal   could
whom you will give life und happiness, live,    In  fact, this eeld earth would be
then wear u reel rose in your hair. Will dead as  Hector ns far as activity was
youi    But   if  it  is  Cavallor  iV-oringen (concerned.
then " y-pt this is the exact condition of uf
"Then, of course, wear a white cine,'' fairs on the moon, which has no atmos-i
smiled  thc  officer, showing his whitest
' Roses  vary  commonly  in
Scribed,   wil h   a   wealth   ..1   eiei    ..
feeling ■ u hilc aloft.
• ■ When I reached tin top ai .\ th I
huge geilden weathercock gleaming in
tin   sunlight, -.chut do vou tl inl   I   li.ll"
An  old  farmer, who looked  the picture
of bored  hazarded a guess.
■ ■ Vou eli. nted i le- weal hereoek,'' he
•-Wh.it .b. y.ui mean, sir.'" sharply
demanded the vicar,
Win, vou did  it ..ut  of the .job of
phere   ami   consequently   sutrers   every crowing,'' the  unperturbed old  farmer
eene eef these elisaclvantnges. rppllc?d. THE   TIMES,   HOSMER,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
The Hosmer Times > j1,01^'? ;ibl V° ,look ^l
themselves.      \\ e do not   ask
SUBSCRIPTION RATES . them to help pay our  taxes,  so
One Year One Dollar In Advanoe I.  i.„      i       n 1. ,i„   , .   «,.,.
SingleCopies Five cuts K.-.d,: wll>     ahoxM    we  help   to  pay
 j theirs?     True citizenship   does
Published evory Thursday morning at Hosmer,   not exist entirely ill sinking the
British Columbia. .,     ,       T      , , . .,
.Maple    Leal    and   waving  the
THURSDAY. JUNE   0.   1910
Union Jack.   It is shown better
j by the man who is  true  to  his
home interests, first, last and all
are taken into account it was
undoubtedly a better sale than
the Prince Rupert. This may,
however, he accounted tor by
the fact that the area available
fortownsite purposes at Stewart
is very limited, the "everlasting
hills" and the "overflowing
bare" river confining the urea
to very definite and circutn-
Anvone   who
Time Tables.
C   P   I!  TIMETABLE the time- the man who is really. scribed   limits.
Arrive Hosmer intelligently selfish.    Let us be! followed    the    stile   will  agree
Nee. 213 West 9.4-1 honest with ourselves and make  that the amount realized might
N'ee. 214 East 18. in oul. own homes more  valuable, i easily have been much loss  but
No. 212 Local East 9. T, lt home." conspicuous   ability    displayed
No. 211 Local West 20.45        ' .      •! .. x.
..    . ...   . ,., ,n ,,-  ._.  hy the   auctioneer,  who   never
Nee. c \\ est 1 Iyer I". Hi ^ •'
No. 8 East Flyer 20. 15      Emanating from well inform- allowed things to  become dull,
Change took effect Sunday June I      ,,,| circles thi' statement is made j ■■*■** managed to keep the   large
t    N. TIME TABLE atVancouverthat the provincial
No. 251 leaves Michel     I0;10a.m,  cabinet will shortly be reorgan-
Ai-rivesat  Hosmer..      10;40 a. in.   jze(J  restoring   its    number    to
company in that state of excitement and interest which is so
essential to a successful sale.
No, 252 leaves Rexfoi'd.
Arrives ,'lt   Heeslliel-   .
To Enlarge Shops.
The Kevelstoke shops of the
C. P. E. are about to be enlarged
and improved to accommodate
5000 employees. There have
been rumors that the shops
wero to be removed, but the
latter news is the more satisfactory.
and Notary Public
-even   ministers  as   before  th.
1:1.". |i. I
7!l:<''•'"■ las't election." 'it is understood \First White Wol,,an in Dawson is Dead'
thai W. R. Ross of Fernie, Con- The body of Mrs. George A.
servative whip, will be taken Murray, the first white woman
into the inner circles  with  the.t"   ''■'"'■I'   <>"   the   townsite  of
0. F. Lawe Ai.k.v I. Fisher, 11. a.
'   Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Boots
and Shoes, Jewelry and Watches
II Yeeu Mlglll us well
If Home Trade Were Ruined.
Many ul' llu-  country  papers
liave been strem sly opposing j portfolio'""of   lands   and   thai   Dawson,   has    been  enbalmed| Dr^"s,v
Prico Ellison will   be promoted 'md will be sent to Skagway, to _
to the portfolio of Bnance and beshipped to her mot hers' home ■jjjg    HOSMER    DAIRY
agriculture.     It   is understood in Prove...Utah.     Mrs.  Murray! G. M. HEDLEY, Prop.
that Mr. Ross has been summon-1 died on Ihursday, June 2nd.
Fresh Milk and Cream doliv-
the sending of money from theii
different localities to the  larg
city catalogue houses,   The  t*<
tail merchant should have tli
support of tho town   paper in Bfj to Victoria and thai the an-l    She was formerly Mrs. .1. T.
.his cninpaigu, and « hon n more ,„„„„.„„„„„ „,* ,,„. ,.h,,„.M's will! ranger.    .She married  Meager «« *<> •'l11 I»»'ts "■ *"« tmvn-
ie ni.'Hli
at an early date.
lill IcSOl when Hi years old, on
Douglas Island. Eighteen
months after they started  for
general fighl will be waged
no doubt some good work will
be done,
As .-in illtisi nil iceii of tho ;ii I i-
t tiilr nl i lie count rv press i lie
following from tho Rosthern
Enterprise is interesting: "li is
fort iin.'iii' for our town thai the
majority of its citizens are level-
bonded .-ind not so easily carried
away hy a passing fad; but lei
us suppose that suc-li  were  not
the case, and try to imagine the  ' '"' ".'"'. "'   '.'.:'.  publicdebt, rovenueandexpend-
tor subscriptions to pay the .bill  ' .      .     ,
To   get     2.1)1)0,(1111)    apples     to
Vancouver and   with  them all
the people that will come to exhibit t hem, to see them and I o
buy British Columbia lauds  on
which to grow  more of  tbem.
,   .,,.,', i ,    ,   i Dawson about June 1, 1807
nearly 201) business men started
out   from   the   headquarters  of
r I
t he Tourist Association on Wed-'
in that winter at   Kink   Rapids,|BOOT AND  SHOE MAKER
j.-ind while 1 here   received   news|Repairing Neatly Done While You
of the famous Klondike  strike.
Thev arrived   at   what   is   now
Wait.   Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Main Street Hosmer B. C.
conditions if all  our  residents
to make a can van
for siiiiscrip
of the city
Revenue was Over Hundred Million.
A complete statement ot   the
for the   biggest   "'boost"   enter-;
iture of Canada  for the  fiscal
year ending with March 31,1910,
shows a total net debt of  $336,-
begau buying their eatables and , ,        ,
,,o i -i       i      prise thai has heen undertaken
wearables trom the   mail order ... ,      ,   , ,. ,,
,.     in   Vancouver   the  holding ol
the "        206,348 an increase of $12,336,048
the    lirst     national     ( anadian !
over the   previous  year.       Ihe
total   revenue   was  $101,301,034
: and total expenditure including
•apital     account     $11:1,521,81:5.
and Miners' Union havi
v   taken   commendable action  in ,_,    ,. ,. ,.
1 ... ..      L he biggest item ot expenditure
i a mark o
f respect to broth-
Toronto.    We would help thi'si
rod I01'
streets, but our own roads would   well be imitated by other unions
,.;,-..   ,,,    ,,,,,.    liM„h     |mved | ers of advancing years might | ^ ^^^ 0hanne|
from the   in
houses.     In I he first plat
local st ores would be  no  more,
Their   proprietors   would  have
sought green Melds and past tires
new.     You would he obliged Io
send away for  evei'ythinB. .,..  ...
, !    ,     ,'    ,         ,i     nassiiitt a bylaw, which provides , ,.          .         .,                ,
st.ii','cannot he kepi up on the  '                        ,         ,. ,       ,      , was public works, railways and
ii         i             .-ii ip thai any member ot the  local ,      , . , ,      ,,   ,.,..,-,,-, .,,~
small purchases entirely, and il       .       ',    ,      ,                     , canals, whiehtotalled$27,071,225,
,. ,e i union, who has heen a   niemlici'i    „,,. ,,
we  -cut   away  lea"   the   large . of this sum more thun  twenty
., •                         I,              i           , ur     ,1   consecutive   vears  and       .,,.                               ,   ,
things, we would soon   have to ,             •                   millions was expended on  con-
i ,.     ,i           n ,i :.        i who has attained the age ol 00,                     „ ..   '       , ,„
send tor the small things also, °               struction of National Transcon-
.-,•!     i ,      i     ...     ii  ,1    ,     shall he exempt    Irom   all   dues     ,
"Ihe In. trade would then * .  .       tinontal railway.
 'iiined. and the money  gone andassessinents.whileretaining
to I d up some enormous cor- ;l"  n"llts ,md  P-dvileKes of  a To Swim Channel.
poration     in     Wi, g     or |™raber    '"    K •    ^'"'bng. determined effort will
... ... ^....1.   ..   .......I.' ..I   i.ji.ii.ic.t   In  leiv.lle.
be made this summer  to  swim
It   is
j nearly 35 years  since Captain
be axle  deep  in   mud.      There ■*■**** Webb paddled  across, and  no
would be vacant houses to rent,      The   Prince   Rupert   Weekly Lne   llas   BUCCeeded   since, al-
liui   no one   to   occupy   them.   Empire says: "In order to meetLi10Ug]j   jappy    Wollfe    came
There would be no  home  mar- our   advertising demands,   we  within a quarter of a  mile  of
k.i for produce, and  tho  value have already found it necessary Ljle sl]01.e
of farms  would  decrease, and  to enlarge The Evening Empire _...-    -
all real   estate would decrease from lour to eight  pages,  and Big Increase of Wheat Area.
enormously, and   last,   but   not   large pages at that.   That's go-      According     to   the   bulletin
least, this journal  would  .-ease  ing son,.-   for   a   one-year-old jssued by the census department
publication.    Vou know il is ihe town. at Ottawa, tbe area of wheat in
inhabitantsof atowu that create "•* in Canada this year is 9,295,0001
the value of  land   both  in  the      One elf ect of the big imtnigra- ucreSi or an increase of a million |
town and and iu the  surround-  tion    into   Canada   from   the and a half acres over last year.
ing country.    If there were  no  United States is that feold is be-Ut ^he end of May its condition
inhabitants  in   Winnipeg,  real  ing engaged in   New   Vork  for Was 01.49 for spring wheat and
estate would be worth nothing  shipment    to    the     Dominion, yy.cr, for fall wheat.
1 a use il has been spoiled  for   Bringing gold from (Jiat United ,—♦._    -
farming.   The large office build- States financial  centre at   this     Stopping au ad to save money
ingsi would tumble to ruins,    Do  season of I In 'year is exceptional,  is like stopping a clock  to  save
wm   think   the   cities    do    not  ■"» ■ time.
realize the facts?       They  have Spokane Interstate Fair.
Commissioners  ol   llidustr.\   to      'l'i,,. Spokane  Interstate   Fair  * *
,       * _ *
la i
Bath Rooms
Up-to-date.    You
are all welcome at
Pete's Barber Shop
Front St., Hosmer
Hosmer Hospital
Accommodation for
Maternity Cases
For rates, etc.
apply to
General Blacksmith
and   Horseshoer
All Kinds of Carriage and
Wagon Repairing done on
Short Notice,
The features of our furniture department this week
are chairs. Chairs for
kitchen use, chairs  for  the
bedroom,   dining1   chairs,
*        .
parlor    chairs,    chairs    for
young   people,    chairs   for
old   people,   chairs   at   all
prices for all purposes.
Chairs For Children
t'bilds Rockers $1.(10 $1.50 $1.00
High Chairs $1.50 $2.00
Commode Chair with Tray $1.35
Dining Chairs
Plain $1.00
Fancy Hack and Braced $1.50 $1.75
.Solid .Seat Surface Oak $2.00
Solid Oak $2.00
* Leather Seat, Surface Oak $3.00
4 Set of .Six   5 ordinary and 1 arm diner,
♦ Leather Seat, Surface Oak Finish. . .$20.00
-   .Set of Six—5 Ordinary and One Arm
red,   Pad  Seat,
)ak $35.00
7 Set of Six—5 Ordinary ;i
I Diner. Leather ('over
♦     Genuine Quarter Cut 0
f A Pleasure to Show You the Goods
Large Variety of Arm
Rockers, Leather Seats
Plain  Arm   Rockers.   Large  and   Comfortable. .' $2.05 $2.80
In Golden Finish $100 $1.50 $5.00
In Mahogany Finish $1.00 $5.00
Fancy Chairs
Morris Reclining Chair, Quarter Cut Oak
Leather Reversible Cushions $12.50.
Quarter Cut Oak  Rocker Fancy  Back,
Cobbler Seat $7.75
Quarter Cut.  Oak  Arm   Rocker,  .Solid
.Seat $8.50
Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Padded .Seats
in Olive and Rose Covering. . .$13.00 $ 10.00
Mission Style Arm Chair, Genuine Leather Spring Seat, Quarter Cut Oak $17.00
Near C. P. R. Depot HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Hosmer, B. C.
Kootenay Restaurant
M. I). HONG, Prop.
Short Orders a Specialty
Board at reasonable rates
A trial solicited
We do not claim
to give a business
education in 30 days
or 6 weeks.   We
need a reasonable
time.   But when we
finish the job we
have the satisfaction of knowing
that it is done right.
The Garbutt Business
College has schools at
Calgary, Lethbridge and
Winnipeg.   The principal
is F. G. Garbutt
S Elk Valley Development Co.
induce factories to locate in the ,mnoun,,os,, c.onteRtol'parl
town.   They have conventions jMt(.,.,.s, to all school child
ainl exhibitions,  anything and the Northwest,
everything that will bring mon-      Inasmuch     as     tl
i'\ to the city.     Arc W i' to be
short-sighted thai  wo will help fa]|, Oct. 3 to 9 is  to <-<.11->-.t   of *
do it at our expense'.*' .,,,  ohiborat
night   |
entertainment at the Fair this1*
rZll I Italian Store I
them te
an   o
pectacular  pro- : J
If you  realize  what   would duction of an Indian battle, viz: |
•ippen  if all   ■ trade went   the battle of the Clearwater, be- I
1 ltt.\      1 e,..i ee e      t I ec.      Film nil a     \'e»v      I ',.1-C'l' ! M
a way I roin here, it   can   rent
t ween   11     -   ■
be seen that oven a   littlo of  it   < hi,-!'    Joseph     and     General I
c         ,    ..I.       ..    T
Mike Jioia, Prop.
Groceries, Fruits
Tobaccos and
being sent away works a  prop-   Howard of the U. S. Army,  tho II New Stock New Goods *
ortionatean nl of harm,   We interstate    Fair   management I Call and See Us J
believe we are within the mark  wjj| Kjvo $<jo in gold for the best I *
wh,.,,   wc   say thai   if all the htetorical essay on Chief Joseph J Front Street Hosmer. B. C. J
money thai  now goes to mail (lud his life,   A number of sea-1**************************
order houses from this  vicinity gon tickets to the Fair will also
weresponl right here it   would be given to the writers of mori-
increase the value of property torious essays.      This contest
in the town anel  the'  value of willbeopento all school children
farms in the surrounding coun- in the Inland Empire and full j
try very materially.    Wo do not   |,,,,t ienlars willbesentonrequest
ask people to be philanthropists. t() •■ H. Cosgrove,Secretary, 217
Allwensk is that theyexcercise  Button Block, Spokane,   Wash.
an enlightened selfishness.   Re- » . « ■ «
member that it is nol   only the Stewart Townsite Sale.
small profit   on   the  goods  you       The   most    successful   sale of
purchase that you   are   sending  townsite lots ever   held   in   the
away when you deal with mail   Province took place  last   week
order houses.   Your dollar spent I whenStewart Williamsdisposed
here    would    go    the    rounds, j of some 210 lots   by  auction  at
.Send your dollar away and you (the  A. O. U. W,   hall,   Victoria.
get   nothing   but   the   goods, The prices realized ranged from
*  ************
House of Hobberlin
ko it-
Fancy Goods
Children's Wear
Dry Goods
Dressmaking in Connection
Main Street Hosmer. R C.
Gent's Furnishings
General Merchandise
Smoked and Cured Meats
Opera House Block
HOSMER      .      .      B.C.
A number of
very desirable
Lots for Sale
Townsite Agents Fernie, B. C.
Spend it here and it comes back-
to yon in many ways—better
roads, better schools, better
churches and better social advantages. The building up of
our town ought to be more to
us than the building up of Winnipeg or Toronto.      Thoy are
$800 to $10,000 and the average
was only slightly under $2,000
per lot. Before the sale was
held it was the opinion of good
judges that a total of $200,000
might be reached so that the
actual result far exceeded expectations.     When   conditions
Made to Your Measure *
* *
Aiello & Bossio
Agents for Hosmer
*************   *
| CITY |
I Meat Market |
Best   line   of   Steaks, J
Chops, Roasts, Sausage, 1
Bacon,   Butter,   Eggs, J
Lard,   Etc.  in   Hosmer.
? Come in and see the new
*    Front St., near Queen's Hotel    J
******1t*Jr**1r*4riT*+*. ********
The Man With
A Millstone
About His Neck
The millstone is lack of
special training, lt holds
one man down to hard work
and small wages while
others, properly trained, go
ahead. But every man and
woman who is laboring
under such a burden can
easily rise to a better position and increased earnings
• and can find out how for
the asking.
To find out how, simply
write the I. C. S., stating
the position you wish to
gain. In return, an institution with 17 years of successful experience in training thousands of others for
advancement will tell you
how it can fit YOU for a
better-paying position. No
risk to run. No books to
buy. Isn't such a chance
for advancement worth this
much to you t
Or their local Representee
P. 0. BOX 30
Viaits Hosmer Every Month
The Hosmer Mines, Ltd.
Hosmer Steam Coal
and Coke
Lewis Stockbtt,
General Manager
D. G. Wilson,
If it is PORTRAITS in Oil, Water Color
or Crayon that you want, see
All kinds of Fancy Painting or Decoration
Work done on short notice * THE HOSMER TIMES
Mas. mmm rtmnc*
Srterprise, OirL, October lit, Not.
"I (uffercd tortures for wrea long
Cm froa • Water Tumor. I m
ced to take morokia coutsntly to
■eliere tbe awful paint, aad I wanted to
cafe to ret relief. The doctors gave ma
■p aad my friends honrly expected m***
«»tk. Then I was induced to take
»nrit*tJT«" and this wonderful fruit
cedicine has completely cored ma.
mfhtu I appealed on the street again
mrj friends exclaimed 'Tha .dead has
•ssae to life.' The cure wss a positiT*
Miracle."     MRS. JAMBS FBKWICK.
5oe a box—<S for $1.50—or trial ben,
Mc. At dealers er front FnriV*4ivt-a
Uaaited. Otuwa.
TllK popular ielcii  that earthquakes
and volcanic explosions pl&yod a
part in forming the tJranel C.'initii
i.f the' Ceelciriicie) KiviT is thought by the
bciwt authorities tee lee  withe,ut   fmuiclii
We are mew told that the canon wan
cut out   entirely   by   the  water  of  the
river, and that thee most effective toed
employed whh the quartz Band brought
. down  from the pourceB of the river in
' the  mountains.     This   sand   is   harder
than any of the constituents of the rock
rats    in   which   the   canon  has been
.rved.     Hurled   by   the   swift   water
gainst  the  sides  anel  the  bed  of  the
, stream, it e-nts the rock as easily as a
lib*   CUtS  Seelt   irOll.
THE problem nf tho summer outfit is really far more bar-
rassing than the winter outfit, for not only is it essential for Hummer gowns to look always fresh and smart,
but for mere comfort's Hake must there be a far larger number than is required for winter. It is impossible, for instance,
to eliminate wool gowns from the list, but they do not play
an important part. There must be gowns of some weight,
not so warm or heavy as wool, and there must be foulard and
pongee gowns for the very hot weather, so that the woman
who finds it comparatively easy to look smartly gowned during the cold weather if she be provided with three of four
quite satisfactory costumes must realize that double the number for summer will be the rule.
CANADA    CYCLE    ft    MOTOB    OO
144 Princess St., Winnipeg
ana College
SCIENCE (Including Engineering)
Tbe Arts course msy be taken witb-
•al attendance, but students desiring
? graduate must attend one session.
bere were 1517 students  registered
session 1909-10.
Far Calendar-, writs tbs Registrar.
Tsuqsna  Ontarto
Chanteeler influence, red predominates, but there is little in-1
dieation that it will so continue to lead.   There arc? most ex-'
.'uisite blues, and many cef them clear, viviel blues, and the?
duller antique shades.    There are greens and mauy yellows,!
and more biack gowns are now being made than has been the
ease for a long time, while white in any texture aud weight
is most popular.    Bands of satin unci fancy borders to plain
materials tempt the lover of novelties, unci the colorings are
most fascinating in both heavy and light fabrics.    Figured,;
striped anel plain, all arc iu style, while ihe fuel—it is nothing
else—of combining contrasts makes a variety, if that is de- '
sired.   The conservative still elect the one tone* ceehir scheme I
in preference to all else, but for those who claim that its too
monotonous the contrast of coleer and material present a most
alluring field of choice.
.    #    •
The use of black trimmings has much to recommend it,j
but is not to be rashly advocated. Facings of plain black
satin on voile de soie are elfective, but then the oue tone of I
color is also effective and the contrast of material makes a I
contrast of color. Trimming plain materials with figured j
is also one of the fashions of this season, and last year's blue i
serge costume can be wonderfully freshened if the coat be re- j
lined with polka dotted foulard, with collar and cull's of tbee!
same. This is more novel than the black trimmings, which j
give the more marked contrast.
Simple but charming evening gowns are quite a feature of |
this summer's styles, voile de soie, chiffon, soft finish satin, I
and for those who must cunnt pennies the fascinating mer-j
cerized wash materials and 'lowered muslins are to be had j
in a wonderful variety of color and design.    These last can ''.
be made over lawn linings, although Bilk is to be preferred,
and now is tne opportunity lo use up thc old evening gowns
for linings, for the fact that the lirst freshness has departed
will mike no difference under the other material.    When ex-!
penso  is being carefully calculated, be  it remembered  that
silUa and satins are often much less expensive in the end them :
the transparent materials that do not cost half the price, fori
the former do not require an expensive lining, which the latter as a rule do demand.
VT ANY curious legends are still current in European coun-
-*-*-*-   tries concerning curses, hereditary or otherwise.   One]
nf the most striking instances on record of the uppar-
ent fulfilment of a curse occurs In tlie history of a British
family, the Montagues, original possessors of the Cowdray,
cstttto at Midhurst, now held by the Karl of ISgmont. This
estate belonged, in lh • days of* Henry VIII.. tn tlie Roman
Catholic Church, being a dependence of Easebourne Priory,
When the monasteries were taken over by Henry, the king
presented the confiscated property to Viscount Montague,
who, though himself a Roman Catholic, had, it appears, no
scruple in accepting it.
The prioress protested against the spoliation of the church,
and finding such protest to lie cf no avail, she cursed the
Montague family With tlie "curse ol" lire and water,'1 nud
foretold its extinction.
It seemed, however, that so long as the Montagues eonlin- j
lied Catholic this curse was inoperative. Hut in the eigh- >
too nth century the then Lord Montague murriod a daughter
nf th-' famous Countess of Huntingdon, uud, under her ?n* j
iluence, became a Protest ant, 'Pales were told of conventicles]
held in the famous Cowdray Park, but efforts to hold similar!
meetings in the chapel always failed, owing tt) the fact that
I lie light:* were mysteriously extinguished.
It further appears that the first Protestant Montague, on
tiis deathbed, reverted to the ancient faith, a circumstance !
which, it may be, accounts for the fact that, despite thei
curse, he died peacefully iu his bed, Hut liis son did not live!
to enjoy the estate. He was drowned iu tlie Rhine while,
trying to shoot the falls of SchalVhausen; ami the legem! has,
it that the messenger was met at Calais by another messenger i
with the announcement that CoAvdrny House hud burned to'
t In* ground.
This tragic fulfilment uf the double curse ni "fire and
water" was such a seven1 blow that no effort seems tn have
been made to preserve the ruined mansion or rest nre it in I
any way. The family removed to a lodge in the park, which
has since been mnell enlarged ami become the present Cow
dray House.
The estate passe 1 tn the sister of tin- drowned heir, ami,
not  uiuiiv years later, the curse nf water was again  realized,
Green Silk Voile Gown
■jn'l even have «o know what kind olctoib
Htt jrc rnmU- nf. SA.ME !»>•»• for ALU
are  (MPOSSI U.K.      )-*««< nnd   Benutlful
C iIom,   lu c-vnta,   Don t lull to fry it.   Samplt < j>h
■ud BooMet Tree.
llu-   ejohna on-"Richard-MM Co.,  Limited,   Montreal.
Y,   inke
TUOBti   almost    perfect    "doubles,"
George du  Manner and  Sir  Lawrence   Alum Tadema,   were   nearly
indistinguishable,     Ihe story goes that
a woman silting beside  Du .Maurier at
v,  dinner   started   conversation   by    pooh
' Ipoohing all idea of a resemblance. "Vou
li now, Mr. Alrna Tudema, I think it's ab
laird to sny that you and Mr. Du Maur
lor are so awfully alike.    There's really
uo resemblance at all.    Don't you agree
with   tne?"    "Quite,"   was  fhe  polite
answer; "but, you see,  1   happen  lo be
Mr. Ho Maurier.'
Mrs.   A.   H.  Thomson   had  He.vt  Di'
case,   Lumbago   and   Rheumatism,
and  Tells Hov;  She  Wns Restore I
to Health.
Bruntford, "nt.. May fl.    (Special)   ■
How -.'old--., Ha Grippe, and other minor
ills settle on  the   Kidneys and  develop
^^•'heumatism,    Heart    Disease,    Bright 's
^^isease   and   other   terribly   dangerous
^L   Iments; and how  any and" all of them
{Rre   cured   by   Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   is
fully shown in the case of .Mrs. A.  11.
Thomson, whose home is nt   IS  Albion
Street, this city.
Mrs. Thomson nas, some years ago,
taken with Cold and La Grippe aud
fc-Vtraining, which uftected her Kidneys,
and tbe result was Backache, Lumbago, Rheumatism and Heart Disease,
which caused boi li her aud her friends
grave anxiety.
She had suffered some years when she
heard of cures effected by Dodd's Kidney Pills, and bought a box, which she
used with such splendid results that she
continued to take them till she was
cured. Since theu she has used Dodd's
Kidney Pills in her own family and recommended them widely to her friends.
all of whom bave warm words of praise
for tho standard Canadian Kidney
remedy. Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Heart Disease, Rheumatism, Lumbago and Bright's Disease are all Kidney
Diseases or are caused by diseased Kidneys. You can't have any of them if
you keep your Kidneys sound and your
blood pure. Dodd's Kidney Pills make
the Kidneys sound. Sound Kidneys
strain all the impurities out of the
Voile de sole, silk veiling aud marquisette, preferably tlie
former, are much in demand this suasun, as tn truth are all
extensive, ami when tlie exact shade and effect cannot be
found it can be obtained by combining two or three shades,
one over the other, giving a wonderful depth and warmth of
color. The solid colors are so varied, however, that it would
lightweight transparent and semi transparent materials. As
has been said many times, the choice of colors i.s Wonderfully
seem as though ihe most critical might be satisfied. In green
there an' endless shades, for green is one of the favorites
this year, and a most charming mode] is in one of tlie new
shades combined with liberty satin, a perfect match, nr. if
so desired, with black.- Tlie former is the smartest and tInmost generally becoming. The style might ge called elaborately simple.    It consists of a  lower skirt with wide facing
; of the satin, a full overskirt finished wilh two bauds of satin,
a  most simple  waist  with yoke collar,  tlat   band down   the
I front, of the waist, ami cull's of line Maline lace. The belt is
at tin* normal waist line; the sleeves, elbow length, are of
normal size, and the gown attracts attention by its finish and
Liberty satin is a material that has again come into favor;
it never did entirely lose its popularity, fnr it is such :i be
; coming material and can be draped and lilted easily. It is
1 used in all colors, and iu many of the brightest colorings as
' well as in black. In one nf the new shades of red is an ex
, tremely smart model, but rather a dangerous style to recom-
\ mend recklessly. Again is there the double skirt, the upper
, quite full and gathered into a broad band of Venetian lace;
Three tows of heavy cording form the belt that joins tin1
; waist and skirt, and are placed   to   give   the short   waisted
■ effect.   The sleeves are in three wide tucks, but do not reach ;
i (piite to the elbow, and have as finish a puff of the same lace.
This same model copied in  black  is also extremely popular.;
Artistic and aesthetic nre terms applied  to many nf the'
newest  styles, and   if  loose,  more  or less  floppy  effects  are
suggested by these terms, they   certainly   are   well   named.'
.The sleeves and  waist in one piece,   with   no   shoulder, no!
sleeve  seams,  give a    vague   outline,   while   the  full  skirts,'
; drawn in about the ankles wilh a wide baud of lace or satin,
i quitQ effectually disguise the natural lints of the wearer.   The
: low cut collar, with its encircling frill, may display a pretty
' throat, but it breaks the shoulder line ami displays most uu
eonipromisingly any defect of skin or formation of the neck.1
■ A truly beautiful woman has certainly this season much tn be
thankful  for, as she  knows  for once that her  rivals cannot <
hope to compete in the face nf such odds,
A  gown of  Nattier blue liberty  that   has main   points to
recommend it  for the woman who is tall   ami   slender.    A
j quite  full skirl   is gathered  ut    the   sides   and   bad; and  is
I elaborately embroidered in heavy silk of the same shade as1
the material. The loose blouse waist fastens under the left
j arm and the waist and skirt are joined under a  wide folded,
■ belt that is caught under a large, fancy buckle. Tlioro are
Lends of ribbon falling from under lite buckle that are finished
i with long tassels. This model in white i- as charming and as
; elfccth e ns in any color.
Wool materials are so associated with out of door costumes
I aud tailor gowns that when in fhe summer season models of
[cloth gowns are exhibited it always seems as though there
* were some mistake. Although there are not many days dur
ing the heated term when a woollen or serge gown would seem
| practical in the country, at the seashore or iu the mountains
i there are many opportunities for wearing it. And then the
| models displayed in serge or doth can almost invariably be
; copied in other materials. The blue and white striped serge
j or cloth could be made equally well or better in pongee or
j foulard, and there are many details that  could be improved
■ upon in the other fabrics;' the waist iu a lighter material
! would be far smarter, the sleeves more graceful, for the model
is exceptionally smart and novel.    The model for a cashmere
I de snie would serve far better  for pongee or  voile de soie
j for the majority of women, for it   would  require the most
! perfect of figures and regal pose not to look shapeless in a
j gown of this description made of too thick or heavy fabric.
The constant changing of fashions as the weeks *go by is
making the selection of the summer wardrobe unusually dif
ficult.    As  has just  been   instanced, the different  materials
can be chosen with an idea of making them up in other colors
and  fabrics, and this is a  lasl*:  that   requires   cool   skilled
judgment.   The color is not so ditlieult as the material, for it
can be decided by choosing the becoming; but the material,
will it drape well, will it make the figure look too thick?   All
this is of far more consideration in this impractical age than
whether it will wear well.    Fortunately it is not necessarv to
buy the most, expensive materials to secure tho best results,
ond there never was a time wdien there were so many effective
materials to bc had for so little expenditure.    No* one color
is ordered by Dame Fashion.    Fur the moment, owing to the
Raspberry Red Liberty Satin Gown With Venetian Lace
Her two sons were drowned hy (he capsizing of a boul be
fore, the very eyes of their parents, 'fhe title went In the
next male Montague in the succession, who died without heir,
and the family became extinct.
As  somewhat   similar  to  this  collect ion   of coincidences,
I here may be cited the following:
Three young officers belonging to n regiment  stationed in
the Punjab decided to build themselves a house on a hill over
loking the Sntlej  River, and  in doing this they trespassed
Tis  made especialiy for the  Hard Water of this Country:
Equally Good in Soft Water
king No. 515.—Hand
(■based, highly finished,
je'rec* for 125 wrappers.
Nn. 1X4- Small Aeeor
dion, plays perfect tune
free for ii.'i wrapper!
Postage, 8c.
Cnt a strip of thick paper so that tbe ends will eBxaetlf
meet, when draws tightly around tbe mcodcI joint of tbe flager.
Lay one end on tbe diagram at O aad order tbe liie tbea
otber end ladleatas.
nilllliUUl   e.Nas,2Es.     1
King   Nn.   509. Plain
Oval      Wedding King.
Hand   Burnished. Free
for  125 wrappers.
No. 3H1 - - Alarm Clock.
Best quality ni German
Nickel Alarm Clock, with
second hand, and stopper
lo shut off alarm. Free for
200 wrappers. Recipient to
pay express charges.
This Basket is Satin En^fraved
Quadruple plate, on white metal, for 475 Royal
!roWn   Wrappers, or $t,50 and 25 Wrappers.
If outside of Winnipeg add 15c for delivery.
No. 529.- Child ti Brace
let. with Lock ami Key.
Free Cor 75 wrappers.
No. 530. Ladies' lira.-,-
let. saiiti! as above, but larger.    Free fnr loo w rappers.
No. 57. "Ottawa," Parlor. Height
.1% inches; width IQty inches; dial,
Lvorine or pearl, (i inches; rase, black
enamelled wood, with marble Ized
mouldings and pillars. Finish on
trimmings, gilt or bronze. Movement.
8-day half*hour strike,cathedral gong.
Free for 1,650 wrappers. Recipient
to pay express chnrgeB. These goods
ure made by the largest aud best
manufacturers of clocks in America,
and are sold under guarantee.
Receiver must, pay express charges.
No. 110.**—Oxford Child's
Three-piece .Set, heavy plating.
exceptional value. Freo for
225 wrappers.
A Premium
is  Free
For the
Asking :
A Post Card
will bring ■*
HobiuBon'ie Kamoua Hook
c»f Modem e.'ieiiuBeiriimte,
paper covers, containing
over 1,000 up-to-date riddles, eeouunilriirns, etc., an
excellent, entertainer. Free
for 25 wrappers.
The Royal Crown Soaps, Limited
The new town of Stirling is growing by leaps and bounds, l-isi June il was opon prairie;
to-day n thriving town, with local und longdistance telephone. A newspaper, "The New Stirling
Star," hasjusl been uatublished, and a telegram from tho editor states that tho first issuo will lee
out thin week.
Registered Plan
Lots from $75  to $300  Each
.o    1 rum    \p 1 **
Buy ice-day and get the benelil of the tremendous movement,    Vour money 1 n\■--,».-,! in Ne
Stirling work* twenty-four lie mis n day.    Send for maps, plans, blue prints and *■ iews,
Tin* feelleew iiii* form men  '"' used:
1 leittK'iiicn,—
Kmlosed you « ,11 find * lining i;h*1i pnymi-nl on Ids ,.,
Ih,, t.iwnsite of sin-linn (Registered flan   Mi   \),  end       hereby  agree to pay ihi
hiil-iiec- at the rate of ifclO a month on enrh lot,    Kindly allot  me those doseM in til
I ..,.• the plans when I am to have the privilege of rhanging to any unsold il I wish,
Kindly send plans, maps and views of Stirling lev return mail.
iuuk in;;   i uu   aiiiejuj   ivivuij   uiiu   ui   iiuing   iu*a   i uuj    i ruapuntwu
upon tin1 s-JU'rcd ground surrounding tho tomb ol* some hull*-
forgotten saint. An old Molianimcduu who had ehargo of
the tomb endeavored to persuade them to move the site of
their house, but finding them obdurate, cursed them with
Oriental fluency, declaring that not one oi' the three should
die in his bed and that, the house would never stand.
The curse was disregarded, The house was built. Shortly
after, one officer was killed while tiger-shooting, while an
other met liis death playing polo. The third fell so danger
ously ill that it uoemod as If he would break the prophecy
by dying in his bed. lie was sent home, however, recovered,
and, returning to India two years later, was drowned going
up the Ganges in a boat.
On the samo day, so runs the legend, the river Sutlej mer
Mowed itn banks and washed away the house,
'    4    WOMAN     sued     her    husband     al :
A      Clerkenwell    .-ountv    court,    and
Judge Kdge, asked the attention ;
of the pair and said.  I  will tell you  a
little story.    There was once u king of
France   who   was   very   fond   of   clock  i
making.    He tried to get  half a dozen
; clocks to go together, but he could never j
I get   them   To   go   exactly   to   the   same
• time.     That   is  illustrative  ot   husband)
■aud   wile.     It   Ut   hardly   possible   that,
they  can  always  live  together  without
! some  little difference.     Vou can   hardly
j expect  to always be of the same mind.
You should try and  bear with one another.
■ —
WARNED  Englishmen  with literary
i    tendencies are writing essays and
things to point nut thc danger that
threatens Canadn from American inva
sion, Thev have boon studying statis
tics and are alarmed over the recent
! great influx of Immigrants from t he
States into the Dominion. These new
subjects of the king will, it is feared,
in time wi-aii • anada from her alio
ginnce una" turn her over to tho big republic.
Such fours are, of course, quite
groundless. They are about, as sensible
as the German war scare. The Americans who are going into Canada intend
('anada will become their nation, of
which they will be as proud as thev will
always be of the land of their birth.
Thev are going into the great northwest
to cultivate the waste places, to add
tn the wealth of tho Dominion. Canada
needs immigrants, needs them imperil
tively. From no other quarter of the
globe can she obtain new citizens so
wholly desirable, Thev should be wo!
coined    with    the    greatest    cordial it v.
They nre seeking happiness for them
selves, bul in this search they are un
consciously adding to tho strength and
import An f their new country.    Am
Ol'Ica can spare those who have gone
I and those who are to go. Until irriga
i tion projects and swamp reelanuition
.work have progrtssed further than ut
■ present, then' will be not fruitful wilder
j ness smith of the international border
I awaiting   only   the   toil   and   energy   of
! the persistent Anglo Saxon. Canada
| needs the immigrants and America can
spare them, No one desires to annex
Canada or to plant seeds of disloyalty,
least of all the men who have chosen
a   new   home  in a   new laud.
Year Dr«s*J«t Will Tell 1 •»
MurlM By* fUm*4j_ K«U«t«s .ter* **•*,
.BtrcncUwu Weak Byw. Dmu'1 Brnmru
Soothes Eye Pain, and Sells for frtc Try
Murine tn Your Eyes and In telly's
Eyes for Scaly  Ey«lt<Ji and Granultttoa. THE   TIMES,   HOSMER,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
********************************************************************************* i    Edward and
* *: ridye, brothers
week  an
have placed  in   stock this
extra  large   shipment  of
working shirts, gloves, overalls and
sox that are higher in quality, lower
in price than we ever carried before
and we have always been noted for
giving the best values in town. But
don't only take our word for this statement, compare the values in
Peabody's Overalls, Faultless Shirts,
Osborn's Gloves, and Amherst
or Leckie Shoes
with any others in Hosmer and you
will say Yes Sir! the only place to
buv the most reliable goods is at
William    Part-i who has much more need of it,
of Mrs.   Steve I should repeatedly have left on
♦ Lawson, arrived from   England I his books  the   bad  debts  of  a
T on Tuesday.    These boys will be foreign population, whose lang-
♦ ;a welcome addition to football i uage he is unable to understand
circles, having made a mark in and who feign excessive ignor-
t hat line in England. |ance,     thus    greatly     facilia-
.********************* **********************************************************
The Times 'phone No. is 10.
1). R, McDonald was in Corbin
Dr. <'. p, Higgins return ed last
niglit from the coast.
L, G. Wilson made* a Hying
trip to Fernie yesterday.
B. L. Thome left yesterday
for a tii|) up the Elk river.
Lewis Stockett returned Wednesday from a trip to Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sampson
drove from Fernie ou Saturday.
Robt. Gourlay returned last
Saturday   from   a   trip  to the
coast cities.
Ralph Ellison is taking up a
job nt' cook at the boarding
house al (lorbin.
The Hosmer Orchestra gave
.", successful daneo at thc opera
house last night.
M. W, Elley of the Heintzman
Piano Parlors of Fernie, was in
town Wednesday.
Geo. Doyle, t he new dist rid
manager of the P. Burns Co.
was in town yesterday,
('. .1. Croonquisl from Kensal,
\. D. was tho guest of D. J,
Thompson, Wednesday the 15th,
Mrs, P. (Vniulini. of Liexford,
Mont., wus the guest of Mr, and
Mrs, Wm. Fowler, lasl Saturday.
Go to old, reliable Pete for u
good shave, hair-cul or bath.
Pete's Barber Shop. lilt
John Ilockeli will move some
of his gang to Olsen where thero
is some governmenl work to bo
Foi'  IcVllI      The steel
next   to  tho  postoffl
to P. Burns eV (d.. I [osmer,
A. Doody, representing
Camrose Investmenl Co
Calgary, arrived in town
John Hugh Brown, lately employed mi i In' Main st reel bridge
here, and Margaret Mann formerly of the Royal hotel stall',
were married by special license
in Cranbrook last week,
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets will brace up the
nerves, banish sick headache,
prevent despondency and invigorate    the      whole    system.
.Sold lev all ill
T. .lames and A. C. Brovey,
international organizers of the
C M. W. of A., were in town
Wm, Kulaski who has been
working for H. Gourlay as bartender, left on Wednesday night
for Michel.
Joe Hamlin,an old timer of
Pincher Creek, was in town on
Monday visiting bis friend, W.
T. Watson.
Miss Alma Anderson, sister of
Mrs, A. B, Campbell, arrived in
Hosmer on Saturday for an extended visit.
S. 11. Tuck, timber cruiser for
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.,
blew in on Friday after a trip
I up the Elk River.
E. B. Rider came from Moyie
'.Sunday night to assist the ovor-
| worked engineering stall' of the
llosmer Mines, Ltd.
Be sure and see the game of
i football .Saturday 18th, between
j Bellevue and Hosmer. Bellevue
i will put up a good game.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Eby arrived from  Lemberg,   .Sask.   last
! Friday,  and   will   take  up  the
work in the Methodist church.
George Steeden left on Friday
lor his native village, London,
England. He expects to return
to this metropolis some time in
th.' fall,
The n
lor liiclioss: Passed: 1). MacMil-
lan. .1. Gillespie, T. 0, Davies.
These gentlemen all attended
A. W, Baxters class in Coleman.
Dan McNeish drove in from
Michel on Tuesday and  reports
the roads in very good shape.
Dan says they have au easy
grade right to Crow's Nest up
the north fork of Michel creek.
Harry Oldland's big pile of
gravel did not last long after
John Beckett began his merciless onslaught, They are now
hauling gravel from the river
bank to finish the levelling pro- ;
ll' you are not   sat islied   after
(using according   to  directions,
two-thirds of a bottle of Chamberlain's  Stomach    and    Liver
I Tablets, you can have your
money back. The tablets
cleanse and invigorate the
stomach, improve the digestion,
regulate the bowels. Give them
atrial and get well. Sold by
all druggists.
A number of faithful knights
of Hosmer Ledge, K. of P., will
go to Fernie to-morrow night
to attend the grand ball given
there on that evening by the
Pythian Sisters of Crow's Nest
For Sale—Lot and store building with nine living rooms, opposite C. P. R. depot; easy terms.
Apply to owner, E. Selvaggi,
Hosmer. 41-tt-np
Rev. R. W. Lee, formerly of
Hosmer and who    has   many
friends here was fully ordained I held on Tuesday, the lith
Old timers will begladto hear
of the good fortune which has
befallen Finlay Anderson, who
used to make extended visits
here on real estate business.
Fin has just cleared $100,000
on some mine proposition in
the Portland Canal district.
Alfalfa- Will be in position to ship choice baled alfalfa,
our own growing, about July
first. Book your orders now,
or at least advise us if you will
be in the market then or later
in the season. Imperial Development Co., Ltd., Box 1858,
Letlibridge Alta.
W. C. McKinstry of Cranbrook
was here last Thursday, giving
practical demonstrations of a
vacuum cleaner. It certainly is
a wonderful'weeder out of dust
and germs and no doubt somo
of our progressive citizens would
have secured one if there had
been a twenty four hour service
of "juice."
M. G. Sampson, brother of the
Chief of Provincial Police, hai
temporarily taken up the duties
of Hosmer constable. Mr. Sampson ought to prove quite an acquisition in social and musical
circles, as he is a vocalist of no
mean attainments, possessing a
tenor voice of remarkable sweetness. We hope the appointment
of Mr. Sampson will be permanent.
A pleasing innovation was
made by Mrs. C. B. Winter on
Tuesday, when she entertained
the Ladies Aid of the English
church at their regular meeting.
Instead of holding the meeting
in the house as usual, the ladies
adjourned to the lawn where
tea was afterwards served amid
pleasant surroundings. Mrs.
Winter i.s to be congratulated
on the success of her scheme.
A public meeting was held at
Moyie last week for the purpose
of considering the holding of a
Dominion Day celebration. It
was decided to hold a celebration
on that occasion and to invite
the surrounding towns to participate therein. Committees
were appointed to perfect arrangements and no pains will
be spared to provide a splendid
days' sport. Further particulars
will be given later.
Do you enjoy a pool game?
Drop in ou Sam Snell. 51
The fortnightly meeting of
the   Women's   Auxiliary   was
Considerable Business Transacted and
Two New Members Join the Board
ting Ihe non-payment of their
just indebtedness. It simply
requires a combined effort on
the part of our business men to
do away with this growing evil,
and until this effort is made,
and some restrictions in credit
giving agreed upon, the merchants must expect to suffer, at
the present time for instance,
when so many foreigners are
moving from town to town.
The merchants seem to be having an experience bitter enough
to bring home to them the urgent neccessity of putting a stop
to this promiscuous credit business.
Wm. Whyte to be Made a Knight.
The Montreal Herald says:
The interesting report comes
from the west and has gained a
wide currency that William
Whyte, tho second vice-president of tho Canadian Pacific, is
likely to bo the successor of Sir
Daniel McMillan in theliutenant-
governorship of Manitoba.
Associated with this is tho rumor
of a knighthood for Mr. Whyte.
There can be no doubt as to
the popularity of the appointment were it made, for among
the prominent men out there
Mr. Whyte takes an easy lead
in public favor, but the lieutenant-governorship is a goal to
which statesmen lookfowardas
a fitting reward for services to
the country, of a political character. Mr. Whyte has kept
himself aloof from party politics
and hence, no doubt, in a measure his allround popularity.
It is not certain that Mr.
Whyte would accept the position were it offered him. It
may be doubted, too, if he could
serve the west in any other capacity better than he is doing
For a comfortable shave or a
neat, artistic hair-trim visit the
shop of Sam Snell. 51tf
Like eating, advertising
should be continuous. When
todays breakfast will answer
for tommorows you can advertise on the same principle.
On Monday the 13th, the regular meeting of the Hosmer
Board of Trade was held and
the following were present:
W. T. Watson, President: H. L.
Brown. Secretary; A Mathieson,
S. Slum. C. B. Winter, W. Robson, A. Fortier, E. I. Bennett, T.
A. Cornett, B. Mills, S. Gabara, |
G. D. Thompson, John Waylie,
A. McL. Fletcher, Jos. Asselin,
R. W. Rogers and B. F. Lester.
Minutes of previous meeting
were adopted as read.
Brown-SIinn—The resolutions
of the Associated Boords of
East Kootenay be endorsed.
Bennett-Mills—That a committee lie appointed tointerview
C. P. R. officials re the building
of new freight sheds, depot and
fire hose. Carried, The chairman appointed C. B. Winter,
A. McL. Fletcher and E. I. Bennett.
Cornett-Slinn -That the secretary be instructed to write to
Minister of Lands at  Victoria
re old school building, for fire
hall purposes, also to get en-
dorsatiou of Hosmer School
Trustees.   Carried.
VVintel-Cornett—That the j
secretary take up the matter
of securing telephone facilities
through to Nelson.    Carried.
Robson-Slinn-   That  the secretary   write  the  Government i
agent for a   sidewalk   six  feet |
wide on   either  side  of  bridge |
on Main Street owing to dangei
j of runaway teams.    Carried.
Jos. Asselin and Steve Garaba
were elected as new members'
of the Board of Trade.
The meeting then adjourned^
Chamberlain's Cough Kerned-,
is sold on a- guarantee that
you are not satisfied after usi
two-thirds of a bottle according!
to directions, your money will!
be refunded. It is up to you to j
try.   Sold by all druggists.
Reduction in Shoe Repairing
Shoe repairing at reduced!
prices during the month oft
June: Soles and heels, gouts, j
$1.25, soles and heels, ladies,
$1.00, soles and heels, childrens.J
75c. Remember these prices aref
for June only, D. Brutto.    42-tfj
it Kitsilano Methodist church
on .Sunday, June 5th, by the
president of the conference, Rev.
R. Newton Powell.
Don't forget the free moving
picture show at the Queen's
Hotel, Saturday evening from
8:30 to 11 p. m.
The soul stirring game of
football between the Johnny
Bulls and Canucks was played
on Wednesday night. The play
seemed to be in front of the
Canuck goal ail the timo and
resulting score was 0—0 in favor
of the English.
Quito a number of Hosmer
people went to Fernie on Saturday to see the circus, but  wore
doomed to disappointment.   The
wind was blowing such  a gale
I that the tent  threatened  total
ult of the exaininationsjcollap.se and rendered an after-
I noon performance quite unsafe.
Before leaving Hosmer, (i. II.
j Aston sold his handsome horse
to J. S, T. Alexander, of Fernie.
Judging by its performance
when in llosmer the other day,
the animal did not seem to be
suffering from any fits of depression, in fact it displayed remarkable exuberance of spirits
for a noble steed which had so
recently parted from a devoted
"It cured me."or "It saved the
life of ray child," are the expressions you hear every day about
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. This
is true the world over where
this valuable remedy has been
introduced. No other medicine
in use for diarrhoea or bowel
complaints has received such
general approval. Tbe secret
of the success of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy is that it cures. .Sold
by all druggists.
Mis. C. B.Winter's. Everyone
expressed their deepest regret
at the approaching departure of
the president, Mrs. H. F.McLeun,
from Hosmer, and thanked her
for her untiring devotion to the
work of the society during her
term of office. Mrs. Wm. Robson succeeds Mrs. McLean as
president of the Hosmer branch.
Lame shoulder is almost invariably caused by rheumatism
of the muscles and yields quickly to the free application of
Chamberlain's Liniment. This
liniment is not only prompt and
effectual, but in no way disagreeable to use. Sold by all
The assistant engineer at
Corbin was in Hosmer last week
looking for two hundred men
for the Corbin mines, where
they have orders for a thousand
tons of coal a day. Hugh Bell,
Tom Davis and Tom Elliot left
for Corbin on Tuesday to take
up carpenter work there. We
are glad lo see this increased
activity, and hope that Hosmer
will go ahead like this in the
course of a few months.
The Credit System in Hosmer.
The evils of the credit system
of doing business were never
better illustrated than by the
scene at the C. P. R. station
yesterday morning when no
fewer than nine business men
of the town were gathered at
the station to see if any of their
debtors were trying to get out
of town and leave them in the
lurch. Experience has shown
that the largest businesses of
the country have beon built up
on a strictly cash basis, and it
seems a lamentable state of
affairs that linns such as Eaton's
should be able to gather in the
cash, while the local merchant
;; Staple and Fancy Groceries
ee        ,
\' Gabara Block
New Goods  Fresh Stock
A Trial Order Solicited
Hosmer, B. C.
J Estimates given on Concrete work
Builders and
!   Contractors
$ AM kinds of repair work done on  short notice.    Shop
Fittings a specialty.    Estimates Furnished on
Application.    Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our Gent's Furnishing Department
j Is replete with everything in men's wearing apparel and of the best quality that money can buy
Saturday Specials
Our Shoe Offerings for this Saturday are Exceptional
Acklowledyed the best
American shoe made.
$7.50 special Saturday
$fi.00 special Saturday
.$5.00 special Saturday
Manufactured by the
Ames Holden Co., acknowledged the best Canadian shoe made.
$5.50 special Saturday
$5.00 special Saturday
$.1.50 special Saturday
Duriner the summer months this store wi"
Nigfht before holidays and Monday
close at 7 o'clock
ifter pay day excepted.
commencing May
Main Street
Hosmer, B. C.
r ^li? -iijP 7i& iuf W ll
* ^ ■© w w 5©S 5 5 w & & $ -5«? & w © wl


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