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The Saturday Chinook Dec 25, 1915

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Vol. IV, No. 33���Established 191
rice rive
"Till- trut'i nl nil times firmly MhihIh
Ami shall from use t<> aj?c culture/'
VsANCOUVER is one of the. greatest cities in
the world for newspaper rumors. One day
the WORLD is broke and the next day
the NEWS-ADVERTISER is about broke: You
can hear in the course of a day seven different "inside" stories regarding the SUN, its ownership and
prospects. Some even say the PROVINCE owns
the WORLD and runs it as a sort of auxiliary.
Mayor Taylor is always about to launch next
week into the daily newspaper business, and next
week Joseph Martin is going to breathe new life into
His journalistic flesh���so we are told.
'Many rumorsJiave beep circulated regarding the;
position of the SATURTDAY CHINOOK.   One j
is to the effect that Mayor Taylor is interested in
the paper, and another Taj/s that some else is going'
to "t^e"the sh^e'U for; certain sinister purposes.-t   '  4
Why should such unusual interest be displayed in
the ownership of a public journal?   Any newspaper, |
to be successful, must submit itself to the service of
the public, and in that case the public has absolute
���spiritual control of the newspaper.    A certain section of the public think theyhav* spiritual and tem-j
poral interest in every publication.    These people
not only decide the policy of a newspaper, but also j
tend well to their neighbor's business and specialise!
in care of other people's affairs.
It would be a good thing for Vancouver if a day
���were set aside for the hanging of a large number of j
citizens, the first, on the list to be the parties who
start on their way the foolish rumors regarding the
local press.
Hail, hill-crest herald of ihc trulh!
You clean-limbed, lusty, active youth,
You come amongst us lil(e a siealh
To settle down;
Success altend your wisdom-tooth
And gild your crown.
A Merry Christmas filled with cheer.
And oft-repealed glad New Year;
This token from a friend sincere
We granl'you freely.
Predicting busy, bold career
Like Horace Greeley.
To many men it is not given
To hit so hard and still be livin ;
���But bang away as you have striven.
There's game in sight;
Till Bill is gone where Dick's been driven
'Twill be alright. '
'"'With s^otand shell, or hand grenade
' Vou'rd breaking^down their barricade,
�� , And every timeHhe charge is made
It carries home;
Beware their mighty cannonade
Wilh gas and foam.
In local news or toWn-hall chal,
You get the same fresh off lhe bat;
The man that's talking through his hal
You tell him o' it;
Or some official on the mat.
You let us know it.
So, blessings on your tidy sheet.
Like Sandy's letter, full of meat;
Through storm or shine or summer's heal,
Rouse up Vancouver;
And daily come three meals to eat
Till times improve her.
Vancouver, Dec. 22, 1915.       ��� V. V1DETTE
wishes a
and a
to everyone everywhere and forever
round of occupation appeared in the NEWS-AD-
Flores  Island  Rancher  Spends  Over a  Month  on  Small
Island in Pacific Ocean Before eBing Rescued
Qlayoquot,  II. C.
��� .small island in the
1 eretl Fitzpatrick,
! al
1 1   he le
t  \housa
laiiue, li.
es ir.iin
existed for i 	
storms which wrecked the Careliiiapu,
over the small island, which  is nothing
BRITISH  COLUMBIA  Liberals have been
twitted by the Government forces with "hav-!  .*l��-a	
ing too many leaders."    fevery young.Con-\A CHRISTIAN (?) CHRISTMAS
E will have a change; we will have a business government," says Mr. Bowser.
Mr. Charles Tisdall, the man Mr.
Bowser wishes to install as Minister of Public
Works, is a religious man and a successful merchant.
He goes to church on Sunday and on the Sabbath
and upon week days he keeps good hours.
Mr. Tisdall entered the legislature some years
ago, took his seat, clapped his hand to his ear and
while the looting of the Province was proceeded with
directly under his eyes, sat like a graven image.
All the questionable deals put through by the McBride Government received the assent of Mr. Tisdall. He voted for the payment of monies to the
Grand Army of Graft whose names and titles, with
substantial amounts set opposite, filled hundreds of j
pages of the public accounts.-
If Sir Richard, Mr. Bowser, Dr. Young, Mr.
Price Ellison or any other members of the Government were in any wise guilty of wrong-doing, Mr.
Tisdall backed them up. For he sat in the house
like a dummy and voted with his party on ever item,
large and small, which came before Parliament.
Mr. Lome Campbell is a leading Rossland min-
Mamoiied fur ,i4 days on a J
an is the experience nf I'*v- ^
II..res Island, iln Xovem- j
ie had purchased provisions^ .,
hir-   pre-emption,   and   when t
 Dn llie west coast uf I'Mures
Island, he was caught in a squall, his canoe swamped and!
drifted ashore and  was broken in  two nn  the rocksk
Fitzpatrick, who cannot swim, saved his life hy holding! .
until ihe r.cks. Fortunately he managed to save a sack j
of fiour, a package of oatmeal and a lew matches, and a;
ease of coal oil washed ashore. On these provisions he j
ver a'month. During the time of the terrific
hig waves  washed;
  piore than a reef, I
and by lashing himself to one of the few trees, managed to
hold on. When found yesterday by two Ilesquoit Indians
who were returning to Ilesquoit from Clayoquot. J-itzpat-
rick was in a demented condition and at times raving.
The two Indians saw a man mi the island and went to
his rescue. Fitzpatrick lives alone and is the only settler
on the west coast of I'lores Island. During thc winter
months,the Indians very seldom venture out in the open
sea. but take the inside passage or else Fitzpatrick- would
have been found before. Tile rescued man will lie taken to
tlie Presbyterian .Mission at AhoUsat and will be cared:
for until he has recovered.
Mr. Bowser says that there shall be no further
aid to settlers upon the lands of the Province. We
would like to ask the Premier if he has any record
of the number of settlers who annually fail off their
ranches into the sea, who lose their lives in flooded
rivers, or who lose their minds out in the solitude of
the wilderness in the fight to make British Columbia's valleys bear forth fruifr
Calgary Eye-Opener Sends Season's Greetings to
Saturday Chinook ��� Husband- Murderers
Make Bob Edwards Pause
declare that thev belong to no horrid political party
are neuters, and are not much use to themselves or
their neighbors.
^HAT has   happened   to   the   Prohibition
Barleycorn has been given his death blow in British
We have a new premier in British"'Columbia���
the Hon. W. J. Bowser. Where does he stand
on Prohibition? Is anyone going to ask him where
lie stands?
A determined effort has- been made to use the
Prohibition Movement for .machine purposes. But
the movement has grown so rapidly that it will steamroller -the petty influences- which fell in line with
the idea of controlling it. ,
It would seem that the Prohibition Movement
is about to have a shake-up in the executive councils.
Prohibitionists throughout the Province are in
great fighting mood, but in Vancouver and Victoria
they are resting upon their oars, it seems.
_^^^^^^__^_^���,^_     |0U  WH0 ARE householders may have  ex-
ing and business man.    In his private affairs he has | perienced the ordeal of moving or house-cleaning.
been successful.    He has made money for his direc- * * *
tors, shareholders and himself in all his ventures. | WELL, MOVING A newspaper plant is fraught
He is a man who has travelled much, is highly edu-1 with the same grim terrors, magnified many thous-
cated���a man of standing and personality.      Yet j and times.
Campbell, the man who wishes to become Minister * * *
of Mines, sat under Bowser and McBride and sol THE EDITORIAL NERVES were much on
disgraced the annals of his clan as not to have the! edge when the postie called the other morning with
bravery to utter one single word at any time in oppos- j the mail in which was a letter from Calgary contain-
ition to lhe sinister plans and policies of the machine.: ing Christmas greetings from Bob Edwards, editor
In Mr. Flumerfelt, the Province has a man who i of the CALGARY EYE-OPENER,
has been successful as a financier, and who is un- * * *
qualified to handle the important: FORTHWITH THE DARK clouds which hov-
lost of Minister of Finance than either Mr. Bowser j ered over the debris of whal once was the finest
or Mr. Price Ellison. j printing plant on the coast, disappeared.    The letter
Strange is it not, lhal in those days when there. was read aloud to the printers, the linotype men, the
was not a "business administration"    at    \ ictoria, f teamsters, and the strong men and tiie other mem-
other w,th deadly weapons, the most murderous everl^nen Sir Richard and Mr. Bowser were hitting the bers of the bombers brigade    All laughed heartily
known  we can still KFEP CHRISTMAS "'g'1 spots w people s money, Ihe voice of Mr.   and there was temporary relief from the expressive
"Man never IS but alwavs TO BE blest " I Flumerfelt was not raised in protest.     Possibly it  language which is always in order in the time of
was because Mr. Flumerfelt was, in those halycon  moving,
days in with the big fellows gobbling up a goodly * * *
share of the natural resouces of this Province.    It       Here is the letter:
The man who falls in the water must continue to | was Mr- Flumerfelt and men of his ilk who came out       "Am glad to see that you have hewn your way
truggle or he will SINK!    Keep Christmas andjvv,nners d"r'n8 the Pff ^ of the McBndc-Bow-; out of the Reeve belt and emerged to the broader
ser era.   The price of their winning was the impov- field where you belong.
eris'hment of the great mass ol the people of the Pro-i     "I have been expecting this for quite a while���
vince. j and told Ccl.  Porter so���because it was obvious
The Hon. Thomas Taylor is taken from the De- j that tHejCI IINOOK had become a power on the
servative orator takes trouble to point out that Lib- ^                          . _                                 ^^
eralism is rent in many pieces because "Brewster's a' A   RE we to really believe that the present reign
leader, Ralph Smith's a leader,  Macdonald, Joe J-^  of horrors in Europe is "the darken hour that
Martin and John Oliver are leaders." comes before the dawn?"
Permit the editor of this journal to also subscribe May we hope that the nations of the earth will
himself as a leader of the Liberal party! one day- and *at��y ����* ^���^ wake up from the
,    ,',,   ,          ,, ,-i    ., ���    ���   ,i  ,      .��� .,��� (j nightmare ot murder and rapine and realize that on y
In the true, old Liberal parly there are no fol- ..,-,               _    ,               ^                               ���  f
.   v.'.:'."'                               '      . reace on Earth and Goodwill among Men    is
on"',s' compatible with existence in comfort, happiness.
We are all leaders. 7hat awakening seems a jong way 0ff.
The Liberal party allows its members to do their |     [��� js Christmas time.   Christian nations are at each
own thinking in their own way. others throats.    There can be, there must be NO. ,   ,     ,,
We are all leaders in the Liberal party.   We suf- REST until the issue is decided.    Are we to hark | doub";diy, bettel
fer no party chain; we endure no party lash. j back to the days of brutal might or shall   National
Any man who believes in giving to others all that Liberty give way to despot militarism thai enslaves
he claims for himself is a Liberal at heart, regardless ( body and kills soul?
of his nominal party affiliations. \     Yet���wilh Christian nations slaughtering    each
Every citizen should belong to a political party.
The men who fold their hands sanctimoniously and, __.__,.,
an never lb but always 1 O BE blest.
It is only by keeping in ourso uls lofty aspirations
that we can keep from sinking back to the brutality
of the primitive cave man of the stone age
the New Year as a time of cheerlul festival, a time
of love, a time of hope.      Lillte children on the
....     threshold of life need not have the gnstlev hand of
Are we to understand that already John | D��ATH thrust into their notice.   The holly of the
brioht hedge-row, net the sombre yew of the church- i partment of Public Works, the department where, coast.    The way you handle political' matters and
'tlie machine has its base, and is placed at the head ; political four-flushers is just right, because in draw-
* the Department of Education!    Here is a busi-jin�� attention to an opponent's misdeeds you are big
yard is for them. Do not hang the Christmas tree
with crepe. All too soon they will know their losses.
Yet let hot- "Absent Friends" be out of your mind.
I-f "Somewhere in France" or Flanders, cr by the
ness man after whom the pupils of lhe public schools, 'enough to give him credit for such good deeds as he
high schools and the   Provincial   University    may ma>' have inadvertently performed.    I noticed this
distant Dardanelles, think of them as they think of shape their lives. The boys and the young men may ! ir> a recent article on the unspeakable Bowser.
y0U���as only away for a while "on duty"���which shape their personal habits after those of Mr. Tay- "In the issue previous to this one I also noticed
when done will be followed by a joyful rc-union. lor. Then the generation of the future Bntish Col-j 'hat you had ME engaged to be married. ***** *
And if there is an "empty chair" never to be filled umbia will be a generation of business men capable; I have been seriously'thinking of taking the plunge,
by a loved one* again, let your imagination fill it with of forming a Business administration. j but just now in Alberta there is an epidemic of mur-
a spiritual figure, of one who went by sacrifice along j     Forthwith Sir Richard is sent to London as the ;ders wherein husbands are either shot or chopped to
the path of glory and won the hero's immortality!   \ business agent of our new business administration! .. , pieces with an axe
God is still'in-His Heaven, and though we cannot I  3 '      ���   *'i
say "All's Well, with the .World"���we can fervent-1
ly HOPE, that dawn will follow darkness.   We can i LAND SETTLEMENT IN B. C. .
Brothers, step forth in the future's van,
The night SHALL pass.
Right will conquer���at last
And a better day da^ on suffering man.
O loryr as settlers in British Columbia have, to
put up with conditions worse than those encountered .tiy Robinson Crusoe, food production in Brijtish Columbia may be expected.tp fall,off.
"The following stoty of hardships suffered -by a
Bfitish'CbJurftpik rancher ih the-course .6f his re^ulkV
:fi?}</iHi   ,.-*'���-.li.'iV-. ���: ._ .1- .    ��l '., i.     : !.. .;    ({it   I.   :,-..,   :, i;
"Ever unreasonable, the wives,object to.infidelijty
on the part of their husbands,.'   ������ ��� -  ���> ���> >.   ���'���
"It is too ridiculous for worels.   'Theyate always
expecting too much.    ���'     '*'���' ' ���"'.'"  '"*'_'
"As soon as this unfortunate $pic)emic subsides; I
shall issue cards.,,,   ���-, ,k ;,v..,-i -���.    .....��, * >   ���>��.*���!
.������ "In>the meantime *!���&������*$ * *���*-.�� Merry (Bferirt-
mas and c��ntiiwe*d.!firv��pe'"nty to the'Ghftittok:" ''J'
.,:.-. *,,..*���,    i. -^iSirtl^y-'y'dirfi;' ;**'"';',, -: ^s"'
���  :,:''-^--:;>:U>^rW^.
���.�����<.;,u ��ii    *mi ivi* i.''t*��<'     ��M(J ��*fc>ni <p* nfrfT
���   -I!').-;-  viril ������!_ t-o-v- -��_..���{ ?���, TWO
.Vancouver, December 22, 1915.
Editor Chinook:
Dear Sir,���1 regret that owing to the rush of Christmas
work I will be unable to let you have the reminiscent ar- |
tide regarding the Old World Office for this issue. I fear
also that your advance notice will have led your readers
to expect too much. To write about the Old World Office
I will have to be somewhat autobiographical and autobio-
graphs are always odious. Your readers will probably
enjoy their Christmas dinners better through not having
read it. Hoping that the best day you and yours have seen
may be worse than the best that is to come.
I am,
Yours fraternally,
Every time the people begin to accumulate a little real
coin, the fakir makes his appearance. Usually he is seW-
ing mining stocks, oil shares, or town lots. But he varies
his practice according to the times.
There is much real money in Canada just now and the
fakir is weaving a new net. He may try out the ancient
oil-stock business, lie will probably try out aeroplane
shares. He will be sure to advertise some good "steel
stocks. This munition game is getting a lot of advertising
and the fakir is studying up his new "munitions" pose in
preparation for a harvest.
The fakir finds his victims mainly among school-teachers, clerks, dentists, doctors and preachers. In every Canadian province there are people whose business it is to
compile lists of names in these callings. Thc fakir buys
the names and mails them interesting printed matter. This
and sonic alluring advertisements in the daily papers bring
him a daiiy crop of innocents.���Canadian Courier.
The Vancouver "News-Advertiser" calls attention to the
presence of two Vancouver men in the new provincial
cabinet, and cites the fact as evidence of the determination of the premier to "keep Vancouver to the front."
Wonder what the "Colonist." twin sister of the "News-
A'dvertiser," thinks about it. Perhaps it will maintain that
Mr. Flummerfelt is at least equal to two men of the calibre of Messrs. Bowser and Tisdall.���Victoria Times.
A little child wrote this letter to a Dallas paper:
"Mamma is sick and papa's in bad company. If you
will print this, perhaps he will see it and come home. We
have cleaned his room all up for him."
There is hardly a great city in this land of ours which
does not number its tots who might well write the same
"Mamma is sick and papa's in bad company!"
Old, old tale of woe and suffering.
Between the lines may be read whole chapters treating
of God-sent love, plighted troth and the vows of the altar.
Then of the trials, the tribulations, that are but a part of
life; of needless quarrels, estrangements, the cup that
drowns, broken pledges, a deserted wife and babe.
Oh, yes, there's volumes and volumes betwixt these pitiful lines, if one reads aright.
Fault on both sides, maybe.
N'o need to mention tllat.
Possibly sin. as well.
Hut there is one Who did nut sin; in whom there lies
fault���the babe.
W'e reproduce lhe letter hoping that it may meet tlie <
ui Mime other papa, who is wanted and needed at home,
flo back and try once inure���fur the kid's sake!
Christmas is a fine time tu start anew.��� Detroit Tim
will pervert this generation and enfeeble the next. True
love shall disappear. Women shall be shorn of her uplifting influence. Men shall lose self-respect. They shall
all turn again into beasts."
Then stepped forward Greed. "All that Anger and
Lust would do crudely I will do subtly. I will instil into
Men's hearts the most destructive of passions. Natural
affection will disappear from parents and children will be
sel against each other. The strong will oppress the weak.
Each nation will covet the other's possessions. And soon
men, families, and countries shall destroy each other in
ma ddesire for each other's goods."
"Mine." said Sloth, "would be the simplest and easiest
way. Let mc infect the people anil they shall cease to
work. Ambition and progress will cease. Their land's
shall grow up in weeds. It will not be long before they
shall sink into savagery and thc wild beasts will devour
"Would not our work be quicker?" asked Gluttony and
Drunkenness. "We would quickly bring the race of Men
to ruin. Hy us they would gorge themselves with food
until their bodies were diseased and their minds besotted.
They would drink of strong liquors until they would fall
upon each other in drunken fury. They will fight without
a cause. They will commit all manner of crimes without
provocation. The race will vanish in stupor or in orgies."
"If yon arc desirous of corrupting mankind," said Envy, "would not my services be of most use? For once let
Men suspect and hate one another and universal discord
would follow."
"I have heard you all," said Beelzebub, "But where is
Idleness. She sleeps somewhere. Go find and waken
Forthwith "was Idleness, fat and unclean, brought into
the royal presence.
"What can you do to destroy Man?" inquired the master.
''Nothing," replied Idleness, yawning. "Nothing at all."
"Very well, then," responded Satan, "it is you that shall
go. For where Idleness is there all other vices follow..
In you is not one evil, in you arc all evils. Vou are my
own favorite consort. Go to men and breed among them
the Seven Deadly Sins."���Dr. Frank Crane.
Western Canada is a richer country than oven Westerners have dreamed,of,	
Professional and amateur crop experts, city folk and
farm folk were pleasantly fooled this year. The West produced in wheat alone 100,000,000 more hushc'.* than the
most optimistic predicted in a prospectively bountiful year.
Turned into cash thc wealth from the soil is greater this
year by at least $100,000,000 than was anticipated.
This is a country of surprises. Nature at her worst in
this land is bountiful: at her best, the results from honest
toil are amazing.
Is it not within the bounds of possibility that if the West
did not add an acre to thc area under cultivation, the value
of thc products might be vastly increased?.  There is room
on nearly every farm  for Stock,    The cattle,  hug.  sheep.
j poultry, hay, fruit, egg and even vegetable departments of
! farm life* in  Manitoba, and  probably  in  vast  sections of
; Saskatchewan  and  Alberta,  are,  as  yet,  awaiting real  de-
j yelopment.    There are drawbacks, such as the  heavy ex-
j pcusc of machinery, the high rale of interest oh. devclop-
! ment  money, the lack of knowledge  With respect  lu markets, the restriction in markets, and the failure of Gnvern-
i inenl   lu  make   farm  and
anil \
Tramps have a language of iheir own. They havi- an
alimentary canal character language, ll is as well understood by thc real holm as S. <). S. is by the mariner.
They record, by characters on iicarbv trees, the history.
the location, of every farm house���which one will give
you a .el-down���which the handout���which the milk poultice. 'Tis true, these characters remind thc casual reader
if a Chinese lauiidr* sign, lim they have all a true
ell understood meaning of their own, They give the
tramp his key as to what farm house to tackle for something to eat. "Beware of the dug" signs are a drug on the
market. An old knight of the road, the chancellor commander of the early flock of hoboes who drift West in
April, told me to never overlook the farm house near the
tree that has carved thereon the character which apprises
the hobo of the fact that here is where tbe owner has both
hogs and cows. -There you will always get something
worth while. Such a designation is classified as Class A,
No. 1. for a meal���always something to eat. So we have
been a long time explaining that the farmer with a pig ami
a cow in sight, is a long way from starvation. The pig
and tbe cow���that's the idea. Even if you can only afford
to have one of a kind, keep on striving, for they are the
sure mortgage lifters. . Never sell anything from your
farm. Make everything raised on the farm walk off on
the hoof.���The Great Divide.
market lad.-, genera
known, bul the people'; thought* are far more serious a
solid than a year ago. The country is understanding tl
the producer, in.I tin- speculator, i, ihe man who makes I
country   richer,   and   lass   lhe   foundation   fur     perinaiii
It is with mure cheerful hearts lhal the people Come 'o
the close of another year. And we who live in towns am
cities have a far greater   appreciation   of    what    sober
thoughtful men have said all lhe lime thai r!ic fanner-
are the basic prodifcers of the Dominion".��� Winnipeg Maimers' Tribune.
     . #^.a>--��   	
Once, according to an oidj legend, there was a council
called in hell. The Devil was much concerned over a new
kind of creature called Man with whom God was populating the Earth. As it was his chief aim in life to oppose
and undo thc works of God, he was now casting about to
find the best way to ruin Man.
His seven head imps were therefore summoned, and he
inquired  of  tlielri who  would  undertake  to  destroy  this
race of human beings.
I '    First came Anger, red-faced and fire-eyed, and offered
' himself.    "Let em go," he said, " to Earth and  I  wilt
destroy Men quickly. -1 will set brother against brother,
t  magnify trifles to serious quarrels.   Hate and violence will
soon bring murder in the house and war in the' fields.   So
shall tlie race be extinguished."
Then up spoke Lust. "Rather send me," lie argued. "I
will defile their minds ��nd bring disease to their bodies. J
.lev:'  :-    ���
Thc Fool and the Wise Man passed the blacksmith shop
a block apart.
The Fool saw the horschoe in the road and whistled two,
lines of the ditty ancnt what may happen if "you pick up
in the road a horse's shoe." But he was the Fool; he didn't
pick it up.
Thc Wise Man was of an acquisitive turn, anyhow. lie
| picked up the horseshoe, took it home and hung it over
the arched gate to the front yard.
The Fool owed the Wise Man $10. That evening be
came to say he couldn't pay. When he opened the gate he
jarred the shoe, which fell and struck him on the head.
He went straight to the doctor. The Wise Man chuckled:
"Now I'll get that side-bar buggy that secures the loan
of that ten."
Hut the garrulous Fool told his troubles to a hungry
lawyer, who forced the Wise Man to see that it would pay
him to settle out of court for $25. Ten of this went to the
lawyer, five to the doctor and the Fool rode in his sidebar buggy to pay the remaining ten over to the Wise Man
in settlement of his debt.
Moral: This isn't a moral subject.���Kansas City Star.
In 1882 at the semi-centennial celebration of the incorporation of Buffalo as a city. Mayor Grover Cleveland,
afterwards president of the United States, said to a distinguished gathering of citizens: "Brick and mortar may make
a targe eity, but tlie encouragement of those things that
elevate and purify, tlie exaction of the highest, standard of
integrity in official place and a constant'activc interest, on
tht part* of the good people are needed .to make a great
city."���Winnipeg Farmers' Tribune.
The Saturday Chinook
Has Moved Its Premises
FOUND    IN    THE    CENTRE    OF    THE    CITY    AT
426 Homer Street
will henceforth be published at
the address mentioned, in the
building  formerly   occupied  by  the
Vancouver  "World."
B. C. E. R. Company
Vancouver Province
Merchants' Bank of Canada
Union Bank of Canada
People's Prohibition Movement
Henry Birks & Co.
Clubb & Stewart
Crehan, Martin & Co.
Martin, Craig & Anderson
Campbell & Singer
D. G. Campbell
Matheson & Carter
Coast Lumber and Fuel Co.
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Johnston Brothers
McNeill, Welsh & Wilson.
Macdonald, Marpole Limited
Alaska Bedding Co.
Board of School Trustees
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Deither Coal Company
Irish Linen Stores
Linde Canadian Refrigerator Co.
Maple Leaf Dairy
Turner's Dairy
McDougal & Cowans
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i UKr.ii
Trust Company Charges
Charge! fur Trust Company service arc usual!) the same as
would he allowed for similar ler'vice hy an Individual I ���'. arc
never mure. Trust Company service excels thai rendered liy individuals i in expense, but in effectiveness.
North West Trust Company, Limited
E, I'.. Morgan, Prcs.
509 RICHARDS STREET Phone Seymour 7��67
Peter The Hermit Ta Henry Ford
A Study in Psychology, Popular Delusions and the Mind of the Mob,
Showing that the Wild Enthusiasm of the Early Crusades Has
Been Echoed down the Centuries by the Mississippi Scheme, the
South Sea Bubble, the Tulip Mania and other Extravagant Hallucinations, As Seen by Frederick Boyd Stevenson.
shining glurj     ���   li ���- everlasting  bro  ' ���..'.-   have   full   ...        .-ven    IS*)-;
therhuud. end H'ttJI in :i feast .,i love*     ������ ..-.-tlie,    fanatic   or   p' il. C.
Due-   !ie   I., luve   lu-   can   call   ll he astute aiul sftcejB,
spirit fr./m the * list deep!" in .-.guii- how  he i- rely ""       ''*���"
Or is he a  modern  Peter the  Her4 feholugic waves to carry out Ins uiule-
iilit. whose enthusiasm has not dulled
and >��� liose ��������� ii has nol brightened -in
thi centuries sinci the First Crii
llenrv iv.r.l may be a philosopher,
.y l,e a fanatic.   Such men al-
fined peace plan. But, to have faith in
him in such a project, one must absolutely renounce the idea���contrary
to the general opinion concerning the
leopard and  hi* sput���tliat  Mr.   Kurd
lias any plan of self-advertising.
ve  spread and enveloped in-
and  nations    like    German
Bond Investments
Those having funds available will find mr list ..i Municipal
Securities a guide tu sale investment, We offer a variety of
thoroughly safe-guarded bund issues sold to net 0'.- per cent, to
7 1-8, being a charge oh all properties within each ri spectivc municipality,   Consult our Hond Dcpt. by mail or in person.
Canadian Financiers Trust Company
Head Office: '        839 Hastings Street West. Vancouver, E. C.
....... P. Donnelly. General Manager,
J .Im   Brown's  bod)   In- a  mould' I wai i ��� ha
ring in iln  gra,, j dividuals
i i in   Brown's bodj   lies a  mould'  trench
ri*"8 in thi  grave, Metaphysicians  sa)   there are  ps)   I
J"1"'   Brown's  body  lies a  mould" chic planes and currents  which  pas.-1
ring in the mine j aiming small groups of men, then to
I'ni his soul goes marching on! j larger groups, (hen to'states, then to
nations, and then around the world.
Somehow. I cannol help thinking that]    "The guns of the'Sumtcr bombard-jj
there was more than a metaphor in this ineiil woke ihe country from the poli-
old -��� iii.   and thai John Drown, fana  I tical nightmare whicfl had su long tor
tical .vas, and obsessed as he was merited and paralyzed it.   The li"ii oi
with  fulfilling  an  impossible  self-im    the North was fully aroused.    Betray-
Cut Freight Rates -w
Household Goods packed and shipped to all parts of the world at a savin? to
you of from' 25'; to 45'/', owing to our improved method of parking and
superior shipping facilities. For "Fireproof" Storage, Removals in "Car
Vans," High Grade Packing, or Shipping at "Cut Rates," see us ��� prompt
reliable, and courteous service.
Campbell Storage Company
Oldest and Largest in Western Canada
Phone: Seymour 7360 Office: 857 BEATTY ST.
posed las] . ������ hicli he sincerely believed
he was called upon b) God to perform
sialic' a -ciitiineiit which became a ps-'
ychol gie  wave, speeding from  town
In l iwn. state to state, until the N'ortli
was afire.   When natii :.- go mad the)
go  mad   l.y  herds,   bul   men    recover
their -.-��� ses one by one.    \nd lhe mad
��� ue-- ol  nations comes through those
little known    psychologic   conditions,
once ih .tight to be Black M
iii-u  scientifically considered as coexistent with ihe natural laws governing
tl e   :nman mind.
We have had these psychologic
waves iu the past, and we have them
t -day.   Millions of people have becume
asm' v:
iniultaneously impressed with one del l'"''1.'Imt. his   soul   went   marching  oh
j lusion, and they have rushed madly ,,n-j from tlie  spluttering gunpowder  trail
ward, intent on its fructification. al  Harper's   Perry lill it ignited the
I     There were the Crusades for the re-1 N <��W<"< "f a ��1'"1'-* "riti,m-
1 every, of the Sepulchre   of   Christ,   ' The'y call this sort of thing the mind
I which drove all Europe into a frenzy; | "f thVm'ob, and the mind of the mob
there was the universal fear uf the De-1 may  cause  a  local  lynching or  a  na-
I s. il. which resulted  in  the sacrifice of   tional   uprising.     Scientifically,   it   is
J.imdreds of thousands of victims to the  known as social psychology.
I delusion of witchcraft: there was the 1 Is For(j Switching On the Current, Or
i!il!!!l':<,:;,'!:!!!i:i!ll!l|ill!!l!l!lll��r 111 I llillllllill
The Telephone Will
Take You Quickly
The telephone is the short cut.    It will take you anywhere, in a moment.
Whether the objective point is in town, in the province,
or anywhere along the coast, it's all the same.
philosopher's stone, which it was earnestly believed would prolong life
and produce gold; there was the poisoning mania which led gentle women
of high birth into a contagion of inur- i
tier: there were tlie child pilgrimages,
the flagellant epidemic, the dancing
mania, the great religious revivals in
Is He a Peter the Hermit?
Why do groups of men lynch other
Why   do   soldiers   become      panic-
stricken?     Why   do   men   sign     the |
pledge ?
Whv do  men.  women  and  children I
\merica in 18C0, 1X30, 1858, and in the   enter into a state of religious ecstasy
Every telephone is a long distance telephone, and one
place is as near as another.
Day or night, any kind of weather, the telephone is
always in service.
present year, and there were the women's temperance crusade, started in
Ohio in'-1873. and the tulip mania back
in 1634, when Dutchmen sold their
houses for a single bulb; there was
the Mississippi scheme; there were
the South Sea bubble, the "Ho for
Texas" cry. the California fever, and
the Klondike rush for riches, and ill
our own time, there have been the
frightful Russian programs,
These are some of the delusions of
the past'. Some of them have gone
oil for generations���as dueling; others
have blown by, as the winds, and have
been  forgotten.
Today we have Ford and his peace
Psychic Planes and Currents That
Make up the Mind of the Mob
Every man has his fetish. Some
may be only an uncntrollahlc desire to
have it in milder form than ��� .fliers. 11
may he to possess first editions of
rare books, or to own the fastest
horse, or the highest bred dog. or the
smartest cat, or a $100,001 hen. or the
sweetest blooming ruse, or���it may
go further���and culminate in incendiarism or homicide.
From l'eter the Hermit, creator of
brain storms; John Law. juggler of
finance; Alberlus Magnus, Thomas
Aquinas, Raymond Lulli. Cornelius A-
grippa, Varasclsus. Dr. Dec and the
rest of the alchemists and magic
workers; Mother Shipton, Winston,
Merlin and thc rest of thc soothsayers; Matthew Hopkins, the Witch-finder General, and King James, detnon-
ologist and great enemy of thc devil;
Mrs. Carrie Nation. Kansan saloon-
smasher���from all these and others
���down  to  Henry   Ford,  the  psychic
Underground Telephone Construction on Seymour Street in front of the new
Hudson's Bay Building
Phone Seymour 9086
Is Your Home
Insured ?
We writeCEire Insurance in
Good Companies
r\22 Hastings Street West,
We are Milk and Butter Specialists
ed, insulted, outraged, the free state
at ise as with a cry of pain and vengeance. War Bern* ins from pulpit-;
war speeches in every asesmhlagc;
tenders of troops; offers of money;
military proclamations and orders in j-
every newspaper [every city radiant!
with bunting; every village green a
mustering ground. . . . parades, drum.-.
flags and bay.nets in the streets.;
but I knitting ..bandage rolling and line
.es- scrapping in nearly every household,"
-aid ' N'ir-ulay and Hay, and. if you
ctosely read your history Of the world
you will find each great epoch marked by suine small individual beginning.    John   Brown  might have been a
A. Tommason   Mgr*. Phone Bay. 1417
1935 -2nd AVE. WEST
A phone call will have prompt attention
at revival meetings?
Because  the  psychic  wave  reache
them.   It arrives out of an interplay of I
minds.     .Most   of  lis  like   to  imagine
ih'at   we   are   original   and   are   going
our own  pace  along a-path  that  we |
have  selected   for  ourselves,  but   few
uf  us ���  probably  none  of  us  in  all I
things���absolutely act in an individual
capacity;  for  wc  are  influenced  more
or less���generally more���by the ideas
of others, and  fresuently,  the closer
wc are to a subject the less independence uf  thought  we have  on    that |
Cooley says:
"The   more   thoroughly  American   a
man is the less he can perceive Americanism.   Ile   will   embody   it;   all   hei
does, says or writes will be full of it; |
but he can  never truly   see  it, simply
because   he   has   no   exterior   point   of 1
view from which to look at it."
There   are   many   men   who   think
they make up iheir own minds, whereas i�� is generally some masterful associate  who  makes up a  man's  mind!
for him. >
Are  we  nol  all  led  by  these  ni's-j
rteious psychic waves?
Is Henry Ford cognizant of them?
Is he sailing forth without mental
chart ur compass into an unknown
sea. seeking an intagnible peace, obsessed by the idea tliat somehow this
is the psychologic moment to start
the psychic waves in telepathic motion, floating from trench to trench,
from war-mad Germans, Austrians. j
Hungarians. Turks. Russians. Serbians/Frenchmen, Englishmen, I tali- j
ans   and   Montenegrins,   and.   by   the ]
Lady Van
Will Write for
Saturday Chinook
PAGE    FOR     MEN    AND     WOMEN
To the Readers of the
We wish to announce that we have been
successful in securing the assistance of Lady
Van in introducing changes in this journal
which will, we trust, make it more interesting than ever.
Lady Van (Ethel Cody Stoddart) is
known from coast to coast, and is one of the
cleverest women in Canadian journalism.
Her stories appear regularly in Eastern
magazines and she has been for years a contributor to local publications.
Lady Van's writings will interest men and
women of all classes and ^conditions. Her
page will be a feature to lpok forward to
from week to week. Few women know tlie
Province of British Columbia as intimately
as Lady Van, and few women are as well
known. , '���
What It Is, and How To Get It ��� Some New Thoughts on the Dear Old Day
' down  for  thc Struggling workinginai
I in  the  police  cuurts  would  make  as
Trades   and   Labor
appointment  of a
leiender   for   the   local   police
The   Vancouver
Council   urge   the
Do you want to feci Yulcvolent?
Have you got the true spirit of old
father Christmas���that dear old guardian of fun and loving kindness, who
beams with the happiness he lives to
create? His is more than magnanimity. It is Yuleanimityl It is the
spirit of Yulevolonce!
Let us all this memorable Christ-
mastide be Yulanimous, Yuleficent
and Yulcvolent. Otherwise wc shall
deserve- to be despised aV Christmas
The Christmas Curmudgeon
Are you a Christmas Curmudgeon?
If so, you are right out of season. The
curmudgeon���like Toussaint L'Ourer-
turc, is the most unhappy man of men.
Tie has a full purse but an empty
Father Christmas is very hard on
the poor old curmudgeon, lie cuts
holes in bis pockets. He makes his
money run out at the heels of bis
boots, lie drags him into toy shops
and forces him to buy expensive toys
for his little nephews and nieces���
yea, even unto his own children. He
knows that the more Mr. Scrooge
spends the more miserable he becomes. He is generous without joy,
beneficient without being benevolent.
His old heart is like a bundle of dried
up sticks���wet with thc tears of lost
hopes and disappointments���dry sticks
that will crackle but will never glow.
His heart is like a dried up pea, his
brain like an addled egg. and bis conscience like all over-ripe Camembert
cheese. Ile is green with the jealousy
of joyousness. All the year round
he boasts that he can keep children
in their place, just as his wife���if he
has one���keeps him in bis. Hut���
when Christmas conies round, the
children  overwhelm  him.
Christmas Childmasl
Christmas is Childmasl The tyranny and seriousness of life are for a
while suspended. Thc fetters of thc
soul are shaken off; the gags of convention taken out of our mouths.
From a hundred thousand schools,
our boys and girls come laughing and
Let us at least laugh, if we can no
lunger leap with them. Cannot our
eyes be bright with hope? May not
onr old hearts bound with anticipation?
Who will not glow with Yulcvol-
ence when one sees those jolly regiments of boy and girl scouts marching
gaily along with flags flying through
pur wondrous west? They are blowing tin trumpets and beating toy
drums. So do wc! We staid old
grown-ups. Yes! but we do these
things for self-advertisement and
Keep on  Laughing
Let us this war-clouded Christinas
learn at least one lesson from the
young. Let us learn to keep on
laughing! If only we could be filled
with a sense' of our own ridiculousness! If only we could see the clown
in the clergyman, wc should respect
hint just as much and like him a
whole heap more. If only we could
see, the pantaloon in the party politician! I low we should poke fun at
the preposterous old fellow with pokers of plain-speaking and plain thinking. If only tliat consumptive-snulcd
crusader against her fallen but God-
created sisters could be "converted"
into a columbine! She would be no
worse a woman and a much happier
and more helpful citizen.
here come
ey  have
out of sorrow's jail, and arc moving
in long, lithe and glittering columns
to the conquest of Toyland and Can-
They are thc forces of Fairyland,
with Father Christinas as their Commander-in-Chief. He is cracking jokes
with his young field marshals and
baby brigadiers, with his rollicking
colonels, his merry majors and his
creeping captains! Listen to that
toddling trumpeter sounding thc Reveille! God bless yon, little trumpeter! May you go bravely on through
life sounding the call to arms fearlessly���smiling through thc strife,
ready never to revile but always to
"reveille" the fallen in life's battle.
God bless you, old boy, and make you
acquit yourself in all things like a
The Christinas curmudgeon bears
the tramp of tbis happy host. His
spirit sinks. He curses. He flies to
California. Monte Carlo or Chicago,
and is there "plucked" cleaner than
the turkey he- forgot to send to his
poor relations.
How to be Happy    s
Let us this Christinas not rob our
city's  children  of  the  joy  of  games.
Superior to  the child.    Wc arc only
a little nearer death.
ll does the kiddies good to play
wilh us, but how much more good
does it ilo us to play with them, ll
revives latent youth we have left in
us. It starts the withered pulse of
wonder throbbing again in our stodgy
Sold minds.
It  teads  lis-back   to  our  belief   in
The Kiddies Christmas
It  is  hard  to amuse  you, but  how
easy it is to delight a child.
There are  many  children  in  Vancouver tbis year who face the coming
of Christmas with little or no prospect of delight.    Seek these out.    It
is to  YOU that    their    little    arms
stretch out in mute appeal, to your
good nature must they look for joy.
Sonic have no parents.    Others have
no     presents.���their     "Daddy"     or
"Mummy' can scarcely keep body and.
soul together.   They have little or no j
money for  food, let alone for games |
or toys.
The Christ Thought
Will you celebrate  this  Christmas
by   enabling   some   one  else   to   celebrate  it too?    No one  is so  rich  as I
those  who help the  poor.    None  so'
happy as are those who make others
How  fast  do our    own    childhood's
games  fade  from our memory.    The  happy.
modern   father   and   mother   do   not      Don't be content with sending some
play with their children.   They know I institution  toys or  money  from  the
little  of nursery  rhymes  and  less  of' plentitude  of your happy
nursery games.    Let it not be enough'out this Christmas Eve
for   vou   good   folk   to   fill   your���or hour.    Ring up one of the City's mis-
vour   friend's   ���  kiddies'   Christmas sions and thc Churches' charitable in-
stockings   with   dolls   and   toys   ami |Stitutions, or scour the highways and
wooly bears.    More precious to bur,byways  of  our  city,  until
kiddies   than  all  these  is  the  human |
toy.    A   real  mother  with  real  hair 1
and a real  father with  real  whisker
are much  more fun  than a gollywog
Before the resolution to ibis effect
was passed, a spirited debate look
place on the floor of the council.
A local mail who is deeply interest
ed in reform work, but whose name
is little mentioned in the press, gave
following statement supporting the
plan to have the city employ a man to
defend as well as a man to prosecute
the unfortunates who pass from day
to day through the local criminal
courts: :   r-
"What in heaven's name is the use
of sending a man to jail who ought to
be with hia family? What the use of
giving a man a bad name when a good
word will set him right?''
There's no use following the old.
method, but we've been a long time
finding it out. Sending a man to
jail is a poor way to take care of thc
man's family, but it's the way we've
taken for ages.
Giving a man a bad name instead
of offering him the good word his
heart is aching for to hear is wasteful, but it was easier, we thought,
than the right way. , The strange
thing about these matters Is that tbe
wrong way always  seems the easier.
Sending a man to jail instead of
i sending him to his family is a relic
of the old belief, now about worn out)
in the dual nature of man���thc good
and the bad���that all men have two
distinct natures, one struggling to do
;iy   failures   themselves   under   the
same  conditions.
"Men   are   alright.
them predominates;
the social atmosphere
The  good * in
Hut   the   evil   iu
all around them
if but (o
or   a   monkey!     Try   you   funny   old.,child
things to get rid of your fearful sense
of superiority.   The man is md really
lonely   or   longing   little
j whose  poor  father  and  mother
not" or ''can not!"-
' I     I lave compassion
childless   doll   and
dear folk, on the
in   the     doll-less
Help fill two empty little arms | ..
and some hungry little body. Help lo
make happy some lonely little heart!
Perhaps then, you will he rewarded
oil Christmas Night with a veavenly
! vision of a sleeping angel vv ith a
"two-hit" infant clasped to her pas-
'sionatc breast. Then you will
! deed, have had
g I. the other fighting to do evil.
"That, somehow, the bad is always
stronger than thc good and overcomes
it. That the bad nature can be overthrown only by severe and painful
punishments which drive out the
evil in men and allow the good to assert itself and hold sway.
"Men have only one nature, and
that is naturally good. If il doesn't
show as much as it should, it is because the good in men has been attacked by forces against which it is
not strong enough* to hold out. The
tbe wrong, the bad. is not in men,
hut in the circumstances all around
(them, against which tbe good iu them
, is struggling.,
"It is as impossible  for hienl-surrounded   by   influences   which   cannot
be   successfully   resisted   to     remain
50 out ill a
their cloth-
is stronger than their powers of resistance. Change thai and the men
vvill look better.
"We've had ihc carl in front of tlie
horse all the time, but now that we're
coming to see the failure to progress
there shouldn't bc any loss of time or
trouble to get the social horse in
"Give men a fair chance to be good
and they will be good. We shall not
need to sepnd so much for punishing:
them or 'reforming' them.
.."A good way to begin is to stop-
sending men to jail for trifling acts
when their families need them. Their
we shouldn't waste their lives at one
point and their families at another.
"And we shouldn't look so foolish
while we're "doing" it, either.''
 ��� 1���   1	
Pure Milk Dairy Co.
Through an error, the advertisement of the Pure Milk Dairy Co. in
our paper last week was made to read
twelve quarts for one dollar, when it
should have been eleven quarts for
one dollar.
It Was the First Time
a dozen  .
A fine one at.
a dozen 	
We have several Is i nils" iu fancy
gift  hoses.     Each  contains  six
$1.00, $1.50. $1.75,
CHIEFS that will be
cleared  out.  at.  dozen
HA-NDKERCHl-EFSi -in hose's
of six each for gifts can be had
at box, 75c, $1.00,
$1.25 and  	
hand embroidered pure Irish
linen. Special,
at     _;���;.������
MADElRA"f"*tLL'6\V CASES, beautifully  embroidered.
per pair ;.,
LUNCH SETS, 25 pieces.
Usual $10.50. ��g CQ
Special, the set  . ��P��*����M/
f. dozen only. POINT VENICE 200 HAND    EM1.SKOI DE RI'.D-
To dcai at. OKf     larly  for *''25' *1,5�� :""' ^"*
each    each.    Choice of tbe lot.    ^g^.
Wc will clear out half our stock Kl EA'CHgD DAMASK T V
,,f EMBROIDERED PILLOW     ^'.    NAPKtKS        He.nmed
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Per dozen   T
500 pairs of very line PILLOW \:\s\\ NOTTINGHAM LACK
SLIPS that sell regularly at (J-JRTAINS. In neat and pretty
$1.25, to clear, at. 7C/,     designs;  woven edges -and fin-
-,    ���.,lr I *J\f _-i%-
'' ,,'"r   ".'  'shed around the top.        ftfe
Per   pair   	
$1.5(1   PURE   IRISH    LINEN
GUEST TOWELS-Balance of    $4.50 TABLE CLOTH.
this week'for. 7,-        2 x 2 yards. $3.00
pair  'OC     for    T       ���
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10O     DOZ.     LINEN    HUCK     ?5-**'-���*- *0pA
TOWELS-l'ine pure Irish Un- 2 % H^y^^- $3*59
en. 22 x 40 inches, and of the for   	
finest   quality" we   have'in  the SETS
store.   Regular $2.00 J|* OC TABLE CLOTH. 2 x 2 yarji,
pair'for ���"*. f    7 and 6 napkins to t^ A
match, for     -T   f
One  lot of '200 dozen  HAND- *"**  I -
SCARFS. OC the above, same size #|J tfk
Each    "MC     C|0th, etc **'''"
Jones was a past master of the
habit of carelessness. lie dropped
things around in any old place and
afterwards never remembered where
that place was. One night he rose
from bed to get some medicine and
swallowed bis collar button 111 mistaVe
for a cough drop,
! "Mary," said he to his wife when
the awful truth dawned upon him, "1
have swallowed niy collar button."
j "That's all right," responded wife
in a tone of evident satisfaction.
"There's nothing to worry about."
"Nothing to worry about?" returned father.   "Do you���"
"That's what I said." interrupted
little wifey. "For once in your life
you know where you've put it."
successfully resisted
good as it is for men to
torrent of rain and keep
ing dry. But the fault is not in the
men. It is in the circumstances surrounding them which are stronger
than themselves.
"The thing we ought to have seen
long ago is that the way to shut out
what we cal the evil in men, the bad
nature, is to change the circumstances against which they are spending
their lives in resistance. Give men a
chance and they will respond. Keep
them ifghting against .untoward conditions and they will drop every now
and (hen. the good temporarily checked, the had apparently in control.
"Society sets up ajl endless string
of social hurdles and obstacles deliberately intended to prevent the
progress of thc social runners and
then when they fail to go over tbe
hurdles and obstacles, society brands
them as bad and evil and unfit. .The
same   society   which     turns     thumbs
In   offering  ir/yself  as  a   Candidal*
fnr   Councillor of  Ward   VI,   I   woul
Call   attention   to   tlie   critical   period
tliat  Hurnaby. as well as every other
municipality,   is   going   through.     I
ever there was a time when the selec
tion   of  your  administration   require
careful   consideration,   that   time     i-
now.    My experience ill school affair-
during the past year will be of consid
arable   assistance,   and  if  you   feci
am   worthy   of   your   support.   I   cai
truthfully   promise   that  my   sole  ei
deavpr will be to serve you faitbfull
honestly and without fear or favori
ism.     I   am.  and   always  have  be   .
a   strong  supporter  of  the  policy   1-
laid down by our present  Reeve a- I
will,   if  elected,  endeavor  to  suppo 1
that policy, so that not only can Bu
naby hold its own with the surrouu
ing municipalities, but take the lea
ing   place.     1   have   no  "full   dinu-
pail" or other promises to make. 1��
can only say that if elected my polii
will   bc   "Hurnaby   first,  last  and   a
the time.'
Sincerely yours,
- The Irish Linen Stores
EMBROIDERED     HANDKERCHIEFS,   in   boxes   of   .1
Per box
65c ��� ��� 75c
Per dozen   	
Wiliam J. Bowser, our premier now, sir,
Has won the position he stormed,   - ���**.'
With his cabinet six he'll be up to all tricks
Though he claims he's already reformed.
"To business then, as good Hon'rablc men."
Is now the main watchword and cry;
Though the new broom be clean, it's the same
old machine,
Old habits will show by-and-bye.
"Lorny Campbell to Mines, he must aid my
To chase all the whites from the pits,
We have Chinks underground, digging coal by
the pound.
And we made some concessions to Fritz.
"Flumerfelt to Finace, to old music must dance,
We borrow and salaries pay;
A million and quarter, it seldom grows shorter.
My friends get the jobs that I say.
"Charlie Tisdall, Vancouver, may be some improver,
He's been a most true rubber-stamp;
Public works need a man, you can read as you
Whose tools will bring trade to our camp.
Vancouver, Dec. 17, 1915.
"Billy Ross still in Lands, it's in capable hands;
His record Columbians know; **���    ' j
The grabbing and stealing is past all concealing,
You hear it wherever you go.
"Tfftmiais Taylor,'Education,"imiist hin^'gone in
He's surely the equal of .Yqung;
As state secreka^y he's heavy to carry.
He'll savvy as well as Fong Wung.
"Billy Manson, of course, is our Rupert war-
horse, ���' **   ' -'**
He'll sit iii the chair and look wise;
With the key in my hand, they will all understand
When I go from the table they rise.
"I'm attorney for years, and it surely appears
I am pretty well on to the job;
Executing the law, to the miners I'm raw.
Nor care I how workers may sob."
Bye-election come next, "I will give you a text,
The game's in our hands if we win;
So boys come along, and as bluffers be strong,
I always look after my kin.'
*       ���V. Videlte. BATURUAV,  DECRMBRB 25.  W\i
!f" " '::' v*^*HM*MMM^
Excelsior Life Insurance Company
A strictly Canadian Company, with a twenty-five year
honorable record.
DAVID  FASKIN. M.A., President. Toronto
F. J. GILLESPIE,       -      Manager for British Columbia
Is Bowser The Man B.C. Wants?
fliiM^ \-m. :������������������. mm
| Champion & White
d   |       Best South Wettihgton Coal
" Lump $6.50       Nut $5.50
If ���������_
**      PHONE 9570 1083 MAIN' STREET   ���
Rilll��i!il!lBliliailii!E::;vIM I SU I lii ./^^llWaililSIIEIlliiBiS
On Friday afternoon. Trustee Nee-
lands presided at the closing exercises of the General Wolfe School,
South Vancouver, at which there was
a very large attendance of the parents and friends of the pupils.
After a programme of songs and recitations rendered by tbe pupils in the
various divisions, Trustee Ncelairls
Rave an address to. the parents and
children assembled to (1�� honor to
M|jsI,sobel Miller, the winner of
His Royal I Holiness, the Govcrnor-
Geiieral'.s medal for the student winning the highest place in the South
Vancouver schools al the Government
examinations held in June of this
���year. .The occasion was a memorable
one. and more especially so because
that it was the first occasion on which
the Governor-General's medal had
been awarded to any but cities of the
first and sec-.ml class.
I u an eloquent address. Trustee
Neelands spoke of the earnest and
conscientious work, in addition i" thc
natural ability, necessary to the attainment of the first place in any field
of endeavor, and especially in that of
scholarship where the competition is
so keen and so universal, and he heartily congratulated Miss Miller on the
laurels which she had won.
When Trustee .Vcclands hail finished his address, the exercises of the
day were brought to a close by the
singing of the National Anthem by
the school and by the parents and
other  visitors assembled.
A Dead Horse
The smart travelling man stood oil
a corner in the little country village
at dusk. Ile wis looking for amusement and the first object that atract-
ed his attention was an overgrown
boy. perhaps fifteen years of age, riding a horse that might have come mil
of the ark.
"Hello, sunny!" shouted the salesman. "How long has that horse been
Quick as a flash the boy replied.
"Three days.b ul you re the first buzzard that has noticed it."
The travelling man moved on to the
"We are experiencing a time in our Provincial history when we
need an administration conducted along the lines of solid, thoroughgoing business."
"We propose to have a business administration by business men."
��� Hon. W. J. Bowser, Prime Minister of British Columbia.
If secrecy of operation is the soul of business, Mr. Bowser's new
administration has surely got the root of the matter. No Turkish
administration by rapacious Pashas could have kept its "subjects"
more wholly in the dark on the matter of a Grand Vizier's resignation
than Victoria has done in launching this momentous change upon a
Province of the British Empire. On the day of the change of ministers, all Vancouver were in blissful ignorance of this supremely important public event.
But even business���-the-vague master-word which Mr-,,Bowser
thinks all sufficient as the backbone of a first message to the people���
eVeri'business is not wholly dependent upon the arts of stratagem and
delusion, arid keeping people in the dark.
True statesmanship is aware that political Surprises are not good
for any community. If the Lieutenant-Gerutral at Victoria had time
to invite to a banquet on that same night members of the Cabinet from
Vancouver as well as Victoria, the press and the public must have
been most carefully and deliberately excluded from knowledge of the
first importance to everyone of them, during at least forty-eight
Though I do not think so meanly of business as to define it as
the practice of trickery wholly and solely, I admit that such stratagem
is an essential part of good business. But that it is an essential part,
or any part of the science ot good government, our commensense leads
us emphatically to deny.
Business! Business! Business! The word is an insult to free
nationality. Is the government of a free people nothing more than
the watching of material processes of prosperity and adapting deft
means to selfish ends? Were Fitz Walter and the men who managed
Magna Carta business barons? Though Pitt and Laurier, Seddon
and General Botha, Gladstone and Sir Charles T upper were glorious
business-men for all the business needs of the high offices which they
held, was perfection in business the limit of their aspirations or of their
I  !
* :.������ * ������:��� :������ *
May .we not appeal to language itself?
What does "Business is Business" mean, if not lhat there are
other things in heaven and earth and common life than are connoted
by that singular^ and etymologically misbegotten word?
Material prosperity is the first of blessings, but the science of
government and self-government is not primarily concerned with
things. Its chief concern is society, made up of men and women, quite
apart from their bank-balances or even from their food and drink.
The government of a free people needs men of vision to control the
visionaries, men of learning to overawe the learned, men of strong
character to govern the good, professors of mercy to mend the bad,
patriots, who have known the riddles and the tortures of reasoned
patriotism, to inspire soldiers to fight and to kill, without becoming
demons or killing their own souls.
Why should we speak commonly of the "Business World" if
the "World" and the "Business World" are one and the same thing?
God forLid! Let us all go hang ourselves if there is no beauty and
strength and desirableness in this large, quaint life of ours outside
business and its astuteness and subtleties and harlot satisfactions'.
* "What is the good of a social order in which the men at the top
are commoner, meaner stuff than the men underneath, the same stuff
just spoilt, spoilt by prosperity and opportunity and the conceit that
comes with advantage?"
When Mr. Well's hero in "The Research Magnificent" made
that complaint he felt, or the great novelist felt, something of the profound appeal of war-time. "We are experiencing a time in our history when we need an administration conducted along the lines of
solid, thoroughgoing���" what, oh, inopportune Mr. Bowser?
Not "Business," but "along the lines," often parabolic and tentative, but never downhill,���"along the lines of change."
There is nothing dynamic in your "Business" slogan.
There is only fog���not even smoke. British Columbia wants
"thoroughgoing" spadework, and plenty of trenching and mining and
"solid" dynamite for the uprooting of rotten forest-giant? and rub-
bishy foundations. ' ��� i
We want an administration of fighters, not of window-��ta��eis:
burrowing moles, rather than speculating vultures and bald eagles;
Eating between  Meals is perfectly  Natural for
Healthy, Active Children
���Give Them Good, Energy-Restoring FOOD!
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Safe Milk for the Babiet* Tntf
Means Turner's Milk
Here is a milk which has been pronounced "Good Enough
for Babies." A milk which has. passed the severest inspection
tests. A milk on which constant watchful care.is never relaxed. A mUk of pure origin, the product of healthy, well-
fed cows. ,
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Was it business proficiency or the absence of it which consigned beavers' wlth miShty Pr��Pe--��*-*s. ���* oily porpoises, swollen and blow-
to execration or to fame such administrators as the Governor of ing and pIaylng ln the sun' Men of toil and bload "���"< who love
Antwerp who did to death Edith Cavell, or the American President lhe;r land to�� wel1 to "advertise" it, without troubling to make it first
who abolished th, oractise of slavery? oi a11 a sPectacle of P**��S**e�� a"d wisdom for all the world: men who
I am glad to appeal to the example of a Lincoln, for that noUe- bel'eve that thelr own ��JH2�� not'CeS' as s?atesme5 who have well
man belongs to this continent, a continent which seems to be hypnotised andtluIy served their generation, are the best of all national or pro
r , j r i   .       l   l   it. c ���.!   . .-      vircial advertisements.
I rom sea to sea and from pole to pole by the mean magic or tnat tiresome and inadequate word. ' A. N. ST. JOHN .MILDMAY.
Monday, Jan. .1���King Edward High
'School���Ward 6;  Ash Hall���Ward 8.
Tuesday. Jan. -I���Lord Tennyson
School���Ward   5;   Oddfellows'   Hall,
Alderman MacBcath has i-sucd tlu
following   platform   upon   which   he ' i]a;n Street���Ward 5
will stand in the forthcoming  mayor-j
alty contest:
1. The strict enforcement 'if all
laws now on the Statute [looks,-, or
which may bc enacted during my term
.if office, having" special regarij for
those pertaining to the liquor traffic
and the moral welfare of the City  ill
Wednesday,   Jan.   S ���  Alexandria
School���Ward 5; Orange Hall���Ward i
Thursday, Jan. 6���Cambridge   Ha
��� Ward 3.
Friday, Jan.  7  ���
Cranvilli���Ward  6
���Ward   I.
Saturday,  Jan.  f*
Oddfellows'   Hall.
Aberdeen School
-Labor Temple-
\n economical financial admlnis-1    ��,
trillion, maintaining the lowest prissi-1 __...,   , ',
hie ra'.io of overhead or fixed expeu-|    ,���
,...., I ucsday,
cliture consistent  with  cqcieticy.
Sevinour   School | "I
11���Women's  Forum I
3. The licensing of Hanks and all
branches thereof. ...
.4. The conducting of civic husiness
on a strictly husiness liasis, the amalgamation and reorganization of-certain civic : departments���thereby! decreasing departmental expenses.
51'The discharge of all unnecessary
and inefficient employees, and . the
filling of.their,places where required
with Competent men. thus enabling the
City to pay- a fair wage to. those in its
6. Thc enforcement to the letter of
the terms and conditions of thc agreements entered into between til*-City
and the Canadian Northern and Great
Northern Railway Companies.
7. Thc giving of every possible encouragement to new industries as well
as those now in operation, thereby
increasing the pay rolls of the City,
giving special preference to those employing white  labor  exclusively. ���
8. The purchase of all civic supplies
in so far as they can !>c nfftaiucd,
from local firms.
9. Thc inauguration of a movement
to induce local manufacturers to employ   returned   soldiers   in   their   I'ac-1
torics as far as possible.
���Ward .'.
Wednesday, Jan. 12���Dominion Hall
���Ward 2.
Men live to great old ages in the
Fraser Valley and Chilliwack, this
citizen  claims, hath many  charms.
Monday. Dec. 27���Meeting of Supporters. 521   Tender  West.
Wednesday, Dec. 29���Finnish Hall.
Old Beaconsfield School���Ward 7.
Thursday. Dec; 30��� Britannia High
School���Ward  4.
From a recent issue of the Chilliwack   PROGRESS,  we  clip  the  lol-j
lowing letter written  by ,an  old  gentleman.
It is a quaintly, worded epistle, of
a style seldom encountered in the
correspondence columns of the press
of thc Province.
The old chap has kindness in his
heart. He is proud of his town. He
sets out to scold, but the good cheer
spirit gets the better of him. Here is
the letter:
To the Editor: ��� For thirty or
forty years. Chillwack was known as
a place of good rich land where it was
easy to raise things, but not so easy
to get them to market. Still people
liked to live there and when steamboat was the only way of communication, and once when the boat stuck in
the middle of the river, I heard a bevy
jof girls remark to themselves, "that
if they ever got back to Chilliwack
they would never leave again."
There is still the good land and
still better opportunities for bringing
up  a   family,   as  thc  educational   ad
vantages are equal to those of a large
city, and people .an go and come and
ship produce three or four times a
day, and it may be noticed tliat when
people make a visit to the coast cities they often try to get hack to their
beloved little town the same day.
I also think it musl be a very healthy place. Two or three years ago
1 was told that if I did not take a rest
I would have a sickness. So I and a
pony, both of us quite elderly, went
by road from Vancouver to Chilliwack. We had nol been there lung
before we began to feel as if our youth
na- renewed, the pony often kicking
heels and as regards myself, it
may be remarked that I acted unbecoming t" my years. Then every daj
I met on the streets old gentlemen
wlio^were nearer ninety than eighty,
and still attending to their business
Then, since I left the city, I have
often noticed iu your paper the wonderful doings of old men. one gentleman who I bad put down'as about
sixty from his gait and the way he
carried himself, now I find he is over
eighty, still doing Sunday School work
and on week-days atending his office
and is a pattern to 'others in his up-
to-date newspaper advertising. This
reminds me of an old publisher in
Paternoster Row, London, who started business for thc third time at the
age of eighty-two. He had already
made two little fortunes and settled
comfortable incomes on his children.
Then he felt the need of an occupation in his old age. Referring to old
age at Chilliwack again, your last
week's account beats all. When I used
to see. Mr. Gibson hurrying to the
post office, when he was ninety-five.
and 1 used to wonder whatever could
haiipen that would make him shuffle
off this mortal coil, but it seems he
has departed at last after a life's
journey over ninety-six years; and
leaving thirty-two grandchildren behind.
Still I would not want Chilliwack
known as a health resort, though it
might help the place financially. In
many of these so-called health resorts
you see so many people, very old
long before their time; and might have
a depressing effect oh the younger
T prefer the city of Chilliwack and
township tn be known as it has always been, good healthy places to get
a living and brtng up a family.
^   ���	
When  Christmas  Comes
When Christmas comes,  I  never mind
the cold.
I  like to get up prompt an' go to
And do my -inn-.
An'cleah  the  walks 'fhout  wditin' to
be told���
Though   I    like   sleddill'   bitter,   as   .
Or Jiuildiu' ("ns���I'.ut nothin' ain't so
When Christmas conies,
W hi-n   Christmas  comes,   I'd   just   as
lief k>- c half
My cooky to the baby, an' ti.kc care
About the crumbs.
.It's   fun    to   make    the    little   fellow
An'   I   don't   mind his  taggin' everywhere,
lie   can't   help   bein'   h'ttle":  - i'm -,:.'.
When Christmas conies.
When  Christmas  comes,   I   don't  forget to give . '
My shoes a wipe, an' scrub my cars
a lot
Till my head hums.
An'   mother   says.   "That   boy's   too
good to live!"
But  I m  not afraid of dyin'.   cause
I'm not
Xo different   from  always���only  glad
When Christmas comes!
���Abigail Williams Burton, in the St.
The Flattering Beaux
Girls, don't listen to flattering
beaux, for while as friends they always pcaux. you will find in reality
they, are feaux. They flatter your
eyes, mouth and neaux, and sing your
praise from head to teaux. They take
you to balls, parties and shcaux, and
are adepts at concealing their wcaux
���although as fickle as thc wind that
blcaux. / 1 ' ������	
We Sell Stove Wood
Coast Lumber & Fuel Co., Ltd.
Phone Fair. 2500    Phone High. 226    Phone Fraser 41
[    ]
; ra
Christmas Light and Christmas Day
By  Louis  Seymour  Houj'.itcn
They were expecting hint in all
parls of lhe world, though they did
nol know whom ihey were expecting.
Christmas liulit was shining, though
Christinas day had not ye| come, for
Christ wai llol vet born. Did vou know
that? Did you know that .for years
before the first Christina- day wise
and good people everywhere were hoping   for   and   expecting   tbe   coming
of  One  who  would bring great   k Ij     Mary's deep joy lhal she was tli bc
fo ihc world:'-*      ' , the mother of the Christ brcT'e /orth
Par away in il)L''*Ka*si.. on tbe high  in  a J.eaniifiU l'#mn, that  is Bung in
towers   that   dotted .the    Kah.ylon.ian   many churches lo JlijSjXjay, "The Slag-
I lim to I e afraid bin si c was puz  !c
n i  quite understanding  i o  mc ra.
thai thc angel was bringing her.    :
the angel said to her- "Fear not, Mar-,
for thou hast found favor with Q'.id.''
Thou   shall   have   a   sou,   and     th   u
"shalt  call his name Jesus.     II,;   shall
1 e greal. and shall be called the Sou
of   the   Mosl   High.  .  .  .  and  of   His
kingdom there shall be  il" end,"
plain, wise men, magicians, whose an-
cist'irs .had for centuries been studying   the   stars   were   expecting     hijil,
ifir.it." .we  call   i.l.  because  it   begins
My  soul  doth  magnify  the  Lord."
Mary; could not write poru-v, bur l:er
thinking lhat he would be a powerful   mind*.was so  full  of the   Bible  that
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Size I'rice
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A whole case (1(10 lamps) or a half case (50 lamp's) will
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per lamp mtitt^^
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Up-to-date Train Service Between Vancouver and the East
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J, MOE, C P. A., 434 Hastings St, Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H. W. BRODIE, Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic Steamship Lines
C. E. Jenncy, O. A. P. D.
Phone: Sty. S134 327 Grenvill. ItrMt
king, such as, perhaps, the world had
never before seen. Far away in the
West, in Rome, the capital of thc
world, great and good thinkers were
expecting Him, believing that He
would be the "just man." Who would
set an example of perfect goodness to
All over the known world, from
India to Spain, wherever the Jews
were scattered, who were known to
bc worshippers of the one Cod, people were expecting thc Messiah of the
Jews, the Christ, the "Anointed One"
of God; iu little Palestine, which ever
since Jesus came we call "the Holy
Land," they were devout men and women who were expecting Him; in
Jerusalem, near the temple aged saints
named Simeon and Anna were expecting Him; away up in the hills of
Galilee, in the village of Nazareth,
among the "devout ones," a pious carpenter named Joseph and the sweet
and holy young girl who was his
betrothed bride, were expecting Him;
on the meadow slopes of Bethlehem
the shepherds whose work it was to
keep the flocks of spotless lambs for
thc temple sacrifices and the Passover
l'east were expecting Him! even in
heaven, wc may believe, the angels
were expecting Him to bc born on
earth, and were ready to break into
songs of praise when God shouV.d
give Himself to men iu thc person of
His dearly beloved Son. In a palace
in Jerusalem a wicked king was expecting Him, not with longing, but
with hatred and fear, lest He should
cast him from his throne and Himself
rule as King of the Jews and Lord
of the whole world.
No one knew when He Whom the
prophet Haggai 511(1 years before bad
called "thc Desire of all nations"
���Would come: but so many hearts were
awaiting Him that it was not strange
that God should send word before He
came to someone who loved Him
most. For though God is always
speaking to us, it is only when our
hearts are ready to hear that we can
hear and understand what He has to
say to us. Thc heart of old Simeon
was ready and to him the Holy Spirit
had said that he should not sec death
before he had seen thc Lord's Christ.
The heart of Mary of Nazareth was
ready, and to her God sent an angel.
Perhaps she was reading in her ltible
some of the promises about the Messiah, that is. the Christ, when the angel Gabriel came to her saying. "Hail,
thou art highly favored, the Lord is
with theec! Blessed art thou among
Mary had thought too much about
God  and  thc  angels   that  attend  on
she could make a hymn just from the
beautiful words of praise and gratitude with which the Bible is stored.
Soon after, Joseph, Mary's betrothed bridegroom, had a wonderful
dream, lu his dream an angel of the
Lord appeared to him and said, "Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to
take unto thee Mary thy wife. For she
shall have 'a Son, and thou shalt call
His name Jesus, for it is He that shall
save His people from their sins."
That is what thc name Jesus means���
Joseph felt sure that God had sent
this dream to Him, and so, when he
awoke, he did as the angel had commanded, and he and Mary were married. So this righteous man Joseph
became the earthly father of Jesus the
Son of God, and helped his mother
Mary to bring Him Up in a sweet and
holy home.
Hut other things were to happen
before the Holy Child was bom. The
Roman, emperor, Caesar Augustus,
who ruled over nearly all tile world,
sent out a decree that everyone in his
empire should be enrolled:  probably
because he wanted to know just how
many thousands and millions of subjects he had. In order to prevent
miscounting, m-ry person wherever
he might he was directed to go h, hi-
ancestral city or village to li'e enrolled
and so Joseph, who was a descendant
of King David, must go to lletlvk-
liem, where David was born, to be en-
r died there.
When Joseph and Mary arrived in
Bethlehem, Ihey found the little city
���roiuicd with people coming i to be
enrolled, from all pari- of the world,
If they had relatives in Bethlehem,
as they probably had. their houses
were already full. The inn was
crowded, too; there was no room for
them except in the Stable. An in that
stable, among the cows and oxen, the
Son of God. the little Lord Jesus, the
Saviour of the world, was born, and
���laid to sleep on some bay in a manger.
Wc call His birthday Christinas, and
in all parts of the world Christmas is
celebrated with joy and gladness because on that day the Suviou1**'of the
world came to the world as thc tittle
Baby Jesus.
That same [light the shepherds ill
the- fields -near'Uc'threhein were keeping vv-iitch over, their flocks of spoilt'-.-, sacrificial -lambs. Perhaps they
wiei*e talking together off <$6*lilctlling
that the prophet Micah had -aid 81 >
years-before, about tile "tower id' the
flock" jn .tha.1. very field where tlK-v
were wat(*Jiing--.the. sheep,-.'being, tlie
place ffoifi where the kingdom would
come to Jerusalem, They knew tlv.it
that -meant that the Christ would
eolni1 from Bethlehem, and they may
have been wondering if the time of
his coming was not near. Suddenly!
an angel of the l.ord stood hy them j
and the glory of the Lord shone a-1
bout them. They were sore afraid, i
for though they thought much about
angels they had never seen cine be-
Hut thc angel said, "Bc not afraid; |
for behold, I bring to you good till-1
ing.s of great joy which shall be to i
all the people', for there is born to I
you this day in the city of David a
Saviour who is Chri.st thc Lord. And |
ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and. lying in a manger."
And suddenly all the sky was filled
with  angels   singing:
"Glory to God in the highest.
And on carth-peace among men
lu whom He is well pleased."
When tbe angels were gone back
to heaven, the shepherds hastened to
the town of Bethlehem, and there they
found thc little l.ol.rd Jesus in a manger, just as the angels had said: and
they glorified and praised God, and
told all their friends who were expecting the Messiah that he bad
really come.
When thc Baby Jesus was thirty-
three days old, Mary and Joseph carried him to Jerusalem, to present him
to God in thc temple, according to
God's command. While they we're
there old Simeon and old Anna came
in. When Simeon saw the little Lord
Jesus he knew at once that God's
promise to htm hail come true; and
he took the Baby Jesus in his arms
and blessed God.
Then Simeon hies > 1 Mary, but be
told her that a sword should pierce
through her own soul, for every one
would not receive her holy son as she
expected that they would do. Old
Anna, too, rejoiced to see the Holy
Child and gae thanks to God and told
all her friends, devout people who
were expecting the Messiah, that lie
had really come.
Joseph   and    Mary   took   the   little
Lord   Jesus   back   to   liethlcheni.   for
they   naturaly   thought   that   "David'.-,
noval   city"   was   the   right   place    j
which  io brinn  up  lhe ("hri-l.     1'rol
ably Joseph  found  work  al  bis track.
LoMg   before   this   ihey   hail   left   tile
stable and made a home of their own
flue  day   they  bad  a   strange   visit
Three Wi-*- men from the Fast came,
bringing presents to the  Baby Jesu-.
calling  Him "King of the Jews." and
saying  that  they bad  seen  a  stranuc
star,  which   they felt sure  niant   thai
tin-   Person   they   had   so   long   been
expecting was born.   They had come
far   across   the   wide   Syrian     deserl
looking   lor   the   wonderful   Baby,  am!
when   they   reached   Bethlehem,   the;
saw lhe same strange slar again, and
they knew  thai they hail come to lhe
very Baby they were looking for.    S"
tltey opened  their packages and  took
out gold a-'-'l frankincense -and myrrl
and nave  ilu-in  to the little  Lord Ji
sns.    The   gold   meant   that   they   fell
| sure that. il.e was a.kitig; tin   frankii
���cehse was  what they offered  to theii
,'',0,1; the myrrh was a ni re ihysteri
Ions gift,   fur   il  meant  bitterness  Bin
��� sorrow.     They   did   not    understand
I that  ihe   Saviour  must   suffer  if   Hi
I was to be a Saviour, but  we know  i:
now-;  and   ihis   is  why  Christinas  da>
, is more lo us lhat merriment.    Is not
! Christmas day the very day  when  vv i
I ouglit   ao   love   Jesus   so   dearly   an
��� thankfully as to resolve to try alwav -
I to be very good for (five! of Him?
PHONEi 8EV. 900
Barrister!, Solicitor!, Etc.
1012 Standard Bank Bldg.
Vancouver, B.C.
&>aturitai) (Eliiunnk
Every   Saturday   by   the
Greater Vancouver Publishers Limit- I
(26 Homer Street, Vancouver, B.C
All departments Seymour  17
Night  Cnlls Fairmont   lOtli I
Registered at the Tost Office IV
pnrtment, Otliivva, as Second Clas
Mnil Mutter.
To all points in Canada. Unite I
Kingdom, Newfoundland, New zkalai I
and other British Possessions:    ���
Postage to American, European ai I
other Foreign Countries, $1.00 per ye r
One cent  per word per  Unite.    No  a��lv<
thing lor leu than 25 cenll.    Following inn
fifteen centi per insertion.
One cent per word per iiiue.
The few forbids the sale of liquor ancLcigarettes*
to minors,, .but it docs not restrain newspapers from going into res-
pectablb hpriics and soliciting the patronage of the boys and girls with
flaringjand alluring advertisements. .,
Careful fijesides'must rely, therefore; Upon newspapers ! that; voluntarily banish liquor and cigarettes, those great
enemies of youthful strength and.purity,>Worn tht'ir columns.
In the campaign for saloonleffs''slate it is vital that
the forces of temperance cast the entire weight of their influence
against the wets.' ��� -."   ���   ���    ��� '���*". .*.- ��� -.
Their subscription jgdjy for a newspaper is a vote
for or against liquqr; according as the advertising columns; of that
nfcwspaperrare Tor or against liquor.'  '- ������   .
The Saturday Chinook is against lhe selling and
distributing of liquor and cigarettes.to minors through its advertising
columns. '��� *.' ���' ' "       ' -' ��� ���-'
For true temperance should begin at home and
with thc Home Newspaper. -    	
your door for  i
10 cents a month.
Call Fairmont .1874.
The Saturday Chinook VTURD \ V. DECEMBER 25, 1915
$108,384 Shipment of  Silver Bars
from Trail, B.C., Refinery
���v. ^,-,��.*, ^g
��� mi:;.   : ; :.;:
The big consolidated Smelter at Trail, B.C., where B.C. gold,
silver, copper and lead flows in a molten stream. This smelter had
its beginning in the days of the Kootenay boom twenty years ago.
Augustus Heinz built the Trail smelter, which is down the hill from
x Granby Smelter at Grand Forks, the largest copper smelter in
the British Empire. The Granby is playing a big part in this war
for the Government takes all the output of the copper concerns of
the Province. Approximately $10,000,000 a year is the output of
the Granby properties.
(Courted ��f '-Txtephoiic Talk")
Ingots of metal���the real stuff���in lhe Matte yard of the Trail
smelter. Today the Rossland mines are busier than at any time in
their history. Up to December 1st, 1914, the Trail smelter ore
receipts amounted to half a million tons.
Interior view of Trail smelter, showing a blast furnace. The;
molten metal runs in a white stream from the truck in the centre.,
Every week the Trail smelter turns out 10,000 tons of ore. Some of
the high-grade product of the Slocan carries hundreds of dollars to
the ton. Few British Columbians realize the vast mineral output
of B.C. even under present trying circumstances. 1 IGHT
ii !
Raincoat and
Umbrella Weather
And here are the goods:
Raincoats at practically your own figure ���down as low as
half, and less, of ordinary price ���best makes ��� Currie's and
Cow's ��� the best made in all England ��� guaranteed by the
makers and by us ��� all the stunts that make for perfect
dryness and comfort.    Now priced at
$5.00 T0 $15.00
Silk covered
fancy handles
Malcolm MacBeath for Mayor
X those :;'i>i><1 days when money was easy and no
paid inudi attention to municipal affairs", there was
Wm. Dick Limited
33,  47-49  HASTINGS EAST
"Your Money's
Worth or Your
Money  Back"
    CLEAN,     RICH     AND      WHOLESOME   	
Vancouver Creamery Butter
Made under scientific conditions in a clean dairy where only
: l pure sweet cream and ingredients are used, and where every
caution is taken to guard against impurities. You'll enjoy
to its quality it lias a rich, natural butter flavor. Try a pound
today.       .... ....        "   K
YOUR      GROCER       HAS      IT
ASK      HIM
SOUTH   VANCOUVER   AFFAIRS   lie is enthusiastic, energetic, and wil
���  ���  -   ��� make a fine business reevc.
How It Can Be Done���An 'Interesting, Letter and Some Awful Poetry
from a  Ratepayer
Mr. T'.ditor,���The time fur municipal
elections is now drawing- cl isc, and
many i-f the ratepayers of South Vancouver arc debating and arguing, on
the best means to be adopted t.i pull
this muiiiciaplity out oi the Sloujrh of
Despair into which it lias sn needlessly been cast.
Tbe majority of the ratepayers have.
agreed that the best mean; of raising
the municipality to its proper position is that of changing the present
reeve and putting him in his proper
position, that is, at some much lower
level  llian  lie holds at  present.
Various organizations arc working
(ut one candidate or another, they
have all the same goal in view, but
iirtrortunately they have a great diversify of opinion on how this object
shall be attained,
They have further agreed that it
can be doc, but still tliev have not
come to any final decision on the methods to be adopted, Unfortunately
there are too many candidates in the
field, each one patting himself on the
back tllat lie has a good chance of
Now let ns discuss the candidates.
Ivx-Counclllor Winram, a good, upright man, but t ixcitablc, 1 as
ily- roused to anger, too erratic to
make a g I reeve.
W'e don't want a man who's long and
thin, long and thin, long and thin;
lie might run for reeve but never
get in,
So we don't want a man  who's long
. and thin.
-..Councillor Campbell, a good cabinet
maker. I have no doubt, a man of
high ideals, but too boastful, too -.in-
known, and not at all popular���the
greater portion of his time is spent
in the city.
Wc  DO want a man whose  name is
Bruce,   whose   name     is     Bruce,
'���'��� 'whose name'is Bruce,
When he'runs for reeve all the others
cut  loose,  for '      ��� ���''''���"���
We  do  want  a  man  whose  native  is
���IAN" Macl.AKI-'.X.
The popular vaudeville house closes
the year 1915 with a bill without a'
peer. One of the finest one-act musical comedies 'shown this year heads
the bill next week. Ten beautiful fashion girls with stunning costumes
and good voices, along with a special
line of gorgeous scenery, is a treat in
Hob .Ibrighl, the "Male Melba,"
will be remembered by patrons for
his pleasant rendering of some of the
song hits of the day.
The four Standard Bros, have achieved the highest point in strong
men stunts, and thrill their audience
with their feais of strength.
Ilillie Seiilon. a dainty singing comedienne, has a very pleasing voice with
a good line of comedy.
"A   Double's   Double,'   a     skit     In
Potts Bros, & Co,, has n laugh ai every lurn, and has won greal praise
from  Pantages' audiences.
A real reel of motion pictures with
music by the papular orchestra, closes
a very bright bill.
Classified Advertising
Seedsmen, Florists, Nurserymen, 48
Hastings St. E., and 782 Granville
Street,  Vancouver,  B.  C.
want   a
man   wl
o  goe
s  to
who   g(
>CS     t'l
goes t
i town.
run  for
reeve al
ii then
. o
wc don
t want
a man v
s to
Reeve   (
i   morel
*  '
want a
nan wh
ise been in
in    before.
been in
try again and b
e wipe
d on
the fh
wc don't want
a man
in bef
wanted-to' clean and repair at the
factory, 438 RICHARDS STREET.
little man at i he Cil y I hill who made a fuss al meeting
"i the councij and who cautioned the City Fathers tn g<
slowly and who charged that there was waste and extrava
gance in many civic departments.
One day Vancouver awoke to find that an investiga
tion ni <HK' ni the large spending departments was being
called for.   Next thing we knew the name of Malcolm M'ac-
Beath came prominently to the attention of the public.
All remebber the investigation which* resulted in the
cleaning out of the water works department, All remember
how MacBeath stood alone and single-handed foughl tlie I
mayor and council) the contractors, the middlemen and the
grafters���fought the whole disreputable outfit to a fare-
yi in-well.
Malcolm MacBeath was born in the County of Bruce,
and is none the worse for that, He was born thirly-five
years ago into a Scottish family and his -has-been the creed
of the Covenanters. 1 le went to work in Portage la Prairie
man}' sears ago at $1.50a week as printers' devil. I le started in the printing business there the very day that Mr.
Joseph Martin, his opponent in the present mayoral contest,
pulled down the blinds on his Portage law office and struck
for pastures more green.
On the "Portage Review," then, MacBeath put in his
lender years under the direction of profane printers. Finally he mastered the art and with his savings he bought a
half interest in the "Review," and was "some punkins" in
Portage ten years ago.
In connection with his work as a printer he picked up
a few scattered journalistic ideas and the first piece of fine
reporting-put over by the youthful MacBeath was .when Mr.
Joseph*MSrtin returned one day to Portage to address a
political -meeting. MacBeath was sent to intcrvitAv Mr.
Mart'i'h: "Mr. .Martin and the "Review" were oh "opposite
sides of politics. The interview was very brief, but'much
to the point. ' ���'��� ���
Mr. MacBeath's recollection of it is that Mr*. Martin
advised him to take himself speedily back lo the plji'ce where
all devils should abide. _
Ten years aeb, MacBeath sold out his interesits'in.Por-
I   h-
tape and came to Vancouver.    His exposure ot live water
.'-���-, ... . i
works frauds won for him in the end a wide popular.ily...
The good work upon that occasion acted as a sort of leaven
in the municipal bread.
During the past year Alderman MacBeath was at the
head of the Finance Committee of the council, and his
stoutest opponents in the present race must admit that the
money matters of the city have been handled more carefully during 191*5 than ever before.
In the Board of Works department, where the overhead expenses in 1915 ran into $626,000, they were reduced
in 1915 to $397,000���a saving to the people of a mere thirty-
six per cenI!
Alderman MacBeath reduced the expenses of the scavenging department from $134,000 to $96,000: the water
works department from $185,000 to $107,000; the fire department from $321,000 to $269,000. and lhe expenses of
other departments proportionately,
The payrolls about the City Hall have been eul down
$90,000 tills year by Alderman MacBeath.
Malcolm MacBeath is a temperance man and one of
the strongest workers in the cause of Prohibition. One of
the chief planks of his platform relates to the remedying of
certain evils which exist today in the city of Vancouver.
His record is that of a courteous, candid, honest and
independent, yourtg public man. He has the training and
the character to fill the chair of the chief magistrate of this
city with grace and efficiency.
Is pTo-.ri-; ;, ",;t.-t success���tltgxtr t'la"1 1 ever fxiiccte I. Thousands ol houttwlvi
aic tilling full ,i!vav.at,f of Ihc tmatini price* 1 c'ier OT -iroccries ail provlllon
and THEY ARE DELIGHTED llil then I lew other people do nol lake kindly
i'���ont of ilie other uroccrs. They co-nplain that niy prices are dangerously lo
nnd wonder how I stny in business. What ii 1 don't���to them? But that's aside lithe point. I conduct my own store in my own way. I buy bi?���1 cell to thousand-
I inahe a nuicii turnover. H you know 'he way I bought it would astound you���yo:
think 1 was ia'.firint> lo a city ol a millio-i people. To make a Ion* story short,
receive very big discounts and trade allowances by my large wholesale purchases
that's one rcaton for low pticcs.    Other rialoni :
My excellent store service, my GUARANTEE FOR PURITY AND QUAL11
my determination to give eveiy one FULL WEIGHT and FAIR TREATMENT.
You will enjoy shopping here���come in.
These are not Saturday Specials But Everyday Snaps
Turkey., , m
per ll,. ..
Local i.,- -
Roasting Cl
Ducks, per
Milk   1-Y.I   I
Mia special,
NEY       My
.30c lo   .15c
.25c to  28c
,25c to   28c
24c to   28c
20c to   22c
al   .M.i.li-
lis.   (or.
on -   Nuts.
Jar   Oranges,   reg.   use    50c
Oranges, reg. .iDc  20c
Table   Raisins,   per   Ib.   reg.   20c....tOc
I lon't  mar il  with
l)Vr  Ib 2
Our Furniture, Sale slill continue-
at 243 Georgia Street East. Price
below  wholesale   cost.
South Vancouver is especially well
blest, when it is remembered tluu in
fourteen square miles', tin-re is only
one saloon; front a prohibitionist
statidpoint, we are undoubtedly a favored municipality,
What would have happened if saloons had been plentiful in our midst?
We have and are facing hard times,
but with a plentiful supply of drink on
tap, crime, wickedness and, cruelty to'
helpless children would have been
seen on every hand,
So far this municipality has been
saved from the cursed drink anil
brewery.   ���
���What must be done so that South
Vancouver may''regain its former position'? ���
.'��� S'o'tith -Vancouver has become the
laughing stock of the peninsula, yel
wc have no bar tn banish, and no
brewery to close.
-South Vancouver has lost its good
name chiefly thrbugjl the action of
an autocratic reeve, the great | mn,
who wonltl trample anybody and everybody into the mire should 'they
dare  to disobey hini.'
lie is'the man. lhe'iron-clad reeve,
who with "tiis whip would delight in
flagging' -the--councillor* into suhjev--
Xow'. gentlemen, ihis is entirely antagonistic to the wish of all true-horn,
free-born Britishers, hut we ask again
what must be done to prevent such
rule continuing. The answer comes
as a Clarion Call, "Get out and Vote.
Vote early and Vote often."
Again, what must lie done to make
South Vancouver a better place to
live in? This is a practical question
which can lie readily answered. Wc
have   already   decided   to   banish   the
bar and banish lhe present reeve,  ,-���'
now   we  must  banish  the weeds.
Let  your  lot  this  next  year slmw
marked   signs   of   attention;   dig   in,
get your land dug over now; manurel
it well; buy good seed; keep down tis-j
Weeds,   and   let   your   whole   cnciv-o
he   devoted   to   the   production   ..i j
heiier  brighter and bountiful muni*
paliiy, then there will be no necessity
to ask "What Must P.e  Done?"
".Never Toileheil  l,y  Hiimiin HtlJi'ls'
The Problems
Infant Feeding
become n  burden to Mothers wh-:
for   liny   Cause   the   little   one   i
deprived   of   the  supply   which   in
lure provides��� or should Inivt- pro
vldtd  for It.     MolilllR  can  be i|iil
su   -rood   tot   he   milk   nl*  a   lienlll -
Mother.     Hut   there   are    tens    -
Ihousnnds of babies each year u
must depend on oilier than Mothi
.Milk.  thousands  to  whom  a SAI-'l
substitute   Ih   h   mutter   nf   life    -
Tin-   Feeding   problem     of     tin
babies, also  the elder children, a
further   complicated   by   the   dlfl
cully   ninny   Mothers   have   In   oh
tulnlng-   a    sntlHfnotnrv   supply
safe  COW'S   Milk.
Jewelry, etc. A quiet, respectable,
reliable place to borrow money.
Old gold bought. Established 1905
Star Loan Co., 812 Hastings West
Mr. Cosmo Bruce, a real, clean, outspoken younfc fellow, good at the lumber trade, can get orders when others
fail, was said to be mixed up in the
brewery business, but  tbis  is untrue.
Stove away. Wc handle castings and
repairs to fit any stove or range.���:
FRANKS, 44 Water Street.
Kilitor Chinook;
The -difficult ami slii-mmus times
tlir nigh which wc arc now passing
cause us Often to ask the question,
"What must bc done?"
Let us for one moment consider
the drink traffic and what must bc
done to prevent the demon Bacchus
holding the positions tliat he has already obtained in this fair Dominion
of ours.    ' ���
The question can bc considered
first as' a personal matter, and answered by a determined resolution to
abstain from all intoxicating liquors;
secondly, by helping others to abstain
and discouraging tbeirdes ire to treat
and pay for drinks; and further endeavoring by the best means which lie
in our power to prevent the sale of
Phone  Seymour  3406
The Style Show
With  Ten  Fashion  Girls
Bob Albright
The "Male Melba"
Three times daily, 2.45, 7.1S, 9.15
Matinee, 15c; Night, 15c & 25c
Sou- Van Milk
Here's milk  that  Is really rell bie
���from h health standpoint it'*-- un-
approachable,    it lw produced nun.
is carefully handled In transit from
the.ranches to our Sanitary Dairy.
where  it   Im  perfectly  pasteurized
clarified, cooled, bottled nnd oai ������������"'
under approved conditions wi
some,    nutrltIiiuh,   rich      in      *  ������*���
value,    spit* ml id    keeping   qun!   y
clean   nnd   free   from   (terms,      ���*
not be M'ntid to jfive it to babb
Iota ol babies owe tbeir verv ex
ence  to  Sou-Van   tllik.  Auk  oi   -
���"HotiNTN   wiin   use   it   regular
meantime obtain a trial bottle.
EDGETT'S Big  Grocery]
Open every evening this week.
yuCJAH���18 Jb. sack'Pure Cane Ctijanuli
with miy.orfliT $2.00 or over  	
APPL.ES���250 boxes No. 1 B. C. Fruit, I
Jonathans,. fipyH,; Wagners! regular 13.'
2.r-0 boxes Hens, BlacK Twitf.s. Hnldwin.-
box.    Special   ..'..-..	
ted Sugar;  regular $1..
i Baldwins, Greenings,
etc.; regular $lifib
intoxicants in the province.
It is often argueil that legislation
will not prevent the use or .abuse..of
ilrink. lint the following details from
Nanaimo gives this argument the lie
This thriving coal mining city has
i population of twelve thousand souls
and there are twenty saloons, nearly
all of which arc situated in onfe street..
When the coal strike was at its
height some two years ago, the sa-'
loons were closed for two or three
weeks, and thc police court cases were
reduced to a minimum.
It is estimated in this city that two
thousand peqple suffer directly or
indirectly through the sale of strong
drink. This is a very serious state of
affairs, and we demand an answer to
nur question���What Must Bc  Done?
The answer comes spontaneously:
Banish the Bar.
Tt'liKRVK .1 nrf ifftl-'KI-" -
-   ;   prices
JUSI   r-
-���iv, tl Hie lin. .it birds In city al roekbo
tilled unit nicely dressed. .
Thin I'rnil is p
ihitt grade for
(iKAN-III-l's-^l- :ine>   new Navel*,  nice JlMcy  I
regularly at  U'e iIuk.   l-'or ......"	
l-iinis���Sel, eo ii  Kiiin-li; regular 40c do/..
your Christmas eimkliiir.'  Bpeeta'l. .'I d��*iz   .
TEA OU COFFEE���Our celebrated Victor brand*, r.Oc vnh
This Is exei.'-ijUorvil vi*ii.e.    Buy  l.v- ib.  iinil-r value  ......
KAIS1NP���New seeded:'regular 10c,   Special, :: packets
Ciirriints,- Peel, h-ln-i Sumir. Alnnmd i'.-ist,- I .,'i
DATES���New hulk. Just In:  lovely fruit; regular 2Qo Ib.
fpr     ,...,	
B'TGS���New Smyrna rlgsi large; regular 80c Ih. ���
NUTS���1-Jr  Wnliiuts: regular 20c lh                       .   .
Speeiill.   i   lhs. '.....' *	
35c I
PLOtTR���No.  t  Manitoba   Hnrd When,   Flour;  n-uular J2.00
No better bread  flour end  thin  i*�� less  than  wholesale oust...
-Hig. red, luscious: regular 26
:  reuulnr 20c lb.
nicely  wrapped;
For ....
KANHRRniER���Cape Cod. big red herri
'>.  lbs.   for   	
TABLE RAISINS���Put up in lb. pspkagf
remilnr 'iSe.    For	
SWEET POTATOES���Lot Just In; bic bakers
Special   fi   lbs	
Phone in your orders; save the rush.
��� ���nous nEi.ivi'HF.i* kvk.hvh hi--iu- <v o. d.
Seymoar SSW*���Brrmn.r HW SiaiKls-r<l Mall Order Heparin"'"*
200 |
A^ma^Mw��?��� Wtpi'mil


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