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The Greater Vancouver Chinook May 24, 1913

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A Half Million in  1917
Vol. II, No. 2.
Price 5 cents
South Vancouver to Share
in Combination Gas System
B. C. Gas Company Make Important Announcement  Regarding
This Municipality and Point Grey
The question of a gas franchise
iur Seeuth Vancouver is -lill engaging the attention of tbe Council and
the ratepayers. While ihe Council ii
making an investigation into the possibilities of ii municipally-owned
plant and while twei companies are
offering inducements (eer a franchise
in this municipality, the ratepayers
arc convinced of one thing anel thai
i- that South Vancouver should be
able tei offer gas tei its residents at as
early a date aa possible. It is known
that in several cases the fact that
Seeuth Vancouver has ue,t gas, has
been a serious hindrance tee settlement. It is obvious that ii Seeuth
Vancouver is to attain to modern
conditions that a gas system will have
to be operated in this municipality,
in lhe near future. The- conditions
under which gas will be offered te>
the residents of the municipality will
lie determined entirely by the ratepayers, They will have to give the
final consent t.> any system which
may be operated in Semlli Vancouver.
Economy will, lie a large extent, gov-
ern the people iu the selection nf the
system which is I" he- operated in
South Vancuuver. In this respect it
is i,ulv natural thai the possibilities
��� if a municipally-owned plant should
he investigated ami se.nu- definite in
dication  lecured of u- ultimate  cosl
lee   the-   r;ilr|eaie'i.   both   as   I'i   il-   II"
ial cost, iis maintenance anel ii- pos.
libilitiei frmn ihe standpoint ��� .f services anil adequate returns. Wilh
ihis information at hand the franchises now s,,unht hy the two companies who are in the field can ihen
lie viewed with a gnat deal more
"In seeking a gas franchise in
S'eiuh Vancouver we have in mind a
combination system for Poinl ''.rev
and South Vancouver," an official nf
the It C, liih Company Limited
stated i" a representative of the
"Chinook" yesterday "Such a system
would enable us to eh, lhe weirk under more economical conditions ami
naturally ihe residents e.f iln- two
municipalities would he in a position
In benefit from this arrangement. Of
course we are nut at liberty t'e make
our plans known at ihis time. Imt it
i- only reasonable tn conjecture that
we would endeavor tn install a far-
reaching system in e.riler to meet
as many requirements as possible at
a minimum cosl te. the consumers nf
gas. Il is my linn belief, ami il i-
shown in every line of business, thai
only under such conditions will the
consumers of gas Becure ihe highcsl
form   nf  satisfaction  in   service   ami
Programme for Victoria Day
LACROSSE (Minto Cup)���Vancouver vs New Westminster at New
Westminster.    3 p.m.
BASEBALL (North-Western League)���Vancouver vs Seattle, at new
Recreation  Park, 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.
Harrieau    at    Brighouse,    near
BOXING���Joe   Bayley   and   Ernie
Eburne,  8  p.m.
EXCURSIONS���To Victoria and Nanaimo (C. P. R.); Indian River
Park and Wigwam Inn (Grand Trunk wharf); Newport (from
Union Dock); Bowen Island   (from Union  Dock).
THEATRES���"Sign oi the Cross" at Empress; "Madame X" at
Avenue; "Introduce Me" at Imperial; Willie Ritchie, ex-cham-
pion lightweight boxer at Orpheum; Armstrong's Baby Dolls at
Main and Fraser Streets
Paving to Cost $800,000
Dominion  Creosoting  Company   Will   Accept   Municipal   Bond*
in Payment��� Expect to Complete Half of Work This Year
Around the Municipal Hall
Trustees    of    Vancouver    City
South Vancouver   t Meet
A letter from Mr. J. S. Gordon, inspector of Bchools, Vancouver, was
read at a South Vancouver school
board meeting on Monday in which
it was staled thai there were about
Sei Smith Vancouver suulciils attending King Edward High School, 25
being children of ratepayers in Vancouver city. The letter added that
a considerable sum might have in be
obtained freun South Vancouver if
the city were lo collect from the
municipality  next year.
Trustee Campbell suggested that
the trustees should write ami express
their thanks fe.r receiving Semth Van-
cemver pupils in lhe pasl, anil lhat in
future the municipality would lake
care of ils own high sch.eeel pupils.
It was decided thai a committee of
ihe S"tith Vancouver school board
meet the Vancouver trustees tn consider lhe e.i-e nl students re-iehng
along lhe frontier nf lhe city ami
olher mailer- in connection with the
accommodation nf high sche.'il SUl-
A Home-cooking Sale will be hehl
in ilu' basemenl ol the Westminster
Presbyterian Church by the Ladies'
Aiel Society "ii Thursday, May 2��,
freim 3 In 5 p.m.    Tea will be served.
11 i- stateel that if western England
ami Scottish ports are prepare.1 tn
unite uith ilu- Australian -tan- governments I'nr lhe- purpeise of inaug-
urating a new shipping service fur
ihe development of trade in foodstuffs, the- Victorian governmenl will
In' willing In slmiihler ii- share of
ihe  outlay.
Reeve Kerr rang lhe true SOUnd
when he called ihe Council's atten-
tieeii tee the desirability 'ef the municipality possessing industrial sites that
could   be   nffereil   either   free   "r  at   a
nominal renl tn manufacturers. li
has been almost a criminal neglect
in the past councils lhat no provisions
have been maele fnr any industry t"
locate here, Councils iu ilu- past
ought to have made seime provision;
opportunity ha- been allowed to step
pa-t and every day only adds to the
aggravation nf the- matter. Ai the
pn-ent lime' beeih Vancouver anel
South Vancouver could support many
industries were' conditions anomalous
in ih. se of Easl rn cities This i-
ne,t -..; every industry located in
Western Canada is handicapped, firsl
by ilu' difference of wages earned by
ihe worker nf the Wesl from thai "i"
| ihe East.   This might he p.inly over-
rcalizes   lhe   prices   at   which   industrial   sites   are   hehl.
The holding up of land at this
priii' ���- -imply throttling industry.
li i- ilu- curse nf tlie speculative times
in which wc live. It i- a mortgage
em ile- future prosperity of South
Vaneniiver by at least a ele ,xe-n years.
It is acting as a drag nn iln- development ami ihe industry of the' municipality. The demand for land does
neit warrant lhe- prices askeel. Hence
the reason why ilu- Municipal Coun-
e-il should seek tei secure as many
-ii. - a- possible. The more sites
held hy the' Council the easier will
ii le' t" keep -ile- from soaring inn
high. Every encouragemenl should
therefore be given to assisl the Council in their path  of progress.
A- wa- announced lasl wi ik, the'
decision nf ihe Se.uth Vancouver
Council tee pave with wood blocks
I...th Mam Streel ami Fraser Streel
ire,ni iin- Vancouver City boundary
in River Re.ael has been received by
residents ni the municipality witli
general satisfaction. The- proposed
paving fi these, two of ihe- principal
thoroughfares in South Vancouver,
will he a very substantial public improvement, ami will considerably add
m ih.- industrial nr business value eef
the   district.
The   contract   fnr   lhe   we.rk.   which
ha- been accepted by the Dominion
Creosoting Company Limited, Fraser
River. South Vancouver, nn ihe con-
iliti'in of the company taking municipal heeiiil- in paymenl. i- estimated
tn involve an expenditure e.f $790,000.
The contractors have thus undertaken in finance ihe whole cost of thi-
immense work, a gemel price for the
be.mis haiing been obtained! Hy accepting ihe contract nn these conditions th.- Dominion Creosoting
Company, of which Mr. W. II. Harvey i- managing director, has rcn-
elereel pe ssible lhe early undertaking
ni an extensive local improvement
which the municipality would nther-
wi-e hav.- be in unable lei attempt.
N'eetie.s   are   now   being     -ent     nut
I from ; ��� M micipal Hall to lhe properly owners in Mam Sireet and
Fraser Streel calling attention i" the
proposed paving w-rk a- a local improvement. I'lr-nii- desiring to pe-
tiiieeii againsl undertaking the- vorfc
must iln so within 30 elays, and it re-
quires 51 per cent ������������ the property
owners so objecting i" prevent the
carrying "in of th< proposed ��.<ck-
The whole of the w.irk must be:
ompli i.e! I.y August 30, 1914. The
Dominion Creosoting Company, as-
-nining thai lhe work is commenced
within ihe nexl month nr so, expect
t'e have about half nf each Mreet fin-
ished  before  the  end e.f tin- present
[year.    W'nrk  will  probably he  begun
I freem lhe cily boundary of each
street, ami wil! be started just as
soon a- llie contractors receive linal
instructions  from  the  Council.
Il i- particularly satisfactory that
thi- big contract lias been given to a
South Vancouver linn anel that it
will ensure ihe provision of extensive
! anil permanent we.rk feer a large number fi workmen in the municipality.
Th.' paving will lee done wiih the-
besl description of creosoted wood
blocks, anel ilu- high reputation of the
Dominion Creosoting Company will
be a guarantee of good and substan-
| tial work.
Al    llle
Mn,' ;-
meeting  ol
I inpre ivemenl
the   Wilsi
\-- iciatii
Extensive preparations are being
naele iii Xorth Vancouver by the I'.
v'. I-'.. R, [or handling the Empire Day
crowd. Lonsdale Av.-nuc. Capilano
Canj ii ami I.ynu Valley cars will
all hue double headers. The N'orth
Vancouver Ferry Company arc making preparatie ns  for a i i_  crowd.
.A        Aii....
A Fresh-Water Harbor
which, in its present undeveloped stale, should
be worth one thousand
i:mes as much lo Greater
lancoucer as the False
Creefi] channel
Water  Superintendent and  His  Wife
Celebrate   the   25th   Anniversary
of Their  Wedding
They ee erc a big ci mpany of
friends and well-wishers who mel
the house "i Mr. J. Mullett, water
intendent nf South Vancouver,
4520 Quebec Street, on :i" evening
of Tuesday, May 20, tn celebrate the
Silver Wedding fi ihe worthy couple
0\ r -'.������ ty gu< -' - -at down (��� ��� -ee-r,-
per, among whom might he mentioned ex-Reeve Pound and Mrs Pound;
Mr. and Mr- Deitrich; Mr Formn -
Mr   Steve Maddison, Vancouver Citj
Sup ril tendi nt,     anel      a
Mr   and   Mrs    Peach;   Mr.  andl
P -i \e se;  Mr. and   Mr-    11    Dane,
Mr.  William  Fe rry.    There wa-    '-
iri', nds   pres n    from   Vancom e-i    I -
laud am! San  Francisco.
Numerous  varied  am!  easily   pres
e'tit-  u en   rei   h ed by  Mr. and   Mi -
Mullett  from  iheir many friends,  tes-
tifying   in   the   high   esteem   in   which
the  re cipients   -   r    hehl.
A   very   enj. iyable     . , i ning     was
-pent, memories  nf which  nil]  linger
-    ���   the min '- oi thos   pre-, i -
Work Started on Westminster Road Paving
Preliminary work on the paving of
Westminster Road in South Vancouver was started1 by the Columbia
Bitulithic Company on Tuesday (,i j
this week. This w..rk consists among
Other lhini:s in pulling in lhe storm
-i w.i- ami catch basins, wurk which
i- al -eilniely necessary prior i" grading ami geiiiug the roan beel in readiness   fnr   lhe   pawiii.nl       ll   i-   note-
worthy thai the Columbia Bitulithic
n .,'iveil notice to -tan their ��"ik on
Tin -ilay   I.i-l.   ami   ihey   fulfilled   the
order tee ihe minute.
li was announced by an official of
ilu company yesterday that they
would starl work "ii ilu- paving operations  in  a   month's  time  anil  thai
the pavement would be completed by
ilu- firsl pan eef September.
Seeiiih Vancouver workmen will be
given ihe- preference iu any work
"W'e- will give residents of South
Vancouver the firsl opportunity to lill
places." ilie official stated. " Applicants should -ee ilie foreman on the
job,    of  course   ihe  greal   bulk   of
men  will nol  be al wmk unlil  lhe actual   paving   operations  commence."
The  paving  of  Westminster   Road
i- among  ilu-  tirst nf extensive pai
ing  operations   i" be carried  ""   i"
Se.uth   Vancouver  this year.
 t  .m ���	
Mr. T. R Greenfield, pi st office inspector, has been paying a business
visit here
come by lhe exlra cost nf transportation 'in Eastern gnnels; but we have
another serious tax lie overcome, ami
um- which in iln- pasl wa- nol considered, hut i- now beginning to assume a serious aspect. Thai is the
cosl of industrial sites. When a
manufacturer seeks iee locate in any
pari, .eiie of lhe- firsl questions thai
aii-'. - i- 'In .innmm nf lax thill v> ill
he placed nil lhe land '����� which he
proposes iee build hi- factory Take
ini' instance a lumber mill locating
nn lhe North Arm, for whieh In- hale, pay, say S.'u.imn for a suitable ���it*-.
The . aim nf money al ilu- pn senl
lime- iii Vancouver is worth 10 i>> ;
cent., -" thai ihe' mnnufacttin i be
I fore he can allow for interesi on his
building, machinery, nr depreciation,
ha- a ia\ yearly "ii his invested capi
ial e.f $2,000, Can ii he wondered at
thai many an intending manufacturer
turns   his   -te-| -   eastwards  when    he-
past week. Councillor Campbell dealt
with wanl representation, -hnw ine
hnw a small clique in any certain 1",-.
ality can  return a 'nan  in iln- council
i year after year, whether such a man
i- capable or nol fi being a councillor 111' ci -nie nded that il was dif-
iii nil t" obtain a cnunrilloi disinti r
ted eiie'iigh i" forgel lhe wan'.- thai
I - elected him and -inking th inti rests iif  the  wanl  in  iln-  ci
e I of ihe-  whole  municipality  w ho
will net away  from  sectionalism   The
��� d sj stem nei er allow - this  C
I e-ilheis are  compelli 'I  In ccnlr ���  their
��� oughts and attentions   m  lhe  n ai il
i j   repri - nl:   if  the)   do ���   eii
i nun of i iffii'   ��ill ii"' be I  ng   Hul
by  abolishing   the   ��  I and
!i cling along  lhe  - une  lim -
School Bi ai el. ihe council ev ould
I"- elected ii"i  by a  pari  but  by  the
Tin Ladies' Vie S ietj i \\ ��� st
minster Pn -h\ ti rian Church hi li
their regular monthlj   meeting al  th
of Mrs. Janii - Hav. corner
Quebi c and 28th Avenue, After the
business meeting Mrs. Hay . nter-
tained the ladies lo tea. Mrs Hav
and Mrs. Harvey expeel i" leal i Ecu
Scotland  shorth
11', iiiliiltiee!
The mu, slion - ii proi Wing n public
markel in South Vancouver for the
-. le   "i   lhe   agricultural   produce   ol
1. ilu  ;-' ind. ii.- Delta and the  Fi is.
'i     Vallej     .'e 11.1 .1 11 \ ,1
up h\   iln   B.   rd ol Trade
Mi    R,   C    He ilgs n,   pr sid    I     I
the    i
Reevi       tl (    incil pointini
urgent       ed pul Iii    mark, i   in
the  municii alitj,   statit .        I   hc  is
-il.ll. ii.',   the    II ���
1 ��� sidi   ��� . as'-. governmenl  assist-
rying oul  the project.
Tin-   maiii ���    was   ci msie   ri el   al   a
meeting  of thi   Council  em  Tu  -
ind ... committi e compe - .1 nf Coun-
��� -   Third,   \\ ilhur-   and   Thomas
was appointed to meel  the  Board .>i
I radi    on   Mi nday   evening   nexl   :
iscus ��� the �� hole ni itter
The   South   Vancom i -  police    ai
ging ��� - Mi   W   M   T'ul-
lis. a lai        irveye ������.   \ li.. �� rl
I7tl    \.  nu.       i bi
Mi   Tullis lefl
���  w it;. .. pai      f I ie
..i"! came b ick al - ul  I
nd it goi       In iln   pockcl
i   '      had   $30,   a     ���      ,        llai
bill  and  some bills of a smalli
iur,.    IU' reporti     tl      i tti
police,  wh.. ..'     I
This cut shows a tract of land which fronts upon the North Arm of the Fraser River.   Along the South Vancouver fresh waterfrontage are hundreds of acres of ideal industrial sites, with    splendid    rail    and    water
accommodation, still clothed in the primeval forest, and yet it is said Greater Vancouver, with a quarter million of people, has no ground to offer new industries.   The biggest and most   important   question
the South Vancouver Council has ever discussed or will ever try to solve is that of cheap sites for industries on the North Arm.   Without industries South Vancouver and Greater    Vancouver
must come to an untimely doom <N
SATURDAY, MAY 24. 101.1
Best For
Cod Liver Oil
ll 1    l.e    n. .ne
85c  ami -4He
Ity   The' Dispensing nf
Preacriptii i ���
Collingwood  F.ast
Bonnie Banks*��* Braes
i ,������,.- th .       of 'l.e Socialist Irecognizing   iis    responsibilities    to
ol Canada  a good meeting was   wan;-  th<   good  wmk  done  by   the
h)   Rev.  W. Stevenseui, of ("Order,  in   the   Municipality.      it    is
\. ���       .,.,..,   subject  "Jack  Cad-   work,  thai   in   the   very  few  monl   -
in-   Neighbour    Man."    tbe   iinci    ��� ���   inauguration   has   doubled
bein pi      by  Mr   Hu 1   i    even trebled in amount, all of vein''.
.   [he  history  of  the  tiny   means addled expenditure, anel should
insect  life,  known as-"Jack  Caddis,"   ilso  an added me..me.
and   -Imwing   ii-   ultimate     develop- *   ��    ��
ment,   Mi   Stevenson  led  on to the      ,���,,,,.,   v,,,, d!s|  churcll  ,,.
 V   l)r,,1?lem,1     Vl1 iVV  "1 a grand concert for Tuesday even
things are characterised b)  small be-  ,      Hhi.n a  , i���-,,K,:���'l���n,- of
finningi      VII   movement* thai    are   Viii;||  |||c, jnitrumcnta| mu,jc ,,,.,'Veel
for  the  ultimate good of    humanity ���    ,,,. ,.lK.m  ,,f |lu,      .,,���.|lu.r.
������'���'������"' i"l,:', :" ,hc beginning; this   .������, ||u, rm        ,���  th       responsible
is shown by the cour.   ol history and   ������  ���      .rang7ment
religion   alike.     I In-ir   promoters   are ��    *    ��
regarded as dangerous; no matter
a hai the object, ihe re would be some
to regard reformers a- dangerous
Socialism,   Mr,   Stei ens m    declare
J. B. Todrick       T. A. Prentice
J. B. Todrick & Co.
Central Park, B. C.
Phone Collingwood 13 R
Representatives for the Cale-
<kiniaii Insurance Company,
oldest Scottish insurance office,
founded 1805, and also the
Rochester German Insurance
Company, of New York. All
business trusted to us receives
prompt attention. Don't wait
Jill fire comes and then wish
you ' ad seen us.    See us now
peaii- the nabs nion of the ideal in
society. Jusl as the history of man
ill through has be; n thai of struggle,
of feeling of impulses and hauling
through in iheir realisation, jiisi as
the linle Jack Caddis wins through
liis difficulties and obstacles to full
fi.-.- life, so will this greal movement
if socialism win through to a greal
future. Mr. Stevenson laid very eloquently and forcibly before his hearers many of the terrible injustices
and crying needs thai confront the
social worker today, The problems
I are indeed huge ones, but they will
he solved, declared the speaker, as
the    workers    stand    Bhoulder      to
A  small  mailer  arranged  by   the
Council  at   its   meeting  on   Monday
lasl bin une which will prove a I n.
especially to comparative strangers,
wa- the decision t.. adopt a uniform
name (or ihe- road1 now variously
known as    Boundary    Road,    Park
Streel ami  I'ark Avenue.    Il is. to say
the least, confusing to find the same
mail hearing three different names
along its course, sn Reeve McGregor ami Reeve Kerr will confer tee-
gelher anil decide as P. which in
adopt. .Vs the said road marks the
boundary between Smith Vancouver
and Burnaby, as well as that also between Central I'ark and Collingwood1,
surely Boundary Road is a not unsuitable designation, They will also
consider the alteration of Douglas
Road  in   conjunction   with   tli<-   City
. ,  , Kieai       III     CO II
shoulder, recognising "i    every    'em-     ,  .,
who  sees  the  ideal,  a  brother,  and        Vancouver. (
willing in listen to every nnc who has'     ,.,.      ., , r> i        i   ,i
,      ,,.,-       , llle   bninabv I eeiinci    am    the   pn
a   wav    n   suggest.      1 here   must     be   n, ' , ,- ,
��� ilice committee have  favored an
and any political party who will wurk''
for the recognition of the individual,
and  the inbringing of the day eef
Furniture bought  for cash
123  Pender  St., opp. "World"
Branch:   Ceelar   Cottage   Station
To   Let���Houses,   Stores,   Suites
Agreements bought, Mortgages
Land end Houses
Best  Sclcc'.icn;  Easy tcirrs
i der.
brother!! I with  men  of any creed   ",'-'' ������'11",
1.1 plication from Mr.  F, Emus iee ereel
a   boxing   anna   in   llurnaby.     CoUtt-
,    eille.r  Mayne Stipulated  thai   Mr.   h'.n-
lit.      (1.1 \      I M      < I * i   i ,-. - , t -
,   ,, --  , in-  -hnii .    ee .11 ri elite   1(1 per  cent,  n
iu  rcc'ins ruction   eel   the  socia    or-   ., ,       .,'      ���      .        ,
the  gross  receipts  for  ihe  mini-  eel
ihe  Royal Victoria Order of Nurses.
This  Mr.   1". im is  was i|iiile  willing  to
ehi. ami also tn put up any reasonable
heme, the  Council  might  require.     It
wis   proposed   to   Imhl   bee-dug   ce.n-
tesis aboui ..nee a month, the- arena
1.. cosl about $4,000.
The   speaker   was   listened   I
ilis.- attention, am', al  the close opportunity  was given  fnr discussion.
For the benefit of the Royal Vic-
; iiiaii Order <>f Xurses (Burnaby
branch), the St. George's Dramatic
Society organized an especially good
entertainment for Thursday evening,
in iin- Agricultural Hall, under the
direction of B. R. Hill, entitled, "Fac-
ing'the Music."    It i- encouraging t
Mrs.   Ilanlwich  anil   family  accom-
pani.il   be   Mrs.   Cave   have    lefl   for
mile lhat in various wavs  Burnaby  i-   v\a,;,    n"   i       i ;i    .-   ���    i i
Willie   KOCK   while   tle.il   house   is   bc-
; altered,
Day  and  Night   Phone,  Sey   7653
518 Richards St., Vancouver, B. C.
We   deliver  to  family
trade in South   Vancouver
PHONE:     HIGHLAND    930
A.   I..   Aniiel
Anything you wish in the way of Builders' Materials, Rough and
Dressed Lumber, Finish, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Sand, Lime,
also 16in. Mill wood.
P. O. Box 3
Phone Collingwood 16 L
Mr. anil Mr-. VV. S. Rose anil family anil Mi-- Chrissie Drown Bpenl
several day- al   White  Roi.' .
Mis. P. II. Ilrown anil Mrs I).
Dunlop wen- delegates i" lhe regular meeting of th.' Women's Auxilary
of tin' Westminster diocese, held in
eU. Mark's parish hall, Kitsilano. The
general meeting will be held in Chrisl
Chiireh, Vancouver, Mav 27. 2H. anil
s    a    *
A drug -Pin- i^ being opened up in
ile Edmonds Development Block.
I: is being sla/led by .Mr   !\ I . Riieh-
-\ i---   or Snuih Vancouver has been
upon  a  proper    and    understandable  footing.
Th , - -. i.i 11. .n ha- h.il much to
I., with the success of the Wednes-
day half-holiday movement.
\..i .-. bil loo ���n i- lhe ass ci
tion calling attenti >n to tin unsightly
lire ruins in Joyce Road, li is some
months since the lire- look place which
!��� ii an unsightly ami dang irom mass
brig in an important thoroughfare. Thi- -lieeiilel be cleared a��a\
ai once.
The   association   will   al   its    nexl
lllieilllg      Like     UP     llle       eple--t|ii|l     ,.|      ;,
fete day i..i Colliugw I ami Central I'ark. bin as Kipling -a;, -. "thai
i-   an. iin i    itory"   and   i-   il. all   wiib
in another column,
A last word :   Join this association
and   show   ymi   are   a   public   spirited I
man���with  the  g" 'ed  oi  the  district
iu which you live and 'he business al
The   Late   Mrs.  Watson,   of  Collingwood
Il  i- g I ami wise ami tilling thai
when an old-timer, eme who has won
and deserved love and respect, passes
away,  a   tribute  sheiuld   be   paid   In  a
cherished   mel y.     Mrs.     Rebecca I
Marion  Watson, ihe beloved1 wife of
.('���Iin   W.   Watson  ha-  gone  i" "ilu-'
Great   Beyond" ami  we  rejoice  thai
ihe  eloquent   tongue  of   Father   McKinnon   expressed   see   feelingly    lhe j
respect  and   sympathy  eif  the  people I
among whom iln- deceased lady lived j
fnr sn many years.    Mrs. Watson was I
33  years   fi  age.     She   was   bortl   in
Hancock, Garrett  County,  Maryland,
U.S.A., on  March 2.  I860.    She  was
confirmed  by   Ilis   Eminence James.
Cardinal  Gibbons,   Bishop  of    Haiti-,
Mrs. Watson was the daughter of
Maria Teresa Rash, of Prussia, Germany, and Mr. Dennis Rice, of Dublin, Ireland Ithe- latter, a soldier in
ilu' Civil VV'arl. She was marrieel in
John W. Watson, of Kittson County,
Minnesota, mi the 13th day of December, 1886, at Crookston, Minnesota, and afler iheir marriage they
left for York County, Ontario, where
they resided for two years previous
iee coming to Vancouver,
Sh,- leaves to mourn her loss, a husband, John W, Watson, iwo sons.
Lawrence and Man hew, ami three
daughters, Bertha, Lorettn ami Teresa, lhe  youngest   13 years of age.
The- funeral took place from the
family residence, Collingwood East,|
io Si. Joseph's Church, Cedar Cottage, where Requiem llie.h Ala-- was
-iing hy Rev. Father McKinnon, Miss
Dnris Wilhers presided ai ilie- organ.
Mr. Watson and family wish in
sincerely thank iheir many friends
for their kindness ami' sympathy eluring their recent sad bcrcavctneiil in
the Ins- ..I" a dear wife and mother.
From Messrs. Baker it Pringle. Mr.
and Mrs. Sutherland, and many other
friends,  beautiful  Bowers   were  sent.
The  Rose :    A  Proposition
li  i-  particularly    requested    that
there -hall he a large attendance at
ihe nexi meeting of ihe Collingwood
Cadillac standardization means the absolute interchange,
ability of parts. It meens that when it is desired to replace
a part, the new one will fit and lit correctly without alteration in the slightest degree.
The Cadillac Company is prepared to replace any part
cf any car it ever built. No Cadillac user was ever obliged
to discard his car because he was unable to obtain some
needed part. No Cadillac user was ever compelled to under
go the ennoyance and expense of having some needed part
made to order because the maker had gone out of business,
had discontinued making parts for old models, or had to
depend upon some outside parts maker to supply them.
Begg  Motor  Company
British Columbia Distributors
1060 to 1070 Georgia Street
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone Seymour 9045 Also at Victoria, B. C.
Phone 1038 : Edmonds, B. C.
I have the exclusive sale of large lots on Salisbury Avenue, close
to Statics,    $1,000 each; on good terms.    See me about them.
el.  nf   Vancouver,   who   wi1'
it wiih firsl class drugs and either accessories,    Il is being fixed up in firsl
class  style.
*    *    *
Friends eef Mr.  Pete  Wat. will be
glad  In know   that   he is u iw  conval-
''l.e work of idling Douglass R.iad
i.  now proceeding,
-    A
Mr. and Mrs. John Graham have
ii turned Irom iheir honeyi.'.oo.i and
arc slaying will, the bride's p.v'litii
en Linden Av-nue. until com,letion
of their  new  home.
Woods is  removing to a new
im Stride Avenue.
Preparatory lo rebuilding. Geo.
Leaf's old store is  now demolished.
* A      A
Mr. T. D. Coldicutt has removed
from Second Street and will reside
at the corner t>i Sixth Street and
Fifteenth   Avenue.
* *    *
Dr. S. C. McEwen, of ilu- firm of
McEwen, Wilson ,t McEwen, oi lhe
Royal City, will start practice in
Easl Burnaby and will reside on 12th
Vveiui,-.   near   -lib    Street,      lie-    will
commence shortly  ilu- erection ..i a
modern bungalow  een oili  Streel
Highland   Park   Acreage
We have a number of SMALL ACREAGE PARCELS on and
near thc new cut-off line of the B. C. Electric Railway.
1 aire, just oil Railway. $2100; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
Wa acres, on Railway, $3500; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
E.   W.   MacLEAN   LTD.
Exchange Building
142 Hastings West
and Disiriei  Business  Men's   Vssocla- rose festival" should be will be duly
linn,    Mr. J.   Francis  11 nr sil 1  will am- explained,   and   (here   seems     in     be
plify the suggestion made by Mr. Liv- every hope thai  it will be taken up
ingstone ami  propose  "A   Rose  Fes- with enthusiasm by a strong commit-
lival"   for    Collingwood.      What   "a tee.    You will hear all about it  soon
A Type of House in Collingwood
There are many fine dwellings now
'/being erected in the Collingwood district. Here is the picture of a nice,
ccomfortable house built for Mr.
��� Greenhalgh at Collingwood West.
The builder was Mr. C. Rickard, of
<Collingwood   East,   who   has   put  up
several fine dwellings in South Vancouver. This modern house of seven
rooms is finished inside in old mahogany color. It is hand-finished, attractive, with open fireplace and altogether a type of house which is
making Collingwood such an attractive residential place.
Collingwood and    District    Business
Men's  Association
Why do met more of the business
men of Collingwood and district join
ihis association, Unless a good many
new members roll up to the meeting
al ih- Collingwood Institute nexl
I luir-day week, Ilu- answer musl be
that il i-, because there is a plentiful
lack of public spirit. The Collingwood and District Business Men's
Association deserves more interest
and supp.ert fnr it is doing good
wrk, a.- a review eif ilie proceedings
of  the lasl   few  meetings  will  show.
Mr. VV. II. Kent brought up the
subject eif the necessity of a postal
delivery for the district. The result
was that the association, acting with
the Hoard of Trade, appears to have
convinced the postal authorities that
ColJingwood has sume claims to consideration. It wemhl be premature to
make any announcement, but it seems
safe te, prophecy that a postal (delivery will at no distant date be extended to Central  Park.
The association has been "hammering away" at the need of better
accommodation for passengers and
freight at Collingwood and Earl's
Road. There arc signs that num
crous letters and delegations have
made an impression on the B. C. E.
R. Company. Surely it cannot bc
long before the importance of Collingwood as a traffic centre and revenue producing district is fitly recognized.
It can be placed to the credit of
the   association   that   the   ambulance
Eminently suited for
Scores of Testimonials
from satisfied users
Over 10,000 Instalations
in many parts of the world
Costs only 5 cents
1000 candle power
from explosion
524  Richards  Street,  Vancouver, B.C. SATURDAY,  MAY  24.  VA3.
::   BOYS'   DEPARTMENT   ::
A delivery of summer weight jersey suits has jusl
been placed in stock. They come in saxe, tan, navy
and white, and have caps to match, all sizes from IK
to 2ti.    Price   $2.50
Light weight cashmere sweaters in sizes from 18 to
30, with and without buttoned shoulder in a large
range of colorings.   Prices from 85c up
We are showing a very neat sweater with sailor collar and laeed front, in a nice shade of ,t,rev with red
trimmings; sizes 34 to 38,   Price $3.50
Sole Agents for Twentieth Century Brand Clothing
309-315 Hastings St. W. Phone 702 Sey.
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
Thc Popular Route to the���
Up-to-date Train  Service  Between Vancouver and the  F.ast.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H. W.  BRODIE,  Gen.  Pass  Agent,   Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic  Steamship  Lines
H. G. Smith, C. P. 4 T. A. W.  E.  Dupcrow, G. A. P. D
Phone :   Sey.  7100 527   Granville  Street
Let us supply you w'*h the requirements of the season.
Water Cans, Hose, Garden Tools
The hot weather is>coming.    Don't forget that wc cany a full line
of Screen Doors and Windows,
hardware; paints,-oils :\xd-colors"
Dealer In  Stoves,  Rantfts and Kitchen ISttn&ftf'
l'hone Coll.  19     *   ��� '   ""\' '    '
We have the stock, the machinery and the men
to produce first-class
Collingwood Sash and Door Factory
CAPP & TILBURY,  Proprietors
909   Dominion   Trust   Building,   Vancouver,   B. O.
Telephone! :     Office 8497.    Works 6203.      Work��  9328.     Works  9179
Edited by J. W. Wilkinson, to whom all communications should
be  addressed,   Room  210,  Labor Temple, Vancouver, B. C.
v> ���
Tl e I.i ' me 'line i if iln Trades and
Labor Council was one of the besl
attended thi- year, between eighty
and ninety delegates being presenl
Very early'in the meeting .1 curious
situation arose. The secretary and
statistician who, up to the previous
in. e ting had been m mbi ri ol :mel
delegate! from the Amalgamated Carpenters, had in tin- interim trail
reel iheir membership to the L'nited
Brothe rhood ol Carpi nti 1 - and Join
1 America, and ��ire- 1. presenting thai organization al the last
meeting, L'pon being asked to give
.1 ruling ai to ��liether these two officers hail forfeited iheir offices 01
not, President Benson decided that
they had, and forthwith appointed
delegates McVety and Trotter acting
secretary and itatistician respectively Later in thc evening, the former
secretary, J VV. Wilkinson was electee ley 57 votes to 24, the only competitor teer the office being J. Kavanagh, who resigned his office as
Sergeant at Arms in e.relcr to accept
nomination, W. Poxcroft, the old
statistician was re-elected by acclamation. When the new Sergeant-at-
Arins had ie- be elected there were
three nominees: Messrs Kavanagh,
Pipes .-iinl McBeth. The hrst ballot
nave- Pipes 40, Kavanagh 33 and Mc-
Ueth 9. None of the nominees having a clear majority of votes, McBeth
was dropped out and Pipes elected
een the nexl ballot with 45 votes t'i
37 polled feer Kavanagh.
The council received a letter from
ex-Mayor Taylor re the possibility
of arranging for a lecture to be delivered by a Mr. J. 7. White, of Chi-
cago, who is to visit Vancouver
shortly. The Henry George Association of Chicago had written Mr.
Taylor asking his good! offices in assisting Mr. White to form a Single
Tax Society in Vancouver. The
council diel 11 it see ils way clear lo
take any action towards calling a
meeting  feer  llie  purpose.
At ihe previous meeting the council instructed the secretary i" write
to Attorney-General Bowser, condemning the action of Magistrate
South in sentencing one I. I less in
to six months' imprisonment lor begging on ihe streel two daj - after he
hael been released ire'in a two years'
lei-in in jail The pith ot Mr Bow-
Ber's reply was : "I regrel to say
that after going into this case I am
forced to the conclusion thai I can-
ii"!  meet your  u ishe -
The organization committee "I the
council reported that -inee- the lasl
nie- ting the press fe edi rs 1 if lhe city
had been goi together for the purpose
of forming a union of the nun en
gaged in that work. The preliminary meeting had resulted in betwe n
twenty and thirty members joining,
and it was expected thai -in,nly the
council would be augmented by the
affiliation of this new body.
The council appoint id a committee a short time ago t" inquire into
the allegation thai the local branch
of the V. M. C. A. was supplying
men i" take the place of the painters
"ii strike in Victoria. The committee reported at the last meeting e.f
the council and produced an application form from the Y. M C A.
she.wing thai the men hael been
charged !?2 for iheir jobs, but thai
the application was framed in such
a way that il was made l" appear as
though it was aii application for membership. The council decided thai
the matter was worth following up
and the committee was continued for
ilu purpose fi gathering information
tn stop such a thing from recurring.
The council displayed a close interest in the application of the Vancouver Board of Trade t" ihe government i" siispcnel ilu- duty on coal
ceiiinng from ilu- United Stales whilsl
ihe strike is em in Vancouver Island.
Delegate McVety had received a telegram ire.nl Mr II. II Stevens, Ml'.
fen- Vancouver, as follows: "Win
e'pinieiu regarding suspension duty een
coal as affects labor." The' replj
-'in wa- : "I 'in, ms anel Unionists
strongly opposed i" free admission
.if Washington .-��� ..-iI Besl B. Q coal
has been shipped i" California con-
sunn 1 - Suc.ee -; export 'Inn. and
governmenl infiuence i" bring mine
owners i" acceptance 1 ���:" n asnnable
settli menl ��* ith miners - in vancou-
v r I sland." The- council unanimous
ly endorsed iln ri ply sent.
The committee appointed to inquire iui" ihe non-union condition!
prevailing "ii the e'\lnleiii.'ii work a:
Hastings I'ark reported al a special
me,ting -hai thej hael succeeded in
bringing i" iin- attention of iln direc-
le.rs the fact thai some e.f iln- contractors were ii"i paying the union
rate- eef wages nor working ihe union  hours  a-  provided  in  iheir con-
11          ii*^^En^^M
"Pease"    heating    sys-
Over    100,000    families     |
_JJR       terns   maintain   a   sum-
in Canada are enjoying     1
the comforts of a home      j
���������J             9               mer atmosphere regartl-
sf|              ^              less   of   outside   condi-
heated with our famous      1
"Economy"    warm    air      1
Ert^S^^S^^B^              Send    fnr     Booklet :
furnace.                                A
n    "The Question
WI                             W                    of Heating."
"ASK 1
I tracts, ami that lhe-.- <-���. 11 ��1 iti��� .11 - w -r<-
ie. be- altered Ai ihe lasl meeting
the- committee further reported thai
they weir of -he- ' ipinion thai il  was
lUll     Within    llle    peeW'.r    'ef    lllC    ��lir. '   ' ���   I -
i" in-i-i on an all round union job,
anil lhat in Iheir judgment u was up
i" the iuii"ii- i" gei busy ami organize th'' men "i, Iln W'.rk if they
wished il i" bc entirely union This
���, nw did ii"' meel with approval from
-"iiie   pari-  "i   tin-   leen- -.  an.l   an   ��� I
f.eri was made to pass a iii"ii"ii which
practically meanl censure of the
committee How e \ > r. it was
by the majority that the committee
hail ge.ne a- far as ihey could, anel
ai  lhat  the  mailer  was dropped.
Tin Automobile Association has
requested ihe I'ark Commissioners
,t" re-meeve- ihe bylaw which prevents
I automobiles freem entering Stanley
I'ark during certain hours <>u Sun-
elay afternoons. Thc commissioners
expressed a desire o, learn ihe views
eef the council on the matter, and a
resolution  was  unanimously  endors-
eil in favor of the present rule. It
was pointed out that Sunday was the
only day when the workmen ami
Iheir wives ami children ce,uld gee to
the park, and that to permit the autos
alsei, would he tei endanger lives, neet
in mention the discomfort frum dust
ami the well-known recklessness of
auto drivers.
All building trades unions are still
reporting trade very slack for this
time of the year. The Horseshoers
will li'ibl a picnic at Bowen Island on
Saturday, June 14. They are making considerable effurt tn strengthen
their organization locally, ami have
an organizer iu the field ill this city
at the presenl time. The wireless
telegraphers reported that they had
every prospect of winning ihe strike
in which Ihey are now engaged along
the Pacific coast. The Lathers re-
ported a slight improvement in numbers. During the- la-t few weeks
liny have had lhe assistance of J.
II Bowen, who is eme eif their organizers, and is also lirst idce-presi-
eleui ..1" the California State Building Tr.-nles Council, He- has |eft the
city after doing work iu Vancouver
and Victoria, The Longshoremen re-
ported lhat their international officers
hael concurred in terms of an agn .--
ment wiih ihe Stevedores' Association, but thai iln' membership locally
hail refused to endorse iheir action
-.'.iih the resull thai there was likely
i" be trouble "ii the local waterfront. Tie' garment workers reported all iheir members working. They
' ihe- unly union in that enviable
|i"-iii"ii���which says much for the
industrial situation in the city ai thi
pi  -  ni time.
It wa- propos 'il iu ihe council that
a telegram of congratulation should
In' senl i" Gov. Johnson, "i California,
for ilu- stand he has taken wiih regard tei the bill tee prevent Japanese
from owning land in thai .-late. The
motion did1 ii"t get very strong support. It was pointed oul eluring the
debate thai the Asiatic Exclusion
League of California had been agitating I'm- many years against lhe in-
l!u\ of Japanese workmen who .'a 11:.
lei ilu- -'ale a- cheaper labor than lhe
while man, anil that during lhat time
the League had ii"t received support
from the class of people who are ai
lhe back eif lhe presenl agitation. As
long as the Jap was witling i" come
t" California i" supply ihe farmers
ami merchants with cheap labor ihey
maele im murmur. Bul the lap was
ii"t willing p. always be exploited as
an ordinary wag.' worker, ami was
very pushful ami desirous of being an
employer himself, producing e ods
��� ef lhe same class as lhe while farmers ami merchants, at a much cheapei
rate, ami thus proving himself 1 serious competitoi i" them. Foi I 11
reason it was stated, they we-re- now
desirous "i excluding him from ownership in' land, hut there wa- ii" mention in tii.- bill of irying In exclude
him from the' country as a s.e."ii-
me-uace i" ilu standard fi living n -
quired by ihe white worke For
thesi reasons it was elcciile'.l i,. lay
the' question "\ r for a few 1
while the delegates familiarized themselves w ith llie inner spirit '.I ih
legislation referred to. li was pointed e.ui thai ihe linn- might possibly
''"'ne' when ilii' farmers ami merchants of Uriiish Columbia would
he asking for similar legislation, and
what then would In- the ansv . ��� ol
iln- council i" a requcsl from them
fi 1 1:- - ii'!- - ition? Before ih 1 mi ���
ter wa- laid aside for a n hile ii was
seen thai there i- more in such a
epiesii.ui than meets the eye ol thosi
who have ii"i given much specialized
consideration of it.
'I'he council is siill pushing the
mailer e.f ihe appointment of a scaffolding inspector. Last Monday afternoon a delegation appeared before ihe- building committee from the
bricklayers' union in support of the
The proposed employment bureau
to be run in connection wiih ihe I'i"
en-- Club is being very carefully
watched and al the first sin,, 0f it
being used as a source for ihe supply
of cheap labor there- will be something doing. The aggressive advertisement policy of the club is mu
considered favorably in the light of
present industrial conditions in Vancouver.
divided as follows Civic Employees, WOO; II. C. E K. "ffice staff.
1,500; organized trades, 4,000; wholesale clerks, etc., 1,600; miscellaneous,
_' ��� i: laundry worker-. 1,000
*    *    *
All local unions reporl large ninn-
I,. r- of workmen coming out from
th ')bl Country, especially building
1 raih - in- chai i' - The- new e-. ,na-- -
are' somewhat surprised to find v.e.rk
-" slack
The second annual convention eef
the Seicial Democratic Party of B. C.
i.s tei be held ill lhe Finn flail, Vance .uver. em May 24. The convention
will open at 10.30 a.m. and all who
feel interested in thc event will tind
The local retail clerks have held an
organization meeting and laid down
preliminary plans for the formation
of a union of all workers in shops
and stores. One of the first things
to bc striven for will be the weekly
half-holiday. It is calculated tbat at
present 10,800 workmen have Saturday   afternoon   holiday.     Thej-  are
'IV ihe Editor of ii.
Sir.  ��� In    your    issue    of    la-I    Ml ek
ihcrc appeari ���'. quite a number "I let-
ie rs dealing with iln wa- frani hist I
musl say thai my sentiments ar- wiih
tin -������ n Ine u i-!i il;,- Council i"
, ndh' iln- public utility themselves
Bul are thi Council in a position to
!!������ io except at the - " ri! ci of something greater? The question of sewerage, waier. nre. roads, paving, etc.,
ar,- -" acute ai present thai ��� \ en
though the Council were- to wurk
night ami elay they could hardly ex-
peel ie. grapple in a satisfactory manner with all the various matters thai
require iheir -erie.n- consideration.
That an immediate supply of gas
ii necessary feer the development of
the municipality 1- conceded by
every eme. The strain on the housewives during the summer months
cooking over heating stoves ha- been
the cause of many a w.unan's breakdown in health In my own house
my wife both use- electricity anil "il
feir cooking during ihe summer
months, Inn this is an expensive pro-
cess. It is a well-known facl lhat
many apartment houses would I"
built in Seeiuh Vancouver were there
any means provided feer cooking by
lu studying the pasl histiery e.f
niost towns "iie finds that the greatest progress is maele by those towns
which possess all iheir own public
utilities. The towns that have made
a success "i" gas, etc., are those that
have granted a franchise i" some
ceimpany. allowing 11 to put in all the
plant, keeping all the machinery in
w.'i-king "Mer ami iin- municipality
buying eeut at a favorable opportunity, In all -ueh transactions ii is
found, as a rub-, that the transference
i- carried out "ii an equitable basis.
The true value "f anything i- its
purchasing power I 'p i" the pn -en:
thi- franchise has been allowed t"
lie dormant and of no value what-
.���viT. By making the franchise active it at "iice becomes a valuable
issel t" the- municipality w hether
held as a public utility or by a private
ci rpi iratii in,
The I'" ird of Trad    '   -
-"llle   very     stringent     re 1
liiais   safeguarding   the   interests    "i"
ilu- ratepayers should the Council see
their    vaj   :���'   granl   the   franchisi   i"
any of the companies applj ing fi ������  il
1 )n ihe other hand should the I
cil seek to 1 in y "in ihe pre j< cl I
selves, i- there any reasonable sup-
position thai they can eh, -.. for many
years to come? South Vancouver
stands well ill the- raonej market at
pr. - 111. bin a higher rating will be
-lill attained when u is known that a
gas supply ���- put in bj some private
It might be though! thai a iill belter rating would be given when it is
known   ilia-   ihe   town   i' isessei   the
a  public  utility     Thi-  is not
the case, a-  investors, ..- a  rule, are
1 "W viewing wilh Suspicion lll'esc
Canadian    towns    thai    have     rushed
1 jinekU ahead in irying i" secure
public uiiliiie - .:i"l man.- are- 111 an
unsatisfactory financial condition.
Their  ambition   ha-   outstepped   dis-
cretion, public utilities having beea
purchased  without  any  rcganl  as   -ii
'���\ In  ill'  r    llle  \      will    pay    e,r    II"'
As ii is, Se.uth Vancouver i- finding il a difficult mailer t" get 111.nicy.
I-  11   wise  ihen.  t.e  -ink  a  epiarter  of
a million in putting up a Municipal
ga- plain!- Ii i- a difficult problem
i" settle; each ve.ter must u-e his
e.r her own judgment when this |ues-
tie.ii vines up. In my eepiniem the
Council who are- striving tee do their
duty "light In pin every cent ihey
can rai-e int" industrial sites, afterwards tackling electric power. I.e,w-
nnial- ami cheap power, with the
natural advantages South Vancouver
ha-, will make- her one "f the leading
'itie-   "ii   ilu-   Pacific   Coast.���Veiurs,
South Vancouver, May 19, 1913.
The Language cf Flowers
\fter the wedding 'ef Violet anu
Swe.t William the- following interesting dialogue took place:
What was the young lady's name
and nationality?
Violet,   an   American   Beauty?
What  was  the yeung man's name?
Sweet  William
Why did William wish to wed?
Ile   wanted   tee   Marigold.
How  diel  he  offer  himself?
II,- Aster
To   whom   die]   she   semi   him?
To Poppy
What   did   Papa   ask?
How  main  attended the wedding?
Phi. .v.
Who  wen-  ihe  bridesmaids?
Daisy   ami   Re isi Mid
Whal   ware   the   e-'.b.rs     of     iheir
C"�� ns':
Wistaria   ami   Pink.
Wh"   was   lhe  1 1
Black Eye d Sus  1
Who wa- Susan's beau?
Johnny   Jump   Pp.
When William '
'1-   I.rid. ?
F .rgi 1 me  -   -
I iow   eliel   Vi"h ���   grei '   him   when
���1 turned?
Wiih   Tuli]
How  .li.'. -he rule Willian
W iih a Goldeni   d
How   long   .lie]   llllS   hive   '"'lire"
The Bonnie Purple Heather
Sandy has a Talk Aboot the Lassies���an'  Polismen's  Helmets
Weel   freens.   I've   nae   doobt   y tell
a' he' enjoyin' ihe fine  weather we're
haen  noo.       Efter  th<    extraord
long winter an'  the mare than  e:
ordinary   spring    the'   warm   summer
weather comes tae drive a' "e.r grum-
bs   awa   an'   mak   lis   feel   man
I wis a; a pairty last Seturday an'
goi straunded a niclit in the folk's
hoose.    I  dinna wain j u   tae tak ony
ill   .."I   "'   ilia!   i'i.r   it   wis   a   weel   Coll-
ducl -.1 affair���every wan wi- s.-iherei
than anither���bin  we  ware   sai   intern
��� ai enjoyin' oorsi Is, singin' an' j i- An .
that  ��e  forgot a' aboe     tl     time,    I'
�� i-   weed   on   111   tin-   n   .mil      af -re   I
l"..kit  al   my   watch  an'   I   e>i-   -
than  thunnerstruck   tae  si 1   the 11. >��� ��� 1-
ii   wa-      W hen  a   fellii
tae .1  wheen  Scotch  - ings  sung   "In
the-  braid  auld   Scottish   tungui ,"   1 e
f, irgels a' abool lime or onj-l liing - Ise
an'   when   there'-   a   set     1'   qua
an'  lancers  thrown  in   I   111 -<ln:
yai    Inn   ih. t   1'   wis   a   bi aw    nielli
ever,! ta   wa i I
������- ila  Sundaj  mornin'    an' sic a
ii '    Ci 'inm' in frae iin  ea
1 he -un shitiin' ii
..'    nie  feed  ashan
I11J    .1        I   Wis   -a.    iin d    I    .'. 'Illel
keep >* ankle iii  ih'   cai    11' �� In n �� e
ed  11  Main Streel \   be
��� ,,  M'       Lassies  in  I
iln --, - airmin iheir chaps
al t. a' in ten I     n
a  train  lae   lak  them daj '-
��� "iin' Gee! did ii ii" mak my teel
water. I min' line wh :li I n is ci n a 111'
mysel, hoo eagerly we use-.l iae look
forril ta. a holiday tae gel awa on a
jaunl���an ihen 1." bi disappii -.-< 1 wi'
a miserable \\ el tin irnin'. This is
where ihey hae- ih.' bulge- on lhe land
"' heather. When summer conies j u
eau inaisi aye he -liar- .���' a guid day
for .. holiday an' mak yaer arrangements accordingly. I gave the wife
a nudge tae draw her attenshun iae
tin- sichl ���>' the young folk a' hurryin'
up tae get awa tae their various des-
linashiiiis, "Dae yae ne, mm' when
we used lae be like them." 1 says;
"he... we used tae be ru-hin' iu the
same wey feir the Waverley ear the
Caledonian e,r maybe for a sail tae
ihe Forth Brig on wan ..' ihe Galloway steamers. Werna they ihe days."
"Ave. tine 1 min'," she say-, "bin yaer
a different man sin' then. Yae think
marc ee' yaer bed now than gettin' up
an' takin' folk awa for a day. if it wis
a wheen o yaer cronies yae were gaun
awa wi' yaed bc busy enough though,
I'm owre auld feir yae gettin' an'
senile ei' thej- sully young slips o'
things yae see wi' their frocks hardly
Coverin their knees think they've got
an' excepshun o' a man. but they'll
sune tin not that yaere a' the same
clan. Men are a' feir themsels"
They're a girnin' lot they weemen an'
nae maitter heio muckle j-ae dae feer
them they never seem content. Hooever. we made up oor min' we'd hae
a day or twa awa oorsels. jist tae
show- there wis nae ill feelin'.
W e- had a niee mt or I lit "ii
lhe ear an' I whiled ana the time
sizin'   up   Hi.-   usu .���'   fellies
staunin' roon tin- Qirnegy library.,
Every couple-that passed they had a
k al an' passed a bit commenl on.
I lid j ae evei 11 itici a fellie ��� i/in' up
a bil lassii :   Their i ye- firsl stai I
;���   .'ace  an'  hae  a   guid   l"..k   a'   i'.
Then   'lay   hae  a   sweeg  al   their  haf
an'  ila-  cut  e.'  their  frock  an'  finally
���inn    feet   are   the   attractive
X"". ii -..'iii- ia.- In- a sort o' instinct
in  a   man   lae l""k  at  a  woman's  feet,
an' when a'- said a"' dune  I  think it's
i.i  guid  wey "'  sizin' up :���  lassie.    A
a - ���: km'.   �� ' .! . daen   lassii
���  tickle .attenshun  tae  la r  fei I
her   laid   an'   ils   a   shar<
si, .1 ! issii  ��i' her buits -e - el polished
thi   laces nicely tit-< 1 in a knol an'
walk;'     squ     Ij     -n   her   feel   thai
sin '��      lassii   wi'  Si '.a   na rl.   in  her
Tl i    same   thing  applies   tae   a   man
hu:   \ .-a-   vcrj    seldom   si
sizin'   up  a   man   frae   hi-   fi   i    in'  it's
maj lie-   a   gun!  je I'   '
If ya' t iinii'
..'  whal   I'.'   been   sayin",  jisl   tak   i
walk    el""ll ,
j   attenshun   a -r   a   ". i
\ ...   w ad. - leal a a 1. il  . ai ilu- -ii i e ���-
an'   - 'iialiule-   it   e'. -   J ���"
1.1.a-        Il    Mild   be-   a    fulinj    w.ui
il   w ���    -a1      t'   dressed   in   a   mn
wej    an' ih.- lassies wi' their summei
i - ��� an' new hats a' gii   a helpin1
...  natui.  a- makin' ilie summer 'lays
i - .k sae na e.
e*  *  *
Anent  the  summer weather, 1  wis
readin' in the papers thai up in S
Vanci "\er they hai  id<as .���' :1a
in regaird tae summer hats    Th
lismen   up  iae  the  present   hae
dri --. d �� T ihe ordinarj  ela ckoo, but
ia...   the   order   ha-   gone   forth   frae
heidquarters that they're tae wear the
regulation   helmet   henceforth      "IPs
ila- uniform that doc s it." a- thi   - n g
says,   an'   I've   nae   doobt   the   helmet
'II mak  lhe men  look  mare  like bobbies,  but  it's a   funny   thing  that jist
when   the   War   Office   al   hame   hae
issued an order abolishin' the helmet
in favor ���,' the "cheesecutter," we get
ihe pooers up here daen the contrary.
1   wunner  it there is  onything in  it.
j Xoo, here's a line chance o' makin'
a deal an' displayin' a bit economy.
Hoo wud it dae if tbe cooncil wrote
j owre tae the War Office offcrin' tae
tak owre the whole bunch o' discair-
ded helmets at a mutual valuation.
It wud aye help on the Imperial sentiment an' we could maybe arrange
feir the "Rainbow" tae be sent hame
wi' a deputashun tae cairrv oot the
negoshiashuns. I'm jist kin'na feared
though it micht interfere wi' their
plans for pavin' Main an' Frasei
Streets, an' nothin' I micht suggest
should stop the cooncil frae cairrvin'
oot that guid work. It's even of
mare importance than polismen's
Yours  through  the heather,
SATURDAY, MAY 24. 1913.
Every  Saturday  by the  Greater  Vancouver  Publishers   Limited
Corner   Thirt ieth   Av*nue   and   Main   Street.   South   Vancouver,   B. C.
Ge*r��e  M.   Murray,  President and  Managing  Director.
Herbert   A.   S**in.   Vice-President   and   Managing  Editor.
)��hn   Jackson    Business   Manager.
ELEPHONE :    All departments  Fairmont 187/
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Postage to American, European and other Foreign Countries, (1.00
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TO CORRESPONDENTS: We will not print anonymous letters.
though inviting communication on current events, to be published
over the writer's signature.
WHILE  it  is satisfactory  that  the  South  Vancouver
Council has at least aw.eke to thc urgent necessity
i,t   securing   industrial   sites   on   the   North   Arm   OI   the
Frasei kiver. it is to be hoped that the matter will nol
he merely pigeon-holed. Successive councils have too
Often discussed, resolved, e.r postponed the taking of such
or similar steps t.e encourage the location of industries
in the municipality. In the meantime the price of land
available continues to increase, making every delay e,f
serious financial consequence.
It is to the credit of the S.mih Vancouver Board of
Trade  that  iis  members  initiated  the  proposal  to  buy
industrial sites in the municipality.   This puhlic body has
been  fighting for  the adoption  eef this measure  for  the
past three or four years, but the Council has been slow
to realize the insistency e,f the need.    Here is an instance
-.here llle mutual consultation of these two public bodies
light have heen reasonably expected to result in speedier
ciieen.    This  question  of nu.re  active  co-operation  he-
veen   civic  hoelies  ami  boards   of  tr.nK-   uas   .me  nf  the
latters most strongly urged hei'..re the Municipal Commission   held  hist  year  ill   the  three  leading  cities  'if  the
province.   The ultimate responsibility leer the civic expenditure must, of course, rest  wilh  lhe Council, hut  lhat
more sympathetic ami serious consideration of board of
tradv proposals is advisable  cannol  he well gainsaid.
The culpable negligence of South Vancouver councils
in making provision for inducing manufacturers tee locate
in the municipality in the past makes il only more imperative that no time .should mew he tost in lhe active mcas
arcs necessary, In securing the establishment of factories
it now comes t.. a matter nf competition between the dif
ferent municipalities. A case in point was the recent application a. the Semth Vancouver Council eif a lumber
ceempany proposing lee locate in Greater Vancouver. The
same ceempany applied tee the Burnaby council and possibly to other civic bodies, and it will he instructive to kneiw
which district is ultimately chosen.
The urgency of this industrial sites matter cannot be
ii  persistently  kept   in   view.     11   is  now  acknowledged
i the best informed puhlic ami business men  that the
lure prosperity of Vancouver ami South Vancouver will
rgely depend upon  the establishment of more factories
and  mills.    South  Vancouver  is  being rapidly  populated
by  residents   of  an   industrial   class.     Construction   work
cannot he indefinitely relied up. .11 to till the dinner pails,
nor will capital tied up in real eslate increase the circulation of money in the municipality.    A steadily increasing payroll is what is badly wanted iu South Vancouver,
and until industrial sites at reasonable prices or other inducements are offered many intending manufacturers will
hesitate about locating here.
.!- knowledge ami ihe brilliancy 'if his political career,
loth are now. f..r all practical p.ui" - - plowing their
'own lonely furrow-'' Both are widely read men and
uthors "i" -une note-. Rosebery is a more illuminating
writer but Roosevelt is more voluminous Rosebery is
1 great believer in sport as is also Roosevelt who, preen however, baseball and boxing 1.. football ami cricket
loosevell has been a notable "rough-rider," ami a greal
lover eei horses, but hc ha- not, like Rosebery, been
the owner eif three Derby winner-. Both statesmen havi
iehl the highest political office in their respective countries I',..ih became disgruntled with ihe two parties dominant  in  iheir particular countries and  formed  separate
eeelilie.il     . .| gll 11 i/..'I 1 ie e II - While      lie,ill      HTC      cloi|UCllt       with
tongue and pen in English, it is feared thai ill llle new
\nieriean language Roosevelt would beat Rosebery "to
i frazzle."
It will thus he seen that there is a surprising similarity
in lhe lasies or Interests of these two statesmen although
there liny he some difference in the application. Iii some
things Roosevelt is quite unique. Ile is for instance a
mighty hunter of big game; a ruthless destroyer, some
say, of liee-is. hears, am!1 ligers. Hut he is at the same
lime an ardent naturalist and animal lover, spending heiurs
wiih Sir Edward Grey in observing the habits of birds
in England. Thai Roosevelt, afler spending a few days
with the Uriiish Foreign Secretary in studying natural
history sheiuld afterwards proceed to the London Guildhall and lecture Creat Britain on her Egyptian policy is
only another striking example of lhe diversity of his in-
lercsis. Il shows that while observing the habits of animal life on lhe hanks of lhe Nile he yel found.' lime lo
sludy ihe Egyptian question on the spot.
THE decision e,f the Smith Vancouver Ceeinicil  lei pave
with   w 1   blocks   both   Main   Sireet     anil     h'raser
Street from lhe cily boundary to River Roail is an ini-
peertant step in the direction of local improvements. These
two reeaels are llie principal  thoroughfares in South  Van-
couver and their development freem a business standpoint
is bound to he greatly accelerated by ihe proposed paving.
Credil is especially due I" ihe Dominion Creosoting
Company Limited, South Vancouver, fm- undertaking
the contract on the condition eif taking municipal bonds
in payment of the work. The exact .total cost eif the
work cannol now he given but ii is understood t" lie ill
ilie neighborhood eef $700,000. The contractors undertake
a. pave lhe- sln-e-ts wilh lhe best kind of creosoted wood
hlocks, and it may In- expected from the high reputation
of  llie  linn  that   the   work   will  be  of the  mosl   durable
The Dominion Creosoting Company, of which Mr. \Y.
II    Harvey is president, has by accepting the contract on
-,he conditions named, set a praiseworthy example of
practical confidence iu the bright future eef South Vancouver. As the mills and plant of the company are situated in the municipality there is additional reasem for
congratulating the firm on their noteworthy enterprise.
SPEAKING at Victoria Heights thc other day, Mr. R.
C. Hodgson, president of South Vancouver Board
of Trade made a timely appeal to ratepayers tei vote on
matters according to the interests eif the whole, and not
of merely a part, of the municipality. He asked that ratepayers should1 sink, when necessary, their own particular
pet local schemes in veiling for eether proposals which
have the general interests of the whole municipality at
There are times, of course, when the needs of a particular district e,r ward are see imperative as to require immediate attention. Probably also lhe carrying out of such
particular proposals will contribute to the general advantage "f the municipality.   But there are unfortunately
some ratepayers  who cannol   see beyond the interests of
-"-���lir ow.   little sictieni.   They will vote for bylaws which
lude  expenditures  in  their  own  ward  and  will  vote
ainst. or abstain from voting iu favor of, other bylaws
tich concern ihe whole' of ihe municipality.   There are
sessions when  il  is more'  Important and urgent  to pass
a gas or school bylaw than otic for the rocking eef a certain street, although possibly the latter proposal may als.i
deserve iin   electors' approval.
One '���!  lhe mosl  discouraging features in  lhe efforls to
secure municipal improvements is the apathy eif a considerable proportion of electors S.>m.- ratepayers while
they may 'a.I he opposed l" certain proposals submitted
for their decision abstain from voting because such ibi
not appear to directly affect their particular Interests or
their particular district. They feirgel, e>r do not sufficiently consider, that probably indirectly the measures in question may vitally affect the- interests 'if their own ward as
part of the whole municipality.
No doubt the warel system is partly responsible for this
spirit of sectionalism. Hut even with the ward system of
municipal governmenl in force it is not necessary for
electors to restrict Iheir interest in the municipality to
Iheir own district. N'eer need the councillors confine their
activities to lhe wards ihey represent. For it must he
admitted that the truism that "the interests of the whole
are greater than those of a. part" is particularly applicable
as regards ihe development ")' a municipality,
liCENTLV Edison referred to motion pictures as like
ly to prove one eef the most important aids to cdu
cation ever devised hy human wit. He referred also to
the marvellous power of rapid photography and the
moving picture in revealing to the observer the development of things otherwise unseeable to the naked eye.
Some wonderfully interesting examples of this effect have
been recently shown in Vancouver moving picture shows.
As regards the educational aspect of the moving picture there can be no doubt of its future usefulness in teaching children such subjects as geography, history, natural
history audi the elements of natural science. It is a generally accepted axiom that a child can grasp and retain
in his memory what he sees more easily than what he
hears. Physical geography for instance could be taught
in schools by tbe aid of moving pictures with greater
success than by oral teaching alone. The moving picture arouses the absorbed interest of the children and
they are the more likely to retain tbe knowledge thus
derived than by the often half-hearted lessons they con
by ear or learn from text books. The moving picture
by arousing interest in a country or a subject in a child's
receptive mind would probably also lend interest to the
books in which the subjects are described. Scenes in different countries shown by the moving picture would help
enliven the otherwise dull pages of physical and political
geography. Famous historical events depicted on Ihe
screen would awaken the child's eager desire to learn
more from his school books.    In other subjects such as
natural  history,  botany, geology  anil different  phai
Science, the moving picture is very likely to prove a valuable aid to educational equipment.
It has been suggested by a South Vancouver man that
were   the   moving   picture  idea   adopted   in   schools   sonic
arrangement might be madie between the different schools
eef the Dominion by which films could be inter-cbangeil.
Thus pictures eif Uriiish Columbia could he changed for
liaise eif Manitoba e,r Ontario and vice versa. The suggestion appears lo us quite practicable; and in the meantime it weiuld be interesting 1 <��� know what school trustees and teachers think lib.mt the matter,
("Toronto Globe")
Little public interest is taken in the
iffairs "i  Seeuili America.    How few
ire   aware,   feer   instance,   that   in   "m
,e'e-ni m.mill more immigrants ar-
ived ai Buenos Ayres than in New
V"ik!' European peoples are pouring through ilie gateways of the
-null lo an extent undreamt "f by
iii..-,' in.i iu leeiich with conditions
ni ihat part ..f the world. Argentina
attracts large numbers eef Europeans,
ihe average during the past live years
being over a epiartcr of a million. In
link- more than half a century four
million immigrants arrived in ih.- Argentine Republic. Italians, Spanish,
ami French, they are tilling up the
great seething pot, in a ceiimry already cosmopolitan, out <>i which will
eene   day   emerge   a   distinct   type   of
nationality preponderatingly Latin in
ils origin.
luiinigratioii is working a greal
change   ill   South     America.       Guide
books tell eef the cosmopolitan splendor of Buenos Ayres, which is de-
icribed as a European city in a foreign land. Great business activity
ami wealth go hand-in-hand with old-
world refinement and luxury,    li is
typical of Argentina, em whose mania; s ami customs are impressed the
individuality of the highly civiliz.-d
peoples who find a home within her
borders. There are now resident in
Argentina meere than 850,000 Italians,
425,000 Spaniards, and about 105,000
French. The Irish also form a large
and prosperous colony, The most
remarkable   feature   of., the     change
wrought by immigration to Latin
America is lhe further infusion of
Latin blood. Brazil is experiencing
the same inflow of the Latin races
as her neighbor. The re-Latinizing
rn' Semth America is practically con-
lined io the eastern c.iast. In Chile
and Peru it is a negligible factor. In
Cuba, however, there has been a
strong accession of Spanish blood
since lhe em!1 of the war. Many
Spaniards are Hying from the old
Bag of the monarchy tei the Hag of
independent Cuba. Lasl year twenty
thousand Spaniards arrived in Cuba
seeking new homes. The- potentialities of this re-Latinizing of the Latin
republics in Soulh America are great,
and have scarcely received the attention   llle  subject  deserves.
*    *    *
("Cleveland   Star")
A visitor tei Cleveland one evening sat next to a carpenter returning
from work, The street car was new,
with comfortable seals, wide aisle,
good ventilation. The visitor was
Thc carpenter had a wife and two
young children. He had! worked at
his trade in a number of cities. The
pay was about the same from place
to place.
"But Cleveland for mine," he said.
"I've always wanted to live where the
kids could have a patch of ground
to play and dig in, and where I could
raise a few things in a garden. In
the pleasant weather it's nice to take
lhe table outdoors and have a kind of
picnic meal.    Wife often does.
"My work shifts about a good bit.
Just now, for example, I have a job
on the East Side, eight miles from
the Square. We live seven miles
seuithwest of the Square. This makes
30 miles of street car riding I have
to do each day. Every other place
I've worked in that would cost 10
cents. Here it costs 6. No. I don't
save the difference���1 put it in the
garden. With car fare so cheap, we
feel that we can spend a little more
on rent, so as to get lawn and garden room. I figure that we save $20
a year on 3-ccnt car fare. But if we
put that much extra in a house with
ground around it, we aren't extravagant. The money conies back. The
kids are healthier. The wife isn't so
cooped up. And 1 find it restful,
nights and mornings, to putter
around  with the flowers and things."
The other day the Boston Board
of Health made a return on the distribution of tuberculosis among occupations, including, for the lirst lime,
the occupation of housekeeping. In
the report was a table of percentages of deaths. And, lo, 28 per cent,
of deaths were among housewives���
nearly three times the mortality in
the  next  highest occupation I
"Congratulations   to   the   'Greater
South Vancouver, on ilu- completii
l a recent issue says
Vancouver Chinook,'
n of its first year of
Tllh'. autobiography of ex-President Roosevelt now appearing in the- Toronto "Weekly Star" is an altogether interesting human document. Tt is frank, minute
and unsophisticated in its self revelation of one of the
ablest aial most versatile personalities of the day. That
the life-story is full of cheerful egotism and self-confidence does not prevent it from being also at limes relieved hy admirable modesty in describing his exploits
and discriminating praise of other people's characters. So
far as the reminiscences go, they reveal the early days
nf a many-sided man, widely read1, keenly observant, combinative in temperament, but withal, a generous and warmhearted lover of his kind.
Seldom has there been in American political life a lead-
tig statesman of so many varied interests. Perhaps Lord
Roseberj is ihe only living statesman in the Old Country who can be compared to Roosevelt in the diversity of
* 9   9
Till', SPIRIT ni-' CHIVALRY i- nol yel quite dead in
British Columbia when live ladies are allowed lo head
a struggling party eif 560 people seeking homesteads at
New-  Westminster  this  week.
* *   *
GREATER VANCOUVER'S population is now estimated
(by   Henderson's   Directory   lo   have   reached   lhe   200,000
.nark.    Of this   teeial  ab. ill   40,000  are  resident   in   South
Vancouver according to the recent estimate eef Assessor
* 9 9
poetically complains in the columns of the "World"
that baseball language is becoming more intricate every
day. No, sir; it is based em principles so simple that
every school boy in South Vancouver can learn it quicker
than the multiplication table.
* * *
THE FIRST ASCENT TO the Lions of the British Columbia Mountaineering club is announced to take place
Saturday, starting up the valleys of Capilano. and Sisters'
Creeks. In thc course of their upward journey the
.-limbers will be able to obtain a fine bird's-eye view of
the splendid industrial sites of South Vancouver.
("Leslie's Weekly")
China is now a republic, but Ihey
still ihe some things in the old way.
For example, an edict has been issued by the Cabinet of the republic]
that will change the style of dress
from Oriental to Occidental, Women
are to give up their trousers for a
loose-lilting garment on the lines of
a kimona for housewear, and shin-
waist and pleated skirl for street use.
Men are to wear thc business suit and
conventional evening clothes of the
Bast. Women will be permitted to
wear nothing but high shoes, while
men will be allowed to use high calfskin or low tan shoes. It may be
that the Government will find difficulty in enforcing an edict so revolutionary, especially when many Chinese women look upon their present
costume and not without Grounds,
too, as being more modest and convenient.
New Bank Building
Another new bank of international
importance and standing will efecl a
building in Vancouver, at an early
date. This is thc Franco-Canadian
Credit I'oncier Company. They arc
having plans prepared for a ban-
storey building at the corner of Hastings and Hornby streets at an estimated est of $.134,000. Thc structure
will he 120 feet by 50 feel, on the
south-east comers of the streets mentioned and opposite the Metropolitan
lluilding. Excavation work has al-
ready commenced for the foundation
and building operations will commence within the next few weeks.
Apply to Fletcher & Brett
We have the following to offer to any one in search of a good cheap home :
A cleared 50ft. lot close to Collingwood East station with a four-room cottage, water
and light; ilso a well built two-room cottage in rear of the lot which is 132ft. deep.
Good title. The place in rear rents for $8.00 per month. Price for the whole place
$2,300. $150 cash, balance $25 per month. Interest quarterly at 7 per cent. Do
not pass this by without investigation. Your time will be w-11 spent to look at this
Phone  Collingwood  24,   P.   O.   Box  25,   Collingwood   East
Phone: Fair. 326       4518 Main St.
A drink to be grateful for. Not simply
a  thirst  quencher,   but   the  purest,
mildest,   most  healthful   food-beverage
yet produced.    At all dealers.
British Columbia Breweries Ltd.
South Vancouver Builders' Supply Company
Dealers in Sand, Gravel, Fibre, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Vitrified
Pipe, Tile, Fire-clay, Lath, and Brick of all kinds.
Offices :   51st Avenue and Fraser Street.    Phone : Fraser 36.
XIain and 29th Avenue.    Phone :   Fairmont 1940.
Fraser Street and North Arm of Fraser River.   Phone : Fraser 84..
Coal orders taken at all offices and delivered to all parts of South
Phone 2988
Limited        Ft. of Columbia Ave.
Building  Materials
Largest  and  Best   Assorted   Stock   in   British   Columbia
C. Gardiner - Johnson & Company
Johnson's Wharf
Phone : Sey. 9145
concrete mixers, steel cars, rock crushers, electric, steam,
and gasoline hoists.   wheelbarrows, transmission
machinery. gasoline enoines, pumps, and
road machinery
Pho���� :  Seymour 705678U Officti :  60M07  Bink ol Ottawa Bldf.
Wanted���Good  building  Lots  in   vicinity  of   Knight   Road
at reasonable prices
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies. Corporation Brass Goods.
572 Beatty Street
1'IIONl: :   IIIGIII.ANi)   5.10R
You Can Talk Over Our
Long Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From Fraser
To Steveston for 15 cents.
To Port Moody for 20 cents.
To Coquitlam and Ladner for 25 cents.
To Cloverdale, Hammond and Milner for 30 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 40 cents.
To Chilliwack and Bellingham for 50 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison 1 lot Springs for 55 cents.
British Columbia Telephone
Co. Ltd.
Above rales are subject  to change without  notice.
All Grocers
Kelly, Douglas & Co. Ltd.
418 Winch Building Vancouver, B.C.
Wood Block
9S&�� THI5 IS AN 010 ONE BUT-
II.   Crowe
Cedar Cottage
"Fur v.
happy knacl of; ap| ted a palpabl
lee   lil^'     ill.l.       |..     Jeiil |   ,
tcrruplions   witli   -    .-, 1��i:irt   rete.it        I);:
thai   iiei��� 11. -lT.it, l>. , i     the i eppo     ' - illivan
-in..n     He waa ; nd   Sir
ni>i��)  mi . ling n<Jt !>>���
i short time a big i hunk ��� ��� i m i
thr. m ii .ei  him     h'ortu ain I
* ,e ��� bad, and it fell harmlei n tl n   Sul-
platform. ; '���
Me   Clark up and ihowcd Tom    G
"���', i   ie.-.,\. in '"   he   exi I.i I   in i       Tom���Hurry   Brm k��te ni
torn     of  i k  anxi ly,  "one   uf our ' lly answ er-
llppi lill li1 -    liai    lligl    III-.    Ile-inl!"
a   st  a A'iiicli   tl lick !
...... Ki        Arthur"   madi    pcculiarl)   up        Tom    Siol   al   all
1     '' '���        .���"���;   I""1"  u'a'1' '    ,"'    p ���-; I ed him "Will thou have
Ueparlmcnl ,    ,   . ,,���,   woni ������       Mig,     Gi,
 I,uri '1-r>    ":   dwa'     ,;,",��� ���'���  ��o���,an   wa   trial  be     edge,   the'banl [lite,     "to   lie
:'    i'"1"1    f.,ri edded  wife   " an I  I
. iH'        ,' I ��� I     .11." and    . ,i  hap-
;".   '     .             ���:'���   '''        "    '    ;" , ' leai  thai the woman pened
I                       dwarf ma.z,   und .1  did .  .    ,,���     ,,,������..,,,,
hne.     II   was   Ilu    dw     i       i .    ������    I ne years,  who  was in       ,,
courl i.e   exhibit   his    batl red   con        l'"'\ ;|   s"lld   '"""'  l1"'  captain   had
proving,  the affliction  with which hi    G,  A.  Thompson
was   bothered   became     worse,     the
hours  of  his   night-watch  increasing
than   diminishing
One night, in the middle of his per-       n     'I   I *      C 1
ambulation,  hc  calmly   awal DUllClerS        OUpplV
My   (tear,"   he   grumbled,   "if   tl i Healers   in
����� I'11   Sand,  Gravel,  Cement,   Brick,  Laths,
Fibre, Etc.
Phone     Fairmont   549
'.   nn<       \e. .���, near Porter Rd.
Tei  Box <:. Cedar Cottage, B. C.
Ilul   ill ���  jack-rabbits   aii
ii as  fast as il goi ripe      Pie isi   senl jj'J,',,',                                                              ���     lecturing his men e,n "Tlie'  Du
anotbei                   ed,  and    end  al ng ,,                               ,,vUi,   ,lis  ���on.   ties   of  a   Soldier."   and   lie-   though!
"I dwari Jack-rabbits to match ,���. ,.-                          whether shi                ' ""��' <>"' ' ' ,l;"' ''"""   ;"  him
the  maize- anything  to say                                         '" les' ''"' results ol his discoursi
"Kin  I a>'i yo' I lonuh a
A   good   illustration     i   the   wil   of inquired  the  prisoner.
Bishop   VVelldon,   tin    popular   Dean "Co   ahead,"   said   the
of   Manchester,   is   afford '1   bj    the th.' court  room  listened,
following   storj :    Once  at  a   lunch- "Well,  then, yo  honah,  I'd  liki   to
eon   given   by   thc   Lord   Mayor   ol is!    yo'   whether  yo'   was   ever    the
Manchester the Dean sal nexl  to Sn paricnt of a puffcctly wtilhless culled
6018  Fraser Avenue
I Establish) 'I  two years)
Cleaning and  Pressing
Reliable Repair Work
Suits Madeto-Order
"Well, now, really, Miss Jcerwell,
I slie.iilil like tn In-ar what you would
consider the ideal man." said Hililael.
"Define him tor me, won't you?"
"I Couldn't," said -Miss Jeerwell.
with a pleasant smile. "The terms
are'   essentially   contradictory."
"1   hope yem  are  following by  in
struction   carefully,   Sandy���the   pills
three times a day and a drop of whiskey at bedtime."
'Weil. sir. I may be a wee bit behind wi' the pills, bul I'm alee.tit six
weeks in front wi' thc whusky.
Herbert   i
"V\ ell.   Mr.   Tree,   whal     .  ���
bi ��� ii di ling ti daj ?" he asked
"I wenl for a I��� ��� n vr motor ride thii
morning and lost a bet," replied lhe
famous actor.
'Indeed!"   said   the   Deal
may  I  ask whal  the bet  wa  ?"
"I inaeli- a bei t hat we n ��� ,n]<I pi - -
through four hundri .1 diffen in odors,
and wc encountered only three linn-
dred  and  ninety-nine."
"Ah!"   replied     Bishop     Welldon,
promptly.    "You missed the
"Bertie," said iii- me ithi r, "whal
would ye.u like i'e give your cousin
Willi ���  for  hi-  birthday?"
"I km.'.'.- what I'd like- to give him,"
'And answered Bertie, who had been bullied by the older boy, "bul I ain'l
big . nough."
A g i story is told of a late Dub-
lin  doctor,  famous  for  his   -kill  and
also   his   greal   love   of   money.     He
lor i.i   had a  11 instanl and enriching patient
in an ..lil shopkeeper in  Dame street.
*   *   * This old lady was terribly rheumatic
A   little   four-year-old   girl,   whose    a.ml ��i,ab,e,t0 '*.ve '"''  B.ofa'    During
parents   had  been   discussing  an   ap-
the   doctor's   , i-.it   she   ki ,ei
Casting  hi-  e; es  around  ike
lie-   fixed   e,n    Private   Murphy   as   his
. rsl  victim.
"Private Murphy," he asked, "why
should a soldier be ready to .lie for
his country ?
The Irishm; ii scratched ki- cad
for a while-; then an ingratiating and
enlightening -mile flitted across liis
faci "Sui >. . aptain,' he said, pleasantly, "you're quite right. Wh)
should   he?"
The day was drawing  to a
Judge, jurors, witnesses, and lawyers
���all   were  growing  weary.    Counsel
for the prosecution was cross-examin-
inc the defendant.
"Exactly how far i- il between thc
two towns?" lie- asked at length.
For  some  time    the    man    sl u .;
thinking;  then���
" \l,e.iii flair mill'- :i- tlie cry il iws,"
came  the  answer.
Y.m  mean as the flow cries!" re-
Phon* :  Iriitr 34 - 461h Av��. and Frater
DOWN       TOWN        PARLORS :
Phone :   Sey.  340.   Day  or   Night
Telephone Fairmont 718
proaching meeting in connection with   '  "' lte '"  l,r  hand,  v',lu'h 'u,1-v   lorted the man of law.
the   Society   for   the   Prevention   of   wenl   """   l)r-   l     s   pocket.      One      The judg<   leaned  forward.
Cruelty   to   Children,   begged   to   be   morning he found her lying dead on      -x,,,"   he   remark,-:   suavely,   "he
laken.     Her  mother   explained     thai   the sofa     Sighing deeply, thc doctor   means as the fly crows."
the meeting would not amuse her, bul   approached, ;<n,l  taking  her  hand  in |
she   persisted  in   her    demand,    and    "s ;'       ���'   lllr hiigcrs  closed on his
finally  her mother agn ed to take hei    ''
if shi  promised to be ver}  quiet. "''""   lh,nl?!    ���� said, as he pock-
She was very good throughout the j cttcl ll:   'sensible to the last!
greater  pan  of the  pre icei dings, bul
"Speaking e.i culture as a legitimate
illege   product,   I   am   remindi .1   ol
lory   of   a   clergyman   and   his
after listening patiently to the
speeches for some time she whisper
ed to her mother :
"Mummy, this is dull! When is thc   wife   who   were  attending   the   corn-
cruelty going to begin?" j mencemenl exercises at a certain col-
*   *   * |, gc  for girJs.
Al the animal fair that is hehl at a
small town in Russia a man observed
a gypsy and a Pole haggling over the
sale of .a horse. When the transaction
was uver lu- asked the gypsy how
much he had gi.1 i ir the animal. Thc
gypsy opened his hand and ihowcd a
ten-rouble note���worth abfttt five
But isn't that \ ery cheap?"
The new collector had jusl  returned   to  tin   office.
"No," said the- gypsy.    "Thi   horse
"'I   approve   e.i   higher   education ,.  |ame."
for   women,'   said   the-   divine    with The man ihen sought out the Pole,
...   ���                                                 greal  unction, 'because ol  the refine- to whom he said:    "You have given
We"   Swan  what success d.d you   ������.���,. ,,���. ,M���,m.  ������ ������,,,,,,,, ,-,,���,,.. u.n uiM_  f()r a ,am�� hors( ���
"In ��� ���      -"  ���,    ������      i   <' ;���     ,.,     I "i  the  minds of young women, and The    Pole   smiled   knowingly   and
success!     answered   Me.in.      -\.\e-   ,.i.,.|,   c 0, ,,,.,,,;,-,. ,  ,,.,i,,- ;,, .,n ,i,,. ,    ,      ....                       ,
i  i,.,.      ,    ���t ��� .,n ,.;,,!,,'���        eviucn i- s.e mamiesl  todaj   m all tin- remarked:      He  i- as sound as  you
bein e havi   g  sn,,,--... | exercises.'    Jusl   then   a   sweet    girl
graduate came i ushing across the
e-iiiii|nis. waving her diploma frantically   aloft,   and   crying   in   a   skrill
"Did   you   see   McManus?"   asked
the boss .
"Sure.   I   sec  McManus,    McManus
he pay you in Yanuary." , -
i he   boss   ihe-n   inquired   aboul   a
feve    more   delinquents,    and     finally
came baek to McManus. "S.e Me'- Architect: "Xow, where would
Maim.- said he would pay in Jan- you prefer lhe drawing-room, sir!-"
nary, eliel he?" Mr.   Slrukile :    "I k   here,  young
"(ih. no," said Swan, "hi  don'l  say   man,   I've lei  you pul  up a  -m..kin-
he pay in Yannary. bul lie say it bane   room, when  I  don'l  smoke; a music-
a cold day'fore you gel your n cy."   room, when  I  couldn't  play a mouth
. .rgan; a mirsi ry, when  I ain'l go! n
Phrenology and Palmistry
ii-  I.    I  saw  lie- wa-  badly  shod, anel
thai   was all."
The ini|iiire-r returned to the gypsj
ami reported whal the Pole had said.
Then, with a significant wmk. ilu
gj p-\   vi hispercd :
"Mi-".-   .as   lame   as    a     two-legged
siei'il!    I  had him badly - li- ���,! on pui
pose lo make people believe that thai
was the e'an-e- of his limp."
Winn   the   Pole   was   told   this,  he
seemed for a momenl taken aback and    ... Vn  ",,u.sua'  lnclden<   [h:'[  deprived
hung   his   head;   ihen   he   heaved   a   New, V'"k  "j ;'. '"''">' occurred_re-
,- illtly   in   a   le.u
(Formerly of  Montreal)
80S   Granville   Street.   Corner   Robson
Hours-  10 a.m   to 9 p.m.
I nurse:' and -    nantn     when "f don'l sigh and shrugged his shoulders. ceiiiiy in  a  nan game between New
Dr.   N'orman   Macleod     wti -e   ���:���u      j',",' ������ '',',,:       Xaw    the      "Ah. well," he said.    "It's all right; ^"':k   ""    Philadelphia   in   the  tenth
preaching  in  a  district   in    Ayrshire    ihl   ,.    ,' ,;,-,��i,.,,., ��� ,���      ,'.;������     ; il   -.ei.- .,  bad  ten-rouble note." ""''"^  w1""   the   Giants   apparently
where the reading uf a sermon i- re     , -';,-. won  the game     Merkle opened witfc
Tommj    came   home   from   -  :   ���  1
"\\ - 'I    mj     son,"    ��� ���' -. ii nl    his
fully,  "ho��   did   )   u  gej|
ii i,i     -ho ,|  today
gardi '1 a - the greatesl fault of �� hich
the minister can be guilty \\ hen
ilu- :ongregation dispersed an old
woman, overflowing with enthusiasm,
addressed  her  neighbor.
' I lid   ye-   ever   hear   oil) thing     - te
gran'?  VVasna  thai a  sermon?"
All   her   expression   of   admiration       Tommy said that he had been whip-
l..-it g   in. i  ley   a  stolid    gl in,. .    she   ������ il  ��� l!':  kM'i  in
5hi nn-il : "li   wa -  because  y..'i   lold   mi   thc
"Speak,   woman!    \\ asna    lhat    a   ".n'1 "   he   adde .1 Lai I
sermon ?" nighl you hi \\   mu
"He read it!" said thc other. y"�� said il  was a
To  which   she  replied,  with  ind        ':' "'      '   ���' '"'���"
iiiini emphasis :
had  whustled it
'1  wadna care if   ie   an5��  ''
\ commission in lunat >   had called
"\\ hj    -'id   vim   -1 i   thi ' witness  sl
log "   asked   the   magistrate i       "A,l,!  now."  said  t'i. -
ays tin  animal i- perfect!)  quiet :    1   counsel to her. "whal is your ground
a   single   and   Herzog   bunted   iur   a
Sam. the hired man. returned from sacrifice, bul  Merkle beal   Mexander'a
iin   cit)   with  a   scarf  pin   that    on- throw   to head the- runner ..IT at scc-
laincd  a  "diamond"  of  unusual   sizi ond     Wilson then bunted safely and
Il  was the pridi    .1 his hearl and '.'���.��� with                   -   full   and   with   none
eiiv)   ol                   ���   companions McCormick   was   sent   in   to  bat
in thei -ii.--,        He   Int   the   hi st  ball
and   ii-   authenticit)    wilh pitched  for an   i|  -             ingle   which
high   scorn      His   empl red   Merkle        Players     of    both
week    i basking in ii- radiance,  tski I teams ran toward the club house and
Sam aboul  it- hisl the crowd swarmed   in  thi   field
"Sam."  he  said,  "is  it  a   real    Ita Managei    Dooin    Captain     Doolan
��� ii- ml ?" nd other 1                                  .  In.w-
I,"  -..nl  Sam,  "if it  ain't,   1'vi ever,   rushed   al   Umpi i    Klem   and
i.i mi robbed of r.; cents." tl   his  attention   to   the  fact  that
.    ,    , hi   v. a- n. i in pi   .'ii   w;" ii t!i    ball
Im    Klein   had   turned    te.    the
"\\ell,  Johnny."    said    the    hard- stand  and   was announcing  lhat   Me-
1    empl' yr,    I   don'l      i   h i�� c rmick   ���        balling  foi    Dcmaree.
any    baseball   He agreed with I n that
ncvci   disturbs anj
"\\ ell,  no," admitted   the    el. I
ant.    "I've newt heard him howl  in
all his life, Imt  he always looki
it  In- was jusl  going  In     Hc  woi Id
e-eilllr   eeut   Into  tile   e..i ei   3      ������������������ 1.   '
ai night, s.|iiai down, look al ihe
in....ii, draw his breath, open his
mouth and fix for a howl from h re
to Jericho, then change his mind,
crawl under the- porch, and go to
slea-p No, I never heard hnn howl,
Inn the- suspense was killing me."
* A A
A Swede was being examined in a
case where' the defendant was accused e.i breaking a plate-glass wintow
with a large stone. He was pressed
tn tell how hi.n thc stoue was. bul he
oeitlil not explain.
"Was it iis hi^ as my list?" asked
the' jttdgc, who had taken over the
examination from thc lawyers in the
hope   of  getting   seeliu-   results.
"It ban bigger," the Swede replied.
"Was it as big as my live, list-:"
"It ban bigger."
"Was it iis big .-is my head?"
"It ban abi ut as long, bul not so
thick!" replied the Swede, while the
ushers worked haul to stifle the
laughter in court.
e*e       el,       *
An illiterate young man once ee't
a friend t.> write- a letter for him to
his sweetheart. The- letter was rather
priis:iic for ii love-letter, anel he fell
thai all apology was due lo his
swecthearl for its lack of tender
nothings.     Il   was  as   follows :
"Please excuse llle mildness nf litis
here letter, as the chap wots 'ritin' ii
is a married mail, and he says he
can'l   hide  any   soft-soaping���il   alius
gi\ i -  him the spazzums."
*   *   *
Blessed with :i sense of humor, Sir
lli-nry   Irving Was n>el   shut  up ill  his
dignity as in a tower; he thoroughly
. 11    ���    11. ���       ��� sin
I'lic v< -'in,in gul|    ;.   e ip ,; In ���
and iin h   red :
"V\ e II,  gentlemi it,  hi    toi >k   nn    t
ilu   theatn   Iw ice in e-iu- �� eek     I
tinn   wc   v.e-iii   ni   i   taxicau,  wi   had
Ip    ���   e ii,h  time after  the  pi i
ance,   and        h   time   he   boughl   mi
chocolates   and   flowers      Me     didn'l
. nee  go oul to sec a man In i w een Iln
acts,   either."
"Bul madame," said a commission
er, "surel) these actions < 1. ��� ti"t
prove insanity on the accused's part?"
"Bul you forget, sir." said the lady,
with ii sad smile, "yoo forge! thai the
accused is my husband."
*      A      A
"Why. Henry," she exclaimed,
"what is the matter with yeeu? You
seem  excited."
li wiis ,1 minute before he could
control hi- voice sufficiently to speak.
"I am," he snorted. "I have heen
"How? Who did it?" And her
spirit rose.
"B) .1 scoundrel who came inl.e my
office ihis morning, I have mused
my wrath all elay. and now I have
cunt.' to you for advice. What would
yem do if a man were to tell you !���>
go to Jericho and stop  then-."
As he sir.eiU- about the room In-
kicked over thc table and a couple
of  chairs.
"Wh). dear," she replied, after the
impulsive manner of women and with
the utmost sincerity, "I  wouldn't go."
Then he sal down and though!
that a yee.nl wife's advice was an anchor i.e windward in a husband's
mosl   te mpestuous  moments,
Night after nighl the famous southpaw solemnly walked the bedroom
floor, bearing in his arms the youngest    of    Iiis   family.      Instead   en   ini-
.-     v.Ill
grand-   he was noi in posilii n and called f'ir
lime - l.i-t  -nniiii. i the _. |                 ,.,,     \|:nu    ,,,    ,|u,
nsw red       I- hnny, playi rs  had   started   to  change   iheir
ia has married again,  dthough clothing,   and   it   took   more   than   a
11   "���'-   mueh   tgainsl   ihe   wi ,,.:.,-  :    f an hour to clear the field
mil)'. When   pla)   was   resumed   McCor-
*   ��   * mick hit into a double play and Snod-
Mi      Kendall      sometime       L'ncl. L;r''~s  "Js  """""  '""     by    Doolan
""8 the  reason   McCormick's  hit did not
counl   wi,-   because   he   was   not   in
Sam's    H nailer-General,     wishing   ^lem  ��plained_ aftei   the |
lo . .blain -. mie information as tee the
position, and quoted -e-e-tnen 4 of rule
28 te. sustain  his action.
source of i river, sen! the following
note  tn n  \ illagc  postmaster :
"Sir. This departmenl de-ires t.i
know how far the Tombigee River
run- up.���Yours respectfully, etc." Barney Goss says:    Gee, but there
B)   return   mail   came: ! are  a   Let   eef  true  blue   speirts  in  the
"Sir,���The- Tombigee River does
nol run up iit all: il runs down.���Re-
spi ctfull)   y. .ur-.  etc."
Kendall,  nol  appreciating his sub-
it innate's   bumor,   wri,11-  again :
"Sir.���Your appointment as postmaster is revoked. You will turn
over funds, etc., to vour successor."
Xeet :tl all disturbed by his summary
dismissal,   the   postmaster   replied:
Sir.���The  revenues   feir  this  offic
Canadian Amateur Athletic Union
back east. For two years or more
"Scotty" McKay, the classy Victoria
lightweight, has been appearing in
amateur boxing tournaments on the
coast under the sanction of the
British Columbia Amateur Athletic
Union, the provincial subsidiary body
of the Canadian I'ttiem. Ilis appearance- have also heen under thc sanction of the parent body, otherwise he
have heen .me dollar; ii- expenditure
for twine anel tallow candles, one
dollar, live cents. I trust my successor is instructed to adjust the balance."
for  the qjuartcr ending Septembei  30   would   neit   have  appeared.    "Scotty"
recently went east, at his own expense, to compete in the light and
welterweight divisions in the Canadian boxing championships. Mindful
of past experiences, when three British Columbia boys grabbed e.ff three
championships, and fearing a repetition this year, thc governing authorities of the Union in Toronto
promptly dug up some old charges
against   McKay and barred him from
A newly married man returned
In eme one evening to discover that
his   wife   was  "all   tired  out."
'Ye'ii     look     dreadfully     fatigued,
little eme." he said, in a sympathetic   particioation   in  the  tournament,
tone. If  the  officials  of  the   British   Col-
"1 am," was the reply. "Yon see. umbia Amateur Athletic Union had
dear, I heard you say that you liked as much backbone as a jellyfish they
rallied, see early this morning I went would promptly apply the boot to
le.   the   market   tei   get   you   one.     I   the   Canadian   Amateur  Athletic  Un-
iii.iint lo surprise you with a rabbit
for dinner, but I'm afraid yem will
have to do without it. I've been hard
.ii work .en ii all day, and I haven't
got it more than half picked!"
ion. But past experience has shown
that they haven't, and it seems almost
bopeleas lee expect anything in this
case but a timid complaisance with
the ruling of the eastern sport hogs. SIX
SATURDAY, MAY 24, 191.1.
Short Lesson in Household
Are you using carbon lamps for lighting :
Do vou know that Tungsten lamps give three limes the amount
of light obtained from tbe carbon lamp with the same consumption
of current?
Woulil it imt bc advisable f.er yon ta secure ihis improved form of
lighting t
Ait.r you have- considered ihe above queries visit our salesrooms
ami ilk lhe lamp counter clerk l.e demonstrate the difference between the Tungsten lamp and tin- ordinary carbon lamp
I'..i convenience ol our customers we earry a full line of Tungsten
lamps, eef an improved type, in slock.
Carrall &
1138 Gran.
villc Street
(Near Davie)
"Snow is Coming"���Buy Your
at Summer Prices
3 Loads for $9.00
4905 Ontario Street Cor. Bodwell (34th Avenue)
Phone :    Fraser 41
Fashion  Fads
Ultra-modish feminity in Xew Yeirk
has  .a   new   lasl,ie.n   fad.    It  i��    the
wearing "i the monocle.
Al long ago as last year's Horse
Show tin- lirst one was se-en on a woman, anel the' wearer wai one of the
 a   ne.teel    horsewomen    in    N'ew
! York. Mill Annie- Tinker. She wore
it ..ii horieback, at 101 iety function!,
in the aiie-it ii. and in ihe evening.
\\ he thei      -he-     still le el        llle-        l.iel       e ,r
whether it iprang up from other
tourcei  is  ii"i  known,  Inn   recently
there ha- heen a -leaely demand for
monocles  al   the   bin  jewellery   lliopl
..ii fifth avenue.
It takes practice i" wear a glass
without   rim or ribbon  I'e il.
The  smart   veiling   woman does met
wear  a   unmeee-le  on  all    occasions.
She allow- il lo elangle ire.iii her
neck hy a line golel chain or a narrow silk ribbon, Xow and then she
raises ii to lur left eye, nil she never
wears il for any great length of lime
Mosl  eef ilie in ides that arc sold
mi Fifth avenue have torteiise shell
rim-. Tluy are more easily worn
than the rimless or even gold-rimmed variety.
According lee several jewellers, the
hand monocle���a glass too large to
he worn in thc eye, hut which can
he- raised lee aid lhe vision���is destined   to   eclipse   thc   smaller   ami   true
monocle in popularity.
Subdivision portion of Illock 15, District Lots 3.10-1, 33ft. Lots. River
Road frontage Price $800. Terms one-fifth cash, balan.e o, 12 and
18 months.
Subdivision of Block la, District Lot 655.
Main Street, frontage 33ft.xl02ft.���$2,650.
Inside Lots, 33ft.x 122ft.���$650.
Terms���one-quarter cash, balance 6 12 and 18 months.
Five per cent, commission to agents.
London & British North America Co, Limited
With which is incorporated Mahon, McFarland & Procter Ltd.
Insurance Money to Loan
Agreements For  Sale  Purchased
A Better Garden
han you ever had befoi
can bc had by sowing
Ritchie's  Seeds
Write  loday for  '.his beautifully
illustrated catalogue
Brimful with cultural directions
Phone Sey   1892
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western Plate Glass &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thorne   Metal   Store   Front   Bars,   Bevelling   and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
The Butterfly Queen
In a  little mountain-town in California there lives a young woman of
eighteen,   who   makes   a   fortune   out
nf moths and butterflies.
The young lady's name is Ximcna
McGlashan, and she has in her possession some of the most valuable
butterflies in the world, and almost
all the natural history museums have
dealings with hcr. The country where
Mi>s McGlashan's home is situated
iilieiuuils wiih wonderful ninths and
butterflies of every size and color,
and se, it is no wonder that she grew
up with a passion for this branch of
nature  study.
Her father, who is a lawyer, intended hcr in go in for school teaching,
but Xiincna���whose name, hy the
way, is Spanish for Queen���had made
up her mind lee devote her life to
entomology, and could nut be per-
Buaded to alter it.
Besides being an expert catcher of
mollis and butterflies. Miss Mc-Glas-
hiin breeds thein as well, and ber
home is a veritable butterfly museum.
Room after room is filled with
hundreds of dollars' worth of specimens, and in special compartments
arc cabinets containing breeding-
moths. Miss McGlashan has to make
careful preparations in order to catch
hcr  specimens  successfully.
She uses a mixture consisting of
stale beer, rum and br iwn sugar.
These ingredients make a thick mixture, and with ;i painl brush she deposits some of tbe stuff on the leaves
of the trees. The moths are able to
scent this, mixture from a distance
eef half a mile, and very shortly after
it bas been put on the trees dozens
nf the insects assemble around. The
effect of the mixture on thc creature's is lo make them insensible, and
they are then easily captured and
Miss McGashan has captured as
many iis 3,000 In an evening In this
At olher limes the Butterfly Queen
searches willows, and cherry trees
and plants which furnish larvae,
which she take's home and propogates.
I Ur business is a  mosl  extensive
eiiie-. Besides supplying collectors
nil over the world with special specimens   which   they desire,  she  has  an
agreement with a well-known entomologist apiece for every specimen
which s|u. supplies him with, rare or
Many nf the specimen! she' supplies in this contract are doubtless
worth a greal  deal more than  four
cents,    but     Whal     she      "I..sis    nil    till'
flings sin makes on the roundabouts,"  iiuel  iln'  thousands "I more
common varieties she sends make the
food. It will relieve llle weariness
and develop the appetite.
'Ilii' kind of soup you serve will,
of  course,  be determined  by  the resl
eet your nu nl, and whether ii is luncheon   nr  dinner,    The  following  arc
g I     se.lll'S   i
T ato Bisque���Half can of tomatoes, epiilll 'et milk, l"ei ||| 11| Ispe lllll.l-
eei   bUtter,   "He'   eel   I'e elllslil lill,   tllls| 1
.et   salt,  sallspooli   eii   pepper,    salt-
ip i e.i soda and a dash of cayenne;
Stew    lhe   I iilncs   until   very   soft,
then pass them through a line sieve.
I'm nu' strained tomatoes in a granite saucepan anil add the soda. When
it has ceased foaming add thc butter, a small piece al a lime; then
seasoning. Put milk intei a double
boiler and stir into it a tablespoon
ni cornstarch which has been mixed
with   :i   litlle   cold   milk   to   inake   il
smooth.   Let ii scald for hi minutes,
nr I.eng enough to COOll the starch;
then pour lhe milk into the tomatoes.
Heat well together and serve at mice.
Duchess boup���Place a quart nf
milk iu :i double lneilcr on stove, and
add a slice of onion and a carrot;
simmer gently half an hour; strain,
return to lire and add a tablespoon
of buller blended wilh one of Hour, a
half teaspoon of salt and a dash of
pepper. Cook jusl a minute, remove
from lire and pour over a well-beaten
egg.   Serve at once,
liaked Bean Soup���Left over beans
make a very palatable soup, i'ress
the beans through a sieve. To a pint
of the pressed material add one
quart of hot milk, slightly brown a
medium-sized onion, sliced; add to
the soup and ceiok about 10 minutes.
making lemonade with this syrup,
place a litlle crushed ice in the bottom of a tall glass; add "tic eir two
teaspoonfuls e,f the syrup, according
lo taste, and lill with either carbonated nr plain waler.
This syrup may als,, hi. used suc-
cessflully in making calces, pies, puddings, custards, etc.. being a most
economical method of utilizing lemons, as il enables lhe cook  I" obtain
absolutely iln- full vain.- of both
sugar and fruit Surely ihis ia a facl
worthy "f consideration b) the' economical  housewife.
Intir   cent   rate
I"i   hu
a very profitable
The Value of Soup
nu-   Ihis   laid   thai   a   cup
dinner  whal  nu
"Why don't you make Johnny wash
his hands once in a while?" "They
are taking finger prints al his school,"
answered the wife, "and ynu know
hnw   lhe'  child  loves  In  excel."
"Any improvements in the 1913
models?" "Radical ones. All door
handles mi our new car turn to thc
left instead nf In the right, and we've
added another spoke in each wheel."
consomme  Is  i"
overture is in an opera, and. Indeed,
while ..in- may change the position
eel" the fruit, lhe sherbet, the salad or
the crackers and cheese, iu the progress of a dinner, the precedence of
thc soup remains unassailed, and, as
is usually found in such a case, with
good reason.
Nn matter how our food may be
pasteurized and sterilized it must
pn-- through the mouth, which is
said tn harbor more than forty different kinds of germs, and which it
is practically impossible to render
sterile. Should these bacteria pass
into the intestines and continue active decomposition and the formation of poisons would result. Such
poisons are the principal cause of the
death of babies in the summer; they
assist much in Ihe production of old
age, and the factors in all illness. Hut
if the gastric juice flows freely one
nf its ingredients, hydrochloric acid
will act as a germ destroyer and prevent such a condition. It will act as
ihe disinfectant nf the quarantine at
the pni't eef entry. Shock, grief, worry, anger, and the various small excitements of daily life can, lo a certain extent, slop thc How of gastric
juie'e, and allow typhoid and other
disease germs lo pass Ihe quarantine.
Seetp, aparl from the benefit derived
from iis saline constituents, stimulates the flow eif astric juice and acts
as an appetizer. It is a particularly
necessary prelude to dinner for the
worker, especially thc mental worker, who sits down to his meal tired
and  wi.rried  and  with  no  desire  for
Early Vegetables
Among thc lirst spring vegetables
and green wc find onions, cress and
asparagus, each of which is rich in
medicinal properties necessary to
eine's system at the end of the winter
season. The onion, owing lo thc
large amount of sulphur it contains,
is an excellent complexion neauti-
ficr, It also soothes the nerves, gives
tone to the stomach, loosens a cold',
cures tut earache and stimulates the
kidneys to remove waste products.
As an appetizer, Spanish, Bermuda
or ynting home-grown onions sliced
very thin, slightly sailed and placed
between slices of fresh buttered
bread are unequalled. To prevent a
bturning sensation after eating onions
they should bc covered witli cold
waler for an hour before using, and
then have as much of the juice pressed  out.
Onion Salads���Slice young onions
and crisp cucumbers together on
lettuce leaves and cover with mayonnaise or vinegar dressing. Onions
and radishes may be served the same
way with the latter dressing. Southern Californians make a delicious
salad of ripe olives and very young
Onions on Toast���Boil young
green onions in salted Water until
tender, then serve like asparagus on
buttered toast with while sauce, or
just seasoned with pepper, salt and
Baked Onions���Remove the dry
skins, rub with buller and dust with
pepper and salt. Hake in a slow
oven. A tablcspoonful of butter and
several tablespoons of water should
be added to the bakin- dish tbat the
onions may bc basted from time tee
lime. Some prefer to hake lhe vegetables iu its skin until lhe centre is
tender and then remove it before
"Mat more cress and learn wit" is
an old provero thai contains more
than "germ" of truth, lly analysis
cress contains, among other things
iodine, iron phosphate and an essentia! .eii eif sulphn-iiitriigen. Thus it
i.s .in excellent remedy for phthisis,
prevents scurvy, induces perspiration
anil promotes digestion, h may be
served as a Idling for sandwiches eer
cress mils, wilh n sprinkling nf salt
as :i  salad, nr  boiled like spinach  fm'
a vegetable.
( if asparagus Pliny says in the several chapters em its cultivation and
virtues in his natural history: "Of
all the products of your garden, your
chief call well be your asparagus." It
Stimulates the kidneys, calms tbe action of lhe heart and acts as a preventive  e,f  calcttti.
Asparagus   on   Toast���Cul   off   lhe
W ly   while   ends   of   th''   asparagus
Stalks, arrange iu small bundles and
place upright in a kettle of sailed
boiling  water���Ihe  lender green  ends
should project an inch or so above
the waler. When tender serve on
buttered toast with white sauce or
pepper, salt and butter.
Creamed Asparagus���Ci It the tender portions of asparagus into one-
inch lengths and simmer until tender in just enough salted water to
cover them, Season all with cream
or milk, pepper, salt and butter, adding a very little cornstarch if desired.
Serve in deep saucers nr nn toast.
Household  Hints
If the brush is ii' veel from the
carpel sweeper, dipped in waler and
linn replaced, tin sweeper will mn
raise  a  dusl.
Te, prevent pictures from slipping
ainl hanging unevenly hang them
firsl   face  iee the  wall,    then    twisl
around,   making   a   cross   iu   the   wire.
I 'in ii little dry starch in the clear,
warm water with whieh you wash
windows. When dry nth ..IT, then
pnlish wilh a cloth.
Tin white nf a raw egg is a very
satisfactory paste, li is also useful
fnr mending glass or china ornaments, and is quite invisible, but. nf
course, will met stand water,
For dusting, there is neelhiiig equal
In a chamois wet  ill  cold soft  water,
then   wrung nut  dry.     11   will  remove
the' clouded appearance from highly- | si
polished mahogany.
Elasticity ma; be restored to rubber by snaking il in one pari ammonia on it, then scrub well with a
lhe desired results  are obtained.
To properly dust books, take them
by the half dozen from the shelf,
hold them loosely on a table, their
front edges downward, backs uppermost. Then with a hand al each side
nf the litlle pile  strike  them  smartly
together a few times,   Then stand on
end, top edges uppermost, anil repeal
ilie concussion.
Tn clean brass pour strung ammonia mt it, then scrub well with a
brush, rinse in cold water and pnlish
with a soft dry cloth, Lacquered
brass should be washed occasionally
wilh   warm,   Soapy    water,   and   then
especiall) suitable feer afternoon parties nf yeeiing people or like festive
A * A
Salad Francois���Chop line ;i hunch
..I parshy. two shalhets. and half a
dozen anchovies. Lay them in a
bowl and mix wilh iheni -;il t and
mustard t" taste, Iw.. tabiespoonfuls
of salad "il. .mel :i gill nf vinegar.
Stir all well together and then add,
iw r  three al  a  time,  some  very
thill     -lie'e'S    eef    Celll    p.ll-te'.l    '.I'    hl'eeilcd
meal, in.! nn.re- than three '���!' four
inches long, Shake' the slices well
.is they ine pui in ihe dressing Cover
the bowl closely and lei it stand mi'
three  In.ens  before   len ing     Served
garnished   with   parslci     and    -	
slici -   'el   the   meal,   wilh   a   little   fill
nil    tllelll.
Unit..ii.nie Salad \ny e,f th ��� vegetables in season, such .e^ li ttuce, ro-
limine, tomato, heel-, celery, etc . may
be' used as the basis "1�� I Iii- salad.
The inline comes in.in lhe dressing,
w hicll I- Iliad.��� as fe.lle.w - : T.il . one
hard-boiled egg and mash ii as finely ns possible wiih n fork, add two
pinches   e.i'   paprika,   a   pinch   "I   salt.
half   :i   teas| nfnl   ��� ��� i    French   inn--
tarel, n teaspoonful ni hashed chives,
two tabiespoonfuls e.i nil, and three
tabiespoonfuls of vinegar, Add ihis
In  llie  salad,  mix   in   well.  :!iiil   serve.
dried   with
ed  with  a ���
a  solf  cbith
hamois skin.
.1   polish-
Novel Salads
Princeton Salad���Peel six medium
sized tomatoes, scooping out wilh a
sharp spoon a small quantity nf the
pulp from each, sprinkle the inside
with salt, invert and chill thoroughly.
When ready tn serve lill the cavities
with equal parts of Rorjuefort and
Xcnfchnlcl   cheese,   worked   together
Baseball is mice more king and Ihe
teams nf the American and National
leagues will meet daily leer lhe next
months, while several million
fans, from Portland, Me. to the seal
mcks beyond Frisco, will enter into
hot discussions over the strength of
the teams and compare the individual
work of the classy performers, writes
Tim Murnane, the veteran Boston
baseball authority.
Thc major leagues will not have it
all lo themselves, however. Their
harvest is reaped in len of the largest
cities.    Then comes the minor league
organization, with leagues scattered
id! over llle United Stales and Canada. Ten iheeiisand players will be engaged in professional baseball this
Men fn nn the pine woods of Maine
will be found playing mi lhe sunny
i.lopes ft the Pacific Ocean, while
lumiesi young athletes nf the peach
district eif Georgia and orange groves
of Florida will he found passing the
summer in Boston, Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago,
I.ess than 5(1 youngsters make good
in the majors every season, yel lU,000
players have little trouble getting
Jobs. Even in the major leagues less
than one-third eif the players can be
considered first-class freun every
angle. The great majority of even
Ihe major league players fall short
eef the star performers, In fact, in
lhe 42 years of major league baseball
until smooth, adding during this pro-   less than WI nun can he called stars
���f the first waler.
cess a tablespoonful of minced pimen
to   or   sweet   pepper   (which   comes j ����� ���)* ������
canned)  and a little  chopped parsley. ���,,,.-,,             ,            ,
Me.isien slightly with  French dress- Oh, Mrs. Smith, do you know that
nd  serve in  nests ..f watercress. I >'""r ,S,'V,  '"">' ha<  l"'"   nl" ovcr ''>'
,   ,   ,.                       ,,.               .,      I a  tram r
Salad  Carcassonne���Mix    together
ing an
"Oh,   dear,  dear!
equal pans of white wine vinegar and , Whatever shall I el
salad ml, season Willi a small quaintly nf moist sugar and a little salt
and' turn into a salad bowl. Throw
into this senile sprigs eel" watercress,
and on these strew lightly thc leaves
of young nasturtiums, if Ihey can be
procured, with sufficient cress to lill
the bowl. Toss Ibis well and then
turn tbe whole out on In a large
dish. Arrange a wreath nf nastur-
tlim leaves around the edge ol" lhe
dish, allowing them lo overlap each
Other a trifle, then make an inner
circle of the flowers and within that
a circle of sliced bard boiled eggs.
Serve before any of the freshness ..I
the  salad has gone    This is a  salad
My    pelnr      beiy.
Iialever shall 1 do? Where' elie] it
happen '���"
"Underneath the railway arch,
Hilly-' standing there now."
"Whal   are  ynu   thinking about?"
"JtlSt    lUethill"."
"YoH always were an egotist."
llipseui ��� I've nearly fourteen llnnis-
iind dollars saved. Nipler���Whal arc
you saving feer? Ilipsmi���I'm going
to build' a ten-thousand-dollar house.
"Is  your new   play  a  go?"
"Yes, it's  here for a  stay."
Always-ready Lemonade
There is nothing more refreshing
on a hot day than a long drink of
cool lemonade, but however anxious
the hostess may be to serve this beverage, it is sometimes impossible to
do so owing to the lack of necessary
ingredients. In fact, it is for just
this reason that the syrup that may
be prepared by thc following recipe
is one of the greatest of household
conveniences. It i.s delicious, but
what is still more important, it enables nne lo procure a supply of
lemonade literally at a moment's no-
lice. Extract the juice from a dozen
large lemons; grate the rind of -ix
of thc lemons, and add to lhe Juice.
Let the mixture stand for twelve
hours over night. In the morning
make a thick syrup of granulated
sugar, and just as little water as nos-
sible, as the syrup must be both
thick and smooth. When it has CO01-
cd, strain the leninn juice into it;
bottle in glass, being certain thai the
tops  arc  secure  and  alr-'.ight.      In
It is situated in a gnnil  district, is built  mi a  high, dry
Int, and commands a good view,    lias a large parlour
with open  fireplace, dining  iui.iii panelled and beam ceiling, large kitchen and separate pantry    Three bedrooms
wilh   clothe!   closetSI   nlse.   bath   and   toilel   are   upstairs
lias cemenl  Boor in  basement,  laundry  tubs  wiih  hot
and cold water, ami n g I furnace.    If ynu are looking
tier ii home it will pay you  lee see Ilii-.    We  will  be glad
in sinew vein ii ai your convenience,
The  Yorkshire Guarantee
&  Securities Corporation  Limited
440 Seymour Street
Phones: 6188 and 6189   R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
Eburne  Saw Mills  Limited
Manufacturers and     Dealers in all kinds of
Fir, Cedar, and Spruce Lumber
Shingles, Lath. Sash, Doors, Turnings
and House Finishings
EBURNE. B. C. IATURD.-iY,  MAY  -'4.  1913.
Authorized  Capital     $2,000,000
Subscribed Capital        1,169,900
Paid-up   Capital           840,000
Specia' attention given to savings accounts.
Interest paid at the highest current rates.
Your account very cordially solicited.
L. W. Shatford, General Maoigrr W. F.. Jatdine. Ami. Onnal   Manaa-r
CEDAR COTTAQE BRANCH W. H. l< ,n��l.l. M.n>g<-.
Chick Food That Feeds
All cnick f |i do not contain all iln  elements necessary foi
health.    Unlets the proportions of   the   ingredients   are   correctly
determined,  yout  chicks become sickly and  mature  slowly.
Is a scientifically prepared fond containing  all   the   elements   of  a
balanced ration.
The  Brackman-Ker  Milling  Co.
One Block South Pender St., near B. C  E. R. Freight Office
Phones 5886-5887-5888
On 48th Avenue, modern; only $2,800;
$200 cash, balance arranged.
Lot is 34x126.
R. J. McLauchlan
4123 Main Street
Phone: Fair. 1607
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This has the following attributes :
fl Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency ; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
���I Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
fl Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
fl The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
(] Bitulithic has been adopted in over 200 cities
in the United States, and 15 cities in Canada.
Granville Street South, After Paving
Columbia Bitulithic Limited
714-717 Dominion Trust Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.
Phone :   Seymour 7130 ,
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
H. G. BROWN, Proprietor
(From  thc   French of Roger R
''Monsieur ?
I   .
m  thai  i  ipii d   this
���, e,U
"li  was."
"I thought i ���' If there: ii
chance to accomplish a stupidity
ar,' there Y'.n h u ��� copied a letter
from the head ol this company, and
ended n: Receh c the expri ssion of
my mosl distinguished consideration
"Eh liien. Monsieur?"
"Eh bien!" ri torted the- irascibli
chief, "the correct expression in t!n-
casi i- 'Receive the expression t.i my
highest consideration.' To end a let-
ter a- you have done is to dishonor
yeiur labors ai lecretan Look e,m
��hat you do! Vou will nol gel it
io easy nexl time."
Closing Iii-, tirade in a melodramatic voice, the jil-chu-f retired to his
private "ifio When he had disappeared, Duvernois doubled uver hie,
��� le ik, ind liis four colleagues cried
..ut :
"II. Hippolyte! Vou have no
Duvernois raised Iii, denuded
skull, cast a distracted glance abe.til
him, and answered :
"I've had no luck so far, but the
wheel may reverse its motion; wait
until nexl month! If I win thc prize'
you'll  si e."
Ilis fellow-employees smiled, and
fearing the sudden return of the W.tl
ile-    ap-
seizing his
ered his self-possession
proach ���'! Duvernois, anel
hand, -lie,e,k it \igorously.
"Monsieur  Duvernois,    he  said, "I
offer you my sincere congratulations
'.   ei  ihould  havi   told  your  ni ���
om e, and  fe >restalled  my impatii ne i
I   regrel   my   words;  despite  my  apparent  lack "'  lideration.    I  hat
human feelingi and sympathies; 1
am deeply moved by your wholly de-
icrved   g I    luck.      With    500,000
ii.ei i i at iii- disposal a man i- ne,t
required te. lie- strictly punctual. 1
understand���I   appreciate
"I thank yen tier yi \.r i ompli-
ments," answered the impassive Duvernois, "Veeur appreciation cornel
I.." Ian-; yti have but a ihort time
i" manifest  it."
"How so?"
"Because I um about to send in
my resignation."
"My dear friend," expostulated the
chief. "I beg of you reflect, before
taking s., rash a ste]). Your life lias
fitted yii tee this bureau; your associates would miss you; our we.rk
woiuld suffer. To leave us w.uld be
t'; disturb the even run of our routine. Remain with us nominally, if
in im other way; come among us as
usual, draw your pay, work as much
or as little as you see fit; but remain
one of us; lei us see your  face."
"I will reflect upon your proposition," I (ivernois answered with a
wary smile.    "In the meantime I have
Heavily   Compressed   Concrete
Double   Tongue   and   Groove   Joint   on   each
Ventilating   Flues Independent of Smoke Flue
Safest and  Best  Chimney
Easy to Build
Phone :  Fraser 228
252 39th Avenue East, South Vancouver
rk. There business   with   my   solicitor.     Adieu
chief, they went to tl  'ir
wen   fiv<   clerks in  the bureau, rang- for  the  present.    Should  I  decide to
'tig "I age fr hirtj  I i sixty years, accept your proposal you will see me
Duvernois   had   ie'-,  hair    than    the Mondav."
others, and  lie   was  the oldest.    Ilis The   following   Monday   Duvernois
. olleagm ��� were Dubois, Durand, Dupont, and Duval. Duvernois was the
official scapegoat. Dubois, Duval,
I lupont, and  Durand w en   good m n
returned to his desk. The chief welcomed him with warmth. "You con-
fer a favor "ii the office, Duvernois,"
lie  said,  pressing the  hand    of    the
inel  conscientious    laborers,    careful   lucky man.    "Come and go at  will.1
copyists,  and   excellent   ! kkeepers      "1   accepl   your   proposition,"   an-
whose besl efforts aimed al the favor   swered Duvernois.   "The position has j
of the Subchief.    They were   grateful   "���   advantages.     I   recognize     them;
for crumbs, respectful, contented with   ',l"  the grind���"
their   lot.     Duvernois   was   conscien-      "Do 11 ��� ��� t make it a grind," answer-1
tious and industrious, but refractory  ed the chief    "Regulate your labors
i" reproof.    He sneered al the cere-  according to your ideas,    in time you
monious   rules   thai   fixed   the   forms  will   see   the   beauties   of   organized
of the  signatures.    If hc  bowed   his  capital;   and   possibly,   \\:   will   find
will to tiie will of the subchief, hi  did  'man- to invesl some of your wealth
it   because  he knew  that  he  was  old,   with   us."
and  thai  al  his age it  would  nol  dc      "Possibly,"   was   the   enigmatic   re-,
easy to gel work.    When alone with   P'y.
his  colleagues  lie-  let  loose  floods  of      A  strange  peace had  fallen on  the
bitterness,  crazj   dreams,  and   insen- bureau,   win-re'   the   five   D's   labored
sate  hopes. together   for   thc   united   companies
For   in.my  years   he   had   bewailed   rtippolyte  sal  daily  at   his  desk,  ac-
the   wrongs   of   ihe  social   oiganiza-  cepted the concessions offered by his
I tlons. chief,     lie dozed, read his newspaper.
"li   I   could  tell  my  mind   ffeely,"  did a little work from time to time,
lie  sair   incessantly.   "I   should   work
revolution!    The modern  riel    today
and  studied  his  finger-nails
The chief visited him daily, pressed
what   they   were  in   the  days  ,,i  his  hand,  and  questioned  him  about
Rome;   like   the   Roman   mob,   they
have   only   to   sit   ill   high   places   and   I
turn down their thumbs.   Let mc win
the  prize in  the  lottery, and   I'll  cry
my   opinions   from   the   house-top
health.      Hippolyte   wal     known
the head- of the association as a
valuable   coadjutor.     Not   long   after
he accepted his changed position his
salary   was   raised   to   300     francs     a
This office i.s a prison; we are galley-  month,    Dupont, Dubois. Durand, and
Duval devoted their leisure to bright
ening  his  life.     In   the  first  flush  of
his   victory   he   had   talked   freely   of
slaves;   the   chief   is   a   fop;   the   sub-
chief  is   i  thief.    When  I   win   the
prize I'll tell him so."
Duvernois  ha<! a  lottery  ticket.   He [ his  plans,
reminded them of the fact daily.   His      "I   have   neither   wife   nor   child;   I
associates laughed at  him. have no family;    I have no heirs. But
"You sinner!" said Dubois, "old as on the other hand, 1 do neet regard
you are. and wise as you are. mice j myself as a rich man. Relatively, my
get money in your hand and you'll money am i.mts to nothing. Divided
marry a girl young enough to bc [ into four equal parts, what would it
your daughter. I bc?   A paltry 125,000 francs���hardly
"Neit  he!"  said  Duval.    "He'll  buy I worth  while  to speak  of!"
stock  in  the  company, and go about      "Four  parts!    He  means  to divide
with   the   swell-heads."
Duvernois answered sententiously,
"lie  laughs  best  who laughs  last."
That morning they were at their
desks. They had worked two hours.
Duvernois had not appeared.
"What's the matter with Duvernois" asked Durand. "can he be sick?"
Dubois slapped his ledgers. "The
drawing took place yesterday! I'll
bet   he  is  lee.,  sick   to  leave-  his  bed."
"He takes filings hard; one >,f these
days   he'll  die   of  it."
The four men searched the meirning papers.
"Do you know Iiis number?" asked
Dupont.     "lie   never   tolel   il \h!
Drawing of the   Lottery,     Here  il   i.i
"1st prize���Osmond, lawyer,  Brie,
��� keel
"2nd  prizi���M.   Kleber.  ei
'3rd priai���(collected   by
bank i     Anonj mous
"Poor   Hippolyte!     lie  has  ine  luck.
Now  he dreads to come to tin   office;  he's afraid  we'll run him "
At thai moment the subchief I
in    "Where is 1 luvernois?"
\'o one answered
"M   Duvernois hai nol come:
"No,   monsieur."
"Nor senl an excuse?"
"No,  monsieur."
"When he comes, send him t
I'll  teach him!"
"Go   slow!"   said   a     voice.
The subchief turned and found himself nose to nose with Duvernois.
"Ah!" cried the chief, "you've come,
have vein? You have defied this office for the last time; go to the cashier, get yeiur pay. and clear out!"
Hands in pockets, smiling, Hippolyte answered :
"To the devil with you and your
bureau I Look sharp, or I'll g^ ��� ) > u
���i kick iu the localitj provided bj nature   for  that  purpose!"
"Do you know whal you an talking about?" roareel  the chief,
"I'm  no fool!" retorted  Din' rn iis
I   know   what I'm about,     keep voir.
money.    1  don't  need  it."
The manager, dazed by the sudden
change in positions, dropped inti
the nearest  chair.
"You have inherited?" he stammer-
"I   could  buy  you   out,"  answered
Duvernois.   "I've won 500,000 francs
'n  the lottery.    I'm Anonymous, the
nan that won the third prize."
A   long   silence!     The   four   model
tnployees,   who   had   been   flattened
.   their   desks   by   fear,   crane,!   iheir
cks to gaze at the strange man who
rofUed  by   bis  good  luck   to  insult
is  chief  and   revile'   the  administration.    Little by little the chief 11
it among us." thought the four clerks
"Naturally he will have a favorite;
the favorite will get the lion's share!"
From that time the four vied with
each either in their efforts to make
themselves indispensable to the old
man. If one invited him t.i dinner
the other three gave him an automobile ride, an evening at the theatre,
a Sunday's fishing. On N'ew Year's
Day and on his birthday, the feiur
clerks pul their money together, ami
gave Duvernois a pipe, a pair eel" soil
slippers, and a velvet cap. Hippolyte
accepted everything, but he gave
nothing   in   return.
"The old ..ne i- as close al they
make   them'"   said   Duval
"lie is all of thai'" saiel Durand.
Rrest. "He ii as tight-listed a chap a- I ever
1 '.nis  itruckl" saiel Dubois,
"He is1" saiil Duponl "lh'- a
miser, bin eventually we shall get ii
Teli   yean   ol   perfeel   tranquility
ran by.    After a loo copioui dinner
| given by one of the four postulants,
Duvernois gave up the ghost,
He  was  Followed  i"  the grave by
the United Companies, the four clerks
bearing   the  pall.
The will reael to the assembled em-
me I'doyees   of   the   bureau,   was   as   fol-
Last Will and Testament of iheo-
phile Duvernois
I eliel not will a prize in the lottery
or the reason, possibly, that 1 never
'"light   a   ticket
I'o my would-be heirs I leave my
ivstem of logic; and such knowledge
is they may gain from my experiment.
The best  means
ind  friendship  is  to  create   the   im
eression  that
if gaining respect .
create   the   im
do  ii".   need  any
T   I Iui ��� rm iis.
here    Faust    and    Mephistopheles
cult   in   the   world   is
or   enthusiastic   than
In  comparis  n  i > i n
devotion    te     Shake-
No   literary
i ire   exacting
hai  of  Goethi
iu-  American
speare's   Stratford   pales.   Thc   latcsl
���oncrcte evidence of ibis literary de-
otion  in  Germany  is   the  thorough
econstruction   of   the     "Tavern     of
\uerbach." where Goethe placed one
of  the  most   vivid  .seen   -   of  "Faust."
Ii is melancholy to reflect that nothing more remains of the eeld building,
since  after   a    complete    demolition
the     architects    have     constructed'
a wholly modern building on the site;
but care' has been  taken  to preserve
intact  tlu   cellar, which has been for
fully a century an object of pilgrim-
ir   Germans,  who   are   at   once
3834 MAIN ST., NEAR 23rd AVE.
We   desire   t"   intimate   that   we   haw    opened   a
first-clasi   Tailoring  business  al   above  ad
Ladii - Suits from S25
('.��� nt! Suits from $22
All garments maele on the premises. B.esl possible
cut made and finish guaranteed. A trial solicited
Practical Tailors Ti I i mont 2489
We have a fine subdivision bounded on the North by the C.P.R.
lands, on the West by the Point Grey boundary line and tothe South
by River Koad. It is within a few hundred yards of thi Xo;ih Arm
oi' the Fraser.    The live investor will readily appreciate these prices:
Cambie Street Lots $1,025 each; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, 18, 24
Ash Street Lots, 33 x 192, $750 each; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, 18,
24 months.
AH inside Lots between Ash and Cambie, facing North, $550 each;
facing South, $600 each.
River Road Lots vary in price according to size.
It  will  pay  you  to  investigate  this.    Call  up  Collingwood  18,  or
W. H. KENT & SON, Collingwood East
What is the Most Comfortable
Thing in Summer Time
A HAMMOCK of Course.
We Have the Be��t Choice on the Market
Price to Suit any Buyer
G.E. McBride & Co.
Corner 16th Avenue and Main Street
PHONE :   Fairmont 899
proud of Iheir literature and tond ot
rechercht   di inking.
As is usual in such eases, with th:
magnificent   reconstruction    the    romance grows very thin, and ihey must
li   be of a  steadfast  literary   faith
who   are  content   to   sit   down   ���
meal in the dining-rooms with which
the historic cellar is n  ���������  sun   ui
afler  having paid   their  pie>us  vi  il
the place where Fausl and Mephistopheles  sat  el'uvn   t"   drink   together.
Painters  of  an    "advanced"    school
have been commissioned tee adore the
walls  of the    various    dining-i
wiih scenes taken from Goethe's great
drama. While to complete the new
attractions it is annonnced that the
staircase leading tl " .1 to thc cellar
will be furnished with two bronze
statues, th-; subject of uhicli i.. unknown. The evolution of the ".Tavern of Auerbach" promises to be-the
same as that of other like sacred
places. It will probaffly bring in an
excellent  inci .ne  tei   the  restaurateur.
It would be a much more-progressive world if we reduced the time we
give to oilier  people's  business*      ' SATURDAY,  MAV  24.   ]')\3.
Geo.  B.   Howard,
Week of May 29
Main   and   ilanis
l'hone : Sey.  7012
Matinees   Wedn !   Saturday
The   Del   S.   Lawrence
Miss  Maude
Stock  Company
In Mary J. Holmes Famous Dramatized Novel
PRICES:    25c, 35c, 50c
MATINEES:    25c Any Seat
(Late  Temple  Theatre)
Cor. 26th AVE. AND MAIN ST.
Matinees   Wednesday   and  Saturday
Times Have Changed
Truth is now an asset, and a mis-statemenl is a liability. Merchant! today deal with their friends. Money is incidental to service. Comes co-operation sn quietly and wdth so little ostentation
that men do nol realize the change
Kelb.gg's Toasted  Wheal  Biscuits, the package    15c
Pacific  Belle Codfish, tbe- package   20c
Skipper Sardines (Oil e,r Tomato sauce), the can   ISc
Ljbby's Chipped Beef in glass, the jar  25c
Ham. Chicken and Veal Loaf, the can    20 and 25c
Yacht Club Raspberry Vinegar, the bottle  35c
Swift's  Borax Soap, the tablet   5c
Roman  Meal, the package   30c
Chii ers' Jam. in  glass,  the jar    25. 45 and  75c
E. D.Smith's Pork and Beans, the tins  2 feer 25c
Potted  I.e.bster,  Mam ami Chicken, the glass    20c
olives (plain or stuffed), the bottle   15 tn 90c
Strawberries���Rhubarb���Fresh Ye g< 'abb -
Fraser & MacLean,
26th Avenue and Main
Phone:   Fairmont 784
Imperial Theatre
Teddii   McM
,: iljff, the   principal com i j
i    musical   ��� ��� mi dj   n ������ ui     "Li
Belle  Butti ��� the featuri
tl',II    l J   ill    tile'    I le1;
nighl      ���   " n
Holiday,  M.i>   J'e. In   the " i ll-km iw n
'   .ii" ipul .    Pollard
i ip, i.i  Compai ���      i ��� ddii   in    i   bail
��� r Im
is so inimitably  funnj     I li   fail
h  revels in corned; ai the iri
prcssible   Bill,   he   enjoys   many   op
portunities   i >r   -1 ady   w il      Qui
\\ illiams appi .ii    in iln   title roll. ai
ctrei    who i    ��� eally  Bill's daughtei
Qu 'iiy has beer' called by many wdm
hai i    -''ii   hcr   we,rk.   thc     i ��� i il
pockel   ' eiisi. .ii   of   Alice   Lloyd   and
little  Miss  Queen)   i-  Very  proud  ol
the' comparison even though  she has
in .   i   bail   tl"-  pleasure-  oi   - 'eing   and
hearing   the   popular   English   comi
from  whom    she    has    been
most engaging
invariably delights
Mi      Huh
d .
he | i
w i11 ri
I.. - an h dl app
ami mi.- can reai
u ill  111.111-   i  charmii I lei
Lawn ucc will play lhl te roll
and  an  augnu wed  i a-i   h ith   all  the
Pantasjes  Theatre
1 -   Family,"
I  I     bill
, Sun-
Hastings & Core     Phone Sey. 3907
Tonight 8.15       Matinee Sat. 2.'5
This  Week
The Sign of the Cross
Next   Week
The Stampede
The- I iih i- ipali-
ne il thai the
ill   li.    le, bl     at
Jub    15.   II. ami   17
named.    Queeny i-
young  per--,n and
Delay  in  placing adequate  lire insurance e.n  your  1
longings is like playing with fire.    Don't delay, bin see
olise ami be-
3539 Commercial St., Cedai Cottage,      Phone Fair. 655,
Loans                                                                Real
'. i). Box 475
!    ���   -.
her hearers both "ii ami off tin- Stag.'
Sin- seems imbued with thi spirit ol
mimicry am! her Bong numbers, as
well a- sallie - iui" comedy of lur
own particular invention, are- invariably greeted with tin- utmost enthusiasm. Among tin- other clever
principal- wiib 'In- company are Willie Pollard, Willi,- Beven, Charlie lb
ven, Eva ami Mav Pollard, Pattii
Hill, Nellie McXamara, Lesli ��� Don-
aghey, and Jessie Brayton, supported
by a  chorus  fi thirty.
Tin  teem- of Maude Adams in J. M.
Barrii '-  play, "P -ter   Pan," in  which
the actress  i-  to be-  sei n  at   tin    In
perial  Theatre-  three  nights  ami  Sai-
iiiday   matinee,   commi ne me   Thurs-
day,   May  -"'.  i-  one of the-  longesi
thai   -In-   ba-    ���> er   undertaki n.     As
arranged   by   Charles   Frohman   this
tour  will  be a   trans-C mtinental one
ami will lake in more cities than llie j
actress has ever before visited iu one
seasi ai      Si range   as   i'     may     s em !
there  are'  a   great   many    big     cities
throughout   the   country   which   have
never  been   visil d   bj     li--    \dams
I Icr long  i ngagemi nts in   Xcn   Vork
-.-nli season ami her lengtl
Chicago,   Bosti n     ami     Phi
have prevented  her frmn making ex
tended  tours  thai   emhi -   bill
ilie-  largi -i   e-in -     'l"t- ���     many
cil i- - - "I iin- pr senl I mr �� hich Miss
Adams i- visiting for lhe first time
and ii i- certain thai in i 1! i f thein
she will receive a warm welcome.
Vaudeville       Means
SHOW STARTS-  -2 45. 7.15. and  9 10 P m
Week of May  26
U nrld'i   ier, atesl    tumblers   anel
acre deal -
Edwin Ford & Co.
Late  "i  Hi,-  "Four   Fords"  in   a
dam ing carnival
Davis. Allen &  Davis
In oddities
Srilllv i in ���.'(���xHfidiliPsVuud.villi;
Scene frc
Lena  Riven," Avenue Theatre
in  piaunm -
A   Collingwoott  Wedding
A very pretty ami interesting wed-
ding   took   place  at   Collingve I  mi
Saturday. The bride wa- Miss Ellen Lancaster, who only arrived from
Drolysdon, near Manchester, England, a fortnight ago in be married
in   Mr.    Fred   Williams,   of   Colling-
w I.    The   wedding   t""l<   place  al
St. helm's Churchj Central I'ark, lhe
Rev   W. T. Jidiiisiiii officiating.   The
breele wa- given away by Ml C C. L.
Astrop, Miss Lilian Price was bridesmaid and Mr. Chas J. Astrop was
"best man." The bride wore a lovely
costume eef navy blue and a large
picture bai anil the bridesmaid was
dressed en suite, while the wedding
party wen' all charmingly costumed.
Mr, and Mrs. Astrop, of Roger Road,
Collingw ',   East,  played   hosts   tn
lhe large wedding party, which in-
clu.led Mr. and Mr- Ross, Mr. I'rice.
Mis- Price. Mr. Geo. White. Mr. .1
Francis   Bursill   anil     many     friends.
During ihe evening the company adjourned in llle library opposite and
f.er an hour enjoyed music and a
dance, Mr. Astrop was eloquent in
a congratulatory speech, and Mr. Williams,   the   happy   bridegroom,   suit.
ably acknowledged1 the kind senti-
menls   expri -s,-el      There   were   s.-v-
eial  very  pretty  wedding    presents,
Mi and Mrs, Fred Williams are making their home ai Collingwood.
Another Collingwood Wedding
Ai Si John's Church, Central Park,
iln- wedding look place .en Wednes
-dav morning of Mr. Charles Camp
I ,il Robins in ami Mi-- "Dot" May-
��� ai. "lint" being ihe pet name im'
Miss  Alice   Maynii,    Tin-  bride only
arrived in   Collingw I   from   l.iver-
1 1 a  few  elays ago, she being  is
corted to ihis country by her brother,
Mr. Ernesl Mayon, Il is interesting
t" nnie tbat during iln- journey
across ilie continent, Mi-- Mayon, as
she was then, played an interesting
part in a pretty littls wedding at Calvary where ber companion e.n the
"Empress < >f" Britain" met her sweetheart and was married at Calgary,
i iu- present Collingwood bride playing ihe role nf bridesmaid, Ai the
Collingwood wedding iln- Rev. W. T.
Johnson officiated. The bride was
given away by her brother and Miss
Nancy  Atkins   was  bridesmaid.
The wedding reception was hehl at
the Collingwood hum-.' of Mr, Robinson, and it was quite a family gathering I'm- there were present Mr. and
Mrs. Keibinsiin. Sr��� Mr. Harry M.
Robinson, Mr. John J. Robinson, Miss
Atkins. Mrs. P. Smith and several
other  friend.-.
by Mr. Edgar Smith were ail simply
splendid, Mr, W. II. Kent, wb.e presided ami Mr. .1. Francis Bursill
voiced tin- gratitude of thc audience,
'ami the way in which their words nf
| thanks were- endorsed showed thai
tin- visit eef tin- Vancouver artists will
bum linger plea-nrably in memory,
ami ihat their nexl \ isii will be looked forward t" with eager anticipation.
Two well-known residents of Collingwood, Mr. ami Mr-. S. Iluhball.
wiih   their  children  are    this    week
| leaving I" take up residence iu California. Mr. Iluhball, who has acted
a- tin- choir director and Sunday
School superintendent of the Metho-
' dist Church, was the recipient nf
suitable gifts from both departments
.ef ihe Church weirk, and nn Sunday
evening the pastor. Rev 1-'.. W, Meer-
gan. handed I" Mr. ami Mrs. Hub-
ball a letter of earnest appreciation
from the church and congregation,
'Ph.- letter suitably expressed the regret nf all al lhe parting, and heartiest good wishes fnr future happiness.
* *   *
On Sunday morning the pulpit at
the   Methodist   Church   was   occupied
by Dr. Spencer, one nf ihe ministers
attending the Conference, who gave
a musl inspiring address dealing especially with his mission wurk in In-
elia, am/ ill lhe evening llle Rev, P. C.
Stephenson preached t" an appreciative congregation. Mr. Stephenson warmly congratulated lhe pas-
inr een ihe number uf young people,
especially boys ami girls, in the congregation,  seeing   in   it  a  sign  uf  a
thoroughly healthy, growing church.
* '*   *
A Junior Epworth League has jusl
been  formed, with  every promise e.f
doing g I ami useful work among
the children.
Avenue Theatre
A  splend'id  preiductie>'i  e.f  i'
sational   enn itional   drama,   " \\ adamc
\"  i-  holding   ihe  boards  Ilii
at   the   A\ eiiue-   Tin litre,     nil     thus:
nIm have mu ;��� el �� itm ivu i-
di ind creation i f Alexandi ��� Biss en's
genius -in- advised tn avail them-
selvi - of tin
nu -nli,-v-   nf   th<
i 111    pari-    w lil    ;    mil '     I ffici      I     SUp-
purl      Sum
ide thin
lly     official
Empress  Thcctre
be seen al  tbe  Em-
���   production
i ui- week may
pn--- -.a       ^^^^^^^^^^^
of tha    fan play "Tin   Siij n
Cn ss, '     1 he   iiianag  n i' ���   be
e lew remaining perform- complimented on a beautiful prcsen-
ances. Ihe presentation by the Law- talion of a difficull drama. The ex-
rence Players is uniformly excclleiil nuisite story of the love of thi Ri .
and the work of the principals merits  man   Prefect,   Marcus   Superbus,   i  i
tlie highest praise.    Maude I..une as-  the  Christian  gin.  Mercia,  is   i
tumm- even  her  nm-i  ardent  admir-   the mosl interesting in drama
ers in the famous nib  rob, and any-      Next week will be given one i     I
tlnng   more   poignantly   hearl   wring-  very besl  Western dramas .-i.r writing than her work in the famous trial | ten.   This  i-   "The   Stampede."    and
was originally produced in S'ev   Vork
week ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
-  in Lieul -Col.
I      im':
i i ,\ 11   Rides   in   tl
if  the
i' nadian   Bisley   ie am   and   ��ill   nol
turn i" the
Cul. Kuy. M. V. l). distri
U eek  of  M;ie   26
"Fun  in  a   Boarding   House"
A  Comedy   Ski I
.1    HERBERT   FR \\K   &  c. i.
English  Dramatic Sketch
"'I In    \rm of the  Law"
In  a   thrilling  mid-air  feat
Other Big S. & C. Acts
Prices  15c 25c, 35c, and 50c
Two Shows Nightly, 7:30 and 9.15
Matinee  daily  3  p.m.
club, i- one that  I  would recommend
��� \   one   v- ishing   tl ���   ha\ e   a   nice
enjoyable  stroll.
*   *    *
Thi new magistrati . Mr. Johnse >n,
was initiated to his duties on M ��� ��� 11 -
day mornii made
wei   for
Saturd ndiscn
I n eat     casi $2.50 w
pe ���I witl --! 50 each.
' in
attitudi  the schoi tee    ha\ -   'ak
in in  regard ti down ol
bylav -   to
re w nl I..      ��� av
of   the ep lyers
iimli   stand nd
��ill  now  nu  doubl  do  thi ir  be
ri pair it.
Thi   e'- iuncil
tiein   e.u   the ion.     Th
tl   .luring   problei
i  reci i".  i isil        v few mm
garrisons uf Vancouver,  N'urth  Van-   solution     This i
Westminster  would   "'   legislation   and   n ihe
a  brigi 'dit   of  the   Council.     Mr.
'!   i-   i"   be  congratulati n
hail!-: This
���-  as ghl   to bi    South Vam  >u-
ants  ���  uragi   - i - rj   ii dus-
ihii boui
iuver and
. : gani
scene has not in our recollection heen
-een on the local stage. It is an emphatic triumph for the charming actress who has so quickly won an established! place in the affections of
Vancouver playgoers. Del Laurence
gives a finished and forceful performance of the injured husband and
Howard Russell cements his hold on
popular faveer with his fine portrayal
of the  son.
Nexl week's e,tiering, starting Monday evening. May 26, will be a decided contrasl to the realistic emotional
bill of this week, li will be a dramatization of the must famous of all the
justly popular novels of Marj J
Holmes, the beautiful romance "Lena
Rivers." Thc version used ��ill be
the one which brought fame and fortune (ee the well-known actress Ueu-
lah Poynter. In it the lovely story
loses nothing fi its charm and heart
appeal,   ami   almosl   11 ery   charm ter
Around the Municipal Hall
City, where ii- realistic presentment
uf Western life, rang so true' lhat
the' play ran over a season The
plol ami scenes are' laid iu Texas on
th,- borderland of Mexico, ami ihe
third1 acl showing the mountains ami
desert, will be the most magnificent
scene- eif its kind ever shown nn a
local stage. The climax of the ac.
will present the greatest tight between
Indians and Cowboys ever witnessed
Slowly the Indians seem t" come
from the very roof of tlu theatre
down the mountain passes until they
creep upon tin Cowboys and open
in- \ very large number of men
ail! b used in ilii- acl thai promises
te,   be   the   must   startling   in   its   cf- j.V
(Continued   from   !'.
The gas questi n  has caused quite
a bit "i animation    Varie >us opinions
i' as i" the besl methods tu
 Rlaje erity   at    the
present time seem t" think !��� is a
premature step fur ihe Council fn
taki i: iu band, believing the best
interests of the municipality will be
d by allowing some corporation
tu get  the  franchise  "ii  an  equitable
municipalit) as a whole The council can then ileal with tin whole matter eef civic government in a broader
sense; they would nol then be con-
lined i" the various views thai
emanate' from  somebody  with  a  liiuii
title we-ie .   h;i^iit^^^mmmm^mmmmwMMMmlltttttmmmmmmsmmmm
I.   represent the \ iew �� of thi ���    *    *
Councillors would know    thai    they The  presenl  Council   seem  to    be
were  responsible  to the  whol    i   m tackling the broader questions of leg-
munity, and thai  il was the good    I islation  that  their  pre.be.���rs  were
immunity thai musl bi   Hudied unable to cope with, or had not  the
uld   then    be     along tim . ,,, K,, into, as the whole   if the
an  undertak-1 time of previous Ceuincils was taken
l.e'gi-lali ^^^^^^^
-anei    lim-,   ami   inanl
forced   on   the   Council   agi insl
.��� ���   theii bi'itii judgment ti   satisfy some
The   la-t sheiws   lh.   tmmmm^^^^^^mmmmmmm^^^^^^^mmmmmmmm,
range    There are a great number of Councilloi   who   is   pressed   by   hi
trui   characters  and the entire  com    "���""'��� '" "'���'"' uncalled for work
pain   will be taxed to do lull  justice   woultl ""' '"' commenced, to thi
i.e this play.    Mr.  Sanford  - '"��  "'  """ll  '".amy   and
Councillor's  idea    should    I"
up   with   looking   after     subdivisions,
clearing streets, lanes, etc.
Fine Concert at Collingwood
A   musical   treat   indeed     was    the
concert given at the Collingwood In-
stitUte and Library by the Vancuuver
Women's Musical Club, The splendid pianoforte solus uf Miss Alberta
Boyd and the magnificent violin playing uf Mr. Joseph Sutcliffe roused a
large and' appreciative audience to
enthusiasm. Never before have the
people of Collingwood heard the compositions of such masters as Chopin,
Rachmanioff and others of equal
fame su splendidly rendered. The
soprano songs by Mrs. Coulthard,
the contralto songs by Miss Eura
Leeson,   and   the   excellent   numbers
A meeting was held Tuesday night
in the Central I'ark Presbyterian
Church for lhe purpi se of considering an offer made by the residents of
Central I'ark to purchase the old
church, Some time ago the Central
Park Church was closed and the
congregation divided, one half of the
members going t" Jubilee' and the
uther half going to Collingwood East,
where they Opened new churches, but
a large number of the Central Park
members who have been very much
alive, and who felt very bad aboul
the old Central Park Church being
closed!, brought the matter to a head
and an agreement was made and
signed for the purchase of the church
and reopening nf same. The people
of Central Park arc rejoicing over
thc matter and they expect to have
one of the largest congregations between Vancuuver and New Westminster. The church after being painted
and fixed up will commence services
about June  1.
 a  ^ ���	
The purchase of a site for an incinerator in which garbage will be
burned is being considered hy the
Point   Grey  municipal  council.
Uniformity and insolvency legislation in Canada is desired by thc Canadian section of the London chamber
of commerce and assistance of the
Vancuuver board of trade to that end
is asked.
nig   "i
li. ai nly
ought t
-\ -iiin
a   whole
I I    I-   J 	
ti< -ii  to safegard  thi   intei i sts  of, oi
gi\ e   repn lu,   i ertain   dis
trict*    ii- day of us full   -- has now
��� !.  ...  lei   il   - : ",'  nr ���  obli
���ui i when -'nu  old chronicler is dip- ..��� ���..�����.;
ping into the must;  pages    : thi  pasl   naby  know
in   writing   up   th<   earl)   history   ol   honey
will   -li"��   the
.' .i'i system as ��� mly one   if the steps
ill. t   had   to   be   mad;    to   maki
ml    every
ibolish the �� ard
U i   bi !���  ce  thi    C aincii   aa
are in ia\ oi    f iui I   i change
>ld antiquated form oi elec-
\\ alkii -   iloi .  the streel  1 ;
uniformed man comi ��� irds
me: in I         itance he looked l un-
ition   nun  captain When
m    il    was
- ur   heall p    tori     w ho
hai t   '" ��� 'i   pr li d   �� il h   new    uni-
' '  - i- as it i ��hen
... ........,,,,,
��� indi
.   ,     ,. hority to i
Burnaby  has  granted  a
how    m    i xtracl
e    Ii-
\liV      u||e      W'llee      1-      111       tile      liabil       e.f
visiting the Municipal Hall ��� d>
tell when I'm- Council are sitl ng, ami
��� ature en' the business before the
Council by the class of people hanging around.    I f it is the i ��� nsidn
purchas mol ile, all
the  agents  of  the  vari >us  firms    in
carrying   Canada are then pushing theii
In   Stanley    Park   and   h is  the same when it is a matter of
English   Baj      On   Sunday   1   -truck  p.ning: all  th(  representitives of the
a part that  I had not visited   different   firms  are'   around   lobbying
ie months, and was surprised  the various Councillors,
developments  that  are  taking
Sunday   w as   an   ideal   day   f< ir  be
ing e.m of el" irs, largi   number;
of South Vancouver peopli   took ael
vantage   of   it,   e\ i rj    car
��� 'lit  for
for   sun
at   ihj
place. Taking the car at 25th and
Main I changed at Broadway, ihen
I nl 4lh Avenue, going with the Kiisi-
ilami car tee the terminus, then getting another car which goes te. Blan-
cha Street. Point Grey. The ear
terminus is almost opposite the Howe
Seiiiiid. and a nice view is obtained
of thc smew-clad' mountains. From
this point a splendid bird's-eye view
of the city of Vancouver is obtained.
The city lies, as it were, in the hollow of a  saucer.    A  superb  view  is
Willie Ritchie, world's champion lightweight, at the Orpheum this week, the
big hit of an all-star bill
Today, Saturday, being Empire
Hay. large numbers of picnicers have
been busy planning for a day's outing.     Many   oi   the   young   people   in
and aruiiml the hall have been 1- ������ >U-
ing forward with expectancy to the
day's niiting.
*    *    *
The Cnuncil are fully alive to the
possibilities of an auction market being established 00 the Xorth \rm
If Once e.ne  was established it would
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^P^P---���..   ���-   prove une of the best advertising me-
obtained of Stanley  Park in  the dis-   diums  for  Main  and   Fraser Streets.
tance.   with   the   glinting   waters   of | * �� *
Burrard   Inlet   on     the    other    side, j     The   Main  St.   Improvement   A--...
while on the south side ia seen False i ciation are a go-ahead bunch.   Sound.
Creek extending to Main Street, with   practical   common
Grandview   and     Hastings     Heights | much   in   this
looking as if they were joined, mak
ing an ideal background. To the
south is seen Little Mountain, thc
house at the reservoir making the
highest point. The walk from this
point along the beach, past the county
sense is shown as
in this association as any in
the municipality The association
recognize that the day of the knocker is past, what is wanted now are
boosters, and associations that will
turn to and assist the Council in
every  way they  can. V
SATURDAY. MAY 24, 1913.
in  South  Vancouver
Four first-class  Pool  Tables and
Latest   English   Hilliard  Table
Everything   clean   and   sanitary.
Xei  rowdyism
Pool and Hilliard Parlors
Nl ar 25th Avenue
Next   Dreamland  Theatre
Fairmont Pool Room
I9tU Avenue and  Main St.
Cigars, Tobacco,  Cigarettes,  Candies
and Soft Drinks
D. D. DENMAN, Proprietor
��� S referee.    Bishop has  hail _'.' years'   other! as loon as the clubs    linil euit
experience   In     the     ring     managing   win,   were   al   the     bottom     of     the
boxers and refereeing  confetti.    He scheme,    Hutli the management   uf
managed   the   recent   Campbell-Hy- the Toronto and Tecumseh dubs ex-
laml  buiil I pect be be able to place teams un the
Bicycles Repaired
We repair all makes of bicycles,
and stuck a full line of parts and
See uiir special $3$ English
bicycle  with all acccssr      ,.
Bicycles for rent.
The "Samson" Cycle
Corner  Union  and  Dunlevy  Sts.
Vancouver, B.  C.
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering horses will
receive special care and attention.
All kinds of hand-made shoes, running shoes, running plates, toe
plates, etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every  care  and  attention.
571 Beatty Street
Hamilton Bros.
Embalmers and Funeral
Parlors and Chapel:
Office Phone:   FRASER 19
Residence Phone:    FRASER 25
(Day or night)
�� '}Q /,.'vMOUR*l3o8
Special Rates to Municipal Hall
and other South Vancouver
I.allies' &  Cent's
Corner Fifty-sixth and Fraser
Ladies'  or  Gent's  Suits,  $25  up
Business  College
"The School of Certainties"
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded
Corner Main St. & 10th Ave.
Phone :   Fairmont  2075
member of the V. A. C. and has cap- a���u .
lured 42  medals  in  various    athletic  week
contests.     He  is  a   thorough   spurts-'
man, and can  lake his share ot punishment.    Joe Bayley is considered a
rare  ring general,  good  at  footwork
and  a  hard  hitter.       lie  is  a  clever
judge  of  distances  and  an   adept   at
timing   his   blows.     It   will   be   altogether   a   keen   contest   and   a   great
crowd is expected1
���    *    *
Hughie Gilford, the clever defence
fielder of the New Westminster Minto
cup team, will be missing from the
line-up when the Royals meet the
Vanceiuvcrs in the first championship game of llle scasan em May 24 at
Queen's Park. Gifford strained a
ligament in his knee at practice early
this week, and the physicia. have advised him tei remain out of the game
fur at least two weeks. McCarty
will  probably  lill  lhe  vacancy.
Manager Tommy Gifford is worried
eiver his line-up fur the lirst game.
This week he shifted Cliff Spring
to centre, moving the home up, with
Pat Feeney at lirst. Leo Gregory, a
member of last year's amateur team,
is showing line form  on  the defence
When Mathewion'i days of usefulness as a pitcher for the Xew York
Giantl have ended, Manager McGraw
is to lender him a three-year contract without reduction in salary. The
extended contract will hc without the
usual clause for ten days' notice of
.McGraw recently announced this
plan of retaining his star pitcher to
Manager Jeec Tinker, of the Cincinnati Nationals, according to a statement by Tinkers here today.
That Mathewson would earn his
salary as coach of the Giants' young
pitchers, aside from any consideration eif the services he had rendered
the N'ew Vork club in the last decade, was McGraw's reason, as Tin-
ken gives it, for thus continuing the
veteran on  llle payroll.
*    *    *
Should Ty Cobb, world's champion
batsman and star player of the Dc-
tredt baseball club, be injured while
under contract with President N'avin
of the Tigers, lie will he entitled to
unly  iflll  a   week  compensation, ac
held, and it is just  possible that  ijelcortling lo information received here
will figure at third defence in the Vic-1 President  N'avin has notified the In.
...-:..   r>...   _.���,..i. I ,t,,c��r,'.,l    u i    ..!    ui.    :...	
teeria  Day match.
The Vancouver! have had sume
guud practice during the last few
days at Brockton Point. Eighteen
players were In uniform, and Coach
Harry  Griffith  sent  them   through  a
dustrial   hoard   of  his   intention    to
place   all   his   players   under   the   revisions of the state workmen's com-
pensation law.
Cobb is supposed tn draw a salary
f about $2000 per month, or $51)0
-trenuous  workout.    "We've  got    a week.   If injured he only will receive
Minto Cup learn this season, and illis full salary while on the bench
mane no mistake about it." ce,rnmenl- j Hut under the slate law, Cobb's sulci the big point player after the prnc- ���'""}��� would nol be paid. The law nro-
il.-..      "\v,.   .���,,   i���.,i : i : viib's  flini   ������]������,  ,,,   ,.,���..i ���  :���  ,,���
lice.    "We  got  both    quantity    and
quality,   and   we'll   have   the   mug   or
I'll  miss  my guess.''
vines that when an employee is di���-
abled, he must he paid "an amount
equal to one-half of his weekly
wages, not to exceed $10 a week."
sphere against the painted space as
in the "Id game.
Tackling is nut permitted in the
new style of play unless an opponent is in possession of the ball. This
rule eliminates une of the worst feature- of water polo, in which tackling
is allowed when within four feet of
an opponent, or when an opposing
player is following the ball.
* *     A
A new world's amateur running
record fur fifty miles was made at
the Stamford Bridge Athletic grounds
by   I'.    \V.   Lloyd,   who   ran   the   dis-
lance in 6 hemrs 1.1 minutes 58 seconds. The eeld record was made hy
J, E, Dixini iii \XX3 and was fuur
minute* 28 1-5 seconds slower than
Lloyd's  time.
* *    *
Freddie Welsh, wine has been
matched   with   Kay    Campbell,    the
clever   Seattle   lightweight,   for   a   lif-
teen-round  bout  at    the    Steveston
Arena e.n Thursday, June 12. will
come direct t" Vancuuver after liis
buiil  with   Kid Scaler at  Edmonton
nn May 24.
��    *    *
"Tubby" Cnutts, of the Royal City,
has guile to Kamloops and' will play
lacrosse there according to the following article appearing in a Kamloops journal: "II. Coutts, of New
Westminster, has arrived in the city
and will take a place in the Kamloops lacrosse team. Mr. Coutts is a
stick handler of much reputation, and
will bc a welcome acquisition to the
It is stated ai Victoria thai owing
to the refusal of Fred While ami
Herbert Jessie to acl as referees in
the II. C. Vi. A. during the coming
summer, it has been iieei ssary for
ihe officers of the Cuast League to
make a change in  the official list.
Lester Patrick and Leo Sweeney
have been proposed In take the place
of Messrs. White and Jessie, and as
both have accepted, Iheir names have
heen forwarded to President Killing-
tun, of the li. C. L. A. for approval,
frank Cullin and Roberl Dewar. nf
the original list, will likely acl on
Victoria Day at New Westminster,
when Vancuuver will meel the Sal-
monbellies in the opening game of
the  1913 season.
Sam Lorimer will have full charge
of the Viiinria Lacrosse Club this
year, and while home and defence
captains  will  he'  appointed  later  on,
the president will have complete con-1 ���������  .i.e....      joe    overs  was  tanen
trul.     This   was   decided   upon   at   a ; south  nn  the  Giants' spring  training
meeting of the club last nighl. j tr��lJ   .at   his   brother's   rccunimend'a-
*     a,     . ijassssassssssassaassl
Clarence II. Irwin, a Star baseball
pitcher of this vicinity, signed by the
Philadelphia Americans, was killed
instantly last week by falling in
front of a Philadelphia and Reading
railroad locomotive near Crescent,
Pa,     lie   was   a   lirakeinan,   and   was
turning a switch.
Ernest Kartye, of Chicago on Fri-
day defeated Henry I. Risinirlcr,
champion wrestler of Europe, in two
siraighl falls. The lirst fall wai secured in 18 minutes and the second
in 7 minutes. Mike Vukel. champion
of the weirld, h���a agreed to nice;
Kartye fnr the title.
r      *      *
Manager .VleGraw, of the New York
National League Club, has unconditionally released "Joe" Evers, brother
of the manager of the Chicago National team.    "Joe" Evers was taken
laaasssaasssl       ..       ^. anijiBsssaBBBi
tiuiis.     Ile got into une  league game
as a pinch  runner after, returning to
A meeting of the residents interest-;''-; �� i""L"
ee! in cricket in North llurnaby wajs New ' "rk.
held at the residence of Mr. W.I
rough. Il was decided to start a! The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
team, td be called the North Burnt!- cruising race for the Commodore's
by Cricket Club, to be open to any; Cup. the nmst suitable finishing point
one interested in cricket in the dis- for which has been given the club
trict The lull'.wing officers wer* I officers considerable thought, has at
elected: President, Councillor Mc-: List been decided in favor of Nanai-
Donald; vice-president, A, T. Enjf-! mo, which will be the harbor where
land; selection committee, W. Tough, the yachti will rendezvous for the
Sr., A   Sieves, J.  Hanley; captain,  II. | night.
Stephens; vice-captain, T Pfnpally;! Gnbriola Pass was the lirst poinl
honorary secretary-treasurer, VV. h}. consideridi but the objection was
Tucker.    The club has about twenty raised thai  there'was hardly accom-
member) for a beginning.  lation In thai vicinity feir the large
lh ' i e.f yae hls anel puwer cruisers to
Allotment of the InH for the Pro- anchor,    Then the tides are bad on
viinial Swimming championships for  May 24 for entering that pass after
Profcssieuial and amateur lacrosse
will be in full swing on Victoria Day,
Saturday,  with   the  opening  matches
in the liritish Columbia and Dominion Lacrosse Association. While
Vancouver and New Westminster pro.
teams are settling their differences
on the green sward in the Royal
City, the Westminster amateurs will
bc battling in Victoria with the island
amateurs in the second match uf thc
Pacific  Cuast  A.  L.  A.
There is no doubt that a record
crowd will be on hand wdien the lid
is pried off on the Coast pro. season
at New Westminster. After months
of waiting the club officials have lined up tvvn strung combinations and
all eyes will be centred on the Royal
City on Saturday for the opening
clash. Vancouver this year appears
t" have one 'if the strongest teams
that has ever represented this city, a
belter team in many ways than the
cup winning aggregation of 1911.
New Westminster has never had a
weak team in the field, and it would
he absurd to ass'iime that the Royals
will he down in the race Ihis season,
They will have practically the same
team nut again, while the Vancouver
line-up will presenl two eir three
changes. L'nlil the lirst game is played ii will be impossible to get a line
on the merits of the cup contenders,
but ai this writing the prospects are
exceedingly bright for a keen race
and sume grand lacrosse,
*    ie    *
Six sections of temporary seats,
occupied by 100 men and women, collapsed befure the opening uf the
game between the New York and
Chicago American League teams at
the Frank Chance Day celebration on
Saturday. The stands extended from
the grandstand to the grounds, and
were not high. Miss Minnie Cum-
mings, whei fell to the pit occupied
by Ihe visiting players, was the musl
seriously injured. There were mure
than 35,000 paid admissions to the
game, a record fur all but the world's
series oontests. This was the statement of President Charles Comiskey,
of the Chicago club, who declared'
that there were probably a thousand
persons additional wdio came to pay
tribute to Chance, former leader of
the Chicago Nationals.
the year  191.1 was  made   al  a  meeting
of the executive of the British c.i-
iimbia branch of the C. A, S \. hehl
at the V. A. C lasl Saturday. Mr, VV,
A. Long presided al the meeting and
tin ie presenl were- : Messrs. H. Ce.t-
t.T. iee, treas.j J   il   Caum, Vsncou-
2 o clock in the afternoon, Cowichan
Gap was also suggested, bul the tidal
difficulty applied there al*o, and
Clam Hay. where ii was proposed to
anchor, ��as nol all that cnuld be desired
They finally fell back e.n Nanaimo
Directory   Estimates    Population   at
The population of Greater Vancouver as announced this week by the
publisher- of Henderson's Directory
is estimated al 185,000, and including the municipal estimate of Burnaby, which is given as 15,(100, brings
up iln  total i" 200,000,
The population of South Vancuuver does nol appear to be separately
estimated   by   Henderson's,  bin    ac-
uling to the recent estimate of As.
ssi.r West, it is approximately 40,-
area  included  in  Greater Van-
. as assumed for directory pur-
comprises thc city proper,
Vancouver and   Poinl    Grev
"oHaYYMM "' \ 1 %\ I pEtt'lyneaar?eracre """ff ?��� whi^
Porl Alberni A S. C, and R. Rowel,* ception thati7l.ll't"' 7"' "U' f*
Victoria  A.  S   C , ' " " "'" be only a one-day
The   senior-championship    events dtaintTetT"      BuCCaneer Ba* bein��
were  very   evenly   divided    between |    Arrangements will be made to tow
A Mild Smoke
Vancouver, Victoria and Porl Alberni. To the latter tuwn was allotted
what the delegates described as the
"tit-bit," viz, the relay race open t"
the teams ol the four affiliated clubs
only, As Port Alberni also go1 the
50 yards' senior, and will bc the meeting place for the water polo compet-
tions. thc town will be given a great
impetus in a spurting way, August 1
will  probably bc the gala day.
* *   *
They were Hustlers who captured
the first game of the series of thc
Sunday Schocel Athletic League un
Saturday, May 17, when the Junior
Team of the Hustlers' Athletic Association defeated the Crescent Team
eif the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian
Church on the General Wnlfe School
grounds by a score of 7 to 1. This
is the first league game of the Junior
Division of the Sunday School Athletic League and the South Vancouver
buys look likely winners nf thc pennant. The batteries for the winners
were, Duncan and D. Baserinc, Mr.
Harry Grant acted as umpire.
* *    *
At Toronto the clubs in the Big
Four appear to be having trouble
signing their players. The Eastern
League is paying just about half the
salaries   Con   Jones   is   handing    his
     eienuc   ot   lejw
(he windjammers to the starting line
off Poinl Grey. The yachts will he
sent uff at 9 a.m. and the finish line
for the race will be between Snake
Island buoy and Malaspina Point of
Gabriola Island al the entrance to
*      *     A
Things are stirring in swimming
circles over the introduction of a new
water sport, water snecer, which
made its debut into local circles last
week, when the Olympic Club and
the Surf Beach teams lined up for
thc initial tryout of the new game
at Surf Beach  Park in  Alameda.
Eastern enthusiasts claim that
water soccer is a most interesting
game, completely eliminates the many
disagreeable features of water polo,
and makes a clean and exhilarating
pastime. There are seven men on
each side of the teams in the new
game���a centre forward, two side
centres and twu goalkeepers.
Instead oi the small ball used in
polo a regulation soccer leather-covered ball is used in the new game.
Thc goals arc not painted spaces on
the walls as in polo, but are composed of uprights ten feet apart, and a
crossbar four feet high. A score is
made by throwing the ball through
the   goal   instead   of    touching     the
pos is,
The dividing line between Burnaby
and South Vancouver is considered
the eastern boundary for the purposes of the directory lists. Fifty-
fifth Avenue the southern line of de-
I inarcaliuii, and the Suiilh line of the
inlet as the northern boundary. On
the main thoroughfares in South Vancouver and Point Grey, and the
streets which are settled as far as the
North Arm of the Eraser, the names
uf the residents are also included' in
the lists.
An increase nf frum 12 tei 15 per
cent is noted by the directory compilers. Lasl year 56,296 addresses
were shown in the directory and on
this basis the population was computed as 160. 424. The municipality of
Hurnaby is included by Henderson's
iu the New Westminster directory.
Where T.R.II.  thc  Duke and   Duchess  of Connaught  and   Princess   I'atricia
were entertained.
II.  LARSON, Manager.  V.  I. ARSON,  Proprietor
Elevation  623  feet. One hour's  trip   from  Vancouver
Unequalled   Resort   for   Holiday,   long   or   short.       Family   Rooms
1 cu suite with special rate.
Modern  appointments  throughout,   spacious  grounds,  high-class   service  at   moderate
rates.    Easy  trail  to  top  of  Grouse   Mountain,   altitude  3,000  feet.
WEEK OF MAY 26 to 31
Vancouver vs. Spokane
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We  carry  everything  in   thc  Liquor   Line
No order too small, and none too large  for this popular Liquor Store
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
leaving our  Store every  Friday  morning at 9 a.m.
PHONE  1024
Days for Cycling
With the arrival of bright summer
days the habit of cycling becomes
every day more in evidence. Those
who already possess machines will
he probably now overhauling their
bicycles in search of weak points that
may require remedying, while others
may be contemplating the purchase
of new cycles at moderate prices. One
firm, the "Samson" Cycle Co., of 806
Dunlevy Street, Vancouver, has now
in stock all the latest improved English and American bicycles, making
a feature of a $35 "English" bicycle
with all accessories. This company
has mt chines for sale or rent and undertakes all kinds of repairs to any
machine at reasonable charges.
Your Flower and Vegetable Garden
Our  Stock  Cannot be  Surpassed
To those who love a beautiful flower garden, witlu��m which a
home cannot be truly homelike, wc would be pleased l" tell Ihcm
all about emr choice bedding stock oi great variety; everything
wanted to make (lower gardens beautiful and attractive;  such as :
PINKS, Etc.,     Etc.
Make a visit to our greenhouses and nursery, and sec fotlyour-
self. lu the meantime, ask for a cataloging, .which will be mailed
free  em  application,    We   lill  window  boxes;  choice  selection  of
Duli'l forget Ihis facl: we can supply you with everything for
your  vegetable garden   also,
Our Stock of cabbage, caiililh.wer and tomato plant! is lhl' bell
wc ever had.
We have them in lacge quantities.   Gel ymi orders In early.
The Royal Nurseries Limited
Phone : Seymour 5556
Head Office, Suite 710 Dominion Building;,
Slore, 2410 Granville Street, Phone Bayview 1926.
Greenhouses and Nursery at Royal, on li. C. Electric Railway. Eburne
Branch, two miles from city limits.    Phone  Eburne 43
Keeler's  Nursery
For bedding out plants; also
window boxes, tubs and
hanging baskets in galore.
Corner 15th Ave. and Main Street
PHONE: Fairmont 817 r
SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1913.
Greater Vancouver News Items
The Father of Museums
By the will of the late Indian
Poetess, Pauline Johnson, a good
many Indian curiosities have been
added  t"  the  Vancouver  Museum.
Seeuth Vancuuver has also a little
museum for many curios and objects
of art are being added to the library
at Collingwood. We give here a
portrait of Elias Ashmole, who
founded the Ashmolcian Museum at
Oxford, and may be called "the
father of museums." Thc cut is
from an interesting drawing in the
Collingwood  Library.
In the Supreme Court at Vancouver on Thursday was commenced before Mr. Justice Gregory an appeal
entered by Doctors Blonibcrgcr,
Ford and Whittaker, who were barred from practising medicine, following an enquiry made by thc medical
council   of   ]iriti.-.h   Columbia.
May   31,   1913
Tenders are- Invited lor the moving of thc
Grimmett Illock. corner Itivcr Road und
Main Street.
Specification! may be obtained at the
Building   Inapector'i  office.
Tendera addreaeed to the underalgned will
!������ received up to May 31st, 1-' o'clock noon.
I.e.ucM en any tender mil necessarily accented.
C. M. 0.
BO*   1J _' 4.   gotltll   inn,   ii.   C
We call for and deliver, thorough.
ly clean and press gent's suits, $1.50
each; or sponge and press same for
75c each. Ladies' suits from $1.50
to $175.
Province Renovatory
"None  Better"
4136 Main St.     PHONE:    Fair. 1163
Builders and Auctioneers
4258  Main   Street
Phone:    Fairmont   1492
Real   Estate  anel   Commission   Broker!
H. N. Hallberg. Manager
Cor.   Main   Sc   29th   Ave.       South   Vancouver
Real Estate, Loans,  Insurance
He.uses   Rented Rents   Collected
4609 Main St. Phone:  Fair. 783
General   Sheet   Metal  Worker!
Furnace!   a   speciality���installed   by   expert!
Cornice, skylights  and  roofing,  electric
sign!   and   all   kinds   brass   and
copper fixtures
Cor.  27th Ave. r\ Main St..  South Vancouvet
Phone:     Fairmont  2.186
The Board of Works have decided
n.ii I., accede i" ihe request "i Mr.
Rex Thomas, representing the arena
.mil stadium i>r.>jt-i-i- combined, for
,i license t" hold ten-round bouts in
South Vancouver. It was staled that
the maximum number of rounds lor
an    amateur   match   waa   three,   and
several Councillors pul themselves em
record si opposed    i"   professional
* *        ele
A decree of divorce absolute has
been grained lo VV. Herbert II. Blanche!, together wilh an order for lhe
cuitody of his child.
* *        ele
The secretary of the Robson Mem-
eerial    Methodist   Church   has   written
to thc Police Committee asking thai
measures he taken lo ensure that the
Lord's Day Act be respected anil1 vig-
orously enforced. It was slated that
the act is being openly violated in
South Vancouver.
* *        e|.
The superintendent of waterworks,
Mr. J. .Mullett. presented to the water
and light committee on Friday a report showing an expenditure for the
fortnight ending May 15 of $47,683,
of which the material is valued at
$40,275.84, and lhe cost of the labor
at $7,405.53.
Another well has been completed
on the C. 1'. R. property, giving approximately 160,000 galhins per day.
The well now being drilled promises
to be equally as good. Two large
pumps now being run to their full
capacity have proved so satisfactory
that the City of Vancouver water
can bc elose.l off from South Vancouver several hours each day. A
new ten-ton power pump will arrive
* *        ef
With a view to abating the dust
nuisance in the municipality the
Council have granted thc M. P. Cot-
ton Company Limited a contract to
oil  live miles at $175 per mile.
*    *
On the recommendation of Engineer Clement, lhe Council decided upon the following road Improvements:
Suggested plank walks in Ward One
will cost $2,273; Wan;- Three, $3,730;
Ward Five, $2,733; War.l Seven. $2,-
731. These amounts will lie charged
tn bylaw No. 4. Other items included Manitoba Slreel culvert, cost
$7,275; plank roadway, Twenty-ninth
avenue, $4,160: grading Forty-eighth
Avenue. $2,240: Horley Streel grading, $2,51X1; Twenty-sixth Avenue
grading, $1,300; Argil.- Street grading, $5,200; Thirty-fifth Avenue grading, $2,()46; Yukon Street grading
and rocking, $9,750; Columbia Street.
$5,8511; Manitoba Street. $6,334;
Twenty-third Avenue. $6,117; Sixly-
fniirth Avenue, $9,146; Twenty-second Avenue, $6,500, and Forty-ninth
Avenue.  $560;   total   to   be   expended
on roadway, $85,000.
*   *   *
A delegation last Friday from the
Fraser Street Improvement Association stated tbat 261 deeds to streel
frontage feer street widening purposes had been obtained. 11 was necessary to have 600 more deeds. Messrs.
Batehelor and Spiers had done the
work, and the sum of $300 was asked
in me.'i expenses.
Mr. Clark, solicitor, said it was necessary first In acquire deeds In Main
Slreel. as lhe land department had
allowed the deeds tn be' registered
free ��� >f charge. The department hail'
heen at wurk al it fnr two anil a half
\ ears,
The policy now followed was tee
take four blocks al a time, secure all
deeds nn hnth sides nf the Street, anil
iih' them in ilu- registry department.
Mr Clark was urged to employ more
men   and   lee  carry   nn   wmk   nn   both
Fraser   anel   Main     Streets.       Fraser
Street is t'e be widened seven feci mi
each -ide.
* *   *
Master Carl Erickson, a South Vancouver   boy,   nine   years'   old,   living
with hi- parents mi Earli Road, was
found Monday nighl mi the C. P. R
train in tlie Vancouver station, lie
had tramped or ridden some other
train iee Westminster Junction and
was cold and hungry He was taken
in charge by a member nf the Travellers' Aid Society and ihis morn-
ing  returned to his home.    This is
laid He be thc yeeiith's second disappearance when supposed tn he mi his
wav  In school.
* *     A
Reeve Kerr and Councillors Dick-
inseeii anil Millar have been appointed
a committee to meet the hospital committee and propose a grant of $6,000
to cover Smith Vancouver's liability
| for patients from the municipality
cared for bj Vancouver General Hospital to the end of 1913. This also
will include amount! due fnr the year
* *    *
Referring to a communication from
I Robson Memorial Methodist Church.
I drawing the attention eif thc Council
to thc alleged open disregard of thc
Lord's Day Act, the police committee, to whom the matter was referred,
asked the solicitor for a report. Mr.
Clark reported that through a bylaw
the council could prevent lhe sale or
the offering for sale of all merchandise except milk, drugs and medicines.
During the past week, twenty
building permits were issued by the
municipal building Inspector, covering structures of an estimated valuation nf $68,000. Included in these
figures arc three permits for resiliences in the Shaughnessy. Ebume
and Wesl Point Grey localities, fnr
residences tn cost between $12,000
and $16,011(1 each. The approximate
figures for building valuations for this
in.null   In  date  is $140,105.
*      *      H,
A Japanese fisherman on Tuesday
caught a sttiigeiiu in lh.' N'nrth Arm
which measured1 seven feet six inches
long. He had some difficulty iu landing iln- finny eme, bul when such a
prize was in sight exlra efforts were
pul forth ami the lish was pulled
aboard. Some len nr twelve years
agei. say old-timers, this species nf
lish was quite common in the waters
nf lhe Fraser, hut nf late years they
have  been   rather  scarce.
The centre of the stream of the
North Ann nf tin Fraser River has
been chosen as ihe boundary line of
ihe tun municipalities nf Richmond
and Hurnaby. The Reeve e,f Burnaby has agreed In hand over the stun
nf $7000 for the change nf boundary
tei ilie Council of Richmond.
The trades licence bylaw, to enforce the payment nf a licence fee of
$lil from all extra-municipal firms
trading in Richmond, was read the
first, second and thin!1 limes, and the
Richmond road extension bylaw was
given its final reading.
el:       *        *
At a luncheon tendered by the
Richmond municipality tn delegates
nf the Fraser Valley Development
i League last Thursday al Steveston,
I several Semth Vancouver and Hurnaby people were present. Among
others were: Mr. K. 11. Heaps, presi-
ileni .if ihe league; Messrs. R. C.
Hodgson, Seeuth Vancouver; ex-Reeve
Weart. Hurnaby; Dr. Elliott Rowe,
Vancouver; Professor Hill-Tout, Ah-
botsfbrd; Mr. Otway Wilkie, New
Westminster; AliVrman Lynch, Vancouver;   and   Councillors   Mills,   Mc-
Calluni. Shepherd, l-'entinian and Gay.
nf  Richmond.
"Richmond���its prosperity," was
lhe main topic of the speakers, Dr.
Rowe slating that there was no reason why lhe Richmond district, with
such facilities fnr transportation by
rail anel water and such level ground
should neel become eene e,f the busiest industrial centres mi the coasl
Professor Hill-Tout, of Abbotsfield
spoke nf iin gnat need of the closer
association of the various agricultural ami  rural  communities,
A   petition   from   residents   in   the
Central   I'ark  dislricl  asking  that   the
car track nn Westminster Road be
extended to Tyne Street, a few blocks
beyond Joyce Street, tn whieh point
��� ���ii the I'.. C. Electric Railway Company has promised t" extent the Earl's
Road line, was referred by the South
Vancouver Council last Friday t" a
special meeting tee consider car extensions  generally.    Communications
from property owners on Rupert
Street. Collingwood West in regard
lo alleged damage In property by the
recent grading operations wcre referred In the engineer and Councillor  feer   lhe  ward.
Si       A        A
The adjourned meeting of thc Central Park Agricultural Association
was held on Friday last, in the Agricultural Hall. A new president was
elected ill the person of Mr. J, S. Sinclair, and Mr. J. II. Thompson was
chosen as vice-president. The chief
business to come before thc meeting
was the final revision of the catalogue
for the coming show, and the introduction eif several new features. Big
entries are coming in for the poultry
section, of which Mr. W. M. Coats
will bc lhe judge. The catalogues
are now in the printer's hands.
 S    ASM     S	
A   First-class   Meat   Store   at   East
A meat store which can he faveer-
ably compared to those of P. Burns
& Co. must he nf the best description as regards storing conditions and
quality eif goods. These conditions
arc undoubtedly fulfilled in the present up-to-date meat store of Fred
Scott in the Forman Block, Jeiycc
Street, Fast Collingwood, near lhe
B. C, E. R. stali.ni.
Previously Mr. Scott ran two
stores in Joyce Streel. but he decided
In eleise up the one near Welsh Ruad
in order in concentrate his business
in the one large and improved store
in the Forman Block. This stnre is
one eif lhe liucst tn he seen in Soulh
Vancouver or elsewhere. It has all
lhe latest linings and most sanitary
arrangements necessary fnr a store
of the kind. It has an up-to-date ice
refrigerating  apparatus  at  the  fronl
eef    till'    St.eri'    willllnWS.    lllC    Ill'Sl     COld
Storage plant, lly screens anil other
sanitary   ci enveniences.
Besides the ordinary service for
delivery, F, Sett is putting em a
special rig for regular calls throughout the district, ensuring prompt attention tee all orders.
The Up - to - date  Grocery Store
Try our Special
Blend of
40c TEA
40c Coffee
it Invigorating
Quaker  Peas    1   doz.  for $1.60
Salmon  2 cans for 25c
Cooking Onions    10  lbs.  fnr 25.
old  Dutch Cleanser   3 for 25c
Washing Ammnnia   15c per bottle
Swift's   Umax   Snap    5c  per  cake
Naplha   Seeap 5  for  25c
Pure   Honey 30c   a   bottle
4493 MAIN STREET (Corner 29th Avenue)
(Doctor of Chiropratic)
I 250    22nd    Avenue    East,    close    to
Main Street
Hours : 1.30 till 6.    Consultation free
Chiropractic succeeds where medi-
ina fails. For all complaints, whether
acute or chronic, Chiropractic is just
the thing.
Leaves  Ferry Wharf Daily at 9.30
a.m.    for    Indian   River    and    Way
Sunday at 10.30 a.m.
ROUND     TRIP        - -       $i00
NORTH    ARM    S.S.    CO.,    LTD.
Phone  Seymour 4574
Old Country Watches a specialty
Established 3  years
F. McGillivray
Watchmaker and Jeweler
533 Main Street
All   Watches,   Clocks  and  Jcw-
elery repaired on  the premises.
26th Ave. & Main St.
Sheet Metal  Work
Don't place any order before
getting an estimate from us.
We   have   something   attractive and of value to offer.
Furnaces installed
McCuaig Sheet Metal
4250 Main  St.
South Hill P.O.  Box  105
General Merchants
Stumping   Powder  Our  Specialty
Phone:     Fraser   100 46th  Ave.   Sc   Main
Pre-inventory Sale  Starts  March 24.
Reeve &  Harliny, Props.
Cor. Bodwell and Main
Phone:     Fairmont   1544
4132    MAIN   STREET
Greater  Vancouver   Specialists
R. G. Simm, Manager
Phone: Fair. 807 4132 Main St.
Concrete,   Cement   and   Sewer
Phone:  Fair. 807        109 26th Ave. E
Twenty-eighth  Ave.  and   Main  Street
Misses   Hall   and   Westley,   Graduated   Nurse,
Terms Modi rate
Phone :  Fairmont 2165
Kitchen and Builders' Hardware, etc.
Cor. 51st Ave. & Main St.
Vancouver, B.C.
Try our Butter, Eggs, Cheese and Provision!
For quality, these will please you.
Orders   Solicited
Cor.   26th   AVE.   &   MAIN.   VANCOUVER
Toronto  Furniture
Furnish   Houses   at   Very   Moderate
Call and See
M. H. COWAN, Proprietor
Phone :    Fairmont 1660
Auction Sale
SATURDAY, MAY 31, at 4 p.m.
Joyce Street, Collingwood East
Te-?ie v^***?' 7*2' the, Pollard ��Pera Company, in the musical comedy
La Belle Butterfly,   at the Imperial Theatre three nights, commencing
Monday, May 26
Iron  and   Brass   Beds,   Springs,   Mattresses,   Pillows,   Chairs,
Pictures, Picture Frames, Stoves, Ranges, Dry Goods,
Crockery, Hats and Caps, etc.
Also a Large Stock of Books and Stationery
WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, at 2.30 p.m.
My listing for this monthly sale includes property in all parts of Vancouver,
also two houses which must be sold under mortgage. This is a sale which
no one can afford to   miss.      The list is large;   the property must be sold.
A. M. BEATTIE, Auctioneer


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