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The Greater Vancouver Chinook May 17, 1913

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Array MS?
T A Half Million in 1917
Vol. II, No. I.
Price 5 cents
Early Supply of Gas is
Promised by B. C. Gas Co.
Cedar Cottage and  Main Street   District*  to Have  Immediate
Service if Franchise is Passed
"Tlu- publication in tbe 'Chinook'
��� if last week nf the general terms em
which the It. C. Gas Company would
provide a gas supply fur South Vance,uver has led tu many queries being put I'e us as lei the date hy which
we cnuld give a service in the <li - -
trict,"  said  the  Company's engineer
yesterday. "In reply te, these queries
we have stated thai our Company is
fortunately situated fur giving such
a supply at an early date. \1 far as
we are concerned the construction
work involved means merely the extension   eif   our   mains   from   the   cily
boundary line tee tin- sections immediately te> the- loath. Gas would
lie available from our present genera-
entering new territory, ami such a
figure could not be quoted hy its with
assurance mile-- the Seiuth Vancouver nas mains formed part eef a .system covering a far more extensive
territory than tin- municipality alone."
Just before tlu- "Chinook representative left reference was made to
the advisability of a large central
generating plain feer the nas supply
of Greater Vancouver because e,f the
conditions which now prevail em this
coast e,n account 'ef the coal mines
on Ihe Island being closed down.
"Such a condition," said the official.
"would mean a difficult problem for
a small gas concern, for even in the
lease of the Vancouver Gas Company
South  Vancouver  Car  Service Being Rapidly Improved
That it will be posiible t'i make';
complete   circle  of   tn*  municipals!
by electric car and to, get to almost
any section of the district from the
city of Vancouver vrtfpn the preipeised
extensions are completed is the contention of I). C. E. R. officials. \V,,rk
now on hanel is rapidly nearing completion, and the other proposed extensions will be commenceel at an
early date.
The paving eif Westminster Keiad
by the cily authorities has caused ia
considerable delay at the switches
em the Westminster Road and Victoria Road route (hiring the past
few months, but the completion t>f
that work and the laying of a double
track along the entire length of th.
road tei Victoria Road will greatly
facilitate the service. There is likely
to be a little further delay on this
route while the South Vancouver
Council puis down
ling plant pending ihe construction' I can tell you that it is very
��� ef the greal central generating plant cult fe.r us te. keep ��� mr 'heaels above
for which plans are neiw being pre- waler' because eef the heavy addition-
pared." ,el expenditures entailed  ny  rcasem of
Pressed for a statement as to a the closing down e,f the- fslaiid coal
definite date feir the service th.- eeffi. i mines. The general public does not
cial said. "You can tell your readers realize jusi what it means for the
that in the Cedar .Cottage district and Compuy tee supply gas in Vancou-
the section adjacent tei Main Slreel. j ver ruder presenl conditions without
about as far south as Wilson Road, | increasing the price. It is only be-
w,- are prepared to give a supply dur- Cause e,f n,ir business being of coning the c.lining summer. This. e,f llderable extent and emr having had
e'e.iirsc, provided the Company is the advantage of years of experience
given rights in the municipality sei ii operation that we are able to meet
that construction wurk in the dis
trict may be started at an early elate
"As far as the future is concerned.'
a permanent pave
ment   along   the   lection   eef   the   reiad
passing ihre.ugli the municipality, hue
when thai work i- finished Victeeria
Reiad w-ill havi as g,.,e,l ., service ai
lhat now being run on the Fraser
Avenue   remte.
It is also proposed this year tee
connect up the Victoria Road line
wiih ihe Grandview service via Commercial Drive. Cedar Cottage, and
seiiue of the cars running -ever that
section   will   prmiably   continue  al'eng
Westminster  Road    to    Collirtgw 1
East, thus relieving lhe interurban
traffic  to  some  extent.
There is at present only a shuttle
car service em the single track between Victoria Reead. along the Westminster Road, to Earls Road, but the
B. C. Electric Railway Company has
promised tee extend this line tee Joyce
Sireet, Collingwood, during the pre.
sent summer.
Council Will Buy Land for
South Vancouver Industries
Desirable   Property   on   the   North   Arm   of the   Fraser   River
to be Secured for Industrial Sites
Around the Municipal Hall
the case.     I  notice that there is some
talk concerning a municipal gas plant
���n Seeuth Vancouver. Knowing the
gdi business thoroughly and having
made a mil investigation e.i the con-
dri'-ns   prevailing   in   South   Vancouver   I    woulil   suggest   that   the   ralc-
p.eyers hiok carefully into such a pro-
petsal   freem  all  sides.    The  operation i
^_^_Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmb^ a   gas   plant,   especially   an    hide- j
nits   freem   which   a   demand   feer   a | pendent   system   covering   a     limited
upply   in   the   district  now   pre-j area, entails great responsibilities anel
��� onlimied thc official, "I think thai
the needs e,f South Vancouver an-
iully protected by our proposal covering tin- laying eif from eight to ten
miles of mains wiihin the tirsj year
��� i so, Our investigations show thai
tins mileage will more than cover the
message rent' thanks to
Mr.   II.     II.
of the
ails   to
ails.     Further   extensions   woulil   be ! means the facing of tnnibleseinie pr.e-
is   the   needs   de
ade continuous!
The official stated thai so far he
had lie;,id no complaints concerning
the- company's proposed rate of $1,511
per thousand cubic feel for gas in
South Vancouver, "Bill 1 didn'l expect any." he said. "Thai rale' is very
low, especially when lhe Company is
blems, of which the pres ni shortage
eef eeial is an example."
Should this meet your eye before
the evening eef Friday, May 16. please
remember that on that evening there
, will be
I Club of
a concert at the Collingwood
by   the   Women's     Musical
Vancouver.     All   welcome.
Hy Felix Penne
Caxto; ���the first  British Printer
ii W, T. White, the Dominion Min ter of Finance, has produced ,i Budget which lias many points
of si    I.i t me call attention t<>
reduction   of   the   tariff   een
bul a
a    ni
ng  ami  type-setting raach-
��� eduction   therefore,   though
nail one- in the cost of news-
' eduction, and a removal, to
e-\tent, of the "taxes on know.
taxes   em   which   a   righteous
. been waged ever since I can
remember���and  !cna before then.
iin-  Hon. the  Dominion  Minister
ui 1 inance said he did mil consider
ilii- newspaper proprietors were toee
w-eli paid on the investment of Iheir
eapital. Perhaps he was right, he
certainly was right in the great majority of cases, and he vvas surely
right if he had. in the back of his
mind, those who have invested the
capital of brain, thought, knowledge,
experience, eyesight, learning, skill,
wit, foresight, industry, etc., etc., in
"thc newspaper business." Had seme
of us newspaper men put such capital into other spheres of enterprise
and labor, we should, with one third
the wear anel lear of soul, mind and
body, have acquired fortunes, whereas
emr efforts have barely made us "a
living." The newspaper man does indeed deserve some consideration from
the state. His valor a.; "a soldier
of lh' common good" gets but scan!
recognition from the general public.
If rewards "for valor" for industry.
self sacrifice, or self denial, were distributed in the ranks of civil life as
well as for military service, many a
poor devil of a scribe who now goes
aboot unrewarded and unrecognized
would enjoy a pension which would
spell "competence." and have his
breast adorned with the Victoria
"Reduction in the cost of type-casting and type-setting machines"���
good! But oh! what a struggle it has
been to get the governments���the
governments of all the world over, to
see the wickedness and folly of placing   "taxes   on     knowledge."       How
many brave men languished in prism
feer resisting the trix^- and stamp duties which once tria*' tstue newspaper
so dear! My edit } governor,
James    Hender i       grand     old
Scotsman   wh- , I      ''he  Weekly
Budget," was , -: ,fge heroes, and
often have I l.'A-. nn talk of his
sufferings and hi���tTUgglcs My own
memory gen- 'ack to the time when
government taxed soap anil called
the people "the great unwashed";
when government taxed windows and
called the people "the unenlightened
multitude"; when governmenl taxed
paper, books, newspapers and then
sneered al "the ignorant  mob!"
Do you appreciate what you enjoy
today, newspaper reader? I trow
not! What does this clear, wcll-
prinicd sheet of good paper cist you?
Look back to my boyhood days when
a coarse, ill-printed sheet, with sparse
news, cost livepence or ten cents
when books were dear and to buy
one meant geeing without several
meals. Oh, we valued ,iur papers and
our boeiks then, they were worth thc
sacrifice when "Publicola" and Douglas Jcrrold and Charles Dickens and
William Johnson Fox and W. II.
Russell wielded pens which could
not be "bought" nor turneil aside
from the duty they owed the public.
Years and years ago the "gentleman
of the press" deserved that name. He
regarded his we erk as sacred; he was
nol moved by tear or favor; but now!
Alfred Harmsworth���"Lord North-
cliff" has "the Times." lie has reduced it in price, as his predecessors
reduced it in standard, and some
newspapers have out-1 leroded Herod
in Harmsworth methods until���bah!
the very thought of it makes "an
old-timer"  of   Fleet  Street���sick!
The Canadian Minister of Finance
will be followed in due time jy other
ministers of finance who will do more
for the newspaper man, worker as
well as proprietor, for the newspaper
and the newspaper reader, than the
Hon. W. T. White has done. The
newspaper writer is robbed of the
work of his brain as no other worker
is robbed of the work of his hands.
"Black-legs" take the bread out of
the mouth of the newspaper writer
in a way that wouhl lead "union"
workers to dynamite���and there is no
redress. Gentlemen, you do not
pause to think what\you have owed
to the Press since the wisdom of
Elizabeth and the prudence of Burgh-
ley first gave British 'newspapers a
When a Tory minister of finance
admits that the newspaper man needs
sonic consideration it is about time
that you, the newspaper reader woke
up to the fact that you enjoy your
paper because men are wearing out
their hearts, their brains, their eyes,
their hearing, their lives in your service. Do not grudge the paltry, subscription to keep your paper going.
Newspaper men are not bad fellows,
gentle reader, remember Hamlet's
words and in your prayers be all their
sins���Yea! and all their needs���remembered.
_._.....,.,_ It     has
broaden out the views of
educate others. It has also
means  of  letting  some  try
the   government     geu��ftf��uaiuted  with   each   olher.
^^^^ helped  to
sonic and
been   tin 	
their hand at public speaking feer the
first time- while it has affcourage-d the
expro- s'1)' and diffident to give coherence te-
their thoughts in public. Hard
knocks have been given and received
by the members, but all in a feeling
of good comradeship. It is but right
that the parliament sheiuld flow rest
after its labors; with rescusitation let
us hope it will come forth in October with such renewed youth and
vigor as will make it an association
that  Smith  Vancouver  will be proud
11 was with a sense of gratification
the news was received around the
hall that R. 0. Hodgson, president of
the Board of Trade, had received information from Ottawa that ample
provision had been made in this
year's estimates for carrying em the
work of improvement! <>n the Fraser
Kiver. The Council full
the importance of the
ived and sent letters
.\. J. 1). Taylor and
The   present   Council
alive tee the great possibilities
Fraser   River  and  what   il   me
the   development   of  South   V
Every day word is expected that
the Government have appointed the
members eif the commission. low-
ever, as these in a sense will be poli-
lical appointments the Ottawa Government will move slowly in making
them. It is to he Imped that whoever
receives the appointment will be
good, live, active men, nun with a
geiod business [raining. The technicalities eef engineering and dredging
can easily be left in the hands of the
engineers engaged lo elo lhe weirk.
The weirk of the commissioners will
be to get hold eif, at as early a date
as possibl_^^^^^
and make use of the powers conferred upon them by expropriating ;i
reasonable amount of waterfrontage
In all probability each 'ef tile foui
municipalities interested will decide
on what portion they
priated in their respective municipal!
ties for public wharves anil industrial sites. It has been rumored on
several occasions that R. C. Hodgson
will find a place on the Board eif
Commissioners; as tei tlie truth of
this we cannot say. There is one
thing, however, that can hc said- no
man has worked harder during the
last four years tei sec lhe North Arm
developed than Mr. Hodgson; ungrudgingly lie has spenl lieeth his
money and lime in the furtherance of
the scheme and il would be only a
lining reward for his labors if he received  the  appointment.
*        A        A
The Council must do'something in
the matter of laying aside a portion
of the public parks for bowling clubs.
I have been approached by several
very prominent citizens to take thi-
matter up and get a private green
formed, but the cost would be altogether prohibitive as it will take at
least $5000 or $6000 to put a club .-n
a  good- footing.
It appears the government are
aboul to form a frog hatchery.
Whether the frogs are feir gastronomic
use or hygenic purposes is not stated.
Thc only facts given for the new
hatchery is the small percentage of
the eggs that reach maturity. The
South Vancouver people will hardly
believe this. From the sounds that
are at present heard all over the
municipality one would imagine there-
had been no deaths in the freig family
for the last half dozen generations,
and that all the progenitors of thc
species for the previous three generations had been rescusitated to join in
the chorus that delights and charms
the ear of the residents of the municipality.
Reeve Kerr was the recipient of a
letter enquiring as to what sites and
exemptions were offered to induce
manufacturers to locate in South
Vancouver; also what future legislation the Council would take up along
these lines, and what profit or loss the
municipality sustained in such transactions. Where a city or municipality grants cheap industrial sites and
exemptions, there can be no direct
monetary gain, but there is an abstract profit loosened that floats
around the whole of the districts
granting such concessions to encourage  trade   that no one can  compute.
What a pity South Vancouver cannot secure a few hundred acres to allocate for small manufacturers. I
heard a gentleman say the other day
that he did not believe in such encouragement being given. It is not
a matter of what one's individual
opinion is but rather what are best
expedients for bringing manufacturers within the precincts of South
Vancouver. Had South Vancouver
only some broad-minded public men
with plenty of capital at their command, we would soon see her leap to
the front as the second foremost city
and  electric sy-ie-m
te,   ��ecure   industrial
in Britisii Columbia. Unfortunately
while most of the citizens and ratepayers of South Vancouver ran comfortably get ah eng, yel there are few
who have the capital to launch feerth
in large schemes; in  fact, there i- n���.
money at alt  to spare in  speculation.
*    *    *
The Central Parliament is prorogued lill October 3 next. The Government, after weary months of labor
have passed the Miners' Wage Bill,
giving a minimum wage te. all weerk-
ers in mines. The bill was only pa-s-
ed by a majority eif one. The Conservatives can congratulate themselves upon ihe able manner thc_\
have maintained office eluring the
session. The Governmenl have had
many supporters in the Cross
Benches, as again and again when lhe
Governmenl were on lhe eve "i lieing defeated the Cross Benches threw
their li'l in with them to avert defeat. A social meeting will be held
on May 23 for lhe formal winding
up of the session when the Governor-
General will refer to the work of the
session. This parliament has certainly accomplished what the originates meant it l.e do, namely, that it
has brought together a large number
f^ratepayers   and   made     them
Recognizing the importance and
urgency of inducing additional nielii-.
trie.- for Seiulh Vancouver the Municipal Council have arrived at the satisfactory decision of taking -tep- t,,
secure desirable land on the North
Arm of lhe Fraser Kiver feir ineltis-
trial sites. At the same lime it was
resolved, at a meeting 'ef the Council em Monday, to immediately con.
sieler the desirability of establishing
a municipal gas
Thc decision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sites on the- N'eerth Arm eif lhe Fraser
River is a step in the right direction,
and sheiulel be strongly supported by
those desiring to see tin- active development of South Vancouver as a
manufacturing centre. It is the crying need of the municipality, and in
the land adjoining the North Arm
Semlli Vancouver possesses available
site- with the besl possible facilities
and advantages  feer    industrial    pur-
pe   -I"-
In this connection it is satisfactory
te, kne.w that in response to the
Council's  representations   i"   Messrs,
II    II.  Stevens.   M.P., and J.   D.  Tay-
l'-r. M.I'., assurances lave been gives
that an appropriation sufficient tu
cover the jetty ami dredging on the
North Arm of the Fraser will be
placed in the supplementary estimates
eef the government. This definite an-
iieeuneemcnt s||,,ui,| considerably help
in paving lhe way for a greater development of the industrial potentialities of the municipality. S'eiith Vance mver ha- a stretch of waterfront
admirably adapted feer industrial
-ile- If the Council can secure suf-
lieeiu land em the N'orth Arm it will
be possible to offer sites al prices
!e,v\ enough te, induce manufacturers
te. locate in the municipality,
Ai  a  meeting of the  Council  on
Monday Reeve Kerr slated that il was
the duty of the Council to adopt a
progressive policy in regare! I.i both
iln gas and electric light franchise
as well as te, obtain cheap sites feir
manufacturing purposes. When su.-h
land is secured, ihe Council will be
in a belter position tei meet the requirements of manufacturers who
contemplate locating in South Van-
|Couver  than  has  hitherto    been    the
School   Trustees   Will   Apply   Again at Victoria for grant
Another effort i.s tee be made by lhe
South Vancouver Board of Scln e, ,1
trustees to obtain the government
grant of $75,111111, anil a deputation
comprising Trustees McArthur ami
M'irris were appointed 'en Tuesday
to interview the education il-'eiartinent
at Victoria with this end in view.    As
jouth    Vancouver
evcreel  by   lire  in
stated  in  another  column  the
trustees   purpose     submitting
new school bylaws feir ratification by
tin- electors.
' i> eurtecn  of    the
-cheeols   were  neet ^^^^^^^^^^^
It was -tated hy .Mr. Arnold that
I the National General Insurance Com-
[ pany, with winch ihe sch-ie.ls were in-
| sured,   was     an     English     company,
British Columbia was lhe onl�� Cana-
Mr. C. S. Arnold, solicito
iltver, appeared before lhe
One hears many grumbles at the
staff in lhe Municipal Hall, but we
can say without the least fear of
contradiction that at the present time
there is no more efficient staff in
Canada than that of Semth Vancouver,- and that there is no more conscientious staff in any private concern, Many a private corporation
would he preiud to have such a staff.
=)e        e|e        eH
The change in thc weather has
made the hearts of all the amateur
gardeners rejoice. In conversation
all subjects .ire tabooed except how
the cabbage plant is showing eir if the
new tomatoes have taken root, or
how the rose buds are beginning to
make   their   appearance.
*      *      A
line of lhe greatest problems I
have to solve i.s how to get tei twee
meetings in one night and secure all
the good things out of each. Sometimes with a scramble il can be done;
at other times in trying lo gel al
both meetings the good things eif
each are lost. I have now come t"
the conclusion that one meeting a
night is as much as any one can comfortably  take  in.
nf Van-
^^^^^^^^^^^ Board I
Selioeel Trustees at the same meeting
in regard to a statement which hael
gained currency in the municipality
to the effect  lhat at  the present time
'"'"'  tlian province in which the company
three  ||;���i done business, ami it had a bond
with the Provincial Government covering ihe fourteen  -doi.,1 policies in
South  Vancouver.
Replying tei questions Ir the trustee--. Mr Arnold stated thai the- bond
was for S25.ll.ni which would not be
withdrawn s,, long as the policies
were in operation.
Trustees to Submit Three New Bylaws
How many readers of the lirst issue of the "Chinook" thought it
woulil live through the first year to
enter upon its second. F'or a year-
old child ii is a strong, healthy
youngster, poscssing good lungs and
a healthy body, and it is something
its parents may be proud of. There
is no sign of disease or decay about
the "Chinook"; it has every appearance of living to a good, ripe old age.
The only matter that is causing any
anxiety is that it has been outgrow-
iiT- its clothes. So well has it thriven
that unless a new suit is purchased
soon something will require tei be
done. Every inch of space is already
over-crowded with machinery. It
must be gratifying to the shareholders
to see the success of their investment,
and I am confident the readers arc
all proud of their "Chinook."
��       *        *
When the ratepayers turned down
the School Bylaw I predicted at the
time that they would regret it. I
have heard upward of 100 people regret they did not go to vote that
day. Through their apathy the municipality has lost $75,000, as the Government refuse to grant a single dollar. It is a pity that the burden of
the extra taxation cannot be thrown
upon the shoulders of those who
created  the  situation.
As probably ihe natural conse-l
quence of the rejection of the school
bylaws recently submitted tee tin electors eef Semth Yanceniver. il was definitely slated ai a meeting of the
school board trustees mi Monday
that the government al Victoria hae;
declined the grain of $75.11011 previously expected: Ko reasons were given
by the government for tin refusal
which, e.f course, adds i" the financial
difficulties wiih which the trustees
ar,   confronted,
It ha- now been decided by the
| trustees tee submit to ihe electors of
South Vancouver three new bylaws
involving a total expenditure of S2<>s.-
500. I Ine e.f the lull- pn -\ ides for
a high school, ��ne fi ir schi - -1 siti -
ami additions ami another for furniture and equipment ol new schools
am! either necessary  expenditure,
The proposed new sites for schools
are estimated to cost $37,500, On
this amount $12,000 i- for land mi
Kinross Stree-t; $24.5(111 fm- an ail-j
elitiem tei the McBride- School grounds
and $1.2511 fe.r adeliti.ens t.. Selkirk
School   grounds.
It   is  also   proposed   to    establish'
three   new   school-   as   well   a-   small
emergency   sehemls   as   follows .     Sir
Alexander Mackenzie  School,  -." cost-
$50,000;   a   high   school   estimated   le
ceist $85,000; a manual training school
to cost $6,000; and emergency schools
c.esling $3,500, making a total of Sl44.-1
In the third bylaw $12,500 will he ]
asked feer furniture and equipment of
new schools. $56,(XX) for additions o-:
existing schools and provision for
new domestic science classes, while I
feer miscellaneous school purposes
$18,500 is required.
In   connection  with  these proposed
new   school   bylaws   it   was   reported j
by   Municipal    Insnt-ctor   Graham
the  school  board  on     Tuesday    i
Elizabeth Barrett Bi owning
Author of "Aurora Leigh." "The Cry
of the Children." and other noble
poems, whose manuscripts and love-
letters have just realized an enormous price at a sale in London.
t T're .ni ,i photograph in  tlu  C
wood    Library I
j- compared with 38oX children in
' March. This shows an rncreasf of
! 24*.  being  at   the  rate  eef 6  per   cent
4116  children  are  now  in  attendance I per month eir 75 per
en I
a yea
Dr. Hunter Submits Report to School Trustees
In his report submitted to the
Board of School Trustees on Tuesday, Dr. T, V. Hunter, medical inspector of schools criticised the use
of stores as temporary buildings for
school purposes, being supported in
this condemnation by the scln ml
In   the   course   of   his   report   Dr.
Hunter states ; "It has been represented to me as necessary to utilize
a certain store at South Hill in order
to provide for the overflow in attendance at Mackenzie School. Without
presuming to interfere in beiard matters I beg to suggest that in making
a change of this kind some consideration be given tei the modern requirements   of   school   hygiene.
Reeve and Council Investigate NewAir-Gas
An efficient gas supply being now
a matter of agitation in South Vancouver, an improved form of gas
which is now being largely used in
Great Britain, Europe and this continent may be of interest to householders and others who contemplate
installing lighting, heating or cooking apparatus. This is the air-gas
which is generated by the De Laitte
Benoid  process.
Reeve Kerr, Councillors Dickinson,
Humphries, Wilbers, Third. Miller,
Thomas and Campbell were present
at a demonstration of the apparatus
at the De Laitte showrooms, 52+
Richards Street, on Tuesday. The
South Vancouver men were well
impressed with their visit, and it is
not unlikely that several of the machines will he tested out by the municipality with a view of installing tbe
(Continued on Page 2) SATURDAY.  MAY   17,   1913.
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Tin- Popular Route to tlie���
Up-to-date Train  Service  Between Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H.  W. BRODIE,  Gen.  Pass Agent,   Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic Steamship Lines
H. G. Smith, C. P. 4 T. A.
Phone :  Sty. 7100
W. E.  Duperow, G. A. P. D
527  Granville  Street
I.it us supply yon \v���'h lhe {requirements of thc season.
Water Cans, Hose, Garden Tools
The hot weather is comiiiR.    Don't forget that we carry a  full line
of Screen   Doors and Windows.
Dealer in  Stoves, Ranges and Kitchen Utensils
Phone Coll. 19
We have the stock, the machinery and the men
to produce first-class
Collingwood Sash and Door Factory
CAPP & TILBURY, Proprietors
909   Dominion  Trust   Building,   Vancouver,   B. C.
Telephones :     Office 8497.    Works 6203.      Works  9328.     Works  9179
Edited by J. W. Wilkinson, to whom all communications should
be  addressed,   Room 210,   Labor Temple, Vancouver, B. C.
for 15 guns has been introduced. The  on erjual terms with the painters em-
machine is a labejr -aver and together  ployed in the ship yards.
with   the     speeding-up     system     in I *   *    *
At the last meeting of the Trades'er' in shops and -tore- All person!
and Labeir Council, complaint) were working m -tore- trum lhe manager
received that persons were going downward! are eligible, Ilu- initia-
round lhe cily representing them- , ti'eii fee for men is 50 cents, while
selves at being endorsed by the Coun-1 women  are exempt.    The    monthly
eii   for   the   purpose   soliciting   adver- dues   are   25   een1-.     The   lirst   union
tisements  for  publications  to be  is- was Formed in Victoria tin- year. The
sued  by  the Council.    Nee one is at organizing  secretary  i-    Daniel    \V
present authorized to take advertise- Poupard.
ments ��� ��n behalf of the council except *   *   *
Un-   duly   authorized   --��� .1 ie-i;.,r     who Mayor Cray i- keeping in- election
manages   the   advertisement   depart- promise by substituting day labor for
vogue, is regarded by thc members
lei- et-w - rl I- [low -.111" BJ an
additional source 'ef danger. They
contend that all device- tending to
increase   the   present   high     rale      oi
line thousand laborers have struck
we.rk in Birmingham for a minimum
wage  of 14 cents per hour.
*    *    *
The London and North Western
speed in the danger zone are highly '��� Railway Co. have made concessions
dangerous te, the lives and lim! - of to various grades e.f their employees,
the worker- To ensure safely, ihey All steam raisers, fire droppers, and
desire ilu abolition 'ef the piecework washout men will be raised to a maxi-
fellowship and the substitution of an mum oi $6.25 per week which will
established  weekly  wage. mean te, them a raise e.f 48 cents per
*    *    . ��'<-ik.
A  strike of
has re
��� house painters      Fifteen  hundred
between 600 and 800  employed al   Eley'i
ment e,f due II. C. Federationist,"
which i^ tin- weekly newspaper 'ef the
council Business men and lhe general public would confer a favor by
pin.ning I., ihe council office at Seymour 3690 in case they ar.- solicited
by any others pretending to come
freem the council. This difficulty was
a very prevalent one ai one time
I lu,    crook   even   went   so   far   as   Io
-teal Bome "f tin council's official
letterheads, anel  for    In-    originality
ipent the next three months in gaol.
n civic undertakings.
A plant e,i sufficient capacity to handle   work   '.ii   a   l;,r^-
.1-1-1. and pre ference ill l,,
given to workmen residing in New
*   *   -
The  Vancouver   Lab ���   1   i pie    i-
making :i  net pre,iii  of ab
month which i- being applii ���   I
reduction  of  the   second    mortgage
Tile-     t|-||l|ele-    ha-,    l|,,n     |,.-i |i     ,,;,. ���
year and has proved nol only an in.
Tin- question of the council's atti-  valuable asset  to tin- movement, but
tude towards the employment of non-  as a  business  proposition i- a  thor-
union men on tin- exhibition work at  ough success,   S.. nr,. ��� hai bi
Hastings I'ark was also up for con-  demand fe r halls during the past win-
-i'i.-ration,    'lhe reports brought  in-  ter thai many times il hai been mi
nim quitting work They want their
wagei "h am ��� d fn m 16 eenti to IK
centi  per  hour  so ai  to place them
r, ���        ��� ������
t'-ry ai Edmonton
-tnkt- because the]
of ilo- foremen.
women and girls
ammunition fac-
hai ��� been on
objected to one
The Bonnie Purple Heather
Sandy discoorses on the wonderfu  new discovery an' wunners if it'll
come tae onything.
to the council are te, the effect that
the directors of the exhibition are
taking advantage of the presenl -lack-
ness in lhe building trade tee pay men
lower than the standard rati = .,f
wage-, and work them longer than
the standard eight lueiir day of the
city. Ii was at lirst suggested tbat
the exhibition should be regarded as
unfair t��� > organized labor and ilu majority   eel    111.-   <1��I ���." (t <"    W.l-   alollg   tllOSC
line-, but eventually it was decided
tbat a committee should he appointed to interview ihe- directors "i the
exhibition wiih a view to securing :,
re--uli more favorable to the council.
possible i" furnish th    space applied
*        *        ef
The recent elections in Alberta have
1' tl behind a peculiar situation ai
iln  miners or district  IK. which ci m-
prises chiefly the Crow-'-  Nest   P
Tin- vice-president of iln- <li-1 rut. Mr
.1   i). Jones, stood a- the- 1 ibor candidate for Lethbridge, with the Lib.
erals supporting  him  to ilu-    ��� ictenl
thai they eliel not run a i-anelielaie-.  At
the last  miners  convention they endorsed   socialism   anel   some  of   them
..re- now vigorously protesting  if
the action of Mr. Jones    Ch n   Stul -
Weel in. as
how man says.    I w i- kinna
.:< no be-in' able
my   w e i Lly    scribble-   'i:-    -pint    ��i-
willin', like-  Barkis, hut  the   flesh  wis
I   v. i-   awfu Im-;.   at   my   wark
tei   -��� tun' hame al  nicht   I  nli
.:    I    blue
nu-  writin', but  the
1. i ii jan in' 'io   . -. cry in,-hi an'  1  hav-
:e  dug       Mare
lhat   efter      Tin y   -ay   it'-  a   bad
that'-   ii"   missed  an    I'm-   nae-   doobt
��� sell >US a-  mi-  0. re-m-v
ntance   Tae -Ih iw yae bo
"'   mj   ri ., .        ���       ii   though   1-   lae
show yai ��� itabli ness o' hu-
ble but t - aye
hi ile,   but
efter a',  I  thinl maki  a  muckle
1 tllin' her
in:ii natut
v.i- writin'
ne -ul
".ir thai telt
ther 1'  wis
-   hael ca'd  ill
what   ither   paper   Sanely
thej   w anted  tae-
I 1    wis    I i:,     1 ,  ;.
me an' I 1 en whe-
Iterioi   motive
���  was decided to procure a copy    " 'he president of the distri ��� is al
being  sevi rely criti :ised I
and at the meeting "i th.- 1 ��� ecutivc
!i".n-el in Lethbridge ho.'. Wedm -
Stul - brought  tin  matter to a hea 1
by 1. signing  hi-    ffice.    An    ;
eif officers will take place iin-;
ly  ami  it   is  practically  certain   that
Still - will run  with a  view  lo giving
his crui'-s a straight fighl in
fii hi    As  pre --el. ot  of the   1   gamza-
lieen In- has bi en ���'������   m sl sal     icto j
tin- district has yel had, and il is the
opinion   of  many   that   if   this  qu --
lie,n of politii - results in a new  ;
dent, ii will not place the min- - - in
any  better  position   to  bargain   with
thc operators,
of ihe- evident 1 pn sented in the police e-',url when a man named l|. 11
was senl t.. gaol for begging iw, days
after being released from a prison
term of two year-, and to -uhinit the
evidence to Mr. II. II. Stevens, Ml'.,
for Vancouver, ami ihe- Ministers at
Th.- Painter' Union reported thai a
greal many Old Country painters
were coming e.vcr and were depi Biting Iheir carels in the local union. The
Amalgamated Carpenters stated that
they had put an organizer 111 the
field. Mr. W. Denntes. Tin- Becre
tary was instructed tee write the- I'ark
Board protesting against contracts
and concessions being given to firms
employing Oriental labeir. A financial contribution was donated to the
striking wireless  telegraph operators.
*     A      A
The l'nited Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners have appointed
Mr A. Watchman to lie general organizer for lhe coast district of Hritish Columbia. Mr. Watchman is at
present  business  agent  oi  the  build-
ing   trades   council   in   Victoria,
will   resign  his   duties   there  to
up his new work.
The  local   teamsters   have  been   in
somewhat   low  water   for   some   time
! past ami have asked the headquarters
i of  iheir  union  to  send  an  organizer
j to this territory, and have been backed in their request bv the trades council.
*        el,        *
The press feeders working in .ancouver are not at present organized,
but ihey held a meeting lasl week in
the Labor Temple fen- lhe purpose of
forming themselves into a union,
abeiut twenty being present who signified  iheir intention  to join.
Jeelm Mitchell, former president of
the United Mine Workers of America, and a vice-president >-i lhe American Federation "i Labor, has been
appointed labor commissioner for
New York -late-. and will take up
that office providing tlu senate confirms ihe appointment. The term of
"line is four years ami lhe- Salary
$8 ,
*        *        *
The Victoria Trades and Labor
council has requested the city council to pass a bylaw providing for a
weekly half-holiday for all employee working 1 n retail premises, and
suggests that iln- holiday .-hall be
Saturday  afternoon.
��      A      A
The ceial miners of Canmore and
Bankhead hehl their May Day celebration at Canmore Tin- programme included band concerts, football
ami baseball man-he-. Tlu- speakers
leer the day were l> Burge, anil J. W
"i- whither ii 1 ! hot-
air. I looever, I taen il . big compliment an' tell him tii il ��1- worth
twa or threi ek mare- on
my stipend.    Hi
but. r-   an' '
true   ��� up"
Noo I'm
that term
- el< mn ' eath   thai  I'll 1
z'.t -- ,,' bi e-r un- ;
a hole I up iii Sooth Vance >o\ er   I Im -
that v pn venl ri
a di .i'ii. for a' that.
1   >';-   tellin' ��ife.
Wi el  freens,  I've  had  an  aw iu  tim<
�� hile  back.    The)    ->��� - 1 men are
aye   tall in'   ab ol   demaundin'   their
richts an' common justice . bul 1
wunner  hoo  mony  mare   ri
wain    I've been raisin' - imi ch
this   month   hack   an'   ever)   nichl    I
come liann-  she's been  girnin'
them.     1  ken  fine  shi'-  jist  as  1
them as no- but the only we) she lets
me   ken   -be-'-  had   some   ir,,uhli-   wi'
them i-  iae starl an' girn.    "Twa o'
they  wee   Barred  Rocks  goi  ool   thi
elay an' were very  near killed.    You
tae   pit   up  a chicken-run. yae  never
hali  feenish a job.    There-'- ,1- mony
hi eles �� he 1 e thi) can come ool    I'm
ay,- pittin' -tam- in but they can ayi    arc
1     I'm in- -j mn tae fash mysel
onymare al I  yaer  chicki ns." 1
her I'll fix ii 11' up an' she'll hae na
thai thi ugh it's a  ��ei  bil n irk ,
elin' thi gets the br
ti them efter when ihey start W
That lets her get anither girn in.
"Ay.-, when they starl layin'" >wi' an
��� inph.,-'- - m 1 he .'. he n ��� "Thi.. never
Ian! an egg a' winter Yaer he n
like- yersel, they'll no hurt themsels wi'
banl wark."    Weel. what can yae.  dae
n i'  a  woman  like-  that.    11 :�� er, 111
justice   tae  her.  she's  no  an   -
shun; Ihey seem a' tae be taured wi'
tick.    Ma certi -. -
iii.    vote  they'll   mak  us  puir   mi
a fine tune.
Talkin'   al I   lur-   an'   ilu-   problem   ','   gettin'   ih.-en   ta.-   la)   mare
I   wi-  readin' in a paper  "' a
in   pi-'-ii 5S1 er   expeerimentin'   wi'
immon he - se ilea.    II- w i- t.-l-
lin'   his   cless     I I   the  millyui -  o1
the fli      '      .in a vi ar an' Ile had
-"in.   hopes       bi hi' able
atween a bluebottle an' :i
in' it's
  e maks a succi
-'' 11 it'll revol
ess,   n-    ' ill in'  abool
I dinna ken In"- in '- gaun tai  ma
eftel     '      -   v. onderfu   I
ig   enl       men hae dune I   ���
- irprisi d
I   .-, ��� -  ti llin' the wif 1
���   w ml  be taen  1 p  wi' the
bul she   hasna gi
ition  in  her.    "Yai   gleykit
j -. "yaed belie\ -
in  the papers.    They
ihnig- ure   only written  for daft yins
like you     1:  they  telt yae they pud-
croakin'   hael  a  lang-
wielge- ,,' their ain yaed believe them
ju' yae .. '���--   gi un an' takin' fe mygraf
belie - ra) sei, the hoi ese flea
wis created for mare useful purpos i
than -iie-kin' nn flea papers an' that
pi - ifi ���- has 1 s "'������ ' ' support, li
ony "' my readers are.- thinkin' e,' ,--.-
pi '-um nn:;' ale 1 g the flea line this
year they   c in   : ai   .1-  mony   free
- -     ��� -.   clucky fleai a- they
like   frae   me.      W'e   hae    -nie   prize
tock up in Sooth Vancoover   THEY
ihl'- champions a'richt.
rs  thre -ugh the heathe r,
TO  COST $10,000
John Burns, M.P., ami Geo. Barnes,
M.P, Inning declined to accept nomi.
nation  for  iln-  position    of    general
secretary of th-.- Amalgamated Socie
ty  of  engineers,  ilu-  nominees   now
standing are   Mr. Jenkins Jones,  ihe
present secretary, and Messrs  James
Gradwell,   Tom    Mann,   ami     K   1   it
Young.   The- election musl take place
mel  later   than   June   lo,   ll'l,t     Yin-
result of the ve.ting in the siouiel bal-
I tots  for district   secretaries  al   Glas-
At their lasl    meeting    ihe    local gow, London ami Manchester in con-
j painters union voted ilu- Mini ..i $.sii  nection    wiih     ilu-      reorganization
to the members of their union in Day-  scheme of the A. S. E. an- now  of-
! teen.   Ohio,   the   scene
I terrible floods.
The new union of women known
1 the Home and Domestic bmploy-
Iees Union continues i" make steady
headway in spile of the somewhat
jocular predictions eef failure made
by many at the start, ihey now have
I over seventy members in pood standing-
The Labor Council of Xew  W
minster   is   arranging   feu-   a   monster
celebration  on   Labor   Dav.  to  whieh
ii   i.s  Intended  t,,  invite  a- many  of
Ihe   coasl   unions   as   ar,'   within   "11
day's  travelling distance.
the rem.it ficially available. Al Glasgow, S. Bun-
ton defeated J. \\'i-hart bv 1575 votes
p. 1236, In London, S' Rees was
t-j elected over T. Clark by 1633 ve.tcs
to 1505 Tin- Manchester result has
been deferred owing t" a protest being made a- to ihe method of elec.
Building   Inspector   is   Given   Fuller
A twi i-ste ire) apartmc 111
i" b< i ���- cted "ii thc n
of Qui le c Streel and Tv, ent) --
\venuv, the plan- being approved b)
��� oard   of   w, rk-      The   building
will ml  $10,000   .
n -  ���.; b)   Mi ssrs   111 -��������� -- e\- Son for
Me ssrs    1 ,e eldbloom   and    1.
thi   an '-  being   Messrs   'I
uie|  &   Townsend, of  Vancouver.
At the same meeting il  was 11
ed   that   thi   building   inspectoi   ink
lull  charge   "i all w lwe erk
the   municipality,    ihe     removal    0
buildings  ami    general    const
,\ e ,rk.
made  1-   ilu   school  board   thai  the
d   nol   acknowledged    the
'  of  the    stimati        -   extraor-
I enditure.     I le   pre.dm -
cop)   of a  letter  which   was   -ent lo
school   board  on   March   27. in-
f the Council's
int; ntieeii   ti'   submit   a  bylaw   I 1
, le ctors
An   uiieh, rs was   ai n . 1
, n   ihe    -, he -'I  board   ami    the
Council   that   lhe   sche -ol   trustees
ir to secure ;   15 per cenl   ���
tion of thi      lectors ri qui sting    the
1 cil o' pin another bylaw
rdinary   expenditure   to   tin
pi . and iii,,'  'I.e.- amount ��� if the
.   iiylaw  he ree'.u -ee! as much as -, - -
s of \'ancenr, er are
view  te   improving
he first things to
The retail e-K
organizi' with
their conditions.
be attempted are, a campaign in
favoi of a weekly half-holiday all
year round, the limitation of their
work"-- hours, anel the general improvement of the conditions of work-
Over 100,000 families
in Canada are enjoying
the comforts of a home
heated with our famous
"Economy" warm air
"Pease" heating systems maintain a summer atmosphere regardless of outside conditions.
Send    for    Booklet :
"The Question
of Heating."
���U\ 1 w ay "i dealing with
the non-unionisl quest! m .1 i, solution ha- been 1 assed by iln- executive council of the South Wales
Miners' Federation authorizing the
miners i" ��ithdraw ��� In ir tw
��� lays 11..in-.- ami to eive- twent) -four
hours' notice durii ^ the eai I) p ,-1
"f this in..nth unless all non-union
miners have joined them.
*   +   *
According 1.' tin- Labor Gazette of
the British Board fi Trade for April.
employment remained i>,e,>,i during
lhe month of March, Ilu onl) marked slackness being in the linplate
trade. There was an improvement in
lhe iron and steel and textile trades.
Thc ligures freun traele unions cave
1.9 unemployed as compired wiih 2
per cent, thc previous month Advances in wanes affected 224,000
workers during the month to the extent eif $120,000, These included 175.-
1100 miners in Scotland and Northumberland, leaving 49,000 members of
Other trades lo share thc remainder.
Eighty-one disputes occurred during
thc month, involving 41.980 weirkers,
and 446,000 days were lost through
At Woolwich Arsenal considerable
dissatisfaccion prevails among the
workers in the "danger buildings" and
in  the  event  of their grievances not
1   s stated at a   -:
between tlu-  Municip
Thnrsds)   thai
em e
: -��� es   by   a   ininib  -
in   South   vi ncouvet    w .uld   1
the taxi - being  raise
Tin-   ,1  sirabilit)    , ,1   In |dj   .
Tin  increase in the an 1.,
1 For the ; -  e stimated
-   ������ I-    lommitti       ml-   it-
- II  aboul  $30,000 behind on  thi
liniale -
The i,cli' "-1 board trustees w 1
:  lhe Council i" -
. '10, 1    stimates fi a- ordinary e-\ ���
liture, -- nounting  to $194,933, in-
cludii - iuiiei and interesi on
no.i: es, could be in duced T'
trustees explained thai owing t" the
rejection of the school bvlaw several
of ilu- items included 111 thai bylaw
would have lei he purchased "in of
the ordinary estimates and the llipb
School estimates, instead of being
$8285- would have i" be- increased to
$10,000. They p,.inteel
year there were 1200
pupils to provide leer than in the pre-
vieui> \ ear ami lhe teachers' sahoie-
alone hail increased from $17,000 to
$30.1100. The trustees said they could
not see how their estimates could bc
reduced  in  any  way
The Council plans for a net income
this year of $518,823.95, by increasing
Lady    Scott    and    the    Collingwood
At   a   full Colli
.  Parliament  I
Spoke   '
s,-\ er o   menibi 1 -
was  sent t<    Lad;    S
Ki ��� ���      Lad;
!1    lie r
r   li ���
- ed in ii e
A  Musical   Treat  lor   Collingwood
! Iusi<   ' Clul   1 -i \
i-"ll\il     will     go.
Institute     on     Fi
May   lo      The   conci :'t   will   be
tin   club, which has worldwide recognition,    Mr.  Fraser a. the
-"'. East has cards of
invitation   for   which   early   application should be made
The    Collingwood    Parliament
Tin-  Collingwood   Parliament senl
,1 resolution to thc Royal GeographU
cal  Society   recognizing  the   Living-
.ui  that this 1 *!'>"<���' Centenary.   Mr. J. Francis Bur-
more   school I Sl"' c,crli of 'he House, has receive!
a reply from Mr. J. Sceitt Keltic saving lhe  president and council of the
Royal     Geographical     Society    verv
much appreciate the friendly expressions of the Collingwoeid Parliament
being adjusted  there is" possibility of 1,,lc taxes freim 22 mills on wild land
a  strike.    The  chief    cause    of    the '���,0 -? niills. and from  12 1-2 mills on
trouble is the continuance if the system of "fellowship piecework" which
some nine years ago led to sixteen
men being killed in a terrible explosion at an adjacent building in the
danger zone. Recently a new machine for filling the cordite cartridges
improved land 10 15' mills It was
decided te-- go further inti' the estimates in order to avoid. 11 possible,
the necessity of increasing the mill-
age beyond the figures given.
Municipal   Clerk   Springford     said
hc   wished   to   correct   a   statement
The Steirk has been busy nimtid
Collingwood East lately. Mr. .Matthews, the well-known plMtographer,
is smiling over the arrival of a little
daughter; Mr. Burgess, a distinguished member of the Collingwood Parliament lias a grand-daughter, a future suffragette; Mr. Brown, of Collingwood East has just been made a
grandfather, and Mr. Postlethwaite
is the happy father of twins. mmmmmm
SATURDAY,  MAY   17,   1913.
TW' ��	
' Reeve and Council
Investigate New Air-Gas
(Continued from Pag" n
Baseball   club
The regular meeting of the Burna-I    The^t Burnaby  -y-g ^
b. Board o'  School    Trustees    was  was gr..nd Burnaby.
lhe ch.njr. in  the aii-eiice ol ����-. Ig^U     ^
Tem'.-i- which had been called for present
CUrkiKaj      ��.*�����   F    ''   SSBeJJ,l��cho��1'     ""k  -, ���    ���      a     Vancuvc,
^5;D^av&T^^*^iMVonert��.    .^."^^.d   that    the
��' lloppeo $2,589;  Robinson    Bro* Heights,     < d      ,en,
$2570     The   contract   wai     awarded   three   nienibeis  01   ii ntendenl
u   Robin .ii Bros  provided that they  ,,���,ui,|  interview   the wiper
urms     1   the  ,u-.a-saiy   bonds;   fail-; ���f  K.lucatj*. on ui. ->���         ,���
ng   o d" -o. the next lowest tender Ljew   ,o   . u   dtlPMl\ ������
5fG.  Hopper, to he accepted under; part   ,,f  w In h wa s                 y
n7,t,rtrpre.����t��- * ��-ri?^�� ��� " ,w
EiflSfj^^ on    the    new
Lake.  D.   L.  86
Laitte     equipment
S"iiih Vancouver.
Seen   by   a   representative   of
"Chinook." 'be Vancouver agents foi
njnwrnn .  'be  De   Laitte   Benoid Gas   Machines
rect Rag-poles on all school!gave eeut the following information.
thsie  are    none    at i    "Ii i> claimed tbat L)e Laitte lien
i oid   air-gal   possesses   all   the   advan
;1   fromUagei of coal-gas without some of it
drawbacks. It contains, il is said,
no carbonic oxide or sulphur inno-
ciieuis to htttnan beings or animals.
In residences, greenhouses or stores
the air-gas will not injure plants or
metals, leaves no residue and does
neit condense in the pipes. De Laitte
Benoid yas is claimed to be money-
saving and it gives a bright, agreeable and uniform light.
"For heating purposes this air-gas
is now being extensively used in
bouses, steires, hotels, hospitals and
various other buildings. The great
hygenic advantages eif the gas is due
to the fact that it contains all thc air
needed   for  its  own  combustion  and
The board decided to purchase two j
addition-  tee  school  -iles,���half block
9, 1). L. 96, adjoining the site at Gil-
ley,  price   $3.75U   per   acre,   alsei hall i
block 2.   1).  L.  156, two and  a half I
acres feir $6..H*l. I
���,|   al   Gilley.   which
IIOOI    a.     ^...-^,
impleted, and  also gave particulars
nil approximate cost of a highly up-
new   , UCCOCU    nee    ���'���=      ���,.���,.���
...rlv   therefore,   removes   no, oxygen
'- I    ,.  air  of  the  room  in   which
system     Of      heating       the
Collingwood Picnic
Attention is specially drawn to the
Picnic at Bowen Island on May 24
which is being arranged by the Col-
lingweeeed Rambling Club, the summer branch e,f the Ceillingwood Social
Club. The committee includes many
of the ladies and gentlemen whei
made the winter socials so successful, and il is safe to predict that a
very pleasant time will be spent. As
usual line weather has been arranged for���there was not one wet night
for the Collingwood socials.
All who ilcsiri tee take part in this
picnic sheiiihl lianel in their names at
once to Mr. Hert Kent. F.ast Ceillingwood, to Mr. Fraser, F.ast Collingwood. tei Mrs. Frank Price. Mrs.
Flack, or any e.tlu-r members of the
There will be a meeting of the ceimmittee and all interested on Tuesday
nexl at the Collingwood Institute.
Collingwood Library
Mr.  Edgar  Fawcett, <>f Vancouver
Island,   has  kindly   given   a   copy  of
his "Reminiscences of Old Victoria"
tee the Collingwood Library.
Freun the Art Director of "The National Art Gallery" at Ottawa Mr. J.
Francis   Bursill   has   received   a   copy
of the illustrated catalogue of that
gallery. The handsome volume gives
not only a catalogue of the pictures
in the gallery, but also biographies of
many Canadian artists, li is a welcome addition m tin- Collingwood
Canadian  collection.
 Zr-.W   i	
Last week the annual congregation
al meeting was held of the Collingwood Methodist Church.    All the re
ports   presented
organizations of
a   healthy   state
and  painting
showed the  various
the church  to be  in
The  enlargement
  ,.,B  ...   the  church, and  the
building and furnishing of the parsonage have been undertaken and
completed within the past year, the
latter being very largely the weirk of
the Ladies' Aid. These \ve,rks, together with generous contributions,
have brought up the total amounl
raised by this church tei some $2000
during tne past twelve months. Most
of all, the church rejoices in the additions te, ils ranks from the Sunday school, some eighteen new mam-
the air eif the room in which it is
burning. It has, therefore, a striking
advantage over ordinary coal gas for
the purposes of cooking stoves, gas
tires and stores as well as general
lighting and heating.
"The De Laitte gas machines which
generate the aii-gas arc claimed to
be the last word in inventions of the
kind, and this claim has been en-
ihersed by a number of leading authorities on gas lighting and heating
in England. Germany and elsewhere.
They are the most widely distributed
f air-gas systems and have received
the   great eft   number
.arieeiis  exhibitions.
"The prices of these De Laitte gas
machines are so moderate that they
are within the reach eef the householder who cannot afford expensive
lighting or heating installations. Once
installed the machines arc always
ready feer work, starting and stopping
automatically.    They require no regit-;
lating or altering of the number of
jets, and any kind of driving power
can be used, such as weights, electricity, water, Imt air,'gas or transmission.
Ihey have solved, in fact, lhe problem of a small self-contained gas
wurks by which every single house
can   have  its  own   source  eif  lighting
or heating,
"One advantage which the De Laitte
Benoid   gas   apparatus   can   claim   is
of   special   concern   to   householder!
in   South   Vancouver,     namely,     the
safety   from   lire  or  explosieen.    This
| security  is  assured  by  thc  tilling  of
the   De   Laitte   gas   apparatus   with
petnel   being   so   arranged     lhat     the
user   does  not  come   in   contact   with I
it. and it is never poured out in contact with air.   The petrol is obtained
from the refineries in casks or drums,
stored outside in a covered pit or in
a   lire-proof   cellar   and   thence   conveyed  tei the apparatus by  means of
a   pump   and   lead   piping.     Danger
from  either  lire or  explosion is  thus
practically obviated."
Phone 1038 : Edmonds, B. C.
I have thc exclusive sale of large lots on Salisbury Avenue, close
to statics.   $1,000 each; on good terms.    See me about them.
Highland   Park   Acreage
We have a number of SMALL ACREAGE PARCELS on and
near the new cut-off line of the B. C. Electric Railway.
1 aire, just off Railway. $2100; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
Wa acres, on Railway, $3500; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
E.  W.  MacLEAN  LTD.
1A9   HnKtinffS
Exchange Building
142 Hastings West
Much sympathy has been felt for
Mr. and Mrs. Todrick in the serious
illness of their daughter. Mrs. R. Peacock, the wife of the Rev. R. Peacock, who is himself so well known
and respected in Central Park. It
is good to know that Mrs. Peacock
is making steady progress towards
also 16in. Mill wood.
P. O. Box 3
Phone Collingwood 10 L,
having   been   just
Central Park Jottings
,��� e.insenueiicc of the death
chairman, .he late Mr. Aminos
ard,     the     Agricultural     Assi
postponed its regul
of the
��� Goth-
^^^^ iciation
is  ii8.    monthly  meeting   which   should   have   taken   place
e.n   Monday.     A   letter   of   sympathy
and sorrow was sent by the members
to the relatives of the deceased gentleman, in  whom  the as-.iciation has
had   a   warm   supporter   and   a   me est
efficient   chairman.     The     adjourned
meeting will be held on Friday evening, in  the  Agricultural  Hall, when
much  important  buslues
up for discussion
The cocoanut palms' rose straight
to heaven, bending pliably to the
western breeze; their heads tapped
gently against each other, and a murmur of secrets sighed overhead. From
the sifting shreds of sky the sun fell
upon thc sands in heavy gold spots.
To the east, through thc lithe, silver, ,m, ., Ull. |l(Mu
trunks,   the   vivid   green   of   thc   rice   a weird   elrV.-'-l iin
"     ���'    '���   ;    '������   'h.   west  a  tawny | nr',n;  wilj,   tcc1h ',
ceased. The wind fell dead, the trees
came back to equilibrium. A heavy
torpor descended  upon  the land.
"I'll come in, Marietta," I decide-,
"and you'll tell me more of thc Negritos ol thc hills."
She did not answer, but waited for
'lie ;.t the head of the bamboo la   Icr
mummy ei a
The Central I'ark Poultry Association hcl dils regular meeting last
week. Great efforts are being pul
forth t" make the forthcoming sheew
a success, ami all information eau be
obtained from the secretary, Mrs
Best Eor
One' of the pioneer- of Vancouver
has jusl passed awav in the person
of Mrs. Mann, the mother of Mrs. I.
II. U.'Wim,ii. e.i Central I'ark. Mrs.
Mann, whee hail attained the age eif
7.1 years, died on Saturday last, the
funeral taking place ��� "~
fields flashed; to the west a tawny
thread eef beach banked up thc rippling tide,
In the darkness of the recess a frail
hut of nipa leaves and bamboo slowly
shaped itself as 1 advanced, and suddenly a shrill voice pierced thc peace
of thc place. In the doorway, at the
head of the cane ladder, old Marietta
wai gesticulating,
"Oh, seiner," she called aslhmatical-
ly. "pray move in; visit your humble
servant. The house is yours, the
tuba is fresh, and cocoanuts are in
! the trees."
"Not  today, Marietta;  not  today,"
11- called back with a smile.    "I'm Ruling on to Suay; 1 can't stop."
1    Sin-  threw  hcr  arms  up  in  consternation,
"'Jo Suay, selior; lo Suay? J.osc-
Muria! do you neet see the baguio
coming; Soon it will bc upon you,
the tve.s will bend, the cocoaiutts will
fall, !��� ml you will die!"
Thc typhoon of ihe Philippines is
| not to be disdained.   A picture form-
lay  last,  me jed in  my  mind of  falling trees, rent
Tuesday the bridges,   melted   roads.     1   slopped,
hesitating, looked up at lbs blue sky
man, with teelh oa'.ioded by the
betel nut and eyes that flashed hard
beneath the heavy, yellow folds of
thc lids. Inside I sat down upon the
bench by the window while she squatted upon the bamboo strip floor, a
big cheroot tied up with hemp fibre
in hcr mouth, a hollow cocoanut tilled with tuba at her siele. Hut she
did not speak. She sat there speechless, nioti iiilcss. like some monstrous
idol, her lids half dropped over eyes
that showed opaque and dead.
"Well, Marietta."  1  said at length,
"what aboul that cocoanut milk  you
promised mc?"
"Oh,  senor,   pardon     mc;     pardon
your servant.   'Tis thc bagnio.   When
1  feci lhe bagnio coming 1  forget; 1
think  of  olher   days."
She half rose, then sank again up
her heels, her  mind refusing to  si. i
��iih the present
"For there were other days, senor,'
she  said  gently;  "all,  yes,   far   ot'tur
She rocked herself slowly lo and
fro, hcr face in her hands, Outside
lhe heavy torpor was suddenly toin
by   a   shriek   in   the   upper   layers   e,i
Our 40 per cent.  Emulsion
Cod Liver Oil
Guaranteed   second   to   none
85c and 40c
Our Specialty���The Dispensing of
Collingwood East
 irieK   in   m   ��i'i'^-   ------
-a> --- U1' ,lL ""'"i ""TT    iu'"r       \   fr.iv  o-rp'it  (Irons naltcrcu  i<--
ta srvJarftSS �����*���� ti;;.; si" l
o   the wind.   "Neinsensc!" 1 said, and   soumlmg y  u .....  . .    ......  ~- .
ttaes  Club j just, then  a  sudde. gust  screeched , ^and silence  reig eg i
The Central I'ark Pastimes Clubljust then a siumen gusi >��<��.,..,
will have a field .'.ay on the 24th, at I overhead; the cocoanut! bent in half
While Rock. Particulars of the out-1 circles, snapped back, bent again with
ing can be obtained from Mr. T. weird elasticity. Before my mind
Prentice, Secy 1 could fairly seize these manifestations
J. B. Todrick       T. A. Prentice
J. 6. Todrick & Co.
Central Fark, B.C.
Phone Collingwood 13 R
Representatives for the Caledonian Insurance Company,
oldest Scottish insurance office,
founded 1805, and also the
Rochester German Insurance
Company, of New York. All
business trusted to us receives
prompt attention. Don't wait
till fire comes and then wish
you ' ad seen us.   See us now.
Curiously I loeekcd upon the old
crone. She sat there rocking gently
from side to side, her lips bubbling ir
meaningless mutters, -hen her yellow paw crept down hcr arid bosom
ami reappeared with something in it
that Hashed gold. She pressed it to
| her withered lips���and I saw it was a
locket���pressed it to hcr withered lips
with  a  singular  intensity  of  passion
1 -.1.  ^f   cni-n.-t hitler
Heavily  Compressed Concrete
Double  Tongue   and   Groove   Joint   on   each
Ventilating   Flues Independent of Smoke Flue
Safest and Best Chimney
Easy to Build
Phone :  Fraser 228
252 39th Avenue East, South Vancouver
aid be-
3539 Commercial St., Cedar Cottage,
l'hone Fair, 6S5, P. < I. Box 47a
Real  Estate
Sob.���Melody.. .Tchaikowsky
Mr.  Jasper   SulclifTc
Duet���"Noontide Heat is Long Passed Over"     Goring Thomas  wun a siugum.   .e..^ ,   ��� ,
Miss   Eura   Leeson   and   Mr.   Kdgar   ���and that sudden llash of something
Veith long gone, of a spark, which in that
Piano   Solo���Waltz Chopin   ruined  body  should  have  been  long
Miss Alberta Boyd (ll,b  moved  mc  with  uneasiness.
Baritone   Solo���-"Gipsey   Trail"        But  she   dropped  her  hands  upon
  Galloway her lap in a gesture of infinite hopelessness and she began to speak in a
.. ..T.esti
Mr. Edgar Veith
Mrs. Coulthard
Song���-"Good   Bye"   	
Miss  Eura  Leeson
Violin  Solo���Vienesc  Waltz. Krcislcr
Mr.  Joseph  Sutcliffe
"God  Save  the  King"
There's a programme!   Wc should
he proud of the facl that some of the
leading   musicians   and   vocalists   in
the city are coming to our institute at
Collingwood. i^^^^^^^^^^^^
Surely,  surely,  you  will  cram  the
hall  and  show  your  appreciation
Friday���at K p.m. sharp.    You are
invited���you   and   your   family
^  And now a we.rd with you���please!
Mr.   R   1).   Rorison  will    plant    thc
AN   INVITATION TO THE *-'r",ll��,ls "f the institute with plants
and  nowers,    Wc
PEOPLE   OF   COLLING   f"��'"-1 ����� ������ the i
J. Francis Bursill
essuess aeiu 31.v. ,.^ft.,..
queer sing-song, a monotonous chant,
like some religious recital of hcr Malay ancestors.
"Ah,   he   was   beautiful,   senor;   he
was  beautiful,     lie    was     tall     and
straight  like  thc  cocoa-tree,  and  his
eyes were deep and soft like thc pools
of lhe Cabancalan,    lie  came  to  me
from over  the seas, senor;  from  faraway Spain.    1  was standing  on  the
beach, right  over there.    There were
many  boatloads   of   soldiers   landing,
and he was on ihe foremost prao. It
came   straight   to  me,   foamp g   with
eagerness, Hying over the waves, and
he stood at thc bow.   His cap was in
his hand;  thc  wind blew his hair of
gold   into   a   halo   like   that   eif   the
Christ  of  the  hanta  Igiesia;  the  sun
Houses and Lots at
ami  now vis.     ..,.   wanl   the   ground
fenced in and- the painting done.
We  have  had  a  generous  offer  to
do   the   plumbing   at   the   institute���
beat down upon his white suit and
he glistened like a god. Straight for
the spot where 1 stood, Senor, the
prao   steered   from   afar,   and   not   a
We     ee.i.v     ......     ���     0...
do   the   plumbing   at   the   institute��� prao   sieereu   no...   .,..��.,   ��������������-
a little money is required for mater- V'"m% breath  cither way did it tun
ials���so a collection will bc taken up ?�� " foamet. toward me.   And whei
at the concert to help, but come, do '^Jfou'xl  ��'  the  saallows,  and   ten
not let that stop you. """   """'
The   Pioneer   Agents
Right at Station
Citv :  123 Pender West
Dear Sir or Madame.���I beg you to
accept an  invitation  to  come  to thc
Collingwood Institute and library this
Friday night, May 16. at 8 p.m. sharp
You  will  hear  a  programme  of  thc
mest music 'ever given- in South Van
couver.    Thc Women's   Musical  Club
of Vancouver, through their committee, will  give  the  people of  Colling-
1 wood  a   real   classical   treat.    Surely
you   will   show   your   appreciation   of
1 kindness and talent by filling the hall
I to hear such a programme as thc following.
Piano Solo���
(a) Prelude.* ������   Rachmanioff
Special Notice
On Saturday, May 24, the Collingwood Social Club will have a picnic
at Bowen Island. Come with us.
Leave your name with Mr. Bert Kent
with Mr Fraser at Collingwood
There will be a social committee
meeting at thc institute on Wednesday, May 21, to make final arrangements.   Come!   you will be welcome.
Please  return books you have had
'or some time.
(a) Prelude.^ '������   Kacnmamon 1    Come  Tuesday  and   Friday   nights
lb 1 "Sparks"    Mozkowski  to borrow books.
Always triad of anv old books and
Day and  Night  Phone,  Sey  7653
518 Richards St., Vancouver, B. C.
norrow  noeiKs.
Always glad of any old books
magazines you can spare.
I Miss Alberta  lioyd
Song (Contralto), "Angus McDonald"
Miss  l-'.ura Leeson i^^^^^^^^^B^^^MI^H
Song (Baritone)��� , A Final Word
'Thou  Art   Mine   Own" Bradsky      Come  this   Friday  night at 8  p
Mr.  Edgar Veith sharp   to   the   Finest   Concert   ever
Song   (Soprani-1-   Selected  given at Collingwood.    You will be
Mrs. Coulthard welcome.
men jumped out. into the water to
carry him ashore, h." motioned then
off, sprang himself into thc waters
waist deep, and impatiently forced
his way toward mc. Then a fear en
tercd my heart, and. I fled, fled back
into thc woods, to my hut, and threw
myself upon thc floor panting, pant
ing, and  dreaming.
"1 was not ugly then, senor, ah, no.
I was not ugly; age and Sorrow had
not yet knotted me like the' roots of
thc banyan. I was queen then, senor;
thc Queen of Beauty among my own
! 1 was beautiful, senor, and 1 knew
my beauty. I was proud, proutj of
I my dark eves, of my golden should-
j ers, of thc hair that fell about me like
a garment te, thc ground when 1 unrolled it in the sun aiter the bath ai
the. spring. I was loved, senor,; 1
was desired; my fame vvas all over
Kegros and had no boundaries .blithe sea; but I, I loved no one, 1
loved no one. till he came.
"Then,  senor, ; all  things-hard  am
mean  died with  me,  and  I  felt  11
heart open, bloom, till it seemed my
breast would m.t hold it. Ah. those
were happy days, senor; days ,if
beauty. He was my sun, and the
warmth and the beauty o( him en
I.reel my heart lill il burst inti bloom
like the purple moon-How ei\ W.
wen- "f different race, but he taught
me, lie taught me, ah, many things,
but what ate they, senor, what is anything, compared  to  love.    And    he
taught  mc  lo hive.    In  the  evenings,
after sundown, wc roamed the groves
together, in the pale moonshine���ah,
seiu>r, senor, why do these things
stay with us; why, when they pass.
de> they not leave us, not staj and
stay and stay and tormenl and torture, hooked to but hearts with
double barbs���senor. you who know
so   many   things,   can  you    tell     ine
"Listen, senor!    Over there, where
the  river  goes  into the  sea  he  built
a little nipa house.    And it was ours,
ours, all our own; and it was there
that we lived. Lived, you understand;
it is true that some of his time  was
passed elsewhere; he had the cuartcl
and his soldiers, but it was here that
he lived, for it was here that he loved.     Senor.   in   that   little   house   by
the side of the sea. it was there that
happiness dwelled, happiness such as
there  never  had been, such as  there
never will be. Senor, I  was beautiful
then���now 1 am old and dried; 1 chew
betel;   1   drink  tuba;  I  spit.  But  this
is not all the work of years. 1  might
have grown old as the corn grows old
���golden-ripe; but now, you see, 1 do
not care. He taught mc, then ihe left
me, and my heart fell back like a,rock,
aye and lower than he found it.
"For, of course, he left- me, senor,
I  have learned  since it is thc  way-e^
you   whites,   you   always   leave.    ..11
went back to his Spain.    Hc was  t
return  in  a  year.    The  year  passed,
then   another   and   another.     It   was
many years before he returned., ..The
little hut in the bamboo by the river
sagged, drooped, rotted, till there.was
nothing left but the four big corner-
[ posts, standing upright, with between
them a little, mound like a grave, thc
grave of our love.    I grew old with
the   waiting,   thc   longing;   my   heart
was  all  alone;  and  when  he   landed
again,  in   the   green, dawn,  one   day,
he-did  not  know  the  woman   squatting on the beach, so near that one
(Continued  on  Page 9)
Free Bible Lecture under tbe auspices of lhe Internaiie'iial Bible Students' Assolialioii. will be delivered
by Mr. George Martinich, e.i Vancouver, in the CEDAR COTTAGE
THEATRE,   Commercial   Drive   on
SUNDAY,  MAY   18,  AT 3 P.M.
. ���>) Subject :
The lecture is full e,f joy and hope
ior all, and he dot* not teach that
when the dav of judgment Comes
everything is'going to be burnt up,
but instead of that there is a great
blessing coining I" all the human
race when the judgment of the L"rd
is on the earth.
Every step is proved by the script*
ture,  and   the   scripture   only.     Come
; ,-in.l  hear  him  sneak.    Judge  m.thing
j before  you  hear  bim.    All  welcom%
No  collection.    . SATURDAY,  MAY  17,  1913.
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies. Corporation Brass Goods.
572 Beatty Street
1949 ALUKKT  ST.
You Can Talk Over Our
Long Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From Fraser
To Steveston for 15 cents.
To Port Moody for 20 cents.
To Coquitlam and Ladner for 25 cents.
To Clbverdale, Hammond and Milncr for 30 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 40 cents.
To Chilliwack and Bellingham for 50 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 55 cents.
British Columbia Telephone
Co. Ltd.
Above rates are' subject to change without notice.
All Grocers
Kelly, Douglas & Co. Ltd.
418 Winch Building Vancouver, B.C.
Wood Block
York  State Mr.  !.��� slii
���  writer of boy storici
l'p    III     New
\\    Quirk, th
was tramping through one "i the
"hollows" wlien hc came across ..
meere- than usually dilapidated housi
The in.ni wli.e was smoking hi^> pipe
in the doorstep invited him in, I hi
-.Im��k ��a- swarming with children���
i.ll girls, except tini red-faced Im le
ho). Suddenly and without warning,
the man "i the house brought from
ii- draped easel a large crayon por-
ii.nl  i i  linn-' ||
"Hi re's m li.it   l'\,   got," hi   said
The' mother now ihuh forward ��ith
.i curiously ;mel wondi rfull)  cmbi
ercd  scarf,
I lere ���   ��� hai   I've got."
Iii ore tl     . isitor's admiration h.iel
chance i   i. iin- eldest daughti i
exhibited -e utring of imitation pearl
bead-, ami the second daughter a pan
'ei*  white   stockings,
Things ����� re- coming thick anel
fast, when Mr. Quirk noticed that,
as often as the little boy pushed foi -
ward i" saj somthinj (or himself,
he via- sedulously jerKcd back out
eel  the circle,
Moved by the author's instinct fer
s 'im ii' li Hk'h ilii ihe.- ideals of boyhood, lir reached "in an arm and
drew the little fellow t< > his knee.
"Anel whal have- yen got, my little
man ?"
"I've got scarlet fever!" he- proud
"Late again, Arthur," sail
ihe- boss.
"\\ hai s the matter that
ye ill   can't
get here een time?"
"\\ ell, you  sec, boss, 1  i
eell'l    -hep
well, and  it's  hard to  gel
Up    ill    lhe'
"Insoinia, eh.    \\ hy don
t  ye,u  see
your  doctor  and  lnnl out
llle:    C.lllse.
of it?"
"Oh,  1   know  the  cause
all   right
Il s   si\   weeks   e.hl   anil   :
ii   was  almost   an   hour  later  before
he- tin.ilh  succeeded in running down
|    lum-
bus  and  returning   the  crutchi -
Si'im-  boj   irie nd       I   Dal -������ in
plotti da   :  natur
alist     i lapturing  a   i ��� ntipede,    they
ne.    h   a  bi ttli -  ii' ad,    th
wings  'i  a  butterfly  and    the    long
i ..  grasshopper.    Then pu
���' ature in a h"X. they took
I lai i in. and aski el him �� hi I il ��� ��� ,n 1<1
be,  e ��� pi ining   l hai   thi
ii   in   'In    fields      Darwin   lonl
'in carefull)
'Iiiel ii  hum whi ii  \i'ii caug
'' 'li. ye -. sil '�� crcd, nudg
ing   one   another,  "il   bummed
"'I hen,'    said   the   phil���ph i.    'il
i-  a  Inn
Veiling   father :    "I     un    amazed,
I i d,  my  dear,  :��� i  hear  you   sa>
you   intend  to  givi   the   baby   some
���   "in      Don i   you   know    pa i
goric i- opium, and opium stops thc
growth, enfeebles    the    constitution,
��� ns the brain, 'I istroys the ner-
. mil produces ricki ts, marasmus,
consumption,  insanity,  and  death?"
*i ..iing    mother :      "Horrors!      I
never  heard  a   word  ah.an   that      I
��� ' give the little darling a drop-
no, indeed.    But something must be
done in stop his yelling,    VTou i any
him awhile."
Father   (after   an
stamping with  the
"Where in ihuinler i
i Report   That   Guaranteed   New   Laid
Eggs  Get  no  Better  Price
Thai  there  i->  n" advantage  a-   I"
led price in  supplying guaranteed fresh laid eggs was    ihe    com-
"i   iln.   egg  committee  '���:   the
Central  I'ark  Poultrj   ami  Co-opera-
���   e e'     \--'.eiali"ll    al    B    HI' ellng     ,n le|
i -i  Friday    Eg| mped
ii' date "i laying and put up in
d cartons, bul  stores  would met
HI)   i" ". i   p' :. ���    liian
.    la I .'illlre   |
li  wa-  stated  hy   Mi   ''al..  pn  i-
eh in   o(  the  association,  thai    there
. .- !,, lift) - .hi a- fresh
I   -inppeel
istance    too far from  Vancouver  p.  ensuii'  their  being   n.��   laid
I I.    -'i. hai   an  egg   mark-  act, I
I 'in   M.irk-  Acl  "I  Ilie
Federal Go i rnmi nl might  meet  ihe-1
ult)     By such aii poultry I.i
nd dealei     would  i"   i ompelled
.'lly what ihey were.
whether    cold    storage,    preserved,
...' newl)   laid,
A resolution was passed iee thi   effect ihai n wa- desirable that an egg
marl:-   acl   should   '"���   pa--  '1   b)   the
le deral Government.
hour's       Ste ae'ly
quailing infant):
thai paregoric?"
G.  A. Thompson H. Crowe
Cedar Cottage
Builders'   Supply
Dealers   in
Sand,  Gravel,  Cement,  Brick, Laths,
Fibre, Etc.
l'hone :   Fairmont   549
der  of Vanness Ave., near Porter Rd.
P  ii   Box M< Cedar Cottage, B. C.
6018 Fraser Avenue
(Established two years)
Cleaning and  Pressing
Reliable Repair Work
Suits Made-to-Order
"Viper!"  she  hissed,    "Scoundrel!
Wretch!     lllackanl!     Fool!"
Smiling sweetly, he rolled
ctte anil applied a tight.
"Villain!"   she   resumed,   her
flashing  viviil lire.    "Kobbcr-r-!
"Go on." he suggested, puffing
lazily at his cigarette,   "Go on!"
Then a though! suddenly Occurred
to her, ami she sank hopelessly into
a chair al lhe uselessness of it all.
He hail heen a baseball umpire.
"I couldn't get out "I marrying
lur." tienpeck explained. "Whei:
he proposed Bhe said, 'Will you
marry me? Have you any objection?
Vou see, im matter whether 1 said
'Yes' or  'No,'  -he hail ine."
"Why didn't you just keep silent
ihen?" inquired his friend,
"That's what 1 did, and she said,
'Silence gives consent,' and that ended it."
*    *    *
Recently Judge Hand quite unintentionally made a Statement over
which attorney's who practice in the-
United States courts are enjoying a
hearty laugh. A lawyer, accustomed
io practice in ihe State Supreme
Court, where lhe judiciary are all
justices, referred repeatedly to one
"I Judge Hand's associates as "Mr.
Justice Holt." In the Federal Court
there are no justices excepting in llie
l'nited States Supreme Court at
Washington. Judge Hand stood tin-
lawyer's repeated references to "Mr.
Justice Holt" as long as he could,
and then interrupted to say. "Don't
you know, sir, lhat we have no justice
iu ihis court?" The attorney was
dumbfounded. He gasped once eer
twice, then said, "I hael er���always
heard so. your Honor, hut I had
never believed il." The laugh was
mi the jiulge.
livin S. Cdbb, the short story writer, recently returned freun a western
trip I" learn thai :i dear friend had
been snared in a law-nil. lie hurried down  1" Ihe  friend's  lawyer.
"I wanl you tn call liie as a character willies-." said he. "Why, Jack
1- Iln dearesl, kindest, most honest
while man iu the world. I've goi I"
gn em  the  stand   fur  lhat  boy."
"Not while I'm hi:- lawyer," said
lhe legal sharp. "1 know ju-t what
would happen. The olher man's lawyer wouhl ask your occupation. And
you'd say :
"'I'm   a   writer   nf   fiction.'
"And lhe lawyer would gel up, and
Stand over yu. and loeek int" tin-
dark recesses of your soul for a time.
And by-anil-hye, despairing fi finding "lie sweet, aspiring thought in
VOU, he would turn to the jury. And
hc would exchange an intelligent, libellous smile wilh those twelve Sturdy
soul-. And Ihen he would go back
lo his chair, and without even troubling to look in your direction he
would   say :
"'Thai is quite enough, Mr. Cobb,
Y"u may stand down.'"
"There." said the superintendent of
Ilu- lunatic asylum, "is a young man
who Started ill life as a greal public
benefactor. After years eif theeught
he'   finally   completed   a   gigantic   plan
of philanthropy, a scheme which he
expected to bring joy lo lhe beans
of millions eif grief-stricken mortals,
and peace iniee thousands of unhappy
heuues���its failure sent him here."
"How infinitely pitiful," mused the
visitor.     "And   what   was   his   idea:"
"Il was a device for preventing
trousers bagging at the knee," responded the superintendent, with a
long-drawn sigh.
John Craig Hammond, who steered
publicity for Wilson during the
American Presidential campaign, was
in Ohio during the flood. Mr. Hammond is aboul as heavy set as a hairpin. Any time lhat he can get properly "farted, he can sink the intercollegiate Sprinting record on a route
of ground,
"One elay." avers Mr. Hammond,
"I walked through a sireet in Col-
iinibus. Ohio. Ahead of me 1 spied
a man hobbling painfully mi two
crutches.    Suddenly 1 beard the cry:
"See I ran feir my life. On ahead 1
could see llie cripple getting ewer the
ground like a giant swing. Ity-and-
bye I caught up lee him. In natural
compassion I sought tee aid him. bul
he  sheee.k   me  off
"Vou Weui carry these crutches,
Mister.' -aid llle unfortunate, 'and
gi\le a cripple a chance.1"
Mr. Hammond further alleges that
"I didn't want to come here in the
first place-." confided ilu- firsl guest
at llie expensive hotel at a well-
known winter holiday resort in Florida.
"No, ni.,re (lid 1." replied the scc-
ondj "but my wife insisted on our
"S'i eliel mine." -aid the lirst. "She
said v e had to cmne just because the
Smithsons were coming, although 1
lold her that I -imply could not afford the expense."
"Ami that's what 1 sain." explained th.' second, "bill my wife said
we had io come because the Brown-
sons were- coming."
"Why.   look   here,   my     name       is
"Ami mine is Smithson!"
Then the two men shook one anither warmly by  the hand.
Inspector    Pengelly's    Report    Very
Health statistics i"r ihe month of
\p:il were submitted t'e the Health
Committee last week.
Inspector Pengelly reported thai
��� ���ii April 3ti the following cases of iu
fectioua or contagious diseases hael
been reported : Diphtheria. 1; measles,
2. mumps, !: scarlet fever, 4; tuberculosis' 6; whooping cough, 1, total,
��� Im     ea-e    of    tuberculosis    -ent    to
Tranquille   Sanatorium  was  reported
te.     bl'     ele.illg     WCll.
Two dwelling-houses ami -i\
schoolrooms had been disinfected ami
fumigated eluring the meeiith. it was
The number of complaints, requests
and -" forth received anel investigated was 24*r. official notices served to
abate nuisances, 102; amount received
for garbage collection ami paid t"
collectors, S2KX.3II.
Tank Contract Awarded
The contract feer tie erection nf a
water supply tank ai Central I'ark,
wnh a capacity of $750,000 gallons
has been awarded by the Council t"
ilu- H. ('. Equipment Company. Vancouver, the tender being for (30,414
The contract  for ilu-  100,000  eallem
m an interview i
ed American demc
Sigmer Marconi
Washington, praii
"Over here." he said, "you respect
a mail for what he i- himself���nut
feer what his family is���and thu- yem
remind nu- uf the gardener in Bologna who helped nn- with my lirst wireless apparatus.
"As my mother's gardener and 1
were working on my apparatus tee-
gclher a yeeiing C"imt juined us one
day. and while- he watched us work
lhe- Omul  boasted of his lineage.
"The gardener, after listening a
l"iig while, smiled and said
'If ye en come from an ancient
family it'.- so much the worse for
yeeu. sir; fe.r. a- we gardeners say,
the older tlie seed the worse the
crop.' "
Mother was dandling lur baby on
her knee and rautter'ng lhe- usual
fondly  foolish re m .1 i.-
Tommy, aged nine-, ami a baseball
enthusiast,  sal  ..t.   the   ither  side  nf
the   hearth   Studying   lhe  evening   pa
per'- rcp..rt- ami 11 > illg  ii"l  I" listen
"O-oh, little wee petBy-wetsyl"
chained mother. "Mumsy's little >Uir-
ling ami dadsy's darling! Urn's pre-
cious, 11111 i-! Muni-y wouldn't sell
you for a million dollars!"
Teeinnn   fill  11   was  time  he-   -poke
"i Hi mother!" he -aid rcpri
"a  million    de.liars'    Win.    Barney
Dreyfuss     only     pan1.     $22,000     for
"Have you noticed how many plays
ha\.   business title-'"
"I   have."
"There's a play called 'Paid Foi
ami Delivered,' another entitled 'Receipted in Full', and su on."
'We-, indeed. I am h"'king for a
play entitled If Y"ii Don'l Like- It,
Money   Back.'"
11k at the Municipal Hall wa.- lei ti
C.   Langley   &  Co.,   Van-
Messrs  *
"Xow, my in:iu" said the  Magis
trate al a Police Court iee an "lil
fender, an  Irishman, "what's brought
yon  here again?"
"Two policemen, yer Honor," was
the reply.
"Drunk. I suppose?" inquired the
"Yes, suit." answered Pat, "both
av  them."
"Five days "i- seven shilling- and
sixpence,"   ordered   the   Magistrate.
"Thank ye kindly, yer Honor,"
added Pal; "if it's all the same to yeiu,
I'll take the seven and *i\."
A critic of baseball strategy writes :
What value, Mr. Average Pan, would
you place upon a half second cut
from the time of every player going
te.   tirst?
Perhaps not much, but let me tell
you there isn't a baseball stalegist
in the majors today who doesn't realize that the winning of the next
world's championship may, in the ul-
liniale analysis, depend upon llle
ability of a runner I" reach lirst a
half step ahead of a fielded ball.
"Speed! Speed! Speed!" was the
insistent cry in training camps this
-prim;. Never before ha- necessity
forced managers to search for tricks
to  cul  a  fraction  between  basi -
The number of times a half second
has been the difference between a
base hit ami an out has won and l"-i
pennants   1 ften   i"  mention.
Tin- year will he mu of run-making, nol run-preventing Speed will
die-i.U   the  issue.
The elay of hules- wonders is past.
Fielder Jones' White Sex won he-
cause of great pitchers and a wonderful fielding team that hehl Sown
opposing   runs.
John Me-Ciaw wi 11 the 1912 pennon wilh the poorest fielding team
in the Matronal He- won twee pen-
nan!-   wuh   1 1     defensive     teams,
showing what can In- done wiih hitter- ami base runners Hi can hi;
opponents ofl  their feet.
riie game has reached the point
vim- managers pla) for run-. Men
who can hit anil run ba- - an- pre-
i'i 1 ��� d 1 ' defensive wonders who are
weak hitters
Striving t��> cut tune-, pi..- trs are
lopping tractions by changing theii
bailing style and improving theii
start. Men who formerly took ..
long  sirieK-   t.i  get  a "healthy   -wine'
at the ball  have shortened  thi
will...ut losing hailing 1" etivencss
Right-handed batters hitting from
nf-ia leu.g stride must, after bitting, taki
a -hurt step with the right foot. Hitting from a sheer! stride, the righthander's right foot is off ihe ground
alien lulling the ball and he instant
ly sho.us out the foot and is mi his
way to lirst. The extra step is eliminated. Si' is from a half-second to
a second and a half.
To get doors cheap. Make
your openings to suit these
doors and save money. A few
odd sizes; like 2 ft. by 6 ft.
8 inches, and 2 ft. by 6 ft.
6 inches. Regular price $2.40.
While They Last $1.25
or we will give one free with
very $20 order.
��   ��
McGibbon Hodgson
Lumber Company
20th Avenue
Phone :   Pair.  1659
Phone : Fr.ter 34 - 46th Ave. and Fr.Mr
DOWN       TOWN        PARLORS :
Phone :   Sey.  340,   Day  or   Night
Telephone Fairmont 718
the   maid's
curate  say
who   Ve'111'
"Where   li
"I've been to the
ment class, ma'am."
"Well, and what eliel lh
to yem?  Did you tell him
mistress was-"
"Please, ma'am, he said I wasn't to
rivc neitice, as I intended, but that 1
was to consider you as my burden���
and  bear   it."
*    *    ��
A colored girl, belonging to Governed Wickliffe eif Kentucky, once
asked permission to go tei a near-by
town tei attend ihe religions  revival
A Few weeks later tin- Governor
happened t<i notice her. ami said tee
her :
"Well. Jane, did JTOO get  religion3"
"1   surely  diel.   sir'"  she   replied
"Well.   lane, what  difference  has  it
made in you?"
"(Ih,  sir,  1   sweeps under  '.be  rugs
Eugene���This bookcase i- an inch
eeiii eef plumb. W'e must have that
Imogen?���Oh, dear. And I've heard
those plumbers are m   expensive.
Phrenology and Palmistry
(Formerly of  Montreal)
Street,   Corner   Robson
10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
H. G. BROWN, Proprietor 	
Every   Sa.unlay   by   ihe   Greater   Vanrouver   Publishers   Limited
C��cncr  Thirtieih   A---eiue  and   Main   Street.   South   Vancouve.-,   B. C
4Dc*r{<  M.  Murray.  President and  Managing  Director.
sHeriann  A.  S'-in.  Vice-President  and   Managing  Editor.
T4��fa.  Jackson    Business  Manager.
TBLKPHONE i    All departments
..Fairmont lS7f
all  points  in   Canada,  Uniteel   Kingdom.   Newfoundland,   New
�����-��-��-��. ^m^^^^^^m*^s^ssmmm^*Msmml
..  1.00
To   all  points in   v��...
���aland, and other  Brilie-h Possessions -.
One   Year 	
S;x  Months   ...
Three   Months    _
-Postage to American. European and other Foreign Countries, $1.00
jsts fear extra.
XO CORRESPONDENTS :    We will  nol  print anonymous  letters.
���tSmigti inviting  communication on current events, to be published
��� the writer's signature.
of the Coun-
i'i despatch the ambulance to the patient s home wiih as
much expedition as if the case was an accident If nec-
i---.:> the bill can he presented later. As such cases of
emergency occur comparatively seldom even the loss of
an occasional five dollars mighl be faced by the Council
with equanimity.
In ilii- connection it may he further urged that the abed a public hospital iii ihe municipality calls f��>r
consideration in the matter of prompt and even
generous attention tee sick cases of the kind referred to,
and if one ambulance i- found to bc not sufficient to meet
police, public or hospital purposes, an additional one
might well he procured.
-i -lice
T if ,,���w definitely known that, ��. the aftermath
turning down
THERE has been under the consideration
cil   fen-   -emu-  time  the  desirability   eii  establishing a
municipal  gas  plain  in  South  Vancouver.    There  have
Mibmitied to the Council several applications
What they have
als-e been
lor jjas  franchise
mor very keenly prejudiced in
control, nor of any particular company.
leen asking for all along is an immediate supply of gas.
Thc efficiency of the supply, consistent with the interests
���of ratepayers, is the main point.
Tlinl gas is urgently needed by numerous householders
throughout the municipality has been strongly urged at
variieiis public meetings, and endorsed by numerously
signed petitions to nas companies and Council. There
ran be no question as to the insistent need of gas. The
general fear is that the whole matter will again be shelved
.or indefinitely delayed.
Several letters which have been addressed to the "Chin-!
<ook.~ and which appear in another column, reflect in parti
sortie of the views held by the public Upon this gas question. One correspondent slates that some time ago a
petition, largely signed by residents of Cedar Cottage
���and district, had been sent tei one ceimpany asking that
their bouses be connected with Its mains, but with no resull. Another writer states that several buildings would
ile erected between Sixteenth and Twenty-fifth Avenues
if gas is only provided, as hitherto owners of land have
refused to build until heating or cooking apparatus is assured.
At present numerous householders in South Vancouver are put to considerable inconvenience by the long
confirmed delay in supplying this much needed medium
Sor heating or cooking purposes; This inexcusable lack
ol bo commonplace a necessity as gas has also seriously
iretariled certain  developments in  the  municipality.    As
^^^^/tmmmmm^^^^^^^^ tile
if   the   school  bylaw,  the   government
has declined t" grant ihis year the expected amount of
$70,000,    This  decision  was  not  unexpected,
been freely staled ill public, lieilh
pulling day- that the rejection of ih
most  likely, also involve  the  refusal  of the  government
Faced with the problem of this financia
school trustees have decided to again appeal to the rale
payers   of  South  Vancouver   for   the  ratification   of   their
proposals for future school requirements.   These entail
il   having
before   and   after   the
school bylaw would,
the govi
al deadlock,  thc
t.i    lie    Veilllie.ee    .-v.-  ,,..., -- - .     ri,,.,,;-,.,,l.-eitS. llies-     ^e.,...-
The    P^  ��<  South  Vancouver are   m,,p���sals   for   future, ^^"TStaw. covering that
iLJd i��� fav���r of either me hod ��   an expend tureoW Jan y rf ^ ^
anieeunt will be submitted tei lhe ratepayers of the municipality for their sanction, one of the bylaws calls for
new school sites and additions estimated to cost $37.5110;
another bylaw proposes the building of new schools and
emergency schools at an estimated cost of $144,500, while
the third bylaw provides for furniture and equipment of
new schools, additions and alterations lo existing schools
and   other   necessary   school   expenditure,   amounting   to
Tbat thc present and future obligations of the school
board must be adequately met should appeal to all residents having the efficient educational facilities of South
Vancouver at heart.    Ample and even generous provision
for the educational requirements of a young and growing
municipality has always been recognized in this and other
progressive countries as sound policy and good business.
When it is considered that the population of South Van-.
couver is over 35.01)11, and that it is'rapidly growing, the
necessary of preparing for the needs of sufficient schools
must be apparent to all who appreciate ihe truth that the
future   progress   of   this   country   is   in   the   hands   of   lhe
younger generation.
(."Philadelphia Ledger")
Who talks nf fifty year- as lhe culminating peeint in man'- career? Wen-
all the greal work performed hy nun
even beyond seventy erased from
history the human race would be bereft "I senile very pinllel aehiet elllenl -
Jefferson founded a university by his
own activity after he bail passed
three-score year- and ten. Jeelm
Quincy Adam-, although he hael
been President 'ef the United States
and live times a foreign Minister,
wrought a- a Congressman by far
bis greatest deeds after he wa- sixty-
live, Hi- robust father -at in a con-
-iiiiiineii.il convention when hc was
almost a nonagenarian.   Franklin diel
valiant   service   in   helping   lo   frame!
ilu- constitution ������( ilu- United States
afler Ile had turned a serene and contented eighty
Seventy saw Gladstone so vigorous
thai lie was still geeoel for lhe greatest
battle in his political life and a Premiership. England's foremost living
historian. Sir George ottee Trevclyan,
who is even now completing his
monumental story of the American
R.evolution( occupied a seal in Parliament half a century ago. This
brilliant nephew of Lord Macaulay
has done his best writing since reaching  seventy.
SNAP!   Must be Sold at Once
A sixrroom house and lot situated on Lot 26, X.1I. 20 of
D.L. 50, 44th Avenue, f.ir $840.
$240 cash, balance $15 per month, interest 7 per cent,
half-yearly.   This is the total colt
Fletcher & Brett
If you don't sleep well, try a glass or two
of Heidelberg Beer each night on retiring.
It soothes you into restful slumber.
I bin.   L
I X   the  Ottwa  House  of  Commons last  week
*    P. Pelletier, postmaster-general, announced the com-
���mt sw vo���i..,....,       ^  pletion  of  a  new  arrangement  which  has  been  effected
retarded certain developments in the municipality. As ] with a British syndicate for an improved wireless service
<tme correspondent points out it has prevented or delayed between Canadaand Great Britain. The new system will
ithe erection of new buildings. It has also probably de- also embrace Australia and Xew Zealand and will there-
tcrred not a few prospective homeseekers from deciding ^'m^'m^sMMism^t��� j-..���i.,���_
irpon  South Vancouver  for  homesites,  if,  indeed'  it  has
nol driven residents from the municipality.
IT is a common and loose habit  with some people of term
ing indiscriminate praise as "boosting," and all criticism, whether just or unjust, as "knocking."   The one ex-  or anywhere els
11 '    eitv.   the   Olllvl  r.rnl,ihilive.        It
also embrace Australia and Xew Zealand and will there
fore be of incalculable advantage in the further development of inter-Colonial relations. As the conditions of the
new contract also call for a considerable reduction in
rates the use of wireless messages is likely to be greatly
increased. i^L^^^^^_
Hitherto  the  general  use   of  wireless  communication  no   man   ever
has  been  of  a  necessarily  limited kind.    Facilities  for I sense_ of the s
sending wireless messages  are not numerous in  Canada,
while thc rates have been more or less
jrcession is supposed lo be, as applied to a city, the only
true and acceptable way. The other expression is held tobi
-arttrm eef rcpreiaeh. Like all generalizations of this sweep
mp diameter both words are liable to be applied without
'he least idea of discrimination.
W'e are all for the legitimate boosting of Smith Vancou-
-ver, hut we are also for the knocking of all abuses and the
criticism of apathy and delay in lhe prosecution of public
improvements. No city or municipality in Canada has
made substantial progress without the healthy stimulus of
informing criticism, and no public man can expect to b
always immune from this one
There are more ways than one of boosting South Vancouver. One of the nnesl practical ways is by inducing
industries t'i locate lure, and when established, by patronising them. It i-. however, one of the most unsatisfactory
causes of common complaint thai a number of people, pos-
���sibly from men- thoughtlessness, purchase numerous articles outside lhe municipality that could equally well be obtained in South Vancouver.
Uf any public body should sei an example in the way of
j-.irelercntial dealing with South Vancouver tradesmen, we
should  have   imagined   that   llle  municipality
prohibitive. It may be doubted whether wireless telegraphy will ever supersede electric telegraphy to any
considerable extent, but it will unquestionably become
vastly more popular as an alternative means of communication  in  llie near  future. | senr ami uuvcis., .,��.	
The extraordinary progress made in wireless utility of him is conveyed by the phrase "an
is indicated hy the fact that in the contract referred to a' *m",Mn gentleman of the nine-
service of 401) letters a minute is now guaranteed.   A sub-
hcr  striking feature of
stantial reduction in rates  is  ano'her
development.    Code  messages  are  to  ne   transmitted  at
die man can expect to ne | lg ecnts per word instead of 24 cents as formerly, while
f lhe accepted penalties of j piam language messages will be 8 cents per word instead
' of 24 cents, between Great Britain and Canada, of which
latter country the headquarters will bc Montreal.
("Harpers Weekly")
Charles Eliot Xortejn, who died
four or live years ago at Cambridge,
Massachusetts, in the house he was
bom in, left seeme letters that a good
many people have been eagerly waiting to see. They are now beginning
to appear iu "Scribner's Magazine."
Unless expectation is disappointed,
they will be rather extraordinary let- j
ters. For Mr. Norton was an extraordinary man.
lie  was  for  many  years  professor
of  tbe   history  of   line   arts  at   Harvard,   and   be   wrote   several   books
abeiut   his   subject,     lie  was  also    a
student   of   Dante  and   made  an   excellent  prose   translation   of  Dante's
masterpiece.    Hut  the  peculiar  interest  of   his  life  did   not  come   from
these   admirable   labors.     He   was   a
man   whom   many   men   loved,   and
among   those   who   loved   him   were
many of the finest spirits of his time,
in this country and abroad,    l'robab-
'y no other American ever had such
friendships.    The  mere  list  of  them
' would lill pages, and on those pages ,
would   appear   the   names   of   nearly 1
all our greater American writers and
artists   of   Norton's   time���thc   later
two-thirds  of  the  past  century���and
an astonishing number of their English  and  Continental  contemporaries.
What we may see of these men's letters to Norton, and of his to them and
about them, will be deeply interesting
to thoughtful Americans.
We   shall   hardly   see  anything  wc
ought  not   to  see.    For  these  interesting  friendships were  genuine, and
no   man   ever   lived   with   a   keener
sense of the sacredness of friendship,
or  of  any  other  high  relation,   than
Norton   had.     Most   of   his     friends
owed him more than he owed them.
Often   an   editor  himself,  he  set   the
world an  example in the right handling of great men's literary remains���
Carlyle's,  for  instance,  and  Ruskin's.
He was scholar and student, connoisseur and traveler, but the best notion
of him is conveyed by the phrase "an
American   gentleman   of     the     nine
teenth century."    It is a serious ques
tion  how  many  Americans  of  today
could   conceivablv  live   such   a   high
kind of life as he lived, or even would
if   Ihey   could,
South Vancouver Builders' Supply Company
Dealers in Sand, Gravel, Fibre, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Vitrified
Pipe, Tile, Fire-clay, Lath, and Brick of all kinds.
Offices :  51st Avenue and Fraser Street.    Phone : Fraser 36.
Main and 29th Avenue.   Phone :   Fairmont 1940.
Fraser Street and North Arm of Fraser River.   Phone : Fraser 84.
Coal orders taken at all offices and delivered to all parts of South
Phone 2988
Limited        Ft. of Columbia Ave.
Building   Materials
Largest and Best   Assorted   Stock   in   British   Columbia
C. Gardiner - Johnson & Company
Johnson's Wharf
Phone : Sey. 9145
IX THE OLD COUNTRY the equivalent expression for
"hot air" is "gas." But in South Vancouver the householders do not want "hot air," but real gas.
- I *   *   *
would havejIX TORONTO THE authorities
have decided tbat thc
,'SnOUKl    nave    nee.ifceee..,.      ,^^^_^^^_^^__
"been lhat body. And yet the other day il would appear are to be 110 more "eye-openers" ill that city. That d
lhat. possibly lo save a few dullars, the Reeve of South not refer lo llle Calgary sheet which has a spasmodic
Ynni-iiim-r recommended the Council to purchase certain circulation in Vancouver and elsewhere, but to the too
j Il wholesale in thc city of Vancouver.    This refers lee   early imbibing of "awakeners." In fact, thc saloons of Tor
310 isolated ease, as a  number of complaints have been
made as to contracts or tenders being awarded to dealers
��� outside of the municipality and those cases where local
(tradesmen could have- efficiently fulfilled requirements,   It
Shas "been widely rcce gnized ill lhe limst progressive inuni-
��� cipalilies of this province to bc good policy to give local
raeie-men preferential consideration even when their ten-
Bers have not been absolutely the lowest.
'It is such policy of preferential hading that constitutes
ithereal and practical boosting of South Vancouver.   The
other procedure is, on the other hand, a practical
""knocking" of the municipality. For it must also be ob
-.vious that the interests of residents or those who have a
*take in South Vancouver are bound up with the prosperity of its tradesmen.
mto in future will not
-pen until S a.m. instead of 6 a.m
* 9 9
IT MAS BEEN RECENTLY proposed to offer the vacant
crown of Albania in ex-presidenl Roosevelt, hailing the
colonel's acceptance of the honor, the position might be
very appropriately offered to the only Joe Martin. "Fighting J"e" who dearly loves a scrap, would bc as happy in
turbulent Albania as among the militant suffragettes at
Hyde Park.
* * *
ONE OF THE MEMBERS of South Vancouver Council
at a meeting this week admitted, with refreshing can
dour, that they were "all like a lot of young ducks, all
talking at the same time." Perhaps that also infers that
attacks on their cherished opinions are shaken off like
water from a duck's back.
I   AST week the Collingwood Business Men's Assbcia.
-*-"    tion  rendered  good  service  to  the  municipality  by
rejwtfin-g lo the Council the refusal, or the delay in offering ie. .--.md the police ambulance I" carry a sick man to
'he hospital.    It would seem that the police department
1 officials had to go through some red tape procedure before it wa-s (decided whether the request could he granted.
As ain" delay might have had serious consequences to his
"patient,  Dr.  Baird  was  obliged-;to  make  other  arrangements.
�� It is satisfactory that upon the recommendation of the
jpolicc committee the ambulance can now be placed at the
service of anyone in South Vancouver wishing to bc con-'
-evtyoeil to the hospital.    It may bc  questioned, however,
whether the  stipulation  as to a  charge  of $5  a  trip  is
-eisither a wise  or  generous  one.    Delay or misapprehensions are liable to be caused by preliminary requests or
renditions of the kind.    Certain patients or their friends
may not 'be in  a financial condition at the time  to pay
.the fee required.   Sometimes a case of sickness develops
sudden and serious  symptoms where thc slightest delay
i��n removal to  a  hospital  may  endanger life.    It  would
seem, therefore, to be only the right and humane thing
9  9  9
IN FORMER DAYS CASES have been known where a
spectator at a theatre, excited by the apparently real bad
ci induct nf the villain of the play, have shot him from
across the footlights, So realistic have motion pictures
now become that last week one of the audience of a show
over the line, suddenly fired at the figure of the villain
when on the point of stabbing the heroine. Amid great
confusion the would-be- protector  of virtue  escaped.
*   9   9
APPROPOS OK MOVING pictures, the manager of one
of thc local shows states that the Bi C. censorship of pictures was put iu force this week.   We shall now see what
we'll see.
�� * 9
A STRIKE OF EMPLOYEES on South Vancouver
steam street rollers on Tuesday was quickly settled. To
get up steam In the engines of these rollers requires about
an hour and thc men were ordered to be ready to commence work at 8 a.m. daily. The matter was compromised
by the men agreeing to get steam up by 8.30 a.m. There
are a lot of people who can't get up steam so early in the
("Toronto  Globe")
"The   School"   is     an     educational
monthly   edited   by   members   of   the
Faculty  of  Education  in  the University of Toronto, and containing articles written by educationists who are
not necessarily members of that faculty.    To  one  of  these  contributions
in  the  March number  there attaches
a   melancholy   interest,   because     its
distinguished   author,   Dean   Ellis   of
the Faculty of Education In Queen's
University,  has  very  recently  passed
away after a long educational career.
The  subject of his  paper    is    "The
Teaching  of   History,"  and,  needless
to  say,  hc  had  treated  his  theme  in
a helpful and  suggestive way.
Without   attempting   to   give   even
la bare outline of the paper it may bc
of use to set forth its motive; to make
teachers  try  to answer  the  question,
why   history   is   on   thc   courses   of
study in both primary and secondary
schools, i  In  the opinion of  Mr.  Ellis, "by  far  the most valuable  assets
the student can carry away from this
study arc the desire to go farther and
the   ability  to  gratify   that  desire;  a
lively   feeling  of   want   in   regard   to
historical  knowledge   and  the   power
to  satisfy that want."    This is  practically equivalent to saying that if history is so taught in schools that pupils   shall  be  inclined  to  discontinue
the   reading   of   the   subject   in   after
life,  then  it  would  have  been  better
feir   them   to   do   without   history   altogether until after the conclusion of
their   school   career.     History   is   intrinsically interesting on many of its
numerous sides, and it should not be
hard  to  create  in  school  pupils  not
merely a languid desire but a passionate liking for it
Phonei :   Seymour  7056-7818 Offices :   606-607  Bank  ol  Ottawa  Bids.
Wanted���Good  building   Lots  in  vicinity  of   Knight   Road
at reasonable prices
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
Main Street Assessments
The Council has been asked by tbe
Main Street Improvement Association to pass a motion for presentation
to the Court of Revision for the guidance of the assessor who is making
up the assessment for 1914. It is
further recommended that thc assessment of property on Main Street be
reduced and made proportionate to
prevailing conditions throughout the
Phone: Fair. 326       4518 Main St.
SATURDAY, MAY  17, 1913.
Travelling Clothes
Selei ting clothes for travelling pur-
poiet i- slways a subject of importance at any time There are those
who make a ipecialty ol navel it they
have 111 iin ei- opportunity and Ihey
llit to and fro through the land and
,,ver ih. ocean as though it was ab-
loluh I) ui.e--.ny to their existence.
Sunn e,i these have llle travelling
dow, in a science, others do not
know hurt   in do il well.
li is not alone a question of whal
to wear in order to be well dressed,
but also in order to be comfortable,
and often in "rele-r lo save any unusual amount of laundry. Tbe latter
is an expense even at home, but it
is far worse in strange- placet, and
often ii is met convenient to have
it deme.
Even the most experienced traveller takes delight in her clothes,
therefore  the   inexperienced    one     is
apt to give the question far   more
thought, and with the delight is mingled a deal of anxiety and worry.
The elimination of anything elaborate is the chief demand for good
dressing on the train. If a woman
thoroughly comprehends this, she is
not apt to go far wrong, She wants
gowns that do not wrinkle and that
are not touched up with a lavish
amount of trimming. The blouses
must be tailored and simple; no lace
insertions or ruffles nor boned stocks
of lace or tulle. White silk shirtwaists are the best because they are
cool, have no starch, and can be washed and ironed over-night if necessary.
The rival of the silk blouse are those
of marquisette, which is also cool and
which does not hold starch. Long
sleeves are thc best, although they
are not as cool as the elbow ones.
If one elects to travel in a dark
blue silk or satin or serge suit���this
color having grown more into favor
for travelling each year���then the
blouse of chiffon cloth, lined with
while silk is an excellent choice. It
may bc of the same color as the suit
and made in a loose comfortable
The question of what lo wear for
dinner on a steamer is an anxious
problem to many who do not go
abroad every year. Some women
solve it by saying, "We will take
some dressy white muslin blouses
and wear them with dark skirts."
It is quite a mistake to think that
a shirtwaist, no matter how fancy,
can ever serve for a dressy occasion.
The fact that it is elaborately trimmed in fine lace and hand embroidery does not make it eligible for a
social affair. It is still a blouse, and
is only intended for certain hours.
*   *   *
One thing is certain; women with
big feet and women with little feet
will have plenty of sailor tics in their
spring outfits���if they can afford it.
Sailor ties with cloth quarters���quarters meaning the tops of low shoes���
are very popular, and when the cloth
matches the wearer's suit or gown
the shoes are very effective. Sailor
ties are low shoes that aren't, ties at
all, but are fastened with buckles.
They are called this because this
shape began life as ties, and they are
still called so to distinguish them
from Oxfords, which button.
There are so many different sailor
ties���the afternoon shoe, par excellence���that   it   is   quite     maddening
Each pair nl llle CUStom-made variety
has some little touch ill lhe cut or
finish I'e ehsiiiiKiiish it from every
Other pair. Sailor lies wilh line
white stitching around the edges i'f
ih, heels are effective, Many of
ihejse offered feir sale ready made
have eiuarters of fancy grey and
black cloth, which g.. well with the
majority  oi street  suits.    Most   of
them  have cul steel  buckles.
I'unips are going oul. It is sad,
hut Ihey are. Something resembling
pumps are offered, but to the initiated
the cut is different, as are the trimming!, .
Trimming makes the shoe this
spring, as clothes make the women,
Oh, and there is a new wrinkle to
have one's shoes match one's eyes in
colorl Blue-eyed women are lucky,
fen- there are some most fascinating
sailor ties with blue backs and sides
and white buckskin tips.
* *    *
A Red-cross Heroine
Among ilu- brave little band of
women who have distinguished themselves ill Red Cross work in the Balkan war none have done more signal
service than Dr. Caroline Matthews,
a London lady surgeon, who attached herself to the Montenegrin forces.
Called out one terrible night near
Scutari to attend a wounded officer,
Dr. Matthews started off through the
darkness, though a blizzard was
blowing, over the rough frontier
road. She stumbled at a loose boulder that came down on to the tortuous track from the hill above, and,
encumbered with dressings and surgical necessaries, was quite unable to
save herself from a nasty fall into a
deep gorge. The doctor was stunned
and badly injured, her face being
much cut and several of her teeth
broken. But nothing daunted, she
wiped tbe blood away and struggled
forward to hcr patient. By the light
of a camp lire she managed to set
the officer's broken limb, and only
then gave proper attention to her own
hurts. Dr. Matthews is now practically recovered, but for over a fortnight after her painful experience she
had to see to relays of patients at the
Red Cross Hospital base with the
lower part of hcr face in bandages.
* *    *
A Turkish Poetess
One of the best know . and greatly
admired Eastern women is Madame
Nigjar llauym of Constantinople,
where she has a beautiful home with
magnificent view of the Golden Horn.
Her mother was Omar Pasha's wife,
who was of Turkish origin and famous for her exquisite voice when
singing the popular songs or reciting
folklore and fairy tales when visiting
friends in thc harems. Madame Nigjar llanym, after an unhappy marriage, when very young, returned to
her parent's home and gave hcr days
tei reading and writing exquisite Oriental poems, colored with western
fancies, for she is highly educated,
and can read in English, French and
German, and many of her books of
poems have been translated by well-
known professors in the cast and
France. Madame Nigjar Hanym is
lhe friend of many of the best class
of people in Constantinople, and
though wearing the. veil abroad, receives her friends in hcr beautiful
home wearing the Parisian gowns of
a lovely and fashionable European
TERMS TO   *Q a(\i\
It is situated in a good district, is built on a high, dry
l"l, and commands a good view. Has a large parlour
with open fireplace, dining room panelled and beam ceiling, large kitchen and separate pantry. Three bedrooms
with clothes closets; also bath and toilet are upstairs.
Has cemenl Hour in basement, laundry tubs wilh hot
and cold waler, and a good furnace. If you are looking
for a In.nn- it will pay you to see this. We will be glad
to show you it at yeiur convenience.
The Yorkshire Guarantee
&  Securities Corporation Limited
440 Seymour Street
Phones: 6188 ami 6189   R. Kerr Houlgatc, Manager
Eburne  Saw Mills  Limited
Manufacturers and    Dealers in all kinds of
Fir, Cedar, and Spruce Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, Turnings
and House Finishings
t.        EBURNE, B. C.
/���-..: '
To Clean Brushes
It is a good plan to rub vaseline
inte, the backs of ebony hair brushes
bet.ne washing them, so that tbe
soda will not affect the ebony. Then,
when dry, a little olive oil, applied
with a soft rag. and rubbed on with
a clean cloth, will give as much in dish
as is required, as ebony should not
be very highly polished at any time,
peer stiffening the bristles, wash the
brushes in very hoi water and se.ela
or ammonia, rinse them iu the same
temperature, and  then  plunge  them
into quite cold water.
If you have brushes that you would
prefer In clean dry, mix one-half cup
each of salt and flour, and rub
through and intei the bristles. Shake
out thoroughly,
The Dependable Chicken
Chicken Pot Pie���Cut a chicken
weighing freem three and a half to
four pound! into twelve equal pieces;
pul these into a stew-pan, cover with
cold water, and leave for thirty minutes. Then wash well and drain and
return lo pan, covering with fresh
water. Season with salt, pepper, and
grated nutmeg and add a bunch of
parsley, six small onions, and four
ounces of salted pork cut into small
dice, and cook for three-quarters of
an hour, being careful to skim well
Now add a pint of raw potatoes���
small ones, or, if large, cut up���and
three tabiespoonfuls of Hour mixed
ill a breakfast cupful of water. Stir
until the whole boils again and allow to coeek for ten minutes or more.
Remove the parsley and transfer the
rest of tbe mixture to a deep earthenware baking dish. Moisten the
edges of this slightly with water and
cover the top with crust. Bake in a
brisk oven for fifteen minutes and
serve at once.
Stewed Chicken wilh Mushrooms���
Cut a chicken into pieces and stew it
gently in milk and water in equal
parts, adding a small quantity of
butter. Put a small lump of butter
into a saucepan on the lire to melt,
add two cupfuls of button mushrooms, a seasoning of mace, white
pepper, and salt and cook. Take out
the chicken meat from tbe milk and
water when done, drain, put into the
saucepan with the mushrooms warm
up together and serve. If more sauce
is desired, a breakfast cupful of sweet
cream may be added to the mushrooms when they are nearly  cooked.
Chocolate Pudding
Cream three tabiespoonfuls of butter and add gradually, while beating
constantly, two-thirds cupful of sugar;
then add one egg, well beaten. Mix
and sift 2 1-4 cupfuls of Hour with
4 1-2 teaspoonfuls of salt, and add alternately with one cupful of milk to
first mixture; then add 2 1-2 squares
of unsweetened chocolate which bas
been melted in a small saucepan of
boiling water. Turn into a buttered
mold, adjust cover and steam two
hours. Remove from mold and serve
with creamy sauce, to make which
work one-fourth cupful of butter until very creamy and add gradually,
while beating constantly, one cupful of powdered sugar; then add one-
half teaspoonful of vanilla, a few
grains ol salt and one-fourth cupful
of heavy cream, beaten until stiff.
��       *       *
Dried Fruits
Nowadays nearly every kind of
fruit can be had in dried variety, so
that they may be said to be never
out of season. But for whatever pur-
pose dried fruits are used, great care
should be taken in their preparation.
Before they are cooked they should
be washed in cold water then set in
a big bowl of warm water and allowed to stand for twenty-four hours.
The fruits will then have swollen
to iheir proper size and be ready for
Little Apricot Jellies���Take half-
peiund of dried apricots, one-quarter
pound of caster sugar, two table-
speiiinfuls of gelatine, 2 ounces of
sweet almonds. Prepare llle apricots
in lhe prescribed manner, then set
fruii and liquor in a Btewpan to boil.
Add tbe sugar and cook for len
minutes. Dissolve the gelatine in a
very little waler and add to the apricots, Rub some small moulds with
olive oil, deeorale wilh split blanched almonds, and lill with thc apricot mixture. Put in a cool place to
sol and turn out in the usual way.
*   *   *
Peach Souffle���Take one-quarter
1 Hind of dried peaches, three egg-
whites, two ounces of caster sugar,
and some rose water. Prepare the
peaches over nighl, then cook wilh
iheir liquor to a pulp. Mix with
sugar, egg-whites, and a teaspoonful of rose water. Whip well until
the mixture is very stiff, then turn
into a buttered dish���or, if, preferred, use small souffle cafes���and bake
for twenty minutes in a moderate
Prunes may be prepared by either
the above recipes using the juice of
a small lemon instead eef rose water.
Prunes may be stoned easily after
cooking, though some prefer to re-
nieeve lhe pits just before they are
put  on  the  stove.
ele       *       *
Button Hints
All know the annoying habit buttons have of coming off at a moment
when they arc most needed. It seems
sometimes as though nothing short
of wire thread will keep them in
their places, and even wire breaks
away from the cloth. When next you
are sewing on a bulton, follow these
directions and that button will never
trouble you again. Place your button, take a hairpin���a strong one���
and lay it across the button. Then
sew it over the hairpin. When you
have put as much thread through the
eyes as they will hold, withdraw the
hairpin. Then push tbe needle
through near the button, pull button
up and wrap thread- several times
around between the button and the
garment. Fasten thread on the underside of button and then you will
find that that button will stay on
until the garment is worn out.
Chocolate Snow Cake
Cream one-quarter cupful of butler with e,ne cupful eif sugar, adding
alternately about half a cup of milk,
and b-ss than two cups of Hour, the
heller lifted with two heaping tea-
spoonfuls eef baking powder. Flavor
wilh vanilla ami lastly cut in the
whites of two eggs beaten lo a stiff
Bake in layer tins and lill with a
frosting made as follows : Put a
square or more of chocolate Into a
bowl to melt over Imt water. In Mi-
Other pan bring le-s than half a cup
of cream '" llie scalding poinl and
pour over the chocolate, Add the
beaten ye eke eif an egg and a small
lump iln- size of a thimble e,f butler.
Ileal all together wilh a fork, stirring
in enough icing sugar to bring the
mixture l.e llle proper consistency.
A,hi vanilla to llavor and spread between the layer! of cake.    It can also
be used  as  a   frosting.
* *    *
New Chiffon Blouses
The blouses ill chilli in are mere
transparencies, tucked a little, perhaps, at the shoulder seams lo give
the requisite amount of fulness over
tlie bust; finished with the modish
open V neck filled in with fluting! Ot
with one of the new eeillars, and with
long sleeves, often on the bishop
order. Such mere veilings in the
way of waists demand a lining of
some kind, and the shops making
specialties of these waists show as
many varieties of these underlieedics
as of the waists themselves. An 1
SUCh bewitching bits of lingerie as
these corset covers can be! It is a
far cry, indeed, from the practical,
durable corset cover of nainsook,
whose purpose it was to proieet the
corset, to these whimsicalities of lace,
chiffon and net.
* *   *
Maple Parfait
4 eggs, 1 cup hot maple syrup, 1
pint thick cream.
Heat eggs slightly and pour on
slowly the maple syrup. Cook until
mixture thickens. Cool, and add the
cream beaten until stiff. Mould, pack
in ice and let stand three hours.
General Nelson Miles, of the United States Army was recalling one of
the incidents of his life at a dinner
one evening. "There is a lot of
humor���real humor���to be found on
battlefields," he said. "1 remember
the case of a retreat which was really
a rout. In this retreat the commanding general as he galloped along like
tbe wind turned to an aide-de-camp,
who also was urging bis horse to the
limit, and asked, 'Who are our rearguard?' The aide without tbe slightest hesitation replied, 'Those who
have lhe worst horses, sir.'"
Authorized Capital      $7?"
Subscribed Capital      4',o om
Paid-up   Capital           ��W',)U0
Specia' attention given to savings accounts.
Interest paid at the highest current rates.
Your account very cordially solicited.
L. W. Shalfofd. On-e.l Mii��te-r
W. E. Jaidine. Ant. Onffal   Msasifi
W. H. Ronald, Manager
Chick Food That Feeds
All cnick foods do not contain all lh.- elements necessary for g iod
health. Unless the proportions of lhe Ingredients are correctly
determined, your chicks become sickly and  mature slowly.
Is a scientifically prepared food containing ��U the elements of a
balanced ration.
The  Brackman-Ker  Milling  Co.
One Block South Pender St., near B. C  E. R. Freight Office
Phones 5886-5887-5888
On 48th Avenue, modern; only $2,S(KJ;
$200 cash, balance arranged.
Lot is 34x126.
R. J. McLauchlan
4123 Main Street
Phone: Fair. 1607
Scenes in Parliaments
Some time ago Lord Raglan, Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man,
declaring that alterations in the existing methods of spending money could
only be put forward by the House
of Keys with bis permission.
I This decision proved very unpalatable to the legislators of the island
beloved by holiday-makers, and at a
private session the following resolution was passed : "That His Excellency be respectfully informed that the
communication with which his Excellency has honored the House does
not present an acceptable solution of
the  difficulty   therein   referred   to."
Mr. Churchill, who was then Home
Secretary, was appealed to. He backed up Lord Raglan, saying that the
stand he had taken was "in accordance  with  constitutional  practice."
The House of Keys was very angry
indeed, and practically went on strike.
They refused to proceed with any of
their ordinary business, and the Governor was obliged to adjourn the
Court indefinitely.
Some six years ago (to be accurate,
in December, 1906) Spain was in a
similar peculiar plight. On October
30 of that year Senor Domingucz,
who had held thc reins of office for
four months only, resigned' with all
his Cabinet, and Senor Morct became
Prime Minister. His policy was obnoxious to the Chamber of Deputies,
and when, iu December, they were
called together it was found impossible to get a quorum, and therefore
to transact public business of any
kind whatever. So Moret was forced
to resign, after holding office for the
shiniest time on record, even in
Spain, a country where Ministerial
crises are notoriously frequent,
The most extraordinary scene
whieh ever occurred iu the Spanish,
or perhaps any Parliament was that
of November, 1904. Certain deputies
were nie ere than suspected of tamper*
ing with public money and with taking bribes. The Government made
up their minds to prosecute, but it
was necessary first to obtain authorisation   from  the   House.
Seemingly there were more members involved than was suspected, for
a large minority went on strike and
commenced the most determined obstruction. They organized reliefs and
began talking against time. One discussed the importance of stock fish;
another proposed an alteration in the
tariff on imported porcupines. They
sang litanies in chorus, and occasionally burst into roars of cheering.
They utterly ignored the Speaker,
and this sort of thing went on for
two days and a night and part of a
second night. Sheer exhaustion forced a short recess, but as soon as the
House reassembled the obstruction
became worse than ever, and degenerated into a riot, when inkpots were
thrown and the silver crucifix on
which the oath was administered was
broken   into  pieces.
For days business was absolutely
at a standstill, and eventually the
prosecutions were  given  up.
The only scene of thc kind in thr
British House of Commons occurred
in February, 1891, during a discussion
on Home Rule. When the House
was to be cleared for a division, thirty-six Irish members struck, and absolutely refused to leave their places.
They wcre every one suspended. The
Speaker bas the power to order members  into custody for disrespect.
Another Parliament that went on
strike was the House of Congress of
that small but warlike South American  State,  Paraguay.    A  number of
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This has the following attributes :
*D Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency ; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
���1 Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
fl Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
fl The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
���J Bitulithic has been adopted in over 200 cities
in the United States, and 15 cities in Canada.
Granville Street South, After Paving
Columbia Bitulithic Limited
714-717 Dominion Trust Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.
Phone :   Seymour 7130
We have a fine subdivision bounded on the North by the C.P.R.
lands, on thc West by tbe Point Grey boundary line and to the South
by River Road. It is within a few hundred yards of the North Arm
of the Fraser.   The live investor will readily appreciate these prices:
Cambie Street Lots $1,625 each; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, 18, 24
Ash Street Lots, 33 x 192, $750 each; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, 18,
24 months.
All inside Lots between Ash and Cambie, facing North, $550 each;
facing South, $600 each.
River Road Lots vary in price according to size.
It will pay you to investigate this. Call up Collingwood 18, or
call and see
W. H. KENT & SON, Collingwood East
political opponents of the President,
Dr. Aceval, forced him, at pistol
point, to sign a resignation.
Parliament resented this, declaring
that if there was any fault to find
with the President, hc should have
been brought before the Bar of the
House  and impeached  openly. They
ordered him to be reinstated, and refused to vote supplies till this was
The result was appalling. The insurgents, heavily armed, entered the
House and began shooting. Three
were killed, thirty wounded, and the
remainder fled for their lives. SATURDAY,  MAY  17. 1913.
Short Lesson in Household
Are you using carbon lamps fur lighting ?
Do you know that Tungsten lamps give three times the amount
of light obtained from the carbon lamp with thc same consumption
of current?
Would it not be advisable for you lo secure this improved form of
lighting ?
After you have considered the above queries visit our salesrooms
and ask tbe lamp counter clerk to demonstrate the difference between the Tungsten lamp and thc ordinary carbon lamp.
For convenience of our customers wc carry a full line of Tungsten
lamps, of an improved type, in stock.
Carrall &
1138 Granville Street
(Near Davie)
B. C.   Telephone   Development
The Changes in Construction of Telephone   Apparatus ��� Additional
Switchboard   Sections   installed   in   Seymour   Street   Exchange
Gri .ei ��� hangi i have take n place in
the ��� ii-'iui tion of ti lephom
atui .-.me e thii system of communication was invented nearly forty yean
age,, iii iin, connection the photographs reproduced herewith are- in-
nig, -in-, they illustrate the
��� lill.-i.-nt i ypes ' i "i" ratoi
in iln- pasi and those now in
No. I shows    iu- of ilu- very ���
types, a w hn e ate hand ie li pi
whieh  waa used a- l>< >i li transn
��� quiprai in.  No. 8    The  Blake irans-
���   anel   ihe   head   telephom
lupported  upon  a    leather    covered
��� "ii ih'- shoulders "i the- operate-r and hi i'i in |
by a  -trap down  I'm   back ami a  belt
around   tlti   waisl     The  equipment
weighs  ah',ut  ii Compare
tin-   with   ih'-  equipme nl   ihown  im-
mediately below, the total weight e.f
v, hich   i>   "illy   about   : "������' n   0 II
and you will appreciate the fact that
switchboards in Greater Vancouver,
���ii'.v are n..t in use here, the central
energy system having been adopted
hy the B C. Telephone Company
- thi- territory. The equipment used by the operators of the
pany in all their exchanges is
' ..   .-���
f'ive   i     ��� hoard     sections,
which   will allow   fifteen   more  opera-
���-,  w.rl.  al .hoard,  are
��� died  in   the   Seymour  ex-
..I  only  are   ine.re  Stations
to  thi-   exchange,  but
pei  daj   are  coming    in
iroiii  each  -nl.-'riber     This indicates
a gr phone, and
with a  constantly  increasing number
ibi      the value "i  the telephone i- in each user.
Th,       accompanying      illustration
shows tin- installation "i two sceti'.n-
Inow being carried "��'    The remain-
"Snow is Coming"���Buy Your
at Summer Prices
3 Loads for $9.00
4905 Ontario Street Cor. Bodwell (34th Avenue)
Phone :    Fraser 41
Subdivision portion of Block 15, District Lots 330-1, 33ft. Lots. River
Road frontage. Price $81)0. Terms one-fifth cash, balan-e o, 12 and
18 months.
Subdivision of Block la, District Lot 655.
Main Street, frontage 33ft.xl02ft.���$2,650.
Inside Lots, 33ft.xl22ft.���$650.
Terms���one-quarter cash, balance 6 12 and 18 months.
Five per cent, commission to agents.      i
London & British North America Co. Limited
With which is incorporated Mahon, McFarland & Procter Ltd.
Insurance Money to Loan
Agreements  For   Sale  Purchased
A Better Garden
than you ever bad before
can bc had by sowing
Ritchie's  Seeds
Write  today for this beautifully
illustrated catalogue
Brimful with cultural directions
723 ROBSON  STREET Phone Sey. 1892
To the   Editor of the "Chinook"
Dear Sir.��� I notice in ye,ur issue of
Saturday last an interview which your
reporter ha- had with lhe B. C. Gas
Company's officials.
It is to be hoped that something
will be done te, lei u- have a supply
"i (.���:,- i'.r beating purposes. On
eral occasions 1 have made application i" ihi- same company t" have
my house connected with their mains
a- I am anxious t" instal gas heating.
I have always oeen informed that
they had no power to lay their pipes
in the municipality, bin thai ii suf-
��� user -.-.ere to guarantee to take
.i sufficient Mpply they would see
whal could be done, I g'et a pet,tion
igni '1 hy a large- number "i people
around Cedar Cottage ami t��� ,e,k it lo
- impany, bven after I had handed in lhe petition numbers came to
im- and wanted t" attach their signatures. Since I handed in tin petiti'eii
nothing leemi I" have been done.
I am pleased lee observe ne.w that
this company is beginning lo realize
ihe duty they owe t" tin- inhabitants
.ei Se.uth Vancouver. However, if
ihey ihe neet consider ii worth hulking alter at ..nee- then the Municipal
Council ought to encourage some
other company tee come in and take-
up the franchise as it i= time the Council were beginning tei stir themselves
anel see that something i- being done
in this respect
South Vancouver ha- now a population exceeding 30,000, and I question if you will tinei any olher cily "f
this -ize iii the world without a gas
Wellwyn  St.
Cedar Cottage, May lu, 1913.
To ihe Editor of the "Chinook" :
Sir,���Allow me to congratulate you "n passing your first birthday. It is to be hoped that you will
long continue i1' make lhe progress
in the future that you have done in
the pa-i. S'eiith Vancouver is proud
ni' il- newspaper, and the- able manner you handle local subjects. It is
pleasing to see that yem are now dealing with the gas question. 1 cannot
see wln-re the Council can take this
up as a public utility, considering the
monetary demands "n tbem,
Lei tin- Council now grant a franchise on equitable terms to some
company that will take up the ejues-
ii"ii of .na-  supply.
May  12-  1913.
The  gir'  in each photo is demonstrating the various developments in telephone operation
and receiver, Ko. -' i- s Blake transmitter and a hand telephone, the latter held I'i lhe car hy the operator,
as required. The inventor of this
transmitter,    which    made    practical|in  N'ew   Ven-k City about  1880     The  us Seymour exchange.
'' f ihe Editor "i tin- "Chinoe ek" :
Sir,���In   your   issue   of   I.i-'   week
re is a   notice  "i a  gas  company
iil   to   ci imm -ne-e-   operati ms.     I
i h is the case     Noth-
ng s    i- -������ ites and annoys the wives
having to cook over the fires dur-
progress    in Iing   threi    sections   will  be  installed  'n8  the  warm   weather  in  the  sum-
To the Editor of the "Chinook" :
Dear Sir,���N'o item of news that
you haw published for a long time
has given me such gratification as tbe
intimation that we are within meas-
ureahle distance of having a gas supply established in South Vancouver.
One wonders what the Council nave
been doing in the past to allow this
question lo lie in abeyance. Nothing
has S" hindered the growth of large
buildings than the- want of heating.
\- SO -ii a- a supply of gas is intro-
duced several large buildings will be
pn! up between 16th and 25th A\c-
nue "ii Main Street, as hitherto own-
��� rs of thi _��� mnd have refused to
build unlil such linn- as means of
cooking could be introduced i" each
suit< ���Yours,
I.\M l-'.S SM \KT.
Mm   12.  1913.
there  has  bei n   some
operators' equipmei tlj      These   extension     sections   nier,
X".   ?   shows   .i   combination   1: ipl standard   sec-      I   '"!   cine   will   certainly   welcome
| set  which was used bj  I - tions    twenty-five    of    which are in   -".'���  -  ' company no matter which it
t w ill lia\ e the ci uragi  ti - tackle
S"ii,;   \ ilu-. mver, hut  i  do ho] i
Cot to il  that no fran-
..-��� inted unless  - pany
pai ed "ii
nee with the I
m.i'.nw'ui-'.k Mcintosh.
May   13,  1��13
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western  Plate Glass   &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thome   Metal   Store  Front  Bars,   Bevelling   and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
Mother (reprovingly)���When 1
���was young girls never thought of doing  the  things  they do  today.
Daughter���Well, that's why they
didn't do  them.
Tramp���Can you help a poor gent.,
Housewife���What sort of a gent.
do you call yourself?
Tramp ���An  indigent,  mum.
Two new switchboard sections being installed at Seymour Street Exchange. Five of these
sections are to be added immediately
telephony possible, died a couple of ioperators at that time were mostly
montha agee.    No. 3 is oi the same  men or hoys
type of transmitter and receiver, but j The types illustrated in Xos. 6 and
in this case both are supported rigidly j 7 are still in use to some extent, the
from the switcbbeia.il by a metal arm.
No.  4  is   of  special   interest   when
compared   with   the   present   type   of
Besides the "A" board addition,
preparations are in hand to install
an  additional  section of four opera-
tormer" on magneto switchboards and I tor.s P��sitions to 'he Seymour en-
the latter on small private branch ex- <iuiry board, which will make a total
changes.     As   there  are  no  magneto I of eight enquiry  positions.
To the  Editoi  of the "Chinook" :
Sil. Thi n appear: j iui paper
t'i M.i\ 10 n statemcnl thai thi B
l Gas Ceimpany i- about P' ii. il., application i" gel ,i franchist foi gas in
South Vancouver
li i- i" bi hoped thai th< Council
will go fully iui" tl��- matter and
make such arrangements as will fullj
proteel iln- interests of the municipal^ \\ lnli- I .mi anxious - gi |
the use e if gas in my house foi
ing pui-pi.se-- yet I will bi tin last
i" lute for the franchise being granted unless m such terms as an considered equitable and just for the rate,
payers of South Vancouver.
Of course I would prefer ne see
this taken up by the Council as a
puhlic utility, but 1 recognize that
with their monetary difficulties it
will be an impi ssibility feir them to
dream  of  such  a  proposition,
May  14. 1913.
Collingwood Parliament
The closing Session ol the Culling-
wood Parliament held recently was
one of the moot interesting of the
series. Reeve Kerr read an acknowledgment freem Lady Sce.tt in
reply tee the resolution of condolence
recently passed by the Parliamc'ni.
Speeches, generally congratulator.v/'to
lhe measures' passed by the mock
parliament were made by Reeve (feer,
Mr. R. C.'Hodgson, president, of ihe
Conservative Ass"ci;ni.nr; Mr. G. \
King alu| Councillor Willie; >. ami
Messrs, Kenneth Lainond. C. T. -Hailey. H. K. Lister,' Wrn. .Mprris," J.
rrancis Bursill. Donald Reid. A. II.
Guy. Teim Todrick. G Kicheher and
Miss- Daly. Several ..ot. these ,'vere
guests from similar institutions in
other districts. AftEXW niCtli&&
cal programme  was rendered. SATURDAY,  MAY   17,  1913.
Geo.  B.  Howard,
Main   and   Harris
lJhone: Sey. 7012
Week of May  19
Matinees  Wednesday  and  Saturday
The   Del   S.   Lawrence       WITH Miss  Maude
Stock  Company Leone
In the World  Famous Emotional  Drama
PRICES:   25c, 35c, 50c
MATINEES:    25c Any Seat
(Late Temple  Theatre)
Cor. 26th AVE. AND MAIN ST.
Matinees   Wednesday   and   Saturday
Times Have Changed
Truth is neiw an asset, and a mis-statement is a liability. Merchants today deal with their friends. Money is incidental to service. Comes co-operation see quietly and with so little ostentation
that men do not realize the change.
Kelhegg's  Toasted  Wheat   Biscuits, the package    15c
Pacific   Belle  Codfish,  the package    20c
Skipper Sardines  (Oil or Tomato saucel, the can    15c
Libby'l Chipped  Beef in glass, the jar   25c
11am, Chicken and Veal  Loaf, the can      20 and 25c
Yacht Club  Raspberry  Vinegar, the bottle    35c
Swift's   Borax  Seeap,  the  tablet    5c
Roman  Meal, the package    30c
Cbivers' Jam, in glass, the jar   25, 45 and 75c
E.  1). Smith's Pork and  Beans, the tins 2 feir 25c
Potted  Lobster,  Ham  and  Chicken,  the  glass    20c
I Hives   (plain  i.r  stuffed), the  bottle    15  lo 90c
St ra wherries���Rhubarb���Fresh  Vegetables
II ftSCl     IX    IVlaCLCaliy Phone:   Fairmont 784
Summer is Here Once More
Call at our store and learn how to keep cool and
We give below a list of things you really need
and you can buy them as cheap from us as any other
place and get more satisfaction.
THERMO BOTTLES (to keep water cold
or hot for 24 hours)
PAINT���Specially prepared for screen wire.
It makes your screen doors last longer and
look better.
G.E. McBride & Co.
Corner 16th Avenue and Main Street
PHONE:   Fairmont 899
Special Offer to Subscribers
Return the coupon below with $1 which will entitle you to one
year's subscription of "THE GREATER VANCOUVER
CHINOOK." The "Chinook" is a clean, newsy weekly paper containing a record of events in South Vancouver and Greater Vancouver, j
To the Greater Vancouver Publishers  Limited :
In accordance with your special offer, please send "The Greater
Vancouver Chinook" to the following address for one year, for which
' ,1 enclose the sum of One Dollar in payment in full.
Name (in full)  	
Street (and No.)   	
' Post Office Address	
"The Greater Vancouver Chinook"
4601 Main Street, South Vancouver
~      PtAY HOUSES-
Imperial Theatre
lii-act from their sensational sui
ai  ih ��� ('-in  Theatre,  San   Francis
where in  four  week-  the  largest  n
mpt- known i" niniion photography
were recorded, the Paul J   Rainey African Hum Pictures will he- shown at
the- imp,-rial 'I li. .or ��� for four ''.i> -. beginning next   Monday,  May  19
Unprecedented i - almi sl a mild epi
thet in describing these remarkable
in e.t ie en views if iln- w hi beasts >>i \ i
ma iu their native haunts. The filmi
an the resull "i Mr Rainej - e*pedi
in.n p. British  Easl     Sine ���      Thi .
wm-  ,i cured  often  through the
else of  1 and ilaring bravery     I hi
-e- nei a' 'he water-hole ie. which the
rhinoceri, giraffes, elephants ami monkeys come i" ehink. i- one of lhe nn -i
remarkable anil ia-ciiiaim- in the annals of photography. So also are- those
-i- in- representing iln- cheetah hum
ami'the pursuii oi an African lioness
by iln- intrepid Mississippi hounds,
whieh, according t'e Mr, Rainey, are
a mated for the mosl ferocious of wild
beasts The dug- chase 'In- lion wiih
lhe same alacrity with whieh they
pursue a i"\ in either climes Matinees will be given every elay.
ind are full e.f e jeeitement.
plol gives a chance for a novel
plot, anel the third .ui. showing the
pursuit of lhe raeing male-. Daisy, is
unique, anel not used before in drama
'! la II   acl   tells   ol   thi    �� inning   nl
tin- Grand N'ational Stakes bj
mare-, ami ih.- excitement "I the race-
. - ui-. ,-,i Vintrce, i- v. ,-ll ;.i - -- nti d
Isabelle l-'l tchcr a- Kate Mi adow -
u e-ll Meta Marsk) ii excelh nl
,i- Daisy, while Tilly Armstrong i- al
her besl in a rub- thai enablei lur
ing -'inn- nf In-r best -niig-
Allyn Lewii aidi h r iu a very able
in.inner Charles Am-. V T lli-n-
derson, Harold Kelson ind iln- whole
companj render their rolei in excellent  fashion.
Delia Clarke, the
tress, and her com
he Manager Ricketl
Imperial Theatre e,
May 23 and 24. in Mi- Clarke's
ne-w play "Introduce M -.'    Tlu- story
\ oi the comedy hinge
a married man  with
i lies who inspects thai hi- wife, like
him>elf. is doing a little -ide stepping
from tin- marital vows. The play i-
in four aets, and each is better than
the one preceding.    From lirst to lasl
there is an abundanci
am| lubicroui lituatii
Next week will lu- offered another
play with a greal reputation, Pot
ilie   tirst   time   in   Vancouver   "The
Sign nf llle (.'re.--" will be giwll ami
iln- i- lhe best play "1 it- e lass that
ha- ever been written. lis author
was Wilson Barrett, ihe well-known
English  -iar.  who appeared in    the
play fur years all over England ami
America. It tells a story of Rome
in the day- nf the early Christians
when Ner" sentenced tee death all
followers 'ef lhe new religion. We
lever author-ac- see lhe eeirrupt Coun e,f the Em-
ly company will pere.r Nero in iln- days when vice had
attraction at the full license. In strong contrast are
Friday and Sat- iln- Christians, who were compelled
to meet in seeret places, and who
were condemned to torture and death,
eii the antics eif I The play begins showing a street in
love for affini- Rome with all the types .if the populace. Roman nobles, officers of the
guard, with their steel armor, Roman ladies, slave girls, spies of Xero,
and Christians falling from exhaustion  under  the   whip eif  ihe   Romans,
"Everybody's Doing It." One of the
features of the offering will be the
moving pictures of the Wolgast-
Ritchie battle, when Ritchie wrested
the-  nil.   frenn  the  doughty  Ad.
The nine piano bugs who make
iheir appearance here are declared te,
be a charming combination of instrumental and vocal numbers. The act is
headed hy a quartette of biiys ami a
quintette of pre-tty girls, all of them
-iiig'rs, dancers and piano-players
par excellence.
Every now ami then the Orpheum
management makes an announcement
"f particular importance. This time
it is the Bowman Urns, known ai
"Tin Blue Oasi Boys." This duo
is "in- nf iln- In--'.  ii-.-,ms e.f    black
comedian! ever -ent over lhe S. & C.
Bob \i-ih.r ami Blanche Belford,
two well-known comedy artists have
joined hand- in vaudeville ami are
,iri tenting a screaming farce entitled "Tin- Janitor's Troubles." Archer
will he recalled a- the original "Bozo"
in Edmund Hayes & Company's offering   "Th,-   Piano   Movers."
Julia Rooney, who is on next week's
bill is a member of the famous
Rooney family, which far many years
has been fe remost in lhe dancing line.
Hattinga & Gore    Phone Sey. 3907
Tonight 8.1S       Matinee Sat. 2.15
This  Week
Ruled off the Turf
Next Week
The Sign of the Cross
eef merry quibl
i-    Miss Clark
e.   us
mixed   and   pass   rapidly   before
Marcus Superbus, tin- Prefect of
Vaudeville       Meant
SHOW STARTS���2.45. 7.15. tad   9 TO pa.
Week  e.f  May  V)
Presenting "A Scotch  Highball"
In a real tabloid musical comedy
Whistlers and imitators
New firm  of  Undertakers open  Parlors  in  Vancouver
Among ilu- new firms of Vancouver
are- Messrs, \unn & Gallagher, funeral directors win, have established
parlors at 518 Richards Streel. Both
Mr. Nunn and Mr. Gallagher are well
known in Vancouver, the former having resided here fur many years and
was assistant manager of the old
Vancouver Opera House prior to its
being taken over by Sullivan Ik C'ein-
-ieline, and previous t'e that was connected with the J. Thompson Co.
undertakers, Winnipeg.
They have incorporated every modern idea ill their establishment. Pre-
dominating the whole i- a -ense of
peacefulness. On every hand arc to
be discovered evidences of forethought with facilities and conveniences that give assurance of the
greatest care, the equipment that
make- certain of perfect service and
the courteous consideration from
every mu- connected with the establishment lhat make- for the last degree of comfort and  consolation.
I'n'ill gentlemen have had a wide
experience in their profession, being
graduates ������! the V S. College of Embalming, New  Vnrk.
Week ..f Mav  19
Champion   lightweight   beixer   of
world  in  his  own  act  "Fun  in  a
The   Nine   Piano   Hugs   combination
of instrumental and vocal numbers
"The Blue Grass  Boys"
Other Big S. & C. Acts
Prices 15c 25c, 35c, and 50c
Two Shows Nightly, 7:30 and 9.15
Matinee  daily  3  p.m.
(Continued   from   Page 2i
Scene frcm "Mudam  X," Avenue Theatre, next week
of liis soldiers pushed her away wilh
his fool 1" let him pass. He came
nol ah'in-, senor, Wiih him was a
white woman, his wife, with eagle
ii"-- and prenid hearing and skin like
iln- flesh eef the cocoanut, Ik- did
nol allow his soldiers to carry her,
hut went in himself, all booted, to
the hips in the surf. His arm went
around her waist; bttt, sciiur, she only
looked that her dre'ss woifld not
touch lhe water. Ami 1 knew within
nu that when he hael forsaken me
for her. love had lost.
"I  did  nol   'iu.  sen ir,  ajtli ugh  I
thought I would.    I wenl back to mylters
i lu- auth' a. plaj - iii.- dual re les - - I hi
wife and Francis l-'.i ei lon tin in >\ el-
i-i. I lenry Pemberl in de es ihe husband with a weakness for affinities;
Gordon I'e- Maine impersonates a
character of a successful publi
Clare Kv.ill characterizes the pari of
a leading .-u-ttv-.- eif ilu- -lagi ; Josie
VIorris Sullivan portrays a ������
country character, while C. Martin
plays ih.- pri- mnel --I i -e n"in. together  with   Helen   Everett.
Avenue Theatre
if the Cross'
Municipal Hall Office Changes
The South Vancouver Municipal
Hall offices have now been rearranged. The offices of the health department are now sftualed at the rear of
ilu- council chamber, formerly occupied by Commissioner Crehan. Reeve
Kerr now occupies the room previously used as the board of works
office. The board of works office is
now on the ground Hoor.
"Tin Power - if the Cross" i- drawing io iln- close en' a very successful
week at the Avenue Theatre, and advance -ale- indicate capacity I uses
for the few remaining perform
The all round excellence 'ef iln acting and the unusually line -I ine
I have combined t" make this plaj one
I":   the  sea- ell's greal   -tice'e--  s,
l-'or nexl week commencing, Mon
day, May I'1, and in response I" many
requests, Messrs, Lawrence & Sah-
ihisky are pleased t" announce an
elaborate production eef eme oi their
greatest triumphs of last season, the
world famous emotional eh.una
"Madam   X."     Il   will   be     given     an
lien more powerful cast than "" its
previous presentation ami is sun-  te
repeal the record of thai time when
hundreds uf would  be  patrons  were
turned away at  nearly    every    performance.    This remarkable plav  has
such universal appeal ami tremendous
dramatic power thai  il  attracts  thousands   of   people   whom .th.-_    theatre
does   not   ordinarily   impress.      Women   are   especially   interested   in   its
wonderfully    striking    study    of    a
n,other's  sacrifice  leer  her  son,  while e nusical
among   men   there   is   a   like  unusual I
feeling of interest, since 1 ne for one's '
mother is perhaps the very strongest
emotion a man is capable of.     Maude J
Leone   will   be   seen   in   the   famous;
title role, a role which has been played by Sarah Bernhardt, Lena Ashwell,
Dorothy   Donnelly and a    score    uf
either   famous   actresses.     Del   Lawrence will  have  th.-  part  eef the  husband and  Howard Russell that eif the
son, in which he i lade such a  hit  on
its  last   production   here.     lhe   sup-
porling cast will be strong throughout, and none of the splendid  scenic
and   costume   appflrtenan es   will   oe
found  lacking.
hut  ami  lived.     I   livi d     -     thi rs;   I
married, I bore children.    These chil-1
dren have borne children; their chil-
< liiti   have   borne   children.     1   lived.
Inn  1 did ,i,,i love.
"And   he.   he   also   lived,   and    his
wife  had  children.     He  lived,  bul
did not  love  senoi
To   lhe   Editor   of   the   "Chin..ok" ;
Sir.��� Kindly allow me to correct
"iu- "i- two slight ernus in your edi-
torial in ihis day's issue
In the lirst place it is not curl .-"lis,
in fact it savor- strong!; of impertinence to designate- people as "cranks"
and "narrow minded" simply because
ihey hold stneiii; vie-ws on some matters connected with public morals,
even though tln-ir opinions may differ
widely from those held by the Editor
of the "Greater Vancouver Chinook,"
and are nut backward about expressing them.
2. Xo right minded person objects
I" young men being trained for the
purpos i if in- itecting themseli i - and
those committed tu their care from
outrage and violence, in the use of
rifle, bayonet, or fist, provided this is
done by duly qualified ami competent
3. rile i i ihiis-
and   workers   in   the   Christian
lomi is ih.- li.-p'. He meets
fe.r ihe first lime, Mercia, ihe Chris-
maiden, and attracted by her
beauty, endeavors to induce het to
join the other women "ii the way tu
hi- palace, bul Mercia, pure of heart,
flies fi "in him in horror, i le- has her
followed i" ilu- abode of tii'- Chris-
��� ��� . and breaking in upon them,
demands iln- girl, Bul iin pov, er of
the cross i- made potent ami Mai
Supi i hu- dimly rah/,- that there i-
i lav, greater than Cai -ar'-. We
ihen -i-e Nero amid the n \ els of his
Courl Hi- ' ri ni, - accuse Marcus
of secretly favoring tin Christians
and ii"i enforcing Nero's di '-rev to
pm the Christians ie' death Through
plotting and intrigue Marcus struggle - againsl the influi nee ������; iln- new
religion until in thc lasl acl he dc-
l.ir< - hi- faith iii Christian di ictrine,
and taking Mercia by lhe hand goes
,v nli her 1" meet hi- eh ith a- B
Christian martyr, in iln- arena where
ihe Christian- are thrown tu ihe- wild
beasts, The magnificent Roman |
ircnes .me' c itumes will In- a verj
-pe i i.il feature "i iln- production
'Tin- Sil:ti of thc Cross" i- a metallic offering for any dramatic corn-
pan pe attempt, ami thai the Empress managemenl will produce magnificently may he confidently rebeel
ipon. Tin- easl i- a large one rciuir-
ng extractors am! actresses.
+      *      A
Pantages Theatre
Among the attractions al Pantages
Theatre next week will be . Arm-
-tre.ng's Baby Dull.-, comprising six-
teen performers who will present "A
Scotch   Highball"     A     real     tabloid
church and professii m
isly   silly    to   notice.     Having
ieei rer 43 years a member    if
iin- greatest of all institutions 1 knov
tiji cts and aims are. and  if
"Greater  Vancou-
Chinook" does    not    un.;
bject and aim of the prof< ssional
"And thus yeai   pass id aftei ugilist  and
I  -iv.   him little.    Once, at sund iosc publi    - n- why iln
as I wa* crossing the plaza 'lu- por-   -. much in-n- inriocenl  and i
lals   ol   his   stone   mansion     clanged
'pe n  ami  hi-  carriage  rolh I    ut    I
saw  them  p:i--.   In-  and   hi-       fe, s
straight   and   proud,   he   leaning   fur-
ward  a   little,  as   if   tired,   bul   b tii
looking straight ahead���far. far a!
. -   ii   sei king   - m ithing���ami    nut   serl
"lice al each  other.     Ami  iu-  saw  me
:i"t  al  all.
"i ine   night,    senor,    tin     I
swept ihe land, is it will today soon.
There were shrieks all night, and the
sea  roar and  thi     I ��� 111 -!  !: i
"And in (he morning, setmr, as the
Mm rose upon the ruins of the- night
there was noise and crying. Squads
- 'Miii- Irampi d about, taos beat
ihe bush, -md bloodhounds sniffed the
ground, People ��his;', red thai the
commandante had left In- house in
ilu- evening ami had nol yel returned
en  he
i  the ways of llie- world  lh  I    thos
- ��     minded     cranks"     lie     de-
Trusting you  will  with  the  faini.--
.   characterise   'lu-   Edit- r
��� I .i "I h - mcouver Chinook" in-
in your ne> ������������������.
I have written it.���Yours courtequsly,
FR W'K   I.   \ DSI'ER.
"miIi1 I'- iii' Vista v: . South \ ancoui er,
Mav in. 1"13
(ly   is   the
eature     e>i
if "Miss
Beaumonte and Arnold, lal
Nobody from Starland" company,
fewel & Jordan, whistlers and imita-
���ors. and Friscary, top hat anil coin
lanipulators are other features of an
musrilly   attractive   pre gramme.
Empress Theatre
A very entertaining drama "Ruled
eiff lhe Turf" is the offering for the
present week at the Empress Theatre. It is a cleverly told steiry dealing witli the race course ami ihe fortunes iif Stephen Herrick, an English
Squire.     The   seems   arc   all   laid   in
Orpheum  Theare
At  last  the  lonp ' oked  for  event
of  iln-  season   has arrived  anel   Willie
Ritchie,   the   champion     lightweight
boxer of the world, will make his in-
; itial appearance befure a Vancouver
audience in his own acl entitled "Fun
I in a .Gymnasium" iu which he i�� as-
-i-ie-el by his manager, Hilly Nolan,
al lhe Orpheum Theatre next week.
During hi- engagement lure he will
box several local boys at every performance and will meet :--"in eellc le'
three at both lhe matinfes and the
iw.. nighl shows. Ilis presence here
slinuld awaken a lively interesi among
fans, fen- Ritchie is the lirst man tn
lame   lhe   Michigan     wild-cat     since
Mr   V  sp entitled to his
�� n ii-ui! "f i nw     Tin- ie ord "i rank"
i" wim-:.  he -lu cts  was used  in the
editorial refei red to in iln  sensi  c< rni-
monlj empli eyed I    express pi - ill Si itj
\    ��� ie " i iter was careful i- saj  ii  is
the people "w ho �� ould prohil il e\ ery
��� fe ntcrtainmenl   nr  sporl   that
d ii - mn conform i" theii ov, n peculiar
ami narrow-mindi d m itions" w h<j
cranks. The narrow-
dni -- i- so "l.\ i"ii- 'hat the use
ol iln �� -'"' reallj ri quin - ii" defense
\- i" Tn incidental comparison eom-
f, n mn-' he i itrangi kind
ol Christianity 'hai docs nol extend
the -.nn. spirit "I te iteration" to iln ie
who attend '-111111111- and those who
ma\ frequent exhibiti ins of boxing or
lacrosse, professional or otherwise.���
bam-  designated  ns
Tiny found him. senor, in lh
bun by ihe river, midsl the rotting
remains ,,| ;m ,,hl bin ( 'ne of ihe
big corner posti had fallen upon him.
ami In- hn ihen- .'.;..!. stretched
: cross  tin-  eissi gTi wn  mound  1h.1t
looked like   a L-r.ivc
"Hut I hael feeiim! him first, senor
And in his hand was .1 locket, and in
Ihe locket iln re was a whisp of hair
And ilu- hair  was  imt  uf his  wife"
Marietta     stopped.       Her     mouth!                                 ���
twisted  in  a  convulsive  grimace  and', FRASER  AVENUE  AND
two  glistening   things   ran  down   the                     VICTORIA  ROAD CARS
lines uf her cheek 	
Anel outside with
wail the baguio at length swooped
down upon us. The hut shuddered
like a live thing, the trees clashed,
the sea puiinded and hissed. But in
the dark, silent, immovable, squatting in infinite lassitude of posture,
Marietta wept, wept over the past,
lhe past with its irrevocable ruins,
the past, gone beyond recalling, beyond amendment, but still with her,
ever with her, with its double-barbed
It is announced by the B. C. Electric Railway officials that the Eraser
Avenue line tu River Reiad will probably be in operation by May 24.
Fraser Vvenue cars are already running tu Page Ruad, and uallasjting
From there to River Road is muv being done.
It is also officially stated lhat the
Victoria Ruad cars, which are now
running as far as Forty-third Avenue will be in operation tu Fifty-
sixth Avenue about June 1.
Apply to Fletcher & Brett
Wc have the following to offer to any one in search of a f>ood cheap home :
A cleared 50ft. lot close to CollinEWootl East station with a four-room cottage, watcr
and lipht: itso a vfrell built two-room cottage in rear of the lot which is 132ft. deep.
Good title. The place in rear rents for $8.00 per month. Price for the whole place
%9 3(1(1 $150 cash, balance $25 per month. Interest quarterly at 7 per cent. D|o
not pass this by without investigation. Your time will be w*ll spent to look at this
quifk.   , ^       ���
Phone  Collingwood  24,  P.   O.   Box  25,   Collingwood,.East
-  ������ \WflZ
SATURDAY,  MAY  17, 1913.
in   South   Vancouver
lour first-class Pool Tables and
Latest  English  Hilliard Table
Everything   clean   and   sanitary.
N'o rowdyism
I   ind   Hilliard   Parlors
Neat 25th  Avenue
N'e-xi  Dreamland Theatre
if the plans e
j consummated
local promoter are
opened    today
wilh   Johnny   Coulon,   bantamweight
champion :   "Kid'' Williams, of Haiti-
Fairmont Pool Room
19th Avenue and Main St.
Cigars, Tobacco,  Cigarettes,  Candies
and Soft  Drinks
D. D. DENMAN, Proprietor
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering horses will
receive Bpecial care and attention.
All kinds of hand-made shoes, run*
ning shoes, running plates, toe
plates,  etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every  care  and  attention.
571 Beatty Street
Hamilton Bros.
Embalmers and Funeral
Parlors and Chapel:
Office Phone:    FRASER 19
Residence Phone:    FRASER 25
(Day or night)
Special Rates to Municipal Hall
and other South Vancouver
Experienced Ladies' & Gent's
Corner Fifty-sixth and Fraser
Ladies' or Gent's Suits, $25 up
Drs. Howie & Hull
Have   opened   up   new   anel   up-to-date
Dental Parlors in Ihe  Williams  Block,
Corner Granville and Hastings
We have installed all the latent and
beat appliances, anel are prepared lo
give you thc best there is in the dental
A share ol your patronage la
Gas administered tor the painlesa
extraction  of  teclh.
IT.  O    HOWIO,   OH.!   i
Wm. S. Hall, DD.8.
Phone   Sry.  3266  Ior  appointment
The Vancuuver lacrosse beeys are
putting   in   senile   goeed   work   at   thc
Brockton  Point  ground*, under  the
argils-eyed Supervision eef coach Grif-
ilih-. ai ilu- opening Minto Cup match
drawl near.
Chin   Benedict will play in the nets
! fe>r Vancouver this summer, while
Bobby Pringle and "Cyclone" Taylor,
both (oi nn-!  members of the ' Ittawa
X    I..   I', club, will  be mi  lhe lineup.
Yesterday *'(."��� >n" Jonea wired transportation easl and Benedict ami
Pringle will likely leave lome time
today i"r the- Coast, Pringle pur-
chaied   his   release   from     the     Irish
Canadians so that he might he fr> <��� to
plav wiih Vancouver.
"Mickey" loni i- still a holdout.
President .bun- ha- placed all the
players on a itraighl salary basis, but
ai  yet   lull-   has  nut  come  tu  terms.
In all probability ihe difference! be-
hvi-i-ii lhe two will be settled within
a   few   day-.
The probable lineup of the Vancouver! feer their opening game at
Westminster een May 24 is as follows :
Goal, Clint Benedict; point, Marry
Griffith (captain); coverpoint, Hilly-
West; lirst defeme, Harry Pickering;
second defense, Mickey Ions; third
defense, Hobby Pringle; centre, Cyclone Taylor; third home, Ernie Murray, second home, Joe Gorman; lirst
home, George Matheson; outside
home, Newsy Lalonde; inside home,
Archie   Adainsoii.
+      A      A
Pitcher Doty arrived in Vancouver
last Friday morning and registered
at baseball headquarters, .lie was
with thc Portland club for Ihe past
two seasons, bul when Judge Mc-
Credie shook up the Colts early this
week Doty was lost in tbe shuffle.
He is a finished spitbafl performer,
and should win a lot uf games for
lhe Heavers. Vancuuver fans will
remember that it was Doty who was
Portland's winning pitcher iu the
majority uf games against Vancuuver last  season
Another amateur league has come
1.1 lhe front in Vancuuver during the
past few days, the Central Senior
League, embracing four teams, having been organized. The teams in
the league are thc Law Students,
Western Specialty, Y. M. C. A. and
Land Registry. The season will bc
ushered in with a double-header on
Ihe Cambie Street grounds on the
afternoon of May 17. The lirst game
will he between the Western Specialty and the Land Registry at 2
o'clock while the Y. M. C. A. and
Law Students are scheduled to play
at 3.30 o'clock. Officers of the league
have been elected as follows: Hon
urary president, J. H. Senkler, K.C.;
president. Mr. Biglow; vice-president,
Mr   McMillan;  secretary, J.  Stewart.
*      A     A
Reports from Louisville, Ky., state
a new champion three-year-old of
America leaped into prominence on
Saturday and the Churchill Downs
derby course was broken before the
largest crowd that ever witnessed a
derby here, when Donerail, a Ken-
lucky cult, nipped Ten Point at the
wire and won lhe thirty-ninth renewal of the Kentucky derby. The
winner, never having shown startling
ability as a two-year-old-, paid $184.90
feer $2 in llle pari-mutuels betting.
The time was 2,04 4-5. The field
was larger than had been predicted,
eight starters facing the barrier, and
spectators who have witnessed runnings of the derby for years, interesting alike for its turf prominence
and sentiment of Kcnluckians say it
was one of the greatest exhibition!
fi a real horse race ever presented at
a   Kentucky derby contest.
When the hoi es passed thc grand
stand after running a quarter mile
of the mile and quarter course, Ten
Point had been leading, wilh the
ulliers bunched closely behind him.
At the turn Jockey Buxton had allowed his mount to take a commanding lead and al the mile Ten Point
was three lengths ahead wilh the
others fighting hard with aboul even
chance!, \s they rounded ihe last
mm Jockey Goode began to force
Donerail oul eii the crowd he had
] been running with and started afler
ilu- leader.
Tin   Kentucky  cult   steadily  wore
down lhe favorite ill llle -Ireieh and
juil got nie in the lasl few stride! ni
j win by a length,   Gowell, a filly -ind
bj   I h swell-,  was  Ihird   and   I'uunela-
| tie ni inn in d oul of tin- money,
    mure; Ed LeDoux, the French cham-
ueen   for   Promoter   McCarey   on   the 11''""- ,'"r :1 scries of bouts   proposing
evening   of   lime   10     The   inen   will   ibat the tw,, survivors of the elmiina-
meet at catch weights. !'"" l,"l�� ���>��������� f"r ���*�� ��'".<���'���   A1' ',e
After   several   davs  of   negotiations  bantam*,   ��;>"'   *��   exception   Ol   lhe
McCarey today announced that W.d- champion, have approved ol t.i.  ar-
gast, by long-distance telephone from r��ngement, it ia said.^
Sun    Francisco,     has     accepted      his       ���.,       . . .
i.-iiii- fe.r the match.    Wofiaal  will    , The Coait League made a move in
mc to Los Angeles to begin train- ' "'  "*"*   direction    m    appointing
-   "-      -    -       Coast officials ie. handle all matches
(tin- >e-.-f.oii.    They may n,.t have llie
trey reiuseu io mane puunc mc re-   ��MPPorl   "', everyone   when   it   COtnel
muneration   Wolgafl   will   receive   for   down   "'  c,0,<  '"ali-ln-.. but  they are
i.....   ..  ..,.������������(,,���,   ,t   tli*.-   men   Ir.mi
^^^_^^^^_^^^^_ training immediately after the Smith-Willard   bailie   in   San   Francisco.     McCarey refused  lee make public  lhe re-
We.lgasl   will  receive   for
but it is understood that 1 ��"** -?���  eompetent  as
hi- services, bin it is undent
the ex-king e.f ihe lightweight! agreed
i.i McCarey'i termi,
*        *        *
Chicago Cubs an- luperititioui
about loaning baieball to el., and Cincinnati Reds, whose   baggage-    went
astray, declare lhe refusal uf .Murphy
and hi. men I'e outfit them was "1111-
se     A
"Death Valley" Jim Scolt has sur-
pii-id Chicago fans with his classy
pitching fur llle White Seex. Jim
Sceitt has surprised Chicago fans with
his classy pitching for the While
Sux. Jim was in poor condition last
year, but lookl like a winner this
ef       A       A
Up ti' .late Manager Johnny Even.
of the Cubs, has had a little something on his old pals, frank Chain-land Joe Tinker, lhe Cubs have been
displaying better wares than either
Tinker's Reds ur the "Peerless Lear-
ers"  Highlanders.
*        Se       efc
The V. A. C. lacrosse team slipped
eene over on Con Jones when they
signed up "Hill" Peacock, Jr., who
arrived in at 2 a.m. Secretary "Hec"
Fowler had a busy time signing the
youngster up, but wilh lhe aid of
Trainer "Jocko" Vinson succeeded in
doing see. It is expected lhat "Hill,"
Jr. will be oul playing lacrosse before the present scas<in is cloied.
"Father" Hill says the buy has the
earmarks uf a great home fielder and
il i.s a cinch thai "Had" ought tu
know, Mother and family are doing
very well.
*      A
It is just possible that President
Percy Quinn will cu ne through lu the
Coast after the Winnipeg lacrosse conference am'.- take in a couple of games
between the Vancouver and New-
Westminster teams. It is altogether
likely lhat Messrs. Quinn and Cowan
will get together this week at Winnipeg and draft a constitution lo
govern the commission.
Se       *       *
Aii elimination  tournament, to be
followed by a titular contest involving the world's bantam-weight honors,
will be staged here in June and July.
llle East, ami if liny are accorded the
support   due   them   from   iln-  Coasl
League   they   will   make  g I.
���    ���    *
Tin local lacrosse situation in Mon-
li - :1 1- -lill ill .1 -tale uf coma I Ipi-n-
ing earlier than usual, May 24. hai
resulted in the players hanging off
from Iraiuing a. long as pollible, wilh
lhe re.nil thai e.ih.-r iportl have
.t'deii a march em the national game.
Both Montreal and Toronto baseball teams geel away wilh a victory
Saturday- lhe former winning freim
Newark by 5 lo 4. and the hitler winning an eleven-inning game from Jersey Cily by 6 to 5. Hieth the Canadian teams are at home just now, ami
despite the cold weather oi recent
days, large COWdl have been the
��      *      Se
At Bakerifield, California, ten thousand people watched Harney Old-
li.ld lower the world's one-mile dirt
track record last week at the new
$100,000  race  track.
Oldlield made the mile ill a Hying
start, driving his famous 300 horsepower "Christie" in 46 2-5 seconds.
The former record was established al
Brighton Heach, September 7, 1412.
when Oldlield made the mile in 47
4-5  seconds.
et        A       A
Ernest  Barry, of  England, world'l
champion sculler, and Henry Pearce,
of Australia, were matched last week
to scull from Putney tei Moreland,
July 21, for the world's championship.
The last race for the world's championship rowed by Pearce was when
he met Arnst for the championship
on the Parramatta river, July 2'), 1911,
when  Arnst scored a victory.
Last year, em July 23, Harry recovered his title from Arnst, Australia,
and successfully defended the title
against Durnan, Toronl 1, on Oclu-
ber 11. winning with ease on both
rk   at
Knickcr���It is terrible the
parents make Iheir babies w
Youngpop���And it is terrible the
way babies make their parents work
at  nighl.
APPRECIATES    SUFFRAGETTES | Fight   for   Life."   used   to   come   and
  j give us lads lessons in French.   11 ere
A    Lady    Describes    Visit    to    the  ten, we aired our forensic talents on
Collingwood Parliament '"Topics of the Day" and I remember
When our deputation, consisting of'one  Sunday  morning at  lhe  close of
Business   College
"The School of Certainties"
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded
Corner Main St. & 10th Ave.
Phone :   Fairmont  2075
A Mild Smoke
Jim J-.i'fi ie s ha- In .11 asked lo act
as ('.11nl1u.il Smith's sparring partner.
Su far, however, the en-champion has
nol replied i" Smith's messages, although 11 :- altogether likely thai he
will accept the offer.
eh       Se       A
Louvois and Craganour are now
equal favorites for thc Derby, which
is run on June 4, at 9 to 2. There
was only a head between them in the
Two Thousand. On Mondav the betting un the other horses was as fed-
lows : D. R. Browning's Shotgun,
8 to 1; Lord Savile's Aldegoiide, IM
to 7; Lord Rosebery's Sanquhar,
August Belmont's Vulcan and N. A.
Aumeeiit's Nimbus, 20 to 1, and His
Majesty's Amner, 25 to 1.
*       *        *
The Vancouver Olympic club's intermediate lacrosse team are working
out regularly these days and are
showing splendid form for so early
in the season. The ; ddition of Mac-
Lean and Pane from Kelowna has
greatly strengthened their lineup.
They play Eburne in the first match
on  May 26.
Se       Se       -t
Joe Gorman, now sporting editor
of thc Victoria "tunes," has been released by the Tecumsehs, and will
play with one of the coast clubs this
year. Joe was one of the hardest
workers on the Indians' line-up last
year, but vvas lacking in "head-work."
-      A     A
Former Lightweight Champion Ad.
Wolgast and Johnny Dundee, who recently fought a 20-round draw here
with featherweight champion Johnny
Kilbane,  will box 20 rounds at Ver-
Mrs. Fearn, Miss Oulleridge and Miss
Dailey arrived at the institute at Collingwood East recently, the M. P.s.
were all quietly chatting in their
places, but the Speaker had not arrived. From our coign of vantage
in the "Ladies' Gallery" we surveyed,
The institute is a simple, unpretentious building, but its walls fairly
bristle with interest. Leaving aside
the cases of bunks (fur a good reaion
���we couldn't sec inside!) we became
interested ill numerous curious old
prints. A set of Dickens' pictures'lhe women as t
also asserted themselves, and then a ; leicd from any
series of original paintings illustrating, 1 believe, lhe wurk of a Canadian poel, and painted by the librarian's son. A special treasure pointed out to us vvas a wood-cut 'if William Morrii, the artist-craftsman, given by him  to its present owner.
Hut now ihe mace-bearer, the Clerk
f lhe I louse (Mr. Bursill), and Ihe
Speaker   (Mr.   Kenl),   arrived,   to   be
greeted by the laughing reverence of
ihe   House,  and  everybody  suddenly
began   to  "play  acl"  with  zest.
We quite entered into tin- fun and
luuk   uur   Introduction   to   the   House
by Mr. Herbert Stein, M.P. for Ron
land, wilh  great  dignity, and did  our
besi iu respond to ihe courteoui wel-
eunie   e,f  lhe   House  und  present   our
case clearly ne the legislators,
In the middle of all lhe fun, il was
impoiliole tu help thinking eef a really hiitoric occaiion, when, a few
veari ago, the Mayoi fi Dublin (as
Deputj ui iln Dublin Civic Council),
crossed  ilu-   h-i-.li  Sea, accompanied
uv   his   wife-   and   tiny   baby,   lu  plead
iln- effuse 'ef tin- British women before ih,- Bar uf the Engliih Home
eef Commons.
After the Leader of lhe House (Mr.
Morrii) hail briefly replfeel lie our
petition, wc were again escorted wiih
ceremony to the "Ladies' Gallery."
and listened to a heated debate un
tbe Naval Defence Bill, led by Mr. ('..
Some Reminiscences of Old Victoria
This is the title of a delightful book
which the author, .Mr. Edgar Waw-
cett has just presented to the Collingwood Library. "Felix Penne''
will review it at an early date.
Some Suffragettes I Have Known
By  Felix  Penne
(Just   a   few  memories)
1 have had a half century's experience as a journalist. I have seen the
good work which the women have
done on the London School Board,
on boards of guardians and other
spheres of useful work, and I am indignant over the fact that my country women are so unjustly treated as
to be deprived of the undoubted
rights which  they as citizens claim.
When I was a youth, in my search
after knowledge and "culture," I attended on Sunday mornings classes
and debates at "The Elusis Club,"
Chelsea. Here Mr. Moy Thomas,
who so splendidly translated Victor
Hugo's romances into English, and
who wrote a very thrilling story, "A
a very lively debate, a slim, beautifully ceimplexioned, and quietly, elegantly dressed lady visitor, ruse frum
her seat and took us all to task with
some very trenchant) biting sarcasm.
She asked UI, when we bad abolished the House of Lords, when we had
put the army and navy on a proper
footing, when we bad given the male
wage earner adequate pay for an
eight-hour day, when wc had in fact
remodelled the whole social system
on lilies which men approved, to have
ihe courtesy, the justice, to consult
whether they stif-
grievances which
needed remedy, whether ihey had any
aspiration! which we could help them
lo realize. And then followed a statement of women's view of our social
system, su lucid, so temperate, and
- i convincing that it made an Impression upon me 1 desire never to
Thus I made the acquaintance of
Mr-. A -li ie en Dilke���an acquaintance
which   ripened  Into a   friendship  with
a very remarkable woman,
Mrs. Dcspard, who has been so
prominent in tbe ranks of the militant suffragettes, is a very old friend
of mine. Although somewhat of a
"fury" in her advocacy uf "vies feir
hi emeu." Mrs. Dcspard���a- I knew
In-r, was a sweei, philanthropic old
lady, alwayi trying to do good. At
Vauxhall, n crowded and squalid part
uf South London, she built the "Dcspard Club." and here em Saturday
nights the gas workers would bring
iheir wives and sweethearts lei a
pleasant  concert  and dance, and  Mrs.
Deipard's strong, characteristic faci
would be wreathed in smiles as ihe
gave In-r working visitor! a hearty
welcome, The large hall was frequently used fur lectures, and I once
had the hiiiiur of lecturing there on
the "llislury of Lambeth Palace,"
with that gallant cavalry officer���one
of the heroes of the Boer war���General French, who is Mrs. Deipard'i
brother, in  the  chair.    Mrs.   Dcspard.
yeeti see, belong! to a lighting family,
and at the Lambeth Board of Guardians I have known her to "put up"
many a good fight on behalf of some
poor creature, male as well as female, who she thought was being
harshly treated by the administrators
of the wretched English poor law���
that brutal remnant of the "spacious
days of Queen Elizabeth."
Reasons of space, not want of matter, compels me to only briefly allude to other women I have known
���some of them intimately, who have
been prominent in women's movements during the last forty years.
Of every one 1 mention I cherish
remembrances full of reverence, admiration and respect. i here was
Helen Taylor, John Stuart Mill's
friend. Helen Taylor I heard speak
many times in her candidature for
the London school board. I shall
never forget her tall, elegant figure,
the beauty of her diction, the purity of
her pronunciation and the marvellous skill with which she marshalled
her facts and arranged hcr arguments.
Helen Taylor was for some years
a great power in  South London.
That's all, for the present.
Where T.R.H.  thc  Duke and  Duchess  of Connaught  and   Princess   Patricia
were entertained.
H.  LARSON, Manager. P.  LARSON,  Proprietor
Klev.'ition 625 f<"-t. One limn-- trip from Vancouver
t*nc<iu;illeil   Retort    for   Holirl.iy,   long   nr   short.        Family    Rooms
* cn  mite with  ipcclll  rate.
Modern  appointments  throughout,  spacious  grounds,  high-class   service  at   moderate
rates.     Easy trail  to  top of  Grouse   Mountain,   altitude  3,000  feet.
WEEK OF MAY 19 to 24
Vancouver vs. Seattle
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We carry  everything  in   the  Lhiuor   Line
No order too small, and none too large   for this popular Liiiuor Store
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
leaving our Store every  Friday morning at 9 a.m.
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Roses! Roses! Roses!
The   Leading   Specialty   of   the    Royal    Nurseries,    Ltd.,
Vancouver, B. C
Wc spare neither trouble nor money in procuring what we consider the best in the rose world.
Our stock comes from thc greatest rose specialists of England,
Scotland, Ireland and Holland.
For these reasons our roses are famed.
Visit our nurseries at Royal (on the Eburne Branch, B. C. E. R.)
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There you will also sec
Then wc have all thc old garden floral favorites by the tens of
thousands : .^a,
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Pansies are a leading feature, this year; wc have a very special,
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Our stock of hardy herbaceous, Alpine and Rock Plants is the
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See our special offers of collections of ornamental and fruit trees,
for beautifying your lieiim-siles, at $15, $3(1 and $00.
The Royal Nurseries Limited
lle.-iet Office, Suiu- 71(1 Dominion Building, 207 Hastings St. W.
Phone Seymour 5556.
Nurleriel and Greenhouses at Royal, Kerrisdale, P. O.
Phone Eburne 43.
Slorc, 2410 Granville Street, Tlione Bayvicw 1926.
Keeler's  Nursery
For bedding out plants; also
window boxes, tubs and
hanging baskets in galore.
Corner 15th Ave. and Main Street
PHONE: Fairmont 817 v.
SATURDAY.  M.V  17.  1913.
We call for and deliver, thoroughly clean and press gent's suits, $1.50
each; or sponge and press same for
75c each. Ladies' suits from $1.50
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Province Renovatory
"None   Better"
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Builders and Auctioneers
4258  Main  Street
Phone:    Fairmont 1492
Real  Eslilt  and   Commission   Broktri
H. N. Hallberg. Manager
Cor.   Main   4   29lh   Ave.      Soulh  Vancouver
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
Houses   Rented Rents   Collected
4609 Main St. Phone: Fair. 783
General   Sheet  Metal Worker!
Purnacet   a   speciality���installed   by   experts.
Cornice, skylights and roofing, electric
signs  and  all  kinds  brass  and
copper fixtures
Cor. 27th Ave. ft Main St., South Vancouvei
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4132   MAIN   STREET
Greater Vancouver Specialists
R. G. Simm, Manager
Phone: Fair. 807 4132 Main St.
Concrete,   Cement and  Sewer
Phone: Fair. 807       109 26th Ave. E.
Toronto  Furniture
Furnish   Houses   at   Very   Moderate
Call and See
M. H. COWAN, Proprietor
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Twenty-eighth  Ave.  and  Main Street
Misses  Hall and  Westlcy.  Graduated  Nurse,
Terms Modtrate
Phone : Fairmont 2165
Main     Street     Association     Discuss
Assessments and Gas Franchise
Al a meeting of the Main Streel tra-
preivenu-nt Association held em Monday evening, the three leading topics
discussed were assessment!, improved
car service and gas franchise-.
A table hail heen prepared through
the kindness of Mr. S. II. West, as-
.t-.M.i, ��howing ilu- graduation in the
itessment along Main Streel throughout ils entire length    in    lhe    muni.
\  meai   number  e,i   the  nwmbera
urged lhat il should he brought le> the
attention e.i the Council that a much
larger  proportion  of  ilie    municipal
revenue sheiuld he spent in lhe western peirtiem e.f lhe municipality, Main
Slreel alone contributes the sum e,f
forty thousand ihilhir-, yearly to the
municipal exchequer in taxes, and il
is quite likely lhat. the association
will ,il a later meeting lake steps In
impress upon the Council the nec.es>
sily leer a readjustment to prevent ill
a measure the evil e,f eme main street
paying high laxes feer lhe purpose e>f
carrying em eif improvements, etc., on
another main sireet In a different
part of the municipality which pays
low  taxes.
Assessment values em olher tlmr-
eiughfares were also shown for the
purpose of comparison.
Messrs. Chas. N. James, E, Clough
and- A. Hamilton were appointed to
assist the Seeuth Vancouver Council
in their negotiations to secure the
necessary land at thc foot nf Main
Street for a "Y.' The amount shown
een the plans of the company as necessary being two triangular portions
at the point where Main'Street intersects tlie Eburne line, lhat em the
west side being 50 feet by 50 feet,
and em the other side 60 feet by 80
feet. The securing of this with an
alteration in the position of two of
the switches south of Bodwell Reiad
will enable the B, C. Electric Company to send alternate Davie cars
through to the river, giving thc lower
end a 12 minute service and during
rush hours an 8-mlllUte service which
will bc very gratifying to people of
this district who have been waiting
patiently for an extension of the
Davie cars.
A resolution was passed bv the as-
social ion supporting the Council in
their efforts to establish a municipal
gas plant. There was a great ileal of
discussion on this matter, but the arguments put forward by exponents
of a municipal owned plant prevailed
as shown by the above resolution.
Some of thc points for and against
arc here  noted :
For���1. A municipal gas plant
would give the municipality a higher
assessment, and hence greater borrowing power.
2. It would become a great revenue producer in later years and a
great   asset   to   the   municipality.
3. Gas and light is entitled to the
same claims for municipal ownership
us water.
Against���1. The lime is neit ripe
leer a municipal owned gas plant as
the municipality can not affe.rd to divert  its borrowing power.
2. The revenue for a number of
years   would  be   small
3. '1 he companies seeking a franchise for gas are prepared lee go ahead
and spend money which llle municipality might mit be in a position tn
do  for a  lime.
Mr.   Kenneth   Lamond, secretary  of
the Seeiuh Vancouver Board of .rail,
paid ilie association a visit, and incidentally became a member. Mr
Lamond sees a greal future feir Main
Streel. Al a not very distant date,
said Mr. Lamond, the N'eirih Arm e.f
ilu   Prater will play me unimportant
part   in   lhe   commerce   and   tiianiifac-
nires of Greater   Vancouver, and  In
hail always recognized Main Strci I
as the geographical artery connecting Ihis body of water wiih llle City
..f  Vancouver.    A  greal  volume  .if
business   was   bound   I"  pass up   ibis
streel. and he advocated ihe appointment  of an  energetic  committee  to
go int.i the mailer e.f securing land
near the fool of Main Slreel for a
public  market.
The following look pari in lhe discussions : Messrs. VV. J. I'rowse.
Geo. S. Greenlay. W. Winratii, K.
Lamond,  J.   Trousdale.   C.   K.   James.
E. Clough, A. Hamilton, Robt Rich-
ardion, 'as. Errlngton, M. Campbell.
R. Madden, H. W. Hallberg, A.
Crocker,   and   Thus,   llarkness.
Construction     Bylaw     Given     Third
li was decided at a meeting of the
finance committee last l-'riday to leave
space on Westminster Road feir a
single track, and space for a double
track from Joyce Reiad to I'ark Street.
tei meet the plans of the liritish Columbia   Electric   Railway Ceimpany.
The building inspector was instructed to issue a permit for the erection
of a structure for storage purposes
een the corner of Twenty-third Avenue
anil  Ontario Street.
The construction bylaw received
its lirst reading. Clauses were found
in the bylaw which from a legal
standpoint might not be sufficiently
binding, and Mr. Clark, the solicitor,
and City Engineer Clement will confer on a rearrangement of the phraseology,
The   tender   of   the   M.   P.   Cotton
Company, offering to oil the reeads
of the municipality at a rate of $1.75
a mile was filed.
Two Cadillac Cars Perform Wonderful Feat After Williamsport Fire
A story, which fortunately is fully
verified,   comes   freem    Williamsport,
I'n.. eef the performance e.f two Cadillac cars which under ordinary circumstances would be hailed as unbelievable.
Recently  a  combination  bam  and
garage burned in Williamsport. Then-
were   a   half  dozen   motor   cars   and
several heirs-* in ilu- structure,   The
In ers. s were burned and so were llle
cars. Ilul afler the lire hail been extinguished anil lhe ruins cooled e.fT.
scleral men entered tin- barn I'e as-
cerlain lhe damage.
The heeilks hail been burneel .elf thc
cars, the wheel speikes charred, ele
Due nf lhe nun threw em tlu   switch
eei one "I ihe Cadillacs and wa- greatly  surprised   when   Ilu-  mo|e,r   started
in puir, having started on compression.
The motori "I lhe eilhcr cars were
tested. None of them would starl mi
llie switch, but the other Cadillac diel
slart with one turn of Ilu- crank
while   lhe   other   cars   could   ii"l    be-
moved. Although tin- steering mechanism eif boih Cadillacs had been
damaged, both cars were run out of
the Structure een their "iin power anil
taken lei another garage lee be repaired.
Ii is interesting t.��� know that the
Begs Mnieir Cnnipany. Limited, wine
are Hritish Columbia distributors l"i
Iln- fain.ms Cadillac, in the vear VIM
sold four Cadillacs, in 190') they sold
nineteen, in lulo they sold lifty-fottr,
in 1911 they sold mu- hundred and
thirty-six, in 1912 ihey seihl two hundred anil four, and this year Iheir
contract wilh the Cadillac Motor Car
Cnmpaiiy calls feer three hundred
This very strongly substantiates the
high standing of the Cadillac car anil
the company conducting its business.
The Up - to ��� date Grocery Store
Try our Special
Blend of
40c TEA
40c Coffee
is Invigorating
Quaker Peas    1  doz.  for $1.60
Salmon  2 cans for 25c
Cooking Onions    10 lbs.  for 25c
Old Dutch Cleanser    3 for 25c
Washing Ammonia   t 15c per bottle
Swift's  Borax  Soap    5c  per  cake
N apt ha   Soap 5  for  25c
I'ure   Honey 30c   a   bottle
4493 MAIN STREET (Corner 29th Avenue)
Ladies' Entertainment
Queen Mary Hive No. 22, Ladies
of the Maccabees, of ,1011111 Vancou
ver. will give an entertainment and
dance em Wednesday evening, H p.m..
May 21, in the Kalenberg Hall, corner
of Main Street and 34th Avenue.
Refreshments will be served and a
good time is expected. Thc admission is 25 cents
Tram Line Improvement
It   is   expected   that   the   proposed
improvements in the B. C. li. railway
service along Main Street from Twenty-fifth Avenue will be pul in force
at an early date. It is proposed to
construct a "Y" in the neighborhood
of the River Road to enable lhe Davie
cars to run through to the I-'raSL-r
River. Hitherto the main obstacle
to the construction of the "V" has
been the price of land in that locality,
hilt this difficulty is likely lo be overcome by laying the "Y" on the River
Kitchen and Builders' Hardware, etc.
Cor. 51st Ave. & Main St.
Vancouver, B.C.
Try our Butter, Ebbs. Cheese and Provisions
For quality, these will please you.
Orders   Solicited
Cor.   2��th   AVE.   Sc   MAIN,   VANCOUVER
(Doctor  of Chiropratic)
25C    22nd    Avenue    East,    close    to
Main Street
Hours : 1.30 till 6.   Consultation free
Chiropractic succeeds where medi-
ine fails. For all complaints, whether
acute or chronic, Chiropractic is just
the thing.
Leaves Ferry Wharf Daily at 9.30
a.m.    for    Indian   River    and    Way
Sunday at 10.30 a.m.
NORTH    ARM    S.S.    CO.,    LTD.
26th Ave. & Main St.
Sheet Metal Work
Don't place any order before
getting an estimate from us.
We   have   something   attractive and of value to offer.
Furnaces installed
McCuaig Sheet Metal
4250 Main St.
Phone  Seymour 4574
Old Country Watches a specialty
Established 3  years
F. McGillivray
Watchmaker and Jeweler
533 Main Street
All   Watches,   Clocks   and  Jew-
elery repaired on the premises.
South Hill P.O. Box 10S
General Merchants
Stumping Powder Our Specialty
Phone:     Fraser  100 46th Ave.  Sc  Hum
Pre-inventory  Sale  Starts  March 24.
Reeve & Harding, Props.
Cor. Bodwell and Main
Phone:    Fairmont  1544
M. A. Beach Forced to Quit
*I Having failed to make the Shoe Business pay in South Vancouver, he will sell his entire stock of high-grade Men's, Women's
and Children's Shoes at less than Manufacturer's prices to clear
everything out in as short a time as possible. *J No one should
miss this opportunity to outfit the family with new footwear, at
prices which can't be duplicated anywhere in the West.


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