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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Apr 24, 1915

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Array WAR !
The Greatest Cartoon the World Produces Is a Photo
Thc  title ol thc rem a-It able photograph above i'i "WAK."
It is a itudy juit male by a famous photogi  phei                                    urer, Lawrence Grant.    Thia study was made
in the war arena and typtfits Mr. ('<  int'a Unprci                   ays, oi the great wai d*   it  affected   Belgium.
"To  me,"  bc  ssya,   "flU of  lhe  horrors of war are nt* ������<>'���   i;ice.     She   shows   all   the   terror
'.feat the soldiers feel In the trenches when shells burst about them, jusl . as tha terror the wo.nen feel left
a.one to  meet the oncoming depri                    i   levastating
"If  HER face does not stop war,  not all the sights of Belgium would stop war,   for she is Belgium���SHE IS WAR!"
IN another column is printed a marvellous cartoon,
entitled "War." It is fitting that in this column
should be set forth an article in behalf of certain people
who are in distress, not because of the bloody horrors of
war, but because of one of the vilest atrocities of peace.
I.iieei. into the face oi the Figure in the adjoining column and you will read, misery,
poverty, despondency, degeneracy. Ponder for a moment, then consider the suicides,
the failures, the ruin which followed upon Vancouver's worst financial catastrophe, the
i lilure of the I )ominion Trust.
li was Bowser, our Vttornej General, the King's adviser, who promised the depositors ni the Dominion Trusi Company that upon April 1 he would turn over to them
lhe proceeds ol the quarter million dollar bond which the company had put up as evidence of pood faith.
"On April 1." said he, "the proceeds of the bond will be apportioned among you."
\ti'l two thousand working men and their wives breathed a sigh of relief. They
thought thai out of it all they would receive some pittance.
April 1 came. And the crudest of All Fool's Day jokes was played by Bowser, Arnold's afcomplice, upun those simple, trusting working men. "You must wait," said
Meantime Sir Richard McBride, seeking funds with which to extend the line fences of the Lain] of Assynt, Jack Stewart, the railroad king, travels abroad in luxury and
ease. Bowser sets his attentions upon the electors of British Columbia whom he hopes
to fool again into putting him in charge of our public wealth, lie is off at Prince Rupert, at Kamloops, Victoria, Xanainio, flitting hither and thither, making love to the
voters. And the members of his Government spend their summer holiday in the alcoholic atmosphere of the gilded palaces of Victoria.
One quarter of a million dollars was the sum of the bond upon which the Govern?
incut was supposed to have realized on April 1. the last vestige of hope left to the depositors in the Dominion Trusi Company.
Where is il ?
If the Government does not promptly make an explanation to the people upon this
question, we may assume that this money, this quarter of a million, in view of the lail-
u re of McBride and Stewart to work the financiers of Xew Vork and London, will be
used to bribe, corrupt and debauch electors and build up Bowser Associations���God
forbid that we should call thein Conservative Associations, across the length and
breadth of this most unhappy Province of British Columbia.
il. III. No, SO
Price 5 cents
By  "Observer"
It i- said that adversity makes
strange bed-fellows. And the.- sight en
Kddie Guid and Spencer Robinse .n in
almost daily conference causes one
furiously I" think, as the French have
it.     Twelve   months   ago   Kddie   Gold
was accused by his fellow councillors, ur at least In- senile of them,
uf persecuting Spencer Robinson, His
vindictive anil venomous remarks were I
very pungent when it was suggested]
that the municipality should drop all
action againsl the Robinson property
and alhiw tin- punishment inflicted by
the courts tei suffice. Would Eddie
agree? Nol hei Eddie insisted on
'.he municipality having its pound of
Flesh, like Shylock ot old. Neiw,
however, a change has come "'er the
scene and Eddie and Spencer may be
heen alnmst any day Conspiring together how i'i confound Councillor
Campbell and the school board. As
Councillor Allen remarked. Spencer
Keibinsini has become very popular
..11 at once at the Municipal Hall. And
the reason is not far tei seek Just
as any stiek is guud enough tei beat
a de>g s.e any person who can "net
after" Councillor Campbell ur the
school beiard is welcomed by Eddie
��� '���eild as a friend and ally.
��� * *
The interests uf the municipality I
weigh not one iota with Eddie Gold
SO long as he ean "put one over"
those whom he thinks are antagonistic tei him. He poses as an advocate ut economy and efficiency, but
h�� is the most wasteful reeve who has
tver graced, or disgraced, the chair
:n South Vancouver, and as tee effic-
iency, he has done more tee create a j
lissatisficd, discontented and disorganized staff than :my previous reive.
���Mid any person acquainted with business organizations knows that etfie-|
���ency and discontent do not go liatu!-
* +    *
Eddie's wastefulness was    demonstrated  both   last  year and  again   this]
year.    Ile persuaded  lhe  council  last (
year tee waste $300 een n lawyer's opinion,   whieh   occupied   reams   eef   paper
i announce that he was "not satis-
Fied" that the Main Street paving
- nilraet was valid. Every other lawyer tu whom tin- question was submitted stated emphatically that in their
pinion the contract was valid; but
Eddie  was  nol   satisfied and  lie  per
suaded the council tee spend $.100 t.i
get a lawyer to agree with him. Then
again Eddie was the direct cause 'if
another $31.:) being spent to ascertain
the depth of a well, which every .nie
associated with the water department
knew had been allowed tee slit up lie-
cause there was no water below the
200 fool level. Anil those two instances ot' wasteful expenditure were
by no means alone, Eddie was all for
spending the ratepayers' money in unprofitable ways eluring the whole of
tbe time he was een the Council, And
it has been the same this year
* * *
One ol his very first actions, afler
his election as reeve, cost the municipality  $30,000,   according   t..    W I,
Gundy & Company; ami instead .ef
having that $30,000 for road work to
find employment for South Vancouver
workmen it has gone Into the coffers
of Spitzer. Rorick & Company, of
Toledo, Ohio, It would be interesting to know the nationality of the
firm. Anyhow, that $.*UX,0 would
have been much better iu the pockets
of Seeuth Vancouver workmen than
in the- coffers of an American firm,
whether they be Jews, Greeks ,��r tier-
mans. But. te, spite Wood, Gundy &
Company, Kddie did not hesitate to
make a dicker with the American
firm, nee matter what it might cost
South Vancouver. And that is typical of Eddie Gold all the way through.
as South Vancouver will one day disci ever to its sorrow.
* * it
In regard to efficiency, take the
following resolution which Eddie instructed his private secretary to type
out and submit tee councillors to lie
moved and seconded: "That in onler
te, consistently earry mil the plans
oi efficiency and economy we notify
the following men tbat their positions
have been declared vacant and that
they are at liberty to apply again feir
same, viz.: G. W. Hubbard, building
inspector; VV, Pleming, health inspector; J. \V. McKay, water superintendent;  anil  A.   II.   Brereton,  chief  water
works clerk "
* + *
Sinely that proposed resolution for
a lew moments and see what ymi
think eef it. Where is the consistency? Either those men are efficient
Ol ihey are nol. If ihey are efficient
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Municipal Hall Entertainment
Special Attractions This Week
Spencer Robinson with Reeve's Permission Holds up Municipal
Business While He Airs His Grievances at Council Meeting
When the Municipal Council met in
regular session lasl Friday night, the
Municipal Hall vvas packed with an
expectant and interested audience. At
7.30, when the reeve and council had
taken their places Reeve Gold, before
calling '.he meeting to order for the
regular business, produced a COpj of
the "News-Aelvertiscr" eef April 14.
and proceeded to read therefrom an
account "f a School Board meeting at
which Councillor Stanley had been
present anel at which certain statements referring to the neve were al
leged tee have been made. Re-c\e- Gold
askeel Councillor Stanley ior an explanation anil the councillor explained
that in as far as the remarks in lhat
repeert attributed te, him wen- concerned, he said they were correct, lln
remarks attributed to .others at that
nieeling he could ne.t affirm eer deny.
The reeve stated that more weiuld be
heard of this matter as he did not
intend that such statements a- this
would  be allowed to pa-s.
Calling the meeting to order the
reeve promised tlnese present a good
time if they would keep eirder.
Deputations to address ceeiiucil
were first called feer and this brought
forth a deputation from the Social
Service Council who were present to
protest against an open eir unrestricted license being granted in the municipality for boxing exhibitions.
Mr. Lewis, a ratepayer of the municipality, requested liberty t'i present
a petition signed by 500 ratepayers,
requesting the council t" reconsider
their resolution refusing tee put the
proposed bylaw for the diversion of
park money, tee the fund for mael
improvements. The council by a
majority refused this pctitieeii for reconsideration.
Reeve Gold drew the attention of
the council to thc presenl condition
of Main Street, claiming that the roael
way was floating in tar and iu a bail
condition for autos and other vehicles.
Councillor Street moved that the
Dominion Creosoting Company be
written t" ami askeel tee attenel tee this
matter as pCT their arrangement in
the   contract   for  the   weerk   deem-   een
this streel This was agreed t" anel
the  clerk   instructed   t*>   write   In   this
Mr. Spin,-e: Robertson was presenl
and askeel permission o- address the
council, but alter ascertaining that the
reeptest would mean considerable
time eei the meeting being taken up,
it was arranged to have Mr Robinson
meet wiih tin council it .. meeting telle hehl .ni tin  Monday following.
Councilleir Campbell introduced the
question nf tin- Instructions late!)
sued tee tin- municipal solicitor re issuing wri:- againsl those partus in arrears ,,i interest on leans from the
municipalitj Tins matter t> ������ ���!< up
considerable tune an.l after a  heated
discussion  had  been   taken   part   i'i   ley
all e.f th, councillors, a motion was
carried i" rescind the  former motion
to issue writs anil a new- resolution
was put through tee allow those i-mr-
iug forw'ard and showing their willingness to pay or arrangement with the
council, t" do so without court interference.
The minutes of the previous meetings were next read and adopted.
A communication vvas read from the
reeve intimating the suspension of
several employees who hail been formerly suspended and reinstated. The
communication was unanimously ordered te, be filed without any elisctis-
Reeve Gobi here- informed the ceetin-
cil that some surprises were awaiting
them on Monday after the council
meeting, as he hail decided that a good
many eithers wouhl In- suspended from
that date, anil he intended as chief
magistrate to see that the chief oi
peelice- would carry out instructions
fre'in him and keep all these suspended off the municipal premises. If
[the peilice die] ne,I ele, .so then hi- w.iulel
see thai tlle police went too. ile said
"I'm going to make a clean up of
those employees peitm! here."
A communication vvas read FVom the
H. C Electric Railway Company stating tha' owing to the present financial conditions existing the company
we.uhl be unable to go ahead with thc
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\n interesting event :.>,��k place in
St. Matthew's Church last Sunday
when  Ronald  Welton, the infant  son
e.f Mr and Mrs Walter Welton, wis
christened The Rev. Mr. Bell was
tin- officiating clergyman and present
with Mr. and Mr- Welton were Mr-
Raw son. who acte-el as godmother tn
the baby, .end Mr. and Mrs Pruce,
r .I aunl of baby Ronald.
i Mi'u i.il intimatie in has been re -
eeiwe, h. Mi- Mar) Springthorpe of
;.'.".; Clarendon Street, Seeuth Vancou
\ei ni thi ' iail "I hcr husband,
Lam Corporal 11 C Springthorpe,
icrvisl of tin Lincoln regiment,
v.is killed in action on March I-.
\ . ntnpanj ing tlie eeih, ial notice was
the Following note; "The King commands nn !-��� assure you of the true
sympath) ol lit- Majesty and the
Queen in j ut sorrow ��� (Signed)
Kitchener "
��� * ��
The se,,rk- left a little baby girl at
Mr. Bays, 137 39th \venue East, Sus-
day,  April   11th.
At the recent Easter vestry meeting, the Following officers were ap-
pointed ior the ensuing year: rector's
j warden, Mr. Woodcock; people's warden, Mr. A. Gibbs; sidesmen, Messrs,
(',    Hamilton,   W    G    Walker,   Fitz,
IF Coates, Hacking. Dennis, Wick-
man and Cooper; envelope clerk, Mr.
J. Crawford; delegates to synod,
Me's-rs Woodcock, Walkei -tu!
Cilihs.  substitutes.  Messrs.   Hamilton,
1 Hacking and  Dennis.
Tin- number of communicants at
Easter, a- also thi number of those-
newly   confirmed,   exceeded  all    pre-
I vious years.
*n '-ei. rtainmetil will !������ given -n
Ste Peters Church hall ,���, Wednesday, April 28, at 8 p.m., ,��� aid ,���-
Lhurch Funds A varied and attractive programme is promised
Rev.   Dr.   Slpprell   eif   Mount   Pleas
ant Church lectures at Mountain View j
Methodist   Church.     Friday     evening.,
Subject:   "Germany  and  the  German
People."    The  lecture  is weirth  going'
a long  wav   to hear.    Silver collection
w ill In-  taken.
* * *
Tin- Mis-i"n Band of Mountain
View Methodist Church meets Saturday afternoon, when the money fmni
the mite boxes will be counted. There I
will be a g"od programme and refreshments will he served.
* * *
Mr. ..ml Mrs. M. Hamilton .ef l'n-1
Hy. Sask., left for their home, Tues-1
day. April 20, after havinp spent six!
nieeiith- visiting their daughter. Mrs. I
G. L. Greenlay, IM 39th Avenue W.
��� ��� ��
Mr. Dan. McKay is building a new
house on his lot in the 200 block 39th
Avenue  East.
-  * *
Mr. and Mrs. McConnel of lf>66
12th Avenue West were calling on
friends at 39th Avenue West last
Anniversary services will be hehl
next Sunday morning and evening in
St. David's Presbyterian Church. The
Rev. Dr. Mackay ni Westminster Hall
will be the preacher at the morning
service. When this congregation was
formed four yea:- ago Dr. MacKay
was tlu- first preacher to address them
and they feel fortunate in again being able to have him at this anniversary tinie.
At the evening service thc Rev. Mr.
Muldrew e.f St. Andrew's Church,
North Vancouver, will aeldress the
congregation and it is expected that
the church's seating capacity will be
taxed to the utmost The choir under thc leadership of Mrs. A. Sinclair
will render special anthems, etc.,
which they have been rehearsing fof
this special occasion.
A seecial gathering e.i' the congregation will be held on Monday evening, when a programme of songs, etc..
will be given and the work of thc
church reviewed.
Secretaries and managers of local
athletic clubs are invited to send' in
sport notices and items oi interest a-
bout their, clubs t'i be inserted in the
sport columns. Notices shouhl be
in the hands of the sporting editeir
not later than Wednesday evening te>
ensure  publication   every week. TWO
Every Saturday by tht Greater Vancouver Publishers Limited
George M. Murray. Editor
s<eem8 very probable that the Federal elections
AT a certain insignificant looking little bank in thr
city tluy carry $2,000,000 in ^old in tin- vaults
���the savings oi a iVw hundred people whei arc (he
bank's customers.
head office: Trade witl the Yankee*" cry has been sitencea torjver     A certain bank manager made the statement the
Corner  Thirtieth  Avenue   and   Main  Street.  South   Vincouver   ��X. I      ^ ^   ^    ,^   ^j^gs^j, ,,, s,���m, ,,f ,,,������ '|\ .ry ffieinls   Other elav. n.et with .111 idea that llle fact should lie pill.
1'      H��SM^.frrrT!T7!?r^**rr^\\\"rr^"rrrriitoIlI^i��*��S.'��� has been neutralized to a marked extent    J., the forth- i U��hed in these columns, that there are sums on deposit
second ci... coming election! it is likely that the people will rate ��" the Vano.t.vcr savings hanks which total i great
more or less upon the issues at stake.   Tluy will vote, deal more than $25,000,000.
as shareholders in a larae co-ooerative comoanv would I    I" f'"'t it is ilated that the savings in Vancouver
1 will be held within the next ninety days. Four
years have brought about a great change in the political situation, Por instance, tbe "Xo Truck and No
Trade with the Yankees" cry has heen silt-need forever
ami a dav. The patriotism of some of einr Tory friends
Registered  at the  Po.t  Office  Department, Ott.w..  ..
Mail Matter
To  .11  point, in  C.n.d..   United  Kingdom,   Newfoundland,   New
��e��l.nd, .nd olher British Po..e..ion��:
On.   Ye.r    ��2����
Six Month.    l0��
Three   Month.    50
Poitige to Americn. European and other Foreign Countrie., $1 00
per ye.r extr.. 	
"The truth at all time, firmly stand.
And .hall from .ge to age endure."
THAT railway development in Hritish Columbia
has heen hn mght to a stop is indicated quite
clearly in the presence of several thousand Austrian,
Russian, Italian and Scandinavian bread liners in the
city of Vancouver.
These men were brought into the country hy the
big railroad contractors, were worked at convict wages and when a bankrupt Province was unable to conic
through   with further sums of money, thc   railway\"~
construction camps on thc P. and 0. E. and Canadian ,.
1 , in New \ork.
Northern were emptied into Hastings Street. 	
,,      ,.      . Over on (he battle Hunt in Europe tlie blood ol  a
Vancouver is not the only city in  the  Province j
. ,, .,        i few of the sons of Liberals is mixing with tbe bluod
forced  to keep up thc off-scourmgs of the  railway I
,,..,,.       ,, , of the sons of some of our good  lories.    For when
grade.    They have a bread hue in Prince Rupert and
in a large co-operative compan)  won
be likely to vote     for the best  interests of the business.
Since tlle war broke out the Yankees who were before regarded by some crazy-loyal Canadians as horned devils, have shown that they are flesh of our flesh
and blood of our blood. For instance, their steel mills
at Bethlehem arc open to our purchasers of munitions
of war. When (Ild John Bull Stepped into the market
at New York some weeks ago he made a few purchases which started the stocks all over the United
States to soar. Woodrow Wilson's attitude toward
llerr I'lCrnstorff proves more or less that tlie Yanks
are our friends. Thc Slate of Washington shipped
more horses over to Kitchener than Hritish Columbia
has motor cars. Loyal old Dick McBride worshipped
at the feet of money-devils of Xew York and prayed
relief for bis loyal old P. and G. E��� which is slipping
slowly into the Fraser River. And Dick bought two
cross-eyed submarines from the Yanks who run the
hipyards .at Seattle,   Vancouver floated her last loan
from Prince George comes thc word:
"As far as Prince George is concerned, we would
advise the Government in a friendly way to either
send thc money to start the work of completing the
South Road (the P. and G. E.) or else to semi the
Meantime Sir Richard McBride, travelling with
Jack Stewart, tlie railroad construction king, is worrying financiers in Xew York and London for monies
to complete tlie P. and G. E. enterprise. We are informed that when Sir Richard endeavored to secure
an interview with the Chancellor of the Exchequer
for the purpose of talking over the British Columbia
financial position, the Chancellor refused to grant the
man an audience.
Thc Prince George "Post," supposedly an independent paper, in discussing the railroad,situation, makes
this astounding statement:
"This is no time to discuss the reasons why the
builders of thc Pacific Great Eastern Railway have
been forced to shut down the work of construction
for financial reasons, but rather a "time to force tlie
work to completion by such loans as are necessary so
that the development of the Province shall not he held
up. Let lhe road bc built and thc arguments heard
It has always been thc policy of the McBride government to rush into deals and discuss costs later.
This policy has bankrupted the Province and will
bankrupt any province, corporation or individual,
Discussing thc railway situation at further length,
the Prince George "Post" savs:
"Whilst the Provincial political issues hang in tin-
balance of uncertainty, the Port George country lies
in a condition of suspended animation,   Hundreds of
Unemployed are being fed in the Streets at the expense of the Government, and a half completed railway grade stretching between this point and Vancouver crumbles away and slides into the river."
Already the Province of British Columbia litis forked over to the builders of the P. and G. E. more than
enough money lo complete thc road. There has been
no accounting. The Province docs not know where it
stands. The railroaders have thc books, thc information, the wad, and the money. At this time they conic
to the Government and witli a pistol at its head demand further subventions. It has been suggested
that the forthcoming Provincial elections will see the
P. antl G. E. made thc big issue and an effort is being
made by the railroad people to line up both parties
behind thc project.
In the event of a Liberal Government going into
power, the P. and G. E. will be completed .and tbat
great north country will hc opened up. It will not be
completed upon a cry of "Send the money or the Militia." Nor will its completion be carried out and costs
discussed later. It will be completed, if Liberal principles are followed, iu such a manner as to give the
people a hundred cents value for every new dollar
which goes into the road���it will be Completed by the
people of Britisli Columbia and will he owned by the
people of British Columbia.
the Empire calls we Canadians draw no party lines.
At Ottawa a few of the alleged sons of good old
loyalist families have been selling boots for Canadian
soldiers, which upon the feet of the men caused more
torture than the thumb screws of the inquisition.
These same loyalists have heen trafficking in old
skates of horses so burnt out that they could not do
battle with a bale of hay. Tory heelers robbed the
Government of hundreds of thousinds of dollars on
the horse purchases. Sam I [ughes went into the breast
plate manufacturing business. Sam may be expected
to ride into the next Federal affray mounted on one
of the old chargers, with one of his own breast plates
on his chest.
The money wasted by the Government on Major
McSpadden's drill hall in Grandview would have kept
a great number of the homeless wives and families of
some of our soldiers for a great many months. The
failure of the Government in British Columbia is typical of its failure in other Canadian centres.
Sir Robert Borden's followers have proved that they
arc great spenders. About the only good thing that
can be said of them so far as Vancouver is concerned
is that they have built or have promised to build many
docks, but they have done nothing to develop the country's resources, fo the end that those docks might Inconstantly loaded with outgoing freight.
255 Broadway East (cor. Kingsway)
Phono Fairmont 18''
have grown to such an extent that the banks don't
kneiw what to do with it. They can't afford lo pay-
three per cent.���-Ot two and a half per cent.���upon |
money which they horde in their strong boxes. And,
of course, the uncertainty of things seems to compel ,
the banks not to be ver\ generous in the way of loaning money out.
When tbe immense savings throughout Canada are
torn loose, there will be something doing. liritish
Columbians will likely receive more favorable attention from the banks when they turn out .Messrs. Bowser and Company, the poorest outfit of business men
in the British Empire.
So long ,-is we allow a couple of amateur cracksmen
,���,,,.      , ...  n , ,     ,    ! hi.- .'is ever.   WA- tin-clad to see it. Baseball as played
to handle tiie affairs ol this Province, the people win.      ,     ,      , , ,, .       ,
; I today IS a clean   and manly sport, well deserving tiie
keep them ill power need expect  but  little consilient- i ,   .-.i , i"       i ���    i     .' i
1 ' ' luiniuw.    support ni die   people, and as long as it is kept clean
tion at the hands of the banks or outside investors.      and reasonably within the bounds of the workingmen's
" * ' lenjoyment, it shuttld be encouraged.    If men have not
I recreation from  a healthful source, they will be very
likely to
The management of the game in Vancouver have
done much to make baseball pppular, and in so far
the game will flourish.   Play ball.
Your bens will lay all
winter il you gel your
Poultry Supplies from us
-  - THE EGGS - -
first abandon reason and
1 obstinate, and the deeper they are in error the
more obstinate they become. Proof of this statement
is constantly lieing shown in the doings at municipal council meetings in Souih Vancouver, That the
municipality is suffering through the obstinacy of
Reeve Gold and his bullying antl unreasonable methods, no man dare deny. The scenes occurring at every regular council meeting are deplorable and invite
nothing but the severest condemnation, Obstinacy
and vehemency in opinion are the surest proofs of
stupidity and ibis quality mostly appears in ;i mean
and illiterate soul.
Councillors have been deliberately insulted. Deputations of respectable citizens have been openly sneered at. Men in responsible positions have
been openly insulted and slurs easl upon their name
tF G, II. COWAN, EX. M.P.. can continue to reap
harvests such a-; the Dominion Trust is yielding, he
would be well advised to stay with the law business
and leave politics alone.
"GEORGE, STICK WITH THE good little old
'Chinook,'" was the advice of our esteemed fellow
laborer in the   vineyard, the editor of the   Calgary
"Eye Opener."
* * *
"TO DISAPPEAR WHEN WORK is done is the
and character, and the business of the municipality j fj,K.st t.,mli of   destiny," was the remark of the bank
has in the meantime been allowed to go to the dogs, robber as he doused ilu-glim and threw the swag over
Had there been a responsible and  live government; his shoulder,
ouse of legislation ;u the present
in our provmcia
time, what would have happened is that the govern
ment would have taken charge of the municipality,
Peeve Geilel has by his actions alienated from him-]
self all sympathy or respect front right-thinking and
responsible citizens, lie has been tried and found
wanting. His policy of Kaiseristn is a failure, his
blind obstinacy and vindictiveness of spirit has shown
him to be incapable df handling the affairs of South
Vancouver, and his disrespect of others.has brought
upon himself the contempt and disgust of all theise
who have the welfare of the district til heart.
! ITI SI I Columbia possesses the greatest abundance of mineral deposits of any like area in the
world. Had the Dominion and Provincial Governments devoted some attention in the past to the development of the mineral resources of British Columbia
thev would have rendered the greatest service possible
to the liritish Empire.
This war has created a vast demand for metals.
Today England scours the world for steel, nickel, copper and the many other metals used in the manufacture of munitions of war. Had England a sufficient
store of these metals on hand, shc could whip Germany single-handed within the next sixty days. England has all the men she needs and the ships and she
has the great cause. Hut she must go slow on food
and shells though her position in this regard is much
better than that of the people who sing the "Chant
of Hate."
In liritish Columbia some of our richest mineral
areas have passed into the hands of great corporations
wdio will exploit them at their leisure. They have
paid little or nothing for them and can afford to hold
on so as to make multi-millionaires of their children.
The little mining man is restricted from developing
his claim because of the fact that hc cannot raise the
capital. 1 Ic needs an enormous capital because the
Dominion Government says that he shall pay a great
duty upon every piece of mining machinery which he
brings into the country. This duty has been the greatest obstacle Ihe mining men have had to overcome.
The present Government at Ottawa propose to increase this duty.
IE man who makes good use of anv part of bis
life must allow a good part pf it for recreation.
Men cannot labor always,    They must have intervals
of relaxation.
Baseball is here for another season and is as popu-
"I CAN TAKE A newspaper or leave it alone."'
chuckled Mr. Joseph Martin as he turned the key ot*
the door of the "Evening Journal" building.
*     ���     *
WHILE ACR< >SS THE WAY the loud voice of
Mayor Louis 1 ). Taylor sounds out on the morning;
air. "A hnrse. a  horse, my kingdom for a horse!"
e|e   *   *
WHERE IS T I IK HUD of Liberalism in liritish Columbia? At the corner of Twenty-eighth Avenue and
Main Street.
* *  *
MR, WORT] l < >!������ VEGREVILLE, Alberta, who is
a guest of Mr. I'. I\. Davis, is visiting in Vancouver.
Mr. Wm th is a prosperous, optimistic Albertan, and
declares that a change of government at < Ittawa would
hurry forward a return of prosperity which has already begun to develop on the prairies, Mr. Worth
brings good news of his son-in-law. J. il. 1 [olden, well
known here,.
The Important Matter of Choosing Your Dentist
"The Last Word
in Dentistry."
Good Teeth
to health
the   most
What are
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Standard Bank
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CHEREFORE yotl should choose your dentist with great care. It is poor
economy to buy "bargain teetlt." Inferior dentistry���poor materials, little
knowledge and less care���costs but little less than the right kind even at the beginning, and certainly is much more expensive in  the long .un.
I EM PLOY only the most modern methods, the greatest care and skill and the
best materials. Each individual case is carefully studied. When I fit you
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you will find my prices no higher than those of  ordinary dentists.
COME in and allow me to examine your month, advise you and give you my
estimate of the cost. This will involve no obligation whatever. Make up
your mind now to see to those teeth. Then call, phone or write to me now,
making appointment for examination.
No Gas or Harmful Drugs Used
"You Suffer No Pain"
I IIERT.nY C.l'AKANTEE that all denial work recrformcel hy me will be absolutely
painless. If the slightest twinge of iiam is expei-loftd ^y the |eatieut no money need be paid
to me, or if any has been paid, it will be instantly icfi/-vj^d.
I further guarantee that all crown or bridge work ..r filling will remain in first-class condi-
turn tor a period of 'I l-.N \ I-.AKS. If any oi my work; bicumej defective during that time 1
will replace it absolutely PRES  Or  CHAKCE.
SATURD W.  U'KfL 24. 191."
j^ ' ���''
Mill: Foot of Ontario Sftert, -Fraser River
Phone: Fraser 97
 , ;���r-���	
���    LUMBER CO.
Manufacturers of
Wholesale and Retail
The Naval History of The War
By Henry Reuterdahl
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 33\1
We carry everything in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
No order roo small, and none too large  for this popular Liquor Store
Steele.- open every evening until 11 p.m.
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
Leaving our Store every Thursday and Friday morning at 9 a.m.
Price Lin mailed free on application
R. CURRY, Prop.
J'Slock Department, Seymour 6913
Did and valuable violins carefully repaired.
t'.iritars and mandolins repaired. Bows rehaired.
Violins  bought.
531   RICHARDS- ST. Phone   Seymour  3415
IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS ������__.    -.
,.,:;:   sarristers, solicitors, etc.
KM2-iSUndard Bank Bldg. Vancouver, B.C.
that the first eif the summer Sl lies '
monthly meetings, tei be licit! at the
Pender Hall, e.n ilie evening nl T'.utrs-
; n    May 6, will take the form eei a
cake will be -.-ned by th
'.''"'     'tJi'elic Society
I'he Gaelic Sneiety held the last "I
lhwr-   bi-meintlily    meetings     for  the
siiny,iH.t-,,iiiei'itli,s "n Thursday cvennv
lime. Jiilv..a.w,l August,  meetings  will
be elmKLyu the-.first Thursday nf the
month unly.
The ladies of thc society announce
fall attendance of the membuis oi u.e
society  and  their  friends is  expected.
I in!' r tin light of incandesce nts,
gn it maps jlan -.-. iti
walls bl.e- ihi e i. inn i up id drj hith
black blobi and flags pinned e,n to
represent thi positions ol ihipa Tl ,
ihadi - ure drawn, and nul u raj ol
lighl pit r.-e - througii lo thi murk ol
ih,    dati - - e
London hiding itself from Zeppelins.
Here in tin innermost room ol the
"Chambers "i Strategy," in the new
wing oi tin Admiralty Building al
\\ luii-hall, i- ihe i ouncil chan In
the British \\ ar Staff li in the real
nerve centre of the British navj
Wireless has turned the Kelsons
of today into nun- tubordinates.
Their orders come nol ir em the dock
eef the flag-ship, but from thi heaviest,
solidest flat-top desks in the heart of
London, behind which sits thc First
Sea Lord of thc Admiralty. His orders are zipping nighl and day across
i In si . - n seas, in the sccrel i ��� ide, relayed from fighting ship to fighting
ship until they reach their man, though
he be the captain oi a lone cruiser
--ii the far side of the world. The
command of the Hriti-.li navy and the
command of the British army are today both "ile-k jobs" in London. The
navy fights as il is ordered t'e fight
by the War Staff. There is nn pear
of big gnus there-, no smoke of battle;
and yel it is nol lacking in tense dramatic interest
Cradock's >hips had been wiped nut
off the Chilean coast. And England
was demanding naval revenge.
A door "i the inner chamber jerks
open, typewriters are heard clicking,
clerks seen running about carrying
baskets of letters. In bolts a man with
neehl braid up t" his elbows, heavy-
set, bull-dogged of jaw, gray and
wrinkled by experience: Lord Fisher
eef Killer-tone-. Admiral -ef the Fleet,
again on the firing line, and the master mind of the liritish fighting ships.
years ago I saw him firsl "ti board
the "New Vork" in Bermuda, a typical roast-beef John Bull minus the
side-burn- and alongside liim Admiral
Sampson, the victor of Santiago, was
esthetic in his scholarly frailness.
Like I,onl St. Vincent, Admiral
Fisher is a fighting man whether in
iflice or on quarter-deck. Mi-, cry,
'War i> violence and moderation is
imbecility," stamps the character of
tlti-. man who. from the ease ol a
retired officer's life, answered his
country's call to pul thc plexus-punch
iu llu- war policy of the British navy.
\- I...nl Fisher enters the Chamber then- is a growl from thc jaws,
a snap of ihe' teeth, and in his general
appearance the- suggestion ol a bull
pricked by tlle picador's darts. The
First Sea Lord has cleared for action
and is eager to avenge the defeal in
��� Pacific. Vnd through a friend close
��� - I unfold for the first time
the pri e i ss by whieh the Chief of
the Wat Staff was jerked to sea from
the Admiralt) on a moment's notice.
Staging the Battle
Bending over maps and plans heaped on a largi table, parallel ruler- and
dividi rs in hand; is Vice-Admiral Sir
F. C. Doveton Sturdee, K.C.B.,
t'.V.i ��., C M.i', . Chief of the War
Staff, tall, spare���in consultation with
his fellow  juniors���all grave, grayish
"Stn ii, e, > - .' in de .ill tin se nici
plan.-." snarls Fisher with s trip-
lammi i salvo nl sa - asm, "w Ity don'l
you carry I ill  J oursell ���'"
Sn-,:.;, ., tiie discredited strategist
smarting undi r ihe- defeat of Cn d
ick's .  r  �� In ise destruction lie
was  parti)   resp nsible,  exclaims:
"\\ ill  i ,.it let  me:"
"Yes, '������   !"
Sturdi e'.-   plat -   or   their   bungling
..le Wlmiral Cradock's ship-.
Now hii ��� ii . had come. Von
Spee's shi| - inu-t be sunk. And he
is the ii ected to do it.
Sin di - ul   his  e'w n  orders
to   the   squiulri n   which   >-   to   elo   the
ti ii !���      Tlie  battle  cruisers  are on  a
fl    ���:  station���on the  wing, so to
;,,   ��� ,   their supports, the ar
mored and lighter ones. The wireless i .i in - the biggest and fastest
lutilln leader of a destroy* r from its
; ..nn- station, with ii structions to oil
prcpari   for n long voyage���a
:nli. ��� j dash foi ilu- assigned rendezvous, a: thirty km is. Already the
two battle cruisers have theii orders.
Sturdei with hi- staff embarks in tin
snorting destroyer, and, like thc lord
high . xi e nu-.in r of the Mi'hlle' *iges,
proceeds   majestically   by   himself  to
the  b.ieh  ..I  b! I      Tin-    destrnyi
dashes across and brings the admiral
to the rendezvous, and he steps nvet
the side of his new flagship, At the
break ol n signal thc course is laid
down the South   American coast.
At the Falkland* the eneni)  is met
tin rest you know. All over within
,i few hours. There was no hitch in
Sturdee's plans this time, when he
himsi If met the German fleel in thc
Seeuth Atlantic. By assembling for
ihis engagement a liritish fleet that
in gun-power could blanket the Germans, he made a mathematical certainty -.i" victory And the mathematics wen- the mathematics ��>i the War
Staff in London. Admiral Von Spec
wenl down with his flag-ship, the
"Scharnhorst," and the little flags
that bad marked the probable location of this fleet ou the great maps
in the Chamber of the War Office
were  thrown  intei  the discard.
I did not see the ilust-up in the
Heligoland Bight, the first naval engagement eel" the war. No one not in
uniform saw it. except the crew of
the Norwegian steamer "Kong C.ul-
tortn." which, after being hit in the
line of fire hustled away in a fright
But a destroyer friend of mine who
was in the thick of it. told me how
the Admiralty trap was set.
"Yes, we baited the snare." he said.
"And Ihey bit. It cost tlie blighters
four ships, and we smashed a leev.
It was a bit of all-right, and we hael
n good smack al them. And this is
how ii worked:
"Suddenly 'blows' a submarine. As
il pops oul above the water, the conning-tower hatch is opened and men
COlTte out on the narrow deck and
look  round sort of helplessly and fidr
dll      elboUl     llle-    rilelel, rs.    pr, ill
the -nie.   The craft appears sadly dis-
' right before the- i nemj
L'p beel,, another  'sub'
an attempt  is made  to
I ni ill)    thi    ��� im -line   is
-    ���
pair   slowly   start���one   towing
From   thi     background
is Handing in to be of help
principally I
��� nr submarines
M    la-t    the    lie rinaii    ship.      ipot
Tin ir    .!, stroyeri    begin     to
the cruisers ai e gi tting uneler
way.   Capturi   is imminent���one help-
les. submarine, al least���what a cinch!
y- u sei the gii am in the e) es ���
the Germans? As thi enemy's des-
sii iy< i flotillas steam out and ;.p-
'��� i" gel in range, a gum-booted
whistling British matlow steps out on
the deck of the 'sub' and slowly casts
Ioi -, the tow-line, ��hich is hauled
in   from  the  other  fellow.     An  officer
le'eeeks       I Hit       IT- -111 till' Ce ,| 1 |1 j II g -] I , W f T
hatch, descends, and closes it. With
filled tank- both 'subs' drop 'ent of
sight and, unseen almost���jusl slen-
ele-,'. upright stick-, surmounted by
little oblong disks���creep along in
the shadow, of the breaking .swell.
turn finally seaward, anel. sinking,
s.-. in ..way like fishes. And the "Fcar-
li ss" i- retreating to the northwest
"Tearing througii the mist speed
the British destroyer flotillas, the
cruiser "Arethusa" leading, spread oul
in fan formation like a sun-burst���
but in black���throbbing, panting devils tearing leanly through th, Ben,
the green of their wakes cul by trailing smoke. They .are the additional
lure in the ru-e- piled mi to draw the
enemy under the guns of the British
cruisers outside."
And now let me tell you the strangest incident of that whole tight.
One "I "iir boats was len behind,
the one from the "Defender." There
-in- wa-. lilk-el with rescued Germans,
sea kicking up, no water aboard, Heligoland tort imt twenty-five miles
'. si.,nt. the enemy'- -hips steaming up
and shells falling right and left. Bui
e submarine had tauten in tin- whole
iffair through her periscope, ami up
pops our "I-. 4" t.e the sun.ice. blows
her tanks, opens her conning-tower,
ii,.- e ur boat crew aboard, puis
ernii anil medicine in the boat, tells
Hie Germans to shove off and be good,
and then dives and ducks for nome
and England. . . No���it's God's truth,
Vou e etilil fancy it as a story-be ee ek
b) Jules Verne; but it happened���it's
in   the  official   despatches.'
"And why have the German submarines Iiii-n so much more successful
than the British?" you ask. For one
reason, and it is a simple ,.11 f. The
German Heel stay- in port, and save
for raids the Germans have evaluated
the North Sea; while the liritish ships
have been on the seas, fair targets for
the keen officers of the Kaiser's
"sub.-" But considering thc seven-
teen-hour nights on the North Sea,
ami the great number of liritish transports crossing the Channel, the Germans should have done still better.
England's losses through submarines
have lire nighl out very clearly the facl
���that the only defence againsl these
'bills nf the deep is speed plus zigzag courses. No ship steaming above
ten knots has s,, far been reached by
a suomarine, -ave the German destroyer �� hich was torpedoed b) "E 9 " In
the scrap of Heligoland Admiral
lie.iiiy's cruisers - tilt d righl througii
tin- German submarine area at
-peeil untouched bj  lerpedoi -
The  German  campaign  of attrition
during the earl)  pat 1 - if the war succeeded   because   the   British   had   neet
yel   learned   this   !. sson,      Die   three
cruisers  of  the  "Cressy"   class   wci
io tin  liietn.in jusl because the)  wi  1
patrolling  at  .   speed  ol   seven  knots
! in   waters   infested   by   the     enemy -
1 submarines  and  unattended    b)
stro) ers.      So  tin   "He 'gue"  and
"Cress)"   goi   bagged   because
stopped i" -an   im   lives ol  thi
I of the  -inking  "Abnukir."  Von   '
dingi -i   in   his  submarine   had  ai ���
time lo reload his three torpedo tubi -
ai'ie-i   -inking the "Abnukir," and finish up the slaughti 1 "i the other two
���hips almost ai lu- leisure
When the sn- -. ii ors ol  thi   itibmai
|incd  cruisers  wen   brought   to   Har-
1 ��������� ie-1-  I talked tn many ol them   Thi si
��� fellow s   had   been   in   the   ��aler     for
hours.    The)  had losl thi ii  ships an
their mates, twelve hundred in all.    I
expected   curses   on   thc   Germans
hard words    Instead, Jack's firsl say
was   "The   Dutchers   did   a   fine  job.
They got  us all."
Ami tin- "Hermes" and the "Hawke"
.Ise' went lo the bottom because they
were  cruising at  a   speed  slower than
ihat of their invisible enemy, the submarine, ihe "Niger" lay peacefully
���and carelessly���at anchor in the open roadstead of Deal, dead in the water.
The English submarines, if they get
the chance, will give as good an account of themselves as have tin- Germans. They are in the hands of the
"veiling elites." who are full of gimp
anil enthusiasm, a brotherhood of
daredevils, cousins of those in tin- destroyers. The liTiiish submarine
" ii 11." passing under five rows of
mines In the Dardanelles and sinking
the 'eiil bucket "Messoudiyeh." did
only part of a day's work. There was
an American touch in this feat���the
Sperry gyroscopic compass, which
gives the "subs" their true bearing
under water, and without which their
course would be mere guesswork.
I.en eking fe.r game, the Uriiish "subs"
have pushed their snouts 'way up in
the Bnltic, even tee the Russian coast.
And one from the Harwich flotillas
came plumb up to the chain-slung
gales of tlle Kiel Canal. I have ibis
fr-.in a  man w hn via-  I here
The man in the street slneuts "Why
doesn't Jellicoe eat up the German
fleet?" Ile wants a Trafalgar served
hot with his breakfast, preferably near
the coast, with parquet scats on Dover
The Cost of Operating  Electric
Household Appliances is
Merely Nominal.
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Electric Grill per hour Electric Toaster
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N.B.���App.iances Lsed for cooking are operated only a fraction of
an hour per meal. The cost of others depends upon the duration
of their use.
We will bc 1 ��� i���������'   ���    i at 1 mr sales-
,,     - roi 'ins.
Carrall and Hastings St.
1138 Granville St.  (near Davie)
OUR POLICY is to supply only (uel of the highest grade. We pay
special attention to screening and weight, and delivery is made oy our
own experienced drivers.
\^ e also have a small quantity ol dry kindling wood (or sale.
Phone Seymour 210 427 SEYMOUR ST., City
You   Want   Some   New   Cabinet
Work This Spring
3764 Commercial St.
Cedar Cottage
14 inch inside fir
$2��o per load $2-so
Coast Lumber & Fuel Co., Ltd.
Phone Fair. 2500        Phone High. 226        Phone Fraser 41
Cliffs. Churchill might be mobbed as
was Kamimura's house while he was
sinking the Russians, and just as they
burned Hawke iii effigy while he "as
licking the French in Quiberon Bay,
a hundred and fifty .years ago. The
killing e.f a hundred women and children em the east Coast with ne. Bri*
tisli sliip��� tee stop the attack is another
pill for the Admiralty. Why were th,
Germans allowed tee stay about right
umler the cliffs of llaylntrii Uvkc.
eenly awaiting dawn  to open  five?
Xe, navy can be strong enough to
prevent occasional raids upon its
coast   hy  an   enemy.    Tin   Germain
can make- as many raids as they wish
���and kill another hundred women,
but it will cut nn ice from a military
peeint of view. They cannot land and
supplj a force until Jellicoe's fleet is
defeated. The very fundamental principle' ul naval strategy demands that
llu- Knglish fighting fleet stay dtftside
the Channel and thc Ne.rtlt Sea. and
that emly sc Hits and ships of secondary value bc kept inside for blockading and patrol. Thai the British navy
has splendidly accomplished its great
purpose���tlle command of the sea���
is beyond thc unthinking public's
grasp S VTURDAY,   W'KII, 24, iwi?
In Multiple* of $5,000  at  8  per cent, on
inside revenue producing business property.
Our client will only consider property  that
is now paying its way.
Patrick  Donnelly. General  Manager.
Comfort and Convenience
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the���
Up-to-date Train Service Between Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St.. Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H. W. BRODIE,  Gen. Pass.  Agent, Vancouver.
General  Agency  Transatlantic   Steamship  Lines
C. E. Jenney, G. A. P. D.
Phone:   Sey. 8134 527  Granville  Street
Hard Time Prices This Week
Phone Fair. 1634
Keeler's Nursery
Grower and Importer cf Plants, Bulbs, Roots and Shrubs
Cut Flowers and Design
Work  a  specialty.
Flowering and Ornamental Shrubs for Spring and
Fall   planting.
One hundred varieties of
Roses, of  Choice  Sorts
and  three   hundred  varieties   of   Dahlias.
Phone Fairmont 817
��   Cedar  Cottage   Notes
Tin entertainment given in Mar
l,\\ Hull ,,ii Thursday evening, tin
15th, itiiilu tin auspicri eet the Political Equality League, attracted what
ui- perhaps the banner audience fur
.m\ limilar performance ever held in
Cedar   Cottage     Those    wine    came
11'" fh   i"i   iln   �� I   e.f   the   cause
(relief .��� ��� ihr South Vancouver poor)
h . iii away feeling tinu iln > had li.nl
Hie ii money's worth in the mixed pro-
i'i 111.111��� ��� e,( high e lass music contributed mostly l,y n'cll-lcunwn Vancouver
mt isi, -. recitations ley Miss Hadg-
ley; ah address In   Mrs   Ralph Smith
'���11    "I  'III'    e.|    tllC    le .l^eells    M III     M e     ll.U e
iee give Rebel Concerts;" .unl a one-
act plaj. e milled, "Ho* iln- Vote was
Ween." Tin clever little comedy .-
written with lhe Idea of , v]., esin^ the
fallacy some people entertain that a
woman's place is always in the home.
Winn tin' female relations eel lle.i-aev
Cole suddenly give tip their places
in tlie world ami with.mt warning
caiiic tn him, as their nearest male
relative, ie' bc supported until such
time as they shall In recognized hy
tlie state as citizens ami arc given the
franchise, lie quite as suddenly divide s
ili.it women should have the vote,
anel have it quick, and with his
neighbor, wlm has "twelve females in
his drawingroom," Joins the banner-
bearing  processions ami general agi-
lalii.it.    While fe.r moat eef the players
ely   in liny purple, while ami green lias-
l,e is. which tluy carried around inl
trays ami which ^<-I��1 like iin1 proverbial   li'el   eakes      Al   the   ele.-,'   of   the'
performance,  after   thc   audience  hael
i!is|i. i-1,1. lines,- tetklng pari in tin1
programme were served .*uli refreshments  "ii   i in   artistically    '1' ("i sted
�� * *
A missionary tea was given at the
parsonage on  Thursday aftcrt n b)
Mis Manuel and Mrs. Vospei Mis.
t .nun poured ihe lea ami Ke.se- Whe-!
len, Hilda Manuel ami Mabel Mc-
I 'hi< served. The ladies broughl their
fancy work ami with flying fingers
ami sieciut chat v\ hileil awa) a pleas
ant afternoon,
* * s.
The Ladies' Aid Sneiety i'i' Keel.seen
Memorial Church hehl Iheir annual
meeting and election of officers em
tin- seceiiil Wednesday practically the
old stafl fi officers being re-elected,
Arrangements wcre made tn entertain the ministers at lunch ami supper
at   tlle  district   meeting   lee   Iie   held   ill
the church at an early date,
ef * *
Miss Alice Hope Chambers ami Mr
Reginald M. Barber were quietly married at Seattle nil April loth, and for
the present will reside in the Siains-
liuiy Apartments, mi Stainsbury Ave.
The Kiddies' Paradise���Second Beach, Stanley Park
it was their first appearance before
the footlights, Ihey hail heen s.i well
trained that even llie habitual theatre
goers present were pleased, ant]
throughout the whole performance
neit hei interesi nor applause were
lacking. T.e Mrs Thompson, wlm arranged  the  musical  programme  and
trained the chorus, anil t" Miss Badgley, who Coached the players, and acted as stage manager, the success "1
the   entertainment   was     largely     due.
Before the programme started and
during the intermission, a number eet'
diminutive maidens, clad in while, and
wearing  little  caps and  sashes  nf the
suffrage colors, sold home-made can-
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid Sneiety held their monthly meeting at
the home 'ef Mrs. Miller .m Tuesday
afternoon "i last week, ami among
other things arranged tn have the
church kalsemimed. There were scv-
nal new names added tee iheir list
i-i members, Mrs. Woods invited tin
society tn hold their next meeting at
hcr home nn 34th  Avenue.
tin May 4lh. Mrs. I). Craig will
give her home nn Vanness Avenue
fnr a te'a in aiel eei" the Presbyterian
Ladies' Aiel. -Ml members ami friends
Poultry House Construction
By N. R. Hughes
Having decided upon ymir location
fm the poultry heeitse, the question
that now confronts you is: Whal
kinel   ill   a   houte   is   necessary:     This
is      an      important      consideration.
Proper henisinu is hall Ihe battle
inwards siicccts in poultry raising an.l
i- is gratifying tee knove thai elaborate
buildings are unnecessary. Vour peml-
try li.insi' sheeiild In simple, durable,
ami convenient, ami should conform
iee iis surroundings as far as architectural beauty ii concerned,   A coat e.f
paint will answer the purpose iu Ihis
um     11 sheiiilil he of sufficient length
i mini, ne e   eii   attendants,     ihe
h,w ei it is iln- easier it w ill lu t,> ke< p
warm;  yel  ihe  ROt   make   il   sn  low  as
to endanger ihe bumping nf heads, it
slmnlil also be large enough i" ac
cnmnilati' iln desired number m birds
with convenience. There is nothing
worse than overcrowding, ailments e.i
all kinds will develop under, such e'.en-
eliiiniis. s,i here again is another fundamental principle towards success:
viz.. propei accommodation. 1 was
asked hy a friend the other day te   cull
(nr reduce the number through selection) His birds as he thought his
house was overcrowded.    Instead of
having emly  six  birds  hc  had  twenty.
Conditions nf this nature will always
court failure. The following is a safe
rule  to  apply.    Allow   for   Leghorns
4 square feet, and Plymouth Re.cks 5
square feet: hence a house 8 feet by 8
feet will accomodate its l��ghorns
and only 12 Plymouth Rocks, yel the
smaller birds need practically as much
r.iom as the larger ones ott account
of their greater activity.
The slanting or the span roof Ilemse
is the easiest tee build and thc otic I
wemld recommend for a small flock.
One e,f the advantages of this kind of
a house is, that rain water will flow
tn the rear, and therefore thc fmni
will always be dry. Tlle average height
of such a house is 7 feet in front ami
5 feel in rear; two by two inch uprights with twee by lout inch sills will
answer well for light construction;
pr..vided it will stand the weight nf
tin roof when a heavy fall of smew is
mt. Framing of two hy four inch
uprights and fottr by six inch sills
would, lieewever. be far meirc substantial. With nur severe winters it is
essential that the house' be substantially buiil. Double walls especially
mi the mnth and west sides, stuffed
with straw or sawdust would make an
ideal  protection from outside temper
ature. Lumber from large dry goods
eer piano boxes which can lie purchased at a nominal sum will answer
well for siding and roof, provided it
will give an even surface. Cracks
ami crevices must be avoided, as t ley
make   ideal   abodes   feir  insect   vermin.
I suggest iln- floor ui be nf boards
(teengui' anil groove), with a 3 ply tar
fell beneath. It should In- raised a
been! six inches from the ground, thus
preventing expansion ami contraction
through weather changes, A shingled
roof will prove by tar the nmst saiis
factor) and when well laid and paint-
eel with a gineii preservative, will lasl
feet many \iars Kavc troughs are
imt absolute!) necessary yel desirable,
whether same are used nr lint, it is
important I" prevent any water fmni
settling around the house. Stagnant
water is a disease breeder anil lliere-
fnre dangerous tn health. Otitic s
goes hand in hand wiih sanitation,
An ordinary sized window will I,
sufficient f"f a house' 8 by S net. It
should be' i'i double sash, thus allowing  of  opening  ami  closing  at   will
II sheiuld extend tn within one ineel
of the floor, sn as tn allow all sunshine piissiblr i.i penetrate well into
the house. If the window is placed
Inn high il will prevent the full benefit nf the sun's rays during thc winter
months, when its position al this periled is hew sunshine is a great purifier
and d'tsease destroyer; sei allow as
much   of   it   as   possible,      Remember.
lieewever. that too much glass is unsatisfactory. The door and window
will be placed according to location
of house which should bc either si null
or east. Costs nf construction is a
matter eif individual consideration;
avoid undue expense, hut see that thc
liniise is substantially built and absolutely air tight mi three sides. All air
admitted must be supplied through
thc front of the house.
Motion Picture Exhibitions
The following postcard has come In
nur unl ice and the suggest inn contained therein has nur heartiest support. Nearly a year ago this paper
took up this matter in its columns
and has all along heen trying In have
justice done to the moving picture
exhibitors nf this city and province,
These men are having tn pay very
heavy licenses and are entitled tn this
consideration asked fnr from the government. We believe in having a
censor, if that  office  is  filled by an
Awaits those who are prepared to accept their business opportunity
when it presents itself.   Hundreds of
Will present themselves in the great revival of business following thi.
war. If ynu air nisi, you will get your training pnw and be ready
im   ymir opportunity,
Our Winter Term Opens Monday, Jan. 4
Se,. iis aboul it NOW.     The information e-.,sts ynu nothing.
Success Business College
E. Scott Baton, B.A., Principal
Fairmont 2075 VANCOUVER, B.C.
Phone Seymour 1946
Miss HILDA A. POMEROY, Principal
Certificated at the Board of Education, England.
Trained at Bishop Otter College. Sussex.
Associate of Arts at Oxford University.
Certificated at Trinity College of Music���Piano and Harmony.
English Literature and Science Distinctions at Examination.
ALL ELEMENTARY STUDIES (Preparatory and otherwise).
NEEDLEWORK (Plain and Eancy).
MATHEMATICS.    Matriculation Syllabus, London University.
BOTANY AND NATURE STUDY.    With Microscopy if desired.
LANGUAGES (By arrangement)
ENGLISH LITERATURE (Poetry and Prose).
Pupils of any age prepared in any of the above suhjects, by arrangement, DAY or EVENING.
Parents are requested to call in person and interview Miss Hilda A.
Pomeroy, Principal English Collegiate School
Burrard School (or Girls
Miss B. II. CARTMILL, Principal.
FOR  TERMS,  Telephone  Seymour   1847, or vail  in  person.
Court of  Revision of
Assessment Roll
lhat the Court of Revision of Assessment
Roll fot thih Corporation will be held at thr
Municipal Hall, South Vancouver, on the
28th day of April. 1915. at 10 a.m., for the
purpose of hearing all complaints against
thr 1915 assessment, ah made hy the Ahkchboi
of  Municipality  of  South   Vancouver.
Property owners who have noi yet received their notice of ajiHenHment can. hy
applying to the Assessor'* Office, receive a
duplicate of .same.
Any person having a complaint against
such anHes��ment musl give written notice
thereof to the Assessor, Btating the reason
of such complaint, at least ten days previous
to the date of thc sittings of the Court of
C. M.  C.
Cor. 30th Avenue and Main Street
Commonable Halt for oublie meetings,   dances,  etc.,  to  Let
34 32nd Avenue
intelligent and competent official, but
if the exhibitors e��i Vancouveer Fetil
that an appeal board is necessary tee
give them a square deal, then we fail
to sec why the government, after
charging these nien such large license
fees tis they do, should eibject to this
request. Thc following is the post
card referred to:
"Believing (after two years' experience) the manner ol censoring Films
in this Province, tis exercised by the
present  incumbent erf thc office, to be
entirely  too severe,  thereby  denying
vein  the privilege Of witnessing ;i  huge
number oi beautiful productions that
otherwise would be sheevn. we proposed tn the Government, tis a remedy
that they appoint an Appeal Board ol
three, composed of eme representative each from ihe Province, tht City
nf Y.'iue-e nicer and the Exhibitors' Association, to reconsider ;tll films rejected or cut by the censor, their judgment to be final. In view of the fact
ihat it is to mir interests to pie.vide
geieed clean entertainment, dee you ron-
-iilcr this suggestion unreas enable?
Yet tbe present Government lias refused our request. If you arc in sympathy with our position antl views in
Can  supply  your  needs  at  right
(Right  at   Station)
One  cent  per  Fowl,  per  Wwk
Poultry   Keepers
will get best results from constant
use of
Poultry Spice
A  Hen 'tonic, Pick-me-up and
Once Tried Always Used I
Guaranteed   to  produce   results,   if
fed   according   to   directions   (in
every sack)
3 lb. sack, 45c.    6V2 lb. sack, 90c.
100 lb.  sack,  $12.00
Manufactured in Vancouver.    Sold
(his matter, kindly sign name and ad-
dress on the reverse side of this card,
anel leave in the box office;.���B. C.
Moving Picture Exhibitors' Association." SATURDAY. APRIL 24.  1915
18th and Main Street
The New  Serial
"THE $20,000,000 MYSTERY"
H.   H.   D��AN,   Proprietor
All the Latest in Motion Pictures
Glazed Cement
Sewer Pipe
Is the choice of property owners in
every cily where its value has been
demonstrated. It gives good service
and lias durability.
Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe Co.
155 FRONT STREET WEST Phone Fairmont 122
 Mrs.  Mouat
1 le I.I vel l'itz-1 lammond	
 Mrs.   Mel.ean
 Mrs,  Prowse
Smith, President 	
,.. Mrs. Esslemont
Dav. Treasurer	
 Mrs.   1 lunter
Gray, Seen tary  	
 Mrs.   Furniss
.... Mrs,   Pettigrew
Dale, Suffragette 	
 Mis. Mitchell
Pones.... Mrs. Cleland      .Irs.
iwell. ..Mrs.   Cartier
Bruce. Mrs.  W Iford     Mrs.
Kane.. .. Mrs.   Shirley
Mrs.   Hammond
Wi-e                         Mrs.
u'k.... Mi-s   sullie
Mi-s M. McDonald     Mrs.
.te. . . Mrs.   Mathers
White...Mrs,    i-'ra-.r      Mrs.
irris.. Mr-.  Stevens
Hoy! Mrs,   Bell     Mrs,
Growler, Mrs.   Taylor
Miss   McDonald
Bain Mrs.  Fenton     Mrs,
iberts.. Mi--   \\ ard
Green's Maid  	
Assisted by
,.. Miss  1 lammond
Mrs. Stirling, Miss Burnett
i--  Mathers
allel    Ml.    He 'be 1 !
(Three blocks   south   o'  Municipal  Hall)
Westminster  Church
THURSDAY, APRIL 29th, 1915
An Old Time Ladies' Aid Business Meeting
at Mohawk Crossroads
Scene: Mrs. Green's Living Room
�� !,
Pantages Theatre
U   hat      1-       e      ,,e.e,;,
act in vaudeville
iee n n. ��� ���
tre.    Harrj   Tn, -     M
made  milliim,  ul  people    laugh    the
world over, and that the
tch  ml!  i., ike   Vane mvi i
by   the   whirlwinds    ei   mirth     |
�� hile th.   ict is on thi  it
I'i     .111.1     S.erreeVV.     , , |
automobiling with it- consequent embarrassments.     Fivi    English    come-
dt.eii-   n n   :���,.,, ,yj
sketch .e' thi   Pantagi -. and they have
pee nil,   chosen   ai   |,
handle   ihi        rious  i    ���      ', r   sitieli. -
They   are.   th,    mme   a-   In
him through the press, but bc it
: table time
ce,uncil  being taken  up ley  mi
elle  a-   this���stuff  that  was   old  and
hael no bearing 'en the municipality's
ei   the  pre ie
The audience at thii  time
an uproar, tome were cheerini
^   and   pandemonium re igned  supn
stated  that I
:������        '    �� ':.,���    WOUl
"i   opportunil pbell hi r.    ib-1
,,>1 in, abjection to
binson if he' ip
��� .     iubjeel
erything in "Odd  Hit-    I  Vaudevi ul he' wouhl not  lit
gljng e     ' -     .,' '      ' e      e ,,1 '|,;. |||,    ,    |   | |;   _. ||
Vaudeville       Meant
E.  D.   Graham,   Resident  Managw
Phone Seymour 3406
ml  ir,'   -
appearing   in   London   and   thi
ol Greal  Britain for ihe past  levi ra:
years.     \-   the  added
'lie-  bill  thii  week, J, linsoi .  Howard
.ami I.isi. tie. tin- Thr, e Dusty Roaels.'
'''���    '-" ing        it   amusing
tion of tumbling . nd    crobatii - while
carrying  ��� n dialogui   w ith  mi il  am
azing   raniditj.    Tl esi    thret
diani   all   appear   in   ludicrous   hobo
make-up.    Earl Tayli r and Etl
nohl.   Mr.   Tailor   at   tin    piano,   anel
Miss Taj '������ r doing most of the singing, ar,   offering   in artistic Huh' novelty  called  "Sot g  Conceptions."  Thi
Mi  Curtis   ind  lie 1 ard, the   "Twee
Pel - ii ality I'.irl-." deliver tin
ol -nr i   .'.   -  ng    md dances which
South   Hill   Palace of  Varieties
\ stirring time and a spli ndid pn -
ammi   ���������  I" ing  offered the
i this popular pi.
1 In ' mntry itore is being made more
and more attractive and on Monday
and Saturday ei i nil I   n this pop
ular item is -.ti the- crowd can
I        in inagenn nl   it   adding   some
, cry spi
tin ise �� ii" arc not yel n gular pati i ns
-   : ,|   attracti ms   ��ill   appeal
��� d   Mr    Roi nis"ii   was    in
anel    11.eliel:   -
e propi        urt foi  such
Mr.   Reinii -  n   ci ntinuil ������
Mr.   Kirkland,   l! rj   i if    the
trd,  was present, anel ii hi
had   the   minute   b."ek   with   him,   to
which reply wai made that the -
tary  wai mei pn -���
K'ee 11   t'.e.hl   wanted  tee know   ��h)
tin-   secretary   anel   the   iniuute    ;
wai ���   '��� prei
Chairman Whelpton of the school
he,an! replieel that certain procedure
was   necessary   before   any   or   every-
5  ���   OTHER   GREAT  ACTS   ���  5
Three   shows   daily    2.45.   7.20.   9.1J
Admission���Matinees,     15c.;     nights,
15c and 25c; boxes, 50c.
P P Hy")
anel convince them  that this place is body would hai'- access I ��� thi   -
worthy  their    future  patronage    and board         I                       ecretarj   was
irt,     For  an   hour's   pu             n not  in  the  habit  of running  all  over
and    inter.!.. ���       i   lertainment    this the  municipality  with   the  lee,ok-  un-
can he recommended as one of der his arm.
the besl  and  stand?  comparison  with      Reeve Gold suggested that the 1 k
any  and   all    of    thc  playl n  i  being here, it  showed '
Kiuhlislvd 1893- %1    '. **'**$& Srr*it
New Lorswicm,  1049 Geotoi* Street, opponte new
. Y. M.C. A.
Flfeptool Cclumlnnu
'���y and Misfit
Editor l/IIIN'oi IK:
,,        ��.       ,     ,        ...       , . ,  ,  ]    At a   ii.' i ting   lielel  Ul
...Dear.?,rH"  lasl   ' '"���';-���   "'fht'f   - ia,  it ,
" ������' le���� from   Victoria in thi
certain   things   they  didn't   want
Councillor   Mien  agaii     I |i :l ���'.  I
bul    Rei	
stated  In.  presumed  that   Mr.   Robinson   would  keep  I     matters  affect  ig eai  him, so 1 me before
the   estimates.    Councillor  Alien   was  the pi                    lies    statements and
ir,,  to be dowt                               ex-j let the m  hear I  i              thing.
. d: "I  want ele-iimi,   sl .'��� mi ti -.          -Trusti ���    ilorris         thi
Will   battle   for   the   Minto   Cup   this
At a  meeting  hehl in  Vicl  ri    last']   won't  have any  more of 'iii-  pre- board     eri that hi   was
uming;  thi pari d to
iirn.il    men
.   VV.   A.   Pritchard,   secretary   i     .,.,,,.   ,
ai   'e
play   for   all   tin :��� '
��� e  up ta,' Minto Cup,
Municipal  Hall  Entertainment
Special   Attractions  This   Week   ��
Councillor  I
r for a ruling
i Continue >'  fn itn  page   I)
n Vi
\ ui'.: ol pe rmattcnt tracks
ia Road.
The industry. e>( producing crude
oil, ainl the refining of the same in
Hritish Columbia, is a very important one. so much so that the Do-
initiiein Government niter a bonus ol
1 1-2 cents per gallon for "il produced in Canaela. This fact alone
sinews that it is important thai we
Canadians get busy and develop the
resources oi emr own country for undoubtedly w'e have iii Canada and in-
(lecel riuiu here' iu our own fair province sonic oil fields that the^ best
experts in Canaela and the United
States have pronounced as being
worthy of development,
When ii  is known'that we spend in
Canada   untold   tnilliems  annually   for
crude oil,  gasoline, coal oil,  lubricating oils  and  all  thc other  many byproducts derived  from crude oil, and
that   practically   all   of   this   product
is   produced   outside  oi   Canada   and
that all of this  money  is being continually sent out  of Canada  when  by
an  expenditure  oi  certain  sums  within  our  own  province  we  could  produce a  great  portion of this  cru
and thereby enrich our provii
ourselves, ii does sei m a< if ihi
Companies  who are  -cllitii:  stock,  lhe
money  from  which  s-tlc' wouhl  |
dei etop   our   own   ��� il   fields,   ���
have th,' first consideration when Ct
nadian-   are   .>pcn   for   investment   in
I slteck of thi- nature.
In place of this we find thousands
of dollars being invested in American
companies.      Keep  your   money  for
| Canadian investment, and thereby enrich our own country. The Columbia
Oil Company. Limited, is one eef
thesi Canadian companies that are
now giving yen an oportunity of
purchasing shares in an oil field
where thev have already spent over
$50,000 and have got oil of a parafin
base. The company wish to drill 4
..r 5 wells this summer, put ill tanks
(for the}' know thev have the oil.
having drilled for it and geet oil at
610 ii. t. and again at 1200 feet) and
possibly refine it at their own camp.
Their advertisement appears em another page of this issue. Patronize
home industry and buy your shares
from this company���and buy quickly.
Mr. Thos. I.e Messurier, 623 Rich.
arils street. Vancouver, B.C., is the
fiscal   agent  for   this   local   company.
Cedar  Cottage  Meeting
A meeting will be held this week
for the purpose of organizing a base-
lull and lacros-e' team for the coming
-eason  which  will  be entered  in  the
South Vancouver League.   Then   \> iii
bi   some strong  team- in  tht   league
;���  will keep the  Cottagers busy
i,i field their strongesl line-up ii thej
to  be   in   the  running.
th.   Socialist  Partj  Exi of B.fi
��� mg   an   apology   Per  a   state-      .... ,       ,   ������
inert   purporting  to be  made  by  me!.   ' '',"   salmol,b   '
al   .   Lib,     '     linker (    the effect that   ''-   becaus,e   Con  Junes    ���   go
"Ther,   wi r,   two paid      i I  the  :i
Goi ( mment i ngagi ei to pul Socialist
and Lab i ndidati s in i n ttioii,
the resull i hii ii thi ri wen now
a full  in ket in Vancouvi ���
N'ow, sir, as I hai    n     . copj
eef any contract i if tin re i- one I �� ith
these  two agents,   I   could  nol  h    -
pi sitii i   in  n j   state ment,    I f the re
porter   had   put   the   prelude   i i   tin
itati it
so harsh.    I  still  reiteral i um ��� :���
is   going   around   anel    iron:   what    I
"i   the   Socialist     pan...
1903  to   1907,   when   thej   gave   their
supporl   t.e  the   Mi Bride  g .i  mment.
I am incline tl I    believi Pn t ious
i"  191 3 : in ",   was a plank in the Se
cialist platform which it  thi
signed resignation of candidates would
be' in the hands of tin executive and
al any time hi was ordered to step
down by thai body he would dee so
feerthw ith. Tluy all agre ed to that
clause, but immediately aftei ��� 1903
election, ��e find the B. (' exe ���
of the S ' tialisl party mei ting in Van-;
couver passing a resolution the wording of which nas. "Thai on ing : -
the   unique   position   tl e      n i i   ment
Were    ill,    We ,    tlle'     li.    C.     ExCCUtil e     I   i
the Socialist Party fi Canaela do wave
thai particular plank referring to the
resignation of members." and thn n
oul the whole four sessions till 1907
they gave their slavish supporl to the
Conscrvatii e government. I '���
the measures which not their stipp
was the franchise or election act,
through which anel by the Socialist
candidates in twenty-one doubtful
Conservatives constituencies in 190,
election the governmenl was returned
by an increased majority, bul the' Socialist -Pe. nl the same' as before, and
after they ware' cast aside, as McBride couhl elo without  their support.
The Governmenl also brought d \
the workmen's compensation act, fathered I believe by .1. II. Hawthorn-
waite, which was kneewu to be- of very
little value al the time, bul which
continued to remain on the statutes
since then, and is in force al tin
senl time, but W. .1. Bowser fii
the electors worked up against the
government, finds il convenienl
the eleventh hour to bring down another compensation ae't which he savs
will alleviate all thc troubles of the
presenl act. This is a bati ' thi
weerk,.rs to swallow, and again in 1904
a hill ��as broughl ele �� n gii hif llu
Columbia and VVesli rn Railw ij Co.,
which i- owned by Ihi C P R . 808.-
(KX) acre- of land which they had no
right to, but ilu' Socialist . membi rs
who preached from every platform in
the country for the preservation of
the resi urces for the people, gavi
their solid support to the government,
I might no .ni indefinitely showing
the' collusion between the Socialists
and Conservatives in these years, and
as the opportunity offers, can be done
The lasl part of Mr. Pritchard's letter is unworthy ,,f notice.    It seems
this   pres in   tin     council     all ind said that  the
r; fri im now ot s to money beit g  misap-
' ss pri sun ii .��� " plied
"Pn suming    by   who?"    -' tl        T : Spencer
R binson   taking   his   -        after   the
"By  y u.  Ri evi   Gold;  s reevi   had  aski ���!  that  he  (the  i
���   and  the  two   ['"itzgi ial.;  i.e.,    tin   tinu   pri get j be ..f all
rges brought 1
local  pi I C Ulen. |        .-     ' ...,���    over  a
��� ������ the
we hope that thi     ' ���       ��� stimates    which    Coui
ng has e     ipbell had ��� t in the
back  thc old mug of  whu';   Capitals      I llor C mpbell  movei ..   .     .   Robins n regime
l    ��� tied  I lie-school board.
it u Ri evi   Gold rc-
thi    formi ting   l 13-2 ised to  pul  tin   moti m,  claim
��� ,   ; tit of e rdi K ib-
I    ��� '     '
will make   tl
en and
-    .   ca
Councillor   Alii n  said
ild   l
to whe:
Re binsi n  i hat it was
spen!  in !::- time but a.
ned  and  w lien  Councillor  Camp-
r of the b- a
busi .   - -.  thei
> . ��� lanatii in  fn im
��� 11 as to i
Mr.   I lubbai author
ity it 1        ������       lone.
eii   his   aul '      i   :he
: liscussi       I pi
this and i: was    grei
tion   consisting   of ,-e     wilh
Councillors   Russell,   Welsh
len   wait   upon   the   gem r tl   managi r
of the  Ik  C   Electric and try  to arrange for ilii- work to be' done.
A letter was read from the Automobile Club of Vancouver suggesting
that .i strong delegation be' sent iron:
the' council to act with the Auto Club
and other boi interest d, to '
ieer a definite promise from tl
p.i ri \-i Min ral re having the work on
River Road completed and thus supplying relief work to mat ��� un
employed  nnn  of  tl          it ie ipality.
This  communicati en   was  I: id
for further consideration.
Tin   council  nexl   pri iceeded I
instate the set ��� ral eni| i ntly
uspi .i.i' d  bj   Ke t . ���   Gi Id.    Tl     Il!< -
tie,n  foi   reinstatement  car rii
mously, the reeve    mlj    bji
The   cheque  bylaw,   inte du
the pur|   -���        illoi ing clu qui - pe be
signed bj   anj   two ol  tl
and the municipal clerk, w as
i i ipti '1  by  the  c uncil  unanimouslj
the reel e.    i 11 iurse, objectit
Motii ns   wen   put  and    .        i  unanimously  atlon ing   for  tl k  to
bi   pri ici edi d wil    as s            i
is ai lilable, foi the wide nit -    I Commercial    Street,    from    l\ ill
.Milt Al e line.
(en in     'i He'':.'        :���   up
and  w ith  a  ie w   aid ral ere  ac
cented .iiuI passed bj   ,:
The council adj un   i   al 12 30 p.m
t,e iiie et again     i Moi
The n
ire    nd lis
.....        ,;  .      istei ' ' ere  :    was
Council! er   R iss il   here       ft     I R'
whole  proce i dings.
Councillor  I       pbell   i
Gold - ii.'. "Mr. Rob- nsi ling      ,:: mo-
floor and 1 ng to  tions   which i r  the
I out of order, :;-.   meet-
Spencer  Robinson  here  -'.-.
.   i   thai the   c mncil did i ' y at 2 p.m.
Ihis  and thai   Councillor
Pampbell took u:
an usual thing for a Socialist  to hurl:
challenges t"    public speakers at ev-j
erj-   opportunity,   everywhere,   but   it
Is like the top of a glass of beer, it is1
all   froth,  and   when   I   review   in  my
mind  one  ��� <t"   tin.se  debates,   which   f
had  the  honor of arranging  on    the
solicitation  of   Mr.   l'arker  Williams,
between   himself  and     Mr.     William
Blakemore e.i Victoria. I am convinced   that  all   the  Socialist   doctrines   e-
nunciated by the B. t.'. propagandists
have  been  exploded.
X iw,   Mr.   Editor,   1   could not  answer    Mr.    Pritchard    through    the
, "Journal."  as  it  has  been   suspended,
aiiel will ask you to insert this in yur
' valued columns.
Thanking y.eu in anticipation.
Yours, etc.,
April  21,   1915.
The' Council mel  ag tin    n   M
morning to take up thc busim ss I
eever  from  the adjourned  meeting  of
Friday  night.      The'  land    all iti
scheme   or  back   t.e  the   land   moie-
' ment.   as   the   reeve      �� is   pleaSI d   to
> call it. wa- under discussion and  the
council   attempted   to   devise   a   plan
to   carry   out   this  work.     After   con-
iderable discussion it was finally lefl
KODAKS from $7.00
AI! necessan   mati
BROWNIES from $1.25
for the besl pit tin  - al
J. M. WHITE, Pharm.  B.
Let u- 'i" your developing Wi   give   free   cnlargi
Cedar Cottage and B. C. Electric
These' teams played a tied garni in
the charity cup final Wednesday night
al Powell Sniei grounds. It was a
very f.i-t game and ended in a draw
2-2. The game will be replayed on
Monday  night  al  5.45,  Pone
gre unils.
with the solicitor to draw up a proper motion to be submitted to the
council at a later par! of the meeting,
but in the confusion anel dis >rdi r
which latterly toeik place this motion
was apparently lost sight of.
Ti:,' school board extraordinary estimates were nexl to be considered,
but never reached the stage of consideration. Mr. Spencer Robinson, who
!had taken his place at the solicitor's
desk, asked to be' allowed to address
the council and his request was im-
tnediatelj   granted  by   Reeve  Gold.
Councillor Stanley  objected  : i this
request,  claiming  that he understood!
Mr.  Robinson had intended going over   matter-   extending'   from   1��1J   and
1913  down,  ami   claiming  that    this
j council   had  no  time  to  listen  tee  ..hi
: -tuff of this kind.    If Mr.  Robinson
j had any  cause  for which  he  desired
redress, he had the proper courts  to
apply to
Mr.   Robinson  began  to  read  from
a bunch of manuscript lie held in his I
hand, when  Councillor   Ulen  rose  I
ibj'ect, stating that  he eliel not know
Street j Spencer Robinson, never had met him
personally,   and   had   only   heard     of
Milk, Cream, Butter & Buttermilk
Phone Fairmont 1934 SIX
SVIVKDAY. APRIL 24, 1<��15
in the house and unexpected company
will be ever welcome - - - it only takes a
minute to prepare.
10c   -   3 for 25c
At all good grocers
Must Be Sold
No Reserve
FIXTURES -   -   - $2.50 Up
:-: :-: NO INTEREST :-: :-.
Show Cases and Fixtures
160 Hastings St. West
Phone Seymour 2173
Tungsten Lamps  25c Each
(Continued from page 1)
why declare their in esitie ms vacant?
If they lire' not efficient, why ask thein
to apply again? As to economy, it
must be remembered that their wagea
had previously been reduced considerably; and if in the opinion of the
reeve the reduction had not been sufficient, why declare the positions vacant in order to induce them tee accept
a still further reduction? The more
you look at the proposed reseilutieen
the more it convinces that neither
efficiency nor economy had any influence with the reeve when he instructed Mr. Seymour tei type it out.
Then what did influence hint? Either
a personal spite against the men concerned or a desire tei make vacancies
for bis supporters. There is no other
-caseenable  explanation.
That Eddie does allow personal
spile te, actuate him in his actions was
forcibly demonstrated in his treatment of Mr. Burgess of the engineering department. And that he docs
not care who suffers so long as he
"gets a bit e,f his own back" is evi-
elent. Mr. Hurgess was among the
municipal cmphiyees laid off eighteen
month age). Shortly afterwards his
laughter was taken seriously ill and
was ordered to Tranquille Sanatorium. Later she was brought home
incurable and after a lingering illness
died. .Neiw, anyone whei has expcri-|
ence 'it sickness, death and unemployment at the same time know* how
iem's resources arc depleted. And it
was so with Mr. Hurgess. Consequently he was unable tee pay the account of the sanitorium, which was
in due course forwarded tei the municipality, and the council, knowing the
circumstances, ordered tlie account
Later still, Mr. Burgess vvas, again
taken em in the engineering department. Hut, as is always the ease
after a spell of unemployment and
sickness fol.leiwcd by death, it takes
a long time to pull round and tee get
once more free of debt. So it has
been with Mr. Hurgess. Unfurtun-
ately eir fortunately Mr. Hurgess happens to be a brother-in-law by marriage of Police Commissioner Lewington. And Eddie Gold has his
knife in Lewington for opposing him
on the police commission. Sei. being
informed pf the relatieenship between
Mr. Hurgess and the police ceimmia-
sienier, Eddie, as reeve, held up
Mr. Burgess's pay cheque and refused to sign it until the sanitorium
account was paid. In vain did Mr.
Burgess promise to pay the account
off at so much per month. Eddie
weiuld have Iiis peiund of flesh, and he
did neit hesitate to inform Mr. Hurgess that as he could not "get at"
Police Commissioner Lewington direct  he  would  "get  at"  him  threiugh
his brother-in-law. What more evi-
dence does eme require e.f the lengths
Eddie will go t.i vent a personal
* �� ��
And as tee finding jobs for supporters, was neit A. C. Kudland appointed mechanic-chaffeur? And did not
Eddie admit in open council that Kudland was an eild acquaintance and supporter? And what about Hobson and
a number of others one might mention? Did not T. Rackncr, the man
who stood near the reeve on the
night of the notorious council meeting "tei protect the reeve," did not he
secure a plumbing job at the Hall,
without tenders being called for?
* * *
It has been asked what necessity
there is for Reeve Gold to employ a
private secretary? And it may be
answered with truth���to write letters
and reports feir newspapers, with a
Gold bias; to 'draw up resolutions
for Women Voters' League and other
meetings: and tei prepare petitions
for submissiein to the council. Because, cunning as thc reeve and his
secretary may be. one little point is
usually overlooked ��� municipal stationery is used on each occasion,
Verb. sap.
Platform of the Liberal Party of
British Columbia, upon which
they will shortly make their
Appeal to the People
These are Concrete Statements of the hopes and plans of
Mr. H. C. Brewster, the Liberal Leader of the Province
Tin following li thr put form <>f
tha Liberal party of hriitsh Columbia* which principles nrt pladffc our-
M'lu'H Lo bring intn operation irbsn
���lectod to power.
i.���Pvee  ".ihhI"   for  Vettlen���Veae
mi    *-1*��-in Iii!ors
(a) We believe  thai  sericulture]
I nnd  .should   be disposed  ol' only on
euoh   .conditions  m  will   Innure  its  vular periodical system
continuous use 'ind occupation.        , buiion.
(b) We Will utilize a* far rh prac- ;     <>>)   Wc arc  pledged SS a paitv   t
Unable  the  resources of the  I'rov-  provlds for  the   equal  suffrage
tnoe   in  developing and   making ac-   women   with   men.
certs I ble   the  agricultural   and   other
latent   wealth   of   thc   Province   by
good roadn or waler communication
where necessary.
(c) Free homesteads to actual net-
tlera Holders of pre-emptions to be
given   benefit  of  this  provision.
(d) Advances to settlers on easy
terms to assist In clearing, dyking,
irrigation and other permanent Improvements.
(e) Surveys of all acoeslblfl agricultural   lands   to   be   rapidly   completed   and   survey   sheets   and   all
necessary   Information   to   be   made  s���Labor���Workmen'.* Compensation
easily   available   to   the   public. , without   l.ltigutlun.
(f) Settlement   en  bloc   to  be  en-'     (H)  The creating   Of  a Provincial
couraged by the removal of reserves   department of  Labor and free  Gov-
whlch scatter population and great-   ernment   labor   buroaus.
ly increase the cost of roads, schools       (i)(  ^   thorough   and   frequent ln-
(d) Thi-    pr.H.ii!      IchOOl      .->-!' in
bean unjustly on tattlers In unorganised districts ami ihould be Im*
ni- dlately adjust* d,
(e) All political partisanship
���bould ba ellmnated irom ih< Education  depart ment.
(a) Personal registration and t�����-
f   redistri-
tai Exemption of Impri
on all lands paying taxei
Provincial Government
(b) A readjustment of the system
Of luxation whereby the province
will receive a fairer proportion of
the  u mar ned Increment
(c) Immediate reform of the pie-
Bent costly, cumbersome and inequitable system of collecting
school taxes In unorganized districts.
and   other   necessary   facilities.
(g)  No public lands for the speculator.
(a)  Co-operation with the Dominion  Government  in  securing  all-rail
connection     between
systems   of   Vancou v
���peotlon of all industrial premises
to insure health, sanitation and
(c) The   complete   prohibition  of
child labor  In  factories and  shops.
(d) The     establishment     by     the
the    railway I Government of a permanent Endus-
Island    and    trial    Insurance    Commission,    Inde-
the   railway   systems   of   the   main-   pendent   of   politics.     This commls-
land. ' sion   to   have  full charge of a   sys-
lb) The construction of a line j tem providing positive compensa-
owned and controlled by the (Jov- tjnn to employees for Injury re-
ernmeni to give direct communica- [ ^Ived during employment, without
Hon by the best route as to grades recourse to litigation, and giving
and distances between the Slmllka- employers the benefit of accident
meen and other interior points and j insurance at minimum cost.
the  coasl. <0) T|ie   extension   of   the   Wurk-
(c) The   husbanding   of   the   Pro- | men*a Compensation Act lo cover al!
vinclai   credit   to   assist   lines   that   hasardous employments.
will   open   up   new   territory. (f> Tho   payment    of     wagea   at
(d) We  oppose  Provincial  credit  jeftB|  fortnightly.
and reserve  being wasted  in  parall-        #   j  .(.ho       minimum      wage,      the
eight-hour day and six-day week
on all public and Government-aided
�����oriental    Immigration.
eling existing  lines.
<e)  Abolition  of  the     system     of
giving away Crown lands for town-
sites,   free   of   taxation   and   under <
railway  control.
(1) All franchises for the construction, operation, and ownership
or leasing of (Jove rnmenl -aided
roads to be open for public competition.
(g) The Province to co-operale
with the Dominion in aiding highway construction.
(lit The prevention of over-capl- !
lalizatlon   of   railways.
(i)   Aid    to   railways   not   to   ex-
reed   what   Is   reasonably   necessary I
to   secure   construction.
(j) Freight, passenger and express rates and telegraph tolls of all
Govern ment-a Ided roads lo be under the Jurisdiction of the Dominion
I tai I way  om mission.
(k) With a view to meeting the
demand for the transportation of
grain from Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Immediate construction
of  Government-owned   elevators.
(a> We stand for a white British
Columbia and advocate continuously increasing stringency in Immigration laws until this result is attained, and the total exclusion of
Orientals from  the Province.
lh) We Insist on enforcing strict
sanitary  regulations   In   congested
in���i:\teiiMion   of   Municipal
(a) Increase ol" local control In
municipal  matters.
(b) Election of license and police
commissioners   by   popular vote.
n i'uidle   Owaeealilp   of   Utilities.
We adhere to the principles of
public ownership of all public utilities,    the    llmltatl r   terms   of
franchise to coi pora ib, renewing
the  same if  in the  public   Interest
on   equitable   terms.
Lg���Loeal Control of Muuor TraMe*
:i���'limber ((l) The  compete   removal   of the
(a)  We  condemn  without  reserve ' liquor question from  party   politics.
the   wholesale  disposal     of     timber;      (b) Control of the traffic by munl-
lands lo speculators which has been 1 clpallties,  or   in   unorganised   lerrl-
the only  timber policy of the pres- j tory,   in  locally   elected   authorities.
(e) The adoption of a local op-
lion  law.
(d) The regular Inspection of all
liquor offered   for  sale.
13 I'Mlllle    AtTOUIltN
We Insist on providing for an ab
solulely   independent   public   Auditor-General, appointed and controlled   absolutely  by  the  Legislature.
14���Plehery control
(a) Immediate steps to restore
the fishing industry to white fishermen.
<b> The protection Of British Columbia fisheries from foreign poachers by the adequate polking of
Canadian waters.
IH���Protection of Witter Supply
The retention of all timber lands
on watersheds tributary to cities,
(owns   and   municipalities,   and   the
ent   Government.
(b) Tlie survey, cruising and val-
uatlon of timber lanos     y  the Government   before  alienation,   and   the
disposal  of all  such   lands  by  public;
competition   to  actual   users.
(c) Improved methods of prevent- '
lag timber waste, and systematized j
(d) Hand loggers' licenses to be
granted   where  conditions demnnd.
le) Stability of tenure, Crown
dues and ground rents to be tlxed
for definite periods.
���I���Public   Protection   In    ItcNpcct   to
(a) Coal lands nol lo be alienated, but teased under conditions to
be fixed periodically by the Legislature.
(bi Wherever pracllcable and necessary,   Government    operation    of
with   a   view   to   the   protection   of
the consuming   public.
5��� Practical     Kducntlon.
(a) We recommend the appointment of a representative advisory
board in educational matters, such
as  exists  in all  other provinces.
(b) The present school curriculum Is so overloaded with subjects
as to render thorough education In
any   branch  impossible.
(c) The increase of manual and
agricultural training. (Establishment of an efficient system of technical schools.
From these FIRMS
���ii rt [sh i" dispose tit youi Fur-
Stock ����r Fixtures by Vuctfoa
best .advantage, consult
coal mines to be at once undertaken   recovering   by   the   Government   of
the  present alienated  properties.
HI���Torrent.   System   of   Hi-mlMratloti
of Titles
The present system of land registration is expensive and cumbersome and we pledge ourselves to th'}
adoption of the Torrens system of
titles and the reduction of registration   fees.
17���\ini-I'a rfl xan rii 11 Service
The organization of the Civil Service Commission for both Inside and
outside service, so that appointments will be based on fitness and
not  on  partisan  services.
| Auctioneers,   who
ii*'ii and cash daj
I and Valuatii mi I*
guarantee   latisfac-
of talc.    Estimates
ee,    I'Ipme Sev. 507
From The Family Butcher
at the Sanitary Shop today.
Telephone  Fairmont  1634
Anderson's Market
J. E. Anderson,  Prop.
That helps protect your home in
war time and a?t force them out
of busineBi jy buying from the
Main St. Fish Market
Phone Seymour 3111
Furniture  Bought   for   Spot   Cash
A TELEPHONE Fair. 720 for
No order too large or too small for
prompt service
Creamery Co.
(iur Ice Cream cannol lee' bast.
"ur Blttter is of the best quality.
Our Factor} i- the cleanest in the
city. Xe. hands touches our Butter
as it is all wrapped and i>nt up in 1-lb.
Furniture, Piano Moving and Expreaa Work.
Work promptly attended to and our pricea
are   right. Phone:   FAIRMONT  (01
Doctor of Electricity
yean'     experience     Removing
Diseases  and  their   Cauaea
Appointments can be made for Treatment in
your own home.
Terms  oh  Application
Residence:    3837    MAIN    STREET
(Cor.  22nd  Avenue  Weat)
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Right
NLY     THE     BEST     OF
Telephone Expansion
An   encouraging  note  is   struck  in
this  issue  of  "Telephone  Talk."    the
.magazine published hy the B. C. Telephone  Company.    It  points  out   that
net increases in the number of subscribers took place in March, as compared with February, in Vancouver
antl Victoria, as well as in several ot
the smaller exchanges of the company. A net gain is also noted for
the province as a whole. This weiuld
indicate that the province has resumed
its forward march.
That steady expansion is expected
is further shown by the announcement that the telephone company has
in hand estimates of $32,796 in Vancouver; $1,790 in North Vancouver;
$22,145 in Victoria, and $5,750 in Nanaimo, as well as improvements in hand
at Courtenay and Ladysmith. During  the  past  few  months  the  B.   C.
elepbone Company has been perfecting   its    equipment     wherever    tests
showed that improvement! could be
made and also has been doing work
e>n many of its exchange buildings so
that everything will he maintained .tl
that point of excellence for which the
company   strives.
Vancouver Creamery Co.
We   had     the     pleasure   of     going
through   the    Vancouver    Creamery
Co.'s factory and noticed everything
was done by machinery and in the
cleanest manner possible. We advise
anyone wanting ice Cream. Butter.
etc., to try their goods as they are
of the best and cleanest in the city.
All the latest machinery has been put
in to do the work see as tee insure
cleanliness   and   purity   in    all      their
6404 MAIN ST. (Cor. 50th)
Give us a trial and be convinced of
quality and quantity. All Orders
promptly delivered. Try our special
Ceylon Tea. Leave your address and
have our solicitor call for your order.
EVERY Man should patronize
Antiseptic Cleaning
and Pressing Co.
Manager - F.   W.   RIOBY
2900   MAIN   ST.   (Cor.   13th   Ave.)
Guaranteed Best Work only
Reduced Pricea. Gooda called for and delivered
Open   8   a.m.   to   7   p.m.       Saturday   9
p m.
Crossland's Store
A nice clean stock of Groceries,
Candys and Tobacco.


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