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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Oct 12, 1912

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VOL. I, N<
Price 5 Cents
Harbor Commission for
North Arm of the Fraser
Bill  Will be Placed Before  the  Government at   Ottawa   This
Autumn Seeking Certain Powers���Mr. Geo. H. Cowan
is Retained to Draft Bill
Ere this is read by Seeuth Vancouver people, ill all probability the lirst
step  will  have been  taken  te,  form  a
Harbor Commission feer the North
Arm ot the Fraser River, Mr. Gee,. II.
Cowan, K.C., Vancouver, has been re.
mined by the jeiint committee lee
draft the bill, while Mr. J. D. Taylor,
M. P. for New Westminster, will see
ii through the House of Commons
ihis autumn, The only opposition to
be feared is either from New Westminster or Vancouver. The former has
promised to support it, recognising
that any benefits accruing to the
Xorth Arm will revert to them. Vancouver does not see it in this broad
light, however, thc aldermen of that
City viewing with apprehension any
outside developments as being detrimental to the expanding trade of Burrard Inlet. How Vancouver stands
een this point therefore remains to be
How far-reaching the passing eif this
Bill will bc to South Vancouver no one
can conjecture. That Vancouver fears
it, and that her present aldermen try
l.e hide this fear under a veil, is only
too plainly manifest in their dealings
with thc entry of the Canadian Xorth.
era Railway into False Creek. Al-
ready these aldermen see looming i��
the distance the great fresh-water bar.
heir te, the seeuth of them, They recognize that all shippers will hail for the
fresh-water port; hence they hind thc
Railway  Company with    fetters    of
steel te, make Burrard Inlet their port
e,f shipment, If they have blocked
this railway company, there are still
four other railways hurrying at breakneck speed to get an outlet on the
Pacific Coast.
That South Vancouver is on the
eve of great development is well
known within inner circles. That
cold water should he thrown upon
that promised progress by the City
of Vancouver, particularly when an
annexation programme is to be considered at once, is not reassuring to
South Vancouver. It might well be
asked that if this is the treatment before annexation, what may be expected
if annexation should take place.
Plainly if South Vancouver is to get
thc greatest benefit from the Harbor
Commission it will he hy hcing incorporated as a separate city, not as a
suburb of Vancouver, in which event
the Harbor Commission would be a
mere figurehead. If annexation takes
place, then farewell to all developments on the Fraser River. Burrard
Inlet may easily claim the entire
Government grant for harbor purposes.
Around the Municipal Hall
Large numbers of South Vancouver people were this week the recipients of a bunch of heather sent
Ire,m over the seas. At present
the heather is in full bloom and the
mountains are a mass of color. The
proprietors of the "Weekly Scotsman" newspaper send sprigs of
heather to every subscriber in all
kneiwn parts of the world. Thousands
of sacks of it are dispatched every
year   to   the,se   who   have   left   their
* ��   *
The police patrol wagon demonstrated its usefulness eme night last
week when a telephone message was
rung in that a man was lying drunk.
Within ten minutes the motor was
"in  and  hack  with  the  offender.
* *    *
Nowhere throughout   the   munici-
I   lily is lhe mark eef progress better
own   than   in   Wilson   Road.     The
change that has taken place during the
1 -t few meeiiths is simply marvellous.
* *    *
Il was a pily that the Hoard of
Trade did not sec fit to give the pub-
lic all lhe information they possess
, le, developments thai are expected
��� n the Xeirlh Arm eef lhe l;raser
1 iver,   as   Semlli   Vancouver   is   at
i   . sent "ii tbe qui vive to every niove-
 ill on lhe  North Ann.
* *       ele
lhe' CnUiicil is really to be cull
. .ituialeil e,n Ihe manner in which
lliey have finished e,ff Wilsein Park,
h is now an Ideal f<���<itball pitch���in
fact, if it was only Btrewn with grass
'���I, ami allowed a three months resl
i   ihe spring, ii would he difficult to
past il.     Il is a pily thai  a  similar
i  rk  cannot  he obtained    feer    ('"1
gwood.   River   Road,   and   Main
: ireet,
* +   *
if the eitlicials around the hall want
i spend a really enjoyable afteTinieeii
y sh.euld visit lhe park at the back
1 f the hall on Saturday and witness
the football match. Lnsi Saturday
1 nc eif the finest games that any one
1 "iild wish to see took place. Reeve
Kerr will kick off the hall on Satur-
e'ey in the match between Seiuth Hill
and the 72nd  Highlanders.
* ��    *
The fire halls present a cheery,
li 'inelike appearance since they have
been furnished with new linoleums.
I' is wonderful what the effect a nice
he'ine has upon a man. We arc certain
the firemen appreciate this little kindness.
Sonic time ago wc advised the
younger officials of the hall to consider the formation of a debating
club. We are pleased to learn thai
the hint has been taken, and from j
what wc know of the energy of the
parties who have undertaken the matter we are certain that a successful |
club wil! be formed.
* *    *
"It's an ill wind that blaws nae-:
beidy guiil." So thought one of the
officials at the hall last Saturday when
two men were tried for stealing apples. The apples were produced, and
after the conviction one of thc officials approached the gentleman from
whom they were stolen and gave him
one dollar for them. In this way he
secured about 200 pounds of apples���
rather a good bargain.
* *       1e
Mr. J. II. Bowman invited any of
thc members of the School Board
who desired to accompany him around
the various schools in an automobile.
The members, however, did not seem
anxious tee accept the invitation, the
chairman remarking that lie diel mil
know how Commissioner Crehan
would view the matter.
Is Commissioner Cohan's name to,
he perpetuated iii South  Vancouver?
When discussing lhe' name for a new
school in  tin1 last meeting   of   the
School Board Mr. Bowman suggested
it   should   he     called     "The     Crehan
School."    Xo decision was arrived al.
+    *    *
"Where     ignorance     is     hlis^      lis
folly in lu- wis,." um knowledge has
come in us and we must disseminate
il.    Il is eiur painful duly I" wreck the
fond expectation of many an nsplranl
to become the possessor "i a piano.
It How turns mil thai lhe piano in the
Municipal Hall was nol purcbased hy
iln Council, mn was placed there mi
hire by the South Hill Football Club,
So ihe  Commissioner  will  have no
say in Ihe matter.
e��        *       *
Al lhe meeting of the School Board
mi Tuesday evening a question arose
as to who was the School Board's
solicitor. Mr. Whelpton, the chairman, stated that lie thought the muni,
cipal solicitor would now net. The
question arose over a certain quit
claim not being made out in thc Collingwood site. This is a serious matter, and if it is correct then there must
have been gross carelessness on someone's part.
The Newly Appointed Solici'o: for South Vancouver
An engraving is presented this week
of Mr. Colin Clarke, lhe newly appointed Municipal Solicitor, lie was
previously assistant solicitor tee the
C. P. R. in this province. Coming to
Vancouver two and a half years ago,
he qualified as a Canadian barrister
and solicitor. Previously he had a
soljcifbrship in England. As lie was
chiefly engaged in municipal work,
his experience should prove eif great
benefit   to   lhe   municipality.
In making lhe appointment the
present Council has carried lo fruition the desire of preceding Councils.
That the time has passed feer lhe employment nf outside solicitors has
been only too evident. The hill of
ceisls that lhe Council has been receiving feer legal advice, when totalled
up al lhe end of lhe year, has been
such that it was easily seen lhe- Ceuin-
cil were paying in excess t" whal they
would have to pay for salary for a
first-class man. Prom an economical
point of view, therefore, ihe Council
has made a commendable move.
At present there is such a mass .if
work to take up that the solicitor
will he kept busy feir many months to
come. Xot only do lhe bylaws urgently need amendment and consolidation, but many of them are anli-
qtwt'ed and out eef date, while eithcrs
cannot be enforced. It is also a well-
known fact that the franchises granted to the various bodies ought to be
gone thoroughly into. It is known
that many clauses in these franchises
are illegal; in facl. il is asserted by
many that some e,f the franchises
granted by previous Councils are not
worth tlie paper they are written on.
Undoubtedly the Council at an early
dale will demand a full repeert on
these. Then the present work is always grow inn meere and more. How
urgently a solicitor was required was
demonstrated al the School Hoard,
when "lie of the trustees explained
that a quil claim had not been given
by one of the parties who Bold a
sell"..1 sil,' lo the Board nearly two
years ago. The School Trustees
should dune to some' arrangement
with the Council, s,, thai Mr Clarke
could lake up tin' work of both bodies.
Joint     Session     Will     be    Held    in
Vancouver on Monday Aaftemoon
A conference of thc Vancouver \M
enneii ami the South Vancouver Coun
clllors will be held In ihe' City Hall
In Vancouver on Monday afternoon,
commencing at 2.30 o'clock, ie> talk
over the annexation terms as presented by ihe' Council e,f South Vancouver. These terms were submitted by
the Council senile time ago. and have
been  held up feir discussiiHi owing t"
the dealings with the C. X. K . which
have been under the consideration of
the Council e,f the City of Vancouver.
Cedar  Cottage  vs  River  Road
A football match was played on
Saturday last between these clubs at
Wilson Park, and resulted in a victory for Cedar Cottage by one goal
to nil. The score is an index of the
play, as there was little to choose
between the teams.
Mr. Charles Fisher, of Central Park,
a teamster in-the employ eif Mr. Win.
McCatty, of Westminster Road, while
attending to his team in lhe stable on
Sunday, was attacked by one of the
horses and his right ear was bitten
off. He was attended to by Dr. Bul-
J. A. Kerr Will Again Stand
for South Vancouver Reeveship
Announcement is Made that Present Reeve Will Go to
the People Once More---Three-cornered
Fight is Probable
As time gen-s on, rumors ami counter-
rumors can be heard as in retirements
in thc South Vancouver Council. Already Vancouver Aldermen are intimating iheir intentions l"r lhe next
year. S" it is in keeping that South
Vancouver ratepayers should kmew of
ihe intentions of members eef ihe pres-
ent Council who will seek re-election.
It is understood that Reeve J. V Kerr
will again be in the field. His many
friends will be pleased lo hear tin-, as
undoubtedly, after the arduous labors
of the past year, they think il but
right lhat he should get another year
��� ���f eilTice. Though he has imt risen
to the highest expectancy eef some eif
his friends, his achievements, placed
al lhe- head of a Council who were
all mure or less new lo the work anil
handicapped for want of previeous experience, demand attention. His ab-
[seiiute honesty of purpose and determination te, pursue the cleansing process have probably gained him the
I most friends. At present the names of
I two <,ther men are mentioned who are
i said to be likely candidates, but as
yet they have neet made any public
! announcement.
Councillor Stuart Campbell has definitely  stated   that  he  will  not   again
eek   re-electie
Igretted, a- Councillor Campbell was
beginning i" show a grasp of the inner workings of the affairs of the
municipality thai few surpassed. It
is understood that his partners in
business are' opposed to his remaining leeiiger in the Council.
li  i- also rumored that Councillor
, elliotl is tired ei ihe.- worries of muni,
cipal mailers, ami lhat he will threov
off ih.- responsibilities a- Councillor,
This would he a serious loss te, Smith
Vancouver. Always -bowing a keen
interest, a ready grasp of the integ
ral work, ami a willingness te. give "i
his best in ihe interests of the whole
municipality, Councillor Elliott has
been an active figure in all lhe working- of lhe- present Council.
Councillor Third has alse, intimated
that he retires from the field, but as
the time draws near it is probable'
that lie will be unable to withstand
the pressure of his friends who are
anxious that he mice me.re come forward to represent them.
Councillor Thomas states that he
is ill the field, ami will remain there
until the last ballot is cast, being quite
confident of the result.
Councillor Robinson has made no
Statement as te. his intentions.
Petiticn   Committee   for   One   Day's
Absence in  Fourteen
A petition  from  the municipal po
lice asking for one daj   - 'ft in e\ e rj
leelllle-e'll   day-   W.I-   |He -e I'll el   a'   .1   III, -   I
iiiK of ihe' Police Committc nn In
elay e.f last week. Chief Jackson
stated thai one additional c n tal I.'
would permit "i this. Thc matter
was lefl over for discussion al a spev
ial meeting of ihe committee to take
place' at  a  near elan
A proposal i" transform ihe Ibearel
of Works auto into a combined am
bulance and police patrol wagon was
referred to the Chairman of the Coin
miltee. the Reeve and Chief Jackson.
Council Definitely Decides to Increase
Representation���Effict    on
A great deal eef discussion has been
heard concerning, the increase eif the
number of Wards iu Smith Vancouver.
It may be stated that the Council has
decided to increase the number <>i
Wards lei seven. Reeve Kerr was
anxious that the number should be
six, but the Councillors decided to
' make  Ihe  change  from  live  tei  seven.
What e-ffect any move to increase
the number of Wards will have; ai
this juncture-, when lhe annexation
eiiustieeii is a live topic, remains i" be
seen, especially as in the annexation
terms as submitted by South Vancou.
ver ihis municipality is asking for a
representation of ten members mi
Vancouver Council.    This will prob
ably be hard lo explain in view ������! the
fact that  almost  coincident  with the
annexation terms the Council decided
e'li   lhe   increase'   from   live   to   seven
Wards, the procedure upon which will
1 start  al  once.
Incorporation  and  Annexation   Were
Threshed  Out  by  Speakers  in
Ward IV
Incorporation ami annexation were
]:- usscd ai  considerable length ..i   i
meeting "i ihe Wanl  IV  Ratepi .
in the- I Del School  House buildin
Main  Strei i  "ii  Wedni sday nighl  ol
this  week     Mr   II   B    V Vogel an.I
Mr    J     I     l'.: -i '"ii    w , ;,       ih,
ipeal ers foi ince irpeiratieen and annexa
tion respectively, ami quite a nurabei
i new i'lia-e s were thrown "ii the
question, I Hher -pe ake-r- we re Mr
li Hume sv, Mr Broadhurst, Mr, Win
��� '.ale, Mr K Lamond, anel ex Coun
cillor Dickenson. Reeve Kerr was
present, bul world express to, opinion,
siaiiug that ii would In- injudicious
to dee see until after the conference
between the' Vancouver and Semth
Vancouver Councils.
Grain  and  the  Panama  Canal  Route
Tee the  Editor of "The Chinook":
Sir,��� In  your   issue-   .if   last   week-
there   appeared  a  letter   from   Mr.   C.
1 P.   Morton  i���  reply  I"   Mr.   11.   B.  A.
Vogel's   letter,   which     appeared     the
preceding week.
In quoting e'|iinimis as to thc carrying "i wheat, Mr. Morton ibecs imt
need to voice ilu- Old Country papers
as tei whether wheat will or will not
sweat when going through tin- Panama
Canal. At most, tin's jg ,nlv a wild
conjecture. 1 have seen a grain-laden
ship that came round the Horn from
San Francisco with the whole of the
grain    sprouting.      It   has   yet   to     be
demonstrated whether the eeite route
1 or the other is better.
If Mr. Morton would only -!"p to
think, el",-- lie for one minute imagine
that six railway companies would be'
spending millions upon millions of
eleellar.s ii they were- noi satisfied the
iraeb' wa- coming tee make iheir terminals he-re-: Railways distribute trade
Ships   bring it.
Whai ��ill South Vancouver people
do   till   iln    time   arrivi 9   thai   thi -
docks an.I  harbor- are built?     Ml  tin-
labor thai both South Vancouver and
Vancouver can give, anel many times
m   '   .   will   be'   ;������
"Pineii! "i these railv, ty '- ami
harb.'i -     Factorii       nd
��ill ci 'ine m gi i id time     ! :���
time   let   us ]
of   the    Xorth    \rm    Harboi
etc., kl.VNI.TII I. \Mi iXH.
With Chief Wand in the chair, a
meeting of the South Vancouver
Firemen's Association was held on
Monday night in the tire hall at Smith
Hill. Meetings will be held throughout the winter at the different fire
halls, at which papers will be read on
the best methods of fire fighting.
Commissioner    Crehan    Will     Open
New   Investigation  on   Monday
\nii luncemenl  i- made  thai  Com
missie nie-r Ci i nan  will  commi in -
inquiry mi" the police affairs "i ilu
municipality  "i South  Vancouvei   on
Monday  morning next,    It i- under
stood thai this i- the cojnmencement
"1 a series eef inquiries iui" the eliffer-
ent departments at the Municipal
A special sitting of the ceiurt was
held on Monday morning to hear any
j further complaints ill regard to School
Boarel affairs, but as no ratepayers
appeared tlie court was adjourned indefinitely. A sitting will be held
later in thc year, when the affairs of
thc Roard of 1912 will bc investigated.
Engraving showing the part of the North Arm of the Fraset River in South Vancouver where harbor improvements are expected to be made TWO
Walker Brothers
& Wilkie
Have  helped  sun-kissed   Burnaby   develop   from  a
virgin forest into a busy district of homes.
They bemhte Burnaby possesses all the factors necessary to make her one day the hub of the peninsula,
Dominion Trust Edmonds Station,
Block, 341 Cambie Burnab���
British  Columbia
Electric Station
What About That New
We are thc exclusive agents
for McClary's "Kootenay"
Ranges. They mean convenience, fuel economy and durability. We shall bc pleased to
show you the many good qualities of thc "Kootenay" from our
extensive line. The price is
This firm is prepared to install Heating Appliances in the
largest or smallest home.
We promise you fair Heater
service and priceings from our
complete  line.
East Burnaby is Booming
If you are looking towards this locality, either
for a Homesite or Investment, call or write
Topping & Vickers
Phone : 1110 EAST bURNABY
(Near Leaf's Store)
6!/j   acres  in   Edmondi  district,  near   Power   Huuse  and   lacing  on   Vancouver
Road.     All  clrarcd.     Piice   $16,000.00.   $5,000.00   cash I   balance   6,   12,   18,   and   24
PHONE  1024
Acre Homesites
In Burnaby on macadamised main road, slashed and
burnt, and close to transportation.   Price $1600.
Only $320 Cash
required; balance over two years. One of these Home-
sites will make 8 Lots. Eight Lots in this locality
will cost you from $2600 to $3200.
See What  You Can Save Now
Think What You Will Make
The Stave  Lake CarlineTis" Built
537 Pender St. W., Vancouver        Phone : Sey. 6315
Head-on Collision
Whal miglu have- been ;i fatal o>l-
lisieell    eec'lMliml    III    Spreell    Statielll    .ill
ilu-  Burnaby  Lake line.- een   Monday
alien n shortly after 5 o'clock. Car
N'.e.   11107   was   running     front      New
Westminster in charge of Motorman
Green, when een rounding a curye be
tween Ppre.it Station ami Hastings
Road il ran head-on car No. 10(11) in
charge <jf Motorman Hailing. Marling was rushing al full speed, endeav
orlng tn reach the siding at Sprott
[before the arrival ef the Westminster car. Green threw em his emergency brakes and jumped, but unfortunately sustained a compound
fracture of his leg. Motorman Marling remained in his vestibule, and was
pinned between the rear of the vestibule and the front of tbe Westminster
car. Mc sustained a dislocated
shoulder and several minor bruises.
About a dozen passengers received
slight bruises and scratches, but nothing serious. The conductors gave all
assistance possible to the motormen
and passengers, and telephoned to the
| officials of the road, who rushed rc-
' lief cars and wrecking trains to the
scene. The injured were taken to the
Royal Columbian Hospital for treatment. The cause of the accident is
attributed by lhe officials of the company to the over-running at bis orders
by Motorman Hurling, who, they
claim, should have waited at the siding at Ardley to meet thc Westminster car.
Building in Burnaby
The Edmonds General Stores, Ltd.,
are branching out. Since opening at
Edmonds a year ago they have worked up a very large business in thc
district around Jubilee. To meet the
demands of this rapidly growing locality they have decided to build a
branch store at that place. A splendid location has been secured and the
contract awarded to Messrs Disney
& Tucker for the erection of the store.
Thc contractors will start on the work
*   *    *
Mr. F. J. Hart's new lieune on
Douglass Road, Burnaby Lake, is
rapidly Hearing completion, and when
finished will be one of the most
handsome in Burnaby, It is expected
to cost about $5,000. This is but one
of several large houses that have been
erected this year in this exclusive dis.
Salisbury Ati-uue.   On wide, spacious
Ifets   some   twelve  resiliences   are   be
Ing   built���hnpscs   lhat    would   grace
the exclusive residential   section   of
any cily. Mr. MacPIwi son has laid
out the street-plan with much care.
and he has arranged that in the centre
eif his colony of homes there be left
a block of kind which is being levelleel
and graded as a sort of park, where
the children may romp and where the
residents of the community may in
dulgc in tennis.
Mr. MacPherson'l houses are not
conspicuous save feir the sensible,
substantial lines upon which they
have been built and equipped. The
design of each is most artistic.
Throughout there is a happy lack of
bright paint and noisy architecture.
Near Barnct, within the municipality of llurnaby, Mr. MacPherson owns
a hundred acres of land, and he contemplates laying out parks and boulevards on this land, grading streets,
installing sanitary and water systems.
He will build his own houses on the
ideally located property. In the general scheme of his proposed "town"
Mr. MacPherson will no doubt develop many improvements e,n town-
planning as it is practised in British
Columbia at present.
First Aid Appliances
At the lasl meeting of the llurnaby School Board several very important matte-i were discussed. Secretary
Barham had on exhibition a sample
box of first-aid appliances. These
wcre carefully examined by the trus
tees, who expressed their belief that
they would be a valuable acquisition
>o the equipment of the schools, and
ordered that a box be procured for
each school.
* *    *
Architect Bowman reported that
Alta Vista School was now completed
to his satisfaction. The Board therefore accepted the building and took
it off the contractors' hands.
* *    *
The Burnaby Teachers' Association
asked for the use of the school buildings for the meetings of the association, which was readily granted.
North Burnaby  Acres
"liny acreage- new a growing City," Was James J.
Hill's advice ulieii afrke<l .-what he considered tlie best
aiMl safest form of investtnent. ,
N'orili 1'eiirnMiv acreage is undoubtedly the !��c-t investment close tn the growing City of Vancouver.
We own some of the very choicest Acreage in
North llurnaby, and will sell same in blocks of from
five-sixths of an acre to one and a half acre.
It is impossible to enumerate here the many reasons
why this property is a gilt-edge investment. We may
say, however, that our prices arc not a dollar higher
than you would have to pay per acre for 40-acre
blocks, and we give you 3 years in which to pay.
Call on us for further information.
Latimer, Ney & McTavish
419 Pender Street W. Vancouver, B. C.
"A City Beautiful"
Throughout the Vancouver peninsula there is no residential district
more favored by Nature than that district in Burnaby the hub of which is
Edmonds, lb the north there are the
everlasting mountains, snowy hooded,
and to the south is thc Fraser's North
Arm, beyond which stretch the productive acres of Lulu Island.
Edmonds and the territory surrounding it is high, and there is
bright sunshine there for a greater
number of hours every day than there
is at any other spot on thc Canadian
Pacific coast.
There is a man at Edmonds who is
performing a work in these days that
is likely to live after him���a work
which he will cause the citizens of
Burnaby 100 years from now to rise
up and call him blessed.
Alexander MacPherson. Esq,, is the
man. Me owns large ranges of property throughout ihe bustling municipality. On a tract of land that but
two .-ears ago was a wild forest. Mr.
MacPlu-son today has budded lhe
foundation' of "A city beautiful."
Near the Burnaby Hall. Mr. Mac-
Pherson's   property   is     bisected    hy
Burnaby Council
The meeting of thc Council on
Monday night was decidedly tame.
Many expected that Reeve Weart
would have some announcement to
make with regard to the success of
his trip to the money market of the
Old Land, but were doomed to disappointment.
Comptroller Griffith presented a report on the financial standing of thc
municipality, sinewing that only aboul
58 per cent of thc borrowing power
had as yet been voted on.
Exclusive residential district will face on Salisbury Avenue, near the Electric Station. In this
community 1 am building and have completed
some of the finest houses that are to be found in
Greater Vancouver.
These homes have the advantage of unequalled
car service, city water, electric light, 'phone, and
all other modern conveniences.
Alex.  McPherson
Salisbury Ave., Edmonds
Westminster 10r>5
Two yeiung men may be seen nearly
every Sunday busily engaged in the
erection of a house near the corner
of Kingsway and 14th Avenue. Judging by the rate at which it is progressing it looks as if most of the
work is being done on Sundays in
full view of so many of the young
people. The neighbors arc justly indignant that such a thing is allowed
in their midst
��   *   #
A meeting of the new branch
of the Victorian Order of Nurses is
to be held on Friday of this week at
the Municipal Hall, Edmonds, at 3
p.m. when it is hoped that a large
number of the ladies will be present
to show their sympathy and support
in this very laudable work.
*    *    *
Miss Hume, of Vancouver, spent
the week-end wilh her uncle and aunt,
Councillor   Madill  and   Mrs.   Madill.
Highland   Park   Acreage
We have a number of SMALL ACREAGE PARCELS on and
near the new cut-off line of the B. C. Electric Railway.
1 acre, just off Railway, $2100; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
1?4 acres, on Railway, $3500; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
E.  W.  MacLEAN   LTD.
Exchange Building
142 Hastings West
On the Pacific coast, the real estate
I market   passetli    all    understanding,
Most "f us were boys when Ilu- Canadian   Pacific,   under   the   guidance   of
I lhat Napoleon of finance, Sir William
Van il..me-, declared that the western terminus of the great transcon
jtinctital would be Port  M ly, al the
1 lu-ad e.f Burrard Inlet.
Iii those days there was a scramble
I for Port Moody property.    Il was the
first great  real estate  boom  iu  Wesl
cm Canada.    The C. P.  R. made rich
Hut at lasl, after many years, Port
Meieidy has arrived.
Tin- Canadian Pacific might place
iis terminals in Vancouver. In those
days ihe- greal road controlled pretty
much lhe destiny of the entire province. Hut 1:, ��� Canadian Pacific could
not hold the West from making lhe
111..si phenomenal advance in the past
twenty   years   of  any   country   in   the
history of ilu- world.   The Canadian
Pacific,  rich  ami  powerful  as  il   was.
elid met haw among ils great staff of
Edmond's Reliable Real Estate Man
Specialist in llurnaby property Insurance
One Acre, close to cut off, on easy terms
Two 66ft.  Lots, opposite  Municipal  Mall.     Planted  with  fruit  trees.
Fine Homesites.    Buy now while price is low
Houses and Lots te. suit everyone. Bring me your listings
The Settlers* Association of B. C.
Phone : 664
Application!  Invited  for   Homesites,  Investments,  Loans,   Mortgages
Auction Sales Conducted
Property   for   sale  on   easy   terms
Hall, fully equipped, to rent feer Concert*, Dances, Meetings
Hox 556, Xe-w Westminster or Edmonds. I). C.
Front view of
Old Orchard," one c
now on
f the leading additions of Port Moody,
the market
pn ITO fr.em the sales of land ln-hl bv
lliciu at. Port bloody. Private indivi-
eluals made hundreds.of thousands St
dollars in turning over their early
buys. But thc great majority of Vancouver's old timers awoke one morning to find that the Canadian Pacific,
after reconsidering, decided to make
Vancouver their western terminus.
And the great majority nf Vancouver's
old-timers wept tears of remorse as
they fingered numerous deeds to Port
Moody lots.
experts men who could see the elig-
ging of the Panama Canal in 1912,
the great race of transcontincntals to
Vancouver, (he development of British Columbia, and a country producing more wheat to the acre than any
other on the face of the earth.
So Port Moody has arrived. Nature could not allow the valorous old
timers of Vancouver to die with thc
judgment nf their youth as to judicial?  land  investments  unvindicated.
Peirt  Moody is  teiilay making pe.or
men millionaires.
Police Court
Magistrate Walker's judicial mill
was working overtime during thc
losing days of last week. Several of
those who appeared in answer to their
names were present because they had
icglected lo procure a permit-to discharge a ritle. Some heavy fines were
* *    *
Nick Volgnic replenished the municipal exchequer to the extent of $50
fine and $3 costs for being in pursuit
of ganie with an  automatic gun.
* *    *
Thc Crystal Dairy went it fifty
rents better for trading within the
Municipality without a licence, while
II. Mathieson paid $20 fine and $3
���nsts for breaking the surface of the
road by dragging poles ahmg it.
* *    *
Thc most serious ea*c. however.
thai has ce.iUL before Magistrate
Walker for some limr was thai nf
Mr. and Mrs, I M. Buskins. Fast
Burnaby. The chrrrjsc laid against
Mrs. Buskins is thai nf neglecting to
provide reasonable assistance- in her
delivery, as Ilu result "f which the
child died during birth, while her
husband is chargftil with Secretly
burying the body of tlie Child with the
inlrnt of concealing the fact thai his
wife had been  delivered of a  child.
The evidence submitted was strong
enough to cause the Magistrate to
send them up for trial.
"( very respectable parents. lie-
pleaded guilty t.i both charges. . .1
was sentenced to a line of $25 and
costs, or one month at hard labor Mr
carrying concealed weapons, while he.
ing sent up for trial on the charge
eef  housebreaking.
Mr.   Geo.   Grady,   19th   Avenue,
wearing a smile that  won't come
upon  the arrival of a  young son
Another case that came before Mr.
Walker last Friday was a doable
charge e.f housebreaking ami theft and
of carrying COOCealea weapons, preferred against a young man, the son
Thc raffle for a Int. which was r.n-
nounced t<��� lake place, has been called
eeff upon the instructions of the Chief
eel  Police.
* *        *
Mr. .in.l Mr-. J. M. Jackman, Linden Avenue, had as their week-end
gmsts Misses Warel. Lymburnet and
Mcnzies, e,f  Vancouver.    '
��    *    *
'-'��� Weart arrived home freim .1"
Mended trip lee Europe. Ile reports
li.ning li.i,l a go. eel trip, but has nothing le. say as in hts.^ueccss in floating
Ilu- debentures nf the- municipality
I *
The ladies of East Tlurrmby Mctb"-
eli-i Church gave a "chicken'1 supper
at the parsonage on Monday'eveiiie.'-
last. A goodly number were present,
anil an enjoyable time was spent.
* *    * .
Rev. Mr. t'e.llin��. .if St. Aiden's, exchanged pulpits on Sunday last with
Rev. D. j. Gordon, of Gordon Prcs
byte-nan Churrh. Ejlmonds, and at the
evening service administered the
Sacrament of the Good Supper. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1912
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route t" the���
Up-to-date Train Service Between Vancouver and the East,
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H. W.  BRODIE,  Gen.  Pass Agent,   Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic Steamship Lines
H. C. Smith. C. P. & T. A.
Phone :   Sey.  7100
W. E. Duperow, O. A. P. D
527  Granville Street
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies, Corporation Brass Goods.
572 Beatty Street
If not, look over thc following :
Currie's  guaranteed   waterproofs   from    $9.50
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Two   Propositions
No. 1. You rent a house at $25 per month. In one year you have
paid out $300, for which you can show nei results. 7 per cent, interest
on $300 is $21.   So in the year you practically throw away $321.
Xo. 2. You bring me ill $100, for which I give you a 6-room
Modern House, em Lot 33x125ft. House has fireplace, etc. Balance
is $25 per month.   Total price is $2,600.    No loan.
In one year you have an equity of $400 in your own home.
Compare proposition No. 1 with No. 2, then call at my e,fficc and
see this house.
R. J. McLauchlan
4123 Main Street
Phone : Fair. 1607
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This lias the following attributes :
fl Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency ; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
<I Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
���I Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
fl The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
���J Bitulithic has been adopted in over 200 cities
in the United States, and 15 cities in Canada.
Granville Street South, After Paving
NQolumbia Bitulithic Limited
43^ /Iranville St. Vancouver, B. C.
About Women's   Affairs
Caring for the Hands
Many we,men have red, or, at best,
unattractive bands, when there is no
need for il. The girl e.r woman who
el.,es housework, <>r whose occupation roughens eer reddens the hands,
can itill have graceful, attractive ones,
Inn -.he musl ne me.st vigilant in e;o
ing for them.    Occasional ablutions
iu tepid water, with a cold dash after
ward,   are   met   sufficient   leer     lie.ii^.-
Icceper or seamstress, For the chate
laiiu- 'if a country "r suburban estab
lislnm-nt with a fondness for working
among flowers, pel animals, or
chickens, the occasional washing i*
certainly nol enough. Dirl anel itaim
of various sorts nol only get 'en but
into ih<- shin of women engaged in
such pursuits. Usuallj hoi water is
scrubbed over the hands constantly
throughout the day without a thought
that so frequent a use- .,f it will en
large the pores, make the texture of
the siijn coarse, and cause the hands
ie. become flabby ami to age rapidly.
The housewife who uses rubber
gloves when washing elisln-s. and pad
ele el i niton housemaid's gl"ve-s when
she Bwceps anel .lusts, will find it a
simple matter ie. keep her hands
clean and her shin and nails in good
, condition.
Soap ami water will not gel eliri e,m
of thc skin unless ilu scrubbing
brush is used more vigorously than it
should be-, anel the soap of a seirl that
injures the skin. Much-soiled hands
may be- cleansed thoroughly with a
mush made of raw cornmeal anel milk
���iln- sourer the better���or in tepid
water with oatmeal and snap, <>r by
rubbing them gently with a mixture
eef glycerine, rose-water, and benzoin.
Little wads of absorbent cotton are
excellent for cleansing the hands wilh
a glycerine or cold cream preparation, and after they are clean and
thoroughly dry one may rub in���with
: the  gentlest  of  touch���a   good  skin
f 1 where the bands need it.    In any
! case, the skin food or cold cream is
i advisable tee use on the bands at night,
when sleeping-gloves may be put on
Afler outdoor sports one should al.
I ways give the hands a gentle rub with
some  geiod  cream  to prevent roughness.
Preparations  You   Can   Make
So  many   simple   preparations     lie
within the reach of every woman who
'would   beautify   her   hands   that   one
- marvels that so few are made at home
) where   the  purity  of  the  ingredients
j may bc tested.    An excellent soap for
whitening the hands may be made of
two cakes of castile soap mixed into
| a  wineglassful,  each,   of  lemon   juice
and lavender cologne.    Lemon, alone,
is as good as soan  for cleansing the
hands   and   has   bleaching   properties
of great  use in  the  treatment of the
skin.    A small piece of lemon should
! bc kept always ready near the soap-
i dish.
Three other fruits do much toward
beautifying and cleansing thc hands;
these are tomatoes, strawberries, and
I watermelon.    The latter is one of the
I best of cosmetics for both bands and
| face,   and   imparts   a   wonderful   rosy
j freshness to the skin.    Then, tnei, cucumber  is  one  of    the    best-known
j bleaches for the hands, and lotions in
, which cucumber is prominent arc for
j sale  everywhere  and   can   always  be
made at home.
A very good cold cream for hands,
arms, and neck may be made by melt.
. ing together over a slow fire one
OUnce of oil of sweet almonds, ten
ounces of solid albolene (liquid al-
bolene will not do), one ounce of the
purest   while   Japanese   wax,   and   six
drops of aiiar of roses ot sonn- other
perfume. After the ingredients have
melted together the fine art of making
a good cold cream commences, for the
Cream is taken from the fire and stirred
slowly and  thoroughly  until  ii    be-
Comes   s'.liel   oul   smooth,     There   is   :i
more rapid process than the use of
cold cream for softening ami plumping thc hands, anil ihis consists in
soaking the hands for twenty minutes to half an hour each nighl t ��� .r al
any com enieni time in the day I in
warm olive oil. The hands should
first be- thoroughly cleansed ami then
submerged in the "il Thc s one .-il
may serve Beveral occasions if een,'
cannoi afford a fresh supply each day,
i Ine cannot exercise teen much c in
in obtaining pure olive "il feer ihis
purpose, as rr.osl   s,, called  "lo i   oil
will darken the skin and make it
hairy, The lures) way in whieh pure
oil may bc secured is in purchase il
iii ihe cans from the Italian importers,
This, t,.,,, is far the cheapest method
iif buying 'dive oil.
lb.I   milk,  too, makes a   good  soft-
eninir bath feir the hands,    Soaking
the hands in il al nighl reduces the
redness  caused   by   rough   work.
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spring   -nil eleeeirs,   most   persons   will
wanl t" have them as fine a- possible,
-- I recommend a specially made s iii,
a matter of little difficulty generally.
In order lhat the bulbs may make- a
large mass of root growth ihis fall.
before ihe- hard freezing sleeps growth,
it is essential that the -eeil be loose
and pe ip ni- ami filled with plenty of
"humus," consisting of well-rotted
horse manure, worked tine, one-half,
and "io- half good loam,
If manure- is not available anil leaf
mold is, use equal parts of Ihis and
goeiel loam from lhe garden, and to
| each bushel of lhe mixture add one
quart of tine bone-meal ami mix all
well together.   If garden loam is ii"t
[available, cut seeds from the roadside,
cheep up well, and pack in a light heap
[Until the grass is rotted, and use ihis
instead.    Bulbs planted in such a seed
[will   make   a   quick   growth   'if   roots
land give thc finest of blooms in tin-
li the soil is sandy loam, when the
I beds and borders have been Idled, or
in   case   of  thc  old  beds  when   they
��� have been dug and roughly raked,
give them a dusting of alt-slaked
lime in order to cure any acidity in
the soil, as they will not do well in
a "sour" soil.
Later you can plant thc same bed
with nasturtiums for summer blooming. Thus it is beautiful from month
lo  month.
Plant the late daffodils or tulips
about   six inches from tbe  lop of the
i soil. Cover just enough to put them
out  of  sight, and  lay  on  the  ere ecus
! bulbs, and cover these an inch. Then
place tbe snowdrops and cover out nf
j sight, and press all firmly by laying
Over the bed a wide board ami walking on il.    The bed should, of course,
lhe higher in the centre than at the
sides to carry off surplus water. The
protection should not be put on tbe
beds until the ground is frozen an
inch, when il may bc covered wilh
leaves   eir   straw���not   to  keep   from
| freezing, but to prevent alternate
thawing ami freezing in Ihe early
spring, whieh would lift them "in of
ihe ground.
A beel planted thus will give three
relays of bloom, covering live eir ��i\
weeks, starting as soon as the snow
disappears. Tlu- succession e.f bril-
lianl flowers will In- well worth the
Planting Bulbs
Every home grounds has some place
in which there can be grown some of
the beautiful bulbs. Spring-blooming
bulbs must be planted in thc autumn.
They are known as "Dutch" bulbs,
from the fact that they are propagated
exclusively in Holland, and cover the
kinds known as daffodils, narcissi,
jonquils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, allium, chlonodoxa, etc. There are a
number of other bulbous-rooted plants
which should bc planted in the fall,
but as they are not Dutch spring-
blooming bulbs, they will not be considered in this article. There arc
three essentials in the successful culture of bulbs : good soil, good drainage, and early planting to secure a
large root-mass. Plants breathe
through their roots and leaves, especially the bulbs. They cannot live
without air at the roots. When the
roots are surrounded by water the
air is cut off and they die or become
Beds made especially for thc bulbs
should bc excavated at least two feet
deep, the stones and rubbish saved,
and thc poor subsoil set aside. Tbe
drainage should bc put in thc bottom
to a depth of four inches, and may
consist of stones, bricks, cinders, or
other mineral  rubbish.
It is possible to have fair results
hy using good ordinary garden loam
for the soil for the beds or borders.
But as these are thc first fleiwcrs of
The Turnpike Game
This may he- played �� ith a In ��� ���]> or
a ball and hy any number "I pi
The- turnpike is made by placing
luie-l. - .er itones -in ilu ground aboul
six inchci apart, and for as long a
distant >��� a- is prefet red Tin- hrsl
player tries i" itrikc the hoop a swifi
Blow   ur  give-  lhe-  ball  a  eh il   t"!l   thai
will s.iui eiiher article right through
the turnpike without touching a
stone. Tin- other players range them
���eli e s ai equal distances from iln- end
of   the   pike,  forming   lidc��,  ami   rush
fief     tile-     ball     Ot     11 > ��� ��� > i ���     ,|S     it     elll-li;.-
The one getting ii firsl now tries his
luck at sending il through the nar
reiw lane or turnpike. li a player
fails to put thc traveller, as the hoop
or ball is called, through the lane
formed by the stones. e,r if il touches
the stones, he is out of thc game.
At  the close thc  side having most
players left has won the game.
��    ��    ��
The Cat-and-Mouse Game
It makes the game more exciting to
have several mice and several "cats."
A ring is drawn on the ground and
this is the "trap." Each mouse is provided with a piece of wood on which
he can scratch with another piece or
with his finger-nails. The mice arc
allowed a few moments' start in which
to scatter and hide. Then the cats
start out to search for them. If they
find this hard, tbe mouse helps by
making a scratching noise, just
enough to attract the attention of the
searcher, and then, if he can. leaves
stealthily for another hiding-place. He
may crawl or creep or roll or use any
method of progression, but if he is
seen he must jump up and run while
the cat chases him. If he is caught
he is brought to the trap, drawing
all thc cats after him, thus giving his
mouse-mates a chance to seek new
hiding places.
V. Duval, before Judge Mclnnes,
on Saturday meirning last elected for
a speedy trial, and his case will be
heard today (Saturday). The charge
against Duval is of "shooting with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm"
upon Harry Phillips, of South Vancouver.
For Christmas flowers in the house, plant the
following bulbs now :
Roman Hyacinths, 35c per doz.; $2.65 per 100.
Paper White Narcissus, 25c per doz.; $1.75 per
Freesias, 10c per doz.; 75c per 100.
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Electrician, Collingwood E. and Central Park
All orders promptly attended to The price is right
Donaldson   &   McDonald
Dealers in
All Kinds of Chicken Feed
4213 Main Street
Phone : Fairmont 1514
Hassam Paving Co. of B. C, Limited
Layers  of  Hassam   Compressed  Concrete  (Patented)
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
H. G. BROWN, Proprietor
Hughes Bros'   Big Liquor Store
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We carry everything in the Liquor Line
No order too small, and none too large for this popular Liquor Store
Free Delivery to all parts .South Vancouver
leaving our Store every Friday morning at 9 a.m. '
Every  Saturday by  the  Greater  Vancouver
Publishers  Limited
��nue   and   Main   Street.   South   Vancouver,
Corner  Thirtieth  A'
George M.   Murray. President and Managing Director.
Herbert  A.   Stein.  Vice-Preaident  and  Menacing  Editor.
John Jackson.  Mecnjnical Superintendent.
TELEPHONE:    All departments  Fairmont 187f
ill  points  in   Canada.   United   Kingelom,   Newfoundland,   New
. 1.00
..  .50
Zealand,  and other British  Possessions :
One   Year    ..
Six  Months   . .
Three   Months
Postage to American, European and other Foreign Countriei, ��1.00
per year extra.
TO CORRESPONDENTS : We will not print anonyrnoua letters,
though inviting communication on current events, to be published
over the writer's signature.
WHAT treatment South Vancuuver might expect should
this municipality become a pari eef the City of Vancouver by the process e.f annexation was vividly portrayed
during the recent False Creek negotiations between the
Council of Vance.tivcr and Col. Davidson, representing the
Canadian Northern Railway.
Col. Davidson, in the course of his proposals to the
City, agreed to turn over in Vancouver something like
3U0 e,r 4tXI acres of lanel which could be utilized feer industrial sites. Unfortunately this land was neit situated
adjacent tee False Creek nor on Hurraril inlet, but lay
somewhere between the City of Vancouver and the City
of New Westminster. Accordingly thc Council of Vancouver, whtisc perspective is measured by thc length of
their respective wards, declined thc offer. Since then,
recognizing that they had made an error, Col. Davidson
has been approached to again make this offer to thc City,
but  he has remained painfully silent on this point.
To a great number of the aldermen in the City of Vancouver, if not to all of them, it was a well-known fact
that thc industrial sites offered by Col. Davidson were to
bc hicated along the North Arm of the Fraser River in
South Vancouver. Had the City accepted this clause in
the agreement, they would at once have found relief for
manufacturers in that City seeking cheaper sites; but because the Xorth Arm of the Fraser River was in danger
of enjoying the consequent activity instead of Hurrard
Inlet, they turned their own manufacturers and the Railway Company down.
That is the treatment South Vancouver' has been
receiving and may expect from the City of Vancouver.
In Vancouver everything is measured by the number of
feet e,f watcrfrontagc on Burrard inlet and by the size
of the different wards. Grist must be brought to the mill
that borders along Burrard Inlet, while the aldermen cannot see beyond the confines of their own wards. In
trembling fear lest some municipality might reap an advantage from their negotiations with the C. N. R., they
displayed their characteristic dog-in-the-manger attitude,
to their own detriment and loss.
In view of such a position il is well that the ratepayers
if South Vancouver should stop and consider what is to
jc gained by annexation by thc City of Vancouver, and
vh.it is to bc lost by the same course. South Vancouver
s n.et sought by the City of Vancouver in order that the
City may he allowed to pave ils streets or construct
a sewerage or water system. Vancouver requires to
spend millions more in improvements before her work
can bc said to be done, and against the predominating influence of ward aldermen, whose vision is circumscribed
by regular lines, what chance would South Vancouver
have? Surely Ihis False Creek incident is striking enough
to satisfy us exactly how the Council of the City of Vancouver stands in regard to outside municipalities.
by many ratepayers. They looked upon it as a dishonest
transaction to the other contractors who figured to pay
the full wage. It is now up to thc Board to exact tbe full
penally for Ihis violation. Xew Westminster, only two
weeks ago, showed how contractors who do not comply
with the terms of the ceeiilract can be dealt with. Unless
thc Hoard deal lirmly wilh ihis they will undoubtedly hear
more of it at Ihe next election. Thai the Board arc anxious
tei do whal is right Mi demonstrated at their last meeting,
when they closely questioned Mr. Bowman, the architect,
as to the1 rale e.f wages being paid. Mr. Bowman said
some e,f the contractors were paying $2.80 per day, but
he did not know if Ihis was Ihe standard rate of wage or
not. Neither did he know what hours the municipal employees worked. Imagine an architect, who had been
warned at lhe previous meeting thai some of the contractors were evading their obligations, c
such a statement! That the Board was thoroughly annoyed was only too evident, and thc architect was instructed to produce all informalion at the next meeting.
If he is unable to force the Contractor! to keep to the
letter of Ihe contract, then it is time for some heart-to-
heart talking. There has been enough of this shilly-shallying. If there has been a flagrant breach of any contract
or  contracts,  immediate   cancellation   should    be    made.
Typhoid and Impure Milk
report e>f Dr. Murphy and Health Officer Pengelly
o thc "ealth Committee of thc South Vancouver
Council den 's immediate action and an Investigation
eif lhe quality of milk served tei the consumers in this
municipality. Dr. Murphy's statement that there arc no
less than seventeen cases of typhoid fever in South Vancouver which can bc directly traced to impure milk is
clear and of such import that instant action will alone
satisfy the ratepayers that we are not on the edge of an
epidemic the ravages of which would make these seventeen cases in point look like a mere bagatelle.
While the Federal and Provincial authorities arc arguing
as to who shall prosecute dealers who sell adulterated
milk, infractions of regulations go on, and thc purity of
milk is left almost entirely upon the honesty of thc dealer.
Without fear of prosecution there is no occasion to wonder that impure milk is thc cause of so much sickness
within thc municipality. Thc only thing to wonder at is
that there is so little sickness where the elements conducive to an epidemic arc so prevalent.
The most important article of food in the dietary is
milk, and by far the most contaminable. One of the most
important and largest tasks which confront thc Health
Department of any city or municipality is to get the milk
of cows into the stomachs of babies and others in a
reasonable state of cleanliness and free from preservatives or from adulteration by water. That is a task
which is none the less pressing though the labor necessitating ils enforcement appears so exacting. If the machinery is so clogged now that the proper authorities cannot
exercise their powers in the defence of public health, it
seems as if the time has arrived when new regulations
should bc drafted which would permit of thc fullest protection to the consumer.
Nearly seventy years ago Robert Hartley made thc
lirst dramatic disclosure eef the relation between dirty and
adulterated milk and the sick and death list. It was this
disclosure which started the famous campaign against
"swill" milk, echoes of which arc still familiar tee lhe
olelcr generations. War upon the grosser aspects of deliberate dishonesty and greed on the part of thc dairyman and dealer in New York has done away with, to a
large extent, the practices of doctoring milk with preserva.
lives and adulterating it with waler. Evidently it is necessary to commence a campaign in South Vancouver along
similar lines, and that without loss of time.
I Vancouver "Sun )
Dr. Murphy, medical health officer
of ,s..iitii Vancouver, has contributed
his professional opinion een thc milk
question a! it affects this city and the
surrounding municipalities, by im
puting ihe illness e.i seventeen per-
sons who have come under bis attention ie< the impurity eif the supply.
The statement made by Dr. Murphy
eenly intensifies the popular feeling "i
insecurity which prevails. It would,
eif course, be absurd to call in i|ucs
tion  for a moment  ihe conclusions
arrived at by so many medical gentlemen iu  reference to tbe  cases of typhoid fever and of other diseases aiming forward with i trihtilcd by them tei this one cause.
Dr. Murphy points out that there is
no law authorizing the supervision of
the milk supply and that health officers are powerless to deal with the
matter. This is perfectly uuc; but
as the "Sun" has argued once and
again, abundant time has been given
since the milk supply became a quet-
lion in this district for the officials,
at least of the older municipalities
like Vancouver, lo have the law so
amended that supervision could be
exercised. We do not mean to say
for a moment that occasional letters
have   nol   passed   between   municipal
and government authorities, and occasional representation! been made.
What wc do contend is that there has
not been that earnestness on the pail
eif municipal officials which should
have been displayed in a matter of
such importance. It is not enough
when a reform is required or when
legislation is needed for the purpose
of dealing with pressing evils to merely point out the necessity for action
being taken, and let the matter rest
there. New legislation for the purpose of removing long existing grievances is not so easily obtained. Many
influences are to bc reckoned with in
obtaining it influences which offer
strenuous objections, and it is only by
insistent agitation that success is achieved.
It is between six and eight years
now that the milk supply has continued lo be a question in Vancouver; and surely, in that time, the
amendment to thc law necessary to
give the city authorities reasonable
supervision over the distribution
could have been obtained. As it is,
however, the whole question is in the
same position  that it was years ago.
If seventeen cases of typhoid fever,
directly due to the impure milk supply, have come under Ihe notice eif the
health authorities of South Vancouver in thc past few days, how many
cases of typhoid have had their origin from the same cause in Vancouver and the surrounding municipalities eluring the past six years? It is
simply playing wilh the question to
allow it to continue iu thc state it is
at present, and while that gentle game
is being played people arc sickening
and dying as a result of thc impurities
eif a foodstuff which should be the
best and safest article that the people
AS time goes on, the value of thc investigation which is
being held into School Board and municipal affairs
in South Vancouver becomes more apparent,  Transactions
which take place from day lo day hy lhe School Board and
Council arc under the strictest scrutiny of Commissioner
Crehan, and not the slightest false step escapes his eye.
This point was emphasized at the last meeting of Ihe
School Hoard. According to the Act under which the
School Board operates, the Board has the right i��> appoint a Medical Health Officer feer the schools. Hut the
An dues nol give lhe same School Hoard lhe right to
define  the ditties eif the   Medical   Health  Officer.    When
���he- Se nit ii Vancouver Se.h< >< >1 Board named Dr. Hunter as
iti Medical Health Officer, ihe members undertook ie> define certain dulies which he would bc expected to perform. Clearly this was overstepping Ihe power invested in
thc member- of thc Board according to thc reading of
thc Act. Dr. Hunter's salary at his first appointment was
fixed at $3,51X1.
When pointed out by thc Commissioner that they had
innocently exceeded their powers, the Hoard immediately
took action to rectify their mistake. Dr. Hunter was
summarily dismissed as Medical Health Officer of the
Schools of South Vancouver with certain duties to perform, and almost in the next breath was re-engaged as
Mcelical Health Officer with no particular duties defined.
But in the rc-engagement of the doctor thc Board decided
to cut $500 off his salary, and thereby left themselves open
to be surcharged to that extent by the Commissioner. If
Dr. Hunter's services after his dismissal and re-engagement were worth but $3,000 to the Board, it takes no
particular exertion to see that his original salary of $3,500
must have been $500 too high, and the members of the
Scheie.1 Board, in consenting to such an overcharge, left
themselves open to bc charged back with the $500. Had
they re-engaged him at thc original salary of $3,500 the
Board would not have left themselves open.
Recognizing their mistake thc School Board at a meeting this week fixed the salary of Dr. Hunter at $3,500, and
thereby thc curtain is rung down on this incident.
TTHE opening of the Panama Canal alters thc face of thc
*��� commercial world. The first sign of it in a distinct
way is the lowering of tolls announced on thc Suez Canal,
for it is recognized that whatever may be lhe rate of
charge, thc convenience eef Ihe Panama Canal is so great
and is so farreaching in lhe saving of time in moving
goods and passengers that much use will be made of it,
in any event. Hut lo hold ils business, the management of
thc Suez Canal has already started in lo offer competition
with thc new waterway.
Neither of lhe great canals call kill lb; olher. Being on
opposile sides of the world from each olher Iheir rela-
lieens are only such as would reiull from competition in
globe traffic. Hut, nevertheless, the opening of the Panama
Canal changes the face of Ihe worltl in several respects.
TTHE School Board is placed in an awkward position in
* regard to the question of wages paid by the contractors. The latter pay their men less than the standard rale
of wages. One of thc main planks of all thc present
members at the last election was standard rate of wages
and thc same hours to be worked as allowed by the various
unions, also that as far as practicable only South Vancouver men were to be employed. Some of the contractors
are honorably carrying out this agreement, while others
are bringing in alien labor at a cheap rate. When the
facts became known, a good deal of irritation was felt
Wilh the paving of Westminster Road a probability
within thc very near future, precautions shouhl bc taken
by lhe Municipality of South Vancouver that the pavement
giving thc utmost satisfaction bc employed. It will bc
the first experience of the South Vancouver Council in
Ihe realms of permanent road work, but with knowledge
of pavements so accessible there will bc no excuse if the
pavement selected docs not come up to the highest
standard. We believe that in thc paving of Westminster
Road thc question of cost should be a secondary consideration. Westminster Road as the connecting link between Vancouver and New Westminster demands that its
pavement be satisfactory in every way, and the question
of cost should be allowed to creep in only as an after-
ele      *      *
At the last meeting of the Board of Trade of South
Vancouver, Mr. H. B. A. Vogel brought up a point which
might well be taken into consideration by the Council of
thc Municipality of South Vancouver. Mr. Vogel suggested that in view of the fact that the property on either
side of Kent Street would in all probability be occupied
by warehouses within the next few years, the Council might
place a resolution on the Minutes to thc effect that purchasers of property on either side of this street should have
the privilege of running a spur from the B. C. E. R. tracks
into their property. Such a resolution would officially
recognize this street as business property, and would bc
a warning to persons who might buy there for residential
purposes as to certain liabilities to which they might be
put in the future.
*       e*        *
Many peculiar things have been brought out at thc investigation by Commissioner Crehan into the affairs of
thc School Board. One of the most remarkable is the
incident reported last week, that a Vancouver stationery
and printing shop had supplied the School Board with
flannel, absorbent cotton, garbage tins, and zambuck!
Imag ne a firm in the stationery and printing business
selling medical and hardware supplies to a School Board!
Certainly this is one of the tit-bits of the investigation to
Famous Telegram
In describing early telegraphy upon the Great Western Railway of
England a writer recalls thc first case |
of a criminal being brought to justice
by means of thc electric telegraph.
This event took place a few months
after thc extension of the system to
Slough in 1844. A murder had been
committed at Salt Hill, and upon
hearing of the occurrence the vicar
of  Upton-cum-Chalvcy   (thc   Rev.   E.
T. Champness) was Informed that the
last person seen tei leave tbe house
was a man wearing Ihe dress of a
Quaker. Mr. Champness at once conceived lhe idea thai thc suspected person had probably fled lo London, and
acting upein his suspicions hastened to
Slough Station, where a man answering to the description was seen by thc
vicar to pass through thc booking office. Communicating his suspicions
to Mr. Howell, the station superinteit-
dent, ihe latter caused a telegram to
be sent  off.
This was ihe telegram which raced
(and Heal I lhe train to Paddinglon :
"A murder has been committed al Salt
Dill, and lhe inspected murderer was
seen lee lake a first-class ticket feir
London by the train which lefl Sl< muli
at 7 h. 42 in. p.m. He is in lhe garb
of a Quaker, with a Drown greal coat,
which reaches nearly down lo bis feel;
bc is in the last compartment of the
second firsl-class carriage." The following reply was received from Pad
dingtoii : "The up train has arrived,
and a person answering in every respect the description given by telegraph came out of thc compartment
mentioned. I pointed the man out to
Sergeant Williams. The man got intei
a New Road omnibus, and Sergeant
Williams into the same." The New
Road referred to is the present Etiston
road. It is but fair to add that the
miscreant, who proved to bc a forger
returned from a twenty-one years'
transportation, had already been discarded by thc Society of Friends. The
prisoner, Tawcll by name, and once a
well-known city man, was committed
to jail at Aylesbury, and finally suffered the extreme penalty of thc law.
It is said that at that time a signal
for the letter "Q" had not been provided, and the Slough telegraphist
forwarded "Quaker" as "Kwaker."
His colleague at the Paddington end
three times queried the un-English-
looking word which began "Kw," but
fortunately grasped its meaning when
somewhat unwillingly he permitted
the whole word lo be finished. That
first wire between Sloueh and Paddington, by the way, was worked at
the inventor's expense, and thc Great
Western Railway authorities had actually given him notice to remove what
they considered a useless apparatus
when the capture of thc Slough murderer by its means brought into existence the Electric Telegraph Company,
which purchased Cooke's patents for
��120,000 and later disposed of them
to the Government for  ��10,000,000.
Can   that  world  by  thee  bc  worthy
Which so oft betrayed thee?
The People's Trust Co.
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"Weatherproof" "Rubberoid"
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For   those
who desire artistic and
sanitary walls.
Alabastine pains in popularity every year, while
Icalaomine and wall paper become more and more
"back numbers." Alabastine tints are far more
lainty, stylish and restful to the eye. Besides,
disease germs or insect pests cannot exist on an
Alabastine wall, therefore Alabastine is more sanitary as well as more artistic.
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you the superior merits
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Caesar's Wife
Should Be
Above Suspicion
For a printer who is above suspicion is almost as necessary to a business man as a
good wife is to any man.
Caesar would know from the mechanical
style of our paper that we keep good men
in our shop and good equipment.
"Me for the 'Chinook' office," he would
say, "for it is not fitting that thc printer to
Caesar should be so much as suspected nf
being a botch mechanic."
Greater  Vancouver  Publishers
4601 Main Street
Phone : Fair. 1874
There trailed, two by two, across
"The Field" e.f Central I'ark. a procession eef Bail Side children who had
i- c from  the streets of the teste-
tnenti ie> enjoy s "May Day" em the
grass; and, like all those little picnics e.f the ciiy i r, they made inch
a parody eef the sunburned jeelliiy, the
old country mirth of the poetic fes
tiv.il, thai they would have been ludi
croui If they had neet been se> pathetic.
They   were  headed  by  a   boy   with
a Maypole maele e,f a broomstick and
a barrel-hoop that  had been  trimmed
in  the colored  tissue-papers    of   a
butcher's holiday beef. A bullet-
headed young "King eif the May"
walked under thai canopy as stolidly
as a stage super with the footlights in
his eyes; and the "Queen," beside him,
in the while costume of her "first
communion," blinked and stumbled iii
ihe sunlight thai blinded her with Its
glare on her while veil. Thc girls
who followed���all subdued by the un-
accustomed spotlessness of their
finery���went clumsy-footed wilh excitement in their broken and warped
shiics. And the buys���with the boy's
fear of being laughed at���tried tn re
pudiate the gaiety of their turned
coats anel daubed faces by carrying
themselves with an air of studied unci inccrn.
They were almost grotesque. They
wcre stiff, instead of jocund. As an
outward show of the inward spirit,
they were as pitifully inadequate as
poverty's Christmas gifts.
Policeman Flaherty held nut his
white-gloved paw fur their "permit,"
pointed out their allotted place under
the trees at the edge of the Held, and
Stood to review them with the sympathetic smile of a man who had once
been a tenement picnicker himself.
Thc boys did not loeik at him, except
with a furtive glance over the shouhlcr
afler they had passed safely. He understood their manner, and his expression changed to the self-conscious smile of the officer who is new
to his uniform and to its effect on the
public. He watched them until they
had clustered around a grav beech-
tree over to his left, swarming noisily
together in their release from the order of parade. The careful mothers
began to change their daughters'
white dresses for play clothes. He
turned away.
Below him, tn his right, the small
boys of a fashionable boarding-school
were playing a game of cricket, aristocratically dressed in white flannels,
and coached by an athletic tutor wilh
an imported "English accent." And
Flaherty wrinkled his eyes to study
them, interested in the game because
he had never seen it piayed before,
and���for the same reason���contemptuous of it. He stood on thc wooded
edge of a knoll, with the picnic on one
side of him and the cricketers on the
other; and he made a fine figure of
Government in the Democracy, placed
above a happy family of rich and
poor who were engaged in the pursuit
of happiness side by side.
lie saw, in the distance, a bicyclist
wheeling across the grass. He hurried away to intercept the trespasser.
Meanwhile, the boys of the May
party had been refused an immediate
entrance to the lunch baskets and had
scattered to seek the opportunity of
innocent amusement. They invaded
the knoll as soon as Flaherty had left
it They (reed a sickly looking squirrel thai had a tail as scrubbv as an
old pipe-cleaner, and they derided its
infirtnities with lhe healthy cruelty
eif a young barbarian. They dared
one another to climb thc tree after
il, and lee lhat end they began to
set pickets who she mid watch Flaherty's movements���f'>r climbing park
trees is prohibited by law.
It was one of these pickets that
discovered the cricket game. He
came running back. "Say, fullahs,"
he called,    hoarse    with    excitement
When he turned lo awe ihcm with a
class i ��� e��� .in    glare,    they    shouted :
"Ain't     he     herce! Oh,      fahdah,
ain't   he   fierce"���ready   to  run  if  he
should attempt  I'�� reach them.
lie endured it until be saw that his
ciielurancc emly made them bolder;
Ihen he looked almul him feir a police
man.   lie saw Flaherty, far acre.ss the
field,    anel    Weill       lei      SUlUIUeill      IlilU.
"Pocky"    1.cccli    and    his    fellows
promptly dodged hack   among   the
Irees, watching  from ambush  like  so
many Indians.
"OITieah!" Cray shouted. "Officah!"
Flaherty turned.
"Drive those boys away!" Gray said,
as if he were speaking to a London
"bobby." "They interfere with ouah
Flaherty     looked     at     him     under
a threatening black eyebrow, "What?"
It was lhe tone of a man whose
whole past bad made him insolent
with envy of the wealth and culture
ami education that had bought and
despised and overcome him all his
life. It was the lone, too. of a police,
man whose brief experience of office
had already discovered the respect
able public's contempt of him as the
official of a corrupt Tammany administration.
"Those boys yondah intahfeah with
us," Gray repeated stemlv. " I wish
you lo drive them away."
Flaherty replied : "They've got as
much right in this park as you!"
Gray flushed. "They have no right
to encroach upon ouah game.
They "
Flaherty cut in upon what he considered the insult of Gray's manner.
"Go an' mind yer own bus'ness an'
don't get gay. They've got a per-mit
to stay where I put 'em, and they're
goin' lo stay there. You don't own
Ihis park���an' you don't own me."
"No?" Gray saiel.   "Who owns you?"
His tone was so coldly polite and
his meaning so hotly insulting thai
for a moment thc simple Flaherty
glared at him in a sort of amazed
stupidity. Hut as soon as Gray turned tei go back, Flaherty struck an
open hand on his shoulder and swung
him around. "Look-a-here," he said
fiercely, "I don't take that talk from
no man. You don't own me���ncr no
one else don't. My uniform���if I
can't gel respec'���I wouldn't wear it.
I know your style. Yuh think yuh're
the whole screw. There's other people's got a right to live."
Gray put his hands in his pockels
and met Flaherty's anger with a level
eye. "If you wish to be respected."
he said, "you had bettah not browbeat
everybody who makes a complaint tei
Flaherty cursed him. "Complaint!
Vuh came over here "
"I came heah to tell you that those
boys crowded in on ouah ground, an
uoying us."
"Yuh didn't. Yuh came over here
an' ordered me "
"If I gave you that impression "
"That's what yuh did."
"I had no such intention whateveh."
"Huh!" Flaherty blinked savagely.
"Yuh're too dang loose in the jaw.
anyway. Yuh had no bus'ness sayin'
what yuh did���about some one ownin'
me "
"I apologize," Gray put in, with an
air of daring Flaherty to do as much.
Hut an apology, to Flaherty anil his
kind, is the cowardly surrender and
self-abasement of a "quitter." "Apologise be d 1" he  said, thwarted in
bis efforts to defend himself. "Yuh
go back to yer ball game an' atten' to
that, see? Go on, now. That'll do
Gray turned, frigidly indignant, and
went back to his cricket. Flaherty
glowered after him. "Danged goggle
eyed mutt!"
lie felt the man's cemtcmnl feir him.
He felt that be himself had been in
thc   wrong.   And   the   two   thoughts
"Aw!" Flaherty waved eiff her eloquence savagely and turned on his
heel, in a smarting disgust for the
whole incident.
She called afler him : "We're able
tee take care 'l nursclvcs. Let th'
eithers dei as much an' there'll be no
troufelc. kuniiin' lee the peilice with
Iheir whines an' their whinin'?"
He hesitated, maele an excuse for
his hesitation by kicking a small
sleine mit eef his path, and ihen re
treated  without  meere  wureis.
He circled around ihe' knoll.   "Oaog
goggle eyed inull!" he saiel. "I s'peisc
he thinks I got nut hill' to ihe hut
stan, rnund an' watch out fer him an'
his nursery���an' light all lh' ol' women an' kids in Ihe park 'cause they
gel in his way!" Ile scuwled al Ihe
cricketers. "1 try to do the right
thing, too," he cnmplained lo himself. "An1 they don't gi' me no credil
fer il. . . .The dang long-haired
dude I"
If justice were indeed administered
by a blind guileless wilh an unerring
balance, the situation would have
been simple���anil the government of
a democracy an ideal dream. Hut the
gnds will nut enforce iheir own commandments, and their deputies are
lint divine. Flaherty summed up his
various indignations in a purely human
resolve tn let Gray light nut his own
quarrels "an' sec how he likes il."
It wasn'l his "bus'ness to dry-nurse-
all lhe kids in lhe park." lu fact, the
genius nf the Republic is opposed to
Ile went eiff, shouldering sulkily
tlirough the bushes. As soon as he
was nut of sight, "Pocky" and his
baud swooped down in cautious circles tbreiugh lhe wood. "Get a h'a-a-
air cut!" They had a new contempt
for the cricketers���the contempt eif
the East Side "gang" fur the man who
"calls in dhe cop." Leech picked up
a pebble and deliberately threw it at
Ihe wicket.
Gray's assistant came across lhe
Sunlight tnward Ihcm. As soon as he
was within hail, he shouted cheerfully : "Any nf yui kids get us a
nail eif water?"
"Pocky" dropped his second missile. He had had experience ill taking
tribute from the persecuted vendors
eif hnl cheslnuls on the streel corners.
"I low niuch'll yuh gi tne?"
"Five cents."
"Make it a dime?"
"All  right.    Hurry up, now."
The whole gang raced feir lhe tin
oicnic pail, and went whooping and
fighting with it to the nearest drinking
"Thai's   blackmail!"   Gray   declared
passionately, "Thai's sheeah blackmail!   You shall not pay it!   We have
a righl tn police protection. Wheah's
that officah?"
The other wiped his forehead and
smiled.    "We're  getting off cheaply."
"Yes! That attitude���that attitude's
the   mill   of  the   whole   trouble.     In
England "
"Will you have a drink?"
Ile answered "Nol" with such violence that his glasses slipped from
his perspiring nose. Me hurried away
frum the sight of "Pocky" Leech returning   with   the   water.
When that representative of the
proletariat put down his pail, he said
aggressively : "D'yuh wanl lo buy
some  san'wiclics?"
They did.
South Vancouver
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Special attention given  to Maternity
cases.   Terms moderate. ��
Mrs. Edgerton
825 25th Ave.  F.ast���Phone : Fair. 987
Twenty-eighth  Ave.  and   Main   Street
Misses   Hall   and   West ley,   Graduated   Nurses
Terms Moderate
Phone :  Fairmont 2165
South Vancouver Dairy
4005 Fraser Street
"Get on In Ihis!    1 k 't here!" And   burned toother in an anger that slarl
they followed him to the edge of the
wood, where they spread out, in a
staring silence in whieh there was
something vague'y inimical.
The game was new to them���as il
was new lee Flaherty���as it was new
to Central I'ark itself���for "Mr. Gray,"
the young English tutor, had just in
troduccd it to thc school, and Ihis was
ihe first public practice that his pupils
had attempted. He hoped to con-
linue It. "Cricket, you know," he
used i<> say, "is as much bettah than
baseball as chess is bettah than
draughts." He wine a pince-nez. Ilis
hair was too long for the taste of the
May parly���among whom the "velvet
eul" was the prevailing style, fur
sanitary reasons. And to them Ilis
game did not seem so much better
than baseball. "Pipe off dhe bat!"
one of them said, in husky scorn.
"Dhey's flattened 't out so's dhey
wem't miss dhe ball." Another commented : "Gee! why don't dhey pitch
'em in! Dhey's reillin' hibs!" Some
eme giggled. They began to crowd
in toward the nearest wicket, grinning. Gray called "Ovah!" The
game shifted lo the wicket at their
end of the green.
Ile strode across the grass to them.
"Keep back from heah," he ordered,
with a masterful gesture. They repeated a few feet.    "Get back  from
eel   him   across   thc   held   toward   the
picnickers, fuming.
"I'nekv" Leech and Ilis ennfeder
ales scattered and disappeared among
Ihe Irees.
Flaherty bore down een the women
and the lunch baskets. "I.onk a here,"
he saiel, "if I see those beeys o' veiurs
interferin' with any one again rnund
here. I'll cancel that permit an' run
v' nil out ei' the park, d' y' understand?
Thal'll dei yuh now."
A we email���Ihe able mother of
"Pocky"��� folded her anus in lhe pose
eef a cook who has just received a
week's "notice," anil faced him. "Are
yuh  speakin'  to  me?"  she  said.
Ile waved her off. "Yuh. got to
keep them boys in order, that's all."
"W'u'd yuh be so kind's to explain?"
she asked, with a dangerous meekness.   "What is it they vc been doin'?"
"They've been interferin' with lhat
ball game."
She looked out contemptuously at
the youths in their flannels. "Thank
yuh," she said. "It's well wc got you
fer to teach us our places. We've
been disconnnodin' the swells, have
we? The boys has stared at them, no
doubt. Mebbc they've run acrost the
grass that us poor folks has no right
lo when out betters is on it." She
rocked corpulently from side to side,
her  little   eyes   glittering.     "That's  a
At midday Policeman Flaherty was
standing, wilh his bands behind him,
on the path lhat led from the held
lo thc nearest street gale, when Ihe
yeiung cricketers trooped down upon
him, on their way from their morning's exercise, their bals over, iheir
shoulders, their coats on their arms,
flushed and laughing and bandying
blows as they went They passed
Flaherty as they would have passed
any other idle spectator, without any
change of manner, lie remembered
how differently the boys of the May
party   had   gone   by,   and   Ilis   iineon
scions feeling of caste resented  the
Ernest Shaw, D.C.
(Doctor of Chiropratic)
250   22nd    Avenue   East,    close
Hours :
Avenue   East,    close   to
Main Street
1.30 till 6.   Consultation free
Chiropractic succeeds where medicine fails. F'or all complaints, whether
acute or chronic, Chiropractic is just
the thing.
Wood water-tanks, wire wound wood pipe
and continuous stave pipe made iu all sizes.
Municipal Construction Co. Ltd., 319 Tender
Street,  Vancouver,   II,  C.
lic-ali.  I   say!" lie repeated.  "Fahtheh! j .
Fahtheh!"  He drove them   to   the'  ,an s J"tb J���  *��ve.    Its a  nurse
f the wood     "On nw.iv. now."   "'^ want-them an   their ball game.
"Go away, now,"
' m W<)<MW<WWW<��WWWW
he said. "Go away.. Wc don't want
you heah."
They eyed him sulkily, knowing
that he was within his rights, but resenting his manner and contemptuous
of his pronunciation because it was
unlike Iheir own. As soon as he had
turned his back, "Pocky" Leech called : "Get a ha-a-air cut!" And that
cry was the signal for battle���for thc
beginning of a new conflict in that
unending social war between privilege
and proletariat which is inevitable in
the Republic.
Thcv'mocked his accent: "Fahdah! 'Oh, I say, fahdah!" .They
criticized the game: "Hully Gee!
Dhey's playin' miggles! Oh, the bum
short-slop! T'rce strikes; youse is
out!" They chanted in chorus : "Get
a ha-a-air cut!    Get a ha-a-air cut!"
"Wei, look-a-here���" he began.
She did not pause for him. "We've
been em the grounds here a matter o'
live blessed minutes, an' the boys is
scarce out o' mc sight, an' yuh come
buttin' in with a shout like this! Is
t' likely we c'u'd 'vc done anythin' to
any one in this time, d' yuh think?"
"Look-a-here," he shouted, "I don'
kneiw whal yuh'vc been doin', but
they're chasin' mc up, kickin' an "
"An' yuh come wilh one side o' the
story an' fire it into yer Men's. Shannon yuh! Tain't so often thc poor
youngsters has a day on the green
that yuh sh'u'd come plaguin' them
with orTcndin' Ihe lollypops yonder
with this an' with that! Sure, we're
poor but we're decent. We want no
favors from no one but to be let
to figure out how much time your clerks
waste ea^h day in walking to and
from the telephone ?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "WALL" or "DESK" set.
Call up the Contract Agent
Seymour 6070
British Columbia Telephone
Company Limited
Authorized Capital     $2,000,000
Subscribed Capital       1.1WJ0O
Paid up   Capital             K4U,I"����
Special attention given to savings accounts.
Interest paid at  the  highest   current  rales.
Your account very cordially solicited.
L. W. Sle.if'ei.l, General Manager W. ��. Jaidine, A*��t. Oltrttl Manage*!
OOLLINQWOOD east branch. K. N. Haworth, Manager.
Coal Strike
Stove Wood���14 inch Lengths
$3.25 per Load;  3 Loads for $9.00
Corner Bodwell Road and Ontario Street
Phone : Fraser No. 41 Mail Address, Box 22, City Heights
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western Plate Glass &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thorne  Metal  Store   Front  Bars,   Bevelling  and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
909  Dominion  Trust  Building;,  Vancouver,   B. C.
Telephones :    Office 8W.    Works 6203.      Works 9328.    Works  9179
The cold weather is coming and you will
require some
Stoves and Heaters
to keep your home warm.   We have healers
$2.00 up
They are of the hest quality, and We will pUl
them up for you.
Don't forget our line of RANGES.    We
have a few Pioneers left.
Fraser and Ferris Roads T. Fox, Prop.
Phone : Fraser 87
The Permanent Paving Material���
A pavement which will provide for all conditions
of traffic and climate must be constructed on a common-sense basis.
Concrete is recognized as the only material suitable
for permanent work, and is used as the foundation for
all modern pavements.
The discovery of a satisfactory concrete wearing
surface has been made in Granitoid after years of experimenting and study. In our Patented Granitoid
Pavement we have a concrete base and a concrete
wearing surface that will meet all the requirements
of automobile and vehicular traffic, and a pavement
that will become more durable with age. An investment in Granitoid pays the highest returns in durability
and satisfactory service.
Watch Westminster Road from Main Street to
Prince Edward, also Davie Street, Second Avenue,
and Columbia Street, in Vancouver.
British Columbia Granitoid & Contracting
A   learned   man   was  askeel,   ���Win.
: art-  the ienelisii ones?"    Ami bc r��
piled,    "Tlleese-  Who  e|n  lleil  kllnW   cither
lie.w to prtiic ������! iii blame."
* *   *
A   iameius kinn  saiil, "If  men  mil)
km �� inew pleaunt lu me it is to fur
|giv�� fanlis, there is not one oi them
who would met commit crime"
��� *    ���
Daughter :    Shall   I   take'  an um
brella i.e p.,si iiiis letter, mother?
Mother :   Ho, itay in the bouse; ii
isii'l  a lil  niulil  (e,r a el,,n to be e.nl;
let your lather p'e--i tbe letter.
* *   *
Mr. Henry Peck: be. you think
yuu can make- a good portrait oi my
Mr. Bruihaway : My (rlend, 1 can
make- ii su lifelike you'll jump every
time you iee it.
��   *   *
"We had a fine sunrise this morning," saiil one New Yorker tu another.
"Iliel you su- it?"
"Sunrise.'?" saiil the Second man.
"Why, I'm always in bed before sun
��    *    *
"People   are   alius     imprest,"    said I
Grandpa Stubblegrasi, "by what they
can't   see   through,      Many   a   stream
nils  credit  fttr  bein1  deep when  it's
only muddy."
��� ���   *
The sanitary scientist was gathering
wild flowers in mid Africa.
"Be careful," they said tei him, "lest
yuu meet a lion."
"I would far rather," replied the
sanitationisl, "meet a Hun any day
than a mosquitoI"
Jusl a little later he met a lion.
I'hey claim he looked once at the
beast and then ran a full sized Mara
thon and fell over a cliff a mile highl
Query :   What does he do when he
meets a mosquito?
��    *    *
The ferryman, while plying over a
water which was unly slightly agita
The daughters oi 111��� - household, ar
dent suffragists, wen- talking politics
"Tail    will   sweep   lhe-   Ce illlllr V,"   il'
.kneel Mabel
"Wilson will sweep ih,' country,"
asserted Maud
"Roosevelt will sweep the country,"
answered Margaret
Ai ihis p.,mi dad t'e'ek a hand.
"Xeii mind ;eieiein who's i^'inn ie.
iweep ih'   country," said he. "Who's
HliillK    tee    IH eep    ���],,     K1T ,  II' II '"
* *      *
Patient . I wish iu consult you
wiih 11 '.��� ml t'. my utter loss oi mem
Doctor:     \h.    yesl    Why���er���in
"i ihis nature 1 always require
inv fee in advance.
* *   ��
At a me eting of business m< n a <ii-.
cussion was started regarding a banker who has ih.' reputation for harel
"Ilh, well," said one man, "he- isn't
-ei hael. I went I'i see IlilU lu get
a Lean uf ijo.lKKI anil he' treated me
very courteously."
"Iliel he lend you the money?" was
"No," was the- reply, "he didn't,
Bul he hesitated a minute befure- he
* *   *
Pastor���"Whal diel 1 say in my
MTiii"n thai you objected to?"
Mr, eh- Good���"Yuu surprise me,
my dear sir. 1 did neet object l1' any
Pastor���"Bui I heard yem wive- a
very audible smert al something I
Mr. de Good���"<ih, nu���no, indeed I
That was unly a snoreI"
* *   *
The Inventor was talking t" him
"What with my Heath ss Light, my
Leakiest Fixture, my invisible \-h
can ami my Disappearing lied, 1 have'
made   Ihe   life   ui   the   urbaniie   well
worth the living,"
ted, was asked by a timid lady in his
boat whether any person* were ever
lost in that river. "Oh, no," said he,
"wc always finds 'em agin, the next
* ���    *
"Pa, what did Damon and Pythias
du that made them so famous?"
"1 don't remember now, but 1
think they were a winning battery
that some manager found in one of
thc bush leagues."
* *   *
"Why, RastUS," said Smithcrs, "what
arc you doing here? I thought you
were going to bc married this
"Why, yass, ah was, Mistuh
Smithers," said Rastus, "but dat ceremony am tempcrarily pothponcd, sub.
Tie bride, she done run off wiv dat
wuthless niggah Tham Jonsing, sub."
��   *   ��
"Tim," inquired Mr. Riley, glancing
up over thc door of thc post office,
"what is thc mcanin' of thim letters,
"They mean eighteen hundred an'
"Tim, don't it sthrike you thot
they're carryin' this spellin' reform
enteiircly too far?"
* *   *
Thc social worker stopped a small
girl who was carrying a baby. "Isn't
he a fine, big boy?" she began, in
gratiatingiy.    "What's his name?"
The child waxed indignant. "It
ain't a boy! Everybody thinks it's
a boy." She hugged the baby closer.
"You poor dariin'!" she soothed,
"they ain't gut much opinion of yui,
'ave they?"
"Wrong!" Corrected ihe down-
weighed Benedict. "You have yet i"
perfect  the   Footless   Meter  ami  the
Vanishing Gas Bill."
*   *   +
"Mr. Methuselah," says young Ish-
botnush, the Gileadite, "1 came to ask
your permission tu marry your granddaughter  Kezoorah."
"What! Little Kezoorah!" exclaims
Methuselah. "Why, what nonsense,
buy! She's only a hundred and
twenty years old, and you're barely
turned a hundred and eighty. Wail
about a hundred years, lad, and then
yem will learn whether this is merely
calf luve ur lhe enduring affection
that should warrant matrimony."
* *       *
"1 see," said Bilking, "that a French
scientist has discovered a method for
staving off old age."
"Well,  what  of    it?"    demanded
Wilkins. "There's nothing new in
that. A man can stave off old age
by jumping off the Eiffel Tower; or
dropping a lighted match in a powder
barrel while sitting on it; or by rocking the boat when he's out on the
water; or by riding over Niagara
Falls sitting astride of a log. Those
French scientists make me tired with
their hullabaloo over nothing.
* *   ��
It would appear that it takes a
canny Scot to disperse a turbulent
crowd without reading thc riot act.
An American in England tells of a
street preacher in a Scottish town who
called a passing policeman and complained of being annoyed by a certain portion of his audience. He asked to have thc objectionable persons
"Weel, yc see," said thc officer
thoughtfully,  "it  would  be  dcefficult
leer mc tae spot them; but I'll tell ye
what I'd dae if I were you."
"What?" eagerly asked the preacher.
"Just gang inun' wi' th' hat!"
* ���   *
Secretary Wilson, of the Depart
ment e,f Agriculture, was talking about
the record ere.ps e,f 1912.
"Tlies.-  wonderful crops," he'  saiel,
an- almost enough tu make yuu be
lieve  the eruss eut  stury.
"\ farmer, you know, sent his
hired man to a neighbor's with a ir��.i��
"'Friend Smith���Will you please
lend nn your croSI eul saw. as I wish
to mii a watermelon up so -is t��� ��� get
p mi" my dray?"
Tin   m ighbeer  w rote ha> k :
"'Friend Jones- I would be glad lee
lend yeeu  my  saw, Inn   lame  has jusl
gut stuck iii a cantetoupc.' '
* ��   ��
There was a lOUHd "i revelry by
night. The BloggSCS were giving a
piriy. Mr. llheggs had just obliged
wiih ihe touching ballad, ""Pis Love
That  Mak.s the World <"." Round,"
ami   Master    llluggs   Klzcd   tl p-
porlunity tee sneak behind the screen
with father's pipe. Shurtly afterward
il was observed thai Willie wasn't
well,     His   faee-   was   pallid,   and   his
eyes   il I out     Cried    out    Mrs
Bloggs : "Goodness, child, what's
i he- matter? I do believe yuu have
been sun eking!" Willie feebly shu'ek
his head. " Taint lhat ma." he replied untruthfully.   "If it's imc what
lather's been singing about, I ��� 1 musl
* *    *
A Fable f"r Borrowers.���An Arab
went tu his neighbor and said, "Lend
me your rupe."
"1 can't," said the neighbor,
"Why  can't  you?"
"Because I want tu use the rope
"For what purpose?" the other persisted.
"I want tu tie up five cubic feet of
water wilh it."
"How em earth," sneered the would-
be borrower, "can you lie up water
with a rupe?"
'My friend," said ihe neighbor,
"Allan is great and he permits us to
do strange things with a re.pe when
wc don't want tu lend it."
* *       *
Don't pin your faith t" nothin', my
sun. Ef il won't stick without a pin
it ain't wuth stickin' tew.
Some fellers' necks reminds mc o*
heisses. They ain't nu airthly use t'
nobody ontil they're breeke.
The great trouble wilh a hel u' fellers 1 know is that afler they've laid
down      iheir     principles     they     lay
lleeWll       'ell     td     'dll.
Seeme' habits, gentlemen, is like
eggs���ye don't never have nu idea
about heew bad they be- till ye try to
throw "IT ihe' yolk.
Th. Pres'dent "' ihe United States
est nie- te, be the Post Master ���>' this
here town. Hut. shucks! I'm t'e.. busy
swattin' flies tu read all them postill
���arils the summer-boarders sends eeut
* *   *
When l.ully. the celebrated cum
poser, was once dangerously ill, his
frietiels sent im' a confessor, wh",
finding his situation critical and hi-
���ni'iil much agitated and alarmed, teibl
him there was onlj one way by which
he could obtain absolution, and that
was by burning all that he had composed "I an unpublished opera. Ke-
monstrance was in vain. I.ullv burnt
his music and the confessor withdrew,
iln his recovery, a nobleman who
was his natron, calling t" see' him,
was informed eif the sacrifice which he
hail maele. "Ami s,,." saiel he, "you
have' burnt yieiir opera, ami yuu arc
re-ally such a blockhead as tee believe
in the ansurilities tti a monk?"
"Steep, my friend, stop," said l.ully.
whispering in his ear. "I knew very
.veil what I was about ��� I have
���mother copy."
* ek        ���
Tin- trouble wiih livin' these days
as I Bees it is thai every time- a feller
earns a dollar nut o' somebody else,
somebody else- earn- i dollar ami a
quarter out "' him.
Seems t" ine they'd be a powerful
tiih "' money lying raound loose fer
the- feller thai 'hi invent lotyie kind
iif an inkyhater arrangement whereby
a hired man could hatch oul suthin
WUth while- while he was a -cliin'.
The- chief trouble  with  the general
run "' Road Commissioners, gentle
'lien,   is  thai   they   spend  inure   time
thinkin'  abeeitt   the   commissions   than
they d.e thinking abaoul the roads
1  tell yc,  Hill.  I've    lived    raound
these here- pan- geein' mi in sixty
two   years   mew.   ami   1   hain't   never
sold my vote t.e nobody, but all the
same my time's altera been wuth from
two ter si\ dullars a day tu somebody on 'Lection Day
V       *       *
Senator Swanson was stopping at
an hotel in a small town in Virginia
seeme lime ago, and thc clerk allowed
him tu oversleep himself and he missed lhe 'bus to the depot.
Hastily dressing himself, as he only-
had a few minutes to catch his train,
he ran nut of the hotel and boarded
a heerse car which happened to bc
passing at the time.
The car jogged along slowly, and
thc senator, keeping track of the time,
was getting uneasy. Finally, losing
his patience, he spoke to thc driver
"Can't you whip up a little? I'll
miss my train if I don't go faster
than  this."
"This is as fast as I can go," said
the driver calmly; then suddenly, as a
bright thought came to him, "you
can get off and catch the car behind
mc. That fellow's mules is faster
than mine."
* *   *
Came Teio High.���A young negro
walked into thc office of a prominent
lawyer, in Louisiana, and said,
"Ross, I kum to sec yeiu 'bout gettin'   me   a   'vorccment."
"What's the matter, John?" said
the attorney. "Can't you get along
with Mary, or have you found some
other girl you like better?"
The negro, with a grin, admitted
that he had found such a girl, and
"What vou goin'er charge me, Mr.
"Fifty dollars, John," said the attorney.
Thc negro moved uneasily about thc
Close to Main Street Car
On your own terms.
D. W. Grimmett
3324 Main Street, Hillcrest
Phone : F  1121R
The Best Advice
on Lumber Costs
the Least Money
ami when wc say t'e prospective
hmncbuildcrs that "flow's lhe time
to build," we are offering yuu
really sound advice'. No matter
what you have hearel about cheaper
lumber, take it from us lhat you're
on the safe side if you build right
now. In the face .��� f all this talk
wc believe you'll agree that lumber has a fixed value, ami that by
delaying the building of your new
home you will gain nothing but inconvenience.
We believe wc can convince you
that thc above is good advice���
McGibbon Hodgson
Lumber Company
Phone :  Fair.  1659
Patronize l\:c
Province Renovatory
South Vancouver's Pioneer
Diy-C'le��ninR and Dyeing Woiks
Work an^ Prices R'ght
4136 Main St.        Cor. of 25th  Avenue
THE USE OF WATER lor lawns, gardens,
streets and sidewalk sprinkling is strictly prohibited. Any persons violating this rule will
subject themselves to having the water turned
oft and leave themselves liable to be charged
with willully wasting the water supplied.
Waterworks Superintendent
Health Department
for the collection of garbage can now be pur.
chased from the health inspector, Municipal
Hall, corner Fraser Street and Forty third
\venue,  as provided by  the  bylaw
Hox 1224, South Vancouver.
To Whom it May Concern : *
TAKF,   NOTICE)   tint   licences   are   now
I elue   by   all   hawkers,   peddlers,   expreii   and
elraymen, doing business in Seeuth Vancouver.
Any  hawkrr,  peddler, express  anel drayman
feeullel     llolllg     DUltnCSS    ol     this     ll.lt lire     within
the  Municipality  without   a  South  Vancouver
Licence   will   lee  prosecuted   e-   provided   ley
i the   Trades   Licence   Ilylaw.
Chief of Police.
Ilatnl  July  31,   1913.
The Government Auditing Commissioner of
the above-named Municipality will have his
office open from 10 to 11 iu thc forenoon of
each day (except days on which the Public
Inquiry is being held) for thc purpose of
passing accounts; and any Ratepayer or
Owner may be present and may make any
objection to such accounts as arc before the
C. M. C.
office, scratched his head, but did not
speak. After a few minutes the lawyer asked,
"What is thc trouble, John?"
"I just tell you, Mr. Charley," said
he, "there ain't nu fifty dollars' difference in them gals."
A Bunch of Soup
Probably there is no class of Americans better equipped with slang and
odd expressions eif all surts than your
typical bluejacket, unless the average
lunch-counter waiter be included.
Sometimes even thc Bowery wiiter
learns a "new one.
Thc  other  day  one  of  the  sailors.
from a man-of-war climbed on a seat
in a "quick lunch" place of the""chcap
order   in   New   York  and  gave   thi
order to the waiter with all possibl
sang-froid :
"Hey, gimme a bunch o' smtp-!" I
got it.
X ~~"
Bridge Street is the first name
>n the list of routes
Sunn day in the near future
it will be a through street from
Uiver Road jtlto Vancouver,
thing which considerable freight
and merchandise will be hauleei
tu and from the N'orlh Arm
Look at your map: yuu will
observe that Bridge Street is the
backbone eif Vancuuver. Its
position warrants the assertion
that property located on and
near it must increase to several
times its present value.
The carline is nearly completed to 16th Avenue, and it is only
reasonable to suppose    that   it
will reach River Road within a
few years.
We have for sale a few choice
I."is on and near lei Bridge
Street and River Road
They are selling freun $5511 up.
and you cannot find auyihing on
Ihe   market   lo  equal   them.
To homchuildcrs wc sell at
$50 cash and $111 per month.
Take the Davie car to 25th
Avenue, change to ihe Rosenberg Road car, get off at River
Ruad. and come up to our eifficc
corner Ash Street and River
Our man lives on the ground
and   the  office  is  always  open.
To see is to buy!
Phone : Coll. 18
Branch : Cor. River Rd. and Ash St.
J. D. Fraser & Co.
We carry Special Lines of the finest
We also carry Hay and all kinds of Feed
Phone our store (Collingwood 25), or call.   Our delivery
service is prompt.
No. 1 Road and Grant (Close to Park)
$100 below any other property in this vicinity. Small cash
payment. These lots are cleared, and some have been
resold at nearly double the price originally bought at.
Westminster Road
Double corner on Westminster Road, near Parle Avenue.
Cleared. Splendid Business Site. Away below market
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Buy a  Collingwood  Homesite
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They border on the tramline, which furnishes a frequent
car service, reaching the city in 20 minutes. All Lots free
from stone and water.
Water and light are available to all who wish to build at
once. The Southern' end of this subdivision fronts on the
Westminster Road.
Thirty Dollars Cash, Ten Dollars per month, will put you
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make your selection at once.
National  Finance   Company
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IN   THE   SMALL   ::
(Continued ire em  Page 5i
(Ine of the cricketers had a paper
lie.x under his arm. If he had ..een
��� ef "Pocky" Leech's party, I'laherty
. would have had gejeid rcas'iii tej >n>
J pect him���fur tenement picnickers do
mit carry away either food or empty
boxes; they steal park Bowers, Hut
this boy wai above suspicion; and it
was only a jealous resentment of
class superiority that m >ved Flaherty
to interfere wilh him.
"Here! What yuh gel there?"
The buy looked up in surprise.
"Why���a buxl"
I'laherty took him by the elbow
"Open it," he ordered.
The boy opened it nervously. Il
vvas filled wilh crucuscs.
Flaherty saiel : "That's what 1
tlieeughl.    Veiu come along with me."
The eethers called : "Mr. Gray! Mr.
Gray!" and Ihe teacher with the
pince-nez came running up. "What
is it?" He feerced his way through
the frightened circle of his pupils.
"What's thc matteh?"
I'laherty did mit answer. He thrust
the buy roughly ahead, with the box
uf stolen flowers in his hand. "What
is it?" Gray demanded eef his pupil.
"What have you been doing, Stew-
"Stealin' park movers," Flaherty
replied, wilh a satisfaction that was
nut quite concealed,
"1 did not!" younii Stewart cried.
"I bought them. J buught them���
frum  that big boy���with the picnic."
I'laherty snipped. "Wha-a-at?" lie
turned the lad around tu him. "What
^ uung Stewart stammered : "Thc������
the one with the marks���on his face.
The smallpox marks."
I'laherty took a lung look at him.
Gray said : "Exactly! Exactly!"
Flaherty blew his policeman's whistle.
Gray said tu his assisant : "Take the
buys back. I shall follow latch with
Stewaht"    lie was smiling dryly.
Thc cricketers left their classmate
���his lips quivering in a brave attempt
to smile���standing between Gray and
the policeman. He was a small, dark-
skinned buy uf the self-reliant sort that
Spend*    S'l    ?.ei*~.��rip��*   '*    l..Ja>"e      in       ne��
bathing-suit,  sailing  and    swimming.
He was frightened, but not confused.
"Was it the lad wdio brought the
pail of water?"    Gray asked him.
He answered : "Yes, sir. 'Pocky'
they called him."
Gray nodded. "This," he said to
Flaherty, "is the direct result of yuuah
refusal to protect us.   Wc had to "
"Cut it eiut," Flaherty growled. "I'm
nut askin' yuu."
"Very well," Gray said.
A second policeman, in answer to
Flaherty's whistle, came tu take
charge uf Stewart, while Flaherty
himself made a wide detour through
the woods lu strike the May Day picnic iu the rear. In a few minutes
there was an outcry among lhe trees;
a crowd uf buys, with Flaherty at
their heels, tlarted uttt into thc field
and scattered in all directions, Among
them "Pocky" was made conspicuous
by lhe fact lhat Flaherty followed him.
The boy took a flying glance over his
shoulder ami saw the justice had
singled him out for pursuit. He looked around the open field desperately
as he ran; and then, seeing nu hope of
escape,   he   turned   and   surrendered.
I'laherty hooked him with a finger
in the ceiliar and led him over tu Cray
and his pupil. Ami the "gang." fed
lowed .by Mrs. Leech and thc disordered picnickers, closed in on them
in a state of shrill excitement.
"Did yuh sell, him them flowers?"
Flaherty demanded.
"Pocky" tried to assume an expression uf indignant innocence, ami
achieved one of brazen effrontery, "I
never sold him nnthiu'," he declared.
"He's a liar. He came over an' ast ine
lu swipe- sonic u' them fer him���an'
I l.el' him he cnuld swine his own
flowers���an' keep his money. 1 didn't
want it." lie looked around him i"i a
corroborating witness. "Ain't thai
I right, Rednej*'"
"Redney" squeezed in beside him.
"That's right. I i"l' him I'd punch
his   face   for   him   if   he   came   .en tin'
iryin' iu gei us into trouble."
"Hoi' un therel" the second policeman cried, and. thrusting the iw.e
boys apart, he grasped Leech's wrist
and forced his hand open.
There are twu ten cent pieces and
a "quarter" in lhe heey's dirty palm.
Ile  had  been   trying tu pa-- them   lu
"Thai's lhe dime I paid him," young
Stewart   saiel.   "There's a hole  in  it."
Flathcrty gave ye ning Leech a cuff
un the head. The mother shoved in
between them. "Stop it!" she cried.
"Shame un yuh! W'u'd yuh strike the
pour boy fer takin' money? If he did
pick a few flowers, it's no great crime.
They're public prupe'ty! An' it was
that dirty young snake that templed
'tn tu it, cumin' round with his money!
Oh, I seen yuh, yuh bold brat! I seen
yuh pointin' out the bed o' lilies er
whatever th' are. An' givin' Jimmy
the money to go an' steal them. As
sure's yuh're alive, I seen him with
mc  two eyes "
"Did  you?"  Gray  asked  his  pupil.
Stewart blushed guiltily and shook
his head. "He offered to go and pluck
them if I gave him ten cents. I showed
him the eines I wanted."
"There!" Mrs. Leech cried. "There
y' are! Th' one's as bad as th' other.
Bat him on the nut, mew! Hii him,
if yuh "
"Shut up. will yuh?" Flaherty
shouted. "Stop that SOOvin'l Oct away
out o' here, the whole dang hit o'
The children fought away frum liim
struggling against the press of outer
circles. Every one talked at pnee. "It's
youah fault!" Grav declared. "They
blackmailed us! They ���" "Vou an'
yer money." Mrs. Leech screamed.
"Temptin' poor boys to do wrong���"
"Shut up. will yuh! Get out o' here!"
"Redney" took advantage eif the
confusion lo kick young Stewart from
behind, and the latter turned and
struck out furiously. "Clear out!" the
second policeman cried, and cuffed
every small head he could reach.
Flaherty aided him. In a few minutes
only the principals in thc affair were
left in tbe centre of a wider and more
subdued  circle  uf   spectators,
Flathcrty   came   back   and   toejk   aj
paper  frortl  the inside  of his  helmet. '
"Gi'   me   yer   names   an'   addresses,"
he-   ordered;  and   "Pocky,"  knowing
that thi^ was empty formality, winked
stealthily at his confederates.
Flathcrty wrote down the information   with   solemnity.   "Now  yuhj
can   K".'   he   said.     "Gi'     me     Ihcm
Leech ducked and ran. The teacher
..--nine ei iii-, sternest class-room man.
tier. "I hope thai this may bc a lesson
i" you," lie- said to Flathcrty. "As a
result���as a direct result���e.f youah
i.'iilyuh   tei  protect   us,   we   wall   cum
pelied tu buy protection from those
young rascals. You sec wheah the
lliiug is bound to end ulimately. Ill
a community wheah a man has t')
buy his rights, he will invariably buy
moah than his rights. It's inevitable."
I'laherty had listened thus far���
���wallowing wrathfully���with his hel-
inel iii his hand. He clapped it un his
head. "(',' un," he broke in. "Get out
o' here er I'll run y' in. Shake yerself,
now. Yuh're as bad as he is. He
wouldn't 've stole if yuh hadn't paid
him. (',' onl Chase yerself!"
"Pah!" Gray said disgustedly.
"Come, Stewahtl We can  du nothing
with these people!"
lie stalked off with his pupil.
I'laherty pointed after him. "What d'
yuh think o' that?" he asked the other
officer, "What d' yuh  think o' that?"
The latter shook his head. "Search
Flaherty regarded him fur a
moment, with the troubled eyes uf a
government lhat has refused tu be
"paternalistic" in a quarrel, and has
been scored by both parties to the
"This 's a gay life," he muttered,
rubbing his forehead. "I wish lo hell
I  was out eif it."
���Harvey J. O'Higgins, in "Everybody's  Magazine."
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Property on the Peninsula
Is the heart of this thriving Municipality. W'e have
been established here since 1905, and invite correspondence regarding investments. We can place
money on first mortgage at 8 per cent., and transact
all financial business.
References :    Royal liank of Canada, Vancouver,  B. C.
Bank of Vancouver, Collingwood, 13. C.
Financial and Estate Agents
317 Pender St. VV., Vancouver, B. C.
Fire, Insurance and Loans
Collingwood East, B. C.
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Our aim is to please every patron, and our work is of the best.
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Carleton Sash and Door Factory
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T   wisht  I  was  a  grown-up  man,  as
big  as  brother  Jim;
He smokes cigars, goes out at nights,;
an' does what pleases him.
He's got a girl, an' once a week they
go down to the show.
His jub downtown is somethin' swell;
he makes a lot, I know.
Pa  says that Jim's just like he was, |
an'  surely  will  advance;
But better still than all them things,
he wears
I  dasscnt let 'em sec me smoke; an'
once  I did inhale,
Ma  made  me  swaller  castor  ile  bc- j
cause I looked so pale.
An' when my chum an' mc snitck out
a giggin   lish last week.
Pa maele me stay in  bed all day fer :
fallin' in the crick I
They laughed because I fell in love,   j
A kid ain't got no chance.
Oh.   wee!   I   wish   'at   I   was  Jim  an' ���
we i re
��� Herman  Da  Custa, in  "Judge.":
J. Shaw
E. Chell
Shaw and Chell
All Kinds of Building Material
Dealers in Lumber, Brick, Sand, Lime, Gravel, Taeoma Plaster,
Satin Spar, Etc.
Large Lots at Central Park, close to School and Station.    Lot
70x165.    Price $670; one-fifth cash, balance over three years.
The cheapest buys in this district for Houses, Lots, and Acreage.
Come in and see our list.
Dominion Creosoted
 Wood Blocks	
Wood Block Pavements in Chicago
A simple record "i the steady increase in the
use of Wood Block Pavements in Chicago is
a strong and typical testimony to the merit?
of this type ni paving,
The following table shows the area of wood
blocks laid in thc years mentioned :
1903         188 square yards
1904          7.2.S8     "
1906        13,250     "
1908        85,870     "
1910      103.177     "
1911     271,000     "
1912     400,000     "
The total wood paved area in Chicago today is 589,806 square yards. By the end of
1912 the total yardage will be approximately
a million, equal to 62 miles of 30-foot street.
Wood Block Pavement puts an end to the
barbaric uproar of city streets. It brings our
cities to the standards of the European capi
tals, where Wood Block Pavements arc almost
universal wherever there is heavy traffic.
In addition, Wood Block Pavement is the
only pavement which outlasts granite block.
It is, in fact, the only payement which is both
durable and quiet. It is slippery on fewer
days of the year than any other smooth and
quiet pavement, and truck drivers go out of
their way to use wood block streets for the
sake of the easy traction. The laying of wood
block always brings to a street an increased
The oldest Wood Block Pavement in the
L'nited States is on Trcmont Street, Boston,
Mass. Asphalt laid alongside of it has been
worn out and replaced. The Wood Block is
as good as ever, and although, the guarantee
period has expired, it will not need repairs or
attention for many years to come, the wear
up to date being practically negligible.
Dominion Creosoted Wood Blocks are
Manufactured in South Vancouver
by the
Dominion  Creosoting Co. Limited EIGHT
::    South   Vancouver  Municipal Council    ::
Report of   Special    Meeting    of   the
South Vancouver Municipal Council
Year 1912
(.Councillor   Third   absent)
S.eiith Vancuuver, B, C.
September 30,  1912
Re Westminster Road Local Improvement Bylaw
1. Robinson���Elliott: That the
Westminster Road Local Improve
ment Ilylaw be reconsidered and finally passed, and the seal uf the Corporation attached thereto.
1 Carried.
2. Elliott���Robinson i That the
Engineer be instructed to call fur tenders for the permanent paving of
Westminster Kuad within the boundaries uf South Vancouver, tenders to
be on thc unit basis, and for the pavement as hereinafter named : Asphal-
tic concrete, bitulithic, creosote
blocks, and granitoid. Carried.
Certified correct,
1 C. M. C.
sewerage and water board for the int.
preevetnent of these systems.
A letter was received from -Mr. R.
Marpole stating that thc C. P. R.
wuuiei extend its option to the city eif
Vancouver and municipalities of Point
Grey and Smilh Vancouver feer a park
site  on  Little   Mountain.
Report of Superintendent Mullett as
Submitted to Committee
"The well at Central Park is closed
up, as there is not sufficient water in
it to keep pump running. Thc well at
Victoria Road is down 500 feet, stopped drilling and now slotting casing,
and expect to have pump ready for
testing today. Wells at C. P. K- all
doing well. I am very pleased to say
that the trip up to Seymour Creek
on thc invitation of the Vancouver
Council was a very enjoyable one, and
thc spot located by Engineer Hurwell
is an ideal place for a reservoir such
as will be required in the near future.
In the above manner did Mr. Jos.
Mullett, water superintendent, report
at a meeting of thc Fire, Light and
Water Committee on  Friday last.
Mr. Mullett's report was also interesting in that ligures were presented
showing the exact condition of thc
South Vancouver waterworks system
at the present time. Mr. Mullett re
ported that up to September 30 last
6727 services had been installed in
South Vancouver, of which 1966 were
installed from January 1 last. The
cost of the system for 1912 to date
totals $132,934.72, the costs being apportioned as follows :
Service department, $11,047; meter
department, $1,672.81; operating,
maintenance and lowering mains, $17,-
17093; well drilling, Municipal Hall,
$4716.40; Central Park, $2817.41; Victoria Road, $1633.49; construction,
piping, mains, hydrants, $93,876.68. In
all there is a total of 176^4 miles of
waterworks system in South Vancouver.
Seventeen Cases of Typhoid Fever in
South Vancouver Due to This
That South Vancouver is suffering
from the delivery of impure milk
within its boundaries was contained
in a report of Medical Health Officer
Pengelly al a meeting of the Health
Committee on Friday last. They attributed no less than seventeen cases
of typhoid fever in the municipality
directly due to impure milk. Both
officers instanced cases were dairymen, themselves actually infected with
the disease, continued to supply milk,
thus spreading infection.
Another instance of how the disease is spread was given by the inspector, who declared that in a certain
house where there were two cases of
scarlet fever the milk bottles used
there were returned to the dairyman,
filled again and supplied to other
houses on the supplier's round. As
the result of this, continued (he inspector, a whole street became infected with the disease.
Questioned by the committee as to
whether no steps would be taken to
make a strict inspection of milk supplied for the public use, Dr. Murphy
replied that there was no law by which
this could bc adequately done. The
doctor instanced the recent case in
Vancouver, where thc city had to pay
damages to a milk dealer for publishing a report on an analysis of milk
supplied by him.
The committee took up the question of forming a hospital committee
and passed a resolution requesting the
Council to appoint such a committee.
A recommendation from Mr. Pengelly to establish a new system of receipts for use by the garbage collector was referred to himself and the
municipal clerk.
��� ^^��������
live*, 1; threats, 2; theft, 5; burglary,
1; pound bylaw, 3; carrying concealed weapons, I; wife maintenance act,
3; vagrancy, 3; bush fire act, 1; unlawfully elid paclise midwifery neit
registered by act, 1; unlawfully did
practise veterinary surgeon not leg
isle red by act, 1; wiring bylaw, K;
keeping vicious d'egs, 3; motor vc
hide act, 9; profane language, 1;
cruelty, 4; failing lu repeirt accident,
1; obstruction, I; failing tei pay rev
eiitte lax, 3; wilful damage, 1; false
pretence, 1; order made to send four
children lo the Children's Aid Society,
4; liquor licence act, 2.
Number uf licences taken out July
1 tei September 30 :
Express licences, 45; hawkers, 1;
peddlers, 61; pool mums, 8; laundry.
5; milk vendors, 14; auctioneers, 2;
kennel licences, 1. Total number of
licences 137.
Other Statistics
Cattle impounded, 24, amount col
lected $58.20.
Dog taxes collected to September
30, $1314.50.
Road tax, $689.50.
Fines for quarter ending September 30, $525.00.
Six cases sudden  death.
Twelve cases persons conveyed to
Two eases eef poisoning.
Two cases of suicide.
Five accidental deaths.
Chief Wand" gave it as his opinion
that if the municipality could so arrange wilh Ihe Telephone Company
fur an up-to-date fire alarm service,
wiih a few boxes in the business centres of South Vancouver, the expense
��� il which would be trifling, the lire department could get ahiiig with a telc-
pheeiie lire alarm for a few years, as
ilu- report uf ihe Firemen's Convention at Los Angeles sheiws that 90
per cent, uf alarms are received "Ver
ihe telephone,
Another paper referred lei by the
chief dealt with "The Storage "f Gasoline," by Chief J. Kley, of Los Angeles, and Chief Wand remarks in his
report : "The information obtained
from this paper and the debate upun
it are very satisfactory lu me, ..nd I
will draft a few clauses fur thc Council's information."
"We have some experts figuring een
a system eef guud roads for yieur county." "Yes, replied Parmer Merry,
"that has been geein' ein feir s nne time.
The principal trouble aboul   the good
(roads  movements  in  this  neighborhood  has been  too much  brain  wurk
.and nut enough manual labor."
Electric Irons
Make Housework Easy
To prove this statement we will
send any of our lighting customers
JjdMg/L Iron on
Ten Days' Free Trial
Points in favor of the   ib^S,^-/- IRON���1 Hot at
the point.   2 Cool at the  <n0tPOt/li}~ handle.
stand in connection with iron,
guarantee by manufacturers.
Carrall &
4 Is covered  by
3   Has
Finance     Committee     Decide     That
Accounts  Must be  Kept Within
Instructions were given to Munici-
' pal Clerk Springford at a meeting of
| the Finance Committee on Saturday
morning that all merchants duing
business in Seeuth Vancouver bc given
thc preference over outside firms, lhe
matter was brought before the attention of thc committee by Councillor
John Third, who pointed out that several of thc accounts submitted were
from Vancouver firms.
Payment of $52,086.54 on accounts
and pay rolls was passed by the committee.
Many    Roads    and    Streets    to    be
Improved���River  Road  Bridge
The  report  of   Engineer   Clement,
which was submitted to the Board of
Board of Works  Upholds Inspector
Morris���Mr. Gray Complains
At a meeting of the Board of
Weirks on Friday afternoon, Mr. Gray,
of Commercial Street, Cedar Cottage,
Delegate  of  Ratepayers' Association
Makes Assertions Before Council
Thc privilege of free speech among
the employees of the Municipality of
South Vancouver was aired at a meeting of thc Council on Saturday afternoon. The matter was brought before the Council by Mr. Jas. Camp-
Jjell, acting as a delegate from the
Ward III Progressive Association.
Mr. Campbell asserted that several
employees of thc municipality had
been denied the privilege of expressing their opinions at meetings of the
ratepayers or elsewhere in public because of the influence of Ward foremen or of others, lie spoke of the
British flag and the liberty uf citizens
under it, and argued at some length
that every person, whether an employee of South Vancouver or not,
should bc allowed to voice his sentiments regarding the management of
the municipality.
Reeve Kerr, in replying, stated that
I here had never crossed lhe minds of
the. Council that in Canada���-a name
which stood for freed'.in and free
speech���there should he- any repression "i it. The Councillors hail neet
fur a moment intended curbing entire
liberty oi expression, ami would not
approve eef a similar ae-tiem em lhe
part of anyone else, toothing hail
ever gune front this Council ur from
any member of this Council, as far as
he knew, preventing or attempting lu
prevent expression uf opinion frum
any employee uf the municipality or
any person else.
Asked if the persons who had
speiken with him had said anything
about orders going from the Council
or from the Councillors repressing
speech, Mr. Campbell said they had
not. He could not reveal the names
of the men who had spoken to him.
They had merely said to him that they
had been told that they could not attend or speak at meetings of thc ratepayers till after the next municipal
elections. Following upon the remarks of the Reeve, Councillor Robinson spoke to the same effect, stating that the Council would not condone any action preventing entire
freedom of speech on thc part of any
contractor or any other person connected with thc Council.
Replying to other questions put by
members of the delegation, of which
Mr. Campbell was the leader, Reeve
Kerr stated that a resolution had already passed through the Council instructing that the name of the corporation should bc printed on all the
vehicles of the municipality; that the
street numbering system had been inaugurated, and that all houses north
of Bodwell Road were numbered, and
the system was being extended as fast
as possible; that application for comer
lights on Fraser Street and some
cross streets, the lack of which was
being complained about, had been
sent to the B. C. E. R. by the Council; and that that body was taking up
the question of improvements in thc
sewerage and water systems throughout the municipality. The last assertion was made in response to a statement that a resolution had been passed
at the Ward III Progressive Association   asking   for   the  formation   of  a
One   of   the   Rich   "Rosebuds,"   ap pearing  at   the   Panama   Theatre
Weirks  and adopted al a  meeting  een
Friday last, provides fur an expend
ilttre uf $2330 un the grading ami
tucking uf Twenty first Avenue frum
���tularin Sireet to Manitoba Sireet;
$2,050 un grading and necking of
Twenty third Avenue Between Ontario
and Manitoba Streets; $2,(oO un grad
ing of Horley road between Maple
and Rupert Streets; $2,170 on grading
uf Twenty-fourth Avenue between
Clarendon Street and Victoria Drive;
$2,640 on grading of Forty-eighth
Avenue from Fraser to Prince
Edward Streets; $8,000 un grading
and rocking of Euclid Avenue between Earles and Joyce Streets; $7,529
un rocking of Knight Street; $1,616
on grading of 33-foot strip on Vanness Avenue from Sixteenth Avenue
to Commercial Drive, and $2,000 on
20-inch cement pipe drain on Ontario
Street between Sixteenth and Seventeenth Avenue from Ontario to Quebec street.
The Board also adopted a recommendation of the Engineer that the
River Road bridge be repaired at an
estimated cost of $1,200.
Cases Brought Before J. C. McArthur
July 1 to September 30
Chief Constable's quarterly return of
cases brought before J. C. McArthur,
Police Magistrate, July 1 to September 30, is herewith appended. With
the growth of the municipality there
is a corresponding increase in the
number of cases brought before the
magistrate.    1 he reports follows :
Drunk, 10; assault with intent, 1;
assault (common), 10; being on enclosed premises, 1; being in possession of stolen property, 1; highway
act, 12; health bylaw, 2; trades licence,
5; garbage bylaw, 1; plumbing bylaw,
1;  blasting bylaw,  4;  storage  explo-
inquired under what bylaw the Wiring Inspector had the power to enter
his premises ami tu condemn certain
wiring which was done about two
years ago, before there was either a
wiring liylaw ur a wiring inspector in
the municipality? He said thai wiring thai was dune iu Vancouver 25
years ago was still standing, anil noth
ing was said ai.uul it, and he wished
tu know under whose orders ur un
what authority the wiring inspected
had acted?
Wiring Inspector Morris stated that
when his department was not busy
they attended tu buildings wdiich were
erected and wired before the wiring
bylaw was passed; but, he said, they
never did su until there was a complaint or their attention had been
directed to certain buildings. "We
look over the work," said Mr. Morris,
"and if the wiring is bad we condemn
it. as we are authorized to do by the
wiring bylaw." In the particular case
in question, added Mr. Morris, they
suggested that certain things be done
for the protection of the property.
After discussing the matter the committee came to the conclusion that the
wiring inspector had acted in accordance with the bylaw, and in the interests uf the owners of the property.
Mr. Gray asked why he had been
charged $2.50 for the inspection. The
committee said it was according to the
bylaw; but they suggested to the inspector that he should endeavor to
cut down thc charges as much as possible.
Chief     Wand     Submits     Important
Recommendation to Committee
At a meeting of thc Fire, Water and
Light Committee on Friday night of
last week, Chief Wand reported on
his recent trip to the Convention of
Fire Chiefs in Los Angeles.
Lots and Square Feet at
To the majority of buyers a lot is just a lot, and in not being posted on this very particular part
of the purchase the buyer is often sadly disappointed.
Vancouver, usual size 25x100ft.���100 llurnaby, usual   size   3--xl22ft.���122
2500 Sq. Ft.
"RIVERDALE," SOUTH VANCOUVER, average size 33x212���212
4026 Sq. Ft.
6996 Sq. Ft.
AVERAGE   SIZE       8
Vancouver Lots  3
Burnaby Lots
Riverdale Lots
South Vancouver
PRICE $550.    $15 CASH, $15 A MONTH
You can see that "RIVERDALE" Lots average 4496 more square feet than Vancouver Lots���
ALMOST THREE TIMES AS LARGE. You can also see that "RIVERDALE" Lots average
2970 more square feet than Burnaby Lots���NEARLY TWICE AS LARGE.
Now, let's add tip. "RIVERDALE" is situated at the corner of River Road and Boundary Road
in South Vancouver. You know what that means���it means the most beautiful spot in all Vancouver.
No exaggeration about that. Everyone KNOWS it. It means a view of fifty to seventy-five miles-
beautiful Mount Baker and the other fine mountains of Washington in the United States. A view of
Lulu Island, Sea Island, Gulf of Georgia, Fraser River���a sweeping, magnificent view.
There are About 100 Lots, and Fifty of them are all cleared
The Price starts at $550, the Monthly Terms $15
The first buyers will surely select the cleared lots (an important item to the buyer).   The first buyers
will get the first choice, of course.   AND the initial price. $550, and terms $15 per month.
Be One of the First Buyers.   Mark This Well
Some of these lots will sell for $1,000 inside of the next ten weeks. Call at the office for free
tickets and inside information.
Geo. B.  Howard,     IX   V  f  IV 1   J F      Main  a"d   "arr'S
Kvery Night, and Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
The Del S. Lawrence Stock Co.
PRICES : 25c, 35c, and 50c
MATINEES 25c any scat
Organ,  good condition, only    $25
Organ,   variety   of   stops,   fine   tone
only     $35
Organ,    low   top.   rich   tone,   suit
small   mission,   only    $S5
Organ, celebrated Miller, variety of
stop*,   very short  time  in   use;
snap,    only     $92 50
Piano, Vose, suit learner, only....$65
Piano. Chippendale case, very short
time   in   use,   only    $150
Piano,   rosewood,   latest   design,   a
bargain   at     $215
New   Mission   Oak   Piano,   entirely
new   design,   only    $250
These  have  mostly  been  taken   in   exchange  (or   PUyers,   and   are   tegular  and
up-to-date instruments.
Phone :  2832  Sey.
1127   GRANVILLE  ST.,  near  Davie St.
South Vancouver
Wc have the best buys in the C. P. K. district. These lots
are high and very light clearing. Price $1500.00. Cash Vt,;
balance 1, 2, and 3 years, at 6 per cent, interest.
For Sale or Exchange���Six-room Modern Hous'.-, Ontario
Street. Will sell on very easy terms, or will take good
Building Lot as first payment.
J. A. KERR & CO.
Real Estate Brokers
3332 MAIN STREET        Phone: Fairmont 822
We have just received our first shipment of
from thc National Biscuit Company of the L'nited
We think you will agree that this is the finest
line yet offered. _ |j^f|
Come in and try a sample with our 50 cent India
Tea, being demonstrated.
45th and Fraser; also River Rd. and Fraser
"Nothing But the Best"
South Vancouver
River Road, Ontario Street and B. C. Electric Railway Trackage.
Lots all cleared and graded. Terms : One-sixth cash, balance
over three years.
River Road and Government Road, subdivision of thc southerly
portion of Block 15, District Lots 330 and 331. River Road Lots,
$800 each. Sixty-ninth Avenue Lots, $500 and $450 each.
Terms : One-fifth cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 monthsi
For Plans, Price List and Particulars apply
London & British North America Co. Limited
With which is incorporated Mahon, McFarland & Procter Ltd.
Insurance Money to Loan
Agreements For Sale Purchased
House  Property in,  West End,  Fairview,  Grandview,  Mount
Pleasant and Kitsilano
Avenue Theatre
���I"In- Mii-.ii- Matter" at thi-, popular
playhouse this week bai achieved an
enormout success,    capacity    li..n-.<-^
: greeting jacjj ami m-ry ctcrlurmance.
i Few  si'eck companies, indeed, would
have- the temerity to attempt ii> pro
duction, anel fewer -till c.ml<l \>e depended   UPOn   I'e   make-   a   lUCCefl   eef   il,
ai hai tin- Lawrence player- it will
i rank as one e.i their greatest successes
both  ite.in  ilu- artistic  anel  financial
standpoint. Mr. Lawrence fairly out.
i eliel himself in tin- role oi the lovable,
kindly i.lei German Musician, tlu- part
maele- f.-iinieiis ley  David  Wartichl, ami
I he was rendered most efficient support by every member eef tlu- company
, iu the.- leeiig cast 11 was a splendid
performance eef a great play, and thoie
'.vim have nut yet witnessed it should
i promptly avail themselves uf the very
few remaining opportunities,
Lawrence and Sandusky have made
! arrangementi feir some e.f the greatest
New Ye.rk and London successes, and
tiii- Avenue patrons can rest assured
1 thai there will he mi let down in the-
e-l.i-, uf entertainment offered from
its previous high standard, Plays
never before seen in stock here arc
underlined fur an early prudiioti'iu
and more than one opportunity will
be presented to see Broadway shows
al  peipular prices.
* *    ���*
Empress Theatre
A drama of ihe Moonshiners in the
mountains of Virginia and Tennessee
i- the offering at the Empress Theatre tins week. Xo phase of life contains more dramatic possibilities than
this presents. These lawless men,
win i. secure in their mountain retreat,
manufacture illegal whisky, are often
possessed uf qualifies that win our
admiration. "Salomy Jane" shows
many of these men. and "Zeb Lane"
is a rugged type of this sort. There
are excellent situations in all the acts,
giving Isabelle Fletcher, Charles
Ayrcs. V. T. Henderson ami Mela
Marsky a line opportunity, while Al-
lyn Lewis and Frank McQuarrie excel ill characterizations. Tilly Armstrong ami Mary Stevens, Louis Von
We-ith.iff. Hareild Xelson and the
balance of the company do good work.
That famous play. "Salvation Nell"
will In- given at this theatre next week.
For a long time past the entire staff
of the theatre has been engaged mi the
very realistic scenery, anil as a production this will be a tremendous
presentation eif a great play. Many
exlra actresses and actors, in addition
to the regular members of thc company, will be' required to properly do
Ilu' plav. This is a drama wilh an
uplift, and ranks with lhat great
moral plav "A Message- from Mars."
[t is a vivid presentation of tlie work
of the Salvation Army Mrs. Fiske,
America's well-known actress, orici-
nally produced it. and it helel the
boards in \i'\v x'ork City for one
year. Isabelle Fletcher will have
great opportunity as Salvation Nellj
anil has won brilliant success in the
character in other large- American
* *    *
Pantages Theatre
The first of the series of par excellent miniature musical Comedy productions, produced by the famous Xed
Wayburn, veteran stage manager, and
booked exclusively lor the Pantages
Circuit, comes to the Vancouver
house as special heaelline attraction
of the sheew opening with the matinee
next Monday.
This particular Wayburn act is
called ".Minstrel Misses." a collection
of clever young persons who offer a
gay hodge-podge of mirth and melody,
which is saiel In surpass anything of
the kind to appear at Pantages in
many moons.
Tlu- extra addeel feature of the programme will be brought forward in
"Marked Money," a splendid comedy
playlet   to  be   presented   here   by  the
Readick Freeman Players, an organization of old Coast defenders, who
are' greal   favorites  in   this cily.
O'Neal and Wamsley,   known    in I
this country and abroad as lhe "Twu
Lightning Bugs," a pair   of   entertainers who are expected to be nielli
ing short of a riot  here.
.Mure- mush uf the really enjoyable
sort will be pul over the footlights ley
William Howard Langford, described
as   the   "Huy   who   sings   anything,"
I Langford is declared tee have an exceptionally   line   voice���one   thai   he
: utilizes fully as well in ragtime as in
the classical.
The Zara Carmen Trio is billed as
the "Act Beautiful in Pink." The
Cannens went unusually big in Spokane and Seattle, and in fact are well
spoken eef from every house they have
played on Pantages Circuit.
following   idea-,     which
Pari,,  will   ever  be  real
anel her two sisters, who were briele-
maids,  entered   the  church    to    the
-train:,  eel'  the   " l.ul 1 iii grin"   Wedding ���
March,   played  by   Mr.   Milligan,   tin-
Organist.    The bride wore a beautiful
gown   ejf  cream   silk,   trimmed   with
silk fringe and Insertion, ami carried
a beautiful shower bouquet of white
carnations.   She also wore a veil and
wreath   uf   orange     blossoms.       The
bridesmaids  were   <1 r��� ssed     in     green
pale   silk,   trimmed   with   cream   net
and cream satin, .uhI carried bouquets
eef pink carnations,   Mr. Frank Wood
all,  uncle  ������!     the    hriele-,    acted    as
groomsman.    The  congregation   pre
Ben ted iln- bride with    a    handsome
Bible, ihe- occasion being iln- lir.-i wed.
eling iii thi- newly organized church,
The- bridegroom presented 'he- bride
with an engraved gold bracelet anil
each 'if the- bridesmaids with a pearl
gold broach, and lhe gromsman with
a pearl and gold pin. The bride was
the recipient eef many handsome pres
cuts. Following ilu- ceremony a reception was held at the bride's home,
which was decorated with maple
leaves ami Rowers. The- bride's go
ing away suit was of navy blue, with
hat tu match. The newly marrie '1
! couple will  reside  in  Kelowna,  1).  C.
whether tl
come from
ized :     B
Following ihe lead of poetry
painting, music now boasts of a
iiin-t school e,f doctrine, as was
nounced lately by a leader of
movement, win, thinks it will be safer
fur tin- present io remain anonymous.
Present ami all past music, he declares, will In in, lunger ears, and he
styles it "ancestral."
"W'e- in. longer respond tei tin- pro
elm tioni eef the musicians eef past een
turies,"   he     continues,     "and     must
create a new art. corresponding with
the highly evolved sensitiveness e,f the
pn -e nt. a- well as lhat uf the future."
All traditional forms and scales of
the past are, therefore, to be cast
aside and the Futurists arc composing in scales subdivided into ninths
of a tune- and having seventv-two
notes i'e the- octave. This scale, it is
explained,  is  only    provisional,    and
will suun be made still more compli-    	
cated  to  suit  the  refinements of the  The guests  wen-  the  Misses  Marion,
Futurist taste. : Dorothy, ami Mr. George Sibbald; Mr.
For iln- new notation, which is call- -'ind Mr:,. Peden, Miss Peden, Miss
eel "comantic," special instruments A. Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Elder, .Mr.
are being made, and an exhibition will Little, Mr. Scott, Mr. Pomeroy, Mr.
shortly be given of pianos, violins, and Milligan, Mr. Gibson, and Leonard
eether   stringed   instruments,   adjusted   Banford.
to the requirements of the first l-'u  ��� ^ ���	
turist concert, which will be given in
a few weeks' time and is confidently
expected to startle Paris.
The leader of the Futurist musicians has no illusions as to the per
manence of his system.
"When the public begins to appreciate it," he says, "there will be no
excuse even for thc comantic school,
which will have twice as many notes
ami will eventually bc succeeded by
a scale of which each note will bc
one vibration more than that below it."
Hastings & Gore     Phone Sey. 3907
To-night 8.15 M.tinee S.I. 2.15
Suci e ssful    Urania
i   I,iii  iu Tennessee
N'.xt  Week :
Vaudeville       Means
Week commencing  Monday, Oct  14
SHOW STARTS---2 45. 7.15. .nd ��.��,..
Wayburn's Minstrel Misses
Till-.       READICK        FREEMAN
eilice Constable
in Victoria.
Small is holiday-
Building Inspector Young left on
a vacation this week. lie will attend
a convention in Calgary.
* *    *
Magistrate J. C. McArthur look his
seat on the bench on Saturday last
after a few days' indisposition.
* lie        *
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Knight, who
have spent the summer at Point Grey,
have moved back to their home on
23rd   Avenue   fur   lhe   winter.
* *    #
Mr. K. I.. Walker and Mr. A. Walk,
er returned from Alaska thc first part
uf lhe week, where they have spent
lhe last few years. They expect to
remain home all winter.
ele      *       *
Miss Minnie McConnell, of Vic-
toria, who was the guest uf Mr. and
Mrs.   II.   Parker.   CollingW 1   West,
fur a few days last week, returned to
In-r linnet- un Sunday.
* *' *
A reception was held by Mrs. Lewis,
uf Park Avenue. Central Park, on
Tuesday night of this week in honor
uf her brother, Mr. John McKinley
Robertson and his bride, who arrived
this week from Scotland.
* =|e        *
Mr. Wm. Kirkland. secretary to the
South Vancouver School Hoard, and
Mrs. Kirkland returned from a trip
to Langley this week. The many
friends will learn with pleasure that
Mrs. Kirkland is improving in health
as quickly as can bc expected.
Bible in Japanese
Whir, tin- I'.ihli- was translated into
Japanese an equivalent tn tile word
"baptize" cnuld tint be found, and the
word "soak" had tee be used instead.
So that Japanese Biblical students are
acquainted with a person named
"John lhe Soaker," and with a doc
trine eif "snaking feer remission of
sins." In that case the mistranslation
is due to inadequacy of language. It
is oftener due In ignorance. A schoolboy once rendered "Miserere, Do-
mine!" into "Oh. heart-broken schoolmaster!" And another recovered from
German the text, "The spirit indeeel is
willing, bul the- llesh is weak." in the
form, "The ghost, of course, is ready,
but the meat is feeble."���London
"Daily Chronicle."
A Mild Smoke
W.-.k  uf October  14
Including Mile,  Ivonne Amlre-
Assisted by Louis   \valine Catherine    Schultze    and    an    imported
Dancing Ballet
5_Other big  S.  & C   Acts���5
"Vancouver's   Live   Wire"
(36  Hastings  Street)
For the Whole Family
The Suffragette
2 Shows, 7.30,
9.15, Nightly���15c
Maiinec Daily, 3 p.
-15c. 25c
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering horses will
receive special care and attention.
All kinc's of hand-made shoes, running shoes, running plates, toe
plates,  etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every care  and  attention.
571  Beatty Street
Business   College
"The School of Certainties"
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refundetl
Corner Main St. & 10th Ave.
Phone :   Fairmont   2075
Magistrate  J.   C.     McArthur    ��'ns ]
confined to his bctl for some clays >'ii     KftlAct     II       1 MovurAll
week   wilh  a  severe   cold,  which   he  UUCW     U'     �����     "IttAWCU
contracted while attending the Teach.
ers' Convention at Kamloops.    He is ] Specialties i
making good progress towards recov-1
cry. and is expected to take thc bench!
again bv thc end of thc week.
Player    Pianos,
Repairs,    Ton;
Phone :    Fairmont 1125
Drs. Howie & Hall
Have   opened   up   new   and   up-to-date
Dental Parlors  in the Williams  Block.
Corner Granville and Hastings
We have installed all the latest and
best appliances, and are prepared to
give you the best there is in the dental
A share of your patronage ia
Gas    administered    for   the    painless
extraction   of   teeth.
Ft. O. Howie, DD.S.
Wm. S. Hall, DD.S.
Phone   Sey.   3266  for   appointment
Springridge   Lodge   N.e.   70,   Inter-1
national   Order  of    Good    Templars,
lie-lei iheir weekly meeting on Friday,
October 4. in the Cedar Cottage Hall,!
Victoria Road, presided over bj  Tern
M.   A.  Timnis,  C.T.    Delegates  re-'
ported proceedings of Grand Lodge
session held at Nanaimo, which proved
highly     interesting.       On     Tuesday!
evening this lodge will pay a fraternal visit to "Try Again" Lodge Xo. 88 I
Great Pianoforte Opportunity
Concert Upright Grand
Lee's    Hall,
Look ahead for next year's holidays, and secure
our of our ideal Seaside Lots, close lo beach. Xo
better holiday resort in the Province. Buy now and
secure them while they last.
Price $200.   Quarter cash, balance 6. 12,  18 months;
The Industrial Trust Co. Ltd.
:ial Agents
Financial Agents
405 D
Brokers, etc.
I'ancoutcr. B. C.
Phone : Seymour 3W7
Orpheum Theatre
The headline feature of next week's
bill will be the wonderful pantomimic
act.   "T.a   Danse   du   Vieelins,"   staged
by  G,   Molaaso and    interprcteel    by
Mile.   Ivonne   Andre,   assisted   by   a
\ company of twelve dancers.    The act
' is superbly staged.
Unwell and  Scott, a  team  of very
' clever   comedians,   will   offer   fifteen
minutes  of  fun.    Their   efforts,  even
befeire   the   most   critical    audiences,
have provoked continuous laughter,
lames   F.   Leonard,   w ho   has  been      ,���,���,,,   .,������,,���,   .���   ...v   , -..^mmi���
.identified with  Irish  cli.irac.K-i 'izatfon ! Collingwood  Rangers  will  plav  their
tor 25 years, and Miss Clara Whitney,  nrst  league panic  on  those grounds
former leadincr woman  with  Andrew -,,,, S.aturelay
M.iek. Fiske O'llara and Bamev Gil-1 '    *    *    *
Building Inspector Young has pass
ed plans for an apartment house, to
be erected at Stainebv and Vanness
Sircets  by  Mr.  J.  H.   Engleman,  of
Vancouver;   Thc plans were prepared -
by Architect A.  C. Binl.    The struc-1
lure will be of frame, and two storeys i
in height.    It is estimated by Ihe ar-1
chftect that the cost will be $20,000.:
The  building  will   contain  a  number
of modern  apartments  with  all  conveniences,  and  construction  is  to bc
started  at  once.
*    *    *
Plans submitted by the B. C. Mice- ���
trie Railway Company for an orna-j
mental arch at thc entrance to Central Park have been approved by the'
Park Commissioners. Work on the'
construction of the arch, which will !
be supported by stone pillars, will be
begun immediately. Good progress is I
being made with the levelling of the |
football   grounds   in.  the; park.    The
tiiiire. who plaved here last week, will
presettt "Duffy's Rise." a clever sketch.
���"'Ptajzlonv and Blanchard do a musical turn in which Mr. PritAaw yodels
anil sine.- songj.of. Ids own eomposi-
A chver and original mimic. Glen
Ellison, gives songs and impersonations of leading members of the foreign stage.
Comedv   srvmn-i-ti.-   work     of    the
hivhest   order  jf ill   be ihe  offering  of f ^^j'
Falls anel Fftli��. eccentric ae-ia-bais. numhc
Tn music, as iu ove-rvthiiie, e-Ue-. ne-,,
nie  are  alw'avs  twine   for  eKrWetHjSiJ
new.   but   it   is     extremely     doubtful
A very pretty wedding that occasioned a wide interest in South Vancouver/was sedemnizeti in St. David's
Church on Wednesday evening, Oc
teelK-r 2, at 7 o'dtick. when Mi-s Jessie,
tlie eldest daughter of John B. Pib-
liald. Was married to James "Henry
R-radshaw. of Kelowna. It. C. eldest
son of the late Joseph Bradshaw. of
Algoma. Out. The ceremony was
performed by the Rev. George D.
in the presence of a large
of ffiendt". TiV church was
decorated with an archway of
maple li-nves. atiel other maple leaf J
nnd floral eletoration-. The bride, \
who   was   given   away   bv   her   father. \
Quality the Highest���Workmanship the Best���Prices the  Lowest
Guaranteed 10 years.
$100 CASH, $10 MONTHLY
Limited 123 Pender St. West. Duncan Blk. TEN
Goddard & Son, Ltd., report many
sales of property in general, corapris
ing S'euih Vancouver loti e.n Victoria
Road and vicinity on the carline ex-
tension, $5tm to $1200; \'ict..ri.i Drive
near the Westminster carline, $1250;
Burnaby, near Gllley, $350; South
Vanceiuver cottage residence, $1500;
new   subdivisions,   Sarl'a   Road,  $6511
Enquiries ami sales for Cedar C"i
tage property, where they have two
branch offices, have greatly increased j
the last two weeks, and in lhe course
of a few weeks a large volume of
business is expected t'i gee ihrough
the  real   estate offices.
Public Notices
Statement     of     the     Receipts    and
Disbursements       Presented      by
Health Inspectors
Mr   J    I'engelly and Mr. T. Eccles-
tein. health inspectori, submit the fol-
hiwiug statement ..i receipts and dis-
DUrsementS eif lhe James Tiempkinsoii
benefit fund :
Proceeds 'ef concert and donations,
Disbursements���To balance of funeral expensce, Edwards & Co., $4<l.Si);
p.ml J    II    Sinclair on  hoillC and lot,
Windsor  Street,  $300.00;  paid  taxes
mi same, $2.IXi; paid registration of
above, $2.KII: paid A. Taylor, new
-ink and rock pit, $33.00; paid Mr.
Wail   for   furniture,  $4270;  paid  tele
grains tee Harrison Mot Springs. $1.00;
NORTH FRASER HARBOR COMMISSION   paid   .1    Wright,     janitor.     Municipal
Mall.   $150;      paid      J.      Tompkinson
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN ihat application will in- made ley the Municipalities
oi RiehnK.ml, South Vancouver, Burnaby ;l"il
Point Grey, all in the Province of liritish
Columbia, to the Parliament of Canada, at
the next session thereof, for an Act constituting the waters of the .North Arm of thc
l'raser River lying west of the westerly limits
of the City of Xew Westminster, together .
with all the branches anel arms thereof to ...���.q
lines elrawn across the point! of lanel forming the mouths ol the outlets of saiil North
Arm and branches emptying into the (lulf
of Georgia with the waters of tbe saiel Gull
of Georgia aeljacent thereto, and known as
Sturgeon Itank, a harbor uniler thc name of
the "North Fraser Harbor"; providing for
lhe future management thereof; constituting
the "North Fraser Harbor Commission,'' and
defining thc powers of the saiel Commission.
Datee! at  Vancouver, Hritish Columbia, this
seconel day of October, 1912.
cneque for balance. SHI.K'I     Making a
total   of $4.14.45.
In addition to ilu- above the municipality gave a donation of $150.00.
Mr.   Tompkinson   desires  us  lei  ex-
School Will be Erected on the River
Road ��� Deputation     Waits    on
At a meeting of the South Vancouver School Board, held on Tuesday
night, it was decided to purchase a
school site on the River Road in Dis
trict Luts 130 and 131, from Bailey,
Telford & Co, at a cost of $15,300. ii
was alsee agreed after much discussion
that the salary of Dr. Hunter, the
medical health officer, be again fixed
at $3,500 a year. Following on a
letter received from Commissioner
Crehan, slating thai Dr. Hunter could
not perform operations on children,
thc Board had reduced the officer's
salary tee $3000 at a previous meeting.
A deputation from Ihe Carpenters'
Union laid a complaint before the
Hoard to the effect that the contractors were not carrying out the terms
of the School Board contract, in that
they were employing men nine hours
per day, including Saturdays, instead
of eight hours, as the contract called
602   Pacific   Building
Vancouver, 11. C.
Solicitor for Applicants.
&  Smcllie,
Ottawa   Agents.
OF     REAL     PROPERTY      IN     THE
TAKE    NOTICE   that   the    Commissioner
ippointed to investigate Municipal matters in
the   above-named   Municipality    will    open   a
Public   Inquiry  as  to how  the  affairs  of  the
Police  Department, and the administration of
justice generally have been carried  on in the
above-named  Municipality.
Any Ratepayer or Owner of Real Property
who has any evidence to give relative to the
matters in question is requested to be present
at ten o'clock on Monday morning, the 14th
day of October, 1912, in tne Municipal Hall.
CM. C.
ii for.     Cha r nan   Whelpton,   in   reply,
press ins deep gratitude to all those    , :   , ,,   , ,. - ,K       ...     i ,,
slated that this was done without the
���ir.. I Board's  knowledge,  but  that a  noti-
I fication   would   be   sent   to  Architect
Bowman  in  order  that  the  terms  of
who  helped  lee  make  his  fund
especially    the   different
foremen, and lhe IKtlt Field Anibulanc
Philharmonic Society who entertained us su splendidly, giving Iheir
services  absolutely   free  of  charge.
Respectfully submitted,
Health Inspectors.
the contract might be carried out.
Interesting Event at South Hill Baptist
Church���Officers Elected
A very enjoyable evening was spent
!at the new South Hill Baptist Church
St. Peter's Church Ion   the  evening  of  October   1,  when
The  Harvest Thanksgiving Service! the Men's Baraca room was formally
will be held on Sunday, October 13, opened.
as fedlows ; Holy Communion 8 a.m., j After the routine business was
Matins 10.30 a.m., Choral celebration gone through, the following officers
eif the Holy Eucharist 11 a.m. I were appointed feir the ensuing half-
tMaunder in G). Evensong 7.30. lyear: President, A. Le Hequet; vice-
Preacher, Rev. H. Edwards, rector of president L. Lttrfry; secretary, P. H.
St. James', Vancouver. Thank-offer-1 Da vies; treasurer, E. C. Jadis; repor-
ings are asked in response tei the ter. B. W. Green,
special appeal. The remainder of the evening was
On Monday, October 14, a Thanks-; given up to social enjoyment. Re-
giving Social will be held in the Odd- \ freshmenls, provided by the pastor,
fellows' Hall, corner of 30th Avenue j who on this occasion celebrated his
and Main Street, opposite thc church. ��� birthday, were served by Mrs. Red
The arrangements are entirely iu the j man and Miss Robinson. Following
hands of the young people of thc! this a programme was rendered in
choir, under the leadership of Mr. A. | which the following took part : Vocal
Mutter, organist of St. Peter's, and j solos, Messrs Price, Cameron, Curtis,
a very enjoyable programme of amuse-1 Skerton, and Pennj cornet solo,
ments is ensured. Refreshments j Messrs Davies and Lurfry; piano solo,
will" be served by the young ladies of j I'enn brothers.
thc choir.    1 he proceeds will go to-1     Excellent addresses were also given
wards thc special appeal of St. Peter's by Pres. Le Hequet, Rev. Mr. Redman
Full-sized  Lot,  north  of  Home  Road, $1200.    One-third  cash;
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
$100 cash handles  Building Lots close to Knight Road.
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
Mr. Davies, and Mr. Woodroof,
The room, which was opened so
auspiciously the officers of the club
hope to sec filled with men at 4 p.m.
each Sunday, when addresses arc
regularly given, or discussion on some
interesting topics carried on.
 ���   ���   ���	
School Football Game
On Wednesday last the General
Wolfe School football team defeated
the McBride School team on the St.
George St. grounds in a practice game-
by a score of 3 to 1. Roy Gillahan
and Glen Crocker starred for the
winners, while Skinner and Smith
played a stellar game at full-back.
You Will Have to Hew Your Way Through the Wc* id
What Are You Going to Do About It?
This is a busy age; moreover it is an age of specialization. We cannot just drift along with ho
particular object in view; we must choose sonic particular calling and follow it. Competition
is keen; wc must do some one thing well, for therein lies our success. To do this one thing well,
attend the
Vancouver Business Institute, Ltd.
(The Famoua Sprott-Shaw)
���the school having eight qualified teachers, 108 typewriting machines, nuiltigraphing machines,
"Dictaphones," adding machines and every known modern office labor-saving device���the only
school to our knowledge in the province conducting a public bureau of shorthand and accounting,
thereby giving you practice in identically the same work you will do when you accept a permanent position.
Pupils Who Receive Training in Our Two Public Bureaux Earn $52 to $65 Monthly
Your Chance   of Success
Positions are scarce, think you���they
are for the unqualified. Complete tlie
course and then remember this :
74 firms applied to us for positions
during  August  and  September
How Long-Will It Take?
Depends entirely upon your own efforts. You don't
wait for the dull pupils to catch up to you. Our instruction is individual.
Two of our pupils are holding positions
after two months' instruction in Gregg
We Have the Largest Pitman Department in British Columbia
Write for our prospectus giving recent successes, rates of tuition, etc.   You will never regret it.
Vancouver Business Institute, Ltd.
336 Hastings Street West Three Floors of Learning
Burrard Inlet and Port Moody
Will Be  the  Pacific Wheat Outlet
One of the vice-presidents of the Canadian Pacific Railway places the export of Canadian grain by 1915 at 273,000,000 bushels. Last year, getting over 100,000,000 bushels to the Atlantic seaport before the
close of navigation almost paralyzed the three Canadian roads. Now, what will happen when they must, within two years, get almost three times that amount transported to its destination? It can easily
be seen that it is impossible to move this great volume of prairie produce to Fort William and Montreal before the close eif navigation.
From Laggan, Alta., to Fort William is 1372 miles; from Calgary 1256 miles. Now. from Laggan, Alta., to the HEAD OF BURRARD INLET, PORT MOODY, is 518 MILES. Fort William navigation
is open only half the year. BURRARD INLET IS OPEN ALL THE YEAR. There is not the slightest doubt that Manitoba and part of Saskatchewan wheat may be rushed forward in time for shipment to
the Great Lakes before the close of navigation. Alberta, being farther west, has to wait very much longer for cars, and very little of her wheat can be rushed forward in time, so, under the present regime,
Alberta wheat must go on down to St. John, which is 2849 miles. Look at the figures���519 MILES FROM LAGGAN, ALTA., TO BURRARD INLET; 2849 MILES FROM ALBERTA TO SEABOARD AT
Now, you can see that while a car is making the one trip to St. John and back with wluat it could make FOUR TRIPS to PORT MOODY at the HEAD OF BURRARD INLET. These figures
should remove any doubt from your mind respecting the future development of Port Moody, for, do you suppose that the C. P. R. will erect large grain elevators on the north shore at Port Moody Iti
nothing? Do you imagine for one moment that the C. P. R. is spending $60,000,000 in double tracking its system and going to the trouble of constructing huge freight yards at Coquitlam merely for the
purpose of spending their money? A large corporation, such as the C. P. R., spends money with definite knowledge of the returns that will accrue. This great expenditure of millions of dollars is being done
for one purpose, and that is to enable them to handle the ever-increasing crops of Canada West. Now, supposing that the C. P. R. were the only corporation interested in reauhing tide water at the head of
Burrard Inlet, the amount of produce shipped by them alone would make Port Moody a thriving seaport shipping centre. Several other railroads are vitally concerned about Port Moody. The present industrial
activity is sufficient to place Port Moody's future upon a sclid foundation. What will happen when the other transcontinental lines enter Port Moody can as yet only be imagined. This information above is
given merely to show that if Port Moody is good enough for these great railroad companies to spend millions upon millions of dollars to reach, it must be good enough for large and small investors to place
their few dollars in well-located waterfront property at Port Moody.
We are now offering for sale a large number of choice lots, located on the waterfront, inside the City of Port Moody.   The name of this property is
the front portion of which has been reserved for railroad purposes. A little to the west of OLD ORCHARD is the probable location of the C. P. R. grain elevators, and almost in front of this property there
will be erected at a very early date a large wharf by the B. C. Electric Railroad. We want to impress upon you that OLD ORCHARD is not an outlying subdivision several miles from any development,
but is located right on the waterfront, on the C. P. R. and B. C. Electric trackage and within five blocks of the centre of the coming City of Port Moody, and within eight blocks of the new C. P. R. depot.
422   Richards   St
.,  Vancouver.
Please   forward   me
formation,   together   wi
folder,   regarding   your
property, "Old Orchard.
complete   in-
th   illustrated
Port  Moody
G. V. C.
Prices of this property have not been discounted. They are based on actual market value of Port Moody
realty. They will increase consistently with the growth and development of this city. As an investment
we seriously recommend the purchase of any of these lots to the man who is anxious to place his money to
the best advantage. If you know a good opportunity when you see it we invite you to take a little trip along
Burrard Inlet to Port Moody and see Old Orchard with your own eyes, and we are confident, if you will do
this, you will only come to one decision, and that is���you will buy.
Free Excursion Daily to Port Moody
High Level Lots
$175 Per Lot
TERMS :     One-fifth   cash,   balance
half yearly over 30 months, or
One-tenth   cash,   balance   monthly
over 30 months
Harry A. Johnston Company
Head Office:
422 Richards Street
Vancouver, B. C
PHONE:   Seymour 1567
Branch Office:
160 Hastings St. W.


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