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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Sep 28, 1912

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Array 1K��I6
VOL. 1,   No. 20
Price 5 Cents
Surcharges Made
by Commissioner
Thirty Days Given to Contractor*
in Which to Pay-Commission
Sits Again on Monday
Questieins affecting  the  conduct  of
ehoul Hoard business during the past
, w   years   were   again   befure   Commissioner Crehan at sittings held this
,eek.    On  Wednesday, owing to the
eet that several of the witnesses were
lesent   at   Kamloops,   attending   the
School  Trustees'  Convention,  it  was
cided to adjourn the enquiry until
next Monday morning.    He will open
���  e-  investigation  into  the   Municipal
Council  on   Saturday  afternoon.
In   two   instances   during  the   past
week the Commissioner   made   surcharges.     In   explanation   eef a   difference of $114 in  the  contract  for the |
S -nth   Hill  school,  Mr.  J.  Bowman.
architect,   produced   a   memorandum,
written by Former Secretary Ferris, on I
School   Board   stationery,  and   signed
"\V. I'." as follows.:    "Ceicreift's con-1
tract, South Hill school, $1(1.4611," and
Mr. Bowman said, "1 must ask you to j
accept  that as evidence  that  my  fig-1
tires are right, according  to  the  information supplied to me by the secretary."    Mr.  Ferris denied    that    the
memorandum handed in by Mr. Bow-
.111.ni was written before the contract
was signed, and be asked the ComrnU.
sioner to show Mr. Bowman the copy
eel  his  letter  to  Messrs.  Cocroft and
Draper giving the correct amount.
The Commissioner added. "I will
set lie the matter by surcharging
Messrs. Cocroft and Draper, as they
ar. the unly parties who profited by
ilu error. The architect should have
been lined for making the mistake,
but I have no power to fine him. The
ani<>unt will be charged to Messrs.
Cocroft and Draper, and I will give
the-iu 30 days to pay."
As to the payment by the Board of
$150 for a special page advertisement
and editorial article published in the
"Preevince," advertising the educational facilities of South Vancouver,
the Commissioner contended that it
wn- not part of the duty of the
Sell. ..,1 Trustees to advertise South
Vancouver or the educational facilities of lhe district. That duty, he said,
if ii was a public duty, should be car-
ried out by the Council, and not by
the School Trustees, and he stated
thai he should surcharge the amount
against Me9srs. Barker and Greenslade, in whose motion the payment
was authorized. He gave them fifteen
day- in which to pay the amount."
T'tistee Barker : I will go to the
peiu entiary before I will pay a cent
nf ie
Tl e Commissioner remarked that
lie v as sorry, but he had a duty to
peri  rm-
A Tuesday's session the Commissi i directed attention to the fact
lhai there had been duplicate pay-
mei :s made for school supplies, and
pn ednesday Commissioner Crehan
intii ited that no sooner had thc fact
bei pointed out than the parties who
r''i' ed the duplicate payments vol-
"iii ily refunded the money to the
mui ipal treasurer.
Incorporation Into a City Will Mark
New Era of Commercial Prosperity
What Becoming a Separate City Will Mean to South Vancouver���-
Wonderful Possibilities of the North Arm of the Fraser
River as a Business Centre
til ;
pa i
to v
���   of   Connaught   and   Party   to
Utend     New    Westminster
account of there being a slight
'   in the itinerary of ll.R.ll. the
of Ciinnaiighl. Governor-Gcn-
of Canada, arrangements have
made whereby the Duke will
lly  open  the  Provincial   Exhi-
at   New   Westminster  on   Oc-
3.    The big fair  will  bc  eipen
icsday, hut it will not be given
'ieial and formal dedication  un-
ursday afternoon, when the Royal
will  bc  here.   After  the  open-
remonies a few hours will be j
in viewing the exhibits and the I
ds, when they will entrain for :
uident with this announcement
- word from Sir Richard Mc-'
��� Premier of British Columbia,
was expected to open the exhi-
". that he will be unable to ac-1
the invitation. He will doubt-
iccompany the Duke on Tliurs-
as will also Lieutenant-Governor
e fair management feel much
ed that the Duke has consented
Kit the fair, and are sure that he
be greatly impressed with the
bits, which will be shown demiting the agricultural possibili-
if  British  Columbia.
To (he Editor of "The Chinook" :
Sir,���There are people in Suitth
Vancouver who have the reprehensive
habit of knocking South Vancouver
merely   for  the  pleasure    of    bearing
themselves talk.   Meist of them are
annexationists. If you press them for
their reasuns, fur actual fads which
warrant the knocking of South Vancouver, they have none.
1 have made it my business to confront about six of these gentlemen,
and their composite reason is their
impression that the Vancuuver assessment is lower than the assessment of
South Vancouver property. I believe. Mr. Editor, that the Seiuth Vancouver Assessor denies this. It has
been pointed out that in the City of
Vancouver the assessment is very
uneven and unequal; but suppose for
the sake of argument we grant that
Vancouver property is assessed al 45
per cent, of its value, and South Vancuuver property at 60 per cent, of its
value (which of course is not admitted), then it must be considered
that Vancouver pays 22;.j mills taxes
and South Vancouver \2'/2 mills. This
is certainly decidedly in favor of the
Seiuth Vancuuver system uf taxation,
But���and here ciimes a large but���
Vancouver must raise its taxation.
This has been admitted, and you will
sec that it will be done, or Vancouver
must annex adjacent territory and use
up the borrowing power of said territory within the present City of Vancouver.    He who will watch will see.
This coming year Vancouver will
be able to borrow on District Lot 301
and Hastings Townsite, and they will
borrow, as usual, to thc full extent of
their borrow-ing power, in order to
provide improvements which will be
considered absolutely necessary by
their aldermen. That is to say, the
borrowing power of the lately annexed districts will be used up in Vancouver. The same thing would happen with the South Vancouver borrowing power if the South Vancouver
citizens and ratepayers should be so
foolish as to vote for annexation. If,
however, South Vancouver does not
in the near future join with the City
of Vancouver, then it will bc imperative for the Assessor of the City
of Vancouver to raise the assessment;
and if thai happens the Vancouver
taxes will be much higher than the
South \ ancouver taxes. Because of
their higher millage their taxes will
be pretty nearly double as much as
South Vancouver.
All this, however, Mr, Rditur, would
scarcely matter if there was nut a
great danger that the progress
uf South Vancouver would be clinked
off. and that tbe improvements on the
North Arm of the Eraser w.iuld bc absolutely nullified. There is neet the
slightest doubt that South Vancuuver cannot hope that its harbor will
gel ils just dues if il sheeiild come under the influence uf thc "personally
conducted" Vancouver Board of
Trade. South Vancouver wants a
harbor, and in view of the fact that
it is now the third largest city in the
Province,   that  it     has    the    second
largest while population in the Province, and soon will be the second
largest city, it is entitled tu consideration from both the Provincial and
ihe Federal Governments. Little
cities like Nanaimo and New Westminster are duly considered. Smith
Vancouver! in spite of its large population, has difficulty in getting itself
listened to because of its municipal
government. If South Vancouver
were a city it would be entitled tn a
representative in both Ottawa and
Victoria. If South Vancuuver joins
the City, both Governments will consider that whal is given to the City
of Vancouver on the Burrard Inlet
side is given to all of the City, South
Vancouver being merely a district.
So, Mr, Kditeir, the only salvation for
South Vancouver is to incorporate
immediately, without fooling away any
more time, if possible before the
Federal, as well as the Provincial,
House meets.
The very same people who scur-
riluusly decry South Vancouver, although citizens uf South Vancouver,
are apt tei decry the efforts of the
Smith Vancouver patriots wilh regard
to harbor improvements, 1 would
like tu tell them that a harbor is not
created, as insurance parlance has it,
"by act of God"; a harbor is made
just like a business is made, such as,
fur instance, "Kelly-Douglas," "David
Spencer's," "Stark's," by men���and
men of big brains, men of energy and
enterprise. A harbor without such
men will never be a harbor, because
the physical aspects of the harbor arc
merely the expression nf thc enterprise of men. Thank Cud! South
Vancouver has men���leaders who are
determined to create a harbor in
South Vancouver, and as far as preliminaries are concerned they have already succeeded. In fact, they have
succeeded far beyond their best anticipations.
Thc people of South Vancouver
do not want a channel merely to Xew
Westminster in the Xorth Arm of the
Fraser River. They want harbor
facilities fur berthing deep-sea vessels,
and after they have created, through
their Board of Harbor Commissioners,
such a harbor, they will see to it that
they will get business fur their harbor.
It is a peculiar thing that the people uf Vancouver should be absolutely
dead tu (he fact that they will be unable to cope with the enming business,
and lhat they are in danger nf losing
that business, just as they were unable tn get Ihe Yukon business, which
they lust  through  pure  inertia.
If ihe people nf Vancouver would
take a pencil and start In figure un
the future requirements, they would
certainly "get a hustle on." Fur example. Major Gardner-Johnson is reported to have made a statement that
a conservative estimate of ihe crop
movements tn ihe West through Van
cuuver Would be nnc-lifth tti the
present crop���that is to say. one-fifth
of two hundred and fifty million bushels, which makes fifty million bushels
of  wheat.     Fifty   million   bushels  of
wheat, Mr. Editor, weigh three thous.
aiul million pounds, or one million
live hundred thousand tons. Te, figure
the   heading   capacity   nf   the   average
deep-sea boat ai four thousand tons
would be a high average���in fact, the
average is much lower. Three theeiis-
and tuns would be high; but let us s ly
four thousand tons to a ship. At that
rale three hundred and seventy-live
ships would be required t����� handle that
weight. I-.ach ship would require at
least five hundred feel berth room for
heading and berthing purposes, su at a
rough guess thirty miles uf wharfage
would In- necessary in handle tne
above amount uf wheat. If you further consider that in a very shnrt
time thc Lake mutes will be closed
on account of ice, you can assume
that with a tendency year after year
tu increase thc production ���>! cereals
ill the prairie district, the amount of
grain tu lie shipped ibis way will be
very much greater indeed, inasmuch
as the storage capacity in the districts where the grain is produced is
rather limited, and (he cry will be.
"Ship it eiui." and then, if the only
way tu shtp-butieim is via Vancouver
or   via   the   Cuast,   we   can   sse,     Mr
Editor, that if we hold out first-class
shipping facilities tei the grain handlers of the Prairies there will be absolutely no reason why we should not
have at least twice, perhaps at least
three times as much grain to handle.
But let us figure with these three
hundred and seventy-live ships calculated on above. These three hundred and seventy-five ships will come
towards Vancouver from all over the
world. They would either have to
buy ballast at their point of departure, pay for such ballast, pay for
putting it in, pay for taking it out
again, or they would have to get freight
Three hundred and seventy-live vessels all over the world will be bidding
for freight toward Vancouver, will be
ottering low charter rates rather than
handle unprofitable ballast. Remember, all these vessels will come here
practically at the same time���during
the wheat season. It would be too
expensive to store thc grain fur any
length of time: in fact, it would be
almost impossible to provide grain
elevators, and it would have to be shipped quickly to save interest, insurance and storage, and to realize on
it in hard coin.
What does it mean? This means
thai these three hundred and seventy-
live, or mure, vessels, will be crowding the wharves at Greater Vancuuver. and nut only crowding the
wharves with imported goods, bul
taxing the storage capacity of warehouses belonging to Vancouver merchants. It will mean low freight
rates on a lot of bulky things, such
as fence wire, crockery, all kinds of
machinery, steel, boilers, hoisting
machinery, etc., such as Scotland and
England pn educe; rice, sugar, bags,
bagging, twine, and a thousand and
one bulky or heavy articles which are
handled in the trade of the world, Il
will mean that Vancouver will become  the importing point    for    ihe
Middle West. Such cities as Edmon
ton and Winnipeg will import via
Vancouver, It will mean, inasmuch
as the cars bringing the grain unload
here, that there will be cheap freight
rates by rail back t.i Ihe I'rairie. It
will mean business, Mr. Editor���tre-
mendeeus  business,
We in South Vancouver have now,
paralleling the river, on the Canadian
Pacific   Railway,     four    and    a     half
miles uf trackage close to the water-
frontage, This trackage has been
electrified by lhe 11, (.'. Electric Railway Company, and "ii every feint 'ef
this trackage cheap power can be applied fur the purpose uf handling
merchandise. (In either side of this
trackage runs a street���Kent Street.
That will mean���if our Councilmen
are alert���nine miles nf warehouse
property where merchandise uf the
above description can lie cheaply
Stored, because it -can be easily hand
led. A frontage close in trackage, in
Conjunction with electric power fur
handling, certainly makes ideal ware-
In etise property. Anil all we havx lee
du is lu put the whole weight eif
South Vancouver behind ihe men
who an- Irving t,e bring this about,
and who, without a shadow uf doubt,
will SU* eeed.
But why. Mr. Editor, should there
be men in South Vancouver wine will,
through  merely  thoughtless  talk,  attempt to discourage men whei are trying  to  bring  work,    enterprise,    and
business   into   South   Vancuuver    for
the laborers, business men and manufacturers?    I  think ii is lime that this
class iif people shut up.   This morn
jing  a   Vancuuver     friend     eif     mine
"pointed with  pride" tu what  he  saw
i in the paper, that the Federal Govern.
I ment  was  going  to  build  a  Government dock.   Well, Mr. Editeir. I  have
j not  the   slightest  doubt  the   Federal
I Government will need it.    But what
[has that got to do with Vancouver
[dockage?    Vancouver   is   limited   for
i dock   space.     From   Hastings   Town-
site   east   it   would   be   impossible   tee
use  the   wuterfrontage  tn  advantage
! because   of   the   steep   hillsides   which
extend almost to Purt Moody.    That
is  tu  say,  from   Heaps'   Mill,  almost
' seven miles east, the watcrfruntage un
, Burrard  Inlet can bc used fur manufacturing  mily.     Vuu  cannot   make  a
Commercial   harbnr   anywhere   where
'you cannot do cheap teaming.   Cheap
teaming   means   cheap     handling     uf
freight,  and   you   cannot    do    cheap
teaming up a bill���you require level
ground.   That is the sine qua nun tti
the importing business.   Therefore the
N'nrlh   Arm   nf  lhe   River  is   essential
fur-tile development of the business
nf Greater Vancouver.    I'p    to    the
present   time   the-   Vancouver   people
I de, nut seem tu have realized this, and
until   they   realize   it   we   had   better
I paddle  our  own  canoe and  join   in
with   the   Municipalities   adjacent   to
the  \e,rih    Win   nf  iln-   Fraser,   who
seem tee understand whal    it    ia    all
about,���Yours, etc..
South Vancouver, September 24.  1"12
Solicitor for
South Vancouver
Mr. H. Colin Clarke Appointed
Legal Adviser by Council���
Sunday trading Evil
Mr.   H.   Colin   Clarke.   oi   the   legal
department of the C. 1'. R. was ap-
pointed municipal - ��� 1 ioi t��� >r al a meeting of ilu- South Vancouver Council.
Mr Clarke has bad a wide experience
in municipal work, and his choice to
iln position was a unanimous one.
He will commence bis new dutiei on
October 1.
The question of ihe enforcement of
the Lord's Day A'l was rai- el by a
deputation ire.in the Cedai i ottage
branch of tin- W (' T I' !n a communication to ilu- Council ilu- following points were- set forth :
"Our contention is that - ime st..re-
keepeis who would otherwise remain
closed on Sunday are compelled to
keep open from the fact thai their
competitors ihe s,,. and if they did not
elee   likewise   their    business     would
suffer. We are- of the opinion that il
i- a 1,1',I mi the fair name of Smith
Vancouvei for the authorities to allow foreigners to come into our district and make Sunday hideous by
the Incessant blowing 0{ whistles attached io peanut roasters within hearing distance of our churches, which
is  ilu- case ai  Ci 'lar  Cottage,
"If     Ve.lir     C'ellll-.il      U ill     e|e,     aHVllling
to alleviate this nuisance as well -,- to
compel people te. respect iln- Lord's
Day, and by so ilieing will protect
those merchants who really desire to
eh, a legitimate business em sis days
only  of  the   week,  your  effeells   veil!   i,,:
greatly appreciated by. we believe, all
right-thinking people in South Vancouver."
The Council as a body felt that
something Bhould be done. In the
meantime it is the intention of lhe
Council i" secure a list of all traders
in the municipality who keep their
stores  open  on   Sundays.
Magistrate McArthur was granted
leave of absence to attend the School
Trustees' Convention at Kamloops,
which  is  taking place  this  week.
L'peni a request of the Cedar Cottage Disiriei Improvement Association il was decided to make several
improvements  in  that district.
Authority was given the South Van.
couver Football League to imluce,
teams from Eburne and Ke-rrisdale lo
plav in the League feer-the Municipal
Ward iv ratepayers
will hold debate
Annexation or Incorporation Subject
to be Dealt With
il h     ''   'v"   ratepayers   will   have  a
ehatc on the subject of "Annexation
Incorporation."    At  a   committee
|"e<;tiiig held on Wednesday night, in
���Pc "ffice of W. J. Prowse, the ques-
��" was taken up, with the decision
at a  lively debate be  held  on  Oc-
. 'C   ��.     Speakers   will   be   secured
j/"11   Ward   V  and   other   wards   in
'"Hi \ ancouver, and all sides of the
(|.k   "' ,he hour wi" be viewed. The
���' will be held in the old School-
,    ...  wm Re neid in
ii Main Street.
Rtverviews Defeated in First Football
Fixture of Season
Thc football season was opened on
Saturday last at the Municipal Hall
by a match between these two clubs.
Councillor Thomas kicked off the ball,
and as he sent it rolling, he tripped
off the field as lively as any of the
players. South Hill won by a score
of 2 to 1. The result of the game was
an index of the merits of the cltlbs.
The Riverview team is a likely lot, and
the chances are that on hard ground
they would have made a drawn game.
So far as ability goes, there is not
much to choose between the two
clubs. The softness of the ground
was against bringing out the liner
points in passing, and it made the
going very hard.
Thc backs and half-backs on both
sides played a clean, nice game, while
the forwards showed some of the finer
points in passing. Many of the players were inclined to be selfish, and
instead of passing the ball were inclined to take a pot shot at goal.
Seldom has a game been played
where there were fewer corner kicks
or fouls. Throughout the whole of
the match, while each club strove to
gain the mastery, there was no dirty
or rough work. It is a pity that so
few spectators turned out to enjoy
what proved to be a most enjoyable
Around the Municipal Hall
Magistrate J. C. McArthur has become immortalized. A thousand
years after this his likeness will be
shown as one of the early type of Vancouver citizens. Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, Dukes, Lords,
Nobles and Knights, will gaze within the next few months upon the
picture of his face and wonder who
he is. As they study and look into
his face, who knows to what heights
or what position, in their mind's eye,
they may elevate the adminstrator of
justice in South Vancouver! Many
will think he is Premier of British
Columbia; others that he is a personal friend of the Connaqghts.
None will deign him the position of
Police Magistrate of South Vancouver and Point Grey.
How did this prominence come
about? On Saturday last thc Magistrate, in company with Dr. Hunter,
made a trip to Capilano, the Magistrate having waged a new hat with
Commissioner Crehan that he would
walk over the Suspension Bridge. He
made the journey safely, and on his
return, when just at the end of the
bridge he met Princess Patricia
and her maid. The Magistrate stepped aside and Princess Patricia turned
and smiled. The Duke and Duchess
were standing a few feet from them,
and the photographer took their picture. The Duchess will have these
pictures  sent  to  all   her   friends  in
every part of the known world. Copies
will lie on the reception rooms of all
the Nobles. The attention of Lords
ami Ladies will De arrested by that
scene of grandeur across the Canyon;
then they will study the faces on the
bridge, and as they look at the venerable picture of the Magistrate, their
natural exclamation will be, "Oh, that
is the Premier."
Magistrate McArthur says that he
had no idea that the Royal party was
coming to the bridge : he did not even
suspect who the Princess was when
he stepped aside. It was the delicious
smell of perfume, the lovely beauty
of the face, lit up with a radiant smile,
which made him glance up and see
that he was in the midst of the Royal
party, and that he was being photographed along with them.
Few have any conception of the
callers that visit Magistrate McArthur,
or of the hundreds of tales that are
unfolded within his office. Here
wives come to consult about erring
husbands, or vice versa; parents about
their children; neighbors to settle
differences over the ownership of
chickens or dogs. By these timely
visits the washing of a great deal of
dirty linen in the public court is saved.
One of the saddest tales that has
yet been told was listened to the
other night, and if the Magistrate is
able to keep his promise, then one
lady will  forever bless his name.
A line of $10(1 and Ce.sts was imposed on the Italian. Cnlengeln. found
guilty eif keeping a "blind pig" on
Marshall Avenue, Cedar Collage. r\
similar charge against Carari. nf Euclid Avenue, Collingwood, was dis
Se        *       ��e
Wing Ling was lined $5 and costs
for refusing to pay his poll lax and
that nf six either Celestials in his employ. Tax Collector Brooks brought
thc  ch.eige.
Se        Se        Se
Alfred Grimsbaw and Thomas Cross
were charged with ill-treatment of
horses. The charge against the latter was dismissed, while that against
the former was adjourned until today.
*        *       *
J. Gidncy, of Collingwood, charged
with obtaining $2 on a worthless
cheque, was let go on suspended sentence. Gidney pleaded ignorance of
having done anything illegal in passing the cheque.
<e        Se       Se
James Jackson appeared before
Magistrate McArthur charged with
stealing cordwood. the property of
the municipality. Defendant pleaded
that he did not know thc wood belong.
ed to the municipality, and offered to
pay for what he had taken. This explanation was accepted, and the case
was dismissed.
Vancouver District Alliance Hold
Concert���Those Taking Part
The Vancouver District Football
Alliance held a grand concert in the
.Mount Pleasant Hall, Main Street,
mi Monday evening. The chair >e.,s
occupied by Mr. Batchelor. eef South
Hill, who in a few introductory remarks stated thc part that football
was playing in the building-up "i the
beeely   eef   ,,iir   yi'tuig   men   of   te'elaV.
The following artists contributed in
the night's enjoyment ; Mr. 1. Gibson tang ".Wary," while Mr. R. Robertson kept lhe audience in amusement
with his comic song. Ilillii- C. Barker
sang "Golden Silence.'' line of the
features of tin- evening was Miss E.
Watson's sailor's hornpipe, in character, Hob I-'.Tcie-. with greal justo,
- ing "I am Twenty-i ne Today."
Albert E Vince gave that rousing
song, "Angus McDonald," while Miss
I-'.. Antony contributed "Inverary"
Afier ihe intermission Miss E. Watson
sang "Senora." Billie C. Barker, as
usual, senl the aueiienee into fits >(
laughter with his comic song. Albeit
E. Vince sing once mora, while li.,b
F'ergie was back again with an lii-h
jig. in character. Miss K. Anthony
sang "The Flight of Ages." T.'iu
Dickson gave "Tobermory." A eeiic-
act Western playlet entitled "Rough
Justice" was given in excellent style,
Theise taking pari were Miss Marie
Delaine. Mr. Oscar Smith. Mr. Arthur
Dinhan. Mr. Stewart Hicks and Mr.
Allien  K.  Vince.
South Vancouver Now Ranks Second
in Province of British Columbia
South   Vancouver's   school   population now stands second highest in the
| Province of  British  Columbia.    At  a
meeting   of   the   School     Board     on
Friday  night  of  last  week   this   fact
I was   pointed   to     with     considerable
j pride.   The salary list now totals $11,-
000 monthly,   The number of teachers
employed now reaches a total of 107
besides four manual  training instruc-
j tors, an increase in the teaching staff
of sixty-nine during the past eighteen
months.    Five years ago  there  were
I only nine teachers in the municipality,
which   included  at   that   time     Point
! Grey and D. L. 301.
The   secretary   was   instructed   to
[write the department at Victoria that
j the   South   Vancouver   School   Board
j felt   that   Xew   Westminster  make   a
, change  in  the  name    of    their    Sir
! Richard McBride School.   South Vancouver previously had named one of
their   schools   the   Richard   McBride
School,   and   confusion   follows. TWO
South Vancouver
River Road, Ontario Street and B. C. Electric Railway Trackage.
Lots all cleared and graded. Terms : One-sixth cash, balance
over three years.
River Road and Government Road, subdivision of the southerly
portion of Block 15, District Lots 330 and 331. River Road Lots,
$800 each. Sixty-ninth Avenue Lots, $500 and $450 each.
Terms : One-fifth cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars apply
London & British North America Co. Limited
With which is incorporated Mahon, McFarlmd & Procter Ltd.
Insurance Money to Loan
Agreements For Sale Purchased
House  Property  in West End,  Fairview, Grandview,  Mount
Pleasant and Kitsilano
Heinz Pure Vinegar
in bulk.    WHITE WINE, MALT, and CIDER.
Absolutely pure.
One Price���80c per gal.
45lh and Fraser; also River Rd. and Fraser
"Nothing But thc Best"
Among all the rapid Improvements
thai have taken place in South Van-
| couver. nowhere has a more marked
progress  been  made  than  on   Eraser
I Avenue,  from    the    Municipal    Hall
I southward*, To theise who have neit
visited this place feer some time an
early visit is recommended, and they
will mit fail to endorse what has been
said above that the growth has been
I The business section extends from
the Municipal Hall to the comer of
Eerris Road, ami at night, after everything has been lit up, the street presents an animated appearance. That
the merchants arc getting alive to the
possibilities of this section as a business mart is evidenced by every progressive citizen of Smith Vancouver.
A large business block is at present
being built south of the school, while
a large number of bungalows of a
superior class are being erected all
Spiritually the people are well
le inked after. New churches of every
denomination have recently been or
are just being completed.
Altogether ihis section has the appearance of being a city of its own.
Not only is it successfully competing
with the city for the trade of the
residents around the district, but quite
a number of people from outlying
districts arc being attracted to make
purchases there. At the present time
Fraser Avenue residents have an Opportunity e.f securing a major portion
of the business of the municipality.
Street, $1,500; llailcy, Telfonl and Co.,
Maple Street, $1,000: G. Higgins. Quebec Sired. $2,100: A. Newell, Thirty-
ninth Avenue. $1,000; Rimes and Certain. Thirty-fourth Avenue. $500; Or.
M. F. Keeley. Twenty-eighth Avenue
$2.51 K); same, $1,800; R. T. M. Murray,
Nanaimo Street, $700; Nanor Singh.
Fifty-first Avenue. $3,200: Harry
Draper, Rupert Streel, $1,300; X.
Force, Thirty-ninth Avenue, $1,900;
William Hayton, Victoria Road, $1,000
(two stores); W. Mitchell, Nineteenth
I Avenue. $2,300; Robert Christie, Sixty-
I fourth Avenue, $1,300; 11. J. Read,
Clarendon Road, $700; N. VV. Glover.
Janes Road. $1,200; Hritish Ceilumbia
Investeirs, Ltd.. three one storey bungalows, $6,750; Samuel Johnston,
Nineteenth Street, $3,500; Livingston
.and Smith, Vanness Avenue, $800.
zation gather there and enjoy the
talent that ceeines freun all over the
weirld tie entertain anil educate thc
yiiimg people.
Mr. Elliott, of the tirm of Beck-
man & Kllieitt. 1208 De,minion Trust
Building, whee arc the sales agents ior
Savary [aland, hope to see the programme e,f La Porte duplicated on
the  beautiful  shores  of  Savary.
The scenery eif the island surpasses many other Western resorts With
the present plans under way in regard to this chautauqua, which means
the erection of a mammoth stadium
and various other improvements, will
come each year a water regatta, in
which all the yacht clubs of the Pacific Ceiast cities will participate.
The Savary Island company have
issued a very neat booklet entitled,
"Own your own seashore bungalows
on Savary Island," and will mail
it on reiiuest.
Week's Building Permits
Feir the week ending Wednesday;
the leiial building permits in South
Vancouver aggregated values amounting to $48,250. Permits for several
structures with valuation over $3000
were taken out, the list including the
following, in all cases of which the
valuation of the buildings is over
John Mimro, Fifty-eighth Street.
$2,000; George Montgomery, Forty-
seventh Avenue, $1,500; I. E. Crowe,
Pleming Street, $2,000; V. S. Coppock,
Thirty-seventh Avenue, $1,000; L. R.
Scanner, Wales and Sixty-third,
$1,000; Campbell and Cowan, Marshall
Picturesque Isle in Straits of Georgia
to be Developed
Over in the Straits of Georgia is
situated Savary Island. Vancouver
men and Vancouver capital are striving to make this little place Western
Canada'! leading summer anil winter
resort. Their plans arc extensive, and
when worked out will give Savary
���Island a much different aspect.
tine of the chief features which the
promoters arc to incorporate in their
plans is a programme of a summer
Chautauqua, to be held on the shores.
It is hoped that the religious organizations will be induced to co-operate
with the Savary Island company in
this feature of the development, and
a canvass is soon to be made of the
most prominent leaders of the different denominations in Vancouver
and the many surrounding municipalities.
At La Porte, 'lexas, a similar plan
lias been carried on with great success, and every season 20,000 people
visit this resort. The Baptist Young
People's Union has been the pioneer in this southern city, and for two
to four weeks each year, approximately, 5000 members of this organi-
M. A. Beach's Shoe Store
Mr. F. Mi Smith, one of the best
Uhoe men in Vancouver, has taken
; over the management of Mr. M. A.
Beach's boot and shoe store at the
corner of 26th Avenue and Main
Street. Mr. Smith is regarded highly
I ill the boot and shoe trade of Vancouver, having held important positions
; with some of the leading nouses in
that city. He will have complete
charge of Mr. Beach's Semth Vancouver store. It is the Intention of Mr.
Smith to conduct a number of Saturday special sales during the fall and
winter. The stock carried in this
store compares with that of any in
thc large stores in Vancouver, and
South Vancouver residents anxious to
buy footwear would do well to pay
a visit to that store before making
their purchases.
Seiuth Vancouver merchants warmly resent the decision eif the whole
salcrs of Vancouver tn charge otic
dollar per ton on all goods delivered
in  South Vancouver.
Traders are generally of lhe belief
that this tax is an unwarranted handicap.
With Incorporation, it is advanced,
financial and mercantile institutions
would be forced to open hns'.'S within
the boundaries of South Vancouver
Near Victoria Drive (rear Tecumseh
School), $475. Bruce St.. $550. Bod
well, $800.
11-6 Acre Fruit, etc.
A fine little South Vancouver Fruit
and Chicken Ranch, nearly opposite
Central  I'ark.
^55^ Limited
123 I'cnder Cedar Cottag'
Monday���1913 Scotia, 2 p.m. Gooi
Furniture, etc.
Tuesday���2643���7lh Avenue West
Costly Brass and other Bedstead-
Chippendale Mahogany Cheval Mil
ror.    All Furniture nearly new.
Thursday���At "Auction Mart" 30
Lots, General Furniture, Pianos.
Early date���Furs���high  class.
Ernest D. L. Maxwell
Specialties :   Player    Pianos,    Repairs,    Ton.
Phone :    Fairmont 1125
The amount  of  taxes  collected  up
to the present amounts   to   nearly
Before investing your money invi
tigatc  the opportunities    offered
East  Princeton,  the  Payroll  City
Hritish Columbia.
Peace     River     Kealtv     Co.,     Si
Agents. 328-338 Rogers Bldg.
Western Canada's
King   of   Beaches
* r
"This wonderful island, situated in the
Straits of Georgia, between Vancouver
Island and the shores of the Mainland,
is destined to be the leading summer
resort of this Western country. Located
as it is with its ideal climatic conditions,
adaptability to all classes of sport and
outdoor recreations, accessibility and
picturesque scenery, it combines all the
features of an ideal summer and winter
resort."���Excerpt taken from llooklet,
Paee 1.
North Side Beach Scene at Savary Island, Showing Seashore Bungalows
Children's  Camp   at Savary Island
We are offering 2000 Lots at $325 each, and we will build free of cost to the buyers 400 bungalows.
Approximately $200,000 will be spent on the Island in improvements
Write today for booklet, "OWN YOUR OWN SEASHORE BUNGALOW ON SAVARY ISLAND," and our plan
THE CLIMATIC CONDITIONS are the best ever. The
peculiar action of the Japanese current, which has often been
mentioned by mariners, gives Savary Island the first breath
of the warm atmospheres for which the British Columbia
coast line is famous. Thc currents strike the Pacific waters
at this point, as shown on government charts. The rainfall
is a great deal less on Savary Island than it is on the mainland. It enjoys the exceptionally fine weather for which
the more open country on the Pacific coast is famous, namely,
the open stretches in the agricultural districts of British
Columbia. It is a known fact by yachters that, while it may
bc drizzling rain in Vancouver, at Savary Island the sun is
shining very brightly. Yachting will be a favorite pastime
during the winter months at Savary.
TRANSPORTATION : Arrangements have been made
by the company with the Union Steamship Company for a
special rate to residents of Savary Island. The large steamers
of the ocean steamship companies make regular calls at
Savary Island. We would suggest that you join one of our
parties at your earliest convenience and visit Savary this
Mr. Man. if you have promised yourself and family a vacation
this season, spend the week-end on Savary Island. Take
the boat at two o'clock on Saturday. The trip itself will je
worth it. Read description of the trip on Page 1 of our
booklet. Spend Sunday on the island, take the boat at ten
o'clock p.m. and be back in Vancouver at eight o'clock Monday morning.
Head Sales Office Phone: Sey. 6498
1208 Dominion Trust Bldg
Sales Agents :
The Monarch Estate & Trust Co. Ltd.
520 Pender Street
A handsome painting, "aeroplane view" of
Savary Island: don't fail to see this picture
on display in the window, 520 Pender St., at
night, showing the bungalows on the Island
lighted���a beautiful moonlight scene.
North Side Beach Scene, Showing Government Wharf.   An Ideal Bathing Beach
Savary Island Company,
120B Deuniniein Trust Bldg.
Phone Seymour 6498.
Mail me your booklet, "Own Your Own Seashore
Bungalow at Savary Island."
Name  ..
Address SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1912
Vancouver to Victoria
SEPTEMBER 24 to 28, 1912
Selling Dates : September 23 to 26 (inclusive)
Final   return  limit���September  30,  1912
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
H.  W.  BRODIE,  Gen.  Pass Agent,  Vancouver.
About Women's   Affairs
General Agency Transatlantic Steamship Lines
H. G. Smith, C. P. ft T. A.
Phone :  Sey. 7100
W. E. Duperow, O. A. P. D
527  Granville Street
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies, Corporation Brass Goods.
572 Beatty Street
Vancouver Brokerage Ltd.
Fifth Floor Holden Building, Vancouver B. C.
Phones :  Seymour 4245 and 9167
Homes built to suit purchasers, on easy terms
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This has the following attributes :
���J Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
���J Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
fi Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
fl The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
<J Bitulithic has been adopted in over 200 cities
in the United States, and 15 cities in Canada.
Granville Street South, After Paving
We have just received our Fall Samples, and have over four
hundred to chouse Irotn. We sell the BEST MADE-TO-MEASURE
CLOTHES IN CANADA. Every suit guaranteed or money refunded. These garments speak fur themselves in regard to Perfection of Fit, Quality of Fabric, Variety of Pattern, and Exclusiveness
of Style, together with  High-class Tailoring.
Note���Our prices are from 15 to 20 per cent, less than in the City.
Now that the cool evenings are here ynti need a Sweater Coat.
He sure to sec our well-assorted stock.    Prices $1.50 and up.
���  rUVjniL     -     BOOTS   AND   SHOES
4134 Main St., next City Heights P. O.
Vocations for Women
The household tasks that wcre once
I regarded  as  mean  and  commonplace
i are  now  being   raised   to   the   dignity
[eef arts and sciences, and in an American   paper   we   read  of  mending  as  a
Iprofession and .if   the   professional
mender  who gains  her  livelihood  by
j expert work in this line.
Perhaps the idea of making mend-
: ing a public service, instead of only
J a family one, is derived from Japan.
There women sit on the street corners,
and have done lo from time immemorial, mending the peeor garments of
coolies and olher passers by while
they wait.
There arc many ways in which this
' occupation  may  be adapted  to  Occi-
[ dental customs  and to the conditions
imposed  by  one's  individual   life  and
home ties.   The work may be done at
one's   own   home,     customer!     being
gained   through   one's   acquaintances
j or by advertising.    Two women in a
western  city  had a  card  bearing  the
words ".Mending Done  Here" placed
in the window of their own home, and,
though  their  charges are  reasonable,
they support themselves comfortably
and plan to see the world by means
e,f their necdlecraft, putting up  their
little sign here and there as they go
along, and thus making the money to
carry   them   farther   and   farther   on
��� their travels.
For menders who work at home it
is a splendid thing if a foothold can
j be  obtained   in   an   hotel,  or   even  a
' large apartment house.
Other women engaged in  this    occupation make a regular round of thc
homes of their customers, charging a
certain  amount.for   keeping   in   constant  repair  the  clothing of an  individual eer 'if a family.    It is not even
'< necessary to search out the frayed and
' torn garments and have them in readi-
j ness, for the competent mender knows
the ways of the  household, and  has
i access to the wardrobe and the linen
j closet.    She will overlook neither the
I first thinning in   the  fine  table-cloth
j nor  the  seeiled   frill  in   the  collar  of
J one's   dress.     Even   the   worn   shoelace is discovered, and the patron of
the  professional  mender  has  no  fear
of  appointments  tardily   fulfilled    or
trains missed on account of the nerve-
racking discoveries which are always
cropping up at the worst possible moment and putting out of commission
the  only  possible  gown   or   wrap  or
hat   for  the  occasion.     On   the   contrary she has constantly  that  easeful
sense of confidence  in  her  wardrobe
with which one  starts off em  a  long
visit,   having  previously   spent   hours
and days and weeks sewing on hooks
and eyes, running in ribbons and replacing soiled accessories.
The services of the mender are par.
ticularly a boon to the business or
professional woman who feels her
time too valuable in her own vocation
to be spent on clumsy essays into another, especially when someone else
can practise that other with s., much
more speed, skill and profit than she
Another scheme for the woman who
is dexterous with her needle is that
of going out to mend by the day, at
a fixed charge, as seamstresses do,
excepting that one Mould go to the
same family not for several days
twice a year, but for one day in each
week, or two weeks or a month, as
is desired.
+        *        ��
Some  Appetising  Dishes
(Kidney-bean Relish)
Kidney-beans, which contain much
nourishment, may be appetizing as
well as wholesome. The difference
between a plain, uninteresting course
and eene that tempts the eye and the
palate is in seasoning and decoration.
Let a cupful of kidney-beans soak
over-night in plenty of cold water.
Set to cook in fresh water, and let
them simmer until nearly tender, letting the water evaporate. Chop a
green pepper line, and to il add the
pulp scraped fronv an onion and two
tabiespoonfuls of chopped parsley.
Cook in two tabiespoonfuls of butter
until yellow. Add salt and one cup
of tomato puree, and when boiling
stir in the beans. Conk until the to
mato has evaporated ami the beans
arc soft.
Surround with half-moons of bread
and garnish wilh hard boiled eggs cut
in eighths.
*   *   *
I Total,i  Pie)
Another hearty dish which is plan-
Lease Expires December 31
$14.00 26 pc. Rogers' Silverware   $8.50
$17.00 4 pc. Tea Sets  $12.00
$25.00 4 pc. Tea Sets   $17.75
$33.00 4 pc. Tea Sets    $22.00
$44.00 5 pc. Tea Sets    $30.00
$125.00 4 pc. Tea Sets   $75.00
$250.00 4pc. Tea Sets, Sterling Silver  ....$165.00
$500.00 4 pc. Tea Sets, Sterling Silver, with
tray $375.00
$69.00 Cut Glass Lamp   $49.50
$33.00 Cut Glass Vase   $22.50
$24.00 7 pc. Cut Glass Water Set  $11.50
$6.00 Cut Glass Sugar and Cream   $4.00
$12.50 Cut Glass Fern Dishes   $7.00
$3.50 Cut Glass Spoon Trays  $2.00
$9.00   Casseroles     $6.95
$8.50  Bakers    $6.00
$15.00 Mantel Clocks   $9.00
$60.00 Mantel Clocks    $35.00
Wedding Presents Priced from      75c to $1000.00
In justice to yourself you cannot afford to overlook this store when buying Diamonds.   FOR HONEST
McMILLAN, the Diamond Specialist
541 Hastings St. West, next to David Spencer, Ltd.
Sale Opens at 8 a.m. Daily.
ned to lie the main one in a dinner is
a potato pie, as follows :
Shell  live hard-boiled eggs and cut
slices, fairly thick.    Mash
them inte. ..
a pound nf cooked potatoes and mix
cm wilh a heaping tablcspoonful of
butter and two tabiespoonfuls of the
best cream. Season with salt, pepper,
and a very little nutmeg. With this
line the bottom of a buttered earthen-
dish, and place in it a layer 'if
Scatter over thi:
ith     a
the sliced eggs
Mark a neat pattern on top, brush
over with beaten egg, and heat in a
moderate oven for half an hour.
Decorate the top outlines with parsley   bits.
���    ��    ���
(Ring Salad I
The salad is often the salvation nf
the meatless meal. It may be mnir-
ishing enough t" take the place of
meat, lish, or eggs. It is often, eef
course, largely ci impounded of cgy:,
or lish. either alone or combined with
vegetables, and in hut weather it i��
a delightful substitute for the tin.re
formal   hot dish.
Among egg salads one of the prettiest is the ring salad :
Hard boil six eggs; cut in slice- and
renifive the yolks. Place these in ihe
centre eef a serving-dish, breaking
them in fairly good-sized bits, and
outline with the white rings arranged
on crisp lettuce-leaves. Serve with
(Water Lily Salad)
A water-lily salad is on the same
principle, and differs only in appearance. The eggs are cut in strips
lengthwise, and these strips are arranged on nasturtium leaves like the
petals of a water-lily, with the broken
yolk in the center of the flower, mixed
with  mayonnaise  dressing.
Cream-walnut salad, made by pres
sing the two halves of an English walnut on the sides of a ball of cream
cheese, is delicious when served with
lettuce and cheese balls and French
dressing, all ice-cold.
Cheese sauce, made like a thin
white sauce with grated cheese stirred in liberally, adds much lo ihe
charms of rice croquettes and gives
them as well a dignity that entitles
them to the main place on a menu,
while this same sauce may be cooled
eiff anil have eggs beaten iu, as in the
case of the salmon souffle, making a
cheese souffle that is most satisfying.
"1   don't rare  feer  beer except  ��� -n  a
very hot day."
"What do you call a hut day'-"
"<ih,  any  kind  of a  day  when   the
mercury gets above 411."
I Columbia Bitulithic Limited
433 Granville St. Vancouver, B. C.
Scene from "Parted on Her Bridal Tour," at the Avenue Theatre next week
"It's  not  the  house  that  makes  the  home
It's the love that is inside."
I'll supply you with the house on easy terms���viz., $300 down and
the balance monthly, to suit your purse.
I supply the house and you supply the rest���love, etc.
Prices range from $1,000 to $8,000
R. J. McLauchlan
4123 Main Street
Phone :  Fair.  1607
to figure out how   much time your clerks
waste each day in walking to and
from the telephone ?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "WALL" or "DESK" set.
Call up the Contract Agent
Seymour 6070
British Columbia Telephone
Company Limited
South Vancouver
Wc have the best buys in the C. P. R. district. These lots
are high and very light clearing. Price ?1500.00. Cash M;
balance 1, 2, and 3 years, at 6 per cent, interest.
For Sale or Exchange���Six-room Modem House, Ontario
Street. Will sell on very easy terms, or will take good
Building Lot as first payment.
J. A. KERR & CO.
Real Estate Brokers
3332 MAIN STREET        Phone: Fairmont 822
The Beer Without a Peer
Phone :   Fairmont 429 FOUR
Every  Saturday  by  thc  Greater  Vincouver  Publirherf   Limited
Corner   Thirtieth   A-nue   and   Main   Street.   Sou'h   Vancouver.   B.C.
l,<. ���   ,-   M    Murray.  Preiident and Managing  Director.
Herbert   A.  Stein    Vice-Preaident and   Managing  Editor.
John Jackion.  Mccn-nical  Superintendent.
TELEPHONE I    All department  Fairmont 187f
To   all   points  in   Canada.   United   Kingdom.   Newfoundland,   New
Zealand, and other  Britnh  Poaieaaiona :
One    Year     ��2��0
Six   Montha       1-���
Three   Montha    SO
Pottage to American. European and other Foreign Countriet. 11.00
per year extra.
TT CORRESPONDENTS : We will not print anonymous ���"'��"���
though inviting communication on current events, to be published
over the writer's signature.
win an uninterrupted abode een n bread-and-water diet,
served at regular intervals by the Government eif liritish
Columbia at the reception house in Xew Westminster.
PORING over statistics is a laborious task to the average
man. yet but a brief study of the figures given out by
Bjlilding Inspect.,r Young, of South Vancouver, from
week t" week anil month by month reveals one of the
most remarkable events in the history of the rapidly-growing West. As it is true of the prairie towns that they grow
overnight, so is it true of South Vancouver.
Three or four years ago South Vancouver boasted a
few hundred homes, with about as many inhabitants.
There were few places of business, and what there were
resembled the old corner grocery store in the East, where,
sitting round on favorite seats, the village gossips, behind
wreaths of tobacco smoke, recited the scandals of thc day.
Today conditions are changed, for South Vancouver has
verily sprung up over-night. The population of South
Vancouver is now placed at 35.OQ0 souls. Some even go
s.i far as to say that it is nearer 40,000, though 35,000 is a
conservative estimate. With the rapid settlement of the
district the old corner grocery store has disappeared, and
in its stead are many places of business that would do
credit to thc best stores of a metropolitan city. Growth
in population has brought in its wake increased business
activities and a feeling of security that South Vancouver
has reached a stage where it is able to support itself.
But it is possibly from the view-point of the home-
liuileler that the ligures presented by Building Inspector
Voting are so striking. Up to the latter part of last October
no effort was made by the municipal authorities to take
count of the value of new buildings erected from time to
time within the borders eef South Vancouver. In October
last the system of issuing building permits was instituted,
and when that plan has been in operation for one year it
is the opinion of the Building Inspector that the value of
new buildings erected in South Vancouver will come close
to the $3,000,000 mark. In view of the fact that by far the
greater portion of that amount has been expended in
erecting homes, South Vancouver's building achievement
during thc year just closing is a matter which commands
attention. In number of permits South Vancouver now
ranks with the City of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver alone outstrips South Vancouver in the erection of
large blocks and buildings. Even that will be overcome
when South Vancouver takes its place among the leading
cities of the Coast.
IT is a statement of fact that no place in the British
Empire will benefit tu a greater extent with the opening
of the Panama Canal than the Province of British Columbia.
The distance from Boston and New York to British
Columbia ports will be shortened by K.415 miles; the distance from Liverpool to Vancouver, B. C, by 6,046 miles.
At the present time New York is neit much nearer the
seaboaril of liritish Columbia than is Liverpool. Ships
from British Columbia, whether bound for Liverpool ,,r
New York, have to sail around the Horn and then reitind
by Pernainbuco, which is almost equidistant from New
York and Liverpool. Colon, at the Atlantic end of the
canal, is 4,270 miles from Liverpool, and 1.961 miles from
New York, which gives the United States a commercial
advantage over England, so far as British Columbia is concerned, of 2,759 miles. But this province itself stands to
benefit enormously by this perforation of the western
coast of the American continent. The rapidly increasing
produce of the western half of the Dominion will find its
permanent outlet through the British Columbia ports,
then through the canal te) thc United States, the British
Isles, and Europe; and the vessels will return laden with
manufactured goods for distribution into the vast Canadian hinterland. Mines, timber, fisheries, fruit���every
industry of this wealthy province will feel the immense
Stimulus of the new means of communication.
*��    the
T effect will the Royal visit to Vancouver have on
e people of the Old Country and on their views as
regards this outpost of thc empire where the lions guard
the Pacific? When the Governor-General's message
reaches the ears of his august nephew, it is certain to bc
read with the greatest gratification and published broadcast in the United Kingdom. But will the impression
conveyed by the Duke of Connaught bc instrumental in
awakening the people of Great Britain to a realization of
the good things this country holds in store for them?
That is the essential feature of the whole affair.
"Wc all like to see royalty, and we try to do thc best
we can by them, but in the end we are after the dollars,
or rather the English sovereigns, and mean to get them,
of course, by every legitimate means. Now, will this
flying visit have that result? It is bound to be a big
advertisement for this City in the Motherland, and no
doubt will give the financiers reason to pause and think
of thc possibilities of this vast country���possibilities that
they have as yet not the slightest conception of. Canada
wants English money, and wants it badly, and English
people want Canadian industries, and want them worse
than we want the cash. So it is up to both countries to
get together and see if they cannot arrange something
definite  that will be  of mutual advantage.
\Y/'* would draw the attention of every reader of this
" paper to Mr. Vogel's letter, which appears on the
front page of this issue. His references to thc part thc
North Arm of the Fraser is to play in the commercial upbuilding of South Vancouver are stated in plain and unvarnished form, and it will be a difficult matter to refute
his array of facts.
Great harbor improvements will be staged on the North
Arm of the Fraser River. With Burrard Inlet taxed for
space under present shipping conditions, there is no hope
that that harbor will be able to handle, to any extent, the
grain whieh will flow to the Pacific Coast with the opening
of the Panama Canal, let alone take care of the stupendous
quantities which men of standing assert will come. Necessarily a harbor will bc sought elsewhere, and that harbor
will be along tbe banks of the North Arm of the Fraser.
Just what that will mean to the commercial and business
life of South Vancouver is almost too great to contemplate. Preparations for that business must be made, and
those preparations might best be left in the hands of
South Vancouver men rather than in the hands of tin-
City of Vancouver, which always chills with the mentioning of the North Arm of the fraser.
Mr. Vogel also touches an important point���gaining
Federal and Provincial representation by incorporation of
South Vancouver, Through such representation the possibilities of tin- North Arm would met be obscure, while as a
part .if Vancouver City we might well sit back and take
our chances, knowing the attitude of Vancouver on the
question of harbor improvement.
South Vancouver has a principal part to play in the cotn-
me.re.ial development of this peninsula. Its most valuable
asset is the North Arm of the Fraser River. Any annexation schemes with Vancouver City weutld reduce the North
Arm to a secondary place, and rob South Vancouver of
the fruits which are due her with the development of that
HPHE exploits of Lieutenant Burns to capture the New
~ Westminster Bank of Montreal safe-crackers in
Chicago the other day reads like a chapter from a dime
novel. Had there been possibly a little more Western
atmosphere to the event its staging would doubtless have
been perfect for all fiends of lurid literature.
Thc romantic has played quite a part in this celebrated
bank robbery since the lirst news was flashed across the
continent a little over a year ago. Detectives from all
parts of Canada and the United States have been attracted
by the size of the reward offered for thc capture of the
robbers, and the hunt has taken many startling turns. The
most recent episode in Chicago is worthy the pen of a
Nick Carter, and many a paper-backed edition will come
off the presses with the Bank of Montreal robbery in New
Westminster as the foundation for thc story.
No matter how the robbers got away, the fact remains
that they made their breakaway in comparative ease, and
tei all purposes are now securely swallowed up in the towns
of the underworld. Perhaps there may soon bc another
chapter to what looks like the most yellow fiction.
Financiers, financiers, financiers, onward! This would
appear to be the slogan of the moneyed men of the United
Kingdom today in respect to British Columbia. They
toil not neither do they spin, but yet they accumulate the
dollars. Having conquered most of Ihe financial
worlds in thc Eastern hemisphere they are turning Iheir
attention te. the West in the hope that there will be fresh
fields and pastures new. Just now there is a shipload of
them em iheir way to partake of the shower of gold that
is falling.
In all truth the West seems to have attractions for
these people that no other part of the world has. It's a
ease of lhe magnet and the steel. The money is the magnet. If lhe Immigrants are not coining mil here as they
sheeiild, the kings of finance are, seeking what Ihey may
devour. After all it is an indication that thc people of
England anil Ihe other countries that go to make up thc
L'nited Kingdom have still unshaken faith in thc resources
of this province���a matter for which we should bc thankful in these days of keen competition, when each country
is vicing with the other as to which shall offer the most
attractive investments.
(Toronto Globe I
Canada, lhe Land of Promise, re-
ceivei no greater advertisement in
this greatest of Exhibitions than in
tlie composite display of the liritish
Columbia Government. The varied
climatic conditions which prevail in
the Pacific Province lend themselves
to the cultivation e,f almeest every orchard   and   agricultural   product,   and
as a result the exhibit is a revelation
to the denizen of the effete East who
has nol visited this fertile garden on
the western coast.
The fruits deserve especial mention.
Apples of every variety, ranging from
a beautiful rosy crab to a great cooking apple almost six inches in diameter are exhibited, paying tribute to
the fertility of one or other of the
many prosperous valleys of this won-
elerful province. Peaches from the
Kootenay and Okanagan Valleys testify in their blushing beauty that
while fruit growing is one of the infant industries of British Columbia, it
is quite certain to rival mining, lumbering or fishing ere many years have
passed. The rapid increase in the industry is best shown by figures from
the Government booklet ancnt the
possibilities of the Province. In
1902, the total fruit shipments by rail
wcre 1,956 tons; in 1907 4,743 tons; in
1908 6.498; and in 1910, 8,745 tons.
The figures for 1911. however, more
than doubled those of 1910, being 18,-
902. This represents merely a small
percentage of thc whole crop, the
bulk being consumed locally, while
much is shipped by water.
The quality of the peaches and
grapes grown in southern British
Columbia can scarcely be excelled,
the crisp, dry air and bright sunshine combining to impart a Ittscious-
ness and flavor lacking in the fruit of
hot countries, and thc exhibit in the
Government Building pays high
tribute to the progress of fruit-growing  in  the   Pacific  Province.
The action of the Department of
Agriculture in inaugurating throughout the province a system of packing-
schools to give tuition on the proper
grading ami packing of fruit has done
much to lend an impetus to thc industry, and as a result fruit-packing
has been brought to a line art in
British Columbia. Careless or dishonest packing is not tolerated, offenders being severely punished.
But possibly a still more interesting feature of the display is that of
the school children of Vancouver and
Victoria. British Columbians claim
that they have thc best system of
education in America, and the results
of the technical training of the children would go far to prove their
claim. Manual training has here
reached its highest perfection, and
the exhibit showed such worth that
when Mr. Thomas Benyough, Dominion Commissioner of Technical Education, visited the Exhibition last
week, he requested if it would be possible to secure the entire display for
a permanent exhibit by the Commission at Ottawa.
Nor has Domestic Science been
neglected. Millinery, dresses, embroidery, lace work, all of excellent
quality and more than creditable to
the girls who had learned to make
not only useful, but ornamental necessities, arc on display, and bear proof
that British Columbia in its system
of education is building up a womanhood well equipped to bear their part
in the work of nation-building.
From the great forests with which
the northern part of the Province is
covered are samples of the enormous
trees which make the lumbering industry in British Columbia the greatest in the world. To see a cross section of a Douglas fir seventy-two
inches in diameter seems almost incredible, but that cedar should measure fifty-five is almost more wonderful.
The mineral case, containing sixty
specimens of ore, forms a fitting climax
to this exhibit in that it gives a slight
impression of thc wonderful richness
of the mining industry in British
Columbia. The exhibit, which is in
charge of Mr. W. J. Brandrith, Exhibition Commissioner for British
Columbia, and Mr. 11. McClure Johnston, reflects great credit on the Hon.
Price Ellison, Minister of Agriculture,
and his efficient deputy, Mr. W. E.
1 OOKING into the barrel of a shooting-iron held in
*������ thc hands of a desperate man is not conducive to the
rapid settlement of any law-abiding community. Police
records show that the operations of the highwayman and
the hold-up thug have been staged to some extent in this
municipality, not to the same degree, perhaps, as their
operations in other centres, but enough to warrant more effective measures for their suppression.
Large areas, sparsely settled, with but a limited police
force, no matter how efficient the officers may be, offer
themselves as likely fields for the lawless element. While
South Vancouver has escaped to a large measure from
their visits, it does not remove the responsibility devolving upon the Municipal Council of affording ample protection for all who sojourn and pass within the boundaries
of this municipality.
That the Council is alive to the condition of affairs was
shown at a meeting of the Police Committee last week.
Ways and means of increasing the efficiency of the police
force to best cope with any emergency were discussed, and
it will be with considerable relief that some definite plan
is learned.
South Vancouver in its present stage of development
can afford to send out but one invitation to the knights
of the underworld���a display of strong-arm tactics will
Talking of delegations���their name is legion nowadays���the Mother-country is particularly well represented in the West by a few British parliamentarians.
First we have a Scotsman, who says that Home Rule
shall pass. Then comes Right Hon. Walter Long, a sturdy
Unionist, who declares with equal emphasis that it shall
not. Following him we have another Caledonian who
gives him the lie direct; and last is an English member,
who is a Laborite, and who, without dropping his
"aitches," throws down the gauntlet, and asks anyone to
tread on the tail of bis coat when he asserts that Ireland
shall have self-government. All of which is very interesting to Canadians, but more so to those people from
the Old Land who have made British Columbia their future home.
* *    *
Hon. F. D. Monk, Minister of Public Works of the Dominion Government, should not be blinded as to tbe possibilities of the North Arm of the Fraser River by the activities on Burrard Inlet. Burrard Inlet has a part, and
is playing a part. Thc North Arm has also an important
role to fill.
* *      e*
South Vancouver must reap advantage from any railway development that takes place in Vancouver. To grasp
how much greater those benefits would be with South
Vancouver a city rather than a suburb of Vancouver requires but thc most rudimentary knowledge of conditions.
Popular Games���Croquet
Next to football, croquet is probably
the most dangerous game on the list.
11 is played with an unlevel piece of
greensward, round wooden balls wearing belts of variegated hues, and
wooden sledgehammers, whose larger
portions, situated on the lower end,
are movable and have a way of following lhe ball on its course as a
general thing. The first move in croquet is to place tbe ball which you
have chosen a few inches in front of
a wire called an arch or wicket, according to your birthplace. The ball
is then hit forcibly with the mallet,
and you at once ejaculate "Oh, fudge!"
when you discover that you have
made a fuzzlc and simply bent the
first wicket. Your partner now does
the same thing, and little by little you
drive the balls about the grounds,
sometimes through wickets and sometimes over them, until, in about the
middle of the game, you decide that
you have played long enough and
carefully place the bails and mallets
in the box on tbe veranda, where baby
soon finds them and has great glee
in rolling the balls.to the ground below, where they crack open in the
rain during the night, thereby saving
you the trouble of making vour life
and that of your week-end guest a
burden.���C. G. Garretson.
While digging a cellar at East
Princeton, B.C., on September 4, 1912.
a seam of coal was uncovered. The
owner of the property sold his holding for 71 times what he paid for it.
Now is the time to buy property in
this Industrial City. Lots sold on
easy terms.
Peace River Realty Co., Sole
Agents, 328-335 Rogers Bldg., Vancouver, B. C.
The People's Trust Co.
(South Hill Post Office, South Vancouver, B.C.)
We conduct a regular Banking Business.   4 per cent, paid on all
Encourage the children to save their pennies in one of our
Savings Banks.   One Dollar starts them on the way to wealth.
Money Orders Issued and Cashed        Drafts       Collections
Checks on the Corporation of South Vancouver cashed.
Business hours : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
(the hours that suit the working-man).
Fraser Street Business Lots a specialty.   We have best listings.
Snaps in Building Lots. Lot on 46th Ave., and one on 49th Ave.,
first block west of Fraser St.; cleared; $850.
Lot on 56th Ave, first block west of Fraser St., $650.
Several high, dry cleared Lots, close to Fraser St. and Victoria
Drive, $550. $50 cash, and $10 a month.
4, 5, 6, and 7-room Modern Houses, close to the carline, from
$2,000 up, on cash payment of $150 and up.    Monthly payments.
Modem Houses to rent, $15 to $25.
Let us insure your huildings in the strongest Board Companies. We can also insure your Life, your Automobile, Plate
Glass, etc.   All kinds of Indemnity Insurance.
Get one of o'tr Accident, Health, and Sickness Policies, and
draw a revenue while yor are in any way incapacitated.
If you want an Indemnity or Surety Bond, see us.
Bring your Conveyancing to us.
We will make your Will
Estates Managed Money Loaned Rents Collected
South Vancouver Builders' Supply Company
Dealers in Sand, Gravel, Fibre, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Vitrified
Pipe, Tile, Fire-clay, Lath, and Brick of all kinds.
Offices :  51st Avenue and Fraser Street.    Phone : Fraser 36.
Main and 29th Avenue.   Phone :  Fairmont 1940.
Fraser Street and North Arm of Fraser River.   Phone : Fraser 84.
Coal orders taken at all offices and delivered to all parts of South
Phone 2988
Limited        Ft. of Columbia Ave.
Phones :  Seymour 7056-7818 Offices :  606-607  Bank ot Ottawa  B:
C. Gardner - Johnson & Company
Johnson's Wharf
Phone : Sey. 9:45
Hassam Paving Co.
of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed
Concrete {Patented)
Engineering  Contractors
Estimates and Designs Furnished
Eburne Saw Mills  Limited
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, Turnings
and House Finishings
Bliss & Brandt
Mining, Real Estate, Timber
Phone: Fairmont 218
4215 Main Street, City Heights, South Vancouver, B.C.
V Will Solve the Home
Problem for You
A small cash payment secures immediate possession. Wc are
building the finest bungalows in South Vancouver : Four to
seven rooms; beamed ceilings; panelled walls; fireplace; built-
in buffet; furnace; everything complete and ready to move into
today. Payments spread over four years. You work hard for
your money; make your money work for you. Call on us for
further particulars.
Bungalow Finance & Building: Co. Ltd.
Phones : Seymour 3204-5-6 Pacific Bldg. 416 Howe St.
Our Newspaper���
Gives you an idea of thc class of printing
wc turn out.
In our job printing department wc use only
sober, reliable men who have made a life-
study of thc science of printing.
Our plant is elaborate; our payroll is large.
We cannot afford to neglect your smallest
Greater  Vancouver Publishers
Comer  30th Avenue  and Main Street
Phone:   Fairmont   1874
The  Mantle  of   Red   Evans
After    swinging   off   the   stage   at
Sandville, he- paused in ir,��111 ol thc
express office, anel i<,r a moment
gazed up and down the Street. The
only oilier passenger hael briskly
crossed to McCartyi Hotel, and was
now entering. Brushing the red hair
back freun hn forehead, anel squaring
his dusty shoulders, he followed her,
only In- selected the door opening into
the bar.
The transient population eef the
town wai fairly large-, owing te, the
mines, and nee particular attention was
paid lee the newcomer, except as the
driver pointed after him and confided
te, the express agent ;
"Thai chap is hungry. Watch him!
litit the little piece- ol calico can take
care eef herself."
Thie observation in regard tee the
male pa.-escnger was home eeut as
loon BS he entered the bar. After eyeing the big man in the soiled apron
speculatively,  be  advanced    i<e    the
sawduit  border  in  front  e.f  the   fool
rest,  and   staled :
"I'm broke, 1 want a glass of milk
anil a e-e.uph- i,t" sandwiches. I'm expecting money through the mail to
night,  and   1   v. ill  square  up as  vieen
as I get it."
As if ihis statement eliminated all
possible objections tei his receiving
credit, he rested his hack and elbows
against the bar, hooked on4 heel over
the   fe,nt rail,   and     stared     curiously
ihrough ihe open doorway Into the
general living room or office.
l-'eer several moments there was a
silence, while lhe half-ihizeu loungers
seeftly set down Iheir glasses anil
stiffened to enjoy the expected drama.
It reejtiircd a certain period e.f lime
for the insolence of the stranger's eiflf
hand request to penetrate the slow
intellect eef thc man behind lhe apron.
Thc bartender was an autocrat, wine
cnuld give carelessly on ail impulse, or
suspiciously bestow drinks when the
supplicant was adequately abject. Hut
this was different; and as his cits
tomers interpreted the passion cm
purpling his broad face, they frowned
and scowled at the stranger's tin
heard-of temerity. The newcomer,
meanwhile, seemed to be absorbed in
his study of the inner room.
The bartender reached his apogee
of resentment. He slowly removed
his apron, to the applause of a general,
expectant grin. lie hived this homage
i if the always thirsty, all hough at
limes he pretended to brush it aside.
Now he accepted it with a promise
in his eyes; and, stepping behind the
stranger, and thrusting forward his
sullen jaw, he clapped a hand mi the
dusty shoulder and in a low- voice demanded :
"VVho'n thunder bc you?"
The stranger's blue eyes never
ceased staring at the open deior, nor
did he seem to sense the menacing
hand gripping his shoulder and twitching nervously, preliminary tee .spinning
him about.
"Who'n thunder he you lee come
around here giving off orders as if
you was a Vandcrbilt?" rumbled the
bartender, bracing his lefl hand
against thc bar.
"I'm Red Evans, from down Cul-
hoes way," quietly replied the
stranger, without shifting his position
ur diverting bis gaze.
The   bartender's   hand
All in the room hail hearel milch
ile-eiu Evans. Undoubtedly rumor had
nr.e-.lv exaggerated his cruel pre.we .-.
ami   planted   1 i\<���  men   where,  e,f  ;,
verity, there repeese-d hut one. Yel,
even when shorn of it-, unearned in
crement, his reputation wa- sufficient
iee satisfy a dozen gun lighter- No
eme- knew win nee In- came originally.
The incendiary Inn e.f hi- hair was
responsible leer his nickname; but ii
<-ver the appellative was used as a
mark of derision, thai day had long
since passed.
Thus far, his killings hail been con
lined to a type e,f nuisance whose de
ini-e- could scarcely be regretted by
organized society. Therefore, while
theoretically frowning upon various
takings off, the law liad refused to
meddle with hi- pistol toting life,
and sheriffs and United States marsh
als were proud iee claim his friendship,
As this was his first vi-it tee Sand
villc, e,r its vicinity, tin- excitement
seieiii seethed and found vent iu much
hall fearful  speculation.
"Who is there in town he can be
after?" shivered ihe express agent's
clerk luxuriously.
"I'll beleha he's heard of Big Ken
 i   and   his   bragging   ways   over   I"
Cross   Tree,   and   he's     gunning     for
him," suggested another te, the bar
"I'll bet it's One Eyed Brown, down
to Tibieewn," declared a mine fe,reman.
"No one can tell nothing abeiut it,"
replied the bartender, openly admiring
the hand that had roughly se-ize-.l Mr,
Evans's shoulder. "I only knew his
coming lure is abeiut thc biggest thing
that ceettlel have happened te. lhe town,
Did yi.u see them eyes? Like two blue
stee'l gimlets."
"Wonder where he carries his gun?"
muttered the express clerk.
"Yc'rc welcome tn find eeut. I ain't
curious enough to go prospecting for
il," loudly assured the mine foreman.
The bartender condescended tei explain.
"Some say lie carries it in his side-
pocket in a sling. Others say be totes
il under his left armpit, inside his vest.
Mebbe he carries two. All's I know is
that mi man can pull an' fire quicker'n
he can. Old Pop Darling, who croaked
last spring, seen him pot the Dutch
Twins, lie said the Twins was gunning feer Red and caught him napping.
They had him covered, he standing
kind of gawky-like." 'j ne speaker
paused to illustrate thc alleged posture of Mr. Evans when taken unawares. "Mind you, both his mils was
j empty and hanging by his side; but
just as the Twins was going to pull
trigger, there come a bang, bang, and
tin- Twins was down and e.ut."
g'e'ee!    11ICU    get    <|eeWll    OI]    their   lU'k    III
this   reettgh and tumble   country.    Hut
tn.   gun man   comes   here.   V'eu   must
I'eeek    feet    lodglngl    elsewhere-."
Ilis jaw dropped, then climbed, as
he  sneered :
"1 didn't kne,w that this was a V.
M. C. A. joint "
"It's a heetel," she simply returned,
"nol a elm -Ming ground. I was hired
b) Mr. Me-Cany !���, run this place after |
several nun failed. I was running hii
Upland Springs hotel, and he reckons
I'll   do.   Anyway,   what   I    say
Nothing  ep,jug  m  your    ease,    Mr.
Ikr incisivantsi and finality appeal
<-ei te. hii admiration, in spite of his
"All right,  Miss   Manager," he  stir
rendered, a smile softening his mouth
lie turned to the door. She watched
him with troubled eyes, and as his
hand rested een the ku.,1, her fingers j
phi. keel   at   the    be,s.etii   ,,f   her   dress
"Wait a moment, pleas.,'' sin- cried,
following him. "I don'l like t.. see you
brol i \ ou can't Stop hen-, hut I'll
stake you.''
"Thanks," In hoarsely replied,
clasping his hands behind hint. "I'm
neel in the- habit e.f taking hand out-
freun   reformers  or���children.   (^��� ������ >r 1
South Vancouver
Cor. Ross and Bodwell Rd.
Res. Phone . Fraser 116
Grant Phipps
(Successor to M. Jenkins)
Estimates given      JOYCE STREET
Greene & Merkley
While (his
by a score oi
from   end   to
the bar with a thud, and his portly
feirm saggetl limply as he found voice
to falter :
"Red E\ans!"
For the fraction of a moment the
onlookers stared stonily, while their
smiles vanished. One by one they
became deeply ami gravely interested
in  their  drinks.
"1���'sense   mc,    Mr.   Evans.     You
wanted what?" mumbled    the    bar-,
lender, his hand shaking as he made
inecdote was followed
eelliers, until a flood of
was  engulfing  the  bar
end,   Mr,   Evans   was
impatiently pacing the length uf the
living-room, lie had observed the coming   of   the   woman   with   more   than
ordinary  interest.   When   lie   took   his
outside   scat   on   the   stage,   he   hail
caught a glimpse of her slender figure
inside. While walking up Flag Hill, he
hael  seetight   lu talk  with  her  through
dropped   lo i the window, thinking that she was a
' Irdinarily,
I   manager
a pretence of wiping the bar.
"Milk���sandwiches���on lick," yawn
ed the stranger.
"Yes, sir. In a second, sir," cried the
bartender, hastily resuming his apron
"Ami mighty proud 1 bc, Mr.  Evan
to  serve   thc  man   wlm  laid  oul
Dutch Twins and the���"
"Let's cut all that," suggested the
yiiting man, quickly lacing the bar, his
mouth straightening.
"You bet your boots!" hurriedly acquiesced the bartender, humbly duck
ing his  head.
Trotting t" the ice-box, he produced a ham and cheese, and deftly
prepared several sandwiches of unorthodox thickness. The young man's
eyes twinkled humorously as he viewed the plate. Quickly falling to h
gap eating with a snapping click of his
streing teeth that might have suggested to more fastidious company
the hurried ntaslicalioii of a dog.
"Can't I serve you with some prime
old rye, or some fine brandy, sir?"
coaxed the bartender. "I'd say wine,
but it's all cheap stuff and not up to
your class."
"No, thanks," refused the young
man, brushing his hands on his handkerchief. "Hut you can give the boys
a drink and charge it to my account.
I shall bc stopping here for thc nighl."
"You bet 1 will!" cried the bartender, overjoyed at an opportunity
to oblige; "When the man who snuffed
out���" But the warning narrowing
of thc blue eyes caused the rest of thc
enthusiastic assertion to find a grave-
in the rattle of glasses and bar-ware.
"Red hvans, eh?" half whispered
iinc of thc men. "Thought he'd look
"He's the greatest gun fighter on
earth," babbled the bartender. "Never
touches nothing but milk, so's to keep
his nerve." Reverently holding up the
milk glass, he addressed it, rejoicing.
"And to think at last Sandville can
put it over Cross Tree and Tibtown!
hild. She had repulsed his advances
and he retreated t" the box in cent
fusion, realizing that she was a
"She's  in    here    somewhere,"    he
mused, halting before a doeir that but
[thinly held back the accumulated odors
of   past   dinners.
Even as he stood there, thc dour
opened, and she stood befeere him.
She was diminutive in stature, and
her hair, a glorious rich reel, coiled
maturely about her small head, could
not offset the impression that she
was bul a child. Perhaps this fancy
was accented more by her eyes than
by her slighl ligttrc. feir they were
large ami innocently blue, and stared
unblinking, with the unconscious
die   frankness  eel' immaturity.
As Evans fell back and gravely
surveyed   her,   she   briskly   advanced
and demanded:
"Are yeiu Stopping here:'
"I  expect to be- a guest," he replied.
twisting his hai between In- fingers
"Then register, please, So lhat I
can have the man show you your
roe,in. I am Mr. McCarty'a new
"His manager?" he cried, astonish
ment vying wilh admiration. "Why.
I shuiildn't say you are���you're
be-I different from mosl managers!"
"Meaning thai I am undersized,"
she coldly observed. "However. I am
quite proficient, Mr. McCarty believes,
and I am nol required lo show my
credentials to transients. You'll find
the register em the shelf."
Evan's face matched his hair, and
his eyes evaded her cold, steady gaze
as he awkwardly explained.
"Perhaps I have no right lee register.
I'm broke. I've got money coming,
but  I'm broke."
"Wini are you?" she asked.
He hesitated and glanced down al
his hat, and an apologetic tone crept
into his voice as he encountered:
"Deecs it make any difference what
name I register? This is an hotel, isn't
"Yeiu seem to bc mighty much
afraid that you'll be taking se.ittc
chances, for a man who is broke," she
"I'm Red Evans," he shortly confessed,  meeting her  gaze   squarely.
She stared at him wild-eyed for
several seconds, her head thrown
back as if top-heavy under the mass
etf burning ceiils.
"Evans���lhe gun fighter!" al lasl
she gasped.
Her emotion, misconstrued by him.
the coming .ef Mis- II..li
ei iln- hotel would have
caused much gossip, In truth, it ihould
have it',wiled the- bar wnh curious
"ne-, but te, the average masculine
Sandville mind, this iiin.evali.eii of a
woman manager was overshadowed by
ih.  presente e.i keel Evans.
During the brief life of lhe town
the- citizens hael sadly felt the want
Ol a successful bail mall. Almost every
Saturday night shining lights of Cross
Tree ami Tibtown Invaded ihe defenceless hamle I an.I crowded the walk
from saloon to sahee.u, wilh nunc t<>
deny them their blustering pleasure,
lu ilu early .lays there had been talk
.ei importing s..im renowned tiger
fighter to relieve tin- citizens from
submitting to the- week end insults;
bin as time passed, ami the insulted
became sum. what inured to the visit-
atie.iis of Big Kemi'in and One Eyed
Brown, tin- situation gradually was
accepted as being inevitable. Xow
all was changed. Could Sandville have
had ii- pick from iln- whole West, no
happier choice ceetihl have been made
than  Reel  Evans
As a consequence, on the firsl
Saturday night after his arrival, the
hotel bar was crowded with a quiet,
expectant llir.uig. and iln- small man
ager figured iu iiu way in lhe
whispered conversation.
Undoubtedly One Eyed Brown had
decided thai it were Hi-.-n-ti,>n to
remain away. Nol SO with Big Ken
nun. Inflamed with repeated visits to
ihe bottle, ami urged on by hii
friends, he entered ihe bar al his usual
hour, prefacing his arrival bv a series
uf thrill whoops in tip- sireet.
"Full   "f   fettle   ami   poor   licker,"
shuddered Fat, the- bartender, looking
anxiously   about,    "And   Mr.   Evans j
ain't   here!"
As   lhe  ihe.ir  burst   open,  and   Ken   :
nun   swaggered  in  across  lhe  Ihres-:
hold, he held his two guns half raised, |
as if anticipating an ambush,  Behind
him  leer, el  liis  full,ewers,  with  hands
��� ni   weapons.   One   sweeping   glance
over   the   cowering   crowd   reassured
thc leader. however, and with a grunt
of elisgusi  the replaced his guns and]
drawled  t��>  his  followers :
"Reckon some "in- pul him wise I
was coming. Well, lei's licker up.
Drink- are  .en   the  house,   I   take  it!"
"What's je'"' particular fancy. Mr.
Reiin ni'" tin bartender was shiver
ing, when a strange hush fell uv er the
gathering ami caused him lee glance
ih.eiil even as he Was leaching feer
the bottle.
Red Evans, his ham
brushing aside lhe Cr
ling.-nl   anil   was  appro;
ultani giant
"Wh,it'll ye have-? Name yer pi'/cn,
boj s    Tin- besl in the house!   Wh...
pei ! < inly di in'l In me see- no Send
villc  cur a  drinking al  the  bar while
I'm  here!"
"Remove the    bottles,    bartender,"
Evans's  lew   voice  broke  in  at  Ren
men's   elbow,   A-   ilu-   gianl   whirled,
reaching  for   his  gun,   Evans  softly
advised: "Don't!"
Mortuary and Service Chape!
305 Pender St. W.
Day or Night Phone : Sey. 340
3210 Main  Street, near 16th Avenue
Toronto  Furniture
Furnish   Houses   at   Very   Moderate
Call and See
M. H. COWAN, Proprietor
Phone :    Fairmont  1660
! For Coal and Wood Phone Fair. 404
Order    Office :    3418    Commercial
Street,  Cedar  Cottage
(Adjoining   car   terminus)
Terms Cash
Melrose Nursing Home
Special  attention  given  to  Maternity
cases.   Terms moderate.
Mrs. Edgerton
825 25th Ave.  East���Phone : Fair. 987
Twenty-eighth  Ave.  and  Main  Street
Misses   Hall   and   West ley.   Graduated   Nurses
Terms   Moderate
Phone :   Fairmont 2165
South Vancouver Dairy
4005 Fraser Street
- empty,
ss I ree
ching i In
Ernest Shaw, D.C.
(Doctor of  Chiropratic)
250   22nd    Avenue    East,    cl
Main Street
Hours : 1.30 till 6.   Consultation free
Chiropractic,  succeeds where  medi-
the thing.
Then he walked t.i the door leading  cine fails.   For all complaints, whether
int.i the living room, and closed il   As   a.cutc, ?r chronic, Chiropractic is just
In turned hack. Rcnnon was standing
half crouched,  his right  hand al  his!
hip. glaring  nwrously  at     his    rival.'
Evans  deliberately   approached  until I
he could tap the tense, hairy hand tee
accent   his   words.    Then   he  saul :
"Mr Ken tu ni. yeeu have been drinking
too  much.   It   is  linn-   vein   and  your
friends   returned   home.   Will   yem   gee-
ipiictly.  or   shall   I   send  you  'ever   lev
express em tomorrow'! stage?"
For nearly a minute the- two held ei/sue r\e All laflltmC
the tableau, the crowd frozen like OlGNO UP ALL l\irMUI>
stalues. Then, to the great joy of the J yy_   j_    PIERCE
Grandview Sign Works
Kenneth Fraser
620 Metropolitan Building
(Student at the Beaux Arts)
Say, fellers, there's been limes when restored smile of his eeld assurance, and
I've been ashamed of my profession, -with thc leisurely deportment of the
when,   night   after   night,   I've  stood | barroom he nodded an affirmative
here and took dirt from the Tibtown
and Cross Tree bad men. 1 tell ye,
it was on them times 1 wished I vvas
in another professiem. or that a man
like Red Evans cotthl just step in and
regulate  things!"
Instantly her agitation vanished
Her small figure was drawn up tee its
fullest possibilities as she sternly Bold
him :
"You're being broke wouldn't pre
vent   JTOUr   Stopping   here,   as   many
Phone:   Seymour 5735
You'll say so, if you try us.
25th  and  MAIN STREET
Sandville men, anil lee the amazement |
of the visiturs, the hairy hand crepl
away   from   the  holster,  empty,  anel  2235 Commercial Drive and Earls Road
Reiinous feerm seemed to shrink and
shrivel. At last he mumbled:
"We only wanted to drink.'
"N'eeiie here In-night feer yen." Evans
fold him kindly, but firmly. "The road
te.  Cross  Tree is waiting  feer  you."
Slowly wheeling, anel with head
bowed, the giant passed through the
door, his friends silently trailing be
bind him.
"lleieirayl" led e,ff the stage-driver.
Brave as lions now, the Sandville
men made the glasses ring with pa-an
.if victory, Evans was sidling te.
thc outer door when a small hand
dclaincd him. Glancing down, he-
gazed into the llttshcd face of the
iittle manager.
"Step into the office, please," she
requested. "1 have something to say
to you."
As he followed her. he closed the
doeir to keep out the swelling clameer:
nor did any one have the hardihood tee
eipcn it.
"Vou want to thank me for driving
that bully away fr.im yeetir hotel," he
said, smiling good-naturedly. "You
need not trouble. It was nevthing for
me to do."
"Ye,ii are mistaken." she replied, a
new note ringing in licr voice. "I want
to remind vou that 1 ant thc boss of
Wood water-tanks, wire wound wood pipe
and continuous stave pipe made iu all sizes.
Municipal Construction Co. Ltd., 319 TenJer
Street, Vancouver,   B.  C.
(Continued on  Tagc 7)
Communications of news items
for insertion in "The Chinook"
will bc -welcomed, and readers arc
asked to mail or telephone (Fairmont 1874) items to this office.
Personal items and notices of
meetings and gatherings will be
particularly welcomed. SIX
Authorised Capital, $2,000,000
A general banking business conducted at all branches.
Special attention given to savings deposits.   Interest
allowed on savings accounts.
Cedar Cottage Branch
Phone : Fraser No. 41
Mail Address, Box 22, City Heights
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western Plate Glass &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thorne  Metal  Store  Front  Bars,  Bevelling  and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
909  Dominion  Trust  Building,  Vancouver,   B. C.
Telephones :    Office 8497.    Works 6203.     Works 9328.    Works  9179
Fly time is here. Get your SCREEN DOORS,
all sizes, from $1.25 to $2.50 each, and Hinges and all
Screen Windows, 15c to 60c, all sizes.
Screen Wire, to repair your old Doors and Screens, in
all widths.
Martin-Senour's 100 per cent, pure Mixed Paint, in 40
different colors, that will never fade.
International Stains and Varnishes
Corner Fraser and Ferris Road
T. and S. G. FOX, Props.       W. H. IRVING, Mgr.
Corner  Bodwell Road  and Ontario Street
Lumber, Shingles, Sash and Doors, etc.
Stove Wood���14 inch Lengths
$3.25 per Load;  3 Loads for $9.00
t. ���1���.������
��� ��� ��� ���    ���,   -   ��� a
She :    Just look  at    the    trouble
money can get you into.
lie : Yes, but look at the trouble
it can yet you out of.
m    ���    *
Husband: Your extravagance is
awful. When 1 <lie you'll probably
have  le, beg.
Wife : Well, I should bc better off
than   some  pe���er   woman   who  never
bad any practice.
* *   *
"Do you believe that all men arc
created equal?"
"1 used to before I  was married."
"And now?"
"Now 1 find that I can't begin to
compare with other women's husbands."
* *    *
Friend : Given up housekeeping
anil gone to a hotel, eh? How do you
like hotel life?
McTiff : First rate. Never was so
happy in my life.
Friend :    Where are you staying?
McTiff : I'm at the St. Charles and
my wife's at the St. James."
* *    ��
"Father," said the small boy, "what
is a demagogue?"
"A demagogue, my son, is a man
who can entertain an audience se)
thoroughly that people don't care
what his personal opinions happen to
* *    *
A country school-teacher was cashing her monthly cheek at the bank.
The teller apologized for the filthy
condition of the bills, saying, "I hope
you're nol afraid of microbes."
"Not a bit of it," the schoolmarm
replied.    "I'm sure no microbe could
live on my salary!"
��    *    *
Andrew's grandmother had been
telling him Bible stories, his favorite
being lhat of Daniel in the lion's den.
At the age of four he was taken to a
circus for thc first time. When the
lion tamer put his head into thc lion's
"That sunset ain't up to standard,"
was brother's comment.
"Co slow, folks," counselled father.
"If the meals anil thc beds come up
to the booklet wc won't kick."
"Ah." interestedly ejaculated thc
city visitor, "and that is your oldest
inhabitant? A venerable figure, truly!
I fancy he leeoks back on a life as
full of useful achievement as it has
been  long?"
"Well, neet te, hurt, exactly," a trifle
pessimistically replied the landlord of
the Skcedee tavern. "About all he's
ever done, that I know of, is to brag
that he had a second cousin a good
many years ago who got arrested on
suspicion of being Jesse James."
* t   ��
Mrs. Bennett had a colored maid
whe, had been with her for some
time. The girl left her and got married. A few months later she came
to see Mrs.  Bennett.
"Well, Mandy," asked the former
mistress, "how arc you getting
"Uh, fine, ma'am, thank you!'1 thc
bride answered.
"Is your husband a good provider?"
"Yes, 'deed he am, ma'am!" said
Mandy enthusiastically. "Why, jest'
dis las' week, ma'am, he got me six
new places to wash at I"
* *   *
Thc gravediggcr of Sorn, in Ayrshire, was as selfish and mean a
wretch as ever handled rnattock or
carried mortcloth. He was a very
querulous and discontented old man,
with a voice like thc whistle of the
wind through a keyhole on a bleak
Sunday afternoon in the country. An
acquaintance from a neighboring parish accosted him one day and asked
how the weerld was standing with him.
"O, very puirly, sir���very puirly, indeed," was the answer; "the yard
has   dune   naething   ava   for   us   this
A scene from "The Woman," at the English   Bay  Theatre  on   October
1 and   2
The Permanent Paving Material���
A pavement which will provide for all conditions
of traffic and climate must be constructed on a common-sense basis.
Concrete is recognized as thc only material suitable
for permanent work, and is used as the foundation for
all modern pavements.
The discovery of a satisfactory concrete wearing
surface has been made in Granitoid after years of experimenting and study. In our Patented Granitoid
Pavement we have a concrete base,and a concrete
wearing surface that will meet all the requirements
of automobile and vehicular traffic, and a pavement
that will become more durable with age. An investment in Granitoid pays the highest returns in durability
and satisfactory service.
Watch Westminster Road from Main Street to
Prince Edward-, also Davie Street, Second Avenue,
and Columbia Street, in Vancouver.
British Columbia Granitoid & Contracting
mouth Andrew's excitement knew no
be minis. Jumping up and down he
gleefully screamed :
"Gee, that knocks the spots off Daniel!"
* *    *
"Ma, what does d   d stand for?"
"Doctor of divinity, my dear. Don't
they teach you the common abbreviations in school?"
"Oh, yes ; but that don't seem to
sound right here."
j    "Read it eeut loud, my dear."
My Dear (reading) : Witness���"1
heard the defendant say, 'I'll make
you suffer feir this. I'll be doctor of
divinity if I don't.' "
* *   *
Senator Penrose, at a luncheon at
the Auditorium in Chicago, told the
following story about an office-seeker:
"I hear you've got a government
job now," one  man  said to another.
Thc other answered gayly :
"That's what."
The lirst man gave an envious sigh
and asked :
"Is it hard work?"
"Not after you get it," was the reply.
* *    *
One day at rehearsal, it appears, Sir
Herbert Tree asked a youlhful actor
to "Step back a little." Thc player
did so. Tree eyed him critically and
went on rehearsing. After a time he
repeated thc request���"A little farther
back." The youth obeyed. Surveying him, Tree went on with his work.
Shortly afterwards he again asked
him to step still further back. "If I
do," expostulated the youth, "I shall
be right off thc stage." "Yes," said
Tree, "that's right."
"Well, what do you think of
things?" inquired the father as thc bus
drove away from  the station.
"This scenery ain't what I expected,"
complained mother.
"1 don't believe that mountain is
half as high as thc booklet claimed,"
declared sister.
simmer. If yc like to believe mc, 1
havena' buriet a lecvin' soul this sax
��    *    ��
The following conversation once
took place between two Quakers :
"Martha, does thee love me?" asked
a Quaker youth of one at whose shrine
his heart's holiest feelings had been
offered up.
"Why, Scth," answered she, "we
are commanded to love one another,
are we not?"
"Ah, Martha, but does thee regard
mc with thc feeling the world calls
"I hardly know what to tell thee,
Scth. I have greatly feared that my
heart is an erring one. I have tried
to bestow my love on all, but I may
have sometimes thought, perhaps, that
thee was getting rather more than thy
He    *    *
He had come a long journey in thc
train and he was ripe, very ripe. At
the station he gazed at the ticket collector with a glassy eye. "Ticket,
please?" said the official. "I've nae
ticket," retorted the vine-leaved one.
"Come away," and then a shrill voice
said. "Please, sir, come away?" said
the collector, "give me your ticket."
"I've nae ticket," retorted the Bacchanal. "I've telt ye that afore. Are
you dcef?" Thc ticket collector produced his book, grasped his pencil
and said : Seven and three." The
overripe one thought a minute, and
then with thc air of an arithmetical
wonder, cried, "Ten."
A committee had the State Senator
on thc carpet.
"Didn'i you promise, if wc elected
you, to get our county good roads?"
"Why,   certainly,   gentlemen."
"Did you do it?"
"No. You see, airships are getting
very common now. I thought we'd
better wait a few years. Maybe wc
won't need any roads at all then.
Fine weather for corn, isn't it?"
"Colonel Brown seems to be very
literary," remarked a visitor to the
Brown household to the negro maid,
glancing at a pile of magazines lying
on the floor.
"Yas,  ma'am,"  replied  the  ebony-
faced girl, "yas, ma'am, he sholey am
literary.    He jes' nal'ally littahs things
all over dis year house."
��    ��   ��
A native of T , on thc coast of
Scotland, when thc contract for lighting the first three steamers fitted with
electric   light  at   the  T   shipyard
was completed, formed one of a social
party gathered to entertain the electricians. In a burst of candor and comradeship he was overheard saying to
one of the wiremen :
"Mon, Peter, after workin' wi' you
on they boats, 1 believe 1 could put
in the electric light masel', but there's
only one thing that���that���bates me."
"Ay, an' what is that, Sandy?" said
his interested companion, willing to
help him if it lay in his power.
"Weel, mon," said Sandy, "it's just
this : I dinna' ken hoo yc get the ile
tac rin alang the wires."
��   *   ��
There is plenty of food for cynical
thoughts in thc national capital, as is
shown by tbe following incident which
happened on a Washington street car :
A worldly young man, prone to
criticize, was gazing at tlie advertisements which decorated the interior of
the car. One advertised a new kind
of collar for men. The dome of the
Capitol was represented encircled by
one of thc collars, and on thc Senate
and House wings of the building were
placards giving prices and sizes. The
placard on the Senate end of the Capitol read. "Quarter size," and that on
thc other end said, "Two for a quarter."
The worldly cynical young man
turned to his companion.
"That," he remared, "just about ex.
presses my opinion of some of these
here  Congressmen."
* *    ��
An heiress was engaged to a Spanish grandee.
"Don Guzman," the girl said
thoughtfully one morning as they
were walking in the Row, "Don Guz
man, society declares that you arc
marrying mc  solely  for my  money."
"They lie, my love," thc young
grandee answered, fixing a fresh cigar
ette in his long amber tube.
"Nevertheless," said the girl, "their
censure hurts me. I won't have them
say such nasty things about you."
"But how will you stop them?" he
"By giving my entire fortune to
the missionaries," she replied. "1
shall make my fortune over to the
missionaries at once."
The grandee settled his shininc hat
more firmly on the back of his head
and set off at a great pace in the
direction of Hyde Fark Corner.
"But, Don Guzman," cried thc girl,
"where are you going?"
"I am going," he called back, "to
see about becoming a missionary."
* *    ��
Lambert Kaspcrs, Chicago attorney,
told the following story at a recent
i\ M. C. A. banquet :
A Kansas farmer, a Dane, applied
for naturalization papers. The judge
asked him, "Are you satisfied with
the general conditions of the country?'
"Yas," drawled the Dane.
"Does the government suit you?"
queried the judge.
"Yas, yas; only I would like to sec
more rain," replied thc farmer.
At a luncheon in New York, Dr.
Lyman Abbott, sipping a glass of
ice-cold milk, told a woman-suffrage
"1 had heard a lot," he said, "about
the wonderful success of woman suffrage in Australia; so, meeting an
Australian woman one day,  1 asked,
"'How did you vote, madam, at the
last  election?'
The Australian woman answered,
with a simper,
"'In my mauve pannier gown, sir,
with a large mauve hai trimmed with
mauve osprcys.'"
��   ��   *
Col. Gilford Hurry, commissary of
the National Guard of New York, was
condemning an officer who, on an annual encampment, had fussed too
much over his men.
"A famous editor," he says, watched
this officer one night during the last
encampment as he showed the boys
how   to   fold   their   clothes,   how   to
spread  their bedding, how to    wrap
themselves in their blankets, how to
drape their mosquito netting, and so
forth, and finally, when    the    officer
took leave, the editor called after him :
" 'Hey, you've fprgottcn something.'
"'What have 1 forgotten?'
"'You haven't heard 'em say their
prayers and    kissed    'em    all    good
* ��   *
Mrs. Blanc was giving a tea party
on her yacht. The affair for some
reason was dragging dreadfully. The
guests talked of nothing but the
weather, and even in this talk there
would come long, deathly silences.
Suddenly Mrs. Blanc, losing her
balance, fell heavily against her
mother-in-law, who sat beside the low
rail, and with a moaning cry the dear
old lady went headforemost overboard.
Of course she was rescued; but
afterward Mr. Blanc took Mrs. Blanc
privately to task.
"How clumsy you are," he said, "to
knock mother into the water like that.
I'm afraid she won't care to visit us
again in a hurry. You really should
be  more  careful."
"Now, George," said Mrs. Blanc,
"be reasonable. I had to do something. I simply had to. Didn't you
see how our party was dragging?"
* *   ��
The ladies of Judge McCluer's
household were discussing political
parties one laundry day, and the
"missus" thought she would tease
Aunt Marth, rub-a-dubbing at the
wash tub.
"Aunt Marth, what are you���a
Democrat or a Republican?"
"La, honey, what-a-you jokin' me
Terminal Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.
Howe Sound Route
Leave* Calling  at
Monday ft   fJ-.,Vanncry
C aulfcilels
Tuesday 9:15   a.   m.l'isherman's Hay
...   .        , I'eertrau
Wednesday llritannia Mines
Thursday So,uamish
Friday Mill Creek
9:15  a.  m. C.   N.   Cannery
Leaves Caulfeilds
Saturday nnd      Fisherman's ll:iy
2  p.  m.  llowen   Island
Leaves Caulfeilds
Salurday ''���'<> V- m llowen   Island
10:30 a. m. _ , ,    ,
and uowen   Island
Sunday 6.30 p m    anil Way l'oints
Every   day   except   Tuesday  anil   Frielay  at
6:30 p. m. for llowen  Island auet way points.
Calling  at
Itowen Island
T����^y \���V1]  , i,,,,
Wednesday at 9:15 a. m. ��� ..      .    ���.
Thursday lintannia  Mine.
Priday Squamish
Saturday Newport
Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for the same
points, arriving in Vancouver at 7:15 p. m.
Sailings   subject   to  change   without   potice.
Steamers   leave  from
Evans, Coleman & Evans Wharf
l'hone Sey.  2988.
Splendid bungalow, on beautiful lot,
close to Main Street. $50 cash
secures.    Balance very easy.
W. D. Grimmett
3324 Main Street, Hillcrest
The Best Advice
on Lumber Costs
the Least Money
and when we say to prospective
homebuilders that "mew's lhe lime
to build," we are offering you
really sound advice. No matter
what you have heard about cheaper
lumber, take it from us that you're
on the safe side if you build rigln
now. In the face of all this talk-
We believe you'll agree that lumber has a fixed value, and that by
delaying lhe building of your new
home you will gain nothing bul in
We believe we can convince you
that the above is good advice���
McGibbon Hodgson
Lumber Company
Phone : Pair. 1659
Patronize the
Province Renovatory
South Vancouver's Pioneer
Diy-Oeaning and Dyeing Works
Work and Prices Right
4136 Main St.       Cor. of 25th Avenue
fo'? Cose you knows  l's a  Republi
"Rut why arc you? Why aren't you
a Democrat?"
"Why's I a Republican? HaW-hav.
honey! Vou's always jokin' this ol
niggah! You knows why, well
enough I"
"No, I don't, auntie. You tell ih
"Why is 1? Why is I a Republi
can?" Auntie knew all right, but ii
was a little hard to express. She sus
pended her washing a, moment, while
she puzzled with it; then her face relaxed and she grinned triumphantly
"Why, honey, you see, it's this a-way.
I's a Republican 'cause���cause, yem
see,  it's just my nationality!"
Bishop Rowe, now of South Dakota* was upon a certain occasion
obliged to start out afoot to reach a
church in an Eastern State. The
August day was close and hot, and
lhe road was dusty, so that after half
an hour's pedestrianism the reverend
gentleman was well pleased when a
man drew along in a spring wagon
and offered a lift. His reverence
wore no clerical garb and the state of
his apparel after thc tramping gave
small indication of his calling.
Thc team jogged into a deep wood.
The churchman deemed thc time and
the place lit for the broaching of
spiritual things. Accordingly he
opened the subject���rather abruptly,
he confesses.
"Young man," he demanded solemnly, "are you prepared to die?"
"Do you know," the bishop innocent
ly explained afterward, "the fellow
gave a whoop, dropped the reins,
jumped off the seat, and, before I
could say a word, he had gone crashing through the woods! Now, why do
you suppose he did that?" SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1912
Real Estate Agents
YV hen you're out to speculate,
|-|   ouses, Lots, and Real Estate,
If   eep   your   weather   eye   on
���*   KENT:
|T   ase   expense, STOP   paying
ft   ow's the time to choose your
"|" rade with us��� our terms are
O, our Poultry Ranches, too���
C urely they look good to you!
Q pportunity is knocking,
ft  ot to heed is simply shocking.
Nice 4-room house with furnace, plumbing, electric light,
leaded light windows and painted. Complete $2150, $100 cash,
balance $25 a month.
If you arc looking for acreage we have some of the
choicest. 5-acre lots in Langley,
close to car, on easy terms. It
will pay you to enquire about
A limited number of lots, $500
each, on our Bridge Street property. Will pay you to drop into
our River Road office and buy
one of these.
Phone: Collingwood 18.       P.O.Box 2, Collingwood
Branch Office : River Road and Ash Street, Eburne
J. D. Fraser & Co.
We carry Special Lines of the finest
We also carry Hay and all kinds of Feed
Phone our store (Collingwood 25), or call.   Our delivery
service is prompt.
No. 1 Road and Grant (Close to Park)
$100 below any other property in this vicinity. Small cash
payment. These lots are cleared, and some have been
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Westminster Road
Double corner on Westminster Road, near Park Avenue.
Cleared. Splendid Business Site. Away below market
The widening and paving of Westminster Road are now
an assured fact, and prices will soon be on the jump. Get
in and buy now.
J. B. Todrick & Co.
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Heaters for the Winter
The cool long nights arc nearly here.    We have a complete line
nf heaters.
The shooting season is on.   You don't need to go to the City to buy
your ammunition,   See us,
CD       rCADIUCV     Formerly Manitoba
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Collingwood Sash and Door Factory
Clements & Tufnail
Dealers in Sashes, Doors, Frames, Sheet Glass, etc.
Collingwood West Station
Pioneer Transfer Co.
Phone: Collingwood 32
The Mantle of Red Evans
(Continued   from   1'age   5l
this bote), and am ;il,1,- te, bounce all
the Cre.s^ Tree toughs that I don'l
want here. Vou are neet iu make this
your stamping-ground again. If you
nave any appointment! with lire-
eaters, please keep them elsewhere'.
Don'l come lure again. Dee you catch
Ilis   face   went   white  as   he   leaned
���against the wall and breathed beavity.
Finally, in a broken voice, he sniel
"Ye,u fe,rbiil me the place, eh? And
ever since yuu drove me from here
I've called each day, only fur the s ike
uf getting a glimpse of you, I first
saw yuu een the stage. I followed yen
in  here to see yuu again.  There isn't
another woman on earth I'd gu across
the street te, see; but yuu���you���1
can't  explain  iti"
The color receded from her small.
oval face, and she looked up Into his
eyes almost sadly as she said:
"I know you've been here to iee
me. I have kept out of your way. Can't
yuu see, if yuu were the last man on
earth, yuu couldn't come tu see nie
if yeeu were one of two things���either
a liar eer a gun-fighter?"
"A���a���liar!"  he  winced.
"Now I know you won't come to
see me any me,re, or bother ine in any
way. will yuu?" she continued, in a
voice which  had  become very gentle.
"Can't I fix it? Can't I explain?" Ile
whispered. "I've seen yuu every day,
although yeiu didn't know It. I've
bribed the bartender to let me watch
you as yuu directed wurk in the
kitchen. Il was a mean trick, but I had
to sec yuu. It's unly tu catch a glimpse
of you that I'm staying in this town,
I got my money that night, plenty of
it. I should have moved on the next
day, but I couldn't My heart was
starving. I've been feeding it e,n
thoughts of yeeu. Don't turn me down
this time, or I'll be broke in earnest.
Stake me fur tu-morreiw���tell ine thai
I may call and explain!" Ilis soul was
in his voice as he begged thus.
"There is nothing to explain." she
faintly  whispered.
"There is!" he cried, raising his
hands above his head and clinching
them. "There's this to explain���I love
"She says she's busy and can't see
yez," declared the stout Xurah, her
Celtic face showing pity for the young
man who had waited feir many minutes in the stuffy little parlor,
retreated  toward Hie ,1*������ ��r. anel each
word coming like the- cul of :i whip, i
"Unbuckle those gun���quick)"
lie made to -peak, but tbe threat
in her eyes Hopped him, anel with
trembling fingers he- nnfaatened his
belt. Then she turned iee the jroung
man and explained :
"Thii man, who claims t,, be Keel
Evans, is Bill Rogers, sluice-thief,
horse thief, catUe-thiefl There :tr,- a
dozen ropes hungry iur hii worthless
neck." wheeling e.n the cowering Mr
Rogers, she continued: "If yeeu value'
ye.iir worthies! Me, don't let the men
outside know a woman i<,��>k the guns
away. Von say it wa! Red Evani thai
did it, ur I'll ipeak luud. Git!"
As the man backed frum the re.om.
-in- broke the gun-, scattering the
cartridge! over the floor. Handing the
weapons t" the stupeiieel youth, ihe
.saiel   with   a   hitler   laugh:
"I   happen  tu know   Hill   Uugers far
I SOUth   uf   here.    He   didn't   expect   te,
���meet me in Sandville. Hut you'd better
| keep up  the  farce and  tOM  the  guns
intu the street."
He- dropped them at his feet, and
in a low, scarcely audible voice cuii
fesseel :
"I'm   nut   Red   Evans."
"I have known that fur sume time."
she quietly remarked, a trace of a
sneer in  her  voice
"I am ne el a gun-lighter," he con-
linued, "I was forced te, travel mil
here fur my health. I have never
carried, ��� ,r fired, a revolver in my life.
My name is Evans, One night I was
taken fe.r notorious Keel Evan!. It
laved nie- from a bully. I found that
wherever I was mistaken fur him, my
life was made easy for me. It seemed
il" harm fur nie tee accept thc pru-
tectiun uf his name. I only Intended
tee pass through here and return where
| such deceits are nut necessary. I saw
you, and I had tu stay. I also had i"
ikeep ui> the miserable sham. I came
lure' to-day tu tell yeeu lhe truth. I
I had huiied you would allow me tu
love you. I am not a gunfighter. I
am in, longer a fraud. Hut I can see
you lliink ine what is worse than
j either���a coward.  I'll find this���"
"Unit that." she breike in in a wail
ing voice. She approached close to
him. bowing her head in her hands.
"I've been praying that you might be
what yuu are. 1 know yuu weren't
Keel Evans; bill you had su much
nerve with Itig Rennon I thought yuu
must  be  a  gun-man.     I     was     happy
"Inn Bill Rogera puked yem around
wilh the gun, and 1 could see yeeu
were   green   at   the   game,   eer   you'd
Marian Barney, with "The Woman,"  at the English Bay Theatre, October
1 and 2
Very Mysterious
An old colored woman had occasion
to call thc doctor for her husband,
who was very ill. The doctor made
a diagnosis and pronounced it a
severe case of gastritis.
"Oh, Lor', doctor," ejaculated the
old woman, "how did he eber get dat
gastritis? I ain't burnt a ting but
coal tie in dis yere house, an' powerful little ob dat."
"Wealth has its penalties," said the
ready-made  philosopher.
"Yes," replied Mr. Cumrox. "I'd
rather be back at the dear old factory than learning to pronounce the
names of the old masters in my picture-gallery."
    ���   *ss%   ���	
Son���Papa, why do they call them
rubberneck waggons? Father���Because everybody stares at the people
in them, my boy.
"Tell her that I'm going away���that
I'll never bother her again," lhe visitor pleaded. "Lay it em strong,
"Arrah, it's a shame she won't see
yez," said Norah, highly indignant
"She's that tiny I'll pick her up under
me arm and bring her here, even if
1 lose me job fur it. Mr. Evans."
As he moodily waited, and became
convinced that Xurah was unsuccessful in her emest, his face became
naggard in despair. In the agony of
his meditations he failed tu note the
rapidly increasing crowd e,i men in
front of the hotel. Ile had eyes only
fur the door through which he was
praying she would enter. Consequently, he was astounded to feel
a rough hand mi his shoulder, tu behold a bloated, hairy face close Iu his,
and to gaze into a pair uf bloodshot
eyes, thatched with dirty reddish
��� brows.
"Stand up on yer pins, ye dude!"
growled the intruder, puking the niuz-
zel of a forty-four against the young
man's throat.
Evans mechanically obeyed, his gaze
unflinching, but his thoughts still with
the girl.
"When I heard tell ye was passing
yeself off as Red Evans," continued
the newcomer, "1 hustle over here to
show yc up. I'm Red Evans! I wanted
to see the pup that had the nerve to
make believe he was me. And tu find
a slim cuss like yuu. no bigger'n a
tinker's dam! I'm ashamed to do it.
I wish ye was a man growedl"
"You are Red Evans?" whispered
the young man, resting his hands behind him on the table.
"1 bc." roared the other, flourishing
thc revolver. "And I'm here to make
yc answer for yer nerve. To t'ink of
ye making believe ye was the real
Simon pure R. E.l A man of your
size pretending to be a gen'lman! I've
told the gang outside 1 was going to
drag ye out by the heels! D'ye understand?"
Before the young man could frame
a reply, there came a swish and a
swirl uf skirts, and the small manager
stood between them, her hands
clinched on her hips, her eyes flashing and flaring into the astounded
ruffian's  face.
"You cur!" she gritted between her
teeth.  "So you  are  Red  Evans,  eh?"
"Gawd! I didn't know ye was here!"
he cried in a whining tone.
"If you speak another word you
will leave Sandville a dead man," she
cautioned, advancing upon him as he
have had him a dozen times. And as
I began tu lnep<-, I stepped in. I ���
I'm tired eef gun-lighting. I would
like to live where men don't tote 'em.
I wanl tee nieei kindly people, who
think of something else.    I���"
"Then love me anil marry me, anil
leave here and meet kindly people as
my wife," lie passionately pleaded.
She slowly removed her hands, and,
unashamed of her tears, studied him
"I ��� I can���trust yem'-" she timidly
whispered. "I���liked you at sight
I surt of cried after yuu wouldn'l hi
me stake yuu."
"Then you'll love me'" he exulted,
half stretching out  hi-  anus.
"I reckon I du now���a little," -lie'
"rent how elid yuu know I wa-n't
Red Evans?" he remembered tu ask-
as they sat side hy side mi the hair-
clutli  sofa.
"Red  Evans  was my father," she
explained. "His real name was
Holt. Ile died two months ago at
Ciilhues. His friends kept his ileath
a secret, as he left many enemies who
might annoy nie if they knew I was
alone in the world. McCarty was his
friend. My father gut a reputation
as a bad man hy accident���in defending my mother frum insult. He had
to live up to his reputation or be
killed. He always warned me against
men who carry guns. He was my
father, and I'm proud of him and his
fearless life, anil he left me enough
lighting blood Iu supply a whole
"You'll make me the best little wife
in the world!" he ecstatically cried.
"I'll make you a good husband"
she stoutly assured him.
"And you'll forgive me for trying
to play the diplomat?"
"I have forgiven you already," she
replied. Then she mused : "Only
father used tee spell it with four letters!"���"Munsey's   Magazine."
His Native Element
Alice and Belle met one afternoon,
and were discussing their sweethearts.
"Alfred is spending the winter in the
South,"  said  Belle, "and  he  has just
sent   me   the   dearest   little   alligator
you ever saw."
"How   lovely."   replied   Alice,   "but
how are you going to keep him."
"I  scarcely know,"  said  the  other,
"but   I've   put   him  in   Florida  water
until I hear from Alfred."
It contains the choicest  Residential and  Business
Property on the Peninsula
Is the heart of this thriving Municipality. We have
been established here since 1905, and invite correspondence regarding investments. We can place
money un first mortgage at 8 per cent., and transact
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References :    Royal  Bank of  Canada. Vancouver,  B.  C.
Bank of Vancouver, Collingwood, B. C.
Financial and Estate Agents
317 Pender St. W., Vancouver, B.C.
Fire, Insurance and Loans
Collingwood East, B. C.
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Carleton Sash and Door Factory
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J. Shaw
E. Chell
Shaw and Chell
All Kinds of Building Material
Dealers in Lumber, Brick, Sand, Lime, Gravel, Taeoma Plaster,
Satin Spar, Etc.
Before having your House Wired get in touch with
Electrician, Collingwood E. and Central  Park
All order? promptly attended to The price is right
Beaver Lands Ltd.
Successors to the Collingwood Land Company
Real Estate and Insurance
Head Office
505 Richards St.
Collingwood East
2653 4th Ave. W., Kitsilano
Large Lots at Central Park, close to School and Station.
70x165.    Price $670; one-lifth cash, balance over three years.
The cheapest buys in this district for Houses, Lots, and Acreage.
Come in and see our list.
Powe's  Furnishing  Store
On account of limited space, we are sacrificing our present
lines of boots, shoes, hats, and caps
To make room for a large line of new goods soon to arrive.
Grandpa's Joke
"What makes your hair so white.
grandpa?" asked a little girl.
"I am very old, dear," said the old
gentleman. "1 was in thc ark," he
added, jokingly.
"Oh," said the child, regarding her
grandfather with fresh interest, "are
you Noah?"
"Xei. 1 am not Noah."
"Are you Shem, then?"
"No dear."
"Well, are you  Ham?"
"Xo, 1 am not even Ham."
"Then you must bc Japhet." said
the little girl, at the end of her historical knowledge, and very anxious
t.i seilve the difficulty that surrounded
her   grandfather's   identification.
"Xo." replied thc old man. "I'm
not Japhet."
"Then, grandpa,'' she said, "you're
a beast!"
He Found a Way
Edward wanted a watch, but his
father told him to wait until he was
a little older. Edward continued to
tease for one. however, until the
whole family wcre wearied. Then his
father, after explaining that he should
certainly have a watch when he was
older, forbade him to mention the subject again.
The next Sunday the children, as
was their custom, repeated Bible
verses at the breakfast-table. When
it was Edward's turn, he astonished
them all by saying :
" 'What I say unto you, I say unto
all : watch.'"
"Did your employer say that this
arrangement he wishes to make with
me is merely a tentative one?" "No,
sir. He says it's just to try how it
will do." EIGHT
Electric Irons
Make Housework Easy
To prove this statement we will
send any of our lighting customers
��� Jjdfioinfc. Iron on
Ten Days' Free Trial
Points in favor of the   abAWn/* IRON���1 Hot at
the point.   2 Cool at the ^tvtCS2^' handle.      3  Has
stand in connection with iron,
guarantee by manufacturers.
Carrall &
4 Is covered by ironclad
Hughes Bros'   Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We carry everything in the Liquor Line
No order too small, and none too large for this popular Liquor Store
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
leaving our Store every Friday morning al 9 a.m.
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
H. G. BROWN, Proprietor
For  those
who desire artistic and
sanitary walls.
labastine gains in popularity every year, while
kalsomine and wall paper become more and more
"back numbers." Alabastine tints are far more
dainty, stylish and restful to the eye. Besides,
disease germs or insect pests cannot exist on an
Alabastine wall, therefore Alabastine is more sanitary as well as more artistic.
Call and let us show you
tint cards. Give us the
opportunity of proving to
you the superior merits
of this "gypsum  rock
c em ent,"
known   as
We will sell you a 5 lb.
package of Alabastine for
50c.   Anyway you should
ask  us   for   a  copy of
" Homes,  Healthful  and
Beautiful," which contains
pointers  o n
It's free.
G. E. McBride & Co.
Corner Sixteenth Avenue and Main Street
Phone : Fairmont 899
Corner 49th Ave. and Fraser Street
When Sir Thomas Lipton was a
small boy in Scotland he dropped into a church one Sunday morning and
was put by himself in a pew directly
in front of thc minister, who preached
a sermon on the text, "Am I my
brother's keeper?"
The parson, who was unusually eloquent, talked on this theme for about
forty minutes, and finally worked up
to the climax of his remarks. He
kept his gaze fixed directly on the
little Lipton, who began to fidget and
look very self-conscious. At last,
after an overwhelming outpouring of
long words, the minister, his eyes
blazing, made a quick gesture and
shouted at the boy :
"Am I my brother's keeper?"
Lipton could stand the strain no
longer, and replied in a meek voice :
"No, sir."
One of thc odd experiences in Kathleen Parlow's recent tour of Canada
was that Calgary, her native city, to
which she has given almost as much
publicity as all other things combined, Jfive her the most disappointing
audience of her career. Her New
York manager, writing to a Calgary
friend said : "The amount of business done by Parlow simply staggered
East Princeton, B. C, the Pittsburg
of the Pacific Northwest, with its already large payroll, its two railroads,
and its wonderful resources, affords
the best field for profitable investment in the Dominion of Canada.
Peace River Realty Co., Sole
Agents, 328-335 Rogers Bldg.
The world's lacrosse championship
for 1912 will be decided at the Provincial Exhibition in New Westminster on October 1 and 5, when the
New Westminster team, champions of
the 11. C. Lacrosse Association, and
the Cornwall club, champions of the
N. L. U., battle feir possession of the
MintO Cup, which carries with it the
title of world champions. The cup
was held by New Westminster for
three years, going to Vancouver in
1911. Thc Salmonbellics regained
possession of the trophy this summer,
and the Cornwall), by virtue of their
victories in the East have come to
the Coast in an effort to carry off the
It was first arranged to play the
Minto Cup games in New Westminster during the week preceding the
big fair. The exhibition management,
however, scented a big attraction, and
an offer to the clubs of $7,000 for thc
two games was accepted. Joe I.ally,
the big lacrosse stick manufacturer
represented the Cornwall club in the
transactions. The games will be
played on the opening    and    closing
In    "The    Awakening    of    Helena
Ritchie," at the English Bay Theatre
October 3 and 4
Cup is being decided in New Westminster, there is a possibility that
simultaneously another attempt will
be made on the Mann Cup by the St.
Catharine's club, champion! of thc C.
L A. Early this week a challenge
was received from the Eastern champions, and at the time of writing the
wires were being kept hot in an effort
to arrange the series. The dates suggested were October 2 and 5, and the
Vancouver Athletic Club team is
straining every point to make the
matches possible.
��� ���   ���
The showing of thc Winnipeg C. N.
R. team in the recent cup series was
a keen disappointment, and it is probable that of all the disappointed ones
the challengers were thc hardest hit.
After failing in Vancouver, however,
they had the satisfaction of downing
the Victoria Club, which has always
been a serious contender with the
V. A. C. team in the capital city.
Even now the Victoria club would
like to arrange a special series of
games with thc Mann Cup-holders, as
they do not admit that thc V. A. C.
dozen can master them.
A visit of the St. Catharine's club
would add spice to the amateur game,
and give the fans a chance to sec how
thc Eastern amateurs performed. It
would be the first visit of an Eastern
amateur team to the Coast in quest
of the Mann Cup, and would probably
occasion even greater interest among
the followers of the game than the recent trip of the Winnipeg challengers.
* *    *
Vancouver's chances for another
pennant in the Northwestern League
were shattered during the past two
or three weeks by loss of games to
Taeoma and Victoria. While they
were dropping occasional matches to
those clubs, Spokane and Seattle managed to keep on winning, and the
breach between the Beavers and thc
leadership was widened rather than
lessened, while the tail-cnders in the
league wcre receiving their attention.
This week the Spokane club is playing the final series of the season at
Recreation Park, and with Seattle
taking pickings from Taeoma, the
eyes of the fans in the Northwestern
League are focused on the race for
second place, which is now being
staged in Vancouver. Spokane had
the advantage at the time of writing,
hut should thc Vancouver club take
five of the seven games to be played
they would emerge a few points ahead
of the Indians. To win anything less
than live games out of thc scries will
relegate them hack to third place.
A good deal of interest is centred
in this series, and as it will mark the
closing of Recreation Park as a baseball rendezvous, peculiar interest is
being evinced in this series.
The race in the Northwestern
Leaenie has been a splendid one, in
fact it would bc difficult to point to a
more   interesting   one.     I-or   a   long
time it looked as if thc Beavers might
repeat; but if they didn't. Bob Brown
certainly kept them in the hunt until
the finish, and only a few points
separate them from the flag.
��    ���    ��
A crimp was put into the professional boxing game on the Pacific Coast
when the Oak Bay Council declined
to grant a permit for the scrap between Ernie Barrieau and Joe Bay-
ley or Al Jeffs, of Victoria, on the
night of October 31. Prize-fighting
comes to the end of its tether sooner
or later, and the promoters of bouts
in the squared arena are driven back
further and further on the edges of
The Barrieau-Bayley bout will not
bc pulled eiff in Victoria, where thc
promoters would dearly have loved
to have staged it. Thc decision of
thc Oak Bay Council rings a warning to fight promoters that they will
have another fight on with the authorities of Vancouver Island. That
part of the province is rapidly assuming the decorotisness and sobriety of
older settled sections of the Dominion.
Otter and Salmon Fight
Undoubtedly it will interest your
sporting readers to hear of a rare, and
1 may say rather a unique, occurrence
witnessed by a party of anglers fishing the Blackwater, Ross-shire, on the
9th inst., at 8.40 p.m. The party in
question wcre fishing up the east side
of the river, and crossed over Bogie
Bridge and began fishing deiwn the
west side of the river, when they were
rather startled by a strange commotion going on in thc next pool, about
80 yards distant. They stood in
amazement looking on at something
rushing and splashing in circles at al
most lightning speed, and could not
very well say what it was, although
a fish-tail would be seen at times, hut
eventually a salmon was seen struggling and kicking up the opposite
hank. But the salmon had another
fight for liberty, and got back into
thc water again, when practically the
same evolutions were gone through,
hut towards the end getting feeble,
anil once more the salmon was taken
ashore, when one of thc party shouted, and the otter quietly slipped away.
The fish was retrieved and examined
very carefully, which disclosed only
a few scratches and one eye pierced.
It turned thc scales at only 5 pounds.
One would have thought he would he
20 pounds at least to put up such a
game fight. I may say that tlie otter's color assimilated so well with
thc surrounding, and the fish was so
very dark that we could not sec him
distinctly.���"The Scotsman."
"We have some experts figuring on
a system of good roads for your country." "Yes," replied Earmer Merry,
"that has been coin' on for some time.
The principal trouble about thc food
roads movements in this neighborhood has been too much brain work
and not enough manual labor."
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering hone* will
receive special care and attention.
All kinds of hand-made shoes, running shoes, running plates, toe
plates,  etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every care and attention.
571 Beatty Street
Have you had your Boots and Shoes
repaired yet?
If  not,  why  not?
Then go to
and   have   them   done   at  once,   and
have a good job done by him.
He is a man who understands boot-
making in all its branches. His prices
are right.
4524   MAIN   STREET
Between 29th and Main St.
For Quality and Purity come to the
Corner 24th and Main
Z. Aheroni, Prop.
Northwestern League
Vancouver v. Spokane
SEPTEMBER  23  to  28
Weekday  games  4  o'clock
Saturday    afternoons.    3    o'clock
days of the fair, thc lirst contest being staged on Tuesday afternoon, October 1, and thc second on Saturday,
October 5.
The management of thc fair feel
particularly pleased at securing this
additional attraction for thc exhibition, as besides all of the many other
acts, exhibits and concessions, the
visitors to the fair will now have an
opportunity to see the fastest teams
of the East and West play thc national game of the Dominion for the historic Minto Cup, possession of which
is the final goal of every senior lacrosse organization in thc country.
*       ��       ele
Sportsmen of the entire mainland
are looking forward with keen expectancy to thc Sixth Annual Gold
Seal Road Race, which will be held on
Thanksgiving Day. Thc date of
Thanksgiving Day has not yet been
fixed, but it will probably be Monday,
October 21. That gives something
less than a month before the actual
running of thc race, and local mara-
thoners are working hard to get into
the best of condition for thc race,
which is now recognized as the premier long-distance event of the Pacific C.iast.
The race will be run over the same
course as during the last three years���
twice around tlie Fairvlew Belt Line.
Starting from the Cor..er of Granville
and Pender, and coming down Pender Street from Main to Granville on
both circuits of the course, makes the
distance lo be covered exactly 11 1-5
miles. Last year Cameron L. Smith,
'he young Bowen Island rancher, eov-
v I this course on the near world's
record time of 1.03.38, and established
a new record for the course.
Mr. Wm. J. Tulk is again organizing
the race, which is an assurance that
it will continue to bc the blue-ribbon
event of the Coast  Marathon events.
As in the past he will donate the lirst
prize, and it is expected that the prize |
list of last year of $400 will be con-1
siderably exceeded this year.
��    ��    *
By the way, the Minto Cup challengers are now in New Westminster.
where they are working out preparatory to the big games. While there is
no perceptible feeling of anxiety on
the part of the followers of the game
as to the ability of the Salmonbellies
to hold thc mug. there is the usual
amount of interest, which follows all
cup fixtures.
Especially is this noticeable in view
of the fact that the Cornwall club
will display new faces to the Coast
fans, while their true capabilities on
the lacrosse field are somewhat of a
hidden quantity. Joe Lally, however,
knows the strength of the Coast clubs,
and Joe must have some confidence
in his Cornwall club, or he would not
bring them to the slaughter at the
��    ���    %
The matches, coming at the time of
the New Westminster Exhibition,
will no doubt bc attended by bumper
crowds. The Westminster team, as
the past season showed, is as great
as ever, and these will bc few who
will care to wager on the chances of
the challengers.
While   the   fortune   of   the   Minto
������The Man Who Can
Foresee the Tomorrow of
Will Make  Money  by  Investing There
Do not wait for Railroads to construct their  lines.    THEY  are  already  constructed, and EAST PRINCETON IS NOW
A Model City
Water system.
Electric light.
Cement walks.
Natural parks.
Nicely wooded.
Fine garden soil.
Athletic grounds.
Excellent drainage.
Can have fine sewer system.
Wide streets and lanes.
Local and long-distance telephone  system.
A Payroll City
Furnished by th* B. O.
Portland Cement Co.���
Cement, Brick and Lime
United   Empire    Co���Coal
and Copper
Princeton Coal & Land Co.
Princeton    Lumber
B. O. Copper Co.���Copper
The   Platinum-Gold Fields
Co.���Placer Mining;
Two thousand men will be
employed Inside of a year
A Railroad Centre
The Kettle Valley Railroad,
which will soon be the main
line of the C. P. R. system,
bringing Vancouver 300 miles
nearer Winnipeg, passes
through the townsite.
Thc Great Northern has
tracks on two sides of the
townsite and will soon be finished to Vancouver. These
two roads give transportation
in all directions from East
Natural centre, ranching country, fruit-growing. Huge deposits of copper, gold, silver,
platinum and other minerals. Has big water-power development. Lots in such towns as Grand
Forks, Kamloops, Blairmore, Alta., Raker, Wash., are worth five times what is being asked at
East Princeton, and the payroll is not so large.
FREE CEMENT walks with each lot sold���cleared streets. Water mains laid to your
BUSINESS LOTS $650 up.   Residence lots $200 up.   Terms easy.   Get full particulars at
Peace River Realty Co.
Sole Agents
Tuesday and Wednesday, October 1 and 2
David ISelasco Company presents
From the pen of Mr. C. De Mille
Thursday and Friday, October 3 and 4
]Human  Tbontpspn'l   fame,us  drama  of   New   England   Life
Telephone : Sey. 3465
Matters Musical and Dramatic
English   Bay  Theatre
Main  and  Harris   J�� y J^iN| \J III    Phone : Sey' 7012
THE A T R E       --=_^
Week of September 30���Matineei Wednesday and Saturday
In a Dramatization of Laura Jean Libliy's Famous Novel
Parted  on  Her Bridal Tour
PRICES : 25c, 35c, and 50c
MATINEES 25c any scat
The name of David Belasco is
lynonjranoui with tlie highest achievements in dramatic art, whether he il
considervel ;h an author, adapie-r, producer or director; therefore, when the
announcement is made that one of
David   Befilaico'l   famous     companies
presenting one of his latest and greal
est successes is heading this way, mor
than ordinary interest is manifeite
ill  thc event.
"The Woman," from the pen of
William C. DeMille, will be presented
by Mr. Belaico at the English Bay
Tlieatre on Tuesday and Wednesday
evinings, October 1 and 2, and no play
in recent years has aroused so much
comment, diicuiiion, and commendation as this pertinent composition
which discloici with daring accuracy
the inside workings <>f thc professional "machine" politicians in Washing
The cast is identical with 'ast season's, and includei Marjorie Wood,
Marion Harney. James Seeley, llallelt
Thompson, Howell Hansel and
Best Value Piano House
in Vancouver
Sole     agent    for    Sherlock    Manning,
Willis,   Marshall   &   Wendell,   Melville
ClarK  Apollo  j'laycr,   etc.,  etc.
Special   Bargains   now  in stock :
Good    Toned    Organ     $35
Splendid   Toned   Organ    $45
$300   Piano   (Mahogany)    $175
$350 Piano (Walnut, rich tone), $232.50
$450 Piano (Mission, new model), $250
$550 Piano (Walnut, new model), $275
$750 Player Piano, famous Canadian maker, metal tubes, only   $495
$800 Player Piano, entirely new model, full 86 note, only   $545
And a host of other bargains to select from.
We invite inspection and comparison.
hocta��*olK?8   WILLIAM   THOMSON
PHONE 2832
Full-sized  Lot, north  of  Home  Road, $1200.    One-third  cash;
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
$100 cash handles  Building Lots close to Knight Road.
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
The "Old Homestead" will be the
attraction at the English liay Theatre
em October 3 and 4. Year afler year
audiences se. large as te, test the capacity e,f the largest theatres throughout the country have greeted Jeeshua
Whitcomb, Cy Prime, Seth Perkins,
Ed. Ganzey, Aunt Matilda, Rickety
Ann.   Happy   Jack   anil   all   the   e.tlur
characters  in   Denman   Thompson'.si
lanieiiis drama of New   England like,
and  have laughed and  wepl  hy  turns
over the quaint, homely hits e,f comedy   and   pathos   which   constitute   ils
chief  charm.    Moreover,  the atmosphere   of   "The   Old   lleeiiiestead,"   at
eeiice  see  peaceful ai el  so bracing,  tn
gethcr with the genuine touch of \';e
lure   which   makes   the  whole   weerld
kin,  serves  to enhance its  every  lea
lure   and  le, bring  the  audience  intei
thc   cleesesi   relations   with  both   the
player  ami the production.
���   >   ��
Charlotte Thompson, wine dramatized   "The     Awakening     of     Helena
: Richie." from Margaret   Deland's successful   book,   which   will   be   seen   at
| the  English  Hay Theatre on October
7,   was     a     newspaper     writer     and
I teacher  iu  Han  Francisco before  she
turneil     dramatist. Among     other
things, she contributed a column t'> a
weekly paper in San Francisco under
the caption "The Ravings eef Charlotte Thompson." Miss Thompson
early imbibed a taste for the theatre',
and before "The Awakening of Helena
Richie," which is the most successful
thing she has done, she had written
and had produced a number of plays.
Henrietta Crosman and Florence Roberts have been seen in her plays, anil
,.thcrs have been  done  in  stock.
"The Awakensng of Helena Richie"
is a blend of comedy and emotion,
with  a  gripping  story  oi  a  woman,
who,  cheated  out   of  early   happiness
by  the death  of her parent-  and  the
brutality  of a  drunken  husband,  has I
taken happiness as she found it
Two   distinguished   Canadians   have
appeared  in  the leading  role  e,f  this |
play.    A  little   over  a year age,  Mar- j
garel Anglin was featured iu the play i
ai the Vancouver Opera House
Roielle Knott will play the leading
feminine part at the production in
Vancouver next week, supported by a
stremg  cast.
Avenue Theatre
II there* has been better work shejwn
in Vancouver in years by any steiek
company than that displayed by the
Lawrence Players in the great emotional drama "Madame X," which is
the offering for the current week,
there are few aware of it.
11  has been a superb production in
i every way, admirably cast and acted,
and stageel and mounted with a carc-
' ful and accurate attention to detail
(leserving of the highest praise.    The
1 burden e,f the performance has rested
mainly upon Miss Beyers, Mr. Del
Lawrence and Mr. Russell, supported
by lhe other members of the cast, in-
eluding  Mr.  Layne, Mr. Seavey,  Mr.
.Cornell and Mr. Anckcr.
For the week commencing Monday,
! September .10,  Messrs  Lawrence  anil
\ Sandusky announce an elaborate pres.
entation <.l a dramatization eef Laura
Jean Libliy's well-known and very
popular novel, "Parted on Her Bridal
Tour." In be,.ek form the story hail
an enormous circle of readers, and it
has been equally successful in its
stage version. It will call for special
scenic effects and settings, and gives
the ladies of the company an opportunity te. display seem,' eel lhe latest
creations in the modiste's an
Haitingi & Gore    Phone Sey. 3907
To-night 6.15 M��lin�� St. 2.15
Kyrle liellew's Great Buccess
From E. W  Homing's Famous Novel
Unequalled       Vaudeville      Meant       Pantagce
Week Commencing Monday. Se pi   3H
SHOW ST ARTS-.-2.45. 7.15, and 9VJp.n,
Six  American   Beauties
(Added  Attraction)
THE USE OF WATER for lawns, gtrdeni.
streets and sidewalk sprinkling ia strictly prohibited. Any persons violating this rule will
���ubject themselves to having the water turned
off and leave themaelves liable to be charged
with wilfully waiting the water supplied.
Waterworks Superintendent
Health Department
for the collection of garbage can now be purchased from the health inspector, Municipal
Hall, corner Fraser Street and Forty.thi.rd
Avenue,  as provided  by  the  bylaw.
Box 1224, South Vancouver.
Week of September 3f>
A Romantic Talc of the South Seas
WALTER H. BROWN and players
4���Other  Big S and  C.  Acts���4
Dominion Creosoted
Wood Blocks
Wood Block Pavements in Chicago
A simple record of the steady increase in the
use of Wood Block Pavements in Chicago ir.
a strong and typical testimony to the merits
of this type of paving.
The following table shows the area of wood
blocks laid in the years mentioned :
1903  188 square yards
1904          7,288     "
1906        13,250     "
1908        85,870     "
1910      103,177     "
1911     271,000     "
1912     400,000     "
The total wood paved area in Chicago today is 589,806 square yards. By the end of
1912 the total yardage will be approximately
a million, equal to 62 miles of 30-foot street.
Wood Block Pavement puts an end to the
barbaric uproar of city streets. It brings our
cities to the standards of the European capi
tals, where Wood Block Pavements are almost
universal wherever there is heavy traffic.
In addition, Wood Block Pavement is the
only pavement which outlasts granite block.
It is, in fact, the only pavement which is both
durable and quiet. It is slippery on fewer
days of the year than any other smooth and
quiet pavement, and truck drivers go out of
their way to use wood block streets for the
sake of the easy traction. The laying of wood
block always brings to a street an increased
The oldest Wood Block Pavement in the
United States is on Tremont Street, Boston,
Mass. Asphalt laid alongside of it has been
worn out and replaced. The Wood Block is
as good as ever, and although the guarantee
period has expired, it will not need repairs or
attention for many years to come, the wear
up to date being practically negligible.
Dominion Creosoted Wood Blocks are
Manufactured in South Vancouver
by the
Dominion Creosoting Co. Limited
Empress Theatre
"Rafflet," that very successful play.
i-e delighting enorraoui audiencei at
the Empresi Theatre, where the exploits eif the cracksman arc followed
by the absorbed attention of the audience. 'I'lu- real professional burglar
and the amateur detective introduced
��� aelel   a   great   element   of   excitement,
land the many scenes in which these
three figure create sum,' very thrilling climaxes.
The announcement that the company will appear in "Kre��slcr's Mil-
lieins" next week should be sufficient
t<�� pack this theatre, as when this delightful comedy was presented at the
Same theatre over two years age, liun-
dreils were turneil away nightly.
"Brewster's Millions" is the hest
comedy produced during thc last ten
years. Dramatized from thc popular
novel of the same name by George
Harr McCutcheon, it has delighted
thousands yearly. Cliauncey Southern
will again he seen as Brewster. The
acts will show magnificent stage ef-
j feels. The entire company will appear. Should anything eiccur to
change the plans of thc management
and this play met he presented next
week, due Police will he given in the
! Monday newspapers. Should "Brewster's  Millions" not he given, "Salva-
I tion Nell," another great play, will
he substituted,
��� *   ���       -i.:1
Orpheum Theatre
"The   Waltz   Dream,"   a   romantic
talc of the South Seas, telling the love
I story   of   an   American   naval   officer
and a beautiful Hawaiian dancing girl,
features  Mile.  Veronica Conwell,  the
j noted danseuse, as next week's head-
| liner.
Waller 11. Brown and associate
players will present "His Father's
Son," a dramatic playlet.
Barney Gilmore, Ihe possessor of
a sweet, sympathetic Irish tenor singing voice, is making his first appearance in "A Jolly Kamhlc Thru' Ireland."
"Full in a Gymnasium," as presented by that elongated eccentric. Tommy
Long, assisted by charming Mamie'
I.ing. will prove one <>f the best bits
eef comedy juggling.
Alf. Holt, the globe-trotting mimic,
will be another big attraction.
Misses Cecile Weston and Louise
Leon will provide a quarter <��� f an
hour's keen enjuynient wilh thc latest
ragtime  songs and melodies.
��� ���    ���
Pantages Theatre
Six American beauties, a sextette
of bewitching maids, who play and
sing; Cal Stewart, really a peerless
comedian, and'Schepps Comedy Circus, a riot of fun in itself, head a bewildering array of talent which will
appear at the Pantages Theatre next
For grace, daintiness, and above all
genuine musical ability, the six American Beauties, in instrumental and vocal numbers, arc expected to surpass
any act of thc kind to appear at this
theatre in many moons.
A lot of dogs and monkeys and
ponies, each one trained to produce
comedy as well as cleverness, will
be put forward in "Schepps' Comedy
Circus." Miss Mabel Johnson is a
splendid ventriloquist. Al. Espe toys
with huge projectiles, cannon balls
and paper wads with equal facility.
Panama Theatre
Take some Scotch songs and
dances, mix with clean comedy, add
a few popular ragtime song hits together with one or two ballads, and
you have it, non-alcoholic, but very
intoxicating as concocted by the
Frank Rich Company at the Panama
Theatre this week. Three times daily
���3, 7.30, and 9.15 p.m.
"Vancouver's   Live   Wire"
(36   Hastings   Street)
For the Whole Family
Two    Shows    Nightly���15c    25c    35c
Matinee  Daily���15c  and  25c
To Whom it May Concern :
TAKE    NOTICE,   that   licences   arc   now
due   by   all   hawker?,   peddlers,   express   and
draymen, doing business in South  Vancouver.
Any hawker, peddler,  express and drayman
found   doing   business   of   this   nature   within
the  Municipality  without  a  South  Vancouver
Licence   will   be   prosecuted   as   provided   by
the  Trades   Licence   Ilylaw.
Chief  of  Police.
Dated July 33,  1912.
The Government Auditing Commissioner of
the above-named Municipality will have his
office open from 10 to 11 in the forenoon of
each day (except days on which the Public
Inquiry is being held) for the purpose of
passing accounts; and any Ratepayer or
Owner may he present and may make any
objection to such accounts as are before the
C. M. C.
Business   College
"The School of Certainties"
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded
Corner Main St. & 10th Ave.
Phone :   Fairmont  2075
Drs. Howie & Hall
Have   opened   up   new   and   up-to-date
Dental Parlors in the Williams  Block.
Corner Granville and Hastings
We have installed all the latest and
best appliances, and are prepared to
give you the best there is in the dental
A share of your patronage is
Gas    administered    for    the    painless
extraction   of   teeth.
R. O. Howie, DD.S.
Wm. S. Hall, DOS.
Phone   Sey.   3266  for  appointment
Martin-Cknz Recital
Announcement is made that Ric-
cardo Martin, the famous tenor, ami
Rudolph Ganz^ pianist, will give a
joint recital in the English Bay
Theatre on the night of October 5.
The artists are being brought to Vancouver by Mr. C. G. Henshaw- and
this will be the first of the big Musical events of the season.
A Housewife's Home in
South Vancouver at
Right Prices and Terms
Built by the owner for himself on 33-ft. lot
(comer, lovely view of Gulf, etc., extra well
built, \]/2 years old, well arranged. Basement :
Laundry tubs with hot and cold water, toilet, bins,
concrete floor and foundation and furnace.
First floor : Hall, living room and dining-
room have Flemish finished woodwork. All
rooms in thc home nicely papered. Dining room
has nice fireplace. Convenient pantry with built-
in tin sugar and flour bins; also cold air meat safe.
Xice kitchen with back stairs. Upper floor has
3 nicc-siccd bedrooms, separate toilet, white finished bathroom with first-class fittings. Two balconies front and rear. Art-electric fittings
throughout thc house. Attic floored and electrically lighted. Alcove balcony used as sleeping
porch. This home is worth looking up. The
owner and builder spared no expense to make it
homelike, even putting in leaded windows, etc.
The   Price  is $4,600
A mortgage of $2000 will reduce the payment to
$2,000, and on this I can give you terms. May
take some trade.
Phone:   Seymour 1825
Room 3-434 Richards Street Home Phone: Fair. 109 L TEN
The regular munthly meeting eef
the South Vancouver Board "i Trade
will be held in the .Municipal Hall on
Monday night next.
��   *   ���
Goods at the Central   i'ark  freight
station of the li. C. E. R. have been
stolen eif late by sneak  thieves.    The!
thefts  have been reported te) the po-1
t.   *   *
A targe black Beaif has been making
an effort to gel on friendly terms with
workmen engaged in the neighborhood
..f Page Road "" the east siele of
Fraser Avenue.    The  hunting season
The 18th Field Ambulance Philharmonic Society will give a concert in
Bursill Library, Collingwood. Oil Wednesday night, October 16. The funds
will be devoted towards furnishing a
new surgery in St. Paul's Hospital.
* *    *
A valuable dog belonging to Mr.
Joseph Bowman, of Central Park, was
killed 'Hi the Westminster Road by an
automobile the other day. Several
Complaints have been made to the
peilice regarding excessive speeding of
auto  drivers  on  this  thoroughfare.
* *    *
Mr. Ernest King, manager of the
Red Creiss Greicery Store, corner of
Broadway and Main Street, reported
that while walking to his residence on
Fifty-second Avenue East, shortly
after midnight On Saturday, he lost
his purse containing about $250 in
cash and cheques. Mr. King states
that he had the purse at Forty-eighth
Avenue, but missed it when he arrived
* *    *
While playing with a number of
companions, Jerry Viepound, the six-
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Viepound, 237 31st Avenue East, was
struck by a Main Street car near the
corner of 31st Avenue on Wednesday
afternoon. He was carried into a
nearby candy store. Dr. Castlcman
was called. On examination it was
found he had sustained nothing more
serious than a few bruises and a
fright. It is not known how the accident happened.
* *   ��
The Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor of Si. David's
Presbyterian Church erjoyed an interesting paper on Monday evening.
It was given by Master Colin Crawford on thc topic "Missionary Boldness." Master Crawford took as an
example Rev. Griffiths John. After
the discussion by the society, a business meeting was held, when officers
were elected for the remainder of the
year. A hearty vote of appreciation
was given to the ex-officers for their
faithfulness during the past year. The
installation of the new officers will
take place on Monday, October 14.
* *    *
Springridge  Lodge   No.   79,   International   Order   of   Good    Templars,
held their weekly meeting on  f riday
evening last, in the Cedar Cottage
Hall, Victoria Road. In the absence
of the Chief Templar the session was
opened by the Vice-Templar. Two
additional alternate Grand Lodge
representatives   were  elected.
Large   Sum   Realized   at   St.   Mary's
Church Hall
A BOClal meeting and basket sale
we're held in St. Mary's Church Hall
em Monday evening. Councillor
Thomai occupied lhe chair, and in a
few interesting and humorous remarks
stated the object of the meeting. The
lirst part of the programme was given
over to concert, in which the following artists gave their services : Miss
Bell, Mr. C. Hinde, Miss Shellshea,
Mr.   Price,  and   Mrs.   Hoskisson.
Mr. Thomas Houston was the auc
tiemeer, and having stated the terms
of the sale, put up for auction a basket and contents. The first bid was
20 cents, which ultimately ran up to
$1.75. Thereafter the fun became fast
and furious. Large numbers of the
baskets brought in prices from $3 to
$5. After everything had been disposed of it was found that the sale had
realized the sum of $54.50. Mrs.e
Baird was declared the winner of the
lirst prize for the best designed and
most neatly dressed basket, while
Miss Olive Batchelor ran the winner
close with a good second. So tastefully and neat were all the baskets
that the judges must have found it
difficult to make the selection.
The Lodge is under a deep debt
of gratitude to the ladies for the manner in which they entered into the
getting up of the social and the contributions they made. Mrs. Hoskisson
had the honor of getting first prize
as being the biggest bidder, while Mr.
Baird came second. Refreshments
were served after the sale. The hall
was then cleared, and to the music
supplied under the leadership of Mr.
Spencer the young people and some
of the older ones tripped the light
fantastic till the early hours of the
morning. The evening was a great
success in every sense of the word,
and Brother Twccdie, R.W.M., and
all the officials of the Lodee were
thankful to those who so generously
contributed to its success.
Fire Chief Wand has returned and
taken up his duties after attending
the Convention of thc Fire Chiefs in
Los Angeles.
* ���   ��
The Choir of St. Peter's Church
met at thc Rectory on Monday evening. Mr. Mutter, the organist, is arranging to hold a social on the second
Monday in October in the Oddfellows'
Hall in aid of the church funds.
* e��     ��
Any annexation scheme of South
Vancouver with the City of Vancouver was stronglv opposed at a meeting of the Ward III Ratepayers' Association on Tuesday night. When
a resolution was put to the gathering
favoring annexation, the mover of the
resolution was the lone supporter.
The Ladies' Aid of the Westminster
Presbyterian Church will hold a  liar
vesi  Festival e,n October 24.
��    ��   ��
Mrs. A. Tail, who has been visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. II. Parker, Ruperi
Slreel. relumed lo her home in Vie
toria  Ihis week.
��� ��   *
A reception will be held on ThurS
day  afternoon  at   the  hemic  eef   Mrs.
John Sloan, 41st Avenue, for Mrs. T.
W. Allen, nee Gertrude Matson.
��    *    *
Health Officer Pengelly, of South
Vancouver, was elected to the executive of the newly-formed Sanitary Inspectors' Association of Greater Vancouver.
��� ��    ���
Mr. and Mrs. Jeilui Brodie, late of
South Vancouver, have left for a
year's vacation. They expect to spend
the winter in California and go to
Scotland in  April.
��� ��   *
Owing to a stoppage in the pipeline the residents of South Hill were
deprived of water for a time on Wednesday. The trouble was fixed under
the direction of Mr. J. Mullett, waterworks superintendent.
��   *   ��
Mrs. W. J. Prowse, Mrs. Dickie,
and Mrs. Howatt, of South Vancouver, were among the ladies presented
at the reception given by the Victorian Order of Nurses to H.R.H.
Ihe Duchess of of Connaught and
Princess   Patricia.
��� ��    ���
The marriage of Mr. Herbert William Barritt, son of Frederick W. Bar-
ritt, of South Vancouver, and Miss
Florence Lucy Paterson, of Southhampton, England, took place at St.
Peter's Church, Wednesday evening,
September 25, Rev. Caffin officiating.
��� *    *
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Peter's Church held their first working meeting at the residence of Mrs.
W. G. Walker on Wednesday afternoon in connection with the sale
which will be held early in December.
It was well attended, and good progress was reported.
��   ��   *
The origin of a fire which destroyed
the home of Mrs. H. Scully, 182 Forty,
third Avenue, a couple of weeks ago,
is being investigated by Mr. K. F.
Gunter, superintendent of insurance.
Insurance to the value of $2,200 was
carried on the building. The origin
of the fire is still unsolved.
��     ���     a
The first services in the Ruth Morton Memorial Church were held in the
Sunday School on Sunday last, and
wcre largely attended. Rev. J. Wil-
lard Litch conducted thc morning and
evening services, while Miss Everett!,
pastor's assistant of Warren Baptist
Church, Boston, delivered an address
to thc children at thc Sunday School
Corner  26th Avenue and  Main Street
We  Carry  a  Complete  Stock of
Men's, Women's
Children's   Footwear
We specialize in men's good, strong WORKING
Men's High-top Strong Working Boots, heavy soles.   Regular $5.00. Saturday Special   $3.85
Boys' Good School Boots���the kind that wear.   Regular $2.50.   Saturday
Special $1.85
Ladies' Dongola Kid Bluchers, good soles,
medium  heels.   Reg.   $3.00.   Saturday .�� ���     ��r
Special  $1.65 *timvu
Girls' Dongola Kid Bluchers, Pat. Tip School vwawajr/ m*-     ,<���
Shoe.   Reg. $2.25.   Saturday Special . .$1.55
Next to Moving Picture Show
F. M. Smith, Mgr.
Built-in inner sole of Australian wool
felt, conforms to the foot and absorbs
moisture; prevents jar when walking.
Ask to see this "Empress Treadeasy
We hive the Exclusive Agency (or this ilwe.
"The School of Certainties"
Just a Word  About
Our Staff
A school is no stronger than its staff.
The teachers in all our schools arc experienced. They know their subjects and they
know how to teach them. They are the
best paid Business College teachers in the
West. If the time should ever come that
we have to employ cheap, inexperienced
teachers in place of our high-salaried heads
of departments, wc will go out of business.
The Principal is a graduate in Arts from
Acadia University, a graduate of the Business Educators' Association of Canada and
holds an Intermediate Chartered Accountant's Certificate. In addition to his actual
office experience, gained as chief accountant
for a large Joint Stock Company, he has
had eight years' experience as a Business
School  teacher and  manager.
Miss H. Howson, Vice-Principal and
Director of the Shorthand Department, is an
Ontario Normal trained teacher, holding a
professional certificate, and is also a graduate of the Business Educators' Association
of Canada. After four years' experience as
a public school teacher she became Principal of the Shorthand Department of the
Peterboro' Business College, which position
she filled for five years with entire satisfaction, resigning to become Vice-Principal of the Garbutt Business College, our
Calgary School. The fact that Miss How-
son has joined our Vancouver staff is an
assurance to the public that we are maintaining the same high standard for which
our otlTer schools have become so noted.
The other four members of our staff are
all qualified teachers, who have had experience in the teaching of Commercial
Business College
Announces its removal to its new Home in the Harris Building, corner Main
Street and 10th Avenue.
We have purchased the Central Business College, now situated at the corner of
Richards St. and Pender St., and on Monday, September 30, the Students of that
School, together with our own students, will commence work in our new premises which are, without doubt, the finest
Business College Premises in the City.
What We Have to Offer
E. Scott Eaton, B.A., Principal
1. The finest School Premises in the City.
2. New equipment throughout.   Furniture of solid quarter-cut oak.
3. A Typewriting Department equipped with 38 machines, the latest
models and best makes.
4. A staff���the best  money  could  procure���thoroughly  alive  to  a
student's requirements, and giving individual attention. We have
already been informed several times that our students receive
better attention than those of any other school in the City.
5. Thoroughly up-to-date courses.   See opposite.
6. Absolute satisfaction guaranteed, or your money refunded.
I. Business Course :   Bookkeeping and Business Practice, Rapid Cal
culation, Correspondence, Business Arithmetic, Commercial Law,
Spelling, and Writing.
II. Shorthand and Typewriting Course :    Shorthand (Isaac Pitman
or Gregg), Typewriting, Spelling, Correspondence, Manifolding,
Office Routine, and Rapid Calculation.
Civil Service Course :   As outlined by the Civil Service Commission of Canada.
Course in English
Remember, we absolutely guarantee satisfaction, or rc'und your
Get full information now about our Day or Evening Classes
Corner Main Street and" 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B. C. phone , Fairmont 2m
Also Schools located at Calgary, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Lethbridge, Wetaskiwin, and Lacombe


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