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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Jul 26, 1913

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Array TKaI6!*!
Vol. 11, No. 11.
Price 5 cents
Canada is today in the hands of the
banks and at the mercy of the money
Mackenzie & Mann have as secure
a strangle heeld em the Dominion Government as they have upon the Provincial Government of liritish Columbia.
Premier Borden and his colleagues
are absolutely subservient le, the Canadian .Manufacturers' Association and
llle big interests eef the country.
Hard times in lhe West will continue so long as the Federal Government subsidises the classes te, the utter subjection  of the masses.
Mad Laurier succeeded with his
reciprocity arrangement with the Un.
ited States, we we,uld have had prosperity in the west today.
Because of the growth uf a landed
aristocracy in British Columbia un-
��� icr the protecting wing eif the McBride Government, this country will
11 main   unable    to    feed   itself   until
there i- political revolt,
\l \-li'> Hall, Fraser Street. Tuesday night, there was a rousing meeting o. South Vancouver and Wanl
Eight Liberals. It, the ce.urse of a
ring addn --. Mr. Charles McDonald, f. ��� i.iai.y years in llie Yukon,
'etilliiicd the policy of the Liberal
party in Canada. Ami the' paragraphs
hert given sum up the main points of
hi- speech.
Much interesi centred around th.'
\-lis Hall event because of the fact
thai i' a;i- lln   lirst  Liberal gathering
Nearly One Hundred Pass   With   Flying   Colors    to   Delight  of
Teachers and Honor of the District    Make Better Showing
Than Vancouver and New Westminster
SOUTH VANCOUVER and WARD EIGHT LIBERALS        :High School Entrance Exams
Lively Speeches
Arouse Local
Workers to Action.
Mrs. Ralph Smith
Deals With Women's
McDonald Outlines
the Policy of the
Liberal Party in the
Dominion of Canada
.ei an>' importance in Seeuth Vancouver Tlie at'.ndance' was a source1 oi
encouragement to the Liberal executive, demonstrating a- it eliel the
interest Se,uth Vancouver ami Ward
Eight people are prepared to take in
tile cause nf  Liberalism.
Mr. McDonald declared that the
presenl liriiish Columbia government
was not a Conservative government.
It diel mu -laud half so much fnr tin
traditions of the Conservative party
in Canaela as it did for thc personal
welfare "f those officials win, ding
(������ the Prime Minister anil his Attor-
iii-t  General
Because "t the dissatisfaction obtaining ami ng tin- true blue Conservatives, if met f>,i llie activity
springing up among the Liberals fi
the Province, McBride was bound to
gee. th. speaker declared.
Mr. McDonald referred tee the'
breach between the officials anil Mr.
II. II. Stevens. M.P. He declared
that Mr. Stevens had the Dominion
Government behind him. that of the
two evils the' Dominion Government
was the lesser, and that with the falling out e,f the Tories, it was up to
the Liberals te, jump into the break
and make 'he must eef it
Mrs. Ralph Smith, "lie eif the most
cultured speakers among Canadian
women, addressed the meeting e,n the
subject eef political equality. She
made a nnest temperate address in
favor of women's rights. In the platform 'if the Liberal party in Hritish
Columbia was a promise to enfranchise tbe women e.f the Province. Mrs.
Smith hoped that the mothers, and.
in tact, all women in Hritish Columbia
would bear this in mind, and bend
their influence  accordingly.
In   part   Mrs.   Smith   said :
"If women have the vote they will
have an opportunity to say what has
been pent up during all bygone years,
and, take my word for it. they will
have  lots  tei say."
Thi- progress of the suffrage innvc-
inetit was traceel in iis development
through the quiet, persistent ami intelligent methods employed, ami she
emphasized as one tti th.' reasons for
their desire eef the franchise the fact
that women have mit al the present
equal guardianship e.vcr iheir children. Th.' abe.liiiem of child labor
and the standardizing eef labor, would
he' among the em!- tn which Weemen
Weellld    weirk    when    llle    vole'    was    ,,l).
tained, she saiel.
Following tiie speeches 'ef the evening, a cordial invitation was given 'itn
io all presenl in attend the Liberal
nicnic tit Central Park, Saturday, Julv
Sir Richard McBride, Prime Minister of British Columbia, whose policy and political record was attacked at the Liberal meeting at
Ash's Hall, Tuesday night, when there was a
great turnout of South Vancouver and
"301" Liberals and others eppesed to the
present administration ol the Province and
The Fraser Street Improvement As-
sociation ami thc N'umber Five Road
Property Qjyners, Lulu island, held
a joint meeting at the .Municipal Hall.
Wednesday, iur tin- purpose fi discussing tram line extensions i" Lulu
Islaml from Fraser street, ami other
matters which have in do with the
development 'ii intermunicipal trafs
lie and  trade.
A      *      *
At the meeting of the Board of
Trade of Smith Vancouver on Monday nighl nest, the question ol Asiatic immigration will be brought up
according t.i a statement by one of
the members. < Ither Hritish Columbia municipalities are going e>u record as being absolutely opposed to
the bringing into the country of
Japs and Chinese. Smith Vancouver
being the municipality to suffer to
the greatesl extent of any in Britisl
Columbia in this connection, the subject is considered to be quite in order. The recent landing of smuggled
Japs e.n \ ancouver Island adds interest to ibis subject, ami ii is probable that iln' South Vancou; er Board
of Trade will give Mr. II II Stevens
ti memorial i" pn sdiii t'e the I lomin-
iiin Government on the subject.
* *   *
information has been received to
iln i licet thai ihe Ilominion Govern,
menl will proceed immediately upon the construction "f a 1 '<>-t Office
building for Semth Vancouver. This
will likely have the re-nil of making
postal conditions more bearable in
the disirict which is al present rc-
garded  by   the    Postal     Department
! much as a rural municipalitj   with a
��� scattered population.
* *   *
Members of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage Commission will receive $600.00 yearly from the Provincial  Government in   the    wav    of
salarj lhe original announcement
that (pily $: l.JJ was being given was
! ;eived with surpris by the appointees of the various municipalities
Councillor McDonald, of Burnabi
Hunks that the salary should bi
$2,5 ������!. and this opinion is said to be
held by the others on the commissi m
* A       A
The Smith Hill and Cedar Cottage
branches of the H. C. Political Equal-
ity l.e ami,' wvrv the guests, Thursday, "i Mrs A. Murray, 978 Eighth
>������ hue  east,  al  a  lawn   social.
* *      *
'I hai the block paving of Main and
Fraser streets will be proceeded with
imnn dtately is the new - fr im head-
i" " I 'rs. (Inly a portion of the
work will be don ��� this vear. The
pet i le on both sl ��� 'cts, particularly
the business t lenient, are enthu-sias- '
:" ot i the ami mnci m< nt. Tin Dominion Mills havi all plans in hand
for the work, which will require th
- : rices of - lores of men who an
at presenl idle throughout the district.
\  new  six-f    sidewalk  has  been
laid by iln citj along the   asl side of
Mam street from Sixtei nth to Twi n
ty-fifth  avenue.     The  walk  i-  a   ten,
porary affair, bin  does much  to add
i" the metropolitan charat ter of thai
portion  of the  street.
South Vancouver Public School
students, �� 11���. trieel the High School
Entrance Examinations last week, acquitted themselves like- heroes, according te. those teachers whee \\.,rk-
ee| -,. diligently iur months assisting
in the drawing 'ent and developing of
the minds of the scores of candidates.
After writing ',n a paper ��.-1 ��� 11 - i < I -
eree] to be the must difficult ever
placed before the students 'et the
Province, th; Smith Vancouver contingent finished with an average percentage' eef sixty-two and a half, several marks higher than the records
made by both Vancouver and New
From this municipality, 14<> pupils
were senl le, lake the exams. Of thi*
number 99 passed with flying colors,
and the highest ambitions of the
teachers were outstepped,
Francis O. Tremlett, from Tecumseh Scheie,1, headed the list ol
Smith Vancouver pupils, securing
762 marks out of a possible 1100.
Miss Tremlett is fourteen year- of
age, Man)- successful candidates from
South Vancouver, were but eleven
years of age. The oldest ��� candidate
was   sixteen   years   of  age.
Following are the results from
throughout  South  Vancouver:
General Brock���N'umber of candidates, ',4; passeel 7. I.ila II. Boden,
6.17: Alan C. Irvin. 61K; Gordon I). I.
Mill-. 610: Ruby M. Mattix. 5XX; j.
Harvey Wilson, 586; Wilfred L. Biles,
584; Wilbur S. Rogers, 583.
Carleton, Div, 1 ��� Number of candidates. 22: passed 13. II..-ner E. Baldwin, 677; X'e.rah K. Rawden, 674;
Edith E. Wilkinson, 664; J.dm II
Todrick, 660; Elizabeth Brown, 643;
! Colin (',. Shantz, 635. Gerald L. Hinton. 624; Annie White. 621; Winnifred
M. Squire, C)7; Janus Muirhead, 604;
Ruby II. Thompson, 598; Tracy T.
King. ?eS2; Norman W. Guy, 574.
Carleton, Div. 2���Number of candidate -. 2; pass id, 0.
Walter Mi berly���Number of candidates, 9; passed, 8. Edward A Ger-
|s"ter, 678; Clifford B. MacLeod, 678;
Frank I. Studer, 617; Alexander A.
Nichols >n, 607; Mabel Taylor, 598;
Annie C. Johnston, 577: Kathleen I'
.Morris. 574:  Ethel ('.   Lo mey, 563.
Richard McBride���Number of candidates, 11; passed. 9. -Man J Napier.
676; Isabella McNeish, 654; \mj I'..
Han-..n. 633; ('.race W. Killip. 625;
!' Col- II 617; Ft ��� i; V
Shoemaker, 617; Bessie II. Killip, 583;
Clyde ;   Uochead, 33tt. Annie S. Mc.
Mexander   MacKenzie���-Number  of
e amliiiat, -. 18; pi ised, 15 Alexander Brown, 698; Maud Capon, 664;
Daisy Redfurd, 658; I Ila M Ferguson, 657; R, Kathleen Parker. 654;
C '��� ��� ni : ' Idstad, 648; fames Firqu-
har, 640; Walter Eveinbjornson, 639;
I Irene E. Kirkpatrick, 636; Ce erg S
Docherty, (.22; Al Augusta Stt wart,
621; Lesley Baraclouph, 617; Gord >n
S. Bishop, 595; Irvine Pn ctor, 573;
Leonard C   Ward, 55'1
Lord Selk'rk, Div.���Number of
candidati s, Jo. passi d, 19 i. ssii M
Slingerland, 724: Donald W McLeod,
697; Marie A. Lavoie, 666; I rold W.
Edward, 659; trmand O. Blain, 627;
Ida F  Lobb, 620; Ruby Marshall, 616;
.lames  I'.   \ an, 611:  Mourii t   La
londe, (1:4.   Re ginald  C   Lewth
1 "4.   Luke   Harrison,   586;   En t
M.   Parkin,  574;   Muriel  I.    Bickley,
569; Jennie S   Gibson, 564:  Ma g
C   Nye, 561; Walter Brothe: - in. 558
Harry A   Crowe, 3:-ti. Gladys E   Perry, 550; Warda  B. Tyerman, :"
Lord Selkirk. Div. J���Number of
aueii.lai,-. 14: passed, 2. William H.
Keen. 573; George W. Hey. 563.
Tecumseh���Number   of  candid
.11; passed, 6.    Francis 0   Tremlett,
762: Winifred K   Hale. 732:   Km .    K
Cutler,  712;   Charles  Cheshire,    661;
Marjorie   M    Hunter,  621:   Crace   M.
i Sim lair, 559.
Sir   William   Van   Home���Number
ididates,  5;  passed, 4     Vivian
M   i'o ��� nlay, 608; Violel .1   Rae, 581;
John A. .'   Harkness, 577; Demetrius
\   Barin n, 55eS.
General Wolfe���Number of candidates, 14; passed, 1-' Florence Sim.
644; Ililela Mawminuev. 637; George
McDonald, 634; Lawrenc J M
'sl I; Carl Ste rni . 625; D erothy Housi.
624; Jain. - Duncan, 619; Edmund I.
Pugsley, 596; Georgi Smith. 581;
Helen Preston, 561; Clare Percival,
557. Frank I\. see ie, 556.
Private School
Private Study- Number of candidate -   I: passed, ft
Burnrb.. Municipality
Alia Vista���Number of candid tcs,
3: passed. 2. Cora C. Hodgi -. ?''2:
John  R   Gillm ere, 561
Barnet���N'umber   "i  candidates.  2;
el. I     Clifford E. Whitaker,
1 '������   W . s'���Numl er     f
-   R      B    IcL
'   -
ian. 639;
Vain ! Icighi ��� \'w
12;   .' -- tl   J        Bin
'     IT-..
Miss Gertrude Francis iarrcl was
married on July 1" to Mr Mark Fe -
ter al the Ruth Morton Memorial
Church, by the Rev, .1. Willard I.itch.
B.A Miss Janet was attended by
MC- Nellie Foster, and the groom
was supported by Mr. T. II. Pan-
cottst. Both yming people are- recent
arrivals from England and will re-
sieh' at  14S Thirty-fifth avenue.
Sullen and
I Silent the North
Arm still flows
on to the
I Sea-   Once the
South Vancouver
Council Decided
I to Buy a
Pew Industrial
Sites along
this stream.
This very
[laudable scheme
I has slipped
I ,rcm their
I minds, however
Fart of a
Posse of  Man-
hunters at
Present engaged
in Tracking
Among the
Gulf Islands
the Robber who
Stole $2,000 in
gold from the
Royal Bank
Messenger at
Chase rivals in
interest the
famous  Tracy
View of a Vancouver Sugar Refinery, one of the Largest Industries
of the City and probably the largest Refinery in existence
Lumbering  is  British   Columbia's   Leading   Industry ��� View   of  a
Vancouver Mill, the Largest in the World TU"i I
From  $1.50 up, that are  sold the
World  over
Your films developed and  printed
by   Expert   Photographer.
Our   specialty,  the   Dispensing  of
Collingwood  East
Your   Furniture or
Goddard & Son Ltd.
123  Pender  St., opp.  "World"
Low  Rates���Best  Companies
To Let���Houses, Stores, etc.
"Auction Mart"     Furniture for Sale
and  Wanted
A St. I.e.tits ball-player recently rescued, al greal risK to his own life, his
mother-in-law ire.in a burning house.
Lots "i men with better reputation*
than ball players, would have hesitated a moment before indentifying
themselves  "ith  such an  heroic act
* *   *
An expert irenn Central Park, who
claimed hi law the "mytteriou* car"
pa-- through Burnaby ..ti iln morning
alter tin ureal bank robber) at Mew
Westminster, declared on oath thai
Bob liiirman wa- an occupant ni a
hack scat in the' machine. 'I'he snaillike pace tin vehicle was making
forced   lln    jury   to   threiw   up   their
hands at this puce m evidence.
* *   *
(Ine man writes that the "mystery
picture"   being   published      iu     these
columns represents the condition of
municipal politics in Smith Vancouver at the present moment,
* A     A
When Citizens' Leagues fall out,
then municipal councils net their bylaws   passed,
ele      *      *
"financial troubles were the cause
eef its downfall." adds a Medicine Hat.
Alta.. correspondent in reporting the
suspension of publication of the
"Morning Call." a daily newspaper
in that city. This statement lays at
rest any .suspicions that the "Call" was
jilted in a love affair, injured ill a railroad accident, broken up by an attack
if bronchitis or hounded tee death by
a cross wife.
* *    *
Twenty years ago, the "Chilliwack
Progress," in advocating the location
of the B. C. Methodist College in
Chilliwack.  stated :
"The presence of the College, the
professors ond students would raise
the literary and general tone of the
people,   and   the   place   ean   stand   it
Take the fullest enjoyment out of
the summer season, by patronizing
our soda  fountain.
Peoples Drug Stores
4122 Main  Street
(Near Corner 25th Ave.)
Branch :   Fraser  Street,   Near
Ferris Road
Alter his hired man Had knocked
him down sis times with a whiffle-
tree-, a farmer named Dennison at
Wauchope, Sask.. beat the fellow ..ti.
rii,- hired man then shot at bis employer, wounding him. Dennison rein-eel t.. wive up. Then the hired man
toe.k the butt eef his gun and after
beating the boss over the head several
linn-, felled hint lor a sufficiently
long linn' tn make good his escape.
Dennis..n continued Ins |d..wing after
tii,'  Iui ail man ran away.
* *    ��
After one-half of the politicians on
New York have investigated the other
half ami turneil them "ill of office,
the oilier half turns in and investigates the other hall and turns them
out. ami yel science says there is no
such tiling as perpetual motion.
* *    *
Ai the Carnegie Library, a copy of
the statue of Venus dc Milo, loaned
hy J. Francis Bursill, is being exhib-
iteel. Attendants are said to be constantly bored by persons anxious to
learn in what s.irt of an accident '.he
wonderful statue had its arms lopped
off. The Sage eif Collingwood Hast
should remove his property to South
Vancouver where classic art is at
least appreciated.
 ,   ms  ���	
Blacksmith 111
Mr. W. Quaife, who owns thc
blacksmith shop at the corner of 2.1rd
Avenue and Fraser, has been troubled
with an abscess on his right arm
lately, and consequently be is unable
to resume his duties. The shop is
still open for business, however, Mr.
Quaife having secured the services
of  a  competent   man.
.Mr. Quaife'l illness bas not proved
serious and he hopees to return to
work in  the near future.
L'ulge British Lion, London, Ontario.
Matters of interest were discussed,
including the visit of thc Supreme
President anil Supreme Secretary to
the City, ami question! regarding the
flying of the liritish flag in British
Columbia, alio ihe pending visit of
the Battleship "New Zealand." It is
hoped that some united effort will
he made by the English Societies to
visit  this boat on a  elay set apart for
lhe   ..cca-ieeii.
A    #    ���
Grocers' Picnic Will be Best Yet
It is expected that the largest
crowd yet will attend ibe annual
Grocers Picnic, t.e be- held at Queen's
Park, Ni" Westminster, '.n Wednesday, July 3t). A first-class programme
of twenty-eight event! ha- been arranged anil is now ready for distri-
I,mi.ni. Il i.s estimated that over 600
persons will come over from Victoria,
while Vancouver will be represented
by tbe 72-id Seafortb Highlanders'
Band, as well as hundreds of proprietors and thousands of clerks, to
say nothing of eef tbe staffs of the
wholesale houses ami their many
travellers. A splendid time is assured
the 30,000, to whom invitations have
heen issued.
The   Truck   Triumphant
Day  and   Night  Phone,  Sey  7653
518 Richards St., Vancouver, B. C.
J. B. Todrick       T. A. Prentice
J. B. Todrick & Co.
Central Park, B.C.
Phone Collingwood 13 R
Representatives for the Cale.
donian Insurance Company,
oldest Scottish insurance office,
founded 1805, and also the
Rochester German Insurance
Company, of New York. All
business trusted to us receives
prompt attention. Don't wait
till fire comes and then wish
you ' ad seen us.    See us now.
WILLIAM  BERNARD, Stage  Dire     ctor at the Avenue Theatre
Our   Auction   Rooms
4443 Main Street
(Between 28th and 29th Ave)
ON SATURDAY, 26th, AT 4 p.m.
Large quantity of household furniture to bc sold without reserve;
comprising Solid Oak Chiffionier,
Mission Oak Rocker, two Ranges,
Cook Stoves, Beds and Bedding,
Dressers and Stand, Carpets,
Tables, Bed Lounge, Kitchen
Tables,  Chairs, etc.
C. BESTLAND, Auctioneer
N.B.���List   your     Auction     Sales
with   Bestland  for  quick  results
Phone  Fair.   1057
easily." No doubt tbe Provincial Government authorities lad in mind this
remarkable plea when deciding upon
Point Grey as the site for the Provincial  University.
*    ��    ��
Reports from the salmon canneries are to the effect that ever since
the fishing seasieii opened, the salmon
have kept absolutely out of the Fraser
River on Fridays F.xpcrts are trying to decide whether tin fish fear
for their lives on that day or whether
their religious tenilencies lean toward!
New Meat Market Opens Up
Mr. W. J. Matthews wishes to announce that be has opened up a new
meat market at the corner of Ceorge
Street and 28th Avenue. Everything
in stock is strictly first-class, with
ti special geeotl supply of Beef, .Mutton,
Pork, Fish. etc.. which is fresh daily.
*      *      A
S. O. E. Benefit Society
Lodge Grandview, No. 299, Sons
.if England Benefit Society held their
Meeting in Grandview Hall on Wednesday. July 16. There was a good
attendance,  including   Bro.   Trick  of
Table   Drawn  up  by   Supt.   Mullett
Shows   that   South   Vancouver's
Rates are not Exorbitant
Superintendent Joseph Mullett has
prepared a table showing a comparison of rates charged for water in
various municipalities throughout
British  Columbia.
This table, which if published some
weeks ago would have thrown a wet
blanket on the operations of thc free
water agitators, shows that the rates
in South Vancouver are fairly low as
compared with those in the neighborhood.
Water rate per month���South Vancouver, 83c to $1.50; New Westminster, $1 to $1.62; llurnaby, $1 to $170;
Nanaimo, $1 to $1.50; City of Vancouver, 50c to $1; Richmond, $2.50.
Point  Grey supplies by  meter.
Garden-sprinkling charges are as
follows : South Vancouver, $2.50;
New Westminster, $2; llurnaby, $2;
City of Vancouver, $2.50.
Charges for making a connection
with the water mains are made in
three of the districts named, as follows: Burnaby, $3; Nanaimo, $5;
Richmond, $2.50.
The usual water rate notices have
been mailed to ratepayers. Those
who do not receive their notice in the
course of a few days should notify
the collector at thc Municipal Hall.
 ��� ^ ���
Citizens'  League  Meeting
There wa( a lively time at the meeting of the South Vancouver Citizens'
League, Tuesday night. There is
trouble in the camp of thc league, and
the insurgents have formed another
organization under the title of the
South Vancouver Citizens' Reform
Mrs. Kalenberg, who owns the hall
I of that name on Main street, rose up
at the gathering and branded Col. C.
Rayner, who has been responsible
for the organizing of the original league, as a "great big baby."
Col. Rayner naturally resented this
There were many ladies present,
and they made it quite clear at the
meeting that they were the people
who  bad   held   the   league   together.
Mrs. Kalenberg1! attack on Col.
Rayner arose out of a discussion of
the  collection  of dues.
One of the presidents of the league, who was in the chair, was very
much opposed to Rayner, who declared that he was the "inception of
the league." The president claimed
"inceptionary" honors and denied
that he had treated Rayner with any
discourtesy. Rayner held tbat he was
being handled roughly and charged
that some of his colleagues were
"rough persons."
Rayner appealed to the audience
as to whether the Citizens' League
had not been constitutionally formed
in public meeting. It was agreed that
the Citizens' League had been properly established antl on a vote being
put it was unanimously resolved thai
Mr. Rayner should hand over the list
of member!, etc., to Mrs. Kalenberg,
vice-president of the league, and that
ti meeting be called to decide whether
to je.in Force! with the Citizens' Reform League, which is the one Mr.
Rayner  has  since  partially organized.
After Mr. Rayner had handed the
list of member! to Mrs. Kalenberg
be mounted the platform to read out
The FEDERAL TRUCK has never been an experiment
Thc Federal Truck was not offered for sale until its power, its itrength, its
durability, its economy, its success had been scientifically demonstrated.
The fact that there are in Opfa tion today moo Federal Trucks of the original
Federal design demonstrates the .scientific soundness of that original   Federal design.
The Federal was the first successful truck designed, built and sold by a company
organized exclusively for tlie manufacture of trucks. We have never had lo rebuild
a F'ederal.
W'e have never had to replace a  Federal.
We have never had a serious interruption or complaint of Federal Service���with
1000 Federals in hourly operation.
That  record is unique���also, we believe, conclusive evidence.
We experimented before we sold a single Federal and 1000 Federal owners arc
satisfied  because we sold them a scientific  success.
Write for the Federal   Blue Hook of Tralhc.
South Vancouver Lumber Co.
Mill and Office :   Foot of Ontario and Fraser Streets
Phone Fraser 94 VV. R. Dick, Proprietor
the charter which had been prepared for the Reform League, and a personal squabble with the president vvas
just brewing when someone in the
audience moved that the meeting adjourn. This was,carried unanimously
and the proceeding terminated.
This attempt to squeeze Rayner
out of thc league has resulted in that
gentleman securing from Victoria a
charter under the Benevolent Societies Act for tbe South Vancouver
Citizens' Reform League. The promoter of this league has a richly embossed charter in his pocket together with articles of association and all
the paraphernalia which usually accompanies tbe formation of joint
stock companies.
Wolves Again Victorious
On July 20th, the South Vancouver
Wolves journeyed to Nanaimo and
defeated the "Nanaimo Tar Flats,"
by the score of 9-7, in an exciting exhibition hall-game. Grimmett, who
pitched for the Wolves, again displayed excellent form, fanning fifteen opposing batsmen. P. James
furnished the batting feature, wben he
lined out a home run kith two men
ahead of him. Mr. Phil Piper umpired
thc game in an efficient manner. Thc
Batteries were : For the Wolves, W.
Grimmett and S. Ross, and for the
Tar Flats, F. Motley, R. Bell and A.
A view of Howe Sound on the route to Bowen Island���White capped mountains,
shores o'erhung with evergreens, cold, icy water
Rose Day
Rose day, thanks to splendid
weather and the enthusiastic industry
of a number of ladies, was a brilliant
success. It is pleasant for us to know
that South Vancouver had a share in
the goeed work. There is little doubt
that many were stimulated to patronizing the ladies by the touching
versefl of our well-known correspondent "Felix Penne" whose lines we
print a.s a souvenir of a day remarkable in tbe history of the philanthropic  work  of  Vancouver.
U'ritten for "Rose Day." July 22. 191.1.
The Royal Victorian Order of Xurscs.
By Felix Penne.
In this fair City, with its wealth and
Lurks   poverty   and   pain,   and   fell
If you  have sympathy���then do y.eui
And  help  Christ's  poor and  needy
���"Such as these."
l'ndcr the shadow of the tall church
There   crowdeth   sin,   and   poverty,
and  death.
Will   you   met  do  your   part  to  help
God's  people.
Who  light   for  life  with  scant   ami
laboring  breath?
(Buy a  Rose���a  Pretty  Rose!)
Deft  fingers fashion'd  stem, and  leaf
and flower,
Art  copied   Nature,  with  a  loving
Kind-hearted     women     worked     for
many  an   hour
To mould the blossoms they would
have  you  wear.
Each rose you see today in this great
Doth   bear  the  perfume  of  a   love
Thc  buds   arc   fragrant  with  a   holy
The   leaves  are   dewed   with   sympathetic  tear.
(Buy  a   Rose���a  Pretty  Rose!)
When  sinks  tbe sun  in  all its western splendor,
Let's count our gains and cry, "We
have  well  done"
For the  good work  of  nurses���true
and  tender.
Let us all say: "We have your help
well won."
"The Nurse's Creed?"    It is Christ's
true   salvation;
T'will  some    day   rule    the   world
now war-mad blind.
"Let  LOVE  aid  weak  and  poor  of
every  nation.
Earth would be heaven, if the world
Buy a  Rose���a  Pretty Rose!
For love and pity���BUY A ROSE!
A history of the recent uprising in
South Vancouver would read like the
first stanza of the Charge of the
Light Brighde���Half a League, Half
a League, Half a League, etc.
Editor "Chinook."
Sir,���They say there is a suckc
be em every minute of the day. I be
lieve that, also that a large numbei
of them have come to reside in South
Vancouver and  that  1  tun one of the
number. Only think, sir, that 1 wa
foed cneeugh tee hand over four bits
to become a member of an association, promoted by a gentleman ,,
here. The saiil gentleman led us to
believe that our subscription was to
remove certain grievances, but almost
immediately afterwards be wanted t'.
I... appointed, at a .salary, to a nice
soft job on the association. This is
really a new way of providing a sine
cure. The gentleman wliei was president of the association was getting
a fair share of the funds f.er the
printing he was doing, whilst tbe vice
president rented the hall. A few
liters came in tee assist at the pickings, whilst many of us had to sacrifice a meal to our family to pay the'
four bits. I heard a charge made
against the president and would like
to know if it is true that he had previous trouble with the water depart-
ment. If this is the case, then il is
easily unilcr.-.t..e.d why he figured so
prominently, Il is also said there was
another of tlie leaders, who had
trouble with the licensing authorities.
A nice hunch to influence the election
of any bylaw. Can anyone imagine
such a bunch bringing charges of
malt against any others. I really be-
lieved what was said was true or
they would never have got my four-
bits. Now anyone can see what was
at the bottom of it all, and Messrs.
Rayner, Lewis & Company were only
making suckers out of us all.
Editor  "Chinook":
Dear Sir,���Where, Oh where is thc
sentiments of Mr. Charles Rayner,
Who charged the council with robbing
the widows and orphans. Alas, alas,
for our ideas, what ideals can hungry
el"gs have, who unexpectedly find a
goeed   carcase.
Keep to your lofty ideal, Mr. Rayner; show the people you are the
champion of the widows and the
orphan; that you are not actuated
with the thoughts of filthy lucre.
Whilst Lewis and Hill fight in the
arena for who shall Ket possession
of the funds, stand you by with firm
mien, disdain to take any part in the
unseemly fight���.she,w thc ratepayers
that you are not after the paid job
that Hill imputes you are. Show that
your motives are pure, and retire like
a gentleman. If mercenary motives
prompted others to take a forward
part in thc movement let the electors
understand once and for all that it
was eenly from the high stand of seeing that the widow and orphan were
not robbed that made you ask for the
the joining up of the one
association to the former. Let your
enemies say you wanted( to get an
easy jeib, you can deny this; let them
say you are excitable and lose control of yourself and made your arm
swing r.iund like a windmill, but you
can easily ask to be excused on this
point as you was so deeply stirred
with thoughts of the dishonesty and
graft that was going on. Show once
for all that you neither are after the
funds nor the easy job. Then you
will be able to say who can doubt the
motives of Charles Rayner.
Wc do all kinds of Transfer.     Special attention paid to
A special car is run to Capilano on Sunday,    starting    from    Garage,
1 p.m., Return at 5 p.m.���Fare $1.75   return. We pay Ferry charges
Fraser Street Garage & Motor Transfer
6184 FRASER STREET (Opposite 48th Avenue)
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the���
Between Vancouver and the East
Up to date Train   Scrvic
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A.. 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD. D. T. A., Vancouver.
H. W.  BRODIE.  Gen.  Pass Agent.
General  Agency Transatlantic  Steamship  Lines
G. Smith. C. P. & T.
Phone :   Sty.   7100
E.  Duperow, 0. A. P.
527  Granville  Street
Easy Terms
This l.it is situated ..it 56th Aventt ���
ehese' I.. Victoria Road, which now
has a 10-minute e.o service. This ;,
the best buy in this district. Let US
show you it at your convenience. W'e
can arrange very  easy terms.
The  Yorkshire  Guarantee
&  Securities Corporation  Limited
440 Seymour Street
Phones: 6188 and 6189   R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
909   Dominion   Trust   Building,   Vancouver,   B. C.
Telephonti :     Office 8497.    Worki 6203.      Worku  9328.     Works   9179
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering horsei will
receive special care and attention.
All kinds of hand-made shoes, running shoes, running plates, toe
plates,  etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every  care  and  attention.
571 Beatty Street
Alt   Communication!   should be  Addressed  to "The  Labor  Editor'
Vane ���
ploj. d la] it ..���
t- practically at i 1
|,le my  of  work   te done, ii
���   i    ity (or it- perf..rmani
 ti - mor ��� in. i ry day, i
p. cially   in  the. -    bul
thi.s has all been brought
.till until tin
I 'i the mcantim -. I
is  untold     tfl
v. ti   and   children   whe se   bri id
�� illlle rS   are    ih pt mie-1]!    . .11    |
..���  emple j ip nt.     i hey i;a\���   I., en  attracted he re iu tu. in  pt t spen im times
I with thc promist ol n pi eymenl and
sometimes having  to  spend  their  all
��� in r< aching here, this situation
and  puis them  ��� m  thi ir      an
It t- to be Bincerely hoped that things
will   l.e    In ightt ti   up   shot ily   in   thc
shape  of  the   various    municipaliti.
being abb  to sell their bonds, but in
the meantime there is quite a lot of
; valuable road making which could bi
very   well  taken  up  by  the  gi
ment, which would help to tide    ���
the present situation.   The new sew-
, eragc  commission, of  which  the   full
! board was antn .unced last neek,
shi uld have no difficult) in gi ttinfi
money to carry .eut its work, having
their   bi mds  guaran e l       B.(
gi i\ ernment,     11   i-   hoped   they   will
push   forward  "ith   this  very  in
tam and very neet ssary work.
The   meeting   at    Kalenberg   Hall
lasl   week  was  composed of a   -	
percentage of ..utsiele workers���men
who at any other time, worse luck,
don't take much partin public meetings but who we-r.' attracted there
in the hope "i iiearitt" some good
news. Inn came away with only hopes
Now that the bylaws have been
carried,  it  is  to   be   hoped   that   the  ���
| council   of   Smith     Vancouver    will   ^=
leave  no shine unturned in  their
forts to get ritl of their bonds
The Trades and Labor Council mel
last Thursday in the Labor Temple,
..ver seventy delegates b'ing present
A strong deputation from New
Westminster Trades Council was pre
sent, comprising President Cameron,
R. A. Stoney, district organizer for
the ITI'.. and Alderman I)...Ms. labor   member   "ti    New   We itmin.stet
j City Council, and  who is also chair-1
man   of   the   Labor   D ly   Commi I
\ Tin j    e anir   over   with   tin    idea   t if
securing the c >-op i ation   if the \ an-
' couver body  :n  their tti sire  I i make
! tine   Labor    Da'    t   le hi   i   n    in    I
-"���   Pip
��� en,  m ie.  .
I). !���
tins .in..   cat i ii -   ... ith  it  .1  11 at  on
��� ..  count tl thei e is al
\ rj k, ui .
Miss   Brisbane   of   the   Waitr    1
Union   wi -  app ted  statistician  b)
largi   'ii jurity.
Deli .   ttipiece,     Bun
M' !    '        ��� :     appoint) d   I
''���'������    election   -. a     1   ti die  .-
1 less than Bet en ballots bi ���  ������
lect   thc   line'..'   from
*   *   ���
The- Allie 1!  t'i inting
cil  purp is ���  I iving a  "baskt 1 '  1
I ��� Nanaiu   I ,;.bor Day.    A
live  co mpi isin^   th
affiiiat      I.
ike-    ek ���
' -
a  will be the resull     I his is
the tirst time the "Allies" have taken
part in such an outing and the Coal
1 ity   will  see   thc  metropolitan  printers 111 all their youth and I      itj
A    A    ..
Se aviary treasure! Draper of tii.'
Trades and Labor Congress of Can-
1 ! i, who ��a.s . lectt .1 t.i attend the
liritish Trades Union O n ���
year as Canadian fraternal <K-i���
-aile'.l last Saturday on the SS. Canaela from Montreal per Liverpool He
i- leaving early m order that he may
(at his own expense) visit the lead-
ing centres of France, Germany and
Switzerland prior to the- meeting ..i
tii.- Congress In order to reporl
at the  Montreal convention in Sept-
��   *   ��
.|   apnfl   tl    ���
I' W \
"made   in   Canada"   bi   tie
limit, but ���
wi11  bi
llle-   pi'  mi
before the ditecte ��� -" they
* ��    ��
Anothe 1   batt h of impe irted photo-
engra lint-
ain by the striking memberi of that
craft in Toronto. Canaela ii piling
up an unenviable record of strike-
breaki Soon the work-
en in  Britain  will bi comi
s< .nahly suspicious    if ��� '. .ry im 11.iti.-tl
tn emigrate with a guarantee' ol
attached to il
* *   *
J. O   Jones, t it e pi 1 -M- nl    I   District Is I 'nit.-.1 Mil .��� W
d pn sident  1 f the   Ml
deration  of  Labor al
held in Medit ine 1 Ial last u  ek.    II.
n ill  ala . repri -��� nl  thai   b
I)i.iiiini..ii  Ti.nk- Congress al   Montreal in Septcmbi r     B.  W   Bi I
"i  Medicine  Hal Typographi al  l'n-
ie -11   i-   electt -I   -��� cretai j       The    next
���      nli.nt  of  the-   In d
held   in   Calgary    eluring     ' �� 1
1914.   Tin- Alberta ie de
cessfully weathered it- tirst itorm and
will become a factor in thai 1
in the worker!1 interests
by tv.
I :���. ������
plat e
Tin.   great   lak. ���   membe ri   of   the
in   Shovel   and
en   granted   an
hour  elay   with   the   lame  pay
1   . ��� \ ��� 1 r t....; ���..  '
��   *   *
lution wai adopted bj  the Victoria Labori 1
the   Uniou   and   tubmitted    to    Sir
R       rd   Mi Bride ei        many
111111   in   tin-   city  of  Victoria   are  at
-   ���  -in. mpk ... ..I owing to an ov-
wded labor market, and vein ��� eat
_���   to  the  difficulty   1 1    I he  part
of the eity council ol the above city
iti bonds, be it  resolved that
'. ictoria     Laborers'     Protective
pro* in. ial government
to put - '   -.- - imt   ' il the city's be mdi
with tit    vit ' ling the city t-
out   work   eluring   the   comin
wintt r, and thi reby ri fiei e the pn
The   act   prohibiting   the   ���
ment   of  white   women   by   I
which  ii  now  law  in   Manitoba
Saskatchewan,   and   which   was
pealt -1 againsl  in the latter pr
layet -   are-   on   striki    in   C il-
tl     inde i" ndent con-
igned  the  1
schedule,  but  the  builders'  1 xchange
-I..   -.,      Pi ile  is
ii" 1-2 cents per hour. The union made
mand -  n.    timt    -    for a scale
of 75 cents, but' this was refused by
1 g      Then they agreed to
a 70 cenl  bi alt   on a one y ai  agree-
��� . - :.  but   tin   . xchange   refused   I ���
granl this scale on such a short time
ap-   agreement, demanding .. two year ag-
��� eemem as at present.
The Bonnie Purple Heather
Sandy stauns  his  grun on the  Sunday   Closin'   Bylaw   an'   has   nae
use for  the oppisishun
noticed in la.st
1 i- llie wrote tae
tin in   tae   cul   ool
Experienced Laelies' eS; Gent's
Corner Fifty-sixth and Fraser
Ladies'  or  Gent's  Suits,  $25 up
koyal   Citj evt
addt 1
a In arty ri    pi ii n     The ii   suggi sti, m
.��� a- re     ���       '      I     '���- 11     tuver Lai
Day  Committci will     -.
m   ,  111 ci ting  -     the   louncil     [I
unionists  in     Vane >u\ er     111 I     New
WeeStminster   join   bauds L,
Day   they  should   provide   .   demonstration which would go   1 long  way
in  advancing  the   cause  of
and   prove  an   educative   medium   tri
iln se on tin- outside.
*    *    A
Tin-   federal  Governmenl   tre
i-irryiii:'  on   theii     nvestig       : -     in
connection with  the
ment agent:' -   an ! it i, li
-. 1 will ' esult  thei
I lelcgatt   Mt V< ty  rep ��� '. i   1���:��� th ���
-.immittee   deal ng    e.*h
g't.tioti   of   the   operati
employmenl .tgenci -.    rin   a   ��� ' ��� '���
in. rsttgati. '1 i'i the   ���;        1    :''   C --
1. ��� politan  'fj. ��� 1 ���.-.  and  th     ������ ��� ��� ��� ia-
t'on  of mute rj  under  misr    r     1 ti -
tn-n,   has   .'it-'t    colli] let, e'.    :'-. r
quiry aPcr  ���-.;-.- ���'-   1 :-;:; .     -��� . ���   |-.vj
"ceks.    Sor.11 60 I pages el
has   been   submitted.       I'inal   rep  '(
has not ���������:���'.  been  issued.    Vti>   ������ ) n-
1'iittee belie' ���-   they  hie     estnb >��� lied
their case.    1.1 :1< ���-��� r.,'  M :\'< tj   ���  n n
led   thai   lutlirin..'  from   the  1 \ itlencc
submitted    th;   recruiting  of   strikebreakers had  been  a  en�� I.
for thc Canadian Collieries Company.
Of 89 men engaged in the vicinity eef
Edmonton,   with   fares   advanced   to
come  to Vancouvei   Island,  met   one 1
had reached his destination.    1 If the
firsl batch of .15 fn  11 I riti in, all had
reachi el  the  I stand,  nm   ft ur   er  fit e
Intel   since   quit    tlie   < It 11I05     if   the
1 ..11 onnyi while oi ti ��� st cond group
fi til, the conipmi)   tliiinied to have
ultimately   secured   the   services     bf
unly   12  men.    Alto: ether  these  re.
���ii tilling   elf. .11-    I     I   COI      the   c.ill-
pan.,' $10,000,
The resl of Lhl 1 :' j n as taken
tt[i v itit the eb ctie n 1 ffic 1 - for
the en.s'.i'ti'j sis n , ��� I
["lesident Benson was re-elected
I v acclamation, ;,- was nisi Treasurer
J.' Campbell.
Over    1.00,000
in Canada arc
the coiiifortsiof a home
healetl with our famous
e *
"Pcoiinmv"    waOifll
terns   maintain   a   summer atmosphere regard
less   of   mi'i-ide   conditions.
'The (luestioti
"ASK THE MAN WHO HAS ONE," (        [/.(.-J
cf ileal in!;."
1 Chinook"
the paper tellin'
his   subscripshun
1   now ..ti    I li:- ri ison for
-   that   ..win   tae   tin   attitud
paper w1- takin' on the Sunday -
in'   Bylaw  that   he  didna  think  it  wis
advisable   that   the   paper   shou
in     his   hoosehold.
\...i.   I'n    gaun   tae  till  agin  onj
man'-   pri\ - ins       I   Ine-   pri
vate'   1 ipet nyin-   ..'   my   ait:
them   v, -���
11 tell me I'm a crank, but if they
can   convince   mc   I'm   in   tin   wrang
�� ell    I illy gie   n,
it's n.   '. .1..  nice tae climb
IPr although a fellie is entitled
iae his private opeenyin, that's 1
laj that he's tat he- allow 1.1 ' ie cairry
them ool tae thc detriment o' the
community at large. What wan man
considers wrang another yin thinks
is richt, an' because �� 111 fellie disna
���   nt   an   ice-cream Sunday
an' ci msidet - it's a -:1 'at buj or sell
it is na.' reason wh) he
allowed tae cairry ool his opeenyins
tae the hurt ..' his neebor, wha's may-
lie a wee bitty marc braid-minded an'
maybe as guid a Christian as himsel.
As I've naid afore, I'm entirel)
againsl Sunday tredin', Sp ak-
foi mysel, I even go the length 0'
i breakin' up 1 ne u. h wud on the Set-
lirday efternune tae last a' Sunday,
sn e, ,u- see I practice what I preach.
\ fellie had tae hae- a bit .; a martyr's spenin tae saw up cord wud last
Seturday, wi1 the thermometer up
tae somethin' like fever heat an' the
moskeeties bitin' tae hate the baund.
The sweel wis on my honest brow,
an' I .ii-t felt I could hae' teeped my
heed in an ice-cream vat. "Oh for
a bauiTi'l ..' beer," I saj - tae the wife,
an' what dae yae ken if she disna
liaun.i me .1 joog . ' hn nn.11. an' it
Scturday I'm wi' everybody that
tries tai cul ��� 1 it Sunday lab< ���
. \ee'pi where it's abst.lately n.
sarj The like' o' grot
bein' open on Stindaj - I'm 111 tii elj
against but I consider the pui 1 -
..' wholes ime 11 m -Inn. in- sic
lectin.n.nl. or "iiy ither coolin' drink
an absolute necessity
Tae  cairry ool   this  late, lami nted
readcrls ideas  we'd  need tae gaun  a
back iu the history o' the
\ ,
I   inin'  in   Edinbui gl   w    at   1  tae!
hae   quite   a   few   ..'   the   nnc.   guid,
there's a wheen yet, but they're  j- i
dually   dj in'   ool      \\ hen   the   cable
traihweys  were  leased   tat   a  private
company    there   wis    a    six-day    week
clause in their agreement wi' the
porashun.    It didna tak thc companj
long  tae  learn   that   tl day
tae be correct   the  first���o' the
wi. k  wis worth twa ������' the ordinary
week   days   in.    a    dividend   pint    o'
view.    Limited companies dinna
themsels  aboot   the  moral  aspect   o'
the questyin.    Weel, wan quiet  Sunday   mornin'   the   guid   folk  0'   Auld
Rei kic   w, re   waukeni I   oot   0'
slumbi 1 -. at has; them ��� i a: n 1   1
the   kirk,   by   the'   noist
riinnin' in the slot!    Shi I  r wan
,.���   tfl a   cat s   made   their  app< e.: ance. I
up tin  street as if they n 1 re
tae- ill ui if they made
:-t the  Brtd-
l'i in -, -  Stt ee I  ste od wi' their
wide  open   I tin y   dinna
ony in ;l Auld Rftfcffi 1 won-:
derin'  ��hai   wis  up.    A   bonny  too),
wis  nn mn'  tae,    they    thocht;
be like an every elay.
The Company had taen the hull by
the   horns   and   defied   the     CQoncP.
Tin ri   " is threats    ' - tnce
The   ministers   were  up  111  airm-
even the common p-orkin' feelk. some
,.'   them.- werna   bwre   weel   plea-e-i
The   celytttrs   ..'   the   local   paper?   had
tac  increase the site o' their sheets
tae Iin room for the numerous letters
anent   thc   innovashun.     The   cooncil
were threatened wi1 a' kins ��� ���
jist thi - they dae up ������������   S
\'am:oo\ er, if they didna pil .1 1
in   the   tramwey   company   an'   mak
tllelll Bti ip ��� ui       :i  Sui
diel   the
fter   a   while  they  gi I
t. il "ii tin job an'
lien   an'   women   that
tryin'  I
\\ lia' el.i\ in tin
eel   for  the  workin-m;
only   n maj
abool 11 ...
oot  intae   the  countrj
Du   d   .
ry  nun'-   means   thai
pit  yersel  i
an' gaun al 1 �� ithc
.���ii yaei
���'.'���- .���.        Mister,   would
Ithy  mainner  sic  as  gaun pleasi    gi\ poor   feller ,six-
ish ire   or   ool   intai lyin'?
country is mai ��� likely tae 1 ti inger    V u' 1   struck the wrong
ter   balanced   mind   the   resl tl       mai   this  time     I'm ait  undertaker.
week   frae  the  enjoyment  he's  given
: an' the fresh air he's been pit-
���   his lungs.    If he likes tae gaun
-  1  kirk wee! an' guid but I wudna   1..nsider   it   a   sin   if   lie   went   an'
had an ice-ci earn  1 ��� nt   eftei   he cam
Wha no object tae the
.lf.it 1 Sunday;    he
cul.! burn caundles  for  ������������
��� 11-     Thi ��� doobt  he
te  tin-  boal
Atlantic an' the  I their
1  elay.     I' ��� i ery
Tin an'
gettin' 1 be-
Wi    '
sic in-
-   inlay.
long  wey
Xow that the time id green stuffs is here you will want
vinegar thai is pure and wholesome     We have this week put In a
sn ck of tin' finest vii curable.   It conns in sti   1
with a handle, in hall j
lar Vinegar, -   50c
Blue Grass Belle, White Pickling, half gallon jug  50c
Pat '    Bi II   Codfish Tabh ts, thi pai kage  20c
1        r's Ile-iiu- Made Pe the jar   15 I    1
:   Minced I e can  	
and Sauci   two ��� ans for 	
Pt  J5c
Swift's Borax Soap, thi   1 iki        	
1 Ild Dutch Hand Soai   5,
ff( Jellj   Powdi     all fl      rs, tbret   for   25c
Deuerr's Jams   twe   1 1      t,
ei 1. -.  Plums, Pe;
Fraser & MacLean,
26th Avenue and Main
Phone:   Fairmont 784
Wanted���Good   building   Lots   in   vicinity   of   Knight
at reasonable prices
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. .   Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
m  semi-modern,  oi   Zt-tl   avenue,   near   Main $12
���n modem suite on 2i\\ avenue ami  Main       -sis
: m dcun suit*  on 24th avenue and  Main	
I I'" bungalow on 27th  avenue,  mar   Main $17
bungalow  on Walden, near 28th (this has a folding
concealed  bed  extrai $2f)
n modern house em 23rd a\ enue, near Main *2S
bungalow   on   John, near 25th ave $19
-n   inoiie.rn   house  on   John,  near  25th   ave   $20
These gre a. few  of the' many you have a pick from by seeing
R. J. McLauchlan
S VlVkliW. JULY 26, 1913.
Every  Saturday by  the  Greater  Vancouver  Publiiheri   Limited
Corner  Thirtieth   Avenue   and   Main   Street.   South   Vancouver.   B. C
Oeoree   M.   Murray.   President  and   Managing   Director.
Herbert  A.  Stein.  Vice-Preaident and  Managing  Editor.
John jackaon.  Busmen  Manager.
TELEPHONE : All   departnienta    Fairmont   1174
NICHT   CALLS    F>irm<""   '���**
To  all  point! in  Canada.   United   Kingdom,   Newfoundland.   New
Zealand, and other Britiah Poaaeaaioni :
On.    Year     ��J����
Six   Montha       '�������
Three   Montha    s0
Poatage to American, European and other Foreign Countnei, 11.00
per year extra. ^ ___^_	
TO CORRESPONDENTS : We will not print anonymoua letter!
thoughTinv.tinB communication on current event!, to be publish*
over the writer's signature.	
A I'TKR all the uproar occasioned by the presenting eif
A the iwe. money bylaws, we find that the people have
endorsed both measures, ami thereby, p. s.eine extent, have
assisted the present council eetti of a very bad hole
Glancing e.wr the returns ,,f Saturday last, it is easy i"
tee where ilie real cause of the unsatisfactory conduct ..i
municipal affairs lie -
Some 600 votes were cast last Saturday ami there arc
more than 10,000 people in Seutih Vancouver entitled to
vote on Mich measures. Aboul every twentieth man.
therefore, took any interesi whatsoever in tin- Saturday
bylaws. When the bylaws were voted upon lasl spring -
bylaws which authorized the council t" raise millions of
dollars -.nn- 800 men cast their ballots���800 men ..ut .ef
t,������-e than  10,1     ���
li i- likely thai lhe men who have v..ted will be satisfied
wiih the re-suit fi-.ein th.- polls. The remaining 9,000 or so
will likely -pe-ml the rest of the year kicking, knocking,
yelling, clamoring, snarling, back-biting.
While we do ii"l propose to he.hi a brief Im' th.-se
wild agitators who have been s.. active during the past
month, there is no man who can -ay that iheir activities
are not resulting in some good feer the district. It's t��� ���<��
bad that the burden of raising Ned has had lo fall upon
so irresponsible a set eef men. Hut men of a better type
wouhl hesitate before placing themselves before the public
M these hot-heads have done,
These men have drawn the attention of the people in
������������I I., a certain condition of affairs existing in thc
municipality that might he improved upon. They are
awakening the people to the necessity of paying more
attention to the ways and means employed by the council
iu spending public monies. Some of these fellows are
aspirants for municipal office, and some nf them are
equal ill weight of intellect to more than one man already
seated upon the Soulh Vancouver council board.
li is to be trusted that now the municipality is proceeding to overcome a critical period in her history that the
men who have heen elected lo direct the affairs of the
disiricl will get down to business ami put off play-acting
for some future time.
"Maele P. "heat it.'���I hie of these 'elders' was found the
.tint evening iii ilie he.me of a well-known Collingwood
man. win., suddenly returning fr.ein we.rk, ami finding the
ehler' preaching Salt Lake doctrines lee his wife, made the
missionary 'beat it' in a very undignified style.
"'Millenium' Men.���.Much more active than the Mormons are some Bible sluileiils who are preaching, in a
more fervid and emotional manner, 'ihe coming e.i the
"Il is impossible feer any thinking man to view the effect
Ihe preaching of fliese doctrines has had on the people "f
Central I'ark ami Collingwood, witbeeut much regret ami
even alarm."
Then follows lhe cheerful message to the "Sun's"
readers. "Men Going Mad.���South Vancouver has ne.l a
large adult population and yet for se.nie time past���as the
police authorities slated the other day. 'people have- been
going I.' Ihe lunatic asylum al lhe rate eef one a week.
The majority of the cases are- eef religious monomania.'
Prof.  I.  II. Scuba, of  llrytt College,  U.S.A., has published
a   heeeik   eef   which   llle   people-   e.f   I'ollillgW 1   sll'llllcl   mill���
���Tin- Psychological Origin ami Nature "f Religion.' It
telll what a large pail fear plays in iii.nl.-rn religious
systems. 'Fear begets gods,' said Lucretius, ami anybody
win. g. i- into conversation with many eef the Collingwood
pe..ph- win. have been brought uneler ihe influence of
the peripatetic missionaries geeing about the district will
at ..me. see that tin- fear eef 'nol being ready' when the elay
..f judgment arrives land lhat is foretold for next year)
has quite obsessed them."
Tins lasi paragraph robs the article of ii- seriousness
p. senile extent.
"An Altered Man.��� Ii is common talk that a well-known
lui-imss man wh... until a few weeks ag.e. wa- quite a
happy Bohemian, has now become a rabid millieniurnist.
lie is thrusting millenium literature upon every "tu- he
meets. Several wll-known people- .if South Vancouver
have neglected'to pay their dues on Iheir life insurance
policies, so convinced arc they that next year will see the
end of earthly things and that tin millenium, lor a portion
of humanity ami judgment ami punishment for ihe majority e.f mankind i-. fast approaching."
SOUTH VANCOUVER citizens, particularly the business element, are annoyed at lhe consistent efforts
which the Vancouver "Meirning Sun" seems lo he making
to injure tin municipality in lln- eyes of ilie outside
we.rid. While- there is a great field in South Vancouver
for the securing e.f teal, live, wholesome news that will
together interest thc average newspaper reader and pro-
nii.le g.ieal feeling and optimism on all hands, it would
appear thai llie "Morning Sun" lias no use for such
"stories," Inn prefers t.. print South Vancouver matter
of either a sordid, melancholy character e.r a highly sen-
satienia! color. The journal fails n. consider that a knock
p. South Vancouver i- a knock pe ih.' parent city ami
seems to lose sight of its seri.ui> responsibility ami ii��
power feir either g<��eid or evil.
l-'roni an article recently published in the "Morning
Sun." relating t.. South Vancouver, the average- reader,
unaware of conditions on ihe Fraser slope, would take
ii fe.r granted that the imiuicipalit.. contained nothing
more or less than a colony of lunatics ami religious
"Tillies are batl in South Vancouver, Men are out eif
work ami even those who have been working for the
municipality and a few in some industries have mil been
able to obtain their wages." This is ilu- way the article
opens under a great, black-face head which says, "Many
Queer Creeds in tin Municipality���South Vancouver
Overswept with Wan- of Unusual Missionary Activity
Today���Strange Beliefs Arise���In Midst of unusual Municipal Vexations 'en Earth People- Enquire About
1 leaven."
Then iln- writer goes on in an attempt in slander the
district in a "story" a column long���and  the length  of it
either indicates a lack of efficiency em the part of the
"Sun'-"  news  -tali' or   that   space in  that  paper  possesses
litlle value.
Corporation of South Vancouver
(Form  2)
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is  hereby  given   that:]
ill    Tlie   Council   of   the   Municipal   Cor-j
poratlon   eif   tlu-   Ilistriet   e.l   Smith   Vancouver j
Intcndl  lo construct   ,-t  Crtteseetc  Wooel   Illock
paving,  54 fret in wielth. with concrete founel-
ation uld  Concrete Curbs anil  Surface  Drain- I
age.   em    Main   Street,    hitwrcei   .14th   Avenue
anel    Slat    Avenue-,    as    a    leecal    improvement,
ami   iiiti-iuls  to  specially  hsm-ss  a  part  ot  tbe I
est   npeeii   the  lam!  abutting  elirectly  on   Ihe |
121 The estimated cost eif the work I"
$i;o,e/otl.llli. of which (97,460.00 is to be paiel
lev tlu- Corporation, an.l ibe estimated special rale per loot frontage i�� SS..15'*. I'he
���pecial a-M-stm-nt is lo bc paiil in 20 annual instalments with 5 per cent, interest.
til     I'er-enis    ele-iriiiK    tee    petition    against
undertaking   the   we.rk   mii-t   ele,   -e��   on   or
before  llie   5th   elay  of  Augu>t,   1913.
S.   It.   WEST,
Dated  Ith elay of July,  19IJ.
(Form 2)
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby   given   tbat :
(1) 'I'he Council Of tlie- Municipal Corporation of the ilistriet of Soulh Vancouver in-
n-ii.ls to construct a Creosote W'.i.e.l Illock
paving, 54 feet in width, with concrete found-
aii..ns am! Concrete Curbs and Surface
Drainage, tm Main Street, between 51st
Avenue- ami River Avenue, as a local nn
provement, and intendi te, specially assess a
part    e.f   the   cost    upon    thc   land    abutting
iirectly on tin- work.
(2) The estimated cost of the- weirk is
$162,360.00, of which $90,475.00 is lo be
paid ley ilu- Corporation, Bnd the eatimated
special rate per foot frontage is $8,227. Tbe
-pedal asseaament is t.. l.e paiel in 20 nn-
i-.u.-il Instalments wiih 5 per .-ent. interest.
lil Persons desiring to petition againal
undertaking the work must iin -e. on or be-
(..re ilu- 5th day of August,  1913.
A .......i.
Dated 5th day of July. 1913.
INTELLIGENT farmers no longer pray (or rain; they
pay for it," ihe slogan of ilie Western Irrigation Congress, came in for severe condemnation al the hands eif
the delegates to the Anglican  Synod at  Calgary.
Canon McMillan, in moving the resolution of condemnation, remarked that Calgary firms especially were
offending in this respect, and cited the slogans of two
local bakeries, one of whom used "the same today, and
forever," and another, "Give us this day our daily bread."
Condemnations so sweeping will scarcely bc regarded
as worthy of the dignity of an Anglican Synod. Many
commercial slogans taken from the Scriptures are being
used these days. Than those from the Book of liieoks,
business men can find no better mottoes under which
tei operate their enterprises.
"Intelligent farmers no longer pray for rain; they pay
for il." was the slogan of the Irrigation Congress. There
is nothing wrong with such a motto. Would prayers
turn the aritl deserts of Southern Alberta into prolific
agricultural areas! Did the prayers eif ihe Mormons
cause the roses to bloom in   thc   alkali    of   Utah! Do
prayers cause the bleached valleys of the Okanagan to
yield  forth their tons of apples anil peaches and grapes!
Prayers without weirks availetli nothing. And in these
days, the agriculturists of Western America realize that
while God lias blessed them with much, yet they 11111-1
work anel slave and pay '.ut motley !<��� help llicm.sclvt-
i',otl has blessed these men with brains anil with strength.
If tin- rain ileus not fall on certain portions of Iheir lands,
they do not drop down upon their knees in supplication t
their Maker. Rather, they Use their God-given ability to
bring water to Iheir lands from those portions of the
Cartll that arc liUs-eil with copious rainfalls. The agi'i- j
ctllturist is given certain talents from Heaven. Ile is given
broad acres, sunlight, health, intelligence, in fact, all the
implements necessary.   After that, ii is up to liim to make,
g 1  with  them.    In  lhe old elays, io pray  might  have
been considered tin1 besl remedy for poor crops; Imt  in
I these times, wiih prayer, it's a matter of irrigating, fertilizing, working.
"Give us This day our Daily Bread," is ilu- slogan nt
a Calgary hake-she.|i. If tin- lueail ibis particular shop
inn,- out is good, wholesome bread, full weight to each
loaf, then there' sheeiild lie no objection lee lhe us.- of the
motto. The line, however, is not particularly appro,
priale, anil For olher reasons than lln se mentioned by the
Synod, might better he stricken from the hake-shop's
When the business men of Ihe we,rid take the texts
from lln- New Testament to use them freely in their publicity literature, on their letterheads, on their hill board
advertising, and apply them to daily business, conditions
will be better for all mankind, When thai time comes, the
system of business will In- adjusted to tin- teachings set
forth in llle N'ew Testament, And there will he no Irnsis
then. 110 mergers, me labor unions, nei wars.
(Form  2)
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby  given   that :
(1) The Council of the Municipal Corporation of ttie District of South Vancouver
intenels to construct a Creosote Wood Block
paving, 48 feet in width, with concrete foundation ami Concrete Curbs anil Surface Drainage, on Eraser Street, between 34tb Aveneie
anil 51 st Avenue, as a local improvement,
anel intends to specially assess a part of the
cost upon the lanel abutting directly on the
(2) Thc estimated cost of thc work is
$140,640.00, of which $75,370.00 is to bc paiel
by tile Corporation, antl the estimateel special
rate per foot frontage is $7.11. The special
assessment is to be paid in 20 annual instalments  with   5  per  cent   interest.
(3) Persons desiring lo petition against
undertaking the work must do so on or before thc 5th day of August,  1913.
S.   II.  WEST,
Dateel   5th  day  of July,   1913.
(Form 2)
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is  hereby  given  that :
(I) The Council ol the Municipal Corporation of the District of South Vancouver
intenels to construct a Creosote Wooel Illock
paving, 48 feet in wielth, with concrete founel-
alieens ami Concrete Curbs and Surface
Drainage, on Eraser Street, between 51st
Avenue ami River Avenue, as a local improvement, anil intends to specially assess a
part of the cost upon the land abutting
directly  on  the  work.
(21 Tlu- estimated cost of the work is
$155,775.00, .4 ��l"eii $30,970.00 i- to be paid
by ilu- Corporation, and the estimated special
ral.- per font frontage i- $7,682. The- special
assessment i- n. he- paid in 20 annua] In-
-i  I'm;.is   with   5   iur   cent   interest,
i.i) Persons desiring to petition againsl
undertaking tin- work musl .1" so mi or be-
fore the 5th elay "f August,  1913.
S.   II.   WEST,
Dated  rih .lay "f July.  1913.
Water Works Department
"Those who go a little eleeper than the surface and who
study the psychological aspects, nol only e.f individuals
bul of communities, are thinking that there is some connection between lhe present depression and a strange
wave of emotional religion which is sweeping over South
Vancouver like an epidemic���puzzling and somewhat
alarming those who study the peculiarities of human
nature," continues thc writer. And here is a fine tribute
to the intelligence of the people in Central Park and the
"Sects at Central Park.���Take the Central Park and Collingwood districts as typical of other portions of South
Vancouver. Within a small area there are not only churches
belonging to orthodox or well-recognized religious
bodies, but there are meeting places for Seventh Day
Adventists and almost every possible form of religion is
represented, including not only Oriental but white���foi
lowers of Buddha and Confucius, Christian Scientists and
Holy  Rollers.
"It will be remembered that not very long ago the people
in one portion of thc Fraser valley drove out from their
midst some Mormon elders who were doing missionary
work in  their neighborhood.
"Many Emissaries.���The people of South Vancouver���
and especially the Inhabitants of Central Park and Collingwood���remarkable for an indication towards 'strange
religions,' have not resented the intrusions of Mormon
'elders' among them. On the contrary, they appear to
be welcoming the missionaries from Salt Lake City with
open arms.
"For months past two men who. though called 'elders'
are youthful, sauve, and somewhat attractive young men.
have been going from house to house throughout the
district, leaving Mormon literature, and where possible,
talking  Mormon  doctrines  in the Collingwood homes.
Water for garden sprinkling will only be
allowed between the hours of 8 and 9 a.m.
and   7   anel  9  p.m.  on  the  following  rates :���
Up  to 33ft.  lot.  $2.50 for season
Up   to   66ft.   lot,   $5.00   for   season
Anything over 66ft. to be specially rated by
the Superintentlent. These rates are net.
payable in advance at the Water Works
Office,   Municipal   Hall.
Any person using water for this purpose
without a permit leave themselves liable to
having the water shut off without further
Notice is also given that at a meeting of
the Fire, Light and Water Committee it was
decided that seven days' grace be allowed
ratepayers to pay tax lor garden sprinkling,
after which date water usee! for this purpose
anel lor which rates have not been paid will
be turned off.
Water   Works   Superintendent.
AS THE BLUE GRASS GROWS strong and luxuriant
in Kentucky, so Colonel Henry Clay Rayner would have
lhe lawn grass grow in  South  Vancouver.
��   ��   *
AMONG THE BARDS whose names had not been proposed for the position of poet laureate, were the two local
minstrels, J. Francis Bursill and Ronald Kenvyn.
��� *   ��
IN THE ORGANIZATION of the Citizens' League keen
judgment and foresight was shown in electing two presidents.
* *   *
SECRETARY OF STATE, William Jennings Bryan finds
that his salary is so small that he must lecture throughout the country in order to make both ends meet. There
are three members of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage
Commission who may be expected to start out on a
lecture tour at any moment.
��   *   f
THE INFLUENCE OF GOLD, so mighty in other parts
of the world, availetli nothing when  it   comes  to  voting
on bylaws in South Vancouver.
9 t; f
COL. RAYNER ADMITS HAVING behind him a long
and distinguished military record. His determined stand
for free water should bring him under the favorable notice
of that great warrior at the head of the Canadian Militia
Department, Col. Soda  Hughes.
Leaves Ferry Wharf Daily at 9.30
a.m. for Indian River and Way
Sunday at 10.30 a.m.
NORTH    ARM    S.S.    CO.,    LTD
Phone: Fair. 326      4518 Main St.
Apply to Fletcher & Brett
We have the following to offer to any one in search of a fcjjd cheap home :
A cleared 50ft. lot close to Collingwood East station with a four-room cottage, water
and light; ilso a well built two-room cottage in rear of the lot which is 132ft. deep.
Good title. Thc place in rear rents for $8.00 per month. Price for the whole place
12,300. $150 cash, balance $25 per month. Interest quarterly at 7 per cent. Do
not pass this by without investigation. Your time will bc well spent to look at this
Phone  Collingwood  24,   P.   O.   Boa  25.   Collingwood   East
Phone 2988
Limited        Ft. of Columbia Ave.
Phones:  Seymour 7056-7818 Offices: 606-607  Bank of Ottawa Bid,;.
A fisherman's way of peeping Beer cool
���he puts the bottles in a flannel bag and
suspends the bag in cold Water for half an
hour.   But of course he uses nothing but
South Vancouver Builders' Supply Company
Dealers in Sand, Gravel,  Fibre, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Vitrified
Pipe, Tile. Fire-clay, Lath, and Brick of all kinds.
Offices :   51st Avenue and Fraser Street.    Phone : Fraser 36.
Haiti and 29th Avenue.    Phone :   Fairmont 1940.
Fraser Street and North Arm of Fraser River.   Phone : Fraser 84.
Coal orders taken at all offices and delivered to all parts of South
Building  Materials
Largest and Best   Assorted   Stock   in   British   Columbia
C. Gardiner - Johnson & Company
Johnson's Wharf Phone :  Sey. 9145
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We  carry  everything  in  the   Liquor  Line
No order too small, and none too large for this popular Liquor Store
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
leaving our Store every  Friday morning at 9 a.m.
L                           i
'''      '
*         '       ^
\sW fit!
By Edith  G.  Bayne
ui,   our
I.In    Monday :
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This lias the following attributes :
fl Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
<l Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
���I Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
fl The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
Q Bitulithic has been adopted in over 200 cities
in the United States, and 15 cities in Canada.
Canadians have had an unjust  sen-1 all of you out, if he wished,
tence pronounced iipe.ii  them.    They  had  better   stand  pal     Now,
()ur cousins to the I gard  to  thai   hai   thai  >
have >><> iiiiiik
south have tin  no
nf busim ss, ii  ii
leee,   materialistic
nopoly in thai line | member thai
stated, and we arc
Tin    chase   .111��r
111��� - elusive and almighty ���!��� ,1 l;tr leaves  ordered a myrtle green     Kindlj
lie.      timeS      leer       - 1111' -I I 1  |111111|      lilt"      til,        I lllll     wllllt     |     . .T <1>  I �� < 1    1-     Mill.    . | i r . e  1 I >
avenues of  vil The  hai  wal   i��n< e <1 $375.-  Mrs.  W
To Mieew  in u small buaine4s that  -I   '*
tin-i  would-be judges are wide of the |
111,111 llMllg      ill eelir |ee��|l l'
re- quently she received thi   baby's i>��r-
r. - ambulator,    while    111      hair-switch
that guaranteed  r..-.I   hair,  imported   from
my  hair is inclined to .ml,urn     Y"ii France,   came  to ui       The  spinster
senl .1 reel beaver, when   I  distinctly was going lo have you folks arrested,
A g nth man f -om thi  Slopp       ipi
of British C< lu nbia evidently thought
:iv  the firm  ime. lo iking
-   order   mor:   promptly   i,y
.   the  Cockney :
"My Dear Sirs,���1  >'v do 'urry up
'   ��� '   ��� is a       ���   and I do 'ale
>""   m.'"d ':��'  "r-   ��� .  'ave   to      (rti bowler   a.
r with mat of n ,  ;r,   ,acfc
���    ���'   maiden   lady  ol   the   - ,��� s .,,,,,,,,   ,���,���   , ,  H1.n knowB
"Dear   Sirs.���It   i   were  a
��� .i Gould I would
i in ��i h ;i million r< i i -     ������' ���>
jiirits   ��� ne
a   R K
��� ��� I
I   told you befi re
lellt   hi
- since had anothi f think, I bc
Many thanks,- E   W   J . Esq '
mark, lei them pay ;i ihort visit to
the mail-order offices of any one of
��� eiir large houses ol commerce and
glance over the shoulders of the mail-
scanners. The work relative to f"iir
mails per day received from all parts
eef     the      lleelllillieell      allows      Mil'     little
opportunity i, >r commenting upon the
contents of each letter, bul every
day a rial gem cornea i" light. Prom
Saskatchewan comes this:
"Dear Sirs,���When sending my order kindly omit label ol your tirm e.n
ilu- outside fi pare 1. because my
husband runs the biggest store in this
town and it would ��� i>< ��� i 1 trade and pul
u- in the hole ii ii was found out v.,
dealt with you. Besides, I have a
rival here who copies evrything I
wear, and 1 ele.u'i want hcr to gel
wise I" where I purchase my tl
-Mrs. >.  B "
A -m-r of deep injustice me doubl
prompted the Methodist clergyman
who penned the following i" indulge
in  such lllin  -aliie
"When are yi u going to have
trousers   ready?    This   i-   my
Hearken to this one Irom N"i w
Brunswick, written by a canny Scot,
ele.uliili --   one   of   the    "Ioi it 're
you-leap" kind
"li ye u can be assured thai you ar,'
an In.ii si firm and that I coud deal
tatisfactor) with you I would become a permanenl cust mer. Vour
gi ndj in ���   ipol en e.i with the highi st
During lasl
| season   the   follow
i li'iiin Alberta:
"Christma-   rn-li"
ng   wa s    recei
Granville Street South, After Paving
Columbia Bitulithic Limited
714 717 Dominion Trust Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.
Phone :   Seymour 7130
"Gi ntlemen, \m fixing up a sttr-
pris i for my fiancee and t wanl you
to pick oul the cn am of j our .-
��� for her Encli sed is a cheque for one
hundred and fifty dollars Xow gel
busy among yur choice pelts and
s i..| the \ ei \ bi -' nf w hii.' fox furs
that you van lay hands em She is |
dark, stands aboul five-foot-six, will
a god color, small feel and hands am
has a dimple in her chin, li then
should be any money over send al-<
a white silk or lace fan.���W.F.T.
From another lovelorn, albeit Memo
whal illiterate, swain the next on
was received:
"Deer   Sirs,���Do
��� ens   sell   love-
drops in vour ���stun-.
Please  Send J.i
cts.  weirtli  at  once.
(Juick.     Hurry
A consequential |n'rs"ii of the fair
sex,  living  in  a  new  Ontario  town, |
hauled the linn over thc coals in this
"Sirs.���The   delay   in   sending   my,
order is altogether too provoking   If
you don nol  write or send g Is by
tomorrow    I   shall   take   steps      My
husband is a capitalist whei could buy
- niatn e firm,
��� excellent g ���'��� ind itn ice thai
l pi I shall find i verytlsing -.lupin my ordi i I -'). Cold ibe
bloomin' trousers with care �������� as to
j��� t��� - rvi iii crei - I 'ave im u-ifr
anel  ii  i- mosl  'ard  to preaa  clothe*
een ilie   -alary   I   n i ��� -i. ���      -   quill-drive!
iii the office ui The Dyly Spectyter."
The iir-t. lawsl and ownly time thai
m> landlad) permitted mc t" uv ba
ryngi and flat-irons, met bring
ii-e el to ii. I nearly 1 lew the bally
re.e.i .,ii the 'ouse anel she chucked
mi   ������ui of her kitchen, bag and ho*.
'S'e     fold     ��il     elirv.     J ���! V11 -    . S.     \V."
But the l.-iivr which won ,.111 and
wai eventually framed and hung i��
the office was this :
"Hear Sir-.���My i rder was iilleel to
entii' satisfaction \ m pleas e|.j
me another favor. I want a wife
Oul lure in Alberta the girls are- as
scarce a- hen's teeth. Pick mi "iii
��� i ui od, plump li --n. any where frum
18 in 25, and let me know whi ���
will   start   West   and   I'll     si nd    ihe
y    I   am   from I
and  have  toughed it and  roughed it
for   < ighti en   me nths   on   this   ! nely
��� liomi stead   Am  sick  of seciu;
ttman  bul  my own phi;
bevelled mirror -
bench,   so   it's   give   up
married  for mine.    N'ow bi
is a j
ilisp, sition -   de n't   -. nd
blonde  or a   sulky  brpi
. ���-   ai
figure, bul  don't   like  paint  or
Now.  as   I   lia\     found  all   pn
from your house < i.K.   I
this i n<-  will  provi   i    iall;    -
tnry.���John  S.  A. .Alberta."
A type of Mountain Scenery for which British Columbia is Famed
the   s
1   .
WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, at 2.30 p.m.
This is an opportunity for investors in real estate, to buy positively right. My
listings at these sales include selected property which I am able to dispose of
at prices which are absolutely right from the standpoint of the investor. It will
pay anyone to attend this sale.
Auction Sale
SATURDAY, JULY 26, at 4 p.m.
Joyce Street, Collingwood East
A complete line of Furniture and House Furnishings, which I am able to offer
to the public at prices which cannot be duplicated.
This is a chance of a life-time to furnish a home well and economically.
A. M. BEATTIE, Auctioneer
Room 612, Vancouver Block
present time arc past all decency, and,
unfortunately, I am not a Highlander
or I miijlii be able to don a pair of
I iii- while waiting for 5 mi to fill my
Another di laved order brought th!>
"\lv husband did nol like' that  fur
lie-   Saj -   it   I"   11"   in   n
than I am. \\ e are still waiting for
the  'em   we  asked   iff  in   i xcli i
"i i i: arc a- slow as mol -- - in ilu-
iieirih pole.    I hi hurry
An indignant         itn   STo
See'tia  win. (I      -        ith in this wise:
"Don'l   km v    <��� " is,
but   the  silk   hai     rrived
��� -1 ��� scly   ia scmbling   a   Japanes ���   latt-
ie in   win n   closed      If  tin
!i..|i|i r n hn filled my order do< - not
know  the difference between  a dress
hai  and a concertina, hc had better
take  a   e. in-,   in   some  Mihcr  line  nl
business.    N'ow this hai was intended j
foi  a wedding, and  I  was obliged to
borrow one, as the event came "IT lasl
night    Am returning the liel >- ��� >, 1 and
you can sell  u  iee an  Uncle Tom's I
Cabin Co   -S. C.
l-'i'iein far-away China came n lettei
written by a Canadian missionary
who hail been on furlough and had
returned tee the Far Baal with a large
��� i.ler :
"Al the firsl Chinese porl when we
disembarked we examined emr goods,
and I regret t>��� say thai lhe manner.
in which ihey were packed does nol
reflect much credit upon your shipper!, The barrel eii groceries was
riddled with holes and a nest of -.hip's
rats had made themselves very comfortable in the new mattress. My
wile's shoes had been gnawed Into
ribbons   and   some   of   the   children's
new clothes were unrecognizable.    I
write this to give ymi 8 few tips when
sending orders to such distant places
Praiseworthy indeed was the busy
mother who sent an order feer shoes
for the entire family and took such
pains to be exact :
"Dear Sirs.���i hope you can get
along alright in selecting the footwear without numbers. I made my
eight children stand up in their steeck-
ing-fi'ct on blank paper, and I drew
with a lead pencil the size of each
eeiie's foot, going all around, which I
then cut out with the scissors. Then
my husband took off his boots and I
mea-sured for him. Lastly. 1 did the
same myself. Am sending the ten
patterns and give plenty eif room, especially for my husband, as he has a
bunion on his left foot. I hope you
will   catch  on   alright���Mrs.   NTS."
Reminscent of some of the ancient
jokees of thc Arkansas slow train was
the  following :
"Gentlemen.���  You    omitted    my
boy's   cap  in   the   parcel.     I   ordered
size  six  and a  quarter,  but  you  can
send size seven  now, as he is a fast
grower.���Mrs.   W.   B."
Something in the following letter
went straight to our funny-bone and
praise. As a trial I am ordering two
collars, size, low sixteen, turn-down
Enclosed is thirty cents, The postage
:.- ��� nol i" xceei u ci tits, and
-..ii .-aii return me a one-cent stamp
���Sandy   M.h"
Improvements Needed at Collingwood
Al the lasl meeting of the C illing.
��i" 'I iml District Busim -- Men s As-
sociation there was considerable discussion mer the paving of Joyce
li appear- that the paving, both en
the   northern   and   southern   side   of
the track will not be carried on right
up tee the level crossing, but will stop
shorl em each side of thc track where
Joyce   road   is   crossed  by   Vanness
i avenue.     Several   of     the     members
i pointed oul the extreme awkwardness
! of this arrangement.
A motor car driver travelling along
the road either north or south wouli
speed   merrily  along  on   the   "Dollar-
j way"  pavement   imagining   he  would
find such "good going" the full length
of the roael and would feel  surprised
I when   he   encountered   the   two  soft
I morasses   on   each   side  of   the  line.
Strong   resolutions    were     passed
calling upon the municipality to pave
iln'   soft   speits,   making   Jeiyi -���   road
thr' iughoul ii- entire Ii ii, ���       id
i ��� soliiti ui .img
B.  C.   Elect        R in.-,! t   ihe
pre mis d  i
il . : -
AND BOOKS     By��,p
elix renne
During     ih.-i     so-called    summer
��� In ri   i-  sunshine  enough  '���
��� ty of Se uih Vancou-
er's i itii i ns i South Vancoui er �� ill.
I  hope, be a , it) i into iheir gardens
into the i'ark- and places   ���
���i    havi   to  lake  the  place  of  "thi
leafy lanes beyond the downs." which
some "i us knew in the < )ld Country,
hich are worth)  all Ti nil) -��� m's
eulog)      With   gardening   then   and
summer   rambli i   to   attend   to,
million n ulers of the "Chun ok" ��ill
be quite content if I bother them vwih
.,   gossip   ' nly   now   ami   'hen      Some
men,  wi nn n and books musi  be alluded   i"  en   passant,  or   interest   in
the   subjects   will   evaporate.
* *     *
I haie- been really saddened by the
death of Qi "rue' Wyndham onlj a
comparatively shorl tun ago, Sec
retary ior Ireland in the British I
Inet, the well-know n and altogi
charming Conservative M P I had
the honor eef knowing George Wyndham " hen hi I rsl i aim into the pe-li-
tical field as a p""il>li opponent to
John Hum- "N.i." said Mr Wyndham, "Battersea is a radical con
-IHiieucy of working nun. John
Burns, one of themselves, is the
right man ie. represent them " Aristocratic George Wyndham ��� who
married the Countess Grosvenor���
had been in the Guards. He was
doubtless the handsomest and best
dressed man in the House of Gem-
iniiiis. Anither handsome man 1 remember there wa* Montague Guest,
but that was a long time ago. George
Wyndham seemed much happier
among a gathering of Battersea
working men than he sometimes did
in a West End drawing-room. At a
little dinner eer a "smoker." at the
Shaftesbury Club on Lavender Hill,
where politics were, for the moment,
taboo, I have seen him boisterously
merry with a sweet charming buoyant Bohemianism that was positively
fascinating. More about such gatherings anon.
* *    *
The work and anxiety he endured
as Irish Secretary from 1900 to 1905.
if I remember rightly, whitened hair
which had been brilliantly black, but
his white hair only accentuated the
beauty of his splendidly chiselled
features, the brilliance of his wonderful eyes, and his fresh complexion.
His fine black soldierly moustache
and his trim alert figure showed him
still youthful and every inch a soldier.
* *   ���
George Wyndham entered the
Guards when only 20. He served at
Suakim: won the gold medal and the
Khedive's star, and retired as lieutenant  in  1885.
t nu mher   that  on one  occasion
'   gavi  .. touchit -  ���
���  ���    md
It was at thc Sha .   ��� ���  .-,
littli  e lub dinner.    The - m|
i e-ni  re und     Mr   George V
was oi                guests
and he u.-- pressed fe - a se mtj    Wiih
���in-     .-ii. inn ...       ���     a
be   ��� gl     '        lhl     "illy     "
1 new) the "British Grenadii i - " and
s.i heartily was the old "Tow,
el"��" chorus taken up that G rgi
\\ \ inlh.nn ai impi e ssionable pi >el
���quite broke down its i ��� thought oi
In- "Id regiment and his dead com-
His - ni"'n ���:. - manl). ijm.
pathetic and sincere, brought
'" ever)   e)
*    *    A
George Wyndham was a poel 1
ha> e - -ni' �� hei e among ni) papers a
poem, "Cynthia's Petticoat,"
which was senl me bj tin author;
George Wyndham, which -.-.-ms to
have been inspired by Richard le
ilallie-line's "Quest "i the t","ldcn
1 iii I " Thi ���," iin '- ,i- dainty as
though ii had come from the pi n of
we, Suckling or \\ iilnr. for
George Wyndham was saturated
with the  l-'.lizabeilii.in  poetical  spirit
A  greal lover of
George   Wyndham,
author of a volume
of   Shakespeare."
or  had
I lellley.
Shakespeare  was
and   he   was   the
"On the Sonnet's
This   was   edited,
an     intreeductie.il.   by   W.   F.
who lived, while the volume
was m preparation, in a llat overlooking beautiful Battersea Park. I
shall cherish, while "memory holds
a seal in this distracted globe,"
recollections of gossips with Wyndham and Henley in the latter'.- bool
be-strewn rooms. I am pleased te
say that George Wyndham remembered these gathering- too���and whea
his book came mil he sent me a copy
inscribed with bis own hand on the
"To my friend. J. Francis Bursill
(Felix Pennel, in memory of many
pleasant   chats   about   books."
e*        ��       *
At political meetings, and aftcT
them. 1 had many a verbal tussle
with George Wyndham, but no knight
of the age of chivalry could ever be
a more staunch friend and supporter
than he was in any cause that won
his esympathy. We had a terribly
hard fight to get a public librarv for
Battersea. George Wyndham stool
by us. and, at a jreat gathering whea
the foundation stone of the Battersea
Central Library was laid, by Sir John
Lubbock, afterwards Lord Avcbury,
he made one of the finest speeches
on the value and solace of book's thai
I ever heard.
May the earth lie light upon him. SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1913.
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies. Corporation Brass Go'rJs.
572 Beatty Street
.ii. i ii.
':��� .   '
M ill-.-ell
gol   i!n m all'
Vancouver - Nanaimo
New Submarine Telephone Cable
Furnishes fist-class Long Distance Service between
Long Distance Calls now received for
Holiday   Kc ,n .my
"Julia." said Mi   liruw n to his wife,
"il"'   he-lie'   .        '  ,.
and   in   vi :w  ol   il   ha ���   you   notice
how   I've h nisi,]      . ��� :,     |
h.ee n't   !.. ��� ii   :     i   I,,, i, -.,   mati
m-einl :    [   |j
"i   th.    inin..!    in   lur
li n dullai hat    ' \\ ell." -������|   \\r,
l: ���    ��� can
m.iki ,       >    \v,   nlu
">'"" now "    "\\ hai    ..n   I
do: "i  ,|,,M', g(J .,.
' I   match No,"
vi ntured Br ,wn,    .mi don't, bul  -nil   -��� ���"'<* '��'">
th re mn ���  : little things  you        ,?.  "
''"���"  ' """'iii-'   it       I' -lane     look    "Cal   "'   '"'
-'   ;i-'      I     ''    -   ng  to  -ha. i   mj -��� Ii
iu futuri "   Julia    ,-,,-. brighten, d up,
know   now where I  may
In- said, "I'll cul
|)h   �� hie II   llie   , ;'   111 in
:'i\. ii  Inin  iii  mi-lake
I.   .ne'    III,
\\ In    e i    you'vi
Ti II a man thai there are 270,169,
325,481  ��� Lu - and hi   ������������ ill bi lie
Hut ii  i -it'll lay- Fresh Paint, he hai
i ' in it -  a personal imestigatiiin
* * *
"!   feel   thai   I   have  an  Important
for tin   world," declared thc
"IK ci," a.h ised the pra
i" help you
your li iii
VICTORIA, and all other Island Offices.
British Columbia Telephone
Chick Food That Feeds
All i,,ick foods do not contain all the elements necessary for good
health. Unless the proportions of the ingredients are correctly
determined]  your chicks become sickly and mature slowly.
Is a scientifically prepared food containing all the elements of a
balanced ration.
The  Brackman-Ker   Milling  Co.
One Block South Pender St., near B. C  E. R. Freight Office
Phones 5886-5887-5888
Where T.N.II. the Duke and  Duchen of Connaught and  Princes! Patricia
were  t'iitiTl;iiiiei!.
II.  LARSON,  Malinger. P.  I.AKSON,  Proprietor
With r.n  Eye on Number  One
Donald   M icDonald had  marrii d  a
woman with a woodi n leg.
���< Cdll    I  tO 1 IV.   , \ , i.,    ���;,_   .,,,,.
azed, im Donald ��� a- a man .-, ith an
eyi to thc main chance, and it had
always been conjectured tti.it when
he did marry In would marrj a good
strong woman, who would work well
in the fields, drive thc team, ii nei el
be, and so forth.
'"I.n-li, man," v. his],,-reel Sandy
meeting MacDonald on the road one
day, "why did you do it. Was ii
'������������������ ������ he blithered!" returned Donald. "It's niililie no' a very bonnie
ihing t'e many a woman wi' a wooden 1 ig; but, man, mail, she'll lie- awfu'  handy  at  settin'  nine  when   I'm
puttin' el  my cabbages an' tatties.
She  can  jist  gaun  on  in   front,  an'
mak   a   hole   wi'   her   stump,   while   I
follow ahint and put in the seed."
* * *
The Dog acted as Pilot Engine
Peaville caiin.it by any stretch of
town. Ii has lie-en remarked thai
once a thing gets into Peaville h
sticks right there, Thc railway upholds the reputation ol the town, and
holds ihe- short stop record, A traveler in Peaville realised this rcce ntly
after waiting .several hours iff aii
oi erdue train. "Isn i thc train coming soon?" in' mildly asked. Al thai
moment a dug came trotting up the
line-, and a glad s nile illuminated tin-
official's face, "i Hi yes, sir." replied
the station master, "it'll soon be here
now. Here comes the engine-driver's
ele   A   *
He was some Capture
"Did y.iu struggle againsl the consequences of temptation?" inquired
the prison visitor. "Yes'm," replied
the object of interest. "Ah, if you had
fought just a little harder you would
not have been here today." "I eliel
the   Ik-si   I   could,   ma'am,"   saiel   the
prisoner   modestly.    "It    k   three
policemen and four others to gel me
e|e    *    *
Intensive Farming
The  representative e.i  the  Scientific Agricultural .Supply Stores expostulated with the farmer.     "My g I
Sir, let nu- pcrsiiaele' ymi In try our
artificial manure, which is going ie>
work wonders in ihe farming industry. Tin- lime has come when a farmer can carry artificial manure sulli-
cient for his crop in liis waistcoat
pocket." "That s- ," mumbled 'he farmer, "Inn maybe he'll in- ahle to carry
ihe crop in the eilhcr pocket."
e|e   *   A
Love Me, Love my Poodle
I le- hail in. luce I'm- his wife's pi !
dog. Neither had anyone else, for
that matter, except his wife. Vet
when ii mysteriously disappeared one
elay he offered $50 im- iis recovery.
"Um l_ thought you hated the 'L-P,"
said   Tomkira   tn   iln-  advertiser.   "I
did. riu n   why  mi  earth  eliel  yeeu
offer such a hii; reward for its n
linn.'" "Hi cause I like Iii please my
wile." "\\ ell, thai may he. Inn thai
reward is sure tee bring the dog hack."
"I think not," said tin other, with a
knowing smile, "that Is, unless someone saw un bury ii in ihe garden."
* * *
Showed thc Wrong Card
A commercial traveler een his jour-
ncj called on a well-known chemist
IK- was nervous as he put his hand
in his pocket ami handed out a card.
"I represent thai concern," he said.
"You an- fortunate," replied the chemist. Tin commercial traveler was
encouraged ami saiel���-"I think so,
sir. ami ih.- chemist wlm deals with
us is even more fortunate. My firm
has ihe finest lines e.i cosmetics in
tin- country. "I wouldn't have
thought ii." Blowly replied the man of
medicines. "Her complexion looks
natural,"   ami   In-   tended   hack    the
I: .. mi invent a really good j< .k >.
lands a fair chance fi coming iru
1 'in fi iln- he -i Iin Maurier '-ver diel.'
that of iln- -mall boy, the porter, and
'In- grandfather' clock, had itsell   il
nosl   repeated   on   Main   itn ��� i   iln
ither day
In hu Maimer's j.ike-. tin- porter is1
staggering along under the "eight ofI
a  huge' grandfather's clock whieh he
had heen employed i" deliver. A small
nipe hail-, him.
"I   -ay,   nii-tcr.   wouldn't   yuu   find
ii m,.re- convenient in carry a watch?"
Su   Punch   had   ii.    The   scene   i-
mu een Main streel   A janiteer i-. mak-
ng small headway under tin- burden
ui   a   hallstand,   which   he  is  carrying!
ai  his  hack.    A  liny on  reeller  skate-
Li'ies by.
"Say. bonehead," he yells; "hire
a rneein and thctl youse won't have tee
pack your clues around wid yeeu.
* * *
tin a certain Southern golf course
iln- Band pits are famous i"r their
difficulty. A New Y.erk man played
into one of the pits, and then cursed,
���lune lhe less malevolently, if silently,
while In took six ineffectual strokes
raising only clouds uf dust ami fairly
mrying iln- hall. Presently he was
aware of an interested ami incredulous darkey watching him.
"Whar you see dat snake you's try-
in' in kill, man?" he demanded.
* * *
The editor of a great magazine
sent iur a certain author who had
submitted an  unsolicited  manuscript.
"I am glad in make your acquaintance, sir," said ihe editor enthusiastically. "The story you senl is perfectly splendid, Hut why use- a 11 ��� .in-
de-plume? Lei ns publish ii ">cr
yeuir own name ami il will make ynu
Tm met after fame," objected thc
author.   "It's money I want."
"I'.ut you'll get just as much money
in either case."
"No I won't li I publish it over
my own name, my wile will gel the
Elevation  625 feet. One hour's trip  from  Vancouver
Unequalled   Resort   for   Holiday,   long   or   short.       Family   Rooms
s ��� en suite with special rate.
Modern  appointments  throughout,  spacious  grounds,   high-class  service  at  moderate
rates.     Easy  trail  to top  of  Grouse  Mountain,   altitude  3,000  feet.
Aii Irish private was called before
iln' adjutant nf his regiment, wlm
had received complaints thai the
Irishman had imt written home for
years. The common excuse. "Can't
write," was offered, "Can't write." said
llie officer seizing his pen. "Well, iu-i
dictate while I write yum- letter."
"We have the besl commanding omen- in lhe' service." dictated I'ai
"II'm!" mused tin- adjutant, looking
up. "Well?" "The Major is like a
father tu the men." "Anything else?"
asked the adjutant. "Kindly excuse
hail writing ami spelling," added  I'ai.
* * *
President Wilson said nf a statistician: "Ilis ligures are -.. precise- that
one inclines in doubt ihcm. lie- i- like
ilie American sugar planter in Hawaii who, taking a friend to the e-elgr
nf a volcano, -.ml:
"That crater. George, is just "II,-
WI4 years uld."
"Hut why the four?" George asked
"Oh, I've been here four, via- the
reply,    li wai 70,000 when 1 came."
* * *
Customer���I see- yem have fresh
eggs at 3? cents ami e-xtra fresh al 4n
cents.    I- there much difference?
Grocer- \\ e-ll ma'am, ilu- . xtra
fresh one�� were laid in the early
iiinrning when the Inn- themselves
wen- filling fresh.
ele        *        *
"Whal are yuu dning, Polly?" askeel her mother.
'Tin knitting, Minnie dear," replied
ilu- \e.lmy woman. "I heard George
-ay ilie other da) In- was afraid he'd
have In liny a new muffler fur his car.
ami I thought I would knit him one
as a sorl  uf surprise."
*    e��    *
"Is she  musical?"
"Yes;   she   has   a   natural   voice,   a
sharp tongue ami a Hal nose "
*   *    *
"That's just like Jim," saiel the
widow, wearily, afler a flapping cur-
lain   hail   knocked    uver    lhe   urn   in
C. H. Jones & Son
Manufacturers of  the
���'Pioneer Brand "
Tents, Awnings and Canvas Goods
Phone  Seymour  740
Terminal Steam
Navigation Co. Ltd.
i   <  ' .'.   I    '. ���   . ., ed,-      I
; i . .    ���   MS a.m., sin.'l.iy
,.e i\\ I.N  ISI.AMI
���     ..\ II.    Isi. Wil
il i,     PORTKAl'.
IIKITANNIA    MINI:    ind    Mill.
e   Kl.l.h.
i.i-: i " . Union
i ni.. Mn.il.iy
1 1(1. \ I    M H( I'll
e   \\\i:i<Y.     I l-III.KM UTS
lie .u I.N    [SLANU,   BIND-
Hi'      m.i.i  CLIFF ..nel INVj-'.K-
'  1   Ml,
Fan    ���    " - ���.'     i Isi i sad Inter*
0 ee   ti each way.
,\M  ��� .     Bowen    Island,
each   ei-ay.
riit Tie l.e-i-. %:.titi round
,     -"1   ("I   el.iti	
1- - mat ion    i''...t:e-   Se-y.   6330.
Sailings   subject   to   change   without
Phone :  Frater 34 - 46th Ave. and Fratar
PHONE Fair. 2489
At moderate prices
Nothing but reliable work
turned out
Ladies' and Men's Tailors
(Formerly  of   Montreal)
805   Granville   Street,   Corner   Robioa
Houn:   10 a.m.  to 9 p.m.
Eight-room suite, furnished, all modern, New I
mi Joyce St., near School
Road ke'in moderate. Apply Capt. Mil.run, furniture
-I",.-, Jojiv St., near S lie ���:
Road or A. M. Bi tttie, 612
Vancouvei   I
Business   College
"The School of Certatnttei"
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded
Corner Main St. & 10th Ave.
Phone :   Fairmont   2075
Hamilton  Bros.
Embalmers and Funeral
Parlois and Chapel:
Office Phone:    PHASER  19
Residence  Phone:    FRASER 25
(Day or night)
South Hill  P.O.  Box  105
which all that was mortal ni lu-r cremated husband had heen placed anel
spread it> contents em the floor.
"Always dropping his ashes everywhere!"
We   deliver  to  family
trade in South   Vancouver
A. h. AmTel
Looking out of Vancouver's Harbor���First Narrows, Burrard Inlet, through which go and come great heavily
laden argosies, which ply between Vancouver and the Far East EIGHT
the   pt ici -
reduction   in
Troubles in E?stcrn Lacrosse Circles
I'i.-i.i,-in   Quinn  -.I iln-   Dominion
New  Lacrosse League to be Formed   , .���.,,,���.    v��� ., .;    ,,,.���
\  meeting wa��  held at  the  V.   \    lhl.  Toronto  Cluh  will  lie  lined  and
suspended  for  refusing i" play  iheir
ll'eilll i iVitll    till'   Tee I11II-, 1  -
IK-   makes   the   following   verdict:���
"I will ate.ui an official protest from
the 1 - iim-e'ii Club after which the
Toronto's will lee- suspended ami fined
$500 The) "ill have fifteen daj - in
. .which iei pay their line ami keep their
play | fra'nchise, if they decide nol i" pay.
ilu- league will I'e- finished wiih the
remaining three lean-,-, li iln- Tor.
onto's pay their line-, they will he entitled to lill iheir obligations with
nihil clubs, whieh include-*! another
name- ai iln- Island, which they mu-:
either play eei- tin- same proceedings
will he pin int" effect again.
C I'm-'lay.   .Inly   24th,   ai   which
;. ,i    onceruing
.1   new   lair���
n-i-i  .a' two Vancouvei    ��� .em-.  Vii ��� ii ia and  S ew   '���'���
minster.  Ko n liedule will lee- drafted
i!n- -e asoti, a- Victoria will make  no
team unlil   1914, Th
\ n ei -   and   V.A.C
e>ut theii ��� dule oi - \en games
un ti i the auspices of the new as
ii ii iatii n, ..nel ilii' w inning club will
likely  challenge  per the  Minto Cup.
li wa- decided to plaj all iln- gam
i "       .   citj   mil' ai Ailileii
a  meeting    -i  representatives  of  the
two  Vancouver  Cluli
It    wa
I'ark.  al
Delivered to job at $2.10 "Cash"
55th    and    Commercial    or
Fhone  Fair. 1659
Box  17. Cedar Cottage
the eight -   pity eel      It   i-  likely
nli  a  inaj-
m ;     i "...
ilticll        I Pi    VI ���
��� lay  la-i  "Iron   Man  Joe   McGinnity"
piii.-'l   himsell   against    the   Beavers
but dii I'H'     Last tin
Taeoma   ti un   appi an el   at   Athli tii
Park. McGiniiint)  weerkeil m five "in
��� ���i -i\  gam -  ag linsl   the   Brow nil -
\' that ::le- iu w ill likely -ee him in
a couple nu ire lmuh - al least, t lii-
iii k. ami n ill.' Iron Man ilea- nol
ihi any better than lie eliel last Mmi-
day Vancouver will In- helped along
consideral ly. I Hester, w ho had i"
retire rf���.-11 ihe game a ihorl time age.
wilh an injury to Ilis lew. i- hark in
ihe game again. Mike Konick, win,
took hi- place for ihe time, i>r,,\ <������ t
him-.If a  reliable substitute.
Three Vancouver Twirlers Sold
Presidenl Bob Brown eif iln- Van-
couver Baseball Cluh announced jusl
recently thai he had -"hi Charlie
Schmutz, the premier -pitbull pitcher
ni the Northwestern league to the
Brooklyn Nationals lor ihe tidy sum
of $3,500, lie also sold Ingersoll to
Cincinatti fe.r $3lHH). and Schultz to
Detroit for $2500.   Mr. Brown stated
it   In-  expected  l"  sell   Walsh
innick.  too,  in  the near  future.
The Beavers have hail a ureal winning streak during the last couple of
weeks anil il looks as if they will
keep it up fm- another week, since
they an- baek again with iln- Victoria
Bees again next week, and mi the
In.me lot at that. Last week llie
Vancouver team gave Victoria a real
bad  trouncing,  getting seven  out  of
Welsh wins decision ever O'Brien
By outboxing Jack O'Brien in practically every round, Freddie Welsh
earned the right in meet Willie Ritchie for the lightweight boxing cham
pionship "i iln- world While- in mosl
"i lhe runnels Welsh showed hi- nver-
vt helming superiority al inl
ami an ability i" land almosl al v iii
tin ��� r was litih- apparent steam In -
hind hi- blow -. .mil ii eliel not I"-',
a-   ii   in   carried  a  knockout   punch
i [hi  rounds wen   \\ clsh -
wiih  a  ni-��� ie-   "i   It--  margin,    Tl
ninth round  was et en, < I'Bi ien 1 ind
i ouple -a straight rights which
tteadii '1 W clsh In the tenth round
������ nil n ii iii.nli- hi- best showing. Tin
el ventli was \\ elsh'i ley a ihadi. ..-
h, 11 als ' iln remaining rounds, ex-
i'- ng perhaps the Ihirti enth Thc
decision rendi ri el bj Mr I lew ill w, -
a popular one- and could nol h n
I., en otherwise.   The match was wit-
in      i -    hy    ain all   5000   SpeCtatOI -    uneler perfect  weather conditions.
The preliminary was furnished by
Eddie Meey ot Pennsylvania and Kid
l.ee "f Vancouver, who gave an Interesting exhibition. Meey earned a
well deserved decision over hi- lighter and les- experienced opponent.
���       e��       ���
Australian Challenger Defeated
Ernest Harry, world's champion
sculler, had an easy time defeating
William Pearce, the Australian challenger, on July Jlsi, on the Thami -
mer the famous Putney to Mortlake
course. Harry led by five lengths
toward the finish, and then, easing
Up, he w.m by two lengths in 24 inin-
uies. 9 Beconds
Vancouver vs. Victoria
Clarence���Miss Sharpun has brains
enough   feer   two,  |)y  Jove!
Florence���Then    why    don'l    you
marry her. Clarence?
Why Go With
the Bunch
���lJi'Wn town t'i play Billiards and
Pool, when we have a more up-to-
date antl sanitary billiard and poolroom  in  South  Vancouver?
Latest and mosl improved tables -it
4209   Main  Street
Near 26th  Avenue
The Great Sir Wilfrid Laurier as
Viewed by His Friends the Tories
They declare his appearance alone is a handsome fortune and would
assure him success in any sphere of action!
strike;   but   you   know   that   behind
that bland and serene exterior he is
surveying the field with the swift eye
en' the strategist and that the bolt
will  he sudden.
"This obscurity is not merely superficial. It i.s inherent in the fuels of
a career which���in the absence of a
key to solve the riddle���might he
condemned as tortuous and inscrutable. H one were to bring Sir Wilfrid pe the bar to answer an indictment  of   opportunism   and   political
Bicycles Repaired
all makes of bicycles,
full line of parts and
We repair
and stock a
Si e    our    special    $35    English
bicycle  with  all  accessories.
Bii ycles for rent.
The "Samson" Cycle
1       -;   Cni in   and   I lunlevy   Su.
Vancouver, B. C.
Conservative   newspapers   through-' ing attention he excites. They suggest
eeut Canada printed last week a pen-, spacious   hinterlands   of   thought   to,	
picture of the great leader, Sir Wilfrid j which you are neit admitted in spite I levity, one would bc sure of a true
Laurier���t he Dominion's greatest of the cordiality of your reception at bill from the grand jury. The prima
living statesman. The article appear-1 the front door���hinterlands in which fac|e case wou|,| be complete and irresistible. Take his record on free
I trade. Under the banner of Mackenzie, he came into politics a Liberal
eif the English school, 'a pupil,' as
he has said, 'eif Charles James Fox,
Daniel O'Connell, and, greatest of
them  all,   William  Ewart   Gladstone.'
ed some time ago in the London
1 "Daily News" and "Leader" and has
I caused much comment universally.
Extracts from the article, which is
I a  lengthy one  are  as  follows :
"Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier's   appearance j
I is   alone   a   handsome   fortune.       It \
issurc   him   success     in     any ;
sphere   of  actiem.   There  is  about  it.
i the sense of an antique chivalry and;
an   ancient   culture.   He   carries   the
mind out of the heat and hurry of the
present into a larger atmosphere and '
la more tranquil mood. 'Me is a pic-,
'lure  gallery  all  to  himself,'  said one,
of his political  contemporaries.  It is
a picture gallery that suggests Prance
before the revolution, but the   France
i of the intellectuals, touched with the
great manner of an authentic aristocracy, easy anel assured, free alike
from hoiirishncss and simulation.
"Ilis figure, in spile of his seventy-
two years is Still lithe and straight a.s
ia larch; his face unwriukled, his
glance clear and searching, but a little   enigmatic;    his   mouth    full    and
��� pursed with a hint of whimsicalYiem.
The   breadth   of   the   brow   contrasts]
curiously with the length and narrowness   of   the   face.    His   utterance   in '
conversation   is   precise,  and   a   little
mai,   every   word   being   given   its i
full value and the phrases being ren- ,
ilcrcd with something of that staccato
quality which  is characteristic of the
United   Stales,   of   whose   intonation
o there is more than a suggestion
in   his   speech    He   talks   with   great
apparent    candor���a    candor    which
does  not   conceal   the    caution    and
astuteness of an extremely wary mind.
Summer Season at Minoru Park
Seven Races Daily
550���Thoroughbreds in Action���550
Sir Wilfrid last visited Vancouver in
1910. With him in the car may be
seen Mr. L. D. Taylor, former
Mayor of Vancouver and Mr. Ewing
Buchan, well known banker. Sir
Wilfred was given a marvellous
greeting by the people of British
Columbia. In the near future the
aged leader will make another tour
to the Pacific Coast.
Inaccessible  Hinterlands
se   qualities
the source
of    reserve
>f the comma
he is carrying mn the evolutions preparatory to some stroke of policy
which is not yet ripe for discleisure.
He has the art of keeping thc public
mind alert and expectant. You do
not   know    how-   or   where     he     will
a gold medalist of the Cobden Club,
land one of the most brilliant exponents of free trade, lie was supreme
in Canada for fifteen years and in all
| that time did nothing to redeem the
pledges of his party on free trade.
A Man of Contradiction
"Hi- opposed confederation and became iis chief Btrength, In opposition he was the advocate of unrestricted reciprocity with the States;
, when In- came into power he dropped
that policy, at the end of fifteen years
| of office In- revived ii and fell fight-
ling in its behalf IK assailed the cor-
I rupi railway policy ol the Macdonald
ministry and saw his own govern-
iin-ni become the instrument of new
railway interests, A man of the highest probity himself, he allowed his
great reputation to be used as a shield
for politicians whose standards were,
to say the last, less delicate than his
own. A French-Canadian, with unquestioned devotion I" that race and
its trflditions, he has done more than
any olher politician to shift the centre
of gravity of Canadian politics from
French Quebec te> the English-speaking West. The indictment might be
lengthened with other equivocal
"And, to cut a long story short, il
would be idle to deny that Sir Wilfrid is an opportunist. In that he is
mn- to ihe genius of Canadian politics, which have never turned on principles, but on material problems���
railway,  tariffs  and  commercial  trea
ties. If In- i.- condemned it will be
because,    with    great    endowments,
greal power, and true vision, he did
not risk all in order to give Canada a
higher ideal of statesmanship, and i��� >
lurn Ihe currents of ils public life
into better channel-.
What He Achieved
"While there would be a certain
justice in such a verdict, it we mid ignore lhe governing motive of Sir Wilfrid's career, and the magnitude of his
actual achievement. What is that
achievement? It is that he has finally
established the understanding between
the two rail- of the Dominion, which
is the keynote of the arch of Canadian confederacy. Perhaps no one bul
a French-Canadian could have done
this; certainly no one could have done
ii who had nol Sir Wilfrid's laci ami
astuteness, lie- lias had in placate his
compatriots while they have seen the
power of the wesl rising and overshadowing them. He has kept them
loyal in llie British connection, while
seeming to yield a little unwillingly
to courses which that connection Imposed on bis country, He showed no
enthusiasm, for example, for the Boer
war, and seemed to yield to pressure
in sending Canadian contingents to
South Africa, but the result justified
his caution, and later lie defended the
despatch of Canadian troops to the
war againsl  .Mr. B.iurassa, linn leader
"f the extreme Nationalists.
"It is well In remember thai Mr
BouftBSa i- always mi his flank ap
pealing He extreme French setini.ni
Bul . Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier   Has
taught iln- French that they have won
Canada as well as lost it. He s|imnted
up the position of the  French under
British rule in a very memorable wa;
in  on,'  of  his   French   speeches,  'Ei
e-iiii,'  be  said, 'iimi Canadians  Fran
i-ias  nous sommes une race' conquisi
Mais, .si nou- sommes une race con
quise, nous avons aussi fail une ci
epie ir- -la  conquete tie la  liberte.' "
Ruth Morton Sunday School Picnic
The annual picnic of the Sunday
school and congregation of the Rutl
Morton Memoi ial Baptisl Chun '
took place on Tuesday, July 15, al
Stanley I'ark. Cars for the childrei
left 27th ave. and Fraser street al
1 10 a.m. and returned 9 p.in Man;,
others came for thc afternoon. Din
ner anil supper were served in the
pavilion    and   greatly    enjoyed   by   :���
; large number, both children and ad
ulis The spmi- we-re varied and
keenly contested. Boys and girls
grown   tall also  heartily  participated
| in the games,    The return  trip was
j enlivened   with  smigs  and  hymns.     Il
j was a gala day indeed,
"The club voted in g" in the avia-
| tion  meet."
"I suppose the resolution was
[adopted by a rising vote*?"
General   Sheet   Metal  Workers
Furnacen   a    speciality���irstalled   by   expert!
Cornice,  skylights  and  roofing,  electric
signs   nn I   a!)   kind;-,   brass   and
copper  lixtures
Cor.  !7th Ave.   K-   Main St.,  South  Vancouvee
Phone:     Fairmont  2386
4132    MAIN   STREET
Greater  Vancouver  Specialists
R. G. Simm, Manager
Phone: Fair. 807 4132 Main St.
Kitchen and Builders' Hardware, etc.
Cor. 51st Ave. & Main St.
 Vancouver.  B.C.	
General  Merchants
SttKKplng  Powder  Our  Specialty
Phone:     Fraser   100 46lh  Ave.   &   Mair
Reeve & Hardin-:, Props.
Real Estate,  Loans,  Insurance
"Houses   Re i Rents   Collected
4609  Main  St. Phone:  Fair.  783
Suite 307  Lee  Building  (Cor. Broadway and  Main)
Vancouver, B. C.
Office hours :  1.30 to 5.30
Consultation  Free.
The Pollard Opera Company, which comes to the Imperial Theatre, next week, with a revival of Martin and Kirkers' London Gaiety triumph, "The Belle cf New York.' SIX
SATURDAY. JULY 2d. 1913.
��� Comfort, Convenience, Economy
Tin   cost  ior continuous operation  is only a  few  cents  pet  hour
The iron is operated irom an ordinary household socket
The in.ns .-..Id by 'hi- company an   constructed on the best principles; this means an appliance which is hoi al thc point anel cool at
unlb-.   The iron bears the manufacturer's guarantee.
SEYMOUR 5000 (Near Davie)
G.E. McBride & Co.
We have disposed of our Branch Store
at 49th and Fraser Street, and are now
OVERSTOCKED in certain lines.
We are selling these at a Big Sacrifice.
Watch Our Windows For Bargains in
McBride's hardware is  the  Hall-mark
of Quality.
G. E. McBride & Co.
Corner 16th Avenue and Main Street
PHONE:  Fairmont 899
Anything you wish in the way of Builders' Materials, Rough and
Dressed Lumber, Finish, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Sand, Lime,
also 16in, Mill wood.
P. 0. Pox 3
Phone Collingwood 16 L
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
H. G. BROWN, Proprietor
Eburne  Saw Mills  Limited
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Fir, Cedar, and Spruce Lumber
Shingles, Lath. Sash, Doors, Turnings
and House Finishings
Choosing  Varieties  for  Next  Year
By  Min "Chinook"
Thi- season i- thc time to n leel
the e.n i. ii- - you will wanl t'e grow
next year, whether in the flower or
the vegetable garden Description!
an- of some value and photographs
,1 more, bul you really cannot decide
whether you lil.c any particular special flower, finii "I vegetable unless
yen se it. Of late.- years there has been
;i wonderful development of varieties, so that now among such pi.mis
a- peonies, dahlias, gladioli and
phlox there are hundreds e.f different
At a recent peony exhibit a single
grower had between two anel three
hundred varieties on the table. Man)
e.i the newer sorts are remarkably
beautiful and most desirable. Yel a
catalogue gives me adequate impression e.f what they are like. The- way
ie. select the varieties which you
would like in grow in your garden
is lo see thein ill bloom.,
11 the garden maker will provide
a notebook dedicated to the garden
and carry it along to every show eir
private display visited, it will be- a
simple matter to list the varieties
of garden products, whether designed
lo please the eye eer the palate-, which
makes the .strongest appeal to him.
Ill this way it is possible to make up
charming color combinations and to
avoid mistakes which might result
from an experiment with flowers not
well known,
Suburban and city dwellers often
have the privilege of attending public
horticultural exhibits, at which the
finest products of hundreds of gardens are sluewn. People in meere remote sections can visit other trardens.
In fact, to lln- garden lover there arc
few  pleasanter   ways   of   Spending  an
occasional day off or even a Sunday
afternoon than in making an excursion to some- well-kept garden een a
large estate where new sorts of llow-
crs and vegetables are tried. Most
garden makers are hospitably in-
clineil and extend a cordial welcome
even to strangers who come with an
honest purpose Often only a request
is needed to gain admittance to private grounds,, where llle gardener
will gladly give the names of plants
and varieties which are not known
to the visitor.
The only way in which to find full
satisfaction in the flowers that one
grows is tre know them by name,
ihen one ceeines to have a friendly
feeling for lhat which was unknown
before; an intimacy is created which
eleiuliles the pleasure of garden making. A rose garden is always a delight, but more so than ever when
you can indicate one flower as Caro-
tne Testout, or another as the beautiful Killarney, or stop to pluck a lovely while Prau Karl Druschki, or discuss intelligently ihe   splendid   new
climbing American Beauty. It is
better to have a lew plants with
which you are on speaking terms, as
it were, than a miscellaneous culle-e--
tinii oi what lo you are just tlowers.
(If late years interest in the iris
lias been greatly stimulated and a
visit to an iris garden will be- a revelation i" those who only know the
common iris eer Hag eef the old-fashioned garden. One grower has twelve pages in bis catalogue devoted i"
listing   varieti is   of   tin-   iris.     li   i-.
much   lhe    sume-   wiih    barely   phlox,
eelle    e,|     llle     \ ;-|-y     |e, ,|     per lill II ill I -     iff
ilu- garden nf thc amateur. Tin lean- hundreds nf i am ties, tall, d�� ,i i.
e.nly anil late. Care in ilu ir selection ihould li exi i ciscd, for they
really constitute a long u nn |n\ e st-
niciii. They live on t"i many years
when once established and multiply
rapidly. Tin- righl son- are a last-
ing satisfaction, Delphiniums, asters,
hardy poppies, and chrysanthemums
deserve a place in ibe -.-inn- category.
Tee    klle.W      ill,-     VII lie 111 -     V e ,||    gp.W     by
name is tee wonderfully enhance tin
Joy eef growing them, and you will
servt your own interests well if you
make a selection from ilu- blossoms
li is a common practice to visit iln
grounds of gladii li an.l dahlia growers, make a die.iee of varieties when
in bloom, anil leave an order i" have
the bulbs or tubers nf those varieties
delivered I" yen in tin- spring . Then
Ilu buyer knows whal lie is JUSt gelling. Te. s.e any flowers growing is
in gel a comprehensive idea a- i.
tin- manner in which they would lit
into your garden scheme. You in-te-
ilu- shades eef e-..luring, iln- height "f
the plant, the habit of growth. Willi
iln- facts thus secured, carefully recorded iu your litlle garden guide, ymi
will find yemr garden making the
next season much and pleasantly simplified.
*    *    *
An Argument for Suffrage
After listening to two women visiting together .ever their embroidery
em a park bench you would think
ib.it anyone would welcome anything that presaged sweeping change
in  type for  women.
Says one: "1 have nearly done Ibis
Says the other: "How fast you
work! I am Still mi this scallop,"
"1  don't work  fast."
"You do,  too."
"Well, maybe I do. Bul it seems
lo me 1 am slow, I am a person who
doesn't like to hurry. I lake my time.
Ye.ii can do a great ileal of embroidery iu a day, you know."
"I   love  I'i  embroider, don't you?"
"It helps lo pass tlu- lime; I embroider all summer long"
"I   do,  too.     I   am  making a  lot  eif
stamped  things  to  the  Catskills  to
kill time wilh.''
"Which floss el" you really like
bisir Here Spoil I Bad doggie.
IJid um run  away from nitizzcr?"
Hang! They are blasting mer iu
North   Vancouver  and   you   are  glad
of   il.
���t      A      A
Cutting Down Living Expenses
The women of Calgary. Alia., arc
trying to lower tbe cost of living in
that city. They will place an embargo
mi all foodstuffs, tin- price of which,
in their estimation, is too high. This
is only one of the steps thai lhe women ol that city plan to take in a
determined campaign against ibe high
cost ..1 living.    Behind this movement
to reduce  tne  price of certain  f 1-
stufEs, is ibe Housewives' League,
which has as members over three
thousand representative women of
Calgary. Meetings of lln- league are
now being bebl weekly, anil llie plan
that ibe women will follow in their
- Sorts I., reduce (In- living cosl will
be given i.e tin- public shortly. Il is
known, however, that all fruits ami
vegetables will be purcbas.il ilii- summer  by   the   carload  ami  distributed
l.e-t  ii-  supply ye.u  with  iln-  requirements of ilu   season.
Water Cans, Hose, Garden Tools
The hot weather is coming.    Don't forget that we carry a full line
of  Screen   Doors and   Windows.
Dealer  in   Stoves,  Ranges  and Kitchen Utensils
Phone C..II. 1"
We have the stock, the machinery and the men
to produce first-class
Collingwood Sash and Door Factory
CAPP & TILBURY, Proprietors
418 Winch Building Vancouver, B.C.
Wood Block
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western  Plate Glass &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thorne   Metal   Store   Front   Bars,   Bevelling   and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
The title eef this picture has heen
lost. It's up tn thc readers nf lln
"Chinook" to find it. Some say thai
Ilu- cut sinews a great beast nf prey
that roamed eiver the mountains eef
liritish Columbia a thousand years
agei. Others say il is an amphibian
eif the early ages. One man claims
it's a carrot root; another that it's
u horse radish root; still another���
this one freun Victoria, claims it's
nothing hut a stump. Scores of readers
are suggesting names which range all
the way from a scene in Stanley Park-
to a wrecked balloon.
Here is a  sample lettet sent tis unsigned :
Editor "Chinook":
Dear   Sir.���
As I cannot make head nor tail of
that "mystery picture" of vour-. I
suggest that the title of it is���"The
Political Situation in the Municipality
��� if South Vancouver." The figure in
lhe corner is none other than Reeve
Kerr running  lor cover.
And here is still another letter :
Tee  the   Editor   of  lhe   Greater  Vancouver  "Chinook."
Dear  Sir.���
The answer to your inquiry  ;is  in
what    the   picture   illustrates    in   the
"Chinook'1 on July  12th and  19th,   I
woulil say it is an Elephant.
Gceergc A.  Myles,
Reader  eef  "Chinook"
235 Keefer Street
Vance.uver.   P..   C.
The publishers of the "Chinook"
are giving a free subscription for one
year tn the one- sending in the enr-
reii title-. The -i\ nearest gucssers
will be rewarded with a six months'
free  subscription  to  the  paper  each.
in iln- members nf the league em the
consignment plan. In this way the
women figure thai the exorbitant profits thai ih,- middleman makes will he
done away with, aiul ilie housewives
"ill receive their produce at a rea-
- ui.iLli- price. Dealers who insist iu
!������ ping llie price nl' certain cmuinml-
ities beyond r*as m will imt be patronized by iln- members 'ef the league'.
Hi ��� tneml (It > 'if llie league have
pledged themselves nol in Buy articles which because nf their price arc
nol in ihe reach .,f ihe ordinary
housewife   wiih    a   limited    income
���    d.lily    list    ,,f    ||le    DriCeS    nf   .ill    t'ood-
tUffl   will   lie   kepi   by   llle   league'   for
ih'- convenience of iis members who
pledge themselves  in consult  it be-
'tiri doing iheir shopping. The campaign ni Hi,, women is arousing great
interesi iu the city.
A Disgrace to the Province
Scathing condemnation e.f the pro-
iiiui.il governmenl jail at Xew Westminster was handed down hy the
grand jury, last week, when they ended their labors tor this session of the
assizes. Their opinion of the provincial courthouse iu the Royal City
is also condemnatory. Only for the
insane asylum and the labeir colony
feir prisoners had lhe grand jury any
good at all.
Briefly their verdict on the provincial jail i.s that the place is beyond
I'liiceptiou a death trap in case of
ine, thai ii is insanitary, thai ii is unsuitable   for   the  accommodation   of
human beings, whether criminal or
not. ami that it must he superseded
by a proper modern building without
For the women's section e,f (he
building the grand jury had difficulty
in finding we,rds hard enough Thc
laundry they describe as thoroughly
unsuitable and unhealthy. The sanitary accommodation they call absolutely out of date and vile. They
mention with particular emphasis the
fact that the matron has been in the
l>'il"t  of taking away lhe keys of the
women s department with her when
absent, thus leaving the weimen subject to the extra risk of a horrible
death penned up in their prison
chambers ihould the building chance
to take tire. The fire risk of the
building the grand jury report on as
desperately high.
��� ��� ^ ������ .
"Don't you adore Ibsen?" demand-
eel   the  Chicago  girl.
"Y��," faltered the Huston damsel.
"I don't always get him, though," SATURDAY, JULY 26,  191.1
Geo. B. Howard
Phones   Sey.
4634 4635
Week Commencing Monday, July 28
That Sensational Comedy
Matinees, Wednesdays and Saturdays
H.   H.   DEAN,   Proprietor
Cor. 26th AVE. AND MAIN ST.
Matinees   Wednesday   and   Saturday
"Snow is Coming"���Buy Your
at Summer Prices
3 Loads for $9.00
4905 Ontario Street Cor. Bodwell (34th A vet..
Phone :   Fraser 41
Order Your Winter Coal Now
hand   genuine
and  are  able  to  till  any  and all  orders at  short  notice.
Any statement  that  there  is no  Wellington and  nothing
but  Seattle  Coal  in   town   is  incorrect.
Phone Seymour 210
" M    PLAY H00S6S-
Phone 1038 : Edmonds, B. C.
I have the exclusive sale of large lots on Salisbury Avenue, close
to statics.    $1,000 each; on good terms.    See me about them.
Mr.   Bailey   is   Surprised   at   Recent
Letter   Attacking   Central   Park
To  the  Editor  of  thc  "Chinook" :
Sir,���1 am not surprised that "Parishioner" omitted to attach his name
to the rambling effusion that appeared in thc form of a letter in your issue of the 19th itiistant, and which is
headed "A Congregation being kept
from their Church," but I am surprised that the "Chinook" should publish
under a Norn de Plume such an uncalled for attack on a gentleman who
is much respected by those who
know him.
It may be admitted that the congregation at St. John's is small (aes is
usual during the summer months)
and that the finances are not as flourishing as could be desired, but that is
the fault of the absent and delinquent
members of the congregation and
certainly not of the Rector, and in
any event does not justify such
sweeping and rash statements that
appear in  the letter referred  to.
The remarks concerning the form
of service and the choir are matters
which can be dealt with at any public
meeting of the congregation or church
committee, and it is quite unnecessary
that we should attract the public attention to our little differences by
airing them in the public press.���
Yours, etc., H. S. BAILEY.
Sunday Services
Rev. J. Willard Litch will conduct
the services at the Ruth Memorial
Church on Sunday, July 27. The
morning subject, "Protecting Purposes,"     thc     evening,     "Forsaking
ami Forsaken."   li is understood that
the new church will be ready for occupation  by September  1.
 ���  ^   ���	
On Thursday, July 24, Mrs. and
the Rev. Geo. D. Ireland, of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, left for
Victoria to stay over the week end.
While in Victoria Mr. Ireland will
attend the Presbyterian Christian Endeavor  Convention.
*        *        *
On Wednesday, July 23, Miss A.
Stewart, together with Miss A. Es-
iselmont and Mrs. McDonald left for
Victoria to attend the Presbyterian
Christian Endeavor Convention being held there this week.
 ���     ^    e>	
"Let me write the songs ot a nation," said the ready-made philosopher, "and I care not who mak���� ��he
"I won't go quite so far as that,"
replied Senator Sorghum; "but let
me write the amendments and I care
not who draws up  the bills."
Bobby���Sister must be able to see
in  the dark.
Mother���How so?
Bobby���Because last night when
she was sitting with Mr. Staylate in
the parlor I heard her say: "Why,
Tom, you haven't shaved!"
 ���  *   ��� '%	
Mr. Wyhorn���Ever since 1 .d
you I've drunk the cup of b '*
to the dregs.
Mrs.   VVyboru���Y'es;   imagine you
leaving a drain of anything in any
cup I
Imperial   Theatre
'I'ln-     Pollard    Open    Company,
strong   favoriti -   n   Vancouvei.   ���> ill
urn te, ih.- imperial, Mondaj  i
��� a   ee ' e V-   111 IV.ll   Of   lln   jUttly   I.I'll
i Martin and Kirker, London Ga-
ty  Theati       n The   Belle  ol
;w   Ve rk."  presenting a  galaxy  of
.  auty in .i ii ii- - of tin   moil ���
in:,, entlj   pi 'du
��� Mt       JU .-II      bj      llel^      -HI"  1 i   'I
Among iii. Favoritei which ���
this company an- found mch names
;n Teddy McNamara, Queenii Willi.nn-. Eva Pollard, Nelln McNamara,
Willn Beven, Dottic Brown, Ethel
Naylor and i icore of 'ethers including iln- famoui rosebud ballet, The
-e-, ni.- \, ,,ir, ,,i "Tin- I'., 11.- e.i New
Vnrk" will prove a revelation tn the
average theatre-goer and iln- best of
.ill, iln- priies will lie placed at the
very lowest figure- Matinees will be
played Thursday and Saturday.
��� *   *
Avenue  Theatre
George   M.   Cohan'i  brilliant   play,
"Fifty   Miles   Prom   Boston,"   is  delighting  ilu- patrons .,1 tin-  Avenue
Theatre   this   week.   This   piece   is  an
ideal summer offering, there is pint.
action, comedy and music���all of the
requisitiei fit care-killer and joy-
"Fifty Miles" will be followed at
the Avenue with another comedy, this
time without music, entitled���"Nobody's Widow." This clever comedy
conceit was used by Blanche Bates
all  last  season  in   N'ew   Vnrk, anil  nu
a limited road tour.
The pint is daring ami original
Roxanna Clayton has made a hasty
narriage, is deserted by In-r husband,
and after telling her friends at home
that her husband died while "ii their
honeymoon, the lupposedly dead
bridegroom turns up and wants to betaken baek. Just as she ii- mi the point
of taking him hack and making cx-
.'^Zi'.'.nns to her friends she receives
a cable from her lawyer telling her
that she has just been granted a final
and absolute decree of devorce. After
a series e,f complications they finally
remarry and nobody's widow again
becomes somebody*! wife.
* *    *
Empress  Theatre
The  second week of the  Empress
under ils new regime, with its superb
production    of    Rex    Beach's   dramatized   novel,   "The   Xe'er   Do   Well."
is   well   along  to  Its   end  and   but  a
few   more   opportunities   remain    for
"���"ssing   this   great   play.   Despite
i  unexpected   neat,   the   audiences
ci been meirc than satisfactory, due
,   ,i*ps- not   only   i"   the  excellence
the piece and its performance, but
ai��o to the fact that the  Empress is
an   unusually   cool   and   comfortable
theatre.     "The   Xe'er   Do   Well"   has
been   most   beautifully   staged   and   is
capitally acted,   Del Lawrence, Maude
Leone,     William   Jossey.     Margaret
Marriott.   Alf.   Layne,   in    facl   every
member of the company in the long
east acquit themselves splendidly and
and  Avery  Hopwood and deals  with
ihe- marooning of a houi ful of pe ������-
pie iluiiuu a -i are which wai b
about  by  the discovery oi a
-  lupposi '1 I-- lee   small pox.
Caught  in   thc  net   '-      policemai
aIi.i   has  iicin  '-.illine  e.i.   ii.,   .
burglar, wine has secreted him-
K II iii thi   - bin.ne ���.  "ii thi   rool
minute  and
the fun i- of the good clean
lUthors lia\ e made an extreme-
1, iiiniii ni'l amusing play and havi
kepi il free from the leasl luspicion
of indelicacy.
Kare-ly doi - a -���'���!. company pi",-
ieM -mli a iplendid list of comedians
a-   dni-    th      Law leiiie    l'laye-r>   aml|
i ',��� re A-, e,
Lawrence &  Sandusky, Lessees
Sey. 3907
Week of July 28.    Matinees Wed. and Sat.
1��' I Law re-ui.e-
1    inpany
Maude   Leone
In the greatest laugh producer ever written
Prices 25c and 50c
Matinees 25c Any Seat
One of the stars of the revival of "The Belle of
New York," at the Imperial Theatre, week starting  Monday next
they  will all  have  their opportunities
in   "Seven    Day-''
Tin- stage setting's will be mosl
elaborate ami will show the entire
house' from cellar lee roof.
*    *   *
Orpheum  Theatre
Il   will  be  circus  week  at   the  Orpheum   all   nexl   week,   with      .Max'-
Unequalled       Vaudeville      Meana       Pantagat
SHOW STARTS-.2.45. 7.15. and   "MOp.t
Week of July 28
rOSEPH    K.   HOWARD   and
The composer and  charming  vocalist
ami    comedienne    in    Xew-    and
original Mings ami palter
Season's   prices :   Mat.   15c���Evening
15c and 25c
Three   Shows   Daily,   Matinee   2:45,
Evening  7:15 and 9:15
Week   of   July   28
Ten   people   in   the  act;   two   carloads
nf equipment
and  east  in  "Tlie  Watch"
Song and  Dance Artists
Other Big 5  & C. Acts
Prices  15c 25c, 35c, and 50c
Iwo Shows Nightly, 7:30 and 9.15
Matinee  daily  3  p.m.
pantomimic dancer in the country,
heading his own company of twelve
people, presenting "La Somnambule."
Sig. Molasso is the author of a number nf successful pantomime's, among
them being "The Darling of Paris "
 1  ^ ���	
 South Vancouver Presbyterians Hold
attraction.   Mr.   Bowser   is   supported [ Annual Picnic
by   Ethel    Dam-.   Harold   Parks   and       On  Tuesday,  July 22,  the  children
t...   r,    ���m,..   "''-'"  '���-  --   ���   'and parents e>f the South Vancouver
Presbyterian   Church   held   their   an-
Jean   Barry.   "The   Watch"   is  an   in
tensely   dramatic   tabloid,   with   cunning  situations  and  a   surprising  de-
Jules Bernard and Florence Scarth,
both   fi inner  musical   comedy  favor-
nual picnic at Queen's I'ark, New
Westminster. The weather was perfect and all spent an enjoyable time.
They arrived  there  iii  tin-  morning,
have joined hands in a business (played  a  few  games" and'Ve're'Then
Scene  from  "Seven  Days."  at the Empress   Theatre
the   supers   are   numerous   and   well
Scenically it i.s one eef the most
beautiful plays ever put on in this
city, and all concerned in its mechanical production deserve the highest
For next week Lawrence & Sandusky announce the great fun maker
and grOUCh dispellcr "Seven Days "
"It is to laugh" and then seime. aes
long as the curtain is up, feir it is one
:ontinuous burst of hilarity because
if the extremely funny complications
md absurd situations. "Seven Days"
s   the   joint-work   of   Mary   Roberts
circus, the largest aggregation of
clowns anil European performers ever
sent over a popular-price vaudeville
circuit. There are ten people in the
act, including two carloads eif equipment, horses, dogs and almost everything that a circus is heir to. except
"the baker" and "red lemonade." The
act played continuously for a year at
tin; Winter Garden, in Berlin, and has
proved a sensation over the S. & C.
Charles W. Bowser, a well-known
legitimate player, supported by a canaille cast will present "The Watch,"
by Oliver White, as the added feature
partnership as performers, which has
proved mutually satisfactory to public
and performers alike. They will sing,
dance and scatter up-to-the-minute
chaff feir the benefit of Orpheum pa-
trons. A phenomenal voiced Italian, in
the person of Luciano Lucca, will
sing his way- to the hearts of Vancou-
verites'with' his Iwei distinctly different voices. An eccentric comedian, in
the person of Henry Frey, will put
splendid comedy uver the footlights.
Lew Palmore will juggle innumerable
hats. Twilight pictures and Will H.
Davis' crew of musicians will present
Mors.  G.  Molasso, the greatest male
ready to enjoy the splendid dinner
provided by the ladies of the church.
There was ice cream in abundance,
much to the gratification of the
youngsters. In the afternoon the
sports were held. A good programme
of races had been made and this provided much fun for the spectators.
Everyone was pretty well done out
when supper time care. Those who
had attended the previous picnics de-
i clared that the one on Tuesday was
the most successful one yet held.
Among the visitors at the picnic were
Mrs. M. Campbell and Mrs. D. Smith,
both from Fort William. TEX
SATURDAY, Jl'LV 26, 1913.
SPEAKS     :    :    :    :    :     ���
Few forms of economic waste are
more serious than ilu- waste "i the
intelligence an I experience nf a c immunity, -mj one can study the life
e.i a community without reaitzina thnt
there is a reservoir nf intelligent experience that is seldom tapped for the
benelil nf the community. Two serious results nf this economic waste
are: First, definite loss tn iln- community in knowledge ni the wishes of
the people, often followed by mistaken and imperfect legislation, local
aiul provincial, ami second; the overflowing of tlu- reservoir nf public
opinion and the danger of passional.-
moved  the  Industrial  Committee "f
the Progress Club In send out 243
schedules of questions to representative business men nf Vancouver on
the industrial conditions nf this province. It lias been recognized for
some lime that our industrial salvation depends upon two possibilities:
An adequate treatment of the agricultural problem and the founding of
a great payroll so that the manufacturing eef .mr daily necessities shall
be stimulated and employment be
found feer our own people and the
ever increasing stream of immigrants.
It  was natural and  sensible to ask:
think should he adopted by the city
to Improve conditions?
9. Could you suggest any steps that
this club could take, which ynu  think
would stimulate local consumption
of Vancouver-made goods, or in any
other way promote industrial development?
II). Kindly mention any other
points bearing upon the questions
stated tee which yeeu think attention
ought   to  be directed.
Fifty Replies
It  will  be  noticed  that  the aim  of
these  questions  is  three  fold :     First
tee accumulate trustworthy statistics
of local manufacture; second, to ascertain the number and kinds of allied trades that exist or might he
founded tei supply the manufacturers
needs, and third, that most important, to tind out what the manufacturer is thinking about industrial Vancouver.
In response to 243 inquiries 50 answers have been received. One of the
difficulties of a public information
bureau is Illustrated by this fact, Out
of 243 manufacturers 193 have nol
found time to reply. Hut the answers
that have been received contain much
valuable information and many pertinent suggestions and fully justify
the action taken hy the department
nf industries.
'I'he-   chief   interest   nf   llie     repli. s
centres in questions 7. 8 ami 9,
Cheap Sites
The outstanding features of the replies  to  question  7:    "'Ainu,  in  your
with all emr natural advantages���a
tremendous fillip would be given t��>
the manufacturing industry "f Vancouver,
Comparative   Light   Charges
For electric light in  Vancouver  we
Miave a maximum charge of lie per
K, W. hour wilh a discount of 20 per
[cent for prompt payment. In Winnipeg both    ihe    municipally     owned
! plant anil lhat of a private corporation  give  a  rale  of  a'A   per   K.     W.
I hour gross with a discount for
prompt payment of HI, 15, eir 20 per
cent., according to the life of the contract. In addition in this the consumer in Winnipeg gets the advantage of what is known as the wholesale discount, This applies to consumers who arc using $50.00 worth of
current per month and over. The
discount allowed is 10 per cent, increasing to 60 per cent, when the
amount  used  Is over $500.(10
In Toronto the rate enforced is
3c per K. VV. hour plus 4c for 100
square feet of active floor space. This
latter charge will, for a seven or
eight reinined house amount lo about
50c per month, making this rate s mie-
thing uneler 3'/te per K. W. hour.
Local Preference
The necessity I'm' local patronage of
home-mad: goods is pressed with the
Utmost urgency. l'ndcr Ihis head
many suggestions emerge. li is
pointed oul in one mosl Intelligent
and comprehensive answer that the
.1 9 u ipolitanisin   nf   the     city      tells
eh. of
mil  that  s.imel
Other Causes
Among   olher   obstacles   to   indus
trial    development    mentioned
freight rates eastward, high cost of
fuel, high priced and inefficient labnr.
inadequate harbor development, limited markets, taxes, tying up e.f capital iii unproductive real estate, lack of
available funds at reasonable rales oi
interest, and one writer includes lack
of business veracity and integrity a-
nioiig the mosl Berious obstacles.
appoint Intelligent in-
and workshops
Two Statements
Two significant paragraphs may be
ire I quoted in conclusion :
"Working our plant t'i it- capacity wc could easily employ two hundred l-'Hel) pe,,pie. and would have a
payroll nf ten thousand ($10,000) per
month iall while labor), a- well as
pay inn- shareholders g'eeeel dividends
,,n their  investments.
"There are fact,.lies in lhe province
producing the -; un- lines as ourselves;
A Scene off Point Grey at 4 o'clock a.m,���Takinjj sshcre Point Grey
end cf the longest telephone c=b:e in the world
ami unreasonable���often criminal���
action nf which the French Revolu-
tional is llie nn - outstanding h!s-
torical example and tin- women's
movement in England the pre- ml
lu every community there are
hundreds ni people wh" have iln- best
right in -peak win. do nol gel the
chance���fen- various reasons. Seime-
limes they are lee busy In take any
I iii in puhlic life; sometimes they
have im constitutional right; sometimes  the.'- are i ontemptuous of
locai adni nistfation i" interest thcin-
iclves in it; the newspaper correspondent column is often inn foolish
in permit association wiih ii. ami sn
tin- reservoir e.i accumulated experience and intelligence is not tapped
fm- 'In- in -in-lit of the public. It i-
true there- are ratepayers' a-- iciation!
and iln- lik.-. hut the effeetiven -- of
these often depends upon iln- energy
and ability "f an unpaid secretary
and that i- always a problematical
factor  in  pulilii-  service.
Industrial Referendum
ll  was kniiwledge e.f this kind that
What iln the manufacturers think?
What iln they need.- Whal suggestions have ihey in offer?
The Questions
The questions put in tin- manufacturers were  llie  following :
I What ar.- your products? Pleasi
give complete list wiih trade names
rn- brands uneler which they are mar.
_'. Wlia- raw mall-rials used by you
are products of other industries?
3. Which  nf these  are  nol   prodtlC-
i ed   here'
4. Cmild any nf the- latter be profitably produced  here'    If io, please
I name them,
5. Would ii In- of advantage i" your
business to have them produced locally?
(i. Is there larg.- local consumption
of your product? li not, how do you
ttccounl for the fact?
7. What in your opinion arc the
chief obstacles in the industrial development of Vancouver?
X.  What   measures,   if   any   do   youi
Vancouver   waterfront   scene���the   "Crown   cf  Galicia" alongside  of
which is a ship used for laying submarine  cables
Among ihe suggestions are the following; Organize the manufacturers
into an association and organize the
consumers and gel them to co-operate; establish a department lo procure
industrial sites and industrial nurseries mi th,- "loft system"; a bureau tii
iress information mi new and local
nanufacture; show tee dealer- the pr'a-
lieal benefit to themselves fi pushing home products; establish a directory "i home-made g""<l>; gel better
sast-bound freight rati-: cheaper
power and fuel; offer prizes for lust
Ai'mlnw display fi B.C. products dur.
ing exhibition wce-k; semi-annual exhibition of B.C. products; establish a
standard in tin- province for good
weight, gemd quality, ete ,; establish
i department of Information mi Import! ami exports; local preference
ui iln- pan ..I' public authoritits like
Pile cily  Council  ami  id 1  board;   re-
inive- lln- lax mi cordwood fm- fuel;
exempt new industries from taxation
feu ai leasl live years; eliminate all
taxes   and   waler   rates   mi   factories
Where B.C.  Beets are made
Laying  the  thirty-mile   Cable  between   Vancouver     and     Nanaimo
across the Gulf
opinion, are the chief obstacles in the
industrial development of Vancouver?" i.s the need for cheap industrial
sites. No fewer than 75 per cent of
the answers to this question put the
high cist of land as the chief obstacle to industrial development in Vancouver, anil many nf them are in accord with the suggestion that definite
industrial centres should he created
on the initiative of the city council.
It is evident that the time is due for
some definite step to he taken on
these lines. The difficulty of doing
this on individualistic lines and in
piece-meal fashion is so manifest that
there is not a single objection to organized municipal action. The trend
of thought is all in the direction of
an industrial district.
Cheaper Power
Xext in importance of emphasis is
the necessity for cheaper power. It
is pointed out again and again that
rapid and profitable development in
manufacture is impossible until the
charges for power are reduced and
brought into line with those of other
cities. If we could say, it is argued,
that we had the cheapest power in
Canada���as we should be able to say
against loyalty te. home manufacture.
especially in fiend stuffs. Many peo-
ple of foreign birth are accustomed
te, brands of goods produced in the
Country e.f their birth and iln nol usually change tn local products, Much
education, ii is suggested, is necessary to generate ill our people loyally
to their own products such as is cus-
ii'inary in the eastern provinces.
"They do not realize," it is said, "or
appreciate that little or no goods
manufactured here can be sold in
foreign markets or eastern Canada at
the present time and that a manufacturer in this province (mice he has
a good article at the right price)
must have thc loyal support of his
'iwn people. They talk about payrolls
bul do nothing to support them."
Cost of Labor
Fourteen out of fifty of the replies
mention,the high cost of labor as one
of the chief obstacles to industrial
development, but in some cases it
is recognized that this itself is due to
the high ce.st of living and that this
again is due to the large consumption
of foreign goods, many of which
might be produced here. Somebody
has to pay the duty and the freight.
three are located iu Vancouver, and at
present all are closed down, throwing
two hundred pcple temporarily "in
e.f work, while al the same time carloads of eastern, Canadian and foreign c-niids nf ilie same kind ar.- being
brought inin lhe province aim '-!
daily, sold by Vancouver merchants
and purchased ley iln- Vancouver public, from the Progress Cluh down.
"If we could arrest the business we
shmild have, this would nol occur,
and this industry alone, directly would
have a payroll '���!' al least three hundred and fifty thousand per year and
indirectly give greater employment
ne other producers
'Industrial development could be
promoted anil can ..nly In- promoted,
when Industrial lites are in the hands
ni iln- Governmenl who would -ell
them nr lea-e them al reasonable
runs p. manufacturers, We intended manufacturing all nf mn- products
for use in Alberta, Saskatchewan ami
Manitoba here in Vancouver, but
meantime iln- land question knocks
ihi- mi ibe head completely."
Food   Products���An   Important Industry


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