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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Mar 6, 1915

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Price 5 cents
The Week's Business at South
Vancouver Municipal Hall
Question of a Garbage Incinerating Plant is Discussed
and Action
\   special   meeting   of   ihe   council
��� li held last Thursday afternoon, the
chief item of business being the con-
- deration of the report from the de-
legation   of  councillors  and  from  the
- licitor, who visited Victoria in regard to the desired legislation to per-
the issuance .ei treasury certificates against deferred taxes. The ik-
itation, which consisted eef Solicitor
Donaghy, Councillors Allen, Rowlings, Stanley. Street anil Welsh, re-
; .te'el that they had done all it was
p jsible  to do, hut  had been  unable
secure any promise from the representatives of ihe government thai
.���thing would be done, the only
1 ��� einise that could be obtained being,
that their case would receive careful
��� nsideration, tbe usual anil hopeless
answer of the Bowser-McBride machine,
The rei|iicst for a grant which the
delegates made for the purpose of
�����  rk being started on tiie paving of
-it Avenue or Kiver Road vvas
flatly turneil down, the councillors
being reminded that when the gram
,> - given for the paving of Kings-
way, the understanding was that no
m -re grant- for road paving would be
made   te,  this  municipality  for  three
four year, tee come, The only lit-
tli hope of assistance in Ihis way
�����   uld   be,   from   a   share  in   the   grant
arils maintenance of trunk roads
in Richmond district.
The question of reapportionment
eii the assessment of the various municipalities had been taken up fully,
with the Hon. Thomas Taylor, and
bjections were made against the present rate of assessment.   The deptita-
��� ,n suggested that an independent
assessor be appointed. Councillor
Welsh pointed out that in this suggestion   South   Vancouver,   being   already
.,T-assesscel. had nothing to lose
and a chance t" gain, by an indepen-
lent assessor being appointed with
wer tee act and his decision tee be
\ protesl was also made against the
iposed reapportionment of ceist as
between Vancouver city and the municipality and against the proposed increase in the representation "I Yau-
C uver city, anil from the stand taken
by the Hon. Mr. Taylor, it was felt
that thc city wemld not get the additional   representative   asked   f'er.
Following  tins   report,    Councillor
Russell protested that $180    had been
wasted by so many geiing lee Victoria,
and in  his opinion  that money  could
ave  been  much  better  spent  in  the
mnicipality  in  weerk  feer  the  unemployed   men;   he   claimed   it     was    a
-hame   that   such  a   large   delegation
had   been   sent   at   a   time   when   so
many   men   were   practically   starving
���ul requiring help.
A communication was read from the
- ilicitors   of   Mrs.   Kalenberg   re   the
iaitn   for   damages   to   her   property.
The council had made an offer of
$!,5<X) in settlement of the claim, but
this was refused. The claimant now
Efered to settle for $3,000, or allow
the claim tei hc settled by arbitration.
A ceimmittee consisting of Councillors
Stanley .Rowlings, and Welsh was
appointed to confer with the municipal solicitor ami appoint an arbitra-
'   r.
Messrs,   Wilson   and     Illaek     were
resent in the council chamber, appearing before the council een behalf
if a number of property owneri on
Thirty-fifth    Avenue   and      Kingsway,
iking   i'������������  .1   -eiih limit  of  a  claim
lade againsl  last  year's council, be-
tuse of certain property taken by the
municip.iluy   for  road   purposes  and
be owneri never having been paiil
I ,r tlie lame. Speaking i" Mesirs
Wilcox and Black, Reeve Gold Hated
it was not the policy of this year's
council  t'e confirm  the policy  pr ac-
��� ms of last year's council, but in this
case an exception would be made, A
motion was made ami carried thai the
claim bc paid when funds wcre available   1-r  the  same.
A letter was read from Mr. II. H.
Stevens, being an answer to a letter
'rein the Council asking that the work
in the new p.ist office feer Seiuth Van-
c .uver. tot which $60,000 hail heen
granted, should be hastened see that
the men in South Vancuuver mighl
have   work.    The letter  stated  that  it
ould be impossible to Start work at
once, but arrangement, will bc made
to have the work started at an early
The sch.ee ,1 board extraordinary estimates were to have been considered
at this meeting, bul no communication had been received from thc board
and Councillor Campbell suggested
that the members of th school board
should be askeel to appear before the
council, -e, that the matter could be
gone intei fully, and the clerk was
lUthorised tei communicate with the
beard tei this effect.
Reeve Gold read a letter from an
annonvmous writer, asking the reeve
to investigate as to whether a certain
councillor was a British subject The
reeve stated he declined at any time tei
take any notice of such communications and if any one wanted to have
anything investigated, they must sign
their name and address to their communication.    Councilleir Allen said lhe
place for such communications was
in the' waste paper basket.
Considerable discussion arose over
the amount of -alary to he paid the
newly appointed chaffeur mechanic,
also the electrician, tiie former chaffeur having resigned because of a proposed reduction of his wages t'j $S5
per month, and the proposal was made
I" give the new man $90. Councilleir
Campbell pointed out that this did not
look much like a policy eif retrenchment bul rather like a policy of extravagance, but ultimately it was a-
greed, with the reeve showing that
the ii -ely appointed chaffeur was an
experl mechanic, that the salary be
$(x> per month. The electrician's salary was placed al $90 per month,
A committee with Councillor Russell as chairman was appointed to investigate the personnel of the build-
jing inspector's office, and to bring in
a repeirt of same to the next council
1 meeting,
Tenders f.er 4000 feet of 12-inch
steel pipe- were' considered and ii was
found that the City of Vancouver
had in the lowest tender, their price
being $140 per 100 feet. The tender
was accepted on condition that this
pipe conform to the specifications of
the ��� "uncil.
The matter of supplies was next
ileal! with, and it vvas decided that
all office supplies he listed and advertisements be put in the papers calling
for tenders for the same, and also that
mi the 1st and 15th of each month,
tiie storekeeper prepare a list of the
supplies wanted, anil those wishing t��� >
tender for them do so hy sealed tender, the same to he opened and elc-
cieleel upon at lhe following council
nieeling. The nieeling then adjourned.
A special meeting of the board of
weirks vvas hehl on Friday, when
many matters in connection with this
department were considered.
A communication was read from the
Saanich municipality regarding the
purchase of the steam roller and
steam wagon, and this vvas the cause
of considerable discussion. It was
agreed, after full consideration, to
place a price of $55,000 on the roller
and wagon, and offer them to the
Saanich municipality at this price, also agreeing to have them overhauled
and  put  in  good  working  condition.
The engineer brought before the
committee the question of rock
breaking in the municipality, stating
lhat there was still considerable rock
to be broken in some of the wards,
and asking for definite instructions
regarding tiie placing of men to work
upon the job. It was agreed that the
men in the municipality be given rock
to break at $1.50 per yard, and each
man only to allowed to break six
yards at a time. Complaint was made
that some Italians had been getting
all of this work and had been making
up tee $30 per week at it. This will
be stopped and the men put to work
as ordered by the council.
The meeting at this point resolved
itself into a full council meeting,
Councillor Russell, as chairman of the
board   of   works,   vacating   the   chair
and the reeve taking his place. A resolution  vvas  passed  authorising  the
clerk and the' reeve tei visii Victoria
for the purpose of interviewing the
governmenl ami try to get sonic assistance for the unemployed men of
the municipality, als.e t���> try anel hurry
legislation tn allow the municipality
to proceed with the sale of treasury
certificates againsl unpaid taxes, II
is necessary ie.r the municipality to
rai-e $102,000 f'er Interest on South
Vancouver stock s.ehl in London, England. This money must be In I. mdon
by April 1st. and the money musl
therefore leave Vancouver by March
10th   t"   arrive   in   time   t'i   meet   :he'
payment due l>v ihe municipality.
Considerable discusiion arose over
a request sent in by a workman who
had worked for the waterworks department asking for arrears of wage-,
he having only been paid two dollars
per dav. when it was claimed three
dollars was being paid lhe other men.
After an explanation of this case had
been maele by thc engineer, it vvas resolved that in future all men shouhl
iie paid the standard wage fixeel by
the council and no preference be made
eir favors shown to anyone.
The council, after careful consideration, agreed that the rebate of ten
per cent on taxes would bc extended
until April 1st. giving all possible
opportunity feir taxpayers in arrears
t,, pay up and so help the council
carrv out necessary work in the municipality.
��� * *
A special meeting of thc council
was called on Tuesday afternoon, but
Reeve Gold and Clerk Springford
not having returned from Victoria,
this meeting was not held, but the
health committee met instcael and
discussed at considerable length the
question of the garbage disposal .ef
the municipality. It iwas felt that
with the approach of the summer, this
must be dealt with immediately and
a recommendation was decided upon
(Continued on page 6)
'I'he statement has been made in Council
by Reeve Gold, that the Editor nf the
CHINOOK writes letters, signed "Ratepayer," himself. Wc wish in deny this as-
sertion and in inform our readers that all
letters and correspondence that appears in
our columns must have a signature and
these signatures are open at ail times in anyone calling tn see them.
By "Observer"
"Oh that mine adversary had written a book!" exclaimed an ancient
writer. If Reeve Gold had been' the
adversary be vv,eulel probably have oh-
liged him. I note the reeve has prepared one written statement eef his
reasons for certain actions and has
announced that another statement is
being typewritten. Printed and written statements are all right if sure of
your facts���not otherwise. Anil in
Reeve Gold's statement oi reasons
why lie refused to put Russell's motion te. make an additional grant to
the North Fraser Mariner Board the
reeve proves conclusively that he did
not know what he was writing about
���that is assuming he wrote the
statement and that it was not done for
him hy his private secretary, Mr. A.
II. Seymour.
The presence of "presumably" so
many times in the statement of the
| reeve Inr Mr. Seymour) shows that
lie was in it sure of his ground, and
that, therefore, it vvas necessary to
qualify his statement and leave a loophole threiugh which to creep if found
out, Then too, the reeve's omissions
show that his statement was nol an
unbiased e,r unprejudiced one. Ii he
'had desired t'i be fair. Reeve Gold
! woulil have stated frankly that if the
additional gram eef $2,500 was made
the harbor board guaranteed i" repay
the money t" the municipality, "in
of ilu- firsl government appropriation.
Bul ibe- chief objection to Reeve
Cohls statement is that bis "factl"
ne- nol correct but are woefully ntis-
* * *
I here i- nee excuse' ten- the reeve I
i mistake's, because' the facta have been
published In thc press time and time
again. For instance, the reasons giver bv Reeve Gold for tlie facl that
Burnaby lias not made any grant to-
vvarels the harheer scheme. The reason has been In all the newspapers,
and even if the papers were nol at
hand for reference, if Reeve Gold had
desired to make a statement of fact
the telephone is on his desk ami another telephone is in the clerk's office in Burnaby, and tiie teleph me
operator would have been on'y too
pleased i" charge the municipality
ten cents for the privilege of putting
Reeve Gold and Reeve Fraser intei
communication. lint, no! S<i long
as the councillors and the public can
be' milled by fiction so long will Reeve
C.elel mislead them���as hc has tried to
dee by his explanation of why Burnaby eiiel not come ihrough with the
$7,500 grant. This was one instance
where he used the word "presumably."
* * *
The facts in connection with llurii-
aby's grant are no secret and are
briefly, that the finance committee
recommended a grant of $7,500 he
made. This was approved by the
council ami the solicitor vvas instructed t'i draft a bylaw authorizing the
grant. In some way a clause was inserted in thc bylaw binding tin harbor b.iard to construct a 40-f. e.'t channel to and through the Burnaby elis-
trict. and to guarantee tha' the work
be carrieel out within three years.
This clause the harbor board said it
hail no power to accept, as the b >ard's
object and powers are at present lim
ited to the preparation of plans for
submission to the Dominion Government, and the board had not power
to guarantee that the government
Would eh, as requested by Burnaby.
That clause has been the source of
the whole trouble between Hurnaby
and ihe harbor hoard and at present
both boilies .ire standing on their dignity ami have not come to any satis-
factory agreement. Reeve Gold, how-
ever, in his usual manner insinuates
that llurnaby believes "that what is
a Dominion Government scheme
should be financed by the Dominion
Government, eir they may even have
better reasons for holding back their
ponieeii of the initial ce>st." The reeve
is very fond of insinuating and implying motives, which as a matter uf
fact ihi met exist, and as a rule he
i- able io get away with it; but not
when he puts his insinuations in writing where they can be seen hy those
whee know  the  facts, as in  this  case.
Reeve Gold also states in hi- 'ist
.if rea-e.iis that Richmond anil Point
Grey "have- not only neit maele ihis
additional grant but are not even
committed to do IO."    Here again the
e.'e'le     is    Wlollg    Ml    his   "facts."       Ricll-
t,i��� .i-i.l council has this year, according
to newsmper reports, pas-eel ,i n lolu-
tieeu authorizing the additional grant
an,' inn- or more of the ratepayers'
association! have palled resolutions
approving    ol    the   council's   action.
\     itlCC     Of    llleelee-l    le,    i p. | |- Ol.ll C V    ,'1    it\'\tt/
authorizing thi cram ha- been given
an.! ill thai Richmond council is waiting for is thai S,.utli Vancouvei and
Poinl Grey come to wmi  decision in
the   matter,      The -e     ,  ,     fgctl    which
Reeve Gold or his private secretary,
Mr. Seymour, could h.iv<   ascertained
.is , isiiy   as typing lieiitie.us "facts,"
if lhe reeve hael be, 11 desiroUl "i plac-
Iing ift- before his council.    But it
iis   met   unreasonable   to   assume,    in
'view ..[' these "facts." lhat it was not
facts tli.it Reeve Gold wanted, but an
excuse for his unreal inable ami childish conduct in refusing to put a motion regularly- moved anil seconded,
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Welcomes Rev. J. Richmond Craig
Ladies Aid Serves Excellent Dinner and Induction Services Show
Healthy Spirit of the Congregation
The   moderator   complimented    the
congregation upon the "happy union"
which had been consummated that
day and expressed hope for a long
and useful pastorate.
At this stage Mr. McCuajf;, session clerk, in the name of the congregation, presented Rev. H. D. MacKay
with a gold mounted umbrella as a
token of their appreciation of the ser-
vicei which he hail sr. faithfully rendered during tiie vacancy. Mr. MacKay replied fittingly.
At the invitation of the ladies of
the congregation the Presbytery and
friends were entertained at a banquet,
served in the schoolroom. At this
function the moderator was also chairman ami after ample justice had been
eleeiu- te, the good things provided,
called upon tin- Rev. J. R. Robertson
e.f St. David's anel the Rev. F. W.
Kerr of Xew Westminster to voice
the thanks "f the guests. Mrs. Es-
slemont of the Ladies' Aid replied in
gracious terms.
In the evening a reception vvas given in honor of the- past'ir and his wife.
Mr. D. McCuaig. session clerk, occu-
pied the chair and was accompanied
on the platform liy the Rev. F. W.
Kerr of Xew Westminster, Rev. Al-
\ e r Mackav of West Vancouver, Rev.
v. Macaulay of St. Matthew's church,
Rev 11. Donald Henry of Vancouver
Heights, ami the pastor.
Mr. McCuaig welcomed the large
congregation and read expressions of
appreciation from tiie managers of
Central I'ark church and expressions
,,f regrel for absence from Rev. G. C.
I'. Pringle, Collingwood and Rev. C.
G. Caffin. St. Peter's. Mr. Burns, on
behalf of the Sunday School and the
young pee,pie. welcomed Mr. and Mrs.
Craig am! voiced the hope that the
heartiest support eef thc congregation
and especially of the younger clement
would be given the new minister.
Reminiscences of a long acquaintance with Mr. Craig were humorously
told by the Rev. F. W Kerr, the principal speaker of the evening. He
sounded th. optimistic note and urged
..ne ami all to hold on anil apply
themselves with ::\\ diligence to the
work eef building up the church. Thc
pastor of the Mountain View Methodist church, the Rev. Mr. Davidson,
extended the greetings of his people-.
Congratulatory addresses were gi-ren
by fellow-ministers and fellow-student- 'ef the pastor. Mr. Craig suitably replied anil asked the congregation for as enthusiastic support as
their welcome impqlied. Several musical numbers were rendered during
the evening and a social hour concluded the evening's programme.
On Sunday the Rev. Mr. Craig
conducted both services, morning and
evening. In tbe morning instead of
the regular sermon. Mr. Craig had a
real heart to heart talk with his congregation and this at .nice endeared
him to the large audience present,
In the evening the newly appointed
minister preached a powerful and im-
pre sivi jermon to a large congregation.
\ most enjoyable day for all members of the Westminster Church and
a number of visitors was Thursday
last, when induction of the new minister teeok place at 4 p.m. and tlle services merged into a banquet and social evening.
The induction service, which was a
most impressive eme, was in charge
of the Rev J. II. White of Eburne,
wh,, is moderator e,f the Presbytery
of Vancouver and district. The ser-
nieiii of the afternoon services was
preachee! by the Rev. A. McLean of
Langley, who preached an eloquent
and impressive sermon te, the large
audience present.
The Rev. R. J. Douglas of Weit-
minster Hall addressed the minister.
congratulating! the Rev. Mr. Craig
upon his care to this congregation.
In a very practical address Mr.
Douglas sought tee show the newly
appointed minister that thi- unanimous call to such a congregation as
Westminster Church vva- i call to a
high service, a call from God and a
call which woulil need his erery effort anel his noblest endeavor. Mr.
Douglas counselled the minister-elect
to take hi- people into his full confidence and thus working together, a
greal weerk could be- il nie- for the
Master's Kingdom in this portion of
ilis Vineyard,
Rev, II. J. MacKay addressed the
congregation and his address was full
of splendid counsel ami advice as to
the congregation's duties towards
their new minister, asking them to
weerk together as e,ne family, counselling them t" take their new minister
into their heart! anil into iheir every
confidence, showing the congregation that only in as far as they eliel
this would the wirk of the Rev. Mr.
Craig bc successful. Mr. MacKay
pointed OUt to the Congregation that
Ihey must be loyal to their minister,
loyal to their church and ever loyal
to the cause for which they were all
vvoikiiig. Unless they vv.irked in har-
mony ami worked together realizing
that in unity was strength and ever
keeping before them the Cross of
Christ and the gospel of love, then
work would not be fruitful and wouhl
neit bc according to the Divine will
.ef God. Cieiigratulating the congregation upon securing such a splendid
minister, anil again counselling them
to take him into their hearts and confidence, Mr. MacKay- closed an impressive address.
lln- Rev. Mr. Craig who was inr
ducted and received the charge, spoke
a few w.irds. thanking all for their
kind worels and good wishes towards
himself, am! assuring al! present that
in as far as God gave him strength
and power tor the work, he would do
what his Master commanded.
The right hand of fellowship was
given Mr. Craig by the foil.ewing
members of Presbytery: Revs J. R.
R ibertson, II 1 MacKay, J H. Millar. W. Bate-. A. Macaulay. R. J.
Douglas, A. MacKay, j. S. Hender-
I in, Or. McLaren. Dr. Grant, 11. IX
Henry, W. Burton, A. McLean. R.
N acKay, D. Jami -
Local Notes and Jottings
The reeve's reasons for suspending
Chief Lester and other employees
are not yet to hand-, but if his facts
are as fictitious and as suppositious
a- the.se' given by him feer refusing to
put Councillor Russell's motion the
council will be amply justified in telling Reeve Gold in no uncertain manner thai tliey have been fooled with
long enough and that it is high time
the reeve quit making an ass of himself   am!   -ettle   down     to     business.
Verb. sap.
A debate of special interest and
which promises tee be largely attended, will he held on the evening of
March 15th. the debators being sides
eif two young men each chosen freim
the Epworth Leagues of the Methodist   Church,   Collingwood,    and    the
Km ex Presbyterian Church. The
subject will be "That the Pulpit is
mightier than tlle Press." The debate
will be held in the Methodist
Church. Much interest is being a-
roused over the debate in this district, a-'d it promises to be a record
breaking attendance to hear the debate by these young men.
Evangelisl R. M. Whiteside with
Mr   Qtadale, soloist, are holding ser-
crj ning   this      week      in
Mountain View   Methodist Church.
* * *
The  debate  given  at   King   Edward
High School lasi  Fridaj  wa- well at-
tended.      The   affirmative    wal    taken
I by King Edward pupils and the negative   by   Se.uth     Vancouver     High
School pupils    South Vancouver won
the  debate.
Mr. Harry Pike of the tirst contingent  expects to be invalided home
as  hc  has been  ill  for  the  past three
month-. * * *
The special meetings which have
I been held eluring the past two weeks
in the- Ruth Morton Memorial Church
has been largely attended and reports to hand slieiw that a large number have made decisions to live the
Christian life. Tlie meetings will be
continued until Monday evening of
next week. Rev. Mr. Litch will
preach at both sermons on Sunday
tirst and at the evening service the
sacrament eif baptism will be administered.
Sr  St   St
Mr. and Mrs. W. I.. Woodford entertained a number of their friends in
the form of a dinner party at iheir
home. Blarney Cottage. 27th Avenue
Kast. on February 26th. in honor of
the second anniversary of their marriage.
e|<   *   *
Last Sunday evening a special service of praise was held in St. David's
Presbyterian Church. The choir of
thc church, under thc leadership of
Mr. Milligan. gave a splendid service
of song, including three special anthems, which were delightfully sung.
Mrs. Sterling and Mr. Jas. E. Patterson sang solos, Mrs. Sterling singing
"He Wipe's the tear from every eye,"
ami   Mr.   Pattersoi    sang   "Saved   by
Grace " The whole of tin song service wa- in the form "i ������ memorial
service' fi tiie late- Fanny Creesby, the
greatest hymn writer "t th.' .me-, who
elieel la-: llle.nth at tlie ripe ���. 1 ��� 1 agi
��� 9 -'years. All of the hymns lung
during tin- evening'i icrvice were
hymns written by thi- wonderful woman aiul the' sermon preached by the
Rev Mr Robertson was taken from
the text: "Ami this -hail be- for a memorial of ber" vvas especially applied
to the life eif the writer of these wonderful   hymns.
* * *
The Laelies' Aiel of Westminster
Church will meet a week earlier this
month to complete arrangements for
the St. Patrick's supper lhat they intend to he eld in the basement 'if the
church. March 17th. All ladies interested in tlie work will attend the
meeting at the home of Mrs McCuaig.
2.Nth Ave. and .fames Street. Thursday afternoon,  March  12th. at  3 p.m.
* * *
The regular monthly meeting of
thc Victorian Order. South Vancouver branch, was held at the home of
Mrs. Freeland. Tuesday afternoon.
The president was in the chair. The
meeting opened with prayer led by-
Mrs. Beavers. A good attendance
of members and five ladies from the
Kingsway branch, besides several visitors, were present. Mrs. McCauIly
was unavoidably detained at the last
minute, and the arrangements are being effected to hold the next meeting
in some local church, when the meeting will be addressed by some prominent members in the work. The
ladies regretted to receive Mrs. Har-
vie's resignation from the relief ceimmittee. The Burnaby branch tendered an invitation to the ladies to attend their quarterly meeting on March
SATURDAY,   MARCH   0,   1915
Every Saturday by the Greater Vancouver Publishers Limited
George M. Murray, Editor
Corner   Thirtieth   Avenue   and   Main   Street,   South   Vancouver,   B. C. '
TELEPHONE:   All  departments Fairmont  1B74
NIGHT   CALLS Fairmont   1946 L
Registered   .t  the   Poit   Office   Department,   Ottawa,   aa   Second  C'aa.
Mail Matter
To   all   pointf  in   Cana-ia,   United   Kingdom,   Newfoundland,   New
Zealand, and other British Posseisioni:
One   Year    $2.00
Six   Months       1.00
Three   Months    SO
Postage to American, European and other Foreign Countries, $1.00
per year extra.
'���The truth at all timet firmly standa
And shall Irom age to age endure."
HIS question is being asked everywhere throughout this municipality, in connection with mir municipal affairs. Thai a time has come when some drastic
steps will have to be taken by this municipality in one
way or another is evident to all. A state of demoralization exists at headquarters, a condition of chaos is what
we find in all of this municipality's affairs, and apparently, unless this municipality is to be irretrievably
ruined, a change will have to be made at once in its administration.
Reviewing the work of the Reeve and Council since
coming into office, it has to he admitted that instead of
helping to lift the municipality to a higher plane, and
to a sounder position in the eyes of the outside world,
it has rather made things worse atn! spoiled any little
credit we had in the world of finance. There is no use
closing' our eyes to the fact that today this municipality
is in a perilous condition. And wiiat is the reason, just
simply unbusinesslike administration.
W'e believe the majority of the council have conscientiously tried to do their duty in the affairs of the
municipality, but any good that could have been done,
any creditable work that could have been accomplished
has been vetoed and held up, by the autocratic actions
of Reeve Gold. Today the work of the municipal staff
is being demoralized and held up by tbe action of the
reeve in suspending several heads of departments. The
different committees of the council find their efforts to
secure efficiency in the several departments crippled
and their work of the past few weeks spoiled and gone
for nothing. What faith can the world of finance have
in a municipality when at every council meeting a cry-
is raised by the reeve for a constable to be sent for, so
that certain councillors may be ejected from the COUtlci
chamber. 1 low can any credit that this municipality
may have remain good when its main department, the
fire organization, finels its chief under suspension by
the reeve from time to time, all because of a petty,
in condemning the make-believes that pose a- a respon- i
i i
stole geivcnmicnt in this province.
A- long as there was plenty of '.ther pee epic'- money \
c ���;,:')-,\f intn the province for investment, everybody
,\;i- more or less having liis three-square meal- a daj !
.mel politics were left severely alone by tin  great b II;
of the community.
The Liberal party have never been inactive in do-
crying iiii- governmenl and al peril of being called
pessimists, have denounced the rotten polici  pursued |
in it- handling of the natural resources .if the province,
"Chickens come home lo roost" anil it would seem
pretty much as if this old adage would hi- very fitting to
conditions in this province.
" \- ye sow -ei -hall you reap." ami as '.he govern
1 B
ment thought ii wiser t" turn over the crown lands to
ihe speculators, so do we find the cities of the province
crowded wilh hungry men and women���some of the?
men and women who in that "tight little Island" have'
helped make the liritish Empire what it is.
I'.ut -igits are not wanting that a!! this is quickly
changing. A year ago even, anyone predicting a defeat
of the present provincial government would have heen
regarded "loonie" and not to he taken seriously. Now
however, the question does not resolve itself into defeat of the government, Imt as t'i how many of the
:abinet will even retain their seats.
It would seem as if the government cannol long delay going to the country. The longer they are in just
now, the worse their position becomes and it v>:!! not
surprise anyone should ihey decide to make an I" lattt
appeal to the electors righl after the close of the present session.
liritish Columbia is on the eve of a grea! aw.t'���-.i ig.
The time has come now when the ultimate destiny of
the province as an honorable member among the nations which comprise the Uriiish Empire will becom; a
reality and not a sham.
Are we to he members of the family for the sole
purpose of extracting all the surplus cash lying about
or are we to start and build a house for ourselves by
developing the resources which lie around us.
The forthcoming election will not be fought between
Liberal and Tory. Labor and Socialist, but will be an
expression of the people's own morality in its desire
for a cleaning out of the corruption which has made
this province's name a byeword throughout the world.
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WHO would be a councillor of South Vancouver?
A week or so ago the council passed a motion to
be forwarded to the provincial government asking them
to pass enabling legislation so that their indemnity
could be raised to $900 a year.
While we consider tbe principle on which the cottn-
:il acted as being perfectly correct, in that it required
practically their whole time in the discharge of the duties of their office, yet as things arc at present with tbe
municipality, we did not think their actions well advised.
However, we must confess that we were wrong.   A
       man that serves the municipality on the council board
childlike spirit of jealousy and vindictiveness.    This | at present for $300   per year deserves not only an increase of salary but should also'be decorated with an
spirit and the Kaiser-like actions of Reeve Gold is
bringing ridicule and contempt on our municipal administration, and will finally land this municipality iu
a position of discredit and bankruptcy, unless a change
is quickly effected. I hat it should he necessary for any
municipality to go to the large expense of an election
to elect a council of men to administer its affairs and
then find that the council has little effect in that administration because of an autocratic power usurped by
tbe reeve, seems to be out of all reason and beyond
common sense. The affairs of the municipality are in
a muddle, its work is being held up. its departments
are being disorganized, its council is being ridiculed
and its credit is being lost, because of tlle actions of a
reeve who. without blush or shame, suspends whosoever he will, vetoes whatever resolution he decrees lii.
and literally proclaims himself the one and only power
in the' affairs of South Vancouver.
iron cross.
The conditions prevailing iu South Vancouver at
present put us very much in mind of Russia of the past.
The C7.ar in his wisdom established once a
duina, and that institution Is something after the style
of government we have at present in the municipality.
The dltma might sit all night studiously making laws
which appeared to be necessary for the well-being of
the nation, but lhe czar and hi.- advisers did the ruling.
So.with South Vancouver council. The members
of that body might be ever so earnest in their attempt
lei dn tlle right thing and to act according to their convictions, but. like tlle diima, they find their efforts are
negatived by ihe action of an autocrat whei even threatens them witli dark dungeons if they should not obey
his commands.
Nine hundred dollars a vear���-we are rather    snrr
they lacked in smartness when they first joined tlle.
good little ship f.er real work in a real war. Of her
commander ami her officers, too much could not he-
said. They are line officers and brave gentlemen, and
it is a shame that their services lo this coast have not
been referred to in the legislature this session.
BY THE WAY    to
few days of the beginning of the war. If Vancouver
and Victoria were ever in danger from tlie German
squadron on lhe I'acilic it was then. Hut only the
"Leipzig" ever came within wireless range of the Hritish Columbia coast. The "Xurnberg." the only other
German war boat within ten days steaming of this
coast, did not approach very close. If the "Rainbow"
had not been on this coast, the "Leipzig." and possibly
the "Xurnberg." woulil certainly have made a piratical
raid on Victoria or Vancouver early in the war. They
might have heen torpedoed by Sir Richard's boats,
but tliey would have taken a chance. Evidently they
did not wish lo risk an action with lhe "Rainbow."
The "Leipzig" was steaming between the .Mexican
coast and Cape Flattery for some time not far offshore,
but she evidently avoided the "Rainbow," which stripped for battle in the usual way by casting till the .carpenter work adrift and lay in the courses which she expected the German to be steering. The Canadian cruiser with barefoot crews sleeping in navy style beside
the guns, crept many a night off the coast between the
Cape and the Farallones. a gray blur on the sea with
every light covered, hoping to steal upon tbe German
ship. Every man forward and aft tm the "Rainbow"
was eager for a fight, and the "Leipzig," kept well in-!
formed by merchant craft, and by tbe three American |
steam schooners who gave her bunkers and stores at
sea. knew well tbat the Canadian cruiser was lying on
her path ready to bite. Hut she did not wish a fight
which she knew would be a desperate duel, which could
have ended only as the actions between the light cruisers of Nelson's day frequently ended, by the destruction of both ships.   She had other work to do.
Hut for thc lurking "Rainbow." however, she would
probably have passed the Cape, made a raid on Victoria
or Vancouver. Sir Richard's submarines might have
sunk her, but while her captain would not risk losing j SEVERAL ONTARIO PAPERS have been scolding-
TIM I-', WAS VV 11 EN it was thought correct for a chttf
magistrate to he the upholder of law and order. At a
recent meeting of unemployed in South Vancouvei",
the chief magistrate of lhat municipality practically incited bis audience to maltreat a rale].aver who dared to
open his mouth and criticise. Talk about Prussia anil
its militarism!
=ie    *     =le
FIRST TIME WE KNEW Price   Ellison   was   a
farmer. W'e thought he was a politician. Guess wt:
are mistaken iu both of our suppositions.
"WHAT IS TIN-', difference between S4(X) ami $75.
Johnnie?" asked the schoolmaster over at Victoria.
"Father was doing that stun last night, sir. and 1 heart!
him say it was a cow."
>'r   .;:   !|:     ,
COMPLIMENTS   To   Till'.   "Evening Journal."
"May tbe wings of friendship ne'er moult a feather.'"
as Dick Swiveller said. Mutual respect for the great
and only VV. J. I',, should be the means of keeping us
both on the lay,
e>    *    *
XO SIR. THEY ARE NOT barricades that are being'
erected along Main Street. I Inly meant to keep up
the land.
That such a Male of affairs cannot he tolerated much prised now al the councillors' modesty,
longer is evident and die sooner a change in tactics by I    I'i ihe meantime, Smith Vancouver is being made a
the reeve or a change in the administration of the muni- jest 'if.    Mow lemg will this disgraceful condition of
cipality takes place ihe better ii will be for Semth Van- things be allowed to go on?
couver.    Away with those childlike, petty, Unbusiness-  _  _.	
like methods, and gel down to hard work.    Steip the
child's play and seek to do the best that can be (lone
his ship in an .action with an enemy equal to him in
size, he would have cheerfully taken the chance of submarines and a possible mine field of small extent, to
make a piratical raid.
A raid on the coast, whether successful or not, would
have thrown such a scare into the Hritish Empire that
it would have been well worth trying.      Sir Richard
the young men of rural Ontario for not enlisting more
freely. One or two of these papers have practically
called young Eastern Canadians disloyal. Certainly
the younger Canadian generation in the East have-
shown a lack of the strong sentiment that makes a
volunteer take up arms. They have also shown a
lack of  the adventure  spirit  tbat probably  sends as
McBride's submarines did not frighten awav tbe "Leip-1 many to th
There is more of
p-1 many to tne front as patriotism.
zig." It was the "Rainbow" with a crew made up of! this spirit of adventure in the West. Tbe Eastern
old Hritish navy men. the finest seamen and the best j native-born Canadian is rather apathetic. In the West
gunners in the world, and able sailormen from Van-1 young men. both native-born ami Hritish-born, have;
comer and Victoria, who made up in willingness what I enlisted more freely,
for this fair municipality,
IX his statement regarding lhe purchase of llie two
submarines built in Seattle for the government of;
Chili, and which were turned down hy the navy department of that South American republic, which acts in all
things on thc advice of a Hritish naval officer. Sir Rich-
the j ard McBride said in the legislature   practically   that
I~     side of the powers that he over at Victoria
fact that one man, on his own little lonesome, can find'a German attack
out facts that arc of sufficient importance to warrant j     |��� making this sweeping statement
him asking for thc resignation of thc attorney-general
and in a fortnight later lay charges against another
minister sufficient, if true, to drive him from public life ! w;u- ve-se
for all time, should he sufficient to show lhe evils attendant an administration which has had no check ou
its actions for a period of years.
This government never at any time represented the
true interests of the electors of British Columbia, and!how" she was armed witb 4-inch
now, with conditions as they are, tbe longer they are in
power, just so long will these conditions last.
It is apparent to every citizen of Hritish Columbia
tbat lhe time has gone past for any mincing of words
e|these under sea boats had saved Hritish Columbia fie.
the premier lias
taken the credit away from the cruiser "Rainbow," lo
which it really belongs. At that time the only German
near enough to this coast to he a menace
was lhe cruiser "Leipzig." a ship of about the same
class as the "Rainbow." In fact, though the German
vessel, which now lies at the bottom of the sea, was in- i
ferior to tbe "Rainbow" in gun power.   Like the "Rain- j
but the
mils o
thc Canadian cruiser are four-point sevens, and the
"Leipzig's" guns were but four-point two's. 'lhe
"Rainbow" had no fear of thc German, and steamed
��� 'ii! le> look for hcr down on the Oregon coast within a
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The Work of the Red Cross
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Tlie present war i- thc mosl barbarous and al the same time the most
merciful war ever waged Mthougli
isttaltiea are much larger than
ni anj previous clash of nations, thi
percentage uf deaths from wounds is
much smaller.    Soldiers  can ii d  from
the i.i Id eel battle recover  i e
and   more   rapidly   than   ever   be
This  i-   ilu.   ��� i   thi   wondi rful   -iri,I<-
in surgery and to the increased
efficii iie'y of ilie'  Red Cross,
Tin- greal in ed for men "skilli '1 to
heal" with armies in thc field was
early recognized. References to this
fact are to be found in the lassies.
Recognition oi tin value "i" military
surgeons sim   v. ry  slowly, however,
ll|��    tee    !  le-    SIXtl I'llll:    e'elll Illy;    .'lll'l    ill,'
temper if the times can be i stimated
when we read  such allusii ns as, "the
I r soldiers  when severelj   wounded
ivere discharged witli :i small gratuity 1" find their uny home as besl
thej  might."
Unbelievably Barbarous a- ilii- may
Me in. i'm practice of turning woui (led
soldiers ..elnii through lack fi lacili
lie- for caring for them was not uncommon eluring the dark centuries, It
was based "ii Ihe principle that ii
cosl meere- le, cure ei wounded soldier
than in Imy a recruit.
Tin roots "t litis diabolical idea
will lu' found in tl"' mcrcenarj system of warfare which prevailed. It
wiil he remembered that until quite
late in ilie eighteenth century it was
customary f.>r monarchs iee hire
iruups from (ether countries when they
could nut rai-e a sufficient number
within their own boundaries, paying
ieer their hired forces at so much leer
head. When a i", ��� r > - i _^_ 11 tr>ee.|ier became through illness eer injury of ine
use. lhe hirer had ne. further interest
in him.
It was ii.et unlil the campaign e>f
Marlborough in Germany that military surge ms really had any official
existence. At lhe outsel of tin- bril-
liant campaign conducted hy thai versatile leader, full attfiitiein was focused 'en llu- winning "i buttles and ine
tlieeiighl was eriven I" '.he inglorious
dctails ���.( nursing an.l surgery. A
veritable cull fi iron efficiency ha.l
sprung up in ilu' British ranks. It
was considered effeminate t��� ��� he ill.
As ilu- campaign developed, however,
and sanguinary battles were' fought,
the need feer an adequate hospital service became recognized. Thi- was
fell all the more ke'cnly as llie- armies
marched and fought in fevcr-stricken
countries and contagious diseases decimated  thc  ranks.
The utmost credit is due t" Sir
Jiihn Pringle. Marlborough's principal medical officer. The clever administration and the great courage
and perseverance e.f Sir Je.hu kept
the medical service prominent and ultimately led te. its recognition as met
only a humanitarian measure bill as
an essential factor in the winning of
The' next advance came during the
Napoleonic wars and again it was in
the Hritish army that the idea was
evolved. Sir John McGregor was the
head of the medical service with Wellington through the Peninsular campaigns. In order to systematize the
work, lie devised the scheme of having regimental medical officers���thc
idea being that each regiment was a
family and that il was the duty of
each'family to look after its own
sick. This pre.veil an extremely effective measure and paved the way
for reforms in thc medical service.
Sir Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke
of Wellington) was a very humane
general and on every occasion he
spared his troops. Nevertheless thc
campaigns in the Peninsula proved an
extended period of hardship and horror ami the- terrible experiences of his
ill-equipped corps led to manj improvements in the medical service.
Improvement from ihis time on was
very slow, however, little progress
being recorded until the Crimean
The Crimean War proved the darkest hour before the dawn ol a new
medical era. Every reading man
knows of ihe' horrors ol thai war,
broughl aboul largely by the almost
entire absence of drugs and medical
appliances and equipment. Red I
ami indifference in the home di;
ments reached their apex al this time
and the' result was seen in ihe suffi i
ings of the men wh,, fought thi Empire - battb - ai the front, So bad
w.re conditions that the nation was
aroused and tin re was broughl about
the rise of the trained nurse. I nti!
the end of time or the' annals ol human glory fail, the name ol Florem e
Nightingale will he Indissolubly associated with this great development.
The popular idea of Florence Nightingale is embodied in the figure ol a
gentle lady with a lamp"���an angel oI
gentle ministering care carrying
peace an.l comfort t" pain-wracked
nun. Such im doubt is the picture
thai besl fits the efforts ol Florence
Nightingale at the front; but there
is an.ether side. Mis- Nightingale
would never have scored so remarkable success had she met been pos-
se-seel ..f a masterful personality. She
was a strong-minded woman with a
large share e.f the gracious gift of
t,ct Her influence was nut confined
t,, directing the we.rk ..i mercy on
the hattlel'r.mt. hul was even more
potently exerted in securing co-operation from unwilling <.r indifferent
ministers. She had the good fortune
t,i he on terms uf personal friendship
with the Secretary uf State for War,
Mr Sydney Herbert. By exerting
her influence, se.me say by brow-beating the distinguished war minister,
she managed i" gam official assenl
tu her wide propaganda uf reform in
the nursing uf the sick ami wounded.
Up tu this lime the female nurse
had heen conspicuous by her absence,
if wc except the wives uf se.me eif the
soldiers win. followed the forces and
in other ruigh and untrained way
nursed the sick.
It n mained fur -
: lilllanl.   I,,   ir ins
I   eiud   wounded  in   war   co-or-
'.. e.     Il
that   this     high-n led
���   li ilj
,; ] ��� ���..-���'-'���i
ami thai  i>
an onlool
ferino     This
. ram .   and   Italy    in  I1
\n-iria   een    in.-    other,    ��.,-
'he  niu-i   sanguinarj   ,- inflict   of history.    An  i���:��� ,i  "f the appalli
ualitii - maj  bi  gaim d from :'.
nnm thai  there w. re kilh-el or wounded iline   field marshals, nine generals,
fifteen hundred ami sixty-five
ui other grades and marly forty thousand Boldii rs     To this i  '..I could be
added two months later another fortj
thousand sick and thosi   who eh. <
nu   e'v. --i- ,���   fatigui   or  of   wounds, i
Haid   figures   can   give   no   a.I, i
��� ption   ,,f   iln-   Boul-searing
r,ei-   of   Solfcrino,   of   tlu-   wholesale!
slaughter of  the  gallant  nnn  anel  the
suffering   whieh   ui-ui .1   througii   the
.di-,eiuie   lack   uf   facilities   fur   caring
feer the fallen.    Wounded men died un
the   field   and   their   bodies   "ere   left
iu  ml:  ami  a  pestilence  arose  which
added disease to the other horrors.
His soul was sickened at whal he
had witnessed. Dunanl lefl the field
.I See!ferine��� with a great resolve Ik-
had determined t" devote his life i -
bringing aooul an improvement in
Red Cruss wurk. Inasmuch a- ii
was evident that the organized medical services of armies wa- quite insufficient, iln- remedy a- ju- saw i' laj
in bringing aboul some form uf voluntary organized aid. Dunant thus
evolved ihe idea which has served as
foundation on which ihe modern
Keel Cross has been built.
Filled wiih thi- great resolve Dunant visited all the courts uf Europe
and expended many year-, and his
private fortune, in an endeavor to
arouse the world to united action. A-
a resull uf hi- efforts ami influence
a conference was held at Geneva in
October 1863, at which wen- presenl
representatives uf sixteen uf the powers e.f Europe. Thi- was followed
hy an important gathering mi August
22, 1864, when thc representatives of
lhe following nail, ns signed a v-����i��� ���
\ ention "ii behalf of their n spective
f, ivernments, namely: France, Prussia, Spain. Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Italy. Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden ami Norway, Baden,
Wurtemburg  ami   Hesse-Darmstadt.
'lln- principal articles of ihi- Convention were thai all material uf the
Medical Service eef belligerents should
he immune frum capture, thai hospitals, nurses and Medical Officers
should he "respected and protected."
It is worth uuiing that Bismarck
was une whu supported the movement
with a  view  il   is  said,  to  securing  a
g I medical service for the German
armies in the war with France which
lu- was even ihen planning. Certain
it is ihat ihi' Franco-Prussian war
saw a great improvement in llle matter uf caring for ihe wounded.
Although   it   i-   nut   ihe   object    -
this article to touch upon matters of
a  controversial   nature  llu-  subject   invariably leads lu the Wurk uf lhe  Keel
Cross during the presenl  war aind t'e
the   consideration   of   '.he   lamentable
fact  that   whereas  '.he  medical  services now in operation have seen a development   i"   th.'   point   uf   hi.
efficiency, there ha- at ihe same time
been :. tendi ncy to revert to thi
barous practices of earlier wars
The Germans have taken advantage
..f a weak spit  in 'hi- C invention to
seize  hospital equipment ..nd t" make
prisoners oi medical "liner-.    It  was
the  inti ntion am! it  is ilu  pra.'ti-'i   ������'
all civilized 11,,11,���:;^ t" consider medical officers a- non-combatants and
representing   philanthropic   aid,  to  he
immune   from   capture,     \i   iln    i n
bi i :  moment  there- are  fifty    r sixtj
medical  officers   of  the   British
prisonei s   of   war   in   G< rm my,
woud   appear,   mure.-ver.   tl al     these
medical   officers   are'   noi   allowi
���  nn dieai ajd to their fell' w   pi
soners or to anyone i'-    bul
liged to waste  their time in  idb
l ��� is stated that, in si mi   instai   i
at any rate, medical    fl
deliberately   killed   or   �� .un
ii Id  of  battle   while  in   the  discharge of their  pi - .fi ssi< nal duti
aiding   the   wounded���a   notabli     instance of which i- the case of D
McN'ah. Surgeon of the L nd n I    I
tish, wh,,. ii is stated, was d< libi
murdered by a  German  soldier while
iu the act of assisting a wounded man.
. here would appear to be no excuse
in   this  ease   a-   Doctor   McNab   was
dressed in a  blue uniform  and  wore
the  Brassard  with a  Keel  Cr'--. am!
wa-. me.re'.ver. unarmed.
Added i" this i- the strong! -t indictment of Germany's methods, the
barbarism displayed in tlu- treatment
iif trained nurses. If hut a -mall fraction eef the' atrocities laid .at tin- ele���,r
��� if ihe German soldii ry bc found
wlu-n the verdict "i history is rendered, it will have been established that
Germany has done much i" imt warfare in the class of a brute beast e-"ii-
h is mei necessary te, e-mer int"
the' larger phases of the Red cross
wurk, lhe carrying ,ef '.lie wounded
frum the lielel. and the exercise .f pro-
per care afterward. This side is thor-
..iighly understood. A further and
very important function if the Red
Cross���hy which is meant tlie service that is maintained hy voluntarj
and met government support���is the
furnishing uf supplies uf comforts fur
ihe sick ami wounded as supplementary to tiie regular list uf re inurements as established by the' Govern-
(Continued een page 4)
Awaits those who  are prepared  to accept their business opportunity
when it presents itself.   Hundreds of
Will prcse-nt themselves in the great revival of business following the
war.    If ymi are   wise, you  "ill   get  yuur training now and be ready
j i :r opportunity.
Our Winter Term Opens Monday, Jan. 4
uhe.iit it NOW.    The information e,,sts you nothing.
Success Business College
E. Sceeit Eaton, B.A., Principal
"airmont 2075 VANCOUVER, B.C.
Phone Seymour 1946
Miss HILDA A. POMEROY, Principal
Certificated  at the Board uf Education, England.
Trained at   Bishop Otter College, Sussex.
Associate of Arts at Oxford University.
Certificated at Trinity College of Music���Piano and Harmony.
English Literature and Science Distinctions at Examination.
ALL ELEMENTARY STUDIES (Preparatory and otherwise).
NEEDLEWORK (Plain and Fancy).
DRAWING A.M)  PAINTING (All branches).
MATHEMATICS.    Matriculation Syllabus, Londcn University.
BOTANY AXD   NATURE STUDY.   With Microscopy if desired.
LANGUAGES  I By arrangement).
'JAILOR  ItkKSS ('I TTIXr,   AXD   MAKING   (London  Academy).
ENGLISH LITERATURE (Poetry and Prose).
Pupils of any  age prepared  in any of thc above subjects, by "arrangement, DAY   or EVENING.
Parents are requested to call in person and interview Miss Hilda A.
Pomeroy,  Principal  English Collegiate School
Burrard School for Girls
Miss B, II. CARTMILL, Principal,
FOR  TERMS,   Telephone   Seymour  1847,  or oall  in parson.
Can   supply  your    needs  at   right
(Right  at    Station)
Cor. 30th Avenue and Main Street
Comfortable Hall lor nublic meetings,  dances,   etc.,  to  L^t
Apply  W.  J.  STOLLIDAY
34 32nd Avenue
Mrs.   i Ri, i   l>,;\ ids n    is  al   I
from  I'm rani S mil i 'iun    ifter a serious "]ie'i'a:ieeii   but   is   *iili very weak.
*  ��   *
This is , iu- ..I iii,    ��� e plli < that
lhl -��� ni ir, ,m men wine have
received gilts from Canaela. One of
"in local men sent sumo Christmas
packages to tin- front and thc boys
appreciated it very much. Here
is a  typical letter:
I.M.S.  Acta!  ir,  Siicerness.
"Dear  Sir,���-1  am   writing to thank
you  teer your kindness  in sending  to
'ii-   t ie present I hail today.
"It makes me think that yotl must
be interested in tin- men that are
lighting    her   Iheir     King   around   our
"It i- such men as ynu, though you
cannot come, try to back up the men
that   are   doing their   best.
I am smoking the tobacco as I
write this letter, and I can tell you
it's   'inc.
\\ ishing you a happy Xew Year
and beeping to hear from you again,
if e.nly a postcard. I remain, your
A3 Montague Street.  St. James,
Bristol, England
Experienced Dressmaker. Apply 41
32nd East.
Established 1893
Refined Service    New  Location
Opposite new Y. M. C. A.
Fireproof     Columbarium     and
Seymour 2425
One   cent   per   Fowl,   per   VYe-ek
Poultry   Keepers
will get best results from constant
Poultry S
A  Hen  tonic,  Pick-me-up and
Once  Tried Always  Used!
Guaranteed   to   produce   results,   if
led   according   to   directions   (in !'
everv sackl
3 lb. sack, 45c.    6Vi lb. sack, 90c,
100  lb.  sack.  $12.00
Manufactured in Vancouver.
Miss  HALL and  Miss  WESTLEY,  graduate nurses
Patients Received from $15.00 Per'Week��r
Phone  Fairmont  2165 FOUR
S \TIKDAV. MARCH 0. 1915
Go to
And Electrical Repairs
36  Twenty-fifth Ave. East
Mill: Foot of Ontario Street, Fraser River Phone: Fraser 97
Manufacturers of
Wholesale and Retail
Hughes Bros* Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We carry everything in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
No order too small, and none too large for this popular Liquor Store
Store open every evening until 11 p.m.
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
Leaving our Store every Thursday and Friday morning at 9 a.m.
Price List mailed free on application
R. CURRY, Prop.
In  our stock   of  over $100,000  wc  have  everything  to  meet  reasonable  human   dc-
���irc   in   making   beautiful   gardens;    in   flowering   plants;   flowering   and   evergreen
shrubbery;  rose bushes; shade trees;  hedge  stock,  etc    Also large  and  small  fruit
tree stock for your orchards and gardens.
Buy from  us  and  thereby  encourage home  production  for  home   consumption   and
a full dinner pail.
Our prices defy competition. Catalogues mailed free on application.
Head Office :     710 Dominion Bldg., 207 Hastings St. W.. Telephone Seymour  5556.
Store :     2410   Granville   St.,   Fairview.   Telephone   Bayview   1926
Greenhouses and  Nurseries at Royal, Telephone Eburne 43
Cedar  Cottage   Notes    B
A bonnie boy is what the Btork lefl
last week to gladden thc home of Mr.
!:niel Mrs. Winkler em Fleming Street.
* ele  *
Mrs. Leighton of Welwyn Street,
has been e-;..|le<i to Wumiinei, e.n account      Of     tlle-     MTieell-     llllle--     e . ]'     |uT
Bisti r,  Mrs.  Thompson.
* * *
Mrs. Farmer of Mission lias been
visiting   Mrs.  Craig 'ei  Vanness  Ave.
*   ef   *
The' Ladies' Aid of the Robson Memorial Church ar,- preparing to .yiw.
at   an   early   date,   a   sketch   ��.-111i111-<I
"Thi    Minister's   Bride,"  which    pro-
i mises to bc i ery i ntertaitilng.
* ee>   *
The- regular monthly meeting eef
the Political Equality League will be
1 held al the home of Mrs. Hambly, at
i 10 Bi itricc Street, on Monday afternoon, ihe' 8th. All friends and
niembe rs invited.
* * *
Tie, ii-  many  friends  will  hear  with
interest thai  Miss Eunice Wilson audi
Miss Laura Wharton,    who   rgccntl)
|  We III    tee   trail!    l'"V   lllll'SC-    tee   llle'    Ml'tll-
. odisl Mission hospital at Bella Bella,
are very liappj in ihe-ir new surroundings, and getting along famously in
the ne,lib   work they have undertaken
I of caring for the sie-K.
it  it  it
Under the auspices of tin- Women's
Missionary Society a very successful
tea was given e,n Wednesday last by
Mrs. Wheler and Mrs. McPhie, at thc
home fi Mrs. McPhie, which was tlu-
social event of the week, A splendid
attendance rewarded the laelies for the
very exccllenl programme they had
arranged, anel which was contributed
tn by the following: Mrs. Hunter
gave a humorous reading entitled
"The liia.'een who talked in Church,"
which was enjoyed by all; Mrs. Caug-
hey read a personal letter received
from a missionary now working in
ilu' Peace River disirict. describing
in an interesting manner thc good
wnrk being done in thai territory;
Mrs. Vosper ami Mrs. McPhie sang
a duet which received hearty and well
deserved applause; while Miss Rhodes
presided al the piano, and in her own
incomparable way, rendered several instrumental     SOIOS, The    Sl'l'villie,       "f
dainty n freshments anil an hour of
-'.. ial chai brought ie, a close the afternoon's entertainment,    which    was
one eef a series which will lee- given
for the cause.
* * *
iin Friday afternoon, ilu 26th, the
regular monthly meeting 'ei the South
Vancouver Women Voters' Association was held in Robson Memorial
Church, wiih a good attendance, the
president, Mrs. Shoemaker, in the
chair. There was considerable business transacted and several new members   received   intn   the    association,
which   is   deeiiiH   much   k 1   wnrk   in
I the municipality.   A delegate was ap
pointed  I"   \isit   the   Women's   Em-
ploymi in   lc .'rim- ami tn report  at  a
-;ee-ei:,l meeting I��� ��� be held in  'hi'  near
future for ihe purpose of forming
some plan t" a-sisi women out e,i
worl in Seeiith Vancouver. A dele-
������;,'., was a!-���. chosen t" represent the
.es-,ee-i.eiie.n at iln- nexl meeting of thc
Women's Institute at Central I'ark
Mis. Gardiner nail an enlightening
paper mi the' subject nf the collection
ami dis;,.,-;,! of ilu- garbage of the'
municipality, in which she criticized
the presenl system, nr lack of system,
as unsanitary, anil a menace I,, the'
health of thc people. Mrs. Gardiner
thought ihat instead of individual
householders paying ten cents per
week for having their garbage cans
emptied and the contents dumped mi
a vacant lot, i'e create smells ami supporl rats anil flies, it would be m 'ie
sanitary, anil cheaper, in the end, il
Ihe municipality WOttld creel an iu-
cinerator where the- garbage could he
properly burned. She referred i" the
annual spring campaign againsl the
fly, and expressed  the  belief  that  it
was k 1 policy I" "swal the flv." In"
thai il would lie iar better peelie-y t"
swal the home of the fly. After dis-
cussion it was decided thai ihe assn
i-iaiiiiii send iln- council a recommendation iee the "ifei't thai an incinerator
be erected, also that the matter hi'
agitated along other lines.
rt    St    St
In Robson Memorial Church, em
Tuesday evening last, Prof, Odium
brought tee a eh is.- a series ol interesting lectures, lie has for several
weeks been giving, mi tlle subject of
"Uriiish Israel." The church was
filled, many in the audience having
heard each lecture nf the series, which
lhe' Professor has given, in his scholarly manner, tn prove that tiie lire-
sent' great war is a fulfilling nf bible
prophecy, lly innumerable references
In llie- good bnnk. the lecturer made
it plain lhat Britain and her allies arc
the' direct descendants "f the sei-call-
eel hist tribes nf Israel, anil that at
Ihe close "f the war, which would result in victory, Ihey, with the Jews,
iihe tribe nf Jiid.-ilil. would return in
llie heritage promised by God tn Abraham, umler the rule nf King David.
Prof, i iillnin pointed out thai these
prophesies were now being rapidly
fulfilled, and intimated that in the presenl Prince of Wales we mid be found
thc good King David of bible prophesy.
* * *
Mr. Eugene Plant, inspector ��� > f city
bakeries, favored the domestic science
Masses of Lord Selkirk School with a
siih'iiilid lecture mi "Bread and Bread
Making" last week'. Tn all makers
ami consumers of the "staff nf life"
wlm were fortunate enough to hear
him, Mr. Plant, with his knowledge
anel practical experience made Ihe
theme nnc 'if particular interest, und
was given a hearty vote of thanks,
The'  annual   meeting  nf   iln'   international   Sets   II.mie     Rule   League
was  held  al   1127   Cram ilie   Streel   "ii
the afternoon of Thursday, 24th  February, Vie c-pi'i'sidcnt      Mr.     Win.
Thomson,   pie siding,      i Ifficers   wcre
I elected for ensuing year as follows:���
i Vice-president,   T    Shankic;    second
vice-president,   Mrs.   Taylor;   treasurer,   V C. Dickson; Been tary, .1   Cr int.
Thc usual committei s were appointed  and  arrangements  made  to meet
again on an early date i" inaugurati
a  campaign  ior Increase eef member
I ship.   Three' delegates ��ere appointed
| in attend thc meetings of the United
ISceeiiis'i  Societies,  now  in  cotirse  m
I formation,
Stock Department, Seymour 6913
The South Vancom i r branch of thc
Victoi Ian i Irder of Nurses will mcci
al the home of Mrs, Freeland, 19th
Avenue  h'.a.st, on Tuesday afternoon,
March 9th, .11  3 p.in   sharp.
* ���* *
The' W'e,nun's Institute of Central
I'aik In Id their regular meeting in ihe'
Agricultural hall last Thursday, when
it was decided to donate $2a i" the
Belgian Relief Fund, Mnsi of this
money was raised by a concert given
in January in the Agricultural Hall
hy ihe- children nf the Beaconsfield
Mi'thnilisi sunday school fm- this purpose unih r ihi' aii pn e s of ilie Women's   Institute.
    (Continued from page ���
1111111 such as shins, sinks, underwear,
cholera belts, sleeping caps ami many
articles of personal comfort. Further,     llle'     keel     CrOSI     supplies     greal
quantities fi dressings, rolled bandages, lint, adhesive plaster and such adjuncts  i"  'I'e'  hospital   11 quircmenl..
It lines mei, however, limit itself
in these apparently small anel unimportant articles���it furnishes complete hospitals, muses, doctors, ��� >|iii|>-
uicui, durgs, instruments ami everything which is necessary In ��'e t. j
make up a hospital. Al the pre seen
lime llie Uriiish Red Cross Sneiety,
in conjunction wiih the Order nf
Saim John nf Jerusalem, is maintaining, either wholly nr in pari, no less
than three hundred ami Bfty-elghl
hi spitals in England ami mi the Ceeii-
liiieui. The Saint John Ambulance
Brigade has a small army of orderlies
and there are at present employed by
it nu the Continent nearly six thoUS-
and nf these trained heispital attendants,
The- liritish Sneiety is aiding in the
quick transportation of wounded
fmni the hunt by 'he' establishment
nf a great number "i motor ambulances, e,f which Ihey have now seaiie
four hundred ami fifty in operation.
The casualties in this war have been
sn enormous and lhe number nf
wounded sei large that, with all these
[jospitals, in addition t<��� the Government establishments, the society is
now in process of organising and e-
quippillH a hnspital ill the new building which has been built fnr H.M.
Stationery Office in Waterloo Road,
London, with a capacity of sixteen
hundred and fifty-eight beds, which
are being paiel fm- largely hy individual subscriptions of $100 per bed. This
ureal hospital will, upon completion,
nf iis insiallatimi. he maintained by
ilii'  Uriiish Government.
Hospital trains, capable nf carrying
live hundred sick or wounded men,
ir, eilhcr in existence nr in course of
construction hy ilu society, The
three hnspital ships
w iih every ci mven-
a   modern   operating
ami    philanthropic
Phone Seymour 5293
We have the most up-to-date and
best equipment in Vancouver
409 Dunsmuir Street
society has al-
lincly equipped
11 in ,',   including
r 11.
Ml ihis aelive
wnrk costs a ureal sum eef money
and, while the receipts "f lhe llritisii
Reel Cross Sneiety up In ihe present
lune- amounl in marly $3,��00,000,
there is bill a small surplus at ihis
time "I  writing.
The' Canadian society which was organized by lhe writer in 1896, is cn-
deavoring I" ��i��� ��� its share, ill preepur-
linii i'i ilie means at iis disposal, in
ihe relief nf the distressed soldiers,
ihe Canadian society has presented
in ihe- British society twelve fully e-
quipped motor ambulances anel has
provided seven heesjiitals fnr the Can-
ni    contingrnl    and   .me   I r:i veiling
' ihl kitchen. A Canadian hospital
has been established in Mr. Waldorf
\stor'i house at Clevedon, ami is being equipped by lhe sneiety. This
hospital   ��ill  he  staffed  by  Canadian
doctors  anil  nurses.
Great quantities nf supplies amounting up I'e lhe presenl time l.e abeiut
line i'   111 ��� ��� 11 - ��� i:< 1   cases   of   an   average'
weight  of  nne    hundred    and    fifty
pounds   each   have'   been   senl   forward
1 Pe ihe Canadian Commissioner in
I ondon, ai'd their contents are being
distributed by him tee the hospitals
according to iheir requirements.
S e people may say: "Why should
lhe   society   or   tlle   public   apart   from
ilu- Government be required tee furnish all this money and these sup-
plies?" In explanation of this it may
be saiel thai lhe medical services in
lhe held oi all armies is Insufficient tn
nii'et wiih the demands. Also, it is the
right   and  duty   eef   private   individuals
te, remedy this Insufficiency,   Further,
the Red Cross is Ibe means eif an
expression   nf   the   sympathy   'if   the
people "f a nation wiih its soldiers.
ll may truly be said lhat tlle alleviation nf Ihe sufferings caused by the
war is iu these days a universal nblig-
aii.en Imposed by Christian civiliaa-
tion mi all nations. It is a solemn
duty to the accomplishment oi which
every man oi influence should lend
his co-operation, and every honest
man   she.uld   give   his   thoughts.
lu Ihe end il is lee Ihe charitable cooperation nf the public that we must
look in order i" alleviate the sufferings nf lhe snleliei's and tn surround
ihi' viclims nf war with such comfort
as is possible,
ITS DURABILITY���Does not crumble or pulverize under the densest traffic; second only to granite
ITS EASE OF REPAIR���No difficulty being experienced in removing and replacing the blocks; no
expensive plant or skilled workmen required.
highly antiseptic and waterproofing material instantly destroys all germs, prevents the absorption of
street filth and consequent decay.
ITS NOISELESSNESS���The rattle and bang of
vehicles passing over its smooth surface absorbed
and muffled till the quiet of the din ioad is obtamrd.
ITS DUSTLESSNESS���Does not pulverize; the
heaviest traffic only pounding down the wood fibres
to offer the greater resistance.
TTS CLEANLINESS���Having a smooth surface and
being waterproof it does not differ in this respect
from asphalt.
We manufacture blocks of the highest possible
standard, the verv best materials only being used and
in the DOMINION WOOD BLOCKS we believe
we produce an article that has no equal.
Vancouver, B. C.
Glazed Cement
Sewer Pipe
Is tlie choice ol property owners in
every city where its value has been
demonstrated. It gives good service
and has durability.
Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe Co.
155 FRONT STREET WEST Phone Fairmont 122
Keeler's Nursery
Grower and Importer of Plants, Bulbs, Rooti and Shrubs
Cut Flowers and Design
Work  a  specialty.
Flowering and Ornamental Shrubs for Spring and
Fall  planting.
One  hundred' varieties of
Roses   of   Choice   Sorts
ami   three   hundred  varieties   of   Dahlias.
Phone Fairmont 817
Old and valuable violins carefully repaired.
Guitars and mandolins repaired. Bows rehaired.
Violins  bought.
531  RICHARDS ST. Phone  Seymour  3415
1)41 ALBERT rt. TELEPHONE   HIGH.   131
18th and Main Street
Do Not fail to see "ZUDORA," Thanhouser's Greatest Photo Play
3000 Scenes. Caste of 1000
FRIDAY and SATURDAY.   Read the Story in the Monday "Sun" by
Harold MeGrath
H.   II.   D��AN,   Proprietor
5-Reel Drama
(Three blocks   south  o:   Municipal Hall)
Admission,   10c. Children, 5c.
And make sure of getting yuur name in the    	
The Book with the largest circulation in Vancouver.
The Telephone Directory has an issue oi over
100,000 copies per annum, and is being referred to
every hour of the day.
MARCH 13th.
Changes of Name, Address, etc., and all advertising copy must be in or before that dale.
British Columbia Telephone
The Hosb & Brooks Co. Ltd. Liquor Store
S04 Main Street, Vancouver
Free   Delivery  to  all  parts  of  South Vancouver. ���    , ,    ,
Leaving our Store on Friday Morning at 9 o clock.
Pantages Theatre
the  new  bill  at   Pantagi ��� commencing   Monday  will
ui     Mori  n-J
pe in their latest succi ss. '
"    ' lul i  	
h atun
'��� ��� ���   ���      added  atti i -
.���rn will brii
n�� playlet of the wildi
'.'"' ' I to b      ni
of   I
:,:;���   ' '"'   Play     I  i    Pan
1 '"     te e]  I,..-   Ronald
Bradbury,   Edward    Hen
An   ii table   event   in   tin
! wi'  he   the  appearani e of l 'arl   Mc-
UlloU | [     .      e  .
j who disports himself in a m
live repertoire of music, patte r .mel
''' ni ral i omedy. McCullough is one
i tin besl bets thai Pan-
tages has ever routed over his circuit and his appearance here is i e-
casiun  of greal  importance
Henni ���      Lewis & c'e.. have a funny   little   conceit     which     they     call
"Mixed   Drinks."   and   ii   is   expected
i   greal popularity here.
���   i i i'i;"'  comediai s  are  Gibson  &
Dyse, and mighty  ������.< nd om -  at  thai
acci re,in-'   to   ad\ ices   re ci i\ ed   here.
The)   are alwaj -  --in -fire hitte
ire       ing strong this si ason,
Renelln and Sister have a novelty
bicycle act thai serves additional interesi and importance to the coming
As usual there will bc a splendid
showing of iiieitinii pictures, pitched
in a comedy key.
��� '    -
line     Mr.  Harrj   v.
I Mr.   H
i   ���   ��� .
ell   il
si'lie-.    ��� ' Gem
give '     'e      if   S      '' I
Oi ��� '
ii   gn ' ie by Mr.
John   M
1 nd  the   R
I pular lec-
I      SI HI
1 ihe
thai  thi Hi ii" wear the
upplie il by the  I1 mini      I,
��� mini nl maj  never be as lai
��� - planation  givi n  bj   Sir   R.
of ih,- ���   |i uddli
Unequalled        VaudfVtU1)       Mc.nl
E.   D.   Giaham.   Resident   Manager
Phone Seymour 3406
Three   shows   daily    2.45.   7.20.   9.15
Admission���Matinees,     15c;     nights,
15c and 25c; boxes. 50c.
"'-nth  H"1   Palace  cf  Varieties
This   popular   play   house   is   again
this  ��. i e'l.  putting on  a  splendid pro-
I       Sal   ��� '  '   im ning, ; lie fi iur spe-
umbi n   hat c   been   added:   Mr.
<'.   P.  Me ��� ris, characti r act >r and vo-
: Sandy  McPhersi p pular j
' e-e.ii e (ban,     know n    us     \ anci u . ���
i    Lauder, and Mr. Larry Lash-
I   ' .    ktle e.TIl    il-    till     e'haillpi' el!    e     Til.
j dian of  11 (.'.; ..I- i Mi-s \\ hytc, lyric
abilit]   >   well known
'ami   who   rounds  ������tit    a   programme I
h  will  In' mi  excellent  one  from
stun i" finish, and will no douhl draw
crowded   audiences   to   this     popular
palace in S'eiitii Vancouver.
The management have made i
in ilu- admission prices tu
house, charging eenly five cents admission I" every show except on
Wednesdays and Saturdays when special vaudeville numbers will be put
mi the programme, and the charge
of admission will hi  1 I eents us usual.
A large and enthusiastic gathering
met in iln Liberal rooms, Main St,
last Thursday evening to hear i"1-
e're --,- by Mr-. Ralph Smith, Mr; J
S. Cowper and  Mr. J.  P.  McConnel.
A TRYING EXPERIENCE IN 1870 which I ilso obeyed pnimptlj but this
  ' eliel n  :  seem to satisfj  him.    i  called
How   a   Canadian   Was   Nearly   Shot   oul   whei   I   was  but  he   shouted  back
as  a   French   Spy thai    Iwas French and a spy.    I tried
Dr.  Geo.  M.  Warren, until  recent- to go  closer to him  but immediately
ly   surgeon-major  of  the    2ml    Dra-  heard tbe clicking of    his needlegun
goons,   went   through     the     Franco-|as he opened the breach, slipped in a
Prussian War 1870-1, as a member nf! cartridge.     Raising  the  rifle   lie-   tool
one of the  Bavarian ambulances.    Hei dead  aim  at  me  and  without  hesita-
had  a  number  of  interesting   experi-  tion fired.    For an instant  I  was stun-
ences, one of which was a narrow es- ned.     I   had thought  at   first   he   was
cape from being shot, after the battle I trying I i frighten me but this showed
:' Sedan. The decisive battle had been  nie I could expect no mercy From liim.
fought and iv.ni and Dr. Warren's am-  He-  had missed me the  first  shot.    I
bulance was immediately  Btationed in then   Degan   to   shout   tin    names   e,f
'e   Caserne   D'Asfelte,   a   hugi    for-jsome   of   our   surgeons,   hoping,     by
"l hear nie-. In
.. .ry was stni
gliug with In- rifle t'e loosen the emp-'
ty shell, which had stuck, a defect
that occurred very frequently with
tlu- first '.eet of needli guns turned out
ny the Prussians. I had time te> thin*
.ef home and saw nothing but death
for ;e few minutes. I knew what the
-entry's instructions were, especially
'.vlnn darkness was settling el iwn and
I knew iiv was bound to shool anyone
put uf place and have it approved of,
--  hi  tin' back of and overlooking  some chance tiie-y might hear nn
ie town, which was completely sur-lthe  meantime   the  senfry   was  Strug
muled by a  wall "i snli'l masonry.
Scene from The Call of the North at    Dreamland    Theatre,   Main    Street,
Saturday,   March 6th
Considerable interest is being evidenced in religious circles in the
evangelistic mission being conducted
in Mountain View Methodisl Church
bv Rev. Re.hert II. Whiteside, assisted by Mr. Frank Gledhill, basso, a
converted opera sinner. Large audiences greel the evangelists each evening. The singing of Mr. Gledhill
is particularly fine.
It i< planned lee give Friday evening te, a young people's service and
tei make Sunday a great Decision pay
in all the services.    Special  attention
Pegs to inform tlie inhabitants of
this locality that he is opening a
Meat  Market
4556 Main Street
(Between 29th and 30th Ave.)
5, with a first-class stock of Meats,
Butter, Hams, Bacon, Eggs, ete..
at prices to suit the times.
Don't   forget   the   Address:
(Late Street's)
This place - i filled with wounded
and the work of the surgeons became
very afdous, as Dr. Warren relates.
"It was almost necessary to run 'ent
for a walk e,n the ramparts, to eei a
e-ietli of fresh air, three or four times
a day. .'mil een one of these trips  I  11,,-
Ittced in the moat below, a very hand-
i some sword with rich gold belt  and.
although   the   whole   country   aruund ,�����", ������. ,.....-  -  -,.
|was thickly strewn with swords, Ian- bul never to let one escape. 1 knew
ees. rifles, etc., this one was s.e much also that a hole in the bottom of the
better, that  I  decided to secure it as  nioal   where   I   sl 1   would  be  due
,i souvenir, that evening. But, owing and inside thirty minutes, my body
tee an officer >,[ the Imperial Guard would be rolled into it, and my rela-
having been shot the night before by a tions never know. These thoughts
sentry and the large number 'ei' spies passed quickly through my mind,
orowling about, an order was issued though it seemed an lueur until the
from headquarters warning everyone sound of footsteps running towards
to be inside the town nates before us on top of the wall caused me- to
.lark and the sentries were cautioned] turn quickly. I saw another sentry,
!.. be doubly alert. There appeared, j who, on hearing the report of his rifle
however,   to   bc   phnty  of  time   after  had   come  up.      The   first   sentry   re-
Ithe hospital work was done for me tn I plied to his query; 'A Frenchman, a
gn   >.��it   anel   around   the   ramparts   to  spy. shoot  him.'    I   raised lieith hanels
.where the sword was lyiinj in the and jumped towards him. shouting
moat, and this I attempted. The! that I was a surgeon from the fprt-
sword was secured and after buckling reas and begging him to take- me ind,
lit mi ami admiring it  I started .en mv  the  guardhouse.     He  gave  the  com,-
Ireturn, highly elated ami pleased with mand. -Righl about march.' and witb
niy  find.    I  had not. however, noticed  his  finger  "ii  the  trigger and  muzzle
la  pair of keen eye-  watching  my  ev-  nf   his   rifle   pointed   directly   at   my
|ery  movemenl  from a  corner on  the I head, he marched me t'e the next seri-
I \\ .-ill about fifty yards distant. I ha.l try anel lie in another, etc.. until I wa��
only taken a few st,.ps when I was brought int" the guardhouse, where
stMin.ee' by a sentry whu fairly reeareel after seeme' excited talking, I was al-
'llalt.' I did nut'l..se time halting, lowed to go free. I left the sword in
Then   came   the   order   te.     advance.' the meat.    1  never went back for it."
What Does the B. C. Electric
Mean to South Vancouver?
A  large number of the  Company's  employee;     av<   their
',e e in-, in tin  Municipality.
The\  spend their mone\  where their - are located.
L'nder ordinary circumstances their employment i- eonstanl
���  I steady and their contribution to the business of tin '
iri    ���  'ii-i'ie-ratiiui.
A grand series of lectures is being
arranged fur in Collingwood East by
a committee nf the representative
men .if the district. The lectures.
which will be free, ami which are expected tn he popular ami hugely attended, will be given on the musl popular topics ui" the elay. kimx Presbyterian Church has kindly been offered tei the committee as a central
building fur these lectures, anil has
been jjiaelly accepted by thein anil it
is expected that much interest will he
shown and large audiences will hear
each  successive lecture.
The Wiinicii's Institute of Collingwood East have this week received for
relief purposes a large consignment
of fifty sacks uf potatoes, also a nice
sum uf money frum friends in Agassiz. The peetatnes wil! uieistly he given ullt tee tile ile ellselle elders in this
district whu are feeling tiie pinch uf
these hard limes ami who have gardens, anil will be useel as seed feir
planting purposes. The money will
In- useel tu relieve some of the cases
best known to the women eef the institute as being deserving anel in need
of help at this time.
We are the exclusive  South Vancouver Agents for    %
the famous J
Phone Fairmont 2500 Phone Highland 226
Phone Fraser 41 SIX
SATURDAY,   MARCH   6,   1915
Every bottle of CASCADE BEER
Contains tie rich, nourishing properties of the best Alberta barley. Barley is a food���so is our beer.
Our barley is grown and selected for our own special use. We never buy cheap commercial barley,
only the pick of the prairie crop. Our beer is on sale at all liquor stores at $1 and $2 the doz.
An Independent
Liberal Paper
Published Every
Week Day
Unemployed Situation In The
Municipality and "Baby Bonds"
Mr. Seymour Draft* a Scheme Whereby the Unemployed Situation, He Thinks, Could Be Relieved
Tee the  Reeve, South Vancouver:
Dear   Sir,���The   following   il     suli-
initted   feir   your   consideration,   as   a
mean- towards relieving tht distress,
arising from unemployment, in the
From dote observation and inform-
! ation received through the medium
eif your health officer, I estimate, that
there are roughly two thouiand men
in the municipality iu need nf lome
means of earning enough tee live on,
It will at once be apparent that any
small scheme will nol do much towards relieving the situation. It will
also be admitted that there is abundance of work to he done iu the municipality, sonic of it of the most urgent
nature and that the only reason for
same neet being done is became of the
inability to  finance same.
Nly proposal is that the municipality issue what has heen termed baby
bonds, in $100.00 amounts to the extent of $1,000,000, lo he applied on
work to he decided hy the engineer
and council as being urgent and necessary, also to do such permanent
improvement work, such as paving
streets that the provincial government
has   already   promised   assistance   to.
The question now arises how are
yem going tee sell such bondl. M" pro-
peesal is that we sell same to, first, our
ioeal merchants, to he paid for by
them, in goods, at current retail prices,
orders to hc issued hy the clerk or
hy a specially appointed labor commissioner, from time to time as arranged with bv the purchaser. The
price tn be paid by such retail merchants ior these h.mils to bc par. I
should have stated that I would suggest that they be forty year dcucn-
tures, bearing interest at five per
cent, unless where the work to he
done was local improvement work,
and I would then suggest that the
life of the debentures already issued
hy this municipality.
Realising that our local merchants
could not absorb the total issue, the
next parties to whom we could apply
would be the wholesale houses In
Vance mver and elsewhere, also to
farmers and milk vendors, in short to
anyone who has anything in thc way
of necessaries to sell. The price to
be paid by all wholesale firms and
farmers and others who would be
paying for the debentures in goods
at wholesale cost would be par, less
what it would take to give the purchaser bank interest on his investment.
Thc third party to whom I would
sell at least one quarter of the total
issue would be the workmen themselves. You will probably ask how
destitute men can purchase debentures.
My proposal is that the laboring
men accept thirty cents per hour as
���lhe. wage they arc to be paid.-and all
skilled mechanics and foremen to accept a proportionate reduction, on
what is known to be the regular rate,
and to take in lieu of wages orders
on the various local merchants who
have purchased bonds, or goods from
the warehouse that the goods supplied from the wholesale houses would
be stored in. If a workman found
that his immediate needs (lid not call
for the total expenditure of his weekly wages on tlle lines suggested, then
From these FIRMS
whatever halanee would be credited to
liini, until he' bad saved an amount
equal to tlie price of one debenture
certificate, which would then bc issued to him, with which he could certainly pay hit nut, or instalment em
l"t with.   The point I desire to make
clear is that no money would be paid
to any workman, that he wemld have
to agree te, accept orders for whatever goods he wanted, that we would
sell him ear tickets, that I have hopes
ceiuld be secured by lhe Street Kail-
way purchasing a few thousand dollars'   worth   of   our    debentures,   and
that   outside  of  this   the    workmen
would have to accept debentures at
par. een which be woulil be receiving
live per cent interest, which is one
per cent more than he could get from
any trust or savings account in the
regular hanks. This scheme we mid
nut only let us know the real deserving cases, but would establish of necessity thriit among alt of us whe,
need  to  work.
To  work  nut  this   scheme,   I   would
suggest   that   tlle  council  appoint   two]
or  more of their  number  to aet with j
a    volunteer    ceimmittee    appointed!
from different parts of the municipality, same tn weerk  in  conjunction with
any relief institution, church, or other
organization   that   is   interested  in   the
work of providing for emr large body
of unemployed men.
Another plan whereby we coulel sell
a considerable aniout eef our debenture! is by insisting that those in our
permanent staff set aside a small pro-
peertion of their wages for investment
in  municipal biends.
If put up to them I believe lhat
there arc very iew who would not
endeavor to help in every possible
way in what would be almost a charitable act.
I would also suggest to your worship that as much as possible of the
work proposed to be done be done
on the Local Improvement Plan, as
by so doing 1 understand that you do
not reduce the borrowing power of
thc  municipality.
The advantages of this plan are (1)
That there would be a great saving.
in the elimination of the discount
usually paid to fiscal agents, issuing
houses, etc., as the price set will bring
in larger returns than any debenture
sale of Seiuth Vancouver debentures
bas done in tbe past, even in the best
of times.
(2) It will enable the council to
carry out work that is needed at present, and for which there is no money
(31 By disposing of the debentures in the manner outlined above it
will save the enormous loss that goes
with the issuance of treasury certificates.
(4i It will provide immediate relief
to those who are out of work.
In submitting these proposals, I do
not claim that they are a permanent
cure for employment, as I realise that
the work proposed to be done i.s nonproductive, but what I do claim is
that they arc a practical and feasible
wey of getting over the present crisis,
and would bc doing so in a manner
that would be no loss lo the municipality, and would bc a great improvement on any charity or relief scheme
that so far has been tried.
HAY.   GRAIN   and   FEED
(Succetior   to   Donaldson   St   McDonald)
Terms   Cash
Phone   Fairmont   1514
From   The   Family   Butcher
at the Sanitary Shop today.
Telephone  Fairmont  1634
Anderson's Market
J. E. Anderson, Prop.
That helps protect your home in
war time and *?t force them out
of business _y buying from the
Main St. Fish  Market
South   Vancouver   Branch
Machines   Rented.    Exchanged    and    Repaircel
Needles.   Oils   and   All   Parts
Agent   lor   "CANADA'S   PRIDE"   Malleable
Range,   $1.00   down   and   $1.00   per   week
4095 MAIN STREET, Cor. 25th Ave.
Phone   Fairmont   1548 A.   F.   McDonald
The Week's Business at South
Vancouver Municipal Hall
(Continued from Page 1)
to place before the next full meeting
of the council the necessity for an
incinerator beiing built in South Vancouver as soon as possible.
Considerable dissatisfaction is being felt around tbe hall this week owing to the disorganized state of affairs caused by the suspension by
Reeve Gold of Miss Dench, Chief
Lester, Mr. Hell, storekeeper, and others of different departments. It is
felt that the work of every department is being held up and unless a
change is speedily effected, everything will be in a muddle and at a
standstill, and it will only bc at considerable expense and after much delay that things will be lire night up to
their usual standard.
A meeting of ibe board of health
was held on Wednesday morning.
Dr. Turnbull. medical health officer
for the municipality, reported a case
of smallpox in South Vancouver and
detailed what work he had done in
the case. Fortunately, the doctor
stated, this case had happened in an
isolated part of the municipality, and
consequently had been easy to handle
and no danger existed of any spread
of the disease from this case.
Considerable discussion arose over
thc manner of collecting thc garbage
throughout the municipality. Four
men had been employed on this steady
all thc year round at three dollars a
day. It was felt that with so many
I'idle men in South Vancouver this
jvork might bc divided up into giving
more men employment. A resolution
was adopted to have eight men employed and these Men to relay each
other, working two weeks and being
off for two weeks. This seemed to
the committee to be thc best solution
to the working of the garbage system, with the view of giving more
men employment.
Mr. Graham, school board inspector, appeared before the committee to
place before them thc necessity of
something being done re the supplying of glasses to children in the different schools and whose parents under present conditions were unable
to supply them with thc same. Mr.
Graham stated that Dr. Saunders of
the city examined free of charge any
of these cases which were brought
to him from South Vancouver, and
also  stated  that a  certain  optician  in
the city willingly supplied glasses to
thc children in these circumstances at
cost price.
After some discussion a recommendation was passed that this committee
recommend that the council pay for
these glasses in these cases, when after careful investigation by the health
officer it was found that the parents
were unable to do this.
Following the health committee
meeting, the committee of lire and
light met. A communication was
read fr.mi .Mr. Pearson, re tbe remittance lo him of the amount uf
taxes payable ou his property on
which No. 5 fireball is placed, and for
which last year's council had agreed
tee remit the taxes as payment of
their lease of thc property for one
year. After some discussion it was
agreeel to issue a cheque to Mr. I'Var-
s.n covering the amount of taxes wilh
the understanding that the same wouhl
be turned over by him t,i the lax
collector. The municipal solicitor
was instructed to have a properly
drawn up lease prepared for the purpose eef leasing this property in a
manner suitable and agreeable to the
owner of the property and the municipal council.
Communications were read from
B. C. Electric re removing of flaming
arc lamps in the municipality. It was
agreed that the B. C. lilectric be instructed to proceed with the work of
removi"- the flaming arc lamps and
replacing the same with tbe Ii. C.
Klcctric arc lamps at ��� cost of 20
elollars per lam.
Meantime the council on Monday
forenoon nexl will go over thc municipality and investigate the whole of
the lighting system of South Vancouver.
Reeve Gold and Clerk Springford
being back from Victoria and present
at this meeting. Councillor Camnbell
as chairman, asked the reeve to "ive
an explanation of his action in suspending Fire Chief Lester. The
reeve replied that hc was having his
reasons for thc suspension typewritten and a copy of the same would be
placed in the hands of each councillor as soon as they were ready. Councillor Campbell insisted, that as chairman of the fire and light committee,
he had a right to know the reasons
for this suspension as soon as such
suspension had been made, and claimed it was an act of discourtesy on the
nart of Reeve Gold to act as he had
done. The matter will be thrashed
out on Friday at the full council meeting to be held that evening.
A TELEPHONE Fair. 720 for
No order too large or too small for
prompt service
The Main Street Ladies' and Gent.'s
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Furniture, Piano Moving and Express Work.
Work promptly attended to and our prices
���re   right. Phone:   FAIRMONT  801
Doctor of Electricity
2S    years'    experience     Removing
Diseases  and  their  Causes
Appointments can  be  made  lor  Treatment  in
your own home.
Terms   on  Application
Residence:    3837    MAIN    STREET
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NLY     THE     BEST     OF
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6404 MAIN ST. (Cor. 50th)
Give us a trial and be convinced of
quality and quantity. All Orders
promptly delivered. Try our special
Ceylon Tea. Leave your address and
have our solicitor call for your order.
VERY Man should patronize
Antiseptic Cleaning
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Reduced Prices. Goods called for and delivered
Open  S   a.m.   to   7   p.m.       Saturday  9   p.m.
Crossland's Ston
A nice clean stock of Groceries,
Candys and Tobacco.


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