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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Mar 13, 1915

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Vol. III. No. 44
Price 5 cents
Smash The Machine
"On, On to Victory!" Is the Battlecry of
Liberals���Great Enthusiasm Aroused Among
Local Grits���Prospective Candidates Jor
South Vancouver and Richmond Ridings
With the Provincial Elections scheduled for April 10. thr end of
this week finds all the political organizations eif the Lower Mainland in
a ferment ni excitement.
Liberals throughout the district, particularly in Smith Vancouver,
feci very confident ;i- tn the outcome of the fight, Conventions are
being held thi- week ami il i- very likely thai ahle ami reliable men will
lie chosen to carry the standard "I Liberalism I" victory at the contest
next month.
Mr. J. \V. Wean ha- entered into lhe fight ami declares ihat he will
run as an independent Liberal candidate in ihat new riding made up of
Burnaby and thai portion of Snuth Vancouver bqyond Fraser Avenue.
Reeve Fraser of Burnaby has also heen widely spoken of as a candidate for South Vancouver-Burnaby. lie is a straight line Liberal
anil if he j^'nes belnre a convention there is every likelihood that he would
be the choice of the Liberal Associations in the district.
Other possible Liberal candidates in South Vancouver-Burnaby
have been mentioned, 'i'he Burnaby men, Messrs, Fraser ami Weart.
have long been in lhe public mind. There is a possibility, however, of
Dr. W. S. Hall, of Cedar Cottage, being brought out and the names of
Mr. George M. Murray and Councillor \V. J. Allen have been mentioned
in this connection. In the event of either of these last-named gentlemen aspiring, they would go before a regular Liberal convention, it i-
*    ete    *
So far as the Conservatives are concerned in South Vaneouvcr-
Burtiaby, a considerable aniout of secrecy clothes their actions. W. A.
Poudd, who is a prominent member of the Conservative Association,
has been freely mentioned as a candidate and is said, would go before
a convention. Mr. C. Stuart Campbell, ex-councillor, and member of
Mr. Bowser's sewerage board, is also being favorably mentioned. Mr.
Armstrong, a first-class llowser machine man, who is president of the
local Conservative association, a real estate man who handled thc Fort
George property for the Department of Lands and made well on that
particular piece of Government wild-catting, is often mentioned as an
aspirant for Provincial honors. Whether he will organize in South Vancouver is another question. Mr. 1. P. Appleby of Collingwood, is also
freely mentioned as one who would willingly accept nomination under
the banner of McBride. In Burnaby prominent Conservatives mentioned include Mr. II. G. Walker, former secretary of the Board of
* St   *
It would not he surprising if both the Labor and Socialists ran a
man in the constituency of South Vancouver-Burnaby. Marry Neelands has been mentioned as a possible labeir candidate, and in the event
of making the run lie undoubtedly would poll a large vote.
* St    St
Tn South Vancouver, Point Grey there will undoubtedly be a hot
tight. So far as the Liberals are concerned, they have many candidates,
There arc several independent Conservative candidates and the machine
will no doubt have one strong man.
Mr. A. J. Welsh, president of lhe Libera! Association at Kerrisdale. a prominent real estate man, formerly connected with the Northwest Trust Company, is making a strong bid for the nomination and
has a btrge following in the Point Grey end of the division. Mr. Frank
Burnett, an old-time Liberal, is also freely mentioned, and would have
a strong support at a convention. Hugh Gilmour is a prominent Liberal
of the old school, a Point Grey man. anil would also have a large sup-
port at a nominating convention. Mr. George E. McDonald is a genial
and well-liked man. a Liberal 'if long standing, a successful business
man, and should also make a strong case to thc Liberals of the district.
Mr. Thomas Kidd. of Steveston, a former member of the House and a
well-beloved old-timer, would bring lots of support. Mr. George E.
MeCrossan is also mentioned as a candidate.
Now, so far as South Vancouver is concerned, the strong Liberal
organizations in this end of the Smith Vancouver-Point Grey constituency will be heard from and it is likely that if Burnaby carries off the
other end of South Vancouver that no stone will be left unturned to see
that Point Grey doesn't get away with the western portion of the municipality.
That vigorous young barrister. Mr. G. G. McGeer, who has fought
the Liberal tight in season and out of season ever since his genial old
dad, whose memory will always be revered in the district, put long pants
on Jerry, is in the limelight and will go before a Liberal convention.
Mr. McGeer is a fighter for a young fellow, thoroughly familiar with the
issue at stake and will have a strong following when thc Smith Vancouver delegates file into the convention hall.
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Disgraceful Scenes Enacted At
Last Week's Council Meeting
Reeve Gold unable to Control Meeting and Councillors Leave
Their Seats
At ilie regular meeting eei" ihe
municipal council of S. .u: ii Vancou-
Irieleiy night, scenes unprecedented in the history of tiie municipality took place. The- hall was
crowded tei the ei,,eer- ami the' excitement  "as at fever heat.
When the reeve took his place at
tiie- t-. mi tn il  table, it  was immediatelj
en  lhat  something < -ut  of
made ii" effort t" e,biain 'erd.r. Waiting uniil the noise had somewhat a-
bated, Councillor Allen said: "1 was
elected to carry nut retrenchment
ami I have all along asked that these
ihing- be don.' in a business like manner. 1 wain a thorough investigation
Iui" ;<11 of these cases, and where eli--
missal  i- necessary, then let it be iu
nary   run   was  likely   to  take-    place.
Calling inr e,plvr.  Reeve   G  I'I at once
addressed   the   crowd   pri
ing  the   councillors  altogether.       He
saiel:   "Ladies   am!   gentlemen,    I    atn
glad  I1'  see  so many  ratepayers  present   here   tonight.       li   this   interest
hail  been   show n  in   yea
tiie'  trunicipality  would  hai ���   be ���
a   more   flourishing   <������ ���!ir.11i. m   today,
I am sorry to say."    Turning to the
e lerk,   lie-   asked   liim   to   pr 	
read tlie order e,i business and the
clerk reael as the first iti in. iin- report from  Reeve Gold of lii- visit  !>.
,;]r  ,,r,i,r.  a thorough business like way.
Councillor Campbell followed anil
saiel: "Reeve Gold, you are not only
insulting the council bul you are insulting this municipality. This report
of ye.ur- is met founded "ii fact: it is
a presumption, you have shown no
respect  feer this council."
Reeve Gi i'i replied -aving: "You
are nol  deserving fi anj   respect."
Councillor Welsh: "As long as the
committees "f tin1 departments arc
met consulted b) you I object t'i ymi
taking  ihe-  position  you  have  done."
Reeve- Gold: "You sit down; I'll
show  t'le  family  compact  existing in
Vie-i iria  m   connection   with  the  ask-   this   council.     Last   year   we   hael   the
Leader of the Liberal Party in British Columbia, the  Man of the  Hour,
who is very likely to be the next   Prime  Minister of the Province
Mrs. \V. Edward Campbell "I 26th
Avenue ha- retnrneel fremi the Gcn-
eral Hospital, where -he has been recovering from an operation which was
performed a month ago.
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. J. Esslemont left
Tuesday meirning i"r Chicago ami
Detroit' They expect 'to be gone
Some six weeks. On their way lie,me
they will visit Winnipeg ami Calgary.
* * *
The Laehes' Ai.l oi Westminster
Church have completed arrangements
f.er a St. Patrick's supper ������������ be held
in the basement of the church. Tuesday evening. March Kith. I'otat. es
boiled iu the jackets and buttermilk
together with plenty of goodies is on
the menu, and the committee lias arranged a good programme which will
follow the slipper. Mr. R, C Cook
,ei Kitsilano has consented to address
the gathering ami Mr. Macintosh ha-
als.e accepted an Invitation to attend.
* ��� *
St. Peter's Church. 30th .Avenue ami
Sophia, are' holding special lenten
services every Thursday evening at
7.45. The Reverend C. B. Clarke e,f
St. Jeihn's, Central Park, will preach
next Thursday evening. Thej are
In elding special Sunday services during Lent also. The Rev. P, W. Mac-
Catul will preach tomorrow and the
Rev. Archdeacon Heathcote "ill be
in the pulpit in the evening. \ veer-
dial invitation is extended to all
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow, senior, who
are about to leave South Vancouver
to take up their home in Courtenay,
Vancouver I-land, entertained a number of friends at their home, 4234 Inverness Streel. on Thursday afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs.
Bigelow, since coming here freem Manitoba, have been closely associated
with St. David's Presbyterian Church
and a large number of their church
friends were amongst those present
on Thursday. Regret was fell at the
loss being sustained through Mr. and
Mr-. Bigelow's departure, but many
expressions of goodwill anel God
speed were made to them bj their
friends of South Vancouver. Mr. and
Mrs. Bigcl.iw g.i to Courtenay tee
live with their sun, George Bigelow,
who has a farm there.
+ * *
Joe Nicholson, well known to thc
residents of Collingwood, has left his
old stand at the corner of School Rd.
and lias moved t" Lynn Valley, where
sve understand he lias bought a ranch.
et   ��   *
Considerable interest is being manifested in the forthcoming debate to bc
held in the Methodist Church. Collingwood, where representatives  from
Kneex Presbyterian Church will de-
bale against "the representatives of
the Methodist Church Epworth I.eigne.    The society have many able de
baters and the subject for the debate
i- eme of considerable importance: "Is
the pulpit mightier than the press."
A large audience is sure tc be present on this occasion.
ee   *   *
\ jeiliv cening was spenl at the
home of Mr. and Mr*. T. R. Radcliffe, 29th \venne East, "ii Friday
last, Whisl took up the early part
of the evening. The first ladies prize
was drawn for between Mrs. Cow-
Hun and Mrs. Pound, Mrs. Cowling
being the lucky one: Miss Dorothy
Burton took the consolation prize.
Gentleman's first prize', Mr. Holden;
consolation, Mr. Carver, After the
game was over supper was served.
Mrs Burton and Mr. Mason rendered
- ings and the rest of the evening was
spent in dancing. Those present
were: Mr. and Mr-. Burton, Miss D
Burton, Miss Bryant, Mr. and Mrs.
Pound, Mr. and Mrs. Coombc, Mr.
and Mrs. Carver, Mr. and Mrs. Springford, Mr. and Mrs. Mis- n, Mr. and
Mrs Humphrey, Mr and Mrs, Vw-
marsh, Mr and Mr-. Cowling, Mrs,
Mill, Mr. Holden, Mr. Ollerenshaw,
and Mr. Kerr
* + ���
A em,' .iml knowing a large number more of the respectable ratepayers fi South Vancouver, they desire
te, acknowledge their appreciation of
the business-like and mannerlj attitude >ei each and every councillor representing the Seven wanl- ol Soiitli
Vancouver.��� Mrs.   (',.   1,.   Greenlay.
* * *
Rev. Wesley Whittaker of Ladner
i- spending a week visiting friends
in South Vancouver, where he was
pastor of Mountain View Methodist
Church in 191W and 1910. Rev. Whittaker is resting his throat and voice
after liis exertions in hi- own field of
labor, where lie bas spoken at public
meetings as many as eight times each
week for the past  month.
* * *
Evangelist McRae attended the service at Mountain View last Wednesday   evening.
iiig ot a gran: for relief work in
South Vancouver; also n thi get
.ei legislation to allow the municipality te> proceed with the sale eef treasury certificates een arrears of taxes.
This report, withe mt comment, was
ordered by the council tei bc filed.
The reeve ihen had thi regular order of business changed and asked the
clerk to reael tee this meeting his typewritten report of bis reasons for the
suspensions of the differeni heael- of
departments  in   the  municipality.
The clerk reael lhe report of the
reeve's reasons for bis suspensions
nf Fire Chief Lester, Miss Dench,
police court stenographer, Mr. (',.
Bell, storekeeper, and several others
of the waterworks department. The
reeve's  reasons leer  suspending Chief
Lester    were    the    same    as   given    at
former council meetings, when he accused the lire chief of having caused
trouble by resigning, of useless expenditures, ami of disrepect to the
council. His reasons for the suspension of Miss Dench was that the posi-
tieen eef stenographer was not for a
woman, and also that she hael been
too long in the employment of the
municipality. His reasons for the
dismissal of the others were that they
had obtained their positions through
thc influence of t'e inner councillors
and friends and had not been appointed by merit.
Without pa-sing any comment, on
the motion of Councillor Russell, seconded by Councillor Rowlings, the
council unanimously ordered the report to be filed. This was unexpected by the reeve and be said: "Gentlemen, 1 would rather have you confirm it." Then again bc asked that
the re'purt lie discussed.
Councillor Campbell rose to poinl
out that the' motion ju-t passed had
disposed "t the matter anel no further
discussion was necessary. To ibis
the reeve replieel that this was a "eg-
nl.ir council meeting ami now was the
time te. thrash the matter out. "I
am reeve here, and I'll show y u lip
ami   I'll  have  this  thing settled  here
and HOW, and you'll >it  righl here ai'el
you'll take your medicine."
Councillor   Street,    addressing    tht
reeve, askeel why this matter had te
be dealt with again. "Had the council mei met a few days eye, ami bj a
majority appointed Chief Lester to
this position, then whj shemld the
leeve- step in and make' him g
lid four; this fear we have the - eliel
six. These people are leeches sucking the blood of this municipality."
Councillor Street; "Do you think
ymi arc the chief actor oti tlii> stage,
Reeve   Gold?"
Reeve (iiilel: "I am the chief actor
certainly, and you, Councillor Street,
should be the last man to speak t'i
me, I'll show you up." Then addressing the crowd again, the reeve started te, tell how Councillor Street had
employed bis brother or brother-fa-
law on some municipal work, but a-
gain the din and uproar was so great
that it was impossible to bear what
was  said.
At tin- stage one of tiie audience
askeel tee speak, but Councillor Campbell claimed the floor and wanted to
address the council. Thc reeve called
upon Councillor Campbell to sit
down. Councilleir Campbell: "All
right; I'll sit down and let your
friend in the audience speak."
At this point ane.ther man got up
and objpected. "I wanted to address
this council la>t week." be said; "and
you rct'tiseel tee let me do so. Now,
because this is a friend of your own.
you give  him  liberty  to  speak."
Reeve Gold: "You are from the
"Chinook" and you can't address this
"1 am working feir my living with
the 'Chine,ok,'" retorted the man.
"and I am a ratepayer in the municipality and have as much right to
speak  as  your  friends  have."
The uproar again became so great
that it was impossible to hear any
councillor. Reeve Gold hammered on
his desk feir peace and Councillor
Campbell made again to rise but cries
of "Se: down," and the commands of
Reev Gold to -it down, drowned the
councillor's voice. Councillor Campbell persisted in standing up and
������peaking, and the noise and confusion
became so great thai nothing could
he  eh me.
Councillors Stanley. Rowlings.
Street and Allen hen rose to their
feet and Councillor Campbell moved
the adjournment.
The motion was not put by the
.' i and tlu' ce luncilli irs left their
seats. At this time everybody was
e'ti the move, chairs being upset and
pandemonium reigned supreme. The
councillors proceeded to leave the
council chamber and a scuffle took
place   mar   the  engineer's   office  door.
Councilloi Campbell her..- movedI Councillor Stanley and ont o| the
that Chief Lestei be reinstated, and audienci were seen te be in grips and
thi   motion being put  tee thc council, ",;"''"   'v'""t'   n>'"'��  ���'"   them  te
Mountain View Methodist Church
The special evangelist services being held in thi- church will be continued next week, the Rev. R. II.
Whiteside being in charge ami assisted by Mr. Gledhill, the famous
basso, and lately grand opera  singer.
About 100 peeeple have already in
those meetings signed the decision
covenant tee start the Christian life
and the interest and enthusiasm con-
tinues te> grow. These meetings will
be held every niglu next week at the
regular hour.
Next Sunday it is expected will bc
eene e.f ihe greatest days ever known
in the histeery of this church. A special invitation is extended to all to
come and bear these famous evangelists.
ii was carried unanimously, Reeve
Gold immediately jumped to his feet,
thumped thc table with his fist, and
addressing the crowd present, he
hissed out: "I'll show these men whether they can reinstate Chief Lester
I am reeve here and I'll veto this reinstatement and I'll keep on vetoing
until  1  am put out  eef this chair."
This caused an uproar amongst the
crowd  and pandemonium reigned  for
a   while.
Calling (or a little order, the neve'
again hur-t out saying: "People, if
you ee,n't respect any of these councillors, I know yon will at leas; respect me."
Several councillors at tins point a-
rose te. -peak but Reeve Gold ordered
them to sit down, saying: "Ynu have
reinstated Chief Lester but I'll show
yem I am reeve ami I'll suspend bun
every time" Choking with passion
and hissing emt with fury, he went
on: "I'll plav with vou; l'il show vein
what  I'll  do."
Councillor Allen here rose ami demanded that respect be shown the
council by the reeve Reeve Gold re-
i irted; "I'll give yeeu all tbe respeel
that'- coming to you, perhaps more
than is coming to you."
A motion was made by Councillors
Stanley and Campbell tbat Miss
Dench be reinstated, but Reeve Gold
would not allow the motion to be put.
Calling upon  tbe  clerk, be asked him
I to  read  a  resolution  which  the   coun-
I cillors had passed advocating the SUS-
I pension.
Councillor    Allen    again    to.ek    the
] floor but could scarcely be heard, the
uproar in tbe crowd was so loud, and
the reeve seemed tei be willing that
it   should   be   -ee.   as   at   this   time   be
Things leeeeke'el serious ju-t
:"�� Men jumped on the table- ami
coats  ��ere thrown  ��� iff ami it  lo iked
like  ;    rieet   right   there.
t'le rk Sprirgie rel seized thi tele-
phi me to ring up fen ih,' pol ce but
Reeve Gold sprang at him. ordering
him te' put down the telephe m . -.o
ing: "Don't \eeu send ior any police
wiih'ml mi orders. 1 don't want no
police here at present, ami when I
want tbe police I'll give orders for
them  to  come here "
Councillors Campbell. Stanley.
Rowlings and Serve i managed to
leave tlle reie.im and Councillor Allen
remained amongst UK audience;
Councillors Welsh ami Russell kept
their scats at the council table.
The reeve called for the clerk to
call eiff the names eel the councillors
who had left their seats, saying that
he   woulil   declare   their   seats   vacant.
The crowd had by this time swarmed all over the councillors' desks ami
were' gathered around the council
platform  beside  the  reeve.
The reeve then began to adddress
theese present. "This meeting has adjourned," he said, "antl now we'll have
a free and easy. I'll show you what
these people arc. I'll show you their
family compact. Dn you know that
every item and every account that
passes through these committees I
scrutinize personally. There's not
one of them that I would trust." He
went on at great length to tell the
audience what he had intended to do.
declaring he wouhl ride roughshod
over the actions of the councillors ami
condemning everything anel everybody tbat was not just according to
his own idea of what was wanted.
(Continued ou page 5) TWO
SATURDAY,   MARCH   13,   1915
Every Saturday by the Greater Vancouver Publishers Limit-ed
George M. Murray, Editor
Corner  Thirtieth   Avenue   and   Main   Street,   South   Vancouver,   B. C.
TELEPHONE:   All departments Fairmont  1874
NIGHT  CALLS Fairmont   1946 L
Registered   at  the   Post   Office   Department.   Ottawa,   as  Second   Class
Mail Matter
To  all   points   in   Canada,   United   Kingdom,   Newfoundland.   New
Zealand, and other British Possessions:
One   Year     ��2 "��
Six   Months       100
Three   Months     SO
Postage to American. European and other Foreign Countries, $1.00
per year extra.
"The truth at all times firmly stands
And shall from age to age endure."
"���-pllK DAV" has come at last. It has been made
1 plain to everyone who has taken only a passing
interest in provincial politics in British Columbia that
the days of that legislature were numbered and it was
only a question of the time most suitable when the
government would dissolve parliament.
While the rotten land policy of the Mcllride-Bow-
ser government has been severely challenged in the
past, they have never, up to the present session, ever
attempted anything in the nature of a solution of the
problem wherein the workless population and the land
could be brought together. They would not have attempted it this session either, but events which they
did not foresee forced their hands and now, in their
dying hour, their records tainted with corruption and
fraud, and forced to go to the country before anything worse comes out, they seize on to a land policy
which they have suddenly discovered, antl appear as
good little fellows whose only aim is to serve the
To our way of thinking, if the Provincial Government had been models of purity and bail governed
the province in a wise and statesmanlike fashion, that
one "incident" of the Dominion Trust swindle, wherein they shamefully betrayed the people who were depositors and investors in that institution, was sufficient to damn them.
The attorney-general's answer to the attacks made
on him in connection with this fraud were no answers,
lie never disputed the fact that he knew that thc act
he passed, giving the Dominion Trust the right to
take deposits, was ultra vires and that, to use his own
words, "it worried him."
The disastrous depression existent in the cities of
British Columbia at the present time is directly attributable to the ill-considered, evil system of immigration carried on by thc provincial authorities. While
they have been bonusing charitable agencies antl others to bring in immigrants, they have at the same time
been handing out the natural resources to their friends
so that the immigrant, instead of being an asset, became a problem���and that problem is taxing our municipal authorities to the exclusion of almost all other
business in their efforts to palliate the evil.
This is no time for splitting hairs. The premier,
in his own inipcral way, will appeal to the "patriotism" of thc people at this time. Why he should have
any call on the patriotism of the people of liritish
Columbia is a question that can only bc answered by
himself. The patriotism of the people could not be
better expressed than by turning this band of pirates
loose and forcing them back to the obscurity from
which they should never have been allowed to emerge.
They say McBride was an experiment when he first
took office. He has indeed been a costly experiment.
The province bankrupt, business at a standstill, the
people starving, and with colossal nerve he comes forward and asks tlie people to find another seven million
dollars for a railroad which will never even pay the
interest on the money invested.
This is no time for tiffining Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism or Labor politics. British Columbia is
in her hour of need and today she stands on trial.
Are wc to sink further into the slough or are wc to
advance antl become a factor in the British Empire
along with our neighbors in the other provinces. If
we are we must get rid of that disreputable bunch of
politicians win. have brought the province into this
plight antl no party cry should be allowed lo interfere
with lhe resolve to wipe the slate clean.
SURELY the people of South Vancouver cannot
allow this st.-ite of anarchy to prevail much longer. The municipality at the present time is in such
tt state of chaos that unless the intelligent ratepayers
band together and Like instant action tiie municipality
will suffer a blow from which it will nccer recover.
The meeting last Priday night, called for tlu pur
iii-e- of transacting business appertaining to the municipality's welfare, was as near a rii it as anything could
possibly be.
The reeve, as chairman, was there tei see that onler
Was kept and that the councillors should be able tei
express themselves on the various question* broughl
befure tin in. but in plaee of that we find "his worship" bv voice ami action, deliberately inciting a mob
of his supporters to cause an uproar.
A man to command respect must give his fellows
respect also, but when the reeve told the crowd assem-
bled that he personally investigated all accounts entiling before them because he wouldn't trust one of the
councillors, he was guilty of a despicable action. I low
the reeve can ever again gain respect from the council
or from the ratepayers at large cannot be imagined.
The first day thc present council was in office the
reeve, in his opening remarks, iu refuting the assertion
that the council chamber would be turned into a bear
garden, made the plea to the councillors that though
at times they might differ, they would refrain from
any acts which would give rise to harsh feelings a-
gainst one another.
But it was only "Pretty Fanny's way." Xo sooner
had he taken "the reins" than he began riding roughshod over everything and everybody. The council
might be chosen by the ratepayers of the six different
wards, but what of that? I am reeve���Edwartl the
First of South Vancouver, supreme autocrat of all *he
municipality, and I am IT.
The council might propose but Edward disposes.
No self-respecting citizen woultl care to offer his services to the municipality as a councillor to be flouted
and jeered at by a man who cannot control himself
antl who in fits of passion becomes quite hysterical.
Is this the man that is likely to put South Vancouver
in its proper place among the cities of B. C.
Quite a lot of electors at last election voted for this
man on the assumption that wdien he was elected to
office thc responsibility of his position woultl tame
him down, and at least he would be a change, antl perhaps the opportunity would make the man.
The dream has been dispelled and now South Vancouver is facing a situation unparalleled in the history
of this municipality or any other municipality in thr
length and breadth of the Dominion.
Something will have to he done and that right quick.
Xo longer can this man be tolerated as the first citizen
of a municipality which should rank second to none in
British Columbia.
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Poultry Supplies Irom us
- - THE EGGS - -
255 Broadway East (cor. Kingsway)
Phone Fairmont  18'>
OU can scarcely say that a ma" has a stake in
thc country until he owns some land. Of the
permanent population of British Columbia there are
very few people who do not own at least a building
lot. The trouble i.s that they bought their lots wdien
there was a boom in real estate and paiil more than
will ever be paiil for land again in this country. Of
course, most of the people were rightly servetl, for
they purchased these lots for no legitimate purpose
for wdiich land can be used, but for the purposes of
speculation. They took thc chance taken by all gamblers and the wheel was loaded against them by destiny. If you contemplate the feverish past, you will
Wonder why any reasonable m;i'i could pay such prices
as were paid for land in this city a short time ago.
The only "explanation is that the buyers expected to
sell the lots again in a short time at higher prices.
They were sure that land values woultl keep on ascending, or they woultl not have paid such prices.
Why did they expect still greater prosperity? One
reason, in Vancouver, was that they had been told
that when the Panama Canal was completed that there
would bc an enormous increase in the shipping business of the port. The real estate speculators bail other golden dreams, but the Panama Canal dream tie-
serves to be placed in a class of dreams by itself,
The opening of the San Francisco World's Fair reminds us that the canal is in full operation. Of course
the war has made some difference, though the regular
shipping companies that send their vessels to Vancouver to trade have been operating, but with fewer
ships perhaps thatl usual, with the exception of the
1 lamburg-American company. And most of the deep
sea trailers that come from European ports use the
canal. But must of the ships that have come to port
since the opening of the canal have not come through
it. Thc greater part of the tratle has come trom Australia and New Zealand ami the Orient, as it always
.Any shipping man will tell you that even if the
war had not taken place, and shipping had not been
disturbed by it, it would have taken years for the
Panama Canal to have made very much difference in
ocean tratle. It will, of course, in time, but lhe real
estate speculators would have bail to wait, even if
there had been no war. an eternity for the full realization of their Panama Canal dream.
SMASH THE -MACHINE ami save British Columbia from further tlisgrace.
* * *
IT IS WHISPERED that Dick is getting an admiral's suit "brought out." When Dick steps ashore from
the tleck of submarine Xo. , hc will be met by the
big guns of the Conservative machine. Dick has a
hunch that the day of the dreadnoughts are past, and
is paying more attention to the under water and hot
air appliances of modern warfare.
* * *
Trust are organizing themselves into a campaign committee to assist Mr. Bowser in unravelling the "facts"
.connected with that gigantic fraud.
* * *
NEXT TIME BOWSER gives an interview to any
committee they will have to show a paid-up membership card in the nearest Tory local.
���At    f,t    t'fi
IF YOU WANT to assist the Empire, smash thc
* * *
TIIE CHINOOK TAKI'.S no little credit in starting the trouble wdiich has resulted in the government
dissolving. While the machine press glossed over
the Dominion Trust swindle, this journal gave the
public the true facts connected with the fraud. These
facts have never been controverted by Mr. Bowser.
:'t    St    *
T( ) 'I'I I INK OWX SELF bc true and it must follow,
HONOR GOOD MEN, be courteous to all men, but
for the luv of Mike, smash that darned machine.
* * *
WHERE WAS Till'. CHIEF and his stalwarts last
Friday night ? Surely it was the duty of the police
to prevent, antl not to wait, until a breach of the peace
had heen committed. The chief is responsible to the
police commission and not to the reeve.
Si   *   *
Oh woman ymi arc charming,
Antl poets long have sung
Their sweetest verses to you
In every written tongue;
But none of them has ever
Told why it is that you
Will always leave a jitney
Wrong end to.
* *  *
to the west to hunt big game, probably because the
gambling business is poor in Monaco owing to the
war. The prince should hc warned against getting into gambling games in this western country.
* e|e    *
EX-MAYOR TAYLOR talks of falling back on his
friends. A man wdio. expects to fall back on his friends
generally finds that they are not there when he falls..
* * *
HORSE-DRAWN JITNEYS are the latest development of the new street transportation conditions. They
are being used in Los Angeles antl are popular with)
people who are not in a hurry and who arc rather
sick of automobiles anyway.
* * it
as the night the day, thou must go forth and smite|INDIANS SAY THAT one of thc long extinct era-
that corrupt machine.-
* *
jgies to Bill Shakespere.
HOW'E'ER IT BE, it seems to me. 'tis only noble to
be good. Think of your wife anil family antl smash
the machine.
* + *
ALL THIS TROUBLE in South Vancouver woultl
have been avoided if the municipality hail been annexed to the city. Citizens, remember that McBride
and Bowser twice refused to carry out your wishes
as expressed at the polls.
ters in the coast range i.s smoking. Whatever erupting it may do, it will not equal the erupting ex-Mayor
Taylor is doing antl will do until the close of the campaign brings a sigh of relief out of the depths of
weary Yancouver.
* * *
B. C. HILLIAM'S "Follies" arc said to have been-
visiting the Municipal 1 lall recently, disguised as
South Vancouver ratepayers, to secure material for
a new farcical sketch which the "Follies" propose to-
stage shortly, entitled "A Reeve Run Amok."
privati: Nurses
The Important Matter of Choosing Your Dentist
"The Last Word
in Dentistry."
Good Teeth
to health
the   most
What are
i^SllEKE is nothing so important to your health and efficiency as the matter with
X^jJ your teeth. Sound, useful, beautiful teeth should be yours���teeth that enable
you to bite, chew and smile in comfort. Decayed teeth cause, not only continual
inconvenience, but permanent ill-health. It is your duty to yourself to economize
:n other ways so that you may secure teeth that look natural, feel natural and perform the functions which Nature allotted to those important members.
i^> HEREFORE you should choose your dentist with great care. It is poor
V^- economy to buy "bargain teeth." Inferior dentistry���poor materials, little
knowledge and less care���costs but little less than the right kind even at the beginning, and certainly is much more expensive in the long run.
X EM PLOY only the most modern methods, the greatest care and skill and the
best materials. Each individual case is carefully studied. When I fit you
with my "Nature teeth" they look, fit and feel like the ones Nature gave you. And
you will find my prices no higher than those of ordinary dentists.
GOME in and allow me to examine your mouth, advise you and give you my
estimate of the cost.    This  will involve no obligation  whatever.    Make up
Then  call,  phone  or  write  to me  now,
No Gas or Harmful Drugs Used
"You Suffer No Pain"
your mind now  to see  to those  teeth
making appointment for examination.
The New
Standard Bank
Bldg., Richards
and   Hastings
Second   Floor
Room 212
Phone  Sey.
4 6 7 9
I HEHKfiY C.f'ARANTEE that all dental teurk performed by mc will be absolutely
painless. If the slightest twinge of pain is expertenftd by the patient no money need be paid
to me, or if any has been paid, it will be instantly lefvnded.
I furtber guarantee tbat all crown or bridge wnrk v,r filling will remain in first-class condition for a period of TEN YEARS. If any ol my work becomes defective during that time I
will replace it absolutely KKEE OF CHARGE.
And make sure of getting your name in the
The P.mik with the largest circulation in Vancouver.
The Telephone Directory has an issue of over
HXJ.OOO copies per annum, and is being referred to
every hour of the day.
MARCH 13th.
Changes of Name, .Address, etc., and all advertising copy must be in or before thai dale.
British Columbia Telephone
The Bonnie Purple Heather
Sandy thinks  Gold is an "Impossibilist"   but   thinks   the   forthcomin'
Provincial Eleckshun is o' even mare importance tae the folk
W eel   ii. en-,  ir.  ,���,��� ,,||(.n
occur  in  I,,,   ��,,.i.  ������
portance as  that   meetin'  up
twa   lie
sie-    1111 -
.it   the
, IUI   ..'
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the���
 [     JAPAN
Up-to-date Train Service Between Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D.T. A., Vancouver.
H. W. BRODIE, Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic  Steamship Lines
C. E. Jenney, G. A. P. D.
Phone:  Sey. 8134 527 Granville Street
Cf Where do we South Vancouver People
EAT when we are Down Town ?
Munii ipal  Hall an   the dissulus
the Provincial  Parlyment.
I  ��I rrl happen  lae up al  tin    in il
n -1 tin'  lad   Kridaj   nicht,  frcent, an'
truth tae te II. I never tan a mare di
gracefu' exhibeeshun in a' my life     I
hae attended moil)   political  meetin's,
I hae attended nn.ley ,��� nil meetin ���.
I hae want e- or twice been a \ ei
al a menagerie-  bul thai meetin' up ;ii
Sooth   Hill  lasl   Fridaj   bate    every-
tl ii.:' I ever saw.
There wis a time ��Inn I used tai-
e-.eii-ielrr  Gold   ill   the nature o' a  j.eke.
an 1 think I wan time predicted that
ii he lived long enough he wud knock
Harry Lauder's reputaahon a- a comedian intae a cockit hat���but, freens,
efter Friday nicht, it's plain tac me
that a man canna be a comedian an' a
municeepal reformer at wan an' the
saint time.
In fact, e-ve-ii lii- reputaahon as a
comic Keit raither a severe shock on
Friday nicht. There wis a time when
I ceiuld atti'iul a meetin' where Gold
was billed ta attend an' ensure mysel
a guid nicht's entertainment���bul noo
it's gettin' serious, thc time for jokin'
has passed an' it now has became a
screamin' farce.
It ony ee' you, freens, had heen up
al the hall on Friday nicht. yae wud
hae been tempted tae ask yersel if
yae were in a cooncil chamber or a
lunatic asylum. Maybe yae wud hae
asked yersel it yae were' livin' in a
liritish colony where democracy was
supposed tae he the' essence o' government���en ii yae were livin' in some
place wiiere autocracy wis in full
Swing an' where the people were only
sae muckle animals made (ae he ruled.
An' sic a man tae ilae tiie rulin'.
Yae time in lhe meetin' he telt the
crowd there that he wudnie trust wan
u' the councillors���in fact he made a
direct onslaught on their honesty an'
questyined their uprichtness as the
chosen representatives o' the people.'.
The nexl meenit he wis askin' the
crowd ttie respect him as their reeve!
Did yae ever hear lhe like? If yae
had saw lhe wey that indiveedual tl
wunnie refer tae him as oor reeve I
conducted himsel in the chair yae wud
hae got an idea o' what kin' ee' respect
wis due him. Why. freens, there wis
time- when I thocht the man wis clean
off his knut���hc behaved mare like a
prize hull wi' a red clout dangled afore
it than llle heid o' lhe municeepality
o' Sooth Vancouver.
The simer the ratepeyers o' Sonth
Vancoover wauken up an' realise
where they are thc hetter it'll be for
themsels. He's made a joke o' Sooth
Vancoover long enough an' noo it'-
passin' frae the state o' jocularity intae seriousness���in fad it's a tragedy,
Enough o' him the no" ��� I_ feel
scunnered when I think o' him. Fancy
that man askin' onybody tae respect
him  efter   Friday  niclit.
Nae man had a hetter chance o'
makin' guid at '.my time than had this
fellie Cold���hut my opeenyin wis a-
fore. an' it's borne oot noo���he's an'
"impossibilist." Yae cannie chenge
the leopard's speets an' neither can
Cohl chenge hi- nature an' the intelligent ratepeyers o' S'lOth Vancouver '11 be c'liiuniltin' an' awfu mistake if they dinna tak means o'rid-
din' the municeepality e,' this fellie.
In- allowed it '.ee' y.e through."
yae ei er here .,' ,i, rascality, fr ....
\ public man that committed sie :.n
.���io in i ihould I" publicly horsewhipped. An' tin- i- the attorney-
general who i- peyed b) us tae- see
that the' law i- properly eairried ���������������.
I dinnie need iae refer e.,f Price
Ellison .en' his k>e l Hue-- yaell a'
hae taen sufficient interest in that
questyin yersels.
An ne.ee they're wantin' tac hatiud
owre anither teeven mi lly in dollars
iae an auld rusly railroad while '.hey
hae tae he pleaded on tae i<��� 11 ower
a tew hunner de.liars ior ihe feelk that
ire itervin' hen- an' for whose condeeshun they, an' ihey alone, are- re-
N'aw. freens. this i- no' a questyin j
ee' Liberalism, Conservatism eir Seic-
ialisiu. I hae a kin o' hankerin' efter
lhe last named brand o' politic- mysel
bul that's no' the wey tin- eleckshun
should be run. I ken line ihen'- lotl
ie' Conservatives that wud as sune cut
off their richt liatintl as vote for that
corrupt bunch owre at Victoria���an'
for that reason ony devec.-liiin should
be prevented that wiul iu ony wey
jeopardise tlle total wipe eieit that is
required iu  I!. C. thi- lime.
l',et thegither, freens, an' weerk for
wan thing an' wan ihing alone���an'
that tae be tin- total extinction ee' that
gang frae the legislative chambers
fe.r ever.
They say McBride is gaun tae appeal lae the patriotism o' the people.
That's jist like his gall. There's nae
heller wey yae could assist the Empire al present than by kickin' that
darned bunch not holus bolus.   In fact
if  I  had  my  wey  I'd gee.  1  dinna
ken what I wud dae tae them. A guid
wey wud be lac tak wan o' they submarines an' [iit them an' Eddie Gold
intae it an' turn them loose in a patriotic wey tae gae an' look for a German man-o'-war. If they happened
tae sink the warship we could maybe
forgie them for a lot but if the German happened lae sink them���weel,
we'd jist loss oor submarine.
Yours through the heather,
Awaits those who are prepared to accept their business opportunity
when it presents itself.   Hundreds of
Will present themselves in the great revival of business following thc
war. If you are wise, you will get yeeur training now and be ready
1"! your opportunity.
Our Winter Term Opens Monday, Jan. 4
See us about it NOW,     The inf
irmatioii costs you nothing.
Success Business College
E. Scott Eaton, B.A., Principal
Fairmont 2075 VANCOUVER, B.C.
Economy consists of spending  money so
that you will have more to spend
727 Pender St. West
THE PENDER CAFE p��&, si. w<,i
Hard Time Prices This Week
Phone Fair. 1634
Passin' em tae the ither subject
which will be absorbin' a' eeor attenshun lor the next month tae come.
Xeio is the time for the people o' British Columby tae get a chance at gettin' efter they beggars owre at Victoria.
Wil- auld Dick! He realises a'richt
that the longer he's in the noo. the
waur it's gaun tae be for him an' his
gang, therefore he moves afore it's
owre late.
Xoo   freens,   it's   no'   a   questyin   o'
Liberalism or  Toryism.  Socialism
l.aborisni  yaer   faced  wi'  her
tish Columby.
It disni,' maitter a bug's e'e wh
yaer  a   Protestant,   Roman  Catholi
Christian   Scientist  eir  :
It disntc maitter what
tendin'   plantin'   in   that   backy
yours   or  hoo  mony   ducky   hen
were  Intendin'  settin' or  when
were   intendin'   lae   gie  the   hem
initial  bath o'  kalsiiiiine.
This  is  a  situashon  a'most  Bl
ious as General French wis faciei wi'
in tiie dark days o' Minis, an' truth
tae tell, '11 hae a'mo>t as muckle tae
dae wi' this province o' B, C. M lhat
battle hail tac dae w i
stoppage o' the   Hun
Gaelic  Society  Concert
The Gaelic Society dee not often
advertise a special concert but when
they do, lhe programme is usually a
geiod one. Last Thursday night at
the Pender Hall the large number of
thc public present wcre entertained
wilh a musical programme of a high
Tipers I). Maciver and J. llegg opened the programme with soul-stirring notes. The purely "Scots" part
was ably sustained by Miss Mollison,
Miss Jaffray, Madam Lillian Davie,
Mr. David Macleod and Mr. A. G.
Dickson. The Gaelic part was well
looked after by Mrs. J. Mackenzie, Mr
1). J. Macdonald and Mr. 1). MacAulay. Miss Nettie Nicol amply sustained her reputation as a Highland
dancer and little Miss May Keith was
simply captivating in her comic singing. Mrs. M. Ogilvie played the accompaniments and Mr. Jeehn M. Ross
acted as M.C. at the dance with which
the evening's enjoyment was concluded.
Phone Seymour 1946
Miss HILDA A. POMEROY, Principal
Certificated at thc Board of Education, England.
Trained at Bishop Otter College, Sussex.
Associate of Arts at Oxford University.
Certificated at Trinity College of Music���Piano and Harmony.
English Literature and Science Distinctions at Examination.
ALL ELEMENTARY STUDIES (Preparatory and otherwise).
NEEDLEWORK (Plain and Fancy,!.
MATHEMATICS.    Matriculation Syllabus, London University.
BOTANY AND NATURE STUDY.    With Microscopy if desired.
LANGUAGES  (Bv arrangement).
ENGLISH LITERATURE (Poetry and Prose).
Pupils of any age prepared in any of the above subjects, by arrangement, DAY or EVENING.
Parents are requested to call in person and interview Miss Hilda A.
Pomeroy, Principal English Collegiate School
      til. lliC,
,  11, ely  Roller,
yae   were   itl-
rel   o'
���   yae
e   its
the   ultimate
How to Address Mail for the Boys
at the Front
In order t'i facilitate the handling
of mail at the front and to insure
prompt delivery ii is requested that
all mail be addressed as follows:
(a I  Rank    	
Regimental  Number   	
Company.    Squadron,    Battery.
other unit   	
First    (or   Second)    Canadian
British  Expeditionary   Force...
Burrard School for Girls
iss B. II. CARTMILL, Principal.
FOR TERMS,  Telephone  S
-eymour  1847,  or call  in person.
Army   Peist
aiuppngw v    	
Yes, freens, the next best thing yae
:oultl  dae  efter   sendin' yaer  sons  tae
sip tae crush th    "	
V iu s-
n yae
It wtttl ac-
for the Brit-
anither three
Kitchener tac help t
sian tyrant���is tae use the weap
hae  in  yaer ain  haunds tae turn  that
bunch o' imposters loose
complish jist as nine
isli   Empire  at  large
contingents  could      	
"Sic a parcel o' rogues in a natie
Dae  yae  need  nie  tae  remind yae
tlle rotten  immigrashun  policy
government where they
Salvashon Airmy an' ithers tae bring
the   folk   wholesale   intae   the     cities
while   at   the  same
haundin' oot th
Livingstone    Centenary    Presbyterian
The members and adherents ol this
church are holding a basket seecial oil
Thursday, March 18th, anel hop tot
the support of all living in the district who are interested in helping em
a good cause and having o sociable
evening. The proceeds Irenn sale of
baskets ami any subscriptions (there
will be no charge feer admission) arc
to be given to pay for lumber t" finish the church iusielc and lluis make it
a little more attractive to theesc who
attend there. Our church which has
been built only a little more than 12
months, is free from debt and we wish
to keep it so, but feel that it should
bc a little meirc complete than it is
at present so come and along anel help
US on Thursday, the 18th. at 8 o'clock.
subsidised the
time   they    were
laund tae the specu-
30,000 Price Tickets
Signs and Window Notices in stock
Price from ISc. per doz.
Every kind of Sign or Letter made
to  order
JANES ROAD P.O.        So. Van.
Mr. W. W. Robertson
Open for few more pupils
Terms   Moderate
South Vancouver   Phone Sey. 4284
lators���the depression we're in is
result o' that policy���or want o' p
Dae yae need nie tae remind yae o'
the Dominion Trust swinnle, wherein
Bowser said he knew thc act gien
that company the richt tae tak deposits was illegal, but raither than risk a
government defeat he allowed puir
auld men an' weemen tae be robbed
li' their life savin's. He wunnie deny
that an' he daicnie deny it. for it wis
tac yours truly as wan o the committee that he made the statement.
If ever a mare rascally piece o' legis-
lashon wis ever passed in ony ither
country, I've got tac De shown. "He
told Arnold it wis ultra vires." tae
quote the wee yin's ain words, "but
on   Arnold   offerin'   tae   tak   chances,
Ladies' Rifle Club
Senile twee months agei the South
Vancouver Ladies' Rifle Association
was formed to give all who wished it
an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the use of fire arms, tirst
aid to tlle wounded and all the other
things that go to lighten the burdens
of warfare. Much credit is due to
Captain Robert S. Lewington who has
devoted much time to the success of
the club. The club meets twice each
week and no fee is charged. One only
is requested to pay for the ammunition they use. Meetings are hehl in
the Mackenzie School, 46th and Fraser, antl sonic forty members gather
there to avail themselves of this splendid practice. Mr. Lewington ably
teaches physique with and without
arms, Sergeant W. Elliott instructs
on Indian clubs, Mr. X. W. Nelson on
Can  supply  your  needs  ��t  right
(Right  at  Station)
semaphore signalling ami Mr 1'hillips
"i the I'.. ('. Telephone Company lecture-- on the telephone ami its uses,.
Dr. I-'. M. Robertson lecture'- mi first
aiel to the wounded, "ne needs visit
ihi- cluh --mie evening when in practice 'ee -c ���he splendid advantages of
the wnrk. There i.s room for a few
meere members anil a most cordial invitation is tendered t��i any eene wishing sec them manoeuvre. A competition i.s being held for lathes only and
will continue lor four weeks. Mr. G.
\Y. Franklin keeping scire. A prize
will bc awarded to the lady scoring
the highest.
" marriage e,f Thomas A. Wankin
and Mrs. Julia Thomas was quietly
solemnized bv the Rev. C. R. Blun-
den at the bride's home. 4708 Bruce
Street, South Vancouver, last Saturday evening. The attendants were
Mis- Lillian Cuddeford ant! Mr. A.
Thomas. They will reside at Bruce
ROOM in private home with board
and washing. Piano and phone.
$5 a week.    121 22nd Avenue West.
Experienced Dressmaker, Apply 41
32nd East.
Cor. 30th Avenue and Main Street
Comfortable Hall for public meetings,  dances,  etc., to Let
34 32nd Avenue
Established  1893
Refined Service    New Location
Opposite new Y. M. C. A.
Fireproof     Columbarium     and
Seymour 2425
Poultry   Keepers
Will     n-���f    k..��     ,._     r r
will get best results from constant
use of
Poultry Spice
A Hen tonic, Pick-me-up and
Once Tried Always Used I
Guaranteed   to   produce   results,   if
fed   according   to   directions   (in
every sack)
3 lb. sack, 45c.    V/t lb. sack, 90c.
100 lb. sack, $12.00
Manufactured in Vancouver.
Miss HALL and Miss WESTLEY, graduate nurses
Patients Received from $15.00 Per Week
Phone Fairmont 2166 FOUR-
SATURDAY,   MARCH   13.   1915
Go to
And Electrical Repairs
36  Twenty-fifth Ave. East
Mill: Foot of Ontario Street, Fraser River Phone: Fraser 97
Manufacturers of
Wholesale and Retail
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We carry everything in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
No order too small, and none too large for this popular Liquor Store
Store open every evening until 11 p.m.
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
Leaving our Store every Thursday and Friday morning at 9 a.m.
Price List mailed free on application
R. CURRY, Prop.
l JI',C, l/lt}'!1 ColumbU ���pplta in a world competition with the best, have taken
the Gold  Meilal Prize.
This means lhat   H.  C.  Orchards if developed will len.l thc world
A word lo llie wise is sufficient.
We arc oKeiinR Fruit Tree smelt at exceptionally low war prices. Write and tell
us what you want.
Our experts will idviie wilh you anel scnel ymi a oaUloflM Iree.
nriv. L ,.' ." i'V 5""'k, ��! (!"wcri'"'- an'1 cvemrcen shrubbery, holly, laurel and
privet hedge stock, ron and ihada tree itock, foliage and flowering plan's
your g.;&,,a,uL."nCk "' 0V" "0��'U00' W' h"Vt "'">"""'��  W>  wan.  to make
Head Office
er. .71V^"r'iun  ',V,l|!o   2"i !Ia?linK�� Sl- W-  Telephone  Seymour  S5S6.
More .     2410   Granville   St..   Fairview.   Telephone   Bayview    1926
Nurseries  an.l   Greenhouses  at   Koyal   on   Eburne   Line.   B.   C.   Electric.
Telephone. Kburne 43
Stock Department, Seymour 6913
Who  Wrecked   the  Maine?
Strange Story Told by a Private Who    Had
While in Cuba
Startling    Adventures
The eel lier day a friend of mine was
heard In say that lie beliveedd all hail
heen te.ld aheein the war in Cuba that
ceettlil be, bin, ah my friend, I will
say here, that not one-tenth pari Ikim
ever been told mer ever shall be heard
Inr many a poor comrade who now
he- in foreign soil had itartUng adventure!   that   no  tongue  shall  ever
lisp. Of 'eiir petty hardship! while
in .Michigan at Camp Alger nr nur
trip   le,   Cuba   1   shall   not   speak,   but
from the time we landed uff Siboney
llie soldier's life truly began. The
large tents hail to be done away with
and the small shelter or pup tents
were useil. Here we cheist our "bun-
kie" or tent-mate, and mine 1 will call
Will���-poor fellow he is dead and gone
now and may his bones rest in peace
for he was my best of friends and
how much belter could he show his
friendship and love than he lay down
his life for mc.
Will was a soldier every inch. In
frame he was as straight as an arrow, stpiare shoulders, muscular arms
ami limbs, hair as black as an Indian's
and eyes that seemed lo pierce you
Ihrough and through. He was a country boy antl, when the cry of war rang
Ihrough the land, one of the very first
to enlist in our company. He was a
quiet boy ami hard to get acquainted
with. Feer hours hc would go away
and sit by himself apparently doing
untiling, but in deep thought. 'Twas
in one of these deep, brown studies
that I first be came acquainted with
him ten thc transport Yale. It was
thc night before wc landed and the
weather was extremely hot; the tropic sun poured down its rays on the
clear, blue waters antl reflected back
the heat that seemed to cook us to
the core, but, now that the dusk of
evening came, tiie men crowded the
decks endeavoring to get a breath of
the breeze that every now and then
fluttered across the ivatcr.
I strolled through thc crowded deck
far to the bow of the boat and there,
leaning over the rail gazing silently
at (he waters, was Will,
I had seen him many times before
at  lhe cattlp and on the boat but had
not gut acquainted with him but now
hc looked sn sad and thoughtful that
1 could not help speaking to him and,
putting my hand upon his shoulder, 1
gently said: "Good evening, Will."
"All, gootl evening, Irving. 1 was just
a-thinking when you came up," said
he, exteudnng his hand. "And of
what were you thinking?" said I, giving him mine. "My thoughts were
queer ones. Irving, but come let us
sit down on this coil of rope ind 1
will tell you something that perhaps
may surprise you and, at all events,
I  am  sure, will set you thinking."
"When I was a very small boy, a-
hout six. I think, my father died and
my uncle came In his funeral. He was
my father's half brother and was live
years older than my father. My
grandmother, when a girl in her teens.
was senl lei Florida I'm- her health
anil while there, fell in love with,
ami married, a young Cuban whee lived bul one year after their union antl
lefl behind liim a baby boy���my illicit'. Abeiut tour years later, she married a yelling Michigan fanner���my
father. 'Basilic, as my uncle was
called after his father, became a
shrewd business man and finally lefl
llie States anil located ill Cuba on
one   of   lhe   largest   sugar   plantations.
lie kept up a correspondence with
nn ether afler father's death and il was
nne of these letters that set mc thinking. It was a long description of the
country, of the ruin thai hail been
wrought by war, antl unless it ended
soeiti he woultl be ruined anil every
other planter on the island, that, he
antl three Others, were going tei start
seeme   scheme   to   free Cuba  ami   have
it  annexed  to  the  Uniicil  States  at
once. This letter was written December 5, 1897, ami February 15, 1898,
the Maine was blown up in Havana
Harbor,  killing  Iwe,  hundred  anil   -ix-
"Good God, Willi" I exclaimed,
you th' not ihink your uncle committed  lhat  terrible deed, do yeeu."
"No Irving, I  cannot hardly think
lhat he woulil sloop so hew as that.
but ihat  letter  set  me thinking ami
Ihe nn ire 1 thought the inure I think
Ile bad sietnethiiig to dn with it. A-
Dinit a monlli later nuelber ilieel.
leaving me alone ami very sail and I
resolved  tei  enlist  antl try  1"  forget."
Afler this we became last friends
��� I taking tn Will and Will t.. me,
as the old Saying goes, like a fish In
waler. Afler Ihis wc were nearly always together. At mir camp, some
twee miles from Siboney, we occupied
thc same tent. One day while lying
in the shade of a bamboo tree. Will
suddenly pointed to the cliffs some
two miles away that looked like minister honey combs, so thickly were the
caves. Every now and then couhl bc
seen the forms of lhe Spaniards, now
and then the report of a rifle on the
cliffs ceiuld be heard nnd lhe zip, zip
by lhe boys who were closer up to the
ledge. "I have been thinking," said
Will, "of what I found down near the
mountain yesterday, antl if we stay
here another twenty-four hours. I am
going back antl investigate. Want to
go  along?"
"To be sure," said I; "but what is
"Never mind what it is," said Will,
"I'll take my pop and you get the lets
and if wc don't have some fun before
we get hack it will be because there
i.s im fun in Cuba.'
"Miit.' said I. "is il a little Cuba
jatinla on the side, or a whole nest
of crimson coats in a lower?"
"Hal Ila! neither one. Yeiu are all
righl." said he, arising from lhe
grieiind ami taking my hand, "but  lo-
CHIMNEY SWEEPING CITY %phwil,f!nn*ta?���*'������*��<*����
Phone-Seymour 5293
best equipment in Vancouver
40S Dunsmuir Street
morrow will test all the grit ym luve
got '
ill the coaxing  I  could du would
nol persuade  w i ��� > to tell me anotner
v��e,ri, ni wnat ii"i" where waa i" dc
our journey tne following day,
rricnn, yeiu have beard somewhere
ill ine Innie 01 tne Windot* m nc.ivni
being opened ana nie iieem! gates let
iiee.-e. neii, tii.ii was wii.u Happened
ie, us tbat nignt. um wai .nn nrst
experience wun a Luoan rain uut, a.s
ine. nn). renieiiiiicr, n;h lien our last.
I'.iery nun wc nan was wringing wil.
ne i.ty in amen! three inencs 'ei water uic balance <*i tne mgni ami were
giau   win ei   ua>   ui'iikc,  u   tne  .sun   oi'l
mai uown een our iie.uis as n trying
hi  incil  u.s  wilerc Wc Mieoii. Alter  "in
oiaiiKets ami cunning nan Been dried
anu property lateen care ol, we biucK
a lew craiKcrs m emr pucxets anu
started mi. eot over a nine we pas-
sen various companies, nun ine
guards, atones anu crabs were to
uucK thai n was either one or tne
uiuer every step, .is we gradually
ucgan io gel laruicr antl larieier iiinu
uu. camp.-,, lue weeds were almost
unpcneiraoie, ami reminding one very
imicn en tne wild Deny liusu ill In,
pinery ol jVllcdlgan, U e Kept stcau-
ny on until noon, men we stopped under ine snaiee- oi a palm tree to rest
anil cal our crackers. He also looiv
a gnou uriuK irom our canteens, men
ateeicncu ourselves oul lor nail an
neeiir s rest aim were soon last asleep,
vv lien we WOKC we loiuid lu our uis-
may mat we nail siepi several Hours
anu ine sun was Deginning to sma
In llie v\ est. We siaeieu on anil arrived ai tne toot oi mc mountains
jusi as the lasl dying rays was hissing me peaKS ol me mu tops. Here
w.es a small grove oi manogany, Win
pusned on aiiead until ne came in a
targe oouider mat was close io mu
perpendicular side oi tlle mountain.
iMieeiing uown, Win motioned ieer
nie lu nilluw, creeping uciwecu me
ouulders un mc sine oi tne mountain,
ue parted tne weeds aim brusn anu
crawien inrnugli, a ciusc al nis necis,
wncn mere seemed lu lie a Milan
opening in mc roeic which graauauy
Oceanic wider ami wider as wc cu-
icrcii. boon wc were in wnat nugui
ue called a large cavern, mc Wans
sume twenty leci apart ai uic siues,
anu llle tup arcueil iu annul uny leci
at ine peuK, j ue uoor was sinoum
and sanuy with j|,,w and men a Huge
Stone, as n piaceu lucre lor seals.
W lien   entering   tlle   cavern   was   su
darn mat you cuutu noi sec two lect
.inc.tu oi yuu oui, Binning a niaicn
wc ui a canine mat uau uccn orougui
ttiong, Vie passed inrniign ine cave
wiikii (gile.-s.ng; \,.is ..caiey inn
Hllllnreii ,cel mug, teiell \, e e..elllc ee,
aneilucr passage niai we could Jttsi
uarciy Wui�� uprigm in, single mc
Mere  we  encountered jaggcu    rn,....
niai We CeiUHl SCarCClj SejiicCZC .1-
leiuilu. tlnw lung Uhs pabbUgC w.es
I   eeei   not   ivtlOW,   Ui,ty   ne   ���clc   scvci.n
Hours- going   turougn  um   ui   iusi   v. c
eanie tu llle eii'i ae.ei slu n .01 cnei. II
Wound up iikc a iiiiiiiei wun ,i in ut
scarcely large enuugn iu crawi
iie.ii,' said Will, "il as lar as I
nave Been, v/Vnai lies beyonu is a
mystery to me as well as tu yotl.
vv ueii i looked through me huie into
me cave uic oilier nay 1 made up my
mind mat i needed cumpany aim now,
chum, imiK in, consider mc matter,
aim men snail wc gn aneau ur bbck-
i ins conversation nau oeen carried
mi ui a wnisper .um as i stepped i'e
mc entrance ami peeaed mruugn i
could scarcely suppress the cry 01
surprise at wnat i saw. A cave some-
���iiial .smaller man llie mie we hail jusl
icit���draperies hung irom the sides
completely covering tne rougn, jagged rucks, tin mie side a COUCH, a
lalilc, a lamp, scleral books .mil papers scattered around, but no signs
ol an occupant nor oi any exit except the one where we were.
"Well,' said  Will,
"Ce.nie em, -anl I, crawling through
ilu- hole, quickly tollowed hy Will.
Upon lhe lahlc were numerous maps
and  charts   ..I   lhe   coast   line  am!   tne
Hay ni Havana; charts of the country,
ihe mountain peaks, the caves wen'
all named as well as ihe passages
from eme cavn tn another. Next
Ihmg thai attracted nur attention  was
a bundle of letters with a rubber a-
round them. I he first glance at llle
address, Will startled and exclaimed
"My uncle'.-." and carefully running
nver them, we found that tiny were
all numbered from mie tn twenty and
all  addressed    to   Basiliei    Gamaeo.
"Well, whal shall we iln, gn back or
stay?"  1   asked.
"No, we came fur fun," replied
Will, "ami wc have struck something
that both interests mc ami nur government, and I fnr one want tn see
it through, ll Ihcm letters were stolen fmm my uncle, then ihey should
be returned tn him antl again, if he is
a secret agent against emr government,   then   he  shuiild  be   watched."
"liul lie is ymir uncle, a blood relative, ami as vein have lold me, vastly
"I care nol if he were my own brother and with ten limes what hc has
now, if J found him a traitor to my
country, I should disown him and assist in his capture." and 1 knew by the
way the black eyes snapped he meant
every   word   he   said.
"Well, here goes," said I, as I opened the lirst letter. It was dated
at Havana. . cbruary 5th. and was a
mixture of German, English ami, well
1 do not know what, and read something in Ihi- .strain: "Veil mile frin
Ihnt bote vat her mi lhe raters und
nf dol vas all gate I will be dare anl
dc plase ven yeeu vas ready���Duchy."
Xo. 2. Was apparently from a
plainer whom Hastilio had seen and
having made a contract fe.r a purpees,'
and was dated February 8th. This also was from Havana. "Have the boat
at pier Xo. 2 with pump, helmet and
fixtures   tonight."
(Continued on page 6)
ITS DURABILITY���Does not crumble or pulverize under the densest traffic; second only to granite
ITS EASE OF REPAIR���No difficulty being experienced in removing and replacing the blocks; no
expensive plant or skilled workmen required.
highly antiseptic and waterproofing material instantly destroys all germs, prevents the absorption of
street filth and consequent decay.
ITS NOISELESSNESS���The rattle and bang of
vehicles passing over its smooth surface absorbed
and muffled till the quiet of tlie din load is obtained.
ITS DUSTLESSNESS���Does not pulverize; the
heaviest traffic only pounding down the wood fibres
to offer the greater resistance.
TTS CLEANLINESS���Having a smooth surface and
being waterprooi it does not differ in this respect
from asphalt.
We manufacture blocks of the highest possible
standard, the verv best materials only being used and
in the DOMINION WOOD BLOCKS we believe
we produce an article that has no equal.
Vancouver, B. C.
i\ \u \m \m
Campbell Storage Company
"U ��� ��� \a m ra uu ��� ta' ��� ��� ���
Glazed Cement
Sewer Pipe
Is tiie choice of property owners in
every city where its value has been
demonstrated. It gives good service
anil has durability,
Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe Co.
155 FRONT STREET WEST Phone Fairmont 122
Keeler's Nursery
Grower and Importer of Plants, Bulbs, Roots and Shrubs
Cut Flowers and Design
Work  a  specialty.
Flowering and Ornamental Shrubs for Spring and
Fall   planting.
One  hundred1 varieties of
Roses  of  Choice  Sorts
and  three   hundred  varieties   of   Dahlias.
Phone Fairmont 817
Old and valuable violins carefully repaired.
Gulitars and mandolins repaired. Bows rchaired.
Violins  bought.
531  RICHARDS ST. Phone  Seymour  341S
18th and Main Street
Do Not fail to see "ZUDORA," Thanhouser's Greatest Photo Play
3000 Scenes. Caste of 1000
FRIDAY and SATURDAY.    Read the Story in the Monday "Sun" by
Harold McGrath
H.   H.   D��AN,   Proprietor
All  the  Best   in  Motion   Pictures
(Three blocks  south  of Municipal Hall)
The Hos3 & Brooks Co. Ltd. Liquor Store
S04 Main Street, Vancouver
Free   Delivery   to  all  parts   of   South Vancouver.
Leaving our Store on Friday Morning at 9 o clock.
Electric  Coffee
COMPLETE       d��C  Cf|
WITH  CORD    ��P*J,��'V
��2��"    $4.50
(Any B. C. Electric Iron or Hotpoint Household Appliance cord can
be   used   with the percolator).
The Percolators may be- purchased at the Company's salesrooms
��� from a numbei lealer. in electrical   supplies   throughout     the
Carrall and Hastings St.
1138 Granville St.  (near Davie)
(Continued from page 11
Dr. \V. A. McConkey is also mentioned as a likely candidate and
has many friends who would gladly see him enter the arena. Councillor
W. J. Allen is also a Liberal of good standing and has fought the good
fight for many years. I le is a young man. a popular man. and though a
quiet man. should have a Strong bunch behind him when it comes t.i a
convention. The President of the Main Street Liberal Club, the largesl
Liberal association possibly in Hritish Columbia, Mr. George M. Murray, has made no statement upon the subject, hut should lie he called
upon his friends say that he would allow his name to go before a convention. Mr. .Murrav has expresscel the wish to aid the party in whatsoever manner lies within hi- power, hut dismisses the suhject of nomination by saving that "he would prefer to watch the game for a few
years." Ex-Councillor Winram is also mentioned as a probable candidate an.l should he decide to let his name go before a convention he
woukl have a lot of support.
.* * *
Over in N'orth Vancouver Liheral honors are heing divided between Mayor Haynes and Mr. T. S. Ilrown. the latter gentleman being
a vigorous exponent oi Liberalism at all times and in all seasons, wh. e
the'former, a good Liberal, has the confidence of a great many people
on thc North Shore.
1��� Snuth Vancouver-Poinl Grey, C. M. Woodworth, an insurgent
Torv. has nailed his flag to th. t. Reeve Harvey, a clean-cut Liberal,
has also been raentwned as a ;������ ssil le independent man. '1 he rones ��ill
likely put in the field Frank B. Iniquitous One who
today draws down ���'' D'K sals>r)  fron1 tne '' ,Vl'nin"
Pantages Theatre
.Bothwell   Browne's   The    Serpent
an   impersonation    .   |
- 'im thing quite oul ot tl .
u'liarj    is   listed   ie.r   headline   honors
���;'   p i-
ll   is   a   panto-
portrayal   ..i     th      traditional
ra fr  the di ith ol
an asp     I     -     , ,   ���
a  harp girl and
company,  be sidi   the   qtiei    i  me
Bi there is i
by   the   nui i n't   m, isi i gei   and
wonderful   climax,   th     de   th    il   the
Egyptian   queen.    Thi    ee i   ..  elaborate!)   stage d  and  ce itumi tl    and    is
Bpli ndi II)   ;ie tc d  thrnughoui
is  .i  gri it   impersonator and  i!
tire  feature   ii   one  nf  the  most   important  ol   thi   ; i
''���'������������ '���   La   Dell   will   open   the   bill
with   Borne   remarkable   rifle   and   revolve!   ihooti   :��� bi il1|    ,.
as   thi   Kf: tesl   m oman   shot   on   the
-' e-  ���
Jimmy Gn en is an eccentric i
ili;m who has a most remarkable turn,
Hi- imitation of various animals and
birds are mosl bewildering in their
cleverness. He- concludes his act
with  -'mi.' clever whistling.
Kelcy Conboy and Rosco Marston
presenl a sketch called "The Claim
Agent." which abounds in good lines
and ends with a startling finale.
Archil- Nicholson Ik Co., comedy
instrumentalists,   offer   an   act   which
has   everywhi
in i i  popular i'ii  Ihi   bill     I:  coi
eel        -'ellll -pie   lllIM        p
���. trumpets
ipply   its
erii ip
South   Hill   Palace  of  Varieties
e  II   ;;
and  .     :
bui rtistes  ha i nified   their
is  |    in  Bed l patron
this popular house
' in   Fi id i)   and     Satu da)    of  this
l  i md    epis >de    of    thc
" Pi   rls "i Pauline"  evill
tiie- sen en ai d - m Moi da) ni   tai e'ry
special  item  is   promised   when   Miss
I Margery   Easson,   thc    popular    and
��� r   pianist   anel   accompanist,   will
I sing some of the- p..jmlar songs
! day and will also give -eeim- exhibitions oi Highland dancing. The man.
agement are to be - mgratulated on
their  splendid  efforts  to  please    the
I public, and no doubt large audiences
will he- present on these special occasions mentioned.
duty. I am ..e-rry fur what t'-eik ;
but I do i.e.; intend to be insulti
Reevi    Gold:   "1 lid   I   insult
Councillor   Stanley:   "Vou  certainly
R ���       >, "Councillor   Stanley.
i .;i laboring  under  a   mis-
t'. ���
.  pandemonium  ���
I regularly
It  -.ias  quil-
inn   it.     I
ll tu ri
1 npoeil: "\
Ree\ e   Gold:   "Soi
lors and ol less thai
ii 1 j  the
Ucjqualled       Vaudeville      Means       Paatag--*
E.   D.   Gialiam.   Resident   "onager
Phone Seymour 3406
The Serpent of the Nile
Three   shows   daily    2.45.   7.20.   9. IS
Admission���Matinees,     15c;     nights,
15c and 25c; boxes,  50c.
���    -
Large crowds greet Evangelist
Whiteside each evening at Mountain
View Methodist Church. Last Sunday afternoon al four o'clock a meeting for men only was held. The
music was ,-grand and the address
much appreciated by all present. N'ext
Sunday they hope for a larger turn
"lit uf nun at  inur o'clock.
* * *
Mrs. Dr. Wark of 24th Avenue East
is giving a Japanese Tea to the members of die- Excelsior Club of Mountain View Sunday school, of which
-In- i-, teacher, on Friday, March 19.
* * ��
Many residents of 38th Avenue
were- surprised to hear of the sudden
death m" Mr. Izzard, who was spending senile time with his brother in
Seattle, Washington. Mr, Izzard re-
sided at corner oi Quebec Street and
3Rth Avenue. Ilis wife and daughter are visiting Mr Izard's mother
iu Chicago.
Next Wednesday evening, the 17th
eei March, St. Patrick's day, a grand
concerl will be given in St. David's
Church, South Vancouver. A splendid array of talent has been secured
for this concert and a programme of
unusual excellence is promised to
those who will be present. All of the
artistes are well known locally and
are all favorites with audiences in
South Vancouver and the city. The
following names will suffice lee show
the excellency of the programme to
In- given and the high character of the
entertainment promised: Mrs. W. W.
Robertson, sporano; Mi-s Mollie Stirling, mezzo-soprano; Mrs. J. I-', Paterson, mezzo-soprano; Mr. Robert
Palmer, tenor; Mr. Fred. A. lilair.
baritone; Mr. P. Duncanson, baritone; Mr. W. II. Kelly, humorist;
Mr. W. W. Robertson, solo violinist.
The concert will be under thc elir-
ection of Mr. \V. W. Robertson, anel
a crowded house Is sure to be the reward of those who have arranged this
splendid programme.
* .. -���
St. Andrew's Church
The Ladies' Aiel of St. Andrew's
Church, 4'Jih Avenue, announce that
they "ill give a grand dance on the
eve ni St. Patrick's day, March 17th.
Arrangements for this have bun undei way ieer some time and the management are now able tee assure everyone contemplating being present.
that a splendid and enjoyable evening
will be -pent by all. Supper will be
served by the ladies and ilu music
will be supplied by a first class orchestra, ami ii is expected that the
church hall will be taxeel tn its capacity "ii ilie   occasion,
Disgraceful Scenes enacted at
Last Week's Council Meeting
i Continued from page 11
Councillor Russell, who hai' remained in the room, demanded that
tin reeve should have Iiis (Councillor
Russell) reporl nf his departments
read. The re-ports were read and
Reeve Gold found fault with them,
saying ihat he did met believe the
councillor had dictated these ripuris
and did not believe thai he had been
over these departments ai ail. This
raised another storm ami Councillor
Russell -.'"I up mi the table andflatly
denied the insinuations of the reeve.
claiming he had done the wnrk he
haiibeeii direeteel In iln and hail dictated every word "f the repuri to the
Reeve Gold, wlm was also stand-
ing em the table, questioned this
statement, and insinuated that the
councillor was nol able to el" so, but
Councillor Russell reiterated his assertion ami askeel Reeve Gold "Are
you the emly man in the municipality
that's got any brains- I dictated every word eei thai report and I signed
ni\ name to il anel I am proud of ii
The council chamber at this time resembled some vaudeville show, Couu-
cillors Russell anil Reeve Gold ami a
number fi hi- supporters were stand-
ing -.ii ilu- councillors' desks and
shouting at euu- another. Councillor
Russell, seeking t��� > make a jeeke ni the
reeve, saiel: "Reeve Ceehl. 1 see you
are getting mad." "Xo, I am not,"
declared llu- reeve. "Oh ye- ymi are."
said lhe councillor; "I sei your ears
beginning to -hake." ami he lielel up
hi- hands to imitate the ear- -,1' a
donkey, Tin- raised a laugh with the
crowd ami Councillor Russell then
left   lhe hall.
Reeve Ceehl. -iili standing een the table, declared the meeting eleeseel a-
b.eiit 10.15 and so ended -em- of tin
must disgraceful meetings ever lielel
iu the municipality oi South Vancouver,
Ruth Memorial Baptist Church
Tin- evangelistic meetings of this
church ar, still being largely attended
ami ih.- interesi still keep- up. These
meetings will be continued "ii Sun-
elay. Monday, and Wednesday next
week, ami ureal times are looked for
On Sunday lirsl Re v. Mr. Litch will
preach al both services. In the
morning his subject will be: "Salvation in our daily hie." and in the evening the sacrament of baptism will
be administered.
The council mel on Tuesday morning at 10.30, Reeve Gold and lhe full
council being in attendance. In open-
ing this meeting Reeve Gold said:
"I regret very much ilu- unseemly incidents of last Friday night's meeting. I think -"iiu action -iieeul-i be
taken when a councillor -" iar forgets himself as to attack a ratepayer
here in iln- council room, also something i- necessary to be done when
councillors leave tin- room s" unceremoniously a- was dune la-i Friday
night, li I. iu the noise ind confusion thai wa- going e-u, Iiu! in the
e xcitemenl  and  heal  of thc  moment,
! made any remark offei sive to any "in.
I  regret ii very much.    Remember, I
! .tiii  met admitting  thai   I  'Iui  - .
it admitting  thai   I  did
\   iii-iu. n;    w i-    do    Ba)    -' -nie
things thai we afterwards regret very
much. I .mi really sorr) for Friday
night's proci i dings bul I was noi responsible.     I   blame   thc     rati
sponsioie.      I    iiianie-   nie-     rati pi
who caused ilie ih-.enier. but the councillors should  have  kepi  theit  seats."
Councillor   Stanley     said:     Frida)
night's incidents wen- a disgraci
I the blame rests ��n you,  Reevi   Gold
' Yem diel not iry i" keep order,    The
people would nol have d"iic what they
I did had yuu kept order and done your
matter   and   said:   "Mi   real
leaving .his table  were these,
ing   and   trying   to   da   busines
tinually Intel
ted   by   the   audience  ami    you,   Mr
- . did not attempt  to stop these
interruptions.    Vou wen  familiar with
act  that  there wa- no policeman
in  sight.     I his  mi b beside me
making threats of tearing senne of us
: . pieci -     I  di n't 1" '���'��� > e in  facing a
mob   single-handed   and   I   believe   I
was justified in the action I took until
1  know-  where   I   am at."
Reeve Gold: "I resent the idea of
a mob. These wen- ratepayers who
are the backbone of the municipality,
who pay their taxes and whee have a
right to be heard,"
Councillor Allen: "I In-line 90 per
cent, of the peeeple that wer.- pn -
were ratepayers and as such behaved
in a becoming manner, bin I -ay the
others were not ratepayer- ami were
present for ihe purpose of causing
Councillor Welsh: "The chair did
n.ei attempt t" keep order that night.
Right ihrough the meeting when
councillors were speaking, you could
not hear them for lhe noise ami the
language used was a disgrace."
Reeve Cold: "Tin- language used
by  who?"
Councillor Welsh: "The language
Used  by  you,   Reeve Gold."
Reeve Gold: "When I am addrt���
ing gentlemen I use gentlemanly language and 1 treat ihem as such, but
when I am addressing a cur 1 am
Councillor Welsh: "Quite right,
Reeve Gold, bin the trouble is ihat
-eeim- people don't know when they
an iu the company of gentlemen, and
are mil abb- lo distinguish between a
thoroughbred ami a cur."
Councillor Campbell: "Te, whom
do vou refer bv these remarks, Reeve
R.eve C"hl: "To nei one in particular."
Councillor Sireet: "You, Reeve
Ceehl. brought all this about; you allowed the audience to run riot ami
you encouraged them rather than
objected   to   iheir  unseemly   conduct."
Reeve Gold: "I take objection t"
these remark-. I diel try l.e restrain
them ami  in keep order."
Councillor Rowlings: "Reeve Gold,
for the outcome of Friday night's
meeting you arc entirely to blame;
you diel inn try to keep the proper
business before ilu- council, li behoves a chairman to keep his attention upon the business of ihe meeting and not to play into the hands
of iln- audience."
Reeie Gold: "Listen everyone. 1
received a summons thi- mon i g.
signed wiih the name of Councillor
R iwlings, charging me with being a
loose, idle, disorderly person or vag
rant. Tlie chief magistrate; who sits
here bi cause In is i -nr ft the '..-.���
property owners in South Vane uvei
charged  as   i  vagrant.    1  wont  make
j remarks aboul ilii- ju-' i- pi s-
, rl "
Councillor Russell "I wanl t-- -,i>
1 don'l .-.ere a snap for Reeve Gold eer
for any Celd; I am here l.e e|..
ne--- and I'll lake my medicine -ii any
lime, ami I -ay iln- thing on Friday
��; - all i remeditated bv the
reeve.    He knew  wha:  ��nuld hai
he  i-  ti'  blame-, the   full   le -ie. ��� -1
bility n -i- upon ihe reeve f r  Fi
- disgraceful affair."
This   closed   'he   ���!i-��� nssi Fri
day night's affair an.l ihe rei \ ���   call
ior 'iln- nexl order "i business.
B\ I.--.    for  ihe issuing ol  tn asm -.
lo llie- ameiillll ..f i'i er
-"in. "I were read for iln- first, -ei-e.m!
.a .I  third :nn,--. and adopted.
Tin- assessment '"11 for 1915 n as
ihen brought before iiie council and
a committee comprising Reeve Gold.
Councillors Campbell, Stanley, Allen
ami Russell wen- appointed to go over tin- same. Tin- courl of revision
will be held about April 20. ami adver-
^u ...  -
(Section  24).
IX  Till-:   M VTTES   i ���'    ee.   application   for
Scatu of Title    ���io,   29017a,   is-
1      e -eve  I ing
I-'"       "      -ee'e ������!       l.,,|       | .1.      M;,,,      ,",,1,     OsOVOOl
      *i .-ie    11 strict.
NOTICE i�� he rcby 1.-1. n thai  11  i- mi   in-
���   ���   ���     ��� ���   month  from
'li''   date   eei   ihi    m-i   publicities   hereof   to
!--'��-  .1   .    lie   -.   certifii ati   ..! title covering
[l>��  nljove     -   -.    Chrisi na   Graham  I'ros-
kenr,  twins   ,ei  ih.   meantime  I   ���hall  receivfe
valid  ohjection  thereto    1    writing
Dated  :u   ilu-   Land   Regiitr]   Office,   Kam-
loopa,  !:. < .. .... il.,   - 1   aa)  .,.  March,  1915.
,,,_���,-    ,    .��� I.i-tnc,  Regiatrar.
Ii-emeni-  lee  this effect   will  be  print-
eel 111  all  of iln-  local  pape-rs.
Considerable discussion followed oa
ihe question of a bylaw to he- placeel
belore the people asking for tin money al present lying in the bank idle,
i" In- turned over for use for other
ptirpi -1- in tiie municipality. The
mailer was laid over till nexl meeting. Meantime the clerk will get what
information i< available regarding the
attitude of the city and of Point Grey
municipality   regarding   this   mailer.
The following letter from Messrs.
Donaghy & Donaghy, solicitors for
ihe municipality, was read by the
clerk: "Wiih reference iee iln- p.nvers
oi ilu- neve :., suspend an official thc
second time after such official had
'"en reinstated by the council, wc
Iui: to state that under the act there
i- nothing 1.. prevent iln- reeve from
so doing. 1 mi the other point, namely, a- to the reeve suspending ail official every time he i- reinstated by
the council, we beg ;o state that (here
does not appear to be anything in the
municipal act :-- prevent this, although
the resull mighl in- a deadlock in carrying on a certain part of municipal
busim ss.
In case ihe chairman of the committee wiih ihi- informal consent of
all the either councillors, should in
such .1 ease- decide to instruct the sus-
pended official to continue in the performance of his duties until ihe 11. xt
council nn eting, we beg iee state that
while- such official weeiild not technically be entitled to act in his office,
i'e council, if they saw fit at their
nexl meeting, could legally ratify ami
- fl! mi ihe informal act of the 'chairman ami councillors in asking such official ie. continue in tin performance
eef his duties.���Yours truly,
-   iding   oi   this   letter  finished
- - -    m   tl     meetini   1  -- adjourned.
Begs  to inform  tiie  inhabitants  of
cality   that   . ; 1 ning  a
Meat   Market
4556 Main Street
(Between 29th and 30th Ave.)
5, with a first-class stock of Mi tti
Butter,   Hams.   Bacon,   l-'.ggs,   etc.
a! pricij to suit the times.
Don't   forget  thc   Address:
(Late Street's)
We are the exclusive  South Vancouver Agents for J*
the famous /
Phone Fairmont 2500
Phone Highland 226
Phone Fraser 41 SIX
ATURDAY,   MARCH   13,   1915
��������� (bsen-er"
Ci ntlemen, il has bei
pi imine nl pi rsi ms thai there will be
a 'bear garden' here. I ei-' nol ex-
peel any mh-Ii thing will occur. I
think all of us elected here will conducl "ur-vlus in a proper manner. I
feel that you will give llle llle rc-pccl
due I" my office ami I intend to give
you the respect thai is due lo you. I
intend t" weirk in harmony with yem.
and ii differences e.f opinion arise.
thai is no reason why there should be
enmity." Thus -pake Reeve Gold on
taking lhe reeve's chair for the lirsl
time. lint alas ami alack! When
Councillors   appealed   t.e   the   reeve   <>n
Friday la-t to be treated witli the respect due t" them  as councillors,  it
was the sad duty eef the reeve to in-
feerm them, more in sorrow than iu
anger, that they did not deserve any
respect���because, forsooth, they had
dared t" have opinion- gf their own.
and had not been able to agree with
the actions of their reeve. In fact
they hail been guilty of following the
advice the reeve gave them on the
occasion   referred  to���they   had   dared
to use tln-ir own judgment; a mosl
heinous offence.
* * *
1 ihe neit propose t" comment on
the ''bear garden" episode of Friday
evening, because tlie matter is at the
time of writing sub judice. I'.ut. it
will not be out eef plac- to comment
oil Reive Ceild's so-called reasons for
suspending Fire Chief fester ami other municipal servants. I showed last
week lhat llie reeve's reasons leer vetoing Councillor Russell's motion for
an additional grant to the North Fraser Harbor Hoard were mostly fictitious "facts." And I propose to show
thai iln- reeve's reasons for suspending Fire Chief Lester were ju-t as fictitious.
* * *
The reeve's tirst objection was that
Chief Lester was the only official
who objected to the effort of lhe council to effect economies, by a reduction
of salaries. Needless to say Chief
Lester did not object to reduced salaries any more than other officials:
what he did object to, and in my opinion rightly, was the action of Reeve
Cohl in summarily dismissing Electrician Rawden and in causing such
an unreasonable cut in Mechanic Barker's salary that he promptly resigned. Other members of the lire department also wished to resign for
the same reason, but were persuaded
by Chief Lester not to do sei.
*. * *
With the electrician in charge of
the fire-alarm system dismissed, the
mechanic-chaffeur gone, and other
members of the department threatening' to go, no wonder Chief Lester
feit that his department was being demoralized and its. efficiency impaired.
And coming nn top of friction with another of wa- assuming eer
tain    responsibilities    in    connection
with   tlu   department,   he   handed   in'
his resignation.    I:  was iin- eenly ��raj
lefl   i"  him  t"  cause  the  council   i"
realise llle se-ri. 'tl-ne-s of the position
��� feer whieh the' reeve and the neve
onl) wa- responsible; because, iniiii-
cillors 'liel ii"l at that tune fully realize- llu- elrifl eif the reeve'l actions and
suggestions. The proposed reduction in his own -alary was not considered by the chief ami hail no influence on hi- resignation. See much
tor reason number one.
Reeve Cold- seceinel reason was
lhat by resigning the chief "caused
considerable trouble and expense"
and. "as a result eif Ids example others
in his department followed suit by
handing in their resignations." One
weiuld have thought the reeve would
nave been careful, before committing
himself to writing, thai his facts were
correct, Hut, apparently, any statement made by tlie reeve must be regarded as fact if he vouches for it.
As a mailer of fact, Reeve- Gold's
second reason only existeel in his own
vivid imagination and had me foundation in actual fact. Mechanic Marker
was the first and only member of the
lire departmenl be resign, wiih the
exception of Chief Lester. Xo other
member of the department eli'l resign,
though several threatened to do so until persuaded by lhe chief not to.
These are fact- which show Reeve
Cold's second reason as fictitious as
[the lirst.
The rent's third reason, that Chief
Lester insulted ihe reeve ami council
by making a statement tei the press,
for   which   he   hail   met   apologised,   is
noi worthy 'ef consideration, In the
opinion of all ratepayers wlm know
the facts. Reeve Gold's actions were,
a- a matter of fact, demoralizing the
fire  department,   and   1    understand
that ill Ilis statement to tlle press the
chief put the blame where it belonged
and did not mention the council.
ete    el,    +
The remainder of Reeve Gobi's
reasons all lend to the same end���to
suggest that Chief Lester was a grafter and that he tried to influence
councillors to reinstate him. The
reeve mentions two cheilites for tires
and tubes, and insinuates that tIn-
chief was getting a commission,
though he does met say so. because
there was a difference of $17 in the
price paid and the price quoted some
months later. As a matter of fact,
during the past few weeks prices of
auto tires have conic down at least
20 per cent., as any dealer in auto
accessories  knows,  some  of  them  to
their sorrosr, having
I knew the
iir-i thing ab. ui ihe business ol the
municipality, of which In- i- supposed
'." be the bead, he would know that.
beyond making out a requisition i"r
lhe atilee tires ami tubes, tlie tire chief
had no more '��������� ���'!������ with ordering the
article-   required   am!   the   price   paid
ih.in a three-year "hi babe. The pro-
cedurc i- for tin- heael of a department requiring -te.re- eef any kind t.>
in ike 'ml an official requisition. This
is handed tei the municipal clerk lee
In-   signeel  and   coiiuter--igiieil   by   tlle
chairman e,f the committee in charge
of tiie department The order i- then
mailed by the municipal itafl iee the
business house supplying the gooels iu
question. When tin geiod- arc delivered the Invoice is sent direct to the
clerk's office, ami it i- the duty of tlle
office staff to check up llle price charged. Later the account is submitted
to the chief to be O.K.'d, indicating
that he has received the goods men-
lie eiieel in the account If Reeve Gold
wa- as keen a business reeve as he
professes t" be. he would have been
! familiar with the procedure anil would!
have known, as perhap- he did. that
his insinuations were not- warranted.,
| Hut. relying on the ignorance of the
general public in matters of this sort,
I the reeve maele Ihe insinuation to bolster mi his vindictive ami unreasonable  action.
* * *
Reeve   Gold's   twaddle    aboul    the1
-  0,000   estimates   for   the   year   was
buncombe pure and unadlutorated,    li
is tlie duty of the lire chief to report
to the council what apparatus is re-
auired i" bring the department up-to-
date reaely to cope with any emergency, Tiie chief woulil be guilty e.f neglect of duty if he diel not do so. And!
it   i-  nil   to  tlie  council   to  say   if   the'
finances warrant the expenditure, The
chief ha- no power to spend a single
dollar���and Reeve Oe,hl in making
his base insinuations knew it full well.
As a mailer of fact, the present lire'
auto-trucks were purchased by the |
council iii opposition tee the advice
and wishes of Chief Lester, who advised that another make of machine
be purchased. Hut the council iu its
wisdom, or otherwise, thought it knew
better than the lire chief, anil the machines were ordered, about which
Reeve  Gold has hail so much  to say
The reeve's reasons for suspending
the other employees are as paltry anil
feeble a- those to which I have already referred. Hc says tbe men were
appointed "because they happened t'i
bc relatives or friends of past councillors." If the reeve is right, why (lid
he not protest at the time of the appointments, when he was a councillor?
Why did he keep quiet- Tt is common knowledge why he is kicking up
such a fuss now. One has only to
visit the Municipal Hall and to recognize the faces of Mr. Gold's sun-
porters  to understand.    As  the lady
>r -aiel:
ir own
ihem  into  offic'
chance, how  can  we
-land ny   us?"    Verb -ap.
f wi- do i.oi stand by
nd relatives and pul
,vr     have     a
expect  them  to
Cedar Cottage Notes
Mr. .1. T. Cram, former proprietor
��� ���i tin- Scotch Bakery on Commercial
Street, will -ail on the 17th. with hi-
wife ami family, for Auckland, X. '/..
where they will in future reside. Mr.
anel Mr-. Crant leave many friend-
in Cedar Cottage, whose good wishes
will  follow- them tee their new home,
et    e��    *
Improvements are being made ill
the Presbyterian Church. An arch has
been cut between church and Sunday
ichool room which will not only pro-
die more room for thc rapidly -rowing congregation, but will also add
to the acoustic properties of the
it * *
Mrs. Miller, who has been ill. in
the  General   Hospital,  has  sufficiently
recovered to return t'e her home on
23rd Avenue.
Iu aid of the relief fund of the Cellar Cottage Political Equality League
Mr-. J. E, Miller. ..f 13th Ave., gave a
very delightful card party on Thursday afternoon of last week. Four table- were provided, and a congenial
company whiled away a pleasant afternoon at progressive whi-1. At the .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
close of the game. Mrs. Johncox and Mooting at you and 1 pushed you and
Mrs.   Doolittlc   had   to   cut    for   lirst!1   <��litl   have   been   hit   but   where   is
stroy tlle lives of two hundred and
sixty nrave boy-, whom he dare not
laee iu open battle BaSiliu Gamazo
you are known ami -hall gin- an account of yourself, these maps and papers i'e 'in government."
Ilis   face   became    distorted     with
pas-ion   a-   he   sprang   forward     and
snapped hi- revolver within a few feet
of  my  breasl.
"Meddler, I will have yeiur life."
I   tried in vain to pull my reviver;
ii  hail  become  fastened.    He  pulled
the trigger, there was a Hash before
my eyes, 1 felt myself being heavily
thrown to one side, and at that moment my pistol became free. 1 pulled
it out anil fired. 1 heard a heavy crash
and as the last living flicker of the
lamp went out, I saw Baiilio fall upon the ground and Will against the
table as it went crashing to thc boor,
carrying lamp and books with it, then
all was dark.
"Will, are you hurl?" I asked,
"Will, eih U ill Quincy, 1 say, are yem
"Will Quincy, who calls Wil!
(Juincy, my dead brother. Hut no, il
is not���but strike a light for I would
not elie in lhe darkness, What few
moments I have to live give nie light
for it will be darkness afler death,
nothing but darkness."
Hastily 1 lit the candle that had
been blown out upon entering the
cave and fastened it up in the sandy
floor and, stooping over, I raised poor
Will up. lie gave a sigh ami opened
his eyes.
"Oh,    1    remember.      Uncle  was
From these FIRMS
An Independent
Liberal Paper
Published Every
Week Day
prize, which consisted of a beautiful
hand embroidered cushion cover, and
was won liy Mrs. Doolittlc. 'lln- consolation prize, a pair of crochetted
candy baskets. d,ccoratcd with the
suffrage colors of purple, white and
green, went to Mrs. Ilencliel. In serving refreshments which wen- by no
mi ans the lea-l eef tlie afternoon's
entertainment, Mrs. Miller was ably
assistted by Miss Menzies. lie collection taken amounted to $o.25, which
prove- that the ladies agree wilh the
poet that "tiie drying up of a single
tear has more of luenest fam
-bedding seas of gore."
HAY,   GRAIN   and   FEED
(Succeuor   to   Donaldson   ft   McDonald)
Phone   Fairmont   1514 Terms   Cash
Anderson's Market
From   The   Family   Butcher
at  the  Sanitary  Shop today.
Telephone  Fairmont  1634
J. E. Anderson,  Prop.
ete    *    *
Though the Rev. and Mrs. Manuel
have heretofore achieved many honors,
it has remained f'er Mr. and Mrs. Allle
Manuel to confer upon them the
proud distinction of grandparents,
and presenl them with their first
grand child, a baby girl, which  came
ou March ath.
nr it it
The Liberal Association of Ward 2
held an annual meeting and election
of officers at their 20th Avenue headquarters on Tuesday evening of last
week, with Mr. Galloway presiding,
There was a good turn out and last
year's officials re-elected. Much enthusiasm was shown by the association and plans formed for good work
to be done.
* * it
A good programme was provided
by the W.M.S., which met at Robson
Memorial Church on thc afternoon
of March 2nd. At the close of tbe
business meeting, interesting papers
were read by Mrs. Hunter,
Caugbey, and Mrs. Whelen. It was
decided to hold the next missionary
tea at the home of Mrs. Crawford on
16th Avenue
*  * sr
Mr.   George   Keith     lias
from   Ruskin   to   his   home
* ef    *
After spending the  winter
land.   Mr.   John   Keency    is
family antl friends  in  Cedar Cottage,
and   will   return   to   Portland   in   tbe
near  future.
* * *
Mr. Brotlerick's many friends will
be pleased to bear that after a serious
illness  he  is  convalescing.
The regular monthly meeting of the
W " "" U. was held in Robson Memorial Church or hursday afternoon
tlle 4th, tlle president, Mrs. McPhie,
in the chair. It was decided to have
a medal contest in the early future.
**���"�����, Stevens kindly consented to take
charge of the programme and assist
in training the young people,
(Continued from page 4)
No. 3 was from the same party da
teil rebruary 9th; "Everything all
O.K. Pumps work good. Duchy
went down opposite Castle and cut
wire No, 4. Wc attached cable from
rook to same and now all we have to
do is to watch e>ur opportunity and
throw  the lever."
The next, i-ebruary 14th: "Conic at
once, everything is in readiness. The
blow must be struck now to make it
There were several of the letters
but they threw no light ou the subject. When entering the cave we blew
the candle out but now thc large
lamp was going out for want of oil
as it had evidently been burning a
long time.
"Hail we not better bunt for tlie
passage," said Will; "it must be behind some of the curtains, then we
will have the whole thing down fine."
"Perhaps I can show you where it
is. gentlemen."
Instinctively we both reached for
our revolvers and turned and there,
standing in the cave, having just
come through the curtains, that were
swaying to and fro, stood a man, a
giant in stature, dressed in the uniform of a Spanish officer. His coal
black eyes gleamed along the barrel
of tbe forty-two that he held in his
hand. His naturally dark face had
turned white with fear or witb the
passion and it would be seen that the
hand that held the revolver trembled.
"Who arc you and what right have
you in thc privacy of my studio?"
The words were addressed to me and
how I came lo answer them as I did I
can not tell but a wild vision seemed
to run through my mind that this was
the man who had plotted to and destroyed our Maine.
. "Villain, mad man," I cried; "how
dare you ask two honest Americans
when they arc in the presence of a
friend, who would go so far as to
plot against his own country and de-
uncle now?"
"Who calls me that' Will Quincy, can it be you? Oh. my God, what
have 1 thine���taken thc life of lhe only living relative that 1 have in the
world. Vou must not die, you shall
not die." Ile had crawled over to
where we were. 1 had opened Will's
shirt   to   sec   if   I   could   not   stop   the
flow of blood but, ai that moment, I
saw that there was no use. The ball
had completely pierced his body; going through the right lung, lie tried
to speak bin could not for a rush of
blood filled his mouth and choked
him for a moment. I thought he was
dead but he rallied and set up with my
arm around his back.
"Oh, uncle Basllio, how could you
be a traitor to your country. I wish
I had never known it then I couhl
have died ill peace. I freely forgive
you the shot and my life but the
other I can never forgive or forget."
"Oh, Will, do not speak thus rashly
until you know all. My plantation was
grown over with weeds, my buildings burnt down, and my servants all
fled in terror of their lives. This
war had to be brought to a close in
some way. What matter it if the boys
on the Maine did lose their lives at
night while asleep or wcre torn to
pieces by shell in the day time and
in the open face of tbe battle. There
wre only two hundred and sixty lost
their lives then and there wcre nearly
that many dying every day from bullet or starvation and for tbe freedom
of Cuba. Was it not better that the
two hundred antl sixty perish and hur-
I ry up the army of invasion antl now
Mrs. lit will be through in sixty days and
Cuba will be free and these accursed
paniards forever driven from the
shores where they have caused nothing but heavy taxation, pillage and
bloodshed. This uniform I use to go
througii thc lines with. 1 have made
this my headquarters since that fatal
night and if 1 had it to do over again
I would not change���what's this? it's
getting dark. Can it be���yes, I am dying. Goodbye, Will, remember that
1 did what I thought was best for
my country, if not for yours." These
were his last words. He had passed
to a higher tribunal than this.
"Will," said I; "your uncle is dead.
What shall I do, leave you here and
go for a doctor or help you to the
camo?" There was no answer. I
shook him a little, felt his pulse, placed my hand over hos heart, but, it has
ceased to beat���my noble friend was
Oh, how can I ever forget that
night. How I pleaded for him to speak
to me and tell me he had but fainted
or that it was a choking spell and that
1 clung to him���that dead form, my
he had regained his breath. Oh, how
comrade, but I saw something must
be done and that soon. The candle
that 1 had fastened in the sand, was
just ready to gei out. Pulling a coupl
That helps protect your home in
war time and r.n* force them out
of business jy buying from the
Main St. Fish Market
,,n   18th
South  Vancouver  Branch
Machine..   Rented,    Exchanged   and    Repaireel
Needle--..   Oils   and   Alt   Farts
Agent   (or   "CANADA'S   PRIDE"   Malleable
Range.   $1.00   down   and   $1.00   per   week
4095 MAIN STREET, Cor. 25th Ave.
Phone   Fairmont   1548 A.   F.   McDonald
A TELEPHONE Fair. 720 for
No order too large or too small for
prompt service
The Main Street Ladies' and Gent.'s
3834 MAIN STREET (Nr. 23rd Ave.)
Phone Fairmont 2489
Furniture, Piano Moving and Express Work.
Work promptly attendeel to and our prices
are   right. Phone:   FAIRMONT   801
Doctor of Electricity
years'     experience     Removing
Diseases  and their  Cauaea
Appointments can be made (or Treatment in
your own home.
Terms  on   Application
Residence:    3837    MAIN    STREET
(Cor. 22nd Avenue West)
of draperies that were close by, I
placed the two forms side by side
and covered them tenderly over. I
teiuk a tearful farewell look and was
Of the hours that I passed plodding
through the darkness of the cavern
I will not speak. How I ever found
tlle little point of light at the entrance 1 know not but it was long
past noon when I arrived at camp
and found the regiment had been ordered to the front. I at once went
to General Shatter's headquarters and
told my story. He listened in amazement at what I said, and when 1 had
finished, he called an officer in and
gave his command that 1 be taken
to the hospital at once. I protested
that I was not sick but that did nol
go. 1 was taken to the hospital. The
surgeon questioned me for half an
hour and in another half hour I was
on nly way to the front. All along
llle line we passed boys returning
with bandages around their arms,
head, or limbs. Very few were on
litters. Now anil then the crack of
some sharp shooter would lay a poor
cripple low, but of those days in tbe
trenches, the hunger, the drenching
rain, and the beating sun has already
gone down iu history. 1 hy for
days burning up wilh fever and at
last when I was convalescent and
carried aboard tlle transport, and at
last landed at Montouk Point and
from there home.
Now, kind reader, my story is finished���no, not done, only finished for
a time, for I shall again return to
Cuba, this time with my own master,
and shall try and get the bones of my
dear friend and inter them beside
those of his father and mother in their
old home. Michigan, anil what's nunc
fitting epitaph could be placed on the
tombstone than���
"Hc went to fight for his country
and laid down his life for a friend."
NLY     THE     BEST     OF
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Right
6404 MAIN ST. (Cor. SOth)
Give us a trial and be convinced of
quality and quantity. All Orders
promptly delivered. Try our special
Ceylon Tea. Leave your address and
have our solicitor call for your order.
EVERY Man should patronize
Antiseptic Cleaning
and Pressing Co.
Manager -        F.   vV.   RIGBY
2900   MAIN   ST.   (Cor.   13th   Ave.)
Guaranteed Best Work only
.Reduced Prices. Goods called for and delivered
Open  8  a.m.   to  7   p.m.      Saturday   9   p.m.
Crossland's Store
A nice clean stock of Groceries,
Candys and Tobacco.


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