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The Greater Vancouver Chinook May 1, 1915

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Array TP$Sfc�� CHINOOK
Vol. III. No. 51
By "Observer"
11   is   reported,   though     with     how
much truth goodness only knows, that
Kddie darling is growing tired of municipal politics sine,- Attorney-General Bowser, figuratively speaking,, t<��>k
him across his knee, spankeil him
good and hard, anil teeld him to be- a
good boy iu future. 11 is -aid that
Kddie intends to leave all municipal
tilings behind and lee press forward
with a banner bearing a new divicc
"ON, ON TO OTTAWA." taking
liiat good old-time Radical with him
��� Private Secretary Seymour, Can't
.veu hear them shouting "\e, such
* * a
However, notwithstanding, whatsoever, nevertheless, it is a fact that
since Eddie was hauled over the coals
ley VV. J. H., a spirit <��f tempeirary
peace and <|tiietncss has fallen eever
Smith Vancouver; so much so that
-eporters have hail nothing to do for
���-.early a week and the daily reports
f-eim the Municipal Hall hate been as
l nie as a mothers1 meeting. True,
Kddie could nol refrain from Suspending Miss Dench ami other employees
Ance again; and to keep the veto from
becoming rusty, he gave notice of
bis intention tee veto the cheque bylaw and the official ceiurt stenographer's account. I'm such trifling episodes are neiw ignored by councillors
and public, wlm expected Eddie t>e
carry e,ut his twice repeated threat to
"clean eeut quite a number of other
municipal employees." For some
reason this threat has twice failed
".ee mature. People are beginning lee
-ay that Kddie gejt cold feet, as tlle
result of the chastisement administered by VV. J. I!.
ele    *    *
Other people suggest, however, thai
the impossible has happened ��� that
Eddie has at last acquired a little common sense', lint that is unthinkable.
Kddie' (lold. reeve eif .Seeuth Vancouver, learn anything from anybody?
The greal "I AM" learn freun common everyday experience l,, cease
playing the fool! The' idea is absurd.
Kddie' has known il all ever since
-' "he was a kid in shorts���no e.ne can
leach Eddie anything. That i^ why
tie is anxious tee give Ottawa tlu* benefit of his wide and  varied experience
Good   Itick    lee   llilll!
I   sec hy  lhe  papers that   Councillor
Russell is saiel iee have been interfering with tlie- selection of men for relief   weirk.     Thai   was   llie   eery   thing
that   the  government   complained   "i
shortly after the presenl council took
eiffice���thai   only   a   small   portion   'el
the $!(>,IXX; loaned by the governmenl
last year cnuld be traced through the
books ni ilie relief officer,    So doubl
councillors  are   in   an   awkward   position, with every man in theii
tiyc   wards   looking   to   them   for   a
chance  to  weerk.  an
someone gets a relief ea
do.   But, councillors ���
that  if any relicl  ache nn
mt satisfactorj  on    man ni isi be in
mil   charge   and   no
councillors ".   n e\, hcr ol
liclal should be  toleral d.    Mo
there  will  be   many  complaint
:'.   Sh'elllll   be-   I,
from heaven c  I   ���  ' ��� ���
one anel  Hi it moi     I ',|- I)
to follow  intei [erenci       mi
'le'e-r in charge
* * *
if he conscientiously carries e,m liis
policy the chances are that his chances
are- doomed at the next election,
*    *    ��
Canadian though  I am, there   are
some things done heller in litlle old
. .���t Britain than in Ihe greal anil
glorious west And one nf those
things is the system 'if municipal administration. The system >ef yearly
election is responsible i'ir many of
the evils ihat now curse- the municipalities of the west. Nearly all llie
troubles that  South  Vancouver    has
been afflicted with during the pasl
two years can be traced directly to
the yearly election system, Almost
entirely new councils have been elected and, good as the intentions of the
Councillors have been, their inexperience has led I hem intei grave errors
which have cost the municipality many thousands of dollars. It emglit not
tee be possible for the whole of any
council to be changed at once. There
should always be a majority nf th"
old cnuncil  in  office.
marks, "whatever
municipality  if  a
The three-year system of election
is undoubtedly the most efficient-
one-third of the council lei retire annually. "Oh. but I" senile om- re-
weiulel happen tn a
reeve like' KeMie-
(lold was elected for three years?"
There is nee reason why the mayor eir
chairman of any corporation ihould
be elected ior three years. Vs a matter of fai'i ii i- a mistake to allow the
reeve or mayor tee in- elected bv the
people, unless the- law speeificall) -.1 i-
pulates thai lie he a man "t Ioor ex-
neriene'e iu municipal administration,
Tin- I.nnl Mayor fi London is nol elected by the people. Mi' i- selected
bv his fellow aldermen from among
themselves and the chief qualifications
fnr the position are experience and
length  eii   public   service      Vnd   what
is inmil I'lleillL'll ieer t.iHllleill is IHIIIC
til   1    ejeeeed    iff    SoUtll    V-'l II I'I HI V C1'    nl'   ,'UIV
ollier municipality. Wc have certainly had ell-nidi oi inexperience ami a-
uiaie'iir administration,
Municipal Fathers Take Breather
Quietness Reigns Supreme
Relief Work Now Under Way With $10,000 Loan Got From
There have been no meetings ��,f
council ihis week anel everything is
<|uiet ami peaceful i" ill outward appearance. On Monday nnn ning the
rebel office was thrown open for ap-
plicaliems  for  relief  work,  lln-  $10,000
loaned irom the government now laing available fnr '.his purpose. A large
gang nl men had congregated in anti-
cipation e,f this happening and large
numbers kept ceeiuiug till i; was necessary tee have- a constable In regulate
the traffic and keep the sidewalk
char for pcele Btrians.
A scheduh has been arranged and
is hung up iii lln Municipal Hall, re
ihis relief wnrk. Single men will be
given twei days' wnrk; a man with
only liis wile ami nee children to keep
will net three days; anil the man with
a family of three- gels ie.iir elays: with
four in tlle family five days anel with
six in the family six elays and tin- man
wilh a family of encr six will get
seven days.
Tin-   relief officer   had   a  busy   time
all day  M la)  recording the names
e.i iheisc applying inr wnrk and these
applicants will In- started at work as
quickly as possible after the list of
applications has been genie nver and
tin- iiie.si needy :ases attended t'i
The committee in charge of the land
allotment scheme arc busy at wnrk
and ii i- hoped to have a large' number oi ricii at weerk soon ee.'i the- gar-
elen allotments. Ploughing will be
deme this week and the eetlicr necessary arrangements for seeds, etc., is
being rushed and it is expected all
satisfactory arrangements will soon
be completed .and the work well under
way. It is understood that applications have been made for a considerable number nf these allotments, hut
there still remains a few and the committee are anxious in help all who
will he willing lei take up these allotments anil will give all possible en-
rjBuragemenl tn such.
Church Anniversary Services
Mr.. A. Donaghy it entertaining hcrMdcnt;  Lorin   Rllis,  vice-president;  N
sister,   Mrs.   V.   !..   U    u mcrly j Conover, secretary
��� i  Ci dar Cottagi .now   ��� ipeg.
Mrs. I.isi'iiui has mai i     in 111iss
community s\ 51 ���. an pleased oi lhe op-
;ieee tunity  tn  renew   old  frieni
The   slnrk   visited  llie   home  'ii  Mr.
and   Mrs.   Roberts,  KI   40th   Avenue
Wesl.   last   Wednesday.   April  21.  ami
le il a linle- baby !�����>>���
* *
'I'he lecture ai Mountain View Methodist Church, ��� riday evening, April
23. about Germany and the Germans
was excellent, and was listened lee by
a large aiul appreciative audience.
* * *
Tin Excelsior Club of Mountain
Viers Methodist Chun-li met at the
home en the Rev. Mr. Davidson, Walden Street, last Thursday e veiling ami
silent  a   happy  time'.
* *   lc
St,   David's   Presbyterian     Church,
near cnnicr nl" Bodwell Koad I.14th
Avenue I and Windsor. During the
innntli oi May the minister, J. k Robertson, II.D.. will preach a series of
serine ms nil subjects 'if special pub-
lie interest at the- Sunday evening service - 'lhe subjects will be as follows:
Sunday, Mav 2���"Prophets in the
Sunday, May 9-r'Pastor Rus* II:
a  true nr  false  prophet."
Sunday. May 16���"The Conscience
��� ef S'eiitli  Vancouver."
Sunday. May 23���"Public Morality
in   liritish  Coldmbia."
Sunday, May 30���"Musical Service
nf Praise."
* * *
The South Vancouver branch of ihe
Victorian  Order nf  Surses  will  meet
Collingwood intermediate lacrosse
club will hold a full practise Thurs-
day nigln. when it is hoped that every
player who intends in play will be in
Editor  CHINOOK:
Sir.��� Kindly make mention of the
death oi Captain Jeelm D. Glover,
killed in action nu Friday last in
France, Rank: Captain-Adjutant of
4th Battalion First Infantry Brigade-
He was ;, br..ther of Mrs. j. B.
FttrnisS nf 2.11 2Kb Avenue East,
South   Vancouver.
Thanking ymi  in  anticipation.
April 28. 19M.
J.  I!.   Fl
301   Dominion  Hldg..
April 24,  1915.
Mr. A. I,   Whittaker ami family are|'K'"' agai."s'  >,<jssrs'  Co"."v��
leaving Ihis ' - for their new liome.l ,rrmB :""1 Pwtrdon^negative.
a Ml ae-re ranch m Vlbcrta. Mr. Wllit-
taker's bungal iw on 20lll Avenue Ius
been reuse-il to Mv Meiei^s.-n ��� ���! ||odg-
   it  McGibbon.
V splendid   de-  Tuesdav   afternoon   at   3   p.m.   sharp
l,';'te "'? '     lived:  in the South Hill Presbyterian Church, I
Thai Jitneys ar,  ���        .   mai to Van-  one   block   west   nf   Fraser   e,n   4Kth'
welfare."     The    affirmative Avenue.    The  meeting  had been ar-
-t.Ie' being taken and won by (.'. Che- ranged fnr Mountain  View  Methodist
inre.   Mi-.   Whelen   and   Miss   Cow-1 Church, bin it  was decided tn hold n
innre central place.
A mosl enjoyable sacn-el concert
teas given Monday evening, April 26.
ley ilie clmir eif Riverview Presbyterian Church. Ex-Councillor Millar prc-
-leling.       This   was   iheir   firsl   cheeir
 MitMtMtMtMtMtstMtMtMtMtMtttMtMtMtMtMtim^^m^m'tneeri    ami    was    wiihnut      linllbt
mimam*���"'- ftj-and   success. number   receiv-
had   a
ml Mrs.   Vrehie Campbell have
visit   from   Sinrkland.  ami  arc
rival in their lie-nu- fi a In uutiful i  .-,
.- * <-���
Mr. .1. .1   V ���     i:   I. fl   for  Portland
last Thursday.
After  ,i
east,  Rev.
exte ml d trip - mth anl
Manuel returned mi Sutur-
home mi  IHth   Vvenue, nnd
ccupied his pulpit .
son Memorial Church.
South V
i'e:   ,
Interference   by   Individual
��� irs  iu   tin ii   i espective  wanl
the pasl been responsible
anniversary service- wire
hehl in St. David's Presbyterian
Church last Sunday. Ai ilu- morning
service the sermon was preached by, .
the Rev. Hr MacKaj and the church ! ,l:l>'. '
was filled wiih a large and interested congregation, Dr. MacKay gave
an eloqui nl -ernie u and al the i ' >c
e-. nigral ll 't   -I   ' lie   |. e .     -     ,r,j   ,-, ingre-
gation -if Pt. 11' itl's on I -������'������ ndid
wnrk anil success e - the past f iur
y ..irs. I Ir M K - .. - - the- firsl
preacher  t���>  ad tgr   : itie ill
-.ii   \   .i a
Iii  ihe afternoon  a   special  Sunday
Se line.l   rally    ' placi    am1   a   mosl
let 111'.
:' llie    e.i     23
-   90,
as   pre  j
en    ind   �����'*����"��       M"   Whelen and     ,
-���ng, >c splendid   ^ ' ,.��� Tti ri'   M m\V
"���        ��� ....   i.   .,-_!.|sion Work In China; Mrs. Maiiui   gave
ne on Japan:  and   Mrs   Gunn  gave
ing well-merited applause. A vote t.i
ippreciation ami thanks was tendered
tin choir fnr tln-ir nlcni sn freely :r\ -
e ii.     Special   t tee   w as   made   h e
!- ader,   Mr   I   V\ arren, fnr hai -
ing I'"- i     ir t    such a state
nf efficiency. Mr, tVai n ably res-
The Epworth League- of Mountain
View Methodist Church gave a concert anil playlet mi Tueselay evening,
when some twenty-five young people
took part. The programme was a
good mn. ami deies much credil t"
those responsible. The church was
crowded and ihey realized a nice
sum which they will turn over tn the
building fund nf '.lie church.
EdTt.ir   CHINOOK:     ^^^^^^^
Dear Sir.��� I have just read the
CHINOOK, of which I am a subscriber, and always find geeod things,
in   the  editorials  especially.
I enclose ymi clipping from
"World," and think we are all drawing near In the realization that humanity has outgrown the individualistic method t.i de.ing business ami that
co-operation is the next step for society.
Y'jii gei after Bowser & Cumpany.
as they deserve, bin like the Kaiser
they are products of environment and
we are as much  In blame as tluy.
After all. our ignorance of indus-
irial and economic problems is whal
we musl remedy bv education. Why
she.uhl not ihe CHINOOK open a
column 'en economic questions and replies'
Yours fm- humanity,
M.   C.  CURRY.
On Friday ihe 23rd. the
'ihi , i   \\ - -ei n      r''rum
he.ine  'if   Mrs.   W |s,   em   .14th    Vve.
There ivas :. s^.������ .1 attendat e-e  ami
siderahle  r- iiitim   busim --   trans
Mrs,  McConkey   repe irted  tin   r ������   il
���ii. e tings   fnr   :iie   month,   and
Kempc gave an interesting talk
subject of. and explaining the- obji    -
i f ihe "II. C.  C iiisumi rs'  League."
* *  ���-
Tin- closing  meeting fi iln   -' .e- n
��� ti ihe stttdj  class "I i'i ��� Iv'liseen Memorial  VV.  M.  S.  was  hehl lasl  Tues-
elay  afternoon   in   the  church
-^ i   .in, iidance   and   nn   interesti   ���
McBride, Bowser, And The
Boodlers of British Columbia
Prominent    Point    Grey    and
Liberals  Wiii   Speak
A Fctv Facts gleaned in passing from lhe Appeal for Justice of lhe
Ministerial Association of the Lower Mainland
,e.:.   making   in   iheir
e he,,.I  ne this pri
lias in
for ;i g'""l
...al ee' ilackiu - ��� i ii ��� in pari ol imiui-
v��o.il, workmen ami leircineii, with the'
/'it 11i.it contract work has been
p. xred by .-.ni;. ils rat tn i than day
labor. Tin- oilh -ate' anil sane p ilii i
inr any public iiee.ly to follow, in the
mailer of employ ment of labor, t^ I"
appoint competi nl officials .mel then
allow  them a free hand in the   t le
li  e||   ailel   e-e.llll ol   ������'    ''-.     Illl-ll   .-II111 h e> eel.
I'm   in   the   pasl,   if   a   wanl   f,.reman
dismissed a slacker for idling al work,  ",orK  ��*  lllc, ^'""'.':^"""
in nine cases out of ..��� the man dis        ' .' '       -
missed   complained   to   the   reeve   (ir Ports g.ven ... h)    -   th    differen. or-
ami hopeful and all pointetl toward
further successful work by the congregation. After thc reports and a
shorl programme of songs, recitations,
etc., had he-en yii en
congregation provided refreshments,
and a happy e' bi nighl  to
a   cl. --���   �� iih   the   .1111': nee   singing   a
hymn   ami   the   Rev.   Mr.   Ri I
pastnr eef the i'''i':'.:'fea 1 i"ii. proiiniun'-
ing the benediction.
11 m	
In   ile   , ,, nil ;:   tin-   Ri \.   Mr.   Mul-
��� iie-w .ef St. Vinlrew '- Preshj let i in,
N'orth Vancouver, addressed the- con*
grcgatinii and the church was again
Fllli -1 to c ip icitj w oh tin- membei ���
anil   trie-nil-  .e.   tlie   church      Mr.   Mill
drew preachi d   i nt"-: imprcssl>,- sei
III.Ill     .'Hill     COUI    il  Ill'l     ll'e-    pe Ople     til    ll
true i'e 'h' ir e, ..rk .nn! calling hi il.is
l.e inej .Mel.
I ii     In iir, ass   li il by  Mr   llyorli ���
��� if   S' '"I'   Vai t      ��� ing     specia
���      th-       e, ,1-11,11.
i in   Monday i 'he c nigrefeta-
��� ii ring when the
rk   nf  tin- up
^Trite   re
statistics nl missimi wnrk in China
fen- ihe ' -; twei I yi lirs. The- e-!j-���
I- disbanded im" the summer, bill ��ill
re sume  their   work  again  in  Sept in-
���  *  s
Vgaiu i tn - e ning lad) competi-
ii irs, Miss Vlai gut ��� I U illiamsmi won
a silver medal al the elocution cmitcsl
held under the' auspices of the VV C
T V., .it the Presbyterian Church, itn
Thur-ilei, evening of lati week. The
11 young ladies, who had been trained by-
Mrs. Keeler. all did excellent work.
Inn Miss Williamson's "lie Represented tie'." via- though! le> llle judges
10 be ilie best.
councillor for his ward and the formal] was ordered to pul the man back
���n the job again. In tjiis way the
authority e.f. ihr foremen was destroyed and the general efficiency and earning capacity of the gangs lowered.
There is no doubl thai work ean
be done by day labor more efficiently
and economically than by contract���
but mily when the officials in charge of
the wnrk have a free hand and are not
subject to interference by reeve or
councillors. It is a safe rule for ally
corporate body to adopt to give officials absolute control and to stand
by officials in all case-, unless, of
Course, there lias been gross favoritism or gross injustice done to any
employee. In that case a properly
constituted enquiry slimilil be held
and the report oi the investigating
body loyally supported. In thai way.
and in that way only, can day labor
be made to pay and efficiency be maintained.
sr * Si
The trouble is that every councillor
is mure anxious to keep in well with
the electors in his particular ward
than he is for the welfare of the municipality. They fear the electors. N'uw
and then a man is elected who is sincerely desirous to do the best Iie can
for the municipality as a whole. But,
The Laelies' Aiel of Westminster
Church, 26th ami Sophia, presented a
comedy sketch on Thursday evening
to some tin' hundred peeeple. This,
like- everything else thc Ladies' Vid
undertake, was .. succi -s to the smallest detail. The costumes and general
effect of llie play took you back some
fiftv years. Everyone did their pari
well and the weeks of rehearsals and
preparation w.is nol in vain. The
laelies netted something nver one hundred dollars and ibis handsome sum
will  be handed into the church  fund.
Central Park Cricket Cluh will  held
:ls   first   practise   iranif   Saturday   al
teir.oon nn Agricultural grounds. Central  Park.    Members and their friends
cordially invited to attend this game.
All  ar,'   im t>> I                       ipen- j
illg of the new  Hillcrest  Liberal Club. I        H	
Sixteenth     ' Main,       .  ���
'}:>>  ' ,'"   ���'������- SI 1ARF. CAPITAL OF original Ocean Falls Pulp Company was
V.   I    V-l \\ iliiam   Winram   watered to the extent of $6,000,000, for which British investors put
' Phe  eel , -ri
up Ine money.    1 ney
and I',. (
will tak,
Change  m   Business
VV ,   h,,\ (-   pleasure  in  drawing   ti..
ittention  of our readers  i ��� ��� the btisi
ne--   ae-ieeii-i a in, in   thai    Ml'    A    .1
Pallol   iiis   ; ii-., ii   mer  tlie  drug  lell-i
ill'-"        klleeVI   '1        feelllle'l'lv       II-       "I  '."lelee'l',
I'e    I li ilgglst,"   -I'u.ei,.!   a'   ih     e'eiriier
lil    tlle
fully earrii
iu liritish Columbia I
ami reputation ol Mr. Pallol points
I,, the highest efficii ney and the people of South Vancouver can hi as
surcd of thc mosl careful attention
and lhe greatest safi tj and satisfai
tion in dealing  with him.
The regular monthly uiie-iiiiLi of th
Cedar Cottage Political Equality I.eigne was held las! Monday afternoon
it M.-. I lanibli j's home 'en Beati ice
Street, with 1," members present. Recommendations frmn tiie Central Parliamentary Committee, relative to
meetings ." he held anil work i" be
tl ni.' prim- in ihe coming Pi
election, were reael and discussed ami
il was decided by the League- in accept Ihe recommendations am1 w.irk
along the- line- suggested. Tin- matter 'it becoming members fi the B. C.
Consumers' League was broughl before the' meeting, but action postponed until further information could be
Mrs,  C .l.e e
erously  gave  time  ami  t.e
ranging   Ihe   musical   pn gram.ne   of
the- relief entertainment recently held,
was  unanimously    elccti
presidenl   nf   the   league.      Although
ihe returns were nnt all in. th
urer reported receipts fn rh the efltci
tainment ie. be ovei clear.
An interesting organization recent
ly formed, known as tin' Smnh Vancouver High School Literary ami Athletic Society, meets every Monday afternoon at the High School, and for
the purpose of raising funds
letic spurts, gives high class entertainment  tee a  very large membership
A.   DE   WITT   FOSTER,   M.P.
lie is the  yi uugesl  member .if the
lb-use   nf   Commons,     Conservative,
silting feer King's County. N:ova Sco-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tia.    Prunier   I *.   i ,U n read  him nut  ,.f
ol   students.    The   eifficers  eii   the   s..-I llie   party   because   nf   his   disgraceful
ciety are Mr.  Palmer, honorary  pres-. connection  with lhe army graft.
lave their share certificates.
% % %.
C. II. LUGR1N, editor of the Victoria "Colonist." trafficked in
pulp leases and water power rights. He headed a syndicate which
took clown $1^0.000 for transferring to an American outfit $4 500,-
000 of stolen ( rown properties.
If,     ff,     if.
\I.VO VON ALVENSLEBEN and the Flrischhacker concern
in 'Frisco have sucked the Government dry of all possible free con-
e essions in connection with the Ocean Falls Company, Tens of millions of dollars worth ol timber properties have fallen into the maw
of this German concern.
MOSES B. COTSWORTH was offered a bribe of $8,000 by the
Government to refrain  from  publishing damning evidence  against
* * *
MACKENZIE & MANN are the largest holders in British Columbia of coal lands, timber limits and agricultural lands.
SOME IDF.A OF the cause of local money stringency may be
drawn from the fact that in 1912 companies with a total capitalization of $1,1 77,509,4^5 were promoted in British Columbia with the
object in view of grabbing and exploiting our natural resources.
Millions ot dollars of water in the treasury of these companies was
peddled to unsuspecting Englishmen.
* * *
AMONG THE LARGEST holders of Crown lands bVca away
from the Government by the power-of-attorney game are Messrs.
Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge, Messrs. Welch & Stewart, of railroad
fame. The Dominion Trust Company were also in for great slices
of agricultural lands.
THE MINISTERIAL UNION believe that a commission sho"uTd
be appointed by the Imperial Government to investigate the appal-
ing condition of affairs and to bring the members of the guilty government and the camp-followers to justice. T\V ( i
S VTURD VY. M VV 1, 1915
A Grand Patriotic Concert
f'.ivtn by 90 children  !".tn  the
^ In ilu-  I.arpe Aettcmbl]!  Hull.
Orange Hall, Corner Hastings Street and Gore Avenue
AT  s   P.M.
Chortia   "Bed,  Whit��  snd   IU'ee"    Children
Recitation    "Mather  llriuin and  11 ��-���  Son��" MtMfi   Willi,- II I
Charm   "L��di   in   Utrrj   lilur"  ��� : Children
Sensational  Acrabsti    *  Boyi
Recitation    "The Twin"    M����ei   n   Stein
Solo and i .tenn-   "Tommy Atkins"   S.enel,   McLaughlin
Plug   I'r.ll         ClMl   e,l   Unit
A Hit ol Inin (GvmnaMtlc)  Glrli snd  Uojh
50l0 le.lt,tell      e'l       It,,-,-''        Vl-elll       ^ .1 Ilk I ' e M ��,l
I'laiee,     gola     "'r.ii.eeilell,"      |.e.l���l      l.���iUail
Chorus   "Soldiers   eel   ilu-   kmn"    Children
Seel,e   .unl   iTte.iii-     "Tipperary,"     I.iltlr    \'aeic,    McLaughlin
I'leili  Swinging    ('.nl-
Sana   "O  tha   llrltiih   Lion"             Children
Recitation        A    Scrap   eel    L'apet  '     Surah   Clark
Chorus   "Rule  Britannia"   Klsie Johnaton  een.i 1 * 11,1 < I. t-,,
Recitation    "My   Scotch  Grandpo"    Nancy   McLaughlin
Pyramids,  Fanciful  lam, etc,  (Gymnaatlc)        Boyi
"ii Canada"
Conductor   Mr. c. I   South
Pianists   Miai i'. Marshall, Mis- A. fountain
Ticket,, 25 centa each.   The- proeneeada e,f iliis e.,nee-rt will lee- equally divided
between the- "Children1! Aid Society" ami tlit- Society lee.ekmn alter lb,-pital Sup-
plica .fe.i Wounded Boldlera.
We are Milk and Butter Specialists
A. Tommason, Mgr. Phone Bay. 1417
1935  2nd AVE. WEST
A phone call will have prompt attention
Glazed Cement
Sewer Pipe
Is the choice ot property owners in
every city where its value has been
demonstrated. It gives good service
and has durability.
Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe Co.
Phone Fairmont 122
In Multiples of $5,000 at 8 per cent, on
inside revenue producing business property.
Our client will only consider property that
is now paying its way.
Patrick Donnelly, General Manager.
Beyond The City Limits
I'KOl'.AIiLY OWING TO the business depression ami thr difficulty of
tgaking money in other ways, there have been many applications of late
ie.r placer gold mining rights along tin- N'orth Saskatchewan river in
ilu- Edmonton district. As the .sands arc known in contain gold i" sufficient quantity tn make tin- operation falrl) remunerative, the government is i>siiin�� 1" fool licenses for one dollar, Imt requires practicall)
continuous operation in prevent cancellation of license,
REDUCTK ��.\ * 'K T< IT \l. removal of the tariff upon mining machinery, prominent mining authorities throughout tlie lutviinr nf British
(.'e'luiiiliia maintain, would mean the reawakening eif the miiiiiiL; industry throughout the west.
HEAVY l-'Ki iSTS l\ the dry bell hav: been causing seiim- uneasiness
among fruit ranchers.
\ UT< >RIA li< >< ISTERS ARE being robbed ni the tourist traffic frmn
Seattle owing in war regulations which prohibit passengers frmn emit-
inn ashore between boats,
BLACKSMITHS FROM ALL quarters nf the Province mel recently
in Victoria. During the convention agricultural conditions wcre discussed by the brawny smiths, wlm complained that failure to till tlie
lands of tlie Province was not by any means assisting their trade.
FARMERS Oh' DELTA sent $200 to the Red Cross Society.
RESIDENTS OK POINT GREY complain that Germans wlm hang
out ill the vicinity of tlie Alvensleben property on lhe River Road are
getting verv saucy and urge that the Teutons he jailed until after the
��   �����   *
"BOB" GBEENi THE member for Kootenay in the Dominion House,
wlm has tint opened his lips on the floor of the House since his election,
has returned to Victoria With the news that the I.iherals are rehels and
traitors and that they blocked every proposal put forward by Sir Robert
liorden to assist tiie mother country in the present war.
CHILLIWACK'S UIC PAIR will he held this year as usual.
* *  1
HON. JOSEPH MARTIN" will run in Cariboo for the Dominion House,
according to a well-founded rumor.
PRINCE RUPERT IS building a $25,000 fish dock.
IT IS RUMORED thai the lion. Dr. Young, Minister of Education in
the McBride Government, is suffering from a shattered nervous system
and i.s under the care of his physician.
* ��  *
A TOTAL OV' 8.654 tons of ore was received for treatment at the Trail
smelter from April 2nd to April 8th inclusive.   The shippers:
Mine Tons
United   Copper,  Chewelah 61
L'tica, Adamant    42
Kanfhlet-Carihoo.  Rambler, 630
Knob Hill, Republic     48
Hen Hur, Republic  11'3
Lone Pine, Republic    42
Mine Tons
Centre   Star.   Rossland  3.384
Josie, Rossland    6.434
Sullivan.   Kiinberley      615
Exchequer, Nelson   *)
No. I, Ainsworth    154
Rathfon,  Republic     61
San   Poil,  Republic     40
Le Roi, Rossland     3,461              Total
PENTICTON IS FIGURING upon a municipally owned hydro-electric
power and light plant.
MR. MORDEN, THE Conservative candidate in North Vancouver is
a-former minister of the gospel,    lie was no Hilly Sunday.
The sooner you learn to come to our drug store for everything you need in the drug line, the sooner you will come to
the store that carries none but the purest, freshest drugs and
choicest drug store articles. We want your drug business only
because we give you reliable medicines and merchandise for
your money.
.     Come to OUR Drug Store
Phone 3902
1012 Standard Bank Bldg. Vancouver, B.C.
1*41 ALBERT CT.                                                                      TELEPHONE
A.  E. Harron J. A. Harron (',. M. Williamson
Vancouver���Office and Chapel:  1034 Granville St.     Phone Sey. 3486
North  Vancouver���Office and Chapel: 122 Sixth St. W.     Phone 134
International Correspondence Schools
W. H. Coulter, Mgr.
Room 10, Burnt Block
18 Hastings Street West
Editor CII1XOOK:
Sir.���A few days ago we were informed liy ;i telegraphic despatch
from tin- Bast tli.it General Sam
Hughel had stopped a streel parade
of a regiment eif nur Canadian sol"
eliei-  because  the  band  was playing
a   tune'   lle.l   le, Ius  liking.
I,eft. right, left, right, tee them pat-
sing liy.
Watch each head ami shoulder, watch
each gleaming eye:
Confident, courageous, nol a man dit-
Sam has "called" the music that the
lirn-s band ptayed.
Shoes may all lie  rotten, not a  man
will  kick.
Ileirscs may In- knock-kneed, through
a shady trick.
But nur boys for danger iln imt give
a d ,
Marching lee thc  music  well  beloved
by  Sam.
Colonels  may  be   heelers,  selling drill
hall  sites,
Officers   may   he   grafters   ami   in   jail 1      i,
by rights.
If   the   horse>   break   down,   haul   thc I
guns   wilh  hikes.
Marching   te,   the   music   of   lhe   tune
Sam   likes.
Here's a tip feer Kitchener, hope he'll
take    it    Sleeell.
Let   him   change   liis   music,  let   him
change-   his  tune.
It will, i.i (he Germans, he an awful
If they hear the music that is "called"
liy  Sam.
Seeme   elay   Johnny   Canuck   must   the'
"Piper"  pay.
And   nut.i   ihe   lira--   hands   will   have
things  to  say.
In    the   meantime,   babies     tee     their
mammies  cropn:
"Daddy's   *i��� >11   te>   bailie   tei   a   Sham
Sh.ees   Sliiuie."
H. A. Tl. S. K.
"Girls of the Golden West," [jrcat company ol instrumentalists at  Pantages this week SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1915
Di.ke  of  Connaught   presents colors  to  the  72n'i   Seaforth   Highlanders.     The   colors   wcre   the   gift   of  the
Imperial  Or'ltr the  Daughters of the   Empire.   Vancouver
Corps   of   GuMes���Vancouver   Detachment.      Lieut.   Tweedale   and   Se<
en   of   his   Guide
D.  C. O.  R.'s leaving for the front,  headed  by their  regimental band
Bridge   Building.   6th   Company.   Canadian   Engineers.   North   Vancouver
Comfort and Convenience
The Looker-On
'A chiefs aiming yc takin' note,
An'  faith  he'll prent  it."���Burns.
li i- infinitely interesting tn nnc
���with an observant eye ami open car
tn move around within the precincts
eel' an active, bustling city like Van-
couver, taking stuck ni what he sees
and hears in ihe business, municipal
ami ordinary life nf the peeeple. The
"Looker-On" in his perigrinations
tries lee absorb as many impressions
as possible' oi what is going on a-
rotind, lie sees much i'i admire and
more t" criticize in lhe eh linns .if tlu
city. I le hopes from time i" time to
presenl these impressions ami criticisms t" ihe readers of this paper.
with ihe object of interesting, amusing ami instructing, ai least, some fi
"i Hi! wai! -eenic pu'er the giftie gie us
Te. sec  scl's a- ithers sec us."
high purpose. Dedicated as it were to
a special mission. !i was painful,
therefore, in the "Looker-On" tee nee
the J''th Battalion marching through
thc streets recently tacked on t.e a
procession, as pan of a show, i" advertise llie opening nf tlle le.:-i!e.ill
season, This. ;.. him. was a degrading spectacle, anel many ni lhe 50I-
I ilicrs mus! have fell humiliated. It
[is moreover, contrary to'miiitarj law.
11 wa niiel detracl (roni ihe dignity am!
seriousness 'ef ihe- Service ii the army
[were used in such demonstrations, particularly in war tinie. I: �� as nol for
igl eh!, adi' rtising uses thai our boys
donned  Ilis  Majesty's
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the���
Up-to-date Train Service Between Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
The' all-absorbing thought with ever) one jusl no�� 1-. of course, iln- or.
deal ni fire through which our hoys
haii' passed at the buttle front. Tin'
tin ill ei pi nie i\ 11.i1 je.i--, ,1 through
iln- city ��hen tip: news came ill uf
th,' pluck, tenacity and soldierly abil.
ii\ eei iiu. boj - ��.i pel hups the pur
esl ami nol.lest thai a commuliitj can
experience,    Vancouver,   U.   C,  Can
ael.i   11 -. If,   has   1 nl   its   soul.      All
qui Bti ms -I 11 nu 1 getting, party
strife ami selfish aims seem suddenly
pi ein indie into pettim ss in face e.i
ihis great exhibition of sacrifice for
the cause. W'e almost envy e.nr heroes wine 11.-1 \ 1 laid down their lives
eer shed their bl 1 for the great principles involved in this stupendous
"For   hnw    can   man   die   better   than
facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his household and
the altar-. ������<  his gi ids."
While  sympathising   sincerely   with
llie bereaved,  weeping   for  ilnese wlm
will "return  no  more,"  the  "Looker-
On" feels  thai   when  the  firsl  grief is
[assuaged  the  fallen  ones  will he the
'great niies of tlle family, whose nio'ii-
ory ami inspiration will he lasting and
While  on this -nine. '.   he ' Look* r-
( In"  would like to put  nn
��� feeling ������! sympath)    cil        e boj
the   gallant  -"'tii   Battalion,  1
I shared bj  11 anj     lliei
j countable di laj   in ihem    fl
to 1 in' front.    The 11 en lia\ 1   11
tai 'ai h      the
orities,    N'n stiffie 11 has bei n
il fn    tin   111
! iln'   other daj   �� In 11     Major-fl
i lughi s put il  ii|
' Iransp  ��� latie 11 Tin
5 e in-  inadequate,     I'm havi
eliel   body   nf   ih
Ij in -:   idli.eating   iheii .>nt.
6000  mile s from  the  front,   1      -   -
much  Ikis to be don
ter reason than thai gi\en,   1 Iui  I
arc   straining  al  the  leash  to  gel  at
the   Germans      \fter   n ce      I appen-
ings, this eagi me -. u ill be 1
ing   point.    The  auth h ���
���.ee'  to it thai  e\ erj  barrier be quickly sv. epl oul of ihe' w ay. IV rl aps now
1l1.1t   the superior  fighting qualitii -
Canadians lias been demonstrated i   -
fore  the world this will be done.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D.T. A., Vancouver.
H.  W.  BRODIE,  Gen.  Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
The "Looker-! In" regri ts to sei so
many flags in the City al half-mast.
This is altogether wrong and unniili-
tary. The City Hall foolishly set the
example. The flag just now should
be as high up as it can be got. Per-
isonal grief should bc private. Ill public demonstrations jusl now heads
should bc held high ami hearts too.
Tin llritiauic spirit pas-eel nil to lis
from  our ancestors  should   til!  every
Seen!     nl'    ||S     tllTOUgll     t'lis     ClT-l's    ,'||1||    ('-
clipse smaller and more personal matters.
>|e     ST    e|��
Our feelings towards 1!:.' boys who
are bearing the burden of Empire for
us nnd fighting an implacable and barbarous   enemy   ifr onr  protection  is
nne' "i" fespeel  and reverence.    They
arc for the time being set apart   inr .1
I i is difficult le' detach -
from ihi' subject of the war. nr 1
questions connected wiih it. The
Uriiish Isi,'- are profoundly stirred
at this moment mi ihe question as tn
whether the manufacture and sale of
intoxicating liquor should e.r should
met be prohibited during the course
of lhe war. The' question lias arisen
from the point "f view fi national
efficiency in mi eting thi e. mis nf
the vear. Thc "Looker-! In" is tl 1 ir-
oughly familiar with ihe characteristics
.ef the Industrial workers in the 1 He!
Country. It is a truism eever there
that big' wages (the rule just now)
go baud iu hand among many workers, with much ie'.lei'iss throug drink
ami ils accompaniments. 11' the workers would cease drinking fnr the duration of the war, this Ins; lime ami
efficiency would la- added lo the national as-cis. Taking a broader view
��� ei' th.' question, the drink Mil eif the
Uriiish Isles is prodigious. Tt ;:-
mnunts anmiallv to lhe enormous
sum cjf $800,1 K),C 101 If this Mini
wen' saved ei''' for one year, a tremendous addition tn the efficiency nf
the nation would result. Russia hi -
proven   this   since   abolishing   vodka.
France's experience coincides since
sii.e prohibited absinthe. If Great Britain would follow the example ni her
j Allies in Ihi- matter it would be eme
of the most interesting experiments
she ever maele. Wil! -he make it!J
The nation is prepared fnr it. The
King ami Cabinet have voluntarily set
the example. The leading newspapers are practically unanimous in
leaving the decision entirely in the
hands nf ihe government. Public
opinion seems ripe for the revolutionary acl. The war i- producing many
surprising changes in the world. If il
maele Greal Britain sober by Acl nf
Parliamenl it would certainly be one
eef ihe biggest things written on ihe
pages eef iln' coming new history
.. -.
Tin question of iln alien brother is
very much in the public eye at present. IK' has always been more or less
a problem, ami i> fasl becoming a difficult j . Wc ha) 1 0111 sel\ es to blame,
nurse. Wi hn 11. .1 hin, in The
Chinaman  presumablj   for  I  -   $i
hc added  to  the  rei1nui      Tie
1 e. ..a      iee   did    ur rough  work
fur   less than   a   white     man
would     ile Hii      ���  e r  con   ���  elitan
irn   in   ilu
��� ,   .'I'I    l       lelllie '
1 ���   is      conge r j     ful
lid 11
ig oul "    Thi
it lhe Chines
is led I     Ml is n
loin       s  rese lived
irdi here  ci imes
itched anu-    lake'
di " tniti     nni
is       :   Immu 1
their 1 c,   \\ 'vi is to bi
In bi    '���   ���:������ thes    barbarous n  sl - and
le   1 iriental    conditions    from
thii   civilizi I  c  mmunit) :    Some :'';:���-
 '-le   'nn-:    he   1! 'iie without  undue   delay       The   "Looker-! In"   - es
;,     ne   feasibli   way.      Cl"-.'    the
qgainsl   newcomers  and  gradu-
.,   depi it   those  already  here.    We
don'l wanl an unsolvable problem here'
such a-  Uncle  Sam has witli  liis ne-
gre a s.
Penticton Plantations Rival  Those of
Old Virginia
The "Herald" received s< 1 te tinu*
ae" ue nerein- .samples .el tobacco from
Jeelm McCIounie & Sons, wlm are
growers ami manufacturers of the
sneethhig weed al Vernon. In qrder l"
ne 1 a general opinion "i iln quality
cal grown tobacco, the "makings" ��ere distributed among a number fi local smokers, .ami iheir opin-
ieni solicited. The result was thai
considerable surprise is being ��� .spres-
sed at tin- high quality oi tlm product
thai i- being marketed hy iln.' Vernon
firm, lentil Mn cigarette - and pipe tobacco, li maj ma he' generally known
in local agriculturists thai the Okanagan is cotisiderei thi baceo
growing country north of Virginia.
Joh - n e'. Nicholson ..re the Pi ntic-
>f John  VfcClunii   & Se
���Pi llti
��� '    .
ave al
Ij-   decorated  am I ������ .
an   be   lull
as h ��� Ir. Han
e eel. 1      -
Can  supply  your  needs   at   right
(Right  at   Station)
. ��� nt   ; ���������������   1 -it:,  ]   ;   Week
Poultry   Keepers
will get best resul nstar.t
v.*-. of
Poultry Spice
A  Hen  tonic,  Pick-me-up and
Once  Tried Always   Used!
Guaranteed  to   produce  le'sults.  if
fed   according   to   directions   (in
cverv  sack)
3 lb. sack, 45c'  6% lb. sack, 90c.
100 lb.  sack, $12.00
Manufactured in Vancouver.    Sold
Cor. 30th Avenue and Main Street
Comfortable Hall for uublic meetings,  dances,  etc., to  Let
34 32nd Avenue
General  Agency Transatlantic  Steamship  Lines
C. E. Jenney, G. A. P. D.
Phone:  Sey. 8134 527 Granville Street TWU
A Grand Patriotic Concert
Given ley e,o , Inl.! , i   frnnj the
lee   ll .    I..US',     \-,eeil,ly   Hall.
Orange Mall, Corner Hastings Street and Gore Avenue
AT  s  p M
I'Klie.K WI mi;
"Re ;.   tt'hitl   Slid   Hie.' '     Chil.lrcn
1.' ion klOthl '     I'.ni.n,   .il,I    11,1    S.'ii-' Mil, i    \\ ill"     II
I. ��!���   hi   Stvj   Blue       Children
Ree  tatioi        i ; >    i ��in"         Mmii i   I'    Ste in
Sola    e.i iii..ni-    "Tomm)    '.ii-i.-"         ...Sand)   M> I
Flag  Drill     CI��m el fiirU
\     I'.I     e.|     |   HI]     e 1 ,.     .1   ,1       Girl       ailll     l'."V-
Solo   ' !��� Ro e        \ ee.l.i   Son i
I':.,i ..   Solo    "' i.i''  I-"I��I    Lockharl
i'he.ni-    "Soldieri     e l   ���         Children
See]..      Bnil      I'l'eelll- '     I' 11 ' | K I .1 I \  ' '        l.itlll'      X.llll',       ) I ,   I ..I H U ll I I ' I
Club  Swinging       I'.nt-
>ee:in      ee   ii.,    liritish   I.i.en"       Children
Recitation       \   -- -.i|.   ������!   I'apei '    Sarah   Clark
Chorui   "Rule   Uritannia"   Rlsie Johnxton and Childien
Recitation    "M>   Scotch   Grandpa"    Nancy   McLaughlin
Pyramid!,   Fanciful   Pain, en    (Cvmnattic)         Boyi
"ii Canada"
l    eel       ill,   I.' M, C.      J SOUth
Pianlita    .Mi-- C. Marshall, Misi A. Fountain
Tickets, 25 '-ni- each.   The proccedi nl iln- concerl will In- equally divided
between the "Children's Anl Society" and tin  Society l...,kni^ .after Hospital Sir
}elie>   ,f.el     W'eiui  ileii    Se'le!i,'i -.
We are Milk and Butter Specialists
A. Tommason, Mgr. Phone Bay. 1417
1935  2nd AVE. WEST
A phone call will have prompt attention
Glazed Cement
Sewer Pipe
Is thf choice of property owners in
every city where its value has bee;n
demonstrated. It gives good service
and has durability.
Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe Co.
155 FRONT STREET WEST Phone Fairmont 122
In Multiples of $5,000 at  8  per cent, on
inside revenue producing business property.
Our client will only consider property  that
is now paying its way.
Patrick Donnelly, General  Manager.
l'R( ii: \ i'.LY < >WJ S'G T( > ilu- business depression ami the difficulty eef
making monc) in other ways, there have been many applications nf late
im- placer ������.���M mining rights ;ileiii^ iln- North Saskatchewan river in
ilu- Edmonton district. As iln- sands are known to contain gold in sufil
in-ill quantit) iee make iln- operation fairlj remunerative, iln- governmenl is issuing lu fool licenses for one dollar, imt requires practical!)
continuous operation tee prevent cancellation "I license.
REDI 'CTH IN < IR T< >T \l. removal e.f ihr tariff upon mining machinery, prominent mining authorities throughout lhe Interior "i Hritish
Columbia maintain, would iman ihr reawakening of ihr mining indus-
it\ throughout the west.
HEAVV FROSTS IN the <lr\ belt lia\ ��� been causing some uneasiness
among fruil ranchers.
rf.      tf,      If.
VICT* IRIA !'.' " (STERS ARE being robbed of the tourisl traffic from
Seattle owing tu war regulations which prohibit passengers fremi coming ashore between boats.
BLACKSMITHS FROM ALL quarters e.f the Province mei recently
in Victoria, During ihe convention agricultural conditions were discussed by ihe brawny smiths, whei complained thai failure tu lill the
lands of ihe Province was not by any means assisting their trade.
FARMERS ol'' DELTA sent $200 to ihe Red Cross Society.
if,    if,    Sf,
RESIDENTS OF POINT GREY complain that.'Germans wlm hang
I .....
out in the vicinity of the Alvensleben property on lhe River Road are
getting verv saucy ami urge thai the Teuteens lie jailed until after thr
! war.
"BOB" GREEN, Till'', member inr Kootenay in ihr Dominion llemsr,
I Who has m>i opened his li|�� un ihe floor of ihe I hetise since hi- election,
iha-- returned i" Victoria wiih thr news thai ihr Liberals are rebels ami
, traitors ami tnat they blocked every proposal put forward by Sir Robert
i Borden to a   Ut ihr mother country in ihr present war.
* * *
I CHILLIWACK'S BIG PAIR will be held this year as usual,
* * *
HON. JOSEPH MARTIN will run in Cariboo for the Dominion House,
according to a well-founded rumor.
* ��   *
PRINCE RUPERT IS building a $��5,000 fish dock.
IT IS RUMORED that the llun. Dr. Young, Minister ni Education in
the McBride Government, is suffering from a shattered nervous system
and is under the care of his physician.
A TOTAL Oi* K/>54 tons uf ore was received fur treatment at the Trail
smelter from April 2nd tu April eSth inclusive.   The shippers:
The sooner you learn to come to our drug store for everything you need in the drug line, the sooner you will come to
the store lhat carries none but the purest, freshest drugs and
choicest drug store articles. We want your drug business only
because we give you reliable medicines and merchandise for
your money.
Come to OUR Drug Store
Phone 3902
.Mine Tons
Centre   Star.   Rossland  3,384
Josie, Rossland   6,434
Sullivan.   Kiinherley      615
Exchequer, Nelson   9
No. 1. Ainsworth   154
Mine Tuns
l'nited Copper, Chewelah f>l
I 'lira. Adamant     42
Ramfbler-Cariboo,   Rambler, <i30
Knob I lill. Republic     48
Len 1 Iur. Republic  _'~3
1012 Standard Bank Bldg. Vancouver, B.C.
1(41 ALBERT ZT.                                                                   TELEPHONE
HIGH.   131
A,   E.  Iliirr.>u J.  A. Hsrron G. M. Williamson
Vancouver���Office  and  Chapel:   1034 Granville St.      Phone Sey. 3486
North  Vancouver���Office and  Chapel:  122 Sixth St. W.      Phone 134
Rathfon, Republic         (>1   Lone Pine, Republic        42
San   I'uil,   Republic           40 	
Le Roi, Rossland     3,4611 Total    8,654
PENTICTON IS FIGURING upun a municipally owned hydro-electric
power and lighl plant.
* * *
MR. MORDEN, THE Conservative candidate in North Vancouver is
a former minister of the gospel,   lie was no Billy Sunday.
International Correspondence Schools
W. H. Coulter, Mgr.
Room 10, Burns Block 18 Hastings Street West
Sir,���A few dayi ago eer were m-
feeriiie el by a ti legraphic despatch
frmn ih.- Batl thai General Sum
Hughei luiel stopped n streel parade
eel  .i   regiment  ������!  our   Canadian
(lle'l -      lei'e'.lllSl'     til''     lillll'l     \\ .1-     | e! e \ Hill tune not to hia liking,
l.i'fi. right, le ii. unlit. M, iliiin pat-
ling by,
\\ ni, li eacli lie iul and ihoulder, watch
each gleaming i y<.
Confident, courageous, not t man dismayed,
Sam has "called" the music thai the
l>ra-s band played.
Shoes  mav all be  rotten,  not  a  man
will kick,
llnrse's may  he knock-kneed, through
a shady trick,
But nur boys for danger elee not givei
n d ,
Marching  to  the  music  well  beloved
by   Sam.
Colonels may be heelers, selling drill
hall sites,
Officers  may  be  grafters and  in  jail
by rights,
If the  horses  break  down,  haul  the
puns  �� ith Ink, s,
Marching  to  the   music  of  the  tune
Sam likes.
Here's a tip ie.r Kitchener, hope he'll
lake- il  soon,
Let   him   change   liis   music,  let  him
change his tunr.
It will, ie. the Germans, be an awful
If they hear the music that is "called"
by  Sam.
Some  elay  Johnny   Canuck  must  thc
"Piper" pay,
Anil  untee  the lira--  bands  will  have
things  to say.
In   the   meantime,   babies    to    their
mammies   croon:
"Daddy's   <!e ,n   to   battle   to   a   Sham
Shoes  Sluuii'."
II. A. If. S. K     I
"Girls of lhe Golikei West." ercat company ol instrumentalist! at  Pantages this week SATURDAY, MAY 1. 1915
Britlne   Bi.il,lini;.   6th  Company.   Canadian   Engineer!,   North   Vancouver
Comfort and Convenience
SI'A AH ��l R 6070.
j Franc* 's   i xpei;. nee   ci incidi s
"iu- i-'   hibit< d absinthe.    11 I <v
! tain  would  follow   the exam]  i
- - in this mattt r h  would I"- mn
I  i :   ���' t    in    ���   inten >tin^   ���   ���   i
ever   madi       A'ill
Tl e  natii in   is  pn pari I   I ir  it.    The
Is ing and Cabinel  In luni  rii)  sei
the   i sun;.!. .      Tin    leading   new spa-
.       .        . pit-   are   pr ictically     unnninii ms     in
���      ,lv  "   '^ '"'  '     ,     \i ,:: ing    '   '      lei '-i ��� tii
I ���        /��� ��� t ��� '   Ut    I   l    I* II   L\        tl   I       !     It* I .'   '     'k ll'-        I'I ',,        e,M. ,
Ii   is   infinitely   interesting   to   one|t|lf, 20th   is-.m-,1;,...  ........i.:....  .1.-
The Looker-On
'A chief's amaug ye takin' notes,      |high purpose.    Ded
An'  faith  he'll  prent  it."���Burns,  |,i   special   mission.
Penticton   Plantations  Rival  Those  of
Old Virginia
���I'.      - linn
MoCle llllil       &    .- ' ai e
t Verne ei      '
general   npininii |Ualily
reewn   tobacco,   tin     "mak-
,Ker:u" ���' ".','. the       " C-
wlth  a"  olwcrva.it  eye and open ear f. ''""  ! ''/"  ���$"'
1 ve around within the    precincts   '.    ,,,   '      "   """'J*  ,'""","   '" . : '   '   surpri in,
��� ti an  active,  bustling  city  like   V.-.n-i'i '     .'.  . "
couver, taking  stock of wli.it he se.-1 ,    '���-, '"       ' 	
-I  hears in the bt.   municipal   K^^Im
anl   1 ei ilniarv   In,'  ..t  111. ���  ,,,-.e,,l..
���;--������  -���  ��������� 21"" ing   spectacle,  anil  many  of  lhe  -��� '- i'   ���,. ���,,,- ...
anl  ordinary lift   n   tin   people.     Hie (liers   II1HS|   havc   ,-,,.   humi .  ,,
I "Looker-On     in     Ins    peregrinations is mori.nvcr, enntrarv to militiire
tries  ie. absorb as  many  impressions ,, ���,,���;,, ,,,.,,,,.. ,,,������,. ...
as   possibc  .'I   what  is  going   ....   a- seriousness of tin  Service if I
pillllel.      lie'   see-.   Illlleh   'ee   a.liini','    .ml
both  ll rctii
e^^Veeiecs   eee   un.'   .sl'rvitl'   11   IIH'   ,.: 111V |e^,^^^^^^^^_
. /���� much to admire   in.l were ,..,,.  , ,
"?"" V; ';""'"'''.'" ,lu' '1,"nKs '" I'"51 ticttlarlj  in �� ,r lime,    li  .vas .   I
city.    Hi   hopes from lime to time i- ,K11 ,ble advertising use    I    I
presenl   these   impressions   and   cnti ,,, ,������      ,, .   M.,, ...
cisms   to   nie-   readers  ol   iln-   paper,
with   Hi,' objeel  of interesting, amus       whiU ,,��� ���,is .,.,,���,.
nig an.l instructing, al least, - mn On" would ' Stkli because lie
',,'",        , ..... feelii
Oh   wad -..in.  ,..,' ih,  14.11..  - , .,      ,.   .
1 '"   '   ���-' " ,���'-. :; "���- "���    ���' shared  i.i   mai y at
I he .ill-abs.>rbiiig  thought
rj      ���   "
: ' , e
1      ��� .' ,   ,
the  city  when I
it)  "ii
esi and in.l.li
experience.     Van.-.,uver.   I!.   C   tai
��� -
lela    itsi I III,
strife am . .
t.e   dwindle   him   pen.ness   in   lace  . .1 ; .���.,.   straini���K  .���   ,he   ,.   .
this   Lir. ;   sacrifice  for ���.,
ill.' Ve ^.^	
i , I'ii ' .    ���       . ms'-.  I IIS I i i ' - ,
ne's   \\ ho   have   Ian    ��� their   lives  ���' ,
.       ��      ���     '     e e t    ��� i ��� Title;
rples   involved   in     this    stupendous  |y s ,    ,..
:;'"','��� ... thai  th    -.;,
For   In ii  d,     hettei   I    "  (. .    ,;
facing  fearful  odds
For  the ashes  ol  Ius  liou��cli.>ld  anel j
'     e
:       ��� I.    : i
We !
the altars nt his god .
While   sympathising   sincerely    wil ,1     It  is difficult  I Ireaily  here.    >
the inn . ed,  ��  e| in(   ���������:-,,.:,. ���     ' ���   ��  ' ���       %"
will  "return  no  ni ire."  th.   "Le       ���        " ' , -,,:
ii.."   I....I     ,'...       i    .1...   .���:-...   ....:   t   .      Rnlisi       * .'-     ire
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the���
[On" fi   ' when the firsl grief is   British   Isles    ���
assuaged   I        ail  '    ones   will   be   tlu the nucstioi	
greal    nn -       tl i   family, whose mem-1 I
uplift iti
.ry and ii spii iti       ,vill       lasl '"Id
not   be   prohibited   dnrinj;
| of thc war.    Tin   um -,;
rom   the  poii
efficiency  in  meeting   tin
Up-to-date Train Service Between Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE. C. P. A.. 124 Hastings St.. Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D.T. A., Vancouver.
H.  W.  BRODIE,   Gen.  Pass.  Agent, Vancouver.
The "Looki r-l In" regrets te
many   fl   [s   il City  at   half-mast.
This is altogether wrong and iinniili-
i.ei-i. The City I tail fe olishlj sei tlu
example. The flag jusl now -'
he .i- high up as ii can bi got, Per-
privatt I n pub-
demonstrations j
should   he'   held nd  In arts   : ..
I'h.    Brittarjic  spirit   passed on  to us
. ur .mi. sl    s sl   uld   fill  cverj
us tl and e-
i clipsi   small e pi rse mai mat-
���t    *    ele
are In aring the btirdi n of Empire for
us and nd bar
barous   enemy   for  our  protection   is
one of respeel
are for the linn   l.e Jul;  sei apart  for a
the  war.    The "1     '      : '
uj lily familiar with tl
nf  ihe'  industrial  worl ers  ii Old |
i' 'i'': ry.     I.   is a   truism   i ,\ cr  lliere1
thai   big  -.\ ages   I lhe   rule
go  hand in  hand    '
i rs   with much idl. ness tl
a      its ace nipani
ers W'nilil cease drii king
alinii   of  the  war.   Ilii md
efficiency  vvoul
tional assets.    Taking a bi
qui stlon, the elrink bill of the
Isle's is prodigious li a-
inou: i - annuallv to tin i norm ius
sum -,i $S 1.000 ' li ihis sum
roar, a tremendous additi lie . ' iency nf
ihe nation would r sull Russia has
pro\ e"   this   since shing   vodka.
Can   supply   your   needs   at   right
(Right   at   Station)
Poultry   Keepers
Poultry Spice
A 1 ten ���    ic.  Pi.' -��� le-up and
I ii op-em-don n
Once  Tried Always  Used!
to :e   results,   if
, icording   to iont   (in
every sack l
3 lb. sack.  4,Sc.    6> j  lb. sack, 90c.
100  lb.  sack,  $12.00
Manufactured in Vancouver.    Sold
Cor. 30th Avenue and Main Street
Comfortable  Hall fur Dublic meetings,  dances,  etc.,  to Let
Apply  W   J.  STOLLIDAY
34 32nd Avenue
General   Agency  Transatlantic   Steamship   Lines
C. r. Jcr.nty, O. A. P. D.
Phont:   Sey.  6134 527  GranvilL  Stre.t FOUR
Me    Hill,   ii pi IHI   II, I   in   li
I,...lii      ���' ���' |l    | ,1 ..lie I -    .lllii    I |lh
I tlie   batidil     -iin - I'eie 11 ei    ami
Duun  ��.e-   v .un.I. e]
li ��;i, characteristic e.i Shorty thai
li. ��.,- alwaj - smiling He laughed
while the doctor waa i.r..liinu lor tin
liillei which broughl him i.e earth,
Hi- laughter was always merry, however, .unl iln' belief thai ii al firsl
occasioned, thai In- was insolenl proved ... he' a false' estimate of his char-
tei'i There i-. ii"l a more exemplary
prisoner in the penitentiary .ii N'nv
\\ estminster than Dunn, m Ii
.. single black mark againsl hii conduct.
JtlSt      lieew      See'ell      Sil' Tt >        Dtttltl       W|
lie  senl   eiut   from   lhe  |iri~em   walls   is
met   known,  or at   least   has  nol   been
\ew Westminster, May I.���She��ny
Dunn, sentenced to life imprisonment
for his share in Hill Miner's celebrated train robberies, ia abutil lei lie liberated from ilie penitentiary, This
rumor, in circulation for some litlle
nine, has been definitely confirmed
by the CHINOOK. Circumstances
discovered since (lie conviction, as
well as lhe Warden's reporl em his
exemplary conducl as a prisoner, are
1he causes of lhe  unusual  step,
The commutation alter nine years'
T.,'nal servitude is all the more remarkable in thai ii i.s a second commutation, Jusl a few years aller his
conviction, Dunn's term was reduced
to fifteen years, which with all allowances for good conduct, would nol release him until 1919.
Only once before in Canadian criminal annals has a prisoner received a
second ^rani nf executive clemency,
and singularly that previous encasie,n
e ccurrcd at N'ew Westminster also.
The public kimws of ihat occasion,
and so far as any official announcement is concerned, pee'pie would never have heard of Shorty  Dunn's ease.
In the ease eif notorious criminals
ilie Department eef Justice endeavors
to permit lhe man to slide gradually
back into civil life unheralded, Only
so can a man escape lhe advances oi
Former associates win. we mid endeavor to lure him back inin the paths
where his former cleverness made him
si) successful. The dale of Shorty
Dunn's release i.s met yet fixt-.l an.l
���will nol be known. If known, it
weiuld mil be maele public in this paper, for it would only ereale difficulties in Dunn's endeavor t.. gel back
to an  honest  career.
Preparations are' being made For
Dunn to go north as a trapper, The
government, whieh assumes a perpetual guardianship over paroled prisoners, is taking precautions i" Bee
that he is surrounded by influences
whieh iv ill remove him from the danger of being tempted back i" a life
uf crime. Facts learned since Dunn's
incarceration tend lei show that Dunn
never was a man oi natural criminal
tendencies, bul was broughl inin his
association wiih Hill Miner, by a train
nf circumstances whieh minin have
i'-il lo lhe downfall of a very upright
character li is said, thai if thes,' circumstances could In written, ihey
would form a mosl extraordinary | s
story,  rivalling  the  imaginative  crea- s
tioil!   eef   "N'ie'k    Caller"   e.l    "I )hI    111.I      |
Thai Slnirlv Dunn he.lels I,, the- !,������
nets eei ih.' oft-proved fictitious honor
.on..in; thieyes, is a cried in iln ne n
itcntiai v, i.er im' a -. Mil.'.' ha - di op
peal from Ins lips in the nine' . cai a nl
his Imnrisonmenl   which  would  injure
communicated  i" the prison authi
lies  by   ilie   Department   e.i   Justi
but just as soon as ihe arrangements
have  I'...i   completed   whieh  will  assure' him of a chance i.e go i.. work
anil  earn  an   In,nest  living.   Dunn   will
In released.    Nine years behind prison
bars is a  terrible punishment anil all
ncople  "i   humanitarian  instincts  will,
Oil \'i H )K   in   v. islling  liim ;
lhe best 'ei luck ami prosperity  when i
In- returns  t.> citizenship.    Canada  i*
a bin   e'eiuulrv   ami   can  use  men   who
have'   courage.     Duun   ha-   plenty   ofl
thai quality, ami may yel prove a useful member e.f some community where
his pasl pasl record will not be- known
and charged againsl him.
Vork, which was still suflferitiR
ni the effect! eif its capture. They
travelled up Yonge Street, and by
way of lleelland Landing and Lake
Sinieoe, reached lhe head of the Nine
Mile portage on Kcmpenfeldt Bay.
Tin- Indian trail had already been
blazed thr,>u^li ihe forest by Colonel
Robert McDouall while em hi- way
llle previous year lo llie relief ������! \l.ic-
hilimackinac. Over ihis trail they
eame' in the' stn ill blockhouse erected
at   the   Ilea.I    ,1    Uill.nv   Creek,   where
rough boal "i two was constructed,
nnd thence down ihe- stream lei the
M. ttswasaga    River   ami   th
.v.nii'i lands througii whieh it  flows;
iluy  were  indeed  glad  when  lln- blue
���e al. i -  ���.'   Lake   I Iui   n   . then   called I
jrceti ���! ih. ii   eye i.
Lieutenant   W orsl. y    hael    instruc-
[>i ihis  highwa      w hich
ua ��� Ihen in " 't- u i1 by iur li
, .ming in and fro I un more v. - tei
lv |>,.mis. In il ' river, aboul : >���. n
tnili- in,in ii- mouth, lay ihe North-
\\ i-t tin Company's schooner "Nan-
Icy." The muddy N'otlawasaga, as ii
fearing I" enter the clear waters of
lhe hay. comes 1" witli in an eighth "i
a niilr eef ii through high sandy banks
and then turn- directly and run- par-
allel wilh the beach for nearly three
j miles before coming tee its outlet.
Thus a peninsula is formed "i thc
finest white sand, wiih lure and there
a  majestic  pine-  H'ee ami  senile slirub-
lurtis ire
ilund. it
oilier pcniiisul
-   Ii.-iy
���   river
An   Episode  of   the   War  ol   1812
his kil-
the music
iny   en   his   Friends
.���rillle'        I 'liel.illllleell v
iieS    I'Ve'     hei  I I-
anything lu- ' n ���������
hohftupa   siill   offer
whieh lhe' pnlicp hav.
lo  solve,  anil   if   leer
ir    partni rs   i"
nun  nppoi ni"i
for  him  ie.  tell
ihe Hill  Miner
ny   problems
v er been able
other  reason
than    euriosilv    llu-   authorities    wenllel
be gratified in learn some ni .he unknown inside facts e.f those celebrated
Little Ma.- -i I wiih his father on
lhe citadel at Queliee. Ile knew he
had come a long distance, ha.l sailed
and sailed until he had though! the
world inusi lie all water.
Behind him he had left lhe Clyiie
an.l hi- native hills, and must of all
his memory gave tee him painful recollections 'if seeing his tneeiher covered
wiih earth, and how he had clasped
his falher*'s hand tighter in fear us
Ihey sine.el in the churchyard and had
thought whai a terrible thing life was.
Mow he had dreaded to go home where
his father wouhl >ii in contemplative
silence, ami he a. I ighl go le a pillow
lhat  w a-  e.fiiiues  stained  wilh   leers '
Ilis father was a soldier, and sin nil >
afier lu- wife", death received a commission in proceed in Kingston,
Canaela. Thi- created -mn.' in I interest   in   Little   Mae's   life,  an.l  childlike
ll.'     lie. .ki'.!     UPOI1     lil'       '   i       I''        V'ilh      ���' 'lie
anticipation of joy. Nine years 'if his
life hael passi il. and the war nf 1812
hael been in progress for nearly twu
e^'licn ihey arrived in Kingston his
Father, unfortunately For ihe lad. re-
ccived orders in proceed immediately
in the front ami report to Drummond.
Long Mac awaited his return, and as
his anxiety grew intense antl his supplications painful in the soldiers of
the barracks, tliey were Forced I'i tell
him that his father would never return; he had fallen at l.unely's I.ane.
and his beiy was an orphan. The soldiers cheered hin. as lust ihey could,
and all the while l.e bore up bravely
often driving back the tears thai would
conn io him in hi- loneliness, lie
had steeled lu- liul.' heart to lace
. fnr hi' was born in troublesome times, and hail seen -..trow a-
reiinul   liim   even   ill   hi-   carter   years.
fnr ihe- village he had come from in
Scotland hul many widows and .ir-
i.ii.en " ie - husl amis ami fathers
fell  fighting  in  iln.'   Peninsular  War.
The   wai    ilranueei   ... Mac.     al-
iln,mil. j. nng, .V is ��� ild 11 m in i i"i
his years, and wa- nf much -crvi.'i
in ihe hardened  v derails  wiih  w I,.. n
lu-   hei    vva-   ,'a-l.      Thev     ev i l .     CXCl I"'
inglj kind, and becoming attached to
h.m Ihey e-'ieehl nnt resist his pleadings in nn ith them ��hen thej wcre
ordered up country, whence they
knew nnt, excepting thai il was away
in ihe west ami north.
This force, only twenty-four strong,
under Lieutenant Worsley, proceeded   slowly   mi   their   j'Hinicy,   coming
mill   of
the  banks.    W hen
in its course along the
igain winds around for
distance forming    an-
between ils own banks
���ji about one-third a mile across,
Where the "Nancy" lay Worsley
decided to locale on the landward side
of the river. Here in the heat of the
Bummer sun Ihis handful of veterans
labored vigorously, assisted by the
crew of ilie "Nancy,"'numbering three
Little Ma.- adapted himself to thc
atmosphere surrounding the camp.
and assisted in many childlike ways
i,�� make -nine diversion in iis life in
this lonely spot. The Boldiers were
always glad to have him don
ties and dance ieer ihcm ti
of a tin whisl lc.
One day an Indian messenger came
lie  them   with   the  information    ihat
American ships were blockading Mackinac.     Lieutenant    Worsley    consequently  anticipated  an  immediate attack, and he was not long kept waiting,   (or   one   h"l   day   three   vessels���
the   Niagara,   eighteen   guns,   and   th
Scorpion, and Tigress, each mounting
three   guns ��� were   observed
healing   iheir   way   to   the   in
the river.
Worsley had mounted "il a mile
platform beside the blockhouse two
twenty-four pounders and one six-
pound carronades and determined te
give haul.'. His twenty-three navy
veterans were anxious and ready for
lhe tray, not considering that with a
combined force of five hundred men
on these three ships tliey stood little
chance of holding out a  single hour.
Thc American boats were drawing
too much water to enter the river."
But during the night and llle next
morning they came up the bay to opposite the blockhouse and the "Nancy," just across the peninsula. Here
tliey landed a howitzer and one liuii-
elrcd men. ��� The engagement started
about len o'clock, anil the few pine
irees on the' peninsula thai afforded
seiitie shelter to the liltlr garr-iMa
wen soon cut down and broken hy
llu -niiel shot, whieh now came thick
ly around ihem. falling in the sand.
Stripped .'.' ihe waist, the hardy old
veterans worked their three guns with
all the power they could command.
The perspiration rolled off them,
and in the rising elusi ami sand the)
alnieisi  choked.
Little Mac had heen detailed Iiv
Lieutenant Worsley to remain by the
well, which the soldiers had made in
the sand al lhe foot of a high bank,
the muddy water of the river being
never lil to elrink. had been allowed
lie lilt lur threiugh into the well. Mac
was let await thc outcome oi the b
tie here directly behind the blockhouse on tin -' comi turn of the rii er.
He'   could   iii it,   hovt    ' ��� '     lhe
temptation lo crawl up I
lee.,!, over.    \" sootier elul he see
nldei   comrad i ralelj
than the the
musl mcll ing.     He  i
ihem    e   e     ���
little til
and wit! had
cd  lhe I ' dried
i    in   the
other.    1
b a 1111
litlli is he ran.
Por nrinv   houi - tlie batte
The  American   mai; smi n,  hciiiR   rav
recruits, did  some  wild sho li    .   ind
the  guns  of lhe  blockhouse  did  little
damage on tlle other hand, as the ships
were euu of range of their light guns
The  howitzer  landed  by  the  Americans coiil,I not be gni tei work apparently, as it did nol open up until later
in  the  afternoon.      W Inn   it-   ���hells
came bur-ting around the blockhouse,
Worsley saw it  would be foolishness
to Inild out   longer   sn.  laying a  Irain
of   powder   down   the   hank   fr..in   the
blockhouse i.. the "Xancy," he determine .1 in blow both up     \ shell lighting  within  thc palii idi   did lhe   v   rl
prematurely,  and   thc   "N'ancy"  sank
ureal   The gun- were dismantl d, and had iti
nol b. cn for the liishln. ���- ��� i the sand J
throw n up around  Ihem mai v  "i  the
gallant mi n would      i <  b. en laid lorn
The veterans rolled iheir cannon down
the   haul,   into   lhe'   i iv cr,   geltillH    i
boal     w nh   theii   mus els    retired  up'
are.und lh.   bend -i .ppiug  al   tlle wi II,
w lur.'. on lhe oppo lite haul; there was
i  depression  in  thi   sand  and a  few ,
trees,    Here  ihey  waited  in  ambush
i.er   the   Americans,   who   were     now
-.en   coming   iiij   the   river   in   small
tieeal-.    Tluy cam.' e,u inlee the ambush
in great haste, bul so deadly was the
fire that they hastily returned, carrying their .hael and wounded down the
river,  and  the   fighl   was  nver  tor a
As   evening   was   now   approaching,]
lhe tew  worn-out men were ready to i
throw   themselves   down   anywhere   to
sleep, but   Little  Mac  was  missing.  A
search  was immediately started.  Lieu-j
i tenant   Worsley.     feeling     almost     a j
parent's regard and responsibility for
I the safety of the lad. waded  the river!
and   wenl  up  the  opposite  bank, audi
on   about   half-way  to  the   site  of  the
now   ruined   blockhouse   in   a   hollow]
caused by   the  wind drilling  the   sand |
he   found   the   little   lifeless   body.     A
stray   seilid   sheet   had   pie-reed     Little
Mac through, anil as he had sunk down !
in the soft sand he had held up, supported by  his elbow,  lhe  pail  which
Still  contained nm-l  of the  waler.
W iir-ley went back tee his men with
a tear-stained face an.l heart too lull
to speak. Ile motioned them across
tiie river, and silently led them t.. the
scene, where many a face thai had
never known a tear te, fall ..ver its
furrowed outline was moistened. Just
as the last rays of the selling sun disappeared, they carried tiie little form
reverently and with bowed heads hack
to tiie bank by the well, and. gathering together some rough boards, they
made a box into which he vva- laid,
his plaid around liim and al his side
his cap nnd his little tin pail. Tinmen knelt silently around ere the
white sand wa- covered over him.
commending the little Scotch laddie to
Him who is a rcwarder of those who
do their duty, both greal and small.
Ill ihis lonely secluded s|>e,i ' they
mourned to leave him, but soldiers
have little time tee lament, and on the
morrow ihey retired to the fort at
Willow  Creek.
Here   lay   little   Mac.   far   Irenn     his
native heather, his life blooel staining
the  white  sands of the  Blow-running
One  of   those   hazy,   warm   days   of
a Canadian  autumn  which  need  nol
bc described to Canadians, a small
parly made their way up the Notla-
wasaga le, the site of the old fieri. Although nearly one hundred years had
passed, lhe region was much the same
as it was on the day of the battle.
The sun gleamed on the white sand
as the bark oi the launch echoed up
the river anil through the pines
Flocks nf ducks anise and cietirscd lee
tlle bay. Mini turtles, which are very
numerous in this river, tumbled off
partly submerged logs an.l brush into
the murky waler. Searching over lhe
sands of the- fieri the bake eivens nf
the camp wen' easily discernible, ami
many hand-made brass ami inin nails
wen   picki il up.
The parly suave.I along lhe banks
and across I., where il is said the
American party was ambushed, fine
of the party discovered a small skull
protruding from the side of the sandbank. Some "i ih.' lini.es hail already
gone snine distance down the hank' towards tin' river, which For years had
bcei     .          ��� rom the benei'ii
towards the 1 I I   ":.   li
rn e'lh   mall)  Oi i     li  was slow ly   nil
u        and displayi d
'.' '  a   ean.   a   hr 'h   nli  a   pi .ul.
lil!    pill,    all    nl    ". hidl    ll nl    heen
lil,   pn -. : '. ' il in  lhe ih v   ��� mil.
'I in ,,  w.ie ihe bones ". Little Mac;
Special Offer - Next Week Only
Capable e.f preparing
light meal such a- is
diiiaril) required dn
ih.   summer.
This   -pe
.     Will   he
���ial  pric
al   May   .1   to  ft      \fler   thai   dat.
This Grill gives double service. Over its glowing coils toast may
be prepared, bacon or chops fried, eggs boiled, etc.. and at the same
time another  cooking operation  may be going on under the coils.
saucepan,   lire.iling   plate   and
goes  wiih
.nr salesrooms (luring  the  w.
Carrall and Hastings St. 1138 Granville St. (near  Davie)
OUR POLICY is to supply only fuel ol the highest grade. We pay
special attention to screening and weight, and delivery is made ov our
own experienced drivers.
We also have a small quantity of dry kindling wood (or sale.
Phone Seymour 210 427 SEYMOUR ST., City
and carefully collecting lhe remains,
they were replaced hack from the
edge of the bank ami covered again.
Although separated by a century, the)
felt thai his memorj had again awakened the san.e reverence and respeel
ihe grizzled men ol war hail fell when
ih.v placed ihe liul,' hero there.
14 inch inside fir
$2 so per load $2 so
Coast Lumber & Fuel Co., Ltd.
Phone Fair. 2500        Phone High. 226        Phone Fraser 4!
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We carry everything in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
No order too small, and none too large  for 'his popular Liquor Store
Store open every evening until 11 p.m.
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
Leaving our Store every Thursday and Friday morning at 9 a.m.
I'll, c List mailed flee on application
The D. C. O. R. Overseas Contingent leaving headquarters to entrain for Valcartier, August 26,  1914
in the house and unexpected company
will be ever welcome - ��� ��� it only takes a
minute to prepare.
10c   -   3 for 25c
At all good grocers


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