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The Greater Vancouver Chinook May 31, 1913

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Array 'ANCOUVEfc
A Half Million in 1917
Vol. II, No. 3.
Fiice 5 cents
Semlli   Vancouver   musl    be    congratulated "ii tin  facl thai one of ii-
citizeni has written a I k which is
destined to achieve >e.nn tame and
may do Canada ;i valuable social service. Mr. Alfred Staples, "i Fraser
Street, the well-known proprietor of
"Staples' I lull." has just r iturni 'I
after a seven-months' tour in the East
England, Ireland and the United
States. Mr Staples went i" bon-'
il..ii in arrange for the publication of
an importanl book, of wjrich he is
the author.      "The  Canadian   lie.ine
Greater Vancouver Commands
Attention of Old Country
Mr. Alfred  Staples   Returns  from  Extended Trip  to  Europe
Arranges for Publication of New Book
den Powell, who remembered with
much pleasure iheir visit ie. Vancou.
ver In T.ere,nt,,, Liverpool, London,
Ireland, the Isle ol Man and other
places Mr. Staples found that Greatei
Vancouver was Being talked aboul
and much interesi in ��� ,nr future was
Mr Staples visited his birthplace
in Somerset and found thai in thai
e nutty ni long^llt ed people his
family was well remembered. Mr
Staples -1nnt lome little time with
Mr. Philip Bursill, son of Mr. J.elm
Prsmcis Bursill, of ilu- Collingwood
Easl library. Mr. Philip Bursill is
jibrarian al iln- great library al W..<>l-
wioh, England.
Wc reserve until next week a full
review ni the interesting ami importanl book liy a South Vancouver
author. Meanwhile it is pleasant i..
chronicle the fact that a copy of ii
has been graciously accepted by the
. King.
Mr. Staples lias received ilu- fol-
le.v.ing letter :
Buckingham  Palace.
j To A.   Francis  Staples,  Esq.,
Sir.��� I am commanded by ilu- King
tee thank yem feer ihe copy e,i your
book entitled "Th.' Canadian Home
Buy," which you have been kind
enough I" forward for His Majesty's
acceptance.���Vours   faithfully,
Mr. Staples spenl such an interesting time "ti his travels thai hi* experiences are' worth recording, ami
I we- arc happy t" -ay thai during iln-
nexl few weeks lie will give some
sketches ���. t" his navels in the
Speaking of one incident in his
| journey Mr. Staples said: "1 attended a wry interesting function in
the Guildhall, eme of the mosl his-
torical buildings in England. The
I...nl Mayor presided at a banquel
given in poor London children, ihe
funds being provided hy friends "in
in this Canadian West. The Rev. R.
J. Wilson, e,f Vancouver, was also
pn -ent   and   saiel   grace."
Ai ihis banquet Mr. Staples met
the Lord Mayor. Sir Melville Mcach-
crui't, Lady Cooper, Sir John Kirk,
Lady Kirk ami either distinguished
pcrseiiis, anel much interest was displayed in Mr. Staples' 1><e.,k ami his
mission i<> London.
Elsewhere in ihis issue a coupon
appears by the filling up of which
"The Canadian Home Boy" may be
secured for a nominal sum.
No New School By-law
It was proposed to put a bylaw for approximately $260,030 but
there will be no new bylaw submitted by the Board of School Trustees of South Vancouver this year.
Trustee Morris, in making a report to the Board regarding an interview Trustee Campbell and he had with Dr. Young, wrote : "Bath
Dr. Young and Dr. KcUnson considered that it would be inadvisab.e
to submit a new bylav. at the present time. They feel that if the
School Board will allow the present school accommodation to fill to
its utmost capacity, even though it entails for a short time certain
inconvenience's to the particular districts that are likeiy to be overcrowded, that the ratepayers will then more readily pass a new bylaw next year, and will more fully realize the importance attaching
to full provision being made to meet the growing needs of education
in  South  Vancouver."
In regard to the refusal of the Provincial Government to make a
grtnt of $75,000 to Soulh Vancouver schools this year, Mr. Morris
wrote : The Provincial Government claims that the previous grant
was only Kiven on conditicn that the municipality did their part in
raising funds for education in the district; and so soon as the byiaw
was turned down the grant ceased. The department, however, congratulated the South Vancouver School Board on the energy and
ioresight it had shown in its work.
Around the Municipal Hall
Alfred  Francis  Staples
Boy" is now em the market, and the
lirst edition e>l" Mime' 10,111(1 copies is
selling well. In ihis book Mr. Staples has tulil sume oi his own experiences uf ihe difficulties ami dangers
which besel a fatherless, friendless
boy in Canada, and while he points
out the way to success in this laud
fi golden opportunity, the author
pleads fur certain things in make the
hit uf the "Hemic" buy happier. Notably, he shows the necessity "i a college feer technical training. While in
l.eenilein Mr Staples had Interviews
with Sir John  Kirk and General  Ba-
Shakespeare  Considered  as  a  Politician
By Felix Penne
In a few days particulars will be
announced of an interesting "evening
with Shakespeare." in which sume
distinguished Shakesperian scholars
now on a visit to Vanceiuvcr will lake
Thc affair will lake place at the
Collingwood Institute where the recent Shakesperian Festival" roused
a good deal of interest in the works
oi the great poet.
Following up an argument I had
with a Collingwood Shakesperian enthusiast I wanl le. present to the
readers   of   the   "Chinook"   eme   view
"i the dramatist who was born at
Stratford-on-Avon just .I5u years ago
���a view of Shakespeare as a politician, a phase of his character very
interesting just mew.
"Time cannot wither, m>r custom
stale"    his    "iniinitc    variety,"    for
Shakespeare is mure appreciated and
discussed than ever. Shakespeare
the man, the poet, dramatist, actor,
courtier has been studied from almost every possible point of view.
There is one view of his character,
however, which has only recently received anything approaching proper
attention, and that is the view I present.
Mr. Sidney Lee has so vividly told
"the life of Shakespeare" that we
seem to know him as though we had
been Iiis feilow-townsnicn. Professor Wallace has added lei Sidney
l.ee's story by sonic recent discoveries which puts Shakespeare's personal character in a most amiable
light, showing that he interested himself in the fortunes of two young people, living at the wig-makers, where
hi rOomed, ami thai, as might have
been expected of the author eet "Romeo anil Juliet," he tried lei smueilh
'lhe path of true love" fur them.
In these stirring limes when lhe
��ar clouds hang over Ilu- nations, we
may wel] remember lhat Shakespeare
also lived in linns uf national unrest, danger and tumult. The shadow
of foreign invasion darkened "the
spacious days ni Queen Elizabeth,"
anil lhe poet, whose duty il was to
"lark the very form and spirit of the
times, used his heaven-born gift of
s'liig to rouse men to patriotic fervors, met the fervor of a blatant
"jingoism." but lhe Hue patriotism
which bade his country bc true to
herself. Who can doubt that Shakespeare's living weirds, such as lie put
into the mouth of Henry V, had much
to do with thc moulding of the char
acters of such men as those who met
on Plymouth Hoe? Who can doubt
that when Elizabeth addressed her
troops in words that rang like a
fmmpet blast, she caught some of the
inspiration which she had admired in
"the  swan   of  Avon?"
Shakespeare was a politician. Not
in any narrow sense of that often
much abused and much misunderstood term, He watched the trend
u( public matters with the eye of a
keen observer e.f men and affairs, and
always with the mind of an impartial
judge and lhe Boul of a true patriot.
Sidney Lee (wlnese monumental weirk
on Shakespeare presents new facts
uf light and beauty every lime you
Open   ils   ceeversl    has   lately   pointed
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The weather conditions em Saturday la-t were ideal fur a holiday, wilh
the result that every one who was
neit actually detained by business,
was away enjoying himself. Large
numbers took advantage "t the' many
sailings around the- e-e-ast. The
steamers fe.r Nanaimo were- crowded.
Cars t" Westminster were so packed
thai there was scarcely breathing
room, ihe lacrosse match being the
attraction there. English Bay ami
Stanley Park were we'll patronized
with families of small children, �� hile'
a never ending -'nam fi humanity
passed I" ami fro on lhe ferry steam-
ers tu North Vancouver. Many votaries of the' art of Izaak Walton
were early on the road. Some met
with lair -iice-(--s while others plied
their calling all day withoul luring
a single lish to Iheir line. Rathei a
g I story is told ami fur th,- veracity
eel' it   we   will   refer  ) Oil   1"  "lie   of   the
officials at the Municipal Hall, as he
i- a man wh" is under ordinary circumstances, ii"l  given I" hot air.
Il appears thai eene of the officials
hael here,in,' enamoured wiih the
spiril of the Waltonian art Learning that another e.fficial was geeing
up tei Squamish fur a day's fishing,
an arrangement was entered ini" that
ihe two go together. The one was
le. leach lhe other how t" catch lhe
lish and then laud il. When lhe pair
reached their destination, tlu- official
that knew everything about fishing
commenced to give his companion a
lesson as tee throwing his line into
lhe water: the way tei hook lhe lish
when it rose to the lly was demonstrated; then how I" play lhe tish
lill its strength was exhausted was
gone intei. The' pupil was mil long
in grasping the details and soon both
set tn in real earnest lu try and get
some trout. Afler a lew minutes, a
nice half-pounder rose to the lly on
the pupil's line: in a moment he had
given lhat twitch thai fastens the
hook into the side 'el the mouth of
the lish. Ile ihen commenced playing Ills lish according lo instructions,
ultimately landing it. Reeling up the
line till lhe lish was at the end .if the
rod he raised Iiis rod in lhe air and
for a tiins- he Btood lonking and
watching the lish wobbling at the end
eef it. There was a puzzled expression em his face; he seemed in doubi
exactly what to dei. calling his teacher's attention to his catch and the
position the fish was in. The pupil
said "What do I do now?" "What
will yeiu dei now," said the teacher.
"Any fool can tell you lhat; climb to
the top eef the re nl and take the fish
Quite   a   number   'if   fishers   either
i ie   !������   |,i   me   see   iheir   basket   or
send a sample of what ihey have
caught, so ihal no doubt may be cast
on their veracity, but these two having learned their story had reached
nie kepi away.    Had a nice sample of
whal had heen cauglll been sent te.
the "Chinook" office the story might
neit have appeared.
*    A    A
In entering into a busin��� transaction one is apt to figure at first the
brolil without waiting lill it- realization. Tin.' ,ither day a city transfer
man received whal appeared to him
a very profitable piece of busi
lie' was engaged to go oul t" tlu
Soul i Vancom er Municipal I [all, lifl
a mink there, and take ii into the
city, The piiee- agri ed i n was a <1>.1 _
lar md a half I In reaching the hall,
the transfer man goi thc trunk. As
ii was too heavy for him i" lift, hi
call 'I a policeman anel asked him if
he would assist. This ihe policeman
agr eed to and after the bi ix h as safely deposited on thc wagon and the
driver mounted e,n hi- seal anel about
in drive off, the policeman ask d
"Have you a license in do transfer
wank in the municipality?" The man
had i" confe is he had not, and b ifi ire
he' was allowed i" proceed on his
way he had i" 'l"ie nut two dollars
and a half���protesting all the time
that this was the only occasion he
had ever come out to South Vancouver and thai it was pretty hard on
him in do the work fur nothing besides paying a dollar feer doing it.
At the social meeting in Staples'
Hall given to the Speaker of the Central Parliament on Friday evening
last ihe music and the speeches were
of a high class order, li is quite
evident now that while honest criticism will always be welcomed 'en
municipal matters, the day of the
knocker is past. President 11 ��� >c 1 ^-
son, of the I'eieard of Trade, spoke in
ii" uncertain voice on this matter.
Reeve Kerr spoke of the broader issue's now at slaki���of the passing of
the old legislation t" thai of the new
Councillor Thomas, with whom the
ladies is always a welcome theme,
was in a rather humorous vein. He
twitted them with wauling t" get the
Suffrage, saying thai every married
man had enough suffrage at home
without seeking any more. Those
whee   were   absent   missed   eene   of   the
most pleasant little functions that has
been  held  ihis  year.
+ * *
The rearrangement of offices in the
Municipal Hail is now complete, How
long will it bc before another changi
is necessitated?
That we are on the eve of having
something done in regard to hospital
accommodation i.> patent i" the most
obtuse    Pressure is beginning to bear
cn   all   sides   and   the   Iruth   is   being
hemic   lieeme   on   all   those   who   have
the best interests of the municipality
(Continued on Page- 9)
South Vancouver, the Industrial
Centre of Greater Vancouver
Rteve Keir Presages Great Era of Prcaperity for Municipality    Gas
Franchise Question Discussed
the purchase of waterfrontage on tbe
River   which   they   will   lease
ir  manufacturing   industrii ���   al
a  low   rental.    By  lining  the  waterfront   wiih  industries   liny    -.ill  make
t'outh  Vancouver the industrial  cen-
', ' Vancouver.     Before
��� ..��� municipality i an submil a bylaw
feer ihe purchase "f waterfre I . ; -
tition representing ten per cent "i
d value of pi erty in the
nun icipality wil! havi i - ni-
d i" thc Council.
Ri "V   Kerr  thi n ith    the
paving    if   Main   and   Fraser   Streets,
was   a   hi��   undertaking    and
Id involve an expenditure of ��� irae
Tiny  intended .to  giv;  the
��� n't   for  this   i"  ihe    1. iminion
Company   which   already
ge plant m the municipality,
the  largi -;   industry   in   S'niih
���]\ er     The   ri -t   of  this  pavement   will   In   J.I i.i   per   square  yard,
im linling   ihe   sub-grad ���     and     curb
Both  streets   would  '��� i   com-
pll ti d   a-   far   a-    Bodwc II    Road   this
ild   i'h   miiri' dd   be
id by August, i''14.    Thc period
er twenty
e cosl ' operty
��� -   wi uld   I" ents     pe r
we-r,' pproximal details
hail   i oul        I      'I'h:
'.���   i    !:    ing to pre-
vi uld I"- "''' iatcd by
parate sew er i m i ach sieie
the i ''"li and do
away   w ith   cn ss   - die ms   ut der   the
re - lutii n   ��as   pass d  by   the
as   thc   chief   purp        ol
get i i.ation.
Mr.   Chi -    \'.   James howe\ er.
" rs  and
show hai  the price the
municipality was paying �� is almost
de mlile- the' ran they would ha\ i to pay
the t'in fm the i asl side i f Main
S ��� between Sixteenth and Twenty-
fifth. This would cosl them at ihe
$8 746 per i'i'iiiv, f. "-I with a
depth of 28 fei :. �� hi ri as the municipality will be paying for the same
area $14,1 ��������� u d Sir. Baird warned
; the Reel e ind Ci 'Uncillors of the
danger of the company selling the
municipality's ! ":iii- al a depreciated
figure, and thus injuring the municipality, while Mr. Campbell was
skeptical for the reason that the company might go oul of business before the fifteen years had expired
which was the time ihey hael guarantee d the pa1, 'nun!  for,    Th.-  Reeve
Impro ' i.i- nt At
' lid  Scl Ihous .  M
ening, ;
ted   i"  attend   the  i
.i hn re;,:   -' nt. d the B. C. I
.   outlined    tin     i ondil	
.i hich his companj  �� ould suppl ���
-   nth  Vancoui er il
��hich W"n ���    twen-
- ars bul which would not be
isivc.    He i
tralization   thej   could     suppl)     -  -
aper than  the municipality
.file  to  d"  as   the  cosl   of  land,
plain, etc., iu all amounting to some
thrc -     hundred     tjiousand      di
would ii"i I"- neci ssar). as thi -.
manufactui i   f ��� >m  their ci htral plant
- nn :ii in  gas in  half-an-hour to sup-
ply all of South \ and >m er fi ir i wi n-
ly-four hours     For this reason  they
.'.'������   able  '"  make  an  exceptionally
I good   ' iff -r   t"   South   Vancom er   "i
per   'le usand   fei -      li
given   thc   franchise   then
m' di lay as m mey  avail
able  for thai  pui pose in  spite of the
pn --ni   string.mcj   and   in   seven   to
nine month - all I      northern pari of
the municipality lying
citj   could be linked up and  supplied
n iiii gas.    I ��� i  i- ver;   nec< ssar;
thej  should hai e an < arl)  replj
the Council        I h.-  mom y held
pi nding  thi isioii, if unfa von
weinlel   inn:
' hanncls   where  il
La tei    n R Kerr,
acci impanied  by     Cou
and   Tin etnas,  arrivi ���'..      '! R
we-iii int" the advantag muni
cipal!)   ow iii d   gas   plant,   bul
nol   state   d dinil i ther    they
would   adopl   ii   until   the)
the report, of M r, C' >ates,
engineer  whom  the  Council  h   .
gaged to go fully  inl
municipal   plant,     earning     capacity,
etc., and r.-peert in detail on its  fi   -
ibility, and  he  asked  the   ass iciation
nol  t" take any  steps in  the  matter
until thai time.    If adopted, the high
pressure  system whieh  has been ad-
vocatcd  we mid  nol   require  a  larger
pipe  than  ��i\  inches  and a  i"iir inch
main would lake the place of a twenty-four   inch   main,   anel   in   this   way
there would be a gn il sai ing in the
cosl and laying oi pipes.    Te. preveni
danger  of    explosion    the    pressure
I would be reduced before entering the
1 he mses by a governor.
Reeve K.-rr see- an era of great
prosperity fasl approaching for
South Vancouver and the Council
will   pursue  a   progressive   policy   in
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Closing of the Central Parliament
First Session   finishes with a Grand Social  Evening
iin   Friday evening the last  acl  ol
the   Central   Parliament    was    rung
down for the session when the members gathered together in Staples'
Hall. Fraser Street, to entertain the
Speaker Lieutenant-Governor Kerr
occupied the chair. < hi the platform
along with him were K. C. Hodgson,
president of the Board of Trade and
I Councillor Thomas.
The music and -incinn wa- of a
very high class order, Mrs Pengelly
being piano accompanist Tae- rend
ering "i the "hi Sceetti-h song, "The
Hank- of I."i'h Lomond," b) Mr-
Pengelly, na- a musical treat seldom
listened i" in South Vancouver Miss
Bracewell in rendering of "Twickenham    I'e I'll "   e III    I    d   IN''     the   Spirit
of lhe -<"ig and lhe- piquanc)   and CO-
| quetry thrown iui" iln   voici   gave a
British Columbia's greatest industry is lumbering, and every fool ol
waterfrontage on Burrard Inlet ami
False Creek is taken up by this and
other manufacturing or shipping en
terprises. Smith Vancuuver has five
miles ami a half of waterfrontage on
the North Arm of the Fraser every
bit as valuable as False Creek, yet
there are but three or four industries
located thereof Millions are now
being spent deepening ihe Falsi
Creek channel. Dredges arc al pres
ent al weerk ill the waters shown in
lhe' cut and tons eel silt are being dug
ap and conveyed by pipe to fill in the
head of the channel, east of Main
Street, where the Canadian Northern
Railway   terminals  arc   tn  lie  located.
charm to ihe song thai fairly capti-
i ated hi r li-tciicrs lill eene in iii ii
mind's eye could picture ihe strong,
sturdy, young boatman sitting in his
ferry sending hi- musical cry ringing
townwards, ami the blushing damsel
lemony pi er,-- ilu- ferry minus hei
The speeches were delivered in the
-iini' spirit, a bouyant, confident tone
ringing  through  lhe remark- of every
speaker. R C Hodgson gave' ihr
key-note when he askeel every e'iti-
. i ii to support the Council ia all their
takings, saying South Vancouver had n in for knockers   Reeve
Kerr ele.ill null llie aspiration of the
Council and showed how iln presenl
Council musl now g" "ii t" hnng a
payroll to South Vancouver. The
pioneer work had been accomplished, th, real building was now aboul
in be commenced. Councillor Thomas devoted Im remarks nieestly to lhe
ladies In a sheert ami humorous
speech he kept Iiis audience rippling
wiih laughter. Premier Bachelor, Mr.
Janes, ami Mr. Campbell spoke ..I
lhe' legislative wurk accomplished by
ihe Conservatives in ihe late session,
while Messrs. Plemming, Lamond,
Kay and McGeer twitted them with
lhe birth eif the mouse.
Aiming the visiturs were llie
Speaker, the Hon. Mr. Kent, and lhe
Clerk.   Mr.   Bursill.  frmn  lhe  Colling-
w I   Parliament.     Mr.   Kent   in    a
short racy speech dealt with the work
"f the parliament, while Mr. Bursill,
in dealing with the creation eif such
associations, paid a high tribute *'i
Mr   Morris.
Me-ssrs Hill and Manglees spuke
for lhe' S.eciali-ls. while Mr. Hairy
Neelands, school trustee, represented
lh.   Indi pendent party.
liming the evening refreshments
were supplied by the laelies. Xn social meeting thai has been yel held
in Fraser Street has been better appreciated than this ,.ne. It was alter
midnight before the audience sang
ih.'   Katie mil   Anthem.
J. I). Sullivan's singing was exceptionally good and he was deservedly
A vvurel of praise is due the laelies
f.T the excellent arrangements which
helped to make the evening such a
brilliant success.
Il was resolved at a meeting of the
Beeard .if Trade "1 South Vancouver
lei recommend the Council to arrange
for public conveniences in various
parts of the municipality. ~a
SATCKDAV,  MAV 31,  1913.
Greater Vancouver News Items
Collingwood  Ramblers
Picnic at  Bowen  Island
It is calculated thai  about 90 per
of   the   population   en'   Greater
Vancouver made holiday on \ ictoria
Day, and the   in per cent,  who did
not observe the national festival have
,  ,-,!   from   grim    remorse    e,ver
Collingwood eliel make holiday. In
that little corner of this "Out-post ol
the Empire" there seemed to be a
rivalry in the display of Union Jacks,
and the B. C. K- R. had to provide
many "double headers" to convey the
merry makers���(and their picnic baskets of  liriilnligmitie.il    proportions)
whe'  were   on   pleasure  bent.
Everybody hael a good time on Sat-
urelav: the weather moved the Siwash
rock to a joy dance, and no party
from anywhere���tee anywhere���enjeeyed themselves more than the fifty or
sixty "Collingwood Ramblers" who
went tn Bowen Island. No need to
have the excursionists remember all
the merry-hearted, light-toed, good-
natured souls who during the winter
have met at the Collingwood socials
and be sure that now, when summer
is a cumin' in, they were found with
the "Collingwood Ramblers." Of
course Mr. and Mrs. Price. Mr. and
Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Klack, Miss
Flack and other well-known people
���were there with bounteous baskets.
Of course "Peggy" Muirhead, the
Misses Pegg. Mr. Bert Kent. "Alick"
���indeed all the "nobility and gentry"
of Collingwood took part in this
pleasant excursion, and Mr. J. Francis Bursill forgot all about his dusty
tomes and manuscript and revelled in
story and reminiscences on as perfect
a day as he had ever enjoyed in his
beloved Surrey. Kent or Sussex. The
Collingwood picnic has been the talk
of the week. There has been only
one question, When and where shall
we have another?
Well keep your eye on the "Chinook" and when you see an announcement of the "Collingwood  Ramblers
Enjoy at our New Soda Fountain
Ice Cream
Ice  Cream   Soda
Sundaes, etc.
Ice Cream in Bulk
Our   Specialty '
The   Dispensing   of    Physicians'
Collingwood East
J. B. Todrick       T. A. Prentice
J. B. Todrick & Co.
Central Park, B. C.
Phone  Collingwood  13 R
Representatives for the Caledonian Insurance Company,
oldest Scottish insurance office,
founded 1805, and also the
Rochester German Insurance
Company, of New York. All
business trusted to us receives
prompt attention. Don't wait
till fire comes and then wish
you ' ad seen us.   See us now.
Furniture bought for  cash
123  Pender St, opp. "World"
Branch:   Ceelar   Cottage   Station
To   Let���Houses,   Stores,   Suites
Agreements bought, Mortgages
Land and Houses
Best  Selection;  Easy terms
Day  and   Night  Phone,   Sey  7653
518 Richards St., Vancouver, B. C.
We   deliver to family
trade in South  Vancouver
picnic" make a note of it. Fine
weather is booked for the entire sum-
in. i. and every little trip will have
iln trade mark "The best that can
be���belter than the last."
Central Park
What niighi have been a very serious  accident  occurred   at    Central
Park mi Tuesday afternoon. A large
house is being erected close to Park
Avenue Station for Mr. J. Thurston,
superintendent of the Leckie Shoe
Factory, the contractors for which
are Messrs. Jack Bros. Early in the
afternoon, Mr. II. MacEwen, nli"
was at work on the roof, having placed his foot upon an insecure piece of
wood, and slipped, was at once thrown
to thc ground, a distance of some 25
to 30 feet. Dr. F. Buller. who was
at once fetched, conveyed him ill his
car tei the home of Messrs. Jack
Bros., on Boundary Road. On careful examination Mr. MacEwen appears to be suffering mainly from
shock and comparatively slight injuries, so that it is hoped a few days
complete rest will restore him to
health  and  strength.
Hustlers Again Win
By defeating the Crescent team of
Mount Pleasant on Thursday evening, the Junior team of the Hustlers'
Athletic Association added another
win to their list of victories in the
Sunday  School   Baseball  League.
The Hustlers won by a score of 9
to 4. and had the game in hand at almost every stage. The feature of the
game was a home run hy Baserine in
the fourth innings.
The batteries for the winners were
D. Baserine and J. Duncan, and for
the  losers,  Caspell and  Cran.
lor Wilbers tend Mr. McBride lhat
if the Council desired t" purchase his
property for an industrial site Mr.
McBride would want a good deal
more than the assessed value nf his
* *    *
At a meeting of the Vancouver
General Hospital, at which Reeve
Kerr and Councillor Millar, of South
Vancouver were presenl. the offer "I
$7000 Bl a contribution Inwards I.iking care eef patients from thc Mtmi-
cipalily  was accepted,
* *    *
The Burnaby Council decided t"
strike a lax rale of twenty mills on
Improved land and forty mills on unimproved lands. A hitch having
arisen in connection with the sale ol
the municipal bonds, Reeve McGregor   will   gee   I.i    I.eellllee.l   lo   Clldc'lVor   lee
rectify matters.    Another bylaw  for
waterworks will probably be submitted   lev  lhe  ratepayers.    The  amount
will he $200.1100.
* ed       ��
The South Vancouver School
Board instructed Mr. Kirkland, the
secretary, to write to the Underwriters asking for a general fire insurance schedule. Trustee Morris,
reporting for the insurance committee, suggested that board and non-
board companies both bc asked for
rates on a general schedule. He had
been advised, he said, that a minimum of fifty per cent, was a reasonable risk for fire insurance for schools
of South Vancouver.
* ef       A
The Board of Trade of South Vancouver resolved to invite the members of the Vancouver Board of Trade
to take an auto ride through the municipality, and a committee was appointed to make the necessary arrangements.
St    a    A
Not   Exclusive   Franchise
"The impression seems to have got
abroad that if a gas franchise was
given lo thc B. C. Gas Company in
South Vancouver it would debar other
companies   frmn   entering     the     gas
Shakespeare Considered
as  a  Politician!
(Continued  from   Page   1 i
out, with well justified emphasis, the
influence that the Earl of Southampton, nine and a half years' Shakespeare's junieer. exercised eever the
poet. Those who favor Ihe theory
that Bacon (Lord Veruleun as he
sheiuld   lie   properly   called I.      wrote
"Shakespeare's plays" and argue that
Shakespeare,     unlearned     ami     p'nir.
could not have moved in society and
acquired the information tbe plays
disclose, forget that the intimacy of
Shakespeare with Southampton was
no Heeling intimacy ill his career.
There   is   ample   evidence     that     the
young earl, a lover eif literature,
watched the maturing of Shakespeare's genius with interest and na-
tional pride, and hc gave the poet a
thousand pounds���a bounty rare and
greal at that time, to encourage a
project Shakespeare had in mind.
The only works of Shakespeare printed in his lifetime were "Venus and
Adonis" and "Lucrece." Both these
were dedicated to the Earl of Southampton. If you read the dedication
of the first poem, "Venus" and compare it with that of its successor,
"Lucrece," you will easily see how
the intercourse Shakespeare hail with
the cultured, rich, courtier earl had
widened Shakespeare's mind and given him confidence in his own powers
and genius.
Henry Wriothesley, third Earl of
Southampton, helped Shakespeare to
"discover himself," as the modem
phrase has it, helped liim to move
among men of affairs and stimulated
his interest in the world around him.
Southampton was himself a precocious genius. He graduated M.A. at
Cambridge when only sixteen. Ile
entered St. John's College when only
twelve and at thirteen he wrote a
remarkable essay, in Ciceronian Latin,
to prove that "All men are moved to
the pursuit of virtue by the hope of
Men and women are attracted by
their opposite, and there is little
doubt that Southampton, "the sweetest nurse of knowledge in his university," with his aristocratic, cultured
mind, his somewhat pessimistic and
cynical temperament (as disclosed
in the essay mentioned above and
still extant at Hatfield) was attracted by lhe lowly bom genius who had
such a Bohemian, buoyant outlook on
life and whose politics were the politics of the freedom loving, patriotic
people. Shakespeare haled tyranny,
the tyranny of wealth, of power, "it
is glorious tei have a giant's strength,
but cruel to use il as a giant," he
said, and those words might be applied i'e "capital" today. Ile rebelled
even against the tyranny of his beloved royal mistress, who had imprisoned l.is friend and. in sonnet
(All. he bade his "love" (as a friend
vvas called in lhr.se days) look to the
time "when tyranls crests and tombs
��� ���I' brass arc spent." The imprisonment of ihe Earl ni Southampton
gives  us  incidentally  proof    eif    ihe
A Free Bible Lecture
will be delivered nn Sunday. Jim.- 1. al
wniid   East, al  .' p.m.
Subject :
"World's Judgment  Day,
When and How ?"
Mr.  Geo,  Martinich  is  recognized
tee  be  one  eif  tbe  greatest   Bible   students of our  day.
Come and hear him, and bring your
friends.    Seats  free.    No collection.
Mr. Geo. Martinich
Phone 1038 : Edmonds, B. C.
I have the exclusive sale of large lots on Salisbury Avenue, close
to statics.   $1,000 each; on good terms.   See me about them.
Highland   Park   Acreage
We have a number of SMALL ACREAGE PARCELS on and
near the new cut-off line of the B. C. Electric Railway.
1 aire, just off Railway, $2100; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
134 acres, on Railway, $3500; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18
E.  W.  MacLEAN   LTD.
Exchange Building
142 Hastings West
interest he le.uk iu Shakespeare's
weerk fen- we iiinl the earl's wife
writing Pe him. humorously, of the
dui'ics "f Falstaff and Danu. Quickly,
in e in er him ill prison.
T" sludy iln- friendship between
Shakespeare ami the young, rich,
dainty, learned Earl "f Southampton
i- in acquire a splendid idea of
Shakespeare "iln- man." Southampton acted as a stimulant, a foil t<>
Shakespeare. Southampton moved
among ihe intrigues, the ceremonies,
the "shams" of court life, Imt deep
in his heart Ile hael a love for the
simple,  iln-   true,  tin-  noble.    S"  he
"took In" Shakespeare who hated
sham heroes as much as did Thomas
Shakespeare thought politics shouhl
in it In- disassociated from true religion and he did not hesitate to put
into the' mouth nf Pandulph, a legate of tin- I Inly See. a rebuke at the
tyrannical treatment 'if lhe patriotic
Stephen Langton, Shakespeare "as a
politician" is worthy of study, for
his dramas have a bearing even on
the questions eif today. The greal
principles of human nature, of which
in' was iln exponent, should decide
lhe questions of the passing hour.
Empire Day witnessed a large patronage of the many line bathing beaches
in  Vancouver zni vicinity.    The above   illustration   depicts   a   view   at
Jericho Beach
A Travel Talk
At Staples Hall on Monday night,
Mr. Angel Stoeff gave a most interesting lecture on "A Voyage Around
the World." About 2(H) beautiful
views were exhibited and the various
places of lhe earth and the manners j
and customs of their inhabitants were
pleasantly described. Mr. Alfred
Francis Staples, in thanking thc lecturer for the very interesting entertainment attended to his own recent
journey lo England and Ireland and
spoke of many incidents of his jeuir-
ncy. He said thai travel very much
broadened the mind and widened the
experience and fm- those who were
unable t" actually navel in Europe
and "ther countries such an illustrated lecture as Mr. Stpeff had given
vva-  most   valuable
Mr. k. McBride appeared at the
court of revision and objected to the
assessment eef his property. His pro-
tests we'ir disregarded and tin- assess-
mint nl" Municipal As&essor West
e-iiiuirnie'el Mr. McBride -aid thai he
vv anled his property assessed like
other municipal properties, ami he'
��a- Pelil thai his assessment was 50
per cent, "f the actual value of his
oldingR Councillor Campbell���-as-
ured Mr. McBride that iin exception
ad be .ni made ill his case.    Council-
tield iii that municipality," an official
ed' the 11. C. Gas Company slated t"
a representative of the "Chinook"
yesterday. "That is incorrect. The
gas franchise which the B. C. Gas
Company is seeking is not an exclusive one. 1 would like to know that
all the ratepayers were made plain
on  this point "
 11  ^>  1	
Hunter���On    Thursday,    May    15,
1913, to Mr. and Mrs. A.   Hunter,  14
22nd Avenue West, South Vancouver,
a 9 ai.
Wood���On Monday, May 26, 191.1.
Pe   Mr.   anil    Mrs.   II.   Wood,   Tyson
Reiad, South Vancouver, a son.
Timnis���On Friday, May 23, 1913.
to Mr. and  Mrs.  Ernest Tinims, 32nd
Ave line East, South Vancouver, a
Johnson���At the Winnitoba Nursing IBmie. Vancouver, B, (.'.. on Saturday, Mav 24. 1913, to Mr. and Mrs.
Gales Johnson, 73 24th Avemu West,
South   Vancouver, a  daughter
Hobbs���Ratherl When I asked
her how lung hcr husband has been
dead she saiel he'd been dead about
long enough.
So. Vancouver, the Industrial
Centre of Greater Vancouver
I Continued   from   Page   1)
PHONE :     HIGHLAND    930
A.  L.  Amiel
claimed that the Council would  look
into  these  matters and    protect    the
people,    Mr.   Richardson  pointed  out
that   in   cities   whieh   used   the   block
pavement   they   insisted  on   a   certain
quantity of oil which the blocks must
be made to absorb before allowing it
to pass, and this varied according to
the climate.    Here where there  is so
much   rain   the     percentage     of     oil
should be  greater.    Reeve  Kerr  was
[followed   iu   his   remarks   by   Councillors  Thomas  and  Third, "who   en-
j dorscd what had been said    by    the
I Reeve, and explained further the plans
of the  Council.    Councillor Thomas
I said  that he had  given  the  paving  a
igreat   deal   of   lh.night   and   he   had
Iconic to the conclusion that they were
! making a good bargain wilh the company who were  taking thc  financial
responsibility on their own shoulders.
]     The   task   of   dredging   the     Eraser
: River, he said, was nothing compared
I with what the City of New York had
I to undertake in removing rock  from
I thc  Hudson  River.
I     Councillor  Third   stated   that     the
Council   had   two   men   employed   in
getting Mai-i  Street deeds for widening  put  in   irii.-r.    One  of   these,  a
solicitor,   examined   the   deeds   in   the
Registry, lhe olher was kepi busy
pulling deeds which were not right
ill order and also getting deeds freun
owners who had been overlooked by
ihe association,
Mr. J, T. Grimmett urged the necessity of grading Main .Street at once
where fills wcre required to give it
sufficient time to settle before paving.
The report of two committes was
heard. The lirst reported that the
Council were taking steps to purchase land at the foot of Main Street
to give room I'm- the cars to turn,
and th? other, which was appointed
I" appeal against high assessment on
Main Slreel. reported unfavorably.
They hail asked fen- a 15 per cent, reduction, but would have accepted 5
per cent. Two of the five who sat
cn lhe Court of Appeal favored the
reqUest of lhe committee, who showed by figures and by comparison that
Main Street was assessed too high
and out of proportion in comparison
with eilhcr main streets in the municipality, but the others stuck doggedly to the opinion that all was well
and a motion went through to let the
assessment  stand.
Mr. Lynch was present with plans
for a stadium and racetrack near Ferris Road on Main Street. The Reeve
and Councillors were ill accord with
the proposition hut as it was late
Ihere was no time left for discussion.
Eminently suited for
Scores of Testimonials
from satisfied users
Over 10,000 Instalations
in many parts of the world
Costs only 5 cents
1000 candle power
from explosion
Non-Condensation occurs in the pipe whatever the temperature may be
524   Richards   Street,   Vancouver,  B.C. SATURDAY,  MAV 31,  1913
Norfolk Suits
Norfolks are the latest thing.
We have a good range in
blues, fancy worsted and
Scotch tweeds.
We have also a fine assortment of suits in the now
popular English styles. We
are sole agents for 20th Century Clothing.
309-315 Hastings St. W. Phone 702 Sey.
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the������
Up-to date Train  Service  Between Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H. W.  BRODIE,  Gen. Pass Agent,   Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic Steamship Lines
H. G. Smith. C. P. & T. A.
Phone :   Sey.  7100
W. E. Duperowe, G. A. P. D
527  Granville  Street
Let us supply you \v:'h the requirements of the season.
Water Cans, Hose, Garden Tools
The hot weather is coming.    Don't forget that we carry a full line
of Screen Doors and Windows.
Dealer in  Stoves,  Ranges and Kitchen Utensils
Phone Coll. 19
We have the stock, the machinery and the men
to produce first-class
Collingwood Sash and Door Factory
CAPP & TILBURY, Proprietors
909   Dominion   Trust   Building,  Vancouver,   B. O.
Telephones :    Office 8497.    Works 6203.       Works 932S.    Works 9179
Edited by J. W. Wilkinson, lowborn all communications should
be  addressed,   Room  210,   Labor Temple, Vancouver, Li. C
Tin Tra.l.-- an.I Labor Council of
Vancouver will b< i pr isented al the
Immigration Confi ren - .- hi ii will
ni. i I in Portland, ' Ire . ni \i Thursday, by Mr U R Trottei Tl..
u-re ni-e li.,- been called pen ther by ,
iln I'.ei tland Ci ntral Labor Council
(���er the purpose ol considering what
��� it.' ' iln- opening of iln- Panama ,
Canal will have upon iln affairs of
organized labe.r on tin- Western
coasl nf North America, li is already known mat the large ihipping
companies ire- making great preparations for liiinuiiiK emigrants to thii
Western coasl via the Panama route
Delegates are to be present ai this
conference from as far south as New
Mexico, as far north tit, British Columbia, and cast as far as the state
of   Wyoming.     Mr.  Trotter  may  well
be considered the most suitable man
for Ihe duties assigned to liim in connection with tbe conference. Hc has
for many years made a special study
of the emigration question in so far
as it concerns Canada and during the
course of bis work be has accumulated a vast amount of information
bearing upon  this subject.
The  object  of  the  congress  is  not
j to attempt to stop the tide of emigration   from   Great   Britain   to  Canada,
I but  to give accurate information  as
j tei  wages and conditions  which  new-
I comers   will   find   on     entering    this
I country.      It   is   almost   certain   that
'steps will bc taken to use the machinery of the International  Secretariat
iin Europe for the purpose of informing the entire organized labor movement   of   the   continent   of   working-
| class conditions on this Pacific coast.
During   the   past   week   the   street
railwaymen  of  Vancouver  have  been
visited   by   Organizer   Magnus     Sin-
clare,   of Toronto.
For some time now an effort has
been made locally to revive the Building Trades Council, and it is again
deiing business with the following
unions affiliated : United Brotherhood of Carpenters District Council,
representing four locals; Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators;
Structural Ironworkers; Lathers;
Marbleworkers; Builders' Laborers,
and Teamsters. Committees have
been visiting the unaffiliated unions,
and it i.s expected that a majority eif
Ihe unions of thc trade will he silently included in the new council. The
Building Trade Department of the
American Federation of Labor is giving every assistance in organizing
the council.
James Simpson. the well-known
labor man of Toronto, i- expected in
Vancouver during the coming week
on bis way lo Portland. Mr. Simpson
was at one time chairman e.f the Tor-
| onto school board, and only resigned lhat position on that body i" become a member of the Technical Education Commission which was appointed by the last federal government for the purpose of visiting the
principal eilics of Europe and America to seek the best knowledge and
methods upon which to base a system nf technical education for the
youth  of Canada.
The effeirts of the City C.euncil of
Nanaimo to induce the Immigration
I Department to prevent Organizer
Farriiigton, of the United Mine-workers from coming back into Canada
to continue his work in connection
with thc strike on Vancouver Island
has not been successful. The strike
is looking more hopeful now. according to the miners' officials, than at
any time since it commenced. The
United Mine Workers' of America
are now paying out over $15,000 per
week. They have a special levy on
their entire membership of 230.000
for the purpose of bringing the
trouble to a favorable issue. The
mine owners on the island have attempted to form a "Canadian Miners'
Union"  but  without  any   success.
The progress made by the recently
organized Home and Domestic Employees Union in Vancouver has resulted in a similar attempt in Regina
The local response to the initial efforts of those who started thc project has so far resulted in a membership eif over eighty women engaged
in various forms of domestic employment.
Mr. J. 1). McNiven. Fair Wages
Officer of the Federal Government,
has been over on the Island for the
past week looking over the miners'
situation on behalf nf lhe Labeir Department
The local longshoremen have signed up an agreement with thc Stevedores' Association covering iheir
wages and working conditions. This
is the lirst agreement of ils kind here
since  1908.    The interests of the men
have-  been in  iln- hands  of  iheir international   pr. lident,   T    V    O'l
nor, anel President Kean, of theii  Pa
t di
The   Yorkshire   Min iitn.ii
di finitely iln ided nol to e :ontin-
ue working with non-union miners,
anel unless the fifteen thousand pit
workers in ihe country, who an- out-
��� thc nine,n call In- pi-rsuael'
join, there i- every probability eif a
general stoppage taking place The
result "i tin- ballot on the- question uf
tendering notices throughout the
country with a view t'i compelling
tin- outsiders to jeein ilu- union is as
follows : In favor of tendering no.
tices, 66,299; against, 7.7X4 The membership of thc association is now just
above   one   hundred   thousand
The   plumbers  in   Greenock  are   on
strike, a conference with the emphiy-
The English Derby FEDERAL   GRANTS   FOR
I,, u,w of the Derby which i- run GREATER VANCOUVER
:.i Epsom, England, next Wedni -dav. ���       ~
|���,���. 4. n i                  ng that the New- Includes    $200,000    for    North    Arm
market Siak, - mn lasl Thursday e.ve-r Improvements
a half-mile course at  Newmarket re- Included  in  the supplementary  es-
-nlieei in a .iin foi the Derby favorite, timates   tabled   lasl   Wednesday   the
;     Bowel    Ismay'i   bay   coll ml   ol  $1,370,000  is appro-
iiniir.   In    Desmond-Veneration   See- priated   for   expenditure   in   Gri
nel,   wlilci ���   3   \.,   1,      I
un Vat, by Sundrie
Vngeli 100 l     '      was
d,   i'- lilh-   W    Raphael's   hay   . oil
l.eeiu ni-.by I��ingl -��� Louvain, 1
to 2, wai third Craganour came in
three  and  a  half leng id    of
Sun   Vat,  while  Louve half-
ind Sun Vat Louvois for
ti time was co-favorite with Craganour in  iln- betting  fe ir the  Derh
Mr   II    I;   Benjamin, of Australia,
wine i- lure arranging f'er the tour of
the Australian cricketers this summer,
was an interested spectator at a baseball game last week. He says that
bas ball i- rapidly growing in favor
in the Antipode*. A full nine-inning
game is played ai B curtain-raiser to
the big football games there. Mr
Benjamin   predicts   a   successful   trip j sa
Vancouver   and   vicinity.      Of    this
sum  $20i . i' ' ii   for  North  Arm  im-
mi nts,  which   is   of  special  in-
���   ie. Smith  Vancouver.    It  also
-  provision for a  postal  station
in  South Vancouver t'e cosl $15,000
Appropriations fe.r improvemi
in Briti-h Columbia include the following: Vancouver drill hall, $200,000;
Ki. er, North Arm improi e
iiii-ni-. $200,000; Vane >uver detention
shell. $150,000; ne�� dredging plain
for the fisher) patrols, $75,000; a total
'.i $1,225,000.'
Smaller votes ore- : Vancouver,
S"inh. postal station, $15,000; Vancouver, North, public Iniilding. $25.-
000; Vancouver improvements to old
post office, $17.ooo; Vancouver,
North,   drill   hall.  $30,000;   Vancouver
post  station, $35,000;  Vancouver as-
ffice,     $10,000;      Howe     Sound
ers having proved fruitless. They ���,r ,|u. American baseball tour of landing wharf. $4,500; Hollybuni
are asking for an increase of Iwo \ustra|ia next winter The cricket-! wharf. $3,500; Squamish wharf re-
cents per hour on the present rate of   ,.r.   ,,���,    t(,ere   play   ball   in   the   off  pairs, $3,K00; a total of $145,000, or a
19 cents- season  to keep in  condition.    It is grand total e.f si.370,000.
By   terms  arranged     between     the  proposed   !���    play  a  game  of ball  in  '   ���  ���        '
board of Co-operative Societies and i New Vork this season between the j Lou Nordyke says he is through
the Boot and Shoe Operatives, thc j touring Australian cricketers and the! with baseball and will take up his
union   has  obtained    the     re-instate- i cricket  team  composed  of the  Cana-1 permanent   residence   on     his    ranch
ment of Miss Olive Coulson, the girl
whose dismissal was the cause of the
long strike at the Leicester and En-
derby factories of the Co-operative
Society It has also beeii mutually
agreed that no future stoppage shall
take place until both parties have!
been brought  together  in  conference.
Mr. Ramsay MacDonald. leader of
the Labor Parly in the House of
Commons, has returned from India
where he has been engaged as one
eif the Royal Commission on the Indian Civil Service.
There is a general move on in the
Old Ceiuntry to better wages and
conditions in the building trades.
Manchester and Salford carpenters
and joiners want an advance of one
cent per hour with a reduction of
i hours. The employers have offered
an  advance  of one  cent   per  hour   to
date from May 1, 1914. to hold  g 1
for three years. The men have rejected that offer. Similar demands
are being made in many other districts There is a general feeling
that the men in the building trade
have been left behind in lln- general
improvement in wages and other con-
The Glasgow and South Western
; Railway Co. have maele concessions
iee their passenger guards including
an all round increase of one -hilling
per ��eek. with ilu- condition that
1 this settlement shall hold good until  December 31,  1914
li i- officially announced lhat the
British Admiralty is about to grant
increases   of   wages   t"   many   grad
dian-American  elevens.
near W'enatchee. W;
The Bonnie Purple Heather
Sandy has some reminiscences o' the  Queen's   birthday   an'  spends
the holiday at the lacrosse match.
Weel freens. I hope yae a' enjoyed
the holiday em the Queen's Birthday
��� I beg paurdon, Empire Day. The
weather clerk wis on his best behav-
our for wance in a while. It wis an
awfu day o' drouth, hooever, an' it wis
an unco job feir a fellie lac keep cool.
Hooever, il's a guid job there's sae
neeeliu necessities as ice cream cones
���I dinna ken what we wud dae with-
ejot them. As Scotland's famed fur its
whuskey so is Italy famed feer iis ice
cream an' it wud tak a better philo-
sofer than me tae say which is the
maist necessary for the well-bein' o'
humanity at large. The auld schule
sang came back  lae my mind:
"The twenty-fourth 0' May
I - the Queen's birthday,
If we dinna get a holiday
We'll a' tin away."
Hoe. iln- youngsters nt hame used
tae  l""k   forril   tae  the  24th.    They
talk al 1 their Fourth ������' July owre
in the States but 1 hae my el".,1ns if
it's celebrated wi' a- muckle enthusiasm .1- wa- iln- Queen's birthday at
hame wi' lln- youngsters. I min hoo
we nse-'i tae organize forragin pairties
a week or twa afore for ilu- purp -
shun o' the mony tires that were
burnin'.     The   polismen   had  a   tryin'
time that nicht but they generally confined   their   attenshun   tae   preventin'
the tire frae daen ony damage an' at
the same time kept a watchfu e'e on
thc grocers' shutters e.r onything else
that wud help tae keep the bonfire
I   made   up   my   min'
owre  tae  Westminister
in   lhat   extra   i.   Maister
see 'he lacrosse match,
I   wud   gaun
fmin' an'  pit
Printer)  an'
I laen the car
"i workers in the national dockyards,   o' providin' llie necessary fuel for
This is not only on account of complaints which are heard on all  sides
1 of increases in lln- price 'if living.
and in rents in many dockyard towns,
i Inn also because of iln- rises, amounting t" fifteen per cent., which have
been granted by private employers
in private yards and because of the
busy conditions of lhe ship-building
industry as a  whole.
According to ligures issued by the
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, lhe price ..f living during the
latter part of 1912 was the highest
in twenty-three years. Thc lowest
year was  1896.
bonfire. Every streel vied wi' wan
anither in tin- size o' their bonfire.
Oor mulier- n ml be diligently canvassed iae see if they had ony auld
mattresses or broken-backil chairs
thai ihey ceeiihl donate tae the burnin'
occasion.      \"  content  wi  what  we
deeein tae the North Airm an' got on
tae the Ebume line. If there's nny-
thing that pil me in mit:' o' the auld
country it wis the sicht thai I saw
efter I goi off the car at the lit "'
Main Slreel Here wis acres upon
acre- 0' line level laund a under inter-- cultivashun an' growin' a' kins
"' gairden truck frae the' humble tally lac the lusi-i'.u- tomatty. The
scare-craws were there jist the same
.-1- they were at hame .-m' the- birds
seemed '.ae show them ilie same cauld
indifference fur I .-aw a guid wheen
robins makin a guid meal an' enjoyin
themsels iae their hert's content.
Iloeieve-r. the car wisna long in comin' .m' we were sum a' aboard, It
surprised me tae see ilu- long street-
"' fine ilei-lyin' laund on the
banks .1' the river. I dinna wunner
al the Boarels "' Trade "' tin- various
municipalities along ilu- banks bein'
-ae cocky ah io1 ii.- possibilities,   Noo
''Did you tell her whei, you propos-
1 d to her that you were unworthy of
hcr? That always makes .: hit with
"I was going to, but she lold it to
me first.'
that they'vi got the long-foucht Mr
could honestly get there wis mony a commisshun appinted an' got the ne-
depredation made on some auld build- cessa��� bawbees allocated tae them
111 an onything that could burn was Wl. slfould smu. hc seein. somethin'
grabbed an stowed away in oor hulm- d'u-n d'-on (here
place���some auld cellar or an empty      VVe werna ;,',,.;, ,��� ,,.,.������������ iiu.u. t,K.
1 'e���"11 !,u' vventtu nicht,     EfterUoyal  cilv a���. li;,   biggesl  stranger
the pile had got a drookin   0  parra-   wudna 1K.,.d  ,,, bc tel, therc wis
1111 ile tin- lea.Icr .1   the   crowd    wud   t:u. )u. a |acrosse match played.   They
apply the match an   the fun  wud be-   seen)  ,.,0 feed M|1 it mvrc there     Na(,
gin.     Ihestaun111rule.se,   procedure | maitter where   vac   went   everybody
for   when   we   she mid   bc   hame   were
suspended that nicht���even oor mith- ;
doon  the  stair an' haen a bit blether1
at   ihe  "close-mooth."    Crackers  an'
wis   talkin'
Over 100,000 families
in Canada are enjoying
tlie comforts of a home
heated with our famous
"Economy" warm air
"Pease" heating systems maintain a summer atmosphere regardless of outside conditions.
Send    for    Booklet :
"The Question
of Heating."
il I   it   an'   if  yae   askit
,   e.ny   o'   the   natives   w ha   they   thocht
1    wud win  thej   wud gie yae sic a look
ee' disgust  lhat it wud mak yae  sorry
yae   had   spiered.     As   a   Herts   or  ;i
squeebs wud be smgin   aboot an  the Celtic  follower wud look on   Bobbie
-I Walker or Jimmy Ouinn so dae the
Westminster folk look on the red
shirts. We boarded the car an'
eventually titer daen some fancy
stunts in the wey 0' heopin the loop
we arrive-! at llle park. They -av
that the Westminster team 'li never
In- bati sae I- ng as they dinna alter
thc grade "' .lie hills���it's climbin' up
them  that's    responsible    for    makin'
them   sae    strong-leggit    an'    long*-
We mail' oor wey for thc -laund
an' wire sune accommodated wi' ....r
-i ais Tluy hae a gui.l a, ���;,. gement
an' everyth.ng wi- dune nithoot ony
unnecessary trouble. What surprised
rn- w 1- iln- amount "' weemi n folk
that were present ��� 1 aith auld an'
young Men ��i' their wives an' fellies
wi' their sisters or ither fellies ,w,.r,
were there an' ihey seemed tae tak as
muckle interesi in the game as the
men folk. The teams werna long in
comin' ����>t an' eftor gettin' their
photograf taen they were off. The
first twa quarters were pretty even
but efter the hame team had got their
bearins they werna long in pilin' utt
the goals. A' ihe same there wisna
sic .1 disparity in thc teams as ths
score wun represent pn' vince the
green shirts g 1 i-'ajin a'game or
twa we'll hae tiie teams mare evenly
matched. If there's , nything tae Dale
lacross.- as an outdoor sport I've go:
tae -ee n yel. While mi wantin' tae
belittle 1I1 Scott'sh national game o'
fitba. still I dinna think it has the.
same attractiveness tiae the spectator's pint .)' 1 11 course, we've
goi tae bear in min' that we've perhaps got tl 1 fines! 1 xponents o' the
game tha.'- tae b" had here an' a
game weel played maks an awfu difference em yaer verdict. I've nae
doobt if some o' they all - knowin'
Canucks saw some ee' the league
nam- perforfnin' at hame they wud
Cheng: their tunc a wee bit aboot the
merits o' the associashun game
There wis a big impr, .vement on thc
previous games 1 hae been al in that
there wis nae re .ugh play. The players paiil mar,- attenshun tae the ba'
an' cut eioi the skull-crackin1 an body-
slashin'. There wis only twa penalty checks Ihe whole game an' thov
It was upon property owned by Councillor Millar that it was proposed w.er* \"T trivial offences. I wud ad-
I" build a -'allium for boxing tOumanWnlS. Tin sportftfu Kl.,iinels were to ; v'sc a' '">' Scotch freens lae go an'
be located near the corner of Rosenberg Road and Main Street. The Coun- 5ee '.'u' ,UN| match. I'm pretty share
cil decided, however, thai prile fighting was nut a desirable South Vancouver <'u-y" catch the fever,
pastime,  and  the  application   of  the   promoters   for  a  franchise   was  thrown            Yours   ihrough   lhe  heather,
Representing Ward VI. South Vancouver
lhat it
mt. TJ
SATURDAY, MAV 31,  1913.
Every Saturday  by the  Greater Vancouver  Publishers  Limited
Corner  Thirtieth   Avenue   and   Main   Street.   South   Vancouver,   B. C.
Georije   M.   Murray.   President   and   Manasing   Director.
Herbert  A.   Stein.   Vice-President  and   Managing  Editor.
John  Jackson.   Business   Manager.
TELEPHONE : All   departments    Fairmont   1874
To   all  points  in   Canada.  United   Kingdom,   Newloundland.   New
Zealand, anil other  British  Possessions :
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Postage to American, European and other Foreign Countries, J1.00
per year  extra.
TO CORRESPONDENTS : We will not print anonymous letters
though inviiin" communication on current events, to be published
over the writer's signature. 	
. 1.00
..   .50
MR R. C. HODGSON, President of the South Vancouver Board of Trade, has thought out a project which,
if taken up in a whole-hearted, public-spirited way by the
municipality, will result in a great good for the people,
particularly the working people of Greater Vancouver.
Mr. Hodgson's plan strikes directly at that iniquitous
fellow, Mr. High Cost Living. The Se.uth Vancouver
man believes lhat a public market should bc established
in the municipality, somewhere along the banks of the
North Arm of the Fraser River, where there might be
placed on sale every week products from the Delta farming areas. This market, Mr. Hodgson says, should be
placed at the most slralegic point between Greater Vancouver and the prolific lands beyond thc North Arm, and
suggests a site near the foot of Fraser Street.
There is little question as to the feasibility of the project. A central vegetable, fruit, and general farm produce mart at a point convenient to both producers and
consumers would undoubtedly be well patronized. It
would mean a lowering of the present cost of food stuffs
produced in the farming districts adjacent to Vancouver,
for it weiuld eliminate our old friend lhe middle man.
There is a public market in Vancouver. While this institution has not been a success, markets of the kind outlined by Mr. Hodgson have worked out well in Seattle
and in a dozen olher cities, American and Canadian, and
it is lo bc hoped that when the Hodgson market proposition is taken up that South Vancouver's market will be
somewhat better managed than has been Vancouver's
public  market.
It is understood that the Provincial Government will
assist in the financing of the proposed public market for
Seiulh Vancouver. The Board of Trade supports the plan
to a man. Il now remains for the gentlemen of the
South Vancouver council te. Interest themselves in lhe
matter and support a project that should demand the
assistance of men who have thc good of the people at
'T'.iK greatest need en' Seeuth Vancouver today is em-
* ployment feir lhe working man. and it is to bc hoped
that the Municipal Council is in deadly earnest in advancing a policy to buy up industrial sites along the North
Arm. The ear of every ratepayer will be tuned from this
date on to hear of progress being made with the new
policy. It might be suggested that if the Reeve and members of the South Vancouver Council concentrated their
efforts upon solving a few problems such as that of buying lands for industries and left a whole lot of trivial detail work and title tattle to the wisdom of the large and
expensive municipal staff, it would be better for all concerned.
South Vancouver can get along without an occasional
motor car for the use of the Councillors, but cannot advance without industries; South Vancouver can get along
with an occasional man on the municipal staff who has
lived in the United States, but must have work for the
thousands of artisans who are pouring into the district
and buying homes; we can preigress without a couple of
boxing arenas, but the factory proposition must be solved;
our Councillors can navigate without qualifying for'professorships in the modern paving colleges, but the North
Arm will be a barren waste until some cheap sites arc
bought up for manufactories; this blessed municipality
shrieks for the whistles of a hundred factories, but views
with alarm the attainment of high oratorical altitudes by
good civic fathers.
QECAUSE there is a death occasionally as a result of
*-* a blow received in a boxing contest is no valid rea-
Son why boxing contests should be debarred. Of all the
more vigor..ii- sports, lhe- record of boxing -hows thai
there are fewer injuries incidental to this spoil than te.
any of the other form- of vigorous amusement,    Rugby
football claim- possibly hundreds of victims annually yel
there Is no greal outcry againsl this spbrt, A few years
ago papers commented 'en brutality in ihis form of sport
and some changes were made in the American game to
make il more palalible for those who were crying againsl
il on this senn. But even yet it is far from a parlor form
of amusement, and only   those physically lit cnler into it.
Even baseball has its fatality list, and it is hard to conceive of a cleaner game. It is not necessary to dilate upon
thc possibilities of lacrosse. Those wdu. have witnessed
matches in any part of Canada during recent years can
subscribe to the chances of injury and accident in this
game. The fact remains that in all forms of sport requiring any greal degree of physical energy there is always an element of danger.
The boxing contest at Calgary the olher night in which
Luther McCarty lost his life is but an accident of ring
history. It was an unfortunate circumstance, but is no
good reason why contests ill thc ring in Calgary or any
other part of Canada should be abolished. When rugby
football is abolished because of accidents on the rugby
field we might then turn attention le, the beixing arena.
In the meantime the death of McCarty is to be regretted
but under the circumstances it is no just cause for a crusade againsl a sport which may have some doubtful features but which on the other hand has many elements in
ils favor.
According to recent Provincial legislation, "ii June lsl
he cities and municipalities of British Columbia will be
able le. pass bylaws regulating the sale eif milk within iheir
borders. Up t" thc present Se.uth Vance.uver. eir any other
nunicipality or city on the mainland for that matter, has
nol had means eif obtaining a preeper lest of milk sold to
tonsumers. Milk had to be tested in Victoria, which made
ilu possibilities e.f securing a conviction e.n lhe sale e.i
impure milk very rcniejte indeed. According lee the mn
Provincial Act, ihe municipalities eer cities are given much
meire power. They will have authority I'. test milk and
<n representations of their officers and officials prosecutions may follow. The foolish sending of milk feer test
purpose- ie, Victoria will be eliminated.
The authority of the municipality does not end there.
Tiny will be authorised i" have all cows thoroughl) tested, to see that ihe stables and surroundings are iii a sanitary condition, and that measures i" safeguard the health
of llie ptiblic fre.m the standpoint of pure milk are- properly
enforced.    Officers e.f ihe- municipality, it is understood,
may even go out the borders eif iheir own district in oiil i
p. secure evidence anil to prosecute investigations.
Milk consumers ami mothers e.f infants particularly will
welcome legislation which will ensure a supply eef pure
milk. Impure milk is one of lhe relies of lhe dark .melt some vendors declined to voluntarily raise lhe standard
eef the milk solel by them, at last the people will have the
satisfaction of knowing lhat there is a law which demands
certain standards in  the milk supply of the- province.
TODAY lhe world is being treated to t.he spectacle eef
a former President of the United Slates proving
before a law court thai he Is neit a drunkard. Arthur
Brisbane, a great American editor, wreetc this een drunkenness :
I'.vcry human being Bhould read histeiry intelligently,
if only for thc encouraging effect on the miiiel.
In every direction, and in spite of foolish croakers, the
human race has improved.
Good men and women deplore the drunkenness of t.��-
day, and they do right. But for their own satisfaction
and encouragement they should know that in comparison
with former times the drunkenness of today amounts to
W.ttere one man drinks too much these days, a iheeiis-
and men and a thousand women were frightfully drunk
a  few years ago.
Drunkenness, which formerly attacked the most useful eif human beings���doctors, statesmen, poe-ts, the besl
mechanics���is confined now to a feeble fragment eif humanity made weak by disease, hereditary influence, discouragement  or  imperfect   organization.
More important than this encouraging development is
the changed altitude of the public mind inward lhe drinking habit. Twenty-live cenlures ago a Greek philosopher,
to make heaven attractive, described thc table at which
heroes sat in a never-ending, blissful stale of drunkenness.
Today even the meanest man is ashamed to have it
known that he is drunk, and the most hopeless drunkard
would ask no greater favor than that some one should
make it impossible  for  him ever to drink again.
IT is to be h.iped lhat when the council of South Vancouver put into effect a milk bylaw, which will be soon
that every precaution is taken to protect lhe consumers of
milk in this municipality. Impure milk is one of the greatest causes of infantile mortality and it would be folly to
make ourselves believe that we have been free from the
curse of impure milk. Impure milk has collected a heavy
toll in British Columbia and its full share in Greater Vancouver.
THE "CHINOOK" WAGED a campaign te, have the
Soulh Vancouver Council apply an occasional dose of
water to that splendid metropolitan thoroughfare, Main
Street. After many days of dust, finally a water wagon
made its way over Main Street. The next day there was
more dust and no water wagon. It began to rain the
following night, and has rained a bit every day since.
Verily the Lord  shall look after  His own.
* *   *
THE  BEST ARGUMENT in  favor of a gas  franchise
for South Vancouver is the vast amount of energy required to render into kindling saw logs sold as stove
wood from local woodyards.
* *   *
NEW WESTMINSTER is laying a water main acmss
the North Arm of the Fraser River at a depth of nineteen feet. Proceeding on the basis that nineteen feet is
scarcely deep enough to accommodate a Blue Funnel
liner, the South Vancouver Board of Trade have filed objections to the laying of the main at anything short of
thirty  feet.
9 9 9
Westminster Land Office the other day for a few odd
forty-acre lots of farming land which, purely by accident,
seem to have been thrown open to the people, will nol
be regarded byiclose observers of the land situation as a
very pretty bouiiuct for lh.' Provincial Government.
There are hundreds eif thousands of acres of good farming lands ne.'rV'at hand io Vancouver held by speculators
and consequently non-producing. Iu ihe meantime Vancouver is twenty-four luuirs removed from famine all the
* *   *
"AVAl'N'eT. T|HOU EVIL spectre of the night!" sai.l
Sir George R'Jlss, leader of the Liberals in lhe Dominion
Senate, when Senator Lougheed, leader of the Government forcesein that august chamber trotted out the German emergency ghont. While the senator from Calgary
was reading his address on the tlemr e.f the chamber,
viewing everything w'-'ith dread alarm. King George and
the Emperor William, with feet on table, drained a German stein at the Imperial Palace, Berlin.
* 9   9
SEVEN DIGNIFIED Kitsilano Indians rode up to the
Bank of Commerce recently, in a big motor car. While
the chaffcur waited the seven braves entered the bank te
cash cheques against the $11,000 deposited tei the nann
of each mm. Coming oul the braves stepped into Ilu
motor. There was a purring of the engine and soon lln
machine safely rumbled down Hastings Street towards
the Xorth Vancouver ferry.    Lo. the poor Indian.
* 9   9
VI IU SHOULD DAILY criticise yourself and others
and do what you can in your little sphere as preacher
politician, editor or private individual to help along humanity's progress.
* *   *
THERE ARE HUNDREDS of themsands of men will
their thoughts fixed absolutely on money making. Thei
'late what threatens money. They love those who sym
i.ithizc with  money.    They live, work, vote, talk,  marn
and cheat their friends for money.    If they fail as mos'
-if them do���they die unhappy. If they succeed, nionc.'
dicats them, and for all their devotion gives them in ith
iflg. "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the
whole world, and lose his own soul?" Thc man waste;
his soul who devotes its forces only to accumulatinj
lie el
("Toronto    Weekly    Star")
Medicine   hat   is  a   "gushing  young
thing"   "f  a   town.   It   gushes   natural
gas. Almost  everybody who visits ii
notices that there is gas, so lo speak.
I,, burn. Industries locate there because of ihe- supply, ilie "natives" use
it  prodigally, and eef late there  have
Ile , II    projects    "tl    feeot    to    pipe    it    off
Into  rival  towns, which  the  Hat  very
much resents. If any unthinking outsider   were  seeking  a   synonym   for
easy   money,   he  would   like   as
pick   oul   lhe  gas   supply   of   thai
be iu otwn. i Iff-hand one would
thai if ever a municipality had
easj chance t" gel something
nothing, Medicine Hat had thai
periinee when it lapped tin- -luff that
was waiting in whal Kipling describes
as   ii-   own   "basement"
Bui iln path of roses is sometimes
thick with thorns. Even in the coral
i-lanels. where dre-s is superfluous
and food I" be had for the picking,
the native occasionally finds that the
besl cocoanutl g" t<< the man who
shins up the tallest trees, And lhe gas
came lo Medicine Hat because Medicine Hat went lo the gas. The story
is.  t.e  use  an   appropriate  expression.
In 1683 a C. P. R. parly struck a
small flow of gas while boring for
waler iieerlh eif thai place. Il was
Utilized t'i light ami heat a section
house, but not until 1891 were there
further discoveries of importance.
Then, when lhe cily was drilling for
coal, a How was struck at 6511 feci, but
ii was full of moisture ami unsatisfactory. The real development did
noi come until 1905. In thai year
lhe "cily" passed a bylaw whereby
iis couple of thousand inhabitants
undertook lo raise enough money to
bore deeper and secure an adequate
Supply. They bored. The drill went
down, and down. So did the funds.
Finally the money was exhausted, and
the town was faced with bankruptcy
eer a serious tax rale. And there wane' sign of success. Bui lhe driller
seems lo have been a man of senile
persistence. Though the civic purse
was empty, he begged be be allowed
go a few feel further. The Mayor
recognized real grit, Sanctioned the
xpcililiture.   which     there     was     no
money to meet, and ordered the boring te. proceed, At nine o'clock next
morning the drill struck a flow so
terrific that everything went up in
llie air.    It registered, when ihey got
it under control, a  hundred pounds
pressure in eighteen seconds, ISO
pounds ill forty seconds, 251) pounds
in seventy-two seconds, and finally
��� lopped at 600 pounds I" the- si|ttarc
If   it   hail   not   been   f.er   lhat
Iriller and lhat Mayor. Medicine Hal
mighl still have been making the
besl ..f iis old Moisture-ridden How
��� if 2S0 pounds.
I New   York   "Times"!
11 was unlucky f'er Mr. Bryan that
he should have put in his plan for
promoting peace a proposition that
would lend lo provoke war. Ilis
general idea was at lirst tiiat two
governments having a serious difference between them should agree to
wait six months e.r a year before
making il a casus belli, and that ill
llle meantime neither of them sheeiild
take any steps lo prepare feir war.
When the Secretary of Stale laid this
idea, in his usual amiable and conciliatory fashion, before the Senators
whose aid he sought, some of tbe
veterans among them promptly pointed out to him that this would work
mischief and nol good. If, for example, under such an agreement the
United States had a serious dispute
with Germany, and by coincidence
or otherwise, should happen, under a
like agreement, to have one also with
Mexico, wc should be shut off from
making any preparation for a war
with the former. And the gray-headed Senators wcre suspicious enough
to suggest that such a combination
might even be facilitated by the
shrewd European Power. In any
case it was plain that by, Mr. Bryan's
original plan our hands might be
lied in a way and to a degree that
would he extremely disagreeable and
might be disastrous.
I   t   t
I Montreal "Witness" I
The day was. within living nieniiery.
when the forest was accounted the
settler's enemy to be fought with
lire and axe. The soli wei.ul was
brought forth from the forest depths
and floated lee tidewater in vast rails,
illy one of which woulil be a fortune
today. The hard wood was gather-
id Into piles and ils ashes boiled in���
io   potash   to   bring   the   farmer   the
only  ready  money  he could  get  in
a winter, varying vastly in returns according  lo the  quality eif his boiling.
But a tree upon the soil was still an
enemy.     That   is   changed,     all     too
-lowly.    The farmer, the lumberman,
the   railway,   the   government     have
o'lie to realize that the future of the
oiinlry  depends  largely on  the  con-
-ervation and renewal of our forests
md   governments   have   taken   them
inder their legal protection and the
guardianship  of inspectors.    The  lc-
gal guardian  sometimes needs over,
iighl    himself,   which   it    is   hard   to
,'ive  him in  the distant  wilds, where
ach man's range would make an old
vorld kingdom,    If he is faithful he
��� liable to have the settler, the trap-
icr and the Indian for enemies.    Not
hat,   like   the   game   warden,   he   for-
ids  Ihcm  Of  their prey,  but   simply
ecause   lhe   rules   he   would   impose
bridge  the  liberie  ihey  have  always
i joyed.     The   best   idea   yet   devised
to enlist ihe  Indians themselves as
rest   wardens.     The   Indian   is   in-
initely more likely than a while man
' know whal is going on in the bush.
nd more able lo cope- with its prob-
���ms, and he is a  faithful being when
������   undertakes   a   task.     Moreover,   it
ives  the   Indian   himself a  place  for
hich he is lil in lhe body politic, and
task well fitted to educate him into
rsonal responsibility and citizenship.
Apply to Fletcher & Brett
We have the following to offer to any one in search of a good cheap home :
A cleared 50ft. lot close to Collingwood East station with a four-room cottage, water
and light; ilso a well built two-room cottage in rear of the lot which is 132ft. deep.
Good title- The place in rear rents for $8.00 per month. Price for thc whole place
(2,300. $150 cash, balance $25 per month. Interest quarterly at 7 per cent. Do
not pass this by without investigation. Your time will be w��Il spent to look at this
Phone  Collingwood  24,   P.   O.   Box  25,   Collingwood   East
For all times, for all weathers, for men or
women, the healthy or the ailing. Il gives
lasting vigor to the system. $1 and $2
the dozen.
South Vancouver Builders' Supply Company
Dealers in Sand, Gravel, Fibre, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Vitrified
Pipe, Tile, Fire-clay, Lath, and Brick of all kinds.
Offices :   51st Avenue and Fraser Sireet.    Phone : Fraser 36.
Main and 29th Avenue.    Phone :   Fairmont 1940.
Fraser Street and North Arm of Fraser River.   Phone : Fraser 84.
Coal orders taken at all offices and delivered to all parts of South
Phone 2988
Limited        Ft. of Columbia Ave.
Building  Materials
Largest  and  Best   Assorted   Stock   in   British   Columbia
C. Gardiner - Johnson & Company
Johnson's Wharf Phone : Sey. 9145
Phonei :   Seymour 7056-7818 Offices I  606-607  Bank ol Ottawa  Bldf.
Wanted���Good   building   Lots   in   vicinity   of   Knight   Road
at reasonable prices
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
Thone: Fair. 326       4518 Main St.
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies. Corporation Brass Goods.
572 Beatty Street
���?��&�� THI5 IS ANOLO ONE BUT-
You Can Talk Over Our
Long Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From Fraser
To Steveston for 15 cents.
To Port Moody for 20 cents.
To Co(|uitl;:ni and Ladner for 25 cents.
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To Abbotsford and Mission for 40 cents.
To Chilliwack .and Bellingham for 50 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 55 cents.
British Columbia Telephone
Co. Ltd.
Above rates are subject to change without notice.
All Grocers
Kelly, Douglas & Co. Ltd.
418 Winch Building Vancouver, B.C.
Wood Block
Mr. U iih,on-, i,ne of the five candidate!     fill     llie-    liffici     tit    She MM     il
"i"   "i Ihe ie..i ill. i e in t i<- -. fi \\i-
��� ��� ii in. was making a hons -to-bouie
-   "i   i ni al   'ie 'i ie i-.   -"In iting
Coming ie, the house of Far-
mi i   Tompion,   he    w.i-   im i   ,ii   the
���I""'   b)   lln   e I housewife anil the
follow inn  dialogui   ensui el .
"I-   Mr.  Tompion  al   I ?"
"No, he has if ni'  te, touii
I    "I  .nn vet} lorn. ..- I  would
��� 'I. 'I  i I  i.ill   to I "
"I-  there anything   I   can  tell  him
I for you?"
"Mj   name   i-   \\ ilium-,   candidate
ot Sle.iui. and  I   wanted '" exacl a
I promise ir.,ni him to vote for me al
I ilii'   i eiiiniiy   election."
������ih. thai "ill In- In- alright; I know
lie ��;ll promi��e, for In- hai already
promised four other candidates the
-mile    thing."
*    *    si
Recentlj a well-known farmer's
-'���ii min as apprentici t" a local
draper A lady came into the shop
and asked ilu- new hand for a le-ngth
"I -ill< He promptly laid a selection
before her on tin cottnl - Sin- ele-
iiiiiiiiil in the price, anel the young
man became a little e-,,i fused \fter
the lady had gone, thc draper said,
"Jeelm. you should have explained te.
the laely ill.ii owing i" Hn blight
amongsl thc silkworms cocoons are
very scarce,"
" 'My nami   i-   Uurns,' .aid  thc detective.   'I I   you   w ill   p< nun   on
offer you mj  card
"li happened ileal Umn
up  his  e.nie'i   managi I
" hen  he �� ent  e .m  i., luni h.  So that
i an   card read 'Smi
ia ad 'J'-ih - ' The   two ri cipii nts
lliirn-. hey?' in meditative vi
"Veen  could  hang a  mi n  iliai
e\ idem e,'  said   Bui n- "
A motor stoped in fi onl of 'lie pho-
pher's   and   a     women    lacking
in ine   of   ilie-     artificial     acci bsi u ii -
deemed necessary to "looks" entered
till     -Illeli.e.
A couple eel' elay- later tii photographer submitted proofs for her approval.
"Not "in- oi' those pictun ��� loe ks
anything like- nie." the woman in-
The   photographei   tried   in   i
way t" pacify her, Ian finding this an
impi --ileiliiy.   Ie,-i     control    of    his
"Madame!" hc exclaimed, "'liel you
ii"i  read my sign?"
"U .-Il ' li docs noi -ay 'cli aning
dying ami remodling.' li says, 'portraits.' "
*      A      A
Jn-i previous in a match between
two local l.'u'i""--��� teams, the teams
were  being  photographed.    Amongsl
nrer-   turn-   liim   ��� -ilt   jewelled   s.,ii\-
. uir-   on   animal   contract
Um ihi " ��le> In  i- called
I Jiain I  Jon"  i-  mel   thai   In    -lini' -
jewel,  like  a   drag   store   window- though   that   i-   pan    "i    tbe
���I Brad) i- in iln  railwa) supply
"U '     -I..I le ���!    I.'   -'   11    |;'""1-
he used to carr) ful ol I	
nel-."    said   a    man    who   knew
him   "Hi   couldn't  lee   coarse  with a
a)    im -nhni    *In.     bought     lu-
:,ol-  and  car  wheels.    Hut    hc
could   -ay   I"   lhl '    I-''   Idl nt.     in     a
I, gentlemanly wa) .
" Il.i\,   a  huh   diamond on me?"
"Ami   it's   a   -ham     to   -ay   il ���bul
me,-i   ,,i   in,in   nail"
At a trial recently a simple-looking
yoke] was in thc witness box. Heel thai a mail mho hail been
knocked 'leewti la) on iin- ground five
minutes, ami iln- opposing counsel
challeng el th,- statement. To tesl the
accuracy "i tin- witness In- took out
hi- own watch ami asked the man I"
tell him when five minutes was up.
Tin yokel told him correctly. A- he
wa- leaving thi court counsel caught
up  with  linn.
"I -ay." h" said, "I'll forgive you if
you'll   ill   tin-   how  >"11  eliel   it."
"Ye-,   -ir."   -aiel   lln-   mail.   "I   just
reckond ii  "tit."
"Reckoned   ii   out?"
"Yes, by iln- clock on iln   wall behind you."
*    .    *
The- manufacturer observed an unusually  expansive  smile  on  ilu-  face
G.   A.  Thompson
H.  Crowe
Cedar Cottage
Builders'   Supply
Dealer!  in
Sand,   Gravel,   Cement,   Brick,   Lathi,
Fibre, E;c.
I'I e :   Fairmont  549
1 "i   of Vl ess Ave., near Porter Rd.
P  0. Box 35, Cedar Cottage, B. C.
6018 Fraser Avenue
(Established two years)
Cleaning and Pressing
Reliable Repair Work
Suits Made-to-Order
"Now, gents," said a Yankee at dinner, "guess I'll show something that
neit a critter in this room ever seed
afore, and not a critter livin' ever
will   see   again.   D'ye   bet?"
The bet was made and the Yankee
took  a  nut  off the desert plate, and
cracking  it.   hehl  up  the  kernel  between his finger and thumb.
"Now, (rents. I calc'lale none of
yer ever seed that kernal afore, and"
(Swallowing it) "I guess you'll never
see il again.  Please fork out."
Phonn : Fr...r 34 - 46th A... and Fr.wr
DOWN       TOWN        PARLORS :
Phone :   Sey.  340.  Day or   Night
Telephone Fairmont 718
Phrenology and Palmistry
(Formerly  of   Montreal)
SOS   Granville   Street,   Corner   Robson
Hours:  10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Mountain Scenes in that favored part of Canada which "Out-Switzerlands Switzerland"
A few days later another lady requested John's services for a dozen
knots of tape. This time the farmer's
son vvas equal to the occasion, "You
see, niadaiue." he said, "there is a
great scarcity of tapeworms this year.
so prices have advanced." John had
no more trouble with that customer,
* ��        ele
Husband (at 11 p.m. I : "Well, good
night, vein fellows. I am going home
In  a   vegetarian   supper."
"What do you mean by that?"
asked one of the company.
"Well, my wife said thai if I was
not home by ten o'clock she would
give   me   beans."
* *    *
One of Detective Burns' maxims is
that "appearances are often deceitful
���but not always." in which connection this story has just crossed
from   London.
"Burns," said his friend, "paid his
check at a resturanl anil Started out.
A large, red Brileeii called after him :
" 'I li   sir.  that's  my   'al.'
"Mr. Burns, wearing a look of abstraction, compared hats, lemk his
own, ami started out. At the door the
waiter tapped him on the elbow.
"'Beggink yeuir pardon, sir.' said
he 'but the gentleman h'allows as you
'ave   got   his   slick.'
"Mr. Bums returned the slick and
apologized profusely. He explained
that be had been deep in thought. Ilis
apologies were very prettily accepted by both the injured parties.
I the spectator! was a man who wis
evidently witnessing his firsl match,
ami he wanted to know h hai they
wen-  being  photographed   foi
"< Ih," saiel a lo stander, "thai is a
necessary precaution Vou ��ec, il thej
didn't have their photographs taken
the committees would never bc able
tee sort oul their own men after the
*    *   *
Women (excitedly): "Have you
filed my application for a divorce
Lawyer : "No, ma'am, hut I am at
wurk  at   tlu-   papers  now."
Women : "Thank fortunel I am
tie'! inn late. Destroy all papers and
evidence   al   once,   pleas:
Lawyer : "A reconciliation has heen
brought about between you and your
husband,   I   infer?"
Woman : "Gracious, nol lie was
run over and killed by a train this
morning, anel 1 want i,, retain you in
my suil againsl the ceempany for
A      *      A
Must people know "Diamond Jim"
Brady only by reputation, as the man
who hangs himself with jiiiis. until
he jingles���whereupon hc goes to a
show, Hi never smokes or drinks, .md
vet In- is an inveterate luppei host.
"Brady doesn't like tee sit down to
a table afler eleven o'clock, unless
there arc a dozen pretty women there
tu keep him company, said a friend.
"One  of  the  big  jcwellry  manufact-
of the jovial German foreman of his
establishment. An interesting event
hael occurred at the house of thc German the night before.
"I congratulate you, Hans,"smilingly >aiil the employer, "Of course, the
ne'W   arrival   is   a   wonder?"
"Of course," was the emphatic re-
plj of the father. "Dis baby vays
ni..re-  than  fifteen bounds."
"Splendid, anel is it a boy or a
"Py golly," he exclaimed in chagrin,
"in der excitement I haf forgot in
find oul veehler 1 v.es a grandfather
or grandmudder."
A Park Policeman, seeing a yellow
dog iicai two handsome-dressed women, approached respectfully, and
saj - :
"Does Ihis beautiful little creature
belong   lo   yon.   ladies?"
"Mercy,   mil"
I'ark Policeman (lifting his cane):
"Gel "in ������' here, you beast!"
The sun was jusl rising like a child
ire.ni iis sleep above the eastern horizon, when Tin nils, ni inserted his
latch-key in the front door. Slowly
and  carefully  he picked his way up-
i stairs,  but   his  efforts  of    quietness
wen  "i" the loudest possible description, and the inevitable occurred, Mrs.
Thomson met  him  at  the landing.
"\\ ell." she said, with deep sarcasm.
["are  you  just   returning   home   from
the club ur going oul to business?"
"I'm mil sure, hue." replied the
erring one, "but���hie���I'll tost you
for it."
"How's your wife ihis morning?"
asked  the solicitous  neighbor
"I think she's a little hitler." replied the worried  husband
"Do the doctors think now that she
will  recover?"
"They haven't given me much
" I s  her  fever  down ?"
"Nol   at   all."
"Ami yel you think she's improving?"
Acs.  Last  Night  before   I   retired
~he   called   tile   to   find   mit   it   I   was
sure   1   had   looked   in   the   fire   anel
locked   the   hack   door."
*    *    *
Tin- girl hail wedded a foreign heiress-hunting   marquis.
"Alpbonse." ilie girl asked one
evening, "why have you been so
strange and cold of late?"
The marquis scowled ami said ;
"Didn't you tell me last week that
your   father   was   failing?"
"Yes, physically failing," she replied.
"Oh," said the marquis, ami his
look brightened, lie heaved a sigh of
relief. "Oh," said he, "that's all righl,
then   I   thought   it     was     something
An Englishman who was entertaining his American cousin was continually aim.eyed hy being reminded
e'l the superiority ot things American.
A number of attempts to show young
Jonathan something that distanced
American progress all resulted unsatisfactorily, and the Englishman in
desperation escorted the cousin to
Mount  Vesuvius.
"Well." exultantly remarked the
Englishman, "you haven't anything
like that  in  America."
"Well���no," replied the American
as he watched the outpouring of
snieike and meilten lava, "but we have
a little Niagara Palls over there that
would put the whole thing out in a
��        le        *
A traveller in tbe west came across
two men having a healed argument.
The traveller drew nearer and heard :
"Whal .lu you know about the
Lord's Prayer? I'll bei yuu $111 yuu
can't  repeal   lite   first  line"
"I'll take the bet," said lhe other
man, and turning to the stranger,
asked him to hold the money.
"Now what is the first line?" asked
the   first  one.
"Now  I   lay  me  down  to  sleep.'"
" 'You win said the first man. "I
didn't  think  you  knew  it."
LH SATURDAY, MAV 31, 1913.
Authorized Capital      $2,000,000
Subscribed Capital        1,169,900
Paid-up   Capital           840,000
Specia' attention given to savings accounts.
Interest paid at  the highest current rates.
Your account very cordially solicited.
L. W. Sti.tJoid, Gener.l Manager W. E. Jardine. Alii. General   Manager
Chick Food That Feeds
All caick foods e!ei not contain all the- elements  necessary for
health.    Unless the proportions of    the   ingredients   arc   correctly
eh.i' nnined, your chicks become lickly and mature llowly,
Is a scientifically prepared food containing  all   the   elements   of  a
balanced ration.
The   Brackman-Ker   Milling  Co.
One Block South Pender St., near B. C  E. R. Freight Office
Phones 5886-5887-5888
On 48lh Avenue, modern; only $2,800;
$200 cash, balance arranged.
Lot is 34x126.
R. J. McLauchlan
4123 Main Street
Phone: Fair. 1607
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This has the following attributes :
fl Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency ; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
IJ Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
fl Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
fl The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
���| Bitulithic has been adopted in over 200 cities
in the United States, and IS cities in Canada.
Granville Street South, After Paving
Columbia Bitulithic Limited
714-717 Dominion Trust Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.
Phone :    Seymour 7130
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
H. G. BROWN, Proprietor
By Dora D'Espa tine Chapman
The'westbound mail was already
moving at Leyland ran up the' platform, dodged two porteri and thc
guard, wrenched "pen a ��� !��� e..r. and
Rung himself victoriously into the
last carriage. Too late, he perceived with dismay thai lhe furthi :
eef tin- compartmi - i mire ly oc
i upii d ley ii year-old baby, nn<I��� ���
if a fluffy, fi ie >li i  looking mother, and protei ti d by piled <<ni -���������
e I   -ii.ij  lugf age : and  thai  he, Jai k
nd,   musl quel tl)     placi
himself back  to th    i ngini . and op-
irrest, the
known    lectin ei    on    \\ om i  -   Sui
. anel i>, rhaps the one woman
in the world whom the youthful,
chivalri - is, bul itcei dingly old-fash-
Eari of I., j land wi uld i i ml ss
that he thoroughly and heartilj dii
M. ��� ,,!! ' !,. .ii
Iii tter to mi-- his train thai   to spi nd
tw ortal   hours'   tete-a-tete     with
such a companion. He had never
e been thus entirely at her
. and bul seldom spoken to
her, in fact���though he had more
than once spoken al In r fi >m thc
platform���and much Ije u ir '1 the
lady would seize this um >���. led opportunity for pressing her views upon
Pi i haps Mi-- Forres! re ad bis
thoughts, for a half-ironical smile
softened the corners of her mouth as
she held out hei  hand.
"You are going down to Easton
Lanyon, I suppose? S.. um I." she
began in her low, clear voice. "Kitty
has been kitnl enough te> ask mi to
meet the- new member, She suggests
I may be able to converl him, bul I'm
afraid you "ill acl as a counter-irritant���or should I say as an antidote?"
"The latter, I hope," said the young
man stiffly. It always sei Iii- n< rvi -
"ii e dg ��� ie. hear Miss Forresl speak
- sister by her Christian name.
IU- fell that Kitty would have shown
' lee iter taste if she had remained
"Lady Kathleen Trevclyan" to the
lecturer, instead of making a bosom
friend - il her, adopting her i ie�� - i n< il
thai Lady Kitty could und< i ��� md
half "i them), and generally "playing
iln giddy goat .ill around.'1 Pi
ly he wondered that his brother-in-
law   .'ill-Weel   it!
Tlie- half smile on the lady's lips
had il.'i eloped i111����� a whole one. I le
noticed   with   unreasonable   irritation
might have been a I i M i nald,
a Charlotte Corday, would havi
mounted the guillotine with superb indifference, 'er tended the wounded in
Lucknow with steady Angers, but she
struck a jarring note in thi - eft,
monplace civilization e.i modern England.     I le'   glanced   ai ross   the
the fair-haired mother
f lie', hei cooing I aby, and tri il '
picture  the >" I >i 1 ��� 1  in  Amiss   Forrest's
He   fancied   sin    Mould  be
awkward   as   a   n twice    as
if she ��ere asked to hold it,
for a  iiinieii
The young man moved impaticntl)
11 was ridiculous that he' should -
his  thoughts  on  hcr    particularly  as
she  so obviously  had  none  to   spare
for him.    He looked oul of thi   win-
��� mci   more, surpi ised I
had come  far on  their journey
wi re   crossing   Asco!     I leath.      The
acres  of yellow  furze  glowed  in  the
rich afternoon sunshine
Leyland   smiled    to    himself    and
hummed under his breath the air of
ih    e,|ei  spring song ol   Dei on :
"I'e'.lelrii  furze in  bloom, oh! golden
furze  in  bloom,
W'he'ii   furze  i-   "in   o'   flow er,   then
love is out of tune."
Anstiss had quick ears. She look-
i'il up, lur face softening as -he' saw
the golden glory through which the
j train was speeding. Her dimple peeped mit. Was it possible thai she, too,
had -' nie iim - sung the furze in
bloom? As their eyes mi I she said
in a meere- friendly voice than he had
yel  heard  her use :
"It's like a place v, here the Goldin
Age still lingers!    Now  if only���"
Tin sentence stayed unfinished���
a sudden thrill, merged into a quivering jar, leaped along the train: and
with ii a crashing roar that drowned
all speech ami al which Leyland's
hcarl -!��� ual -ii!l Even a- he- -i,,,,.!
up, blindly, the- wall of the compartment behind him was shattered anel;
bulged inward with a splintering
Then, without hi- being consciously aware nf it. sensation ceas :d.
11 was ihe.- shrill cry of a child |
which finally brought him hael, to
recollection. There was a confused
beating in hi- temples, ami - nnething
heavy am! hard pn���<! mi ilerably
upon his limbs. I le opened hi- eyi -
i anil lln- woman �� ho wa- bendii .
i him asked in a rather  shaky voice;
The Cradle of Cricket
At Brockton Poinl the smack of
the ball on the willow is making
music for the cars nf lovers of
cricket. During the coming season
the Cellar Cottage club and cither
South Vancouver cricket clubs will
doubtless give a good account of
themselves,    There has been a great
influx ni' Englishmen in 1,> South Vancouver lately, and bowling greens
ami crickei fields are in demand.
Cricket liners will be interested in
the alune picture nf the old "Hal ami
Ball" inn at IIambi ���don. England, a
place which may wei: be called "The
Cradle of Cricket."
that she owned a mosl alluring dimple���All at once he saw what his
brother-in-law   had   meant  when    he
-peeke'    eef     MisS     ['''H'rCSt     US    a    "lU'viHsll
hands une girl," ami unwillingly he
agreed with Colonel Trevelyan. I'm
the lady herself seemed equally unconscious nf her dimple and lhe irri-
tatieen  of ber vis-a-vis.
"It seems I shall have an interesting visit." she said lightly, then picked up ilie magazine on her lap ami began reading with as perfect a nonchalance a- though she were alone
mi a ilc-eTi island, instead of seated
opposite i" the hadsomesl bachelor
peer in   England.
That ornament���in a literal as well
as a metaphorical sense���eef the Up-1
per House, fell his annoyance grow
Practically, -he' was snubbing him.
'and he was litlle used tn snubs. Then,
when yeeu are prepared t" meet the'
enemy mi certain lines, it is provoking I'm- him to adopt quite other tactic-. He had expected Miss Foresl
tei improve ihe occasion by a flow of
She eliel lint even appear In see that
my lord was looking at her. having
nothing tn read himself, and finding
her a nie.re interesting stud) than the-
flying landscape beyond the windows.
Now, in repose, hcr face h.nl a certain hardness which detracted it from
ii- regular beauty, Leyland attributed
ii t.i ih,' adverse influence of Women's Rights, hut il wa.- ill truth the
legacy of a five-years' desperate
struggle againsl the crushing penury
of the "impoverished gentlewoman,"
who is ashamed to hei;. will nol -teal,
ami has never heen taught io work .
Those live years of fighting hael
lefl a mark upon Antiss Forrest's
countenance which it would take
much happiness���anil much hue���tn
erase. And at the moment -lu- was
imt over-burdened wiih either of
th si   things.
For ihe rest, her skin was smooth,
a- a child's, the contours delicate anil
rounded, but the wetl-cul red lips
we-re set like iron, ami the sea-blue
cm- under their straight, drooping
liel-���lhat rare thine, m a woman's
face���had a challenging directness of
glance', far, far removed from ihe gentleness the normal man henk- tee find
in   mother,  sister���nr   wife!
Such a woman tltisht, in either elays.
have made history, Leyland thought;
"Then you're alive- after all: Do
say  you  are."
Leyland smiled involuntarily al tlu
illogical question. "I'm quite alive.
thanks���it was a smash-up, wasn't it"'
1 suppose I am pinned under the iK--
bris? Aren't you hurt al all. Miss
Forrest?  Thai'-  luck "
"M> ankle i- twisted a bit," she
said cheerfully. "I can'l walk nr
-lam!. Inn I'm all right, really." \-
slic spoke -he- lifted hi- head wiih
gentle fingers ami slipped a roll nf
-"ine sofl male-rial under it "1 loi -
it hurt ye eii dreadfully? i'ou're jammed under the framework ni iln nexl
Leyland Bel his teeth ami tried in
move. "I believe I've escaped with
bruises," he said in a moment, in a
relieved voice. "Hut I am afraid I'm
helpless i II some one digs n- .mt!"
"Probably we shall have to wail
a hii," saiel Anstiss. "The forward
carriages arc sure tee have suffered
more than we have, and here mi the
heath it must take time tn gel help.
I  wish there was something  I  could
"It doesn'l hurt much, really,
thanks," replied ihe young man bravely. "1 expect your ankle is far worse,
if  ynu   were   honest   about   it."
"li's imt. and anyhow, I'm too
jolly   thankful   we're   alive   in     care.
Think of lhe other | r people," ami
Leyland could see- thai she shuddered as a fain! groan traveled toward
them mi the warm anil perfumed air.
In llle distance ih y could hear voices.
men running to .mil fro, ami now
ami then a pitiful -cream, hut no one
came near their end of tlie wreckage,
Leyland lay with his eye- el - :d,
too shaken t'i ear.- very much whal
wa- happening, till presently he was
. once more hy the wailing of
a chihl. so cli se, that involuntaril) In
turned his head t'i see' where- the
- um! canic from, ami at hi- side.
mosl wonderful, sat Ansti-s mu sin^>
ihe baby, which had shared their
compartment, ami whom iln- shuck
nf ihe accident he." apparently trans-
ferred to Mi-- Forest's unaccustomed  arms.
Lord Leyland stared in fascinated
amazement while this new woman
1" ni .--, r her , hargi. cuddled ii ami
crooned tn it as ilie most earlj Victorian of w. men might have done.
Her rippling hair had come down
and  fill about  hcr  like  an aureole.
Heavily  C:mpressed  Concrete
Double   Tongue   and   Groove   Joint   cn   each
Ventilating   Flues Independent of Smoke Flue
Safest and Best Chimney
Easy to Build
Phone :  Fraser 228
252 i9th Avenue East, South Vancouver
3834 MAIN ST., NEAR 23rd AVE.
V, '���  desir    to  intimate  that   we  ha\ -     penc-d
first-class  Tailoring   business  a:   above   add ess.
I.ae'.ii -   Suits   frmn  $25
i ,> . ��� - .-a;'-   fre ii. .--'2
All garments maele mi the premise    Bi ���
cut,  make  ami   finish   guaranteed.
Practical Tailors Telephone Fairmonl 2489
We have a line subdivision bounded on the North by ihe C.P.R.
lands, on the West by the Point Grey boundary line and to the South
by River Road. Il is within a few hundred yards oi the Xorth Arm
of ihe Fraser.   The live investor will readily appreciate these prices:
Cambie Street Lots $1,625 each; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, IS, 24
As). Street Lots, 33 x 192, $750 each; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, 18,
24 months.
All inside Lots between Ash and Cambie, facing North. $a50 each;
facing South, $600 each.
River Road Lols vary in price according to sittc.
It  will  pay you  to investigate  this.    Call up  Collingwood  18,  or
W. H. KENT  &  SON, Collingwood East
What is the Most Comfortable
Thing in Summer Time
A HAMMOCK of Course.
We Have the Best Choice on the Market
Price to Suit any Buyer
G.E. McBride & Co.
Corner 16th Avenue and Main Street
PHONE:   Fairmont 899
the he'ii young face was strangely
lil ami softened as she rocked gently
in ami free, her eyes mi tin- restless
baby, till at last it nestled down
againsl it- new-found slave and went
to  -leep.
"Bravo!" whispered Leyland incautiously, carried away by bis enthusiasm over Ihe victory. Anstiss
looked up in quick defiance, bul melted again befort the gentleness of the
young   man's  glance.
"Isn't he a dear?" sin- said simply.
"Isn't  he a  pretty baby?"
"Seems a  decent  little kid," he ad
mit ud. ami then could imt resist adding : "Shouldn't have thought you'd
bother yourself with it."
She laughed till a second dimple
came out on her other cheek.
"1 adore babies���all women do,"
-he   saiel.
Leyland flushed ami reflected inwardly that he was an idiot and a
bfUte. "I wonder where the mother
is?" he said to cover his embarrass-
! ment.
"I'm   afraid   she   must   be     pretty
(Continued on Page 8) SIX
SATURDAY, MAN' 31, 191.1.
Short Lesson in Household
Are you using carbon lamps for lighting ?
Do you know that Tungsten lamps give three limes the amount
oi light obtained from the carbon lamp with the same consumption
of current?
Would it not be advisable for you to secure this improved form of
lighting ?
After ynu have considered the above queries visit our salesrooms
bi d ask the lamp counter clerk tei demonstrate the difference be-
i,,i-eii the Tungsten lamp ami the ordinary carbon lamp.
Fnr convenience of our customers we carry a full line of Tungsten
lamps, nf an improved type, in stock.
Carrall &
1138 Granville Street
(Near Davie)
"Snow is Coming"---Buy Your
at Summer Prices
3 Loads for $9.00
4905 Ontario Street Cor. Bodwell (34th Avenue)
Phone :   Fraser 41
Subdivision portion of Block 15, District Lots 330-1, 33ft. Lots. River
Koad frontage. Price $81)1). Terms one-fifth cash, balance '���, 12 and
18 months.
Subdivision of Block la, District Lot 655.
Main Street, frontage 33ft.x 102ft.���$2,050.
Inside Lots, 33ft.xl22ft.���$G50.
Terms'���one-quarter cash, balance 6 12 ami IS months.
Five per cent.- commission to agents.
London & British North America Co. Limited
With which is incorporated Mahon, McFarland & Procter Ltd.
Insurance Money to Loan
Agreements  For  Sale  Purchased
A Better Garden
than you ever had before
can be had by sowing
Ritchie's  Seeds
Write today fen- ihis beautifully
illustrated catalogue
Brimful with cultural directions
723 ROBSON STREET Phone Sey   1892
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western  Plate Glass &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.       \ 4
Thorne   Metal   Store   Front   Bars,   Bevelling   and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
The Paquin Gown
Striking in ils beautiful simplicity i.i
a Paepiiii gown, made of plain, dull
blue mousseline ele soie. The full
tunic drops a slender pointed train,
.���mel the edges of ii arc bound with
satin of a darker shade; intee the
folded lull of the darker blue ^ is
thrusi a rose of corsl-pink silk.   The
wrap designed especially to be worn
with ihis gown is made of blue crepe
de chine, heavily embroidered in dull
Persian colors. The wide double
ruffles thai trim it are- of the material
of llle gown.
A   while   louisine   -ilk   dress   has   a
liiui  ami jackei   of  coarsely  woven
| cotton, printed in ceilors. A green silk
collar ami scarf add a brilliant bit of
color. Taffeta silks in changing invisible cheeks in light col,ers are- made
into novel wraps and loose long coals
Ie.r evening wear, anil long and short
lace coals arc worn wilh geewns to
match, eer as scperate garments. All
afluff with frills and ribbon ends,
tluy arc lined with one thickness of
mousseline  de  soie.
*      *      ei>
Skirt   Draperies
Il is an unusual skirt that has not
al least a little drapery. Even the
tailored skirt includes a few little
fohls stiffly lucked into some convenient seam, sometimes partly stitched when the model lends toward
classic lines. There is, however, a decidedly new drapery in some of the
afternoon tailored suit skirts.
This is made by a combination of
It doesn't   lake a very  big  compliment to swcl!  a small  head
Seeme   people   won't     lake     advice,
even when Ihey pay for il.
best  in   my  kitchen.    There  is  lo  be
a  shelf  well   out  of  reach  eef  spatter
and grease and there I  shall keep my
litlle   trinkets.     My   favorite   pictures
! have   a   wall   space  all   to   themselves
I where   I  can admire them as  1  weirk.
*    *    *
Luncheon Salads
A delicious luncheon salad of strawberries is made by arranging lhe berries on leaves of white heart lettuce,
dust with powdered sugar, and cover
lightly with mayonnaise dressing. Cut
lemons Into eighths and arrange these
around the salad.
Giok beets a.id pare when cold.
Add one epiart chopped beets, one
quart chopped cabbage, one cup
ground horseradish, one cup sugar,
one large spoonful salt, one small
spoonful pepper. Mix with vinegar
lo laste. This is to be kept in a
cool place without sealing or cooking
and is ready for use.
Asparagus tips and fresh tomatoes,
peeled and cul into quarters, make an
attractive and appetizing ' salad il
served on a lied of lettuce with a
French dressing. Shred a little sweet
green   pepper  over  all  as  a garnish.
Celery cut into short lengths, and
ihen shredded, or curled, and mixed
with diced cucumber and large mushrooms, peeled and diced, makes an
especially good salad if served with
French dressing. Either cress or lettuce may be used with this salad.
Cold boiled rice, cooked so that
each grain stands alone, mixed with
shredded   sweet   green     pepper,     and
half of the apple and lill ill the spaci
with about a pint and a half of well-]
cleaned   and   carefully   picked   raspberries.     Spread   the   top   over   with
two ounces of apple jelly ami serve
Orange Sherbet ��� I'm a tablespoonful of gelalim- ill a little cold waler
lo soak and then peeitr eever one
breakfast-cupful of lading water to
elisse.he il. Turn int'i a basin with
llle juice of the large- oranges ami
add Iwee breakfast-eupfuls of sugar
and three of water. If the- oranges
are very swe.-l add lhe juice of a
lemon,    Mix  well and  sei  in a  very
Id place e,r pack in iee.    It is ready
fe.r use when thoroughly chilled.
*    *    *
New Dress Goods
According to advance information,
fashion designers have turned t.e the
packing houses fe.r cow's hair which
is made up into dress material for
wear nexl  fall.
Mohair has been a popular fabric
for many years. Thai il was in use
in England in the early pari of lhe
eighteenth century is obvious from
Pope's   allusion    lo   a    woman      whe.
"observes how much a chintz exceeds a  mohair."
Horse hair has been used in many
ways and the wonder is not so much
that cow's hair is to lie utilized by
textile manufacturers as thai Borne
one did not think of il long age. It
is said thai cloths eif this sent are
much cheaper than mohair, which
speaks well  feer its success.
The goods made iu ihis country
are becoming popular with dry goods
buyers whee are looking abeeiit for
materials which promise to be popular next season, but the imported
lines made from cowhair are not selling  so  well as  the price  is  high.
Cook's Proportion Tsble
Pil e p. eighl eggs to one quart of
milk  f..r custards.
Three to four i ggs     e pin! of
milk fen- custards.
(im- teaspoonful of s It to one
quarl   nf milk   fm' i-ii-'a el-.
i Ine  teas) mil of vanilla t'i one
quarl  of milk  feer custards.
Two ounces "i gelalim i e one ami
three-quarter  quarts  "i   li iuid.
Four heaping teaspooniuls of cornstarch  in one quarl  of milk.
Three heaping tcaspoonfitla 'ef leaking powder i" eme  cupful ���������' (lour.
A  fat old gentleman  was bitten in
lh.'  calf of lhe leg by  a  eh.4    He- at
'ilice    ril-lli'd    l.e    llle     JtlStiCC       of       llle'
Peace anel laid a complain! againsl
a man in lhe neighborhood whom he
supposed lo be llle owner of the
offending cur, Tin following was the
defence offered at  the trial :
1. "lly    li slim,my   ill    favor   of   thc
general good character ol env dog I
shall prove- lhat nothing could make
him so forgetful "f his canine dignity
as   tee  bile  a  calf."
2. "He is blin 1, anil cannot see l.e
3. "Even if he Could see in bile, il
would he utterly impossible for him
to go out of his way in do see on account  'if his severe- lameness."
4. "Granting his eyes and legs to
be  good,  he  has  me  teeth."
5. "My dug is always muzzled, ami
chained in  the yard."
6. "My dog died  six  weeks ago."
7. "I  never hail a dog."
Mother���X'i. dear, you imisn't cal
any candy ("day. Don'l you know
il   is   bail   for  your   complexion?
Daughter���Well, 1 know it makes
my eoinpleckshim awful sticky, lull
it washes off.
Cut shows garden and orchard exhibit from Armstrong, B.C. A "-ecent ruling of the Dominion Railway Commission forced the railways to cut
down freight rates between the coast and fruit belt and Okanagan fruit may now be brought into Vancouver at a cost that will not in future
give the apple growers of the State of Washington a monopoly of the local market
pleats, which are loosely folded into
lhe waistline in front with a dexterity
lhat places the fulness so that the
material does not fall awkwardly
about the figure. Tbe fulness gained
by thc introduction of these pleats is
then drawn toward thc back in a
drapery which is as unusual as it is
Tlie sash is a strong fashion note in
thc tailored suit, as well as in lhe
models fur all times of day, and perhaps   lhe   sash   tied   in   front   is   the
most novel. Sometimes is has streamer ends, sometimes mit; in the tailored suils it is oftener a sash belt
that lies in the centre front.
Sometimes they are of ihe same
depth front and back; sometimes at
lhe hack Ihey are lengthened into
postillion effects of various depths.
Some of these latter tailored suites
are lively reminders of a man's dress
coat; lhe lower edge has the same
curve and  lhe resemblance is  further
heightened if one of the mannish and
elegant separate vests of faille or
moire silk is worn with il.
*    *      *
Planned Her Own Kitchen
A young wife determined when the
new house was lieing built to plan her
own kitchen. "1 know it sounds
crazy," she says, "but I am deler-
niiiie'l to make my kitchen the most
important part of my house. A young
architect friend of ours brought us
out some plans a while ago and he
would not even listen to my objections
at first. I got him to leave the drawing ami llie next day 1 borrowed a
square and made some designs of my
own. I used llle architect's foundations ami measurements, but 1 pulled
lhe rooms every way. What caught
the young man's attention was my arrangement of hall space and the way
I tucked the cellar slairs into the
foundation wall. We had a grand
evening fighting out our pet theories
ami Boh sat talking first one side
and then the other. It worked out
that the cost would be about thc same
for both arrangements, but you would
never dream, unless you happened to
lie a woman, what the different arrangement meant I know that it isn't
reasonable to expect a young man
who isn't even in love to know which
side of a sink a drain-board ought to
be. If you have washed dishes off and
on for twenty years you get to appreciate having a dish closet flush with
the wall righl over the drying slab.
It's a pleasant little attention, too,
for the doors of that closet to slide
instead of swing so that they do not
jab you viciously in the forehead. I
am going to have all the things I like
served on lettuce with sections of
ripe tomato, with either mayonnaise
or French dressing, is an excellent
The sliced canned pineapple is a
decided convenience'in making salad.
Serve covered with shrimps or lobster, marinaded in Mime of the liquor
from the pineapple, and dress with a
mild mayonnaise made with lemon
juice  instead of vinegar.
Cucumber, tomato and sweet pepper make another excellent combination, served with a mixed boiled
dressing and mayonnaise  on  chicory.
Whole strawberries in lettuce nests
dressed with mayonnaise, make an al-
tractive salad.
Hot Weather Desserts
Fruit Cream���Put a puree strainer
over a large granite pan or bowl and
rub through it half a can of apricots,
all but the skins. Peel three bananas,
remove the seeds and any dark portions, and press the pulp through the
Strainer, using three cups of water
to assist in the operation. Next
strain through the juice of three
oranges and three lemons and add
to the mixture three cups of sugar.
Add from one cup to one pint of
cream, if especial richness is desired,
just before placing in the freezer.
Freeze till solid.
Raspberry Water Ice���Place in a
basin one-half pound of powdered
sugar, squeeze in the juice of three
lemons and add one pint of picked
and well-cleaned raspberries. Heat
briskly for live minutes, add one
quart of cold water, mixing again for
a minute or two and strain through
a sieve into freezer. Put on the lid,
place the freezer in the ice tub and
turn the handle briskly for three minutes. Raise the lid and detach the
cream with a spoon from all around
the sides of the freezer and the bottom. Cover again and again turn tbe
handle for three minutes and uncover
and detach thc cream as before, always taking care tbat no salt or ice
drops inside. Repeat this operation
three times or more. Serve on a very
cold dish at once.
Dessert Catharine���Line a flat dish
with paste, over which spread twelve
ounces of apple marmalade; place a
strip of the paste around the rim and
bake in a moderate oven for thirty
minutes. Remove to the door of the
oven, sprinkle over plentifully with
powdered sugar, and bake for about
two minutes more to melt the sugar.
Then remove and allow to become
cvld.    Scoop out with a spoon about
Il is situated in a gooil district, is built on a high, dry
hit,   and   commands   a   good   view.     Mas   a   large   parlour
with open fireplace, dining room panelled and beam exiling, large kitchen ami separate pantry.   Three bedrooms
with clothes chisels; alse. bath and leiilct are upstairs.
lias cement floor in basement, laundry tubs with hot
and cold waler, and a good furnace. If vou are looking
for a home il will pay you to see ihis. We will lie glad
io. show you it at your convenience,
The  Yorkshire  Guarantee
&  Securities Corporation  Limited
440 Seymour Street
Phones: 6188 and 6189   R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
Eburne  Saw Mills  Limited
Manufacturers and     Dealers in all kinds of
Fir, Cedar, and Spruce Lumber
Shingles, Lath. Sash, Doors, Turnings
and House Finishings
SATURDAY,  MAY  .11,  191.1.
Lacrosse Club
PARK     . :: ::
May 31, June 14. July 1. July 5.
July 19. July 26. Aug. 9. Aug. 16.
te...   ill tic- Ii   thai   .ef   a     game.     clever
boxer, win te exhibition e.n Saturday
night showed that he can assimilate
a tremendous amount of punishment
Bayley . n the ��� -1 ln-r hand is primarily a fighter. There i* ii" use trying
western League. Victoria is lulling ,;, ,],,..,���,.!. thii tact He bas a pair'
a fast stride just now, but on paper', ,-llu. (,anj, tna, he knows how to
the team does nol compare with the use> bul chief of all. he ii continuall)
Beavers e,r Tillicums,   They will not|ea|rel. ,,, ,,,,,.,. ,������,. contest    He hael
in   South   Vancouver
Four  lirst-class Pool Tables and
Latest   English  Billiard Table
Everything   clean   and   sanitary.
No rowdyism
Pool and  Billiard  Parlors
Near 25th Avenue
Next   Dreamland  Theatre
Fairmont Pool Room
19tt Avenue and Main St.
Cigars,  Tobacco, Cigarettes,  Candies
and Soft Drinks
D. D. DENMAN, Proprietor
Bicycles Repaired
We repair all makes of bicycles,
and stock a full line of parts and
Sec our special $35 English
bicycle  with all accessories.
Bicycles  for rent.
The "Samson" Cycle
Union   and   Dunlevy
Vancouver, B. C.
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering horses will
receive special care and attention.
All kitu';. ol hand-made shoes, running shoes, running plates, toe
plates,  etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every  care  and  attention.
571 Beatty Street
Superior condition, i" a large extent, was resj lible for the victory
of the New Westminster Minto Cup
holders over the Vancouver club in
the opening game of the professional
lacrosse leason on Saturday lasl sl
the Royal City. For one half the
match ii was an even te.?.-; then the
I cup holders simply romped away
from their checks and made the Con-
test leiok like a real holiday frolic,
The champions have rarely been
remiss in mining oul a team which
lacked condition.   One would almost
think that during the entire winter
I months  the  club existed on  summer
fare so strongly did the team show
j up iu respect to condition of its play-
i ers.     Last   week's   game   once   more
developed   the   fact   thai   Vancouver
has yet to solve the problem of condition for its players.
The cup-holders have a distinct advantage   in   practically   claiming   their
entire   team   as   home-brews.     What
that means over a team which  must
be  gathered   from  different  points  is
not  necessary  to  enlarge upon;  it is
too apparent.    The home loyalty end
must   not  be   forgotten  also.    There
is a great deal more in this phase of
successful sporting organization  than
the   public  is   prone   to  acknowledge.
In  the  great  majority  of  cases  it  is
the point of balance between victory
and defeat.
About  the  game itself not  a  great
deal  can   be  said.    While  the  champions wore in much better form than
the   Vancouver  club,   they    will    no
doubt   travel   in   better  shape   a   few-
weeks'  hence.    It  is  only  natural  to
expect that Vancouver too will show
a   decided   improvement   ill   this     respect.   The match was about as clean
as  could  possibly  be  played.    Three
penalties were handed out during the
afternoon,  and  these  for  only  slight
offences.     The     Westminster     home
showed   their   old   time   skill   around
the nets and in the last half of the
I game the Vancouver defence could
j not hold them. Aggressive work
j around  the  nels  has been  the  secret
of many Xew Westminster successes
land there is Indication that the chant-
| pions  of  this  year will  follow  pretty i
| much along the lines of their prede- I
ccssors in this respect.
The Vancouver home did nol shine
with any Startling degree of brilliancy.
due, no doubt, lo eariiness in the season   and   its   kindred   ailments   anil   a
bang-up brand of defence engineered
by   Johnny   Howard.   "Hun"     Clarke
"Buck" Marshall, tbe Rennie
ers  and   Hughie   Gifford.    The   Van-j her baby, doesn't it?"
gei are.uml to Vancouver until the
middle "f June. Next week tlu- Vancouver team will -tart a three weeks'
-lay ai Athletic Park, Tae..ma. Portland and Victoria, coming in lhe order named.
��� *   *
lie-pin- all rumors tee the contrary
lliere- will In- me Sunday baseball in
Victoria.   The-  officers  never   hail  any
intention e.f staging Sunday contests
m   tin-     capital     though     there   is
a proposition Pe send the team over
tee l'orl Angeles every Sunday, In-
-lead eef transferring the games to
Seattle. This would give tbe Victoria   falls   an   opportunity   eif   seeing
their favorites in action em  Sunday
and al llie same time provide an excellent boat trip lo the American
side. Port Angeles promoters are
now endeavoring to secure grounds
fe.r the carrying out eif this scheme.
* ��    *
Joe   McGinnity,   manager   eef     the
Tigers, has purchased Kirst Baseman llolilerman, formerly with the
Taeoma team, from Pittsburg. Hc
will take the place of Lou Nordyke,
who was recently released at his own
request. Holderman was obtained by
tbe Seattle Club last year from Aberdeen. He was transferred to Taeoma.
where be played such good ball that
Pittsburg drafted him The Taeoma
team will undoubtedly be strengthened by the hard-hitting lirst sacker and
he should win tlicm many games this
if  Joe
Barrieau's defeat at the hands
Bayley last Saturday night
convinced probably the greater number eif boxing enthusiasts who witnessed the contest that the Vancouver boy will have to adopt different
tactics if he is lo attain to any degree of success in the squared circle.
There is as much difference between
the styles of Bayley. tbe Canadian
champion, who resides al Victoria,
and Barrieau, as there is between
day   and   night.      Barrieau's   style   is
Barrieau stepping away from him all
ihe distance in ilu- boul in Chet Mc-
[ntyre'i line arena at Brlghouse and
even Barrieau's friendi confess thai
theii favorite 'li'l well i" itay a- heiig
a- be .li.I
Barrieau's knowledge of boxing in
lhe clinches was that of a novice.
Bayley ha- acquired a ureal ileal of
-kill in ihis respect and he had Barrieau iu trouble as a resull almost
li..in lhe Start, Barrieau did well
f.er about three rentuil-. lull afler that
n  wa- just a question of lime.
The lie.iil was remarkable for the
fact that two British Columbia boys
battled for the Canadian championship. It might be remarked, too, that
seldom dei such clean-cut boys and
line examples of manhood step into
a boxing ring.
Barrieau was considered one of the
mosl serious contenders that Joe Bay-
ley had lo dispose of in these parts.
Bayley's showing was all to thc good
and will go a long way towards
strengthening the belief that lie may
yet become something greater than
a  Canadian   champion.
The other day in Victoria. Jimmy
Britt gave it as his opinion that Bay-
ley has all the features that make
champions. In other words he expressed the view that Bayley was
just another Ad Wolgast, showing
all the best qualities of the ex-champion. Bayley has no doubt a long
way to go to display a Wolgast record, but hc is the most promising
boy that Canada has developed in
years to aspire to the lightweight
championship  of the world.
ef        *        *
Al! doubt as to what action Billy
Nolan, manager for Willie Ritchie,
would take with respect to the lighter's services were set at rest last week
when a San Francisco fight promoter
received   the   following  telegram :
"Ritchie to fight before Graney's
Club. San Francisco, July 4. That's
final. (Signed) NOLAN."
Just who the other man will be in
the ring with Ritchie lias neit been
decided. Efforts are being made to
secure Joe Rivers, "Bud" Anderson,
or Freddie Welsh.
Hamilton Bros.
Embalmers and Funeral
Parlors and Chapel:
Office Phone:   FRASER 19
Residence Phone:    FRASER 25
(Day or night)
Lord Leyland and a Baby
(Continued   from   Page  7)
badly  hurt."  said  Anstiss  doubtfully,
broth-j"It lakes a lol to keep a woman from
Special Rates to Municipal Hall
and other South Vancouver
couver home players found few occasions to get within close shooting
One of the finest crowds which has
ever attended a game in the Royal
City was out to see the match. After
a year of rather half-hearted support,
the bumper crowd which was eiut tu
see the contest must have warmed
the hearts of lhe management of the
Westminster club. Perhaps it presages too. another big season for tin-
Vancouver club. Let us hope so, for
after all it will be impossible to convince the dyed-in-the-wool lacrosse
fan that there is anything better in
the world of sport than Canada's national game.
*        *       *
Smarting   at   the   accusation   made
by   some   of   the   Big   Four   lacrosse
magnates to the effect that they are
"hold-outs,"   the  two  Scott  brothers,
Fred and  Henry, two of the greatest
lacrosse    players    that    ever    lived,
threaten  to  give  mit  tlie  full  details
of   the   attempt   to   bribe
named for a thousand, the
eight  hundred and  a  third  player
their  team  for    an    almost    equally
large sum to throw a lacrosse match.
For the present they are withholding the mosl important details, the
names of the men who made them
the eiffers and a few other things, but
if they arc driven too far they say
they will not even hesitate at that.
"It was this attempt to bribe us
that broke up the National Lacrosse
Union." said Fred, wliei was spokesman for himself ami Henry. "The
matter was slurred over al the time,
and we are willing to forget il. if they
leave us alone, but we will n.it stand
by and he called unpleasant names
when all we ask is thai if ihey do
nol wanl to pay us the salary to
which we think we arc entitled, they
let us go our own way."
Experienced Ladies' & Gent's
Corner Fifty-sixth and Fraser
Ladies' or Gent's Suits, $25 up
A Mild Smoke
Two weeks of great baseball. That
is just the record in a nutshell of the
scries of games between Vancouver
and Seattle. Bob Brown's Beavers
and the Tillicums divided the series
about as evenly as could be arrived
at by a process of figures, and in doing so provided the fans with two
weeks' stellar ball. It wa- greal hall
al! down the line, and if the champions did secure the odd game of the
series there is still doubt in the minds
of many as to the better team.
The end of thc season is a long
way distant, but one thing the fans
can feel secure on is that Vancouver
and Seattle will not be far separated
when the curtain is rung down no
matter which one may be leading the
The .Vancouver and Seattle clubs
look  to  be  the  class  of  the   Xorlh-
She relapsed into silence. Ley-
land reflected that whatever her
fluency em the platform, she seemed
tn have a remarkable predilection for
silence  in  private life.
Presently she lifted the sleeping
child from ber knee and set it under
lhe   shadow   of  lhe   wreckage.
"Whal are you going lei do?" he
asked curiously, fnr her mouth was
set  hard again.
"Get help!" announced Miss Forrest briefly. She slipped off her
jacket and wrapped it round ber bare
and swollen ankle. "If I can't walk
I can crawl. Vou shall see how soon
I'll be back."
"Xei!" be protested. "They arc-
sure to come in lime. You might injure yourself for life���and really I
am   perfectly   comfortable   here."
The sea-blue eyes expressed frank
disbelief. Me turned a little on his
elbow to catch her hand in futile protest,   and���fainted   dead   away.
Easton Lanyon is not one of the
the first I'how places of Devonshire, for the
nd for house is modern and as plain as it is
comfortable. But the garden dates
back to the time of the Tudors, and
has an exquisite, haunting charm beyond all other gardens in the garden
coun try.
Anstiss Forrest sat alone in the
Jacobean slimmer house, at the far
end e.f the white rosery, and played
with a year-old baby. He knew her
now, and cooed to her as readily as
he bad cooed to his mother three
weeks ago in the westbound train���
responding to Anstiss' kisses in happy unconsciousness of the reason why
his yellow curls were tied with a knot
eef black ribbon.
Presently  he  grew  tired  of  play,
and cuddled down into llie girl's arms
and went lo sleep there, while Anstiss regarded liim with hungry eyes.
Today she should hear���beiw soon
they claimed him! The yeumg earl
had gone to town about it yesterday,
and might come down the garden at
.any moment with his news. She
bent down t<> kiss the soft, Hushed
little check, then raised her head with
a start as Lord Leyland stood in the
"I guessed 1 should find you here���
how's the infant phenomenon this
afternoon? Sure he's not too heavy
for yem. Miss Forrest? You're not
very strong yet, you know," he said,
and if Anstiss bad not been so occupied with setting a watch upon her
own eyes and lips she might have
wondered at the change three weeks
hail wrought in Lord Leyland's manner toward her.
"Tell me quickly," she begged.
"How soon must I give him up?"
Jack Leyland came into the summer   house  and  sat  down  beside  her.
"It's���it's  a   queer  story  altogether
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Vancouver vs. Taeoma
"Oil, (In make haste!" cried Anstiss
desperately. "How soon do they
wanl  him?"
"They don't want him at all. No
one wants him!" The color deepened in Miss Forrest's cheeks, her lips
parted a little, hut she said no word,
"Il seems his mother was separated from her husband," Leyland went
on, "When 1 saw him���I didn't wonder. Ry way of heing an 'officer and
gentleman,' hut the biggest bounder
I've ever had thc ill luck to meet.
Says he'll bc hanged before he does
anything but what the law compels
liiin io eh, for ihe child."
"Oh!" said Anstiss. and her lips set
as they had not done since the dav
eef  the   accident.
"It   seems    lhe   nieither   hanelu't   a
sou," Leyland went 'en.     "But,    of
course, there are orphanages, as the
father kindly pointed out to me. I'.ut
we'll do better than that for him, I
guess. W'e don't send our guests lo
charily homes from Easton Lanyon."
Anstiss looked up quickly, wilh
one "I her bright challenging glances.
"You need not trouble! she saiel
eagerly. "I love him! lie shall be
mine! My baby, my little Alec!"
Her eyes Hashed defiance into Ley-
land's  bewildered   face.
"Do you mean  that you will  adopt
him?" he asked,
"Exactly,"  said Anstiss.
The  young  man     tugged    at    his
"I'.ut. Miss Forrest���forgive mc if
I seem impertinent���do you realize
what it means to bring up and educate  a   boy?"
"I call work for him!" said Anstiss
"That's splendidly brave of you���
but you forget another thing���an
even   more   important   thing."
"What is it?" demanded Anstiss re-
"Lord   Leyland!"
Hut Leyland's eyes met her steadily. "The world is so confoundedly
censorious," he said reluctantly. "It
will ask why on earth a pretty girl
should burden herself with a strange
child���and  what  will  you  reply?"
Anstiss' eyes blazed. She was furiously angry because she felt that
what lie said was true, but she answered readily enough.
"i shall say that I adopted him lie-
cause we were two lonely creatures
together, lie shall be my son to me,
and I will be his mother to him���and
I don't care a���a thing���what the
world says."
She looked away, as though the
discussion were finished. Leyland
looked troubled, lie had never been
so anxious about anything in all his
life as thai no breath should blow
upon the fair fame of this wilful, romantic girl he���loved. Nor so desirous of anything as that she should
not go her own solitary way ignoring
their   three-weeks'-old   friendship.
"There i.s something else you for-1
get." he said with knitted brows.
"Veen may be ready to pay���but have
you any right to pledge yourself for
the child also? You may despise the
whisperings of the outside world. It
is like you to do so. But suppose,
when he is old enough to understand,
he   should   suffer?"
Anstiss had turned to him again,
anil  her  lace was white.
"What a fool you must think me���
and I am a fool," she said slowly.
"What a beastly place the world is."
She knew she must yield to Leyland's
merciless reasoning, hut her rebellious  heart  cried  out  against   il.
"Oh, and wc were going to be so
happy together, baby and I," she
said, moved quite out of her cherished self-restraint. She was no longer
the brilliant, college-trained lecturer
���she was just one woman alone, in
arms against the bitter social law.
and forced to own herself defeated.
The defiant eyes filled with tears
she was slill ten, proud to shed, lhe
Btern  mouth quivered helplessly.
Jack Leyland had an inspiration.
Ile came close and put his arms about
her and about the sleeping child that
lay upon her knee.
"Anstiss! Let mc take care of vou
"Oh. yui've wakened him!" cried
Anstiss reproachfully. The baby
stirred, opened his eyes, and gurgled
with soft laughter, hut Leyland did
neet take his arms away, and presently, above lhe golden head wilh ii<
knot of black ribbon, the lips of the
man and woman met.
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whe, have been a big bit in the E,.-t
are breezing over the circuit with a
fine line of up-l'i-thc-minutc material.
Imperial Theatre
Robi it  lln In ii-' ureal novel, "Bella
lie.una." .,- adapted to thi        re with
Madame   N'azimova  in  th    tifli
is -aiel to In- one of the binne--! sensations  ihe-  stage  has  n e n  in  > eai -
Few actresses arc better equipped lo
presenl   the   especial   trying   roll    ul
Mi     Chepstow, ih,- central  figure in
the   play,   than   i-   this   Ial -ntcd   Ku--
-ian woman, i"r the pari is one which
fits   her   c-pe cially   well.    IIcr    pi i
formance has been likened i" thai "i
lorin.ine !��� nas neeii iiKenen n, mat en
a beautiful reptile, who, when the opportune in- .iiii-ti t arrive-. Milks it -
fang- in it- victim. Poison and passion an the- basic properties in "Delia
Donna." <)ne critic has said of
"Bella   Donna,"   feir   sustained   nerve
tcllsieill      ;niel      CHleetlnlial      clilliaxi-      il
w.'tilel be elifficult to recollect at the
present moment two acts of a production more Serious in intensity than
those concluding this adaptation freem
I Hlchens' novel.    Madame   Nazimova
| while 'en  the  stage demands constant
'attention.    The  interpretation  of  the
Ie of Delia  Donna is something ex
ay.   Charles Froh
,'ery  elaborate am
in for "Bella Don
x   different   settinj
ir acts.    The com
pany   to   lie   seen   In   the   support   ot
N'azimova   is   practically   identical   as
was   seen   during  the   N'ew   Vork   engagement.      Madame   Nazimova     in
"Della   Donna."  comes  lei  the   Imperial Theatre on Tuesdav. June 3.
*    *    *    '
Avenue Theatre
"Lena Rivers"
if   tin
lean ami
The   work
average  playgoer.
entire  company  merits   high
boys anil the war whoop- of Indians.
"Tin   Stampede" is the drama and it
i�� proving te, lie eme eif the very besl
We stern  play -     li   i 11-   a   story   ol
unusual interest, ami  il arvellous
 i iln- fighl between tin- Indians and cowboys in ihe third acl
very thrilling. Tin- effect of the
Indians creeping slowly ur..mi-l the
cowboys i- very exciting. Tiny teem
i"   come   Ire,in  tin-  re.e.f  e.f  the  tcatre
.lliel II- they e i, 111 - ehiwll t ���, lln- desert and open lire "ii lhe men it is ail
inspiring sight and shows the dangers 'ef ilu- desert life in Texas. Thc
company play well. Charles Ayres
and V. T. Henderson have very heavy
acting scenes and the situation in the
��� ie serl is portrayed in a manner that
pronounce these actor-, in In- artistes
in their clas^. Isabelle Fletcher, Mr-
ta Marsky anil Tilly Armstrong do
full justice in the female characters.
A large number of people are seen
mi  the stage.
Next week will lie offered fine of
lhe besl things eif the season. This
will lie "The Only Way." a dramatization of Charles Dickens' great novel,
"A Tale of Two Cities." By many
this  is  thought   to be  the  best book
��� ef lhe great master writer. Although
many authors have chosen the French
Revolution feer their background,
neme have created a story of such
wonderful power as has Dickens in
ihis novel. This will be the same
version as presented by Martin Harvey in England, and Henry Miller in
America. Its stirring plot and deep
heart interest has appealed to all
classes. The wonderful character of
Sydney Carton teaches us that even
a hopeless drunkard may be capable
of great deeds. The action is placed
in the two cities. London and Paris.
Tlu- prologue 'epen in France at the
Chateau of St. Evremonde, and shows
some of the wrongs inflicted on the
peasantry hy the nobility, which
helped   lee   lead   tee   the   French   Revo-
Royal Assassinations
The tragie- death of King George
eif Greece, win, was she.t through the
hiari while walking in the streets of
Salonica, recalls a remark which his
late Majesty onci made to the effect
that he believed il was ln^ fate te.
die ai ihe bands of ihe assassin. This
was after a delibi tl nipt to kill
him mi February 2ti. 1898, when he
was shot at while driving with his
daughter,  Princess  Marie.
The- determination of assassins of
royally i��� one of iln- most remarkable
features   oi   those   dastardly   crimes
Ne,   fewer   than   three-   attempt!   were
made on the life- nf King Humbert
of Italy. On November 17. 1K7K, ten
months after liis accession tej the
throne, a man attempted to stab him
with a dagger, thc King escaped with
a slight scratch. The second unsuccessful attempt was in 1897, when a
workman struck it him with a dagger
while he was driving lei the races, the
murderer's blow being again averted.
Three years later, however, the assassin llresci accomplished his fell
purpose by shooting King Humbert
at Monza.
The Emperor Francis Joseph of
I Austria has reason to be greatly cm-
' bittered against assassins, for not
only was his wife, the Empress
Elizabeth, fatally stabbed while walking from her hotel at Geneva in 1898,
but twice attempts have been made
on his own life. In 1853 a tailor
named Libeny tried to stab the monarch in the neck, his knife sliding
down thc military cravat of the Emperor's uniform, only a slight wound
being inflicted, while in 1882 he was
shot at by a youth named Overdank.
the shot, however, missing its intended mark.
Four Czars of Russia have been
assassinated, the last being Alexander II, in 1881. Six attempts were
made em this monarch's life before
the fatal end. On one occasion he
only escaped through the barrel of
the assassin's pistol bursting, while
in 1866, when the dinner hall of the
winter place was wrecked by an explosion from thc cellars, the Emperor
owed his life to the fact that the
company did not sit down tee dinner
at the usual hour, and so the ex-
plosion was ineffective. Ultimately
Alexander was blown to pieces with
nitro-glycerine while driving through
Si.   Petersburg ..n  March  13,  1881.
Three attempts have been made e.n
lln- life- of tin- present Czar, the last
lieing in 1905, while celebrating what
i- km.��n us ihe- Twelfth Day Festi-
val, A pavilion hail been erected in
front of tin- winter palace, and
the Czar ami Grand I Hike-? had lin-
ished prayers in this pavilion, a salute of ��un- u,-,. tin-,! from iln- fortress fi St. Petersburg opposite tin
palace- on til i - ither -i'h- of tin River
Neva. Tn the consternation of the
attendants, the pole of the bannei
over iin- pavilion was broken in tun.
while tin- windows of the pa!
ne!     It was aftei
'Ten that  one ni the  guns  had  be -
loaded  hy  an   unknown   hand.
Three attempts were maele to kill
Queen Victoria, while twice an as-
sassin tried tn lake the life of iin
late King Edward, but without success.
The- lasl occasion nas in 1900, when
Siphln tried i" shoot King Edward
ai   Brussels.
Perhaps the narrowest escape
which Queen Victoria had was when
her life was attempted by Roderick
Maclean  in  1SS2 at  Wun';-'-:-  Station.
Hatting! & Gore    Phone Sey. 3907
Tonight 8.15       Matinee Sat. 2.1S
This  Week
The Stampede
Next Week
The Only Way
Unequalled       Vaudeville       Meant       PanttfM
SHOW STARTS---2.el5. 7.15. and  <> 30 pn,.
Week  of June 2
The  Human  Monk
Harry   Hohnan   &  Co.
In a  comedy  sketch
World's   Greatest   mimic,   actor   and
'm> ..\a'M
III., II l   -el-JwiMKlilllN \cXlll VlII*'
Week of June 2
With    Hugh    Gilbert    and
Margot   Williams
Ray Thompson's
Violinists  and   Guitar   Soloists
Other Bie S. & C. Acts
Prices 15c 25c, 35c, and 50c
Two Shows Nightly, 7:30 and 9.15
Matinee  daily  3  p.m.
Had he been a little more cool or a
meere excellent shot, this assailant
wemld im'ft certainly have succeeded
in Irs villainous  purpose.
Some  Summer  Suits
Bright   summer     weather     having
now, it is Impel, come t" stay with
us  for a few months, the donning of
new,   light   clothing   is   a   matter   of
mm- -   en-   less   keen   interesi   t"   ihe
well-dressed  man     The    poet     says
thai   in   ilu-   spring   the   thoughts   of
young   nn n   lightly   turn   tu  love;   lie
should have added thai they also mrn
i,, thoughl - i if new i 1 ith< -.    Ti   I
desiring new  stiiium-i- sniis in  all  the
. - -   ami   ","   tl      I -inllis
���'.et. William Clift, who is
'��� i ii nci '1  la Iii -'    and    gentle-
���  tailor, at  the  corner  of  Fifty-
Wenue ami Fraser, South Van-
���  besl and promptest
Victorian Order of Nurses
I'i      South   Vancou1! ii   of
v'icloria-n Order fi Nurses will
i hold tin ir n gular meeting a1, the
- '    nn-   of   Mrs -   .     4(>ii7     Main
Stri ri. .-"I ner 30tli   \i i nue,    n  Tins-
-lay afternoon,  June 3. ut  3 o'cl
All  ladies interested iu  the  weirk of
iln- order an- cordially invited to bc
prese nt
J. M. Sandusky, of Lawrence & Sandusky Company,
Avenue Theatre
praise, t" lhe la.In - Falling tin- glor)
iu lhe main. Maude Leone again
demonstates her versatility hy her delightful portrayal oi the heroine, two
mli- more diversely trying than
"Mailann N" ami "Lena Rivers" could
scarcely be imagined, bul Maude
Leone scores a triumph in each
Ethel Corley wa- excellent as the
jealous Mrs Graham, and Dimple
Kelie.,1 re\eah-el unexpected power in
the disagreeable role of Caroline Livingston, and Helen Wilson, a new
comer, was graceful ami pretty as Anna. For iln- men Del Lawrence gave
a manly, forceful performance a- the
hero, ami Alf Layne ami Louis Anc-
ker were prominent. The comedy
element which is unusually -in ng
was well handled by Daisy D'Avra,
I Inward Russell. Edward Laurence
and Minnie Townshend. Altogether
a   line play  and  fine  produced.
For next week Lawrence' & Sandusky announce a superb producti n
nf "The Avalanche." Robert Milliard's great success ami for iin- firsl
lime in Vancouver, li is a story of
social ami business life in a greal
city powerfully and dramatically presented ami has aroused a iuron i
lhe larger cities of lln- East, where
produced, equalled hy no other pi iy
of iis lypc. The plol centres around
a struggle mi the Stock Exchange I ���
lhe control <>f a mine called "The
Avalanche," hence the title, bul there
i- far more than ihis in llle play.
There are exciting episodes enough
for a ih'zi'ii plays, a splendid Ime m
live, ill facl two of them, and an
abundance e.f clever comedy. Del
Lawrence as John Grey, ami Mamie
Leone as Helen day hi- wife, ��ill
have pans calling for their very best,
and all the favorites e.f the company
will have preeminent ml.- "The
Avalanche" will lie sumptuously staged and mount< '1
*    *    +
Empress Theatre
This week th.- Empress Theatre is
resounding with  the  shouts  of cow-
iiitiini. Then tin- a'trtfon i- taken to
I."iiile.n ai'ier many years. The
French Revolution i> in lull swing
ami iln- aristocrats are fleeing t,. England. Here e-miics the Marquis of
Si Evremonde under tin- name of
Charles Darnley, followed by spies
lief ih,- Revolutionary tribunal. He
.and Sydney Carton love ihe same
girl. I.'nn- Manette. The Marquis
returns i" Paris, is arrested, tried In
the tribunal ami sentenced i" death.
Sydney Carton, wishing In give to
Lucie lhe' man she loves, realizing
| his own uselessness in the world owing i" hi.- love of drink, changes
places wiih ihe Marquis in his cell
ami g.ee's i,i ihe guillotine in his stead.
The greal scene eif the Revolutionary
tribunal will he a line stage effect
\ll ihe good points e.f the book will
In- introduced, ami all ihe well-known
characters are in Vancouver.
*   *   *
Orpheum  Theatre
(hie of ihe best ami ninst expensive vaudeville hill- ever senl over
ihe Sullivan & Considine circuit i-
scheduled fm- presentation at the Orpheum during the coming  week.
The' headline attraction will he thai
"i 'The Son eii Solomon" with Hugh
Herberl ami Margot Williams in iln
leading roles of ihis wonderful sketch
of ilu- Jewish home by Aareen Hoffman. The act was a tremendous hit
at llle I Irpheum last year. Kay
Thompson's High School horses, of
which thiia are four, is said to positively represent iln- acme ..f equestrian sensations of lhe present day.
Thi- acl was lhe' equestrian feature
of Ringling Dr. s. circus for several
-ease.ns. A charming instrumental
offering will he given hy Mac Dolly
and Charles Mack, a violiniste ami
guitar soloists nf concert calibre, respectively. Wilt..ti anil Merrick arc
comedy gymnasts with several daring punches to their act. Elliott and
West are "Dancing Clawns" who "i-
ii-r -min' difficult dancing steps. Gil-
more and La T"ur. a man and woman
Around the Municipal Hall
(Continued  from   Pagi   ! i
at heart thai South Vancouver must
have an  hospital  eif its  nun.
* *    *
Too much cannot be said nf the
efforts of the Council lee obtain industrial sites Every citizen in the
municipality should a>-i>t ilu Council in this good work ami see that the
bylaw, if ..ne is necessary, is carried.
so that ihe Council he encouraged tn
gn forward in the path of progress
I am snrry lhe same cannot be said
e.f ilie ga-  proposition      It  i- an  tin-
Icertain undertaking ami there is no
use in blinking the facl The Old
Country investors are againsl young
municipalities tackling such problems
Fiscal agents look wiih ,lisfnv,,r upon
ihcm. 1 am confident if Wood, Gundy & Co, were consulted as to
whether   it   will   he   advisable   or   mn
\ lo float bonds fnr a municipal gas
plant, tiny would turn it down witli
-inh promptitude as would surprise
the Council. The position of some of
the Councillors wishing to have a
Municipal Gas plant can easily be
understood. There are always a
number of citizens who never see
beyond a certain point; '.hey never
stop to go into the intricacies nf any
problem, sn thai when anything appeals t" them Ihey simply keep nag-
ging at the Councillors to adopt their
* *   *
Collingwood district will always be
the ideal homesite of the working
men. They should make an efforl
In have an acre nr two reserved
within her centre tor small work-
shops. Tin- Business Men's \ssocia-
tion there drew lhe Council's at-
tention to the arc lamps sometimes
going oul at night, and asked the
council iee see thai some reduction
was obtained when a lamp was out.
Not a single lamp iii the whole Municipality goes nut al night hut is
reported mi by tlie police in the
morning, and by 9 a.m. word is sent
tn the 1',. C. Electric Railway Company, and men are despatched at once
to locate the trouble. At the end of
the month every unlit lamp is checked, and even should it only be out
for a couple of hours the amount is
deducted  from  the Electric  bill.
* *    *
Quite a feeling of elation was felt
by  every  one  when    the    Dominion
appropriations were published. R. C.
Hodgson ai mice telegraphed to Ottawa In H. M. Stevens mi behalf of
the Board nf Trade, their thanks for
what had been done. Not only will
South Vance.uver' benefit from the '
vote thai has been made direct to her,
but the municipality will also benefit
from every appropriation that has
been granted to the upper reaches of
the Fraser River. "Wlfefc" will the
new Post Office bc locateel in South
Vancouver is ihe- question that is
agitating th* minds of many. Mr.
Whelpton al.'iig with the postal committee of tin' Board of Trade will
'await upon the postmaster this week
ami try to get it Ibcated in the most
central  part.
i>    *    * -
The inomheT- of lhe B iard of
Trade an nol allowing grass to grow
iimie ��� their feel; e\ irj movemenl is
I how heme waTch'ed by them foi fl
flaying of ��alet-in.nn- across tin- North.
Arm. anel also the building "i railway bridges s.e thai mi impediment
t" large shipping may be allowed to
be   put   in   e.r   over   th*   river.      That
they are- also on the alert fo capture
for South Vancouver any share' of
business than can be done is vi-
denced by  the  vim  thtey are putting
I into the scheme for a Public Market:
In a man ihey are behind the Council
in their efforts i.e obtain industrial
sites, and they will render the Council
every   assistance   in   their   power, to
| carry this project tin, ugh. In fact,
the Board of Trade wi iderlng
this schi mi i - a tentati> i manner
when Reeve Kerr launched i; forth;
hence the satisfaction expressed by
the Board of Trade, when tlu y heard
the Council were aboul to undertake it.
*    *    *
Immediately    Reeve   K irr   said   at
the Central Parliament that the ladies
; should  f.erm  a   City   Beautiful   A isolation,   Mrs.   R.   C.   Hodgson,   wife
of   the   president   of   the    board    of
trade, told me thai  such an association had been formed al  Cedar Cottage, bin that the association had become   discouraged   through   the  atti-
j tude of the Council in tearing up the
boulevards  soon  after    matters    had
been put into some kind of shape.   If
the ladies in the different portions of
! the   municipality   will   now    take   up
j this    matter    in    real    earnest,    the
! "Chinook" through its pages will assist  them  in  every possible  way. and
if the present Council will only hurry
up  and  say  where   the  sewage .pipes
and  gas mains  are  to be  laid,  every
citizen  of  South  Vancouver  will  enter into the scheme with spirit.
������ TEN
SATURDAY,  MAY 31,  1913.
How  a  Famous   Lion   Tamer   Had to  Fight for  His  Life
A in..ment aller the pictures were
taken tin lion sprang al the man and
almost killed him. The seen* was
Sulphur Springs, Fla.i the man. Captain Jack Bonavita, one of the world I
famous animal trainers. Lion and
man wh' posing f"r a picture liim,
the man willingly, the lie'ii because
lhe man compelled il Yem see lhe
last picture before ilu- lion sprang.
Tin- nexl was never taken. Instead
vnu niai conceive a white-faced camera operator, hi- hand paralyzed hy
fright and lu- an mtioii riveted i" tl"'
horror before him.
Captain Bonavita will be remembered in New York by his exciting career as chief trainer of the De.stnck
animal.- at Dreamland. He lost an
arm there in a battle wiih the fierce
lion. Baltimore, iu 1905, ami six years
later, when Dreamland burned, came
very near losing hi- life-. This killer was in an attempt to rescue the
imprisoned animals. lie failed, hut
hi- ..Unit made nnc eif the bravest in-
cidents in a long career nf daring.
Ihs recenl close escape at Sulphur
Springs occurred during the enactment of a motion picture drama called "The Child, of the Jungle." The
acini-, were Bonavita and a lion named Brutus. The scene was laid in a
big cage, decorated in such a way
that tlie bars weret invisible, and it
appeared to be the centre of a in epical woodland. Bonavita was supposed to he a man who, iu his childhood, had been trained by an old
lion tamer to the ways of the wild.
He had grown up. however, in civilized surrounding. A shipwreck had
thrown him hack into the jungle.
This was where the picture began on
the day of the accident.
The operator was stationed just
outside the cage with the lenses of
his camera poking through. There
was a good deal of roe mi in the in-
closure. Dnnavila had tn manipulate things sn that the most dramatic part of the episode���the moment
when he proved that he hail mit forgotten his childhood mastery eif animals��� wouhl lake place directly in
front of the camera.
It was a risky business, llriilus,
llie lieen in the acl, had been ugly for
two or three days, lie was jungle
born and the smell e.f the tropics had
gone lo his head. Turning him loose
in a strange cage was very likely to
have   unpleasant   results.      Bonavita
kin-w ihis, hut as the possibility of
unpleasant results constitutes an im-
portant feature ..f his profession, kept
lln   mailer  lee  himself.
The   liim   began   to   unroll.     First
there appeared from ihe thick foliage
00 lhe far side nf the cage lln- lion
tamer,     lie was  supposed  I" be lost,
half starved ami seriously crippled.
Hi- forward progress was a series of
11- and fierce struggles i" new i""t-
I'an  nf lhe time he was on bis
hands and knees. He came closer
unlil tin-re was barely twenty feel between him and lhe camera. The linn
remained sullenly against the wall of
ihe cage, a tawny shadow iii the
undergrowth. Bonavita called him.
It was time for the lieeii tei appear in
the  subjugation  e,f  Brutus    to
helpers.     By   lhe   time   they   had
big   cat   backed   intei   a   corner     i��e.i
wounds em the tamer's chest had been
supplemented by others on  Ins leg
and thigh, lie was taken to a he.s-
pital. His injuries were serious, but
the doctors thought his vitality would
pull   him   ihreeiigh.     Il   diel.   Within  a
comparatively short time he wa- able
to receive the camera operative anel
relieve hi- mind "i a burden which
hael rested there ever since the taking
nf   the   picture.     Later   he     discussed
matters more calmly
"It will happen occasionally," he
said. "The most trustworthy beasts
g.e wrong sometimes, jusl a- ilu- mosl
peaceable men flare up and ihe evil
things. I felt very sun- of Brutus because   I   have  tried  him  in   various
wai -   ami   In    seemed   !���'  be   llle   best
natured brute I had ever trained. He
seemed t" lake naturally tee the mo-
tjon   picture   came,   anil     apparently
keenly enjoyed playing for ihe cam.
liis   Election of Delegate to International
the j Typographical Union
the!     The election of a delegate t'e repre-
nt Vancouver Typographical Union
N". 226, at ihe Annual Convention of
the International Typographical l'n-
ie.n.io lu- held at Nashville, Tennessee,
August 1913, resulted in the president,
.Mr. A. Ke.hh. being elected The resull of ilu- poll was: Robb, Sil; Dennison, 7S;  Wilton, 19; Trotter.  15.
Was  In-  'ich  "r peeeer? She  wanted
t ,   find   .nil   before     she     gave     her
ansn r. Thinking deeply a moment,
ihe said : "I fear we should not get
along we II. 'i mi an- te". extravagant."
"Extravagant!" he repealed. "On
iln- contrary,  I am very economical.
Why   I   lave in he."
"Then   I   can   ucv.-r   he  your   wife."
"Becaus:  I am    economical?"   he
llle I ie ei
"No,"  she answered, "because ynu
have  tee  he."
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acute or chronic, Chiropractic is just
the thing.
May   21,   1913
Tenders are Invited for thc moving of thc
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Specifications may be obtained at the
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Tenders addressed to the undersigned will
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Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
C. M. C.
Hox  1224, South Hill,   B.  C.
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75c each. Ladies' suits from $1.50
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His Majesty's Canadian Ship "Rainbcw." By the action of the Borden Government,
this trim War Vessel, which with the "Niobe" was purchased by the former Government
to form the nucleus of a Canadian Navy, is now being stripped of her fighting gear. Tbe
"Rainbow" and "Niobe" have probably caused more squabb'ing and fighting, fiag-
waving and general jingoism than the efforts of a dozen m��n-rt-war could stop. The
"Rainbow" now lies in Esquimalt Harbor and the British Colurr.b:; Coest is again absolutely without protection from attacks from the navies cf Gsrnnny and Japan !
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the picture. Brutus did not respond.
The tamer called again. Then he
threw a pebble. Hrutus flashed into
the air, made a ten-foot bound across
the stage and landed directly in front
of the camera, his tail swinging angrily.
Now there is one difficulty about
acting for motion pictures. Every
animal trainer holds mastery over his
charges by sheer power of personality. Bonavita, in adding to the
realism of the picture, was compelled for a moment to abandon his own
personality and assume that of another man���a weary footsore, fatigued
man. Here was a jungle���trees,
ground, bushes. Here was the man
lie hated, plainly in the last throes of
exhaustion and therefore an easy victim. Brutus lashed his tail and
Outside the camera man turned
monotonously at the crank. Through
the foliage there caine the slow,
steady whirr of the twirling film
spool.    Bonavita  stumbled.
"That's fine!" called the operator.
Tlie man had fallen on liis right aide.
Both lie and the operator knew that
at this point there was a hidden club,
Roftavita reached for it hastily. The
lion, after hesitating a second, had
sprung forward. Thc club struck
him sharply on the note He shrank
Bonavita still la> . n his side, his
left hand upraised. The right was
the one taken off by Baltimore in
1905. It was plain that Hrutus
might put some more impromptu
business into the scene. On the other
hand, the picture was almost finished,
If he could hold off the lion long
enough to make the battle a part of
the film it would make the whole picture drama that much more valuable
and realistic.    He decided to try it.
Brutus, e|tiitc evidently, was willing.
Ile made a new advance. Again the
stick landed on the tendcrest part of
his anatomy. This time it did not
cow him. It merely made him mad.
He licked the injured nose, growled
savagely and sprang forward with
bared teeth.
"Great!" called the operator. Bonavita said nothing. He had seen in
the great cat's eyes that which told
liim that in about two seconds "The
Child eef the Jungle" was going to be
registered among the most realistic
dramas ever produced. He started
to straighten up.   The lion sprang.
For a moment the camera opera-
tier saw a struggle which, if he had
possessed sufficient presence of mind
to record it, would have made a unique and absorbing picture. Bonavita
was down witli the lion clawing at
his chest. Helpers, armed with long
iron poles, were entering ihrough the
cage doors.
"Wait!" the fallen man cried to
them. His eyes were fixed on the
lion; the club was again poised in the
air. It came down. Brutus shivered,
elreepjieil his head and seemed about
to give up. He was almost mastered.
"Turn! turn!" Bonavita called to
the operator, lie saw that the crank
had been idle durirg the entire fight.
That ended it. Bonavita quietly
fainted   from  loss  of blood  and  left
era. Just what caused his sudden
Outbreak 1 will never be able to guess.
1 had put him through the same in
a rehearsal a deizen limes and he had
it down pat. This doubtless caused
me to bc less on my guard than I
usually am. When he made the
spring 1 saw that he was out for
blood, but it was too late to get my
eye on him. That's the whole secret.
Once made to know the meaning of
the trainer's straight gaze and the
wildest  of beasts  will  cower."
Soon after he joined Bostock's
show as an acrobat, Bonavita took a
fancy to animals and requested Bostock's permission to try his hand at
training them. Two coyotes were
among the animals with the show
and they were turned over to the
would-be trainer. He soon tired of
these and asked for something bigger,
making the astonishing request that
he be given a lion. Bostock sized up
the fellow, found that he had a good
eye and steady nerve and finally decided to try liim with one of the most
docile beasts in the menagerie.
In a few months Bonavita was performing wilh twenty-seven lions in
a large caged arena thc most remarkable act ever produced. It was this
act that tnaile him famous. In the
fall of 1903 Hostock decided to try
his fortunes abroad and divided his
show, sending one-half to Philadelphia for winter quarters, and the
other lo I'aris, where he opened the
Hippodrome, soon the talk of Europe. Bonavita continued with Bostock up to thc time of his death, and
then joinid the motion-picture
He makes his headquarters in Florida, writes his own scenarios and attends strictly to his own stage managing. This is his first accident
since he took up the new line.
"The Child of the Jungle" is now
being produced at a hundred motion-
picture theatres. The audiences are
always rather a little disappointed
at the scene when the man subdues
the li'in.    It ciuls sei abruptly.
Cor. Bodwell and Main
Phone:     Fairmont   1544
SATURDAY, MAY 31, at 4 p.m.
Joyce Street, Collingwood East
Donations Acknowledged
The Relief Committee of the South
Vancouver Branch of Victorian Order of District Xurscs wish tei acknowledge the sum of $1375 collected by -Mrs. K. M. Robson, 2234 Alberta Sireet. te, be applied tee llle As
ken fund and als'i a bale of clothing
from Mrs. K.ebseeii feer relief purpi ses.
Iron  and  Brass  Beds,  Springs,  Mattresses,  Pillows,   Chairs,
Pictures, Picture Frames, Stoves, Ranges, Dry Goods,
Crockery, Hats and Caps, etc.
Also a Large Stock of Books and Stationery
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up 1.. 12
o'clock noon on Tuesday. June 3rd.
1913. for hauling 200 c'.irds we,.nl
(more ,,r les-) from School Site, corner 51st Avenue and Elliott Street, to
Mackenzie School. 46th and Fraser
Street, and Gordon School, 51st
Avenue   and   Knight   Street.
For  further particulars apply  to
Board   of  School   Trustees  of  South
P. O.  Box 59, Cedar Cottage, B.  C.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, at 2.30 p.m.
I am preparing my list for the sale, which is to be held on June 25th. This
list includes property which has been carefully selected by me and which has
reserve prices considerably under the price of adjoining property. All persons
having property to list for this sale or subsequent sales should see me at once.
A. M. BEATTIE, Auctioneer
Room 612, Vancouver Block


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