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The Greater Vancouver Chinook Aug 2, 1913

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Vol. II, No. 12.
Price 5 ants
Developing Constructiveness in ! iqqaL PUPILS LEAD ALL B. C New Industries With Payrolls
Minds of the Rising Generation
Teachers Summer Class In Manual Training Held at Lord Selkirk
School, Cedar Cottage, South Vancouver
The Education Department of this
province has this year made the lirst
attempt at supplying its own requirement! in the leaching of manual
training, the popularity of which subject is ever increasing. This attempt
was made by arranging a training
class for teachers desirous of becoming manual training instructors. As
many of these were at present engaged in actual teaching it was necessary to fix the time of the class during the holiday and the hml month
was  chosen   for  the work.
Teachers wcre attending from Victoria, Vancouver, ami Xew Westminster, therefore a central position was
chosen and as a class for teachers
had been running at Cedar Cottage
School, Semlli Vancouver, during the
winter, ii was decided to carry this
.ii. making the summer class a continuation  nf it.
The class assembled on Mouday,
June 31, and met continuously for
iln    six   working   day-   nl'   llle   link.
finishing the course mi July 24. The
Imurs were from nine lo twelve in
ilie morning and one to three-thirty
in tlu- afternoon. Tin- work however
proved so fascinating lhat many of
lln- sludcnts began long before 9 ee'-
clock, some as early a- 7 o'clock, anil
did nut finish often until 5 o'clock
in the afternoon. All evinced the
greatest desire to become thoroughly
acquainted wiih the besl methods of
presenting this subject ami iln- best
schemes to adopt tee get the besl results out of the subject.
Mr. W. K. Woodcock, supervisor
of manual instruction for Smith Van-
' "liver, was appointed by the F.du-
cation Department of the Province
I" conduct the class. lie has had
much experience in conducting similar cla.-si-s in England, where these
summer classes arc the chief source
nf -upplv nf teachers I'm this special
work. And these conditions are
much more strenuous for the summer holiday is only of four weeks'
duration, and teachers taking such a
course thut lose the whole of those
four weeks' holiday. But such is the
demand for ibis training that centres
arc established in seven or eight districts of England, generally holiday
resorts, so that the surroundings of
those taking this strenuous training
may  be of a   holiday  nature.
Teachers in training make a recognized course of models, the objects
chosen being attractive in themselves
and in the making of these are shown
lhe correct methods to be pursued.
The course arranged this year consisted of 24 models, one of which wa.s
1" bc an original model. Sonic exceptionally line examples of work were
procured by the members of the class,
work thai no skilled cabinet maker
need be ashamed of. and the original
models were of an exceptionally high
All these models were grouped together at thc end of lhe course and
photographed so that a permanent
record may be kept of the result of
the month's work. At the same time
a photograph was taken of the members nf lln- class, 'Sn that now lhe
\-nrkers and lhe work will make com-
I1 iiiimi pictures.
Running   concurrently   with    this
class was one in manual training met-
al work at the King Edward High
School, Vancouver.    This was for the
manual    training    teachers    already
qualified and actually teaching the
woodwork branch nf lhe subject.
Mi-ialwork is intended in follow thc
woodwork of the  Public School  when
tin- pupil reaches tin- High School.
This class was visited by the members "f the woodwork class nn Tuesday, July 15. and many we-re fired
with ��� desire to eventually add this
te, iheir qualifications. Tin- - icial
side was not best sight nf and a picnic party was arranged up ilu- North
Arm mi Monday, July 21.    Mr.  Fairey,
nlle  nf  llle   -t.lIT
Student! I."in South Vancouver High School be.'iii.I lhe ll-I- in
���In- July examinations, making a re-
ceerd which i- iln main subject "i conversation in educational circles
throughout the province. Every candidate   passed   with   high   marks,   the
Jog by South Vancouver
facturers Appreciate Possibilities
local student! outstripping more than George  C.   Gilchrist
1.7ii*i  competitors.    The   record  is
Splendid evidence e,f the efficiency eef
iln   teaching staff in South Vancouver.
South Vancouver
Soulh Vancouver High School, Pre.
liminary Course, Junior Crude; maxi
1 mum  marks  10(111.    Xunil
elali s. 34;  passed, 34.
Clan ne, \V Warwick
(Catherine M. Fan's ...
Evelj n   \    Roi in- 'ii   ....
Robert Ml    McLuckle  668  No Inducements Being Made to attract Factories, Though Manu-
Jamei M   Creighton   663
Marion  I-'.  Hardwick    6S6
..655      Seeme ��eek- .,u". a lumber concern
..653  looking im a geeeid factory -lie in the
..650  neighborhood of  t/ancouver, sent re-
648 Ipresentatives  i" interview the muni-
..644  eipal council of S,mth  Vancouver in
639  find  what   concessions  the    concern
Percy  I-'. Jami -
Jean   R,   Hardwick
Eva   Robinson   	
Thomai   E.   Morgan
Mary  I. Arnison   .. .
Annie  M.   I,itch
Main I J   Hawthorne
llnian   A.   Hoicka
f candi-l Mabel  C.   Kay   	
i Muriel A.  Barnwell
Colin   W.  Robertson   ...
Mabel   lieiwile-ii    	
Eunice   M.   Sett    	
Isabelle   R.   Whelan   ...
Gordon   S.   Jones-Evam
Kathleen    I..    I.ilcll    	
George   Scotl    ....
. .NiKll Margarel  II. Williamson
793  Harold  Savill   	
762  Olivi   L.   Batcheler   	
..749i Norman  I..  Kirk   	
f the manual instruc-  !�����'��   M    McLe< 'I
j J.    (.eefllnll     Illg!   -     . ,
(Continued  on   Page 9) Marjorie   Copping
7 18
George :
Janie - !���',
W ende II
I.   Com ver   	
T.   Grimmett   	
Study,  Intermediate
the waterfront, near McLelan'i null,
ai Ladner, by thc Duscheny Packing
Company of Vancouver, for whom
Mr. George J Turner is manager. In
the space of two weeks this company
will begin the operation of a drying
.636 might expeel if ihey located upon the or evaoorating plant at Ladner, with
.634 North Arm of the Fraser River. The machinery which will dispose of four
..631) council did met pause before inform- tons ni green vegetables or fruit
.628 ing the gentleman that they might daily. The dried "input from this
..605 expect in, concessions bey.,ml the consumption will be hall a te
,.603 glorious privilege of lining business
.580 in the municipality. S.e the industry
. 573 did nut locate in South Vancouver,
.566  but  chose  a   site  in  a    neighboring
565   municipality
,...563      What mav expand int
. ...530
day in the week.
In this drying factory, all kinds of
vegetables and all kinds of fruits and
berries, from potatoes to blackbei  ii
1;   pa
I2i i
sed.   I.
of large-  benefit   t
I ilities,  i-  n
��� an industry
Delta  in  the
ii- agricultural pi ssi-
being  established  on
The   Super-Dreadnought     "New   Zealand" at anchor in Vancouver Harbor-A $10,000,000 sacrifice on the aitar of
Imperial Federation
The  golili'ii   sunshine  gleams  on  {til,
l'roni   blue  and   fleecy   skies
The   gladsome   lights   is   mirrored   back
J it    people's   laughing   eye'"..
The   whispering   winds   are   all   awake
Vou  hear thc  wild  birds  tall,
You   catch   the   gleam
uf  the  mountain  stream
Above   the   ftr   trees   tall.
But   the   whispering   winds
Are  silenced  now
Ity siren's braien notes
As   we   "welcome"  peal
To  the  ship  of  steel
Prom   twiee   ten    thousand   throats.
Oh I  lovely are Vancouver's skies
I"i-on  this  s.' bbath  day ;
Ere   long  the  sunset's  golden  glow
Will   blushing   fade   away;
A    myriad   stars   will   then   peep   out
o'er all the ocean deep
The   mountains   wrapped
In fleecy robes
Will   almost  seem   to   sleep.
A sabbath calm will cover all
Vancouver's  busy  life.
The   night   grow -   dim -
And  that   monster  grim
Stem-,   wailing   (or   fell    strife,
Yet    we   give   ".New   Zealand''   welcome   warm
We  clasp  the  sailors'   hands,
We  know   that   ship   i-   a   warden   brave
To  guard  our   British   lands;
Then   take  tin-,   wreath,
Brave  captain,   dear.
This   wreath   of   many   (lower-   -
The  Silver  Fern  you  bring  we  Iwlm
With   Mai I��   Uaf   of   oursj
The  Thistle,   Rose  and   Shamrock,  too
(Theii   leavi i   sweel   memories   hold)
And the I.ily grand, from the Coral
We'll   bind   with   wattle   gold.
Vesl   Welcome   bravt   "New   Zealand"
We shout with joy ,thy name.
An emblem thou
Of Britain's stn ngth
Her glory, and  hei  fame.
^ ou  lo the nations  sei m   to  say,
' I.oval   still   i-    lit Haiti's   heart
In  war  if need   be
As   in   -
We'l  play   no laggard's  part.
Ready   f"r   war
We still  will  kei
While praj   we all  foi   peaci
And long For earth -
Greal        I  1 ���
\\ hen   u ��� ��� kins   hand   hi   hand   for
We bid iin' war drum ceasi
Why  waste our  stn nath
Unix] | On   ships   eel   war?
There's \ee,rk for eager hands
To garner In the fruit* of peace
From many   fertile lands.
Why waste emr  wealth ejn  ship-  ol   wfl
Tee  ieily  plinigli  thc (leep.
While there are children  to  be fed
\-.-i   letiiing  women   weep?
Hurrah  then  for  the   Tition  Jack,
Thai's  to   iin   breeze    n Iui led
In    fighl    victorious -
Still   ii   leads
In  peace
Thi ough   ill the ���--. i
fo   inticipati    i cha   i   of plagiarism  I  n
nu mories of a poci long .iii". til
and  auth,,;   forgotten.
niiel prunes, may be- dried, packed and
disposed of for the lomestic ..nel
northern  trade.
In   mi   interview   with    lhe    Delta
"Times," -: i- w   ele,  Mr, Turner
by   tlu-   way   has   had   years
perienci  in the fruit belt of Calif      ia
and is an ackm m li dged <-\] i -
subji ct, iften  ap|
in  ilu- agricultural  press,  stated
Dui ���-.; . .-' il
i  space  fifty  feel  by  forty
McLellan Lumber Company in
i" ciunmet ���     - ;>��� ratiims,  but I    ���   it
etttrns  pn ,-ed at
xpecti tl,  thi ��� I   be
largely   incn ext
rs   are   I I
tin   drying   and   packing   room?    and
liinery  will   pre       11
be set  up in xl  week.    In  two      -��� ks'
rime the lit sl       jetables will I
Tii -  sum ne      nd fall thc coi
pects   to  dry   principally  thi    -    i|
-. egi ial les- i" il  toes, carrots, tui
etc.,   tii iugh   - mn   appl< -  and   "t!u.-r
��� ;:, -  maj  bi   utilize d     Potal - -  \ ill
��� ��� getabh -  -'"iii ��� rted  inl     I n
j dried  ; luring the  first   iveek
of operation.
Mr. Turner emphasizes th
I that the success of the company's
venture at Ladner will depi nd to a
great extent on the farmers. lie
states that the impression which exists in many places tli.it any variety,
imy grade, any size of vegetable or
| fruit may be dried satisfactorily, from
ii commercial point of view, is gri ---
ly erroneous, Only certain varieties
"i potatoes, in which the proportion
of starch is correct, for instance, can
In used with profit and the same is
triii- of the either vegetables and
fruits, However, no difficulty -' mid
In- experienced on this poinl for the
company will stand ready to ise
the farmers "ii every point,
Labor-saving   machinery    will     be
used, -    thai    lie number of men employed al first will nol be large   Four
men will l.e employt el in lhe di . ing
, room, and as si ion as the packing
gins  tw elve  mi re  i mployees  w
added.     If  the   management   is   able
i"  secure  them,  these  will  be
girls, and it  will be only from
nee, ssity   that     < Irientals     will
Providing the industry expi
hi- ted        tl     numbci        per-
��� - i :    red nexl year will b<
'".Lie   r
The  i stablishmi nl    if .1   fa  I
Latin ;r I I luschenj  ci -  |
a tributi ���   high ri puti   ii
���In   Delti   district is held     For
1 time  the  company  has  had  a
house in V tncoui er, and when i
cided  i" establish a  factory it
1 Continued  ��� 11   Page ,;
uai��MrS.a*i *>,!   ��� .-'�����*     us 1*   �������.*'-
M��Miml> MMaV - < .4MK '-.Ml*.   MB
mtM.M::*   1 r**m.-    aaanuinia    tsmm
���III'   ����� ���.* Mt e    I'MWkWt ��� .' MKMM
���Z   " "'CT^fl* .2^2 OAst'sWA?"
"Products of the mind and hand"���Creditable exhibit of manual training work  at the  Cedar  Cottage  School.
Modern idea of school training.is to develop and draw out, rather than   to   fill   and   cram   the   students'
mental apparatus
Teachers   Manuel  Training Class at Cedar  Cottage.    The  names  of members of the group   etc
Messrs.   Hamilton,   Mi-Adam,   Wattle,   Petapiece.   Green.   Hoadley.   Greenfield,   Templer.   Parker    Whit-n
Williams,   McCallum.   Woodcock,  Cameron and Dodson
M. A. MacDonald, president of the
Provincial Liberal Party, addresses
ole people of South Vancouver, Monday night, August 4, at Kalenberg
Ha|I, Main street. Mr. MacDonald'
j* 'peaking under the auspices of the
���^"inli Vancouver Liberal Association.
"his address he will refer to the
Policy of the Provincial Governmenl
p regards Semth Vanc6uver. It is
stated the Conservatives will have
representative*   on   hand,    and    the
meeting is likely to be very hot.
e|e'       *        *
South Vancouver's debenture notes
having been renewed satisfactorily,
finances of the municipality has been
made  much  easier.
Information from Canadian Northern headquarters indicate thai  South
Vancouver is likely to spring into the
lime-light under mure favorable con-   the poihl
ditions   than   have   ever  been   exper- .*   *   *
ienced by the municipality. Miss A. Stewart, Miss A. Esslemont
Mr. Thomas Dickie  has written a
letter to the "Chinook" objecting  to
the paving of Main and Fraser streets.
This document will appear nest week.
*    e��    *
Owing to the small salary apportioned ri-i'i'i'-e-iiiaiivis , 1" the Hn iter
Vancouver Sewerage Commission
from South Vancouver, Burnaby and
Vancouver, ihey are stated to be on
if resigning,
and Mrs. McDonald returned irom
Victoria on Tuesday afternoon, July
29, where they attended the annual
Presbyterian Christian Endeavor Cdn-
M'llliiill. *   ��   ��
On Tuesday afternoon, July 29, Mrs.
and tin- R��v. Geo. 11 Ireland returned home from Victoria, when- they
spent a few days with friends. While
in Victoria Mr. Ireland attended the
Presbyterian Christian Endeavor Convention,
Campaign    for    Cheap    Power    and
The Ratepayers' Central Executive
ol Vancouver City has been conducting a vigorous campaign for lower
prices fi 1 electric light and power,
and has already collected a great
amount of inform:ui,,ii as lo tlie e-nst
eei 1 ���: din-tii.11, and the prices crjjarged
in  other cities.
Believing that the interests of the
neighboring municipalities forming
the Greater Vancouver, arc iilcutir.il
with those of the city, thc executive
hn.s decided to invite every Ratepayers' Association in South Vancouver,
Burnaby, Point Grey, North Vancouver City and district, and West Yan-
e-'iner In sena two delegates to the
next meeting of the executive, to be
held iii the Vancouver City Hall on
M.'iiel.iy. August 4, at S p.m. TW'i
::    Around the Municipal Hall
'I ii.it the Board of Trade are allow
nig no opportunity t'1 slip pasl them
iwakening of industrial acti-
I it>    i-   .-ii-ili    -  e-n       Mr     Hodgson,
president, accompanied by  I-   Elliott,
president, and  Mr   Vogel visited
-  ii.i "ii Tin iday to interview the
:.| I., ihe tunnel    Anel, | nt,iti,,n  ��ill wail  upon  tlu
, d , ���; : uig�� upon ilie-ni the nee-
, ssit)  ul    ; onci   entering into nego-
��� :.  fur  I, curing  the  waterfront
i   the   North   Ann       The    gas
was also discussed, ��hen il
.-.,-   agreed  thai   thc   committee  aj>-j
i look after this matter wait i
the   council   and   go   into   the
�� ark to be doni     li the coun-
cil are unable to raise money i" make'
this a public utility, Ihen they  musl
without   further  delay  grant  a   fran-
i" one of the many companies
who are -.-eking it.    It will be worse
than suicidal to lay the block paving
on   the   streets   without   firsl   laying
the  gas  mains,    Then   ii  will  assist
in   reducing   the   men   oul    of    work
whieh  is see urgently  wanted al  the-
presenl  time.
���:     I    ���':���
Miss  Porteous has gone to Alberni  i" enjoy her  well-earned  holiday.
This   week   Chief   Jacks -etunis
In hii duly. He has been down at
Seattle- studying the Bertillon Criminal System, afterwards going to Victoria for a few days, then un to Alberni. also spending a couple of days
fishing un ilie Campbell River. As
an expert of Izaak Walton's an he
is im mean exponent. A few .if iIn-
leu;.- in blue fell mighty flattered
when they received by post proofs
of liis piscatorial art.
* + *
Councillor Campbell is out camping with hi.s family. lie has met
sent word as to where his exact location is; he docs nut require t<> imagine lhat any uf lhe "Chinook"
staff will pay him a Burreptious visit.
W'e only gu when we receive a must
pressing invitation. If the lish is
good, councillor, yuu du nol require
tee allow them tu gu tu waste,
*    *    +
A must pleasant surprise is awaiting the inhabitants of S<mill Vancouver; whal lhat surprise is we are nut
at liberty iu estate, but ii will gladden
all the hearts uf the housewives ill
the municipality.
* * *
I !in Chinaman wends his way
from home tu home at present with a
smile that never wear- "IT. John is
making ilu- dollars jusl now thai will
one day bring him a wife from the
flowery land. The wages earned by
tin- Chinese gardeners equal in many
instances ihe income uf a professional man. The people understand the
number uf Chinese that earn their
living by hawking vegetables, in
South Vancouver alone there are over Jill of them. I If lln- vas'l sums of
money earned by the celestials, the
major portion leaves ilu- province,
mtai immigration is a serious
lem, and will become more and
mure so as the years advance unless
thi matter is dealt with a firm hand.
Tin- while races canot assimilate the
I i nlal. Nor ean lhe celestial ui
I lindoo raise the standards of morals
nr living l.e thai uf the while race,
therefore by contact must ihe white
p vie be lowered. Thi- has been demonstrated in many instances, but
never was the objeel lesson driven
home in such a manner as it was mi
the Rand in South Africa. Vancouver is boasting uf it- greal increase
of population, mi did Rome boasl eef
ii- wealth and power befure it fell.
I ii influx of i Mi'.ni.il. is a danger
thai   our   governing   bodies   'lu   noi
i in tn full)  realize,   Tu iln- casual
visitor   down   town   mi   a   Saturday
nighl   rn-  Sunday  afternoon   th'-   per
���'   of Chin< - ��� or Jap- mel with
-rem-   t"   be   mil   uf  all   propor-
'i in iu whai   ii e.a- a few years ae,..
Th i!     H I:'      ��� r   bringing  in   and   have
broughl iii ih,.-i- i Irientals '" displace
and cheapen nbite labor ��ill one day
i       bitti curse iheir short.
ited polii ���.     i 'nderlying iin  whole
"i ii is ,i .-unit of selfishness    Thai
question of in e- Immigration will
an-  an   ."iiie-   problem   within  a
\e .u-   i-   now   fully  realizi d   by
'   thoughtful   people.    China   is
1(1 ning   and   with     In r     teeming
h-rdi-s wil| bri a1   loosi  and they ��ill
H    a i      ' '  - ���   irresistil h   a- nn
��� *  A
mi iin- firsl eve hu,- aluays been
of sjmpathy "ith the presi ���
agents  in   their   mode  of  doing
ness ��� ishing  i" aggi ivati
presenl  condition of affairs a>-is-
from  ti,.-  in any  -ti ingenc}   v. i
refrained   from    criticising    as
frei-U as we ought tu Itavi done iheir
action in regard lu S nth Vancouver be .11,1-
There has bee n whispering thai an
offer ha- been in nie- foi South Van
com ei bond* but the price i- ��� i ridiculously low thai iiul.-- under levere
pressure the council ��ill nol accept
Financiers are becoming ii little an
\i"ii- themselves to iee ilu- return "t
prosperity a- there i- a dangei "i
."im- ..I them being cons imed in the
lire the) have -'arte-el The returns
..I trade from iln old country an
surprising. Tin- wave ol prosperity
thai ii has enjoyed for years -nil
continues and ever) indication points
lhat il vvill continue for many years
Owing iu ilu- tightness m money
there may be a little falling ��� >1T in
ele-nriiul for the- home market, bul the
balance of power which ha- been --t
up by iln- Balkan war will create a
demand for ne�� fleets by ih. smaller
powers and tin- augmentation of the
fleets by ihe larger powers. One uf
iln greatest wan- of prosperity thai
ihe uld country ever had wa- after
tin- Franco-Prussian war. Thi- prosperity continued up till ilu- failure
uf llle Cily tii Glasgow hank, when
a depression sei in that took years
and ynu - i" recover from, Tin- unfortunate coal strike mi iln- [sla-i I
must bring iu the remembrance uf
many of ihe1 combatants there the
disastrous results of ilu- Se-mti.-h coal
strike in 1895, when the men turned
down ihe terms uf ihe majority of
iin- employers,
Chisholm Robertson, ilu- miners'
leader, would enter into nu negotiations unless all the employers con
sented i" yield to the mens' terms.
In thi- ease iln- miners would have
beaten ibe employers, as nu firm or
company would have allowed their
pil- tu stand ami s,-,- their neighbors
in full operation. Bravely the miners
and  iheir  wive-   suffered  through   lln
li ng  wear)   in -nils  of  ilu-   struggli
hen  ihe men  had i" yield uncondi-
i'.nally.     When   they     returned    i"
their  we.rk  they  found  no  work  for
themselves     England and Wales and
the Cuntineitl uf Europe hail secured
all tin- trade iln  Scottish mini - us el
to get     It took both miners and employers  many years  to recover  from
this strike.    However, ii had a bene
n.i.il effect, a- the masters and men
established    a    mutual    conciliation
board   to   whieh   all   ueitioni   ol   ad
-. ui e- ..I wagi - �� ere lefl    This board
hi-   been   iii   active   operation   since
iml   ha-   pn l e lie d   in un    -Hike-.      It j
-.   i  pit)   thai   - ' nettling  cannol   be
done i" iii ing iln pre- in coal strike
I.. ,ni end. Unit m i nr hai conie
tin neb a trial "f being oul on strike
Lu- months the) can never realize
the -.iff. i ing i-iiiiina ei l ,  tin   strike I
In talking t������ a wnrkingman Ihis
week who li is been oul of employ.
���neiu [or several months, I was surprised win " he in.'-'i-uii-.l nu- that if
he bad been a pick ami ihovel man
he did n"i ri quire to be ielle for a
single elay Thai in the City ol Van-
,-,,-,n 11 ever) man that could be ob
taine 1 i - being shipped up country
to the railway, lumber or mining
camps when labor was exceptionally scarce, Many men have a strong
dislike p. work in thes cam| - where
r,u- conditions are urn all thai ean
le desired High prices are charged
for board, taking this into account
with broken time in rainy weather
the wagi- an- rather reduced below
the city standard, however, any porl
in a slPrm. Better half a loaf than
in. bread, however there are numbers
of workmen win - ��� physical condition prevents them frmn undertaking
the severe strain thai is necessary t"
keep up their end of the stick in these
camps. 11 is aiming this class of
workmen thai the present conditions
are mosl fell. The limiting of the
C. X. R, Co. bonds for terminal pur-
p.ese- and Ihe subscribing of Vancouver's will help lu cheer matters
rangemcnti were : Transportation,
Messrs. II. G. A McLennan, A. C. J.
Week-. George M. Bndacott; spurts
Messrs. .1 R. Jacobs, Walter Leek
li E 11 viielinan: refreshments
Messrs I' W. Welsh. K. B. Heather
ington. James Reid; music. Mr. ('. M
Endacott; advertising, Messrs R. I.
Maiil mil. !���'. .1. Baird, Victoi II. Love
platform and speaking, Messrs. li J
I'yke.   \ld   T    Kirkp.-ilriik
Liberals,     Two     Thousand     Strong
Gather at  Central  Park,  South
Clear evidence thai thc Liberal
p ,, ���-. in this part "f British Columbia
i- : live and fighting force working
iggressiv e I) for lhe besl inti rests ol
tin- pe iple, ilu- province and lhe Dominion ai large, was provided on Saturday m 'he ���"i-a-i'in "i holding lh'
firsl annual picnic al Central Park.
S'liiih  Vancouver.
Vancouver, Smith Vancouver, New
Westminster, Richmond, N'eerih Vancouver ���' ml other districts we-re- well
represented, and in contrast lo the
Conservative bouquet distribution al
Ganges Harbor, the Liberals were
accompanied by tIn ir wives and
children, The picnic resolved itself
into a celebration feer all and nol the
lasl of those who enjoyed the- out.
Ing were the rising generation whieh
was present In large numbers. All
told, about 2.fH)0 suills enjoyed themselves in the cool glades of the park.
In a ringing speech full of logical
reasoning, Mr. M. A. Macdonald,
president "i the Provincial Liberal
Association, stamped himself as a
fighter second to nunc in the political field. He ably dealt with many
of the big questions affecting this
province, and in scathing terms
roundly condemned the McBride administration, noteworthy in su far
that its chief wurk had been lo sacrifice the best lands In the province
tu the speculator to the detriment of
the fanners and buna fide settlers and
liritish  Columbia  generally.
For the past six ur seven years,
Mr. Maidonald stated lhal the people of this province had been living
in a speculative atmosphere, Thc
government had been squandering
the public funds. The McBride government had had a lung life. It was
now suffering frum decrepit old age.
It   had  had  a   merry   life.    The  large
bounty al its disposal bad been exploited iu personal benefit and general detriment. No less a sum than
$20,000,000 went out eef this province
every year to buy food-Stuffl which
should be produced here. The whole
trouble was thai  the land speculator
had   got   in  befure   the   farmer.     Rich
lands had been bartered for a Bong
anel lhe- legitimate land seeker and
Si ttlcr had been given no chance to
bid for the Boil.
Mr. Macdonald described Sir Ri<li-
ard as Premier Esau, and said that
he certainly bad received a mess of
pottage. The auctioneers, posing as
statesmen at Victoria, had brought
British Columbia  tu this pass.    Pre-
The   Truck   Triumphant
The FEDERAL TRUCK has never been an experiment
The Federal Truck wai not offered for wit until its power, its stmigti.. its
durability, it-- economy! Iti   ucceii had been scientifically demonstrated.
Tbe fact that there ore in operation today WOO Federal Trucki of tlie origina.
Federal deiign demonstrate! the icientlflc soundness of that original Federal design.
The Federal wai the lirst successful truck designed, built and sold hy a company
organized exclusively for tin- manufacture of trucks. \\ ,��� have never had to rebuild
��� Federal.
W'e have nevei had to replace ,1 Federal.
Wi have never had a i us Interruption or oomjplainl of Federal Service���with
lOui) Federals in hour!) operation.
That record i- uniqu<    also, we believe, conclusive evidence.
Wi- experimented before we sold ,-t single Federal and 1000 Federal owneri an?
satisfied because we sold Hum a scientific success.
Write for the Federal Blue Book of Traffic,
The Terminal Steam Navigation Co.
SS. HiiWKNA leave, at '��.|5 a.m. dally,
Sunday, at 10.30 a.m.. feer Porteau, llrit
laniii Mini's Hill Creek ami Newport.
llo.it leaves Newport 3.30 p.m., arriving
in Vancouver at /.IS p.m.
SS. BARAMBA leaves 9.1! a.m. dally,
Sunday, al IU.30 a.m.. fm- Bowen Island
elircci, calling ai Blndleys, Eagle Cliff
and (nvercralg. (Anvil [.land, .Mini.,
Wed   and Sat. only).
SS. BRITANNIA le-aves at 9.15 a.in.
daily, Sunday, at 10.30 a.m., lor Great
Northern Cannery, Caulfields, Ragle Harbor,  Fisherman'.  Bay ami   Bowen   [.land,
Weil,   and   Sal.   al   -'   p.m.,   ami   6.30   p.in.
doily, except Tuesdays ami   Fridays.
Phone Stymour 6330
mier McBride and Mr. Bowter were himself the friend of the Indians,
the two prodigals In tin- passing nf had arisen. The speaker referred i"
time they had grown bolder. The the sate e.i' ilu- Songhec reserve, over
new   species  of    speculator,    calling! (Continued em   Page 9)
Wi'.lie Beven and Eva Pollard with the Pollards revival of "The Mikado," at
the Imperial Theatre, all nex' week
Two Annual Political Picnics
From $1.50  up, that are  sold  the
World  over
Your films developed and printed
by   Expert   Photographer.
Our  specialty,  the  Dispensing   of
Collingwood East
Conservative   Forces   Hear   Eminent
Speakers  at   Ganges  Harbor
intimation thai the Borden naval
policy wai i nlj postpom '1 and imt
i" i manentl) closed, through �� hat wai
ih. I,.mi in- dictati 'I
in ii..n ..I ibe icnate. formed the l.e >��� -
ii ii. i .I an address nn en on Saturday by thc ll"ii J. I). Hazcn, Minister of Marine' .'niel Fisheries, ai the
picnic lielil by the Vancouver
Conservative Club, a, Ganges Har
bor, Sah Spring island, on which oc-
icaesion, als i Mr. II. 11. Stevens, Ml'..
j followed the provincial Bttorney-
general, Hon. \\. J. Bowser, declar-
in favor "i making such regulations as would encourage white
fishermen to secure a stake in the province, by giving them independent
markets, instead of them being, as at
presenl. dependent on tluir contracts with the canneries.
The picnic ��a> a notable one. Up-
| wards of 600 Conservatives, many
[from Smith Vancouver set out in
dull, threatening weather, on board
the Princess Patricia, for Ganges
Harheer, but as the destination was
approached, the clouds cleared away,
and feir the remainder of the day the
sun shone brilliantly and warmly,
leaving nothing to complain of in
this regard. As the regimental band
of thc 72nd Seaforth Highlanders
went along, there was no lack of excellent  music.
Among those present wcre. from
Vancouver : Mr. R. S. Pyke. chairman of the local Central Executive';
Attorney-General Bowser; H. H.
Stevens, M.P.; C. E. Tisdall, M.P.P.;
A. H. B. Macgowan, M.P.P. From
Victoria : Premier Sir Richard McBride; Hon. J. D. Hazcn, Minister
of Marine and Fisheries and Naval
Defense; Hon A. E. McPhillips.
President of the Council; G. Barnard,
M.P.. and Mr F. H. Sheppard. M.P.,
and  Mr. R. C.  Hodgson, president of
The Only Reliable "Gas Machine" on the Market, which
We Guarantee
Make Your Own Gas
the   South   Vain out er   G mat rvativi
Political alliance Alberta with
British Columbia waa the lir-t lent!-
ment e xpu iii .1 by Mr. II. II. Ste*
ens, M I', their political interests, In
his opinion, being identical Referring   I.mile.    tO   lln    \:-ll   eel   the'   Heen.
.1 I'I la.'i ii. lie said the minister
had grappled with >"ini' of the largi st
problems that Canada had e\ er fai ed,
but he diel in���! know the fishery conditions "ii this e oasl except from information supplied by the members
from British Columbia, hut in this
trip he woulil be demonstrating to
ilie- people of the province that he desired i" do what was right in regard
i" the fisheries here.
Speaking of naval defense, Sir
Richard McBride >aid there was not
a subject fraught with more consequence, nothing see consequential to
all as the <|iicsti,ui of Empire dc-
fense. Winn he said that he meant
Canada defense. A few hours before
he had  been   privileged  to call  in  an
official  way  on   the  commander  of
the war cruiser. Xew Zealand. It
was tangible evidence of the loyal.y
of   New  Zealand  to  the  Crown  and
'. the  Empire.
Sir  Richard  saiel  Canada  could do
I nothing  that   would   more  assist   the
supremacy   of   the    Empire   than   to
pr.,vide the  three dreadnoughts,    It
was proposed to place $.?5.(XX),00<1
aside for this purpose, the dreadnoughts to remain the property of
Canada, bul to be placed al the dis-
l" sal of Great Britain. But, unfortunately, the opposition in the House
thought thai there was a chance to
malic political advantage out of the
occasion, and the matter, which
ihould have been viewed from the
standpoint of anxiety to contribute
to the cost of that navy on which
so much depended, was met with obstruction.
The committee in charge of the ar-
Over 10,000 Installations in Many Parts of the World
These machines are sold on easy   Hire-Purchase terms,
depending on size, from $30.00 and up, payable  every
three months.
The De Laitte Lighting Company
We do all kinds of Transfer.      Special attention paid to
A special car is run to Capilano on Sunday,    starting    from    Garage,
1 p.m., Return at 5 p.m.���Fare $1.75   return. We pay Ferry charges
Fraser Street Garage & Motor Transfer
6184 FRASER STREET (Opposite 48th Avenue)
The Scenic Highway Across the Continent
The Popular Route to the���
|     JAPAN
Up-to date Train  Service  Between  Vancouver and the East.
All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
J. MOE, C. P. A., 434 Hastings St., Vancouver.
C. MILLARD, D. T. A., Vancouver.
H.  W.  BRODIE,  Gen.  Pass  Agent,  Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic Steamship Lines
H. G. Smith. C. P. & T. A.
Phone :   Sey.  8134
W. E. Dupercew, G. A. P. D
527  Granville  Street
Household  Specialties
Electric Irons
Camp Stoves
Flour Bins
Tea and Coffee Pots
Picnic Baskets
All Going at Wholesale Prices
G.E. McBride & Co.
Corner 16th Avenue and Main Street
PHONE:   Fairmont 899
All   Communications   should be Addressed to "The Labor Editor"
Thi re   ii   no   i     ngi    t<    ri port   in
the   labor   situation     In     Vancom ��� r,
\ ni. "in. i   and   ! he   i   ighboi
mn   muiiicipalitii -    All   ci
v."ik it al    ipli ti    tandatill. Thi
nation   ii   :	
-, e in-   I.,   be   li ss   acti
nn mil.    i   . iid  fi l!"u in.' up \\ in
iccessful ���
n\' i   cil e '     have
pul   the   1913   ii ��� i     London
It is reported that the bond*
in an
attempt to i
been lost tin- iu er   Willi
Seeinii   Vane  uver  an iy,   tin
ii' any, ��1"
Inn   from ���     the
financial mill I P?ht
*   *    *
The  pel I m     [or  the a
(king  of th       ��� .-���!   :���   ��� ill  by
law -  um in   !������ ���     Ircets
hat   ��� lapsi el.  Thei e  hai   bi ��� ti  no pi ���
i i s t n o t o I
i.ny   weight,  and i    trse    it    rc-
tjuiri el   51   per -      ilu-    rate
payers along  these  thoroughfan    ti
' turn  the bylaw  dow n. that all
the legal formalities hai i   bi   n i i im
plii'! w nli n i ��� hoped thai the council  of  Seeuth   Vancouver    will    push
forward   with   all   sp ���    begin-
; ning of this very much needed improvement. There are still a few
months eif the summer to go and
work on this undertaking being
started would pn ivide \ i ry much
needed weirk tor linn<ln<l~ of rale-
payers .'mil workers generally. The
feeling among the greal hulk of the
ratepayers   in   South   Vancouver   is
t he A
It    for-
Tin    worki rs   only   fol-
f tl
thai     nni' :
rests are   thi
re  they  are
+      *      A
n    VVl -tin;:.
i ��� Mi '.'.
ted   i bat    "i '      iin     n.'iiin ,
.  . ' led   to   thi
I    Ul"l:
with larter, sixty "i
ii i in   had   v iw   joined   the   rank
Chi ���   i-   tj pical   "I
the ci make ii ai
k to form a union
rker,  Their
is   al   ;.ll   iiin��� s  a  pi
ttempl  to better these
would   he   welcomed   by
till-in.   but   they   arc   the   om s   v. ho
any    spc 11    of
''monetai j    ': irrivi
*        *       ele
The Allied Printing Trades Council of Vi ���'"" r, comprising the
Tj pographic il I Inion, Pressmen,
Stereotypcrs, Bookbinders and Photo-
Engravei . propi sc holding a mon-
stcr picnic on Labor Day, Monday.
September 1.
This ii- lln- first event of its kind
with the "allies" antl in contrast with
the other "allies" who cut each others
sight. The mail carriers 'ie< not take "The school trustees of South Van-
kindly i" their semi-military uniform, couver .-.heeuld i".w . I." .Mr.
For  British  Columbia an efforl  i-  I     Muir   declares.     "Some   time   ...
in  iin   adoption of a   ��s=  stated  that  the   Provincial  Giv-
hal   and if a  eminent had refused to give the usual
raincoat.   A   general   Saturday   half-   granl to S"iith Vancouver for
holiday is an - be  purpi The   bylaw   I
debated. has  carried  .end  the -In.uld
now   gel   ��� G"v-
l'i.i' ;e barbei    in  I nmenl      I in,t   was   the   projxirtion
m  the
law adopted by thi  Ci G  .-crnmcnl   : u  $1  from  the ;���
i ���     has i
une il to el
h'.ii '    Ri ferrins this   |
hy   Mr.  I
ly  ha Vi
ir i
anil   -i Idi '"i   '  iin
i        ni'!-. n  may  be pi
Mr,   i .-. ill   find   the  plai
that  In   >.'. ;ii be full
Tin'     I !an, dian     I
affiliated   through   their   international
if ihey passi 'I the by law    "I 1"   Gov-
Mi Muii
.Mr. south   Vancou.
liberally Revelstoke"
Mr       Muir
in      Wilbel     tO
mak.   ��� ing  itatemenl
Page    Two
"The  ten  pupils  entitli i
'1   e",'-ry   ;,
ining   the   ttf at< sl   nuro-
i  district- w ith .       list are ":
Then follow -            I a, given in Sunday's   "Col las,  the   list
.'. ith the nn thod
I'i-    pi ssible    that
through the carelessness of the edu-
" I cation  department   thc  list  as  given
unions wilh the American Federation i;��� ,u. ������r'-.i���_;-." ���i-.  -���   ���
i       ii  number 93
tw i '-lie ih   of   the   whole
of  that  organizati  i
*   *   ���
St.  Thomas  "Journal"
labor men are planning
���   5000
in  the  "I        nist"  was  merely an   error.
The-   ten -iricts   with   the
��� pass list in regular order, with
the number | ire:    Vancouver,
with 44.5 pa.��es; Victoria, 149; South
Vancouver!,   95;   Xew   Westminster,
Toronto  on   Labor   D                    P 55     p .. ���   .,..,,.   29;   Kamloops,  26;
vincial   Parliament   to  ask  Sir  James Chilliwack city, 25; Xorth Van
''-'"' ���. When will the labor men cjty, 25;   Burnaby,  18, and  Nanaimo
quit   this   going  hand  in \g
rliamertt asking for favors The   departmen1   has   omitted   thc
> Are they never-going to f   prancis0     Tremlett,     of
":  ,!P !>;'n"'  "">   havJ  P South   Vancouver    II    Mary   Cherry,
usand time-, stronger than f Poi , Q            d H    , ,J A   ,,.,-,_
e. .,1
hand t" parliament asking ior favors |
or reforms? A
learn  that
lever a thou
the procession
Mr. Will Thome, M P., who will
represent the British trades unionists
at  the   Montreal  convention  on   Sep-|
ser, of Burnaby, from  the list.
It is esurely more creditable for a
rural municipality to pass so many
pupils as i" rank among the first ten
at  nie   Montreal  convention  een  Sep- r   ,, ���        .,       c ���.
,    ,1       I-,   ��� , .   ;     in the province than  for a city one
tcmber 22. i-. genera    secretary o    the ' B^B ���.
��� I
mm -
m mm mi
in mi min
1 i
Gasworkers and General Labi
Union, ami represents West Ham
i London i in the British I louse of
Commons. He was presidenl of the
British Trades Congress last year,
and has been a member of ilu Congress parliamentary committee for a
number of years. He is a member of
the Sorial Democratic Federation, but
sits in the House as a member "i the
Labor  party.
Mr. J. N Muir, whose opposition
to the Provincial Government has
made him notorious, finds in the results of the recent entrance examinations material i"r further interviews
and  letters  to the   press.
Please help those head pupils of
South Vancouver, Point Grey and
Burnaby get the medal to which they
are  entitled.
At a meeting at which Bishop W'il-
berforce presided a man whose name
was on the list - if spi akers said to
the Bishop : "I need not speak; I
ileen't think they expeel me."
"Ti be sure they do," said Wilber-
force. "Don't you see they are all
"I low did you comi '��� hai e that
automobile accident?" "I got absent-
minded trying to remember all the
traffic  regulations."
"The Block with the Clock"
Magnificent Vancouver Block, recently   completed,     which    dominates
Vancouver's  business district.
"Snow is Coming"���Buy Your
At summer prices. 3 Loads for $9
4905 Ontario Street Cor. Bodwell (34th Aveu .
Phone :    Fraser 41
decidedly in i;i\"i eii this project and
if the council carry out their intentions ami promises to start work immediately the bylawi passed, they
will do much to rehabilitate themselves
with   the  citizens  al   lat
Tin-   M inister  ��� i   Labi ir  has  ,���' nnc
and K"iie and has mel ��ith the s nnc
ijie-   ,i-   "ilu r-,   ��li"   hai -    tried
interfere  in  the   fight   nn   Vain
Island, The mine-owners refined his
-< t, ices, sa> ing  thi >   li id ni ithing to
arbitrate, Quite true, they have nothing   Their sole nun and object is an
attempt   to   -in tsh   the    union    and
things   in   thc   fighl   an
(Ui -   Tlie  uiiucr-  in ������  standing  loyally   by   their   union   and   the   opcr-
9 will find thej   ha\ e  a hard pro-
l position   i"   Face.  Tin y   arc   ti
'one  of  thc   soundest   and   besl   ^   \
Economy ��
Over 100,000 families
in Canada arc enjoying
the comforts of a home
healed with our famous
"Economy"' warm air
"Pease" heating systems maintain a summer atmosphere regardless of nuiside conditions.
Send    for     Booklet :
"The Question
cf Heating.'"
throats in Southern Europe, they will
come I ack ��ith more strength and
with a ; cn. r feeling and understanding among  ihcm     die di itina-
ii"ii  :-   Vir.iini"  and   thc  "Prii
Ri .-, al ' has  been  chartered cxclusii t
Ij   foi   the   picnic,      The     Ntiniumo
peoph   an    entering   int��� ���   the   spirit
nf tin  lhl        nd p    mise all assistamv
in       I '.i>  n Iiil;  success      \
park   has  I llie I
-!.   \. here   i In   spurts,  compi is
I asel ill   and  tug   il
i ill  bi   thc 11 'in 'ei  the daj,
will In  cii in i! "in    \n   irehestra has
been   e ngaged,   �� hich   ��ill   discourse
all  th diltics on  the   - -
and fm music i'e>r thosi
.. in e to tripi lit fat tastic at the
pai iii' m     i il ��� Vs   ippcar-
inci 5 go n mid  lie   :i
cess and it i- hoped that .ill the print-
ratci nity   wilh   their   ��ives
children   will   take   part.   The   tickets
are :   Adults   .':: ! I   and   children   50
:i nts
The   Building   'i  ades   Council   i if
V.-nii .-in. i i-   has   ent< n '1    on  a    new
life. The vaii ms craft unioiw
all   lined   up  and   are  working
hi r.   At   the   lasl
meeting   of   the   Trades   and   Labor
Council   iin -    applii d   for
"  that i odj.
* *   *
\\ ii ., s and labor council
���- for thc  second year decided by a
nimous   vote   that   no   band   shall
���  engaged   in   the   Labor  Pay  par-
de   'iui' is   il     .!'.' robi rs   arc   willing
wiiheiiit   military   uniform.
determined   thai   a   labor
il  be indentified  with
litary  display.  The local union  of
wil hdrawn   from   the
.il   . -   a   const quence,   but   the
Winnipeg workers are unabashed and
ncd ' if  their a. ti
* *,   *
bi-annual  convention
^i���ciation of Letter
Carriers is I    be held in Winnipeg on
Kagi st .''- ��� . - from all
Canada will I i  in attendance. A sheaf
of resi hit i' oi - embodying required re-!
| forms   in   the   service   are  alrexdy   in |
Now thai tin  time of salads and green ituffi is here you will wanl
vinegar thai is pure and wholcsomi     We have this week pul in .i
so ick "i* the liio -i \ nu gat pi - >cui abh    It coi
��iih a handle, in hall I gall ms
Blue Grass Hell Cedar Vinegar, hall i      ... 50c
Hlue Grass Belle, Whiti   Pickling, half gallon jug 	
Pacific Belle Codfish Tablets  'i.i  p 	
i        r's Home Made Pi itter, the jar   15 I
Pioneer Mince.!  CI i         2t)c
Clark's Pork and Beans in CI iii Sauce   ;-.\ i cans for  25c
French  Peas, two cans for    25c
Swift's Borax Soap, the cake   5c
i iid Dutch Hand Soap, the bar  5C
Sheriff's Jelly Powder, all flavors, three for   25c
Deuerr's Jems, two pimnd pots   40c
Strawberries, Cherries, Plums, Pea
Fraser & MacLean,
26th Avenue and Main
Phone:   Fairmont  784
Gladstone Hotel
First Class Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
Every  Saturday  by the  Greater  Vancouver  Publisher!  Limited
Corner   Thirtieth   Avenue   and   Main   Street,   South   Vancouver,   B. C.
Ceorge   M.   Murray,   President  and  Managing  Director.
Herbert  A. Stein.  Vice-President and  Managing  Editor.
John  Jackson,  Business  Manager.
TELEPHONE : All   departments    Fairmont   1874
NIGHT   CALLS    Fairmont   1946L
COLLINGWOOD   OFFICE Collingwood   55L
To  all  points  in   Canada,  United   Kingdom,   Newfoundland,   New
Zealand,  and other  British Possessions :
One    Year     $2.00
Sis  Months       1.00
Three   Months    50
Postage to American, European and other Foreign Countries, $1.00
per year citra.
TO CORRESPONDENTS I We will not print anonymous letters
though inviting communication on current events, to be published
over the writer's signature.
CASTING aside all party views in the matter, it is not
in the interests of South Vancouver that the40,000people who live within the municipality's boundaries should
be practically deprived of representation at Ottawa and
Victoria. The Vancouver "Sun/' a journal which has
been doing much of late to discredit South Vancouver
in the eyes of the outside world, publishes a lengthy editorial on the subject of Provincial Representation, which
makes some amends for past sins, and which in part is
aes follows :
"There ean be no question at all of the unfairness under which the riding of Richmond labors. It has only
one member in the legislature while thirteen other constituencies in the province, whose combined voters are
less in number than those on thc Richmond list, send
fourteen members to the legislature. That is these thirteen constituencies which together have a less voting
population than Richmond possess thirteen more members in the legislature than it does. Tbat is obviously
placing Richmond at an immense disadvantage. It robs
it of any influential voice it might have in provincial affairs.
"Our system of government is. in theory at least, based
on the principle of representation hy population and yet
contrast Richmond's strength in the country and then
in the legislature with the strength in the country and in
the legislature of some of the other constituencies. The
number of voters in Richmond is 9,888, and these 9.888
voters send one member to the legislature, the present
member being Mr. Carter-Cotton. The constituency of
Atlin has 156 voters, and these 156 voters send one member to the legislature, thc present member being Dr.
Young, minister of education. Then Cariboo with 838
voters has two members; the Islands with 760 voters
has one member, who is a cabinet minister.
"Is it not all extremely absurd? Is it not a disfranchis-e
ment of the constituency of Richmond which should be
regarded as intolerable by the public of that community,
Is it not manifest that a remedy must speedily be found
for such a state of affairs? With a total voting population
in the province of 101,000 and with forty-two members in
the legislature the proper arrangement, if we adhered
strictly to the principle of representation by population
would be one member for approximately every 2,500
voters. If this were carried out, always with entire fairness to the rural constituencies, that is on the basis we
formerly suggested that 100 voters in Vancouver and
Victoria should not receive more representation thai 75
in the rural ridings, Richmond would then have four
members in the legislature. Xo difficulty wouhl he found
in making a division that would do justice to the community. North Vancouver for example ought to have
a member and South Vancouver, Burnaby and Point
Grey with the balance of the Richmond riding attached
to it, which would give the required four seats in the
are at variance with the standards of commercial life in
every civilized community, The 'World' 1ms b^en pictured as weltering in business embarrassment and financial ruin. A concern whose assets are greatly in excess
of its liabilities and whose standing in the community was
never better than it is today, has been represented as
moribund, and drifting towards dissolution.
"There are vipers, vultures, hyenas of the human species,
whose function in nature it is to sting lo the death
whose fined is carrion, dead matter that once mu
part of living things, higher in the scale of being than
themselves. They are met with in the commercial world.
Their sting is the poisoned arrow of malevolent speech,
eif false insinuation. Hy stings oft-repeated, by misrepresentation cunningly insinuated and diabolically reiterated and disseminated, they seek to trail a commercial
reputation in the dust and mire. Their thoughts, their
nun-, their purpose, the end and object of their being is
the ruin of their lelleews. These human hyenas are Ibe
scum and the scavengers of thc commercial world, the
black-hands win, lurk iu elark places, waiting tee strike."
Behind the Vancouver "World" is the guiding genius
eef Mr. L. D. Taylor, several times Mayor of the City of
Vancouver, a man who thrives best in adversity, a man
who makes enemies because he makes progress, a fearless man and a fighting man, a Daniel among Canadian
IN the permanent street Improvement in Vancouver during the past years, the citizens have been aggravated
with the cost, inconveniences and unsightltiiess of the
constant tearing up of new pavement for the purpose of
making way for the laying of sewer, water and gas pipes.
Now that South Vancouver has taken up a progressive
and active policy of permanent street work, it is to bc
trusted that thc municipal officials will sec tei it that
plans will be arranged beforehand for the taking care of
thc various underground conduits that parallel city streets.
Work will likely commence within a few days on preparing thc grade for the paving with wood block of Main
and Fraser street. Has the engineer's department prepared or the laying of water, sewer and gas pipes under
these streets before the expensive pavement is put in
place? Has the engineer's department considered the
plan of placing electric light and telephone wires under
ground on  these  two  thoroughfares?
Just a little attention paid to such details today would
save the citizens later on many hundreds of thousands
of dollars, and a great deal of inconvenience. The tearing up of the splendid block pavement which will be laid
will not enhance the durability of thc pavement and will
not add to its longevity. Thc ripping up from time to
time will be an annoyance to traffic, an ugly defacement of the street, and an absolutely needless expense.
With the glaring mistakes made by Vancouver and other
older cities to guide us in this respect, South Vancouver
should make i complete and scientific job of the paving
of Main and Fraser street���should be able to show to the
world a South Vancouver-made pavement laid on Semth
Vancouver streets, by South Vancouver men, in accordance with the highest standards of modern municipal engineering.
SOUTH VANCOUVER'S Board of Trade is showing
its usual enterprise and aggressiveness in following
up the project to establish on the North Arm of the
Fraser River a public market. Already the endorsement
and co-operation of the farmers of Ladner have been
offered. At a meeting this week, thc Board of Trade
appointed a representative to thc Fraser Valley Development League, an organization which is doing good
work for the agricultural and commercial development
of the Fraser Valley.
President R. C. Hodgson was the moving spirit in initiating the market undertaking, null iiis enthusiasm for
the   project   grows   ever   brighter.     Merging   the   fanners
of iiie Fraier Valley and the consumers of Greater Vancouver al a point "ii the North Arm will do much to
lower the high coil of living on the Peninsula. President Hodgson has iu hand plans for the market buildings
Hn all sides, the Hoard "i Trade is receiving encouragement in the work, and here seems to remain only tbe
adjustment of finances to see the undertaking brought
to fruition.
Development <,f a public market em lhe River is an improvement which will go hand in hand with thc permanent street improvement being undertaken, the developing of a national harbor for South Vancouver, and
thc many other advances being made in the district's
EADERS of the Vancouver "World," in view of strange
talcs that have been going the rounds, have doubtless
read with satisfaction the statement printed in the editorial columns of that journal, Saturday last���a statement which will set at rest the minds of thc more substantial people of Greater Vancouver, as to the financial stability of the best daily newspaper west of Winnipeg.    In part, the  article  ran as  follows :
"For a few weeks past The 'World.' its management
and its affairs have been made the object of a bitterly
vindictive campaign, the design of which has been plain
to the management and to everyone connected with the
business. The management was informed a few weeks
ago, that unless they disposed of the busbies at a figure
tken offered, an irresistible combination of interests and
individuals would be organized for the purpose of compelling acceptance of the terms, or failing this, to put the
present owners out of business. The management did not
agree to sell at the figure and on the terms offered. Since
then the campaign has been carried on by methods which
IN A IIOMOROL'S ADDRESS at the Ganges Harbor
picnic, Mr. Bowser expressed a wish to lie buried beside'
Burrard Inlet. We arc informed by a correspondent from
South Hill, who has an eye for the unusual, that in the
mountains which overlook Burrard Inlet, there may bc
found an exact profile .if the Attorney-General "f British
Columbia. On a clear day it may be seen���the broad,
bumpy forehead, peculiarly pugnacious nose, short upper
lip, the football chin���turned to the everlasting skies. No,
the face made out of the rugger crags docs not rest anywhere near the "Sleeping Beauty," but is some distance
to the cast.  Seriously, it is an uncanny likeness.
��   ��   ��
NICELY ROUNDED CHEEKS, well filled collars and
comfortable belts were conspicuous at the Conservative
picnic Saturday. On the other hand a complete absence
of double chins, and an inclination towards longtitude
rather than latitude, characterized the Liberal rally at
Central  Park.
*   *   *
I !���' HARRY STEVENS continues to monkey with the
hand waggon, he's apt to get mixed up with the big drum.
��   ��   ��
COL, RAYNER'S new league has for its keynote, the promotion and diffusion of knowledge in Soulh Vancouver
The colonel is boldly breaking Into a field that hitherto
was regarded as the exclusive property of J Francis
��    ��    ��
BECAUSE OF THE SCANTY fare served them, thc
students of an English boarding school rebelled. Less
Latin and more roast beef was the cry of the hunger
strike. We ourselves never did consider Latin roots to be
a very nourishing vegetable.
��   ��   ��
WYTHING OVERLOOKED by the war correspondent
in sounding notes of alarm regarding the European situation and the prospect of immediate battle between
Germany and England, will be taken care of by His Worship Reeve Kerr in explaining away present financial
# *   ��
THE PRESERVING SEASON being now in full swing,
market reports show a sharp decline in enlarged portraits,
patent egg-beaters, vacuum cleaners and dictionaries.
Life insurance and book agents report business very dull.
# *   *
"G" WAS ''   ' "TTER THAT begun all the names of
lhe Jurors at the New Westminster Assizes. "G" was the
first letter in every verdict delivered. As the jurors are
chosen alphabetically, next year the "H's" will bc called.
Criminals will see in this a still more ominous significance,
# *   *
IN AN EFFORT TO REDUCE the high cost of kicking
in South Vancouver, an attempt will be made to form a
merger of all ratepayers', property owners', citizens' and
street leagues, associations and clubs. Col. Rayner is out
Take the fullest enjoyment out of
the summer season, by patronizing
our soda  fountain.
Peoples Drug Stores
4122  Main  Street
(Near Comer 25th Ave.)
Branch :   Fraser   Street,   Near
Ferris Road
J. B. Todrick      T. A. Prentice
J. B. Todrick & Co.
Central Park, B.C.
Phone Collingwood 13 R
Representatives for the Caledonian Insurance Company,
oldest Scottish insurance office,
founded 1805, and also the
Rochester German Insurance
Company, of New York. All
business trusted to us receives
prompt attention, Don't wait
till fire comes and then wish
you ' ad seen us.   See us now.
Our   Auction   Rooms
4443  Main  Street
(Between 28th and 29th  Ave)
ON SATURDAY, 26th, AT 4 p.m.
Large quantity of household furniture to be sold without reserve;
comprising Solid Oak Chiffionier,
.Mission Oak Rocker, two Ranges,
Cook Stoves, Beds and Bedding.
Dressers and Stand, Carpets,
Tables, Bed Lounge, Kitchen
Tables,  Chairs,  etc.
C. BESTLAND,  Auctioneer
N.B.���-List   your     Auction    Sales
with   llcstland  for  cptick  results
Phone  Fair.   1057
Apply to Fletcher & Brett
We have the following to offer to any one in search of a good cheap home :
A cleared 50ft. lot close to Collingwood East station with a four-room cottage, water
and light; tlso a well built two-room cottage in rear of the lot which is 132ft. deep.
Good title. The place in rear rents for $8.00 per month. Price for the whole place
$2,300. $150 cash, balance $25 per month. Interest quarterly at 7 per cent. Do
not past this by without investigation. Your time will be well spent to look at this
Phone  Collingwood   24,  P.  0.  Box   25,  Collingwood   Kast
When Company Comes
What could you serve as an evening refreshment
that would be so generally liked as
South Vancouver Builders' Supply Company
Dealers in Sand, Gravel, Fibre, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Vitrified
Pipe, Tile, Fire-clay, Lath, and Brick of all kinds.
Offices :  Slst Avenue and Fraser Street.   Phone : Fraser 36.
Main and 29th Avenue.    Phone:  Fairmont 1940.
Fraser Street and North Arm of Fraser River.   Phone : Frater 84.
Coal orders taken at all offices and delivered to all parts of South
Phone 2988
Limited Ft. of Columbia Ave.
Building Materials
Largest  and  Best   Assorted  Stock   in   British   Columbia
Experienced Ladies' & Gent's
Corner Fifty-sixth and Fraser
Ladies' or Gent's  Suits, $25 up
C. Gardiner - Johnson & Company
Johnson's Wharf
Phone :  Sey. 9145
Geo. Jones
Lame and Interfering horses will
receive special care and attention.
All kinds of hand-made shoes, running shoes, running plates, toe
plates, etc.
All horses entrusted to me will receive  every  care  and  attention.
571 Beatty Street
Phones:   Seymour 7056-7818 Offices:  606-607  Bank of Ottawa Bldg.
Water Works Department
Water for garden sprinkling will only be
allowed between the hours of 8 and 9 a.m.
and 7  and 9   p.m.  on the  following rites :���
Up tu 33ft. lot, $2.50 for season
Up   to   66ft.   lot,   $5.00   for   season
Anything over 60ft. to be specially rated by
the Superintendent. These rates are net,
payable   in    advance   at    the    Water   Worka
other.   Municipal   Hall.
Any person using water for this purpose
without a permit leave themaelves liable to
having the water shut off without further
Notice is also p.iven that at a meeting of
the Fire, Light and Water Committee it was
decided that st/en days' grace be allowed
ratepayers to pay tax for garden sprinkling,
after which date water used for this purpose
and lor which rates have not been paid will
be turned off.
Water  Works   Superintendent.
Fhone: Fair. 326       4518 Main St.
against the proposed trust em the grounds that it "ill
squeeze tlie  small promoter.
* ��   *
A VANCOUVER JEW, wlm owned a pawn simp, gave
another Jew on a loan, a hundred dollar bill in mistake
for a tell spot. While the broker grossly broke all the
traditions of his raee, the other party to the transaction
preeved worthy of the prayers of liL fathers by making the
century a safe prisioner.
# ��   ��
A DEVICE FOR HARNESSING the energy of the gestures that will he made by the Hebrews nf America when
tlicy hear of the Vancouver pawn broker's terrible breach
of etiquette, would be of as great industrial importance
as the solution of perpetual motion.
IT IS EXPECTED THAT almost anj day now Vancouver City Hall may be fitted out with greal yellow placards, and that the Corporation may break out with full
pages in the evening papers, advertising : "Greatest
Slaughter Sale oil Record," "Prices Stabhed in the Back,"
"Hook Your Dollar to the Blggesl Load il Ever Drew,"
"City Bonds Must Go," "Regular Price $100," "Cut Today to $90," "Our Creditors are' After Us," "Come Early
and Avoid  the   Rush.''
*    *   ��
THOUGH ANYONE WHO would attempt to put the
B. C. E. R. Co. out of business would be very bold, the
bird that tied the system up for two hours last Friday
night had an  enormous neck. SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 1913.
The Robertson-Godson Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies, Water Works
Supplies. Corporation Brass Goeds.
572 Beatty Street
Vancouver - Nanaimo
New Submarine Telephone Cable
Furnishes fist-class Long Distance Service between
Long Distance Calls now received for
VICTORIA, and all other Island Offices.
British Columbia Telephone
Chick Food That Feeds
All i,.ick foods do not contain all the elements necessary for good
health. Unless the proportions of the ingredients are correctly
determined, your chicks become sickly and mature slowly.
Is a scientifically prepared food containing  all   the   elements   of   a
balanced  ration.
The   Brackman-Ker   Milling  Co.
One Block South Pender St., near B. C  E. R. Freight Office
Phones 588ft 5887 5888
Where  T.IMI. thc   Dukr ami   Duchttl of Connaught  and   l'rincna  I'atricia
were  entertained.
II.  LARSON, Malinger. P,  LARSON. Proprietor
mi m  sst  ��m m    -
)tsU It*     e4i.ll -   i I'       *   I 1     - I
Elevation 625 feet. One hour's trip from Vancouver
Unequalled   Resort   for   Holiday,   long   or   short.       Family   Rooms
�� 'en suite with special rate.
Modern  appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high-class service  at moderate
rates.    Easy trail to top of Grouse  Mountain,  altitude 3,000 feet.
A good-natured curate, who firmly
believed thai <".<,'! was continually
| working miracles to enable liim to
help ilie needy, .mel who seldom had
coin in his pocket, u.e- accosted "in
dsy by a beggar woman.  He pleaded
Utter   lack   eel   111  y.   bul   "le   the   llle II-
dicanl beseeching htm tn icarcli hia
pockeli he hopcli ��sl) pul his hand
in  une,  and,  to  lu-  amazement  and
joy,   fe.llllel   a    live    -lulling    pie . e-    ill, |.
"Another of God'i mil ai li -!" lie i k
claimed; and Ihen, addressing thc
woman :  "This coin  belong*  iee  \e.u
eef   riKln    Take-   H   anil   ��,,   in   peaci
I I.r 111n    told    lill'    -Iui ')    ;���    few    limn -
later to his worldly-minded parish
priest, and suggested thai Ihey should
In iih go down e,n tlnir knees and
render thanks i'e God, -e strange, unpleasant Huh' suddenly broke "ii the
in i in I ul' ilu threwd p.ist, .r, win, e\-
elaimeil : "Good Lord! Are those mj
breeches   thai   you've   !."���!   em  you?"
*       *       A
His pnel" was natural, for he was
I quite   a   young   artist;   anil   there    it
j was���there  1..11I1I  be  nee  doubt  ah.nil
I it���his pieiuie, his Kreai  picture,  was
hanging   in     ihe     Royal     Academ)
What's inure, two people -te.nel mo-
jiiunles, in from while the artist sl 1
alar, gazing ai them. Then, "I say,
Charlie." he askeel hi- friend, "do
saunter carelessly by and find ��� .111
whal they are saying aboul my pic
ture. Perhaps ihey wanl 1.. buy it."
Forthwith Charlie sei mu to el,, .1
careless saunter. Presently���in thc
expectant arii-t ihe wait seemed an
eternity���he returned to In- friend.
"No business doing," he sighed. "She's
only blowing liim up for leaving i.i'i
his winter flannels too soon."
*    *   *
On a certain southern golf course
the sand pits are famous ner their
difficulty. A Xew Vork man played
Into one of the pits, and then cursed,
none the less malevolently, if silently,
whilei he leink six ineffectual strokes,
raising only clouds ..1' sand and fairly
lighted, asked her al its close to name
'III'  thing      -lie-     U'elllel     like-     I ��� , I      a     P'-
ward.   X.,w   the  maid  oi  honor  waa
��� nii-e r\ ,iii\ .��� 111 tin extreme. "I should
like." -In said, "tin head 'ei Mr.
I.nl,'in. ii. i ���  'in ,1 charg! r."
* *   *
li 1- related "i Mendelssohn al a
puhlic dinner 11 v. hich ladies were
pi e -iin. and �� hen' In- wm -111 round
��� ���! h>  a eir .in    o| aggressive  women
��� I ring i"i- hi- autograph, that he
Um-. ei| bimsi If to bi   v ii timized wiih
f ei   naturi    mini   finally     .1     flesh)
matron ul mature year- handed Imn
.1 card. Whether with malice prepense or mil ii is stated, bul the
emprncr wroti upon iln- card the
11111-11- ami words from Haydn's
'Creation" "Ami God created ��reai
whales." Thi- brought ihe autograph-
hunting lu an end, .iinl Me-nelel-se.hu
kVM allowed to 1^., nn with his dinner.
ie     *     it
"i.e nn- �� rile- iln- songs e.i a nation,"
-.ml ihe ready-made philosopher,
ami I care nol who make-- ihe- law-"
"I won'l k< 1 quite -ee lar as that,"
replied Senator Sorghum, "bul lei
me write ih<- amendments ami I care
lliel     Wh'e     <|i:i �� -     Up     ill.-     bill-."
eee       *       *
Emaciated Beggar���Mister, would
you phase give a poor teller -ix-
pence to keep him from dyin' ?
Stranger���"/ou've si ruck iln- wrong
man  ilu-  time.   I'm an  undertaker.
* *       A
"Don't you adore Ibsen?" demand-
id the Chicago girl.
"Yes," faltered the  Bostcn damsel.
I   don't   always   net   him,   though."
* A      A
Bobby���Sister musl be able to see
in  the  dark.
Mother���How so?
Hubby���Because inst night when
-In- was sitting wilh Mr. Staylate iu
ihe- parlor I liearel he-r say : "Why,
Tuin. ymi  haven't  shaved!"
Scene at Ganges Harbor,  where  the   Conservatives held their annual picnic, Saturday last
burying the ball. Presently lie wal
aware uf an interested ami incred-
uloul darky wlm hail never -e.n goll
played before watching him "What
yem see dai snake you're tryin' i"
kill, man?" In- demanded.
* A    A
A stranger being shown over the
country church askeel ilu- old pew-
opener win, showed hcr around, who
lhe e,rnanis|  w as
"My 'iisban'" was  iln- proud  reply.
"Well." aeble.l ihe old woman, "the
yeniiiK huly up at lhe 'all 'its the- kej -���
but  it's my  'usban'  what  blows."
* *   *
A native station master em lhe East
Indian  Railway had been  given strict
orders met tn du anything eeut eif the
ordinary without authority from the
superintendent. This accounts fur his
sending the following telegram :
"Superintendent's Office, Calcutta���
Tiger mi platform eating conductor.
Please wire instructions."
* *   *
The Duke eel' Wellington was Prince
of Waterloo,, though he never called
himself so, and had many either lilies.
for which he had lo pay dear, lie
told a man tei order dinner fur him al
a particular lintel, ami tbe man did su.
mentioning all the Duke's lilies.
Presently the Duke came ami wailed
a long time. "Is the dinner not entiling?" he asked: "why don'l you bring
the dinner?" "W'e are waiting," replied the waiter, "fur the resl of the
parly." They had prepared dinner
feir about twenty people.
*        *        ele
Queen Victoria, who was very fond
of step dancing, eme ntuht at Balmoral asked her maid, who she knew
had been taking lessons 'if an eminent
dancing mistress, fur a little' e-\hi-
bitiem eif her art. Princess Henry uf
Battenberg, chief musician in her
mother's Court, struck up a tune- mi
the piano, and Miss Lambart forwith
began   her   dance,   The   Queen,   dc-
"The club voted i" s\>> i" iln- n\ ia-
tion  in-11
"I suppose ih.- resolution was
adopted  by   a   rising   vote
* ���   ���
Mr. Wyhornc��� Evei -une- I married
you I've drunk the cup of bitterness
I,, tin   dregs.
Mi-. Wyhorn���Yes; imagine you
leaving a drain of anything in any
"That's .in-; like Jim." sai.l the
widow, wearily, after a flapping curtain hael knocked over iln- urn in
which all thai was mortal uf her
cremated husband hael been placed
and spread ils contents em the fleeur.
"Always dropping his ashes everywhere!"
* *    *
"Is   she   musical?"
"Yes;  she   has  a  natural  voice,  a
sharp tongue ami a flat nose."
* *     e*
"The spirit e.f your deceased husband, madam, wishes t,, communicate with yeeu nn the subject of your
remarriage,"  saiel  the  medium,
"Very well," saiel the woman. "Lei
him proceed. Whal is il he wishes
tn say?"
"Ile says." murmured the medium,
going int.1 a trance���"he say.s he is
very clad ynu are going lee marry Mr.
Skeezicks.   Ile  always   hated   him."
=1=       ele       *
"How ih. ynu manage tei keep yeeur-
selves so plump?" asked the visiting
pigeon.   "What   do  ynu   gel   t.e  eat?"
"We feed nn the atmosphere and
an occasional peanut." answered the
down-town   pigeon.
"Hut how dei ymi keep yourselves
so clean  anil  neat?"
"Sli ! W'e dnii'i. What yeeu mistake
leer cleanliness ami neatness is merely
our  metropolitan   pnlish."
* *       A
The teacher was hearing the youthful   class   iii   mathematics.
"No," she said, "in order tn subtract, things  have tn be in  the same
for   stores,   offices   and   residence!
C. H. Jones & Son
Manufacturers  of  the
"Pioneer Brand"
Tents, Awnings and Canvas Goods
Phone  Seymour  740
Terminal Steam
Navigation Co. Ltd.
5  S.     BOWENA   le.eves     He-     I 'I .���..:.
i.i;   lii,.-k at '..15 a.in.. Sunelay
al   pi  i'i  a en . f���r  HOWEN   ISLAND
���  al    >.\YII,   ISLAND
1 Wed!,    Sai 1.     PORTEAI .
I'.i-i 1 ANN) \ MINE an.l Mil.I.
1 1:1.1 I .
s -   iiRM'WNlA leave* Um Union
tlocl   it 9.3     1 in , Sunday
ae   Hi JU   a.m..  |.,r   l.KI   \ I    NORTH
I'ai..   to   lleiwrn    Island   anil   inter-
its rae-li  nray.
All  pointa above    IIe,*sen    laland,
. way.
Special Tourlat Ticket*, $1.00 1 i
.ml for elate ol is-tn- only.
For  information   Phone Sey. 6330.
Sailings   subject   to   change   without
Phone :  Fraaer 34 - 46th Ave. and Frater
PHONE Fair. 2489
At moderate prices
Nothing but reliable work
turned out
Ladies' and Men's Tailors
(Formerly of  Montreal)
805   Granville   Street,   Corner   Robson
Hours:   10 a.m.  to 9  p.m.
Soulh Hill  P.O.  Box 105
Business   College
"The School of Certalntiea"
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded
Corner Main St. & 10th Ave.
Phone :   Fairmont   2075
Hamilton  Bros.
Embalmerg and  Funeral
Parlors and C hapel:
Office Phone:    FRASER  19
Residence Phone:    FRASER 25
( Day or night)
Leaves Ferry Wnarf Daily at 9.30
i.m. for Indian R'ver and Way
Sunday at 10.33 a.m.
ROUND     TRIP        . -       $1.00
NORTH    ARM    S. S.    CO.,    LTD.
denomination. For instance, we
couldn't inke.- eight horses from ten
cast  Do you understand?"
There was assent from the majority
of pupils, line little boy in the rear
raised  :i  timid hand.
"Please, teacher," said Bobby,
"couldn't yen take three quarts from
three cow s?"
lie * *
Martin C. Dale, the famous Reno
divorce expert, analyzed the psychology nf rJBvorce at a divorcee's banquet
"Soni'e i.-ike- divorce very hard," lie'
said. "'It breaks them all up. Some,
again, take ii lightly anel gaily, Others
lake ii with a bitter ami ironic humor,
ami these arc the most amusing of
"An Oshkosh lady who recently
divorced her husband here showed
me a clipping t'r.em tlu- Oshkosh
paper���hcr first notice that hcr husband   was  aware  eef  In-r  affection   for
"The   husband,   ii   seems,   inserted
in all the papers of Oshkosh, the day
aller her return from a rendezvous,
thi-   wain   advertisement :
"Wanted���llie indentity nf tin-I
gentleman win, made le,ve tn my
w-ii'e ihe entire evening of Thursday
mi n bench in lhe park. Will this
jjeiilleniae, Urn", sent! nn- Iii- photograph, suitably vitogfaphed, for my
Album uf Heroes, ami greatly oblige,
���John   Harris  Smith."
We   deliver  to   family
trade in South   Vancouver
PHONE :    HIGHLAND    930
A.   L. Amid
Eight-room suite, furnished, all modern. Xew- block,
on Joyce St., near School
Koad. Rent moderate. Apply Capt McLean, furniture
sl.ne, Joyce St., near School
Road e,r A. M. Beattie, 612
Vancouver  Block. SIX
Comfort, Convenience, Economy
Xh�� coil  i"i   eontinuoui operation i^ only I  few cents per hour.
The ire.n is operated from ��n ordinary household socket
The iront sold bj  >hli company an  constructed on ihe best principle-; iln- mean- an appliance which <ii hot al thf point and cool at
lhe handle.   The iron bean the manufacturer.! guarantee.
SEYMOUR 5000 (Near Davie)
$550���Easy Terms
This h.I is silualed em 56th Avenue,
close in Victoria Road, which now
has a lll-niiniile ear service. This is
the best buy in Ihis disirict. Let us
show yen ii at your convenience. We
can  arrange  very   easy  terms.
The Yorkshire Guarantee
&  Securities Corporation  Limited
440 Seymour Street
Phones: 6188 and 6189   R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
Phone 1038 : Edmonds, B. C.
I have the exclusive sale of large lots on Salishury Avenue, close
to statics.   $1,000 each; on good terms.    See me about them.
Anything you wish in the way of Builders' Materials, Rough and
Dressed Lumber, Finish, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Sand, Lime,
also 16in. Mill wood.
P. O. Box 3
Phone Collingwood 16 L
Hughes Bros' Big Liquor Store
Phone : Seymour 330
We  carry  everything  in  the  Liquor   Line
No order too small, and none too large for this popular Liquor Store
Free Delivery to all parts South Vancouver
leaving our Store every  Friday  morning at 9 a.m.
Wanted���Good   building   Lols   in   vicinity   of   Knight   Road
at reasonable prices
Cor. Knight and Westminster Rds. Vancouver, B.C.
Phone : Fairmont 1653
Eburne  Saw Mills  Limited
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Fir, Cedar, and Spruce Lumber
Shingles, Lath. Sash, Doors, Turnings
and House Finishings
All the ladii s lovi  i.. flirt and dance,
with Captain  La-dc-Da."
I can icarcelj hear t lii- old and
popular -e.iii; Ming now without being   e,\, rcunic   with   emotion,
Now the real truth is thai I need
ihe friendship ol as man) u I women a^ possible, and, in an especial
manner, the love and sympathj of
If any man on reading this nayi,
���'Mush! Mm.li!! Mush! 11" Ile is un-
doubti illy ;i h) pocrite or lhe husband
of some unlovable woman. For, after
nl! is >aiil and done, they are comparatively few wlm ihe imt long and
pfay thai lhe time may soon conic
when every woman and girl shall be
unto us as sisters, when every man
and boy shall be unto us as brothers,
\\ iih good  wishe* to all irom
Yours   sincerely,
! am truly sorry "Tonal" that you
tminster,  B.  C.
Ink 22, 1913.
To Miss "Chinook,"
460L5 Main   St., Vancouvi r, B, C.
Hear Madame- I wouhl be very
glad if you would answer a few questions for ine in your valuable paper.
W'e lake the "Chinook" and I am
always very much Interested in the
Women's rage,
1. Please tell me if there is a stone
named Beryl, and if see. whal is il
2. Whal meaning has the amethyst?
3. Whal we.uld be a suitable costume for an early fall or late .summer bride, who will be travelling
some distance before the ceremony,
and whai feer a bridesmaid?
4. What   color   woulil   best   suit   a
girl who is tall, slight, with rather
fair hair, brown eyes and a dark rosy
complexion, nineteen years old, and
how  long should  her  skirls be?
Hoping   I   have  not   taken  up  too j have found so few friends of the fair
much of your valuable time and thank- sex In Canada, mayhap the lassii
I   feel
Canada   are
easily   won
ing you  lor  the kind allenli
sure you will give my questions.
I  remain  most  sincerely, yours,
Aus.���It  gives  me  much  pleasure
to learn you read our paper and lake j |]eaft"
interest in my page. I am see glad to
hear from you and trust you will
come again as I quite enjoy hearing
from the various readers ami am
always   willing   to   answer   questions.
1. Yet, there is such a stone, but il
is very rate. I have never seen one
and for the benefit eif both you and
myself I enquired of a jeweller, who
had only seen one himself, but explained to mc that il somewhat resembled a sardonyx, only it is darker,
between a slate grey and black in
color, and Ihe one he had seen was
richly carved, as it seems to he a
hard stone without lustre.
2. I am .sorry, but 1 do nut know the
meaning of lhe amethyst, possibly
some of our readers may and will
kindly lei us know, which 1 shall bc
glad  to publish  later.
3. From this question I infer you
will be married in the suit you travel
in. Cream serge would be awfully
smart with some natty hat lo match,
white shoes and gloves. Of course,
if yuu were to make a lengthy journey afler the ceremony il would be
wise  to  replace  lhe  cream  suit  wilh
unco   shy   or     no   sac
is   Iheir   sisters   uf   the
mil   heather,   for   surely  you
an noi have lost your charm when
nu were so popular. I,el us hope lhat
mong  all   our   readers   yuu  can   find
ne  whu   will   try   lu  cure   your  "sair
al   least   be   unto  yem   as  a
Vancouver, II. C, July 2(1, 191.3.
Rditor Ladies' Page, The' "Chinook."
Dear Madam:��� I find much
pleasure as well as advice' in reading
yuur well-edited page, ami will be
much pleased if yuu will tell nie uf
what value a .siring eef ruse beads
about a fool ami a half in length
would be if hand-made, and could
eel'  a   good   place  lo  sell
you   lei I
Yours  truly,
Ans.��� 11 gives mc much pleasure
to learn my page is helpful lu you
ami am very glad indeed to answer
any inquiry.
I am .surry, but 1 elo not know
where ymi could dispose uf your
beads. 1 only wish 1 could help you,
anil I dare say, if one hail lime lu go
about showing them, there are
eluzens wliu would buy. Personally
I think tlum lovely. I think fur llie
length you mention they sell in lhe
stores from 50 cents to $l.nn. Aboul
The Princess May, of the B. C. Coast   Service   pnsaenger   fleet,   operated
by  the  Canadian  Pacific   Railway
a darker or older one as while soils I
SO easily Nexl to the cream I Bhould ;
like  a   light   silver  grey   wilh   the  ac- i
cessories to match, bul as this, too, is
a rather perishable color for a long!
travel you might prefer something I
darker su as lu save taking the j
second   Bull   ami   still   look   clean   and I
neai.   In   that   case   I   ihould  gel  a i
nice navy blue, wilh  hai  eef  Nell  rose
shade, white gloves ami patent leather I
���hoes, Tan is alio a guiiil culler te, I
stand the dust of travel ami gues :
nicely wilh while facings, se. that ;
your   range   of   choice   is   not   at   .ill
limited.    For the' bridesmaid I could |
be more explicit, too, if I knew
wliethci yuu will be married immediately em yeiur arrival al the special
destination ur if yem Intend to change
your costume. If yem marry in your
travelling .suit she should also wear
a suit thai would harmonize wilh
4. My dear, a little girl of nineteen
years, who has youth and health and
all the charming requirements, such
as you describe ought to be able to
wear any color and loeik very prclty
in any of them. White, pink, blue
and tan should be exceptionally becoming, and if the skirts wcre worn
to the hoot-tops, I fancy il would bc
sufficiently long, though eme cannot always judge of such things frum
age. It was only this week 1 met a
nice looking young girl who would
pass for twenty anywhere, and yet
1 know her to be only fifteen years.
So, if your friend is tall and wears
her hair up it might be advisable to
lengthen  the skirts.
I trust this may help you and 1
shall be glad to hear from you again.
July  26,   1913.
Dear Miss Chinook���Will you
allow a bachelor with a "sore head"
to insert a letter in yeeiir correspondence column just once? Perhaps
either yourself or some other lady
will be able  tei recommend a cure.
My complaint is this���that though
I've been nearly eleven years in Canada. I've scarcely any women friends.
In Scotland, on the other hand, I was
a great favorite wilh the ladies. In
fact, I was almost as popular as Captain   La-De-Da,   who   used   to   sing :
"La de Du. La de Da, I'm the pel of
all thc ladies,
a .m;ii ago I longingly looked at a
siring fully three ur four feel leiiig,
but hud i" deny myself, as I fancied
ii too expensive, thc price- being
eilhcr four or five dollars,
I f I was in'i mi bui y I sin mid like
lu help yuu sell ihcm. bin I ean enily
advise ymi to try tin big stores, they
might accept them, baton's, Hudson' Hay or Robinsons eef tins city.
Come again ami tell me llOW you .succeed.
He       A
July   12,  1913.
Dear Madame:��� I have been a
reader "i thc "Chinook" a long time,
and J think the woman's page is just
fine, (hie se'cms tu find something
in il that just fits every lime. I feel
sorry there is nut mure correspondence. I like Io see the young girls
asking yuu for advice, lur I often
think il i.s such a pity fur our young
girls lo dress and act like older
women. Sweel sixteen should nut
want to be 25. Care comes all too
early. lie sweet and loving and considerate, girls, especially to your
ciders, and dress suitably tu your age
and position. It won't cost any more.
I would like a receipe for lemon
curd. Also one for carmel pudding
and lemon pic, if you can oblige me,
I will be so glad. Du yuu think there
is any pervcnlalivc for excessive perspiration on thc face, as it makes one
led so mussed up and uncomfortable. Do you think buttermilk would
have any tendency to grow hair? I
jam afraid 1 have asked more questions than is reasonable to ask. at
oiie lime, but if you will be kind
enough to awswer 1 shall feel more
than obliged. XKMO.
Ans.���Thank yuu so much for your
kind word, when I receive a letter
like yours 1 feel my work is not iri
vain'; anil your advice to girls is good.
1. Crate two lemons, add one-haft
pe.unil of sugar, one-fourth pound of
butter beaten together to a cream,
one pint of milk, two lablespuonl'uls
eef flour, and four eggs beaten separately.  Add the  whiles  last.
2. I regret I have nut a receipe I
can recommend) possibly some of
emr readers will come forward wilh
one  they have  tested.
3. Lemon pie- iplain)���Make le. a
nice brown under crusl and fill with
the folleewng dressing I One pint of
water  put  on  the stove  in  a  double
Let  us  supply  you  with  the  requirements of  the  season.
Water Cans, Hose, Garden Tools
The hot weather is coming.    Don't forget that we carry a lull line
of Screen Doeers and Windows.
Dealer  in  Stoves,  Ranges and Kitchen Utensils
l'hone Coll. 19
We have the stock, the machinery and the men
to produce first-class
Collingwood Sash and Door Factory
CAPP & TILBURY, Proprietors
418 Winch Building Vancouver, B.C.
Wood Block
Phone : Seymour 8425-8426
Western Plate Glass &
Importing   Co.   Limited
Registered Office:
318 Water Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thorne   Metal   Store   Front   Bars,   Bevelling   and
Silvering, Store Fronts Glazed
909   Dominion   Trust   Building,   Vancouver,   B. c.
Telephone! :    Office S497.    Worka 6203.     Worka  9328.     Worka  9179
Order Your Winter Coal Now
hand  genuine
and  arc  able  to  fill any  and all  orders  at short  notice.
Any statement that there is no Wellington and nothing
but  Seattle Coal  in  town  is  incorrect.
Phone Seymour 210
boiler; add a pinch of salt, butter the
size of a walnut, one cup of sugar,
yolk of one egg, and boil and stir in
a little corn starch previously dissolved in cold water, only thick
enough for a rich cream .spread over
with the white of one egg beaten to
a stiff froth and slightly sweetened.
Place in thc oven to brown. This is
a  plain  healthy  and  easily  made pie.
A lemon pie that is just rich enough
lee be enjoyable is by putting the
crust intended for it into a deep
plate. Stir one tablespoonful of corn
starch into a little cold water, and
a cup of boiling water, let all boil,
then add seven lablcspemnfuls of
sugar, the well-beaten yolks of four
eggs and Ihe grated rind and juice of
two lemons, then bake. Beat the
whites of four eggs and one heaping
tablcspoonful of pulverized sugar to
a stiff froth; when the pie is bakt��l
spread Ihis smoothly over the top,
then set in the oven feir two or
three minutes to give the desired
golden J>rown.
A   prescription   powder     is     made
from one ounce of boracic acid, one
drachm of burned alum, one hall" ounce
"I French chalk, six and one-half
ounces of slarch. Perfume with fifteen
drops each of oil of lemon and oil of
hcrgamot. Mix well and pass Ihrough
a fine sieve. Hut 1 am almost inclined to think the pores of your face'
must be enlarged; in order to reduce them an excellent astringent
wash is made by putting into a eene-
half pint bottle one and one-half
eeiiuces of cucumber juice half filling
the bottle with elder-flower water,
milling, an ounce of eau de cologne-
and shaking well, adding one ounce
of simple tincture ol" benzoin and filling be.ltle with elder flower water.
Get the juice of the cucumber by
���slicing, without peeling, adding a
suggestion of water, boiling (,, a
pulp, ceeeeling and straining through
Nee. 1 ihe met think buttermilk will
in any way injure lhe skin, instead,
it is claimed lee be splendid lo whiten.
Come again. I like to hear from
my readers. SATURDAY.  Al'CUST 2, 1913.
Over forty millions of eh,Han are
sent out of this province annually to
buy fruit, vegetable! and olher products of the soil, Yet the farmers of
liritish Columbia cannot bring their
products tei market profitably. Acres
.if fruit rot mi the ground each year
or are shovelled into the canneries
at a cent a pound, The farmers have
to meet the ceist of clearing; they
have to wait years feer their fruit
trees tei mature; they have to meet
the cost of picking, packing, freight
and marketing, the 1') per cent, commission to the dealer and llie results
have them sick and discouraged
Yet "agriculture is the backbone
of all industries in all countries," according to the minister of agriculture, win, prophesies lhat "It will yet
lead all other industries in point of
productive value."
on the part of the government with
urban authorities for collection and
distribution of produce with a view
to  the   securing  to   the   producers   of
the province or their expanding markets; assistance iu the clearing and
draining of lands, and the establishment of agricultural banks.
It is devoutly te. be hoped thai
some practical result will follow from
these various efforts, bul meanwhile
something can be done at once and
a movement often finds salvation ill
activity. The Progress Club has
pledged itself to aid to the extent of
its power any movement that will
emphasize the wisdom of encouraging home agriculture. It was at the-
Progress Club that the farmer became articulate tome months ago
when the facile optimism of the distant   view   of  agriculture  received   a
to all the farmers' institutes and
boards of trade in the province with
the view tei iln generation of pro-
vincial interest in the  subject.
The suggesiie.ii as to immediate
pi ssible steps for the encouragement
of home production will be gathered
from the following letter which is
being se-nt by the Progress Club to
about fifty women's organizations.
Dear   Madame :
liver forty millions of dollars are
sent out of this province annually to
purchase fruits, vegetables and other
products of ilu s il, that can bi grown
here,   and    at    the    ..line    lime    British
Columbia growers have- generally
found ii impossible to secure a satis-
factory  markel   for  their products.
This condition must be changed
if this   Province is t<���  prosper as it
speak upon the questiotl if you should
Iii the meantime we would offer aes
a practical suggestion . that your
members sheiuld this year require
their leaders to supply British C ���. I -
umhia fruit for canning as well as
for table use. It may be necessary to
wait a week or ten day- longer for
some Uriiish Columbia varieties suitable ie-r canning than for those- grown
outside the Province, but the benefit accuring to emr country therefrom would surely be ample compensation for any inconvenience
caused by the delay.
We trust that we may be favored
with an early reply assuring us of
your valued co-operation.
Obviously the- appeal here is t'i the
"Spirit of tin- I live-,'' as Maeterlinck
calls  that  mystic  -pint of commun-
liut mi a much higher scale is the
voluntary restriction of liberty ior
the sake of tlu common good. The
common good in this case is the
justification of agriculture in this province, and nothing but the sympathy
of the urban population <-an bring
about the desired conditions of which
tin- minister of agricultrial speaks,
when this industry will had all other
industries  in   Uriiish   Columbia.
Iiuliislrial Hritish Columbia is in
the Darwinian pern.el of struggle feer
life. Henry Drumme nd has taught n-
thal this s n i t'i. final stag of evolution or the complete story, because,
sheet through the struggle f< >r Iii.
and crowning the evolutionary process there is struggle for the life of
others. But as a state, ami in c��� ��� ni-
petition   with   stronger   of    at    least
l�� rt Tupper Chapter of the Daughters
of bmpire, feir example, have taken
the practical step of compiling lists
of names of those dealers who can
In- relied upon to supply home-grows
fruit ami the kinds that are available.
The-:- data are printed and supplied
tei tin ir member- ami each member
undertakes to persuade at least five
other housekeepers to use Hritish
Columbia fruit for table and preserving purpos - during the present summer.
Hen- i- practical patriotism, the
kind oi patriotism that i- a challenge
both  t"  the-  organizii . irket-
ing forcei of the province- and to the
farmer- - i the country.
Thi women of Calgary, according
to the newspaper reports, ha, ��� taken
possession   of     the     local     market,
B. C.  Fruit for B. C. People
B. C.  Fruits in Progress Club Exhib :
But productivity is not  the whole
'liicstioii, as every fanner knows II
'- little use producing things unless
ihey can be profitably marketed
There are senile signs of an awakening interest in the agricultural sit.
11 tion, A commission is al work
- de-cling facts and data. The niar-
I  is  committee  of  the  city  council
e working toward the provision of
i ��� iter marketing facilities; a menial was recently presented to llle
I ivernmenl urging state assistance
ill the organizing and marketing of
produce; stale organizers and Instruc-
i" - to be stationed in the different
igi cultural centres; local and central cold steerage plants; co-operation
series   of   shocks,     Seniles   were   told
of  fruit   abandoned  on   the  railway
siding lie-cause il di 1 not pay to send
il to market; :;"..,rics of fruit perishing I'roiie neglect in transit; stories of
fruit rolling from neglect in the
hands of commission agents. Il was
said that few men encourage or desire to sec their children slay on the
land. Life was too hard ami lhe re. |
suits nol worth while and farmers,1
it was said, were asking themselves
why they should continue lo be fools
as well as farmers,
The subject was kept alive; a memorial was presented to ibe govern*
ment and this memorial is being sent
should. Ii will not he- changed, however, unless our citizens anil especially our women, who do such a very
large pari ol' the- purchasing of lleeusc-
h,ild needs, lake all active interest in
llle   mailer.
Wc would therefore venture to invoke lhe powerful aiel "I your \s-
sociation in lhe efforts now lieing
made by this Club in stimulate the
consumption   of   the   farms   and   the
factories   of   British   Columbia.   We
would hc very glad Pi furnish any
data you might require ior the pin
sedition 'if such a campaign and
would also be very pleased lo have
one   of     our   representatives   attend
any  meeting of yuur    society    and
ity thai governs tin- domestic economy oi iln- bee. "In proportion," he
says :   "a-  a   society  organizes  itself
and rises ill the scale, sn does a
Shrinkage    inter    the    private    llle-    eel
each one of its members." lie- means
rn' course, thai absolute liberty "I
action   is   impossible   in   any   civilized
community Sfone can go about the
streets partially dressed except fashionable laelies ami demi-mondalnet to
In- restricted by force "Each .me"
says   Maeterlinck  "is compelled  firsl
eet'    all     te,    renounce     Ilis     VICCS,     which
are acts eet' Independence." Certain
actions arc anti-social anil ilu- community has a perfect right to protect   itself   from   them.
older slates there is no doubt that al
present it is our duty to struggli foi
our ovv n industrial hie ami n.- cannol 'lo this ii the urban population
have mel a little stronger sentiment
fe>r tlu- members ��� >i thi ir -iwn industrial family than for ihe stranger
without    our    gales
Il  is a ph-as-.irc I" barn lhat  thii is
realized   alre-aih   ley   many   thoughtful
women in Vancouver and thai, a- a
mailer of fact, some fi them have already take-n -lip- t . persuade theii
members ami friends to u-e- this summer as much  Hritish Columbia fruit
a��   possible,      The   Sir   Charles    ||j|,_
brusbing i      ��� y as
-ee manj   di  nes;  estal      ed   -
fair on                -- basi.-, n duce el the
ci -i    ���������  in ing and    - m - iui ac d    the
farmers   to   supply   the   mai I.i |    .  t
ind  ��� ��� gulai Ij
\eiiviiv  oi ihis kind will soon make
il  pr- -lilal-l,  and prudent  I- ir lhe dealer to emphasize tin- facl that  hi   '   I
British  Columbia  produci     to    -ell.
and w ill stimulate to no small    xtenl
i!-,   .-��� - ����� , rs' as., iciations thai ate being i- umd in diffeiem I Im.--   Mr.
Mae Mill.in. of the citj market, tells
nn- thai Okanagan cherries are i'��
ready in hand.
Fruit  from  the  Okanagan
A Carload of Apples without a Flaw
Delivered to job at $2.10 "C
55th    and    Commercial    or
Phone  Fair.  1659
Box  17. Cedar Cottage
Why Go With
the Bunch
Down   town   to pi ���       ���-'���-   anel
Pool, when we havi   a nn-i-e up-lo-
in South  Vancouver ?
i mosl improved tables at
4209 Main Stre I
War 26th .\v e nue
Bicycles Repaired
We repair all makes of bicycles,
and stock a full line of parts and
Sec our special $.'5 English
bicycle   with  all  accessories.
Bicycles for rent.
The "Samson" Cycle
Coiner   Union   and   Dunlevy   Sts.
Vancouver,  11.  C.
i iui   of i    total  ol    eleven    goals
-\, ���.,--   i    ;. -   '     1        lie -in .1   ���
in tin  citj champi -     rics
P       Vance ut        nd \     \   C. pre.
,, am-   nil!   continue  thei
nexl   Saturday  al    \l\ 1 tii    Park.
���   *
V   ��� "elers
will undei go their Iii tcsl I thi
- ason al Victoria n xl w eek. I leek
���  ... |i r  i-  drilling   the    boys    (hree
.   ...   i-
* *   *
Nationals are the latest in ihe field
wiih   a   bid   for   Lalonde'*   services
.   want   tin   speedy  home player
Easl at onci
* *   ��
Harry Hyland is probably on his
way East by this time 'I hc diminutive home intern going di-
i eel   to   Me nti - al   and   will   r< sl   for
i -,e   remainder i ���'���  iln   si as en.
* A      A
John Virtue, president of the Vic
i    Club, says that no attempt will
be  made  lo  gather  a  team  this  sea-
���hip with Win
nipeg's  champions.
���     A     A
\ltu tile trimming Irish-Canadians
i i , f , i-i - h - on Saturdaj
il l , gie . to 1 'ei; as ii the Montreal
t< im  ��ill v. -lly  win the "Big   Four"
ill    e.i    the
cell    play   ill    lae   T. .re mlo-Xal iolial
tch sl      -     .  i ,l ihal some heavj
penalties  will  11   handed  out  to  the
.ItVneU 1-
Ritchi: Can  Have Title Match Here
The management of the Brighous
Arena have accepted Willie  Ritchie i
terms for a title match here em  i...
b.er    Day.   and    when    the   ch    11] I
i ipens  bids  neM   M mda     il        alt
gether   likely   that   he   ��ill   give   tl
Brighouse  management   lirst  call  o
hi<  - r\ ici s.    His d main's i if a     I
antes  of $15,000,  win  lose  or  di i*
with  the  priv ilege  of  tai ing   5 i  pe
ci ut. of the moving pi.-lure privili g 6
: have been accepted by thc local
The club ri ���< rv. ������ the t ighl  to i ami
one  of   ihr.e-   boys,   Welsh,   Mu-; hj
or Cross a- his opponent     Chi I   Mc
Intyrc w ill prol ably b ave  ne- ��� i  Sat
unlay  i i-  T-'i isco i" lecurc   Ritchie's
. turc  t"  tin- .iiii,-l��� -
White Sox Wen Cup
Tlu Ri 1 crts in-Gods in Company'*
While Sox defeated the Crane Com-
,,,-..,v 'j nil i it i.-.w-v n ' island on Sat-
urda) at the plumbers' annual outing bj a scon  of !W).   The feature of
he gam.- was thc pitching of Mc-
G er.  �� ho  strui I.  oul   sixti en  of bis
pi , ni ms The battcric - were Mc-
Ceei and Jahan! e for thc winliei-s
ind W. Johnson and Tapipan for the
li sers. The winners received a handsome cup. donated by the Standard
Ideal Company,
! vmourH JOO
Special Rates to Municipal Hall
and other South Vancouver
4132   MAIN   STREET
Greater  Vancouver  Specialists
R. G. Simm, Manager
Phone: Fair. 807 4132 Main St.
Kitchen and Builders' Hardware, etc.
Cor. 51st Ave. & Main St.
 Vancouver.  B.C.	
General Merchants
Nti...-.pin,.   Powder  Our  Specialty
Phone:     Fraser   100 46th  Ave.  A   Mall
Reeve &  Harding, Props.
Real  Estate,  Loans,  Insurancj
Houses   Rented Rents   Collected
4609  Main  St. Phone:  Fair.  783
The 1'niteel .tales lawn tennis team
carried off the world's championship
trophy on July 2X, when Maurice !���'..
McLoughlin, of San Francisco, won
lhe fourth and deciding match il
contest with England tor thc Dwight
F,  Davis  international  trophy.
McLoughlin, the American national champion, was drawn again*!
Charles P. Dixon, and won in straight
sets, 8-6, 6-3, 6-2. The first sei was
haul fought, bill Dixon was ill the
lead only once. As sunn as McLoughlin steadied down to his task
he had the Englishman at bis mercy.
The second and third sets were easy
for the brilliant American, who was
plav ing at lhe top of his game.
During the thirteen years since the
Davis Cup was lirst put in play,
eleven championship tournments have
been completed, and the score of
championships stand as follows :
Hritish Isles. 5; Australasia, 4: United Stales, 2. Not including the present series, forty-three player.s, representing six countries, have battled
for the trophy, the number by nations or colonies being : United
Stales. 15; British Isles, 14; Australasia, 5; France, 5; Belgium, 2; Austria, 2.
As soon as play for lhe trophy was
announced, England challenged the
United States for the cup, losing the
lirst contest in the summer of 1900
in straight matches. Two years later the Hritish Isles players had another try, but were repelled three
matches to two. Encouraged by ibis
improved showing, they returned
again in 1903 with a team composed
of the Doherty Brothers, and won
four matches tei one. England held
he cup until 1907, when the Australasians ween with their two famous
stars, Brookes and Wilding. The
trophy was held in the Antipodes until last winter, when the British
Isles team, consisting of Parke, Dixon and Beamish won and carried the
bowl back to  England.
Sporting Sparklets
Thc Koyal Vancouver Yacht Club
will hold a cruise on Saturday, August 9, to Plumper Cove, Keats Island,
Howe Sound.
Matty Baldwin and Leach Cross
are scheduled to travel twenty rounds
tonight at the Venice arena, Los
Grand For ie Display
Pte.   Hawkins   of  Toronte
third  Canadian   to  win     the
Prize  in   recent  years.    Sgt
Vancuuver.   won  it  in   1904  and   Pt
Clifford   won   lhe  trophy  in   1911
is the
son, bul that the Capitals will field
a strong team for the 1914 scries on
the Coast.
Davis   and
inn- form  in
Gibbons   and
a   big   help   to
Crookall   are   showing
the  city  league  series,
George   Matheson  are
tie   former   amateur
Miss   May   Foley  Becomes the  Wife
of  Mr. J. J. Cashion
.\ very prettj  and intei i sting wi tl
ding wa.-  solemnized at  St. Joseph's
Church, Cedar Cottage, on Thursdaj
mi rning, July 24, by the Ret.  I
McKinnon, w hen May Catharine, i Id
Mr. John  A.   Foley,
w as marrii -1 lo Mr  .1 >h'h 1   Cashi
of Ci dar Cotl ige.   'I hc bridi  entered
the church on thc arm of lu-r .
to the strains of tin   Lohengrin wedding march, played by  Mi-.  W. Tihb.
The bride  vva-   ��� ery di essed
in while liberty satin, with yoke e.i
shadow lace, and v. .-re a veil embroid
cred in Sei d pi Is, w ith Juliet cap
ami ��� rangi bl ��� mis, She fcarrii d
a bouquet i i w hii r- - - and sweel
pea-, and ;-    hcr sister,
Miss I !crti he - ' >oke -1 pi etty
in a gown of pale blue messaline silk,
with hat to match, and carried a b.eu-
qiu-i i 'i pink sweet pi
v> as supported by his !
Cashion,    After the een mony a wedding breakfast was served at the home
of  the  bride's   parents,   2 i.i.I   Fourth
Avenue East.   The bride was the recipient   of  Beveral   g< n< i ous   i heques
and many oilier beautiful  and  useful
gifts.    Mr.  and  Mrs.  Cashion  i   it  on
the    4   o'clock    Irani    for    Si alll -    e-u
route to Chicago, Kentucl y ami many
other   Eastern   points.    The    bi
travelling  costume  vva-  grey  broadcloth, with hat  of white  Milan
and  blue  feather mount.    After  two
months' lour  ihey  will  reside in  this
"My   wile. '   said   Mr    Clarke,  "senl
$2 in answer to an advertisement of
a sure- method of getting rid of sup r
Buous fat."
"And what did she get for the
money? Was the information whal
she   wanted?"   asked   Mr.   Simmons
"Well, she goi a reply telling her
to sell it to the soap man."
Mr. Ilawes, secretary of thc I'.ng-
lish I,acre,sse- Association, and Harry
Allinghani. formerly of this city, but
now a resident of London, Eng., in
letters state that Btepi arc already
being taken to send an all-star English twelve to Catia.la nexl sumtr.ir.
*   *   *
Tin National game is enjoying a
big boom iii \\ innipeg.   Thi ei  I amn
e in ������ for the champion
ship and the winners will start for
thi   Coast  the latter pan of A iglisl
to plav Vancouver ior thc Maun
t        *       .��
"Punch"  Bun      I defence
���nan of the Vane lUVef A C , may not
take part in any pro gami - ihis season, iii which eveni he will bc found
in   ilie lineup of lh,-  Mann  Cup  learn
Arthur Pelkey will be prepared to
light on Thanksgiving Day for the
heavyweight   championship    of    the
world, and has selected Gunboat
Smith as his prospective opponent,
according io an announcement that
was mad-.- yesterday by his manager.
Tommy Hums The statement, which
is i'i the nature of a challenge to
Smith, declares further that Pelky is
prepari d to ligin before the club of.
im ing the besl puis ��� and that bids
are expecti d from clul l In America,
Australia,   England  ami   Prance.
11 is thc first authoritative announcement I'n.m Hun.s as lo when
Pi Iki v w uld bc prepared for the
ring. The match with Smith is contingent upon his i - Lining his laurels
as one of thi I lading heavyweights of
ilu- country, limis declares that articles are lo bc signeel within two
The Vancouver Amateur Driving
Association will hold a meeting next
Saturday afternoon at Hastings Park.
Entries are now being received by
the  secretary  of  the  club.
A special meeting of the Vancouver Rifle Association will be hehl
tomorrow nighl at 8 o'clock in Mr,
Doherty's office, Dunsnniir Street,
for the purpose of making arrangements for the annual prize slueeit,
which will be hehl on Labor Day
at the Richmond ranges.
Suite 307  Lee  Building  (Cor.  Bread-
way  and   Main)
Vancouver, B. C.
Office  hours :   1.30  to  5.30
Consultation   Free
Bob Burman, thc speed maniac in his EliUen Benz.   Seated in the car with  him is  Mr. Barney Goss,    Sporting
Editor of the Vancouver World. Freddie Welsh, the prize fighter, is standing. Gcss and Burman made
_the Minoru mile in something like 50  seconds.
Vancouver vs. Taeoma
Summer Season at Minoru Par,\
Seven Races Daily
550���Thoroughbreds in Action���550
Granville   Street   South,   Before   Paving
This has tlie following attributes :
Q Durability; sure footing for horses; resiliency; noiselessness; easy drainage; dustless-
ness; economy.
C| Bitulithic approaches more closely than any
other the ideal of a perfect pavement.
f] Its notable durability makes it more economical than any other paving.
���I The Vancouver thoroughfares paved with
bitulithic are an impressive object-lesson in
fine paving.
���J Bitulithic has been ad. pled in over 200 cities
in the United States, and 15 cities in Canada.
Granville Street  South, After Paving
Columbia Bitulithic Limited
714-717 Dominion Trust Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.
Phone:   Seymour 7130
��� FROM	
South Vancouver Lumber Co.
Mill antl Office :   Foot of Ontario and Fraser Streets
Phone Fraser 94 W.  R.  Dick, Proprietor lATL'RDAY, AUGUST 2. 191.1
Geo. B. Howard
Week   Commencing   Monday,   August 2.
That Sensational Comedy
The Private Secretary
Matinees, Wednesdays and Saturdays
H.   H.   DEAN,   Proprietor
Cor. 26th AVE. AND MAIN ST.
Matinees   Wednesday   and   Saturday
Two   Annual   Political   Picnics      j
(Continued  freun   Page  I)
which two men divided $107,01)0. One
of them was J. S. II. Matson, proprietor eii three Conservative daily pa-
pert in this province. Matson got
his bandit intei the treasury and extracted $75,000. lie had put $30,000
deep down iii his pockets, but had
refused to say whai had liven done I
with ihe remaining $45,000, It was
the people's money, and ihey had a
righl to know whin- ii had gone.
Premier    McBride,    declared    the
��� I i aker, had slated that he was proud
nf   thc   transaction.    He  asked    his
hearers if they ever heard of a trans-j
action   where   thc   government   was
proud  of keeping  it   secret   for  two
years     li   was   thc  kind    of    pride
which we'in before the fall, and  Mr.
M  cd maid said that the fall was near!
at hand.    Hc felt sure   thai  all would
.     i   Messrs.   McBride,   Bowser   &
pany a safe journey to the cool
-  of the opposition,
Ralph Smith, described as the I
larhorse,"  n ho    was    received,
with loud applause, referred tee Mr.
Macdonald's speech and humorously
remarked thai he did neit agree with
him regarding Sir Richard McBride.
The prodigal son took away hi- "wii
wealth and demoralized himself, but
tlu native son hail enriched himself
at  the expense of the public.
The present men in parliament had
simply re-endorsed ihe restrictions
framed by the Liberal party. There
was nei difference excepting that more
Orientals were coming in neew than
when the Liberals held lhe reins of
peewer. lie asserted that lhe Orientals employed in the mines of Vancouver Island were endangering the
lines e,f the white miners. When the
lives ni the men of this province were
being menaced by ignorant Orientals
he thought ii was time for action,
Mr. Jeihn Oliver received a rousing
welcome, lie- confined himself to
referring to tli����� need of having food
al reaseiiial.h' prices and to altering
the compensation act. Different legislation was needed to gel food al a
cheaper price. The soil should be
made productive on a proper l>a>i-
,iinl should he in tin hands nf cultivators   instead   "I   speculators.
Rhea Mitchell in the "Private Secretary" at the Avenue Theatre
New   Industries   With   Payrolls   Jog |
by South Vancouver
( ContlbUed   freun   Page-   1 I
eel over the field very carefully. .New
Westminster, Snuili Vane.,uver and
the adjacent territory was covered,
but   the  chuice   fell   tee  Ladner.
The pn sped- for the company's
success weiuld seem to be good, for
in addition tee lhe lad that ihey have
in the Delia a steady and reliable
sourtie oi supply, they have in Hritish Columbia and the North a good
ii South Vancouver hael something  ti,  offer  this  particular  fruit-
packkig concern in the way eef cheap
sites, partial exemption from taxation, or some small bonus, then the
directors of the concern would have
hesitated   before   passing     over     the
municipality, I ���' e > r Its particular
needs, ihe North Arm would have afforded an ideal site, with good water
and rail accommodation, ihe farmers
being within reach een "in- siele and
the consumers within striking distance nn the other.
Mr. Jacob Zimmerman, the water
finder, has left Collingwood ami removed t" a ranch near Blaine. Wash.,
but he will still be under the British
Hag. as his ranch is located this side
of lhe bonier. The departure nf the
water finder may have Something lie
do with the recent dry weather that
Collingwood   has   enjoyed.
*      A     A
Mr. Burness, who was one of the
leading lights of the C'eelliugwoeid
parliament, has lately been occupying
the Methodist pulpit at Collingwood
and preaching with much acceptance.
Imperial Theatre
The Pollard Opera Company have
established themselves wiih iheir excellent performance "i "Tin- Belle
of New Y'erk" at ilu- Imperial I
tre tin- week, and have added greatly
!������ iheir already enormous popularitj
See greal was the- impression made up
nn tin' audiences during 'Im- h ei'k
thai Manager McDonald prevailed
up..n the Pollard management to i ������
main for n 11 ral ��eeks and presenl
manj   of  the  former  wonderful   sue-
��� i ne' the London Gayety Tina
tre :,- iummei aitr.nii.iii��� al the Imperial,
Beginning Monday evening tin
Pollards will le<- seen in the- immortal
Gilbert am! Sullivan master opera
'Tin Mikado," which is recognized
ihe- we,He] an mini as the very essence
nl -.atill-, anel tin- la-t word in the
lield ui comic opera. No opera e.i
latter days has ever appri ia died in
piquancy and charm and melody. "Tin
Mikado" stands alone as the representative musical comic classic ami
from the- in ike-ups ��� >i pn senl day
operas it will scarcely be appr iae
ui merit for many long year-
Empress  Theatre
Tn all appearances "Seven Day"
has proven much in tin- liking nf the
Empress patrons and uniformly large
audiences have laughed themselves
sore "ver lln- amazing complications
and absurd happenings which befell
Mr. Wilson ami hi- guests in the
quarantine house. It i- a clever ami
diverting comedy ami mosl cleverly:
acted by every member of ihe Lawrence Company in ilu- long cast. Bul
a few more chances remain for wit-l
nessing   this   witty,   sparkling   work,
ami im one who enjoys a g I hearty
laugh   wiih  a  litlle  sentiment   'en  lln
side  -in mill  miss "Se.-ve-n   Days."
For   nexl   week,    starling   Monday
evening, August 4. Lawrence e\: San.
dusky   announce   a   spectacular   production fi tin- famous comedy drama
"The Girl Raffles."   Nn manager ami
playwright   has  better     gauged    the
popular  pulse  in  play-  ni this    type
than   Chas.   K.   Blaney,  ami   in  "The
Girl Raffle-" he has produced a play
which  has  been  enormously   suceess-l
ful   wherever  presented.       li   ha-   :������
a marked degree thai alme sl infallible
receipt  feer a  winner, a   strong  heart
interesi and this wiih it- stirring situations, cleverly drawn character ami I
intricate  plot,  well  accounts  fin-  the'
favor with which it has been received
everywhere     "Tin-   Girl   Raffles"   i-
no1 a thief by either instinct en- training. Inn  gets her title  from  her sue
cessful "cracking" of tlu- -at',- in which
the   secrel   "i   her   birth   ami   familj
���v.i- conci aii el.    Sin- i- a  delight fully
lovable   and   n ms< me   character   and
will lil Maude Lee ne- as if �� ritten for
her.    Mr   Lawrence. Mi-. Layne, Howard   Russell,   Margaret   Marriotl   am!
other   favorites  an-   well   placed   and!
���I     lini-he el    production     is     :���- sun -:
While   thrilling    situations     abound,
there  is  much  in  a  lighter  \ ein
numerous  musical  numbers  contributed   hy   Ed.   Lawrence,   kay   G Ilii
\If Layne el al "ill ri li. > e the tension I
ni  tlie'  -treuiger  scene -     The   -
effects will be massii ���     nd  elah
and as it  is a play dealing vviili high
society   as   -- ell   a-   witli   the   underworld, there ��ill hi a display nf bi in
tiful gowns ley tin  ladii -   if lhe
pany.     Seats   een   sale   one   ��- ek   in
advance  including  the   bargain   matinees    -I   Wednesday    and     Saturday
which   are   becoming    -     popular   at
this  'dtallj   located  playhouse.
Avenue Theatre
"Nobody's Widow," the latest New j
Vork comedy succi --. which i- being given fi r the tirst time in stock
in C.inti i.i at lhe Avenue Theatre this
week, has created quite a sensation
among local theatre-goers. While
every one admits the brilliancy of the
piece and appreciates the finish manner in which ii has been staged, se\ ��� ral people have- taken exception tee the dialogue, avering thai it
lefl nothing to the imagination. An
examination of the manuscripl sin ns
that lhe -: gi din i- r. William Bi -
tu ; u ha - In in busy \\ iih Iii- film-
pencil, ind ll'al m my of the- line*
\, enl   wc'l  in   Ne-a   York  and  -m   lhe !
r I  ee n li   Blai   lie   Bates  in tin   c iii
have   been   cul     i   modified   n
in     ��� ���   st, ick   pi idiu ��� ie rn     Jtu
bj  i  -   nightly increase  in the ive
business tin  piece has at ous
terest  of  I dilors
The   \> i nu    Plaj ers  will - iffer another comedj  bill al the   \i enue in xl
'. - ��� 1. in the nice! and true laugh
n -,-.   "Tin-   Private   Secretarj "     friis
splendid  comedy  was  written  n
score of years ago by one i if  \m, ri-
ca's  foremost author-actor's,  \\ ilii
Gilletti       11   is   a   favorite   stai ill \
with stock producers, and i- presi nl
cd at leasl once every fifty-two weeps
by   nearlj   every   stock   company   in
ihe   English   speaking   v. orld.     V\ il
linn   Bernard   will   be   the    featured
member oi next  week's cast, ptayi  -
thc role i if the Ret.  Robt. Spatile
-.    A   *
Ocpheum Theatre
Tin- best of all of the Molasso productions, "La Somnambule" with
Me.ns. (',. Molasso, the greatest of
all living pantomimic dancers al ifie
head of his own company of 1- people. All tin- rapid piouretting ever
seen  tin  two  feet,  this   marvel  does i
nil      eelH-      file it He      i S      S U Jl] 11 11" | C< 1      \'}
Mile-    Anna   Kremser,   a   pupil   from
his  school  in   New   York   city.    The
act is one .n the must extensive
ic   pnni',1'-   '.us  ever   S"lil   out   by   Ihis I
prolific producer.
Two bright siars of Darktown are
Frank Evans and Will Vidocq, a pair1
of blackfaced comedians that will
have Orpheum audiences shrieking
with laughter belnre they have been
on the stage two ininute-
Bertha Walker and Charles 111 will
present iheir comedy playlet of "Just
a Girl." Both were well-known legitimate players before venturing into
Mae Francis, actress and baseball
fan   is   said   to  have   had  a   meteoric
arrier Her rise i- said tu
h.n '��� been ahm -i a- inimated ��� ir ambitious .-i- a batch "i celebrate ���! .-.
indicating thai -In- wai fir.-el for tfie
I ,n singing in a -mall
pi' turc house, from �� hence -In- graduate ��� ! into vaudeville
-      I.1.U1.I-M.Uriel. -Mil .   i.    a    Iri"
"i comi dians win. w ill sing, dam i
talk,  all   .ii   wInch    contains    mui fi
dj   ami   several   good   punches
Tin   I.. ],!,.'-   have  a  noi��� ���!  acl  "i
trai '!'��� -
Pantages Theatre
Foi   tin'  week  beginning  August   I
Pantages presenl eat hoi weather
programme in u hich is featured  I.
in-  Mayer's diving act.    Tin   "Diving
Venus'   i- assisted  by a  company fi
nymphs   ami    lln-   act    afime:    >he,uhl
In- well  weirtfi  going  i" Bee
Lawrence  &  Sandusky, Lessees
Week of Aug. 4.     Matinees Wed. and Sat.
1       Del. S    La
with          ..   ,MiJ
Maude   Leone
In   th<   Stirring   S< n��ational   Comedy  I'* n
Prices 25c and 50c                              Matinees 25c Any Sea
Developing Constructiveness In Minds
of the Rising Generation
e t'e ntinued   from   Page   1 I
im-- ni tin   City of Vancouver kimlly
lenl  tin- parly Iii- launch anil al
liciated as skipper fier tin- day.
The elay was gloriously perfect,
plenty "i provisions Inn! been pru-
vided ami were partaken of in true
Canadian style. During lln- day the
party ��i re conducted round the NTo
I Power House '.i iln- B. C. E. R. at
Lake Buntzcn, Mr. J. G. Lister, who
mix aptly made difficult thiiiK- electrical quite easy ami greatly aefiU-'l
i" the- day'- enjoyment
A long elay. Imt a mosl pleasant
day, ended all t.i" soon with tin- landing iu Coal I larbour ai 9 o'clock.
A most noticeable feature "i <lfi-.
tin- first summer cla>-s. lias been  the
extreme   g I   fellowship   shown   by
all   the   members,   and   thi^   afime-   i5
g I  for all  participating.
A certain amounl of aloofness was
shown by some teachers at tfii- the
lirst attempt, Imt now thai so greal
success lias been attained iu iu initial effort, ils perpetuation is practically secured, so that those -till desirous nf qualifying will be sure "i
having further opportunities
At iln- close "i iln- class .-ell agrei fi
lhat though ilu- work was often hard
.un! particularly .- i in tin- irying heal
of iln- i asl fortnight, -til! it had been
"tu- of iln- happii sl periods they had
Many new friendships had been
maele- am! new ideals cultivated, all
I- oking forward I" tin- rapidly approaching new- school year when
many of tin-- new methods n ill possibly  I"   put   ii ��� .   'rial.
Tin- pli   logt tp| -   ivere   take I
11.   Matthew -.  | ie. itograi 1"
A   Congregation   Being   Kept   From
Their Church
Editor "Chinook :"
Dear Sir. ���In reply I
pondenl -i July 19, wi:., i- either
ashamed or afraid to sign his "r her
name.-, the rei tor's reas ��n i"i- disci intinuing tin ch< a a! sen ice �� a- be ���
/��� fi  thai   iln-  majeirity
j "i   tin.-!-   win.   took   part   ill   it   did   -"
in   a   sing   song   way    merely
habit ami there ��a- lil I   I
ship  t" (',."1  in  iin-  singing  ��� il
' forms.     The   �� ritei   - . jdeutly  thinks
that   tin-   Church   of   England   i
"illy    church   ami   thai   all   l!i"-e-   who
belong t" other churches are condemned. It i- thes nan ow-minded
nir.i- thai are a hindrance t" the
we.rk of lln.- l.e,rel in tl..- present 'lay
���Tlie writer -ay- thai lln- congri
ii' in an- In ing kept from their cl u
I ask whal '1" they go i" church for,
i" line! "in tin minister's faults, ��� n te
worship I '."el. I le- alse - stati - that
eeur children are nol fie-itii: brought
up in the true teaching of the Church
nt' England. I. reply thai I fi" not
think the recteer wishes i" see the
children taughl tin teachings of any
church, but of Christ Mr. Johnston
i- a broad-minded man. In- ele.es not
believe, nor does fie- wish I" lead
others \f believe- that 'In- observance
e.f ilie- particular forms of iln- Church
eef England "i any ,>tli<-r church will
save a man'- soul. In 11 ii > cosmopolitan centre w< musl have a church
-ar\ ne-  thai  i- helpful  i ������ all classes,
land ii"'  merely to the narrow minded   lew   wh"   think   thai   they   c.-uuie,t
go   i"   heaven   unless   they   sinj
chant in a certain cut-and-dried fierm
I   w ould  .fi-    like 1
the   members  doing  to  assist  in   the
work.    Lasl Sunday m erning al  Sun
elay Se.li. i. .1 n "t a single teacher came
i" fulfil their dutii s, neither w
any  "in- i" plav  lhe   irgan     I >������ they
think   that  a  true    CI ristian    would
inply because
I as tiny
'.��  Church
wi 11
���  -.      in I ���     less I
Unequalled       Vaulcville      Meani       Pantigw
SHOW STARTS--2.45. 7 15. .nd  9 10 pa
\\ eek oi
"The Diving Vi n
Vivian   Mar-hall   and   he r   dil ing
nymphs in  S ������     ������ ular  Aquatic
I '���   '
Season's   prices :   Mat.   15c���Evening
15c and 25c
Three   Shows   Daily.   Matinee   2:45,
Evening  7:15 and 9:15
Wi ek   of   AllgU-'    4
i I liinselii
lu  his  gn ati sl   pantomimic   Production "La  Sonnambula"
The Brighl Stars of Darkey Comedy
In     their   laugh   provoking     comedy
"Jusl a Girl"
Other tig S. & C. Acts
Prices 15c 25c, 35c, and 50c
Two Shows Nightly, 7:3(1 and 9.15
Matinee daily 3 p.m.
minded   prigs    ��� -     busy
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.;.; ������ mselvi -.    Thank-
... ejblicity
���   is 1etter
Shall the People Rule
British   Columbia ?
Every man in South Vancouver should hear
: President Provincial Liberal Association, Monday
night, August 4, at
Mr. MacDonald is a splendid speaker. He will attack the Conservative Policy in B. C. and will show how South  Vancouver is particularly affected.
Monday Night, August  4
South Vancouver Liberal Association TEN
A Short Story for "Chinook" Readers
Brickdust Row
Blinker wai elisiilea-v.fi A man <<i
lefl ' iilture mel poise and wealth
would have sw.iru. Bul Blinker al-
u,n - remembered thai he was a gen
tleman���a thing 'hat "" gentleman
���!il el". See lie merely looked bored
while he r,,<K- in a hansom i" the
centre, i i disturbance, which was the
Broadway office ��� ���: Lawyer Oldport,
ageni   ior  lhe   Blinker  estate.
���| don'l mi-." -aid Blinker, "why 1
-I "iifil In- always signing confounded
papers. I am packed, and was tei have
kit i"r tin North Wei.ids this morning. Now I must wait until tomorrow, I hale night trains. My best
raznrs arc. of course, at the bottom
of some unidentified trunk. It is a
plot to drive me to bay rum and a
monologuing barber. Give me a
pen that doesn't scratch. I hate
pens  that scratch."
"Sit down," said double-chinned,
gray lawyer Oldport. "The worst
hai not heen tuld you. Oh, the hardships of the rich! The papers are not
yet ready to sign. They will be
laid before you tomorrow at eleven.
You will miss another day. Twice
eshall the barber tweak the helpless
neisv .if Blinker. Be thankful that
your sorrows do not embrace a haircut."
"If," said Blinker, rising, "the act
did not involve more signing of papers. I would take my business out
of your hands at once. Give me a
cigar,  please."
"If," said Lawyer Oldport. "I had
cared to see an old friend's son
gulped down at one mouthful by
sharks I would have ordered you to
take it away long ago. Now. let's
quit fooling. Alexander. Besides, the
grinding task of signing your name
some thirty times tomorrow, I musl
impose upon you the consideration
of a matter of business���of business.
and may I say humanity or right. 1
spoke lo you about this five years
ago, but you would not listen���you
were in a hurry for a coaching trip,
I think. The subject has come up
again.   The   property���������"
"Oh, property!" interrupted Blinker,
"Dear Mr. Oldport, I think you mentioned tomorrow. Let's have it all
at one dei'Se tomorrow���signatures and
property and snappy rubber hands
and that smelly sealing-wax and all.
Have luncheon with me? Well, I'll
try to remember to drop in at eleven
tomorrow morning."
The Blinker wealth was in lands,
tenements and hereditaments, as the
legal phrase goes. Lawyer Oldporl
had once taken Alexander in his
1 itie pulmonary gasoline runabout to
se the many buildings and rows of
buildings that he owned in the city.
For Alexander was sole heir. They
had .-.mused Blinker very much. The
houses looked so incapable of producing big sums of money that
Lawyer Oldport kept piling up in
banks  for   him   to  spend.
In the evening Blinker went to
one of his clubs, intending to dine.
Nobody was there except some old
fogies playing whist. Everybody was
out of town. But here he was kept
in like a schoolboy to write his
name over and over on pieces of
paper   His  wounds  were  deep
Blinker turned his hack- nu the fogies, and said to '.he cluh steward
who had come furwarc with some
r.i'ti-e use about c ilu fresh "almon
roc :
".-e\ ineiiis, I'm ifoini; ' i
land." He said it m one
"A'l's off; I'm 3 ung le-
the i: er."
Tin-   juke   pleai .1   Syn
-1 ed within a - i :tcer.lli of a noti
audibility   permitted   by   '���'"���
"\ erning employees
v. mcy  is-
tnighl    s;,y
Jlintp   in: -
���(.', r.ainly,   sir. '   he   I 'tered. Ol
co.ii -e ,��� nr. I thi w I can see you at
(.���i..   Mr    Blinker."
Blinker  got  a  paper  and  looked   ��p
tin movements of Sunday steamboat*.
Then he found a .ab a: the firsl
ci niir   and   dr.eve   to   North   River
pi-,-. lie sti'ieel ill Hit. as democratic
as oi' and I. and bought a ticket
ami' was trample'', upon and shoved
forward unlil, at las,, he found him.
s.-ii .ii 'l.e upper deck oi the boat
Staring brazenly at a girl who sat
alone upon a cam;) Stool But Blinker did not intend i" he brazen; the
girl was se, wonderfully good looking
that he forgot for one minute that
he was the prince incog and behaved
just as he did in society.
She was looking at him, too, and
not severely. A puff of wind threatened Blinker's straw hat. He settled it again. The movement gave
the effect of a bow. The girl nodded
and smiled, and in another instant
he was seated at her side. She was
dressed all in white, she was paler
than Blinker imagined milkmaids
and girls of humble .station to bc.
but she was as tidy as a cherry bios
som. and her steady, supremely frank
gray eyes looked out from the intrepid  depths  of an  untroubled *Oul.
"Ilnw dare ymi raise your hat to
me?" she asked, with a smile-redeemed  severity.
"I didn't," Blinker said, but he
quickly covered the mistake by extending it to, "I didn't know how to
keep  from  it after  I  saw you."
"I don't allow gentlemen tn sit
by nie lee whom 1 have not heen introduced." she .said, with a siielden
haughtiness that deceived him. lie
rose reluctantly, bul her clear, teas-
I ing laugh brought him down to his
' chair again.
���| guess yem weren't going far." she
declared with beauty's magnificent
"Are vou going to Coney Island?"
asked   Blinker.
"Me," She turned upon him wide-
open eyes full of bantering surprise.
"Why, what a question! Can't you
see that I'm riding a bicycle in the
park?" Her drollery took thc form
of  impertinence.
"And I am laying brick- nn a tall
factory chimney," said Blinker. "Mayn't wee see Cnney together? I'm all
alone and I've never been there before."
"It depends." said the girl, "on how
nicely you behave. I'll consider your
application  until  we  get  there."
Blinker took pains to provide
against the rejection to his application. He strove to please. Hc learned
she was twenty and her name was
Florence; that she trimmed hats in a
millinery shop; that she lived in a
furnished room with her best chum
Ella, who was cashier in a shoe
store; and that a glass of milk- from
the bottle on the windowsill and an
egg that boils itself while you twist
up ynu hair makes a breakfast good
enough for anyone. Florence laughed when she heard  Blinker."
"Well," she said, "it certainly shows
that ynu have imagination. It gives
the Smith's a chance for a little rest,
They landed at Cnney, and were
dashed nn the crest nf a great
human wave nf mad pleasure-scck-
��� s intn the walls anil avenues nf
Fairyland gone intn vaudeville.
Witli a curious eye, a critical  mind
and a f.iily withheld judgement, Blink-
,i   considered  the  temples,  payodas
and kieesks of popularized delights.
Basket parlies bumped liim; sticky
children tumbled, howling, under his
(eet, candying his clothes. The publicity gentlemen with megaphones,
each belnre Iiis own stupendoui attraction, reeared like Niagara in his
ears. But what held Blinker in awful fascination was ihe mob, the
multitude,  ihe  proletariat   shrieking.
Struggling, hurrying, panting, hurling
itself iu incontinent frenzy, with un-
abashcel abandon, into the ridiculous
sham palaces of trumpery and tinsel
In the midst of his disgust he
turned and looked down at Florence
by his side She was ready with her
quick smile and upturned, happy
eyes, as bright and clear as the water
in trout pools. The eyes were saying
that they had the right to be shining and happy, for was their owner
not with her (for the present) Man.
her Gentleman Friend and holder of
the keys of the enchanted city of
Blinker  did  not  read  her  look  ac-
! curately, but by some miracle he suddenly   saw   Coney  aright.
He no longer saw a mass of vulgarians seeking gross joys. He now
looked clearly upon a hundred thousand true idealists. Counterfeit and
false though the garish jeiys of these
spangled temples wcre lie perceived
that deep under th gilt surface they
offered saving to the restless human
heart. Here, at least, was the husk
of Romance, the empty but shining
casque of Chivalry, thc breath-catching though safe-guarded dip and
flight of Adventure, lhe magic carpet lhat transports you In the realms
of fairyland, though ils journey was
through hut a few poor yards nf
space. He nn longer saw a rabble,
but his brothers seeking llie ideal.
Almost humbled, Blinker rolled up
j the shirt sleeves of his mind and join-
I ed the idealists.
"You are Ihe lady doctor," he said
! to Florence. "How shall we go about
dning this jolly conglomeration of
fairy   tales,   incorporated?"
"We will begin there." said thc
Princess, pointing le' a fun pagoda
on the edge nf thc sea, "and we
will take them all in. nnc by one."
They caught the eight o'clock returning boat and sal, filled with pleasant fatigue against the rail in the
bow. listening to the Italians' fiddle
and harp. Blinker had thrown off
care. The North Woods seemed to
him an uninhabitable wilderness. What
a fuss he had made over signing
his name���pooh! he could sign it a
hundred times. And her name was
as pretty as she was���"Florence." he
said to himself a great many times.
As the boat was nearing its pier
in the North River a two-funnelled,
foreign-looking steamer was dropping down the bay. The boat turned
ils nose in toward its slip. The steamer veered to seek mid-stream, yawed,
seemed to increase its speed and
struck the Coney boat on the side
near the 'Stern, cutting into it with a
terrifying shock and crash.
While the 600 passengers were
mostly tumbling about the decks in
shrieking   panic,   lhe     captain     was
! shouting   at   the     steamer     lhat     it
' should not back off and leave the
rent exposed for the water to enter.
I But   the   steamer   lore   ils   wav   out
| like   a   savage   sawfish   and   cleaved
i its heartless way, full sneed ahead.
The boat began to sink at its stern,
! but   moved   slowly   toward   the   slip.
The  passengers  were  a   frantic  inub,
unpleasant   to  behold.
Blinker held Florence tightly until
the boal had righted itself. Sin- made
no I und eir sign of fear. Ile ftood
,,ii a eaiiip stnnl ripped off the slats
above his head and pulled down a
I number e>f life preservers. He began
to buckle- eme around Florence, The
P..lien canvas split and the fraudulent granulated cork came pouring
out in a stream. Florence caught a
I handful   of  it  and   laughed   gleefully.
"It looks like breakfast food," Ale
said. "Take it off. They'er DO good."
She unbuckled it and threw it on
the deck. She made Blinker sit down
and sat by his side and put her hand
in his. "What'll you bet we don't
reach the pier all right?" she said, and
began to hum a song.
And now the captain moved among
the passengers and compelled order.
The boat would undoubtedly make
hcr slip, he said, and ordered the women and children to the bow, where
they could land first. The boat,
very low in the water at thc stem,
tried  to  make his promise  good.
"Florence," said Blinker, as she
held him close by an arm and hand,
"I  love you."
"That's what they all say," she replied,  lightly.
"I am not one of 'they at all,'" he
persisted. "I never knew anyone I
cnuld love before. I could pass my
life with you and bc happy every day.
I am rich. I can make things all
right   for  ynu."
"Thai's what Ihey all say," said
the girl again, weaving the words
into  her little, reckless  song.
"Don't say that again," said Blinker in a tunc that made her look at
him   in   frank   surprise.
"Why shouldn't I?" she asked calmly. "They all do."
"Who are they?" he asked, jca-
fietis for the first time in his existence.
"Why, thc fellows I know."
"Do  you   know  so   many?"
"Oh, well, I'm imt a wall flower,"
she answered with modest complacency.
"Where do you see these���these
men?  At your home?"
"Of course, not. I meet them just
as I did you. Sometimes on the boat,
sometimes in the park, sometimes on
the street. I'm a pretty good judge
of a man. I can tell in a minute
if a fellow is one who is likely to get
"What  do  you  mean   by   'fresh?'"
"Why, try to kiss you���me, I
"Do any of them try that?" asked
Blinker,   clenching   his   teeth.
"Sure, all men do. You know that."
"Do you allow them?"
"Some.   Not   many.     They     won't
all   anywhere   unle IS    \ ��� -u
She turned her bead and Imekeel
learchingly al Blinker. Her eyes
were as innocent a- a child's There
wa- a puzzled look in iliem. as though
she elid met understand him.
"What's wrong about my meeting
fellows?"  she   asked,   wonderingly.
"Everything," he answered, alnieist
savagely. "Why don't you entertain
your company in thc house where
you live? Is it necessary to pick
up Tom, Dick and Harry on the
She- kept her absolutely ingenious
eyes upon his.
"If you could sec the place where
1 live you wouldn't ask that. I live
in Brickdust Row. They call it that
because there's red dust from the
bricks crumbling over everything.
I've lived there for more than four
years. There's no place to receive
company. You can't have anybody
come to your room. What else is
there to do? A girl has geet to meet
men, hasn't she?"
"Yes." he said hoarsely. "A girl
has got to meet a���has got In meet
the   men."
"The first time one spoke to me
on the street." she continued. "I
ran home and cried all nighl. But
you get used to it. I meet a good
many nice fellows at church. I gei
on rainy days and stand in the vestibule until one comes up with an
umbrella. I wish there was a parlor,
so I could ask you to call, Mr. Blinker���are you really sure it isn't Smith.
The boat landed safely. Blinker had
a confused impression of walking
with the girl through quiet cross-
town   streets   until   she   snipped   at   a
corner and held oul lu-r hand.
"I live just one mure block over,"
she said. "Thank you fnr a very
pleasant  afternoon."
Blinker muttered something anil
plunged northward till he found a
cab. A big, gray church loomed slowly at his right. Blinker shook his
fist at it through the window.
"I gave you a thousand dollars
last week," he cried under his breath,
"and she meets them in yuur very
deiors. There is something wrung;
there is something wrong."
At 11 the next day Blinker signed
his name 30 times with a new pen
provided by Lawyer Oldport.
"Now let us go to the woods," he
said surlily.
"You are not hviking well," said
Lawyer Oldport. "The trip will do
you gnnd. But listen, if you will, to
that little matter of business of which
T spoke to you yesterday, and also
five years ago. There are snme buildings, 15 in number, of which there
are new five-year leases to be signed.
Your   father   contemplated   a   change
Iin iln- ban-, provisions, but never
Minnie ii Ile intended thai ilu parlors
jeif these iinii-e - should nyl I" mb-
Ilet, but that the tenants sin,uld bc
allowed t.e use Ihcm fnr reception
;reeonis. These In.ii-,-s are in tfi. ihopping district, ami an- mainly tenanted
by young working ^irK   A- il  is Ihey
i arc forced io seek companionship
outside.  This   n.w   of  red   brick	
Blinker interrupted him with a
j loud,   discordant   laugh.
"Brickdust Row for an even hundred," he cried. "And I own il. Have
11   guessed   right?"
"The tenants have some such name
for  it,"  said  Lawyer  Oldport.
Blinker arose and jammed his hat
down to his eyes.
"Do  what  ynu  please  with   it,"  he
said   harshly.   "Remodel   it,   burn   it,
j raze  it  to  the ground.  But man,  it's
too late,  I  tell you.  It's too late.  It's
too  late.   It's   too  late."
The Sniitli Vancouver branch eef the
Victorian Order nf Nursei will hold
their annual meeting and reception
een Tuesday. August 5. at the Nurses'
11 "im. ceerner 47th ami Fraser street.
All members and friends are specially   invited  i"  attend.    Take   Fra*ser
street   car.
Your Furniture or
Goddard & Son'Ltd.
123   l'ender  St.,  opp.  "World"
Low  Rates���Best  Companies
To Let���Houses, Stores, etc.
'Auction Mart"     Furniture for Sale
and  Wanted
Day and  Night  Phone,  Sey  7653
518 Richards St., Vancouver, B. C.
Miss Maude Leone, leading lady at the Empress  Theatre
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, af2.30 p.m.
This is an opportunity for investors in real estate, to buy positively right. My
listings at these sales include selected property which I am able to dispose of
at prices which are absolutely right from the standpoint of the investor. It will
pay anyone to attend this sale.
Auction Sale
SATURDAY, AUG. 2, at 4 p.m.
Joyce Street, Collingwood East
A complete line of Furniture and House Furnishings, which I am able to offer
to the public at prices which cannot be duplicated.
This is a chance of a life-time to furnish a home well and economically.
A. M. BEATTIE, Auctioneer
Room 612, Vancouver Block


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