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The Greenwood Miner May 4, 1901

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^    ^J^u^y    ^
The Greenwood Miner.
Published   Weekly.
Vol. III. No. 18.
Greenwood, B. C, May 4, 1901.
Per Year, $2.00
Bonded   to P.   McMillan  of
In the  Morrison Mine to Consider
the   Assessment   Question.
Mining Notes.
This week P. McMillan, of Toronto,
secured an option from H. E. Mitchell
and Thos. Murray on the Gold Drop
mineral claim for $8,000. The option is
for three months, and termB of payment
$4,000 cash and balance in stock. The
Gold Drop is situated on Dry Creek, a
tributary of the West Fork of Kettle
river, and is about three miles from the
town of Rendell. Two assessments have
been done on the property. At a depth
of 10 feet the ledge is four feet in width,
giving average assays running from $50
to upwards of $100 in gold and silver.
Mr. McMillan has gone te Toronto, and
on his return in the course of a month
or six week, development will be commenced on the property.
A meeting of the local shareholders
of Morrison stock was called for yesterday afternoon to discuss the two-cent
assessment being levied. There is a
growing feeling among local and eastern
stockholders that assessments are becoming too numerous, and that amounts
collected are not being devoted to development of the property solely, and
also that the managing directorate are
too expensive. The matter will be
taken into the courts if redress cannot
be had otherwise. The mine is considered one of the best in the Boundary
district, and, although a sufficient sum
has been furnished to place it on a
shipping basis, the property is not yet
in a position to make continuous shipments. 	
There is a possibility of work being
shortly resumed on either the Hidden
Treasure or the Gold Bug mineral claim,
in Deadwood camp. These claims adjoin and are situate between the Mother
i,ode and the Morrison. A. Drucker,
tho owner, is now bere on a visit and
during the week he went over the claims
with a view to determining what work
appears to promise best results. A tunnel was run into the hill towards the
Morrison in 1899, but for some time
past the claims, which have been crown
granted, have not had any work done
on them. 	
A. G. Davis, superintendent of the
Rambler group, returned to Greenwood
this week, after a two-weeks' visit to
Fairbaven and other Pttget Sound cities.
Mr, Davis went to the coast to consult
with stockholders in the company for
which he is local manager. He reports
buBineBs good in all the cities he visited.
Walter G. Stephan, who has been in
charge of thu ore sorting plant at the
Mother Lode mine, went out on last
YVednestlay's train to Kossland, en
route to hit home in Cleveland, Ohio.
On the 21st day of February last the
Morrison company entered into a contract with the Standard Pyritic Smelter
company, at Greenwood, to handle the
ore from the mine. Tbe contract called
for about 70,000 tons of ore and under
the said contract the Smelter company
was to do the mining and smelting, all
ore shipped from the mine to net the
Morrison Company not less than $1.00
per ton, and from this up according to
the grade of ore. In order to carry out
their contract it was necessary that a
railroad spur be constructed, and in the
agreement entered in.to a provision was
made that the contract should not take
effect for 90 days, during which time
the spur could be built. We have recently been informed that they do not
intend carrying out the contract. It is
now the intention of the directors to try
and make a contract with some other
smelter, and if successful, to begin construction of a spur at once. Should we
not be successful in contracting our ore
at the present time, the money will be
expended in the further development of
the mine, and the spur constructed aB
soon as a satisfactory contract for the
ore can be made.
When the contract with the Pyritic
Smelter people was entered into, we
fully believed the agreement would be
carried out, and we therefore cut off
assessments; and if said contract had
been carried out no further assessments
would have been levied. The mine is
now in position to maintain a large
daily tonnage, and as soon as a reasonable and   fair contract can  be made,
Six 31^ and three No. 0  Little Giant
! drills were lately received at these mines.
and last week a 5x5 auxilliary  hoisting
  | engine was ordered from  the Jenckes
Machine company.   The extensive ad
Work    of    Development    Has ' dltioni it is proposed to shortly make to
the machinery antl plant, with which to
Been   Resumed.
Are Now Shipping Ore to the Smelters���Oldest Locations in the
A carload of ore from the Republic
group, near Boundary Falls, was sent to
the Greenwood smelter early in the week,
this being the first shipment made from
those claims. The group includes the
Republic, Last Chance, Non Such and
Hidden Treasure claims, all adjoining,
and situate about a mile north-west of
the Boundary Falls townsite. The Non
Such has the distinction of being the
oldest location in the Boundary district,
that is to say its record has been kept
continuously on the books of the district
mining recorder ever Bince the location
was made by W. T. Smith in 1886.
There may have been one or two locations made in the district before the
Non Such but if so they were not kept
on record from time of first record to the
operate the mines on an increasingly
large Bcale, will include a 40 or 45-drill
air compressor, two large air receivers,
about 40  machine drills,  a  large  rock
crusher and a full complement of boilers
���probably a battery of about (100 horse
power. The compressor will he a crosB
compound condensing Corliss engine,
with compound air cylinders, and it is
likely to be similar to those in use at tbe
Centre Star and War Eagle mines at
Kossland, which can be driven by either
steam or electricity. The rock crusher
will probably be one with a daily capacity of 2,000 tons. Should this additional
plant be put in, as it very likely will he,
the Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group
will then have the biggest power equipment in the Boundary district.
The undermentioned labor organizations were formed in Britisli Columbia
during the month of March : At Vancouver, a building trades council, composed of two delegates from each union
of the building trades; at New Westminster, a longshoremen's union, with
a membership of 130, including all the
longshoremen in that city ; antl at New
Westminster a tramway employees' union, numbering 22 members with other
applications   for    niemqership.      It  is
Steam was got up for the first time
early in the current week in the new
100-horse power boiler lately installed
at the No. 7 mine, in Central camp.
The No. 7 is the only mine being worked
in that camp at the present time. It
is owned hy the No, 7 Mining company,
of New York, the principal shareholders
being also leading members of the British Columb.a Copper company, which
has done stit-h extensive and successful
work in developing the Mother Lode
mine, in Deadwood i-amp. The No. 7
was acquired under bond by Col. John
Weir lor himself and New York associates about the same time as they secured the Mother Lode, and it was first
worketl, concurrently with the latter,
in 18911-7. A shaft was sunk 139 feet,
anil between 400 ami 590 feet of cross-
cutting anil drifting was done ill that
depth, this work resulting in its being
conclusively shown that the lead gave
  excellent promise of proving permanent.
The tonnage of Ore shipped by Boundary District mines during    May to 2nd inst., inolusive, so far as   Th�� ore is quartz, mineralized with ga-
j lena and carrying values chiefly in gold
has been ascertained from the mines is approximately as under :
Was Started Up During the
Past  Week.
Consists of Enlarging and Retimber-
ing the Main Shaft and
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill Group  1,245
B-C  ::  160
Sundry shipments	
Mother Lode  54��
Total  1.945
Shipments during 1900 and for four months of the current year ended April 30, were as follows :
1900 1901
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill Group     64.535 73.522
B C      19.494 14,862
Mother Lode       5>564 19,020
City of Paris       2,000 	
Golden Crown       [,800 	
Winnipeg       1,200 	
Athelstan        1,200 550
Carmi  1,000
Sundry shipments       1,800 1,000
Total  97.593
Grand total to date	
' 09.954
Two burros, for UBe in hauling ore
cars at the 2011-foot level of the Mother
Lode mine were brought over from Carson last Tuesday.
The following notice of assessments
with information relating thereto, haB
been issued by the Morrison Mines,
Spokane, Wash , April 23, 1901.
Assessment No. 10 of One Cent per
share has been levied by the directors
of the Morrison Mines, Limited, and
same must be paid at this office on or
before 20 days from date.
Also Assessment No. 11 of One Cent
per share has been levied by the directors of the Morrison Mines, Limited,
and same must be paid at this office on
or before the 5th day of June, 1901. In
default your stock will become delinquent and liable to be sold.
Yours truly,
A. F. Ol.IVKR,
The above assessments were levied to
pay off an indebtedness of about $5,000;
to' continue tbe development work at
the mine; to build a spur from the mine
to the railroad, a distance of one and
one-fourth miles; and to aJd additional
regular shipments will be maintained.
F. H, Oliver,
The secretary of the Le Koi company
has just made public some interesting
information regarding the position of
the company on March 1st last. On
that tlate the iudebetetlness tu the Bank
of Montreal was $775,000, against which
there was matte in transitto the refinery
antl ore at the smelter of an approximate value of $1,085,000. Iu explaining
this big overdraft at the hank the
secretary said : " Unfortunately thia ore
does nut become cash immediately, and
in the meantime it is necessary to
develop the mine and pay for the
machinery and wages. Had the smelter
been completed, as was expected, by the
middle of January, the increased returns
would have enabled us to pay off our in-
debetedness to the bank pnd start with
a clean  sheet."
present. announced    that    the   Vancouver  city
The group has been owned for the last council will in future require the  union
five or six years by the Republic Gold label on all clothing made for its civic
Mining   company,    of    Spokane,     Mr. officials,    During the month deputy  in-
Smit.h having heen its  managing direc- speetor U'.T. Cokflby, of  Ihe   provincial : inH l"lml'. " Sorthey tank pump, n Nor
tor ever since its   organization.     Tl
claims are all crown  granted and  uoi
and silver. Surface eroppings indicated
that the lead was continuous for about
700 feet in the northern part of the
claim, but higher up the hill, to the
south of the shaft, an old ravine, filled
with wash, cut it off. A prospect shaft
sunk still farther south picked up the
leatl again. After the year 1897 very
little work was done on the claim, only
sufficient to fullil the requirements of
the law in this connection, until a crown
grant was obtained, ami since then no
work was done underground until this
year. When the No. 7 company was
organized, a year or more ago, mine
buildings were erected, mine timbers
and cordwood were cut and other preparations were made for further opening
up the mine, hut this intention was
abandoned lor a time, anil attention
was concentrated on the Mother Lode.
Now, however, conditions being more
further favorable, the No. 7 is to he developed.
Brief mention was made in the
Miner lust month of the plant a short
time previously taken up to the mine
ami of the work done iu it since the resumption of operations. The machinery,
plant, etc., include a class A Ingersoll-
Sergeant straight lit,,, nir compressor,
capable 01 running three to (our E 24
drills. I vto machine drills, un air receiver, a KKI-horse power horizontal return tubular boiler, it Lidgerwood hoisting engine with 82-iiluh drum anil cylinders H'.jilll, n number 5 Cameron  sink-
govei'iimenl service, returned to the I'm- I 'bey
ted states 27 Japanese, who had crossed I "'"''
Into Canada In violation ol the pruvln
cinl Act in this connection.
Inland   revenue   collectiot
(ireenwood ollice during  tin
April Amounted to $8113.95, ant
duty collections to $2,493 41
ni    the
month of I
I customs
The   col-
I lections   in   both
i four months eiulii
departments for  the
g April   30th   totalled
Sequently there has not been any necessity to do work on thein during the last
two or three years. The development
work done 011 them to date is as under:
Republic, shaft 100 feet; Last Chance,
shaft 100 feet ami crosscut 25 feet; Son
Such, shaft 60 feet, raise (17 feet, lower
tunnel 350 feet and upper tunnel 380
feet; total 1,022 feet of underground
work.     Only  surface   piospecting   has
been done on the Hidden Treasure. The j $18,744.7(1, as under
ore   is    generally    quartz,    containing [ January...$1,523.51
values in gold and silver. That from both 1 February . 1,787 66
the Republic and Last Chance is freely ' March  1,841.511
mineralized with galena and iron pyrites j April     8(13 95
and is generally in appearance one of
the nicest looking ores yet found in  the
district, although it does not show so I Shudders at His Past.
much native silver as that   from   the      ���, reoa��� ���ow wi���, horror... mvr Mai,
Gold  Bug and  D.  A.   claims,   located  0arrier Burnett Mann, of  Levanna, 0���
north-west of Greenwood by D. A.   Hoi-  ���my three yei|rg o( 8uffering fr���m  Ki(1
brook.    It is intended to continue mak
ing small shipments of ore from the Re
2 245.09
3 357.311
' I nev  trouble.     I
D. Oxley, manager of the  Athelstan,
in Wellington camp, was in town yesterday.   Shipments of ore from  this pro-1 publfc group to the Greenwood son
pert? to date aggregate about 1,750 tons , 0LD Ia0NSIDES AND KN0B HILL
of which 1,200 were sent out during 1900
and  550  since  the   beginning of  ihe     Ore shipments from the Old Ironsides
present year.    No ore is  being shipped   antl Knob Hill group of  mines  for  the
at present but it  is expected  thut ar-  month of April totalled 18,904 tons.  For  pletely cured me and made mi
rangements will be matle later to resume  the four  months of this year   ending  a  new  man."    They'll
shipping.   The development work  done   April 30, the tonnage   was  73,522  tons,
on this claim consists of about  260  feet. Adding last year's tonnage of 114,535 tons
was  hardly ever free
from dull aches or acute  pains in  my
back.    To stoop or lift mail sacks  made
me groan      I felt tired, worn out, 11 bout
ready to give up,   when   I begun   to  use !
Klectric   Bitters,   but   six   bottles  coin-
feel like1
man.'      1 uey re   unrivalled to
regulate Stomach,  Liver,  Kidneys and j
Bowels.   Perfect satisfaction guaranteed
luplex boiler feed pump, feed
heater, shun ���kip, lour ore cars,
500 feel ..I steel rope, 15(1(1 feet ill pipe,
1IKI0 leei ol steel rails, mid a lot ..I sundries. I'lie development work done
lately consists uf enlarging and re-tiin-
buring the main shaft ami o) running
ahiiut I7tl feel 01 drill. Besides this a
prospect shaft has been sunk 46 feet on
an adjoining fraction belonging to the
No. 7 group, About 125 tons of ore were
taken irom the drift at the (15-foot level
and some 25 tons of this were sent to
the smelter at Greenwood. A gallows
frame is now being erected ami matters
generally on tlie claim arc being put in
shape Inr getting out ore regularly.
Frederic Keffer, of Anaconda, is the
company's mining manager.
LOST $47.
(in Sunday last, Chas, Martin, the
Government shoemaker, left his house
about 12 o'clock and returned about 4.
During his absence, someone uu'ered
the building throjigli a back window
and stole $47 In gold and silver, which
he hail in Ins trunk. A purse, Containing $117 in hunk bills, which I. ��� bail
thrown mi bis bed, was overlooked bv
the 11,1.1.
Strawberries and all kinds of fruit received dally ni the Candy Factor v.
of sinking and  raising and  185  feet of  the aggregate to the end
drifting antl crosscutting. was 138,057 tons,
if last month by Miller Bros, and J. L.  White,
50 cents.
Only j    A carload 1
man Urns.. 1
I line potatoes  at
lily $1,511 per CVt t.
May 4, 1901.
Horn on the 29th ult., to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank  (ioforth,  of  (Ireenwood,  a
I'.. rverfoot. Greenwood  street,  has a i
Hue display  nf vegetables  from   Ferguson's ranch.
llev. 1!. II. Balderston is in   Kossland
attending   the  district  meeting of  the
Methodist church.
J. II. McFarlane is about again after
three weeks' illness, first with la galppe
and afterwards with pneumonia.
Announcement has been made that
the Phoenix miners'union will hold a
ball at Phoenix next Friday night.
.1. W. Mellor is inviting tenders for
the erection of a stone and brick building on Copper street, Greenwood.
A. F. II. Meyer, clerk and storekeeper
at the Mother Lode mine, was on the
sick list for two or three days this week.
J. C. Haas left by yesterday's train
for Spokane He purposes returning to
(Ireenwood about ten days hence antl
will then probably arrange to remain
Wallace (I. Wright has been appointed secretary of the Greenwood club in
succession to A. Ferguson, who lately
resigned. There were four applicants
for the position.
Mrs.   Keffer    has  been  successful   in
growing roses during  several seasons.
Just now she has in  her greenhouse at
Anaconda,    three  beautiful    white  tea j
roses which are almost perfect blooms.    ,
Julius and Mrs. F.hrlieh returned yesterday from their honeymoon trip. They
visited Seattle, Portland, San Francisco
and cities of Southern California. Mr.
and Mrs. Khrlich are residing on Silver street.
The Kossland Industrial World has
become a daily, and is now The Evening
World. It, is well patronized by advertisers, neat typographically, gives a full
telegraph and local news service, anil is
independent politically. The Miner
wishes the World success.
There was an attendance of between
40 and 50 members of Boundary Valley
Lodge No. 38, I. 0. o. F., nt the anniversary service held in the Presbyterian
church last Sunday evening. The singing was a special feature of tlie service,
particularly a trio by Messrs. Harris,
Smith and Whiteside.
When the amendments to the Mineral
Act proposed by the Minister of Mines
was submitted to the provincial legislature hist Tuesday night strong feeling
was shown, it is stated, during their
discussion against any change being
made this session, antl it was considered
probable that none would be made.
J. W. II. Smythe, manager of the
Greenwood branch of the Bank of Commerce, who was the representative of
tlie Greenwood board of trade on the
delegation to Ottawa to request tbe federal government to assist the silver-lead
industry by bonusslng the manufacture
of lead products, has returned from the
Fred Roy has completed the requisite
formalities, so the Inland Kevenue col-1
lector at Greenwood has released to him
his stock of tobacco leaf, and he is now I
at liberty to commence the manufacture
of cigars in (Ireenwood. He is commencing operations in Jas. Sutherland's
building adjoining the Greenwood
A. N. Pelly has returned from a trip I
to the Bridge river district, above I
Lillooet,   where   he  is  interested  with
eslie Hill, ('. K., in a geld mining venture,of which W. l'.iirktr, formerly of
ihe Skylark and Jewel mines, in this
district, is now in charge. Mr. Barker's
numerous friends in the Boundary will
be glad to hear that he is well and, as
usual, doing good work.
Rain  ami    melting     snow     together
caused the water in Boundary creek to
rise considerably early iu the week and
as a result the cribbing put in last fall
near the Auditorium has been damaged,
The citv engineer had several men at
work for two or three days pulling in
rocks anil willow cuttings to prevent
more of the gravel being washed out
from behind the crib work, so that it is
not now likely thut more damage will
be done at this spot by tlie water.
Kobert Denzler, one of the pioneer
prospectors of (ireenwood camp, has returned to the listrict on a visit and is
saying at the Imperial hotel. Greenwood. He was one of the locators of the
War Eagle claim, in (ireenwood camp,
which location was recorded on August
20,1891. Later he acquired some valuable mining interests in that camp, including the Snowshoe, of which be held
a third when it was sold to the Britisli
Columbia (Kossland and Slocan) Syndicate, Ltd., now operating it. He is accompanied by .1. S. Johnstone, who also
lately came up from Spokane.
A despatch sent from Grand Forks to
the Nelson Miner states  that  a  charge
Westward is your OPPORTUNITY!
The Town of Rendell, on the West Fork of Kettle
River is now on the market.
For the man of small capital it affords uuequalied
opportunity for sure investment.
With title perfect, prices low, terms liberal and excellent outlook, the sales are bound to be large.
the hills surrounding this new town are excellent mining
prospects. Several of them have already demonstrated
that they are mines.
The richness of the ore justifies hauling it at
present to Midway, by teams, over rough roads.
Good roads and railways mean fortunes. With
the immediate prospect of a railroad, for speculators in
real estate or mining properties, no place in the west
affords you an equal chance with
Prices will certainly be advanced on May 6th next.
Prices of lots from $75 to $175. Terms one-third
cash, one-third 4 months, one-third 9 months.
For particulars see the Townsite Agents
(las for painless extraction of teetb
Your Teeth deserve
the   best   care   you
can  give  them.	
Health, happiness &
comfort depend upon
Dr. R. Mathison
Both 'Phones.       Greenwood.
Canadian Pacific
Steamship Service
Through tickets to and from
England and the Continent.
For timetables, rates and full Intormatlon apply to nearest local agent.
k. It. itKDl'ATH. Agent, Greenwood.
.1. s. caktkk, E, .1. COYLE,
I). P, A.. Nelson, II. C. A. (I. I'. A., Vane.
has been made that J. K. Johnson, who
is police   magistrate at. Grand  Forks,
Withheld   $100,   collected   by   him   on n
judgmeat obtained by Burr HefHman
against !���',. Kelly. After pressure bail
been brought upon Johnson to compel
payment he gave llcllli'inau a check
which was dishonored upon presentation
at the bank for payment.    The further
statement is made on affidavit apparently covering the charge as regards
with-boliling the money but  carefully
avoiding the matter of  the disl 'ed
cheque allegations.
Tbe tennis season was opened at
Greenwood last Saturday afternoon,
when a number of members of the
Greenwood tennis club, with several
friends, met at tlie club's court in tlie
northern part of the town. Tlie gathering included about a dozen ladies and a
very pleasant afternoon was spent. The
ground selected by tbe second tennis
club, organized abou* a fortnight ago,
for its court has been cleared rind levelled
and no pains are being spared to make
of it a really good court. Being near
both the business antl residential parts
of tlie town, the new court will be found
to be conveniently situared.
At a public meeting held on Wednesday evening, it was decided to give a
complimentary smoker to the men in
(ireenwood who lately returned from
active service in South Africa. A Bub-
committee has in   hand  the  making  of
arrangements for tbe entertainment,
which will be  bold   iu  the  Auditorium
on the night of Monday,  nub Inst,   It
is hoped that Alex. Shaw will have re-
turned by that tlate, although his relatives hero have not vol received definite Information its to when be was to
leave England
It is stated Ihat iibmil ISK.OIHI shares
of Morrison Btock wore represented at
last night's meeting, held to consider
the recent assessment levy. Resolutions
were adopted calling upon tlie directorate of the company to produce at the
registered ollice of the company certain
share registers anil other books of record
and an estimate upon which the last assessments were based.
Several men employed in connection
witli the surveys now being made in the
district hy the V. V. & E. railway company came to town this week. To-day
they are making camp up at the Last
Chance mine, within a mile of Greenwood. It is stated that 14 or 15 men
will be engaged in endeavoring to Iind a
practicable route for a railway between
Midway anil Phoenix, as a part of the
Coast-Kootenay road. Messrs. Kennedy
and Bell are expected to arrive today
from (Irand Forks, and the former, a ho
has general charge of all the surveys being made by the V. V. & E. in tlie
Boundary district, will leave Mr. Bell in
charge of the local party. Mr. Bell
only lately arrived in the district from
the east.
It. M. Palmer, of Victoria, and Thos.
G Earl, of I.ytton, are in thu city. The
former is a spictal commissioner appointed by the provincial government to
make enquiries relating to agricultural
produce, markets for the same in this
province and the north-west, and freight
rates charged bet ween the producing
districts nnd such markets; also as to
wlint agricultural produce, fruit, etc.,
comes into the province from Eastern
Canada and the United States respectively. Mr. Karl is here inspecting fruit
and nursery stock and other horticultural matters.
Under the auspices of the citizen's
band there was given in the opera bouse
on Thursday evening one of the finest
Scottish entertainments that has ever
been held in Stratford. Mr. Garvin
Spence, Scottish vocalist, was ably assisted by Miss Flora McDonald, who in
her rendition in the several duets showed remarkable dramatic talent and a
rich voice. They are, without doubt,
star performers of the first order. The
audience, though small, through some
unforeseen reason, were electrified by
the great vocal and dramatic ability of
the singers, and should occasion bring
them again they no doubt command a
bumper house.���Stratford Herald.
F>esh Lemons, only 25c per dozen at
Bannerman Bros.
For lessons on the violin, piano, mandolin, etc., see Prof. Kauffmann, Greenwood Music Store.
Books exported, opened, balanced and
kept posted. Best systems tlevised.
Accountant, 1'. 0, Box lib, Miner ollice.
| Certificate of Improvements Notiee.
Situate iii the Kettle river Mining   Division
nf Yale District.   Where located���In Greenwood i-iuiip, adjoining the Red Rook mineral
i   Take notice that I( Sydney M.   Johnson, us
: agent for .lames Sutherland, free miner's certificate No. 039870, anil 11. .1. Cole, free miner's eer-
! titli-ale   No,   llHW'il'i,    Intend,    sixty   Mays   from
! the  date   hereof,    lo   apply    to   the    Milling
i Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown Kraut of the
above claim.
Ami further take notice thai action under
section :t7, must he commenced before the
Issuance of such certillcate of Improvements,
llateil at 11 recti wooil, 11   I'., March Hi,  IWKI.
In tbe mattorof tho estate of w tt.i.t am Roi
laic of Boundary Palls, In tho County of Yale
Hritish Columbia, farmer, deceased.
Notice Ishcrcliy glvon pursuant to the  " 1'
vised Statutes of British Columbia, law,
chapter is"," Unit all creditors anil others having eta I ms against tho estate of the said William
Hoy,   who died  on or about   the llllth  day of
November, 1900, are required on or beforo the
nisi day of May, 1901, to lend to tlie undorslgned,
tho executor named In the lost will anil testament Of Said ileeeiiseil, their names, addresses
anil descriptions ami the full particulars ol
their respective claims, duly verified hy
statutory declaration,
And further take notice, that after said last
mentioned date, the said executor will proceed
to distribute tho assets of the deceased among
the parties entitled thereto, having regaedonly
to the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and that he will nol be liable for the
aid assets, or any part thereof, to any person
or persons of whose claims notiee shall not
have been received by him at the time of said
distribution. It. W, JAKES, Executor.
TENDERS   will   be received by the undersigned up to Wednesday the loth day of May,
I 1901, for the construction of a Wagou road from
I Phoenix to Summit City.
i    Plans and specifications of same can  be seen
' at the office of the Mining Recorder, Grand
' Forks,   Mining Recorder, Greenwood, and at
the office of D* J. Darraugh,  Provincial Constable at Phoenix. J. Kirki'f,
Government Agent.
RoBslaud, B. C��� April 27th, 1801, : "__���-���!' --
May 4, 1901.
Tramway    Bylaw    Thrown
And Were Raised Out���Other Business Transacted at the
-    Meeting.
All the members of council, with the
exception of Alderman Miller, were present at Monday night's meeting. There
were also quite a number of citizens
present to hear discussion on the tramway bylaw. H. C. Shaw presented
final agreement of the tramway promoters, and stated that no further concessions would be made by his principals. City Solicitor J, P. Myers-Gray
was present to advise the alderment on
legal points. After discussing the bylaw in committee for about an hour,
Clause one was defeated, all voting
against it excepting the chairman.
This vote settled the tramway proposition.
Communications were read antl disposed of as follows:
From Wm. Downie, superintendent
of tlie Columbia and Western railway,
stating that he had given instructions
for removal of dam on Boundary creek.
Received and filed.
Fire chief reported names of firemen
wbo turned out to lire at Reco laundry,
recommending payment. Report received and filed and amounts ordered
From I, H. Hallett, asking that water
be turned into pipe on Long bake street,
and enclosing $H.75 aa payment for city
water for his garden. Clerk asked for
instructions on this request, as some
expense would he necessary in order to
make connections. Referred to waterworks committee.
Tenders were received from Allniacber
& Wilson, F. J, Mitchell, B. L. Wuod
and W. Elson for furnishing clothing
for city pplice. Referred to a spocial
committee composed of Aldermen Koss
and Sullivan.
From Beatli iv. (Irak, account of $50
for amount due them on wagon trade
with city. Referred to li nance committee.
Alderman Sullivan, chairman of
street committee, recommended that
council should lower sidewalk on south
side of Greenwood street In grade in accordance with agreement entered into
with Miller Bros. City engineer was
instructed to call for tenders for lowering sidewalk to grade, and also for construction of a crossing on Gohl street at
end of Block J,, contractors in both
cases to pay union scale of wages. On
this motion Alderman Koss voted nay.
Alderman Koss reported an indigent
down with typhoid fever at Ladysmith
hotel. He suggested that the city
should either hirei physlcan at stated
salary, or procure hospital accommodation for indigent sick, us the present
arrangement was too expensive. Referred, to board of health.
Alderman Caulfield introduced street
sprinkling bylaw, No. 112, which was read
a first and second time.
It was moved by Alderman Naden,
seconded by Aldermun Caulfield, thai
tbe $5,000, now placed to the trust account of the city be transferred to the
general account. Carried. This is the
'amount deposited by the trarowa, company as forfeit iu case of non-fulfilment
of contract wi_th city. .
Council adjourned,
Fought for His Life.
"My father and sister  both died  of
Consumption,"  writes .1. T.   VVenther-
wax, of Wyandotte, Mich,,''and  I  was
saved from the same frightful fate only
by Hr. King's New Discovery, An attack of Pneumonia left an obstinate
cough and very severe lung trouble,
which an excellent doctor could not
help, but a few months' use of this won
derful medicine made me as well as
ever and I gained much in weight." Infallible for Coughs, Colds anil all Throat
and Lung trouble. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed bottles 50c a ml $1.00 at .1.
L. White's and Miller Bros.'
We observe that our esteemed con
temporaries, the Revelstoke Herald and
tbe Greenwood Miner, have enlarged,
and present not only a neat typographical appearance, but are truly metropolitan in proportions. Revelstoke antl
Greenwood are to be conaratulateil
along with the Herald and Miner, for
there is no surer indication of the growth
arid prosperity' of a community than
when reflected in the business like appearance of the paper printed within
its limits. It is a sure barometer. The
Herald and Miner are ail right and so
are the towns in which they nre published.���Trail News.
The /lining and Commercial Center of the
Richest   /"lining   Section   in
North America.
5333 I
Situated in Camp Hedley, in the center of
the whole Similkameen country, midway
between Princeton and Keremeos on the
main wagon road, and location lines of three
different railroads, surrounded by rich mines
and connected with all the camps with good
roads and trails.
The Townsite Company own all the adjacent
land available for townsite purposes.     We
are not boxed up in a canyon and do not sell
lots on cliffs.
Lots now on the market and selling like hot
cakes.    Present prices are from $100 to $200,
one=third cash,  balance in  three and six
In blocks 19, 25, 3 D, 24 and 30 on the main
street sold on building contracts only.
Buy early and get your choice.   On June 1st
they will advance 50 per cent.
For further particulars apply to II. M. Keefer, room 4 Wallace-
Miller Block, Greenwood; Ernest Kennedy & Co., Kosslond, B. C.;
Chas. I). ,1. Christie, Nelson, B. C.; A. G. Hammer, Spokane, Wash.;
.1. ,1. Bnnliolil. Vancouver, I!. C Agents in all Boundary towns as
well as in Ontario, England and Australia.
FRAINK   BAILEY,   Manager,
Room 4 Wallace-Miller Block, Greenwood, B. C.
The New and Secondhand Store
A.  L. WHITE <_ CO.
I GREENWOOD,    **   ^    B. C  |
3 ______ |
S   One of the Best Equipped Hotels in the Boundary.    W
Everything; First-Class. }jT
1   ��
| J. W.  NELSON, Prop, ��
.��!'.. .li.Ij-i.i,,r-,MO,lin.r.Bj ,,>ti  .,,..,,,,.;tn,;.o,i���,,;,,,n,���,.,,,.���..,���,���,,,,,1,,.,.^
The Most Complete Health Resort on the Continent of North
America-    Situated midst Scenery Unrivalled for Grandeur.
Halcyon Hot Springs
:��    Boating, Fishing-
is     and Excursions
....Resident Physician and Nurse.
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B.C.
In Telegraphic communication with all parts of the world.    Two mails arrive and
depart every day.   TERMS:   $15 tu $18 per week according to residence in Hotel or Villas O
Its Itaths cure all ntsrvousond muscular diseases.    Its wnlcrs   henl nil Kidney.  I.ivi-r
nin! siimini-h Ailments,   Tin- imtii* ii11.1 wAterollinlnatoall
metal poisons from the systoin.
/IH^'l'hc prii-i- ol railway tlckel   or round trip botween Greenwood nnd    Halcyon
good for Thirty Duys nnd obtainable till tin- year round MU.Iii.
Importers and Retailers
Jackets, Capes,  Corsets, Etc., Etc.
1 Pry Goods, Carpets,
I Linoleum, Etc.
M New Spring Shirt Waists, Pique
M and Crash Skirts, Wrappers,
gig Large stock of Carpets, Linolum, jjjjfj
M Rugs, Matting, Etc. H
H Special   Sale   of   Ladies'   Sailor ||
We Straw   Hats.
.i,ii��ii.im];iii,ii:]>i,,i>,  .i,'..,,in,i,;.,i,ii,no,,in..,..,,,.,.,1,1,1.1,,,.,!,,,,,.,.,,,.,
___ ���'.
May 4�� I9��I-
Capital, $8,000,000    =     -     Rest, $2,000,000
HON. CEO. A. COX, President.   -   -   B, E. WALKER, General Manager.
J. H. PI.UMMER, Ass't Gen. Manager.
The following  particulars are taken
from tlie manager's report for the year
1900:    The  property  comprises  thirty-
four placer mining leases, aggregating.
2,584 acres of land, covering,  for a distance of abovt ten miles, the auriferous i
deposits of �� system o( ancient, rivers.
The deposits included in the company's'
property vnry from -100 to IKK) feet In I
depth from surface to bottom of channel,
The quantity Is estimated at fiOOeOOOiOOO
cubic yerds of high grade nuriferoils I
gravel that is available for future washing by the hydraulic process. The
average gold tenure is moderately esti-
nated at twenty cents per cubic yard
anil tbe total gold content $100,000,000.
The  company's   water  supply   system I
consists of H3 miles  of well  constructed
^fWWWWfWWWffWfWWWfffWfWfWWffWfWWfWfWWffWWffWWWff^ j oan&la, having a capacity for delivering
! at the nine 5,000 miners' inches of water
I under a  head of  420  feet.   The mine
,1. R. Brown. ,1. P. MoLbod.
Barristers,  Solicitors,
Notaries Public,  Etc.
Naden-Flooil block. Greenwood,  B. C.
Auditor, Etc.,
Greenwood, B. C.
Real Estate
Mines   and Mining.
Whether the results will hear out these
equipment includes a portable hydraulic
opinions remains to be seen.   The great-  piant of four lilleB of 30.illcll ttnd' 22-inel
er part of the stock of tbe company ti
held by local men, antl if mining men
on the ground are willing to gamble on
the proposition, the outside investors
are at least taking no greater risks than
local men.   To the person unacquainted
rivited steel pipes, aggregating 11,000 feet,
and six No. 8 Hydraulic Giants, with
deflecting nozzles, varying from six to
ten inclies in diameter. The gold saving
appliances consist of a double extended
system of sluices seven feet wide by four
feet  deep,   aggregating    2,380  feet  in
with mining, any investment, is a  gam- length,   This system of sluices Is  |laVed
Me.    He is compelled  to depend  upon ! partly wit1' e"d-wl,od sluit" block< ����e
.,        .  .       , ,   ,       foot thick, and partiallv with  improved
the opinion nf another person,  and that  i       .   ,-    ,   .    ,    -m "      ,-  _. ,
1 ' ' I longitudinal steel nines.    Fixtures and
opinion may be either interested or dis-  longitudul steel rlfflles are on  hand  for
. A.lil'ESS, M. A. H. A. QT1BB8,
the installation of two undercurrents foi
the   recovery   of flour-quicksilver,   fine
gold,   platinum   anil   oshiiridium   that I
cannot be recovered   in   tlie  ordinary I
sluices.   The melting plant consists of
three fitted with iron Liebig condensers
for distillation of quicksilver,  having a
capacity   for treating 12,000 ounces of I
lion British  soldiers  who are scouring : gold at a single charge ; two furnaces for j
the veldt seem to he warring chiefly up- ' melting, and otlier appliances for band- ]
on the live stock of the Republics,   The i ,in8 '">-'"ts of -��U weighing up to 12,000
It is amusing to read tlie reports from
I South Africa in regard to the marvellous
captures of cattle hy the British. Now
] and then half a dozen Boers are caught,
but, on the whole the quarter of  a  mil-
Druggists and Jewelers
Have added to their already
extensive  stock  a  complete
line of Assay Supplies*
Ouotations furnished to Mines
and Smelters.
intrepid General Bo-and-So goes out on j
i; also a complete assay outfit for!
Assay, Analyses, Reports.
Cyanide Leaching.    Amalgamation
a.vd Concentration Tests.
make any  resistance to tlie mountain
howitzers,   pompoms and bayonets of
Sampling of shipments to local smelters | the enemy.  There never was such fight-
supervised. | jng jn ali tl.e world's history as Britain's
determining the value of bullion.
an expedition and returns with enor- The total expenditure up to 1899 in-
mous flocks of sheep which he surround- i elusive was $439,02(1 and the gold yield
ed and captured in the most dashing $628,000.   Adding the figures for 1900, as
j style, the four footed foe being unable to '. *iven RD0Ve' U  w,mkl appear that the
' total receipts to the beginning of 1901
were $881,14(1 and the expenditure
$549,292, leaving �� balance to the good
of $28(1,854.    It may b* of interest to add
that the  ingot of gold sent   from  this
Greenwood Postoffice Mail
On and after Monday. October 16, mHils will
arrive and be dispatched tis follows: Mails
dose for all points east and west at 1:80 p. ra,
Phoenix i :80 p. m l ;_0 p. m.
Anaconda 1:30 p. in l ::i0p. m.
Deadwood 8:80 a. m 8:80 a. ra. !
warriors are now engaged  in,  und tho | m*no *�� Kow York last October  weighing 9,058 ounces and valued at $154,848,
Published every Fridiiy evnning Ht Qreenwood,
British Columbia.
J. W. GRIER Manager.
Domestic, One   Yenr    12.00
Six Months JUKI
Foreign, One Year K.50
Paytthle Invariably in Advance.
Advertising rates furnisheil on application.
No patent meilleine ads taken except at full
rn tes.
.egal notices 10 and 6 i-ents per line.
The city council did just   what the
majority ol the electors  expected  them
to do with the tram way agreement Monday night. The bylaw which it was
proposed to submit to the people, would
have tied up a very   valuable  franchise
success with which they are waging war
upon the dumb animals of Boerland
would make a Chicago meat packer turn
green with envy.���Bossburg Journal.
Tbe publisher of the Bossburg Journal,
A. A. Anderson, is the last person from
whom such a criticism of the British
would be expected. Mr. Anderson lived
for a number of years in Vancouver and
was at that time considered a levelheaded young man. A short, time ago
lie was elected as representative to the
state legislature at Washington. Tlie
Miner then said Mr. Anderson was too
honest to be a successful politician. It
appears that the Miner was wrong in
its estimate of the man. The Journal
will please note that the Hritish have
not violated any of the usages of civilized nations, as was done in the capture
of the Filipino leader by General Funs ton,
was described in New York newspapers
as the largest single lump of gold ever
received in the city.
(^rrimnrffroTro-Tro"'in> <swis wvinrsvinnnnns orriroTriroTroTnfoTnnroTf tt
jo     Cable Address-"Maori." Code-"MoreiBf - Real.
Boundary Creek Loan and Mercantile
In the annual report of the provincial
minister of mines for 1!)00 the district
gold commissioner _>aid of '.he Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic Mining company : This is undoubtedly the largest
hydraulic plant in the province and will
take rank with the largest, in the world.
During the past live years most elaborate preparatorp work lias been prosecuted uninterruptedly, from one to two
hundred men having been engaged
I luring the process  of  opening  up the
for twelve months,   without any guar-1 propBrty to its present  state something
antee that  the  promoters  would  build j like half a million dollars  in  gold dust:
the tramway or be Instrumental In the has been produced.   As the mine nan
erection of another smelter in Green-  n^dly be said to be fairly opened up as
,    ,,., ,. ...     .       .   vet, and as practically all the enormous
wood,    the smelter   proposition   is  not!       ,.    . * , ,,    ,
preliminary expenditure lor ditches,
a very pressing one at the present time, H.llnles, dams, piping, etc , has been met,
nor will it be until the mines lire fur-1 satisfactory dividends seem eventually
ther developed.    The three  smelters of   assured
the district can handle the output for
the next twelve months. If Mr. Breen
intends building a smelter for the Stem-
From the report of John B. Ilobson,
manager of the company on its operations for the season of 1900 it is learned
that 1,843,1138 cubic yards of gravel, etc.,
winder group in Greenwood camp, it! were washed during the season, produc-
will take at least a year's development j ing 20,471 ounces of goltl valued at
before the properties will  be  in a  posi-' $360,085,77.    This gave an average yield
tion to ship regularly two hundred tons . "f 18 98"100 c,'nts Per cubi(; .vttrd of Krnvel
i ., j    J washed  and   an   average   product   ner
per day, so there  is no urgent  need  ol ..       ,       ._..,���,,������    L    __ . ,
, , washing day of $2,041.80.  The financial
another smelter for some time to come.     rwmlts of the  geag0M  operations  wore
��� - the most satisfactory of any year in the
An outside subscriber wants to  know  company's history.   A summary of the
all  about   the  company    working   the   accounts for 1900 shows that the bullion
,, u        ���     >,      i i.    ,    vield for tlie season was $350,085.77  and
"booming"    placer system   on   Rock i'  .     ,,                  ��i��fwii~.ii
. ' miscellaneous receipts $3,080.30,  giving
creek.   The Miner is not in  a  position L   t()tal   revt)m]e f)f   mi>mm,     Thfl
to give any information about the pros- operating expenses were $151,181.72, de-
pects of the company Many exper- preciation if'2,177.03, and head ollice ex-
iencetl mining  men  in (Ireenwood say   l"'n��l-s $1,907.58 ; total $155,31111.33.   This
that   the theory  of  "booming"  is all \Mt a oredit  to���  ����   *���   f^ons
operations  of $197,879.74, or within a
right, and have backed up their opinions fra(!tionof flve per Mnt   on ���.e (..)m.
by   putting   money   into   the   scheme, j pany's capital of $4,000,000,
You gusli about your emperors,
Your kaisers, kings and czars,
" Just puppets all," compared with us;
The " Sultans of the ears."
We iule this blooming nation from
Acadia to tlie Sound ;
And ni for was invented yet
Dominion so profound,
To rule like kings, by love or fear,
Is ancient, foolish rot;
We rule; decreeing what shall grease,
The frying pan and pot.
We pay otir nabobs handsomely,
And give 'em lots o' snaps;
III gratitude, they help us buy
The common sort o' chaps.
And O'l the market's glutted;
We ean buy 'era at a price
That holds 'em down to wish bones,
And a little bread and rice.
This keeps 'era niee aud 'umble,
Just the proper frame of mind.
Control the grub, and yo'll control
The lot o' human-kind.
Sometimes the crowd at Ottawa
Pretends to make a fuss,
They bluff, an' talk o* taxin' us,
Their hark ain't worth a cuss.
We treat the gentry 'ansomely,
Wo never grudge a pass,
An' he as can't reelproeate's
A blind, ungrateful ass.
In this refrain wo don't complain,
Kuec deep in clover yet,
Whilst foolish tools don't know cm,ugh,
To get In, out the wet.
Oh say I the tribute Hows our way,
Pay.long and thro' the night;
iii every rib our Bultanshlp
Is tickled with delight.
with a noiiic band of ipottors,
With the blacklists' magic spelt,
We trace our prey like I'lnkertons,
And run 'em plumb i"
Well, never mind geography,
Some places on the map,
Like some left out, would only suit
A chilly kind 0' chap.
We've got the land, the ships and cars,
We've got the road-bed too,
We work it ������ All Canadian,"
Or we work it by the " Soo."
It all depends on " Business,"
St. John's or Halifax,
We'll make it Portland, Boston,
Do but whisper " Income tax,"
So care we cheerfully boqueth,
To kaiser, king and czar,
Your empty dinner pails till up,
And drink " The Seepeeaar."
The Sultan's Laureate,
It Saved His Leg,
P. A.  Danforth, of  La Grenge, (la.
suffered for six months with a frightful |
running sore on his leg; but writes that
Biicklen's Arnica Salve wholly cured it
In live days. For Ulcers, Wounds,
Piles, it's Ihe best salve in the world.
Cure guaranteed. Only 25c. Sold by
���I. I��� White uml Miller Bros.
(let  your   potatoes    at    |lar.perman
Bros,, only $1,50 per cwt, |
...TO LET...
BUILDING Suitable for
Stores or offices, lot on
Copper  Street,  business
Well Furnished Five-
Roomed Hook.
(^rrtmrsTmnni v o-roTroTTbTnTSTif vvvirir^rxrirvrvvrrvTS'i
The   Gent  Restaurant
9>   o
*  !o
��� ���������
Copper Strent. Greenwood.
Meals at I DAY OR
All Hours   ....NIGHT
Private Dining Room for Ladies.
�� WERMER _  PITTOCK, Proprietor..
&Do You Ride
a bike ?    If not you surely will  when  you  see  the
Ai           new 1901 model "Cleveland."    It is a beauty 1    We
ji/           have obtained the exclusive agency in the district for
American and Canadian Manufacturers' Association,
is!           and have selected the "Cleveland" as the best all
; ^f           around wheel, and will carry a full stock of this manufacture, in both men's and women's.    There are a
great many improvements over the 1900 model, and
they are conceded to be the  best wheel  made.    If
.                 however, you are in love with some other make, we
! fr           will obtain it for you.   We will be pleased to have
Ifjjf  you call and inspect	
The Cleveland
The Russell-Law-Caulfield Co., Ltd.
ft 1/
May 4, 1901.
To one not heedful of the slowing augmenting number of deaths that occur
as time passes,  in this comparatively
new district it comes as somewhat of a
surprise to find that there are about a
hundred graves in the Greenwood
tery.     And  yet  when  one   count
those of his own friends and  ac      J. UP
ances who where members of       -<l����iht-
raunity but who have dtir'       *'��� '(-'"mi
four or five years  passed      ���<*�� wW last
and then adds the lar      ' 'w ���eir rest,
it may be,  were r     �����!**'  number who,
comes home to I-'     jUratigers to him,  it
since   the to-      >tWl  that  bail all  who,
died  either       ��7H  came    into existence,
of seven        ��� '��  It or within   u   radius
terred       or eight miles,  have been  in-
),���.-      . in the local burying ground, one
,      jdfwd would not nearly represent the
*ot��l number.   Not that the mortality
is unusually large here, but that as the
years  pass   the   aggregate  number  of
deaths necessarily   increases  until, as
already   suggested,  it surprises   those
whodo not ordinarily observe its gradual
mounting up.
The ground set apart for burial purposes is distant about three miles north
from the business portion of Greenwood.
Jt has been thoroughly cleared, en-
���dosed by a neat picket fence and
platted. The soil is sandy, so that no
difficulty is experienced in grave digging.
When cleared not a single tree was left
standing, consequently the couple of
acres fenced have a very bare appearance. This objection will not, however,
permanently remain, for already young
pines or firs are springing up, so that
two or three years hence there should
be a number of shapely indigenous
trees ornamenting this "God's Acre,"
as in older lands a burial ground is frequently designated.
Entering the cemetery through the
���southern gate���by the way, it is a pity
that it Ib not someone's duty to see that
the gate is not left open after burials
*afee place, else is the fencing of little
use as a protection to the graves from
damage by horses and cattle���the first
grave to catch the eye is that of "Baby
Branson, aged five," which bears inside
its simple inscription the single word
"REST." It is pathetic to note the
number of infants' graves there are
here, suggesting that Death has been no
respector of persons, but has claimed
as his own numerous little ones whose
loss has darkened homes previously
made brighter by their presence. The
name Laura Johns on one small grave
recalls the memory of a three year old
child who a little more than twelve
months ago was the light of u home at
the Mother Lode mine. Baby Swaoson
died at Phoenix, and near by one reads
the names of Baby Sewell, Baby Wood
and Thomas Butler, the last the infant
son of one of Greenwood's pioneer
residents. There are other diminutive
graves, but attention is turned from
them to observe the large proportion of
men, and comparatively young men
particularly, who have found their last
resting place in this quiet spot. It
seems, judging by thestorv told by a number of tbe inscriptions, mostly pencilled
on plain boards, (probably to identify the
locations after removal from the old
cemetery) that death  here finds
reminds   earlier  resi(lentfj   rf   ^^
good fellow to who.* death came with-
strikW?il-UfI'' Wrt ,]iet'Am 8nddenly
���     ing i'im c)mvl)    ^ [,ea(j noar(i |)L.ar.
. ..e    lettering  " F.  I.. II.   Robbins,
OO"" .  . 1 , '
.fl Amherstbiirg, Ontario, O.itoher SO,
,.c.m. i��Ti), died Phoenix, B.C., October 25.
<+\ 1899," tells the brief Btory of another un��
timely death. Another inscription is
singular In ils preciseness of detail; "In
memory of It, K, Caverly, born Saptotuber 26, 18(18, died March 27, 190U, age 31
years, (I months aud I day." A fenced
plot is the grave of Chas Peterson, connected with whose death were circumstances peculiar in their piiinl'iilness.
That unfortunate man wits killed by ll
fall of rock in a working oli It mineral
claim on Boomerang creek, a tributary
of the West fork of Kettle river. The
Camp was an isolated one���miles away
from any other. In it were only two
other persons, viz., the wife uml the
mining partner of tlie deceased. When
the death occurred the newly made
wlilow had to spend hours alone with
the mangled body of her deatl husband,
an agonizing experience, whilst the
partner went away for assistance. ��Bnt
enough of sneh reminisences.
Before concluding with the mention
of the graves of two of the very few
Women buried here, mention will be
made of two others whose bodies also
lie in this cemetery. (Ieorge Shipley, j
who only a fortnight since departed this i
life, was well known in the town and j
district. The other was an old timer
in a truer sense of the word than is
generally meant when u-ed. For instance, the district Pioneers' society'
acknowledges as pioneers all who came'
to the district up to tlie summer of 1894,
from those old veterans, Charley Dietz
and "Jolly .lack," down to the spick
anil span dude, whom the designation
"pioneer"so ill befits. But tlie late
Jim McConnell was a veritable pioneer,
for he was at Rock creek as early as
18I12. He was a native of Tyrone, Ireland, and much might be written of the
vicissitudes of his changeful life, but
this is scarcely the occasion with which
to associate much detail of it. Briefly,
though, it. may be stated that he was
about 18H4-5, foreman or manager for
the lute Judge Haynes, long ii cuttle
king at Osoyoos, who in 1875, assisted
him to secure tlie land at what was then
known as Grand Prairie hut now as
Grand Forks fie was the lirst man to
drive cattle from the Boundary to Ihe
Northwest, his accomplishment of taking 400 head over the old Dewdney
trail and thence through the Crow's
Nest Pass having long since been regarded as no mean undertaking, hater
he owned the Hock creek coal lands,
which lie sold to the Thompson-Wood
syndicate, lie lived for a while in Victoria and went thence to California.
Then he drifted hark to the Bock creek
district, in which he spent the closing
years of his life, until his removal to
the (ireenwood hospital, where he died
on May 8, IS9S.
The most pretentious tombstone in
the Greenwood cemetery is one " In
memory of Margaret Currie, wife of
Thomas Hardy. Born .Inly 3(1, 18B2,
died June 25, 1S99." It is solid ami
handsome, tin1 upper part red granite
most i on a  base  of  gray  granite.     Over  the
Turkeys,      Chtekons,
Ducks and Gee&e
White Fish,      Smelts,
Salmon and Halibut
A k. F1. dfc A. M.
GBEBN -WOOD LODGE _Vo. 28, A. 1\ i A. M���
(J. B. B. ' ;. Regular Communication in Masonic
Temple, Government scr��et, tirst ThumUay it,
each mon ib.   Sojourning brethren invited.
M. ��. Mir.I.EK, Secretary.
W. R.  OF M.
;     WEMTKKN      l_l ..RATION   OF   MINKKS-
The Greenwood    Branch  of  the   federation
i meets hereafter    In  Union hall, Silver street.
at 7:8(1   p.  1,1. uv-ery Saturday evening.
I M. H. KANE. Secretary
K. OF P.
GSJW? u,""iK N'��- ����� K- 0F p ��� meets
��� ."���Jf.." odnosday evening at H:lK> In the Ma-
..... o.l11
lulled.    I
EMBBEE, K. R. A-p.
ordiallv invited.    D, A. MACKENZIE, (
Canadian Pacific
victims among men ranging between
the ages of 25 antl 40. How many tales
of tragic and premature ending to lives
once full of promise of lasting to the allotted three score and ten, might be
told of those whose earthly remains Ho
hidden beneath the mounds raised
above their last, long homes, Here is
tbe grave of (ieorge Edwards, who met
an untimely death in the Jewel mine at
hong hake; there are seen the all too
brief words, "McCormack, killed at Old
Ironsides;" again, itis Samuel Feora,
cruelly murdered for his money und his
murderer still at liberty, with no effective steps ever taken to bring him to
account for his crime; antl vet again,
a block of  grey  granite,   in   which    are
cut these words; "In loving memory
of Hubert Brash Miller, Dominion hand
Survey, who died at .lames creek, Jan.
23rd, 1899, aged 42 years." brings up
tlie recollection of one who wandered
from a railway survey camp to meet a
lonely death in tlie snow. Tragedies
truly, for here lie rash David Bryant,
who hud many friends alike among
townspeople and prospectors, and 15, A.
Bielenberg, the "Count," as lie was
familiarly called. Poor Bielenberg:, lying within sight of the group of mineral
claims, distant but a mile or so, the
sale of which gave him his start in this
district on what might, under other conditions, have proved the road to wealth.
hike many more of us he had his faults,
but " Requiescat in pace." Over
another grave is an inscription: "Sacred to tlie memory of Richard Noble
Taylor, died December 80, 1896," of
whom those who in Greenwood's early I
days hail the privilege of his friendship
had nothing but kind words to say. He
it was wlto of this town's pioneer residents, led the way to death's dark vale,
for he was the first to break life's circle
in the embryo city and go to that dark
bourne from which no traveller returns.
The single word " Paton " on a stake
inscription are clasped hands, carved
out of the granite. This monument is
enduring anil in excellent taste. In
another part of the cemetery an enclosed plot marks tin- grave of Alice
Palmer, a general favorite, cut off in tlie
bloom of young womanhood, ami one
whose early death was widely deplored.
Of course there tiro numbers of others
buried here of whom Interesting notes
might be made, chiefly miners and
prospectors, but for the present nothing
more will be added than that Chinese
inscriptions   uml   partly   burned wax
tapers murk the graves of two Chinamen, whose remains will very probably
he-oiiie day removed to the Flowery
Under  da f  April   29th   Richard
Plewman,   managing  director   of   the
Winnipeg Mines, limited, issued a circular letter in which it was announced
thai the winze on tin' No. 2 north vein
of (lie Winnipeg was then down 100 feet
and that drifting east on tin- oro body
had commenced. This drift will he known
at. the 400-foot, level. The winze in going
down from the 300-foot level passed
through 73 feet of solid ore, two feet
witle at the top and twelve feet in width
at the bottom. A bunk-liotisc, to accommodate 35 men, is now being built
at the mine.
WALL    PAPERS.--Just received a new  stock of
the Choicest Selected Patterns.
SASH    AND    DOORS.-Best Quality Cedar,
at prices never before offered in Greenwood.
Plate,  Sheet  and
Fancy   Glass. ^-_^
Oils, Lead, Varnishes, Dry Paints, Etc*, Etc.
Use Mellor's Pure Mixed Paints
$2.00   Per   Gallon.
J. W. Mellor, Copper street.
Steamship Service
Through tickets to anil from
England and the Continent.
l-'nr time- tables, rates and full Information up.
ply to nearest local Rgent.
K. It. REDPATH. Agent, Greenwood.
. s. carter, K,
ii. I'. A.. Nelson, B. ('.
A.(i. I'.
Honks cxperted, opened, balanced and
kept posted. Hest systems devised,
Accountant, IJ. 0. Box IK), Miner ollice.
Certificate of Improvements Notice.
li   the   Kettle river Mining
i-In Green
i [took mineral
I'lIU   BEST   BEER   IN   TOWN   IS   MADE   BY   Till-:
Elkhorn Brewery,
P0ETMANN BROS. & CO..   Props.
The Elkhorn  La-
Beer    contains
���inly pure Malt and
Hops.    Try it!
of Vnle District.   Where  In
wood camp, adjoining the Hi
Tnke notiee thai I, Sydney M. Johnson, ns
agent for .lames Sutherland, free miner's eortlli-
cute Nn. ii-JliK7ii. uml II. .1. Cole, free miner's eer-
tilii'iiie No. ugoeo, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder I'm- ti certificate nt improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining ti crown gram of tho
above claim,
Ami further take notice that action under
section :i~. must he commenced before the
issu ii n ie i if such certificate of improvements,
lutteil iii Greenwood, It <'., March 16, 1900,
NOTICE Is hereby given Hint the partnership
heretofore existing botweon Charles Holt and
AxoKiustofson of the summit Hotel, Eholt, it.
t'.. i- this ihiy dissolved by mutual consent,
The said Charles Bolt will continue the buslines* aud colleel nil hillsilno the lirm uml p���y
Ii Is kept o
lu-attglil or in I!"
ties by all ih.' Leu
iijj Hot,-is in th
ell buslne
lirst ilu) ii
H I in
Willi" ���
|i i:  '
s llabllll
(pill, in
I.hull. I'..
uf s,i|i| t;n,i  i,,, t��� ,|,,
I'll IIU.K*
\xi:l. ot
nf William Hov
i COIIIIty   in    Vnle
unlit tn the " I
Columbia,    Is; ;,
\ Hay and Grain \
Mrs. Larkin
has taken charge of the rooms in tlie
where she will be prepared to look
after all her old customers and as j
many new ones as she can entertain.
The rooms arc well furnished and j
comfortable; rules reasonable If
you nei d rooms, call and see her,
before tftkillll  elsewhere,    ,    ,
jQ. H. Cropley.?
* V. & N. TELEPHONE NO. 124. *
Is ill" 1111111,-1 uf tl late
hue ui Boundary Calls, in Hi
Hritish Columbia, farmer, di
Notii c Is hereby given pun
vised  Statutes   uf   British
j Chapter 187," Hint nil creditors mnl others having ctaims against thcestatoof thosafd William
| liny, who died un ur nlioul the Hut li .lay uf
November, 1900, are required on or before the
81st dayof May, 1901, to send totbeundorslgnod,
the eJ-'N'titor named In ihe Inst will mnl testa,
nient ol said deceased, their names, Hddrosscs
mnl descriptions uml Hie full particulars ui
their respective claims, duly verified by
statutory declaration,
And further take notice, that after said last
mentioned 'lute, the said executor will proceed
tt> distribute the assets of the deceased among
the parties entitled thereto, having regacdonly
iu ilu- claims of which he shall then have
notice, and that he will nut be liable for the
, aid asset-, or tiny part thereof, tu arty person
in- persons uf whoso claims notice -hull tint
, have been received by him at the time in said
distribution. K. W, Jakes, Kxectttor.
TENDER8  will  l..- reci
signed up in Wednesday tl
1901, fur ilu iisiiui 'tion i
Phoenix lo Summit city.
Plans aud specification*
nt  the ulliee uf the .Mi
Forks,   Mining Roeordt
, tho office of D. ,1, Dan-
���table nt I'hoenix,
��� Rossland, Bi C��� April -_tti
red  by ilu
l.-.th dav
n Wagon ii
.f Mat-
ad Iron
to can he seen
line Rocordur, Orand
��� Hrecntvofld, ami at
ugh. Provincial Con-
.1.   KlIIKtT,
Hovenimeiil Agent
May 4, 1901.
In it write-up of the financial institu-
t'iotts of R.' title, Wii-li.. Ihe Stnr. of that
citv hi- th" follotiing to sue of the Can-
adi-in 1'iiink of ConnneiT" :
" li would he imp ssihle to adequately
treat ol the groat Northwest region, including Washington. Oregon, Hritish
Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon Territory, wfthotit special mention of that
powerful financial institution, tlie Canadian Hank of Commerce, which throughout this country has become typically
representative of strength, usefulness
and helpfulness. In a spirit of giving
credit to whom credit is due, it must be
justly acknowledged that no financial
institution American or foreign has
done more for the development of this
section of tlie worltl than has tlie Canadian Hank of Commerce. This statement, of course, must be considered inclusive of the Hank of British Columbia
which on January 1st of the present
year���the first day of the new century
���united its existence witli the Canadian Bank of Commerce under the
name of the latter bank. The Bank of
British Columbia bail occupied a leading position on this coast, and enjoyed
a prestige in financial circles the world
over. Hut its headquarters wer in
London, and owing to the inconvenience
of administering its affairs by a board
of directors on the other side of the
Atlantic, it was decidetl best to make
overtures for a merger witli a chartered
bank of Canada, and the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, whose eastern reputation is second to none, and whose
business in this western country was
already of a highly satisfactory character, was selected as the institution most
desireable with which to open negotiations. After a thorough inspection and
verification of the assets, cash on hand,
etc., of tbe Hank of Britisli Columbia
by Mr. J. H. Plummer, the Assistant
General Manager of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce, aided by an able staff,
the ileal was finally consummated, by
which these two great banks became one.
This consolidation has made the Canadian Bank of Commerce a veritable
Gibralter of finance. It has notv sixty-
seven branches, the largest number of
branches possessed by any financial
institution of the New World. It has a
paid up capital in gold coin of $8,000,-
000, and a reserve fund of $2,000,000.
It had deposits on January ,'ilst of $45,-
755,750, with cash resources of $19,918,-
441, and its total assets reached the
large sum of $11,1,8:13,440. The stockholders, of whom there are over 2,500,
and who include some of tlie most prominent people on both continents, are
subject to double liability, so that in
the ordinary course of human events
depositors are secured absolutely.
"It is in connection with its northern
business that tlie Candian Bank of
Commerce has won especial fame for it
was one of the pioneers in this business.
When it located its branch in Dawson,
Yukon Territory, it marked tlie northernmost point in the North American
continent���if not in the world���that
had yet been benefitted by banking
facilities. This was in June, 1898, before the opening up of the railroad
through White Pass, and when the region was almost inacessible to intercourse with the outside world. The
Canadian government recognized tlie
enterprise, as well os the solidity and
standing of tlie bank, by making it its
exclusive financial agent for the Klondike region. Its operations in connection with tlie purchase of gold dust
antl nuggets, and the issuing of drafts
aud letters of credit within this region,
are as might be supposed, enormous in
scope. In fact, one-third of the total
gold treated by tlie assay ollice at
Seattle in 1899, and one-tpiarter of that.
of 1900 was sold it by this hank. The
bank next established agencies at
White Horse, Skagway and Atlin,
which, witli its brandies at Vancouver,
Victoria, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York and London, England,
together with its 5(1  other  branches in
Canada,   gives it special   facilites for
handling the business of miners and
merchants of the Klondyke and Pacific
coast, and makes it one of the best
equipped financial institutions for doing business in this country. In its
business dealings with the people of
this rapidly growing Northwestern
ountry, the bank has achieved a great
and well deservetl popularity.
"The headquarters of this bank are
at Toronto, Ontario, where it is located
in a building that is one of tlie architectural features of Canado. It was established in I8H7, the Hon. William
McMaster being the first President. It
enjoys the unique distinction of having
never missed ,i dividend, and its capital
has never been reduced. Probably no
bank more thoroughly covers the worltl
through correspondent institutions, ami
its letters of credit afford accommodation to travellers in all parts of the
world, no matter how remote.
"The present head of the bank is tlie
Hon. (jeorge A. Cox, who is also President of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, and of the Canada Life Insurance
On the West Fork of Kettle River
The Payroll City of West Fork.
Surveys Now
Being Made
Lots Will Shortly Be on the Market
Carmi City Adjoins the Group of
Claims of which the Carmi nine
is the center.
Carmi is the mining center of the upper
West Fork country* The townsite
adjoins the Carmi mine, which shipped
2,000 tons of ore to the Smelter during
the past winter, and upon which development is being pushed in order to
be ready for continuous shipments when
railroad is completed to Carmi* For
Terms write
Greenwood, B. C. Carmi, B. C.
Company, the latter being the strongest
institution of its kind in Canada lie
is also the moving spirit of many other
prominent financial institutions in that
country. The direcirrs include such
men as Robert Kilgour, who is the
Vice-President, ami James Crathern,
William B. Hamilton, Joseph W. Fla-
velle, Matthew Leggat, John Iloskins,
K. C, LL. I)., VV. 10. II. Massey antl
A. Kingman. The chairman of the
London boartl is Sir Robert Gillespie,
"Mr. B. E. Walker, a man of acknowledged ability, second to none in banking circles of America, is General Manager, ably assisted by Mr. .1.11. Plummer, the Assistant General Manager.
Both these gentlemen have the advantage of a training of upwards of thirty
years in the best banking circles and
are eminently fitted for the management of the great bank whose business
they control. Mr. A. H. Ireland is
Inspector and Superintendent of
Branches, witli Mr. V. C. Brown as his
assistant. Mr. IL H. Morris, who has
been connected witli the bank almost.
from its inception, is Western Inspector,
with headquaaters at Vancouver, B. C.
"Mr D. A. Cameron, who has been
in the service of the bank in various
aesponsible positions for upwards of
twenty years, and who is highly esteemed in local business circles, is the
Manager at Seattle."
The Greenwood Times and the Miner
having recently doubled the size of
their publications, speaks well for their
home town. These steps will do more
to convince the outside world of the
progress of that community than could
otherwise lie done.���Cascade  Record.
Rendell now ready Gaunce & Wickwire
A   mine   manager   in    Phoenix    has
1 caused   the arrest of   several  persons
lately for relieving him  of a  Chinaman
| at the city limits, which he hail secured
I at Greenwood.    As the  people of Phoenix are strongly opposed  to having any
celestials in their town,  it  would  have
been wisdom on tlie part of this manager to have hired a white cook      It is
just sucli bull-head-edness that causes
so many labor troubles.���Similkameen
A correspondent propounds a question
anent   tlie   national   Hag.     We   think
there  is something in  what   he says.
There is really only one Hag in tbe Brit-
I isb Empire and that is tlie I'nion  Jack.
j We may speak oi the Hag  of  St. (ieorge
i or that of St. Andrew, or that of Ireland,
j but tbey are not national or even  racial
enblems.   Tho Canadian ensign  stands
on another footing, for  while  the Jack
is the same as in the Hag of (Ireat  Britain, there Ib a distinguishing shield on
the Hag.    While we  have  no great ob-
i jections to any one hoisting any   Hag lie
wishes  for purposes of   ornament,  we
fancy that most British subjects would
be quite content to see nootheront than
the I'nion Jack displayed in official
Reporters in tlie press gallery of the
Legislature have heen notified that they
must not "make a note on" anything
that comes under their observation in
the corridors of tlie House. It is customary in all free countries for the employees of newspapers in gathering news
to act on their own discretion, their
work of course being subject to tlie
supervision of the editors. It is seldom
indeed that there has been complaint
in Britisli Columbia of the preBS straying beyond the bounds of its legitimate
domain. The reporters of the Times
will pay no attention to orders emanating from a source which has no authority to isBue such instructions. The
next ukase will probably be that the
press gallery baa been closed.���Victoria
Old Soldier's Experience.
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester, Intl., writes: "My wife
was sick a long time in spite of good
doctor's treatment, but was wholly
cured by Dr. King's New Life Pills,
which worked wonders for her health."
They always do. Try them. Only 25c
at Miller Bros, and J. L. White's drug
Switches, hair rolls, side combs and
faacy hair pins, at G. F. Williams'
Of the Kettle River Mining Division ot Tale
Certificates of Work.
Jan. 4
M & XV Fraction, M. M. Welsh.
Jan. 5
Briton, Alex. Topstad et al.
Jan. 7
Foghorn, S. M. Johnson et al.
Jan. 12
Standard, Thos. Walsh,
Jan. 14
Bell, two, John T. Bell
Highland Lass, two, J(th,n T. Bell.
Beaver, two, JohnT. Bell.
Highland, fractional, tf o, John T. Bell.
Jan. 15
Clipper, Thos. F. Kane.
Jan. Ill
Dexter, Dan Bresnahan.
Jan. 17
Da Mi, fractional, E. C. Brown et al,
Jan. 24
May Flower, fractional, Chas. H. Tye.
Jan. 25
Belmont, Ed. MeMynn.
Jan. 26
Lone Pine, fractional, John Lind et al.
Johannesburg, two years, Otto Dillier.
Jan. 28
Gipsy, James Moran.
Great Hopes, fractional, Jas. Dunn.
Jan. 30
Grey Fox, A. G. Davis.
Rosebud, J. R. Porter.
Spotted Tail, J. R. Porter.
Ben Bow, J. R. Porter.
St. Dunstan, VV. J. Northey.
Feb. 4
Rapid, James Kerr.
Feb. 6
Forepaw, Adolph Sercu.
Feb. 7
E. II., fractional, J. H. McDonald.
Feb. 8
Northern Bell, Alex. Douglas.
Myrtle No. 2, Alex. Douglas.
McKinley, Louisa Castleman.
Feb. 11
Quien Sabe, S. J. Munn et al.
Feb. 12
Caledonian, F. B. Holmes et al.
Feb. 14
Durango, John XV. Lind et al,
Feb. 15
Old Guard, A. J. Flett.
Logan, Thos. Murray.
Alice M., Clement Vacher.
Feb. 16
Porto Rico, Nick Tholl.
Feb. 18
Morning Sun, J. R. Porter.
Feb. 23
Anchor, Chas. L. McAllister.
Crown, " "
Anchor, fractional,    " "
Slate Formation, E. 0. Brown.
Feb. 25
Keystone, Ned Burnett,
VVinslow, John Luce.
New York, Frank Greenwood.
Jan. 9
Islander,    fractional,  two years,   John
Jan. 11
Snowshoe, Sailor Company.
Jan. 22
Coldstream, Alex. Robinson.
Ottawa, Alex. Robinson.
Feb. 4
War Eagle, Wm. Younken.
Daisy, " "
Gem, " "
Feb. 6
E. F., Allan Gillis.
C. D., fractional, Allan Gillis.
Feb. 9
Geo.   Hearst,   Camp   McKinney   Gold
Mining Co.
Feb. 25
(iolden Chest, C. D. Bash.
Tip Top, John Luce.
Night Hawk, John Luce.
Progress, John Luce.
For lessons on the violin, piano, mandolin, etc., see Prof. Kauffmann, Greenwood Music Store.
'Ins for piiinli-ss extraction of teetb
Your Teeth deserve
the   best   care   you
can give  them.	
Health, happiness &
comfort depend upon
Dr. R. Mathisoij
Both 'Phones.       Greenwood. May 4, 1901.
Cable Address   "Maori." Code   "Moreine - Heal,
Boundary Creek Loan and Mercantile
BUILMHG Suitable for
Stores or offices. Lot on
Copper  Street,   business
...FOR SALE...
WeU Furnished Five-
Roomed Honse.
Do You Ride
a bike ? If not you surely will when you see the
new 1901 model "Cleveland." Itis a beauty! We
have obtained the exclusive agency in the district for
American and Canadian Manufacturers' Association,
and have selected the "Cleveland" as the best all
around wheel, and will carry a full stock of this manufacture, in both men's and women's. There are a
great many improvements over the 1900 model, and
they are conceded to be the best wheel made. If
however, you are in love with some other make, we
will obtain it for you. We will be pleased to have
 you call and inspect	
The Cleveland
The Russell-Law-Caul field Co., Ltd.
I Hay and Grain
Id. H. Cropley.
* V. & N. TELEPHONE NO. 124. *
THE   BEST    11EER   IN   TOWN    IS   MADE    HY    THE
Elkhorn Bre^very,
PORTMANN BROS. & CO..   Props.
The Elkhorn La-
Ijer Beer contains
snly pure Malt and
Hops.   Try it!
It Is kept on
Draught or in Hot-
ties by all the I.end
ng   Hotels   in    tliis-
People who are accustomed to Btnoking
the high grade, time honored brands of-
...davana Cigars
Find: it a grievous disappointment when tbey are even a little "off"
in flavor or condition. Our stock is jealously and intelligently cared
for and is perfect, every cigar is full of fragrance.
Telegraph or Tetaphono
Promptly Attendee* to.
Clarendon Hotel Block.
D. C. McRae yesterday received the
following letter from YV. S. Keith, win
left Greenwood between two and three
months since to join the South Africa
Constabulary :
Steamer Montford,
Easter Sunday, 1901.
Dear Mac���Well we have been nine
days out from Halifax and hope to be at
Cape Verde sometime tomorrow. We
have been rather unfortunate so far,
having lost two men since sailing by
death in hospital aud one man by jumping ur falling overboard. The only man
of our troop who has been sick is Nicholson, of Greenwood, but he is getting
allrigbt now. There are more than 1,200
troops aboard, and counting ship's crew
and officers, about 1,400 in all, but we
are as comfortable as could be expected,
much more so than we were in the Ottawa cattle sheds, which were simply
rank, i. e. the grub served out was rank,
and a large number were sick.
We have seen nothing of interest since
we started, but have been favored with
delightful weather and a calm sea. We
have no idea yet as to our destination in
Africa but will probably get information
at Cape Verde. It is rumored that the
western troops will go direct to tlie front,
if there is any fiont when we arrive,
while the others will go direct to Magers-
fontein for a few weeks for drill antl then
be sent in detachments for patrol duty.
I hope such will be the case.
The western men are larger, healthier-
looking and older than the eastern
troops and will no doubt at first stand
hardships much better.
When you have time to spare write to
me tbe Greenwood news. My address
will be "B Squadron. Canadian contingent, South Africa Constabnlory, Cape
Town or elsewhere." This address will
catch all the Greenwood boys.
Yours truly,
W. S. Keith.
Fishing Tackle
Lines, Silk Braided Lines,
Hooks, Baskets, Reels.
Rods Irom $2.25 to $10.00
The Imperial; H. McKay, Nelson;
W. G. Moore, London; Geo. D. Curtis,
Thos. Conlan, Sydney 11. Lee, Toronto;
J. B. Marshall, Minneapolis; J. .1. Doran, Montreal; W. J. Porter. XV. B.
Cochrane, Phoenix; James C. Dale,
Carmi; Geo. Stephan, .1. S.Johnstone,
H. Allenberg. H. L. Stoolfire, Spokane ;
R. Keane, Nelson ; H. Hennegar, Mother
Lode; A. A. Sanderson, Montreal; J.
A. Munson, Midway; W. H. Duncan-
son, Barrie; H. H. Welch, Victoria; W.
W. Moore, D. Gavin, Vancouver; H.
Bain. Camp McKinney; J. VV. McBride.
Bolster, Wash.; G. A. Rendell, Eholt;
Mrs. Kleiser, Toronto.
The Hotel Armstrong: K. A. Morris,
L. D. Henderson, Vancouver; J. M.
Fitzpatrick, Geo. 0. Bradley, F. H. 01-
liver, Spokane; Chas. M. McMichael,
Camp McKinney ; Dr. Hargreaves, Winnipeg; H. Higgins, A. F. McMillan,
Rossland ; C. M. Crouse and wife, Midway; H. Johns, Sunset mine: G. C.
Matthews, C. W. H. Coles, Montreal;
L. I). Henderson, C B. Bowman, San-
ford B. Snyder, Vancouver; J. Manley,
T. F. Parish, Summit camp; T. F. Car-
den, Cascade City; F. W. Stack. H.J.
McQuaid, 0. Hunter, Phoenix; P. E.W.
Miller, Toronto; A. McQueen, Nelson;
W. Yolen Williams, Phoenix; R. C.
Lyon, Ottawa; H. S. Wallace, Rossland; W. G. Stephen, Cleveland, Ohio;
F. XV. Smith, Seattle; H. R. Cameron,
Nelson; I). F. Dickson, Winnipeg; S.
M. Ling, Rossland.
Tlie staff and students of the summer
term at the school of mines in connection with McGill university left Montreal on the 1st inst. by C. P. R. for British
Columbia. The party, which consists
of 25 persons, goes first to Banff, and
proceeds thence to the coast to see coal
mines on Vancouver island and probably the copper ore deposits on Texada
island anil on Howe Sound. Returning
they will visit the Kootenay and Bound
ary districts, going thence back east by
way of the ('row's Nest pass.
Wednesday afternoon Hugh Sweeney
was drowned in Boundary creek. In
crossing tbe creek on a pontoon bridge
above tlie railway station, lie and a companion named Sullivan fell in. Sullivan
managed to reach the shore about sixty
yards below where the accident occurred,
but Sweeney waB carried down the
stream to Anaconda, where the body
was taken out. Coroner Jakes held an
inquest Thursday morning and a verdict
of accidental drowning was returned by
the jury. Deceased was well known in
the city and was about 40 years of age.
The funeral took place this morning
from the undertaking rooms of T. M.
Gulley & Co.
Judge Bole will hold county court as
Keremeos May HI
Princeton  May 211
Fairview May 27
Greenwood May HO
Grand Forks June  3 i
H. A. King & Co.
The   Gem  Restaurant
Copper Street. Greenwood.
Meals at DAY OR
All Hours   ....NIGHT
Private Dining Room for Ladies.
%   �� WERNER _   PITTOCK, Proprietor.. . :   ,.
m     I   TO    m
FALLS . . .
For information concerning
Terms and Prices, Apply to
i IVuralo Wall Tinish I
* A household necessity and a household beautmer.
m  A dry powder put up in 5 pound pakages and in
* 25 beautiful shades.
* When house cleaning be sure and use Ml!RALE
and show something for your work.
Easily    applied    and    won't    rub    off.
1 McLennan, McTelhy & Co., f
/J\    122 Cordons sirtet,
---��      =      --        Vancouver, H. C.    <p
May 4, 1901.
costs no more than ugly paper���a
matter of selection���and we
���electa 1   right.    Our
this year surpass  everything in
pattern.    Prices that suit
SMITH   &   McRAE.
'Phone, V. k N. 84.
Dr. Mathison, dentist, Naden-Flood
block, Copper street
Born to the wife of C. A. R. Lambly,
Fairview, on the morning of the 2!)th
April, a daughter.
The next sitting in Greenwood of the
county court nf Yale, will be opened on
tin' morning of Thursday, 30th inst.
Bernard Lequiine, of the Midwaysaw-
mill, has returned with his family from
California, where they wintered with
Gavin Spence and Flora McDonald
will nive an entertainment under the
auspices of tlie local St. Andrew's Society on Thursday, May l(i.
Tenders are being invited for tlie erection and completion before August 1
next, of a two story frame schoolhouse
building at Phoenix.
Walter Blair Cochrane, of Phoenix,
and William Henry Pope Clement, of
Columbia, barristers, have been gazetted
notaries public for the province.
Mrs. Dowding will shortly return to
Midway, where she will re-open the
Lancashire House, which was formerly
a popular house of call with visitors to
that town.
John Kirkup, provincial government
agent, Rossland, is inviting tenders,
receivable up to Wednesday, 15th inst.,
for the construction of ;t wagon road
from Phoenix to Summit camp.
A social under tlie auspices of the
Ladies' Aid Society of tlie Methodist
church, will be given at Wilson's Hall,
Anaconda, Monday evening. May 7th.
A short program, games and refreshments will be the order of the evening.
Baptist church service next Sunday
evening at 7:30 p, in. Rev. Mr. Hooper
will preach. Subject, "The Stability of
the Christian Church," Special music
will be rendered by the Mother Lode
choir, which is composed of ten of tbe
best singers at the mine.
Frederic Keffer, who with Mrs. Keffer
was a visitor to the scene of the Rock
Creek Consolidated Placer Mining company's booming operations last Sunday,
was kicked in tlie chest by a cayuse.
He was knocked down by the animal,
but. not seriously injured.
Several accidents, fortunately not resulting seriously, have happened at. the
Mother Lode mine during the past week
or so. Mark Kay, carpenter, narrowly
escaped losing the tops of three lingers
by a heavy timber rolling on them.
They were crushed but are now healing.
Another carpenter cut the instep of one
of his feet with an adze and be is now in
the Greenwood hospital. A. White was
" monkeying" witli the engine that
drives tlie big rock crusher and got a
ringer caught and injured. C. Goosney
also met with a mishap, having hurt one
of his thumbs.
A   Large  Variety   of   Patterns   in   All
Shades and Colors.
Ingrains,   with    Elegant    Friezes   and
Ceilings to match, all at  tbe
Lowest  Prices.
J.   L.   COLES.
Will furnish first-class man to do ymir
work if desired.
Dr. Simmons, dentist, Rendell  block
Copper street, (ireenwood.
Violins, mandolins and guitars from
P> up, at the (ireenwood Music Stnre.
Miss Keay, of Cranbrook, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. .1. W. II. Smythe of
(his city.
Headquarters for dressmaking and
millinery, at (l. F. Williams'.
I-'. C. Boles, general merchant of
Beaverton and Carmi was in tlie city
Thursday ami Friday.
Rendell Now Ready. Set, (iaunce ,t
James C. Dale came down from Carmi
Thursday, and reports building operations active in that town.
Fresh Ice ('ream daily at the Candy
M. J. Phelan was a visitor to (ireeuwooil the past week. He reports business in Rendell improving.
See our line of men's suits at $7. (i.
F. Williams.
.lames McCreath, of the Lion Bottling
works, returned Monday from the Halcyon Hot Springs, fully recovered from
nn attack of rheumatism.
finished   photographs���not  less in  size
than 8x12 if possible���are  wanted, and
, at as early a date as possible."
! When the Hieing*' wits sunt that the Empire
Was hi need of the pick of her sons,
i To shew to the wily old Burghers
j There were others could handle their guns,
! And the Empire sn loyally responded.
j Sending thousands to join in the hunt,
(ireriiu'ood'K voice was heard in the chorus
I For she sent her share to tlie front.
Then here's to you. Jacky de Lecky.
And here's in you, Palmer and Shaw :
And here's to O'Brien ami Harris,
We're proud of you, buys   Hurrah I
We followed them in all their marches,
We rested with them on the veldt;
When they stormed a drift or 11 kopje.
And a card Io his victim Death dealt,
We eagerly scanned the despatches
For the skirmishers standing the brunt.
Dreading to sea of tbe number
The names of our boys at the front.
of First-Clhss Potatoes, only $1.50 per
cwt. at Bannerman Bros'.
Ex-Mayor Wallace, of Rossland, spent
the past week in Greenwood, the titiest
of D. C. McRae, with whom he visited
the mines of Deadwood camp.
Tlie contractor for the construction of
a bridge over the North Fork of Kettle
river, near Volcanic mountain is proceeding with that work. Anticipating
some difficulty and delay during the
high water season, he has asketl for an
extension of time within which to complete iiis undertaking.
Thomas Howard Ingram, of Columbia,
Stanley Muir, of Grand Forks, and XV.
H. Covert, of Carson, have formed a
partnership for the purpose of carrying
on business as wholesale grocers at Columbia and Grand Forks, asthelngram-
Muir Co. XV. II, Covert, who is a
special partner, has contributed $10,000
of tlie capital of the said concern.
E. T. Agate left on Wednesday for
Seattle, where he will join L. M. Rice,
('. E. C. E. Ingersoll, who also came
to Greenwood a few weeks ago in connection with the projected survey of
the proposed Greeiiwood-Phnenix tramway, has gone to Seattle as well as Mr.
Agate whom he proceeded to Seattle.
The two men Mr, Rice bail engaged to
do field work on this survey have joined
one of the V. V. & K. railway parties.
An attempted shooting was airetl in
the police court this week, or, more
correctly speaking, it was not sufficiently aired. Tlie woman in the case did
the shooting, but missed. Tlie aldermen of Greenwood should pass a bylaw
providing instruotion in pistol practice
for belligerent females. Citizens, as a
rule, have no objections to gun practice
by experts, but when a woman gets a
"bunch" that she can shoot, and
misses three men at one shot, something should be done for the protection
of tlie respectable element of the community. In a small city like Greenwood,
a miss in pistol practice, such as occurred Monday night, may safely be
termed a calamity.
R. E. Gosnell, secretary of tlie Bureau
of Provincial Information, has issued a
circular letter, as follows: "In view of
tlie proposed early re-organization of
the Agent-General's office, London, Eng.,
I am instructed to make a collection of
photographs, illustrative of the province at large. Representative views
of mining, agriculture, fishing,shipping.
public works anil buildings, business
blocks and resiliences, churches, schools,
scenery, etc., etc., are desired, I write
to solicit your cooperation in securing
such views as may be available respecting your  district.     Good,   clear,    well
When reviello had sounded at sunrlso,
Niini- were bo eager as they
At the order " Inspan and out lager"
To keep in the truck ol the fray,
Yet when niL'iit foil tlmy met round thecampftre
wiu-ii others innl lain down to rest,
To join in thu song and the story
(if poaoefuller days in the West.
And when we would hear of a village
Where the order wns given to loot,
, We knew tlmt our hoys wouldn't pillage,
i And wouldn't go off on a toot;
! No chickens or porkers wouM suffer,
| No Burgher In scil of his " blunt,"
j Saloons and the like would be tabooed
i By nil of our boys at the front.
! The full dress rehearsal is over,
! Tin- curtain's rung down; the applause
: Of (heir King and h grateful people
j They've earned and iustly. because
! They cheerfully did their duty!
1 And now they're dismissed   K.\eiint
I But their country will ever remember
t Tin-in, mnl their ileeils nt the front,
Rendell is your opportunity.
renders for the erection of a two
stiiry Stone nnd Brick Building on Copper street, Greenwood, B. C, will be received by tlie undersigned up to the
10th inst. Plans and specifications can
he seen at the slorc.
The lowest, or any tender not
necessarily   accepted.
May 2nd 1901. .1. W. Mui.i.oh.
If you are going prospecting, call and
get our prices.    Bannerman Bros'.
All Kinds of Carbonated |Beverages,
sole Agents for THE LI0H BREWIHG CO., Rossland B.C.
The I.urgent Brewery in British ColunibiH.
JAS. McCREATH & CO., Proprietors.
One chilli's  bed  antl   springs,  spring
matress (double), canvas cot, portable
organ,   "Converse"   ladies'   banjo,    28 i
i volumes Encyclopedia Brittanica, high
j chair, baby carriage, chilli's toilet chair. I
F. .1. MlU.KH.
Get your seetl potatoes at Bannerman !
People who are accustomed to smoking
the high grade, time honored brands of-
...fiavana Cigars
Find it a grievous disappointment when they are even a little "off"
in flavor or condition. Our stock is jealously and intelligently cared
for and is perfect, every cigar is full of fragrance.
Telegraph or Telephone
Promptly Attended to.
CInrenilon Hotel Block,
��� ���������
H. R. Kirkpatrick
The James Cooper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Montreal.
Well Furnished Rooms. Best Brand of Liquors and Cigars
';���> Cor. Copper and Deadwood Sts., Greenwood, B. C.
Upholstered Goods
Bedding, Etc.   Pictures and Picture Frames.
Funeral Directors and EmbaInters.
��  __________ ,  .. j


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