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The Greenwood Miner Jul 12, 1901

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The Greenm
Published   Weekly.
Vol. IIL No. 28.
Greenwood, B. C, July 12, 1901.
Per Year, $2.00
The following description of the B. C.
mine, written by S. F. Parrish, M. E.,
manager of the mine, was obtained from
that gentleman by E, Jacobs, district
correspondent for the Hritish Columbia
Mining Record and the New York Engineering nnd Mining Journal, both of
which publish it this month, with
photographs and the cross section referred to:
This property, the B. C. mine, owned
by the B.C. Chartered company, limited,
of Montreal, Quebec, is situated in Summit camp, in the Boundary district, on
the divide between the North Fork of
Kettle river and Boundary creek, about
midway between the towns of Grand
Forks and Greenwood.
The location was made in 189.1 and development work was commenced in the
summer of 1897. A shaft was sunk to a
depth of 160 feet, mostly in ore and vein
matter. From this two levels were
turned, one at 50 leet and the second at
150 feet, and drifting was started in a
general northerly and southerly direction, following the strike of the ore
body, Bofar as it could be determined. A
branch of the Columbia and Western
railway was completed to tbe mine in
in the autumn of 1899, this being a spur
from the line from FCholt to Phoenix,
and early in January, 1900, ore shipments were started from the dumps of
ore that had accumulated during the
development work. In June ot the
same year stoping was commenced.
The mine is equipped with a sufficient
plant to break and hoist more than 200
tons of ore a day through the present
The country is limestone which has
undergone various degrees of alteration
from a white crystalized or marbleized
rock, containing about 48 per cent lime,
and 7.30 per cent silica and having a
specific gravity of 2.07, to thoroughly
metamorphosed limestone, having ordinarily a small gold value, about 3-100
of an ounce, and containing 70 per cent
to 80 per cent silica and from 6.25 to
8.75 per cent lime,with a specific gravity
of about 3.00. There are different stages
of alteration, of course, between the
above mentioned limits, one piece of
rock not infrequently showing various
degrees of nietainorphism.
The microscopical determinations of
a number of specimens of this highly
altered limestone have revealed the
presence of the following minerals, most
of which are seen in each specimen:
quartz, plagioclase, epidote, garnet,
zoicite, magnesium and calcium carbonates, actinolite, kaolino, pyrite, chlorite
and serpentine.
Into this mass of rock sheets of porphyry, varying in thickness, from four
or live feet to thirty odd feet, have intruded, the intrusions hnvingapparently
followed more or less closely the bedding
of the limestone. A microscopical examination of these sheets of eruptive
rock reveals the following minerals:
plagioclase, orthoclase, niicrocline, bio-
tite and a little quartz, and the decomposition products of these minerals, viz.:
chlorite, carbonates and kaolinite. An
analysis of two different varieties gives,
respectively,'silica82.79 percent and lime
2.87 per cent, and silica63.21 percent,
and lime 5.52 per cent; specific gravity
about 2.117. It will be noted that the
porphyryis not mineralized at all.
Cutting through the above described
fonniitionsaresever.il (millings having
a general northerly anil southerly si rike,
with a slight dip to the east. There
does not appear to have been any great
vertical displacement, but. there are indications   of   a   more  or less extensive
lateral movement, Itis iu or near this
faulling that the ore is found,extending
into the country rork in a lens-shaped
mass so far as developed having an extreme width of about (15 feet by about
200 feet in length. This extends from
the surface of the ground to a depth of
nearly 3011 feet, below which it has nol
as yet been followed.
As will be seen from the cross section
herewith the ore lies in close contact
with each porphyritic intrusion, both
above and below it, the only effect having been a possible slight throw of the
ore \Xo the east. The ore itself is chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite and some pyrite,
with a small quantity of gold and silver.
On the edges of the main ore body
bunches of specular iron and zinc blende
occasionally occur, but never in the on-
mass. The specific gravity of the ore is
3..15 to 4.00. Garnet rock is the mineral
most intimately associated with the ore,
occurring around the edges of the nre
body and occasionally in masses in the
midst of it. A noticeable feature is the
entire absence of oxidization of the ore
body, at the outcrop or elsewhere.
The tonnage of Ore shipped hy Boundary District mines during July tn nth  inst..   inclusive, sn fur
has been ascertained from the mines is as under :
Old Ironsides and  Knob Hill Group      4,888
Mother Lode      4.136
B C       1,
R  Bell.
No. 7
Total      9.701)
Shipments during 1900 and for six months of the current year ended June 30, were sis follows :
1900 1901
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill Group     64,535 .10,307
BC      [9.494 2.5,206
Mother Lode       5.564 3-^,726
City of Paris       2,000 	
Golden Crown       2,240 	
Winnipeg          1,100
Athelstan       1,200
Snowshoe  338
Brooklyn   150
Jewel  150
R Bell 	
Sundry shipments       1,000
Grand total to date.
The main ore mass is made up of more
or less horizontal sheets of ore varying
from a few inches to several feet in thickness,   possibly   maintaining very much
the form of the original   bedding of the!
limestone,of which it is probably a re- |
placement. There is nocementing of these
layers, consequently great care has to be :
exercised in  breaking the ore, for if too j
largean excavation be made without careful timbering one sheet, will fall from the j
one above it by its own  weight,    ft  has ;
been   found   necessary   to   timber   the'
stopes   with    square   sets   throughout,
there   being  no  other practical method .
of supporting the ground.    The sets are j
made ot 10-inch square  timbers and nre !
placed with five-foot centers.
Tbe facilities for economical mining.
shipping and smelting are excellent."
Additional information relative to this ;
property, as under, is contributed hy I
Mr. Jacobs:
The B. C. group consists of the following crown granted mineral claims:
B. C, Truckee, Reveille, Hilda, Vasbti,
Falcon, J. W., London, Daisy fraction,
B. C. fraction, and Novelty fraction.
These contain a total area of 2(18 acres.
Practically all the important development work done to date on the group
has been done on the B. C, this being
about 11,700 lineal feet, of which 1,410
feet is sinking and raising and 5,290 feet
crosscuttiug and drifting. As stated
above by Mr. Parrish, ore shipments
commenced in January, 1900. The tonnage shipped since then, to May 31 of
the current year, is ns follows:
J��� 111111 ry,   num..
February, "
Mlll'l'll "     ..
April "   ..
May "   ..
.Inn.' "   ..
July "  .,
August "   .
Si'|ill-lulirl' "
October "   .
November "
December "
March  '
M in
itial ,
  _i 1
Reduced to pounds the quantity of
ore sent to the smelter is 79,140,482
pounds, gross, or 78,101,110 pounds net.
The yield of gold, silver and copper,from
this was gold, 1128.83 ozs. ; silver, III,-
779.71 ozs., an.l copper, 4,366,203 lbs.
The average copper values were therefore nearly 7 per cent. The tonnage for
June was about 5,130 tons. With very
little exception this ore was treated at
the Trail smelter.
Tbe power plant at the B. C. mine includes four boilers, together about 226-
horse power; a straight line Band 4-
drill air compressor; hall of a class G
Ingersoll-Sergeant air compressor, rated
at 111 drills; one large and two small
hoisting engines; two sinking pumps;
an electric light engine an.l dynamo and
ajflill complement of accessories. At the
present time a diamond drill plant is at
contract work in the mine, prospecting
both horizontally and vertically. Quite
recently there were 110 men employed
here, but Ihe pay roll at the present
time is not up to this its maximum
Tbe manager, Mr. S. F. Parrish, M.K.,
has had many years' mining experience
having been engaged in mining in Colo-1
rado for about 24 years, of which 13 to
14 years were spent in Leadville, in
charge of various work and properties, i
among tbe more important of these having been the mines of the Chrysolite
Silver   Mining  company  and  the  Yak;
Mining, Milling and Tunnel companv.
Rumor   has been   busy  around town
during  the   week,   but,  as  is often the
case, it was astray in its assertions.   The
British Columbia Copper company  was I
credited   first  with   having bought the
Big Copper, in Copper camp,   next with '
the Oro Denoro. in Summit  camp,  an.l
finally with the Monarch   and Taniarac, ,
in   Greenwood  camp.    Enquiry at the J
local office of the  company   elicited   the;
assurance that,  so   far as   the  general
manager   knew,   none of these  rumors
were   credible.   Then   it    was  asserted :
that the Dominion Copper company was
negotiating  for the purchase of the Oro
Denoro, but from facts  that  have come'
to the know ledge of the   Miner  this  report, too, is likely to  for the present at;
any rate, hi- found mere gossip
Chas. K. Belts, accountant for Ihe
Carilioo-McKiniiey Mining an.l Milling
company, came down from Camp McKinney last Sunday and spent several
days in Greenwood. From bin. it was
ascertained that the mining industry is
moving forward steadily at Camp MeKinney, where the Cariboo mine is
continuing to yield gold regularly, lie
had nothing to eon.muni.'ate respecting
the contemplated addition of more
stamps to the mine mill, bill Iron, lin-
other source ii is learned ihat the stamp
mill al Fairview owned by the Jenckes
Machine company or the Canadian Kand
Drill company���these companies being
iiiuler ihe same management in this
province- is under .il'fer 1.. the Cariboo-
MeKinney company, but that a decision
as to its purchase or otherwise ha- not
vet been reached.
John Rogers, formerly at work on the
Hard Cash ami neighboring mineral
claims, situate in Wellington camp, and
more recently in .'barge of the Pathfinder, .m the North Fork of Kettle
river, came over from Grand Forks early
iu the week on a brief business visit.
From him it was learned that there is
little if any mining being done just now
on the North F'ork, although it is hoped
that it will not be long before two ..r
three of the mines in that locality will
be at work again.
Geo. D. Brice, master mechanic at
the Mother Lode mine, near 1 Ireenwood,
has returned iron. Portland, Oregon,
whence he went two month ago on a
vacation. J. C. Crawford, who relieved
him, is to have .'barge of tbe machine
shop that is being put in at. the mine. .1.
Skelton, ..ue of the hoist engineers, is
leaving ..11 a visit to Portland, where his
family reside, and it is likely that on his
return he will bring them with him to
live at the mine.
The Engineering and Mining Journal
states that the Amalgamated Copper
company, of Montana, will on July 29th
inst., pay its quarterly dividend, which
this time will be at the rate of If I.."ill per
share, equalling $2,325,000 and making
its total dividends to date $13,11110,11011.
The Calumet and llecla Copper company, of Michigan, will on the 31st inst.
pay $15 per share on its 100,000 issued
shares, making, with its last quarterly
.livid.-n. 1. $3.1100.11110 for I'.IOI and s.n
aggregate of dividends paid by it of
It. A. C. McNally, British Columbia
agenl for the .las. ('....per Manufacturing
company, was over from Rossland lasl
Saturday sind Monday on a business trip,
Mr. McNally was good enough to express the opinion that the review of the
mining and smelting industries of the
Boundary district, lirst published by the
Greenwood Miner and afterwards issued
in pamphlet form by the local board of
trade, is likely to be of much benefit to
the district at large
Last Sunday a halt had to be called
in hoisting ore al the Mother Lode mine,
all the ore bins and available ..re cars
having been Slled ami, owing to the
block on the branch line al Kb..It. there
was no locomotive to haul the ..re to the
smelter. Since then work has been going on as usual an.l ore has been coming
t>. the smelter daily,    ll is  int.-ii.led  t,,
ill    future   shut   down   Ihe   mine   every
Sunday if practicable, bo thai the men
may have one day's res. ..ut ..f -even.
II. II. Wil t haB Btarte.l the "boom"
process again on Kock Creek and shareholders in the It...1; Creek Consolidated
Placer company are again hopeful that
their expectations will he realised The
management have now got down to business in good earnesl an.I if they  do  not
make si sin ss ..f Ihe lent.ire it will not
I." for want o( try mg to do -... The
pr. spects nre now more encouraging
than innler Ihe earlier "happy-go-luck"
Ihe Blue Bell, iii Summit camp, is
Idle pending the making ..1 arrangements for payment  of the wages of the
men who  have   1 11   "mployed   ..n   the
claim.    A telegram has 1 n received in
Greenwood, John Dorsey, win. is  in the
ea-l. lo the effect that the Illlle Hell has
been sold.
Those who met Dr. .1. B, Porter, professor of mining and metallurgy at McGill university, when In- was here a few
weeks ago with   McGill  mining scl	
may be interested 1.. know that since
leaving the Boundary he has spent a
few days al Grass Valley, California, examining mines there.
VV. T. Smith is reported I.. have given
an option on the Republic group, in
Smith's camp, near Boundary Falls, to
an Kuglish syndicate, consequently  he
has suspend.' I wurk ..11 the claims.
The tunnel C. Scott Gall..wav  has   foi
s e tune past been  having driven  ....
his Strathmore claim, in Province camp,
s sh.Tt distance from Greeuw 1. is now
in more than 200 feet
A ear of ore was shipped from tbe No.
7 mine, Central calnp, t<. the British
Columbia Copper company's smelter,
Greenwood, early this week This is
the lirst I..t of ..re sent out from the
mine since the machinery was installed
and, too, the lirst ore hauled to the rail-
wsiv by R, !���'. Coates under his contract
for hauling. It is intended 1.. send down
six or seven carloads per week.
The United States copper production
for the first four months of this yenr has
been singularly close to the figures as
regards the same metal output for the
like period of 1900. Between January
1st and May 1st this year the V. S. copper output has been 88,784 Kuglish tons
of 2,2411 pounds, as against 89,200 tons
for the same period of 1900.
A new stope has been opened at the
II. C. mine, near Kholt, between the 325
and 250-foot levels, this giving 75 feet
vertical of ore. The diamond drill is
still at work prospecting. The working
force at this mine has been increased,
numbering now about 100.
Gilbert Mahon, manager of the Jewel
mine, in Long Lake camp, is expected
back from England, and may arrive any
day. He was in Montreal last week.
Work at the mine is in progress under
the direction of W. Kowe, who has gome
30 men employed there.
There are 15 men at work on tbe
Rathmullen group, in Summit camp.
There are about a dozen claims in this
group, butso far only one or two of them
have had any development to speak of
done .111 them.
The road from the No. 7 mine has
been too soft for hauling much ore to
the railway as yet. Drifting at the .10
and 120-foot levels is being continued.
The re-timbering of the shaft is about
Mr. G. S. Waterlow, of the well known
Kuglish publishing bouse, states that
the Snowshoe mine at Boundary has
been successfully Boated iu London, al-
tnoiigh the time was inopportune, "coming immediately after the collapse of the
II. A. C. The capitalization of the new
venture is stated to be. relatively speaking, small, while an ample am.unit has
been sel aside for working purposes-.
The S nowsone is one of the most promising eopper mines in the Boundary. The
men connected with its direction are not
market manipulators, nor promoters of
an evil type, who have been the curse of
British Columbia mining, but ''straight"
business men of the city of London. The
Snowshoe mine will, therefore, be worked for what the ground contains, and
n. .t as a means of extracting money from
duped investors.���News-Advertiser.
The se.-'tnd extraordinary general
; meeting .if shareholders in the Bra idon
.v. Golden Crown Mining company,
'limited, necessary to authorize the
winding up of the company and the organization of 11 new company with an
assessable margin of live rents per share
to provide money for ihe discharge of
the liabilities of the ..1.1 company und
for ihe further development of the
Golden Crown mine, in Wellington
camp, ��ns held iii [tuselund on Tuesday
hi-t. The resolutions passed at the
meeting held ill Greenwood last month
were duly confirmed. It is hoped that
preliminaries will be completed in time
to admit of work being resumed ai the
mine next  nth.
The Similkameen Valley c..al corn-
pan. . limited, expect to have th.-ir Incorporation perfected within the next
30 days, when they will be in shape to
commence the work of developing
their coal properties. The company will
be capitalized for $1,01111,000, iu ahares of
the value of $1 each, and of the entire
Btock authorized one-half will be put into the treasury lor development purposes. 'Ihe company has 1,500 acres of
coal lands in the Boundary district,
about four miles from Princeton, and
lying between the Siunlkanieen and
Tulanieen livers. -Nelson Tribune.
For sale at a speeial bargain, one new
upright Gerhard Heintzman An Piano,
very latest design, handsome walnut
case, for $425; regular price $600. Ihe
Gerhard Heint/.insin is the pre.: ier
piano of Canada, is used in all leading
conservatories and endorsed by the best
professional musicians. Bargains in
new slightly used upright pianos from
$275 up. Terms to suit. Greenwood
July 12, 1901.
To tho K'liior of ilu- Montreal Btar:
Sin:���The papers of Montreal an.l Toronto have recently contained articles of
criticism and figures have been adduced
claimiinj to repsesent the losses incurred
In I hose and other eastern Canadian
cities iu mining in British Columbia.
To the ininiiiing industry of British
Columbia this is manifestly unfair. The
money lost in tbe recent slump ill
Northern Pacific stocks in New York
and elsewhere, was not lost in "railroading." The money lost in wheat and
corn stock is not money lost in farming;
nor is money lost iu "speculating" in
mining stocks lost in mining. Furthermore, half the money���or a considerable
portion of the money claimed to have
gone into British Columbia mines, has
not been so expended. The Virtue, for
instance is an Oregon property; the
Stanley, a Colorado property, each took
a great sum of money out of Montreal;
Oregon, California, Idaho and many
otlier western states, took considerable
money too. On the other hand, many
of the stock investments, now so low,
will not long so remain. The Centre
Star, St. Eugene, Rambler-Caribo, Noble
Five, and many others, will in due time
make money for their stockholders. No
reference is made whatever to a number
of good paying mines which might be I
mentioned ; the owners of which are not
saving anything tor publication, but
making money steadily. I know of
Mining may be, and often is, looked
upon as a gamble ; under proper conditions this is a mistake. When the
business is managed properly, by competent men, and when sufficient capital I
for proper and economical working and
development, is forthcoming, the risk is
reduced to a minimum, and not above
the average incurred in other lines of
Good mining men can reckon sometimes to a fraction the values of ore in
the mine, much the same as the timber
inspector estimates the quantity of timber on a certain tra.t of timber land.
They know what it will cost, very closely
at least, to take out such ores, and the
freight rates an.l incidental expenses
necessary to land same at the smelter.
Tbey can easily compute values of ores,
and quantity available for shipment.
They will only buy on values thus computed and they are as often under the
actual as over in their estimates. A
mine manager, if he knows his business,
studies it closer and makes a study of
bis mine, cannot be very much astray in
his estimates of what his mine can produce, and also pay under his supervision
and will regulate the expenses of the
mine accordingly.
The greatest evil to stock mining is
over capitalization. Greedy promoters
want to make as much as the mine is
worth for making sale and stocking and
selling to the public. I know of several
such cases. This works an injury to the
I know today of two or three mines
that can be bought outright for much
lesB than tbe value of ore in sight and
obtainable for shipping and marketing,
and this at present market quotations of
values of the metals contained in the
ores. To those unfamiliar with mining
this may seem an exaggeration, but not
so when the exact circumstances are understood. In one instance, the manager
and principal owner has mined and
worked in mines all his time and is getting old���is satisfied to take even less
than the value of his mine, so as to retire with enough to live comfortable on
the remainder of his life, and it will be
amply sufficient for him, lie is a careful mining man, knows what he has in
his mine, but will not leave it toothers
to manage while he is the owner. Another instance is of owners in a very
good niii.e being unable to agree, one
side threatening to serve injunctions
and resort to law, if policy and plans I
adopted for working mine are not
changed to suit their ideas of how it
should he done.
Again a mine may be worked by poor
men uptoa certain stage of development,
It then requires extensive improvements
at heavy expense; perhaps a long tunnel to enable the ore to be taken out by
gravity or without hoisting, putting in
hoisting, pumping, or otlier machinery.
The owners bave made a nice sum and
do not want to put all back again, and;
lay out of it for months pending develop-1
nieiits on a larger scale, which as the
mine grows may be deemed necessary
for economical handling of the ores.
They conclude best to sell to some
wealthy company, who can command
sufficient money to expend in advance
sufficient for such develpment, and wait
until profits as result of such work are
obtained. Now in such cases, and then-
are plenty of them, the people buy stock
at prices treble the value of what such
a mine cost. If such people would form
a company of their own, pay the prices
at which such a mine or mines can be I
purchased, and keep their shares or interests to themselves, spend directly on
the mine development what would be
lost on inflated, over capitalized stock,
Westward is your OPPORTUNITY!
The Town of Rendell, on the West Fork of Kettle
River is now on the market.
For the man of small capital it affords uuequalled
opportunity for sure investment.
With title perfect, prices low, terms liberal and excellent outlook, the sales are bound to be large.
the hills surrounding this new town are excellent mining
prospects. Several of them have already demonstrated
that they are mines.
The richness of the ore justifies hauling it at
present to Midway, by teams, over rough roads.
Good roads and railways mean fortunes. With
the immediate prospect of a railroad, for speculators in
real estate or mining properties, no place in the west
affords you an equal chance with
Prices will certainly be advanced on May 6th next.
Prices of lots from $75 to $175. Terms one-third
cash, one-third 4 months, one-third 9 months.
For particulars see the Townsite Agents
what a  different  story could be told of
mining in British Columbia,
Spokane real estate brokers, men with
nothing but wind, and they are not a
few in that town, men who had never
seen a mine could go ei.Ht and fleece the
poor people out of their money, while
men at the front, practical and experienced men, were passed by. Britisli
Columbia like all new mining camps
or countries, has, and is having, its setbacks and troubles, but you can not
keep a good man nor a good thing down,
It has immense treasures of wealth in
its mineral resources. It is only a mat-1
terof time when they will be appreciated.
Then watch the results of mining in
British Columbia,    Truly yours,
'   J. C, Ryan.
Kaslo, B. C, 1901.
No discovery in medicine lias ever
created one-quarter of tbe excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Its severest
tests have been on hopeless victims of
consumption, pneumonia, hemorrhage,
pleurisy and bronchitis, thousands of
whom it has restored to perfect health.
For coughs, colds, asthma, croup, hay
fever, hoarseness and whooping cough it
is the quicket, surest cure in the world.
It is sold hy Miller Bros., and J. L.
White, who guarantee satisfaction or refund tbe money. Large bottles 50c and
$1.   Trial bottles free.
When it was first announced that the
Canadian Pacific company would build
and operate the lead refinery which the
federal government has offered to bonus,
the Miner expressed the opinion that
the government would be reluctant to
enter into an agreement to pay the
bounties to a railway corporation, There
appeared very good reasons why no company should be given a monopoly of tbe
lead industry of the Kootenays. It may
be that the Miner was all wrong, and
that the government will be happy to
encourage the Canadian Pacific, company
to undertake the enterprise. We do not
get that impression, however, from a
leader in the Toronto Globe on freight
and smelting charges, suggested by the
proceedings at a meeting of the North
Star Mining company. "When the railways," it says, "combine their business
as common carriers with that of smelting ores, it is difficult to arrive at a basis
for determining what charges are fair
and what are unfair." Tbe meeting referred to was of the same opinion. The
cost of freight and treatment to tbe
North Star has been so heavy that the
management have decided to suspend
production until better terms can be obtained. This suggests remarks to the
Globe which can only mean that the
government is awakening to the necessity of taking the railway companies in
hand and subjecting them to rather
rigorous supervision.    "The people have
a right to see that the highways are not
manipulated   in   the   interssts   of any
I smelting enterprise.    The Canadian peo-
i pie will pay a bounty of $5 per ton on all
the lead smiled in   the  Dominion   next
| year, and under existing conditoins  the
entire amount  may absorb in railway
charges, leaving the smelting  aud   mining industries  no  better off than with-
J out the public aid."    If the government
I is alarmed to the point of legislating because of combined freight and smelting
| charges, it will not be anxious to  aggravate the evil by throwing  into  the railway pot. the refining interests as well.
From these and other remarks that
have appeared, with a sort of semiofficial authority, it would seem to be
the intention of the government and
parliament to take early steps to put a
curb on the railways.���Nelson Miner.
The regular monthly report of the
famous Treadwell mine on Douglas Island, Alaska, shows a gold yield of $10.1,-
930 for May. This splendid showing
was made with a 240-Stamp mill in operation but 21 days of tin month. The
other, a 300-st.imp, ran 28 days. All
told, 55,443 tons of ore were crushed,
yielding $113,050, with 1,122 tons of sul-
phurets saved, of the value of $34,840.
The ore gave a value of $2.95 per ton.
The gross expenses of operation for the
month were $47,810.
The following circular from the secretary of the London and British Columbia
Goldfields was recently sent to the shareholders :
"1 an. directed to inform you that the
financial arrangements for completing
the works of the Kettle River_Powcr
undertaking at Cascade, B. C, have
been carried out. From the prospectus
of the Kettle Itiver Power company,
limited recently sent you, you will be
aware that the capital necessary for
completing the works had been underwritten, and the issue has been made.
The result of this arrangement is that
the works and the provision nf the machinery are now being pushed forward
as vigorously as possible.and any anxiety
as to unduly trespassing ou the resources
of the London and British Columbia
Goldfields company  has been removed.
"1 am also pleased to be able to inform you that the Loudon and Britisli
Columbia Goldfields company has within the last few days completed arrangements for securing an exceedingly large
free milling gold property in the Lardeau
district of British Columbia, upon the
strong recommendations of our local
manager, Mr Robertson, and engineer,"
Mr. S. S. Fowler, both of whom describe
the deal as being a very valuable one.
This is fully confirmed by the information placed at the disposal of the company by Mr. E. Nelson Fell, brother of
Mr. Arthur Fell, one of your directors,
who is well acquainted with tbe details
of the property.
"A very large number of properties
have been under examination and consideration, but your directors were desirous of waiting until they could secure
a good property within a certain amount
of development, and one capable of producing a large output at low working
coBts. Tbe new property promises to
fulfil all these conditions.
"Owing largely to the exertions of Mr.
Robertson, the Canadian government
have granted a bonus in connection with
the treatment of silver-lead ores, whicli
it is believed will, in a short time, enable shipments of Hie product from the
Whitewater and Ruth mines to be re- ,
"The  returns   from the  Ymir mine
continue to  be highly satisfactory, the
average operating profit during the last
three months being about .��5,000 (about
$25,000)  per month.   The fact  that a
substantial further profit can be made
by the application of tbe cyanide process
to the treatment of the tailings,  places
j the undertaking in a still better position
as regards increasing profits, while the
I developments  continue  to  be  in every
I way satisfactory."
Lately starved in London because he
could not. digest, his food. Early use of
Dr. King's New Life Pills would have
saved him. They strengthen the
stomach and aid digestion, promote assimilation, improve appetite. Price 25c.
Money back if not. satisfied. Sold by
,1. E. White and Miller Bros., druggists.
The Elks of Spokane are preparing for
a rich purple time, purple being the
chosen color of the order, on the occasion of their Street, Fair and Jubilee.
The event will be held in connection
with the Interstate Fair, the arrangement, being that the fair will run in the
day time and the Elks will conduct their
show down town at night. The fair will
run from September 10 to 21 inclusive,
but the Elks' jubilee will continue three
days longer, closing down September 24.
Ellery's Royal Italian band, the reorganized Royal Marine band of last season, will furnish music for both events,
giving nightly concerts in a large tent
seating over 5,000 people. In connection
with the hand concerts, the Elks will
have something never before given in
this section of the Pacific northwest -a
street fair, with midway features. The
latter will show the streets of Cairo, with
native Egyptians, Syrians, Turks, Arabs,
camels and donkeys, sword fighters, gun
spinners, wrestlers, acrobats, etc.; oriental dancers and a street of all nations
with its interesting aggregation of performers. Mexican theater, Algerian
theater, German village and kindred
There will also be a large portion of the
grounds set aside for industrial, manufacturing, mercantile and art exhibits.
Spokane Elks are just completing a new
temple which, when furnished throughout, will have cost not less $00,000. The
15-days' jubiless will be a fitting dedication of the magnificent structure.
But her beauty was completely hidden
by sores, blotches and pimples till she
used Bucklen's Arnica Salve. Then
they vanished as well as eruptions,
fever sores, boils, ulcers, carbuncles and
felons from it.i use. Infallible for cutB,
corns, burns, scalds and piles. Cure
guaranteed. 25c at Miller Bros, and J.
L. White's. ;>
juiy   1_,  liyui.
J._J._-,    _ii^JJ��_vi\ VV KJKJXJ    VV lilwiVJU i     !Vii>> JJ,I\..
The riming and Commercial Center of the �����,
Richest   Hining   Section    in
North America.
Situated in Camp Hedley, in the center of
the whole Similkameen country, midway
between Princeton and Keremeos on the
main wagon road, and location lines of three
different railroads, surrounded by rich mines
and connected with all the camps with good
roads and trails.
The Townsite Company own all the adjacent
land available for townsite purposes.     We
are not boxed up in a canyon and do not sell
lots on  cliffs.
Lots now on the market and selling like hot
cakes.   Present prices are from $100 to $200,
one=third cash,  balance in three and six
In blocks 19, 25, 3 D, 24 and 30 on the main
street sold on building contracts only.       __C
Buy early and get your choice.   On June 1st
they will advance 50 per cent.
For further particulars apply to H. M. Keefer, room 4 Wallace-
Miller Block, Greenwood ; Ernest Kennedy & Co., Bosslond, B. C.;
Chas. T). J. Christie, Nelson, B. C.; A. G. Hanauer, Spokane, Wash.;
J. J. Banfield. Vancouver, B. C Agents in all Boundary towns as
well as in Ontario, England and Australia.
PRAINK   BAILEY,   Manager,
Room 4 Wallace-Miller Block, (ireenwood, B. C.
Prof. Eugene llaanel, head of the department of physics in Syracuse university for the past 13years, has received
official notice of the ratification by the
cabinet of the Dominion of Canada of
his appointment as superintendent of
mines of Canada.
Prof, llaanel is in New York obtaining apparatus for the government assay (
ollice which is to be established in Vancouver. From New York Prof llaanel
will go to the coast and take the necessary steps to set the assay office in motion. Prof. Uaanel's appointment as
director of mines marks a new era in
mining matters so far as the Dominion
is concerned. The new superintendent
is an expert of many years' standing,
and he will give his best attention to
mining matters throughout the Dominion. Any suggestions he may recommend for the encouragement of mining will receive every consideration from
the government. The progress of mining development will be closely watched
and reliable statistics carefully compiled.
The facts gathered will he issued in the
form of a report, which it is expected
will appear every quarter. I'rof. Haanel
will occupy the office in the department
of the interior hitherto occupied by Mr.
A.J. McKenna,half-breed commissioner.
The latter will probably move his quarters to some point ill the west.
Dr. llaanel was born in Breslmi, Fer-
niony, May 24th, 1841, coming to this
country in 1859. He taught in Adrian,
Hillsdale, and Albion college, in Michigan. In 1K7M he went Victoria college,
Coburg, Ont. Dr. llaanel came to
Syracuse university in 1888, taking the
physical science chair.
The provincial revenue received at the
government office, Greenwood, during
the six months ended June liOth ult.,
amounted to $12,201.15. This includes
that collected at the sub-recording offices
at Westbridge and Camp McKinney,
but only five months' returns from the
latter office, from which those for June
have yet. to be received. The particulars of records and receipts are as under:
Nn.       Alliuunl
Free miner's certificates 8iil      f 4,884.70
Locations, mineral 170
Locations, placer    1
Certificates of work :.-17
Conveyances, 171
Certificates of Improvements  10
Water records    2
J The Most Complete Health Resort on the Continent of North        g
America.    Situated midst Scenery Unrivalled for Grandeur,        !f
Halcyon Hot Springs
_    Boating, Fishing
"    j,ndJExcursions
....Resident Physi-  _��
cian and Nurse.   3:
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B.C.
fin Telegraphic communication with all parts of the world.    Two mails arrive and --.
depart every day.   TERMS:   $15 to $18 per week according: to resi- ��:
5                                          dence in Hotel or Villas O f.
>     Its Itnilis cure all nervous and muscular diseases.    Its waters  lictil nil Kiilnuy, Liver jp
_S                         and Stomach Aliments.  The baths and water eliminate all j��
I                                               metal poisons Irom the sv.stmn. -:
/gf-Tl).' price of railway ticket for round trip iiotwi.cn  Greenwood and   Halcyon _��
H.....I for Thirty Days and obtainable all the year round Is $18.70. 5-
Pipe Dream
We have just received the
Best Line of Pipes ever
offered for sale . . .
In the Boundary
Including "B. B. B." "Q. B. D.
and Meerschaum Pipes . . .
High  Class   Pipes
at Reasonable Prices.
A Full Line of . . .
H. A.  KING & CO.,   |
Stationery, Fancy Goods, Tobaccos, Cigars   ��
Trade licenses	
Revenue tux	
Marriage licenses	
Registration fees	
General receipts..	
....  108.25
Free miners' certificates	
General mining receipts	
Total 1819,00
Free miners' certificates $881,00
General mining receipts 221.00
Total, for live monllis $602,00
Greenwood $10,780.15
Westbridge      810.00
Camp McKinney      002.00
Total $12,201.15
W. C. T. U.
The Women's Christian Temperance
Union held their by-weekly meeting on
Tuesday, July 2nd, in the Methodist
church. The president opened the meeting by rending a chapter and asking
Key. Mr. Knox and Rev, Mr. Kenny to
pray. The time had again come around
for the election of new ollicers. The W.
C. T. L'. waB organized a year and six
months ago and sine that time Mrs.
Travis has filled the ollice of president.
The members of the union knowing how
Mrs. Travis having her heart ill the
cause, devoted all her time and energy to
the work, unanimously elected her presi- !
dent for the ensuing six on.mhs.   Mrs.
Travis responded with thanks, hut  said
she felt it would be besl for the union to.
have a change as she was sure some one |
else could tide over her Bhort-comings,
Binding that Mrs. Travis could not be
prevail.'.I upon to lake the ollice. Mr>
Ada E, Miu-Kay was nominated president,'and unanimously elected. Every
one who knows Mrs. MacKay feels sure
that the work could not be entrusted to ,
a more capable president and is looking j
forward to great success iu every department of this ollice.
The union knowing the great need of]
a reading room in  the city decided to !
organize one   so on   February  1st   the;
room   was formally opened on Greenwood street,   The W. C. T. I',   wish to'
take this opportunity  to thank the pub
lie for subscriptions  and  donations  re
ceived without which the reading  room j
could   not   have  been kept up, and also
to lay before them the receipts  nnd  expenses since the opening:
���Sub. A Dona., Feb $128.60  Rent 1165.00
March.     54.40   Light    20.00
Big Shirt Sale
For Ten  Days
Fifteen dozen men's and boys'
shifts go on the bargain counter
today. We find this department
overstocked with men's and boys'
top shirts, so to interest cash
buyers we have put the knife in
a number of up-to-date lines. Shirts
all sizes, colors and styles in this sale.
Men's English cambric shirts
with fancy fronts and cuff,
sizes 15 to J 7*2, regular price
$1.25, sale price $ .75
Men's Oxford shirts, cuffs
and collar attached, in checks
and stripes, sizes 15 to 17'2
regular price $ J .00, sale price $ .65
Men's English cambric shirts,
with plaid front and cuffs,
sizes 15 to 17'2, regular price
$1.35, sale price $ .65
Men's fine Oxford shirts in R��
pink and blue plaid, sizes  15 ggS
to 17 2, regular price $2.50, |p$
sale price $1.75 IggP
IIIIlHMIlllllllllMllllllfllllllllMlllligilllllllllllimiiiMiiiiiiii,,!!,!,        DirtSjt
Men's fancy flannel shirts with
collar attached, sizes 15 to 18,
regular price $1.00, sale price $ .55
67.88   Literature   94.
:u.so  Care-taker  ���'<
07.65   Ualanci-    1
 J.-W7.80     Total $837.80
If possible the VV. C. T. C. would like
to open a gymnasium m connection with
the reading room in a few mouths.
See our show window  and  you  M
will be convinced that shirts  are
Rendell & Co
July 12, 1901.
i��>i.iiim����mm��W��m^^ own protection inspect the   boilers
:: ie  so  insured  at  regular and stated inter-
in vals. L"or this the mining company pays
moderate fee. Tbe arrangement has
p| proved an entirely satisfactory one up to
S, the present time, but at the last session
5 of the legislature an act was passed
"'.'compelling a mining company to pay a
��: heavy fee for a government inspection,
3". I while, of course, the fee for inspection
imposed   by   the   insurance   companies
must still be paid. The government
might surely accept the certificate of a
reputable  insurance  company   without
Capital, $8,000,000     =     -      Rest, $2,000,000
HOH. GEO. A. COX, President.   -   -   B. E. WALKER, General Manager
J. H. PLUMMER, Ass't Gen. Manaeer.
'% i
'........ ii.."..............................................,,.,,,,,,,,,, ������������������������;
.1. R, Brown. J. P. McLnon.
Barristers,   Solicitors,
Notaries Public,  Etc.
Naden-Kl 1 block,  (ireenwood,   B.  C.
Auditor, Etc.,
requiring special Inspection, and the
argument that such a course is not followed in other parts of the world hardly
convincing. Another recent complaint
of  the  mine  owners  is  that tbe inine-
j than any otlier town in Canada,  and it
I is not as populous a town today as it was signal code incorporated in the Metalli-
thirty years ago. The reason for this ferons Mines Inspection Act last session
was that Oshawa had not the location is unworkable. It is alleged that the
for a distributing point, and gradually j unworkability of the system was demon-
manufacturers, in order to compete sue- Btrated by the mine managers at Koss
cessfully for the trade of the Dominion,
' were   compelled  to  move their  plants
, from Oshawa to Toronto  and other centers of trade.
Greenwood, B. C. .av���ri
Real Estate
Mines   and Mining.
0. A.lil'KHS, M.A. II- A. OCKKK, M. A.
miwihg engineers, greeitwood.
Assay, Analyses, Hki-orts.
Cyanide  Leaching.    Amalgamation
and Conoentbation Tests,
land, to the satisfaction of the Hon the
Minister of Finance, who recently visited
that district. From w hat we can gather,
however, Mr. Turner reports that the
only section of the code which is condemned as unworkable is that relating
to "station signals." If this is correct
ng a bonus being granted to the I the mine managers have not succeeded
Sisters'hospital. The Greenwood Trades hn making out much of a case, for that
Council can claim the distinction  of be- j c]aus.e in tlle e0(le wa8 teken direct from
At the meeting of the Trades Council
Monday  night a  resolution was passed
ing the lirst body of representatives of
organized labor to advocate the granting of public funds to an organization
of capitalists. By their vote Monday
night they repudiated the theories advocated   by  the   supposedly   advanced
the act in force in the state of Montana
and has proved under precisely similar
conditions eminently workable. Moreover the clause in question, before its
adoption by the mines department, was
submitted and received Ihe approval of
thinkers in unionism for the past twenty \ a\\ tlle importsi.it mine-managers in the
years. _____________________ j province,   including   Mr.   Bernard   Mc-
Tiik    Kossland    Miner    accuses    the
(Ireenwood   Miner  of telling falsehoods
favoring the provincial  government because of the "pap" received.    The Miner
Sampling of shipments to local smelters  supported Smith Curtis in   the last pro-
vincial  campaign  and   has always been
Donald, of tin- Le Roi mine, and Mr.
Kerby, of the War Kagle and Centre
Star.���B. tl. .Mining Record.
Ur. Angus McKinnon, of Guelph, in
Greenwood Postoffice Mail
On and after Monday, June loth, mails will
arrive uml tic  dispatched as follows:
Mails close goingcasl  10:80 A. M.
Mails close Koiiiu west    9:80 I*. M.
Malls arrive from east  10:45 1'. M.
Mails arrive from west  11:45 A.M.
Registered mail closes lit'tecn minutes earlier
limn ordinary mail.
an opponent of the present government. I llis  presidential  address to the Ontario
The objection taken bv this paper was to i Wedical association >�� Toronto, spoke of
"the   advertising    methods   of   patent
so much space being given to criticisms
of the mining laws and so little to the
mineral resources of the province.    The
medicine manufacturers and vendors,
regretting that the press, religious and
secular, opened their columns  freely  to
mining laws may not be perfect,  and it, ��� to   this class of  advertising because it
is more than probable that they are not, I Paid wel1'"    Ma>'be if the <loctorB did  u
but this does not interfere with the fact
that British Columbia is a splendid field
for  investment  and  also  that she   re
quires {money to  develop her great  na-
bit more advertising themselves, people
would not wade into patent medicines
so freely.���Exchange.
A contract was recently signed in New-
York for a complete outfit of rolling
stock, for  a new   line to be constructed
Druggists and Jewelers
Have added to their already
extensive   stock   a  complete
line of Assay Supplies.
Quotations furnished to Mines
and Smelters.
�� ...OR ANYTHING...
Published every Friday evnning at Greenwood, j turai resources, and unfair criticisms of
Britisli Columbia, , , 	
the mining laws will have a tendency to   between the Republic unties, m Eastern
J. W. GRIER  .. Manager. ; Washington,  and  (irand  Forks,   B.C.
"'aU   '���'l"'-1""""1- There are said to be 1*8,000,000   worth of
gold and silver ore now waiting on the
dumps for carriage to Canadian smelters. At Republic, there is an absence
of suitable fluxing ore, which would render the erection of smelting works unprofitable,���Toronto Mnetary Times.
News   comes from   Rossland   that   a
Domestic, One  Year *2.00
six Months Il.oo : general strike has been declared on   the
Foreign, One Ymir $'.1.50
Payable Invariably in Advance.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
No patent medicine arts taken except at full
Legal notices in and 5 cents per line.
B. A. C. properties. Rossland has been
the curse of the mining interests of
British Columbia. It was from that
city that, all the wild-cat promotions
emanated which have done so much  in-
KltlDAY, JULY 12. 1901.
Respecting mines in the South African Rand, the London Economist said
recently : An interim report states that
jury to the credit of legitimate mining I the company's chief source of Income���
in the province.    Iu   that city appear to I namely, dividends on  shareholdings  in
On tiik Uith inst. tbe property holders
of lireenw 1 will be called upon to vote
on a by-law granting to the Sisters of
St. Joseph of Peace a bonus of .r:!,"ilK)
towards a hospital whicli they purpose
erecting In this city. The bonus system
of building up a town is one which was
long ago discarded by progressive communities, With every business proposition the ipiestii.n ..f locality must be
considered tbe most important one, and
the fact that a bonus is offered will not
induce u business man to locate in a
town where his enterprise would be
handicapped in any way. It must be
admitted by all that the Sisters' hospitals are business propositions pure and
simple, and if they were not such they
would not be in existence today. The
question for the property holders to consider is whether the Sisters' hospital
will be built here for the bonus or for
the profits to be made out of such an institution, We are inclined to the
opinion that the Sisters of St Joseph of
Peace   believe  that   (ireenwood  is  the
have congregated all the bilk mining
promoters and stock-jobbers, all the
crank mine managers, and equally
cranky miners. Kven the newspapers,
when they cannot manage to cause frie-
subsidary and other companies���has not
yielded any revenue during the past
year, the war in South Africa causing
tbe stoppage of nil productive mining
operations in the Transvaal. The subsidiary companies requiring financial as-
tion Between mine owners and miners,  sistance during the year ended Decern-
...       ... .     .. , , ,,      her  last have  been   provided   with   the
unlairlv criticize the mining  laws of the ���
necessary funds on loan, and the ma-
province, with the evident object of 10|,i..cry,' plant and stores in stock for
driving capital out of the country. The j these companies had been materially in-
Kossland district has received greater | creased in view of tbe recommencement
prominence than its mines deserve.    In   "f work.     It is not proposed to pay   any
,, ..     .,,     ,,, dividend for the year, ihe company's
another year it   will not be known as an ���       ' ���
funds being required for financing some
or,-pro,l.ic,ng camp in comparison with . ,|f ���.,, Bubgldlary companies through the
tbe otlier milling districts of Southern ] |ong unproductive period they have had
British Columbia. Boundary will have to face.
' four camps, each one of which will ship Less than a fourth of the men actually
more ore than the Kossland camp. If employed at mining in southeastern
the mine managers and miners of the British Columbia work in the mines at
Boundary  will continue to treat eaoh  Rossland. Outside of Rossland,there is no
trouble bet wen the in in. -ran. 1 mi ne owner
otlier as thev have in the  past, the difn-  .,,, , .      , ,
1 the managers and  superintendents and
culties iii the little Rossland camp will foremen everywhere, except at Rossland,
not materially affect the mining inter- are apparently on friendly terms with
ests of Southern British Columbia. the miners; and the miners,  Bomehow,
-_-���_-_���-������__ an-  not accused  by  any of these man-
While many operators in this country : aBera  Bnd superintendents and foremen
,        '    , ., of an  unwillingness to do a fair day's
are too frequently given to   the inoxcus- ,       ,.._,.,        ,
work. Is it possible that the miners at
able habit of making a mountain out of Roaaland ,lri. different from the miners
a mole-hill when complaining of legisla i in otlier camps in Britisli Columbia? Or
lion, which though generally  beneficial, i is it probabable that the men in  charge
The   New   and   Second-Hand   Store
...A. L. WHITE & CO...
British Columbia Wholesale Liquor Co.,
may put them to slight additional incon
venience or cost,  it must be admitted
most  suitable  point  in   the district for   ... , ,     ,       ,   ,
' that a real grievance is to be found in
the location of their hospital, and that  ., , , ,   .,       .
1 the compulsory inspection of boilers  by
they expect to make money out of the
undertaking or they would not come
I of the mines at Rosshind are not ennsti-
tuleil as are otlier mine managers in the
province? The Tribune is of the opinion
that there will be no permanent peace,
and  consequently   no  permanent  pros-
a  government   official   whose   work  is perity   at   Kossland   until   there
largely unnecessary  and whose fees  are
excessively exorbitant.    In nearly every
change in the management of  the   War
Eagle and the   Le   Roi  mines���and  the
sooner the change is   made the better it
The town of Oshawa, Out., gave more I case of company operation,  boilers are|w[Ube  for  Britisli   Columbia.���Nelson
bonuses   to    manufacturing  industries I insured and the insurance companies for I Tribune.
Agents for Calgary and Pabst Beer.
Complete Line of Bar Supplies. Greenwood, B. C-
1 ~~ I
5        The Greenwood Cigar Factory is now Manufacturing the        s
* ���
��� A White Labor, Union Made Cigar, equal to any S:
1 imported cigar for sale in the city. ��j
> 5
j* Columbia'Phone 155. FRED   ROY,   Proprietor.. %
Elkhorn Brewery,
PORTMANN BROS. & CO.,   Props.
Elkhorn      ,/
The Elkhorn Lager Beer contains
.inly pure Malt and
Hops.   Try it!
It Is kept on
Draught or in Bottles by all the Lead
ng Hotels in this
4 July 12, 1901.
Potatoes and lots of them at Crowston's.
Dr. Simmons, dentist, Rendell block
Copper street, (ireenwood.
Berries fresh from ranch in any quantity from 1 to iSOO crates at Crowston's.
.lames Kerr returned from his wedding trip Saturday last and on Thursday
left for the Carmi on the West Fork.
II.  McCutcheon, collector of customs
nt  (Ireenwood,   wns  ill   during several
days of this week, but is now improved,
,1. Roblllard, of the local C. P, R,
office Is relieving the 0. P, K. agent at
Phoenix, Mr. Dey, who has gone east
ou a vacation.
I'innolian concert in Masonic building,
approximate date, 18th or llltb inst.
High class music. First of. the kind
ever given in (ireenwood.
W. II. Asquith is making steady progress towards recovery of the use of his
arm, which was disabled in the accident
of whicli be was a victim last month.
Chief McLaren returned from the
coast Saturday, where at Vancouver on
the 1st inst. he was married to Miss
Let it ia Wilke, of that place, Kev. Dr.
McLaren officiating.
Rev. \V. A. Robins and Ed. Cronyn
have been away, up the North Fork of
Kettle river, since early in the week on
a fishing expedition. They are expected
to return to Greenwood today.
T. II. Paterson having resigned his
position in the Canadian Bank of Commerce, left that bank's service last Monday. It is stated that he will shortly
leave British Columbia for England,
A horse race was run in (ireenwood
Monday night for a purse of SJ50 between
Bannerman's Weasel and Bailey's
Similkameen Whirlwind. The race was
a half-mile dash which Weasel captured
by two lengths.
.Judge Leamy has gone to the coast,
where he will be sworn in as a county
court judge. He purposes returning to
Greenwood in time for the sittings of
the county court to be held at Greenwood on Monday, 22nd inst.
H. J. Bayly, of Rendell & Co.'s Greenwood mercantile business, went out on
yesterday's train, bound for the coast
cities, in which he will spend a four or
five weeks' summer vacation, At Kholt
he was joined by G. Arthur Rendell who
goes on a like mission.
Edward Plewman, who after being
treated by Dr. Foster at Greenwood
hospital for blood poisoning, was a guest
at the Imperial hotel during his convalescence, has returned to the Winnipeg mine, Wellington camp, where he
will resume his duties as the company's
assistant, secretary.
Wednesday evening the sub-committees for the Labor Day celebration in
Greenwood were appointed, and all the
preliminary arrangements for the celebration have now been made It is expected that about $2,000 will be offered
in prizes, and that the programme will
be the most attractive ever offered in
the Boundary.
G. T N. Hill, of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce, returned to Greenwood
from Kamloops last Saturday night, and
is now in temporary chargeof the bank's
local branch pending the appointment
of a successor to the late Mr. Smythe.
Mr. Hill is much pleased with Kamloops, that inland city possessing many
advantages ns a place of residence.
The Riissell-Law-Cs.ullicld company's
hardware store, with all its heavy stock
has been removed about 50 feet farther
north and now occupies the lot on Copper street immediately next to the Commercial hotel. A cellar is being excavated on the lot the store was on si ml preparations are being made for commencing the erection of the new buildings the
company intends putting up.
' Walter Foster, of Anaconda, a short
time since took what is about the best
photographic view of .lie British Columbia Copper company's snu-lter, al
Greenwood, yet produced here. It is
8x10 in size and gives a clear representation of all the buildings, trestles, tracks,
etc., comprising the works. He has
been requested to print copies and place
them in one of the Greenwood stores for
The Greenwood fire laddies were called
out by an alarm of fire sent in at 11
o'clock last Tuesday night. It transpired that a small log cabin was burning, and though its destruction was a
matter of very little consequence it was
situate too near the Electric Light company's works to allow of its being permit'.!..1 to burn without risk to those
works, ignite a large crowd turned out
to see the (ire, only to be disappointed,
as it fortunately happened.
An accident happened last Monday to
two men named ,lohn Taprill and E.
Rowe, employed at the Snowshoe mine,
Greenwood camp, They were at work
mucking when some powder that had
not been exploded went off. throwing  a
lot of dirt in their faces and causing
such injuries to their eyes as to make it |
advisable for them to seek the services
of an eye specialist. They accordingly
went out on Tuesday's train, going via
Rossland to Spokane.
Sprott iV Macpherson. watchmakers
and jewellers, of Greenwood, have dissolved partnership, W. E. Miiepherson
having bought W. M. Sprott's interest1
in the business. Mr. Sprott left for
New Westminister yesterday, some
promising mining   interests   he   has   on
the coast requiring his attention. Mr.
Macpherson has arranged with Geo. K.
Gendron, a graduate of the Canadian
Ilorologieal Institute, Toronto, and for
some time with 1'ntenaude Bros., watchmakers, etc., Nelson, to assist him in
his busines. Mr. Gendron has already
entered upon his new duties.
Wednesday night of last week the
officers of (ireenwood lodge No. 29, K.of
P., were installed by Duncan Smith, D.
D. G. C, assisted by Chas. M. Hitch as
(irand Prelate and Martin Anderson as
(irand M. at A. The officers are as
follows: Max Berger, C. C.; Norman
McLeod, V. C.; C. K. Pittock, 1'.; Geo.
Barber, M. of W.; A. D. Hallett, K. of
R. and S. ; K. C. B. Frith, M. of F.; L.
G. Whitbeck, M. of E.; M. Eilderman,
M. at A.; K. McKenzie, I. G.: A. All-
macher, O. G. In the past six months
the lodge has increased in membership
from sixty to nearly one hundred, and is
strong financially.
Tuesday nignt of this week T. M.
Gulley, D. P. G. M., assisted by ,1. A.
McKinnon, Grand Marshall; H. B.
Munroe, G. S.; W. B. Fleming, G. T.,
and James Kerr, (I. W., installed the
officers of Boundary Valley lodge No. 28,
I. O. O. F., as follows: D. A. Mac-
Kenzie, N. G.; F. B. Holmes, V. Ci.; W.
Elson, R. S.; R. Smailes, F. S. ; W. M.
Law, Treas.; W. M. Frith, W.; D.
Beath, C.; E. H. Cannon, 1. G.; II. 1).
Johnson, O. G.; J. W. Ellis, K. S. N.G,;
D. Ross. L. S N. G.; S. McLelland, R.
S. V. (i.; P. S. Palmer, L. S. V. G.; A.
G. Anion, R. S. S.; .1. Sauve, L. S. S.
The retiring Noble Grand of the lodge is
G.B.Taylor. After the installation an
excellent lunch was served in the banquet hall. There were a number of
visitors present from the Mother Lode
and Phoenix. The past term has been
the most prosperous one of the lodge
since its institution.
Last Tuesday evening   Fire Chief McKenzie received a check for $25. together
with the following letter, which tells its
own story:
British Columbia Coppeb Company, Ltd.
Anaconda, B. C, July 5), 11101.
The C.iikk ok F.uk Dk.-akt.munt,
Greenwood B. 0.
Deak Sir:���With this I have pleasure
in handing to you, for the benefit of the
members of the Greenwod Fire Department in whatever manner tbey may see
fit to use it, this company's check for
the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25).
This contribution is sent in recognition
of the promptness of the department in
turning out to render assistance on the
occasion of the fire which took place at
this company's smelter last Saturday
evening. Fortunately for all concerned
the damage done was very small, nevertheless the ready disposition to prevent
serious disaster is possible, is not lost
sight of by the company.
With   all  good  wishes   for the continued   usefulness  and   success  of   the
! Fire Department, I am,
Yours very truly,
KiiKiiKinc Keffer,
General Manager.
Greenw I, B. ('., July III, 1901,
' F. Khi'keh, Esq.,
Manager B C. Copper Co.,
Anaconda.   B.   ('.
Deah 8m:-We beg to acknowledgj tho
receipt of your favor of yesterday's date,
enclosing cheque for twenty-live dollars
1 If25 I in favor of the Greenwood Fire
Department, and 011 their behalf tender
you our most sincere thanks for your
j generous donation.
Yours very truly,
H.J. Bayly,
The following is the business transacted at the Greenwood post office for the
[year ended June 30th, 11)01 :
non News, who is on his way east to
Toronto for a vacation, stopped off to
spend a week in Nelson en route. He
reports that it is a very good year for
crops and cattle in the Okanagan. and
from present indications the fruit crop
will also be first class. Till two years
ago nearly all the products of the Okanagan valley were shipped to the cast,
the Okanagan fruit proving much
superior to that brought up from Washington, an.l finding ready sale. Now, although the demand from the coast is
greater .ban before, a large quantity of
their crops, especially of fruit, is being
sent to various Kootenay points, among
which Nelson is naturally the leading.
When the Boundary road is completed
through to l'enticton n still larger quantity of this trade will be diverted here.
���Nelson Miner.
When  at Crowston's stores don't forget to get a supply of good potatoes.
Clarendon Hotel, beds 50 cents,
show that at least one of  our aldermen
Kondell Nov Ready.
Money orders issued	
Money orders paid	
Slumps sold	
Savings hunk deposits
Postal uotus sold
Postal notes ptild.
8211 ik
Number ..I loners mulled. jj.;.un
Xumber of letters r Iveii. .   j'.tss.isn
Number of posi cards, papers, packages,
etc., mulled 2.1,1,12
Number ol post cards, papers, packages,
etc., received. ... :i:.,��ns
BY-LAW NO. 64.
A by-law to authorize and ratify the execution by tin- mayor and city clerk nf n certain
agreement made between tbe Corporation of
tin- city of Greenwood rind the Sisters of St.
Josi>|ih of Peace.
Tin- municipal council ofthe City of Greenwood enacts as follow i i
i.   Thai ihe mayor nnd clerk of the-CIty ol
A. P. <& A. M.
GREENWOOD LODGE No. 28, A. F. & A. M.(
G, It. H. c. KeguiHr Communication in Masonic
Temple, Government street, first Thursday in
each month.   Sojourning brethren invited.
M. K. MILKER. Secretary.
W. F. OF M.
Tha Greenwood   Branch  of  i he   Poder-tlon
Greenwood be and tbey are hereby authorined : meetn hereafter  In Union ball   silver street
I lie Corporation of tbe City ..f I ,
Mrs. Larkin
has taken charge of the rooms in the
where she will be prepared to look
sifter all her old customers and as
many new ones as she can entertain.
The rooms are well furnished and
comfortable; rates reasonable. If
you iietd rooms, call and see her,
before taking  elsewhere.    .    .
The   Miner  Office,
.Mr. F. .1. liarker, manager of the Ver-
-  ��� -
The only all rail route between all points
east, went and south to Rossland, Nelson ami   intermediate  points;  connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific anil
().    K.   ^   N.   Com pany a,
Connects   at  Kossland   with   Canadian
Pacific Ry. for Bonndary points.
Connects  at  Meyers   Kails   with   staye
daily for Republic.
Buffet   Service   on   trains   between
Spokane and Northport.
Effective May 5th, 1901.
9:00 a. m Spokane 7 :85 p. in
12:50 p. in    Rossland 4:10 p. m
9:15 a. in   Nelson 7:16 p. tn
II.   A. Jackson,
General PasBeuger Agent.
on  behal
Greenwood to execute h certain agree men I
nude between tin Corporation of the City <>i
Greenwood, party of the not part, and tlie said
sist.-r- oi si. Joseph of Peace, party of the
second part, to be dated the day of final pas
sage of this by-law, which said agreement i^
marked "A" oa tli" Aral page thereof, a true
copy of said agreement being published herewith, and to attach tin- corporate seal of the
said Corporation thereto.
Read third time, .inly i, ljxn.
G. B, Taylor,  ' R. w. Jakes,
City Clerk. Mayor.
Take notiee that the above is ii true copy oi
the proposed by-law, upon which the vote Of
the municipality will be taken nt the City Mull
on Tuesday, the 16th day o)' .Inly. A. D. 1901, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. in. mnl l
o'clock p. in.
<;. n. Taylor,
Returning Officer.
This agreement made the day of July
A. !���.. 1901, between the Corporation of the
City of Greenwood, hereinafter called tlie party
of the lirst part of the one part.
And the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, hereinafter culled for themselves, their executors,
administrators and assigns, the party of the
Second pail, of the other part.
Whereas the party of the second part desires,
if suitable arrangements can be made, to ereel
a hospital, and maintain same, and carry on
hospital work in the City of (ireenwood.
And whereas the party of tlie first part is wil
ling uml ready to grant the sum of $3,600by way
of bonus to the party of the second part for tin
maintenance ami erection of a hospital aud the
carrying on of hospital work in said city on the
conditions hereinafter set out.
Now this agreement witnesseth that in consideration of the sum (jf $8,600 payable as here
inafter set out by the party of the first part to
the party of the second part, the party of the
second part hereby covenants, promises ami
agrees that they will erect and maintain a
hospital and carry on hospital work in the said
City of (ireenwood for the treat nient of the sick
mid injured of the Boundary country.
And the said party of the second part further
covenants, promises and agrees that they will
commence doing hospital work in tin.'City of
(ireenwood on or before August 15th, 1901, and
will carry on same continuously until the Hist
day of December, llitil.
Ami the saiil party of the second part further
covenants, promises ami agrees that they will
within one year from tin'(late of the final passing of a by-law to confirm this agreement,
erect in the City of Greenwood, a hospital costing not less than $8,000.
And the said party of the second part further
covenants, promises mid agrees that they will,
during the time they have covenanted to carry
on hospital work in the City of Greenwood, by
this agreement, at tlie request of tbe party oi
the first part, treat any or all of the indigent
sick or injured of the City of Greenwood, at a
rate not to exceed two dollars a day, for each
patient, for all charges including medical attendance.
And said party of the lirst part hereby covenants, promises and agrees to pay lo ihe pany
of the second part by way of bonus, for the
erection and maintenance of said hospital, ami
tlie earryihg on of said hospital work, ami the
treatment of the indigent sick of the City of
Greenwood at tin1 terms set ont above, tlie sum
of *:{,"><H) payable as follows.. $500 cash Oil the
execution of this agreement ami the balance of
$8,000 by three promissory notes of $1,000 each
payable on the 15tb day of January, 1902, the
15th day of January, 1908, and tlie 16th day of
January, 1904, respectively, and said notes .-hall
bear interest at (he rate ol seven per cent (7)
per annum until paid.
In witness whbbeop the said party of the firsl
part has caused to bo affixed hereto its corporate seal by the hand of ils clerk, having
been first thereunto duly autori/.ed, and tin-
said party of the second part has hereunto
set their hands mid seal the day and year
first above written.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered (
In the Presence of \
every Saturday evening.
U   il. KANE, Secretary
K. OF P.
every Wednesday evening af *:"��> in the Masonic hall, Greenwood. Bojonrnlug brethren
cordially invited,        max BEROER, C. .'.
A. li   MAI.LETT, K. R. A S.
��� FROM ���
Kootenay Common Points
Pan American
... Exhibition
BUFFALO $7(1.00
June 18. July L' anil 16, August 6 and L'O.
Epworth League
July 18, 1-1 ami 15.
Christian Endeavor
CINCINNATI         $68.50
July 2 uml 3.
national Education
DETROIT    $71.26
.lulv - and 3.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice ie hereby given that  the part-1
nership heretofore subsisting   betwebn
the undersigned, carrying on business
as hotel-keeperB in  the City of Greenwood, under the  name and  style ol
Wilson i1; Wellwood, has this day been j
dissolved  by mutual consent.   All ac-l
counts due the said Arm of Wilson &
Wellwood are to be paid to George Well-
wood, "lin ��ill continue tbe business,
and all accounts due by the s.iitl firm
lire to be presented to the wiid George
Wellwood, by whom  the same will be
Dated at Greenwood  tin- 2nd dav of
July,  1901. .1. W, Wilson'
Witness, Geo. Wellwood,
J. R. Brown,
To Sam Breslaner and others inetrested in the
Henrietta Mineral Claim, situated near
Beaverton in the Kettle River Mining Division of Tale District:
TAKE XOTICK tlnit 1 have caused Io I-' done
on tin- fleurlett Inerai claim, situated near
Beaverton, in tin' Kuttlu River Mining Division
ol Vale District, tlie wurk required in Section
24 of the Mineral Ac, fur the year which has
expired, and have expended for such work and
for recordldg the cortilteatos thereof Hie sum j
of "nc Hundred and Two Dollars and Fifty
cent-. ($102.611, mnl hut tho expiration of ninety . ,
days from tho date of the tii-t  publication ofl,
this notice you fall lo contribute your proportion nf such expenditure, namely, the sum of | '
Fifty-One    Dollars   and   Twenty-Five   Cents
({61.261, together with all costs ol advertising,
your Interest in Bald mineral claim shall lie i
liable m forfeiture, h- provided by the "Mineral
Act A.nondnienl Act, 1900."
lintel ilii- Mil day of July. I-.hu.
t'll.Wtl.l..- I'HII'PS,
Certificate of Improvement.
san  man FRACTIONAL Mlnoral Claim, -limit., in the Kettle River Mining Division ol
Vnle  District.   Whore  located     Providence
Tako Notico tho. I, John William Nelson,
Free Miner's Corllllnate No. li I.I6S2, Intend
sixty days from the date hereol to apply to the
Mining Recorder for n Certificate ol Improve
menu for the purposo ol obtaining h Crown
Grunt of the above claim
And further take notico thai action, tinder
Section :i7,  must  t>e commenced  before  tin'
issuance of sneh Certificate ol Improvement.
Iinled lliis sixth day nf June, A. D., 1901.
���J3 ... W. Nki.m.v
For time tables, rates and full information apply nii'si local agent.
E, It. REDPATH. Agent, Qroonwood.
J. S. I 'AllTKll.
Ii. I-. A��� Nolsoii, ll.
!���:. J, COYLE,
A. i,. P, A . Vani
H.B. Munroe,
To J. C. Haas and others interested in the
Admiral Dewey mineral claim, situated in
Summit camp, Grand Forks mining division
of Yale district:
TAKE N'OTICE that 1 have caused to be
done on the Admiral Dewey mineral claim,
Bituate in Sum mil camp, it; the Grand Forks
mining division ot Yule district, Hritish Columbia, the work roquired by Section 24 of the
Mineral Act, for the year which has expired,
and have expended for such work and for recording the certificate thereof the sum of one
hundred and threo dollars and fifty cents
(1103.50); and that If, at the expiration of
ninety days from the date of the lirsl publication of this notice you fail to contribute your
proportion of such expenditure) namely,
$25.87j_j each, together with all costs of advertising, your Interest in said mineral (bum
shall be Liable to forfeiture, as provided by the
" Mineral Act Amend nt Act 1900."
Dated this 12th day of June, 1901.
.1.  W. POWRLL,
To Randolph Stuart, J. C. Haas, I. H. Hallett,
Walter D'Eath and others concerned :
TAKK   NOTICE   thai   I  have caused  to bo
done on the Diamond Joe, Doubtful.  May  Daj
and  Deer Trail mineral   claims,   situated   in
Qreenwood camp, in the Kettle  Itiver mining
division uf Viil.- district, the work required by
Section 24of the Mineral Act, for the yeai w hlcli
bus expired, ami have expended for Bueh vvvi ^
and for recording the certificates thereof tbe
sum of four hundred and fifteen dollara ($415.0") i
and if ai the expiration of nlnty days from the
dato nf the first publication of this notice, ynu
fall to contribute your proportion of such  ex   A
(M'i)��liturt>, namely, Randolph Stuart, J.*'. Haas,   w
I. II. Hallett and other parties interesled, the   jj
sum of ��88.00 for one-fifth interest, in said inin-   T
eral claims, and  Walter D'Kath, tin* sum uf   ^
$8S.0u for a one-fifth  Interest in Bald mineral   $
claims, together with all costs of advertising,
your interest in said mineral claims shall i��
liable to forfeiture, as provided by thc"MInei -
Act Araehd nt Act, 1900" *
Dated tbis 12th day of June, 1901. jk $
John W. Powru..       '����<**��*��� *>���-��*�����-**���>?***���-�����
Confectionery, i
I Greenwood. I
1 GREENWOOD,    ^c    ^    B. C.  I
_r-> ' __��
"3   One of the Best Equipped Hotels in the Boundary.
J' Everything First-CIass.
1 J. W.  NELSON, Prop.
[ Hay and Grain
id. It Cropley.
* V. & N. TELEPHONE NO. 124.
Cable Address   "Maori." Code"Moreing & Heal.
Boundary Creek L��a�� and Mercantile
o o o
...TO LET.
BUILDING Suitable for
Stores or offices. Lot on
Copper Street, business
Well Furnished Five-
Roomed House.
Surveys are now being made and lots will shortly be mi
the market.   Carmi City adjoins the group of claims of
which the Carmi mine is the center.
Carmi is the mining center of Ihe upper West Fork country.
The townsite adjoins the Carmi mine, which shipped 2,000
tons of ore to the smelter during the past winter, and upon
which development is being pushed in order to be ready
for continuous shipments when railroad is completed to
Carmi.    For terms write
JAS. KERR,       JAS. C. DALE,
At Niagara Falls there was recently
...iveilcil a monument to Laura Secord���
"the first 1iKi11ii111e.it erected to a woman in Canada," says a despatch, The
I first erected to a Canadian woman, the
j correct expression would he. There are
many statues of Queen Victoria.
Eighty-eight years ago the frontier between Canada nnd the United States
was being devastated by lire and sword.
Pursuant to bloody lighting in the
Nil.-.'lira peninsula, hostile troops were
awaiting chances to deal further blows j
at each other. A Canadian outpost at a
far... culled DeCeu's, a few miles from
where St. (latharii.es now stands, was
troubling the enemy. The American
commander a* Fort George, General
Deahoni, planned to surprise the outpost. On the night of June 2:x, 1818, an
American force over BOO strong under
Lieut.-Col. Boerstler, with two guns,
slipped out from the United States lines I
to surprise the Canadian outpost at De-
Cell's, heltl by Lieut. Fitzgibbon with 80
men of the -19th regiment and a couple
of hundred Indians.
A.t that time Queenstown was in possession of the Americans, and  the force i
fro... St. George passed through it on its >
way     against    Fitssgibbon,    Living   in '
Queenstown were James Secord and his
wife,   Luuru.    James   Secure   had been
severely   wounded  fighting at Queens-
town  heights as. an officer of the Canadian  militia, and  was still unable to
walk.    He and his wife were  both  chil-:
dren of   United   Umpire   Loyalists  who j
had  been  driven  out  of  the American
colonies in the revolutionary war, after
treatment of the most  bitter  kind  and
the  loss  of all they bad possessed.    Naturally their feelings were  the  stronger
for the British cause  when  the  torrent
of   war  came   upon   Canada   in   1812.
.lame Secord could not   move,   from   his
wounds; in  any event,  the  town   was
guarded to  prevent Information getting
forward  to  the   Hritish side; but Laura
Secord  undertook  to  warn  the Hritish
She was a woman of IIS, the mother of
five children. Those, who recollect her,
for she lived to be 98, and died in 18IIS,
the year after confederation consolidated
the great northern country she risked
her life to save, describe her as a "fine,
tall, strong woman." She hud need to
be; although Lieut. Fitzgibbon wrote of
her as "slight and delicate," but admits
that he was in considerable of a hurry
alter she came to him. This woman,
whether strong or otherwise, accomplished an extraordinary journey.
Starting from Queenstown in the night,
she with one brief rest nta friendly farm
house, toiled for nineteen miles by circuitous routes to avoid American posts
and scouts, over bad roads put at their
worst by prolonged rains ; through fields
and woods, wilding creeks, crossing one
small river on a fallen tree, until at
night she stumbled into a camp of Indians near DeCeu's. They greeted her
with startled yells, and in after years
she spoke more of th_-dread the cries
created in her than of any other feature
of her journey. With difficulty she
made them understand that she must
see Lieut Fitzgibbon ; finally they took
her to him, and he learned of the approaching American attack.
Such was theacconiplishinentof Laura
The following day,  Lieut.   Fitzgibbon,
reinforced by a few militia, ambushed
Lieut.-Col  Boerstler's force and killed,
I wounded or captured every  man  in  it.
| The  story  of  the light need not. be told
here; but when it was over, 67 Americans  were  killed  or   wounded  and 644
ollicers and  men and the two guns captured,    The  total   British   force  which
j gained so decisive a victory numbered
! but ii7 regulars or militia and  250  Indians,   This   is  known as  the battle of
Beaver Hums.
Laurn Secord's heroic endeavor was
equally arduous and successful. Hit
name has heen a household word in On-
tarin   since.    The   monument    to   her,
though In., un additional tribute to one
whose inline has been honored wil hoi.t,
any memorial stone, is a most fitting
testimonial to the fearless patriotism of
a noble-hearteJ woman who voluntarily
faced a desperate ordeal with the best
courage   of   her   race.���Ottawa   Valley
Between Miller Bros, store and lower
end of Silver street, a small hunting case
silver watch with raised gold Moral ornamentations. By returning same to
Miller Bros., finder will be suitably rewarded.
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
placed on sale since the 3rd of May
to 30th of September, tickets from Greenwood to Halcyon Springs and return, nt
rate of (8.30, tickess gootl going on Fri-
days and Saturdays, returning���leave
the Springs on Monday following.
In addition to this special rate there
are always on sale 30-day tickets
at the usual special rate made for 30-dny
round trip ticket,
Turkeys*       Chickens*
Ducks and Geese
White Fish*      Smelts.
Salmon and Halibut
* f'ToTmmrTroTmrff'fro'ro^
The   Gem  Restaurant
Copper Street. Greenwood.
Meals at DAY OR....
All Hours   ....NIGHT
Private Dining Room for Ladies.
jS  C WERNER &   PITTOCK, Proprietor..
Corner Greenwood and Copper Streets,
?!   GREENWOOD,   ��*    ^   B. C.
nnd guarantee our  work  to  be  right, ns
we   use  only   the   Hest   of   Material   and
employ only competent  workmen.
A full line of Wallpapers, Paints, Oils,Glass,
Mirrors, Sash and  Doors,  Varnishes, Etc.
Use Mellor's Pure Ready Mixed Paints, $2. .0 per gallon
J.   W.   MELLOR,
hi life
J Ml I
July 12, 1901.
The funeral of the late J. W. H.
Smythe took place last. Saturday afternoon. The arrangements were in the
hands of T. M. Gulley & Co., who furnished an ornate shrine casket, upon
which were placed beautiful floral designs sent by friends of the deceased,
among these tokens of respect being
several wreaths and a cross. These
came from the officials of the Nelson and
(Ireenwood   branches of  the  Canadian
Bank of Commerce, from the young men
of the local bachelor establishment
known as the "Saints' Best," and from
Mrs. .lakes, of Midway, and others dismals of thus showing their regard for
one whose untimely death was so generally regretted. The pallbearers wen-
Messrs. A. E. Ashcroft, I'. L. S. ; W. .1.
II.  Belt, manager   of  the   (ireenwood
tremely unsatisfactory conditions exist- ficatio.i for a suit   for damages  by  tilling at the present time for the reduction latter.
and   marketing  of   the company's ores. The Review continues to make the re-!
These   have  lately   been aggravated  by , cent tragedy in Seattle a text forabusive ;
the low price of lead, but  they are prin- personal    articles.     Where   it   cannot |
cipally due to the excessive charges for blackmail  and  has  no  hope  that  any 1
smelting, and the high rate of transpor- offer   will   be   made    to   purchase   its
lion, as a rule, of which 51) per cent of columns, the Review is always industri-
the value of the ore is taken  for  freight ously malignant.    It is such a notorious
und   treatment.    Owing   In   these   eon- little rasi-al and it enjoys so  thoroughly
ditio.is, and the strong'fi.iancial position the contempt  of  the whole community
Which   it   nlllicls by ils existence that it
is hardly worthy of a parting kick.
There   never   could   be   any question
of   the   company,   it   bus   been thought
wise to curtail shipments, as the directors believe thai better markets can ultimately be obtained.   From the report of I where the  Review would stand In any
the  manager your directors feel confi- contest between decency and vice.   As
I dent that as there are large areas yet to like seeks like, the sympathies and the
be explored, additional  ore  bodies  will ardent support of the Review  are  guar-
be discovered." anteed   to   the   gambler,   the sure-thing
The report of the manager, Frank Rob- man, the pimp, tbe corrupter of youth
ins,   stilted that  during the year 2,141 and the worshipper of boodle     As the
feet   of   prospecting   and   development 1 product of a tliseased mind and a totally
branch of the Bank of British  North I work had been driven and the extension atrophied  moral sense,  it has fulfilled
America; C. Scott Galloway,   P.   W. of the original ore channel to the south the public expectation and lined up ac-
VV. King, accountant for the Snowshoe had been assured.   The financial state- cording to its native affiliations.   There
Mines, limited; Arthur Mowat, an.l
Geo. R. Naden, manager of the Bealey
Investment & Trust company, (Ireenwood. The cortege moved from the late
residence of deceased at about half past
two o'clock, and proceeded to the building on (iovernment street in which are
temporarily held the services of St.
Jude's Church of England. In the
absence on vacation of the church organist, Miss Huberta Flesher played a
funeral march as the body was borne
into the building. The rector, Rev. VV.
A. Robins, M. A., officiated, taking part
of the impressive Order for the Burial of
the Dead, the choir chanting I'salm
XXXIX, "I said, I will Take Heed to
my Ways," and singing, by special
request of the bereaved ones, Hymns A.
and M. 277, "Nearer My God to Thee"
and 401 "Now the Laborer's Task is
O'er." At the close of this short, service,
which was  largely  attended,  the  body
nient showed   that   the   company  has 1 let it   remain"���Vancouver   News-Ad-
$2(10,407 cash on hand and in hanks.
The following officers were elected:
President, I). D. Mann; vice presidents,
A. A. Thibaudeau, Senator Forget, William Mackenzie, and C. E. L. Porteous.
Seattle and Spokane are both towns
run "wide open," and disgracefully administered, yet a leading journal of Spokane holds up Seattle to derision, as being a place infinitely vilp, forgetting the
case of its own city. Seattle's champion
iu all things, good and had���the Post-
Intelligencer���naturally takes up the
cudgels in reply and abuses the Spokane
Spokesman-Review most amusingly
follows, saying:
i vertiser.
I  _
The gallows frame has been in course
of erection during the week at the Lake
claim, in Skylark camp, and it now begins to look as if it will be practicable to
resume sinking a week or ten days hence.
Great consternation was felt, by the
friends of M. A. Hogarty, of Lexington,
Ky., when they saw he was turning yellow. His skin slowly changed color,
also his eves, and he suffered terribly.
His malady was yellow jaundice, He
was treated by the best doctors, but
without benefit. Then he was advised
as I to try Electric Bitters, the wonderful
! stomach   and   liver    remedy,   and   he
"Comparatively little attention has writes: "After taking two bottles I was
been paid to many late insane ravings I wholly cured." A trial proves its match-
of the Spokane Spokesman-Review,  for j ie8S   n,erjt for a|i  stomach, liver and
was replaced in the hearse and the pro-  excellent reasons.   Its   vile and   venal  kidney troubles.   Only 50c.   Sold by .1.
cession started for the cemetery, situate
about three miles from town. Upon arrival there it was met hy Rev. Mr.
Robins, who preceeded the casket, which
was carried by the pallbearers, to the
Church of'England portion of the burial
ground. Here the funeral rites were
concluded, and after the choir had sung
the hymn "Brief Life is Here Our Portion" the numerous assemblage dispersed. The casket bore the following
inscription: ".lames William Henry
Smith, died July 4, 1901, aged 32 years
and six months."
Among those noticed at the funeral
besides those already named were T. N.
Patterson, A. VV. English, W.C. Duncan
and A. 11. Pluinmer, of the local staff of I
the Bank of Commerce; A.  VV. Strickland  and  ('.   VV.   Chesterton,   Bank  of;
Montreal; II. F. Stow and R. .1. Coulter,
Bank of  Britisli   North   America;  Paul.
Johnson, manager of the Britisli Colu.n-
bia Copper company's smelter; J.   L.
Parker, superintendent of the Dominion
Copper  company's   mines nnd  VV.  R.
Williams,,!   P., also of Phoenix;  Thos.
McAuley and VV. B. Rickards, Midway;
A. S. Black,  J.  P.   Myers-Gray,   I.   II.
Hallett, J. P. McLeod und A  M. Whiteside, representing the Greenwood members of the bar; VV. G. MeMynn, gold
commissioner: H. E. Price, manager of
the Standard Pyritic Smelting company ;!
R. P. Williams, agent for the Canadian
Rand Drill company; H, P. Dickinson,,
agent for the  Giant   Powder company;.
E.  It. Thurston,   A.   Ferguson,   W.   (I.;
Wright,    E.    Jacobs,    .1.   Carmichael
Smith, J. H. distance, W,  E.  Hodges,
G   Lysons, I. P. Armstrong, Ur.  Schon,
Duncan Mcintosh, Duncan Ro.-s, of  the
Greenwood Times and ninny other.
qualities are both so well known that |l. White and Miller Bros., druggists,
even to couple the name of it  with any j        	
otlier newspaper is al.nstsufficie.it justi-'     Gootl bed at the Clarendon 50 cents.
We carry a full Hue of Railroad and Mining Shovels,
both in long and short handles. Also Bar Iron, Steel,
Wire Cable, Iron and Wood Blocks, Picks, Sledges and
everything in the shape of
Mail O.ders receive prompt attention
HcLennan, HcFeely & Co
122 Cordova Street,
>CK>000O00000O-C .OOOOOOv .OOOOOO-
���oooooo\. oooooooooooo#
A general meeting of shareholders In SMK/j
the   Rock   Creek   Consolidated    Placer   pftii
Mining company was held In the ollice | f/s*5
of E. Keffer, Anticonda, last Tuesday
night. II. II. Wilmot, who has been in
I'hurge of operations, was present, and
gave tin account of the work done to date,
As the funds of the company were exhausted, the question of how best lo
raise more money was considered, with
the result that it was decided lo try to
sell some of the remaining treasury
stock anil Rudolph Liden wus en power-
to act as official broker The meeting
was adjourned to Thursday evening,
when it was reported that sufficient of
the stock had heen dieposetl of to warrant a resumption of work. Mr. Wilmot
was autho.ized to clear off a certain area
of the wash down to beil rock and a
committee was appointed to examine , a**.*,
the creek after this shall have been done _Nor5
and to make a report to the shareholders {i/Jig.
later. I ttJWJ
The resignation of ('. W. Vedder lls ' jKjWE
secretary-treasurer was accepted and ' yijfi
Mr. Liden was appointed in his stead.       J'Zfo
the m
Greenwood Winer ^
$2.00 Per ./In mt in in JUdvance
��� :-��� ���������>�������� ���-: ���
Only Reliable mining news Published
We Publish Itlore mining and Local Tleivs
than  any  other  Paper  in   the  Boundary.
���������j-. ���������>���-< ������: ���
...Job Printing...
The   second   annual   meeting  of  the
North Star Mining company, owning the
North   Star  silver-lead   mine in   East
Kootenay, was hot
28th ult.   The di
wns presented, said: "Although the
conditions in the mine are most sntis
factory, your directors deplore  the ex
Best Equipped Job Printing Plant
the District. Jl full Line
Stationery   always   in   Stock.
Mean   mine in   i-,as. 1 {ffylgj    *9+1
din   Montreal on the   ��J1��1     C^/)��
rectors' report, which i fif^fi
Greenwood   Winer
<J*      vS*      ��c$w      %st       t3&      <j��      <j��      ��__��
torn        <J��       fc55        v��        t^C        <_$��        'M.
��s��      fejC      ��^C      ��__��      fc$6      *-$(5
feS��      <c��      <J��      <J��      <J��
Boots and Shoes
Men's   Furnishings
is a large and varied one, every line
complete in itself and strictly first-
class. Not a shoddy article in any
of the lines. They all concede that
our stock of Groceries is the nicest
and freshest in the city. Prices
consistent with the quality of the
goods. We would dislike very
much to be considered the "cheapest"
place in town���there are so many
very cheap ones���but we do think
that we come very near being the
best. Try us and tell us what
you think.
��3*    v^��    '.��    <<*��    <j>&
ic$.      tJ��      t?��      <<i��      ��-)���      tj*>
'J�� t& %0> <<�� kS�� 'J�� iJw
%J)r       ���<��       >3i        <J�� <��*       tJfi        tJ��        fcl��
RussellLawCaulf ield Co
iwiffifmssi **<nmm*mw**m*m*MMM*m**m
July 12, 1901.
I Pen
1     Carbon
I        Copying
John Shore, representing the nssigi
5j> in tin- estate of C F. Williams, is
JK   turning to Vancouver at once.
is usually to be found in  young   mining
towns in   the    west.
A general mooting of .numbers of  the
The   Skookuiu    Tilictim    club    bud  Greenwood club  was held  on  Tuesday
mother   of  its sociable and  enjoyable  night   to   tuk--   into consideration  the
lances in Miller's ball last night. present financial  position  of  the  club,
which,  owing  mainly  to  the  abuse  of
their privileges by u non-paying sec.ion
of the  members,  is nol  a  satisfactory
yjiBuiveu   piiriuersniii.     .or,   i.nioiaw   mis ,, . ,   ...   . ,., ,'
* . one.    ft is stated that some of those who
w  gone east on a business trip.
2 *
E. F. Massam and   Andrew   Laidlaw.
j��  mining brokers. Greenwood,  have dis
"solved  partnership.    Mr,   Laidlaw ha
1  Copie
i ^
letters or hills
The cleanest
writ ���
(!/  nipeg where he will spend  his
A you ever saw.    Any  paper, any  vl/
..     i 1, L-       miti     f���i,-It*     H.n.     1.,11. V..    yl
1 no water, no work. Price per 8!
1       vl/
Book.. $2.00
attendod the incitiii. advocated winding
$1 E, A. Duff teller at the Greenwood up this institution, whilst others did nol
m branch of the hank of Montreal, left by regard the position as by any means n
$ I last Saturday's train en  route  for Win-  desperate one. From opinions expressed I
M1,.|.  by some of the members who  have  not
made improper use of the olub, It is nol
unlikely Hint u  reorganizution   may  be
Smith   Curtis,   M.I'. P.   arrived   in  decided upon, so as to get   rid of those
Greenwood on  Tuesday und  nexl  day   w| der existing conditions are a drag
left  for the Similkameen.    lie wus
I Refills $1,251
��   Books
g communis are :i orug
unon the club rather than a support   to
companied by 0. N. Scott, a graduate of  j,.    Whatever course may be  found  de-
Queen's 1'iiiversity, Kingston,  Ontario,  siruble it is to be hoped that Greenwood
wil) continue to maintain un Institution
which bus the name among visitors of
beiugoneof.be  mosl   creditable   of   ils
w  , , ,  , ,        , kind to be found ill the upper country.
ffi 1 ( lirtslinu   lake,   where   he   will enjoy   u M
*   well-earned change of scene and occupa
II. S. Turner, editor of the Cascade
Record, is giving up newspaper work
and  is  retiring to his pre-emption near
A  Public Meeting will be held  in the City Hall
At 8 o'clock ]). 111., for the purpose of discussing
the hcspital bonus bylaw and school matters.
J| R. W. JAKES, Mayor.
Stationery,    Wall Paper Jj,
Dr.  Mathison,   dentist.  Naden-Flood
block, Copper street
Mr. and Mrs. H. (.'. Shaw  have been
enjoying a month's change on the coast.
Mrs. Jakes wns up from Miw.lay yesterday on a visit to Mrs. Leamy, tit Anaconda,
Why not. put up your ou n .'tint when
you can get home grown, fresh berries
from Crowston's ranch.
VV. M. Smith, of Smith & McRae, with
Mrs. Smith, has gone up the West. Fork
for a summer outing.
Julius Ehrlieh, manugerin Greenwood
for P. Burns & Co., went to Nelson two
or three days ago on business mutters.
Mrs. E. B, Dill is expected to return
tomorrow from Sandon, whence she bus
been on a visit al the home there of Mr.
Dill's brother.
Mr. Clowes, of Toronto, in the service
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce,who
has been travelling for his health, has
joined the bank's local staff.
J. ('. Hans, M. E., came it. from  Spo- j ber were burned.
kane on Wednesday night and registered
at the Hotel   Armstrong.    He  purposes
remaining  here  until  the   end  of   the
A very pretty welding occurred at the : . At about 8 ,,'rU"'k last Brim-day even-
Central Hotel, .ireenwood, when Wr. <ng some of the timbers supporting the
Arthur McGarr and Miss Isabell Mc. corrugated iron roof oi the blast furnace
I ..tyre wen- united in  marriage.   Rev. houso :lt  tl,e  British Columbia Copper
iv  I,,...-.        ,-ti    i)     1   .    ���      1       1 company's  smeller caught  lire.    For a
\\ .Anderson, 01 the I rosbvlcnsn church,     , B
offlciatinu short, time there  appeared  to be some
danger of the flames spreading to the|
If the streets committee of the city ore bins and thence to the other purl of
council will put u man mi forafew hours the works, but lie number of men onto drive home the numerous nails that ployed on the spot ami water being
catch the boots of pedestrians using the available together quickly removed nil
side walks of the town, they will earn cause for concern. A small, portion of
the thanks of not a few residents. tho roof wns destroyed but   the damage
c       ��� .    ,    .   ��� .. .,    ,. done dill not exceed $150 in  value.    Al-
Supenutendent  Downie, oi the Root-    ,
1   ,,        . r   ��� ��� .  .,      ,, though   the   sine ter   lsouts.de the  citv
etiuv and   Boundary division ol the ('..',
.,  ,,        .    1 1    ,,.,,,.    ���       ,. limits the Greenwood  ore department
P. R., arrived bv Inst night s train.    He ,   , ,      .       ,
,    ,      ., ��� .  ,,    ,      . ., , prompt v   responded   to  the    ire   alarm
had Hi-thing new lo tell about the track- ' ,       , . . .
,     . .,                  , ..             ,     . and  rendered  assistance  tu extinguishment  strike,   none of  the men having . ,       . ,,   ,
.���, ,         ,             1 ���   i- ���           ' mg  the  lire.    I nder conditions favor-
returned to work yet on Ins division.          ,,        , ,   .  ,      ,
 '.    _ uble to the spread oi the  dames the re-
L. S. Moulton Barrett is expected to suit might easily have been serious, but
shortly return from Cariboo, whither he there being no wind at the time to carry
went a month ago with A. Drucker, M. the flames to other parts of the works,
P., who is out from England with the and much of the frame work of the fur-
object of looking into some of his niin- nace house being steel, the loss was hiring investments, and probably of mak- tunntely restricted to tho small sum
ing more.
The Yale-Columbia Lumber company's
sawmill at Material Yard, on the Columbia river, a short distance above
Kobson, wus destroyed by lire early
yesterday morning. Besides the mill a
lot of railway ties and other sawn  lum-
the   union  lable
your  suit.
is  on
If it is made at Allinacher &
Wilson's there is little more
to be said.
We extend an invitation to every
man in Greenwood to call
on   ns.
Chief of Police McMellan, of (fraud
[forks, was a visitor to Greenwood for a
couple of days this week. He took back
with him a Celestial who seemed to
answer to the description given to him
of one who was "wanted" in the smeller
Anthony J. McMillan, managing
director of the British Columbia (Rossland and Slocan! Syndicate- limited,and
of the newly organized Snowshoe Mines,
limited, is advised as to leave London.
England, tomorrow, 13th inst., on his
return to British Columbia.
It is stated that Provincial Road
Superintendent Kileen has gone up the
West Fork of Kettle river to look over
the unfinished road to Rendell and
Carmi with the object of ascertaining
what is necessary to put the road in
sufficiently good order to make it lit for
wagon traffic.
Jas. Hunter, of Hunter Bros., Kossland, anil president of the Hunter-Kendrick company, limited, having mercantile houses at Greenwood, Grantl  Forks
mentioneil above. The furnace men
continued at work charging the furnace
even whilst the root' above litem was
burning, so the lire incident did not
necessitate any stoppage of smelting
Merchant  Tailors.
m,'j All Kinds of Carbonated Beverages,
Respecting the published statement
that Wm, ti. MeMynn, who is acting
gold commissioner, mining recorder,etc.,
for the Kettle River Mining Division,
with office at Greenw I, bus been appointed government agent for the Boundary, upon enquiring il lias been ascertained that although the estimates in-
eluded provision for saltvry torn govern- 000000000000000000000000
nient agent at Greenwood and Mr, MeMynn bus received communication
pointing   to   his   appointment   ii
lo Agents Km THE LIOK BREWING CO., Rossland B.C.
Tin1 Lnrgosl Brewery 111 r.ntish Columbia.
JAS. McCREATH & CO., Proprietors.
;"',i,'is We carry a full line of Photographic Goods
George Robertson, a lumber man from
Ottawa, Out., has been looking into the
resources of the Bonndary and its business prospects during the past. week.
lie has made the Imperial hotel his
headquarters and from Greenwood has
been visiting some of the surrounding
A car loaded with ore went off the
track at Eholt at the entrance to the
railway yard from the Summit camp
side, lust Saturday, As there were two
locomotives up the truck they were
blocked for a day, so that the delivery of
ore was delayed both on that branch
line and on the I) Iw I spur. However on Sunday Ihe line was got clear
and since then the ore trains huve been
running   us   usual
II. Bunting has tiearl
comtraci for the erection of the church J
of England parish building in Green- s
wood which Rev. W. \. Robins last :���
Sunday evening announced will be a -S
secular, as distinguished from u sacred, |J
building, although for the time being
church services will he held in it as well
as other gatherings. It will he known
as st. Jnde's hall, and will be available 15
for meetings, entertainments, etc., both -S
in connection with parish work and such j ��
other purposes as the committee In |
charge shall decide to let it for. 5
Gas for painless extraction ol teeth 3
Your Teeth deserve :
the   best   care   you j!
can  give   them.  jj
Health, happiness & =
comfort depend upon
Dr. R. Mathison
shortly be gazetted and that the govern- I
, incut's recognition of (ireenwood  as the !
leading town in the Boundary  will  ihus
become evident.
and Phoenix, paid a business visit to the ; capacity, no direct official notification of
Boundary this week,   registering  at   the his   appointment   bus   yet  reached him.
Armstrong whilst here. There  is  little  loom  for doubt though
When tne train left   Rossland  yester tlmt  the BUstomttrv ""'"���'!l1   notice will
day there were two reports in  circula
tion in thut town relating to the miners'   "" '''   """ 'l,!1'"1  "''' "!   '   ''"
strike at the l.e Roi One was thai
matters were in a fair way towards a
settlement, so that the men would probably soon return to work, nnd the other
that there wus a likelihood of the War There will be a meeting of the Bhare-
Eagle and Centre Star men going out in I holders of   the   Waterloo   Mining and
sympathy with the Le Roi  11. Milling company  in Vedder & Cunning
ham's ollice, Greenwood, Monday even-
The metal covering having been placed |n({| ,hllll. 1:,ti,   a, g .,'(.|,���.|_.
on the exterior of the Rendell block, I he
painters are now at work improving  its LOST.
appearance,     Present   indications   are Between Miller Bros, stoi nd lower   oooooooooooooooooooooooo-
thut when finished the building  will   be end of Silver street, a small hunting case
more distinctly  a  credit   to  its owners __iK.c.r   ���.���,.,,   ui||,   raised gold Moral or-                             I
and the  town  than  ii   wus  before,  ul- namontatlnns.    By  returning  same   to                     *J ���
though   even   when   unfinished  it   was Miller Bros .  Milder will   be suitably re-
decidedly a liner  looking   erection   than warded.                                                                    DRUGGIST,
Films,   Mounts,
Plates,        Kodaks,
Cameras,    Etc.
t Send  in   your   mail   orders,   they   will  be
promptly attended to. ^���=z^=^
-. 0000-0-0 oooooo 0-0-0-0-00 0-00000
impleted  hi- ;:�� S:
Bedding, Etc
Ti im g
Upholstered Goods
Pictures  and   Picture  Frames.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
Both 'Phones.       Greenwood. ^���w.,,..w,w,,.....,,,...w^


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