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The Greenwood Miner May 8, 1900

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tfe Eccles.
Vol. 2, No
Published Semi-Weekly.
Tailors and
$2 00 Per Year
a  m.   Whiteside, olive  Prinolk.
Offices:  Over Bans of Montreal,
The Premier's Meeting a Government Success.
��� - LEAMY & GRAY ��� ���
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
' oytliees: ���George Block,  -
ONPICBS:     Miller Hloek. tirct'mviMid. II. C,
^ R M. McLEOD <&
Barrister and Solicitor
George Block, Room !'.
that statute, and to continue to re-enact met, but it was not until about six
it until the Dominion government is in-' weeks that they Introduced the redistreduced to let it stand. It is a Utile mis- button bill. He made a compact with
take on the part of Sir Wilfred Laurier j Mr. Turner and his supporters to join
to think I am a Innl liberal, I would be (them in defeating the government. Mr.
Hunting in my duty as a liberal if I James Dunsniiiir informed him that a
should act otherwise, coalition scheme was on  foot.   One of
" Sir Wilfrid is reported as saying he j the terms of this scheme was that the
believed the majority of the people in redistribution bill should be dropped
British Columbia are not in favor of after the second reading. This govern-
iiliti-Mongoliail legislation. The gentle- inent has decided that they would delay
men representing this province at Ot- introducing the redistribution bill until
������ tawa have infused Sir Wilfrid with after the census has heen taken, when a
bogus stories of public, feeling in this . basis would he given upon which a new
province. I know that Mr. Bostock redistribution could be made,
j slated that my action in holding out for; Roads, Bridges and Trails.
a policy unfavorable to the immigration      Mr. Martin  then discussed the gov-
ofJaps nnd Chinese was antagonizing ernnient's policy in reference to roads,
tlie   Dominion government.    The  Do-   bridgesand trails.    He said the Semlin
NeHriy 1000 people were assembled  in   niiniou government, is influenced by the government   had  never   had  sufficient
the Alhambra theatre on Friday even-  imperial government, which in turn bus money to carry on this work.   The pro-
ing to hear the premier and  the  minis; j bee"   influenced  by   the    Emperor of   vincial government was  bound to prater of mines address to the electors.    ,L   Japan," ! vi,ll! ""  tllt:  n��ads,  bridges
R.   Brown   occupied    the   chair.      He         Government Ownership of Railways. that the province requires,
stated to the meeting that if an;, gentle- \     Mr. Martin then  spoke  of  legislation ! cll!k't(l fa? iIk' province lias
man opposed lo Mr.   Martin   wished to  in Manitoba with reference to railways, Tlie province should and can  have all
speak he could have thirty or forty mill-1 iunl   said  acts  Were there passed time ' 'he money on hand required to   provide
ami time again for chartering a, rail way improvements. If he was returned all
to the boundary line. At last ihe 1)..- ">ads will be built by.the government,
minimi government when it saw that but. none for political purposes. In or-
the people of Manitoba were determined, der to do this he proposed to borrow
1 capitulated.   We induced many of the'e gh moiiej to build all the roads and
Which He Eails to Prove���The Premier's Explanations Entirely
mil trails
It is no ex-
no money.
ntes at his disposal. There were loud
cries of " Boss" from the audience, ami
Mr. Duncan Ross stepped up and took a
seat on the platform.
Mr Brown then introduced  Mr. Mar
tin as the lirst spenke
Mr. Martin said he
r of the evening. ' conservatives to join ns.   They left their I trails that are required in tbe province.
whs pleased to see I party and staid by the prnviiice. I pro- One million dollars will be necessary,
what an interest people ol Greenwood mme to find my party among those who perhaps two millions. In order that
took in political matters, as was evinced wisli to do good lor the province, We ��'���"' borrowing will not affect the good-
by the crowded house, All through the | tt|H��� intend to send a minister to Lon- standing of the province, the govern-
province in his lecturing tours he. had don imc| ulideavor in this way lo remove | '��!��"' will have to call upon you for ^TiU,-
found illteilS
would prefer
A. E. Ashcroft,    ResWent
I'l.oilIiNAliKN BLOCK.
In   Sir    Charles     Hibbert    Tipper's
speech   at  Ohilliwuok  he claimed  that
interest  prevailing.     He j ,|u. antagonism ,,f  ihe   British  govern-1 900 ",or��  I"er-��� annum   for  interest-ami
iilis.-iiss   matters   wholly ' im.���|,    ff we are able lo show   the   iiii>*j (sinking  fund   oil   a   loan   of   If 1,0011,11011.
relating to ihe  platform, and lo   whatl ut!rjtt|    j,ov'er ,.���t   that   their   policy  As long us the government
tho goveriiuienl, it  retnrneil,   would  du I tuili'ltl t*i (onte the |>eu|>ie here to   ahull-   show that sufficient muiiey
for the country,  but  felt compelled  to | ���|f',i, tli*/lr lioiiset) lo Japs and Chinese,  to pay the interest and add lo the sink
devote il shod lime to adverse criticisms, j ji vv||| induce tbein to help  and  extend   big fund, there will he no trouble in get
favor to their subjects in British Coluin-   ting-money.   The province
bin.    If other parlies are  prepared  to   money in the past, but did not go about
take such a stand on   ihis  question   we   it ill the  right   way
must tight it out ami I am satislied that
We will succeed.
" There was a great cry of lo; ally  in
Manitoba while 1 was there,    S\e also
hear  it   in   ibis  province,      li   by  any
luce we should get the  Northern Pa-
t. a. ii.u.i.kit.
ll. i. S1IAU.
Barristers, Solicitors,    Cable Address
& Notaries Public. "ham-htt."
Cooks:    Bedford   McNeill's,   Moreing
A Nenl's,   Leiber's.
the only issue at stake was the action of
the lieutenant governor in choosing Mr.
Martin as leader of the government,
lie and his colleagues all seemed to
agree that the choice of Marlii. was a
bad one. Each prominent critic seemed
to think that the governor should have
called ou himself. Each thought himself the only one capable "f running the
government. Mr. Martin also thought
that he himself was thu proper individual, anil he differed from all the
others in one Important respect���the
lieutenant governor agreed with him.
A great objection to Mr. Martin
seemed to come from the liberals of the
province, These so-called liberals
claim     that     he     bad    no    right    to
is  able  to
on   hand
e has borrowed
il u
we I it ill the  right   way.    Bunks are Incor-
! poriiteil to help out the business   public,
ami that, is a  legitimate business.   It is
a most legitimate enterprise for the pn -
vincial government to borrow money lo
build roads, trails I   bridges.    If   Ihe
country i- not north  borrowing money
I'illc into the province I  Mould like to  fur, the people might as well  leave il
Still li I hy and see how  long  these  loyalists iiould stand,    When  they   Iind the
passenger   mid Ireiglil   ratio   lowered,
they    would    leave    the   C,   P.    R,    HTI'
quickly, Tills would be merely a matter of business, ami they would bequite
right in doing so. But loyalty would
not stand for a minute iu that case. The
application   for    Kettle   river    railway
Mining Machinery Supplied ami erected,
Agents for Cooke's Wire Hope; llopevvays,
flexible Metallic Tubinji, Uabcock Hollers,
Rlsilon Iron Works Co , etc,
barter was refused  at  Ottawa because
his position, as he was a had liberal, and   jt was against the interests  of the C. P.
some even say tbey would prefer having   it.     Mr.  Shaughnessy   wauled  a   free
Mr. Charles Wilson as leader. '. band iu Britisli Columbia.
Here Mr. Martin quoted from a Times ;    "There is a superstition that iiDomiii-
I edit irial of April 17,   ill   wiiieh  a   letter   j������ charter is necessary to  build   a  rail-   good oi the provinci
from Sir Wibred Laurier lo Mr. Martin   way to tile boundary line.   The provin
was published.     With  reference to this   einl government can grant such a char-
I he said:    " If the leader  of  the  liberal   ter.    If a  railway   wants  to come  into
; party condemns me in anv way, others
Previously, when anyone proposed lo
build a road and asked  ihe   government
for un y they were put off, and finally
only received purl of what they asked
for; so thai al last it became a practice
when $2000 uiis required to ask lor $10,-
000 The roads the government build
will be taken in liiiiul by competent engineers, properly graded and well built.
With regard to railways Mr. Martin
said :
"1 am not in any way personally opposed to the C.P. B. All the lighting I
have done against them was for the
Il is not for me
. to consider what effect our opposition
will have ou the company, We should
consider its effect   on   the  country.    If
Real Estate
)      Mines   and Mining.
Barrister,   Etc.,  Rossland.
Postoffice Building    -     -     -    Telephone 47
of course, must call me a   had liberal.
Oriental Labor.
"There is a statute of the alien labor
act by which  no  company   can  employ
Japs or Chinese'in  uudergiuuiid   labor.
One of the greatest evils  that threatens
the province the company will not have the C. P. R��� instead of cinching the pen-
tog,, any farther than Victoria when P1* b>' '"ilki"- passenger and freight
we are in power.
rates so high, would adopt the policy of
Redistribution Bill. encouraging the people they would lane
Mr  Martin said he had  been   misrep-I better resultsiti the future.
, .,., i .,,.,,   ,..,���,���    resented with  regard  to  redistribution.'     "The only company strong enough to
i Mr. Martin said lie had been asked why, ; fight the C. P. R. is the government of
our  coui.trv   is the ill flux of Mo.iogo- filing ����� lie didun this question, he took] the province supported by all  ihe peo-
. ! the stand he did. When it was appar- pie. It is said that we can t get, over
ent that the Semlin government was to the Hope mountains, on the line we
be defeated, Mr. Martin sold that tbey propose to build from the const to the
proposed to divide only the Rossland Boundary district'. When tbe C. P. R.
riding. This was one of their stong ��� doesn't want to build a road, they say ii
constituencies and they would thus keep is impossible todo so ou account of tl e
The house
lians. It is in the power of the dominion government at any time within a!
year tu disallow a provincial statute.
The Dominion government has dis-l
allowed this statute. I shall never
agree lo a policy of I bat kind. 11 I am
a bad liberal I am content lo he  one  in
that way.    It is our policy-to re-enact I themselves in,the majority.
Continued oa i��nge tare THE   GREENWOOD   MINER
Tuesday. May 8, 1900
Jingle���"Today 1 saw a man raising a
glass of beer to his lips. I called
to him to stop, spoke three words to
him, and instead of drinking it he
dashed it to the ground, splintering the
glass into a thousand pieces." Mingle
���"My stars 1 Vou must be a second
John B Gough for eloquence. What
did you say to him?" Jingle���"I said,
'that's non-union beer?' "
A Filipino fable: A hoy who had a
briudle dog on a string was so tired that
the dog was on the point of achieving independence, when a member of the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals accosted the boy and chilled him
for not giving the dog his freedom, and
finally bought the string for twenty-five
uents. The last the hoy saw of I In-
kind hearted stranger he was kicking
the stuliiiug out of the dog because it
hung back when he pulled on the
string.���Judge Charles G. Garrison of
New Jersey.
.Judge Martin Grover, of Troy, N. V.,
was at one time appruiicli.nl by a young
citi/.en who wished to he nominated to
the state assembly. The shrewd old
judge had'certain doubts about him,
which he expressed somewhat freely,
and yet he was willing to afford him a
trial, He therefore addressed the aspirant in this way: "Young man, if
you will give me your word that you
will not steal when you get to Albany,
I'll see what can be done about seiidin'
you there.'' "Judge Grover," replied
the young man, drawing himsell up
with great dignity, "l go to Albany unpledged, or 1 don't go at all."
A boy of thirteen sends a story of a German who, being pursued by a policeman,
ran into the store ol a friend, who was a
crockery merchant, and hid himself in
a bag. The policeman coming iu after
him knocked on all the hags and baskets to Iind out where he was. When
lie came to the bag where the German
was hid he knocked, and nol hearing
the rattle of china, said: "Tne Herman must be in here, for if it  was china
It would go'tinkle, tinkle. Dingle,
dingle," said ihe Gen.inn inside." The
hoy neglects to state whether or not the
policeman was deceived.
A young couple were entertaining
their friends, und among the guests was
one   whose    continued    rudeness   made
him extremely objectionable to ihe
rest of the company.   His conduct  was
put up with for some time, until at supper he held up on his fork a piece oi
meat which had been served lo him,
and in a vein of intended humor, he
looked round and remarked: 'Is this
pig?" This immediately drew forth the
remark from a quiet looking individual
sitting at the end oi I l.e table:" Which
end of the fork do you refer to?"
A new military prison chaplain was
recently appointed ID a certain town in
Scotland, and entering one of the cells
on his lirst round of Inspection, he,
with much pomposity, thus addressed
the prisonjr who occupied it: "Well,
sir, do you know who I nn?" "No, nor
I ilinnu care," wa-1 e m clialant reply.
"Well, I am your new chaplain." "Oh
ye are; well, I hue heard o' ye before."
'And what did you hear?" returned the
chaplain, his curiosity getting the better of his dignity. "Well, I heard that
the lust iwa kirks ye were in ye
preached them bilitll empty, but I'll be
hanged if Vt Iind il such an easy matter
to do the same w i' this one."
1. The abolition of the  $2011 deposil
for candidates for the legislature.
2. The bringing into force, as soon as
fltVi   Q     Next Door to
lilKJ   &}   UANNKUMAN'S,
W. S.K.'itli. M. K.
lr. F. ICotcbuui,
eith &
the government   money   is  expended
upon some system which will be advantageous to the general   public,  so  that
irrangements can be completed, of the  the old system o'f providing roads us a I
Torrens registry system. special favor to supporters  of the gov-1
:;.   The redistribution of the constitn-  ernment may be entirely discontinued. I
encies on tbe basis of population, al-     )4    To keep the ordii.'arv unniinl   ex-
lowing to sparsely populated districts a  |jendiU)ra witlli��� ������. ordj ���,,���������,
proportionately   larger    representation   _ ���       ,    , ���  ,    ,  .,
11 ��� & ' revenue, in order to preserve intact  the
than to point ous districts and cities. .   ...     ,��� ,, , . ,   .   .,    ,
1   ��� credit  ol the province, which 18 its besi
4. The enactment of an accurate sj's-.
tern of government scaling of logs, and'
..     . . ,     , . lo.    to adopt a system of government
its rigid enforcement. ���        ��� B
-     ,,,. ,        ,      ,   ,,       ,.    ,    construction and operation  ol   rill will's.
5. Ihe   re-enactment   oi   the distil- ' ���
,         i   |,|                 ,  ,���            ,     ,Q1,0          ,   and   iiiiinedliitelv   to   proceed   with   the
lowed   labor regulation net,  1808   and ,.nn ..,.���.,.���,'    .,'.    ��� .,     ...    In Greenwood & Camp McKinney
also all the statutes of  181)0,  containing   W'lStruofioil ota rallwtl}   on   the  south
Mining,    i
Insurance Brokers.
j Lots in nil Purls of the City.
Mining Stocks
side of the Eraser river, connecting the
coast with the   ICootemiv  district,   with
i anti-Mongolian   clauses   if disallowed as
proposed bv the dominion  government.   ,""    Mining  Proportl
,.    ,,,   ,', ���        ,     , the understanding that unless the other
li.     to  lake   a   ll I in   Stand    in   even
,, ., , ,, ..   ,.    : im wavs now constructed   in   lie   pro* -
! other possible way with   a   view   ot  ills-!.
[courtlging  the spread of Oriental cheap
! labor iu this province.
7. To provide for the official inspection of all buildings, machinery and
works, with  a   view  of compelling the
A Specialty.
I'.xiiiiiincil   anil    Reported   mi.
dice give fair connections, and milke
equitable joint freight and pivaellger arrangements, the province wili continue THE LION	
Ibis line to the eastern boundary of   the I
adoption of proper safeguards to life and
Kootenay railway to be given to the island
of Vancouver. \\ itll respect toother parts
of I hi
Bottling Works.
Manufacturers of all kinds of Carbonated Beverages,
,,  .i i ,   ,i      ��� i . i        i "i i m province,  to  proceed  to civ* to,
K.    With regard to the eighl hour law' ' ' ' ���"
,, ., ,     ,o        ,.  ,��� even- portion of it   uiilwav   connections
the government will continue to enforce ,
.,    , ���,   .     i      i K, at as early a date as   possible, the rail-
the law us it stands,   An immediate en- ,   ��� a,   ��� ,ll-vn ���_��� _.,,.,
.,, , i     i      ., ������, ,��� wav when coiislriiclei   lo be operated bv : ���M'"t Ai.l.Ms rOR lilt
quirv will be made   bv   the   minister   of ,  ��� , ���      .    .    ��� . ._,,    ���������,,,,.,���    ������
���   "-,,,. ,, ,.    ; tic government throng i a  coinm SB on. LION   BPFWINfi   CO
mines into all grievances put loi'ward in l.ivji   l��i\.l,m inu   vu.,
connection  with its operation,  with a      ������������   A railway bridgo to be construct- Rossland. B. C.
view of bringing about at. a, able set- ,"l,i"   1'"""l''',il'"   ".'"'   the  Kootenay   Tlle, t b ,��� ,jritis|, ro���lm���,,,
,, ,     ... ... ...     i    i ruilwav across the   eraser river, at  or
tlenient.    II   no   settlement   is   reached ...... , . IK     vi m> I."' i tii   I   on
,, ���  ,      ,   , , .,,   i near  New    \\ estiniiister,   am    running JAB,   M i'lti.A 111 A  IA1.,
i the principle ol the relereiiiluui   will   be . e .
i-   i       i .   ,  i .  ,i i powers     given  over    It   to    anv     rail- l'l'oiinctoi's.
applied and a vote taken at  Ihe general ' r ��� I
,    . ,       ,  i   ii   i wav company appIving  lor the  same.
! election us to whether the  law   shall   be        ', i      .      li .
,,,..,, i i    .i nin er proper conditions.
; repealed,    ll the law is sustained by the '     ���
! vole it will lie  retained on the statute      ���"���   In ease It,is thought al any time
I bunks with its penalty cluuse.   If modi- advlsabln to give a  bonus to any  rail-
' liciilioiiscan be made removing any  of Wiiy eouipiiliy, the same to  be  in  cash,
ihe friction brought about, without im-,:""' '"" u.v ����)"'" land grant i and un
pairing the principle uf the law, thev ������-,l1'1' bonus to be granted except  upon
will be adopted.   If tho vote Is against tbei Iltlou that a fair amount oi the
ii ihe law will be repealed. "iind* "���'  shares  of   the  company  he
il.   To re-establish'.he   London  ugen transferred in tlie province, and effective
ey of  British  Columbia I   bi lake means taken to give thu province eon-
every effective i is of I,ringing before trol of the freight  and   passenger rates,
the British public the advantages of this ��������� provision made against such rail-     	
1 . .. ,-,'. , 'bo tiiiilillnu i< centrally   Incutud, h,-ei,-.i
province as a place for ihe proliiable in- Hn> having any liabilities ugallist it  ex-   ivlth hot air uml furnished with Hush florets.
vest ment of capital. copt actual cost, Apply to JANITOR, Jllllei Block.
10. Tlie retaining of the resources   of      18,    To   take   away    from    the  lieu- j "
the piovinee. :m an asset for the  benefit tenalit-goveriiur-in-couiieil any power to  H. M. KEEFER,
of    the    people-    and   taking   effective make substantive changes  in  the  law, ���M/TTU'Tvr'        l  -dtat
measures to prevent  the alienation  uf [confining   ihe  jurisdiction   entirely  to
the public domain, except to actual set- mutters  ol detail  in   working out the ESTATE BROKER,
tiers or for actual bona tide business,  or \ laws enacted by the legislature.  GREENWOOD, II.  ('	
industrial  purposes,  putting an end to      10.   Tim establishment of an  iiistitu-1
the practice uf speculating iu connection, tion within the province fur the eduea- 'run tiHEKNivooii  .minkii   print-
-.,   ,, .li.iii IN'l I'd. lllia hi't'll  illiimiiiU',1   in?,>tll   for
with the same. lion ol Ihe deal and dumb, _        _ '' *
11. The taking of active measures for      20.    To repeal the alien exclusion act.  9pO.���anC
the systematic exploration of ihe prov- as ihe reasons justifying   its enactment   Engraving Co.
luce. no longer obtain. Orders   will   be   received  fi
12. Tbe borrowing of money for the 21. An amicable settlement of tlie
purpose of providing muds, trails audi dispute with the' dominion government
bridges, provided that in every ease  the as to  Deadman's  Island,   Stanley   Park
money necessary to pay the-interest and and   other    lands,   and   an  agreement   -��-��c�� -��yBS* *~     -*�� t �����-��!��->��-�� ^>
sinking  fund    n   connection   with  the witli Mr. Liidgntc, by which, if possible    /-' ljjf2\J   LtVili lfi\l
loan shall he provided hy additional tax- a saw mill industry may   be established
at ion so as not to  impair  the  credit of and carried  on  on   Deadllliiu's   Island.
To Let...
Eleven Large
Offices in
The Miller Block,
Rooms Rented in Suite
or Seperate	
urdcrs   will    be    ivceived   for rubber
stamps, corporation, notary, and lodge
mihK stencils, metal checks, engravings,   -^
etc, etc    Prompt  attention m orders    V
uml quick delivers*.
W. L. BERG, Greenwood, Post Office,
the province.
under  Htitisfiicton
oiulitioiis,  protect-
13.    In connection with the  construe- ing Ihe iutercits of the public.                   I ING    S VI'ISP VCTIONGl' Alt \ NTI'I'D
tion of government roads and trails,  to 22.    Proper means of giving technical
provide by the employment  of i pet- instruction to miners nnd prospectors.         Subscribe for the  Minku: only  12.00
ent civil engineers  and  otherwise  that JosKPH  M lam.       per year. Tuesday, May 8 r,JOO
,nARTIN=ROSS-CURTIS'"'.:::1,';::::,���1:::: * :j MSSE11'
Continued irom first page
Russell Hardware Co.,
"Mr.   Martin   claims   that he never
made pre-election promises in   the  pro-
1 vim f Manitoba that he did not fulfill.
engineering difficulties.    The V. V. &   In 1889, when John Nbrquuy resigned
15.   made  a  survey  through   the   Dope   and   Harrison    formed   a    government   ..,,,,,,���(,���,
mountains, and said there was  no  dilli-   takinn ill all the members  of  the   Nor-   Ue.ALE.KC) liN
cultv.    The steepest   grade   was  only  2   quay governi.ieiit except   himself  (Mar-
oei cent      We  nmnose   lo have the line   tin.)    Mr.  Martin   undertook   to  wreck!        . ., ., , .    .      , TT      . ,, _      .
I'                    prop i i               un inn .    ti   .......' Almost all kinds of Hardware, Glassware, Crock-
built ai once.   In July we will burrow the Harrison government,   lie put up. ' \
.1 ' i .1       ii         Kill/Hub sneikiii.r e.uididite iii ibe eryware,    Wootlenware,    1 inwu.ro,  (iramteware,
tlie money necessary,   and   the   railway ""  'oigiisn  speaking i .iiiiiiiiau    in   im . i > i
will be biiilt just as soon as   money and I'll h district of  Si.   Francis   Xavier. .Silver and plated wares, Lamp   goods,   Stoves   of
energy can doit.    How do the C. I\ R. The l'rencli got excited on account of the all kinds; all stock sizes of glass  windows  and
build new lines?    They have no  money school question, believing that  an Kng-
oti band.   All their profits are paid out lish-speaking  member would do away
111 dividends.    Tbey   build  new  lines by with   their   separate   schools   and   dual'
borrowing I ey just as we propose to  language.   At a certain  meeting in that  BRASS  GOODS A  SF*ECI ALTY.
do.     This   province   is   inineiisurably  district   he   was asked   this question:
Tllfl  lesl  of   ' Would he pledge himself not  to  inter-!
doors; Belting and Packing of all kinds.
stronger than the ('. I'. R,
strength Is the  rates of   interest.     We I fere In the eel I  question?'    He gave
()riii borrow inoiiey at a lower rale than the pledge required. Mr. Martin's Candida te was returned, and I be lirst thing
the government   of  which   Mr.   Martin
Lubricating nnd Illuminating oils, guns, rifles
and Ammunition; Iron all sizes and shapes; all
kinds of drill and tool steel; black and gal. pipe
up to 8 in.    All kinds pipe fittings up to 6 in.
file C.I'. IS."
Mr. Martin  sail1,   that  personal IV  he
bad no desire t��� be returned,    All  he was a member did, was to abolish s,,,-
desired was lo have his   platform placed ttratl! scl '"���    '^Victoria  Mr.   Martin t
In the statutes of the government,   11- was helping n  liberal e.indliliite,     Tbe
would have  great   pi lire   in   tnakiu, eonservatives sen. for  a   Manitoba!,   to
 "" :" ^rro^xi-i^rr Sherwin & Williams' ^^dL��a*,h��yare
Martin   replied:   "It   would  be  sui- tne Best on .Lartn.
cidal  ur part   to   tell   Hume   French
that we would introduce smh legisiu- Pedlar, Steel and Metal Roofing and Shingles,
J^z'zX":"";"��X2 best tinning and plumbing shop in the interior.
of the redistribution bill did not appeal _���^���_____	
to him a-   being   a  sulisfactorv  answer.
platform is carried out.
He said some people accused him of
being a government wrecker; that if he
couldn't have his own way everything
would be smashed, Conservatives often |
said ho, but this was the lirst time he
hud been accused of it. by liberals He
said it was Ids duty In electors to wreck
ihe government of John Norquay in
Muni oba, and also the Harrison government, He also assisted Mr. Bostock
ii wrecking the government of S;r
Ohiirles Tupper. Mi. Bostock then
thought it was all right, hut apparently
changed his mind since. At Victoria
in wrecking the Turner government he
said Mr. Bostock stood by him, and the
iilatant praise ol ihe Vancouver   Pro
vinee almost disgusled him.     He helped
" Previous  lo  1808 the Turner govern-
n I   introduced  a  redistribution   bill
which did not please voters in the
Boundary distriel,    We then pledged .1,
M. Martin and ll hers of   ihe Semliu
government lo push through redistribution mcasurca giving the Boundary fair
representation. One year elapsed before anything was done. Then Mr. Martin introduced a new code into
politici���that   of  dishonoring   bis   own
People who are accustomed to smoking
the high grade, time honored brands of
wnck the Turner government, nnd now
event" justified him in   doing so.    II
said he would stand  by  the  redistribution   bill,   if certain things  were done.
P links in his   plallorin.      I'.acb ol these . '   .
I hen he wenl lo .Mr.   .lames   Diinsiniiir,
who told him about the scheme for a
coalition government, und ho says this
justified him iu voting against redistribution, and thus dishonoring his signature, No matter what subsequent
events may occur, one is bound to honor
one's signature,     Whatever ihe faults
of tile Semlin government may have
been, tbey carried out all their preelection  promises,    ll   i���  nio   with   very
muir gran i ihe pun of Mr,  Martin
who is culling on the name oi labor
support, t" form a combination with
Diiiisinuir. the arch  enemy of labor and
'""'I signature.      lie   SUV'S   that    subsequent
Mr. linstock und the  Province are bowl-       	
ing against him.
Mr.    Martin said I     "There   were   22
philips would be carried out il oiilhelllh
of June bis party was returned to power.
But if tlie majority of members elected
were not in favor ol the present government he would be content to baud iu
bis resignation and let ihe other parlii s
go ahead." He said in closing that he
was satisfied the electors  would vole ac
curding io their judgment. (Loud.applause, i .
Upon Mr. Martin resuming his seal
there were loud calls from the audience
for Mr. Koss, who at once came forward
and said :
...Jyavana Cigars
Find it a grievous disappointment when they are even a little "off"
in flavor or condition. Our stock is jealously and intelligently cared
for and is perfect, every cigar is full of fragrance.
Telegraph fir Tclophono
Promptly Attundod lo
Clurontlon Motel Bloolc,
I. ROBERT JACOBS, Manager,' '''greenwood,b.c
No one appreciates  more than   I  d,,
,     .       ,,        , ,     Ihe deleiider   id   Japs  and   Chinese,  in
ihe plallorin abilnv ot the Hot). Joseph       , , ,   . ,, i
,    ' ' order   lo   deleal  Ihe   oulv   government
Martin, bill I w ill endeavor to prove  lo . '
'   .  . ,        thai carried mil   Us  pre-election   proin-
you that it is nol in your interest or that
of the province to support  Mr. Martin. Continue.! on page six,
I am forced by him to discuss his record -
in another province.    A   short time ago
he challenged me lo prove certain statements   which   appeared   iu   the Times, j
which he alleged  were false.     [ propose |
io  prove  I hem  all, but  I am bound to
accept Mr. Martin's statements with regard to certain letters from Sir  Wilfred
Laurier    to    Lieutenant Governor   Mclnnes     But the only conclusion one can
ldraw from these letters is that  Laurier j
declines to support Mr. Martin because I
lie is nol a good liberal.
Columbia &
;; Western Ry, Co,
Dally  except Sunday.
N.,. 1 Leaves Greenwood, 18:10  Arr. West   Robson, I0:BU.   No. '2. leaves West Kobson, 10:20;
Arr. (Irocnwood, 16:10.
All trains make direct connection at West
n rillHIP     ni'flllllHir     Robnoii for Nelson and all C,  I'.  II   main line
CLEANING, REPAIRING,: ;^!l-i;-:,^1:;;i:;';1^;;;i-i,,l-,^:':;r'1
and Awnings. A/l n p 1 m f\ fl
Opposite tlie Alhambra Hotel,
Deadwood St,.
Office Hours;   8a. ra. toB'.lop. m.
Matin i-li'so ior Grand Forks, Rosslarul nun
"Joe   Martin   h;iys  lie   will   re-enact   Kootenay, Kastcrn. Ainoricttn ��ml Coasl joints
...    * . .        ut l: 15 a. hi. 'Uilv, exuept Sum Ikv.
statuses will,  reference to importation     For Midway. K'o.k Creek, Camp McKinney,
"f Mps ' Chinese.    The province has   ����*%"^Vur'day1.' '" ? "' '" ' '''""""''
no power whatever to enforce this legis-     Mails duo from Orand Forks, Rowland, and
,,  ,   alluastern, American and Coast points at BIOS
latum.    Mr. Martin is bringing forward   p.m.rtally.
,, ���   .   i-   .   , i. ,       , ,i, , i   ;,.,.'       Mai is duo from Penticton, Camp McKinney,
ibis policy only toentch Notes and  nn-   R01,k creek, aud Midway at 5.00 p. m., Sunday!
The   Wednesday.and Friday. j Full assortment of mat
close lor
I do correct work.
Is now Incut ..d on Gruell-
! wood street
n��   YEARS
tale   the   Dominion   government.
Mulls  illle Ilolll I'lloulllX III '.'11.   Ill
exclusion   of   Mongolians    is   a   matter   Phoenix at 7 a. m,
.JjL, tjfi ><* ��,N�� vi* vw vi�� *ajt
Hardware Co.,
Arc now sottled In ihcir
commodious new quarters mi
Copper Street,
a tel have now on hand
,  a I'nll Line nf
Shelf and Heavy
.   Hardware,��^��*.M.^_*-*
Tinware, Graniteware,
Minora' Supplies,
Jessep and Leonard's
Celebrated Steel.
There Is also In connection
a fully equipped, up-to-date
...Tin Shop...
*Jm 'J�� *J�� >J�� t5C ��4�� ��4�� iJw
erial and tools f'      Go to Mixkk office for best  workman-
i ship in job ptintiiig. THE   OREENWOOD   MINER
Tuesday, May 8. 1900
Published Tuesday anil Friday at Greenwood,
British Columbia.
AV.   S.   KEITH, Editor and Manager.
Domestic, One  Year 12.00
"        Six Months 11.2.1
Foreign, One Year ?3.00
Payable Invariably In Advance.
Advertising rules furnished on application.
N'o patent medicine ads taken except al full
Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.
"Certificate of Improvement" notices, ��>.ui)
and Jlii.nii for legal life nf notice.
Four weekly insertions constitute one month's
The meeting of Mr. Martin and Mr.
Curtis, at the Alhambra theatre on Fri-
evening was a decided success. Mr.
Martin's opponents have only heen able
to hunt up two charges against him in
all his political career, and these he explained away to the entire satisfaction of
the audience. This is a record of which
any man might he proud, and tlie electors will express their satisfaction in
such a record on June 9th.
S   5:
The Miner Is on sale at the following places:
King <& Co., Smith >t McRae, Mouroo & Co., P.
O. News Room.
Cascaiie: Cascade City News Co. ROSSLANPI
P.O. News Room. Anaconda. 11. (.': P. 0.
News Room.   SPOKAKB:   The Shaw-fiorden Co.
Entered at the Greenwood, B. C��� posi ollice
as second class mail matter.
Tl KSI1AY, MAY 8. 1900,
So far as outward appearances go the
visit of tlie Hon, Joseph Martin to the
interior has already given strong indications of a change in political sentiment.
In nearly every place where he has addressed an audience he has commanded
an excellent hearing, nnd scores that
came to scoff remained to bo convinced
of the faith and honesty of Mr, Martin
and his government. No one can deny
that his platform is the best offered by
any of the live combinations, and that il
should have the solid support of the
electors ; and we believe thai Ihe electors
will see its fairness toull classes and give
ii hearty support. They should remember that the building of the "Coast to
Midway" railway will circulate an
enormous amount of money among the
working classes, and the laborers will
require the produce of the ranches and
market gardens en route. The connection with a Kettle River Valley road,
which will also have connection with
the Northern Pacific or so#ie other
American line, will give competitive
freight rates into the Boundary country
from the east and from the west. The
re-enactment of Chinese and Japanese
exclusion bills will, as Mr. Martin says,
force the dominion government to allow
the province to use its own judgment an
to excluding or admitting Mongolian laborers j and Mr. Martin and Mr. Cur-
t!s pledge themselves to prohibit tbe
immigration if returned to power
Many other reasons may be given for returning the Martin government to power, and we believe, as we said before,
that the electors will recognize the jus-
tice "f ihe government platform and
give it their honest support.
Is Greenwood going to give any ns-
; sistance to the Sandon sufferers? We
! hope that the dollars  it  contains  will
burn holes in the city treasury boxes
i until the city council or the mayor starts
a subscription for those that are home-
��� less and  penniless.
t *
Mackintosh's policy���Grant   bonuses
t to monopolies for railroad construction.
| Martin's  policy���Use the bonus money
] to build railroads which   will   be owned
by the province.   Which is preferable?
The result of the revision of tlie voters' list lias shown Grand Forks to have
L'lll less names on that list than Greenwood. Will the Gazette kindly lend us
their rooster'.'
Tlie street sprinkler lias begun its
rounds, and is largely paying its own
way with the ads upon it. (Ireenwood
is always up-to-date in its city accoutrements.
The government has acquired  considerable strength through  the  acceptance
! of the portfolio of minister of linance by
J J. C. Brown of Westminster.
The smallest thing on earth���The hole
i that the man  who said  "ruts"  would
liked to have crawled into.
Premier Martin will continue to gain
i friends if lie continues to keep principle
! before party.
There nre differences nf opinion as to
the practicability of certain planks in
the platform of the premier, ami as to
the qualifications of tlie Hon, Joseph
Martin as a leader, but then' can be but
one belief respecting the litness of any
part of the Turner party to regain power in Hritish Columbia.���Columbian,
Tlie Nelson Tribune is quite mistaken
iu its diagnosis of the political situation
iu Victoria. There is no alliance or anything else approaching one between   the
four opposition  candidates   nominated
here and the Wilson party.    It observations   upon   what    it   alleges   are   Mr. I
Dunsnuiir's   political  objects are nonsense and nothing else.���Colonist.
|      JAMES COOPER MFG. CO., Ltd., Montreal.       ��
I Greenwood:   H. R. KIRKPATRICK.      ��
I   I   .    |
Miners' Hotel,
A  Finely Equipped  Bar,
Board by Day or  Week.
Best of Cusine Service.  Rooms
neat   and    Well   Furnished.
The Waterous Engine Works Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Engines, Boilers, Saw Mill and Planing
Mill Machinery, Krick Machinery, Link Belt Conveyors, Rock
Crushers, and Hoists, Water Wheels, Etc., Etc.
Second-Hand Machinery, Thoroughly Refitted, Always on Hand.
W. 1_.  LEONARD, Agent,
George Block, Copper Street.
T. McAVITY A SONS, Brass Goods and Plumbers' Supplies
W. A.  FLEMING & CO.,  Helling and Mill Supplies.
HRl'XSWlCK-ISALKK-Cni.LKNDKR CO., Billiard Tables.
Estimates Furnished for Plants of All Descriptions.
A. L. White & Co.       second hand store.
Opposite Sprott & Macpherson's.
Cunliffe & AWfltt,
Our iilm r lit nc shops hit HOW votn ploto unci we ��ro prepared to do till) heaviest class ol* work*
Ore citrs. Oro bnukots, Bhafttng, hangers nnd pulleys. PJpo work a specialty. Kstfmates given
on all flriMwn iti work.   PutllpH always fn stock.
SECOND-HAND   MACHINERY:    i-2^H. P., iiortontai engine, Axis, i -u-u. !������
As election day draws near, it becomes
more and more apparent that this contest will prove u veritble Armageddon
between the cause of the people and the
heterogenous hosts of privilege and monopoly, with the Martin government,
properly strengthened and ballasted,
standing for the former, and the Turner-
Conservative-Cotton combination for the
latter. It behooves the people to be
armed at all points against this supreme
assault upon their liberties hy the same
elements and forces that were temporarily disconilitted in the general elections Barclay Avenue.        ...EHOLT, B. C...    McMaster & Black
of 18IIK,   but  have  mustered  their  lute '
scattered forces and are now swooping
down like the wolf on the fold, hoping
that the people will fall an easy prey to
their nefarious designs, under cover of
the hue and cry that has been raised
against Mr. Martin, to conceal those designs. The people will not fail to pre-
ceive, however, that a more serious danger threatens the province than the return of Mr. Martin, and will act accordingly, as thee did iii the last great call
t" arms iu i.siw.���Columbian.
[.oconlotive type, boiler  innl skids complete
1���fi.fonl  I'l'ltim wheal. witlilWOIci't special ivel'.lod pipe from 10 ins. toS Ins.
Rossland, !^A^^��x&bJ!l
Agent In Ureonwood,   Wm. Smith, Nn. ll, Nwltin-Flooil ink.   I', O. II.*. i n.
The Columbia Hotel,
Bar Stocked with Best Brands of Liquors and Cigar:?.
Eholt Meat Market
A I-'l !.l. SUPPLY OF
P. llO'ItXS.ll u.       Klllll.T, 11. C.
������Mi ���MUiiHMM
Tuesday, May 8 1900
From tlie Slur.
On Friday creek Messrs. Silverthorne |
and Rogers are doing g 1 work  ill   the
Muliloon claim. The ledge is showing
up Htroiiitlv mineralized mck. which is
increasing in value as depth is obtained'
The Lost Horse mine is showing up;
new development which is very proniis-
lllg, About '-'HO feet from the shaft the
men are busy stripping an outcrop
which is very rich in carbonates and oxidized copper. Secretary W. A. Camp-
hell is at the mine personally superintending the work and is very enthusiastic over the new strike.
The Copper Cliff is jnslifvingits name.
Situated ou Copper mountain 2000 feet
below the Sunset close to the Si 111 ilka
ineen river, tlie development work, done
by Messrs. Aldons, Van Mills and Jackson, who own the property, has uncovered a line body of chalcopyrite, which,
judging from samples left a the Star ollice, ought to assay well.
Kennedy mountain claims are looking
Well.     On   tlie   Dewey   ami   Retl   Buck
later developments nre proving the ore
botlics to he richer and stronger as depth j
is  attained.     Messrs    Burr  und  Jones
have completed the assessment work on i
the Lelu and adjoining claims.   A shaft
11)  feet  deep  on  the    Lelu   is  in   good
mineral, and witli  ii  little  more depth
Indications show that a good ore body ;
will be fount'.
The latest development of the Sunset,
although disappointing from the fact
that owing to breaking through a slip;
the shaft made water so fast that a temporary closedown was necessary until a
new pump is installed, is most encouraging. The liiBt blast, at a depth of 11)1)
feet broke into tne richest body of ore
yet discovered in the mine. The bottom
of the shaft is literally covered with
copper, native, sulphide and bomite, all
being scattered thickly through the
rock, milking it a perfect kaleidoscope
of color. Supt. Loiigheed left immediately for Grand Porks to procure a
large pump and expects to start work
again in about ten days J. D. Anderson, P, L. S., is busy surveying the
properties owned by the Similkameen
Copper Co. on Copper mountain.
A rich copper strike is reported on
the Cornell mine, i ne of the Villi Alldil
properties, on Texada Island,
By a vote of L'l) lo L'll the IT, S. senate
refused to consider  Senator   1'cltigreH's
resolution of sympathy with the Boers.
A. S. Ilardie, ex-premier of Ontario, is mimed us provisional director of
Leo Mining and Developing Co,, Ltd.,
which has been incorporated at Toronto.
Hon. David Mills dropped in a lit at
Ottawa April 27 in an unconscious condition, lie was taken to the Russell
house. He recovered consciousness
shortly after.
The annual report of the Ontario bureau mines places the value of the milling output of the province at $8,985,251 :
wages paid. $3 021,080; employes engaged, 9,978. Seventy-six mining companies were incorporated during the
Dank of C
Head Office, TORONTO.
Established lsr.7
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.
[Six Million Dollars.1
iikst $1,000,000
President Mux. Geo. A. Cox.
General Manager B. E. Wai.kkii.
Ass't. Gcn'l, Manager.. .J. II. Pi.ij.mmkk
This bank has the largest number of
branches of any bank in Canada, with
agencies at New York, Chicago, New
Orleans, Skagwav anil Dawson Citv.
Accounts of Corporations, Merchants
and Individuals received on favorable
Drafts, Commercial Credits, Travelers' Credits and Circular Notes issued
available in any part of the world.
Approved Notes Discounted; Collections made.
A    general    Banking   business    trail-
....BANK of  MONTREAL...
Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.
Rest $6,000,000
Lotto ktkatncona and Mount Royal.
Vice* President:
Hon. Ueokuk a. Diiummonp.
(ieneral Manager E, 8, Cmhjstoii
Branches in London, Eng., New
Listen I
The thing to use fur
Witch Hazel and Cucumber Cream
The Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing Co.,
Peterborough, Ontario,
York, Chicago,
And in the principal cities in Canada.
Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and
Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial and
Travelers' Credits, available in any part
of the world.
Drafts    issued,    Collections   made,  etc.
ok <sxr)nrrrrrtt~rrinnnnrr^b^
Death of Mrs. W. H. Keith.
W. S. Keith received a telegram
from his brother on Saturday announcing the death of his mother
at her home in Hitveloek, N. B.
Her death-bed was surrounded by
all of the family except the recipient of the telegram.
Greenwood -  Branch.
F. J. FINUCARE, Manager.
British North America.
Established in  16SM1,    Incorporated by Royal
PAID-UP    CAPITAL $4,866,666
RESERVE    FUND  $1,460,000
BUlemont's Lane, Lombard St., k. 0.
nil'UT   or   DIRKCTOJIBi
.1. ll. Broil* j. ���tolm J am on <v *or, <;�� 'pard i"��ir
ier, Uiehn.il 11. t,i   ii. Ilriir. I.,   ft.   Knrn-r.   Kd.
Arthur Una iv, II.   .1.   It.   '..-lulall,   .1.  .1.   KUlgS
innl. : retl LudLhhjIc, Uoo. I>- Whatman.
\. (J. WALL 18 Secretary.
Head Office In Canada:   St. Junes Bl, Mond
real.   H. Btlkoinan, Hon. .Mjjr., .1. Klmsloy, inst-
London, Urantford, Hamilton, Toronto. Mont*
real, Ottawa. Kingston, Midland, Quebec, St.
.John, N. it. lira noon, Winnipeg, Fredorleton,
Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Kossland, Kaslo,
Trail, Ashcrolt, Oroenwood, Atlin. liennutt H.
<\ and Dawson (.'ity.
Spokane���Traders'   National Hank and Old
National   Hank.    New   York���(M  Wall St.)  W.
Lawson and.). C Welsh, agents.   SanFrancis-
. i-o���V24 Sansome St., II. J. Mi-Michael nnd  .1.   R
Ambrose, agents.
Hank nf England and Messrs. Glyn & Co,
Llyerpool���Bank of Liverpool. Australia���
Union Bank of Australia, New Zealand���Un*
Ion Hank Ol Australia. Bank of New Zealand.
india, China, Japan - Chartered Mercantile
Hank of India, London and China, Agra Hank,
West Indies���Colonial Hank. I'm is- Mareiiard
, Kraut's & Co.   Lyons* credit Lyonnais.
J,   ANDERSON,   Manager,
Greenwood, B. C.
Brands:  I INTERIOR and
Mnde by INLAND CIGAR MF(J. CO. of Kamloops, B. C.
Nothing but B. C. Union Labor Employed.
Arlington, Pioneer, International, Pacific, Rossland,  Ottawa
and Commercial Hotels, H. A. King & Co.
II. K1CMI'. ���'��� HOLMES,
Just a Reminder,
'<    Do nl! kinds of Jobbing,   Offices cleaned, carpets sowed and laid, windows cleaned, atoM etc
Private nursing for gentlemen.  All orders lofl al
purnished Rooms.
Neat, Quiet and iirst-class
Office and Reading   Roon
first floor  	
Heated by     i pATHOLIC   CHURCH,   CHURCH   8TREET
Furnace1        Pastor, Rev. TV. Fnlmer, M. A. Ph. D. High
_,.       .    ,  I.Mass. 11a. m.i Evening Dovotions, 7:80 p.m.
I. wish herein t>> thank my many
friends for their kiml expressions of
sympathy tn me in the loss of my beloved mother. Walter S. Keith,
Persons desiring work in this line
ran have tlie same done promptly
by   dioppinjz  ���   written   request
with   name and   locality,  in  the
mail   lmx   now   in    place   at   the
Pire Hull, on  (ireenwood  street.
Central Hotel
Headquarters for Miners.
held In Miller's Hall, Copper Btreot, every
Sabbath, 11 o'clock a. m��� and 7::tu ,,. m. Sabbath Si'hool Ht 2.m p. in.
hkv. Duncan, Campbell, Minister.
The Greenwood  Branch of tbe   Federation
meets hereafter   In t'niou hull. Silver street,
The     Minkk���the.   best   advertising , at 7:3U ,,. m. every Saturday evening.
nieilnuii in the Boundary, I WALTER LONG. Secretary. THE   GREENWOOD   MINER
Tuesday. May 8. 1900
Continued from page thriM
iscs. After its defeat Mr. Martin first
went to the conservatives and Mr.
.lanws Dunsniuir for help. After he
had been turned down by them and bad
tried everything else in vain, be came
out as the champion of the liberal ami
labor parties Now be mis many worshippers. At Viuir lie told the electors
that, he would rather have John Roderick Robertson elected than Mr. Huns
ton, the old-time friend of labor us an
independent. Mr. Martin anil Mr.
Smith Curtis are believers in the government ownership of railways as is
shown by the very interesting literature
sent us by Mr. Curtis. With reference
to Mr. Martin's railway in Manitoba,
Mr. Smith Curtis told us that Martin
built a railway from Winnipeg to the
international boundary line. What was
its record? In order to make right a
had position it bad to be turned over to
the Northern Pacific. We are in exactly tbe same position in ���Hritish Columbia, lie would think nothing of
plunging the province into debt by building a railway and then turning it over
to some one ele to run."
Mr. Curtis interrupted al this point
and said .Mr. Ross' statement was an
entire misrepresentation of what he
(Curtis) had said. Mr. Ross in reply
said he was very sorry be had not used
the exact words spoken by .Mr. Curtis,
but thought that he had caught the exact meaning, and that others who had
heard Mr. Curtis would corroborate
him. Mr. Curtis bad alsu said that the
road was turned over to the Northern
Pacific at three times its mine in debentures.     Continuing Mr, Koss said:
i" My position is a simple one, in so
far as this election is concerned. (Laughter.)    There   are  two   meanings tu the
Spokane Falls &      !
Northern Railway Co.,
Nelson & Ft. Shephard Ry. Co.,
Red Mountain Railway Co.
Till! only all rail   route between nil
points East, West and South to ... .
... INelson ...
Intermediate Points.
AT SPOKANE with tho
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
i AN0. R & N. Co.
I'll NN Kl'TS AI
Nelson with Steamer for
Kaslo ill:.1 Kootenai Lake Points.
Connects at Myers Falls with
Stage iiaily for Republic,
And Coiinutits Daily ��t Bossburg
Stage Daily for
**��-   Just Arrived at..
1ST .
H 200 SUITS 200.
iw I
iar !
BT |
g*T  omamm
J. F. Rodgers,
150 PANTS 150.
Clarendon Block, Greenwood.
Dealers In
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish, Oysters, Poultry, Etc.
dt ���    <��      AGENCY. THOMAS   MILLER, Manager	
Real Estate, nines, Insurance.
OFFICE:     Corner   Copper   and   Deadwood    Streets
liberal   1    cannot i
Gen. Pass. Agent.
word   sini|
support   Mr.   Martin.     1 don't   think I wuhTb. m, Spokane
there is anything iu his record in Mam- j',',:(;;";!";    .       ".si'ii',',',',''
toba that should induce liberals to come ]
under Ins banner.      It  is   much   belter I
far   the   labor   party   tu   follow   Ralph
are trying to force them in a position ! nnmmnnmmnnnnnnnn"innfln
when they are not willing to pi. 1;
would iik,. lo li^bl as best I know how
the battles uf the liberal parly, but I
will never follow the parly w hen sneh u
, course would be against the best inl.i'i-
e��ts of the provinee." (Cheers >
Upon Mr. Ross resuming bis seat Mr.
Man in arose and sail!:
" I am certainly desirous of reply ing to
Mr. Koss'  misstatements  in  his  paput [
and    on     this     platform.    Sir     Wilfred     Laurier    said   he    would    not i KETTLE RIVER AND BOUNDARY
support me b'canse I am a
bad liberal, according io .Mr. Ross.
Mr. lioss did not give us the whole ol
that letter. Here is the only portion
that is in opposition to me: 'I reipiesl
that the policy ol tlie dominion govern-
ernment will be respected.' That is tlie
policy disallowing the statutes regarding Mongolian labor 1 don't wish Sir
Wilfred l.aurier's support in this election, It is not right for the Dominion
government to interfere in provincial
contests. It would be a mistake for
Laurier to interfere and   lie declines  to
do SO.
" It is absolutely within our power to
pass statutes with reference to .laps and
Chinese. The dominion government
Clin disallow any of our acts. As a law-
yi r 1 have no hesitation in saying that,
the statute can be passed by us. If ii
i.- disallowed by the Dominion government we will ri-enai't it,
I had expected that  Mr.   lioss  would
11:1,11 ii.in.   THE   IIKST   HKKIi   IN   TOWN   IS   MADE   H>    THE
Elkhorn Brewery,
PORTMANN BROS. & CO.,   Props.
Canadiana^ic Ry Lager
^ TO ALL HUNTS    ^       BELTING.
The Elkhorn Lager Beer contains
only pure Mult and
I luiis.    Try it !
It     Is   kept   on
Draught or in Hot-
ties by all the Lead
ng Hotels in this
Westbound.   Daily Trrin.    Enstbound.
19.ni. Simmons Jet. by 5.-16.
Connecting slimmer leaves l'enticton
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday* 6:00
Connecting Bteamer arrives ut
Monday, Wednesday. Friday. 17:30
Direct Service tp and from nil points via West
Kobson, except Sunday.
I4.3S Lv.
Ar. 15.35
Users of this article would do well to examine   our  stock    n   this   line.    We
j carry a larger assortment than any otlier dealer in the Province.   Tbe Electric
Brand of Rubber Belting we stock is not excelled by any other make.   It is used
by all the large mills in  the Province.    We carry it in stock up to 22 inches, and
Leather Melting up to lti inches ill width.
McLennan, McFeeley <$: Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.   Wholesale Hardware.
Agents for the Giant Powder Co., Sun  Francisco,   and   for  the   Majestic  Steell
Range, St.  Louis, Mo.
Branch Stores nl Dawson, Atlin, und Bennett Cities. .
Continued uti lust img--
for full Information as lo time, rutes, Etc.
ulso for copies of Canadian Pacific Railway
publications apply to
13   R   REDPATII. Agent,(luuKXwoon.
T. P A.' Nelson.        A. Q, P. A��� Vim. . l
The gem restaurant jjopen Day and Night.
_��� . .��..��� .. _-.��-..,_.���_.���.-.        Hunches Put Up. _<
Copper St., reenwood.
�� Meals at All Hours. Tuesday, May 8 lttOO
20,000 Feet C. C. S.
:;r ROPE
1'Ort SAI.K AT
....NELSON, B. C.!
PRICK:   $13 00
Per I-1" t'-it.   -'list re-1
ct'ivt'il hum   ICiitfland. |
-M piy it.
V. Archer.
All  the union plumbers of St.  Haul
struck .May 1 in support  of  mi  itniMid-l
iiieut for shorter hours and and nn  increase in wanes.
Contractors and  employers  generally
In Kansas City, on .Slav   I,   refused   tile   Unidiisto Pennsylvania
, .      .        .' .'��� .       , l.'llllcg    I'l'llllli -    -
demands for increased wages and about     surgery    -   -  -  -   -
Wild H'orkingiiieii struck. I*IiIu.iuiI|.IiIh, Pa.
A Llceutliilc ut Ulitlsll
All the union carpenters ill the city of     Culiuiibln-       -  -  -
Omaha struck on May I.    They demand
an t'ight-li.iiir day, an increase from  So ,-.. a.uckss, si. a, h. a.oi'bss, ���, ,t
to 41) coots per hour and   the  exclusive flSlF'^Q,   nnAc
use of union label plauiiit, mill material. UUC_5^   DK^.,
According to  Secretary  Allen  ot  the
Allied Building Trades  Council,  work- Assay, Anai.vsiss, Reports.
men representing every  branch of the  Cvanidh  Wobkinm  Tbsts,    AmauiamA'
building trades in Philadelphia went on : tion and Conobntration.
a strike May I to enforce their demands.'    ���
Nearly IIUlIU men  are   reported  to  have
ipiit work.
Eight hundrul members of the Wood- \A/ I l_? J���<
workers'   Union    went    on   a  strike  ill ���  *    * *V.*���*
Minneapolis .May 2.    The .-1 tike will  affect all the sash and door and show
factories in the Twin cities.    Tlie maun
lactureis have refused to discharge their
non-union employes. J' c' T' .CR0FTS- �� '"' |OT ''  "' Nl'' ' l!' ��'
Comiuissiousr   Webster   of the New !
York statu board of arbitration received j\t f��.  HEYLAND
the following message troin tlie superiii- j
tendeut   of  inothe  power of  the  New',,. ,     ,,. ,    .,,   .
...,.,,,.,'..     ... ,    .Mini's iind   Mineral  Claims stir
lork (Jelltnil, Hied at .New 1 ork may 1 :
"Your message delivered in my ollice tit Vi'VCil.
8:80 o'clock a. 111., hence it is impossible
to get to Buffalo today. Gborob Blk., lireemvood, B.C.
'������A. M. Watts."
It was stilted at strike headquarters
that none of the railroad  freight hand-  0. R Mlclcle
lei's were working.
Visitors to Princeton.
Geo. R, Naden of I ireenwood, and E.
B, Fraser of Silverton, rude to Princeton
from Kcremi'os Wednesday. Mr. Naden ;
is managing director ol the liealy In-
vestment & Trust C'o. of (Ireenwood,
and it is pjssibie that bis com puny may
open a brunch ollice iu this city. Mr.
I'l'as.'i' is 11 well-known mine operacor
of Australia and South Africa. Lor the
past year lie has been working silver-
lead properties in the Slocan district.
Tile gentlemen made ll trip to Copper j
mountain on Thursday, accompanied by
J, Anderson of the Star, and visited a
lew of the principal mines. They wore
much surprised at thu showing on the
Sunset, (iurdiiiT, Lust Morse and other
properties,  expressing  tlie opinion that
it would   not be  long   before Copper
mountain and Princeton would  be well
known as a great copper producing district, Mr. Naden is also one of the prin
eipal owners of the Keremeos townsite
and remarked, iu referring to the growth
of Princeton, that Keren icon and Princeton will in time be the most important
cities in the Similkameen section, and
their citizens should work together in
proving the vast wealth of the mineral
resources of the entire Similkanieen
Who Does the Colonist Want?
Mr. Charles Wilson also proposes that
he will build a railway Irani the const
to Kootenay and operate it at the public
expense, if he is returned to power. If
anything were necessary to settle Mr.
vWilsou's claim to be a public leader this
lias done it. lie cannot even claim to
hive credit for originating this colossal
piece of humbug, lie has simply followed in ihe foutcteps of that arch demagogue, Mr. Joseph Martin. Mr. Martin's vagaries are bad enough in bis
hands: thsy are infinitely worse iu those
of an imitator.���Colonist.
Is your bicycle  out   of   repair'.'     Call
around at. Winnett's repair shop,  Silver
Mickle ft Archer.
���I Pric�� 2s*. Awnings and I
! Tents, ��� ���     !���
s F. O. BERG, **_*���"���?' .     I:
- _*_-_��*,      Washington.   ;
B. C. Pottery Company, Ltd.,
M.lNIT.W'TI'ltKltS   (IK
Sewer Pipe, Chimney Pipe, Fire
Bricks, Pressed Bricks Flower Pots,
and Fire Proofing' Tile.
soft drinks, etc	
' WRITE jap-
Boundary Creek representatives of J. W. M viler
nf Victoria, who curries the largest stock in
above lines in n C As nearly all 6i these
i Kootls aro imported via Cape Horn the cheap
freight excludes eastern dealers
We do the best
All orders for Commercial Work,  Dodgers, Programmes, etc. filled with
Correctness and
Try and be Convinced,
Greenwood Miner,
W. S. KEITH, Manager.
&s   ^ je Job Printing **e -�� THE   GREENWOOD   MINER
Tuesday, May 8, 1900
Continued from page six.
��� in       i ������+-��--����--->,��.---���--.++����_-_��,
YOU Never Saw    "The Slater Comfort Shape."
An Ugly Pair of
Slater Shoes....
The "Slater Shoe" is designed 111 the twelve foot-fitting
shapes of which the "Comfort" is one of the leader.
Has a wide sweeping curve on the outside, full round toe,
roomy at the great toe, high instep and handsome curves.
Comfortable as its name denotes, a combination
of strength and appearance.
A catalogue show-
| ing   all   the  shapes,
styles and leathers of
the "Slater Shoe" free to every enquirer.
Every pair Goodyear welted with makers'
name and price stamped ou the soles.
j $3-50, $4-5�� and $5.50.
!������������--->4M in 11      III   ���! 1      III
have given tlie names of  the  members
at Ottawa who supplied him with information.' These men do not want to give
their names.     If   a   man   makes  such
statements and is too  much of a coward
to give his name, it has not much effect
on the public.     A   man   who  stoops  to
I brow   such  mud  merely sullies  iiini- ���
self.    There are  many  at   Ottawa   who
bate me  like  poison   because  they   are
creatures of the (.,'. P. U.    The men who I
wrote those letters belonged   to  the  C. !
1'  R. body and soul.
" .Mr.   Ross  sins   I   have made many
promises   to   electors   and   afterwards
failed to keep them.    He says  that   we
promised   tbe   French   at St.    Francis !
Xavier separate schools,  ami   when   we I
got into power abolished   them.     Now,]
1 told the people of that district that
there was nothing   in   the.  liberal   plat-
lorui about the school question.    It was
years after that when  the school  question came before the public and another
general  election   had  intervened.     He I ,        , ..
says that I made the statement that it1 Its the combination oi these which raises shoe making to an art.    The presence of
LrmlcVoTtir;^ ^ >'ou rc;lli^ when you don your first pair of Slater Shoes.
troduce such legislation. That was I
false. If I was wrong in that I should |
never   have    received   public    support j Kf^fci ^1
and yet many of them cover comfortably most unlovely feet.    Beauty and stvle without
comfort in shoes is easily attainable.    Comfort without appearance is equally   simple.
afterwards.    While in tbe Semlin  government for over a year  Mr.   Koss  was
my staunch friend and  lirm  supporter, j
Why was this,   when   he   knew   all  the
time I was such a bad mall?     It is only
now that he brings  forward these facts,   ..,,.,, , , , , -  : .    . I
and vet all the time 1 was in Ihe Semlin i the whole thing over because  ho could   abolish   Ih, ice   ol  City  assessor ami   NEW   AND   POPULAR
government   he  knew  them  and  |i(.|lt   "nl have his own way,  but  he is  pre-  ..ollector, nnd siuMle the woi-U uiion  the
*i_, '     pared tu vote  lor C.   II.   Mackintosh, ,    ,     ,,., ,   ,. ' i 	
,,U"\l;     ��� ,   ,. , , and   then   thinks   he  is  a uo,���l liheval. '''">'r|"rl;'    rhe "ext ti"��S,�����"""'  l;0""-    DAAI/C
Mr. Ross says I dishonored  my sic-  Mr   R(m  ,g  ,���.,,,,.,,.,,,,  ���, k,.,.,, Smith I cil crank will wMtit to do away with  the   D\JvJIV_3	
",ll"re ,'>', vo*i.n8   ">'ai"8J   1!|e   ri',lif"''-i Curtis out of the covcrnmeutsiniplv be-   ollices ol chief of   police,   lire   chief   II lid I
bution bill.     1 here is no truth   in   that. I ,.���������,. ,,,���  .,   ,���.,.S,���,M|   ,,!������,,       MlJ  �����.��!. ,    , .,,
nl     bave  a   commitlee   ol
. ,   ,   cause of  a   personal   pique.     His   iiosi-   ���������.,    ,.
I said I would support the bil  provided   tion is not bused on ai'v idea  ���f  public     ''',,.        ��� ,       ,
the  Nanaimo clauses  were struck out.; ,,,,,,,1  but ou that of personal   pique     I   three run the city     What   brilliant   in-
Now in Stock:
1 told Kellie he won d have to  get  that | ���,mM |ik(, ,��� knmv ���.,���,  ,,������ ,,���,    ��� on   telh'cls we have in town.
struck out or I would oppose the bill.  Mr. Ross, because when he brings out      ,,   .���,���.,      ,
I also said the same to .Mr. Wells.    Mr.  these little personal things vou in.'v he      <h) to Rendell s Arcade
Kelhe tried to get tlie governmenl   tu  satisfied that sum e has ii'slrniuipull ' -l'"( * lunushings.
for  up-to-date
ltobin's stable is the place to get n I <^S*
mod sudille horse
Lester Clay of Victoria is registered at
the 11. ('.
strike tin clause out, but  it   was  ol   im  |li|1L    I wuuhl advise Mr. Hoss to d
use.    Mr   Seinli.i sal.I  lie elans,-  was | H���mo effp.-tlvt. work against-me bv stick
perfectly right.    1 wanted tu have parly , (     t(J ,|K, trut|, >i
lines ut Vancouver,   but   the   howlers
WOllllI  Hot   let  till' Convention   gl)    011. I -rtn.Tr,     n���   m,non��.Tn
see no objection to having conservatives LOCALS AND PERSONALS,
in the party, provided they agree with
the planks of our platform. Mr. Kosi
says 1 wauled to join .Mr. Dlllismuir
In Nanaimo today Mr.  Duusiiitlir is op
posing me, aud here lioss is  preaching!    Cull at Unburns Bros, stables for lirst- I
against me.     They are twill    brothers, j class saddle and   driving  horses.    The.
W ilh reference tn   my  address at   Vmir, have the nobbiest rigs iu town.
I will say thai I have   no  use  for  imle-        ,,.,..,. ,    .
pendents, li is ihe duty oi the people ^live Pringle is contemplating it trip
to decide what the policy of the govern- to the Paris exposition in afew weeks.
menl  should be,   An independent  can      |1(i|1   ,,,,,,, M.mil|        raftered at
go lo \ iclorill ami 00 as be likes,     lie is
as likely logo against me as with me. the Anmtnmg nn l'rhlny.
I was trying lo lull the   labor men th,ire Now whitewcur and blouses at   (I.   1'. I     Waller   Wnterlillld   bus   I
that  a vote lor Houston was josi  as Willlan
much against   tne as a  vole for John
Thos. Parker of Kossland was a gin ,-i
at the 11. i'. hotel lusl week,
One 1'cltoii water wheel,  or  anv  o|il
thing.    At A, L. V\ hit.- & Co.'s.
Th.'premier's ineeliii'j  was the  Itirg-
est ever held in the Boundary.
Special value ill   silks  at  U,   1
The Lunatic at Larye,
.1. s. C0l'I.ST0.v .
The Scarlet Woman,
Via Crucis,
Vivian of Virginia,
i'. i.. 1'iinn
Janice Meredith,
wi.-SMITH & McRAEf
John Keoiijih oi Colville is ill town on   Flume:
.ul..,.yy V. &K.34.
Clearing sale
le of men's goods al   li.   F,
���light  Btlil
inr   if.'iiiiiu  i In mages   ugaiiisl    the  clty,<
Koiieiicu Robertson,     Mr.  Houston  is      ��   Breslaner arrived  in the city on J claiming Iluil  he has been Injured to
opposeil to some of ihe planks oi my  Saturday from San i'rancisco. that extent hy the overflow of Boundary
plathu-m.     I hope the   pern (   Yllll'r       Suh-roconlim.:     ollices       bave     !.<-.-.,   �� t��� - U
will bring forward a straight member lot ,,.      ,, ., ,  ,. .        ,   ,,   ,    ,,    ,  ,      ,.  ,.  ......
my partv opened at West Bridge and   venioti   for      Liullea sailor bats nl (,. v   Williams.
"Another objection from Mr. R-iss  is   ""' >'lM"''' Kettle River district,
that    he as  II   liberal   cannot    support       Miller's Cucumber Cream  at   Miller'*
me because Mr. Tom Forster and Ralph   pharmacy.
employed upon the   Hartford and liol-
den Crown will be increased.
liberals, Attcntlonl
There will he II meeting of the (ireeuwooil liberal association in the Curli-
coiiimiitcc rooms on Wednesday evening, ilth inst.    There is important   work
to be done,
Mel") inuell and  wife  have  re-
Smith  are  opposing   me.      Mr.   Ralph
Smith  says  he  intends  to support me.       '""*���  -"ouonneii  ami   wire  nave  re-i     A ,u,w Hl.u,.j||
Mr. Macpherson is a candidate with me   turned from a trip to Spokane and  Wal-   ���-,Jeri'll fn,nl the ,b
in Vancouver,  lie hud lirst Instate thai   hi Walla.
he was a supporter of  my government,
.1. it. Brown,
Oro Denero.
A recently discovered ledge
(pressor  has  been
���kes Machine company for the Knob Hill ami I itvy Kagle.       A  recently  discovered  ledge   Oil   the
Mr. J. C. Brown of  Westminster is now     Smith & McRae have always on lump     On the Gold Drop nearly 2000 feet uf ] Oro Dcnuro has been stripped ami 2.1
It member of my govern lit. : the latest and most popular novels. , Wl||.k |ma l)H,n ,lnm,      Ul,,n, 30 ,,���,��� MJ (uet ,������ ttn excellent grade of copper ore
"I don't want a man like M r. Ross Hon. Smith Curtis, (). C. Bass, li H. employed, The ore in ihe liohl Drop is has been uncovered. The lower tunnel
who, alter bis own party by a large ma- Cross, and S. R. Robb, registered at the higher in grade than tie average out-Ion the pruperty will be extended HOli
jo, ity   decide  ill   my   favor,  backs out. ' [|n|wrlll| ������ Fl.i,|ay. put from Phoenix camp. ' feet to crosscut this   new strike and will
Why, he must be a   kicker;   he must be I i , , ,      i     ,���   i      . nnn (    .
a man like myself.   He not only threw ,    Some of the aldermen  would  like to1    It is expected that the forces of  men | have a depth of about _UU reel.
*_> * n. e-
Just in
3 cars bed room suits,
40 styles.
2 cars chairs 50 styles.
1 car brass and Iron beds 25 styles
w  1
viz    H
.M. Gulley &Co.,'f
1 car bedding,   10 styles of springs,     \U
��� ��� ��� ���
Undertaking and Embalming. I
1 x stvles top mattresses. 9���M���^���$�����������������t<i6��^^<f<t<6M���E���<t������<i������������<i^���6��^ S
1 car upholstry goods, comprising parlor sets, couches, bed lounges, Etc., ;:


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