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The Greenwood Miner Jul 15, 1899

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 WHW" ���'���Hill
<"jM^ijiiiLy:!!'iygja-i!JJddJjft^L "i;.��.��i���iw.^u...��..' ��� ��Lm...,���.��������� ��*
��i    in.mi n.., i   i K^iiv^��viicifrvt^^^^'*m^fli^f^yiw��M'ri..Mn.y.f,i.^vt.HViVjtimHi'iii'.i. u.iy-faj^WI
The Greenwood Miner.
VOL. 1.
GREENWOOD,  B. ���.,  JULY   15,   j#8&
NO.  24,
t    \
Greenwood City, Bouniary c��ek, b. c.
arc prepared to welcome guests and provide heat accommodations.
liost of wines,   Liquors   and  Cigars.    The most comfortable
In Greenwood.   Heated by Hot Air,
# # ��� 9
J, W* Nelson, Proprietor* ^
���V .��J08SEI1,
Russell Hardware Co.,
Almost all kinds of Hardware, Glassware, Crock*
eryware, Woddenware, Tinware, Graniteware,
Silver and plated wares, Lamp goods, StoVes of
all kltidd; all stock sizes of glass windows and
doors; Belting and Packing of all kindsi
Lubiicatiiig add Iilurdlriating oils, gufts', rifles'
and Ammunition; Iron all sizes and shapes; all
kinds of drill arid tool Steel; black and g��tl< pipe
up to 3 ih.   All kinds pipe fittings up to 6 in.
Agts. toe Canton steel.,
.Stench & Williams' SSSftS1 *��**��-
Peddfer, Steel M& Metal Rocrfirif arid Sningles,
And Captured, with over a Hundred
Horses Cached.
For two years or more horses have
been stolen in this district. During
this season at least twenty-five in the
vicinity of Greenwood have disappeared.
There were (suspicious but no proof. As
a rule it cost inoro to tecovur u horse
than he was worth, hence no active
steps were taken.
Recently, however, the boldness of
the giuue and the frequency of its occurrence led to eertlan information being
given to the Washington state authorities, which led, in turn, to the gang being rounded up near Obesaw, on Myers
creek, a few miles-within the U. S, border. A cache of horses variously stated
in number from 100 to l-id was discovered, and 26 arrests were made.
Among those implicated and in custody
are, it is understood, at least reported,
several boys Who belong to respected
families in the Vicinity of Midway, The
others are all residents of Coiville reservation and mainly half breeds. They are
at present in Oro and Republic in jail.
The foregoing particular's are not absolutely authenticated, but are currently reported. It was also rumored on the
street that one of the fl. C. members
had been shot last night in attempting
to escape from jail at Republic,
S   &  P. Buffis&Ca  S  *&
Presh or Cutti Mgats;
Fish or Poultry,
GaScade, (Jfand Fckks; &eeri-
! I wood, Midway, Gamp McKinhey;
A fieply.
To the Editor of Thr Minei*.
Sir i In reply to it passage ih Jour
laSt issue, headed "Dangerous to the
City's Health," i would like td say:
With regard td my having the only
dumping grduud; Evidently your informant ddes ribt kridw what he is talking about; and; further, if people would
be a little trior's reasonable and not
want their work ddne for nothing* or on
the Six to twelV'e' months' credit System,
they fiiight be a little'better accdhloiiat-
ed; Another thing* we are getting too
mslrlV cheap gtiys in toivn, me'ri who
want to get all they earl and tafte good
care to pay as little as possible.
tet me inform! yOUf kicker (arid the
balance of his dtfief friendsV that my
men have to be paid good wage's j also,
liif team reqitireS fddd and I hiive my
fttihily to keep rind Store bills id pay,
and when a Mian is Willing to pay what
is reasonable, I shall be only tdo' pleased
td accommodate him.'tn conclusion, your
informant nd tlotibt would rriakS b. good
man for a sirriilitr job. Let hint get in
slid drill.       MARK CHRI&TE;S30N.
Gamerori Brofc;, Prop's;
Livery, ppfld and Sale. Stables,  'Good Sirtgle iind Double Driver's:   Genfe Sllirtlle
and Pack Horses. 'All Kinds of Ti'ttri'inj} arid Heavy Haunh'g Doric!
brt the Shortest Notice.   Stb'bk Weil' Limited After:
GREBtWOOli.   i.   C.
���   -  ��� ��� a   -���'  i iaL.
GreeiiW&od Tennis ClaW.-
The Greeriwdod liawn Tennis Club
has" been organized fof' the Season with
a p'referit membership1 o't Over' thirty
with the following officers: Itbri. President. Rbbert Wood; Hbn. Vice-President, Dr:, Schdn; President; G. N. T.
Hill; Vice-President, A: Ferguson;
Hon. Secfetary-Tfeasnfef, j; P. Myers'
Grayj CdiririiitleeV tfc Harris; j: W:
Siriith, F: Lewinj G, A: Giles", A; W:
fhe' merlibefSiiiji fee (Hi {He seaSbn
has been ltifetf- at $8.(f0 fof gentlemen
(which ih the cage 6f married frie'rltbers
thcihde's tlieif wives? aftd ^3.00 for
Lady rHernber's are allowed tlie tise of
the fco'urtS bn all diiys tip to .f :30 p.m.
and bli Tlteftdays iind Flidkyn fttf the
whdle day;
The chib huS biiilt t\vb tefy gribtl ciliy
(���ourts o'ht oh th>i llaf. iind lire Steady
commencing play, tin due iihti afs o'nl'y
awiiitiilg the lifrivrtt rtf nets ordered
some tlirlc Ugo to hitle b'Oth coiirtS in
iiOdfti jfl^fpiifGS:
1 Just Received. I
Get Out Prfiitibfc I
W. M. Law k Co.,
J BARRETT        -        I        BLOCK. I
...WU��.' wimmm
Tlie  Fyiirth  of Jvily celebr'alioh at
Greenwood,   baffirig ,tlie   rain;   was a
marked S(ic:ce?S; and this citizens df {hat
towii have every fe<i?idn to fet'l gratified
; ovfer the erithusiasu'i displayed in hdt((if
j of Uncle Sam's national holid'iy.   There
! were at least 2,000 people iri attendance
I and the prdgr'arri 6'f sporting events -wciS
a long and  vrttied one.���Grand Fotks
Rev. B: Hi Ba'defstdri will preach at
Batteit's hall on Sduday mO'ining and
It Is lindefetodd thai Biirk?' the Street
preacher has left the city rihd gone to
A: S. Sproat; Gold Commissioner,
New Dertyet', has been dismissed, it is
alleged, for political reasons. Nd stic-
cessbr has been:appointed. Mr. Sproat
was gazetted dni of office a week befbre
he was notified, and continued tb do
business iil his former official capacity.
Vf. McQflarriis, ih returning from' the
Boundary country to Holland  by  WOy
of Gladstone, found  Win. Edwards at j
Sheep Creek in a pitible nnd dying con-1
ditiou���a living skeleton, having fatted
for 18 days,   It appears that lvdwards |
hud left Nortliport to go to the Anacon-:
da claim, in company  with two other;
men,'but-Depurating from them lost bis
way and  wandered   about,   subsisting I
solely   on  leaves and  routs.     He was
taken to Rowland for   medical   treatment.
Surveyor Wollnston tins completed the
platting of Eholt townsite. Plans have
to be drawn and tiled in the Department
of Lands and Works before lots can be
placed on the market.
There was not a ijuorum at the city
council board on Monday night, Mayor
Hardy and .Aldermen Wood and .Galloway being the only ones present. Mr.
D. R. Young, publisher of the Koote-
nay Standard, appeared before them informally, and requested a photographic
group of the City Fathers for nse in illustrating his July special number, as
an endorsation of the scheme, simply
that and nothing more. He was promised favorable consideration at the next
regular meeting.
Mr, Rathbone, a well know mining expert of London, whose name has figured quite prominently in newspaper
discussion of a somewhat personal nature, will sail this month for New York,
fand will come1 direct to the Boundary
country before going to DatVsort City.
Oscar EnglnrJd, division engineer,
'who has been located in Caseade for
some 10 monthsj has taken his depavt-
urei He is now far ahead; between Fen-
ticton and Hope ori the reconnaissance,
being accompanied also by H; L. Jordan; one of his Cascade ltssi9tants.--Cas-
cade Record.
Ei Esdalet, restaurateur, w'hdrari the
Clarendon before it was bdrned down, is
now catering to the people of Columbia.
Hi Mortimer Lamb, editor of the
Mining Record, Victoria, arrived last
week afid lias been dividing his time between this city and Midw'Hy: He
leaves fdr the Coast loaded hp
with special information respecting the
Boundary Creek mining camps:
Mr. Ji T. Wilgress, local representative of the C; P: $. land department, has
returned from an official business visit
to the Coast Mr: VVilgress has ridthing
at present to say as to the outcome of
his visit:
Mdjdi' Megraw; Camp McKiiiney,
manager' df the Mliirlebaha mine; paid
Greenxvood a flying visit during the
early prtft df the week. The Major wis
kind enough td give the Mixer sortie
particuiars df tin* cairip'; which appear
A. J: Mc'Millrin, Rowland; has been
in the city ihis week in cttanec'tidri with
his nliriiilg ihtetosts here. He will rep-
resdrlt GfKfc'hwob'd its oiid of the delegates at the conh'hg conference of Boards
of .Trade, at Bosnian''.; iri August.
J: B: Fei'gusdni Vancouver, re.pftsse'rl-
tative df the Mritual Life, has been in
towit for Several days in {Hii interests df
his cdfitpuhy:
Jdhti Mor'li'sdit, df the ^hifrisdii riilnd;
who has been absent for several months
in the east and in California, retflf-'hed
on Sundrty:
Co'urity Court will lie Held at. Midtvay
to-diiy: Theft are 23 Cases dn tlie dock;
et.   ' ,'.
T; Si Gdft, C:E.; Victoria, Cante irt tb
Grec'riwdbd on Thui'sday night. He will
be here sevdHtl wcCks id tfbrinec'tion
witii the railway right df wtty.
R. W:- Harriitgtdn, barrister, h��te of
New Brunswick, arrived   ill  the  city
i Thdrsday everiirtg in cdnlpiiriy with  Inni
| bi'Other-lil^htw Fi \V: Fetor.-', of the C.
I I'. R.   lie will pfdbably' locate in the
Bb'lindar'y district.
the Mtidel Cafe hoi gdtie o'itt df luiai-
The Bduriditry lldu'entalte Miriiiig Co:
has bcien organized to itcqhirf' the Home-
stake mineral clttiiii In Summit canfp,
and \vil! beirtcorpoi'ittfcd ajndghiietted thH
or liei'rt wbek with iv riiillidn dollar capital in shares of $1 each; Tiif incorporators aft Utiricrth Mcintosh, of the Winnipeg ; D'. A. Cameron; manager of the
Bank of Coriimefce't Btilph Sniailes, of
Rendell & Co'.; O.N. T. Hill; df the
Bank df Coiriiriercd: iind R. Harris, Ml
E.���all df Greenwood, it is understood
. that t'tiited States c'tlpi tillisls are principally interested.
T; Hi Oliver; a Well known mining
itian, was up front Spokane this week.
Jitmes 0. ftwdrifl, RoBVilancI, came iiit'i
Greenwood on Monday:
Father Kit conducted Bfnglish c'lidrch
services in the city last Sunday. A
siridkiiig concert Was given in lii-- honour on the evening previous.
Tlie Globe; Victoria, reported appai'-
ehtlyon ad.thority that a coalition between the Government am1 Opposition
wiluld take place, withH: l>  Hehli^ken:
CANADIAN MINING INSTITUTE., tered at the Imperial.
������  IQ. C, Victoria, as   successor to Hun,
Will  Include Eoundary  Country in' 3��a- Martin, w ith two other members 61
Visit to B, C ��� "le Opposition given portfolios,    Thu
News-Advertiser, Mr. Cotton's news-
Some time ago an invitation was ��*��� paper, give* this* positive denial. Hi��
tended by the Greenwood Mining ^ , editorial advice is to keep cool until thr
Commercial Association to the members LieuteiwfrKJovemor arrives from AtliiD
of the Canadian Mining Institute to visit all,l then look and see what happens.
the I'���mndary country on then- exrm-si,,a  Th, (!0Untry and  governnic.it, he  say.-,
I are safe.
Allen Seymour, well known In (ireen*
wood social circles, has returned to bis
home in New Westminster. It is uiw
derstood that Mr. Seymour Will devote
in the fall to and through B. C. The following is the reply, which speaks for it
Ottawa, July 7, 180(1.
W,  S.  Keith,   secretary,   Greenwood
Mining & Commercial Association.
Dear sir���Referring again to your letter inviting the Institute to visit the
Boundary country, I may say that at a
meeting of our executive held this week,
it is decided to make a Hide trip to your
section of the country.
We have been under the impression
that it would be difficult to make connection from points to be visited by our
The Canadian 1'f.cific has, however,
given us to understand they will likely
be able to take us in on their line.
At. present, so far in advance, it is
impossible to state how many people we
will have or how long we will be able to
stay, but when our program is more advanced 1 will have great pleasure in
writing you again,
T am, yours faithfully,
B. T, A. Bei.L) See/ctary,
The Miner Job Plant,
The GnEBXwoon Mixer Printing Co.
has purchased from Jas. Sutherland the
job plant of the Greenwood City Print-
himself exclusively to  musical studies,
for some tipie.
J. Mproii, Camp .McKiiiney, and Austin Hannen, from the reservation, ary
doing assessment work on their property
the Copper King, in Copper camp.
Mr. W. Mcllart-Mcllarg, who half
been on the North Fork examining the
Pay Ore, adjoining the Pathfinder, returned to Rossland with specimens of .
the paystreak, which it is stated assayed
$](i2.<>2 in values, principally gold. A
contract has been let for a 70-foot tUlir
The three by-laws voted on Tuesday
in Grand Forks were carried. The, by<
laws were; (1) for the extension of th*
electric, and water plants; (2) subsidizing the Granby smelter and (ft) borrow
ing a sum of money for public improve'
Steps :ire being taken to oppose th��
application recently mode to the pro'
vincial government for timber limits e.x��
ceeding many thousands of acres on thu
north fork of Kettle river. It will be
ing Co, and amalgamated it with the j pointed out that the syndicate, far from
publication of tile MiJtwi, The plant is
all new, carefully selected and very
complete, and the Miner is jiow prepared to do jdb work of all kinds and
guarantee satisfaction in every respect.
Ae-Wiil bo Seen elsewhere, the plant has
beeh removed to the Flood building, and
is located iri the premises recently occupied by the Model Cafe:
From advices njceived just before going to press it is learned that Geo. McL.
BrdWfi, executive agent of the O. P.
R., Will ftach Greenwood today tSaturday/)
W. L. Hdgg, df Mdntreal, wli'o Originally pdrWiased arid devoloped the Stin-
set, is irt camp again. He will liave
supervision of the SUnSet, the J. Si: in
Summit caritp and other properties of
the companyi It is the intention to put
in a complete coriipresSof plant in the
SunSet, with Jock McFarlarie as local
manager; arid a small hoisting plant on
the J: S.
E. L: Be'er', of CfilKriibia, has llefen in
the city for Several days dn business.
D: W. Young, irhtnager df the Kdbt-
oriay Standard, Rdssland, catiie lit iih j way
Sunday arid left on Tuesday Iflothing.      W
purposing to operate sawmills, simply
requires a grant for speculative pur'
poses i
A man was Ailed (10 by Magistrate
Hallett on Monday morning for cruelty
to animals, He unmercifully beat his
The Chief of Police nnd City Clerl*
have been making the rounds of the he
tots inspecting the rooms. Under the
new by%w hotels with twenty roomtf
and ovef pay $2dU license pef half year)
and these with less than twenty, |300.
Hotels under the by-law are required lei
register the number of their rooms with
the City Clerk.
The stage from Penticton Wednesday
everting was several hours late, caused
by an aeciderit just after leaving Camp
McKiiiney. The lead bar broke, and
the horses became frightened and ran*
They were, however, soon got under con'
trol by the driver* Joe Suodgrass, and
pulled up among the stumps. In the
meantime, two Of the passengers, who
feared an accident, jumped and received
injuries more or less serious: One brokt*
his leg anil the Other Injured his ankle
They Were taken back to Me Kinney,
after which the stage prdeeeded on it*
I'". Oliver,.who  was'here in con-
He is pftpafirig material anil making'
other arrangements for the issuance of a
special illustriitcd July riuniber df the
Rossiaifd Bxfflrti df Ttdde is making ar-
ranijerrienfs for tlie collection iind ar-
rarigo'nielit df itn exhibit bf minerals at
the Paris Exposition, arid also ffir the
enter'taiririierit df tlie nleiribers of the
('artaiiiiiii institute of Mining Engineer's
id August:
The Granny Co'rieb'lidated Mhiing A.
Smeltitig cifmpilriy have awarded Murdoch Bros:, the well'known rail vay contractor's, whd bttilt several sections of
the C. P: K., the contract fhr the com
sirobtiori of the mile flume for the pro-j hand 1 It
I posed  Hrtiehx"    They were, also awarded ' ly,  beiwei
lle'cfion with the MbrrisHti mine, ha*1
left fot Spbkane again. The shaft ill
the Morrison has been connected with
the tunnel; and Sinkilig anil drifting to-
witrdfl the iiiaili lead will be begun. The
machinery, Whlfch has been on the'
ground Wf eorito tlfilej will be installed.
A: A. .MacMciirie; RoSsland: W. K.
Ferguson, Nelson. B: Di; Bhtke Wilson,-
managing partner for P; Bums & Co.,
NelSouj arid H. McLeod, Cascade, rep'
reseutative of Mailll; Foley Bros, {t Larson, are orrlorig tlie late arrivals in town.
A:  M.  Hicei who prepared the plans
for the Met hod! St ebtireh here, has alsi'
the  pliins   inr    the   Bcptlsl   church  ii*-
will be located dn Kimber
Mineral  and    Providence.
the contract for the work df gradlrlg Ihe j arid will cosi with school room about.
smelter site, The grading will be K&m- fjj,fi0U It trill littvfi n seating capacity
pleted  within ;i fortnight.   It is expect-   i,( :;Ui,
ed.that the flume; whoso eoi.stni.!tiou      w p. |,,,i���,rt:;������, pfoyihtilttl Mineral^
w    i ogist, paid Hreortttood a visit this week.
,fl   tie it not bete in Sonhectiou with  hi^
will give OriltJlbymeht to  '.10 men
be c'drhpletei'l   by  Beptetritlor  1st.
smelter,company decided ft Btarl  \fork
on it:'i reiltiftidii wdrltSon Monday:    The
work will ilot be let By contract.
There is li^thiiig sjleclal to recofu re-
gaidlrlg the Twelfth of July belob'Mtidn
in Greeriwodd. It was very lilil for
sortie hours; but no flags were bullied
down on eifller iido. In fiiet, the celebration was drtt Of sight altogether.
J. C: Conlin, representing I'itln r t>
igist, pain
bete in
rcgltlnt (illi'-ial duties, but in order td
litake arrangements to have this district
properly represented by n mineral e.\-
hlbil at the Paris KxpoSition. Assoou
:is Mr; Itobertedu undefstood that ;i
Moan! Of Trade wuS in process of organi-
xaiion. he decided to pluc'' the uuitter
in the hands Of tilt Uiemhel's, and from
ilsKiirniices r'.-ceived  by  hit'    that  body
will lake it iip rigorously;   <-lr. Robert-
lieiser, wholesale HqriOr dealers, Vir't.nr- ; hon will retiirn Icrc In the autumn  (���'
in, wa^ in town this week. inspect   and  report   upon  the  vuriou-
Wm. FOster and  .1.   R.  Gilbert,   hvd ' "dniiig tttnips.
I Butte mining men, came in on Wednesday alid are examining mlnilig pr'Bp'
; erties.
It is urldferstdod that ihe Midway Ad-
i vance has been sold by Mr.   Nnni!?  and
will, hereafter; be conducted by K. A:
; Jacobs, agent of the Slid way Towhsite
Company. Mr. Jacobs has the n.-ces-
! Silrv experience and local   knowledge  of  "
r. W.  Paters, district  freight agent-,
ICi I'   I!.,  was   in   t In;  ,'iiy jesterdiiy in-
terviewiu'.t- tlie nierchant! I|i regard td
freight matters,    [litcvriuwed  by {M
Miscit he said he. Illld gone over Ihe
ro.uI |.i-r.-n,iiillv a-- far as Crand Forkf
and could state almost Cohrldentl) uiat
trains wbuld be into Cttscadu by the ;ir-i
.\u,:u-t   and   into I Ira td Fbrks ii il
eanditipflitdril4kdsudhnriunder'tii:5iiigJ'JftJ''1al<��1' ""���   T"�� lln^ ','' Maehin^
Groeiiwpoi!   iil of vol  umtcrtyiu,      >'.r:
Peters is going dinctly on to CurlcW
a success,;
A:   (f. XfcKwcn' milling expert  for
CM. J't'o; of Rat Fdrtagth Owt'i ���� fet*'
fniui t'tveiiv.,,��� i
.ml the
!,,    ppin  1'"
i *3L.'R')i'
Published Every Saturday al<Sr>*��nwood,-H. C,
R.   E.  GOSHBU., Editor and Manager.
p.-tmestic, One  Year $2.00
Six Months ��l.'i">
foreign, One Year $:t.ou
payable Invariably in Advance.
Solicitor,   etca
Greenwood, B. C. *
Advertising ratwi furnished on application.
No puteiit medicine jt��ts taken except at full
r it K'*.
Legal notices 10 and 6cents per lino.
"Certificate of Improvement" notices, $fl.wi
kihI fio.u) for legal life of notice.
Pour weekly Insertions constitute one month's
R. B. ,KERR,
Thk .Minskisnii side nt the following places:
King A Co., Smith ii Mr line, Monroe 4 Co., P.
O. News Room.
Cascade* Cascade City Kews Co, Kossi.ash:
I". 0, News Room, Anaconda. 11. Cl i\ 0,
News Room,  si'okane:  The Bhaw-Bbrden Co,
Entered at tlie Greenwood, tt. C, post office
as second class mall matter.
Saturday, July 15, 1899.
posing and irreconcilable elements.   It
was an accident, and every member of. ,..   ,    ,	
it, save one, was an accident, and never Hamsters & Solicitors,
deigned by nature or the will of the ! ptari^hlie- etc.
people       for     the      positions     they] I'akrett block, Copi-kk Sturet, (Irkex-
were called upon to rill.   No one a little | wood, B. C.
over a year ago would have imagined
that in the event of a change of govern- j
meat; an administration composed as
it is would have been formed.
The failure of the present government;
is not so much that it lacked ability or
possibly administrative "talent, but that,
it lacked political experience and cubes- j
iveness, and above all the sympathy and
co-operation of the people of theprovince.
At no time since its installation has it I
had    their  unreserved confidence and |
support.   Judgment and good will were
suspended.     Practicallj  speaking, the
present government was not the choice
of the people.    In  the  last election it;
was  the old government that lost and !
not the Opposition that won.   No great
sorrow will therefore be expressed if the
present government should go to pieces.
What the people want is an administration composed of the members of either
party, or a coalition of the members of
both,   in  which they can have confidence���one with a stable and definite
policy of development.   They have had
enough   of  parsimony anil cheap lire-j
''!'',      ,         ,,���,���,,���������,��� ���;i ! PROVINCIAL LAUD SURVEYORS
What the outcome of the present sit-	
uation will be it is absolutely inipos-. a     c     A ,,t,���,. _,/u.
sible to  predict.    If   only   Provincial  A'   P-   ASncrOIt,
���win'j .!������ .n '.i , i. ���.!..�� qajiiiiiiiiW'vW!'-.1, i,   ma i i,|.n��,.| njm'm.H'.i'-1' : nf-a u-Lyn^rrr
m*ijTr*>M.V inl''.,,>,.,'���*w%trir.-���'��� ���'   ^~v���'���.'���" >       ��. i ..... m '^ -- i... i ., 7. ... ������ . r-,������*." ��� " . ��� ' -l      -1 '���     "     ,,- ��� ���
Bank of C
Read Office,
,1 18117.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.
[Six Million Dollars.)
kest ".... $1,000,000
H, like ^ wo.,
Mining, Stock and
Seal Estate Exchange.
General Mo
 Uos. Gbo. A. Cox. i _
ager B. k. w.m.kkr. ] Temporary Offices
Manager....!. 11. Rummer, i
floverruneru Hi.
Opp. Poatiifiice.
Dry Goods,
Furnishings And
This bank has the largest number of i
I branches of uny bank in Canada, with!
I agencies at' New   York, Chicago, New J
BAREISTER, SOLICITOR !��rleivP' Bkagway and Dawson City.
Plave for sale several
snaps; among others
the following:
Greenwood, 3. C.
.1. s. m. Morrison, i-'.. B., J. it. Brown,
Alfred Hull, t��� I.. .11
Hall, Brown & Horrison,
Barristers and Solicitors,
i BAUER <��:
Accounts of Corporations', Merchants
and Individuals received on ..favorable
Drafts, Commercial Credits, Travelers' Credits and Circular Notes issued
available, in any part of the world.
Approved Notes Discounted; Collections made.
A   general   Ranking business   tran-
Hereafter the Minkh will be published by The Greenwood Miner Printing Company, Under now management.
It is not wise, nor is it the intention
to make high-sounding promises respecting what is proposed to be done in the
future The experience of the editor in
journalistic work is, however, Hufticient
to justify him In expressing the hope
that the conduct of this journal will at
least merit a measure of honest support.
The Mix Kit at present is being published under some drawbacks of a mechanical nature, end this issne, or the
few succeeding issues, must, not be accepted as fair samples of what is hoped
to be accomplished hereafter in ail effort to produce a newspaper creditable
tp and fairly representative of Greenwood City and Boundary District. As
will, perhaps, bo better understood by
members of the craft, printing st news-
payer on an "afmy press" is a not very
successful or expeditious method ; neither is it very modern ( but with improved
facilities more satisfactory results will
Moreover, in order that a newspaper
may properly represent the interests of
its constituency, and moi'e particularly
of a mining constituency, thef'e Bltist be
an intimate local Knowledge of the people and the1 general conditions, which
can only 're acquired in time. An editor who could pfofesB fct know it al! after two or three weeks residence Would
either be imposing oil the Credulity of
his readers, or be by far' too clever to
limit bis opportunities and possibilities
1<> the editing of a Greenwood paper.
A newspaper ought to be a serious undertaking and the management Should
be imbaed with a due sense of the importance of affording accurate and practical information.' The Mixer will Sim
to become-a reliable exponent of the
mineral and other resources of Boundary district, as well as to furnish news;
and therefore, a plea for' consideration
in its behalf under present circumstances is humbly presented.
The editor' has undertaken no' mission
to revolutionize or reorganise arjc'iety; to
overturn the administration at Ottawa
or th'6/government of tlreat Britain, or
even to reconstruct the' sadly shattered
provincial cabinet at Victoria. Politically, the Mixitu will strive to preserve
an attitude consonant witfi self-respect
and the interests of the district to which
its efforts Will be particularly devote'd,
I'"., ing at all times a due recognition of
is legitimate Sphere of usefulness and
realizing always that its influence will
largely depend upon the respettt in
which its opinions are held:
Other things being equal, the success
n: the Mixkh to a large extent will be
duo to the stii'eesS of Gfeenwoo'ctan'fl the
development of the mines in its vicinity,
if i ireenwood prospers, as there is every
reason to
be the centre
of the Boundary district and Southern
Yale, the Mixer will endeavor to keep
pace, and with an honest effort, to represent their best interests, it has every
confidence that the people will extend a
generous support.
G. JVl. HILLARY,  B. Sc.
Cable* Addrtsa
Barristers, . Solicitors*
& Notaries Public.
Codes:     Bedford McNeill's, Broom-
halls, Moreing & Neal's, Lelber's.    ���
politics was concerned the problem
would be an easy one, but considerations
of Dominion party politics are bound to
Martin being dismissed by the Lieaten- i ASSSy.Cf Slid UlCfSMSl.
ant-Governor, which is likely to happen,
a coalition of parties alone can save the
government. That coalition will depend, unless straight party issues arc-
declared, upon the satisfactory proportion of 'Liberal and Conserative members in the cabinet, At present the
government is practically tied down to
a choice between Alex Henderson, New
Westminister, a Liberal, add Harry
Helmcken, Victoria, a Conservative, as
a successor to Hon. Jos. Martin, The j
former, on account of his desertion of
the Opposition would be wholly unacceptable���to the latter.- Had ho stayed
with the side he was elected to represent
he would have had his opportunity
now. It pays in the long run to be
even politically honest. In the case of
Helmcken he is strong in Victoria and
on the Island, but his accession to the
Cabinet along with Mr. Higgins, as
suggested, would cause the government
to i>e regarded as practically iv Conservative body. If a coalition is arrived at
and E. P. Davis, of Vancouver', or E. V.
Bod well, Victoria, both strong Liberals
and able nlen, could be brought in as
attorney-general it would be a satisfactory solution' for the present tit least;
but as neither has a seat in Parliament
such ari arrangement would be attended
with considerable political risk.
....BANK of  MONTREAL...
Capital, aU paid up, $12,000,000.
Rest $6,000,000.
I.OKD Hthathcuna and Moi-nt Royal.
General Mannger , E. S. Clocstoh
Branches in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago,
And ill the principal pities in Canada.
Bttv and sell Sterling Exchange and
Cable Transfers: Grant Commercial and
Travelers' Credits, available in any part
of the world.
Drafts   issued,   Collections made, etc.
Greenwood a Branch.
f. j. FUtOCAHE, MaJiager.
A nice comfortable cottage, 50-foot, corner lot ou
Greenwood street	
Also a 50-foot lot ou Sil- Cf -J ���{ (\f\
vcr street, best locality, en east J) I J. \J\J
side ���������    ~    '
Also 2 corner lots on Government ��| 7Qfl
Street  '
Fine Building Site
Long Lake St*
Also other properties.   Get particulars
at office.
Copper  Claims.
Lithographed plan of Greenwood in
colours.  Price 50c.  Mailed free
Copper Street*
A.   P..   JENSEN,
! Blickboards and Buggies made to order
Work guarani
jB    II. A. UHK8B, M. A. II. A. Cil'KSS, ��. A.    St
1     ��SS BROS.      |
I Chemists aftd Miriifcg En- |
| gineers. \ ��
I        GREENWOOD,  V.  C.        |
w. 8. Keith, M, u.
Y. Y. Ketchtmi.
I* no\v located tm ("irocn-"
wood Htrcot
Bv    YEARS ���
O   EXl'EItlENC'E.
Full assortment of material tuid tools
-do correct work.-
British North America.
Established in  1836.    incorporated by Royal
CAPITAL...        ��*,8��4,6��
Fuiro. .$i,*(>o,ooo
The Price of Copp����'
The  ruling  price for  copper' in the I
New York market is now but IS cents !
with but, trilling variations.   It was a !
point Or two higher in April aiid May i
and declined to the figrtr'es named in I
June.   It ffiay advance before the end ;
of the month or it may decMne,   Deal-|
ers as V.-ell aS producers Have rio ac'c'ur- !
ate data upon which to base an estimate. I
One fact ms!y, however, serve as a pointer, and  that  is  this:   The  American I
Copper company, which  was formed to I
control the copper mines of the country ]
and their outptit,  will, if it can',  not
only regulate the price of the metal, but ]
its production, thus preserving art equi-1
librimri between' the demand ftrfd supply:   We Say tins will be done, if possible,- but it is not yet demonstrated
that it can:
Iri 1887, a French syndicate; niade1 An
attempt to control the copper output of:
the world. In that yea? the production
of copper in the United State:* was 8],-
000 tons. In 1888 it was 114,000 tons:
in ISO'J the production was Still larger.
The amount was more than the syndi-
ratft could pttfcHlfse nfld it collapsed.
The Conditions are souiou'lis'l different
now, Last year the produelioii of the
metal reached over 285)000 tons Iri (his
country alone, the home consumption
being estimated at 114,000 tons, the average weekly co'nsuinption tteif/g {mi at I
anticipate; and continue to 12,102 tpnS, One reason given for the|
nd  most   Important city  present price of the metal is, that efco-
f'ect'ionary, MAGAZINES,
.tllirO S^ Bannerjton's,
R F ' Coates &��� Co��^
���     anil BtULDi'HJS.
House dnd Heavy MoVitig
a specialty;
Government St., GreftriwooJl; B: C,
8 Clement's hune, Lombard*Sti; E. ('.
J.- It. Dro'dte. Johil JiuueS Cater, (iaspard Far-
rer. Riehard H. Glyn, Henry L. ft. Farrer, Ed,
Arthur Hoare, II. J. 11. Kehdall, J. J. Kings-
ford, Fred Lubbock, Oeo. I). Wliatman.
A. 0. WAI.LIS, Seeretary.
Bead Office in Canada: St. James St. Montreal.   11. Stikuniiin, Qetf. Mgr., J. Elmnley, Insp
London, Bvanttord, Hamilton, Tm-lmto, Moilt-
i-eiil, Ottawa, Kingston, Midland, Quebec, Bt.
.Tohm N. It. Brandon, Winnipeg, Frededcton,
Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, RWslaHUj Kaslo,
Trail, ,A��herWft, ftreenworJd, Atlin. Bennett B,
c. aadDavvsorf City.
Spokane-Trailers'   National Dank and Old
National Hank.   New 'York���(B2 Wall St.) \\
I.iiwson ninl .1. C, Welsh, agents
co���12-1 Sansome St
Ambrose, agents.
Bartk of England anil Messrs. Glyn & Efli
Llverponl���Bank of I.tverponl. Austrfllia-
I'nioii Bank of Auslraiia. New Z'lilanrt-Ln-
ion Bank ol Australia, Hank of New /.calami,
inilin, China, Jiipnii���chartereil Meicaiitilc
lliiuk nf Initla. London ami China, Agra lank,
West Indies���Colonial Hank. Paris���Martuard
ICransi & Co.   Lyons���Credit I.yimnais.
Safi Franeis-
, 11: J. MeMiebacl-and J. It.
ESTATE   and
Lots in all Parts of the City,
Mining Stocks
In Greenwood & Gamp McKiiiney
A Specialty.
MlnlPi;   i'ropefties   Examined   nmt    Reported   oh.
Real Estate
Mines i^nd Mninj;^
Real Estate Brokers
OffiCej   Room
1, Mcfaairf
W. B. PATON & CO.,
P.   T.   SHORT
Greenwood; B;
Maddeii & Dallasi PVop's*
i>'irst cins.i CAFE Iri Connection;
tireenwood   Assay  Office,
Miries Examined & Reported On.
GIlEi-5NWOOn, n. c-
Mihing and Share
Head Office of Camp Sckhl-
hcytiotilM. & 51. Co., Ltd.
Non-i'ersonal Liability. Has
Seven Claims iri Caittp Me-
Redahce Loah & Savings Co.
of Tofonto.
g'reenwood. b. c. .
<ft I K!��"ti Cash, lialance oh ea�� terms, buy*
%piO\J olrt of the best la* for a residence in tin/ city.
��2 C8 ec<~n Cautt, lialance oij terms 18 smt,
tPOOU tnij-saiidc lot ,-nu finvernjiienf
near Deadwnod street.
dl^iECJrk Ciish, balance on telms to suit,
sptJOVJimys a splendiil ilouiih' corner oit
Government slrct't, /iOxWu feet.
Cash bnj's the beaftjnuKrhf
business corner on ewve/iu
nielli street.
neatly done.    Shop
WI9DS06 flotel.
B. C;
Holbrook, Kean & Go^,
Open Day arid Nio;ht.
Tho most engrossing topic of discussion at the present time throughout the
Province is the political crisis at, Victoria, whichj in sonic respects, is without a
parallel in the history of the Provinces.
To any one familiar with the character,
temperament and personal ambitions of
the dominant factors in the Cabinet,
the recent split conies as no Bufprise.
Il, perhaps; came a little sootier than
was expected; but that sooner or later
it would come was inevitable. The
Headman's Island dispute was undoubtedly the immediate cause of
lure; but that was only a local symptom
Of the disease. The body politic was
full of ngly "humors," and only rc-
i;iiired time to exhibit tbemselveB in
s-i.une more or less violent and unsightly
way. The Cabinet is, and always was
lines its creation, a combination of op-
Kvcryiliihg' New, .Vent una
clean; Tables. Supplied
With file Best that the'
Market Affords1,
ti'ical engineering has developed to Such
an extent that ihe production of cO'p'per
may not fefiep pace with the future de-
riinnd of this growing Industry. It was
therefore thought, that a syndicate
which could control the mines, could
ccffitrol their production and its price.
The principal thing to avoid ^'o as to escape the fate of the French syndicate, is
the stimulation of the production of Copper. This is to tfeoone by getting all
the great producers in the syndicate,
and regulate the price of the 'fuetal by
regulating its Output,
It-appears that this nas not yet  been
accomplished.     There   are   not a  few-
great copper producers which,  thus  far
have held back and shown no desire  ;o
enter it.   They may never enter  it.    If
they should not it is apparanl tirey nilfy
become   a disturbing element for the
syndicate todeal with���asort ofagad-lly
upon the body corporate, stinging  it   at
most unexpected times and places,    lie
this as it may, we are assured of several
very important things:    The price of
copper has made a long advanced step IS
the nip- Since the syndicate was organized;  it r;
has   reached   over   19 cents iind nhw|:|
stands at 18; there is no indication that \ 'i
it will lifeline in price in the near fu-! ^5
tare and that the Parrot, a meinbW of jB WlNES &n& MQJU0JS&
the syndicate, has shut. down.    It is ; ��
left for the on-looker to guess  wfiy.   It if
may be to make repairs ; it  may  be to
curtail the production of the metal.,
Who knows','���Western Mtirine World.
We Aid to Piease titir Pati'ons.
CALL-   ON   CSi
I Arlington        I
GREENWOOlfi    ��
Ml Kinifs Aerateil Waters.   Wines ii
Opp. Telephone Office.
e. di bx. 71, (iilBKxWOoh:
H A. ivRfdfft-
Bo^t arid shoe
Eesalrihg  neatlv  done.    Shotr aeross  fron��
H. KEMP.     ^
Offices and Stores and Windowi"
Cleaned. CollectioflS , made,
Private Nursing for Gentlemen.-
Leave Orders at the
White Front Store.
Artacoilck Hotel
M'LEOB & CO. l'tops.   ;
DatioNs.    *
FESB L'KJUORR aiid Clf.fl
The. Spring is here.-
So d'ii lint fear
&OLE Agents for
Lion Brewing Go.
Of Ros3land,
Tfih Largest Brewery in B"; C.
Families Supplied
AT  ltl-ISl'ilKNCl-:.
;:; Proprietors,'
'  Frenth
To' drop J
y line.'
ii my line.
��� tiltsciibe for The
lubs''ill'e foi'Tlte
S     lieailiiuartei's for ilining Men.      E
:S S:
Whfy a
My C:
In IS.
flic best;
I'll 1 west.
Fine liiieiifoftXAJil
CLOCKS; just r,
I'Ostf flWFTCE x!K\Vs eTA'i f>
wM,um.ii.ii*u.in.ii.ium|>u n.sM.'iiiii'isi.'j'.UF'jf'HM
"���h.i��;w>ttimi^i_iiii  i .^'.'LUiSlW-liVJ '-."""'"."I ^:"'.!" ���������'���.���Wj-'^t
A Deck of Cards.
A- private soldier by the name of Richard Doe was taken before a magistrate
for playing cards during the divine service. It appears that a sergeant commanded the soldiers at the church, and
when the parson had read the prayers,
he took the text. Those who had a
Bible took it out, but this soldier had
neither Bible nor common prayer book,
but pulling out a pack of cards spread
them out before him. He just looked at
one curd and then another. The sergeant of the company saw him, and
said: "Richard put up the cards; this
is no place for them."
''Never mind that," said Richard.
When the service was over, the constable, took Richard before the mayor.
"Well,!1 says the mayor, ''what have
you brought the soldier here for?"
"For playing cards in church."
"Well, soldier, what have you to say
(or yourself?"
"Much sir, I hope."
"Very good, if not I will punish you
more than ever man was punished."
"I have been," said the soldier,
"about six weeks on the march. I have
(wither bible nor common prayer book.
I have nothing but a pack of cards and
I'll satisfy your worship of the purity
of my intentions." And, spreading the
cards before the mayor he began with
the ace: "When I Bee the ace it reminds me that there is but one God.
When I see the deuce it reminds me of
Father and Son. When I see the tray,
it reminds me of Father, Son and Holy-
Ghost. When I see the four Bpot it reminds me of the four ovangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When I
meet the five, it reminds me of the five
wise virgins who trimmed their lamps
���there were ten, but five were wise and
five were foolish and were shut out.
When I see the six it reminds me that
in six days the Lord made heaven and
earth. When I see the seven it reminds
me that on the Beventh day He rested
from tlie great work He had Created,
and hallowed it. When I See the eight
it reminds me of the eight righteous
persons that were saved when God" destroyed the world, viz i 'Noah and his
wife and his three sons and their wives.
When I see the nine it reminds me of
the nine lepers that were cleansed by
our Saviour j there were nine out of ten
who never returned thanks. When I
Bee the ten it reminds me of the ten
commandments that God handed down
to Moses on the table of Stone. When
I see the king, it reminds me of the
King of heaven, which is God Almighty.
When I see the queen, it remintJs me of
the Queen of Sheba, Who visited Solomon, for she was as wise a woman as he
was a man. She brought with her fifty
hoys and fifty girls, all dressed in boys'
apparel, for King Solomon to tell which
were boys and which were girls. King
Solomon sent for" water for them to
wash; the girls washed to the elbows
etnd the boys to the wrists, so King Solomon told by that:"
"Well," said the mayor, you have
given a good description of all the Cards
but one.''
"What is that?"'
"The knave," said the mayOr;
"I will give your honor a description
of that, too, if you will not be angry."
"I will not, said the mayor; "if you
do not term nie the knave."
"Well," said the soldier, "the greatest knave that I know of is the Constable who brought me here."
"I do not know," said the mayor, "if
he is the greatest knave, but I know he
Is the greatest fool."
"When I count the spots' hi a pack of
cards, I find there are three hundred and
sixty-five, as many as tlieer days hi the
year. When I count the number of
Cards in a pa!ck, I find there are fifty��two,
the number of weeks' in ii year; and I
find four suits, the number of Weeks in
a month. I find there are twelve picture cards in a pack, representing the
number of monthB in a year; and on
counting the tricks I find thirteen, the
number of weeks in a quarter. So, you
see, a pack of cards serves for a Bible,
almanac and common prayer book.'1
gan says the Greenwood men ar? very
much all right and he speaks in. fri^h
terms of the oourtesy and hospitality
extended to hiin during his recent visit.
The fact that Mr, Cregan's entries were
successful in the Greenwood sports,
gave that gentleman added pleasure,
but he. seemed to think more of his reception than of his own good fortune.���
Rossland Miner. ��
Coming Into Boundary:
The Toronto World of July 5th says:
"Senator George A. Cox and Major
POllett leave today for British Columbia
for the purpose of visiting the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company's mines near
Fernie, and the Cariboo mine in Camp
McKiiiney. They Will meet Mr, Richard Jaffray, who is already in the west.
"Prof. Montgomery, president of the
Minnehaha Gold Mining Company of
Camp McKinney, B. C, leaves today for
the west for the purpose of installing a
10-stamp mill on the property. It is
stilted that the mill will be running
within two months.
"While in Camp McKiiiney Prof.
Montgomery will also, with Major Me-
graw, examine the Sailor group of properties for the installation of the development machinery recently ordered. The
new plant will include pumps, hoisting
machinery, boilers, engines, etc."
From Boundary Country.
Mr. Ernest Kennedy returned from
Grand forks a couple of evenings ago.
Mr. Kennedy's mare, Benledi, won the
two events her owner entered for at the
sports, and he was correspondingly
pleased. Mr. Claude Cregan also returned from Greenwood, where he
spent a pleasant week, including the
Dwmiuion Day celebration.    Mr. Cre-
The   Correspondence   Between   the
Premier and Attorney-General.
The Honorable the Premier and the
Honorable the Attorney-General are
exchanging compliments, prefaced in
each instance by terms of endearment,
more polite than sincere. As the matter is of engrossing interest at the present time the correspondence is reproduced here.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
Victoria, July 3,18��9.
Dear Mr. Martin,���Yours of the 1st
reached me this p. m. In it you say
you think it would be more satisfactory
if I would put in writing the ground upon which I asked you to resign your
seat in my government.
I think I mentioned your absence
from your office.
The discussion of executive matters
outside of the council and to parties not
of the council.
' Your speech at the Rossland banquet
in which you threatened that an appropriation should not be expended
because some of those present had offended you.        Yours respectfully,
(Signed) C, A. SEMLIN.
Hon, Mr. Martin replied at length as
July 5,1899.
Hon, C. A. Semlin, Premier:
Dear Mr, Semlin,���-Your letter of the
3d instant, in which you give your reasons for requesting me to resign, duly
received i
The first reason is my absence from
office. Allow me to point out that this
is the first occasion .in which you have
found fault with me for this, although 1
have from the very first attended to my
private practice/and it has been understood that I should do so. It has* I understand, not been considered in the
past, that the attorney-general for the
time being should give up his practice,
and if such a rule were made it would, I
think; be considered by all that it
would be impossible to obtain the services of a competent lawyer to act as
attorney-general. Allow me to say,
however,' that my department is in first-
class shape, and I am perfectly willing
to have its present state compared with
that of any other department of the government. You are quite aware that
that canflot be taid of your departmental management, If in your opinion the
failure to manage a department is a
reason why a member of the government should resign his position, then I
am surprised that you did not resign
from the government when it became
evident to everyone that yott had entirely failed to administer properly the department of lands and works, and you
had to admit this by consenting tO a
transfer to the department of provincial
secretary. This transfer took place, as
you are well aware; for no othef reason
except that you were utterly Unfit to administer the department of lands and
works: The matters in that department had gone into such a condition
that the members' of the government
were unwilling to' take any fu/ther responsibility with regard to it; dnless
you gave it up.
Your next reason is! that I baive discussed executive matters outside of the'
council And to parties not of the council. This charge hOs nO truth in it
whatever, and I wo'uld be glad if you"
would furnish prfrtieuhfrs of any Birch
discussion; I think I am a#are; however, what you refer to. I fancy it is
the dlscUssiOri which occurred when the
Vancouver delegation' appeared before
the government With regard1 to Dead-
man's Island; What I did then was to
inforiri the delegation that th'e statements made at the mooting ftifd prior
thereto by the lion. Mr. Cotton were
incorteCt and that hi' was simply ex;i
pressing hia own opinion; instodd of the
opinion of the govornufent. He undertook to speak in the name of the government You' will remember that in
this connection Mr; Cotton telegraphed
Mayor Garden that the government had
decided to determirie the question Of
title of Deadmart's Island before they
considered what disposition they would
make Of it. You are aware that the
government had never decided upon
any such policy, but in ordel to back up
his position* Mr. Cotton deliberately
falsified the records of the council to
amend the same and strike out from the
records a statement to the above effect,
as the same had never been agreed upon by the council, and .never should
have been in the records. Tt appears to
me that you would have been quite justified in asking for Mr. Cotton's dismissal upon the above grounds.
The last reason that you give ib that
at Rossland I threatened that an appropriation should not be expended because some persons present had offended me. \rou are awa;e that you have
never asked me for any explanation
with regard to the correctness of the re1
port in the newspapers of the Rossland
matter, and in asking for my resigna
tion upon this ground, you assume that
the newspaper reports were correct with
out calling upon me for an explanation.
This, it seems to me, shows that you are
hard up for a reason to ask for my resignation when you would fall back upon
one of this kind. I was probably indiscreet at Rossland, and I should have
been very happy to have given you a
full explanation of what occuired there
had you asked for the same, and' I feel
sure after hearing my explanation you
would have felt it was entirely out of
place to request my resignation on a
ground of that kind,
Now, Mr. fiemlin, having dealt with
the three reasons given by you for asking my resignation, I beg to repeat in
writing what I stated to you on Saturday���that I did not propose to resign my
position in the cabinet, and I charge
that the reasons given by you are only
pretences, and that you have been induced to ask for my resignation by Mr.
Cotton, that you and Mr. Cotton have
entered into a conspiracy to wreck the
present government and drive from it
all the Liberals, with the idea of forming a Conservative government.
I am informed and believe that you
have already negotiated with Mr. Helmcken anil Mr. JSiggihs with a view of
their entering a government of this
kind. I know that you have not consulted either Dr. McKeehnie or Mr.
Hume with regard to asking for my
resignation, This contemplated course
on the part of Mr, Cotton and yourself
is, in my opinion, a groBs outrage upon
the electors of the province. Dominion
party lines were expressly ignored by
the present government parties in the
last general election. While it appears
that there are in the present house a
majority of Conservatives, that' is a
mere accident) and they were not elected as such, For you, therefore, to attempt to form a government which
would depend for its support upon these
gentlemen who happen to be Conservatives would, it appears td me, entirely
nullify the vote which which took place
on July 9th last, I feel satisfied that
your attempt td carry Out a conspiracy
Of this nature will not meet with success, At any rate, you can depend upon
every effort being made by me to frustrate it, and I feel certain that the Conservatives of the province who voted for
the late Opposition will be entirely opposed to any sueh attempt. I have
urged you to call the supporters ot the
government in the house together in
caucus to consider the Headman's Island question, which has created such
an agitation in the city ,of Vancouver.
I think that course should still be adopted, and 1 think in addition that it is absolutely necessary How that our supporters should bo called together to determine whether your course in calling
for my resignation is in accordance with
their wishes. If it in, I am prepared at
once to resign, but I protest against
your right to ask for my resignation.-
You are, as a matter of fact, the premier of this province/ but you are well
aware Of the circumstances under which
you obtained that position: At a caucus which took place of gavernment supporters in Vancouver, Shortly after the
| formation of the government, it was' intended that the members should elect
the leader of the present government,
party. That caucus had been adjourned
for that express purpose; In the meantime yotr. had been called upon tO form
an administration; and had done so, as
I contended, in defiance of your obligations to your supporters. When the
caucus took place a motion approving of
your course was proposed and withdrawn,-as'it Could get no support. It
was intended then that a vote should be
taken as to who should be the leader of
the party. You, however, stated that
! it vo'u Were not confirmed in yottr position as premier yoif would resign from
the house; As at that time we had
only a majority of oite; w'e could not af-
ufford to lose a Single supporter; and
yoU Were; therefore; iri a position to'Compel us to aftcept your terms.,.
In doing so you Were distinctly informed by a riumber Of members present that they only agreed to retafrt you
as premier berj'.ufse. they were informed
j that the matter \vi\s Simply .allowed to
| stand until tlie party became strong
eilough to deal witli the question upon
its m'efits. You are, therefor/;, the premier of the province only by sufferance,
and in demanding my resignation you
do Co. command the majority of the supporters rif the government in the house.
If my statement upon this j.'oin? be correct; then; fhSteaif of me resigning from
the government ft is your duty to take
that step at once! IE you have any
doubt as to whether my statement is
correct or not tliSt doubt Cffn be dispelled by calling a^-aucus of 'he goveffi'"
meii't Supporters forthwith.
Your faithfully.
A Full Carload
The ^ontsnoy Looking Well.
Phil J. Hlckey, manager of the I.'On-
tenoy, has been in Spokane, after a fly��
ing trip to Camp McKinney, and in aii
interview says: "I found the property
looking splendid. The shaft is now
down 100 feet and w'e propose sinking
another 20 feet before starting to drift
on the ledge. It is a big one and measures at the present depth froin eight to
nine feet. The last assay I obtained
gave astonishingly high values, viz. $80
in gold; 34 ozs. silver and 14 per cent,
lead. We have erected our hoist and
boiler. The boiler is a 35-horse power
and the hoist is capable (it sinking to a
| depth Of 500 feet,'"
Of Windows and Doors; also a i
complete line of .builders'
hardware, paints and oils.
Estimates furnished on all
kinds of Tinwork, Plumbing,
Hot Motor, Steam and Hot
Air Heating.
We Are Opening
a lino of Crockcryware and
Bar Glassware that if certainly UNSURPASSED. Glares all styles and sizes and}
Crockery galore.
Notice to Advertisers,
All hanges of ads must be handed in
to The Miner office by Tuesday nooli
for that week's issue; also orders for extra copies of paper.
Holbrook & Kean,
Porter & Cunningham.
Hall, Rice & Co.
T. A. Garland.
W, B. Paton & Co.
Woods & Galloway.
H, M, Keefer,
Mowat & Palmer.
Keith & Ketclnim.
Gaunc'e & Wickwiret.
Views of firewood
and Boundary Creek Mines.-
Prices Reasonable.
Stiifilo 0pp. WINDSOR Hotel.
Crackerjack Saddle Horses.
Distance Cuts no Ice.
We Never Fail to (Set There.
Rofofofns Bros., Prop*s.,
Greenwood, B. C.
Ottawa House, el p. Tompkins fr
New rooms; well heated; first class dining room;
uOrs   and   cigars.
:'L' *�������**&��
GTCF.fiNWOOT). Ii. 6.
choice'  ttlh-e*. liq'
llll       MifcHI.II
The Attention of
Contractors, Builders and Property Owners
are called To The fact that the"
HaVo Opened an Office cfri the corner of KIMBEBLY' an* MINERAL
streets and flan furnish Everything in line of
Rough and Dfessed Lumber, Flooring
Lath* Moulding, ftustic* Ceiling* Etc
Breai2e arid Nickel Finish*
Kit; 8 A I.I! BY
Srnith & McRae.
Books, Wftli Paper, Office Supplies,
W&li Pctper, Office
Musical Mdse, etc.
GREENWOOD.   Bi  c\-
IiVe, And let live/'
Staf Bakery;
teed free from adul
f!ake |
IPe   i"
Ilreml guaranteed free t
m adulteration:
Moved to
Opp/ Livefy Stables/
Pastry off
Wfiliave the ONLY brick "
���en in fJre'efiwood.
li ('.
Rye and Graham Bread.
White Bread, 16 MVi leaves      $1.00
A Choice Stock bio
As Flufi us ill the I i
M ��L tsutser*
MflhufflfMirer of
Saddles and Harness*
Tur^f Goods
Boot and Shoe Findings
Repairing u Specialty.
Copper Street,
Ofoenwdtfd; B. C.
Greenwood City
White Laundry.
Located Across the Creek
Furniture,: Mining Tools, Saddles and Watchesv
Harhill   ��   -   Blocfc^ONEY   DOWN-
QEOR^iE 1I1LT,,-
Merchant Tailor1*
Fine Stw.k of Goods Always on Haul.  Aero��*
from wnrosoH Hotel.
WJteOISa FOfo 6AfcK
Leading    Hotels    and    Restaurants;
M-:i,I.Nt;T()N   HOTEL,
QUBEN'8   ffOTia.
AS vroNiU HOTEf . AN U'o^i
(JKKI'A'WOOlt    HOfifBLi
MODEL  rvi-K
B. <J  I
���- T"
,:'--  -
SSVJtDAflV OTJIGST ��ATE8. Explanation^ jnd Apologies.
The Ureeuwood Miner Printing Co.
fir3t, Schedule of Censtruetjon Bates! has leased premises'in [he I-lood build-
as far as Cascade. - ing, just helov tlie Bank of Commerce,
l-\ W: Peters, assistant truffle agent of ^merly occupied by tl��e Model Cafe,
{he ('. P. H. i',t Nelson lias arrived at an
agreement v.-ith Chief gnginees Tye j{S
jo a schedule of freight rates at which
(he coutrai'iors of the jlobson-Penticton
road will carr-v goods over the Boundary ,
rri-i'kbr.OH'h'assaonasitis opened up ^>recl lor the purpose, and WjP M(NER
I,. Cede, wbe'h it is aliirmoil will be j *# MgW W���** ^[^ ^^!^
pn or about August I.
-ygrwy -m"~i-</jfe��3
where its publishing iind job printing
business will be carried on hereafter.
In other words, it is in mi the ground
floor with the Boundary Creek Times.
The location is everything that can be
Merrhantsjthruughout tlie Boundary
have been holding orders back as long
its possible, though a gfiod ilea! has been
routed over the new line and is now
waiting transportation. H, E. Mac-
donnell, constructing freight agent, is
expected in Cascade next Monday, on a
business, trip through the Boundary,
l>ud wil) give merchants "11 possible information, in regard to the new Schedules, It will be a couple of months at
jeast before the road reaches Greenwood
(U'ter the steel is laid to Cascade, and
ponseiiuently freighting by teams must
be done frqra Cascade,
The stations along tho road from West
Kobson to Midway, will) their distances
iu mile* from West Rqbson, are as fed-  suo'-   The Mi^ick is not ambitious to do
,,,���.... all the business ji| the  priiitmg lin"  m
paper in the Dominion can boast of, viz,
abrand r.etv linoleum covering the entire
door, There is the additional advantage
that the Mixr.ii can light its opposition
at short range. While it will, it is true,
be debarred from deferring to the fatter
as "our degraded'Copper street contemporary,'' it nevertheless herewith registers thu prior claim to speak of it BS
"tlie vug on the other side of (he wall."
All rights are strictly reserved.
The Mtxi-;n this week is passing
through a transition stage, so to speak,
and without sullieienf opportunity to do
itself justice. Next week it will appear
in new form and belter printed, The
management hopes for a time to improve (that is, the paper) with each is-
Made l^'INLAND CIGAR; MFC, VO. of Kamloops, B. 0,
j Nothing M B. C, Union Labor Employed.
-l-'Of. SALE AT���
; Arlington, Pioneer, International, Pacific, Rossland, Ottawa
and Cornmercpial Hotels, H. A. King & Co.
I <L?^%^
A. h. WHITE & CQ.
New  and   Second? Hand  Goods,
Furniture and Sewing Machines Repaired,
Locks Mended, Keys Fittetji vh',nsmjtfc.fn.gs
Shields.  ....... ...10
L'oykendalls 10
Tunnel ,..''.    ...22
Summit. 30
(iladstppe.   38
^Sutherland prpak- 49
I'iiscado City  .54
(iilpin's. ., 59
(irand Forks. 07
Niagara 72
Eholt ...,...,, :...81
Greenwood   SI)
Midway ������:���. oa
The construction freight tariff from
West liobson to Cascade, in car loads,
calculated in cents per hundred pounds,
,iinl classified from class first to class
tenth, is as follows; First, 74; second,
62j third, 50; fourth, 38; fifth, 34;
sixth, 31; seventh, 20; eighth, 27 ; ninth,
;>7 ; and tenth, 19.
Provincial Mineralogist.
Mr. W. S. liobertsoii, successor to
Mr. W. A. Carlyle as provincial mineralogist, is at present in Kootonay arranging for the shipment to Ottawa of
I'.ritish Columbia mineral specimens
for thu Paris exposition of 1900. Mr.
Robertson has been in the Blpcan, East
Kootenay and Nelson perfecting the arrangements for the display, The lloss-
land Miner says he will go to Trail, and
if possible, induce the Canadian Smelter
Company to prepare a special exhibit
.showing the treatment of ore from the
time it reaches, the smelter until it, is
rent out in the form of matte. The
Boundary country will next be visited
liiul when this section has been provided for, the provincial mineralogist will
lake up his regular work. Mr, Robertson said to the Miner that about the
only complaint he had to make was the
size of the territory under his jurisdiction. "It has grown so large," said
Mr. Robertson, "and of course is rapidly growing still larger that it is utterly
Impossible for me to visit every cam]) of
Importance in the province in any one
year.    I  desire  to treat every section
the Boundary country. It has consideration for its contemporaries. A fair
share of what is going is all it asks.
Persons calling at the office to see "us"
should be sure and keep to jhe right.
There is a bull dog on the other side
down stairs.
A Resolution of Condolence,
At the last regular meeting of Boundary Valley Lodge, No, 38,, I. O, O. F.,
the following resolution was unani-
niously adopted;
"Whereas, the Supreme Being has removed from our midst Sister Mrs. 'flies.
.1. Hardy, be it therefore
"Resolved, that the heartfelt sympathy of Boundary Valley Lodge be extended to our brother Past Grand Thos.
J. Hardy in his sad bereavement, And
be it therefore
"Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be 'forwarded to the bereaved
brother and that it he spread op the
minutes.of the lodge,"
The New Methodist' Church,
Tenders for the erection of the Methodist church on Long Lake, street, next to
the old Times ollice, were opened this
week and the contract awarded to
Messrs, Knox & Miller, the lowest bidders. Tlie church will cost completed
about $2,100,aml will have a seating capacity of 275.
Friends in Toronto have donated $225
and more is promised, while over $1,000
has been subscribed in town, so that it
is anticipated that the debt against the
building will be. less than $500 the day
of opening, The contractors start work
on Monday,
A Mineral Exhibit,
Al the request of some of the principal mining men of California, Messrs.
Keith & Ketchum have forwarded to
them through H, M. Keel'er, one hundred pounds of samples from the following properties surrounding Greenwood |   Iron Sides, Knob Hill,  Winni-
An Ounce of Fact is Worth
/V     j. Oil  OI   V ICtlQll*   HERE ARE FACTS THAI THg
have lo offer you. .React���Mark���Learn, and inwardly digest, That
���wecarry'a..fu|l~)ine of clothing, booty and shoes. Heavy sheen front
$2,00 pr. Underclothing from ��1.50 suit; pants from $2 pair, etc, Oll|.
Leader overalls, riveted, $1.00 pr,    THIS WILL  INTEREST  YOTJ:-��
Our Rock Creek and RendeU cwesu vote)
Stores carry a full line prospectors boots;, shoes, clothing, hups, ,caps)
groceries, hardware, picks, shovels, powder, steel, etc., etc,    Just call  at
White Front Store Government Street, $&fel��
jjj Operating in British CoUiinMa
;,\ and Republic Camps.
CLQT/GH>8.   00BE;  |
Greenwood, J|. C.
TUK   I1KST    REEK    IN   TOWN    IS   MADE    HY   THE
Elkhorn Brewery,
HARTINGER   &   P0RTMANN,   Props.
The Elkhorn Lager Beer contains
only pure Malt and
Hops.   Try it!
It    Is    kept   on
Praught ur in Hot-
ties by all the Leading Hotels in this
There is not a dav  that .;i;.
MltS. .1. A. CAItl'KNTKIt.
Two Doors Below the MINER  Offlc
9 passes in which  the   value  of *
A Good Tooth Brash 1
The only first class WHITE LIME in the Boundary.   The SNQW FLAKE LIME COMPANY
is now prepared to furnish lime on short notice in
W, E MED1LL, Mgr,
is. Mining
UHng Co.  L,td.s
Capital Stock, $1,000,000,     -     -     -     Par Value of Shares, $1.00 Each.
FULLT PAID and HOB-ASSESSABLE, of which 400,000 Shares are set asilJ
for develcpincut Work.
Block of
Treasury Stock?incmarket 5c.
F. W. M'LAINE, Secretary. TUfJ^^v    13    C
C. L. TK05JET, Manager,     IVlIUWajf,   U. V-u
Iii REPUBLIC CAMP in 1898 was the Republic tinid Mining Co.
We were then selling this stock al H and 10 cents per share; today
this same stock is worth $:l.7.r> FEE SHARK, A thousand share.-,
in 18tl(i sold for lf-80 to $101); TODAY IT ISWOP.TII $8,780. Til I:
BEST INVESTMENT in Republic Camp today is the AD.MIIIAI.
DEWEY COLD MINIM', COMPANY. This company owns
four claims, located west of the Republic pnipcrlfos, We are
now sinking a shaft to the depth of 50 fee' on the surface and it
ASSAYS FROM $1.80 to$SI IN (i(H,|). This Stock is now selling at 7 cents per Share, and we predict that inside of sis. months
this same stuck will sell 76 CKNTSTO ONE IIOI.I.Alt PER
SHARE,    For further particulars call on or address,
*ilt   would    he   well   fur   vuu   to  call   oti|\V       H       ISJICHIO!    &    MINING BROKER, BUTTE, MOHTATiA., V. S. A.
W VT ���     I  la     1HVI  SV_?H-��iC3�� Su. 1, Wi-sl llniii.lwuv.    I'. O. flux IV,.
nV I
���       ��
fair!v and to neglect no portion of the  peg. Golden Crown, Mother Lode, B. ��       is not demonstrated.     We  S
province but I can only personally in
spec! a certain proportion of the camps
during the season, and am obliged to
depend upon the gold commissioners
and milling recorders for some of the
details of my annual report to the. minister of mines. In Mr. Carlyle I have a
hard man to follow in order to maintain
the very excellent reports issued by that
gentleman, and I am glad to know that
my first effort in this direction has been
so favorably received throughout the
Camp McKinney.
The Waterloo is installing a new
steam hob t and a No. 5 Cameron pump.
The management Is*, getting estimates
for a 5-stainp mill.
The Fontenpy is putting in place a
0x8 double cylinder steam hoist, a No.
fi Cameron sinking pump and a machine
The Cariboo-Amelia Co.   is  getting  all
new 10-drill compressor in place of tho
old 4-ilrill compressor.
The Minnehaha is putting in u new *1-
ilrill compressor, with an eighty H. P,
liuiler, and three new machine drills.
They are now down 100 feet on this
All the machinery for the foregoing
properties has been delayed a long time
at I'eiitieton on account of bad roads,
which have very seriously interfered
with mining development in the camp.
Work has   been commenced on the
Kaniliiops with E. U. Warren in charge.
This claim lies between  the Minnehaha
and the Sailor.
. The Sailor, which has decided t
C, It. Bell) King Solomon, Morrison,
Helen, Blue Jay, Marguerite, I). A.,
Enterprise and Stcmwinder. The fact
that the wealthy mining men of California are turning towards Boundary creek
is a good indication that the fame of
this district is spreading.
I    A.   II. SP'EllllY
The Board of Trade.
Mr. Galloway has fur some days
been circulating the certificate, of incorporation and obtaining the necessary
signatures for the purpose of organization. He has secured the membership
of the requisite thirty business men of
tho city and live in addition, or thirty-
live  iu all.    A   meeting  in'  subscribers
has been called for 8 o'clock in theevening
(Friday, July 14th) in Rendell's Hall,
at which the principal business will he
the election of a secretary, and the consideration uf arrangements to \ir made
for a mineral exhibit at the I'aris ICx-
Sunday Fire.
Fire broke out last Sunday in Jack
(loupil's shack on (ireeuwooil street and
good headway was made before discovered. The shack was but' a few feet
from RendeU & Co's. Stable, which contained several horses, Firemen quickly
arrived and ten minutes after water was
turned on, the lire was under control,
and in twenty minutes extinguished.
Little damage wtts-dono.
* keep the kind you want; the $,
* w I
| genuine   bristles   that   don't  |ji
ift come out. w :
A ft
dS ��1 \\ ho nave  the most
to ��!
��complete   M<t1;   of
& CO.,
b of the  loading dentrifices  in m
I Powder. Paste or Liquid Form ||..Btfll'10   u,;'1   K;""'
to Btiii vour taste,
m ' (cvocovieH to In- found
r;> in thu City,
w i
^   iiUl'liiilSTS   and    JEWELERS   |
!si CIGARS,      oe       &
Stationers and
Agents [or
Handle all Periodicals,
i   Circulating Library.
, Morrison 	
I Winnipeg  	
i Brandou	
[Ciimp McK. G. M. & M, Co.. .
Highland (Jueen	
j Pathfinder	
J Mammoth	
i B, C M. cSc M. Co	
! Waterlog	
j Little Cariboo	
King Mining Company	
i Helen    "	
i Ruthmulleii	
; Minnehaha	
*l Ki',.    'Sk.
,05   ;
���"     ,
���02.' ������ !
Flourt Feed, Produce and
Commission Co*     ^     S
Opp. Int'rnational Hct'l
si, mPw
Silver Street,     ��$
'mi\ Furnished Rooms*
prac-  71
The British Columbia Loan.
Advices   from   Vancouver state  that
British Columbia has just floated successfully in London a loan of ��840,000  t$l-. j
00,000) at a fraQtion   of over'.)!).   This
tiddly duplicate the plant of the Water-1 ,s ; pljr mit \x\^r than the- best   price
loo, has completed the purchase of  the  obtained tor any previous loan.
Rover claim from Messrs. Nicholson and	
.lames,  at   a  price   which   it   is under-1    The Republic Miner  takes  exception
stood is satisfactory.   The Rover gives  to the fee of $100'fenttauce-money ill the
the Sailor the key of the situation in re- j Pr��P'"?�� hie drilling contest at the Spo-
.   ., i kane Exposition    In tho required en*
sped to townsite matters,  and it was trieH {or the tw(, cvt,���ta tlH,re wiu be
lirobably on that account that the prop-  twelve teams contesting, and  of thein-
erty was secured. selves will contribute $1,200 of the $2,000
'   ,   ,, ., , ,,     prizes offered.    Considering the great
Prof. Montgomery,  president of the, b(mefit. Sp���kanc is deriving from mines
Minnehaha,  and  \\.  C. box, secretary   .,,���, ���linh    t.xn,vitioll.u, ,ln(1 the expense
of the Sailor, both of   lorouto, are ex-   hrcidental to teams going to Spokane,
pected in camp m a few days. , tl���. MiiR.r regards the proposal as quite
Work on  the McKinney townsite is i ridiculous, and one that the miners will
progressing. i not feci justified iu accepting.
Vce Lee has bought the white laundry j
of Mrs. . I. A. Anderson and is prepared!
to do first class work.
For a good  haircut or shave, go to
i llcnton's. J
Seasonable, groceries at Law&Co.'s. *
Cabin   for   rent.     Apply   at   MiKbk
iomre. *
First shijnneiit of .1. A. T. Hell's hoots : SllOCigTaSS    &
nnil shoes just arrived at Law & Co's.   * '    .
x-     ������  , . ",        ,-  ,.-,, iKelly, Props.,
Nov, silks have arrived at (i.  I'.   Will-1 ���" "    '
I limns'. *    I     ���
Swayhe Building, Silver St.
alace Hotel,
' \
Greenwood. Bl
A  Finely Equipped  Bar,
Board by Day  or Week.
Best of Cusiiie Service. Rooms
noiit    and    Well   Furnished.
Buy your clothing,  furnishing goods,
j hats and caps, boots and shoes,  at  Law ���
��� &Co,'h,
Have you seen those silk skirts at (l.j
| F. Williami'; they are beauties.
it. c. A!f. Cameron, Prop.
Everything Brand New/and First ||| House     Heated    and     f.ij
Free Baths for Patrons. Ch\s��.    Elegant   Bar Room,   llcst I, ThriH'.d'.ntit.      Dining   tlooiii|
Liquors and Cigars. \\ dor Ma-mgement of
, One-half   Mile  From  flroonwood  City.
Rates Reasonable.
Copper St.j Gr/eenwoodj U, 0,


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