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The Golden Times Oct 7, 1908

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T.   H.   CONNER.
Subscription price $1 in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
Correspondence invited on matters of
public interest. Communications
to the Editor must be accompanied
by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of
good faith. Correspondence should
be brief.
The  "Times"   would  be J»
glad for news items from all 1
points     in   the    Columbia ©
Valley.   We want to make *
our paper welcome in every $
home,  and our patrons to $
understand that our interests *
extend from one end of the S
valley to the other, §
WEDNESDAY,    OCT.   7,    1908.
Politics are very quiet in Golden.
The reason that there are not enough
Conservatives left in the town to even
get up a decent party fight.
Golden will roll up its usual big
Liberal majority vote at the next
Election and thus help the thriple
figures that will carry honest Smith
Curtis to victory and Ottawa.
We can admire the man who still
sticks to the old rotton planks of the
stranded ship of Conservatism, but
while his courage may be heroic, his
wisdom is questionable.
The Conservatives of Golden can be
squeezed into a very small space these
days. The only big thing about them
is the big sign over Wenman's Shoe
shop to tell where their Committee
Rooms are. But even the big sign will
look small when the returns from the
Election come in, and Laurier's majority
looms up.
Even the optimistic Consesvative
admits that Laurier will be returned to
power, but he usually adds "With a
reduced majority." Well, we will see
about that "reduced majority" after
Election Day. But the proper way to
prevent any reduced majority is that
every man who has the best interests
of his country at heart goes to the polls
and votes for the Liberal candidate,
prosperity and a Laurier Government.
To read the Conservative papers, and
hear some people talk now-a-days, one
would imagine the only honest men in
the Domiv.ion of Canada were in the
ranks of the Conservative party. It is
not so very long ago since the people of
this Dominion by an overwhelming
majority vote told the Conservative
party they were the biggest lot of
blacklegs that ever pushed their number nines under the parliament benches,
and then and there  kicked  them  out,
bag and baggage, never more to return
to power.
Smith Curtis is meeting with a most
enthusiastic reception the district and
will carry one of the heaviest votes
ever polled in che Kootenay. Goodeve
will be snowed under an avalanche of
The old aphorism that "drowning men
will catch at straws" was beautifully
exemplified in last week's "Golden
Star" when the genial and goodnatured
editor of that paper transferred to his
columns a tribute to R. L. Borden
purporting to come from the New York
Holy Smoke! Has it come to this!
With all the Conservative newspapers
and Editors in Canada, that Borden has
to get a character from a Yankee newspaper, and a newspaper of such a type
as the New York Tribune at that! It
might be well to remind our good
natured friend of the "Golden Star"
that Canadians are quite capable of
forming an independent opinion as to
the respective merits of our public men,
without the assistance of Yankee
Editors; and that we can stir our own
political porridge pot without the aid
of Yankee politicians.
We have made arrangements with the Family   Herald  and  Weekly   Star
Montreal, whereby you can get the >
together trom now till
January, 1st, 1909
The Family Herald and Weekly Star is one of the best papers printed
in Canada. In order to receive these two papers send in your orders
at o..ce to
atllte   dimes
The   Strike.
Settlement Rumors Prove Unfounded
Montreal, Oct. 6.-The C. P. R.
strikers here are surprised at a revelation in the trial of three men for
intimidating strikebreakers. The ringleader of the group arrested confessed
that he was a Thiel detective disguised
as a sympathizer in order to obtain
evidence against the men. He was
acquitted, and testified against the
other two, who were fined $40 each.
The Canadian Pacific still maintain a
policy of silence. O'Connell says
mediation between the company and
the m,n is being arranged.
Montreal, Oct. 6.—The Canadian
Pacific round house at Mile End, was
gutted by fire early Friday morning.
Three locomotives were almost com-
p etely destroyed. Ten locomotives
were in the building when the fire
started, but seven were removed. The
damage is in the neighborhood of
Contrary to expectations the strike
situation remains unchanged according
to the latest reports. Rumors of a
settlement to-day have not been substantiated although it was thought that
negotiations between the strikers and
the     officials    at     Montreal    woul 1
Jardine   Nominated
New Whtminster, Oct. 6.—At a
large convention, Robert Jardine was
unanimously selected on Wednesday to
contest the constituancy in the Liberal
interests at the forthcoming elections.
The result of the ballot was: Jardin--
123; Kennedy, ex-M.P., 23. Mr. Kennedy made the vote unanimous.
'liHE*. •
friends   of   the   male   persauson   who
Tne Globe's Repiy  to   Premier   Roblin
Under the heading: "Roblin Convicted of Slander," the Globe will refer to Mr. Willison's statement tomorrow as follows: "My first concern
in this matter is for the vindication of
the itegrity of the Globe, under my
predecessor's editorship, as well as under my own. The political ssue, past
and present, and also the merits of the
case are to me, for the mi ment, ol
secondary importance. The charge
made by Premier Roblin was against
the good faith and common honesty of
the Globe as a public journal. That
charge was worth answering. No
honorable man will affect to cavil at
Mr, Willison's statement in preserving
the timber. Now final. The files of
the Globe for t wo years before any
shareholder had knowledge of or interest in the Crow's Nest country
corroborated that statement. Th.
essential sentences are ihe more significant be ause of present conditions.
Flatly opposed as the News is to tie
Globe and to the Liberal party in the
present political campaign, every interest except the primary obligations of
honor and truth wouldhave been.serv-
ed by silence. Having spoken, his
word settles the matter.
"But Mr. Wi'lison's statement does
more than vindicate  the  honesty and
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ii tegrity of the Globe. It give*
a u thority and occasion to throw back
the slanderous charge at the man who
made it. Premier of a great province
though he is, Hon. R. P. Roblin is given
r ack his false word, given iti back in
hia teeth. -.
•'When at Peterboroon Friday night
Premier Roblin tried to evade the issue
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till you're twelve;" another perhaps,
For our part we would say, "Let
him have it when he's ten; or if he has
developed ahead of his age, perhaps a
a little earlier.
'.there are countless men to-day who
began to shoot about as soon as they
.aad strength enough to raise a gun to
their jhoulders. Almost without exception such are men of quick decision,
action and assurance. The gun has a
great deal to do with fostering these
threp qualities, and we say begin it
earl >.
This is no new theory; the readers of
this - ■ r 'ave had it very ably pre-
sented ii the announcements of the
J. •''•'■■-. ■•<•■   Arms  &  Tool  Company,
iii it   i-n    mn     ti . the syndicate appear lo have really j. ut
:/ii.''.l   LJ   lUU    I it! is li   Of   I HIS?! up a considerable sum of money.   Mr.
  , Bennett staled that he put $11,000 into
A Tale of Foster, Pope 8   Co-a  la the transaction- Bet'ore [t was pos"
sible to turn the deal over it   was  nee-
DeryBrOn. essary to make another   payment.   In
Mr. Foster has been nominated in this emergency, Messrs. Fowler and
North Toronto, Mr. Fowler in King's Tope were enabled to meet their ob-
and Albert, Mr, Bennett in East ligation by a note signed by them and
Sim.oe, Mr, Rufus Pope in Complon endorsed by Mackenzie and Mann,
and Mr. Lefurgy in Prince, P. E. j. Soon after this the speculators en-
They are nominated and are out assist-, countered Mr, Foster, with the trust
ing Mr. Borden to bring about ihe reign | fund millions of the Fores ers at his
of purity and the downfall   of   graft, j back.    He was manager of the  Union
Mr. Fowler got  his   nomination  on  Trust  lOinpany,   deal   directly    with
Saturday last, and on accepting it made
Messrs.  Fowler  and   Pope?   Ah,  no;
a speech defending himself against the j there would have been nothing tor the
charges laid at bis door. He declared boy in that process, lt was necessary
that all his proceedings   in   connection, to .reate  a   toll-gate   between   these
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OuraubBcribersareurBedtotakeadvanlaie  f thai
with his purchase of land 1', om tlieC.m-
adian Pacific Railway were straightforward transactions.   He explained:
"Some yeai s ago 1 bought in the
open market a large tract ul'land from
the Canadian Pai-iflc Railway company.
I bought it in open trade just aj dny
man could have bought it, and acquired
great personages of the world of high
finance. A company called the Great
West company, was literally created,
its chief personages being Geo. E.
Foster, Mc.Gillivray and Wilson.
iVlessrs. Fowler and Pope sold to this
Great West company, or, in other words
to Poster & Co , at an advance on  the
it with tne intention to sell it at a pre-' price paid or promised the Canadian
fit if I could. Is there any crime in Pacific railway of $1 an acre, so that on
that? Do you say that your represent-1 a capital of about $400 and a $40,00')
atives in parliament must not engage note, these two eminent financiers clear-
in f dr and honest business?   If that is i ed a considerable share of $200,000.
the mandate you propose giving your
representatives then you will have to
represent you in parliament only middlemen and rakeoff creatures."
In view of this explanation, added interest will be found in the letter written by Mr. Fowler to his co-laborer,
Mr. Lefurgey, on October 4, 1902:
"Dear Lefurgey, -We have succeed-
But Messrs. Fowler and Pope did
better than that. They reserved the
tenderloin of the orea bought from the
C. P. R., some 8,000 acres, holding it
for themselves until prices went away
up. In this their associates were not to
share. There should be honor among-
Mr. Foster's transactions are too coin
ed beyond our wildest hopes. We wired pljeated and ingenious to be i old today.
D M., and he met us at the train. Tor- -phey form a story in themselves. The
onto, and tcok us to his office, and gave . majn pui.p0rt in narrating Mr. Fowler's
us the route so far as located;of c ur=e, connection wilh them is to get his view
under coyer of the strictest secrecy, so , as to what is a straight business trans-
keep it mum, except to Borden, Bennett action. In the quotation from his
and yourself. We expect to have a j speech given above, he asks: "Do you
wealthy Englishman named Lister, and | say that your representatives in pat -
Col.Pellatt, in the combine with Us. Hament must not engage in fair and
We have increased the thing to 200,000 :' honest business?" He should have ex-
acres. On arriving here we interview- j plained about buying a property at
ed Sir Thomas  Shaughnessy,   and   we $170,000 and having the deed  prepared
have every reason to expect mostgener-' nV,f h(f '"'J1 P,aicl ^^^ f°v it.
He also declared:    "I sold my land to
ous treatment as to terms- and  price.   the Qreat Wwt Land company,  and I
He said >ve should get the best thai  am g]afj u, state lhat   I   sold   it  at  a
was going.   U'e  want  to   arrange  a profit, too. That's what I bough tit for."
meeting there when the party  r turns J    Alr- Fowler is a prominent member of
a  »»   .     i    t ii I. i.    i i a party which is pursuing with malignity
to Montreal.   Tell Messrs. Borden and I   p    ' .. .,,.,,,
i two gentlemen who   bought    land   anil
Bennett about the meeting.   It will be lim|jel. Hm«uftwn Lhe government, and
necessary for at least two of us to go I the chief proof of the  alleged iniquity
this fall and locate, a*  it  could not  be oi these transactions is that they made
done in the spring, and that is  one  0f! money out of them.
,    ,, .        ... •        ,   , ., There   is   another   aspect.    Messrs.
the things that must he arranged at the   _    . .    '   ,
6 Fowler,  Bennett   and   Lefurgey    are
meeting. - George W. Foster." I members of parliament.   Mr. Pope dn-
The gentleman whom Mr. Fowler and j sires to be. They received favors from
Mr. Pope met at the train was D. D. I the chiefs of two great railway corn-
Mann of the Canadian   Northern   rail-1 Panies whk>n iire constantly before par-
iament in one capacity or another. How
way. The information which he gave
was as to the route of that railway
through the lands of the Canadian Pacific railway. Having received that information, the next went to Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, who appears to have
been most gracious to them. Eventually i. purchase was made of 200,000
acres of land along the line of the Canadian Northern at $3.50 an acre. Messrs.
Fowler and Pope do not appear to have
put up more than $200 apiece; Messrs.
could these men act evenly and impartially between the public whom they represent and the railwaymen to whom
they were under obligations for the
opportunity to make $200,000? As a
matter of fact, at the succeeding
session of parliament Fowler was the
most blatant opponent of the Grand
Trunk Pacific scheme. He heckled Mr
Hays in the railway committee in away
that was condemned by all decent men
who heard it. Was he expressing his
gratitude to the rival railways whose
kindness had helped him to a share of
i Lefurgey and Bennett,   who  were  in $200,000 and 8,000 acres of land. -Globe. CilIN     BOW,
Ihe Globe's Reply   to   Premier   Roblin
(Continued from page2.)
by pretending that his charge was not
against 'the man behind the Globe.'
He proved himself a coward as well as
a slanderer. No matter what his
motive, his charge carried with it the\
insulting assumption that the editor of
that day was either a hireling or a
poltroon. And ter what his motive, his
charges car myself of 'disloyalty' to
Dr. Prinerle, his word was notoriously
false to known and published facts.
Surely this man should now be returned in disgrace to :he province, the
premiership of which he dishonors. Politics in Ontario may be undignified and
sometimes corrupt, but we know nothing so stupidly and coarsely indecent
as the Hon. R. P. Roblin, who everywhere boasts of being 'the first minister
of Manitoba.'
(Sgd.)   J.   A.   MacDONALD.
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60   YEARS'
Local & General
J. E. Griffith who has been on a
holiday to the coast, returned home
"Bob" Conkwright of Nelson ('reek
was in town Monday, purchasing
A sidewalk is being constructed just
opposite J. henderson's residence, and
will be run down the street towards the
mill, which will make it more convenient for the public living in that
part of the city.
A meeting under the auspices of the
Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1753 was held
in the Orange Hall on Monday evening
by Mr. .1. W. Whitely, provincial
organizer. A large number of local
Orangemen attended.
The close season for willow grouse
which has this year been extended for
one month, expired at midnight Sept.
30th. A number of local nimrr-ris have
since been out hunting the feathered
bi: ds, but no large bags have been reported.
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quickly ascortiiin onr opinion ftoo w!:cibor an
Invonilon Is probably patentnhlo, C.-n'iniunlctv
tiiineiiirictl7coiiUik.nti.il. HAilUCPOK tn I'ntcnM
flcnt free, uldci.t aaroncy for fiucnrui.r putenta,
1'ntonts taken thriiueh Munn k Co. recelvt
special notice, without cban:o, i it lio
:s being shipped in here by H. G. Parson, M. P. P., arrived in Golden Monday, ard J.W. Conner, who is handling
i- for Mr. Parson, had his teams busy
yesterday unloading the car. Five
ton will be destributed to the farmers
in the Upper Country, and the balance
will be sent out to the Ranchers around
T.R. Haddon, McMurdo, isin town today.
Mr. Joseph Martin, K. O, has definitely announced that he will not enter
the election contest in Victoria.
Col. Homes who has been on a tour of
inspection in the Upper Country, was
in Golden Monday inspecting the
J. C. Tom was fined $20 and co«ts
this morning for breaking up furniture
in H. C. Tom's Fruit store last Monday
Mrs. Colquette will open her fall
Millinery at her residence this afternoon. A full range of Ladies' and
Children's goods will be shown,
Sam Brown who is with P. A.
Carson's survey party, is in the city
to-day, on business. He says that the
party will be through this season's
work in the course of a couple of weeks.
Mr. Holiday in-company with J, W.
Conner, left Friday for the "('Upper"
mine, situated in the mounta-ns opposite Carbonate. Mr. Holiday is
highly interested in the mine, and if
it proves favorable, he will, on his return to Golden purchase the property.
They are expected home to-day,
A swede by the name of A. M>
(5 lad wai arrested last Thursday for
stealing an amount of tools, etc., from
J. W. Conner, On investigation it was
found that he had in his possession a
valise that was stolen from the Kootenay House last spring. His trial is
being held this afternoon. Full particulars will be given in next Wednesdays' issue.
An Accident occured at Calmity
Curve last Friday, when the son of
Puul Surina was badly burned and cut
about the face' caused by an explosion
of a cartridge. His father was engaged at the time in burning up some
old ties; and the lad was standing close
by when the explosion took place. He
was brought to the General Hospital,
and. according to latest reports is
progressing as well as could be expected.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest ctr-
culiitiun of any sclontlflo journal. Terms for
Canada, f".V.r> a your, poatueo prepaid. Sold by
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rc>- •        **•»  WB-hlneton. D. C.
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Homestead
Any available Dominion Lands with,
in the Railway Belt in British Columbia,
may be homesteaded by any person
who is the sole head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of age, to the extent of one-quarter section of 16U acres
more or less,
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate. Entry by
proxy may, however, be made on certain conditions by the father, mother,
son, daughter, brother or sister of an
intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in each
year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity of
the land entered for, the requirements
as to residence may be satisfied by such
person residing with the father or
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by residence upon the said
Six months notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to
apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period of twenty-one years
at an annual rental of $1 per acre.
Not more than 2,570 acres shall be
leased to one individual or company.
A royalty at the rate of five cents per
ton shall be collected on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication  of
this advertisement will noi be paid for.
sp.  15-6 mo.
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3010 Westminster Rd„ VANCOUVER.


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