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The Golden Times Feb 8, 1908

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Ih? work on the big spiral tunnel
which the C. P. R. is now making
through those towering mountains.
Cathedral Peak and Mount Wapta, is
proceeding so satisfactory that it is
p.-ebable the transcontinentnl expresses of the company will begin to run
tkrcugh the tunnels next fall. This i-
the information given by Mr. James A.
Macdonnell, of the contracting firm of
Macdonnell, Gzowski & Co., who are
building ove - a mile of tunnel work.
Theoojectof the tunnel is to avoid
the steep grade which, as all who have
travelled throagh to the coast will remember, calls for thi'tM or even fuu
engines to push and pull the train up
the "Big Hill" between Hector and
Phld, tt tr.e summit of the Canadian
Rockies., When the tunnels ore com-
r!eted, the present mileage between
these two pla es will be increased from
.our to eight miles, but the grade will
be reduced by exactly one hundred per
cent. There is one tuuiel on each side
of the river, one bi ing 3.2C0 feot in
length, and thn other 2,800 feet, and a
curious point about them is that the
exits will be almost immediately below
the entrance.
The tunnels are 17 feet wide and 26
feet high, and progress is being made at
the rate of from 30 to 40 feet per day.
The contractors, besides employing
800 men, have installed two larjre compressor plants, and active operations are
bring carried on at both ends of the
tunnels. As a matter of feet, I he ends
are only about eight hundred feet
er mam
Xing Carlos and
Crown  Prince Louis
in I'treets ol
Lisbon, Feb. 4.-King Carlos and
Crown Prince Louis Phillips were
assassinated at 5 20 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. They, were shot to
deach while seated in the royal carriage, fit Lisbon, after their return
from Villa Vicosa, where they had
baen sojourning, by a band of men,
who fired a volley from carbines.
The royal family were driving in an
open carriage, when a group of men
at the corner of Praco de Commercio
and the Ruado Ar enal suddenly spiang
toward the carriage, and leveling car-,      «---*- *"~
bines, which they had concealed upon | Mure of their country- the minds oi
them, fired, mortally wounding the!«" the faithful monarchists turneda t
King and Crown Prime  and sen u,]y|°nce toth* thought that the wounded
•   •       ' Prince Manuel was King of Portugal.
Tha discovery of
after plot, as well as the finding '»..
many secret stores oi weapons and am
munition, had delnonstraied Leyon
peradventure the existence of a deter
minat on on the part of a large bou>
of the Portuguese to overthrow th.
present conditions and proclaim i
The tragedy occured about 6.30 ii,
the afternoon, but the p.niii: whicli
instantly gripped the ciiy aad all itt
activities prostrated the lines of communication a: d it was not for manj
hours that the news of the assassination was sent broadcast.
Lisbon wears an air of utter desola
tion. The theatres and eaf es are closet!
the streets are almost deserted ant
the electric cars are moving withou.
passengers. In short, the city has shui
itself up in its houses.
While the people communed upon the
Expected by ihe C. P. R.—British
Columbia To Be The CMef Coal.
The following is the list of pupils
win madea complete attendance during the month of January :--
DIV. I-Garnet Avery, Greta Adams
Giddy) Walton, Courtland Dainard,
Gordon Parson, Hazel Shierlock, Olga
Shierbck, Minnie Conner.
DIV. II~Charios Adams, Katie Connor, Wm. Henderson, Geo. Henderson,
Orvills Hoar, Ruth Kenny, Florence
Lawrence, Marion Lawrence, Margaret
McAbee, Tries* hore Merck r, Billy
injuring the King's second son, Prince
Manuel. Queen Amelie, who rose in
in the carriage and tried to shield the
Crown Prince, was unhnrt.
Immediately the police guards fired
on the as asfint and killed three of
The Kin** and Cr,,wn Prinee, upon
whom the attach was directed, were
each shot three times. They lived
only long enough to be carried to the
marine arsenal nearby: 'Almost at the
first shot the King fell -buck on the
eushions, dying, at the same moment
the Crown Prince was1' sejen to half rise
and sink back oh the, seat. "Queen
Amelie jumped up and threw herself
toward thn Crown Prince," in a osparent
effort to save his life at the cost of her
own, bi t the Prince had received his
death wound.    '
An examination of the wounds of the
King showed that three bullets had
found their mark. One wound w as-
situated at the nape of the neck, a
second in the shoulder, and the third
which was the fatal wound, severed the
carotid artery. The Prince, who was
till breath ing, but who died almost
immediately after admission to ihs
arsenal, had suffered three wounds in
„,  [the head and chest.   Two bullets struck
DIV. IH--H«rold Underbill,   James j ^ Manue).
The cold-blooded murder has sent a
Conner, Albert Johnston, Helen Mei-
cier, Elmer Anderson, Beatrice Peters,
Eail Loomis.
Lord Ranfurly for Canada.
Monibeal, Feb.-A special  London
cable says Lord Ranfurly, the popular' thou^^sS^
thrill of horror throughout the coun
try, even among those who have been
working politically for the estsblish-
me.-.t of a republic. Sorrow is expressed on every hand.
At the first blush it  would seem as
With this thought came the ether tha
that all must be done to safeguard the
boy's life and couriers went through
the streets summoning to the bedsi le
of the wo|lnded youth all the skilled
physicians that could be found in
The lost bulletin from the bedside of
Prince Manuel states that at present
there is no danger of complications
from the wounds. The greatest fear is
of the possibility of blood poisoning
Among tbe first to be called into the
critical situation was Premier Franco,
the dictator of the kingdom. Franco
was protected by a squadron of caval.
rym n as he hastened to the palace,
and there he conferred with tbe Queen
and high officials of the state on what
immediate action should be taken.
The following is the register of the
thermometor for the past week at the
Government Office:
10 a
16 a
20 a
26 a
:8 a
10 a
16 a
At the residence of Mrs. Moore, on
Monday afternoon, at 5 o'c!o:k, Miss.
Ida Bookhout was united in marriage
ti Mr. John Johnston, of Frank, Alta.
The ceremony Was performed by the
llev.R. Hug'ei in the pretence of a
lev immediate friends. The contracting partits will live at Frank, where
,„-, M„:-'i,._.L o ». _, - ,      a ! j., ,   . Mr. Johnson lias a restaurant and board-
tome Mackenzie & M.nn interests.       ! prepared the people for somo startling ing hoU£e.-Cranbrook Herald.
A  ,.  ...._„..»..». oooasoiiun..ui wae iae work
ex-Governor of New Zealand, will sail of anarchists   and not of republican
for Canada at the end of the week  on sympathizers.   Nevertheless, the stir-
a tour understood to We *noe ated with ag events of the   last few weeks have
The present indications are that
commencing with March 1st,, there will
oe a marked increase in immigration to
British Columbia, and it is expected that
the influx to this province will exceed
ill previous years.
This important announcement was
made to a representative of the News-
Idvertiser by Mr. C. E. Uisher,
tssistant passenger traffic manager of
.he C. P. R., with headquarters at
"While as yet there is hardly any
inovement to the we:t," said Mr.  Us-
sher, "we are confident that the immigration figures will be greatly in excess
of i hose for any previous year.   Last
year the majority  of the immigrants
who vame to this country from the Old
Country settled in the middle west, but
this numerous inquiries have been received by the company regarding  Ihe
province of British Columbia, and there
can   e n.i question but that hundreds
of immigrants will find chare way here,
settling ''n the interior and on Vancouver
Island.   With the aid of the Dominion
Government the best class of immigrants will be induced to come to Canada.   Splendid inducements are offered
in the western-part of the Dominion and
the influx last year was the greatest in
the history of the country.   Many came
from the United States and took  up
land in Prairie Provinces, but this year
many more are expect.d to cross the
border, while according to reports from
reliable sources,   hundreds of young
Englishmen having heard about Canada and the prospects la this couutry
will emigrate to the Dominion.   The
vanguard should be with us about the
first of March, and from then on there
will be a steady influx.
This promises to be a banner year for
all tourist traffic," concluded Mr. Us-
sher, "and already Easterners have
commenced moving to the Pacific Coast.
Many Manitobans are wintering in
California and many more will go
to the South before the warn weather
sets in."
Interrogated regarding the changes
in the passenger department of the C.
P .R., a report concerning which appeared in the western newspapers a couple
of weeks ago, Mr. Ussher took occasion
to contradict it, and that no changes in
the personnel of the passenger departments were coutemplated. -
 o. —
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year. .  ^KQGUSBI
afi   TIMES,   GOLDEN,   8,     - ,    FEBRUARY,     8,   190*
the gulden   times
For   Sale
Subscription price fl in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
Cerreipondence invited on matters of
public intwest. Communications
to the Editor muat be accompanied
liy name of writer, not mctssarily
for publication, but as evidence of
good faith. Correspond'.nco shoulo
be brief.
i ti. i      i-   —
A few Cord j of first class dry Wood
IJ.   W.   COMER,       60LDEN,   D.   C
.i^uii AOO,aijO j'. .\( Vi'jujC^G
Because Sir \Vil.red Laur «r stid or,
ihe floor of the hou is o Cemmons tVat
the day might come when a   Japinese
fleet would protect the cottt of Bruit!
Columbia against ii common enemy,
certain armchair critics in London art
all agrg and a strenuous effort is being;
made t-> twist the utterance into  a
prophecy of war between Great Briiaii.
and the United States.   Ignorance oi'
geography is probably responsible for
the idea that the ,m'y enemy Canadi.
need fear is her neighbor to the soiul
It seems to huve escaped a1 tention thai,
ne matter with what great power the
Empirefjibecame involved   in war, ii
would be almost a fir.t necessity to prevent tie use cf the All-Red route between the United Kingdom   ard  her
eastern dependencies, and thai,  a iai.i
on Vancouvor would form part of the
program.   But at such a time it might
be v.ry c mvenieiK  indeed,  for great
Britain to leave tiie poLcirg   of liu
Pacific in ia* uuhds of .heir  ally wink,
she concentraced   er attention on the
fleets oi' tn» fcnemy nearer home,  and
ii w. s p.oo..biy sjme su hgeneralidtt.
as this   whijfl   in pirod air Wiifre..
Lauricr'r ocit.-r uictum.       That   tin.
Premier had any par-.ii.uiar power u.
i... ._ uiiw. u.-lLc-.j', t.iac ne nau I.,
bnued ctai.es in .m.iu 13
H'l.-l.v.y    101
  M*m tn
toraeOaed te 'tmi
tbey aay dowa tn the Bowery. A .
daye ago he bed 1500 te depeoft and
deetded he'd change Us bat*. El
trapped lute a book tbat la wed kaewii
jto aewpt no small deroeita and tela
♦be tcllrr t'azt he wanted te eye* aa
t   *he tell'*
iou'1 noeopt small Ospeolta,"
mm the teller. And bia tone waa not
•wi"-!./ what might be called iwotbla».
••Who Bsknl you to accept e *an*U
deposit f deiuaarlpd Uie yertfb. "I «#'
want to start aa account witb (50.0K
out ril co elsewlwre." lie'-get ont Ik
Cere he could \n "topped, lea ring tt»
tcdl:),- witb a kMlc af pain and etititytm
«>.wttW5:l ubo-i W« rvmstMtaaaa.
"Uvea Cto naff* cer-ant)- There on
'.ings, Marjr,
_ ao
abou. wUKh *
«re trutl.t'ii,';
..,»< '.nice*
..•- Voe'a, uf. ,-iion ;JU ((l;
1 yn-Sr* not la, rrtou t o.>rr. n ,
>»o doo'r wf» 1 to aw w hi,!,
•   rr.um— truthf Usieta or .,;,-.,■■,.,
A GREAT WORrff UJfifc.
tVmjmon  Saaaa la the Beat  Rama**
That Caa Ba Preaarlbad.
I once asked a physician what care
h< could eugaeet for tlie worrying habit. "1 would prescribe con.mon sense,''
hi> said, "and If a man or woman
hasn't got a stock on hand and cannot
"ultlTste one the medlnal man Is pow-
ir leas," This worrying nonsense grows.
The liest means to cure It lies In the
band* oi the woman herself.
If ilie will Just call a little horse
*Jri:«i- to l.er aid, resolve not to borrow
(iMiiLile, to tie cheerful and tuiiik upon
tin- right side of things, she wlH live
.o..wr nnd be able to retain ber beauty.
Every woman lias tbe strongest desire
to keep lier good looks. Why,, then.
>ior>S sbe take tlie course which Is sure
to make her yejlow skinned, dull eyed
and thoroughly unlovely?
The Englishwoman Is greatly ad-
mired for lier ullcr refusal to worry or
M lie worried. Constijuently sbe looks
y.niii!* nt fifty. Undertaking no more
ll.j.n «he cnu comfortably carry out
and firmlv tVlli'viiyj In the coming of
anotliVi" -i:, 1 "lip floes not procrnstl-
n.'ile. Inn -.'i- ;•>;, .clll not let the douies-
tl>.' uiaciiiiu-r. iriiitd tier dowu to 111
hi nltli nml 1111 .-in ly <>ld age.
rilii- Is a rn-i|ii(-iit iiiitlior nnd regards
b.mltli ns tin' pi'iini- factor of life, to bt
■coked after before everything else.
B'.ie sleeps nine liours nnd also takes a
u.ip during tlifl day, arranging ber
work lu tlie most systematic manner.
Her little memorandum slip always
ii ows two vnciiut hours—they are for
rest. 8lu> cuts lioitrtlly, lint of the most
digestible fowl uml would rather have
a numthful of ,:ood food nnd go partly
hungry tlia.ii cut a whole meal of
ulieaper things.
Aa Irl.h nc-.<>r«a* Paaal*.
4 «a»t* r> conductor ea a Lea As>
r»lrt« 'rata toM « rvporter of Uie 80.
ti. nuirdlno Sun that hie grbJidfather
nwenibered - algn wblct wot weeted
%t a petal tt\ * doable Vaeh Allroad
In Ireland te tba nffeet tbat "wiJeo rwt,
•r»lae meet her* ih*j nnai votxr t* a
ttendettB untU t!r«y live pasaed trnm
Aatldj»p»palF   ntn.
"Dyspepsia WOuiil no. loiiRer b* tb«
national disease In America if tb<- pit-
pie of tho country would adopt u |ii:i!
diet similar to tbut of -Nrnwin ' -mil
Sweden. Gout is unkm-wn nin.-i.
Swedes and Norwegians, and the r>'->
cheeks, and cleat cotiiplesioiiH nl Hu
young people of thoHe countcli * ui-«
tbe result of the siir.ple fond tin- clill
drcn eat," the. Unlicil Ktnles ioiishI ul
Bergen, Norway, itiiys. "Hot rolls nnd
white bread are rudely seen In Sweden.
Knnckbrode, or bni-d broad, is the
standard article of fond. It Is mude of
ground oats nnd rye. Tlicre Is no yeast
In the bread, and It I* rolled into thin
wafers, which are baked und hung up
Where Ihey will keep' perfectly dry
Sv"edes cut this bread and drill; milk
fee tw'O'meals 11 day und huve one men!
At wlilcli they eat meat and potatoes.
Sweets nre a 1 mast unknown. Children
are allowed to eat candy only on state
Pretty lllft-h Aetharlty.
General Wintieid Scott, the hero of
'.be Mexican war. used a wcrctary for
oil bis correspondence, private ns well
«k official. Once, lu the absence of ills
secretary, be undertook to write au order for the transferring of some pro
visions, and spelled "wagon" "waggon."
Later, the secretary In looking through
the various memoranda, etc., found
the order and detected the error.
"General," be naked affably, "bj
iv hut authority do you spell 'wagon'
with a double *g'Y"
Scott never turned a hair aa be re
plied without a moment's hesitation: --
"Uy what authority! By tbe authority of tbe major general command-,
Ing the armies of tbo United States,
•Ir! What better authority do you
want?" ,\fj,
Btaaaarda et Haaamramaat.
The "foot" Is named from tho
length of tbat member In a fnll grows
mau. Some say that It waa called ao
from tbe length of tbe foot of a certain English king, but It la believed
to have been a standard of measurement among tbe ancient Egyptians.
Tbe cubit Is from the Latin cubitus,
en elbow, and Is the distance from tha
Wbow to ibe end of the middle *n«s-
If >ou cbtaln a Firearm of doiibt-
Thi exptrHced Hunter's :.i<J,
" Marksman's Ideal
by shooting our popular
Ask fonr local Hardware
or Sporting Good* Merchant for the STEVEMS.
II you cannot obtain, we
ship dlroct, express) pro-
paid, npon receipt of Cata-
' log Price.
Send 4 cent* in Rtamps for 1401'uge
IlliiKtriited Catalog, including clrcu-
. li.ruof latest additions to our line
Contain* points on snooting, ammunition, the proper care of a flrearm,
etc., etc. OAr attractive Ten Colorj
Lllt.ograplied llanrcr mailed any-
where fornix cents in stamps.
P.O. Box 4097 I
Chicopee rails,  Mass.,  V. S. A.    I
Chin Bow
Fresh Fruits,
Tobaccos and Cigars.
Metis at all Hours,   Jus   received
shipment of Okanagan Apples,
Feed for Sale
I have choice upland
prairie hay and "timothy
Oat», Wheat
<& Feed
to offer in car load lots.
Delivered prices   given   -
WANTED—Correspondents in every
portion of this valley te write loca
news and send it te The Golden
r ft,
FEBRUARY,   o,   i^iH.
.■sK'jwas jasx
Women Do much aftin
iuch }>t i i.t,    tncremna WnrAr       - ate^tr.\
—^   --'■ -7*.'
-.1 ..-*:,'..:. i
ingerous Work.
'   .».-J!
For the discovery of dynamite' and,/-, a .serjes of earijhenWarf' y$s, unci
other   cogn-ite   powerful   explosives.. tiierfcohdencing apparatus, intd Which
which have now become inseparable
handmaids of the mining and engineer-,
ing industries the world owes a' d bt
.of gratitude to tho late Alfred Nobel,
.the famous Sweedish scientist and chemist, since he w.'s Ihe first to turn to
^practical purposes at his laboratory at
Helen berg, near Stockholm, the power-.,
ful biasiing agent nilivgiyceriue, dis-,
covered by Sobrieyo mid colloquially
known as "blasting oil." v ,. ._.j.
This compound, owing to its extremely dangerous nature and the frequency
.of .the accidents attending Us uj, -, at$i
jh*n English correspondent oi :a-J. j.-*.? .
'' * title American, was prohibit--J
ill lj.ru.}
the gas is ds:harged and conden<£j.
Th'-*' nitric acid thus obtained is fu*ftherJ
m.xed with sulphuric acid, alsoprot U :ed
on i he spot, snd conveyed in steel cars
cais hauled by ponies to astation at the
ioot of one of the nitroglycerine'.,'hills'"
as the mounds in which this powerful
powerful explosive liquid is prepored
are called. There ere five of thete
"hills", comprising lofty earthJenbajik-
ments within which are jqc*ted the
buildings in Which the'manuffcturejis
iiarriedout.-'" '•'•' "'■'■ ■'••' "'".'i.   ' %
"The provision of "the1 "surrounding
ldUnds covfertM wif h tijltf $.ri|" gross
arvi'S to arrest the flight 'of-:fr|gments
of the leading countries; aiialxst*^'^.-^-^^ *stettii(a|ra|r-sJHt^' au&d  the con-
real izing these numerous oisau vn| uk ia; j? la$i6n produced %■*' ■'aij"  explosion
concerted «i« energies for a cif.sk.t '
.able time in the quest for an ttgein. wi vi
which the nitroglycerine could b*. com '
binep and which while not deterioretme
in  thi slightest  its   high   explosive
qualities wou.u ut > he same time enabk
it to be hanuied with comparative impunity.   In ;h s search he was nltimat
ely snecessiui uy  mixing the nitroglycerine with an absorbent earth called "kieiel uhr" and' piobucing ' th*
compound n w known   as dynamite.
The result; of this' discovery was an
immediate expansion in  the: employment of the'explosive for blasting proposes in all par js of the world. '" After
.stablishing factories, in Germany and
France in 1871, Nob.i Went, to Cleat
Nobel himself selected this site for
liis proposed factory, and bis ultimate
choue lell upon A.de.r, on the west
poast of Scotland: A more suitable spot
for i hr prosecution of a dangerous trade-
could scarcely nave been found, as the
n aural configuration ot the cpunjfcry.is.
a series of waste sand dunes, which
lend themselves admirably to the>woi?*v
'■' in hand by serving ai natural barriers
between the vanous sections of the
danger zone.
The factory covers' an area of  over
SOO aires, occupied by more than MO
different buildings.   Tlje works ore,en-.
lively self-contained, and thur a; num-
Ler of diiferent' subsidiary industries.
&i e embraced: in i he isolhted colony elf,
i? tab ishetf at* barren spot on the shore$
of th* AtUp   "
Nitro|lyi^ine, al is' well known;
a combiij»^w|i o£glycerihe ana a"hiix^
ture ui »ulpljurii! and nitric acide^^h
for.uer is br|i
bald the building withirtv-firom any
.^use-blow up. The hills are pierced
.i all directions wjth tunnels,*by which
ommunication with the secluded buildings is maintained. When the cars filled wjth acids reaoh thi- foot of one of
.he hills they are thence transported to
the top by cable haulage
(Continue 1 rie^ct week.)
,'        -'.   , ..'    '        Ow~ i     -,
V    SllBSEKlNG^ANbsHpof'INGy:
It is a comfort tp.realize when we hear
people tsiking about "tki gojd bldtimes
that used to be," that in some respects
at least, we.show more common sense
today. One instance is in our attitude
toward women. - There was a time when
a women was expected to shriek and
faint in almost any emergency. It was
eyen considtred an attractive exhibition
ti dependence. Today we pardon lack
of nerve and seli-possess'on in a women
almost as iittle as in a man,, The girl
who rides and °r,oois has, ..taken the
place of. the girl who used to.shriek and
faint. No small factor in bringing this
Welcome change about ham.
campaign carried on by the J.Stevens
Arms and Tool Company, diici
Mass., makers of the famous?-'
firearms, who have introduced o'lirgirlS
t> the healthy, upbuilding sportof outdoor shouting. The company have
issUed a-catalog illustrating1
vsiietirs of light -weight rifles, shotguns
and pistols  wbicii girls  all over th*
, y^ ■ ■ '- - - ■ V*^
cpUrttry^reusinfe..today/ It 'contains
rviMiwucbusefulai'dinterestin.: information
Reliable varieties at reasonab'e
prices.   No Borers.   No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy ageiits to annoy you.
Buy direct and tret Trees and
Seeds that GROW.
Fertilisers, Bet Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc.
Oldest established Nurser on
the Mainland of B. C.
jfsfjrCafnlogue' 'Free.
from all
,'armal is
arts pi
id i^Tr>*>^uid - are' re-
world, and
u rectifying £p
purities susptn
mov. d. Tha hfifc aTld.'s ^prepsred in
i. fit buildidjrij|Jin whi-h are rallied
lo:.g rows ot*: rjioriB 'j^t^vii^^Lp
tv-'iu. TlieseVeloitt'arsicharged'mj^
i u'-il iric acidknij: nitrate.of: aoda, rnd';
immediate y the two conp. une e come
liiiito coi.iact''«   h    kal; action com-
n\ icss, tne nitric acid being released
|S a corrosive gas. .:
Theiatteriatarried through pipes on
3010  Westminster Road.
' VANCOUVER,   B.   C.
(I   H4'iHH«V,W'*--e
& ua.
fueen's HotJ
Centrally. located and fitted
With modern conveniences
Cosine unexcelled. Large
.Sample room for Commer-
-■cial trtvellers.    The   Bar
''•' ,:■ f..y. •
,. ia "stocked with the   best
' ".Wines, Liquors nnd Cigars
C. GREENE, P roprietor.
J-aetmg of firearms,  besides  notes on
;ending I^M^rt-8^ M^**
pbstage.    ",-    ,'••;     ' '"•'"'■; •■"! '-''  ■
" -uiaft-:'--"
...M," «• eeaAofimt anaww*
ed. *We Bare a loeomotlre at each
and. » Miw om to poeb and oa* te
poll to get as np this grode.^ "Ob,
dear, what osaJl 1 dor moaned tke old
Itiy. Tm alwaye trata afck If I iio>
wtti av back to the toeaMttra,*1
*fo*i Oil, Aik Jyatw Wells; latest
;;»;.,;ttf roi smi
. paving bought the entire stock
of ;Twe*ds and Suitings of the
late J. C.<fom & Co., I am pre-
"'      >■■ I'lr'J    1
pajed, at my own price, to quote
•pi-fees taat^ctirsurprise you.
'   .'' A
(i*   ■ ■f-.'.S"  ■ '■''
, .111 o/jthese peices are new, in
fa«|   many-of them had never
itsfi   f  i ... .-
to^Hn imttked.' Come   in   while
. ^stoj* is complete.    Everything
.". goea regardless of cost.
f       \     P      P       a]      (i       §
H. C, Tom
Soys Waaied.
To sell the Golden Times every
Saturday. For further particulars
Apply at the Office of the
Golden Times
Business    .
JHE  GOLDEN  TIMES,   offe^'W^
Best Service in Plant, Stock'and.
Workmanship that the most exacting .
could require.
Pil Send Orders East?
When local printers make a standing
offer to furnish Commercial Printing
at the prices now paid to offices in the
Bast. ■ '■'•'■.,-.•.,
Ill Bill i Jfi hit    ;/
by Golden citiaens, but the atationery
on which they are rendered is printed
in the east.
Why not make new customers at
home by havinsr your printing done
Any time np till 1 a.m. Once
come will satify. Beef, chip
Potatoes.  Fresh  Eggs,    etc.
Local <Si
Geo. Willis, eame in from Kamloops
T. R. Haddon and Wife of McMurdo,
were in town this week.
Bora-On Sunday Feb. 2nd 1908., to
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Brown, a Ion.
e>.» -
Wm. Johnston, and wife of Nelson
Creek, were in town this week.
-   -     a.a,
Miss. Beaale Dunn, who haa been
visiting her parents In Olds, Alta., fo •
the paat two months, teturned to
Golden Monday.
Regulations ef the department of
the interior at Ottawa are published
providing for more adeeuate protection to tha Dominion forest reserves
in Western Canada.
A report from Ottawa is to the effect
•'•'■' that the time for the completion of tha
proposed  railway   from  Golden   via
.  Fort Steal*, connecting with the Crow's
Neat tat? railway, has been extended
for live years.
i 4.a
Jack Anderson, left last week for the
Blaeberry, from th;-re he will travel
over the summit to the Saekatchewa.i
river, where he will spend tha rent of
, the winter in trapping. Fred. Anderson ii busy at present, packing in the
winters' grub.
—     e»e
Mre.C. W. Wyckoffof Field, B. C„
died Monday morning at 4.30. The
remains were taken to Calgary Lt interment. Deceased was a sisti-r-in.law
of A. F. Marsh, of Calgary and her
brother J. B. Levell, also resides there.
M. McDonald, known through>ut
the west as "Little Mack," ia dead
of h ».t disease, Tha deceased waa
one of the moat popular men in tha
weat, being genial and of a sunny dis*
position. Ho waa born in Ireland in
1868 ind in 1888 aettled in Calgary and
became one of her meat progressive
citizens, being largely instrumental in
the formation and location of many
important mercantile concerns in Calgary and in the whole province of
Alberta. In 1900 he took a trip to the
Yukon and devoted his time on his return to milling interest*.. Little Mack
waa well known in B. C. and in Golden
where he haa many friends.
e. e
John Lind, a Winnipoggor foroman
for Mcdonnel and Co., contractora for
the Field tunnel waa fatally injured in
a powder explosion laat week. He waa
taken toVaneouver, but died from hla
injuries before reaching that city.
m te> .
Two men were brought befor raagie-
trate Griffith on Wedneoday.
Charles H. Wes'-ey, waa eharged with
atealing a pair of German Socke from
another mon, ho was aant up for trial.
J. F. Browning waa charged with
forcing falsa chequea. He atayod at
at Kootenay Hotel, for a few days, and
when   about   to  leave,  ha ded 'the
proprietor a cheque on the Imperial
Bonk at Edmonton for 126,00, ha also
passed another on station agent Wells
for $18,00, which he received 4 tickets
to Revelstoke. Tbey had three hours
start before it was known that tho
chequea were "no good."
Constable Tennant sent wont along
the line between Golden and Revolatoko
to meat Monday's westbound paasen.
gar, and were caught ai Roger's Pass
they aro now in the lockup, waiting
Eric Saundien, better known for
twenty years or moro in the valLy aa
"Old Brie," was badly injured on
Hone Thief Creek thla week while
thawing powder, '-o be used in clearing
thn stream for tho Columbia River
Lumber Co.
Both of the unfortunate man's eyas
wero put out and other severe injuries
inflicted, and it ia a question whether
lie will recover. "Old Eric" camo to
South Eaat Kootenay with N. Hansen
and wad the grand factotum for Mr.
hanson for years, having been in chargo
of tho construction of the first houses,
*aw mill,.planer building, etc.. on the
place. There are many in the district
whon ill hear the newe *>ith sorrow, aa
Tho  ftore  with,
tho Reputation
i     i    ,,.. i**e*a
Ik Big Store
Full   Value
your Monoy.
After StocktaKintf -Sale,
Come in and see tur tables, Everything in short lengths la now going
regardlecsofcoet. Skirt lengths,
ends of silks, etc, Insertions and
Embroderi«, Ribbons, etc, ate, etc.,
There HU beCbepiecea of ovory class
of Goods.
"Old Eric" waa ageneral favoritewith
all who knew him.
♦ «»
R. Kimpton, one of the pioneer
ranchers of the Windermere district,
haa purchase the Clark ranch, which
consists of 308 acres and adjoins his own
holdings. This addition gives Mr.
Kimpton 1200 acres in a solid block.
It is understood th it the consideration
waa in the neighborhood of twenty
dollars per acre.
. J. W. Conner, loaves Monday on an
extended visit to his old home in Knox-
ville, Tenn., on hia way he will stop off
at Chicago, and Boston.
Alex. F. Smith, formerly editor of tho
Geld- n Star, but lately on the staff of
the Vernon News, passed away at the
Vernon Jubilee Hospital yestorday after
noon from an attack of typhoid fever.
He leaves behind him a wi'e and four
children, the eldest being about six
years of age. The death of thia young
man ia particularly sad, and hia many
friends in Golden will read this announcement with deep regret and will join the
Times in extending to the bereaved wife
the aincerest ay mr achy.
e. *>
His Honor Judg- Calder haa committed D. L. Smith or Keller at Kamloops for extradition to the United
States upon charges of theft of Government chequea which he af terwarde
eashed, the other charges not being
subtantiated. The prisoner will not be
surrendered to the^United States government until after fifteen days, during which time he has the right to
apply for a writ of habeas ctrpus.
For Oil, and Water, Wella; latest
LOOMIS DRILL CO., Tiffin, Ohlo.J
*R4 Parson, Limited
■v. *■
session of a aeries pf conferences
fhe fir al
twosn ihe ahingle manufacturers of the
Coast will be held to night at which it
ia understood an agreement wjll be
cached whereby the mills will announce
a reduction of from 20 to 26 centa on
there product.
Tho se.sion of this evening will bring
to a close a series oi-tonferences which
haa been in progress in the city forthe
laat two d <ys. At theso meetings the
conditions of tho ahingle market haa
been thoroughly discussed and tbe
statements made have shown that some
mills aro now abso'u ely tied up and
others in danger of a similar condition.
Subscribe for the Times, |1.00 per
- Rev. W. L. MacRae, Pastor. Ser
vices every Sunday 11 a.m. and 7:80
p.m. Sunday school 2:80 p. m. Prayer
Mooting ovory Wedneaday • p. m
Rev. F.   L. Carpenter   Pastor.'
Services every Sunday 11 a.m. and7:39
p.m. Sabbath School 2:80 p.m. Prayer
Meeting every Wedne-day at 8 p.m.
o     ■
F. Yates vicar. Mattina 11 a.m.
Evensong 7:30 p.m. ovary Sunday.
Sunday School 2:10 p.m.
n R»v. Father Coenlla, O. M. I
Paster. Sereicee every second Sunday
in each month. Mass 10 a. m., Benediction 7:80 p.m. Sunday school avroy
Sunday at 2 p. as.
It "the Stitch in Th
when epidemics of any >ind
prevail; when changeable
weaker makes " catching
Al the least sign cf
frttgue, ckUlincM, or
frtntness, take a cup of
hot BOVRIL. It wiU
give iastahtaneoui
vigMt  uA  lasting
MTMl te J*ao* m ,§
m tt le M »


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