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The Golden Times Feb 22, 1908

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Array v.. -'   ''* '"-     j
«       J»   '•   Iri  ;     ".    '     ■    '
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/|7      | %
f ^ri*a .-.-. ■,'   .-  ■ ■"■ ■
v'i_0' iZ$M fy*\%*^    .?   4>(^
EB 29 1908
FEBRUARY    22,    1903.
Queen's Hotel
Centrally locatettand fitted
wiih modern conveniences •
Cosine unexcell-d. Lsrye
Sample'room for Commercial travellers. The Bar
is stocked wilh the best
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
RATES $1.50 TO $5.00   PER  DAY.
J. C. GREENE, P roprietor.
10 J IS THE Til TO
Having bought the entire stock
of Tweeds and Suitings of the
late J. C. Tom & Co., I am prepare 1, at my tw;i price, to quo
prices that will surprise you.'
All of these peices are new, in
fact many of them had never
been m«rk>'d. Come in while
stock is complete. Everything
gees regardless of ccst.
R liable varieties al reasonab'e
prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No wi.-i-Jy n;*e:its to annoy ytu.
Bu;- di'-ect and yet Trees and
Seeds that GROW.
Fertilizers, lie* Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, otc.
Oldest established Njivse; on
the  Mainland of Tl. C.
JefCatalcgue Fre>
e    Je
£010   WestmhuUr Rct,d.
E s*BB****t
Aiiua^ successful Ual'tliYlJ WtU ll'eil
at the Skating Kink last night. ■ The
ice was ■ rowdsd wiih many ,ji'vi.ty uu.
cistlycosiumej. Herold Tern captured
first prize for ths mens, A Daughter oi
ihe Regiment. Mis*. Vera Smtriock
ladies prize, Young America, Bertie
Shierlock, girl's prize, A Yellow Butterfly, tieorge Parson, boy's prize, as
Fireman., and R. A. Black, the comic
prize, Teddy Bear.
Dave Bow-is, makes a very good
wome:i, as "Aunt Sally", but he for-
sot te make that "s'vingy" walk.
The list of i hose who wore costumes
areas follows:~
Miss. Dorothy Tennaht, j   Two    little
"   " Kathleen.Shaw, /       Maid.
"   "   Nellie  Parson Carnival D ess
Mrs. T. C.  Carey, Night.
.vJins. Heleii"M"erqier,   Folly.
"   Flor.-nce Morgan, Peasant Maiden
''   Ruth Kenny, Ireland.
Mrs. E. J. Tennant, A Cowgirl.
Miss. Nora Kenny, Yellow Kid.
Master Clare Tennant, A Chef.
Miss. Emilie ShuW, Joan of Arc.
Mrs. R.W. Brownrigg, Puritan.
Mr. J.T. Wood, Rip Van Winkle.
Mrs. J.T Wood, Girl from the ranch.
Miss. Olga Shierlock' The Indian M,«id.
"   Hazel Shierlock,   Young Canada.
"   Lang, Gypsy Fortune Teller.
"   Marjorle iiam 'ly. Robin Hood.
"   Florence    Macfarlane,     Portia,
(.Merchant cf Venice.)
Miss. " Dorothy   Hambly,   Queen   of
Miss. Misnie Sutherland, Magpie.
" Berdie Shierlock, A Yellow Butterfly.
Miss. Vera Shie lock, Young America.
Miss. Minnie Adams, Hindu Women.
Miss. Isabel McCormack, Rose.
Miss. Florence McCormack, Carnation.
Miss. Houston, Norw gian Peasant.
Mrs. King, Peasant Girl.
Miss. Ws Is, Belle of the 18th Century.
Miss. Noiris, Turkish Dancing girl.
Miss. Mamie Wright,  A Rose.
Miss. Nancy Nicholson, A Cow^rl.
Miss, Louise Wright, A Cowgirl.
Miss. Cladys Walton, Liberty.
Miss. Kate Adams. Sr.ow Shoe Girl.
Mrs. G.F. Stalk -r, Evangeline.
Lr G.F. Stal' er, Do r.inio.
Mr. G.H. Giffin, Scotch Laddie.
Mr. R.A. Black, Teddy Be r.
Master (has. Houston, JHaicquin.
Mr. Wm. Houston, Sciremw.
Mr. Harold Tom,   A di giter cf the
Mr. Geo. A. McDonrld,   "K.C.R" on
time. •.
Mr. R. Lar.delis, Calveryman.
r, Percy Boyd, Turkish Zouave,
iV*aster Allan Lfnderhill, United States
Ma (er Bert Rutherford, Happy Hooligan.
. *.
.aster   Francis   McCormock, United
States Soldier.
Maslor George Parson, i i.-em;in.
irliisi r buciu Ouia.-li,  BacKwuros and
blaster Paul McCormack,    do   do.
vv'm, Henderson, Court Ji*.er.
uiaster >j iuou Parson, Cowboy.
jVir. Dave Bowes, Aunt Sally.
i.ir. San, iving, Sir. Francis 'teazle.
Mr. Percy Stanford,  Cowboy.
i: Frank .-.icuuisoii, Temlitr, c'asha.
Master Beverley Natliuss, tho "Guldui
Antonio Pelegrir.o cf  Horse  Ciec
was the proud es ort of a lacy the night j the line,
of the W-'pta dance. j    Engineer A
y1 Bock Slide ia One cf fhe Tunnels
Near Kanaka, 146 [files East el
I i the darkness of a tunnel a few
miles of No- th Bend, passengers on
C.P.R. train No. £6, which left Vancouver Saturday evening, were terrified
m hear a dull roar, foil, wed by a splitting of timbers and a crash as the trail
c me to a violent standstill. Tho cause
| of the co.i)motion was a s idr, whi.li
precipitated trns of ro « on ihe timbers
of the tunnel roof just above the lo o-
motive and the fir^t car, causing a jam
that kept a small army of workmen
busy until four o'clock Monday morning
clearing away the debris and repairing
Walker and   Fireman
On Fr.uay iast a darce whs hcid in
in the Wapta School llnuse, it was
largely extended. Neorly $20 being
collected either for paying off the debt
on the School House or for a new piano.
T.R. Haddon of Washout Creek las
been purchasing some cattle from 'Bob'
I ew KaiicK who has undergone a
serious operation in Chicago Hospital,
progressing favorably. We hope he
will soon b- quite well again.
Wm. Sm'th is ihe most regular
attendant at Sunday School. We think
Billy will get the prize.
Jack Dodd, Mrs. and Miss. Hadley
were in Golden Monday last visitirg
Mrs. T. B'ngham., stopping at the
geniai 1'ostrnaster's for supper on .their
return journey Tuesday.
Constable Cameron and Edgar
Stoddart of Windermere passdd through
A'-cMurdo en route to Golden, on business.
"Bill" Johnston drove up to Galena
on V\ ednesday night to see Niel McRae, who is reported t • be very ill wilh
pneumonia. We trust this report is
"Tom" Martin drove do < n from
Boys Watud.
To seil the Golden Times every
Saturday. Fer further particulars
Apply at the Oflice of the
L. R. Betrdis, k.otk of Kamloops, were
scalded, but net seriously injured.
Had the slide occured a few seconds
late i- the passenger cc aches would have
The slide occured two miles east o«'
Kanika, about 146 mile; from Vancouver. An investigation of the wreck
is being made by the company's officials.
Oolden Times
Will Bring a Herd of 300 Buflalo late
Next September,
H. t-ougks, superintendent of the
Banff National park, who is en route
to Ottawa on official business, states
that the herd of over 400 buffalo purchased from M. Pablo, the Montana
r ncher, last year and now in Elk park
at Lamont, Alta, are doing splendidly
in their new norne. The big bull which
escaped while the first shipment was
being unloaded last J une and which was
discovered several months later among
some cattle in the Glacian settlement
south of Si ratheona, defied all efforts
to recapture him and had to be shot a
few days ago. He was one of the
finest specimens in the entire herd and
the hens' and hide wili be mounted and
placed in the government c -flection.
Mr. Douglas says that as eoon as
weather will permit the wo>k of fencing the new na ional park at Denbow
where the buffalo will be permanently
located, will begin. It will require CO
miles of fence to enclose the great trr.'t
of land which comprises six townships.
It will be completed by autumn in preparation for ihe balance of the held
(Continued on pi'ge 4.) \«.'-l,
»■■ lift—
THE   TIMES,   GOLDEN,   B    c.   FEBRUARY,    22,   1908.
T. II. Conner,
Subscription price $1 in advance.
Advertising rater on application.
Cerreipondem-e inviicd on matters of
public interest. Communications
to the-Editor muat be accompanied
by name of writer, not nscessarhy
lor publication, but as evidence of
good faith. -Correspond' nee should
be brief.
',..   _______________
H --TRY- \"
The leading Conservative newspaper
in Canada, the "Montreal Gazette,"
has this to say about ihe Dickie'McBride
"The majority in the British
Columbia Legislature has sustained the Speaker in ruling out of order
a resolution- calling for the removal
or' Lieutenant-Governor Dunsmuir.
It will be well for the rtputation of
th« body if this ends the matter.
What has transpired so far has
chiefly had the effect of persuading
outsiders at least that there are in
the British Columbia Legislature a
lot-of moral cow ardi afraid to accept
the responsibility oi their own
In which opinion thu. majority of voters
in the Columbia Riding will mosth.ar.-
ily concur.
Any time >-p till 1 a.m. Or.ce
come will satify. Beef, chip
Potatoes,   Fresh   Eggs,     etc.
<.kl   'Mil.   HABIT
In these days of tust hvii;g and
strenuous conducting oi our bus.ness
affairs, where the cource of cur - nreer
is smooth and pioBperky and geed
times follow in our path, we are ad if
us too prone to iforgec ihe fu-:«rj, ana
what mignt be, iu our cesire io ii ake
the most of life am. we - ive but lia.c
heed to the warnings of Uiosu who,
leais sanguine and ouoyaut, lock into
the distant futurj and fo-esee the
shadow of calamity, of haru times anu
privation. To irjacli hard tinr s i.i tie
days of prosperity would be considered
the action of a crank or a pissimist, yet
how few of us really lay up ».ore for a
rainy day, or for any unexpected cn-
tingency that may arise to cause us to
feci the pinch of care. Wc most of us
liv rup tooj.- .najmoi, anu many beyond
them, and it is only when times su.h as I
are upon us now, that we slop to think
of retrenching and accommodate our-
selves if possible to ihe circumstances, i
We are apt ho.Never to look on.the
worst side of things and to jump at con- j
elusions, not knowing what to do or how j
to think and this does even ir.oredamaj, e
to a community than the commercial
depression itself,
situation. The industrial organization
of the world while it hns evolved on
simp.e principles is characterized by a
closeness of relation between its oif
ft-renc parts tna tlie disproportion!.!.-
advance of any one of these parts wi 1
diiiocate, to a certain extent,   other
things.   The pro^jj. my oi. u.   0.   hts
oC li ton great lor ita ready capital ai...
consequently the price or evc.y commodity haa risen, oucn a siate oi tunics
must of necessity s,,on rectify uscli,
out meanwhile, utspondeiioy una a too
tight grip on ti.t almighty d-iiiar will oy
no means he.,, to relieve tnc situation.
Extra work, harder rustling ..nd p«-r-
severan.u, with a sanguine and cheerful countenance will do mure to eliminate tue severity of ihe situation than
ail the disgruntlou grumbling m which
we nre sapaule.. Don't jump at rash
conclusions in any matter, whether
commercial, financial, . industrial or
municipal and learn those who i.r«
working out their own pi n of action in
tur midst to c^irry out their ideaj, which
are ill for the best, unhampered by
needless in terferenc* or criCici m.
Western Home Monthly
Our old school chum Budd Griffith
met with a terrible "jar" this week.
In trying to g've his readers an amount
of the Bonspiel, the Editur of the
"Golden fctar" endeavored to make
"Budd" a Scotchman.
Weil-cheer up - Budd! The Editor
h:is been lingering too long ovtr he
cups on the "Afternoon-'!e.i-Table'-l j a rjnRvgs
lie will recover! Give him a few mor.e
weeks in "aocieiy", and hs will Le
using a hypon to .\rite his own name.,
thusby, Dunn—Brown!
■ > S lLsf-S™a t J
— AND"— .    ..
The Two for One Year for
The Wntfn Home Moullily 111* tons btsn recsBi-Jzed an »!,e
ffP3t(fh!i*tfi! I < is 11 -.u. i: *j£ /;.tjr,i Ci.iaJt ai 1 i; r:id ijr
over 33,000fam micvcivrtn-i'.V
Il coMair.i n <wc&kh cfl«.<i -3 Crti n,eJiuri Jj Li nvnanJ
women, able biIkUloi 1 eating uiLj iclf, vv' ib il j one dozen cf ni rs
departments, under sp :d:l itin arJ lieatingi, .-.re intrreatias and brlp*
(ul o the nenibtrsii ever/liumecirtl'.
Out luUcnben tre urged to !ake advantage   f thu
for Sale
I have choice- upland
prairie lv.y and Timotly
BJV^ ■ ■ -.   *«•«£»?
Oats, Wheat
<Si Feed
to offer  in, rrr  load lots.
Delivered prices   giv.n
In the last issue of the "Golden Star"
the leading arricle is devoted to the
Editors   elucidation  of  ihe    "Immi-
i-gration   Question     and contains the
I choice paragraph of i.iigiisn literature.
"Un the one hand we iiuve the dia-
jirganiaed  at   present   half, civilized
.•millions ot the Orii-ntnl so great in
j numbers that an outlet for then surp..i
j population must be found.   On the Other
wo have Canada and me United States
and far. her East, Europe already crowned despite the steady flow of  Imrni-
Chin Bow
Fresh Fruits,
Toliacco- and Cigars.
j\J«*ls at all Hours,   Jus   received
Wben times are duil I K'falus t0 tlle ^w WorlU'" |
there is all the more need of ouj getting | That ought to settle 1:1 We under-
busyand ho.. ing the stuff we are mac. ! «tand th« new Natal A^ *'eq«i.'es fthat
of, for if we allow ourselve to succumb |the Oriental shall be able to write a
to glumray thoughts and dull ways, the ■■*•*««■• »n -ntelligble English. . npaent of Wtanagan Apples.
We   respectfully   suggest   to   the
powers that be" in Victoria, that this !
the Editor  of the1
result will suro   mean disas er.   Altogether too much 13 boing made of the
panic idea.   The present suspension of j l:;arar>' gem irom
activities in so many lines has as little ! "Sto" be made the test sentence.
thaswlthahun-l    Gentle reader,   what do you think
do with "panic   a^ it
factors  m   the  . conomic j about it?
For Oil, and Water Wells; latent
'   LOOMIS DRILL CO., Tidln, O.ii.-..
! CMtteer.'B.-fX.tc.-'Zi--:.-,.. 113
Thero I j chv-nya a chanso
to enjoy co.t.o shooting
A RELIABLE ll.'ILAnM: tho only li! J wo have
teen making foe upwards of (i..v •. mu
Our Line: RIFLES, PISTOLS, f,:;f,r;'\
Ask your Dealer, and Insist on :.io
STEVENS. Whero not sola ly i:0-
tallcrg, v.o ship direct, e::,ve*;, i.rr*.
?£ij; .upon receipt of Cuiau^fi-^'.
— '     ■> m  ■sssbsbssbbii
iss-.nl   ..I-   s tiS   l';»r;o   i 1 . .1.- ii,
*-'lo«-     AnllUllBIK-UBIIlIlol.OOU   S.I'
roiMly ien.Tonco <br u, lu ,in;| ij0,
.lK>:,H'l-H.       Ill.ll-.l   (OJ-    4   Cl'l.I.,1,,
Bit '.nps'ocuver pnit..; p. n.-tntiriil
i<-n I'olur llisacer ibrwurdecJ for
l/< ren . 1-, «t!imi-«.
P. O. Bos 4007
C'hlcopoo Falls,
iillagg., U.S.A.
For   vSale
A lew Cords of first cliisa dry Wood
.   W.   CONNER,       60LDEN,   U
A pencil mark hereMjeW
is a reminder that-your sub-
•cription to this paper is
low past due, and .the publisher will appreciate your
prompt   attention,   gtyf o> >i .i now experience.    Maufitv * :.-   i
it.    .. had in-   r Btayed away so Sou* '
i>.   >;-e, amisli. luid missed hint, •■< to::-
-4 i.--n  she I;:j   uot thought possible '
iGtlH there v.-«ri the cotiuterartlufi .*-u  j
'Be..-,- nee of Satotd  Buckley  ami tha |
ih.■,:•-'-«.    [| .. twee, slip iH'vcr i-cillsed
.'tlml Miie <\!iw»  ,'->r Buckley until ub   ,
found tti.il  b   v.*as out of hor reach  i
iBni   k-.in'n   ---V'   analysis could i*o it* ■
Oi'j'i'fir tliuii ii.». nnd horstiitoof mini.'
,t>.-eame cliiinne once inaro.  wb< i on.'
Bfl.-rnoflll 'in Mi! Buokloy eulied,
j.mii'm ivs.'usjiuut waa nol wholly
l«JI>u,>!!od bv ;>«i"!Ucy's keenly correct
v:.l ■ I'ii.ii ol r.v heiress. "She wa"
Us . ••_• for ii busliaiiil," I-...- Haiti, ".v.'.ii
III':-: 11  gOOtt  '::'£.'< j'Jf t tO kllOW HIVU  WO-
luii'ii ir uv n. >in.' expert »i esHront
in;: obntwV'"
ji-.--.ii liuui'i«*«ti'd i'i-.h ir.st romnrU "A
tnn'n ii.-.-.-i i-•■' ei'i'd to bo binon m-itv
Itlli'.M OtlCt-," "-Hi Silt' fiu'.ll . llW'.BBll' won-
dor'":.' why *..-• -!1" uot frvl Bartered
by Iris ra-- . i> :';ili .--in- foil irratl
Uim' hy her .oiiiniiih In bringing bim
back. She ■>>;. in i liidei'ftiiiv.J until
nfit'i'Wnrtl why his n"*i rnmu-.'i
qtivtiehi'd li-- et.itlo:i,
".:''i !-.i< '* . ii-.i-.- \iiUpU(',v oh Vn.'
bonk iioiv. of. r.-i::..-,-. hi' tooi ber (<?
8tl>:-:-| | i,r' <••-..-.-.-.- : 'ellCM lll.-JllOUViT .
e»" il-' -,"■.•■)«• '■,',-,i:-iiirilM-iliM!.v. ""■'•.
bf'*: Hf-li-o !,-»
"i ■'■•>-.-. :.?:i .ii' i/f film." oti-JtJrViei) iTeaa,
Hfher si! • iwri sly* UmttKbt of M.-.n-
rice'. 'Ui!-.ry» vv'ti-.-.'-c lo hurl' nnu ri>j
\(i-.:-.l.•'•-•:        »-.)',    I could not tic.   Ke
on y
I..-. •".'.
he ..-
. 'I''--:
r. .-•;•■.!- for i>Ik niorceatii"
i   «■»!  i'i-i-I  .:'.: another riji:ii'-'i-
(-..,. i-.-i.-v iv'ith which ll.trol 5
■ • ,v,3 i-t-liiiifm*.   Still, «l. i,
I  •   :., t it;;.   ;u -i lltotlioljile S-t'.i-
»■■•-., ii     ■■■>n  ni-t-cjUi'd.
;:,-   !■ •■ <•   -,i    '..':-.'.   li'iekii-y's [;«••
ui.-...'   -     .-'••••-.•<  -v,,-. ivvL-iided t*
tin PirfosrlMl mftiSrftie as On*? wmil
tyro > <1 hi Z over to* read with a wprj
0>.-i. Str *wrwit ta *fc««r iereo.
•A.VAi •*• xatauairUe «jso tern* •»,.
WLiii* tk-tiii im** *kat3»* tb«u» <j» (!«..'
road.  It mi awetsVBVtd bf ttoeV* tkxtttu
mJ Mastic* jtaSneeaf.
'ilie vastus depreMiieu Act bo* tK-e
fe-.rjiilns Jean c*kbMs^9 puigaast.   Shi
r«,:\ iivi.sTMod.
"Queer tacts be !»»*" she observe*,
with a curl ef asr lip. 'Uvea t» wae
».* (id-'os die ceiiijjic.fi a sp*rtt «** dar-
"Oft. 1,'t's p?vss itosw!   Do. ds!"
Harold Buckley, ready to pleiwe hnr
or iws'ibly for rvasous of his oira, ea-
Iwod into t's-e p.j:*rt nnd put on power
with Kreut abainloa.
Joan \w,s .almost dclii-idus with the
- •fect^'uieiit cf »i°;n motion.. "How joj.
ij'"—   Thou c"hi.o a suclilen joltiag aud
a despoca.te adjusting of lJrsUwi.  They
. bad strucl; a >»-Ay place iu the road.
Before l!a;-(j!d caairfd slow up Juan waa
slnipjrt ^RiSr-.kcrtj   f.-jm   bef 'sent.    The
•OTftttiy''s.--ca it live! with their eyes,
bMndW'thein.,  71iere wns a loud report,  a scremu   f.'om  Maurice Auke-
oey'u nut»," \vhleh ''tliay h.-rd' grazed In
stoiifiiiix, «iul thcf toppled oyer into a
shallow ditch, wMii nu extra the hung.
Inxto'oiic of UiC'i'.'-wlibels;    '-
.Ti'.in f«Jr n's-!i.'.."ii ii'iiiff hi her arm qa
tl.rt pic-hJd Iiw'.wh' n;i; then the diver-.
cf what toBo$od ma-do hor forjret
.alf;   Tlie blend lielrcs.i followed up
iciv.'.wai by ».a iittneU upon r.I;ii'uld,'
id i'Mtt cati-icated himself v. hole
Wvst, the Earth Quakes.
Bvmiv. i.;.-;i «.' i'k> stupciidoits powei
of ti.- subtumtUiMu forces exerted hj
«an!».;iiiii,„t is siiaA-ti by the chitngau
■apliy.   .Mom
H^*H^#««M< Hi
■ ;i ■"
;o o.- ii--
uf caa I
in s. -
in Hiid>K*nl,v n.i-».-;i r-:".:!
■.-.vn  ciMKf- appeared
«ri'e<.-.^.i i,-, rhtMii iii goo.
Viliu li-ivc he .i oblit -r-
fOl-Jmxl, l-il.iiultf il..'..-  Ih'i
Gll-iiy--'.i.  ;:,;*l   ivilole   -. .■
iiiii*  wl|«sl am.     1*i.
teuibn    ir:-i.   i«i   un
a bo ii i ir,o mi!.-!. M)nih ~
of MvXlco, n p?;i--<-(; i.f i .
lU-il'.-i  ii. ..iv-i   I
flV/f.   mn!    II til.
on.' of tliein, i!i-- \-,ii.-..,i„ uf Jofull i.
being noo,-l>- 1.7W1 I'.- I liiuti, J«y:t In
I'l",'.'.' .ni,'.Vr.-.l iii IIjbj u|,j, »..:.. -n-.-iy, f:).- II
t:-.ir; uf coimti'y flfK'wi tuilos long !>;■
v.'.z miles l.'tii-d waa swallowed uu c
tiri'iy. a mounuilti of ihivi feet bolug
reduced   lo   !>M)i\   fet»t   ouly   la   Mi*
Tho D'lloon Pliir.L
One ef tbo curious devices of u.-rtr,.-ii
for »(.-;ittri-iiij( uoeils is a»veii in the lm)
loon pi.iut of Crtllforuia. Tlie frail '..
yellow mi.:' is a Utile larger than aa
eg;". It lmn the appeiiranct. of an etup
ty bug, but It cotitiilu* h watery sub-
stiince v.nii.-l, ovnpoi'iitea or dries uj;
v;!k-:i ll'.fi fruit -"-.-mires, a Hort of gas
taking l-t» place. This pus l« lis-:-Tvi:
lh>in nil-, mid tin1 fruit flip« .hack uuJ
forth in tlii* wh.d until lt finally lirn-ik."
looue from !t>i ••.'••:.,'.t ntcni, rises Intd
tii» nir to n heh hi of from Beventy-flv*
i" ii bunttrcd fc.it nnd sail." away U
I'al! tu some dNtaut -^t'-ot and tiros ex
U"..l the (;i".v.-.-iii uf it.-i uiii.l.
"Why lire poets no little nppr(v.l
ntod?'! nskod Iho j-.-»iiig mnn with loi /
"Well," answered Mr. Cumro*t "It's
(hi.'' way with n piece of poetry: If you
can't' understand it you doa't enre t)
read It, and If you can understand It
you  buvog't. sm.v   respect  for  It"
lVo.ii do ditch.
"Mr. ['.'..x-kloj-. lii:r !e n grout wny t»
irtvc-:*-' !-•!:* ci'iMMn hsr hijeii voice wlfir'
Its Kllgbtlj- ftnvip*. accent.   "Whyd-an'1
you loir!; tit .T/i-'tr hrnil?"
jVnt she v:nt ki«t'.intly molllSod by
IIrii'ol4?s :'.!:,:-<-t .^v.'iiilo'rleg :«:ul. uluroii
ki-.mvis with h!:n ii;>;!l(' s'.veo'.ly.
Hanricc. y,-1:m Ija'jl ->/it to work frith-
o-.;t I:w3 of ti.-nr-,. .i.-i almost fci'.slied
I 'ltllu;* on ir bow lij'i* «'lu."i .kv.n l'«H
er faint Unit site ln?J tu »/t dowu o:i
thfi grass. 'K'.s po,ln wan Bftvjtlug l'-:i<'>-
luro lier wrist.
tt wns .Hi'M ti™ Unit Miiui-lcc A»i>'(>
ney li.'ippon?;! to Io.-.'* ca'CI' birr shouUor
if? Iinvr.l o-,-t i-j-i ,u'.;,-' io rjiitol.1, w',*
Ivan siill liiv-7 with the hclroig, "-;o:ri
yon •*>:• tin. ^i'-.l Is hurt?"
1.1," ;;-rt to >.:■:;• ii:-.-:t, but lu a ho*311(I
r.i.-y wero nil her id lug over hor. «Wi»
nssm-Ril them iRjjS it was oaiy a sprite
M w i:.t.
Ths Di-4r.iB Today.
Manngrr—What have you got In tn>
way of light comedy? Let rnc look
over y*-.-.r manuscripts. Playwright^-
I don't happen to have nuj-thiiig oa
Ivhi-J Jiwt now, but I'll write yon twe
or (tires r.nd bring them In (bis nftor
ffe.lfOWftB  ANGARA.
Aneicnt    Postal    Sysiam   That   Caint
Dev.n  From the F*r«ian3.
Vhe cftraftJUij orguaV/.wH po.rtal ays
ism ef today Is ef couina more csni
plcSc tbsii tie angaria of the ancient
■liaunms, yet thsir;' mail traveled with
coasidci'iiblc &;<eed.
Th* systoin of uugnrl, or couriers oil
hoi'sobiick, wits borrowed from tho Per
sinus, who, nceositlng to Zeubphoti, h-ul
establlsiied It under Cyrils tlie Elton",
'tlie Itomnn iHlaptatlon of it wno tho
b'c,-.t': system of transmitting lotteris
niuoiig the nuckmt states.
All  along  the  great  Roman   roads
"Timtssf Were erected at a drVtance of
llvo of si'-' -fe'/'los front each other.   At
;ciieji|, ittf-i these stations forty horses
wore constantly kept, nul by the belt
of relays It was easy *3 travel a hm
''di'cd'iark'ii in n (lay..
,.,Th,vs;>./s'.ii-\ive-r were Intondod for th,
slate, only, it being Itupesatlvo to in?-
ci*e the i'riplil liitercliur-ze of oftlc-l-.'l
Comiift'iilcntioiisi In the time of Jiili'iii
L'acsnr the iiystom wns so v.-cli ov-
tiaiii/eil Hint of two letters the ureal
soldier wrote from Britain to Cicero si
''owe the om. reached Its destination
In twenty-six and the othor In twen
ty-elplit d'liys.
Private c1tl£0ll*i'1iad to t-rust to thi
services of Slnvosi niid It l« net until
tlio end of the third century thnt w«
lionr of the ostatiils-hment of n poitHl
f-ystciv. for |>i'iv«to persoiw h.v tho Emperor Diocletliwi, but how ion-* llr«
system remhliiod hl.ttory dies mil my
The supply of horses nnd their m.-im-
t:«ii.-!tice were compulsory, "nd only t'-i-
caporor could grant exbinptlo'i fvo:.i
rlllioi'. The word nngnrln therefore. :\-.-.-
ti mean compulsory service In dhi-
pnl;:hing tbo royal mail.—Scrap Boolf
.:'.i:.i Cameron,  and Edgar Stoddar
',.'.! in town or, 1 usinet*.
J. A. McGinnis of field, was in tow
'..o3.'.ay, ■ :   '   . Incss.
E, Stokes, u workman engaged o
lie ■•'. >'. It.  construction ii<;u'  Field
iv ■ si .- ;tl, ' unieil and     .-; ixd   ia •
i-iday, ov/ing toaprematur dischargi
. -i i«.a-:t.
A letltr; ui.-i.ti in New Orleans lonj
eforo ih  civil war, t'tacnei Eliiabetl
Jarthwaite at Newark, N. J., Friday.
. took more than 53 years to iloiivt;
,:i-. ... to murk ■ nic -.v;.3 iJ..c LO,
54, and it will novel' be k ownwhcic
:he missive haj neen tinco. The onlj.
j .tianation that iho   .a:..:/;  ,,u,;. .-.-
ies can give is that it probably slipped
jeh.nd a sorLing table.
r->     *t
I   l^
He     ^
^>e     lOWL
C0NFECT10!- 1 RY
1CI/(iCf in i :( i ] f.
im», ivsr:i:ry^i-.-ia:l^.TJ..ii ^,
The Vancouver Athletic Umb aie
i iluing the Amateur uiani; ionshij
.lo: n j; !iyi. ii.m.'.iL ni Li. C. under the
parmisrion of the P. N. A,, on March
o ..--.: oth, Tn^ tournament shoulci
take lirst place of any -on the Coast
l!;0 i.i trophies ad v/e-li as gold i,.um::
.or c'i l p onsh'p and (jualiiyi; g foi
ilnaliitrc o.,tred. We haverectivsd-i
■oniji imer.tary ringside ticket. Entries
.i-oiii [his-ection ^f   the province au
( due' for,
A l« spit 1 i.r a .,-. need   .in ercuks
:.. -.. i. io ■•;    .  tablisTiell . t a low'i i
level than Kamloops and will bo  L-... i
ac ..   iin .   :. . -. ,ho .. at.
P P 1 W T I M
Ll , i\   ii
V/.: ..r.'.A,..,:, ii  i, at ,-..;.ve Jenkins is
■nuvmg his sawing mach'ne Lj.ck 3mists
1..1-- i;.. hill j where he will u, •'. m
■ i .-. i ti.
That CtLn ilo t-roxv-. ■««■■«•
I once askod a physician whnt cart
he could suggest for the worrying habit. "I would prescribe con,mon sense,"
he said, "nad If a man or woman
hasn't pot n stock on hand and cannot
cult-hate une 1 lio mcdlonl man Is. pow-
srliws," This worrying nonsense grows.
i'bo best means to cure It lies lu thf
bands ot the woman herself.
If she will just call a  Mile  borst
•js'i:;-!- io l.or nid. resolve not to liotTDw
l-roiililn, to he cheerful and think upon
to  keep   her good   It'OkH.    Why,   then   |.|S3P*.i$3
docs sho tnko the .-nurse which Is c.i:i , j*ff.fjf '"|
tu niiike her yellow skinned, dull oy-1   i  „,
ninl ihorouglily unlovely? '■$
lOir..-:■•■! v, oilillll    !-.   RIM'll .;
THE   GOLDEN'   TIMES,   offer     th,
Ee t Service in Plant,  Stock and
.Yorkn airhip thai tha must exacting
i uil rec;i rs.
ft'tiij Send Criers Essl?
When lo nl printers make n st»;:(!.'irg
pfEpr to furnish C.ommeriial Printing
at tiie prices now paid to offices in llio
Tie Bil!s tn Hi
by Golden ciliaens, but ihe stationery
on .which they tcro rendered i.i printed
'n the cas:t.
Why not make new customers at
hoi/'e '-; l-.-'Vin--' ycur jrinting done
iroiihlff, to he cli.-ei fnl and think upon ' I ..j*. «ra p^rr.r] i.?.,*3 fTFgj iv?- --^ ..-.-. [
the fight side ni :h!hg'.*, she win IITf. :HSK   W fC,  mil i.% fei i^C I
ion,,-,- aad he able to retain her beauty ,    A)|   W*   W j»  M M \
Hvcrv woniiin has the strongest iJt-a;:-» \l^^   eJ   WE  W   E®l WW V**/ i
iff: if i If you cbir.ir* a Firearm cJ lit'.-' :■•
Ml!     ^     I
tjM'M^L T!,° experl.nced llu.itcr'o r.:J J
:•',.  EiwliHhwoii.an   Is.  weiiily   «.i \ tt.mm^- "LSZ"a."u™     J
win<.l for I.e. llller ,',",„:,! ... ivorry n,     fe^-^^Hf"   ., ,,   ^.V'*
t. ,,-,-,-.,.)   i'linsi-iiuv-ntly ,-!,e lo,..- I ^^>«l»»^^-n.rrlr.!j^VW
voiiii,-! iii llfiv    I'n.h'riiiki'ig in, mon > ef^ii HlMp'  FINDOUTWHY
■ 1      I     .<!       ,VU I I ,|...  _       ...
1,        -!,i>  , an   , roi-i; ,-iy   carrj   ,- •
ii      n,  uv  iii-iii.-vii.ii in tlie coming ■ •
hi...- • . r  i1'"    «li.'  ">■'•-•   nol   proera ■
li;:,.', ! ,|. sle |i!,l  Will llul i''l iin- don - ■
ti,-   lain'   in,!'.-    -,-l ::ul   I.   '     ' m II   Ul   I,
hin ,!' mid nn >■■ !.,• .':-' :;''
.-'! (> is n rieipii-iii Imi her and I'igiirdi
hi'ilhli an thi' pi'lliii' I'lli-.oi yf ll.fii, to In
looked riftiT Inhere evei'yiiiiiig els*
«b* sloi; * nine hoitm niid :\U<i mfscM a
iiuti li'pi'lng the day arranging hci
.-.-,; :.i;i I lie most sysieiiiiiljc uianucr.
Her III tic iiii'isnraiiduui slip always
• hows twn rnciiiit hours—thoy'are lm
rest. Sho cats heartily, but ol the most
dlgestllile fond nnd would rather.havi
a nioailifiil of go.nl fond and go parti*
hungry tlai.'i cut * whole Ki'-al o'
etwaper things.
W     byshootlng our popular
Aslt your looul Hi
op  fjpnrliiiij   .I,,.-,-
'.   Ml
,':ia:i!  ,'-.-.•  ,',..  ;
If  JOU   .   .    Id!     n .■
:.i, \
Iillll)    ,  .:         ,    .-.-:'
-,'• iii, v ..,:• • i--,:.c...t ,
'•'. ;..,,.<; lotiunps forKoragt.
-.i-n -. , ouv
■ ... ,':-:mill  i:;r':"--.. .-,,:,
,.j|'':i;,-/c iroot r. r.rc-.'
■■ -..■■•,.-il j..:•-;j-.---_:i- mailed !;.
--, i ■■.•.•.■,: i-"'ii'n In r' -trr.'i.
:-, m i TA^'mtTii soosTc.
i'. O. Box 4001'
ijl.icopco I',*:1':, rrnr.r.., i*. r:. OLD RATES IN I 'OR --ii.
Notice was receive    of   the recur.
red-iction made at Oituwa on the  rai
of postage charged on daily   pope.-..,
which has been lowered from fourcen
ti,   one cent por   four  oun es.    ;'■
rioli-'u received frrm   i v.w.b roi.d;:
■ ': ice the 8th of May, 19'Ji\ the   n.
on newspapers ami p riodiculs passinj 1
i: ...c   Canada and the Un'ted litatci '
has beenone centper four   ...::cts, o
fr ii t on' t.itr. o",   calculated  'ir    tie
w. i ;lit of each package ..n-i prepaid i j
mjans of postage s.uiiips affixed.
• ommencing it.. February, 1908,
h^wi-ver, cop eJ ,.f legitimate daily
nt-Aspapers putrnsh i in either country
i.i . ddrc .- eti to L-(,,. i lids subscribers
in t,. iher, may be mailed liy th*
piit-iish i-, ia trie |.>--sioffic>j nt the place
the; a-i , uulisvliti, upon prepayment
<>; postage in cash at the rate of ont
c^.-it perpeund, or fraction thereof.
ins..,] .t.i-s at offices v. her* daily
newsptptrj are puliiishsd will, t'.ri.Tt.-
fore, commencing ,r)'.h February, 19J:-
aecp copias addr-Stid io b ni fide
subsrr'.ber.H in Lhe Um ..-<.. cates for
transmission tlrvougli the mails at the
bulk ra e of ono cent ser prmnd.
Postmasters receiving copies of dai'y
newspapers in the n.uiis nt theirofflcos
will deliver them, or forward ilicm as
thefcase may bs, fre* from any detention
or postage charge.-, whatsoever.
M ES,   GOLDEN.    B
(Continued from page l.)
•!i; r.ug -. ver 800, which are t,„.-i i,.
-' -   lo.uj ..;:.;,,tf i.i  As I'ucana.   It ii
t'J'   -'•'>  11.t -.'.   •'■:: lo ...lip chsllTe lute
. i.8    ijtjY  wnu.i ii.r ilE :6ti' >.i  iot..
' •■ '-    e  ■ ■••- 'i utanu injury ..• caiv*.
Jtusn i- ...c-.*b.ng Him.
Wi..  wn» ifiur mini who lirtJ yoi
'•'■•- y >n w"T«> away?"
R.<   • 1 a a  -nl. friril t1lr> SOblfrtlS."
I.-- .,;.,.- inure liV» « Hub* frtn
W«*to4 Some Chow.
,\ T.ir .vtfi- Inij- Iiit breud?"
'.'i-i N.-i nti.< iI-uj!    In. you llilnh
\ Mil,] mUo :. iHi.iin-c on havlBK n rol,
s i |i!n In ,ii» liyimr?"
Vancouver, Feb. 14.- A long con-
templated change in conncc^'on with
the teaching of Tiier.tis in [.ubllc
schools has taken placo .n Ih. Central
school, whin all Orientals bove the
age of sikteen were weeded • u; :iom
the other punila and segregated in an
apartment by thamseivis. There ure
nbout feny of these, nc-tiy -. nest
an-.l rargii g in eg: '■■< ni bitwet-n sixteen t.r.d twei.ty year's; '. i o policy of
keeping th* older Oriental pi;pi.» c.-.i r.
ate fro.n the mhiie children will be
followed from now on in the above
named school, whbh i.-., in f et, the
only local school i i wtiich the question
IulI r .-a--1i.'.1 the pi-oporcio i of a prob.t m
more Chinese at.e idiii-,; this school than
any ither on ac-ounfc of the proximity
of ih...- initit.itii) i to th : Ohinaje quar-
I ar.
Montreal, Feb.  18.— Results of re
cent  storms throughout the   easte.-i
half of   anada   w^.s again shown   -
thewiekly statement pf earnings of tl
Canadian Pacific railway <*m;l the Gran
Trunk railway.
Earnings for the former for t ie we
ending January 81, amounted lo $98j,-
00;) a-i compared with «5974,O00 dunr.j
the same period   last y<a^', slio.viij.-
decrees.; of $3 ',000.
Ths Grand Trunk ear.i'.ngs   for ... e
samo period umunted to $565,413,   :'
compared with § J 33,238 for   the -a
we,'k a year 'go,  a dtci'o-tse   of  $..-'<-
'Is tin- barbei llluji-al minded?"
".Wu  Kt  all.    1   never saw such «
prejudiced man.    If y..n don't  wat.-L
iilm. lie will cm your liali- lilns.''
New Exporienoo.
Tb* passlt.-s 8Ui.Ie.Hmnn has In (lorn)
A most unhappy lot.
Be A»vcr knew before. It seen*,
How bad the walking eot.
Difference In Degree.
"What's the difference between bee-
ken and broke?"
"The flrst Is bad as possible, hot Mm
second la far worse."
Going Semes
1 Mdanfnd they were asaoM Ir
"^ea,  oa  a  ninety  nlle  an
Columbia Hall
Kebert JaiHIiflny
;.;' v  ;C.lVr
-...>,/. i,- iiNiii;
isc and
,-i   ever
the Repuiiit
icn i
Bf* Store
Full . Value     for
your Money.
After Sioc&talim^ $ale,
Oi rrr 'n rrr1 Fee
v- f\ ci-i   le |
;' rfpordless of cctt.
[ cni'-- cf fi'lrs, cU-.
s tl -u't n r r-   ii   ■■<■• \n rev rr'>fr!;
Skirt lengths,
Insertions and fj
Lciif, i le, etc, etc.  fj
f There will be the piccis of every class
kJfKi.ii ,   (j
H,"C. Parson, I finited
ch in fim« M
epiGcmicr, oi s.iy »
prevail; when c.i..nr;c*«
wc?<ljcr makes " cXchi: *
co!< " ea^'.
At tlie least sign cf
1 fatigue, chilliness, or
faintness, take a cup ot
hot BOVRIL. Itwi.i
give instantaneous
vif;«jviir and 1 astir.;'
BOVRIL io Jt-st >..   f
as it Is i. a
■tX **. m. pg*tr***yntl**o
p.m. S'bbath School 2:30 p.ra Pr«yer
Meeting every Wedne-day at 8 p.m.
^ven'on:*  7:30 p.m.   e
«jundsy School 2:30 p.m
I     Rev.
s« •    I 'o
la, O;   V.
dictinn '
P \v
S.unday si " \
QT. AN!'!?".
J   Rev, w. i
Read the Times,
A Ollemi....
It la not aJu-uys easy to sympatbiz.
with Bilirety. highly ne«.sJtlre poi-sorn^.
lit.-- tbe old lady on tbe train. Sb« said
to the con<ftH.-ror as be punched lu>*
tldcet, "Condivctor. Is lt a fact that the
loconiotlvj- L-i nt tbe resr of tbe train'/"
"Yes, raauam," tbe c-o&iiuctor uaswer
ed. "We Save a locomotive at euch Meet'i'.ir er«r
end. "a ittken one to posh and one to
pull to get us up tub. grade." "Ob,
dear, wnat snail I dor moaned the old ,    ni-A,;!
'    u   Rev.   "'.
Paster.   F.*r»ic«.B   very second Suird/.y
in e*c'. month.    •'nsslOa.   ni., De*ie-
"Ma Pumpns la vory cnrefni of hie
dignity," crunmcntP!! the ob"pwln*r
"Yes." answered vis-. Ctiyennn fie'
naturnlh- lm<< «•" IHili" Hint !»• '    - to
|jo ...... r,^. - ..■(V„j.l,l|...-.„,
Tbe-BVs a yoiinc fellow 1* Me rlow
te Inclined to "rhn.w a bh«* " ns
e«y tS-inj lit tit. 1l6>it:y, .'
S*y acn Iijb '..«.: MHO tn <|.-;i.r-.
SoriAii •).,-,-. ct.kllrt- till Iib-*
>>-iU Btst '» wis"! I
• ;i^> II   .T*.-*..lo»   . ...
"  CV
lady.   "I'uj always train sica If 1 ride
*ftb qui Ivsc-tc to tke locomotive."
Services eve)
'•■ -Ua ■,    . itor. 'V---1
I1   n.*    >r--i  1:8
'   2.S01-  :ii. Prayer1
■:'nc»d»y S p. m
"   'ilURGHl
-    PaiftOT.
- ;   -1      . and":.
! *n*|nny1 I i,m
'■ tu avC'pi -i
'UK-   Ifllrr   •;
»a .J
. li'M   t«
»M      !«,..
!IBJ'»     -
".- -1 '.
*"     ."  •


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