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The Golden Times Dec 2, 1908

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Array ij\\t '(Walton ®\m*
VBL   3,    NO.   33.
GOLDEN, BC.., DKSBMBLB* ,2,   1908.
11.00 I   YEW.
Hb Great 6entros»y Towards IU Newly Married Niece.—A Realistic Romance
it Golden io Whlcb i Hunter ot Prominent Business Men Tele I
lory  Conspicuous Part.
(Copyrighted by W. S. Guthrie.)
"Miss Summers-Polly-I-I-er-
dare I-" But the speaker took a
header over bashf ulness, only to hear
a sweet
"Yes, Charley."
"Can I aspire to-er-to-that-is"
carriage, with elaborate trappings and
prancing horses drew up in front of the
hotel Polly declared it to be a turnout
fit for a queen. "Yes Sir-ee," replied
Uncle Josh, "that is a purty neat rig-
the three S's, Speed, Safety and Style,
is A.C. Hamilton's wedding, party and
Again a lapse into silence, followed' funeral equipments are unsurpassed.
by an encouraging
"Yes, Charley."
"Oh, if I might only hope to er-to-
Another failure of language. It was
seemingly a hopeless case, and might
have been, only for a demure
"Charley, I have said 'yes* twice, and
if you mean it, I mean it, too, and—
And to this day that young man will
insist thut he popped the question.
All this happened away "down east,"
and if wasn't long before there was a
wedding. Not much longer before there
was a letter from Polly's Uncle Josh,
(Hon. Joshua Turner, an old pioneer of
Gotten) rich, generous and level headed, who wrote effusively of his delight
at her exhibition of what he called
"grit," and he proposed that if the
young people would locate at Golden
he would start them up in life, as a
wedding gift, having fully explained
that this is the best spot in the world
for young married people to get a good
.start. Of course they accepted, and
were soon bidding their friends adieu.
A few weeks subsequent to tho above
conversation a travel-stained party
arrived in Golden. Our friend, Uncle
Josh, was in charge and he led the
party straightway to the Queen's hotel.
"We'll go to the Queen's" said he,
"'cause that's the popular place and
strictly first-class. I have known J.C.
Greene, the proprietor, for years and
he is mine host after mine own heart;
being endowed with that delightful intuition that makes a guest feel at home,
comfortable, contented, and in mighty
good luck. The house is one of convenience; the apartments are well
furnished and the cuisine-well, that
hotel is noted for its excellent table, so
I have engaged rooms here until your
own house is in readiness." With
these remaiks Uncle Josh graciously
presented to Charles the deed of a cosy
"Afterbreakfaat is over," continued
the old man, "I must take you for a
little drive and then we'll proceed to
buy your outfit. To expedite matters
I'll just call on A. C. Hamilton our
enterprising, livery man, to send us
around a rig."    When the handsome
i A
It was in a stylish turnout indeed that
the rounds of the city were mad.
"Having already provided a cage for
the bird," said Uncle Jcsh, "now the
first thing we'll look after will be the
urnishings for it." Hereupon Polly
energetically declared that she had
heard so much about C.A. Warren that
she had decided to go there. Thats
right replied the generous Uncle this
is no question about Warren's being the
right place for furniture, hardware,
Cooking machinery, Bcots, Shoes, Clothing and in fact any other line you
might mention, so we'll give C. A.
Warren the order for furnishing the
house and if you don't say his prices
are below the very whisper of com-
pitition, then your uncle is no prophit.
"By the way," exclaimed Uncle Josh
with a paternal air, "the next thing to
look after is the lumber for those improvements which are aosolutely
necessary. Come with me and I'll introduce you to The Columbia River
Lumber Co. Ltd., who are the principal
dealers in that line here, and they have
a well equipped planing mill in connection. The Columbia River Lumber
Co., Ltd., carry the most complete line
of building material in the country-
everything, from the sills for the foundation to the shingles for the roof, including doors and windows, mouldings,
etc., and don't want all the money a
feller's got either. It is pleasant to
deal with The Columbia River Lumber
Co., Ltd,, for their greatest aim is to
give satisfaction to every customer."
And 't didn't take Uncle Josh long to
place "a right smart sized order for
building material.
"Well, Scat my!" exclaimed Uncle
Josh, with a David Harum accent, as
they reached the street, "I must run
over to tbe Imperial Bank of Canada
and get another check book. Come
along with me and get acquainted with
Mr. Jeffries and staff, for of course you
will do business with them and it is always more pleasant to be personally
acquainted with the people you do
business with. This bank is as solid as
the base of the universe, is managed
on safe conservativeness, and has a
strong workh.gcapital.   You will find
ihem ever ready to extend any accomodations compatible with business
"Guess I'll open an ac ount with the
imperial Bank of Canada right away,"
.-j.jlieJ Claries, and He did.
Emerging from the bank, Uncle Josh
took a puff at his "Key West" and
then launched out in a little piece of
sound advice to his  nephew.     "Now,
there is the question of a good barrister
jaid he; "that's of vital importance,
in starting out upon this little town it
is best that you make the acquaintance
of my old friend Hugh McDonald, for
one never knows when litigation is going to prop up, and I consider it a wise
thing to be in touch with some one
whom you can rely upon to  handle
any such business and I've been f -
quainted with Hugh McDonald for  a
term of years and have always found
him right when it comes to litigatrons.
"Haiti" commanded Uncle Josh, as
the party came in front of the liuckam
Drug Co's store.    "Walk  rigut in."
"Why, Uncle, "we're not sick'and-"
"Guess I know that," laughed the old
man, "but I suspect it wont be long
before this young man begins to tike
an interest in matter* of pal egoric and—
"U-n-c-1-e!"   "Well go in anyway and
get acquainted, besides Polly may find
some toilet articled she wants."   Sure
enough, before leaving he was loaded
down with combs, brushes, face powders and several bottles of fine perfumes.   "Don't forget," added Uncle
Josh, "to come here with your prescriptions, as J. A. Buckham is a competent
pharmacist who uses none but pure and
reliable drugs."
"Yes, and I must have some stationery, Uncle Josh, "quoth Polly, "and-"
"Yes, and a Bible with a reasonably
big family register," interrupted tbe
old man, "so while here, we'll see
about those things. You'll find many
articles indispensable for the parlor as
well as the library there, and as for
variety, Mr, Buckham has an unequalled stock." So here Polly's purchases included miscellaneous books,
fancy stationery, all the latest agonies,
bric-a-brac of all manner for the center-
table, and finding an immense assortment of magazines, periodicals and
newspapers, she subscribed for everything in sight. Polly remarked to the
generous old uncle, "Why, I don't
know when to quit buying. Everything
I find here at J. A. Buckhams just
strikes my fancy and is so cheap."
At this point, somewhat to the confusion of Charley, the old man indulged
in a half serious criticism of his personal appearance. "You are decidedly
off style for a townsman," said he
"and we'd better go see A. D. J.
Mathieson about some new duds. That's
an up to date place, where they under
stand the changing styles and are
noted for good fits, and I bet you'll
look like a newly married man when
you get togged out in a "Mathieson
Charley found a large stock of woolens to choose from and the prices so
reasonable that he left his measure,
and when his new suit was finished, he
looked so stylish in it his wife declared
she'd fallen in love with him much
sooner had he only been getting his
clothes made by Mathieson, the popular
"I would also like to make  you acquainted with Dr. W. E. McAbee,  my
dentist friend," said the old man.   "If
you ever have to supplement   your
natural teeth."    "Ugh!    Don't you
mention false teeth to me,'' cried Polly.
"I'll never carry  'pearly-lies' in my
mouth if I go toothless."   "Oh, aa for
that," laughed Uncle Josh,   "if you'll
consult a good dentist in time, you can
save the catastrophe.   Dr. McAbee for
instance, is wonderfully expert in saving natural teeth, and he has the skill
and every modern mechanical appliance
necessary to do his work with the least
discomfort to his patients.   Just come
up to the office a minute, anyway, 'til
I see if my new teeth are finished yet."
"Yes, and this is the important topic
of gastronomies, "continued Uncle Josh,
"we must forget meat.    It gots hand
in hand with bread. Now the next thing
is to locate a good market where you
can get    fresh    wholesome    meats,
poultry, etc., at all times, and according to my notion P. Burns & Co is the
only firm to supply you.   This  is the
boss meat market in the city and ere
popular with everybody who is particular to have the best.   The reason for
this is all because P. Burns & Co  are
very careful in the selection of stock,
get the best of everything and keep it
fresh on cold storage.   To keep your
'huddy' in a good humor, lolly,   trade
at P. Burns & Co's market every time."
Good advice.
"But say, uncle, look here, is there a
good horseshoer in town? You know
I'll be pa rticular about that mare Kitty,'
remarked Charley as they left the
market store, "Jes so, jes so," replied the old man, "and you shant have
no botcher monkeying around her feet
neither. The best horseshoer I know
of around these parts is John McHattie
He understands perfectly the construction of a horse's foot, knows just what
kind of a shoe is required and how to
put it on scientifically; in fact John McHattie is an expert blacksmith in any
department you might take him, and
he's mighty reasonable in his charges,
Charley had been running around all
this time sadly in need of a shave so he
(Continued on page three.) THE  TIMES.
T.   H.   CONNER.
Subscription price $1 in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
Correspondence invited on matters of
public interest. Communications
to the Editor must be accompanied
by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence ot
good faith. Correspondence should
be brief.
Timber noti.-es inserted in tbe Times
at $3.00 per parcel.
Eighteen hundred and thirty square
miles ot woodland are    stripped    of
timber every year  to supply the demands of paper manufacturers.    At
this rate of progress it will not take
long to denude Canada and the United
States of their forests.   It will be up
to the inventor of the  near future to
invent a substitute for paper, either
that or scientific methods will have to
be adopted under which forests from
which the pulpwood is supplied will be
operated on a commercial basis, and the
cutoi ea. h year mude good by replant
ing.   ihe   wasteiut system   no*«   in
vogue whereby at least a third   of the
solie wood of the tree is left a prey for
the flames wilt aiao have to be   adantt-
onded and a means provtaeu. ior tht
use of every particle down even to the
smallest twig.   This will be one ot tiie
The progressive farmer now-a-days
.s the one that keeps himself posted ot.
he latest devices and practical knowledge of experts to make farm work
easy, and at the same time get the
best results. The agricultural columns
of The Family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal are admittedly the best in
this country for the Canadian farmer.
No purely agricultural pa^er costing
twice the money furnishes the farmer
to-day with as good information as
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
and at the same time gets a weekly
newspaper without a peer and a magazine equal to any of the best English
or American publications. A weekly
newspaper, magazine and agricultural
paper—all three combined—for one dollar a year is what one gets in The
Family Herald and Weekly Star, and
no farmer's home in Canada can afford
to be without it. Send one dollar for
1909 and you will find it more than fills
the bill.
problems oi t..e
twentieth century, aud
Has now a limited
number of
of the varieties specially
selected and suitable for
this district
it is by no means an indignihcant one.
 at   m   at
Four Old Maids
To hear the Schubert Lady Quartette
sing their "Old Maid Song," {hue oi
many especially written for them} wita
make a rise in the matrimonial market
anywhere. This is one of their mo^t
fetching encores; and as the ladies an.
many years removed from being oid
maids themselves, they can enjoy singing cf the trials besetting tne lour
maidens of their song,
Lovie Zendtt Purcell, the famous contralto of the Schubert Lady Quartette,
has one of the deepest voices ever given
to a woman. Her voice is very powerful and yet so melodious that her strongest tone loses none of its sweatness.
Hear her at the Columbia Hall to-night.
"    .   2fl    "
If selected by the purchaser, 1st choice. 20c. ;
2nd choice, 15c.   Apply to
Scbao! Report Inr the Month of. November.
DIV, I-James Henderson, Charles
Adams, Greta Adams, Haxel Sheirlock,
Olga Sheirlock, Mary B. Rauch, Alice
The report from Division two and
three, was recieved too late for this
Now growing in our Nurseries for
the fall trade:-
90,000 Peach. Apricot, Nectarines
Cherry, Plum, Prune,  Pear and
Apple—in all leading varieties.
10,000 Ornamental Trees in all
leading varieties for B. C.
Strictly home grown and not subject to damage from
■ fumigation
Stock of Bulbs to arrive in August
from Japan,  France and
Bee  Supplies,    Spray   Pumps,
Seeds,   Etc.
*»140 page Catalogue Free***
Office, Greenhouses and Seedhoose.--
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Beit in British Columbia,
may be homesteaded by any person
who is the sole head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of age, to the exeat of one-quarter section of 160 acres
more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate. Entry by
proxy may, however, be made on certain conditions by the father, mother,
son, daughter, brother or sister of an
intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in each
year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity of
the land entered for, the requirements
as to residence may be satisfied by such
person residing with the father or
moth r.
(3) If the settler has his pcrmnnc nt
residence upon farming land owned by
him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by residence upon the said
Six months notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Do-
i minion Lands at Ottawa of intention to
.tpply for patent.
COAL-Coal mining rights may be
eased for a period of twenty-one years
at an annual rental of %\ per acre.
Not more than 2,670 acres shall be
leased to one individual or company.
A royalty at the rate of five" cents per
ton shall be collected on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
Roman Catholic Church-Rev. Father
Cocolla, O. M. I. Pastor. Services
every second Sunday in each month.
Mass 10 a. m.. Benediction 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school every Sunday at 2 p.m.
St. Paul's Anglican - Rev. C. F.
Yates Vicar. Mattinslla. m. Evensong 7:30 p. m. every Sunday. Sunday
School 2:30 p.m.
Grace Methodist Church-Rev. F. L.
Carpenter Pastor, Services every Sunday 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath
School 2:30 p. m. Prayer meeting
every Wednesday at 8 p. m.
St. Andrews Presbyterian—Rev. W.
L. MacRae, Pastor. Services every
Sunday 11 a.m. and 7*30 p. m. Sunday
School 2:30 p.m. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday at 8 p. m.
60 YBAlir
Ti."*Mt M«.r.-'a
r»i/V>n       CoPVFalQHTS&C.
.. tiTone 'ending a Bitot ch and dpierlptltm mn
"tilcuir Mcottnia onroi'lalon freewliotlier n
iarenttoaa ia probably patentnblA Comniunlcav
tion. ntrlotly conBdontlal. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest aponcr fur Bocartug patent-.
Filter, ti taken throuuti Uunn at Co. rooelTa
special notice, without charge, tn the
Scientific nmttmtu
A handsomely Uluetrated weekly. Largeitel*-
cjilatlon of any iclentlflo Journal. Term, foe
Snod^tAft a year, pMtaw prepaid. Bold by
all nov-Bdainler".
NOTICE is hereby given that the
time for the reception of tenders for
Vernon,   B.C.,  Public  Building,  has
been extended to December 80th, 1908.
Plans and specifications may also be
seen at Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.
By Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 20th, 1908.
•Oat-of-doors" with a STEVENS-
best thing tor a growing boy I
IsfsxtHag to shoot woll and
acquiring qualltlM of •
•»•* »•*•* tar-Tram niu-AMMiDaamno-*.
Aik your Dealer for'Stevens Billet—
Shotguns—Pistols. Insist orr-our tlme-
I honored make. If you cannot obtain,
we ship direct, einrew prepaid, upon
receipt of Catalog Price.:;
Km-Tablng >oa> mutt <know.boullli.STEVENS
Ib found ia IU Van Illuatrmtod CUlog. Mb: lad
tor ton rant. Ib stamp, to pay post ga. De.ntl-
ful Ten Color JI.Dg.r-Una doooratlon for roor
"den" orrlnb room—ra.(M f r S cent. In st«mpa.
* p. o. Bos 4097
Palls, Mass., U.S.A.
:J I
The performance held in the Columbia Hall last Friday evening, by the
Golden Dramatic Society, was a decided success in every sense of the word
(Continued from front page.)
asked Oncle Josh to grant him him absence while he had his whiakers "pulled." "Why, of course" replied Uncle,
"but what is the use of having them
pulled when you can get a good clean
shave by going into The   Columbia
and the Ladies of St. Paul's Church Barber Shop.    J. B. Lamontagne   is
are to be congratulated on their under- gentlemanly and courteous to his cut-
OUR   NEW  STOCii js>   sir
Of late Summer and Fall Goods has arrived at la it
v snd you should call in and have a look at the stock.
There are some lovely pieces in the latest and most
up-to-date shades and patterns, xmo trouoie to show
The Columbia Hall was packed to its
outmost capacity, even standing room
waa all taken up.
The first on the programme was
"Grandmother's Picture," presented
tomers and deierving f-f your patrot -
age." < "barley's wr.li shaved an>
smiling face mnw appeared a-'ain. "By
gum, that -have wit. » ptacbj sain
Charley." J B. Lai- .>u:ne is all.
right," replied Uric;,    ush.    He tan-
ALEX. A. MMm«>   i.il TAILOR.
by Misses Osborne. This was a very ploys the highest p. c.-d ;ikillpd brr
pretty scene, and i>oth the youngladi sjherein town and.beU. r hn:*-eutter.< i
acted there parte in a very creditable
The audience were surprised to see a
number of elderly ladies heading for
the stage, all being dressed in gay
colors and carrying a little wollie valise
or some other odd-looking article.
Mrs. Bulman acted as president of
the club, Mrs. Shaw, secretary and Mrs
F. Stalker as treasurer, the other
ladies who took part were: Mrs. C.E.
Welb, Mrs. J.N. Taylor, Mrs. P. Boyu
Mrs. S.E. Hambly, Miss Yates, Miss.
Starforth, Miss. Billingsly and Miss.
Mrs. Bulman called the meeting to
order, and,asked the different sisters
to address tbe club. The secretary was
then called uoon to read the minutes of
the last meeting, and the treasurer,
also read her report, then Mra. Taylor
wu asked to read the report of the
look-out committee, in this report, every
young man of Golnen was dealt with.
This wss exceedingly funny and kept
IU tnmm is fa high laughter.
Professor Piukerton waa then introduced to the club, and he explained to
these elderly ladies that with his valuable electrical £tranaform(h)er, he
eould change * tnem into"|young and
eharmingjmaidens^again. iiThey all, cf
course, wanted to be first, to enter the
machine, but the professor quietened
them down, .by telling jthem he would
{[veftbem all a chance. (His machine
worked like a charm until {sister Mary
Ann wished to be.'changed into a man.
This was a hard blow on the professor
as*he;did not know just how to pioce.d
but he decided, after a few minuted t.
_, ■   .     "*""n"'ii**- i "^ft'te.lev-'r.t-'fwlt:
don't know of.   It don'  take Mm long |
to go over my old bald pate." ruefuii
remarked the old mnn, "but  he In
got the reputation and »l>at ia wh
En route to  their none    lie  par
called at The "Golden Time*" offl-  .
"You'll want ihe news «vHry week remarked Uncle Jos!, "and aa this is tha
favorite local paper here I'll sn'neribe.'
Upon summing up the wonderf*
events of the day Polly began to vn
ubly express he thanks. "You hav
bought us everything," she exclaimed.
"Only one thing,', replied Uncle
Josh, reflectively, "but I can remedy
that, O.A. Warren always has a nice
line of them and you can get one whenever you want it; I'll pay for the
"W-h-y," exclaimed Polly with great
surprise, "Uncle, what can it be?"
"Well, it's a baby carriage, and-"
But Polly had fainted.
*A e have made an-.."gements with ahe Family  Herald and Weekly Sts*
lontreai, whereby you • an get the
together from now untili
January, 1st, 1909
The Family Herald and Weekly Star is one of the best papers printed
in Canada.     In order to receive these two papers send in your orders
at Oa.ce to
give her all the elixir he had "left
However, this was too much; for the
machinerand.it was blow up. At this
pbint.the Concert J was," brought to s
A dance was.held after the perform-
trte foracoupleof hour-., which etc-
ed&roost enjoyable evening ever spent
in Golden.
e        Wiiek mMm Sm
' Born-At]Golden,:B. C, Thursday,
November 86th. 1908., to Mr. snd Mn.
Wan. Perlstrom/a son.   r^m.'
f Born- At Golden, B. C, Thursday,
Neve»lber26th, 1906., to Mr. and Mrs.
R.A.fBlack, a daughter. .   .
Bora-To;Mr. andpirs. G.»Etaery, on
Friday, Novhmber 87th, IK*., »
The thirtieth of November which has
always been celebrated the world over
for generations past, was again duly
honored by the Golden Fire Brigade,
Monday night, in the form of s dance
in Columbia Hail.
The floor »aa crowded, and all spent
a most enjoyable evening.
It is understood the proceeds amounted to about $60.
Roman Catholic Church-Rev. Father
Cocolla, 0. M. I. Pastor. Services
every second Sunday in each month.
Mass 10a. m., BenedlcUen 7:80 p. m.
Sunday school every Sunday at 2 p.m.
St. Paul's Anglican - Rev. C. F.
Yates Vicar. Mattinslla. m. Evensong 7:80 p. m. every Sunday. Sunday
School 2*80 p.m.
Grace Methodist Church-Rev. F. L.
Carpenter Pastor.  Services every Sunday 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.  ra.    Sabbath '
School 2:80 p.  m.    Prayer masting
every Wednesday at 8 p. m.
St Andrews Presbyterian-Rev. W.
L. MacRae, Pastor. Services every
Sunday 11 a.m. and 7:80 p. m. Sunday
School 2:80 p.m. Prayer masting every
Wednesday at 8 p. m.
1 ?>i
Gy ■■
t ■ ** V* *—-v *j.
, ~s*r$\
Western Hoiuc Monthly
The Two for *Vj*s Year for
"'.« ■".#»»". I* •"'« '   i«l.l-l-:B|l»l»»'»l«..:Jtr^..''«
a/ntmt'AniWA I   •«.■>!.-■• ■•'■*' '-'■«> ilt-aii     >■    A '•»
OTBn^'.DMIa    >«•»»»'   at      •>'
lt«..u'>   ...Iii.  I   itt-a)' ..•%-iH.iBiai >*«l
a»n.». Wei' tr.lr ■ 1 < Bu'-i '. ■ •'« '". <•' '■ 'l "* ■■' * ••
fjr.aalt.-. .\* ia~.al<! «• :liiM.-<sltl.«*»U «a*> u mi irffci-
lal a> tie i.*lot-.ai» .-■■»• I     r • * I-.
fwrihrnaUaaJ.---.    lo t»J> K-WUii  ■ ttaat
a- litr'.own <**••/   i
V    5
* i
r       i
twafttiBe *li '. .    *»
«V«I fcr'l.t
•■••.*•/ \
w> Wtather  Report
The following is the register of the
thermometer for the past week at the
Government Office:
Max. Min.
November 26            36a 15a
"      "  27           30a 12a
"      "   28            34a 20a
"      "  29           37a 28a
"   30            36a 6a
December  1           17a 7°
Ernie Hollier of Field, was transacting business in town Monday.
Percy Lake of Athalmer, was in the
city Friday for a load of freight.
Thos. Alton of Galena, was transacting business in town during the week.
H.G. Parson, M.P.P., left Wednesday evening on a business trip to Victoria.
Rev. W.L. McRae, was in Field last
week, returning home Wednesday afternoon.
For Sale—One Remington Typewriter
in'perfect working order.—Apply at
this office St.
J. Wren, who has been spending the
past three weeks at Revelstoke, returned Wednesday afternoon.
James Leamy, of New Westminster,
Crown Timber agei.t, was in town
Saturday, on business.
Jack Wilding, who has been employed in Thos. King's store, left Thursday
for Vancouver. He will spend a few
days at Kamloops, en route.
D. Maedonald, Crown Timber inspector of Kamloops, was in town on
Saturday, inspecting some timber. He
left again on Sunday for Kamloops.
Don't forget the Schulbert Symphony
Clubs Concert, whice will be held in the
Columbia Hall, tonight. Reserved
seat* nn sale at Buckham's Drug store.
The work on the Good Luck Mine
wagon road has been abanded, owing
to the deep snow, -,nd disagreeable
weather which prevailed in that district.
S.D. Colquette, and wife, who have
been residents of Golden for the past
three years, left last Tuesday for Kel-
owna, B.C.. where they will in future
Miss. F. McFarlane, returned to
Golden Friday from Winnipeg, where
she went in company with her younger
sister, who is receiving treatment in a
Winnipeg Hospital.
Thb Timbs is pleased to state that
Mr. E. Russell, who went to Victoria a
week ago to pass his examination for
Captain, has been successful, securing
every possible mark.
Miss. Osborne, who has been spending the past summer in town with her
mother, left Saturday for Calgary,
where she has accepted a position in
the office of A.O. Wheeler.
The cold weather the past few days
has made the skating on Phantom lake
excellent, and our citizens are not slow
In taking advantage of this, for better
ice, it would be hard to find.
At a meeting of the   Golden Fire
Brigade laat Tuesday  evening,   San
King, Sec.-trees., handed in his resign
ation.   Mr. John Blakely will act as
secretary until the next general mee -
The Golden Dramatic Society wil!
present, in aid of St. Paul's Church,
"The >ld Maid's Matrimonial Club,'
and "Orand Mother's Picture," in Fi Id
sometime the present week, it has been
stated this morning, as we go to press,
tbat the date has been set for Friday,
Dec. 4th.
Editing a paper is a nice thing.   Ii
we publish jokes, people say we arc
rattle-brained.     If we don't we ar»
fossils.   If we publish original matte
they say we don't give them enough
selection.   If we give them selectio
they say we are too lazy to write.    If
we reman in the office, we ought to ro
out and hustle.   If we go out then we
are not attending to.business.   Just .
likely as not someone will say we stole
this from an exchange.   So we did.
J.F. Moodie, of Calgary, could start
a little museum of British Columbia
mineral specimens. Mr. Moodie has
been over a great deal of the interior
of this province and has apparent y
kept his eyes open wherever he has
been. He Is Ht present chiefly interested in a mica mine north of Revelstoke, in the Big Bend country. A
company has been formed in Calgary to
work this property and as good mica
mines are scarce prospects are promising. The mica is of excellent quality,
free from iron, and this makes it par
ticularly suitable for electrical work; it
is also found in big sheets. In getting
to and from this property Mr- Moodie
had some interesting experiences,
especially in shooting 21-Mile and Dea h
rapids in a canoe, something never doi.e
Besides specimens from tbe mica mine
Mr. Moodie has a nice sample of sodal
ite from near Field. This is also somewhat rare. It polishes like marble, and
shows some much prettier coloring than
granite, the bluj markings being verv
oeautif ul. a here is a six thousand foot
ledge, *i3, to 40 feet in width, where
this specimen came from.
Another pretty sample is from a
copper-gold lead Mr. Moodie found near
Golden. The lead is from 15 to 20 feet
and has been traced fif.een miles. Mr.
Moodie has also some very odd-looking
phosphate crystals found pear the mica
mine. Perhaps one of his prettiest
specimens is a bit from a copper-silver*
gold proposition north of Beaver. Mr.
.Hoodie has a little bar of sitver that
was made from stuff that broke loose
from specimens in his pack saddle.
There were about 15 pounds of it. This
yielded four pounds of matte, fro.u
which came four ounces of silver. - Tlie
heaviest specimen for its size Mr.
avioodie got from Spillimachene. It is oi
a 4 to 8 inch pay streak, and goes SjsUu
in gold and 30 per cent, copper.
Ihe progressive farmer now-a-dayt
is the one that keeps himself posted on
the latest devices and practical knowledge o':.experts;to make farm work
easy, and at the same time get the
oest results. The agricultural column!
of The Family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal are admittedly the best ib
this country for the Canadian farme..
No purely agricultural paper costing
twice the money furnishes the farmer
to-day with as good information aa
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
and at the same time gets a weekly
newspaper without a peer and a magazine equal to any of the best English
or American publications. A week y
newspaper, magazine and agricultural
paper—all three combined—for one dol-
ara year is what one gets in The
Family Herald and Weekly Star, and
no farmer's home in Canada can afford
to be without it. Send one dollar for
1909 and you will find it mora than fills
the bill..
Golden Land District
District or North East Kootenay.
Take notice that Frank Richardson,
of Athalmer, B. C, occupation Store
manager, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post pi. nted at the
North East cornet of William Palmer's
pre-emption, thence South 60 chains,
to the northerly limit of Hector
Campbell's pre-emption, thence East
20 chains, thence North 60 chains,
thence West 20 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 120
acres more or less.
William Palmer, Agent.
Dated October 10th, 1908. 30-2mo
Golden Land District
District op North East Kootenay
Take notice that Wiiliam H. Palmer,
■it Athalmer, B. C„ occupation rancher
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains southerly from the South East
corner of my pre-emption near Sinclair,
B. C, and in a line with the easterly
.imit thereof, thence North 20 chains to
said Sou h easterly corner of said
pre-emption, thence West 40 chains,
thence South 20 chains, thence East 40
chains to the place of commencement.
Dated October 20th, 1908.       31-2mo,
Queen's Hotel
Centrally located and fitted
with modern conveniences
■ • ♦■ ■ i
' Cusine unexcelled.    Large
. Sample room for Commercial travellers. . The Bar
is stocked with the bast
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
RATES $2.00 TO $5.00 PER DAT.
Golden Land District
district of North East Kootenay.
Take notice that Harold Richardson,
of Athalmer, B. C, occupation Clerk,
intends tb apply foi* permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at the
North East corner of Hector Campbell's pre-emption, thence South following the Easterly limit of Hector Campbell's pre-emption 40 chains, thence
East 20 chains, thence North 40 chains,
thence West 20 chains to point of
commencement and containing 80 acre,
more or less.
William Palmer, Agent.
Dated October 10th, 1908. S0-2mo
Golden Land District - s,
uistrict of North East Kootenay.
Take notice that John Henry Kfchard-
son, of Liverpool, England, occupation
• ttntleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commeneing at a post planted at the
Worth East corner of Zaspard Leim-'t-
ire-emption, thence North 80 chains,
to the Southerly limit of Duncan Yuill't,
pre-emption thence  West 40 chains,
hence South 8t» chains, thence East 40
•hains to the place of commencement
und containing 320 acres.
William Palmer, Agent.
Dated October 13th, 1908. 30-mo
... i ■
Liquor license Act.
Notice is hereby given that one
month after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police
for a renewal of my Hotel License to
sell intoxicating liquors under the
provisions of the Statutes in that behalf
In the premises known and described as
the Queen's Hotel, situated at Golden,
B. C.
J.   C.   GREENE.
Golden, B. C, November .2nd.-,
1908. 29-5t.
J. C. Greene*
* The "Times" would beK |
t glad for news items from all ; I
n     points    in  the    Columbia     f
Valley. We want to make
our paper welcome in every
home, and our patrons to ,
# understand that our interests
1 extend from one end of the
X     valley to the other,
1- il  I w-^lIF . ■'•_ ;j
A few Cords of <*•*£ class dry Wood
If ion sfebta a Flraann of don**!-
t«H quality
Tk- *itp*rl*M4 Hvntir'i and
Mokima-'i U.il
b/alMatUg oar popular
Asm jroar local Hardware
or Sporting Goods Merchant for the STEVENS.
If you cannot -obtain, ws
•hip direct, CTpreM pre-
paid, npon receipt of Carta.
log Price.
Send 4 cent* In .tamp* for 140 Page
Illustrated Catalog, Including circular* of latent addition* to our line.
Contulnai point, on ihootingr, ammunition, the iii-opercareof n firearm,
etc., etc. Our attractive Ten Color
Ml hograplicd Iltanp-cr mallei any
whore t■ >r»!x oontsln gti-mps.
■J. STEVENS A«T»M * TOO*. ( <>
-il; V' O. Bo* 4097
Ctilcow.f. Fall.,  Mai*.,   TT. R. A


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