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The Golden Times Apr 25, 1908

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 ^Ttc&iolative Asse
APR 30 1908
/ - V-eRislative ,5i^x
[(V      APH 30 i908        j
VOL.  3-NO. 17
GOLDEN,   B.  C SATURDAY,      APRIL    25,    1908.
EASTBOUNB iftri'Mni'-r     •-■■■
With distant muffled   rumbling,   so i at either end,   and  which completely
well known to every  railroad man in  tied up th a traffic was being1 rt moved.
the mountains, increasing to a roar
that could be heard for miles, a huge
avalanche of snow and debris tore
down the mountain side at No: 2 snow
Passengers and baggage were tsans-
ferred across tlie gup as tin trains
dime up. Tlnis is the largest slide .his
season.   No. 9G did not    arrive herotil
Ottawa, April 20.~In  he
course oi
•.is ren arks on the budget in tiie licusu whit is
budget speech,   lie  referred
shed at Bear Creek,   shortly  before | G a. m.   Wednesday   morning.      The
midnight   on Monday last,   sweeping j westbound express was held hereabout
with irresistible force part of the shed j 24 hours before it could move on.
and completely demolishing one end of |    Another heavy rock, mud and snow
it, and carry the watchman's; house, ! slide swept over Laurie snow shed at
watchman and all, several yards leav
ing it on the edge of t e embankment
and tearing away a hundred yards of
theC.P.R. track in its headlong career.
Fortunately no train was passing at
the time and no one was injured although the watchman had a narrow
A small army of men were sent out
arid bents were made to carry the rails,
while the snow which blocked the track
11.30 p.m. on Monday, breaking in the
tunnel in three places, and blocking the
(rack for many yards. The watchman
after being hemmed in for a time between two large pile' of debris, extricated himself and gave the warning
to the approaching train. The rotary
could not work in the 'ck and mud
and gangs  t men nployed  re
moving the  rubbli track  »'as
cleared within 12hou.
the other day Hugh Guthrie, whose
sp.,.ch has already been commented
upon, efF.ct'ially e ploded 'li sc ndal
talk which has been rolling off the lips
of the .'r| nsit'on over since IWfi. He
took their arguments at their own valuation and when lie had finished there
was uoihing for Mr. Borden and his
friends to stand upon,
known as ihe Aide sn.r.dal
„dhe put it down al $400,0t}0, he retried to what is l-.i i un as ll e Koith
Atlantic Trading Company, and he put
a li.iwn at ;$y.0,l(0; Ihe Vilaif at
Grande Vallce, $£0,000; Chicculimi piers
and toons, IfEO.i I (',; Ht. J< Et pi.'.- v. keif
Mr. Foster, No wrong; $17,000.
Mr. Guthrie:     Very   well   wc will
After comment V' npon (he sigular take it at that. He referred to the
fart that <!:e n-i-fp?H'n hfltl no'.hinj* to purchase of property at Kentville.
Offer the people but the old time-worn ' and if I understand his argument he put
cries of scandal aiid corruption;  that, that down at $42,000.
they seeme* to Vvp 'rst Mr. Borden's
famous Halifax platform, and apparently were incapable of producing a real'y
constructive  policy,  Mr.  Guthrie  de-
Mr.      Foster:     Twelve
dollars and a littlo more.
Mr. Guthrie:   Then   he  refeired   to
the cost of  the Pearson purchase for
.   -.,-. ,-TROUBLE IN INDIA.
Simla, India., April 25.. A deep itch
received here f.rom Peshawur today says
The Matta was atUcksd last night but
the enemy repulsed. There was an
artillary fig t this morning and General
Atiderspn's brigade fought big engagement. Casualties numbered 62 including several British officers. Lord
Minto and Lord Kitchener commander
io chief of the Br.tjs'i forces ih India
will arrive here., tomorrow and the
British wiU assume the offensive    as
quickly as possible.
heavy gale.
■Victoria,   B. C,   April 25,-Wm.
Manchester, Eng., April 25.—The
North Division of Manchestor defeated
Mr, Winston Churchill who was just
been made President of the Board of
Trade, the new Asquith Cadinet giving
impetus to protection crusade. It was
the heaviest poll in twenty years.
■ Ottawa, Ont., April 25.-Major
[Todgins, late engineer under the
Trans-continental Railway Comission
will have to appear before the parila-
Hcott for many years foreman of the mentary committee to prove charges
street gang in this city, Was elefitrocut-! of padded payrolls manipulation of
eJ yesterday by lines blown during a classification.
vor-d a few moment; to Ihe nature of j the Inter-colonial railway, and I cannot
Mr. Foster's criticism..   He sa:d. . find from reading  "Hansard" just at
I am now going to summarize   what   win t he charges Ihe government with
my hon. friend (Mr.   Foster) gives in J be:mr ixtravagant there, but I fake it
I the course of his speech in connection j that it is about $28,000.
with this   matter.    It   would  appear.    Mr. Foster:   That is right,
that the Hon. gentlemen on the occasion I    Mr. Guahrie:   Then he puts down the
f the budget speech, thought heshould I
dsliver a sort of political compendium,
a code book or hand book, a manual of
field drill for the ele'tion armories of
the Conservative party at the next
election, and in that compendium he has
picked out tne following choice articles
as matters which he thought worthy of
comment in the course of hie reply to'
Lodge transaction at iV'ouctonat about
Mr. Foster:   Too low, it is more.
Mr. Guthrit:   I will  put any figure
the Hon. gentleman pleases to put on
it;   I would double it if he Hikes.
"Mr. Foster:   That would be too much
Mr. Guthrie:   Then on the question
(Continued on page three.)
Another fatal accident occured up at
the Field tunnal this week, when
Augusta. Quillan, & Frenchman lost
his life. He was working on the con-
structbn of the naw tunnel on the
"Big Hill" which is being put in by
the C. P. R. The ground wh .re he was
standing, gave away, carr. i .g him
dawn the bank, an immense boulder
.ppbling down after him, sirlking ihe
unfortunate man on his chest.
As soon as the aojiidsnt ooured his
fellow workmen hurried him to fhe con-1
struction Hospital, but His case was a
hopeful one, and he died the following
day. Coroner BuckhSm was called for
and found that an inquest was unnecessary. The remains were brought to
Go'den for buria'.
Canadians Won
football Match
Last Monday being Easter Mondaj ( ,e left the field and they commenced
the Golden Football Club played an In-hair. There was quite a crowd of
ternational club match. English play- spectators who cl nered for Canada but
ers versus Canadians. 'I ho Canucks there were many ladies who were com-
started with 12 men against 8 of li,'. picious by I heir absence. At half time
Engiauders (of course that was their J ih e scorewas
own lookout to have their right   nun.- Canada   1
tier) during the flcst ten minutes the ' England 0
sturdy "Canucks" managed to get the On recommencing England pressed
ball through the sticks. On Ihe arrival j their opponents all the time during the
of the Engenders it was found that i-o- ond half but failing to score a goal
Canada was playing one extra man so the match ended Canada 1; England 0
The "Times" would be glad for news
items from all points in the Columlia!
Valley. We want to male--, our paper
welcome in every home, and our patrons
to understand that our interests extend
from one end of the valley to the
I compared with the old read.
J. W. Connor U building a wagon
road round the hill commencing where
the old construcion hospital used to
stand and joining the old toat road   up
Victoria, B. C, April 18.-Hon.
Jas. Dunsmuir has th^s week added
to his already huge estate near Col-
! wood, a tract of 235 acres,   which  ad-
llie gully,  the latter  bueing • in use ! joins, and will  he   incorporated wilh
many year.   It is a 12 p c. grade  and
very heavy work in soma places, which
is a grop.t saving of horse-lower as'serve.
Hatley   Park,   the whole    forming a
huge   natural   park   with   game   re- THE   TIMES,   GOLDEN,   g.   fj.,   APRIL,    25,   1908.
THE GOLDEN TIMES.  Death Oi Campbell-
Itubscription price $1 in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
(Concluded from rage 1.)
, of the Merwi.n purchases he put  it at
LONDON, April22.-Sir Henry Camp-jiandaince 1868.   He has served in many [?400,n00, and on the question   of tie
bell-Bannerman, ex-prirao minister of. cabinet positions,   among them   being | Falconer  accounting,    he   says   that
ire.t Britain, died this morning at his   *rat 10i-d 0f the admiralty, chief sec t-!about $42,000 too much was pair1,   and
totalling these various items  v. h'ch I
have taken from    "Hansard" I find
Correspondence invited on matters ol j home, 29 Beigiave square, a. W. jarv fol. Ireland, and twice minister foi
public interest.    Communications i    The   Risht Honorable   bir    Henry jwar.   He held the latter office in 1£95
to the Editor must be accompanied ' Campbell-Bannerman was    urn Sep'.. I v.'.etl Lhe famous "cordite" voteswept  that the grand toLalamounts to $1,438,
by name of writer, not necessarily  7, XSJU, so he was in his 7£nd year. Tin:  Lord Itosebery's   administration frcm gyo.
for publication, but as evidence of | news of hio death though not unexpeut- 0fflw.3. ;   Mr. Lennox:   What about the Que-
Correspondence should
gond faith,
be briJti".
SATURDAY,     APRIL 25,   1908.
IX i^ with real and sincere regret that i
we learn Mr. Dunn ha- retired 1-m Slnce the death of «■ wife in
from the "oiar" editorial staff, al d I Au«*ust' 1906' he ha:i »ot bee" the name
left for hia former hone In Victoria |-nan and undoubtedly her demise was
w.iereweheariiehaioouinedapositionithe ''ausu of the breakdown in nis
on one ,u the L.cast papers. Mr. Dun; j lu*lth which hastened the nud. He
wnue in Golden made a host of friends, j auid c,le many /urcesof Liberalism wel.
ed will oo rei.e-.ved by ull .lasses of.    He held many imjortantand distir.- bee bridge, is that not there?
politicians in the old country anu the \guished degrees, among them being D.     Mr Guthrie:   I did not   know that
empire with deep rogret.   liu huo but, c. L; II.  A., and G.  C.   B.   Hew. a was referred to as a scandal.
I shurt-livcd his great   triumpn   in the j made a baronet in 1895 when his party     Mr. Lennox,   i think it is.
| early days of 1908   when he was. re-  went out of office.   His  town address
: turned to j.ower at the head of one of
the lirgtst majorities ever -seen ,n the
■ nouse of Commons,
Mr.   Guthrie:    Perhaps  it  will dc-
wiis2) Belgrave squar:, S. W., and he velop into a scandal between new and
also had a country seat at Belmont election time. Anyhow the aggregate
Castle Melgie, Lcotlami. 0fthe am.>unts mentioned by the Hen.
all oi whom regret his departure,   and j t0Se*llei' and it can truly be  aad .ha,   marriage.
He assumed the name of "Bannerman'
under the will of his maternal uncle,
the late Henry Bannerman, Hunton
court, Kent. His late wife was the
daughter ua Sir Charle.s Bruce, K.C.B..
.and   there    are   no   children of the
no mar. but he could have done this a
u.o critical time of the party's fortune.-
uhen he assumed the    leadership ii.
Sir Henry was the "father" of the
ttouseof Commons, and hassat continuously for the Stirling district of Scot-
'':,*"7vi ■
J ney r<
■ .'J
none more than the Times staff. O,
course we have, had our differences,. i..
that is notuing. AU papers have a L
oa a pick at one another, but it is
always done in a spirit of geiuroiai
rivalry, it is not so very ion,j; ;..;o
since two o; the lending Vanco..v r
papers were pouring- iiut shot into cne
another at the rate of about one huua'iui
words per minute, and eve.i t,oing to
far as to hale each other bai'or* the
Law Courts, yet a lew weeks afterwards wnen tha presses oi ojie ga.e
out ttirougii some accke.it ihe oth.r
offered to, and did, get out several issu ••
for .u .ouimoii enemy. And ihis is
h ,w it should be! it is u goou deal
liKe iwo lawyers tearing o;ie anoiher's
eyes out ,i. Court, ui.u us auun no ...
journment comes, or the jury ie«\es|
the box, oj„ thisygo arm in arm t., w. h
kali ti.vay in a little social over anotlur
ki.ki ti Bur.
Sume weeks ago the Lditor of the
"Star" commenced iu caii us Louie hard
names, and of course we hit oa,k; and
since tiiau tiiiie.iave ..eeii poiiing more
or-less tun at the "star's" n,ditor ana
his Corpoiation oi Newspaper .-adventurers, but i-» was aa done in u.e very
best of humor, and with no haid fellings whatever towards iiie i-uito.- • f
tliacpaper. We never induigeu in 'all-1 received a set
ing names, or mud throwing, but simply we fear, greatly dim the lu tre of its
wrote in Uie humorous anu sarcastic celestial orbs for som : time to come,
vein lo relieve die teciious monotonyu. \I' all ihe reports are true (we do not
country newspaper life, anu we l'easser- say that thisy are) Golden would ben
Sir Henry was one of the wealthiest
men in Great Britain and was but an-
other example of those men who had
every opportunity to spend thair days
n idleness and luxury, but -.aveinst.ad
his whole lime to tho services of his
country and the British empire,
•ppy in the iutcn-en
i-j-.rii came t» stay,
i .'.-• cict i'.nd h;s assistants
'c learned tho n«**.riB **»*?-,
I C ^N
Of makiiv-Soups and ?<s
Dfiicious i;
ouilloh. f«o ;
i / *'t«**?» «&to> That's «.vl'
..., ;,.>•< V,..4l--tr-V   •     ..»
13 the mo«5t useful
lie work is c**t.
y're so qi'.ii.kjy thror.^!',
H '°' 1 / ?.**
I   kt « 'J'/ C*  13
m-. cw.vcniont r. -..•-.••••-.tit to **•«
,    ';ook   In   preparing   rich   «
.(i   soups, gravies, er '.rsos. . to.
';j   of soup produces a m.j.rv«!:.-.,
g   strsngth and appoa.-ancu
J tiolich/usiv flavotir*<l
Jno le •.# p, ...r.ful to a pint
. in.»rovc-#*vjir.t In fl«i»v«>r.
i one which wi
that iu one regrets th^ departure oi
Mr. uuA'.i more man we oui'ofivea uo.
la, IS to 03 .IJyeU   JlUt   i\.V.    a^Uiiil    Wnl
deal   better ..IT   withoi t s >n.e
New York, April 24.-A dispatch te
the Tribuiu* from Boston says: The
German freighter Braunfels came into
people than with  them.   But whether Port this afternoon from Calcutta after
they are irue, or whether they are not
carry away favouraiilo impressions of i rue, the Times wishes Mrr.  Dunn  all
our little mountain ,oa.i., Lu« il ill
lue ruporu luat are c.iVu.....U a..o...
town nappeii to be true, we rather cliiiik
he will bear- away w.tn iii..r-uiiyth,r,g
but a gued opinion oi some of eur
people, ii all t.ie reports are true (wu
do not say they arc) we are inclineU tu   ,.oc
ce i ill ris new, and we irust much
moro lucrative position.
Ka.m..oop3,     April   24.—The   recent
,'. in   h 3 da :p ravine near Camp-
theopinion that. Mr.   Dunn ha-,   beeii ba'J creek,, near here, has uncovered a
shamefully treated.   If all the reports f urteen-fcot seam of bituminous co.-i
are true (we do not say they are) it is a
standing disgrace to Golden. If all the
reports are true (we do not say they
are) the proverbial hospitality of Golden
and it3 generous hearted citizens has
.ed coveiyhas caused a sensation,
T.ie slide dislodged huge chunks of coai,
many of them half a ton in weight and
precipitated them into tlie bed of the
aser'es of adventures,
When the fre arht-r left Ceylon she
had aboard 40 • monkeys, a lot of tiger ,
leopards and snakes, and a big carg,.,
of rum nnr; niolnKses. When about a
week out an orangoutang got loo?e
and went around breaking open tba
monkty cape?. Before the crew could
stop him the 400 monkeys were roaming around the decks.   They   got into
, « the cargo, pot drunk on rum and emptied
molasses over everything. The crew
were powerless, ;;nd the ship was given
over to the animals until she docked.
THE UNION LKADS, other follow.
member (Mr. Foster) was $1,433,500.
But, I do not think the Hon. member
(jir. Foster; would tor a moment say
that all this expenditure was extrs.v^-
gant; he says that part of it certainly
was pxtravagiaiit, and he nays that
there has been too much paiu and allowed as commission to middlemen.
Well, his first item is the "Arctic",
$40i),000. Bu; thut is the total cost.
I was not in thei'utiiic Accounts Committee, b 't I have heard the question of
the "Arctic" inosi iuiiy discussed in
this House, and 1 am prepared to teny
into thai thtre was any exliavagante,
and to argue irom lhat standpoint.
But, 1 am willing to take the figures cf
Hon. gentlemen opposite in that respect. What does the lion, member
say? Was it all extravagance? I ta^e
what was said by the Hon. member ior
lirenviile (Mr. Kiea) in referring io
the Merwin purchases, and he does not
put that $400,000 us being all extravagance; he says, take 25 per cent
off it. How much will you take'off the
"Arctic"? Will you take 10 percent
or 40 per cent or 60 per cent or will
you take it an oi.; 1 care not which
ior the sake of my argument.
In regard to theiNorih Atlantic. Trading Company, the -whole question at
issue seems to have been: To whom
w<js the money paid? ''he real question
was whether the money was earned or
not earned;if it was earned and properly earned, it matters not one whit, so
far as 1 can see, to whom it was paid,
so iong as there was no breach ot the
Independence of Parliament Act. The
amount involved there is $b7 j,0> 0.
How much of that is excessive or extravagant? Let us wipe it all out.
Let us wipe out the whole amount of
tne cost of tne wnari at Grande Vallce
$;0,000, let us wipe out the Chicoutimi
piers and booms. $50,1100, although I do
not know how much of that the Hon.
member challenges, let us wipe out the
wnoie amount of the cost of the Kent-
ville property, $42,001); let us wipe but
the Lodge transaction at Monclon, $;,-
500; let us wipeout Merwin's purchases
$400,000; let us wipe out Falconer'a
account, $43,0u9, and assume for tha
sake of my argument that they wer
all extravagant. Now how does the
matter stand? Since the Liberal party
came into power in 1896, there passed
through their hands and been paid out
(Continued on page 3)
fancouver Lawyers  Seek   Impeachment
ol   Mr.   Justice   Martin   lor
Neglect   of   Duty.
Accerding to information received
from Vancouver the Bar Associa i jn of
that city is asking for the impeachment of Mr. Justice Martin, of Victoria
for alleged neglect of duty. The
petition has been forwarded to Ottawa.
Copies were addres ed to the governor-
general, the senate and the House of
Commons. The drait n^ of thepetiuin I prominent
was intrusted last September by the! sportsmen
THE   TIM3S,   GOLDEN',   ".
Peter Veregin, the Doukhobor lead r,
has closed a deal for 2700 acres on the
Columbia river two miles below West
Robson, and a section of the Doukhobor
community will he placed on the land
at once. Veregin is inspecting some
other lands on the Nelson & Fort
dheppard Railway, and expects to
secure about 3000 acres there this
APRIL,   25,   1908.
A vast preserve tor big game aggregating hundreds .,. sjuare miles, will
be ittiu out in East Kootenay this
spring by tiie Provincial Government as
a result of strong representations of
..u ian     and    American
it will be located some-
Bar Association 'o a committee of its '• wlleR, „, tne mountainous region lying
members consisting of 12. P. Davis, K. j between the Crow'n Nest iJass branch
C, Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K. C;|0 the C, P. R. and the main line, and
J. H. Sinkler, K. C; A. L.  Belyea, K.   ^ill serve the same purpo e as  the
GO    TO
H. C, T*)m
CONFECTIO- l-.HY      '
purpo e as
famous Yellowstone Park in Wyoming,
under the control of the War Department.
C, and Clarence O'Rrien, secretary.
The petition reviews th; judicial conduct reciting a verbatim report of the
scene in court at Vietoria With his
co.leagues last September and deals
with his alleged refusal to hear habeas
corpus proceedings in regard to four
imprisoned sailor*.   ' (Concluded from page 2.)
 by them on current expenditure $550,-
MAXWELL SMITH    ON GRADING  "00.000 of th. people's money.   In ad-
For  Sale
A few Cords of lirst class dry Wood
"The Dominion government regulations regarding th* legal packing of
fruit, the grading an 1 marking, will be
enforced during the coming season with
perhaps more firmness than at any
time heretofore," announces with emphasis Maxwell Smith, the Dominion
fruit inspector. "Ignorance will no
more be regarded as an excuse for disregard of the regulations and all those
having the' beit interests of-the fruit
industry at heart will doubtless cooperate with the government officials in
this work." .•'..*•
With regard to the suitability of the
weather now at the op. n rig of the
season it may sound paradoxical to say
that Mr. Smith is well pleased with the
weather and yet is sitting in trembling
of it. His fear is not that it will- get
colder, but that it will get brighter and
dition to that C.^ie has   been  paid  by
the governme.it  on  capitai   account
$127,000,000,  making a total payme.it j j
of money passed thiough  the hands of ]
the government tnd paid out uy  them
of something like $750,000,000 or $800,-
00 'jOuO and of that tremendous amount
of money,  about  $1,500,000 has been
chajlengad   by  the Hon.  member for
North Toronto (Mr. Foster).   Not lhat
he says there has been a dollar paid
corruptly and djshonesly, but he says it
has been paid "extravagantly  anc^ that
middlemen have been allowed too much
commission.   Wipe it all off and what
is the percentage? '■ It   simply means
that the Hon. member has chalienjeu
about $1.25 or $1.50 out of every ,t$p
spent by thL government.   Apply that-
method io the business oi anTfflttnicipal J
*  iliiw   no-..  ••■.;■    .DEALER IN
railway or .other  corporation in' chit' • 'Until!
' ' '•' ','... -''  •-. :- ••
country; go tq ,any town's.ftp council
that has ijoOO to    end,  and if it sperios
allmf that but $1.25 or $1.50 ni tlie'iix
St.   Wm,,      GOL'IEH.   B.C
A pencil mark hcreaf*V
is a reminder that your subscription to this paper is
now pivot due, nnd the publisher will appreciate your
prompt    attention.    Sjff"
Chin Bow
then colder.    "While  the  every  day
...        .    , ._     .,      ,    ,        ,1 terest of the'pebple,'if they .have.had.
citizan   is   bemoamng  the   backward | ' '.' -•'•■
8prln-',"he says,   ''I am plei s d   to
daa*h because every day of this   kind
of weather makes our fruit crop safer.
This cool so3ll iojust w'mit we want.
il/ it is keeping back the buds so that there
is no clanger of a late frost damaging
the blossoms."
— o	
*-.WS&& ►£©» MZ&& JS99 *-*»**»**.&
^.x^«e:;e««3a<r«« 3*2*^**5'3e«r**<»
Regarding the complaint of alleged
discrimination against Englishmen on
city work, Engineer Rust of Toronto,
says that newly arrived Englishmen
are a grumblin j lot of men and raise
trouble. After they are iu the country
for two or threa yeirs and get settled
down, they are all right. He says the
city gets better work out of Italians.
| value for all but $1.60 .of that amount
than l- submit ihe people have Lten
well served. It would be a very dili-
erent question if it could be shown that
the mo.icy had bejn di.honestly u'
corruptly spent, that ministers i.-f ihe
Crown or members of parliament i ;-.d
been guilty of receiving portions i f
that money, the whole siiuatii n would
« I be changed, and I ask Hon. gentlemen
W I opposite to mark this, that when Ihe
BI Liberal party were in opposition and
charged the Conservatives then in power
their charges were basenotupon extn-
vagance or upon commissions to middlemen, but upon  actual dishonesty lhat
had taken place.
The "Times" would be glad for news
nsbi Fresh Fruits,
'.,,;(.'...    Confectionery,
■'<..-> '-•,-', Toljaccos and Cigars.
Meals at all Hour;,   Jus r.ceived
hipwant of Okanagan Apple*.
and be
items from all points in the Columbia
Valley. We want to make our paper
welcome in every home, and our patrons
to understand that our interests extend
from one end of the valley to the
Sr.   Pauls Anglican   Ro".   C.   F.
Yates Vicar.   Mattins 11 a.  m.   Even-j
song 7:30 p. m. every Sunday.   Sunday!
School 2:30 p. i.i.
Ro.m.n   Catholic   Church—Rev. j
Father Cocolla, O. M. 1.  Pastor.   S r-'
vic?s every second Sunday in each month
Mass 10 a. in., Bene lietlon 7:3.1 p. m.!
Sunday School every Sunday at 2 p. m.
St. Andrews Presbyterian—Rev.
W. L. MacRae, Pastor. Services every
Sunday 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
School 2:30 p. in. Prayer Meeting every
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Grace Methodist Church—Rev.   F.
L. Carpenter, Pastor.   Services every !
Sunday at  11  a.   m.  and  7:C0  p.m.!
Sabbath School 2:30   p.   ni.     Prayer j
Meeting every Wednesday at 8 p. m.      i
.  72
To sell the Golden Times every
Saturday. Fer further particulars
Apply at the Office of the
golden iimes.
\» E L L    1
Fer Oil, and V-
LOT" !
1 i't: latest
i)„rl frn.Ohio.
-,-wr7».raa .a-w-sm I
THE   GOLDEN   TIMES,   offer     the
Best Service in Plant,  Stock  and
Workn anship thai the most exacting
could require.
Why Send Orders Eist?
When local printers make a stsuding
offer to furnish Commeri ial Printing
at Ihe pi ices now paid to offices in th«
Ens I.
Tne Bills Are. Paid
by Golden citizens, but ihe Stationery
on which they are rendered is printed
in the east.
Why not make new customers at
home by I twing ycur pn'r.tirg rlcaa
to enjoy cor.'.o cliootlng
A RELIABLE »i.ICfinr.1: tlio onl/kind we hav
been nailing fo. upward* otfl.ty va.irs.
Asli your Dealer, nnd insist on i...:
S'iUVi;.'.;.. Whoro n»t soM I y i;<-
tai'.crs, wo ship direct, ejjivoi - nre-
?Z!'J.' ••;>"'• receipt, of OuluiOi; I"i'IcoT
• >■   i ..,- i •_,»  i-. ,0 |jj ,„tl. ,t). ~
l!.'t,''-- .Anl'•"•("■"•llio Inula ,,|
■■<•  <ly i e.aU'once for ,,,  „ „n l bo.
•V.'l.r... ll.ile.l Ibr 4 C'.n. In
.   n.pi >ocoyeriBoatui e.   n,,',.itir,.|
K'll • oli.r  lliinccr r.iraTi.r.l.-.l n,r
T. O. Bos 4007
Cliicopeo Falls,
I .'■'..■imi., U.S.A.
THE'TIMES" FOR NEWS. i5!E^Bix*i;riiTiiviJnKief,:c:Ti.
THE   TIMES,   GOLDEN.   B   C,   APRIL,    25,    1908.
Tlie Big Store
Full    Value
your Money.
Giliiu in Aifii Stt Ulili SChinli ARRIVkLL' Itf,
iiATvi. TIES,  Lie.
H, 0. Parson, mM
Mt take Milk a; Night
mi!. • vuw; - •. jaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaBasa
Milk  in  any form  taken    at   night   is   ape    to   cause
digestive   disturbance.      Your  night's   rest   is   not   refreaii-
ing.      To appease  hunger,   or merely   for     company's sake
"SOVRIL,"   in   the   form   of   a    bouillon,     or    sandwiched
< .        i bread   and   butter,   is   excellent.
After this light supper   you will  sleep well and awake
Western Home Monthly
TOP!   1
"^   'oSsf*
ID *
The Two for One Year for
The \V«lfin I [nine . 'or-l' 1/ ha* Inn- \rzn rccognizerl ns t'.e
frfatestiili:tfit:Jln-t* n.;. ' i •} Wularn Ciladj an liiro.tl hy
over 35,000U r.tlMCverv m» lV
Ij'cuntairs n wc. .1th <f 1-vu.ig f.cti >n, edltoriiU for nv-n nnJ
women, ttbfe Rrli-l.so»Ic. 'i « nibj cl», »I il; ii« on* dozen cr m rs
departmenfii under speculst-in arJ hcacitifli. are inUteiting and helpful olhememb rjiievif home circle.
Our subsciiben ..rt* urged to take advaittjge   * this
tfritfa&tfatSbtfarfhefar*f rfV.pf*, *> rfh "*■
|   LOCAL NEWS.   $
<& (& 4* •i* *i« "♦» *iy "ai* *$• *$• *>j,'5**i"4v*
THE UNION LEADS, other  follow.
"Roxy" Hamilton ol Field, is in town
on business.
S. Collins, and W. bmith of McMurdo
were in town this week.
J. A. Mcimiis, ana K. Shaw of Fiela
are in the city locay.
J. W. Conner left this morning for
Spillimachene on business.
bam Oakland who has been visitinj
ai the coast, has leiurved home.
Mr. and Mrs. E.  Wnite of  Ottawa,
were visiting friends in town tnis week.
Queen's Hotel.
Centrally located and fitted
wiih modern conveniences
Cosine unexcelhd. Large
Sample room for Commercial travellers. The Bar
is stocked wiih the best
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
RATES $1.50 TO $5.00   PER  DAY.
TheStr. "Ptarm.a>an" will make its
fir:-t trip up the riv. a next Friday May
the 1st.
A Concert in aid of the Meihoriis
Church will be held   n  the Columbia
hall on Tues.ja}, a? uiil 28th.
The Girls' Basi.feit.al, Club, which
was organized last week, will hold their
first ball in the Columbia Hall on Friday May 1st.
Herb Edwards, who has spent the
winter at the Coas., has returned, and
will resume liis duties as engineer on
one of the pushers.
Chester G. Scott, a*ent for the
Ontario Accident & insurance Co., o;
Toronto, was transacting business in
the city Thursday.
The Beggar Princ. Opera Co., played
the well-known Comic Opera "Mikado"
last Saturday night, and was appreciated by everyone present.
Chas. Houston met with a painful
accident las!. Saturday, while catching
behind the bat, a ball ticked, striking
the lad above the eye.
Having bought the entire atock
of Twe«*ds and Suitings of the
late J. C. Tom & Co., I am prepared, at my own price, to quote
prices that will surprise you.
All of these peices are new, in
fact many of them had never
been m«rk«d. Come in while
stoi k is comph te. Everything
goes regardless of cost.
Miss. McCunn, 'eacher in the 2nd
Div., left Friday for Vancouver to
attend the Teachers' Convention, She
ii expected home tormtrow.
Mr<. Jack Henderson arrived in town
last Monday from , cotland, to join
her husband. Mr. Henderson went as
tar a-, Calgary to im et her,
Wm. Rutherfoio, has sold out his
residence to Arthur Wixon, the price
paid, it is said was $900. It is stated
that Mr. Rutherford ami family intend
moving to the coai  snon.
We have decided to keep our clubbing
offer open till the 12th of May, as the
largest majority of our subscribers come
due at that date so if you want to get
two papers for tbe price of one you
must send in your order at once.
A. F. Solly and Sam Brown, have
returned from a trip down the Kootenay River where they went a few
weeks ago, thinking they would
catch some trappers who were reported to be trapping Beaver, but
without result.
SEEDS!,       TREES!
for   the farm,   gaiden,  lawn  or
IMikble varieties at reasonab'e
price*. No Lorers. No Stale
No fumigation to damage stock
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get 'trees and
Seeds that GKOW.
Fertiliser*, I<e«Supplies, Fpray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc.
Oldest established Nurseries on
the   toainiard of B. C.
-"•"Catalogue Free.
M. J. HEKfiy,
$010   Wtrlmineter Road.
Ccpvl-!:c :~>j £c.
..nypno "enllng a r'tctPii end dn>icr:»tlr>n mpw
aulclily auicort...a c:r oplaion freo v. ,i.:.icr an
invention sprobacyp.-iujiitnblo. CommuilleS
tlonantrlotljrconfldciitliil.,HAIIUGOGK ohPotent*
w»ii. "ft Vi,™ ?f2M?^0I.?R™r6i«U,'iteri'»
Pr.tTOta taken triroua-h Mtmn & Co. receive
ipecialnotice, without tUmmo, lat&e     '""m™
A handaomoly UlnBtratod weoSly. West c--
%8PiJm&Par "^ontlflo journal. U'erSs im
a^ne%rSeMe™,    ,P06tSge prapal(U   DoW W
Branch omce. is F St, WaahlaStoS; & C.


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