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The Golden Era Jul 12, 1901

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 Jyy^ ^LJ7
���^aKfr-HsSHCBiftBO'N,      *	
Builder & Contractor,
�� g<*V��|I��*N. B.C
A supply if Bell-ling 1-itn'o *.r Seta.', i
Plan, prepared. Prompt atteBtton girenle
Sign Write*. ...
Scenic Artist
House Dceoratar.
0        Leave Orders at Kootenai Home, Ooldtn, B.C.
nil* XI NO. 40
GOLDEN. British Columbia, FRIDAY, JULY 12. 1901
2 Per Year.
The Big Store.
New stock of food stuffs for man
and beast���a full car load of the best
brands. Prices as easy as possible
under present market conditions.
Rolled Oats
Graham ITlour
Corn Meal
Split Peas
Pearl Barley
Special Value in Ore*
oor| and Canadian
Cair|p Blankets.
Trale Where Cash does Double Duly.
^^^^^^      SHOEMAKER
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
.-,....      Boss Miner's Boot,        ...
SPECIAL '.   IB-Inch River Boot, made in full French
Calf, double soles,        ...
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital (Paid Vt.) ����.5<MMK1��
Rest    .     ��� ���        1.HS0.000
II. S. Ilonliii.d, President.
T. H. Merritt,        -        Vieel'res.
Win, l!.i.i.aily,     T. Sutherland Slnynor
Kssbert JalA-ay, Klias Uogers,
\V..s. llensli-ie.
I). II. Wii.kik, Ueneral Manager.
��. Hay, li.st-eetor.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. .mil II. C
Hra.ssliiii, Cnlgnrv, Kdino.ileii.
Oolden,       Nelson,     * 1'isrti.go It. Prairie,
Prince Albert,      lievelstoke,     Ktrlltlicomi.
Vancouver,       Wlniil|*eg,
, Fergus, Unit, lluniilton,   lnjzores.il.
Monday and Tuesday,
July 15th and 16th.
The James Ward Co.
15 People!   15 People 11
Producing the Great Eastern Success.
"Teu Nig Ins in a Bar Room."
'! Through by Daylight."
A host of Specialties in e.ich prod.se*
S,e tl.e Carrie Nation Hatchet Brig-
Hear the Great Eastern Quartette.
Sice the singing and dancing specialties,
See tlie great " Arueldo.*.'
Reserved sests, 75 cents, on sale at
Field's drug store.
the stock of
Hats and Caps.
Gents' Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
Up-to-Date Pantings, at
i Essex, Fergus, Halt, Hamilton,   ln.ii	
I.istowel, Niagara FjiIIb, Port Cofbout'iic
: llal I'ortngo,        Hm.lt Ste. Marie, St.
Catharines, St. Thomas, Toronto, Well-ind,
Woodstock, .mil Molslrtsil, V.ie.
A souls, in <s)rent Itritnln:
Lloyd a Bunk, l.t.1, 7*! Lombard St., Louslssn.
wills svhism uiouoy may he slsspnsitt'il for   ade,
.   transler Ity letter or e.iltle to any ei ll.o '
above branches.
Agent*. In tn I led Mtntsr**:
NEW YOIIK-llank of Montreal, Hunk ul
t'llK'AUll-First Naliossal llank.
ST. I'Al.'l, -Second Kuiiittm! Hank.
SAX FKANllSCU-WelK Fargo & Co.*
AjjentH la N��Hll. Afi-lcn.
Intereat alkssrsnl on ilet-o*>i|a,
I'ro.iiH'Isil, Municipal .mil other debentures
Available ^^'y!^,,^,^,,(;���,"s l'"" '*.clash lsoiw���u. while fishermen strikers
J. S. Gibb, Mf-r., Golden Branch. \ *""' ���T"i'*l",'se non-strMe has taken
 .**  '��� place on I lie Fraser.
LEGAL !     *^'   ^ o'clock  last evening sine Jaj.
-���-.., -!���! *���.������ . ! boat put out from the Gulf of Georgia
TllOmaS  O'Brieil cannery and cast a net.   A. patrol of
: strikers  warned  the occapuuts ofthe
Barrister, Solioltor. jboM ������. ttftei, cm.-A.rM. |,e9ilati0l,
Notary rubHo.Conveyancer, etc the Japs hauled their not up and made
' r shore.
The  second   incident
Five   Men   Honten   Iiiul-iisHiIp-.-CIiiIik
unit Oars L'Hud uk Wuanoni.
\ liiicoiiver, B, C. July  8. - The first
���'Kid" Price Brings in a Lame Block *%
A Big Thin*- for This Town���Golden is the Nearest and Host
Convenient Supply Centre.
MjCA has been brought in from time to time by parties who have come from
that part of this district lying between Beaver and the Big Bend, and
fair specimens havo Heen exhibited in this town very often, hut it remained for
Mr. C. P. Price, better kuown as " Kid," to bring in a piece to open theeyes of
Goldenites, and which, if shown in any of the moneyed centres of the east,
would create a furore.
" Kid" has been trapping and prospecting the whole of the northern portion
of this district Tor the past few years and has Irso-ed the inlet, formitil* n over
a long stretch ot territory before dually selecting the point ou which l.e haa
now located.
Accompanied b.v Chas. Hatch, l.e left in the middle of June for the north'
carrying with him |.osvder and steel with which to ope'i up the ledife, hut on
unpacking his supplies no chjis were forthcoming, mid no work could he ''one..
Just why the caps were not there has been the subject of nume*t'uus debate^
between "Kill" and "Mac" and tlie decision ii as far -sway ass ever Having
to return. Price dug out n detached block of the mineral which had rotted
away from the main ledge, and was lying embedded in 'be Soil, and brought it
in with them as proof of what they bad fo-ind, It wai this rotten piece that
created so much excitement, uud it well might, ss it shows a clear surface
when split of 23x15 inches.
Price left this sample in Recorder Lang's specimen case, where it has been
duly admired by local mining men.
Mr. G. 11. McDermot, Dr. Taylor and Miss Lang are also interested in this
proposition, and we learn thnt it is the intention of some New Yosk gentlemen
to secure machinery for 8|>!itting the mica iulo sheets nnd 50 be in u ��� csitioo
to ship the finished product.
The location of the claims is in the Big Bend, two mil s from the river, nnd
almost directly opposito the mouth of Wood river.
The mineral is found in a dike of quartz an.l is. as the loo.e Specimen indicates, in large piece?.. At points where tho quartz lias bjt-n exposed to the
weather there is good showing, nud thn mineral can be traced for 11 distui.ee of
200 yards on the surface.
Price brought in bouio specimens of tin that have beon sent for an assay, bnt
those who ha.e leen the samples, and are in n position to juonounce on their
'.nine, snj Hint the ledge is high grade.
Noi tii Fast Kootenay will soon be recognized ns the banner division of the
fin-fumed Kooienays.
J. C. TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection will pay you.
Goods Right.    +    +    +   Prices Right.
Upper Columbia
Nayigation *S Tramway Co.
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK fcfgg,,.
Season of 1001 Opens April 2nd.
occurred   at
. for shore.
Office In l'|iper Columbia Navigation audi    *-.*     sccon(]
Train <ay Company's 1-tiilillng, " ,. ,
.,   . . ��� ., i Duncan Kowaus   cannery  at
Uolden. II. t.  ,        ,. ,,���
 cj , Arm,  alter sundown.    Ihere were a
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham, number of Japanese fishing whfii.'thov
Barrister's! Solleltora, *��
GKO. S* MuCARTEK,        .1. A. IIAHVKY
Hevelstoke, B.C. l'ort Steele, ll.C
Itnoii.s Alexander ltlock Oolden II. (I.
���--^*--���^.     i ii i    i        ****
Jas. Brady, D.LS,, & P.L.8.
Mining: Engineer,
M. Aiii'ii, lnsl.M.K.
Surveys mado for A shahs incut Work n ud
C frown * trail! i��.
hand fnr Mile un I.iiko Wind*;micro nml
Findlay Creek, ��iw! Koo.unay.
Iaburnls Wnnt Uosebory Duck.
London, July 8. ���Lord Rosebery
ciunc io London toduy and wus ie
ceived in ivudjenco by tlie King at
Marlborotig)i house.
The public announcement of this
visit to his majesty, soon after the
former premier'a return from the con
tinent,  whence ho prrlved Saturdii
(Pi'jn Oar O.vn Car respond ent).
Misrt M.T.irnluiil is away in Cal��aty
visiting friends.
MrsSjott, ot Toronto, is visiti 1131 her
sister Mrs Turnbull of this hlacfli
\V*e are pleased to eey Mrs (/��l->e->
holmes little son .Weaver, is now ou
���umi' 1 1 -
excites much comment  in viow of the',,ie r0,(i l0 recovery from  liis-reemic
political situation j 8e*',era i""es9*
At the same time will informed per- Tho l'. P. JR. coniige road to En .
sons point thnt it is extremely unlikely crnld Lake will bo completed in a few
that the king will ill any way attempt  days.
to interfere in what alter nil is wholly       Ml.   Tom   Wi,g011   pM  v.  . ,������,,.
a family quarrel of the Liberal party. |...... *M. ���.���,.    mii .l..h-m.A
Several recent occurs-onces. however
ond articles in weighty reviews, seem
were approached by patrol boats man-
nel  with strikers,   who told them to! . .    .   ���   . .   ,   .
'      ,, ., to point to nn organized effort to brin
haul 111 their nets.    Adherents of both j . __, ��� .���-,������ ,,.���i. ������������   ,i,��� nnll.In,
sides tride to board  the others;  there
was much shouting and  lighting, but
the ouly real  harm was  tho crippling
of tl.e arm of a Jap with a club.
The most serious incident of all oc
Lord K.sebory buck into   the political
"Refisrstllssir" ttlo Senate.
Ottawa, Jnly 8-It is commonly re-
  , ported in political circles that there are
eurred this morning when live Japs |Rt lmt fiv,0 membar9 ot the Canadian
^^^^^^^^ i pre*
partitions for a busy seavju.
Rev MrL.idly ot the Methoslist
church of Golden held set vice in Field
Inst Wednesday evening and will continue so to do until further notice.
Every working man sliould endsavor
to attend his services, as undoubtedly
be is their friend.
Messrs Ames- and Cssruochatv are
now home from Mcfiil!, to hnv.i:. res*t
a      a      .      Tfl
Golden, B.C.
Booth Mil* KlekliiK Horse Biver*,
[lull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale ic liotnil
Cattle, Sheep sud Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN, B.C.   ..
were injured near MoPhersou's cannery |g9ndte, appointees of the late Govern
North Arm. A nuuibcr of Japs were. msnt whose votes can no longer bo 'rom their studies. Their success with
putting out when ihey were overhaul j oounte> 0��� against the Liberals iu any j their work has beon a pleasure to t loir
ed by the strikers' pal roi.   More JajJS **-.*.���,  division  of consequence.   The Wends.
then put out from the shore,  but the; Conservative nominal majority iu that |    The young men of Piel 1 held ,. meet.
strikers stayed wilh them,  until they | bodj.  ,,   about  ei(,hti but t,10M best | ills ,l,e town hall Mondsy  evening io
,       I; hud driven them all in. No shots were, mw\n*ei wil|, ,l,econditions say lhat  ,��� ,������ke .r.'���ugs,ne���ts for the annual
Tailor, illred' ��Itho��8h !t i3 -1 kM known fact, i th, MtlMj Bltt.,aUty |9 not more ,,,������' Sporl( ...y Mr 01ia��� 0wey chMen
I officially stated, that the Japs were \<,M0.lwo, and when it is taken into Pm-Meni; Mr E Fields, Chairman; Mr
! armed,   lu the fighting which ensued j consideration that thero is never a day ! John Curliu, Secretary-Treasurer,   All
with clubs, oars and sticks, five Japs *v|ien ,omo 0f tho older members aro  communications    regarding   did
were baliered in;o insensibiliiy.   At t10t on tlte sick list  and absent  from
noon the Jap. held a meeting and do-  t|ieirseatl  it will be netn  that even
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
For first-class
ti*lve Golden Tussdav 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough,
Athalmsr, Canterbury and Windermere same evening-
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Golden bunday
Low rates on Oro, Lumber, Hay, Gram and Coal.
For further information apply to
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kinds ol
Farm Produce
Apply to
htcd to go out iu a body at * o'clock
this afternoon.
'    The strikers declare they  will not
I allow the Japs to fish, so lhat trouble
| of a serious nature is likely   to occur
before tomorrow morning.
Superintendent of Provincial Police
Hnssey is on the scene,  and a number
| of special police have been sworn iu.
One thousand Japanese fishing boats
i.nmunicuiions regarding different
events should le addressed to Mr Carlin.   Tho track is in splendid condition
next session it may  bo  Impossible for and   *v8   be >  greater   success   thnn
Sir Mackenaie Bowcll lo throw out any   ever before   Date for spirts will be in
bill upon which the Liberals lay par*   next week's issue.
ricuhir stress.   O.ie bill upon  whicl
there ,ti sure to bo a warm debate is for
the redistribution ofelector.il districts
in accordance wilh this year's census.
Fresh interest nttnehos  to the royal
visit to   ihis province   from tlu   fact
put out simultaneously at i this after-  that the party wlllouibr.ice, iu addition
' noon, iuxompaiiie.1 b.v 26 patrol boats
I manned by Japanese, who will guard
. tho licet from possiblo stealthy attack
to Their Koyal Ilighucs.-s and suite,
thoOovei'nor*Geuoi'ul and the Countess
of   Minto, IS..'   Wilfrid   Laurier   and
by  strikers, during the uight.   The j some other minis tern.   Tlio lour will
ICel: PARSON, socrctary, i Bowden,
lhet  were not interfered  witli  u*. to
luegatou, July S.-A movement is
ou foot in Aldington county to invito
Hon. Usiot'-ic E. Fo.lor to rut. for tl.e
Commons iu lhat riding, taking the
I place ot thu J. W.Bell.
The Van Anda mines have beeu tern*
Alia rol'iiiily closed ami '.'ne miners arc dis*
A"a.;cli��lgk ���
thus  bo made  spue.ully conspicuous
the desir.' of ull coiiUerued,  evidently I
being to mukc it a great  function ol
special i.nprcssivcue.'.s.
The local government and the C P.
II. are arranging to bring in 20,000,000
laborers for tbo Manitoba harvest,
The Winnipeg Rowiugidiib e.t aisteet-
iug docislod to send crews to the Inter*
lluliounl regatta, Phil.iilelpliia.
JOB I'lUyfI.\'J jar S^��:ft!iy,
MI..S Haw, of Rovelstoke. who has
In un visiting for a short time with
Miss Oertrudo Fields, has soturiisd to
her home.
M.-. Jas. Hohdersrin has-goue to 1'nl-
gary to enjoy lhe Fair.
Mr Lindsay, who is woiklng the
mine tit Otterlull visited Field this week.
i Tlie ICelly Menv Makuts who aro
billed to upjiear on  Thursday evening,
t July IsSth, cnt'l'y two trunks it.II of
musical iusirujueiile on wh.ch their
pei'forn.auco is given. Yet theeutvi-
taiunieiit is not merely inusleal, s.s ail
through runs a strong vein of fun a.i.i
for two hours the audience is furcs-d to
laugh. Dou't forget the Ktlly Merry
Makers.   Tickets ul Warren's.
Geo. B. McDermot, of Oolden, is to
be a License Commissioner for the Gol.
den license district, vivo E A.Uuggen,
rdi!-...a THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, July 12; 1 JU
��Ite IBolbm  IBva.
Fl'Hl.lSIIEIi KVERV  KitltlAV.
Ed. V. CHAHnKRS, * Editor and Publisher
.Subset ij'tio s 9J.00 per year in advance.
A Ivertising rates sssaiie known on reiptest
FRIDAY, Jixv  12. mm.
Thsisu of onv ciiizeus who linvi'
rs'i's'issi. foiuii-d themselves into an
A'Is lei io Associni iou, for ih'.' purpose
of providing suitablereoreatioti grounds
f rtiisi .oiitli of our towu, arc deserving
os ever} praise Ior i litis' |.iihlic spirited
ts liiOii, and llss* 10WII is 10 bu COil'.l'atU
I.i.kiI on having mun who are willing
to ..... ute nine and iitcasiK to tliu good
cause ol henltl.,.' spurt. The Assoclntioi
sliinil'l be heartily supjiorted bv thr
"is i'/"us goiii.'t'Hllv and every encourage*
uie.il gi'uu tlsose whoasu iiersonall.v
".uperiiiumdilig lhe work uf getting thr
lace track in | roper condition as a
hold lur all kissds oi athletic exorcise.*.
Palliser Pabulum
Frou *>ssr Osth CorreiDondent,
P illis."', .Inly 4 -Another inileboiuil
in she history of Canada was pns-cd
on D iiniiiion Day and anothor lii>onwt
ing ch ipsiTssd led to the volume whicli
iinhorn millions .1 this vast Dominion
will set rend and contemplate with
whole-one pride ond a measure ol
profit. For no thoughtful man or
1 iver nl bis country, lu it ever so
li'isnbls. -tan turn a page of its history
wislmit eiitcrtilniua. ,, warm regard
f.ii* ilmse nl his forefathers who.
s rngcling with t.mst-.le ansl brain
against phvsis'.'il Mnd political difficulties, ma'le it jisisslhlefor bim to exclaim
iu verv truth : "This is isty owu, sny
native laud '." The beginning of lhe
1st century found the country with
b it a mure h'.ndful of settlers scattered
along the Ht. Lawionc, t .day somn
llii-.su or four millions of loynl and
happy peo l**in prosperous homes dwell
ou th" banks of ibis mighty river.
Tne tide of immigration has set iu
from the ends of the car'h and is roll
ing ou .o.vard ths) boundless prairies
Hlsst I't't'li'sj .alleys of the west. Townn
and cities .uo born iu the yearly cycle
o*' Uiu ���, while large provinces are tbo
o.f*ipriiig of Out a duc.ide. Tne inulti
plititulo.it of Jiussibililies for lho develop*
ttioul ot Hit country is beyond all cal
s uUtioit or coiii(,relunns*o.i in this age
o. iiiv.nl ious. Who. tlio,i. dare predict
for a Liu I of ,u li unlimited ruourcea
io .vlias. distinguished position Canada
may usl.sin ssuijug tlio great nations of
tlie c.irili? ila. ing such men us
Cartier, Macdji.nld, Howe, Baldwin.
ih. two M is.kel.Kios, Bro vis assd many
other.,, though dead, yet living uioliu
ms'iits of true and ssurd.v patriots, the
alii,, ol s;.,tH oaunot lose ils bearings
iss poliiiual storsii or tenii'uni .if their
lieauoi. lUl.ts nrss ke.j.i .veil in view,
ll.i. nu ioi cf.it hers of such invincible
courage... .lie United IC upiru Loyalists;
Hi" ll.igossiio's as well as those from
the uiotliurlaii'l, there is'.eft a log t.y
us'pa ici.ee, a .durance and pers'iVoi'uin*e
to the pivauilt general ion that is hear
iug abundant fruit in this realms of
n '.uss/rcj and industry, Tlusir stms,
b.v geii.sr.ti cotisout are now tbe strong
o*s asssi s.. iftest in ihe field of athletics,
wtnie ui l.ts'i-amre uiid education the)
lid the higher positions at home and
abroad. As soldiers, iheir seoord upon
recent bntilefisslds indict'os that they
lire in isle of the lest of "leather."
Canada we loco sine for thy noble
rivers osul lofiv mountains, for ihy
bouts,llc-i* pr.li.ies and beautiful valleys
for thy glut ions liberty nnd religious
iule.atis.is which are tlie gifts of God
TtKD-UIDDKX If. VKAK-4   "If iinyl'usly
svants a svritt.'.i guarantee t'rnin iar |*ersoli-
itl.. Ms.ts.iity wonderful .'urn from .lie,una i
lis a hy Smiili American Rliontitntlc Cure I
still l*e she ghclili'st wniiiii'l  in tIir.  Wurlll 10 I
gi " it," says Mrs ,l,ilin llcutiiitotit, ol* Elora
"I Icul des 'jdi'0.1 of recovery un In the ssisic i
"t i���l,mg ihi- wonderful roniOily.   li enroll I
i isjeiely."   Sulil by II. W. I'lttmoro-fH    I
AMI.reeli.ilte Visiters.
The   meiiibcrs   of   '.he    ll sVels'oksi
fiioslinll    teams   wish    through    the
Hs raid  to express  their warn,  tipp.e
s'.iation  sif   i.he  royal   bosplltility  ex  [
sen led  inihs'tii during  their  visit to
Ui.1.1 .ion Dominion, Day.    Especially
sloihev desire lo ihenilon Air. Warren
who   so   kindly   placed his  boats ist
their disjiosul,   Capt,  Sinclair of the
fuosbsll clssb an I the ueniul |.ro|irletor [
nf she   Coliiuibia H.iuic,   Mr   J.'-G.J
I'lluck.    The good  clt lueus of Gfollon i
will   in-er Hnd. anv  dilll.ulty  lu*|irr-
-iiadi'iir onr ttssveffttokl. lens her husittiH
incline  over to  iheir pi'"")*   town lo
pluy i. match.- Herald.
BABY MI'MllllS.- Dr. Igns'.v'.* Cint I
in.'i.l s.,., h-, S| sels, l.lisl "fficls spslck��,.di
eireciise s-uri's in s.ll skin er<iptissi,s -o "lussss ���
to hnl'V ���'���.. ini* tHHililnst lime lliM ""'"'*;
ls*.*s to the Intl.* in cases .a sclillied, -in. I!
enn�� ho-smiii. Suit Klieiii'i and ��'l I**"'
[ilt-aws.   ii.. veins.- Suld by ll. ��'. I'at.l.u.e. ���
T.se iwensy-sialli ..initial general
meeting of ihe Imperial Honk of Can
si'.lu wits held in pi'rsi:auce of lhe terms
of the charter, at the banking bouse
of iho institution, June I Dili 1931.
There were present: II S Howlnud,
T 11 Merrill (St Ca'hriues), William
lliiiusay, ofllow'lauil (Slow, Soot land};
Itubi't't Jn(fray, T (Sutherland Rtnyiier.
Willituii Ile.nli'ie (Hamilton); E B 0-s
lor, M. P ; C C Dalson, Professor Au
drew Smith, Anson J mss. J 0 Ramsey,
It Thompson, R W Thompson, Dr
I.nki! Ts'skev. Edward Martin, K. C.
(Hamilton); Hll Wilkie. R N Goods,
(I 11 Smith, I JCIoolJ lUxbridge)' (;
Jones. Lytidh lirst Ogden, J W Bentlie
S Kordlieinier, R H Temple, .1 Kerr
Osborne, W Gibson Cassels, T W Horn,
David Suiitll, A E Webb, Rev. E. B.
Lawler, J L Blaikie. A A McFall,
illoltois); Joins Stewart, John Gowans,
Major W I Merrill, W. Bell, Brandon:
Rev. T W Pate.sou, Honry O'Brien
IC. (' ; A Foulds, Q lebec, II W Fiiton.
H C Boomer, W C Crowther, 11 Siint-
zul, J II l'atlesson, N Merrllt. R L
livnson, V ll E Hutchison, William
S|irv. 0 F Rico. H ll O'Hara, Dr. C
ll Iteilly, Dr. Thorboriio, R K Burgle,
.1 11 ��. nils, etc.
The chilir was taken by the president,
Mr. II S Howlnud, and lho general
iu inagi'r, Mr D R Wilkie was rs-'iuesled
to act as sect'S'tarv-
Tbe general malinger at tho request
of iho chairman, read the report of the
'hectors and the statement of affairs.
'I'll., ili.cctoi-1 have again muoh
pleasure iu meeting lhe shareholders
ami iu presenting the twenty-sixth
annual halauco .sheet and report upm.
:l.e affairs ofthe bank, which they
hone will be considered in every way
Tho net profits for. the year, after
making full provision for all bad and
ilonbftil debts, and for rebate of iu-
tercst on unmatured bills under discount, havo ouahled your directors to
pay semi annual dividends at the rale
of four and one half and live per cent,
respectively, to udd.*'l.') Oill :io to rest
iiccosslit, to contribute lhe annual
payments already authorized to the
Pension and Guarantee funds ofthe
ti.u'.k, and lo appropriate a further sum
.if .?'_'i'.C0O iii reduction of bank premises
.ml furniture account
The amount can I d forward i.n profit
and lo.ss in count is also $2*1.1.41). _. in |
excess of the amount I ro ignt forward
last year.
The [i fiiiiuiii received upon the balance duo ou new capital account has
also been applied to rest account', which
now stands at $1,830,000, beiug 74
per cent. oT tbo subscribed capital,
which is now fully |iiiid up.
The olfiucrs of I be bank continue to
perform iheir respective duties to the
satisfaction of the dfrootui'S,
All of which i- respectively submit
H. S. lIuwi.Asii,
I'KOKlr ASli l.liss ACCOUNT.
Dividend No..11, 4J percept.
(paid lsl of Dm.., 191*0).. .111,421) 41
Dividen I No. 52, 5 per cent.
(payable 1st of Jssne,
1901,1   12.-1,000 10
Transferred to rest account.  150,010 CO
Written iff bank premises
nnd furniture account... 20,000 00
IV.nice of account carried
foiward    1C4.GI.7 '.IH
Wil,067 1)9
clasion $1,950,298 CO
Deposits not
be n r i n g
interest..$8,1,17.714 55
bear i ng
i u t o r est
i it ores t
accrssed so
date. .12,358,042 31
��� 815,515,753.81!
Dae   lo   otlier banks  in
Canada  1,545 18
Total   liabilities   to   lhe
jiublic 17,407,595 04
Cupi'iil slock (lisiisl up).. 2,500,000 Ol)
Ucstucc't..8l,H50,000 00
nccouni..      88,(J71 14
52, (payable 1st
June, 1901)
5 per cent.   125,000 00
Former dividen ds,
unclaimed 75 50
Rebate on
bills discounted..       -l'i,5,i'l 00
Balance of
jrofit and
loss ncc't,
c a r r i e d
1(4.097 98
 $2,214,948 82
822,182,543 (i!i
Gold   a n d
s i 1 v e r
coin $ GO-1,298 44
11 o m i n ion
notes.... 1,5C0,484 (.0
2,104,783 4i
Deposit with Government
for security of note cir-
cilalion         !)5,C00
Noli s of nud  cheques on
oihrr banks     012,811
Balance due from other
banks in Canada     237,740
Balance duo from agents
in foreign countries... I,4'.i2,4'9
Balance die from agents
in lhe United Kingdom    178.339
Dominion &
Go e iim't
se*uriiies$ -175,.'IUG 23
C tn a d i an
sec .iri ties,
a id British,or fur-
e i g n   or
Cloni a 1
public se*
cur i t i e a
other than
Canadian 1.257,984 20
Railway   k
bonds, dill e it tines
si-stocks.   1,010,097 51
Call and  short, loans ou
s'ocks   and   bonds   in
Canada 2,108,380 i
Balance at credit of account,
Illst May, I90H, brought
forward   $H0,U88 58
P.milium lOceived oil new
capital stock     20,1101 (If.
Pi'iili's for lhe year ended
31st May,   1901,   after
deducting   chargeB   of
management nnd interest slue depositors,   and
afier making full   |iro*
vision for all bad and
doubtful debts, and for
rebate on   bills  under
discount.      403,477 Hi
8511,007 39
89,543,514 22
O'her current loans, discounts nud advnuccs.. 12,08(1,325 1)8
Over due debts (loss |iro*
videil for)        39,38! 08
Real nstaie (otlier than
bank pr, liii.ee)       54,103 93
Mortgages on real estate
sold by the bank       75,409 45
Hank premises, including
safes, ' units, and office
fiiiiiituri', nt head olliee
and branches     378,822 11
Oilier assets not included
under foregoing bends.        4,981 29
The term is almort a mi��nonier. now-*
lays. For the "eentury-livhiK crow" hat
bec-n schooled by exf-siii-nce. The scare.
crow dosn't ware him. lnvt-sii({atin(( oral-
tholoKisls -ay thut lie i��n tell a ruu from a
���tick aud cm count xi; to-.even. KvidenUy
the crow has
profrreHsed hom
tilt.- ignorance uf
his ancestry.
The crow it, in
-gome thiti-fs in
advance of tht
htiinnn fanily,
Then.* are *fi��?are*
v i* o w m which
scared      OUT
nti-tl which are
just as fearsome
to wi. In spite
of the (net that
some i-ciciuific
say, "There's
iHithiujr to he
afraid of. A
scarecrow can't
hurt you,'' the
bulk ot men aud
women still believe the scare*
ciow is a powers-
ful aud destroying fetish.
This attitude
is most marked in relation to certain forms
of disease; lu diseases of the lungs and
respiratory orRans, for -instance, it is the
custom to assume that there is uo cure for
the cough, no help for the hemorrhage, no
liL-aling for the lungs. The scarecrow, Con-
sumption, is set up, often taking the form
of some inexperienced aud unskillful practitioner who denies Lope or help to the
victim of disease.
Yet the records goto show that stubborn
roughs have been cured, that persistent
hemorrhages have been stopped, and that
weak lungs have been made strong by
the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
All the claims in the world for the curative virtues of a mvdiciue will not equal
one testimony lo the actual fact of cure.
Thousands of"testimnnuls like the follow*
ing1 have been received from persons cured
of luiig"tioubles,"btonehilis, hemorrhage,
obstinate coughs, etc., by "Golden Medicr.1
"I was verv sick Indeed." writes Mrs. M..Hie
l-icol-s. of Helton, Kent Co., Delaware, "nnd
onr family doctor said I had comaim pilot.. I
thought f must tlie ttunn, fur I felt so ftw.ully
U\A, Had a bad cough, spit blmnl. un*. very
Aliort of breath; in fuel, could Imrdlv p-l my
breath nt all sometime**). I hnd pnins iti my
c.K'-t and right liiiig, also had ilv-Mv. puia,
Uefore I toot yonr 'Goldeu Medical Disco?.
civ* and 'Fleiisant
relicts' I wna so
weak I could
nut sweep a room,
and now 1 cau do
a small washing. I
worked in the canning fnclorv this
tall, and I feel like
a new person. I
thank the good
Lord, and also Dr.
Pierce for making
this good medicine.
I believe that the
Lord and vour medicine have saved my
life. I was sick over
two years. I lonk
thirteen hollies of
the ���r.olik-u Medical Discovnrv' nud
fuiir vials uf 'Doctor
Pierce's PclleU."
Tin re is uo al"
coi'ol iu "Golden
Medical Discovery" am1, it is (H-
lirely free from
opium, cocaine,
and all other tur-
Sometimes a
iWler will offer
a substitute for
the "Discovery,"
claiming it to be
"just us good."
The substitute
pays him more
profit, that's why.
Protect yourself
from unscrupulous dealers by
insisting on Dr. Nerct'5 Gold;�� KcdicW
Of knowledge wouldn't amount to-in uch.
you'd think, lint for just 31 cents invested
In onc-ecnt stamps (lo pay expense of mailing only), you can obtain knowledge which
it has taken hundreds of years aud millionA
of money to acquire. Dr. Pierce'a Common
Sense Medical Adviser covers the field of
medicine and hygiene front the day of
Galen to the present hour. The 1008 pages
of this great work arc full of fact-s vital to
human health and happiness. The hook
Is given away, being sent entirely free on
receipt of stamps to pay expense of customs aud mailing only, Send 31 one-cent
stamps for the hook iii paper covers or 5c
stamps for the cloth bound book. Addreai
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
We do nut hold ourselves responsible for tha
opinion of correspondents.
Rest Aui.uu.nt.
iialniice al I'l-edit   of nc.-
no*.....31*1 May, 1900. SI.700.CC0
Ti-aiisfene!   from   I r> lit
and luss account. ....        150.C00
'l*r miiiii on ue.V!'.iipit*s|.
,**!i,!bl iii,.; Ir in  pro
li s of thu \o*\, el.3,
198 35).
SI W) 0110 00
Xoss'S of tbo li.iik iu cm-
$22,182,543 OB
D   11. Wll.KIE,
Oeifcral Manager,
The customary  motions were submittal and duly carried.
Toronto, 19th June, 1901.
[TheGeneral Matiitgctr's remarks ivill
he published next week. ��� K:��.J
Illusion. July I), .-Nulling authentic
i* kn.-.-vn heso n'jraidiug lhe ill rent of
the Boei-sgenis tn issue lest.rs of
imsq <e to i'1'is'iitiiers. In navy circles
the id a is iMiher we'eomed as slit'men
sfilis-H'et would consider the chasing
if B is'i- pitae.'aii.xcelleiit am use neu'
��� l.rni.K HUT MCAKCHIVH-nr, Vssn
ohm' i'llll'Spple Tnbisti a s,rss ln,l big nans
ivs.ja slnscsh stiat i-o.i.s in iiijiii'iniis slrnas n.
n..rr,,tic. ihssyassi the pure vegetable i-ep-
in .lis* i.itilii'ii.nl extract from this biscioiia
fruit, mill thi- rabbits are prepsreil it. an pttlss*
r -Isle form an the t'ruit itself. Theyciiris iinii.
gsistixn. DU iu a box, ;*.">cents - 8ols| by K IV
I'sttn .re.   .'hi
Alter til. Tribune.
KlilTssli EllAt
Sir.���Kindlv allow me n few words
in jour favored journal in regards to
the Editor of Nelson Tribune. 1 have
noticed tlte stand he is taking in the
I rack moil's strike on tbe C. P. K. He
is publishing things against tbem that
hc, the editor, knows to be utterly
false. That is, he, or in other words
'���it," says that a truckman gets pay
enough for nil the work ho does, This
man Houston had a different face ou
when hc wanted n sent nt Victoria.
However ho will bs remembered by lhe
unions of B. C. if h" should have gall
enough to Irv it a second tiino. The
working man has Btood by him long
enough. When we find a traittr
amongst us we gel clear of bim. I
notice in the Tribune, or sliould si y
'The News of the World," I but lie
was going to enlarge his ' paper ou Il.e
grounds that ihedeinand for llie Tribune on the Crow's Nest vvtjs growing
something cisirmous. V niiglil tell
hiin that he iss-t'd i.oi go totha ox|Kii.3q.
as bis ji��*'er lit a short time wiliH*
uske.l for only'by'�� few scabs; All
unions sh ut. 11 luki.il.is matter up in
the lodge rooms to bo vol ed on. lum
H'lilC: sure from what can bo 1-arned
ninuiigsl ttiiiou lueu   il.iit till!*  will be
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
tlie head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock -raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that trai;s[.ortation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Colnmbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Xet>oiiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next feint
mon tii s.
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered form��
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who -will
find it to their interest to purchase lefore a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Tarson. Merchant.
A Half Year ot Excitement
The Koyal Visit to Canada.
The Closing Scenes ofthe War.
The Return ofthe Army.
An Opportunity for S3 dan ERA Raadars to Keap Posted During:
this Period of Exoitement.
By it very sr.llafsctory clubbing arrangement witli that great Family Newspaper ibe Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal we are enabled lo oiler
to new subscribers tbe biggest vislne ever heard of.
The balance of this year promises the most startling events, and every person should keep posted*   Here is an opportunity.
For the small sum pf 41.00 we will send yon until January 1st, 1B08, Ths��
Golden Era, The Family Herald and Weekly Star nnd ibr Family Herald's
two great premium pictures, ''Christ in the Toinplo'' nnd ''Home from ths
Is that not a dollar's worth ? Either picture nlohnis'worth doulUs* itit> moiioy.
This offer is open only to June 30th as the snjiplv of pienres if limited add
cannot be promised nfier thnt date.
To any of our present subscribers we offer the Family Herald and Weekly
S'nr until January 1st, 1902. including the two pictures, for the small sum of
no ccuis.
dono and wc may have the tramp editor
on the road again in a abort time.
Cbntue Back.
The mother who would be hoirilied nt the
thought of lotting her daughtor wnnder
iiwnylna strange country without guide or
counsel, yot. permits her to niter lhat unknown land ot wouiiinhootl without counsel or
cnnt.0.1. Then, in utter Ignorance, the
maiden must meot physical problem*, whoso
solution will affect hor whole future life. Dr.
l'iorco's Favorite Proscription has boen well
named a -'Us-d-sond to women." It corrocts
irregularities and imparts such vigorous
vitality to the delicate womanly organs as
fits thorn for their imprrlant tactions.
Many a nervous, hysterical, peevish girl has
beon changed to a happy young woman after
the use of" Favorite Prescription" has established thesound health ofthe organs jieculiarly
feminine. ,;
Every woman should osvn a copy of tho
Pooi'lo's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
sent free on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to
pay expense of mailing only* The samo
book of 1008 pages in substantial cloth for ill
stamps.   Address Dr. 11. V. Pierce, Buffalo,
*  -**��.m,,*-.,        . -
Winnipeg. July (i.-Ths crop report
of lha Canadian Northern issued at
ths offices here Indicates that the crops
nre progressing rapidly and an early
and abundant'harvest is expected. An
especially heavy yield of wheat ii-
luoked for.     * .*.,.-.
women to travel and advertise for old established house of solid Hnancial standing. Sal-'
ary $180 a --par and eipenaa*. alljsayahle in
cash. No canvassing -rouiured. Hive references aud enclose self*a>!di'eaped sstamped
envelojie. Address Manager, ***>o ('aston
BMg., Chicago.       "   '      '���  --' .'-tot 11
The bubonic plague has broken out
again in Hongkong and is raging as j
badly as in 1894 when the deaths st
the end of the hot season wereestimated
between 60,000 nud 70,000.
HEAD���Does your hood ache?   Have you
pains over your eyes?  Is the breath offensive ?  These are certain symptoms of Catarrh.   Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Poissder will
curo most stubborn cases in a marvellously
short time.   If you've hsd Catarrh a week
it's n sure euro.   If it's uf SO years' standing ,
it's jiis't ss effective.   fsO cent..���Solsl by R '
W Patmore.-57.
����� auaa.isjTiie to st
UFE, DimilE Ul. tCCIUTE.
Is an accurate rifle and puts every shot
where you hold It. Weight 4s} pounds.
Made ip thnt caUbenH-.-S, .85 and .33
Rim Fire. ^       .
No. IT, Plain Sights,    .    .   18.00
No. II, Target Sights, .    ,     (.50
, ��� Where these rifles ��re not carried In
-stock by dealers we will send, express
{.repaid on receipt of pries. Bend stamp
or. catalog describing complete Hns
and containing valuable informatioii to
shooters. .....
The j, Stems Iiu up Tw. Ct,
t.ttn      ...   CHICOPli FALLS, MASS. THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, July, 12 HI!
..   substituted..I
..   company... 4
Mineral claims recorded ,150
Placer       ..  1
Certificates of work  151
Certificates of improvement...  12
Records���Conveyances  45
Water grants 2
Abandonments. .......1
Affilivitsfite*.'.......    .....313
Placer leases in force 3
Crown grants issued II
Dr. Clarke's Little Red PUIs are
a Wonder tn the Medical
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills cured
me of Rheumatism of twelve years
standing.���Edward Pure 11,-conductor
C.P.R., Montreal.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills cured
ine of chronic rheumatism, of 22years
after evory other remedy had failed.���
H. M. Black, Sault Ste. Marie
There is' no 1-emedv to equal Dr.
Clarke's Little R'd Pil's for neivous
roubles.��� W. H. Robertson, Editor
D.iily Times Peterborough, Out.
I nearly died from la grippe, and did
not suem to gain strength till I tried
Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Little Red
Pills.- Thos Jackson, Washington nve]
nne. Roclustcr.
They cure rheumatism nnd all blood
diseases every time.-Br. li'ng, Peterborough, Ont.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills are a
positive and certain cure for la gripjie,
rhuematism, asthma,paralysis, catarrh
cczeMa,1 coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints eyen when the diseases have
b en standing for mnny years, Ihe most
stubborn cases will yield. Price 50
cents [ter box. For sale by local drug
gists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Culiirrh, and Dr. Clinks;'*. Sure Curo
for Eugenia, siune price. $10 will be
jiaid for any case they will not |,er
ninuetilly cure
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure tor l.'n'arrah,
and Dr. Clarke's Sore Cure for Eczema,
���same price. Ten dollars will be pniil
ftir any case they will not permanently
Flclitlna'ss SstORUlne I',fdiction. Aro
More tl.As. Voi'iO. 'd. Every Hev-,,.no
I'roiluclng lls-issscli of the Service
Showings.n Isssprovo.i.ent.
. Otti.wa, O it. July (! ���Tl.e financial
statement ior the Dominion for the
fiscal >e.sr up to the close of June is'
On the Kloiid ke, Lexington and [ published iu lu lay's Canada dinette.
B'.'on Hai.n* th".'.".'. a ledge nearly I It, repre.e.its, however, only receipts
2,. fee. ii. wid'h. niii'ilfi*!llg at a co-unl payment's tp to ihe cud of last
tnci hon-eei port hyry  and state, und. I mouth.,
showing in she miiface i toil of high      Tlu  minister of   fiiiniico estimated
gi-Htle c.orper . re. j I ist  session a  surplus of f .,* 5 I.0C0.
On   ilie Zulu a 50 foot tunnel has , but  it is probable that lhe showii g
lieu  driven on lhe ore body,   which   may be oven better (ban this,
carries good values in gold and copper       To-diy's state.ue.it,   shows receipts
Hal iheinsil mentioned hecuccmpleted,  for the year of $50,735,047, and ex*
��� Report of the Gold Commis*
Ihave the honor to submit my ie
port of mining operations iu the North
F.sst Kootenay District during the
year 1900.
Tne advancement male is, ou the
whole, satisfactory; although fewer
claims have ben recorded than in the
previous year, yet more assessment
work snd actual development has been
done on' he various properties throughout the District. The lack of transpcr
tution facilities no doubt retards
progvess io a very large extent. It is,
however, obviously impossible for the
Government to build waggon roads in
every direction through .so largo a
tract of country, and the making of
such roust necessarily depend upon
sufficient development being done on
the claims in any particular section to
warrant iheir construction.
Ou the Certainty. Porphyry and
Iron Hill Groups, owned bythe Cer-
taiuty Gold and Mining Co., a con
sidniable amount of development work
lias been done, comprising 800 or 9C0
feet of tunnolliug and cross-culting.
A large force of men hive been em*
plo.-d all tin summer, but operations
have been suspended for the |ircsent.
The surface .bowing was encouraging,
but as dejilh was attained the results
have not proved so satisfactory.
McMuitno Cheek Camp.
Apart from assessment work, little'
has been dono in ihisR'-ction, although
tbere are several good properties upon
which a considerable amount of capital
haa heen expended in the past. The
following claims may be briefly men-
Iron Mi.sk: 100 Toot snnnel driven,
exposing 2 feet of cooper ore.
Sunvise: T nm-l 17'i feet driven, the
ledge, hosvever, noi having been yet
('li.illeiigsr : Development work has
slsown a paystreak of 12 inches of
clean galea.
Qu.Mirz Cm.Eii Camp.
A new tr.il is under cosistruction
f i om Reuse. S aii.ii.. on I lie C P. II.,,
lu ibeliend of Ibis creek, where are
shunted ��-s;i'ral |ir.'inisillK claims
a car load of ore would have beeu ship
post this autumn.
Bai.ii MollXTAIX.
'A 60 foot tunnel was driven on the
llald Mountain Group di ring ihf summer, bu- ��i h what res sit is not knows-.
The Monarch mine was again re
���pened, afier the lapse of several years,
aud obout 16 carloads of silver-lead
ore shipped to Trail and S.in Francisco.
The ore is low grade, and from iufur
|��iidiiuit�� of S-18 574,5'JH; with a enpi
t .1 account ouil.iy of $11,55 1,169.
Tho revenue for June alone was, $4.*
164.CU4, nsag.iir.st $2,250,819 in 1S99
Every nyenuo producing branch of
the service shows au improvement ovor
lust year.
Berlin, July 6.- Prince v<jn  Hole i-
ion, formerly German  Imperii.!  chati-
mat Ion received it is doubtful whether 0'*lor. <>il-*<- "< Pw>!-/
the  returns   have    shown   that iho lart.evenln��.
property is n paying proposition. j
Oi McLoan creek thore are somo
promiilug claims, which' have lalily.
been acquired by a Njw York company.
A 60 foot tunnel was driven ou tlie
Oood Luck, .bowing up some good
copper ore.
Osi Fifteen-Mile creek sho si.me company jn-1 mentions! has taken an
option on tbe Tangier, Blue Fox nud
Red Fox claims. On ilss>e pro in ics
a tunnel was driven forlB fees,, ,1*1 k
being then suspended "until the spring.
:   Can-ton Crbbk.-PiiAuiiu Mini.su
The shaft being, siink iii I lie ui. .��� I,
of this creek hiss r.U\y reiictn' th
of 75 leet    It  nsisi: bo Y,   .,,..' d'
that the pump in cu��B*��'s."| insufficient
to cope with the inflow of svates-, alisl
a**.*, had to I* suspe ideiriselore lie I
rock was reaoln d.
Bugaboo Cheek Section
Several new luiiul ui.s bare been
made in this sect ion dns'iiig ihiisuuiui *
notably oss Ricky Point creek, bit
little, more ilsnu asaessui-'ui wink luus.
been done on , lie.n ^o fnr. Tlie.siit fuce
showings are very good, tho leclgri
bs-ing well inlnsjj^llaed throughout nu,l
ass.ying well in gold uud oopu' I;,, .
On the Bugaboo Group, recently ;
lo sated, snd consisting of 11 claims
there are fi distinct ledges, mineralised
throughout wiih chiiUsopyrite, and
traceable for about 2.C00 feet,
Office Statistics -G3li*e*i Mining
Free iii iifiirS. cert i Hcatcs  211
'   '�����''.:*.'.   -       ������   -iprcial,���".-.-.7 .
doesn't opine by accident A
fertile soil and c.iicfiil cultivation nre necessary to produce
the towering Stem* ami heavy
Vet the farmer who iiu-lcr*
Rtaiiiltt that he can't have a
healthy corn crop without
feeding nnd weeding, HeettlS
to think thnt he enn have a
healthy body without either
care or culture, Hut the body
is built up just ns the com in,
by the assimilation of the
several chemical elements oil
which vitality depends. And
what weeds are to the com.
diseases of the stomach and
nutritive systems are to the
body; they divert the necessary food supply from the
C roper channels, and the
ody bepomes lean, sickly
aud ill-nourished.
The proper digestion and
assimilation of food is a pri-
mary essential of health. By
healing diseases of the stomach and organs of digestion and
nutrition, Dr, Pierce's Oolden
Medical Discovery increases
the digestive and assimilative
powers, stimulates the action
of the blood making glands,
and sends to every organ of the
body the rich rcd-corpuscled
blood on which physical vigor
and vitality depend.
"I took two bottles of Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical IHkcov-
ery, for stomach tnmhle," writes
Clarence Carnes, Esq,, nf Tnvlors-
town, ],oii(lnim Co., Va. "ft did
rae so much good that I didn't
take nnv mure, I enn est most
anything now.     I am so well
fileSsed with It 1 hardly know how
o thank you frr yonr'kind information. I tried a whole lot of
things hefore, 1 wrote to yon.
There wns a gentleman told me
about vour medicine, lmw it had
cured his wife. I thought I would
try a'bottle* of it. Am now glad
that I did. for 1 don't know what
I wonld hnve done if It hnd not
been for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery .*-
Dr. Piercy's Pleasant Pellets
regulate tht- bowels a.nl cure
T��j nst i pat iui*
Chicago Boy Told Marahall Field So ud
Got m RftlM.
Itis tald thnt nervo and Chicago nro
synonymous terms. Here is a story which
proves tbo truth of tho Idea, ond whiob
goes tu show thut a Chicogcan develops
bis nervo early:
Everybody knows Marshall Field, tho
multimilliotmire���the man who gave $lt-
000,000 to n llbrury. Kverybody bus heard
of bis big store, lu this store there id a
cash boy who U making moro money than
his confreres, aod tho story tells bow he
earned tho raise. The regular salary of a
oashboy Is 111 a week. Tho youngster in
quostion thought he was worth more and
hunted up the manager to tell bim so.
"I Would like tu get n raise," suld the
boy.   "1 think 1 ought tu huve It."
"My boy," said the matuiger, "you nre
making Just what is given ull the cash-
boys, and I don't seo bow I can aceommo-
Tht* buy's assurance nmused the manager, who jokingly advised bim to see Mr.
Field. Now, Mr. Field's visits to his store
are few and far between. Hb is rich
enough to bo above tho details of builness,
and when he entered the store an hour or
so nfter the conversation between manager
nhd.eushboy his coming was In tho nature of nn event. The buy beard of his
arrival und at onco headed fm* tho millionaire proprietor. Watching bis chance, ho
slipped upon the magnate and suld:
"Are you Mr. Field'.'"
"1 am, my son. What can I do for you?"
"Yuu can raiso my salary, please. 1
can't work auy longer for fit a week."
"I don't attend to these mutters,   You
will havo to see the manager."
���  "I havo already scon the manager, sir,
and he referred me to jou.",
The boy's manner Impressed tbe millionaire, nnd he said: "My buy, you aro
making tii a week. Thnt is pretty good
salary for n youngster. It is more than I
was making whon I was your age."
"Well,'1 said thu hoy, quick as n flash,
"maybe you weren't worth any more."
Mr. Field laughed. Then he saw the
manager. "That boy," ho declared, "has
too much pluck nnd wit to work for (!)."
The neit week tbo juvenile hero of this
tale drew $4, and pro in otic n Isn't far off.
��� Kansas City .Journal.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Starting June  10th, will
make lho run from Const
The Member uf the Leg I .-.latum Rises to
Kipress Ills Surprise.
Fonr or five Washington correspondents
were telling stories uf thtlr experienced
with statesmen, local and national, when
ono of them from n state In the southwest
swung Into line with something n Utile
out of the ordinary.
"1 was doing tho legislature," bo began, "for a symllcnto of newspapers, with
some freo laneo work on the sido, and was
making u potful of money out of it. During tho course of my ministrations I discovered a case of vnto siflllng by u rural
representative tbat was i tnnishing for Its
small ness. 1 couldn't Uml uut what the
in en. ber got, but It couldn't have been
much, fertile whole mutter at Issue wasn't
worth more than |4.j>0 or thereabout.
After exhausting nil my sources uf Infor-
million 1 thought I would try the member
himself nnd see how guilole.*-. be hus ou a
little thing like that I didn't dure ask
bim his price, but 1 did dare to talk abuut
It, nnd 1 v.* nt at li tin directly.
"'Suy, yuung ieller,1 he snid after I
bad talked awhile, 'how much do yuu git
fcr a news item liko thatr'
" 'lt'a n pretty bi;: tiling for me,' 1 replied persuasively, 'and I'll get t?:lb fur the
story If I can get It complete.'
" 'How much.-' he asked, with an eager
" 'Twenty-flve dollars,' I repeated.
" '(iee whir/.!   I'd like to hnve your job.'
." 'Why? It isn't un easy one.. Not bu
cosy as yours any way.'
" 'R'r'aps It ain't,' bo snid slowly, 'but
it pays better.'
" 'How do you mean?'
"'Why, yuu git $','*> for jlst tolling nbout
whnt I done fer ��5.'
"Thosyntox mightn't havo lieen perfect
perhaps," concluded tho speaker, "but the
faot was, nnd that was what I wanted."���
Washington Star.
100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effect
to tlie	
For lull particulars apply
to i lie nearest local agent,
or to	
Columbia River Lumber Co. *>
 Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Cedar Siils, etc.,
Fir Dimension a Specially.
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. ���**���
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.     Terms Cash.
Head Office, Colder], B.C.
Golden, B.C.
Church Services.
st. paui.'s- (���iu.nt.it of England.
Services every Sunday at 11 a in. nnd
7:*J0 p. in. Celebrsst ion of Holy Communion Ut nnd Did Sundays of tl><! month
nfter Morning Prayer, and on Grealer
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Ssinday School Rt. 2:i)0 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicar.
Service every Ssindav at 7:.'10 p.m.
Sunday School aud Bible Class at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir pi'nciice every Thursday ��ven-
at 7.
llRv. V, M. Purdy, B.A., Pasior.
Services every Sunday st 11 a.m. and
7:3,. pin.
Sunday School At 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Mceiineon Tuesday at8 p.m.
IlEV. il. B. LAIDLI-Y, Pastor.
AGENT fur Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tlie EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted nt once Tor Eastern investors.
Part res having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of thei*
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire to hear from  prospectors  wiio  have promising mineral claim**  tt
British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested lo make the Exchange their  headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should ho sent by express. PREPAID,
Correspondence solicited.    Address all commttnloatior.s to
Telephone No. 1C4. WO. Box 700. NELSON, E.C,
The Water Mottle.
It wns nt a dinner party in Chinatown.
It wns a large party, nnd the tnhlcs w;r��
set In festive array, with mnnUnrlns, Iiun-
anas, delicious Chinese preserved pineapple, llehoe nuts In the shell, canned lichee
nuts, looking liko small onions, roasted
beech nuts and other dainties, Tho party
hnd arrived n little nliend of lime, mid the
glasses, which stood nt each plate, were
not filled. A protty girl, In front of whom
stood n good sized Chinese vase, reached
for It nnd poured ont wnter for herself nnd
"Isn't this n queer Chineso Iden to use a
vnso forn carafe?" she said, nnd raised hex
glass to hor lips.
Uirgo glnss goblets wero serving ni
bowls for sugar for tho ten, whleh the Chinese themselves never sweeten, so it win
not strange that there should hennomnliui
In other things. But just ns the pretty
girl lifted her glnss, �� fnt Chlnnmnii cams
In with n big nnd very American bouquet,
whleh ho carefully placed In tbe supposed
wnter bottle.
"Alice clean/' he snld, ns the pretty girl
sloped drinking, with a look of displeasure on hor face.
"But It Isn't," sho exclaimed, examining lho glnss more closely. "X nni sure
thut vase hns just como from the shop nnd
lint tho dust of Chinese ages In It."���New
York Times.
(inlilen if. the distributing point for lho rich ��� ��.,..
Mining OitiHiuiis ni' Coliten nud Whdor* TL_
mere.   Tri.ius. mails, stage and bouts arrive '  I [JB
and depart as fulUws :
C.P.R, from Ei.st, liVifl, Daily.
"    West. lOiOtf,     "
Ktagu from Windermere, IGiOO, Friday,
s.S. Diidiess fn un Wintiorii.ero, 10:00 Wed
nest ay and Smidi.y.
i��i I'Aiirnti'fi.
C.P.R ff"lug* West, lf>:"r>, Daily.
"     East, lO-o;.,    "
H'cgnto Wiuilertf-ere,i?,0\ Sundays,
SB, Duchess to Winder me ro, 4;!):), Tuesdays
nnd Fridays.
Mads arrive and depart from Uolden Post
Offico ah below:
Arrive���From East lfi:.Vidailv.
"     West  lO'lKI ������
"     Smith 17-00 Wed. and Friday.
Depart-For West  liiiw daily.
"    East   10.08 "
"    South -21:00 Saturdays; 18:1*0
Kegisti-Teri mail must be in 10 minutes hole i*�� mails close.
Pacific standard timo.
Eleventh Year of Publication..
Circulates Throughout the Dist ict.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
A. V.  A  A.  !I.
Mountain i.osie., No. ii. a. v. & Exfimino onr list and 800 if there is anything you require
A.   M,   Ks.iriilai- I'oiiuiimiii'atuiii, i
ap.-ois.ilMoiuisy hs evmy iiiontii.i       in Job ]>rintin<>*.   WE PRINT:
Soloiiriiing brethren cordially m- *
CH. PARSON   Secrelary.    I ,. MUl HBADS
I.   O.   O.   F.
Rocky Mountain Lodge no. M moots in
Oddfellow* Hnll, Uolden, every Wednesday
st H (Mil,   Sojourning brethren welcome.
d'EAKCE N.-i. J T.WOOD Sec.
How Memory Saves Life.
"You sny," snid tho captain ns tho rescued man was handed up from the lifeboat, "thnt you hnvu been floating hi the
wnter for flvo dnys nnd nights. Vou must
be the most remarknhie swimmer in the
world to hnvo kept up so long."
"I can't swim a bit," snld tho rescued
man as he wrung a few gallons of wnter
from his garments nnd drnnk the glass of
grog tho steward brought him.
"Then why wero you not drowned?"
"Well, you know, beforo a mun drowns,
his whole past life has got to rise up before him. 1 had only rcachod nbout my
fourth year when your boat picked ine up,
you seof"���Strand Magazine.
Two Points or View.
Dlggs���Senator Poser seems to be a msn
of vory broad views.
Biggs���Yes, indeed. I don't believe It
Is possible to bring up a question thnt ho
can't straddle. ��� Chicago News.
(Form Ft)
Certificate of Improvements.
olnlmit,slltinte in iiu* liolilen Mining Division of Nurih Earn Kootenny District,
Where localosl I���I hi Ottertail I'reek.
Take notice thnt I, E. MncKmsie, Free
Miner's I'oriiHciite Ko. Ii 107(1.*, lutenil, sixty
itsiVM from lho dale hereof, lo ��p|sjy to lhe
Mining Recorder for a eertlHcHtss of improvements, for the inirpose of obtaining a fronn
grunt of Ilio iibovo claim.
And further take nolico lhat action, under
.section ,17, iiinstbn Fnsnu.ei.cesl boforo the issuance of hsicIi certificate of imnrovaments.
Doled this Tenth slay of June, 1001,
E. MacKkn/.if,
llv hia Agent
j.10 11. li. I'ARSOX.
There Is sn old phlloaophor, prophet and
poet In Osllfornla who claims thst he ha.
solved Ibe problem of living fo*rever. Ha
lives a hermit's life, nils only three tinsel
0OPYRI0HT3,   sstoJ
For Issrorei.tlon Sn<l frcs, llassslbwl: Vent* to
MUN-* a eo., eel dboaowat, Nsw \o.st.
Oiliest liumil for i-poirl:.ipnlcnS��lss Asmri-a.
Kverr w��m uskpn out bl us I. lirossa.it Iwlor.
Uso iiubllo Is/ a notico biven tree ot cbos-je In tn.
If 'mtliit gmmaa
Unwirt splrnilntinfi nt nny -orlenttflo peper In lh��
world. inltiiiUluiy l.lnstriitwl. No tiit-t-lllrrent
utn rtwuli bo wllhoul iu WtsmjUa-Mft
jet*-! m.WBlx-monthi.   A'Irms, MUNN ft OO,
putuiBBM, not bividwi**, b*i*w voiK uuy.
Rider Agents Wanted
Ouo in each town so riilo nil exhibit a sttivple 1 HO I mn.'el bi-TN^Ic of rnr
mssniifacissie. YOU CAN MAKE UlO TO *ii0 A WEEK l'.'si<le* having a
wheel lo ride for yonisi'lf.
1901 Models, High Grade Cuarar.tefd, SIC tc $'.8
'00 & '99 Models Best Wake. - - .��!7to$12
500 Second-Hand Wheels, tak r. in trae'e
by ear Chicago store., many as good aa rcw   -   -   ���     ,, 3 to -,o
Wo shlss anv hlrynlc ON APPIIOVAIj  to n.svrnc WITHOUT A CETT
ZSIN X|,VA:N;;EI0 0 ys Free Trial. lSi.t^Z
Ing frou. us. ns j-oil do not ni>e,l to p;..v a cent it the bicycle dot" not suit yon.
I nn  Hi-It hint " wl I until c*" hnvo wri'-en 'or om FACTORY PRI  ES
I1* U  IIU!   llUy nnd l'-R-.E TRIM. OEFFR.    Tlsi-s lihet'al oiTsr has nes.r
II ren i*<*|ii:illeil ssml it is a giiiiritutoi'ot the qinillty of our �� his Is.
WE WANT n reli.s'.le pos'soii In "s.c.li town ln.illaistl.nl"eniiilognef fos ���a
1 is. exchange for h l.loji'la,    Wiitf losla.s f-o. free rHUloijue ..ndourai|si>-cial bltt-r.
[ts-tMS/Jl/IS       ' -St/9/tt/ft-t
a-**),'�� i
Ct | PioRpoctors who have claims to dis
poso of slioul-1 consult Aiulrew F.
Rosenlri'iPi'. of iho Prospector'* Ex
oli-inge, Nelson.    See nd on page 3.   *
Tlio (loot of RtQiiniorit |��1) i ip from the
nort of Goltlon were all in town on
Mon-lay imdergoinj: tin* animal lioilur
"nsji'Tiion nt tlie hands of th*? Pro
.incinl Lioilcr IiispGctor.
Mr F. Deacon is erfl-ctlng a birlluhiit
just south of tlo Kicking Home in
which he proposes to oppn a restaur*
hnt and bakery. Mr Do.icou ti favor-
nblv known as a first class cook and
no doubt will secure tt large patronage.
lion. W. C Wells left on Wednes
lay fur the Coast. It whs his iuten
iiun to ��o up the river but pressure of
business inadu it inipos^ible. Mr.
Wells is one of the hardest worked
men iu the Government ns lie makes a
point uf mastering tlie details uf every
bit of business transacted through bis
department, leaving no responsibility
un bis subonliiiniei.
| Town and District.?
C**t/Q     */%/9-'%    ���t/*-t   V-t/tr-W^t    *S*#'^ft/i^
A. \\. Palmer, druprzl-st, of Field,
was iu town on Monday.
The a*earner North Stnr will not be
placed on tbe Golden Windermere
RliTpmenlH ofthe I'.iradise ore con-
llnne to be brought down by the
Mr A. F. Suit It left on Tuesday's
Ko. 2 for tbe Co'ist where he hnt. se-
C ired a gOOtl position.
Mr and Mr* McNelflli. Mr nnd Mrs
Whiting and Mrs Pratt to..k in tbe
Oratigfimeii'B exoursien to tlie coast
this week.
The ladle*) of tbe Presto Uriah church
are arranging to bold astruwbenj and
ice cream social at an early date. Particulars will "be-given next week.
A member of t be .lapiuiese gang em*
ployed by tbe C.P.H. ou the roadbed,
died in tbe car at Field on Wednesday
and liis body was brought to' Goldeu
for interment.
The Philadelphia crew nt Herd y
nave the Laa n He is a hard tussle for
the championship in 'he final rare cn
Saturday, but the English crew won
nut hy their famous long body swing,
finishing a length ahead.
Tbe Orangem-n paraded to tbe
Methodist chinch Sunday a. in., to
take par: in a special service appro Montreal; W Logan, (laletia; A Me-
prints to their order. Tho church was .Aulay. Carbonate; R II Bruce, Whiu -
filled to tbe door. Rsv Mr Ij I tliey
preached an able sermon from the
text, "Prove all things; hold fast that
which is good."
Though there nre several baseball
enthusiasts in town it has been fuuml
impossible to get a team together to
Hjawer the challenge of the Peterboro
Club, One thing lhat operates against
the tame hero is tho lack oT ground**,
which will i��e ralnediod wben the athletic Association gets the race track
cleared off.
S rawherries nre being brought into
town in Urge quantities, the quell ty
of ibe fruit being excellent.    Mr. H R.
Columbia - Kid    Price,     C   Hatch,
Gout rivet: A V   Wheeler,  Calgary; C
Earner,  Klinberly. B C; J A Thompson, Victoria; S W Stevenson,  Van
ociuvet; 0   McCarter,   Revelstoke; C S|
Weill*,   Peterboro;   W  de V   Matstie,
Peterboro; II S Timm'ne. Field; J-din
Bishop, Hnngcrford; R Hamilton. Van
cottrt-r; T James.  Field;  H E Foster,
1 Puterbufi :   .1   Jones,    Vancouver;   H
j Fraser, Victoria;!' R Rise, Vancouver;
I r B   Hill.   Vancouver;   .1   B   Morris,
peg; D. Ij. Sterling, St. Charles; F. A
SicKirdy. Baaver; II B F.eidman, St.
���Intnei; .1 Evans, Beaver; W J Wright,
Palliser Pabulum
From Onr Own. Cor re-jo indent.
Palliser, July"10���A fenturo of the
trackmen's strike tbnt cannot fail to
Impress the lenst observant of men, is
the absolute power which theootn'pany
exercises in dealing with tbeir employees in tha matter. Before the
strike was a day old, an 1 even before
there was t\ symptom of any hostile
conduct by the strikers, the company,
hy authority uf the Provincial Government, bad a body of special constables
distributed along the road. Had a
regiment or two of armed sold.ies been
requested no doubt tbey would have
been fiiriiUhcl, ns in tbe case of the
fishermen's strike a year ngo. Laying
aside the injudicious, aggravating and
insulting aspect which the swearing in
uf -'special-." gave rise to in the minds
of law-abiding s'rlksrs, it shows how
readily a Government will follow at
tho call of a wealthy corporation,
while ihe wail of thousands of underpaid and oppressed laborers never
reaches its our. It is this pandering
discrimination in favor of the money
<ods that is the cause of strikes and
endless fi iction between capital aud
labor. Instead of widening tho breach
in labor disputes a Government should
interpose its goodly offices in tbe honorable an ' peaceable adjustment of the
dispute, rather than by armed inter
Terence, It is wonderful tlie power of
huge corporations. Nol long ago the
president of a New York railroad,
whon remonstrated with for the inconvenience the public were suffering from.'
replied : "The p.iblic be damned."
Other presidents uow echo that phrase
Ono nf ibe IjirgeM nnd Host Managed Hotels in llritish Columbia.
t-U.Spceial attention given to baggage of
Com more in I men. Delivered to and from
station free of charge.
HaTES, $2 per day. Special rates lor
regular huardr.ru.
Kootensy- W H Potruff. R.velstoke;! in spirit it not in letter. There seems
V" Anils'i'gnn, Field; *' H Uutws'll, H*ia to be no einl to their impositions upon
ver; .1 MoKeii-tlf, ,1 Usrlior J Ms-Ore?,   -���., |H1|,ii(,_    Not conteilt wj*|, ,, bouu-.
Busier; V Mi'Rs., Field; Neil McLean,    ,    ,     ,    . . .,,.       . ,    ,
,,       '   , .     ,., ���       .    ��� ,,    or n hundred millions   n chsIi, town
ilciici;   John  0 Russell,   lii'svei; .Mr
ltd Mrs Wallace, .Taooins,'J Joni.; ���lw��1-no toxes, foreshores, and lund
Pat l3ols.ti, Rovelsioke; A McDonald, enough lo set up a republic, ihe��eliuj;e
!.-*.<�������� Oeo Sohulev, Field; J Si rom, rail wny parasites are t��p|sing at the
Moberlj; F Ulnj", Foil Steele. |door of parliament for further dona
Qusi'ii's ��� ll   Jenkins.   Winltermere; I tions ��� nud uot liiem.    Why not, since
D Yuill, Galons; SR Thompson, Ws*
nskiwiti* 0 Thompson \V<t.iskiivlti;
T Bishop. Cnlgarv; f! H Newer., Il
Pedluy, F Souoie, W 11 Smith. J H.n-
iy, Oolden: II Fe-tbesione, T Fountaiu,
lion WC WeM*, Palliser; John Coffee,
every M. P. travels free over its line ;
newspapers! are siniihirly cadged, and
llie people j,rostrate with ihe robber's
one hand at their throats and the oilier
their |io.'keis?   Revolutions  have
r*ii an aaj��-r������-irrr -������-
...     ( .'*.      i       I'iOC]
���       ��       I
Is full of Business���in fact, we Lfivua Utile niorc
than we can handle just now. Customer*-*, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Moodie supplies ihe C.P.R. hotels and   B**W N��H Wil-on.^J^-ViW U ! beeun from less cause, tl.au mentioned
dining room with the product of hie
patch, nnd ha�� been told by tlteofficlals
1 hat tiie Columbia valley berry is much
Hliperlor to fruit from any otlier section
of li. C.
A nnmber of onr citiz.uis  aie  cam
pi lining bitterly ofthe cotv bell nuis*
a i-:e at night, or ratberenrlv inortiin ,
To lw wnkened at 'A or 4 o'clock iu tbe .
nioriiiiii* by tlie  clsnuliip  of  a  dozen-
c-hv-bells is a direct incentive to profanity ami pitta  wicked  ihouifbts iu the]
m'nls of the di-iturbed one*.   Tliere is
an net of parliament (fovdmliiR such
matters nnd we ara cf tbe opinion it
will have to  ba enforced before cow-
owners can be induced to take the hint.
Mr. T. J. Barron received attlegtam
Aiicll. EVItlj -I Sutherland Peterhoro, 1
T Sunlit**,   Palliser;  CR   Wildev. San
Dieuo; Mr* Uill and children, Vernon;'
S i{ Kurd. Vancouver. >
above-tho man and the hour will
come as on other occasions when lhe
people could no louder end ire.
A P.illi':er cotitlnue'ut  ut tended tbe
OraiigR par.id" at Gdden, last Sunday,
Tb-rc is no chaujre to  tooord in thi'laml wen. bothediliedandaitlsfioii witb
���rark.nc.iVs.rike.au lhe men hoMinjc ll!V* Lablloy's isfrinuii lo tbem.
firmly toother on  this division,   and I    Alex* P��lt 9lilsl,Utl '-,is foot wUu n"
from reports received by 'be s'rikeih'
committee hero it is tbe same on other
A oase c.ime before II. 11 Moodie. .'.
P., on. Wt'tluwuVy, when a couple ol
[ial Hi lis. who hai U'hh arrested tit I
.Sin pris.- civek, acre cl.nyel with assault. These were not strikers hut
men hrniijtbt from Montreal to till tbe
strikers' places. Thov wero finable to
spo-ik E lulisb. and claimed that tl.py
bad been iittRiro1  that  thero  was  no
from hi* home in-eastern Canada, con-1 strike on  ibe  putt  of tbo  road ibey
axe and was several days iu Goldon
hospital b-.-Turu be was able to bo about.
He ti very 'Ifnnkfu! to the nurse of
that institution for tender care, also to
tbo C.P.H btiik-jsi.mu wbo so kindly
assisted bim in tiansit.
Kitij* Alcohol, iu a wrcsilin^ bout of
half un bout with Alain Al*:. threw
the latter with u thud on the sawdust.
Kjiitf boasts that bo can tbroiv anyone in li C. if they will stay with bim
lonff enough. Boys under 18 are uot
allowed to compete.
G.'O. Wells  is attendfug tbeoxbibi-
veyjlig tbe snd newt, of  the
death  of' ���APrP l0 wo'^ n"-    Tbeassanlt consist-  tion at Calvary for a few day
1.is aimer. The young lady had not
been in robust beal'.b for ���ume time
past, and airanaenifi.ts had been com
pletel to inve Iter spend some iuoutb��
i.i the mountains with her brother,
who was looking forward to her visii
with gniftt pleaHiiie Sbo was '2d years
ct ag��, and, like lier brother, a talent-
e 1 uuiaiciaii.
It is proposed to establish  a   court
rn whero mock trials  may   be pro
I 'd of seizing the I'aliuu   for-'tiian and
1 s rikintf bim lightly  ou hif refusal to! -
urajiHO for tian��porliilli.ii Imck ������� Lmled wish. There ure a number ot
lorJInii to the terms of tho coutrnol >s> ���,... 011 ,,,��� ,,0(.ket, wllf,n a .,gouer
���,,l,.;s.oo,l by I lie prisoners. \., ., I)i|lifl,,r   ,,-,  wiM  ,)e ootilii.ed in
riiouRli these m-sn  nr.. not snesnhors     ��� No  ,*   ;��� ou8lodv of keeper Harry
ul lhe Urol herhood, thoir nol ion lu r *���   \v,i,*n--
Ifll.lils. io work bus shown   liiem to ho
iiiiule ol the ris*hl meial nnd ihosirlk*
j ers will see lo il lbat tbey do not suffer, j
Tlie train's nre rntininj: late every
lay, nnd lbs. onuinnny  is reported  lu
Wmioic thus soms of our exi'.hiiiiKis |,0 nsliiK all kinds of Inducements lo
secure some of their old foremen ii^nin,
Iiui nil in min.
***** ma****-     ���
iisir ivell kini.vii lusviisiiinii, K. I'lmtri-flit,
whs. is aj-eiislini* bis holidays .-it Mountain
iiiiuiy sutiiiiior re-
have 'Vrtxed sa'. ,.tl. on rending the in-
luiilililioii gin ��  by   Hon.   W,  C.
\V'e|ls on   si,e  1-s.ilwi.y  slltlstion,  Inst
*.vei*k, and  urn  nccusii.*;  tl.e Oovern
liioni of liittidliiK over she provlnco 10
Uie C. P. H, Mo.    Anv nrrangemonl | L'reek Uhslot, mis ol'the
thntlittslhesanoiloiioflhe Hon. \y. sorts��� tlio CIMI., solids us thu bli: of far
C Wells, il is H.ife  to  be',   will  noil
serve llie liitorssts of 'lie |ieoplc an':
w II  likt'ly   be   a heller  arriinueiiieu'
I lum could ho  niiide will,   a olinriei'
inoiigeriiifi concern such ns the V. V. it !
K was showii up lo be at tlio lasi ��es
. f.ll.svs
Mu��| ,i!o ou li.-.ir shell
Clejir Oosilior
Saliu ill on Tin can
There have been ugly rumors, rill-i'..
iu-j on the I'rublty of Mr. 8! (I Rob
bins, seci-eury-trensurer of the Goideti
Hospital, floati..-^ round town fur the
j.ani week or two, A man, who, formerly wss estijiloyft'l ;si lhe hnspital,
cluissied thai he bad spent os-er thirty
duv. workiuir ul Ms'. Robbing' liuu.se.
�� bile engaged by the hospllal. and I hai
Um tiuir sjieut al Mr. 11 .bl;ns' had
Lam paid fur by the liosi.illil. An in
veaiigatiuu iii 10 lite luatier was held
...i Saiurdssy last uu.l i��i   wu. expeuled
I-', iessoo Tie a Is Clieuiin ds ter Ib'.-iised
Chipiiiisuk. Bwepl breads,
Misuiitnhi Si'oiuiry C'lillets..
Iti'QKiled Hallway Spikes. Santo.
11,,'ist liRunuli ut' I'orciii'iiiie,
ll.iilel I'ui'sitnl Ileot*.    J	
Kir I'liiusj ii l.s SI.uce llisx.
.sto.uiieil and lluilsi.l lli'i.l;;i! KlvuN.
"     hWKUI'.S.
Jitow witter I'tiddiug a l.i Meinit.da Creek
t i'.,ckisr null ^oiiiat'liure rie.
iii car Tart I h,.u��ri.i,; ..ltjo.se.
i   was found   lhat  nothing   had boei,   boliUw:   1,'u
d-,uo  which could iu any   way icllact | sl""'1**""'*'"''*      ^        _
i ii Mr lljbbins.  Su f.u Ti uiu'thia ui.sn j    VVANTI'.D-Tlll.'HTvVoUrlir MEN AND
l.ai ing S.ulit   the il'J ur uiur*. days. s,s i *oniwi to irai-pl snid mlveril.su fo, ul.l csiisb-1
l.e l...u claiiiit'd, sis.. li,..u .'ten: v\u.
only a fe*- hours and wa-, m.chi with
tno lu.I OJIi.eilt of lhe liuitrd.
It i. luu L.,sl tsiai invaj.oi.slhlb |,ei--
'buiis .sio...' riia.ly lu make uharges like
If., wilhuul iuuudaliuli.
lishssl Iniilsn ul'sulisl tiliuiirijil .liillilili^.    Si,|
..ry I.oil.'i ye.,.- ami extaiissseisi .,11 p.sysslilu in
i-as-h. Nu Sinnjisning .ei|iiii'.ai. (jise re-
I'srouciM und enclose aolI-Jiiitire-sasid ,usis|ies]
siivelss|se, Aiiiiii'-., &la.i���ger, i>,Vs ii.\to,i
Hlnit., Cllicngu. ucill
l'. ti. L'uiistil Stowe; Cape Town,has
Mr. llirkei', the ('. I'. II agent here.
I has ssvoi'ed connection with   the com-
i pany.    His succis?or is believed io be
Mr. Johnston,  who was  formerly a
resident in Palliser.
'    Some Italians iu the ''flying Rang"
havo   hen   flashing   s.uio   American
'greenbacks here, which   fact jioinu to
I tin* country whence  Ihey   cuntis.    Tiie
C I'.Ii. being  ilio  Ooverninent,   and
| vice versn, no action in iho matter of
importing alien  labor  under  contract
has been taken.    Had il been the poor
strikers offending a .quad  of militia
. woulsl have been ordered out.    Iiiipur
', tlul administration of .lie taw must be
; given io all or  tin)  people  will   know
j the lvnson   why.    Hobespierro nettled
| tliat question uf equal rights and privi-
j lego, in Fi'ui'c.,    Who  will do  it  in
, Canada '?
Jim Smiley has gono to Seattle lo
take a course of pi-acticnl sawfilingaud
I lilting.
Res.', Boyd will retire fioin this mission in a lew days.   A subscription is
being take i up in his behalf and all are
l'i'li'kl,v,M'y|oordjally iuviicd to give,
ilder Saiica. - .       ��� >-.    * -
-Hilling ltecsiril.
Th.-* list of claims  locatol  f om tlio
lirst of June at the K.'order'.���* o.lice iu
Goldeu is as fjllo.vs :
.1 ii no II, N.'ino, M C Ibltou.
JuueG, B.-P., A V MacauUy,
.I.iuo ti. Raven, John Wienu.
J.ii,c 21. Royal A��� T 11 lloolliby.
July 'i, L.rk, -fcliu Moore
������  2, Polar ll.sar, 11J Pimon.
������ 2, Lints; j.)|C|*i ii jjj*;,0,
''  2, Copper King, A C Mitchell
Juts; h Kisiler, U 11 llopoVmat,
'���  li, Whistler, Chas V Price.
" 8, Silver Ti,., Ole Olebcrg,
" s, Ulna I'uk, C K Nickoliou.
Or the fe.es..o��  In An.u.esssasit Circle..
Two Sight.
The public en masse me hailing with
delight llie coming of ' Tue James
Ward Co." which will appear here
at Columbia Hall for two nights���next
Monday and Tuesday, July loth and
Kith. This company has fifteen people,
and is the same identical show which
Iiiib been doing such a pronounced business in lhe east and which played to
standing room only in Ss.n Francisco
al lhe Central Theatre this last season.
Included in the fifteen people are many
of whom are absolutely the very best
speeisslty artists known to the thea
tric.il profession, amongst whom is the
great Arneldo. pronounced by press and
public to be th: world'a greatest equilibrist, jiei'forining fests of strength
and balancing heretofore claimed to
be impossible by gymnasts
Tl.e James Ward Co. is �� repertoire
company, jiroducing ns tiiey can a different (day each night in the week, but
as ihey can remain'witli us but two
nights Ihey have decided "o favor the
public of Golden with Mr. Jas. Ward's
orij-iua! and own production of ''Ten
Nights in a "Bar-room and "Through
by Daylight." These nre identically
tlie same productions as those which
played to the largest business of any
dramulic coni|inny in the history of
San Francisco, and ic must lie remembered thst Ihe '-Ten Nights in a Bar-
Room'' is far froul being the old stereotyped play but one wrtten, o.vned and
copyrighted by Mr. Warsl by Mr Ward,
| who positively appears in this |,rodnc*
i lion III the charaotir of Jssn  Morgan.
' l'i "Ten Nights iu a Bar-Room," tho
sidesplitting nnd mirth - jirorokiug
Carrlj   Nation   scene   is   introduced,
| wherein Carrie and hrr hatchet brigade enter the saloon and smash and
clean out tilings generally iu short
��� Iu .peaking of ths play for Tuesday
nighr, winch is "Through by Daylight or New York in slices," it must
be snid lhat this play is also brim full
of comedy and music aud is ous of the
hest plays iu the company's large
A change of specialties each evening
so everybody will surely nvail themselves ot this rare opportunity of witnessing what is positively the best and
most completo company that hns ever
favored the city.
Don't fail to witness the Carrie Nation liaichct brigade, the singing nnd
dancing specialties, the Great Eastern
Quartette, Lillian'Sears in contralto
solos and Arneldo, the world's grea'-
est equilibrist.
Columbia Hnll next Monday and
Tuesday, July 15 and 1G. Rpaerved
seals, 75 cents, on sale nt Field's drug
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following	
eriil ivatcr. uu di'sift and iu
,".n 1  XXX|
We nre now doing Business ou the
and intend to stick to it or ]>3ave town
ON HAND. Tii is is too large a stock for our pr��8ent
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days.   We are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us. ij".-"'/-,'
Ml I I ������������
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs,-
for 25c.
Polioe Court,
Early on Tuesday morning Provincial Constable Jones arrived in Oolden
with two prisoners, Alfredo Falco and
L. Falco. Tho former having assaulted
Mr. H Fraser, and the latter Constable
Mr T. O'Brien was retained hy the
Canadian Pacifio Railway  Compauy.
Tho ca80s came np for hearing on
Tuesday morning, but an application
wns made for an adjournment to permit of the accused securing counsel,
which Mr, O'Brien at once consented to.
0,i Wednesdny afternoon at 2. p.m.,
11. R. Moody, Esq. Ji P., occupied the
bench, and the cases being ready for
trial were proceeded with. Many
witnesses were cximined iri connection
with the charge against Alfredo Falco
and it was llually disposed of by the
defend mt b.'ing fl ioj 120.00 and costs
or 30 days with hard labor,
A f.ii'llicr charge was then laid
against Alfredo that he hud assaulted
ihu foreman iu charge of the workmen
i.i winch he wns employed. A con
viclivji was nl*., made iu connection
���fi.tli.lliU cuso by a Hue ot $5.00 uud
ousts or 10 d.ij s with hard labor.
L Vulco was found guilty of common
assault and lined the co.is of the court
oi 1? d.i;**i 'ynh bald Jabot.
Luring the Holidays wc give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tew. a beautiful
present free.   We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee L'est Quality and Prices. ������������-������������>
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
Golden, B.C.
Send Your Money onf Town,
But for- ^^^^^^^^
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
A Right Verdict.
As��od Catarrh.
Will fix that cold in your head
has several kinds in stock and
good.   :-:     :-:      :-:      :-:      :-:
Drugs, Stationery, Confectionery and Cigarl.
Sir Thos. Liplon and Mr. Watson
are Kieatly encouraged orer tlte recent
work of Shamrock II. In the Irials
ut Newport the t'onstitutiori'llasily
proved-her superiority; the Independence was nearly an hour behiud.    *
Tbe sou of V. S. AwbaiBasloi- White
killeJ himseli.
Four men wore drowned at Broae.
tou Palls, Que. *   ��gj
The Lisgar election trial we,* can.
tinued at Mauitou.
Suheeper's conimsudo burned Mur-
raysburg, Cape Colony.
Kev. F. Langford, Calgary, it* <���**{>
onsly ill at Osven SounJ.


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