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The Golden Era Oct 12, 1895

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Array -
-I ��� I/"".
VOL. V.   NO. 10
93 1jeb Year
I have just finished uiy annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
iny expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements:
Ci-ifc        'I   have  over  FIFTY   Suits  that  I   will  sell  at  cost and
nnAi.    O-   QLnae     I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
BOU lb   CO   OllUC*-. prices satisfactory to all.
Hats & Caps.
I have over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
ut exact cost.
I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
have  over  TWENTY
low prices.
vests   that   I  will  sell  at  very
have hats and caps to fit the head and suit the
It will be to yonr Interest to call nnd examine these
Golden, B.C
H. D. HUME, Prop.
The Largest and Best
assortment of all kinds of
Mr. Templeton has had a large experience in truss fitting in the east and
can fit the worst cases."
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, at Its connection with the
steamboat lTuvigation of the Columbia river;
the mineral ana commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia t headquarters of tli j liolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., snd lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
famed agricultural and grazing land of the
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for tne richest mineral country on the
H. G. Parson has received this week
a large consignment of dress goods
which are calculated to charm the
feminine eye. Every attention is
shown customers at The Big Store by
the proprietor and his able assistants.
Call and examine his goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mr. W. C. Wells, of Palliser, received a telegram from New York on
Saturday asking hfm to repair there
immediately to identify the body of a
murdered man which was at thnt time
lying in the morgue and supposed to
be his son George Wells. No particulars hsve come to hand. Mr, Wells
left on Saturday's No. 2 on his sad
Wines  and   Liquors.
Agent for Drewry's well-known Lager Beer
and Golden Key Brand Aerated Waters,
Mr. and Mrs. M. Carlin returned on
Wednesday from a trip to Fort
Mrs. F. Glover and family left on
Monday to join Mr. Glover at Union
on Vancouver Island.
Tbe Government is calling for tenders for the grading of certain portions
of Alberta Street aud Fifth Ave.
Boots 4 Shoes.
A select and varied stock of Trimmed and Untrimmed
Felt Shapes, Plumes, Tips and Trimmings.
Latest Styles.     Moderate Prices.
A charming assortment of Fall Dress Goods, inclndina*
Henriettas, Cashmere, Serges, Flannels and Flannelettes, Prints, Cottons and S,hirtings.
An Early Inspection Invited.
Alexander Block,
* Golden, B.C.
The site selected for the Presbyterian
Church is the south west corner of
Third Avenue and Calgary Street���it
is given by the Townsite Co.
H. G. Parson, general merchant, is
offering bargains in ladies' dress
goods, millinery, etc See his advertisement in auother column.
Mr. and Mrs. Cowell left on Tuesday
last for Fort Steele. Mr. Cowell has
been appointed to the position of
assaver at ths North Star mine.
Miss Connacher and Mr. Jim Connacher came up on Sunday from Kam
loops and are spending a few days
with their sister Mrs. H. 0. Hume.
G. B. McDermot, general merchant,
has found it necessary to increase his
staff of assistants, and has secured the
services of Mr. Joe Lake. We congratulate Mr. McDermot on his choice
as Joe thoroughly understands the
business, and his popularity will no
doubt add to the ever-increasing business of the store.
Junior Fifth Class���
1 Aubrey Harrison.
2 Jennie Wells.
Fourth Class���
1 Walter Houston.
2 Ralph Kenney,
Third Class���
1 Mary Connor.
2 Chas. Bubar.
Second Class���
1 Maggie Archer.
2 Ella May Love.
Second Primer���
1 Willie Houston.
2 Lottie Woodley.
Tablet Class���
1 Minnie Sutherland.
2 Hattie Rutherford.
Beatrice Bubar, Aubrey Harrison,
Jennie Wells, Gladys Houston, Mary
Connor, Chas. Bubar.
A meeting of the curling club was
held in the Columbia House on Tuesday evening, the Presidout in the
chair. The membership fee was fixed
at 110, and it was decided to throw
the rink open on Saturday nights for
skating. The following skips were
then appointed:���H. G. Parson, W.
McNeish, D. M. Rae, C. A. Warren,
J. Rae, G. Woodley. Additional
skips will be appointed as the membership list'increases.
Messrs. W. McNeish, C. A. Warren
and J. Rae were appointed a competition committee. The next meeting of
the club will be held on the 5th of
There is every reason to believe that
the coming season will be a most successful one. The skips elected are
all enthusiastic curlers who will do
their utmost to make season an interesting one. Tlie skips are requested to
register their rinks as soon as possible.
Church Service..
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
sohool house to-morrow evening at
7:30 o'clock, conducted by Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow morning in the school
house at 10 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor meets every Friday
evening in the school honse at 8
The secretary of the hospital begs to
acknowledge with thanks the receipt
of vegetables from St. Paul's Church,
and preserves from Mrs. Hamilton.
The election of fire wardens should
take place on October 22nd. The
present wardens are Messrs. G. B,
McDermot, M. Dainarci, and Gordon
Miss Wallinger, sister of Mr. Jack
Wallinger, of Messrs. Cowell & Wallinger, was a gutst at the Queen's
Hotel for a few days this week Sh*
is making a tour ot tbe continent.
Locksley Lucas has died in the New
Westminster jail hospital of cancer of
the stomach. He was awaiting trial
for the seduction of his sister-in-law
aged sixteen, and other charges.
Stovel's Pocket Directory (or October is to hand containing all up-to-date
changes in railway, stage, and steamship time tables, rates, societies, etc,
���11 of which are corrected from official
���ad reliable sources.
A Modest Request.
A meeting of the settlers of Spilli*
macheene and district was held on
Saturday, Sept. 25th, to discuss the
advisability of petitioning the Commissioner of Lands & Works to request
him to grant them more time to pay
the monies due ou their pre-emptions,
than the notice recently issued and
dated Aug. 8th calls for. The act was
passed last session but was not generally known until recently, when notices
were posted and it appeared in the
local press. Consequently it has come
somewhat suddenly upon the settlers,
who in a great majority will be absolutely unable to comply with it, and
this notice is circulated by the above
settlers iu the hope that pre-emptors
in other districts of the proviuce will
take up the matter and combine with
them in petitioning the Commissioner
to in some way modify or recind the
Fortress Ranch, Hon. Sec.
Columbia Valley,
28th Sept. 181)5.
Public school Report.
The following is the report of the
Oolden Public School for the month of
Number attending during mouth, 30.
Average attendance, 30.44.
HONOR 1101.1..
Senior Fifth Class���
1 Beatrice Bubar.
2 Winifred Armstrong.
A Strike Probable.
Belfast, Oct. 8. ���The Amalgamated
Society of Engineers has notified tho
Belfast shipbuilders and engineers that
unless the demands of the Society are
conceded, a strike will be commenced
on Thi'.-day next. The employers
state that there is no chance of bringing about a comprise in the matters in
dispute. The Clyde shipbuilders who
are working under an understanding
with those of Belfast, will, it is announced, suspend 25 per cent of their
men every week after thc strike begins
and before the end of the month it is
estimated 50,000 men will be in idle*
is. A long and severe struggle is
A Fatal Riot.
Tonawanda, N.Y., Oct. 7.���One
man was killed and another fatally
wounded here this morning in a riot
among boatmen over thc question of
landing a boat. About ISO men were
involved in the riot. Several pistol
shots were tired.' Captain Phillies
owner of the bouts Johu -ruff and
May, was shot in tho licuil and killed.
Phillips' sou wus struck on the heud
with a club and, it is believed, thu*.
his skull is tinctured uud death is
feared. dipt. Phillips brought his
boats down from Buffalo two days
ago and sought lo load out of turn.
Boatmen objected and it quarrel arose
aud shooting begun with the above
The Episcopalian convention at
Minneapolis is still wrestling with the.
Si- European powers have sent u
collective note to Turkey dcnihiiding
that tranquility be maintained within
the Sultan's domains ; that outrages
be enquired into und the culprits punished ; and that reforms be instituted
iu Armenia. tKlxt ��albeit QBt-n
The OOL.D-.N EIU is published evory
Saturday morning in timo to cutcli the eust
aud west mail trains, also tlte mail for the
upper country, NViiiderniero, Fort Steele etc
It is tliu only advertising iue.li.itu iu tliu Kent
Kootenay district,
Subscription  Itutus i
9*1.00 por aniiuiu IN
Advertisements and changes must be in
the office not later tli.iu ll' a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates mads known on appli-
eatior -.0
All cash to lie paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Ike Golden En Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, OCT. 12, 1895.
"Russell, I want you to do me a favor. You know Mr. Fenton's house
at Penge, close to your own immediate
neighborhood ? He requires some
brilliants seut down to him, without
fail, this evening. Here is an envelope
containing samples to the value of
��600, from which he will select. Can
you call upon him at eight o'clock und
execute this little commissien for me?"
"Certainly, sir," answered Howard
Russell, readily, and his face flushed
with pleasure at the unexpected confidence thus shown in him by his employer. Mr. Stanton, the well known
diamond merchant.
"Our friend Rorke is, it seems, too
much occupied with some private
business of his own, and is unable to
go," continued Mr. Stanton, drily, by
way of explanation. "But since you
can ���well, take care to deliver the
packet personally into Mr. Fenton's
o.vn hands, Recollect, the value is
considerable, and I must hold you responsible, Russell.''
Promising to carrv out the instructions which were th.en given him in
detail, the young fellow left his prin-
pat's sanctum highly elated; for never
before had stones to so great a value
been entrusted to him.
He felt that he had this morning
won a better place in the diamond
merchant's establishment, and was so
much tbe nearer to possessing Alice
Heulon, the pretty typewriter close by,
who, only the previous evening, had
accepted an engagement ring from him
Truly, his luck was in the ascendant
just now.
As he emerged into the outer room,
with the diamonds secure in his pocket
book, he was too full of his own
thoughts to observe the suspicious
movements of Arnold Rorke, the
senior assistant, consequently, it never
struck hiin that Rorke had contrived
ti overbear every word that had passed between him and Mr. Stanton.
Nothing, however, happened until
midday, wueu it was customary for
the two young men to go out to lunch.
Howard usually being ullowed to go
first. But to-duy Roikeevidently intended to reverse .he order of things,
lur. taking down his hat, ho observed,
carelessly :
"I think I'll go out first for once,
Howard, aud as I want to clal at two
or three places, I may be a little longer than usual. You can tell the governor if I'm a bit late. But I daresay
I shall be back in time for you to see
the angelic Miss Heaton, so you
needn't open your eyes so wide," and
before Howard could make any reply
to this altogether unexpected, and
quite uncalled-for sarcasm, Rorke had
"So Alice has replied to his somewhat abrupt proposal, as she promised
ine, and the reply has not pleased him
���that is certain," murmured Howard,
stifling his indignation. "Now I
kuow what has made hiin so disagree
able all morning*, but after ull, and in
spite of his covert threats and sneers
during the last few weeks, I daresay
he'll get over it. Rather hard hit,
though. I'm afraid; vet. if a man will
court defetit���"
Moanwhile Arnold Rorke mude his
way straight to a public house, at
which he was apparently well known,
for as be entered several men nodded
familiarly towards him. Presently he
beckoned to a stout, ruffianly looking
man standing alone, whose brutal,
drink-sodden features were a sufficient
index to his character.
"Matt," began Rorke in a low voice,
and casting a furtive glance around.
"I need not wait any longer for my
revenge on that soft-mouthed fool.
Howard Russell, although its not to
be the sort of revenge I spoke to you
about, But that won't matter to you,
and, what's more, the satisfaction I'm
going to take will pay you a thousand
times better thun what I promised."
"The pay's all I trouble about. The
rest is easy and certain���done in a
tick. What d'yer want me to do?
And who is going to pay such big
Russell himself, if you're man
enough to carry out what I've come to
propose to you."
Man enough?" exclaimed the ruffian
with an oath.    "AVhy���"
All right, don't bluster. Listen,
and keep your tongue quieter, will you?
To-night, young Russell ia going to
call upon a Mr. Fenton, r.t Penge.
Here's the address. He will have to
pass a long stretch of waste, and it
will bs dark. Understand? Give him
a good thrashing, and help yourself to
all you find in his pockets. That's all
I want you to do, and the opportunity
has offered sooner than I expected. As
for the rest, I shall manage that."
'���I daresay," sneered the bully,
Matt Skelton. "And what if I and
my pal���course I ain't going alone on
such a job���what if we only find a
miserable half-dollar or so for our
"If you look well you'll discover an
ordinary envelope which you will find
to contain diamonds to the value of at
least ��600," answered Rorke, slowly,
and with a malicious grin.
"What?" gasped Skelton, staggering backwards a little. "You are
lying, Mr. Rorke!"
"If you should find that I have deceived you, come up to Mr. Stanton's
place to-morrow morning and split on
me, then," was the quick retort. "Isn't
that good enough for you? I tell you,
Howard Russell will have six, perhaps
seven, hundred pounds' worth of very
real sparklers in his pocket, and you
can have them for the taking."
"Right; 1*11 prove you, my prince of
plotters; only if it ain't true���" and
Rorke's sallow face grew whiter than
ever at the dark, sullen scowl with
which he was favored by his companion.
"Perhaps I'd better explain," he
said, after a slight pause. "Can't you
see what I'm going to do? Nobody
has told ms that Russell will have
diamonds of such value in his possession to-night. It's only what I found
out by listening. So, to-night, I'm
going to take the liberty of calling
upon the governor at his private house
with a very pretty little story concerning the trusted Mr. Russull.
"I'm going to say tliut I happened
to be in a certain public-house, and
overheard none other than Russell
himself talking with some one else iu
the private apartment next 10 mine;
how I listened, aud heard him telling
that he was in possi ssion of diamonds
of great value, and how he proposed
to his companion that he should act
the pari of robber, waylay him, and
relieve hiin of the diamonds. He would
roll in the dirt, tear his coat, and, pretending that he had been stopped and
robbed of everything, go off to the
police and complain, so as to give
color to his story. No one could dispute such a tale, I will make Russell
go on to add, aud although he would
be sure to get the sack, it wouldn't
matter, as he would get half the
"Then, if Mr. Stanton does not believe me he will have to the next
morning, for see how the thing will
work out, eh, Matt?'' and the younger
villain laughed and rubbed his hands
with great satisfaction as he thus explained how he intended to ruin his
unsuspecting follow assistant.
"So that's to be your revenge upon
the tall, good-looking bloke who's cut
you out with inissie? Well, it's a
very neat scheme, I must admit; but,
as bad as I may be." said Skelton,
bluntly, "I couldn't have planned it
all like that."
"You needn't perform your part, if
vou object," returned Rorke, wilh an
angry frown.
"Object! ha, ha! That's just what I
ain't going to do," was the emphatic
reply. "But what share of the swag
do you want out of this precious deal
in sparklers?"
"None, Bully Skelton. You may
keep it all. It's the price of my triumph over my rival���aye, and over
Alice Heaton as well," he added to
"You're liberal! So liberal that we'd
better say good-bye for good, Mr.-
Rorke," observed Matt, laconically,'
"Once the diamonds are in my hands,
the old country won't hold me a day.
Besides, I couldn't safely exchange
'em here, so you needn't Ue uneasy on
that score. Oh, yes, consider-the job
done and your enemy done for!" \
The two men shook hands, and,
congratulating himself upon the fact
that certain ruin was about to overwhelm his successful rival, Rorke returned to his duties in such good
humor that even Howard began to
wonder at the cause.
voice, and, looking round, the two
young men beheld Mr. Stanton standing in tho doorway of his private
room. '
Rorke, hardly able to express his
feelings of exultation, readily stepped
forward. Howard quietly, and without a tremor, obeyed likewise.
"Sit down, Russell; you look quite
ill," said Mr. Stanton, in a strange
tone., ,
"Let me tell you .both," he added
coldly, "lhat this gentleman is Detective-Inspector Cooper, who wishes to
hear what you have to say. Suppose
you start, Russell."
"You see, six;," broke in Rorke eagerly, "exactly what I thought it my
duty to make you acquainted with lust
night has happened, uud���"
"Kindly keep silence till you are
asked to speak," interrupted Mr. Stanton sharply. "Presently we shall be
glud to hear whatever you have to say
Now, Russell."
"I haven't much to tell, sir," came
the unhesitating reply. "But I hope
you will first permit ine to express my
great surprise at the turn given to this
affair, and your knowledge of It all.
Well, last night 1 waa on my way to'
Mr. Fenton's house when 1 was stopped
"Oh, uo, sir; I forgive him from the
bottom of my heart," interrupted Howard vehemently, in tones which quivered with joyful excitement. "I'm
only too happy to know that not the
slightest suspicion attaches to me now
���thanks to my lucky act of forgetful*
ness. And���why, I'm only just beginning to see what a terrible plot
there has been against me."
That same day Howard Russell
stepped into the vacancy caused by
the unexpected and forcible retirement
of Arnold Rorke; which better position
amply compensated him for the rough
treatment he had received.
Gem. of Tbought.
The soul of conversation is sympathy.
The forgiving spirit is worth a fortune to any one.
Every man is a volume if you know
how to read him.
Thought is thespirit of which words
are tbe embodiment.
���  Time's current may wear wrinkles
in the face but, not reach the heart.
It is another's fault if he be un-
by a couple of roughs near :i stretch of jg���,efu,rbut ������. ������ miue *j r do not
waste land, and was
and brutally assaulted.
It. was the following morning, and
the diamond dealer's right-hand man
was cross-examining Howard ou his
own responsibility.
"A very cleverly-invented tale you
are telling, you thief!" Rorke said at
last, with finely assumed indignation!
"And I suppose you think these petty
injuries will help to deceive us all?"
Poor Howard looked a sorry specta
clo as he sat in a chair, with Arnold
Rorke standing triumphantly before
him. One arm was wrspped in a surgical bandage, his face was bruised
and cut, and altogether he looked quite
different from the bright, happy fellow
of the day before.
"A line tale, indeed," and the sneering laugh which accompanied the
words made Howard look up in astonishment. "I hope you'll get Mr. Stanton to swallow such a yarn! But. as
it happens," continued Rorke, making
the fatal error of anticipating what he
made certain was the sequel to Howard's story. "I found out all about
your nice Utile plot last night, and
considered it my painful duty to call
upon Mr. Stanton, who blamed mo for
not giving ypu in charge there and
Howard's astonishment ripened into
mute amazement.
"I don't know what he will do; but
he was here before me this morning,
and I believe he is conferring witb the
police tills very moment. Many a man
would gladly take your.bruises if he
thought he could make three or four
hundred pounds by them ut a swoop
Oh, you really need not look up at me
in so virtuously indignant a fashion,
Mr. Howard Russell! I assure you���"
"You must be mad!" cried Russell,
recovering from his mingled astonishment and horror. - "I don't know
what you mean!" and, indeed, Howard,
who had only partly told his story,
when he was thus interrupted by
Rorke, had not even referred to the
diamonds as jet.
'Oh, of course not," with another
contemptuous laugh. "Unfortunately
however, we all know what you mean,
and I say���"
"Russell, and you, Rorke���I want
you  both,"  suddenly  came a sharp
knocked down
Everything 1
had was taken from; but I nm happy
to say that the diamonds���"
He paused and looked from one to
the other as a sudden exclamation
burst upon his ear. Rorke turned pale.
Mr. Stanton clenched his hands nervously together, and the detective
smiled grimly.
"Ah, the stones!" almost snapped
the diamond merchant. "The thieves
did not succeed in getting them I believe?" and the words sent a sudden
shiver over Arnold Rorke.
"No, because, fortunately, I had not
got them with me. I took them out of
my pocket when I got home to show
my father, who himself was once in
the diamond business; and then went
off without the stones, forgetting that
I had meanwhile locked tbem up, for
safety's sake, in a small iron box. I
have brought them back with me this
morning. Here tbey are, Mr. S-.anton,
and I can assure ynu that I never felt
so happy iu all my life as I do at this
moment, in knowing that the thieves
did not also secure your property."
Mr. Stanton, without a word, took
the envelope, turned out the stones,
and examined them.
"A simple story and a satisfactory
one," he said with a grim smile.
"And you, Mr. Rorke? What have
you to say now? I don't think.that
pretty little deal in diamonds has ended quite to your liking, eh?"
"Why, sir, I-I���" stammered
Rorke, in husky tones���"I don't understand it. There is some plot here
to dupe you. I swear that what I
told you last night was the truth."
"Come forth, fellow, and confront
your wretched accomplice," was the
diamond merchant's stern command,
and then, indeed, did Rorke turn deadly pale, and clntch at the back of a
chair for support, for from behind a
screen there stepped none other than
the bully, Matt Skelton.
"I threatened what I'd do if I didn't
get the sparklers," grinned the ruffian,
defiantly, "and I've carried my threat
out, too, you white-livered hound, if it
does cost me a few months' liberty.
The game's up, and that young
shaver's won the girl, after all."
"Mr. Inspector, tuke my assistant,
Arnold Rorke, into custody please,"
Mr. Stanton said, pointing to the
trembling man. "I charge him with
conspiring to rob me of diamonns to
the value of ��600. As for that man"
���he turned to Skelton���"I refrain
from charging him, in-consideration
of. the information he has given us
this morning. But if our young friend,
Russell, here, chooses to give him io
charge for highway robbery, with
violence, it will be���"
Who hath not knoivn ill-fortune
never knew himself or his own nature.
Time, patience aud industry are the
three grand masters of the world.
It is a proud triumph in a man's
life when he makes a friend of an
What men want is not talent-it is
purpose; not the power to achieve, hut
the will to labor.
We would willingly have all our
acquaintances perfect, yet we do not
amend our own iaults.
Life u too short to nurse one's
misery. Hurry across the lowlands,
that you may spend mors time on the
mountain tops.
There are days when the rainbow of
life seems broken up and a shapeless
mass; then again it is rounded and of
full form, which speaks to us in a
lovely figure of hope.
There is evil enough in man, but it
is not the mission of every man and
woman to detail and report it. Keep
the atmosphere as pure as possible,
and fragrant with gentleness and .
Almost every one takes a pleasure in
requiting trifling obligations; many
people are grateful for moderate ones;
but there is scarcely any one who does
not show ingratitude for great ones.
Whut . nuses such a miscalculation
in tbe amount of gratitude which men
expect for the favors they have done
is���that the pride of the giver snd that
ef the receiver can never agiee as to
the value of the benefit.
Just as the power ot the muscles
grows with exercise, just as the skill
of the hand is acquired by constant
practice, just as the mental faculties
develop by the discipline of wise education, so the moral nature improves
and the moral forcei strengthen in
obedience to the same law.
There is always something which
each of us can do better than other
things, and moral excellence demands
that we discover what it is, that we
foster and strengthen it, and devote it
to the best purposes we can.
A Geneva clockmaker has invented
a speaking watch. It js au application
of the phonograph to the old-fashioned
repeater, whose springs and hammers
have been replaced by a disc of vulcanized india rubber. As the point
moves over tho surface it emits articulate sounds, indicating, tbe hour,
being an exact reproduction of those
produced on a cylinder by the human
voice,' nnd which can be heard i-*-.an
adjoining ro-'in. y
tbe Dates   and
Place, ef
Courts of Assize, Nisi Prluu, Oyer
and Terminer, and uenerul Uaol
Dellverv for the Tear 180S.
Fall Assizes.
Clinton Thursday.. 26th September
Richfield.. .Monday., ,30th September
Kamloops Monday 7th October
Vernon Monday... 14th Ootober
Lytton Friday 11th October
New Westminster. Wednesday.6th Nov
Vancouver..Monday ;.llth November
Victoria Tuesday.. 19th November
Nanaimo Tuesday., 26th November
Application for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I,Robt.Fotheringhnm
free miner's certificate No.47858,inteud,
60 days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this ninth day of August,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer
In the  County Court  of Kootonay,
holden at the East Crossing of the
Columbia River;
In the matter of Patrick Sullivan, deceased, and,
In the matter of the Official Administrator's Act; dated the Fifth day of
August, A.D., 1895:
Upon reading the affidavit of John
William  Clever, it  is   ordered  that
James Ferguson Armstrong,  Official
Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kootenay, shall lie Administrator of ull and singular the goods,
chattels and credits of Patrick Sullivan, late of Fort Steele, in the District
of Kootenay, Free  Miner,   deceased,
and that this order be published in the
Golden Eua newspaper, iu each issue
thereof, for the period of sixty days.
The creditors and persons intrusted
in the estate of the above named Patrick Sullivan, are requested within
60 days of this date to forward to me,
per registered letter, full particulars of
their claims, and after the expiration
of such 60 days, 1 shall proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard only to such claims as I shall
have notice of.
Dated at Donald. 8th August, 1895.
Official Administrator.
First insertion 17th Aug. '95.
AN EXAMINATION for efficiency in
***��� the practice of assaying, under
section 12, of the "Bureau of Mines
Act, 1895," will be held during the
month of September.
For the ordinary certificates candidates will be required to pass iu prac
tical assaying for gold, silver, lead
(dry assay), copper and iron, and also
to answer such ordinary questions
relating to the practice of assaying us
the examiners may think fit.
A fee of f 10 is payable for the ordinary certificate.
For full particulars apply to the
Minister of Mines, Victoria.
Minister of Mines,
28th August, 1895. * 7-21
��xx&ixxs$& (Um***-.
Ho.v. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
.   MOCAltTBR.
-.ougheed A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
C'ALOAltV, - N.W.T,
Draughtsman, Vslunter.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.]-8.,P.L.S. of M.C. &Out.
C'ALOAltV, Alba.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
JfflXIXfi   EXKIXfjER,
Cochrane, Aliia.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
Mining \ Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Notice of Assignment
Pursuant   to  the    Creditors  Trusts
Deeds and amending acts;
NOTICE is hereby given that
Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake, both
et Golden, in the District of Kootenay,
in the Province of British Columbia,
trading as Curlin -_ Luke, General
Merchants, have by deed, bearing date
the 2nd day of August, 1895, assigned
all their real property and all their
personal property liable to seizure and
sale under executors io William
Georgeson, of the city of Winnipeg, in
the Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
Merchant, for the purpose of paying
and satisfving rateubly aud in proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, the creditors of the
said Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake.
The said deed was executed by the
said Michael Carlin, Joseph Lake, and
William Georgeson on the 2nd day of
August, 1895, und the said William
Georgesou has accepted the trust
created by the said deed.
All creditors ars requested to send
addressed to William Georgeson, care
of Thompson, Codville A Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, full particulars of their
claims duly verified. s..cb claims to be
sent within 60 days of this date, after
which date the said trustee will proceed to distribute the trust estate
among the creditors of whose claims
he shall have received notice.
Dated this 5th day of August, 1895.
Of Donald in the District of Kootenay,
Solicitor for Trustee.
A meeting of the creditors of the
said Carlin & Lake will be held at the
office of S. A. D. Bertrand, Official
Assignee, corner of Second Avenue and
2nd Stnet North, in the city of Winnipeg, in the I'rovince of Manitoba, on
Saturday the 10th day of August,
1895, at 4 p.m.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
���-olden Hospital Society.
nouns roit consultation. ���
From 9:110 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii       7     "    "   H   "
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 in,, and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visiting nouns.
From 2:80 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and-Saturday.
Br Q��de_.
Wholesale and Itetnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Gold, Sto fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers tt
Dealers In
Wall  Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Confectionery, -fee. &c.
Pianos, Organs, & Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
Orders Br Mail or Otherwise will
Receive Prompt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
late with Misses Barlow & Weir,
Portage la Prairie.
All orders left with Mr. G. B. Mc-
Dermoi- will have prompt attention.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under
signed or any mem ber of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Job    Dcpa,rtmcr|t
_:o:��� OF ���:o:-
CAJI I OBTAIN A PATENT-   Mr a    r.-ir��T Tt.
mma^^iLmlimmm^ffW ������THtm^��
unci have bad nearlr Stly yeett'
patent business. Co-monk*.
dantlal. A HoaSkviEoI lu-
-IW Pa tenia and hot- to ob.
til    L   Fui.   li\i   u   - -
���.���st, eomprt.t'-*st ond liUn-.-fc Hot-
...iflii-i.-S-a ill�� "-ir 'I     Xhnv !;���-."���
i.-iKf    \ ��fl!-" -o ;  sft.VdO. i   i
t ur lieliei* liifcJ P.- i* I }'��� " nc.v
��� no;.- I.i the market uud yuu <:.
.  Koiitliii,   J. ������.;.���->��� *:������.'���".
:   n.'l  ..-f '-���  ���.*������-���   }'���>:���
___. Bin the ,.���-.
tiou itrictl-r confident'
tarnation ooooerniiu I __���. _���_ _
___.*? tbjm tent free. A Im> a eatatofoci of a
"teiriwBaar'-**-- -
out em. ��� .. ....
U-vaat orcoiation ol ui ;
BuIMIdi B-t-m^monthl]
"Muaair-jii" Traia put oj> by the Indian Ter*
erawentta aample of lhe beat **���Oiti.-* ,if India,.
lea*. Th_���o**itt_r ���**tbe(Taaleat an in iltf
i.ljclion of Ibe Tea and its' fe-ad. lhat b why Uhj-
put it up ihem*���rca and a���I if only in the oriirinat
p -_aa;*-a therct��� .during ita pur-!** and emrclletirc.
Put up in M _., lib. _U ( lb. p������ae-aa, _��� nave,*
Uyoorgroem torn mot lre**> it. leU him lo write tt*
It J~i 13 Front Street tat, Toronto.     m Awarded
iiest Honors���World'.
A pute Gtape Cteam of Tattat Powder.   Free
'Voin Ammonia, Alum or any other rulultaant
One of tbe most obvious defects in
the system of things of the present
duy is the very inadequate protection
afforded to the mining community
against unscrupulous and incompetent
assayers. Assaying has of lute years
become quite a profession of itself,
without possessing thc safeguards and
guarantees of the medical and legal
callings. At present, it is possible for
any one, however incompetent, to set
up as an assayer; there is no board or
association of any kind to control hiin
or vouch for his competency. If he is
sufficiently sharp, his imposture will
perhaps for a time escape detection,
and he will carry on his business,
giving inaccurate assays and making
his analyses mostly by guess woik
until he has succeeded in making the
locality in which he practices too hoi
for him, when he transfers his oper
ations elsewhere, Meanwhile, thc
prospectors and others have been paying their money for assay certificates
which are absolutely valueless. The
result of this is obvious. Mining men
begin to lose faith in assayers. Again,
there is the unscrupulous assayer���the
assayer who, for a monetary consideration, will give any certificate he is
asked for. This class of men is to be
found in every mining country.
Little wonder then that the practical business man treats an assay certificate as waste paper until it has been
confirmed by an independent opinion.
As the matter stands at present, an
assayer does not. to usi the common
expression of the country, count, for
Now, in a country like British Columbia, whose development aud prosperity in tha future depend largely on
its mineral resources, an honest and
competent assayer is as indispensable,
if not more so, than a doctor or lawyer. No one thinks of doubting the
good faith of either of these, for the
simple reason that they are answerable to their respective associations
for their deeds, and the same associations, in allowing them to practice
in the province, have given the public
a guarantee that tbey are competent
and trustworthy men.
The Government has lately made a
feeble pretence of controlling assayers
by instituting an examination. Candidates for the certificate of assayer
have to satisfy the examiners in the
dry assay of half-a dozen mentis. This
is ai!. Tbe newly certified assayer
will then be able to start business so
to speak, under the guarantee of tlie
Government. Ho bus proved his competency in assaying half-a-dozen
metals; but that will not prevent him
fromnndertaking analyses. His clients
will hare full confidence in him for a
time, knowing vaguely that he is certified by tbe Government as an assayer. By this means, a, direct road is
opened to fraud, and incalculable harm
is done to genuine assayers.
There is bnt one remedy for tbe present state oi things; a remetl-r which
wil) at once he > safeguard to the public and a means of elevating assaying
tio its proper position among the learned  proCessaons-a  position   which it
has never yet held. An association of
assayers should be formed throughout
the Province of British Columbia.
Every assayer practising in the Province should be obliged to hold a licence
from this association, and, before obtaining this licence, to satisfy the
association by a rigid practical examination that he is competent to assay
any ore likely to be submitted to him.
This examination should also include
quantitative analysis as applied to
coal and other substances which occasionally come in the way of an
assayer. The association should also
have ;,ower to withdraw the licence of
any assayer found guilty of corrupt
practices. By this means, the position of every assayer throughout the
Province would be assured, and the
mining public would have an unquestionable guorantee that the work they
paid for was done in a proper manner.
An association of this kind can only
be brought about by the cooperation
of the leading assayers in the Province
If they once came to an agreement on
this point, it sholild not bo a difficult
matter to obtain the necessary authority from the Government, So, to the
assayers of British Columbia, this
proposition is respectfully offered.
It may happen that my statements
concerning unscrupulous and dishonest
assayers may be considered us exaggerated. If this is so, I can say that to
my certain knowledge tliere are at the
present moment assayers practising in
British Columbia who have never been
through any certified course of assaying ; who posses no degree or diploma,
und who for their work rely entirely
on their own wits and a text book of
assaying, The dishonest assayer is
not so frequently detected as his incompetent brother, but he exis's in
this as in every other mining country,
as every mining man well knows.
It is very far from my intention to
cast'any nliir on the assayers practising in this Province. I have only
endeavoured to point out the dangers
of allowing such un important position
us thut of assayer to be held by any
one who is not under direct control
and who has given no guarantee that
he can fulfil competently the obligations he undertakes.���Kootenay in
The Province.
A confession made by Durrant to a
classmate will be divulged on the
witness stand, and the Sun Francisco
murderer's chances of an alibi are
A temporary floor gave way at a
stone-laying ceremony at Lorain,
Ohio, and as a result one person was
killed, ten fatally injured and over 30
others seriously hurt.
ia frt Co
& Tram v/ay
Commencing* May 28, Steamers leave Golden
News Notes.
Winnipeg, Oct. 8, '95.
Dr. James Bowler, Windsor, is deud
Sugar has again been advanced in
Win. Wetmore Story, tlie sculptor,
is dead.
Bolton Magrath was found dead
near Ottawa.
The Durrant trial will terminate
about Oct. 23. ���
A Socialistic congress opened in
Breslau yesterday.
The Free Labor congress opened in
London yesterday.
Eight men are entombed by a mine
explosion at Wilkesbarre, Pa.
Admiral the Hon. Sir James Bobert
Drummond, G.C.B., K.C.B., is dead.
Ten persons were killed and 100 injured by a railway collision near Brussels.
A farewell dinner was given to
Lieut.-Governor Patterson at Ottawa,
last night.
New Tork Democrats and Republicans have combined to defeat Tammany in civic elections.
A large tract ot Dakota territory
was devastated by prairie fire yesterday.   Two lives were lost.
Arrests of prominent business men
for smuggling continue to be mide in
Newfoundland, ana one man haa been
severely sentenced.
Tlie United States federal authorities
are taking decisive steps to prevent the
Corbett-Fitisimnsons fight taking
place in Indian Territory.
A sitting of the County Court of
Kootenay will be held at the Court
House at Donald, on Monday the 11th
day of November, 1895, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon,
By order,
J. F. Armstroso,
Donald, B.C., 11th October, 1895.
"HEALTH ACT, 1893."
NOTICE is hereby given that "An
Act respecting the Public Health"
is now in force, and that under tbe
provisions of the said Act Alfred T.
Watt, ot the City of Victoria, Esquire.
M.D.. has been appointed Secretary of
The Provincial Board of Health.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t 27th September, 1895.
Uuiler and in pursuance of the
powers of sale contained in a certain
mortgage which will be produced at
tlie time of sale, there will be offered
for sale, by public auction, on
Monday the 21st day of October.
1895, at 2 o'clock p.m., at the office of
Neil F. Muckuy, Alexander Block,
Golden, the following property, situate
in the Town of Golden, viz.:
Lots Ten, Eleven aud Twelve, in
Block Four, as shown on a map or
plan of survey of Golden, approved
and confirmed at Ottawa, the 16th
March, 188tj. by Edoimrd Deviile.
Surveyor general of Dominion Lands
and of record in the Department of the
Tne above property is situate at the
corner of Second Avenue and Second
Street, near the Columbia Hotel, and
is one of the most desirable properties
in Golden.
Terms 10 per cent cash, balance in
twenty days. Further terms and
conditions made known on application
Calgary. Alberta,
Advocates for the Mortgagee.
Or to NEIL F. MACKAT, Golden.
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
2  ills of httmanity.
Steamer���Golden to Adela . . lea vos Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken . . Wednesday.
Steamer���rnterlaken to Canal Flat        .      . ���*..
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      ... ���
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin 50cts., in stateroom $1.G0.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele  A 3.00;  B2.50;   C2.00; D 1.50.
��   Canal Flat A 1.75; B 1.G0;   C 1.40; D l.'JO.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian* Freight Classification.
���i   b       ���' '���   3 and 4 ������ " ������
ii   c ���'���   " *���   5 and G        ������ " ������
"���''.','   D       " "   7 and 8        " " "
Rate C and D will only apply to shipments ol   10,000 lbs or more at one t'me
Freight, will be delivered as far south 113 navigation will permit, and
will be charged for according to distance transported.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity wid 1
...��� prosperity wid make many rich, but nowhere can they make so much within j
a short tune as by successful Speculation in drain. Provisions and Stock. \
$1 f\ FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our j
I U       Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by us.   All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact that there are thousands of men in all parts of the United States I
Who, by systematic trading through Chicago brokers, make large amounts every year. ]
ranging from a few thousand dollars for the mini who invests a hundred or two hundred ]
dollars up to W0.000 to *1(XI,000 or more by those who invest a few thousand,
It is ulso a fact that those who make the largest profits from comparatively small in- '
vestments on this plan are persons who live away from Chicago aud invest through brokers 1
who thoroughly understand systematic trading.
Our plan does not risk the whole amount invested 011 any trade, but covers both sides,
so tliut whether tbe market rises or falls it brings a steady profit that piles up enormously 1
in a short tune.
WHITE FOR CONVINCING PROOFS, also our Manual on successful speculation j
and our Daily Market Report, full of money-making pointers. ALL FREE. Our Manual I
explains margin trading fully.  Highest references in regard to our standing and success.,
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,   [
241-242 Rialto Building:, CHICAGO, ILL.)
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldingr*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newul Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Haye on nand a lot of Wash Busin and Bath


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