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The Golden Era Nov 3, 1899

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Array J
�� VlTZlAo,'
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Rotary PublicConv ey aneer, ete
Ode* in Upper Colombia Navigation and
Tras>.ay Company's Bnilding,
<a��Mea, B. O.
Builder & Contracto?%
A snpply of Building I.itn. Air (We.
riana prepared.   Prompt attention, givon td
VOL. IX  NO. 14
Feb Yam
H. G. Parson,
JGcncral Merchandise,;
Shirts,  Undershirts  & Drawers    ||
California Overalls...
in any color or any size. No goods
in the -world so wtll seave the purposes for which they aro adapted
as these.
Old Miners and Prospectors need
no introduction to them.
Fresh customers will be Staunch
friends after a trial.
Imported direct f ron San Francisco
at tbo Old Prices, which is 25 per
cent lower than the manufacturers' present quotations.
Imperial Bank of Canada
BinOnicEi Toronto.
P��W Up Capital     ������,000.000
Betorve 1,300,000
H. 8. Howlnnd, President.
T. R. Merrltt, Vice-President (8t.Catherin��)
Win. Ramsay. Robert Jaffrny,T.Sutherland,
Btayner, Elias Roger.', Wm* Hendrle.
D. B. Wilkir, General Manager.
E. IUt, Inspector.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,   ���
Portage la Prairie; Prince Albert,
Rovelstoke, B.C., Nelson, B.C.,
Vancouver, B.C., Winnipeg,
Gold.., B.C., Strathcona.
Esses, Fergus, Gait, Hamilton, - -
Ingersoll, Llstovtal, Niagara Falls, Port Col-
bourne, Rat Portage, Haul! Ste. Mario,
, _ St. Catherines, 8t. Thomas,
Toronto, Wetland, Woodatoek, and
Montreal, Que.
A-tent* In Oreat Britain)
Lloyd'a Bank. Ltd., 73 Lombard St., London
with whom money may be deposited for
transfer by latter or cable to aay of the
above branches.
Agents In United (Mate***:
NEWYORK-Bank of Montreal, Bank of
CHICAGO-FInt National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
InUreet allowed on deposits.
Provincial, Municipal and other debentures
Available al all points ia Canada, United
Kingdom, United State..
i. S. Gibb, Vgr*, Oolden Branoh.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Conii3Cting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Onager
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberollas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties. Men's Gloves and
Mitte, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillow*, SadJIes, Baby Wagflons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
)   Athalmer House,
V Athalmer, B. 0.,
Flnt Class accommodation for Travellers,
v. Prospectors and Mining Hen.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Published EveryFriday Evening ftt
.    f-TVfO'. DOLLARS Per twtt.
Sabseribe tor Iti
A reward of Four Hundred Dollars will be
ild to anyone giving information that will
���-il lo conviction of anyone killing or steal*
Ing cattle and hori.aa.of the follawing brands,
belonging to tbo Elk Park Ranch Co. aud
II. E. Forster.
Cattle "Lrnndcil:
'I On right rib., half right ear out off.
. 1 Oa left hip.
H  On left rib*.   , .
��    On left rib*.   ��� -
SS ,0n.left hip.
"~;*'*' '-'.JBiraea Branded:' *"*"
1  On'J&hllwck.^
*"f  OnlefUhonldoi.
M   On left ahooldor.
1   On right .Iroulder.
fg  Onleft.hor.ld.i-.
Elk Parle Ranch Co.
fl. E Forster.
Siuciaii, B.C., Sept. 10th, 1S89.
Notice.!, hereby given that I inland within
sixty Hoys to anply to tbo Chief Commission*
or of ..anda and Work, to purchase the following described land, situated on Number
Two Ore"Mr,-*-n west side of Columbia Kivert
Ne. 1 corner stake commencing at 8. E. cor
ner of Mr. Colon C. Mnckay's land, thence
running 40 chains east, thom-e 40 chain.
north, thence 40 chain, woat.thcnce 40 chains
aonth tn point of commencement, i ontainiiig
lGOaeres more or lose.
Dated this l��th September, 1B09.
Sitneteln the Oolden mining Division of
Eaat Kootenay District, where located
on north fork of tjpillimaeheno River,
mar Buna Basin.
Take notice that I, John Henderson, of
Oolden, aa agent for W. C. Tillson, of ttalem,
Oregon, U.S.A., Free miuer'a Certificate
No. 7165A. intend ality day. tram the data
hereof to apply to the mining recorder for a
certificate of Improvements for tbe purpose
ol obtaining a Crown Oram of the above
And further take lot'ce that action undo,
etinn si moit be contmenced before the
itm-a of aiu-h certilieate of Improveaiei
Dated this tui day of September, It**!),
Situate li
"   th
... ,.. the Uolden Mining Dlvlalonof
North Eaat Kootonay Dlalrlct Where
LoeatU-Neer the bead of the Middle
Fork or the Spillimachene River.
Take notice that,�� William MeNelsk.of
Oolden, Free Minora bertlHeate No. IIIIHM.
Thorns* Talld ofOoHW, Adninlatrator in the
lie of the late John O.Todd, Free Minor.
ttcalt* No. 11MA, and Thoma. Mi-Naualll
olden, Admlnlatrator In tke Eatate ef the
i.ie Harry O. Woodley, Free Miners Certi*
Scale No. bSWAJntend 00 days from the
date hereof 10* apfly totho Mining "Recorder
fcr a Cortiitcate of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of tbe
above claim.
And further take notice thai action under
section 87 must bo commenced before the
Issuance of auch Certificate of Itnprovemeata.
nuance of aucht'eruncateof Itnprov
Dated that 80th day of August im.
i .*jd6. Admlnlatrator.
leNAUUHT, Administrator.
Rubber Stamps.
Order. Ibr Rubber Stampaand Seal, will be
taeeivedat.tht Goldm Era Office and
���nonted with frrooiptHede.
United Liability,
The yerdict in the Tete Jaune Cache Murder
Trial-The Jury Deliberated About One
Hour and Returned in Favor of
the Prisoner's Acquittal.
TBtit, ot jambs liiranna.
The flnt sitting of the Supreme
Court waa opened In the Columbia
Hall, Oolden, on Tuesday morning be*
fore Hll HSnor Mr. Justice Drake.
The following Avert the Grand Jury:
Meson. W. G. Mitaliell-Innes (lore,
man), E. Plowright, W. MoNeish, S.
0. Robbine, H. Dickson, J. Henderson,
S. High, H. B. MoDennot, T. Itobson,
C, H. Parson, J. Dolmage, Thomas
McNaught and J. C. Greene.
His Hone* tbeu.ehargsd the Grand
Jury, laying that thia was the first
session oT the Supreme Court that had
been held/ in Golden, ud be hoped
that before .fiither session it wonld
not be necessary to trouble Mr. MoNeish for ths os* of his hall and that
the courthouse would bs finished for
occupation. Hii fenor pointed out,
with reference tB the indictment that
would be laid before them by the
Crown, tbat it waa their duty to ascer
tain from tha witntsses whether there
waa auch a case aa would necessitate
tnrtber inquiry before a Petit Jury
Hia Honor then dirretad the Jury as
to the manner io which they ahould
proefced. He gave th. legal definition
of the charge el murder. He reviewed
the facta brought out at ths prelimin
ery hearing, and presumed that on the
faots they would have no diSoulty In
finding a true bill. If there were any
matters of -rwbllo Importance to whioh
tbs Grand Jury wished to draw atten
tion it wai tbsir privilege io do -r.,
when the representations made would
doubtless receive due consideration.
The Grand Jury then retired to con
alder the indictment and returned with
a true bill.
The Grand Jury matte the following
presentment: ���
.'-The Grand .Jury express thoir
satisfaction thut His Honor Judge
Drake ha. been called npon to preside
tot the first time at thie Court oi
of Assise held in Golden end regret
that Hia Honor should, not lie enabled
tn hold his first Court in the Court
House, whicli ia now in course of erection, but hope at the. future sittings of
ihe Cenrt iboee who are called upon to
preside will liwl.i lionet buildings
worthy of lli* Assise and i lift ill-it riot.
"'���The Grand jury, considering that
Ihe district of East Kootenay is about
"JOO mils..In length and includes many
owna that are rapidly glowing In
Importance, own!*** to increase ol population uml tlm 'luir.k development of
the mining industry, mako the following recommendations for the purpose
of incteaaing ilia efficiency of the
adininietrstion ol justice: ���
That Small Debts Courts be estab
lishol tor the treatment of small del"
i. nnd that powers be given ro I be
Stipendiary Magistrate to bold such
That police constables without
other duties be appointed at the most
populous places, notably at Golden.
Fisld and Windermere;
Tliat a look* up bo erected in the
Windermere ilistrict, where there are
four mining towns growing rapidly
into Importance within a radius of
twelvo miles j
"That the present method of Coroners' Inquests be abrogated and the
forma/ method . reverted to. as an
instance had lately occurred where a
body was found and interred without
inquiry having been held and without
evideuceaato identification or oauss
ef death."
Jatnss Hughes was then arraignel
cn the charge of the murder ol Alexander Macaulay at Swift Current io
June last and pleaded riot guilty by
his counsel Thos. O'Brien. Deputy
Attorney.General McLean coudwoted
Ihe prosecution.
The following Jury wsaempannelled
after severs I jurors ltad bren challenged
by both sides; - W, C. Miller (loremnn),
Lemontegno, J. Gri-.dy, J. Brewster,
t, Conway, A. A. Carroll, J. Stlrrett,
J. 0 Ullock, A. Oakly, J. Nelson, W.
Avery and J. Shaw.
Mr. McLean explains*! ths citroum-
stances ol tbe usee to tht Jury,
reviewing tht evidence tbat would be
Dr. Taylor wat Mil first witness
call-id tnd repeated the evidence given
at tht preliminary bearing, describing
Iht wouuds found on tht body when
hi madt tht post inortsm whioh would
bt of a fatal tbaraotsr.
Crosa-oxamined by Mr. O'Brien ���
Found indications of pleurisy. With
proper tain is poilbleMactiilny could
hns lived. A sot in thi abdomen by
a kllife Id the hands of an unprofeesion-
al man might cauae death by blood
poisoning. Tbere would hs great
danger tf tbe man dying (root blood-
Daniel Ncyes, of Edmsnton, wai the
ntxt -witness. Prosecution here produced a oopy ol Thi Ooi.oin Eua
containing the map recently published
ot tbe Tito Jaune distriot and by
means of it had the wltneu explain to
the Jury -tltt route bo travelled from
Edmonton to Tete Jsunt Cache. Ths
evident! ot this witness wat ��� repeti
tion of that given at the preliminary
trial   Witness was crose-exainintd.
J. W. Evans also gavt similar evl*
dinct Iff (hat already puHlthed.
J. frtot wns tbt next witness tnd
���won lhat aoous&l had admitted to
him that he was responsiWi fer Mac-
������Ity', condition.   Counsel to* dtftiue
objeoted to the evidence on the ground
that witness was a police officer, and
before it WAafbceived thoCrown should
pro��e It waa given voluntarily. Mr.
McLean said he was not, but was
merely In the same position aa anv
oi her witness ol the Crown. His Honor
disallowed the objection. Mr. O'Brien
asked that a case be reserved on tbis
point. His Honor said he could only
do eo where he hnd any doubt. In this
case hs hnd nono, and se could not
reserve Ihe case, but he would note the
point. Witness then reeumed hia
evidence tnd was severely cross-
examined by Mr O'Brien-.
Mrs. Macaulay waa called, Venerable
Archdeacon McKay acting interpreter.
In addition to the evidence formerly
given Mrs. Macaulay referred to a
quarrel between her husband and the
prisoner over the straying of tbs
horses. They did not epeak to one
another for several days, but afterwards became friendly and weut trap-
Ding together. Alter catching two
more lote of beaver her husband told
her lo get the skins ready as soon as
possible, so tbat tbey could return to
Henry House the prisoner to bt left at
Swift Current. Tho day before they
were to leave they had a quarrel over
a pack saddle. Ma'ctuita***- understood
the prisoner had mads bim a present
of the saddle aud priaoner denied that
Macaulay had previously said he intended giving prisoner two beaver
skins for it. Prisoner said to hsr
husband, '-Aleo, I'll kill you."* Mao
aulay replied, *' Well, Jim, kill tqe at
once." Before they were packing up
prisoner asked witness for his beaver
���kins. Witness snid sho knew nothing
about them. When they were pack
ing up prisoner went to her husband
tad -asked liira Ior the two beaver
skins, Macaulay replied. '��� What beaver skins? Did you kill thiin?" Tbe
account of tbe shooting was similar to
tnet already given. Witness recognized the hat produced as that her
buslinml wore, and the hole in the but
was where tlle bullet passed through
it. Witness was aKdwn the bloodstained shire which hor husband ,w.ore
at the timo of the shooting.and broke
down foi- a time on seeing it*. '. Witness
wss cross.examined at som-i lcni;lh by
Mr, O'Brien and stated her husband
Imd ouo louver trap und two small
traps. Did not see any striking when
the quairel took placo. The prisoner
helped lier after lho first two days and
got ihe wood and water for her,. The
day they quarrelled ber husband returned the pack saddle to tlle prisoner.
Th's closed tho case for the Crown.
Mr. O'Brien, in oponing tho case for
the Defence, explaiuod bis evidence
and hoped to show a cuse of
self-defence and justifiable houiioltle.
Prisoner wns then called anil Soldi ���
i wen: to Athabnson laat winter, and
previous to that was at Arkrnaas City.
I have a w'fe and five children, the
youngest being three year. old. Met
Alex. Miicauliiy ut Buffalo Prairie, a
day'a drive nortn of Henry House,
early last winter. Just beforo going
to the Cache I met him at Mr. Swift's
and arranged with bim to go in partners trapping. I wus to furnish ons
and be two parts of supplies for hia
wife nml children, and wo would
divide. I did not aim to try Macaul-
uy's temper, because I wss afraid of
him on account of hia a.tions towards
his wife, wboin.be used to whip. Wa
-aught 14 beaver and Itrusted to him
to lake tbem from tbe traps. I was
entitled to soreu of tbe skins, Had
trouble with Macaulay at Swift Current the dny before the shooting. It
.routs about a pack saddle. He wanted
to take tbe straps from my saddle and
put thein on his. 1 objected to him
spoiling my saddle and he said be
i bought I gave it to him. He cursed
me and I wont out when ke chased me
with a knife. Mrs. Macaulay held
him bauk. Ho said he would kill me
before he left. I loaded my Run and
laid it in my tent nml staid awake a1!
night watching him. Next morning
I wss fixing aeopper can when I heard
a shot and juinpod for my gun. Mao
aulay wa. coming towards me and 1
shouted at him to halt. He had his
knife, and I thought lis had his gun.
He didn't hull, nnd he fell ou his
knees in willow hushes snd I pulled
trigger. I oould not tell he waa
wouuded till I got out of lhe bushes.
I rushed lo get his gun and fouud it
wheue the to|*uo had been. Saw him
beckoning and went over, wben he
shook bands with me and wanted me
to help bim. Helped hi.n lo the tepos
and fixed the Mankets- Got water to
wash the wounds and helped take care
of hiin. Mrs. Msoaulay's stnttinant
about deceased saddling a horse when
I fired the shot is uot true. Did not
tell Prioe Macaulay wus going to steal
my provisions. If I bad uot killed.
Macaulay he would have killed me
Macaulay had a bad disposition. 1
could not hufe escaped from him.
Stayed with Maoauisy ro attend to
him every night exoept one, when be
struck bit wife, till Noyes cams.
Cross-examined hy Mr. McLean���
Macaulay wat running. Saw something in hit head wben I fired.
Could not Ml whether it Was
a knife or a gun, It was daylight tnd he wat from 25 to Iff feet
away. He had uot tht gun in his
hand.   Don't know  who- discharged
the sbot I heard. The gtSS tVith *hfcli
I fired was no account. I was going
there to the gold mine. This is the
first time I told this story, though I
have been twice before the Court.
Its-examined hy Mr. O'Brien-M.v
gun.is a magasine gun but will hold
only one cartridge. Macaulay examined my gun last winter and said it
was no good.
Allan Hamilton was called to give
evidence as to the character of Macaulay. but Mr. McLean severely taxed
the witness as to bis own reputation.
F. Holliday was the last witness
and said he had heald by hearsay that
thai Macaulay had a bad reputation.
In answer to Mr. McLean, witness
said he personally knsw nothing of
Dr. Taylor, on beiug called upsn
by Mr. O.Brien, said he did net
think Macaulay could speak in view of
the injory done to the tongue and
lower jaw, but in reply to Mr. McLean
admitted that Ke might use gutteral
The Court then adjourned till 10 a.
in. Wednesday, the Jury being locked
up meantime,
Mr. O'Brien, Counssl for the prisoner, commenced his. address to ths
Jury at 10 o'clock WsdhCSday morning and closed about noon. Space does
not permit of it being given at length
but from start to finish hs held the
attention of Judge nnd J*iry and made
one of the moat telling speeches that
has ever been delivered in North East
Kootenay. He dwelt at length upon
the evidence adduced on behalf of the
Crown and the prisoner, and aeked
that tha verdict be given not in accordance.with the swern evide co, but only
such AS wa, believed by the Jury, and
that iu regard to the value of testimony tbe probabilities aa welt as what
is what is .worn to should he considered. From ths evidence adduced
he argued no motive whatsoever had
been shown by tbe Crown Tor the
committal of one of the most serious
crimes that could bl charged to any
man. Dwelling upon the dumission by
thi "Prosecution that Macaulay beckoned the prisoner to approach Immediately after the shooting took place and
thtn shook him by tbe hand, he contended, wonld not have been the act of
a missionary; nor yet would it be an
act that a cold-blooded 'nurdorer would
likely pursue after shooting hie victim.
���This act in Itsell was surely vM-jr
strong evidence for the defence in support of their plea of justification. Ha
then ut great length explained clearly
aud eloquently tho position of the two
men���the deceased and the prisoner ���
on the day of the shooting. The
prisoner, tho owner nf a complete outfit, en route to tlm Yukon Gold fields,
whilst the deceased hsd practically
nothing, and contended that of the
two men the deceased was the only one
who Would have benefited by tbe committal of a crima of so serious a character.
He then marshulled the evidence for
and against and in untnistnkablt-t language coutended that the only person
who claim-it! to be an eye witmiss (Mrs
Macaulay) must surely be mistaken, as
he course which the bullet wiis pi-ovsii
to have taken from the doctor's testimony bere out the prisoner's story
absolutely. If Mrs. Macaulay was
mistaken on thi. important point lie
considered the duty of the Jury was
lo reject her testimony alto^etiie**-.
Referring to theeviddnce of Noyes
end Price, lie asked the Jury to roject
it in its entirely, so fur ns it mi-tlit be
evidence against the prisoner, claiming
that men who would swear ss they
hnd that Macaulay could* speak after
this shootiu-*- took place w.i-e, to say
tht least, not credible witnesses He
claimed no man  could ever utter a
ord whose tongue and lower jaw
were so badly injured, as was shown
by the doctor's evidence.
Mr. O'Brien then closed his address
in a most forciblo and touching manner, and had the Jury then retired it
is safe io predict a verdict of not guilty
would have been delivered without
much deliberation.
Mr. R. A. McLean, Deputy Attorney
General rbr tbfl province, followed aud
complimented Counsel for the Defence
on hie eloquont and able appeal ou
behalf of the prisoner. He felt satis-
lied no Counsel could have dono moro.
He contonded tho Prosecution had
proven the charge and continued his
iddrsas for upwards of on hour.
His Lordship charged the Jurv In a
strong and forcible manner, and from
his tenor desired the Jury to return a
verdiot of guilty.
The Jury retired and after aboir. an
hour's deliberation returned a verdict
of uot guilty. The prisoner was then
discharged, and Mr.- O'Brien was
cheered by the erowd on the successful manner in which he had couductcd
tbe case for tho Defence,
The Halifax Morning Chronicle
wttrns the Conservative, of British
Columbia, especially those geniuses
who were responsible for drawing rp
the platform at New Weatminst !y
that they are g6\ng"exactly the san 6
way the Tories of New B'rnnswiek
went, and everybody knows what
happened t'o them.
The people of Winder-mew want td
have a luck-up erected there as at present no provision exists for the acorn-
modation of offenders. Windermere is
sn important point to wbich all sorts
and condition, of m'un foregntVot- end
for the pr'oper protection of tho publio
against the rowdy element who come
Into the clutches of the police there
should be a proper lock-up provided by
the Provincial Government, and that
Golden-Fort Steele Rall*a/.
In reply to a deputation fl-orti lho
Fort Steele Board of Trade, Mr.
Shaughnessy, President of the C.P.li..
said: "Gentlemen, I can Assure you
that our company will bnild a read
from soms point to be decided upon
whioh will psss through Fort Steele.
I -J**) not Say it will be buHt n-flil JrWr.
It is onr Intention to build this road
from themsin Crow's Nest linethrough
to Golden, and I ean aesure you further
that tbe surVeyur will be ih tbe field
next spring to eel.ftt the route. Wd
have spent $27,000,000 in British Columbia from which not one dollar hst
oome back. You know that we fttust
move slowly, for the vast sums that
we are expending in exploiting this
pfoviuiie Cannot always be obtained ti
call, and we must be assured of some
returns to borrow money. The Crow'*
Nest road was an expensive piece dt
work, snd the road we are now build-
lug in the Boundary Creek country;will
r.ggfegale t*0,000 tier thilS. I will fret
again the north and south road will bt
Big: Bond Bobbery.
On Wednesday, October 4th, W. &i
Cri:k woe charged at the Guildhall
Police Court, London, witli|sti!aling 01
Buenos Ayres wnter supply and drainage, five per cent, bonds of tbo vali'e*
of ��8,000, the, property of Sigmund
Newman, 'ihe accused confessed to
Detective Abbott that his right narSe
was Phil Someis and tbat Christie
took the bonds and he disposed of them.
He was remanded.
Cnek, the young LohaDbef, tthO
war arrested at Donald for stealing
Buenos Ayres bonds and Christie plead-
1-1 guilty uud received a sentdnet of
.three and four yeare apifie.
NOTICE is hereby given IMlall tftStorn
anil person, having claims agniimt tho emati-
nt Kilith Ji.hr, lato of Goldon, B.O., nro require,! lo sent! to (lOorcc S. McCarter. K.q ,
BaH-'ter, at RevelatoKO, B.C., solicitor for
MSleolm JUeKenalo, Adniiiii.lvsttit bl tV*
estate, full psrtii-ulnrs of snrh rlflims on of
la-foro tiie loth dny of November, l-SH'1 aha
that after the said IBlli November, 1��I0, the
ani.i Administrator will prneco.1 to ilislributo
sufd estate Amongst il:*- persons cnti'led
thereto, having regard only to tlioso r.iaims
of*which the said Administrator riiall then
have not co Slid that the said Admini.trstor
will not bo liable tor Iho prni-eeds of said
estate or nny pari thereof so distributed to
unv person of whose clsim the .aid Ailmiui.--
tra'tor shall not buvo had notice lit lhe timo of
iho distriliiitlort (hereof.
Dated tiiis 13th day of Octobof, A.D., 189&
nlO (Solicitor fur said lilnHnislratdf-.
The Qulnllvan Case.
Mr. Taylor P. L. S. gives tbe Pros-
pactor Ihe {Fallowing account of the
Quinlivan onae in which Goldon Justices of the Peace hnve acted eo ridiculously:��� "Mike Quinlivan was arrested
recently for rolling a man named Mc*
Namara, taking from him goo in cash
and a watch. Tbe case was tried before Justices of tbe Peace Kiiriptonand
Scovil, who alter hoaring the evidence
sentenced hiin to r-*pend six months in
jail. He wus defended bv V. Carter.
After the trial James 3. Quinlivan had
McNamara arrested for si outing a dirk
knife and was tried bv tfftfisame court.
This action was dismiss, d for want ol
sufficient evidence toco,itt. In the
case Mr. Garter appeared for* the prose-
���       �����
NOTICE is hereby given that an application
will hjt isade to.tlift LagMntlre Asfflmblf of
the ! 1'dviiivo of British Columbia at its treat
session for an Aet to incorporate a company
with power to construct, equip, maintain and
operate a line or lines of telephone within and
throughout the* District of Kast Kootenay
and tho various towusite. ia the ,ald tito-
triet as the Company from time to lime de-
termiuus and to ronstnirf. maintain anil
operiito trn a-nne along the sales ot. and
ai-ross or under n-iv highway, atresia, publiu
bridges, or.nyaiuhnTare.-i (it the said die*
triit :'.- tiie l \impnny from liiir. lo limn de-
torrailies, snd ro eenatruct. rrert and maintain such arid so many poles and other Works
and dnviriiaas tliet'ompaAyili-aiii,-neee-we*1
fir making completing, supporting, nitng,
workmir, operating end maintaining the
ayslom of communication by te*e|rtloiie, and
to open or break up any part er p,
said highways or streets as oftoii .
to open or break up any part �� partan/ tba
said hit,-,, ways or streets as often As the said
Company, its ageute, (.fScers or workmen
think -M-i-fior*. *<el lor. tbe psiriolt. of thd
Undertaking to pwrilnise,ai-quiro.or leaMi
and hold und soli awl di-.pe-.eof or surrender
lands, buildings ,,r teueiSents wilMn the
hunts AferesaM aud to purchase or lease tor*
any term of vears, any telepboeo Rue established or to be oalablixhed ih British Colombia, coiinectrug or tu be ccrn-Ne-l wiih the
linns winch the Cumpanv mt* ct,*-*atruet anil
to nurrkise st fca��e Tor any Iftin of yeare fw*
right of any (���oiitr*iinyt.��ro-*sti*tiet rft-ft >n.la>
tarn an. saebtetopla-neiine end te Amalgam*
ato wiib nr loase ita Hue or line,, or any par*
tion or portions thereof to auy t-eiripaii-r
���m-soe-t-g aa (jroprM-tof aaylhio* of tolo*
pt-one iisifrrtiini >ri ,n .eoMi&tlbg ot to In.
connected will* tho ��H Cnn-pkny'aluiaer
linn.', mid tn!icquiro.au!a.lmn---*es.,-rirHoflaf
nr other aHa from any persons' or Is Jot*
eoi-mrat., ami ,w��s alt oila-v n.i��l,n��ii�� ary
M ine-Ueutal right.., power, et prtvBSge. iw
may lie necetsnry or i* .lem.lnr vendue, *,
to the atti.bimHit of tho abort oliS-oi, -*, out
��l lbun>.
Dsted thia lOt'i day of Oeteber wo,
dU SeKcfeinrfcr t!�� .*��� wlti-eas-tV
��. ..-���.**�� *,,��,e-*y**s>M*!u.>rfn.. ***?** '>���-. i. .��> mi- .
>p*at*mm'm*A. ikleaiiati ���*;,*;
>.y*�� ���. S; MISSING HUSSARS
Gen. Tale Marched Back to UdjMu th
by  Night���Two Transports Witli
Troops Arrive In South Africa.
London, Oot. 37.��� Tbe official announcement of  the joining  ot Gen.
White ami Gen, Yale 1ms corneas a
great relief, and all the more in view
of tbe fact that hit r dispatches have
shown that only tbe incapacity of the
intelligence department of the Boers
saved Geu. Vole's column from what
might have been a great disaster.
lt seems that on Friday Dundee was
foil of alarms. Heavy firing was heard
at 1 o'clock uud again at 4. A severe
tbonder storm food after stopped the
Boer caiiuouadc. Saturday parsed iu
the same i.iixious manner, iu momentary expectation of uu attack. Tbe
British dually evacuated, taking nil
that they could but leaving plenty behind for the Boers in loot. The appointments of the Boor hospital at
Dundee are described as very inadequate aud primitive. Thn Biers them
Belves, iu the absence of a unrsiug j*tuif,
got only scant attention.
Geu. Vale's column hud a very ix-
hanntiug inarch, chiefly, it is believed,
by night. Tho reason for a i igbtmarcli
is not given, but it was probably a fear
of Boer surprises. The very heavy
rains and mist hampered the maroh,
bnt were perhaps tbo means of saving
Gen. Yule from molestation. It took
the column twenty-four  hoars to oover
Friday. October UT.
A  revolution  has  broken out at Panama, ColumMa.
A new riii!;  will prolmbly lie  erected
by st. Paul curlers,
Montreal jaclitsuiun may challenge (or
tlio  America  cup  ucxt  year.
Tho city council hai Ueclilcd lo tnip.
pres�� yaml'ling iu Vancourcr.
President Weir, of the Ville Marie
hank,  has again been arrested.*
Treaty payment* to Indians are In
progress In the Battleford district.
Ten additional compound locomotives
for the o. P. tt, will he built at Kingston.
Mis? Gertrude Gurratt, of .Sintaluta,
Assa., has fallen Iwir, to a fortune ul
Sit- Thos. Upton leaves Ior England
Saturday and will l.e unablo Lo visit
Tho Filipinos liavw sent a delegation
to Itome to report against the Iniiiul-
tJon of the* friars.
Tlio Xew Voi-k Sun luia entered upon
Its legal Imt tie against the Typography
cal.union boycott.
Tho IliitlHli ��lii;i Zurich foundered off
tho Norwegian const and only the cap.
tn in   eM'iiriet!   drowning.
The will of the late Cornelius Viiniler.
hilt hn-H leou published. The estute
was valued at fTO.OU-u.OOO,
Two little boys, sunn of Jas. Howes,
a farmer, living 1*1 mill's east ot Our-
iiimi,   were  burned  to death,
Arrangeiueiits for constructing fifty
nilies of tin- Kdiuonloii district railway
will  lie completed next mouth.
Messrs. Watson, Logan and I'aterson
���".���MrohM'tl u uierllng at MUmeilosa lu
the Interests of (he Literal govern,
men tie
A by-law to raise 9100.000 for a via*
duct or subway in connection with c.
1'. I;, improvriueuts may l.e kuI nutted
to Winnipeg ratepayers.
Mr. J. I. Taru\ Dominion minister of
public works, has written Mr. C. N. Hell.
secretary of the hoard of trade, re St,
Andrews  rapids Improvements.
Sir. \V. J, White, of the Oaundiun Im.
migration department, states i,inn -set.
llers from Minnesota will this year
huve removed to western Canada by the
close of the season, 1
Thirty of 18th Hussars Brilliantly
Fought Their Way Aeross the
Blggar��berg���Boer Prisoners.
the last sixteen miles.  -
It is reported tbat Sir William Peon
Symons died on Wednesday, not yesterday, and was bnrled at Dundee yesterday.
The war office has received a telegram from Gen. White, dated Lady-
amith, Thursday, giving a list of the
captured Hussars, as cabled to the Associated Press yesterday, explaining
that be did not have tbe list nntil Geu.
Yule's force arrived today and adding
tbat he understood they were all alive,
but prisoners.
A belated dispatch sent from Glenooe
camp on Ibe uight of the battle iu that
vii inlty admits that few Boers, dead or
wounded, were found on the field, and
explains this by saying tbat the Beers,
in accordance witb tbeir custom, buried
tbeir dead and carried off their wonnded
immediately after they fell, those left
representing only tho casualties dnring
the last moments of firing.
The ouly news this morning consists
of more detailed accounts of the battles
already reported. A correspondent who
visited the hospital at Ladysmlth,
where the Boers' wouuded at Elands-
loagte are being tended, reports that
Geu. Jun Kook, wbo was badly wonuded in the thigh and shoulder, said thai
the advance of the patriots under Fnar,
withont guns, was simply with the object of cutting the railway, and that
this body was subsequently reinforced
withont Gen. Joubert's orders.
Gol. Sobiel, of the German corps.uml
Commandant Pretortus were both
severely wounded. Many prominent
Boers are uot yet accounted for. Philip
Kook says the Boers suffered most from
the "soldiers in little clothes, half men
and half women." meaning the Gordon
Highlanders, and in the charge of the
Fifth Lancers.
Durban, Oct. 87���Martial law has
been declared throughout Natal A
transport has arrived with a battalion
of the riflo brigade
Cape Town, Oct. 27���Tbe troopship
Zayathla, whose voyage from Liverpool
waa delayed by difficulties wilh her
machinery, has arrived
Durtiau, Natal, Oct 88���Ex-State Attorney Kosti-r, tho defender of Vou
Veltheim, the murderer of Woolf Joe],
at one timo tbe partner of the late Barney Barnato, was among Ihe killed at
Elandsaagto It le said bere Ool. Sobiel'��
German force wa. almost annihilated
at that battle.
BS    *-_**Hl_L   ��� I
Berlin, Oct. 87.���The Deutsohe Colonial Zeltung publishes an artiole
strongly deprecating any suggestion
tbat Germany should renounce her
claims In the Ssmoau Islands, and declaring a hope that, wherever the
German flag floats, it shall float for-
tleut.-Cot. Boohan Second hi Cotiitiiauil���
The Sardinia Sail. Tueiday.
Ottawa, Oot. 87.��� Dr. Bordeo, Hon.
R. W. Scott and Mr. James Sutherland
along with Gen. Hutton, wi-re busy
yesterday arranging matters in connection with the Canadian contingent.
The results of yesterday's work la
tbat the following will be the list of
officers: Lt.-Col. Otter, in command;
Lt.-Ool Buchan, of No. 1 repot, London, senior major, second in command;
Lt.-Cl. Pelletier, D.O.O., Quebec, junior major. Major Drummond, military
secretary to Lord Minto, chiet staff
officer; Oapt. MoDongall, R.O.R I.,
regimental adjutant; Major S. Deiscn,
R. 0. R. I., quartermaster; Major Bigger, 1/itli Battalion, Belleville, paymaster; Oapt. A. 0. B, Bell, Scots
Guards, Geu. Hutton's A.DC, In
ei-urge of Maxim guns. The speoial
staff officers will bo : Major Cartwright, assistant adjutant general;
Lieut.-Col. Lessard, Toronto, and Capt.
Forester, Toronto. Oue or two mon
officers will be attached to Ihis list
Tho chaplains are: Rev. Mr. Fuller-
ton, Presbyterian minister at Charlotte-
town, and Rev. Father O'Leary, Quebec. As there is no militia in the
Northwest, it has boen decided to send
Lieut. Lafferty, of Calgary, joint
subaltern iu the mouuted police, a*, an
extra officer to represent the Territories.
On Monday at noon tbo governor*
genera! will review tho treo is nt the
citadel, Quebec, and will address them.
A oivio address will also be presented
to ths coinuiauding officer and the contingent will go on board at frur
o clock. The Sardinian will sail at 11
o'olook Tuesday.
W. G. T. II. Convention.
Seattle, Wu., Oot. 87.���The National W. 0. T. U. olosed the 86th annual
convention and Bilver jubilee in Hus
oity yesterday, aud today will witness
Ihe departure of a largo number of delegates for tbe east. Some will remain
ou the Pacific coast visiting friends and
relatives, and n nnmber will go to
southern California.
Manila, Oot. 87���The Filipino congress has selected a commission of native priests to proceed to Rome and explain to the Pops the abuses and iniquities of the friars on the islands and
ask for a correcting intervention.
** a.       i
Found Oeitl.
Bat Portage, Ont., Oet. 88.���Joseph
Bt. Pierre, a laborer, was found dial
in the washroom of the Central honae
this morning. Hehad been drinking
last evening, and lt Is supposed be laid
down and choked to death. He waa
abont 38 years of age, and came from
Montesl or its vicinity. He bad ban
emp oyed on the O.P.R. hen.
Jacques Cartler Bask.
Montreal,  Oot.   ����.���The   Jaoqasa
Oartier bank dlreotors havt decided It
resume operations today.
Winnipeg*, Oct. 87.���Tho Ounadlan
FaoiH) Railway company has just
placed an order with the Canadian En.
giuo and Locomotive company at Kingston for ten additional compound consolidation engines, wbich an to be delivered early nest year.
Canadian Challenger.
Montreal. Oot 87.��� A syndicate,
beaded by W. Barclay Stephens, of this
oity, vice commodore of Ihe Royal St.
Lawrence Yacht olnb, is trying lo arrange for the bnilding of a Canadian
challenger lor tho America's cup next
year. The suggestion is made tbat it
should be done by popular subscription.
Santos, Brazil, Oct. 97.���Two fresh
oases of the Bubonic plague have oo-
curred here. This town is on the north
coast of the island of Engua Guace and
has a population of 8,000. e
London, Oot. it.���The war office hu
isscod the following:
I learn from unofficial sources
that the following officers, whose absence had not previously been noticed
by us, are prisoners in the enemy's
Eighteenth Hussars���Lt. Oo). Moller,
Major Dreville aud Capt. Pollock.
Dublin Fusiliers���Oipt. Lonsdale,
Lt. Lemeseui-ier, Lt. Garvice, Lt. Grim-
sbaw, Lt. Majondie, and Lt. Shore.
"It is presumed that the whole
squadron of the 18th Hussars, uuder
the command ot the officers named,
wen takon pr.souers."
A squadrou ot Hussar., usually consists of three troops of 88 men eaoh, so
that about 80 officers and men of the
18th Hussars were apparently captured.
Loudou, Oot. 80.��� A dispatch to tbe
Daily Telegraph from Ladysmlth, dated
Monday, says: "Thirty of the 18th
Hussars, who were seut to intercept the
retreat ot the Boers from Elaudslaugte
were cut off by tbe enemy. Under
Sergeant Baldrey tbey brilliantly
lougbt their way across the Blggars-
berg. tho enemy punning aud firing at
them at a rauge of 800 yards along the
passes. Tbey arrived here at 10 o'olook
this morning. Three of the troops are
missing owing to the break down of
their horses.   The Boen used a Maxim.
A lieutenant of the Hussars was
driven bsok to Glencoe. The Hussars
were fired at as far down as Moder-
The war office returns show that tbe
total British casualties since ihe beginning of hostilities reached 697, 18
officers having been killed and 66
woonded anl 78 men killed and 486
wounded. There are 18 unaccounted
for. This total, however, does not include tbe squadron of the 18th Hussars
whioh wont astray near Dundee and
the officers of the Dublin Fusilien.
The report of heavy losses sent from
Kletfontein came as an unpleasant surprise, as Gen. White's telegram to the
war oflice yesterday gave the impression that then was merely a brush.
The Dailly Mail has tbe following
from Pietermaritsbnrg, Natal, dated
Oot. 23 - "Ihe prooamation of martial
law throughout Natal lias given great
satisfaction. Among the Boer prison-
en at Ladysmlth are De Witt Hamer,
member of tbe road, for Barberton, and
Dr, Van Leggel, publio prosecutor at
Heidelberg, Among the killed waa
Mr. De Jong, secretary of Transvaal
educational department. It is now expected that General Jan Kook, the
Boor commander, will recover. General White gave him the option of being taken to Pretoria or remaining at
Ladysmitn and he chose the latter.
The heavy losses of the Kings Rifles at
Dundee seem to have been dne to the
blaok belts worn over the khaki, whioh
afforded an excellent target."
With unconscious humor, a Oape
Town correspondent telegraphed yesterday: "The censorship, whioh is always
a delicate matter, is working smoothly,
and withont a hitch" This exactly hits
the state of affaire today. An ominous
veil is still drawn over the movements
of General Sir George White aud General Yule Beyond tbe belated Lady-
smith dispatch concerning the Elands
laagte fight, still filtering in, the British publio is left in oomplete darkness,
and to conjecture over "cooked" war
office dispatches. Tbe ufllclals of the
war office last evening said that very
few dispatches have arrived, and tbat
nothing further was to be expected
until morning. Since it is practically
certain that Gen. Yule has now
effected a conjunction with Gen. White
���although tbis was not brought about
Tuesday night, as announced by the
Daily Mail���but aome time on Wednesday, and aa both are now in a position
of safety conjecture concerns itself
witb the manner of Gen. Ynle's ra.
Liverpool, Oot. 20.���The White Star
line steamer Germanic. Capt. Haddock,
whioh was to hate sailed from this
port today for New York via Queens
towu, collided wilh a steam hopper
barge iu the Morsey early this morning
and was compelled to pnt bn;k to her
dock. The extent of her damage is uot
known yet.
The details obtal ed -how that Ihe
Germauic, as she was leaving dock lo
take up her anchorage and get her passenger* on board, at 8 this morning,
had just cleared tho eutinuce lo the
dcok and was lying coiom tbe river
when, owing to the fog, u sleam hopper
baige raa lull speed into her port quarter, making a hole two feet square in
tbe steamer. The two vessels remained
looked together for tome time unit when
they olenred eoob otbor lt was seen that
tbe Germanic wus seriously damaged.
Her captain retained his damaged
steamer to the dock. She will not sail
for New York this trip. The barge
was able to continue toward, her destination,	
London, Oot. 96.���The sew Plymouth New York steamship tervloa
waa inaugurated today by the Hamburg-American line steamer Patricia.
A speoial line will he run from London
to Plymouth in connection with tha de-
pertare of the vessels engaged in tbis
asrvioe.     -
Berlin, Oot. 96.���Vandals have defaced the newly ereoted monuments In
tbe Sieges-Alee and the noses and
hands of seven of tbe emperor's ancestors have been demolished.
tho Popular tVJniilp.B Ofllc.r to Be Cap-
tnln of tl���. Western Company.
Ottawa, Oct. 80.��� A military general order issued today provides that
Major H. M. Arnold, Winnipeg, ia to
bs oaptain ot A company, vloe Oaptain
M. G. Blanchard, of Victoria, -wbo ll
to be lieutenant.
The Provincial Young Men'e Christian association of Ontario, with bead.
quarters at Toronto, has made application to the minister of militia to be allowed to send a representative along
with the Canadian contingent to tho
Transvaal, and Dr. Borden baa consented D. Barry, the college secretary, will aoooinpany the soldiers.
Oapt. MooDonnell, who was to command the Montreal oompany, is to be
made on adjutant and Oapt Fraser takes
Lord Minto and household go to Quebec to see tbe contingent off.
Had Forty-Two Wives.
Chicago, Oct. 28.���Forty-two wlvea
scattered throughout the world, four
of whom an in Ohioago, was the confession made today hy Walter Faros*
worth, a Chicago candy manufacturer,
wbo was arrested yesterday charged
with bigamy. Farnsworth al o admitted that he waa a man of many
allaies. Some of these an Chas.
Benneford, A. J. Hlttlg, A. L. Kiefer
and A. L. Bradshaw. "I cannot tell
exactly how many women I have married," said he: "I know of eleven tn
Europe, four in China, three in Pen,
oue in Eiigond, aud over twenty othen
tn different parts of the world; bnt
to save my eoul I could not tell howl
many I married them all for different
reasons They will all tell you I wat
good to them"
Has Had Healings With Aguinaldo.
Portland, Ore., Oot. 26���The On-
goniansays: The recall from his pott
of duty of R. Wildman, United States
consul general at Hong Kong, Is imminent. It is said that he is lo be relieved from duty for cause, and the
"cause" is his prominence witb the
affaire of Aguinaldo, ihe Filipino rebel. The successor to Wildman will be
Dr. Edward Bedloo, United Sattes consul at Cautou wbo was recently called
to Washington.
Ocean Steamer Ashore.
Atlantic Oity, N.J., Oot. 26.���A
large ocean steamer has gone ashore on
the shoals iu n dense fog. The lifeonw
has gone to the assistance of the vessel.
It turns out that it is the James Tur
pie, from a Mediterranean port, for
New York, with a general cargo. She
is reported in a favorablo condition
and will get off on high tide.
Montreal, Oct 86.���Hon. Peter Mitchell was fonnd dead In his room at
tbo Windsor hotel this morning. Too
cause of death has not yet been ascertained, bnt It it aid to be due to heart
failure. Since hit defeat in 1891,
"Sir" Peter, aa he was called by hll
intimate friends, had been living for
the most part at Windsor, with oooa-
tlonal visits to his former home at
North Cumberland, N.B, and bla
health bu not beeu of the teat for a
year or more. Ho bu bad at different
timet fainting fits, which canted hia
friends alarm,
Yellow lack la the Honth.
Washington, Oot. 85.���Latest reports
from tbe surgeon-general ot the marine
hospital service, Surgeon John Murray,
at Key West, says that Cuban phytic-
iant there raport only the most marked
cases of yellow fever. New onset reported forty-eight boon prior to the
clow ot business last nlgbt numbered
twenty-live, two being among the gar.
rison. In tbe tame period tberj wen
two deaths. Reports of the surgeon-
general are alto to Ihe effect that than
wen two new fever < aaea at New Or-
Kraut Allen Head.
London, Oct. 26 ���Grant Allen, Ibe
anthnr, who hu boon in ill health for
some time past, is dead.
Kingston, Ont, Oot. 26.���J. A.
Allen, father of Grant Allen, who
lived in England, received a cablegram
tcday announcing his ton's death this
An Altona Store Burglarised.
Altona, Man , Oct, 2(1.��� Tbe st re
of A. Giesbreoht, geueral mer li tnt
bere, was broken into lost uijilit and
goods to the value of 1800 taken. The
burglan gained admittance by remov*
big a pane of glass from the side window. Then is no clue as to who the
guilty oues are.
Ilmmday, Orlol.ir SO.
The iiaetora of ti iiuilpp*? will lake e
church cenaua.
Hon. l'etei- Mltrlicll wa. found dead Is
a Montreal liulcl.
Mr. File, ili-almu-i- ot tin- sr-amrcck, I.
���till .erloual*- III.
Oranl Allen, tlio Canadian novelist
died In   London, l-'iiu;,
An Altona, Man., .tore waa i-olilied o:
#800 worth nf  K'uoila.
Til. ocean .leuiuei- .lame- Tlirplo ll
a.liore on Atlantic City alioale.
Lleet. tlm. indium., ol Brlll.li Ool.
utulila. I. eu' route to Ottawa,
Nov. lllllli luia Loaf) proclaimed Thank*..
Sivlug Day In   tin- United .state..
Me.ara. Watson, Ki-aet-r nud Lognn ad.
dressed a  nirellui- at (llad.tone, Man,
Two woll-drcaaeil youu-r men worked a
confidence game on tt'liiiilpt-a niereliuiit.
Mr. Andrew Onruevle will donate $00,
000 tuwari]*i a free pulilln lltirary al
Humors of .erlou. "ui-el-in oewpllca.
tion. liar. Inil-rlvil on Urltl.li naval pi'..
The director,, nt tliu Jae'iuea Cnrtl.l
bank hove decided to reaume liualnea,
operation*. >
Ur. Michael llavllt. M. I'.. Im. fllinoune.
ed hi. resignation a. a prote.t against
the Bod' war.
A .lilt over a 910,000 not., llrainord
Lunili.r Co. l.. J. A. Christie, ia in pro.
Ip-e.a In  Wlniiipes;,
U. S. Oonanl IVIidinnn, nt IlntiK Konn,
haa beeu removed, a. he bad nrlvat,
dealing, with Aguinaldo.
The tl'h'.to Star liner Germanic wae
ruu Into by a hopper barge In the Mer.
tty, and badly' damaged,
Major and Mr.. McMillan, head of tlie
Northweat province of the salvation
army, are leaving the district.
Mr. eliamlierlulu, tho chief colonial
..cr.lary, discussed the attitude uf th.
Irl.h member, ou the Trau.vaal war.
Capt. J. N. C. Kennedy, of Winnipeg,
ba. lieen appointed to an important
poeltlmi In tlio lli-ltl.h Trniiavonl forces,
A movement ha. beon .tart.d In Chi,
cogo to gather the French peopl. In
America Into tbo Independent Catbolle
A dally train ..rvlce on tb. Columbia
and Itoliann branoh wa. promised tor
Monday by I'i��.ldent Mhaiigbneeef at a
meeting In   lli-ltl.h Columbia, D. 0,
Wheat���Manitoba No 1 hard at Fort
William, 68tfo
Floor���OgUvie't Hungarian patent,
11.90; Glenora, 11,70; Manitoba strong
baken', 1.60; -SXXX, |1.16; Lake of
the Woods pa ent.|1.90, strong baken',
11.70; second baken', 11.41; XXXX
11.90 per sack of 98 pounds, delivered
in Winnipeg.
Millfeed���Bran 111, shorts (18,
Ground Feed���Beet Oat onop, (20
per ton; mixed barley and osts,��18.00;
barley chop, 18; Oiloake, |94 per too.
Oats���97 to 28c on track, Winnipeg.
Barley���20 to 28c for feed; malting,
81 to 88c, car lots.
Flax���For ileon new used |1.00 to
11.06 per busnel.
Wheat���At oountry jointa, SI to 68o
per bushel.
Hay���Baled, 88 60 on track, Winnipeg; Loose, 86 to 8*1.
Butter���Creamery, 29o at tbe factories; dairy, 16o for finest grades.
Cheese���l2o per pound delivered at
Eggs���Strictly fresh, 17a
Vegetables���Potatoes,86o per bushel;
citron, iH to so per pound; carrots,
860 per buabel; parsnips, 1J{0 per
pound; otuliflower, 00 lo 760 per doa;
onion,, lo to l^u per pound; cabbage, 810 to 819 per ton; turnips, 90c
per bushel; celery, rt to 80<> per doaen
bunches; pumpkins, 7oo to 11.60 per
dozen; squath, lo per pound; Hubbard, 1)|0; marrow, 80 10 6O0 per doa.
Seneca root���860 per pound.
Hides���Inspected hides. No. 1, 1 to
7*o; No.2,6 to e.Ho; No.8, 6 to 6^0.
Branded bides grade No. 2, and built
No. 8. Kip, 6 to 6^0; oall, 80; dea-
kin skins, 96 to 88c eaoh; sheepskins.
fresh killed, 40c each; oountry skint
and lambs, 800 each; borsebidee, 6O0
to 76o each.
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba fleece, 7
to 80 per pound.   None utferi-ig.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to choice,
8 to OHo; mutton, 6 to lOo; lamb, 10
to llo; veal, 7 logo; pork, 7oper lb.
Poultry���Fowls. 66 to 66c per pair;
spring ohiokens, 40 10 too per pair;
dnoks, 6O0 per pair; geese, 60 to 6C0
eaoh; tarkeys. iu 10 I leper ponnd.
Game���Teal ducks, 1 to; fall ducks,
90 to 96c; mallards,80 to 860 per pair;
tmall geese and wavies, 6O0; large
geese, 76c.
Tallow���Hi to 8>$o per pound.
Cattle���Eipirt steers, off can, Winnipeg, iii to S.'jo; butchers' grades,
8 to 8^0.
Sheep���Ohoioe animals, off can, 40
per pound ,
Hogs���Choice, tc off oars.
Milch Cows���New, 826 to 146
Horses���Purtly broken western from
160 to 1100; will broken southern and
eastern of medium weight* aud sixes,
1126 to 817*1 i-noli.
Pay In SCRIP for Dominion Lands ud
Save 20 per dent. Discount.
For full Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any ofSee of the MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or the Weal.
Reported  by Alloway * Champion,
Stook Broken, Winnipeg.
m      at
in      ite
WarEarlo       I>0
Payne ,        --��
Commercial Cable	
Bcii-* oat, n.v. ...:;..
DuluthPre/erred... .
O. K.W.Land	
8Can.PM,B*y. Montreal.
rn.Pee.R-y. Leodoa..
Money on call	
Modern Invention hat aot yet produced a device for subjecting a dog day
to the cold storage process.���Exchange.
The city girl, wbo spent ber vacation
on a farm, Imagined sbe hsd solved the
meaning of "Pasteurised milk." She
saw the cows feeding from tbe pasture.
Whnt could be almplerT-St. Louis Star.
Newport people are complaining tbsl
the weather has treated tbem badly.
Tbey ure not much worse off than oilier
people, to be snro, but why ia not nn ex-
ci-ption made ia favor of Newport y-
Bostou Transcript.
Dont place the cot la a position when
the light will fell on the child's eyes, nor
la a draft.
Don't hang curtains around tbe cot
Children need plenty ot air, especially
when sleephg.
Dim't allow a child to sleep with sn
elder person. Its net will be lets disturbed snd mon beneficial clone.
Don't tneke up the baby's bed on tbt
inr. The air Is most pernicious nesr
.ne Hour aad purest la the ailddls of tke
Quoted by Alloway k Champion,
868 Main street, Winnipeg.
Re.cbam.rke.. 80.CS 1-4
Anetrlan (Julian �� W
Follaad OelMm at
ranea , UU
Ruelan Rouble. MM
l-lnnlab Markka. In 14
itSSJaLir.::;:::::::::"::.'";.'":::'.:!! :u
Bank of Kncland
_, ..Si
uetn I.S9
Vancouver, Oot. 24 Chat   Crane,
a O. P. R. brakeman. had ' hit hand
baaly cruthed this n.orolog whllr
oonpling can. Thne flngen had lo be
New York, Oct. 94 ��� Slnco the lOti
instant diamonds In the rough have ad
vanced twice, In each esse Ave per
cent,, making a total intr.aae lu prior
ot 68 per cent, during lhe last sis
months. So far Ihe cnt diamonds have
not been affected, but u toon u tbe
rough stouee in put on the market, a
proportionate rise In coat will result in
the flni-hed product.
Spain can look at nance and realise
tbat then la al leatt one condition
worts than tbat of a whipped nation.
By C W. 1 tah.1Ti Natl.. bTE
iliivl. I "rantf an* tk. *��
uoyle.     I    eutacy of Bto Aiaa.   S
Tbe trnvelere from beyond Monde*
had having reached Kaladoongle were
discovered to be men of consequence
by the thanadar and were Invited by
him to join tbe circle of tbe greal
round his are on the evening of their
irtlval. It waa very warm, nnd the
dismal alienee was only accented by the
distant bowl of a lonely jackal. Tbe
sheet lightning flickered Utfully over
the foothills, mocking tbe gasping Te*
ral with Its faint promise of a coming cbauge.
Tlio conversation round the Are flagged, and the hookah passed languidly
from hand to hand. Those present
would bavo retired to sleep had sleep
been possible, but as tbat was a consummation not easily attained at this
leosou of tlio year they preferred their
present miseries to those tbnt co.se In
Ibe wakeful uight watches when tbe
Toral Is othlrst. Ham De-en's arrival
was a nightly boon to those wbo wore
wont to assemble round the tbnna-
dor's Ore. There was alwaya the possibility ot bis having news, and, besides,* men seemed to acquire fresh
vitality Horn contact witb bis rigorous
personality. The strangers were especially grateful for his arrival, and
when he bad taken bis usual place beside the Ore tbe hookah waa at once
passed to blni.
"Any tldlugs conch wan JIT Inquired the tlmnuilnr.
"None, sahib, save that the great
frog In the well at Ul Kooab-wbo Is
as old ns tbe well nud wiser than most
men-gave voice just ere I started, and
the liiinula said It was a sure sign of
in in within two days, ns the frog's
warning bad never been known to
"Nana Debl send It be so." exclaimed
the little carrier, "for my bullocks he
starved for tbe lack of green food, and
bhoosn (cbalf) Is past my means."
���'Thou sbouldst not complain, door
Dim." said Hum Deen, with a smile.
"Their very leanness Is thy passport
through the jungle. Fatter klne bail
been devoured and tbeir driver witb
tliein long ere this,"
Hint of danger that might be encountered In the jungle having, thus
been given, one of the strangers was
moved to ask concerning tbe lame
litter of Iliildwiinl, part of whose
biography they had beard from Ram
Deen at Lai Koonli on the previous
"Conch wan jl, wast thou not afraid
to carry the mall after the slaying of
thy hostler, Nandba?"
"Those wbo carry the queen's mall
may not stop for fear. Nevertheless
fear rode with me a day and a night
after the death of Nnndha."
"It is a great telling," said tbe little
carrier, nodding nt tbe wayfarers,
while Ram Deen "drank tobacco."
When Ram Deen bad passed the
hookah to his neighbor, be went on:!
"Brothers, on the day that Nnndha
was carried off by the tiger I sent
word to the postmaster of Nalul Tai
concerning tbe killing, gnd the outgoing mall brought me word that the
sircar (government) would send me
help. Ye kuow that a tiger kills not
two days In succession. So I had no
fear when I traversed the road to and
from Lai Kooah till the second day
after the slaying of Nandha. Ere I
started on that morning tbo munshl
tola mo to drive to the dak bungalow
for a sahib who bad been sent to slay
the sliiyer of men. Brothers, when I
went to tho dak bungalow tbere came
forth to me a man chlld-n Farlngi-
wliose chin was aa smooth at the palm
or my bond.
"I would have laughed, but that I
thought of the tiger that I knew would
be waiting for ut, and, taking pity on
bim, I mid: The jungle hereabouts Is
full of wild fowl, aahlb, and 'twere
pity, wben shikar la ao plentiful, yon
ahould waste this morning looking for
a budniasb tiger who will not come
forth for two days aa yet.' He answer
ed me nover a word, bnt went into the
dak bungalow for something be had
forgotten, and while be was gone his
butler spake to me, snylug: 'Coach
won. moke no mistake; tby life depends upon thy doing the sahib's bidding. He Is a very Rustum, aud he
kuoweth not fear, for all he Is so
young.' 'He It a man after my own
heart, then, sirdar; but, tuashnllah, I
would he had a beard!' I replied.
"Presently tbe young sahib came
forth wilh an empty bottle In one
biiiui "ud n ana la the otber. Throw.
Jog tbe bottle Into the air, he shattered
It with a bullet ore It reached the
ground. Startled by the report, a
Jackal fled from tbo rear of the cookhouse toward the jungle, and the sahib
stopped Its flight with anothor bullet.
Then, replenishing his gun, ho took hit
aeat beside me on tho mall cart, aay.
The fast New England pacer, McJoe,
8:11%, is now racing with hobbles.
Bonnstells, 2:10"*i is said te be lhe
fastest trotting mare- ever owned lu Chicago,
Arhutesku. J.-09%, the Osatdlsn pacing stallion, is one of the handsomest
horses on the big ring.
Hei Dlllsrd, SI.O-H4, Is the only stallion
witb a record below 2-06 te sin a performer witb a mark below 2:06.
The foreign buyer, have an eye on
Aegon Btsr, 2:1% by Aegou, aud It is
quite likely that he may cross the pond.
Lockhesrt, 2:1*1,4, has two good new
2*20 npreeeutatlves ia Jimmy King,
tilVri, trotting, aud Royal L, 2:18%,
J. L. Tsrltoa ot Lexington, Ey.. hat a
green mare, by Cheyenne, that le Mid to
have trotted close to 2:18 with lata thaa
thne month.' handling.
Confessor, 2:14%, winner ot the recent nine heat nee at Old Orchard, has
twice gene through the auction rlag. O.
L.. Visard, his present owner, paid 8270
fer him.
W. L. Baow hss the distinction of being the only msn who ever drove two
horses Into tbs 2.-05 list In tbe ume
week. He did It at Cleveland with Hal
B aad Aaaalaa.
ing, -Blow on thy bugle, coach wan,
and announce our coming to Shero
Bahndoor, his majesty the tiger.'
"It was a brave jawan (youth),
brothers, but be was very yonng, and
belike he bad a mother, so I swon in
my beard to rave him whatever might
befall. Aa we proceeded be queetloned
me concerning the killing ot Nandba,
apeaklng lightly u one Wbo goeth to
shoot black partridge.
"'He ia lame, coach wan, and will
doubtless be waiting for us by the
Bore bridge,' said tbe sahib. *Aa toon
as ho appears stay tbe hones for an
instant while 1 get off tbe mall cart,
and then return when yonr horses will
let you.'
" 'Bethink tbee, ublb,' I answered;
the lame one of Huldwanl la old and
cunning. It Is no fawn thon aeekest
tbis morning. Perchance tbe tlrcar
will dispatch aome great shikari to
help thee in thie hunting. Qunga tend
vte may not meet the tiger, but If we
should, shame befall me It I permit
thee to leave tbe mall cart while the
horses ara able to runr
"For anawer, my brothers, the sahib
flushed red and, calling me a coward,
he drove hie elbow Into my stomach
with such force that the nlna fell from
my hands. Taking tbem up, the while
I fought for my breath, be turned the
horses round, nylng: 'A Jackal may
not bunt a tlgerl 1 have need of a man
with me this morning, and Goor Deen,
my butler, shall lake thy place.'
"'The sahib, being a man, will not
blacken my face In the eyee of Kaladoongle,' I aald. 'I tpake for thy uke,
uhlb, but I will drive thee to Jehan-
dtim an thou wilt, for no man hath
ever colled me coward before.' Then
the sahib looked In my face, as I tucked the ends of my beard nnder my
puggrl, and, seeing that my eyes met
bis four square, he gave np the reins
to me, saying, 'If thon playest me
false, I will kill thee like a dog,' and he
showed me tbe hilt of a pistol tbat he
had In hta pocket. We spake no more
together, but when we came to the
Bore bridge I shook tbe Jungle with a
blast from my bugle,
'"Slmbash, coach wan!' exclaimed
the sahib. Thou art a man Indeed and
Shalt have Shen Bahndoor's skin at
recompense for the hurt to tby
stomach.   Bid him come again.'
"Half a mile beyond the bridge, aa
we sped along the level road above the
river, I again blew upon the bugle.
Tho sound bad acarcely ceased when
we beard Ihe angry roar of a charging
" 'Stop!' exclaimed the sahib, and 1
threw the frightened bones on their
haunches, while lie*- leaped to the
ground. Then, while the bones flew
along tho road, I looked back over my
ahoulder nnd beheld the Lame One
bound to the middle of the road, and
the sahib blew on his flngen at one
would whistle to a dog. Tbe gnat
beast etopped on tbe Instant and
crouched to the ground, ready to spring
on the ublb as be advanced toward It,
and I prayed to Nana Debl to befriend
the young fool,
"When be was within 30 paces or to
from tho tiger, the uhlb baited and
brought the gun to his shoulder. The
next Instant there was tbe crack of a
rise, and the Lame One leaped straight
Into the air.
"1 knew the tiger waa dead, and Immediately thereafter tbe mall cert ran
Into tbo bank nnd spilled me on the
road. Leaving tbe stunned horses tied
to a tree, I proceeded to seek tbe sahib. Wah Jl, wah, brothers, we must
pay taxes to the Farlngls until we can
raise sons like theirs. When I Joined
tbe boy ublb, he was smoking and
taking tho measure of the tiger with
a tape! His bullet had struck the
beast between the eyes, and the Lame
One had died at the hands of a man.''
"Finished work should show no trace
of work."  Thus uys Mr. Whistler.
Joel Chandler Harris bat a horror et
tbe thester. He hss never iu his life
been kuown to eoter the doors of oue
except to bear a reading by Jamee Whit-
comb Riley,
James Laos Allen lives most of the
time in New York. Mr. Allen Is s Mil,
spectacled man, very retiring, wbo carries his avoidance ef penonal publicity
almost to tbs point of eccentricity.
Befon Frederick 8. Church began to
study sit he was a soldier In the civil
war and an express messenger. He recently declared thst he would be perfectly bsppy could he paint but one picture a year and destroy that It, whea
Balshed, he did not approve of It.
Now that England repudiate, him, per-
bap. Willie Waldorf could palm himself
off as a China Aator.-St Paul Globe.
If the Anglo-Saxon alliance can stand
tbe Astor strsln, It seems strong enough
for almost sny eld pull.���Omaha World-        ,
Herald. \
It looks as It William Waldorf Astor ���
had spelled hit welcome both la Europe
end America, He may lad himself compelled to camp ant la the Aaone.���Washington Star,
Almost Completely Prostrated witb Nervous Disorders���Made
well again by using Dr. Cbass's Nerve Pood.
The close attention required by the busy dressmaker to
the minute details of her art is most trying on the nerves, and
after the rush of business last spring Mrs. M. B. Hungerford,
of 31 Main street, Binghampton, N. Y., found her nerves
exhausted and was threatened with complete collapse of the
nervous system.
She writes: " I have had severe attacks of nervous trouble
and was threatened with prostration as a result of close attention to fine work. In Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food I have
found an excellent remedy for my form of trouble.
" Being also constipated I used Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills along with the Nerve Food, taking one Nerve Food Pill
after each meal, and one Kidney-Liver Pill-three times a week
before retiring. This treatment I can most heartily recommend
for it has made me well again."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Does not deaden the "hernia, nor doe* it -Mtrttitate the nerves
to over-exertion. It does make new, red corpuscles in the
blood and nourishes the nerves back to health and strength.
Fifty cents a box at all dealers, or Edmanson, Baths & Co,,
Toronto. %
la  Watch  Whs  Pinched   While  He
Jollied a Stranger.
Oue day when Cnesnr was leaning up
[iilnst n wooden Indian In front of
nit us* cigar store, halt way between
���e Forum and tbe Republican central
unnilttee headquarters, he was accosted
i' �� Bunko Bteerer with e Green Grip
id the finest set ot lilacs that ever
ilit tbe Breese.
"Hello," said tbe Bunko Bteerer,
inven't I seen you before?'*
"I don't think you hare. Jo Jo," said
lesar, wbo was Dead On. "I never
as In tbe Penitentiary myself, and If I
er saw you outside of the Bastlle it's
mighty good thing for you I wasn't
Policeman. Yon look a good deal like
Local Option Sentiment tn a German
Hinge. How much will you Take for a
Ip from that Foliage Plant on your
���ce to Seed my Lawn with?" Caesar
as one of the greatest Joshers In Rome
tbe Time, and It Tickled him to Guy
e Rube, although be Savvied his Graft
I tbe while.
The Bunko Man pretended not to no-
* that he was a Jnahmark and dropped
s Grip on the btdewalk. "Ain't you
ilonlus Applesecdus, from over ut Pom*
���y's Crossing?" ht asked. He didn't
tow Caesar from a Fever Blister, but
��� thought he might make the Graft
Uuesnr enjoyed ihe whole thing more
an a ,/udy show. "Not on Your Little
f>d Shawl," he said, "I'm the Iceman.
iu*re on the Wrong Sidetrack, Uncle.
ni'il better consult an Oculist. Here's
i egg that some chicken laid In your
air," be said, handing tbe Bunko Mnn
i egg that he carried aronnd to use
Sleight of Hand Tricks that be Fre-
ently did for the boys.
1'he Bunko Man saw tbat be bad
ruck a Dead Game Sport and Passed
. Caesar went Inside tbe Cigar Store.
ire me Jolly the Rube," he said, drop-
ng a Nickel in the Slot und Winning a
Uilfill cf I'ei'fcctos.
Brunts laughed fit to Kill and Put seller handful of Stogies into the Per*
Hn Box.
'While you  were Jollying the Easy
ark," he said, "be touched you fot
mr Watch."
Zaonar looked down and Saw tbnt it
IH So.
History does not Record what lie said,
t ll was Uotstuff.���Rlnmim-k Tflhune.
marl's Liniment Cures Dijhtheria.
w a Dnnkeii Hatband Wat Made I
apatbbtio ubnn.
lhe writes:���"I had for a long Ume been
nklngof trying the Samaria Prescrlp-
n treatment on my husband for his
nklng habit,, but I waa afraid he wonld
oover that I was giving him medicine,
i the thought unnerved me, I beeltated
> nearly a week, hut one day when he
no home very much Intoxicated and
week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
all fear and determined to make aa
irt to save our home from the ruin I
r coming, at all hasards. I sent for
ir Samaria Prescription and pntltln
ooffoe as dlreoted next morning and
tohed and pnyrd for the result. Al
in I gavo him mon and also at supper,
i nover suspected a thing, and I then
Idly kept right on giving if regularly,
ad discovered something that set evt.,
nre In my body tingling with hope *m*
aptness, and I could see a bright futur,
eul out b*iforome-a peaceful, happy
me, a ehara In the good thinge of life, an
entire, loving husband, oemtorts, and
irythlng else dear to n woman's heart,
> my husband had told ms that whiskey
s vile stuff and he was taking a dislike
It  It wat only too true, for befon 1
another lot to have on hand If he should
.pee, as he had done from his promises
ore. He never has, and I am writing
i this letter to tell you how thankful I
i. I honestly believe It will oure the
rat oases.
L pamphlet In plain, sealed envelops,
it free, giving testimonials nd full In-
matlon, with directions how to uke or
sinister Samaria Prescription. Corn-
indenoe considered sacredly conllden-
!*. -*��*S 5he S��martaBemed]r 0c,
rdan street, Toronto, Ont
Dill-rill* Literary Sot-*..
"lie .���-"'....ie Liter-try club bus gout
the svasliorv tor Its anuuiil Imtli.
lur lite, try departineiil la absenl
im tbe p* er this week, the editor ol
baring taken a contract to grade t
Jajor Jones' new novel will bo out
the 1st or September. In foci, tbi
ijor says It will lie $W> out.
"be lllllvllle Lei-lure bureau bas beet
let this week. All tbo women or.
tho seashore.
I literary supper for the benelit ol
��� town hall will lie given oue uight
st week. Ilarbeciied lamb will bt
t feature of the evening.
iVhlle one of our leading literary
in was peacefully plowing In bit
Id last week some iiilsciennt stol,
i shirt and hia entire library, tin
ter consisting of Rituynu'* "I'll
m's Progress" and two bound vol
iee of Tbe Congressional Itecord.-
lauta Constitution.
art's Lliliai Pro flutf li ton
'��d sulphur sparingly, at It will cause
iiiiiatlain or leg weakaesa.
f cornmeal must be fed, bnke It with
ml uud crumble It iu sweot milk,
keep tbe duet bath always ready. Use
earth, or sifted coal aahss, adding a
lu lime.
'ouug and old fowls require enOcleat
rllioiie food to keep then in a thrifty,
wing condition.
���uekllngs and chickens should oot be
it together.   The ducks will ruu over
ebick. without compunction.
lie pro8t  iu  raising turkeys cones
ni tbeir ability to pick up a good living
themselves most ef the time.
f tbs most prolific hens an retained
I the worthless ones marketed, a de-
Mi improvement will soon result,
o long ae youug chicks an doing well
ler your system of feeding. It Is not
eaaary to bother about any other ays-
Vblte ground clam on oyater shells Is
eilent ter layers, the chicks need
nnd bone, and they should havs a sup-
barred corn on tbe cob Is one of the
t ways to teed charcoal to fowls.
thing Is better tor bowel trouble.���St.
lis Republic,
Two ef Tfcesa.
What Is a sphere of Inuuenee, John
nryl" asked.Mn. Bnngge. who bad
ii reading about tbe African aud
Stic disputes ot the Bnropeun notions.
In* summer," replied Ur. Snagga, "tbt
.ball Is tbe sphere of Influence, while
the autumn It la Ibe fmitba!l."-Pltte-
'g Chronlcle-Teleiriiiph.
url'i Liiiiut Cm Dlstmper.
A Woman's Borne.
The problem of building u home Is one
that cannot be worked with rules. A
womun's borne Is tbe perfection of ber
temperament. It can be nothing more;
lt Is nothing less, and tbe sooner she
broadens her mind and deepens her heart
the sooner she will live happily. Bnt If
she goes around smiling like a Cheshire
cat and putting in her valuable time trying to be a benediction while her husband and children are worrying through
life on dried meats and baker's bread
she will find tbat a little more housekeeping r.nd a little less bomemaklng
would Improve matters materially. To
live happily any place, In a home or out
of it, requires a constant drain upon one's
common sense, and If a young woman
taking up her trade as a horae builder expects to become a success by reading the
"helpful bints to young wives" she is
making a mistake. She would spend ber
time better reading the advertisements
in the back of tbe magazine, finding important but not soul stirring facts about
soaps, baking powder, linen, silver, stove
and floor polishes and canned goods, for
these things are indeed of the earth
earthy; but, although David Harum says
a man's beart lies close to his breeches
pocket, there is no denying the important
fact that an easily accessible gateway
thereto Is found about three inches above
bla collar button.���Elm Ira Telegram,
RIbks Always the Same,
Although mauy jewelers advertise
"something new in rings," the fact remains that they are but slight variations
of tbe styles In vogue at the time Moves
piloted the children of Israel out ot the
bondage of Egypt. Rings arc alluded to
In the Bible In the books of Genesis and
Exodus. They have been found among
the relics of prehistoric races, tbe stone
age, the bronze age and the age of the
mound buitders. Herodotus mentions
that the Babylonians wore them, and
from Asia they probably were Introduced
Into Greece.
The rings worn In early times were not
purely ornamental, but had their significance as signet rings. A king's messenger delivering a message and exhibiting
the king's signet as authority was obeyed
implicitly. The Romans had a marriage
ring of Iron witb a jewel of adamant, signifying eternity and constancy. History
mentions a magic ring possessed by King
Solomon, of which the Jews and Mohammedans havt abundant traditions. It
was by means of tbis ring as n talisman
of wisdom and power that Solomon wns
enabled to perform those wonderful acts
and accomplish those vast enterprises
that have made his name so celebrated
as the wisest monarch of the earth. The
later Romans wore a profusion of rings,
and the more effeminate had rings for
summer and winter
How to Tilt tho Hot.
Tha arrangement of the hair In tho
nape of the neck is one which creates
great difficulties In millinery mutters.
Nothing is mora terrible or disfiguring to
the contour of tbe face than a gap between tha crown of the bat and the
colls of the hair. Yet many, many girls
are to be seen who allow themselves to
be auch objects,
A veil brought around thickly under
the chlu and tied above the brim somewhat mitigates tbe evil, but tt exists,
nevertheless, and another oue attendant
on It���vis, the angle at which the hat is
worn, setting hi absolutely a straight
Hue across the head, aud coming low
down on the forehead, with the result
that becomingncss Is reduced to a minimum.
The angle for the hat when the coiffure
Is low 1b slightly off the forehead wben
the comb, now so much in vogue, Is Inserted at the base of tlio crown coils.
Then the hnt tips slightly downward.
Another method of disguising the vacuum between the crown and coiffure Is to
have a half circle uf flowers, preferably
crush roses, beneath tbe brim: but this
Is only wbeu tbe bnt Is of a fancy straw.
such as the glossy kind which this season
hu introduced to us.
Teachers' Employment Onreaa,
"In several of our large cities there art
established teachers' agencies, which are
really professional 'intelligence offices/ In
them are kept the nnmes of all thoBe who
havt' made applications for positions,
with Information and references concern-
lug them, these items being at the service of nny one desirous of obtaining a
teacher," says The Ladies' Hume Journal. "The rundldnte pays to the agency
about $2 for the privilege of having ber
name registered and about 5 per cent of
her salary for one or two years after securing a position. The agency is In correspondence with schools and teachers all
over the country, and in tbis way a large
number of positions ore obtained."
OrlolB of tho Pan.
The use of the fan originated in China
and sprang from the following Incident!
A royal princess, very beautiful, was assisting at the feast of lanterns, her face
covered with a mask, as usual. The excessive heat compelled her to remove It,
and In order to guard ber features from
the common gait she moved It quickly
to and fro In front of her face, thus
simultaneously biding her charms and
cooling her brow. The idea was at once
adopted throughout tho kingdom. Catherine de' Medici carried the first fan from
Italy ever seen in France, and In the
time of Louis XIV tho fan covered with
jewels was worth a small fortune.
Bath For tho Hair.
Light hair should be washed often ami
dried in the suu. A tnblcspoouful of
household nminonln added to each basin
of water used In washing assists materially In keeping It light, Dark hair
ahould be dried In the shade, or it will
fade In streaks. But If tho dark haired
girl wishes to lighten her tresses without
��� blench she can accomplish something
In tbat direction by adding borax to the
water and, after drying the hair lu tho
shade, giving It a "sun bntb" as often
as practicable. During the sun bath Ihe
hoir should be spread and shaken out
constantly, that the rnys may reach all
tht roots alike.
Tea Tahlo Btl��aette.
A hundred years ago titers was a
quaint tea table etiquette. It waa con*
aldered a lack of courtesy to tako much
cream or sugar In one's tea. Etiquette
demanded that tbe tea should be tnsted
from tbe spoon and that the hostess
should then Inquire, "Is your ten agree-
able?" Modern women would bo shocked
by a fashionable lady of those days who
cooled her tea with her breath. Vet
Vonng wrote of a certain bewildering Lady Betty:
Her two rod Dps affected sephyrs blow
l'o cool the Bohea nnd Inflame tbe beau,
Whilo ont white finger and ��� thumb compile
Ve lift tbt flap tud make Uw world admire.
Ala* Aaxloaa Ahoat tt.
"1 would Ilk* to know," aald the gruff
old father to tba yonng roan wbo bad
boon calllog with considerable frequency, "whether you an going to
marry 017 daughter?"
"So would I," answered the diffident
young man. "Would you mind asking
herf-Chlcago Post
Ateoaattns rov th* Shortest,
"Brlmble teems to bave a good deal
more money than brains."
"Yea. AU be Inherited from bla father waa tbe money.',-Cleveland Plain
Permanently Cured of Asthma, Clarke's
Kola Compound Caret.
Mr. F. J. Paintou- tbe well-known proprietor
ot Puinton's Music Store, Vancouver, B. 0.,
writes: "I have been a great sufferer from
asthma In Its worst form for over four years,
verv often having had to alt up nearly all night.
I bad consulted physicians both In England
ond Canada without obtaining any permanent
relief and tried many remedies with the same
result. A friend who hud been cured by Dr.
Clarke's Kola Compound advised me to fry lt.
And three bottles have entirely cared me. It Is
now nearly two years since my recovery, and
asthma has not troubled ine since.  I feel very
Srateful to Dr. Clarke for introducing this won-
erfnl remedy. I havu frequently recommended lt to others suffering as I was, and do aot
know of a single case where the required number of bot ties liavo been taken that lt lias failed
to cure. Bee tbat you get Clarke's Free sample
bottle rent to anypereon. Mention this paper.
Adnress The GrfmttiH ts Macnherson Co., 121
Church street, Toronto, or Vancouver, B. 0.
sole Canadian agents.
Some Wise Tliouiclita Whipped Into
n llnmorona Form.
As a matter of vonrsc, the real sharp
man cuts the must Ice,
Perchance the "blue book" Is the book
that Is never i-eta)d.
Door a light headed, lantern jawed
cyclist need auy other lump?
A womnu likes to visit tbe bargain
counters und then count'er bargains.
The game or golf a man pluys is really
110 stronger than its weakest link.
The funeral bell knows when any ouo
passes away, because it is tolled by somebody.
It's bard for a woman with a new lint
nt church to get It off ber mind. She'd
rather keep it on.
The ear conductors motto Is, "Let us
put off till luiiiuiTnw the man who cannot
pny today."
When yoli deliver u chair for the repair
man to bottom, yuu should make hint give
you a reseat fur it.
Odd I'Yllmvs should be able to play a
good game of golf. They are already fn
miliar with three links.
The Baconian theorists insist tliat our
immortal William of Stratford-on-Avo��
was no great Hlmkea after uli.
Time nnd tide wait for no mun, but
they have to slow up u little for the woman who is trying to get ber bat on
Worry kills more people than does
work. And work worries more people
than anything else. Bo what's to be
done about It?���Elliott's Magazine.
Interview With lt. A. LUter, Who Has
Just lleturn-rri From a Tour of Inspection���He Compares the Dairy Industry
of Denmark and Manitoba���Scarcity of
Hog* In Manitoba,
K. A. Lister, president of R. A,
Lilster & Co., limited, manufacturers of
cream separators nnd other dairy machinery whose Winnipeg branoh bas
since its inception tbree years apo been
under tbe able management of Wm
Scott bas jnst oompletttl hie annnal
tour of inspection and returns to England this week. Being requested to
give bis opinion on tbe dairy industry
iu Manitoba ho said: "Until tbe farmers go in more for milk nnd stook raising the country will never be on a snre
and certain road to prosperity. This
continuous wheat raising is like an
unthrifty man wbo lives on bis capital
instead of bis interest, and if be lives
loug enough the poor houen alone
awaits hint. Take tbe farmers through
out the world and you will Aud tbe
man wbo milks rows in addition to
otber brunches of his buslnt-ss is the
best off; ho linn tbe best home, the
cheapest and best table, und ibo most
ready money. In fact, he has not all
his eggs in ono ba kot. Ibis is specially important in Manitoba, whero the
wheat crop fans beeu uud will be sub-
jeot to certain climatic risks and where
tbe borne demand for tbe product or a
dairy farm is increasing both io tbis
province uud British Columbia. Milk,
cream, butter, clte-dse, pork, calves, are
all In uctivo demand.
"When I compare this province aud
Denmark, both v ith long and severe
winters, I am struck with the scant
provision for keepin stock in the winter. In Denmark the cow stables are
long, cheaply constructed, yet warm
buildings with straw thatch roofs adjoining tbe farm honse at one t nd. The
door from the house does not open ou
the cows, bnt into an intermediate
room used for sorting all things
required. The cows are in two rows
baoa to back, with sufficient room for
oleaning ont and sufficient room in
front of the mangers ior feadlug from
a barrow or trolley oar. The ventil.i-
tion la Irom the apex of tbe roof and
ihe temperature kept at abont 65 degrees Fareulioit. Tbe milkers have
not to go oat in tbe oold on a winter
morning. It is a general practice to
put all milk oows iu tbe stable from
October 30 to May 20. The Danish
dairy farmer is. as a rule, fairly well
off, and lives well; they mostly own
their own farms. Hand skimming or
deep setting is now unknown, the
cream separator is universal; (heir batter is tbe fluest lu Ibe world, aud commands tbo best price lu England. Tbey
also feed a very largo nnmber of bogs
on (heir separator milk, barley and
oorn���tbe latter they Import.
"I think tbe scarcity of bogs in this
provinoe Is a matter that cannot be too
forcibly urged on tbe farmers, although
flue pork und bacon oan only be obtained where skim milk ia available to
mix with barley, oorn or damaged
wheat. Many of these things, I am
aware, bave been told before���bnt old
truths will do with repeating.
"My Arm started a creamery at
Brandon this year aud made 69,000
pounds of butter; the farmers bave been
paid In cash for their cream every
month. For November we shall pay
tbem 10 cents per pound. We purchased the old court honse at Morris,
equipped it as a creamery, and pnt a
gasoline launch ou tho river to oolleot
oream from the river side farms, This
we have done with one object only, via.,
to establish tho business on a sound
basis for tho cream gathering system,
and provide the farmers with a ready
cash market for thoir cream. I am glad
to hear irom the patrons I bave met that
our efforts even this first year hue been
suooessful and mnch appreciated
"At tbe pri s nt moment Manitoba
Is not taking full advantage of her
great opportunities for supplying tbe
western market with choioe dairy products The ready demand for fine fresh
butter, and the satisfactory prioes suoh
an article commands ahould be an in-
osntivo to farmers to inorase their
herds, to develop the production of
milk tho year round, nnd to provide all
the facilities for making butter of first
quality, and in quantity oommansnrate
with the requirement! of tht marital"
Russell Sage is now ��3 years old. h-.it
hia jirip on his purse Kttiags is as firm us
eveiv-Tpledo Blade.
The worst thing that ever happened to
Gene! al Toral was being born a Spaniard.���Philadelphia Ledger.
Voting Edwin Uoutd may not be a chip
jf the old block, but he is unquestionably a match out of tbe same bos.���Detroit Journal.
The boss dynamiters uf Japau are Pak
Ki Ynuk, Pak Cluing Yung and Pak
Yung LI.ro, ami tliey are u very bad pack.
���Baltimore Herald.
Governor Plugiee ti rislit when be says
all \ho prominent men uie following him.
But bus he uotiicil what they have iu
their hands?���Detroit News.
Sir Alfred Austin does very well for
marriages mil tea parties, but hc doesn't
seem quite ihe right man to Hpwil; severely In poetry to Ooui Paul, if ueed
should arise.���Washington Star.
It is said that Queen Victoria lives in
continual fear of burglars. But she hns
an advantage over most women. Sbe la
able to hire some one tu look under the
bed at night.���Chicago Times-Herald.
John Philip Sousa, the band leader, Is
taking boxing lessons. It is bard to Imagine Mr. Sousa leading with his left in
A minor, countering with hiB right in
lower V uud swinging n half book lu upper C���Chicago News.
Hei-r Wolff, Uadical, and Heir Krse*
kep, a (lei-mun Liberal deputy, fought a
duel with subei-H, iu whicli the result win
such (but the Wolff will be kept from
Heir Krzel-U'p's door, for some time at
leuBt.���Boston Transcript.
A Oreat Rheumatic Baasady,
Mr. H, K. West, Water St., Vancouver,
writes: "I bad been suffering from every
painful attaek of rheumatism In my
right shoulder, and oould not attempt to
raise my arm, so great was the pain.
Griffiths* Menthol Liniment was applied,
and in less than four hours the pain entirely left it, and I oould nse my arr
freely,   lt Is truly a wonderful remedy.
Another I.I* Railed.
"1 stand up fur the people." declared
the political orator.
"False!" cried a gamin in the rear.
"He wouldn't even stand up for n poor
old lady in de car this morning."-New
Vnrft World.	
An Batravaaiant Wife.
Mrs. Tnlkmuch-Tbut Airs. Hvv* Backwoods Is a shamefully extravagant woman. She spends every cent of ber bus-
baud's salary.
Mr. Sarkastn���You don't say so. Tbe
dreadful spendthrift. And to think Rev.
Backwoods gets $4H0 a year too.���Ohio
Suie Journal.
���Biliousness whioh Is caused by exoesa-
Ive bile in the ttouiaoh, hns a marked
effect upon the nerves, and often manifests lUelf by severe headache. Tbis it
tbe most distressing beadaube one can
have. Thero are headaches from oold,
from fever und from other causes, but tbe
most excruciation of all is tbe bilious
headache. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will cure it���cure lt almost lin mediately.
It will disappear as soon as the Pills
operate. There ta nothing surer in Mip
treatment of bilious headache.
fortunately the position Canada
wants to tako lu this boundary dispute i��
on our side of the line.
Double murders are becoming just frequent enough nowadays to warrant a
few double executions.���Philadelphia Inquirer. ��� _ .
An improved style of 92 bill Is to be Issued, but It will probably slip through
the fingers as easily as the old kind.���
Pittsburg News. ���
There bave been numerous rumors flying through the air since Marconi got
his wireless telegraphy working.���Minneapolis Journal.
The Spanish army Is to be reduced
from 107.000 to 80,000 men. Don Carlos
should make terms witb those 27,000 discharge! warriors right away.���Syracuse
Four thousand dollars la asked for a
copy of the original Kilmarnock edition
of tbe poems of Robert Burns. Hoot
awa' mon! Sic a pawkie gowk gars me
greet.���Boston Herald.
A murderer hns just been sentenced
In Iowa to Imprisonment for 00 years.
As lie will beyond doubt be pardoned be
is fortunate la tbat the term Imposed
was not 26 years.���Buffalo Commercial.
After deciding what a horseless carriage is to hp called society will bave
further trouble in determining whether
the man wbo rune It ought to be dressed
like a coachman or a brakeman.���Washington Star.
A society journal goes at some length
Into tbe question as to the "proper way a
mnn should leave towns." Given a day
off and the average man will solve that
problem instanter without uny advice
American soldiers are marrying native
beauties down In Havana and Porto
jtlco, nnd, witb a large surplus feminine
population at home, there Is danger of a
grave crisis being precipitated if this sort
ot annexation Isn't nipped io tbe bud.���
Baltimore American.
The three great vital factors
of this body of ours are the
heart, tho nerves and the blood.
It Is becauso of the triple
Eiwer possessed bv Milburn's
eartandNervePillsof making
weak, Irregular beating hearts
strong and steady, toning np
run down, shattered, nervous
systems and supplying those
elements necessary to make
thin, watery blood rich and
red, thnt so many wonderful
euros have been accredited to
this remedy.
Bere Is tbe ease of Mrs. B.
J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,
who says:
"I waa tronbled for aome
time with nervous prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated and sleepless nearly all the time. My
entire system became ran
down. As soon as I began
taking Milburn's Beart and
Nerve Pills. I realised tbat
they had a eahsing, soothing
Influence upon the nerves.
Every doee seemed to help the
enre. They restored my sleep,
strengthened my nerves ana
Pive tone to my entire system.
think them wonderful,"
Hale Old Age-
Sad to see people
advanced in yeare
Buffering fromBaek-
oche, Lame Back,
Urinary Troubles
and Kidney Weakness. A hale old
age, free from paina
and aches, can only
beattnined by keeping the kidneys right and the blood pure.
befriend the aged by freeing them from
pain and correcting all Disorders of the
Kidneys and Urinary System.
Mr. Thomas Ash, an old resident of
Renfrew, Out., spoke as follows:
" I am 72 years of age, and have been
troubled for a number of years with pains
across my back. When I would stoop
over it gave agonizing pain to straighten
up. I was so bad that I could scarcely
walk, I have taken many kinds of medicines, but got nothing to help me, Heing
recommended to try Doan's Kidney Pilla
I got u box. After taking three done* I
noticed a great change for tiie better,
and I cuu now get urouud as smart as a
cricket. I cau split my own wood nud am,
In fact, just like u uew man."
To clean u spice mill grind n handful
of raw rice.
Corsets with the whalebnaes removed
make good cleaning cloths.
A whisk broom Ih just the thing to
clean Ihu horse radish grater.
Wood ashes put iu a wooleo bag and
placed in the wnter will make hard wu
ter son.
Pickles or vinegar will not keep in a
jar that lias ever bad uny kind of grease
kept in it.
Clam shells arc more convenient for
scraping pots and kettles tliau a knife, requiring less time.
Put a little household ammonia on u
raij nnd clean off the rolls of tiie wringer
before putting it away.
Ceilings that have become smoked by
a kerosene lamp Bhould be washed oil
with a weak soda wnter.
Drain pipes that are sour or Impure
may lie cleaned with llmewater or carbolic ncld or chloride uf lime.
When you drive a nail into tt wall,
elutlii'spreMs or closet In hang tilings on,
drive it through a spool up to the head.
To brighten the inside of a coffee or
ten pot till it with water, add a small
piece of soap and let it boil about 45
fiaddeok,, Juue 11, 1807.
0. 0. Richards & Oo.
is my remedy for NEURALGIA.
It removes at once.
a. s. Mcdonald.
Every gh-l imngiites that her distress Is
as pitiful us that uf a wounded doe.
Some people ure so tierce about their
"rights" that they forget the rights of
Become very friendly with a woman
and you will begin to hear whom she
regards as her true friends.
Go to any friend's house unexpectedly
for dinner and you wiil leuru that they
had n line diuuer tbe dny before.
To be popular a man must lie kept so
busy applauding the feats of others that
lie haa no time to accomplish anything
If you want real joy, build a fire hy a
roadside, steal some roasting ears and
cook them in it. Konstiug car* nre never
so good auy oilier way.���Atchlsou Globe.
ACTION��� 8 uiie persons, when thuy
wish to cleanse thu stnmauti, reiort to ep-
rtom and otlier purgative Baits. Thtae are
speedy in their action, but serve uo permanent good. Their me produces In
olpleut chills, and if perflated in they Injure tbe stomach. Nor do they aet upon
die intestines tn a benefloial way. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills answer all purposes in this respeot, nnd have no superior.
There will be seven feminine Hamlets
next year, and it behooves the real Hamlets to organize.���Chicago Tribune.
No less than seven female Hamlets
are unuottiiccd for lhe next dm inn tie
season. For tiie happiness of the pro
fiwioti In general it is to be hoped thut
lhe number of them will not make it
any thu more dillicult for the ghost to
wulk.  .	
Free and easy expectation Immediately relieves and frees the throat and longs
from vlaold phlegm, and a medioine that
Jromotes this Is the best medioine to use
or noagha, oolds, Inflammation of the
lungs and all affections of the throat and
obest. This la precisely what Blokte's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup Is a specific fcr,
and wherever need 11 hu given unbounded satisfaction. Childreu like It bemuse
ll Is pleasant, adults like lt because lt relieves and cures the disease.
Wash tbe scalp with bran water when
troubled with dandruff.
Half teaspoon of lime water will usually curo colic and hiccough.
Bathe a sprain with arnica diluted
with warm water and keep covered witb
a tliinnel bandage moist witb tbe arnica
nnd water.
For a very bad burn melt beeswax,
and Into It pour sweet oil until It makes
a salve which can be readily spread with
a soft brush. Keep every part covered
with the salve.
Financially Speaking.
"Do you Intend to take any Interest tn
the campaign?"
"Interest!" echoed Senator Sorghum.
"I mean to do better thnu that. I expect to draw a dividend,"���Washington
Minard's Lifliat Cores Colli, Etc
Go I as Throoah tha Holloas.
"What la yobr purpose In remaining so
silent?" asked the practical politician*
"Are people wondering about It?"
"Of course they are."
"Well, that's wbat I want. I bave noticed that nearly every politician who
amounts to much la at aome time or other
spoken of as a sphinx. I don't know as
Is does any good, but It seems customary ."-Washlagtoo Star.	
The limacr Vaeaaai.
"Awfully stupid lot of men at this re-
"Don't deceive yourself. Smart people
don't try to be entertaining when tbey
tske a vacation."���Chicago Record.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy Is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
If yon cannot attend tbe Winnipeg Busl-
ne�� College just now, do not waste your
evenings at home. We ean give your Instructions In tome sabjeot by mall.
Write for descriptive catalogue.
O. W. DONALD, tee,
MONEY SAVED IS Write to us at oneetox
UflMtV CT���til mr hundsome Illuh-
MUl-flT IAHIUU, tntted Catalogue ol
(H.'AHANTEED Silverware, and buy your
Christmas presents direct from the factory,
and thereby save GO cents on��the dollar.
Nothing in no suitable for it ChriHtmus gift us
a piece of KL4EUANT HILVKKWAUI*. and
by buying from uu you Buve the large prollt of
tlte jeweler. Wc prepay nil snipping charger.
Sena one-cent stump for Catalogue, 1 *^_.
"PTo.luix   451
&.<> NOTK-A MkiikI (luuittiilee goen 11IIIt
every mili-Ir.
Henry Savage Lnndor, tbe erplorer,
has just wriiii'ii a one act farce.
As to her future stage movement, it Is
unknown to lier friemiu wliut course Miss
Ada Ilehuil intends to pursue.
���Miss Nethersole bus engaged as leading
mau Hamilton Hnvelle, who imdo a success lu "Tbe Termagant" last season.
A real bullfight will be one ot the
Coaturus of a forthcofriiug production of
"Carmen" by Parisian artists in Toulouse.
The family of Bniile Augier hus recently complained to the directors of the
Comediu I'Vimi'iiise that that dramatist's
plays arc too iiifi'C!]iicutiy acted,
llenrge Broad hurst, who won favor In
Loml'in with two of his farces, will
courageously produce there "The Last
Chapter," acted last spring at the "Warden
ibuntur, New York.
The lour of E. B. Spencer and Isabel
Pougra, iu the revival of Steele .Mac-
kayo's "Paul Knurar," to be made next
season, will bo- under tbe direction of
Thomas A. McKcc.
.lames A. Heme has changed the title
of Ids new piny to "Sag Harbor." Tin-
story is purely Imaginary, he states,
llumgh the character types ore faithful
lo the sect iou of Long Island represented.
Maiiei Howard has been intrusted hy
David Belnsco with the title role iu the
No. " "Zuztt" company, which he proposes to orguiii-^u for the seuson. She
played Mine. Dufresue In the New Vork
prod act iou.
berry, Tuscarora, writee: "I ara pleased to
suy that Da. Thomas' Eci.ectbic Oil is all
that you claim It to be, as wo havo been
using it for years, both internally and externally, and have always received benelit from
Its use. It Is our family medicine, and I take
gr-jut pleasure In recommending it."
Art Handicapped.
"Merciful heaven!" the beautiful actress cried, "the curtain will go up in
three minutes. Oh, wbat shall I do!
Wbat shall I do! The opportunity of a
lifetime, and 1 om unprepared,"
"What's the trouble?" asked thC villain.   "Haven't you learned your lines;"
"Yes, yes." she sobbed, "I know my
lines well enough, but the diamond necklace 1 Intended to wear in the scene
where 1 appear as the poor scrubwoman
hns been lost. Ah, it Is terrible���terrible!" 	
Outward antl Visible Slfa.
"There goes one of those women's
rights reformers."
"Ilmv do you know?"
"Don't yon see his wife Is carrying tbe
hahy?"--t'liifnif.i Tribune.
These two desirable qunliflcutioos, pleasant to tho taste und ut the sumo time effectual,ure to be found in Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator.   Children like it.
"Pa, ain't you a director of th' school
'���Yea, I nni, tWliat of It?"
"Well, teacher called mc down today,
and she was -Just awfully impoliiu
about It."
"Were you ou tbe echoolliousc premises wlieu she called you dowu?"
"Yes; 1 was ou the roof."
When all other corn preparations foil, try
Holloway's Corn Oure. No iwin whatever,
and no Inconvenience in using it.
Embassador Choate has a fine car. of
perfect size and of about tbe right angle,
Cornelius Vi.nderbilt's ears are thick,
homely, commonplace. Tbey indicate
Russell Sage's ear Is about the average
size, well shaped, sloping slightly and
deeply lobcd.
The ears of President Alpheus Stick*
ney of the Chicago Great Western rail*
road are nearly at right angles to his
Richard Croker's ear is Just like the
man���plain, about medium size, thick
aud coarse, cloae to his head, flat, deep
Thomas 0. Piatt has thu ear of n phi*
losopher. The top leans far out aud the
lobe lu. It Is rather orer than under tbe
medium sisc.
Admiral Dewey has a small ear. with
niuny angles, which tells as that he can
I e cruel and tyrunnlral as well as delicate In fancy.   Such is his character.
W. S. U.   214
fob the Printer
U*i* by tlu Ml.br��ttd torn
et Anli A Wiborg.
Th. Utart and but.
aim* a mwas*.   0t,t *J *��� "a***
only plant of the
kind In Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds���new and second hand,
UiaqtuUnl by any other la
Outdi, in matter, paper aad
All Kinds for Printers
���Ml OMoa:   Toronto.
FaeUe Coaat Braaekt IM Carina
It-Hit, Taaaairar.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
If you  keep  cows you cannot afford to bt
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If you
want to have tho bott, most moderate in
price, and on eatltit terms, apply te
R. A. LISTER & 00., LTD.,
S8S King Bt., Winnipeg,
Dealers in Dairy Supplies snd Produce, Gasoline Engines. Horse Tread Powers, Etc.
\\r AKIO    ieoo
I'allien contcmiilnllnff tlio trip are invited
to write for particulars uf personally conducted or independent tours from Winnipeg
Director of the "Gouin" School of Lan-
BuiiRt'd and KunresentutlTe of Thomas Oook
1 Son, of London and New York.
Address, 370 Mala Street, Winnipeg.
^���ff.��v.iSH* bSisik mm
a*. cocksHiTrr plow co., wiaalfea**.
IUU1, STEELE t IRBTOL   omi. ra**
tap.n.r. .( Orouri..     fcJ*}|;gKli.
flltl II, H.miuoB,ODt.   l. a. a gjjjeee
tBLE       I
MARKET. I ���"
MottSBMOT has lust received a mammoth
car load df Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
Had easterners will bo given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock Is too largo and varied to enumer
ate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. MeDermot,
GOLDEN,      -       B.O.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE  &   CO,
havo opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Full   Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and aU Camp Requisites.
Kirqpto-q     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe rivor route will
Hnd it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donnld.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden "&   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Booms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates 82 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  0.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over the breezy,
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles-
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
In Patmore's
you canjpt Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pnes, Tobaccos- etc. School Supplies of all kinds
Some Clothing is made to order, not made to fit
Shorey's Clothing is made to
fit, not made to order.
Every garment guaranteed.
Sold only by the best dealers.
A. the interest, ol Tht Cortainty
Gold anil Mining Company, Limited,
now demand tbe whole of my time and
attention, my allaying and other personal buciuess will be closed from
Ootober Slat, All peraoni aatlna
claim, against rae ara requested to
render the samo and payment la re*
quested of all outstanding accounts
owing to ma.
Owners of deeds In ray possession
will pleas* call for the same.
Tht Bant ol Commerce has opened a
branoh at Fort. Steele.
E. A. Elton has jnst been appointed
deputy sheriff for South East Kootenay by Sheriff Tuck of Nslson.
A nan named A. Ellis was killed at
tha Fernie sawmill last week by falling
on a circular saw.
Capt. Armstrong, formerly of Ooldsn
ia one of tho applicants for a charter to
build a railway In tke Atlin district.
The Coaamlttee ot Management hare
announced Wadneaday, December SOth,
as tbe data of lha annual hospital ball.
A man named A, Uetchell Is up for
trial at Bovelstoke (or forging cheques
on ths Columbia River Lumber Coin*
Service! in the Pirsbyterian Church
Sunday erening at 7 80. Subject ;
���-Tha life of tbe Apostle Paul," all Invited.
J. E. Houghton, the well-known
superintendent of tke Sullivan mine,
committed suicide by shooting himself
at Nelson.
Tho Certaintr Company call tenders
by Padvertlament lor hauling ore and
supplies between Oold.n and the Por*
phyry anjl Iron Hill Mine on Canyon
The Free Press saya: "The local
horse market hns greatly improved
during the past six weeks, value, having advanced fully 40 percent foifirsi-
class animals. ,
Tho Goldsn Lumber Co. have decided to start a cninp at Carbonate In
charge of Ur Burns. There is, some
fine timber tliere which' will ba an iir*
portant supplement to the big logging
operatlcns of th. company this seasor.
We have to think Mr. 0. Johnson,
statistician of theDoinlnioa. for a copy
of .tba year Book of Canada, for 189"��.
The hook is well compiled and ahowa
great research on the part of Mr. John-
sou in getting together and arranging
thi facta.
An Interesting mining pnllcallon, called the B. C. Mining Exchange and
Invaator's Guide, has been started at
Vancouver nnder tne editorship of the
woll-kno-vn raining engineer, Mr. C.B.
Srares, who otent a good dual of tho
spring In Golden,
C. W. McCrcady, of Golden, B. C,
a few days ago received a telegraph
from Penobtbnli, near 8t. John, N. B.
announcing the death of his slstar.
Mrs. H. N. Coatee. 8h�� bad enjoyed
the best ol health within a few daya
ol her death, when ahe contracted a
chill wbich resulted   fatally.-World
J. Hclntyre, who ia employed by
tha Columbia HI ver Lumber Co. at
Golden had hia right hand crushed between bumpers, while coupling trucki
on Saturday with lbs reenlt that Dr.
Taylor had lo amputate Iht forefinger.
The remainder of tht hand wu other-
witt badly lacerated.
English Spavin Llnimtnt rtinoves til
hard, soft or calloused Lumps tnd
Blemishes (rem horses. Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Ring Bout. Sweeney,
Rtlfltt. Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Cought. eto. Savt IM by utt
of ont bottle. Warranted iht moat
wonderful Blemish Curt tvtr kt.own.
Sold by 0, A. Warren.
On Thursday let! Georct Bury of
Crbouate fonnd In tht Columbia
River, a little aluva Carbonate, tht
body of tbt mat Carney who wu
drewntd hy falling off tht Duehwa
while on hit way tt Athalmtr latt
apring. C. Cartwright reported tbt
miller to Mr. Griffith ft M. who arranged for tbt Interment of thtrt-
President Shanghntsty, General
Superintendent White, and Superintendent Marpole passed through Oolden yeiterdiy. Preiideat Shrughnmy
wat returning Eaat and the party did
not ttop of tt Goldtn. Superintendent
Marpolt Hopped offai Golden todey oa
hit return having gone with tht Prat-
dltnt it ftr at tbt termination ol kit
division tt Laggen.
Mr. Taylor C. P. B. tgtnt nlRogtrt
Pats paid a hurried vl-flt to Golden
latt night, the ooeattlon being the
sickness of hll ohild, which it supposed to be attacked witb diphtheria. The
health authorllca took pension of t,
Murray's shack on tbt bank ot tbt
Kicking Horn and converted It lato
ao leeleted ward, where the ebtld It
mr Ij-tt** ud U MM-adtd by Or.
Methodist Churoh Sunday Nov. 5th
11 s. ni. special sermon aridsaeramen-
tal services, 2, 00 Sunday school, 1.80
p. in. reguiur public service eiiibjpc ;
"What ia the* matter with Gol len?"
Special mutlc. alt welcome.
Services at St.' Paul's Chnrch on
Sunday next Nov. nth will be; 11 a.m.
Mattlne and Celebration of Holy Communion, 7.30 p. in, evensong and
���ermon. The offertory it both strvlaet
will be given to tbt Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
The Revelstoke Hi raid s��j a: Thnt
men suspected to bs connected with
the death ol Gordon in Winnipeg,
whioh, it It now claimed, wai murdered, were arrested at tho atation hy tbo
city police on the arrival of Nu lon
Friday. . A, deteotivt, who was on tht
train, gave the word to the police, who
caught the men on tht blind baggage.
One of them resisted arrest vigorously and coatldtirablt fores bad to bt
employed to capture him.
The Paradise Oronp  Bonded
for  $160,000.
A big deal la in progress on tho Par-
ridioo group! Thit group of claimi. ii
located on Spring creek, a tribuilary of
Horsethief, and ia nearly opposite the
Delos. The property consist! of three
claims, the Comttock, Parrid.ce aud
Royal Stag. The claimi ware located
by Heeeai. Tom Jcnes, J.ffery and
Watson, and through Mr. W, G.
Mitchell Innea, the popular Manager
of the New Goldtn British Columbia
Limited, tbey have beet bonded to hia
brother, A. 0. Mitchell Innes of, Corn-
bill,London,wh*> It well known as tht
representative ol large and important
financial intertill. . Tht amount bl the
bond it 11110,000, and the bond It
therefore the biggest bona fide bond
that hae yet boen taken* os any raining
property in North East Kootenay. On
the mineral outcrop at the west, end of
the Parridfoe claim, an open - cut has
been run i It, deep* 4ft. wide, and 8il ft
long. A ehaft hai alio beau sunk
closo by theop.ii -cut. Thia shaft, is
six feet by lour fait and six feet deep.
Both these sections of da-.lopment
work are all lit .and carbi.n-itea, one of
the moat Valuable bras known.
An a vttar.tr4���' .ample taken
by W, G. Mitclielilniiea over
the whole 118 feet of the oion cut glret
the following excellent values:* gold tt
tilver fl& ozs, lead 60.8 per cent.
At the East end ol the Parridice
claim a tunnel hat been diiven for 76
foot At a point 61 feet in from the
mouth of the tunnel a sample of ore
waa taken which gave 14.80 in gold,
II.S o<��. eilver, and 8.8 per cent lead.
Further on the tunnel entered blaok
carbonates, with galena mixed through
out, and an average Utopia of thia oro
gave the excellent (.turn.; gold SIP,
���ilrer 48ox; lead 58.6 per cei.t. Thit
claae of ore waa maintained as far al
tht tunnel had been driven. Wt congratulate Messrt Mitchell Innes on getting.hold ol tuch a good properly and
hope that their but tntlcipationa will
be realised.
TENDERS art invited for hauling
trt tnd euppliee between the Porphyry
tud Iron Hill Mint, tn Canyon Craik,
and tht town of Goldtn during tht
witter mtntbs. Tender! addressed to
thi uiidiralgned will bt reoelved up 'to
noon ofThunday, November 9th.
Speoiflcationt mav bt Men on tppll*
cttion tt tht Company'a Oftoo.
Engineer tt Certainty Gold *
Miuing Co., Ltd.
Qoldin, Nov. 8, *89.
Thk Usio.-t, Tim 8NOivm.il>****, and So.
21 m.iBim 01.AIMK,
Situate in the Hidden mining division of
North Ee��t Eoiiienny diatriot. Whore
located��� "<e��r the Load of Bugaboo
Tub Whhtbrh Ctoan hisiral claim,
Situate In the Gulden mining division of
Eaat Kootenay district, where located
���At the bead of Bugaboo Creek on the
Take notirl that I Thomas McNaught acting ����� agent lor (I) Tht Chilian aud Port
Steele Development Company, Limited,
Free miner's certificate No. IllOaW. laaued
30th Juue, IM), and for Joseph Lamonlagne.
Froo miner, certificate No. 7IWA, laaued
88th March, 18(111. the owner, of the Union
mineral claim; (2; the uid Golden and Fort
Steele Dcveloutneiit Company Limited, and
for T. Mercier, Free miner's certificate No.
III0H9, lamed 9ad Auguat, 1809, tho owner,
of the Mid Snowaliile, No. 21 and Western
Crom mineral claima, intend UO days Iran
the date hereof to apply to tbe mining recorder for a rertiHc-ite of improvements for
tbe purpose of obtaining a Croon gnat of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action nnder
fraction 37 muat be commenced before the
issuance of auch cortiScntaiif improvement!.
Dated this M day of October, 1800
A Diamond for a Dollar.
A Limited Speoial Offer which
will lust for 10 days Only.
UtMuiXB Barrios Diamoniis have a
world-wide reputation. It ia 'almoat impoe
slbloto diatinglttah them from gonuine diamond, coating liitnilrptl. of dollars each,
Tfcoy are worn by the l-oat people - We wilt
forward a Grnuinb Barrios Diamond
mounted in c-beavyriog, pin, or stud, to any
address upon fooeint of price,ll.OOesch.
"Barring., .crewa or drop., 82 per pair. Ring
aettinga are made of one continuous piece of
thick, abellod gold, end nre warranted not. to
tarnish. Special combination offer for ten
daya only! King and stud sent tb aay ad*
dres. upon receipt of 81.60. In ordering
ring give Gnger meaanranient by using a
piece of ttrlng-akt full particular.. Ad*
dress plainly.
1181-1183 Broadway,
New York.
Oook's Cotton Soot Oompotad
Notice is hereby given, lhat the interest
Md by tamuel Wl��n in the "l.a��t thence"
Miners! ('Uliii.altualed uea- Palliser, jrill bt
soidbypuMlesiKtlM to Iht highest bidder
la listy de-fa sflar data of thi. uotii-t, at the
Court llouae.auVI'M on tht Mb day of No-
remlw it ttn o'clock, for dafaull ia pays***-'
ef etaessinenl together with all coals
Ttmlier it ttn o'clock, for dafaull ia payment
of ssaeaement togttker wilk all coals ltd
rhirgei occmIoom by nek default, ulaaa
stsmps.  The	
arrlet. land Iso!
Ni.l and No.8 suit In-Ontdeii-by *C. W
Field, 0. A. Wirrtn, and- K W, I'sfmere
If yoti want
Good Bread
-      Vte
Calgary Flour.
Tho Calgary.,Milling Company guar
ante* thtlr flour tht equal of any
brand on the Golden Market anil
hereby aulhorlae allgrocera to tell
it tubjeot tt abave guarantee and
they will refund the full amount
paid for flour upon nturn tt any
not equal to guarantee...
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
FltLD,   B.C.
Hull Bros. &Co.
*  Cattls, Sheep and Horse Dealer..
theamiie benald before that dale to Hubert
ILWIUon, OoMet.*. .ML 0. No. BI0M4-
Mm. \*M**,V. It. ti. 1,0  0IIM.-H.
d it Ooldsa, 1Mb September, I8N.
Notice Is hereby given that elitydsys ifttr
dttt I, F. Laacdfas, inteul to apply It tht
Chief CommM.loaer.of Uad. A Works for
Eiaslon to purchaae the following dteerib-
let of land, .IMkted three -otle. from tht
insy Bivar at tbt outahore cf tht Upper Columbia Latt h North list Kootenay
District, aunln* at iiKst-miSed F.-La.*
celle., 8. W. thenee North followltg the lake
���bore thirty chelna, thetce .East
thirty chains,     thence    South , thirty
cbeina, thonco, mat ten. tenia, lo place of
beginning, the nUclecoataia' 	
Dated Sept, let, 188*.
a containing thirty acres.
1176.00 0Mh~.��oek-in- trade,
et��.,orRettuMmt Baslneuln
Ooldtn. **mt>
���ACK JM,
,   ���    OMBKI. IkO.
WoodI PHOirnoDiKB Is nld in Oolden
" W.Ptt��Mtt,0. A. Wi
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gordon, Props
Oood srco-nmi-datlot fbr  Fro.ptr.tor. ud
Frelgbtirt.  First-class meals.
White & Scott,
Barrisurt, SoUelton, RoUriM,
levelitolu, B.0.   <
Townsite of GoMen.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.'
Blocb for Investors.
Now is the Time lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy 1 erms of Payment
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Colnmbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and tfce
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Colnmbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay. ^ i
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure ttiar��(i
operation of the Golden Smelter within th* next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forma
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, "#ho will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent; Golden.
Head of navigation on Columbia Blvtr.
Tht mot> central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Mfnet for 1898: " A waggon roaj
conld be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHAI.MER-at a reasonable cost,
and Will be so built as toon as It. ii juiilfled by ike mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect bolting on lakt and river, ttd
good fiebing and shooting in immediate vlolnlty.
Lev*-! eurface with gravel tub soil to build upon; oold, clear wtttr tb*
year round for household purposes, and splendid water power close to town.
Large end complete sawmill (20 M. dally capacity) on lha ground assure*
ohosp lumber,.
Teniae eaay. particularly io to (oveiton wiibing to build.
C. 0. Iiang, figent
The B. C. AssayS Chemical Supply Co., Ltd,
��� wf*fre aftnulkctnrars and direct Importers, sad carry a large stork of Baluee#, -J
'T,1r?,���J- Fl��,0hy Oood.,, Srlraiilo anil Practlcat Book., Ollsawars, Platlnnm Ootid., '.i
Acids, Chomleils, and all oilier Aiwayera' and Miners' requirements. rl
SOLE AOENT8 for Morgan CrueHile Company, llaitersaii Backer's Sett'
Balaucec, Etc.   . , r    -
Catalogue and full particulars oa application.
pop a pine Salt
and a Perfect pit
.. Patronize .. *
Tht Fashionable Tailor. *
Opposite The Columbia House.     6��9t��
Fruit Store *& Restaurant,
Sllvtr table furnlturo,
Ct-.ll tnd Inspect at
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Ageot for X. A, HAOOEN.
Assay er * Hetallarvtst.
Omoa at LaituiDB Hotil,
Windermere, - B.C.
Coffins and
Oritw trtaptly tttndedi�� '
W, L. Houston,
Oolden, B.0.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quickest 'firm and Lowiet Batat to all
?��,ll?*l*l, AND TO VAN-
Bxeorslon Ratsi to
ta4 all Winter Isiorts.
Old Country.
Apply for-^rtltattn to MtrottaP.Bv
*   ft*
Ota. ttmAeam,
i ���
4 li
M.' *''


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