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The Golden Era Jul 7, 1899

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Array ������*���.;������-;���--'''* .
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esau***,-.!*--,             >--��:�����.
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.��-��*���.    *.*��
Bobber Stamps.'
itW gabber Stssspessjd StdswDlbt
James Hendebsok,
Builder & Contractor
- '��� A sqAnly ef Building Lime for Sale.
Plus prepared. Prompt attention given to
, .-*.*.-~*i*^-f.���..;.
Vol. thi Na a.
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JULY 7,     1899.
$2 Feb Year
EG. Parson,
Has  a
duality High.   Prides Lt>w%
Of All Bads.
WIND���RME����� DISTffl���T.
Mines and Minerals.
A LWid tk Wealth.��iosti of
Oood Proap*ots.--Mln*i
Under Derelopment
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
ft International Transportation Co.
Connecting with GJP-R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District
ISteamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
*The Only Quick and Comfortable ttobte.
Gonsignors will be charged with aU way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed. ���
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be Mid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
WlnJ.rmtre h.s lengbeen famed as
At beauty .pot of Eaet Kootenay,
with itt rieb sell, thriving farms and
ranohee, tai itt glorlou lake, named
altar that which it England'! prldt.
With TA fra-lfa tirroundlngi of
hill ud Vila, prettily brok.n with
pin tries, tht Columbia Vallsy tepidly
rtotdtt to tht giant mountain! of tha
Rocky Range on tht east and tha Selkirk Bangt an tha wist. Tht district
Is "iftery'trhen will watered by nuraer
oua strums flowing from ths mouu.
tains, and providing tht bnt fscilities
for irrigttion. Grain tnd root crops
do will, tnd tt this season of the ysar
-team It abundant ivarywhere from
tht natural itmtdow to tht summits of
tht foothill! clothed In their yerdurt
of tht succulent bunch grass.
fltfrfng a recent visit to tht district
wt had a Vttn round a-few of the-ranches and wtrt agreeably surprised at
tht tvidencet of fertility to bt everywhere teen throughout the farming
bait. Jut behind the Windermere
Hotel Heetri. Tsynton k Gordon have
a fin. Slid of oats.
fi. ChfAe is en. of tfea olttttt and
mott esteemed rssidenie of tht district,
owning t valuable farm oo tht south-
em boundary of tbft Windermere town-
alt*.   Here is a flnt orop of*40 acres of
'  tif*  **"(l ���*)#W*1 .nntatnae.     Mr.
Clarkt it experimenting with a new
fodder, namely spring rye, w'|)iehis
doing will. Ht wss impressed i-iirh
the luccesi of an experiment made last
attton with this fodder by Eugene
Couture, and so determined to try It
*0r himself. Baptiete Morijeau has
also iitti It, with success. Tht td.
vsntsgss olaiiAed for spring rye are
that it grows mon quickly,, and fur*
nishes mora bulk then oris.
Mr. Chamberlain has a nice ranch
adjoining Mr Clarke's, bnt not Uuding
Is done. Thit season there are 85
acres In oats and wheat, and 25 acree
nndir timothy for hav. Mr. Bemaie
baa made very successful experiments
with millet, blue grass and fescue fer
foddtr tnd it well'Klbssed with tht
results. Ths fescue does particularly
will if then li plenty ot wtttr. Tht
farm comprint 980 acres in all.
Colin McKay hit a fine ranch below
Windermere mountain, tnd it never
looked better then it doss this Season
with its large area ot promising crops.
On Aylmsr creek A. W. Tegart has
anothtr good ranch. Further on tha
Indian stttlsments, on either side of
Windermere, are alao flourishing, ths
Indians making good farmers. Thanks
tt tht excellent service! of Father
Coccola than Indians are a credit to
the district and to thi.Ciu hollo Church
under whose care tbey havt so long
Btft'ft ft.'Mra -oattlt ranching eoun
try that Winaoi-mtri is going to corns
tt tht front, from tht farmer's paint
of vitw. In tht district thtrt art
tint ot thousands of tcrtt ot magnifi
oent bunch-grass country. Tbt C.P.
R. havt picked the tyes out of it of
coorte for their West Kootenay fall-
way grant but niithet they aor atiy
one tlet can if ord to let thnt lands
lit Idle, and now tbtt tht mineral
rssourcea of tht diltriot are being
proved ml attracting so muoh attention Windermere will afford for the
rancher ffne ot the best and mctt pro.
Stable fluids in thi Province.
Townsmi. L/
���The a-stlvlty, in, the district is responsible for a tiarVest of townsites.
Windermere itsslf has bitfierto been
tht main centra of activity, but *tSt
mintrtl disceveries on thi other tide
of tht river have impressed many with
tha Idea that good openings exist there
fer townsites. Hence we htvt Atbal
Wtr, at the crossing of tht Columbia
river, and tho 'point from whicli pros
pectore aad mining msn MtVl "hitherto
made their departure for tbe mountain)
Then there is Copptr City, projected
by Mr, Mullhellaod on E. Johnston's
ranch. Then than ll Columbia City,
-proj-icted fiy< 'Msstn. R. R. Brant, W.
a. Mitchell Inries and Nesve, and now
we have lastly a flew t'Ow'nslt*. urtrjee-
ted by Mr. Neave *M tntM in the
terrace near the little lakt in W& roVy
crack trail. Whilo all the town'dffei
cannot flourish nnd become great nolle, they show the immense oonfldence
Which the promoters have In the fu<
tttre prospects uf the district.
This townsite was originally etUA-
td by R. L. T. Galbraith, J.?.', tht
Tatlier and founder of Fo'rt Steele.
Certainly he selected a nice place for a
fowusitu with a commanding View of
tha lake. Fur some years past *.T.
Stoddart   provided  the only hotel ac-
a*ywnt at  home  we  were unable to toniniodail'oo,  but  laet  y&V Messrs.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots ft Shoes,
Glassware, Hardwart, Gents Hats and Cape, Para-
Klm, Blind., Clothing, Umberellaa, 5W Goods,
Grata l^jtiiahi-w, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladles Gloves, Iran Beds, Spring Beds. Mat
;,; a-aMe.^**1*""*^
Special Values In TeM and Coflaaa��
C.     A.    WARREN'S.
First Class Accommodation for TratlUtft
tflloek A flarrjr,
_^___    _^__________.
***** -      w*e     wm,
obtain particulars of his work, "t1!,
oropt, ot which there ire 30 aores,
look will, and thi farm ii will irrigated.
Mitsrt. Harris and Jackson have
on ot tht Vital properties to he wen
On atrip through tbo Columbia Valley.
This farm fronts the main road, and
rum back toward! tht foothill, of tht
Booklet. Tht laud it almost level,
and tht-proporty comprises 492 scrss.
ttt torsi of tnXtt m being grown, be*
tides root crops In thelAape, of pota
ton, tnrnipi, carrots, no. Tht farm
it steadily being developed into
timothy hty ranch, timothy doing
Iplendldly. With thit vltw tbt land
afflMto enltlvaud for oats is being
laid down in timothy, and now tht
owntit tat M icnt of timothy hty
taob season with It ever increasing
ana. Mtnrs. Harris and Jaokson art
tltt txptrlmsntiug witli RtingsUbn
taWwa tl a fodder plant. It grows
will bat not very high. Thiyoonilderlt
a good foddir for milking cowl but as
a hay plant ll oanntt bt compered
with timothy. Tht firm also ran a
bomber�� csltla Hlvtlg B.k*'een��'0
tad W head of breeding ctwi. Hnirt.
Htrrlt tnd Jackwn htvt been firming
tt Windermere tor clow on t.n years.
Thi turn is wsll Irrigated.
Further ot M boms tt tht ranch
twitd ud wofltd by Mr. Sugens
Omturt. Mr. Couture U ont of lhe
MU who blip t firming community
���Ktttljr. Bt don tot hnlutt to try
usw things ind to advin bit tslgh.
bore of tbe mult ol hll ixptrlmtmi,
Tbli teasou hi hit undir orop 16 aores
tl oate, 18 um ol spring ryt, i to 6
iwtt of wheat, aod I eci-H bt millet,
which he l| glbWIiigas an experiment.
TkHttn M tint aider oultivttlon.
and an amis under timothy grown
Itr hty.' Tht farm oonststi of 890
tont It til, tnd ft lituattd on tbe
frontage tt tht tbaltl road at Shusn ap
omk. Thi bnt tf tbt land lluia the
draW-ina dsprsnion along tht foot
tf th* mountain. Thin li ample water
ftr Irrigation purposn. Mr. Couture
talks proudly tl tht inccnl at ble ex-
ptrimsnts with spring ryt; which hu
proved ta undoubted nbbtu for foddtr pnrptna. Tht only lmptevemeni
ittheoultlvatlea tt thit trap it thit
ht thinkt It will dt better II town in
tht till tad ht will .xperim.nt in thit
direction. Beyond Eogestd Coutun'i
ruth Eeliz Ltrlvn hit g flu firm
with 86 icnt la orop.
A turprin la tton for tht traveller
along tht foothilli to tht Nirthust of
Wlndtrmtn It the firm ot 3. Bernaii,
lltttttd IS a dttcnslon touth of Shu.,
wsp omk, end Flailing dirtctiy along
thtbutofthi-Maataio, Tht ltad tt
���gcndiogly tutlUtndpotWssn special.
ly s��d faWHtht foe Irrigation. At this
naeon tl tht mi tht him prntott g
C" ion with Ua rich pattttrtiod loir.
lag oropt. Mr. Strolls hujttt
balll a eubttatUal hout, tad MM
twd UMMMfct-nala tht shtpttt
-HMtUMlBd.   Smititttiotta^,
Ttvnton & Gordon, tw6-*>ep\iWyoung
mm of tbe district, 'Opened another
at Lakeslle Oi'-A. ih tht
premiiei formerly occupied by George
Geary, ind thoy are doiug a good
ahart of the but-lneei.
Owing to tha Increase of tinWo kast
Sanson Mr. Stoddart determined on
providing additional, ac'c'dmniodatitn
aniiod to tht new condition of thing!
and hll completed tht erection of a
One building adjacent to the site of tht
old hotel building which will now be
ussd tl a saloon. Tbe new building
ll 28ft. by 60ft., ind is two stories In
bslght. It-has a handsome front wilh
balcony. The entrance is by a hall 11
by 12ft. opening into thos* office 12 by
20ft. on tht led. On the right is tht
ladiee sitting room of similar site.
From tbit hill a passsgs lesding to
tba right opens to a sitting room 10ft.
by 18ft., and thit rooW i is * bedroom
10ft. square attached to It. At tho
lift tnd of tht passage is a sample
room for tht accommodation of coin-
mirclal travellers, tnd a bath room.
Tbt panige extendi to thi dining
room, which will be ItUtnbd In tht
old building, The upstairs portion of
tht building contains four front bsd-
rooms, opening on to tht battony, and
on tha oposlte tldi ot tbe passsgs thin
tn tin Udroo.ua 8 by 10ft. Thnt
additional bedrooms trt alio provldsd
tit ths attic The building has boen
erected under tKe torotnnnihip dt a.
Bale, who hat made an exoellent job
of it, The building it plaitered insiilt
throughout and well finished in every
partiaular, and whan furnished will
intko ont of tht Hunt boteli In tbe
Muers. Kimpton snd Pitts have tha
old eetabliehed .tore of Windermere,
and thii it under the pereonti tuperln-
ttndtnet tf Ri A. Kiinptpn. who don
nBi let the grass grow under file feet.
Tht ttort is will stocked, ind tvtry
fuility is at hand for mpplying pros-
pectore ind mining men. Large stable
accommodation hat been provided, and
an exttniivt pack train it kept, lit;
KUHpton disking the proud itatemint
that hi Ota Und lupplics anywhere it
tny oamp in tbt raountuioi jutt at
will tt if bought over tht oounttr of
bit ttort, ohtrging tt an extra only
tbt time bt tht packer tor delivery.
Tbli thonld provt t great convinitnct
Tbt Eut Kootenay Supply Stort
wu recently taktn over by Matin,
Johniton and Santo, two enterprising
ttntltfdtn from Fort Steele, and at tht
time ol oar viiit this Arm wu getting
in Iti now nock, and avidiatly deter-
sal-Wd to make in efficient eateref Ior
tht growing trade of ths dlRttst.
Th* Upptr Columbii Navigation Co.
Map on igtnt al Windermtn to nutt
tht oonvtnieotie of their Mnominla
Ihtrtotlvlflg and dtlivtryti goWe.
A. r. Smith, formerly of Gtldtt; King
ia charge,  tht Company tUb oloviie
Stdwktrflgt iad*tons*MM��mt-
ti��*, tud h w tiMr mlBm td
afford mine owners the best facilities
(or the sKiiitilsnt of oree. With this
object in view the Company are making their rafts as reasonable at possible and golufc to no end of trouble to
get shipment's landed on tha railway
and promptly forwkrftod, tt, the point
ol shipment. Both Capt, Bacon, and
tht Secretary of the Company, V. fl.
Parsoo, went to much trouble recently,
on tht occasion of tht shipment
of on from ths Delphine to tha Trail
sinsl'er to give a practical demonetra-
tion of tht ftctthat thty mean tt makt
a special feat ire of this policy.
E. J. Scovil, J.P.. and 0. W. F.
Carter conduot business ������ Notarise
Publio aad 'Mining Agente, and with
the dUcovsries of line prospects reported from time to time they ahould
havtk/buty tenon before thtm, for
boysrs Kkvs in eye on Windermere,
���nd tuything good ii sure to bt mapped np.
The Government office le in charge
of G. Goldie, who atJu as Mining Recorder, Constable, e'tc, and who ia a
thorough old timer.
Windermere should nt ill share ot
���ocisl life this nason. Thsy have a
banball club, t racing club, and a
ladies clnb, and we eeon ei'i:��'c*t tii tear
of trowing club and regatta feeing,
ntabllehed, for a number of residents'
an inrntlng la boata this aeaaon.
Windermere is a fine holiday resort,
with abundance of fishing and shoot*
This, tttwnsltt ,was purchased and
offered lor sale laat fall by the Hon
F. W. Aylmer, who, as an old resident
of ,the district, ^and knowing every
nook and corner of it, had long recognised the point hitherto known as ths
Salmon Beds, as ono of ths bast loca<
tiona for a townsite, owing to the faot
tbat traffic to tha mining cAi-nps must
concentrate at lhat point. Then has
been a good demand for lots, and at
th> present time Athalmer is ths liveliest point in the Windermtre dittrict.
Athalmer haa been fortunate in getting
���ome good citizen, to lay the foundations. J Lake, formerly tf tht firm
ot Curlin k Lake, and one of tbe pio-
nnr merchants of Hast Kootenay, waa
the first to open business there. Te
meet the existing -reeuiram,ent bo opened with emerge tent till be could get a
���building jfreoted. In the tout store he
did a roaring trade with prospectors
landing or crossing at Athalmer on
their way to the mines on Toby and
Horse thief creeke.. As soon aa timber
amid te go*t H'r. Lake erected a suitable building and moved into it about
three weeks ago. He keeps a well-
assorted stook and has been able to
fully meet the requirements of bis
J. A. Ltaman, ot Halifax, N.S., put
in a capita! saW-i-Mlline: plant, of
which a dci-cMtflfdn lol.oVrt, and this
ia giving employment to a large
amount of labor,
F. Darjil, Volm.My of tht. Queen's
Hotel at G'dlden, decided on A'tliilnter
as a good opening for an hotel, and
noti*-!tl*.��:V*iiling tbe difficulty ot getting lumber he waa not going to be
stuck, he determined to ereot t log cabin,
bad logs brought in,squared and put in
place, and wai able from the start tt
provide fairly good accommodation for
traveller! to tlji'S friittf. Sines tht
mill Kit been running and he hat besi)
able to get finishing lumber ht his hl'd
tbB house lined ind partitioned tnd t
cominodiou. nsw bar room erected.
Now Athalmer Houn affords u good
accommodation as can bigot along tht
rood. Mr. Bargit is also knping pack
and nddle horses for tht in ot psoplt
arriving at that point. r.
Tht traffic over the rivet at Athalmer ia enormout. One day. a faUy was
kept Of the horses passing; ind Over a
hundred wen counted. Mf. tLalio has
been exceedingly kind to the pe'otile
orossing, ss he has tvtr been ready <o
take the bolt over (or tMeiB Hnd help
them oul, and in this way W has ftn*
d'ertd service whioh deeeVVee reedgni-
tion by everybody. All thia shew,
ths ntcessity of the bridge whioh the
Provincial Gonernmrnt hare arranged
lo build al this point. Tht work
���hould bt put In bind it tin u ll It
urgently needed, and the diilt>
IHiit HI) taken place ovtr tht commencement ot tht work showi ttta
utter absurdity of tha preseut prOvjh-
olul engineering department at Victoria
wbloh, as it present conetituted, Is ,a>
clog ou tha wheels of the despatch of
administrative business. The Govern;
ment Agent it Golden conld have Uliilt
lhat bridge just as well aa the Eii^ln,-
nr-ln-chlef, with the result that ft
would have been completed tnd teMf.
lot traffic by now but for tbe red t��PI
whioh bas been Introduced into this
dspartmeot of the pnblie eervice.
Another addition to Athalmtr li
blaijksmltb'a shop, whioh h>p
been      started      by T.    Quin-
llvan formsrly ot Fort Stnle...,.
Tbt sawmill hU bttn completed and
la now ontting timber, The logs, - to
supply it an outlined behind Windermere md it Thunder Hill. A. W. Teg-
trt tt tbe former place, tnd J. Bulinan
tt tht litter, hating contracts for getting logs to thi lake, Tbe Thunder,
Hill timber bii to be floated througV
the Upper Columbia Lake, Mnd River
tnd Lake Adela thence through "Windermtn Lalte to tha mill boom, t*t
the purpoit W bringing in log. th'e'
Upptr Columbia Navigation, i (Va
���teanier Part Uu Utn engags/., th*
ill hu t capacity of 16,Q�� ft per
day. h it IK charge of 8. _.#Uls, in
expetieirtta mill-man f rom Wo��t Scotia.
The plant wai modi by \l. Watsreus
" iinoladee
a  great   assistance  In   bnilding  up
Windsrmsn is the youngeet mineral
diltriot In B. C, It,, il but two
years ago Sinn any attention wae paid
tt tht district sines tb��|i,.d*ve of Ihe
pl.oar excitement on Twx.,Cmk. In
thit brief time thi Windermere dis
Vrict hascome rapidly to tlia front, and
now then le mon inquiry aty-jij ^Wiu-
difritiere propertin than anyvh^pg'et^e
Wflrhowof. The first disoovcry et
note In ths district wu
ran awAKSEA.
This fropsrty has a history.     Dis-
covered spin's ten years sgo on Windsrmsn  Mouhtk'th, a peak of  the Rocky
Range, it  ban) % magnificent surface
choiring of malaAite aud otiprite.    It
was  taken np  by/O. A.   Brown, M.
Phillips, S.   Bnwsr  hnd others, and
considerable work was done on it.    A
shipment of ths ort taken out was
made to Swaneaa  and  the result was
considered    eatisfsotery.     Bnt    the
Rocky Mountain   formation, with itt
characteristic   limestones, his always
been ngarded  by mining  met! lis 'en
unfavorable  formation   for a copper
mine, and so mining siptrtt htvt visited the Swansea  with tvtr tbt lame
idea���that  it   wai a good gamble���It
might bt a good  (hint and" it might
not.     It  remained for C. rarM. the
well-known mining engineer of Rossland, to solvt tht problsra.     He speit
lsversl daya  in its examination, saw
wh'a't no.one else had seen���that then
was a *6uarttits dyke rieing through
the limestone, twisting tnd crulhing
tht rocks by   tfi's enoj-mous   pressure
tbtt hid raised the  ititrtfsion and created the Assure to be laturatet With
the mineral waters.    This fsot sstafc-
lishe.l, Mr. Parker wu able to take a
different  view  of  the property from
meet other experts and he advised hit
principals  that the  property wa. one
which 'WHmofi'ted development work,
as he had never Veen t'uifb, a fine surface showiag of ore without Vometb-ing
to justify  it existing  bettatb.   Tha
result was that a tunnel wu driven to
cut the lead towards the southern tnd
of tht clsim.   Thit tunnsl ran throuah
tht qulruitt dyke, ehowiag it to bt
20 feet in width.    -The vein wu thin
encountered, tnd ths foreman in charge
jot. the  work cut.right aotiosj (Unto
the limntone on lhe footwall. **?j'tm-nt
noticing  tbe  distinct  selv|go whioh
marked that wai).     Thie .tunnel wu
run  for  lOO fiait.,,   Qn hie next visit
Mr, Parker al bods 'detected the mistake that had been made and started a
drift northerly along the vein.    Thie
drift wu ran for 50 feet   but tbe vein
wu  found  to bt rtthtr poor in ore,
though  some high-grade stuff   wu
obtained.     Development   Work    wae
then begun In another direction.    In
addition to this tunnel the development
work  dene  on  the property now includes a series of thnt shafts sunk en
the vein snd known u the north, centre, and south shafts.     Tht ttrikt of
the lend is north   and  louth  tnd it
hades 78 'teg'triei ti th| aaai.     A tunnel hu  hstn  run under and througH
tbe oentn shift, which is located on
the vein 280 feet from tht tonth ehaft.
Thie  tunuel  also outs the qnartzito
dyke which ahowa similsr  width to
whsn it is cut through  in the south
ttnnel, and then  immediately  enten
the vein, which  messnns 89 tnt, and
\bt mm ha* net. );)lt ,WeH passed
through.   The vein hen snows ort all
throngh, with lenses of rich' oro running parallel with the walls. Tht centre shaft la 7 14 tnt and  90 fnt in
depth, and li t!l  in  on to t depth of
76 fnt.   At tbt bottom of thit ehaft, a
cron-out hu been run 18 he! wast of
thi    hinging    will,    Bttwnn   tht
point of inttrttotion of tht tunnel tnd
the eurface, on hu been ttoped out,
thd l|t tht Willi ot thi Hope then li a
6.. .-.-I-*! f I .   _!.:.*.   ,-
been followed for 100 tnt south of thi
louth shift mi oonllnnn to show a.
good grsde of on In the shape of mala-
chits and copptr mncr. Tht nildent
englnur, Mr. 0. Eaghatyts, who hat
been trained at,-*. , the Cam-
boms School of Mines iq Cornwall,
England, Il a flnt clsss man for the
position, t^troughly undsrstandlng
bis work all, aatarlng to ths stock-
huldsrs tht bsit,,Moults from thslr ex-
ptndltun on dtvelcpftiant work- Mr.'
Bsnnstynt hu already -JUpfryenii the
.pntcrop of tht vein aod,'Houndexi*(5l|*u*it
ore in It a depth of 600 Teet down the
noirfti'side tf tht mountain. Tht mint
is exceptionally will located in Iff ry,
respect, it It handy to transportation.
bt'.ug ,o-)'�� uxepv miln from Lika'
Windermira. *i ;;her il plentiful ii>
the.vicinity, Ifttt&.^ghti hive been
secumd from a lakt on Ay,)mer Creek.
A good, trail it preent co'&'fttoti thi
min with ..tht wagon, road V,Mr.
Tegart's plant, about thnt and a half,
miln distia^so thit then it not much
Isngth of wagsm rood tt build to give
flnt clui ii{jjW**rtP' tbt mint. .Tht-
property ii only-(Jaiit 6000 feet abovt
sea level tnd it thttt. also most favor,
ably situated to fan* as altitude is con-*
cerntd. Tho* art, 51) tpnt.of first,
clan shipplig on oh the O.offfi/ gjod a
large quantity actually in sight rs'iVty '
to bt mined. Tbt owners will, however, pursue aotiri development work
i   '���TAiV&*',nl,nJt  Py*W,1""k"
low-levcJ ...tSunel  will be run in from
tht slope of tit- mountairx.on,
the nort|h, , aide. If the vein
continues iti prutnt magnitude 'and*
quality of on with <?*Pth this will placti
an immenn amout ef ore in light, and'
will enable th* property to .Ijb worked
mon economically than 90 p'e'r'nnw.af
tht mines in British Columbia, the
Swansea ia now owned by the Derby
Mitiiog Cpnjpan-y; ot Rossland. Thi.
company has a *capYtai Vt'6'ck pf a million dollars. Mr. Chas. Parker Hi. E.,
of Rossland, is the consulting engineer
to the company, and hia worjt,''i��r'V- tji
tho Swansea is some of the most sue.
ptssful mining engineering we havt
tain. Iir. Parker haa under, cofwidera,
tion a procett of treating the oVes in
tbe vicinity of the mine, and if bit pro.
-jwt i.  .ucoaaafnlly  carried  out  tho
Swansea wilLnwap, tjie BsaWng ft-thji
townsite of Windermen. The ttiff at
ths mine will bt considerably inpreatal
ind developmtnt pushed qua, an early
Satf, and-wt��.-irlS4 Jj^s Dei;V.C��mi*n5-
the success they Reserve Ih their entet-
(To be Contimed.)
Company of Bnnford, i
ne showing of copper glance, whioh is
uoce.sarily one of the highest grad"! of
loppsr ons. At the lime of our visit
ihe sinking of the north ehaft //iii 9*.
ni procndid with. Tbit ihatt Is 82
feef.Irora the center shaft, so. that wo
hm fan a lsngih of vtin bflng devil*
tb}* Uetwnn tht touth f*j(T-*poatA
ejiafte ol 890 fnt and if the, ctoSMut-
ling maintains tht width' -jlit-wing in
thi tonne! tt tht cedttr shaft then
will be a large body ot ore actually la
light. We publish In another column
ttio estimate of value placed on tht on
bjjJUr. Paiker the engineer in chargS
anj*. on tht bails of thou valuta* ,tBl
SWatina hu every proeiiect of btlht
on ,th'i fair way to be an exteKtlvs ami
profitable mini. An u-My iff tht on
mjide by Mr. Robertidii, Provincial
Mineralogist, gave 17.5 per cent copper.
, At tht time of our visit ihs north
shaft wu down 11 fnt and work haa
been progressing on It since., I'tfts.
ehaft wu 6 ft. 4 In. by 8 If, 4ntl it is
Intended to enlarge it tov7it. by 6 ft.
and make It the main working akaft.
Thia shaft il til In tnj. At a dtpth of
88 feet a flu poota of enpritt wu
���truck, and tht fit then changed from
malachite and. cuprite to aiuritt ind"
copper glen****!, At the bottom of, tt'o
shaft wuoti a fine body of oopptrgianw
two feet^i eolid, ud still inonu.
log in_-*i',Uh. Thi latast nports from
the ui'-je show that Ibia .on body has
tiiwied out to ten tnt. rfn'oti H.ttftUt
itfj immenn import Wife','jipd at it
-jilt coming in on iWrfci'-th side ol tht
shaft ll appeared to, indicate a shoot of
on in that direction. A eatiifaotory
thing about th^ development work
to far la m,, fact now dtmont\ratei{.
tbtt tht Vflwi of tht vtln Improves as
it goes' tWb, and it thtn It^tfnv Qfttf^
R. E. Bruce hu ittrted work oij-
<?!�� Sitting Bull group on Horne-tbi.I
A Martin it reported to bt takinrs'
out good placer gold at the mouth ol
Quarti Creek at Buret-'.
An extension of tht Rod Line Group
it reported to have been located in tht
v'a!!'e> -j-j.tfoDoaald Creek; a tribute 61
W. McNttlh tnd Tom Jones hav.
given a bond cn tha Delos
mint tn rtoftethief crnk to A. Ft
Mulholland had W. Coutlthard o!
C. ftdytf HI a claim o'n * bShfltf.
crnk. The on it a tulphide of copper;
and judging from the samples whioh
ws hart snn, Mr. Troy* brr,, Kerb a
prospect well worth attention.
M.ft h.wspiMA*li W. R. ,8-*. o|*.
Fort Steele, wbo SlU-tW���.np. niaimt
at Canal Flat, hu arranged, with  hit-
prlnclpali tt pat ap $80,000 to nVivt
tht depotiti believed to exist ttsn.
Mnsrti Stti-Wrd,Collsit. and Robert-.,
���on htvt mrttd development work oi��,
the Red Lint Group. !t It rtjiorted-
thlt vtfry high Ttluee are being obtaiq--
ed from, thit p*��JI��i*WI tba values running itrgtly into gold.
ujjr ,H*t>ontfai ind J. Whitthtva!
Ions i good dttl of development work,
on their otalra, tht Diamond, "Rflint, on
Fiftnn Milt omk. yHII claim la on.
the sami !ee*t U (tie Certainty Group;,
They bropgKt (g, on with them which
went i-ver It por nut. in copptr.
\aW, rtruclMn this shltS,. ths owners
totrtlththtt 48 t*t\ in depth, wAh
���dM,'ute.^, pi-wS^jKSMfa?*ST*fS5S 	
*eMld:-JuN8; I
claims ba'vo baen re.
cerdidi-Julv 8; Standby lit field, by
H. R, Moodit; 4th, iron Duke, by iL
Lamonttlgnt, oa pa'ffyo'o Creek. Bills'
of uie htvt bnn recorded of the Black
Hawk on Crystal Omk, and the Copper Queen Oath* north fork-Bought*
to G. W, Booth ot New Westmimttr.
..tUKt.wnll-El A. Haggen visited tb*.
Certainty Mint on Fifteen Mile creok
and fixed the tltt of the llra(, ctevelopv
ment tunnel, Tht CwnplTji'i's fonmauv
J. Noble, haa rtjtdo an c-t'cellent job ofthe uti). Thtn is stil) a lot of snow.
On iffe ground. The lower ItUid has
Mbjoptned oat and ,has doubled lt\
-frltnh, ehq-iring.good grades of copper,,
om. Thi tunnelling work will be,,
pushed on in two ahifta at|d atother.
shift will probably be put iu at an
early date.
'tbe manj friends of Major QlfflMtK-'
wen glad torn him nturn of Monday^
last. The difficulties that hsr"*.er!��.i.
in connectioH.-jrith tba Kob^giy Con.-..
spM*^ Coropao'v., J^vfng bstn.utia-,.
fa6tor,ily nrminated .th**' Major mill el.
bhcem-ime work on.lib\.iU>mpany,eti
���jrop-jrlin, ot which h/> .has .aotr full
ctnitrpl..  As the Koot��uay Ubieelidat-.
Mty Al, the -on nttrnoVt* at hkyW tdf ht'vt ,.ii' tbt  Bennison iiu. a pro..-
w.j' :.....-.,��� .-....-.���3. -.'*.���: ._��^fl|^yE; hMT-aRSKEtf
placeamongBriti.h  Caluipbia ntiaea
everyone will wish   the genial a&lnft-u
e^.^A^jaemn*trtML*m^ja thhf
seasonV derel-Jilmuni operation-..
A Feeling That He Is Making a Serious Mistake His Restriction or
Newspaper Correspondence.
New York, Jnne 80.���An evening
paper publishes tlio followiug from its
Washington correspondent: "The press
censorship at Manila is attracting a
good dual of attention not 1ms at Wash*
ingtou thou iu other parts of the United States.
"General Otis is carrying things, in
respect to newspaper correspondence,
with a higher hand thau uuy other
officer haa ventured to iu recent years,
He does not coutunt himself with for
bidding the transmission of certain
news by cable from Manila, but goes
to the extreme length of living what
ahull ami shall not be mailed under en*
velopu and seal. He has waruedthe
correspondents ulso, that any one of
thein who tries to circumvent his
vighnuce by soiidiiigol'ja-tiounble matter over fur transmission from Hong
Koug, will be treated as if the offence
was committed iu Manila, uud might
us well pack his trunk for homo.
"There ia a feeling nere, among
those who know most of such things,
that General Otis is making a serious
mistake in his policy of news restriction. No general ever had with bim
a more intelligent group of correspondents, or one con tun i better aggregate of personal chit ,   ������*���'-    ���     "
CHI1:.,. PR;   VRINQ.
All Available  Fun-       ...  He   Put   on   a
IVur Footing���Japan Giving Up
Captured Cruisers.
Vancouver, Jnne 80.���China wonld
have Europeans believe thut she is spoiling for a fight, according to late advices. Special edicts, uuder the seal of
the Empress-Dowager, have been issued
to the viceroys and governors of Liang
Kiaug, and Min-che provinces to put
all military forces under their jurisdiction on a war footing,   owing   to 'the
Ttuirxtiiiv, Jane -0.
Admiral Pewey liti�� nailed from Ceylon
for Port Said.
Tlii- Brandon comity S. S. convention
Is   in   ni'sKion.
Tod Sloan won two races nt tiie New.
market meeting, \
The weaver*' ntrlke at lieu eler, Ont.,
lias   ln-eii   settled.
China will not acknowledge tiie Anglo.
ItuoHian   n^reeineiit.
Diphtheria has broken out in the
Doy's   Home, Hamilton.
Arthur Tennyson, hmOier ot tbe late
Lord Tennyi-on, If   dead.
The Japa are becoming tired of the
military  taxe*  Imposed.
Alex. Taylor, a Main street merchant,
ot   Winnipeg, in   mining.
The personnel ol the Dreylim court
martial has been anixintiAen.
Two residents or Diiiutli have fallen
heir to a   [ortnno ot   (000,000.
The prize list, of -lie File Hills Indian
res-erve exhibition   Is   published.
The Wiiinlyeir field lattery held uliell
practice at   Little Stony   Mountain.
The Anglican archbishop ol Ontario
objects   to   reductions   in    salaries.
Manitoba and Northwest elevator men
have formed an Blov.ltor association.
flreat Urltalu Ih in r-OSSPS-aloil of ai
Inland at the mouth of   Delagoa liny.
The fsport of rlco from Waliu, province of  china, has been Interdicted.
Mr. siftou'H majority in the limit!
I'.vc.elei-tloii will range between :iO and
An 16,000 Oallinlli) ehureh for foreign
residents will bo oroaloil on Selkirk si.,
The i:n-nlnii military dlsarumnieut pro-
poHalK are uiiacccptahlo    to    the   peace
Hen. Otis has Instituted a Htrlet ecu.
Huraiii',! of prens ill.-pn,ti:lic- and inunil-
fneturers  bis  own news.
Official notice ot the now >���} 1,0110.000
hotel and station tor tlio O. 1'. lt. In Win-
nlpcg, bas  been announced.
Large  Meeting of   Kepii-seulatlve  Agrl-
cultnrlHlH nt MooMomin.
Moosomin, Jnne ;!0���. At a thoroughly representative meeting of farmers,
from all parts of Moosomin electoral
districi, held hero on Saturday, Jnne
24, the following resolutions were
passed unanimously:
Moved by Mr. PI. Hydo, seconded by
Mr. S. S. Thompson, "That, whereas
the representatives of the elevator companies made a statement before the
parliamentary committee on the Dominion elevator bill, that the farmers
of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories were satisfied with the existing
Father Lennon Censored Before the
Congregation of St. Basil's In a
Most Extraordinary Manner.
menacing and *^atoning"SMe^f :^^^^ A��f_doi"? 51!!??!! S?
Germany and Italy iu Chinese waters.
The Chinese forces are, however, ordered to be on the defensive, nutil the aggressors shall have struck the first blow,
when permission is giveu to high military officials to take what active steps
they may, under the circumstances- see
fit. Perfect freedom is given to the
viceroys and governors of the provinces
named to dispose of their forces ns they
deem best wheu hostilities begin. In
spite of the repeated requests of the
tBnug-li-yameu to the German legation
to withdraw German troops now qnar-
teed at Jebohao Shantung, the latter refuse to do so, giving as .a reason that
they mnst remain there until the Tientsin-Ohiukiaug railway line shall have
been built, in order to be at hand
should opposition be shown by malcontents of the provinoe to prevent the construction of the road. Another excuse is
that the Germans . jfli romnin at
Jebohao until the spheres of influence
of the various powers in China shall
have beeu settled.
Manila papers state that the Ohinese
in the provinces of Bnlacun and Pam-
panga are having an extremely hard
time of it at the hands of the Filipino
banditti. It is estimated that over 200
Chinese have already been killed. The
damage, whioh is being done nil over
the province in the way of looting
stores and so on, is chiefly done by
mere brigands who are not attached to
any regular force at all. The policing
of the country is absolutely nil. It is
evident that the Filipinos are not able
to keep peace within their own lines.
More Uold From Klondike.
Vancouver, B.C., Juue 80.���The
Rosalie came do -vu from the north late
Monday night. There was $35,000 of
Klondike gold in the purser's safe.
About half of this was a shipment sent
down by the Canadian Development
company, while $15,000 of the remainder was carried aboard in a sack by
Bnder Smith, a well known Seattle
mining man. He says that in order to
complete the survey of some of the
creeks and adjacent property, Bonanza
and Eldorado creeks will be closed for
some time, that is, of course, only for
the location of claims. Mining business
will go on there just the sumo as it hus
been doing bnt the course taken in closing the jreeks was considered to be absolutely necessary.
Cleveland, June 30.��� F. Coiner, a
non-union conductor on the Central
avenue line, fired four shots into a
. crowd that held up his car ut tho Cleveland and Pittsburg railroad tracks today. The bullets went wild. There
was a panic among the passengers. The
windows of the car were smashed, bnt
no one was injured.
London, Ont, Jnne :io.���The five-
year old son of Wm. Mottnshed, 7
Queen's avenne, was crashed under the
wheels of a C.P.R. truck this afternoon.
He was playing in front of the house
and attempted to climb the turck bnt
slipped nnder the wheels.
whereas the statement has been made,
thut the request for amendment only
comes from professional agitators and
political demagogues, it be hereby resolved tbat this meeting composed entirely of bona fide farmers wish to emphatically state that they have a grievance, in that they are deprived of a certain share of their legitimate profits by
want of competition on the grain market."
Moved by Mr. A. W. McOlure, seconded by Mr. J. McQueen. "Tbat it
be further resolved that permission be
given to farmers and independent buyers to build aud ship through flat warehoused or on board cars with reasonable
time to load and no discrimination."
With the view of getting similar expressions from all districts,in Manitoba
and the Northwest' Territories it was
agreed to send copies of the above resolutions to uli editors, farmers' institutes, Statute���lalror -OT-oitfumn **,*
agriculturists generally throughout
Manitoba and the Territories.
Strikers' Warfare In Cleveland.
Cleveland, Juue SO.���The riotous outbreaks cf Monday were repeated in several quarters of the city, non-union
men on the big consolidated lines being
stoned aud forced to abandon their cars.
Only two cars were running on' tbe
Broadway line and those were repeatedly stoned, every window broken nnd
the condnctors and motormen being repeatedly struck. At Axtell avenue, a
mob, several hundred strong, was broken up by the police. The non-union
car men took to their heels, pursued by
the nuiou men, but made their escape.
The abandoned ' cars were wrecked by
the mob. Similar scenes were enacted
nt noon nt Denisou and Rhodes avenues
und Burton end Clark avenues. The
exodus of non-union men from the city
Chicago, Jnne 20.���The demands of
the unskilled stock yards workmen in
the several departments have been met
and the men returned to work today,
bnt the otlier departments of the workmen wont ont this forenoon to enforce
their demands. Several hundred painters who du.dnnd uu increase of 2%
cents uu hour, joined tho strikers. Another conference was held between representatives of the packiug firms in regard tu urrauging n settlement of the
troubles. Most packers were in favor
of granting the demands of the men.
It is believed un umicahle agreement
will bo readied to .lay an by tomorrow
the strikers will have returned to work.
Tho strikers maintain they have
12,500 men oat. Packers have boen
buying but little stock ou account of
tho threatening condition of affairs.
The suiters und cellnrmen from Swift's
packing honses nud the miming gang
at Armour's joined Iho strike during
the dny.
Montreal, June '10.��� The charge of
keopiug a gambling honse made
against the.St. Jean Baptists club will
likely fall through, ns all the chips and
marked curds and other articles seized
have been stolen from the court honse.
Brant ford, June 29.���Bishop Bowling, of Hamilton, censured' one of his
priests, Father Leunou, before the congregation on Sunday in a must extraordinary manner. The occasion wns the
confirmation at St. Basil's church,
where Father Lennon is rector. It
seems a boy named John Ryan was
present for confirmation though belonging to another parish, having been however sent by his father.
Tho bishop asked Father Lennon if
he claimed jurisdiction over tbe boy.
Father Lennon replied thnt he had no
jurisdiction save such us he derived
from tlio bishop. The bishop said,
"Because if yon did I wonld -very soon
see into it, and wonld take away yonr
Then the bishop continued addressing liim and said: " Vou have a bishop here that will make his priests
obey him, and I Intend to be obeyed.
If I did not maintain my authority aaa
bishop I wonld not be fit to govern this
diocese. Uo back to yonr plaoe, hoy,
you are not to blame. Yon have done
ns your father told yon. Our Lord
when on earth appointed bishops and
commanded those bishops to teach nud
He expects priests to obey their bishops
and expects the people to obey their
priests. I think it is necessary to give
an object lesson to this church. I love
this church. I was the man who
preached at the laying of the ccrner
stone. I helped to build and pay for
this church long, long before the man
yon have now had holy orders, end the
good priests here were my friends. I
am a man of peace, but I am also a bishop, aud I intend to make my priests
obey me, and when they appeal to the
pope ugaiuBt me, the pope himself
writes to ni#to maintain my authority. Boys, I am going to tell you that
it is well and good that youshonld love
and obey your' parents, even though
tbey may not be doing right, love them
and honor them because the bishop told
you so. and grow up to be good boys
and good oitizens. When I was in Toronto preaching in the presence of the
archbishop and the premier uf tbe Do
minion, I laid down the principle that
tbe Catholic church was a great power
for maintaining authority in the
family, in the state snd in the church.
As a Oatholio I teach yonng men to respect their parents, their magistrates
and their priests; even though the
priests is not respectful to the bishop,
obey him. Are we to obey tbe laws?
Yes, we are. Obey and respect your
priest as long as he does his dnty, but
if he teaches you to resist yonr bishop,
woe be to him, woe be to the priest
that by his conduct or conversation
wonld promote such a spirit among tbe
people, I don't accuse him of it, bnt I
want him to lav down the gauntlet today to dispute my authority. When I
stand here I stand here as the poor
man's friend and I think the poor people deserve to have a good pi-tat among
them. When the Holy Father asked
me what I wanted to promote religion
in this diocese, I said I want more
priests, more students, more young
men, and I have not get tbe money.
He said why don't you tax, and when
I imposed the tax, your man here was
the only man who ref nsed to pay tho
tax and appealed to Rome, but the Holy
Father stood by me nnd brought him
to time." 	
French   limit   Seized   by   Newfoundland
CiiNtonm Official*,
St. Johns, Nfld., June 29.���The
French fishing vessel Nonville Ecosse,
from the Grand Banks, arrived at Cape
Broyle, on the southern coast of Newfoundland, in quest of 'herring bait.
She was seized by the customs officials
for violation of the fishery laws., An
officer was given the custody of the
ship and crew, but the latter attacked
him got the ship to sea, threw him into
a boat and left the coast. The British
special service vessel Columbine was
ordered to chase aud seize tbe Nouvelle
Ecosse, which has no register, tbat being In tbe hands of the customs officials.
Serious complications are expected to
result from this affair. The Frenoh
admiral is coming here to undertake an
F. A. Lewis Expires Suddenly.
Stonewall, Jnne 29.���Mr. F. A.
Lewis, at ono time manager for Manitoba for Maxwell 8c Sons, and nntil
lately Massey-Harris agent al this
point, died suddenly abont half past
eight this morning. Feeling slightly
ill ho sent for Dr. MoLeod, On tbe arrival of the doctor Mr. Lewis began to
complain of a Blight pain over the heart
region, and giving a couple of spasms,
expired. He was abont sixty-eight
yenrs of ujtp.	
Treneurer McMlllnn itutes tlint Ibe
oliHtruetlmi tnclU-H of the opposition
will prevent tlio (runnier nf the Manitoba eclinol   IrimN  this year.
AVciinesdn.v, .mm* aa.
Spain Is   being afflicted witb serious
,    F, A. Lewie, Implement agent of Stone.
OBEY | wall, in   dead.
Hamilton, Out., city council will purchase Dumluru park.
A party of American miners died ot
starvation iu   Siberia.
The touring Ontario legislators spent
tho day  In   Winnipeg,
Eight men arrived at 'Frisco with
$250,000 ot, Yukon fc old.
Tlio 1.liming stenmer Pawnee was
abandoned on tbo Atlantic coast.
The "Brit i��li coast- Bquadrnn will mold
Uie at Chatham, Kng., July  11*1 Ji.
The reoults of the St. John's Ladles'
college  examinations  are announced.
Jamaica wants reciprocal trade witli
Canada, but not closer political union.
���l'rlnco Hillkoff Kjioke*, of tho Manitoba
Doukhoboro before liix return to Kit rope.
Mm hop poWHiiff. of Hamilton, public
ly censured Father Lennon, of llruiit-
Tlio St. James -Gazette states the Clan*
Na-Uael aro operating in tbe Transvaal- i
Centre Winnipeg Conservatives have
selected a committee to nominate a candidate.
Uermauy lino accepted the Anglo-American plan for a peniiaiicnt board of arbitration*
A. L. Sifton wus elected M. U. A. for
Banff In thn liye.eh'i-llon, defeating Ur.
Brett   by 10  votes.
Uiitfh A. Cuiinlntfliuiii, of the Ilnyflclil,
Man.,- district, tviis Mcrlnimly Injured by
falling (rum a   roof.
1'enjle |n "Britieh Columbia are coin*
ment hue adversely ou Attorney (leucral
Uartlu's cundaet ut a UoHafuntH-rminct.
A Frmeh fjshlng vhsoI was selied by
Newfoundland customs ultiuers, but they
threw the officer lu charge into a boat
and SKaped.
Mii-liuiil Duly, J. 1-1.11.111111. Victor L��tare
III. ol* .starvation.
Victoria. B.C., June 89.���Tie Yukon Snn of Jnne 0, just received tells
tbe followiug tsory of the death on tbe
trull to the gold flelilu: ''John J. Grow-
ley, agent of ths Ladeau Company at
Dalil river during the pant winter,
brings tbe information of the death of
three men from starvation and oold,
while attempting to make tbe headwaters of the Koyukuk last winter.
Tbe victims ore Michael Daly, Providence, R.I., and Pronoun and Victor
Letare. two Canadian, who were members of a large party to attempt to eroes
from Dahl river and started ou the trip
in January. After some two or tbree
weeks the main party returned and reported tbeir tbree companions as lost.
'Nothing was heard from tbe missing men until some time in March,
when tbe Bresler party of Cycle Olty
reported tbe finding of the remains of
tbe three bodies on the north fork of
the Bonanza, near tbe headwaters ol
tbe Koyuknk. Iu a tent was found
tbe dead body of J. Pronoun, sitting by
a stove, on this was a kettle on whioh
Pronoun bad been trying to boil the
mooschide thongs from off bis snow-
shoes. Tbe body was buried, and about
four miles below this teut they, found
the fragments of tbe body of Michael
Daly, and a short distance further down
that of Victor Letare, nearly devoured
by wolves. In one or two places on the
back trail the Bresler party found a
note penned to a tree by these uufnr-
tinates, begging their companions, if
tbey were on tbat trail, to hurry along,
because tbey were starving, while tbey
were trying to push through to the
Eoy-ibuk, wi*.��� they uopeo to Aid
food and shelter. Of thi many stories
of hardship, suffering and death in the
lower country, this Is the most shocking." It was connected with tbe loss
of this party that a tale of cannibalism,
evidently fictitious, was put in oiron-
lation by recent arrivals from the
Prof. Qeorgson, sent by tbe department of agriculture at Washington to
report upon the availability of the
Alaskan territory contiguous to the
Canadian Yukon for farming operations, has returned from tbe north. Be
is well satisfied with the outlook, believing tbat the Yukon flats, when properly created, will prove equally
adapted to cereal production as the flats
of Minnesota and I he steppes of Siberia,
snd will yield umple wheat to supply
tbe contiguous districts with flour.
Iron Smelter for Toronto.
Toronto,June 89.���Beaver, of Wells-
man and Seaver.the famous American
furnaoe builders, who are at present
erecting in Russia, Germany and England, as well as iu tbe United States,
and Louis Schilling, of Saden, a large
iron master and furnaoe operator of
Ohio, will be hero tomorrow and confer
with the assessment commissioner and
certain local capitalists wbo are interested regarding a site for a smelter.
Correspondence bus been going on for
some time aud Seaver and Shilling already have a general Idea as to the location that will be most suitable. Their
intention is to erect a furnace witb a
present capaety of 800 tons daily. This
will oonsnnie in lho vicinity of U00 tons
of ore per day. Tbe syndicate bas already purchased a remarkable ore body
in eastern Ontario and proposes to obtain ore by water nr rail, as may be
most convenient. A rote running from
80 cents for 100 per ton bus been obtained by rail, and as lhe ore would
come by the O.P.B. it was considered
of importance the furnaoe should be
located adjacent to the line of the O.P.
R. The principal ore body owned by
tbe syndicate is a magnetlo deposit
near Hull, where there are enormous
quantities of valuable minerals,
Alloway & Champion,
Listed Stocks bought, told, and oorrrled
on n��rg!n.
Write us tf yon wieh to exchange any kind of
money, to buy Government or 0. NT W. Co.
Lands, or to lend money anywhere.
Reported by Alloway & Ohampton,
��� Stook Broken, Wiuuipeg
Winnipeg, Juno 18, IM.
Danii, Sullen.   Begem,
Joseph Chamberlal* Caraeterlies ths
msgoverament of the Transvaal
as a Festering Sore.
{J". T>. O'B-Ri-B-isr,
US  Prlneo. St., Wlmnlp.-f.
Print* wlro oonntetlon with all market*
Grain bought nnd carried on margin.
Oorreopondenoo SollolUd*
WarEngle lB
Commercial Ottile..,,,	
Montreal Tel	
Htoh.A0nt.Nav.  .
pylSfc.*: ������������:::
Montreal 0.1	
Toronto tt'y	
Dululh Prelirrrd ,,'
Cjn. r*e, R'y, Montreal	
(jui. Pec. B'y. London	
Quoted by Alloway A Champion,
809 Main street, Winnipeg.
Retchamark.. KI.8SM
/.lulrlaii Guidon tt U
Bollud Gulld.1. W
lfr.no. , It 7-8
HllMlan Rouble. 80S-.
riniil.li MarUu    -II 1*1
Kronor... tt
Young women are frequently a puzzle to themselves so far as health is concerned.
The mysterious ills of womankind are accompanied by many distressing symptoms, and in
ignorance the young woman just entering upon maturity suffers much that could as well
be avoided did she but understand.
The irregularities in the monthly uterine action, such as painful, suppressed or profuse
menstration, sick headaches at the monthly periods, and the distressing feelings of fatigue
and exhaustion, all speak of thin, watery blood and exhausted nerves.
Dr, Chase's Nerve Food is the great restorative for pale, weak, suffering girls and
women that Was ever discovered. By swelling the shrivelled arteries with rich, red blood,
it restores vitality to the body, color to the cheek and roundness to the form. It revitalizes the nerves and produces absolute regularity of the feminine organs.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
is prepared, iii handy pill form,, from the favorite prescription of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
discoverer of Dr. Chase's Ointment arid Kidney-Liver Pills. Fifty cents a box at all deal*
ers, or by mail on receipt ot-iprke.by Edmanson,. Bates & Co., Toronto.
Tk. H...I..I .1 M.t.ls.
Osmium has, bulk (or bulk, roiy nearly
twlee tbs weigh! ot lead. The speolfle
fi-arlly of gold Is about MX, while that
of osmium Is almost 88!<. Osmium Is
also tbe most Infusible of metals, remaining unsffeotod by a degree of heat capable of causing platinum to run like
water. It eren resists the lnoonoalrsbls
temperature of the eleotrlo aro.    *  -
Th. Lara-sat Tarqu.l...
The Dnobets of Westminster still wears
tbe largest flawless turquolw owned by
any private Individual, aud the Duohess
of Sutherland posse.*.-, the only complete
BRckleoe ot blaok pearls
Railway Fares ts Winnipeg Industrial.
Main line east���Rat Portage, �����;
Goat Selkirk, IISo.
Main line west���Poplar Point, 11.90;
High Bluff, 11.46; Portage la Prairie,
I1.6S; MoGregor, 111.86; Austin,
$3.66; Carberry, 18.30; Brandon, $4;
Grlswold, 14.66; Oak Lake, 14.66;
Virden, ��4.96. Elkhorn, 16.86; Moosomin, |6.76; Whltewood, 10.86; Gren-
fell, |8.96; Wolseley, fT.25; Indian
Head, 17.66; Qu'Appelle, |7.86; Re-
glna, 18.60; Moose Jaw, 19.85; Swift
Current, 111.60; Medioine Bat,
$14.65; Calgary, 118.15; Antbraeite,
��19.70; Banff, 119.80.
-Stonewall Branch.-��� Stony Mountain, 65o; Stonewall, 80c; Balmoral,
$1.90; Teuton, $1.00.
West Selkirk Branch.���West Selkirk,
Emerson Branch.���-Dominion Olty,
$9.36; Emerson, $9.00.
Southwestern branch. ��� Carman,
$9.80; Treberne, $11.10; Holland, $3.40;
Cypress River, $8.80; Glenboro, $4;
Carroll, 4 80.
Pembina Mountain Branch.���Morris,
$$1.60; Gretna, $9 65;Morden, $3.15;
Maultou, $4; Pilot Mound, $4.50; Crystal City, $4.66 Cartwright, $4.95;
Killarney, $5.30; Boissevain, $6.30;
Deloraine, $6.90.
Sourls Branch.���Sonris, $4.60 Hart,
ney, $4.80 Naplnka, $5.30; Mellta,
$5,86; Oxbow, $0,45.
Prlnoe Albert Branch.���Prince Albert, $18.50; Prince Albert Weal,
Edmonton Branch. ��� Edmonton,
���99.00, Red Deer, $80.05.
Maoleod Branch.���Maoleod, $90.95;
Maole-d, via Calgary, 90.95; Maoleod;
via Lethbridge, $17.50; Lethbridge,
Sie.es.  ���
Daupbin, $5.86; Slfton, $6.70 Win-
ulpegosis, $6.30.
Morris, $1.60; Emerson, $3.60.
Portage la Prairie branoh.���St.
Charles, 85c; Eustache, $1.05; Portage
la Prairie, $1.65.
Morris-Brandon Branoh. ��� Roland,
$9.50; Miami, $3.60; Swan Lake,
$8.05; Baldur, $4; Belmont, $4; Ash-
down, $4.; Wawaneea, $4; Brandon,
M. AND N. W. RY.
Gladstone, $8.06; Neepawa, $4.05;
Mlnnedosa, $4.45 Rapid City, $4.7$!
Shoal Lake, $5.16; Birtle, $5.60; Bins,
oarth, $5.95; Russell, $0.90; Saltcoats,
$6.80 Yorkton, $7.16.
G. N. O. Hy.
Forrest, |4.35 Rapid Olty, $4.96
Hamlota, $6.85.
Ht. Johns, Nfld., June 88 ��� The
British armed sloop Bnssard, while
trying to reach the Frenoh treaty shore
on Friday, collided with on Iceberg,
whioh stove in her bows. By meant ol
collision inataand moving tho guns
and heavy stuff to tbe stern, she made
her way back here safely. She will be
decked tomorrow. At tbe lime of tbe
accident perfect discipline existed'on
board and prompt preparations were
made to leave tbe abip should it prove
Impossible to keep her above water. It
was soon seen, hoirever, that the dun-
age was not serious enough to endanger
the vessel.
Vancouver, B.O., June 87.���Through
��� saloon being unlawfully allowed to
remain open on Sunday John B. Hill Is
dead aud bis four cbldlreu are fatherless. Hill got drunk snd was run over
by a atreet oar Isle at night, Tbe
niotormnn did all he oould to avoid tbe
aoeideut and his death was due wholly
to Hil's own fault.
London, Juie 88.���The house of lords
today actuated the bill legalising th*
eleotion of women as councillors and
aldermen. The vote stood 189 against
tbe measure and 88 in faovr of lt.
Paris, June 37.���After nearly a week
of hot weather tbe Parisians have received an Intimation tbat they an to
be put on rations as regards water.
The supply la to be out off from nine In
the evening till Ave in tbs morning,
until auch time ut problematic rains
have replenished tho reservoirs.
F.oa. ths Ra.lr.aa Senate.
"How long, O omlllne, will thou i
tlnue to abuse our patience'"   spouted
"Oh, I don't know," replied Catiline,
with a sneer. "1 guess my little eocen*
trickles of conduct don't make people any
mom tired than your speeches on. "���New
York Journal           ' ,
Tk* Measure of a IHimUiloa.
Hn. Hard���Do have somo iuore cream.
Hiss   Snestootb   (hesltatlngly)-Well,
just a little, Mrs. Hard  Only n mouthful.
.    Un  Himl-nrlilgot, DU  Hiss  Sweo-
] tooth's plute up again.��� Tlt-Blts
Halifax, Juue 97.���Geo. T. Smith's
dry goods store ou George street was
badly damaged by Are early thia morning. The dry goods stock of J. W. Wallace In the adjoining ��� building suffered
considerably from smoke.
Birmingham, June 88.���Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, secretary of state fur the
colonies, addressing the Unionists of
this olty reviewed oaref nlly the Transvaal question. In the course of- bis
speech he said that owing to tho enormous military preparations of the government of tbe South African Republic
Great Britain had been compelled to
Increase the British garrison in Cape
Colony and Natal, entailing on additional expenditure of ��500,000 annually.
"If tbe reforms whioh Lard Rlpon pro
posed in 1894 had beeu accepted," said
the minister, "there wonld have been
no raid and no orisis at present. But
the raid tied the hands of the govern
ment and prevented the application of
Mr. Chamberlain said the government bad tried to establish friendly relations with President Kruger, but all
their advances had been received with
oontempt. He then proceeded to eulogise Sir Alfred Miluer, governor of
Cape Colony, and British high commissioner for South Africa. The government accepted tbe -responsibility for
the notions ot that official. As for the
counter proposal of Mr. Kruger they
did not constitute even a fair installment of reform. After denouncing in
tbe strongest terms the attitude and
actions of tbe Boers. Mr. Chamberlain
with great deliberation aud emphasis,
added: "The Transvaal's enormous
secret service fuutj bos procured it
friends and advocates In every oountry.
Tbe way the British subject there is
treated is not only a ��� menaoe to thein,
but interferes with our prestige among
tbe natives, who now regard the Boers
and not the British, as the paramount
power. Besides the breaches of tbe
London oonventiou, tbe ' ^fansvoal is
flagrantly violating the equality that
tbe convention wwlntendedtoseoure."
Its misgovernment is a festering sore'
poisoning the whole atmosphere. Tbe
Dutch in Cape Colony and Natal
would be In the happiest oondition, but
so long as the disease of hatred prevails [
in the Transvaal, it is impossible to
stop tbe contagion. Four times sinoe
independence was granted, we have
been on the verge of a war with the
Transvaal. It ia erroneous to say
British government wants war, but lt
Is equally erroneous that tbe govern*
ment will draw back now that it bas
pnt its hand to the plow. We hope the
efforts that are now being made will
lead to anamioable arrangement, for
Great Britain only desires justice, but
there will oome a time when patience
oan hardly be distinguished from weak*
ness and when moral pressure becomes
a farce, that cannot be continued with-
out loss of self-respect. I trust that the
time may never oome In this Instance;
but if lt does, Briton will Insist upon
finding tbe means to secure a result essential to the-peaoe of South  Africa."
The speech was warmly applauded.
In replying to a vote of thanks, Mr.
onamuenain said ne reit strengthened
and encouraged by tbeir confidence and
support. He had spoken from the heart
because be believed tbey bod reaohed a
critical turning point in tlu history of
tbe empire and tbat the whole world
waa watching to see how they .would
issue from tho'SUBcillty. "IMsaij- belief," he said, in closing, "tbat the
oountry will show itself not "unworthy
of its glorious history and traditions."
Condensed News by Wire.
Quebec, Juue 37.���The St. **Tean Bop-
tiste Frenoh'Ganadiau national feast is
being celebrated bite. There was a
large and imposing procession and Monday afternoon a picnic was held at St.
Catherine Grove, Lake St Joseph.
New York, Juue-37.���Mrs. George
B. Barrow, arraigueB- before Justice
Werner In the criminal branoh of the
supreme court today, pleaded guilty to
the charge of kidnapping baby Marion
Clark. She was! sentenced to twelve
years and ten months in prison.
Bartley, Neb., June 87.���This plaoe
was visited by a most destructive ball
and rain stopu yesterday. For miles ih
the northeast, nol a stalk of corn or
spear of wheat Is left standing. The
whole country is flooded and thousands
of dollars worth ofiproperty destroyed.
Tbe B. and M. track la under water
here* while boats float all over the east
part of tbe town..
Chleago, June 87.���While walking
the traok of the Chicago terminal railroad, John Kotowsky was fatally injured in a remarkable effort to save tbe
life of Agnes Cross. The two were
orosslng a trestle, when a switch engine
rounded a curve at high speed. Kotowsky sprang, toward, and grasping the
girl about tbe waist, he swung himself
on ono el the iron brace*, but the pilot
of the locomotive struck bim, and with
the girl be was hurled thirty feet be
low. Kotowsky struck tho ground flint/
breaking tbe girl's fall, but Motoring
bis skull, The girl oaosped with
slight Injuries.
The wheat market baa been fairly
steady during tbe week with .slight
recession in prices. Then have been
no new developments of especial importance except a break in tbe drought,
in Russia and Ronmania. Most of th*
advioes from those countries, however,
agree that the damage done is irreparable and tbat at beet the crop ontoome
will be poor. Harvesting ot winter
wneat in the United States is in progress and tbe results an about as exported, a poor yield but the wheat is
of good quality. Spring wheat prospects continue good, although then Is
too much rain in some localities, Tb*
export demand has been very good during the post few days and, if lt continues, present values should be maintained or bettered.        J. D. O'BRIEN.
Winnipeg, June 38rd, 1809.    ,'
WISMPliB   MAHKEW.   ' **-.
Wheat���No. 1 hard. Fort William,
Flour���Ogilvie*���Hungarian patent,
$9.00; Glenora, 1.80; Manitoba strong
bakers, $1.50. Lake of the Woods-
Patent, $3.00; strong bakers. $1,80;
second bakers, $1.46; XXXX, $1,00
per sack of 98 lbs. Dlsoonut of 6o per
snek to cash buyers.
Millfeed���Bran, $10, and shorts R19
per ton ia bulk; huge lota, $1 per too
Ground Feed���Best Oat ohop, $89
per ton; mixed barley and oats. $80-|o
$98; and wheat mixtures, $10 to $14
Oil cake, $94 per ton; ground oorn, $18
to $19 per ton.
Oats���Best grades no longer obtainable.   Mixed, 40o to 48^0.       ,
Oatmeal���Cor lots of rolled .bout
$1.85 for 80 lb: sacks. Granulated
and standard, $8.85.
Oorn���-Oar lots on traok hen, 48J_o.
Barley���Abont 89o per bushel of 48
Wheat���Country prices���58 to 68o
for best grades.
- Hay���Baled, $6.60 to $7.00 on ttaok
bore. Loose hay on the street, $8.
Butter���Creamery, 14 to 16o; dairy,
18 to 14a
Cheese���Large, 8o; .mill, 7>_o.
Eggs���Fresh, 131. to 18o.
Vegetables���Potatoes, new, o%e per
ponnd; old, 40 to 50o per bushel;
turnips, 80o per bushel; parsnips, 9o
per lb| beets, 60o per bushel; onions,
8e per lb.; green onions, l6o per dot.
buuchis; rhubarb, lo per lb.; radish,
parsley and lettuce. 30o per doaen
bunches; asparagus, 85a per dozen.
Seneca Root���17o per pound.
Hides���No. 1, 0(o; No. 9, 5)_o; Na
8, 4 1 8. Kip, 6 to 6X0; oalf, 8o; deft-
kin skins, 35- to 85o each; sheepskins
snd lambskins, 40 to 65o; hone hides,
50o to 75c each.   Shearlings, lOo.
Poultry���Chickens, live, M)q_ to 65o
per pair; turkeys, lie per lb., live, or
15o per lb, draued.
Dressed Meals���Beef, OH to l%o;
mutton, 11 to lliio; veal, 7 to Do;
pork, 8 to 6,*_c; spring lamb, $4 to $5.
Wool���7 to l%o tor unwashed Manitoba fleece.
Tallow���No. 1, 8Ho; No. 9, 8��.
Cattle���Choice fat cattle, 4 X per lb.;
common, 4or stackers, yearlings, $19
to.,$16;  two year olds, $18 to $99. H '
Hags���For selected weights, 4Ji"o^
4&o per lb,
Sheep���Manitoba, i% to 4J_o.
... Cows���From 180 to $46 is tbe prioe
for good dairy cows. -
Hones���Good work, $100 to ���175;'
heavy draft, (135 no.
Crystal Olty, Man., June $7.-Tat
of Mr. Jams* McArtmy, flf*
milea south ot the town, was totally
destroyed by Are Sunday, yary little
was saved. The cause Is nfpoMd to
have been a defective chimney.
Brandon, June 98,.���Two prominent
siHsene, neighbors, in the suburbs of
tbe city, quarrelled on Saturday evening, with tbe result that.on* la now
under a doctor's care with a six inch
gash In bis scalp. The wound was ln-,|
flloted with . bo*, which one assailant
used. The quarrel is of long standing,
It is said the man who got' the best of
th* scrap was assisted by several members of his family.'   *" ���
A 14-yearolil boy scored SOI runs
Iti a cricket matob In London.
1 won't have to woirj* Ihla year wtor. to se
To Mv-rlbywlf-from breaktni down,
For hor. .re Ih. facta���I am already broke;
I'll spend th. Kuntner right In town.
���Philadelphia North America.
U.K. Ble.
The Identical people who make a lion of
wan will make a monkoy af hlmif he
di-wn't look out for them.���Detroit Journal. -
una* tp co-ai*,
.  In-ad tk. batt-oaiHl pound tlAdnua
Aad loudly blow Ih. Immpal
Aad 1.11 the rillplno man,     ___*
"Ujou Oaa'l lfk.lt, Oalam��."
Forgot the U.S.Flat.
Toronto, June 80.���There waaan interesting flag inoident this evening at
Ibe Normal school, when a pnblio're-
ception was being held by the I. O. G
t. to Ihe International Grand Lodge I.
O. G. T. One of tho delegates [interrupted Grand'Chief Templar Spruce, of
Ontario, while be was making a speeoh
of welcomo, and pointed out tbat tbere
wos .uot one. Amegi-nui flag inoluded
among the decorations. Mr. Spenco
apologized for the omission, and said
ibe flags bad beon borrowed at a late
hour from tne government and it waa
discovered they did not include ihe
American (fag when it was loo late to
get one. The speaker then continued.
Later on in Ihe speeoh ��lady delegate
from Cleveland, Bliss Wiett, produced a
small American flag and bung it out
over rtie balcony near her amid hearty
cheers from the delegates of all nationalities. ���   *   ���
London, Juue 80.���Mr. Arthur
Tennyson, youngor brother of Ihe oele-
iratcd poet. Alfred Tennyson, is dead.
. Hespeler, Ont, June-80.���Tne strike
of weavers In the Brodle woollen mills
here is virtually, ovor, the majority of
weave��� hgrlug ooeptcd the offer made
by tbo piWprlotor tbot he would pay 95
per oent of the darning and have gone
back to vork.
A wiaminar intern,
"Strange, how  many   prists  Mrs.
Orabbem fins at cards "
"She only wins, you know, where
the players pnt down their own scores
and do their own adding up."
"Clever at adding, Isabel".
"Well, she generally wins.'
"But how can sbe tell tbe number
ehe'llneedtowlnt"        .<.'���.
"Thai's the only weak point Mi ber
system. But George say* she's a fatalist. He says she just adds her age to tb*
totals and trusts to luck*"���New York
Wofld. .     '
Toronto, June 80.���Charles Hood,*
Ave year old*boy of Freelton, Out, was
thrown out of a wagon on Hamilton
market hy a horse running away. Thi
ohlld's head caught In the spokes of tb* <
wheel and he was very ajrloosly injur,
ed. William McDonald, son ot John
McDonald ot Gueldh, jumped off . rati
and waa drowned.
A reunion or Roosevelt's rough rider*
wan held at Los Vegas, N. ft /b
C3-ox.u^i3sr Eba.
A Lon. Dos.
A lsdy living on Park avenue, Walnut bills, was recently presented witb a
full blooded imported dachshund, n living exemplification of the esying,
"Man wants but Utile here below, but
he wants that little long." This dog in
particular has all the flue points of a
true dachshund. Its length Ok at least
four times its height, and Its legs are
stumpy and have the .conventional crook
of a golf stick at the foot. The lady
1ms several otber dogs and is quite a
fancier of canines. Tbe otber evening a
gentleman called wbo had heatd a great
deal of tbe celebrated animal. As lie
entered the darkened parlor a small
yellow dog of uo particular breed arose
from a rug In front of the grate und,
unnoticed by tbe gentlemun, slowly
walked toward tbe door. The dog
crossed half way over the threshold and
stood in such a position thnt a person
In lhe parlor conld just see its hind
legs nnd tall. At that moment the maid
lighted the gas, und the dachshund
poked Its head Inquiringly through another open door. The. gentleman gazed
In amazement at the head of the dachshund peering at him from one doorway
and tbe hindquarters of another dug
visible in tbe otlier doorway, and then
In tbe hearing of the servant ejaculated
"Lord a-mlgbty I I heard thnt this
dachshund of bers was a long one, but
this animal certainly beats my tlmel"
���Cincinnati Enquirer
Minard's Liniment Cures Ilurns, etc.
Drawn at Ifl.bt.
The architect aud his friend tbe
builder .were driving back to tbe for*
mer's office. Tbey had been out to the
edge of the city to look at some work
on which they were engaged. As tbey
drove' by a certain bonse the builder
looked up at It proudly, suylng: "Tbere
is a house that 1 built myself. 1 not
only built it, but I drew all tbe plana
Every bit of work in it is mine." The,
architect looked at tbe bouse and smiled
in a provoking way.
The builder noticed the smile and
looked at the bonse In a new light.
- "How hard I worked on that I" he said.
"In the daytime I had to do something
else, hot every night I would sit np late
drawing on those plans. I drew on 'em
every night for a mouth."
. The architect looked at the bouse
again and smiled once more, and the
builder saw liiin.
Agulu he turned his eyes toward the
product'of hiB brain, twisted his neck
to squint at it lifter the carriage, bad
pnsscd tt. Then lie looked ut the architect with bumjllty ."ItrlookB ns if
those plans were drawn nt nlgbt. doesn't
Mi'' lie said, uml there wus pathos in
bis voice.
ULOgRKURB-SlH Cltt (01 FdIioi UU 01 ITT
Pool, on   Murder I'n.e..
Boohiiiuliiii'i lu murder cases is one
of the fiirms nf pliuliliiiK line, which
him opened n new Held lo tho men wbo
- are willing lo lay utlils,' The anggestion
smacks uf Ibe riilicnliins. but ii gundily
dreem-d ruling mnn. with a few "nates'
In lifn left linnil and $40 -in money in
bis, rl-j-ln. n|i|u'iircd In lha criminal
brunch of Ibeanpren'ie court here n few
days ago "'Who's on trial V" bn asked
nn nffit-cr Bun-* lulil. be consulted his
notes and snid " *   -
"Let's see Lawyer Bluuki defense.
liiBiinily: fliiirne, ninrdrr." Aud then,
turning to {he ilunrniiiu nuiiin. "I'll bet
yon 1 to 1(1 lle'n in quitted. "
The court officer luoked finzzled, but'
wns astounded when Ihogandity dressed
Informed bim he wus making "book.'
. The curtrt officer saw .thnt be iiiiule
trucks, bnt uot In-fore over $000 iu Ue'i
hud lieen plticed mi I lie outcome of .the
caai-.   An Invtstiga-tloh   showed  that
-there' are n Inrge number of these bimb-
- makers doing business around the New
York coorts, hnd tbeir profits arc snid
to he very large.���New -York Letter In
Pittsburg Dispatch .    *
Mlaard's Liniment Kellevea Neuralgia
Thn Moaanam.
"Tell the foe that we will never
yield I" exclaimed th* Filipino chieftain.      ..���,,.,.,
'   "Yes, general."
"Tell them we will flght It ont if
we hav* to work bn legal holidays to
"Yea, general. TVhat tbent"
"Why, then, if they get down to
business and offer h cash compromise,
you take it quick,"
- -u ������'.'.it: .���J*-**-   *
Props���You've got to cat out thai
great scene when you light your cigarette with a 41,000 note.   ..
David flarrl^|_j*B.Mabready-Au4
Props���Because the tobacconist. re.
fuses to supply another smoke until
you hnve settled his bill of 4 shillings t
.   A Wild U��..��..
������The pillows in this boarding hone*
are the hardest  I ever struck," cent-.
flalned the new boarder at the break'
list table. "I wonder what they ur*
made off
"Perhaps," sold the sfur boards***,
"pf feathers from a tailor's goose. "���*�����
Detroit Free fress
.    ���    ��� ��� .i ���    iiin.
There -sever was, aad nsv���� fill be, *
universal panaeea, In one remedy, tor all
Ills to whioh flesh Is heir ���*���**	
ot many euiatlvss heir
the germs of other Mt
dlseasss rooted in th*.
tlent���what wohld *��L._ --...
would - aggreyat* the othe*. W* taw,
however,Tn Quinine Wit* when obtain-
ablo In a sound, ���uadulteratal,state, a
remedy for many and grlevqua Ills. By its
gradual and judicious use the frailest systems are led Into eonvalesoenes and
strength bv the Influence which Quinine
exertion Nature's own restoratths- It
"    -**���* WiUl
relieves the droopli
whom    "*     '
��� the drooping spirits of those Witt
. chronic stale of a-urtM deapoad-
ad lack of Interest In Ilia la a dll-
and, by Mnqulllalng ths n.rves*,
sea to sound aid refreshing -������
Imparts vigor to ths aotion of the
whioh, being stimulate^ Mures* IL
out tb* vein*, strength-ding tha hsall
animal tunotlons ortb. system, there)
ltsmaudTnoreased aubstauoe-^result,
ed appetite. Northrop ��nd Lrmai.
into, have given to the public their
i'oronl ���    ��� ..    ...
tuperlor quinine .Win* at tbe usual rat*,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
ibl* wm. approwbos nearMt perfeotlon
* any to tbS market.   All druggist* sal!
JHArt'f Liniment foi Mleewywhere
Redwood fSmonsh to Laat 800 Year*
nl Present Rate of Cnttlns.
The habitat of the redwood is peculiar.
It Is found only In a narrow atrip, closely
hugging the Pacific coast, stretching from
the southern boundary of Oregon or just
across the boundary���for there are perhaps
1,000 aores of redwood In Oregon���southward through northern California, nearly
to tbo bay of San Francisco.
The closest and finest growth Is In
Humboldt county, near the northern end.
That portion In Mendocino and Sonoma
counties Is not as heavy or continuous,
nor are the trees ns valuable for lumber,
ne they branoh lower doWn. The wood Is.
however, of glower growth, 1b denser and
harder nnd perhaps, more durable. Tho
best lumber and the heaviest growth nro
everywhere In the valleys und on the fiats.
On tbe hillsides the trees arc smaller nnd
not so close. Nowhere 1b there any young
growth. Tho youngest trees, which em
found only In the northern portion of the
belt, ore several hundred years ot.age.
This Is probably the densest forest on
earth, as measured by the amount of timber per acre suitable for the sawmill. It
Is not the size of the trees alone which
produces this, although they are exceptionally large, even in this state of large
things, but It ls"tho great number of troes,
tho closeness of their stand. In a redwood
forest the sun never shines���It Is always
twilight. You are, as tt wore, under the
roof of a vast teniplo, a roof of foliage,
supported by great tree columns.
Tbo area of the redwood belt has been
carefully mapped and Is, as nearly as win
be estimated, 8,000 squuromiles, or 1,280,-
000 acres. The stand of timber on this
area is nol so easy to asoertnln, but mny
be computed thus:
mi Norte county    4,000,000,000
Humboldt county ��,000,000,000
Mendocino count j ��8,100,000,000
Btmoma county, say   l.uuo,000,WU
Tots!-.. 7. 76,lt��,O0O,O0O
The annual out by the mills Is 950,000,.
000 feet. At the present ruto of cutting,
therefore, the supply will last 900 yearn.
Iu tbo Mendocino county there is nearly
nine times as much timber on an acre as
In the southern pineries. In Humboldt
county, upon 06,448 acres, the avorage
stand is 84,000 foot per acre, nearly 17
times as great as In the southern' states.
There is one cause of destruction from
which this tree Is entirely exempt; that
Is fire. Containing no pitch, but, on the
other hand, a large amount of water, lt
Mill not burn when greon. No Are can
run In a redwood forest. It Is the only
one of our coniferous lumber trees whioh
is thus exoinpt.
Redwood Is tn almost universal use on
the California coast. In the construction
of houses little other timber Is used, even
ns far south as Ijos Angeles and San
Diego. It Is exported as far south as Val*
pnrnlso and westward to Japan and Australia. Indeed, considering its cheapness,
914 per 1,000 feet tn Eureka for the best,
It seems strange thnt It has not found Its
way in quantity to tho Atlantic coast
Certnln It Is thnt before many years redwood will supplant the now vanishing
white pine In easern markets.���National
Geographic Magazine.
Carlyle nnd the Checker Player.
James Wyllle, the "Herd Laddie," on
a very wet and tempestuous day, many
yenrs ago, turned Into a little roudside lun
near Loohmaben. -Soon afterward ho was
joined by a couplo of strangers, tho younger of whom, a burly fanner, bepnu to
boast about his proficiency on the "dumb-
rod," ns the draught board is .called In
Scotland. Ho wns at once challenged by
the Herd Laddie to piny and consented,
while tho game wns attentively watched
by the third man, a person of rugged aspect. Time after time Wyllle swept the
board, while tho vanquished farmer funt
ed, sworoand fairly lost his temper. ���
Suddenly the third party broke silence
with-tim ruiiuwiug waranurte' DU com*
"Stop,stopl Leave off, manl Can't you
see thnt you are either playing with satnn
himself or the Herd Laddie?"
Wyllle smilingly nekuowlodgod his Identity. A jorum of punch was ordered, and
tho trio had an amicable chat, although
tho farmer snid no more about his prowess
with the checkers. But nt the first opportunity, ho took \YylHo aside nnd whispered:
"That child's a relation of mino nnd as
big a man as you are In some things.
Maybe yori've heard of him up In London.
That's Thomas Carlylof"
The Theater tn -China*
The dresses nre magnificent, ns bow 11-
dertngly curious ns any stage manager at
homo ever conceived. All the talking Is
In strained falsetto, and there are yelling
and posturing aud walling and oonfuslon.
Suddenly tho band breaks fn with nn awful.crush���suoh a mat*ve)ous band, flvo
drnms and ton pairs of cymbals���such a
deafening smashing and banging! With
hoarso screams dozens of Imps, green faced
and yellow eyed and hornod,.rush on the
stage and gyrnto nnd flout banners nnd
draw up In lines anf swing partners and
set to places. An ochre faced, villainous
chief demon, ft heap of fantnsticulncss,
twirls liko a teetotum, and there Is more
banking and Jumping and swinging and
bind pandemonium, and the cymbals and
the drums rend tho air. It Is terrific.
At It again, with mighty elatter and
hearings, spinning, flag waving, cantor*
tlontng���It Is the aooumulated uproars of
the world all pressod Into one Chinese theater.
You sit tight, with fixed gase, waiting
for tho drums of your oan to crack, and
whon the top of your licnd is about to 'fly
off then Is one awful thunderous bang,
and tho demon king, chorus, orchestra)
tho whole crowds fall, flop, and (he wt U
Hi* Dull/ lehelnle.
We read In ft London newspaper thai
Mr. Swinburne goes In swimming after
ho has finished a -pboiq, -and some ono observes that he bos to do tills In order to
cool off, but the literary journals that nre
always printing stories of the methods nnd
recreations of dlniingulshwl author* have
overlooked one author, Who sums up and
bends In his sohedulo as follows:
������I rlsoat 10. Thon { take ft stroll fl(
leu miles for exercise. Then I breakfast
on ten rolls���when I can got them. That
donn, l-writo n poem for |10 and get it
back In ton days. Before 10 o'clock at
night ton bill collectors have called on
mo. I rodolvo ten letters dally. I hwe
ten In my family. ���
A dentist on the South Bide advertise!
on a large scale that he pulls teeth with*
out pain by tho "anlpial magnetism eye-
Yesterday ap Irishman oame Into the
dentist's office suffering with ft toothache,
" Faith, and 1 must have me tooth pulled, but a** like to see tbe Animal* fll*"
���Chicago Democrat.    ,        .,
AH.Thnt saves Hint,
"Oh. Barry, listen to tbis-'In Siberia I bey chain convicts to their wheel*
burrows!" "
"Well, Harriet, yon know very well
you'd chain me to tbe lawn mower if
yon weren't nfrnid tbe neighbors wonld
hlnw about it '       ' ' *'���
Cure canceR
No Knife-No Piaster,
lift. W.��. AII01T,
0TT fherbennie St.,    -    Tor-ante,
OVER $1,000.00.
Spent during as years on
Catarrh Remedies and
Specialists by a wealthy
mill-owner of Port Es-
sington, B.C. At last cured
by      '
Japanese Catarrh Pure,
Mr. Joseph Little,, the well known mill-
owner of Port Esslngton, ���B.C., formerly of
Vancouver, writes: "Japanese Catarrh Cure
has completely cured me of catarrh, which hod
troubled me for twonty-flvu years. I have st
ditfcient times spent over one thousand dollars
with different sjiecialiHts In Toronto, Buffalo
and San Francisco, bealdes trying all
other remeditja, but thu result was only'tem-
|K>rary relief. Hearing of tlieremarkalde cure
throughout the West Uy Japanese Cntarrh Cure
I purchased six boxes while In Vancouver
about two veurs ago, nad since completing this
ti'ontmcnc have nut ffit the slightest symptoms
ot my former trouble. I feel that I cannot say
too much In Us favor', the first application gave
great n lief. We also keep a supply In the mill
lor cuts, etc., nnd tlnd it superior to any other
remedy for hunting."
Ifyonhave tried all other remedies without
success, nnd aro nt nil skeptical as to the merits
of Japanese Cntarrti Cure, enclose & cents hi
stamp*, aud we will mnil you free a trial
quantity suilleieiit for nearly two weeks' trent-
inuut. Price, 00 cents, or six for is.no,  with
guarantee to cure or money refunded.   By all
ruRuiHts or by mall pout-paid.    Address, The
A Good Trick.
The pnrrct'e determination to spent:
hia set phrases nnder nil eorts of cir*
enmntances often produces strnnge Hit*
nations. The story is told of a sleixht
of band performer wbo kept a purrot
that he had trained to Bay, whenever
one of hia master's tricks had been finished : "That's a good trick I What's tbe
next one?"
One dny the juggler, being in a seaport town, gave bis performance in a
loft ou one of tbe wharfs, which hap
pened to be jnst over lhe place where a
large quantity of powder waa stm'eri in
kegs. Tbe juggler was about to perform
some feat which required the lighting
of a candle. He lighted it and threw
tbe match away without making snro
tbat the blaze bad gone out. Tbe match,
still burning, fell throngh u crack in
tbe floor, and dropped into one of tbe
kegs of powder, which exploded with
great force, throwing the bnilding into
tbe air.
The parrot, who was blown np witb
tbe test, did,not stop until It reached
the pinnacle of the topmast of a great
ship which layoff the wharf. Tbere be
clung desperately, and looking down to
the world below be called out in a
shrill voice:
"That's a good trickl What's the
next one?"
Clearly Proved.
Mrs. Bolivar heaved u deep sigh.
"Before we were married," sbe said,
"you promised me thut my slightest
wish would be ybnr law."
"Did I?" said Mr. Bolivar, in u tone
of surprise.
"Yon said," continued Mrs, Bolivar,
"that you would give up tbe club and
not play poker any more."
'*Did I. rally V
"Yon swore tbat you wonld give me
whatever I wanted and tbat I might go
to tbe seashore every summer and stay
ta long as I liked."
"Is it possiblef
"Yes. And you said that yon would
never take another drink nnd never flirt
tbe least little bit, und bow yon du all
these things and have not kept n single
ptvuttttui���e*- |i��t>T��w - conclusively io' iilfl
that yon never loved me."
"1 beg to differ from you tbere. my
dear," said Mr. Bolivar orutorfcnlly.
"Yonr premise is all wrong. Your reasoning is woefully at fanlt. Your statements prove conclusively tbat 1 did love
yon. In fact, I must have adored you
madly if I told such whopping lies to
get yon."
And with this vindication Mr. Boti<
var considered the argument at an end.
���Kansas City Independent-
Tired Byes.
A correspondent of Popular Science
News tells of n party of Alpine climb-
era wbo, having spent five hours among
tbe snows of the mountains, returned
to tbeir homes after dark. A great
change bad to all appearance taken
place since the night before. Instead of
being illuminated fn the usual way,
the place waa supplied with green
It tcok tbe travelers a little time to
realize that they were suffering from
Daltonism, or color blindness, superinduced by eye fatigue, the intense light
caused by the sun shining upon the
enow bad for tbe time tendered them
unable to judge of colore und given rise
to tbeir curious mistake. Three hours
elapsed before the eyei reguiued their
normal condition.
Cbevreul explains tbat the eye cannot gase long upon a given color without tending to become insensible to it.
When the eye looks long upon n color,
it should be rested by the compleniein
tary color. Thus an eye thnt has grown
tired with green should he rested by
ted, which is green's complementary
A Jointed Make.
Ht. George D. Petuberton of Spott*
tylvnnia, Va., reports the fcllowing;
"While walking around my farm I
came across a copper colored snake
abont 2\i feet long. I struck the rep*
tile u blow on the head with a stick,
and, to my surprise, the snko fell apart
In fonr pieces. Near by was a hole, and
Into thin the head went, und, although
I worked for half an honr trying to get
It, I failed. I then examled the tody,
whicli waa as hard as if bad been frown,
and, as far as I conld discover, It was
entirely lifeless. Thinking It was a
jointed snake, I left the pieces of tbe
body on the ground and went to tbe
boose. Shortly afterward 1 returned,
bnt the portion of tbe body that I had
left disappeared and no trace of it could
be found. "���Cincinnati Enquirer
The Dear Child.
"Wbat are yon after, my dear?" Raid
a grandmother to a little boy who wns
sliding along a room and casting fnrtive
glances at a gentleman wbo was paying
��� villi
"I am trying, grandma, to steal
papa's hat out of tbe room without let*
ting tbe gentleman iee It He want!
bim to think he's out-"
IfarrUve Is a lertaaa Thine,
An Atchison mother's boy married
recently, und his wife made him sbnva
off his mustache before she wonld make
him any soup, of which he was very
fond. When he lived at home, be got
hll whiskers in the soup every day, and
hli mother took It as a compliment to
bar cooking.
The Proper Care el i.uuery.
Before putting nway knives rub well
with n bit of newspaper. Lay knife on a
piece of pnper, fold its edge over tho knife,
then another knife, laying them handle to
blade, with paper over each. Put enoh
half dozen In separate paper. Then wrap
In chamois or flannel and put Into a dry
place. They will never rust. To remove
rust from knives and forks wrap articles
In n cloth soaked In kerosene 'M hours,
thon scour them with a bath brick. Nest
rub with whiting, then with sweet oil;
finally wash In hot soapsuds. Dry well.
Deep spots of red rust on cutlery can bo
eradicated by rubbing with suit and vinegar. To elean knives use bath brick or
well powdered ashes. Use a large cork to
rub the moistened powder on, thon anoth
er cork to dry dust the article. Wipo with
paper, ns a cloth would leave dampness or
streaks. Twice n week spread cutlery on
a truy In tbe sun for an hour. Never lot
oultery He In water, aud never throw It
Into hot water, aa lt spoils tho bundles
Hold by handles while you wash tho
blodos. Nover use table cutlery In cooking. Emery powder will remove ordinary
stains from ivory knife bandies.
ULCERKURE Heals tie woru Barli Wire cms
Foil Inelde.
Blinks���Doesn't Gorger put on a lot
of Mslde?"
Winks���Anyway be puts on u lot of
untalda He'a getting frightfully fat.���
Unkind of Her.
Willie���What makes thut dog growl
Winnie���Ob, I guess he's one of those
married dogs.
Why will you allow a cough to laoerate
Sour throat or lungs and ruu the risk or
lllng a consumptive's grave, when, by
tbe timely use of Blokle s-Antt-Consumptive Syrup tbe pain oau be allayed and
the danger avoided. This syrup is pleasant to the tasce, and unsurpassed fur re
lievlng, healing and ourlng nil affections
of the throat and lungs, coughs, colds,
bronchi Us, etc. etc.
When yonr purse is full of money
And your heart Is free from care,
All the world seems bright and sunny,
Beauty blossoms everywhere.
People often stop to greet you
And admire all your slylex.
All F.eem very glad to meet you
When Dame Fortune an you smiles.
When yonr purse Is full of money.
Von can taste all kinds of honey,
But without it you must drink lifu'n bitter {.'till.
While you're rich your friends nre many;
When you're poor, you've scarcely any;
All forget you when misfortunes bn you full.
When your purse is full of money.
Vou are perfect to a dot,
And your jokes are always funny
Whether thoy iuivo points ur not,
But when huidslH-js overtake yuu
Then your Joy in widnesn drowns,
For your friends will soon forsake you
When Dnmo Fortune on .vou frowns.
-John J. Mofntyre in New York World.
Intrusion of uric aold Into the blood ves
eels Is a fruitful cause of rheumatic pains
This irregularity Is owing to a deranged
and unhealthy condition of tbe liver.
Anyone subject to this painful affection
will find a remedy tn Parmelee's Vege
table Pills. Their action upon the kid
neys Is prouonuoed and most Ijenefloiiil.
and by restoring healthy aotion they cor
root Impurities in the blood.
He Leuuli-cd.
A literary man wbo was compelled
by circumstances to use his family sitting room as u study missed his penholder one evening While abaorbod In
writing u story
He luoked over his desk, through tbe
pigeonholes und in tbe drawers, but it
was nowhere in sight. It was not on
tbe floor. He felt behind his ear. It wus
not there.
"This is what comes," he said Impatiently, "of trying to work where
there is a honsefel of children. Which
one of yon has taken my pent"
Tbe children looked at each otber
and laughed. He became irritated.
"I don't want any foolishness!" he
exclaimed. "Where's that pen? Wbo
has taken it?"
After a moment's pause ode of tbe
children said slowly:
"If you'll langb, papa, yon will find
He stared at her fn astonishment
Then, as ber meaning slowly broke in
upon bim, be joined in the laugh, and
the penholder fell out of his mouth,
where it had been all the time.
How many of tbe little difficulties of
this life one can extricate oneself from
by a laugh 1���Youth's Companion,
THE COUGHING and wheezing of per
sons troubled witb bronchitis or the
asthma Is exwBslve'y harassing to themselves and annoying to others. Dr,
Thomas' Eoleotilo Oil obviates all this
entirely, safely antl ��peedlly, nnd Is a benign remedy for lamriie.s, smvs, Injuries,
piles, kidney an 1 spinal troubles.
It Waa Tantamount,
"Has she told you that she loved
"Not In so many words. She merely
asked me wbat life insurance I carried. "���Cleveland Plain Dealer
In London Life Containing
Condensed Wisdom for
A baker
Living at
257 Dnndas Street,
London, Out.,
Geo. Roberts by name,
They cured him.
He had
Pnin in the Buck;
HiB Urine
Was red-eolored
And painful
In passage.
Tiie cure through
Wus quick nnd complete.
That's how thoy ulwuys act,
Because they're
Por kidneys only.
If you hnvo
Slek kidney*
Don't experiment
With un unknown remedy.
Take no substitute for
l.nmlur'M Crnvnt.
At a friendly dinner at Gore House,
when it wus the moat delightful of
houses, his dress���any, his cravat oi
shirt collar���had become slightly disar*
ranged on n hat evening, nnd Count
d'Orsiiy laughingly called his attention
to the circumstance as we roBe from
tnl Ic Landor became Hushed and greatly agitated. "My dear Count d'Orsay.
I thank yotil My dear Count d'Orsay,
I thank yon from my soul tor pointing
out to im.' tbe abominable condition to
which I am reduced! If I hud entered
the drawing room und presented myself
tiufore Lady Blessington In so absurd a
li'Ald. i would instantly hnve gone
heme, put a pistol to my head and
blown p��y brains bnt"���"La odor's Letters "        	
A itoy'H iiu.i Sprain.
Mr. B. Bennie, of Union Mines, B.C.,
writes: "My son Hnniu 1 ihmnie got his
leg orushed and brui-ed In the mines
seven works ago. The swelling never
fully left It until wo trio J Urlttiths' Menthol Liniment. On the JIM. application
the swelling and soioi.ujs entirely left It,
and tbe muscles begun to loosen up so
muoh that tbe same evening he waa able
to use bis foot fre.'lv for tbe first time. :I
consider it the best liniment known."
All druggists, aa tents.
The Difference.
"Pa. what's the difference between
talent aud genius?"
"A man with talent is able to build
fur himself the finest uioiiuiiieut in the
country The public usually has to
provide the monument for a genius. "���
Boston Journal.
Dear Sirs,���I cannot speak too
strongly of the excellence of MIN*
ARD'S LINIMENT. It is THE remedy iu my household for bur us, sprains,
etc., and we would not be witbont it.
It is truly a wonderful medicine.
Publisher Arnprior Chronicle.
Cure of
Perhaps you've suffered with constipation for years, tried all the pills and purgatives you ever heard or read of, without
petting any more relief than the one dose
ofthe medicine afforded.
Then you were left worse than before
bowels bound harder than ever, the constipation aggravated Instead of cured.
All the miseries of constipation���Headache, Sick Stomach, Biliousness, Pimples,
Eruptions, Blood Humors, Blotches, Piles,
and a thousand and one other Ills crowded
back on you againwllh redoubled severity.
Wouldn't you qpnsider It a blessing to
be cured of your constipation so that It
would stay cured ? So that a repetition of
all the suffering you have endured would
never come again? Burdock Blood
Bitters can cure you���cure so that tha
cure will be permanent.
That's where It differs from all other
remedies. It makes a thorough renovation of the whole intestinal tract, tones
Ihe bowel wall, acts oh the liver and
stomach, and causes all the digestive and
secretory organs to so work harmoniously
and perform their functions properly and
perfectly that constipation, with all Its
attendant sickness, suff'eringandill health,
become a thing ofthe past.
Miss Arabella Jolie, living at 99 CarriAre
Street, Montreal, Que., bears out all we
say in regard to the efficacy of Burdock
Blood Bitten In curing constipation permanently.   This ts her statement 1
" For over a year I suffered a great
deal from persistent constipation and
could only get temporary relief from the
various remedies I tried until I started
using Burdock Blood Bitters. I am thankful to say that this remedy
has completely Ond per-
m input ly cured me end *^*lp>]l��]
/ have had no return of
the constipation.
TiiLIiik- 11 Hint.
How hm:< lines it take some people tr
take a hint? A yonng man says that he
has called fix times on an Atchison
girl and that her sisters still stay in
tliu room He says that by the time a
man makes a second call at a Topelm
home the family have decided which
girl lie wants, nnd all the rest move out
and give him a show.
THEY WAKE THE TORPID ENERGIES.���Machinery not pr-jperly supervised nad lefc tu run its If, very soon
shows fault In its working. It is the same
with the digestive organs, t'ntvguliiti'd
from timo to time tiny nrv likely to te-
oome torpid and throw the whole system
out of gear. Parmelee's Vege abb- Pills
were made to inn", such oases. They re
store to the full tbo Hugging faculties,
and bring Into order all parts of the
Sehvyn'n Carious Tttnte.
George Selwyn had u strange but uot
nncommon passion for seeing strange
bodies, especially those of his friends
He would go any distance to gratify
this pursuit. Lord Holland was laid up
very ill at Holland House shortly before
his death George Selwyn sent to ask
how he was, and whether he would like
to see him* Lord Holland answered
"Ob, by all means! If I'm alive tomorrow 1 shall be delighted to see George,
and I know that if I am dead he will
he delighted to see mel"���Letter of
General Fox.	
ULOERKURE Heals All dlil or TtaW Wouniis,
Why They Dimi'I.
"All men seem to consider them-
selves lords of creation," she said,
"Yon never bear of a woman going oa
that assumption."
"Certainly not," be replied. "They
"I'd like to know why nut."
"Bpcanse of their sex."
Thus she learned tu cbooso her words
more carefully.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
The Provincial Mutual Hail Insurance Co.,
ESTABLISHED   1801.    1a>    HEAD   OFFICE:    4(W  MAIN STREET.
PAST EIGHT YEARS, chartered hy unit' dueled strictly under the laws of tho Government
No foivluii caiivunfiiTHiiiiplovwl hy this OOUIJunv,
Nosiiluiii'B iiniii in Directors.
No ii-rciiiiiuliiti-d fiuidH tn hi-ilivfilirl nuion-u' ilii' Iiirwlor*.
No proxy hcimiiviI for unv MFKU'IAI. i<, vi*i.-*it iini-iiii*,'* In your alu-ii'iice.
Noci-iitioli.f ilH'Coiiiiuiny KXrRI'T BY THK INHI'ltKUHONLY.
No lilnillrjr vou to jmv ih-si'shim-hIs for live Vinrx lo i-uiiic.
All JoSBi'HnillllnlilV IIIIJllMI'll.
Everythlllif iMiiiim';,o|.��ii!iinliil.ovelniiiid hi Yul It uH'N OLD AND  RELIABLE  COMPANY, whii-h hux |ialil to lasers by hall storms over 0110,0,1,
During the past Eight Years.
Farmers Make Certain that i/ua Insure Against Hail
wilh tho local nsciiU or TIIE I'HOVINUIAL MUTUAL, who uro mon rai.loiil In your own
dlMi-lcts, nnd known to you, and thus socurc CEKTA1N l-KOTEOTION AND INru-
from your own farmer.1 company whicli in llioroi-nhly miitnnl, and'atHm LOWEST l'i
ll. B. BROWN, Mordsn,
T. L, MORTON, .U.l*. l**,i;l,ulst���no.
0.3, THOMSON, Virden.
FOB   1899:
.IAS. MOLI.AND, fili-llilnlo.
JilllX KENTON, Duloralue.
"���-.   '������;
JtMTtiAsit/ a*4/ d^uilu /r<Jrt4>t\Ml/
Mac���Benflie must have been shnni-
mini* yesterdny when Jim Strong pulled
her out of thu wuter. Why, who can
swim liken fitth.
Ethel���Oh, hut hIio really waa io
great danger tills time. Yon eee, she
had all her engagement rings on, nnd
they dragged iter down.���New York
MtnJtrd'ft Lin 1111 ont Cnrea linedra IT.
Hand MMi for this Mni-kln-
tosh, in*ile of Black. Blue nr
Tweed effect, KHinilnc double
texture English \Ynti'rpioot
NergeUloth. with f-im-v pi tht
lintim*. velvet collar, dclnrh-
nble ctp:'., ��stra foil sweep
vti\te and skirt, gun ran! (.urn
laii-t styk and finish, tnilur-
iiiiule. yon will havi! no-
tldnu extra lojmv forexiircu
or other rhnrum Tin; 0111-
liii'tit Will I111 dcllveri'd free
and you may examine it and
try It 011 and ir not found ex-
iietly asreimst'nted and by
tar the ffivnti'M value von
ever ��aw or heard of, send il
hark and your nt 1110v will he
refunded. When orrtei-Inti
state yourhi'iffhi, luitineas-
UlCi lem th of ciiriiii'iit irom
collar down hnek lo wa st line, und waist line to
bottom of skb t: also state eolor W.mted.
For free sain] 1,'s r f everything in ladles' w��ar
with large lllusti nted Catalogue, write
That is to any, you can save
enough to pay for your lrl|i if
you visit	
We are shaping to sell H0.OCH
rolls of our nrtintic Wall Paper
during Fair Week. We will cell
more if wc ean, for we are very
inpeh overstocked-have now in
our salesroom r-o.'iOli rolls nml
more. 4UU Beautiful Art Pictures included fn this side.
C. B. Scantlebury,
Winnipeg, Belleville, and
496 Main Street, next door to
Banfleld's Carpet Store.
Bond for wunplos.    Mf-ntlon prlci-H
you'll pay, nud room, to linpor.
Because the roof was eovered with an American paper felting, instead of the celebrated
Which has nevor been known to crack, being
elastic. .-
l'aper becomes brittle mid cannot stand tho
frost strain.
Send fur Sample.     Send stamp.
*W. Or. ���F03STSECA.
7.0 0,   Halu   St.,  -iVlii!il|>--K.
IKST YOU FOKOKTi-WrUi! for Prtci-a
on Cream Snuarators, llosolhie Engines, Tread
Power., and cverythltii* used lo the Cheeao
FMlory, Creaiuorv or Dairy. If you hnvo ten
cowi,onc of our Ilund Sepnrnloni WILL HAVE
Its eoflt the ilf-at year.
W. N. C.    827
WC1I, STEELE i BRISTOL  cin-i. Tu.
Imp.,..,..f Qr...rl..     ��.��-��� g-^E,',.
W'llttl. ILrollloo.llut.    L.9.*U.8plo��
UM-rlM.., W..OHB,'Jwrl-ow-h wlnainlll..
a*.   CIICKSIIUTT now CO., Winnipeg.
It's no Trick
Tu  make Jliseults, Until.**,  ote., niec  and
light and wholesome when yon use
It la oii.urpiM.ed
I. AIISIIII Tli.v   l'i UK,
���nil LOW IN PRICE.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO an the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Fnt np by
MacKENZIE �� HILLS, Winnlpei
Inaurea IU member* ngalust loa. or damage
from h.il. and Rive, prompt adjnstmwit .ud
pay. .11 Io0.cs In full.   Addreas
K. A. TAYLOR, Manafr,
Bteamcra Kecnora, Edna Brydgca, city of
The steamer Keenora will leave Rnt Portage
���very Monday, Wednesday nnd Saturday nt 0
p. m. for Fort Frances, Mine (V,utre, and all
points on Kniii v Hi ver and Rainy Lake. For
fates, etc., apply to any Canadian Pacific Ky.
agent or to���
��� GEO. A. GRAHAM, Manager,
Rat Portage, Ont.
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee.
reasonienoughwljyJt is
Large eBt.logue free.
THE REID BROS., m Kloj We.,, Toron...
WB   HAKE   FURNACES   TOO ���-*:'/ ���&**
Like Kelly Did.
Kelly thrashed his -wife���.and the big-best court in the
land justified his action.
Kelly's wife foolishly sent his hard earned money to
the Big Departmental Stores East and paid just the same
price for poor goods when she could get first class quality
from McDERMOT'S and save the extra cash speat on express charges.
McDERMOT has twice as large a stock as
any of the Big Departmental Stores in proportion to tbe population.
So keep money circulating in your own town and
don't give your husbands a chance to do
G. B. MeDermot,
GOLDEN,       - ^HE*0.
LAKE  &   CO.,
have opened as
ATHALMER,   (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Athalmer House,
Athaliper, B. C,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Kiiriptor|    &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure tbeir
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere; Golden   &   Donald
Mining. Divisions.
Headquarters for Commercial Hen.    Two Commodious
Sample Booms.   Baggage Transferred Free,
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates tfi per day. Choice Wines, Liquors A Cigars
J. C. Greene, Proprietor,
T. O'Brta haa paaced Ma law nam
iiiatlon at Viotoria and will oomm.no.
practioe at Goldsn.
It It reported that the C.P*B. will
���hortly pnt In hand tho building ol
thoir now station at Goldon.
Two yonng Englishmen, with thtlr
-wining oagineor, left Goldon laat week
for Tete Jaune Cache.
Tho Canton Creek trail ia being put
in order and a new trail constructed
to the touth fork, tho work being in
charge ol U. Dalnanl.
Aubrey Harrison, youngest son of
H. W. Harrison, arrived on Wednea*
day on a vioit horns. He hae hen attending eoorsa of studios at a military
oollsge In Michigan.
W. 0. Wall. H. P. P. wont toKam-
It-tpt last week to interview tht Dominion Land Ai-sut re tht surrsy of
tht ritld towaiitt aud tht salt of tht
lots thtrt.
T. Todd haa acquired from W. G.
Mltousll-fanss his intsrest in the
plsctr Brou.il on Canyon Creek and
Inland, taking aoliva step, to prove
thit property.
Messrs. Henderson and Peterson
havs put on a gang of man to dt development work on their property on
Sprues-tret Mountain. Tht lead it
showing np wsll and oarrying a aolid
payatrtak of chalcopyrite.
Tho following is tha honor list of tht
Donald aohool:���Efficiency, Helen
Elite Shaw; "Deportment, Margaret
GortrudV Daniels; Regularity and
Punctuality, John D. Campbell-Cald-
J. L. McKay It sttadity increasing
tht herd for tht Company for whom
ht ia managing at Sinolair. He recently purchased Mr. Hardls's stook, ss
an addition to tbe herd now on the
H. E. Foster made the tint run with
hia yacht, tht Selkiik, on Dominion
Day. She made a good trip, and owning down on Wednesday laat mads ths
run from Firlands to Goldsn, a distance
of about 90 miles, in sii aad three
quarter hours,
Robert Mulford, tht ablt manager
ht Fraser and Chalmers, tho mining
machinery, firm waa a vititor to Goldtn
yesterday and left by tht Duchess to
day for Windermere district when ha
It hit Intention to tpsnd soms tlmt on
Horsethief Creek.
Ths difficulties of bicycling at Field
oltr no ebttaclea to Messrs. Palmer
and Windsor of that town, and nothing pltasss thsm better than a spin
down tht Big Hill. Thty csms down
thst*, a dtstsnos of 8 miles, ths other
day, in SS minutes.
"1 hart used Chambsrlaio's Cough
Remedy in my family for yasrs and al-
���ga-rs with good results." save Mr. W.
B. Cpoptjr of El Uio,T3iT "Tor smart
children wt find It eepeulally ejectlve."
For tale hy all druggists Henderson
Bros. Wholea.1. Ag.ni. Victoria and
Mr. Robbins, tbs energetic secretary
of tha Hospital, had a very successful
trip along the line as far aa Field this
wssk, with a vlsw ts enrolling the C
P.R. employes as auhtcribera tt the
Goldsn .Hospltsl and to seourt the
placing of Dr. Taylor on the list of C.
P.B. surgeons for this Motion.
Tht Windermere sports arsannonnc*
td for tht 5th of Augntt, when there
will be enjoyment of sll sorts.horss snd
foot races, tug of war, and abooting
match. The committee who have the
arrangements in hand made a apleu.
did successs of ths dsmonstratlon laat
year and a good time may bt again ex-
' by visitors.
An unfortnaatt row has occurred In
the Britieh Columbia Cabinet and
Premier Semlin haa demanded the
resignation of. Attorney-General Martin. Neediest to lay the Attorney-
Gtntral wont rssign. A caucus of ths
party may bt held and it le on tba
tapia tbat then may be another sleo-
A. Stiwart, of Edmonton, wbo tint
in tbs Jackson party to Tete Jaona
Cache laat fall, haa bttn ia Golden
and hsa ariaagad for Jackson and
McLaughlin to rtturn. Horses hsvs
been bought to replace thou killed on
tht railway, and suppllss have been
ordsrsd In Oolden, Tht party will
probably ttart bank on Sunday.
Tbt Licensing Commissioners for
North Esat Kootenay, Mtssrs. Warren
and C. H, Pancn, hltd a. titling on
Tunday, at which application! for
liesnsss wars grsnitd ss follows :���
Athslmsr Houss, Albslmsr, F. Dargis; Laksslds Hotel, "Windermere,
Taynton k Gordon; Columbia House,
Ooldsn, W. McNeish; Queen's Hotsl,
Golden, J. C. Greens. The Board then
sdjournsd till lbs 27th to consider J.
Stoddsrt's applicatltn far tht Winder-
Hotel. >l
mot Important feature of the Don-In*
ly celebration, ia Golden was the foot*
* h betMea ts.su from tf-
The i
In one respect ths Ml	
��� thsTswnM ths:
r esversl mat
Tom ben bs
ams, while tb
NsTwHfstsadlutb'isthe Mill were cou8d.nl
of wlaaiag, snd wars greatly dlaappoliitsd
a decided advantage over the Town tu
had been praetlalag bard, lor merel
before, on the other hud the Tom bo>. *�����,
a better knowledge of the gams, while, ths
Mill tssm wss csmnosed hugely ol novice..
"  wlttotet-aiuglfilTtbeMlll.
rnttmaf. tttma    ���.*������-*    H""""-y   *e*w*eayat*rt**a*t*m
rsault, the Town .coring two goal, to
lha game was wltn-Maedbyalargt
>r ef ap.cl.tora.    A noticeable ail
[future of ths gsms we. ths entire
ItUagiy esirasssd In tbs Isngnsgt of ons of
romiiwnt playere i-" It's s corker."
Parson, troubltd witb diarrhoea will
ha Inttnatad In tha tiptrltnot of Mr,
W. M. Busk, olsrk of Hotsl Dorrenoe,
Providence, R I. Htsaya: "For several yaara I havs bttn almoat a constant
anfarerfrom diarrhea, tht frequent
attaokt completely prostrating mt and
mitring ma unfit for my dntlss at
thit hotel. Abont two years ago a
traveling taletman kindly gavt mt a
tmalt bottle tf Chambtrlain'a CoBt,
Oboltra and Diarrhoea Remedy. Mwb
to my turpritt and delight lUtfcttt
win Immediate. When ever 1 Ml
symsttms tf tht disease I would fortify mytl��f agalast the atUok with a
few dots* of this trainable remedy. Th*
result hat bttn ��ry satlslactory ui
almoat oomplttt rtlltf boa tht nSllt-
tion." For salt by ill druggists. Henderson, Im,, whotbalt agents, Vie-
torla and VaucouvM.
8. High has comphtsd ths clearing.
and repairing of tha trails in tha SplUi-
---������-��� dlatrlct.
Our baby'has been continually troubltd with colio and oholtra infantum
tinoa hia birth, and all that wt oould
da for him did not teem to give more
thsn temporary relief, nntil ws tried
Chambtrlain'a Colio, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. Slnoe given thai
remedy he haa not bean troubled. Vfi
want to giveyou thia testimonial si
sn evidence of your gratitude, not thai
yon nead It to idvertias your meritor
ious remedy, ��� G. M. Ls*v, Keokuk
Iowa. For sal. by all druggists Hen
dereon Bros. Wholesale ngents Victor
ia aud Vancouver.
Strawberry Festival.
Tbe ulrin, berry festival held in Ihe Tloapit-
al Ground, on Dominion Day wu beyond
doubt one ofthe most .nccesaful garden par*
lie. of it. kind ever bold in tbla vicinity.
Crowd, of .children lud
in lie
fround..harp at i pm.. which had been
md a. the time to open the gate.. Some
smtued themselves at Ihe swings, others st
si-eentv. Abou, B o'clock the football players
-arrived oa the m-.ne.nd soon tbe ground,
wore being filled up. Tbo Hadies were kept
buy aerring ico cream, strawberries, snd
lemonade and not sufficient praise caa ba
given them for the tasteful manner in which
tbey had their aland, decorated. Tbe stra-v-
berrie. bad been ordered Vy Ibe ladies from
Sslmcn Arm snd our member Mr. W, 0.
Writs had mad. them a surprise of aerate,
n that tbey had itrawbarrlee and cream In
abundance. The narnea ot the ladies who
bad charge of ttall. were a. follow..���Mr.,
Bacon and Min Hewden, strsivlierriss snd
cajan; Mm. Plowright and Mia. Parson,
���tr.wb.rri��. and lemonade; Mn. Kobbins
snd Mies Devlin, ice cream: Mn. Griffith
and Mia. Harrison, Sowar atandiMra. Taylor
and Wm Holt, ice cream. T%e receipt,
reajiwd the hanil-wino nun OII90.WS. A inc.
tea was provided by thslsdlasof which many
availod the-naelve., and muaic and dancing
provided in tar	
The Coming: of Baby.
When a baby cornea to the houss
real happiness comes. Ths care and
aniiaty count for nothing against
the clinging touch of the little hande
and the aound of thi ltttlt voice Tho
highest function givtn to hnman be-
Inge is bringing healthy, happy children Into tht world. Over SO years sgo
ths nseds of women appealed tt Dr.
Pierce, now chief conenlting phyaloian
to tha Invalids' Hof>l and Surgioal In-
etltuta, of Buffalo, N. T. The reeult
of bie itudy Improved by SO years of
practic las smbodisd in Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Proscription. It strengthens,
purifies and makes hsalthy the organa
distinctly feminine. It give, weak
woman ths strength and health necee*
'ary ftr tin production of healthy
children and lt makes ths bearing of
tboss children easy. It is sure to ours
any weakness or derangenants peculia-
to woman; stops pain, soothes inflarar
���nation, strengthsns, purifiss, invigorates.
Social Funotion.
A vary plssstat Social function took place
at Mr.. Rowm'. ra.U.������InHal-tai on Wad,
aeeoay night where Mrs. Parson snd Mr. and
Mrs. C, H. Panon gai-a a dance. There
were upward, of DO guests. Tbs dance was
kept up until early morn. There were on-
Joyment.lor.il lu tripping the light fsutastlo
toe, treading the maxy dance, or sitting lu
quits Conner, and retired nooks engaged In
convene sweet. Supper, which resected
eradltouthecullueryartand teats of thoa.
who prepared it, wss Mrvsd shortly sfter
midnight, the claret cup. being-a apodal
Dancing wss onco more resumed, Otlier
refreshments weie served, but there ia aneud
to sll bspiina*. as separation cams,but long
after the .tar. bad (retired to net. Happy
to meet, sorry ta part, but happy to most
sgain wu ths Ming of lho depsrtin.gus.ta.
This ia tin bnt privets aocisl Inst hu been
givsn in Uolden, anil we bops that tbs ex*
supls which bu basu sat will bo emulated.
Gun Club latch.
Dimsld wa. gsy on Dominion Dsy when a
match took place between tbe Uun Club, of
Donald snd Revebtoke fcr tbs Cup. Tbo
Oolden Club did not participate. Ths visitors
carried off Iho trophy ami also tho medsla
nir first snd secosd highut soon snd slso
ths msdsls provided fcr ths winning turn. A
-ary sujoyablo day wu spent and Host Gal*
'well utlie Secretary of the Douald Club,
left undone no effort to givs tbe visitors a
pie-Maul time. Tbe following were tbe scores.
csidwsii  e
Baines  M
Danford    6
McMillan 14
Cooper.   a
,Tolsl   a
1    nuvnt-srugn.
Johnson  M
Lawrence..- 10
Barber  14
Brown....*. 16
McDonald.  15
For Indigestion
Uot Dsetev  PlirlPP' F    TaWsl.
Von Man'.   l��im^    ���,   ,-,-,
Druggists for Ms ��� Box af 00 Tablet.
I, By nautrslislng tha aaeats of acid
In the stomach���
J. By sidling the natural accumulation aad action ol Ihe digestive fluid* ia
. 3. By vitalising sll tbs orgaiu on
which yonr health mid comfort dspsnds
fcr ths prepsr digeition sad suknihitiou
of food���
A And hy their tonic action upon tha
6. Most esses srs cured with ons brn.
Sold at all druggists lor W etato-siatr
tablet, in a boi.
Dssttr fn glen's Pineapple Taklsta
Encourage yoa to est what yoaliks, sad thsy
correct IndlgssHSa in a natural way. Thty
relieve distress in sn instant.
Itld by 0. A. Warn*.
opened np by tht DIA-
trpart pa/m.nt received
Insbarstlldsslrsd. Ay.
a. A ���Ae-bElT.
MiaUg Ace-at, UoMea, 0.C.
The Danger Season.
An Appeal to the Suffering and Diseased.
Paine's Celery Compound
rh�� Great Deliverer and Is-
���euer Cures Bvoa at ths
Eleventh Hour.
At this tlms ws dsslrt earneetly tt
appeal to men and woman who are ailing and In a low condition of health.
Thtrt are thouaamtt ��t alek psopli���
disappointed and now almoat hopeless
���who have oaaasd to think of thtlr
dangar, imagining thty an inonrablt
beoauee their doctor, have failed and
the vaat Vaitotieo of madieinti thty
have uetd have produoed no good
Coursgsoncs mot*, -Suffering brothsrs
and aiatera I
Rekindle the almost d��ad tmbera tf
hope, you ssdlr deceived and diaan-
paintad ones I
Freedom frs-m dissaae and eufferlig
and a new nod happy lira will be your
pirti-in Ity-euhave faith enough tt
make trial ef that life givsr and die-
eaae banlaher, Paints Celery Compound
that haa lu the paat reecued so many
from ths grave.
If Providence and tur advice ihonld
Inspire you tbat thtn it lift in Paint't
Ctliry Compound, yen* sBortt mutt
be prompt and honest. Daring thi
present hsatsd term of eummer, ll It
periloue to neglect your aohee, palm
and anleringe. Inaction and wilful
neglect tor one day may result io dsath.
If yon suffer from nervMi prostration, liver disease, kldnsy complaint,
dytpspsia, rheumatism, nsarslgia head-
aohe, impure blood and dig.stive trou-
blss, you shsnld derive In-tant inspiration from tht army of man and women
of the best famllas of Canada who
havt given their written testimony In
favor of Pslne.a Celery Compound, and
he further encouraged by tht recom-
msndations of ths molt eminent medical men who prescribe Paine Celery
Compound regularly,
With auoh testimony and the indor-
tatian of medical men, It it wiss or
prudsnt to nsglect the nn of aarth'e
boat medicine? Ha or ahe wht nfusss
lift and health ia eurely wont than a
iktptio. Bear In mind that Paine'a
Celery Compound cunt at thitltvtatk
jassayei & Metallurgist,
1 M
Gold and Silver  8 00
Lead and Silver..   1 00
Gold and Copper  IH
Silver nnd Copper  2 60
Gold, Silver and Ltad  S 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 SO
Gold, Bilvsr, Lead and Copper. 1 00
Iron   4 00
Tin  800
Zino  8 00
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
aud Concentrated One.
All parcels of ore arecsrefolly sampled,
ons portion tested, one labelled and
kept, and tha third, If required, returned to owner aa a cheek an tht
aaeay made.
Toman Oanfc With Sstaiploo.
Atmalhkb-J. J, LAKE.
Ordin lift with above ngtntt will n-
otlvt prompt attention.
Working and Dividend Paving Mines la
vsrlous ports �� British CdumabL
Oold Quarts, Coppsr, Gold, snd SUrer-lsed
Pro. peel, snd Dsveloped PropsrtbsonkssB
Galena and Copper Ores
, lisports snd uiformstieu furnlahsd regard
ing mining properties,
Slocks in British Columbia minss bought
and soli.
Cabls Address:   KANAGAN, Ooldtn,
Cod-M.lnuHi Morslng A Neal, and Bed*
Im Cola-MbU Taller fcr
Term of Two Tears,
ISO aon ranch, will etoeked with cattle, .beep, horsee, and poultry.
Land In high slats of cultivation,
10 asm in Timothy, 16 to SO under
orop. Property is will ttnssd ui di-
vlded Into oonvooltnl fields, nil will
eup'pllsd with water. Tht farm affords
exoellent chances for dairying, thin
Wing Mitral good mlloh eowt ui
than If a tultable milk ho-aae, ' Abun-
denosof email fruits In full bsarlsg,
For particulars apply nt oMoo ol
E. A. Haggen, Golden
Columbia Valley
First-class Farm lands
MT mm at Wlnd-mM* frtatagi to
lakt,  good   ajrloultnral land) mil
itini, T
648 mm, prairie ui mttUtt, mil
watered.    Good hty land.    Snath
gran range.   Apply to
E. A. Haggen, Golden,
Hud efnavlwttaw Columbia Hivsr.
Tko mott oantral point la Wlnimtn Mining Division.
if^D, 'f0"1 B9">rt ���* �������� ot Minn ftr 1888: "A waggaaml
could to built from tht 'Salman Bsds' ATHALMER-at a naaoaahla osat
.ud will bt io built m -mon u It ie Juitllbd by thVmlnlng ovSo^IS*      *
Dry; climate, oharming sosnsry, perfect boating on lake and rivor, ui
���cood fiihing aod ahootlng ia immediate vicinity.
Lsvel surfaoe with gravel snb-scll to build upon; cold, clear water tho
year round for houaehold pnrpoeM, ud tplendld water power elott.lt town.
Large and oomplttt aaw-mlll (80 It. dally capacity) on tht ground assort!
in I am her.
Tumi tuy. fttrttonlnrly to to Investors wishing to build.
C. D. Iiang, Agent.
pop a pine Suit
anda Perfect pit
.. . Patronlee ...
J. C* TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor*
Opposite The Columbia House.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
Lakeside Hotel,
TAYHTdH & Gordon, Props
Gssd aeeonaudstioa fcr Prsspecttre sad
Freighter.. ��r��t*clsssmssli.
Livery & Feed Stables
Goal SsddlaHorss. snd Bigs ot tO kinds fcr
-Ramtsg-armHhade a epadslty.
A. C. Haiulto*,
Hull Bros. & Co.
���Wboletehi Batatt
CatUa, Sheep and Horns Dmitri.
Jas. Brad*, D.L.8., ft "f.LS.
Mining Engineer,
AgMl fcr obtaining Ci-skn Orsnt.,dohg
snnusl siressmmt work, ale.   AAlressi
E. A. Haggen,
notary PaMIt, Mining, rlataaelal tag
OauamlMisa Aatal, Clsmmlssltatr
tf lha eagssaao OoaH.
golden, 'ejap'j
Austnts soUestsd sad   dtpati eSaiala
Canadian Pacific Railway
Thi Vttiy SWviet bttoaaa thi
Atlantic and Faelfle
ky thi
"Imperial Limited"
wOl bs.laaagnrstsd �� MthJaas.
Tbt nuiekssT thnt bttwtsn f
aad .ueeaa asiom   tht Aw
Iipress strvlee vie.Crew's Hist
Btltt to tht
Kootenay Country
J.ttMsatnslla�� "
. J.tsHswTsvkiaM ;;
B'o.le Masa toll "
I. C. ti Calgary m f "
floMsa to th* last via Lake
Boats iitOkoars.
Imp-revod Safvjntnrt^fjj^lta.^ ^^
East via Lake Route
-Heamen leave *nm William i
tvtry Sn
Viry Om* Bstole
Dawson   and A4Ua>
*oav erw ww -- emmwama*        .*v*-**-*----^'----^g^i
met attfift-m.
-.id HB -MB Wne*t*
Farlilhimml-aiaadfsfl psrtlstlarsapply
TnaV Maaaair,
t. D. Plekard,
..A.oo/\.x Sxv.4
I, Silver srLsad.... 81*81
fSnd'wivtr;;*.'..���'..'���'������������.: i"
|<��SllvsrandCoppsr....  IM
Pfimpt AHmtioa to Sampks hy maVi
Cask must sccempaay the Sample.
Pulp hept fcr three mtotlili
Front Street. levolstoU, Ms
-White *fe Seotti
larrlstere, Solicitors, NotttUA,
Mvelstoke, B.C
Wia attend alt CMKt)Ctirte at QtlitaAa
W.WWIB.Q.C. J.M.8c��t-BA.,l*.-*
Notary Public.
Conveyancer. Etc.
Agint for E. A, HAGGEN,
Assayar * MMMlnrfflst.
Omoa at Lagaiioa HomL,
Windermere, - B.C.
F. CAKrtrUltffiOV,     .
Cklsf Cnmmlsilinr of Ltada �� Wsrks.
b, it**ssaaailaUMLat
CUsfCsauaMsaartfLaiaia Wsrks,
lM%,i^t!k0^m\a^^mA    ��U
Li-avoButmawf tm.
*tSwH,J*ilytth.lll��.      ..	
MMm\ fliHMf %H 9%We ttHi
to HircSntu,


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