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The Golden Era Jan 16, 1897

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Array .n
VOL. VI. m 99i lA
9i Feb Year
Room Wanted
< New Stock.
For the next two or
three weeks previous
to Stock Taking THIS       #
STORE will give you
special opportunities
to secure   a   great
many things   for a
very little money.
Vvllshing to reduce
stock as much as pos
sible to make room
for spring purchases
every    inducement
S*�����WW.I   ea+*m*^������m**mmssi-i-'_�����������������rw.�����. ..,
.'       ���  I .      ���������P
#      will be offered in the
matter of price.
m m ��m��w,
lam not selling at any half price, but my prices arel
right in Silverware, Rocking Chairs, High Back Chairs,
Reed Rockers, Reed Baby Chairs,High and Baby Rockers,
Nice Dining Room Chairs-cane seated, Nurse's Rockers,
and Fancy Silk Goods such as Mantle Drapes, Table Covers, Gents and Ladies Ties and Kerchiefs.
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject. .      1
Golden, on the main line ef tbe Canadian
uciHc Hallway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river;
llritish Columbia; headquarters of thi Oolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
famed agricultural and grasing land of the
Columbia- Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
poiut for the richest mineral country on tbe
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
tbe  Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary,  Alberta.
General Merchant,
Alexander Block.
AJpat fer th* Ffceealx Fire Aasaraace Ca. ttt Load*-.,
Bag. aa�� The CtalMeratleis Life AMMlatlra. Toronto.
Watch, Clock & Jewelry
in the best style of the trade with tht
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker aad Jeweller.
Uolrten, B.V.
Opposite tbe Columbia House.
The Neilson Furniture Co
'    '    (Limited)
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The Neilson   Furniture  Co.,
Ca-fary, Albert*.
Mike Carlin is in Winnipeg on business.
The Liberal executive -committee
held a conference at the Queen's Hotel
on Monday evening,   ?'���'.'���>���������    ���������   '-''������-.
Geo. B. McDermot and B." Woodiey
combined business with pleasure : in a
trip to the Upper Cob-try this week.
G. B. McDfrmot is busy taking stock
at present and bargains can be had
there which were never heard of before.
Owing to other attractions in the
town the Mackanlass show, advertised
for Thursday evening, failed to
Mr. P. B. White is having a store
erected on th* vacant lot next to Jos
Lamontagu'a. Mr. Dan McDonald is
doing the work.
The portable mill being operated by
the Golden Lumber Co. is now in full
swing. The average output is between
eleven and twelve  hundred ties daily.
Mr. Charles McCready, C. P. ��t. tie
inspector returned from Edmonton
this week where he has heen. letting
tie contracts to the furmers in that
There has been good skating on the
Kicking Jlorse this week aud lovers of
this pastime-tbe ladies in particular-
have beon enjoying themselves to their
hearts content.
Stock taking is the order of tbe day
at the Big Store and goods are being
slaughtered in order to make room for
spring stock. See H. O. Parson's ad
in another column.
Some of our young ladies are.apparently not up in tbe art of handling the
ribbons over horse flesh, a general
spill out was the consequence on Main
Street tne other day.
A social bop took place at Mr. J. W.
Conner's residence on Thursday evening lsst whicli Was attended by a
large number of the young people of
the town, a most enjoyable time being
On Saturday morning last Mr. Alex.
McLean shot the large timber wolf
which has been running around Vach-
on's slough all winter. The wolf
measured six feet from the point of its
nose to the tip of its tail,
Mr. Wm. Alexander, Division In*
spector of Watches, wss in town on
Wednesday on official business. From
this time on he will be hers every week
and is prepared to do any work required in his particular line by the people of
Oolden and district.
; The Town Committee bave received
word-from Victoria tbat no instructions have been given tbs Gold Commissioner to the effect tbat hs must
reside six days out of seven at Donald,
so tbat the public may expect to bavs
the Gold Com. in town ss often as
Another schema for a lins through
Crow's Nest Pass is advertised ta
Monday's .Gazette. It is ths applies,
tion of tbe Manitoba and Pacific railway company for a ebsrter from Bel*
mont to Lethbridge snd thence thro'
Crow's Nest Pass to ths Pacific coast
witb power to build branch lines snd
steam hoat service.
Commencing on January 16th standard time will bs sent daily for tbs
whole of the C.P.R. syatsm from tbs
Dominion observatory la this city sod
each station clock must bs regulated
thereby. A circular has bsen issued
to officials notifying them to bs prepared to submit their watches aa often
as required to., a local inspector to
secure conformity of time.���Winnipeg
Free Press.
Application will bs mads to ths
Lsgislativs Assembly st the ocming
session for an 'act to incorporate a
company for tbe purpose of construct*
ing and operating a railway from a
point at or near Fort Stasis to a point
at or near Goldon, and also to con*
struct, maintain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines and all necessary
works - tn. connection witb tbs ssid
rnijWa*-.- ���:    *
Ml-. Sam Jackson, representing
Messrs.' Moore A Mowat, merchant
tailorirof Brockville, Ont., wss in town
for a couple of days this weak. During
bis stay here hs measured the successful rink in the Pants' Competition vis:
A. J. Hopkins, T. Todd, M. Dainard
and G. Woodley, for four pair of psnts,
choice of goods being left to tbs win*
ners, to be made up in ths Arm's best
For the sum of I860 It is possible to
see nearly all the great sights of ths
world. The Canadian Pacific Railway
Company will inaugurate a aeries of
excursions, commencing on March 17.
Among the places to be visited will bs
the Canary Islands, Capetown, Mel*
bourne, Sydney, New Zsslsnd, tbs
Fiji Islands, tbe Hawaiian Islands,
Vancouver ��.nd Winnipeg. London,
England, will be the starting point.
The 1560 will includs* all expenses.
Henry Labouchere, of Truth, In ths
last issue of his paper acknowledges
the receipt of 11,000 sixpences ssnt to
him anonymously for distribution
among the children in the workhouses
nf London. The peculiar part of it is
lhat every yenr, mi the lirst day of
Dhsi'iiiIh-i'. this same donation comes
along in the sume way an .-dicer from
the mini driver-.'up in h cab with sacks
coiiminiig 1!,!.�� 0 brim new sixpences,
and a nuii* sinned "A Fsiend," asking
ths editor uf Trutli to kindly under*
take the wurk of distribution. The
unknown provider of ihr sixpences
iguniVHsll suggestiuns that hv should
reveal h;* identity, r-u< year afirryear
ou thr lirst day of IXiiviuher, the cab
containing a nmn, t lit sacks and the
brief note, drives up to ths door of
Truth and the sis: vuens are unloaded.
The wliule thing is, ih ils anuiiymous*
.[ness, magnitude and regular.ty, most
beautifnl to think upon st th* Christ*
mas season, .        . --eg
(Bite Molfr-n ����a
The UOLDEV ERA .��� ouMiihed every
Saturday morning in time to catch' the east
and west mail trains, also the -Mil for the
upper country, Winder mere, Fort Steele-etc
it is the only advertising medium in tlie-eat
K wteiiay district
���Subscription Kates t rJlOOpor annum IN
Advertisements and changes must be in
the office not later than 12 a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
All cash to be paid tu the Manager, from
whom tbe Coin piiuy's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisenymt rates made known on application to
Tbe Golden En Publishing Compenf.
SATURDAY, JAN. 13, 1897.
Telegraph or Telephone.
The people of Golden and Its violnlty
as well ss residents along the route
from the C. P. R. to Fort Steels and
other sections of southern East Kootenay, are urging the construction of a
telegraph or telephone line.and an effort
is to be made to induce the Dominion
Government to send out an engineer to
go over tbe ground and report upon ths
feasibility of the scheme. It is likewise the intention to ask the Federal
and Provincial Governments to undertake the construction and maintenance
of the projected enterprise. Our belief
is that, while we are thoroughly in accord with the system of opening up
and developing the province in every
way possible, roads and good ones at
that are much more to be desired than
telegraphs aud telephones, Tnat these
are highly necessary concomitants to
the prosperity and development of any
section of the country is s well-known
fact; but as private enterprise generally constructs and operates these it
would be establishing a dangerous
precedent fur any government to undertake such a work. Build good roads
and population will flow in their train,
snd then, when business justifies it,
will come such enterprises as we are
now discussing.���Vancouver World,
Thirteen Mentha tn a. Tear.
It is suggested that on January 1st,
1900, a new division of the yesr Into
thirteen months bs instituted. It is
claimed that tbis is not so preposterous as most people would bs likely to
cansider it at first thought. If suoh a
division were' made the first twelve
months would have just twenty-sight
days or four weeks each, and the thirteenth month twenty-nine, to make
365, and thirty ia leap years. After a
few days there would bs uo need to
refer to calendars, as the same day of
the week would have tbs asms date
through the year. 'If January 1st
were, sav Monday, every Monday
wovld be tbe 1st, .th, 15th and 22to;
every Tuesday the 2nd, 9th, 16th and
23rd, and so throughout tbe year.
The changes of tha moon would be on
about the same dates through the
year, and many calculations of like
interest, dates of maturing notes,
Easter Sunday and many other important dates would be simplified.
Although the present generation
would have to figure new dates for
birthdays and all legal holidays except New Year would be on different
dates, yet the gain would be more than
the loss, as that would be permanent
and the objections trifling.
The proposed change certainly has
the merit of novelty, and it la just to
say that ths srguments in favour of
tbs metric system on the ground of
utility apply with considerable force
in ths present esse. We fear, however,
thst the objections on ths grounds of
sentiment, which are strong in tbs
matter of weights snd measures,
would be svsn stronger against the
prosposed revision of our methods of
computing tiros.���Scientific American.
Horns time ago Mr. Simon Goldbaum
of San Suis Bey, Cal., was troubled
with s lame back snd rheumatism. Hs
used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and s
prompt cure wss effected. . He ssys he
hss since advised many of his friend-
to try it snd sll who have done so have
spoken highly of It. It is for sale by
Druggists. Langly A Co., Wholsssls
Agents, fictorl| snd Vsncouvsr,
A Saaiatiwsl Sosae Saosesdi the Tamils-
Mm efa Diigraoefel Trial.
|i -London, Jan.8.��� Lady Selina Scott,
tried for libelling her son in-law, Earl
Russell, was sentenced tbis morning
to eight months in prison.
Lady Selina Scott was sentenced
this morning to eight months imprisonment with'hard labot. Cooker'on
and Avlott, also pleaded guilty yesterday and receiaed similar sentences today. Lady Scott accompanied by her
daughter, the Countess Russell, entered the court room at an early hour.
They were both stylishly dressed In
black, snd pending the opening of the
court, walked up and down tbe corridor, the daughter having one of ber
arms around her mother's waist. Both
ladies were painfully nervous and Lady
Soott was heard to remark: "I do not
dread going to prison ; but I feel the
injustice of the way I hsve bsen treated."
When Countess Russell heard the
sentence pronounced, she shrieked, and
her mother, Lady Soott, shouted:
" There is not one word of truth In It."
Then addressing her daughter, apparently, she cried, " You said it was impossible to get justice." Thereupon
Justice Hawkins exclaimed : I will not
allow yon to thus address mc." The
court officials promptly removed Lady
Scott, who waa taken to Wotmwood
Scrubbs prison this afternoon. Cooker-
ton and Aylott, who are two common
looking men, stood stolidly in the
prisoner's dock throughout ths'proceedings. Esrl Russell, who occupied
a seat among the counsel beamed
throughout, evidently deriving considerable satisfaction from the result of
the triul. Owing to ill-health, Lady
Scott will bs accorded in prison the
privileges of a first class misdemeanant.
Later-Contrary to first announcement Lady Scott was taken to Hollo-
way jail instead of Wormwood Scrubbs
prison, where she will occupy the cell
which ths Duchess of Sutherland had,
who spent six weeks in prison for contempt of court.
A Chinese Funeral.
Hark Sing- Buried witb Great
Pomp and Celebration.
Death Before the Asylum.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
famous for its cures of bad colds,
opens ths. secretions, relieves the. lungs
snd sins nature in restoring the system
to s healthy condition, If freely used
af soon ss the cold has been contacted
snd liefore it.has become settled in the
system, it greatly lessons the severity
of ths attack and hss often cured in s
single day what would hava been s
severe cold. For Sale by Druggists
Langly A Co, Wholesale Agents, Victoria Snd Vsncouvsr.
After Mining Brokers.
A police summons, issued at the in
stance of Richard Bowksr, hu bsen
prepared for W. Follerton, 114 Yonge
street, manager of ths Rossland Gold
Mining, Development and Investment
Company, ths charge being that be
unlawfully did publish, issue sud
ciroulats snd caused to be published,
issued and circulated an advertisement
and document which states as the capital of aforesaid compsny a larger sum
thsn tbs smount of such subscribed
capital actually snd in good faith Subscribed."
The charge is laid under 66 Victoria
chap. 33, one section of whioh makes
it an offence to pnblish sny misrepresentations regarding companies of this
In the late war 1 wss s soldier in
ths First Msrylsnd Volunteers, Company G. During my term of service I
contracted chronlo diarrhoea. Since
then I have used a great smount of
medicine, but when I found any thst
would give me relief it would injurs
my sismsoh, until Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera snd diarrboaa Remedy was
brought to my notice. I used it and
will ssy it is ths only remedy that
gave me permanent relief snd no bad
results to follow. I tsks pleasurs in
recommending tbis prepsratirn to sll
of my old comrades, wbo, while giving
their services to thsir country, contracted this dreadful disease ss I did,
from sating unwholesome and uncooked food. Yours truly, A. E. Bbndiku,
Haslsy, Oregon. For sals by Druggists
Langly A Co., Wholsssls Agents, Vie*
���torts snd Vsncouvsr.
Revelstoke Mail: One of the strangest and most Interesting ceremonies
ever witnessed anywhere was the
Chinese Masonic funeral of Mark Sing
at Revelstoke on Tuesday. The deceased was a distinguished Mason, had
been wealthy once but died poor. The
obsequies were conducted by the Grand
Lodge of Victoria, the long delay in
holding tbe body being required to consult the central authority, which shipped in all the regalia and paraphernalia
used in the ceremonies.
On Tuesday afternoon the funeral
rites began with a lari-e gathering of
Chinamen arrayed in most extravagant
and fantastic costumes. Some were in
white, some in black, others again in
purple; but the many were in red and
yellow vests, with a disc inscribed
with characters hack and front.
The coffined body was reverently
brought onr from the tent where it
had lain for abo.it a week and placed
under a small awning. At tbe foot
was a man reading aloud from a book
and burning paper: Opposite the foot
of the coffin were three tables filled
with food of all sorts, and all around
were various colored banners bearing
some strange devices. The men in
white began calling out in a loud
voice for the body, if alive, to come
forth. No answer being given they
conoluded he was dead, and in batches
of twos and threes made their obesieuce
to tbs spirit of the departed. The food
represented the mourners' gifts of good
will to their deceased brother's spirit,
and when at the grave side food,
clothes and otlier articles were burned;
the idea was the same-quieting the
ghost , of the dead man, who would
come back to trouble them if not
The whole company of Chinese present made their obesieuce before the
body, snd during the whole service the
Cbinesemusicians kept np their peculiar
music to frighten away the evil spirits
whioh it was well calculated to do.
At about 2:30 p.m. the funeral procession formed up, and . headed by a
rider on horseback (scout) with a
riderless horse led next (representing
the empty place of the leader) and
with three bands at various intervals,
s move was made for the cemetery. It
presented a brilliant and unique spectacle, and one that will not readily he
forgotten by the spectators. Oue or
two noticeable characters in the procession were the beam of a huge
square flag, representing a general,
snd s man (Jim Hing) dressed in a
diamond pattern robe'of fluttering
yellow and wearing a false beard, who
represented the Emperor, or prophet,
snd gives tha deceased's spirit liberty
to go to the Flowery Kingdom.
Four men in long black hats and
black robes represented, with others
carrying gnus, a guard of honor, and
two in purple, bearing lanterns, were
as aidss to light deceased over the dark
river. Tbe great majority, however,
those attired in colored vests nnd carrying many-shaped flags and grotesque figures sud emblems, represented
soldiers, and a semi-military idea pervaded ths entire proceedings, Iieing
osrried out in conformity with the
Chinsss Mssonic ritual.
It was a most extravagant and brilliant affair throughout, and must
hsvs coat a good deal of money. If
such are the obsequies over Mark Sing,
what must those of some big tybee lie
like, when the bauds aud the banners
would be many limes multiplied? As
nearly as could be counted eighty
Chinamen took part in the funeral.
Became Imbncd With the Idea That
He JVbs the Victim of all Kind, of
Oppreaalarn���Had lieen In Poor
Frederick Mellish, a yonng man in
his  twenty-fifth year, a printer by
trade, oommitted suicide yesterday in
a room at Daniel Cowle's house, 49
Sumaoh street, where he had engaged
lodgings on Wednesday.   On Tuesday
he came down from Brantford and
spent that night at 447 Marlon street,
Parkdale, where one of two brothers
in this oily lives.   Yesterday forenoon
he went out but returned to hia room
before noon.     At seven o'clock in the
evening, no sound having been heard
meantime, his door was forced, and
his body, oold and stiff, was found on
the bed, a ballet hole In his right temple and a revolver iu his right hand.
The polios at  once  notified Coroner
Greig. A letter in the handwriting of
the dead man stated tbat all bis friends
had deceived him, and that he was
tired and disgnsted with life and determined to end it.   He requested that
his landlady be paid for her trouble
and tbat his body be cremated.  In addition to this letter there were three
pooketbooks, each containing considerable money, the first having a wad of
$53, the second   1125  and   the third
���265, or a total of $443, besides which
there were a gold sovereign, 50 cents
and a few coppers, a gold watch and
chain, two or three gold rings and
other trinkets aud a number of photographs.
Mellish was removed lo Ingram's
undertaking establishment, on Queen
street east.
Mellish was one of the best known
aud most popular priliter in Brantford.
He learhed his trade in the Expositor
and a few years ,ngo went to New York
where he was employed as a printer.
He worked very hard an I came home
some few weeks ago iu rather bad
health and spirits as the result of over
work. His mind was somewhat enfeebled for the past few weeks and he
imagined himself tho victim of all
kinds of oppression and abuse. He
thought that his liest friends had tak
en the most compute mensurea to accomplish his death. Uis mental con
dition became so bad that steps were
being taken to have him placed iu au
asylum. Melli-h hnd uo troubles of
any kind and fiuiiucitilly waa rather
well off for a man iu his position.
The body will be taken to Brautford
for interment.
rfir1-""   i-y      '������'���       U '.
Sentl To-day.
' Lsdjes snd gentlemen, be alive to
your own interest. There has recently
been discovered, and is now for sale by
the undersigned, a truly wonderful
"Hair Grower" and -'Complexion
Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
actually grow hair on a bald head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
'Hair Grower." It will also prevent
the hair from falling. By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise an excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
have it immediately by ��he use of tbis
"Hair Grower." We also sell s "Complexion Whitening" that will in one
month's time, make yon ss clear snd
white as the skin can be made. Ws
never knew s lady or gentleman to use
two bottles of "Whitening," for they
all say that before they finished the
second bottle they were as white aa
they would wish to be. After the use
-if this ������Whitening," tbe skin will forever retain its color. It alse removes
freckles, etc., etc. The "Hair Grower"
is 50 oents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening'' 60 cents per bottle. Either
of these remedies will be sent to any
address on, receipt of price. Address
all orders to���
R. A 3. RYAN,
201 Division  Street, Otawa, Ont.
Get your Printing- done at
the GOLDEN ERA office. Neat
end artistic work done cheep.
Pointers for Advertisers.
An ad cannot be too plain.
An advertisement should be so arranged thst the first glance conveys
ths idea.
All intelligent effort in advertising
has a theory behind it thst directs and
molds itv
Advertising makes known to people
wants of which they wera previously
No man can do profitable advertising unless he deals in something that
people want.
The most successful advertisers are
frequently -those who possess no liter
ary ability whatever,
Successful advertising requires
nsrve; it pays a larger percentage in a
latge investment.
Almost any fad that rages for the
time being cau be profitably utilised by
the advertiser.,
One dear, convincing and speaking
fsrt will effect mors than pages uf
glittering generalities.
It is hot necessary to pull down
your competitor's business in order to
build up your own.
The advertisement which eten tbs
dullest can understand has s chance o��
convincing all readers.
Advertising will not sell goods for
which there is no demand simply because they supply no want. -
A mis-si element of one item in an
adiertiseinent throws doubt and discredit on sll the other Items.-Printer's
Chnrch Services.
The usual evening service will lie
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
nt 7:30 o'clock.
Service will he conducted in the
Presbyterian Church by Rev. T. S.
Olassford, B..1., 13 morrow morning
at 10 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in tha
school house to-morrow evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
Direct Route
Montreal and Toronto without
change uf cat s.
Direct connection steamers at
Baggage checked to European
Special trip
Around   the  World,
R.M.S. " A0RANGI" intended to
leave London March 17th,
1897, via Teneriffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii,
and Vancouver; Tickets
good lor 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route to
To China and Japan via tho
famous Empress Steamers.
To iustralia and N w Zealand
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for particnlnra tn
Traffic, .Manager,
Or to Winnipsg.
C. E. WfXI.B.
< Miss Zelmaf BawJston.
���he Tails Somst-inr of ths Bard Work-tmess*
ary te Make aa Artiit-Many Break llowa
Under ths .IratS'-Aa -latsr-riti-g Cliat
With a Telegraph Bsptrtar.
Notice to Tate
Assessment Act aad Provincial
.Revenue Tax.
$it��iUu--fi (.lU'fc*.
Hon. J, A. LoutiiiBED, Q,C.
. McCaktisk.
Ijsius'ieoii   A McCarter,
fhu'riatej's, Advot-'ites, Sol iturs, Notaries
-tc, Etc.
Solicitors for Hank Montreal.
Calhaky, - N.W.T.
Expert Watch RepaLMng,
From the Quebec Telegraph.
Those who have attended the performances at the Academy of Musis
tbis week, wiil readily concede that
Miss Zelma Rawlaton is one of the
brightest soubrettes ou the stage. She
is a olever musician and a oharming
singer, snd as an impersonator shows
s talent couSiderikbly above the average.   She hss winning ways, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, and a captivating mannor.   Her magnetism for
drawing large audiences IS not alone
confined to the stage, as she is possess-
ud of a character which is pleasing to
come in contract with.   It is full of
good nature, amiable qualities, and a
charm that endears her  to all  those
who have been so fortunate as to have
made ber acquaintance.    A Telegraph
representative had the pleasure of an
interview with Miss Rawlston  whioh
resulted iu a biographical sketch of her
life being publishcit in these columns
on Saturda*.    During tliu course of
the interview, Mins R.twlstou let out a
secret, winch she consented to alluw
the Teh-graph tu  muke public.      For
many years she had tie. oted  the  Let
part of her time to study, sometimes
practising at the piano alone for 10
hours n day.   It is not  therefore as-
touisbiug, ihat unuei* 11 strain 01 this
kind, she l*v:.n to feel the effects upon
her nerrous constitution.    Sue is of a
robust build,  and apparently strong
physi.-n-i, aud stood th**)strain witbo.t
interrupting her studies, niii.il she had
perfe-ted that which aim lii-sir-al to r.c-j
oomplish.    Like iiiu'lly 'other artists
who haa;.) gone boforo, she completed
her work, graduated witrr the, highest
honors, and prepared tu enter upou her
stage career.     The mm-iu'oii of over
study, and long hours, aoc i iiegnn to
tell upon her, and although it did not
interfere with her climbing the ladder
cf fame as an actress, she uery soon
became cognisant of the fact that shr
was'suffering from  a  strain  on the
nerves  whioh  tbrexteiibl  sooner  or
later to result seriously to her health.
Iier sufferings did not iuierfere with
her engagements,  but  pravrnrel her
from participating iu pleasure of any
kind.   The uervousuess increased to
such an extent thut she became a victim to insoinuia, ami slowly her di-
gt%tive powers gave out, and she was
fast becoming a chronic sufferer from
nervous debility.   After trying many
reiuediea aud prescript iuus, she one dny
read an advertisement in one of the
daily papers referring to the complete
recovery of a similar iras- as her own,
with the aid of Dr.   Williams' Pink
Pills,   She had tried so many  patent
remedies tliut she alm-ist despaire.1 uf
trying any mure.     SumeihiuH seemed
tu influence her to lesi thispreparstioii
Slid she ventured to buy oiie box of the
pills, liefore she had used hslf of them
she began to feel au imiiiwiiste improvement iu  her condition,  uud  by
the time she hau used two or tliiis*
boxes she was a different   -volutin entirely, uud today there are few actress,
is wbo display a better example of pur
,luct   health  than our   repre.-eiilaiivt-
fuund Miss Rawlsluu in wli.-u hi. call
ed upon her last week.     The siibjeui
was suggested by our reporter seeing
��� box nf Piuk Pills iu Mi-.sIta.vlr-.tot,'*.
possession.     "I ulw..ys carry them
with me." she said, "and  woiil-1  i-of
be a day without them; alihn-igli I do
uut take them regularly. I Iiml tbeina
very bensUcial stimulus fur cmn in our
profession.    If the assertion of tin-
benefit which these pills hsve ivi.rke.1
upon mo will do the public uuy -.uud,
I am |s>rfecl|y willing that   my nsine
should   be mentioned, ami that tin-
facts should 1st given to the public "
Miss Rawlsluu'a i-eriuanent nildtess
is in cure uf her iiiiiunuer. Mr. Tuin >'c
(liiire, R.inin ft. f-'ninlard Theatre
Building, New York City*"
Northern Division op East Kootenay Disthiot.
NOTICE is hereby given in Accordance
with the Statutes that Provincial Kev-
enue Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment Act are nowtlue for the yeur IISI7.   '.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Kootenay District are payable at my oliiee, the
Court House, Oolden.
Assessed tnxes are collectable nt the following rates, vis i���
If psid on or before June 30th 1897:
Three-filths of one percent on Iteid Property.
Two and one-hulf per cent on assessed value
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of the incomes of nny person ns
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely:���Upon such excess of income
when the sum U not mors thnn ten th.-iianiul
dollars, one per cent; when such excess is
over ten thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars one and onq-tiuurter
of one per cent: when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-half of
one fer cent,
If paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Four-fifths of one per cent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value of
wild land.   ���
Three-fourths of ono per cent on Personal
On so much of the incomes of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rales namely:-1'pon such excess when the
same is not more than ten i.lioiisitiifl dollars,
one and ono-nuiii'ter ot'ono per cent; when
such excess is over ten tlioiisiuid dollars ami
not. more than twenty thousand dollars, one
and nne-hnlt of one per cont: ivhnn siti-h excess is over twenty thoiisaiul dollars one ami
throe-tiuirrttirs ..font. |ier cent.
i'rovjiit-inl Knveniie Tax $1.01 -ier capita.
P. 0. 1,-VNG,
Ansessivrw'.d Collector',
liolden, iJnrniiiryi'fid, 18!i7.
it. j. .rui-iisox.
D.L.8. & P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draiigh-iiiiiu, Vnliiiitor.ett-., I . AI.l'Al'Y,
N.W.T.   C'urruspuiiileiicu Solit-ited.
R.J.JEPIISON, D.Ij.S���P.L.8. of ll.C. -(hit.
.ClILIlllllV,  All.it.
Conducted lu nil its branches by
(M.N. Eng. lust. M. A M. E.)
Samples tested up to 200 lbs.   Certificates
direct to rlionts.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Wholenale and Retail
Cattle, Sheop and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN.  B. fi.
i. sr ART & CO.
Undertakers ami
���   .   Embalmera,.
Vnlfxary     ���     ���      Alba
ll.l.l'IIIt.U'll    IlltllUltS   I'l'll'll'TLV
A-rri'NIlrlli   To.
II* 8.)
VICTORIA, hy the Grace orGotl, of the
Cnited Kiiigtlom of Great llrituiii and Ireland, Qui'ijN. Defender ol the Knith,Av...&v.
To I hir fnitlitiil  the Memliers oiocte.l to
ser-.e ill llie I egislative Assembly ot Onr
Province of British Columbia at uur City ui
D. M. EtlMRT.1, ) tAfHEIfBAR Wo.iri"
Attorney-General. t VV dosiruus and re
solv.-il, as soon as mny he, to n.ceti air js-opltr
of Our I'rnvint'i'of British Ciiliiiiibia, and to
havo their advice in Our Legi l-itiirm
NMVV KNOW YE, that for divers causes
..nd ciHirleriitiiiiis, i.ud h.kiug into cons nlera-
liou tlie esse mul rnnveuieiice of Our loving
subject-". ��>'e have thought lit, by nud with
the advice of Oi.r   i.xeirutivo Council of the
Province nf British Cnliimlii,!, to hereby convoke, nml by these presents eiijuiu you, mul
eirf'li of you, tli.I ou Moll, ay, tlie eighth day
of tbe month of Keliruary, one hoiis.-uid ��� iglit
liiiiulr-.il and iiiiiKty-seveii, you moot l's iu
Our said Ijegislatnrn or Parliament of Onr
si-id Province, at Our i ily of Victoria, VOU
THE DISPATCH or" B IIS I NESS, t,.t--��..t,
do, at-, nntl  contluilo upon those thiiigi.
which in Our Lfglslntum of thn Province ot
British i.'nlumlila. by the (.'ominoii ��� -oiiiu-il of
Our said I'rnriiice may, by tho favour of God,
be oidiiincd.
I.v Tistimonv   Wiilrmii-',   Wo have
caused  tlies*. Our,  Letters to Ik. niaile
I..mm, msl the i.rcst Seal of -he sal:1
IVovillt-t; to lie Iwiciuito atttite.' t      \\i r
N.-ss. din Houonridde Kim      D \v: ���
NHV', ! ienteiMiil tio.nrri.i- of <W ski.
Provi.i. -. tif 'rili.li ( oli.nrliii.. in Our
I Ity o[ Victoria, iu Our a. i'i  rrovlm-e.
thi* t'lvciity-iiiiitii il.i.v ol I'e.-e, lur. in
the year of Our Un-iloitu thonKui-i i-ip.lii
liiii.lrod Mid uim-tr-si.' toil in uio sis
liirlh year .n't ii.i- Hci-.-r.
liy Commiiiid.
toil Priiiinii..! Secretary.
j. J. BtyRFORTJ.,
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Srsad Gaily.
...den Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may lie hud froifl the nndf-r-
signt-d or any member of tlie
PRICE Ten Dollars js>r year or Six
Dollars |*>r half yenr.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
c h. Parson.
Acting Seen tiii-.v.
Writo for prices.  Ill ei,��s,.ys etc.
DEXVnil.   t-OI.lt.
fl.lli.il lliwt.lt .1 onrl. tl.
IIOIIIIS pint .roN-.in.rA riON.
Prom 9:.'.0 n in �����'"���. m.
" S p.m. " 4 p.m.
��� i       7      li    ii   h    ������
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 13 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
vim mil hours.
Prom  9::i0 p.m. to 8 p.m.. dsi
except Alonday and _nti r��'iiy.
Bv Oiti.-i*.
_a~m�� sendlnir a akatnli anil deacrli-tlon ntsr
���ralcslraa-wrtnln, tree, whothor sn liivantluiiila
protMblr patentable. L-uui-unlnatiinia rtrlcllj
SoMantlairoiaiJst asanorfprrwciirinn psuinu
Ui America.   Wa Save a WBiSliuton o"lt��,
Patenta taken tbrouali Munn k Co (W-lta
apa���al iiotloe In tbe
beanllfullr lllnstnlml, inrnem cii-jlstlan of
aur Mlontltkr itiiiriuil. wi-vlr l��, tcrnii IMtiIsi/oar i
���I JO SIX months. SpertllKm nipl-'S and 1-1SD
Book on I'-tunts ��ut tree, Addnwa
MUNN  & CO.,
SSI Urmdwav, New Vork.
Having- been appointed by,
the C.P.R. to inspect all
watches carried by their employees, my duties will take
��� ���'        . .  i
me to Golden every week
after Jan. 1st, 1897, when I
will be pleased to do any
work required by the people
of Golden.
W. "flliEXAfJDEH,
Canrxiore,      :- :     Alberta.
Twenty pares; Weekly; lllnstrated.!
nut MUAX8 net nu��, ?osTPi_o
a       aum-ootm nut.
220 Maskit St.,  San Francisco, ~
Shorey's Clothing
Every garment is warranted to give satisfaction and hu a little* >
' guarantee card in the pocket. ',',
Their materials are all good and every seam is sewn with the best J \
linen thread.   Shorey's Clothing is cut on such a variety of patterns -
! that any figure can be perfectly fitted.   All Shorey's Bicycle Suits
' and Spring and Fall Overcoats are Waterproofed by the Rigby Process
��and no extra charge for it.
i       All dealers sell Shorey's Clothing now because their customers J *
<J insist on having it.
*    ^*****^*****SK$1>$*Od-O*OO^M0*OtOO0*O*O*t^
J o b    De part m e i) t
.-o:_ OF - :o--
i iik'ii pf��
Maniifactm-ei's   of    !*'nsh.    I titif,    I*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Band Rails nnd
Brackets.   Al sizes of glim in stock.
Tiie Machine and l.'iiel.*-niirli : In.-
al kinds of r-paiii"- a-i soon as possible.
Fitting* and limss *"r.,nf|i* (i.i linml.
iiie j
it] and to do.
I sizes ol Piv-a
Wiiy-un Repiiirs,  I'ott
Hickory a.id Mnpl_ "'
��� lifts.
'*.'. *���"| * 1 * s a��� Follrcs,
In Ibotisaada. Safe, Sara aad Alarays rallabl.
REf USE SUBSTITUTES. From all diug|i��*
er Bulltd, tne boat obaamikia, on racdpi of
11.00. StaladpanlcalanScaiiu
. hair caaba nan-
i tht Sict, arms ana
Too If lames, asd
��� PILATON/i ,	
on r-C'ipl of price. 11.00.   Agents warned.
HAIRSw     ih.
A a\d mm ��-*._,���.���, fi��-rtr-lerti~����d hr
rharmlea-. Seal b�� nail, sealed.
-. t������, SS.00    .-.-. ..-_   .-
Una MaSMM Ca.. Monneal. Caa. ���
The modern stand-
ard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity. Awarded
Highest Honors-World-* Pair,
A pure Gripe Cream of Tsrtar Powder. Fret
(torn Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant.
value f 20.' I language used in embracing the sub-
Second prize, fancy clock, value tlO. jects before the court has been chosen
t'unmore Notes.
Evervone has had an experience of
la grippe and each day some now con.
valescent appears on the street,
The fine moonlight nights ate bringing out large numbers on ths rink to
enjoy the fine ice provided by " Sam''
assisted by Jack Fust.
Reports from the mine in White-
man's Pass continue to improve and
the shareholders are quite confident of
reaping large results from their investment.      < *.
Mr. C, Ooodsell and family bave
come from Fort William to reside in
Canmore. Mr. Ooodsell being transferred from the east to fire on one of
the passenger engines between Gleiclien
and this place,
Corp. Aston gave a very pleasant
dance on Thursday evening at the
barracks, though the ravages of the
prevailing epidemic prevented quite a
large number from attending. The
dance, was given aa a farewell co Miss
McMuster, who is leaving for the east
this week.
On Saturday the Corporal, encouraged by the success of his dance gave
a skating party, tea being served on
the ice, all present voted it a splendid
Ot-rlln-t Notes,
The Distriot Medal will be played
for next week.
Members who have not paid their
fees are requested to do so without
further delay.
An invitation has been sent to the
Calgarv Curling Club to send a couple
of rinks to Oolden for a friendly game.
Kinks are being formed to go to
Calgary to take part in the Bonspiel
to beheld the latter end of this month.
The Upper Columbia Company's
competition has been commenced this
.week, at the present time however it
.is hard to pick a winner,
The first weekly Points fume was
played on. Tuesday night for tho Ogilvie Milling Co's Buttons aud resulted
as follows: 1st, 11. G. Parson; 2nd,
T. Todd; 3rd, C. A- Warren.
Calgary Bonspiel Programme.
1st Event.���First prise, Walkerville
Trophy, (value 1250) with i jewelled
cigar cutters, valued at f 100.
Second prize. 4 silver shaving mugs
and brushes, value 150.
Third prize. 4 sweaters, value $10.
2nd Event.���First prize, li. W. McNeill Trophy, value $100, with 4 gold
lockets, value $50.
Second prise, 4 curling jackets,
vaIms MO.
Third prise, 4 silver headed canes,
value $15.
Ilrd Event. - First prize, Bannerman
A Critchley Trophy, value 130 with
4 silver collar button boxes, valne 115.
Second prise, 4 gold collar buttons,
vslus 110.
Third prl��s. value $6.
4th Event, for visitors ouly.-Vlsl*
tors' Trophy, value ��80, with 4 gold
watch charms, value ISO,
Second prise. 4 swsaters. valne f 10.
Third prise,4 pair silvsr sleeve links
vslus 110.
5th Event, Points Competition.���
flr.t prise, 9����pair-rf-sarlliif-#��W!JS,ibltrs��onis to bs constituted.
Third prise, fancy vest, value $8,
Fourth prize, valise, value So.
Fifth prize, valise, value $5.
Sixth prize, one year's svbscription
to Daily Herald.
Seventh prize, briar pipe, value $3.
6th Event, consolation.-First prize
one French clock and 4 silver napkin
rings, value $15.
Second prize, one hamper, valne $12.
Third   prize, 4  boxes cigars, value
Treaty of Arbitration Between Great Britain
And 'ihe Un��t*4 States.
Washington, Jan, 11.���Secretary
Olney, in behalf of the United States
and Julian Pauncefote, on the part of
Great Britain, affixed their signatures
to a new treaty by which, for a term
of five years, the two English-speaking
nations agree to abide in peace and
without a resort to arms, all possible
questions of controversy being referred
to a court of arbitration, with the
single exception that neither nation
surrenders its honor or dignity to the
judgment of arbitration. Later in the
day, presjdent Cleveland sent the following message transmitting the general arbitration treaty to the senate:
" I transmit herewith a treaty for the
arbitration of all matters in difference
between the United States and Great
Britain. Thc provision of the treaty
are the result of long and patient deliberation and represent concessions made
by each party for the sake of agreement upou the general scheme. Though
the result reached may not meet the
views of the advocates of immediate
unlimited and irrevocable arbitration
of all international controversies, it is
nevertheless, confidently believed that
the treaty cannot, fail to be everywhere
recognized as making a long step in the
right direction and as embodying a
practical working plan by which disputes between the two countries will
reach a peaceful adjustment as a matter of course and in ordinary, routine.
To the initiation of sncb an important
movement. It must be expected that
some of its features will assume a ten
tative character, looking to a further
advance; and yet it is apparent that
the trenty which has been formulated
not only makes war between the parties to it a remote possibility, but precludes those fears and rumors of war
which of themselves too often assume
the proportion: of a national disaster.
It is eminently fitting as well as fortunate that the attempt to accomplish
results so beneflcient should be initiated
by kindred peoples, speaking the same
tongue, and joined together by all the
ties of common traditions, common
institutions, and common aspirations.
The experiment of substituting civilised methods tor brute force as the means
of settling international questions of
right will thus be tried under the
happiest auspices. Its success ought
not to be doubtful, and the fact that
Hs ultimate ensuing benefits are not
likely to be limited to the two countries
immediately concerned, . should cause
it to be promoted all the more eagerly.
The example set, and the lesson furnished by the successful operation of
this treaty are sure to be felt and taken
to heart, sooner or later, by other nations, and will thus mark the beginning of a new epoch in civilisation.
Profoundly Impressed as I am, therefore, by the promise of transcedent
good whioh this treaty affords, I do
not hesitate to accompany its trans*
mission with an expression of my
earnest hope that it may commend itself to the favorable consideration of
the senate.
Executive mansion, Jan. 11,1897.
Ths twelve artioles constituting ths
treaty, deal witb the subjects whioh
are to be submitted to arbitration and
the manner in whioh the court of ar*
with the greatest care, the purpose being to make the terms so comprehensive that no question oau arise in the
ordinary dealings between tha two
govei-ments which will oause a resort
to war. The article whioh makes an
exception in the oase of an insult to
national honor also was so carefully
framed that ordinary questions which
to some extent involve a nation's honor could not be brought within it. In
short, the terms ef the twelve articles
are believed br Mr. Olney and Sir Julian to cover every usual contingency
by which a difference could arise between the United States and Great
Britain. Throughout the negotiations
the desire of both the secretary and
ambassadors wss to make the language ao broad that when a controversy
rose, it would be accompanied by the
inevitable knowledge on both sides of
the water, that arbitration, not war.
would result.
" Know all Men by These Presents. "
That I,  GEO. D. MCDERMOT,  Merchant   of the ojty
Oenenl Phillips aad Officers ef tbo Rigor
Coast "Perce Slaia by Datives.
London. Jan. 11. The foreign offlcs
has received private confirmation of
the news from Bonny on tbe Guinea
coast, telling of the massacre of Consul Phillips and his companions while
on a peaceful mission to Benin City.
The news has created a great sensation
as the victims are all well known.
Lord Salisbury came to the foreign
office especially to receive the earliest
official details and to consider them.
It is stated in ths foreign office advices
that the party was unarmed when it
left the consulate at Benin, on the
west side of the Niger, travelling toward the Adamago country.,' They
were surprised on the frontier territory
at Benin City, where they, .were fired
upon, surrounded and massacred. The
object of the mission is not yet known.
Benin City is within the Niger protectorate and is sixty miles up the
river Benin. The population is 50,000
and is governed by a fetish priesthood,
who is notorious for human sacrifices.
It is thought that the massacre is
probably connected with the recent escape of the king of the Okrika trilie to
New Calabar, who was captured by
the Brisish. It is feared the disaster
will have-a bad effeot on the Niger
company's expedition which is about
to proceed against the Emir of  Nnpe.
Lohdon, Jan. 13.-The Daily News
says the government has ordered that
an expedition be formed to punish the
murderers of the Benin expedition.
The punishing expedition, which will
bs prepared at' Old Calabar will be
made up of men from the forces of the
Niger Coast Protectorate aud a contingent of sailors from the British
West African Squadron. Officers stationed on the Niger coast, and who are
now In England on leave sf absence,
have been ordered to he ready to sail
for their posts by Saturday.
Rocky Mountain Lodge Ho. 34.I.O.O.F.
The following officers were installed
on Wednesday evening last by D.D.G.
M. Warren, for the current term:
M. Dainard, J.P.G.; D.M.Rae.N.G.;
C. W. Miller, V.G.; S. A. Parson, Ree
Secy.; H. G. Parson, Per. Secy.; J.
Henderson, Treaa.; A. J Jackson. W.;
P. R.White,Conductor,; J.Nol.le,O.G.;
J. 0. Hood, R.S.N.G.; W. L.Houston,
L.S.N.G.; A. Murray, R.S.V.G.; J.
Campbell, L.S.V.G.jF. Zetterbsrg,
R.S.S.; R. Love,L.S,S ; G.H.Osborne,
of Golden, in the Province of British Columbia, Bargain Maker extraordinary to the people of East!
Kootenay ** makes the following declarations bellev,
ing the same to be true, etc.
Our "Great Picture Sale ", which proved
so successful last season, is now in full blast.
Every Cash Purchaser buying either 10, 25,
or 40 dollars worth of goods gets a beautiful
Present Absolutely Free
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be made to the Le-rUlatlvs Assembly of
British Columbia at its next session for an
Act to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing, equipping, maintaining
and operating a mil way from a point at or
iieur Fort Steele in a northwesterly direction
to a poiut at or near Holden, with powers to
construct, equip, maintain and operate
branch lines from any point or points along
the main or branch lines and also to construct, equip, maintain and operate telegraph and telephone lines and alt necessary
works in connection with the said railway t
with powers of acquiring lands, privileges,
bonuses or other aids from any Government,
municipal corporation or other persons or
bodies and to make traffic snd other arrangements with railway, steamboat or otlier Companies i and for all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers and privileges in
that behalf.
Dated this llth day of January, AD., MOT.
J16-8t Solicitor fyt Applicants,
of charge. "Make your home beautifnl by
securing one or more of these lovely pictures. " Hundreds are gone already although
sale has only been running a few days. Customers are delighted, competitors astounded, and the host |of cash buyers tickled to
Bargains ?   Bargains ?   Bargains ?
" We Never Had Such Bargains Before.
3oo pairs men's good strong braces at fie, worth 30c.
600",^   tt       heavy wool socks *��� 10c,   .--.   20c.
300 men's suits at less than half the price usually
asked for the same class of goods.
Good wool pants at $1.00 per pair.
Our stock of
Dry Goods is Complete
and at prices that will please all.
Xrnas Goods in Great Variety.,
We have the largest stock of Xrnas presents in East Kootenay. All at very low
���sa-s-NM ���_���*���_������ ��_���_���_���_������-.
Groceries?   Groceries? Groceries?
Every department full to overflowing
with seasonable luxuries, all bought in the
best markets and fresh. Our Teas and Coffees
are unsurpassed for fine flavour.
Easy Chairs, Rockers, Cobblers Chairs
and Fancy Chairs in great variety.
There is not enough ink or enough paper in the Kootenay
to enumerate all the lines of goods nnd the different
bargains in stock, so we just stop right here and wish
you all
'-. ���**
Geo. B. MeDermot.


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