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The Golden Era Nov 16, 1895

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VOL. V.   NO. 15
92 Per Year
_ _ i
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order tu remedy this I offer the following inducements:
Ciiif- I   bave  over   FIFTY  Suits   that  I   will   sell   at   cost and
Q-.x-    0.   Q|*j.an     I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DDOIS   06    OilUOO. p-icjg satisfactory to all.
have hats and caps to fit the bead and suit the
I hare over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
ut exuct cost.
I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
have  over  TWENTY
low prices.
vests    that   I  will  sell   at   very
Hats & Caps.
It will be to yon
It trill be ta yonr Interest to call and examine these
���-1811   BAKUA-**'***.
Golden, B.C
H. D. HUME, Prop.
Xmas Goods
Of All Kind-t., nn��l
At All Prices,
J. G. Templeton's Pharmacy,
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
I'acilic l.uilwuy. at its connection with tlio
steamboat ffavigatiou of Hie Columbia river;
the mineral anil commercial centre uf Eastern
llritish Columbia j headquarters ot'thj Oolil-
en Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., anil lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known anil far
famed agricultural und grazing land ef the
Columbia A Koo.euuy Valleys ; unrivalled
tor scenery of all kinds; tlie distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Tho secretary of the Curling club
has received an invitation for the club
to send a rink to the Fourth Annual
Bonspiel of tho North western Curling
Association, to be held at Duluth,
Minn., commencing January 18th.
181)1). The invitation concludes as
follows : "Our Committee are hard
nt work and all wo need to make this
bonspiel a success is your presence
with us." There is no doubt that the
presence of a B.C. rink at such a
gathering would ensure its success,
but it is altogether likely the boys
will have to content themselves with
a 'spiel nearer home.
Thursday next, Nov, 21, is Thanksgiving Day.
Mr. G. B. Battho
train for Olds, Alta.
left   on Sunday's
Nurse Simpson, ai  one time matron
of the Hospital, is here on a visit.
Wines and   Liquors.
Agent for Drowry's well-known Lager Beer
and Golden Key Brand Aerated Waters,
Slater's Celebrated Boots and Shoes.
Mr. W. Asquith, of Ottawa, left on
Tuesday for his home, via Vancouver.
The weather has been very disagreeable during tho past week���damp and
Free Milling.
Applied to ores which contain free
gold or silver, and can be reduced by
crushing and amalgamation, without
roasting or other chemical   treatment.
In your spare time read the Engineering and Mining Journal of New
York. It always contains articles on
tho treatment of various ores. Send
for u somple copy. Subscription 95
per year.
What Dan Munn litis to Suy of Eust
estimated, and it would give a market
not only to the occupants of the fertile
valleys of British Columbia, but to
the ranchers and fanners of the plains.
At mv littlo property I will use 20,-
000 bushels of oats per season, 300
tons of hay, and other supplies iii proportion. I pay $1.20 ii bushei for
potatoes, and 75 cents for oats, while
in Manitoba potatoes were offered to
me for 10 cents nud oats for 12 cents.
With the mountains of the Kootenay
alive with u mining population, and
the plains of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories connected with thut
country by rail, the mutual advantages and the general benefit which
would accrue to the whole Dominion
are plain to ull."
Mrs. J. Telfer. of Colgarv, and formerly of Golden, is here on a visii this
A comfortable dwelling house for
sale or to rent on easy terms, for particulars apply at Tub Eua office.
Mr E.   Plowright was a passenger
on  Tuesday's  stage for   the  Upper
Country,  where  he will  spend
Messrs. Finch A Crouin are hard at
work uu the St. Eugene mine. The
ledge is of enormous size and crops
out for half a mile. Ten men will be
worked all winter,
Headquarters For
Ram Lai Tea
51b. Caddies, and 1-4, 1-2, and lib. packets.
-Alexander Block,
Golden, B.C.
Dawk Sutton, the Expert Tooth Ex
tractor, has been entertaining llie
Goldenites with his littlo banjo, in the
Oddfellow's Hall, for the last two
nights. He will give another entertainment to-night, entirely free of
The Fort Steele stage mode its first
appearance this season on Sunday
last. Mr. Al. Doyle will again occupy
the box this winter and we mav expect to see his jovial countenance
every two weeks.
On Saturday last .Mr. W. McNeish,
the genial proprietor of the Columbia
House, organized a team from among
his guests and challenged the world
to a shooting match. "The World"
promptly accepted the challenge nnd
the shoot took place the same afternoon and resulted in a tie, each team
scoring 42. It is understood the
Kootenay House proprietor and his
guests will issue a similar challenge
before long. As a tie is never satisfactory it is hoped the result will bo
Montreal Gazette: The name of
Dun Mann has for years been connected with great railway enterprises in
different parts of Canada, and now
that gentleman has turned his attention towards thc mining districts of
British Columbia. Mr. Mann who
has been in the mountains of Canada's
rich Pacific Province since July last,
returned to Montreal on Saturday
evening, and was soon after interviewed by a Gazette reporter at the
Windsor. He would rather talk about
tho big finds of his neighbors, and the
untold wealth bidden away iu those
Kootenay hills, than dwell upon his
own particular operations, but, after
considerable importuning on the part
of the reporter, Mr. Mann suid be had
purchased the Carnation mine, near
Fort Steelo, in the East Kootenay, in
October, 1892, for S300, and, after
operating it this summer be would not
take, to-day, $50,000 for his bargain.
The vein is visible in places ut a
width of G5 feet, and shipping ore is
found to the extent of 24 feet. 90 per
cent of which can bo sent to the smelter. Mr. Mann calls this a little mine
adding that work can be carried on
all the year round, and, wi.b 50 men
and 20 teams employed, he expects,
next year, to ship 9.000 tons of ore,
valued at close on to 870 pe.i ton.
������What are the component parts of
this ore?" the reporter asked.
'���About G7 per cent, of lead and 45
ozs. of silver."
Mr. Munn explained that tbe shipment of the ore from tli a particular
locality took place in summer, and
that it could be sent to oil Iier Everett,
Tucomii, lireat Fulls, oi ,,tier smelters
on the American side ol the line.
'���What llie East KootOllllV country
requires, and the prairies as well,"
comin.led .Mr. Munn, "is the opening
up of Crow's Nest Pass. 1 do not
hesitate lo say that the Canadian
Government could offer betier justification for aiding this road than any
otlier public work iu the country.
My mine is located 70 miles from the
vast coal fields that would be opened
up by this   road; yet   the  coke 1 use
A lilg Mining Deal.    '    **
Okauagau Landing, B.C., Nov. 12.
���What is possiblv the largest mining
deal in the history of British Columbia
has just been completed at Boundary-
Creek to a syndicate of capitalists,
principally New Yorkers. The .transfer of ownersl.il) includes uo less than
13 claims, including amongst others
the famous copper mine at Copper
Camp. Arrangements have also been
completed for the erection of a large
smelter in the Boundary Creek country
by American capitalists. The smelter
will be an immense concern and modern
iu every respect. Considering the recent deals and the present showing
from explorations being made, first-
class men, representing heavy Eastern
capitalists, are becoming interested in
Boundary Creek mining propositisus
in great numbers, md many deals are
daily being made, principally .through
8. S. Fowler, a well-known mining
engineer of Chicago, whoso attention
was first attracted to British Columbia's mineral deposits through the exhibit made at the World's Fuir in
lSUil, and through correspondence
with W. T. Thompson, of Fairview.
There will undoubtedly be a big rusb
to Boundary Creek mines in the spring;
as the prospects are exceedingly encouraging.
Church Services.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
ut 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held iu tbe
school house to-morrow morning at
10 o'clock, conducted by   Mr.   Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow evening iu the school
house ut 7:30 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
Seized by Thc Petrel.
Sandusky, O., Nov. 12.���Word has-
reached bore to the effect that while u
licet of American fishing bouts were
engaged lifting their nets near North
Buss Island yesterday, the Canadian
cruiser Petrel suddenly appeared. The
boats scattered, uud all but two succeeded in eluding the Canadian. These
two boats with their cows of two
men each were taken aboard the Petrel
Over two miles of seine nets wero confiscated. The crews ol the boats lhat
escaped admit tiny were fishing iu
Canadian waters.
The making of   lucifer matches is a
comes from England, and the smelters ; Statu monopoly iu France, Spaiu, Por-
over there get their supplies from the| tugal, Italy,   Greece,   Rouinania, and
United Stales. The tremendous development nil through thut country,
which would certainly follow the completion of the railway through the
I Crow's   Nest   Puss,   cannot   be over-
Lord Sliollo Douglas is threatened
with u horse whipping by lus mother-
in-law, Wis (fijlticit diva
The OJL.lji..' liit.V is published every
Saturday raorniug in time tu eateh the east
and west mail trains, also the mail for tho
upper country, iVtu 'ni'.iioro, l-'uri i-reclo etc
It is tliu only advertising iiiediuiu iu the Kent
Kootenay district
hnd come down   from the old home to      '-Volunteers in   sight, sir!" reported
nurse hiin back to life.    By and by the a mnn at the door.
8 inscription Kates
Advertisements and changes must lie iu
the office not later than I'i a in, uu Thursday
to insure insertion,
Advertisement rates Iliads known on appli-
catior -,o
All cash to bo paid tu thn Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
His Golden En Pa.lisliing Companv,
SATURDAY, NOV.   lfi, Iff5.
A cold, bleak November day; a prairie trail; a horseman in uniform riding
at a gallop.
A turn iu the road ; a busbwncker
hidden in the bushes; a shot, and a fall
from the saudle.
It was Little Jim, our third sergeant
riding across the country to carry a
We called him littlo Jim because he
was small of stature and because
everybody liked" him. He was only a
boy, and one look into bis frank face
and big blue eyts made you his friend.
The bushwacker peered over the log
and saw his victim lying on the stony
road and the horse galloping away in
affright, and a smile of satisfaction
came to his face us he rose up and
hurried through the woods. War is
not always wur. Sometimes it is
assassination ���murder.
Twenty rods beyond tbe body lying
in the road is a humble cabin, tenanted
only by a woman and two children.
War has forced the husband and father into the ranks. At sound ol the
shot and the clatter of hoofs they rise
up from their frugal noonday meal and
run down to the gate. A dead man is
by no means a rare sight to mother
and children. Scores of dead have
been left on that highway in the last
few weeks, and at times tbe cabin hns
been full of wouudel men who groaned
- and cursed.
'���It's a Bluetiose who's been bushwhacked," whispers the mother as she
leads the way down the roud, aud
presently, the trio are looking down
upon the lifeless form of our Little
Jim. No, not lifeless. Thc bullet
struck him in the side and indicted a
severe wound, but even while they
gaze at hiin he-opens bis blue eyes aud
tries to realize his situation.
"Looks jest like Uncle Dan,'' whispers one of the children.
'���Let's be good to bin.." plouds thc
She would. Assisted a bit by the
children, she got him to tlie house and
had captured a prisoner and n patient
at tbe same ti.ne. Her husband anil
her neighbors had conic homo with
gunshot wounds, and she had helped
to nurse thorn mid send them buck to
fight for the cmise she believed was
right. Aside from a surgeon our
Little Jim could not have fallen into
better hands. Sho probed for ti.e bullet and found it, and if living to-day
lie wenrs it on his watch chain The
eastern volunteers had been holding
that road for weeks, and all that afternoon and evening tho woman listened
lor the clatter of hoofs that she might
report what had occurred and hare
her patient taken away. Not a horseman passed.
There were days and nights when
Little Jim wns out of his head and
raving of home and mother. There
were days and nights when his life
hung on a thread. He bad the care
his own mother would have given him
Many and many a time he called her
hie mother, and  blessed  her that she
crisis passed, and ihe soldier knew
where be was and the situation outside. He know more than the good
woman would have him. That little
family was being put to sore straits to
find bim such lood as an invalid must
42.0(1 per nullum IN have, and ho heard the children cry
out at night because they had not
enough cohering to keep tbem warm.
After a few days, when bo found there
was no chance to get word to the loyal
line, be begged of the woman to deliver hiin up to the rebel authorities
and r'-lieve herself of the burden. Sho
indignantly refused, and the children,
who had insisted on calling bim Uncle
Daniel, cried at the thought of his
going away.
Pretty soon a new peril threatened
The neutral territory was given up to
hushwackei'8 and Indians. One day a
long haired, evil looking man, whose
garb was that ot a farmer, and who
was probably the would-be assassin of
Little Jim, was seen lurking about the
premises. The woman put another
pillow behind the soldier, handed him
his revolver and quietly said :
'���I have your carbine aud shall try
to kill him if he persists in entering
tbe house. If I am killed then you
must tukc care of yourself.''
The sergeant could hear every word
of the conversation as the man finally
advanced to the house, and the woman
advanced to meet bim.
'���Look yere, woman," he began,
"who yo' got in yo'r house?"
������By what right do you ask that?"
she demanded in turn.
"By the right everybody has to kill
a cussed Canuck wherever he kin find
hiin. Stand aside and let me sec what
sort of a fowl yo've had cooped in yere
for two or three weeks."
Click ! Click ! sounded the hammer
of her curbiue, and as she brought the
muzzle on a line with the man's heart
she said:
"There's the road ! Yo' scatter! I'll
���omit 20, and then I'll shoot!"
He backed away, muttering and
cursing, and for tlie next three days
the cabin wus iu a state of siege. He
hung about, determined to investigate
the reports which had somehow leaked
out, but finding tbe woman on her
guard he finally went away to report
to tbe rebel authorities. Thanksgiving day cume- cold, bleak and u tiut-
ler of snowiliikes in the air. Little
Jim had been shot just threo weeks
before, but sue), wus the nursing tbat
on this day he was helped out of bed
and bolstered up in the big rocking
chair to eat Thanksgiving dinner.
Tears came to his eyes as he saw what
"How far uwuy?*'
"About a mile."
"That lets us out. Twelve of us
can't fight no thousand volunteers,
Goodby, .Mary; goodby, children! Say,
Canuck. I'm dog-gone glad of it! Orders is orders, but I'd a-gone back to
cainp and told 'em it wasn't in me to
bust up a dying man's Thanksgiving,
no matter whether he was a rebel or a
Five minutes later the highway was
full of volunteer cavalry, and half n
dozen officers were in the house. This
timo it was Littlo Jim wbo told the
story, and when be bad finished bvqi-j
one put out his bund to I'm.' woman
and suid "God bless you." Tbey took
the sergeant away in an ambulance,
but on tbe plate on which he bad
eaten his Thanksgiving dinner they
left a due reward,and many u soldier's
haversack wus emptied that want
might be put ufar off. After tho war,
Little Jim rode over tbat highway
again to find the cabin iu ashes, but
the soldier and bis family alive and
well. His money built a new and
better house, fenced in the fields again
bought horses and plows and seoJ and
started tbe ox-rebel on ibe road to
prosperity. Well, the sergeant feels
that he cau never repay the debt, and
the family* think there was never such
another enemy in the world, and so,
take it all around, it cume out as good
as the ending of any story, und hasn't
been concluded yet.
If your finger joints crack someone
is doing you a kindness.
A si'-rn of death is the blossoming of
a tree twice in ona season.
Put your left sock on wrong side
out and you'll have good luck.
Sneeze between 12 and 1 and a
stranger will cross . our path.
June and October are the luckiest
months in which to le wedded.
You can expect wealth and health if
you have a mole on your neck.
Every gambler knows it is luck to
rub the back of a hunchback.
If the sole"" your foot itel s you
are going to ston on strange soi.
Stumble when starting on it journey
nnd yon will havo uo luck at ull,
II the water boils uwuy on the stove
it's a sign tliui's it is going to rain.
if a bride weeps profusely on her
wedding day she .vill always be lucky.
If the cock crows before the door
during a rain storm it's going to clear
If you want, to ward off evil always
carry u rabbit's foot in vour pocket.
To be born with a caul is one of tlie
luckiest things that can happen to
efforts the womau luul put forth and
bow meager the results. Mother,
children and soldier were gathered at
the table when there came a clattering
nl boots and n clanking of swords, nnd
a dozen rebels galloped up to the door.
At their head was a sergeant, who
pushed his way in and seized wife
and children and kissed them before
be looked at the pale faced man at bis
table He was followed by a corporal
who was scarcely inside tbe door bo-
fore the children cried out:
"Uncle Daniel! Uncle Daniel! Our
otlier Uncle Daniel b..s come home."
The busbwncker hud made his report
to the nearest camp, and the sergeant
bad been sent to bring the prisoner in.
Hc sat at the head of tbe table ...id
heard the story, and when it was concluded be patted his wife ou the heud
and said:
"You did just right, Mary. When
a loyalist is up, he's our enemy; when
he's down, we cun't strike hiin. I
wish some one olse had come, though.
My orders are to tako him back, and
I've got to do it or stand trial."
"I'll go with you,'' said Little Jim,
waving tbe woman to silence. "After
the kindness shown me here I won't
see you get into trouble."
"It'll kill him, Jim!" protested lho
woman. "His wound is not healed
yet, and he's no more strength than u
*-.I*l"EIlS.T.'IONS  OF  TO-DAY.
A frog is a sign of gold.
Itching lips mean kisses.
A long scratch, a long ride.
Got a letter, see a stranger.
Lose your bird, lose vour luck.
Crossed knive: mean a quarr**!.
Always pit   .n your left shoe lir-i
"Marry in '.Jtut and live ',o repent."
The full moon is lucky for rill events
������Thrice a bridesinitio,never u bride."
Its bad luck to walk under a ladder.
Find   a knife   and get a disappointment.
A mole on the right fool means wisdom.
Kill a spider and disaster will befall
Don't sit with closed fingers; its unlucky.
It's bad   hick   to meet a cross-eyed
Two  spoons   in   one cup signify a
Dream of lho dead and you'll bear ot
tbe living.
Kill a robin and one of your friends
will die.
Don't   get   married in May; its unlucky to do so.
Kiss a fool or be in   danger if   your
nose itches.
It's unlucky   to chat.go the date set
for a wedding.
Find a four-leaved clover aud you'll
find good things.
It is unlucky to sweep out the house
you arc leaving.
Bubbles  rising in a cup of  tea or
coffee mean money. *
Spit   on   your   hands nud you will
have no evil fortune.
Don't injure   small spidos the;  nre
money spinners.
Spit ou money and its lui kj po .itrs
will be enhanced.
A clock r.nd n bell  ringing together
indicate a parting
U .seasonable  cock-crowing  is  au
omen of trouble
Don't tako the old broom to tho new
house, it's unlucky.
To be the seventh   son of a seventh
->on is extremely lucky.
If a black cat comes to you. take it
in.   It means good luck.
at 1  -
ilurrnnt Philosophizes.
Sun Francisco, Nov. 9.���Theodore
Durrant has written a sketch of his
life and ambitions, and tells of how it
feels to be ou trial for murder. He
takes the churches to task fur what he
thinks is their lack of Christianity,
and says tbat bis coolness during his
trial was due to the love and comfort
given him by his mother. He stoutly
proclaims his innocence, and satirizes
some of his critic.. He says : "This
world is only u temporary trial, t.i
prepare us for another and better
This existence consists of
���roubles and painful years
ul here wc will enjoy eternal
hi ppi ��� it the company of angcK oi
i.i i;ivq tho assurance of the
U ly Scri res that riches and pros-
pi ity heii are impediments lohappi-
ness hereafter. The beggar Lazarus
is shown to us in the midst of everlasting bliss, while the rich man
Dives, wbo had supported him for
years by the crumbs from the table,
and was clothed in purple and fine
linen, is represented to us as burning
in everlasting h<*ll. Another thing
that we might remember is that 'it is
less difficult for u camel to pass
through tho eye of a needle thnn for
the rich man to enter the kingdom of
Heaven.' so we may, therefore, I
think, rejoice in our tribulations and
nillictions, for wo are told that 'those
whom the Lord lovoth he cliustoneth,'
and therefore we can see that the more
wretched we are upon this earth in
the lifo and trust in our Lord, the
more assured wc are of the delights of
mi everlasting Heaven. I gave my
testimony on the stand willingly, I
gave the whole truth whether it wr.s
for or against nie. On the stand I
substantiated many points the prosecution endeavored to prove which were
used against me in lhe argument,
which wci-ii twisted and turned into
nil shapes, and which helped to convict nieoii circumstantial evidence."
Iliu'iicj II;. unto. Mi rely iiNtugc Niinio
jV I! cubic llesl.inlllg.
Thero is r, ,    tty girl, who 1:
, iiu i.lnck   eyes   that   light   .
moulded  feati  ne, v ip  is  jus1
playing  a  s.: .11   part, i. \
. vory small
part i.t that, in one of - ho comic operas
running at n Ni w York city tlieutn.
She dunces a Spanish tiing and sings
in a sweet but light soprano voice iu
n quintet. She has two or three lines
to speak also. Her mail, occupation
in tbe opera is to stand around iu picturesque costumes and striking poses
and look pretty, in all of which sho is
eminently successful.
This young lady is Miss Alice Hoi*
brook. More than that, she is the
sister-in-law of one of the richest men
in tho world, "theKingof the Kaffirs,"
Barney Barnato.
She is probably paid about twenty
or twenty-five dollars a week. Her
biother-iu-law is estimated to be worth
��200,000,000 or something like that,
and Miss Holbrook and her sister and
Barney are on the best of terms. He
;)iiid for her education in London, and
Mrs, Barnato writes to her constantly.
When called on, Miss Holbrook wus
resting in preparation for her evening
per I'm malice.
"Yes, it is true," she said, "Barney
Barnato is iny sister's husband. I
have known him very well indeed lor
ten years. He lias been very kind to
me. Ho paid for my education and
gives nie every encouragement to keep
striving for success as an actress.
"Of course I could tell you a great
many things about Barney that I
don't feel at liberty to speak about.
He is entirely a self-made man. He
began from absolutely nothing, way
down at the very bottom of the social
scale. Why, do you know that even
after he began to get rich I had to
write his letters for him? He couldn't
spell the words, you know. But in
the last two or tlirct, years he has improved wonderfully, and now you
would hardly suspect that l.e had not
been properly educated.
���'Is It true that he started in South
Africa in a very small way with a
"Well, no, it wasn't exactly n circus," said Miss Holbrook, and then sho
changed the conversation with remarkable rapidity. She did not explain
that it was a trick donkey that the
"Kaffir King" was exhibiting iu South
Africa when he ran across the chance
to transfer diamonds to England and
<o get au opening in the financial
world. She preferred to talk of bis
history only since he began to make
'And is Barnato your brothcr-in-
law'.j real name?"
���'No, it's not. and there is no secret
about that. His real name is Bernard
Issues. Some of bis intimate friends;
still call him Isaacs. Barnato is only
a stage name. He is an English Jew
and one of the best fellows as a comrade you ever met. In Johannesburg
they look up to bim as a king. Whenever he goes there the inhabitants give
hiin a grand reception. He is met
with a band and n procession, and
they take the horses out of the carriage
and drag it themselves."
"One of Barney's queer habits is to
lie lor hours and look at nothing. All
the time, I suppose, he is keeping up a
wonderful thinking. He has a great
bruin.    It's a marvel."
"One thing the public don't know
about Barney is bis ability as an
actor. He is really a very good one.
I have seen him play Macbias in "The
Bells,' and play it very well. If it
wasn't for his luck, I'd think, myself,
that he wus a better actor'than a
Miss Holbrook showed some beautifully colored pictures of the Barnato
family which she bad just received.
Her sister Fannie was the eldest of the
family. She is a very handso.no
womnn, tall and dark. The Baruutos,
now have three children; one was barn
only a month ago.
���His good fortune all eouies at
on ��� " said Miss Holbrook. "For
yeurs ruev had no children."
An ordinary piano contains a mile
of wire siring.
There aru four thousand five hundred species ol bees.
British capitalists have ��100,000,-
000, invested iu American railways.
Mont Blanc (15,781 feet) is mostly
within the French boundary line.
Tbo population of the earth doubles
itself iu two hundred and sixty ye. vs.
Tbe huge guns of modern navies can
onlv be tired about seventy five time*
before they are worn out. A/
Showing   the Dates    and   Places ef
Courts of Assize, Nisi I'rlus, Oyer
and Terminer, and   lienor..!   liuol
Dellverv for the Year 1805.
Fam. Assi
Clinton.... Thiii-rilay.
Richfield.. . Monday..
Kamloops.... Monday
Vernon Monday
Lytton   Friday..
Now Westminster. We
Vancouver.. Monday .
Victoria .... Tuesday
Nanaimo Tuesday
. 2'ith September
.ilOth September
 7th October
,.. I4ib Ootober
... .llth October
Inesdiiy.tlth Nov
,11th November
,. 19th November
...--.Uth Novum ber
Application for Curtlncute of  Improvements.
nOil-lir    B.    BU11N-)   Ml.VER.Ui   CLAIM.
Take notice that I.R ilit.Fotheringham
free miner's curti Urate No.47fl5S,intend,
00 days froi.i the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for u certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be seat to the Mining R**-
rorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Duel this ninth day of August,
B.iti-itr ForiiKitiNatiAM,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
In tho   County  Court  of Kootenay,
liolden at the East Crossing of the
Columbia River;
Iu the matter of Patrick Sullivan, deceased, and,
In the mutter of the Official Administrator's Act;  dated the Fifth day of
August, AD., 1895:
Upon  reading the affidavit of John
William   Clover,  it   is  ordered  that
James  Ferguson Armstrong,   Official
Administrator  for the County Court,
District of Kootenay, shall be Administrator uf all and singular the goods,
chattels and credits of Patrick Sullivan, late of Fort Steele, in the District
of Kootenay,  Free   Miner,   deceased,
and thnt this order be published in tbe
Golden Eua newspaper, in each issue
thereof, for the period of sixty duys.
$xxaim#& ��rtv&s.
Hon. J, A, Louoheed, Q,C.
.      McCAKTBR.
Lougheed   A   McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Caloaky, - N.W.T.
It.   J.   JEPHSOX,
D.L.S. A IU,.S. for ll.C. DOMINION A
Draught small, Valuator .etc., CALGAllY,
jN.W.T.  Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.S..P.L.S. of B.C. -Out.
Cai.uahv, Albu.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
jlfiXITI-ft   KX<,'IVEi.R,
Cochrane, Ai.ha.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
The creditors and persons intrusted
in the estate of the above named Patrick Sullivan, ure requested within
liO days of this date to forward lo me,
l*r registered letter, full particulars of
their claims, and after the expiration
of such 00 days, I shall proceed with
the djstribution of the estate having
regard only to such claims as I shall
have notice of.
Dated at Donald. 8th August, 1895.
Official Administrator.
First insertion 17th Aug. '95.
] -*a�� *T     -  W I a. -_ footed by my
fBi-foct er.se to wearer than liy _> other
i*vlr<*B.-<.-_l>la-'*l 'lh����-ieu.in largest
.upttiro under severest strain. A eys-
torn of lilting hns been pe. footed tbe
Inst SI years, fully aqua, topanonal
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Wholesale and ltetail
Cattle, Sheep antl
Horse Dealers.
!,oiice of ��� Assignment.
Pursuant   to   the    Creditors  Trusts
Deeds and amending acts;
NOTICE is liereny given that
Michael Curlin and Joseph Lake, both
of Golden, in the District of Kootenay,
in the Province of British Columbia,
trading as Curlin & Luke, General
Merchants, have bv deed, bearing date
the .ud duy of August, 1895, assigned
all their real property and all their
personal property liable to seizure and
sale under executor.-, to William
George.uii, of ihe city of Winnipeg, in
the Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
.Merchant, for tbe purpose of paying
and satisfying raiciibly and in proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, the creditors uf tbe
suid Michael Curlin and Joseph Luke.
The said deed was executed by the
���mid Michael Curlin, Jcsuph Lake, and
William Georgeson on the 2nd day of
August, 1895, und the said William
George-..)., has accepted the trust
created by the suid deed.
All creditors are requested to send
addressed to W.Ilium Georgeson, cure
of Thompson, Co.lville At Co., Winnipeg. Manitoba, full particulars of their
claims duly verified. s..ch claims to be
sent within (i0 days of this dute, after
which date the said trustee will proceed to distribute the trust estate
among the creditors of whose claims
i.e shall have received notice.
Dated this oth duy of August, 1895.
Of Donald iu the District of Kootenay,
Solicitor for Trustee,
A meeting of the creditors of the
snid .Carlin i_ Luke will be held ut the
office of S. A. D. Bertrni.d. Official
Assign oe, corner nf S'cond Avenue uud
-lid Street North, in the city of Wiu-
nipeg, iu the Province of Multiloba, on
-Saturday the 10th day of August,
1895, at 4 p.m.
UolJen Hospital Society.
From 9:.-t0 n.m. to 11 a.m.
2   p.m. ������  4 p.m.
u       7     ii   ���<  8   "
Sunday  from   10 n.m. to 12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visiting iiouks.
From 2:30 p.m.  to 8 p.m.. daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
By Out-Bit-
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary     *     -       Alba
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall   Paper,   Musical    Instrument's,
Fruits, Conlectionery, &c. &c.
Pianos,  Organs, & Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
Orders bv Mau. oh Otherwise will
Receive Prompt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
JlfltM   MTA It FORTH.
lute with   Misses B'Ri.ow & Wk.'.i,
Portage la Prairie.
All  orders left with Mil. G. B. Mir-
DERMor will have prompt attention.
Golden Kospiial Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for I he
admission i.f patients,
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of thu
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
I*,L FC'n.OC D.'.YS.
:vl<>(' ..I U*".l i.i*.i- I   iill'.* 'if
-. i-Jr-v,--,!.     Th.-.' *_
'.  ���.���'. I'M fj|    slfVOO-l
���������:;���.���' ���;��� is -ml y- ii ������������;-��� * :���
, i i tlio Btarljet r.fidyuu o
Job    Dcpgirtmer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
���"."IPS.'"?'.'.?? *n$ "P ���""���Ml opinion, write to
II NN .1- CO..wtioTaivebadnearlyfifty jeuirs'
experience,a the patent business. tAiiiuu���iica-
tlons strictly i-onfldemM. A lii.iidhiii.li of In-
fornistlon <-oiiconilug Patents ami bow to obtain them sent free. Also a cataloguo of media-.
lout mnl sclentlflo books sent free.
Patents taken through Munn k Co. nwelre
special notice In the Srlenllfic American, and
thus are brought widely before the public with,
put cost to the Inventor, This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly illustrated, -is by far the
laiveat circulation of any scientific work In tbo
~0{l-l-.,��8 ayear. Sample copies sent free,
Building Edition, monthly. SrliOa year. ��_.._
Oipies.aSoenta. Krery number contains beau,
tlful platee. In eolors, and photograph* of new
houses, with plans, enabling builders to show the
late** design* anil secure contracts. Address
mu-n �� co, niw yobk, an buoauwat.
FINCST TC--. ���     LH
IHTHCWuRLO ���     ������������
"Monsoon" Teats put up by the Indian Tea,
cmwera as a -.imple of the best qualities of Indian
I cm. Therefore they use the greatest care in tha
s IcctiiMi of the Tea and its blend, that is why they
put tt up themselves and sell it only in the original
n.\'ft.*i5a__.f_i*r'' __*__.__..' ���Bpiwf-wwiwe. p-ickagc*. thereby securing itt purity and excellence.
l^s-iveaiSutt j|-^**.'fc--***i��i^---��������--
��� If your grocer doea not keep it, tell him to write to
II and \3 Front Street East, Toronto. Awarded
Highest Honors-World j
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
:ioin Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
News Notes.
Winnipeg, Nov. 12.
Prof. Tjiiwson, Halifax, is dead,
Seventy-one Bernardo boys are
John Fawcett was killed in Peter-
Newfoundland is a-.--i.iii looking to
union with Canada.
All Chicago moruini.' papers are sold
ac one cent each.
A severe (.rale prevailed in Great
Britain yesterday.
A lumber fallen schooner was burned
near Pcierboro, Out.
The new prime minister of Egypt is
favourable to England.
The Czarina of Russia is not expected to survive her confinement.
Dike Creek Hour mill, near Windsor.
Ont., was burned on Monday.
Seven persons were killed by an explosion at Black well colliery, England.
Albert Cox, Osliiiwn, and C. W.
Wi.tson, Bracebridge, suicided yesterday.
Writs have been issued for federal
elections in Curdwell and North Ontario.
Sensations expected from the Temis-
couata railway enquiry did not eventuate,
Importations of cattlo and hides
from Canada to the U.S. arc no longer
Chicago and Milwaukee anarchist's
commemorated the death ol their martyrs in 1887.
shown that at higher temperatures
thnii tlie ordinary, and especially it
the mctaN are finely divided, the
chemical energy of nut u�� is so great
that die metals burn with a vivid
light and emit a dense white smoke.
The permanency of those rusts and
their protective character are utilized
in white points.
Professor Skidmore then directed
attention to a third group of metals,
which includes tlnse which have dark
or colored rusts, as with copper, iron
und silvin. A series of experiments
followed to show how these rusts were
formed, ami the changes, which iron
undergoes In appearance in the tem-
pering process were carefully noted.
Attention was directed, finally, to the
fourth group of metals, which never
rust. These arc gold unil platinum,
and it was noted that tbey are also the
metals whicli are found as metals in
tbe earth, and not as ores from whicli
the metal must bo manufactured, In
the case of the other metals it is an
advantage that tbey are found in the
rust or ore condition, ns they can be
mnnufi.cti.red much more easily than
they could be cut from ledges of tho
pure metal.-Mining and Scientific
Metals an.l Minerals.
Professor Skidmore of Philadelphia,
in a course of laboratory lessons to
supervising principals and teachers of
the Philadelphia public schools, took
up the subject of metals recently. In
the course of his lecture he made some
interesting remarks in regard to the
distinction between minerals and met-
uls. It is not possible, he observed, lo
deliue exactly what a metal is. yet
there is little liability of mistake .11
distinguishing ti metal from 11 non-
metal. The metallic properties of luster, toughness, fusibility, opaqueness,
conductivity and rust may he possessed
separatel) by iiouiuetiils, but they are
not associated lis ihey are with metals
Most metal*: may bo bent, twisted,
drawn and hninniered to uu extent far
beyond what any mineral uot 11 .notul
could endure.
Taking up the matter of the rusts of
different metals, ho showed by 11 series
of interesting experiments that s.din.i',
potassium, lithium and, iu 11 lesser degree, calcium, strontium nnd barium
rust instantly wlien exi osed to moist
air, their white rusts quickly dissolving in water and forming alkalies.
Other experiments demonstrated the
fad tli.it another group of metals, in
which are zinc, lead, iiiiignisinm and
antimony, havo white rusts which are
not. soluble in water. These rusts form
a thin adherent coating, which only
l|-,,ll conceals the metal and gives to it
a dull, larulshed appearance.     It was
District nf East Kootenay.
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment, Act of 18Sts and
Amending Acts for the Southern par.
of the district will he held at, the
Assessor's orHce ut Fort Steele at ten
o'clock in the forenoon on Monday the
2nd day of December, A.D., 181'f*.
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment Act of 1HS8 and
Amending Acts, for the Northern part
of the district, will he held at tbe
Assessor's otlice, Golden, at ten o'cloek
in the forenoon 0.1 Thursday the 1-th
day of December, A.D., 180f>.
Judge of the Court cf Revision and
D.iiald, 4th November, lSDo.
Uolrlen Hospital Society.
to 11 11. in.
'���  4 p.m.
"   8    "
Sunday from   10 a.m. to  12 111., and
from 7 p.m. to H p 111.
From 2:'t0 p.m.  to H p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
By OuiiEit.
EacJlj, Q'-d'-'j, Pemaao-fiy Lcstsrci
Weakness Nervousness, Debility,
end nil the train of
evils fi out early errors
or lirter excer-scs, tha
-���-"result", cf overwork,
sickness, worry, etc,
Full strength, develop,
tnent and tone given to
every organ and portion
of the body. Simple,
nntnral methor,*, Ira*
mediate improvement
Been. Failure impossible.  2,000 references,
.Don.1-,explanation nnd
prooii, mailed (sealed)
_!t!E_E3!CAL CO., BolTalo, H.Yi.
hv s
���1 iif
"HEALTH ACT, 1893."
NOTICE is hereby pi-en that "An
Act respecting the Public Health"
is now in force, and that under the
provisions of the snid Act Alfred T.
Watt, ol tbe City of Victoria, Esquire,
M.D.. has been appointed Secretary of
The Provincial Board of Honlth.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t 27th September, 1S9.J.
per Columbia tSwayCo.
During the winter a stnge will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving- Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 12 & 26.
December 10 & 24.
January 7&21.
February 4 & 18.
March 3, 17&31.
April 7 & 21.
and leaving Fort Steele on thc alternate Tuesdays.
Official Map of British Coi.usiiiia
rOPIES of the new ofliciul map of
'���' British Coluinliia, 1895, issued
under authority of ihe Hon. the Chief
Cbnimissiouer of Lands & Works, can
ho obtained at, the office of the undersigned by booksellers, stationers nnd
others who tuny desire to place them
for sale in their establishments, upon
payment at the rate of Si pel dozen.
Deput v Commissioner of  Lnndsi   and
' Works.
Lands A Works Department,
Victoria, B C, 8th October, 1895.
Komi CU-EH
focted by my
Trussos, with
8crfect case to wonror. tlian by all other
|.,iii--.|ii,il>li.nl tl'h-iy.etalnlargest
Rupture under severest strain. A Bys-
tern of fitting hns been perfected the
lus'Oe years, fully oqutil tqpersonal
examination _!?��_!nji'I--? J patjmtj
i .odvurcome
| III.book free
131 King lit.W..Ton>nlo,
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16,00.    Local 10 cents per mile,
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
i thc
! Finest tea
"Monsoon" Tea is put up by the Indian Tea
growers as a sample of the best qualities of Indian
Teas. Therefore they use the greatest care in tho
selection of tho Tea and its blend, that is why they
put it up themselves and sell it only in the original
packages, thereby securing its purity and excellence.
Put up in H lb., i lb. and j lb. packages, and never
sold in bulk.
If your grocer does not keep it, tell him to write to
11 and 13 Front Street Eatt* Toronto.
Small Investments.
Ketiir.ii..-* prosperity will nmke ninny rich, but nowhere cm they make so much within
a short time ns by successful Speculation in (iruin, l'rovisious und .stuck.
$��� f\  FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our
I U       Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by ns.  All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact tbnt there lire I lioiisunils of men in nil parts of the United Stntrs
who, by systematic trading tbroi g't tlili-ago brokers, nuike large amounts every yei.r.
ranging Irom a few thousand dollars tor the mini v. lie imesis u liuinlrnl or two lu.nured
dollars up to 850,000 to $I(*!,(X 0 or m.re by those who invest a few thousand.
It is also ti fact that those ..bu make the largest profits Irani comparatively small Investments on this plan lire porso. s who live away truin Uiici.���i, r ud invest tl:rui.t;li brokers
who thoroughly midorstand systematic trading.
Our plan does not risk the wl , amount invested on any trade, but covers both skies,
.0 Ilia' whether the market risos or falls it brings j. steady profit that piles up enormously
iu a short time.
WHITE KOK OONVINCIXCI l-ROOF**, also our Manual ou successful spe/rulatiou
and our Daily Marker Keport, full nl money-making pointers. ALL KI-'EE. Our Manual
explains margin trading lully.   Highest reluronces iiiregmil touur sti-ud'ug mid success.
For farther iiiirticiiln
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rialto Building:, CHICAGO, ILL.
Manufactures of ��ash, rooi-s, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin nnd Eath


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