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The Golden Era Mar 31, 1899

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 The Golden Era
Is the) most widely circnlated nnd
best advertising medium in Eust
Kootenay. Thia is the paper that
ii read by the miners, the ranchers,
tha railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance  . * .  .  .  . ������.
| The Golden Era,
| Has been appointed the GaUtt��
f for North   East Kootenay tile
I Dominion  and Provincial Gov-
% ernment notices and  sdvertiee-
ri roents.    Published by
| The Golden Eka Co., I/td., Lt.,    ���,
�� 6 oicf��, B.C
VOL. VIII.   NO. 35
I^r Year
(Special Reductions iu Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Heavy Winter Clothing.
Previous to Stock Taking.
H.   G.   PARSON,
Fop a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . .
J. G. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
Fop 10 Days More
Opinion of Mr. Martin, M.P.P.
In an interview with the Rossland
Miner Mr. J. Martin, M.P.P., for
Rossland, said: "The government had been agiesslve, and had done
all in its power to correct the mistakes
that had been made by its predecessors
When the matter of forbidding the
employment of Chiuese and Japanese
underground. The opposition hat1
claimed that the act forbiddin-t the em
ployraent of Chinese underground
had been passed by the late govern
ment, and that the present government bad simply stolon their thunder.
The attorney-general had replied a
once that while that waa true it hud
never enforced tbe act, Occasionally
thoie had been a foreman arrested. b<a
he had invariably given bail, appealed
the case and then gone on employing
Chinese just the same. But within
two weeks after the present government came into power all the Chinese
were discharged from the Dnnsmuit
mines and their places bud been tike:.
by white men, and white men were
there yet. The simple fact was
that tho Dunsmuirs knew that the
present government would enforce tha
law, while they were equally sure that
the late government would not.
" Mr. Martin was strongly of the
opinion that the legislation passed was
all good, but was especially proud of
the act repealing all lafid grants to
railways that hud either ma- been constructed or were not boiirt- genuinely
under construction. There was an
excellent clause in the charters granted
which compelled those to whom these
charters were granted lo deposit 95.000
whicu was to be forfeited in caso $10,-
000 worth of work was not done during tho year immediately offer the
granting of lhe churter, and the charter was to be forfeited as well.
Chamberlain's Caajgli Koniedy.
First Class Accommodation for TiWellers
and Comftiercinl and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
JU and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
316at Proprietor*.
Samples    Now    Ready
THE  .   .   .
W. A. Murray A Co. LTd,
Largest Dry Goods House in the Dominion of Canada, now ready with Spring Samples of New Drjss Goods,
Silk? Wash Fabribs a,id other Dry Goods needs.     A com-
{ilete range will be sent to a ly address.     Writ.' for Cata-
ogue.   Address Mail Order Department.
*Ihe W. A. Murray & Ci>., Toronto, Ontario;
This remedy is intended especially
for coughs, colds; croup, whooping
cough and influenza. It Ins become
famous for its cures of theso diseases,
over a large part of the civilized world.
The most flattering lestiniouuls have
been received, giving accounts of its
good works; of the aggravating und
persistent coughs it haa cured'; of severe colds that have yielded promptly to
its soothing effects, and of the dangerous attacks af croup it has cured, often
saving the life of the child. The extensive use of it for whooping cough
has shown that it robs that disease of
all dangerous cdnsi-qiieiices. For sale
by all druggie's Henderson Eros,
wholesale Ageius Victoria and Vancouver,  ^^
A very pleasant evening wits- spent
nt Mr. and Mrs. Drawer's, Filiriuont
Springs, on llith inst. by a Inrgfe number of their particular friends.iucluding
Messrs. W, Taynton, Montizambert,
J. McLeod, of Windermere; Mr. and
Mrs. Uulmiin, Messrs. H. Mitchell-
Innes and Russ 11, of Winfield Park ;
Messrs. John, Priest, Lessard and
Young of Fairmont Springs nnd dthtrs
Tbo guests were treated to a line spread
in Mrs. Brewer's inimitable style, after
which a most enjoyable evening was
spent singing ami dancing until the
"wee sinn' hoiirs." Messrs, Prie-it and
John furnished the party with some
fine selections of music on the flute nud
The following is thesubstane.e of the
Jackson letter referred to in our last
issue as having been published in the
Edmonton Bulletin:
' " A few days ago Mrs. F. A. Jackson, of I-Mmoaton, received a letter
from her husband dated February (itb
at Swift Current, a creek running into
the Fraser rivor near its head waters
in the Yellow Head Pass. Ue reports
a rich Hnd of plucer gold on that
stream. Mr. Jackson and two helpers
Neill and McLaughlin, left Edmonton
late laa*. full with a pack train well
provisioned, bound for the headwaters
of the Fraser. Mr. Jackson had been
in that country last, season and found
colors on tne Swift Current but had to
come out for supplies before lie was
able to develop the prospect thorougly.
Hornet other prospectors us he was
leaving and told them about the stream
he had been working on and after they
had gone they discovered that it wus
very rich. They disputed among
themselve about who should stak--
liscovery claim and could not agree.
In the meantime Mr. Ja'cksongot home
to Edmonton, replenished his stock of
tupplies and set out again for the
nouiiiiiins. On Dec. 27, after great
hardships be reached the Swift Current
ind found Ihe ininei-s still disputing
ibout discovery claim. Thay all
igrccd I hut lie. Jackson, I'ad the best
ight lo it anil forthwith anpointed a
-enorder and the claim was filed in nis
na#ine. Discovery claim iu B.C. is
lf'00 feet si|iinre whereas every other is
100 feet Square.
Mr. Jackson reported having gone
15 feet into the pay dirt without sin-iking lied rook and found it worth from
$20 to $10 per day. Mr. A. SteWart,
of South Edmonton, and Mr. A. C.
Eaton, of Edmonton, who wo under*
stand are connected with Jackson's
expedition, left on Uie Snd infer, via
Golden, B.C., to join their party."
On Monday the V'cn. Archdeacon
McKay, Me.-srs Patmore, T. Forest,
Luitnoy, of Donnld, and Martin, of Beaver, started out for tbo new gold-field.
The party left Beaver station to 'akethe
ho Columbia River and had thoir
uipplia.'.on toboggans whicli thev got
from Rogers Pass. It was intended to
folio ,v the river as far as possible ou
tlio ice.
Another of the party ol prdbpectors
J. A. McLuughlin. writing to the Anaconda Standard on January 18th.
.lates that the surface showing is
from a few colors to 50 cents a pan and
the pay dirt grows better with  depth.
���J'lie Ke-.-elstuke Herald remark..* ���
There are reports raging apparently
found the GciLDHN Eka Office of a
stampede from Edmonton, but thu
Edmonton Bulletin says nothing about
uuy excitemeut there, while tiie yarn
about large puck trains leaving Edmonton published in the Free Press, is absurd, ns tbe middle of Apnl is the
earliest that pack trains ever start from
Edmonton for the west ns there is no
Kad till then.
Protective   Works   Proposed.
Lands and Works Department,.
Victoria, Nov. Wth, 1898.
Sn,-Pursuant \o the instructions
of the Honorable the Chief Commis.
siouer 1 proceeded to Golalen on the
tiih instant, for the purpose of enquiring into the matter of the flooding of
the Townsite during the month of
November 1897.
Tbe town of Golden is built on a
low gravel flat through which the
Kickinghorse flows to its junction
with the Columbia, about lij miles
below. This fiat is subject to overflow, (1) during the summer freshet,
and (2) in lhe winter, when ico dams
form in the river.
Notwithstanding that the probability of a biennial flooding was apparent,
and that tiie grouud was an alluvial
deposit not   impervious   to water, the
Ko flight to Ugiim ���***.
The womaii who is lovely in face
foi* u and temper will always hive
friends but one who would bo attractive
must keep her health. If she is weak
sickly and all run down she will be
nervous aud irritable. If she has eon
stiputiou or kidney trouble, her impuro
hlodd will cuuse pimplos,blotches, skin
eruptions and a wretched complexion
Electric Bitters is tho best medicine in
the world to reguluteslomach, liver
and kidneys uud to purify the blood.
I' gives strong nerves, blight eyes,
inooth, velvety skin, rich complexion,
It will make a good-looking, charming
woujati of a run down Invalid. Only
oU cents at any Drug S.me. 2
Every week brings good news of
looming mining activity in North East
Kootenay. Offers have been made for
a number of properties iii the district
with a view to activedevelopmen' this
season, The boom in copper is mainly
responsible tor the ac-.ive attention
now drawn to this section of East
Kootenay. We have news by yesterday's mail of definite arrangements
having been made for the development
of the Certainty greup of three claims
on Fifteen Mile creek, Arid work in
building a trail and developing the
trep'irty will   be  commented  just as
ebon as the snow is oft lhe ground;
We are also glad to learn from the
owners of the International claim that
they are desirous of doing active work
on Jtheir property nt the
hedd of the middle fork of the Spillimachene, and are willing to join With
the dther owners of claims on the middle fdrk and wilh the Government in
putting in a wagon road so aa to ad
mit of the cost of getting in supplies
being reduced to a minimum and also
permit the shipping of ore and concentrates We congratulate the owners
of the International in awakening to
new interest in their prdperty, tfchloh
has been long recognised as one of the
best prospects in East Kootenay.
The residents of Field nro indepted
to Mr. Bostock M. P. for his efforts in
tiieir behalf. His letter in another
coltim regarding the arrangements
made for the disposition of the Dominion land at Field us a Government
Townsite will be gratifying io our
friends of tho coming city of the mountains. The application of the C. P. 11,
for a grant of tlie townsite lias evidently been definitely refused, arid the
people of Field have won, as they had
a right to.
HU Life Wtts Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful deliverance from a frightful death.
In telling it he says; "I was taken
withTyboidFover, that ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became hardened I
was so weak I couldn't sit up in bed.
Nothing helped me. I expected to soon
die of Consumption, when I heard of
Sr. King's New Discovery. One bottle
gave great relief. I continued to use
it, and now am well and strong; I can't
say too muoh in its praise." This mar-
vellous medicine is the surest Quickest
oure in the world for all Throat and
Lung Trouble. &0 cerita and tl.00. at
any Drug St0re:,<lvery bottle guiiran-
Andrew McPhee's Big Spectacular
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" will give one
performance ut the Columbia Hall,
Golden, on Saturday April 8th. This
is tbe largest company that has ever
visited Golden, numbering -26 people
travelling in their own private cars,
with fine military band and orchestra,
headed by Millie La Tuna, the only
Lady Drum Major in tlio world. The
Company carries all snocial scenery
including tlio great Ohio River by
moonlight and the ascension of Eva
to Heaven. Seats aro now on sale at
Field's Drug Store. Admission 50c,
Reserved seats 75c, Children 25c.
In Giving tho News of the Great Cures Effected by South American Nervine���It has
savod an Army of Sufferers From tho
Pangs of Indigestion and Nerve Troubles.
L, M. Holmes, of Parrshoro, N.S., was
taken severely ill about a year ago with nervousness and indigestion, and for some time
was completely prostrated. Ho consulted
best doctors, but they faiiod to help him. A
newspaper advertisement brought South
American Nervine to his notii-o. He tried it
with the tesult that he was greatly benefitted
from the lirst bottle, and six bottles completely cured hiin, nnd he would be pleased to give
all details ot ids case to any person asking
Sold by C, A, Warren.
precautions to place the basements of
buildings in the floode 1 portion above
tbe reach of danger was not observed.
The summer freshet has, to some
extent, been provided against from
time to time by cribbing and mattras*
sing built along the rivet- bank above
und below the bridge, as shown cn the
tracing enclosed, tit the joint expense
of the local and Dominion Governments
and the Canadian Pacific Railway ;
but thesp. works are not of a sufficiently continuous and homogenous character to hieet the conditions of an ice
dam such as occurred last November.
The formation of this dam has been
attributed to two different causes, viz.,
(1) to the giving way of un ice jam at
some point ia the upper reaches of the
Kickinghorse, and the ultimate packing and freezing into a soli 1 mitsa of
the iee and slush thereform, iu the
channel through the townsite, ami (2)
to the formation of anchor or frazil iee
m the bed of ihe river, which obstruct*
ed the flow past the town. It is
thought tliat tlio former may bo accepted us the most reuse liable explanation
of the cause of the trouble, as it occur-
ed too early ih the season for frasii ice
to forin.
This ico datii. wliatbver the cause
may have been, backed the water up,
which found its way apparently���-lor
the ground was covered with snow-
though the inattruss ami crib-work,
over the Townsite on the north side
and over the bank on the south side
above the bridge, where uo protection
works then existed, flooding many
cellars and preventing the use of hot-
air furnaces.
To avert the flooding an at'empt was
made, at the suggestion of the citizens,
lo open a channel by cutting through
the solid pack up to the bridge, but
without avail. The expenditure
amounted to $1074.06.
Tbe ice rose at dno time to within
nine inches of the underside of the
lower chord of the bridge, and it was
only by continual chopping away tho
ice that the bridge was placed but of
danger. The under side of the chord
of the bridge is o ily 7ft. 9ins. abov^
low water level, 2ft. 3ins, above the
top of the crib, and 7ft. 9ins. above tbe
bank of the river at the north end of
the bridge.
A committee of the Board of Trade
of Golden waited upon me and urged
the necessity of immediate steps being
taken to prevent recurrence of this
winter Hood. One of the Committee
stated that in his opinion the desired
result cciihl be aceompliahbii by expending the small sum of 5300.00 in
training the river into one channel I
regret that I find it impossible to concur in this suggestion. There is nothing to show that such an effort would
be of uuy use. It. would be merely an
experiment, and, if for nd other reason
cannot bh rei-onunendod.
It is ilnfoi tuiiute that the Board of
Trade, being fully cogiiliant of the
possibility of a repetition of the flood,
did not tube steps nt an earlier date to
bring the matter to the attention of tlle
Executive. Had they done so it would
have been possible to carry out the
following suggestion for tliu amelioration of the conditions boforo the winter sets in.
Tha works that have already boon
carried out at Golden in connection
with the prevention of flood and the
protection of the river bank partake,
and unavoidably under the circumstances, of a disconnected and varied
character. Commencing at *-B" on
the tracing, on the North bank, the
Canadian Pacific Ruilway built a
round log ciib levee 6f irregular
alignment as far dawn as the bridge,
Continuing below there is* a crib levee
faced with a brush mattrass for 190
feet, then a crib 10 feet wide of sawn
luinbor partially filled with rock for
228 feet, followed by a round long crib
for 290 feet, and ths protection concluded on this side by a crib levee protected by brush and stone to point "A"
oh tracing. Below the latter point the
b��nk is cutiiiiK a'-Vay.    Oo the   South'
bank commencing at "F" there is brush
mattrass protection for 3ti8 feet, then 4
timber crjb for 194 feet, followed ,tA
turn by a crib levee protected on the
face by the usual brush and stene to a,
square timber crib at the bridge, built
by the owner of the adjacent land,
The work from point "F" to the brida-e
is expected to arrest the washing away
of the bank and prevent the flooding of
Golden South.
There are only two ways by which
further flooding either in summer or
winter can effectually be averted, and
these are either (1) by raising the .low
ground of the townsite above flood
level or (2) bv making the dyke along
the river bank high enough to keep out
the Water at all times and hy repairing
and extending lhe work intended to
prevent cutting away of the bank. ,
The lirst. proposal appears to bt out
of the question by reason of the cost,
and the second will come within a
reasonable expenditure.
In carrying out the latter it will be
necessary (1) to thoroughly overhaul
and repair tbo existing wOrks. (2) to
extend the levee and protection works
to " E " on the north and ���' C " on the
south side, and (3) to back np the
dyke or levee fl-om end to end with the
best procutable anuteriai within a limited haul, filling in at the same time
where bights or indentations in the
bank, cut by the current, have been
reclaimed by the works.
It is likely that, during the freshet,
at lirst there will be a certain amount
of seepage through the new made dyke,
but this will be ultima*ely cured by
It might be desirable to raise the
bridge about one foot but as this
Would entail a considerable outlay in
building up the approaches it may be
postponed for the present.
The cost of the several works Suggested above is approximately estimated as follows :
Overhauling and repairing existing works from "A" to
"B" on north side and from .*
.  bridge to F on south side..$ 900 OP
Extending works from "A" to
to "E" on north side, 870ft      .,   ,
,  at $2  11-iO 00*
Extending works belo',v bridfiu
from "B" to  '<"" on south .,,
side, 1100ft at S3      2200 00
Filling in behind new and old
work-*, 6000 cubic yards at
25 cents :   1500 tS6
$57-10 0(5
Add 10 p.c. fttrcontingencies.    674 00
$6314 0'C
Of Thousands have been Turrled Into the Joy
Sengs ot the Cured by the Almost Mag'c
Medh-ine, Dr. Agnew'a Cura for the Heart
���It Relieves in Thirty Minutes.
Mrs. John FiUpatriek, of Ganunoqtie. watt
for five yours a great sufVerer from heart
ili-euse���s; out some iime muter experts ih
Kingston hospital without getiing an-, belie*
fit anal was pronounced incurable, bhe com-
iiieuced tithing I)r. Agitetv's a'nte tor the
Heart, and when she hail taken three b itla-.-a
all dropsical tendencies; Dalpitatiou and taain
loft her, and she has. had no return ol it, and
iiscribes her cure to this greatest' of heart
Sold by C. A.Wkrren
Additions to Coitimbln River Lvmi.r
Company's Mills.
The alterations at the Columbia".
Lumber Company's mill at Golden are
actively proceeding under the supervision o! Mr. Harrison. The boiler
and engine foundations have been
hud ouo boiler and two engines nre in
place, while tho other boiler will be
fixed on arrival, thus completing the
motive power of the mill, consisting of
two boilers and two engines, givihff
an ng&regatibn of 160 horsepower.
The addition hits also been made to
the mill building for the accommoda-.
tion of the new machinery and tne
powerful frame work for the setting of
the machines is ba-iti--* fitted up,
Mr. Mcintosh, secretary of the Columbia RiverLumborCompany informs
us that two cars of the new machinery
for the enlargement of the Peaver
mill have arrive.! at Beaver, and the
machinery is now being fitted up,
South American Rheumatic Cure Th-tfirted
Disease aud Cured Hiin Outright.
Robert E. Gibson, merchant, Pentbroki,'"
says that ten years ago ho contracted rheumatism in a very severe tyjie.'suffered untold -
lisery���resorted to  Ily Misters   and, .ether.
wero treatments with uo tasting good or
rollef. When ho|ae of recovery was well
nigh gone he was induced to try South Am*
erieun Rheumatic Cure, The first dose gavo
liirii instant relief, half bottle cured him outright. Hia own words wore*- "lt is the
best rheumatic remedy on earth."
Sold by C. A. Warren.
������  a* *.*������   ...a**-*-f
Advertise in
*i :>*.��� . To Advertisers and Subscribers.
t  __���
The GOLI1EX E1!A 1. published ovary Friday a-vaaaallig. 11 as iho la.sl aulva-rtisn IT lua-dlaalil
in ihe Kasi K.mteuaay dislrtot.
Sui.seriiitla.n Uata-9 : tt-'.oo par annual IN An-
Whlle all roasjuablo earai will laa-takaiaa, the
proprietors will uut tc responsible ior any
oiaiwion or en*, t In any adv.ru-nm.ont.
All accounts to bo paid to the -alnimiriiig
Dlra-ctor, or Id. authorized ngant. from wiiuiu
the cmi-any'��� reotiajt will be -abtsined.
Advertising intra: Display ads., tun per
columu lui.li* La-g.il ads.,1" i-eiiis pi-r line lor
Hrst luiertiuii,"6 emits fur each additional loser-
tion; Ra-adhig nuliera. 1-' emits ln-r luia- i-aai'lj
issue. Land anil m uc-ral t Croaali GraauT )
n.-tlci-s saaaia- ns ijovei-iiuu-iit Gatiaaaut -*,.o .
All  lauflllia-ss  euniinUlltcatlOllS -alu'lll'l   10  nit-
ilra-ssa-al t.atln- .Mniing.i i? Director.oud all literary communications, baton fur publication or
news ita-ius sliould l.e addressed to tlio i-.ai.ia.i-.
Corrcsaiainiliuii-i- is I iviu-il oaa annuals ..i pntlii-
lllta-ra-si.liut tu secure pul.l.l'lltiaau sut-h laatlt-r-
inn t im larai-i. In ilia- rasa- ail anonym ii" lettcri
the name utail address ot tlm writer inuai laa- uu
t-lo.i al. aaaat lor nubliuatlon, imt lor the prlvan
liuoriimtlun of Hit- editor and as a gitajratitee o
g, d mitli. Auv letter roeolvcd Inn-rthaau w i-il-
nuday wall have tu simul uver nil tun lullowmg
Tlm GoMeu Era Co, Limited Liability,
[���Hlniiile.   Imt  are   >>re|>arinK   ior  ;i    iron-
oral attack to tie iwidu al Malalion.
IU'V. Ur. IttilierUjm . rev-ejved ,��� ,v new
appointment tn 'tlm Presbyterian clturch,
Ttif students Iiu* the summer mission
(leld-s in tne NortInvest were go.ecteil
liy the committee.
A fire bt Cleveland.
Cleveland, OUio, Harah 24.-Fire
broke out early today in the Japan*
ning department of the big- Dangler
Stove ana Manufacturing company on
Periiiifl avenue, and notwithstanding
tho enormous quantity of water poured Into the builclng by fifteen rngines,
tho structure, filled with valuable machinery and large quantities of manu-
facturod goods, was practically de-
tToyed The high Winds which prevailed caused tlio firo to spread to thn
plant of the Cleveland Machine Str^w
cempanv, adjoining the Dangler wo ks,
and It wiib also destroyed. Tho loss
on the dangler works Is connervativciy
ofitimaled at $100,000, and on tho
Cleveland 3Iai!hine Wirow plant at
$50,000. Tjie machine scriiv works
Iosh if. fully covered by insurance, but
the Dangler plant is only partially Insured
Three hours after the fire started
a fulling wall at tlio screw works fell,
birjiug' beneath it Lhut. Ifcoth of fire
company. No 7, and it is believed he
was instantly killed, llti body has
not been recovered.
FLMplnnN are accused ot nelng ������poison
miH bullet*.
A larirt- okatlng rink at Brockville.
Out., vol nvm-d.
RnteH from Scuttle to Dawson Olty
wero cut in  twiv.
Michael MunkucK.v. the rnmoun UiingH,!'-
Inn pninter, In   dylnfc.
Mrs. Catiiarlnc Uurkloy, near Cornwalh
died at the nge of  102.
The -Jeffries l-ltzHinunnnn fight Wil
como cfr un coney I��lan I, May *-(i.
Sir Charles Tiwor's Bpeoelies Imt'
little effect n�� U. S. public opinion,
The Winnipeg lady hoekoytsla ih-feat-
cd the Urandon team 2  ta 1  goats.
The Manitoba university council n��
et^ted the government property nlto.
The New Brunswick legislature wa
opened hy Lieutenant Governor Mode no
A deputation from Medicine lint lu
tervlewed Manager Whyte un i-aiiwa:
\ race war Is on In 'Arkansas and
UiflSlraippli and ten negroes have beet
Two Sout'ls farmers arc nn trial ti
Brandon charged l.y 11 liolirew peddlni
with tlioft-
At the Brandon assizes tho jury toiim
no hilt In the grain ease, -Queen vs. pus
Miners In the Bon Air mine, near Lead
vll e. were released alter th If toon days
The stove manufacturers cl Hamilton
and London, Ont., Increased employees
wages 10 per cent.
There tsa rush of settlers Into tbe
Wood Mountain nnd Wvy-uuru districts.
Southern AssInlUola.
John Moore, of Hutchinson, Kan., confessed to nmrdeilng his tiv-a children and
burning their bodies.
Tin; British government has nn word
of a dispute with the U. S. rfUclnls over
the Alaskan boundary.
The Liverpool spring cup, at the. iVlv-
erpnol meeting, was won by Lord William  Bercsford's Crodus.
The Opposition In the Dominion house
held tt caucus at Ottawa. The party
organizers were present.
I). B. McCol., of the Calgary high
school, has I wen appointed an Inspector
of   Territorial schools.
Many Minnesota, Wisconsin and Mlelii
gau farm delegates and settlers arrived  In   Manitoba  yesterday.
Steamers of the Dominion Ooal company wero badly damaged by Ico-Jams
off the Cape Breton coast.
At the peace disarmament conference
tht 0. S. will advocate arbitration to
settle a'l national disputes.
A dispatch staling that tlio Ftlijilii"
agents met tho solicitor of the, Spunlbli
embassy III   London, is   denied.
Premier Murray, of Nova Scotia,
brought down Ills budget, showing an
Increase of  ?2flX,000 in  revenue.
The work of enlarging Canada's canal
system will be completed this upvli.g.
with tho exception of  one section.
Tho American thorough I red st{U'iont
Hanover, valued at $80,000. was 1:1.led
owing to gangreno iu  the leTt foot.
John Oonley, of Winnipeg, was sen
teucud to threo years in tho nenUoatl-
ary for assaulting Char.otto Glover.
Representatives of twenty five Trunk
Hue rat way* met in Washington aad
discussed a  permanent freight tariff.
The regular express of the C. P. B.
crashed Into a b��jw plow near Three
Rivers, Que., Ml.lug one man aud Injuring two others.
The mounted police force wi l be de-
creased by taking off seventy tpeclu]
constables; a corresponding number of
regulars, however, wl 1 he added.
The Filipinos are cn'tlvatlng their
crops    ta   the    northern    part   oi'i   the
Yukon Mulls.
Sun Franeisco, March   SH.���The  re
tort from Skagway that the mall \8
being lost or destroyed at that pint1
ind that the t'anudlau mall carriers
efuso to handle letters mile s thoy
bear Cn.na.dtun pavba&o, i-s t-mphnt-lcnl
y denied by Assistant Super In ten tie lit
Harry Lewis, of the Kailway Mail SoiV
.���ice, Uo admit:* tliat a large mmount
,>f inntl ncL'uimilati'd at Skagway diir-
:nji' the winter months, which it Is vm-
���osslble to get over the summit in
Three carriers nro already on the
way to Fana, on the Yukon, by way
>f Skagway, Dawson, Circle City,
Forty Milo and other ciunps. Mr.
Lewi-j says tht Canadian pistol auth
���rlties never refused to afford evory
'aciiity for the diajia.tch of letters
going through thoir territory.
Frozen on the Prahie.
Wetnsklwln, N'. W. T.. March 24.-
\n Assyrian peddler, named Geo. No
hid, was brought In yesterday from
Ifty miles cast of Wetaiskiwin in a
tate of collapse with both feet aud
ags badly frozen, having been wand'
ainjv on tliL' prairie for nine days with
mt food. ISoficId is lu a very* weal;
'tate. and there is no Iio:>d of saving
lib) feet.
A Msdlolnt Chsst In Itstlf.
Slmpls, Safo snd Quick Curs for
30 and 00 cent Bottles.
The New York Fire.
New York. March 20.���A skeleton of
i victim ol tin Windsor hotel firo was
ouncl thi** morning oii -Midi street El 'c*
An abstract of a deed signed by
'nrnelius Nash was dug out and turn-
���d over to the iwlice. Tiicre wero aNn
omo pnpen witli the nuine Hamilton
Firlt on them  which the polic-o seized
iih'JUt allowing thorn to (be ex-
t\s dr.tectcti In tin middle of a heap
li r. it-Mi were at work, scon after
In ship* tins morning and it was b-*--
1-vfcI that budies would he found
Foolish NaUaman.
Zanc.vville, Ohio, March 24,-Wm. C.
Daly, of Brookporti N. Y., travelling
salesman for an eastern piano firm,
after losing $1,000 hero at gambling,
hurt night while drunk, borrowed n
knife from the keeper of the gambling house and slashed his throat In
an ugly manner. Ho i�� now hovering
between life and death.
This is the picture of
a in an who is
healthy, clearheaded, successful and impartial
���Lord Herschell,
the Ex-Lord
Chancellor of
/>     irtXT*!   England.     You
ij?_ JE,**\ may be very sure
JJ2"" j��2;"��'' z\ his-blood is pure.
<���*������ - -J^-wJrlrj J*',The ���man who
t* "'*JWK/ "j* mm ipure blood isn't
V��� "-j|m M *>^ " plikely to achieve
��� "-"flri&jff- ���*'�����%'* eminence in any
't< ""i'Sia^fl'���"������"a u:i^��**"''^c* ^**011
i -^ojHHWBBjJMrfp cannot pump im-
"���^^ffiHSffir    pure   blood   into
*&j***w       the brain, antl ex-
* pect the brain to
be active and keen.   If yon-feed the brain
ce'ls on impure blood, you are sure to have
weak, sluggish brain cells.    If you pump
bad blood into the lungs, you will have
weak lungs.     Pump bad blood into the
liver, and the result is torpidity of the
liver.    Peed the heart on impure blood,
and  the   consequence is a weak  heart.
Nourish the skin with impure blood, and
the reault is all manner of unsightly skin
The best of all known blood purifiers is
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It
makes the appetite hearty, the digestion
perfect, the liver active and fills the arteries
wilh the rich, red blood of health. It is
the great blood-maker and flesh-builder.
It cures all forms of eruptive skin diseases.
It cures 98 per cent, of all cases of consumption. It cures bronchitis, weak lungs,
spitting of blood, obstinate coughs nnd
kindred ailments. It gives vigor and
health to the muscles and activity to the
brain. Thousands have testified to the
benefits derived from the use of this
wonderful medicine. All medicine
stores sell it.
Mrs. Ella Howell, of Derby, Perry Co., Ind.,
writes ��� " In the year of 1*1.1,1 was taken with
stomach trouble���nervous dyspepsia. There
was a coldness in mv stomach uud a weight
which seemed like n rock. Kvendhlag thnt I
ate g:\vv me great naltl! I had a hearing down
sensation; was swelled across mv stomach; had a
ridge around mv right side, nnd in a short time
I was bloated, i was treated by three of our hest
pln-idans hut got no relief. I was so weak I
cotild not walk ncroas the room without assistance. I took Dr. Pierce's Oolden Medical Discovery ami one bottle ofthe 'Pleasant pellets.'
I began to improve verv fast after the use of a
few bottles. It cured me and thank God my
cuie is permanent."    k
The  Third  and   ScTentecnth  Regiments Ua-to Disembarked From
the Sherman.
Before it is too late, slop that succession of colds that means nothing more
nor less than catarrh. Stop the suffering. Slop the disagreeable catarrhal dis- j
charges that arc so humiliating to you and offensive to your friends. Don't let
;t run on until your condition causes you to be ostracized ns if you were a leper.
Don't neglect yourself until consumption makes its fatal appearance. You can
be cured���not merely relieved, but absolutely and perfectly cured.
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder
will restore you to complete, t-crfcet health. It gives relief at once. It cures
In tin incredibly short time. Hundreds of cases of from 5 to ao years' standing I
have been cured���cases that physicians had pronounced incurable. The catarrhal
powder acts like magic, not only in catarrh, but in colds, sore throat, tonsilitis,
nay fever, loss of smell, deafness and all similar diseases.
Mr. C. G. Archer, of Brcaver, Maine, writes a,follows'->" I have had catarrh for
several years. Water wpaild run from my eyes and nose for days at a time. About four
months ago I was Induced to try Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder, and since using the
wonderful remedy I have not had an attack.   I would not be without It."   At druggists.
Dr. Agnew's Cure or the Heart cures all cases of organic or sympathetic disease of
tha heart���relieves in 30 minutes. Dr. Agnew's Liver Pills are at once a mild cathartic,
htvlgoralor and system renovator. 20c. for ,0 doses. Dr. Agnew's Ointment relieves
In a day and cure, eczema, salt rheum and all diseases of tbe skin. Cures piles lu a to
3 nights. 3jc. 7
SOLD   B-ST   O.   A..   TAHEEN
For tlio Sondan.
Philadelphia, March 21.-.Vn erectin;'
gnus from tlio Pciicoy.l Iron work
will li'iivu th.b city in n few days on
route u> Africa lor tlle purpose ol
building it bridge ncross the Atbnrn
rlvtii* iii trie Soudan, near Klinr.ouiii
The seven spans of the bridge, w.tl:
a total length of 1,100 feet, have al-
rcilily been shipped.
Tbe order was plnecil with the I'cfn-
coyd Iron wurks by the British war
office less than six weeks ago, the
company agreeing to build the structure in -fevtiii weeks. Tbe P.encoy
company, it is said, was given precedence over the Engl'sb bridge liuilJ-
ers because the latter bad stated that
it wouln require seven months to1011-
plete tiie structure. The Brit'sli war
officers were anxious to have tht
bridge completed l-c'orc tli3 fall ir
order to facilitate the operations o'
General Kitchener against tbe Mndhl
Manila, March 24.���Noon���The enemy
are extremely active in the vicinity
of Malabon in preparing defence-.,
evidently anticipating an attuck.
Ibey keep well under cover. A small
bouy, however, emerged Irom the
jungle on Uts extrema left yes-onlay
iiit.a iiveJ upon tha Kansas troops in
Uu- treiiaihes, lucidly wounding Private I'oli.n, of company li, and Private Musr, of company F.
'iho Oregon volunteers and the
Twenty-second regulars march*.*-! to
the iront ycuierduy. The Third and
Seventeenth regiments have dlsem-
liarke.l irom the Sherman. General
II. C. Otis' brigade struck their tents
thin morning, and an early move Is
proliuble. tjixtcen '���'nglish refugees
arrive! here yesterday from Daigu-
pan. the railroad terminus, .in board
tit:; steamer Suttirnus. Thoy report
iliat tlle natives are generally friendly
nml the officers Invariably courteous.
Mr. Hlggins. malinger of thu railroad,
and about n dosu-11 unmarried men In
charge of various business interests
dci'liiicil to take advantage of th - opportunity to leave. Nothing has been
heard from the two American planter.*! at L'alunipit since hostilities bc-
According to Filipino accounts n
talit.tisiuul Americans have been killed,
the fatalities being especially heavy
at Caloocan. where tlle United States
troops "rushed like madmen against
a storm of bullots."
O.L'j p. m.���T,wo Spanish   prisoners
who have escaped from Poio to the
lines of the Kansas regiment, report
that the Filipinos have concentrate i
their forces at Malabon and Polo.
They say unit on'y Aguinaldo's bodyguard is at Mulolos and the rebel leaders apparent.y Intend to stake the r
.ortuues uu the fight at Mnl.ilon.
There it was expected tliat an engagement would tnfce place yeBter-
.lay. It de'euted the rebels Intend to
disperse to tbe iw.-inips nnd mountains. The rebels were putting their
Bolonten lu front, believing that their
charms wottiu avert the bullets. Ths
boios of the Filipinos greatly outnumber the rifles in their hands. The
rebels are further sail to have admitted that they could not stand
tht.- American she'ls and bayonet
charges. The escape 1 Spaniards corroborate the stories tod of fool
-dicirtnaa-c among the rebels and mid
that their hospitals arc short of supplies.
Steamer Panada Arrived.
Qtii.ciistown. March 21.���Tile Dominion line steamer, On.pt. Mnddox
front Boston, March 15, for Llverpoo.
arrived here at So'cionk this morning
Sin: was thirty-six hours late oulu-*
to the starboard engine becoming disabled during a gale on Sunday.
%s-*-i--��iays-->-| I
The D. & L.
Ii the best and most palatabln preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, agreeing wilh tho most delicate
Is prescribed by the leading physicians of
Is a marvellous flesh producer and will give
you an appetite. 50a:. &$l per Bottle.
Do sure you get I DAVIS & LAWRENCE
the genuine   |       CO., Limited, Montreal
I l-aa-ani*, awa��-*--*--*,-*--*a-*---a--*--*.-a��-a--*^*--a-*-.i-a.--i-*a|
A New Departure.
Dr. Mnrschand, the celebrated
French physician, has at last opened
his magnificently equipped luburutorj
in Windsor, Ont. There is a lurgi
itntl of chemists and physicians at hit
command, and the men and women
of Onnada may now procure the ndvict
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Or. Mnrschand has a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and women,
uud yon havo but to write the doctoi
10 bo convinced that your answer, when
received, is from a man who is entitled to the high position he holds in
tho medical fraternity.
Why suffer in silence when you can
secure the advice of this eminent physician freo of charge.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents art-
mailed iu plain envelopes.
You are not asked to pay any exorbitant prico for medicines, in fact il
rarely happens thnt a patient has expended over 60 cents to one dollar before he or she becomes a firm friend
and ndmjrer of the doctor.
A special staff of lady physicians
assist Dr. Marschaud in his treatment
of females cases. Always inclose three-
cent Btump when yon write and address
Tho Dr. Marschand Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich., U. 8. A. Mention thi
Golden Era when you write the doctor.
Cornwall, March 28.���Mrs. Catherine
'Bnrkley, oi Mutilda township, Is dead
nt the ndviint-eri age of 102. She was
the daughter of a U. B. Loyalist set
tier, She wus married eighty years
aero and "nuu twelve children, eight are
still living.
Hitman Sncrlfloo.
Victoria. B. C. Mnrrh 20.���Ther.. hm
lust arrived Ii'-re from the Uppe
Mnrki'ti-tle. a whaler, who wns wrecked at Point lA-iri-riw, eighto-m vear
ago Ho stiites that he iv-nfc across
'nun Point Barron to the Mackenzie
when he found gold. He -nvs thai
lately ih- Indian's offend liunin'n saeri*
flee;* to their gods to ward off earthquakes.
Hamilton, Ont., Is   agitated
i-i'ci-iit genteni-e pa>neil nn rm
Blicunn,    rector of    St. Peter
(ivor tin
lier Go
*    by
aaavitnn,    rector 01    St. Peter'., l,v
Inn-ell tribunal, anil compnro It tai th
ii-eyfus  case.
Di'oyfus case.
Children's   Aid  Work.
IVInnl-iee, M roh HO.-The Children's Aid
Society, 01 Wiiinlpig, has Just Issued in a neat
form Its lirst Annual Ueiiurt. During the few
mouths lt has been in operation good ivoik has
beon don. iu rescuing children. Thus tar ';"!
have been cared for In th 3 shelter and over ��0ol
lliesu have gone out to Cluisctaii homes. I'lill-
dren are placed ont only l.y adoption; those requiring boys.and girls ns servant, need not ap-
iily to the children's Md Society.
The tollowing is 1111 outl.ne cf what the society
a endeavoring to do: To sea-k hjmeleSB, nog.
.ecteal uud da-taaltule ehalUreti iroin any pare aar
alio Province and Lcjume their filenu aim pro-
actor. To tind liumes lor them in intolligi-nt
..liristiiin iiiinilies; place them there wi-oly,
with the least poBslbla! delay; to supervise each
���Incemeiit wilt discretion, so us to guard
ug.tuiHt abuse or neg.cot: to make lt passible
.aar persons 10 u<lii|,t without tear of interference, a child that tuuy be a blessing to the
household: to minister in contorting insurance
to parents livn.g in tear of leaving their children penniless uud homeless; to protect suclet-
.raani its eiieinaC IgaoiSlice, vine and crime, ny
guaranteeing Chru.ian home trtt.nuag to nag
aatcted and exposed clmdren, who oiherwise
will swell the ranks 01 the "dungjruiia class."
Tornado Does Deadly  Work.
Bismarck, Ala., March 20.���A terrific
wind storm, accompanied by rain uud
hall, passed through the extensive
plantation of Samuel Curry iu Chilton county last night. Eleven tenement houses were blown down, and
two negro boys were killed. Seveu-
te**n other negroes were Injured.
Pine Bluff, Ark., March 30.���Further
details of the feariul storm which
swept over portions of Arkunsas Saturday morning readied Pine Bluff today. At Walnut Lake three persons
were killed. Every house on J. il.
Parker's plantation, * extensively
known as the Fish Place, was demolished.
Bethlehem, Miss., Marcli 20.���William
Wicker's house was destroyed by it
tornado yesterday and a child killed.
A stable Is said to have been blown
one hundred and fifty yards, with a
horse in it, but the horse wus uninjured.
Huntsvllle, Ala., March-20.���The tornado which struck the northern part
of Madison county last nl-rltu, did a
great deal of damage to h-jitsis nn-1
farm property. Passen-yers who arrived last night on a train from the
north reported that people were coming Into the railway stations Inquest
of physicians to attend tho injured.
Human Nncrlflee.
Viotoria. B. C, Mnrrh 20.-Thero has
Just arrived h'-ro from the tippe
Mackenzie, a whaler, who was wrecked at Point narrow, eightcn yenri
ago Ho states that ho wilt across
from Point Barron to the Mackenzie
where lie found gold. He says thnt
lately lb*- Indian-; offered human sacrifice."! to their gods to ward off earthquakes.
Hamilton, Ont, Is agitated over the
recent eentcnt-o passed nn Father Oen.
glicgnn, rector of lit. Poter's, by n
eliurdi tribunal, and i.'nnipnre It to the
Dreyfus case.
OS"       I
Tbt Canadian Remedy (or all
Luge Bottles, 25 cents.
{ !   DAVIS * LAWRBNCB CO., Limited,
2 Prop's, Perry DavU' Pain Killer.
j     Haw York Montreal
QQOOOQiemtmenC -mmsko-hj
���e guarantee that these
Plaster, will relieve
pain qpif-ker than any
other. Put up only in
2fcfo boxes and $1.00
yard mill. The latter
allowi you to cut the
Plaster aay tbe.
Every family
thonld have one
ready for an emergency.
tiuiTiD, Homui
Bswaro of Imitations
Th* battleship Oregon arrived at
\V. Veltch, an nld H. B. Oo. officer,
died In Vancouver.
Brandon assises open oil Tuesday be*
font Judge liuliuc.
Tiie Standard Printing olflcc. lteglna,
waa destroyed by tire.
A tornado swept Alabama state and
kll ed several persons.
Itev. Wel'-ury MUtaali larcwe led Oht'lst
church,  Winnipeg.
Whltewnod, asso*. wa. visited by n
flS.000 lire Sunday night.
The Siianu-iii-kH ali-N-a ed the Brooklyn
luickey team 1)  guals to -1*.
The V. H. cruleer ltalelih saluted the
Spanish fleet near Glbra.tar.
Another recount In the Itinlf election
case will bo held on Wednesday.
The railway laborcls tin strike at
Skagnay are engaged In  rioting.
Major Heir n. nf the iiiliin 1 revenue
department, Ottawa, died suddenly.
Altamont, Man., was visited by 11 tire,
which burned stables, ha I and a shop.
The senate drawing ro -in al Ottawa,
Saturday, was very largely attended.
WE   PRINT-$$$
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The Men Era Company,
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Livery and Feed Stables
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Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
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Freighters.   Flrat-clns- meads.
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Cattle, Sheap and Hone Dealers.
(Eetahllshed 1879) Lkadyillb, Colorado.
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persons in thi* state tu manr.gu onr
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ary straight ��D".�� a year aud expenses���-definite*
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Deed-, attested.   Parties represented in
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di-aputcd claims adjusted.
Working and Uvidei.d Paying Mines
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Oold Quail's, Copper, Ri.ld, and Si'ver-
Lenl Pn spi eta- nnd Dovela ped Properties
on Bond.
Reports and informatinn furni*hed
regarding mil in-f paoperties.
S-nt-ka in British Columbia mines
bought and si ld.
Haggeu's A-Bay Office *s now fl-ted up.
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An Empress' Pen.
I heard an interesting inet regarding
the former empress of the French the
other night which shotva in what direction her thoughts ran. Whenever she
has occasion to write anything about
her lamented husband, she always uses
the diamond pen which signed the
treaty of Paris, All those who participated in this historical occasion wanted
the pen as a memento. But so keen was
the empress on possessing it that she
begged that only one pen should be
used, which she thought she had a
right to retain as a souvenir. This was
agreed to. The pen takes tlte form of a
quill plncked from a golden eagle's
wing and richly mounted with diamonds and gold.���Woman's Life.
Pnrinelee's Viagitniilu Pill, ore nuiii-
pounded from routs lierh. nml .olltl ox.
traot.8 of known virtue In ihe treatment
of liver anil kidney turn plaint, nml In
giving tone to tho system whether en*
fi-elileil hy over-fork ��r llaariilioml MiriiiiRh
oxrera In living. Tliey r-q-ilro no testimonial. Their emu 11. nt. quallUm are
we 1 known to all ilm-n who have nsoal
thein antl they enn.mend thennaelvi'S In
ily��i*ep'ic. and ihnwi Bllbjeot tn iiiil'ms
ties, who are iu quest nf ,i lia'iitllrl.,1
A Prisoner's Release.
A Hrit-lal Voutli of Ki-iliteen Sulla-real so
llually from A.tliaaia nnal llruneliitiia
tllllt lie aaaas Fairi-eal to Ita-iaaaaila 111 ml
All--tij-llt ltoaiaaa lor "alaaiilhs at 11
Time. Dr. Clarke's Kolia Colupoaaiaal
Mr. L. O. LiaamEenes, C. P. R. Engineer, fiotl
Ale-wander atra-et.wlnniiie'?, writes:���"My Bon,
who is jlistaighu-en jeursof age has Iji-en a
ten-Ill. siili-va-r trom asthma and bronchitis
during eight years. 1 have spent hundreds of
dollars with dnctaars and many ra-niedia'S, but he
became woree each year. Many times he be-
eaiine sai weak anil tin- attacks so ai-va-re, that
wo thought eaa-li would ue his last. For months
at a tlmoha'hais bea-ia oo Hneil lo tho house in
am air-tight niotjl, mill eoiitiinmtly treated with
mustard plasters and poultices to keaap hiin
tra'iu choking. Aliiiut tIn- lirst of Septamlier
wo heard of Clarke's Kaaia Comiiound, anal purchased In ail seven bottles, Wh iu taking tin-
firstfoiirthei-hiiiigeai'asveryplight, ��� ut sluai-lly
alter taking lhe II Ih he gradually bi-t-iimo bet*
ter, and c uld soon gal out any day. i.nd slna-o
a-onipleling the treatment has been completely
cured. He goes out in Ilio severest Manitoba
aa'a'ii.h.'i-iiiid exposes hitnsell in severe tests.
and iho attacks liavu nol returned,  It certntn*
ly hasbeiann lilessing tohim.llliil I feePlt Illy
duty lo iiiulily lei'anaaina'iitl it to any pers.n
troubled with ill s diseiwo."
Clnrka-'s Kola Coinpotind Ifl the only pel-man
en! Cftre l'oa asthinii vol diseiiver il, nnal it lia-
euredover ���(WeuseslnCaiiattiiiilomi. Sold liy
nil drug isls, tjattiplu unit laa any lu'tlress.
Knelnse .1 cent stump. Adnr'SS ihuHrtlll hs ate
Mnepli.rsoii Ou., UI Church Btrni-t, Toronto.
The Collies and Amen.
I once witnessed a phase of prompt
evolution of practical and of devotional
religion in Scotch sheepdogs on a communion Sabbath among tho monntains.
The churchyard was crowded with
shepherds, accompanied by their dogs,
which lay quietly asleep at tho feet of
their masters. The sermon wus finished,
the psalm had been sung, the tinal
prayer was being offered, and there was
no sign of impatience, but tin- moment
tho benediction commenced the devotional doggies ail roused themselves,
and before the "Amen" they were in
marching order.���"Newman Hull," an
Autobiography. .
Prepnrlng- For the Feast.
Lieutenant (to his orderly)���John,
go to the restaurant and bring tne a
beefsteak with onions.
Orderly���Lieutenant, I take the liberty of reminding you tliat you are invited out to dinner today.
"Where have I been invited ont to
"You have been invited to dine with
Mr. Holdfast."
"Sol havo to dine with the old miser?
I must not go there unprepared. John,
go to tho restaurant uud tiring mo two
beefsteaks with onions. "���London Tit-
From a quarry of soft redstono in
southern Minnesota, the only stone
probably of its kind in the world, tho
Indians for centuries obtained materials
for the pipes, which were probably articles of commerce, as they are found in
iudiun graves from the gulf to Canada
Rat Provnostlentor..
The old superstition, which has grown
into an adage, that rats desert a ship
which is no longer seaworthy, is still
an articlo of faith with the fresh water
Bailors of tlio great Inkes. Sundry well
authenticated instances seem to justify
this belief. Hero is one. The Vernon
was a three master which did a tramp
business. Built in Buffalo in 1850, she
was for many years regarded as one of
the best craft on the lakes.
Lute in the full, about IS years ago,
sho unloaded a cargo of grain in Buffalo, mid reloaded with package freight
for Chicago. She wns about to sail one
rough November night. Just before the
lines were let off one of tho seamen saw
a rat ran over the hawsers to the wharf.
In a moment another wns seen. The
seamen culled others of tho crew to see
the unusual sight. Between 50 and 75
rats poured out of the ship and took
refuge along tho wharf. The crew ro-
fused to sail, but tho captain was obstinate, shipped a fresh crew and sailed
forthwith. Tho ship was lost with all
hands.���Household Words.
Keep Minard's LHinunt ia t&e House.
I A \e\v Polltl-ritl Pentnre.
A new feittnre is noticeable in Georgia
i politics.  In a certain comity there, were
two candidates for ordinary.   The first
' candidate made this unique announcement :
I     "If I am elected to the office. I promise to issue all marriage licenses���to
I white and black���for CO cents apiece."
But his opponent floored him when
' be made this counter announcement:
"I'll see to it that all who vote for
me are licensed to marry for 25 cents,
and, furthermore, I'll help *em pay for
their fnruiturel"���Atlanta Constitution, i
We he(f to o-ill tbo attention of our readers to
the udv��rtlsHini!iit of Dr. Ward's Blood and
Nervo Pills In this paper Tho firm have til*'
placed un the market Dr. Ward's Liver Pills,
whlcn have already proved to be a most excellent family medicine as a curo for cmiatlnation,
dys|ii-|iBla. biliousness, etc.   Tliey are ftohl ut 20c
Iter vlul. or 5 for -1. or mailed on receipt of price
��y tbe Dr. Ward Co., Limited. Toruiito, Ont.
They Don't Like Da-ivfu.
Footsore Freddy���Can you spare u trifle*
for n poro man, inarm, wot ain't tasted
no grub for three whole days? .hist a
drink nnd a bite is all I arsks.
Housewife��� Then yoii'vo come to tho
right placo for both, my man, because the
pump there will five you drink and as
for a> bite I've only got to unchain tho
dog, ami���
Hut Frederick had flitted.���Ally Siopcr.
All Klnda.
it Is only tho same old story.
Thin life, ho the cynics declare,
With its tales of adventure and glory
And its chapierH of hupiny and earn.
But a story depends on the telling.
And each must strive on ns he mny
With his narrative, carefully dwelling
On Us incidents day after day.
Some toil with an epic completeness,
Some arc tragic and stately und slow.
And some give u lyrical sweetness*
To the hours as they greet us and go,
And the world coldly pauses to edit
The efforts Wrought forth  from  the
And ppme achieve lucre and credit.
And   the   rest   ore  declined   without
���Washington Star.
i i.n only bo renvni'-tl by our jwrfuct system.
Nn knu'c no piaster* Particulars tree.
r>77   ttliei'botinie   St.,     -    Toronto.
Vim���to work and to win-to keep a sane
mind in a sound body-to laugh at worry.
Vigor���to ward off disease���to con-
quer obstacles���to transmit health and
strength to your posterity.
Vitalitv���to resist the fearful strain
and tension of modern life to make up
for  the  constant  drains of overwork.
Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills confer
all these essential qualities on the user.
Before using Dr. Ward's Blood and
Nerve Pills I felt weak, nervous and run
down. I had lost weight steadily for
some timei my circulation was poor;
hands, feet and limbs wore cold. I always
felt weak and mymuscles trembled. Now,
after the use of one box of Dr. Ward's
Pills, I feel like my old self I have gained
fivo pounds in weight and too per cent,
in cheerfulness. I now walk firmly, my
muscular system is strong and my blood
circulates vigorously. I have more comfort
than I have experienced in years. Dr.
Ward's Pills have dono mora for me than
any medicine I ever took.
Peter Carmichael.
13 Bright St., Toronto, Ont.
All good druggists can supply you. If
they won't, we will by mail. Price 50c. per
box.or 5 boxes for $2.00. The DOCTOR
WARD CO., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
liiploiis-riiit  I'nr (he Uiic'Ik".**.
Philanthropic Duohess (who has tatsn
several tickets i'or amateur concert, tb two
young ladies)���Would you liko theso
tlokotsV I nni not going myself, and I'm
afraid you'll he awfully bored.
First, Young Lady���I thank you so
much, duohetts, but. my sister und I are
going there���tojsing 1���-Pnneh.
The groat lung heeter is found in that
excellent medicine sold m Biokle'a Anti-
t'oi sumptlvo Syrup It soothes and
diiiiinisshcH the sensibility of fie mem-
tirane of the threat and air passages, and
Is a toven-ijin remedy for all congho,
colds, hntmenee!--., pain or soreness iu the
chest, bronchitis, etc It has cured many
when supposed to Oo ftir advanced in consumption.
Moat of the phosphorus usod In tho
world comes from bones.
Ono of the latest achievements In chemical science is a pellet containing tho concentrated elements of cofl'eo, sugar and
Heaped up leaves, spontaneously do*
voloping heat by chemical change, aro
among the hlthorto unnoticed onuses of
forest fires pointed out by M. Tabaries do
Eros Is the namo selected for tho newly
discovered little planet between Mars and
the sun by Hon- Witt, tho discoverer,
though Mr. S. C. Chandler of Cambridge,
Maes, j tho astronomer who has computed
the planet's orbit, pleaded to have lt
called Pluto.
A vote of the house expelling Polyga-
mist Roberts would do more to hurt
polygamy than a hundred legislative onact-
monts not enforced.���Philadelphia Ledger.
In the Utah legislature one vote was cast*
to send a woman to the United States
sonata She could at least be depended
upon not to complicate social matters by
jhrinylng  several husbands with her.���
"Washington Star.
Julia Marlowo is quito as graceful at
homo in the role of hostess as lu any of
ber stage parts.
Mrs. Virginia Key, a daughter-in-law
of Frauds Scott Key, is living quietly in
Chicago at the ago of 85.
Mrs. Fuller, wife of tho chief justice, li
In very poor health and during this sooson
will lake no part in tho festivities of
The widow of Millet, the French artist,
Is a simple peasant woman and is living
on a sum raised for her by the admirers
of her husband's work.
Mrs. H. K. Wright of Chicago has come
into possession of a kettle oven which was
once given' to Martha Washington in payment for a knitting task.
MIsb Ruth White of San Franoisco If
sold to bear so striking a resemblance to
tho Liberty on the now dimes that her
friends supposed her the model.
Mrs, George P. Greeley of Vermont is a
sister of Admiral Dewey, from whom she
has received, during the latter's entire service, a letter written at each post at which
he touched.
Tho Duchess of Westminster still wears
the largest flawless turquoise owned by
any private individual, and the Duchess
of Sutherland possesses the only complete
necklace of blaok pearls.
A Remarkable Letter,
A yountf lady of very extraordinary
capacity lately addressed the following
letter to her cousin: "We is all well,
and mother's pot his Terrix, brother
Tom is got the Hupin Kaugh. and sister
Ann has got u baboo, and I hope these
tew lines will find you the same. Rite
snne. Vour aphectionate kuzzen. "���
London Fnn.	
McLeod, Severn Bridge, writes: "I owe a
iwht. nt eralH'de to DR. THOMAS' EC-
LEOTB-IU OIL far curing me o' a sever--
cold tliat tivut-lt-d me nearly all last winter " In order to give a quietus to n
harking rough. tak���� a nn��B of DR.
day11 r nftener if the cough spells render
it noLessary.
y-ntlNfiictorily IOx|>lntneil,
"It is called high society," said the
corn fed philosopher, "because tlio man
who ia short cannot reach it. "���Indianapolis Journal
lMNcntorlnl Note,
Musical fish are among tho oddities of
nature. They are great at running the
scales.���L. A. W* Bulletin.
Why go limping and whining aoout
vour emus, wm-n a St cent botch* of Hoi
ioway's Corn L'u e will ioh-ovb them \
Give it a trial and ynu wil not regret it.
A Reftonrcetal Bride.
"Can we afford." he faltered sadly,
"to have a skeleton in onr closet?"
As for tbo woman, sho wept, for they
were indeed wretchedly poor, but she
wns not therefore altogether unresource-
"Wo might keep it in tho hall and
use it for a hotracfcl" exclaimed the
bride, for her mind was giving way
under the constant effort to practice
economy.���Detroit Journal.
Dear Sirs,���This is to certify that I
have been troubled with a lame back
for fifteen yeara.
I hnvo used threo bottles of your
uletely cured.
It gives me great plasuro to recom-
���nend it and you are at liberty to us<
this in nny way to further the use of
your valuable medicine.
Two Rivers. ROBERT ROSS.
Tbe InklnUeM Cat of All.
"Dr.  Jones cut his wealthiest pa
tient dead the other day I"
"No; in a pabl-r place?"
"No; at the pu* mortem/'���Judy-
lie Hnd Experience,
Yeast���Do you believe married peo-
plo always quarrel V
Crimson beak���No; sometimes they
tight.���Yonkers Statesman.
Uan-fnl nt��erv>itmn nt the eff-nctH of Par
mo'ee's Vpgetnhle PUIb hns f-hown thnt
'hey act immediately on the diseased or
jhwb of the system and stimulate them t<-
lealthy nctinn. There may Inn cases lr
which the di ease Im* been long seat"
and does not i-asilv yMd ��o medb-lne, bit'
even In suoh raiep tho-e p'Us have hoe
known to bring relief when all other so-
nailed remedies have failed. These asser
Moris nan be suhfttaiiMuted ny many who
huve used the Pills, and medical men
speak highly of their qualities.
isk for Miaard'a Liniment and tate no otlier
Jnat Temporary,
Jones���I'm going to marry my next
cook, by Jove I
Johnson���Bless you, even that doesn't
make 'em Btay. Divorces are cheap
nowadays.���New York Journal.
It frequently happens when a girl
imagines sho is wearing a sad and interesting expression some one will ask
her what she is looking so cross about
���Atchison Globe.
Fnmilj' Prlile.
"My p.Vs a vestryman, my ma Jus to!
mc," boasted Willie Andrews.
��� Huh," sneered Tommy Erskine, "thn"
ain't uuflln. I jes'heard my mn tell tin
hired girl thnt my pa's a eonllrnied ropro
bate-"���--Detroit Five Press
They Reach
The Kidneys.
r.lr. Conrad Beyer's opinion
No one con bo healthy with tho kidneys
In a disouseil or disordered state. The
poisonous Uric Acid which it Is their
duty to filter out of tho blood, is carried
Into the system anil produces Rheumatism, Headaches, Backaches and hundreds of ills and ailments.
Any one who has the slightest suspicion
that tlte kidneys are not noting right
should take Doan's Kidney Pills. They
are the most effective kidney remedy
known. Mr. Conrad Beyer, at E. K.
Snyderl-* Shoe Store, Berlin, Ont., bears
this out when he Bays:
' 'Anyone suffering with kidney troubles
cannot do bettor than take Doan's Kidney Pills, for thoy cured my wlfo who
has beon afflicted with pain In the back
and other kidney troubles for a long
time. They have helped a great many
of my acquaintances in this town, and I
mnst say thoy are the medicine that
reach tho kidneys with th. best effects."
From his feet to his boJy, ���
and ran a blood tinged,
irritating water.
how her little boy suffered, and how
B.B.B. oured him permanently.
"When buying, why not get the best?"
There is not a
mother in this land
who has a child suffering from skin disease in any form but
will thank Mrs. Kelr-
stead, of Snider Mt.,
N.B , for telling of
tbe remarkable manner in which her boy,
Freddy, was cured
of one of the severest and most torturing of skin diseases
by tlio use of Burdock Blood Bitters; and
not only relieved and cured for the time
being, but, mark you, after tight years
the disease has shown no sign of returning.
The following is Mrs. Keirstead's
letter t���
"With gratitude I can testify to the
wonderful curative powers of Burdock
Blood Bitters. Eight years ago our little
son, Freddy,Vas afflicted with salt rheum
anal was in a dreaiiful condition. His legs,
from (lie soles ol bis feet lo his body, were
entirely raw, and ran a bloody water,
which appeared to bum and itch until he
w.-is often in great agony.
"After trying several remedies, we resolved to give B. H. B. a trial.
"Vou can imagine wilh what delight
and gratitude wc saw our boy entirely
cured after using one boltlc and part of
the second. We gave him the remainder
of the second bottle, and from that time
till the present he has never bad a sign of
suit rheum or a sick day. You need not
wonder that I think there is no other
medicine can equal Burdock Blood Bitters
to purify the blood and build up the health
nnal strength."
So Have Other,.
Frank���Some genius in Birmingham
has invented 11 bnttonless shirt.
Billy���Why. that's old. I've worn
them ever sino* my wife learned to ride
a bike.,���Tit-Bits.
���lulT.rint: From Till. Distressing Malady for
Many Months   Pound Only One Medicine to  Help  Him.
The farming community nt Port Robinson, and many miles around, are intimately acquainted with Mr. Harvey
Horlou. Ho is a yonng man, only 2'i
years of ago, who farms in summer nnd
follows a steam thresher in autumn and
winter. Whilo yet so young he has had
his sluiro of puin and sickness. Our
reporter hearing of Mr. Hoi-ton's tifflic
tion sought im interview with him.
When he learned the reporter's errand
he readily consented to impart full details, which are given practically in his
own words: "I do not court newspnpei
notoriety,'" said lis, "yet 1 am nol
afraid to sny a kind word for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills foi- Pale People. In
the summer of 1897 I was sadly afflicted witb stomach trouble, a deranged
liver and general debility. My entire system was in a morbid condition.
I felt as i-hongli I had an oppressive
weight on my stomach and eating was
sometimes followed by nausea. My
nights were made hideous by unpleasant dreams. I tried a good physician.
He doctored me for liver trouble and
dyspepsia, bt.t without avail, and for a
year I could And no remedy that conld
onre me. I felt perfectly worn out, had
no strength, appetite or energy. I
was prevailed npon by a friend from a
distance to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I purchased two boxes in June,
1898. Although I thought myself beyond cure, yet the first box had such n
surprising effect that I took courage as
my stength began gradually to return.
I continued taking the pills and now,
after using nine boxes, I feel as good a
man as ever and am in splendid flesh
I can eat, digest nud sleep well, while
before all food soured on my stomach
and caused awful distress. I can now
enjoy life and am satisfied that Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have saved me
from untold sufferinsr..
Proper neaenatmasnt.
"No, Miss Pethorbridge," said the
young mini, folding his arms and looking
sternly at her, "you can't bo a 'sister to
mc.' If I'm not good enough to get Into
your family, you can't get into mine."
Saying which, and picking up his hat
and gloves, he walked away with his head
held stiffly erect.���Chicago Tribune.
Minard's Liniment the Lnmtierman's Friend.
Oat of Their Element There.
Mrs. finaggs���Isn't it odd that fortune tellers are not able to predict nnd
avoid dangers which threaten tlieoin 1
Mr. Snnggs���Not nt all. As I understand it, they do nut pretend to be misfortune tellers.���Pittsburg Chronicle-
Mother Graves' Worm Kxtermlnator Is
pleasant to take; sure and effectual tn
tle-tri'.ving woims. toiiny have tried it
with best ip--"'	
AU Colon Alike to Him.
Mutual Friend���Madam,  allow me
to present my friend, Mr. Green.
"Excuse me. my name is Brown I"
Mutual Friend- That makes no difference.    Madam is aware  that I'm
color blind I���Der Floh.
am Madd wiih mamtoba  linseed oil.
For Insldo and Outside House Painting,   Floors,  Walls. Ceiling, Roofs.
Thoro is uoUiing Buperlor to "STEPHENS* HOUSE PAINTS" for UmIcIg nluu'er wullfl.
Get PitTiiplc i-limit! '-nni from jour nearest, Up-to-date HnrdU'aro Doalor. who t--houW liavo a full
stork on hand; ns well ns -Stephens' Rooting and Elevator Paint, Stephens'Oil and Varnish
Mtnitis. Ri'iuly MiXfd (il��,*is (' -lull Rim's. Kie,
Kcmember "STKi'ilkn.s' paints" ar.' the only ones mixed with MANITOBA
LINSEED on. ;  nnd tlio "Quality ot the Oil is the 11 ����� of the paint."
M,..i.,r,ie,���r,.ii   G  F STEPHENS & CO.,  WINNIPEG.
V��ii cue wrn thlit�� n.tble wat *tl, with bchain nml
CllWltti l'1 rHIiiiBiwni!-. i'.il-iuHi' tl l,iii��;tll'ic-mHc8Rli.
nr-ilii-iy*-*! Wan ii mill '-"innl liy��plhnc (wi-ntv-four. Html
your iiiMrcm. urnl wefonranl Die I'.ti-', (K��tptti<l, Willi mir
'* '    *     *'��� Mmty itfiuiittt.   Tl*.--. |'|.>n will il-
L for 'lit- Turn./ Im- ml iliu liril i .my
in. nini i iih m yit Mora iji-i'ii offt*roij
Jirlit-, _ Our WNt-oh-u ��f vry neat in
Ilk.   J.inr.      ./ur   ..II   III    ... ......
mgM) veil iii'ulr nml lull; j-ua'.-mrnl.
Do You Use Insecticides ?
Persiatic Sheep Dip
Persiatic Plant Spray
Persiatic Horse Wash
Persiatic Dog Wash
Persiatic Pig Wash
Persiatic Poultry Powder
Persiatic Hen House Spray
Etc.. Etc.. Etc.
You ne il Un* siroiiKist, the purest
and the most reliable. In the Pcr.-dntic
gootU you nro koMii*; t\w. tried and
proven products ot our own extern-live
Liiborntorir.-i nl Ntouflfvillc, lint,���pre-
pared from the Intest formula1, and
guaranteed to do their work In a way
unitpiiroarh 'd by any other preparation
in the market. Reliability in Insecticides may mean a matter oi life to your
sleek, you cannot atl'ord to experiment
-Ihe Persiatic specialties never fail.
Box   A,   ST01*ITVII.I.K,   ONT.
Can yon afford to be without a Safe
when you run get one from
915.00 up.
WATT    <Sc    ALBEET,
General Agents,
P. O. Bo. SRI),   -ft'liiliiiiec, Man.
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans- it comes into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal.
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you buy.
We glv* thin line W��U:h with
h i/li it in nml iliiinn for Ki'llini:
3 do en pAQktHlofflUI rv|iiisiit-
IVihnii--ni lilivnm null, ur*
lul-. h  WlttCll   nml cuiirii   for
nilinh u il'uten. Semney lit-
tiuirtti. Vmi rim nn rink. WriW
nml ��>- will ni ml the l'erfume
h---.I-.iii (I ami tlllf Premium
Litt. Sell the Perfume- return
Hie iiumey, nml ymir Wttct]
will lx- furuiinliM 'it once, nil
t-luii-io-K |i:Oil    I n-nM 1'e fiimr
iiiuv in- returned, Hundred*
Im-' already <*nrnrd v.tliiniili-
Wntilie-t M-jfing ��ur.oimIh, <*hy
not yiml Meiitum thin puper
ulien wrtiiiK.
The Home Sped ally Co,
The winners of the Fowlng mnobineg in
the Koyal Crown Snap Co.'* c-mptttiilon,
for the week ending Moron 18u��. am ne
f-Unws: Winnipeg, Mrs. G J. Timms
411 Henry Avenue; Manitoba, Tlmopbile
Rosset, tft, Claud**: Northwest let
Htur es, Mrs. Chorion Xivins, Prince
Albert. The Koyal Crown S"ai
Co. will continue Ihlscompptitlon, giving
away three machines tuch Monday, until
further notice
Dou't drop insulting remarks. A
bigger ma i may pick fiem ap.
Canada'*   Greatent   Liniment.
'iriflith's   Menthol    Liniment ti   tha
f;reatesc ouratlve dtflcovery of thi* age. A
iniment which penetrates muscle, membrane and tissue to thH very bone, ban*
Ifiheg pains anj ache* with a power Impossible with ��n(v other remedy. Ufo It
for rheumatism, retmilgin, headaches
and all Btrea-g*. swelling aud inflammation.   All druggists, 25ut8.
Minard's Liniment is used Hy PMians.
10c 25c 40c
Iff ure prowed u'll pa 40c.
Iff ure meen u'll pa ioc.
Iff ure sencibul u'll pa 25c.
for a lb. package of
White Star
Baking Powder
Because it's PURE
and of the BEST QUALITY.
"W. R.   A.XiL-A.*lSr,
General Insnrance Agent,
FIRE Cmnii-mie. KepruHentedi
Quebec Fire A.���uranco Co.
Koyal Insur.ance Co.
Sun Insurance OHice
Union Assurance Society
All classes of Insurances transacted and loiati
promntlv and satinfactor.lv settled.
Plain and Tarred,
it cOBtanllttlomorethon
norms others, but ua lt In
the tonghi'Bt and warm-
PHt, ft IH tll'-CllPllpL-Nt.   It
is tlio In'tit in thu world.
Oompiire ft with others
hi'f<im buyia��.
Writo for free nfimnten.
Jj��^;iS*rikte- ''���>��, *kWp,.'*
���A-':* ���      -.-       VV.'-,,'...;.*'
Them st hiirhiv cnnc'iitrntPd and ef-
fectiv Pi|i in the market.   Put un under
tin*  Mip-i-vim,ni nf Bkillifd   rll-'lll.etB  ami
gnaraiueHd to tfontali thing injnrl.-ui
or harm ul in U10 I1..1B' dagreo,   Proves in-
v-ilinlii.' for nil ski   D m';i-"<m in sin.'.-p anil
Cuttle and lor dcsti-uy mg Vermin.   Cui oj :
Ticks Red Lice,
Maggots,        Wounds,
Gangrene,      Bruises,
Shear tuts,   Ringworm,
and Scan.
Full direction? on evory can���cnrM the
worst fuses nnd j*n ilm-en n fine coat or
growth of wo il. Take no substitute-��� It
pave to buy the liev.
We lnv to ciiriespondenct.
The Pickhardt- /p
Renfrew Co., Limited,
R Co
Trail  Mark
Importer, of Qrocerlei    {,', n| 4 n, Kstract.
Write US. Hamilton, Out, 1.8.*B.g-jlo��
Whoh'Kome.  llenlthful. Appetlalnff
Por Sale Everywhere.
only.       0. D. RPOCTOff A CO., MONTREAL
W. N 0.
He Is
Well Paid
Who Is
  every  day
some made to order devotees yield to the hard sense
1 proposition in our stock of
Ready Tailored Clothing.
Fabric, style, fit, and tailoring guaranteed.   Why
should a sensible man not profit by it ?
These goods are always on hand at
G. B. McDermot's,
"CANAL" Mineral Clnim, sitnnte In tho
Windermere Mining Division ef East
Kootenay District.
Where located i���Ono to one and a half miles
north of the Kootenay Bridge at Canal
Take notice that I, William Roderick Ross,
of Fort Steele, B.C., Free Miner's Certificate
No- lMT.SA.dnlv authorised agent for Daniel
���Smith, Freo Miner'-* Certificate No. 90170,
James H. Woods, Freo Miner's Certificate
No. 7072, and Edward Cass. Free Miner1'*
Certificate No. 17H44A, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply tn the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice tbat action, under
section 87. must bo commenced before tlte
issuance of such Certificateof Improvements.
Dated this twentieth day of February, 1899.
F.M.C. 15673A.
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate to the
Golden Mining Division of North East
Kootenay District.
Where located j���-Kent' head of the Middle
Fork of Spillimachene River,
Take notice that I, John Wallace Conner.
Free Miner's Certificate No; 7050 A, intend
sixtvdays from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section  37, must  bo  commenced before the
issuance of such certificate of Improvements
Dated this 27th day of February, 1899.
oponeal up bv the DIAMOND CORE DRILL,
on easy terms by contract,
or part payment received
in shares if desired. Ap*
ply to
��.  A.  HAGd.ES,
mining Agent. ��old��n, B.C.
New Goods
Just received, consisting of La
dies' Huts, Trimmings.
Flowers.Fancy.Work, Braids,
Ladies and Children's Corsets.
Inspection invited at
Mrs.   Lake's,
Opposite Post Office, Golden.
Endured by Victims of Stone in
the Bladder.
No Tlopeof Eaciipe Fxcopt   by   Using
Umld'a Kidney Pllls-They flemovo
tbe stoma Quickly. Eiully und
Montreal, P Q Mar. 27 -No agony
that fulls to the lot of suffering humanity, is greater, more terrible, nor
harder to bear than is that caused by
lhe formation of a stout in the blad
The complaint is ao common, and so
frequently spoken of that the terrible
significance of the name itself is lost.
If we were to speak of a "stone in the
brain,'1 or '-a stone in the heart," the
terrible nature of the disease would be
apparent at once, because we are net
used to the expression, nud its meat),
ing forces itself upon us instantly.
Now, "a stone in the brain,, would
not be more out of place than '-a stone,
in tho bladder." Nor would it cause
near so much suiTe-dug, as the tierve
centres would become paralyzed and
feeling would die.
But stone in the Madder is alarmingly common. Thousands suffer the men
horrible tortures from it. Thousands
die from it.
And yet it is very easily eured
There is a reinedy--Dodd's Kidney Fills
-���that cures it quickly, easily and pain
In proof of this statement, it is
necessary only to quote the following
letter written by Madame Citnipagne,
of 1G7 St. Urbain street;
"I have suffered with stone in the
bladder, and though I underwent different treatments, and used various re*
medes, I got uo relief till I took Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Five boxes removed the
stone, built up my health, strength
and flesh, ami made a new womau of
Dodd's Kidney Pills are a positive
cure for stone in the bladder, and every
other form of Kidney Disease.
Settings of Eggs from purebred Black Minorcas. Prloe
f 1 a letting. Apply to W.
KAY, Golden, B.C.
Loti   now for Bale at MeDermot's
���tor*.   For terms apply to
C. D. Lang,
Terrence Ryan, whose home was in
Montreal, was, murdered at Cranbrook
on Moday night. It is supposed thai
the crime was committed hy an Italian
who mistook the murdered man for an.
other with whom he hud a row. No
arrests have been made, but the police
-re taking slops lo prevent 'he escape
of all who are suspected of having a
hand in '.ho crilllu.
Klumark'-t Iron Serve
Wns the result of his splendid health
Indomitable will and ii-emeiidous en
:iyy aro not found where Stomach
Liver. Kidneys and liowls are out ol
order.   If  you   wan't  these qualities
ml the success they bring, use Dr.
King's New Life Pills, They develop
every power of brain and body. Only
25 cents at auv Drug Store.        2
Tbe other day at Seattle,
when a chemist in a dream shot his
wife dead while in bed under the impression that he was firing at the
villian who pursued her. He had been
in the habit of keeping a revolver uu-
der his pillow.
Volcanic Ktnptlonn
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Buckleii'a Arnica Salve,
cures them, also Old, Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile Cure on earth. Drivel out
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box
Cure guaranteed, Sold by ill Druggists
Mr. Stephens, station agent at Field,
goes east, an-1 his pluee is being taken
by Mr. Foley.
The GoM*n school is steadily forging ahead, the attendance now running about 50.
J. L. McKay shipped to Skaguuy on
Wednesday .'17 head of rattle intended
lor the northern ment market.
Mr. Bostock, M.P., is rapidly coming to the front in the ranks of the
Lilierul party. He has now lieeu elected Government whip at Ottawa.
M. Carlin, lhe manager of tho extensive interests of the Columbia River
Lumber Company, has returned from
his lengthened trip to the east.
It is probable tliat, owing to
the railways carrying the traffic, tliu
steamship service on the Koo enay
River will bu shut down
A heating boiler exploded at Seattle
and killed two commercial travellers
who wore .pissing nloug the street,
and wounded others.
Malcolm Cameron lias disposed of
his ranch at Columbia Valley to G.
Mitchell. Mr. Cameron intends going
to Windermere to live and bus purchased ten acres of laud from E. Clark.
On Tuesday ami Wednesday Mr.
Griffith wns occupied with the hearing of some complicated assault eases
from Field, E. A. Haggen appearing
for the accused. Tlio charges were
Ou Saturday morning last A. M. T.
Ross, formerly of Golden,was killed at
Medicine Hat, while working on a (!,
PR. bridge. Hi was a member of the
Oddfellows Lodge hero. His remains '
were sent to Atuprior, Ont., for inter-
ment. i
J. F. Armstrong, Government agent j
at Fore Steele, has been in Golden
during the week on a well oarned holiday. He informs us that there is
confidence of great activity iu tbe
Fort Steele district during tlio coming
D. Alton, 'the well-known C.P.R.
bridgeman, has gone to Field, where
he will lake charge of the C.P.R.
boarding house. The Company haie
agreed to Mr. Alton being granted a
liquor license so that. Field will no
longer le a "prohibition" towu.
The Fort Steele Prospector says: ���
"Captain Miller manager of the International steamboat Co., is making ar*
rangetnenis for taking the summer
Gwendoline over Canal Flat, to the
Columbia river. Tne Gwendoline will
run between Goldeu and   Windermere.
Mr. C. R. Watson, C.E., and Mr.
Nation, of the engineering stuff of the
Kootenay and Northwest Iiui I way
Company, left Golden for Cruiibrooli
ou Tucslay, and it has been deter-i
mined lo start the survey ot the line
from that point and work north. Mr.
Watson thinks it likely the Company,
will also start, to baaild frotn Cranbrook.
C. If. Bubar, the well-known foreman of tbe Columbia River Lumber
Company, is the fortunate owner of a
line ranch in the Boundary country.
This ranch is oil the route of tho new
tailway whioh is being constructed
there, and a portion is apparently
most favorably situated for a townsitu,
fur Mr. Bubar has had n handsome
oiler for that purpose.
The services in St Paul's Church on j
Easier Day will be: ���B a.m. Celebra-1
tion of Holy Communion. 11 u.m. !
Mattins and second Celebration of {
Holy Communion. 7:110 p.m. Evensong and sermon. On Easter Monday
April iird. the Easter Vostry Meeting'
will he held in the church at 7:110 p.m. i
to pass the uccoums of tbe past year, I
and to elect the church officers for the'
ensuing your.
Rev. E. Edwards, pastor of the
English Baptist Church at Miueisvllle
Pa., when suffering with rheumatism,
was advised to 'ry Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. He says: "A few applications
of this liniment proved of great service
tome. It subdued the inttaininatloii
and relieved the pain. Should any
sufferer profit, by giving Pain Bulm a
trial it will please me." For sale by-
all druggists Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
H. G. Parson has opened out a first-
rate stock uf ladies dress guotls.trimmings, gloves dec. Tlit new stock reflects great credit out he taste und judgment of 8. A. Parson, who is iu charge
of this department of the Big Store,
and made the selection. The ladies of
Golden have now the means at home
'if vicing with their sisters of the
larger centres in attractiveness nnd
iusefulness of their dress goods.
As Mr. Osborne has been definitely
appointed Superintendent of the C.P.R
at Winnipeg, occupying the same position aa iir.Marpole does at Vancouver,
it is believed that it is tho intention of
the Company to remove Mr. Whyte to
Montreal as one of the head staff
there, Mr, Whyte has been a tower
of strength to the Company's interests
in the west and it will be a difficult
matter to find auother man capable of
so effectively filling his place.
The Navigation Company have engaged a Mr. Warren of the Coast to
act as their engineer during the coming season, It is feared that navigation will be later in opening than last
season owing to the fact that the upper reaches of the Columbia River
have hardly started to open up as yet,
and the opening is much later than
last season. It is doubtful whether
navigation will opon before the first of
May this year, whereas Capt. Bacon
was able toruo a couple of trips io
April last year.
Mr. Wells, M.P.P., has been urging
the Government to put iu banal ns soon
as possible the bridge over the Columbia River at Athalmer, hut the trouble
is that as the Columbia River is a
navigable stream the Provincial Government cannot erect a bridge there
until the plans have been submitted to
nnd approved by tho authorities at
Ottawa. Mr. Gamble the Provincial
engineer has instructions to visit
Athalmer and prepare the plans and
particulars for the work and he has
written Mr. Griffith to say that he is
ou his way here for that purpose.
Wo have to thank the Hon. F. W.
Avliner for a plan of lhe new town*
site of Athalmer. The plans of the
now townsite are nicely gut up by Mr.
Aylmer. The main strerv is laid out
from the site of tho proposed bridge
over tiie Columbia River and is b'O feot
iu widih. The other streets have a
width of till feet. The townsite has
been well laid out, access being pro
vided around every lot. There is great
faith exhibited in the prospects of the
new townsite, and one day alone lust
we'ik eight, lots were sold.
I have been affiicted with rheumatism for fourioeu years and nothing
seemed to give any reliof. I was ablo
to be around all t be time, but constantly Suffering, I had tried everything I
could hear of and at last was told lo
try Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which I
did, and wus immediately relieved and
in a short time cured. I am happy to
say that it bas not since returned.���
Josh. Edgar, Germantown, Cal. For
sale by all druggists, Henderson Bros.
Wholesale Agents Vicioria and Vancouver.
The Company which are represented
by J. L. McKay intend considerably
increasing tbe stock on their ranch in
the Columbia Valley, and have bought
300 head during the last month including the herds of ��, Chirk und E.
Johnston of Windermere. The owners
are well pleased with the way iu which
stock thrive iu this valley. W. R
Hull, the well-known butcher, recently
informed us that the beef produced by
the ranchers in the Columbia Valley is
of a very superior character. This
valley appears destined to yet become
one of the best cattle ranching districts
in the Province, but it appears to be
also very suitable for sheep, as the
flock kept by A. Mitchell has done
.Centuries ago, people used 10 fear
what they culled the pestilence. "Black
Death" was tho most terrible thing in
tlio world to thein, They feared it as
people now fear the Cholera and Yellow Fever. And yet i here is a thing
that causes more misery and more
deaths than any of these. It is so
common that nine-tenths of nil the
sickness in the world is traceable to it.
It is merely that simple, common
thing constipation. It makes people
listless, rau-.es dizziness, headaches,
loss of appetite, loss of sleep, foul
breath and distress after eating. The
littlo help needed is furnished by Dr.
Pierce'a Pleasant Pellets. One pill is
a gentle laxative and two a mild cathartic. Once used always in furor. If
you are careless enough to let an un
scrupulous druggist: sell you soldo-
thing on which be makes more money
it is your own fault if you do not get
well, Be sure and gee Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant  Pellets.
Send DI cents in cue cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo. N. Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce'i n;08 p^e "Common Sense
Medical Adviser," profusely illustrated.
officers for the ensuing year and other
important business will be transacted.
Those intending to join the club next
season .ire particularly requested to be
_ -HI .
Be Clean
and Live!
Paine's Celery Compound
Is Nature's Great System Cleanser.
The Spring Medicine Recommended by all the Ablest
In all well-run mills, factories and
mechanical establishments it is customary to close down for a short time
each year iu order to repair machinery.
Unless Ihis is faithfully attended to
there will be irregularity in wcrlt, serious breaks, disasters and heavy financial lossos.
It is the same with Ihe human body.
Its varied, complex and delicate machinery has been running without re
pairs for perhaps many > ems with disordered nerves, diseased liver and kidneys, and blood charged with poison
germs and impurities. The human organs and machinery jarring, weakened and working fitfully and irregularly
must bo strengthened and made a harmonious whole, or the entire fabrio
will soon break down.
This annual work of cleansing and
repairing is always successfully accomplished when men and women make
use of Paine's Celery Compound,
Amongst the first and most pleasing
results tbat come from the use of
Paine's Celery Compound in March is
pure, rich, bright red blood that courses
through the entire system, currying
true life and strength to every part.
Foul matters, eruptions, pimples, salt
rheum and eczema are banished ; the
skin becomes clear, the eyes bright,
the brain active, and the step firm and
Paine's Celery Compound is the one
and only spring medicine and cleanser
that people can implicitly trust as a
health restorer: it is the choice of physicians, and our best people proclaim
the ulad news that "it makes people
Several interesting scratch games
have been played during the week, ns
A. F. Smith, W. Skelton, D. Good.
W. McNeish, skip, defeated a rink
composed of J. E. Griffiths, F, W.
Avlmer, F. H Bacon. Jas. Henderson,
skip, the losers buying a suck of flour
for the hospital.
Probably the most exciting game of
the season wns that, of Primers vs.
All Comers. The rink of type-stickers
was composed of F. W. Grant, R. M.
Wilson, A. F. Smith, and D. M. Rae,
skip, two of whom had not curled a
stone ihis winter. The All Comers
wire chosen from the crack players of
the town nud were: ��� W. Dainard, M.
Dainard, J. G Ullock,and C. A. Warren, skip, Notwithstanding the odds
against them the "typos" demonsira.
led to the All Comers that they knew
a littlo about curling as well aa typesetting, by winning Iho game with a
score of lli to 111,
Next ou the programme was a game
between rinks of married and single
curlers. The married combination
were J. E. Griffith. F. H. Bacon, W
McNeish, H. G. Parson, skip, while
the single rink were W. Skelton. D.
Good, C. A. Warren, J. G. Ullock,
skip. Judging from the result of ihe
game, 16 to 8 iu favor of the single
rink, the buchelors are just twice as
good as the benedicts.
J. Lamontaigne, skip, Assisted by G.
Knowlton, J. C. Tom, and H.Howdeu
all greenhorns, played a rink of old
curlers composed of W. Skelton, A. F.
Smith, D. Good, J. G. Uflock, skip.
The greenhorns are to be congratulated
ou the good showing tbey made, giving tbeir opponents a harder game
than thev expected. The score was 12
to 7 in favor of the old curlers.
The annual meeting of the curling
olub will be held on Tuesday evening
next, April 4th, at the Columbia
House, at 8 o'clock.    The election of
Jack Taynton. u Former Pioneer, Re-
Tl.lts tbe III.trliu
Jack T.iyuiou is hack at Kaslo from
a recent trip to the Windermere district, of which section he was one of
the pioneers. In 1884 in company with
others he left Calgary starting for the
Peace river couutry. The parly becoiu
ing discoursed turned hack from the
Saskatchewan river, coming south west
prospecting until Toby creek was
reached. Placer diggings were being
worked on many creeks from thero to
the famous Wild Hoise Gulch. Jack
left East Kootenay for the Ainsworth
district iu 18B1, aud hus resided iu
Kaslo ever since. There ure three
towns iu the Windermere district,
Windermere and Columbia City be-
tweeu Hui-sa-thief and Toby creeks,
near lhe Columbia, und Athalmer.
The two latter are new sites. Butte
capitalists are exploiting some of the
properties on Toby Creek. A number
of Kasloites are interested in the district among which may be mentioned
G. O. Buchanan, Geo. Stark and partner, Wellington Kinnee, Jim Desmond
,1. E. Bigham, Dick Gallop and Jack
Taynton. Where the ground can be irrigated ranching ia successfully carried
on. while stocks thrives in the foothills aud valleys. Jaek turned some
stuck loose ou the range eight years
ago. ami without any care or trouble
he found himself the possessor of a
small herd on his recent visit. His
brother had attended to the yearly
branding of them.
Exporters and Importers.
200 to 208 Firat Ave. No.
Shipments Solicited.
Writo foi" Clrei>'-i"
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Ewlll J. Scovil,
Mining Broker, Real Estate,
Notary Public, Conveyaheer,
and General Agent,
Tenders for u License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands In the Province*
of uritlsh Colombia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned anil inniked on the onvelope
"Tender fur Timber rterth No. aXi."ttlb*
opened on the 8th dny of May, 1MB, Mil lie
received at this Department until noon on
Monday, ihe 8th day of Mny, ISO"*). Mr a license tn cut timber on llartti No. 20B; bom-
prising the North-west quarter of Section 29,
Section SO. fractional Section HI and Section
32, TownshipBS, nnd the South half of Section b, Township til. Range 18, and Sebttdh
���Ai, the Norm halfnf Section 20, the Nprtii-
oust quarter of Section 27; the East half ef
Section *H, section 115 and Fractional SB6
tion SO, Township 88. Range 19 West of IB��
ulh Meridian, in the nbore Provlncli, containing nn area of Oi square miles, more or
The regulations under which a licousU will
lie issued may bo obtained at this Doplrt*
ment or at Ihe office uf thb Cruwn Timber
Agent at New Westminster.
Each tender must he accompanied by an
ai-cepted cheque on a charored Hniik in
favour of the Deputy of the Minister of tho
Interior, for tho amount of the bonus which
the applicant is prepared to pay for a license.
No tender hy telegraph will be entertained.
Department ol the Interior,
Ottawa, 13th March, 1899.
Letter  from   Hewitt Deitcck, M.P���
Prcscnl Owners Protected.
Ottawa 24ih March 18B9-
To E. A, Haqoen, Esq.
Golden, B. C.
' Dear Sir,- In answer to your letter of the 7th instant., I have teen the
Minister again about these lots at
Field and I may state that the reason
he wished to put the lois up lo-iui-tiou
is because ihe Deparnuei-' lime l-een
put toceusidernhletriia b. inoolli-ctii^g
the payments from the puchii.-cis
when dealing with the Towusii'e in tin-
way that lhe Golden TiiWlisile aaa-;
dealt with, The Minis ei mis iissuitd
me, so has hie Da-put a, th.a.i nil persons
at present located On lhe ground al
Field will be duly protected mid given
an opportunity of obtaining the land
on which they are now residing. Instructions have been given to hn ethia
townsite surveyed immediately after
theoominenceiuiint ofthe next financial year. Trusting that ibis arrangement will be satisfactory.   I  remain,
tours Faithfully,
Hewitt Boston*.
Notico is hereby given that thirty days
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
for the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked J. L. McKay's SE. Post,60chains N.W. of Concentrator on Upper Columbia Lake, thence
northerlyone n.ile.thencewesterly Vinchains
thence southerly one mile, the*tice easterly
120 chidn:, aud containing about one thou**
and acres.
3, b. McKAY.
March 21st, 1899.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days.
after dnlr, I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
s-. ea-i.-al license to cut and carry away timber
for the following described lands i
Commencing at a pout marked W. D. McKay about sixty chains west of Upper Columbia Luke and one hundred anil forty,
north west of concentrator, tlienco* northerly
80 chains, them e westerly 120 chains, thence*
southerly 80 chains, tna-nce easterly IM
chains, and containing about ono thousand
W, D. McKAY.
March 21st, 1809.
���I���I ni..   mjuh      l'..ill M
Notice Is hereby given that DO days after
date 1 intend lo apply to tho chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works lor a special
license to cut and carry anay tluilair for Ihe
foi.owing described lauds i
Cbmmenuing at a rust GO chains west of
Upper Columbia Lake, and about one mile
south of \\ inlii'ld Park, thence northerly one
mile, tluuii'o westerly 120 chains, thonco'
southerly One tulle, thence easterly 110
chains, and contuiuiug one thousand acres.
Dated March 31st, 1809.
I   FcrrUa.m W
Home workl
PcrfUcM Wccjav. I alar or rattling;|
le to In weekly t no cinvaMlnc er ea-1
perieace ana-lea; plate lti.lrurtlniu.aaT
work-Sailed on application.  AdalrcHl


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