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The Golden Era Jun 16, 1899

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The Oolden lira,
Has bttn appointed th* G�� ssttn
for North Kast Kootnagr for
Dominion ant Prorlnofal Gov-
ernmant neticet and advtrtise-
mants.   Published by
Ths Qovom Eua Co., Ltd., Lit.,
��� OI.DBN, B.C.
The Golden
Is the most widely circulaeld aiL
host ndvertining medium in Eas.
jKootenny. This is the paper thai
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the raiiroaiiera and "lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 pet An-Vtum
in Advance   ......
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE IC.    1890.
Per Yeah
H. G. Parson,
Has  a
Quality High.   Prices Low.
Of AU Kinds.
The Toronto News says of the Hon.
Jos. Martin: "He is probably us popular a niiiii with tin) electorate of the
Dominion an there is in polities today.
It is doubtful if even Bir Wiiftil Lau-
rier would gut more voles than Joseph
ihu*:in, if the Dominion (exclusive of
Quebec), could hu polled on the question
of their respective merits. This is due
entirely to tho fact that during all Mr.
Martin's political carom' lie lias shown
hiinsolf ready to light for the people's
interest, regardless of iho influence of
corporations or person nl advantage.
His example should have the effect
of impressing upon the public men of
Canada the wisdom uf standing for
ihe public interest ou every occasion,
and of resisting hy every moans in
their power the efforts of corporation
in schemes that are inimical lo the
public welfaVfi.
Hon. Joseph Martin hlands tolay ns
a champion of the people-one whom
all classes believe lo hu superior to auy
temptaioii with which he can bo confronted to sacrifice t lioni for a considciu-
iion. If added to his public spirit he
hud political sagacity aud a yen Jul disposition, ho would bn the most powerful [ami pucoessful politician Tn
Can ad a.
There is n godd 'acul of dlssatlsfaction at Windermere over the state of
tho trails and wagon road between
there and Golden. Tho Government
ought to get a move on and have the
uecessury improvements   put iu hand.
Report of W. F. Hofcortson, Provincial Mineralogist.
temperature of lOO" P.*, while within f>
feet flows a good sized creek with water at 40", providing the ''hot bath and
cold plunge" of the Turkish bath.
Tho country around is exceedingly
beautiful, with good fishing and
ahootllig io tempt the sportsman, and
as fresh supplies csn he had at all
times from Brewer's ranch, the spot
forms an ideal place for the camper
[ out. The property is held bv Mrs.
Sarah L. (ialhriiitli, of Port Steele, but
nothing has been dono all yet either to
improve or utilize it iu any way,
Ceminenttrtg upon Mr. Boatock's
efforts-to secure fairer treatment for
the West at the hands of the C.P.K.,
the Toronto Telegram (Conservative)
says: "Tf Sir Charles Tupper was as
famiMar as Hewitt Botnock, M't.,
with the sufferings of Canadians iu the
West at tho hands of tho C P.It., lie
w'oiild soon become the advocate of a
policy of justice and fair dealing on
tho railway question."'
Canadian NawsgSagftr Directory
The Wiiidernir-ro Division comprises
that portion of North Bast Kuotcuiiy
whicli is drained by the Upper Columbia River and its tributaries as Tar as
aud including Horse Thief Creek on
the wc-ttahd -Avlmer creek uu the east,
It. also includes iho watershed of Ihu
Up por JiuOtenay river down to and
Including Findlay and Mud Creeks,
its eastern boundary being tho summit
of tho in bin ran go of tlio Rockies, its
western the summit uf the Selkirks,
Tlio drainage arc* cf the Upper
Kootenay, above Canal .Flats, has an
yet received very littlo attention from
the prospector", and uo important locations uro recorded for that portion of
tho division. The whole area, together
Piudlay creek flows into the Kooto-
liaV ViVCV near ''Canal Flats," its
watershed forming the soul hern boundary of the Windermere division. A
good flow of water characterises it,
said to amount to 7,500 miner's inches,
the fill! of the sii'eain being from lb to
KJO feet'to the mile.
In the immediate neighborhood,
situated within two miles from the
upper end of Upper Columbia take,
quite a number of locutions have been
ude, all on a series of quartz ledges'.
with the east elope of   ihe   Columbia i Wiich run about north and south, uud
Valley, is   geologically a   part of   tUjwhUI)   are tall   of   ihe  same general
Willi: ll    WO
Rocky Mountain Bang?! wlift i hue
hot so far proved a fruitful Held for tlio
In consequence prospecting in the
division lias almost exclusively been
confined to the Selkirk range, west of
tlio Columbia*, and it is to be noted
that the past summer lias seen uu influx of a large number of experienced
'prospect oi-ij from both tho north and
tbe south. Iu the latter part of the
season a large number of promising
prospects were recorded as a result of
thia movement. chieHy In the vicinity
of Boulder and Horse Thief civeks,
an I tin: coming season wiil sue these
properties developed.
Last seasons success will cause a
still greater number of experienced
men to try their fortunes in this part
of tho K oo ten ays, which until now lias
not received iis proportionate share of
The few claims which have been
developed 10 any extent have so far
continued promising, (hough iu no
single instance has work been done on
auy property which wotiid warrant it
being '���uiijd tiiore man u prospect.
The country lying t�� the east of
\Vindei't litre, or Lower Cc'iiubiu Lake,
ia rolliit-g iitfiiuli hind- iarge tracts of
which   aro   now   under  cultivation,
* any
cars has bten taken to provide for irn-jproving  their
gation,     Tbo Indiana on tfra Renervo. 'somewhat    '
ir la
Upper Columbia
Navigation 4 Tramway
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting' with- C.P.R. at Goldon* B.C.
Drect Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors Will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agont will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
It would be no easy task to me
any business which is not now a
dependent, to a very lurgfl ox(��lit,
Ue SLH'CeSS Upon ;%.:W.ipiip-.-i* A;lv
���itiaf, '   Thia la a ��� ��iU��i        ^^^^^^^^^^^
think very few will question; Moro-1
over, this matter of adronising in-1
volves thofcxpendftuVe of vftnt'smriii of;
money���whicli, whon judiciously uss! '
ifilhcvHrv bt'ji' iiivi.N-.iii ���')! .1 li*i-i'','.--.*j
'man can m ike ���mi tu-J 6*her u md
tbere*tti tfctirueiy uuy way ot "throw- j
"rug wood inohui' to the dogs" more I
easily and Irretrievably than by lu- i
sufficient knowledge of advertising '
methods ami media,
-RememberIiik tiie groat importance
of ti.'ciiiimr thoroughly i-aliubluaml up-
to-date Information wPwolooma gladly
the Snd edition of 'he Canadian Mews- j
paper -Directory w-filch has just hjeu I
published by the old and well known
Advertising   Agtfnov,   A.  Me'Cim   &,,. ,. ,     ..
Co., of.Moiitic.il    Thia Is thoir acoood | Jft**?"   l-'jl'���1"*    Navigation    unJ
venture as 'publlshsra of a  directory,  i���mvv"i*  p?->  ""J1   '';���"���mlk'  ���">
tliov Issue*! their first eilltlou in  ISM, ! MiuninnJ of Capt. l-i-imk Buoou, make
���wl.rcli wns aeolHlmad tlu-onijhoiit   tiie! uv0 r0'*'"<l ,?*��� "mkg b*ivm,?M:
Dominion us 'heing far alioiiil of. ������...! ��u Join lio Una-inui PuolBo Ball-vay)
lliiug whioh li.-U uppttn-J ���� 1.0   tho(j*��3 Wlndcrnicie.
time, Kut though In ftself A vory o')ti-el I . 0a "',"   '��*<>>>*n
lent woi-li nml of great value to ailver*' ",��" "'"' s,'rv"'" '""
tisers aanontlly it was not u great Hn*! "������"?���**' I-001'  6""aru
uncial success for iis   publishers  and
this male them chary ofa^'du risking
much time and money in   that  direction, but the claims of their   business
���hnd   the  nol (citation   of   their many
uhar actor,
I am indebted to Mr, Jas Ih-ady,
M.K., who is. InteVested in many of
those claims, for his courtesy in meol:
lug iiiC and pointing out to mo all the
development work done; in addition io
imparting much information in connection with the properties.
Starting with the most northerly,
we have in succession the following
uroups : -Thu Sun Lake, rh un tier Hill,
.Jupiter and Soudan, aud on iho south
'sido of Findlay creek tiie Gold liill
I Grwtip,
', SL*.N   LAKE tiROl'l**.
f    This gVoiVp, owned by Ja?. Brady et
Ial., consists of four claims in one
block, ali locations ; sltnaied about 1J
miles west of S n Landing, ou the
Upper Columbia Lako, and one mi In
from tlie main stage road running from
Golden to Fort S:-He. Elevation,
o.lOO IfOt, or about 400 feet above the
lake. Country rock, slates aud schists,
running In a general H.K. and S.W.
direction and dipping N.W., wiih occasional igueotie dyke* occurring In a
g'sin-rai K�� and y. direotlofi.
There appear to be three distinct
quiiri& [edges running thrOiigh the
propertiea���ritnnlng with tliabeddiug
of  tlio  a-.liists ���which   outcrop  and
. javu   been   sti'Inood In m
^^^ oiilluulty,   Thoy are
Tlm Indiana ou the Eeservo, Ijwmewhat.   Irregnfat:   and.   pockety,
in"ic.    me    cultivating *5un'rdng trom on'e layer of. Bchif't to
II  and inxelligentjy. and i MOtlmi'.   These ledges, which arc each
RoiAo'of   if.-it grain   Holds seen by ine fl0m   1":, ,0 W feet wide, mo  made up
would have beeu a credit to any white  r-'t'tly from   white   quar z and partly
The ouly town iii the Division is
Windermere, which boiWsts of two
hotel-', as many stores, a school-house,
and a few private dwellings; mid here
the Mi.ling Recording OHice of tho
Di Jslpu is situated.
. n vet
from a grayish quart is, which gives
tiie Impression that it may lie a very
highly aljerad quartxlte. Inter bedded
here and there are quart/, aud talcose
Bell! 8! S.
The  gray  quart2   and the schibts
near   the  Jcnil   nn spotted  here and
:*ing  tho summer months, wh��fl l^^o *lth snUUddboil 61 iron pvrites
aiion is possible ou the Columbia 'carrying  gold,   and   with occasional
a line of steamers, owned by the ! partlolea of galena.   The proportion of
those sulphides in the quartu I estitna*
ted   at   about   from   �� to 1   per cent.
Numerous assays were shown me from
material   taken   from   the opaii cuts,
which ran from $1.05 to$1.86 In silver
and about -M.l'O in gold. Theie aSSayfi
were   from   near   tho   surface and on
material which was much weathered,
auJ servo merely as   indicAiions as to
what may bo expected with depth.
Considerable work has besu done on
these properties, but confined as yet to
open cuts   and   otlier surface develop-
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
'Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
���oles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Hitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
A.     WARREN'S,
advertising patr-Jiis induced them to
bring out a second edition, and we
think they have reason to b.> proud of
their efforts. This 1899 Directory is
really first class in overy respect. The
book ltsoll', considered merelv hs a
book, is very fine. Well and handsomely bound, containing over 4l\0
pages printed uu lino paper with new
typo which we are informed was
bought for this special purpose Tho
work seems to placo before the advertiser everything that ho wants to know
about each and every publication in
Cauada, In tho shapoof ,\ Nowspa|ier
Magazine, and iu various forms so
that the Sj.er.ial information desjlid
mav ho turned to at once.
There are also beautiful lithographed maps, of each Province, Butting
forth conspicuously every newspaper
town in Canada; ouo sees at a gJauco
tbe density or sparsouCNS of newspaper
publications iu tho district.
The Directory also contains some
well thought out articles ou advertising, some very useful in format ion
abont Customs Tariff, as affecting
Newspapers and Publications goner*
ally, tho law regarding libel etc, etc,
The circulation of the Newspapor Directory among advertisers throughout
Grfst Britain and the United States as
well as at home will certainly be of
groat benefit to tho Canadian Press. It
is a work much needed and fulfils iu a
marked degree the expectations wa
should have of nny work issued by
this -enterprising nnd successful firm of
advertising experts.
the accominoda-
botli of  the first
-mmma-mmmmmmn-mmm���t isi   DD ineal-t,
aud every attempt made by the officers
to accommodate passengers and io help
the mining interests of tiie District,
The Company transport all samples of
ore wit ho j t charge, refusing all payments fur such services, and I, myself,
among others, am indebted for ihis
courtesy during tlio past season.
A stage runs twice a week between
Of good water and timber there is
i ample supply, sufflp-tent for all
S gt-od *og -iariin,
moms,   has   been
Feb. 27th -Diminutive by It. tf,
Hoffman; Beautiful, bv W. ii. Ross;
Avarice, by Mrs. Koss; all at Canal
Plat. April Unlh ���Aluniiuer on JJorno*
thief creek, and .Sulfa tar a cn Toby
creel.*, by H. E. Xeave. -May Kith--
tialiiirt, by L U .Moffat on HorSothief
creek; Pnpooso, by Win. Hamilton on
Man In;ws Prairie, May 20th���Norma
by VV, fi. Harrison an Toby Creole.
Mny S5tb���Atamity Jaue, by W. MoNeish on Boulder creek, Juno 7th ���
Namaqua* by 1".. K. Heave on Toby
creek. Juno 10th���May by R. W.
Grogor fti Windermere Mountain,
north of Swansea; Hecla and Badger,
by P, Molvor, on Toby creek; Calumet,
by W. B. ABel on Toby creek; A in nth ea
Fraction, by H. J., 0. J., and 6, H,
Q-alo on Bornais creek,
The following transfers have been
lOcordcl at Windermere : -T. West to
J. A. aud J. B. Stoddart, White Ble-
phant Nos. I and ii, and S iperlor, on
McDonald cr�� k , W. J. Routlodge to
W, R. G u rd Co par Gup on Toby
Creek. VI. l . Alas, J. W. Jviunee. C.
A. Watt, 0. Scoit, P. Larsen, W. W.
Taynton to Starbird, Collet t & Robinson, bond for $"jU,(iOO on Red Line
group. B, Morijoau and J. B. Uornaie
to H. E. Poster, *b6iid on B. C. and
Ohilberry for SU.L'UO. I. Nola^ to ��,
Rehder. one third interest In White
Elephant NoS, 1 and -, and Superior
on McDonald creek. T. West to C, D.
Spragne, one-eighth interest in Union
Group for ��2,0C0, T. II. Taylor, W.
Haupt and H. S, Marther to Bttt'rbii'd,
Collett & Robertson, one-third interest
tn Silver Thread, Paying Teller, Dividend, Echo, Indedendont, Sweepstakes
and Tecumseli ou Daw creek. One-
third Inters t in consideration ��;f development, Collett, Pint-bird it Robertson to C. 1*\ Smith, bond on Red Line
group for $100,000. li H.Washburn,
J. Nolan, G. W. F. Carter*, .1. E. Stoddart, J. A, Stoddart, and G. H. Rehder to Starbird, Collett & Robertson,
bond for 550,000 on White Elephant
group, J. H. Mitchell Junes to S.
Craik, Short Tramp, M: "c.!-->.n.
Fairy Qaeen, Wycombe, Warlock,
Pino, Gnome. R. J. and F. Gallup to
C. F. .Smith, F. J. Hart, A. McAskill,
W. Strachan, J. J. Wilson, of Mont-
r al, two thirds interest for 5J,500 in
Hot Boy, n-idny, Wilderness, Headlight, Timekeeper. Phoenix, Groat
Northern and Lapidary. W. J. Rout-
ledge io W. R, Gouard, Blue Bell on
Copper Creek for $200. R. Lamb to
C. P. Hill, half inteiedt in Aider
Gulch on Dutch creek. W, B. Abel to
J, E. Stoddart, one-twelfth interest in
Hot Punch. ' T. J. Ryan to W. A.
M&gor, quarter iium-ert in New Hope
and Copper King on Toby creek. J.
M. il. Clark, to E. Banks, three quarter interest in Alps on Boulder creek.
W. B, Abel to $, A. Mullhollandi
Broad Guage and Gipsy Girl oh Cb'ppcr
creek. T. J. Ryan io *?, A. Mullholland, Shady Prince aud Sunny Princess ou Copper creek. J. t>, Boriials to
J, Burman, half interest in Lake View
mi Bhdswap mountav.v Wr. Haupt,
T. Jf. Taylor, and II. S. Manlier to
Starbird, Collett & Robertson, option
for ��40,000 on 'Tecumsell, Sweepstake,
Silver Thread, Dividend, Paying Tel-
let* and Ee.ho. W, Humberston to C.
Troyer, Troyer. R. W. Gfregor to L.
IL Moffattand C, S. Wallis, Inveruoss
ou Windermere mountain.
station sites. This wilt ha a boon tc
tne country in stopping the booming
of rot toil railway townsites to the disadvantage of thosealready established.
'���Both men are deserving of congratulation. It is plain that their
course will be vigorous aftd toat none
of the underhand schemes of the railway companies .to hold up tho people
of tho woac will fcfl tolerated."
The Nix Family JollltlesT
And Merry E|iter'tr.TnGi-"n't+e Hot-
test inthe Bunch; the StrongfiV and
Most Refined Organization -Extant)
Mirth and Music with high order of
Novelties and Speolaltios; Tne Bells,
The Beautiful Bells, how merrily they
sing. choice orchestral Selections,
humorous r.r.d'c'haVacLei- songs, artistic songs and dar.ee';. funny Baylngi
and witticisms. The mandolin orchestra. Columbia cornet quartette n't
the Columbia Hall, Monday and Tu***
day June 19 and2(\
And it Ail kajpenetf &  Kaslo,
Only four copies of the footenafart
Kaslo's great paper, we're.printed thie
week when tho osjurctn of t'ontylinde^*
priwp got, tangled with the dooflewei
and knocked the flipflop back onto th-4
nonparlel italio. Tho press is badly
disabled and and a new nipejyTiuai
will have to be^ecored from Hew Yorfc
���Sandon 1 aystreak.
The Doctors  Puzzled-.
mining   needs,
divided   into   two
A Xurrovr LavKpe.
| Windermere nnd Fort  Steele, connect- ��� erefttetl, and the property oan ha easily
That Throbbing   IleatlHcI^.
Would quickly leave you, if vou
used Dr. King's New Lifo Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
and stroug nerves hnd build up your
health. Easy td take. Try them.
Only 96 cents. Money back if nst cured
9*14!��/ ��U Prngfiitii
ing there wiih tho Oww'a Nest branch
ol tho Canadian Pacific Bail way,
After ilftVigatioii cloies on the Columbia the Fort Steele stage continues on
from Windermere to Golden.
There is one good road���the stace
read���running through the Divtslou
on ihe cast side of Windermere Luke
and on the west sido of Upper Columbia Lako. From the ''Salmon Beds"
trails lead off io Toby, Boulder and
Horse Thief creeks, Tliesd aro alt
fairly good, although lust yeur they
wero somewhat iu need of repai
required to be cleared out iu several
places, and doubtless will motive In
the spring the necessary atloutlen from
the uulhoritlos,
Near Brewer's ranch, about l'i miles
south of Windermere, and only a Tow
hundred yards from tho main road,
there is a scries of hut springs, which
at this point Hubble out from thu sidtt-
hill. The waters ns thoy leave tin-1
ground have a temperature of from 90"
to 120�� F,
These springs, somo twonty or
twenty-five iu number, cover an area
of several acres, and aio of Varying
sine and temperature, the largest running about as much water as would
como out of a 3-iriuh pipe under a 10-
foot head.
The water is clear as crystal, and is
ovidently highly chained with lime
and a littlo iron, judging from the
deposits which form ou the surface
around the springs. Tills deposit
forms in the shape of a circular basin
with the spring in tho centre���regular
natural bath tubs���much used as such
by the poople of the locality, who
credit tbe waters with great medicinal
properties, a belief handed dowu by
the Indians of the neighborhood.
There are several of thwo basins in
lift .creek  bottom  with- waters nt a
readied by   wagon, lhe   surface ther
about a being comparatively clear and
the slopes gradual,
(To bs Coutinvod)
COtiftaUlfA   HAM
Mirth and Musis with high order ot
Humorous and Character Songs,
Artistic Songs and Dances,
Solos, Duets, Trios, & Quar-
tetter*, on various instruments,
Miss May McHenry,
the celebrated Cornetist from the
Vienna Ladies Orchestra.
Don't Hiss Them, ov
You Miss fi Treat.
Reserved Seats 76c.   Genttal Admission 60c.   Children Doc.
Plan of hell at Field's Drug Store,
Thankful words written by Mrs Ada
E. Hait, of Groton, S. D. "Was
t.tk.-su with a bad cold which settled
on my ittligsj cough set in and finally
terminated in Consumption, Four
Doctors gave me up, saying 1 could
live but a short time, I gave myself
tip to my Savior, determined if I could
not stay with my friends on eotth', T
wonld meet my ablest clx**: Aliove. My
husband whs advised lo get Dr. King's
Now Discovery for Consumption
Coughs and Colds. I gave ir a trial,
took in all eight bottles. It has cur*d
mc, ami thank God, I am saved aud
now a well and healthy woman." ���old
he all druggists, 60 cts, Mid $1.00,
Guaranteed or price refunded.        1
Tho Trouble Huruu In a Swelling of
th" Ulr TOo WMrh HpfoAd ** All
Parts oi (lH!i)('-tly -��� Uoi'toi'N Could Not
Account for tbo Trouble, und Tin;!*
Treatment i>i*d Her No Uo-hj.',
From the Now Glasgow Enterprise,
Loch Broom is a picturesque farming li.in.let Minute.1 about throe miles'
from the town of Pictou, N. S. In
ihis hamlet, in atcosy farmhouse livo
Mr. r-nt1! Mrs. Hector MclClAnda. A
fow y^ars ago Mrs. McKtnnon was
taken wifn e. dfaease that puzzled'
several doctors who attewTe? **��r. It
was generally kuowu that Mrs. "M**1
Kinnon owed hor ultimate recovery to
gooi] health tojhe use of Dr. WUliattti]
P*uk Till*: for Sale People, una % Sfe
porter of the Enterprise being in the*,
neighborhood called upon the lady and,' ..
asked her if she had any objections to'
relating the particulars cf lier ilib&d^-
6n"d core*   ,
"Indeed I Bav6 not,'1 replied Mrs.
McKinnon, ''I think that those vhti
are cured owo it to the medicine thai
brings thorn back to health, always to
say a good word for it. Hy trouble
apparently had tin insignificant ftarV
ling point. Itcatuo on with a swelling
in the tig toe, accompanied by intense
pain. Gradually the swelling extended to ray limbs abd ihin to my whole
body, acrompained by path* Wtil^ft
made my life a burden. A doctor was
called in but he did not help me. Then
another and another until i hed font
dilterent iviedic'Al ftiefi to :zo rue, on5
of them tho most skilled physican io'
tho province. Yet my case seemed to
puzzle every one of them, ard nope of
them gave pe i��0f'p than tbo ffliet^re
temporarily relief. t>ne doctor said
tiie trouble was iuflammaticii of tb^
b*?no. Another said it was aggravrVftl
sciatic:"i aud pout. Tiie other two called
it by other names,hut whatever it was
r.ouoof them helped me. By this tiraQ
I had get so low and weak that I could
not lift hand not foot if it would save
Two Straight-Forward Statesmen.
Moyio Leader ; "Canada hns at
least two men in the Dominion parliament who cannot be porsuadod or purchased by tho Canada Pacific Railway
ootripfthy. Tlifj are Hon, Hewitt
Bostock and Hon. A. G, Blair. Both
men have declared their policy of dealing with "Canada's National Highway" and their assert ions iiroeloar-cut,
unmistakable and admirable. They
speak emphatically, and their orders
will bo obeyed, because they aro puj>-
portcd by tho law and public sentiment.
"Mr. Bostock lias also dono vjj&ra&n
service for his constituency, iu regard
to the C.P.R. townsites, and as a result of his representations it is now
proposed that the government, and
not the railway ���Jomp.tny shall fix the
my life, aud no one expected *.o eee mg
get better. In fact the doctor said it 1
sank any lower 1 could not live. Art-1
yet here 1 am today as Well as over r
was in my lifo. While I WAS at tho
J lowest a minister colled to pee n.\ "-"d:
I asked why I did not try Dr. Williams'
I'iiik Pills', j t had tried so many remedies aud had spant tC r.iaiiy WlWW in.
medioine tbat I hardly thought it ivortn
whilo to experiment any more, How-
lever, I was persuaded to try tfefttn *'<d\
'after using a few botes tB^re was some'
Improvement. By the time f had used a
dozen boxes 1 had left my b��d atJfl was
able to move around, and after a f^w'
more bdxes I was again peifectly well,
and able to do uli the work that falls to
the lot uf a farmer's \Vtfe, AM thl�� I
owe to Di'. Wiliiiams' Pink Pills m'.d \
think that aTter what they havo done
for mo 1 am justified in recommending
thorn tq.others."
Dr. Williams1 finlt fills g'v? 5e*if
life and richness to the blood and rebuild ch-utcred norves, thus driving
(Jilt disease due to either of theso two
causes, and thia'flftana tbat they eff^
a cure In a largo jJer^ntage of the
troubles which afflict iKhnPlnd. Some
unscrupnlons dealers impriso od the
public imitations .if thifc grout medicine, ''.'he genuine Dr. WiutftlfiS'PinK'
Pills are uevtir sold in bulk or Lfy the'
hundred or one*), or Ju any fon.\ ex-
cspt In the company's Ho?es, tho wV?.p-
per around which heeti thS fuJl trade,
mark, "Dr. Williams Pink Pills for
Palo People." No matter $hat th'3'
color of any pill offered iu any otlier
shape it is bogus. These pills cure
whon ether medicines fail.
G?io Columbia Hall on Monday and'
Tuesday evenings noxt ond beat' JiisS*
May McHenry iho cole bra ;od CofomtWT
from the Vienna Ladies Orcht-^V*^
who Is with the Nix fafuHj-v A
To Advertisers and Subscribers.
Til*-r.OLDKS ERA l�� liiil-llilieil i-vi-ry Krl-
dav i'viXb. II Is ih.-1" ��l i.dT.*rtl*lB�� ni.-dlum
111 the K:l,t Kuult-iliiv di-lnct. 	
Sutaurlpllou Rate, i ��-���**���* l��*r ",inuln �� ���"���*
Tw'iiie all raultmhlil caw willbet.toi.tbj
imijiriel.��� will not be rrtPOMlW. lor niiy
Smlisl jii or error In an; a.lv.Tll��eiiieiit.
All amounts to be |��1*1 lo lhe Managing
Director orhu niuh...l**tl figenl. from wIiodi
tha cotni-anr's rtutl|it will Of "l-iatiu-t-.
Advei-lisi iff nite-: Ui��[.l.iv Ml... ll*o' per
colon","Hi Sal a.** (�� [-'"'I'llffnn'ln^'
BrslliiK.ltl0Ii.il eeliBlor meh acbllllonnl Inaer-
llon; KeaJing nolle... 1- eeiit. ver line ,,ieti
ia.no. Lantl and min. r��l ' On wn l.ranl I
nolk*e��aanie as llo\eriiiu.iit l.ii-tttt ,1.0-.
All Imilti-w eominoiili-M nbonlil   ]- ad*
ilreaaed lo the Maiiaging Hm-elur. ���ml a HIM-
ary ��-olllliiniilealioi,*.lV.li*r�� bn pllULntlull or
uew. lli-uu .honlll In- aihln;��il to tho KillUr.
Corri'-HK.iuli.iii-o i* inv i-.'l"" inallera of onLlIc
l��SK -.-.are |,ohlcjltoti s���A gttns
inn.! In- brlof In lb'' '������1"1' "' i,m,ll> "ion. Ii'll.-n*
the iianie and siMras "I II"* *���"*'}�� ��"'Sf!1:
ilo.w-11. not lor liilblii-alloii. bill for Uie |irHoli
llilormatlon of ill.* .Jib r ami a�� a gl laraillee ol
good lallh. Any lell.-r rn-.-lv.-il fterthall �� eil*
miday will b.ve to (land over till Ihe lollowlng
The Golden Era Co, Limited Liability.
' 11.
ed nt Vlctorlu.
I*laml lor Fraiicr
; lilts 975,1)00.
,* Unit tiie Trans
in utter failure.
ml   iH
���oro drowned by
alter effects   )n
A Chlntii lepor arr
Uri-yfuB leaven DerII
Tin- I'nciric const
Tho WawanoHo turl
cessftil mealing.
Over 40,000 Hussion Kuldlers
tercel m tiu�� Flowery Kingoiiii
Oerinany Is dealrous nl puntlibilug the
Inland or Fernando IM from Spain.
Amer I oan ball Insurants agents arc in
Muuitoba securing rlaha <>ii crors.
Tlw�� demand for railway labor in West.
era Canada Ih far above tlio supply*
Tb* new Harris Texas, court li
was destroyed b
Latest advices snow
vaal conference was j
Th* central district
I'notli.ill   ut-Mirllitnui
Twenty.five per
a  cloud-burst
Itritain will h I Kruger an ultima
tuiii aud tin' feeling i* vory warlike b
The labor i arty nl Winnipeg will glv
a K-piii-H ui stuulay jfleriioou mi initio
Tin- Order ol  the Eagles, a new fraternal society, u    being organised
Thi,   lirltlHb   commissioners   mi
Venezuelan boundary arbitration   li
left for Paris.
A V. S. senator will Introduce a   bill
to prevent  tiie BUlo ol   ilelOlorl
staiiees lu   fowl.
Tho ti. T. it. Co. stale ther,
strike on their lin.-; 00 por tent
trackmen being at work.
A temporary settlement nf   the modus
vivendl In  connection with tho A hi si; j
boundary, 1��   hourly expected.
Iter. Dr. Bryce, of Winnipeg, is fiv-
orabir mentloncil uh the coming moderator 07 the general assembly ol the Prvs
bytcrlan church.
Tlnir-diiv, .liiiie S,
Low water Is reported on Lake Dennett.
Hot weather prevails throughout
ft dan lieen fiiiiinl iniposHlblo in liiler*
view Dreyfna.
A bicycle thief was sent to jail Tor one
year in  Winnipeg.
Jon. Monkman, a lied River Valley not-
tier, died at Selkirk.
��. I'nyne, of tliu J.out high eommlsRliil],
Is pu route to Alahk'i,
Itijro, the gypRJ' muslelnn, who olopod
with Prince** tie ciilmny, is dead,
'ifi��. Gomes 'inn retired [rum nubile life
and lias Issued n   lim-wcll manifest
Crops along the \. I', .v M, are us far
advanced as at tills time a  year ago.
Chief Prince, nt the si, l��oU*r'w Imittl *'f
Indians, died at the ago ol  "u yearn-
Jean Maltre, of the Uathwell district
Mao., was d row mil  in tlte  Doyne river.
The chief ol police at Hamilton, Ohio,
nnd his daughter, were killed by a tram.
.Sherilf flaxen, nl Wyoming, was killed
inn light with Union I'nclflu train i	
tiers. ,
Tho Initials nl Ilio tfiiBqiiitii const
have rebelled ugolnsl lhe Nlenrngtinil
govern ment i
Fierce forest lues tire prevailing In
Uritlsh Columbia, and lhe Nelson saw
mill was destroyed.
The aldermen ol Winnipeg refused t
allow the c. P.M. tn i-niid a third track
nerosH Main itreel
R. Davis, sent l��> the TrlSliit Jill Tor
stealing !IO eenli fnuu ������--���
fallen heir to ��7-"i,niu..
The Transvaal cnnforeneo having ended
misnii-faeioi ily. thefo i- miieli anxluty
ns to Hiitptn's next move.
WcdaeMlny, .lone ,.
Women mny nnw bo aldermen iu Lon*
don,  Eng.
Mncdonald memorial day wns observed
In Toronto,
Dre.vfus was overjoyed whon Informed
nr his Ireleatef
-Tottonn StrauHR had a mngulflcont fun
oral In Vienna-.
.fun. Price wiih seriously injured in n
Diuorwic, Ont.. mine,
F. Jones, a Soo line conductor, was
hilled nt aiciiwor.il, Minn.
Marcus Duly Is endeavoring to purchase It. 0. copper mines.
UcOlll students will erect a -Htntue t<
the late  Principal  Dawson.
Two Quebec shoe laetorles worn do.
otroyed by fire; inss ,*;,n,nOi*.
The close icason for Canadian buffalo
has  been  extended  two years.
firltnlii's scheme nt arbitration win lie
necepted  at   the  peine  congress.
The Prince of Males presented dlplo��
inns to many American professors.
Newfoundland's government will enact
on more French iiioro Ipgislalloti.
Three Indy en] lege studontu wort
drowned while haihluu; near Lebanon, III.
lu the Nparllim murder case at i'.rysoii.
QUO., the jury wore unable to agree on
tt verdict.
The American    troops    are    suffering
?really from tlio intense heat lu the
Jns. Selrrooil, n .Minnesota capitalist
Is about to purchase magnetite dep ��lls
near Pnrt Arthur.
Admiral Dewey ivas farewelled  it I long
Kong hy the hando nf ihe fnrolgn anils*
ers in  the linrbor.
A- !', 'lault on his return to Montreal
predicted KKl.uuu |m}illlatlnil in Wiuul-
|ieg Within  ten years.
What will be the four largest Iresh
water steamers In the trade arc about
to lw imiii at Cleveland.
Donftlll Perrler. the New Westminster
condemned murderer, atteni]>ted siile)d<
and Is in a low condition.
The flermans an tporatlnff with the
Ilritlsb and Americans In Ktltnnn nnd
iiotli rival lartles have beon disarmed.
Dr. Robert Wallace. M, 1', ior Fast
Edinburgh-, was stricken with rnrnlysis
In the Ilrltlsh enmmons and died Hiiortly
TtiHsibty, ,1111111 0.
Lake Dennett is nnw clear ot ice.
The Nninoniis have surrendered tlieir
guns*. i
A message from Andrec wns found oil
the eonBt of Iceland.
Uritlsh Columbia will send an excellent
gold exhibit to Paris.
Tod Sloan's popularity is rapidly waning In  Croat llrltata.
The British houso of commons voted
Cfl0,3.-��1  to Oca. Kitchener.
A. V, Neville, a C, P. ll. brakeman, wax
drowned In Kootcnny Lake.
The stage robbers nl Arizona have
been caught;  one was a   woman.
Admiral Dewey bus improved in health
and will sail from Hong Kong to-day.
.Many Indians p.-irllelpuleu in the funeral of Bishop Dnrlcu, nt New Wextmln-
stea I
A writ ban lieen Uxncd for a new dec
tion In Banff; polling day Is on June
A Manitoba Conxervatlve convention
will I* held in Winnipeg ut the end of
ArrnnRemonts for the Western Canada
Pi-ess excursion to tho Pacific ooait have
been ooiuplsted. t
Drainage dcbcnlnros to the. nm.unit of
&t80,D0l> have been called Ioc hy the
Manitoba government.
Conservative newspapers in Britain be.
ll eve a dissolution or parliament will be
dlsaetrous to the Liberals.
Portage )a Prairie lacrosse club is
champions of the district, tlladetono be-
ing unable to raise a   team.
Tho Q. T. It. trackmen have been order-
ed'out on Strike again, and the engineers
are meeting to consider tiie proposal of
Lord Kitchener conferred with Mr. A,
J. Balfour, and a spirited debate took
place In the commons on tlio grant ��f
C'lP.OOU, which wns filially Hissed.
Miiodn*-,, .lu in- a,
A new trial bus been ordered for Dreyfus.
���lohanu Ntrnuss, the waltz king, l"
The Dominion Chinese poll tax may lie
Mr. Kerr was nominated by Deloralno
liobt. Martin, n manufacturer of chat-
ham, Ont., dropped dead,
Young a co/h hardware store, at Cypress it Ivor, was burglarized.
Tho Australian vs. All Englnnd orickoi
match was occlarod a   draw.
Mr. .1. II. Ituddell was uoutlnnlcd by
the Mortlon Opposition convention.
Piiisiniry won Ma game in the International chess tournament in London.
Nearly all the business portion nf Ho-
publlc, Wash., was destroytO by lire.
Chas. W. .InmcH. a furiner nf the Kll-
inriie,-.   district, was killed by lightning.
w. J. Usscry, a c. and 12. railway
brakeman, was killed in the Macleoil
Miss Daisy Walker was found dead in
bed at MaclOlld. Au luuilDflt was de-id
ed   on.
The Winnipeg general hospital wards
have been disinfected aud al poll again
to tbe public.
On the Island nf Mouserrat. Leeward
grottpr, -I." vnrtluiunkcs occurred in t)i<
space nf  five hnurs.
The Liberals will meet on Friday, and
the Opposition on  Wednesday, to nmnlu
nte candidates in  Sourls.
Lordou, a school teacher, formerly at
Noire Dame lie Loonies, was floggOll b
the Winnipeg jail, tor child assault.
Two men were curried down into tii
Elk river and killed by a slide nil III
Crow's Nest   Pass line, near I'emle.
Spain sold the Carnllno, Patau*, aud
Martauue groups of islands to f lor many
for nliout $5,000,000. The lulled Sin-
to*- objects tn the bargain-
A number of   Important change* havt
lieen made hia government hill hearing
nn the l>nminimi criminal code. llurg
Inrs iu   certain cases will lie lashed*.
Discussion   ns   io   (lie Advisability or
Atlveitlsltig English Ciiim-h Sert Ices.
Hamilton, .Tuno II.���Tho annual
meeting of tho synod ot* Hamilton
opened yesterday. Ushop Dumnnlin,
iu the course ol his opening ncldress
deplored tho growing tendency lo break
in on tho Sabbath Day, whicli was loading to tho neglect of church going and
to poor collections. Uo said eiTors are
being made to fill the ehurcl ei hy son-
saioual servicep, well udvertised. ''1
trua the chucrn will never resort lo
any aids of this kind, for if the administration of (.'hriiil's holy pncraincuts
and pure doctrine will not ut track,
nothing will," said tliu bishop. Subsequently, when the report was presented from the Commit too ou select
vestries, the latter point in the bishop's address came up again. Tho report reooniuieuded lhat tho management of the temporalities of tho church
should he placed in the hands of the
vestry, which should generally perform
all the duties of a temporal uiiturc now
devolving upon rectors nud w ardeus.
Aid. Hobson spoke strongly iu favor
of tho report, arguing thut nnder such
au arrangement it would be a far
simple task Idealize funds when
necessary and pointing out the sneoess
wihch has been mot with by iheMetho
dist mid Presbyterian churches of this
city, which arc ogverued in this manner.
Canon Sutherland took tho opposite
view, and wns particularly earnest iu
his remarks. He sincerely hoped thut
no Enlgish church would endeavor to
raise money or iucrcuse the attendance
dt church by the menus employed in
tho other churches. Ho alluded to certain advertisements which havo up-
pe ired in the press from time to time
directing attention to bills of fare
dished up nt certain churches, nud
hoped thu time would never como
when tlio Church of Kugluud would
Hud it either necessary or expedit-ut to
adopt such means.
Tho discussion ou tho report wus loug
aud varied, the synod appearing to be
well divided on Ihe subject. The matter was borught to a tdosc, however, by
tho passage of a motion lo refer tho report back to the commit too for further
consideration during the   coming year.
The New Hallways.
Winnipeg, Juno II.���Mr. Win. Mc-
Keuzie arrived iu tho city yesterday on
business connected with his railroad
enterprises in this country. Ho states
that construction operations on the
.Southeastern and Canadian Northern
lines havo been considerably delayed
by tbo wet weather but nevertheless it
is thu intention to have the former
completed to Rainy Hiver nnd Ibe latter to the northern boundary of tho
province hy tho time snow flies again.
It is hoped that lhe Southeastern will
be iu operation lo Port Arthur in time
to assist in moving the iropof 1001.
It is learned (liar the negotiation-; between Mr. McKenzie und President
Mellon for running powers over Ihe N.
P. Portage brauch have not yet materialized; nud it is also stated that if
these negotiations fail entirely Mr. McKenzie will build uu independent Hue
from Gladstone to Iho city.
Sympathy Meeting.
Toronto, Juno 0.���A meeting in
sympathy with tho striking trackmen
was held tonight iu St. Andrew's 1ml 1.
Mayor Shaw presided uud ho and sev
erul aldermen spoke expressing the
strongest sympathy wilh tho men.
Tho other speakers wero Kev. Father
Miiinelion nud Kev. J. R Kennedy, Ihe
Baptist miuister. A resolution was
pussed expressing sympathy with the
men. Iu Ilio meantime the Grand
Trunk authorities chum there is no
strike, 00 per cent of the old men heing buck to work on most of the sections, and say the road is short of men
Chicago, Juue 11.��� In response to a
demand for more time, made by many
pnlbio officials, the organizations invited to participate in a conference on
combinations and trusts in this city
June 2II-2K, tho general committee having ehnige of tho arrangements has decided to change tho timo of meeting.
Barrie, Juue 0.���The county council
of Slmcoe has presented Ihe comity
batallion with a $100 onp to encourage
rifle practice among the men,
George and Addle llitreows Delivered to
New York DiUcetlves.
New York, Juue 9.���George and
Addle Barrows, who nre accused of kidnapping Marion Clark, were brought
to New York from New City this forenoon, aud taken to police headquarters.
They came in the train from ��� Tarry-
town, to which poiut they hod been
taken by a sailboat iu the early hours
of tho morning, after the Kocklaud
county authorities hud delivered them
to New York detectives.
The New York men lost no timo in
getting tho prisoners out of Kouklaud
The clouds
have hardly held
more ruin drops
than the tears
which have fallen
from w omen's
eyes. There is a
world of truth in
t he old Hong
which said: "Man
must work, and
woman must
weep." Women
must weep uot
only for the troubles and ills of
su tliey love,
but    because    of
ihe physical agony anil sufTeritig
that thty themselves endure iu
Nine-tenths of
the pain and suffering that women u u d e rgo
could be avoided
by a little knowledge, and a resort to the right remedy.
When a woman feels weak, sick, nervous,
fretful and despondent, and suffers from
pains in the hack and sides, and burning
and dragging down sensations, she is suffering from weakness aud disease of the
distinctly feminine organism. Dr, Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is the hest of all
medicines for ailing women. It acts directly and only on the delicate and Important organs that make nmlemity possible,
It makes thtm strong and well. It allays
inflammation, heals   ulceration,  soothes
pain, and tones the nerves.    It does away
with tiie usual discomforts of the timorous
period, and makes baby's coming easy and
almost painless. It is lhe discovery of Dr.
R. V. Pierce, an eminent and skillful specialist, for thirty years chief consulting
physician to the Invalids* Hotel and Surgical Institute, at buffalo, S. V. No honest
dealer will urge a substitute for this superior medicine.
������ i cann.it sny too much fur nr. Pierce's favorite Prescription." writes Mis.- Clara llinrd. of
lirldgenort, Montgomery Co., Pa. "1 cannot
prait-e ll Itm lliglilc lur ihe rikmI it did tile. If
any one dbulits Uiis give litem my nnitte and
Send for Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser. Paper-bound. .11 one-
cent stamps; cloth-hound, 50 cents. Ad-
dtcss Dr. R. V. Pietce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Sir Alfred Miner Wanted Additional
Seats in the Rand District;
for the riUnnders.
Loudon, Juno 0.���Advices received
here yesterday from South Africa,
emanating from Erit'sh sources, show
more completely tho utter failnro of
tho receut conference at Bloemfoutein
between President Kruger nud the
British high commissioner, Sir Alfred
Milner. London afternoon papers all
refer to the duugerous situation. A
dispatch from Mutjes Fontuin says Sir
Alfred Milner's proposals included
granting the Lit landers additional
seats iu the Hand district, and President Krngcr, under pressure, dually
otl'ered three additional seats. Tlio
British high commissioner thereupon
j pointed out the inadequacy <'f tho pre
sidents' proposals, adding thnt he hnd
como tu the conference in the hope of
being able to inform her mujestys' government that the president of tlio Transvaal was prepared jo afford SUOI) liberal
measures of reform as would eiialbe the
Ut landers lo help themselves and relievo the governiu.nl of the obligations
to intervene in order to redress their
particular grievances.
Sentence ol' the Two C, i\ it. Agents Wlin
itoiiiifd ibe Company ut Trull, H.C.
Trail, B 0., June 8 J. W. Brewster, formerly agent for the O.P.tt. nt
this pluee, and J. H. Sinclair, his us
sistunr, were loduy found guilty of embezzlement of lhe funds of the inilwav
company nnd sentenced respectively to
fifteen months uud two years and six
mouths' imprisonment wilh hard labor.
Brewster's sentence wns somewhat
mitigated, as the evidence showed that
lie wus largely influenced by Sinclair.
Tho latter Hod to Spokane. Washington, but wns extradited nfter a hitter
tight, whereas the former was arrested
here shortly after the discovery of the
shortage. Strenuous efforts were made
by Brewster's friends to effect a settlement with the 0. P. R., but without
avail, nn tliu cane was put into the
hands of the crown attorney.
county onco they got their hands on
them. The easiest aud quickest wus to
cross the Hudson river, and this they
did by sailboat from Nynck, The delivery of the prisoners to tho New York
detectives was as dramatic as every
other feature in tho kidnapping case.
It took place in the middle of the night,
und was folllowed bv a weird drive in
the darkuess over thu mountains,e ross-
iug iho Hudson by break of day, and
finally the delivery of thu prisoners at
police headquarters, this city, amid
much excitement. Bella Anderson or
Carrie Jones wus taken to the police
headquarters soon afterwards.
At Tarry town tlio woman broke
down and stimulants had to be given
her, but her husband did uot seem low
spirited. Later tho woman said she
was gJad she was going to New York,
so that the struggle would soon be
Prince Hilkotf Visits Grosse Isle.
Montreal, June 1).���Prince llilkoff,
tho Russian ucntleman who is interested in the Doukhobors, cniuo up from
Grosse Islo quarantine today on his
way west. He was not allowed ou the
Lake Huron, hut BnyB there was only
oue cu.;e of smallpox among the immigrants when he left.
New York, June !).���Representative
Jus. A. Sherman left here last night
for Dubuque, In., lo confer wilh Col,
David B, Henderson, who is to be the
speaker of the next house.
PL/1STCR IN ErlrjI-jeLeD   I
ROIIJ ���ce ,|0">
Cypress River Burglars.
Cypress River, Juno 8. ��� Deputy
Sheriff Home and Chief of Police Elliott have been here for tho last two
days iu connection wilh the burglary
and robbery whicli occuried in u hardware store early last Sunday morning.
Warrants were issued for tlio arrest of
two suspects, oue of whom, James
Cooper, was placed under arrest. The
other individual made himself scarce,
and has apparently left this part of the
world. A quantity of tho stolen goods
have been recovered. Cooper appeared
before the local magistrate yesterday
and was committed for trial.
���7\y/l/   COIiaVMPTlUN Had
l_t*iVf .   HPiruvc; or inooD.
~r f j r   em tomiB. aosa
&**c^     m       or APPETite,
DERUITV. ibe henrflt" or ILU iirlido
are moil nuuilfeit.
By tfan aid of The D. & L. Emulsion, I have
gotten rid of ahacklnj,' cough which had troubled
mo for over a year, und fiavo gained contldcr-
alily ia weight.
T. H. WINGHAM, C.E., Montreal.
80c. and >1 per Bottle
Most peal.
Hamilton, O. June 8.��� Cliiof of
Police Petit'A, Clare, of this city, with
his wife ami daughter Margaret, at
tempted lust night to drive across the
Cincinnati, Hamilton und Dayton railroad track, four miles sr nth of hero.
The locomotive struck the carriage,
dashed it to pieces aud killed the chief
Instantly, aud seriously injured the
child who died iu the hospital a few
hours later.    The wife cannot revive.
Cr|S!S ThEeEsrAwn-RHEUMAnc j |    jos. monkman is dead.
West Selkirk, Man., June 8.���Another celebrated character died at Pcguis
'UNMKFfUCta5��AL60INIYAROP   Iyesterday in the person of Mr. Joseph
" - Monkman.  who rescued   Dr.   Hchull/.
and took him ont of tho country dnriug
tho first   Kiel rebellion.    Ho wus ISO
Cloudbur-t In Texas.
Austin, Tex., June P,���The cloud-
borrtt of yesterday, which swelled the
rivers of this portion of tho stale nut of
thctr banks and caused great loss of
property, was much worse than reported. Many ure known to have pemhed,
mciigro reports tonight placing the
number at twenty-five. Today reporls
come from San Suhu, nud Manardville,
small towns, ninety miles north of
here in tho mountains, saying Hint
both towns hud been swept by the raging floods and worn badly devastated.
ht Sau Silton eight people were drowned. Tito whole town is under water.
At Manardville seventeen persons were
drowned, all negroes but two. The
river is reported as rising and it is
feared tlu; entire country iu that neighborhood will be laid waste.
Hamilton, Juue 9,���Tha  committee
of ti mm gem outs hns almost completed
its task of billeting tho delegates lo Iho
general assembly, lt is expected (hat
tho nttendamo to tho atsemblv, which
moots hpro on the liiih, will bo the
largest since tho union of iST,"!. The
assembly will meet ill Central church
of whicli Rev, Dr. Lyle is pastor. The
most prominent names mentioned for
tho moderntorship aro those of Prof.
Bryoo of Winnipeg, Rev. Dr. Milllgan
of Toronto, nud Rov. Dr. Fletcher of
Hamilton, with tho probability iu
favor of tho first named.
San Franoiseo, Juue 0.���Tho Examiner says tho Pacifijj Coast Bisonit
company otherwise known ns tho cracker (rust, has collapsed. Julias Browu-
Btcin, secretory of tho Standard Biscuit
company says tho promoters of tbo coin-
bine could uot sell Iho .dock and it ie
thought the scheme of consolidation
would not lie revived.
HEIR TO $75,000.
A M:ih Imprisoned roe Stealing Thirty
CviiU  renin 11 dnt it'll-
San Francisco, Juue 8. ��� Richard
Davorkosen, who is now serving a term
m the county jail for? stealing thirty
cents from the poor box of the St. Joseph Catbolio church, will find 1)00,000
gnlden, or about STu.oOO iu American
money to his credit iu the National
Holland bank when released two weeks
from today. He took thirty cents because on tho verge of starvation uud
too proud to beg. After his conviction
his wife aud children left him, return
ing to their former homo iu Germany,
Several days ago tho German consul
hero received a letter from Lachapelle
making pressing inquiry for Richard
Daverkosen, onco staff officer of the
great Vou Moltke, nud stating that un
inheritance of lioo.floo gulden, part of
tho estate of a maternal mint, Mrs.
Schlecher, was awaiting tho lucky
heir's pleasure, Tho letter was from
the sister of tho missing man. Ho was
found iu prison nnd taken by two officers to the consulate where ho established his identity as Caplaiu Daverk-
sen. sou of ouo of tho hest uud most
wealthy fami'ies of Aruliolm, Holland.
Ho .joined tho (-Jornmny army on the
outbreak of tho Franco-Prussian war
and made a good record. It is said he
will inherit $800,000 mora on the
death of his stepmother.
Condensed News hy Wire.
Hamilton, June 8. ��� The annual
meeting of tho Hamilton synod opened
today. Bishop Dumonliu in his opening address referred tn the sensational
methods adopted to draw people to
church ou Sunday.
Loudon, June 8.���An interesting action has been commenced by n tradesman against the Bunk of England for
refusing to cash a -'-100 note which
formed part of the money stolen on
January lust from Parr's bank.
Berlin, Juno 8.���Tliu Russian government has broken off diplomatic re
lntious with the freo city of Bremen,
owing lo the refusal of the Bremen au-
thoirties to grant satisfaction for the
alleged wrongful arrest of n Russian
Victoria, June 8.���Peter Leech, at
one time city   engineer   of Victoria,
_____y__j___________t_________ ���--* *-\-"fci-^r*e pi t-fc ���>���*���>���*������*-** ���****-, _
Very valuable Remedy in all
affections of the
Large Bottles, 25c
Prop's, of Perry Davis" Paln-Killer
died uf tho Jubilee hospital last evening, after an illness of u few days. He.
was ono of the pioneers of tho province
nud wns formerly connected with tho
H. B. Co.    He wns 70 years of age.
St. Catharines, Out, June 8. ���Ow
ing tu nn alleged shortage of 9000,
Russell Wilkinson, ex-treasurer of XVI
agara, has been arrested. Wilkinson
left office in March, 1898. at which
time a shortage existed to nn unknown
extent, which has since been placed nt
the above figure.
Loudon, June ?.���Tho third international congress of publishers opened today at Stationers' hull, this city. The
United States and Canada wero represented. President Murray, iu his nd
dress, said if the congress only succeeded "in inducing onr friends nud cousins
nml friends iu tho United States to outer iuto tho Berne convention, Iho congress will earn a high place in the successes of history.-"
New York, June 8.���At n meetiug
of the hoard of directors of Ihe Commercial Cable company held here yesterday, the regular quarterly dividend
of oue and threo-qcarters per cent was
declared payable July 1. Tho transfer
books will bo closed ou June 20th nud
re-opened on Jnly Ord.
London, Eng., Juuo 8.���Tho Archbishops of Canterbury and York listened to much lenrued evidence and argument yesterday in Lambeth Palace, ou
tho subject of processional candles in
Ihe church.
Montreal, Juno !).���Tho Earl ol
Kin I ore and Baron Deforest am here ou
their way west from Enlpnnd ou n
tour. The earl was formerly governor
of South Australia.
Every suffercf front catarrh Who reads these lines will find in them a message
of hope. No matter how severely lie may be afflicted, no nuttier how many so.
callecf remedies he may huve tried, no matter how many physicians have experimented upon liini in vain, no mailer how completely he may have despaired of
ever ridding himself of his disgusting and distressing malady���he can be cured I
Hundreds upon hundreds of casus as bud as his have been fully and permanently
This wonderful remedy never fails if taken tiefore catarrh has developed Into
other necessarily fatal diseases, Don't put it off���go at once to your druggist
and get a boltle. It will relieve you in 10 minutes���it will place you on the road
to full recovery immediately. It cures cold in the head, sore throat, tonsilitis,
asthma, hay fever, loss of smell and deafness. Mere is an interesting letter from
the Rev, James Murdock, of Harrisburg, Va. :
"Whon 1 know anything is worthy of recommendation, I consider It my duty to let
mjr friendiknow It, I liave used Dr. Aanew'B Catarrhal Powder for the last two month*
and am now completely cured of catarrh of five years standing. It Is cerulnly magical
In Itt effect, The lirst application benefited inn within five minutes. I would not lm
without it In the house l[ li cost $ j a bottle, as it will cure uny alight cold I may nave,
almost Instantly."      At all druggl-tll.
Dr, Agnew's ~
Mver Pills���20c. i
scma, letter a;
instantly."      At an druggittt,
, Agnew's Cur�� for tho Heart relievct heart dlieaic tn 30 minutes. Dr. Anew 1
���>ill*-3Qe. for 40 dotet-are the best. Dr. Agnew's Ointment iclievea la aSay to-
tetter and all akin dlaeasea.  Cures piles in a lo 5 nights.   35c, 10
Mr. Chamberlain^  Diplomacy   Hill
Bring About au Agreement
ia Canada's Interests.
Loudon, Juuo H.���A high authority
in the colonial office iuformed a representative of the Associated Presa that
tho negotiations with reference to the
Alaskan question are iu tho rosiest possible condition. After tho interview
United States Ambassador. (Jho:ite held
yesterday with tho Marquiti of Salisbury, tlio lines of the prospectivo ?et-
tlomeut fur carrying 011 the discussion
in the joint high commission wore formally submitted by Iho secretary of
state for tne colouies. Mr. Joseph
Clnmberlain, who throughout, has had
a moat potent iutiueuco with the Oa Indian side. Every arrangement iu tho
negotiations between Mr. Ornate, Tjord
Salisbury and Sir Julian Pamicefoto
has gone through him, aud tho prospective settlement, in a grrnt decree, may
l>o eonsidered n triumhp for Mr. Chamberlain's tnot and perseverance.
Washington, June 8. ��� Nothing ia
known hero officially iir to what pro
THim IS no KIDD or P��l�� on
Opening of
First steamer from Fort William
TUESDAY, 9th May; thereafter erery
Tuesday, Friday and Suuday.
Connecting trains from Winning
every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 p. m.
Cheap One Way
For information and full partioulan
apply to nearest agent, or address
Traflic Manager*
gress has been made iu the negotiations
at London toward the reassembling of
the Anglo-American joint high commission. It is known that the arrangement of a modus vivoudi to govern the
relations of the United States uud Cauada on the Alaskau boundary is receiving a great deal of Ambassador
Choato's attention. Tho basis for the
temporary delimitation of tho boundary in tho neighborhood of tho passes
{fading into tho Klondike from Iho
Lynu Canal will, if tho present efforts
succeed by tho White Pass on tho east
aud tho Chilcoot Pass ou tho middle,
at the points whore tho Canadian customs houses wero es.ublished about
oighleen months ngo.
Toronto, Juuo 8,���The couference on
tho subject of technical education wan
held at tho board of trade building yesterday. President A. E. Kemp presided nnd there were many prominent
onlsiders present from various purls of
tho proviuco. Mr. G. \V. Ross, Ontario minister of education, was the
chief speaker. He expressed the eview
that the question was one that should
bo doult witb by the provincial government nud hy the municipalities. Edu
cation, he held, was a necessary basis
of tech 1 ieul education. Referring par-
tiularly tu Iho proposed new uud up to
date tccchnicul school for Toronto, he
said the provincial government wonld
givo such a scheme substantial aid.
He also announced that the government would, if supported by the legislature, make agriculture a compulsory
subject of teaching in tho pnblio
school. A committee was appointed to
consider Iho matter nnd report nt a
subsequent meeting.
Loudou, Juuo 8.���A hot wave,'
similar to the oue which is now affect-!
ing Now York, prevails over Europe.
Here, the coutinuauco of hot weather
so early in Jnne almost breaks all records. Thermometers iu tnis city have
been registering 88 in the shade at Iho
hottest timo of the dny for five days
past and there have beon seven 1 deaths
from heat. A commercial traveller
committed suicide yesterday sayiug:
"I must get ont of the world, I will
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Hilling, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Deeds attested. Parties represented in
Police court, Small Debts court and
County court. Accounts collected and
disputed claims adjusted.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines
in various parts of British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Hold, and Silver-
Load .1'respects and Developed Properties
on Bond.
Reports and information furnished
regarding mining properties.
Stocks in British Columbia mine!
bought and sold.
Hoggen's Assay Office is now fitted up*
Assays made promptly aud carefully.
Rates on application.
Cable Address :   KANAOAN, Golden*
Cudes in use: Moietng & Neal, and
Bedford McNeill.
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
golden, u. c.
Rubber Stamps.
OrtlcrB fur Rnlitier Ntnmi* nnd Suits will !*���
ivc.-lvml al t>titiiilil��:ii Kra Ofllcoaiul exccuteA
witli iirutiiptltudi-.
Tbo Gulden Kra Company,
Uinlieil LiHtrlllty
A supply of Biillilmg Lime for sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention
if[ven to orders.
.   HOTEL.
Omul   acro.ii.iio.lntlt.il   lot   prewpectora  and
KrelBliti'i'..   Plrat'CluM nienlH.
^WE   PRINT*���������
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholesale mid Ileiitlt���
i.'fttt'o, Sheap aud Ilorae Dealer*.
JAMES 11HADY, B.T..S. & P, L. S.
..Mining Engineer..
.��. Am'ii Inst. H. II.
Alient for nlitiiliiliif- Cvo-Vll  lliiint-., (I..I11K
mniiiiil ;i--i--.iiu.nl ivhi-k.i'Ii-.
.Aillln-M:   OOLDEN,   B.C.
Sond us ynur oriler,.
That in what we nre here lor.
ADWlRHi:   (iOLUEN, 11. C.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms,    Baggage Transferred Fre;.    Hot
and Cold  Baths.
Bates $2.00 Fer Day.
Choice Wlnea, Liljuors and Oigan.
Naiati & Tramway dpi, Ll
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting wilh C. * P.  R. nt   Golden,  II. C, and Great \
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
Manager. L
Q-ox.r>ErT Era.
A NoniefllluliW Bottle.
Tbe iuventive miiul bus for years
been bard at woik trying to perfect a
nonrefilluble bottle, by mentis of which
it will be iinpowrible for imitations or
ndn Iterations of wine, beer, patent
medicines and the like to be sold in
bottles bearing a given brand. That
these Imitations and adulterations huve
lieen sold ia the reason for tbe demand
among munnfactnrern for a uonrefilla-
ble bottle.
Many attempts to supply this want
have been made during the past five
years. The latest ia the invention of
lleorge Tnrrell of Pnterson, N. J., who
lias constructed what be calls a spool
atopper. This rests in the neck of a
bottle and while it lets the contents
flow out. it effectually prevents the entrance of liquid*. No union ut of pres-
Btiro from the outside will force liquids
through the stopper. When this is at
tempted, snction, created at the hase
of the stopper, drives tbo liquid ont
again. Should 11 moro powerful pressure
be applied, tho result would be tha
breaking of the bottle.
WniIIiik Nulnrr.1 Gas,
A Into prominent citizen of onr city
has this to say of the prodigality exhibited in Indianapolis in the use of nut-
nral gas; "At the hotel I am stopping
nt I desired to turn off the }_as burning
in the stove in my sleeping room, but.
finding no means of doing, so I rang the
bell, when a colored servunt responded,
to whom 1 mado known my wants.
'Why. boss,' said he. Mat gas ain't
been turned off fo' six weeks, hit ain't.
" 'Burned all the time, night ond
day, Sundays and all?' I asked.
" 'Yn-is, sah,' said the darky.
"I went to look at a new honse which
a party desired to sell. It was jnst com*
pleted and unoccupied; had a furnace,
nnd the gas was bnrning away in the
*' 'Do yon let this bnrn this way
right along V I nsked.
" 'Ob, yes; it don't cost any more,'
was the reply.
"This prodigal waste will be repented
when too-late, I fear," said onr former
citizen.���Torre Haute Express.
MInard'ft Milment Cures Dlptherin.
The Last of Llbby Prison.
"Tbe^doors of Libby prison," Bays
Ibe Chicago Times-Herald, "have beeu
closed to the pnblic for the last time
A salute of 24 guns was fired from the
old cannon in front nf tho bnilding by
members of tbe Eighth regiment, and
tbe end of one of tbe most famous relics
of the civil war was marked. The thon
winds cf relics which have beeu on ex
hibitiou iu the building wil) be stored
and within a few weeks wreckers will
begin demolishing the prison A huge
exposition building, larger than Mad
ison Square Garden. New Vork. will be
built by the Coliseum company on tbe
site of the present bnilding It is prob
able that the work of wrecking tbe
building will be done so hastily that it
can never again be rebuilt "
Electric Bell* llnnu Iir tlte fton.
PrcfesHor Torvuld Kohl of the Oddui
observatory, Denmark, reports thai
when the huge snn spot of Soptembei
last wns crossing tho solar meridian
magnificent auroral lights flashed across
the heavens, and the electric bells in
lhe great telogrnph station at Fredericisi
rang without any visible cause The
telegraphic service in Denmark was disturbed for hours during tbe auroral dis
play Professor Kohl thinks that tin
agency of tbe sun in producing the phenomena was evident. Similar exhibitions of "wireless telegraphy" between
tbo sun and the earth have been noted
In the past. >_
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Counterfeit XleLeln,
A lot of counterfeit nickels have
made their appearance at the United
States snbtreasury at tbe custom honse.
From the number received it wonld indicate tbat these counterfeit pieces are
In general circulation In Baltimore city
and are said by treasury experts to be
tbe best executed imitation of the gen*
nine which has ever made its appearance. The counterfeits bear different
dates, one mold being 1884 and tbe other 1898. The 1884 specimen is particularly good; the only noticeable defect,
and tbat only discernible after close
scrutiny, is the figure 1 in the date. In
color it is a shade lighter than tbe original of the same date. The nickel of
1898 also closely resembles tbe genuine.
In weight both nickels nre a fraction
lighter than a genuine coin, and to tbe
tonch they are somewhat oily.���Baltimore Snn.
JMInardsl LHiment CnreNllArgetlnCow**
firm I  Mill* Hniflue.
The smallest locomotive ever built,
which actnally runs by its own steam,
has been constructed by George W. Tit-
comb, station agent for the Boston and
Maine at the eastern division in Snco,
Me. It is as perfect hs nny engine ever
turned out by any locomotive works in
the country. An Ohio man lays claim
to the most diminutive ougine ever
built, but he will hnvo to take a back
seat for Mr. Tltcomb. His machine is
00 inches long, while the one bnilt by
the Saco railroad man is bnt 20 inches
in length. The tender has a water tank
that holds abont two quarts of water.
The tool boxes are on tho tank, and everything is made exactly the same aa
tf the engine weighed many tons instead of less than SO pounds. Mr. Tit-
comb hns been abont a year*in constructing tho pygmy locomotive.���Chicago Inter Ocean	
Safe Hall Insurance.
Tbe Manitoba Farmers' Mutual Hail
Insurance Company, with its bead office nt Winnipeg, Manitoba, is an or*
ganlzation every fanner should investigate, as every farmer needs safe and
reliable protection to bis crops from
the destructive ball storms. This company is incorporated nnder the laws of
the Province of Manitoba by somo of
Ihe leading farmers and business men
of the Province. Tho Oompany issues
to its members a fivo-year polioy with
protection of 1800 on a quarter section.
Every polioy holder is a member ef the
Oompany and eligible to the election of
offloe at the annual meeting. For
further Information apply to E. A.
Taylor, 508 Mclutyre Block, Winnipeg,
IlHrvnril'n IVoniau  Astronomer  Who
Hns Achieved n I nlqite Distinction.
Mrs. Margaret Fleming, ihe Boston
woman who recently discovered a new
star m ��.he constellation of Sagittarius,
ia one ot the very few women astronomers of note. Ui s. Fleming's star,
while not a very big one, is a brand new
oveupant of the stellar fields.
Jt does not necessarily follow that because Mrs. Fleming discovered a Btar
she sat at the end of a big telescope and
searched the heavens until sbe found a
bright point that hnd hitherto escaped
detection. She made her discovery in
no such wny. She found It while sitting
In her study at Harvard observatory.
Part of her work Is to examine the
photographic plates which ure made
with the Bruce photographic telescope
by Harvard observers In the observatory ut Aroqulpa, Peru. These plates
ure sent to Cambridge for research. By
comparing them with other plates of
the same part of the heavens taken at
previous times it Is possible to see what
changes take place in space.
Mrs. Fleming Is a native of Dundee,
Scotland, but has made her home In this
country over since 1879, when she first
secured employment at Harvard. Since
then she has examined thousands of
photographic platea and has discovered
several variable and five new stars, including her latest achievement in this
direction. Mrs. Fleming has been aided
In her work by Miss A. C. Maury, Miss
K. F. Lelnnd, Miss M, O. Stevens and
Miss L. D. Wells, who have many discoveries to their individual credit.
It is Interesting to note In this particular instance how women have helped
in the advnnce of this branch of astronomical research, either by their skill, as
In the case of Mrs. Fleming, or by their
generous donations, ns in the case of
Mrs. Henry Draper of New York city,
who has contributed large sums of
money in furthering the work of Harvard observatory In connection with
that at the Arequlpa observatory, and
Miss Catherine Bruce of New York city,
who furnished the funds necessary for
tbe construction and erection of the
Bruce photographic telescope ut the latter observatory.
Ctirilinnl   l.nltfl'H  Dulles  When   Tope
l,eo I'nsses Away.
Here is the man who will be temporary pope when Leo XIII finally passes
away. He is Cardinal Luigl Oreglla,
dean of the sacred college of cardinals
and camerlingo of the Catholic church.
He will be acting pope for two and possibly threo or more vvoelui, /or he con.
tlnilefl In power until a new pope Is
elected, ami this cannot take place until
nt least ton days after the death of the
pope. There have been Instances where
the election has not boen completed for
months, so that Cardinal Lulgl may exercise the papal power for some lime.
Tht* present pope held the position of
eainerllngQ when he himself was elected
to the pontificate, but it does not seem
probable that his camerllngo will succeed to the papal throne. It Is the camerllngo who formally declares the pope
.-lend after tapping his forehead three
CAltlUNAI. I.I'Kil OltKOLtA,
times with the silver hammer. He it Is
who breaks the seals and "ring of the
fisherman" and then assumes the dlrec
tion of affairs of the apostolic see until
the new pop? Is chosen.
The cardinal denn of the sacred col
lego Is lhe highest official in the church
next to (he pope. He Is bishop of Ostla
ami consecrates the newly elected pope
If hc is not a bishop, wearing the pal
Hum during the consecration. He pre
sides over the sacred conclave of cardinals having tho election In hand and
keeps lhe key of the place of meeting,
so that none can enter or go out save
with his consent.
When tho election I a concluded. Hit
cardinal dean asks the new pontiff what
name hc Intend.*, to take. And after be
has received the salutations of tho assembled cardinals It is the cardinal camerllngo who places on his finger th��
"ring of the fisherman." He la the actual successor of the pope, even though
A Tnriilnir Headlight,
Among recent Inventions Is a locomotive headlight which, when tbe train is
rounding a curve, turns in snch a manner as to keep its projected shaft of
light continually npon tbe rails instead of pointing off to one side, as occurs with a stationary headlight. Tho
motion of tbe headlight is controlled hy
means of an air cylinder, connected
with the air brake system of the train
and regulated by a valve in tbe cab.
I When Vie locomotive strikes a straight
section of track, tha headlight automatically returns to its proper position-
Permanently Cured of   Asthma,   Clurke'w
Kola Compound Cure*.
Mr. P. .1. Pnlntou, the well-known proprietor
of Pututun'a Music Store. Vancouver, B. C,
writes: "I have been a great sufferer from
asthma in it* wont form for over four yeara.
very often having had to sit tip nearly all night.
I hnd consulted phyatHana both In England
nnd Cannda without obtaining nny permanent
relief and tried many remedies with the same
result. A friend who had been cured by Dr.
Clarke'4 Kola Compound advised me to try lt.
And three bottles have entirely eared me. It Is
now nearly two years slnee my recovery, and
asthma hna nut troubled ue since*  1 feel very
Srntefnl to Dr. Clarke (or Introducing this won-
i-rful remedy. I have frequently recommended it toothers suffering us 1 was, and do not
know of a single onse where the required number of bottles have been taken thnt it has failed
to cure. See tbat you get Clarke's Free sample
bottle xent to any person. Mention this paper.
Address The Griffiths & Maenherson Co., 121
Church street, Toronto, or Vancouver, B.C.,
sole i 'unudian agents.
"What is the real good*"
I asked iu musint! mood.
"Order," said the luw court;
"Knowledge," snid the school;
"Truth," snid thu wise man;
"Pleiwure," snid thn fool;
"Love," wild the maiden;
"Beauty," wild tho page;
"Freedom," wdd the dreumer;
"Home," Mild the siiKf;
"Fume," snid Ihu Huldteri
"Equity," the seer.
Hpake my heart full sadly,
"The answer Is nut here."
Then within my bosom
Hoftly this I heard!
"Each heart holds the secret���
Kindness is the word."
-John Boyle O'Reilly.
How the Wuinan III active red It When
the Luilae  Publicly Inasalletl.
Occasionally  the lodges   givo   ladies'
nights and publicly Install their officers.
Those are tho occasions when tho gnat,
relegated to n closet with a combination
lock, sits on his haunches, munches a
sandwich which bo has surreptitiously
pinched befuro tho arrival of t lie guests
nnd snickers at tbe dear, delightful ladies,
who think thoy aro penetrating tho veil of
secrecy Iii which their lords and masters
No woman over goes to n public, installation without expecting to catch a
gllmpso of somo half bidden object which
wasn't Intended for hur eye. No woman
over conies nway without feeling that &ba
has accomplished her purpose.
Did you over note the* alort car with
which sho follows tho Installing officer?
Not a word of all his long exordium escapes her. She pretends to be frightfully
bored, but all tho time she's listening for
somo double meaning, somo proof that
under tho plausible words of tho speaker
lurk bidden phrases, deep dyed In secrecy.
Kvery intonation that ho gives thu highly
llowcred language of tho public Installation ceremony is to her pregnant with all
that Is mysterious.
Her eye runs around tho paneling of
thu room, searching for somo button which
needs but to bo pressed to release tho goat
or tho camel.
That spot where the secretary spilled the
bottle of red Ink ou tho drill ennvus has u
sinister look, and sho wonders if it was
Henry's lifeblood thnt helped givo the
(-loth its sanguine stain.
In tho carpet hi front of her there is it
burned district several Inches wide, char
red oven into thu wood. That must huve
beon where tbo branding Iron got away
from them, sho says to herself, and when
sho sees hur husband looking lu bur direction her eyes answer him with nn oh-yes-
I'vc-Rcon-it-you - didn't - expect -1 - would-
did-you Hash that makes hiin chuckle.
f^liu iWin't Unuvv t]i..l   lb   rr.n.i   big   .lohit
Cnrtcrston'solgar, dropped when thu lodge
opened and forgotten In the heat of the
work, that mado the hole In the carpet.
Tho installing officer notices its bo arises
to speak a bit of lint on tho bosom uf his
coat, and he picks It otT and twitches It
away with a nervous movement. Then ho
smiles, and tho brethren who have noticed
the lint smilo also.
After thoy get home tho ladles turn on
their husbands and ask thorn if It wasn't
"What?" ask tho mystified mon.
"Why, tho wny tho installing officer
forgot himself und made that secret sign.
Ol), I saw It. You didn't think I did,
but 1 did. I saw you smilo back at him
as much as to say, 'Xover mind, uo one
saw you.' Don't try to deny lt. I saw
how ho did It.   dust this way."
Hare sho repeats the performance of
picking off the bit of Hut, uud her belter
half, If hu's as mean ns most of them, will
beseech her hy all that Is good and holy
not to tell any ono, or ho will bu ejected
from thu lodge for giving nway tho secrets.
O woman, woman! How the glamour
of the lodgeroom awakens your detective
I'rnyliiR hy Machinery,
In most of tbo villages are found a
quantity of praying wheels or cylinders,
erected by pious -Buddhists, and It is an
act of religion to turn these wheels In
passing. This not ouly benefits tho soul of
tho founder and helps him to attain nirvana, but also the soul of tho traveler, as
every act of oharlty moots its reward in a
future state, Tho lamas usually carry
praying wheels, whioh thoy aro perpetually turning in sign of prayer, while tho
common people make frequent uso of
This custom of praying by machinery Is
thoroughly characteristic of n land where
nil Is weird, fantastic aud topsy turvy and
lu which tho newcomer seems to llvo lu a
dream of unreality. One enn sympathizo
with tho traveler who tells us that hu
would not hnvo boon surprised to learn
that In Tibet, as in Gulliver's country of
Laptita, some ingenious person had contrived a new method for building houses
by beginning at tho roof and working
downward to the foundation.���Times of
Whon you aro sick, it Is a great satisfaction to grunt.
gome people use so much diplomacy
that thoy expose the bait.
Your friends give you everything but
money, aud money is what you nw.il.
The man who trios to say smart things
makes more breaks than other people.
When a father ond a son quarrel, the
mother nearly always complicates matters.
Some women make a continued story of
their troubles and recite a chapter overy
time they see a friend.
Thu troublo with many married people
Is thut thoy married their first love, nnd
thu trouble with thu rest of them is that
they didn't
There ts danger In neglecting a oold.
Many who have died ot Consumption
dated their troubles from exposure, followed by a cold which settled on their
lungs, and Id a short time they were beyond the skill of the boat physician. Hud
they used Bickle's Anti-Consumptive
Hyrup, before tt was too late, their lives
would lave been spared. This medicine
has no equal for curing coughs, colds,
and all affections of the throat and lungs.
Filberts are a species of hazelnuts that
grow in (1 recce.
Pistachio nuts come from Syria, and the
Greeks wore very fond of them.
Hazelnuts grow In Europe, Russia,
Asia, north Africa and North America.
Walnuts grow originally in Persia, tho
Caucasus, China, North America and
Almonds are found in Asia, Barbary
and Morocco. Those wo get are Imported
from Malaga.
Ooooatmts come from the East Indies,
tho West Indies and thu island*-, of thu Pacific near thu equator.
Chestnuts form a portlun of thu daily
food of the Mediterranean nations, though
in America they are uot ground Into Hour,
but aro eaten simply us nuts,
Hickory nuts aro an American product,
and wu export them In lnrgu numbers to
Europe, where they nre fonnd good eating.
Pecans belong to tho hickory family.
The Hest Liniment for Horses.
Messrs. Hltohie & Co., tho hirge ranchers of B.C., write: "We consider Griffiths'"Veterinary Menthol Ltolinent unequalled for horses. Oue of ours bad a
bod sprain on its left leg, whioh was
swollen to an enormous size. Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment was applied two days,
when the swelling and soreness entirely
left It. We consider it superior to any
other liniment."  All druggists, ���-'"��� cts.
Deborah, 9:3IJtf, Is tho first innroever
bred to Searchlight, 8:04K.
Hlrock, 2:UJ4, trotting, will bo out this
summer in tho pacing classes.
Matt Dwyer has sailed for Austria with
a lot of California bred trotters.
Pilot Boy, i.':t)iHi, Is reported to havo
led Newcastle, il:\l$i, down tho New
York speedway lately.
Tho latest rrwirt is that John Dickerson
will drive .lou ruteheh. Dlckorson drove
the black horse to his record of 8:Q1>*��.
John K. Gentry hns stepped a mile in
8:28, which is tliu fastest of any horse at
tho Jewettvlllo track, where there are lo:i
horses in training.
Billy Broad well of Chicago has refused
ll.BOO for tho trotting team McKcnna,
Sfflli, and Tom Medium. They aro high
styled bay geldings, with white feet nl]
around, nnd they can step u 9:80 gait and
do It like one horse.
A mill! In 9:1114 by a groan 4-year-oltl
pacer, and a mile in 2:M}*_, last half in
l.oaji, Insuiunrter In 110% seconds, by a
green trotter, are samples of tho speed
Tom Keating hnd ou tap at Pleasunton.
Cal., on April 10.
O. fi, Owen of Colorado Springs has sold
to (!. G. Schncck, same place, thu bay
stallion Hooper, 3:211*;. Ho was u'gooil
horse last year; started S3 times, won 11
firsts, 11 seconds, 2 thirds, !1 fourths and
Was outside tho money but threo times.
There are a number of varieties of
corns. Holloway's Corn Curo will remove
any of them. Call on your druggist and
get a bottle it once.
Equal to the Occasion,
A Sliiffiilar I.nke.
A singular lake mi Ivlldln Island, hear
the coast of Russian Lapland, not far
from Kola, Is com posed of both fresh and
salt water. The Island Is a paleozoic rock
separated from tho granite continent by
nil arm of tho sea, antl upon It is a lako
which seems to be entirely shut off from
tho sen by a strip nf land, but there must
bo somo subterranean communication, for
tho tides of the sea aro noticed in thu lako,
though tn much diminished effect. Thu
lako contains throe different kinds of
water. On tho surface it is fresh water,
coming from a few brooks and from tho
rainfall; lowor down It Is salt water, and
at the bottom sea water U mixed with sulphurous hydrogen gus. The hiku harbors
fresh water animals on and near tbo stir*
face and salt water animals beneath.���
Cincinnati Kntjulror.
I havo often noticed thnt persons who
Buffer most frequently ond severely from
odds usually Insist thnt they exercise the
greatest enre to avoid exposure. Thus
says a writer In Popular Science Monthly
and, continuing, says: "Thoy havo dressed
lu tlm warmest clothing, wrapped lhe neck
in thu heaviest mil filers, remained In tho
closost rooms and avoided every draft, and
yet they continually tako cold. Tho strne*
urchin, on tho other hand, with only two
or three garments nnd without shoes and
\\ini lives tint of doors, suffers loss frequently from this affection."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colls, etc,
"Your wife's flick?   Didn't yon tell
me last week she was dead?"
"Yea,    mum,    bnt    I've    married
again. '*'
Shattered Nerves and Weakened Heart-A St. John Lady
Tells About It.
Mrs. John Quigley, who resides at 30
Sheriff St., St. John, N.B., stales: "Some
time ago I was attacked by a severe cold,
which ended up iu a bnd attack of La
Grippe. Since that time I have never
regained my health, being weak, nervous
and run down.
"I suffered very much from Iudiges-
tlou, accumulation of gas in tbe stomach,
and was in almost constant distress. I
doctored with some of the best physicians
In this city; but got no relief until I
began using Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills, and um pleased to say that they
have completely cured me.
" My appetite is restored; my nervous
system has been toned up to its old-time
condition, and I have no more trouble
from tho Indigestion and can eat anything I choose.
"I am only too glad too testify to the
merits of suoh u marvellous remedy as
Milburn's Heart and Nervo Pills for tlio
cure of nervousness, heart trouble, Indigestion, etc. Price 00o. e box, all
Asked how ho began lo writo, Kudynrd
Kipling replies, "For thu fun or thu thing
���liko all others."
Adams-Acton, thu sculptor, has completed bis design for the colossal RtatUO cf
Gladstone to bu erected in Blackburn,
Stephen Crane has bought u country
homo In Surrey, England, aud Is reported
as hard at work on a new novel, the scones
of which are laid In a New England university town, New Vork and Greece.
Mtinkaozy, thu Hungarian artist who
has now for somo time beon mad, litis no-
coHionul lucid Intervals of late, during ono
uf which ho called for a print of his "Last
Hours of Mozart," and, looking at it, remarked sadly: "That Is my best work
I'll never bu up to that again."
MlssBraddtm is still, at the ngo of (IS,
as industrious as ever, and a new novel,
"TheInfidel," which has boon promised
for publication soon, makes it guru that
18011 will not go by without a novel from
hor pen. Since 1803, when she begun to
publish in hook form, sho has skipped
only two years.
Do not dulay In getting relief for the
little folks. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator is a pleasant and sure curo.
If you love your child why do you let It
suffer when a remedy is so near at bund :-
Short Lived Triumph.
Ahmed Effewli, tbo former Turkish
embassador in Berlin, when entertaining company was in the habit nt' distributing sweeth among the ladies present. On one occasion he gave a certain
lady two or throe times as much as the
rest. She, vain of her triumph, gut an
interpreter to inquire tim reason of liis
"Because ber mouth istwice as large
as that of tbo other ladies." was the reply.--Tit-Bits.
leo's Vegetable Pills regulate the aotion
of the secretions, purity tho blood and
keep the stomach and bonds free from
deleterious mutter Taken according to
direction they will ovcreomu dys.wpsin,
eradicate biliousness, und leave tho digestive organs healthy and strong to perform their functions Their merits are
well known to thousands who know liy
experience how beneficial they nre in giving tone to the system.
Dressed In Style.
Western Stage Robber���Hold up y'r
hands 1
Scared Passengers���Yes. yes. yes. of
course 1
Robber (gallantly) ��� Beg pardon,
lady; you needn't hold yours up Put
'em down again.
Lady���My bands are not up. Those
are my shoulder puffs.���New York
CLEAR HtUD���The high pressure of a
nervous life which business men of the
present day are constrained to live makes
draughts upon their vitally highly detrimental to tneir health. It is only by tho
most careful treatment that they are able
to keep themielves alert aod active in
their various calling* M-my of thein
know thu value of Parmelte's Vegetable
Pills in regulating the Btomaoh and consequently Keep the head clear.
Ills Teeth Wonld Chatter.
"George." said the fair maid. "I
hope you will keep cool when yon call
to Interview papa."
'You can bet I will!" muttered tho
faint hearted youth. "Why, it gives
mo a chill tu even think about calling
on him."
'Twill purify the
system-Give yeu
strength and
Di Ba Bi
Very few people escape tha enervating
influence of spring: weather.
Thero is a dullness, drowsiness and
Inaptitude for work on account of the
whole system being clogged up with Impurities accumulated during tha winter
The liver Is sluggish, the bowels inclin-
ed to be constipated, tho blood impure,
and th�� entire organism is in need of a
thorough cleansing.
Of all "Spring Medicines," Burdock
Blood Bitters is the best.
It stimulates the sluggish liver to activity, Improves the appetite, acts on the
bowels and kidneys, purifies and enriches
the blood, removes all poisonous pro-
duels, und Imparts new life and vigor to
(hose wbo are weak and debilitated,
J Iff Mr. Wm. J. Hepburn writes
���Olll. from Centralia, Ont.t "I can
sine ?rcly say that Burdock Blood
Bitters la the hest spring medicine on the
market. Last spring my blood got out
of order, and I had seven or eight good
sized bolls come out on my body, and the
one on my leg was much larger than an
��gg> I got a bottle of Burdock Blood
Bitters, and inside of six days, when onty
half the bottle was taken, there wasn't
a boil to be seen. I have recommended
B.B.B, to different people in our village,
and all derived benefit from it, I wish
B.B.B. every success, as it is Indeed a
great medicine for the blood."
B.B.B. is a highly concentrated vegetable compound-tea spoonful doses���add
water yourself,
Couldn't Ue Ksvected To.
You don't seem to take uracil interest in Dewey," said the talkative passenger to the only other passenger.
"Mel1   I'm an usher in a vaudeville
HAD LA (iHIPPK.-Mr. A. Nlokerson,
farmer, Dtltton, writes: "Lust winter I
had la grippe, and It left me with a
severe pain in the small uf my back and
hip that used to on* oh me whenever 1
tried to climb a fence. This laetod for
about two months, when I bought a bottle of Dr Thomas' Kclcotriu Oil ami used
It both Internally and externally, morning ana evening, for three days, at tin*
expiration nt whioh time I was completely cured."
A Miillicmtillclan,
"Why. Tommy, you're tit tbo ,iatn
again, and only whipped for it au hour
ago I"
"Yes, mamma. I heard you tell
auntie you thought you bad whipped
me too hard, and I thought I'd indite it
even."��� Tit-Bits
Dear Sirs,���Within tho past year I
know of three fatly tumors on the bead
having been removed bv tho application of MINARD'S LINIMENT without any surgical operation and there is
no indication of a return.
Oliftou, N.B.    Gondola Ferry.
Humeri the itcmicd.
"Mn, Mrs. Smith gave me a big piece
of cake."
"Jimmio, I've often told you not, to
oak for unj thing to eat when you uro
over thero."
"But, ma, sho gave mo Iho coke bo-
caiiBo I told hor who was hero to dinuer
last night."
E. Gartly Parker SFm
J am offering aotue attractive money Dialling .tock. Ju.t now.   It will pay you to
keep In touch with mo.    tODi:*     Bodfufd McXalU'.. t'lough-., Moretog a Neal..
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
1 EDDY'S.... *
FIRST in 1851.   -X-   FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least Money.
> 4f# *.��> \u *S* ���&* ilteiteli&li&Ua&lt^te *xtV'0T4*iIV!4^I-i*>!*!^!*t->!-i^IV!4*i!45k
;?*V;*7VI*?^i*fV;-?7i*?Vi> fty *t* #*> *i> *i* *^�� *i* #*���* *& *!*����� **����� *tt\ *i�� fi> *fi* #|> *%\ /_> *k\
Nut I ii it roi oLeil.
"Then he mado an nnprovoked as
sanlt on yon?"
"Oh, no! He was more than provok
ed. He was mad osa hornet. "���Indian
spoils Journal
Nice For the I'l-itlent.
The Thoughtful Dentist���Here, wife
blow hard on this tin horn while I pull
this fellow's tooth. I'm afraid he will
wake the baby.
Not DlfllctiU ut All.
"Some men can take new furniture
and make it look as if it was made a
century ago," says a journalist So can
tome children.���Tit-Bita
Bay eet aw them and
���atiifled money refunded.    Manufactured "
Burrow.   Stewart   *
Milne, Hamilton, Can.
BUHIT0BA DEPOT, 132 rrlseeat St., Wlnulpee
Aikyonr dealer for GR-MD JEWELS.
BARBER SHOPS Bi.. m-i t,-*i.
ment .110c an .i>.illr>llni>. or Ure. b"ttl.
.tdnicki.l*. ��l'"i ROW* e.r.r-��-*<l. tl UO.
Sim*.!. mlU WUet uli th. hair. I lie *u.t-
JONES BROS. ��C0.. T.n-1-to.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
Insure* IU iiiiiiibi'i'. mi iiu*i lou ur iliiinng*:
from luiil. nml -Eivi.- iirnmiu iiiljii-.tiii.-iil uud
Ihij-8 nil lii.ii.il in lull.   Aililri-*,*
l:. A. TAYLOR, Malinger.
V l
Wc keep a largo nim-ii
iihviiv.   on   hiinil   i.r
_,..,   TII****-, F1I1NT1-HS'
^vl in rKin a i.  ami
wout Dally or Weesly
I^T Paperaor Job Outfits
���55^ mi few hours' notice.
lli:.\l��V - I'ltlNTS,
unci    I'ATKIt   ami
t'AKIt STUCK also sujiplii'd .m slun-i imtir
Northwestern Branch:
P. O. DRAWKIt   1*287.
J". ID. O' B :r i e 3sr,
148  PrlncaiH St.. Wimiliieir.
Privntn wire .111111rrii.u1 with nil niftt'keU.
Urali! iiuiij{1it nml carried on margin,
Corr��|mMilt-m-�� Noltclteil.
Alloway & Champion
Miteil  Mm ki  lunijjlil, mild, and oarrrled
on mnritln*
Write un If you wlah to exchange any kind of
money, to buy Government- or U. N. W. Co.
Laiuu, or to tend money nny whtsre.
Steamers Kevnora, Kdiia rirydRes, City of
The uleamerKcenorn will h-Rve Rat Tortoge
���very Monday- Wednuday nnd Snturdny at 0
p. m. for Fort Francos, Minn Ointrc, and aU
points on Rainy River and Kainy Lake. For
rales, etc., apply to any Canadian Pacific Ry.
agent or to���
GEO. A. GRAHAM, Manager,
Rat Portage, Ont.
In touch, tone and finish they have iiot-i|ual.
Correspondents wanted in every town to act
is agents.
KEID 1IKOS., 2S7 King St., West,
Importera of Groceries \"{*��� * "��� J.0*"***-""1,
__���_,,:__ L.S.& II. Kxtracts
Wllte IIS. Hamilton,Out. L. S. A 11. Spires
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnipeg
(All made this season from Pliro Manila Hemp)
A-��k for Prices and Samples.   Spttelal ln-
(liifonieiilM tn curlutnl Buyers,
(Limited), Toronto.
ManufactarerH nf Mimilii mid Sisal
Hinder Twine nml liu|i�� (,r overy de-
It's no Trick
To make Itlsculls, Ruffles, etc., nice .
light and wholesome when yon iis<
II I, au.itrp-M.eil
uarrltura., wn-roii,, lu-ri-u-*., TVinaiuIll.,
���c.   COCKSHUTT FLOW CO., Winnipeg.
W. N. U.    M4 THE GOLDEN EKA, FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1899.
J*SigPBKnqff .LJL-aiAaxtX
6. B. MeDermot's Tickler.
Women always strongly object to bn tickled, but
when tickled the proper way they like it.
Men are never so grateful as when you tickle their
palates with some clioice edible.
McDERMOT has gone into the Tickling- business.
Husbands if you want to tickle your wives briug* them
home a
ONLY   $3.00
or a 3 lb.caddy of MeDermot's "Golden Tips"
Ceylon Tea, our own direct importation only $1.00
per caddy, as good or better than Ram Lai's.
Wives if vou care to tickle your husbands get some
:rosse &
A grand Orango demonstration will
be held at Hevelstoke on July 12th.
G. Ilehclor wns about to return from
the eaet to Windermere when he again
became ill.
Several Windermere residents have
ordered boats for use on the Lake this
Don't forget the Nix Family of
Merry Entertainers tn Columbia Hall
on June 19 and 20. Scuts at Field's
Drug Store.
i rt vt ji j   iv 111
There kip se vent eet) children ��t pres-; Slave lakf
i>nt attending ihu Win dor inert" Sofiool. '
Tlio  sohool   w.h  exumlued the other j
day by InspeOtur Burns.
Mrs. and MIhs Lnuilmri, mother and
lister of Me.-*-i*rs. LtiiuWl Bros., arrived at Win dor mere last week to make
their permanent home tfiuro,
Mr. H VV. MoNffil, owner of the
Atbrrtoite mines, ti ill at Seattle, hav-
int* Buffered * paralytic stroke which
effects his whole right side.
Mr. FttlloivuH, of Srtlidon, ti on n
visit to Windermere for the benelit of
Ills health, nnd ihe hreelny itir of the
City of iho Ltl.oi l.ai much improved
hi* health,
Two railway laborers were killed on
the Crow's Nest Pass line nearMoyelle
Rev. J. Monro left to-day for Mb new
field in the west.
M win's cannery on Sea   Island   has
been destroyed by fire.    Loss iTO.OOO.
The 0. P. K. fast time service comes
into effect on Sunday next 18th   June.
Dr. Bell, of tho geological survey, Ottawa, will imike a  survey   of   Great
from McDERMOT'S and make your meals appetising
CROSSE & BLACKWELL'S Jams, Jollies, Manna
lades, Pickles and Sauces, Condiments, Vinggars,Table
Salt, Potted Meats, Anchovies, MARS-MALL'S Herring,
Mackeral, Scotch Herrings, Labrapor Herrings, Dig-by
Chickens, Bombay Ducks, Olives, Mano'o-melon, Mango
Chutney, China Soy, Sayer'sRelish, ISluc-label Catsup,
Snider Catsup, Patterson's Sauce, Oneida community,
Table delicacies���Strawberries, Pineapples, Peaches,
Try a package of our Flaked Rice.
New Buckwheat Flour Pancakes with pnre home
made Maple Syrup is good truck (for breakfast.
Pii'ie's Butter, Government Creamery
pound blocks, pure and as yellow us virgin gold, and
as hard as blocks oi" iee can make it.
Fresh Eggs 20cts. per dozen.
Sugar Pickled, Rolled, Spiced Bacon only 12c. per lb
The finest family sugar cured bacon and hams ever
sold in Golden.
G. B. McDermot,
ckler to Her Majesty, or any one else who
has tho coin.
&   co,
have opened as
ATHALMEIi,   (Salmon ads)
-Service* at. St. P.ml'a Church, Oolden, on Sunday next June 1-Mth-H a.m.
Olabnrion of Holy Communion, 11
a.m. Mat tins, Litany and Sermon
7:30 p.m. Kveneon^ an i S..rincn.
Mr, M. Dttiuard left ou Monday fur
Vancouver, where bo will represent
the local lodite of the Independent
Order of Oddfellows at tho Grand
Lodj;o which is iu session there thin
Tlte annual school meeting takes
place on Saturday. June 2-ith in the
school house at 11 o'clock.'at which a
trustee will ho elected to fill the vacancy caused bythe retirement of Mr. W.
>L, Houston, who.-o term of office ex-.
pi res ou that date,
Mr. P. Kntcham of Tike City, Cal.,
days: "Daring my brother's lato sickness from Belittle rheumatism, Chamberlain's Pain Balm was tho only
remedy that gave him any relief."
Many other* have testified to the
prompt ���roi {of Irom pain whioh the liniment affords. Tor sale by all druggists.
Henderson Bros., wholesule ii^juts,
Butter in One | Victoria and Vancouver,
The employes of tho Lumber Co. aro
organising a football team. Ground
hes been cleared off and made suitublo
for this pastime in tho vicinity of the
mill and the hoys are out practising
evory night. They have lota of mnterl-
a'ito choose from and ought to he able
to get together a good team. There is
some talk of the mill boys challenging
the town to u match at no dibtiutt
The Board of License Comininlssion-
���ers of North East Kootenay held a regular meeting at Oolden on Thursday
at which the following applications for
licenses wore granted. H, tr. 'Parson,
wholesale licence, J. I- Brewster, Goldon and W. H. Caldwell, Donald, retail licences. The meeting then adjourned until Tuesday July 4th, when
other applications fur licence* wit' b��
Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
or a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
ie Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
otenay House,
First Class Accommodation Cor Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men,
Baggage Transferred Free.
One of thu handsomest prospectuses
t-ever Issued in Calgary has jnst been
published for the Sheep 'Creek Ranching company. This company is being
incorporated with a capital of $76,000
in $100 shares, the provisional direr,
tors being W. T. J. Gnnn. H. Hi,
Forster, A. G. Wolley-Dod, W. B.
Barwis und G. D, Gun-Browno. The
trustees are W. H. lleald nnd J- A,
Bangs, and tho business manager, Mr.
Tlangs. Two excellent locations have
been already acquired, on Sheep creek
and High river respectively and it is
intended to increase thu probout number of cattle (nOO) to at least 2,000.���
Calgary Herald.
1 was seriously afflicted with n
cough for several years, and last fall
had a more severe cough than ever
before. I have used many remedies
without receiving much relief, und
���being recommended to try a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a
friend, who, knowing me to bo a poor
widow, gave it to me, I tried it, and
���with the most gratifying results. The
first bottlii relieved mo very much and
tbe second bottle has absolutely cured
me. I have not had as good health
lor 20 years. Respectfully, Mrs. Mary
A. Beard, Clariuuuro.Avk. Sold by nil
druggists. Henderson Bros., wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver,
The Minister of Minos, under the Bureau of Mines Amendment Act, has
issued certificates authorising the following gentlemen to practise assying
this Province: Under section ii.
sub-section 1, Charles .John Sim, of
Victoria; sub-section 2, James Mac-
fo.Hane, of Vancouver; sub-section 8,
Win. fc\ Robertson, of Victoria, W.
Pel lew-Harvey, of Vancouver, Herbert
Carmichael of Victoria, Notice is given
that the next-regular examination under
this Act will bo held on November 20ih
nnd succeeding days in the Labortory
of this Department, Victoria. Particulars as tu such examination may
be had upon application to this Department,
���Donald Will celebrate Dominion Dny
as usual this year. The Gun Club
have underteken   tho   mnitiigement of
A terrible cvoloue siritfik New Rich
inond Wis . demolished the town and
! killed hundreds of people.
j    A siit.ng of the County Court will
: be held here on   Thursday   mix'. 22nd
* lust, ut the Columbia hull.
|    Mrs. C. W. Bub.tr left on Thursday
for RjoIi Creek, Kettle river  district,'
* where sho will spend tho summer.
Cranbrook und Donald ��*il| celebrate
j on tint Ut ol July, Fore Steele on the
4th, and Golden ?
Mv, W. Avery is erecting a dwelling
house for himself ou lots which ho hus
purchased near tu tho hospital,
Tho CPU. have commenced this
week the construction of the Y which
they aro putting in at the west cud of
the yard.
Tho Big S:oro has received this week
one car of iVi-il Oaf, large shipment
of groceries add dry goods, and tho
atock in all lines is now very complete.
Archie Mclnnis. the 12 year old son
of M Mclnucs, was instantly killed in
Cranbrook on Sunday afternoon while
riding a horse, It stums that he was
ridlug rmher furiously when ibe horse
fell and crushed his head. Lifo was
immediately extinct.
The first annual excursion of tl:
Cnuaditui Western Press Association
-from Winnipeg (Missed through Golden
ou a special this morning en route for
the Coast. An enjoyable day was
spent yesterday at Banff,the first stopping place. On their return from the
coast the party will visit the Kootenay country, and continue their journey east on the Crow's Nest Pass
Railway. A daily Souvenir paper is
being published on the train, being the
fine nnd only daily paper ever printed
ired issued on a moving railway train.
The party loft Winnipeg on June 13th
aud will arrive home on 30th of this
A woman never really knows the
meaning of happiness And content until she is the mother of a healthy,
happy child. The health of the child
depends on the health cf the mother,
both before and af'er birth. Most all
of woman's weakness aud particularly
the weakness thut most strongly influences tho health of children,-comes
from some derangement or disease of
the distinctly feminine organs. Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription will
oure troubles of this nature. It should
be taken regularly by every woman
during tho entire-! period of gestation.
It gives strength to all tho organs involved, lessens the pains of childbirth
ivtid insures tlio health of both mother
und child.
Send UI one cent stamps to cover
cost of muiliug ouly, an.l tttomye tvka a.
copy ut Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser.
Address, World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Buffalo, N Y.
A Sure Reward When
Paine'sCelery Compound
Is Used.
Tho Only Medicine
that is Able to Call a
Halt to All Wasting
and Dangerous Diseases.
If sick people���young and old���acted
with greater promptness and decision.
suffering, agony and misery would be
vastly reduced.
To delay tho work of regulating and
hraciuii tho nerves and purifying the
blood is a serious mistake,
When the blood is sluggish, impure
and poisoned, whon the nervous system is unbalanced, when digestion is
deranged, and thu appetite poor and
variable, lie assured your condition is
critical and calls for Sustain attention
before the hot summer weather brings
its many added dangors.
At this timo the use of Paine's Cui
crv Compound wiil do a marvellous
work for every rundown, sick aud dis
eased man and woman. It's life-giving
work first commences with tho blood,
which is made clean nud pure; then
tho nerves aie quickly sot In order,
digestive vigor is fully restored, the
appetite is made natural, sleep is refreshing, and tho despondent heart Is
made light and joyous,
Ic is well to bear in mind that
Paine's   Celery   Compound   owes   its
tgin to the most distinguished physician that this North American continent ever produced, and his great
and worthy prescription is publicly
indorsed by our best medical experts.
If all disheartened sufferers will
start prompt ly wit li Paine's Celery
Compound they will he astonished and
delighted with the speed with which
this wonderful remedy is able to cnll &
halt to wasting and dangerous diseases
1*. is now making tens of thousands
well and strong'.for tbe hot aud sickly
summer weather.
eet      t
Head of navigation on Columbia River.
The most central point in Windermere Mining Division,
Extract from Report of Minister of Mines for 1898 : " A wnggo* read
could .be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER���at *-*. reasonable coat,
and will be so built as soon ns it is justified by the mining Development.**   ���
Dry oliraate, oharming scenery,  per foot boating on I eie and rives, and
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity.
Wei surface with gravel subsoil M build upon ; oo] it, clear water th*��
year round for household purposes, mid splendid water power dlose te* town*
Large and complete saw.mill (20 M. daily capacity) on tl ��grouse", assures
cheap lumber.
Terms easy, pnnicularly so to investors Wishing to build ...
C. D. Liang, Rqmt
Duuhass Passenger List.
Juuo 9th���Golden to Windermere
O. li, McKay, E. A. Haggen, Mrs. and
Miss Lambert) II. C. Parson, To
Iflrlands, H. B. Foster.
Prom Windermere to Goldon. H. G.
Parson, and Parker. From A-thaliuer,
Hurdle, C. F. Olesdti. From Pirle's
Landing, Hon. F. W. Aylmer. From
Spillimachene, F. Gustaveson, A. Ot*
iorson, A. Macaulay.
June lfJth.���From Golden to "Will-
derm-ore, A. Stevens, To Carbonate,
J. Henderson, F. GusUvcsou, and F.
Windermere to Athalmer, E, A.
Haggen To Golden, Brewer, Pirie's
Landing to Goldeu, H. G. Lowe,
and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
llfist Proprietors.
McMillan Fur & Wool Go.
���: "iTerlces Pal
;imfialon Ciiergod
������ 'lata Bolurno
Sheepskin Tannery
^pilTS �� DAY.
rtf-212 frlRST AVE, NOKYii
,:-nont* 9oiic!tc& . .... Writ* for Circular*
A PriffhtfaJ Blander.
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Scald,Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill
the pain and promptly heal it. Cures
Old Bores, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils,
Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions
Best Pile cure on earth. Only 25cts,
a box. Cure guaranteed. S>jld by nil
Druggists. I
Husband.Wlfe and Child thrown
Between Depot   Platform
and Moving: Train.
Portaao la Prairie, June 12���As the
At'hi ut ic express was pulling out of
tho station yesterday a man and a
woman, with n child in tbe arms or
tho former, attempted to board one of
tbe conches an tho the train was moving. Tho woman mis.se I her hold and
was thrown onto tho platform, and the
inau met with a similar fjiiH, but fell
nto a more critical  position, between
the affair, and Its able officers will no; tho  platform  and   car wheals.   The
doubt make the day the success it
ought to be. InviiatjouH have been
issued to the Goldon and ncighhoriug
gun clubs to compete for the challenge
cup, and this will probably bo the
chief event of the day. Other sports
will be arranged and "there will be a
hot time iu the old town" on   the 1st.
Bad management keeps more people
(n poor circumstances than any other
one cause. To be successful one must
look ahead and plan ahead so that
when a favorable opportunity presents
itself he is ready to tako advantage of
it, A littlo forethought will ulso save
much expense and valuable time. A
prudent and careful mnn will keep a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Ilemody in the honse,
the shiftless fellow will wait until necessity compels it and then ruin his
best horse going for & doc or and have
-a big doctor bill to pay, besides; one
pays out 25 cents, the other is out a
hundred dollars and then wonders why
his neighbor is getting richer while he
is getting poorer, For tale by all
druggists, Henderson Bros., whole-
sal* agents, Victoria And Vancouver,
prompt action of the crew in Immediately stopping tbe train, no doubt,
saved tho lives of both tbe man and
child, and they were extracted from
their perilous position by parties on
the platform. Tim man and woman
were strangers here, en route to settle
on land at Poplar Point. The man
kept a Arm hold of the little one, nnd
when rescued his head was on the
rail, and another revolution of the
wheel would have crushed his skull.
About 80 miner's licenses havo beon
issued at Windermere since January
On Monday C. Troyer brought into
Windermere some tine copper ore from
the Troyer claim on Toby creek,
N. A. Wai linger has organised at
Spokane a Company to operate the
Minnie Mund Tiger claims near Fort
O. A, Brown -reports a rich strike of
grey copper ore ou the bench behind
Windermere Lake, south of Toby
The Jupiter and Sun Lake groups at
Thunder Hil1, in which J. Brady, M
13., is Interested, have been re-located
in theu.ima u�� O. AT. Jones,
A large numlwr of prospectors from
tho Coeui d'Aleues canto into the Win*
dermere district last week and camped
t A thai in or, wailing for the snow to
y,o off sufficiently '.oget into tho mountains.
The development work dono on the
Swansea has vastly improved tho ap-
pearanco of (his proper!y. A Hue
bodv of nzurite and grey copper is
oinlng in at tho northwest corner of
thu north shaft.
The Slocan Star, the Whitewater
Dsep and ono or two, as yet, smaller
propositions in tho Slocan, and the
Brokon Hill Company aud Porto Rico
at Ymir, aro about all thoy havo signified their intention of paying 'i'ibO for
au eight-hour day,
W. B. Abol and P. Mdvor made a
deal nt Windermere on Saturday by
which ibey sold to H. E. Keave, M.E.,
thelleiuduer claim which they had
located below tho Swansea, and on
which the development work recently
dono showed up a body of groy copper
Ea-Lieutennnt-Governor has an exceedingly high opinion of the copper
oro deposits of British Columbia. Hare
are, in fact, his exact words uttered
after an extended experience and daily
contact with experts of the Very high
est character; "I have reason to belive
he said, "that we have copper ore deposits in tho Boundary country and In
East Kootenay district that will quadruple the percentage of values possessed
by the Anaconda, Not many of course,
but I bolire they are thoro all Lha
The late t-pring is keeping things
behind nt Wiudnriiioroas it- is still impossible lo get out into the mountains
io do either prospecting or dovelop-
ment work, Messrs Starbird, Collett
and Kobortsou had mon at work opou-
fng tho trail to the claims tbey have
bonded on Horse-thief croek but the
niou havo had to knock off work owing to tho depth of snow. Mr. Far-
roil, a mining engineer from San
Francisco, is also at Windermere
waiting for the snow to go sufficiently
for him to get in to examine properties there.
After a Short, but Hot and Decisive Contest.
The Enemy Drl ven Out-DotltTs Kidney
Pills the Vletors-Mr. UUIean Tested them, unil They Proved True
aud Bteudfuat Frlonda.
Amherst burg, Out. May 29,���Jas.B.
Gillean, proprietor of the Lakeview
Hotel, here, is one of the happiest men
iu town. For some years past, he has
been in vevy poor health, and was a
great sufferer from Kidney Disease.
In spite of all that medical skill, and
numerous remedies could do. Mr. Gil-
lean grrw gradually worse. His sufferings increased, and there seemed to
be no hope of curing the disease.
One day a friend called to see bim,
and advised him to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills, telling him they had cured a
number of cases, of which he knew,
and which were all worso than Mr,
Gillean's. The latter procured a box,
'and so much good did it do bim, that
he bought three more, These cured
hiin completely, and he is now obliged
to hold quite a recaption, evory day, so
manv friends call to congratulate him
on his happy recovery.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are astonishing
tho medical fraternity daily, bv their
marvellous success in oases of Bright's
Disease, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatic, Gravel, Urinary Troubles, Female Complaints, Blood Impurities, and all other Kidney Diseases
Many physicians in this district prescribe them ih their practice, always
with the best results.
Kidney Diseases cannot resist the
action of Dodd's Kidney Pills which
are tho only cure on earth for such
Dodd'a Kidney Pills are sold by all
druggists at fifty cents a box, six
boxes 82.1)0, or will be sent, on receipt
of price, by The Dodd's Medicine Co.,
Limited Toronto.
f. D. Pioimrd,.
(loll, Sili.r or T-U-l..i tl-��
(���opilor     !.*)->
('oul-.uil Silver ���    am
(.old or Silver nnd Cf-fiiwr    ��&
(iifl-l, Silver and U'ifig       B.O.
Hold, Silver, Lead * aa-ftpo; im
Prompt Attention to Sj mp"*, ly Mil.
C-uih intuit iKTOiiin. >*y tW Swnpl.,
Pulp li��5��'for tSree mHttK.
Frost Streot, Rewi��t0ke-. B.O.
in..     a*m*aa*ommsm**mmtemmer.
Columbia Yaltey
First-class Farm laads
237 acres at Wind ;catoter ��rontag�� t��-
lake, good agricultnfert land;,! weU
watered.   Extensive -ntoget
H%2 acres, prairi* ;��aW niM&m. well
watered. Good lia*A lathk. Saaek
grass range.   Appfr &*-'
E. A. Haggos* Golden.
******* m,
Hlninir Broker, Seal Bottt*,
Notary Public, tibtvnyaatar*
and General /yguat,-.
"  windekm*rj�� *.ff-
C. P. R. Changes.
At the monthly meeting of the Board
of Directrm of tho Canadian Pacific
Bailtvav Company at Montreal ou Monday. Sir. William Van Home was
elected Chairman of the Board and Mr
Thomas G, Shaughuessy was elected
President, It is understood that the object of this change is to provide for an
enlargement* of the Executive organisation of the Company, which is made
necessary by the growth of its business
nnd the wide extent of Its operations,
and that no change in policy is in any
way contemplated.
Mr. D. McNicoIl will be the successor
of Mr. Shaughuessy. Mr. Robert Kerr
of Winnipeg, is to replace Mr. McNjcoll
as General Passenger Manager. Mr.
Kerr will bo succeeded by Mr, C. E.
McPhorson, District Passenger Agent
at Toronto,
The first changes are confirmed officially, lt is undrstood lhat the others
will bo announced at once.
opened   nt, by tie MA-
si on i) cose: srsix,
ouear.y t<-*-"-*--�� by so-ati-tof,
or pun f etoreux ,�����'-/��� J
in ahares iitl.e.i*��i.. At-
l-ly tu
15.  A.  HAlKxES*
Mini.;. Agent. 'Moiim. ��.tfi
 ���    . inmat-lie-i^Luj���J-imr
���THmTV-SEVENTH VgAjj.   ���  ���  ���
Twenty "Pages: Weekly; Illastraleil.
Ikdisknbable to Minino Mew.
ttxu Miumi raa was. witMtt.
820 Market 8t., 6.W fhanchco, CAL
Kpniii'H -Breatent Weed.
Mr. B. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, upends his winters at Aiken, S.
C. Weak nerves bad oaused severe
pains in tho back of his head. On
usiiir Elcctrio Bitters, America's great,
est Blood and Nervo Remedy, all pain
soon left bim. Ho says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows tbat it oures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
tones up the stomach, strengthens tho
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new life
Into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired * ailing you
need it. Every bottle guaranteed, only
60-ami*   SeW l* ��U Druggl-its,  1
1. Tlioso ncsldlnpr little ranker. In tbe
mouth aro Huron caused by indigostiou.
'��. Those luiriiiiiir-i In tlio lhe throat, a, If
you liail ilrinvn molten load, are caused by
3. Thou belclilngs ai wind, and those
bitter or aciit mutations gushed up from the
stomach, aro all caused by iudiuostjon-
.. Those sii-k lioiiIimluM arising from a
sick stomach are cause.! hy indigestion.
5. Ho* quickly all these forms of Indigestion Rro cured liy Iir. Von Stan's Pineapple
Tablets. Tliey relieve all distress in an Instant���only im conts a box���00 Tablets .In a
box���small sine IU cents.
Wfl want Ihe sorviro. of*a.a��e.Kw������* flwi*.
line to do knitting for ut-j*et knui., wkols.or.-
s|..-*i'i) time. Wu funiii ji-RC'-nsrhins sa*.*lt
supply tho yarn free, and .oft fur tiu *vt k=
hb sent In.
Distance no hindr.incn. *R to* tlO'pat w��k-
marie'.-il-coiding to lime d ,-fole*ti-*t>e wwku
Write at once.   NnuiQ rciniimcss,
Co-Operative K dttlagr Co*-.
Topontc, tat--
.j a aym\m**ratvam
A. W. Palmsr,
Chemist ie ftrag-gftt,
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicit*j.Batirlw*,
Rovelstoke-. B.&.
Will attend ell County CMKn at atfiea,!.**?'
J. M. S����tt,M.A���1A.&.
nr-rr-        una
For Sale by' Private**-
���� Draught HoMcm.
13 Bran-jilt Hnlfc-.
11 ntrkHnle*.
13 Pack llorep.J
The-sbove stock is In 6-McHu*.	
anil porteelly broken.  Thai yecdor earn ftu--
uisb, if thislreil, complete xfggkMT ttoptxh
Hiiiuiiils, also harness aud -**goua for balaiea.
of stock.  Api-ly lo
Waverley  Mil*****-,.
Albert tilwyon. B.C.
LETS embody Ilio fruit popslu of tho pluo*
anplo with Ofhor correctives which rectify
the derangements ol the stomach, give instant comfort and rotlef from distress, and
always effect a lasting cure. 116 cts. for to
Tablets-small size, 10 cta.-They are
Sold by O. A, Wnrron.
An adjoin-nod mooting of the Board of Licence Commissioners for tbe north Hast Hoot,
enaydiatf let will be held In Government offico
Goldeti.at i o'olook In the afternoon of Tuesday, July 4th, 1880, to consider the following
applications i��� ._
3, C. Greens, Retail Licence, Queen's
Frank Dargis, Retail License, Athalmer
Hiwae, Athalmer.
Chief Licence laipector,
For Sale t     9
One Gramaphone & 52
Indestructible Records
Manufactured by the Nutleaal Oraasv
phone Co. of New York, U.S.A. Fine-
records of band music played by Sou-
sa'a Famous Band, Domic Songa,.
Oomlc Recitation, Instrumental and
Vocal Selections, etc, eta.    .
Original  value 170, will accept anjr
reasonable offer.   Apply to
Chas. B. Seddon,
Beavermouth*   B. C.
Advertise iu
1%M  WUf


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