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The Golden Era Jun 30, 1894

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Array EGOL
VOL. III.   NO 48.
GOLDEN B.C., SATURDAY, ,JUNE .'50. 1894.
$2 Per Year
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golder|, B.C.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Prices quoted and samples Supplied on
Golden, on the main line of the Caiinili/tn
I'lieitic Hillbilly, nt its connection with tlio
.ste.'iiiilm.'it lULvlirntion of the Cuhiiiibhi river:
tbe iitiiiei'iil nut! commercial cent) fEiistern
Hritlsli Columbia! Iie-idqiinrters ot'lb i Hold-
en Siiieliiii'" works, tlio Upper Coliunbin
Navb-atiiui Cn., ami liuiilict- industry; the
outlet for the widely known .-mil fnr
finned itirrlciilttii-nj nnd frrtixliip; Iwiil nf the
Cohunblii k Kooteiiny Vnlleysi uiiriviilloil
for scenery of nil kinds s tlio tlistrlliiitbi*;
point for the richest ininoi'iil country on tlie
LOCAL jottings.
formerly   of
. Wells nt t be
Miss Winnie
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c.ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JVfefleish, ����� Prop.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Ca'y. Calgary, or
Cariin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Mrs. J. I*. Claxton and daughter
came in from Calgary on Tuesday's
No. 1.
The Kicking Horse Bridge has been
fixed up and the tramway bridue will
also soon be Complete and we may
expect soon to see Mrs. Mike Carlin
going her usual rounds.
Owing to an accident at Edmonton
the Sim Fax Concert Company were
unable to reach here on the advertised
date and the entertainment had to be
postponed till Thursday. Several
Donaldites came down Monday night
to take in the show, but had to go
heme disappointed.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt David
Oppenheimer and R. H. Alexander
have filed with me an application for a
Crown Grant to their mineral location
situated on Copper Creek, iu the District of East Kootenay, known ns the
.lunnitn claim. Adverse applicants, if
nny, are required to send in their objections to ine within (10 dnys from
this date.
Donald, (ith December, 18911.
Govt. Agent, Eust Kootenay, B.C.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. E, Manuel of
uld were visitors this week.
Mr. and Mrs. ,T. F, Armstrong returned on Saturday Inst from ilout-
The work train and bridge crow nre
making Golden their lieiidquartcrs ibis
Mr. George Skinner,
Calgury, is assisting Mr
Miss   Armstrong nnd
Armstrong   returned    Suntliiy
from Yale, for the holidays.
Mrs. G. Woodley nnd Hiss Minnie
Woodley left yesterday for Calgury,
where they will spend n few weeks.
Miss Georgia Coninir.her ctinie in
from the west on Tuesday lust, site
will spend n few weeks lure before returning to Tiicoiiiii.
Tlie annual school meeting is lining
bebl to-duy. A trustee will lie elected
in place of Mr. John Gibson, whose
term of office has expired.
Among t lie visitors tit is week were
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, S.M.. H. L.
Ciuiiiiiins, A. G. M. Spragge, D. P.
Kimpton, AV. Alexander and EJ.
A peti'ion to the Minister of the Interior for a public park for Golden is
boing largoly signed by the citizens.
Tlie land desired for this purpose is
situated jtisr above the smiltci- bridge
on this side of the river.
Monday last was nomination day for
East Kooteiiny Col. the' Hon. Jiiine;
linker, Government, was duly nominated by T. Forrest and R AV. Patmore.
and N. C. Sehcu, Opposition, by F. W.
Aylmer und M. Dainard,
The Cassel Gale. Extracting Co. Ltd. Glasgow.
(Tlio MiicArlhiir-Forrest Cyanide Process.)
Experimental tests on parcel* np to 2210llis
niailo to ascertain cost of extraction nnd percentage of g..ld inul silver recovered by
uiiutiis of Ihe Cyanide Process nt tbo
Testing- Works of above Co.
For further particulars npi ly to:
W.   Pellew Ilnrvi-y, if. V. S..
Representative & Superintendent for ll.C.
A general banking business transacted.
Deposits received and interest allowed.
Collections on alt points promptly attended to.
Gold dust purchnsod and accounted for
at highest market rates.
May I, 1894. Manager.
Sunday Iieing tho 1st of July, Do-
ininion,Diiy will he celebrated hero on
'Monday. The stores will lie closed
'and the post office will only be open,
| as usual on public holidays, for one
hour on the arrival of the trains, for
! thu distribution of mail.
"Tlie Mocking Bird" by request nnd
simply charmed tlio audience. His
violin playing is something which is
not heiiril every day. Miss'Steven-
son also ciuno in for iii good , sbarn of
applause from the audience, receiving
two encores. Her rendition of ''Tho,
Fairies." wns simply charming, fairly
captivating tbo audience".
On Friday night an entire change of
programme wtis'glvon, the evening's
entertainment concluding with a danco.
Should tbo Sim Fax company every
come hero again they will be sure of a
hearty welcome,
Donnlll Notes,
On Monday evening Mr. Scbou addressed an open air meeting in front of
the Woodbine. A large number of tbo
electors were present und listened to
Mr. Schou's remarks. Mr. Spragge,
in Col. linker's absence has arranged
for n meeting in tlie Fireman's Hull on
Monday evening, when Col. Baker will
be present and address t lie electors on
tbo questions tliut ure being discussed
at present.
August Bugrain, whom everyone in
this district is ncqnniiited witli, wns
looking down Forrest's well on Tuesday
talking with tlie man ut work at, tho
bottom. Wanting to explain some
noint more clearly Mr. Bttgrnm started
to tbo bottom, HEAD I'tltST, first warning his friend to keep out of the way.
When be bud been pulled out of tbo
soft ground nt the bottom of tho hole,
it was found that beyond a slight
stiffness in his buck where lie bad
fallen against a piece of iron piping, be
was nil right, --Bug" now challenges tlio worll to perform tlie feat.
Tlie Sheriff sold by auction on Thursday, the small house on 5th Avenue,
formerly owned by Mr. J. Edwards, to
satisfy n iiioi'tgiigiiwhich with charges
amounted to &'J2*. The place was
sold to Mr. Manuel for SS0, which is a
fair value.
Col. linker's Meet I :t fr*.
Col. Haker will bold public meetings
at the following places, in tlio evenings
of the dates mentioned :
Doniibl, Monday, July 2nd, in the
Firemen's Hull.
Goldon, Tuesday, July Ilrd, in the
Alexander Hall.
Palliser, Wednesday, July 4-.li, in
Wells' Boarding House.
Field, Thiirsdav, July 6th.
Beaver, Friday, July (ith, C R.Lum-
ber Co.'s Boarding House.
Tlio Mm Fax Concert.
As wits expected, the concert on
Thursday ni^ht wns ll brilliant success, both financially und otherwise.
As tlio concert wus in aid of the hospital the public turn d out en masse.
The audience seomoj bo delighted witli
the performance that the direclots
of the hospital made arraiigeniun s
with tbo company for n second night
When Intimation of this was given
tlie applause wus loud and long. Tbe
evening's entertainment was utiioiuoii-
cod sharp at 9 o'clock Willi ,��� porno Solu
by Miss Florence M. Ward. Tna programme wns ilioti gone through as
advertised. Mr. Situ Fax in It s character songs was much i.ppiuu.tiled,
being encored repeatedly, "S.lvir
Moon," "The Prodigal Sou," nnd ������Always do Tbem Good," being tlie favorites.     Mr.   C. Franklin   Ward gave
Ily Ai-i'liiiiiatloil.
The following Government supporters havo been elected by uecliimiitioii:
Messrs. Davie and Mutter for Cowicbnn
constituency, nud Messrs. Higgles und
Pooloy for Esi-uininlt.
Ontario Elections.
Toronto, .fune 21.���The Globe sum-
nnris'S the Ontario election returns
thus : Lib. 19; Con. 2ii; Lib. Patrons
10; Con. Put. ft; P.P.A. il, uud three
places to bear from.
iiD.dE,ii [,:esp.[&. Society.
THE HOSIMTATj ia now opon for the
admission .-f patients.
TICKETS nm.v be luul from tlie undersigned or any member of tlio
PRICE Ton Dollars per year or Six
Dollars por half year.
NO EXTRAS exn.pt private wsmls.
Hi? copyrights/
Sroint-t answer and nn hone-it opinion, write to
I INN tV CO., who have hnd nearly fifty years*
I'vperk-nne In the patent business, r.-mmunlca*
tionaetrlctlvri-ntliiet-tiiit. A Handbook of In-
fm-mntion cotin-rniaiz I'ntt-nlH and how to obtain thorn nonr froo. Also a catnlogue of meobu*
leal nml tu-lt'i.tltlo 1'onl.j* i-unt freo.
Patents taken tlironch Munn ft Co. reeeivo
mic-cial notion In the r-rientille Aim-rii-nii. mid
tons are brought widely boron the public without cost to tlio inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued -viviCv, decant ly illustrated, has br far tlio
larjtMt circulation of any scientific work lu tho
world.  i*:( a year,   s-siuni'li* copies pent free.
JJulMiuu Kill t um. nn-nt My, *'2M a year. tun-trio
copies, 'J.-j cents, livery number contains beau-
111 it] plates, in colore and i-hotnitrapbg of new
houses, w Ith plans, eimbl ni;/ builders to show tllO
latest iieM-.li.-- mid secure contracts.  Address
MUNN & CO., NBW YuitU, 301 auuAUWAY. tBlte ffiol'den (iSi-rt
The U-JuJi".' Eit.Y is published every
Saturday morning in time to catch tliu east
i.ii.1 west mail trains, nl-io ilia until fnr tlio
upper ui)>tiui*/, iVi.i tiif.ttut'o, .'un Stcolo etc
it. is lite iiiily u'l.'ui'tisiug .lie,i.i,ii 1,1 ,iioKoiit
Koouiiiuy district.
Subiicriptiiiu lUtos : ���s-i.mi por uiiiiiini IN
Advertise limits nud changes must be iu
the oliicu n.it biter tb.ui 111 unlit ou Thursday
to iutiuro itisurti'iii.
Advertitietuoiit rates niiiiie kiinivn on application *.u
All ci��h tn Im pnlil t, i tlio Munugnr, from
wliinii tlio Uo iipuii/'s receipt tviil tioiibtainuil.
Iti. G-ilden Eia Publishing Campany,
] yield of the world for the last ten
yeurs bus been t".32,0C0,0C0. - Scientific
SATURDAY, JUNE 80, 181)4.
Spontunoou*  CoiiiliiiNtioii   of Colored
A correspondent of the London
Times says: "One of my children
complained that a smell of burnt paper
was perceptible in the house. This
smell had been noticed some hours
previously, but was not then traced to
its source. A careful search led to the
discovery that n paper lump shade in
one of the rooms hud been entirely
consumed by fire, Por two days prior
to the accident, the lamp, a duplex,
had not been lighted, and there had
been no fire in the room. Since the
morning of that day, when the room
was dusted and the shade apparently
in its usual condition, no one had entered the room. The shade wns made
about a year ago from so-called crinkled
tissue paper, one white and one yellow
sheet, gathered together on the
upper part where it wus fixed to the
wire frame, where it. formed a considerable bunch, and spreading thence over
the frame below. Ou examination the
yellow paper was found to be covered
liy chrotnate of lead, and this uo doubt
wus the cause of the accident. There
can, I think, be no doubt that this wns
a genuine case of spontaneous ignition,
though I havo not as yet been able experimentally to reproduce the necessiiry
conditions leading to such a result.
Fortunately tliere were no readily in-
fiiiuimnhle articles neiir, or a serious
fire might have resulted, the origin of
which would probably never even have
lieen suspected. The dangerous paper
is readily recognized by setting lire to
n piece of it and blowing out the flume.
In the case of ordinary paper it will lie
found thut the glow iilong the burnt
edge is very soon extinguished, whereas in the case of these chroinute papers
it continues until the whole is consumed, as is the cuso with ordinary
touch paper. I find that besides the
yellow paper, pale green paper also
contains chromate of lead, and would,
no doubt, be equally dangerous, and
possibly there nre papers of other
colors containing the same material.
It would be interesting to learn
whether any similar case has been observed before."
Gold Production.
Current statistics of lhe country's
gohl prolnct in 1*1)8 estimate it approximating $8<>,0U0,000 - 8:l,0ll(i,UtO
more than 189*!. The silver product
for 181)11 is estimated at a little over
$78,000,000 -a decrease of $'1,000,000
from the previous year. The returns
published lu various papers lately show
the yield of gold in Australasia for 'IKl
to be l,H7ii,iVil ounces. Giving this a
value of t'20 an ounce would make
that worth 1:17,681.240. It will be
observed that Australasia produced
more gold last yeur than the United
States. For the first three months of
1894 the Witwatersrund district in
South Africa has produced 417,053
ounces, an increase of nearly 50 per
cent over last year. The South Afr-
can gold, so reputed, is about 0 82 line.
If the African output is kept up during
the year, the total will be about that
of the United States for tho same
period     Tho   average   annual   gold
Man versus  lt.lt.
'U Wolverhampton, England1, recently, says the Sporting Life, London,
a man wus matched against, u rut, tied
to a wooden peg iu the middle of n
table by a long lino, which nllowod it
a complete circuit of lhe board. The
rat tried to escape, but was forced to
fight, Tbo man attacked it with his
teeth, his bunds being fastened behind
him, After u savage engagement tbo
rat was killed, but not until it hud inflicted severe injuries.
Senator. Sliocltt'tl.
Washington, June 28.���A mild sen-
sutiou wns creute.l iu tlio senate yesterday. Senator Kyle bud just begun
a speech ou income tax, when Senator
Call, of Florida, walked into the senate chamber, arrayed in a blue cont
and white flannel trousers. He seated
himself at the desk immediately iu
front of the South Dakota Senator,
removed bis shoos and placed bis
stockinged feet upon his desk. The
senators seated near were visibly
shocked at this unprecedented exhibi.
tion. Cull continued this position
some time, then placed his feet on
Kyle's desk. He sat thus until the
speech was finished, when be replaced
his shoes and left the chamber.
Thoy Want Nantes.
Frank S. Taggart & Co., 89 King
Street West, Toronto, Ontario, desire
the names nud addresses of a few people in every town who are interested
in works of art, and to secure them
they offer to send free, "Cupid Guides
the Boat," a superbly executed water
color picture, size 10 x 1!I inches, suitable tor framing, and sixteen other
pictures about same size, iu colors, to
any one sending tliein nt once the
names nnd addresses of ten persons
(admirers of fine pictures) together
with five three cent stamps to cover
ex|tense of mailing, etc. Tbo regular
price of these pictures is 81 00, but
they can all lie secured free by any
person forwarding the names und
stninps promptly.
Note.���The editor of this pnper lias
already received copies of ubove pictures and considers tliein really "Gems
of Art."
Onltloll Hospital Society.
From 9:80 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2   p.m. "  4 p.m.
ii        7      "���.K    'i
Sunday  from   10 n.m. to  12 111., and
from 7 p.in. to 8 p in.
visiting nouns.
From 2:80 p.m.  lo 8 p.m., daily,
except Monthly uud Saturday.
By Oitiiicit.
Crnn I To introduce onr beautiful 1(1
i ICc ! page Family .louriiul we will
send it 8 months for only 10 cents, nud
also send you ubsoliituly FREE ull of
the following genuine articles : ���
Fine I8k Kolled-Gold King. Bountiful Breast Pin, Collar Button. Pen nnd
Pencil, Handkerchief and line Key
King nnd Tablet. Tins great package
of goods son*, freo as nbovo, or we forfeit 8100,   A genuine oiler,   Address:
C. It. VICTOR & CO., P.O. Box 1353,
" It I* worth the prlr* to -wit neitnn
who even mad* a nevupn-ur."- LiMllnglon
Blue Penoil Rules.
jx. a*. JsrmviNB.
A Pocket Primer for the om of Reporter*,
Oorretpondent* and Copy Chopper*.
Short, almple and practical rale* for
making sod editing newspaper copy,
andof��qiMl value to all who wish to,
write correct English.
Bent on receipt of prim. Prior. 10 cent*
Kr copy.   ALLAN TUBMAN, Publlshet
r Nu-iti Street, Mew York.
"Ono day I was vnccinnting n tribe of
Orees, when a woman approached with
ll couple of chililren. She luul n rich,
melodious voice, with n Scotch accent,
When sho spoke I stopped for a moment
und loul her to step into the next tot t
nnd I would nttend to her iu n few mono tits. 1 saw she wus not n squaw, und
thought she was the wife of a Hudson's
Bay Company employe who wanted to
, -nt vaccinated at tho esiionse of the
"While I was speaking, tho elork
'shouted out; 'No. 1(1,'und the woman
suitl in ii low voice: 'I am No. 16.' She
lured hor nnn, and both she uud the
children wero attended to.
"Tne fuco nml voice of that womnn
hiiw.iiid me the rest of the day while I
'nept scratching  the arms of  braves,
SI'IUIWS llllll pilppoiisi'S.
" At hist the day's work was over and
instruments laid aside. After supper 1
set about to satisfy my curiosity as to
the history ufNo. 1(1, A few inquiries
Hiiul'...' I uio In locate the shack wberu
sue ]"t up. nml thither I bent my way.
"JS . HI related to me how and why
sho occupied the shuck. It was rather a
ronnmtie story, but yet one full of stillness 11 o,u beginning to end.
" '. 'v father,' said No. 10, in n voice
full in 'iitlitis, 'is ti Scotchman, and is
fiiitiir uf Fort Policy, belonging to the
liU'i.'iin's Buy company, beioru tno
N-urthwi-.it territories were taken over,
i ' ruled the country tor hundreds of
mil s around. He w. u magistrate,
fin, and nf t'onrsa administered the law.'
"When No. 10 reached a certain age
el..', 'dissent to Scotland.
"Wlii-ii Scotland was reached she en-
tiMi'il a university uud remained thero
until sho grudiuts 1. Thoio were pleas-
tint iluys for the young western girl.
She 1 eeume acquainted with un intelligent young Scotchman, mid the nttach-
illi" t 1 lu'iuni* so strong on both sides
rlnii bei'iirn she left the land of heather
nr tmi wiids of Canada they hud plight*
..',1 vows.
"Ohf* iif the company's ships bore hor
���way lit.in lu-r pleasant ussociutions in
ient'iuid lo tlm higher latitudes of Davis
traits an 1 the Hudson's buy, where the
ii-el'ei'g is familiar in August, there
iigui - t i nm;,'.i it, over fords aud sti-utuii-
<>- ui ;��� -,* imps, up v."it water courses,
ml iiiine- bewildering trniis. in com-
,ii .y with the trappers and porters uf
in ��� company for months, until Fort
Pullet' was again reached.
"Tin- journey was mado in safety.
Cf eotii'se it wa* understood tint her
YtiuiiK Scotch lover would leave the land
of enkes und follow hor to the North-
"After due time tbo father was in
formed of her attachment to the young
iniiit iu Scotland, of her intention to
tiitiir.'.' bim. nud how ho was coming out
for that purpose. The father became
angry and would not consent. lie ul-
ii.',i ,y Iiml a inisliiiml chosen for Iier.
"Here was cn obstacle thut she did not
t'oniit iiiiim. "She debated the subject
iiu her -utlit-r. and finally asserted her
rp'iig itivn of accepting us ber husband
, lie limn she liutl chosen, while the father
ivns just ns determined tliut she should
Uiill.'V lhe mull hu inni c.ieseu.
"liius in, iters stint I for a Inn:.' timo
It wns iinpii'si nlu lor her tn let tin'young
ilulii in tk'Otliltul know bow mutters
were In the meantime, hon'ever, hu
hud dotcriiiiituil to reach tbe Noithwe: t.
"lie cntiie nnd made his way to Fort
Gurry, where lie joined n party
were going to Fort Pelley.
liu reception nt Fort Pelloy was,a cold
one. The father would not allow hlm
to i'eo hi. ibiiiithtor. Ho w.is ordered to
leave the country at onco. This order
wus smirane, and luul io be ulmyvti,
"iiu could not reside in the country
an hi.; r without thu fuotor's knowledge.
'.���Wen if lie could, there was no means
for a young man like him to gain a
livelihood. Thu forts held all the ncces
scries of life, und none could be purchase! elsewhere. Then, again, there
wus tie danger of being killed by
struggling lmnils of Indians.
"'iVii reluctance he turned his bnck
toi'i.tl 'lay and. nil it cont lined thnt
wns dear tu him. He retraced his steps
us l��v t he could, nml ri'iebed the border
of tli- United States, where nil trice of
iiim wns lust forever, so fur ns No. 10
Wl.'. coin-cruel.
" ;v some means she learned that her
trti isatlantlc lover had bt o.i in the conn
try-, the reception he hud received, und
'tow he b. 1 been banished liy her
fttlii". This, of coin-so, caused ber n
go,..I dual of grief, and consequently
wbl lieu the brcuch between herself mnl
Lit .or.
"Uno morning, after the fnctor nnd
bis retinue had taken their places ut tlm
breakfast table, it was noticed that tne
daughter's c'-a-ir was vafitit, The
iiio'hi r wis its'ri'il thu r-sni. nnd sho
remi -d l, ui lho girl wns iii ami uiic wns
u.. tile to leave bur room,
������ I'liH Hither, suspecting thnt she hnd
hen .1 of his actions toward the voting
Scotchman, nnd that sho wus feigning
sicj...i*-s, dcii-rmit'.ul loshow Iier f nS
no -vns not. to bo trifled with. The
t ei* wnn requested to toll hor tocoiue
iliiwtl, Hud lhe dan..liter obeyed tiio
niiii. u. i ni-'.
"When she entered the h-ill it wns
quite evident that sho hud recently been
wei'i'ing. The father, letting ills pits*
siini g'tt the better of his ucciiruiii, np-
briiili-il bis iiiiiighli-r before tin* ti upline's, lining tho most hnl'uh luugiiugo tu
wiint Ibi' voting Scotchman.
��� or n tin o the daughter li t: n -il to
h'itli nice ....'.but lhe climax \\'i.sr ii.-nc. .
I-...,' ..i'o. it. itiltl. UloSill,' bitl-jt   It-, looso
bnir, stood before him in defiance. Lonlt-
iug straight ni her lather, sue said with
much bitterness uud determination:
'ill-fore forty-eight hours 1 will disgrace
you I" Wiiii that she rushed from tbo
���lining bull. The meal proceeded, and
aiterwnrd the employes wont about
their usual vocations,
"The father thought the affair of tbo
irorning would soon quiet down as fains bis diinghtor was concerned. But he
-.van mistaken,
"Tlie young woman left tbo fort. It
v."iis no use for her to try to leave the
couiitiy, fur she wns too far away fro.u
civili-uitioil, anil she also kuew thut homo
of the ciiip.nyes dare assist her. l-uio
! 'Iiei't.l'oro miii.u ber way to a trilio of
Oreo Indians. It did not tulco her long
lo miike up her mind what to do. It
wns a terrible snci-iliee, but slut was do
toru.iiu.'d to thwart bur father's plans,
iilid in onler to do this sho became tbo
pale faced squaw of a lull-blooded free.
"Although, with ber husband, sho
often oucitiiiped near the fort, her father
never noticed her uitertvurii.
"Tlio woman's story affected tne very
much," sui.l tho speaker, "and I was
i.lati when toy von; wns over, but tno
s icrifico No. 10 made bus never lult my
...e...ury."���,.it, .h'liii Olobe,
"What a capital joke it \vould bo!"
oxeluimod the sonbretta
"Prny don't do it." spolte up tbo first
old woman of the company. "A joko
is somotimus a vory serious thing."
"But what's the harm?"
"I might toll you a story," sail tho
elderly octrevs in a hesitating sort of a
"Well, if yon might, von will, if thero
is anything that lain fond of it is flowers
unit cauily und newspaper tally and stories. "
"Dli, wo all iike a good notice," observed thu obi lady.
*'I must have that story, nud ns for
good notices. 1 have rend ihum in your
great scrap book and wondered und won
di'i't'd why yon are not rich nml retired
instead of hiving to play hateful,
dreadful old women when you are so
good and sweet."
A sail I'Apiessiou passed over the face
of tbo old actress as sho lot drop the ro-
"My child, that is part of tho story."
"Then I must hear iti"
"Un two conditions, first, that you do
not curry out your proposed joke, and,
second. Unit you iiocouipuiiy me home
to dinner after this rehearsal."
Miss Mischief demurred ut this for a
moment und then replied:
"The penalty goes wiih the ] lensnre;
bnt, to toll yon the truth, I duu't know
which I would have enjoyed the bent���the
joke nnd the lurk or yonr feast���but your
dinners arc good and I must have t.io
'i'tio rehearsal was a long and trying
"Now for the story!"
This is the way it bo-tan, word for
"When I was a chit about yonr age,
I wns acting in a stock company und
wus quite ns full of mischief uj you
are to-dny."
"I neve:' in nil my experience saw
Biich a number of people bent on mischief in the way of Belli and practical
jokes, nud I must coufut-d that I hud
more than my share of the fun."
"One of tbe ladies of tbe company bad
busted me in n prank nml turnud the
hingh on ine bnfore tlio rest, mil I bail
resolved to gut even ut tbo first opportunity."
"Ouo night ibis lady was on the stnge
in a scene, I peeked into her dressing
room, which was next to miiio. What
a careless womnn, to be sure! That wns
my lirst thought. There, in front of
bur mirror, lay bur viiiiiiiblo diamond
ring. Yon see, she wus playing a part
wlii-re jewels would bj out of pluen."
"The idea entered my head that it
would bo rare fun to take the ring, keep
it for awhilo mnl teach her u real goo.l
lesson for ber cureloisiiess. ���
" 'Some one has stolen Miss Mason's
' 'I hoard that on eyery linii.i. A dreadful fear enmo over me before I got to
my own room.
"What do yon think, child? The
pnrso was gone1 Perhaps some ono luul
stolen the purso. Pel-hups Some joker���
another jojeer���had tnkoii il to teach me
us I bad taken the ring to teach her. At
last 1 camo to think that it must bo n
joke, nnd if it was n joke it would nil
uome tt'ti in ;,o nl tiine. What was the
use of spoiling a joke? There wns still
another net, and I had to hurry that I
should be ready in time.
"lsaw Jiiss Miisii-.i just before we
went mi mid condoled with her���that
was helping out the joke,   I was on pins
.. needles all through tho act. To bu
"Up to tbo time that wo lift tho tho-
atre nothing bad been heard of tho lost
ring.   My purse wns still missing.
'���During the next day thu thief was
caught, liu was a party who had been
helping the property mini for some timo.
No ono seemed to know .who ho wus or
where ho cun... hum, but it afterward
npponred thnt bo was no novice In
cri up. My own loss was but u ti'iiiu���a
Utile car change."
"The thief wns tried nnd convicted for
tiio i heft of ihe ring, uinl 1 cun assure
you that 1 participated iu uo more practical jokes."
"Tlio theft of thu ring and my foolish-
nosr. had pitssed out of my mind, whon
one day a fe.v yours thereafter I was nc-
costed on tbo street by u villainous looking fellow, who culled mo familiarly by
niuiiu and nsltud: 	
"-say, main, wtiorecan I sooyouabout
a little private business?"
������ -Who aro you'/' I asked. 'You aro
"'Oh, no I ain't,'he leored. 'Don't
be uppish. I'm the follow that's just
ont of quad for stealing the ring that
yon stoic I'
"I could havo faintod, but managed
to gasp:
" 'What do you want?'
" 'Money,' snid he.   I thrnst my fin-
j gers into my purse and gave  him  tiie
greater portion of what I had.    The convict grubbed  it,   and  with tliut same
dreadful leer, laughed:
" -1 didn't peach, ditl I? I kept yonr
secret.   Thero is honor among thieves!'
" 'Don't squander any money on yourself, for I shall sue you often '"
"Duar, thut man honndod mo for
yearn. I wns engaged to bo married,
but I wus forced to send hiin udrift, for
fear of exposure.
"I wus ambitions and had talent. I
inndo a great deal of money, but that
blackmailing wretch got tuo'most of it.
It wus nothing but give, givel His demands never censed and increased witn
uiy professional pn isperity.
"I have told you of my lovo. Thnt
scoundrel learned of my approaching
marriage, forbade it nud aeclai'od, -1
want you for myself!'
"I litul to give up my lover. I broke
his heart���I know it. Ho died yo.irs
"Wherever I went that villain pursued uio. No matter how great my success, no innlter wiint figure uiy snlury
reached, the great bulk went thu way of
thousands before it.
"One day be came to the place whero
I wns living and insisted on seeing ine,
The convict brought with him a diamond
necklace of great niugniticciicu and enormous value.
" 'See,' he snid, 'this is for a wedding
present���fur our wedding.'
"I throw thuui from mu with indignation.
"Then, as he saw I would not take
them, ho leered, Well, us you don't
want them, I do,' thrust tliein into his
pocket uud stalked out, That wus tuo
lint time tliut I ever suw hiin. Thirt
very night he wus engaged in u burglary,
wus detected by tliu police- uud i.i attempting to escape was shot und mor-
tuiiy wounded."
"Tunc is ml there is to tell, child.
You uro the imiy one who knows wny 1
mu sln^ii tu any, why 1 um puving old
Vi'ouie.i Hid lutr-jr Was a slur."
By n cnimn of the church nil bishops
ivifi- f, riin-r y required to keep idinoner*,
..r officials to distribute their uliiis.
Oiu* ebiiriiaii'e ttneiety in Loudon has
thirty*)-ght offices,where inquiry is wade
into all easts i.t distress presenti-il.
Tiie grand niiiiittier of France was, prior
to tint revolu.iiiii of 17811, tliu highest
ici'li'siiistiiid uTgititnry in ihe kingdom.
Quicii Yit'tnrhi's tibnoner, the ileati, of
"lYiutlHiir, dit-triliutt's t-pfciitlgiltn from the
I'tit'i'ii to tliu pour on Muiiiiuuy-Tiiiirsday.
The value of property now held In
I'niiii'e br el arlttitilu t urposcs nmouuts to
1.1' ftioi'iiiOiis sum of seventy million
1 minds.
The Lnzniists, a religions benevolent
order, received their iinuie from their lirst
be in- located iu the priory of St. Ln/.aru*
in i mis, *
The Auslro-Hnngnrian refuges for the
aged nud iiiliiin support their minute, at
mi uvurage expenditure of fil'teeii cents a
Ouo of the largest hospital* in the world
is tlie Misericordia of Kin Janeiro. It re.
reives iinnuully over thirteen thousand
In WM the vnlno of property held for
ohiiiital'le purposes hi England was fifty-
"liu in.Hi.ui pounds, an average of two
pounds lo eneh inhabitant.
Japan bus 700 newspaper* and magazines and produce* annually 18,000 books,
or booklets.
Ex President James McCosh, of Princeton, has completed tlie iiitimiscript of his
own biography, but has not decided if the
work sin 11 appear during his lifetime.
'Ibe Btn't'lllellt thut F. Marlon Crawford
is tl,e most pnpiilur American novelist is
lontitnii'd liy the report that he receives
the nun of ��"10,000 ou the publication of
eiu-li novel which be writes.
tnvinl.nine, the iioct, and Theodore'
Wm s, the painter, live together in all
KiMrliili manor limine. The poet is said
lu have grown so detif that he hears an
ntdtnury conversation with great diiQ-
The biography of Abrabnm Lincoln,
written by President Siirmiento, who was
Argentine minister to the United state* at
lie- lime of Lincoln'* usMissliiiiiiiiii, is used
ns ,i text book in the Argentine publlu
(If Prof. Ilriinininnd'* "Tbo Groateat
Thing in the World," 312,000 copies hnvo
bun snid; of bis "Natural Law'111 the
Siiiiiuiil Wm hi," 114,000; of his "Tropical Allien," ���"t'.OOO, mid of hi* ���'Baxter'*
Second Inning*," jJ'i.OOO,
'1 i.e popularity of novel* is probably no*
win re so gieet iib in Australia. It is said
n. i ii net! per cent, of the female and
heniiiy-tive per cent, of the malefra*
i-tii'itler* of the public libraries read novel* nun.,t,t exclusively.
A piece of churneol put into the pot
when cooking ciibbug* will prevent all
tilft-nsfve smell,
A small ti'iisponnful of powdered borax
mid, ti to a howi of cold   starch   will give V
cloth or chamois,
Li'initinitle, says the doetnrs, is best when
ititiile nt: hi'idiig wuier, covered up closely j
niiii allowed in coot. In till* way it is
ii.i.e.- tnli of Hnvor uud u'lK'tlm s* ii.ijJ best
sitli.-'il ii invalid*, and one lemon will go
us tin* a- tivti,
.-'. new method of cleaning clotltes is sag*
nested, lnp the itlolhes hrnsb iu the yolk'
��� t nu egu, io thnt Ihe hristlb nre quite
.it. A.low it lo dry aid then use. This
i 'iititiint bus, it is said, tne effect to
li.,i,in L.e blushing especially effective.
It routs money lo neglect repairing the
f liees ti bile the ground is soft.
li eit'-ts mon. y lo have a poor fence
-iniiiiid pasture*, for the cattle to break
tbr nuh.
It I'ost* monev to allow Ihe manure to
lie under tbe euve* and fertilize the road-
ii,.!.��� nr niai't'st stream,
I- et-s s money; in lhe extra feed re-
qi.il'e���:, lollop Cllltle liud homes together
ltiu.-f iii lhe mime ynrtl.
It I'i'stfl nii'Uey to I.t the cow* become
t nurd, ri"'.' tin winter, and take all sum-
im r!.. iitiuver condition.
.: .��� st- iiuii,i.y In ft the tnniinre lie In
pi es ah vim.-r ubutt labor is cheap and
l uric f lire'., and drnw it out in s ring
v - .'ii ini nr is high and work abundant.���
.murium .S.-rirn'tni'iS.
The Bell 'Ie.. pi.one company of Ml*-
potiri I* pit ting iu a n.iiu, u-nt I'liblfs in
It, Louis and tin* eit z.'iis are r-juicing
ever lie n tliut ��� -ti of nerii.l wins thereby.
f-'oiuetllitu Hew ill the telephone line,
int nu,Id tb" Elce'rid! Iie-iew, imy be
i iiitinn.tp.i any tiny. It will he a prttttti*
<-. 1 telep! on > system, Itiu'i.i'il by a t.iinie
in t it .1. et'iivi ei* nil win are at all fiiuiil-
',it   with telepiiuiie history of il* vuuiu and.
ill.. I,It   lie.
'I i.e lit rnesi. Olterlnnd E ilway conpiny
i.i Si., /..r.t.i.ii i* said lo lie contemplating
i e suiiHliliiliitii or i-leutrio |r,ictiuii fur
itliut. 'll..- scheme is i. very important
one, foiiiprisiiiii iwo buiidr-d horse-pnwer
ii'inni,l.u-, uiui leu ir.uiis uu the line
Tbe health eiiiiiiulssioiier of Brooklyn
litis deteiuiiiied to slop tlie use of sott coal
in fucltiiles of that city.
Esquimau dog* t..riv�� better on raw
In j. .i un ul, nnd witliullt shelter, than
tley do on cooked food uud bun-id in a
Kiln. i'L
Ai iigrienltliral experiment stations they
bitterevei.il. jiroven that the dehoililli,'
i I i.itlie 1'ies iKift ui.fUK lulls p.Ollllutioll.
lllnili 1'tq i i liillll'isls mu n'oiV uiiiKing
Lit 111..'tiling oil ll'i'lil -..I' pe sells, Il'olll
i ...ci. ..ei ; ��� t tt pri'diii't uf tf iu ten to
I ... .ti i>, r i i.t. ll I* ... ur, en.ul'le** uud
I..!*.... II.', Ill .1 t'l.ll.h Wit. i,lu ailtl.ke.
Metal  Itoriol't.
We tire indebted to tho Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations : ���
New Yokk. June 15, WM.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors ot
the imposition of a 5 p.c. duty on
nil Indian imports, including silver, but excepting of gold nnd
cotton, tbo silver market is again
demoralized. Now York, til cents
London 2!)ud.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about luck of orders to
enable tbem to work full time, nml
the prospects for u change fur tbe
better in this direction ure apparently not of a very promising
nature,   G.M.D's. ��89 10*. Ud.
Load is sharing the fate of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, i'i) (is 3d., nud
English, ��9 IDs. 0.1.
Application    for    Curtlllc.lt'   of   Iill'
Take notice tliut I, A. L. Hogg, Free
"diner's cert i lieu to No. 28317, intend,
110 days from ditto hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certilical'.*
of improvements for tlie put-pose ol
obtaining a crown grunt of ubove
And further take notice that adverse
claims must bo sunt to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Duicd this first day of Juno, 1894.
A. L. Hunt;.
���ij>it$im-��<c. �� in*!>!���:..      '
c s. MuCautbb.
Longlicod   &   McCiu-ter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank uf Montreal,
CAl.ti.iit--, - N.W.T.
Meinbors Assoen. D.L.S, ft P.L.S, I'm' lie
SUltVEYOlfs, civil Engineers, Draughts-
men, Valuators, etc- Ciilgiirynnil New Viest-
iiuustor, Correspondence solicited..
R,J.JiiiPIISON, II.L.S.,I'.L.S. uf ll.C. (tOnt,
.   ,   , . c.m.iiahv, All.ii.
A. 0. Wiliii'i.i:*!, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. of ll.C,
McGai'tliy   i'i   fUni'vey,
Uni-rlsters, Advocates', Notlirlos, fee.   Solicitors tun -
'I he Impei'i.d Hunk of Ciiu.-ula.
The Cimailu l'ornuitieiil l.unn & -"livings Co.
'I h" Yorkshire Lonn i*c Heeiiritiosl orrtoralion
Tint .M.',sii.yl|���ri'i.s Cu. (Llili.etc, etc.
Ollices   sii'i'lii'u Avoiiuo, Calgary,
P. .Mi.'C.uti'iiy, i-.C.
HOUAUU IlAUVEY, !'...-..  L.L.Ii.
jYxsou. Mi;m. Inst. C.E.
3 J IVI IHO   ESG 2 s e E n.
CoouitA.ND, Ai.:ia.-1''t. Steele, B.f.!.
"Assisted cfnigraliiiu" hns materially
nltiei, ii, 1,1 the coi.'i.tis i.f Sou b Alriea.
'ih.. eooiii'S of Greece si,oii beeuine
richer am. n.u.e iinporti,i,i tliuu tne mother
lie i bief  'n'tistry of tbe Rnbrein is*
latin--.  lit.t.Stl I'liu.ii.es 1.1 Ihe 1'elslull gulf,
ir, |,e i. li .,11; :.
j i.e 1 ritj-.li .oilill e< have nn annua! re-
v'nnt-ut'oite i.i-tidl-d mil l.u.i-ii-i'ii mil
li,ni ;��� in.d�� . u a i ein i.t ii.ttr iiuuuied
ami im my li.i.e 11....10.1 luuiid*.
Theiu* aro said lo he large tracts of country iu lu ui mill unexplored.
The only product of Socotin, a British
iil.md colony near Aden, ia aloes.
The sky i* ����� blue at this season of the
yenr that tbe cnrtll grow* green with jeal*
ou-y,��� Ij'.sti.u (liols-.
The woitntn question: Now Isn't this a
pre ly lime of night fur yuu to get hornet
������Texas Sifting*.
There's ibis to say In favor of the cre-
mnli'tiisis. Nine of them want the earth.
���liulf.ilo Courier.
ll st'iiii Htntuge tbnt the mnn who talk*
Ibri.iiL'h his lint seldom mnkes hi* reuuiiks
feil.���Pitdudelphit It cord.
A eiockmuker is the only one who can
wind up Ids biiHiu**** affair* and li tve tbem
com.1.ii" 10 run.���Chiciieu liiii-r-Oeenn.
'Ibe 1111111 who is taking ) boi-plioius for
���piiiig medicine i* trying lit uinki' biui-elf
a in audi fur uuy one,���Boslou Trutn-crlpt.
When everything else fitil* nnd your in*
���omnia seems lo be iiicuinh'u, try nnd get
a position i�� night wuichiuau.���Florida
Time* Union,
The monument lo Mary Washington
���t Fredericksburg, Vs., has been dedicated.
The Hungarian government ha* jnit
entiiiiii**iotieil the painter Muukncsy t.
��� piinl 11 p.ettiie representim- the appeul of
1M11r.11 Theresa tu h.-r subject* in 1741,
when ber country wa* menaced by Frederick the (licit.
Visiiois tu liiinie this year will hnve the
bench! of 11 scries of linbi htm.1 books on
the niil,iinics ami p dining* iu public uud
��� private gulleriea, i*��iied by Prof. Venturi
of tlie ministry of public instruction,
photograph* of important wurks are
given in these manual*, which uppear
as volume* iu the  Edelweiss collection.
In the Supremo Court nf Ilrilislt Columbia;
in the iiiuttoi'i'f Archiliiilil McMurdo ilecensed
Mid iii the iiia'Iet' uf the Oflrii ial Aibiiinistri.-
tin-s Act, dated the Piftonntli tiny of May. A.
D. 18111: upon reading the alliibivitsnf Arthur
Patrick Cummin* nut] Herbert Ueoi-go Low-
It i�� ordered tliut Arthur Patrick Ciiiiiinins,
ntlicial Adiiiiiiistratiir tor the County Court
District of Kootonay, shall bo Adiiiinistnit,ir
uf till and singular tlie good*, chattels .'.ml
credits of Archibald Mi-Murdo ilecensed .'.ml
that this order he published iu the I!.i|.uk.\
En.i ueivspapoi' fur tint period of sixty days.
(Sigiiel)   Wm. WAKD SP1NK8,
Local Judge of Supremo Court.
The creditors n* Archibald McMurdo, title
of Golden, iu the District of Kooteiiny, miner,
deceased, aro reqiiirod within sixty days
tYiuii this date, tn .send mn piirticiilars uf their
cbiiins After thnoxpiriMioii nf tlie said *ixty
days 1 shall proceed with the ilistributiun nf
the snid est.-.to.
Di.teil at Diu.-.lil, iu tlio District nf Knu'o-i
nay, this airil May, I8IM.
OIHciid iVduiiitistrator.
M >*^.
In the Comity Court of Knileiuiy h illicit at
'bo K*st Cr issiug nt' tlie Columbia hiver; in
the matter nf tint good* ul' Robert Tlinrnliiiry
iluceasi'd, ,'uni in tint iiiattei'nf tint utlicinl
Jiilininlstri.tors Act, tinted tlio Fifteenth tiny
of May. IHll I iqi.tu re.iiliiig the atliilavit ol
George Goltlio
It Is ordorod tliot Arthur Patrick Cummin*,
Official Administrator for the County Court
District of Knotoiiav, shall ho Administrator
of .",11 llllil silllflUlir the gitnil*, chattels aud
credit* uf Rubor! Thnrnhury tloceasud, nud
that this littler hi'lnhlisbi'd in tbo Gul.llEV
Eua iiowspapor for tlio period of ��i<:ty days.
(Siguctl)   Wm. WAKD SPINKS,
The creditors of Robert Thoriibiiry, Into of
Whitiornieru, iu the District of Kootonay,
fnrinor, 1! -llfuvl. nre reqiilrcil, within sixty
day* front thisih.tu, to sand ma isirti-iuliir* nf
their el..bus. L'noll tlm oxplrntloil nf thus..i.l
sixty day* I shnll procceil witli tho distribution nf tlm nr.iti estate.
Dutotl lit Dolllild, 111 the District of Lonte
itiiy, this Sttlrtl May, 18D4.
A. 1'. CUMMlNS,
Officii,I Administrator.
(Gr.-.ilii.-.toof Lavi.l ,-inil Mctiiil.)
MJJiJj\<4   j-::-.v.8M';ni:t.
Head Office, QuHtilfc ;  Branch  Offices
SllEltytttioiiB, & 17 Place d'Ai'iiies
Hill. MoxritoAii.
Samuel S. Fowler, ER,
MEM.  AM.  IXS. M.E,
irlSriS.'S'l-r M*X<;i3fEiRit.
Properties roportod iinnii.     Esliinates and
plans fnr nil uiut.dltii'gic'.l plants.
P. 0. Box 1,     -    Golden, B.C.
fining I Smelting
00, (Limited)
Assay Ollleen ,v I'libmlcnl  Ijiiborutory,
(Established iu !:.(.'. iu IBS'.).)
Vniupuvcr,      -      l.Cl.
Mr. Harvey will ho back from Englnnd mill
ready tor workini Juno 1st.
Bank Of i^loniraai.
Interest ut Current rates.
W. 15. GKAVELEY. Manaoer.
mMi mm
Livery &, Foed Stables,
Saddle Horses tor Hire.
11. i).
WholesiaU1 tint! KctiiH
Cattle, Sheep aiid
Uorso Dealers.
G0i.ll.jji.   h. ti.
J. S*��!.'\[HJ 4 CO.
Under-.akoi-s anf(
.   ���   .   Embalmcrs,
(':i!-:s:-y      -      -      Alia.
tiii.ki;itai'.i   oiitiillts  ritii'ii'i'i.v   '
AI'l'KSllBU    TO. i
Gold, Silir S Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
t"" Sr--vrTr"^"' 'f**',-&i f'S iir:'si%*j.
/Mrfr,f A:^? A:AA*. k 'Q���'?    I
i^i 7 >..'AA:P\ QA t fr::il >M|
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and fiirnisbed. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Hoiidqiiui-tei-s for mining men and
minors! Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale uud
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, und Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
\     Job    i)c^partmci]t
���:o:-- OF ���:o:���
ll'ynu want your Iiouso Painted, Piiporctl
nr (jiilsoiiuuoii, uriuiy Iiinil ii iimgn I niir.fti
write to J. II. MIM.V.'.V'D. ( 11.11AUV, Me
l.e.'i'liuir I'liit't'-'1'"" in tlie '*'o��t, for giit��l
Work Iiiitl prices iiml are rmitl.
QIRaQl po In-ill 111r.il(I'llBBlonrocolpl
r I*?lr LC��!> of 11 2stiiti:p..'i rocolpofor a
simple VEOETAW E MALM thnt will re ! V- QlCHCG
move '���'���"��� l'-i-<-<'lile��. Pimple*. Bloteher, |
Uliieklienil*. etc., leaving the skin soft,
clear and bountiful, Address A. ll. STEM-
PEL., CO Ann St., Now York.
Down With Illffh Prices For
Fdectrio Belts.
(M.li5,$:2,fl5,*3.70- i'oriner prior s $."���, 1?",
("10.    (.itiuity ritniains tbo smne���Hi dit-
forulifi stylus) ihy buttery un. I mini belts
���mild or strong current. Less than nail'
thu price of uuy other company uinl ntoro
homo tostimoinnls thin ull the rest ta- ,
pother.   Full list I'rou.   Muntiou Una!
iiapur. W. T, BAEP. t CO. Wil dsor, Out- '
Wi^mC   Jewellery
JTAteM: ��� A*$K
i 'A?&^$*��y7Ak
and     kh^^^mkM      and
Box 7*. Donald, B.C. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
south of the lino an 1 the roads between should   Mr.   Goldio still   continue to
Fort Stejle and Tubiucj Plains full of enjoy  the   privilege  of   distributing
fallen timber. government funds ho will in the future
Mr.   Fernie   has   returned   to   the exercise a little more  discretion1 and
Crow's Nest Puss.
Chas. limber, wife and child from
Pinch, r ('reek just gut thro' via Crow's
Nest. Hiiiher reports the loss of two
of bis horses in Elk Riven und nil bis
supplies nnd clothing. Ho \v..s four
days without food mid bud a hard
time generally,
Jack Nesbitt also got thro' but, luul
n rough experience, bo and his party
wero out of food for three days. They
were pretty well exhausted when they
reached Mr. Forum's ciinip lit the Elk
Tbo  Indiiiiis   wbo gathered nt tbe
I Mission were unable to leave for their
As A 'STRANGER is amongst, us,
anxious to gut himself elected to a
prominent position, it may bu worth
while to ascertain his Illness for it,
ami whether it is to our uitvttiitugo to
place hiin there, and oust one, who bus
hitherto proved himself the right man
in the right 'place and who decidedly bus
a personal claim on us, both as possessing an intimate knowledge of onr district und its requirements, its inhabitants, and their wishes, us wall us
holding u lurge pecuniary stake himself iu the constituency.
We need scarcely say that Col. linker is tho niiiii; who for soino years lias
satisfactorily represented the (lisirict
at Victoria, and judiciously expended
the money allotted by the government;
who is a courteous gentleman, accessible to nil, und who at present, actively
engaged ns be is in ministering to the
wnnts of the sufferers by the late
floodg, is unable personally to advocate
his own cause. He deserves the support of every elector, nnd it would be
disgraceful if voters, in his absence,
should nllow themselves to bo led away
by the specious, but empty arguments
of an utter stranger. And what bus
Mr. Schou to urge in his own behalf,
or what sensible reason can he give
why he should be elected to supersede
a good man ? Can he shew any record
of previous experience iu representing
any constituency ? Can ho g've us
any guarantee that hc possesses the
slightest knowledge fitting him for the
position? Hns beany acquaintance
with tho topography of this part of
the country, its necessities, its people,
or how to curry out improvements
already commenced, or pb.lined for the
future? Iu fact, does ho know the
least thing about it except perhaps,
the roll of its electors.
It appears to us the* height of pro-
sumption for such a man to show himself here. Should he possess any
qualifications for administration, why
has he not shewn them in bis own
district, where it is possible be may be
known, or, is that the reason of his
goiug so far afield. We recommend
him to save his time nud money, and
should he lie anxious to acquire
notoriety let him try somewhere else,
and we assure him thut should Col.
Baker ever (ail us, we have plenty of
men more capable than himself of fulfilling the duties.
So far, ull we find in the would ho
representative, is a fairly glib tongue,
but it is "vox et proetereu nihil."
Iioiues on account of high water, and
only for tho generosity of the Rovd.
Father Coeeolu thoy would have suffered for want of food. Ho gave tbem a
large steer nnd kept his litllo mill running so us to keep them iu Hour.
A numerously signed petition hns
beou presented to our S.M. and 0.0.
urging him to favorably consider the
question of building the bridge at Fort
Steele as soon as possiblo, so as to
afford the many idle men work.
Quito ti number ol men hnve left
Fort Steele for Jennings, Montana, in
small boats, and more will follow.
Wo advise ull broke men to keep
nway from Fort Steele ns thero is only
work for u few men here at present.
Men looking for work should keep near
the C.P R., where they can get plenty
to do.
Mr. Henry, from Wisconsin, came
in by lust stage. Ho comes to prospect
und probably settle with us.
A few nights ngo tbe house of Chas.
Levett was broken into and the money
in /ho till tnken, fortunately only a
few dollars, and three watches. Two
watches were found next morning ou
the nice track. Constable Barnes is
hunting up thu thief.
As Fort Steelo is being made the
dumpirg ground for the unemployed
of tho U.S. und us wo have only work
for our own settlers the authorities
will be nsked to interfere and stop this
undesirable class of immigrants.
It is reported that Mr. Ross of Kill-
lispell bus found u good gold prospect
near Toneyvillo.
Our S.Jd. nndG.C. bus gone to Golden. He is looked for shortly to put
biiilgo work under way.
Nothing bus been heard from the
steamer "Annerly."
show a little less partiality.
Apologizing for intruding so much
on your valuable space,
I um, sir,
Youis laitlifully,
AliFllEU A.   MlTCIlLlil,.
Fortress Ranch,
June 15th, 1804.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
shareholders of the Goldon Lumber Co.
Lt'd. Ly., will be held at the Company's office, Golden, B.C., on Monday
tho Dth prox, ut tho hour of two
o'clock in tho afternoon for the election of Directors, etc., for the current
Dated at Golden, B.C., lath June,
& TramWay
Steamers will lcavo
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Heals 50c.
To !hs Electors of Easl
Our J.P.'s have been busy during
the lust few days, trying offenders for
petty crimes.
A pioneer of '64 got off with a tine
of $4 and costs for being drunk.
An offender fourteen days with hard
labor Tor stealing cigars.
The charge against Norman Macleod
for stealing a horse was dismissed.
M. Phillipps, J.P., is hero from Tobacco  Plains, he reports  dull   times
We do not hold ourselves rosimnsihlu fur tho
opinions expressed by our correspondents.
Editor GOLDEN Eua :
Dbaii Sill,-I think the underwritten complaint a just one and I should
feel obliged if you would insert it iu
yonr columns.
On Juno 10th I asked Mr. Goldie,
the Windermere Government official,
if the logs blown on to tho wagon
road by the recent gnle, might be cut
out. He, Mr. Goldie, promptly said
be would send a man and have it done.
I particularly nsked him if the ranchers
iu tho district, where the bulk of the
logs wero, cculd not do the work ; but
bo persisted in sending a man from
Several of our ranchers nre thro'
with their work and would have beou
glnd to have done it, nnd if this sort, of
work is done by ranchers at all, and it
wns a rancher employed hy Mr, Goldie,
I consider it belongs to locul men.
Now, if Mr. Goldie hnd given this to
local men it would have cost him one
third less, as there would not have
been the 60 miles of travel with man
and leain; besides whicli it would
havo caused less of the endloss coiiton-
sion one is continually hearing, instead
of increasing it.   It is to bo hoped that
GentIiMIEN, - I have again the honor to offer myself as your representative in the Legislative Assembly. It
is needless fur mo to express my views,
as we hnve heen so long ncquninted
with ouch other that they aro familiar
to yon. My duties ns Provincial Secretary necessitates my presence in the
Fraser River valley to minister to the
wants of the people who have been so
sorely afflicted bv the recent inundations, and I must therefore throw myself on your generosity to excuse my
ubsenco from my district until those
duties are fulfilled,
Freight Incites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1 GO; C. 1.40 ; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; 0. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rato A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
!t nnd 4
5 anil 0
7 and 8
To the Electors of East
Gentlemen,���I beg to solicit your
support, as an Opposition candidate.
I will, if you should do mo the great
honor of electing me, seek to serve you
faithfully. I hope to have on several
occasions the opportunity of expressing
to you my views iu detail, I need therefore but briefly stale lie: c, I hut I am
strenuously opposed to extravagant expenditure on unnecessarily large piblic
buildings and superfluous officialism.
I object also to a Government railway
policy which, iu the notable instance
of the Nakusp & Slocun Railway,
hands over all profits to undisclosed
company mongers, nnd subjects tbe
Province to ull risks of loss. I am
strongly opposed nlso to the grant of
charters in favor of merely "paper"
railways and meant to be used for peddling in the money market. I shall
support all possible measures for restricting Chinese and Japanese immigration. I am in favor of a large
reduction in the exactions now levied
on the miner and favor also further
simplification of the mining laws. I
would encourage small firm holdings
and would aid all equitable legislative
efforts for the breaking up of large
areas of good land, held by tho speculator wild and unnsed. Lastly, I am
opposed to the persistent grant of
statutory favors to money broking
rings and syndicates, and would have
all public work given out fairly and
equitably, regardless of the political
views held by those engaged. These
ure some of my leading positions on
things political and it is for you to
decide, under tho ample protection of
the ballot, which candidature you prefer at this important juncture.
,       Your obedt. servant,
Golden, B.C.,
27th June, 1891.
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading. ,
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
CM.   B.   LANG,
Mining Mineral Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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